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Guess the Lines Week 17 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 305)


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the end of the Cowboys’ playoff hopes after their loss to the Seahawks (2:40), Jimmy Garoppolo’s continuing success as a 49er (5:40), and the gambling implications of the Eagles’ fourth-quarter field goal (11:00). Then they guess Week 17 lines (37:20) and share a very special Christmas edition of Parent Corner (1:06:00).

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It is absurd. The business Pakistan, the Ringer pack has network is broadly by seeking the topic sponsor for twenty hours after first seeking purchase an mba tickets he's problem. BS, MBA Download to seek a gap of a right to seek a doctor I brought you by state farm with over nineteen thousand state farm agents nationwide, you can get an agent, the catches was correspond, James hard and get each other. That's the focus of the ring First MBA relationships, goals of video, find it on the ringer dot com, our Youtube, China or our facebook. Twitter pages. Remember like teammates, court. A relationship with the state farm agent set you up for success off the court, go to state that come to get an agent jacket you find they were brought to by one shining. Podcast may me title. Hey Frazier part one of our two power podcast, trying to figure out the twelve schools that. Just be better a college basketball, and we don't understand why they're not better We covered a whole bunch of them apart. One party was coming later,
in the weeks subscribed that now don't forget about causes ass podcast, where because it the line right now he's calling in is that in the studio today, because it says I cast against all odds. The pious raided, the most downloaded Pakistan the year Brad Mackay. He saw- You are twenty percent higher than any other park, as you did, man, he would have been able to join you in the back. The twelve basketball themes I could have done better. Do he presented is evaluated. The wisest laboratory says it anyway. I think that was the best part cast. I've been above the value of another celebrities and a less gas and end the highlight from the air was was bred, Mackay in also the reactions and the internet over the next few days. We, pray address, repose that for New year's eve or something just in case, anyone missed it.
Back up for a bride. He added that was a great hour and a half, and then we went to dinner at the word. Bread threatened tat, light gray with what it all over all great and ate it fails to take still alive, we're gonna work. About weak seventeen. The weekend that was- and I found they pay the death of the cowboy season and a whole lot more, but first problem. The cousins on the line. Normally we take this on a Monday. We are doing this on a Tuesday. It's a side. Forty eight hours to lick his wounds over the end of the cowboys season one of the lessons learned over the weekend, was when you
Zeke Elliot and its first down and go from the three, maybe in the bar. Once I don't know it's one of the things I learnt this is what we waited for his, what we waited six weeks for first pass on that opportunity to give him the ball, you out to Troy, Aikman.
Not the greatest analysed anymore, but he did say like go back when I played first and second down the running back at the ball much you have some dynamic off answer that the goal line, but the shortening back at the ball. The goal line person second now from the two, but the collateral ruin just about anything. Standing on return again came back. Brigham stupor, he is no longer old. Tom is gonna, go singling out the collapse or finding Jason Garret after the aim and thing. I want you to take me with you next year, like what do you know did skydiving unworthy TB running wash next year? What do you mean? Take you with it. Yeah, that's true read anything can happen to the clapper. Will now read for we take this incidents. Bruce areas is even Arizona after the US that he is pretty good
but then I thought that wasn't true. I will check that because then I thought false reports. By and by the time I go back and forth, Redonda say Adam in there could be a body like that. Seven coaching vacancies they could be thirteen or fourteen warheads could be spinning, they're doing spot gas next this time next year, raising yet we should have done a seventh coach fired. That would have been a fun when China figure for us on the flip side of of judges. Begin to your best running back within the three hardline just to score. Atlanta did that over and over again- and it went horribly wrong- we bought. We both had them fair in a bunch of staff. This again they lie. List the saints in a game that the final score was was deceiving. Bed It's really the falcons they bid they'd somehow took the mantle from the chargers as the league sloppy as dumb as stupidest most take the edge shoot themselves in the footing. And to talk about their big match had to say that the Marquis gave the weakened gets the saints.
That way? We shall account can play. I mean I depend on employee Papua and we have not yet you have no idea we should of with who were wise when Lattimer had that that interception is laying on it ass for five seconds. Bulgaria grabbed it take a faint robotics, nothing at the time. Why don't we live, but the saints right now there's no way evident from elsewhere. But if that was done- but I got joked about this, but and I'll Shanahan when coach of the year and not so much for what is done with the forty minors, but for how much the falcons dropped off their often at least the temples are to make that that's interesting, yeah he's rebuild hope in San Francisco and destroyed the falcons. So, madam myself, you know Lombardy. The president of the Jimmy Gi Bandwagon, because I think he was in the draft room when they drafted I'm cited that trumps me, but at least vice president, might also be the Secretary of state and
we weak I've been Buryin Jimmy J and then last week. I got a little scared off and I like the line. I didn't like everybody was talk about, Harvey is of a pic. They were, and and I stayed away and then they they just random mark and Jimmy G is not only the best, the league, but I think we have to say Thinking about him against me like Babe Ruth Jesse, Owens Thorpe. Michael Jordan, Mohammed. I worry that he's on that list is he's completely rejuvenated a football team in five weeks. That was dead, and the creator good. They have hope. I admit there. To be a top five superber favorite. We ve ever seen an hour later deepened the story. Dogs tat, like every every facet of that aim, to revitalize the bizarre to make as our heed. This is it to deliver Brady,
school school, Brady Stores tricks so hands outbreaks answer. Yes, certainly can soon you and Jimmy Jesus friend, the gritty machinery, as I like that drinking ignored, Shooters Jimmie Dale Letter Ride, while the people of China Jimmy Jake you- and I don't like that- there I think what is better about jeez bought that too dirty sprang dirty what I kept Murphy's Meriden. But what model could he day that we have shrunk deserved luncheon it's gotta be part of his master plan. Right does, or does he go to lay Jennifer Lawrence and he's got a file? Maybe I don't know it's like the jagged played like terrible that game here. A couple awesome plays in their game that without touchdown, when he wrote to the left, and indeed the day, Marina Quicks, quick flank he's How much find it almost makes, you think, I know they would never do this, but there should be eleven seeds for the play
ass in the twelve sage should just be whoever's playin the best in December, and it could be any better than men away record. Is traffic air be so much fun have in us? It's a shame But we all know that what you said they would do tat it be. The third birthday, may I say, yeah I'd, I thought, or flat out better than Jacksonville. I Again I didn't think Jacksonville played a game at the borders is bad, but borders is bad, I want to say that I have a couple controversial takes this week, and this is this is going to be the first one that I think the Jaguars they were sleeping on the Jaguar. They there was a bad game all round. I hate portals jaguars given for, but first of all, Who is? He throws into good you doing, even though their receivers named the elderly ones anymore, Dd Davy was broken cure all like these guy. I don't think it's gonna matter when they get to the point of the debate to defence event like twenty six knapsack but Molly
Actually the deep tackled at eight Do I guess we own a Pittsburgh in the second round and lose? I don't think so, and then I don't know if you want to, I don't know face amid the main scorn up against the patrons, but Brady doesn't want to face at the we got but unpleasant controversial pay positive. I wanna faced the Jaguars Brill. But all it does is the quarterback he's not coming into facts. Prohibiting the patriots come on Abbott here did score for five against Houston I will say this about their defence, because I was looking at this device so great and weak one, they played Houston. That was the a time. Savage weak Bulgaria, torture, D D. The one quarter back that they played like legit well against, was wroth Spargo, we five, but this year, while they destroy our obstruction by Mr Sam Alan.
They only gave up seventeen to the chargers and we taboo. But other than that it's been they played. Be soup of bad Cuba's emanate they really they. They pay ten bad key bees and Wilson put up twenty four item Jimmy. Forty four in them with some help from the defence I, I just think, there's a lot of bad quarterbacks and for whatever reason they played a lot of them so they're deviated. They might be. Their defence statistically might be great another like the seventh bestia by by aware that stuff, but I asked They they just imply a lotta good team site. They never played the patriots, then replied Minnesota than ever played Philly. They never played did they programmes they did. They lost to the rams and no one big. When was Pittsburgh, from a gambler standpoint, I'm not taking as well that first round, matchups, probably jagged titans again and on that,
and yet some there and me if they pegana Pittsburgh on that betting against America. I dont I don't trust him. I don't like four nets surrounding. I don't think he looks the same I had like for net in peak form. Daddy one thing but we should. I think we should go off, There are these plants things, but before Today, I want to just mention quickly the another miracle gamblin cover last they some four sub death, egos feel go last minute, the latter, play, which is somehow resulted in a defensive touchdown, a hundred percent in time, the shower every time, a touchstone for defence. Eagle score. They got by nine. The line was either eight have four nine for a lot of the week and then move to ten brought here. Tea time, they don't kick the php. He doesn't even know Peters another, even though that is both to go out there and get a man says
forget it I want to rub. It only takes the night right. What is the rubbing it in everybody, kicks appeared to their. There was unbelievable yeah see this, I think there's someone didn't do that again with the stupid. Lateral quiet not didn't achieves that a flat about the terrible era. We had three of them this year when they didn't get the point. After he was at all I know is: I did not get back to me, but I was in the fantasy filed against damaged by basically needed seven points out a Jesse James and Michael Africa. Actually and had zero euro about the dam and I've heard because beside the guy that debt Eagle play like everyone, the Christmas trees or of the storage of minus three and minus four, yet I was a miracle teaser when then, but I read does in the accounts of people losing their privacy tied on at equal such down. At the end,
brutal over gets dozens of account Seaford yeah. Can we turn it I'll? doesn't? Can we talk about the fact that you started Mega Crabtree in the final? Maybe it in disorder, my nails, Nathan, third receiver, he's Goin in Philadelphia, though you could add. Again taken. It seen from listening to tat again with a zero ass three weeks by now. Listen I'm going to sleep over this until the time pressure and on board it out. But then and then damage had the Eagles defence on his badge and B, I points and mighty round of destroyed both here I am ass. If to make I'm not even showing up for the draft on that, giving damage check that CAD, dignity of of avoiding me out as his revenge for the fact that the patriots have kicked the stairs ass is the entire time had done him on that? Even go I'll! Go to hell on that guy
You don't get that you don't get the satisfaction me off this gimme empty see. You can vote me off we'll be bitter sweet that happening. On that. I might add that I have to say I do myself out right now, you don't get the dignity damaged, check him out ten teams next year. I'm not one of them we credit very, very ball back. I don't believe it for a second, but at the very, very bold move and that this would be. The only Steelers went over the patriots in like twelve years. If he got the vote, be up there you out here, because they haven't, I wouldn't you're, not even in the top three of this consideration will now. I am cause, I know for sure Dignity go to hell and that's it I'm not your out for next year, I'm not going anywhere hears the Pittsburgh access. Voter me off no way What am I not have brought out a real funny thing, and then he won't be there more he'll, get it it'll, be the highest profile who get to say
and to avert I've simians. He never it fine. They went for the stairs now. A voting myself off you dont internet, attracts them check. You re a near there, but I find another fantasy they for next year. Nobody, you are to keep Europe quick break to talk about out of audible, offers, an unmatched selection of audio books, originally issues news, Kommeni more from leading audio book publishers, broadcasters, entertainers bag scenes these Four publishers and business information providers, membership includes one free audio book a month. Inclusive sales, thirty percent off regular pressed audio books, unlike a a streaming Erentz with audible, you own your books, you could access them when ever re from your phone. Your smartphone, no you're not you're, has far too people stopped. Ass phones used to have a house phone right, going to ride out loud lab still, probably online, but world
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but by the way, when we take a lot of road trip when Winograd Mackay he's but comes out, but maybe you could get it there. That's true out of a great yes I'm so you blew the fantasy they again now I'm voting myself out and now we don't get by fanciful by next year, one of the lesters gonna do. They won't have terrorist attack about their teams through they cast their choked I don't even with this crazy proclamation. I put it at three two one odd that you're here can it be a next year, a mouth What speaking about? for forty five straight Christmas. I lost their Christmas parlay and first game as very excited about that we had the task of all Sixers and are against it we took. The next did not realise joy. Bead was buying. That was great double hatted at the neck. I just there that out can be all year is not there
and before the aim- and I can now be boys- don't bet on the Sixers organisers next game cabs warriors about even game in the last minute, somehow the, whereas one by seven, so that that was done, then before you worry by that no they're down five, spread was five a foreigner, but their downside. They validate. Second, let the cab unendurable clock out after the police are like white and a foul you're not going to try to score afterwards that I didn't like it is Speaking of the NBA, their Kevin Oconnor, due in the rain Rebecca, I should mention that life that's gonna be were taken right after we take with you were in a breakdown Christmas and trades asked are less of Sunday. The more the story is, don't bet honour dumping basketball. I think, especially on Christmas. Who knows who knows who wants to play who knows, doesn't want to paralysis so play off picture I'm in a rip through these really quick.
Pats clinch one with a pit loss. Or aware when that's when they get number one or pet loses again. Imre Pittsburgh quenched by and then one of the past blow this jets game, which they were so basic, look at our paths. Steelers as the by pimps, Jacksonville locked in a number three and Casey locked in a number for that's boring, Baltimore gets. Five seat. If they win this he'll quench a wild card when, if they lose, if the bills lose or the Titans loose, Tennessee gets into the pool our somehow, even though they suck no either they win or Carrasco get enough. The chargers and bills both lose and there on a three way: eight nighttime. At that point they should call on the Niners. Bring the IRA for that. That have. And none of those team should make the glass
shuffle, you gonna you're going the time, the point, a Jaguar to probably said everybody, but yeah. So I'll get saint if they win and then one loss from either Tennessee the chargers or Baltimore today the ravens win. I think I think they need the ravens to win, know that the chargers, the charges: tenancy loses and the ravens win. That's The chargers get it. Call the chargers I think above, but I think that one in again for Buffalo yet and write the ravens need to wines get blocked. A tie and those other two. In Amerika, confused soda the mask. The reality is the charges are, are probably not getting it. And we're gonna get stuck with either Tennessee or Buffalo in the class either Buffalo stakes buffaloes head. I think five double digit losses in the past eight weeks, where an end to the aims ages got slaughtered, the pathway,
them twice in three weeks and each time beat them by thinking. We place be picked out the slaughtered, although of course it asked I'm dead. One was taken out of the sails of the grey play in everything she got beat up in the second half for sure nothing, but without any seven points it was a sudden points a points I distinctly once wants to replace enough in a management things like I get. It went out, but when this game, but to win, get her you, let's that the planet, was interpreted correctly There were about my other, I d make I may quite over. That's my other controversial staff. Novel was interpreted correctly. We condemned the clear and convincing, but The clear and convincing thing I think it should be whatever we see on the reply is that's what it it seemed like a good idea if it's fifty three forty seven, that it's not a cat, said it and drag its foot,
Well, if well that not enough to overturn the original bad call, I think that's how it should, but I wish to reply: that's how it Why does unfair that the patriots came the benefit every single time as if they need this help? It's like gotTA, Jude LAW a free and do the wine can't buy guy. We don't really get the girl anyway. It doesn't need this hatred to the back, to carry I love and to replace worked out for the Patriots Benson reiterating its great needs. Ben it's been one of the five best as such, we ve had there in the belgian radio, its direct, that's been incredible I've loved every certain of it. I it's much. Where's for the NBA in their beds ran a mark and even worse, you have been Gandhi whose beat come. I really I think that is as a human being and I think he's smart has become one of the most insufferable tv people. Now all he does his speech about the efficiency of the replay, every game
yeah he lost his mine. It's like you. Do this every game. Like with the replies. I can change the officiating there's going to be bad like what's up. The game that work calves. Game was incredible. Yesterday was really fascinating and three would toted, though the bran throughout these other supplies to it any the whole game bitching about the officials is March, acts and said nothing and brain does know what to do our team needs an intervention. People want to hear that just stop We don't- and I know about the replay, every fucking game right, but about what a programme benefited like a patriot and that fifteen
season? I think maybe he should like some most called down the street. He should get more called than it was. Sometimes he gets too many cars and then other games. I yesterday he gets refereed like he's shack or will where it's like. You have to like a mother to by foreigners. Kid. If there are, the NBA replay is almost always the same play. They re playing its do guys. Golfer ball out about the one guy does edit out of bounds, but he would clearly found so what do you do it up and it is bad, but We have to live with it. I think they need to get rid of. It should just be replay for with your foot. It was on the line for three with your foot, was out of bounds in the last two minutes, and whether I should have counted the date they need to strip it down. That's fine! It's it's bad for the game in it and you know I think it is
masquerades. The referees now they're always afraid to make us we ve seen, and there are too many time out at the last minute. It ruins game without too much time out and all these to replace all the human error should be parliament if he is the red card it out on the bribe than it actually tipped variants finger down and screw it. He made the cow mover for the end and c filling. Its number one of your office. Fan aegis, can't feel worse about your team going in plants because nightfall as atrocious. He was flat out atrocious Their receivers were worse, there may have been, even when he pass on the mark. They would drop it that teams in trouble, I'm not sure about, though Petersen Ethic Lombardy may be vindicated by the end of this. Minnesota number two right now with the wind. Or a Caroline. Alas,
If the rams are saints win weirdly there, don't let the cat to end up with a tie with just Carolina ready camp right, that's the only where they were that is when they have to worry about the rams. Are pretty much locked in the number three with a win their they clinched number three, the wind, but their plan, Jimmy Jesus saints, so the worst they could go, go go to for the saints which number three if they went in the rams, lose The walk team is Carolina. Their Carol the king be anywhere from two three four five there so many possibilities of Madame going to list them, but They could win the autopsy sad that they went in the saints loose right now, likely aforesaid of the papers when and yet more mobile you're forcing but take it there's a scenario where they can climb to at least gets in if they win or Sierra loses
they re in Seattle, gets to succeed if they win, an Atlanta loses wherever the Dallas cowboys. Come up inaccurate in no matter what happens but Jason gets clapping it clapping that is clapping of Seattle, one would more penalty arts and offensive you take that step like tat. You just be like you can walk into Jerry, don't laugh at them like a. I pulled up this that you're fired the great big, had more penalty yards and offensive yard. You can't you can come back next year. Yet I want to do is just hand off three times and put in new priority when the game. His punted every every time, now I gotta get up a complex depressing, but the rams, the rain, van. What would you do if you're, the rand? Do you get the foreseen now the eagle now don't officially. For that second rounded, and doesn't such a chore, I think I can do you think I did tat.
The three get before, and I hope that the six thousand upset the three and in the first round, scared. That, though I would scared of the of the six beating the Atlanta, Caroline again, all alone in the world again, and then just there now, maybe Well, then, someone anyone just ended up being where you are anywhere right. I don't give away because Atlanta Carolinas our Marquis game to break down pack ass. The trust Atlanta do in their game cause. I don't love. Our later has done all years, just completely shoot themselves in the fur in and be assholes to. Anyone who ban on them grow freely I wanna bite a good rest for the Rams dilute the Jimmy Jason just go to Europe. Gotta fell into week, so Let's say they do that. I think Did the saints are gonna win in temper
that too. So the rams flip sponsored them. The Santer three say Seattle at the Santer Atlanta, at the saints the rams get Caroline at home. You're saying the rams rather do that if I'm the rams I'd rather play the succeed. I'm looking for the second round, the rams when at first round, they're gonna have to play at Minnesota anyway, I'd rather die when you're out of your two filling when you rather Yoda for one and three two one speculation. Solana says you know. I love conspiracy, like team tanking, a game is one of my favorite things. There Well, you know what happens games section, the NBA, but this is just a play off. Team tagging is unheard of and beneficial, but he saw the,
captain will not rest until his bride as adventurous spirit, delicious room to every corner of America. Variety is the space left. That's why captain worthiness by Sub life quite a bit they develop. A collection of rum each with its own distinctive, favouring personality, regional spice, coconut pineapple way, black rape for whatever tat the captain. Anyone who learns to mix like a cat and every week sound. I pick captains of week I'm go first, my captain Todd Girly the best man the best part I saw this season and somebody that we should have better unfriendly p last week when he was five to one. Think Tom Brady should win the vip I've watched the patriots all year. I don't think it's been one of the great Brady Seasons if you I think, he's been good. I think give corrupt had played in a spot our season they promote had the same record because his Jimmy Jesus it seriously eight, I just girlies ben- the debt
it's too early in the second best running back in the league and also what he means to the team in some of these games or he's just completely destroyed teams. I just think he's been the best where the ethnic at the key. As a chance to is nineteen touchdowns right now he's a chair to get to twenty one, something like that no other running back, has thirteen touchdowns Hopkins Thirteen touchdowns girly as an worker we did for the fantasy teams at owned him, though ass Caprice, Ragists Sherman wrote for the ringer to yesterday that he had the best weak Fourteen fifteen. Sixteen three weeks stretch in fantasy for by history, which seems incredible, but apparently it's true. You read that. It couldn't be that bad. You couldn't be that that played him in one leg in the semi final that he put up forty two. I think it's phenomenal.
You know you're a bold call by you, though, not go. What Brady, who in their battle men all year and in a sense of wine struggle, had no defence of the first five weeks. You baby look at Brady's at all forty four hundred yards, thirty, tedious apex, No for rating who the who the hell knows these Kubi rating sacked thirty three times you saved from the I test, he's he's been very good, I wouldn't say was the best practices and if you want to give it to him for a career achievement I would think about his stats really. Are that much different than the you know he's less interceptions in wrath. Asperger there about the same yards tidies river in Staffordshire really close to him. It's not like he's. You know lap in the field at quarterback and I don't know, he's got rock Is he he's guys they'd by far the best Thailand end in the league, the pole? other thing. I think matters has been good and begins
I wouldn't be if he wanted. I wanna be like why that's embarrassing. He never should have one. I just think girlies been the best plan. What do you think, but let what the record show that some twenty sexual problem fun and games at this german J stuff, but you have officially moved on from Brady to Jimmy J now at this problem, Mason illicit back like a vein of odd on payment when every pay Your ear or should not be the only pay December twice. Two thousand and seventeen can't we need, I guess, if I say Brown, the envy piano homer and if I did, I did I'm a he. Then I also I think the house grass does but a little weird tat girly their own have like weird stuff for his personal. Just an hour ago error might have a job on their arab there. I don't know I just a week nine lapped of anyone. Girly was empty pollyanna, it's just a steady, study thing throughout the year, and I guess we add up the numbers last week that that's
That's the way to do it. That way, you don't let that five, that's good weather My girl tat, I think seventeen. I think it's a pretty. Dad even a week. Seventeenth gonna help it like give. The rams lose the Niners this week in their trying and they play bad rain. He gets down than Brady Wednesday Envy pay vat. If girly as another hundreds. If the yards and to touch stance and ends up at like twenty two hundred yards combined receiving and rushing he's, I think, he's pretty cool the two thousand combined yards now just crazy and he's over twenty two and for what he means that team. I don't know, I don't know it doesn't mean where everyone songwriter better running back. I want that that Brown was in the max until he got hurt. I think it would have been a three men race of Brandon go down such a ban, which lies outside girly needs, announced like early on Tuesday, Wednesday were taken for the forts aid, so I dont want they stats firework against me. Weak
find every p adds anymore, though it will we now I know I could they should be out by two days ago. We check, I checked all the major cited in theory, but just Brady was minus five. Fifty last week and then Then girly was second, but that when I'm on available like what are they have to do, all they would read so grounded in the Caribbean. Just put some adds up. I hope captain this week, this week. You know what the holidays, the around people. I beg you, learn to appreciate that more. In some cases you want to strangle them more, but in this case I'm going to I'm going to honor the senior guard, the NFL and it's a three headed captain of the week. You're, very Fitzgerald and tone. Gates. None of these guys
they have any business being in football, anymore, franc or ten years of a thousand yards rushing put up a touch on Meda Ravens game clothes. Had no business being closed, these phenomena, these thirty two hundred thirty nine yards away from a thousand. I'd rushing ahead and why Fitzgerald Nine catches a hundred nineteen yards three straight years, a thousand yards a hundred catches, is phenomenal, great guy in general. I think from all counts.
Antonio Gates, touchdown yeah is one hundred and fourteen receiving touchdown. It's good to see that that's the kind of guy I wanna play off Antonio Gate and Ethel record for tightened, and I regret that my three headed cap another week bright Gore wired for child Antonio, gave an imagined James errors and it was caught. Who could still do some damage? Antigone NFL? You should emerge it Tom Brady, whose older than everybody's is mentioned- dress ass. Well, you had such a dog glowing tribute to him before they want a pile. Now this is class. Now you might think We should also mention that the kicker, whose single handedly cost everybody who pick the rams Bulgaria. I was afraid that line seem too high that rams kicker first Phd was just a line DR duck, that right even close and then his his feel go after. That was also a duck
and also knows imply that the Rams kicker was gonna completely destroy this game, and then he sat down. He made one or two I want to know I'm an obscene David chain this week I wanted. I want him to get this going on twitter, young a coup whose on this package to who dare kick for the chargers whom The game winner on Monday, are the game tire on Monday, but it wasn't, it was an ice in the kicker they made me kick it got back. We greatly missed one Keck, made a bunch of other ones, a unanimous three cakes total and they gave them and he's never been seen again before US character by virtue of what's gonna shoot, others other kicker, zennor, guided chances. Young way. Coups use would never never seen again wins the chargers, job in training camps and has a bad luck, eggs and has just gone I don't know- bring the dude back. Man Scott, where, where the weird spyware, having a good backup, checkers
actually, in the latter case of more important having a good backup quarterback In fact, this order, likewise by real live. I in real life. I was gonna, be one these guys gonna miss a bad failed. Even earlier on the eels Miss Swann, Like you said, the rammed are gonna be the same without thereby undisguised kick undergoing gonna going get colder and we're temperature weather read through the games, the right one, I may mention for every game quickly: tingle runner and for wines, and now they did but Mobile go too fast You have the records against the spread too I don't know what measure grab that, maybe we can. We can do that next week I got used to the next week. I think the brands are well like three and twelve, something that the adopted met. Monetary went amended. One of my favorite traditions is in August when you tell me that we should bedding and surrounds every way. Can we agree that we shall then we never do right not even close
The bear wanted at twenty two three that ended up like what why why weaving kidding around itself, you see that's the brands of had nine ed zone turnovers a shared. Nobody has said more than three. Why and I think it was Barnwell said it's since I ve been tracking it's the record, I dont Keyser, so so might be too nice of a nickname. It is a very general ask. Singly said this, so so the countries that are going to do about it so much it s about areas, isn't good. The depiction of your play this year, geysers those already take offense to the Red Zone with it when Keyser says, as involved and every time like minus two hundred. It was bad for the brands and minus one fifty that it was a positive way, AEGIS, Eurotas, leaning toward got something bad happened. We have five games, but first of all
could us today and it fell for throwing in the afternoon and getting rid of the sudden again, the nobody Wellnigh late afternoon in seven earlier out, pretty good. Five gives that have no stakes whatsoever searches blow through these, and we should mention weeks contain The lines are always crazy, sounder always way off. This is the one week when or how breakfast and I'm gonna jump around by the time the Pike S posed to Sunday of five point two percent and somebody first lender at Detroit home. Thank God. We I did try to have the plants actually picking out angles and the super contest as proud of myself. I. Finally, I kept staring the lines in the eye and they kept screw me and then finally found they had taken down lids home. Brett honey in the packers. I have the lines five and Jim called was farewell game for the Detroit.
Damn right is a branch on which I would add that no mention his name is sheer towards escape like that, but I said seven and it is, in my view, double majority and I think, like we ve got to watch lines and employers, but down at night the bet against them. These days they man do with eighty seven Eighty seven there was said Bell. Runner was seven and a half a day at the over your mouth. Was obviously Rogers out. They went way under threat. That's came one. Second, one home for the text, I have no idea the Texas quarterback is, I think I think every one of their team dies as some sort of injury and always quarterback courts. I have read by two and a half, it's up to four
yeah it's weird with this game, like both both of these teams. It would have no not even close to a playoff implications. In week, seventeen Texans at four winds are over on the receipt and halfway on their colts over under was eight. They have three once really weird another thing with this game next year, you'll have to different staring quarterbacks intuitively echo just cause, I don't think either coach comes back called Saxons. They both at a dinner. I get is another thing to think about. I know something's going to fall off. Some current boiled day was, but we can have a lot of things that are, better and contending for pilots by like it's about these themes, the giants new in France, as a mentioned, I think they can compete actually. Obviously the morning, maybe even the cardinal with David Johnson in different quarterbacks can be good. I have allowed a surprise for you relax underlining wants talk to you about this. Is it
We re adding quarterback goals. Andrew the giant, walk Andrew. How are you feeling Obviously, no not a great year, not a great for me, the house. Why shoulder feels good, obvious frustrated? I just want to get out there and then play football again, and ah I just I'm looking forward to two thousand and eighteen. I love it. As we were sometimes by way thanks for the comments- and we also look forward to your return Andrew Butter, guys, I heard that I think that the big swinging myth that didn't marry. Under the giant documentary and Andred Andrew the dialogues boy she's dead there though it will be right behind you
you actually under the giant documented the degenerate. Trifecta love love, this kind of get people are gonna, be on this one of the best ones. I bet about that. I'm excited so good. Music choices are great adjust. It's just that. I don't know yet aware a weird feeling that accurate alive and in our lives by watching it. Do you think it's like a two packing we should that could have been an alternate ethnic, fair daughter three more no stakes whatsoever games there. The dead skins are at the giant, This is another game where we have no idea. There may be two new court have access to new coaches and when asked teams plague and next year, I have the dead skins favoured by three in giants. Data three and a half, and it is three and a half that when the Redskins, where are they both these teams went underwrite right.
Most like on seven and eight bread, candour, seven and a half. They could go over giants. The biggest under achievers around there was nine after went Muslim, did come back out of the two quarterbacks into coaches and their team, whose you pick and as such, I guess, cousins right. I think, Peggy lie. I think like comes back, play weak. Seventeen. Eagles harm. The cowboys in a game. That means nothing and is just b. We always struggle at this You could argue that the I'm just gonna arrest, absolutely everybody. The cowboys or in a row, and sometimes the land. More frank. This I don't know what I just said, the Eagles by three, I'm probably wrong, demanded come in. Dallas has favoured by two messages. Every year I get screwed up dumping dangled, obviously went over eight and a they were the biggest over cheaper or can be
The cowboys under nine have their aid in seven, but this built this is a Christmas gift, the cowboys might not even get on the bus. Threats really got the boys. What the hell was that, my God Dick came close full suck the life after everybody, the stadium by the second corner. There was the only reason the raiders were dying to roll over seven, nothing. They were. They were ready to do their think. I mean you think you're like the raiders like. Ok, you have to run all the whole for corner. You have to give up. The end are fearful- maybe maybe a screen path on third made, but you have any chance of winning this game. Difficulty. The defence J J break something the readers. To that acres and the lion and that there is still hanging off now, If the cowboy said one that stupid game on Sunday.
It would have been a gift pause, then you would have gone to fill it play and Eagles team that could have given- and you probably were made the class Nobel now about big over thirty seven yards in the second half of our agenda was tied at half time. That thirty seven are those I got out and one should have been by double digital last one with dust, eggs, Danver home for the chiefs. The chiefs locked into the aforesaid. No matter what happens, I have the breakers by three: are you This, too is and a half and the brothers were there when those eight there, five and ten cheap so run it was nine nine six they have a chance to get over. My favorite thing, I thought we could block Ass Weiler speech to the sidelines and no one was painted test anything. I want that and I'm a day when they were treating them like he's just some drunk fan from the other team behind and screaming they buy the thought that three games with
come come home stakes, some stakes, metal, the stakes, the Vikings Palm for the bears we I regret that the Vikings basically quenches a two state if they went the bears, can look ok against bad teams. This is it not Great badger for them did their feet. Then to the Vikings defence in Minnesota's. Is that can go? Well, I have leggings favoured by twelve and I'm hoping it stays under thirteen cause. I want a ten point. Tell them what you have I had also twelve at twelve as well as if it was thirteen it's it's twelve and one slash two now now's a good time to jump on it. There's over under was five and a half to have a chance to go over. Maybe
Maybe that's inspiring lackeys at the over the easily. They were able to have their problems, but the thing about this is this is one of the early game. So this is one of the few were again that kind of matters in the late afternoon game. So but I guess the path still play hard, but neither came to buy it will have to see by the time those can start the bears Have a chance to win the most games ever by a team of the dead coach right yeah. I resign cater caterpillar cancer. It has been reported widely by John flags died. Two years ago. What are they ever? I am basically that he's dead. Why would their dead stray? I gotta be a little more selective said in her game pats home for the jets I'd pats by fourteen probably too low,
I said fortune at sixteen dammit. Yet here Adrian slow going to their season winds, Donald AMP, while there was twelve and a half the always those twelve and a half of them right jets, three and add I was eating. I went over to have five already comes down to one stupid game day, the last one, the scenario is it's always by half game the over under and this year we have here the stores game that they prohibition, one they lose their jobs. Ghana rose and fell, here's my god pads jets, Ghek Rock off for the moment, we know we're gonna win the game, just Kate, I artists. Can we just get him around to healthy? I can't let who made it sixteen weeks with a healthy grab him so cited in there. I was so worried there and their bills game that their good, cheap, Chatham or something David David since dealers we'll play early games when pm eastern they're gonna be scoreboard watching right
steelers at their started against the Brown It does a reason I feel like that, That's been in this situation a hundred times in the past fifteen years, weak sixteen or seventeen, and it always seems like they end up covering I have no evidence whatsoever. Last are useful to the interim report from my game. They did the Patriots one just on paper. Just get the jets. But our into it. For now our fault that forward a reason. The rules are interpreted correctly in our favour. God Steelers home, for the brands and blame could be Keyser Soucis farewell the next time. We see him and maybe the CFO dangerous thing I had the Steelers by thirteen and a half,
While you were very close, I said nineteen does why why? Why should I get anything less than three touchdowns or closed on the road and thirteen that needs to win by what you said, Toby scoreboard, watching fourteen is the line right now. This cheap garbage and touched our potential. Just, never happens with the brown they didn't not even close to getting their second biggest underachiever. Four and a half was there a season total over under. They have zero Pittsburgh with ten and one slash two. They went over Taiwan Gruber receive dinner. My wife, my kids, my wife's parents, my mom, went to went to a restaurant in Beverly Hills took, Nice Buber Suv, both Ways Christmas Eve there experience has always goober safe, uncomfortable way to get where you need to be.
Sporting events. You won't have to pay for parking or spent I'm looking for a spot grab variety or companies Holiday party. That already happened You're companies nears party, whatever would your next parties or a night out friends or family, or if your lake in the office take New board from the car book. Your room in advance for a truly stress free, experienced over the better way to get anywhere you have to be on, though, the price before you book a trip compare directly in the EP, start the bribe today, from the app store or Google play new writers, give five hours after first three rise by using the code bill. Simmons, that's my name offer expert as February eighteen thousand eighteen goober, the better. Get anywhere you have to be, we should mention so there TED Frazier. This we take the snake is on vacation and Charlotte for speed. Tom with how it s eyes. Is produced in this week. What's it like to finally work with a prayer
very great right? Just some ran through the adds. No brakes no ray starts. He so happy sees loveliness said earlier I reckon I want to know what to do. So that more exciting stakes but I wouldn't say, do or die stakes but exciting, Rams home. For Jimmy Jesus here earlier. This is happening. I dont think Jimmy Jesus can be, can be getting more than touchdown anywhere in the NFL. At this point and I'm gonna say rams by six and a half, Why do they might be? Tagging in Vegas knows. I said one in its region: are they shooting everybody. I think. Maybe they will be sitting everybody. We delay three and a half there.
So they can't get a by that Bobby Didn t necessarily care if they get the three or four say. Do ITALY like this and Jimmy Jesus phenomenon rams over six. There was one of them Just over achievers item. Eleven went for Niners ride on their number. There were expected at five once a Vegas is basically saying. There's a baggage answer ran on care about this game right. Well. Can't get by. Jimmy Jesus could go with this be, be five and around that Yes there. This vague memory of Scott Mitchell doing this twenty years ago may imagine that web but our five and around and get the big fridge and contract Baidoa Jimmy does much better than her, but you better data got much very well. I remember a Scot Mitchell doing this, for maybe the lions and then getting signed by the dolphins didn
or did it for the dolphins. It gets ambit alliances as some sort of Scott Mitchell, dad. You were Tom Brady in the lurch for the next Scott Mitchell, the water. Now, what is currently being a hundred times better than Sky Mitchell? Stand Isaac, isolate back Workplace Scott Mixer, let's see don't do this to yourself is going to get a good night and three Miami How much you want a couple of days. Maybe he did this for the lions and then they re sign them. They met about what it s. Well, whatever Gub Gub kill the cowboys where there was a forty, eight, seventeen or someone anyone under bedding and see you know enough to do is through the body other team, which I made. That friend, who does guy ermine more birdie out near the armor here, had great Herman more when the phantom lose a great first fantasy football receivers. Herman market
the other way with some stakes saints at the box. I think I I think the boxer die too. Spoil everybody's tease or whatever they Medina dying for eight weeks, adjust our copper enough to do it, and this could be the I had the saints by five and ten Because they actually need this game, what you have That said, in an attempt to seven and a half- I guess I just they just when there was a They have a weapon when for the over Buffs Oberon, though they bath way on their second biggest under achievers Diana great stead, and now I can't find it for the hard knocks team how bad they are bred that, like I, can't find a biotech they average like Dixon, six, nine and one against the spread of Jesus. Saints seem like they wanna be teased and
I would urge everyone to do that because they had the dumb outdoor last year and the boxer Diana ruin. Something here So I can't seem to want to play football tuna. Member would make Evans. Was the seventh taken everyone's fantasy draft for animal? What am I would hire five and David jobs, and probably the debate first round: Boston, a snake, Dallas You know check when our fantasy. They give David Johnson who got hurt like in two weeks and stolen our late. That's it by the way It was nine and seventy affairs hooligan and still when the league fanciful bucket, it is to be the dumbest thing on the planet. I learnt that the rip the ravens gotta minus one in our match up. That's why I last year How did you hear feel good for about a year and I will never give them in the sands faction. Meanwhile sell goods such a bomb shall give weight to touch them after he can take his promoting a stick. It do it.
The stakes we have six games, including our mark again, first titans home for the jags who had into play for which makes this land and possibly guess. I take a stab, adding guess, titans by six I you got it exactly there, I said five and that's pretty good work. He adds the jaguars say. This is a division rival at stake it for them will not come out of the playoffs. Well. There is a possibility, but better, came the play in the first round pride at home, given how confident by your backup, let them but the jagged one by one but today, when by two touchdowns play. It was nine already when jaguars with six ass. They went away over the tables.
Are very poorly coached. Actually wonder when I watch them why they don't go no hierarchy, that I dont mind their receivers, Where did Decker's not having a better season, because in the whenever I watch them, it seems like he gets open and make some stuff happen every once in a while and so does Matthews I, like they're, tight end I just things like that: they could be a little more explosive date there, where they are, of course, some of which are the true. Whenever we had a wife we'd, better George, just not to draw up annual cannabich, they would, I don't think they would have been. They had a defensive got China around TAT. I came in and I am with that, but it took them allowed opening up and when they open it out, taxi started moving the bar little, which have notice of them on the weather, don't open up more. So this is a shaky. I mean it's almost definitely gonna be. The rematch list will be the shaky more right. This every James Taylor Bank would achieve this. The bad game that get buried the morning Deanna one o Saturday gets here
they, they have any doubt Marvin Louis FLIP, the coin before the gamble like that May I sit down brothers to take the coin with them, because we need a brow. Can game which really doesn't belong hair and nobody thinks the bills are actually get him. The play aspect that stuff its home for the bills. In its way It's a do or die game for the bills mean. Nothing to the dolphins. The dolphins have not shown any inspiration that kind of like the dolphins, let their favorite adopted. Thirty two and a half I should want and have told a favour by three guess, I won t only one to make the boy out they have to be favoured the thinking here. I dont think that monies are good. I watched him for forestry quarters. Two out of the last three weeks. I just did there that get our money
that could bring that starting then pay five interception to cancel charges, how much as a brain at that time, the Thai breaker this after this week. So that should be the only thing on their my. We argue about this in the rear and assess lack tis, a the people were making that that same case in the in the slave, so they would aloft anyway. They absolutely would, alas, they were paid their whole reason they did. That was because they were coming again. They last forty seven to ten. Taylor had done jack shit all season, Anna and he was just trying to see what they had in Peter many thought they were to lose the game anyway, it was a bad move, but I don't think they would have beaten one of the bills than this year to make you think they would have got in and beaten the chargers. I diagonally one that one stupid chiefs gambit no, that was a sixteen. The ten in the chiefs kind of lost that game or in the bills wanna edged studied the bills are good.
Earlier I have a giant areaway. Would the bills do not make the play off and that the only one that needs a survivor chargers, the charges of charges, big, they get a wee bit themselves. The main areas. Parlay. I think I am your mind. Tat. I had to go back minors, there's a few, I think, Canyon Drake, I could see him going for like two hundred and forty yards in this camp there I thought of it, It happened and weak sixteen, but they fell behind its achieves in color. Just like you, Wanna gather is called my or you'll be in this game is anywhere that better players- and everyone knows about Adam Gaze- is kind of a stealth. Is he gonna be a coach next year? Guy Cosette! that team look super slapping a discipline the whole year that I liked him mastered the sham unimpressed archers, home can call at home
Hence the Oakland Raiders there there will be twenty eight thousand seats available for this game. I'm in a glass thousand we'll be right or fence surpass here almost a row game on the flip side, for chargers sued need to win this and then have some help. The raiders still employed Jack Diarrhea and they still put their car, who just looks, hurt either? There's too two possibilities, either their car sucks or their cars hurt. He broke his back member here that we're back fracture yeah. Just gonna assume he's not healthy, because he looks a trip. She wasn't nearly this There is no signs that he was gonna play this badly last year. I don't know I would not play. Is yards the arts birth, after about the same as I've always been. They were their languages, paraded in Ireland. Maybe we should have throws the bar for grabs. I don't. I
I wouldn't blame of other writers better either. Charges by nine exactly what I said ten day right. I think that's might be better off along home road to the like, then open Gordon minor point. I gotTA branded Albert disconnect to kill clock for you, that other dude what Segovia carry worry went out for a while here man whereas under nitrate and went undermine app when Tom and I was set, was where charged and went over seven and a half You think it s waiting at a seminar for this by choice. Fifty one one. If they make it right, you don't wanna, see I'm come. The fox borrow. Author anger, so they have to get the succeed there be paid. Jack's around one. They have to go to Pittsburgh and then they have to help the pats last.
Get out get out there, winning in great, but fifty one spot two nights ago. Do I know I'm with what happen for the myth personated they need to where you can see that he'll be ruled out like the agenda. As my just decide like what splits show that were. What's we don't want to lose two games gone and in Iraq on the plants? Let's just winners. Would I be those go and let's get there. Let's do it better. How do I look that I can download you'd be done with it? Where are we just put fifty dollars each on it? Ok, I could hosting the Arizona, cardinals this site bid Seahawks Dana I believe they're to make it. I think they're gonna make it. I move is these Seahawks Panthers parlay right, smart. There
right to the foot, if you think to make it so, The seahawks favoured by half at nine and it is nine right now against the cardinals Seahawks went under ten and one slash two was expecting when till Arizona went under ate half of their sorry about that parlay a second last one ravens home for the. Ngos who really, pretty well. Yesterday I had that game on Khazar wasn't my only supercontest picks that was one of my birth patched up the Bengals, but they pulled out forty seven thirty in three in the super contest. Why, if I can get to fifty one where I think I need to go foreign. When this week I can get to the money, the top fifty at the money. I think I need to go four one. Everyone. Fifty one thirty captain
that's what you need to go! That simple are to get the money on thirty one. In three, I think maybe three percent right now sixty one percent I need to go and when or five knows, weak ravens. I go like I don't know what you can do, ravens hard for the bangles and from the Bengal showed us this week. I actually think in a play hard. This game: it's a division game there no position. Geyser plan. Okay, Bernard was made yesterday age, a green still making plays Ajay Green loves Plan Baltimore, and I think this I think we should flagged the have the ravens by eight I, as a nine one up to ten, That's too! I don't do that of two weeks and I just dont the deadlines. Do I don't think the ravens are good enough.
Just don't show up to eight zero Bangles Raven Dover on those aid map they went over Bang over, they laugh they went on. I tried to tell now the ribbon for the entire mother August can she's a raven span that at that they're going to meet the plants and she just paraded in mock me the real and yet so let the millennium sire no more above above it Wako is Securian to watch business like he's such a pocket answer, but it looks like you that really caring back there and I want and it doesn't work out Dave had they use the tunnel running back. Do you know it's? They showed a graphic for Seattle. Yesterday during the Seattle doubts game, where all the running back they use the last two years. There is fifteen guys bread, a cannibal that ain't there has to be the record for most Rennie backs and you as ever, thrown out there. At their quarterback runs for life every single programme in the last one, Marcie game
sorry for the poor, there's. This is really it's like tat, a pickup laughed in depth. I would have been the Sunday night game, they were going to do anything with done then again, but they figured. This may not mean anything for the Panthers right, the rat. If the Viking line or somethin rank of the four? change was so Norma would then pick on, but I do I did worry about the possibility of the game. Many nothing for Carolina, sided Atlanta by three I said three and a half in it The devil deadline a favour by four: oh, Jesus. I think people really afraid to give point here, but I'd be the way to go about. I went on sports cook in the parlour yeah had still for
see I mean money. Why nor I demand a money line associated monastery. Seventy Carolyn plus one seventy. So if you think Seattle is now in the past and that at later it is put to forty three we re, ok the I think see arrows in the players parlour I like that I don't like that line up, I know. I could actually see both themes losing what happens about teams. Those do neither make it now I want to sell the Saturday night game. The play out game will be bad things in the dome. Now that the fight against tax havens or whatever I gladly jagged bilateral girl again try to do it. Why do I say falcons or nine app over under? They could still go over
There were nine, they went wailed we parent corner, but first I want to talk about my bookie, the play astronomers here, you're, probably worn out from parties, gifts spending from out as recharge your battery with lots of Football Basque Baja again she could score big on everyday gotta. My bookie that agee they ve been in the bin for years, the reputation rocks are thereby at every match up in a mobile site that makes waging on your smartphone a breeze they ve been game. My bedding, which sound I still refuse to do together for some reason: it's gonna frontier. For us there was reward, Claire breaks in the business and on new mobile site that makes waging the Gobrias laid out some Let's try to win back to their joy. Now. My book, you imagine deposit with up to a fifty percent, bonus just visit, my buggy that agencies to promote good bill Simmons to activate. For you play you win you get paid well, the one time we didn't mind letting this year, satisfaction.
They were at the time that we have the warriors over those on the right word to download. Cannot, since we last summer, As for the pact, What what are we to repair corner? We just had Christmas, which had cleared illegal. I shall always first right. Well, so my nine year old, if there are eleven Deb, it's kind of a simpleton, stop there, Santa. Maybe if you will, let me with your kids right now, turn a thought, but when he goes to the mall and sits on lap and ass for Spongebob Camper Van. You're gonna, find about Camper Van and then the night old mother order that our line under the relay she ordered it from France, I'm gonna get here too, like the second week of January and a way of wealth and I'm a palm wicked ass tat of her something you're, not gonna, get it.
I'm sure, getting all share the french friend to translate those requirements were getting it, and then I saw this kinda getting it through now, have the figure something out now. It's Christmas Eve, and she wants to write a letter from Santa explaining what happened and like the elder got dizzy, and all this stuff and and she's got a piece of paper and she's like lighting it up waiting the edges up over the think, just charring. What are you doing? What I want to make it like it's from Santa ANA scientists? They say that got backed up and you're a good boy all like that. That's ridiculous that the justice of town getting it now get in January. That said, he was in great that the last week leading up defined, like the kids, don't get along. They fight more. The weak leading up to Christmas, even though the threats or more real, no question, though, that that That was the case here like that. Just way we're not doing. Let me write the letter,
However, I would like midnight Christmas Eve and all present on a treaty that genetic doggedness Capri another get am I to flutter. I find something online. If you pay three hours and fifty cents through Paypal, they will tell you this letter. I, like I, can't like I personally I'd, never to have his name in air you're. Good boy moved on gray work, but the Elles what it is sometimes senators and bring you a special president. Are you on it, but it will not surprise you that year with something else and actual even candy, caned like I had all this personalized stuff go to pay for it, then I'm up to like two hundred and thirty in the morning, because they haven't sent it that it should be something you could download immediately. Didn't they didn't send it. So now, I'm like, oh, my god, I'm not going to get this letter finally comes in. I print it out outside of stocking, he read it They looked up later what happened target ran out of it.
Now like that, it's it's not worth it does. This selfsame was for the sponge Bob Capper Ban the come from time in February credible this. Is this really is apparent corner? You should listen to if the way with their this was our as Christmas, where our kids didn't believe. In often the chauffeur Santa that were they know, sounds great that didn't stop my way from waiting, the kids went to bed. And then putting down more gifts. That weren't under the tree at bright and for enforcing for us My daughter, who I still feel like ten percent, might believe in Santa was hoping it was true, like waiting or out on Christmas Eve and was just up, and it was eleven o clock and my wife's waited further fall asleep Levin. Third,
My daughter comes any hedge one and ask you so she's. Clearly just waiting, and now it's like fifteen and I'm tired Zulueta Dennis I fell asleep and and now she's the staring contest between them era. Finally at twelve thirty, my daughter falls asleep and my wife goes down it and ranges the things here in his back. I bet one fifteen and now she's mad at me that I didn't help her an end. Now wait Wake me up and then we start yelling at each other. The word again Christmas rule. If you'd help, maybe you maybe I shouldn't- have woken you up. Was I one of those elements, but that's not me pack on her story. This is it Nicky. I was hanging out my son on Thursday because my wife and my daughter out again we're like boys, nay boys I rang out and his fallen starts beeping and
I I grab it and I look at it his girlfriend who sent him. Heart emerges now just one after another, My son looks mangas damn. It feels good to be a g I am aware that way, so that so excited in Germany is it maybe he there that are now so yeah he said. Damages emerges from his tenure girlfriend and his tail and that's why I've somebody's gonna be like Google Marty, you got fourteen kid. I was getting ready weird. If I got him of his sack to me before he even hits puberty Don't ever done that before that should be our new guys. I'd out your next guys. I love that, maybe maybe preen ups for everyone he starts dating from now.
I don't know, I don't know about a g getting in the sector made before ten years old. Take the case there's going to be a J. My said you have nothing to progress. We give no Jimmy come alive this week parallel, but we do have again thought that under the general gamble, fame submissions degenerate trifecta every week or every other week. We take an email of Sonoma, the lock case or just a crazy gambling story, and we decide if they are eligible, the general gambit all fame, Impearled Nevada, legal building it up at that really looking good to come closer to being done, and yet so we have, I think, like a Frazier Baghdad looked into it, we have like eight or ten submissions and got better thing cancer. I look for debt, black ass. I have two more come in this week after this one parttime Sanderson. What am I favour ones that have done not just this year, but maybe ever made
the guy directed Boogie Knights and is the best in the past twenty years he's come our put now an up and also we're gonna. Do a shorter. When France, ESA disk not plan the road, apparently with this packs, when o Toole man, three and one he's. The dew Friday. We might, I might have a couple other people on that one too they'll put up Friday morning and I M also on the Ringer NBA Show, with Kevin Oconnor so check out for those thanks. See. Gig twenty hours I refer, Seagate purchase an MBA tickets, use promo code be assembly. I forgot to mention one shining, Pakistan second part of the cod by what she said, record what school do you think what school should have been better college basque about you you're perplexed at their, not better, That's funny said: I'd go with, did tapering up North Korea version North Carolina be bad. I should do that before or after they walked Wofford. We thank God thanks to stay
farm get an age and they get yours was correspond James, I wanna get each other. That's the focus of the ringers first NBA relationship goes video on the Ringer com and all Social media. Let's go to stay farmed icon to get an agent that You sound when we do this again, the person, I think Tuesday right we'll do that again and where, break down the big for and also some terrible parlay that we probably last week, seventeen that account without law were to be great gotta, be a day. Does
to TAT Seventeen, a pleasure, as always talked into designating into my outrage.
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