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Guess the Lines Week 3 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 261)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss Sunday night's Emmys (5:00), Triple G vs. Canelo (8:00), the stout NFC South (16:00), Jay Cutler's first win with the Dolphins (22:00), Trevor Siemian impressing in Denver (27:00), Buccaneers-Vikings (34:00), Marshal Yanda's injury (38:00), Texans-Pats (44:00), Romo's rapport with Jim Nantz (48:00), Steelers-Bears (53:00), Marshawn Lynch's impressive return to form (1:01:00), Eli Manning's struggles (1:06:00), and Jerry Jones turning on Roger Goodell (1:10:00).

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Apps grab killer last minute, deals by downloading the hotel tonight, app now we are also brought to you by the ringer dot com. That's where I have my football com combination, mailbag, NFL, picks every Friday in the morning and the your dad come whole bunch. So we have a lot of Mps rich today, sham fantasy wrote about mother, which is the most polarizing movie Simon polarizing people, hate it. People to test this movie in unconventional release. Poor jail. I hope she's, fine God bless jailer and don't forget The reactor balls, our newest, movie podcast we had another one? Last week, silence of the Lamb Solana, good feedback for this one I probably cost crossed the line. There is talk. Theirs really breakdown of of throwing body fluids. At one point, may
Jane GUM Cross. Some lines in this one near the end, so be careful, don't listen when their kids in the car, we speed coming at this week. Do honour could off still order, get off its come in and then were taken a whole bunch. This week is Camp Collins. The rigour The credit is in tat, so we're going back a whole bunch of them to the reward was subscribe wherever he gave gas coming up the cause, weak three nfl, but first project, Does it sound studio for we three tax and how much other staff yet again came up during the Amis there were you gotta? Does he doesn't like twenty years ago? Those who have Alan
the best styles of anyone right yeah. I do that again, one for thing Ben. Maybe I'm not mad at nice as co, rider that then, but then best they show me. I thought this was this had a chance. I thought latin kilowatt hours would have. This is gonna, be aware that all will move to once a week. That is true. It is crazy that you can win fir wood CN once a week like thirty times as you please put out a hundred eighty shows you how those two equal. I know it's like I like John or but he's talking about like so much at all. We don't want our staff to get too excited because we have a show to do next week, as we have Forbid ideas do at seven added to our God. Bless you like a big little lies. I love to designate show, but is in the same category, which shows that only twenty two episodes they receive- They just need more categories. The obvious advantages once a week later show there should be
a guy like a seven eight episode, type thing night of big utilise, all those and then Chicago fire- should have more of a chance. Yeah? I think so far. This is ass. It's hard to do a teen episodes and make my wife cry and sixty eight of them all, there's so much writing there. So much more tv or whatever you want to call it now they could. They read, do need to reconvene marketers. Do it I mean in others. As you know, we don't need transparency comedy and in other there's some weird. They begin early tweak that system. All guess it we don't need to see during the actual son in its airman is invest director general, have more categories for shows. Gimme you have any Emmy stores made another creative arts thing I do have one of those from the party Friday night. Ok, I'm I'm walking through this is a double whammy. Party are agent, James Baby Diabetics and held it, and we walking through looking to find my wife who had gone ahead of me.
And sat smoking hot blonde approaches, mate and hugged me in sick, I love you on Jimmy I'm alive out like oh, my god. This is crazy. This is this is going to keep me going in my mind for months and months ants and I was like our. I will. Thank you. That's that's your watch out to go. She can I just take Actually, I would love to take a picture with you. I said yeah, that's great. A friend taking the picture and she's like chicken I don't know where you're going to party bud sunset tower. That's where we're going to be a new deaf. We need to show up there. Ok, it's silly! the sudden ridiculous and as she's taking there's a friend's trying to figure out camera He says I really loved you on camera last week and now my girl, that's why and on last week, but on the week before. Ok, I arrange an Even a republican cheese, stuff, Sean Spices,
Insurance, Visor, let's get during these six months to figure out how they make space who wants to party reassurance advice, she works thrones. It was really a dream, come true and nightmare all wants. Pony south after at the Amis now genuinely Turkey. Now I just somewhat one when once I get pushed, They are someone off stage. Anybody! No one wants that that's a pretty a lukewarm Emma's requirement to do any of these parties. Last year, you're gonna, kick you out a Hollywood unhappy that the gas is involved and we have carrier ring a movie. Triple G I bet they can airline knock out the parlor, the raiders were. It will ultimately better. I bet I bet
things. I bet that either fighter would win in seven twelve rounds, no not at an happen and an eye. Sure g by knocked outsiders can on the opposite, like one of us is gonna when of course neither of us want, but so at the time and decision I had no horse in the race, you'd any there right now so, I felt like I was gonna, be a rather you re. I really did I generally judges, which grew up. Would you follow? You was a drop added, either six six come or seven five trilogy. I'm dying Canelo one at least two of the first three, and maybe our three kids, depending on how you thought I'm round, one were nothing happened, Ma Am, I thought you were the last three you make a Casey when the fifth, so I know, count, isn't we all and all, but so you given him six rounds and he triple he more punches in ten additives while rounds like he does,
I don't know they worked and he stopped and the whole way I'd like to do is missing too much of a right around me, a lot of hunger and eighty seven in its letter. Just like he looked the same fought this, aim like it was the old triple g except like his punches, were missing and enough It seemed like the memoranda that can never get tired no question, just as our punches word connecting a far greater re. Like I don't know, I don't know what more see. That's eulogy, one, why the Lorraine Rance! I thought he one. Seven five May beata. He was on his way to date for somewhere in their dead, it's funny. I'll tell you what it wasn't, it wasn't ten rounds, the two Canelo. It wasn't manta rays it I mean we now, when you have. Somebody has a score late, that I don't even know how to respond to it Well, you know somebody Reggie Taoist, every Estonia, like I actually thought I gave the cowboys split decisions. I don't even know road use of it in animals. I know it's a near now. It is the whole point umpire calling ten
It is in our own the dark. So if we have, I think, I'll championship fights, you have five judges near. I think, if it's like there's four fights a year that are like the fight to the year, one, Like seven judges, what more what it costs them with a ten year, ear mitigating, like the one eighty eight, whose language I sat ringside, I thought Canelo and ten of the twelve ran right when he first, that person should judge again, because I don't know what they are watching the but their own doesn't matter, but they should go to my guy. You have two choices here: you're, incompetent or your crooked, which, when you to take, because my life is not a great judge, but she could sit and say: This round was won by this one. This mark round was on bought out in the first three we're tough. Obviously, you could have given all three two Canelo if you'd talked yourself into a rat, maybe five
ten eleven twelve, but then they do stuff too. Given three more somehow I thought it was a real annotated fight. I genuinely enjoyed it to give him sat around seven was ever rate and it didn't decision didn't matter as long as aid in screw it up like want. There was no one hundred and eighteen one hundred and ten in there any of the thing with the other five judges. I like the idea, but it I would have helped Pacquiao Horn like, That was unanimous fora for horn for some reason, so What you do I'll tell you this boxing will be in a lot of trouble if may weather had lost by. Why would there be any Rick reason? A watch? What all these all these, verses in everything else like the it's tough parting, doesn't need this right now so bad. Do you think they? Each be thirteen rounds for championship, fights can have a drop its thirteen round since we're trying to do the math you, even if you had Even if somebody want a tiny round. I still say would be hard to have a dry with thirteen year. I think so
but mainly the images at around, and maybe you know the guy's deteriorate a little more mentally in their late sixties, debt! That's the price! We pay right now that star or maybe go eleven read this. Maybe maybe one hour now, for a minute ran into Norman Super add. But the judges, I think, should be watching on tv like the rest of us, without the benefit of the play by play their hearing, the crowd, the cry out every day. In fact like now, if you're going to listen to the to the point, corn concession guy behind screaming about how he thinks is wanting. You should have access to the punch count to the copy box that why are you have everything the Soviets where a judge what but do, is they the round one which nobody one there is no winners. Adela agency would do it everywhere, but then like you're done with the fight in your while you are, I know I have these nine definite opinions on that. I feel it
triple g, one, the fight so ominous slide round one him and one. If they do actively do ye are just going to leave this ban and invade push comes to shove. There now nudge it the way I wanted to go or did at the time each round in at the time, I think they have anything out of the direct Adelaide Birds card with such a mass. Like those who knows whether now I think they do have this amid round by it would have been funny. Afire. Did you said one cards canal, one but we're gonna move at its sitting of scores were burned Canelo and I thought it was really fascinating. Fight two years ago, three years ago, should proceed. Demolishes Canelo. Ensure budget EF. I ain't got no other. His last night was engaged in there. I didn't think you is great in this fight. He definitely cannot deal about re monster right, look the trailer it just phallic. His punches hurt more.
Body. I don't know why he stopped gone. The body in the middle of minarets met those body punches was his ticket He seemed super confident first, four rounds that he was going against the ropes. Just like you can't, but then after a while. You just keep it that way. But I can never was in the greatest shape now right, dad. They did. I don't think you can put together combinations like you wanted to, and those middle now, like he's only the last manage result has been rumours that I mean he's not like Adrian Browner out every night, but I mean there's always been rumours. Canelo has party here yet What is more women, I think, back to copyright, as has been the case with the women. Are you having a good time, and If he had been better in better shape, are the key words for I was again land. Let's say it three times, but not that really decision. The only one it matters the gamblers, because we are going to see this fight again, no matter what so, where worry and the drive to draw was there were fifteen twenty some we say this already high. I would say we we knew was. It was a great. The line
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This sterling K, Brown getting played out. The stage was unbelievable, as one of the best speeches have ever seen in reward showers. I get off this stage below on the cork. Gibbon was gone for five minutes. She couldn't stop right. Jesus, it's out, she's famous enough. She gave the bare come in on the core event inks, because I answered, and the network has to get off the air at a certain time, so those those waters and where they really I don't know what a world where the local news here they, how yes contract with that, but downright king, we get to see his austrian right, but s directly. That's a thing like that. The latter I'm a wards, get screwed because they were at a time crunch. Here. You have now eighty seconds there that they'd this happens all the time they ve never properly figured it out. Will you in that year in the theater right? I was right there in the data checking the Packers Falcon reloading on my phone, every thirty seconds, tat Sing Falcons game as we move, and two weeks, three good good job. I you jump on the facts. Sitting that we haven't even talked about all week and you right before the land and the ILO.
Kept thinking about a ashes leg I I think I was wrong and the falcons I went in part of the key to doing this and picking games and game and other stuff is We place to go in a week, one and you have thoughts but be prepared to Audubon? That's something I am always stubborn am I know now I dont there and then you get your ass cake for four weeks. I think Actions are fine because you look at that division. The saints I was worried about the saints being good they're, not get earmuffs, Tate, Panthers yeah, knock it yet another second, it happened free, I don't think, there's no way they go through now, there's no the saints go and three. They got the reserve road to tenant. Six four, Caroline, as it is a road for that, but I think the fact into the best of inefficiency at sixteen Kigali games. You can't stay healthy. He's. Gettin rocked
the Son of easier Mccaffrey has that has not been lady. Might I add two here also about Christian Mccaffrey, our great he's gonna be there to run the often Durham I would see to meditate by the way we come in Three Italian who went to his score it would be easy. Anti North Carolina way of went. Disclosing state is very aware of to recall it. Yes, Didn't you hear about the need for my watch out for this candidate for fifty one dies, my Fred mad, to live all how John, how on four February, no joy spell forty, my now as a German in the area of free age. I like the like that- is there nothing worse for a sportsman when your team is bad friends asked you to defend it like TAT, the Panthers. Come on man he's going to deal with this year, but here just take it wasn't. It seems like urban Elinor. There are not only the two teams, the break out teams that division maybe
best teams initiative. I think that division Three play all things think I could be the saints from where I watch yesterday. I went to every play, Acting Tate team remounts used to like the pan, the idea that, if they can looks right now, of course, it has now also broke his fur right at soccer. That's a disaster were received you trust the mistake. Fine. I guess it's gotta be Kelvin vigilant, but that I think that an eighteen deepens is pretty saw now. What is it that many points and re now legally player he's one where I hid away from his eye? I think that, the cross of well, I mean not cross our flag? We cannot, however, may actually cross. I just as like this mademoiselle dragged a plot, the pen. Now I think take there. I think that I invite Heather's ally pattern. With this bread for thing I know and thank you for the path talk on Twitter, God, the Vikings my best bet that earlier in the week and then when it was announced,
four was out and was case Ghana me like it's not going from LA the tools and in your right out the path What the right now you're right, but for the promise like these guys that don't work with team all all week. Yet it you know Are you getting out of them? It just checked on checkdown check down for two and a half quarters, and then maybe they don't go, they go deep. Kingdom never went deep to Diggs, and I think that's all would have taken is like one big play to get back in that game. The other problem is once they're down That's a whole day. And that only jobs of a problem. I still think Jack's rotated Tennessee. I pick the jagged. Think I put made them one of my superconductor aspects. I don't bad about it. He to defer. De passes at the line for intercepted. They farmland tend the game's over learn from now on herds. Marquise Lee like for net to stack in line autumn, but I don't have to pay. Game ten times the jack, probably when a couple of them, but once they're down ten, it's like you take
game off TVS, enemy to watch it there's only about five core of actually trust, downtown right, That's a good way to try to put these guys in two I think the ravens are like that. If the ravens fall down there three to somebody returned the game. I fear that there are coming back another jack down, quarterback, yeah, big Ec stories from this week, but I do want to say a ladder you Tom Atlanta Planet. I have running a backlog, Superbowl hang over for them does not back. There seeds. Yesterday he could feel you're at the Amis. When I go They scored that cut out. They missed the two point, but they're gone for the two point out what occurred at the sixty in there's a lot of time clarify everybody and in the planet had the same powers. I also know that would have been really really bad for their first, both of em back I've been banned that still they addicting. These emotional games like used, and I thought would come out and crushed Jacksonville because of the emotion of the hurricane today in a marked coming out with the flag and everything I thought. The
Atlanta, would let down because as big bigger, ocean in the opening of the stadium. I was wrong about ball, but Atlanta plus three sixty one, the annex ii, not so bad, that's all I'm gonna go the lower and lower already made a good point. Lombardy entail. Did GM street Lana Foreigner fell excellent in Lombardy Point, which I think you can only say this about the patriots. The falcons rather than hackers abandoned, but it can be said about them, but I need this two teams when you know they're going to pass and the other events, the defences Langer right, your passing and they can still get it right, that's right or anybody else you can get a first down in that situation, like thirty nine using packers and found, I think falcons impact following the path and I think the packers of everyone's healthy and they have their tackles back and stuff like that. But I think that's it many. I need to watch more taboos hired hunting.
Hijack game because they were better in the bears their home. They took care business tape. It might be the thirteen potential because the latter weapons the third, what the thirteen that, if we know their passing they live at first? I think the Steelers will eventually get there. I don't know what's wrong, Zachary with their offence, but I think that's that's the kind of team that there has been no big deal. Doesn't look man worth players anywhere. So no sir hang out for them. I think coming. The first two weeks The most shocking thing to me is how the bangles and cards are cause. I have like this the other, your floored Evans team. That said that most disappoint, you most disappointed that this. Because I wasn't expecting much, but what I'm shocked by you not do that. Our poor relates trying to figure out where these teams are at the eagles in the cards in the bottom sex. I think your bottom six right now is bangles bears cardinals colds brands jets, okay, so
yeah- I guess I mean we might eventually throw X and bill, and there we say a little more daring, fences get on that gonna overreact, their Jackson game. I think the saints by being their potential real, though one thing with the saints is when they get worse, need back at the that's gonna help them because they really had one receiver to worry about who they have this weird Petersen Ingram situation, whether basically the same guy but neither them's getting of kerosene and then the no one where there are again too and they re thinking away. Like one carrier, sir, the team, I was the most impressed by it. I don't know if it's a plan team or not, but just I thought it was of game that the charges outweighed the dolphins, but the dolphins kind hung around color, wasn't bad. I was prepared for him to be off, but you never killed them. He was put on Parker's like this new toy, for him he's just throwing these jump, offs form yeah and they made plays, and it came down a coup missing the missing the game winner and they should have lost, but I thought the
Figures were better and sugar one and the dolphins snuck it out as a good sign for the Landry at a hundred targets like that, the other they put it actually impressed with Bull Florida So you don't know how they were going to react travelling all over there making arrangements for their family and everything actually Miami than having to go all the way to San Diego and they pull that out kudos them. But then you look at it just anything, will maybe there in your bottom almost like is it? Is it now? I have here the opposite number there very entertaining every week, but that its they seldom almost one in Denver Endeavour. Look he's like world leaders. Last week, the shadow and yesterday is basically came down. Their comments to forty three hour fuels may Kicker made of fifty four yonder as at night its wing, and that's why they last night, I would argue that they're pretty good team play to the level the carpenters they really do, and they still do you put your daughter soccer team against them and they will lose by the regime. To me, I'd like to see that the big revelation for MAC aim. We
excited for the twenty seven thousand seed stadium there? This is going to be great and the home showed advantage for the chargers in theirs. Forty percent often say that my friend slams huh went with his sons gave him bad. You know where I went out while they had good seats, but so it took pictures and fit day. He said was forty percent. He said when the Dauphin when they made the fifty four I felt it was like a home game and then, when the charges missed at the end of rice and then in the end he had set out fireworks. Yeah like that leg Yes, the chargers less away, that's our tee! No idea- and you know you know it's a good way to get the local fans in steady charging hundred hours for general parking place. I what just Huber. Are you kidding me a hundred dollars? I think and was probably a nightmare to get there anyway limited something game for I'm sorry, I've I've lived on the charges after seeing they yesterday, I think they're in trouble in this home games game for we for they play Philly. In
in the stadium its eighty five percent Philly things right. There's a lot of filling transplants out here. I know I personally know five that word for the ringer yeah, but it can be loader all going on seal the bullets. Let's put it in perspective. They never really had a great time feel the vantage in San Diego not lose out. There is IRAN's than show up was a bad homes where they re election really went at home, but it was bad, there are now twenty one. Last five years- I know I like ice is gonna, be better might be where you could be a little worse moves ever good salads What's that we have a new segment, what is it in this? pack ass. Every week you nagging to pick captains, because Captain Morgan our friends. The captain will not rest until you brought his adventures spirit and delicious ram. To every corner of America. Now he's bring it to this package as they have original spies. Cocoanut pineapple wait black grape through what everyone they love blending with tough thing
the roman ginger, the Romeo's fantastic. The captain loves anyone. And had a mix like a captain, we're in a pic captains calling are we to these are envy piece of the week that even every piece, either captors Asher Hooker my cat, his Trevor, Simeon of the devil Ankara's thrice deal you captain now I get so number He made the case before the season that Trevor Simeon is actually good quarterback. He was urged me not to take San Diego Endeavour and weak. One cause he's like Trevor Summits healthy this year. Actually link is pretty good like it at a tremor. Chemin stop spin good temper. Is a team that we are kind of subconsciously, rode off. They lost some guys. They weren't that grey last year defeat its home field quarterbacks. Make complete is there to receivers, run gay miss. Typically, you never told her nose get above their good and I thought he's been really good and kind of opening. I think they're, your pants
your steers brown does raiders ravens? If they get the ten winds with their de that those are probably five of the six playthings. I think you can almost lack the man at this point that that those your first five unless we have some injuries, it's funny I have I didn't, do it day of sea and of sea. I add Broncos up there keeps raiders falcons past sheaves, that's another one. As we may have survive, we met ever six abc planting about going into this year. I thought the agency was not going to be good. I don't ass exceed was, can be eight NATO, worse The case all you have hard pressed to find a great annex II team, but traversed it's a nice captain for Touchdowns yesterday, they now boys defence, you we're watching the game preserves the Amis cut it I've been watching the aim. I think Europe, oh, did you watch yet Alan? I was watching a future.
Anyway rag carpet, lady, I guess you're a little afraid of driver, semi, yeah, sure yeah, I do they get that momentum at home and I got no one's gonna stop and see. Jan Andersson is running downhill, yeah twelve yard round to the tight and is open enough. I have said until one teams petty into three minutes: Raiders Falcons Bucks Chiefs, Broncos Steelers five of those are have sittings than my second, tears just Seahawks, packers Cowboys. That's it three hennessy teams that have not let go so far, but I'd just lie. The term. We have to keep them hanging around the topsy think I might is the same, but I take it. You didn't have the packers in your top seven Annette. I had them and knock as I am worried about their the angel. They ve had already and I just want to say that place. I think I think they'll eventually end up there and she versus broncos. One of those is gonna drop down. Bribe. I don't. I
look at the schedules simplify who's, your cap, and so I have co captains of categories we get this thanks. I ain t, no, not Frazier and secondly, they Frazier you maybe next week for you guys, but give it a triple j. I'm sorry whether you got screwed a little enough for him to be named then, maybe it uses the pain a little bit like I said twelve rounds. The out, slugged canal and I had a may rounds. The four and you'll get him in the rematch myself Captain technically last week, but Monday. We talked about Sergio dip. These urgent Xilai reported Sergio dairy day. We get to talk about how we never did I think you got a raw deal me too. I think he should be on there. They didn't ever went back to him after the first time, and I said you could bet on so I don't know what site that it's like ten to one odds if you'll ever see him on the side, or just for the rest of the year weeks. Three to two to sixteen. I think
their foolish for not putting a mine. I think these games, or so bad he's gonna, be the only reason. People who know what who hot leave him on the sidelines on procedure. It was a triple whammy date dating set it out properly that English was not as first language. Through many seemed awkward, yet the inner a rapid may then they tried. Then they just squashed it and pretend never happened. It's like you have to fix this link get him. Come back and said that man that last won the battle do better this time, guys here, liver catches but you know buryin those good fellows they just the tug of war and also you have worse problems and unnatural rex rioting, which is his first language. Nazism also ease way off MIKE he's having conversations off MIKE Visa, here. I didn't write on that hate. The MIKE look like US ice cream count, closer. I promise you that
without letting him in bed moments had met like about three men. Smoke went again stares at age, literally doc oversteered. Ah, yes, she was trying to get him fell story. As a result, there are two ships by any avoided the booth than she wants. Nothing. Captain Morgan. Thank you. The captain loves anyone who learns to mix like captain? Let's do you ass and weak weak three lines? I say something: this is incredible. We are what we take, We need seven minutes in bout, some about thirty. It's not one patriots match yet not one anyway. It let's hear it. I guess I put them in a sense to talk about them. We get here, some people him out ass. They were mad that the way we are setting up some of the games they didn't get to play along my apologies year. Who are trying keeper freshwater Ben. I bet it. We construct a little bit better. So I will let will allow the categories Ziad and Zebra get Thursday night the rams
My apologies for this game hands at San Francisco man, Jerry Gaffer it out, though the wash refreshing for Baltic, first of all, the rams should have put in the answer. They call robber woods on a pic play the feel go instead of a touch. Dance announced twenty twenty instead of twenty four twenty liked around, just like the rams at that, I think there are better and they just where they were they just screwed. Why did they get run on so much down while Bulgaria defences idea within less than two hundred yards Yo Ashton's clear like we're not letting cousin screw? This game of who's gonna run up the Middle yeah They just run it all the way down the field they score their up. Seven two minutes left Jerry Graff, makes me nervous. Sure but you need two minutes over there. I maidens big data and he's not want to your danzayemon about you, but lads babyhood, our seas. I've gotta get there as a mediator,
paragraph interception just war above justly just that and it would have been a pic sex, but the guy smartly Father gave the Redskins faithful what they wanted. They are those around on ferries, probably the thirteenth best quarterback Emily. I neither maybe like seventy quarterback our security in this game. I hated sigh of forty nine hours by two over the ramp. Send this game the London I headed exactly and am not proud rams by three. Oh no, really, India in San Francisco, answer fair by three about this one. You say we two or three be careful because you in teams. Can you might think, are they dare not that girl, but it turned out. They played a really good team the forty diners, I liked what I saw from them against in that Seattle Game yeah they answer whenever quarterback can't drove around Rio now, but they, but they did stuff They stayed in the game and then in the first game you know,
wasn't as good of a performance, but they did in other court screwed up some four thousand either right that I don't they there that bad as well then at all I don't think they should be alone dog on a Thursday, because these Thursday games in general see might they favour the the I'm rarely gonna do those, but don't bet this guy. I know that this is done by interfere in a pool. That's making you choose to quit the bull locked up don't do it did stars like there's more injuries in these games. Yes, more commercials, there's more three out. I don't know what it is, but just get rid of it altogether: bankers, Texans, was the masters the hours about is unwatched supposed gets Sunday Marcie. You might disagree with this one. I do what have for Sunday murky. What's he gonna pick either? I think it's Tenancy Seattle, man, I was yellow and as I can, and I thought it was Ex Vikings is the one on the most interested him, because if Bradford comes back now,
These are two you could argue to the five or six best teams. I want to see the bugs when a game on the road, here by Admin Minnesota I've, the bucks by three well, there's no line because abroad, It has no attack, but Seattle, I tenancy either. And by one for Thou, and I Seattle by comes out Tennessee by two. It's two and a half. I get this one Tennessee game, Tennessee Lang, two and a half yes right voice. I think where do we stand in Tennessee? I've changed my mind seven times. I think there, we find the watch. I think I think they're the tea team in the AFC South, their minus one ten than when the division. You still go with Houston. Now minus one ten that only gets higher and higher or ethical matter If that is the yacht meter winter, I'm not about it,
and they have your team, this weekend's can we only they did. Care business centres today they are one and one that they're gonna be one or two after the cities. Like you told the Thursday Games out, I met my mental look up last year's Thursday games, which ones were wont game which warrant, but no good. That's bad. The vision so If Tennessee takes care, business in this game ass he sat shifts to, Tennessee, minus two, fifty, if Houston, get slaughter by your team, yet. Calls doesn't really matter right. Acts and will probably in London against Baltimore, yet here too, no matter what we have done this and why let's go through the scheduled do all day. Already dry Seattle at Houston, weak for so went. That's a big game.
So let's say there three in one after the first four at Miami Home, for it at Cleveland. They could be found. And two or six and one by the break. This is rather aggregate Keziah favourable schedule. Rat two home since he home for looks like the game there favoured by ten at Pittsburgh stuff. They get India again, Houston home. At Arizona at Sandford SK the business in hand for Rams home for Jackson, though I might have to made the feed on this. They tend to seize, making the play out and not get ten wins. Now I don't, I don't know I dig Tennessee minus one. Ten is: is this market jump on waiting, Tate yeah like that it doesn't. It is ridiculous that was the easiest Ngos every bad teenage boys on the road. Those things are we didn't know what that is now being discussed, so we can count on me to something tat
what happened over the next year and we taught with disgust ally as long as luck is out. Mario is far and away the Basque backing that saved by sixteen straight row- sought games. First, let's go We think the falcon can but did you see how badly they blame game. I did, and I heard lombardies round yeah its Pagano and then Marlowe their neck and neck neck and neck. Who wants it more so close? I love was no fired. Who wants it when the grim reaper circling and they they always have the they fire the offensive or the defensive coordinator to stave off right? I got there is a report that the bangles locker room some guys in their want of cap her neck. Really as the head coach, outfits of growth, but it is up to the court like look like the old days
upon himself a month. I think everyone's cardinals gay here's. What I don't understand if Amish the team bangles qualify as it is. I think the case again bringing Capron again that we keep hearing is it's a distraction. Have him measure backer visit? who needs a distraction more than the Bengals. Yet it's true the greatest destruction ever their owing to their terrible everything's, their coach in their kubi rats. Hopeless, like aren't here's cock outbreak here it is. Save the season he ever is ruining free. Now, like it, The way we do. We not want people watching us. We're gonna have common Capron act. If you want to do your protest and not watch us now is a good time. Happy with thirteen event The other day is like why It's a really hard to bring quarterback and during the season we your place are terrible anyway, right you just change your outfits according to. Actually you should be Bream and tomorrow, so you Marvin Loiseau. What do you do? You? Have you have one more game with Dalton nets at Green Bay?
You got a packaging with and then its mackerel. I would try my care and the tearing at Green Bay. I think Dan's lasted. They brought her saying this happened too many times and ethics, can't capron a glass, the forty dinars for like three straight years like he was not get the last three years. Now you throw any stat you want. I knows you now rebellion against some who and its It's like borders. Yesterday, borders was awful the fourth quarter, when their way down he put up his huge garbage stats. As always typical borders. Hey we, one again this week so the way Good Times the other? Almost that would have a nice of Jack civility ten zero again was sent into to an old teams to learn what we are now doing, that it is the ravens against the jaguars in the city of London. This of London. The city of my right. That's a city I know I check my geography. I have the. Events by four to be closer, I had six and its foreign have great.
The home gainful jaguars, Jaguars Home game, TAT man, How little is what what? What do they do? They add is lower than the team of London. That's amazing, teams that we give up the Jaguar threat. They said that every year, its borders and Wayne ruining the two such as they do. They refuse let all ravens memorabilia the game because its jagged home game. Yes, I will take this authority, the raven. The advances get there. They lost yet another dubious today, another key guy for their Marshall, Yonder gather guard nip. Was he a blue chip in the Lombardy Piranha. Does it live on broken Anko? I know it I do, though, probably stay but acting together he'll be out there for, like weeks exile, sublime and have a different pay, intolerance how about a guy, so you can play, but with cut your leg, refusing to up its work that were in London and the car by the ravens to fix
my buddy. The pilot kid points out. I don't think in six years yet to pick up the cowboys but good job. What it was like Joe up apply. How did they to date, we should mention used against all odds of culture are hit gambling. Has had the trifecta do last week, trifecta, two of whom did poorly. One of on the one year. So you inspired this bed called that's it based on shark tank we're gonna called sharp tank sharp tank it whether yes, my day pitch their the traffic, the pitches, their best bet, and you have to decide whether you like the one. I pick an idea, guess judge Sharp tangled up when we could probably Virginia sneak in with a team parlay seven of them had gone into last night at the packers. Go against my audience. Who have that when the parliament only kid, that's why they call the partly s right that less I was yesterday was the attic eight, no they're all games for the money lying parlors were favorites. We should make a ton. What do we do
I had the chargers with, though I want wanted to my column and would have been tune, one of two made the feel go. There may be a beer supporter, some getting him as a bad day, Robertson, Coup Anna and both of them when no free far, hopefully, kook and work is way out of it, but it was was Bay, Gallagher. This one, twenty nine raiders Seahawks chargers, but if you put sterling Brown, and there was plus one forty tower nice and he won, but the charges we had on our make believe prop sterling K. Brown, minus half will win over the cliff One browns on Sunday, oh and Sterling K pointed out that's a good one quit break to talk about Juliette. Did you know the Tipp of Gillette Razor blade is measured at an atomic scale, meaning there blade edges are thinner than a single grants. Are the precision is the work of many cells, hundreds of membership,
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Should we and what's gonna, barely watch will save the proof that the next Calgary Pats huh? Angela Stadium the best, team can get they Texans new common in who were really little a bit. I the pats, favoured by twelve thirty. I've got it. I said ten, a wiser to and should have gone higher thirteen thirteen through your gun. At that one, and yet they beat up on this team. Can that trap to twelve and a half? So we can put in three d mariner we may have to throw away to team Sevenfold. You're in there or Somethin Sorry about your team. Whatever your hat. Ok arrives, hello, to throw a cup of coffee flags, ok, the Texans played the Patriots really well last January and asked why their basically,
can a puncher's chance that an upset, but that should have been a three point game and their quarterback killed them, but their defense that was about as well as anyone's play the pats this year. The pats are banged up They have no receivers laughed even yesterday, like our doors, got hurt and he was really goes with three grandpa the groin Hogan they showed him for different times and limit around here amatolas out I am concerned, I don't they dab net receivers for this game. There look very needs for trade is they'll put birket. In the back. With the Lewis and they'll do multiple tied ends of fallback spread out. Why not the stuff, but it's gonna, have to get game, again I am thinking it's a Texans. They're gonna have trouble. I recommendation would be not to put this in a parlay there things, even if it gets to twelve and a half in I'm an attack you, unlike Friday day, let's put the pad, don't already next, because I'm really
concerned about the receiver. Spud birket is a recent like they figured out at the had eleven snaps and game want integrated Attica, have worse defence of the league. This is it. We differ Deef. I think you in this game I think I really weird I just. I don't think it's oh yeah yeah, we're home out of a great Brett their Banda book. I think. Is what you want at your teeth. I think this three things you look for in a team now when they play you convincing when you got that we want no injuries. So, ok, you got to get a receiver banged up or so, and you want a break out player. As Dietrich wise, I got where'd, you come from all the sudden what'd you have. Five lombardy was calling him a summer. He was here. U S, fight call back here to address goes resigned as a those those two guys they were counting on rivers. Was it around the re alive. I hear you you're three right, their submission. I've gone out with them. I
as somebody who's follow, Belgic, pretty intently for last seventeen years so come, bothered and start yesterday. They our two Eric row over him whose not as good as bother, there's no scenario where he was better and you. Could I got any more size going. It's Michael TAT, what it whatever I predicting by their trade an extra guerrilla yeah, I'm no inside info whatsoever. Nothing, not a whisper from anybody. Just feels little Jamie Collins, Lasher yeah, we're Jamie how's that I want a new contract and their legs. They don't like a couple of things: ass and he's gone and Eliza already Nelson or somethin right now or like the best. Whatever weather but that really need is submitting the front seven, the Agatha. There now somethin somethin's thinks little they get less sent from this magazine them for Roma. For like a third round or a second matter. I think
is relatively easy to disease and trade. You think that qualified thing the eggs echo is worth cloth hounds try to last year. Right around was a week for we live double check the mob? he feels, and he did this would cause, and I was born at the moment he feels leg Thinking about you. Next contract you're, not a hundred percent, but Europe is away the rush at a coach you out of it. I just wanted to talk about Tom Brady in this speech to his greatness and new multi this in any step, but I know that as well as of the way he's gotta he's got these wraps under dumb. First, that was the first it was the first the what he called the pic play and they a flag he's acknowledge, was it if this were wrong Romo than a nice job analyzing that is acknowledged. Its leaves The lion scrimmage a yard off, it's not legal. I don't like it it's just too hard to call me. I just don't like it in the patriot. Insinuated and get the benefits that then
twelve men on the field, things like now, I just don't entered so yeah, then he said twelve on the feel like don't you try challenging it, even though every replay shows are eleven guys on. How does he do? I don't want to spend five minutes every week on this package praising Roma, but it was an unbelievable having him announce your favorite teams, Gabriel. We enjoyed it so much. I can't break up. Other people came over Israel and he's so solid right here that the language really did their pass almost like what the hell was that the only reason we weigh it is maybe he knew was Tobin on the field. The in any way that's by air is a very small amount of, and then and then it was better. He was picket stuff all game. Israel has just made me smarter. Some of the defense is. He was talking about his. I got off that cornerbacks Terry out of this and I thought I learn more about football day. Here's what he needs to work on cause
problem with Roma rhinos analysed is jib. Nets was with sims for the last ten years in just went into a coma, and now this guy who's, this fount of information and opinions. Enlarging that's like it's like he. We have to react with his brain is like Tom Hanks and cast away like learning how to socialize again so that its a blow out the last six minutes. It's like just wrong They should be unbelievable, but he was actually bad during the blow out. Really, I started need only its couldn't figure out how to engage them in the show in the schedule. One point: four billion Romo can finish the game. What does leading to do it now. I think Nancy ass. The were work on last six minutes of this is a blow out how engage to our nets aka neck ETA.
Sometimes the quarterback right now right Arizona, since that EVA there's no way you're not going to leave me now partner, like just do that stuff. That reform Malaysia bet on Don weird things looked like they're going in that direction anyway, Sonya when there's downtime Nancy fire is the guy who is with the who married the high school girlfriend and they broke up and his late, for it is now he's got this hot new girlfriend. You will share my God well intervention, the boy like for my gobs willing and that we so we went from that and then the next game we watched head on it was I crispy omen and submit, encourages now we're back to their while we talk right as a football player. Is a football player that Anna this Roma could Ramona every game they should just. He should finish the one gave a they should have by satellite do in the next game. I agree and throw in some Sergio here beneath the nation Sergio bring back surgeon Carolina home
for the New Orleans saint. So we just talked about. I had the Panthers laying Foreign half would you if you're going to, This one too, was six and I went to five and a half. I had four. So four and a half is good enough. Caroline, Either by five and Panthers four and a half cents yeah. I would take the saints you take the saints yeah. I don't feel good think they, the defence can hold up like they have so far gets breeze. That's tough new, usually Crossteam avi! You hit on an alert layer of the sea across the go in there if they lose, as we know, we know heading into E3, we better. We're, the only two teams play with an extra level of no right now I say if they go in three and there, the vision that we think three play off teams are coming down in seven can get a wild card in the intimacy men are certainly contains over and over trip? I
there get him in. That would be a good reason, a crust of Africa, but not yet. I think they have strongly considered trading breeze. I dont know how hard it is through this. Israel, tracking, weather Some possible, but is thirty What the hell are you doing them? Could you get a first ratified right? Could Jackson logo? but first ran for breeze, about thirty. Do it straight up, big bang up, maybe as well. You see, if there's anything I ears grapple worth it I will give you next year's first ran and in the first round or after that for grapple right now? What are the past? What do we think anyone offered for because I feel like the browns did offered Africa, the twelve peck and like a third round or from year to year Stubborn, very stubbornly unemployment. Steelers are at Chicago NEA cross off that Chicago performance. I think there Can it be a little more frightening at home, but on the other,
I had Pittsburgh Lang, six and a half inch cargo adjure I'd seven and its seven and a half an hour this on a teaser. You love it scare cargo. There's some play me Here's Howard was heard this week. I think the game got away from the sky, so did take the snake too, yours salivating. He knows it's Mitch time outside. It's ok, I don't want to be this hour and awaited out does have a bad year and then you know think red shirt, pull it pull by groups at the european and come back, makes you feel they address it get him out there. Let me, I guess, I'm scared, of course, and take the lamps hitherto it Iraq is in this kind of internal them too, quick difficulty lab and who were there attacked receivers data heavyweights out it's a future yet artisan out, they lost their tattoo receivers. So if she liked green passes anyway? Maybe do a letter or a tragic first ever Green Bay home against?
either any Dalton or AJ mccarron the bangles, but there's were banned. As we have no idea level of injuries are going to be employed by us and add the Packers Bain F wow. That's exactly what it is. I thought it was eleven. Why has allowed it to you, gonna, Lambeau, a team and hasn't score to defining injures that that's court? Down onto The problem will be closed, but I'm just not now that that I see the line is eight and a half, but now I guess maybe marvelous fifteen p. I guess shouting since battle to get the best thing about Marvin, Louis those he has the old man, I don't give a shit pot belly you look around, you say You ve worked out today about the internet. Ten thirty. Marvin is add Green Bay at Cleveland and verses. Buffalo
turkey needs to those three to keep his job midseason, but a few courts. Are you better firing Pagano? Are you better have having steer the ship called Sir stay in the car, I'm thinkin, first coach fireball guys gonna lose the people, the culture, almost better off. Keechawik Pagano, heat he single handedly lost. We too should allow the syllables guys great, there's gotta get a sand. Arnold flip, the internal for like four first rather interesting, maybe gets an extension as a result, yeah check we like the double down and check whether there are leaving last bear They watch a ball game. This a good game. You know at this problem. Should be in the watches category better. I have the chargers hosting can't city chiefs, who took business again last week are yesterday. I have that This is three point: favorites in sight
Diego it's in San Diego essence notes, and now I mean Ella yeah yeah, and you had it exactly again. It's three I said, for I thought a little higher we're Canada how many chief sands at this game we already for percent target a single one of them. How many dolphins fans do we collect? We now. I know too I know I think I know to ask how many chiefs fancying TAT. I know a producer Travers achieves fan. I dont know that John Hammond Chiefs and he D acted like he was after they beat the Patriots any exact ass. He doesn't know what he is at this point, just all over the map they keynote what car companies do not support this he's inner cities. Addy would be a w whenever there is a german of any other than I am sure it is all over it yet if he shows up at the game, so you're saying as many chiefs
their game, as it were, dolphins fans added it might be less. Alas, I would say: there's probably more dauphines fans out there in America than she's fans, because it was the seventies bandwagon thing. They are problems with the, but at this point I don't know, I mean you might see just twenty thousand valid unprepared for the beer. Depressing experience, one, that's great back about blue house. They tap raided website provider, pairing over two million websites for bloggers or small business owners. Blue house has everything you need to build host and manage the personal or small business website. You ve always wanted design your website, your way without being limited by templates, simple enough for me in his power for enough for even the most advanced users, fully customize templates third party apps. Poured a ninety nine percent of time guarantee maximum scared, including malware monitoring and protection and automatic secure world. Word press installs, not to mention twenty four seven text.
But I ll resources, expert services spend the top recommended were says downward pressed at our existence as a five blue oust makes, thing. Your website stress free, and I can get back to what matters most. That's right, gambling now our list, I say fifty percent when he sat the blue, Hostaqua, slash Blue Hostaqua, Slash Bill Simmons! So do there right now are the perfect I usually like when there's three and there's only really too horrible, on this count, the land again First, one Indianapolis home for Brands, Cleveland, I think, Have- is an awful gave who so well send in the London let them yet three games this year this week Rams forty nine there's only one Indy. Furthermore, this is like a game. I was thinking about the matter. Two thousand eighteen technology, now have
had the announcers pre record all bunch of stuff on every automated answers here. I would rather voted automated Roma for this game, then really anything else that I love from his game. I have indeed laying two and a half Stick, Lithuania, I am in doing too and the Funds are favoured on the road by one God. Oh my god the was the last time the browser favoured on the road. Your question, I love you, I couldn't which was the coach it shouldn't, be. They convey Grounds are favoured on the road by Bush Davis days like two thousand three years of India ran and how we manage their gainers. Dozens of and seven and a body of ours that maybe work for the brown sets out Lombardy S. Where does it wanted to point out that huge access to and twenty two head coach, and you will not find any worse than that. I looked. I looked it up all these raiders guys it. You think we're bad two and twenty two very spectacular
there's been some bad record stats weigh up area, that's it lets them it was the rare coaching higher that made two teams where's cause it made the Bengals worse too. He is clearly a great offensive coordinator to make one happened with the Bengals happen then goes the Branson their romance. The other perfect, the gay. You could be a good offensive corner, not agree. Coach, like we have, by shacks rap albums, integrate baseball player. That insurance, like TAT, takes a great pack has produced, or not so vague ass. Those that can do two things near how some people just Charlie Weiss there. That's it Jack Have a home game there, the other member, the perfect this week there hosting Cutler in the Miami Dolphins, somewhere, I don't think I'm in a watch. One minute of this game like two not watch one minute of either these games, but if the jets are up like thirty, the twelve five minutes after May, for anyway, I have dolphins by six Whittier. I've
ex also six and a half, so you like that orphans and stares entities that that teasing J color. I don't trust him. I will never trust him. And I can say, is that the jet for for a twenty five point lost the jets. Were a little more impressive than I thought there would be. No down and then the return of Ff Well, it inside is ten somehow doesn't go out about these extracting the sidelines hits him in the chest and recover by the writers and they go up. That's we're getting the ball they're down! Seven with the ball. Obviously, they're gonna get beat anyway, but they they hung in that. You might say more about the raiders Di Finanza images. Not ever met Maybe if I Their thing I was wrong about. Martian Lynch they'd, maybe he'll, played for four months. I thought he was begun by weeks. Everybody, it seems keys invigorated, really good
answer. Net answer with a star starts tonight to lay at the. U know whether I went in France as a show for an hour and Friday s someone's I'd enlisted men was again, We can do the pact's thousand gloomy. Let me stay, I wonder the picture I became the This person, who and dogs ever to the ads Similarly, when our three did our thread, the Jaguars, the rams and the chargers Secondly, like we re now, did it he might area on every week now demand? That is how I see the love. If you went through now nears good luck, jar Bath abbot, I'd like to apologise to the Chinese that areas Jaguars Charlie, let loose and teams to one aspect of the problem as it I didn't. I didn't like
this week and it just seemed like a lot of the favorites or in the cover and that's kind of what happened right. I want. I want a lotta road teams. As we had to get played you. India fell a mighty actual Otto. I got killed a really like finding tat. I think that would take five ten, watch a bus we got for games in this category? I can't believe this is a watchful game, but I, like it Buffalo home for the Denver, because I'm really impressed by Buffalo. I think I have a good coach. Lombardy was colony in August. Even when they were trade around Darby insanely, lacking about his like Mcdermott's, a good coach that teams Follow him is leader They really almost beat Carolina yeah, they came the guy, arguably, should caught at the Ricky the degenerate trafficked. Everybody had Carolina on a money. Every bit highlight that last play and the degenerate trifecta might because I have on my pocket, sick bunch. They block, in slow motion. They watch, alas, play and say Jones get started up. I mean here
wide open to out in slow motion the other one I came unbelievable. I had the breakers by three. I actually, you know what I meant to say three and a half from changing their branches by three enough allowed to do that. You got I'm glad because it's three and three paths us the best is the this might be soccer better. The we write I would I would be careful damper in this camp. The kind that endeavour. Traveling ease stay away. You dont want to just put in the above. I know that there are better than I thought. I really thought they and the jets were tagging nets. Misery agencies, because two teams are tagging it, but a Mccoy, do much out. They had double digit and rushing yards, but whether parliament, Mozilla receivers, so I think that ended there, just like you not beating as likewise, which is probably why members gonna do. But this
I gotta Michael Conrad Memorial, let's be careful there. I would stay away stay away from now and we have a lot of home favorites I mean our home dogs is weak. Here's another one Atlanta is at the tree. I believe that land has favoured. I said Atlanta by three, said three half cassettes, Eliza Ok, this is one of those where, depending on what happens today with the lads and the giants, the lads go in a giant stadium in winter tonight. As I said, is a very odd down, but good news for I can hear the Falcons dome. Now another direct went home with Don T play and down. I think it's good for them near now. There in Chicago that's a different story at school for the sovereign or whatever it is now one of the four dumb. What's a cocktail, Given the adding support last watchful game. I actually like the slate this week. I think it's there's no Marquis like awesome games when there's a bunch of leggins, I'm interested in this last one
are, we did at our Tennessee says: yeah, lower wading through giants filling. That's Eagle Eagles home for the giants and again we don't know what this giants and they might score nine points today and everybody might be calling for Eli to get benched Uno's by the eagles by three. So we split this we do I buy for its three and a half or two. Give it analyzing scored twenty points, since Hilary was Gimme, a concession speech, Zira Satellite, I dig it have one held, as do the other, maybe he's like I'd with this parameter last by Anna lock him up Caroline Job bars. I just think that I expanse- I they give if we're living in an alternate universe, where Eli has no superboss, it's a car, Palmer Slash ended on discussion about. He lay right now
brag Z, Lister quarterback anymore, but the to supervise, had bought her so much the unbelievable Amana cachet and I now o Dell comes back lower. I've seen he look like he is passed his prime but will say I'll see tonight I saw Anna Lombardi doesn't like the eagles. I hate to peck against my team, but plus two forty two win a division I looked like the most solid legal snare. I can't Doug Petersen now Ninety seven could win new division than she could couldn't talk about some weird shit that happened. Their team history now everyone wait. Sportswriter very upset about the Thea, is a gale Elliot quitting on all that way. Smart, and I was just trying to be a lot of different people, but I get one play all those thirty yards behind them years, whereas the unity chased the guide average thirty yards behind and they may
you do that ten players on almost every boy Garrick cannot threw back under the Barcelona China there. Yes, their betters site Chevalier. Now it's never his fault. Never his fall like these guys pointed out they parted fourth and three down eighteen, I one where is it you planning on getting in this game is dead. The same does. They too low a lot this is. This is as good a locked down as you gonna have on with, but this Andrew defence in secondary, but Sunday washed in and for the Oakland Raiders MAX excited for this council before I have open favoured by three on the road I said three also three and a half. I wasn't to oppress, wasn't to embrace by washed and they last fat rob fraction is really looks like a
rams were dying to give their game where they fabienne thirteen, nothing and somehow got at the twenty Twond in I didn't love what I saw from my I'm suffering with cousins in two leagues Faz. Eggs and for combined who is happy with their fantasy quarterback, Grena that's true. I guess you're having Brady have did Matt Ryan, who have for like seven bucks are dear that's true. Is there anyone that right? I guess you're not tie Taylor Monday, yet another road favorite. So we have would see one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ten road favorites that possible Then tell me I favour this is the tenth how my cat one. I don't gamble this week to watch your tone. Ten. Ten home dogs is weak. O my lord staying away, London Arizona has a home game
is, has come into town you. Fifty thousand dollars fans of the scarlet stir I'll drive us phantom. I quit my tickets and secondary market. Please take the talents preceding AIM Dallas it hours on a three years ago and is probably twenty five cardinal slant nor is it be less than yes, when I have the cowboys laying three half terrorism knitted. Well, it's way I'd foreign half. It is three and a half, Cannot address those game counters one of Zeke suspension Games, since he did gonna take off a lot of it, I was going to ask you about that. I mean I know the NFL. Pierre has a job to you beat me. While captain Cliff, we both get credit for tyres. You be, ten tonight, that's why better off just letting the suspension happened. Now we like starting week, one through execs nation, its home at Amber ads on a home for the Rams home for good.
Made by weak at San Francisco Rather it is those games and then came back if you think nine seven ones division and might be, but make fans banged up too, so that not a lot of great options. It's it's a shame. You inside Adrian Petersen, there now just because he would fit in with the they settled amendment that I'm character. Weirdness on your tiered been favoured owner Jerry Jones. You I love it Jerry generally, so fast. Good now lives germander, like his seventeenth, bourbon and soda relay wow repair this gap or to formulate a year com. It's more than me. I can't believe this. I was so close to no one noticing that I'm zillion air from this I screwed up nine straight sagas it around of so close. Nobody put it together that I'm completely well over wrinkled Jerry Johns
America sides Jerry Jones in this right is conveyed. No, I like Adele sure what it may decide to them near half this turns into a high profile feud just like it then happily Univee Craft and Jones against Fidel right there. Chance like I was goodfellas this weekend, which added see no out it's just extraordinary. I was feeling if we didn't, we watch buzz part about have the big three parts. The eyes are so much so much greatness and already would add. Seventeen hours were human view and laboriously C4 movies to godfathers brags Mcgowan Billy back just disappears right issues. God they would have been a really bad. At last time we saw he is with
Jimmy and Tommy, and Henry Dunbar get drunk and guys. Somebody itself that somebody now he's missing Joe when we rise in his crew, with a guy with glasses, was in his crew and still the airway worldwide to relieve, while he's dead now for real, fully attired own and events in our eyebrows in peace. But the more I think Adele could be. It could be really bad situation wonders, get out. It is we because craft and I think, the cowboys and patriots priority to most aid teams in the Lee, but if crap and Jones team up against Fidel, but then I'd go down. We will happen to the the marriage and discarded from the ravens he gonna a boy his and then I would turn into a nuclear war. That's why that is how to possess Levin region, all rich white, guys you anyone that their actions will be great. Would you get it This week's against all odds me, my degenerate trifecta, would break down the fight and a foul college football they're going to offer me my there,
spats sharp tank, sharp tank spare Guess care, atop, Seward Character, basil Jimmy Jimmy alive tonight, Julie Bone Camille Non Johnny Fall boy later in the week Kirsten Dance. Cure Sedgwick Haileybury I'll frank and lots. Go out of my best bet. Later we got went one and one on the ringer in catch on Facebook, twitter all over the place, I think, to end. Our Monday Pike ass before we we sign off with our parents story the week. What is it? I don't know. I just think we should have apparent story the week every week, parent all our parents. You know as well as parallelism story about our kids. I don't want to do this. We next week you dog, so my dad, I had this teacher that she loved name neck who was like a charges. Of the playground. He babysit frescoed times like crazy over the top guide. Lovable, go he's on love connection,
real? Those are my connection. They ain't common. They brought back love connection and he's one of the three, people we are trying to get a date with this girl from Jersey, etc. A pretty entertain issues. We watch it last night who owes love connection, If it's any Cohen, oh it is. And so we watch at last they and the three contestants they start their town. A little something about themselves in next sank: Guy loves mills
twice over. I let me say to work this school, my favorite part my favorite part of work. There was when the carpool lied when the mobs and come in unluckily care like what you ve tested with this guy now makes suspicious and next day scarce, babysit arcades. He loves bills. So then, so then it goes ago see it the dates, a disaster, and then she is so my daughter's, like avenue, seizure, watch his camp with this and then the dates gone badly and and the girl gauze and then, at dinner and he starts talking about his penis big it as my daughter's having a stroke. What is never lied about is like in my way takes it's hilarious in biology teacher. What what does it age? At another time, sir
There was this pretty this emotional scurried dad. I have loved me election, not as good story, but my my son, my twelve year old, his sight and teacher is posting like crazy picture of herself on Instagram, like by the pool like Caesar's. Now, then, that my wife dog em up, now he's really embarrassed by it. Because I don't know what he's doing these pictures, but he's ancestry needs us to stop talking about it immediately and it's all we want our group supports undergoing we all had to enter. This allows romantic, which think you're, the first episode appear, may arise and measures like dead. My life that listens my elbow preparatory thanks to the black tax high quality rather sits a taxi. Does liberty, your doorstep. The black tax gives you knew, waiter aunt, plus with their free. Try and you can see the fin feel the quality of your seat months before your event. The best part completely done online to get twenty two hours after purchase visit textile com, such bs for twenty two hours off. Now
blue ass, where they are blogger, small business owner blue us as everything you need to build host and manage the website. Voters want it simpler for beginners power for even the most advanced users design your website your way and now our listeners say fifty percent when you sign up at blue US dotcom, slash blue hostile camps, Lash Bill Simmons. Don't worry at the Subscribe who, against all odds with cousin. Sir, do you can hear the trifecta, don't forget about Gm Street and they Ringer NFL, show with Tee Frazier and Lombardy, don't forget to go to them. Yoda COM and thanks the cap. Morgan's yeah, I'm excited seated. There's cabin is attaining that the captain. It isn't gonna, be next week net the tea. Like smell, he's out he's out areas is now babysitter, my kids again there I may have the name captain. What have you? I don't know if you know I'm Captain Kidd Zappia, whichever here
raise ways.
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