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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the eventful Bengals-Falcons matchup, the Browns-Raiders shootout, and the coaching debacle that occurred during the Colts-Texans game (among others), before they guess the NFL Lines for week 5.

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Tonight Sunday episode of the bill, summons Pakistan, the Ringer Pact, This network is brought you as always by super greater. You know, that's my counting at the patriots when their one entail. Don't do that. What we wanted to return when we were one or two before now or to an hour or two into a between two on Friday, baby, you know it s a spar job sites that overwhelm you tones of the Rhine resume. Luckily, there's a smart way, it's a credit card, slash bs. They find people with the right skills for your job. They actively invite them to apply, get qualified candidates fast, really fast. Right now my lesters contrive Zapruder for free, add, zip recruited outcome. Slash be asked, zip, recruiter. The smartest way to hire. Meanwhile, our friends at rocket mortgage by quick amounts are excited in is. There are new Red Shield approval if in them
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check this out. Halloween on Mass launches October. First speech: Launching three watch was dazed and confuse twenty fifth anniversary. That's coming on Tuesday, and there we watched Buzzfeed a few love that more meaningful. The re watch was me, shot fantasy and Chris Ryan check out the Ringer Dotcom Oliver NFL stuff Monday, is usually a great day for us breaking out everything that happened. We ask of the Ringer Falco Clark and maize taken aback s, rain ass, an innate and the ringer. If Thou show then Gm Street with MIKE Lombardy Anti Frazier comes at the next Tuesday Tuesday morning. Looking back at weak for looking ahead will be too weak five. Whole bunch, a great stuff, ran Priscilla dual threat, that's happening to Tuesday. Nights accounted for by the pro forma saw happening, the Ringer Pakistan, our check it out come up our old friend cousin supper. First, oh
before I say, but first project Friday and programme radio. This is happening, I am a guess- dj at noon e t Friday, I am not, dad I'm just doing my favorite eighteen pearl songs right now, not forever. Not all time Just right. Now, the eighteen I like the most right now, two thousand eighteen, their kind enough to. Let me dj gimme the car keys, and you can check that out. If you have serious have it is I'm Pearl jam, radio, twelve, o clock? Eighty there you go without further ado
step projects are its causes and I have not talked I'm really all day I have no idea of the game and of emotions. You ran through to gambling cowboys cowboys win, but don't cover it was beauty What show flat goes back the brown are exciting. The brands almost had to ties in the first four games, which should read spectacular, saddle if everything about today, I like the Falcons Bangles yet ozga, I think what would that twenty four was scored. Half created a double using twenty one. Twenty four I can ask, but they used.
Twenty four something that is that the add half a year there they were. There were Gunnar there. There were twenty twenty four and I think the best the day, and I think it land as one in three and they could be the most exciting Jim, the sheer minute, there's there's not enough the event to put them in thirteen seven game? I think all year fell, but can we find the watch I need? Do you think? one of the best sixteenths it's possible at last. I want to look at in three, maybe with with the complete inability to get stops ever, but I guess I d, no, whose good we know the rams again? We haven't talked since the year. The. Together business against the vague the day, but, like you just look at the weed first well, I think the rams the rams in if so, the island of faded teams demands by Agri mundane they're in Denver. Has the makings of a trap, game or we'll get to that later. In the past, the bear
there are three in one: the bangles austrian one The dolphins are very, very limp, three went the saints are three one and look pretty good. Titans. I've been impressed by there. They have a tough this them their three anyone. Nobody, nobody expected the Joe flag, back. There are three in one and the jagged train one. So there we go. That's it Over the top sixes added those tapes, there may be no Later I was thinking of you watch in Tennessee, pull off the upset, yeah and forget about Jimmy g. What do you think about rebel? I mean that's, that's the coach. I think you ll get way those upon you out a little bit good bonded. I guy he's good he's a good first year code. She seems to have a nice handle on what valleys do it, I'm not stupid. As we you and I bet on them to win the revision. We ended And the theory was they had talent last year they improve their coach, and I think you know there are other making that, but what a weird division would you make that division
Jack's just continue to. Both Canada linger around and their deftly, probably maybe a play off team buddy. There never impressive. As I know the jagged defence will, nickel and dime came to the deck and, like the jet, really stand a chance, especially at Jacksonville Canopy beat up on Jack civility one like for the last five or five at sexual. That can be fun. Cavalry already Biederman Jacksonville, but otherwise I think that other game, other teams with a cold interactions, might have both coaches mere play themselves. Out of his division raised like four or five times the makin yeah credit. There was a couple different five minute stretches there. When the bill O Brien, first coach, fired eyelids were about to get cashed in air. Listen I'll, never understand what happened. They know tee first virus.
Mentioned. The court's went from minus one and a half to again time. There are pick em right up was one of oh shit, so they would have cover downtime right for them for their. Unlike the forty there's forty seconds left, Rio, nine, twenty seven. Second, what twenty seven seconds that they get they go to the line It's I got there not gonna run a play. They're gonna, do the fake chatted gets people to jump off sides by which they did. There's a guy right now gathered there taken the Thai that's what they should do because to Ireland. This game and it's would be super risky to go for a deer now, back how incomplete pass and within like this, will you stop your fingers and Houston's kick in the game when you feel go, I don't as part of it like the culture gone foreign gotten, it However, they were boss. Great united, though Petersen Thing my question, is when you don't have your best receiver,
not sure you you do that. You know that bunch of guys. Are you like who's that guy who's? This guy, who is those are all the receivers, make you other catches, what we always your reaction when they did that. Well, I thought it was, here forget about the fourth informing. You could probably get for either way, but they want the forty three they don't. About thirty yards. The gas and field go range in twenty seven seconds. That to me is a giant mountain decline there. That's why they should upon the ball. Now, it's not forget anything door. Brian save those job, because Frank right bet on himself to be the first coach fires they blew. What was there was a blue eleven point lead and what form and flapped used and that he has twenty eight seventeen, twenty eight seventeen so I don't know what happened used to mark out unhealthy either these teams competing in the south, but now on the watch, a complete, and I think the coaching is at an all time- worse, thorough at coaching and kicking is really really bad,
Houston, had cloudy just gone crazy, and at that I am a tiny say some of the worst offensive, whereas at the weekend and there it is doing the friction, frack think we're IDA. That whole division I'll be a right off except for Tennessee, because I am a minute pats made borders are really dead and the JAG Zob say have allowed a town on defence, but I do I dont need their explosive enough for wherefore pause. Going I ate the more taxis games the more I'm starting to think that you have to be able to score in out you Have to be able to on any day get into the thirties to realistically have a chance to win the Superbowl, the shack as these rules you now and it's like even there If you ask the branch the bronze put up forty plus today in and then they blew it late, but at least eight it, can move the bow and make stuff happen, and they have a couple guises.
Sense of sight of the bow- and I you know, there's a recipe for to do some damage in January. Say they will. But I like it, Jaguars and it's like at some point, they're gonna, be in a game or they're. Gonna have to be in the thirties, and I just don't see them being able to do it. The bears the authorities that they went for two point: conversion again yet complained, but I've. My feeling is anytime. You allow bortles to throw three hundred eighty eight yards and seventy six percent. You can't really complain about anything. Yeah what we ve like the jets as a live under die but I think one of the things we learned today. We started this season. Picking the three AFC East teams that weren't the pats were terrible enough. We for you got. Those teams are terrible. What were you thinking yeah. You know there is a case of the jets, their second dv away after three weeks, as are the jets. But
Are they think about a ball again for framework? The Jaguar Darnel wasn't even that terrible monolithic, adroit interception, but that they did they just that drives. That stall derives its fall in. That's that's! That's the name their game. I think, on forward in Miami was shockingly offer. If it wasn't for temper then the biggest thanked bomb anyone they today, I couldn't believe it. I thought it was they had and scattered the pats for your came this year, Euro. It out. I beg your off three there are them yeah. I felt pretty stupid I watch with Africa felt pretty damn because it, the classic grope September, opened up by the pats, but I wasn't expect the password that they got today, I really was an expected at that. My aim is speed, was gonna, be such a problem for them, and my images like first second There run the bond through the line.
And then I have these third and aids third and twelve dared intends and Tina was particularly atrocious, but that you think in a thirty eight seven game you get appreciating only at a hundred yards ass. He knew he was just reprehensible, will It's weird. Maybe they just don't have the right personnel for it. I thought they did, but you know these teams have just killed the patriots the last Where's is putting their linebackers backers impasse, courage and they just never. Did it Didn'T- seem very interested in even try to do it. And then, on the other side at the last week, I was watching the NFL edge match up, show wherever there, how that shows God and their talk about out the lines are using six and seven defensive backs against the bats last week and there this double claiming rock- and you know it this word covering everything, and I need the paths went into this. Am I give anyone does Etienne we're running the bar, so they there they out specific thing that we can figure out. Why did the path get separation? So much that I write wise?
that look like a problem today and are even gourd not enough. If guide, all seem to get open at different times as me, by Judge Gordon, what do you mean by Josh Gordon, I'm not ready to add ready to get sucked in yet but get excited about tee. This nephew Kyle every Ash Gordon Catch- was about his excited as I've ever seen him. I think he feels that increasingly poor Josh garden you now he could never has changed. I have said before they get his. He hears the patriot that Africa Tag outlet now by going to be the second, I too could make. It could be current immediately the number they may be just another ten year that, but he had yet a couple like just great athlete, receive replace today that that It just seemed they're gonna get item back. I may I just didn't make sounds like Malta, Pat this week, o minus two, ninety
When the debate and even to games back that guy now, it's gotta be a thousand miles a thousand. What do they go away? now, I would think, would be like minus six hundred, something that, but what could be dollar ten who's gonna catch, that they did not both at home coming back spake, I did it in that happens, Huggins been had a plain added. Is there not using the way they are? Normally you I think you put out and as a slack, and that opens up some of the other stuff, so Michel, like the lot better, I think ah, my alma disappointing negative comments. Last week about him. The letter firing when you give them what more than two games to get to get to work careers. The hope of men were too rough on the hope was dead miss in the chain and can you know, the reason that he looked so bad in that the trick aim, but I mean, He had I'm still on that. Need to see more, but he did
breathing he needed to do today. I will say that I was, I was oppressed yet pats. Eddie add, I would say ten terrible furs and I came, Narrowly Iceman is rather early on and get out of the system and it yeah yeah. He had agreed touchdown to white, really felt like old School Brady, Idler, fist pumps stuff like that, but It is bad, is ruthless. Bargain that snake in the bow wow. And then Hopper right, Baltimore, great game plan. Har Bob are bought one, that game really did they control the clock. Expert offered no pressure defensively, maybe they're just kind of deepened, makes every up and for good. But you said it yourself, you someone's lack of than a rhythm.
Like the little though unnerving for you right now is taxed to you. I didn't bet on this game. I just never feel for an even say the five o clock dioxide you out of it. What are you doing here, as they still is minus three discretionary near like no? No, no by every game is over I'm on. You know I don't like minded three anymore. I don't think it's one and a half its good. Now this matter. Three hurt your feelings. That's too much, the ravens, went into that game with the area see my car buyers leg. We play these guys twice. He I'm a better coach of my time in this case and that we have just and her Flack, oh you're gonna make some throws they're, not good enough defensively. Depression has, as we know in fact, or gets pressure, is a different guy. He had time to throw his wrist. Where's looked weirdly dangerous. It actually seen by John Brown, could even had a bigger game. They had all these guys were bad MIKE Wall from the Catholic Diving John Brown Stretch of the failed, like nobody else like no one
many years, but I need third and fourth at five and 82nd and one thousand two hundred and thirteen it was. It was quite a clinic they put on. I think it's forces Pittsburgh to do something with Le'Veon Bell are, don't you like? I just think they need to re, establish and identity, and I think they're asked for bail is going to be less this week. Betrayed well we're not the only people who can have this conversation is weak, but there are others. I'm asserting his leg. Was the weirdest vindication fur, whether we are balanced, doing re arrow, Thomas framing off his own sideline, as is getting carted off. What are they doing? Betty was rightfully bitching fur, bigger commitment for them for a year he replaced Tribune com about it. Talk about Alan Fair. Other shit is dead. He gets and now he's in a situation. Where is you know, he's just aggravate the same kind of contract next spring and
You watch that and then you look at levy about Nego. Ok, that's why he's sitting out here doesn't want, then I've never wondered what is a water boy and strengthen conditioning coach have to do. I didn't giving everybody the things he mad is done here. There's a red hot it is a crimson. That's a good at an interesting came at Seattle, plain that we're gonna have a nice but a few opportunities, maybe even this week, to bet against them in and when They got back you when you say you were saying that is interested in a new word for shitty, team sized, that's get them It's crazy! Not you have the annex ii worse, the ABC East, each six really below average teams at eight two divisions. You know, and the rams are way better than the patriots are right now, but I
to get. You are not as they had a bad. They don't do this. They don't put over others on teamed individual teams during the season, but they threw one up San Francisco. The forty nine is added under six. Would like minus one? Thirty, yet another God they have the ghost tat the go. Six and seven the rest of the way without Jimmy J, they play there ass a thought today and scared me, and I had the charges on every money line poem a guideline we, but about that. I think that the wind, I think, that all divisions within trouble of the round your wait a minute Fourteen I should have listened to and then Niners at six months disappear the chargers. I learned to major things today. Forget me purposes, and I'm gonna give them to you read after this. Let's talk about fanned or for buses and is well under way a lot of us. Have major doubts about our seas and I'm fantasy teams,
I don't have as many major regrets with my fancy teams as much as daily fantasy, I'm just a daily fantasy slapped, fan. Doting this week just got killed. You know as a big making re attainable my super flex, guy yeah, say goodbye to that fan. Dirty I'll, be back for weak five at family. You get there examiner, researching and building a team every week as there been more fun or easy, even the place to play for not a fantasy expert, something for everybody more waste when than ever before. They were gridiron pick em contest every week. It's a free contest. I need, through his pick, winners no spreads ten case, but amongst the top pickers my favour way to play daily fantasy single entry, cod. Yes, I know I'm dealing with this week. I dealt with much people who had only one entry in the contest to kick my, but they are of the spy contest Thou hast answer hundred K prize bull first places, ten Kay
In this we play against me offender dot, com, slash BS, new users, giddy Twenty, our bonus. When they make their first deposit unfair, do again vanderdyke com site, be ass, are the tomb. Two things. I learned forget my purposes today, number one I dont think we shit up, allow ourselves to ever bet the chargers as a high favorite. Maybe not money parlay where are they have to do? Is wind but the king situation in the economic situation for the hundred straight year, even though I think I've been the coach for two years, but but stick with me, just like they now have gotten from every country. Every continent can kick this Caleb Sturges this book me basin and for some reason he puts on that Jersey and at that nobody's make him feel goals. Are point somehow it may, like a forty eight hour, feel nobody myth to extra points and just stop kicking feel Gulf. Its becoming Charlie Brown and Lucy
right, which you pull the ball and ran on your lesson. At some point, you need a franchise that doesn't kick feel go getting. Everyone would be fine weather, what they leave so many points on the table that, when they're, giving tenant after liners I today, but they're gonna leave eight points on the table. It's it's almost. But can't you can bet on what I don't understand is how they just as a priority for them. You know like if, if I had Terrible park as producer that I changed every six months for the night eleven years. I don't your ears for failure than us in this phase- is the lesson Skype, but At some point, you just have to look in the mirror go. I should probably fix this and you know it It now becomes this. This self fulfilling prophecy like first quarter, they give up a touchdown. Guy comes an shanks, a cake, and it's like here we go again, but this is how many Here's can they do this. I feel bad fur,
thirty eight of their fans. I just don't think this is fair, but you know I don't you think, like he's, ok stuff, like that, the Dayton enough name to go after it's not like that, in regard to the division three inch and trying to grab a guy, like you know, with the Youtube STAR, Somethin butcher kicks in everything like big broke. I just think they're cursed. I just think their cards is naturally like burning their franchise. Think a haunted house, don't do it anymore, So when it, when you waved year, kicker wedding chargers, go all in and make a giant could have lived in away cuban like the Saviour. We felt great about himself tat. He was chargers. Kicker one of these. I learn what happen over Viking should happen to need. One more that we raised about. The big ballet so loud
charges have had I warmly kicker. Do they have a job, no matter? How like what say every kicker in the way it goes over for next week's. How many definitely keep them Job like six, the ever again something else. The remarkable the big winner, every big winner every week is just attacker? He doesn't looks like he's like the one rich guy you neighborhood, you just as the best the most cars in the media room in his base, where their rest Alzheimer he's. That's just attacker. Other figures like FAC, just like a gold, is good pray there does Caskeys bang. It is, Oh hell, couple Mobile MRS over the years, but I think for the most part, He's been one of the most reliable, obviously monetary Brian he'd have demonstrated everyone across. Is that humanity, Venezuela, the most cakes ever yet because he has
broke today. Right is forty years of life. So one thing I learned was just don't pick the charges when their high fair riches don't do through some of the other thing. I learned that an end. I bet the bears today. My sobs into them even going for, but I think we after really start looking at them when their home against teams that our great because they're dead France is so ridiculous again, as I think it gives them. You know I'm pays a fluke too risky had the game of his life and date from the gecko urges running out, but that when they get a lead. That defence cannot only keep the lead but add to the weed so Eric. You know that line could have been bears by have today, and they still are going to cover that, and I think that something which you remember when they play a couple shaded teams down the road at home. You know
that enable here's. The thing like Vegas is gonna just like to add a minus three against Amber and you jump out at night. I should have been right there with you, but I even with thirty one first half fantasy points. I still don't trust probability if they make him for at home, minus forty I may teams. You trust him against that minors for an arm was so here use their skills. The rest of the way, ironically, they paid no England weak seven, but like goodbye right newgate. They play the jets. Are they really don't have any other easy home games is still there. The rest of the way they have just the home games are the patriots. The jets the lions chargers packers after he had a separate but burial If these are better than anything else, quarterback she just, then they planet was then they play at San Francisco weak. Sixteen I got mine
ever by we'd next week, thereby Amy in Miami weak sex. But would you have I guess it depends on how my home to do tomorrow, but my homes in Khalil Mack have separated themselves. That was the Mvp race. I did. I can't remember the last time a defensive player has won an Mvp, but he's had sex such a massive impact on their team and who could have predicted it. Who could have predicted that when you try I, for one, am delay seven players that matter, and then I found that he would have a huge impact on your team at a Nazi. This coming, sir, oh wait. I ever saw this coming for about an hour were looking at gas and girly yeah, think they order they cancel each other. They D spent the nominal numbers monster monster numbers again. The ethic today healthy we missed at them because we we both love the rams and we talked extensively in. Show me about girls putting money in him for the envy pay, because we figured somebody in IRAN's could win the vip
I dont have a member as even mentioning gaff can imagine with his eyes, or they must have been at least like seventy five to one right. I think I'm gonna fifty fifty area And it's just like basically your betting on golf, better Mcveigh, you Betty. They will win his quarterback them. They peat as matters speaking, ran closing. We think I Carson ones as well on the way to winning an empty pay last year or close yeah closed. We think why did we think that God would do the same with with all the tools around the many needs? well- but I mean think about our famous- he just I'd- take pick them as a third. My third quarter Bacchus, but I think I spent Four hours imo isn't like he was. I had thought proper to my third quarter back you up for sale, I get in there for border back, but one of them is Fitzpatrick Weapons, bent their five James came in the third quarter that didn't go right now. I don't know I I can a matter. I thought cutter would be
you're right I have a by weak. I don't have to decide between this nonsense for two weeks, but it took in my James when they get back now. Matters did you feel like we had a weird game today, a weird one. I thought there were six very good game is burnt out. Just one that shouldn't a ban. We had. I went down happen, game and emphatically had one yet, which makes me wonder if its jeeves branches to my tomorrow and we had an asshole last week for maybe they're, given us a little bit of a break there, they weren't too many big upset it c mon. That's what it see my manners charges was on its way the chargers rally back in attitude, and I thought that here. Let me say to my point I have all the liberality class teams. I think Tennessee has been the most impressive for what it seems like their talent is what our expectations have been of them. We too weak and just kind of em, look at this point after four weeks for tee
I have some sort of identity right, which is wise. I still don't have a total feel for the jagged like borders. Up and down one week he's got six points the next week s throne for three. Eighty in the jets- I just don't trust them. I think their defences good. I don't think it's great. I think that bears the offences but really great, but you goin down the line at its waning growth over the tour de France is right there than Jack's wealthy trot them in the rams. Furthermore, I am still like they don't have the boy defence that more exciting when they are, but they they can step up for sure, but those two maybe three- I Put the ribs there? I don't want to overreact that Thursday game they didn't. Every therefore Peters is plain heard too. We bizarre It was a Thursday. Nato is four days after the Viking so clearly scouted. They had prepared for the Rams and forgot to prepare for we three, but I I think that was a bad magic for them and I think I could see them that defence wrap it up as Yugoslavia but when you think about it, identities,
You look around the League and Casey Taken score. The chargers they can put up points the ravens- are a team that I felt like found their identity low. But tonight in May, and it was already there is the same identity they ve had for twelve years, but just a professional team. You know what they're doing well coached good special teams. They can make a couple big place, I'm still iced around love them but they know it. They know who they are. I guess is my point, whereas I talked to again tat is they have seen? Nor teams are tough and I don't want that that translates do when they play outside the north like it, they should be came up that aren't foot little Father, but sometimes they don't get up for those games to fell from above perspective, retired, to engage with which way they're gone in the brands. No there, the art is there really find theme of the terrible coach. They know who they're here I you could say the reps through them twice. They did that we desperately want that will follow.
No one anybody, father of the fumble, maybe four touchdown, but in the the first down mark was short, but how about them that their just thereat that mean at the ball updated minute forty laughed again: reigners against giant drew dinners animals for than than eight inches than they were eight inches from winning that gap. Oh brown? There was, I would again for it. I just like the raiders were terrible. You could get a you can get a foot on them. You know about that. You finally do have Carte Blanche, if Your- U Jackson at that point the realise that right! Ok, if you go for what it can do, fire you that that fight gum, seven hundred fifty thousand words came you you're gonna, be fine. I was really fun watched over this job. I go. Twenty yards rushing between two guys hiding job, and I think I think I'm gonna be interested watching. That could be my new favoured the vision
I enjoy the Brad's as well, and Baker was data traffic jam today, considering is a wreck any barely knows what he's doing it can't be. Last over what a terrible far that was at the end regulation really bad gone for home run by his on the fifty. You just need twenty more yards. You got you I have time to make at least three more plays an he just here. The child care about, and it was a mistake, but they are eating at the brands are one tune one, and could legitimately before now right you the two and the one in that one too and one where are they have completely fucked up those three. It's Friday, Jackson Backward it's like that they had anybody else. As a coach, I wouldn't I just wonder what would happen Kyle, and I I picnic children are Chubb in our fantasy. They can weigh them after week. Colonnade shared bench in the Ringer Fantasy League NET job
job was kind of eye. Opening today respond. You don't have a lot of carriage? He did not, but he he did some stuff when he had the boy was the african if they get him, go and on top of Baker and some place it's funny that that day, about by Josh Gordon, but they ve put other eggs in the Callaway basket. It was really get today, but it say what they really are a magazine allotted to replace a dryad. Some drops to at least one backdrop he did but he has seen thing we have to do. Is we ve got a weight into, and I did this with the I did this with darnel when these rookies go on the road, they join interception and it's only like minus one. Fifty five we have the jump on. It beggars add one minute growth in that way, element on the road there right darnel, what other rocky more better Dakota had today again eighties guy, that's that- but now I'm in a manner that your team.
Did. You like your season was over. If you lost again will. I get these civilians are right and I think that Patricia showed its true colours. I'd, I'd deaf. We know Jason Garrett, Daddy burnt to challenges in the first half of them. Third and short selling ago, but vague couldn't help. But I have a big game again, like your team of the only one that can expose this lions defensive run, game gang, I run Monday, then sell a minute. They put up giant I'm nice, but up giant number, the jet, but a giant numbers running against Detroit, but yeah leave it to the cowboys to win but not cover. I still think back of his having trouble making a big throw in a red zone at that what's gonna come down made one big play that the in the fourth quarter their fate it just why that nice, it was classic when, when you're up three and settled for the few gotta go up sex leaving the door open further the girl by word, which they merely debt
He had to go back and get the silver by there is, but they don't. You think you touched on in a little bit like ok, so like take triggered upstart bases are in a good way to go to a baseball, Ricky Henderson, but have a hundred and and and and common all these guys, like aided gadgets Gore from on a double what readjust I your thing in the same way as like hated to my path, interference, call this too may rocking the paths are calls we need to put up seventh instead of three. If that's the only way fell there, don't you think, there's gonna be a switch for teams, magic, Guarantees but real pinioned, yet to learn or Saigon. Forty, three sovereignty resource I'd, I'd I'd, think I'd think that can happen I thought of a way to solve overtime today. What is it? Ok, so overtime starts no parts. First in that scores winds, so we're back the lounge punter yeah. Maybe don't take the ball. Then. Do you take the body
don't take the bar no parts, so it's fourth and a year, I'd, go for a union twenty two right, so If you take the boy you you're gone for a man, you gotta get that forty two fifty yards to get into arrange or ranger. The other teams gonna score, like you like that, if the goal is to The overtime go as fast as possible, so that these guys are in the field for tools no parts get rid of it. First team scores, because and there's no man's land our every time. There is an over time. It goes for ten minutes. We notice that there's, no quick! the time of the game's over its office, the Hague. It take everyone's additive, yet we also thought three score than lieutenant he fell a dollar a day. This time, the first, the team that gets.
While they try to add a long drive, and you know he did forty five minutes, but I would be approaches genuine appointing. I think that this is what we want animal wish, but I thought I should make a clear plan for four months court by gonna like now. You guys settle this so that even though you can approve something to the fanfare by the play. Baseball diamond, bigger that you're, just gonna, say, like Cleveland purposefully, took that that site like open, wanna, talk yeah, and we would like a year kickin from second base right. Yet at That was smart, outsmart huge. I compliment for huge Jackson, whose thing about Baseball- that's, ok, we'll take them the little king from second best never caught. I watched Tony Romo Football, a full by life on the phone network. This weekend, Nebuchadnezzar younger than did- I remember- allowed the beats Tony Roma think it on the cable guide, who is listed as sports,
It really should have been listed as his horror, like you were, with the exorcist Halloween I just forgot how tragic it was and then on top of it they his wife after later fifth straight year were something horrible happen to Tony Roma and action. Is crying and talking about tough. It was then they go back to her later and she savvy again He cried lovely, lovely, lady language use in any word winning performance by her, because in a performance, that's what I'd try to explain to my wife, that's what a supportive wiped out should, in my she took it as a dagger against fire and fine, so be it. But she did that as a dig when I, when I was down on our borders, support of life is like a should like that mistakes of assets. You never cry about me. I don't even now need a few tears every now and then would be ok right that doesn't sound football life. You don't think you in
the cry about now. Now Don T be living in the Big House and talking about what a scoundrel I was now, I felt that in fact I know Jack always come in and out like how can we spend more? time within living in Wisconsin. Could I know how this then yeah is a great guy and great career and everything, but I forgot the injuries played with forget about what took him out yet yeah, bloodshed puncture. I was tough there, cousin south about life is, I would absolutely our absolute Russia be fantastic. It be great brow. And would be in. It you're right you're way for Don T Cry This story about red with the Rome the botched extra point, new ones he bled diamond new cried then you'd be crying. As you told the boy diamond story about your where your I knew I had asked the Caprio enter speak with the insight that get access present.
Football is they're. Gonna run out of these eventually, at some point you should be amazing. Attack by your bad beats at sixty five years, one another matter giants which Giants Pats gave. Did he get killed by the witch Super What was that those on both of you? one of em, you giant the patronage of the one that children balance One day when I told Jimmy, who is making fox backs and over the last year of a guy- and he didn't take against spread out just take the does it take the patriots, the wind, but without twelve thirteen point on it yeah. Fourteen, I really yesterday I just taken the went so they when we were at the game where all the game voluntary right through the upright it'll kill rabbi, had my hands of iniquity taught him. Are you told me to take the patriotism I had ten grand on the Rams might be lost, but would you the law
money back that yeah speaker money. Let's do our weak five rafters break. Let's take a break about our friends at rack and mortgage by quick amounts. America's premier home purchase lender but at home to be one of the most the purchases you ever make that's an understatement: threes, floods! waiting interest rates can leave you hire payments, turning a great expanse into an anxious when that's why quick amounts created their exclusive, power by process years, our works, they check your income assets and credit. Give you a verified approval, which means you have the strength of a cash by our once verified you qualify for their exclusive right, showed approval. The lock your ensure straight up for a ninety days. Frates go up. Your rates stays the same for AIDS, go down, you get to keep the lowered it ray
either way you it to get started, got a racket. Mortgage dotcom, Slash bill, Simmons rate showed approval only vowed on certain third year purchase transactions. Additional conditions are, exclusions may apply based on quick on loans, data in comparison to public data records, equalising lender licensed and, ah fifty states, an M l S, consumer access that org number thirty, thirty again, racket mortgage dotcom, Slash bill summits are at risk, Five debbie good cause itself about life should happen. I would tell you I said I would have to be interviewed for Thursday night Patriots home for the courts. I went from being traumatized, upset sad hurt by that by the end of the day. Shit status they which it has to end at some point. Everything ends really about the Miami game better. I might have managed to buy.
When a little better macher lie, all of sudden now Friday morning, the past can be three into that could happen at her home Thursday, hosting the courts. I like this cold. They might, I think, every game live either hung around or lift really good. Are there they're, not bad? That's for sure, and I think the Patsy to be favoured by too many points pats by seven and a half. More than that, my friend I said nine and they have. It is ten, that's ridiculous! Now why the ridiculous take on the road yet in their women attack, right? They can move the bother leg even like my anyway, so far behind they did Tenno couldn't move the bark as his tunnel, but look look can play from behind and I don't know that's a lot of points out is there anything else will do the patriot needed smack Moran a little more for the flight gate
All that, although it I'm trying to think is anybody left from the vacate, I think I everybody's got even Bob Cravats has gone Bob. You have it's gone wrangling. Since gone Jim Mercedes. Nowhere is perceived over there in Chad, some classic text today, does in the first half when Brady wasn't looking good is the best he is he's his say. Where taxes, tell guerrilla to take care of this right now who pull greatly aside Poland, the polluted by yeah everything's, fine, the more recent one was also a third in a game. I think, would warn the coach mind up. They have a three out there, like. I just had the centre in the quarterback and ran a play. Our own also spread out a couple years ago. There was great history between these two. That really is all the time it's it's as a marked out lately, but there is a little bit
I wish I was still jam was still there. I think he's like a talk show guy in there, so that all right, so so, if that gets to you, think that gets to nine or that stays at ten I don't know where this cult money come from, maybe go, maybe gets the nine a half the danger that been six and a half three. At the last four weeks, I've gone fact an app teeter around six, an app seven and biggest has really on flight. For that. I am surprised that mega decide. I M excited tat gentleman back and I think he's gonna make a big difference. It's been amazing that the paths are even able to score points at all. Without a traditional sire receiver cassettes been Brady's ground plan. I remember one for our vanity wagon goblets deserve every loss, but got a great spent thirty hours on ground coming and you see guideline cook on the radar too
much more valuable for a dollar yeah. We might or might have been better I've taken at thirty dollars and setting fire that could do it. He is just looks like an old car that has a lot of miles on it and unfortunately, Would you really needs is be needs? I ask where needs to step up with him. I think Alex Guerrero or Paul Ayman from a double something new or they need tunnel to. They made me to move to a Brac lesson. Gradual with them where they are where ya, where he just he joy, plays like once a month against big egg and began to sing. That's it just sits the rest of the time Sunday, Marquis game. Would you have for this out of curiosity, Look here I between Jacksonville Kansas City, I just a bit LAN Atlanta Pittsburgh fond Banana showing our key. So
I hope that those two right yeah stores falcons as the Marquis game, because. This will be the week when the it's gonna be a week of his wrath. Asperger done what should they do about levy eyebrow? What's going on with them has my time unless the team that Shit's can happen and then on the inside. How are they one in three? What's going on with this team? It's almost like, though it's like a car crash came in here. You can't look away. And there's a lot of fun guys on both sides in the bar. Neither team can stop the other. It As eighty point potential would think. The As for the over, for this game has to be like fifty five? Fifty six, I would guess, yeah thanks arabic tonight was set all right this. So this has to be like fifty six, fifty seven satellite that I gotta say like there now, must wines in the first week in October. But if you the Falcons, you ve, you can't go one and for his care that's, not acceptable, and I now I think, tat.
Who's, the the NFC you have to have tend to make the make the playoffs share. They lost at that its go nine into the rest of the way to even like potentially make play our so Big one for them and then on the flip side, with distillery, SAD Pittsburgh, but a lot their second home game in a row that dropped her. When I know they have a top schedule. I know they point to have ignored all back to back. Coming up. Bulgaria. They are. They play Lana than their absence, either by the brown at the Ravens and then like burst the Panthers and then at the jaguars doesn't dumb, but up for them. Yes of daylight they'd, be one three and one and, as you said, really no easy games left, I'm lookin I'm gone right now is there but was not an easy game. They tied the friction brow. What what could he was the name of the game from us? It's ok, I get add open. Is the easiest game. They have laugh here so that came from TAT. I think the bangles
should have been the best him in this division, but it looks like they may be. Snake bit again diverges just he's done now then, and now Read here today was gonna play well and that that both the nice weapon not agree replay injury there now, not a guy. And I want it was one of those injuries hate those it's bad went home when the guys in the other team are coming over for the home, a tap but when you, when you hear it, but don't say like a period on Twitter, like my life, had suffered a gruesome leg. Injury I have to. Let me show you look these Ford or one it's on you. I got a watch now I get it over with I go and search for an oral. I searched twitter. I do the video search on twitter, Fur Eifert Injury and then I just get it over.
Six sick man decided. I dont want to be surprised by it. I want to watch them my terms I like to watch, for charges. On my terms, I just like to get it over with all the good than you'll love. My football I've wanted to setting has myself I have? dealers at home, minus two and a half over the falcons. You're gonna get that I went I said five and a half does I just thought you know what I did it before the game also, but tonight, but it's three and a half, so you in that wants to her. I guess that defence be fun, I'm going November, where it called, and these receivers have trouble getting open whenever they had unguided first week in October, complete and point the wanting kids can do fur as bad as their defences ban is, is at least get pressure, but there's a chance that they just might have played real get off a few weeks in a row and even once again.
The stewards game, I think they're. They just had bad luck with their schedule. The first few years I am. However there is somebody gets easier for them much either the Benghazi Ledge legitimately good offered within the share for rivers and church allies, Glasgow, watches, can't city home for the Jack's. I have the chiefs length, five and a half against subjects. I said five and they went well Vegas dead three and a half. So a lot of came at the cheap spoil. Tomorrow you use and the foot side, would it the chiefs when by thy twenty tomorrow, what happens is on a MAC? I love is much faster, but also by themselves in one of the top had not the top team. But after not like it much rain had this is a big day for my homes, those band and fully so old man
Spain, in the last three weeks, but he has led the national spotlight game as he and the game just been Sunday afternoons. There are two sides to this. My friend chargers home for the raiders I have this is that in the watch Abbas, the second one of the watch, both Sir I got to say I enjoy the raiders. I like seeing Gruden on the sidelines, beg you forever. I love the fact that there are ever a password as they try to call you back for the season for reasons that are red and where they have scale guys Marcia. Lynch is really kind of bees. Modi it's it's hilarious, isn't up yet I'm givin up at. I thought
Clear can be overriding cars then move fling in the barn lookin at least a little bit like the guy from two years ago. The idea is there a bigger discrepancy from the bad version of a quota back to a good version. The quarterback than there is with their car, yeah Blake Porno said David Car bleak borders. I guess so yeah it's getting close now that it really is a yet eared, sometimes like how to car throw that, but at its ridiculous. At this point, Mr Brown. I pass up unbelievable during opened lucky to have another quarterback. We should mention the raiders tied the game on a two point: the at the tail end and the workplace. By the fade, pass the edge of the journey. Thus it is don't do it because he did a nice job, but he also to catch his feet. He also like all the ball for second intended back against a chest, but there are already there like a dirty
the kick off the weird he had interfered with nine times of the play. The ball hid his helmet before it had his hands. Anyhow that, in my opinion, still the worst plan for bottle. I don't even tears he caught. It deserves a brown day. Everybody figures. All I note the bagpiper work were up against the brown hair, so wanted thirty percent chance. We just got up. Up to seventy the raiders forestry weeks. They have either had a chance to win. Had the lead came back but they ban and all these games, which I dont think either of us expected. We have a pretty sizeable wager on on the right Zander. I dont it bothers me Oh that they're, not that awful. I share that have their very solid things about the vision right and the animal is through the door to the San Diego and
Casey? I think I would not have them in my bottom five. Now there. I guess we don't cross of. We crossed the through four weeks. That's right now and the there alone. Now we have to for us. If we have to do one every week, I we do yeah, that's the world, I think we're gonna get the. Can we get the four already yes, ok, Arizona, Buffalo, right, Buffalo, yeah there were those are gone already, we'd covered with eyes. What do I think by the jets. We are open about I want to say about open. Yet I did
we need a more though I think they ve lingered we're we're Buffalo. Francisco evidence go into jets right at night across I've. San Francisco, ok for my fourteen, where very choices jet mind may get brown fac giants. We can cross the jets. We can go ahead and issues crossing the jets there because they offer division ready yet, Sligo, those four are the raiders worse than the giants they played on a neutral field, nodded worse there now worse, I don't need their worse. I didn't know we all have to do for, but the way toward announcing saying the giants were ready for the giant next week. I just wanna Burma.
They're, not worse than the giants than they're, not one of the five worse teams in the week carried across TAT for one other thing, I'm not sure they're worse than the text, since the giant what I bade him. I'm not I'm not sure the raiders are worse than the Texans I think you can make a case there, the seventh or esteem which is put out the JAG reared, and he knows what he's doing their gotcha reach out by him. What are they are? The jungle makes it a Vegas. A line of to do an egg. In a day they haven't been the train wreck. We expected we have, we have handed them. I could pick adjusted We could say to her that this money is either singing ten million dollars a year. Minus two, forty, let's take our equipment, there were finished her aside, one more break to tackle our buddies, add simply say, farms Kennedy simply safe is built Smart easily use exactly higher. I'm scared should be, but simply safety
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charges. Raiders I have I do we finish. Guess charges by eight, but I would emphasise, are you gonna get this? I said: minus nine, six and a half and tell me the raiders this is the reason they take a point off because the division rivalry, which is stupid, but we did make a pact when I give in laying the point with the charges anymore, I beg to differ. They didn't take appointed where they took three It's a way for the Miss feel go that way. Whoever the charges kick your ass so figured end at some point or who say point something. Maybe more maybe they should be chargers, nine and a half, and they just remove the Miss feel. Go because the six at at at I will say this, because one offensive play that at a decent. I dont want out Go up against it that side arm middle screen pass from rivers, the Melvin Gordon. I just feel like that. The seven your game every time-
I think I'm a team I'd rather cross off than the jets. What happened? We left that somebody that just looks like a walking zombie. The Seattle Seahawks, I would rather more than the jets there too and to go away I got two and ten in a week's right. They pay the rent buddy boy. That's why? Because, when the ram via the smack that item, but then we can gladly figure bottle, you sure you again, instead the jets another, they beat the jets. If we apply them I'd, say ten wines to win the aid to make the Annesley play ass, their goin home for the Rams home for opened by weak at the trade home for the chargers at the Rams home for Green Bay at Carolina Home San Francisco
Minnesota at San Francisco? Casey Home, Arizona, I came to making the players, but we have to. We have to stick with the ceremonial part of this right. I don't? U. Instead, the jets the area of air, but that the building jets saved cross out that this point, yet the Sierras terrible them what's listen. But sadly, by an already for them already for the giants of everyone to joint, losing row, Thomas's and greeted the barely whatcha balls. You know the armies that I'm putting this in the watches. After with the ravens did today,. Cleveland at home, against Baltimore, Diaspora spot. You know this out, but but Baltimore you, to be clever yeah is that right, yeah they move to Baltimore, not a lot of people in our ban of that some now people forget people. Forget that happened.
I have heard I can't believe I'm doing this, that candidate. I get the round me to say you're gonna be closer than I am. What every whatever you say right now room, because in an hour ravens by one and a half wow. What that's? What I said, seven and its two and a half Oh, I almost wanted to make the Brad's favorites neck with the ravens look at them. It ok, so even to an ash one browser good that they gave they ve got football players at your guy right away that terrible code, but they have a lot of talent, but that's part of lobbying good that you can't finish days be factored they're. Not my point a doormat and they're gonna be home. Their crowd is going. Those in their fucking minds for Baker
And I don't know, that's can be a tough guy. That's a tough when for Baltimore coming off the senator. And they re like Father my lap and today now I guess it's the same a tell something something mad. Go happened with the brands. You have all the four times denied any baker like listening with calm down, that's our relevant heed the any through the terrible pass at the end. That were earlier through is due to ten years. It's fine he's, Superfund a watch. He really is, is incredibly fund. A watch It's fun to have the brands even be frisky, it's real. If and when they are at home. I love the huge acts imperative I love every side by side shot of them. I love and him and Todd Haley are pretending to have a conversation. I love the hard knocks history, they're my team of the air sir for games
are Miley Cast Pass team in the air. I really enjoyed the Brad's who's been more funding the this year. They made Thursday night fun. You know it's going be great when their one seven and one and you refuse to cross them off think we should call the Viking their eliminated, their actual actually eliminate from the plan they're gonna be one slash. Four three day were headed his head. For four seven five You get excited about getting them plus two and a half like they need to get three points the more that I am not alone with MAX aiming for the brands, I refuse to be pigeonhole, maintain staff is more excited this brand stained than anything else happening for right now, except for my homes is either his own his own sue football, positive dynamic? But the though the brand saying it just happened
so bad for so long. They make our lives miserable for so long. They ve just spend the determine the punch Bob. Really past Sunday. Another fun. Browns Raiders even a year ago is the worst came at the weekend and it was superfluous, I enjoyed it. I don't care to be fine. It's ok, but there they have a loser. Coach was gonna, put them in loser situations and guarantee that they lose that that their fun for three and a half quarters and then you're getting to an end, there will be three I got without I just there. That's the brown I d be the jet so but seemed a little something more amended today with typical them. If anything, you look at it right now, the same old wow, that's how I said. Would you rather have you Jackson adjacent get? I gotta think about. I really don't know I really don't know? That's have give back the answer that we naturally agree. One were waiting to thou in Lyons Packers in the trade
these Stafford did it again. Another wonderful fantasy dead nevertheless had an. How does it Aaron, Rodgers, really salty. After the Green Bay Game super about the offence, wasn't happy about a lot of stuff. He I will say he was moving better. This way, anything they look better They live better and better. Here, whatever is gonna get you? Don't that's a respectable score when your hosting the bill? Twenty do nothing you again to the fighting the unsatisfying twenty two nothing I started out in this week and fantasy over keen, and now can you now and had the Red Medical next term and then his injuries word mean tooth there. I'd said the two thing freaked me ass, I sat sat
and ass. It had like eighty yards, but also dropped a few passes and there they were good. There are right back six acts. I think right acted Josh, I'm about like a factual at three. I think them back Thank you make him a favorite. Nor can we do this. Every year we go backwards and we say: there's like five games year. There were just so weird and so stupid. You just have to throw them out. I think we have to throw a buzz vikings and go back to our original premise that the bills are a train wreck yeah. They threw us off the sent last week. It happens, but I think we can these. Where are you? I was arguing with the lock it in people on this, about the there being Cape ANA quarterback need now important that debt is like, which I will now there's tape honour on Josh, Alan, so they're gonna digging to eat a mother's. What there's been tape on Josh out like Dayton, Numb built and dropped them from linked in
but every guy start, like you know I didn't I didn't get- is borrowed understand my wife. Why this a hard thing there's been tables inserting in it a book coverage now dating back to his couch. This crazy, like on our genome, the tape thing. I don't think it's like a like a baseball pitcher that came up from AAA that everybody has to see for a couple months and figure out. Some pitch tipping rose. It instagram stories in his bar mitzvah tape, really an opener Seattle carelessly gamma its so when I had the lions wouldn't have. Would you have a well? I'm not even sure I can't you do the math. On this. I said Green Bay might have two and a half accurate, screaming minus one ass. I get that right, yeah that's
but the line should be favoured I'd. These are basically the same. The same caliber came, I think you don't think they're here top end of wage they're, the same lines or her more important game for the let's get it: Yet the run against the Lions and Jones guy. Jody Williams, could could maybe emerging help by Roger that. But since he's always stay way since he sent for the dolphins since seven and a half. I I don't know about that. That's my prediction and I will say that, as I've enjoyed betting on the bangles all season, I enjoy put them in a tea their eyes in a sore yeah, it's five and a half. I see you get that day. I get that, and I mean one came: looked like a three one theme in one look, I don't want to retain right, I mean on the bangles. I will absolutism excited you do that
I hope I wish it was raining. How much this game was a November tenth Eldon have a shot. I can't believe he was tending won. The last eleven starts before the Patriots game. Yeah. He was really not involve an answer have we seen oars quarterback the I think so where we rather laughing rhetoric on back to pass here. He was so bad. Had. I mean It's almost. I hear one those games where he should have said afterwards at eight out of my grandmother paid through it, it's bizarre seventh year. One expert: another teaser game, Panthers at home, plain the giants and the giants. Senses bathtubs such a boring off and try everything stern long and then not using part. Right now for the screens the bark wait. It's it's really. Do you I'll? Be like twenty two for twenty six, not no point. In light of day
It's like playing matter with my son when he picks the giants. Cause they're Barkley back home in interest, spends the game China get than the bar, but the other team knows what he's doing there. That's what I like to watch it ain't gonna run away. What what the forty nine is often should be. I have that Panthers by six, and I think this is a team candidate as well with what this right, as it seven six and a half and then the third I thirteen candidate and I We hope this line doesn't go higher than the number of tuna gas, but the rams are at Seattle. I think this Beer lock it in Friday. Duskier big bet, I had the rams by seven. I think it gets too like nine by game time. While I get nine- and it is seven forget that exactly the
We should rather say my very long ago in Seattle was favor by Like Seattle affair by seven or nine at home, again for rats right a couple years earlier. The distillation it did Asian, it's like just it's, it's a merry go round one year this, he was the best the next year. This seems a bastard, it's really the torch passing in that vision has been pretty crazy. I think is we finished his pack ass? We should seize the rams with, like five gives. This is why we should go Mcveigh where we talk about. We ve got three days actual to prepare. Yet on the matter for Lahti, coaches mcbay the best and weighed filled with actual and then fell those three. It will matter in the sea hard, as do the one do have allowed a tower, and last desolated, Aigner, Thomas I I dont want. To be a situation where twenty five years from now on my son has been gaming for awhile examining as dad when the
arms when sixteen in our own and Mcveigh put up seven honey points before we turn him before he ran for president. It does twenty did you bet on them every week and that no one has to look him in the eye and say that I didn't you could probably. Why hide my I the for the first five we expand, but not all five the planet Then go and undefeated, I think I saw nine one really yeah can click on jacket. Jacket, but I think I thought eight or nine one they injury part is just. So here's the rest. Now I have sought automatic wines and that all over the planet- here's God. Let down the next three weeks are at Seattle at number at San Francisco, the home for Green Bay at whirlwinds, Homsey, Seattle, Home Casey, at the trade at Chicago
That's a Sunday, one o clock December night came home, failing whereas Ramsgate say that's great I would add that as an ESPN game Monday November, nineteen, where it was here, it's it's in a way. We should go to that one. I'm almost a year ago that I would never forget, go into a game then add Arizona home San Francisco. I think they lose. I don't. I don't see them going and defeated now. The desert. Now I I think that would be hard to win all does I therefore monster games and that schedule that I think would be tests can suck and also for fantasy owners who have them that they could be one of the thirteen and out you know they're sitting, but one of the last three right at all everything. Clinched, probably Mcveigh seems like the kind of guy to me that we just go for it I really believe that I think he's. In the same way, bow check is, I think, he's I go
innovation, history guy. I think, if their thirteen, now I don't see him sitting, did not forget to this bad. Then, let's see what it is to protect. I get three games taken that bills. I have the Titans favoured three classic chap game. Titans get a little make variable momentum, people crossing the bills. And little scary, but I still like the titans attains by three wastewater, cited tightened by four gonna, believe anything in the bill. It's three and a half. Classic, what's gonna, buy our Josh out and has a girl in a dying man? Don't let me Baroness jets broncos, Jets home when we don't Biogas might lose by forty point. Someone who thou knows what's gonna put them
I get them the jets by one. Oh now, but we do some good now you got it underlines for that up, temper by two and a half. This all depends on tomorrow, but it's just I too have oh, she weave crossing uncle Jack, know what I wasn't big in Denver Cross Country short weak units to good trap came on, however, not only make a mistake crossing the jets. If I'd like to find out, I would you cross them ass. I think that want to cross top is not only get there, but they crossed the hostile to go to. The patriots are because the problem against Amber well its weak five, and this is the point fact a game of the year. It's gonna be hard when the top we may be able to top up, but it can be hard. Forty dollars at all, take around the cardinals.
Is now going on here. It's a shame on these two teams out the window C c, J Battered, actually it out like a pie, Did you better? I think he broke like seven ribs and that here today a man down again. There was a Jew. Louis it came out and how he came back from that the cards are a mess. And a minute China to watch even one minute of this, I'm trying to be a worse perfect again than this bills. Cardinals. Those car does the worst, only that's the worst, power, madam you escaped the game from the watch was Eagles vikings. Why do we could go on for this? And do a lot now get that want yet. I have heard having aim for dinner. Three and a half as by pick. I voted for and its foreign for that mine. I that's mine. That's offences.
But the forty two centres should be favoured by over forgets. Anybody. That's ridiculous! Watches game is something wrong with you. You better get out of your head check that. The only thing I went to bed at his word, Dick stacked and do this gave them who say yes, my brain, I got a nephew and do it Joe Stairway doubt might begin countries, but I don't know, what's going on, But this dinner Dick Stockton died nine years ago and is entirely seizure that idea whose America with married to one is the american anybody's day he died nine years ago. Saying see, idea started tell when they show him. Just you know see as the by stuffy either get a social network with the window ass to answer their Abdul Army hammer. What Fox is done with the exact and it's incredible
technologies. I heard a fan above the really remember. I'm guessing is not something I don't exist and that exists in the pan. Egos vikings. We forget to do that's in fairly and eight Phil, he's right, I'm paying for my prediction for them to three weeks ago. Were there like shit for a while they're gonna linger around and then come Thanksgiving, they're gonna get their shit together, and I think this looks like a classic lose the game at home. Everybody goes nets and read them off, and then they rally I have eagles by three and a half you're gonna, get it I'd, shorted them. What I said Eagle by one. It is free and yeah. I think about Dick Stockton. They dont second wife. Now, oh Mary, Leslie, Visser, nineteen. Eighty three to two thousand tat would have been said the worse than they were married into after two thousand ted when he did when you call me back
well you didn't refute my my theory. Now I tell you, I think they ve got in early two thousand ten beaten at that you play? We want to send a card to his beloved knows a married man. There cannot be a fix stacked that was being cgi they're. Their hiding from us. That would be the best ones ghetto aware he is coming. Stock for your beta, come on the part of you get a ago, but we did start be a great past. I should do that thinks that in Europe out of here, if they tried out now see gee, I next act in a red ecstatic. Come on you're in Sunday Oh no sell your team play, God sedate, oh, it's, the first coach fireball. Yeah right! Oh my god how much better word a band of water above them and lost this week and easily gotta.
How would they do this? A wrestling bay, the handicap to date at the play again next week to this would be the right your match and then that they play the next we're going to be able They call. I am taxes the maxim that match, but now the the first coasts, tired or ever loses you're fired a handshake. They just walked, sadly didn't set up there. I have Houston by three Dallas either. I have these teams that debt, even in my head in a really mediocre section of the women, no powder, because I bet you paid me this week already. So I said I sit down minus one ass. I thought they get the biggest juice back. Does it said here today, Minus three and a half year get up get bigger book tat you should have.
You should be suspended from lack of inferred day for that. For that homer I now it s really add vague at those who believe in it. You Jason AIR in the cowboys really be favoured on the road on a Sunday game against somebody, that's not a bottom five. Then there was dumb, I'm just not impressed with the now. You know what they're their defences, what had to sacrifice, Claudia to sack, sir, Boys are in trouble. Dishonourable said it was the first game over four years than home Sunday night against Dallas Dallas was laying fixed and used and beat him outright. The shine bizarre little. Where the shiny today I guess it seemed like a lot of tat came in. Fourth quarter, yeah! That's what I mean, though he cited a look like dish on Monday. I get that began almost half the alteration to Monday night saints, Redskins, I had no idea, I feel, like I get paid to do
for living- and I feel like I'm on the bar for the most part. I had no idea drew breeze. Was this close to record pay record just broke that record? I now that's phenomenal he's is like five hundred yards away is gonna its poor paid manner, We acted like you know he had was the first made on Mars when he broke their bread. Five record than breezes zoom in by now may right, taken three years to get those five hundred in the last three years at the last five hundred yards that bank, but neither had by five hundred yards in shipments Sunday, air mandate newer. Home again, Alex Smith and the red Ganz washed. In going to read him ten point three weeks, but. What is it I wish? It was three weeks I had this AIDS, by seven reckoned alone in first place,
the man of these write a new day. I did exactly ass it six. I guess seven is right. I don't know attempt with Washington might be the team you no bad bad or better. This year. I love the NFL in their continuing efforts to just be complete, idiots, Redskins have a by week last week and then don't play again until Monday night. They get fifteen days off, and yet they arrive. Other teams or play like the Sunday a game, and then Thursday, three days later, leg is they're stupid. Earlier than this arabic severe Can wash and go to London or somethin quieter, quite a break for them. The seeds continued to kind of grind it out, and there still again, and there are now three one and it I don't feel good about the three anyone I don't I don't think they ve been running on our cylinders, but you know seems like when they have to make a play. They make a play
and then a little dog indicative of like you could have big. We could at play maker, like the giants, have elbow Becum junior, but he could be disappear for two weeks or land for wage or stop them. Having commerce is gonna score. Every week at Saint in out, he's gonna have a big game or Michael Palmer. Yet thirty, eight receptions, gangway she's gonna, have a big the game I raised even screw around nine. They get, they get angry back if we grant yeah. So you do you, by weight? Teams? Are the bears in the Box wager I'm pair corner, come up against a glimmer break. A little bonus break to talk about our friends at frame bridge. They make it easy and affordable frame. Your favorite things from our prince and posters to your travel photos on your phone good framework, Schekem upload your photo or safely mail in your fiscal pieces with frame bridges provided aging previous guideline and any frame style, choose your favorite or get free recommendations from frame bridges, tat the designers
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perhaps impairing in oh, my god, I mean some of this stuff today. My point add was visiting, was getting up a like five in the morning to watch and earnings these pairing than just like ie. You just see the matter, but I we want with that one malaria is the absolute gonna win that and I have no. Why were we that in this worry doing, I did better? I bet the U S and I will cite two then like eleven right players in the top. Here. I would like the most ever. I got swept up by all the firmer than I walk and my point of view those domini chances to like after that first session on Friday was it there, they were plus one thirty failure applies only minus one. Fifty even afford game or point led whenever it is that we should do so. House was telling us how bad filmmakers him was playing, so All these chances to bet him and he was like, never even remotely into it, and then they lose the cup. They concede it,
has and make us unbearable is anywhere, but then he had the tea shot in the water and the part three and now is it said I think, is the rigour of the Christmas party yeah. You know someone Gonna, be you know, there's a wild card and are not in a funny way. Yes, but the apt invite him. That's when you consider the idea is a respectable. Yes, yes we are here is my shower steel, because both of us watched way more golf. I think we ve ever watched before, and we definitely dabbling the golfing and our friend House, who has and really dead on all year. That is analysis, and now, like bananas, I would have recommend the shack ass, but I think that here we really stepped up. I would really like to become much more act. Evolved in the Gulf Wagering say: ah my dead body, how I know you do it, I want I want in my web one but point I want to
bilateral boy. You another that affect the tiger and fill people have short memory will still be. There will be a monster paper very bank. Now I ask it feels that play my work. I just I don't. I don't think it's that in thing. I don't think it's watching rich guys, try to take you no try to, for money when they're both like ridiculous, a richer there at all. I really fight they need some wrinkles, it be better. They battle for all the money right. They should it. China will have to become. One of us was destitute. If we look at that We winner, takes all and asked we're talking on Friday. They should have all the cash their spare, but I to see it the whole time it should travel in a golf. Cart from hold a whole just ten million by our world through the poker, yeah I want to see point where you can't even see the other guy's face. Yeah
every hole when they're putting there's just ten million dollars on the great that silly managed I was only on the great round, the greater they dump it in the guy, every every half the dumper. On the guy, like that, I will make up everybody eight, the more. I really feel I feel robbed with the Ryder CUP played out how early was and how really napkin headed of America as it is. I think it's always a great weekend when we have it- and it was just Didn'T- ask in whose is sad made me said: where does it rag in terms of sports? You, poor or sporting event you route for the American like New Route hardest for the Americans? Could it it's right up there for me, they might be like the greatest would be a dozen never existed. I don't think, but if an American Box or anyway I have light like rocky versus draw, go that would have my our real life that would be paid
growing interest for the American, where the strike for you. Why would the thing that really jumps out of me is how much fun it is to be agitated by the European? it's one of the last places I have where just go into that fuck. This guy ammo that important, but this guy hit, is going ahead with the NATO fuck. This guy fuck him you get so math is like John Romany clinched, and he did. He had this horse spaz our entire there as a fucking genre, comic wayward. Yeah back. I came here to get some mistake. We might even their heads hard for me to reading its time, but you should have very end yeah shuffle off there was that it was the day jumbo against against nor in Oh, I didn't widen watch once they once, though Europe Class, those airy from the degenerate trifecta barge, was one day when the two either for paint match up
away he went to hundred eighty dollars or losers. Forty northern, and make a thirty five for added to end the whole friggin back again do the math its. We have like him the people of the country, three hundred and fifty million or three german. I am, I haven't we, our american version of the importer. Where's our idea, the five nine sir, he dared who, just as great and match by, How do we not have that guy? Where is he What are we doing wrong? We need auditions, we need their import or others. Always have that guy red when its wasn't impel. Porter was Nick. Father knows whoever, like they always had those one or two guys rages guy that guy's money, moreover, I crossed the winner and no no, no, I think capital could be that, but yeah kept her
maybe needs to be like ten years, older malaria and other wine. I guess soon the importers done. Malaria, in their very me, showing his Ryder CUP record, is like twenty three to you now, but we have our american version of it. I really bothers me there. That's not gonna screw the Ryder CUP that age another movie on what what is it that data that the? U S open where there is that in the next rather cups in Milwaukee the? U S opens in Pebble beach next next spring, which ones in March the Am Pda championship. They move that it goes Masters Pga. U S open British! I think the March one in that they don't now and in the same week as the first began answered the boy tournament back a bit me sends a good, vague swinging before you do panic when I wanted a special brief additional grandparent cornick? As my dad was here,
we're watching their stairs ravens game tonight, any cod jewish, Miss Jijiu Smith Schuster. He caught Judge Switzer Supernova, never I wasn't with those who say that he was complaining about our pits goes gets receivers and because they are that new, I gotta have his, whose name is what you said this guy, just every time and they dared Sanders that time and then Jijiu Switzer his gait. I really religion that, but for the actual pair corner might make made data, my stepmom rare and yesterday my daughter had to go to yet another bar mitzvah, which I think is there one hundredth permits for the last two weeks. So that's what does great and my wife and I seize the opportunity to have a date.
So we went out on a double date. With your friend Daniel Alison and his wife ally. My parents on my parents took my son to the movies and then they went to dinner after and they noticed tat. He kept going to the bathroom whether the bathroom, like five or six times for three four minutes top five best pop and there at the spinner, my stepmother takes forever to eat. So many any dinner with my with my dad and stepmom is usually an hour and a half so keep disappearing to go so and my dad followed a man, he was leave the table to go play fortnight in the bathroom, like a crack at all, like a crack at act. He's a I'll, be right back and resist going and just in there somewhere in the bathroom play for in it. So they say you lost all his fortnight privileges. They turn that's my son's retirement from fortnight. It it's been leader from his phone.
Controllers are gone. He has no access tat thing it's over for that. That's it now is big enough to be bombed. Grandpa outward blown cover Right now by my my poor, daddy flies out there like the seven. I am frightened Friday, because about that you see there, kids for three days now, but Emma get in trouble for two days ago. They go to his double hatted for travel baseball. They sit in the metal. Baseball stands for four hours, watching grudging these ten Euro baseball games and then What did they want to do is go the moving at a dinner them and is in the bathroom plain fortnight. So that's it was like locked in the sea I don't know what nobody with. I don't remember me, I guess you wonder the bathroom like a homeless person so yet than an end is phone has been stripped. I changed the a cloud password, he can add new apps. He goes
The phone is now a place for him to taxed and go on Youtube and that's it. I want to do that. I wanted. I probably should even tell you about this. I should probably tell your y know what I know about the app that you can monitor where they go now. I don't care about them put net over under I'm put it under eight and a half days before you re, install that, like waste pointed out on that now I'm gonna going over. I when I was There- and I don't know- you have all the control over this, I'm still making the bat near it's over. It's I referred to forge ahead. There's all these stories about relationships and Mary? is being ruined by fortnight. Oh yeah, it's like a thing that sure yeah with Japan Corner Exotic Great one in Athens. I'm sorry! If we covered this already I am, I saw my four year old boy.
Gotta go to you, gonna games, actually gonna go find, didn't cried knocked over few people. We are talking about that, but and then at the end of the game, ok mom and like a man like hey, we have pictures tomorrow Sunday at one, forty five yet like their right to take over. We need to be picked up or areas gonna be bigger. Like now I mean this is something we could just skip and then now, like other parents are coming over like, but what's the sky talking about skip it bids optional? Like we do know you wanna we just instead of ruining another afternoon, why don't we just get together three minutes before the game and take it came picture? Oh and then we could branch off and take individual pictures of art,
but our response and you would have thought I took an umbrella and beat it all right. It looked like they look like that. You personally, but the response I got an I got some. I sense that the problem I go home, my wife like more, I cant, do you even have not lived one, forty five, that that's right when all these can look bigger thing, all the game, though it amidst the ending of all these years. I admit for picture our K. It gives it now that they have to charge and it then it's part of the package at the best part of it. Yet the leak fate is it. Accurate, except when you get there, they give you an option. Could you can have your son or daughters, faith on a calendar for sixty hours or blanket for a hundred and twenty nine thousand God forbid. You take your kid what you could they're gonna wanna but I want to order one of these. Anyway, I'm onto you, weren't everybody here. Let's just take individual pictures, please please, why do we have to have a separate picture?
in the Iphone era? It makes no sense at all I have so those furtively ere, I didn't make sense. What are we doing here We first year was like age for the same thing is your son and we ever however, in the sparkles and she's got little pigtails and it's got like the little baseball car that gets you now you first, kid you by railway down there. I can get all three these four eighty hours great and I will say I do look. Finally at the one picture of the way: the frame that it is a little hard work to see it? You could go in your car. Yoda your son, can't because they locked out, but you can be on your computer and make make one of these with anti background and everything you ted when I took my son the rays red Sox game that a photographer walking round asking if this is at the Tampa game for some four dead, barely any fans with their photography, and the persons while grandma around going take a can. I take a piss
reviewing your son for you now and I'm thinking like no one here who for facilities picture private eye, for I know I suddenly be twenty hours and then my email address that you can now have so that you can take the same picture taken by phone. We talk right up so unworthy so that, There's always get a move, Mcgowan one forty I was just classic that's I can we just ruin you now you miss the end of the first gave them the first half of the second gave its great. When I wish I could afford hand over a mouth when she said, then we're gonna be taking pictures that, and I was wondering if I believe that that exactly the worst, I'm a bit more about I like it in for thirty four hundred and four thirty weekdays efforts, one was the chapters we know where the crown I get the brag. I had a money like parlay with the aid of sea nor underdog bangles,
ravens nice. I wonder I do that and I had the charges. Money line, a few other things our congratulations. Yeah, that's great you make him alive to, and I now we have, against all odds is one that would be going over. Best bet, prompt and offered Sure fast, you try to talk me into a saints chargers. Cavanaugh three team, parlay there is then armed cabin could very sure, fast fashion, I must admit that was it chargers buyers for eighty sates minus one, forty and then Cavanaugh confirm MIDAS, then hundred right Now- and I was that when I was a man, thy under a Avons it right after the testimony tat tat was that you want that increase the odds a little for winter will. We did think about. We did put a lot of thought it combining our powers, we ve lot with. We, a lot of things that scene
like they were certain is when the two of us bed on something, and we did think that, should we ban on cabin oughta be firms and see if we could, just by the wind for the United States of America, the odds were to probably knew better, no matter which side Yon report we do about this selfsame said that was a good one. Are you now faint ramp, neatly carbon and earlier my dad, wherever a bit. I because good job, I've gotta worry about it. I think so much to zip recruited over to go to zip code outcome. Slash bs, thanks to the Ringer pack has now work. Remember Halloween, unmasked launch. In this week the we watch was few launching Tuesday thanks to simply say goes beyond what homes kurdish should be its intuitive design influences every step. Of securing a home like installation. Simply save ships are right. Here, though I read about never stops, simply saves built in backups, protect you through
power failures, Wi Fi, outages, even baseball bats, offer just one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month order today, you'll get shipping and free returns risk free sixty day, try go to simply say that I'm Slash bs, simply safe with two eyes, simply safe back. I'm slash, bs, thanks to fend off for buses at underwear is underway. That's why I'm so excited to be playing I've, otherwise, excited this week, as I got my but completely cake. Thank your aunt Hannah vandals ever been more finer, easy, it's the place to play for not a fancy expert. They have something reverend more ways, twin than ever before check out their gridiron pick. Em contest week, new users get a appointed hour bonus when they made the first deposit offender so comply with assets. Randal, Dotcom, sash, bs, again Vanderdyke come slash, be asked back in two days. The one and only Matt Damon, it's a great one. Until then
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