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Guess the Lines Week 7 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 273)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the bad beats of Week 6 (6:00), the best Super Bowl odds (11:00), Carson Wentz's MVP odds (15:00), Adrian Peterson's return to form (22:00), the best bet for first coach fired (29:00), the lack of marquee matchups in Week 7 (33:00), Titans-Browns (36:00), Panthers-Bears (42:00), Jay Cutler's job security (47:00), Ravens-Vikings (52:00), Odell Beckham Jr.'s Ewing Theory potential (57:00), the Super Bowl rematch on Sunday night (1:02:00), and another edition of "Parent Corner" (1:07:00).

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er alibis, vulgarest. The esteem gambler, we're gonna put it on this package, but we had so many guess. This week we had to nudge it over to the ringer ambition we breakdown policies, and we a whole bunch arguments about the warriors and whether lebruns at all time, gray passer just a great passer He has not been out of Pakistan a long time and it was great out back so that our ambition and then on against all odds. Tomorrow me cousin, Sow Joe House doing all the futures for the embassies and envy p rookie year coach of the air. You name it it's all there. We should mention the ringers NBA p The polluter is happening right now, Monday and Tuesday. We are putting a basically a day and a half a video content on Youtube. Facebook, Instagram Twitter, you name it also bunch of park. Ass thought the whole thing our staff is here and in we're just put up a ton of content. You know is here:
She's Toronto. Shea ETA has new book our car, basketball and other things and if he loves- the share in the ringer. If you join, have remind the pack ass. I would urge you to get this back because its of chaise basketball thoughts, it's gonna, do really well. He had a huge book signing on Thursday in Europe's cities, at close airspace gets up, town was their rubber brown, our old grantline teammate was there and huge turnout, France for that congratulations to shades and also book. I make a cameo in it check that went out and and o one more thing. The we watch levels we put up. A research was passed on Thursday. We broke down scream it's the longest one. I think we ve ever NATO's like eighty three minutes. It was very, very entertaining Anna and if you love the we watch it wasn't here in LOS Angeles,
We are doing a livery whatcha balls at Largo on Wednesday night October, eighteenth, I think at eight p, m or break it now face off. I'm gonna, be there were space around our Jason, its episode and Chris Ryan, and we're going to dive into either the most underrated or overrated action over the past twenty five years face off. Joshua Nick Cage live in front of an audience. So if you want to go to that out, watch a movie next, it s a letter sent out the jokes I cousin, south camera peas in Brooklyn, is that in the studio we're gonna talk about a disastrous
six four gamblers, but first the rack and raw famers project awry about bad beat Sunday. The falcons in brackets destroyed every possible parlay in teasing three team. Aren t t man whatever, but he had the Packers last chiefs last the pats and washed in almost last underdogs tannin, three. This week, fifty three thirty five in one overall as usual, sour and profiting from any this. I don't remember thinking about
this bad and very many years that take root bomb that combat about above bunch, it just seems like nobody, can be trusted there. Oh parlor teams to do because there are no good themes. Yesterday, like the falcons coming off by weak. I actually, I pick the dolphins to cover that aim and are in the super content, but I never thought the Falcons would lose coming off by weight to the Miami that can't square twenty points and yet somehow they lose and then the Brok US giants was.
That game fifty years from now will be talking about that game. I feel like MR understanding, why now and then you can understand that, because there is something like ok, you do need to be able to count on top of the gambling or just as a football fan, a general like Falcons up seventeen. Nothing like you, said coming up by an J cobblers running the other. Often that should be a win. The Niners down seventeen, nothing, I believe, to the Redskins deniers. Third straight third consecutive wrote game which doesn't ever happen at the NFL, but anyway it back at abroad game two of which want to overtime. They should be exhausted down seventeen, nothing. They put that the eye, what kinda battered its quarter by their back of call back and they make it all the way back. They don't want, but that things like that, like making one of the watch something else, it was terrible terrible obey. Yet we didn't do is the other one. I was crazy other seas,
forty five to ten in the lands of other back to cover, thou and I'm in. If that had happened, I think that would have It has come back about time right. Thirty, five points out and overrides ever come back from that watchmaker. That was one of my through best bet your patriots. What the other one the guy I got back toward, although I don't I've been out of you, you should have one that game yet unclear down. Fourteen us into the jets. I dont know how the seafaring Jenkinson wasn't a touch them the paths are terrible and some other a game out of having the best record and the entire lake and they look awful it's it's easily, the worse pat steam. Since two thousand nine outside defences. Do you drink beer member this late in the year were now wondering weak. Seven, where you can you can't convincingly
say that any of the eighteen are gonna, win a division like you to pick a division winners, but can you say one about eighteen is definitely get away like Atra should, when still should, when chief should when, but now- and I will What about my life? Not only in Africa, where you really sent broken by now, the signing of the council when you're Brooklyn, I show you vitality I remember two thousand eight being a little like this, like super unpredictable, were a pace now with the underdogs being eighteen over five hundred, if that lets. You say that continues at that pays for the rest, the season you're talking about fifty game's over five hundred for the end, That's inconceivable. Rather, I remember the underdogs being we ve had years where they finished thirty game's over five hundred, but not fifty and the other thing that's happening. Is these teams these big favorites either losing our almost losing?
we had what was two weeks ago who lost when they were not half. My favorites Caroline Carolina be that's right. And our bears I, while first time that's happened a couple years, and now you have this this Atlanta team loose to my mind, home thirteen point favorites, which had happened at the five or six years so that oh yeah, or that the fact that too looked up to thirteen point ever had lost on the same day like twenty years, are supported by the United States and there we ve had some leg. I love the Packers instrument that the Packers ruining Minnesota and beat them in Rogers Braces collarbone in this same cross enough it's over so lot of bad luck. I think a lot of people got seduced by the Chiefs and the Panthers this week as the lines were low. They were like big ascii, begging you take the air, the favourite and bright at burn some people, so
really really really here. They killed everyone our here right they take up those one. Well, I mean they didn't know. Obviously, the broadest we're gonna get hurt, but the packers worthy of public debt and then all these ten point five it and I think we got excited because you know we love be doing visas are money like parlay, but yet every week leading up to this day they made the spread so sure three three and a half on all these games we couldn't find at reaching visa like we could this this weekend. Which makes it even more spectacular that all these other dogs are covering when everyone up as we know it is like three point: favorites was nowhere near. I think we cross everyone off and just bring guys think back as they show some life and a captive. The Jaguars Rams is another fishy line that state pretty steadily at two and a half jack's our home. Rams, aren't exactly like a juggernaut. I like the rams, but I couldn't do that line was in three and then as a get closer to gain time. It drifted Anna Jack's by one
and their arms when it pretty convincingly. So you know almost. Pull the trigger. On that. I could tell you all about pull. You won't be going rams, you're gonna, rather than bright before the check off, which in any case I was run backward Dutch down, but you probably three seconds away from having a window that yeah Why was texting about adding rises? A four or five start, so I would have. I would wager that whether that ever happened the giants beating the Brok as though I don't understand They go to the game. Everybody knows they can't throw the barn they're, just gonna, run the bar and try to kill the clock and make it the slow pace. Game and the Broncos seem completely blindsided. By this ago, guess, I'm just gonna run the bow. The giant offered a wine. Ok, oh wow, who here didn't see this come in and then They are the emperor had to do just stacked the line and not make mistakes of offensive way, and there is no way that, when the game- and yet they do another,
giants are dead, so I only have three cross of teams. We try to cross a team every week, its weak sex. I think only the forty browns and Brad's giants across themes, I don't have any others. We go alchemy Crossteam love is really did powerhouses shock every week. Booted. Will we, we probably have to turn our eyes. Didn't we had, we crossed off the charges and now I've gotta harass them. They will bring them back, but would you take giant the attic that just a story giant minors and brown and the Niners are having one of the great gambling seasons anybody's ever had they ve lost five stricken by three points are less, which has never happened before in the history Well, I think they ve Kyra. Five of those games there, somehow five and when it gets to spread the guy killed them, we Guardia, they had a quarterback change. Already It is just bizarre, I mean I was looking the divisions and
the AFC South right now, somebody, the Colts and Tennessee Airplane Innate ABC South is gonna, have three three and three teams the matter. What happens and if she saw as Carolina Foreign to New Orleans at a land at three into the Irish Sea, north everybody thought Minnesota was done, Radford looks like his career may be over, they lose Davenport and its. I gotta have cross them off their foreign too tight with the packers around the quarterback the rams are winning the autopsy west foreign dough, the ribs our head. Elsie was so, I don't have that big bad. What do we have? We have three out of its birth and doing when, as our big division waters to packers earning their right now, then god I'm going away from a thank you. That was grubbing up anyway in everybody's the stairs or back. Meanwhile, you know they did what they should have done the whole season.
They just gave the bottle levy on Bell over and over and over and over again Roth murder. He was ok. I wouldn't I wouldn't say like that. Was the game we're going to point to and when he's finishes at four thousand five hundred yards and died? That was the game. He turned it on. He threw a couple of passes in the traffic, including the. Though, game ventured Antonio Brown that too I could have intercepted and somehow Brown goes down the sidelines with it, but I I was more than their deep. It's in levy, I bow and their game, and I did chiefs offered some line. Didn't look great to me. I don't like any team is basically conclusion. I've come to. I, like. No teams are thirty. Two things a matter. I would I think the still give a little too much credit, I'm with you. I get your right Antonio brought that could have picked or back down and that they have the pot and also big big Andy read it.
Andy reading is fundamental wild. Three thirteen minutes left behind points from inside the five passes on the field golfers, while thirty three runs right into the line. And then he then there like a path in the middle and gets broken up or almost caught or whatever it was just the place. Election was terrible, yet the make that twelve thick than an end of scoring they could have the lead with thick minute black. I just couldn't be then the time out, of course, or always industry within twenty four teams are either for two three, two three and three or two and three: seventy five percent of the weak. So that's excited right. I looked at the Superbowl ads and this, I think, is them. That nobody is better than five to one. The paths are somehow five to one whose betting on that, whose watching this patriots taming o five to one I'm driving that chief, seventy one stores, seven percent, fifty the eager those who have look better than really anybody. The last couple weeks are tender one and then, if you go
like the only longshot ones that at that were mad danger. You were, the rams, are twenty five to one and the packers are twenty five to once. If you figure. If they, if they can somehow get to nine and seven or whatever, and sneak out either the embassy nor third, the second Carter whatever and Rogers is back in time. Who knows them, as is sixty eight? I worry about the toll. Collarbone thing I've broken, my collarbone doesn't feel right version of care. How fast it hears you d, never feel totally good about it. So I don't know, maybe it seems so happy Mercer their airing ten seconds after then, that is the end, its growing side, so that we can be worse than the want of thirteen. I wanna go: what did it but gather piping by now favoured by just one eighty two when the north, like you said quarterback money back, are out there still on top case Keaton.
Their correct. Yet there are certain the Eli Manning Odell, Becum Junior commercial, and I think, J, while until it's basically just ollinger, did as they met the need to do that for natural a commercial ties. Girly should have a commercial Karim, huh but ass you get all the running backs in here. A very quick right to talk about the NBA is back on t t ever blockbuster off season, and we should mention that you and I did a park has together with house that is, against all add. Special NBA sees India futures podcast but but Tuesday October October. Seventy that's tomorrow, night Cleveland hosting careering in the Boston, Celtics guy that helped guy that help them. When the two does sixty p dot at seven p m. Can thirty Pm James hardening Chris Paul led the new Look Houston Rockets to the bay to take up the defending champion? Go instead
Where is that we both think I its controversial both of us think on state my when the title have that oh then there's that night there's more basketball. The near nix are facing their thereof, STAR Carmelo Anthony and the big three thunder at seven p m eastern ten thirty. He had to look at Alonzo by his first game. Lakers plain the clippers and be a coverage begins at seven p m In October, seventeen October nineteenth anti attain the tea anti app spoiler alert on the pack ass. You- and I did our fair bet. I think out of anything- was Cairo Irving to win scoring title twenty two one by the time this package goes up. Those adds might be ten one there, twelve to one right now, but there's been some action, and we blame like I'd like about papers, bank easier, I heard us say that and if we take them off- and I think you went two twenty five thirty grand
an inquiry and teach you do. I won T take stole twenty five grand than he had ever and then he put that up so those are flipped. I the one thing: I've changed my mind I'd since we did that I guess not despoiled of removing untasted Caroline conversation. We had stiff chrism VP ads twenty two one. I am not allowed a wager on this because I have a vote, but I think those are crazy adds because there are clearly going to have the best record and the weak and if, if their fifteen wins ahead, everybody else and they go like seventy four and eight or something- and he has we made the case for him in the package, but if he got us course, twenty eight, a game sheets, fifty five percent and fifty percent for three and ninety two percent free, throw shooting in his pulse minuses plus six.
He's, gonna win the envy pay, so I dont know why he has the tempest at state. You don't say lay the raw meat is confused about itobad sporting about the round have to get very very few out for that to happen. The natural yeah, maybe I I don't love the case for anybody ass. We talked a lot about Leubronn Tuesday has just said is one last benjen season. I think that's a pretty safe bet, there's been some yadda, momentum, but the odds are really that grave for him. And then you go through in its speaking of em bp, by the way where Alex Smith now. Prohibitive, sexting, plus one sixty infected, like that? These things you jump around so much like, but what was the last week like Rogers, was even on the web. Right now is obviously out of it
your picture and your boy is three to one and I think it's either gets Brady again. By do I beg you, have all ethical, eleven and five. You know a handful of these games come down to the last drive and he's gonna pull your team out from underneath. I think you ve got three, the one that I would urge everybody in Philadelphia to sit down and maybe hold the table at the desk or where we are seeing I'll kill over. I think we're whence it eight to one side we officially jigging yeah got big thing, looks back to the older minus four hundred twenty energy, even though they are found a watch say they have the fourth Superbowl adds of anybody there, the best supervise of anybody in the annex ii and like Y, know what to think of fourteen in to what, if he throws for forty two hundred yards, a guy, I think he's in play. And then the Sean Watson is ten one now and if
single handedly brings Houston too. You know a three seed with all the injuries. I've had in ages drags on that eleven in five or twelve enforceable, He could have the rarely seen em VP rookie year Kalmbach, as is prohibitive favor. If that minus eight hundred I most by the water, and I do not know much about it. Anyone any! I like any Calabaca like the throw alarm, and these guys are going to happen. Yeah you do like so much runaway though intriguing Ricky the year bet as you surprised by the ads are data double take, was Fernand at fifteen one because stuck his friend a fifteen, the egg he's gonna get better as the year goes along, especially when it gets a little more cold weather. You now, eight November,
somebody, that's really run them run, gave becomes more more important and I mean when he get when the it seem like he got, hurt for a split second history and that Ramsgate bread. I was surprised by how bummed out I was rough. He saw that, but it was it really that they can. He had like did not contact Asia for a second Sokoto either one and I began to look like a hyper expansion. They look like ipods dungeon, I think it's just an hour ago under either he's gonna be back, but you're right. You talk about like numbered Perceval, he's about to break the rookie record four consecutive games with a touch down bigots one more. If we get hands up with nineteen, twenty touchdown you're gonna love that fifteen one right now the shouted minus eight, under that? That's a real runaway odds for this early. It's weird for it's one of those rainy bags that when you watch him you go well. I do people tackle him. Would it wouldn't hurt me
It just seems like a mistake if, if he gets brought down by, one did and is The wheels to he's really great his is I'm not a huge college football fans. I haven't seen him, you know more than maybe five or six times a college he's been everything that he was advertised to be gray, pick a manager scope. I probably return without fear. Like you, ain't gonna get hurt so much with ours that takes on a white one party that I always about like a battle I like he is now just a brute force out there now and you know anything like you said the JAG should be a table. You kids, get through its back. The bar order does not gonna hurt you, and the pigs are doing that and still I beg you pay where the other. AMS. The rams just went into Yesterday I like Blake, Bartels you're gonna have to be it s where your planet, the backs. Good luck! Of course he was Blake Borders and was awful.
And I tweeted, whereas the same day as the cabinet collusion, lawsuit and river. More evidence yeah, I mean look at you play Yesterday he played Kara Hogan Brian horror got yanked, who there's two more terrible quarterbacks out there. The green baby are these days. Unless I am really no cap, her neck not arrive. Not now I get it like an August on people are afraid for their distractions and stuff. But now, when you actually see the injuries in the different and she's kind is present hate top five key value. Imagine they don't do that, would very real quickly with three quarterbacks and eight now a body match that Jim Street, that not good quarterback. That one would like passing fewer than two hundred and fifty yards. Although a golf Ghana and Cutler was a third was wounded. Tibet
Yet, your biscuit was like under minus one, tiny, the Chicago thing, then baby boy tomorrow on the road without running backs, who kind of startled there and then the one time they actually mean. Did a wide receiver to me. I mean not without running back so thou address. First they have no receivers around a quarter back that they don't want to make mistakes and then the one time they needed a receiver to make a play in overtime. He even like third, in whatever he broke, and through this high passed in the guide, jumped up like ten feet and grabbed the in traffic, and it was the biggest play the game play. You talk about not being able cropping up all the more brilliant great the kind of team I want to cross community and under what they would have to do to show me the last the next month or six weeks that take their wildcard, came a rookie core back and want to Baltimore nine games if the if the weakest, backed out that you have to
that railway yeah? I'm amazed that I had an about tomorrow to tease yesterday, because it would have fitted with everything else tat was going on, but there's something about their often said just makes them pretty much anticipated: hey you captain the often from captain here. You remember him right, our old friend. He won't. Do you mind until he brought his adventures, spirit and delicious rum to every corner of America. Variety, the spice alive! That's why cat them wariness by supply quite a bit did above the collection of room each with their own distinctive flavour and person the cat them lives. Anyone who learned to mix like a cat in every week sound. I pick our captain of the weeks how Anita first this week This might seem a little cliche, but my captain a week is agent Pearson. Let's talk about
the area you dont know Wagering Petersen, as even the on his way to being what about that right. Back of all time, thank you still is got trouble what the law trouble with this big injury? Looking like it was over, the Vikings wanted nothing to do with them. They trade into the same to the fence, changes every two weeks. You don't know what to expect. They have like three running Please now send the arizona- and I was looking like a thinker lombardy so like an amateur metadata. Thank you put it all running back beyond an old, often sublime just for one last shot at Glory Anna. Maybe this is it maybe it's gonna have to point a yard to carry, but only stick, but one thirty, four to touch down twenty seven receiving yard, but Alice big. I think he's back he's back this week at least that's what you get the where my cap and pat regulation dates repute when I was a most
yeah. Why not you know exactly? I was driving home last night listening to what is in it for radio shows, and ah they played a sound bite from Peterson about how his son plays Flag Football and the sun. It had six flag football touchdowns and was making fun of em about how he didn't have a touch. Daniel and he's like so now I got one I got it. I got it like five more to catch up and the announcers were just kind of day play the that's ok, it's great to see backward thicket leg agent, vision, peers it is said that is. I was so scared the whole time. I have again
I would also just as a pattern omega making making fun of that, maybe not the best prepared at the hall. I just can't believe the home. I don't know it's. It's still found a little too soon to be buying the where the gap and had a good robin and correspondingly gotta cap, and that the little boy up my captain this week is cancelled, achieves coach any red. You know it certainly topsy turvy year in. I don't know what to believe in any more. I don't know who to trust at Genoa teams to gamble on my beloved braided ballot dynasty seems like its teetering toward the end here, as we don't really have enough good players to feel those Superbowl damp. Tom forty years old, drunk every time. Tat I have a heart attack. I don't know what to believe in any Marcel and as part of that, the chiefs being undefeated in having a code.
That was pulling all the red strings and gay management in staying to Epps ahead. Everybody It was really hard for me to accept. It was just a went against them thing I had learned over the last twenty five years of the indian and yesterday happens and an alien prove that our tat. He was one of the few things we can store lad every once in a while as a favorite at home, Andy Ray. Is gonna, do some weird stuff and is gonna help cost his team, the game and a real. Made me feel happy Andy or my captain you're, my God, It really makes me happy, I see, being you again. Thank you anyway. That's our cap? Every week, I don't know how to be far down be diluted among Palmer. Was big sarcastic accused really soon They, therefore that mismanaged things
when you called the time out with two five live: there's a guy, Eddie you're, so adorable You're right, I'm beat beat the Steelers once in awhile. Radioactivity now you know you're in a spot, the chiefs, our work out. They have to be in a spot anyway, but you can't play ball the pages and the Steelers you have to get. You have to get that by now, because you're gonna lose the above those two days and you get a loser. The spirit that we play a major can step up. My comes up if you still be the chief when they're, not as good well said he I am speaking the Chiefs Thursday night Weak Seven Who do you think, whence the court's ten stating that a kind of a feeling t why it's one of those tea while and gets two hundred and ten receiving yards type? A games Mccall twin beer?
Nobody can understand other directory, maybe Alexander Santa Claus one I got an awful lot comes back the policemen, terrible by the way which we talked about the fact that I was in the middle of the game ass, but I believe that well allow Michael birthday, he told you it wasn't. Even a joke. You make it after handed remark about Harvey Wind Dean and again you you, you point out that every light now easy. Trembling like overturning like out it's about a big deal. Illegality is going to be of little use in an argument that yeah we started. In that context, I was like he's got. He has to apologize. This was terrible, he's gay eat. He has to step in front that's cause he's gonna get annihilated right, so we bad- and I like you,
in part, as a bundle dumping that dumping we whereby it's gotta go, ask them he's been older, Banda, let it go and that'll be that do I know, is definitely about at my guide. I will bet you stupid amount of money to bet on something like this, that that either an apology for the next twenty four hours yet- and I am what happened- There- was a commercial breaks and he came back and he apart and I want that that it like a man. I walked horse races that have lasted longer than that. That is the bad guys. Unless we take you in incineration, is, are we having love out Michael here. A couple proves that one was that he bade the joke. Second, was that He was clearly sitting on it. I keep. It was almost like a stay in a comic opera on a late then show like he had the singer. He is ready to throw out and I was so awkward end it you can't
then say too soon. It was whatever is five times bigger than too soon and he and his Immediately treading on twitter and people are likewise, and but the other thing is just court and just got in trouble for this on Friday day. You know it's real. Those are real, like grown or just like that, just a year to have a bad, regardless of the jail bow, he had a bad bay and the chief said about it out, but whatever if a guy allow proprietor got lucky girl, probably Firebug babe, as first principle just leave him alone. I do realise that, obviously we cannot condone remarks Now he is like seventy three and it does seem like when anybody over seventy. We shouldn't yes, I remember that when we are talking about whoever, like oh my god, I can't believe that it's like people, we have people uncles parrots. Over seven years on end Giuseppe
about how how you are when you're with them on Thanksgiving. They're, gonna say somethin, you never know so my gotta get so I just would urge people remember that make us is not allowed the resolution is a God and at data that would not what anyone else then no birds exemption anymore, I'll Thursday night chiefs at Oakland Jack Del Rio looming now, as a next coach fired, dark horse earth, God, first catch fire, looked over the real put you jack and minus two hundred Mackadoo now in second place the magnitude. The break the red, awhile and gaze is thirty. Fifty one- and I forgot about even if a conversation, but yet you might be right Del Rio, whether we would know there's gotta, be like twenty five. Thirty one
Let me say at an even more don T second checked out: he's dead, one fifteen: it won t tat. You should get more money than steel, more money, embed object area. Fifty to one that team is I've not watched, a raiders gay. All season where I felt like they look completely engaged sign up to be out there and locked in and work out their their mass. So you look. They ever sleepy, often much like that. Much like camp a bay where you just scratch. Your had prepared like wiser of its kind, thirty five point by the edge of which showed that we be looked ardor garbage after the Tampa. Bain Oakland are the two teams so far this year that I just watch and I go work. You guys have talent. What are you doing? You look like. You have impractical tempers bright. What a misfire out! I was right and the rams that I was there
wrong and temper. I had achieved, said chiefs favoured by three and a half in Oakland I about exact number. Three then they are talking about then again right, If the raiders don't show up for this game, there are serious issues, I dont know they can't run the bar and they don't really have. Explosive receiver, like the only guy they have- whose kind Iscariot quarter Patterson, who scored the guy, had touched on the fourth quarter, who I always felt as on the raiders and then once or twice again. The runner reverse serve some sort of stupid play for her ass, a corner operators not explosive grabbed crabtrees got better. I think he's like taken over their top guy gonna find the way to let the anthem but Coopers the big disappointment on that date and- and I can't get around a bit gal,
fell at unaware that way from Sunday Marquis game. For the first time, the season leaving a blank, no Marquis on Sunday the good game ascended I got there you know Sunday afternoon again, then I would recommend staying on four and by the way, America, I don't think, there's ever better better weekend to go pumpkin patch hunting urge take your kids to hollowing festival. Take your girlfriend outlook and foliage. If you looking for one of those regions, this is it right here this weekend Sunday, early Knapsack gave sat, go out spent some time with your fellow appear that what they call a pumpkin tat hunting pocket, patronising yeah. I think that the only the Braer God. The data obtained by the biggest one there. That's the planet, the promising for you. They go pumpkin patch hunting and things go, Rob had another right now, I'm what did the night came through good?
Thursday Sunday on Monday, but otherwise, not bad economic power to good good idea that passing other market yet give away with two young kids and the way it has just been gradually accepted- that every week every Sunday, you're gonna watch, for this is the way to just surprised your bagliani. I think it's time I think it's time, better Sunday together. Would you want to do its per hour really smart here, but I think we need a cleansing, yesterday. I think we can all you a little bit about Atkins by planting yeah. Well, if you were here, Brooklyn Ivy safer in the week. Jimmy shows great ass by the way Letterman. The ants turns on who ESA Amy homer tonight. If you listen to this Monday, we got a lock on Billy Jobbers Day, while I hope by so if you were here because who got murdered this whole NFL season. I would say-
She go, get a classic and go video it we actually it's good. No exorcism, but I think a caloric is a body exorcism. Basically, maybe we both urban life about wiped out here we can face time our collective together, it's a good house cause. I don't, It will be better. Where said last week to have a giant tube rimmed up my ass, an in water But I have to tell my Europe did, but it would feel roughly the same as that Broncos chance can I make it appear about speaking to put the poop factor. I have to number one the brown at home should there are more or less every week for the poop factor there seeing the Titans of Tennessee and I assume Marietta will be back by then marry Marietta Marianna Marietta,
Can I thank. Cried the girl, a lumber filled with gold good at that I was very nice factory in the injury that he hasn't had yet tonight staggering anaemic hospital care for whatever happens internet. I have the titans favoured by five and a half in Cleveland, Where am I the other two six and a but a little higher. I think Vegas is getting a little wiser. I think now over the last last for freedom in this year. They want and seventeen one? If you bet against the Brown that eighty percent- I don't know why were analyzing- that I would taking in any one else you hear about. Why were driving three mile to pick up a Pm Chang One You can go on any one of a hundred app for two hours actually bring it to your house. Why are we looking so far into those? Let's just take the brown recorded atrocious if you lose one way
Next to you know like oh, yes, the Brown in weak, and their home. It gets US dealers and they cared butler had through us off. The set up is when a major air, but things are developing this issue or your back on the sand with them, but other factors. That's a good one. Indianapolis is also their plane, borders and the Jacksonville Jaguars, and I assume major luck won't be back for this. I have had the jaguars favoured by two and a half we split the actual numbers three and I took three and a half, but I don't know what do you? Trust bottles are perceived as the staff too thinly, but one day why, right to think percents better than borders, browsing Boris is really bad and what's annoying about him is the cheap yard. If she gets at the end of the game to make his stats look better, which is been a running joke
for anyone who access for power for the last three years, but even then he s today their down ten, the game's over and you get a got another like fifty yards before something bad happened here, quick rate Tugela to let the Tipp of a Gillette Razor blade is measured and atomic scale there blade edges. Are
than a single brain so that precision the work of many many brain cells, brain cells that sound I needed. Yesterday we were losing money. Hundreds of members of let's researching barbecue spent over forty seven hundred years combined. Where can make your shade closer, more comfortable and while over a thousand craftsmen woman in Boston are busy making your blades another team. Putting your way through more than sixty extremely strict and precise quality checks, fair one of us ass, it does not leave the factory. The hardworking people Gillette never stop work and make your blades better. Now that includes the price tag, get you let blades at their lowest prices in years, see for yourself and you let on demand that comes out what is due at again it it's pretty good in our common goal, but that the MAGIC air exactly right pricing applies to cite product.
At the sole discretion of the retailer. Ok, we have a bunch of apple picker, Pat pumpkin patch games this week. Six, can I just before YO on them. We just talk about the jagged. After that you pulled off a blockbuster trade and fair way. I know no, unlike thereby up fancy late, but this must have taken our is to get you want to set it up. We want to help people went down. Will you gave up I listen? I'm not! I'm not I'm not ashamed of this. The rams have become my football mistress patriots. We then in a great marriage, my whole life, but the rams, I have spent a couple cup a week, ends in a hotel room like frock and drinking champagne and kind sneaking around, and I realized
Nay, I don't even have money in the ribs and I was watching the game like like. I had money on them. So I think I like the rams is my point, but the are crazy friend Brad had Cooper CUP who have enjoyed, who I thought was a little under via because he said some almost touchdowns and things called back and they throw them way more than his that's. So I dangled Alan herds, jaguars and fifty seven emails later it fire. It finally happened. Heard said: thirty. Seven yards a cup had thirty five, but I knows I have seen me wagons and Cooper. Caught now on. The explicit rambling arbiters offered said through four hundred and ten yards. That is both nothing trade, I've ever heard Cooper. How on earth do you were playing against each other? That not only will the things blade job at random
Jack's book. You were playing Brad and did TAT awful. I no no difficult the trade, but somebody airplane outweighed by name. That is spectacular. Thirty, seven, that these an email I was so It around Hearns, coming back to haunt me that I traded em to attain that I was playing. It was Graham bread, Musumeci Brad strategy. He spent all his frigid auction money on Oda. Becum hullo Joe and he only a brown and tried to get by with wrath, Asperger Corridor and then o Thou got heard he's out for the year, and that really has it to have one of the worst fantasy teams of our time that he did pick up a stranger in Pearson, so yeah I did. But that was a fake like one when our wine eventually leave us like that that that's a good buddy for your wife. The data the herds made is to concentrate on her pupil cop.
It took fifty, which got two hours out of time. Acre despair anything, really anything in the world of the better. I love it was maybe seventy browsers, like fifty three looking about six apple cookers, I also I just like making trades, I'm that guy in the leg that just wants to make trades, I'm always available to make a trade moas available, discuss a trade amounted to a three team trade blockbuster I'm just there. It's like I hate fantasy football trades are the only form part of it right out will bring also uncountable. Then I let them go like I think he's gonna have a big weak and I Cooper bills, home further yeah the struggling temper buccaneers. I have the bills favoured by three and have points. Would you have I ever by three, and it is three right now
It's weird about this result where the date they have a line on this, because you know they wait all week. They wait on Friday to put a line on the Vikings game. What you did elbows Bradford a case came like a major difference, but now that it could be pitched Patrick over went ever out on Monday morning. But where do you I will they said Jane MRS Plant? I would definitely by ok, Failure bad until they do not do that require the Good NEWS is that James everybody off the sat with his engaging hard knocks performance. They are exactly data. Is it like a team player and add screwed everyone up? Another cardinals are three and three. I saw that I thought we got rid of the card as they had this. They have the two thousand and eight all start. The opera team of Palmer Peterson mixture of their anger at the eighty.
Bruce areas is the coach they should back honey bear the secondary that too much Many burial about I get whose Heidi back how do you, yeah. They got anywhere. Do you Brad? forty year old, Fortier Chicago's hosting the Carolina Panthers. I have the Panthers favoured by three
f that exactly I had to break, and I want to take a chance on the hawk butter is three and a half at the target date. This is what is paid through for this game is not go and apple. Picking it's his quarter backwards as being Matilda, givers Panthers teat was on the nuclear tie, robots season. He knew that they knew that they were a super bowl contender. Potentially, if you stay healthy and the moment about her, the team changes- and I think that's what we're saying right in right now, they're saying he may be didn't, have a concussion in its. I come on. The deeds probably had fear, and if we had that city tests that you know that at some point be living, human beings are gonna. Take it, I just think we'd we'd feel so much better about like
yeah here's this task, you shouldn't play football anymore, but nobody really knows, and nobody knows what the lines I I I just don't think he supply anywhere. But what do I know well, family tree, striking California very controversial, but we shall be, but maybe there should be a three strikes role in about three concussion, that that should be enough. How much We need to say three seems like enough, but not counting the who knows pop Warner. High school college like who knows our years Gaza that can't well now about that Green Bay. For the New Orleans sets Neuro unsafe to last a Minnesota and weak one. And then the way the Patriots and the pats almost put up like fifty on them raising the saint suck the share, and now the saints are look. A little reduce,
their fantasy. Defense was on fire yesterday, and this was one of the games. You would look out if you look at the Saint Schedule and you would say other loosened, Lambeau drew he's out door. Aaron Rodgers cross this one off. They catch a brain. Nowhere Rogers! I have the pact inspired by two and a half and I'm probably wrong. While why are you wrong? I had a package by one and a half opened at things by foreign, arab and faint by thick. Now, oh my god, There can let the pan oars number on the road again like the packers so high, but you know what before yesterday craziness forget against the lion. The same happened, turn the ball over all year and they haven't given up like.
It's down path and liked to game. So I don't recall your stated game out, but I think they could be better than we think the FED up with you. I take it, throw the bar their defences in awful and you know breeze, but I'm trying to think what would that line of Ben if an Rogers is playing actors by six: it s about a twelve point, swaying wow. I was sad. It was like for the best best best players, they don't have about. I was that it was a eight to ten points. Was the swing that twelve seems right? Outrageous, that's gotta come down all, but I've gotta come now I mean it's a bad offensive light and AIR Rogers makes they often sublime of better go above and ironically now it's out for maybe the statement with nothing to look into that Awkward calmly on animals can be able to make things happen with his feet up system alone,
in that way to everybody loved, like one in three at one area, to step up seats on grass. Say it says, a prohibitive road favorite during a season where the underdogs are eighteen game's over five hundred out of there, I would everyone to be careful? This one dauphines at on against the jets of New York? The dolphins have not spread twenty points. Is it right that haven't scored more than twenty point? Yet I don't think so. Eager I I don't know. A J Cutler has to data loses job, but I think it happened at least three weeks ago, dolphins, I have by three and a half. We support this. It was the rain had wanted three, and I have or are you my kid? I did mad now you get it. You gotta do still not found three I'd like to give a shout out due to the Ringer Zone, Michael Lombardy,.
One of our favoured fully about fifty favorite Italians before the year. Told me to take Rex. Burkhard Rex, Burke, head and Austin Affair in Jenkins. What were the tumor fantasies Labour Ziad Burke I've got hurt. So who knows? A few ran around our butts. A fairy Jenkins. I went on draft gangs. I'd made. May my weekly drafting line of yesterday. It's a fairy reckons was the fourth highest tied end for salary. Why that he's a liar and as my dad come, my dad is random like to talk about the past game is like that. I'd end was unbelievable. Who was a sleeper seafaring Jenkins, like the jets really are to cover yeah. I think you got screwed I don't know what I'm gonna do. How many times you watch apply between communities, gotta watch a point. Fifty time, I've seen it three times now. I thought the Balkan Loose
so what I thought I saw on the beat him recovering his own little. You know and then finally enter into shining different and adding replace turn were recrossing an invisible. I with replied the Cubs Nationals game, crazy to me- and I am now it now we're going to like one one hundredth of a second to INA, see somebody length or not as stupid. In it and, if we're going to have it then go the whole way and have the strength zone be instant. Replaying JFK he's go all the way and you know have hurried pitches. If we see in the play ass, where that you know it seven inches outside the plate and it's been a straight through the Red Sox got screwed one of those things, but happens almost. Regard, it doesn't make sense, will soon have the empire, but I think the distracted by that box proud of the way that is something we could say that
the category, the door in the corner and rapid used up and too much and fear I don't know how they over gotta, stop that I think should be overturned and never get overturned and then something like that that they get upset about the Dutch, like I did just in Turner's baseball reference, dotcom page yesterday, she's trying to figure out how the fuck he became the theatre. A kind of our generation and ultimate bottom go. That's why yeah, but that its even crazier than that first, most thirty, two second, he he basically bounced around the fur couple years a career and then just got let go by the mats, but every year he's guy, I'm better and brought it did. You know some dodges this year. Is there one of the themes that sign? I likewise baseball that day, it's amazing. I was really hit and big moment I don't understand how he just belatedly blue. As you know, a kick ass do like that. I wasn't.
Found your love this my friend her. She you, I think you ve, met there, that the huge huge, huge, huge, crazy dodgers fan and I called him on Saturday and we're just talking cuz. We had talked about the NBA season coming up and on my laptop Louis eager to happen like fifty minutes, for it's like what he talking about. And I was like seeker he's out for the for the route to is like stop it. I'm like now, I just ate it was on twitter. Is that for around two so hold on and he goes, he looks. Oh my god. Oh, my God, Ah, ah I gotta I gotta go. I got go for a walk any just anyhow me. I've never was a was the most by that I've ever heard anybody over eight thirty five. But at this point I felt bad. I felt blindsided em, but
this management three decades these that Europeans want it. I did dodgers and mats secret have circled back around becoming tortured fan base is again, the algorithm does is open might be on edible. Those could be. This could be the dodgers here, but in the form of the angular in Brooklyn, and the actors are still alive and even other down to our comparable. Already. The Yankees clear. How can it be unbearable, they're gonna get swept now that you ve been who care they get. They could be down three games about things, the seven one in the night better, your mouth will have all the provider or yeah you Joe Just wait, he's gonna get hot, so they had ever strike out of his last story about baby. I love to think get banned for game. For crisis happened again the adventure right about barrier when it back to me.
Eighth Dexter put him in the bottom of your new. I am, secondly striking out eighty percent of the time vikings at home for the ravens. I don't I can't the latter predictions for this region. One of my prediction is that I'm not gonna watch a second in this camp at vikings by four, and a half. I really don't want to see one minute of it. What do you have I get this one? I said. Six. I want a little eyes, five and a half, and I'm with you. I just feel I gotta be added no matter what, but there were no matter what the outcome of this gave it: a ton of mirror image teams to some degree and both either we are thereby excruciating watch then. Finally, your beloved, cowboys flying to San Francisco New
corner by sea, J. Bettered then, what's the history of quarterbacks with acronym first names not get right age, a fairly vague. It really is Gonna be J D. If anyone, their everyone has an acronym quarterback whose turned out email it does at the mailbag at the Ringer Dotcom, a pretty sure I gave my Karen. There appeared on page J has urban a J Hidell, our Delong. Now this is about. Does it bother you more J, J, Watts, brothers, T, J kind of secretly bothers me binding. It bother them Jim gave out in the end Is it that you be careful this game, sir,
black ass, powerful out can be closed. Right I don't know the clapper like him. I don't know he's got what it takes to stop battered what this defence, but I don't know I just kind of words like God they could get. You could play bargaining in football buddy. Do it at which they I'll take for game I'll. Take him right now is a theme that can be better in a night in seven and that's that might be a pipe dream too. So he's definitely one thousand percent not play now. I don't know where they stand. I thought he was suspended for the skin suspended. It seems like he's, suspend it. No, I I gotta go the other guy did her she
cowboys minus eight, it just seems to hide, should be minus three monastery and half. I think again to extra three points that I would advocate betting on the matters, but right, quick, break, told about blue just over that what it is what he said. If I were learnt at an average that I said five, ok, that section I was sick at, could break the dogma. Blue how's, the top rated website prevent repairing over two million websites.
Bloggers are small, dishonours Blue us has ever they need to build a house to manage the person or a small business website. You ve always wanted design your website your way, without being limited by temperate, simple enough for beginners powerful enough for even the most advanced users. Fully customize templates Third Party have supported ninety nine point. Nine percent up time guarantee maximum security, including male, where monitoring and protection automatic secure word press installs. That's mentioned blue house. Twenty four: seven tech support Ireland, resources, expert services, no wonder it's been! The tap recommended were pressed on we're Prescott Org, since two thousand five they make us website stress free seeking get back to what matters most losing a that gambling. Like me and salary week, and now our listeners say fifty percent, when you sign up a blue Hostaqua com bill, Simmons again blew out that come slash bill for watchful Ganz is weak, Seahawks at the giants, for some reason, this feels
watch about me. I y yeah, just pit. I'm stern and sat there and that I'm that dad excited about it? But I think it's worth mentioning. There is some old they'll, Becum Ewing Theory, just a little there's, a touch there's a hint that is a whiff is a whiff of others, you in theory with this. He goes sees its over. They go they when the next game media hype, superstar people think his impact might be bigger than it actually is. They ve never won anything without though they they want a super boy, wasn t yet not a huge China. Six. Ass with him, and I don't know if I believe it or not, but I just now he fits the profile. He fits the Ewing very profile, and I could totally see the giants when, in this game and moving up to two and five and lingering, The wild card in us having to unprofitable for next week, I have to see how expanded by three
or have- and this is another one at six o clock- I get that sex beer book. I think I think it last night but offers like I can't last night. But if I were to try with day there was the perfect storm of travellers, man. Being the traveller sent me, we need to say yeah, but the defence not showing up and Annie LIVE animal feed he's being heard by everything that was said over the past week and then the deepened by really with dynasty events, actor point really well Jenkins, but the top one or but might be topped the ready, but an that's why we saw my cited score. That said it the same snowflakes daily reason shouted the one dollar but the line ruby lower is a defence in it there there's a stay where this is that thirteen and ten game in the defence in the crowd keeps a close. Now, that's the next one bright Pittsburgh com for Cincinnati. It just feels
At the very least we know, Vontaze Burfict is going to get kicked out of this game. I don't know if the game will been decided when it happens, but anytime you have to buy any time. These two teams play something bad happens, the Steelers by sex. I kind of like the Bengals when you think why I guess I'm on the other still find. I thought this was to be the one big ones, but the right, that's exactly sex. And who I won't. Even think of putting in the teeth are, but God send tonight been so bad, except for one by the Brown you, but you can the case since it started out slow and now they ve kind of raided the ship, a tiny beer theirs. But there was, I read a cup articles about them last week where they were just like. We just had to shady weeks to start the season, but we feel like we can. We have our sea legs now at an oath. I believe then, but these are worth more than lower two weeks to prepare for this evening's. Any kind market lowers the to ash era.
Souffle, even you know any good. Two weeks I like, Yours, bangles games are usually close. You now fear. Despite that there are, I thought I thought they were the cabin and also Madame worked on this bread. I would like Pittsburgh, twelve and three against reply that I gave a game to get. The games are closed. I guess they are politically can make this rivalry higher than six or seven. That's why I recognized meant them if there twelve and three I was just thrown it out there. You now, as I think I was in first, take both chargers: broncos chargers, home chargers, kind, sir, that's true There is no real added abrogated. The charges are better off, not being home but their home for this, and I have them favoured by three.
You're gonna, get us out of the way off. On this I said I said Dan, whereby for Anna allied by publishing a change that at the last night game, but charges a favour by one. So it's pretty much a pick up right now, we think black eyes whether we think Travers Simeon man. Can't get Simeon in their even throwing left ended, but that the rough but the rough transition as bad as the man was yesterday last one. It was funny when brought came in I did a jet. There is ever thy way our problems, it yeah I heard about that, but our problem has been charges: poverty, Louis cases, buying charges that charges blankets for everyone the stated they need a good turn out from this address from us something he is absurd. As you know, I like it here. Sadly, no at his name was he did. The my name's on the streets.
My name is by day, that's what my mistress, the Rams home for the card does well to L a football games next weekend, maybe if there is ever weaker or us to go to ally for by this, is I think the weekend. So You know what you're gonna drive a lot further than I like this one twitching have data about penguins. Oh, it is. I was wondering how like, while Abram, have an early game on the West Coast. That's crazy, but it does. It threw me off because it via nine thirty. I am eastern game, it's a one, p M East, and that means that the night came right in England yeah now Ok I'll changes anything they certainly didn't change anything for. For my pick, eyed the rims three and a half. We don't get that we'd all too that's? What it is you re an amateur Moroccan did to L a
things whether they're in LA or London. It doesn't affect how I was going to get snow Sunday night. This looks like one of the games of the year before the season, and now it does not. The patriots are home. Gillette Stadium Gillette, the best a man can get playing on playing the Atlanta Falcons, who are three and two and could easily be like one and four, and if not impressive, at all and there's very super bowl hangover e I any of it, but I don't like anything from a receipt from the Patsy there. I have the pats favored by four. I don't feel great about it by your baggage, three and a half I went to I fixed now. I just know it. Like a patriot, giving more for at home? But do you think it's that close, or even with the land alluding last week that it should be that well ha
been trying to say this for a couple weeks and people keep thinking, I'm trying to reverse thinks the Pats. I don't know what else America needs to see. This is not a good patriots team. The braided Bela check infrastructure is in place in brain. Cooks is really good and crock when he can stay in the field is really good and Chris organs out again and other than that. The secondary should be better than it is, it has not been. A good is not a very good thing that have allowed a talent it's one of those years. They are. We went from thinking this is a sick no candidate to filling. This is probably a tenant. Six Harlem five candidate, but the braided thou check employment very great, watered by weak that all attack your guy just dump their judgment, Did you see how the open receivers the jets had yesterday and how many like third lobby era, but a complete like this is the problem. It sat action outside the Eu
its side. There are like ours with the jets took us by surprise. It took us wide awake up its. I know we have a bad defects and Jerry How can Europe for three on? It's not. The lobby, a three seventy five, including the rushing yard, the guy with the weird thing like the page: it they do in the play top on persons. Second, down than that, you write the third in Bonn, convergence does, but what different from the share of last year we gonna happen You have no pass rush and none of their linebackers can covering coverage, but other than that, it's fine Monday night is probably the best football game of the week. Philadelphia is at home for Washington to make a Casey's or two of the best five or six teams in the league. They've already played that game had the Kirk Cousins interception touchdown, which I still feel like, wasn't an interception. I thought
or that fumbled touchdown, I still filling his arm, is gone forward as it does a bad car, but I have the outcome at the eagles by four. You have to get this exactly Europe one on me, but I pick this exactly and you have to get exactly otherwise retie he stood for. Yes, we want a rethink it. Now you stay with four. Yet for now, for I guess I was five and a half a point that every time there is a good time. That's that's how I feel about. This is no time here are you listen to Taton Lombardi on Saturday mornings, with them fifteen minute preview of five games allotted
while he was all over this week, taint the money. Well, this week, yeah yeah they again satellite Pate book the fire with the work done in body and the brown front office in November, the man they could tell you can explode at the pick up the pieces. I hope you know what you're doing their tails Women body had with the body was all the way and one million per cent and shun Watson than anybody and looks like it: genius, but then was us all the way and I dug Petersen not being accompanied coach, which I'm still magnet, if he's right or wrong on that, but that egos team is so talented that I'm starting to wonder if anybody could be the coach, but everyone fillies really mad at island body, and we might have to you may in the might have to fly back and
and just go. Yeah just go eat cheese, tanks in China, COM, the locals, thou cause, there's still mad at Bali, the Tuesday for sure. By yet lumber Quadi dotted with a head coach thing. You have to give it a year or two. I don't think you're around calm down a little dataset angry. I I have not watch Petersen and Ben Lack, while he's really come back to haunt lombardy. I, when I watch egos, I go whether front seven is like they, they get it saying pressure and whence is really good, which is fantastic It's the story of the year that really I know people have talked about it, but man. If you're a Browns fan in back to back years, you pass on Wentz and Watson like I. I would lose my mind that they should take and Watson first but there's some sort of sense.
Where they can land Guerin and Watson they had all these things are still pressure, while they just part of the cap that half on every gonna go back. I could get one of the one of the things that we talk about and they would have been infringed it's time for America's favorite, secular parent corner or a lot of people. People, China, sponsor this thing. Now, if we fed some really terrible offers for as much as two hundred hours, people offering us free t, shirts really not at the level we are looking for for the paragraph corner sponsor yet better we can someone or least applicable dabbling waters with spots are right. We can't be debts to our natural guard. Our we're pocketing under the table were partly the pair corners, but it's out when he got this week. What how to coming up
my boy, my nine year old Jack, wants to be a thin valor of umbrella, those the rat, Lorraine. The problem would the school day. No, let you were a caution. The school at where the math covers your faith or you have paint your page painted up so weak that so they told him now and he's beside himself goes back up land who came in China, the giant mask allowed it to the problem at our house. Yet, unlike but I've gotta go cool. I don't know what to do about this boy. The explanation I was given, as it scares the younger kids, that the other kinda are wearing that which is bullshit. That's the greatest thing and the only thing I heard, which make a little more sense, but I'm not buying, is that the teacher need to know everyone is now. I think I think you know everyone is by now you gotta get through like what is it about a month and a half babbage. Thank you that bad not as burgers an employer mother's dead, but that's the way and that always gonna be
whether you stresses fell cabbage Backtalk job at an hour and now we have dragged them as a whole. And we have to go right on the charcoal on update, though I think they need to loosen up their scope. Men have each school books were tough times very politically correct times these days, my parent corner thing His hat was actually a little bit about hollowing as well. My son, who, who has we're muscle that I do right now. It is these are my three weeks he has he's been playing flag for bar and is provided for by every day is phenomenal shape, and he actually does have like Burma that little Hercules Guide. Remember that little many Hercules guy that was on the internet for awhile, where those crazy muscle yeah he's not like tat but he's definitely rip
like? When he's Walker area out shirt people rose, I got my God Ben discuss six pack, so Ben Ben. I think I'm headed toward Him maybe like being one of those guys in the gym, alot work it out and do not answer right. For Halloween he's going as Zack Efron from Baywatch. That good as convinced his other friend, the other Ben Ben Lamps, to be the rack and have, I think, it was, our roots has banned. Just wants to check your tree with a shirt off he's becoming that guy back Sir he's here, check your trading just in a bathing suit, to impress people so then, last weekend his go my daughter school. They had this whole retreat thing, so they are down to Santa Barbara for the weekend. And all the kids lotta kids are there and every they all day Saturday is playing for bothered asked of my daughter,
Adventure was off from the moment they got there and we should let the whole day whatever there. Tivity was just did never shirk zero. These older girls, he loves order girls and was just shortlist the entire time to the point that other people there's been ever shirt this evening. Clothes like now he's just show Yes, that's what he's doing so? It's splendid, the light and an he jogger really wants to break out the guns that sets out how he rose the ape man. Kind of like two thousand they re yeah is. Is it Mr Walker out those really soft, satin, pajama pants and that so here in a line that I knew wondering who the nine and a half year olds are almost ten euro there's just Zack Efron for some reason for Halloween. That's my son,
while he already we should point out. He had a big guy like football coach derive full Michael feel them he daddy. Finally, Brooklyn in thank God he didn't do a touch tat. We were very scared about the touchdown dad celebration because It's just that I'm a bit of good night the shared up at some the already brag already bragged Adra gears and that he has pointed out the data the fact that you are we plug the brokerage as but plug it to get there and I M issue or to their David. Let him and went out stern thirty village, oh, what a house and on Friday and I'm a lot of fun, here and on against a lot is weak dimension that you it's me it's house we go,
they pay rookie year divisions teams to make play off, build gold, star peculiarity gave it out, but that has gone down the twelve one would say workable. Very early right point organs, twenty one where we have some good maker, don't make plans good rookie, the air, some coach, the wee wee of em, I wanted to mention the only the Kyrie. It's just cause the odd shifted on us. We were so excited about that peck when we did the pod and then it might have. So what can you do I'd say good job. I you I hereby thanks. What's the secret for twenty dollars off your first ticket purchase on NFL tickets use promo code, BSN Fl next to Gillette Gillette Razor blade, thinner than a single brain cell. The product of many brain cells at work from the thousands of men and women at Gillette, always working harder to make your shape better, and I can get your lip plates for less at Gillette on demand, dot com Gillette, the best a man can get pricing applies to slick products is at the sole discretion.
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Yes, where the dead, three or four not anyway, we'll be back on Wednesday with another.
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