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Guessing 2018-19 NBA Over/Unders With Joe House: The Ninth Annual Edition | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 427)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House for a preseason tradition, the ninth annual guessing of the NBA over/unders. They hit all 30 teams in one podcast, so buckle up.

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Today'S- observe the bills them as pakistan- the Ringer pack, gas network, Brown, do you as o is by our friends, is hypocritical, notes that smart. Not listening to house and I an mba over underwent, totals we had an off here for us last year. Still,
was not a losing year. This year will be a winning near. We feel very good about this year. You notices my job. Sets it overwhelm you tons of the wrong recipes likely there's a smart Wade's could accomplish bs. They find people's rights goes through job actively. Invite them to apply my listers can tries it could have for free. It's a good outcome, such bs. They are the best there rated number one sip quarter the smartest way to hire meanwhile brought by the ringer dot com and the Ringer Park. Ass network and Ringer Preview. Kaluza cassettes happening oh yeah, on Tuesday. This is one of the best things we have ever done at this company and even like ranks up there with some of the grants of two very ambitious all day affair on Tuesday videos podcast,
live watch on Youtube. The whole thing more details to come on Monday as our prepare you to ruin your day on Tuesday, if you love basketball, speaking ruin your day, I called for the ringer Emma be show to talk about the Red Sox Yankees in the egg. Is demise He was surprisingly level headed normally, or to put it on this package, but we're just stacked. We had Rousillon Cameron, O Connor, and I try to figure the NBA Bp without agency rally was great use than ever for Jacko Wee Wee, wee, moved routine over the ringer ambitious. If you want to talk about that great, I might actually by their my dad potentially to talk about Red Sox Asters, it's great. It's based Buffy. We put a baseball packets. Why not use it So that's been fun and then
on show issue with a preview, the whig for the past couple weeks, Kevin Oconnor occurs, Vernon, finally, Cannon name their package. That seems like the mismatch. Their one shining podcast, the male, take sixty boxes. Cheese Kyle and cookies. Got a tattoo Titus is common anyway, there's a war. Old tour. For cities in the MID West come up next month, so they're having a break out good job by them and then Last but not least, on the past housekeeping Front house
are also going on against all odds with cousin Sal and we're going to run that we're going to put that on Monday, but we're doing NBA futures on that. So that's Mvp, rookie of the year who's going to win the title finals, Matt Finals matchup bets all that's the scoring title. All that stuff is going to be on against all odds with cousin Sal. So if you like that stuff, I would hop over there scribe or keep an eye out. I don't know when that's coming up- probably Friday, maybe Monday or taping it today right out house, and I it's time I don't know this is like the eighty are the ninety. I can remember how many years will be doing this NBA over under win totals answering important questions like who the hell is Lloyd, Pierce and what team does he coach where to find all that
writer, but first pearl, allow. My friends were a great show. We are about the house of car around packages, Joe houses here, though, You, like my Yahoo superstition, that was your house in person I tried day. Half ass it I have passed. Half ass. They lay like how Jimmy bother half ass this week when now is all about winning and yet the three teams you requested trades to wear the clippers nets and next, I'm pretty sure those teams don't win consistently. The clippers did for like three years
but if you're about winning, when at but ass for trades, two teams that wind, like the rackets, not make sense to last look Ah, I M very excited to be here today doing the park ass. They were about to do God gave me the opportunity to tell you remind you: U ethics! made me you don't care when without me. So I do that Jimmy. In jail or voice. I tried and Jimmy Butler Voice in my more towns or Wiggans Emma the town. Today, guy doesn't give a shit or the guy who's that allow for Doug Ojeda. Neither either Jimmy you talking about, know what he's one he's been on. This pact has twice I like them but he's carrying himself. Why keys Kobe Bryant and, like two thousand TED, It's like make. Their voice heard a he didn't say,
I'm a winter. He said to them. You can't win without me. He said to them. I now need me he's right: they do data without anybody This is long is tat. Is the coach he's unhappy with these two guys that allegedly donkey about winning in her softer, whatever narrative is crafting but then he was upset that they didn't shoot him to Miami. I just want to remind people whose on Miami has and white side, yeah, waiters, these guys that are like winners? What's going on your house, how can you I gotta get out of here these guys don't care about winning our. The sound Whiteside. That's my guy there's got to be unhappy anywhere. It goes. I think the Miami thing is pat. Really I give her any time anybody says anything about my emulated. I assume this than Golly has been weaving his
magic and has video cast his spell I'm a feeling I would know inside information. I've still feel in my bones that the Rockets are gonna. Do I think Miami I thought I was gonna, be my Amy. I thought they had the best assets. Fur trade, either in the corporate clippers, didn't wanna put judges Alexander out, their guilt is just get there. For the next five years they don't put Shea and the table, which is fine, their prerogative, I made the best assets to make a trade. It almost happened. It fell through for whatever reason, And now, because of the way the NBA works with these dudes that start texting each other. If Chris Paul and James Harden get into this, hey man, hey man fully, will it get you here who we can make this happen? Go blow up Minnesota situation and that all Sendero swoops in air, Gordon some peck-
Maybe they send Brandon AIDS contract, which is two years laffer for contract, which has three years laughed they just kind of basically make it easy for Minnesota, get fifty cents on the dollar, and then they hope that Chris Paul hard and can corral Jim Butler. The zag. If these every large go to you, why it makes sense it with one exception: tips appears to be a stubborn mother. Rougher gang is an old school. By the book, he's a straight out a central casting for whose yours, if you go, if they remain how hooters he would be mine, number one. You know recommendation. For coach what he was single eyes single, like Norman, I mean I just don't see him yielding somebody would have to Mean and by the way I agree with you
he's right, because I guess getting fired after this season. If, if nervous stuff works out Tom Thibodeau, that's happening so he's better off Canada, this game, a chicken with Jimmy Butler and either his you go up in December January February when people started coming happy, their teams or Jimmy father just stays either way. It's a better situation for him in do or die ears coach, then fifty cents on the dollar and a trade. I think really trillion listing intrigue. There is whether or not he gets fired ahead of time. Cuz the owners just says: I'm not going to go buy this I want to get whatever I can for Jimmy Butler. I don't want this guy. I mean there could be an owner overrule right they're in the owners as ban a train wreck for twenty five years, the Butler TAT We situation sounds like a train wreck. Butler has now been unhappy three different times in the past three years. It's in Minnesota, which you now is, is kind
in itself, because the people their privileges care by the vikings- and you know nobody wants to make a trade a week with a weak left in the season. Nobody to shake things out. There is not the right assets out there can we all agree. Much more fun. If you just days, that's how I want to play out. I want the season start, which Jimmy bother in open contempt of towns and Wiggins, and there are playing on the past, that's what I'm here. For that I am every limb of mine is up in the air right now I have my both hands up. I have my lawyer energizing I can stick in the area. Is up right over that proposition. I also love personally. This is one of my just favorite. Things is as a human being with weird weird. I pick it allows. I love the people who carry themselves. Like there's something way better than they are in this? is really rare moment where we have a celebrity. That's not very self aware who is
in this I'm all about winning. I put me, while I part of winning, is being a good teammate and being a leader and not just blowing things up. The first chance you get, which is what he's done three times I have just such a guy, life here and I dont want us any bad things about them, because I'm going to say very many, very good things about him, but does you just described John Wall to a t yeah? party leadership is being a leader and and being a team aid and not causing drama, and but to be fair like why? or would somebody like Jimmy Butler or John Wall have conquered had the opportunity to develop that that experience, would it right at all here. Have the experts who doesn't know they get the best power and his team. The first couple years he was in Chicago was was their grows, whose veto they're not exactly making sports movies about the great speeches there grows cave over his career, like he just
lead by example, thing in a lot of ways to, and I'm not sure bothers- may be seen the best examples as these are really proud. Guy he's really stubborn here It is ass. I think the key thing he said that Rachel Nicholls Energy yesterday was I'm not the topmost most out. The guy in this team towns is talented Wigan, says everything you want from a player, but I work the hardest, and that should be the case. It's like I technically right, but weakens its twenty two in towns. Twenty two and twenty three: wherever there they didn't have finished products, yet you actually really help these guys, you could be their leader. The way to lead is that by just parading them and making them feel like shit and make them eight. You you're not cocoa butter. That's an extension of his head coach, who has all of the trade snatch reach that you just described which is dry and o Brien guys down. You know coaching with an iron fist. You know it by all appearances and by reputation. The thing that I am interested in
we were together in LAS Vegas. We had up a podcast where it that included some forecasting on how the league might change over the next couple years. Yeah, I really feel like idea of the individual teams being run more like businesses, where the leadership comes from an institutional culture kind of thing? Is we still have wide disparity, a huge discrepancy between individual franchises yet and how they conduct themselves? spurs who I'm going to I'll. Tell you right now look very hard at their over Notwithstanding the injury to the Sharia yeah, it's institutional, that's a leadership by by inside from from a culture that they still and how the other teams in the Lee can't figure. That out is just beyond me. There's no lotta teams with the good infrastructure, but ass. I think where this is the generation the twentysomethings
I say this endearingly, because a lot of them were fought article, it I'm gonna millennials. Aren't you now these are millennials. This is like the sub radios. Oh they it's a little bit! What about me? What am I again where? Where should I go on that happy ago here in its it from a sport standpoint? doesn't seem like anybody ever stays. Happy everybody's, always thinking about ass, there's gotta, be Better situation, take a look at butler, bothers playing with towns if we did that trade valueless right now would be in the top o Levin he's playing with Wiggans, who is really disappointing last year. Obviously, but you know still has potential if they are, I wouldn't rule Wiggans out yet, and there are some good role pyres like it's, not a bad situation bothers making. It seem like he's on the titanic future. Go through the league, like eight, like there's real buzz. Now that the re my leave gone state,
in his time for his next journey, like this is coming from every circle of the abyss. I had such a site. This is not just gossip. This is like this is very, very reminiscent to last year with the bronze leaving Cleveland It's just starting to feel like this is his. Last year there maybe it's crazy! Why would he leave? He has a chance to potentially in four titles are three tatters in three years, but they would be four and five. They would be on the short list of the greatest friends we ve ever had the weak rest, the South X, the words winning for five the bulls winning sixty eight and whatever the makings Lakers dead in the fifties they now we're talking about real history and you would leave that
It seems clear to me then joined in the words in the first place, my crazy knowing and yet others only a couple dust destinations. That makes sense. It does seem like with this generation of athletes and we're not talking about sub twentysomethings anymore now, you're, because we morphed into you know a player. That's wanting to define a legacy the We place he can go, is an ax any sense. What's the next that it has to be next and then has to be the next and by the way, its action pretty good narrative for him, and I get it. I understand it because if you live here you know I've. I've got a normal him, a not that well, but if you're starting to feel like, I can't win in any way. And keep winning entitles. I'm always gonna take shape from people in view. If you care about that which I think he does the way to foot that is good
next, big eyed man. You wanted me to take a challenge here we go. This is this: is the black sheep of the league? This team is was the first NBA team. We had and they've won two titles. This team has not been robbed at this entire century. This is the mecca. This is the biggest city in America. Tell me I'm going to bring you a title that be pretty ballsy. I don't think he should do it. I don't think she'd. Do it I'll tell you Now, I'm rooting for it, I'm ruined for because like the NBA when the next irrelevant I love him. G when Emma's g is bump and meet me. We ve had just these little teachers with mass and square garden. Getting fired up for individual players who gone on individual runs. The lens sanity was such a great moment, but that, like the last extent great run. Adam S g, the last Like Euro five years, or so it would be my final, the leagues more fun at the next again, and there is a world in which next year they have our J bear. It
Kevin, the rare Kevin acts and poison gas, and that's the nucleus, like it's actually unrealistic Vicki also Don't they have the money for one more free agent data? They would have frame tomorrow for murder, something general it out. I we ve weave digressed enough for it and take a very quickly egg, a new target, a bang out our favorite protested the year NBA renders I'm super excited
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That's overs are owners that we love and in some way says like with the South Ex here there is better action on one side or the other that they skewed. So the south takes the overlanders, fifty nine wins, but the money light of bread, though money out is minus. One thirty said started even bet if you bet the over Europe thirteen hundred hours to win a thousand. If that said. So when I say something like minus one: thirty minus one, twenty five. That means It's been action on the oh, so here this ethics fifth, nine wins over under there were fifty five. Last year there minus one forty two in the division, minus one twenty to win the France- and I think you and I are aligned on this one as a best bet. They were fifty five vice chair getting healthy to carry Harrods back, whether he can be even
Eighty percent of the guy was two years ago to find out is the big x factor in this team Tatum Year to jail and brown year, three Marcus, smart and rosier off the badge rosier and a little bit of a contract, semi contract, ear, Marcus I commend the bench. They actually have a real badge. They have the best coach in a league or maybe top three it First, I would have them, as the best Cleveland is out of the loop division collide. Lettered is back back in the revision. Butler brought his outer cleaning. I cannot see a road map where this team does And at least sixty three games. I was shocked that this number was under Sixty M, removing on myself the phantom. I actually think this has a chance to be a really great, regular season to weather so transit through the plans that are now but the dep that they have the scoring options, have the ability, the light ups,
that they can go big or small. They can put three point shooters out there. They put multiple guys out there. Whatever you want, they can do it. They have the ability to have carry rest for a night third game of foreign aid carry take tonight. I feel just play terror. You're forty minutes who, by the way played was the starting garden, they're almost been finals last year, just a lot of options and there in a bad conference house, making it a lack of going over with our first one. I dont know how to there are some in I'll. Mean come on here in the in the in the usual ass, kissing, lackey kind of mode. I mean you did give me two podcast. We ve had black great meals together, you pay every time. We're together, I just can't come up with an argument against the Celtics. I absolutely love the over. I can't believe that number wasn't like sixty two. I don't get it in an end just to give people. You know somethin to really think about.
Fifty nine is for more games than they one last year gap and they, there there, the only weakness on the team was there. There often they were a middle of the road office an end date. The two guys coming back are outstanding egg across the board in every kind of office of category that you want the thing that is so compelling to me, the Celtics, fifty nine and fourteen over the last two seasons against teams under five hundred don't lose too bad teams. There are a bunch bad teams in the east, this sixty winds, feels delightful. I am banging the over. I am joining you in a lock IRAN it's me and I You know the warriors in fifteen, I think from a talent standpoint there actually pretty close to their team. You know that
differences curry is gonna, be in one of the best. Twenty pairs ever had twenty five, whatever it is that I don't think anyone in the South Ex roster has the ceiling that Korea has as a all timer, but that year, when the, when the warriors the first year when curry, joined the team and they kind of, took off and they really found themselves, and they can a relish kicking ass night after night. This ethics team has done that yet, and they haven't had that, the dep that they have the fact that their bench is gonna be really and be able to come in and actually swing games like their navy. They have, I would say, the one of the top three starting fives in the week and then you bring it. The friggin Marcus's. Who are just these guys? It's all right. You was tat. They really having great the boy
number for me- is there's not a bad who's, going to finish with the league's best regular season record for somehow there's a million freaking NBA props. That's not a bet. I don't understand it cuz. I think part of what's going to motivate this them. This year is trying to get home court because that's their one. Chance against the workers in a final stay have to get the whole court and you the warriors, will take that off though what they always do that talk about our man. This is such a grand, it's a tough and You know, maybe they settle in the low sixty somewhere to their love. If the eight is it's been proven, you have, the power was call up our paths and beggars and get get one of the books to turn. Give up that prompt the price give me a price going to be: that's not good. I could do it for even money. It's going to cost. You have to pay to get that If you look at the over under four winters, the subjects I have the highest over under. I know: gaunt state those bones
It does God state is sixty. Three is rightly, I think they would be their prohibitive, favorite fur homeward advantage, but I think this ethics have a real chance to get it. Let's move, I wear out with subjects too much Terranova fifty five and a half their plus two, fifty two in the Boston division plus four under for the conference last year. They, when fifty nine games they flipped, arose and into quite Leonard their own, Nobby who s name on their river, say healthy, the sheer two years off any Sergey their expect and get things from him and a new coach. They got rid of our boy doing Casey. I think, out of all the teams in the east there's two teams that I think have a chance to get to sixty and it's Boston and Toronto. I would not bet on this. I still don't know if we're getting eighty two from Kauai, I'm going to go with a very half
ass tentative squeamish over pack, but it's too much in the air with quiet for him play online games last year. What do you have I had the over as well good track record. In Toronto. There is a culture of winning in Toronto, yet one more than fifty five games into the past three seasons. They ve hit the over on this winter or thing each of the past, seven straight years, and I really like the book the core that they have. They demonstrated such a deep bench in such a in at an ability to have one weave guys in kind of seamen. Play this experiment. The season will be a chemistry experiment. How does Kawhi fit in there's? No reason that he cannot come in immediately kick ass when he also has. He also has the Toronto
and save really good fans. I, like the Toronto offence, a muslim brothers in there just see I'm with you, the Tita, great unless a browser, then that the Tita gets very Blair witch goes just looks in the corner, turns around and get super scared, but Oh, why, knowing that is in a contract dear, I think it's gonna be a love S, for that did this, and I actually think I like it, I think, is the most attention has ever get Why are I already told you that the biggest factor for me that the one of the great entries trees of the season is the Drake effect on collide to find out whether not quite like a rat cause Drake is going to invite him to the studio. We're going to see so much joy, Draken Collide spent in time together, since in Iraq or whatever it is that these Jake's biggest challenge she's been the most administrators in the last decade, but this is a much bigger challenge: be remedied. May imitation of quiet laughing at
now it was worse than that. The Medina keeper it was the one of the weirdest sounds. A human being is made slight over variants Gerardo. We both think they have a chance color. Plus nine. Fifty two mvp that resellers favour pick theirs world in which he comes in kicks ass and they go sixty two and twenty don't see a world where they're in the low fifties or even the high forties unless he gets injured and that's possible, This is why are we not at this moment a moment? said over we're, both in agreement that is over and we both an agreement. That is not anything the lean into too heavily and we haven't but this next one were still in the Atlantic division. Philly fifty for wines is the over division is plus four hundred. I would not bet this one either. I think it's us
play way. I'm going under on this there's some stuff that there's some red flags with Philly. I think people are treating them like they're a contender. Meanwhile they won five playoff games. We haven't seen them be played you know for them to for them to go. Fifty five and two thousand seven hundred and fifty eight twenty for whatever they're going to need. Two thousand one hundred and twenty two minutes for members this year, the union and play seventy plus games. They're gonna need him to play thirty, two. Thirty, three, thirty four minutes again, I'm that ain't. He can't you haven't seen here- and this is your five for him. So that's a red, they lost Bardell, Alias over their benches. In it. Get the relying on faults in a way that makes me nervous there. Their attitude is: let's throw man we think we made
have something- or I actually would bring him off the bench and he's a man is a six man. I don't like the spacing with faults and Simmons and Embiid off the same time, and I think there's going to be some hiccups expectations and be and Siemens as they both get more more attention, just some tiny red flags than major other than indeed south. But enough to make me think low fifties high forties for them. Would you have? That seems right to me until someone who can tell us how many games and be it's gonna play the Sixers last year were forty in twenty two when, indeed played more than ten minutes in a game. Yeah translates into a fifty to win pace. While that makes sense to me that sixty two games that he plays in that fifty two winds, that's under yeah. By the way, I'm surprised to hear that I would guess when he played that they would be on.
Haste I would be higher than this. Forty four fifty four went over under so even when he play they were under their pace. Man, I'm sorry This might be a lack. I gotta think about a more I'm not call a lot because every one of the points you observe could go in the other direction and bead could play twenty one hundred midst season he could. Of any player that that's prepared to make a leap. He could make a leap and I, like I'm, gonna, look in his eyes I haven't yet, for bp on, I have them for you right now- and by the way I think this is a better bet than there are runner. He's if they know one when they win Mvp and there is a world in which he plays twenty five hundred minutes. He play seventies. In games? He puts out Early Orlando Shack season lucky as like twenty eight and twelve and Philly wins fifty games and he's the bp conceivable. I don't
what happened at adults can deliver by fifteen one. I like that. That's the way that I would bet this you know I would this. Is this number before the stay away to me, I don't you go under under software like under under this be the bench they replaced, Alias over involuntarily with Wilson Channel might miss Schuyler yeah next week on that an upgrade next ones: Brooklyn thirty two wins and lets rush over this cause? I have no f, include: what's goin out that may have some players they like shall Marston a great job shown marks is really rebuild Brooklyn, let's give them hope again, it's like whose they, why won't you trade care somewhere for Jimmy Butler, sat really on the table? Can you do that well can t here's the thing. Can I treat everyone of my team for Jimmy Butler and just have Jimmy love earn free agents, but cap space. This is the first time since two thousand thirteen, yet two thousand thirteen bill Simmons. Yes, that the Brooklyn that's gotta ETA, the off season with their own pick
their own first round back that see their their panic or the internet. This pick swipe at which is how they lost the Tatum Peck yet than their own so, where aligned, I am I'm going under because it makes sense for them to be not good. This year their everyone is anchored in the abbey goods and their incense Kenny Atkinson hasn't playing hard, and none of these guys, jeer down the Angela Russell Spencer Dinner, they're not gonna like do not roll overs. So this was interesting. I was looking at the make play off spats. Cleveland out of the play off, there's a spot open for the aid seat and the candidates like Charlotte, who will get to Detroit, maybe even Cleveland. Without the brine little tiny Junior, you in theory moment or somebody has to be the eighty. We can't enter the place. The seventeenth Brooklands play, efforts broken and make the playoffs is only plus two eighty five
That tells me Vegas thinks there is a world in which they actually make a run for it and try to be an eighteen. I think thou be ludicrous that that's just a terrible move his bottom out for one more year. Have your cap space go nuts let's go slight under on this, but I feel good about it sure agreed. Now when is the next. I have no fear for this when either twenty nine and a half over is Number, plus one fifteen. If However, that means everyone's bang in the under and this they are plus six. Fifty to make the playoffs. I would guess we won't see pausing, ass, if he's not ready until January February- and they decide they want a tank, various added to watch Kevin Knox this year get it I can say I was shocked. By how high this over was in a kind of through me off, I would have assumed it was twenty five. Twenty six their basically cs it and make a thirty and fifty two
Is there not what what are you confused by well. I don't want, Twenty nine gave last season you having her is out until February, enabling a whole year games against the raptors, the Celtics and the six years. That's their division Yes secondary terrible and they should be terrible. Are then, what about fish there? You know worried about him. China win games we're gonna win with timber. No, a junior puppy, we're gonna, see autonomous Robert Kevin Knox, which makes all the sense in the world their very best move. Who is the losers, many games as possible to add one more enticing get him to the pot. By way the draft and then try and lore of free age two in I mean I'm, they either way. Oh all over, go ahead, No, I'm sorry, I admit I didn't mean are up to the funny thing. Is I agree with you.
I think the next bans or be up work has now that Durrant care it is being dangled and that's all their focus that so few everyone attack. This is the perfect dear there between calves, we all think is gonna be good. I'm excited a watch him between him and the direct possibility this the perfect year for them the tank away who cared away. So this is right. Here's my thought: instead of buying Joe came now. Whenever stare down is gonna right now I bring back and forth oh you're at a shape and your bad maze. You paint forty minutes today right, students in the crowd, he could help us tank washed joking, no, as their biggest asset. The share that did be out there gets here should be at their our time, Frankie, Natalie Keener, who is biology. As one of the worst off at some point cards we ve had maybe that Quinn, Butner bad but kind of one, maybe Lindsay Hunter level. I would have him out there I'll be running. Pickin rose with Frankie Frankie, nicotine and joking; no,
that's my go to play. Bring Mammy these. These names that you're saying in this rationale idle I had this written down in right red under its all cats, it's at all caps under so long. Terrible, lack love a letter Joe. Our luck- I can't I don't know if that's a lack for me, but I'm gonna. Well, I'd censure division, this to be a lock. For me, this is gonna, be a pull my pants down. And just pay in the air. I'm so excited luck! my eight year old kid. This is where it too, Bachelor party in succession right now and I'm just so excited just so excited about now, because now, because I met a girl and Bob is his hat don't have of spirits. How hot right now Joe has just had. Work is ever Anders forty eight whence they one forty five last year, the forest
as their coach, Jane Eyre, but so they say: Prayers Bledsoe Midway through the season. They fired Jason kid for his the edge by. Their plan on one leg, who is just furious, daughter, that. Yadda had stolen the franchise from played with a really slow pace which Kevin Oconnor broke down perfectly in his eye. Peace. Yeah it s in how you might make the leap, everything everything everything is pointing to the bucks making led this year. Everything is pointed to a possible envy pieces in four years, which is why he's my favorite better five to one last year's twenty said. Ten five, they increase the pace of the sudden that might start to look like thirty, twelve and six, which is envy numbers They added a brick Lopez that I really liked and at no other Lakers didn't sign an alias. At least you know he can be eroded. She guide,
be semi reliable and I got to be honest. I think this team could land in the MID fifties coach, but as a real coach set that guy that got one hundred and sixty games with the hawks. That is not a joke, not a lot of coaches of one hundred and sixty. I am making this a simply safe lack My house is locked and simply have soup. They didn't, even as they have no there in this package. We say about that. We should have simply safe, lock and Perceval and two eyes lack two eyes. I and we the two eyes win over real en I'll have it. You say I'm joining you, I'm joining the lock. I think the Milwaukee is loaded for bear one interesting thing to me. I think you can guess so get them around twenty two one way. What are they to to win our fifteen to one and when the conference? That's
an interesting to me, while even marched in that bucks. Now that their less than fifteen a window in the conference. Box warriors bucks, where's and ran ass twelve to one bucks lakers. Would you think the ads are for that? A thousand one now here I hate doing this with you sometimes of yesterday Bucky Lakers is not the final. It's one, forty two one second the fires, huh Fourteen might as well be a thousand a one year. His verses, Leubronn, completely unrealistic to completely unreal. I cannot overstate how unrealistic that we're gonna get the brown in the second half of this package- and I just really hope- he's taken nets. I really hope he is heard save it, but I really hope is listening to the narrative of Eastern away the share in the west. It's over. I didn't whose
The report says that if our San Diego lack Milwaukee lack forty, eight wins lack over next one and you're. A lack too. I am. I join you on that. Relax already laptops about six teams and I have three locks. This is like what it's like when we used to go. Strip joints twenty years ago. You were just immediately get your lacks out and then ready to harm it. He hindi hell. No, I know my money was gone in a forty eight wins it. People very excited about Tiree governs for some reason Oh, he is that that is the open. It did you watch any last night. Watch the second year might ensue out of the first game. I think our own Mark Titus is the esteemed expert. Whether or not a player is fat. So I'd like to get his input on now, that's great up. I wish
MA am. Who is it? Who declare the player Terry governs? Oh, he looked fat he looked at me. I love you. I love you text Titus unsafe. If, Tom. We made him the fat expert in Buenos Aires fat if he thinks tyrant in this that will get alive up date from Titus on this. I you know there's some day some positive stats for em like his his scoring efficiency. Fact that is three point: shootings is actually pretty might even sneaky good. It's been opened, the gate and You know watching that Indiana team are broken, they were last year and how easy it was to just take out all depot pudding. Three guys item in there is like no plan b, I get other reasons I just him. Mcdermott, I don't think, that's enough of an upgrade. I think the east got better. I don't feel their better unless this whole miles Turner, I'm in great shape, I'm ready to be the sidekick furrowed depot. That's the x factor! That's why I don't feel that strong
about it either way. Forty eight actually feels like the right number, I'm going to go just a shade under just a hare, but I I feel strongly about it there s a plus, wait. Thirty two, when the division I should mention is one we finally have a dust Dream and grand taking the over. I think they're gonna be five. Fifty wind teams in the east this year, as a direct result of there being five x or Kabul X, X, Rock God, experts will accept crowbar. It's like having trump try to try to pronounce anonymous. Five horrendous teams in the east of here. So I think we could be five. Fifty one teams I had in Vienna in their at fifty wins. I think there are surprisingly deep. I like the car. Look when signing. I think I like tat winter. I like that is well, and you know I have to just
have an opinion on MILES Turner, and I think that the commitment to getting himself healthy, in the way that he did I'll go head in, and be a glass half full kind of guy about him making a small leap as he regressed last year. The speeches that team one of what happened Forty eight games last season yeah and he was not like a huge part of it. It was because he made a giant leap. It was all victor all depot size. You have for fifty games. I guess my question with him. I'm still a hundred percent sure what he does For me, say this on pods many times. What I mean by that obviously does stuff is out. There is get points rebounds, but like what's his elite, which is a leap skill. What is is it is one thing so one thing that makes him special: he
paper looks great, but then you watch, you accept Cleveland Series in it and you can't really post them up he's not. This amazing above the rim. All the time athlete he's, not an amazing re boundaries that incredible defender here just kind of solid. So, even if he's in the greatest shape of his life, I still, I guess I need to see what that means. Chasm that sure that's gonna help him demand to be doubled, teen than the low post you now we got an update Womack, I'm not goin crazy. On my selection, the small over from a smile, I write them around. If I had my way more important than this, I have a small under way more aware. My Titus has an update. Is Terry. Given I say: no, I think you just gotta fat face in his beard, doesn't no favours by ok, real time and assets from my tattoo seeking airman when China package next went up to trade
new customer Gandhi. By the way the best raided the year was steaming. Gonna go from the treaty is being led by the SBA and ensuring have reminded us that great trading spirit greater. Even as they take a bad contract. Yeah he's good. I eat that was agreed whatever may we, it was almost me him mad. Johnson and Michael Wilbon that first year and count down, and then David Stern, stepped in and basically block the higher this happen, people think, like I other measures a pod five times. I dont know what these sports bogs do like work. What makes good content like. Go research. This is one hundred percent happened. He was signed. He added deal. Stay manganese talked about this and stern, like I don't want to being gun, is unjust, squashed it. He ended. It jail end up getting added to the show, like nine days before a first show- and I remember
Sandy John Wild Hack, who was the quorum quote. Person in charge of continuity is painted the type of use, the cords very small, but men are, we gonna have like a rehearsal. Is the good me jail and whereby a magic are we gonna rehearse an he emailed back its hey started TAT you finish and ours, If you like, I don't know that much about tv, but I'm pretty sure tat start pressure first him she's matter, a television maybe rehearsal for help. John. While there is now an athletic director, so that's by is paid stir in the Detroit. Thirty eight and a half wins over under way. Think stake. They caught a buzz biggest drove this up. It started. Slower than this effort? For some reason there is it's all away
thirty. Nine winds. Last season yeah, I think they're right there, sort of talent wise, not not a whole ton change their expected when total last year, based on their point differential, was forty one and they ended up at thirty nine. So both of those numbers are, above thirty. Eight one slash half ago slight over, I think, they're the eighth play off team in the east. It's just hard to twenty two point. Two anything on that team to get excited about. You mean Reggie Jackson, Reggie, Bullock, Stanley, Johnson, Blake, Griffin, Andre Drummond. Does a excited? Do you feel like Blake Griffin, drove up their ads, gives you so impressive battling Jeff for us that that was it Edible rose by the way, all props too Blake, I Griffin. If it was, it, may be, singular best. He has a career after basketball, yet and honestly, I have been his his most impressive performance of the season. You hear that three years. I
I'm gonna go under. I dont forget about I'm that betting on it, but I'm not convinced by Griffin, can play eighty two games anymore. And once you remove him from that hypothetical pathetically that chart really mediocre team at its edge. A five hundred team. I think where's, the mediocre I ass. I really don't see how german and black Griffin makes sense together on the same basketball team in two thousand nineteen. That's it certainly not where the league is heading Anna, don't think they do. This is why statement on his on television. I have yet to the great point, but having said all that
They only have to win the same number of games as last year and Lebron Bron James is doesn't play in the conference anymore. More make plans for them is minus one. Seventy five, which has very surprised by TAT, means Vegas, thinks there. The eight said I disagree, I'm gonna give you may see the little bit later necks and his Cleveland Cleveland one fifty games. Last year, there overlanders thirty one mine. So and twenty five, which means we have had a lot of action on the over their plus four fifty make the playoffs, I gotta say like if you at gunpoint, the charter Cleveland, I'd actually would probably pick Cleveland because of the infrastructure have not been Collin. Sexton then watch him a couple times, preseason. He seems like you're away to your way to me, and I know they can have to play them. That's that's the main reason I was thinking about the the under
on this, but I'm not gonna go under. I actually think they're in the MID thirties and this number seems to lower me. They will add a guy. They ve got a veteran Sonata play: Basketball, Kevin Love. Who is now going to get a lot of courage time? Obviously, I think he's a really office of prayer actually thought one of their mistakes. The last couple years was not giving a more courage, time, opportunities, Tristan Thomson, J, core were ye. Are these guys? We watch the final say these are all professionals, at least I don't know I'd for for whatever reason I'm leaning over would you think ass though it were with good reason the reason you just mentioned, that's a good reason to lean over I'm taking you over as well. I think it's just you know when you have that many guys that have been professional basketball players that have been to the finals consecutive years, yet the way that Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson Jr Smith-
I'll call have those guys. Just you don't know how to win basketball game. You're, not gonna, be cowed by any situation if their healthy and tells a nice. You know professional bascombe, please Wasn't? Yes, excite you here he was aid to win the game and he cost us an interesting mba finals last year with that Miss free, throw Charlot, you know, for the purposes of getting to thirty two and sets a competent basketball team so large that ideas or evidence. I is plus three sixty for them to meet the playoffs. I hears what here's or change my mind in them a little bit. They had the Celtics calves game. Precision. I watched it because I loved the south be more than just about anything and The calves have like a little swagger to them of surprise, a lead to the Jr Smith, Marcus, smart altercation, which was reported in the sand, social, but mainly think like
that I think the care. I think this is kind of a proud calves theme re. They made the finest forestry years. Everyone is completely written them off and meanwhile you know they have a bunch of deeds. The team who are expensive for a reason. At some point, somebody thought they were confident Kevin love. I still don't feel like it's like the 27th best part in the way he's in the top. Thirty he's, probably closer to the bottom of top thirty. But it's weird to me that they had they are eight winds lower than Detroit Cuz, I'm not sure, there's a difference from a talent standpoint. We know it clear when they have some pride in some chemistry, so I'm going over and that's that allow for me, the last week with the last one is the boat.
Twenty nine F wines, plus four fifty to make plans for them minus one, twenty five for the over, which means paper bag in the over wow. I think this team is going to be a defensive shit. You it's my expert opinion but it is a proven fact: yeah, I'm that really go down on them, but if there is somebody scores seventy this year, this would be my number one candidate to be the to the other team in the game that were somebody scored. Seventy. I would like that relation cargoes, a minus three hundred favorite fur who, who is give up a seventy point. Game to an mba ploughed, say Chicago is the minus three hundred favorite. They were in the bottom five last year in both orphans Defence other than that not bad yeah littered the division that we just went through a kind of
murderers row, both Indiana Animal Walkie are around that fifty game, when in Detroit is around forty with cleavings gonna be MID Thirty's as well. I don't know if I use the word murders were I just think you know we're walking in the air. I'm just saying I wanna hear murders row clearly then trader, and that division come on. Good point are fair enough. As low bit of an overstatement value exuberant? Why? Just think that that there is the right move for them is to lose. It doesn't make any sense. For them to go when they need to get line. Linda has great asset to I joined. They have a real nice young core. I said bad things last year about Is it a real nice around a lot more to marketing is it a real nice core is it Have a young, a decent nice core, because I think, when a cottage,
it's gonna, be good market could be good. If you add one more piece one, these do kids to those two guys. Now you have a nice young corps, I'm out on on the Vienna out on done. Well, I'm Ukiah Vienna regularly bar eagerness pay Levine. They pay them twenty million a year making the water the paint, maybe Jabbar, like forty million combined the final doing that? Why are they do Why are you doing Ashikaga? I Of Window Carter Junior- and I think you will be- I think, he's gonna start. I think he's gonna be heard of heard from I love this draft. I think it's going to be a really memorable draft. Fifteen years from now, and and he's one of my favorite guys in it and he's also a grown ass man already, which is amazing, he's just a big dude, he did a little bring her thing with us,
but one of those guys his big already, but you still now he's going to add twenty five pounds muscle of nets copyright. I just like that. I think he's a homer and pick for them, but there I just don't like the team they put together and I think the east is better than people realize so I'm gone under. I wouldn't bet on it. Only about enlargement. Only under four first gaga, oh, come up we're gonna talk about your favorite team. At the wizards of wash them first hey. We, however, we have a sponsor. This is you'll, be excited for the Sun ass. I want to talk about the action network, which is run by my friend Chad moment. So they were free out o idea. Yeah Chad moments on this, but not this part, but the other part, so that
We do. I love Chad. I subscribe to the action that works are my own money. If that, if I'd known that this was a thing I wouldn't know paid for it, I wanna got it for free chat coppice. When doing so the network. It has a free up, you sign up, you can put your bats and they can track. The bats. They also have really good wine probability for em. It's good. It's gotta get tat, everything track that gun the best. I guess I went one in three last week. I am five hundred for the season. I don't know the exact number Kazanovitch Jacket. I should have put him off they action network download the free up. You can follow my pick. Every week, I'm putting amend this week. I did I action our dotcom slash bill and yet we should put in their way. Over honourably Shepherd does. Why put I have three NFL picks this week, go ahead. I have
Jacksonville, minus three Dallas, I think douse thanks as the clamorous guinea have fired, and I don't think there often consort twenty points again. Jacksonville borders will not be at that bad to exercise like that when I like the bears minus three free in Miami Amal it on this bears team against bad. Or mediocre offences that did the defences can win. Singly. And then I have a parlay that just about I'm sorry, I that debate, in a parlay with the rams that just about even adds the bears or minus two hundred? The rams are like minus three eighty, but if ye in Denmark, but if you don T there, it's perfect and then the third one, I've straight up, Cincinnati minus two at home against Pittsburgh. Would you think those picks your house? I like three other form: four, I'm not you to one I dont like because I still have to make my books would be, who you do the pigs for this is
pack asked. Oh, this is the pigs podcast now as you like my prepared for, and if you don't have any apparent, I'm just asking where picture liked. Oh I'll I'll, really like the the bangles this week against her at home meter. Do you like my bears? Rams, tease our parlay. Bears have to win in Miami Rams have to win endeavour. That's it! Nothing else, no points nothing home dogs went for no last week, which means you want the regression. That's naturally come home dogs, the season or fifteen, and seven yeah. I both stats off to their always fifteen. In seven after five weeks at details as rights, they owe a tender end up just a little above five hundred, so a regression is coming That would be my concern. Is Miami at home as a frisky home dog, potentially against the bears, because true biscuit never trust Travis, I dont. Let s go either ever bears the events bed, that's it! So
and go to action network that calm, slash bill. You get all these ads. They have a really good Friday com that I like to about with all the odds and percentages and stuff and they're. So there we go back you the invade, that's rare in the southeast, where Strike headlong Regan Kyler fifty minutes we have fifty nine minutes man. This can be like a two and a half hour. Pod are at this and give the people what they want. Sometimes Washington, but like two orders of food now we will we'll get it up. It will be fine. Forty five f wines for your wizard Straight Howard, strong precision, he's already seen to back specialists, and I think I think, he's gay wheeled around and one of those things like the air. The little bicycle wheelchair thinks so he'll be fine, John Wall. It is fair. To kind of hat fat is a little fat. What's John was their God. I just wanted to share this this facto speaking on the action that work
Matt more did a lot of hard work. I want to give a shoutout met more of the action that works and were pimping them. I've enjoyed his accomplice, ass, if overview of of Winter Rosa season. He shares this factoid teams that Dwight Howard has been on have hit the under in seven of the past eight seasons. The one reason that that is team went over was the two thousand and fifteen two thousand sixteen Houston raw it's a good reason that they hit the over is because Dwight only played in half the games. You quit and forty one games. That's my pathway to get to the over four, my Washington, almost bullets, the we arts, I like forty, six wins for them. I like everyday, it's up. It's you have you have now info it. I just I just like a cause for eight hours regression. That's you
That's your lives are not regression. They one forty three games. Last year with with John Wall missing, half the games, I'm saying that right, Howard, the Dwight, our is the dry by the virus. This is actually the air. He won't be the dry ball of ours. Design your long thing he he could be. The tribal a virus, but he can't be candid infected team. If he's not playing as possible, they won't be playing Because he's already has a but injury. Most White Howard and Washington, almost bullets injury ever Joint Howard has an injured, buttocks. Forty five and have died. This is one of the toughest ones. For me. I still think Maybe I can get a bit better with good reason. I still kind of like your team felt like the energy last year ended and the divisions that did just now now get Orlando Animal Atlanta near division Charlotte, while I kind of like Charlotte let s think, but that's good, what most
It's my feelings is that you read Matt Moors over under peace and didn't come up with your own ideas in your own work. So you got the limit that target. I just shared a mug, yet I have not yet that's all over the planet read other people's rubble renders I'd like to come up with my own ideas. I do have my ideas, I was prepared to pick the almost bought on the over anyway. I'm up. Do it any glass, half empty bs. With my t, may have a play: the single game yet John Wall. This is the season. This is really a career defining season for he's either going to show up and be awesome and not be and under minor or a sabotage or he's going to do so? How, through I don't know what kind of us both. Maybe he can go good too, were business meetings with deadly artists and see what a leader looks like he but this is it. He either have to show up and lead this team and make Dwight Howard his other teammates better
or not and leave be traded. He must be traded if he's not gonna come in, and and and they start off slow. I think this trade in waste we'll start turnin. He needs to leave This is a nice window into your psyche, because I've known you for thirty years now- and there are a couple girls, you just stayed with too long. And we will go, would have James, we talk about it and then, like another, six months would pass and now you're married. But now John, while has become that girlfriend you're staying with two long, you should move, you should break up mentally with you is my advice. You just heard me say so, I'm I'm ready there are five taught myself into an ongoing I'm gone under I just their other teams, other teams in the east. I like more. It feels like a forty four and thirty eight and forty five and thirty seven forty six feels ambitious for the team nap,
one is Miami. This is tat. My aim is forty two and a half. We have no idea of their. For James they're gonna get Jimmy bother for Josh Richard Sanding crap protected pact. Like obviously that's gonna, be with five or six whence. I can't believe this much debate about Josh Richardson. If if somebody ready Miami an Minnesota's like as look here's, what we want, we want Josh Richardson. We want the top five protected, Peck and Bam at a bear. I beg ok done, let's call who really get Jimmy butler I left to give up? Anyone is going to make it all starts. Okay, good! Let's call it in. I can't believe that really has gotten this done yet. Just pay God. How can we bother unaware of these crazy? I think this is tebbs. I don't think it's really say they tabs is just.
Stringing him along, but doesn't actually want trade for? Yes, that's exactly what I think a thousand percent cuz Miami doesn't have that really crammed Ella cram first round pick to offer. That makes it you know just to get it offer to not take ferment. So why, like the over there for the division, plus one eighty washed and minus one, sixty four, the ridge ended there. An intriguing division, pick two of you ve, just banking, on that this bother thing is a catastrophe. Indians are going I just like some of the guys in the team. Otto care. Waiters island is on fire right now and is theirs pestilence and just people throwing up all over the island and things remember: I'd. Just like some of the guys and The only reason I find it hard to believe pollsters gonna go under five hundred, which is basically when it s better, saying this poster
no record of having bad seasons here here. The competing factors Miami they. They win Molly one, forty one games or less three times in the past fifteen years, so it s a place with with the culture of winning. We talked about institutional winning culture of of winning institutional leadership Miami has has their own, neither individual players to be leaders, because the franchise provides the leadership that the guy's need. The only thing that I think I can come up with a mama. I'm gonna go over with you, I'm not join you on the over cause. I think forty three wins is eminently reasonable. The one thing that can sabotage this is her son Whiteside because they can't just bench him and not have him play because he's dissatisfied and play you know Fort with fourteen guys, like they can't desires. My counter that way, I think I think my aim is poised for some sort of trade and obviously there
in the same way if their joining it. Jimmy buyer, though ass, to ease its roster that is somewhere like a smudge over five hundred, but I think, there's a lot of different ways. They can improve it and they're just Mark and they always strike when there's a chance to add somebody. Is really good. They have different types of pieces that are good in trade like dry, I'll get somebody you can put in a trade to upgrade to a slightly better point guard. They have justice. Winslow, I think, is entering his restricted free agency year. He's tradable bans, tradable job Richard, send people like eight ten million sees they re? Really he's trade about, nine seems like a really fair price. For me Frahm. They have their pig, taking Adam overran, they don't have their pick into. Doesn't twenty, but a Linux contract is that awful, The only contract they have trade was waiters here, he's helpful and the thing is they said,
their caps, a hundred billion dollars and there's only thirty personally at some point calculated for it million hours, actually not the worst thing in the world, so I like over. I think they can make their team better yeah. You just taught me and I'm not going to suggest that either one. I was make a lock on this, but you know what I did. I gotta My highlight your pen yeah, using a yell highlight or pen for all of these ones that were I'm gonna bet my own harder and cash. This is one because I a thousand percent subscribe to the idea that going to make a trade over the ass ease. There's some sort of natives vary from one. They have three four one for four too, tension in the keeping remembered them. They can't make this team bet with the turn out in the two thousand nineteen free agent game, because they ve already spent all their money, so there the same situation, Houston his end with butler, you add, but if you can figure,
how to get butler? It's really your only chance to be in that kind of free agent possible all game, and I think they're gonna. Eventually they restrict foreigners as I had so Charlotte, Charlotte thirty five one slash two one hundred and twenty five. So there's been some action on it, plus one hundred and thirty, to make the playoffs fifteen to one To win the division of new coach James Barretta carried a steep quivered starting five Kimber, but to kid crest, the ageless Marvin lambs the already bull bar codes. Zeller come off the bench: Jeremy, Lamb, Malea, monk, MILES bridges, Frank, Kaminski, Bismarck, Bianco even like doing bake them a bit, and then I d not ages. Tony Parker.
I think he's were pushed Why do I like this team? I watched a precision gave mass bridges has a little like steel of the out of the top ten of other guys after the top ten potential. You know how I feel about mark. I just think he had the year from Hell last year. I am still a believer Kemba in a contract year potential to either flip him or do something They're, big guys are all serviceable. None of them are bad. Like you know, beyond has his whole out completely overpaid, but he's not awful on the re team. We ve seen him succeed in certain situations we ve seen Cody Zeller, succeed. Kaminski is not a train wreck I like Nick, but to whom he one of those zigzag guys like one iguanas quarterbacks, you never know what to expect you to hear. I like the fact that they change their coach. I liked the fact
the star game is coming there in February, it's a n! I like that. That somebody in the east is gonna come out of nowhere. We saw last year with Indiana. It happens. Every effing here One thing, but I won't work well there, twenty two and twelve, that's crazy, I think this can be Charlotte, I'm going over I'm gone lack thirty five and a half that joy house, while yeah yeah well, we have about when asian. Are you about waiting to ask as I like it when you need me, new day. There are all they have to do for you to win. Your bet is to do what they did the previous to season, which is when thirty six games, which is why the over here ass one twenty five array of campaign at five, here's the thing they of guys. If you go through their whole rotation. They have a guy but at least somebody you can create his own shop for them and crush them. They have a bunch of
as you know who they are usually even kid. Crash to our I'm still mad on that Cutting him out yet I still feel like he's going to have a moment. Cuz he's so good defensively and he's a good guy and he's a good kid he's, not that old. It's the only like two thousand four hundred and twenty five. I just I like the talent, it's. It's not guide that there's nobody who is overrated, there's nobody who got paid doesn't give a shit even will it be Ambrose overpaid, like I think, he's a good teammate. I just think you in a bad situation. Orlando is in a weird team with no point guard, I like the steam. Well it I have a nugget for you to answer the expected win total last season based on the point differential. They should have one hundred and forty two games. They had one hundred and thirty six, but here's the nugget in the last two seasons, they've been in fifteen games, decided by three points or fewer. Let me ask you a question. Fifteen games,
three points are fewer. How many of those games do you think the Charlotte oriented want over the past vaguely remember this stat, it's like two and thirteen so tight that actually won in fourteen gallery good yeah, so you and me that I talk you into it I join you in the lock. I am joining you on the over because, as we observe the baby, getting all I do is when the exact same number of games is less your new when I'm going to tell you jail, has betting, their division in one one. As the I think it's a good bet. I think anyone can win this division, not Orlando Lana, but the other three fifteen Why fifty my wireless enabled him. I also plus one thirty on that journey on fifteen the one hour, damage sustained backbone, mighty lose money, Orlando is thirty one wins. Thirty. Five
no. In the division plus for twenty five to make the plants the Good NEWS, there is good news that actually have they they made to sow draft etc, That's all that's funny. It's I got you a question. Do you know how long ago was listen to this team that they had Aaron, Gordon after all, depot to buy Harris and yellow jury is still out of Hell for Peyton, but he was on this team. They couldn't be patient with that team. That team was that was who they had two years ago, but we though the depot and they ruined him and did everything you possibly do wrong with with them men suck the life out of them and then traded on for one year surge, Ibaka, morons I'd like this team, I still think they're gonna suck I agree I, like I, like Burma Alike, Jonathan Isaac, Gallagher and garden. There's knows
Please scenario where you can play the three guys together: they the worst point guides in basketball, the maids like inexcusable, have bad point guards in two thousand and eighteen there's a million point guards like alan- was trying to trade Dennis Schroeder and where Fuck was Orlando and that eight, so thirty one to me I think these again is a little better than people think, and this is almost a lack, me I'd. I'd need to think about no more, but definitely definitely definitely under. For me, I'm with I'm joining you on the under I dont know, I don't need a shot, a lightning fall from the sky, poor cabin Clark, They need not fear that ran. They may need some kind of extra terrestrial event to come, visit them and create the opportunity for them to turn to change the narrative there, but that their dirt just a thirty. In teams, stare me in the face. Some I'm join you on the under I'm not giving him as a walk. I failed twenty five of ITALY
Seven. My next one is a lack. The Atlanta hawks twenty three and a half winds is the over its. Even there's been a little action on the under. If you think they can make the playoffs, you can win eighteen hundred and one one hundred our bat, so I rights be not to do that. Here's the case other than the fact that there are to be actively gradually unintentionally, terrible. They don't have coach shoes trying to F up their draft position like they did last year with coach bud, who want to know part of attacks jewish and on the same page now this organization and here's what they want. They want to and by a lot of minutes and they want to lose games and they want to make the latter again and get a top five pick and hope the Dallas does the same, and now they have tray young and to top seven pigs or whatever. It is that's what they want. The agenda is very clear.
Twenty three and a half, or they have to do- is go twenty three and five nine or worse and I'm in, and I also think they can lock down the number and pick or that the pink pearl buzz. We take about twenty in sixty two. I think anyone in the west is gonna, get that sixty two losses. Is a lack for major ass. I am black eyes and your manner under I've been sitting patiently to join you here. With an unbridled enthusiasm and exuberance, interesting bet to me is what tray. Young rookie year adds ah well they that were on the cousins. Ipod, we'll talk, but oh against all odds router about rookie year that and then we're gonna try.
Yeah, let's keep going. We have too many themes I mean we have to get to. The west has only been four hours. News. Flash everybody at land is gonna sack, they're gonna, be really bad Betty under so I have for my lacks Atlanta under twenty three and a half in these Milwaukee. Forty eight wins over embossed and fifty nine wins over. You had those three, but you also had one more. Was Europe? Fourth, one too the Knicks are the next evening. Under twenty nine f in your and you're hoping for a joking Noah, Slash, Frank in ITALY. A lick anchor by too much to ask for their you're, hoping for a little pick and roll action with them quick break to talk about our friends at proper cloth, finding a dress shirt that fits is nearly impossible. Something is always off be at the collar of the sleeves, thankfully ordering a custom fit Has never been easier with proper class. You can easily
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Simmons give could see minutes where's the conference around the southwest division? First, Houston, fifty six and a half winds. They went sixty five last year. This is a slap in the face. This is this. Is a big bottle, water just being thrown in the face of their Morey, who, I think has hit the road pretty much every year this decade, except for maybe one year every year now he's the classic. Nobody believes in a situation there, some real Jim Butler trade potential, and yet it kind of seems like the right when total for me fifty six naps fair, and I I don't know it too
I'm in a follow your lead on this when Joe has its a slight over to me just because you're talking about an eight gray and eight game decline, which seems like the right number for the direction, they went defensively the losses of arrest, and my bow booty, and I just I don't know enough I'll- have to find Daryl in a quiet moment when I can pick his brain and understand sort of the cap dynamics in the contract stuff but defensively. He was so great on the perimeter last year and they are they. They made a decision that they couldn't afford to keep him there. The real lost to me for the Rockets and the reason that that fifty seven feels like the right number
real losses is how you say: Jeff Bizarre, like bizarre, make sure the defendants coordinator, retired yeah, and you know that that's that's the loss of those two human beings plus the guy that they they entrusted with. They were pretty damn good defensive. Efficiency wise last season. Now they they were really able to compensate for what harden Yoke is hard to fifty fifty guy, how we only half of the times down the court. Is he going to actually play any defence, but they were able to come. Save for that. Yet the that the reason to go under fifty six and a half would be a distrust and mistrust of Chris Pause Health. That will be a reason to go under, but I like him for a slight over I like video of her as well, and as you were talking, I remembered how good Paul and harden we're together in the regular season when they were just both out there and didn't for structure you. You were talking
where is infrastructure, we're about to get to them? I actually think Houston is more of an infrastructure right now, just because they have a specific style. They know what they're doing the really good at it harden is still a top five guy in his prime, and I would just be surprised. If they, I dont they, though, when sixty five I'd think they're gonna drop off. But to me it feels like a drop off to fifty eight and twenty four type ranch. You know it's halved, it's tough to lose ten winds and sees ventures tat. I had seen Antonio. It was forty five if wins just a few short days ago, Mary, went down and a drop two and a half whence to forty three, which is easily by far no question about it. The lowest number
We ve been doing this over under pod fur at an oh nine years. Ten years we're doing this shit when people were, they were terrified gambling kudos to us Forty three windows goes as far as you see the NBA. You can go on nba dot com and play in over under game yeah became. Reality is an outdated it yeah give us worth is so would he have ass, you still like the overture it's so they did. The thing is the overall: bill has them outside the playoffs and I think as much as it hurts my feelings to say this. I think they're gonna miss the pious, but they want forty seven games last
here with quietly playing nine, and you know how big, how big a drop off between Murray, what you lost by Murray's. You know the gains he may last season and Derek White who showed a little bit assigns couple signs, still have all those those veterans with pride. This is progress. All last stand is really gaze. Last stand they want approved. This is done. The martyr Rosen is gonna, try and burn the western conference down out of anger for being separated from his best friend and from being separated from the tea be in really losing all that studio time with Drake and in a balanced is, is you know interesting right there, veterans and they have a culture of winning. I only to take a slight over for them. I don't like their team. I understand
I think you need point guards in today's MBA one. My expert opinions, gonna limb, thereby cards are actually even worse than Orlando. There's just a lad, a Patty mills, their great. It's a lot then why I'm sure they're gonna get creative but The rose in an outrage, as my two best guys scares me from just a kind of attitude standpoint, Those are two guys who wear their hearts and their sleeves and have kind of emotional ups and downs in a bunch of different ways, and then Rudy gain. The GSM Canada she's a little weird, and I think that the vine, this teams gonna be strange. It's uh, it's it's! The team! There. Together. These personalities does not make a lot of sense to me. It's it's like enigmatic kind of quiet team, China
These are what do they think either you yeah bad, but since when his personality on the spurs mattered, why just think they in Genoa and Parker these respect advance who carried themselves a lotta, swagger and fire and kind of police the ship, and when Kauai's act like ass were the two guys who spoke out against them genome in Parker. Those guys are now go. I don't know who the leader of this team is. I think it's a lot to ask from Popovich at this point he seems like he's on. You know the finish line in a little bit here and I got to be honest. I'd be more surprised if they were better than I thought and one hundred and fifty games than where I think this season might go if they might just be bad, they might like missed the playoffs and get like the seventh
in the draft I think that's more realistic than them winning fifty games. Some going slate slate slate slate under in a really tough conference, so you're saying that forty two with you like their make the play ass five days ago, is minus two hundred to make it it's gotta have dropped. Now I think tat, forty, three thirty, nine, forty two forty, I just I like other teams in the division of more. I really do what was always the line. Wasn't forty three is forty three so I think they their pleasure, go right under pressure right under what you're taking an ominous can take forty four outer respect. That's it! It's a respect, forty four, I just I like eight or nine times more than their team is wherever landed. And I ever I really wonder about the rose in the share. You know it and he's been really open about that here too serious for a second, but you know that is
he's bad depression, all this stuff in it I really worried about this trade and and how it might affect him. Just as somebody that I like him, I don't know, I don't know what to expect from in this year. Think he was really really really traumatized by that trade in a way that I can remember in awhile right, he was really leg. Can you an athlete getting traded late then, who took it harder now? love Toronto, Toronto loved him and I feel, like he's, devastated out nurseries, and this scenario was situation at an office. Is hearts gonna be the right place. There was one athlete who comes to mind who got stab right in the back with giant knives and its neighbours that Isaiah Thomas but he was hurt. You deserve better yeah just You deserve better I'm watching this San Antonio thing. I did the vibe on that team is weird and guys who have either been trade aid or thought there
a chain aid or guys. Who added? Are you sure you like me, your people on the end of their careers and she's, we're we're team New Orleans, forty five and half. This is another read this kid. This is kid, Wild swings. Here I could see them winning fifty games. I could see Davis being traded in February that I can't get past the fact that three. Therefore, best guys are guys that I dont think you can play in crunch time together mere attach Anthony Davis and joyous Randal alike, of those guys I don't see a world than where they're playing in the last five minutes of a game like imagine their planned. This ethics, who guides Jason Tatum Holidays, been great. I'm going over, Purely isn't: Anthony Davis Peck, that's it
I don't think he's so good. That would say there are five hundred team. I think he's worth more winds just causes that good that gets in the forty seven and thirty five holidays Bing. I think they're going to really miss Randolph. There's no question, but I just can't see Davis being out of sheer team is too gives details, and so did the over Andrey to win the over you they haven't when forty six games they one forty eight last season. I personally think that downgrade from Rondeau Am Bogie cause route. Recall Boogie set the league on fire through the first two months last season. He was a legitimate and be p candidate. I mean I was not preposterous to talk about what he was doing night in night out and he really instilled in them either that there was a very interesting experiment.
Davis and buggy together, and he came out so hot so on fire that I really it you know it was. The buggy reclamation project was fully under way and we were all on board for many dairy towards his Damocles. I'm gonna take the under because that's just three games from less than what they one last year, I'm with you on ethnic Davis and he did just have. I think- back seasons where he played seventy games or more yeah, I'm sorry to hear in the fragile thing he got rid of their last year. You know he's another way. Look at it are eight Plath teams last year were Houston, goes deep, Mooreland, Oklahoma, Utah, New Orleans, San Antonio Minnesota. I think Denver is going to make the playoffs and I think the Lakers are going to make the playoffs this year. So we have to create two spots and the question is which two teams do you feel the best about fall?
out of the topic and for me at San Antonio Minnesota. So, and I have them way ahead of picking again, Anthony Davis and I have them, and it had a Portland who people where they down on the share. So If Nortons is gonna, make the play ass dead, my mind? That means in a forty six forty seven they went somewhere in there. So I feel good about that here. Where's, but I'd take is to make the piles of forty five wines in the west, but maybe I'm wrong about that. Well, it's get that we decide. Sometimes in these last year we disagreed- and I think you did better than I did on the disagreements ere. I don't remember that I do we give that's ever somebody somewhere reader. Send me the stats you you did slightly better. The matting really want to talk about a cause. You d, better, the man, her my feelings down. Use kick my ass, the two previous years. I am there thank you reader, who had whoever sent that in
doubtless thirty. Five wins really want to go over. This I'd, like the guys on this theme, you know I love Dodge Dennis Smith. Here too the interesting, I'm still not one hundred percent sold on him, but it'll be fun. I like the fact that they're going to play him off the ball and play multiple point guards. Do all this Dirk's last year Jordan said there there were signs of the terror. Share with him last year and that a hundred percent solid on that, most importantly hereafter Bob's there, and that this is and I am going over our friend, bob per hour. Gas longtime, gambler, he's been on this package. Multiple tabs got age burning analytics for the mavericks, I think, it's worse. Everyone's I'm done over four down thirty five. Measuring luck, Bob, you taught me the way our block you, you paid me too. The punch use
stall the enthusiasm. I love it so much I'm right there with you, the h Bob Lock. Is it a faggot, expand like it? It it slightly under cells. What did what that dude brings to the table? Yeah calling him a gambler is true that he's a gambler think at its true that he made millions of dollars gambling on basketball. But what he really is is a savant and analytics of mine. He had basketball, Beth Analytics than he was running off his own platform? Ten, article fifteen years ago, as as a simple way to try created a bed for himself. This man I never ever ever betting against that dude. This is in her age, Bob Lock. I also think thousands in since thirty one wins. Last, you don't ask him the one five more games and I think that churches Superfund the watch this over at his niece Bob lock dad arches and added the Andrea, their centres or a mess last year. What I love about dodge I love alive,
about a but he's gonna, be able to play a whole bunch of different positions for them. It is necessarily need the bodies succeed and Rick Carlyle love, I think make plans for them, is puss eccentric, just turn that other swiftly like the earth. I find that I too am age Bob's, each by fire, puss six hundred congrats. We're going to miss you in the pod. I'm miss texting you about gambling MBA staff- you not allowed a text about anything. I sent him, one That was on the lines that I can talk about this stuff anymore. It's like. Friends of somebody who is in the mafia, who's that just running an ice cream shap, I we respected where rooting for you good luck, unbelievable Memphis! Thirty, four winds I'm going under the over is one hundred and thirty, so there's actually been some action. I get it JANET Jackson's going to be really good, no question Sancho and they made their healthy chain the Parsons room.
He might be healthy, I get it. I see it I just I'll. I think it goes the other way. I think this is if the saga there are the trader, keep their asses out there what are you doing my you're, not you're, not winning you're, not winning anything get. This should be if those aren't healthy, they're going to sack and if they are healthy, trade, their asses and gets a pig's. This is another team with a beloved. You know a friend of the pod John Challenger, we love Hollingford. I do I like em, about he's a nice guy. I think this matter. You would think that he would of all people just based on All of that, though, the the persuasive writing he done before. Taking this job for Memphis be prepared to pull the plug on veterans when you can get die, so must be the case
I have not had trade offers that have knock your socks, all those guys that they make crazy money that goes by My my anything like this is how Miami makes the next step as they rolled the dice. With one of these with a finally, is it is a point car that should be available to every team in the unfortunate makes thirty million a year. I'm going out and I'm going under, because I think the conference's too tough and there's gonna be three. Shady teams in this conference is the law of averages. It happens every year and even it shady means you went two thousand nine hundred and fifty three or three thousand and fifty two, whatever we still need a bottom, the teams and the bottom in this division ray we its Candidates are doubtless Memphis, Portland Minnesota the clip Phoenix in Sacramento. Now you could say fiend since Sacramento, actually like Phoenix roster more than Minnesota more than I emphasis roster. These can be three bad teams. They Memphis is one of the three bad ones.
Not going on over I'm great. Let's disagree. It is only just suck up to Chris Vernon somewhere nor the northwest. You tat, forty, nine and a half I get my red pen. This is this is one of my favorite bets that are available and not take the lead? Leave. You tat Fernand, have minus one thirty five Tibet, the overhear lad, a buzz over here, including mine, is to thirty five, and I would bet the there's no price on that willing to pay for the over forty nine and a half for you tat. I re there so good, I think, they're, the third best team and the western higher western conference. They had forty eight wins last year. The point they had the point differential, though of a fifty three when team- and I think the sky is the limit. This is the season. The dynamo Mitchell starts to get mentioned, he's gonna, be a tap
five m VP candidate, this season, because Utah's gonna separated at three or fifty four fifty five games you take it go, bear healthy for an entire season and Ricky is out there deal in the way that he's been deal and I'd I'd. This team is so good, they're, so good defensively you is, I watched them alive. I win saw the almost bullets play Utah. They just could not figure out how to get open shots against outta. There very well coach, there very disciplined tons of talent. This is a joke house. L, o c k, lack gray, Kay I'm going slight sites laid over, not a lack, and I do think, there's red flag science like what. And they Mitchell wants to be a superstar. I don't necessarily dove that's the best thing for him. Now you think Joe is year, two Dwayne way, that's great for them if
That concern is he becomes the I got this guy, don't you guys realise who I am undone when Mitchell? That worries me a little go, bears how worries me little Rubio, always finds a way to get injured. Then it really anybody. The west got better from a top heavy standpoint. And I saw him always a little dubious of the teams every year- there's one team that right they played while the last like eight nine weeks of the season and put up some crazy wrecked and where the word about that time, and then I just think that every year theirs team that does that- and I doubt necessarily know if it translates them being contender the next year member Miami did two years ago. Some I'm Teamsters peek at it at the right time and take advantage of injuries to other times at the schedule, people being tired. Whatever I kicked Oklahoma ass. I get it I get it. I see all your ass, I see out of it, I'm just pointing at little tiny red flag,
that's why I'm not doing a lot, but I'm with the ongoing over ok here on the over that's a lock over for me speaking of lax, my bookie is a place that takes wagers from people. You can o potentially bet. Things. If your interested feel like things coming, I the bed a little win a lot to give you a chance to create a big parlay pick three teams to win. If you get all three will turn one hundred into six hundred, there's so much to bear play baseball about eighteen, parlors yeah. You hear me on this than those pub cousins how they do they have.
Baseball. Whatever you want. I recommend these guys. I trust them have been in business for years. To get great online reviews to mobile site is easy to use. You can even check to see if they have some of these NBA bets were talking about or some of the football bets. Whatever you want on the sidelines, now's the time to get the game. Mybookie was still match your first deposit dollar for dollar, but now you got a joint cuz I'll, be pulling that offer soon. Login to my bookie right now, double your money use promo code Bill Simmons no match your first deposit, one hundred percent, that is promo code bill, Simmons, Oklahoma City, is also in this division. Over under forty and half make plans minus one thousand division, plus one eighty five Utah's, plus one seventy five to in this division, robber, sent Roberson Berber, we're sends out for the year or at least out for a couple more months, but it does not look good.
They added Dennis Schroeder their Paduans back. There were friends, even Arabs who so always hungry only persons hungrier than Joe House These pieces are, they got rid of Carmelo that might help, and yet forty eight and a half just seems like the perfect over under for them. I don't know what to do to talk me into one way or the other I'm taking the under. I think that this leg issue with Russell Westbrook that surfaced recently that's going to have him missing. You know some games at the beginning of the season is going to turn into something more of a lingering
This this looks to me like it's going to be Paul, George's team take to to carry them wherever they're going to go this season. I don't like that. I don't like a Paul George Dennis Schroder team. You know what that is. That's a team in the east that winds, like you, know, that's like a Charlotte kind of team. That's like a three thousand eight hundred and thirty nine winteam, that's the end of fighting for the last playoff spot. I am disappointed. That robber since hurt and am disappointed would arise, and he said to Ruth Roberts heard as well as well, that does Iverson Emerson, earth, Robertson, Rogerson and west. Because you know I want to see this vision that Oklahoma City purports to have I'll never get over it over there
I have said many times. I understand them pushing West Russia Westbrook to win and BP two years ago yet and and they were all in as a franchise tipped her produce that result and then the every peer, the league for team that didn't when fifty games. So aberration over the last thirty years went and one one play off game and nay, to their great credit, imagined a team pull together a team with free agents that they had no business dragging in their the pall. George acquisition was absolutely terrific and was definitely worth it for them to try. Mellow and that should have been something that workers then running than it did we lost money on that we lost money on BP? They are. We lost money on their yeah. We wanted us very well, then Carmelo is as bad. So you,
I'm with you on the leg thing, it's weird that he gets this. Procedure then done every year now seems like an does. He make like guy it's I'll, be fine. I arrived at point he play so hard and has put in a lot of miles on himself year after year that I do worry long term what's happened, look like it, it's I almost running back, you know either gap in one year, Gibraltar this is getting side by Jacksonville to the practice credit. I got my charcot sick. I was awesome four years ago, I gotta take speak in every piece, ass, you know the ringer Vps, who that you don't know the repay the rigorous. I mean those candidates who is it is Kelly: she's, probably cream cauliflower soup. She really is the rear. Pay. You mean I'm having cream cauliflower soup. As I talk to, I know, you're hungry, say just one point than your brain is. I want to be in the overlanders. I want your brain to work as well.
I have heard anything yeah. Well, that's your fired them ass. I have Oklahoma City the under. I do not think it's a lack. It feels right around the right thing, their debate, that the division is its different vision. Is you? TAT, Oklahoma City Damper, Portland Minnesota, then ass have the they have to deal with the teams. The other divisions I just think it can be really hard to get fifty words. You really have to have a good team this year to be in the fifties, a slight under for me, I'm in here by the Schroeder thing though I am a fan, has, I think, he's good at Gallo Moxie and there was talk about eyes, difficult coach. I seems like a pain in the ass well he's out of shape. T me what'd. I don't know why. I want to see him on this team. I guess I I'm interested in seeing him on this team he's pretty underwhelming in Atlanta
I also think that here, because Washington saw it, lay in the first round the players again, he was not up to them up to the more. I just think he could be the Reggie Jackson Type for them in a plavsic ass. He gave him one game. Ok, you have four one. I e r: u down with back spare sit there that Adam Silver told the Lakers to stay away from Paul George, you see Belfast really strongly about this. Why When I gave an inch Gobi show last week and talked about this, and what did he say? What did he say? He said Adam Silver COM, the Lakers and copper Georgian said Paul judgment be signed with the Lakers unilateral approach him for a day, and if you do, there's gonna be some major tampering. Stuff annual lobby flu is the old David stern toothache
David Stern, David, stern them and in late June, Paul George's, like I'm, going to go resign with OKC. It looks great to stay here. That's what conspiracy build things. I don't think that can spruce to build this Denver forty seven and a half. This is a team Danny Chow, the always Danny Chow is a fan of peace, four hundred when the division, forty seven ass for the over under Palmdale, sat back. Tomorrow Murray Year, other the basically kept their team together, which was which was a good thing. People like this team a little bit now the year that Ok, I'm going I'm gone over? I don't see how they're not two is better than one forty seven last year. I think they want forty six last year infected. They want for his excellent say because, on the very last game of the seas,
I had with the cousin. So as we we together main appearance on against all odds and gave out and eight team make the playoffs parlay. You know who else did for me: dumber the demo nuggets losing that game to Minnesota last game in the season they lose games to bad teams. Ten losses. Last year teams that Finnish, under five hundred, but male sadness. Forty four games last year, mills had a bat like. If you go and look at meal saps, that's he had. Worst years had in ten years by thirty eight games, even when he Platy was fifteen six. Forty six percent shooting you now. Just heard all year and I dont think he's. I just think he's gonna be good the share, so they went from. Your partner sat by new team, but you really don't you like the shell upon their sap to there
Palmdale. Sap he's can be good this year, are you adding Jabbar Murray, who I think we both think, has a chance to be that special all the time Have special moments like what he had last European that game. You got Thursday night The guy has a little bit especial in him and the jokers great I like this. I like this team, more than ok seized him o me to remain I think they're gonna win more games. Then then, ok see the two things diamond trade by. I think that they improved getting rid of moody as the backup point guard yeah huge addition by subtraction, yeah and replace them with the little guy so pray and that the little guys health and that's the only thing we get through for the little guy, it's a little comes on and in the end you know his hips are in good health, any sees kind of AIDS orphans mode. That makes that second unit. So formidable and I'll tell you you know who I am really intrigue by for this too Michael Porter Junior, I think,
There is a real need for him to be too to step in and be the an eye. Opener now he's not gonna get you know tonnes a time, so he's not a rookie year candidate, but there's a redemption story there with him and it's a good situation for him to two like comfortably be kind of groomed and come on his show us somethin. I liked and writing their deep. I think there smart, I think the third they can easily when fifty two games, like a porter junior, also gives somebody to read to rehab with as Thomas to them than go together. Well, I'm fair when there were others get my two hours of injury stuff. You write that its main I apologize. I love as Thomas I. It does worry me that those While this with his air, the upside of that for what they paid, is the all time no brainer, they get anything at him, that's great. If, if they get like kind of sick,
man level as air, coming off the bench and changing games that becomes one of the most interesting things we have. So I like the hour I agree, but they still have that advantage of marijuana being legal Colorado and these guys posing team guys go any. They just go to the head shops and live fucking headstone out of their minds. That's a revenge not that they are not getting stuck in their minds anyway. Stingier endeavour, speaking of getting stoned, reminds the Portland Trailblazers, there are over under whence they want Why did I games last year brought back the exact same team in their over under drop? Seven wins! I cannot remember a team. More damage by a play off ass, kicking just in their perception of what They are what's gonna happen than this trailblazers thing. It's like they, they fuckin suck it's over and meanwhile
in forty nine games- and they just last in the playoffs what's changed- show ass nothing. I don't understand it. I get the impression that Vegas is projecting some kind of under current of instability. Vegas must believe that the narrative that that immediately followed the ass whipping that pelicans put on this team. That is, that the J and in an dame can't play together. There is something to that end. In fact, one of those two deeds is gonna. Go over the course of the season. I don't think so. I dont know why they would do it. It doesn't seem like they can get proper value out of it. I'm going over. I just like taking the over for the good people of Portland, and you know it's there are. There are the only show in town
other than the soccer team, which is really good, this, the soccer team, important, really good, yeah, sure I'm going slightly over over four thousand, and forty three is all that I'm due to come up with. It's almost like Vegas made the over under low because they know that in February that contagious, Caldwell, Pope and mine, so barford them in the lurch trade is coming. It's almost like they're doing that, that's right! It's almost like that. On their rate already this fee, trade that I seemingly made up. Has not been a success that are not said, ok source, I mean. What do you do not do anything pointing out that we are not a good idea to make a pic? It's almost like they now he's going to the Lakers in a couple months. It's almost
like that, those good stuff- it's almost like that it would be like if you are going to delay this ahead of time. I'm just saying if Damien will there's gonna be a Laker in February, you'd probably make Portland over under total. Forty two would be my ma. Am it would you mind? Why would you Me ran re rave like that, and then, with this aim inside of knowledge inside or outside I'm you'd love? How can I ever done it all? The time tat can happen that it was in fact watch this year. I am, I highlight or pen highlighting Portland, because now I'm gonna bet the under there. The highlight life for the ones. I'm gonna bet money, swam the hypothetical link.
I am I'm going I'm going under as well. I thought they overture last year. I think, there's a chance for a major trade that will probably not reflect great and their roster, and I think the west is better and we need two teams to get bout side. The playoffs at least they could say three think the clippers can can sneak in there. But I don't the clippers constituents taken there, but will have on our time talk. I'm gonna go under next one under or on the under Minnesota. Forty one wins. This seems crazy to me actually like
alright, let's say they get zero dollars and sixty cents in the dark from Minnesota. Last time I checked islands are still on this team. He's really good that good manners. We need to see from towns what impact, what was the Jimmy Butler Effect and end? I texted I washed a late season Minnesota Washington game last year and I was stunned by how impact less their life their impact for Carthage. Kai Anthony towns was impact less and he ended up with a double double like mad at twenty four twelve or thirteen is up like that. He couldn't have had less to do with the outcome of the basketball game. He was just running up and down the floor yeah. I just was so befuddled by it, rather Jimmy whether as you do Helen yet you know there's this great leg C of MBA Star has gone back to the sixties, would like, while Bellamy, where they get their stats,
if you actually watch the entire game, are you there you're like how? How does have twenty four point? I was here the whole time what just happened. Towns is the captain of the team. I still think he has I'm not think he's like this generations, Elvin Haze or Spencer Heyward Sidney where exert some these other. I think he's better in that, but it is weird to see him in person how he forget he's on the court for like five minutes, then you have that failing the gate you I am like. Oh. Is out there is. He was yet there the whole time Eddie, I didn't realize, and I think my Jimmy bothers so crazy. He should have numbers like Anthony Davis. He should have forty two When he games, you know what I mean he has on our three forty twenty Games Cn Anthony. That's how much talent- yes, I have the over for a bunch of reasons. I think Butler Stayin. Therefore, at least next couple months, because they can
trade that did Tabs is in a I'm getting fired anyway. There's no way he tanks, they're gonna, be boss to the wall the whole time they do have some talent. If this doesn't light a fire and your wig I don't know what would other than are actually lighting him lighting a fire on his I would be the only other move other than Jimmy, but they're just calling him out and make an him just see. My guy, like you to give a shit jail, I saw jail account then he would say out: there's gotta be a fight, the next practice. It's gotta that level they papers, question your manhood and what you care about Life Ethel. Today's practice, which I learned Their forty one wins one wins, was a chance like what would say they get AIR Gordon Night, air, Gordon letting with Bob learn Wiggins and Jeff Tee in some their benches are now eight. I like that
he more than poor then way. How did they get air? Gordon what're, you talkin about I'm saying if they traded Butler Houston? Oh, you said used to you said Butler, that European Butler being on that rail I secured out. I mean tans, Wigand's, air, Gordon. You know they got ties the benches, the benches pretty rough. Actually now that I'm looking at it isn't Jeff Teak, still the starting point: Gopher team TAT, a man the review, this deck rose. I like hearing on join you. On the other hand, I think the scenario you I learned the beginning is right, which is there going to be stubborn as F, and you know there's. No. I don't think it makes sense for butler did not go out and play. I think he should go. Play brand the upside either they keep butler and they actually do well and it becomes this kind of weird marriage. We ve seen this before, like those shut Tony are traded John Elliot, for
Albert and the deal got voided and they Sean area and that's about his bad of situations. You can have a team them went inside. Overshadow it like You ve seen really weird roster situations can play itself out naturally, and I think it could happen here. I like these. I don't think I'm having a losing record at the Pacific Golden State. Sixty three wins II. Don't want to litigate this for an hour, and where are you almost at the two hour mark I don't know why didn't they when sixty three games last year, with fucks a difference that's another year of them talk about what a grind it is now tired. They aren t how about this, not with not counting Cleon Dave played. Thirty more games and eight thousand more minutes than any other team in the NBA over the last three years. So right, that's it! That's not really! Litigated!
Let us not litigated all I'm taking the under its really to win sixty four and above doesn't happen often. They have old guys in this team who now no living stand a good dollar. You know guys at her key guys if you really trying to win sixty four games, who they just want to be healthy in April May and June they're not going to play those guys that much they're going to throw all these. Is the one guy. I said single eye. Nobody believe me they stole Jericho from Utah away. You tiding, keep Jessica, Drab, Co. Communis he's can be good for them yo you again ass. If he's a perfect warrior, Yo Yo can be good for them. A may may not have exchanged tax with somebody, coaches, the where's who is raving about Jonas. We know he feels the whole that David West left behind in you, no great job by David Weskit in his ring way to go to
where's. That was money, I'm I'm happy did it he contributed to that team. Jericho is. This is perfect to slide into that by the way, there's a new trend that I keep hearing with them. Basque, bow insiders where they take credit. The team that day passing on information, but it's always super positive, so be leg. You know tat to guide the where's. He things Queen Cook make the obviated It's it's how this like! former show information if you like it, as I, sir, if somebody is I'm not saying that that was a joke. Obviously, but it's tough fight that, like Tatu Guide Sixers, I bathing markka false, could be our defence And it's like yeah, of course, they're telling you that they work for the team
it would be like burka faults is a fucking cloud showered. It's never happening like, of course, they're going to build these guys up I'd. It's my new favorite trend from an information standpoint with talk to talk to guy the ringer. He said nephew, Kyle's really doing great. Wait. A minute you can't really is doing great idle I'm saying like? If you know it, Will you not going here like talk together? Rears Nebuchadnezzar Fuckin train wreck. Every time we call Joe has ceased ass for the number he has no idea on travel My man because mad shutting down, every case three, that phone numbers to remember for some reason will read them out a piece of paper, and now I have Jacko since both about the number of an ethical is doing great just for the record by his house, but attacked a gag on state. He said he said they love drop her. They think is great art. That's enough! Now we're make under labour
under Lakers, your hundred at your officially hungry Lakers, today the half a making this a lack, here's my case Lebron James than this team. I liked the young guys, This team, as a higher percentage of guys that I, like than almost any other team, with the exception of Caldwell, Pope traders ass soon ass, you can Le Brown on a young team. We talked about this on the energy package of kerosene, Russillo. I just think there's a lot of energy at those Laker Games, I think, would be very tough to beat. I think Leubronn is although maybe he storing way this year, all that crap, I like him, Alonzo. I think Ingram really good. I like Rondeau, as you pointed out earlier, was essential for New Orleans last year and could be essential for this time. I, like their roster which they had signed. Brick Lopez instead, a job as the one is that the major
remove the other ones are expiring, whatever lay dead those guys, it would be package into a trade, but I sit down ass. I think this is the three seed I have them three seed yeah, I think that's crazy talk. I think there are fifty five and twenty seven fifty six, and that say I swear to God. I swear my kids, I'm not saying Sesar, Reverse thinks in the Lakers. I really january it. I think that our cause people, I'm trouser, maybe he's a deck hate you so much now they loved exactly what you're up to now died. I just tell you that I swore my kids. I swear nephew car. My kids is not arrest. Jenks, I think Lakers they're, getting when the three seed they're going to win fifty five or fifty six games, and I think they're going to be one of the stories of the first. I don't know two months of the season is how the Lakers are good idea who saw this coming. I fucking see coming the Lakers or me good period while I will say that
I am joining you in the lock, because I too thank the Lakers. Are gonna, be good. This track record of Lebron James winning at least fifty games every season that he plays. You know, I think, that's a pretty good track record he's one at least fifty games every season, since two thousand seven, two thousand eight. I listed the counter that's ten years ago carrying that stupid, lock out here. I M so dumb that I watched the entirety of last night's precision. Guy wants, like two thirds of it, I really enjoyed it. I drew conclusions that are completely ridiculous. Yeah I love the slayers team. I think they're good. I think groom by the way, what the Deuce name, whose doing the video work for you. It's a new innovation of waiver, Flanagan, NBA content from a ringer, its effing delicious the leap whose two again bunch of our people. We have great people,
I don't want to give of yours and Craddock as it then somebody ass. We know you there's like one guy who had this thing from dime drop. Well, who's that guy with a guy the guide run, and that is common, but our whole team makes it with them by a kind of course get stuff. Well, I like, and I hope he knows, an peace I really like wants out I keep saying this our biology all stock of your stock. If stocks for sale Senate my well by it, I think him, Heaven la broader you'd be get together. I liked the lake team, where lad. But you don't worry, you have Utah's. Yours now said he. I have utilised procedure absolutely right about that sounds like aside bet, you do that all he's good yeah with salmon that you get of our choice map You're here is our major Domo meal yeah. What, that's right now that I've already happened, but dear second Majordomo meal, a war
find another restaurant delay, I mean we're. I'm gonna tell you that last week imo their table ass. We know what happened. Last week oh you're in New York yeah we went to Majordomo SAM the original. Major Domo Restaurant New York in Chang. They had this giant duck and we took it down like a were leg it like when five people, tackling Grand Caskey anyone go down and is finally the pile get some that was. We were the pile and the duck was gonna Chaskey and he did go down. It was great, you were there I've had the dock at sandbar was either. There was many years ago and it was not shift David. Was there- and I know chang- has terrific supports. I think we had great duck and if we had together, by this I don't get. Imagine I can well imagine last week's duck three teams laughed eloquence. Thirty seven affluence. I'm going over and anyway I think I are you going
guy, slander, wire, while are for the teams at that for the third team in the West, that's going to be terrible. It needs to be the LA clippers. Third, they just doesn't make one lick of sense. The only thing that that has them doing anything at all is the fact that Doc rivers is still the coach and doc is not a tank credit card of coach. They have neither talent, nor the incentive to be good. They should think this is the time to buy them out Steve Bombers, a business man as this is banning these to look in the mirror, understand what he has in front of him and get rid of assets and prepare for the reinvention business was bombers, the same guy who, by she's making a shitload of mistakes created apple, basically forever, Microsoft, still don't pretty good. I know what you did there.
I'm going over. I dont think they're capable attacking between bomber doc and other either them of any interest in it, and action. Like some of the players in their team, and I think, see that one thirty nine forty one particular lambs I'd like to buy Us Harris. I like ITALY is likeable pass by He is like a boy the different team to buy. I won't ever had, rightly or wrongly, apron team. I like what I've read or even the She judges Alexander the Kentucky kid. I think the other thing. You see the reason I like the over. I think they have a chance if they want to buy the way aid, hopefully gardeners healthy the share, and, if he's out there like him, I like tat
t dosage. They got my by Muti, followed defence, the guy Avery Bradley. This thing can actually Dieppe they can put out Beverly Avery Bradley Mobile Boutte, Tobias airs An harrow heralds my favorite guy and this team. I liked the gum going over the coopers. You wouldn't were a name. Any trade where you're going to IRAN will that's it that that would be the thing that would screw me on the under that's an that's a perfectly fine, complimentary set of power. Airs surrounding a super duper star who wants to combat allay, but lately Venza sure yeah, like I say, complimentary, serve to rank us that cookers next year. Do you think more or less of it did that? I think that that's perfect, that would be a very steep bomber kind of play. That would be a smart business man, during his team to get to you know and seizing it season, meaning it yeah seasoning it anyway attachment
Venus after wonderful superstar, like David Chang, prepared a wonderful array of lettuce wraps and other kinds of acute robot to go with a beautiful lacquered duck that you dropped out for you mother efforts. Last week, when I couldn't come to dinner, I love the Phoenix Twenty, nine and half the case against them. They have no point guard. They just fired their GM nine days before the season, which was actually kind of hilarious, like some weird have the guide religion. Fraid, say then fire them like what kind of jackass is in charge of anything, that would do that though. The case for them is eight and has really impressed people and the precision though Phyllite dodge it should go number one, but I saw the case Braden eight and looks like a man's ban out there already and ease the oldest. Looking twenty one year old, we ve had no, while in the NBA Josh Jackson, possible, step up Devon, Booker Laura Scoring Trevor Risa not a great year lasting, It's a veteran leadership like there.
Our pieces- and there is a crunch time- I enjoy with this team and I dont think they're gonna tank. I think I think part this is on the actually might be fun and a little bit frisky. Their fans have been waiting to watch a good team for awhile and there's upside with eight, and you know big, there's a chance, so I like everything except for the fact that their guard is named Ellie, workable October? I don't ever that is, has I'd like a Basque alone, Elliot Cobo, sure he's France is twenty years old. He was their thirty first pick in the sector and on the expenditure he's their number one point I right now it I'm sure into here's my question just by Devon Booker Point Guard: what's the big deal just use em like
haven't brain the ball up and then run out some screens that rackets. Let me ask you: this wins Devon. Booker gonna be back play basketball that Now why was he out of a scooter? I know whatever fake ass thing. They care that wasn't to explain. I dont like He just got all his money. They this road said wait. They they entrusted the franchise to him. Is it ok? Young fella now got it. You did your thing, you, you ve, put us on the map earlier, that we anticipated be another map. Yet these these Indians Miss scoring outbursts. We respect that. Thank you for doing it. Here's your reward and what he did was go out and be irresponsible behind their backs and cheat autumn I'm taking the under I dont, like France, as far as european season opener harmful hopeful of play in the season open area, thereby, while I hope I hoped that works,
for him. I want to know what the injury was. I want to see his hand. I want to see whether not wearing a brace on his hand I'm taken the under, because it also makes sense for them. They still need one more piece to me. I'm gonna buy the way preview allow. Save it for a while. I have a point of view on eight when it comes to rookie the you now You swayed me the other way, you're right. If, if books was guns blazing a hundred percent have become in the season because they have this art out pretty well for them, not to realize it's a good idea to tank, if FF not healthy and they start out to an eight to ten eat out at some point, the path will become pretty Where so I'll join you, I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna go under for them, and I am also going to go under four Sacramento. Next him, twenty six weights It's easy going under! Also that's easy! There's nothing! talk about mandatory Sacramento Piazza you're, not you! You it's your second
now, here's the catch for them. They don't have their pick. Do not have ever. Has it Philly gets it if its top one, the Boston Celtics, get it if it's too or later so, there's that it's a shame baby to go into the market, and yet another pick, but they are only treat assets, are marble I agree Fox, and they need both those guys right and, I think they're actually so, there's we ve seen this an air of Brooklyn where they place Are they actually get the over? Even though you don't know what the after doing in there in April, they win like six of seven, and they feel good about themselves I'm still going under just because it Sacramento, but here they want twenty seven last year and and they had a point of rental of twenty one team,
and in their over under twenty six, so in the Lakers were not outweigh six or twenty five were both taken the under we have an agreement at the end of this assessment. So we're going over for aid. Bob in Dallas. Thirty five wins we're going over Lakers forty in affluence, does it. The only lacks we like in the west, and I think, that's fair. I think it's fair to play it safe, because the West had so much flax, I think be stupid a brazen you're, not helping bring about money, but oh yeah, you like that Alex you. You had seven oxide five, I'm now that I'm not forcing two more lax few and I have seven so be it. I know my father, Joe Ass,
this is a pleasure. This is fine as away. I look forward to talk with you in two hours and cousin sounds and their future. I'm gonna go eat for two hours before that part care for meeting the entirety of the break between these bug get tat. Is it I'd thanks to ass, thanks to zip code of good as occurred outcome, slash bs thanks to the ringer power? cast network. Remember lots of good stuff coming on the ringer these next few days as we head toward preview kaluza all Dante's day, got a chance to see one of the videos which is almost an hour along its definitely August one event: it's really good at that at that the team did a great job, very excited about stuff, best site for the NBA season back Sunday night with the cuss. Until then
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