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Harden-Simmons Trade Watch: Day 427, Plus More Deadline Buzz With Kevin O’Connor and Jackie MacMullan


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Jackie MacMullan and Kevin O’Connor to discuss the Ben Simmons–James Harden rumors as the February 10 trade deadline approaches. They also discuss Caris LeVert to the Cavaliers, whether the Pelicans should make a run at CJ McCollum, the surging Grizzlies, other trade predictions, and more.

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Jackie MacMullan and Kevin O’Connor

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Family February, the relaunch buzz, you did ordinary people ass. We have four more figured. This is the perfect time to do it at a foul. Nba can take chances. We don't need to run like one of the all time, mostly to relaunch it was this month. So after a family affair, is upon us and we have on Monday night ritual getting merit which is gonna, be. It was Morris and Amanda Dobbins you could find this. Is that one of the one of the street? sending its on stars for free Sophia stars check it out us about you, buy, fanned or sports book on Tuesday. The cause is gonna pop on all of our football regulars were doing it on Tuesday that we're doing the big Super pack has rams. Bangles are the props everything it's all happen and on Tuesday, because,
Thursday is going to be the immediate trade, thereby so we're going all nature that died on Thursday, Tuesday will be the football and, on that Tuesday pod lots of props lots of fun vandals, stuff, Saint Game, parlay everything everything you'd expect hopefully will actually went some of the best system. But there you go come up Jack, gimmick, Balin, Kevin Oconnor, NBA, we're just. in it we are going- and let's do this first, our friends from project I will take this is or thirty Pacific five Jackknife boys here, capital cotterets here fast, must have seen a trade that that is Thursday. We had a trade today,
there's a whole weekend of pardon to anywhere rumours can say, and I have an agreement on Friday, just batten around ideas. It seems like things, however, have stag at least a little bit. I dont believe it. I think this is. We are now to look at mass game with with fill in Brooklyn tried to get the where they want to go In there, what have you heard Jackie, what inherent, but with are you here and there in these coasts? Well, you know, we all thought it was just going to happen. The off season, then, all of a sudden it shifted. I feel like in the last forty eight hours, everything STAR, ramping up again and I don't really know why that is other than maybe Ben Simmons was like yeah I'll go there. I don't know you know, but something you know. Ben Simmons, everyone cycle he's not driving the train, but
Canada is still hasn't, he's losing all the money and it's obviously not facing in the way it would face. The three of us would I venture to guess so, but you know nasty said a few minutes ago. I think no we're not trading Jameson. He wants to be here. You wants to grow with us, I'm not sure I believe that, but I love stay there. She's a wonderful today I asked is about, and I believe it I think this is. I am sure, ass faced already supposed to do its public negotiating is what it is right right. Yes, yeah Cassie Darrell play this Simmons thing actually weirdly well
like Simmons has somehow gain value over the last couple weeks by that playing and by us getting further and further away from his disasters. I wanna play. Officers has now you're like bright Bradley bill who talk by the second. That also seems like a realistic trade which it would not have been realistic last summer. So he saw strategy of I dont, like any other trades, were being what she s weight. The Lee changes, situations change, you never know. I'm gonna be waiting here when things change that it actually work her. My crazy I mean it hasn't worthier until the deal happens, but I've been saying for months he's playing this right. Why would you settle when you have a twenty five year old to time all I'd be a player in Simmons? I mean knock him for fur. Some of its flaws that he has shown for the wrong hand and everything else. But I hear The good basketball player is twenty five years old under contract. Why would he trade him for scraps when you can at least weight and play this out in
if, by Thursday, James Hard walks into the nets for offices like I want out or probably leaving this off season, that's that to me is like, What Darrell worry has been waiting for is a player that's worth waiting for and weather was, are hard at or be, or somebody else here hoping that opportunity would come up in I'm you will see. I think I think I Jackie said Steve NASH. I don't believe what he said. I believe like. This is just right now at a stage where this is public, the go she aiding with anything that's gonna be dropping from Sharm Semi. Like Doc, rivers brought up how we know shouted jobs such as the base at I can doc actually said that, but, like I mean I'm also as part of its you I'd as part of the public negotiating, we don't care about. You know that's up it's out there, just like Steve NASH is gonna. Do what he's doing and what what's gonna be interesting? What what is like the big story, the drops Tuesday afternoon for world your charms that said
hardens meeting with the nets to discuss future bad. That's the news story, I'm looking for so here's what I heard this is from the same source. That has given me some good Intel over the last couple weeks. That broken is open to it, but curiously The deal and you could aggregator, I don't, but it had for them- Brooklyn- is looking at this year because they have the rat Durant. We assume can be healthy, pretty soon in the east, is wide open and they want a chance to win and for them it's like the trade that makes sense for us is Simmonds inquiry for hard at. This is what I heard. I think that makes sense Fer a lottery. Except for fairly high watch filleted, our I watched their whole game. I liked the tea they have and if I'm, if I'm at,
somebody, I'm not adding something that blows up when I built over the last you know, last couple months are back see: curry Embiid eight Harris has been fine, but what they really need is, like, I think, Bradley Beal Jackie makes so much more sense for them, because he just gets the court plattsmouth minutes and some of the Danny Green Minutes and they keep everything else, but they have so. If I found that my can get Bradley Beal for seventh and pics, that's the direction I'm going. But what do you think? I'm just astonished that pardon, I get the Darrell and James Hard thing I live. Did I went out. There did a cover peace for yes, be at Vienna, the magazine when he was there and the whole thing, and but that was three four years ago, if you just mention three names, I put Dame lowered one badly bill to James hardened distant third in my interest to build my future
no I'd look at while we're. So what we hear about Dame is that his stomach, pretty aft up, ran I dont if we see him this share, and I haven't seen by anybody come out. Christine's is the one who, as are the Dame stuff right, so he took her comes out on says dames that playing the share. I'm an assume we I see him again, but I think the word on the street is that you know his abdomen stuff is is really bad and you might not come back. I understand that, but I guess if I'm Daryl Morey or the person that has Ben Simmons and I'm trading him away, I'm not looking at just this year, and I get eye I get the logic, because Joel is plain at a level that we all knew he could do. It was just a question we ever be able still stay healthy long enough to do it and now he so healthy that they had to say against the Memphis Grizzlies Deal was he played too many caves in a row healthy, which you don't just think about that for a minute, so I get the window being this year, always try to
and right away, and I urge you- and I learned that from watching- that that wonderful collection of self expires without we're gonna win multiple championships, everyone's, we'll give them time to sell em. No, no! No! No! We! Now! We now, because the whole world to class a pandemic could happen in car you're. We might not be able to play half his games. You know crazy things happen, so I'm all about winning now, but here's the. But if on the Sixers, I want something that help me next year and the year after to match our did at fifty million a year after exact axes, and we will look at the way. James James horns, body of work body, stress on the body and I'm not trying to body shaming one but he's his body is different
he plays differently he's not he's got a wire. Barely Jackie gather verbally, ok, but I can't have it on you. Thank you. Thank you. We're doing so. I just man I just when I would take badly bill. I would take ten Willard even with the bad system again I'll take my chances steer kept. This is what makes me nervous, sweetheart and now has gone through his numbers today that there are a lot of pressure, for this purpose has really proud of ESA hearted at night. Twenty one games hundred thirty seven Plath games, thirty six K minutes combined which, by the Lebrun standards that psycho that's nothing more broadly morons over sixty but normal star standards. This is usually where the will start to come off the least little bit right, if, if the conditions that totally there of the body steps that totally there any look at like from sixteen to twenty one,
he was thirty one nine in seven first, this is for five years. Forty four said: shooting all. As of this year, he's shoot forty one percent, the freezer down. That's the thirty three percent, the freezer attempts dandy, eight and the item. S is somebody that if he does that the by just stand there defensive ways, a liability- and you know he's a bullet she by the fact that he is so tat. said he can kind of pick his spots and still get his stats. But you know it's been a pretty unhappy tune. Watch I just when I look at the best by reference page and the points per game and freer attempts and stuff like that. is going down in the guise of the MID thirties cancer edge. I just get nervous. I especially for somebody. Who's gonna, expects a giant extension this summer. If he goes to fill in Daryl's gotta, be really confident that he believes in this guy, as a human being and as a competitor and the work ethic peace like you, you have to
I just got it. Then they get. You fired what I mean, I think in year, three year for that contracts and hard at his thirty five, thirty six years old I would have legitimate concern about at that point. What does he like what is a James hard at that point, where maybe he's already wanna championship. That's the point like if they eat the first year in the second year third year with him, where you have to l a bead still, you hope healthy in the prime of his career, where team is already really really really good will but they have around a bead adding at heart into that, regardless of his physical can regardless of the facts, as numbers are down the season, I mean I'm nervous about it down the line, but for now that, automatically makes the six better automatically makes them better if it. It is only right. Am I mean it? I get different with cup without set carry the treaty so important to their offices, and I'd, be a little bit surprised, fulfilling ended up giving up safe country, but
I like any bill. I have heard I have heard Brooklyn shooting at the wing position. I mean that's out there a lot right now that they're looking for shooting Does that mean Joe Harris's and come back and they know something that has been fully announced yet considering the issues here add with his rebate, rehab ultimately here for Philadelphia, I think hard and is the clear, the clear number one of the targets that are even remotely real, the great now Lilith injured right now be like total shell of what he's been the last to see I mean I really loved Bradley Beale, this year I don't like Bradley Billy to his that mean that title, a heart of defence. It's been piss poor for being too he's, not good on that aunt em is better playing with Joanna Bead, but I'll take I'll. Take the offensive. You know, juggernaut in heart and with what he could be would be like. That gets me excited yet, but I think you put Beale somewhere else with every that's gonna mean they started off so fast. I the gate than at all. It's all like what it's always been. You put
in a new environment with a guy like him bead its there's gonna, be like you score All you want men. I just want to win like this is just this is my year just come on. Man help me when I just I've, seen it a thousand times players that you think you're like what the heck and then they get to a new environment. With a new coach, New GM new players and their camp, rejuvenate on almost on the spot he had showed he could do yeah yeah. I was watching them today, China, in my thinking, which God made more sense right, especially crunch time where the current bag sat there indeed was incredible again. He was just do not just need Redding shown our humble then there I need an airplane errors. So you think ok, if let's take Beale as we all goes in than Yang Spot, but he's plain really well like he could hear the dagger through today's should forty percent for trees got some size, so then you think while he gets the Maxie spot MAX he's been pretty good
he's been great. You know so he's he's taken somebody's spot pardon, I would assume curry has been a delay us as being the joke, as they have to match up to my salaries and stuff. But I I gotta say if I was a Sixers fan: I'd be caught a tormented by the hard in peace to this cause. I can, I can see it right so seductive such a sexy move, ah James hard in a bead on paper. We have to do the best and guys I just don't know if I trust harden and Jackie. What do we make of hard in his unhappy within a year and now their say, no, no he's out an app it, but will come on. Though we visit ivy, I smoke stage, but you know what I'll say: I'm gonna stick up for hard now, Chilcat infuse just to confuse our listeners. So the great thing about harden when this all happened. Last year he went there and I thought I think you and I were like. I don't know how you gonna work, but he was
adult in the room. He just yachts. Everybody said in all the coaches, the players I was on the road with them for that Milwaukee Series, when everything when all the wheels fell off his carrico hurt and everything. But everybody was tell me the same thing. You know James Horns, one holding bill accountable, he's the one: that's Poland, the young, guys to the side. He doesn't care about scoring member last member last year, his whip and the ball around. So I give James carbon jobs for that, and then now this year he comes in. You know Durant's been hurt, that's nobody's fault that happens and that carries get. This weird situation worries in his out reads out completely incentives out, and so it's all fallen on James Harden again and that wasn't the deal you know that wasn't the deal because James hard not stupid, he knows he's getting older. He knows the miles arriving up any also knows of his own reputation, which is by the time you get to the play us he's gassed so he's like. Will that's not gonna happen in Brooklyn because going
These two other guys will guess what he didn't have that. So I'm not sure if I don't think he's like I hate this place, I want out. I don't think it's like that at all. I just think he's like men at this. Just wasn't what I thought it was supposed to be. Alright yap and he's also using the leverage of the moment to for a second. This is just going to happen this summer. Let's do it now and beats playing the best pennies to healthiest out of any star in either team. I guess and by the way, I'm sure that the strain pan Strain hamstring have to just be killing a moment. You really have to advocate deciding to have this at that strain. Had an stuff. I'm a bill has his little injury right now through, but have him at what is, I did say it's like a little ligaments sprain in his rest here in front of me. There is either about if the defensive effort, by those guys to just like horrific, I mean watch harden for the nets and five member member, when everybody criticise heart of being the worst offenders and all the NBA. That's what it's been like this last month,
when for a while he's putting it accurately. Jackie said, like two hundred percent right, I was wrong and that I was surprised how many people are saying your heart in is kind of a leader. He's are he's our voice, he's a guy who sets the tone and practising, The young players in line and communicates with them, if they all positive stuff that you get from people who don't need to give it to you and I think, with hard and he's in a place now assuming he does go through and at some point I thought from an absence Stresses that he wants out. I don't he's at a point. Like Jackie said I mean, carries weight, if the games and Governor s brain empty l- and we don't know why, when he'll actually badge like others- naturally concern if he could reenter if your heart and you're looking to join a beads and you're, seeing that scene was
carry their and our colleagues. If he stays and everything else maybe do jumped ship. He showed he could jumped ship from Houston. Why not do it again and remember? You can not cannot overplay how important Darrell Morey is in all of this and TAT Brown I dont have you noticed tat, Browns and when the six years now to that matters to Jameson those guys laid on the tracks for him and he? U, you talked to Darrell more about James harden you it. You know you're on the follow them, but you're wondering if there were tears in his eyes like it's like the way doc, rivers, you stuck about Kevin Gonna, get you get choked up every time he talked about and that's how much kitten Jeremiah feels for James Science. It don't under cell portal that is to James to hear it. I feared I believed in him my fear was ass. Thinking about Chris Paul. You know where that trade now is one of the most bizarre trades in history. The way the Westbrook Trade, where Chris Paul seemed like it was caught up
for him, not even as an ally, big eyes and all star as like an impact I, and that his body just couldn't hold up any more in the history of the small point guards that that it was just he's mooted from phase and he was a bad salary and then he went plant based, there's been a tartar stories about their seat, changed everything about what he was doing and now, if you watch him this year, he looks as good as you looked in two thousand twelve It is all based on his that he had a thing the other days. Bending a million dollars on his body is fine what the branded and it was our stuff. It's all stuff he's been talking bout really since before they made the trade, because there were stories that he was doing this before they even did the West portrayed right right. I wonder with hard and for him to have another act. Where he's another atop, a topknot guy. I think it has to be something like that. I don't think he can do the old school 1980s 1990s arc of an NBA player, because I think it's going to have the arrows going to keep
down. But if we read these stories the summer by whoever and as a James Harden sullenly plants best shape of his life, bought, it brought a crowd chamber, furs, furs first base bed and the end its like that kind of. Oh, my God, Phyllis got him in a bead. But who knows I don't know what drives that guy. I can't figure it out. I don't think any of us configured outright and by the way, don't forget with joy and beat it to become. Who is now, sir,
Kind of stuff, he loved, surely temples and that wasn't a job like wintering, five or six of them. At a pop writer like they're like two hundred eighty calories pop or something crazy, he did the same thing. He was tired of people use it when he didn't make the Allenby eighteen he was in the delivery room with is, I think they were married, if not fiance at the time, wife at the time having their first child and he looked down at his phone- is like a make all NBA, and that is first child is born and he's like mad, and you know sometimes it takes a hit two year. Your set your ego. If you well- and I think some of that contributed to Chris Paul as well. I think the best thing that ever happened Chris Palm people forget this- is he had that year, waylaid in Oklahoma City, where they were they wanted to protect his body? They want to protect him. They wanted him to mentorship Gilgit Alexander, which he did. He mentioned a lot of those guys and, as you know, they said look we want you to play back to back she's like screw that complain
That was a bit of a humbly near. I think, because he was a little bit out of the limelight right, Luba the spotlight, but they made a deal. You seem pretty, to do this. For me, you helped my young team, I'm gonna, take you and I'm gonna make you feel like you like. You should like you, Europe on all star and that's how we're gonna? U know appreciate you and then I promise you I'll get you somewhere good. Let that that year was really important. I think for Chris Paul wider no hard and has an m are either I dont know James hard won out well decide what we know is it fully concur, Benjamin's, a guy who currently does that play into James Harden, even if curry has to be in that deal
You, like you're, ready statistical simulation and they're going to be better. I love the wake hurting and be play together. I just think I think they have real chemistry. I think that's really hard to find with a big guy. I don't think of beads Cassie and PETE's, not like I'm calling the easiest guy to play with, but I think curry is really bigger. How to play with them. Maxis kind of comes and goes were not at all, I mean usually Redeker great chemistry within bead when he was there in Philadelphia. I write memory mate. Maybe it's like shooters there that do well with a bead. Michael European norms that he dies and then they got around again those elbow action Maybe you can do anything off the durable if their overplaying on bad to stop the shot. I mean it it's over with a bead Jackie when you How can I was just thinking? There's been some
about an him. If he goes, the Brooklyn see, I think been. Summits is a perfect fit in Brooklyn, yet perfect. If I'm found the Brooklyn Nets and I get been Simmonds for James Harden- I am throwing a very big party. Has I don't care about that? The luxury tax I could careless and Ben Simmons has been sitting there all the time and you're going to say to him. Look you don't want to shoot a lot awesome. We have two guys. It really really love to shoot. We don't care if you shoot at all. What we'd like you to do is play like defensive player the year caliber defence, which, by the way been summits, is done every year since he's come into the league and but he never gets. I stumbled dickie gets in of credit
and we want you to take the ball in transition, go downhill and dare people to stop, because that's when he's at his best now, people will follow him and make I'm going to throw light via the nets jolting, I would say to Ms Hey: haven't we just police work on the free trial? Shooting at me, I just knew been summoned has been sitting there. He has been getting mental health counselling, not from the nets from his own people. I spent a long time been Simmons, although you know before the pandemic Workin on a story took me quite a bit of time. So is round them alive. I do think you, as it is in a man. I know you know the ITA eroded with anything he's done this past year. I don't think it's a good look. I don't think when you're under contract, you should ever do that to a team, but I think in the right situation, like I always said to him like, I was always saying two guys the other day some Gmos talk to you today, like the Celtics need. on the Celtics and you didn't have to give up jail and brown forty. Would it mean we're going to the final sir? This is
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the idea of Joanna Bead being paired with him It is like those elected by and for sure, but above all in Jackie, and that's it Oh yeah, you go and that I had a different question for you. You got a good I'd rather answer a different question. Ok, I'm not say their stay. There were stammering with this fairly hearted that ok growed up, not accuse anyone know we were all, but surely We now have the league works. We know that there's how they gave to go and by the way for that the free assay. Yes, that investigation going. We we now have the league works. We know that there is mutual friends and connections and meek mill. All that you have big bills. Their who'd out her arms and there's a lot of smoke that smoke doesn't come out and nowhere if, if you're Philly in there's some smoke and now Beale is potentially involved and indeed is pushing for bill
hard and potentially, but you already went down the road with film. Can you even back off at this point once when you open, whatever Pandora's box got open? Do you just have to see it all the way through Darrell Morey we're talking about here? Don't worry, he's gonna do whatever is best for his team and if he hurt you feeling oh well come on now. You know that I'm back a question that who was mad I do more than the nets and Josiah. There is always that thing about how our air was banned from the net Sixers game, which was which was a whole thing two years ago. This thing that I absolute nonsense and then you have who knows how hard and all the sudden became seduced by the idea of playing again? Is it possible that possible just go f you We're not here's radio, yet we were here, will trade on, but you gotta give a Simmons courier and give us three. First and that'll be the trade you give us hundreds whenever
that's a dollar some crazy, thank or are they just are all of what we have yeah, then they'll say: ok, yeah, fine and then hard most. hey I wanted to go there so screw you, I'm workin on you in summer. Exactly that's. Why Brooklyn easily be careful here, careful that be careful that care see you get to choose Brooklyn is either the the best steamer the best, if I'm, if I'm like Paul uncalled for I like it stopped my lists top my last summer. Every team in the NBA forbids seventy lackeys over there. I'm no longer journeys and would rather have him in the in the limelight out a real I'm like a plaque team. That's in the news for about a year over, like just Like Indiana and just about who I am just rebuilding my career. I mean he's in the limelight. Bodies do now under the shadow of Cairo, Irving and governor at those the guy's gonna get the majority of the credit in the blame, but he still in a bit
market and is an ideal basketball situation might Benson setting screens for carry Irving bench in creating mismatches with Kevin Durant's ability, the ability alleviate the pressure on those guys and transition the defensive, that he could be on that team like their switch, their screens in the top, rate in the NBA. This is switching defence. Benson is switching defence of players. A perfect fit on defence is a perfect fit on offence for him. Specifically, I mean that issue had been Simmonds has long been is fit. It's always been awkward with Joanna, be but his words but fit is an issue because of his limitations. It's not it's not a concern in Brooklyn. Airbus is a basketball dream for him and coordination.
doing everything they can leaking to every report, and I thank them forget, as my forgiveness for actually happen. So, yes, it's a great site, Jack Ethic. I agree with kerosene. I actually think this is as a basketball situation, even though there is pressure there going to be a big black games. There are no perfect fit for him here, because the pressure isn't gonna be for him to shoot that shot, because no one's gonna be looking to him to do that now. The only thing I would say that I do see as may be a problem at times is Ben Salmon's fancies himself. As a point guard, I think you'd be an excellent point. Guard kind of place like one, so the only thing that I could see that might be problematic is that car your view needs the ball in his hands and maybe been Simmons, doesn't get his ball on hands on the ball as much as you would like to again.
In transition because that's really mean carries pretty good transition to so that may be the only thing I would give paused you, but I'm with Kevin. Here I mean I found the nets. I I like it better than what I have now now. Here's the caviar, here's a covey of we don't know we're Ben Simmons his head is that we really don't, because none of us have talked to him. You know I dont know how serious mental health issues are or were, I think, there's different kinds of mental health issues. You know I think summit for him is goes on
back, and when I did that story on him, I was just astonished to listen as high school coach say. You know we can either be a very good player. The rest was life or just get in the Jim and accept being a thirty two percent free through shooter and get it at three points shooter and get it over with and just be like everybody else in hit. You know, take five a game and make one or two of em. You know when it up, and so, if that's the kind of mental gymnastics we're talking about. That's one thing, but, as you guys know, mental health covers a long, long range of things, and so I dont know what exactly what then summonses is wrangling with here. For you know, you knows the craziest peace that remote historic debate, which had so Adsum nuggets in their effect that he was
that indeed by them for the last by adversaries, because he didn't blame and beat for the Toronto theories and outside for a SEC it favours like dominant. In that throughout authors I Bailey reason they lost was they didn't? Have anybody to put it would have been better for efforts see my Europe. My theory on that, too, is, I think everybody had just Levin. Let and indeed alone, they would have been fine. It's all the outside voices on in both camps, the families that the agents they also often create the friction where, if you just left the two players alone, that they be fine, I really think Ben and Joel were they were best friends, but they both wanted to win and they were going to make it work. It's everybody else that got involved that made that thing the created some
static for them. Now miss the old days when burden Mikhail in get alarm, but really they were, though, into two that knew about it, and it was just a passiveaggressive exacted stopped, but you didn't have twenty other people can from each side either the Benson incite the wide to the family, which has been pretty rocky as far as and be a family goes pretty. There's been a lot of time on that side and then clutching I'm sure that as an outcast anything add on that for the next one, I think the only thing at at at that as a member a couple years ago, someone in a semi circle said we view him as like all abroad, be like you said he why to be a point already fancies himself as a point guard that up the only area for pause of him by think he would accept and embrace after this year that he's had. First, I am a man, maybe in three years and contractors up unos, curry may not be there anymore. He might get to be the full time point guards O K made my regularity and your cabin
I know you're in a year It may not be at America beneath a hippie play us like we're. Who knows that that day, my polish apologists desire for awhile next question Kazi. This Katy regret signing an extension I would cover tyrannical. choice should be conceivable immerse, one right and then yeah, you assume well, then, the I'll take care of the other two, and here we go we're gonna row with this, but the other two are not taken care of and it's a little bit somewhere down. Ok see he signed the five year extension. Fear member two thousand, let two thousand ten re same summarised as the broad and it didn't have the out for the fifth year and he was just like a mall in for half a decade and I'm sure he regretted that at some point over the course of that five years is push after they traded harden.
This time around. I think he signed the extension, assuming it would be the first time an hour now, there's no other dominoes, so any thoughts on Thou, Jackie, I I dont think Kevin Dorette thinks the way you do. I think camera rats like you not. This is where I won't be a commitment to them. I want my word to be good. I think that a thick he's a man of his word in many ways. I really do and I think, having to read good enough and confident enough that he's probably like bring someone else and I'll win with them too. I think that's the right answer, next question. Jackie, is Steve NASH, cursed. It do we need to have an exorcism for Steve NASH. Do we have a higher as free as it the priest by holding a basketball in it. look? It's not removing it's, not Steve NASH. I've had to different coaches. Why adore say to me is the curse of Kenny Atkinson as they did
Kenny Atkinson Wrong and he's one of the nicest guys in the league and one of the most popular guys and one of the most hard working guys, and I think everybody's, like it's. The cursor Kenny Atkinson, not the Kirsty Bash Gymnastic doing their own Backstreet National Kosher the year last year for juggling all the personalities in situations that he did last year before it all. I I don't think you're thinking this went through think, The crazy shit that happen him on the sun's I know I may think of he goes to the Lakers and there on the cover of s side, as I am I am, I get a vaster yelling, Steve NASH. Is everything that's right with the world, so I can't we view used by guy hydride line as an exorcism before, like you, like about the blasted series last year with Kate. the inquiry in harden and there they go. I'm like what was that one run, whereas I got the Celts are frisky today and in Brooklyn scores like forty
what's it about everything? Oh my god. It's just cite the fact that this could be done in less than a year. Kiev, I think, is insane. I actually think if Harding its traded this week, this is one of the most insane NBA stores we ve ever had been going from his tank job in Houston, too. Then it's to Brooklyn, and here we go the new big. Three o my god, and I saw I think today that Westbrook Leubronn Davis have thou played as many games together as hearted, Dorette Inquiry, wives impossible. While, but may I say like this- is insanity. yeah the inner even get crazy. Imagine if the deal have actually happens and that first game with nets are playing in What Althea bed for moves carry Irving amateur aunt roll it out, so
The third round of I'm I'm fired up even just a thought of it. Like she hears my question: if Ben Simmons gets traded, does he play right away. It's a break, you see ready, I don't know, I don't know, that's they thought a couple weak wrap up by one of their rights. Begun already right. I would thank you, you think at least What do you see? What has been Simmons ends up in Sacramento? After all this, you are In the end, we saw what fuck with energy and agendas second but India as that in fire, sailboat, apparently for what they got for the vote, and I now now makes a crazy about. You knows who knows what's next for them? Blame pike have.
Hard inquiry, other factors, this Brooklyn Mass, which saved our last aid straight. I wanted to fall to blaming Tiree cause. I do feel like you know. This is now three straight franchises that we ve seen complete this function. At some point, we have to start looking his way at least a little bit. I think that's fair, but that I don't know far. and, as I echo, to shut down the trade rumours two weeks ago and it could have been a dead start right away. Did it and you know the team whet the funk right away, so blame pie? Who would you go it. I mean, I think, carry being half that part time player by default boy. anything else. I think it's just overall circumstances from an absence just been too many guys are gone. Her In addition to carry being,
you know in the situation that he's in Kosovo the mandate in New York. So I'm issues really so far all circumstances finance who could have predicted. All of this to happen all at the same time, yeah go to rent thread, singing would schist allowed the number round. All yeah yeah for that out, go carry who it is it's a nun year? The where that's a super dysfunctional team and he's at the forefront of it? And this is now I don't know how many years we ve seen this Jackie any. What would you say? Well, if we can take the blame but pay back a bit shouldn't the nets as a whole, take a certain part of the blame for just making up their minds at like right. We're gonna, take on all these guys and they're gonna tell us how it's gonna go and we're gonna followed it out. So they D, Andre Jordan, has to be part of the deal died. So no look every GM in League with do that, I would do that sure. Jenny is enjoyed by the way. Dandridge earns a really good guy he's a good guy in the locker, yet
yeah, and you thought the cliff really fast so, but I was so will agree that will take that on board. But you know, then you got a trade Jared out who should be making his first all star appearance and Maybe I will, as it relates to an agreement but anyway, so I think it you don't like you you time, but the dysfunction. I think they invited the dysfunction by some of the decisions they made at. That were dictated by the guys who were come into that team. So I'm gonna slip a little that blame in there. That's a good one and the Jordan thing it's They are two headed mistake right because one when they gave their contract paper like wait. What is Mariah through years? Well, what is going on there and then too, he should have just been thrown in that trade. You know when, instead of light the shared out because they had to get rid of shared temples contract and that's why I had to be in it. It just should have been Jordan, but there
those guys are trying their stay loyal to join, but it is a whore. You know that egg, but the revisionist history on that as well. Jarrett Allen was going to be a free aging and we couldn't a bit. We know we couldn't afford to pay him, a hundred million that he got it. I have getting that's insane. I made at the very least you goodnight and Trade, and he is an asset and then we're gonna Greenway, where we as well. Why is in Houston, puddings is shared out in their pockets, figured out. They end up getting liver. Turning him tell Debo, they get Eau de Bow. I'd like a month a month and a half flip him to Miami, and then, if you look at what they got back from Miami, they basically at zero for him, so they take whatever the assets were. That trade that were the actual prayers and got zero. Which brings me to my next question because I still I'd like to go on the record. I still hate were used and got for James hard. You could argue, It's actually the more that time goes here in a year and with hard in there
oh, maybe pointing down a tiny bit. Maybe it was good trade. I still don't like the trade, here's what they got. They got first round picks in twenty two. Twenty four and twenty six rights are one of those pixies issue. We know that site could be attempt, they got swaps and twenty one, which is mood twenty three twenty five and twenty seven and then they got the ability to dump out and Temple to get a late first from the calves and with that old, deeper thing is like some weird by me: Brooklyn Swap so we're Talkin, swaps. I don't see any scenario where, if cabin therein is healthy, that those swaps will come into play with used in the next two years of age, talkin about a bunch picks out, you could say: oh this is our Boston got Tatum, I dont know I'd I'd broke Boston. I Tatum. Partly
cuz Prokhorov, for whatever reason was like, whatever strategy we had. Let's do a one hundred and eighty on that and fire sale and end basically torpedoes the team, and at that was a gift from God. I don't know if that happens again Akse. I still don't like what Houston got have you your mind it up. Would you rather have been sentence if your Houston, with everything that happened and how he might be in a situation where they are losing in there is really no hope I mean that's in that scenario, who's to say he would Pushing his way out of Houston so quickly, like hardened, might be now Brooklyn. I think the picture of a safer, the battle I give you the ability to be flexible during the off seasons in any. than any player might become available or if there is a prior, you want to trade up for and target like if they, if they end up with the fourth pick and this year,
draft. They now have the ammo to put together and say: ok, we're gonna trade up the two they get, the guy that we want. I think that's where the true value comes into play for the Rockets, but wasn't that Simmons she wasn't just simitar with Simmons in a bunch, tax on copyright eggs from therein. But Simmons was such a bigger trump card then, so I dont want I would have taken Simmonds. I just think that was the better offered. That's what I was doing, what for think what won't like do. We know for a fact that he just wanted deal heart in the morning item as a fact I dont think it helped, but from what I heard hardened and direct wanted to play together and lobby Josiah pretty hard. What did you hear that jack? Anything? That's what I heard too, but who knows everything with this
everything gets changed around now because of the way things are, and you talk about the picks and you just never know it picks, because one one catastrophic injury changes of franchises situation entirely and and then also that picks that you thought was every worth anything is, is really pretty of pretty high pick. Boats are so great thing appeared gee, I'm trying to keep your job for multiple years, like Google, how these packs? What we are now told the picks cancer through come a GM. Straight for a lot. Of course, you can just pointed out that two thousand twenty five big slab of everyday Katy, and no. They are their existing piece of this and I went up by that. After the break. Hey my favorite, I'm scared company has bigness simply safe, just launched their new wireless out. There's cared a camera tat. The system that, U S, news, water port, may best harm scared systems of two thousand twenty one somehow,
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but I think we could get a at least these don't think think we're in asylum or word, but this that I just wonder like what do we think the rents rose even during this whole saga? Is he conciliatory for nets management? Is he like? I'm out? I don't care I play with. Whoever he's had the ability width you know he did talk the westward for awhile. I think him in harden were closer and closer and o k C and then not as close, and then they became close again like he might just be care do whatever I'm out or he might be about Casey. What do you think? I mean If your Katy I he is like a basketball junkie, I hate he did those videos analyzing Highschool players years ago. He loves it if you're a cavern, Turann Watering, James hard and right now and then your mind. You gotta be like this, isn't it aims art and I was with an ok see if that behind I watched Winona BP in Houston may begin the twenty five year old Ben Salmon Suke, and maybe the anchor of our defence and be appoint guard a facilitator,
from our friends. Maybe that could be better for our relationship. He doesn't fuckin move on offered, so maybe he's back where our man, I thought I'd, be more fun to play with James. Then maybe it is so maybe he moved as a possible gonna be possible. I mean how could it not be possible? How can like Katy not look at the games and see hardy and just does looking into space as often suppliers back cut behind and not get frustrated in the same way like with the broad James of Vessel Westbrook. Right now, like you have liked the basketball analyse inside of these players, has to be said I don't know about this- there's big! It's gotta, be something better for me to win the championship in, I think for heart, in your right, Jackie LISA, for the nets. I, like that version of the nets more able to get Simmons and a pig a player, Danny Green, maybe
you're covered her and I like the idea that two Jackie wended they obeyed, turn into an elementary school with people just jumping ribs and changing friend, night ass. I did not get out anymore or out, oh my god, what they thought about what happened, but that's it. You made. It goes back to a! U because that's where you learn all that stuff. You know on the bus strides in the whole thing in, and I will say this about Katy though he supported carry Irving start to finish publicly. I dont know what goes on privately but publicly he is supported him. There hasn't been one wavering moment publicly and I think that sort out-
he rose and I kind of like that about him. To be honest, you know you know- and I shall say this from abroad to Kevin. I'm sure everything you said about him watching Russell Breastwork, but he hasn't said anything either so like. If you wanted secret, you do have some private conversations or thoughts about it. That's fine, but both of those guys publicly supported their player, supported their teammate hesper, so Dame we don't feel like will be in this trade. That buds Jim Gears now, but I do think, but column could potentially be in there and you look at New Orleans. I was looking at all day. I gotta do something: oh, my goodness. They have got to do something so since December. First and whirlwinds is basically five hundred right and
I don't know, is Ian coming back this year, not, but you know the embattled GM. That's always a team that usually going to try to swing for some sort of fence that bunch of pics they could package together. I'm a calm trade pretty nicely, there's been a lot of Macomb Bus with them and I don't have to be like them, a gram track that year would only Josh ART, but hard objects hearts than out there are yeah yeah yeah care say do if, if you're New Orleans are you trading for a to guard whose make it thirty million bucks like to what end? What am I getting I mean you get to bolster the team around Zion, they mean hope, he's healthy and nay even forget Zion for many gotta give anger may scoring partner, but I think for New Orleans. I would like to reiterate my call em they're them a perverts, but it Feldman it gives you
perimeter play major is better than Devonshire Grandma. I it's an update for sure enough. This is a team. Is China make an aim for itself? So I like it in that sense, with the position therein. I, like you, do anything Jackie. We I do, and I think scientist loom so large over all of it either for he got hurt. You know you and I were joke about him, wanted to play for the next. You know we were kidding, sort of maybe and
but you don't you just want Zion to one upstate weather is held you not in there's been some. Obviously there's been some fresh whenever players hurt for this link the time it's impossible for the team in the player to be on the same page, I don't care who they are, because you start doubting yourself, then you start dying them. You know that's just human nature, almost so fond pelicans. I wanted I once I D say that was a good trade deadline for US man, I'd like to play with that guy I'll back and get back. I wanna play with siege aim com. Everyone likes play with siege Emma common effort. Anybody say bad word about in terms of being a teenager and he's at us. Some guy I ass, he came on my by thy shared. I do apologise them for throwing a trade rumours for five years because he was always eat. I was always do David, see, jails mode, make sense if those two best bright rife with,
with desire thing, so I'm spoils of the right now. I would bet everything on this aid can assign the extension. He said three major injuries has there. You can't mess around that's pretty much money, but that does not only stay there. Your whole career right, but I think we made the key point. My column Ingram, you know now you brings, I am back now you down showed us who's been really good for them. Now it's like you now you have to give some adults out there and You are building at least something, and you have some pigs to make out. Longbill bought all wait. Yeah, we add thus than the lads peace was indefensible. But how are you Are you sure about Thou Xilai? Is, I think, a z I didn't play again until twenty twenty three somebody with figure of a max contracts. They had, he just didn't play until summer. Twenty twenty three
I offer I'd still, I think, he's getting eyes conch. I regard that some just saying New Orleans has the chance this summer to give him some security, which I think he's gonna take. Don't I dont know if you're here why you're gonna mess around with that for a year bill I can say, is that I get the guy. Maybe we have no idea oh yeah. What do you know? They are saying eyelid? I I don't know. We think are under under saying with Zion on here, why not all the best like if you do want to leave, if you actually do, you met thirteen point, five million dollars and twenty twenty two twenty twenty three and then that following summer, who knows I mean if he did sign it, he's still making in the high teens for that last year. Before can become unrestricted again, I think for Williamson, it's it's not a guarantee, but its let's go,
Pelicans do need a break from adults into the room, as you said, and make this team appealing, make it a place that he wants stay or word, nor what so we're not even talking about this months. From now it so tough because it's the one year where you can't replace the money any other time. You talk yourself into a, but this is I just Madeleine twenty million dollar loss that you can't replace? Unless you know you gonna city, like New york- and you can- you can say what we do. This Nike he's gonna give me a twenty five billion dollar bonus or whatever like it, and you can replace the money was sponsors, but you note with new world order. We didn't talk about my guy. Her
Z there. I apologize for for leaving him out because he's been adjusted the light as a rookie and if you bring him a column with they, even if Zion doesn't come, come back that could be a fun frisky planting just in general. The play and situation in the west is like it's. It's grisly, like Portland still in their as tough as debt seed there. You know that it looks like their China. South Indiana became a seller which I think we expected so basically for Laverne beget ladder, take the first round pick from Cleveland, and then they get this Houston. Second rounder. That will be you know in the low thirty's, which is a nice pack, but I thought they get more far for him. Why? Why didn't he had to do this now Kev and was there anybody asked out there that could have given a more than this cause? I was
eyes by that this was the trade committee. I do agree. I think it's a good return for Indiana here they get to pigs under the twenty two thirty, two thirty three range depending on where it used and falls. That's gonna give them a lot flexibility on draft night. Some order said earlier about like with Houston, if any and ends up fifth or sixth Doha some ammo to move around the for them. Is this like, as you get deeper into the first round of shares class seems like it'll, be weaker animal feed that changes before June, but those picks and twenty twenty two don't necessarily have the same value. Some other deeper drafts that we seen in recent years, but would love I don't think there's people line up around the corner for him he's been a notoriously inefficient score for years. Now is most of it. In season of his career. Maybe best was as rookie year so for Emma, I think with averred he's a volume score and there's some value, therefore Cleveland, but it's no guaranteed it.
Be a plus result for the Cavaliers on the Sunday there because of his scoring inefficiencies yeah, except for he does do what they need, which has tried to the basket job. Here, that's exactly what Cleveland needs which are missing right now, Cleveland, so Fine, I'm really excited by me. Really, I, I think they're really fun team and I, like dear me, everyone loves dairies. Garlic to bad Sexton is gone there. There such an interesting team, so I think Indiana, the one thing you can never discount with them old school owners they're watching their luxury tax line. They want to get way under. They want all sorts of cap space. I hope they don't have. It will. Actually, I do hope they trade suborners, I'd like to see him go somewhere where he could be a little more relevant in the week, because I just y know you like him to bill. I just love watching and play, and now you know we always thought they were trade MILES Turner. Before suppose. He looks like that
in trade both if this really is the fire sale that we keep hearing, it might be yet Turner's hurt. So that's a private turn of that beggar held every tat killed their plan in oh at the gear. You would have been treated the ape man gone already so Cassie at. I wanted the calves to get Gordon. I thought he made more sense with the team. They have also these play well, and I think that would have been a fair price for Gordon if they had done there is the case with avert. Is these twenty seven and he's bounced around a little he's been in different types of situations? In you know, if you look at adding used thy guide, this is our team. Now you know where we have your mobile and Alan. If Kevin love market it you ve Garland, you ll, avert you ve Cora New Bosman stated these acts than when you come back here than you have some pixie accumulated too. To me this this was,
I'm guessing I've already in the stories yet that they really thought about this fur five. Six weeks there like this, is say the guy. We want to add sort of contract the sheer next year and if he does, while we can extend them, but I think for just watching them, I thought Gordon would have made at that adding him in a play our series. I trust him when the bird I think Lambert's kind of a ball stopper this. I am not positive about him with the flow that this team ass. So I guess find out, you seem like your down on it. I mean he's, definitely leans towards scoring off I'd. Go for, bought ball stopper. He can pass a little bit, maybe surrounded by the talent they haven't Cleveland. He leads into that even more, but is now I got a gun. Org straighter or conductor of the offence by any means, which is why, like Jackie said he he brings what they need and the
Instead, they need downhill, the guy who can attack the basket and that can complement the perimeter, oriented game of dairy scarlet and give them. I mean that he can shuffle different pieces with Jared Alan or Evan Mobile in so many different pickin role, combinations that they can play with, and that can be effective together. So I like it for Cleveland, I don't love it similar to, like you said Bell, because just the natural era Gordon Fit what he would have been there, but is also six years older yet and he doesn't the time line of what that core is, though this? This is clearly a trade for Cleveland about more than just this season is about the future. Growing liver into something that they want him to be the fix everything else. While in the cabin love rejuvenation season Jackie.
He was like way back in the freezer. He was covered with ice cube said MIKE seaweed like what is that is that a pizza you're right pulling your poet Kevin? He's the Lucia aside for tobacco, while you forget how good he is now seriously, you forget how good he is again. It's all about fit. You said earlier cabin and I would say ninety five percent of all NBA players. It's all about fit is at an end, your mental attitude, and you know his attitude sucked. He deserved to get criticise. I think he knows that you know yeah. He was no use. I man I'm a champion. I don't need this crap, you so now send their confined to be around and he helps them. He does. He said, and I salute the media's really but good will you know it's by great it? I've thought this forever. I mean I just feel like I do. He want a title in Cleveland. You probably do that over again, but just the worst possible time for him to go to for what his goals were. I just love when he's around the back
In writing. When ears were near just put him in the corner and your put him twenty five feet away: you're taking this guy who his single greatest gift is his instincts round the basket. First officer rebounds for the ability, grab, defence rebound and send a pass out, and all these things that a feast just standing in the corner lay J crowd. Her right were am not using those gifts. So of it's been nice to see it again this year, while it is completely changes body, you were talking before about changing your body, think about Minnesota, Kevin Love and what this Kevin love looks like go back and look at the old photos. You know he completely reamed modeled his body to because he had to because saw what was happening. He was smart enough to realise the games, gettin away from low post centres, valor survive a good deal of shoot trees and I gotta thrive out here on the perimeter. I gotta figure out a way to do it so completely underwent a complete change in his body, though she is another guide, it he's not plant based, but he's close and you don't. You know he watches every single carefully puts into his body. So he made that's. You made that
change ahead of most of the other guys like in a Roy Hibbert, also looked up and he's like oh crap. What happened? Wait I can't play anymore. How come you know and Kevin Love was Kevin love a sort of planning for it, a cab since December. First, the two best records in the week or Memphis at 26th and eighth in Phoenix at twenty four and seven, and nobody else is really close to close to them, but then five games that surprised by Phoenix they ve been the best team start to finish all year. Members who you are on a par last week and you did the whole Memphis love. It love s which I totally agree with the fact that their twenty six and eight that's a real record. That's a debt now start no wonder. What's the ceiling for this theme- and we talked about just like it
the team that should go in with Sabonis. We talked about this on a podcast. I did a couple days ago, so I don't want to rehash that part, but is this to you? Is this two thousand and ten OKC? This will be a fun ride, we'll get our feet wet, or is this something a little more special than a little more profound? Could this be the twenty thirteen pacers or two thousand and twelve pacers? I can't remember their first run. Let me one of those or is this could feel good story that ultimately dies and ran. To I mean if it dies around to that, is that the bad thing that's pretty special fit? I think it very well and make it around two and in this western Crawford's play off race and lose a tough hard fought series or even in five out of you, that's cares. Enraged trophy out in now
after I may tell you should show that at that step after I am all about blowing up in trying to get to when achievements are better, be the goal for every franchise. I think with Memphis: that's that's! Why have the perspective that I do? I think if they make a rash decision to try to rush this down, could be, that could be a negative for them when it comes to actually winning and competing for championships in the years to come, as course so young yeah, I'm not concerned almost with how far they go into play off the sheer it's about the development of these players, they ve grown together like its remarkable that bear in this position that they are now it's crazy that their right here, right now, so the play often how about results for them I mean it's all part of getting. Experience They can actually when it slow it down with that, but Jackie. I feel exactly three really teams right now there one of the three and I would actually be thinking like holy shit. We could actually they make the finals with the team which, while it very much
we have tray young in Atlanta last year, comrades, astray young, you know he's just exploding any just he's got all the positive self talk you could possibly want. Enough to pass out to the rest of the guys on his team to share a little. You got great stores all over the place, Desmond Bain Jared Jackson. Junior to me is still the case that team, because he's as so many ups and downs with injuries, I think he's a terrific basketball player. We haven't even come close to see what he can be yet. I still believe that I mean he's had some injuries, as we know so, they'll they're just remind me of it, lay on you know who got to the conference finals last year. Member, yes, so I turned the camera Kyle, so
they're watching a lotta jar, I'm gonna say something, that's completely sacrilegious. I want you to bear with me, especially you Jackie, like. I know why you d, like kill over. I think this is like this is what it is like. The most hyperbolic thing, I'm ominous our now make get a drink. First wash it was whisky. It's just t go ahead watching job. No, I'm not gonna like this already know, go ahead, so we were there for late for young Jordan, oh my god, you're, not! Apparently. This is why I say rather regret Cigarette Jordan, the most fun part of him. The first couple years was when he would go. basket and he would go up and crazy shit would happen, and thereby these double clutches and palm sir. He dunk over somebody and it got to the point and plus it back and that era
guys were closed line am guys were under Cutty, so there is a fear factor to which I think we have a job, but the thing that was so great about and those early years, was just how exciting was to watch him go to the basket and he was just doing stuff. We really had seen other than people like Doktor J, but even with Jordan was the peace double clutches. It was these him sideways. Forty five five degree angles in here these spans and it's like had these headed they added. He do that, women's in watching jar. The sheer reminds me that- and I am not saying he's Jordan and I'm not saying his next heard any that stuff I'm just like when, when I watch him, do that It really reminds me of young Jordan, where there's a lot of how did he do that stuff? I initially I was like he's dare grows. He's Dexter grows he's I rose Westbrook like the same kind of thing. Rosen Westbrook couldn't do the stuff that he does, that the double clutched the triple clutched, though the crazy
fucking shit that he does while reminds me, obey eighties, Jordan. I'm sorry and the other thing that jammer it has done that those guys in does John Maria can shoot cheating himself out a shoe shores. some help, but I mean you know their early knock on. Him was well each one of those guys exciting guys, but he can't you know: teams of defenceless, just sargassum any can't make a baby. I just don't think that's gonna be true, so you really find a watch, but I'm sorry I just can't go there with you. So sorry? I listen, I'm not going all the way there. I'm not saying that you're down they say this. One specific quality really arise with Jordan. Care say was that to hyperbolic Gerda means problem. Two hyperbolic by the Iraqi sure as hell. It's fine, bad, I'm not gonna. Let comparisons ruined my enjoyment of watching Java Ragists like weasel his way to the basket or speed birth is way too. Ask it or just launched himself that's why he does it in so many different ways with the left hand, with the right hand, like the other day,
Orlando, you argue mention how My Jordan were beginning clothes lined yet his lab? Where was like, this left foot left hand scoop. cement or Orlando help. The Fender Canada, that the way he timed his jump, he like hit job flat to the ground, unintentional, but others like one of those moments that reminds you of Basque off in the past when they were intentionally getting cold, but jobs like remarkable and can't get enough water hoopdriver the bathroom. So in that sense I love it very easy, lock right for all NBA. We agree that, like we get bigger, say her lawyer, which team well, I'm just Jura, be curious. I think he's probably grabbing the curry spot. If he can stay healthy, the rest, the really think I think it's in play for her first or second, is it is in the back. You know the other guys I bid jested in this discussion of the go into the basket in the air stuff. Young Kobe was like that to right. I think.
As co, begot, older and kind of that two thousand. Sixty two thousand nine Kobe became kind of the dominant Kobe memory for people and that it was more recent and he was the focal point eight yet Lamar Space could shack. Was there any more, but you axes early, those late nineties, Kobe Games eat away, and that was you just like all my God, this guy, the way he got the basket cheeses Vince. What little like that too, but Vince was allowed bigger. I think they are young cobia J there they were that kind of theirs frailty to their bodies where you're nervous as their own up. For you know they copy. I did a piece with We once a million years ago. I was it. I think I was it. He s p and I can't remember, but I sat down and much film of them. I watch film of Oscar any show me what he stole from Oscar. We sat down what's like
lot of Jordan Telman? He just stole everything. He was like all the great ones aren't really any early on his career. He said like a lot of the stuff. Jordan was doing. I went I couldn't do like he didn't know how to you know how to post guys up. You don't know how to post guards post right. That was some doubt and told him about later on what is thy, but I knew I could I had the athleticism do so he would like have fills a journey. We just sit there and watch colleague, Michael Cooper used to did when he was trying to figure out how to guard Larry Bird. He just watch him over and over and over again. So the fact that you think that remind you, Jordan, that's that's by design, that's not by acts it now. I be interested to know like Dahmer at ever sat down a watchful nuclear or Jordan. He probably has any probably like a man of my own guy, and this is how I this is, how I do it, but I'd be curious to know what the thing with the thing that the authors, those guys had young Cobia Jordan, what we see from Jaws he's going to the basket and he's not
he's going to decide later when he lighted a right it s like up land, jumping and then I'll cut a fired out. As this guy bouts is often. I write that such a rare, cloudy, like Doc, was like that to start was O. My country Hopkins was the round, but I think is a sea cardiac there, but very few of us did, because you know his black box, but your doktor J for sure fact. I was just talking to Doktor J for a project. You and I are involved in a bit. Yet he was tell me that you know the first. You know follow, I'm slammed donkey, he he wasn't plan and I you know he was like gonna go. Do the big dipper land you know and also like, while can't it wait when she love. Would you love to be in the yard say? Should I lay the sooner? Should I dont get like just one might have witnessed a love that a man with her. I would cover that what I was famous eighteen, eighty files by when it has the soup Unalaska Worthing Obama, break them
A couple more things and then we'll go. I Cassie crickets cause with trade deadline. It's four days away, would start here Pat whimsies is restored Chicago in on Friday. Yes, I say yes Risa, Jackie, yes, so their mobile be DARE Jones, though Thou move, on the fringes, but they won't. I gotta make around eggs, they don't don't need who is on Portland out of nerve damage and MC column or both were neither on Friday. Neither even boat they're gone. We had both Gambia Jackie. I think the Congo's, maybe nurtured, stays because in an ordered the deal they want a little blue more if he America, yeah yeah. I agree with that.
while the US something about knowledge, gray, contract yeah. He also ways like I'm. Also like most, you know, Dwight Fruits, because in most of our Wabash did Shakespeare, yes or no, no I don't think so now here? No, they alarm. Don't you know it they're gonna. Do you know what they can do they need to get under the cap to they want to get onto the luxury cap? They want some brooklands money and the clippers money so they'll deal shrewder. I think they'll get they'll deal shrewder to somebody and get and find a way to get under that number. The Toronto Raptors since December, first, nineteen and ten. Ah my team hub my boy. She outcome. You know really early last believer where you re you're as they were, the lively wanna be back. I told you, you know you could argue that he got snub for the I'll start game. You could
that I mean I get guidelines. Then fleet got it, but you can. You gotta made a good case for shock. Look at his numbers over the last I mean he's been he's been back to life. Better others has been back to the original guy is even better now, if, as you smarter stronger it, let me Nick nurse such a good coach, their unbelievable. What they ve done so curse you did. They get splashing at the deadline because the east again, as we keep saying it's Alex it's out these days, it open right down you know that the drawbridge contract they get a little frisky, I think they're river explore. I haven't hurrying definitive in terms of targets and why not? But how could you not at least explore, like Jackie, said Kaliko I was better than he's ever been right. Now they put the ball in his hands, letting him run point more often be a play maker and he looks absolutely facial, never mind everybody else, and that team it like that Cars Vernon, always as me,
like his role as don't play, guys, who stuck I mean they don't play any body to socks, issues the team for good players that I'll can play in place a gather too. So I think Toronto Willow. Splore, whereby find anything that remains to be seen and cannot you SAM just sad about project like I like tragic, Those guys, like everybody using other guy everybody counts out at all. Well week. We don't need em, we're gonna offload him to do this and I get a get. Why drawn us doing this? I guess, but I just so bad. Tragic event, he desires, I'd, headed Wanna play there. I dont out at once the actual store at thought about it that's right, he was one of those foreigners to called the other day when you made the trade Gus yeah, but it's they didn't trade em. You know here. It's a arise with a good hour, Memphis stained by their homepage. I owe it up on a black There may be a balance and I'll be fine. I'm excited in place for him Cassius Sacramento in a coma
do they rely usually I'd rather burial eyes. I mean like you, you brought up the fox thing on earth, green room, other definitely faculty This is a lotta, Harrison Barn stuff out there. Now that's the guy on the poor boy boys went from like he's being a keeper four Sacramento really in the season. He was considered. A keeper now is involved and everything everything you here as far as our minds on our somebody like you know, he was a on those governed state teams and then now he's been Sacramento for all this Simon he's a guy that yours very intelligently. Does your talk to them. You suck very intelligent guy various aware, and I think he's a guy that understands our our business. You know media business and I too must be trouncing there right just drowning because you go there to die. You know
what's your dream, Martha bag with team Cassie have want. I have a dream like like a couple couple like twenty games on the persistence I've never thought about it until this moment, but yes, messy and this young lady can that he can play a consistent minutes and thirty of them Then there were defence, doesn't matter right now, Jackie. Why wouldn't ok, see go out and answer bonus, favour million, picks. but I certainly audio and under the sailors were like, and I was thinking about them the other day to because at what point to Shade Gilgit Alexander Salem, like ok, hey there, yeah I've been patient, but where one is this, like you know another all star snub at the? U could argue Shea guilders Alexander, but no one ever again it like you know if I'm here, I'm going like hell yeah, when are we? Actually? You know doing this, so support is to be a pretty good start.
Either actually learn Orleans for that matter they could take on Marvin Bagliani. Why not a bad? What about buddy? he'll. That's what I want to know but a yield. I don't hear his name. I thought I would he heads east I've been watching. The box course he's kind of like we'll find he'll Fox Randalls seems I that's just stood the deck chairs movie and the timetable for both themes and waterways. I got, I guess my thing with random and I've talked to submit fans about it. Where teams treat him like he's a number one right when they play the next nets really started and supply of last year, and if your game, pointing Virgilius, I know it's the best part of the other team, you're, probably going to able to slow down Julius Randle. So there's a question of like what would happen if he was with other really good players with would he eyes as per again fit once again were at the fifth place right, so fear fear him and you're gonna say
from an only gets both Haliburton EDA, maybe that's better fit. I dont care see and I are more down a deer fox. I think the most worthy stanch acting. I want to light dear and fox, but I want to, but I want to hear and fox till I turn back the clock to when he was a rookie and we saw things that made us interested in and hopeful, and I haven't seen that you know and again in and out of the lineup yeah it's hard. But again I just don't know you knew the whole Sacramento Malays. It's it's just room. It's real veto. It's been so long, but so it was ablaze when you were covered best buy the like. I said it's behind long live the all the only time there ever good Shack was column. The queen's you know. Yes, oh it's just it's a tough, that's a tough place for a lot of reasons are let's and here the south expires or sellers cares.
I mean the way things I'm hearing, it seems more like sellers by a boy not be a buyer considering the state of eastern conference. But my question: for them on set aside land. Is sellers I'll give you an answer, can consider another team that once get under that luxury tax, they really do Because they're looking at the Ross during the same ok yeah, the east is wide open, but we're really we don't unless they get really intoxicated tis. You know this line up with Orford Brown Tatum Marcus for my forgetting the fat guy? What about you? He went through an ape man, rotation night. It's worth it that is necessary, but that starting line it has only been together like sixteen gains in their than the plus minus numbers. With that line of her is it's a kind of unbelievable Marcus March number, since he came back from covered in the injuries, are just off the charts. So easily plant is plain his way disdain. I everything I've heard about the Celtics. Is there not enjoying think big
this. You know they're gonna hang onto Tatum in and Brown and then, as you and I have discussed or speculated, I guess we should say bill at what point to jail in Brown say I don't do. I still want to be here. If I'm never gonna be it all, he's doesn't make the all start. Team Jason Tatum gets all the love. I think, I'm better than that. You know there was a report, I think by Steeple PET performer held writer this week. That said, you know, there's some discomfort her a little. You know uncertainty with the way jail. Embrowned is thinking. So what does that do for you? I may cause of your bread. Stevens idle. Did you doin thing now you you deal shrewder, because you're not going to resign him and some some containing team, really deep contending team will add him as insurance Milwaukee or somebody or whatever the box. the bugs. I've been apparent lucky,
and so you maybe you move him the one day. I've heard that I dont like is the possibility of moving Grant Williams. I think greatly has had a really good year. Chinese Florence is too short, no always before it is too short, but you know easily guys hinged three for you, so you better get shooter back. If you're gonna Trade Grant Williams, I first saw cheap contract. He finally figured out how to shoot corner threes etiquette. We say this, but he is an actual out at. I know you don't like him, you and your dad. I know that no idea how man I have my comrade could I spent I just spent four days of my dad. He doesn't want than the trade shrewder he likes because he He thinks that uses wide open and he's a lunatic Sound productive for them counterproductive
shooter off the bench, shrewder off the badge as leg. Just twenty minutes, a game, verses, Payton, the Dice Pain Pritchard, I his. I think, it's just as likely that they trade leg for OKC, ok, see you don't get like some widely protected. Two thousand and forty one SEC ground, Peck, rebate, basely, giving a way to get out of the tax they're getting under the tax regardless adders benefits they that's what they wanted. You yeah, but as they get, could you get an actual draft pick from somebody from shooters actually come from walkie marked as avenue droppings. Phoenix as daily at it. I don't think you get a drastic for armies. He's you can walk. You know I don't see again is. Is this why trading marker smart could make more France, has you get a good look at him all bad from August? One of her the timber rules really really like a smart near a lot Am I mean like that kind of indicators late? They want, have been sentenced for a long time if they're not getting through
men's, maybe they want stairs smart to be their defensive, oriented player. But what are you gonna get him our bad for marker, smart, that you're not gonna get for some of these other guys to get under the tax. I think you wait till the summer. I think you wait till the summary do that. Can I agree. I can't live about to say this. I've I've been really encouraged by smart less couple weeks. I think he's figured it out right. I these figured it out and whether a continuous or not- but I actually think I think he took a lot of the the celtics- need a real point guard dialogue that had been out there for three weeks. I think you take it personally. He said as much but.
has played like a facilitator, the shots elections been much better and I think I think, has been really good so widely nerve. It I'd be nervous to petty nervous to in Streator Shooters, the one that makes the most sense. I could also see them just getting off one of these contracts and doing it that way. Ok, see going gonna be the big kind of wild card. I think fer. You know these next, what next ninety six hours, because they're so far under the cell for right. They can basically black hair, we'll get you under the luxury attacks like send your guy here will take. This will do about a pick up and twenty thirty eight who's, taking geometry Jordan of the nets hands. But do you know he's a is I mean it I need a Laker sands, yet Lakers handsome inside the as yet I got. I still have met the nets yeah, but is there get anything I'll try to move him that'll be their move right so takes him. Probably ok I mean ok, see is just there. They have the side on their store.
Like open twenty four seven phenomena layers came so many going right. What can the Lakers do? They can't do anything right: fourteen Tucker aid, trade, trade, Westbrook, you're, twenty twenty, seven, First Horton talker for Wall and arrogant. Stop that still it you got the best again too crazy. Here you read that book. I've read that book three times already waiting. We used to do that. Now, if you can get anything else better for our record, and why not, then, if that the Lakers put that I've been air Gordon, I went to a game jacket. I took care to this, but I went to the cook and other night and a reason was left more open than I think any mba by ever been
again? They they were like eleven feed off. Now he made a big three last night. It gets next, but try day so clearly need anybody. Who can it three with the spacing? But he heard you think for the Lakers is Davis, looks really good, and so you know I thought he looked like crap the start, the season, but the guy we ve, seen this week looks like Anthony Davis again, so that kind of opens the ceiling a little bit for them. now, but you seem dubious while I just you know, I just I think it's you d more than Anthony David, subtle, Leubronn looks great. I mean unbelievable, come back out that bad me, but I don't think that's the last. We're gonna hear that bad me he'll. He took a day and a half or two day, two games offer whenever took some similar problems for them. How did they get everybody to the finish line? What team Jackie with him do you like the most have yet to pick once you know in the title, Rita cause MIDAS Phoenix. I know yours his face I'll. Take the bucks I'll take
box. Yonder is very quietly once again, averaging twenty plus points, a game for life. How many games at her own l, seventeen games or or whatever, and they got everything they need I'll. Take the box Garcia question for you. If you had pickets hammered out when the final issue is it the Phoenix fronts for complete, auto complete roster, no changes needed. in play any style it big and they can dictate style. Men neither adapt to them, but they also have four guys who gave me the best fire on the court on any single nine Correspond, Evan Booker, jack you wanna things I like about them, there's a little eighties. Lakers, Celtics kind of overdue
ten we're not worried at all up. You look up now now they're up to and what happened. Oh, they went on like a three hundred and thirty two run like they have that switch like the old school kick ass, two thousand and seventeen words, I'm not saying they're as good as them, but they do have that mode where they can be kind of messing around and then they can I'd, be thrilled if they won, because everything about them is what's good about the NBA. You know the way they got there there, its home grown apart. They take on a veteran that everybody thought was done by a man, that's a great eight and I can't believe they didnt pay, but that the allow come back to fight them. And now you'll be ok, do but rather easier roof or a mighty ones is one of them. He was always one of the most underrated coaches around never got his do. I think he has the last couple years and I am glad for
So I'd be I'll. Be all right with that, but I just I just watch the bucks play an innate. You know, after the always disappoint me say, just change the way they handle the regular season and they just think you know they watched their guys arrest him. They try to front things. They don't give you everything. They have a whole bunch of stuff, you haven't seen a guarantee it and they have units whose just otherworldly means unbelievable, and its They know in talking about him friendly peak. As you know, we can focus and set. You impedes Bynum. Amazing yoke is right there at all times, but it oh yes, I dont know why, and why are we not talk about yon us yeah we'll have a run. The narratives everybody grabs it for ten days, and then we talk about that guy. Is it doing it so funny peace? I it starts, a game. Fifty and now and then everybody gets their eyes the. I pick sons bucks before this is, and I have not seen anything that makes me worried about that pick yet now, Philly it fairly got bill.
not hard, and if they got bill and they were able to keep Currie and everybody else than now, it may be possibly switch because day the way I'm beads pine. That might be enough. I saw the bucks. I that's like kind of the stealth like. I really want to see what they do on Thursday to like. Can they get one more somebody, or are they just gonna, wait up to get that person, but the buyer? Before we are Jackie, said she saw the mellow and person she wants to give her view now. I just wish I hadn't thought points very briefly, is rookie year and saw this the other so fast. I didn't realize you so light and I kept thinking wait till amused. Nineteen had to go back and check. I thought he was older and went back in Czech nineteen and another all star snub by the way lamentable abandon an arm. I just wonder like what like what, if he puts on some muscle, will I dont think it'll swarm down? You know any sir. I mean I'd like to simply better
as watch him a lot on defence and that's Polly why the coaches did vote him. You know they voted dream on her. That tells you everything you need to know right. So its kind like member the year before that import tray young on out my thing about that is you everybody would love to see lamentable and in our small game they all stuck in their love to see him at their play. You'd be passed in everybody, so quick, I just thought it was. he's fine? I wonder what is owing to its future. Is you know that was? I remember, writing this like fifteen years ago that they they share the commissioner's pack for each conference just the game more fun, warehouses up in LA mellowed, back as we just lamellous, she has been the ostler game. It's just get it at ten percent, more find their certain guys like that, and it am hoping if somebody and the back out last manner the injury or something he would be their guy. I hope get she waited who would for the other conference would be your fun pick, Elsie Various mellow and one quick question. Is he in the room? having stars that little tournament they're doing this
the key ideas about lunch, so that I could be cool. Believe me, I know about look, I would offer, but it's kind of, like I don't know like when I used to play, have gb have largely like. I said I wanted with the Addis the I'll be back. Anthony Edwards is the one in the West Right, Anthony Edwards, baby I've been entered, sets a good eyes now, we're after me, he's he's curetting climbing in general. It is giving some of the best interviews of any under twenty two Guy Darwin had is really like going They say we can hear you on the mismatch all week. You're coming on here on Thursday were in obedience to some trade, they stuff Jackie, whose apply There's always, I know we have we're gonna be announcing something soon. What your secret project has been some exciting for that too, I am to have said for the work he did this.
thanks for coming to our guys by telling you I debts of the podcast thanks to copyright for producing, as always thanks to dump burgee for the great videos, stuff and Steve Sorority, for help. As well and we'll be back on this feed on Tuesday, with big Superbowl megapenthes, you and then no reward muslin, and I bet you didn't answer that is scheduled. I will see here on Tuesday ways.
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