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Harden Trade 2.0, Brady’s Big Chance, and NFL Playoff Picks With Peter Schrager


The Ringer's Bill Simmons shares some more thoughts one day removed from the James Harden trade (2:00) before talking with Fox and NFL Network's Peter Schrager about all four upcoming NFL divisional-round playoff games (26:00). Then Bill shares his Million-Dollar Picks for the divisional round (1:17:00).

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Coming up. I have some more thoughts on the James Hearted Trade were indeed million dollar pics, with Peter Schwaiger and break down all the ran to play off games. That is next. This up. So the best service pack asked is presented by chase freedom. Introducing the new freedom Flex card with new eastern cash back always earn five cent cash back and travel purchase through chase and three per se. a dining, including take out, which is for my family, because we are fighting every night about whether go get sushi China food pizza, whatever were always taken. It up, find new ways to earn cash back. A chaste outcome, slash the ringer cards are, by J P, Morgan Chase back an animal If the icy restrictions and limitations apply, offer subject to change deception, broadly. By now, do this envy season Mount do is all about the three ES, the shot, that's chain the game, not even changing the game change their game as the beverage that push
boundaries, map dues aligning with the most epic shine the game taking hoops culture to a new low. I brought you by mountain. Do official sponsor of the NBA? Do the do the right to buy the ring it I'll come in the Ringer Podcast Network, where we had a bladder reactions to the James, hard and trade. Yesterday we mobilized willow, mobilizing when things happen, rhymes the podcast I was honored Jackie Macmullan, the Ringer NBA Show had a lab reaction. Podcast we had multiple pieces about how it affected the Rockets and the nets, the pacers. You can check all the data on the ringer dot com coming up, I'm going to talk with the heart rate and then Peter Schrager,
millions of first broke. I wanted to hit the hardest just a little bit more attacks. Amselle spoke yesterday me quick reactions, as we possibly can add that trade it came out of nowhere is when you hard was going to get traded, but it really seem like the Lakers game and his efforts in that aim and how he looked in the vibe on the ban should just spent everything up was a too where's race, it was Brooklyn and fully, and I spent most of the day on Wednesday assuming that fully was gonna, get em and adjusting they had the one from cartridges. Benson instead seems like they were engaged in trade talks and with
Kyrie piece of everything about not knowing when he was going to come back and the fact that it didn't seem like Caris, Levert and Jared Allen, and you know a bunch of pics was going to be enough to get a chance. It just seemed like a matter I feel is gonna get em is is MAC? he going to be in the deal? Is it just going to be Taibo and harden and a bunch of packs like? What's it going to be, and then the Brooklyn thing just came out of nowhere? And you know the first. The first thought I had thinking about at the last twenty four hours of Why not it is? It really is, potentially edible, missed opportunity for fully that they didn't get em and I'm not fought in them, forgetting that getting on, because I think what happened Is there really goes far they're gonna go there? I could pay a hundred, and fifty cents dollar, they have a really good team and they have indeed is totally engaged in looking like an empty p candidate and a bunch of it
assets and they have a chance to make final, so you you're not going to make a panic trade if you don't have to, I think broken was in a different solution. they they were in full panic, trade mode because its year, two of them, of the drain experiment year, one got thrown out as he got hurt, and this is first full year, whereas bus to cede Durrant carried Together, we only get safe for two weeks now, because we status and when he comes back and all that stuff, all that's up in the air, and I really think was driven by a fear that the arrogant lose a second year with Katy here that if they couldn't figure out how to navigate, carry situation whether he came back or not whether he was the erratic Aussies in whatever powers can play out there just miss another window at the rat. Do you know has been in the way since two thousand seven and as we found out with him in the two thousand and ten plus you never now, and
from what I heard broken just got super aggressive to the point that you know they demanded picks that they put it trade in the risk that they are willing to take with the team. You know in two thousand Five hundred and twenty six twenty seven with some of those swaps in those pics is a bat, is crazy of a risk, as you can take, when you don't know, if you're guaranteed to be a finalist, and I think when the Lakers did it with Anthony And I thought they overpaid too much even with that- and I said so at the time and I still feel like they gave up an incredible amount concerned. They were bidding against anybody else. He wanted the Lakers, he had the same age as Lebron James and the Lakers, which can be the team, and Marlins basically extracted, has many assets as they pass me kid, but when they got Davis, guess what They had the broad anything Davis. and they were one of the three best aims, and that was a lack. I dont know
I feel that way about this net steam. You know, because for some other stuff we talk to I saved through syllable having three scores who are used to having the bar ton. Never really seen that work before we ve seen variations. You know is a bird Mikhail parish, three stars, a cop, each other. We seem Pierce Round Cagey, where cagey took a lot less shots re on sacrificed lot. All those guys sacrifice something you go and stay with the ran. Thompson Inquiry clay sacrifice of shots, Currie was coming back, I can be bees, he sacrificed a little bit and Durrant, who could average thirty five points again. If you wanted be sacrificed a little. I think the whole concept of sacrifice becomes harder when it's three guys who love have in the bar and even to ransom. This stuff, he said when he was leaving the warriors about that. You know
and things he accepts that was get from the bar on the back and doing stuff for that. Well, Harry loves having the bar twenty five, you from the hoop a picture form creating doing his thing in harden excelled, the most enough Where was just four guys completely spread out watching you, you have these three guys that are going to have to figure out How do we all succeed when only one of us can have the Balin in it for the There too, we don't have the while what are they doing off the bar to make it work? I think it's not a problem for the red. He shown that he is been able to do it over and over again over the years hardened has not had to play that way in literally seven or eight years, and Kyrie is probably a safer bed to be able to pull off again then, maybe maybe you think just because he did it in Cleveland
able to kind of lie there in waiting during games and then when they need it in to take over for four minutes. He could my point. Is it's it's a huge risk. I think because I dont know necessarily if this is a championship tat, we ve just never seen it it makes me nervous when some he's trying something that has never fully succeeded in this form. Even if you add the usage rights up of the three guys it gets. You know too, like ninety percent, you could as you can get his honor percent, so The reason I bring all that stuff about Brooklyn in the context of Philly is, I think, a fairly figured out how to Simmons and whatever else for harden and they hard and re, engage with the way and bees playing with some the shooters they have. I I think they would have been the favorites. in the east. I really would have been surprised if harden
and it'd be as long as those two guys could stay out that I would have been surprised if they didn't make the finals cuz. The way he explained this carries you know really. motivated and in these. We want it to be the last three years I think hard and it could have been reignited combo. Those two deeds, I think, would have been potentially terrifying. I'm that terrified. Yet with this broken thing- and I think a lot of it has to do it with Korea status for the rest of the air. What are we getting out of what kind of reliability regretting nay you could argue? Could it just be Durrant and hard in and a bunch of rope? Whereas could that be enough? Yet maybe there's no stand a team in the east. Like you look at their team now, three Harry harden. Joe Harris, the Andrey Jordan got benched major sham who hasn't employed there, well TAC Brown, Jeff, Green and whatever to biogas, and getting that could be enough. It was said you and have guessed tat. It was enough for Miami last year.
Look at that Indiana Team and from a talent standpoint. I really like the Indian team. Especially when did you did you? Weren't comes back. I thought they were a stealth contender anyway, and I had a dream to be the two thousand twenty one. of the Miami last year in the bubble, but this about his bragged income has been great, though when warrant comes back here. Avert in as a more stable version with the water from our depot awesome he's. Not a caution here. The two hour days, Mcdermott Mouse Turner- has been get this year summer. Some there's been good enough and Mcconnell as to me. That's it that's a really good Plath team of almost as exciting to see them. As I was too to see this weird. An experiment so anyway, there's a lot of moving pieces with this stuff. In terms of I wanna sit in front of the Taliban and just see how this looks with India in its alarm easier to envision cause liver just goes here
going to be a mess, and I think that was another piece of the trade that maybe worked against Philly. As we talked about the the missed opportunity for Philly are Phillies going to be good. You know getting Philly, picks and pick swaps, and you have the combination of a bead whose superstar entering his prime bunch of other solid assets, and you have Darrow who, when using, and always figured out how to compete, no matter who is on his tent so viewed it looking at it from Houston's perspective. What has a better chance to greater and about a man- it's gotta be Brooklyn and I'm sure that's one of the reasons. The picks were so appealing to them hardened in a contract fer, you know another two years and the ring: get out of there after your for all that stuff, I'm sure that was hard to compete against. I think the key with Houston, two things. Why why I think they're actually blown up no Jared out and they didn't care,
Now they would have to pay him after the air, but they just decided. They rather have a pretty crummy pick over keeping them, and then they want to know the bone walked year, verses three years of the word or that points to a team that looks like they're gonna, really try to get themselves and start overtook them in the same position as Oklahoma City. So again, none of this is fairly far. I do think they try to get you to. I think there were moments during this the last three four weeks, especially harden? I'm sorry especially inquiry into rant, looked really good coming out of the gate that maybe that's when fully, could a pity jump? and this, but it's it's a bummer, because I think the carpet it really would have been really something so hard in Houston legacy quickly? He he was there, eight seasons, plus the really crummy three weeks he had the same two thousand eighteen ftp. He had six top five envy peevish finishes three said can place envy peace. One third place. He was six first, he mombi ass. He was the highest
nine m J or will score ever foreign season. He led the legged scoring necessarily he reinvented the threes and first thing and basically started revolution with that became the prototype. For this is, if you do these, you things at a high level. You're gonna be really successful, You don't need any US he was in one of the most famous. What, if trades, ever in two thousand and twelve, which is a trade that I think is one of the three or four greatest would have sinisterly. He perfected the step back three and the step two things that were kind of lingering around, but he was the one that really popular as there and I think the effect he said and younger players with with those moves you know, is going to speak for itself, are relaxed twenty five years with the eight or not incredible, durability If you look at all the guys, starting with the two thousand twelve thirteen season, he led the way in points minutes free through attempts, free throws and win shares just for that all time
mainly because he's really durable, he got market corrected by staff in the warriors in allotted everyone's right. If, if they don't get too, two thousand sixteen he's in the fires at least one of those years, Just in general, they were always kind of the slightly inferior version of the warriors during that stretch even before drank out there- and I think you go down with that runny had and you look at team in general. That team was really close, there's no shame in there and that's why I defended Darrow Utopia it's no shame in having the third best team for a few seasons in a row and a teen that came really close a couple times to win it all. I think they'll end up that with that part and rockets arrow will go in a group with like the 80s Milwaukee bucks, the 90s blazers, the early two thousand Sacramento kings.
The mid two thousand sons, those teams that they were almost there there really memorable a member Chris Connally you like to use the word critically acclaimed their critically clean team, case. The critics gonna hated watching the Rockets, but what they were able to do. short of winning a championship was that they were real. Influential, so all that's great now we talked only did the book of ask where part Pakistan hard and last year means act low. We talked about how his pleasant player for asthma is basically the elephant in the room. He had a basic notion, the two thousand twelve finals final, was really bad. That serious and people are those that that was one of the reasons he got traded since two thousand and thirteen, is three and eight Houston's elimination games, stats for not great. He got that is the place at home in three stray post seasons. The two thousand fifteen clipper series that games
the famous Josh myth corporate come back aim Artemus on the bench all time. His five for twenty in the inner in a elimination game and was sitting on the bench of the town said two thousand seventeen against Antonio Game, six to four eleven ten points in people running. Does this gave a concussion two thousand eight he s gone state- does last to losses. He was six for twenty five from three twenty to fifty one fear, Fourteen turnovers in two games. I could have sent them the title and then, in the year two thousand eighteen game: six, which is the staff game as it came to know where they don't have. Their aunt encourages goes into his thin and day clinched finals again and he's just unbelievable in the second half of the game are NED thirty five points, limb for twenty five says, probably the best one than last year with the Lakers they, when the first game and they're just awful. The rest is serious and they have no fight
could see them giving up as a went along this stuff's always gonna bet dimension with art, and it just is its can mention the same way that, with George girl and the spurs it was I was gonna be mention TAT would Julie serving on the Sixers. If they didn't, Tehran. Eighty three, it always would have been thrown in his face that on the Sixers he never came through in the policies when it mattered with interest, I made this point on the result of parliament to make it again going to them It's kind of removes his fatal flaw right. You know what a netbook a basque papa, gazetted Zack compared in Khartoum alone, which I was really Joseph cause. It's like disguise the car Maloney guards you year after year and credible rest may I firstly Mombi AIDS and empty p. Clearly, one of the best Six. Personally, but in the play ass, you don't trust them, you know you're gonna get and the play outperformance does in the match. The rigorous is firm. It's for whatever reason I think Malone and hard and therewith,
the similarity why that was the case where the more you played this Rockets team serious beside them seven times in two weeks he Canada used they were doing and verses if your pension them in your third game in four nights, it I'll send their thrown this weird often say, and it's just a little weird- the same thing alone and stack them where they had run that MILAN, methodical, pickin Raw and you don't have quite different slow it down beside. For one game? You know it's a little different, then, when you just seeing it every day over the course of two weeks now used to Brooklyn where he can just be good in the first forty four minutes of the game. Last four minutes you can just they can put him in the corner and you can. You can maybe in one corner Joe Harris being the other corner. Tiree is one of the secret great closer we ve had a at the guard position ever and then Sarant ran is the best course.
Of all time may be hard and end up being. The third option that this team is crazy- it's ants disguise one of the best off and suppliers of our time, but if I'm plasterers and I'm playing in Miami around play. Ambassador monoplane Indiana. It's the three minutes of a game, I'm picking him third to to to be the person I water on the officer I wanna get. I want to go through the rat and I want to go through Perry if you feel in it and then with hard and yellow becomes a luxury in the directive is maybe that's perfect, for maybe that maybe that's the way he's gonna is gonna hafta. When the title so says another thing I thought of the dead, then it's like what the nets just fundamentalism, the team that can meet the lakers- and I thought about this- a lot I think the Lakers are prohibitive, favorites that they can stay healthy. If you are going to beat them, you almost have to be a little kooky right. You must have to be the way that
two thousand eighteen Rockets were with the warriors. Were there. Why, in this style that is so disconnect be that it almost allowed them to beat a team that they weren't better than the teeth ass. They do at more talent did manner they they came down. Close if they had had enough reason, one of those last against I would want. Maybe that's what happens here. You know maybe the way to beat the Lakers. Would be a really weird team, like this one, where you have these three incredible offensive, where's Harris as lights out, three point shooter and you just kind of bombarding them them for the seventh time cite the prototype. I guess I'll be the teeth. Ass, seventeen calves. I think this team has ire feeling for them offence way, but the ransom Leubronn Raw Korea's carry hard harden as the Kevin Love and then in the Joe Harris, lose a lot on defence, and I think the defensive piece of this What would worry me the most about nets fan because
already during our dialogue and a ton of minutes and he's gonna have to be their crucial defender is gonna have to guard the best guy in the other team, every game, whether its Jimmy Butler, he might have. The guards of bonus Jason Tatum, clearly the brine- if there's ever Sears with that, so unless they address that with some move that I dont see, that's a big burden onto rat, coming off a torn achilles and other stuff- that's happened term, but so, on the one hand, I dont think they're a guaranteed contender, which would have made me so nervous, give a bothers picks impact guarantee container, I mean put them in the finals, they're playing the Lakers. I don't feel that way. On the other hand, them at their best is the EAST best chance to beat the Lakers issue. So that's why I've? So it's such a
fascinating trade trade? They d, the heart, a piece about him frying way, these first cup wasted the season tat. She can go on his regiment, just its it has to be mentioned, and people are very forgive the stuff and they forget. They certainly forgot with Vince Carter and two thousand for when, when you basically decided stop playing card for Toronto until they traded them? That stuff fades away over time, but it's not a great way if you're one of the best three thousand five hundred and forty four Time is just not a great than avenue resume. Last thing I had of just think about. Had the rent come to Boston into. Does sixteen and I caught him a different path, Ass, saying at one point it did really think about it. Then it was never gonna happen. He just what have stayed no Casey whatever. I think that if he goes to Boston into does sixteen it's kind of incredible how much the lead change because, first of all, I think the warriors probably make a run it out Orford or they just keep Paris and barns either whether weaker the Celtics could have-
actually end up with Katy and then carry a year later and you had had the Katy carry combo anyway, I think the calves, it would have been neck and neck with them in the world, because the toothache, seventeen calves or baron the two thousand sixteen cats, really believe that so you could argue that could have gone back to back. Heyward, probably stays in Utah. and maybe they'll get out of the Mitchell, so there's a whole bunch of what s that come out of that. Maybe the rocket steal, a title if the rents not in then maybe they steal that two thousand eighteen title has certainly been a great time: the catch, the calves and whoever Katy ever get hurt. Who knows TAT Katy on Boston with them.
Hate him embrowned, showing up just, would have been just there would have been anything like it. Three four hurts that are interchangeable defence, like that you can argue that those four plus years from today's sixty not just would have been a lot more fun. Then it then it turned out where to that seventeen and eighteen, the finals, were basically foregone conclusion and I guess two thousand eighty misery. If I take that back two thousand to his great tits Toronto role, the dice with quite if the record does another out or now then what has broken like they look like Brooklyn. Are they even in the max? If, if Kate, doesn't go the warriors and there's whether he does the boss will you stay is no case for a year. Who knows it's just a whole bunch of what s coming out of that summer, especially when you talk about the cap, pumping and-
and then everything that unfolds. And now we end up with the incredible situation where the rat harden Westbrook. There are together their kids in ok, see they make the fine us they trade harden, and we go what? If what? If? What, if for the next few years, Amazingly Westbrook ends up with harden, it goes terribly a year and now hardens with the red and then it seems like the natural could, You would just be a flip, carry for Westbrook. They would never do that by David did. Maybe it outside shot of all three of these guys on the same theme, stranger, have happened, but we always wondered would have ended with hardened and ran and Russ the hardened. We have now verses those six men generally to point out type guy, wasn't ok, see and I guess now find out so fascinating Basque about trade- I mean every time,
think we ve had the most fascinating Basque about trade. We have another one and its clear that teams just do not value picks anymore, that they realise that there's eight to ten different spake employers every year. and if you can get one of those eight to ten guys in a thirty team leg, you do it every again. We will see if the Davis thing with the Lakers defined it worked out for them, whether that was an aberration or whether this is the plan thereby should have anyway fast. any trade, cannot wait to watch harden the red together. At the same time, This is really a visiting quite a basque buses, common upwards to Peter fragrant. Do and our backs. Tonight I'll beating sushi? In fact, I just It happened sushi whole family love always enjoyable actions around here now I there's just so much great food around me. I can get it all. I knew breeds without breeds. You can pick from eternity
favorite look restaurants, can also select from a range of zero down to a review restaurants every day order. Your face what's to your door using Newberry, border with you breeds tonight. This absurd I d by mountain? Do Their bases man do is about the threes, the shot that has changed the game, the change in the game and it's already changed again as the beverage that pushes boundaries now do is aligned with the most epic shot in the game and taking hoops culture to a new level. Spengler threes, you know his back staff carry the challenge them. took some crap on social media weapons, clubs, deaf, that's what social media for Give people crap were successful. Well, he's a tutor heavy pay he's got three rings he's taken crap, so what does he do? You need its Portland on Sunday hit a couple threes to you. Do you step curry, I've never given up. I'm a menu corner brought the about mountain, do official.
The answer of the NBA do the do I Peter rigorous, hair you down for good morning football and from some of the facts that? U S enormous, the good luck, charm of billion dollar picks every time he comes on. I win money. Last week I promised I was gonna do well. Last week we made a hundred forty seventh ass, hours, were only down eighty five thousand for the season now, and I like this week to before we get to this week, though biggest surprise for you for last week, the Pittsburgh started. I mean you had it. You said that you thought Clayton was gonna, went out the gap that Fashion Pittsburgh, one of the autumn. Worse performance is I've ever seen from ITALY coming out of the gates been Rob was murdered. a hundred years old and the fact that they were down twenty eight nothing forget even start after watching these games of football and being upset by the bangles two weeks ago and similar fashion. I have no idea, they couldn't be motivated and ready to play the game. I guess I don't know what a team
record is when the game starts. With the centre snapping the ball seven feet over the quarterbacks head fall by the quarterback, just kind of uneasily circling the ball over just following it, and I've never seen a worst play. That was the worst omen to start a game and that you go back and you think like have been upon on fourth and one, and they get that there it's a one score game and I felt they had so much momentum in the Brons were Gaston it, as we think about the the Brown this week, the lesson of round to is always don't overreact around Europe. Hold your horses. Donor react and still aspire there: the coordinator that in pick up its contracts or he's gone, rewrites go into the fourth quarter. Situation, we're like art were rolling. It could be a one score game and its fourth and one in the its territory and a common rules out the Panther and variable earlier in the day
well the analytics and all of them, and then they still and rebels actually good with the analytics equally, he doesn't well and he's gonna guy there like even then forth, into with Derek Henry bind them now. I now upon in any old you don't win, that's not just our works. Yes, so as I look as I look toward ran to turning it depicts now we picked air. We pick the winner. of every single game. Last week you will realize what who gets a spread? Now I've been hearing that segment. We had all six winners. My my rule with the plan is always don't pick the underdog unless she think back save a chance to win. So the two underdogs made have taken the rams, the Brown we argued about, the Brown stores, whatever I still feel the same way about round to do not take an underdog. Unless you really think that beat them severe, taken the browns plus ten against the chief. She can't be a thing where you I like the points at so many. You really have to like talk yourself into a brown scenario. So
we'll get to that game. I wanted to go over the playoff manifesto with either yes, some of the rose cuz, there's some good rules in place. Rule number one of the planned manifesto is beware of the looked a little too good. The previous ran team. Now I think the brown stew If I, even if you really think hard about that game, they were scrambling. The last two and a half quarters the ravens to me or the team this week that people are fired up about that bills line has dropped is two and a half. The bills were at ybor I'll. Send you the Super bowl week ago and the ravens that the consensus thought here is their back Lamar Spac it got it. It got this different ravens yet there was called twenty points last week was a: why are the ravens back? Why are we saying this twenty points and they want a good? They were down tat, nothing
game Lamar through yet another terrible pick that one only and if it wasn't for the defence being away to completely suffocate Derek Henry, they might not be able to get out of it to Nothing Hall The ravens have all thy right now and will get to the game, but you're right manifesto wise at other. Four teams that won last week in advance for sure the ravens or the one that everyone is suddenly jumping on. It's weird at Lamar's lovable. I think people like Lamar he's really exciting and it's a classic watch the whole game. That game was a lot closer than I think people realize the tannahill pick at the end, even though I didn't feel like come through. You know the guy, the guy. What did he trip? He fell down that happened. Curried Davis is out with an injury whose number two Salif Raymond Number fourteen goes in for the titans. They they ve been thrown. Major Brown, all game Raymond slips Peterson intercepts that's all the game and are you buy,
and the whole. Why is weak Martindale adding a little more of my shine here in the head coaching search. What does this have to do? Pay gap? I know it. I got an thing right now, but I'm I'm not paid by any these age. They don't deal with them. I have no dog in this fight the guy's fifty seven year old, any has a mullet and or seeing position. Coaches from the patriot It's worth seeing Kelly. more were seen J. Garrett like these guys, are all getting interviews. Wink Martindale phone did not ring the last two weeks We do not want interview, and I know on on very good forcing that he interviewed with the giants last year and came very close to getting the giants job was he blew them away in the interview, but those players I got to from a few of those players after all something our show about wink and how they shut down their Henry and Arthur Psmith has an interview, every single team this week the Titans offensive coordinator, yet wings, the offensive Wheatley silence them. Those play
it's kind of the same deal that you see with the Brian Forres or some other defensive coaches, where those Suppliers will run through all form, so I think is act that actually my player on this week too late. I think those players, let me motivated by the fact that their guy fifty seven years old and and last several years with them has not got us single interview to be a head coach, it's a little Zimri right when make simmer for ever and ever couldn't get head coach and job than got it and was good. The first element the non Rivera to remember run Rivera interviewed like nine times and not get a job and then finally got one and with a coach here twice with that's Roulettes one roll another rose, they don't talk, Yourself into a nobody, believes in esteem need in this. She had a really good reason. I would say the rams are probably the nobody
leaves and esteem this year, because the whole quarterback situation, which will get to the Browns technically, could talk themselves into a big picture. Nobody believes that as thing because their kara last week they came through and now they're playing the chiefs. There ten point underdogs in and I guess they could do it, but nobody ways in the branches the browns and behind the cheeks in their plane, the chief side. I don't feel like that qualifies this week when a doubt gravitate towards one pig, thou, wouldst, Grover, the most gamblers and experts and would definitely against the single worse gambler. You know now, it's only Thursday N, you kudos to me for basically being even for season. Picking all the games on Thursday during the covert seasoned ideas were. The great achievements is of the greatest achievements of my career, but that it seems like the box might be that pick, but it's too early,
It feels like there's a lot of people. Firstly, that line has moved most money is on the box. It seems like rain outside us as sixty forty square, but then even more that's on the box, and it seems like that's the one people are pointing to if they could only take one underdog this we could be the ravens bucks, but the bucks because of the saints has a breeze of the eleven broken ribs at he recovered from just in general, they didn't look great against the bears. Last week, the bet there the bears a kind of weirdly in that game, and I feel like by Sunday the bucks will be this pick. What do you think I agree I think the books are hot. Obviously we ve been talking about that for weeks, but also the elements this indoors. There's no fans Brady as excuse here. This isn't him no forty, three years old walking into Lambeau in frigid temperatures, and it's like I, this is lined and they ve lost twice to him. So there, the old adage says, is very hard to beat a team three times
in a one season. I think the money might go very heavily towards the box will get to the case of the saints and the second. So we had to tweak a rule. Rule number eleven is don't ever talk yourself in a terrible cubey ever for any reason came through last week, which were busy in a beautiful way did not come through washed and because our meant that in play- and I actually would have been scared enough of high energy- that I don't know I know how like eagerly, I would have taken bucks minus eight and have caused it like you. I watched at one game when he played as sky can actually do coupled thinks they lose more like. I really thought about. Psmith explained the bucks for women by hundreds at an early and they might and Why should realise that either they are we actually camp Ozga, remember thirteen. After tweet So what about it again to read out had to had a relationship. Twists is important bloodlines before
wage earners who make sure bar too shy to hammer Home Edwards Wade, Philips nor Turner. Dame quaint John Fox Jays get anyone they make anyone described as any reads people anywhere. They more or anyone related to any of these people is that involves what we have shot hammer last week and then Turner Way so that the bloodlines were owing to last week right. tat, shot and hammer got fired after the game in it a shot Emerson, Brian Sean Imo, YO, see in Seattle and then Scott turn a north and her son was the one trying to figure it out with Heineken they covered, but they lost yet and then don't try to be a hero. Just try to win money, which is none when one more thing for you, so double digit winds in round to in the old days
They would always be at least two blowouts, and then it got a little little wonky there for a couple years. Last four years, two thousand and sixteen to of the Ford double Digit wins two thousand and seventeen one slash two thousand and eighteen weed to last year. We had three, So we know we're going to have a double digit win out of these, for it seems like the chiefs. Browns is just the easiest possible pick for this. Our friend Connor Schell, who huge chiefs fan. He thinks the line of this game should be twenty he's. Like market down chiefs by twenty plus, the chiefs will get to them in a second and we'll get to match up in his second, but is, is that is that the overwhelming favor for their sir? Do you feel like there's some rams? Packers puts blow up potential. I think it's gotta be the chiefs their home at arrowhead after a week off with no one talking about them and watching Aaron Rodgers get them Bp Parade and in the last point like they were down
thanks for nothing last year to the Texans and they won five thousand one hundred and thirty one. They won by twenty, like they're. Just so fishing, even if you get a little lead, they find the way. So I think the the he's the experience all that they are your overwhelming favorite daddy blow out with and caught her also said the Brown said their Superbowl last week, which I don't even know what that means, I use that wrong. Sometimes the team can win the one game in the end. You know they're getting congratulatory cause for today is the huge celebration lacquer over then it's like out oh shit, ears, Tarrytown, Travis, cousin you talk about use, means other than their oddly, like confident everything I know is I gotta doomsday fan. I grew up in New Jersey in every one in New York and I will see you in Massachusetts. The chiefs fans like optimistic and positive and like a wage, is very proud and confident on their team since they won this, the Superbowl Mighty NICE must be miss. I ran to first game is packers ramps. Let's go
man. This looks bad for the rams and I really I came out of round, and being like. I M excited too, maybe ride this Rams train because maybe there I said his silence on an eight, their defence. Better than anyone else does anything in the annex ii. That would be the case. Well aired down on his heart. He got hurt during that game. He's got some sort of rich. Third, there super secretive about it, but I know is he came out of a plan game and we didn't really seem again and anyone who thought he was the terminator a robot, cyborg assassin. It turns out his human, it turns out. He has bones and tissue like like that. Like us, I don't think you'll be a hundred per cent says, will he be like eighty percent will be seventy percent? What are you here? An errand out, I think, he's gonna be just fine from what from what I'm here and rest em all week. Mcveigh calls him terminator, as you alluded to
he really does. I don't even know who color terminator, who uses the terminator will be out there, so their assuming he's gonna be able to go full strength and they're not reported from the lineup of what they liked was last week, came out their defence even better, it was like Morgan Fox started playing unbelievable honoured, Floyd was everywhere and they were getting production from those guys that were filling in so Donald is in Roger said it this week, and I thought it was kind of interesting to hear it from who himself, as a first about all their music Errand Donald, they first bout hollow famer already, if you never place another game on like that is why I praise foregoing stillness twenties, but he is, he might be the best offensive tackle with ever seen this. What play this work honestly? Is that good in that
instructables, two defensive line, but he should be fine and ready to go. He is on the shortlist. For me, I've been watching football since the MID seventies and Lte's always give me the best defensive player ever saw it's like a Jordan thing. It's like all right, you're going to have to type out to you and I it's it's going to be a road game for you, because Lte for me is a home game. I just think he's the best, but there's that the next group guys. I just think AIR Donald Zadok, whatever the accurately says in adding Reggie Wait had a few years there were, he was just completely out of control, but it there seems to be a guy every five years errand on the guy now, but he's the short less than ever. Many people on that list is really of the person. So he's hurt. You're saying he might be fine Cooper CUP also heard would do him. They could be all right
yeah. So you are you doing to think I'll be alright sucker. I dont like that. Two of their, like six most essential geyser, have in practice the gaff. We ought to talk this one out here. Let's do it so Aikman in the first quarter that game basically tips off that Mcveigh was just out. Watford was better option for them. At this point in the season now golf broke down no broken thumb. It seem like apron straight cause these. It's always. I always try to read between the lines when they announcers are recounting their conversations with the code. We shall we talked a Sean Mcgaughey, yet they're, trying, to paraphrase it to some degree, they're trying to gain the intelligence from it, but not say, shall Mcveigh told us he's done with guff its moral You know- and I think if you watch the Red fruit, that I'm doing tredah, you watch rams last half of the season. I just
God did and play well, and I think Mcveigh lost confidence in gas, so ease pretending, like you didn't just talk to show Mcveigh for forty five minutes. And then does the whole excited, and I think they really what they have with Wolford. I think he opens up their offense blah blah blah. So I was listening like what God's done he's, never playing another game and then Wolford gets nailed by Jamal Adams. Austin golf comes in with his broken thumb, but to me the fact that Big Bay gave up on God Weather is ever going to say that public or not, is a really telling point for this game, because God still has a broken thumb with the pins in it, and it's going to be cold. They're playing in green bag have thirty five,
the game. Last week there are six three they get picked six touchdown neither sailor we now have ten. Now all they have to do is run the ball and occasionally quacks there, and he just ass. The leg send passes the wide open guys I if they fall behind by seven, I think it's over. Could it be right case so talk so talk me out of being terrified of shared Gough in limbo. the bright that before we get to Gough we'll get there. The Mc Veil a floor thing is really interesting. Okay, so in two thousand and ten these guys meet each other there, both low level assistance with the Redskins and its MIKE Shanahan coach team and Mcveigh like a twenty five year old kid, living in a town house and across the street is low floor in his wife, Brie and Mcveigh literally was the third wheel,
like would go over there and would sleep on their couch and would have dinner with them at any time they went out to ban against or Chile's they would bring Mcveigh around these little younger, like whatever they ve mother, said. ways they do their things. Mcveigh then gets the had coaching. A few years later, with the rams, and he Florida BS pensive coordinate here so now the floor reports to Mcveigh? Yet and as just a really interesting economic and last year, at something called the owners meetings, which is basically every owner. Every head coach every GM go to Sonny resort in Florida, Arizona, Mcveigh Maybe I wonder why the lunch with him in low floor I'm like a obviously and then the fourth guide. The table was Jason Walter's, who's, the Packers pr guy we're sitting there and it was Daniel owns is Prodi and along the big during tv at the at the hotel, the built more down Arizona into here These guys talk football,
and I know I can't talk for shit with these guys. If a boy, I'm not does not my foretell, never say on the all twenty two guy, the breaking down data, Jones is Prodi a Duke and it's like listening to another language, but they spoke it together and if you watch what they with a lot of the same stuff, it's a lot of the same formation. Pre snap and also one guy has Aaron Rodgers, the other guy has Jared Gough, yet Mcveigh and in New Fort, like Mcveigh, knows the low floor orphans and before knows, whatever Sean's running on often try now but like who knows what that offices, I would just say all the stuff that working for Green Bay Mare, vain knows it, and he knows that Brandons daily. His defence of coordinator is gonna, sit and study it. So what might have working lights out for the packers for the entire season? It's not new to on a day and it's not new to their defence, a coordinator. If anything, I think that might give them the advantage and last year when, before
at the play Shanahan two times in the regular season and in the play off, you saw their orphans, it got completion. Down and Shanahan and the forty Niners were able to dominate the packers. It would be an argument saying. Rogers is amazing, he's the x factor, but all the funky stop that they ve been doing Mcveigh is a step ahead anyway. Yes, this is where I wanna go super nerdy. First, second the football stuff like. I wonder what it is specifically is almost like a Chico ray. You develop it. She code in your playing this game that doesn't understand your she code bog I'll, give you one little aspect of it, which I think we might see in its it stuff that the football defensive coordinator types always talk about you, ve got. The vote they Adam to buy by far is the best wide receiver in football comes from and it felt overboard over the years. I think over digs right, ok, this guy what he can do from anywhere outside slot everything, and I had a coach not either. One of these guys tell me
you guys on your good morning for partial you, you talk about the Andrea Hopkins, indicates a calf and the island about the atoms, in the same conversation that beyond insulting to devote the atoms. That's how much better he is than those guys. So what you'd think, as you would put rams? on him and say: ok, let's isolate the two of them. In the months let Mark has Valdez scantlings beat us what you might see from Brandon Stanley Defence, which is what the rams have done a lot this year. Is you put right Z on Valdis gambling. Isabella check track you, as you say, evaluating, outnumber thorough Syria and then you double team Adams dairy Williams and trial? And then you say: ok pick your poison you're, not gonna, and that be what you see so, whereas other teams have tried to like lie their number one with divine tat. If you want win, but you ve gotta, they ve got a defence in place that I think they can do it and in the chest match deal low floor knows they might do that, so that how does he adjusted to do it off? Of that sort?
the minor gale of the relationships, but, like I dont know, if Adam those not against this rams defects. I dont know if, if he would against another defence, but this one particular with Ramsay in various Williams and them kind of knowing the orphans antonov where they have their Jones peace to other came any Likud Leslie, but the Joneses, I just think He'S- can Electric kickin- they re cover quarters that by that so at entire argument you made about why that could be bad for the Packers offence. I would argue its evil worse for the rams offered, because they're ready enough, as that, the other team, those but they're running it with Jerry Graff, an injured Cooper CUP, and I don't know, I'd I'd this- my buddy cuss always had a. How many points are they gonna score rule with some of these games and its? I can the Rams Quetta forty points, so that occur without where it meet those where our, whether theme warm weather team in cold weather and it does on paper
looks terrible. Here's what I would say that you mentioned, I think, with cousins out with it all offence in eight months, had on the broadcast whole often set for Watford like Crazy, Gimme, and option, and then he gets his neck. You know whatever shattered he's out that office. under if we start seas and then once Gough came in, I was like we gotta run the most vanilla stuff and just get out of this game now got a full weak, and I don't know if it's been a now anywhere else. I have no problem telling you here on this package at you're, not gonna, see Waterford on his today again ass, a guy in our these out. Ass, though he's. How did you know and the backups gonna be Blake Borders, Sally Port, you're, better, the ribs, you're betting on a Gulf Borders, Kamba and the emergency quarterback his hacker? So that's what you're looking at, but I would say that Mugabe's got a deep playbook and you might see Robert Woods there on the ball. You might see reverses, you might see, can't acre spur on the ball. You might see
I'll get like there's a there's, a chance. You see a crazy orphans from the rims, because Mcveigh knows going in or not gonna win with Jared, throw in thirty five times, There is also a chance there's a chance. I would never forgive myself for the rest of my life. If I bet on Jerry Graff in its third Greece outside and Lambeau he's got pins in his thump. What would I do they would your words you idea about it. I would you said the same thing last week, told you straight up before Walter was injured, Jared Gough in Seattle. against Russell Wilson, would you say the only thing I would have? I would not have said the same thing, because I thought the rims defence could actually, when the game consented, believe and sat his office. I really like the match up for them and I'd we'd scene it already in this case Rogers Adams Jones. Those are three led, often Sinclair's. You know, and I think, if they can just get a lead lately, if I'm, if I have the right
Amsterdam down ten basil turn the game off. You know it. It has to play out like it did last week, which means you need a whole turnover Rogers exude, neither Rogers fall Part game special, seems mistakes from the backers. I would say that I don't see that with Rogers decide. I think he's locked in. I don't think he's. Gonna have a fuck up came back to Europe, their star left tackles out in this one, they played one game without em, they put bill, eternal Turner left tackle and they were fine against the bears. You're just hoping for a defensive freak show that's what it is. somehow, the Rams win this game, one thousand six hundred and thirteen, and they do it on the field. On the last seconds and lambo they want a right and a rusty Rogers and a rusty Rogers. No Sir Lambs Frontline really been then that they, announcers God man, Rogers, just looks uncomfortable ass. Does the like himself. I just think he's had to good overseas,
to have a shit show of a game against chaired gaff. I dont want to bet on that so there are only six and a half. I know he had a fit which, by the way means you can teach them not a bad you against the giant, Here they want fifteen and one the Exhale Mary game. So it's happened. It's out in the main. They must ethnic one year, but riders in play bad was freezing or that that game in the first and the division wildcard round, so he's lost who play off games in limbo. So it's not this crazy thought and then you throw in that. There's no fans- and you know what it's four o clock: it's not night. You can make an argument to the rams have a shot here, but you would be with reason, to say that just Aaron Rodgers losing the jargon is just not gonna happen. This just lose it a jerk off with pins. In his thumb, though, last year they beat the sea hogs at home and ran to the kind of out, lasted them, and then the forty two
there's this when it fell apart, I'm in a marked down the rams for this. I just can't in good conscience, but I have a couple fun wrinkles. That words break it up with the other three ok. Second Saturday, game bills. Ravens Some game also requires a guess. The fantastic gave one of the better Saturday Night games. I think we ve had so good and the end like to cool fan bases centre like real at the same old teams like I love. This is good news this was patriots again psych the Tec forty five had exactly right. So couple things. We mention how the raven scored twenty points against tendencies, terrible defence and everybody at a jerk off fuss about it round. One was an everything goes wrong for the bills game. The courts were lights out
the only mistakes they bade were like game management decisions. Rivers, rivers was perfect. The whole game, which is incredible, the receivers didn't have them drops they had forty or fifty yards at all. The bills didn't play that well and- Josh I did some young away plays and they cannot pull it out. My first question is: if we believe in the bills I think we both do. We really did. Last week, I dont think they're capable plan to black games in a row. They got their blog name out of the way. So if your tongue they can play another black game than that means this to the last weeks were a lie because, if they're, really good team they're not going to suck two weeks in a row in that kind of sucked last week, they did Alan hadn't near terrible mistake that fumble that oh gosh, Darrow Williams, number
seventy five than get any pub this week, but he might have saved the bill season. He's the big offensive tackle, who chase the ball down and fell on it. Somehow that ball would have been called down. Three fourth quarter at bills. Forty and who knows what happened Alan. I thought unbelievable at the end of the first half. With those passes to Gabriel Davis- and I thought Beazley was gutsy all that stuff. What if that is the bills, though at, and that the ravens are gonna, bleed the clock and dominate the bar if they can like, if it comes in its ravens finally get a good start. One of these play off games and get a lead and just just run the ball with Dobbins and Edwards and Lamar, and behind Patrick Card it could be that game that we are talking about last week for the bills where you look up with the two minute warning in its seven three bills, Uruguay, or where were the first half go and in this way
Half it might just be one of those grind it out. Whitford defensive play in that one really gives the ravens the advantage. As I consider that point, here's the thing I'm not so that Baltimore can score a lot of points against any play off calibre team. Now, buffaloes defence did not look good last week, but the blueprint of a day you know, control the ball, cut the clock down Syria to be in that twenty to twenty five point ranged against Buffalo right. I think you need more points in that I'd be robbing plays explosive, like just look at at at at Baltimore this year. Right they play Pittsburgh without that Weird cove, again, there was a fourteen day. S orally was a quarter back in the indian and weak nine. They scored twenty four, but seven was, I think about it. Six years, Chuck Clark Jumping over Philip
worse, Pittsburgh on weak eight, they put up twenty four casein, we three they put up twenty I cannot think that's our who they are there their load. Twenty sixth interfere with that. If it's a by afghan right, I just think Buffalo is, is high, twenties too low thirties rigour the simply they're playing, and I don't think I know Baltimores defence a good last week, but I also thought tendencies often look bad. The end that missing Corey Davis was a big deal and they just stay stack. The lantern we never broke. One Tana was not good luck. ready to anoint the ravens defense as they are they're ready. Here we go and the fact that this line fell to two and a half. I think it should be three or three and a half. So all the bills There is one by feel gall, and I and I win this like I like the bills it lost since that he'll Mary game. So even if they law, if they want they one last week, let's not forget they want in like they did when that game. Their red hot
I don't want you guys had on it on Monday, but, like Beazley was so so tough and they are always list, and I thought you guys in Buffalo copies, he can walk last week. It's out. There are seven four, seven dear something in every time he's a ball like you got two players, picking it up in dragging him back to the liner scrimmage cause. I can't walk. Gabriel Davis was great and here's the thing with Josh Alan, if he's from California, but he played his college wall in Laramie Wyoming, where the average temperature after November is twenty degrees and there's some horrible weather and he's a six foot. Six bricks who can just throw the ball through a wall or search the weather stuff, it actually gives them the advantage. Lamar, huge advantage. I dont know home or if it's cold and windy, and when I shoot out if Lamar's can be able to hit a receiver, sixty yard downfield. I don't know about that. I don't think the ravens want to get into that game and I did it look like that. Look, like thirty two degrees with them.
A little flurry stuff go and which is what they played in Baltimore. It's not like it's easier it but Lamar. If you want again to that, is never plating snow game which, whatever I know that stuff it usually proved wrong. true the matter is we ve been high on the bills. All season long, we ve been saying they ve been rolling women saying it feels different. It would feel pretty disingenuous to jump off. Bills train right now. I would argue it's an incredible opportunity because ravens our little overvalued anything. Bells are a little undervalue. The only reason you could argue for the two and a half, as does Zack boss peace, I think was crucial. It's gonna put a lot of pressure on Single Terry and they know it my opinion. They don't have another running back. I you know, I don't know of Single Terry's. Twenty five touches here in a coal plants game guy about we're gonna find out, but it the peace that they have, these get rid of the running backs? Have Alan
Everything spread out wide. Let's government do Young, always tough guy get get have tackled, inflicted Dawson Knox, like the other I cant do other running back pocket B, T J yelled in who is in the NFL fell still and it's gonna get some areas for them. they signed they want. They Freeman saw that, but I dont know if in three days he can up to speed the go. Look they really good. They ve been really good at home, the fans anything play. Much of a roll last week on don't off they do it. This way, design gonna be seven thousand in their under them. I don't think Joshua scared of any that stuff anymore. I mean, I think, those are the play and less to see just one of those miracle. Ravens teams, the bills have to be furious, they're not going,
still worse. They gotta be so mash. They are what the fuck, how do we end up with this potentially frisky racing, we're in a marked down the bills by soon have chiefs minus ten brands is the first Sunday game, Clyde, Edwards, hilarious, back cleaving, so line is banged up its unclear. How many guys are not playing, but it looks like Conklin might be out, which is a semi big dailies entitle him. All right the great last week in the big Karim Hunt touchdown he was the one pummeling on into the end, meaning that is obviously a good player. So the case for the browns, your your kitchen, Cleveland after they won the Superbowl your tat shells Superbowl yeah, I've? U catching k c after they ve done kind of a Milton bird, the Bilbil just pay not enough to win routine for those last seven, eight weeks there there are
or pilot in a couple different ways. I I don't think they were like gone, my man we gotta go out, and yet they one twenty three twenty four games heading into we, seventeen when they Chad handed the The charges game they last only loss was that dumb raiders game and they lost at raiders in the raiders scored forty points. So the question for me that if the, if the browser and hang in this game and if the brands are gonna win this game, they're gonna literally have the outscore the chiefs ebbing, because the symbolic score of the forty two thirty to patents I guess you re a pig aim. Casey's thee was thirty. First, against the run, so you can make the case. Cleaving comes out pound the bar alternates running backs. They come out the feel go bad chief strive, Brad's get the boss,
TED that the hot shot breaks. A forty ardor and now now bakers, plan ahead, like he was their Pittsburgh game and I think they're pretty good when they plan not that most teams aren't. But even then, though, and Cuba our Talkin about this on the show today, let's say you spot There are twenty eight, nothing led in the first half. Are you taking the browns to win that game? Even nothing. The library would be like chiefs one three days. I saw this. They here's the other thing with the chiefs, and I thank you, shake. It is the analogy I'm trying to make of it like and be a when Jordan was doing. We do and we would always commit ourselves, like Stockton, can hit David Benwick on the corner like the jet and then you do the sit, the sons and well in Irish Phoenix and Danny Ainge is now there, and you start wincing yourself that what if the chiefs are just the bulls and one of the chief suggest the patriots from the early two thousands were you try mincing yourself. Well, if this had like I've seen
what someone made up of state that I don't even know existed until this chief season there, like Patrick Moms, leads the league and me interceptions like that's it. That's it! That's nice that, like the Odessa, Hordes Bureau is not making. That's that that is a fake stat like that, it's not real stat like dropped interceptions, oh my god, you're arguing with I just feel like the chiefs. they cannot leaning into this like Mitchell Schwartz at a really good, rugged, tweet and weak seventeen is, I allow everyone's giving air Rogers the envy p because of his weak seventeen performance. When our guide any met the play and weak seventeen because he was so good there's something to it words like we know everyone wants to live in an era Rogers world. We know everyone wants to get on the Lamar and Josh Alan trains like we're. Still the mother s chief like any, can still do this and I think they might blow the doors of the grounds. I e? U! That could be my last point, this physical or a bit of a fuck. You game where they bring all the toys out of the garage they
We have an m eighty. I could see a big Kelsey game. I just feel like any time they want. Do they come of the body the fifth day. They don't win the cowardly entire eager out there together they can always get eleven yards, o n and isn't it and I've. I watched them every game. The season I dont have an example thirty, six, where my homes as an have that seven yard scamper at abounds right. He always finds a way. So, even if it is this, weird shoot out or their down. Like I just don't have any empirical that, over the last two years of my home, snubbing able to finish their down. Ten points was set. Minutes left in the Superbowl on thirteen fifteen any finds away like it's just what he does and until he doesn't, although with him- and I love the brown stuff, I think, they're great, I think it's cool cup Karim Haunt gone up against can
It is a poor little supply here. I don't see it. I just dont, not arrowhead. I don't love the minus ten and I'm not gonna have a huge bet on it straight up, but I'm just that, I'm that drawing dead with browns plus ten, when I know their economic again so that be the third one. I think the fact that its the Earl game is where the good for the chiefs. I don't know why I just isn't uneasily them come out taken by the last came as bucks since the saints beat the bucks twice a week when we throw out that was covered, the other when they take their s. Since then, in Tonia Brown, now fully acclimated an awesome left guard Allie Mark in his back burial. That's a big thing. He didn't play. The first type Joe Hague was playing instead, not not the same as Alomar PET Devon White, who did play in the second Saints game, but then has been missing, but now he's back. He was dead.
am I think he can eyes Camaro, there's some good Brady. It's been at a good blog about what's different about the bucks. since this game, and one of them was like Brady's just getting rid of the ball faster. It was like first nine weeks, two point, forty three seconds of the pocket for each throw that ass in sweet n is two point: twenty three Teams are starting to boots the shit out of on nineteen point. One percent, which is per dropped back weeks, went through nine, now, thirty six point three percent weeks, ten through the wild card, but his passer rating went up. Ninety six to one twenty seven point: eight, I watch Brady for twenty years. I have you noticed by way of a patriot, Then I heard a Brady's just never a good idea. He can't he's always going to figure out which guys coming and all that Stop the way to beat him is the giants, recipe of just pushed for guys, makeup, uncomfortable and then send a lot of guys back. So, It doesn't have it. He does a little thing where he throws it into the ground and rid of it in a different of his heart.
I'm, not gonna, try to the Euro and its the ultimate frustration Verde that it does feel like he's, figured out how to cook with Antonio Brown- and I think the Godwin thing you know got when had some drops, IFOR drops last week, one which probably cost the cover that to me that's one of the reasons. Their fears like there's an app to near the bucks, because that was it washed and game it were they they win by eight. They really should have one by like thirty. In brief, Look really good he's is a really good for he extended. He looked awesome. So you can. I know people might have woken up and saw the scored and stay up for the ending like it was a ones we're game in Washington, kept it there. Brady wasn't his fault radios awesome last week and then on the flip side, the saints last week, where Mimms drops the touchstone there one there one some play with match and men are still seven three forever.
then an aid eyes. I did it in the bears finally fall private, the bare suck- and I thought their defense was really doing stuff. I like this bucks team by fear the boxes from an efficiency. but well out machine thing, which was a Brady stable in the cup. Other hatreds years reside. While he's we might have forty completion stay, we might have thirty, two first dance. They think they're choppy right. There's this guy would drop display everybody, MRS this guy. It was third in two came, braided went off assent, they someone went inside or out should be outside. The African is how to reassess their dude and they can't, but they get the place they get these thirty five year. Forty are like day they it's like a home, run team and I think that's what you need to be against the saints look there. they're all coming back. I cannot stress enough how important Devon White is out there. So last week, Roquat Smith was huge,
having him for the bears, so cry was able to get frisky whatever Devon White runs a fourth were five forty was they know and absolute and then he Levant they David. The hope is the two of them. can handle. And if you went back and watched at first game- and I did the saints Box- which was terrible for the box to really bad special teams plays like a way squib kick. That was a mistake and then Brady looked off and, and the next one. It was just embarrassing. That was then a deer the season it was like. What are we gonna be here like we can't lose on Uno for the national audience in prime time at home. To the saints like this, if you like their such and her team now and the via about a temper and like proceedings is is: is a cool, dude and hate his whole things like we're Superbowl about baby, like it's, not this like one game at a time thing it's like we ve got a mission here and we know where in all start team- and we know we ve been patched together here, but we are out to win the Superbowl
Antonio Tonia Brown when get another in a quarter million dollars if they win the Superbowl, there's all sorts of incentives for all these short term contracts that they built in and we Brady it's like I know play what house money right now. I feel like you ve, they lost individual around I like first year. Maybe next year comes back and we see what happens for the saints. If it's not now, it's not happening, and I feel like that might be weighing on this, and I don't know I just everyone that is a part of the buccaneers. The way there talking about Brady is the same stuff. You hear about doing than words like this guy's. Just the man re twenty year old kid wants to follow on black eyes white guys, women on staff, everyone's like he is just emanates, cool errors are confident and it's like they will not be intimidated going into that game this Sunday night. The only thing you left out is just breeze coming up the eleven broken ribs and the ball. The ball is just in the air. It's it's on location.
But it's in the air for a while. He can't really move around anymore. There always trying to do gimmicks would take some hell commands the fight that, and it just feels like this saints team is being, together by band AIDS and serene rap a little bit. Legally Larry led Thursday will take, most those and practised Tatum Health, tourism practised Michael Thomas. We know he played last week Is he fully Michael Thomas? You could pick apart this team. The truth of the matter is, Martian Latimore has owned MIKE Evans over the course of his career. So yeah say that's a wash right there and then you gotta rely on on the other guys. The other one is this without a blast with this siege a gardener Johnson and what action is changed his name three times and not try to insult the guy like he is. The Patrick Beverly of the NFL. Just is a complete
data like if he can get inside of Antonio Brown said he can cause. My governs, don't know, he's gonna go after Antonio Brow. This is this. Is everything you? this is Isaiah whispering I mean this is everything stars agitators go? It's called Le Mew on a football team, This is my fear with them. The blueprint for me for getting fat than this bucks pick would be one of those going on gets carried out. The perfect and our driving first quarter, the bucks run some Bruce Arians testosterone playin. It adds up. It's a flea flickr that gets pact like that they fuck the game up more than the saints win. The game is my fear, but here's my crush view possible. You ve watched for policies and are the saints could beat the bus three times in a former span there that much better than
box, because I think that sounds ridiculous. I be, I know, but it's in New Orleans I get in their defence is really good. I personally you and I am taking the box. I think I just can't see them losing three times, but I wouldn't be. Obviously, if the saints like we're on a mission, the whole thing with the saints I said at last week, it take is it that this is the core and they ve been through so much together with the Minneapolis miracle than a colored comment, and then the box, it's like what are we really invested in here? I get we'd like to win, but not like we ve been through the wars together. I believe one team is like playing fur ok, it's worth of grief or yellow team is at all start team. That's the argument for the saying that this is a bigger deal than just over playin the buccaneers and again well what about inside inside Brady turf Brady,
I, like all ready, like my lad, Brady, they had the share that the SAM thrown the saints gamer away week. One played in Vegas weak seven. Forty five points Atlanta, weak, fifteen, thirty one. and Detroit Weak one thousand six hundred and forty seven, but in General Brady, was always good endorse. I always all the past bands like cool ranch or is pretty loves being indoors superboss ray I so here we are the ones that goddamn or women, so now, and so there was another team and when I guys worse, a team texted me like last week before Washington, Tap and said something no one is talking about Brady's forty three years always ingrate shape all this stuff. Look at him in prime time this year has been terrible and pray time, especially isn't anything yeah, yeah customers
hold deal with his sleep regiment in the game starts at nine o clock. This game starts at six thirty It is in doors and in the fact that they one last week outdoors with an eight p m start. I dont think its duprat. But if you look at it, there is something to it, and I know the Alex Guerrero TB, twelve method, but brain has been set, definitely worse at night than he has been during the earlier cuz. He goes to bed at like nine yeah and he's like on a schedule, but some games are played at nine where to take a break in I can million our pics this that football fans against perfect way to make plans even more in this weekend- is caught a same game parlay back in their only available vandals sports book singing partly bet lets. You combine multiple births from single game for. Even bigger, wandering round to
the money line. The over under poor props on one parlay best LA vandal is lady. Protect your parlay. That's right, you can play, say three plus same game. Parleying, get that up to twenty five dollars back and for one leg short. The same game, parlay insurance, the playoffs, the perfect time to give one a shot. So one of the many reasons you could win and you should when on fan door, I have an awesome same game, parlay common up later, that involves the tide and on the chiefs. That would be my spoiler for that again one of the awesome things about fiddle sports but could be having already downloaded the app and signed up to get started, use my promo code, BS it signed up as promo code, be asked to sign up and if your current customer
then you're asset go check out same game Parlez only available on fender sports, but must be twenty one person, President Jerzy Pennsylvania, West Virginia Indiana, Colorado Illinois, our Tennessee refund, issued as non withdrawal, say. Credit expires on Sundays. Max refund twenty five dollars per day terms apply ganley from one eight hundred gambler, throw some fun bedside you that we're not necessary doing before we get two million dollar pics to seek and lowest going team rams or push to sixty high scoring team bills are plus five fit. Packers plus five fifty I like you, don't want me to send some of us know if, if I'm just drawn up out of anything delights, you just just rate raise your hand where chief of the higher scoring table there. The favorites are like pocketing for yet another one of those jumping on the right.
I too obvious, and I feel like there's, got to be some weird shit and again well chiefs, pussy forties. Obviously I was certainly now and how about this. Will any round to game go to overtime plus two ten. So basically it anywhere you're getting the Buffalo game which feel his area of growth as a little over Thymy. I think bug saints fischler over time. You could also Do any of the last seven play games go to overtime, plus one sixty, which I think is a better deal. Could you get next week's games in the soup next week? It seven of a hill is: do that Firstly, I think you like out next year, Already got over time. Gas passing yards over under to nineteen point five. I daresay
That's it sounder they're gonna win this game with caretakers run in the ball, that's other than what this gave. There are going to ask off to throw that many yards under. It seems like a member. This is the same game: parliament, vandal, Rogers, chew, plus pasties packers win. That's minus one! Eighty four combined, I'd there's something to what you said about Errand Jones and Age, a Dylan being the game breakers in this one. I am is the number one defence in a league and if its, not Ramsay, there's other cadaverous Williams is awesome. I don't see them through the ball over the yard. At that that I seem to have this one's adjusting. Lamar hundred plus rush yards ravens win. Forty one sea could argue if the Ravens Economy Lamar's can have the gay have a game IKEA last week, rang
and for one thirty six last week near them was the forty five yard touchdown. The other was the game ceiling, thirty, five or sea, or basically saying any two big runs from Lamar. I would say you need one and by the way I don't think they can win the game if he doesn't have a leg of forty odd run, right, you're, right yeah, I accidentally forty I'm in like it- I don't love. Why don't I dont want think the ravens can, when I just that those eyes or get this one. I really liked Kelsey who hundred puss receiving arts chiefs win plus one ninety six, must be the one. That's it. Member luxuriating, the one Kelsey like thirty, yonder. Over the middle and then six ten yards in your there, they play, Brown. You, the last year, two years ago and Kelsey what not said one of the cruellest touchdown catches you ll ever see. I like the Kelsey one. I d: do you know about the Texas Tech Oklahoma Game
from twenty, sixteen did about the now dummy moms played Mayfield in a college game in their history is incredible. So, when my homes, but on a rock, the trip to Texas Tech and twenty thirteen, his host was Mayfield. Mayfield was the red quarterback for kings, Beria, Texas, tat they play for your games, they go out for a stake dinner and after this steak, dinner and video games of Mayfield arms, like I'm coming to Texas Tech, commits They thought is falling out with the programme we got injured. He leaves he tranches to Oklahoma. They play three years later in Texas, tech and everyone, a Texas Tec is wearing during trader with Mayfield's, face on it. Baker goes on to throw sir then touchdown passes in the game. Mahomet there for seven hundred and forty yards and the final score, sixty six to fifty nine and more homes. Attempts eighty eight passes in the game.
One of the greatest college football games, external events. If it's just fun these two, though I just feel like theirs chance that these to get a little tit for tat action and more homes went up from a couple years when they played grounds chiefs and went absolutely bonkers. I feel like it's pretty personal between them. I think my homes might go scorched earth in this game. That's a good nugget I think, may feel could also go. You want a burn, your tip off after you bet on him in this game cause you forgot, that is banker Mayfield than his head: Airbus, every intifada, feel these homes. That's what the lesson is the biggest home this week, a minute, I'm an idiot test run here before we locked isn't so we know we like bills. Minus two f There's two way I want to put the Packers and chiefs together these two ways to go here: either Chiefs Packers money line too
Yes, I observed money, lamp parlay, so they just have to win chiefs backers. Just both to win is minus one. Seventy two, the once it's gonna get you basically bedding. Eight hundred sixty thousand one five hundred thousand in the chiefs aren't losing the brown so basically be jargon, Baden Packers, Thou be thou it or you could do a Packers chief. Six, a half point tease, which is minus one. Twenty you take the Pakistan even take the chiefs to three and a half in you open the door to get screwed less on some last second garbage time you had San whatever out of those to which one do you like the ladder you like the tease, yeah, Deanna Chiefs, minus four or chiefs to minus three and a half minutes, for I feel that confident, I feel like Andy's gonna empty the bag and they ve just been sitting in waiting
and they're gonna come out guns blazing. I know Brownsville listening like who is that why myself thy browns, I'm not. I just feel like this is pro chiefs. I actually built is there you can get the the packers under Bob there I don't think the packers lighted up on on Saturday eyelid There's a man I just I've waited the wave, Why not? You stayed away for them forever and we saw why last week with Ramsden Hawks that A game that went over by seven points, Eminem lay like people, be studied a hundred years from now, ok, bucks, two possibilities for the bucks could go, could tee. So you could take the boy,
to make them plus three and a half minus one, twenty five, you do packers money line with the bucks plus three and a half is plus one. Thirty eight could do bucks, plus three and a half minus one, twenty five, just that straight up, but just bet the bucks plus three, which, once I like the taste is there at, I would hate for you to be out of this thing by Saturday. If there are some freak deal with the rams and the backers, I'll go strictly box and I think the last one you said three, just three, not even not even by the half point now, just three with the other move. Is you think the bucks agenda actually win the game.
as I do that is plus one. Forty two unfollow can you pair those together and bucks o the pair to gather that's interesting, Kyle Wasn, has like you, don't even have to edit this Kyle cuz. I'm I'm going to hear back of a real time, bucks plus one hundred and forty two packers three hundred and twenty is two hundred and eighteen. Is it worth it? That's pretty good! Well, I would say if I could get the bucks plus three and a half at the one hundred and thirty eight, I think that's a safer bet. Cuz then I'm covered. I think it's closed. We like gas golf pass yards under pillar on that thinks. So too, can you get car makers? Total yards in this game can make.
total yards. I'm you right out of the hole offsets receiving running out there. They gotta rely on how wicked this camp acres. Sing and receiving yards combined. Ninety four and a half I like it is the over like it. The rule is never bet overs and in the playoffs because of his ever Betsy over some eight. They know that so they fuck you on it. But do we think haymakers can get to ninety five rushing receiving combat? Yes, would you rather do that when her chair Duff. caretakers acres, because the garriga- if they could be down twenty he's thrown at every down deep passed a Van Jefferson and we're screwed, eight million dollar picks round to with good luck, Sharp Peter Schwaiger. Last week we one eight hundred forty seven thousand hours. We only down eighty five thousand for the season. Our first bet
dont big on the Buffalo bills. We believe in the best minus two and a half over the ravens five hundred fifty thousand dollars to win. Five hundred thousand next bet were teasing packers down to half point ramps left his window. point, teasing them down with the chiefs, making them chiefs minus for putting five hundred and fifty two and five hundred can that if the chiefs they win by four. That bet, I think that's I'd pushes and it gets weird, but you don't lose. Ah next, so I'm just gonna go it's gonna. Do it five, fifty to win oh. It's actually lesson that its cause. It's put its minus one of four, so five, twenty to win five hundred bucks minus three- I'm not gonna, buy the half point. I believe in you, Tom Breaks, the most vanilla standard it so far
let's go and then just so, we have money and the straight up and every game will put we'll put. Fifty can chiefs minus ten fifty k on on packers minus six and a half, and then we'll put another four he care makers over ninety four and a half yards and then we'll put twenty five CAN Travis Kelsey hundred plus receiving yards in the chiefs? Win. That's plus one, these six and then just for ships and giggles. Twenty five can the chiefs to be our highest growing team at plus two forty. I feel good about that group. Peter Shredder, oh my god, I feel great about it. I can't wait. Let's play let's go Euro, like that. I want to get the ram something about the rib scares you by night. He might tell yet tell I can't pick again
that might disappear like, and I guess I am friendly with the coach and all that and that's whatever. But I just genuinely feel like this is one of those bizarre games early on Saturday in IRAN's could pull out some crate shit, so maybe a loose thirty, five, nothing and unproven wrong, but I wouldn't have been all in on that or six and a half, and all that stuff all noted, I'm gonna hop on the shared gas with pains in his thoughts. in lay in thirty review, whether horse and I'm gonna write it like secretariat. Trader girl begs for cover out, as I wish you the best do take that's it for the BS podcast I'll, see you again on son with cousin sow right after the fourth Play football games, wanna get had started. The we watch was at first blood coming on Monday, sized alone when the greatest actions are made. Yet that's so you can. I say
Together we can stay safe seas and in a way.
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