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Harden vs. Giannis, Wizards Pain, a Colin Farrell Interview, and 'WrestleMania' Predictions With Joe House, Chris Ryan, and "The Wild Animal" Ben Simmons | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss the Wizards firing Ernie Grunfeld, a revitalized Gordon Hayward, MVP check-in and more (4:53). Then Bill sits down with Chris Ryan and Colin Farrell to talk about Farrell's meteoric rise in the early 2000s, sports movies, accent work, and some of Farrell's movies, including 'In Bruges,' 'Total Recall,' 'Minority Report,' and 'Miami Vice' (57:00). Finally, Bill talks with his son, Ben, to preview 'WrestleMania 35' (1:47:18).

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Sexier, oh yeah, We had nominated fur fur some category that has like really expensive, like the hour, shows the separate that were on their. We don't have white, the budget of the visa issue, but we are on their we're. America's favor underdog, words every dominated digital sport? Shell? unfortunates at hiatus right now, but awesome Show- and I am very proud of Jason Jason Gallagher and our entire rare video and social crew fur for that went off, we also got nominated actually fur on for court side. The final show. I did that Journey HBO and we got nominated for the declaration which was an excellent Exxon surfing documentary produced by the police. Directed by the symbols brother, so good day this week for the Ringer yesterday, said, always always good to get a little bit of, whereas
yet the Ringer Pakistan work. Oh yeah Ryan Reseller, thereby Castro Jason Witness sweet that that that got some. See really said some some fastened anything's about why one in four bar, what went wrong, what it's like to be? under the air under the gun. That all that serves thou score, the Red apples has relaunched for killing. Which everyone on the ringer loves, Sir, Kate, Hallowell. Ass in Herman therein B. We having a right now. They're recap of season. One is up and they'll be doing it every week through the season of killing, cousin, it's had a one hundred absurd special against all odds are actually on that one, but that one was for they Chang. He talked the errand Franklin. Who who is just a God in Austin, Texas, the barbecue God so tat, to him we have amassed. The mass man show my sense.
Turn up a little later, but the masked man has to Wrestlemania Preview lot of good stuff on the Ringer podcast and now not to mention ringer cases. All that stuff come up with When you talk to your house, Diana hard nubs update I have, Ben this unsure by pick this late in the season ever in my entire life. So we'll start there with house also talk about sixteen years of Ernie Grandfather too. Straight the wizards, both from within and without an house was very excited that he was found again then call it Pharaoh came in you know we love call Pharaoh with Chris, rather than a whole. We watch was about my advice. Once Chris Ryan, I invited him to join their part of the package, so we interviewed confrere together. That was asked. And he might have the best that great accent weak for us on the bs package, because John Skipper, I'm on our southern accent on Wednesday. People really like that by the way, thanks rather feedback and they confer com Pharaoh.
Then Chris Ray trying to do a boner upside bottom personnel, ship ETA, yeah, that's covered up, and finally, my son demanded to be on two preview annexed and wrestle mania this weekend, which we are actually going to, because couple years ago. I realise that at some point number to be really ought to make my children and will be in charge of my health care mouth, and I just came out to them all the time. Because I want to. I want to win points for want of eighty five, so we're going to annex II. Brooklyn and we're going to recommend you talk about all that stuff coming up, but first our friends,
for project. I we're taking this Thursday MID afternoon EAST Coast time on the line right now, not drunk house, but a little bit passed ass. He came back from a large share. A couple bears this: is the house that we love the most when he says that a book call level of at least zero point: zero seven supply that drivable, but still you know little happiness step. I, how I am now I love it. I'm right on the edge. That's the best way. To put it, I'm I'm right on the edge in terms of my sentiments as ever It's too all of the Washington Dc Sport, but I am over the top with their recent development ear, with respect
to the Washington, almost bullets and leave all development this week bill segments Yeah we're not late in the podcast. With that we're holding that I want to talk to you on a sergeant first and then Sixteen years sixty is averted grandfather. Sixty think about growth. Should be, you could drive, you'd have a driver's license. That's how long you know anywhere together what what? What are you doing? years ago,. Sixteen? What at two thousand three us working for Jimmy Composure? Oh you would you had already met right that they are. You moved right I was moved. That was two kids. For dogs and two houses ago when, when, though, when the wizard tired earn a grand felt so I lived. There was a year. I had three girlfriends that you're. That was a good year for me, but just talk about it. Ass grew at you. You would be so in the two thousand and nine and two thousand ten early can
they had some of the most fireball offences in recent be a GM history but arenas who had severe, really bad nature, ball and ended up having major need surgery and They gave him a one hundred and eleven million dollar contract extension. That was the I think summer. Two thousand eight. He followed that up that summer, By trading the fifth pick in the two thousand and draw up before the draft, he trade- four make biller in rain before too too. I guess fringe starter good bench guys, but this was the draft that stuff current six thousand a mouse and then and then, a year later he gave Andre Blanche a twin eight billion dollar extension. Was immediately so bad that when they had the lack out, they had to end this year, positive, the extension had even kicked India and there is already talk about in this thing.
His moves, so at that point should a bit over. It somehow lasted the rest of this decade. What happened house explain how this kept going What I will say one thing I'd: I will come to Ernie's defence as it relates to the Gilbert Arenas contract. I believe that the architect of that was the late great, a Poland, and he was great because he was the rare, a rare example of an owner that put, own money where its mouth is? He built the wizards a down? Stadium, in a portion of town that otherwise been completely a desert dead, part of of downtown DC and in no small part, A poem gets credit for helping revitalize DC as a destination to each think an end live. He was ahead of the curve in that respect and I think a pole and gave the direction to run fell to reward Gilbert arenas. Another thing that
It would give any credit for propriety almost uncertain I mean undoubtedly almost certainly definitely undoubtedly his single best move as a GM was stealing away Gilbert arenas from the gold, state warriors, you know, seek for fifteen years ago the mistake of overall Karina's after an injury, I think, was not a hundred percent his mistake, but there are plenty of other mistakes. If, if podcast we could spend an hour doing every earning run felt mistake. The relentless theme is whereby short I did short term moves designed to ensure that the team made the play off as often as possible. There was one era in which they didn't affirmatively confessed to tanking, but they tat it landed them. The number one overall pick in the fall
of John Wall. That turned out to be just as a history fact of history, not the strongest draft, at the wizards, had the number one pig in so you just have to with whatever the basketball gods give you. And John Wall in is, is kind of a decent metaphor. Career wise for what if our earning the entirety of the Grand felt era. Yes, so yes, I did it it by a calm in February, two thousand and nine This is more than ten years ago, and I was me. About these Koran. Butler trades in there and then I had imprints is my hope. Furl lodge but their trade may be unrealistic. Since you can obtain a free, fire Ernie T shirt simply by either a dude at Ernie gone at Hotmail, dot com, I'm not making this up when some rain, van is giving away free t shirts is GM fired. You know something has gone horribly wrong now. This is over
years ago in the dude had a hotmail address. That's long ago of people are saying who needs fired Since I arrived, I don't have a hotmail dress. I still have to wait a some people. There are seven AOL J. I guess I should talk for four Slater was when he did the Miller for Trade and this one of the few times that we really argued about something, and I don't even know why you're on the pipe cast at the time, but you cannot the Miller for a trade, and you so tired of the hope of the draft picks- and Remember we really bad at over that now I did know curry was gonna, get was gonna Fatah. Five, but but you you You were kind of guilty this too, and I think the bigger issue what early kind of tapped into as the wizards hadn't been good for so long even the illusion of being good, so as is enough for the Wizards France. It were it
and even about like China, when a title was just kind of like trying to get to fifty winds. Is that fair there that that goal? as as a thing to test or of invest your fan, the men we just want to go to the playoffs every year like it's, not it's, what we weren't ever feeling greedy. This is a franchise that hasn't had fifty winds in in over forty years now, so are should, I would say, with it, was pretty modest. It was. Why was so thrilling to watch the arbitrariness and Koran Butler and Antwerp Jamieson, together and end for a brief stint, had the best record in the Eastern Conference and any Jordan coach, the Eastern Conference, any all star gay because the wizards entered that all star break out year with the best in these thou didn't last long, and then you know things happened in the past and so on and so forth, but the the bar has
were banned, particularly high with grunt felt. The overwhelming you know, sent. But the overwhelming feeling is just you know, success measured by making the playoffs and I don't think buddy here ever pretended that we ever were driving towards a title contender even in allowances, with his arrival and taking the reins and becoming a hundred percent owner of the franchise he eat said title words, but they never did anything that would suggest that they can compete with the title. Nobody ever thought that the this integration of the wizards, over the last dozen years had any chance at all competing for a title with the purse no they have and with a thought at the helm. So you know this is in some respects, that that day, condition where you ve sort of been beaten into submission and your expectations have lower the mediocre. What what's that that that that that
is the there's a phrase. I'm gonna budget, but in any event, you know that the media he sleeps in the end in a drives, your hopes for the team and the new, while the bar lower than than you are otherwise said it we do I cast act over two thousand twelve. After the Arena oak afford trade, which I don't remember, it was born both horrified that and we, Really we really went after earning and beside them, and you said the biggest. The most positive thing was reciting grandfather on that share with the message were supposed to draft. This is Dan Steinberg did a transcript to summon things. We said. I said I wrote only with the arenas years which you just talked about. So, finally, the wizard like a husband who had stopped having sex with his wife for thirteen years and they broke up, Then they started having sex with a waitress who they just met at some diner and is a very poor
the relationship and then eventually there like. I can't believe I data that diner wages but you're just so happy to have sex. That was the playoffs It's pretty fair analogy. The way sixteen years. Well, worse than that, though, because so you The files and seventy eight and then you made the fight again in seventy nine. You lost the Seattle, it fifty four winds in the last forty years in the last forty years, forty since date sits at seventy five as appearance the wizards have not one. Fifty games that once forty the higher later that one once this is that the phrase is a soft bigotry of low expectations that that's it so you we have been. You know beaten into this. This bias of,
having well that the baby this that maybe that's the wrong way to say it may be that that's not the right thing, but but somehow or another. This fan base has been tricked into early I'm guilty of it. You know just looking from for modest green shoots, modest optimism modest hope to crack the eastern conference files, some point in time and every step towards that feels, like you know, achieving something without ever countenance the real fact that this team hasn't one fifty. Games and this team is not anywhere near threatening for a title. Now. You have you where's contract in the week Natalie in that last forty There's? U everyone! Fifty games, you haven't even made a conference, find us, I would say the greatest moment, probably of the law, forty years was a John while making the buzzer beater against the South exe ran to and then jumping on the table, or was it language
Arenas versus the Bron, the Playoffs yeah arenas, verses, Leubronn was more fun and arenas it at the height of powers, Gilbert Arenas, is the best player that the wizard have had and thirty some years and is not even close to my way of thinking about he when he was at the top of his game. He was a top five player in the NBA. If you go back, he had a stretch that was based. The second half of one year than the first half of next year in the MID two, thousands where he is on par with every guy. From that era, Cobby Vince T back Iver, Sammy like it is stats, are ridiculous. It he's almost a prototype pardon. You know he had a game that fit that era. That was very much like James harden in terms of an outside inside kind of thing you get to the rim, relentless but he could also shoot from forefeet behind the three point line: yen o seven. So even when you could combine the two years right, o six, no seven
he's twenty nine again? Ten free throws again nine point: nine Zachary in Seven point three three point attempts again, so he really was kind of earlier early, adapt Veronica Martin, you don't never answered the question added early grandpa last sixteen years things. This is something I would ask you really intermittently every six months for the last week in the west. Twelve years, that I've known you probably what what was that So I think what happened he he was beneficiary of straddling two different ownership groups with two different philosophies: and so he essentially you know he was at the and of the Poland regime and so on had all of those years to do it. And then the ounces when he took, were that the majority ownership, a team was in a review
in kind of mode, so he had the benefit of all of those. You know sort a ramp up years as years. Where would make sense I sincerely to to fire the GM? I don't know how he survived the past six years. I dont have any explanation for it now. It is the case that he did higher sky, Brooks and the wizard did win. Forty nine games two seasons ago and dead come with and you know a one fourth quarter of advancing to the eastern Conference final you know a game, seven against the Celtics, and you say I think, Is the high Mart high water mark in terms of the competitiveness of the franchise over the last? Forty years is not visit that Sir the thirty always thirty years. Does it Your feelings that I sat on a pike has recently that the nuts, destination that I dont want for. Zion is the western wizards, removing our friendship from the hope and just as a Basque, about situation preside, I think it's the worst one. Would you
which your robot on that, while first of all, how could why, should it be worse than Cleveland? How could how could this this market, as is a beautiful basketball city, with incredible basketball tradition at every level, except for professional? We have, I would say, the best most competitive, highschool basketball in the country here in the DE envy, the to cause the three colleges, at various levels of success. I guess if I maybe it's a stretch to give Virginia Convert Virginia part of the DMZ, but certainly what Marilyn have had their successes over the last thirty forty years near both of anti double a belt around. When you talk about college Basque, about teams when it, what is the case for as I had the wizards took place, job losses a basket under this entity. Rna idea now be terrible. This is a place that better understand and appreciate basketball and
I rather think that I am very discreet populated at the moment to be honest, because I've been in an early mindset like my expectations we talked about. This have been so gas lighted into the Super law, bar that I I've I've been thinking, the NBA draft as something for other teams for the last fifteen years and and create a free agency and creative contracts as something that other teams do. Finding european players that are going to come out and be productive players. Not I mean the best example the wizards have of european Where is my boy sat around ski? Who is? Who is a perfectly viable backup? Point guard, but you know the wizards dab that this is the lack of imagination. They tried twice in the first round over Ernie's tenure to draft european players, one of them Most well known, Alexey pressure off for looking like story from
family guy and the other one Yon vessels, the sixth overall pick in two thousand and eleven this both parliament's contribution to the NBA was kissing. Girlfriend on the draft night. So I mean this. This is like, when you have lack of imagination that lack of success that lack of of track record when it comes to their the thing really distinguish GM's, then you start, having very modest expectations. So I just don't know what to do what the hoped for, but I would say like who knows who the next G M is gonna be and what they are Options are on the table. I don't know what it's like to have: a normal GM, whose creative and thoughtful and good at the draft and tat, you know, go ahead. Why don't you not your candidacy I'm not even I remember Never lets, though Dinah Tactful where's, the bar Tommy Tommy Shepherd the current
certain general manager who, I honestly think is reasonable candidate to get that the job. I don't think it's fair to hang any of the think stink on time. Shepherd, I think, he's proof is as viable as any of the other names that are out there. David gryffons. Interesting the guy in Houston's, interesting is like a list of names. I think Washington, really appealing ha and your house Did you hear that you ve been Albert Einstein Years, probably Basque, about our Juno's DC basketball? Better? The Joe has I well here s the thing about what I know verses. What what? What would I be capable of I argued for income would continue to argue for matching John, why? I would a stretch John Wall as soon as that, first injury occurred before the second injury. I would to stretch them. You know, after the second injury.
And I would stress him now- the wizard knocking Stretch John Wall at least next season, because there the story that came out last week, you are you aware that the NBA requires is teams to buy insurance on its players. And the where he's insurance policies work. You get eighty percent of players already in error, as at on the at the moment, the player. Mrs forty one games. So yes, the wizards got eighty percent of jobs. Walls, nineteen point, whatever million dollar contract next year, he's east. These do a thirty eight thirty nine million dollar contract when he misses his forty first game, they're gonna get eighty percent. Of that, that's gonna go the ownership group. It doesn't help the salary cap, it doesn't help ticket prices. Help you know, buying David Changtefu Chicken sandwich in the stadium, but it does help telephone services, while it so? There's no scenario under which they gonna stretch him because of you,
That's one thing you got him, You get an injury exception further, like half the salary or somethin. I think you know I don't know this is. This is what this is. Why I couldn't be the GM not aware of how that works. Yeah you, Can we didn't get abysses and really, get it last season in the only point, forty some games last year, it again in the exception Maybe they don't want it, maybe Albania, a crew GM. No! No! I didn't! I just go there, so they gotta disabled parent exception for this year for eight point: six million for the rest of it. He's in that they could be used to trade for a player in the final year of his contract, whatever they just decided not to use it for next season. I bet it would be even more. Ok, woe to what end to put bodies on the annual report is not going to be a competitive basketball team
can I throw trader? You go ahead, as the dew wizards its job go ahead. You get number. One pig in the draft. What say and night, which is very possible Is it really behind a nine percent its agenda, say underlining percent. Now nine percent- I wouldn't call that very possible, but go I'll. Give you its possible one in ten chance. Maybe it's possible aspects I'll give you Gordon Heyward, all of my picks this year, an Tatum. For while in while wow think about that just mare data Better than that, little bit, I Any chance, John Wall comes back in his good again
you think the ship is just sail, this is gonna end badly. Now I mean I don't say I'm not talking about the future. It has ended badly. It's over. It's done as far as I'm concerned, the dude has played forty one or less gains each of the past two seasons. This is now he is like he he toward his Achilles. They re there's no such thing as as John Wall all star anymore, that this is the this. Is why the single worse contract in basketball? They answer is bad luck, I mean some of it is, you know the teams own internal assessment of likelihood of injury, RP and susceptibility to injury, and I guess you could criticized them for not anticipating recurring, injuries in in the knees then you better than he was. Healthy that one year, and that was it
member. He had a real and they fix the need, and he felt great, is the first time had been pain, free all that stuff and now they want to forty nine games. In forty nine games value? Lies you no good. I think if I think, if you make a push to be the wizard stretch war would be your bumper sticker for it. Stronger than on how that nobody that they're gonna gonna pay him the whole thing next year's that they get eighty percent of thirty nine million dollars. That's that's, like thirty minutes, over thirty dragon Box. So I reckon percent of brought out of the stretch. Yes, that's what's gonna happen, that's what's gonna happen, stretch stretch after they collect on that insurance money. So next year's complete wash and that's why the trade that you're talking about? and if it can happen that, when I read as I did, I gotta worry. What do we do with thy on I just love Zion, I tried. I trade. Everybody in the team preside, loves action, I get it. Of course we ve all these
we have already left backs. What do we do that more young players that are going to play we were gonna make above? I will say, though,. Gordon word last night, you know, not a jump to conclusions person with my own themes. I, if anything, super critical about urban bearing down on the celtic steep. Very down, I admit it's. I have no faith whatsoever. I will say. What I saw her garden Heyward last night, the Miami game is genuinely eye opening and the first time all season tat. He looked at you, Gordon they and here's. Why cause he's had he said Aims are he's by more aggressive and me now his shun flashes. This was the First time where he was like giving the bar. When everything run through me, I'm attacking I'm slashing I'm not scared, I'm get through the free throw line about it. I've deeds and play with I see a rebound we'd like three men, left in the game yesterday, three to three minutes left where he is
put the jets on an you forget like back as a really good athlete he's fast, and we just haven't seen it he's been in slow motion, fear in all understandable- and this is the first Yesterday was, I was actually like this. Is this this in x factor for the plants, and I think he needs to be I think they need the plan. I would not play Marcus Morris anymore. I know give off his minutes to a and you jailer brand, the playoffs and I know mark everywhere where to go out to the letter. You wouldn't play radio you and bread Stevens to the great basket our mind you wouldn't play market. E place thirty minutes ago, learn their painful for emergencies, but bad guys could cause he's bad. That's why I won't be universal lingo like we had. We're are old enough at this stage of our lives that we
should have each and every time that we compare notes the season on the Celtics tap the brakes and and put a caveat on the Celtics Ultimate fortunes, because it was so apparent that Word was not ready he's just these. Finally, starting to get there it's totally reasonable. The dude like broke for me, this ankle warbles far off his body and that's how long it takes like this is how long it took it took a whole season for the leg to take to get healthy, and then they took a whole season for him to play basketball in the in the best league on them. And it s a competitive level and feel comfortable again and right. Now is the time the only time that matters is right now, so you know the timings worked out me this was the plan all along right. I think I think this is what Stevens was hoping for. I think he was hoping. I wanna keep playing them. I'm going
why am I wanna keep platinum? I'm not gonna lose confidence in him. What I. He actually created a little after the Astor Break and it seem like it the EU is even making it worse than where we were before, but what we saw the Miami game is who he is issue they sign for thirty nine dollars year, a guy who- can slash. Who is game is point shots slash, gets free, throw line slashing kick out. That's what he does he's really get at it. Use a pig's, go the basket her. Either go to the rim or kick it out. He twelve free throw attempts last night ass That's nice diagonally reminded on my back. That's like signing a new player right before the playoffs feels like it. So if you go through quickly and I want to talk about him between a second, but if you go through other, the teams he's the biggest eggs actor of anyone in the top of the top five, these teams,
I gotta, know what I have with Maki, with whether it up when, if Brockden can come back in time for granted Toronto. I'm rooting for it, Toronto. We know we have. Fifthly, we know we have for better and worse, and you know that later torture the night. This is what I said to you and they traded for Harris. I felt like they were leaving sounds really vulnerable against any team that had a shifty play. Making point argues, don't the anybody in the roster that can guards the like that now they might get the entire eastward ever playing a guy like that, but it's worth mentioning that. That's a real hope for them. The guy is Tiree. That's the only guy that fits that bill in that's. In front of them right so they seek free in the Celtics have figured it out. They're not gonna, be able to guard about. On the flip side, I regards and Philip in Vienna. We know we have at this point you got eager through to the other. The other side, Golan stayed Denver, Houston
or learn you the clips. Ok, see is the only time I don't have the far right now in the top eight unawares, just as it does in my power Georgia's healthy, but Heyward Heyward is the only guy and in in either conference that is just fucking x factor, because if he gets a shit together, that's gonna, that's desk push the south extreme up a notch. Neither thing is when he does well and its work as it spent such cycle. The first team in the chemistry has been so up and down, but when he, as well really does affect them in a positive way than they really they. It's such a it story, there really rooting for him, and he has this effective, like you know who make up shot, so make a drive in the end. The team feels like a team which it doesn't work that way as you know that it's better than the Cairo, the self appointed leader out their trilateral guys. What to do with all of his is bad at all
thence in all all of his leadership chops. I don't wanna talk about carry, I would send quit break. We talk about our friends, a button they're, keeping a real by put ingredients labour on their packaging brood with hops, barley, water rights, no courts. Air no preserve has no artificial flavors. No us is keeping a real Joe as how many, but lately have allege I'm only confessing to three. I'm AIDS or if we're keeping that blood alcohol content low. It is two point: zero. Seven, I think, as far as used a ranch. You go with their library. I minute launch exactly come on. You know us is keeping a real. We watch a game of France. Oh I'm through the third season,. The narrow outfall herds of the fire. What a leader really base on what she paused there. She she me draw go somehow posts
these dragon eggs has three dragons goes into this place. It gets a whole army behind urges, keeps taken staff, I'd foller at fault, there? She suddenly area, by reminding you to enjoy responsibly keep it real. We should also mention. We did a whole saying about we did a Callaway part three event. First, the one hundred first Ringer invitation. I it was you some may versus scarface. We better and the part nine, which was the famous partner from Swingers, the movie with Vincent Van, I know a part three Our three had lost Valise Xyz, that families are you, sailors, valise those feelings So I don't want to do that. Sign. The Ringer rear Youtube GINO go to you to duck, I'm slash ringer in UK a giant house play golf. You can see how slamming the door of the art is ever well. That's the problem I had a brand new putter is the first time I touch them
author. I hadn't made it mine, yet we were. It was a first between me and that potter I'd I had not. She was put up all the defenses she's, not given up three footers that new putter, a mine she looked at me like Well, if you know, let's see, let's get to know each other a little bit better, there's a mutual attraction sure, but it was the first day she was not giving up any of that. Sweetness Sheena cannot give up any that sweetness Bill Simmons. So now she's not going on twelve foot or sprained. Just play say she bag believe that I made a nice put off the french scarf. This may re chats, but anyway, you can watch that are on an end. Don't forget about the cow, the epic flash driver, which has changed my life and don't forget speaker that fairly rolling presented by Callaway, where we did so my masters predictions hideous. We greens have pods. Next week we never pod Sunday
night of the masters right right after it's over you, don't ipod, oh yeah, we're going to give out some some immediate conclusions yet about. Winners is what you do on early in the week, unfair way raw and say that that next week I think we have two parts covenant next week on fair way, role in a variety of guess, variety of input, we're going to try and give out some winners. You got it great okay, I M Vp checking so we're at the G. Seventy two Did I gave Mark- and I still don't know who I am BP is, but you have decided in years who is it ass? I it decided you you sent me a note, saying you need side. I I'm here to tell you I have it does it. I will say this: it has tightened up considerably since the last time we talked, which I think was just a week ago, the fact that Houston keeps on winning they jumped over that fifty win threshold, which is to me an absolute, must have
I am the only incident in which we had a team with an BP without fifty in the last couple decades hears that awful Russell Westbrook denial and that I'm still has has won all of to play off game since cabin door you know, has got out of the first round of the play off and I think maybe one three play off games since the rat left, but in any event, the way that Houston is playing and his continued excellence, and I will say, I've had the opportunity to do a little better research
regions and Stuff Matt more the action that worked at an incredible breakdown of the season that hardness had. There are some stunning statistics that James Harden has achieved this year, both like big picture headline things like this. The second most points in the last fifty years in terms of point average, but also at every advance metric on the offensive side, he's he's first in first in in value invaluable replacement player. That's the basketball reference one first of offensive box plus by this first and win shares first offensive win shares first and real plus. My eye was no second unreal, plus my second and p r, like every advance, analytic, loves him. The ice, game that he has in terms of the quantity of so that is hit that step back jumper from three the key. Many of those and his efficiency at that is literally unprecedented, nor the human
being has ever done it. He hit his skin. Bring in the month of January is the most in his The hen ba like he's he's done incredible things. The funny thing is, and we talked about this last week he was on the team that started off slowly at the beginning of the season and was grossly underperforming like he was playing those games? He wasn't hurt. In fact nobody was hurt the beginning of the season on Houston, yet they just Saki Mineral Dial, nine mystery games and yet but but then he kind of like just took things over himself. And then they did have a couple. Injuries Capella without Forbid Chris Paul, predictable, Chris Paul Injury occurred and his ease getting I think at the moment, and he deserves it. Single handedly saving their season and putting them right back up to the boy, the upper echelons of the west, the pie,
I'm? Having is yadda should be the thence a player the year like yeah. It's easy is one of the top two or three for deeper supplier. The year N Geniuses Office of Road Reza may is in equable as wealth. I just don't know which way to go. How do you do you reward the sustained excellence of hard, and so it do it hardly and this year, to make up for get him being cheated out of it into that in seventeen and by some metrics. His two thousand seventeen season was better and Houston has been success. The successful successful or do we reward the new guy on the scene? Milwaukee is gonna end the season with the best in the NBA, their point differentials. Best in the NBA he's their best player Shack said this morning that yeah this is better than him better than shack at the same age. I dont know what to do.
So you mention harden and he was on the team that date, the worst record they had a thick was eight fourteen, since that excited record, used thoughts both to be eaten fourteen. At any point, it wasn't an you know they had. Carmelo is involved the date that sometimes shared they took away. The kind of figured out fifty three games from the point that there is fourteen. I think they were like thirty, nine and fourteen in this game, so I thought that fourteen slash thirteen or nine hundred and fourteen so deep, the next fifty three games after they fell to eight hundred and fourteen thirty. Nine get thirty nine points again. Savary, bad seven assess forty. Fourth, thirty six, eighty nine, where his shooting sweats average fourteen three is a game average. Eleven point eight free throws again
only four point six turnover. Somehow, even though we had the Balikh all the time and really was, playing with a lot of above average prayers. You know, as you said I was out further while Capello missed a few weeks a date I endorse the rivers up. The scrap heap. They trade for who had employed played for two years. Pga Tucker was really like his best dated eighteen, eight first, mine's? Who will never make it our starting and he David? It just fashion this contender out of his own skills and he's going to get to. Let's see they are five thousand one hundred and twenty eight, so they're, five thousand three hundred and fifty four wins, which is a fair wind total. I think, for the Mvp now the flip side, with the case for you Yes, I am I'm glad you mentioned shack as I've been comparing yadda and check this. Oh yeah, I just felt Janius is shack. It did. They have nothing
You know really in common in a lot of things in common, just like unbelievable freak athletes, around the rim, unstoppable just when in the building with them feels like a unique experience. There stats are very similar, I think, shacks envy pc in his per thirty Saxon goddesses per thirty, six are basically the same. And then he's a much better defence player at the Jack ever was, and I I'm not sure his team is that great. I know they have. The best point differential in the best advance, magics they're gonna win the most games but alive. I guess he's playing their people that anybody could had re like you can change the wizards could achieve for blood. So this summer, brick Lopez. Anybody could add Ellie sober, was available. Christianity, is really you know the only other asked our caliber player. He hasn't been lights out this season at these struggle of the first half
season is better sense, but it's not like he's playing with the the eighty six ethics so from a supporting employment. Chris Paul, probably better than any t may yacht us ass. I began esteem fits better. She stood set a better job a fitting the right kind of team around harden, and I think it's even I think they, as I said this at the last week,. I think they're too awesome. Vp campaigns like there is no loser. We we just for whatever reason we have a couple great choices, and we had this there's been years. Before they maintain eighty seven man when the envy P Larry it had is best season. He had a visit, career. He had just one three, be peace and did not theirs the empty that Europe has a wherever they MAGIC did and then Jordan, I think, average like the seven a game that year and then some
yes a case to like. Sometimes we just have years where there's more than one envy pay candidate so I am with you, I think It's gotta come down to the wire. I want to wait. All eighty two games I want to see many games. Everyone wins. I want to really look at. Like you know the total points for Jane. Hearted where's again and at various points per game, mention that this is like second highest point per average genuine sadder than Jordan, matters. I also think you'd ever Isla Philosophic you'd. I love the envy. We argue about this. Every year I did hold Where I had a whole m VP chapter about trying to rectify the envy peach harvest, is you have read the book, a basque logic that out, I think it matters. If something significant happened during their vp season- and in this case we have two significant things right. Yadda became the shack
for this generation he became shack to point out a shack. You'd have futuristic Jack, what everyone a call it not to mention that story the historically has like from where, where he grew up and all that stuff and now he got to the league you know how he grew. They draft them. He grows three inches. That's it! That's one of things when people talk about this team could have picked you up at that time could have picked you honest I did that draft yacht was six. Nine now is seven feet, I'm pretty sure You would not higher than the third fourteen Packard ever if people he was gonna grow to become seven feet right House this kind of an earlier that, but but it also like Sign of you know what an it it's more art and science the NBA because who knows what what kind of baggage he's bringing over from his experience, he hasn't played any basketball. Who knows whether or not it's gonna make some random? You can learn how to do it at work. Ethic is gonna, be a crappy ogg. It turned out to be incredible baggage
like the stories of him. Locking himself in the gym were at that at the at at the convent his first year. The season- and it turned out, had not knowing anybody and not really having any friends the way that he process that, because of the kind of guy he is, he turned all of that energy. All that free time into trying the based become the best basketball player he could be, and God bless him with an incredible Yeddo body and gifts for the for the current enough of this NBA, so you know that good on Milwaukee for taken that risk. Any as the work ethic which you just never know. There's, a lot of luck involved with the pic, but they have done they re by him, since he showed up and he's done everything right and it really sack Sadie made that when they vp because he deserves to win it, then get harden we're talking about one of the most offensive with significant seasons of the last fifty plus years and
somebody who now symbolizes where the embryo has gone what people value is basically, It is this new form of offence that I look at. By their guard Jay Bird undue who I out think is underrated. You put him in this style often said Houston has surround him, was shooters actually think he could be really really good the problem of Duke was they did have the shooters, but you know if, if hard was surrounded by people who couldn't shooting without would not these putting, and I think, he's kind of he's kind of We framed how I thought about. What's the best way to put a team together, you now cause we ve had guys with individual skills like this before his ease, bend the best and most efficient version of its Jordan, but it
really helps to date? They have continually put guys around him. That makes sense with how he's playing now people are like it like Don Maclean, the cookers announcer was having a hasty fit to whom, this week, whether clippers were just getting killed by rockets and he's basically saying this as a Basque, about on like this and say I love it. Save time. I really respect out a town. Cd is in his foot work and also I really respectable, he's got better defence, you know he's not like you know. In the early nineties, but he's way more active, he's in much better shape and is getting his hand out a lot of balls, and the ices areas too, that there is a matter of game and these high up their yeah right, two steals a game house which I don't know them you're moving around you try it. I dont know if he s a lockdown guy, but. You don't hate? You know what I did. I was research in this field,
no, that he was in Oklahoma City Did you know that Apparently there they made the two thousand twelve. They had the cid, this team ass, the rat it s broken hearted there are. Safety, same team is Serge and then decided there in a trade hearted? You know that their drunk to play along here- and there I could do- is laugh funded through funding. So what do you think? That's ever not funny you're fifty two percent hearted forty eight said yacht ass. It sounds. I defy all five it. I'm fifty point. One percent harden forty nine point: nine said the and the only distinguishing factor is the fact that harden was cheated in two thousand and seventeen. And any honest should have the next
knock on what you hear me knocking on wait here. You can't have at least the next twelve years to two wind six m. Bp and I think you know you know the basketball writers better than I do that, got though the folks guys and gals that have votes the basketball media. You know get better that than I do. I feel like just from an observational standpoint there reward the oji. There will be a slight slight slight preference for the oh gee in harden just because he's older it and that everyone folks will take notice of the honest and say this dude has nothing but an bp staring at him in the future. He's gonna get all of his coming up. That's the only here. I can split here last four years for hearted, who want a game night assess six in every bats,. I mean it's honestly one, the best for your stretches we ve had by and offered super it's it's
on the short list of your talking bird in the mid eighties you're, talkin ever for your magic stretch. You wanna do Jordan. They say were Chamberlain Karim, we're talking about. This is a short list of of of prowess. I'm not even sure the rain is on. Let me ask you this. This is the other thing. I was I the other way I was trying to split this hair is, as I'm sitting here today, who do, I think, will lead their tea. Further in there in the play offs, and I I I can't even come up with a good answer for that. The east is wide open, but I don't know that that necessarily helps but walkie, because I think they walk, he could lose deathly lose
for audio definitely lose to the cell tax and maybe lose till it to the six years and Houston. You know, depending on the match, up like what, if they get here, that you tie in the first round, and I think it set up that right now, like yeah I've, that's very nervous playing Utah right now, that's the one team just because they have the ring protect their wits screws it up a little bit posted, the Mitchell had street potential. I like the way you touched playing right. So I don't know what ties that cuts one way or the other it's another. Like fifty fifty thing to me, between the honest, pardon if ever we I'm just trying to come up with categories to distinguish than I am. Not get anywhere with it? But I guess. So. We had the all star game right. Giannis is against the brand, their picket teams, heartening,
until like the seventh Peck member, that that was weird. That's not weird! He s wearing the play of the guy that shoots every time, even if he makes it you still want to play with guys. And have fun with so the pay there should be a Janis. Ok, that's how you get a vote, so you're splitting hairs and if you want to be your criteria for that, Bp of the National Basketball Association is which, guy? more like to play with your by all means. Please vote on that basis. Yeah, I'm in a really I need to merited on this for another week. I've unanswered next week I got the ballot I think yesterday there is also the Braun James, whether you should thirty may be aired. I question which fifty
the five gamma losing team benches feel like no Diana sending your act, but what's the point, why why? Why would you reward? What's the what what distinguishes la bronze performers this year? While the problem is, if outrages a centre which she's played like eighty five per and of his games he's been at the centre spot. She can't put him it forward. There is really no six forwards put in and still o Brien you lookin at people, a gallon airy, I don't feel right. No yeah, no change tell it to up fast, since Duck in another one of these silly because of the categories of position, a silly outcomes, gonna beeper Yeah, I mean really be easier if weak, but Beale at four thou be easier, but he's been playing guard, you know, or not And he's in the east in the east, are you gonna vote Bradley, Beale Beal onto your all, NBA thirteen? I don't think so. I think I have to
If I'm not in the brok he's on losing team. Anything enough games. Then I have to. I have the care that across the board, so I gotta figure there what's weird is Kyrie is probably a second team all NBA and I can't believe I'm saying that cuz he's been one of the most frustrating guys I've ever watched, but his statistical cases almost unassailable, His that's our unbelievable. If you look at his clutched adds a shooting stats ease by far having the best you're his career. Every metric Annie. I also from their tasks test, like the effect he had on the team is, it's really, it's a really tough. On Ba ass. I, like I gotta, say you. It's getting his aspect by cousins yesterday was in great either for the further gets its presents a torch to men. Positive up afterwards. That was that great. So I think I think I am I have indeed first team and also third and BP choice would be my guess, but
Three organizations throughout that we're gonna go My final pics next week, House Congrats Only getting rid of Ernie Congrats answering your hat the ring as the next wizards GM. I hope they take it seriously. And good luck with the fair whereon pack congrats on on for bud light three bud. Sally had three bud lights at lunch Eddie I will be back, there's gotta be so much golf next week masters is here, the azaleas are in bloom and something else, in bloom on my body, but I think it's the right time for met a bet. You farewell well by before he gets? Let's take bright stuck by holds out tonight. This winter is greater. The checkout hotel hotel, where, where they want to take a spontaneous ski trip or escaped all warm beach before it gets super nice were stunned that there had yet Hoteltonight makes it easy to book a room with when their last minute deals tons of empty hotel rooms at their weight and be booked. That's a hotel tonight scores incredible rates. They team up with US motel stop them, so those rooms
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Similarly, a joke, it gets a Johns, little tore euro area tour ass, sure ass. I like this stuff. No, no! No! It's what I like about it by sport is travelling by guy. I gotta go to Tokyo last week. Only two nights. You don't see much, but you certainly feel that more talk. You then you. What? If you listen to me, I just stuck in hotel levels. I know for the majority. The day was, let me say we arrived here. We had three nights, we're right, late, one nice that that night did a whole day press. We were six eight hours in the hotel. The next day did a screening that night and then the next day we did a couple of things took about two hours and then we had rested ages to walk around and get some romanian and have a look at some cherry blossoms. As I took his beautiful, that's the best part of it by miles may I mean gone indifferent tangier. I have no desire to talk about. A lot of talk in my film is about other people's films, allow outcomes of always loved firms. I love talking about a static and performances and and where film got,
Your words didn't get me, but that's all really doing this five. Let's talk about what we do. We ll talk about other people's working and what other movies yeah I like yours, but we'll talk about other, why I was so over the format of movies. For you, in your grown up more than once obeyed, you won't be an actor. Would the formative ones the ones I remember most? Like me, my early childhood and then into my teens, were, the Indiana Jones, and each Spielberg played a huge part of my life is a lover of film. I suppose, find a phone avenues of cancer each he was the first memory I have found in the cinema laugh yes, the first member. I have never. I remembered an argument for top five. All time uneasy. Oh yeah sure I get in it's gotta, be at least discuss. Jordan, reactionary foam, cried cried, cried so hard watching it had such an emotional canal. Pouring in, I think a recent someone asked me about that. Parents, and it really did allow me to have em.
To have a year and emotional outpouring to feel my own then a ridiculous humanity at the age of six or seven year. Relation to the emotional life that lived inside me in a way that I wasn't allowed in the house are Robert, I wasn't allowed in school. I just felt like I had this permission to just feel and to express my feelings, which you know, culminated in just cleaning basically next being used as a matter of mere minutes as soon as the flower started a wilt to what end, and so first memory and then you know, Indiana Jones, yeah, just loving Then the originals escaping the Jones Roger Moors as Bosnia, where absolutely get the argument regime country being the best in the certainty. That argument was clearer. Pre Jangle Craig era am but justice I grew escaped haze of who'd, you girl, but where does your nostalgia? Minus Alger lies still to this day with Roger more in between
His head was five hundred respond to is rather more yes, I always feel I kind of voting saving ties to her little protective. Above him he was never really too much, but threats right yeah. I think tat grew up watching the Cairo movies around my house. For you wait ethic there's lake bond, you see when you're like thirteen or fourteen is the bondage Ray Amber. Always the. If I think, is why people get a you know instantly M kind of aggressive when they hear that a remake as being done of affirmed. That meant something to them in their China, because I feel they somebody's piss in all over your youth are passing all over the validity of your opinion. The opinion that you had when you were twelve or fourteen that you still carry with you as an out of I think you will you enter Thou Teresa. They had a whole bunch of relay. Why do in this dossier at why we like the old ones like I was kind of hard to this he's, got struggle between big fat like a real lover of the region,
I use the word worsening yourself as well. By Dana Running Man is classics yeah yeah, so that when the mandatory ruddy men who have thank randomly, including unintentionally remade running name, would like me in society, like an idea you can sell me running, may remain actively on anything that says posts apocalyptic. Yet our budgets even live turned on the television one night and running mammas on. I don't know that I wouldn't believe it is a reality by Brian getting J. There is no doubt that she had been pitched already has deteriorated. Rushing show where it's like this I die if you re like that. Who do you think it's just you know you're about another another five years to get that when it that's ok, I would. I would be ok with you make it now, and I mean the predator one was interesting, but it is
It is funding to be old enough to remember the original version of a lot of these movies. I just gave re freaked out all the anniversary celebrations because he just creep up on you were you at all, because I'm forty one, and now these now there are things it remember parts of my life rousing OZ, Livin in York and early two, thousands now those movies year. What can I go see recently outside this summer, just passed in there was some Pedro memorable. We went to see some were then save ii The twenty Fiveth anniversary of eating gotta Togo, we're doing this week at the at the site that we have. We were doing all celebration of all the movies from ninety ninety nine psych fight club, and eyes wide shy them, major angler way our jack their wares. I one of the great booby your lack sense, fight lovers, maize and success of the male legged sports Boozer year, but there was there was a lot of people thrown their vast bar eyes, wide shut and magnolia yeah. Maybe they area in anything pity Amazon. Does you know gotta you work with him now
I'd love to I'd love to he's the only stock answer. When I asked what filmmaker, would you like do you have a list, I'm a fan of so many filmmakers and but he's the only one that I just got out of stock on such a pull that, if you guys ever since, are they using on magnolia and unites and uneven. Then even his more austere, were Since you know this is to be a siege age in his work from the master and are there will be blood was just a film that I was so blown away by the extraordinary none of it, but I also felt ass a powerful was, I felt, can a sick at the end of the year by Daniel Plain, the you're, so really remember, heritage over to me has now at about twelve mates. Over back in the days when I had twelve,
and I stood over the end of the film. I said that is a piece of genius and I never want to see it again. I have since changed me. I haven't seen it again. My will at some stage, but I just think he's an extraordinary filmmaker. Did you see the last one and mother I'd read Yang many I'm on this party had moved about. It was all man, I doubt it was just beauty. First, ten minutes over. I just was dizzy with the symphony elements of the camera, moving in what he was captured just he's Dana Day Louis was really throwing a hundred thousand era them over his money. He still has it where every it's like the World CUP Blakey makes something every four years and he's got it's like today's events, yeah yeah, I take my hat off to you different versions of their re. You ve, been you were doing like big market move. Is banana. Now you seem you're in the zone where Europe is doing things for you, I see that I'm nice guy just gonna come float. Man I feel like I'm floating between John was unfolding between scale of films. You know so what's driving you at this point.
John Heart, like what are you look out when you look at a stretch of humility, gonna drive may need to provide for a family join me still its near what it may seem from the outset. Look at in Theirs das, it's a job but just talking crazily self. Serving me in regard to my create abandon our curiosity em. What drives me is. Is the unknown really me that's when its most interesting, when the unknown meets a curiosity. Curiosity that you might know even known you had like. I read the killing of a sacred dear, and I go. What in God's name is this about? What's it trying to say is trying to say anything is adjusted as it just a set of circumstances piling one after another after another to build and ratchet up the tension in the ninety minutes that it's gonna last? What is the allegorical component other? What is, but once I start being confused by
in that vein, then the Incas nearly on the paper yesterday, but it's not always that you get that such different things like DUMBO working with him Barton to work with him burden drove me pure and then the unofficial that was so earnest sweet and had such a lovely message out of Santa was gorgeous was was kind of it? You know the gilding the lily, but just working with birth and have been a fan of his for thirty plus years and grown up watching Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice, and all those things It was a dream come true for me. Did you would you learn from? I was the number the United Watch unaware, I love maids very hard to say. Would you know- time. I see somebody that's been around as long as he's been around our urbanism around as long as Patino had been around when I did the recruit with him for lifetimes ago.
Yeah, when you see that their level of cash, I can compare their level of passion today to what it was thirty years ago, but it's still astonishing to see the level of engagement that someone like timber and has in the whole process of creating the world's that he creates his attention to detail his his entire kind of consummation. Really, to the project was pretty impressive. I'd watch behind the monitoring he be yet another example on ugly face acting with all the actors, I never thought Anita and then come to the sad and give us give his notes. You know he's just he's he's a beauty that man he's just every cell in his body vibrates who creative energy, he really does he's he's pure eccentric magic. Really really is disobeyed. Surprise when you walk on sets, yes, there's still stuff that happens, I movie said: do I got crap? I mean I mean it's a pretty familiar placed me now, while respecting that every
it has its own tone and energy in pace and all that jazz, but on the sets of the dome boy, did find myself pinch myself a couple of times where, for sure, because of the scale of the sets an abuse you, the Saxon, like a walk the big sad to see the film now with his hands in his head. Does this seen half way through the firm when we leave our little poll dunk Circa. Some we align ourselves with the darkness. Thought is Michael Kittens Character M, and we have an introductory seen as where brought into his new. Big fund dangled theme park are used, walked out, said on my own every now, and then it was just a most extraordinary piece of craftsmanship and imagination come to life. Any given day lagoon, we're shoot that scene of us arriving into this theme park and those people on the left and right fathers and mothers and their children. Moons and Candy Cain, and there was a twenty peace brass bands and ten people on horseback and it was twenty four models:
cars from the period floundered extras all going at the same time, and this was inside a building. This wasn't even outside. It was the weirdest thing, you'd walks, ten o clock in the morning, Sun has beaten outside and outside side a London and you walk after having a breakfast into this dark cavernous monolithic space, and there would be all this life and imagination come into line. And I got a tear me either. First air right on the successful beat millstone. I really mean it was so like Orson Welles said you know, you didn't you finally get the play with the biggest toys said to train set in the world. You know it was extraordinary really a lot of sea, joined the film. Of course, you know there is an awful, an awful dearth of flying elephants in the world at the moment, so we had to read the rounds of reality, the air. Yet what everything that's pray but you can kind of sea within fifty yards of any. The action in the film was was all there were. You were to avert the bunch of famous actors, is it easier to work with the famous actor when you're, not famous yet Erwin near and establish person. Is it easy to work with a famous actor win?
not for dear life, they unproven guy, China, ketchup or when you're actually appear necessary. Like. Why was it like to do for round with a GINO yeah near its area of improving yourselves him yet, but you have nothing to lose. I mean it really go question? Am I mean I've worked with? It depends. It depends on how much it depends on how much focus you give to the other. Yeah. It really does. I just realized, because I've worked with I've worked through the year I remember one act on its real Madrid, London Boulevard and he was extra. Ordinary. Any commend needed. One seen any was amazing, and I just thought I couldn't PETE with and I shouldn't be head, I shouldn't be thinking of competing, went amidst not supposed to be a competition is supposed to be some you, no parallel mutual experience of bringing a story to live through listening and sharing, listening and sharing and being affected by and are not yet but
I dont know I, through the years have paid less attention to the other and in the form of competition yeah. So now get excited when somebody comes into one or two days I donno who they are get excited. They are get excited, bring to the table and I dont get tune nervous work with established names. I Chris of air getting right now you can't see it on another. Do is there a site? I M all Romania, where our retention notices, things I walk did cause. You were too is windows. Find order for that, like two thousand and two in Europe, with crews and he's the biggest donor in the world, and yet Daniel Onset was Philbrick reality as laid down in might. If we speak about you're here, I might have felt a bit oppression, but I was also you knows. I was cocky his end and back then, and I yes and I honestly like- up, I wasn't very sober like you, I wasn't divided, never bosom
I had the nervousness and the kind of strange ethereal high that comes with the next day hang their confidence in a hangover. You know, yeah confidence that touches this year, which doesn't really hindered, create a process? It me maybe what I do I'll, never know what work I would have done. If I was more straight, but am But now I was I was, but now I was now- I'm always nervous going to work I'd, like fear, is not an enemy to me at all. You know to this day I am fairly hard myself and you know something that's quoted in its. It defies any kind of conventional mathematical measurements, so it's always interpretation ensure does nobody that could in turn my worse it met friend has as cruelly as I could interpret it myself at times. You know what do you remember? at those five years before you went into rehab like this, the blurred together, It gives you oughta movies. Yes, it s. Now yeah
you are in the mess we now. I can't remember much of that week. To be honest with you honestly, I can't remember what the show a camera It's that weak. I remember I know I know I have the feeling that I had a good time that is lingered through the mists of time and sobriety, but a common wish that we dont member much Mammy Vice our. We wanted to talk about at all no member, remember much of it at all I mean when I saw the film there were some scenes of the interests and causing a kick back and watch it. This is the first time had any idea. Why he's make its a great show of the modern age who shows that analysed But now I remember, I remember my initial arrival here very much potatoes, it's all kind of glands animals of foggy time, and it was just a loss lock, the smallest violent in the world shouldn't play for the loneliness said it since it is the or the kind of the guilt second comment? Success, yeah come so fast. You know it's not a poor me at all, but just to be honest with you
it was a lot for me personally to experience. I see I hereby Justin Bieber taken with a time or whatever. I, though, God bless him Gopher, it's it's a lot again I must say, sad story, poor, just no notice, people starving in the world than other people are living under great address and hardship, and just now myself back in the day, whatever I gathered together, but it's at a loss it's a lot gave a child. You know, give a young man, you know how many of you are three areas as young man, but I was twenty two or three, but who knows what the hell you gauge someone's emotional development, but I was maybe twelve Sundays seven other days, seventeen other days, you know I also RO entirely came out. It was like this, the fuckin guy. Like me,
that was mad and was even you like a lot of time in line or does it all? I earned about thirty grand for tagline iron, three hundred seventy five grand from my second firm. That's what no! That was an american outlaws. Ok, I earned two point: five million dollars for my third fell cheese. I mean that's insane. I was twenty. Two or three ask an invitation to play ball. Imagine my head was on a swivel, you know, and I I I think pretty quickly be just because I didn't know how to I had. No, I had no relationship to the degree of fame in my life I didn't see a growing up. I didn't have any one that I saw handling in any way. Good or bad. I didn't have any cautionary tales that were close to me. I didn't have any decent example of how to you know, generation, integrity or scented Dignan, That was close to me, so I was just figured it out. You know me as a young kid do other things the majority at twenty two euros would adorn yeah. But I always had a voracious appetites. So we
like I always from the time, is how to drink moves. Fourteen are carousing whenever I always had a big engines that engine just got stuffed with opportunity, an opportunity, and so you know I ended up, but I lost the thing was lost sight of em. I lost sight of just a really little pure spark, and you guys, I'm sure, of your own version. This of why you do what you do ya know, yet you gotta provide as well for Serbia to revive Forbush, there's something that allows you. I assume to do something that you doing for your livelihood, but also in genders a great deal of passion yeah, which can at times we guess, but for me I totally lost sight of what I realize Mammy Vice. I totally lost sight of how excited I felt when I did my first acting workshop, when I was sixteen or seventeen because of this particular circumstances around Miami Vice, or was that because we had just because it was yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I was in a community of thing. You know
Just years of I mean I travelled to laws, look I'm I missed. I missed wedding, at home. I missed funerals at home. I missed really important community family friends, experiences that you know our day to day things, but in in the total lacking of them in a person's life. Is it it hurts? You know it hurts you emotionally. It hurts you psychologically and I was I was on the road out on the road for pretty much was. It's a seven year chapter my life, you away you talk about like the tiny, violent thing you see. I think this stuff is, Ass, an ending in it, something that you know We care about sports and pop culture. That's all we covered the ringer were we're into. It's a lot of the same. I have myself Box was the same. Ass tat was right. Where you have bay of some cages. Twenty comes in the wake of the sun is making seven million dollars a year and he's got all these p, on his life. We want something from a chain. Are the same.
He's been recognized him where he goes and he's got all these pressures that he never had before but on an all round again hollywood- that's been a recurring theme for around, years. Yeah I mean I, I suppose I I but I've known reversal. Did somewhere between needing is to a certain degree, are wanting us em. No, I think needing it to a certain degree needing it made like what his fame. What's it. What's his fame to the majority of us represent me and our younger age is a maybe our relationship to matures me, regardless of how close I distance it is to us, maybe just as a result of contemplation but as children fame equals acceptance on. Secondly, money and women, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm even say money and women equal acceptance, how we process them rather, acceptance is the linchpin to which all these kind of reaches the human beings make through their lives are contingent upon our
desire to be accepted, so I obviously had that to get out. I mean I was an actual theatre to school. I was kind of serious about this Ernie of being an actor initially and then all this stuff I got on the plan against LOS Angeles and all the stuff happens, really fast, where the swell of attention and what felt like acceptance was so much more aggressive and so much more apparent. Because it was so big, it's just the out of energy, then even my own passion I didn't have enough. I didn't have enough history, exploring my passion. I didn't do five years, a theater and too hello and yes, small films in Ireland? I didn't have enough of a personal Egypt with acting, I donno for three or four years and all of a sudden I was at the centre these american film. So I just didn't so you d better our flag, ending up on e r is a doctor
for three years just cannot work and then get a chance to volcanoes like narrow, but what happened to you is like only happens once every ten years I gave it to you imagine economy words like never to the guide to like the haste with which it had we. Yet the odyssey. The pace with which you lay Robertson happened too, and she she did pretty woman and was the biggest donor in the world on the other, the ass she had been in like tomb, as you know, the very it's very rare and its Julia's sustained it with with interesting work and good choices and and things workin out your favorite. But she struggled for a couple years tat. She did oh think, it's after already after pretty well while the other thing that yeah and the other thing we do you mention, is you know when you hit when you're up there and you make Are we? Maybe it's not good and you're getting critique for the first time and all these other things that are like? Well, I thought I was great where,
and then you, how are you never know what you're a great you're feeling? Oh now are neither an uneasy about me now tat right now they see what I've always felt myself, but yeah. I didn't need to check in with, because everyone is saying that I was something else that I wasn't there but he is that it's all in a loose. I mean that's what I've learned some years. It's all just an illusion. The fame thing, the eye Success is so subjective, yeah, you know, honestly, in the ideas with someone says we your success. What does that even mean? What do they know about my life? What, then me as a man as a father is as a friend what am I like his brother ray. You know, you know what I mean about my own worth all those things like. Surely they are more meaningful than any kind of thing that could give somebody from the outside looking in a perspective on how successful are unsuccessful. My life is likewise somebody saying you're, not successful what the universe has anyone know feeling change. How you relate to things like athletes were like or pop I've massive respect for athletes
I was I was I was- I was gonna, be an awfully. I thought I was gonna, be an athlete. Until I was forty million, do without was a fashionable, ballplayer soccer and hid brothers wound they pay for shamrock Rovers. By a day when charmer groves were big team and allowed on the european stage and play for our into couplet times that was what I taught until I was about fourteen I was gonna. Do our position we, I was all over the place, violence which I played strike out a couple of years. A troika, then I went left, half, can elect side, defensive, mid failure and then I ended up and goals. I hope it will. Tell me went back to his story, my life, my jacket, voluntary, my purse yeah. That was what boxing I've been. I would find a boxing all my life, never box. But I have enormous respect for athletes for the singularity. Looked at the success, any kind perceive success for me in what I do is contingent upon. So many people
saying it's a successor, it's not every last year its aids, it's two things: it's the public going to see your work and enjoying it are not enjoying it and its critic saying your work is worthwhile are not worthwhile and the beautiful thing the purity of sport is something that art nor shut PETE with, but will never be able to touch the purity of sport and others when o definitive winner and lose its definitive when our loser. This did you know. Teen sports are one thing: the singularity of some sports. None more. Can a gut got wrenching Lee Parallel to the individual as boxing, but also tennis, seen other sports where it's just per hour. May I can't imagine just person against person. The motto am I just had to maize into me, and it's just brilliant and the boldness of spirit that reveals itself in sport finds it hard to two to work its way into the arena of art. Rizzo in Ireland were the or what are the rankings for most popular sports Renee, There are still one year I would say so.
I would then is as Macgregor changed Emma may not narrow. Now would say I would say soccer rugby. Ready- and I would imagine those are more popular than I could be wrong than our national sports of Gaelic football and hurling earlier. There are hugely popular sports and massive seller crowds of forty and sixty thousand regularly games. There incredibly view Until one of those I well lived in our lives in court for six months, or did you were in ninety nine? I was. I was therefore city yeah, corks grape varieties. It was really attends the Kosovo a little there. You go down the bare peninsula, the outcasts hamburger. Did you really ass? He had a pint of Mccarthy. I did my doll waiting, big idea. Galway idea always grace Dublin and we did a lie like yeah children's greater the West Coast is beautiful, gotta be the way here. Do the races of travel, the West Coast, her West Coast of Ireland and and exert a pang attitude
and all you will you make out twenty five percent either at age Algebraical. I do. I will mean a jig diarrhea Twenty five percent ashes, like I presume the irish celebrities as there is there, like a text chain that you guys are on the right here. Yeah we're not the biggest slack shade on the biggest demographic in the world before you know prevent a population of four and a half million people, God yeah, we do all right man yeah. We do Kay you make allies allay, is probably what five times the size of Ireland have big is now definitely million money by closing its evidently Nanda Drive across LOS Angeles as it does to drive, grab travel costs. Ireland, the eighth right that depends. If your compliments ina, we ask our traffic by the saying goes to Kosovo as life. Have you met the yeah yeah. I know all the boys you so what happens, who do you think they get on today's? They do their tang and you're. Looking off, you got a little village peoples to the old he's here
so my advice we shall have wrapped him about. I guess we're. So we did this pact. One of the Pakistani has caught the reactor was where we watch movies that we love in that here we did by or was it the sheer lashed last year we did. Miami vice cause. Ninety minutes long him both feel I gets. Isn't ninety mintaka nearby that man down and Oliver Stone on article five versions of Alexander he was so demand. But he had yet told me so we like it was this hundred of classic, but we just phallic. It was us and then there's. I can only say that I will yang right. I'm aware not become like little classic believe, classic told you just like you drew it up here? So you don't remember that I remember doesn't mean another goes, a classic! Remember that much from it not that much! I mean was, I was a tough shoot. It was it flowers, like a legendary programmes, should happen. Then
Cuba Miami. As someone got shot me said, the demand All my cat there was yeah was a storm in Miami really aggressive. When I come over a name on it toward on all the glass and all the buildings and Bristol, and we were flying and a helicopter that day there was, there was plain to play shooting that was not safe, but I'm not gonna secretly like those on the matter of mad. As you know what I was pretty obvious, yeah honest with you yeah pretty off because was their story abandon their ending? He wanted a format somewhere. Jamie foxes, like that.
Go in there, yeah would outrage luggage, oh yeah, that was posted, shoot out on the sash, which was I just member being that bit. I remember a member may dad was visit that day, we're on the set in a building upstairs on the first and second floor of a building on the first floor of a building autograph or an we would they're gone Lee was there were by two do seem a dab visiting our member here in a couple of banks and look at shot by ten has rounds and preparation of the films. When you add a firearm gone off the Frank I grabbed Gun Lamy, dad took them to a backroom said, wait there and went out, and that was also commotion and just passively panic and what had happened? I'm not really clear on us, but I think the army that was offering security exertion and a dodgy part of town where a bunch of kids I mean it,
like eighteen, nineteen, I think, and they were carrying a or fifteen's or whatever was, and an off choosy cop. I believe who was less try to get on this S honor and the kid in full. Fatigues pushed him back and the art you two cops didn't didn't, dare tell them where he was cop, he didn't do they didn't identified himself with law enforcement and he took sick shooter out of his waistband out of his bermuda pants with his belly hanging over them wasting your man. I think let go couple around one of the rounds or two with IRAN's hit the cop. I know he was just one of the rounds went through a Porter party where, if somebody was in there, they were brown bread yet, but I saw the bullet hole to the port of body through the
and that was when yeah Jamie, when this tat ensued, respect to him no respect or made enough respect from self I did, but we had together did and the film is gonna take place in M Dominican him and we have to move to my dear one of said Sacho. That movie is cause. The tvs got nicer like that to be read there and the white screen in the picture so be so These movies that were shot earlier than the last ten years you have just Trans it really world of yours. We have never. We didn't look like anything else. Now, he's yea easily was it was astounded what what part Did you wish you had gone? They didn't get. That is like your big regret, part the arrow I dont have on you, don't have no. No, I don't or
I thought you were gonna do and you had to at the last minute died out. I could tell you films that I love that I would have gone gotta. Would it not have given their part Goebbels, but they were and so extraordinary known others were possibly the most jealous of Oh her! Oh yeah, I have heard here. I just thought it was just an I mean working was there as he is in every single performance. He gives you is astonishing in an abusive Owen, heartfelt and so can present. You know em so her would be one of them. The add that I just stay. I saw that I was my favorite firm of that year. Yeah for sure we said the five year rubber, we're talking about the five year your status in those areas where we were talking about, like they shouldn't, do task every year. They should do like oscars for the five years of movies. Does we live like five years later? We have some time to think about it just a year without get caught up. How much are they arrest ambush of marketing and have our opinions? Do you mean
the ten best list at the end of the year. Do you like rice, like Nicholas the snow, but I come across them online or whatever? What are some of the things you loved in the last year? in the last year, the last few years them Do you see the writer loved yeah writer briars amazing, ass, beautiful? I really love, get out. I actually like last year, more than two thousand a eighteen word that get out and lady burden. I just thought of as a really creative year, let last year. Because I really like the stars board yeah and I just I like it was like an old school Hollywood movie. They can and will be a group with big stars. Nay I shot really wound Juliet hours being stars, and I still feel like. In the era of everybody, put not a cape who, just now to see a movie star out around the middle, and yet and I were set up tomorrow. Did you did you Have a chance to be like a cape where you'd have to make like seven sequels
We know that all thing now, never the chance I did. I did dare devil before my memory, the bad guy for yeah Marvel became. What it is today would not have never had. The chance now a couple movies from rare after maybe vice, especially in that period, that I was really prize because they mean a lot to me but Isaac. Surprise it like pot. Prime glory variety is movies, I think, is like super underwrite. Are there other forms like that and relayed either that have cod later later on, but or that you are surprised at the time that people didn't find or disappointed that there Disappointed, yeah, yeah, surprise, No, I mean I could I honest to God, have no expectation of my suitcase. I just I just don't travel with us and
it's not even a decision. Maybe it's a little bit of a decision could philosophy as again but honest ago, expectation of my suitcase. I like it. What I hope, all the time that you go to work is no director in the world. I don't give a shit. How bad people say is found There's no one in the world that goes to work to make a short film herb bore people, you know see always have hope that what I have always had hoped, what I'm stepping into will find a life Afterwards, ambled either entertain offer escapism offer for a provocation. Whatever it may be, am I was disappear. Did. It was a film I did that I loved called Andy NEA nobody saw. I think it did like seven, fifty grand right off, and see that now knows no, they won't be. I'm learning, I remember seeing it when it came out. Maybe nobody sword and I just thought it was a look. It's not an earth shouting from what I thought was a very sweet film and had a lot of integrity and heart and his annual Jordan, the yet we are
directors? And I just I had him just kind of came in with a very deep affection for the cart and that film on there was some points of interest that we crossed on appoints experience that by car to my cell crossed on, nobody yeah just didn't nobody knew what they did know. What to do with a dad got. The money to market is not that it would have ever done huge anyway. It was quite intimate quite small. Garfield's at pride and glory. So I have very little objectivity over what I've done because my experience with it is so total in relation to three or four months something get to know. The people them working with being in another location, what's happening in my life, while I'm shooting that film there are so much information that I experience and make no further than to go and see it reduced to this hour and a half I now to our satellite. It's just weird was accordingly, there were none that yea. I showed work with Algeria, Protease goes very bright and all about business, yea, eggs, good! I enjoyed workmen,
and the film yeah yeah well went to great lengths. You noted to do the anyway. It is much just as it causes a lot of police lads that were there, you know, give details that we would not otherwise and you ve had You bet you do. An american accidents movies work either some trial and error with it. What what tricks you have when you do it? What would you do bases on baby accents bans on the actions you know. I've had different dialects. Coaches. Through the years I've had for fighting Dinah coaches. What I'm working with now. I've worked on maybe four or five projects with the true detective with her and yeah it dumbo weather in fantastic beasts. Few other things again, it's not paying you do just don't. I certainly don't know what I look at one or two things I can work. I believe it's either a conduit into the character or it's a barrier. That'll keep you awake
a sense of freedom, but you need to explore something to the debt that you shall explores passage and allowed. It is down to down metal, had games and your level of uncertainty or your lack of familiarity. So- what I have found is the more and more familiar you can be with it, the more and more, of course, like anything you work on it, then the more freedom you have within and then the more you control the classroom away and just being I grant you gotta by the movie. The re give you. If Boston, don't, have asked It will be easy for you here buyers. Only English Gray Brown aren't the police. I did it. I did a fairly heavy. We went for it did a fairly heavy access for this film widows. I didn't. I got hey, I know I went for about an hour and I make no policies alone. When we does, I think we're, he's. Gonna have legs, it came out, it did ok, but I think I wanted, cable in it and its anti afflux for a while, and I just think that keep going Zadig allows you to thank sluggard work and he's in other greater access. Even green
when you're doing in Bruce or seven psychopaths or something like tat? Is it a little bit more like the safety is often do not do not have that thing in the back your head, that is deleting your accent and doing stuff like that is like it. Is there a little bit of freedom? Doing you like that, my own actions, yeah yeah,. Thirdly, I and that's the guy: look there. I think an embryo undine. I did a very thick oxen that, even though its Irish, whose is it all is distant from, is Texas, but I do have a freedom yeah. Do me, are you know. But the sometimes when I've done an action, there has been a not every time and that's the concerning for me personally, but there has, times where I felt complete freedom with an accent I was doing and and some of it is down to thirty. Eric sounds that are more that are clear. Certain irishness, like southern yeah, to southern actions has so many kind of em,
many parallels and in the way it sounds and in the shape of the mouth make where the tongue rests in the mouth, with irish actions, so those ones I have. New York. For some reason, I think because the of the New York acts is amalgam of many different cultures having a New York, and you know a pronounced culture in the New York experience from its from its it, settlements on up was the irish influx. So there are actions but a, but ideally local have done enough work, but Atomic influenced the camera that there is a freedom. But of course doing my own actions? What, as well, do I own action there also there's a catch, which is, I feel like myself here, which is it do that good of aspect, but I feel like I'm a little, the line isn't as definitive between me and the character and land which can be a general ahead fuck as well. I hear creases imitation about gold in the crowd. I was the first thing I was gonna ask when I came in with. Is there any chance here here here is I don't know, there's like this famous when beauty is doing autumn baby,
they used to do a bit or he would call President called President Bush President Prodi Keyser excuse me. Mr President, I want to tell you about the environment. You call like the White House every night. You just scared. That's why you're very busy Vano, if he's from Belfast unless Belfast bottle where's that values that should be our new stake. Belfast evaluation by Algeria gases, great off ass, powerful ass was the best Irish will be water. Is there a leader? What's citizen Kane of Ireland. I mean I did I'd. Can it has a clear picture? Yeah picture of the commitments of my left for the commitments is a fuckin masterpiece face it. So Alan Parker at the peak of his prowess,
doesn't get a man of actors, musicians not act as well, bland seamlessly, I'm just a got. King story of a dream, nearly realized YO and then for the parliament, Zepplin and, aims. Temporary manner without limousine pulls up, and you know he's back at the latest. We see the gig, but they finish them evolve already imploded. You know, Annie asks Jimmy Rabbit for the directions to the gig. That's it brilliant from start to finish, also an incredibly em as socially responsible film as to Dublin at that time of the poverty no was prevalent in Dublin at that time you know, and then my left, what is just extraordinary as well, I mean you just have you ve got was that his break out movie, I mean airy broken out without allowing where lay the languor disguise dollars when the Hell room was standing up here, a few hours time and going ok, do something really abnormally special goin on here, yeah but brand afraid you're in there
Well, I know like just Brennan doctors and Jim Share and again at the peak of his parents had a filmmaker. You know best. Our sports movie, Better, we had why we have the best I could. Maybe this could be yours, Edwards move right. I don't know what about like Three brothers and on the soccer team on China mandated national team or something I just thought, Vive Rugby Victory, who escaped victories, remember escaped to fix I do not always fairer movies. I'm classic Yahoo is the irish sky, and that movie was an art had stayed Irish guiding George best was knows the goarly broke his arm. He was the irish guy, they turn knows and I regard this alone is the golden gate, but he was the goal because they talk the original goal in breaking his arm. So they could escape I'm the guy has a guy cool. They broke broke his armor landscape. Look at o Brien. Remember, remember: Azure, delays in their house, that's the one!
Thirty minutes of that movie is, I think, my favorite sports movie, stretching from what I have seen that it actually twenty plus you down, because what Abbott initiatives on tv was the square and he found it completely vertically. Our white thing why it's going? I write so now that the tv have caught up with it. You can see like all the plays in its it's like Atta control, who's. The sized alone, as the Golly was a little bit of a reach, but They had to go deeper. You're, probably just barely make it for welfare He catches the penalty, kick, which is the least realistic, like words begin over in his valiant from in his belly air. Was it that everyone I palazzo? Do you think that anybody could make a good movie at a right, Keens life? Is it to do so
we can take this year. One of the most famous irish app is arisen, MID feel the reply from Manchester United Course. They cause yeah he's fast and look. You can make a move. Your anybody's life human beings are interesting. There's no such thing as a boring person. There are people that will bore me their people that will border but there's no boring person they just people that bore me their newborn. How do you know I'm bored by them doesn't make them Borgia human beings are fascinating. The stories we carry with us. I wouldn't have done forty two, how you had years, I've got a sports movie and you just have to do, for my Asia tells them others about ethical. You haven't you ever hovering from your ACL act. There was to be in the victory, really he's going to be easy to partake of HIV Aids or fractious demeaning alimentary, fulfilling my new employment, as research or for the goalkeeper wasn't escape a victory, even though they taught the irish guy and a break in his arm. I was fairly as a twenty day, he was a goalkeeper was an actor. Why is the
they're playing by driving collagen. That's all I have no yeah color. They talked a minute. And there it never sat right with me. I have the blank to the whole problem. This fund returned you, it's a researcher, Viet weren't. We I'm good right I was asked by the deep about tv stuff obits today What do the tv stuff in alarm? I actually about. Actually really you are in the minority. No, I look you're amazing, I do then I'm around I'm telling you the blades were sharpens Pino Rapid first season was so strong. You know, and a k out of nowhere disencumbered there was all that expectation. You know yeah. It's not for me to say it's a really. I have no desire to say what it's worth is or isn't
All I know is I loved workin on us loved Workin out, I loved my character. Olaf's work when it is allowed to make us is an extraordinary writer and philosopher actually I saw the second the third season, yet more Herschel. It was yet those who test the everyday like a bunch of stuff on now is really has to. Are you homer you like when you go home and they are you? Are you usually watching new stuff new movies. Are you going back on watching older movies? Are you watching all the time That's all now calling on all the tv bits and pieces tv I watched a finding watchdog came the thrones about a year now, maybe year and a half I am, I watched the five was a five You gotta cameo on that show for like two up I didn't know you could have. Oh yeah
We could have gone and there has been some crazy. Prince opportunities is regarded ass, an effort to observe, as he killed bad they, France with any dodgy Asia, really just how many be eight may it at work. But I want you back: every the old fellows black and white ass. You know urged dull indemnity two weeks ago. What's new staff, the rider am yeah. Just ass. I was lays a cobbler seem blaze, peace in Hong Kong he's an automobile shit that is tasty I guess we ve got him on the pot and he was unbelievable adhesives at your kind of guy, so tasty their yegg check it out. Yeah yeah did you see, every girls- no here It is really funny a second most time last we're with their name mutation. Bert yet shown our Josh owners, yes, fantastic YAP. So, You're next five years ago, you just making Megan stuff just
This man is help me. Can you know farm away in front of a microphone if not a Cameron and keep for they are your Irish, our soccer movie now three brothers one year, forty are you having to Thailand. Is that I'm embarrassed later guide? Lady? Do you find most the interesting stuff you're reading now is designated for tv or is it? Is it a lot of this deadly allotted the straw? Quite a lot of the strongest rising seems to be finding its way to tv. You know where you can you offer north for you The area. Are you where we were without Mazato, then a bunches of having two thousand and look up on the back burner where that is now great scraped. Jesus talk about a satire done, just beautifully am yeah. Europe is really wanted to drive I do know that make Miranda. There's no government scandals anymore. So it's not that timely right, yea the lie last week, everything's veins, ailing these days wide. Imagine with TB, the town to people just didn t because you have more control- are worried
in and then are you listening? Although we go wrong time more time, I tried to get familiar with the characters in the Attic Splore a greater degree of detail. I would say you know I'm in us, The people are asking: what is the difference between true detective and soon found myself? There was no real difference: the crew, they were all there. I mean you know. The trainers were big. It, was grand and but you know this. These eight scripts to work off really I felt by virtue eating before it did the first episode by virtue of just having that much material and that much kind of character detail. I got to know em. I that's another Carter, Revell Coral well. I mean that the process is so thousand action. I felt pretty. I could, if I could have improvised sprays all day, yeah yeah yeah, whatever is good about it relevant. I felt like a courageous. Here that, like that cigarette blasted, glaring scattered what kind of an old fashioned pneumonia from another era it up the process?
weird bill haters here last week and actually Bundy, but he's in the middle. Make bury make aid episodes bar is so high. Now, for these television shows that there really like movies, like those from guys, are finished there, making their last season there, making they need our moving. I swear NATO movie in its I made has to be the same level of cannot wait to see it. It's insane slotted stuff, it's not a good work at therefore, writers and information. I insist, he DUMBO give it one sentence. Self number you'll have to sell but did not just give you I want to hear from my one is one sentence: I want to pick see DUMBO, because you want to have a great that's perfect environment, I hope your knee over recovers thanks, but is it a hundred to say I know another, seven or eight months you got it today, right before we go we're gonna we're gonna to bring my son into talk about other wrestling stuff this weekend before I do that. I want to give a shout out to our you to channel. We got a silver bar
Recently, things are really heating up where we're almost at one hundred fifteen thousand. We want more subscribers. We want you to subscribe, it makes us feel. It makes our self esteem higher than it should be, and I have to do is go to Youtube. Just search for the ringer or you too, that come slash, ringer yeah, our steps there, actually the start steering more more videos toward Youtube. I think so just subscribed. Now our baddingham is really high did the Callaway when this week just to check it out with anyone. My son's wrestling videos at their from this weekend he's vowing to try to do thirty five finishing moves in our hotel bed on Saturday for the thirty five recipes he did. This video is eight. It was it horrible, I put up by my instagram and he's gonna do in his eleven. It still gotta be adorable at some point
Can it be that adorable were probably almost there, but right now still adorable so check that out the ringer, let's break my I recommend he has come in this weekend, be remiss. If we didn't have a wrestling expert a good run with family members me. My mom is Amazon last week, which is critically acclaim performance. She cause. She said come on him for the thousands upset. Oh my five hundred away from my mom's ex everybody keep listen yet so anxious king here, keep listen were made to five hundred. Meantime, my son Ben Age, eleven, the big pressing Finn. I now We are going to be arrested mainly this weekend. He would not be denied. Yes, you you badgered me you ruined my life over and over again until I promise to take you out to take time off from work and should have threw a podcast, so you're not going to get you mine, I cast until Tuesday. Next week it spends far so apologize to America, it's worse, that ok,
three favour matches. Give us that three things are looking for the rest for take over it's gonna be here, so we have Friday night take over and broken. Regarding the latter, Adam CALL verse is Johnny Guardian. Ok, who do you who you running foreign, whose who's gonna win Adam call you, Franco's gonna win, not I'm not running, frown and corn learning for Johnny Gardena Adam calls. One cause gonna win, but you're gonna be room. You can say you'll be upset as what you tell me not really, because I know the outcome: Tomaso Champ is gonna, come back and make the Johnny they're gonna lose How do you know this? I think I'm a great predictor. Ok, so that can happen What else do we look for fervour and stay Matt, Reblong verse versus the velveteen dream? Oh, you love Velveteen dream. Is only third twenty, three twenty seven You think he's gonna be a debit Abbe Champ Sunday easily he's your did. Yeah and rumours
as that he's gonna, be in the Andrade giant Moral Bout, a royal robes Teresa, you read that the internets yes, Reza Mania. Thirty, four! Yes, not thirty! Five! Thirty, five! Last thirty five, I can't believe it So what would you like to recommend? You thought the whole women's match the three way water, let Rhonda Rosy back. I Becky will ensure the way back. You inches winning now Charlotte you think, Charlotte's Gonna, win Charlotte's gonna, be the longest running W W E woman's champion That's how this is going to play out, yes in you're, ready to say goodbye to render yes, I hate run Why should they go? She's evil? She's level the security guards yeah husband, her husband was Enron. She and her husband got kicked out because she had a second cause. He had secured Omar.
And you think she'd. This is your last match, but then he s, Becky lunch you met. Yes, I told her you, I was does you're, the kind of blushing when you met her it's in your last week, for you as a God. That's your favorite, I was really my bride. I get to see her computer survivor series or could at a broken knows from what's her name. Daya nigh stir in the nose broken ass. She right she's like like I'm getting boy, you boy made her you ruined my survivor series yeah you. Broker knows that nobody cares. We got boy now, maybe she's a broken Becky winches, no safe, fricking jerk, What would also like looking forward to Daniel Drivers, Kofi Kingston, big coffee, Kingston, comeback, yeah. He was basically buried right. Do you want to know what's happening, give us the quick, quick thing at Romania.
Thirty, ten o Brien had to fight and all the matches in order to go to the main event, a rustle mania. Yeah, that's what happened a coffee he got screwed over in the gauntlet match, but then the new day and their attacked him got. Let me they won and now cosy Constance, going the rustle mania. Well, then, its into this. Yes, we love Kofi Annan, roman rains, who a dramatic come back from the came in the crowd, was against him and then he got sick and now he's the most popular wrestler drew Macintyre is going to lose two Roma rights. Yes, and you're ready to really really rare for river landmines. What a comeback story! Bionic combat people love him now, thou so funny the shield,
Are they stay together through their servers, something bad united at the main of that not the main event, but the second matched the main of that, yet the preliminary men of his frock listener verse versus South Roland yeah and after some Rawlins wines, which will probably Ben Roman ranges gonna spare him. Then a spear set ruins you they're gonna turn on each other. With you, set rounds, is gonna, be brocklehurst? Yes, why dean. Ambrose is gonna, distract broke Lesnar others, because I'm a furniture- and I want you to leave bachelor. Have you two what's gonna, be the worst match which match. Are we not looking for declared angle I'll say TAT Kennedy, but worse man, no one likes appear. Court yeah, you should a reptile. You should have returned
turn angle after broken neck yeah, you like a turtle. Roger points. I can't I can't really shouldn't be arises. It is you do ricochet gonna, be in Romania, I know, but he is fighting in the Dutch he's fighting against the war radars with his his tag. Team partner, Alister Black, great you're, not brain assign now your way, woody wearing on Friday, you were all the laxity of annex II, had I'm wearing right now, yeah and my annex III roster sure my black Panther, my reaction. So when are you gonna where Sunday rest mania? My lucky undertake her shirt? do we see the undertaker on Sunday? Yes, it's gonna be wheeled out in a wheelchair to Russia. He's gotta have a walker now, yes, whom better this point hammer me you
I think, we'll see him now, the daddy, how is in there the dead man always comes back than men will be dead, so the desert come on end. MC man is the letters girl live forever is eternal. Nobody the dead man's rests and careers. Goods. Yes, but shame Mcmanus going. Have to have another retirements speech His shame gonna go through a table from twenty five feet. All yeah, like all, Lucy wrestling the mess football match the mass he's. A shipment jerky turn on the as you do. The first line Annie hit the MRS Father to handle. However, if somebody hit me, you keep their ass. Yes, I had so that, beings coming out of this are gonna, be Charlotte. Where fell flat, Who's gonna, be the Debbie Debbie Universal Champ said rounds. Seething Lester loses the title get well
And they now what's the other would see the one we care about coffee, but is at a title. Yes, Daniel bright with a c I a beatin I'll, be at the end. I'll be at the heart of the hot dogs, tat, title cassettes, you're gonna be their baggage this sounds great bad yeah how many years aware you from joining Debbie. Think twelve. First, I'm gonna go to annex you're gonna do nor Lander yeah. Where the hell are you gonna make you skip. Cardio save me a lot of money and car you're not gonna, get my acting act that you'd Acta. I'm gonna kill you, after and ordered the wrestle. So you take acting lessons in Hollywood to get ready to be less and I've been trained on my couch with my stuff panda it is true. I posted somebody instigated videos, wait what one person
couple like you do in these double Forbes, I keep telling inactive and then you keep doing their rearing break your deck. It's worth that rip pan. So when we went Orlando TAT next day my late in France, my lifetime like your old. I found a place arrive on river start. This I just want to decide for eighteen, because in instead of paying for college, for you we can, Put all we need is higher. Acting coaches and people can teach you triple flips, oh I'm so down you can get ricocheted riches. Well good luck with other thanks for Boeing me into our now Jack avoid ass. I got bored and a gardener s mania with you now America's now. Can we get there podcast until Tuesday for Amerika? You can wait, Russell, mean eyes and therefore end? I'm really sorry. I apologize. I thank spent thanks for coming. I think I'd like to disown member getting set up is easy, download that zone up and the for answer it at Santa by creating accounts there watching
Stanley Anywhere Devices De Aisy and thanks to the you're dot com, the world's greatest website, thanks to her that's right, they make it easy to, but awesome hotels. It amazing rates like matchmaker between typewriter, doesn't months old rooms. I want to book those rooms bath for last minute, are only but for the nightmare beyond perfect for planets press dangers evident between find sweet. There's a cool actually want to stagger hotels in Dhaka or download the app right now. I am not sure I'm I'm probably not have an impact as for use of Tuesday next week I will see you Tuesday, joy, the weak.
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