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Harden's 82-Point Quest, Best Oscar Films, and Warren Beatty Foreshadows the 2019 Rams With Shea Serrano, Wesley Morris, and Jason Gay | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 473)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Shea Serrano to talk about James Harden's unbelievable play (2:20) before talking with Jason Gay about 'Heaven Can Wait' and the suspicious parallels between the film and Super Bowl LIII (25:30). Finally, Bill calls up Wesley Morris to check in on the Oscars race (1:04:40).

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and there are some things from that that is on the website. Right now, we are gearing up for us, Superbowl Oscars Game, Thrones Harry Potter, Abijah, they finished the books find now they're moving last movie and then their done, then they moved game, attracts check that out the benchmark, past I got all the great park as we are really really good Pakistan. Today there were more talked of Peat HOMES Dave. Talk to somebody Smart Isaac, Lee was Talkin bout that one ran Russillo got Tom Brady Stories, you can't fine, all those back ass in the rear, podcast network. Coming up on this back ass, we're going to talk about James harden whether he can A hundred points in a game was Shea Serrano who wrote about this. But two years ago and wasn't expecting James hard and to be a possible answer for it. We're him we're talkin to buy grandly teammate. As a Morris about the Asker nominations it came at this week. I went out to join.
Some gay from the Wall Street Journal, but a couple things including having can wait, which he we weren't baby. Who is the star that movie at their ladder rams forty is about an hour parallels that I want to cover. So that's how come up first, our friends from programme I know I'm right now the ringer shapes arena we are also to be watched. Was this week we broke down a classic the fast in the furious- I don't know we Tophet bullet, struck. So you wrote a piece for the Ringer March, two thousand
seventeen wondering rude ever see another one hundred point came in here, I figure this out was this possible with the three minor changes who could do this and I enjoyed it and there's a there. See and yeah. Clinically twenty three is a game shore, but I never really thought it was possible but now much in this James hardened thing- and I was Do the math and trying to figure out what the perfect boxcar would look like, and could he gets a like ninety and at some point there in this whole process, as was the culture. So here you I say surrender. Is it your radar at this point it no one the boy game is not on my radar, not from James harder. Now now I know I do think I think he's going to break eighty. I think he's going after call me, so I looked at Devon Booker. I think
good model. For this, by having Booker put up the random. Seventy, the south, using some of which was in garbage time it is the tenth number anyone's put up in an mba again, and this was after you read that peace he put five minutes. He was twenty one for forty feel girls. He only made for three is for fur. In twenty four twenty six free throws added at this. They saw us trying to think what's James hardens version of that. So what's he goes twenty four forty, that's realistic right! He could do twenty four forty. I think twenty four four overall and feel overall fill those attempted in made twenty four for forty years. When you were born again, then select its conceive, a baby put up he thirty April, the age of the other night when he had fixed the right Sonia. My my thought was:
Twenty four forty, I think he has to make ten threes, so I think he has to get ten ten twenty from three twenty four for forty mama came three year, ten three. So it's contemporaries solar, I now have fourteen two's Just twenty eight points in ten three, such as fifty eight points so how to get to copies. The eighty one get to eighty two he's got, it got a match for Devon. Booker did the twenty four for twenty six. Basically that Damn looker game lays the blueprint for James hardened ass, to give them buggered twenty one for forty four four eleven from three the free throws would be the same. I think it doable and the way he's playing that you know he's he's put up. Fifty out is tat. Fifty and sixty just in the last ten days, so the frequency of riots would help with Cobby Kobe, the couple weeks before, I think,
that sixty one and three quarters against Thou like he was just kind of sniffing around the general ballpark. Which is why we need this. So you think, where do you think get get to eighty to ninety? What's your what's your limit, I think you're going I think you will have a game what he hit. Eighty three point: five I do you gonna get you ve gotta get hot and one gave you gonna, be like thirty five up in the earth people are talking about it. You gotta be against the against, like that. M award, there's somebody like that. Can wars and cat fitted out. My friend- he catches fire and the beginning of them in the first quarter. Second quarter with a thirty five and then I think he starts chasing after that we ve already seen Michael leave him in there you go get. Those points is an important thing or joint and it's fun to watch him
Do it the issue you're gonna women too, once you get the like seventy. Seventy five point is the other team is gonna, be like you know about this. You right, that's why I think that clay has a better chance, because You can't do that with the warrior. You can only do that with a rocket become James, hardly doing everything or think back, that's gonna be the biggest obstacle for him hitting does mark not their define straight up. You get absolutely get aid to it. We now question, but once you get the seventies only by the other thing is there another way, is my counter. That argument, which I thought made a lot of some guy he's not even getting assisted on these on these? passes, he's doing basically everything himself and bright. So now we're talking about it. One game stretcher where he's average. Forty three points again in eight lad: eight, the half assist
rebounds at me, this is like one of the greatest offensive stretches of our lifetime, so I think, even if you're like fucking Harding you're, not getting this. I still feel it. He can get his shots off. Because this is like setting a level where that's in Georgia. Ladys. Do I feel like Somebody is getting the shots. They want, no matter what the difference is. Doing We have already seen this in thirty or shack would have moments where it's like our shit shacks going for a hundred tonight, and you know it could start following in the rest feel bad for the defenders of that hardens. Creating shots? When the other team knows that he's gonna create the shots he's playing with an expansion team? Have you see guys he's playing with out I've been watching this incredible games, Harding displaying basket so well right now.
You and I are having a conversation about whether or not we can score hundred point and were deciding he could probably get the eighty five, nothing like it. It's been unbelievable watching and play. But again I can't open anything in there. You I'd, let the elegant gonna, let him get away with that. They were. I imagine if your plan like, if you play in the Temple, eventually some. You didn't go you're fucking game. I don't we want to leave this game triple came to his heart and I offer the entirety of the fourth quarter, a guy like that have to happen I wonder if jail arose and the fact that the eighty one thing has been a last ten years. Nobody wants to be. The next jail arose right, I brought up for the rest of your life. If there was no twitter, maybe he gets there, but you don't want to be. You don't want to be the person guarding James when
Pull up her point. Ninety eight, ninety nine one hundred and thirty five b, you can't be. You cannot be that person so Next game yesterday is a good example of how this could go really well in his favor. He put suddenly sixty one and it was like a kid Had sixty one hit the newly added value, having enough date, is only five for tourism from three and yet still at sixty one point: and came within a basket Breaking the house record, which is what my favorite, you know how much I love has records would say: reckon, say my a lot of help: Record, and only then will we avoid with no arena Not you do I. I can't even tell you about my own In Boston, they built the fleet centre in the mid nineties and TAT Day, put up like fifty three and ass record for their manners ass. Somebody break. That's me carefully at how they keep this. So yesterday it gets the next b, seventeen for thirty
Some is? Twenty one shots, he was five, live of twenty from three twenty two Five from the land gets him the sixty one. Now, if eyes, let's say he goes ten ten for twenty instead of five for twenty real Stick you said games or his shot. You know I like it. December. Twenty seventh use nine for eighteen from three, so it's like he can't do it so figure at hand for twenty now. Is it seventy six points right there even right now. It's like two more lapse in one step back, I'm at eighty two, I'm with you, I think is a thing. This is why one of the many reasons why I want to do this part, especially with you, I think as a time limit on this, Chris Pause Gonna come back soon. Once Chris Paul comes back, I don't think this is in play anymore. This is in play because he's playing with AIR Gordon's his best he made by far got any freed whose, like either
in the garage for two years. I really know where he was he's got Austin, where's who's been on for different teams. He's got Pga Tucker James into the third like this an expansion team, his arm, and He has figured out how to keep them winning and also they have to win their in the plan for ass. He saved their season. It's one of the all time and VP campaigns Icy, stabbed this joke about the size of the empty Peter? He should be. The weight and size of it should should reflect how, good. Your season was so like the rice past, cease to a forty bound trophy like La Brian two thousand by the brain. You guys in Tanner. Whenever is further down the bran two thousand thirteen Miami when they won the twenty seven, it said that cycle pound, trophy James In saying that might be a hundred pound trophy said, The age trophy baggy, almost caning and hold it yeah can't. You can't believe what you're watching when you watch-
and do it and everybody on the internet be mad, that nobody can stop him. My favorite they idle. I do not like the rocket at all, but I'm really for James hard in this field and because we are seeing a thing: We ve never ever steam, yes or no. Like them. You have never watched anything like what he has been. Then doing at an eye. You watch deadened and you're upset about bending basketball. Direction. Real man. I don't even know what to say. Feel the same way. I do know the days only gonna get eighty. Eighty three point only eighty three, maybe my I will point out. I will put this college. Get in his head like a he ruined Jason Tatum that call I hope we do a detail where he's like here's, how James hard and can get better and put some actually fuck shaves acted up I might have to imagine a psychological warfare. I am
I was not a huge, hard and fan until about a month. Cause. I didn't like the following. I I respected him and I think he has some of the greatest footwork I've ever seen. I like how he continues to work on game and make a better only twenty nine years old. I think he became kind of. He is definitely one the best forward guards two guards of all time heading into this. Isn't right, what he's done this season? We are now This is a whole other level, leggy I'd. I talked about this and the particle a couple about the points per game he's now over thirty six points, a game, You now we're heading toward hallowed ground. This is like the top level. This is like the fast five, the last twenty minutes of fast five kind, eleven of great? This is. Let me ask you have your question, but if everybody
It goes to the laboratory, Jordan play one on one debate, or you know that, like a talking point, Jordan and hard- and I plan one on one- had an ardent. Do I feel like I want to say that he beat them. I billing. I want to say that I do. Two big right now is too strong at another by their love. You don't got about it. How strong I now look. You regret. Daily screw him empires like holy shit. Is it action movie star beckoned wanna, pickin wall. I have your answer. That the game never ends because they get in a fight halfway through his Jordan, so mad at the fucking garbage pardons. Do it again, they are about China Affairs, just it ends in a fistfight and James Hardened loses. The fight guess: Jordans Nike, AIR Jordan, to jail: they were Saturday morning. I don't love you play. Basketball
what they get Saturday morning, pickup game that all old man play yeah and anyone this, warlike nine to step in and everybody tired. Somebody will start a fire Those are arguing about. I got a call you back. No, I didn't somebody else, will take the ball, throw it across the court and be a fuck you to get. You no go get it and then everybody stands around for forty five minutes and nobody wants to go, get the ball and that's what can happen here. We'll be functional, yeah, that's all that's gonna happen and then it'll and not enough getting take you to the hospital for possible brokered orbital tat. I think I think James hard in one eye one. It would be too bad anybody in history, despite the three points earn his ability to dad stepped back move. I just and see how anyone stops them with no help he's got that point. It's fucking, easy, it's crazy to watch. I cannot, but If somebody is this dominant offensively
for this long, a time we ve seen hot stretches, we ve seen ten game stretch easy since twelve game stretches, we ve never seen the right. This is not have not this. I think we're passed the point where it that stretch. I think this is get who is when you want to be there, that's all that it is they that it's the expectations. It's like our James ardently had forty two tonight. Damn. The crazy that is here Now, how do you? How do you get those seventeen In a row of thirty, whatever point, and then you keep going after that, like what the fuck is going on right now, you're. So when talking about a twenty one game stretch that has lasted now for five and a half weeks Where is the three a him and dont again that the keeper? this out, but his teams winning this isn't like.
We seen guys carry huge offensive. Low Dwayne waded in two thousand nine Kobe, no six team act Iverson Atalanta Seasons where he had usually Westbrook. Two years ago, the team usually goes where it's like a forty three forty four went team, usually in the scenario in this case, in that twenty one game winning street there like sixteen in five or that street. That would gain, and in it AIDS he's created this model that I don't feel like his sustainable, because the burden that he has night after night, the history, leg, would say, he's gonna wear out, but at the the entire matter now and again, like tat, the whole had you stop, him thing is rotation rise. The last time we had that conversation. How do you stop this. Said, the West Brooks run two years, your neighbors status, as they probably let him.
Nope, shooting and hope he shoots himself out of the game, basically women's lives. Are we stop? This conversation shack. Two thousand and one check yeah somewhere have you gotta, be it further They call me when he had a stretcher of forty bus game. Forty point both game without Ike, eight or nine game back there we got, if you had told me three weeks ago, when hardly more than eleven game in a row. Thirty but point out there, like I yeah, maybe this is maybe it is on a hot drink, but may I can't I don't feel stopping I just he. Would he if he could get tired? He would have gotten tired already not gonna happen we're looking at on the special here, you remember when we thought thought hard and was this guy, who, as I keep that data the champagne club, there is always a semi arid. He wasn't like as heart of a worker as
La Brian and those guys, but basically just cause, he wasn't posting inscribed voters or videos of of. Working up right, Kobe, Bryant, against Dallas, which was an awesome game to that December, two thousand and five, when these guard sixty two and three quarters he paid thirty three right in its eighteen for thirty one, twenty two: Jesus twenty two out twenty five from the line and three quarters, and for four ten from three and that was against. I have explained that ended up going to define us so no joke, so he was pretty Let us say, may maybe Kobe was the last one cause that night he I felt like he was more and stop that night in the eighty one point game theory, one point was with data whose bag watching more than anything, it was like what the hell were. You ve single, covering him he's, got sixty eight points but down. Was I trying and there were good
still annihilated that so maybe he's the last one. I had given Kobe credit as the you yet talking to say you can ask me under different question, committing ever gonna be, but you do ass. You like, when the when's the last time we had a great burning, probably right, an mba enabling bill. I don't know that I've ever seen that I don't know who that is screw. You referred to this budget. Yeah harden the? I think he's the clear VP candidate read our favorite and no question. I do feel like. Would you if I said to you James hard and will have eighty two points in the next two weeks, yes or no would you say alligator. You're good at for the one eyed yeah put me down. I have been at, betting services out there? This thing
give us will James harden put up. Eighty two points at some point: the season we should be able to bet on this. I would say we should know it nothing, I would say the ads would have to be plus two twenties I think that you have to be a hundred ours too. In twenty. I don't think that's like an even better than just cause. It's only happen once will Chamberlain baby, so you got a factor that, but at this point. The math is telling us now that this does seem conceivable before you go, though, spurs come back. Kind of the robbers spurs, renounce the spurs or feel no spurs again. Yeah we're felling fantastic We view- and I spoke about this briefly- will not end with a everybody. Was talking down on this birds are beginning to see them. We had all roster full of new players would give us a few weeks, the figure it out
figured it out where we're going to be a little bit of trouble for somebody. My greatest my greatest hope is that we play Houston in the Playoffs James Harden scores. Ninety nine point, seven where you going for the game winner and game. Seven four hundred m first point on a layer secondary, quite block them, and we will the theory that you might remember but hard and as they do, that packets, could it be that one What team in the western most afraid of other than the where's I the most afraid nuggets. Somehow I did you watch live by the Nathan Jogging laws but still I'm a little afraid of the idea that I have no idea why I can name more than three players on the team, but watch anything only should be scatter actually good. The jazz are having an interesting renaissance has all set of Mitchell's plain well again, Mitchell parties are urging you to all the same.
He's kind of got his mojo back. I was doing, does work on the trade Bayliss for this month and I had I had Adam twenty last month and I dropped him a little just from the way use playing, but then the less. I would say the last week in a half, moved back as it looks like he's. Gotta go again: whatever is gonna them I'll, be really inches interested to see who gets knocked out of this west. Think as it does feel like there are ten times because right now the clippers are the eighteen. They probably they probably fall out, but the lake at her out Lakers, the bronze back whenever they make it, but then the kings. Who are you? I'm a lingering at twenty four and twenty four and probably have a dumb trade to make. Where they go either they a couple contracts and a future first for Harrison Barnes or they do somethin. They try to go for it. So I feel like they re. Don't I'm not ready to count them out. Yet
but you tired of the ship, and we probably have we probably have nine Plath teams, maybe ten, if the coopers can get their shit together, but but they say tat at sites at the spurs I think that would have made me sad, like a thirty two and fifty spurs seething with positive may mean that they are fit for perfectly the pop just sadly, looking sat on the sidelines help us talking about the bank Hammond shreds. There should planned ETA, though I was ready for he had a most I'm ready for it like three years for bad. There ready free it. Yet I that's it. That's I got free Shea, oh, and we should talk to John with three trailer we broke dash and I And our friend how I bear is above Jane, she doesn't know she's friends, that's, but we consider our friend she's involved. That looks like she may be the saviour. How many times you watch a trailer, I have watched it at all times in our further. Let minded big powers,
airs motorcycles, machetes and I'll leave America with that, We are very satisfied with the direction of General three you can listen. We ass it did. The warriors were we watch? Was it's gonna be in two weeks, but you can listen to the one. Now did the fast and the furious can I listen to some of it? My favorite part was when you're free were genuinely heard that I didn't think vendetta was that could have an actor think about it, I was I was up there on the plane ride back to check this. The really like generally mad about that Conversely, we said maybe and drive it. Maybe we a fair peace to help us has set up. I Shea, as always a pleasure tat decent but the new Microsoft surface Pro six cannot be get things done, whether on the Fyodor Running, a business take bran, Iraq, PO and Michael Griffin, two former NFL felt him open a cupcake shap with the surface pro
can do everything they need from setting schedules. The creative promotions for such median designing, new flavors plus its late super fast, has great battery life I Michael, are proving you can tackle all your patience with the power in speed. Of the new surface prospects. I from the Wall Street Journal Jason Gaze area to talk about. Having can wait here, Similarly stock and before you came on, you listened to the camera. A sad Reject Dorsey. They had a twitter which is on the bs passed earlier in the week yeah. I knew what we're thoughts obscure. Well, you know my alarms were up united. My hackles were up. I should say to get really mad. You know is looking for a reason, but I found it in active to listen to what he had to say, and I certainly think that Twitter has not done what it should do in terms of policing the just virulent abuse which is so prevalent all over the platform but, having read a number interviews with him, a lot of really good and kind,
when they came out rolling stone. Yesterday it was still instructive to hear him talk. You know and here's her the wheels grind in his brain about how he's thinking about this it's it's a crazy job. Would you rather have that job run? twitter are running their necks the necks of easier said. Link is urgently need. One superstar them good to go, but I mean yeah, I just that when you think of tormented franchises, twitter and the next and also Euro ownership issues too, it was, I really liked talking to him- and I thought you know- I was satisfied with the answer he gave the one thing I couldn't rabbi had aroused UKIP Circle back to you not kept bring it up. Ass man and yet he abuse, and now the onus from day one has always been on the person with the twitter account to protect themselves, universe's twitter and they ve made some moves, but not really
and then he went to his horse feel about well, you know it's a bone despair. A state that is We give in all these different areas about. We know we need to fix this, but he wouldn't say when an ass they conveyed after his wishes, weird where they give a viewer. Anyway, I mean you're that, like hey, chemicals, are leaking into your kids bedroom window, plan on fixing this survey. Why you know chemicals are bad problem. They might you know we have a problem with my kids. Get have trouble breathing in that you know. We know this is serious and we get affixes cause. I want. I want my kids to be healthy and, at some point, you're like ok, so what do you actually going to do? Well, you know chemicals are really bad and we know that, but just never it never seem like a solution was imminent and I was the one point I trying to make. Was you kind have to fix this? Now you can't!
while down in the future, and we know it's like to know what your answer- the other, an urgency. I don't know if it's nine to twelve months like you suggested, but I think there's is definitely an urgency to it, and I think that part of what and let's face it- there's a media strategy- that's happening here which includes going on european cars, watching doing the numerous print interviews. I think they are trying to do the Facebook opposite where can a high we're not going to put ourselves in a castle from the media. We're gonna try to increase aid ourselves to you. So you know when she had really stars. They hit the fan, your lease be able to put a face and a voice to this problem. I think that's part of what's going on here, but the wearer really sort of differentiate from what he would say why is there this constant leaning on the idea of well? If you take, people have twitter, if you remove too much of the craziness you're in danger of creating a bubble and
it is true, but the bubble we're talking about a most instances, just be a bubble of civility. You know you borderline manners to people and just being courteous to all walks of life, and just you know, basic human decency, I'm not terribly worried me, keep in mind. We lived through no fault thousands of years without social media and people did seem to have exchanges and conversations without, for media that had at least a baseline of civility, and I just I my fear, always. I always felt with social media and common sections and all this stuff that you know when you got people in a room, and you got the act all human beings in a room. There are much more reasonable people and not always just gave me faith. I people are just not nasty in real life, as they were mine and anonymity gave them this cover of being jerks yeah, I'm less convinced, two thousand nineteen, I see the migration of the nest.
There's that people have online into real life, and you know Washington and Beyond and yeah. I do feel it seeping, unlike those bad chemicals you spoke of, I think it's pervasive in America life, it's weird that tackling at sporting events has now kind of. Then replaced by being Mina mine. There he'd have you enter basketball about game thirty. Forty years ago, you dear horrible things and people screaming, and even at the south, the games this trade beyond the bench they're just get on the guy's nerves, our game, now Fear- and I saw the game, especially in the play ass- an you put like surfing sullen Merv behind the badge in their yelling at Jimmy Butler. Even if its toll Similarly, there just heckling and Billy Billy. He sack the battle when you try to get traded again security will come over and say you guys have to shut up. Will you believe what it's now go into a sporting event, the same thing with people being drunk in the stands and we ve. We
spend so much time and energy. China curve behaviour of people when they're around one another and then the time and energy whatsoever with the mind staff and people online more than their together. You know Turkey, if you and did Apple, does that where they tell you what your screen time spend been this week. Do you have that in your anew? Far? Oh! Yes, I do, and it is a yes Sometimes this is upsetting that I might well. I didn't work in that. I did your media company. I do have to be a mine, it's that other bad, but it still sobering yeah. So I did, I feel, what the NBA stuff you know, and he likes talking about that cause- and I wonder you know if Twitter with a using that's a little too conspiratorial where but they're happy to put the NBA Twitter out. There is an example of what Twitter can be an MBA twitter the Shangri La Twitter, rising, buddies, clever, you note
total asshole isn't really tolerate. The players arrive at their smart, bleak news travels. Way just feels like the league is wired onto the programme in that kind of civil interesting fund, stimulating way that optimally twitter would be for everything but is clearly not so I think that, like I saw it dinner thing recently without himself. Rachel Nicholls, I think, they're very happy to talk about NBA, twitter, anytime, possible, I think there is one kid NBA Twitter that we didn't talk about that Pakistan. You didn't just mentioned, and I just thought of it. As you were talking, the embryo where's kind of police, MBA, Twitter, descended gray eyes up. It's the end, it's one of the only places where they'll come back EU you felt back at writers and I'll, come back a broadcast says the NFL guys do it to do a little bit like we had their car did when after me,
Kellerman did do you have to fight against him, but it does seem like in basketball, they'll go at the meat. Even siege Emma com. There is some story this week we have talked about. He mentioned me. He was like I'm always in trade rumors Bill Simmons who's that Guy Bill Simmons he's been trying to get be traded for five years. Is that only trying to get you traded? fundamentally trades and put people in them and that was a logical team because they have two guards that are basically there's some redundancy. But the point is, He if somebody wrote a siege, Emma Column, slammed peace and has Ike the reason they are losing the browsers have to get rid of them. Jim com could take that peace retreated be like look at this clown. He's hate non me again and at all this Democratic fans go and jump on that writer yeah. So I do think it
We are aware that the NBA players have become the share of suburbia. Twitter is true, and, let's not forget, I think, they're all time greatest NBA player response was that Carmelo Anthony one to a fan about. Please don't eating, How do I shouldn't say every year- and you know this sir- dovetails with a topic that me you and Curtis of disgust before, which is that the enemy in two thousand nineteen teen, especially when you compare it to the serious stuff, that's another leagues, its happy talk, it's good There were really a dissertation that are out there. Even the scandals are found, the stuff that you guys kicked up last year with the six years I mean you know, obviously rough terms within six hours office but pretty hilarious from the outside, and so I don't know just feels like you know. If it's entertainment, it would be definitely like so calm. Entertainment. Yeah and even the stuff that could be scandals either get swept under the rug or people are afraid to really dig as deep
It needs to go like the tampering stuff shirt, which is her. Problem with the league in Ghent. Lord only knows what's happening behind closed doors, but for the most part people you know, fell toad they're, not gonna, dig ass, it'll be interesting to see what happens the next time ass. He had supersonic leaving the aid. Situation, happens in our people and that, like crazy, can. I see the seed started be planted, are New Orleans and other ways out that delete. My point is that he hasn't had a very league, unfriendly stories and sterling there now I would say three and a half years ago, but they went from Diana he they had. The David, suspending Amarian those guys they decide X. Ray had The Chris Paul Veto, Mademoiselle Asylum. I gave a mass of the palace with results, have been a full about Ba in just recently,
Not really happen now mean even last night like there is little tangle in the jazz Denver game and like that, just gets play for comic relief. Now you know it just as like you know it's instantly leg chopped up and put on social media little clips, and that's the other fact of this, of course, is the NBA was very, very, very shrewd and not policing at copyright yeah and that really chain everything has highlights and beyond I wonder how much that it has to do with all these days media entities and include the ringer cause. Lord knows with we'd, be today and has gets strange and sixty five days a content here, the NBA yeah yeah, I'm in that adversarial like Vienna, valid Psych, nobody likes and it fell, but we can I need it. I know it doesn't make me feel great. Always like got maybe take a shower after receiving there's, always something to complain about there's a d it one controversy leads
the next time now. Just recently, we had the referee thing, but it's always something nobody. You happy with it I felt ever no one. Its mad. If you well on the interval. It's now to shit and what's fascinating, is at its very bipartisan. You have conservatives who were mad at the Anna fell for this, that the other reason, including the chief executive, United States and you have progressives who are furious for the ETA fell about see the lack of action on concussion issues and beyond player, health and safety. I mean this is not like some sort of one sided thing everybody likes to pile on, whereas the NBA you now and I'm sure you know privately, they would sank the NFL for existing because it sets them up. As you know, the smart foil here, but is by contrast, you know it's hard to come up. You have to look for reasons I think frankly,
Ariel disagree, I'm sure, but I feel a lot of what drives the creativity and and be a media coverage and a lot of sort of the sub plots and story lines that are almost like marble comic, like, I think what drives it is that, at the end, the day. Even now. I know that a bumpy season. I think we all agree. The warriors gonna win the final again pay and you know, like a movie, you have to have acts and structures in moments of you no surprise and an answer. I think things that you know: would be relatively minor in a hyper competitive parity league, get blown big time out of proportion like the thematic people talk sailor solicited. They may talk that happens about the timber wolves. Now they have had ups and downs and interesting things avenue season for sure, including the firing of a coach and the departure of a star player, but the amount of ink that gets spilled about a franchise like that which has no chance. Being competitive. An mba final is amazing, it that doesn't happen, and
Surely you don't see like people just like spending days and days and days time at the fourth place team in the earliest Even in the NFL came, Newton was basically playing with a broken shoulder for them. Staff of the season in in Basque, about that it felt like it would have been a bigger dear dear friends, I guess they're bringing people through Hell, marries any clearly compromised yeah why they continue to play him issues in the NFL. It's always about to fight the gambling in the fantasy and all that stuff is a much bigger dear and always about what's about to happen? Could this happen? What if this happened? Where? the NBA does feel a little more players censure like even the old, deeper thing yesterday, yeah egos and it was like you. There were reverberate since in the Shangri La Nba Twitter is you felt an and people,
some pretty or like they lost a friend. The ain truly Amene carries a very likeable guy. Here, listen about it, but but you know he's ease well well liked among people who cover the league, but also just phantom is hard to know. How can you dislike Victor? Our depot guys can single exam cookies, amazing, the great great player, but how do you you know like translate over to another sport? I have no you know the NFL love to get a little better. That was so the reason why I have you. I was: U interviewed worn baby. Who was the star having can wait a late, so this movie that is widely indurated and was way more successful than I think I remember I know I know you're talking about those like it's a dinosaur dig that kind of way now for issue, but it is our Europe can we nomes are don't think anyone under thirty is probably seen it. Our lady was one of the five biggest stars of the seventies and eighties
Oh, I, when you made a movie, was a big deal he decided to make a movie. He sat a remake, this very famous, what story called having Conway, which is about somebody prematurely dies and now has to go back and the average it's gone other people's bodies so that movie the last. I don't know forty five minutes of ends with he becomes. Even more than the last hour he becomes the Rams owner this rich guy who's. Not that of irons worth yeah, who decides to start playing quarterback for the team. Because it's actually warm baby in real life was the rams quarterback. So his back so he could. He can kind of relive his destiny. Is the ribs Kubi through the owner of which I feel like those collective bargaining dream it would probably be, and now it is the Jerry Jones Dream though, but then and thou working here, and then he adds I've just ran away. The other rams quarterback he's gonna die. During the game.
The more invading goes into that guy's body in a win, the Superbowl this sounds ridiculous. It's a great booby. It was dominated for best picture which I've forgotten, though he wrote that peace and even more strangely, it's the rams, the quarterback whose body inhabited was Tom. Jarrett wreck of the Rams right now as Jared gaff. So it's a Jarrett Jared thing. There were, in the same uniforms, same number, flattered and shared, and it's the item. The rims ever won the Superbowl. So the last time when it came out, I think that now steer. They made the Superbowl right in nineteen, seventy eight, the phone came out and the nineteen seventy nine season was when the rams won the super. Well, that's whereby they last and ironically lost to the team they beat and having can wait, we should clarify is the only I'm an allay rams team won, the Superbowl began faces, but
yeah. I mean it is a film and I you know my reader. Demographic might be a little bit older than the ringers, but so it's been funny to hear from people who are enormous fans of the movie. I did not have an appreciation, as you know, like you said about it, was a huge box office hit. I think it may cause and a million dollar nine Academy award nominations they're, just all stars: abounding yeah baby wrote this group would Alain may there s one and only Alain may work would Michael's forever. It was co directed with buck. Huh Mary who is also in the film as one heavenly escorts James Mason, Charles Grognon, Diane, cannoned Julie, Christie, Jack Warden. Beacon Jones, real life, Rams Holler, Famer, Deacon Jones, a young Bryant Gamble yet again variable dick and burgers in it. It is this great time capsule,
sort of seventies allay to mean Ursula amazing shots of an eye seeing a bike accident capture and firm you should now, but amazing Malibu scene at the beginning of the first. Twenty minutes is, living in Malibu and its idea is old, school seventies Malibu decades worked in but then you get like the whole Bel AIR part of Europe, the seventy, he's in the car, see the Colosseum exactly, and he told this great story baby about how you know so this was nineteen seventies, Ella Rams and he said to me this wasn't in the peace, and I don't know whether I too believe me very political and literally and figuratively baby, but he said nineteen seventies rams was on par. With you know, early Showtime Lakers adjust in terms of meat. They did make the play of seven years in a row an ally in the nineteen seventeen and they have a really great teams, cow rose and bloom. Sir,
suddenly a night in seventy nine, the honour, the Rams, Georgia Frontier his wife, what sort of a groundbreaking in terms of a female honour and seventy seven time, divorcee rage, widower she's, made seven times- think that's true, which was its own thing an end. There was this sizzle at a sort of funny to think of some when talking about the Colosseum S, her the glamour days of the Colosseum, but it's it's. You know it's true in and they ve, the movie they found the Superbowl scenes, which are you know, another part of it, underrated the God of the licensing. You know that in the old days that was hard to do get everybody on board so that the real rams, the real steelers they come out, shoot those scenes at half time of a real rams game. So the rams finally play a game they go and after the second quarter and then all of a sudden, the baby rams come out into the field and they do an announcement that affairs like our folks, we have a movie goin argue we just stay and or seeds and clap insured
just kind of like doing it, and fans are utterly confused as to why there's a suddenly Ass Pittsburgh Steelers team on the field. There during these long Bob passes and so on and so forth, but near that's. Another part of this is that you know movies were found in a completely different way. Back then, to now as you know, most of it would be cgi and I would say it holds up reasonably well up I'll see. You know it's not any given Sunday, but it's pretty saw babies, good yeah mean you'd, you hadn't A peace that he will ensure refuse gonna run. Are the football players head back up in place the stunt person, basically yeah, then he in doing all of them, yet he shot. Can we get This is one of those movies I was get sucked into a fund for pensioners, yes, and he Can you get any really I don't know he's a little drew precision aghast although in the peace
that he was almost x two, yet almost six to one. Eighty five, so he's taller than true breeze. Here's a fun fact when they made the movie. He was forty one yeah like another quarterback. I tb the other thing with their baby. It's incredible! backward and Jack Word and who then knowledge for like thirty years, but that's probably my favorite Jaguar in a movie. Yes, is the assisting coach whose good bodies with the quarterback who dies, babies, character, yeah and then Julie, Christy. Throw in like a hundred and five miles an hour just were whereof like the best actresses as one of the best looking actions that decade and she and she was dating baby. In real life. So there she entered, rose out of danger for the film. I believe you answer, they be a captive professional, I mean who knows but a bit. I think they had broken up by the time they had
Third, the felt by the way is this is some sort of stout executive order. We watch apples that you're doing bypassing fantasy. Is this? What's going yeah? I was kind of world assess its like a little on the side. Mistress of every watch well cause. I again that show how many people have seen it, but I do feel like its age nicely. It stated, but not really is not a sports movie plates that, yes, that It's it's basically around come. That really is. And if you want to see something funny. If you go onto Youtube and you Google, the trailer for there is not one hint of football. It's as if an executive, and maybe an executive did say, if you put football in this term,. Nobody's gonna see. It would also speaks to the star power that he had at the time. Oh yeah, he this movie, I believe, a bully. And I it's kind of insane but believable at four one. This is right after shampoo there's, some China
like what are their. What other actors like by Reynolds obviously could have done it. Sean College and he is a good abandon. This part sure other than that I dont be- I mean maybe faster I mean yeah, you have any other way when you get out of their own wrong highly lists of great. You know cinematic quarterbacks from the Johnny. You talk to you now so on and so forth, and Back Davis, nor Thoust, forty and stuff, but I bet they have to carry the movie part. Is the fast fail rise of multi, dimensional, firm and also like you know this, because I really watch a bully, but like it's a kind of fun that just doesn't get made any more. You know it's it's it's a romantic comedy, it's not small! It's big are big people in it. There's a big scenes and like big camera takes and so on, like that, but its very light on its feet. It looks like it's like error. It sounds like it's
was the first draft of a script, and I mean that the good way it's I'd like overwritten. He adds a clever and sharp and that sort of also signature of like a lane. May it really crackles and I'm surely dating myself, but I think it definitely holds up as as it We are leaving out the most significant little bit trivia from this film there, which is the first choice to play the part of Joe Pendleton and having can wait, which was baby one and Mohammed Ali. The I'd never know that. Until I read your peace that was read as alley had beaten Spinks, I think- and yes and is a remake importantly. Having can wait as a Remagen, Eighteen, forty one movie called here comes Mr Jordan and which effectively the same plot, but instead of a quarter back, it's a boxer and yeah baby. As reworking this film, and like everybody else era, they think Mohammed Ali is the greatest person on earth which you was under
I'll be the most charismatic human and want him to do the part, and here who would have thought you know you didn't put in the peace. None of us ever forgive Chris rack for making this. Yes, what is the name of the one that he did it down to earth so who was so bad? Nobody Remember that every made that it still sit there, you probably have to do a different sport again, because I I still feel I dont like remaking, anything that is still a hundred thousand percent. We watch by which this envious yeah. You kid there's ways to do this. Maybe you change, you could change the Saxon make maker. A female lead and do it that way and make our tent, play some fat adena there, I'm really gonna sell. I shouted fantasy, but I couldn't help but think that watching this I couldn't help, but think of reminders of the of star is born of
Brown, the Cooper Umbrella, Hooper sort of pursuing this kind of baby s career right. It's like he's the writer he's the director he's the star. He can do all these things he so good. Looking he inspires and men wanna, be I'm. You know that kind of day and others definitely vibes do that as well, and if you did, if you executed stars born style, re make us think about the time difference. What stars borrowed Christophersen was me sex the same thing, but this ambiguity plus years, and yet it was the same thing when they re made this movie, and I do feel like when they re made this movie. It was part movie was that this was such a famous movie. Originally, yes, everybody wants to remain there for years and years and I think a star Osborne was gonna. Leave that to the stress anchor stopped something it had. I was way, The review may at that point I think I'll Kay with somebody remaking this again, but I wanna at once as you know, the other thing we talked with this is always a reward was category. Could this be a Netflix series,
I should think pretty good Netflix, there's time episodes out of this. Isn't that the bats Baculus issues is that he just kind of Girls- Quantum Leap, no, that's not it as it now. That's not the plot, a quantum leap. Is it bad, the Quantum leap, every episode he goes to a different year. Stop things right, got a clear change bodies. No, it change bodies by the king. Back in time to stop nephew Africa from try marijuana. And abstained in your community. Ninety eight there has in fact covered whether he had known Have it your way? He could just keep trying out bodies and they could go a couple emphasise than of the back. It happened like he could try to be an agent yeah. He could I'd be dead, editor times just stupid
these different jobs that it doesn't work out. Why have you get your Massachusetts? GonNa Kyle is, but it is that's. What's your dad's and about the legalization attitude, my mama's sends me an article every day, everybody's coup. That everybody is like, whatever brings more money into the state were a good with. Would you have been packing? So the car and driving out to on the on the to pick it it's random places I mean I was there when you had till. I have connections in New Hampshire, You know, and you need to make the right now at the thought of being able to go. You know black from the the garden by some we'd is kind of crazy. I don't have one is goes.
Feel like this is this is the unravelling of something. But I don't know what enough it's a bad thing are good thing. One question I have is that in Nevada, legal now, of course, and they really built up a lot of infrastructure around the strip. There are a the of stores the out about this while whether the casino start put it in their own places. Gaza, casinos, like there's, never a buck that they don't want to grab and When do you start saying little smoke places in the casinos while the Cassini it's always in their interest for their clients to being fucked up in some way will never lay copper whenever walk outside did I want you to leave ever being stoned? Is the would be the best that that they had to be stoned, blackjack table for six hours and send sign up for that. Stone realisation losing ten thousand hours. It be great gotta know where this goes, but other glad was pieces really interesting new do I do feel like potheads people different ways,
and it doesn't need everyone the same way. Alcohol for the most part, hits p in our view, have for drink Pretty much. Everyone's gonna be compromise that point. I they adding parts a little harder to forget. I know some people who just have a hollow like, for it is fascinating if you I won't say what you call. It is fascinating, go to any of these alleged places and you have them now in California. Of course, it's going to be a profession. Like a somewhere. There are gradually marijuana someways who are going to be able to you know you. When I went to the placing of odd I went before the May, whether immigration fight you know, I've said look, you know, all their I'm getting old and my dad? I don't wanna, be like you know, running around what my shirt off like you know where I need and they no, what you need and they end it a boat, but it is not just you know, one size fits all and that's can be really need to see how that up
I like, when people are so my eyes of weird thanks. His my favorite restaurants in America noon mess she sits, which is like this kind of semi fancied ice cream, Diner just done the best legal base we do, but, like thirty thirty five favours Iceland and they have this guy's to calm the. So my aim here come on, but I can I can. Recommend you something in a pistachio can you see much about the ice cream. You could ask questions, I think it part had. That version habits, ice cream? So may I be super excited about Somalia is a semi air. So my eye, I would say so my about Somalia, where there was a great story in the bath and globe yesterday about how they had up like a lot of places. They had a lot of bad weather of we get and they knew they had a big storm coming in on Saturday and the Sunday and the path game was on Sunday afternoon and there a run on the marijuana stores in the same way like
later just get cleaned out a milk and eggs, the beyond stores all had cleaned out a weed cause people just needed it to me I mean you know as I got emergency supply well, who were really headed to great places I say this, let me ask you one other thing: you can cut the site if you want. Then we had a merry the symmetry of the Brady. Ball with the rams. Yet it is a very nice walk away moment. I've given up predicting his career, I may add, as so defiant to every thing we know about football quarterbacks, but were they to win, and you're has considerably airy. Would you advise him, you know what in an and hard, I know for you say, consider not just fed, but like. Would you advise him too to quit? I think he's staying until it
forty five he's done their number out multiple times over the last three years, and I think that's the number has in his head and I think he wants to create basically two plus decades. Something that has never been done disease already. The goat you now and it's fun, because, like Rogers was playing well for a little bed. Propeller Rogers may go said what he is talking about where he saw this. They lay the Superbowl, thereby it every time he does this. He distance himself for their further Bobby. And there I even beyond the legacy thing. I think he does care about that a little bit. That's. Why did the Tom versus time? Thank you. I only just legs competing. I really do I think, great ones as long as that hunger, you have You watch the way he played in that game, how reacted on the sidelines. What he was like in the locker, am I always go. Watch the patriots, though the footage of business
Draft greeting everybody in Brady Walker and hugging people thanks seeing him on the podium like you, just fucking loves it and you walk away? When you love it that much so I don't see it unless there's an injury, I think he keeps going until something happens, but at the same time I truly believe everybody in his family. Everybody in his family, wants him to quit Have you noticed that Tom is made a big point? These days, I like saying hello to his wife into his family's wavering every once in a great yeah, concussions Nancy's is kind of like saying. Like look, you know like my head still screwed on like everything's. Ok, it's a sort of funny how he's been like this kind of wacky guy at the end of the games and making sure to acknowledge his family. I think there's a great deal of pressure behind the scenes for him to step aside You think she just screams at a man, Brazilian its had to walk away Please do you, hang is the worst brazilian Riyadh and even though I do you think she's
Api Adrian in Rocky three. I mean: what do we do we ve got money Rick I mean I was there. I think for sure one thing that they, planning- and I think this is a couples plan, as I think that they see themselves as modern day, anti aging girls. I think that they are going to be people who will be public life for a long time as this is how, extend your life, and so you stay beautiful. Mrs ideals, you go into we're being in the Prudential Centre a year or two ago, and there's a giant billboard of him next to a giant billboard on her for some under armor project and, like, I think, there's a whole plan there to like me who make themselves some sort of model for beauty in aging. I hope it does in turn out like his version. A goop thou be I would add, sign up for that maize wrote about the furniture loves, had maize read about the first pattering supervise made the point there's a Brady scramble and there and he's just
more coordinated and agile. Now- and I think it's he's talked about- this is complete they reach and his body had a one year n. You know a lot about it, as is a building appear core, but also like, if you do it if you're running motion or the way you jump or the way throw is actually counterproductive for the way it should be. You can retrain it to some degree of which has worked step carried it too. By the way this ankles Cosette. The way used to run was bad for his ankles new retrained. His brain to commute ok to his body, had a move and that's a Brady. It you watch braided aged forty one moving around its weirdly a little. Or coordinated the aged twenty four. So from that standpoint it does seem like he's still trying to improve, but I do feel like he has You know I felt like the arrow is over just because of the supporting cast he had of if you're down by four with two minutes. Left
how is he gonna go. Eighty arts right reserve the weapons anymore? Has you gonna, do Yes, I mean what you realises. His brain is still so fast, like you just say that yesterday, in this idea Julian, Did you ever hear out their data? Let's put grant them. There are big rock. Do this and I don't know when that that might go to is forty five really made by the way all the patriots haters are fleeing themselves off a cliff. Right now, but I do think I'm sided unlike greatness, sorry, but your saying throughout the season and actually that you're full of that where you're saying like, I think you know like- or maybe you weren't saying this until later, but that there was maybe a rope, a dope happening that he was holding onto something for the policies and in a way that would I was hoping that I was. You are hoping that ok, I think Ghana came clear after the first class can either it's true. I think it's quite clear, and I think that, like especially watching those games during the regulatory system is now, you went back and looked at them, but like he was just unloading, the ball of users.
Trouble getting one edge. Did I get here like a wise, grew around and your hand far those losses were closed. Last year, the absurd Dolphins thing and- and I think they just like their chances when the games matter, they feel it the infrastructure. They know they have a chance. By Keziah ceased and then the infrastructure of our regarding etc? measures are gonna, play seven defensive, backs on defence negative Can you do it again this week will figure that out? Please please come in and do that again so and I will say the rams any time they have two weeks. They always have some good recalls. The thing with the RAM They really cannot do the same thing. All the time offensive urban should see these were tied ends, and they try to make things up. If dear you just do the this, what brought us here we're doing it! That's when Bela check goes to tell you I will, very disappointed have shown. Mcveigh doesn't have something a little special,
I am sure he will end and I think that sort of like creativity will be one of the reasons. I shall be an interesting game. I mean you want he I think he's one of these people who appreciates the sort of moment of what is at an end is gonna. Show you. Why he's who is working? Gov gets knocked out in the back of that comes in his turn. Turn babies that'll be weird, I'm so glad you mention this because a reader sent this to me today. If have can wait, is made in two thousand nineteen yeah. He can't and the body a time Jarrett has time to errors in concussion protocol. True he's in the blue TED, Why is it that we take it out a game? So he goes into the dead body, a quarterback who is not allowed to return to the game, so the whole thing goes completely at the window. He'd have to teach himself had passed the concussion before he goes into the right at Jack Word and get the set case again,
we can read you. The Wall Street Journal check out the I have a can weigh piece. It's really is really fast and I love that BT's babies, eighty one and still still ass. Those seem like he was super proud of his football in them. That was my very much very, very much thanks for coming up here. Thank you, but I bet I wouldn't talk. Oscars with, I was more than a second first speak it. Firstly, he works for the New York Times. If you listen, this back ass, he buried figured out smart ways to spend your time is another at the New York Times, crossword app a fun clever. Where to stay sharp everyday, there's a new puzzle, a new opportunity, found yourself from play and now at the mini crossword, squeeze in a game in just a couple minutes each mini puzzle, stimulating quick, more important fun play by yourself or challenge your friends, then post your best times to share the satisfaction that comes from sobbing with a of downtime discover word play everyday, it's
I'm well spent I'm actually going somewhere this weekend. Amateur, maybe in the car messed around the crossword up and what is the problem once I go down that sink cocoa. I get super competitor iraqi forget compared right. I don't do as well. I'm study on its great download the narrative. Crossword app right now at an Why times dotcom slash many we are going to get to friend Wesley here is on my former GRAIL teammate Pulitzer Prize winner now the near time, was embarrassed. The asker nominations came out this. I was under the impression for the last two months later. Far as borne who is going to be the favor that was gonna be leaving on these categories had a chance for a sweep and now The nominees for the betting odds- and it is not the favourite for
any category what happened to a stars born, I dont know I have no idea, I feel like it. It's a total mystery to me. I do. I feel like it's one of those things where it might have come out to early. Oh, I mean that's where we are now where the attention span for these things is just so tiny that window and I think I don't know it's just so I'm just thinking about this. It's just so strange. Hiding one thing that didn't help was it fits the green book kind of came along and it spoke to people in this totally perverse way in seems to be about something that existed. People in general. Could feel better about then this woman to coming up a recording star in this other guy dying, so she could become that recording. Sorry, just I mean it. If you think about it, it really is kind of a Grimm movie.
Bradley Coopers, not pretending that that it's that it did it happy of here's. The thing, though, with what you said about how maybe it came out too early- it's not like the wife, has a ton of time it's not like I'm restaurants of people being my hey man, which think of the wave. Nobody's even seen that movie and Roma. I know people love it. I also know some people who tried to watch it couldn't finish it. I know- people who have watched it while they did other things itself, those movies have captured America's imagination. It almost seems like people, people didn't wanna stars born to kind of the movie, so they just started looking for other things that could kind of Philip spot. So when you get the credit identity with the golden globes going there Read me was like. I think the golden gloves are ridiculous, I dont hated him seriously, but I very large. Well, but I thought of it.
Movie was tailor made for the golden globes, it would have been a star is born. That's like everything is they want. They want celebrities in big high profile, things and successful Please get rewarded more their end and then, when it got stuck there. I I why this is this is: where does anybody have to do with Bradley Cooper being an actor who directed it and people kind but like rubbing looking down on their noses at that I I am inclined to always be cynical about who went across the globe and the idea the bohemian rhapsody was the boys, the movie, that one can we're not talking about any about like a serious point, Werner at that point, we're talking about a very, very bad music movie, beating a a good one right who is with us. Yet with the with the beating a good one that actually had more star power, not to mention the director of the very bad movie get fired three weeks ago and was a you know. The idea had the most bad buzz,
I am probably of just about aid, but in Hollywood and then some of it came out this week. All of it was shocking to me because I'm with you, I with my family, a baby rhapsody I There was totally where millions of people do morality. I sleep get it. I get it, but it's not good movie, no Can I get my people lighted, its entertaining it's fun to have on its funding. Draw me MIKE as Freddy Mercury, but I mean a it. It took not a factual liberties that beyond the normal course of factual liberties. You and it wasn't a good boy. Did you even even Rami ballot was good. I was impressed that he was able to successfully. Do you see now alias anything with it with those choppers I mean they saddled with the biggest Ceta choppers that ever seen in my life. It's I could. They had told us things down
figure to bend everything factually the movie anyway. Could you make his teeth a little more manageable? I guess I mean I don't even know where to start with all the things I dislike so intensely about that, but I just really It really makes me angry and you know what the other interesting thing is. If you, every pupil ever seen, forty mercury do and meeting. And then you watch the movie? You really don't even want to know the Friday Mercury story if you're not gonna, tell it with any sort of remotely interesting centre Roma or character development I mean it is it is it is. It is a bunch of a plot point in search of it meant a sort of become a ladder to getting. Why they basically right, would send. They then bent the truth on my way to it's really amazing other stuff. Did we wrote about the ringer lots of people written about it, but we would
you say you used to people banning the facts in this was like they basically changed. Really basic things that happened. There's a let's do this instead, but the problem for somebody like my son, who love the movie, who watched it five times, who is fast by queen who watches live aid on Youtube this really enjoys their songs. Now he thinks that the Friday workers story so our guy, that's irresponsible, or now I don't know, but I have an eleven year old son now who thinks that's exactly what happened with Frederick his life and well. You know, that's great to be fair to how bad the movie you. It is actually so
bad, but you really don't learn anything about her. You know anymore, you see I e learning bite of legs women, but that really for about three years right I mean you, don't really learn anything about any, and so I actually think I'm fine with Europe with wept with your son having this version on quota, forty mercury B is pretty mercury, because basically that means the songs are so good. Why not being the story anyway, robot that, but that's the great thing about that movie and why we actually defend it. It it people who either didn't know thou much about queen or people who like queen years ago and forget about them are never thought about them, a kind of revive their music and how good it was carried out and how original. He was like. I still feel I keys top four or five all time for people you on. As your lead singer of abandoned and eighty thousand see stadium
so that, and I think that parts cool- and I think it's cool- that the live. A concert in you know it was fun, it was funding us in the theater was like watching what has grown up. What was that beetles rip off, Then they had Beatlemania area it was kind of like Beatlemania. I was just like a if you like queen here's a movie of some queen sucks and it's that could be very good, but people wanted it they liked it. Anyway I gotta try to be as the movies that one thing alone can it be that the way to be nickel about it or it like a version of it. Like I just think about the movie. They didn't even have a director right. It is in the director than it did is now we now can actually confirm because it it's been printed yeah. You know really disgusting.
Sex life, your horrible horrible stuff- and I just I don't know- I think that this is going to be very interesting benefit Europe only because there is no clear front runner at this point, although technically, based on what wind up happening within our bidding, the green book is basically made it a third of the back door front. Runner thing that you could have set about about about a star is born. Is it it? Oh, it rarely Cooper Benda Directive, even if he had been made about direct or you can tell the story that, like the stars Borg, it's still win. You know the top toward the top.
Three or four Oscars right yeah, but you can't even do that because you have a better economic. I think he made an awesome point about how Queen Guenever director, for the last three weeks of the shoot and basically more than that, as there were other days when he d brand synergies, disappeared, be like if the warriors one the title without a coaching staff that right bridge, which they wouldn't be able to do and Bohemia Rhapsody wins the garden glove and doesn't even have a director for, like thirty five percent, the movie, which is fine, the garden jobs are ridiculous. I dont really care anybody who gets upset about the gun and gloves, there's something out there, but now it's nominated for best picture and then it's like right what the fuck is going on in the nominated for best picture. Are you kidding me Louis Brazil? Here's the thing about the golden glowed about like they! Actually, we don't want to believe they matter.
They obviously the others I need to if there's no way against dominated, if it doesn't win the golden and for best picture, it does economic aid for the asker. I dont think it ain't. It certainly no a proven this debate on the expanded the categories eight nine years ago. This is the worst movie. That's ever been nominated for best picture, that can't be worse moment their care. Let me think about that. You mean a new system, you mean, I think me. The ever. I think I'd want to go through all the movies ever disciples hours years pick Shalmaneser nobody's ever gonna be crash. Nobody I mean what I mean
became. Rhapsody really is quite quiet, quiet quite bad, but it doesn't status by that is the rule of law and for the people who made the crash does right way. If I see Brendan Frazier on the street, I have so many nice things to say about him, but I am also going to be like you were crash. I can I can I gently pushed can, of course crash healthier racism in America without There's before crashed after crash habited clarity came out. I think everything I better. I think we are getting ready to their deadly no Obama. If there's crash crash, led led to lead a library, eight years of yes, we can, we saw a crash. We saw they'll saving her hurried, founded, they re not correct when he saved her that opened the door for the Obama presidency. People I'd doesn't get the credit for that, but
in Rhapsody, as picture nominee. Is it just flabbergasted without the other thing, that's funny, as if you tell people that it's a bad move, They get mad at you like My kids were like what are you talking about Bohemie rhapsodies great, unlike our I it's entertain. But it's not a good movie there like why? Why he's such a snub. Why it is about- and I make its I've watch movies behold over. It's not a good movie stop so anyway, that's out a great movie. I get, I get people leg, Freddy Mercury and its really more tribute to him and is in the stern inheriting. That's the defensiveness about the movie two way. If you did, you say something bad about what you mean: rhapsody you actually dancing on Friday, mercury and- and I think the movie you dancing already Mercury grieved for, I think we're good they're right. Well now, it's like just make them terrible, Michael Jackson, movie that that'll get not move for best answer to just have
somebody put the put the Jericho how do I do it every need to do here, and see jihad. Moon walk in regard to go and just like everything and you know but blow out the Hepsey explosion make that seem like his life was in danger like goods. Let's go, let's make it bill. I've got some bad news for you, yeah doubt about our about our friend M J yeah, as they try to ease about to go down the age Ba back yeah. It's here I mean in its second, we have seen it. It is it's a convincing yeah separate it's it's convincing fire, the venom fair stuff years ago was also convincing. People. Remember, wanted, wandering unwarlike clearing the two kids to deplete the two men now talk about their experience and anyway, I I doubt we're gonna get a Michael Jackson Movie now. Well, listen if the brain singer can get fired from a movie
three weeks before the end of the shoe and it gets dominated anyway. As other should forget, you are, I believe, anything green book. I think poster should say catnip. Seven year old, white men would you think I would support that. I would get we support that I have to be honest with you. I think everybody who sees this movie of a certain both the ball but about a third generation and a certain willingness to just to spend all scepticism yeah this movie is this movie will work for them and I have now seen this movie three times twice with paying audiences and the clapping and laughing and cheering at this move
is just it really is. It makes me so jealous because I really wish I could not. I wish I could work which it could be, what these people are feeling, but I know too much and have too many feelings and had been at this movie too many previous time for the ever really work on me. The way that it works on people for whom it works. Well, right now it is plus three seventy five to invest picture after the wanted, I mean. So that means it's it as the second best ads My is basically even if you bet a hundred hours into if you bet a hundred ten dollars in a wind you in a hundred back push original bet. Ro Green is forty one and then stars born is plus four fifty, so that space, You bet a hundred hours you win for fifty, if that, once everything some ten one or worse after the page, it on Sunday, my uncle Bob came every for birthday with my uncle dynamite dead, so Uncle Bob Uncle Bob is the best
Uncle Bob, seventy, my dad seventy one of Sudan's in his early sixties and they watch green book with my wife. As I was recording my part, ass with so and a common and there really into it, want to talk, and it finishes there That was great, that was great, is I can win best picture and I think, actually pro, knock, is there's this whole in others. Problem where minority I hate the movie at that and there like what why, like they just they didn't understand it and I think it's its zeal use them. We, the one who created this the magical negro, was
They went about Russian. I mean I've written about it, yeah yeah yeah. You wrote a big grantline piece about it, but I can't remember what movie was it was, for I mean the classical logical negroes is Michael. I dont get it and green mile, but I dont know what it was actually attached to. I mean, but it takes a long long, troop of of just. Exceptional black people who are like literally magical black people. It's been repealed, remember there were legit and beggar advances. Another classic. Yes, yes, TAT is another classical I just made a magical. Wordsmith he'd be better guff through the carrion risk. Were the teach him about himself to yet. It does seem like a recurring theme. Azured well anyway,
What was your biggest problem through a Vienna Google, but I mean I have before even talk about my problems with the movie. I want to talk about wake the idea, but what people like about it? I think that you know how important the note- and this does not come up to often when people talk about other issues with his movie It is worth talking about the fact that it may, by Peter fairly and Peter fairly knows how to make a movie a and B. He knows how to make comedy and at the end of the day, this movie is is basically it's basically a fairly brothers movie with you, no civil rights era, seasoning yeah, and that all of the beat of a movie bitter I mean, I think the ending of the movie is perfect. I think the last line that bit sediment,
be any shot shot perfect. I think there are two themes or two too little to editing. Bits of movie will not make progress, editing, which I think it is the weird way do there is there to better just very funny. Guy and one of them above the car were birthing to pick something up. There was thrown out of it and the other is to. I came up with the other cut it there's another really funny cut it constructed to be of a wagon road company and its constructed the author of moral grab. It
two things are laughing at. Are there some? There were more than there more than funny and there's a kind of human residents. The developing between these two men and if its developing between these two men is developing between these two characters in the eye, and I think people love watching loud italian people in a way that they love watching Kevin heart in in other movies like doing loud black person. Dig people love a vulgar italian and in this case that I've been action, the sopranos, and it's just much fun, to have all those people back in my life and AIDS, really not that the summer. Anyone Cuba now and I think the edges
the thing is, it is satisfying or so confident in their such parts of our movie, going like yeah bit, Ito really, all bigger more and it is doing- is vulgar italian in playing heart you could have. If you didn't were birth rate, is in this movie, and you just made in you, I mean you know it is driving Miss daisy. It is basically big, be pretty much the same movies driver with Daily right down to the fried chicken feed, and I think that it is the sum of the Emma be perverse pleasure of a film. Is the movie thinks it's progressive in some way because it found this reversal of of not clash of not the castle? because the caste system remains in place, though even bigger, more internet, Dr Hirsch, La Leave Character Don, surely through the deep tab is because the caste system won't rent Bobo,
I don T really that basically dried himself because he be killed before even got the first stop and though bigger more intensive work has both a bodyguard and a chauffeur and a personal assistant, and the comedy is supposed to come from the reversal of the class dynamic, yonder waste, dynamic, pray leg. You know, DR him, his daisies Morgan, Freeman driving Jessica panty now does the capacity is mahars wildly and Morgan Freeman is bigger. Mortensen inveigle Mortensen is basically playing like ogre negro. You know this sort of like big mouth loud I mean, if I'm not any fully in a town. In diet, but under the circumstances, but we're supposed to be seeing when we see bigger more intensive, like nasty, you know, Thou Mount Battalion Guy, the negro, and that is the common either fried chicken sequence in which legal more into the character. Basically
I believe that my Herschel, how we use character, has never had fried chicken and doesn't apparently not eat, fried chicken and its leg with appalling about that. We could do simultaneously obvious in some ways, but it also is very complicated thing. We're supposed to be laughing at or the thing were laughing at is, is you know, avis, blacker than know anything about by chicken, but the complicated parties? He is supposed to be a black person who can be more than a black pursue likes fried chicken, but the movie Do what it thinks he's funny is the fact that both black guy is so strange from his blackness city at an had fried chicken. Nowhere, I that's pretty funny, but Spike Lee was the who created the term magical, Nigger or popular as that I should send two thousand one cuz. He was doing college.
Out camps, as is right after the green man, the legend, a beggar net vats and yet how he had selfish reasons for because We miss Daisy, do the right thing by eighteen. Eighty, nine, that all thing, sir, I M, but here's the thing about the green book. Our dream is it's the green book it green about green. Oh no article can I call the green I think it's funny. Here's the thing about the green book to get movie. I get why people have problems with it, but in the moment, if I'm just saying all right, I'm turning a movie I am going into this world. I want to see good at. There's tell me a story. I want to feel some attachment. I want to see characters. Change like it does hit on the beats. What gets more complicated as the stuff like what you did, talked about its leads. One means movies where in the moment it's like, I asked get you're, then you're thinking about it after nearly man, wait a second
fuck yourself out of it within an hour, while the problem with it with the with the. Why did you put it like a cat. Somebody changes like a character changes yet We could classic like there, the rain man troop of Tom Cruise There is a nurse who says, but his artistic brother taught him how to care about other people and be a good bread weight, but in this case between man is gone, surely Ali Character yet, and Tom Cruise bigger Morton had great yeah lake and it requires, I mean the most depressed The thing about this movie is that it really does work until you all day we're watching and hopes that works. Yet you are able to watch it as a movie and not think about all of the problem that it did not prevent problem. The biggest problem for me is, it spent fifteen minutes establishing water waste, his wife, this guy right yeah
the parameter in his house and when he waked up from having a profit made at work. He wakes up to play the men in his family and his extended family being over his apartment to protect his wife because do black repair men are in the kitchen with her and they make these jokes about me. You know these to attack the coal doing whenever they come. They come to the house, the fifth and she gave them a glass of water and he sees that they be bad. You know drunk from class of the water, and he d when, given that in the living room goes in the kitchen and put the two glasses in the trash can and do spend fifteen minutes watching. World unfold and then you know you know you know where this guy is coming from before each don. Surely, but you never have a moment were dawn. Surely a good like truly,
experiences the racism. Tony lip is very much a part of it about me why that's final shot a final, frequent heartbreaking. You had this guy. Who is utterly alone as bit. Indian Dalai rape is indian, basically assistance. Many! I don't know what we know, what we call him com a ballot and he gets back from the trip- sends back our home for Christmas and sitting there. Thinking about, we can spend his Christmas with and he did not pay killed. His indian assisted the go like spending spend Christmas with him. It's such a weird showing of the thing at the movie is Ballarat and you should go spend Christmas with it reaches family. It's just. But
you really like the stars by I liked it I'll stay here. Don't be a don't, you don't get to our too artsy in here I'm not gonna, be Archie for reminding you that ideally sour, get me better. Seven minutes at a movie this whole year, then her go into the first concern Cooper, bringing around stage it's fuckin gold, great seven minutes right movie moment about Ukraine is filled with really good movie moments, and the entirety of the movie. I definitely think the first hours, probably in the second hour, but I don't know it's it's an entire, the ball movie like there's. You can see, like certain scenes and faces and moment and send its everything I want from a movie. If I'm going to the theatre from gonna theater, I d better, keep my attention for two hours. Yet any
and I asked a few major stars in star roles being stars, which I love. As you know, I I really do like this movie a lot. I think the staff in the first hour is, I have to say I just really didn't. I wasn't in love with any of the it she had never become famous. I would have been ok wait. If what we did with watch. This woman tried a liberal, liver basic life. You don't want to which she goes. You know or gave friends with her performances drag bar yeah. I think I would have been really happy busily watching some version of Moonstruck set in a different city in a different italian She had the one moment I knew too, but then it never they turned into anything that we just got over moment. Why, right? I just
I feel like this way. Also, the movie is trying to say something bigger about pop stardom and Nobody can have an honest musical moment and its events gonna turn into this, and I think some people misunderstood that because I feel it s. An l scene was intentionally bad. I think Then maybe, then, maybe I've completely miss than this movie, but I felt like its work, has it that at that point of a scene, but it's a really important seem because that's what happens when you go it s about you become this. You know you be you become skewed version of whatever guy there in the first, by cisely light ahead that smart at unaware kill himself. Sorry spoiler that view insofar as pointed out by can you can you? Can you can give added tat? Your car fleet sir. Your motorcycle skater.
I don't I don't get the hang yourself in the garage. I agree. I you know I really awake every person in this movie. I think I think it created the Bradley Cooper didn't get a better accommodation. I too, am I'm still scratch my head about that when I think that it is the most, it is one of the most convincing directing job by an actor. I think I've I've seen I agree, and I just think that a kind of real balance of muscular parity and and and gentleness, but the thing that really drives me nuts about this movie, is the sequence where they get the Dave Chapels House near, and I just that just made me a little bit uncomfortable because I don't know
I feel, like I mean he's, not quite a magical negro, but there's mechanical meagre owners to that passage of the movie were like these people are facilitating this sort of shot, gun, wedding or where to fund shock and wedding. But like this impromptu marriage I feel like that is not my favorite being in you know, I am, I am believe it or not capable of working passes, sometimes with a movie ably like, but I just couldn't figure out wig what what pray? beyond this movie was placing, unlike what kind of music but Dave Chapelle Character, with into did what the relationship between Rally Coopers musician and the other black the black musician, I have members at this point I can handle. It almost fell a guy at the last minute chapels figure out. He could do movie, and then they threw something together say
with an asset, and I will be somewhere in the sad nobody care that'll be fine I should like them in the movie. I just didn't really fully understood why he was there yeah. I just didn't quite that didn't. I was not convinced by that, and I think that if we had any inkling that Bradley Cooper that did that this character did Jackson Maine at add other friend and friend, is apparently deepen as good as as this guy is, is with him. I think it would have gotten a lot of. I would have gotten a lot farther. My credit. The credibility of that sequence would have been a lot stronger for me, I want a deep dive. I wanna deep dive. These movies cause. We a few weeks. I want you to come back as their sisters above I want to talk about the best actor Bess actors outlets. Did the last thing I want to leave you with their spike. Finally gets dominated yeah,
Like his best movie five one fight like five that movie text its deafening that top three o ill. This does not even I mean this is me speaking. I am I mean spike. Maybe if you were to ask The other week Wesley who's, your paper director and unlike honourably. Now, why do you like the thing and I'm gonna Spike Lee is doubly the person who is lake at the top of my of my of my little, you know family and reviewed clipboard right where he's he's he's on the board
and this move. This man has done more for me and my sense of seeing a kinder of of of life on screen that nobody else has ever tried to show before to do it with as much risk and ambition of he's done. Yet this is not even close to one of my favorites, okay, ok good, I was I was. I was just trying to be nice. I don't have it in there. I thought I tweeted is actually earlier in the week at that there were three times: seed absolutely should have been nominated and was it so do the right thing Malcolm X. You know how I feel about twenty there, yes and if you go back and look at the nominees in the films that year forward every in twenty four hours just got just got kicked aside.
Reasons that remain unclear and amazing movie, I actually think that's one of one of my red movies of this century, just firm. From a quality acting directing what it meant when it came out all that stuff and didn't get anything at Norton didn't get nominated for it. Nope so Oh I don't! Those are the three biggest robberies for me. Why do you have another robbery inside Man Where you reside in two thousand and five. Oh, and I wasn't even a good movie here- get out and ships wait what I'm sorry, what oh fibre six one of those whose back stood six seconds. The crash, Brokeback Mountaineer, you don't think of it inside man- is good news. Do you think it's good? I was. It wasn't a good movie here. Oh no, not a great movie here, I've inside man, s clock or is my favorite spangling? If you do the right thing,
earth inside man. Let's save this clause will do what you would do tat five spike with with fantasy for his for the big clarified, rate when or how big it? I don't think you should have to feel bad about, not loving, maybe I'm not sure I don't know- I mean I think, there's something about the K K k they just do is like the idea, but spike leave me remain unmoved by the king gave it just like it's too irresistible yeah, and you know it's not. The movie doesn't work, it's just that it doesn't. As well as it could have, and I think the ending of terrible. I had a real problem with the less ten minutes, I was really would footage. I dont, like he does that general when it when he leaves in the real life at the end of the movie, I just want Such a move in TAT town, well you're, trying to say through the movie.
But ass. I didn't like the actual ending before, though, before though I do not like I just didn't, like I thought, the last ten minutes it really kind of fell apart, but the other stuff enjoy it so much? I added mind it, but you know it is what it It was good and he got really good. Performance is at a really everybody but Adam Drive. Went to a level that movie that I I gotta be I didn't know he had it, I'm the guy. I do feel occasion, Leslie demand potentially now and I fellow feel for the movie I think Adam drivers good. I think there's something when the movie is a comedy: the movie works when the movie a drama or an action movie or a love story? It does not work that there is. This really does a great sequence and the beginning of the movie or like toward the beginning when he goes to that when we ran forward goes to that the threat of black power student meeting.
Quantity to re is this a rally would permit raise giving speed. Yeah and Korea, what is that actress? Name Corey Hockey, want me to re a car Michael. He give this speech, and I d like that frequent to spend tactic the editing and that frequent to spend ass thick, there's something of bark rave about the ways bike. Lee brings that speech to life. That's that's evocative. Yeah, I think, is what it is it only once the plot takes over the movie and the machinations of the clan start, the sort of over the second half of the movie. I just think it gonna get away from itself and the comedy the comedy just get two: if you feel like you're, watching an episode of something that was on Phoebe s and like making eighty three weeks ago, my last question the I really like this.
But why has in that has three actress nominations between the best than the supporting, which is almost unheard of. That does not happen very often, yet it doesn't seem now best picture momentum. I thought it was excellent. Do you see any chance? It gets a little momentum over the next four weeks. Now Ok, I mean like movie, but now so what if you had to guess now, cuz. We can talk about drama, you think Romo wins from his favorite Romo got the most interesting diversity of nominations. I would say like that would really happy that the woman who is the actress who plays the mother in that movie, is all
I'm an idiot. I just think that she she's is behave very, very good and I think that it just like between Marina did the bureau. Being I mean if about supporting, actress and ghastly, the operational Galva, I forget, leaps Aparicio be nominated for best actress. Disappointing outcome does address. I think those germ nation, through the give this movie a momentum that it did it would otherwise have. But for all, people that you know who's who watch this and didn't feel anything. I know, probably as many people who thought this was boring and upgraded, listen after water could win. I believe anything I leave you with this. The reactor was packing. Say you ve been on Tuesdays movie
Chris Ryan and I we in a week, like to do that, we watch was for the people and do and but every once in a while, we do one for us just mean him, so we did proof of life. I our crystals about history. I dont know how you feel about it. I am I mean him are like in in the front seat. I write, for this movie, like nothing other than Miami Vice for movies that nobody talks about. So we make a really we try make a really compelling case that this movie needs to be revisited a very big way. Well, you know how I feel about migration, an wrongful crowds though- and I am obviously you mean my dream- come true. It's Listen, there's a twenty minute, Russell Crow conversation in this reaction. That's coming! I can't believe it. If You ever were sitting around gone out here today to talk about Russell Crow for twenty salad minutes. You ve come to the report.
Ok, I have a friend my friend, Brian basically fell out of his chair and almost died about the godfather. Gonna fall out of my chair die about about proof, life brothel crow conversely, I really think we reinvented the history, this movie eminent rudely relation to see what happens to maybe might get a retroactive academy word Winona. No, it's gonna happen Caruso, There's another fifteen minutes about Carissa, so just be Caruso. Is it's what I must amazing formats? in the history of cinema. It really is it's it's out of control so anyway. That's comrade whether it I will I'll. I demand the. Mind, so we can talk about best actor best actress now that stuff before I before them fabric, and then we get it took five speckly movies as well, so we are less coming. I thank you. My friend go Roma.
Say it. I think so much do Shea Serrano Jason Gay Wesley Morris thanks the zip good as it could accomplish bs thanks to near times crossword. We have two minutes by the New York Times many crossword, it's a fun way to stay sharp when you not busy. This It is factually savings. Endless there's where play every day, taking a break with the many a time well spent download the near transgressor it up at near times that come slash. Many we're We're not doing the the South Pakistan sudden Anna probably have something else. On Monday, sound agony, going super props for propaganda that mid weak on this, Parker Sophie. Looking for the Sunday night, Puss football pod we're not doing cause, there's no football, I'm sorry! but we will have a giant superbowl props, that's coming along, with a whole bunch other governments at that we have to start yourself until then Joe the weekend.
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