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JackO on 'Mike and the Mad Dog,' and Shea Serrano on the Best Worst Movie Dunks (Ep. 239)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on old buddy JackO to discuss Aaron Judge's slump after the home run derby (7:00), the Yankees' trade for Todd Frazier (12:00), the scariest hitters in the Yankees–Red Sox rivalry (26:30), and the genius behind 'Mike and the Mad Dog' (34:00). Then, The Ringer's Shea Serrano joins to break down the Best Worst Movie Dunks of all time (49:00) and explain what's going on with the Spurs (1:03:00).

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Today's episode of the bill, Simmons Podcast, is brought to you by Seiki or presenting sponsor the easiest way to shop for the best tickets, thanks to their revolutionary grading Jack are using. Seek. Please tell me, you are absolutely absolutely my favorite ticket by experience. My listeners get ten hours off baseball tickets, the first time they use Did you just Watson, the Yankee Stadium Europe uses while Dreamliner Jacko? Where can we put you not work like most people? Don't have that luxury, so Can Europe Promo code Bs Emma, be any attend hours off down the CD get today or go right to seek backup were also brought to you by? Joe houses. New package has house of Carbs Jacko you ve known house since September nineteen. Eighty
maybe even August Canadian, arduous of area. We didn't even know what a podcast was back then, but we knew that this house was destined to talk about food to complete strangers. Correct, have to look away. He found his colleague without a question. What is your favorite eating experience with Johannes? Do you have? I remember going ahead, Vegas I've ever gratitude for your bachelor party or his bachelor party, and we went out to breakfast in the casino. Wherever we were staying at the ballade, your whatever, and he ordered something, and then the waiter wagers went to move on and he's like unarmed, not done any word like two more things like three separate entrees. I think it was like, obviously red woken ablaze or any kind of covered. The breakfast lunch like his own little broad, show you in the chair. We wanted eggs or like a sandwich and decided just to get both right. Yeah as well, is like a cheeseburger, so that was pretty funny, that's as exemplary, who should be hosting package that eating it
It has to carbs issued their wages, guys wages thought he was ordering for the whole table and she turned away relate to think it. We'd like something to this week has David Chang MIKE Lombardy and myself talking about diners, I told the story about Mr Jeez Diner, ginger footwear, yet again retorted the authentic experience about dinars and had rosy owned by one person or family, and I was like my favorite diner referred to as Mr Gee, which fifty g special saw us and we know we said that joke about how he made this best ass. If we really want to know they re who do, I think what it was actually was called met? There was the Missus Jewkes special than when it came to you said it looks more like it was made by Mr
That's it. That's just talked about that in our social partners. When I went to the hour you didn't, we went out for breakfast and I told all the guys from, but I was hanging out with a three and we really breakfast about MR and MRS De from the drugs issue Yet this is the story right, a heart largest ever laughed at my life when they brought that we all look to our hung over so loudly about saying- and I was carved up along- doesn't canisters it has of carbon inspires. You can listen to their package subscribe. Where we get your Pakistan, we shouldn't. And talk the threatens. Our new twitter show, which comes on immediately after game of thrones ends on age. Be I've, do is, go to Twitter, go to add, Ringer are twitter feed or you can just type in the game of thrones, hashtag and it'll be pinned at the top. Chris ran into Grimaud Mallory Reuben Jason Concepcion. All talking about the greatest show ontology right now I really breaking down like milk, Hyper Junior Charles Barkley Name, your studio, analyse Jacko.
And I'm game threats that way. I'm not we tried to get me in a few years ago. Never got it, but I never got and now I feel like so left out, because you know I go on twitter in the end, you know how many people I follow. Forty or fifty or whatever, and every other tweet for like Sunday was it was all game of thrones and let you know you might as well tweeting in sanskrit. Two may I go to understand any of these things. So at this point, is such a daunting task than our get in on the ground level and re watch. However, many citizens, it is yeah- well, maybe the winter, maybe the winter, when we're like stowed in cold out I'll get my wife and we can do no good at game a throne, but I can I do for you I see so my dad Baghdad sixty episodes in two weeks, but he's retired exactly gothic a leave of absence from work to catch up. Did if they have a surgery it just go to for two weeks.
Later. She strata coming up right now, Jakob First programme. That was the idea, the soothing sands of Jack O. You heard his pack ass, my buddy, my old college remain lifelong Anti fan, Lifeline Republican, we're inside Yankees. First I haven't you came on like about I don't know like four five weeks ago and then errand judge went to like for their lead. As culminating in his homeland derby to our orgasm would send sent his career in a tale Spencer. At first say we should not talk about that appear at first sight,
among the members statute, clean air judges get as they had looked back segment. Labour is back. That's I judged him for the moment. Everything is really Lastly, where he's really cares a guy, though, like eight would start here. Their cheaters retiring and all the Yankee fans urges almost cat. I didn't have their here anymore, that aren't they their whole round has collapsed, and then judge emerges from the ashes sees a six seven version of their gender. He actually kind of looks like he could be: dare jitters giant son, it's the law, summers we ve seen since the hay day of Sosa Maguire, who were either obviously loaded up on all kinds of performers and answers is sat right. He seems like a great guy. Everyone talks about with great person is which always
makes me suspicious whenever that happened in sports. But in this case it really does seem like he's a nice guy. This is like out of central casting. Is this? Is this the most important person in your life other than your two kids? My wife is AIDS. These are very definitely is I mean if you could be anybody's ages and sports. He could make an awesome case for judge, because he's in peace in New York City obviously is in New York Yankees. It totally marketable team he's got this name, judge that plays in with this hall. All these people in and judicial robes
judicial, wigs and the gavel in the whole. Nine yards and the judges, chambers and all rise leg is this gigantic. Guy the biggest position player in the history baseball he wears number. Ninety nine catlike wild thing from a major league is gonna hurt. You know number is invalid super down to earth. He won't like bang his chest and and praise himself, even if he has a multiple hormone. There are multiple hid. Their does an amazing thing, he's always like tat but the where the starting pitcher, somebody who made a good defensive play. I mean he is the total package. Now I think he was raised right into his parents were teachers they emphasise doing his homework first and everything- and we do seem to be like this miracle kid that came out of, it's like the natural, like, I hope, in a brass, give weak fields in these displaced be from California. Actually, I know is not for the Basque about it are the natural where this guy came out of nowhere and and the kids, just like Sidney put the team on his back and Sydney organ fire. It's incredible. I saw
interview with his father, Victor Coffee and Let me say how bastard hey, listen to any time somebody can hit more where's that their first major league season than they did in their entire matter. They career our shared underlining of it. They re just got up from the miners. They tests like every frigid day in the mind. Come on nine August, whatever the ways to eighty six at pickin giant, I'm just bitter. Just better. I how this happened. It makes me so angry. I was so happy to live in a world where the He had no hero. His whole generation of Yankee fans was going to grow up without any one idolized that there to be talk to themselves in Lake Didi Gregorius, not yet- is there, but this is got a central casting, I mean I don't want to jump the gun. Actually I do cause it. If I say J, my driver, God bless myself, but if, if this guy,
the way it's going. I think gonna, be in the running for, like the all time, most popular yankee me. What's more phenomena slugger who can come up in at any point in the game, had a five hundred foot homer. That's like the number one aspect for what you'd want from a baseball star. I really like you now is Ruffians ITALY's home run that much is to be had from runs buddy, it's, maybe it's the places where nobody's ever hit them before. So it's really like it's like a Hollywood movie, it's it's crazy at its total! That's what people like about baseball you wanna see mood shot home runs, so he's got a total package. You know the guy comes up and he's a great pitcher, like you know, doc, good
way back when the aim is for the massacre of cod, the fire of New York, but different with a pitcher? And yet I was hard strikes. A lot of guys but runs, are like the little baseball is all about for the hit these shots, that it I'll break, tvs and luxury Swedes and any now hit places and in Marlon Stadium were NASA said. Balls were never spoke to go. It's just absolutely incredible. Let me the kids get the aid of the whole world, the head of a really, if there's no limit to what he can be or what he can do for the egg is with. If somebody said, Anne Judge is gonna tear his bicep. Unless you eat a played, a cat poop. Would you eat the capping, but a good blog consideration can negotiate the terms of the poop yeah. Maybe when the cat eight beforehand How can you help me but I'd I'd contemplated, I gonna say just as Red Sox, vantages hates this more than anything
ever since you know. I'd start watch a baseball after I am an as sarcasm envy embryo, but they best buy in gets through the draft. Freer and seeing right around like end of June minor in the Red Sox, but I'm not watching I've been watching a ton of baseball since, since we turn the counter to Joy- and I found myself like call on the Un Directv. It's like that. In essence, six twenty eight they ve. Yes, networks like six thirty one- and this is the First time I can ever remember doing this. I found myself like kind of flicking over the Yankee in the sea of judges coming up right? Unheard of I hate the Yankees. Say I really like it must watch tv like, for you know, Yankees game is boring and they ve been awful for the past month and, unlike while judges up next thing, let me just
graduates judge Hitler yank. If you know what he's capable of or what he could do- and you want to be able to see it at my daughter was eleven- is like head over heels and love of em these are a lot of ten years from now. You should work that lately I now ask you to answer my father in law. Yeah, like jittered and get married till he was forty three years. My daughter will be twenty six, unlike that could actually work Devon, most emotional ready toss. You could give his father- oh my god, my to repent of decided, join forces yeah. I remember when, when the red Sox got meaning and issues which is never an hitter like him before in the first year of two thousand I remember legists every no, no matter what was going on, I will mean is coming up in three at bats, remains remain, is coming it even when you went to the game, nobody went to the bathroom man, he was up or raise, or forty two
You know was on the Red Sox longer and I think is more popular. I dont. He never got to the level for me where it was like. Oh my god or teases up, you know cause they even had homers they weren't like these majestic bombs. But did this planet smack your mind? You knew it was gonna tainted. Now I don't know anything really. I return by gradually routinely rates. It is yours. Had that little question mark and about now, will you fully bracelet? or a joke, storms, our guilt couple, on the other three team I made a had a little. I had some questions yet goings here, but I but man, you have some vanity? Might that that? Even if it's like you down the two minutes. I am disguise covenant next, any emanistic around. That's that's exactly that's the best! This Yankee team in June,
oil is really again. I don't know if it's great, but it's it's in the max. I think I watched a bunch of Yankees red Sox. Over the weekend and the Big Hall as the bullpen and then you, then you re out and you gotta corroborated layer, review pronounces manner. So that should help and had really been retired quivered, who was the bane of my existence, so the fact that a global high without tired last night, I would better like some old Anna. There was
rumours of this trade and whatever and night out like I'm curious, were prospect book about, but I can stay awake. I went to bed I got up today. I saw had like you know twenty plus notifications on twitter, and am I go my god? What did they do? I looked at it said the teller Clifford was God and I had gone on some Epic Tyler clipper grants lately. Why now like giving up a mood, shot home, runs and three now hit giving up play with opposing battered, really like three: seventy five against them and I couldn't take anymore Tyler Clipboard so swiftly like. I guess that's what it was like Christmas morning, like whatever else happens at the trade somebody actually wanted. Tyler clipper like that at some unheard of so that win win win regardless of what our flew. What else happens with Robert sinner Frazier calmly, so I I am. I would look at the other. I think during this trade, the Yankees relax. I will do this, but you have to take tat clipboard. Don't they duets acts through their k? Korea has any chance we get.
Either Cooper, the guy who's begin right. Five weeks I haven't should get the executive of the year just for just for including Clipperton mistaken. By the time. We now have a lot of personal history with a lot of dynamics with this trade, because you know that crazy, ale, keeper ligament we action were fighting with this other team to win the title. The shared seconds, all culminated we made a big trade last week were really gone for it, but we have to men and Matanzas around I'm out of here and there over worked in Baton, says yeah, you can, you can see it sank, it's really affected. In the last six weeks, control has been horrible, we gotta figure is tired, and I am always over workers is control, has been horrible and chat anytime and hasn't been great. Since he came back from the deal I wouldn't great before he went over the other, but you ve, not Chapman Asketh, that's worrisome and you blown eighteen.
If that were not Chapman, but at some course of eighteen differ games. Save was born so near the weights. Acts like a kindly like the third, our fourth weak in the air he had. He had like id pitched like aid innings net, like seventeen strike at psychoanalysts, crazy tat and I put in for him, and I put it on a phone and a free agent transaction for like a dollar, and then we grab this guy and somehow my phone screw and it didn't go through, and I am, and I get him next week and then he had leg nine strike ads in three innings or something the next week, and then somebody s pick them up for six bucks. So he's been haunting me, I've been watching the guy he's basically to strike out in any now. That's it strike out better fantastic in Robertson's, give tee scenario for relievers. You know the Red, Sox, ridge, Kelly got her Joe Kelly was lights out this year, but he just got her eye and then they had their sixth
many game against your Yankees on Saturday and then last night at the fifty in earnings I just feels like this pulpits get a crater. Unless to do something, I'm worried I felt the Yankees might becoming.
Well, you know all year I was so excited and, like I went to a family gathering, extended family gathering in New Jersey and at the weekend of of June tenth and were coming home on June Eleventh and the Yankees had one sixteen to three on Saturday in their winning fourteen the three on Sunday and an errand first placed by like four five gains. Unlike oh, my god, we were driving over the George Washington Bridge and unless in the game on the radio subjecting my family, that, if dulcet tones of John Sterling ensues involvement, and unlike the Yankees team, like my god, I'm lookin at Manhattan, as I drive over the bridge, unlikely egg is great and they went to the West coast than they completely fell apart and interest have had the roughest month and everything was like had done all cylinders, new specula Veronica back to earth a little by because nobody expected them to play at the level they were playing out. But I didn't expect this abject misery for, like literally five weeks now,
I think that time I can and twenty one, but I mean I don't wanna leave- is like a spark to turn things around. I still think the teams good cause like if you look at the run deferential, which obviously is flights that allow the ways, but you guys plus one or one, the only other team, it's over? A hundred in the American League is the Astor as or one six than the reds extremely plus sixty three. I don't know why. Record is in close games, but it does not like the Yankees re now as were taken. There are forty eight and forty four I would argue you your bullpen, you know if you had a diesel. And if he had the bullpen. You have right now for the
season, I think you'd be like eight to ten wins higher yeah. I mean during the course of this awful run. They had led them a lot of those games even out otherwise coastline. Things started to go bad, they may have leads, and then they inexplicably blew them. Yeah, and I mean you know: Botaniates Enchantment bullpen was supposed to be a strength and it has not been a strike so that this trade can only help by Think Robertson's done it before they are currently as it may. The extra got numbers and analyse were saying on Twitter today that this is trying to follow the royal model in two thousand fourteen of shortening the games and having amazing bullpen granddaughters might be little shaky, but if you're started only have to go five and you can run out Robertson calmly, but taxes and Chapman, hopefully if it goes according to plan it out that way, that's gonna work out more often than not you now, I'm happy whether mean that give up this kid brother
number three prospect, but he's an outfielder, so you got jojen, you got Frazier and you know there's not a lot of places for him to play and you got to give up something to get something. So I think overall, it was a good move, so we have Rutherford in my League of Dorks team. I've been monitoring closely, cuz were kind of dangling him for trades, and the big fear was that there, the National League, but his gaze really good, I mean now. Amid the weights acts have made these trades. Were there just cherry picking these top. Fifty barbaric guys they have just a shit, I think they have eight, incurring guy hundred I saw this morning. They had that market at the Red, Sox, Ganem, coping his throat like a hundred and four miles an hour, and then I had to get the guy from the curbs they got rather furred, they just their stockpiling. So for years from now, we have to worry about them, but dear what? Ah,
their judged and as you have like a partner crime is Sanchez like. Is it like a third degree red raw child that they are not really,
not really. I mean Santa's with, as he came off the AL he's been good to any kind of forget about. You know he was the he was there and judge of last year over a short period of time for the last two three months of the season, but he in that he didn't put up quite the numbers judged it, but he knew he had known runs very quickly and in a short period of time, so get out at Sanchez. Either you that wine appeal again, they brought a quid Frazier he's been really good, so he had to walk off. You got three homerun, but, as is averages, come and often people rave about his swing so yeah. You would like to think that in our judgment, Sanchez, or they Ruth Garriga they twenty first century burners rolling out, but he's been good but, like Sanchez, seems the power. I would disagree with. What this with Ronald to raise money will be no five foot whatever and feel that they have a stick is kind of like a twins. Deal were like. You know, our short, that your data to be no one's huge in one small and guide lived up to raise the high five judge and any Ankara's magazine they like Swine
jerseys, until seemed like their bodies, so I don't know like who is to be hangs out with on the team, but paid him to be buried beneath his arm. Finally, finally thought tat. We ve been waiting for for five years. I am unfastened teams. His motion just seem like at some points of the terrible is gonna so you study started or to it, but that used only another starter Ogata, absolutely I'm in the river Jordan, Montgomery his patient today.
Then you are he made an arena where the Ngos have been their best guys here the Marinos cut back to earth a little bit, but am but Tanaka has not been great to say the least and has given a palm runs at an amazing rate and in open eighty and before he got hurt, he was rollercoaster ride, so yeah they make at the end and tobacco. You know he was great and one on the owl and then he had one bad start. One good start, so you know he's a crapshoot because of his age and the miles on his arms. He never know we're gonna. Get me a desperately. Is another starter, but his enemy. Let the philosophy is that now they shorten the games with put the bull pan and all you need is five innings out of a guy, and maybe they figure make. That has now will you gonna score France, which is a problem? There is something very important, ah question here. Now there clipboard has gone who's. Your lease favour, Yankee, your question: who's gonna bear the brunt of your eleven o clock, p M two glasses,
I knew TAT S what she had Leastways a good candidate for scorn. I don't really data really dislike case had lain and I always feel bad about Tyler clipper from IRAN's against him, but he was so bad making like it. My kid there I am, I think, you're gonna- need they remain at the Edinburgh Compromise Twitter. What, if he's following union serving stealings making a, whereas, like the publicly apologised to towers liberated? That's my anger that I didn't mean the next day, so I wish you all the best in Chicago and maybe a couple years when they're good you'll be spoken around the world, have all the best will speak of weeping bitterly. I gave you the nail fears
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Not really any. It's been. That's been an amazing. I mean out a David or teases gone idle, had such fear of David or to use for the past. What twelve years of my life that would now that he's gone. I literally like nobody that lineup gives me the feeling that our teeth gave me of, like fear, loathing and hatred, and you know worry as to how our party we can hit it and airs, and I thought amazing tat. I was watching the game effort. I think it was on Saturday that at the end of the Saturday game there would it would not the one that when I want to go, watch and the one that went fifteen headings but worldwide to one of the sectors caves and the Red Sox were like two four sixty one with runners in scoring position against the egg is this year, and I had some others that where they been shut out against the anchor like three times this year- and it said in the previous thirty years- and they had only done it
five times, are some some crazy stat whenever it was, but they their offices really been anemic against the egg is the sheer. We lost our two Yankee killers with ass, many in two thousand and eight and then Ortiz Absinthe last There is really the only two guys in the history of franchise in the franchise, since the babe, Ruth Zeal, guide or cheese is up there like all time, Yankee Killers, what yeah timorese to kill the Yankees George Bright, used to kill the Yankees. When I was a kid, they would always come up and Kelly Ideas, EDGAR Martinez, with Algeria killer. He really could never get him out and in order to use was dairy for that they couldn't get her tease out their lives. Yeah. Now that he's gonna bring a breather huge relief movie bets, I allus. I must in couple tweets at him. This weekend I held off Muky Bets is Ben, like quietly disappointing their share its, it's been a really weird season where he's had like somewhere between eighty an awesome game's over the whole.
Source of the body. He work. He just hasn't been consistent. It's it's like his stats took, took her. If you took out like his eight best games, he's probably hating lay to thirty, like I looked it up last year. He had thirty games where he didn't get ahead. This here on Sunday, when I was looking up. He'd already had thirty games reading get ahead I don't know whether whether at sight there's more pressure on em cause of our teaser or what's going on, but then have that like stable. You gotta worry about this guy we'd, this stables, You know this guy is awesome person. It's like a EDA, my red Sox friends were were texting back and forth about. Whether they should make a move from Machado which really alive. A year and a half from whether that's where it ready this guy ten top is a top ten top five prospect opinion. What list the looking baseman but a third basement is not ready, yet their third baseman have been just one of the automobile,
is in the history of the franchise in its heads? Is an island or not, it is fair to say Pablo. Send of all fighting was a little bit of a disappointment, its I would say, with words at large out a little. He I would say is the worst contract of my lifetime, but we gave Carl Crawford like a hundred eighty billion hours. We have to write the red Sox of heated out that took a blank zoom with three world series, but the red Sox have hinted at two of the five works contracts of all time said about contractors, justice disaster, God, you know vaster every proportions, my son, I don't know I've told you about this. My son loves baseball now and it started cuz. He would he played on a team last found in the spring, a really got into it, and he goes on these deep dives. I e knows Hamilton Pro Wrestling Hockey lackey Jesse's, all in when his in any with based on his it's like watching and ale,
and learn about baseball. It's like he landed from another planet like what's this in need, just as following the history of baseball on Youtube and a egos on his Ipad ages, say dad about that giants, come back and whatever, like America, but Bobby Council right. So here like a blank slate and he's been action, this red Sox season and watch you lad again. They and just instinctively knowing nothing new. Their papa, sand of ours. The where's baseball player in the leader here. Is that why you shall fat? Why is it so badly? that's. What are they play? There, how did they that? How can we not have him on the team? was hilarious cause these nine, but even he knew he knows nothing, and he knew this was the worst uproar in the leg and, and it got to the point where they were like Devil Moreira is. Can you just go for every game, but at least ground balls just won't go by air and then they
this guy lit up through they try together as a glint sanity and that he had like once an outbreak holds back who battled vertigo, and has this look on his face like he just got off a fishing boat that add that are really rocky trip he's out there trying to help bad for a monkey that you just doesn't look right. So I think they're going to be a trade for a third baseman waiting to happen. I thought I'd, give you Todd Frazier, but What have the rumour that they know the eggs swooped in with a better prospect in it's such a strange thing? They hear the Ngos have better prospects than the rabbi and has in our that's, not been the case over the recent history. Maybe all history, but certainly recent history, so yeah I'd somebody on twitter life? Maybe there's? First, rumours of a trade and there like oh Frazier, was held out of their white socks game a healthy scratch and elect, maybe is coming to the Red Sox, and then it was like when I saw these rumours about you know the Yankees go in for him and for Robertson, and now that was
beginning of it. So Frazier research was a done deal. We had good prospects, but Dave them rescued started trade in them all over the place, the Chris sale giant. How amazing? I would do that one and Chris Sale is in the running for the best red Sox pitch I've ever seen. If you remove the two Pedro seasons without a patched but he's out there, Any climate season he's up then he nine ninety ninety thousand Pedro season. I don't know what else put up their shelling in two thousand and three blocks away. But let's like every time I watch Chris sail it out to the point where it says you have to watch him because he's like a potential twenty strike our game every time at the problem as he is pitch count always gets a little two eyes. What was the game? It was zone with the last time he pitched it. They had to take them out in the eighth inane they put up with effective, aiming at me. I wouldn't you started that wonder. Fifteen or sixteen got two hundred
team pitches, and they probably rightly took him out and brought in Kimball in the eighth, which is basically saying we want this game. Nego fifteen innings Kimball commitments such as kid of ease like one of those classic clauses that you just can't argument wearing, but Chris sale has been awesome and price price. On Sunday night was the best prices looked as if, as Natalie Red Sox Pitcher were probably even the last couple years like he was David Price was back on Sunday night. So unfortunately you say, I usually never fear prize giving Yankees degrading and somebody pitched well so can get their own Ricky p gone now
nice little player for energy yeah there's some days ago, given the play off the minutes, late you're gonna be dangerous because sale, no seven game, sir, if you can set it up that he's dart three times that enough you'd, like your chances, there he's been idea. Price does love the play off, but maybe you know I can Hypnotizer. That is the regular season. They would have high eating at the attack David Price and madness at that is his Spencer enough. The season Andrew it's out with a lot. I won't talk about the mega medically thirty first Janni summer is the perfect time to upgrade your underwear drug. Don't I everyone is look again. Feel good me Andy's are the ultimate feel good and is designed in a way every Permian is, is made with micro model. You know that is John. I know it sounds good. Now it's a fabric three times softer than cotton their soft strategy and is common and ever changing array of colours and patterns. My wife mean
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sitting at a room talking about the weather, and I was going to give it to thumbs up. I wish it was longer. I think it could have in two hours but of course, I'm a unique demographic and I'm not sure that general public at large once thought two hours, unlike the mad they didn't. But I thought it was like a good synopsis of their time together like what they did for sports radio, and I love here in the old clubs. In the end, a mad dog is such a fascinating person. To me like this is mannerisms ways be visited I've guy that funding has held a watch. Him interact with, like other humans, vague right. It's weird, it's weird for me, critiquing thirty, four, thirty, four about a hundred obvious reasons, but sure I, It should be. Ninety minutes, I thought it should have set the stage a lab in a much our profound way about what sports radio was like before and after they showed up Ray. I don't think they did not like us as to what it was like,
for that is based Franklin on the fact that everything near wasn't, he didn't even have to just conference in New York. He could again Yoko City like Boston, had the sports Otto with and a man who we always is to make fun of house but was him in these two basically to bodies, and it was. You know that there is some dinner making the mad dog in that show before they they kind of lost their fastball, but it made it seem my day Conakry Did this to man format, which I didn't think was necessarily true in It seemed like everybody copy that format from that point on which ass I dont think is true, because you also have the car there are or evil tower, like guy by himself just be like coming up. I want to tell you why the sign cast is like the Golan state warriors. That's that such ten monologues about whatever. But so that was one thing. I thought I've been involved. I would really push sent to make it more about legs,
sports, radio and out it evolved and how important they were in that. But the fate that thing they really messed and they glossed over. Nineties, and you know that there is a whole twenty minute section I feel like, should have been in there like how huge back in the mad dog Ryan, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four- and you know I was in Connecticut that summer and it was basically like the OJ trial- the next the Rangers, the next and range of both made the files. The OJ thing happens, it's increase the movie summer, which is another part that they didn't really hit with, like you know it could be MIKE and the mad dog that summer, first of all that they were through. Hundred and five miles an hour each by the third package, but that those were shows where it could be like you're talkin about the room just stay in the cup finals, but then would go to o J and then Ivy League, hey dog. Would you think of force cub?
never fear floors, Gub Shawshank pop fiction. There is really great movie here and they had opinions of it and there is nothing like it feel like they didn't. They didn't even hit how out just unbelievable was the hair to people talk in the radio about anything like that? I'd never heard you and I was the year we, What are we drafted the Jersey Shore, and would you Samuel DR hours yet living for five hours, then after them the whole weekend and have the funniest power ever when they didn't. They talked about non sports things always like movies like they would have Jeffrey lions on once a year a couple times a year, and they were talking about what movies we're out there. What was gonna win the Academy award and illicit these two guys talk about that you're just like dying latin and they are completely serious, but it was his leg so over the top and so funny other African.
Therefore get mad debate about? What are you talking about? You take my Oliver Stone and he's a good. Maybe now you will be so dark about a romantic comedy, anyone various Oliver stowed away like a romantic comedy god. That was the thing there is so much intentional and unintentional carbon strategies didn't hit, and I got that day. They were the guys that basically did the guest a tv meetings which, sir, I sound. I guess the lads, but guess the lions came from guest a tv raise like right, british Chopin, Will you take it back with us? seriously. Padre relay one point: eight one point two. Yeah you do. I gotta New York when put to national one point. Five doggedly like what point six year is a good number
good now the editing them it was? Was you know, part of that success was that he was the cider and leg. You know hued really torment the New York vans in he was. It was almost like the Procureur. The internet, draw you now. And click this how much delay you hated the anxious he took so much today in their demise of anything right and he would end collars, recall up and be were so mad that he wouldn't like worse, cheater and were Anko Torreon. He would go back and forth with Tory when Tory took too many. I gave to the oft our game and be delighted in pissing off the art van because he, but he would not if they had really have any Europe which is love, is given yet you have the biggest city in America and one of the most passionate sports citizen. And you have a guy who doesn't like their teams hosting the signature, share Israel and then combined with MIKE who, as I
the biggest Yankee fan, is a huge parcels. Van parcels goes threats. There's another thing: this Dover was parcels gonna the jets. When when that shows at its peak and Frances, I was one of his best friends. They had originally Addis inciting phone and Ireland's what bad blood between them creative sky would always be like myself can do no wrong. Do you, like my portfolio, screwing up the judge or the cowboys advances? It would never com. How can spread and dog would call about than they would like, not speak for two weeks ago. I can't believe they did speak for two and a half months. I do know that penetrates they even do show like that. Somebody cause I make it MIKE apparently down don't really have any marital year. There is great you to clip of them by now. That makes can leave the showed this thing in they're not make eye contact there. Just cut
staring at like the table and that looking at each other, which is like you know, you hate each other when you can't even make eye contact or new decorator together its outcome possible. What do you want us to look out? Of course we will look at the guy, but I ve I ate I felt like they could have blown that out in and if they are gone two hours, then becomes a whole thing about the history sports radio in this country. They that's a totally different documentary, needs those guys as the focal point. I wish they'd done, that my thing is: if you're gonna do it, do it like go out, make it make it It really ambitious global. Yet it with this was. Now, however, it was like a surface treatment of it at a high gloss over the nineties, and I don't think there's any way to properly explain how important those guys we're in the midnight is in the near exporting. Like the other thing, they missed you know, for years and years and years and years and years, the most important person in a big city was always newspaper com.
Right down to the fact that I hear before them. It was my group current in Boston, Ivy suicide game in Zimbabwe and shyness even be On the one hand everybody washed in corners and will buy you a dandelion, it was always the newspaper calmness, and this was the first time that kind of the voice and things became a sports radios, and let me make a single. We brought like the authors of the mad yeah. They hurried rewarded weeks. They made that have talked about that document. Worthier Nelson Doubleday was getting cosmic like they mean they made. My piazza have never met, and there was a time certainly now in the fifties when it was all newspaper generated where these paper com. This could make things happen with team together fire
guy traded or whatever, and they had that totally flipped out. That's true cuz. It was pre internet, and so it was in board for whatever reason they had a bigger. You know they had a bigger market than tv did, because you had five hours a day so guys that are in there cabs or driving, or you don't have to be listening at work. They had a huge more of a following, and it didn't even like a tv guy would have so they ITALY made things happen in a way that com is dead in the fifties. Definitely, and now is another thing- the dogmas that that was when they, when they as the prominence ladys petty into the early 90s mid nineties, was opera, internet and sports radio, which is more important than ninety. Ninety four It was like this was our only outlet to hear people talk about the stuff we were we were talking about. You can either read or listen to sports radio with two newspapers and a sports radio station, and then the internet kind of came in and play
You know ninety six, ninety seven range and had started a shift, but a really didn't totally shift until the early two thousands. But you know in nineteen eighty four, if we're talking about the OJ trial issues you and me at a bar, but then there's no other conversation. Happening there were a part of- and it's like these guys are talking about. A inactive in rice, went to another level, and I thought it miss that too. I I just think it was more important to have a job. That in the mid nineties, pre internet. Now it's like you can get opinions anywhere. Twitter accompanying the opinions in a minute somebody who is not its familiar with making the mad. I go out of tweets about it. After the fact that people telling me messages on twitter, somebody was like they ever like a princess, a convention, and there, like it, looked like it was about ninety eight percent like bow. I think that maybe an underestimated since eight hundred recently, I don't think there was a woman within five miles of Frances again now and in that way
You I mean, I don't know how they would cover this in the dark, but they were also probably the all time record fur. If you're in the car, with your girlfriend or wife, came out Turn that I hate those guys declare their speed meekly mail is it? Is the demographic remain effective? I have thirty seconds to talk about Trump and there were leaving I'm really I'm tired of all the winning, as you can. Probably
because this is one success. After an incredible he's, really bad at it I'll think of something that was interesting, he went over to the G20 and it said the basically like foreign leaders have learned that if you like, celebrate him and tell him how wonderful he is, unlike shake his hand and treat him to like a grand parade and a spectacle it. You have no principle so long as you're nice to him like hell, do whatever you want so worried. One of these days, like he's gonna, go over to France and they they're gonna end up with New Hampshire and he's gonna come back and be like. I gave their aims you to France, but with a wonderful cake to chocolate, like you wouldn't believe,
they gave me a parade. So do answers that part of France nervous that we go. There were to press for a better deal day last week in my crime, the guys that the President of France they had his legendary thirty second handshake cause. You know you don't want yet tat trumps hold that used in his power move of leg that being the last guy unbelievably wherever you're crazy when you think about it, but I got it, I just don't know what he's capable of and you don't you go there. However, the United States at the G20 and it's like President States, dabbled travellers, like my god, we haven't we get here in our system- sis I spoke here at my head or other. I say that every time but no headline is surprising. Headline is surprising, anywheres him Putin at a second meeting They didn't tell us. That's present, Haider S great,
so is it? I would have kid. Has this meeting with all these people and inert times is like doggedly after the story- and you know you pickup, like they're, like they reporters naked like Watergate another Woodward and Bernstein, and then he like tweets out the whole thing. Oh yeah, I met with these guys into like everybody. They go he's radio. I think that that a disservice NATO frankly rip it like Fredo didn't write a note to Michael like I was with Johnny Ola Cuba, yeah mistaken frayed husband, go to jail for so many years with their right and they dont junior He has a chance to become like just supplant frayed out and just become the go to joke whenever there is that, take a joke that he's the Dan Junior of blank. Our figures everyday wake up like oh, my god, what what what's the regular brain or what do you know what
There's Marianne have to do if thou five good NEWS every day where, where one that were we neither the way home they go yeah. I Johnny This was a pleasure. As always it's hard to believe. We are good at the Yankees, make mad that thirty thirty and trap. I didn't who saw that coming was rising or anger state. Stay cool in the summer, judge bounces back from this terrible tailspin is, I hope, is careers. Ok, we'll be awkward if If has anyone ever won the home run title I finish in the season in the miners serious question With this end, in down we're gonna swing before the play ass, he was to perform yesterday with U R B, I saw the home under way in the after a break. And is now on our. I wish you the worst lack talk and is well
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she's right now is right. It is a rather for the ringer he's mailed Greenland teammate. We have worked together for four plus years tape. Frazier woke him apart cast talking the taint. What's going on there, I refuse to talk. They built it. I say real, quick yeah I was reading. I was reading a story that along go actually, maybe a belief. It was at this hour without it about the first time that he was in the studio with no one. Now those wrap in an out like this incredible experienced what I feel like each other payment, they re, not listening, be read an ad I've got some. I've been had three years Sunday when you pay cash. You're gonna have to learn how to do adds at the level we have established here, the rigour of the day we should measure and you have a book coming out. What's the date October October, ten ten and seventeen baby. What's the name of the book basketball,
the other thing. So you read the rat movie book, which Natalie became a call classic but actually became successful people bought it. It was the career kind of I think that actually sold copies and people love it. You ve had all kinds of strange celebrities. Writing about tweeting about it new up and now you're gonna do the basketball version of it. I'm excited give it give us that when a second synopsis of what the books about the book is about every chapter, the different basketball question that needs to be answered, but if not back to our questions like magic or bird, whatever Bush like that is new interesting question right, new questions that have not been asked. You were on the ringer dotcom. Today you wrote about the best worst movie. Dunk explain what that means.
Yes, we're talking about usually when you're watching the movie, the basketball seen in it the person who is playing basketball as an actor and that actors generally not very good about about illegal to other transit cutaway tricks and were not to make it look like a good and a thing that they struggle out with his Megan and look like somebody who can dont know how to dump the article was talking about that. Aren't you listed there's twenty two thousand contention for the best worst movie duncombe all time regarding these very quick, John took a split dunk, ignoring american history acts, which we can talk about a second Catwoman zairean Catwoman. I forgot David may Catwoman Spiderman amazing Spiderman, when a witch hunt Rams Grady brought about air, but on the poster Frere Bud got Howard as a werewolf and team of Billy Hoyle value in white men can jump file that went away talk about it.
Google is to hand and above the rim which three Grandma and Rave Bartholomew Angel sharper myself didn't above the renting and all of us had a lot of problems with Martin ants in the end that the board Lola Bunny in space jam, Rakkeed RIM, attack Duncan three ninjas Kenny Tower and six man Cabin Cambridge, MIKE Mike Brian New on Thunderstruck. I can't even believe Thunderstruck made. They did did Kevin to read the even see thunderstruck in Austria. You just go on Youtube. You don't watch, why I want, of course I want I want like might like to understand, I'm all over those movies that chick Douglas and cable guy, which I had forgotten about the winning dug in the air at their the super which reads out, but that to John
is Duncan the breakfast club. I'm glad you brought this up, because my daughter and I just watch this movie, and I was horrified by it. You said it was a nine foot rim I think, was like a seven and a half foot ramp Joanna Man, which might be the most underrated basketball movie right now. I'll take the greed with that. Your nemesis Tay Frazier agreed with my joint and coordinated elevated, Elliot Richardson, be dazzled with ours, but dazzled. That eradicated battle now all but as it has great though, but dazzled
Now you re run two thousand ourselves without Brendan Frazier he's in love with his woman. He was a meagre fall in love with him. He makes a deal with the devil played by Elisabeth early and she's, going to grant him wishes and he's trying to make his life better so that you can get the attention of this woman, but every time that they get a wish granted, there's something wrong with it and in the desert one of his wishes. It wishes to be a famous atley children. The devil makes him. The seven puts dick basketball superstar Ebay. They shall one game he's dont, get it from beyond the three point line is drawn up shot, thereby the back from path of cohabiting through just goes over on a point that forty something rebound about their main
sure that one there in the locker room and he's been interviewed by the woman I love within our father turned up is a stupor kind of penal, though, is I you know I never mind, I don't wanna, be a rich payments, basketball star anymore, because I don't have that kind of Venus every day every which is something wrong with it. That's the movie is fantastic services. Question was the support movie. It was not of those now maybe maybe should have been. Last to quit him, because one on one that could be an eleven basque about is a great movie. He dogs on his future wife and then our active Duncan in celtic prank, far be it from me to could take your list I got you left at a key dunk, but we're going back. Almost four The air silent blame you and I'm a little older than you, but Robby Benson made him We called one on one, I'm going to say one thousand nine hundred seventy seven.
Where his this high level. Did you see what I want? I don't like any movie that came up for nineteen. Eighty is the second. So one on one he's this high crew. He goes to. He hits recruited by this big college, which I think is called like big state or something else. And so what I want is this Highschool crew. He goes to. He hits recruited by this big college, which I think is called like big state or something in his appoint guard is I got sick of Ricky Rubio, tight, bowed, say floppy here may keep couldn't about our than like five five, ten five eleven and at one point there in one of the games, dunks in traffic in you, gonna have, if you I'm a ducking standpoint should not amid the less but Doktor Jays date in the fish had saved Pittsburgh. When he tell I love that all those elsewhere realistic, but he is Standpoint should not have made the less but Doktor Jays date in the fish had saved Pittsburgh when he tell. I love that,
All those guns were realistic, but he is in ST clothes on a date just dumping for this girl. For no reason, which is one of my family ass, I think there are like they're. They're still bears witness not been achieved on this very serious life issues that you have it yeah, Emily that come with me and able to make their watch employment above all, I do minute, but then performing an early tat was about more than eighty movie, the Adam I why You think you are Miss one. I beg you just missed the leg. He had you wide everyday, my movie ever I'd, say you widowed this wisdom list down and for some reason just decided to jettison Ed Nortons American History Ex stock, which in my in the context of the blacks, verses waits pick up game, which is just bizarre anyway, but then how Jack Dead Norton and was obviously did p these for the movie. I don't want it, I don't wanna queues at Norton of anything, but he gained thirty five pounds of muscle. Just for that
we're out as look at any more, but then the game. With him doing off two feet or reverse two handed dog, which I would say, fifty percent of the NBA players can entail and he's probably about sixty topped up. So what so? Why? How does that not even make the final forefront for this? Well, I think you should start every countdown you ever doing bided automatically getting rid of any That's the way that we there that we celebrate that fair, but he he by the end of moving. He was not a nazi by the end of the movie. I was but he was not there when you dont, like them
tell you that we can get out now do than you're like gear you're right, but in every one of us that others without when I was then when I was in San Antonio without leaving a boiler college. Yet I was intended for a black person white basketball game when they would yeah. There were this group of guys who lived down the street from us. Now I lived in a predominantly hispanic neighbourhood, but there was a sexual were like a bunch of black people there, and I would also say, on the other side, but like a fair amount of white people, and we were play basketball one day at one of the waking. Thousands and a group of the bad guys came, and they were like. Ok here we got next, and somebody was a game. Is plain white versus black and Let me play, which is why I remember a very sad. Could I ask him what came to I go on to the next, but no mixing and see my Irena would like you to play with, and they made me to sit and watch and not that much, neither team in the window that neither tee
Now they already had, there grew bear their group of five and the Y gotta blown out, though, that data be replaced, awaits verses, blacksmiths, bogan, teats, yet tastes from Carolina Meta he's seen some stuff, religiously Billy absolutely has played an idea. He scenes he's seen. Some God bless you cut out one? He? U, you establish a bunch of ground rules to cut down from the twenty two and prevent remember sex was the Doncaster contain at least one camera cutaway during either the set up of the actual dunk, because a camera cutaway is absolutely essential to accidently making supposed to be serious things look silly, which I agree, but that lets you cutting our Billy oil stock at the white men can jump which these two major flaws with that movie I like that movie less than others. One is how was a snipes as a basque and nobody. Nobody driven
like that or has again my dad- and I just thought it was terrible, but the Billy World Dunk I've just never been get over. It was so clearly in a rim and they so clearly screwed up how high he jumped like his whole heads over the rap like what is he like? Five eleven so we're gonna get out. I cut in this out well because it will have the courage if they would have utilised the cut away like they did the Edward Norton Bandwidth up earlier. It clearly faint, but it looks like maybe it could have been real because they do a shot from open the need, and then they also do a shot from the top which a lot of people don't do yeah and it looks like he may be got up there. I began with the way began jump when they stay on him the whole time, and so you see the distant that is covered in barely off the ground before his hands at the rim, so he's either sudden.
As always ya mean, or at the very time we re you need you, you need that cut away to make your work will be a reason for cutting out the Marla Weinstock and above the rim cause. I can't think of a good reason. I e murdered somebody. But I've heard somebody up automatically at a later date. You really have strong morals about your best were stuck at big its power. Nazis, no murderers, who else gets cut out those guys
our also cut it out any children, because this is a serious competition, rather look at about animals and after that is their fair game. I think animals is a good cop also, but I found out from your piece them a cafe for was only five four nine in their Jesus Dante. I deduce Dunk, which is pretty embarrassing. I it's a two left. Your finals were chip darknesses up the back Duncan the cable guy verses, Louis Cookies, Duncan the super, which raises the question who is Louis Christine? What's the super so explained to supervise the Super the movie where Joe Patchy plays almost a lot of thought and he gets ordered to live in the building that, beyond the really bad.
Building there. He goes a court judge defended them to live there for a while and then, of course, while he there, he began to realize all these are actual human with real needs and he starts a girl heart. But during the middle part of the movie he makes friends with the guy who live in the building and they abide an employee of the ball and it turns out it into being a hustle, but in the beginning of the game, they're letting him make all these shots and stuff in the first game ends with him dunking it somehow, even though Joe Pesci's, only five foot four and that would also have the great cut away- and I did a lot of money to the issue from the underside and he's dumping in the rim- is bigger than the width of his body looks already ridiculous. That he's Duncan over a stick. A guy, though very go. That's the movie, that's the dunk, so you think Joe Patchy, whose five foot three and not athletic and was wearing a wig in the movie, you don't think it was realistic. I didn't I
Is there a realistic, almost realistic, but not by really, then the cable guy? He he jumps off someone's back but then ends up about. As you wrote, a good four feet over the room right and you dont Jack Black jumps. I've checked black. So who is the winner? Who did you have
the answer Butler listeners ship Douglas when all of the other part of the same they are they both to the camera cutaway drink there, both pretty ridiculous, but not entirely ridiculous, because I watch videos of die on Youtube whose pipe with five and is doing MBA spiled, dark red, spread of cog in a bad mood of thought of the five work I could presumably dunk, but the main different hears the chip Douglas. Don't we ve got him jumping off the back, which makes sense if it by an attack it, but the fact that he goes up entirely. Does fourteen feet, I passed out of the bag. What would for me say that he already possesses the legs drink to do a dunk without jumping off of a person to the fact that he did job on person just barely puts it over the top.
Hate. You agree with us that worth take you. I know you hate tape that he agrees that unless updates, maybe China suck up to you, I don't know what to do with our congratulations to chip for having the best worse when we talk about it like I liked your reasons for cutting out animals and Nazis murders, I think, are very fair points quickly before you go. She we talk about the death of disperse in your ear, gradual drifting back to the middle rope there. Let's do it quickly, because I don't have the heart boy, I'm in San Antonio right now we're all commit a rating, it very bad. You know it's interesting in the disbursement four years justifiably were like we don't get enough attention and people don't like us, TIM Duncan is better than Kobe. Why don't people think this? Why doesn't TIM Duncan get more respect? Why don't we get more respect? It was all thing: didn't the internet as the intern
Ask Moraine smarter and people appreciate its him Duncan in great in of age in the infrastructure the spurs non us, then it started a flip around two thousand thirteen and now everybody is pro spurs and always thinking the spurs, Virtus team and they did the right thing to do. The right thing I would argue the spurs- should be really criticized for the summer. I think that a terrible summer and their worse didn't really help themselves from a sailor cap standpoint heading into next year or the year after the season they didn't get Chris Paul. They could strategies eating the power. I saw a contract which is terrible. They they bought got out of it, but then gave him a longer contract, so you're going to have to pay him for a season to be on this year, which I don't really understand. The electronics Simmons go date, their big size.
Is Rudy Gay who just blew out his achilles, and you already have Tony Parker Blue and his achilles. So you have to fix a blown out Achilles. You didn't trade Lamarcus Aldridge, which everyone the league. Knows that he's unhappy happy and then he is bad faith and his complaining about pop of- and you have this in the spurs going. If you can't be- Happy in this system, how do you think we can trade? You everybody thinks we have. The best infrastructure fear not happy. Nobody wants you. What is good. But what's going on, the spurs right now this say that is not the good part. The good part will be the sea than at. All of the things you mentioned are are true, and
so I would say there all the bad things that you talked about are tied to the market offers because him come on. Then you wanna be traded, just sort of screwed everything up for the reason that you mentioned. I do you now want to play with burs. If you don't want to find his be quiet and let us trade you and you go to a team and make somebody else miserable. But once you start saying you wanna be there than your trade by you drop. Nobody wants to make a deal his father, who want to come here any more it with all the market as it is. It is a disaster, similarly guys more open market in San Antonio. He knows it's a rap, so he is in the running for your least favoured spurs Malta. Absolutely and running at him, it's Richard Jeffrey. And, though the builder, the top two guys richer, Jefferson, murder, you guess so bad here. Valuable years he's a bigger, more expensive, richer. Jefferson wow.
It is crazy that they were shopping on. Might they're gonna get a lottery pick form I mean, I would argue you don't have to take back. Somebody else is bad contract to get rid of them, because if there's anything I actually think, I would trade for him if I was certain teams in the league, because I dont know if they used him the way he should be used. They think they try to shoehorn him in the way that you know they they expected anthem And on his game, a little band do some things that try to fit in with what they do am I right this once. I think he just wants to post up from fifteen feet away, do Lamarcus Aldridge things and have the offense revolve, otherwise that happened, but there's teams in the league that could do that. That would be forty two in teams so that the exact about exactly what he wants and it worked out well form in Portland Bambi. Rather those big challenges they got really rate demean ran to once again
But he was, he was really good that one year when he really laid the Smackdown before Dame Lillard became good and he became threatened by Dame Lillard, but he had that one year we was like twenty five and eleven or something every night for four months. I don't know right. Guy out is still here that was guy who destroyed the rocket that was watching. That series is Portland in the in the Rockets played and he wouldn't nut just because everybody in that was the guy who I thought was showing up for us to go. This guy was built to play in the playoffs. He just hadn't had a chance and it turned out that was the total Luke. I realized all you use being guarded by Omar Ass, eager whoever Emily, maybe wasn't that great after all, sides to lay now what's good for this year, two thousand and nineteen engage areas as diverse without we got Murray, We got Kawhi to get we're going to get somebody else. I don't know yet we're good we're, get changes just laughing and shaking his head. I just want you to know that.
Would you rather have Dwight Howard Ella the states or statements about Gimme Gimme, the market? it is my number my number one enemy. Nobody wants to it. Yeah I don't know what they do and in the shame of it is co, wise, probably at its apex right now- and you know the team- I actually it's funny to see people pencil them is the top three team? I think it's the warriors one, no question the west. Somebody who use that I think would be the best candidate for two and then I think, threes up for grabs and I don't know I don't know if we can say the spurs quote. Unquote, infrastructure is going to be enough anymore because I don't know when, when is Parker Parker's not going to come back till all star curly is that that Achilles always seems to be like a year and a half to a two year injury, and then you have really I too is the big signing in
really see him making a huge impact, at least in the first half the season. Anyway, me loose rights. I really likes him and I was there. I don't know what's going on with him, but the contract signed with Orlando was not commensurate with what I watched in the plan, I thought he was one of your best to a guys. You know he was. He was sent out gonna play out by the other. Was it a vital part of what they were like? I think thirty one game where he either didn't play or ably less than fifteen minute and people's art forget that bar because he showed out in the in Iraq. Theory, it wasn't super super importantly, why the beloved guy here in town, we know how he's our colleagues offered little out. What was the problem he's the same. His position is quite clear that that is a bit of a problem when cool I got her and Siemens actually was getting some in the minutes. It was became clear, like his is the natural small forward. I added I they go to bed hard to play those two guys together when they did it
in writing it. I don't know necessarily that's they. Let you know he's he's the guide, the value for him as you want him guarding Paul, George and Kevin therein, and all these different types of guys, but you already have quite so- Some are right. I was surprised that Orlando Zapata swipe instead of Jews, dead. Men are now now he left his lovely signalize hold it down in the county of what was required maybe not the Achilles our current blue at the crowd here. So what's for that about six months they say: oh, yes, I'm a run off. Vibrate read before right after you know who you know, the third need adding Oklahoma, I'm hoping it opens Antonio about that, but I think it might be on. Paper could be if those guys figured out I've. I keep staring at the ass train. It just seems improbable to me that this Paul George Rental thing is
work for one year and that keep staring at the West trying to figure out who could supplant them and there are probably the safest bat rake his breaks that come back for the coopers into disseminated earliest mynors out, I will take a little bit the jail. It seems like death with very little while you just go and analyse, and everybody talks about how unbelievable the west is in its definitely good, but I think from three to eleven. I don't know, I think, Boston, Cleveland and washed in are probably safer bets than any team three to eleven in the west. You know and yeah then Houston, you're least favoured team. Do it and then you do it and then I also asked with a rocket and then they lose the disparities in the second round again says my number wondering, We too on the positive work on that positive. But are you break I'm open, they don't I'm hoping that they don't have all been. They take earned aubanus like the big,
any of wind wave and and La Braun were together and they were like. Ok, you do it now and then I'll do it, and then you do it and then I augur that what happened with the rocket and then they lose the dispersion effect around again says my number wondering site there, but I think by like March they're gonna know going on and they're gonna be fuckin, terrifying yeah do there's a chequered history with dogs playing together and I think with golden state. One of the reasons it worked so well, as does the re incur. Now I saw unselfish, but they actually really complement each other and by the the season they figured out how to take turns out Play, each other how to use each other on the high screens and me in this As I said, there are on the right side running these little right side. High screens, had never really seen before. With Chris and James Hardened, James hard and even when he was on ok, see was always kind of a gimme. The ball and everybody spread out. Can a guy and Chris Prowl is is abominable. Iser saw a really
Mr President. I agree the added their both smart, but you know then thrown Carmelo the all ball. Stopper Whenever I try it happens, and I don't know it's a weird so weird man I get though USA Basketball, these guys figured it out. Why would they be able forget airbag strange MAX the west, yet where here's my prediction I think the where's are that s team in the West, well yeah, clearly that the earth I hate John Week too fast Eddie, baby driver and now Jean work with Charlize Theron. Coming up is this is two thousand seventeen the year movies for a bill. Siemens and chase arena is avenue Are you a bill and I could not be more excited for atomic blot out if they could not get me great. I love that people are just catering tourists. Now these movie students, thank you,
them follow Shea, which you twitter Hannah. Is it just add chase arena here there are new books. Come now knocked over you'll be back on the fire. I'm sorry about the spurs enjoyed your best movie best. Worse movie, don't peace thanks for coming to talk too. So I thank you and I That's it for the bs back ass. You, computer, Chaise Butch has gone Amazon where we get it. If you want to be one of the F o H, Army It's I beg you not allowed in the army, tat. They army, hates tape. That's it don't forget about talk the throne, coming up Sunday night right after game of thrones on Twitter, go to at Ringer Use game of Thrones talk the thrones whatever you will find it all of our peeps talking about also speaking of game of thrones binge mode which we did sixty episodes of
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week with one more Pakistan if Miss Jimmy Butler, go back and ask. That was a good one too anyway. Thanks for this sympathy, symptoms.
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