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Jake Gyllenhaal on Picking Roles, Filming in Boston, and Creating Characters (Ep. 265)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Jake Gyllenhaal to discuss auditioning for 'The Sandlot' (7:00), his new film 'Stronger' (13:00), shooting on set in Boston (24:00), role models in acting (30:00), 'Donnie Darko' (38:00), the social importance of 'Brokeback Mountain' (48:00), Heath Ledger's legacy (58:00), filming a sports movie in 'Southpaw' (1:10:00), working with Tom Ford (1:14:00), and shooting a sibling thriller with his sister, Maggie (1:18:00).

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This is going to be in an area that we tend to John. Ah last Friday, in my office he has a new movie coming out called stronger, that is about it, boss, the marathon bombing victim named Jeff Bouwman. I thought the movie is excellent. I saw last week and I was really set of Jake on talk about the movie and his career and a whole bunch of other stuff Sorgen. Do that right after the break one dimension quickly, the ringer dot com, my mail bag, Slash, picks, com, goes up every Friday and maybe a little bit of a cold strict. That does mean the calm, can't be damn entertaining and also don't forget about all the good stuff we have in the ring it I'll come and be a preview stuff. His launching it actually lie. The beginning of last week, but its we're now and MAX. Are the NBA staff pop culture and it fell politics, you name it it's all in there. The ring and I come in-
also the we was which I'm not on this week boat, but I did speed last week, Lama, deeds and where the titanic this week with Julia Lippman, Amanda, Dobbins and campaigns, is gonna, be posted later this week and the next week scream the longest one we ve ever done, who had a guess, scream long as we watch mopeds. So that's a great feed people really light thou art, and if you want to send any questions, but any the path that we ve done. Unwatched was hit us at the mailbag at the Ringer Dhaka coming up, Jake Jonah
the first programme did John on ass were taken this on a Friday. I was saying you walked in I was like tall you're like almost ass tall ass as tall anytime, I mean an actor mean. Is I M always prepared for anything for like why foot before to six three, You never know what the other you're like the seven tossed actor in Hollywood year. Action Clint, Eastwood, leaned, Neeson, Jeff Gallbladder skirted everything
maybe Ben F I've been Afflux earlier Capua pretty ta here Adam drivers, recall Adam driver, that's his tall speed, basketball team of time. I think he probably work, maybe a horrible rascals well actually asian speaker the tall, maybe they re basque words on paper We then one sports movie right, Sir, do you having us, you were in a team sport movie. I know a lot of time. I also I really was a kid because, as a kid actor, I really wanted to be in the sand lot. Did you they should for. I did. I did in receipt of automation my funds off. This is that's probably my. Favorite movie or no hurry, but it's funny like that. Now there their streaming just keeps going. The next generation just jumps in and then it villages used to be a graveyard for their. Like nerdy kid. I forget his name class, but then the kid who I plead actually played with
wait over and over a year now lay on a job rose high school. I they had. You know they had like the baseball you over there and the kid who was like star player actually got cast is like the star play. In a movie in other, like the can talk idea at all our good kid who is like yeah? That's? U I plead baseball. Lower chamber that, yes here and I like it, then I didn't know research for this idea. I always like to learn as I go with the cool with the thing: you and your sister Ella kids again enacting yes, yes, answer you wanted it pass one. Are you? Oh? No? No! No, I don't know I'm not consciously. My my father's, a director heavy and my mom's screenwriter. So we greet combine honestly not honestly in Hollywood terms, I guess anyway, a home Ivanhoe. Yet we come by fear, it really honestly and
so we were sort of in allay and in that kind of trying to make movies seen since we were kids and then we gun acting like the commercials. No, no! No! Not we didn't do that. We took acting class and I keep my parents. Let me do that and then went out what I did you gotta? I went to Harvard Westlake High School interesting. Baseball powerhouse. Now power? Has there like a college, universally private? I went to high school at the Cannes twins. Actually, they were last right above me yeah. So I am used to tall and their talents marked. So I went with them but yeah they are baseball powerhouse and they and pretty it's a pretty incredible school all round academically to mean and the performing arts to Burma. There is incredible too, I mean That was really where I learned about me like that. Literature and the history of you know, particularly leader and then from an incredible teacher, their name tat wall to a number of people.
Pass through that adjacent Siegel was in my possession. He play basketball. He was he players. I hear he likes you goodbye we are in the same we're in the same when he was one year older, but we're in the same class museums, Corso yeah. So you were leg like aids. Seventeen eighteen you're going to be an actor doing. This Ah, yes, I guess I thought that you I d, I was what I was doing was in between my free periods. I was on going to additions. So if I had like a double free period, how to schedule an audition if it was possible and I'll go run out, usually causes the highest listen to your city, so usually a lot of those places where your addition are like around studio city and in the valley. So rush. Is Russia, fish class rush I'll get my car go. Do an addition, comeback make yourself cry, you may myself cry and I now make his hook a murmur work of some sort of aversion, ten myspace out of the car and his walk right in come back out.
When I was sixteen is really funny. I'm sixteen hours and I was not cast in the school play and I thought I was gonna get it cause. I had been a lot of play than those pretty cocky about, and I, like I walk in In addition- and I asked tad- washes the feeder teacher there. You know where how to get to this, like professional addition, ask us gonna go. Do after a night, to remember my memorize my lines. I didn't really give it much focus and I was like I'm going to get this the storm part in this I went to the other addition and I went to the lake Cast list the next day and I wasn't cast- and I was like what's up with that and I was heartbroken and went up to my knees like you know, being actors, not just about being good away. You do it's about being respectful to the people around you and you, in here and you were, you know, he asked where the next edition was- and you You know didn't really know your lines and I don't want someone like that, my production and it was
this lesson. I've learned, that's us yet yeah, it's funny. I you have one thing: let that happen: junior formative years in a completely flip, your perspective thanks for the irony that within the next couple we side issues will recall October sky. Which is the first movie that I must start now. Sixteen and I I got the part and He then cast me in the musical risk with school musical the neck semester, and I couldn't do it cause. I went to go. Make that movie. Then he came to visit me. Onset actually was Shannon in Knoxville Tennessee and he can visit me onset and am pleased he eyed. I, when I take off my my wardrobe at night, when you have you finish, work alive, you gonna throw up throw it on the wherever you are like the bare. Wherever in the chair, and I was like a folded up like I was like ticket, and he saw me doing that he was like that's what I'm talkin about psych for is like fold up here. Full up your costume, so you know be respectful everybody,
now the big lesson that he that Tommy, I since totally abandoned that you know about The stars hers was ragged would ever does a man. This is all about the money, but No, that's that's, always been in my it's always head in. That was super formative, but yeah Harvard Westlake. That's the amazing Tibet stronger and then I want to go through ominous zip through your I m d B and talk about some yeah. Ok, I have a profound bumpy ride. Stronger is emotional. I mean I've. Sam from Massachusetts and spent my first thirty years of my life and knowing linen let them boss, the last ten years as their the marathons caught a wholly ground. Yeah. So I've got nervous any time. There's been a marathon movie patients. I was super nervous Cosette was almost like an action movie and they Well, let's get and I'm glad they made it. Your movie, which I
read about it, because I wanted to just kind of throw myself into it and its budget Bouwman Bauman and it's it's. Cruelly, but and I don't mean that in a negative way, it's just- I mean you're in it. From the guy go as if viewer and use everything and Really emotional guy. Who cares? What does movies you leave? The theatre is kind of like we're. I do now. Can you get some food but I found thought my ran again went to shake check after last night. He saw movie user. I just felt so relieved so happy, and so like life is good. His exo me, him and his wife is like, so we went to shake shack, audio, dirtier soap. You eve A few these roles that uses you know these really taxing. Roles is that an accident is that something
that you just find yourself attracted to you know, maybe sort of both that I mean I I'm drawn to a challenge here and then drawn to a move me so much is the challenge that moves me, but in the case of stronger out First of all, when I read it the screenplay of it in an early draft, I was laughing. You know I didn't know that I would turn to page three and I started laughing and then crying I be laughing at spots and, like I think, that's what surprised me about it and they set these. They said the characters up as justice in the war, Boston deeds the initially and then I think it's just when the event happens. I think the way Jeff handles it. Yeah is initially humor me. The first thing he asks when he wakes up is is his errand, whose his girlfriend his errand oak- yeah, then the next things, as is Lieutenant Dan yeah I mean so I I think, and then
next thing he says is: I saw the bomber cause, he identified the bomber and he was really he was a pivotal part in catching catching those guys. So I mean I I was just I was moved by a more ways than that, and then I think that's how I read a script. Normally as I go, the stories really great, a part of it and then I usually go like this is key It is going through a lotta, even realize it. I just love story summit and then I just get in it. You know, so I am drawn to the physical aspects of performing yeah and also the the mental aspects, I don't think they're different in the end, so with this one, the e g. I was almost a character, you I don't think Seen a lot of variations of of this type. A movie were especially like forest. Come from, years ago, we added
can see. Now that day, yes, e, pretty obvious, this is incredible, how they did it the area around its Every single scene, where there is a wide shattered leg. I There is some of amounts. I I don't know how they did that you have incredible, yeah I mean, while we worked with an incredible company called negroes who they just do and but work because they are not about the old me them and what they're doing thereabout the scene going on in it. So they say to David Corn Green, the director and to mean, as you are, what you want to do, and we will talk about what we want to do and then we would all figure out how to get that done. Not like this somewhere, where I'm his girlfriend sitting on the add where your legs would have ban yeah, but you have legs, so they have to do that. So in that case, so it you know, you know in order to make
pointless anything I got off. You know we live in a world now of so much visual facts that I feel like people are not used to like what you'd call in camera stuff. You know just stuff, you do actually on the set so a mixture of it is always what is because a man like the two of you were acting in right next to each other. Here we re next year and the reason why is because my legs are under the bed under the bed there holes bed and then we made prosthetic moulds of my. The top of my life is Jeff is a bilateral, a so above any yet legs and we made prosthetic son of a both sides of my quads basically and then day, and then we have an incredible make oppress the press that a guy who created that so I wore these pants that had doubles.
My knees and then my and my legs when under and then the prosthetic spent over on top of it, so I have so I can actually move them. Underneath is very eyes by can move them underneath a little bit. So that's that's! So that's why she could do that. There, but then, in some cases I have green socks on in a wheelchair and always have to keep my leg straight out in that sink as you want to keep it in. That makes it work. Is that not like I'm wearing green socks? My legs are men undressed, keeping normal. My legs are straight out in green socks, I'm doing a seem. Someone and my legs urges sticking out sometimes in between their legs, like all roll up in role of inmates, of its hard to visualize. I noticed a couple times where you would see that person behind where your legs should abandon? It was They are incredible. Things seem, though, because you bought in immediately within it was. It was one of those things or twenty years ago. I think that kind, I could overshadowed by a little about it in this case we need so there. Like about an hour of this movie that issues grim
characters in a dark place, are you unless people and when? you dont a movie like that. Do you gonna, dark place are able to turn it off. Here I mean I knew that, no matter what I did, I wouldn't get anywhere near what Jeff went through. So I just tried to another everything about him and I think everybody who at people who were there, day people who anyone who was touched by that event, you know and what happened can feel those feelings I think somewhere You know and dumb, but like a common home, be put back to your hotel, one thousand and thirty at night like how do you take it out of that? Sometimes you don't I don't know. Sometimes you don't. I mean there's one night to get that scene where I have to drag myself across the parking lot yeah yeah, like we were role, the camera for like twenty minutes. You know- and I think that struggle sometimes you know every time I mean you know you just go economic,
what you do? You will never understand the pain. So how far can you go? So you know Roy Camera, for twenty minutes and being in it is tough but its nowhere near tough. New competitive compared guys, go, I just kept. Do you know you just in it area? I remember after that scene. We finish. I too am cause your shooting at like half night half day and um drove on my driver's names. Dana he's awesome and I would like thank God for Dynamic, as I wouldn't, Get little bit the accent without deigning she's got the best accent, and I just can you all in all? I got in sleep tat night, and then I came back to set that the net morning- and I was like- I wanted to make up cause an incredible makeup artist, he does incredible character works amazing. When he did. We have all these discussions about the painkillers Jeff was on and how that affects, or by other fixed
skin town like how the body in stress you know, when you're sitting there sweat while you're trying not to express yourself your body saying something else in a week. We talk about that. Allow he's all about physiological psychological effects on the body and it's not just like Lula with men. A pretty you know I went in and we start talking. I just I just broke down like you know, I like, I just cried terminal. Nice he's crazy. You know, and things like that happening Jeff stories like that, and there are harrowing times in the story you know, but what I really really wrestling with me is. It was kind of unapologetic, some of the things that showed especially like when they, they take the wraps off as yet off his stumps for the first time in the camera. Just like were showing this an you're gonna go through this with them yet and add that when it gets to that level, that's when I think, as I as somebody's in the theater, that
it's that stuff that sticks with you after. I think we'll hit a good well yeah that you have to how you know joy without pain, yeah I mean, and I Does he think that movies like this particularly inspirational movies, don't tend to go to You know they don't I in my opinion, we have to have the balls to be able go like we're going to go to the pain, so we can go to the joy now. Do you are not joy and that was What what's it would even call were. The thing I was unprepared for was the girl friend. She's a part that can go either way in a movie like this and sometimes can just turn into wet blanket, which usually happens in any sports movie. But, but in this one she become as sympathetic assume Asia are waiting for her and she saw oh great actress that usually have, but he said for her. This Emily room for Jeff, which is a guarantee, was the intention when they went into it, but That is again dear yeah she's, the strongest one year. I mean she had both. You know,
accidents which are very particular about it. Where it really make an x. I worry that given Meek makes people like it's like some. Some awesome, your thing and shit for it, no, no like in person no but like, Are there some reviews and Sophie Birdlike always doing his best like Brooklyn Axon? They now- and I am sorry I guess you I'm like we worked so hard on it and I am and I and I you know, that's really good to hear from you. Thank you now, the record straight. I talked about this before, but most of the the Boston accent the mistake most actors make as they try to Canada and patted the caregivers sequoia? So true, like name and as you know, from there I mean come on. He has a great one other than mine gene and didn't Nicholson's trying to delay. I do like this New York. Brock's access for you had like its attitude, is seventy five percent, the ant like what
fuck you you talkin about, gets actors, there's a hiss to it that you ve had your little Kay would be in turn torn apart dinner, like that's a big part of it. If your k with it and then the axe and comes out You can take some shit and Europe you can probably at her maxim, is get to your wish. Can they everybody's get? Then you had Lenin Clark who, as one of the five S boss the magazine in many ways by the fibers people on the planet, lads for let alone for a while. There was Oprah July when I saw a psychotic outlining a boss, the guys I get add like seven eight scenes. Yeah he's fantastic, play for real on time. Cuz, my when I grow up, I grow up my parents, my mom went to Martha's vineyard, like with an old boyfriend years like thirty forty years ago, and yet she brought us there and we are kids. So we've been going like all my best friends growing up growing up, grow up in and around Boston, so like cuz, I spent my summers over there, so Lanni I've known actually for a really long time, always come up to me on the beach like
like a jack. It's like I'm like a disguise knots and then and then, like I love him. I love Lenny so much and he came in to read and he was like you better give me by getting Jimmy as a year yoko killing. He was fantastic, as he said. As soon as you got yourself, a part yeah. Well, you shoot sms. She sits the jar Shootin Chelmsford, you go our area, we shot all round. We shall Chelmsford. We shall in Boston light footprint in around Boston idea. It became gonna hard is where she airship Patriots Day and also where she and same tat. So with their two totally different movies. So I mean they are in there, but I think the city was very sensitive. You know rightfully so you know- and I think when he had said much of that coming in at a time when I feel like people warlike, look we're still healing from this, and I think there,
it rightfully so a skepticism of like what is you know, quote on quote Hollywood doing here. You know and I, but we all had the best intentions and I like a lot of love and I think they sorry, I hope they see that now, but I think they really got that we were there. They brought out the best of luck Stan. Everything about Boston, think that this terrible and slim and but it happened on the Holy Bostonnais, which would just like special how'd it and only people from Massachusetts get off and then there's all these. There is why they going to the marathon again ever is about psych fucked. Do the marathon again more people was like more people. There were. The next yeah was of everything had everything I love about the city. In what I miss about moving three thousand. The way but ere. I died the same reaction when I heard there make beaches donor about this as a yeah,
now believe me? I was. I go. It's big stay because if it didn't work out, nobody would be angrier more. Eventually. They dinner the boss be Bobby screen in Bosnia. We we permit the movie the. U S, permission movie was at Spalding. We have it patients centre in in Charlestown, which is where Jeff rehabilitated you know, after the injury is actually were the first. A lot of the first patients there were marathon survivors am an amputee and they were all there actually Jeff and the doctors and care? Take so what's his reaction to this? Is that mean to be leg out the experience for an oasis coming think why I was thinking about it when we were in inspiring rehabilitation. I was thinking. Four years ago? He was here as now patient for that, just as a patient, Anna recalibrate his entire life and trying to get perspective being called the euro, not knowing what that means.
Yeah. He always has. He was sucker punched, you know and then all the sudden, it's like your hero and he's like woah yeah. Let me give me some give me some time That was one of the best scenes when they take another Bruins came out. Like I, yeah you're, going waved the fag in he's his head. Spinning in is he can't process. It was the first day we shut that the first day yeah cuz of the brons. You can make the play us and they didn't and so We were like you needed. The bridge we needed the ruins Gary needed at so bad debt, and we I remember the conversation cuz we're in pre production and we're in the production, office and Nicholas Stern are awesome line producer. He who did creed and he's like he's awesome and he he came into office that kiss everybody sit down, and I also because, in that same as one of the biggest you in the elevator two pretty big scene to wear the overwhelmed by reading it's going on in their load, is like PTSD kind of comes back a bit, and so
eagles. So listen. I looks like the Bruins are not going to make the playoffs, and so we need to probably shoot on the first day and we need to like put out between APB now and say: hey anybody is going to that game. Can you stay cuz we're going afterwards and thus just pray. They don't lose any cause everyone's gonna leave. I was like shit cheese. It's like this dismal he's been. I got from the from the jump like We single thing about it has said like you go deep or you go home like he was there every single time, as is asking that of you. I don't know what it is about, the organism that this movie is maybe it's just like the Spirit Abbas, Boston, whatever it might be, but everything was like they're gonna lose this thing and then so we get out there, When will we shoot and stuff in the box? Could he has some scenes issue in the box and then the game answer
ruined lose and worry make this announcement made. Jeff have film. This thing goes up and the mega tron thing and like they say, hey we're filmy of you guys can stay in in I'm, I'm a fur at rum and hopefully off for ever cynic. But I'm definitely city- and I thought, Now I'm going to stay and we get down there, I get in a wheelchair and with their with Tatiana, who plays Aaron in the movie and our cruise there and a camera crew and make the announce Let's go down. And they Romeo, and I realized that three quarters of the stadium staid and they ve all come down and including just boss. A casket was gone through Kevin, his his cousins, like always people at lined up as were being, were as being rolled out there, all cheering like Jeff Jack.
U S say, and I just got over wound at, like overwhelming just by proxy the love they have for Jeff there, but he stayed and I just thought, like thousand craziest, most beautiful send off. You could ask for. I just thought man, this city light and are an analysis. Like those we started. Think you were gonna lose, but we will do it in so. Do you think this is the best pharmacy? her prayers. I fired even sailor. I got you mean. I use your career like that. No, I have no perspective of my career yeah. I. I don't really plan, I mean I mean out there you in all honesty were strategic. No people, I work with me. Now we are thoughtful and you believe you'd You put the rare, less actor who'd, just
ex movies. You wanna make every time you're, not you, I'm sure you ve been offered superhero movies and things like that. But it seems like you, you, like veering, left right down, do all kinds of things. Yeah generous of you have to know your little asylum that myself up kiss your ass that's fine getting under way at no minor around like I never know what John, how movies next thing No, I mean I just. I think I think that. You got. You got to know who you got to know who you are. You got to know your value and you got to know who who wants you know. I like I've, always thought that that I've tried that game like I've tried. This hurt a huge game. You know like yeah, like, I think, I'm side said: do you started there? Wasn't you yeah, I just think different gambler. You know a gamble dear, I mean it doesn't mean you can't. You know, I think everybody
This idea like go like you, gotta, do the like this. I don't whatever this we are. This may be an american thing. It's like we think we gotta go like higher and bigger and all the stuff in to me. I I think I just bet like and I'll bet safe, but I think I just try and better with my thanks and say I got a bet on myself. You know if you're going to bet on yourself, you got a bet on what you like and what you can give your everything to. Ray, then eventually people go disguise pro. To give everything to this this thing, so yeah go see it. Would it take a quick right to talk about Gillette? Did you know the Tipp of a Gillette Razor blade is measured on atomic scale, meaning there blade edges are thinner than a single,
rain so well. That precision is the work of many brain cells. Hundreds of members of Gillette's research and development team of spent over forty seven hundred years, combined working to make your shave closer and more comfortable longer than the egyptian pyramids have been around awhile over a thousand craftsmen and women are in Boston, are busy making your blades. Another team is putting your blades through more than sixty extremely strict, and space quality checks they'll, just one of these tests doesn't leave the factory, in other words the hardworking people who had never stop working to make Europe blades better. Now that includes the price tag get Gillette Wade's at their lowest prices in years, see for yourself at Gillette demand that cop Gillette, the best man can get pressing applies to select products ends at these saw the discretion of the retailer. Let's get back to Jake Jonah, what actor d as you were, gonna rising of the rags. Did you say that
that's the type a career. I want that guy's grew, or did you not? Am I oh? No, I didn't really look at a mean for a little while there I really really respected, like I'm, still do really respect, but I think I early on I was I looked at like there was like Leonardo CAP, on top of and those that group a guys who you were working great directors yeah. I think their choices like just work with great directors and you'll be cool and Damn Psmith, yes, smart, move, and you know really in that group. Are you too young for them like you? I am way too young for them. No, like five years to AIDS are all, though I know I'm getting yeah like like eight years younger five, eight years younger than I am here. As I stand on a lotta good parties. I know they couldn't have
what to do. In my get a younger brother tat thing again. I've been to some pretty good parties. I was a little bit. You know, maybe not as high profile, but you know I like it's my thing. I just do my thing. You know right so now there. Their cover. They don't need. Anybody else has never have. I bid them enough in the group with what was your biggest brats IRAN were you just they may not be aware what I'm or torn hours will send you and us weekly other time near like how did I get here? What happened in my life? That's how I feel I have to get of my life to serve? Certainly general mantra, but I am an old man. Early twenties, I think there's there was like they were near: Dana Curse, the dough. Yeah. I want I've never taken for as you guys having coffee yeah that I wasn't That's where we were doing was intense their yeah. That was like at the height of the early proper at sea before They know that was we're getting coffee like that garnered. Like a lot of attention dinner I mean Tausig, so
how kind o Brien ever made use like theirs is Instagram page called like things. Jake does that is ridiculous and so funny it's there. Pictures of eating a sandwich and laughing and have cut people out of it, and it's just like Jake laughing at his sandwich is the best like Jake being amazed by snow cause. I there's like pictures of me, like some from added is moving the day after tomorrow losing all snow coming down. They did for like the red carpet and childlike smiling, and I was like that the snow, that's cocaine. When I do this social media has changed the game with that stuff, because, like last decade that was you, you know you read ass weaker than ever to stay in touch with whatever celebrities violate the ranch students that, by dynamic vision with demographic factors of isolated Adele, the granting and the way Twitter and the way people can just go directly their fans. It doesn't seem like like whose on Robertson, taking pictures of people coming to the ivy. You know
to when I was of an error in the mid two thousand? You know you get out Harrison, there's paparazzi everywhere now I would like I'll have to stores are gone. Well, that's nice! or not. I fear that our stores are gone, but what size from a privacy standpoints primarily easier, Yeah I mean I think, after a while, you just learn. How do you know go to the places where you feel more comfortable, you know, I think, that's basically unite used. What just been just being famous in having Semitic of picture views, your like commonality, I'm not I'm not used to that end. I know that's like, but I also say that it, those things we always I'll catch you like scowling, and something that, because generally, what I would say in this doesn't go for every one of them, but there is usually are not a great exchange that happens in that process. At what happens is the the the thing they get? Usually as you dealing with someone who is not a nice person taking a picture You really do love all the people who are looking at that picture. Yes,
which is always the that's always the difficult part, is like it's really just a jerk. Who is doing that suggest be aware, If there was somebody being jerky taking your picture, you'd probably be like that too. Like keep that in mind with people, and you see pictures of them that generally that's what's happening. You know they really like the people who are looking at the picture. Let's go through some Imdb. Ok, ninety ninety one city, slickers yeah, you played Danny Robin Yes, I do who is Daily Rapids first row, he was Zalm, Billy Crystal Son. You were Crystal Son and his any sucker. Yes, I was, did you know this Tommy caused them were sincerely like yours is how old are you highlight are used by twenty four? How old are you? Twenty four? You never seen city suckers, that's like the age ass. You know what VHF says he's literally here love your type warrior like I said it, the other day? I was time crisscross an hour.
Cause. I by mistake the other day I was so we were super busy promoting this movie and I put on my underwear backwards and I wore them on backwards all day long and then to change or something else like who owner doesn't change he added with a bathroom and ask what the did. I Larry was they wool what's wrong with me and then so that I turn em around. I like weirdly in the bathroom when I turned around and strange like in a doctor's officers, it was weird I felt uncomfortable and then I went and I D go, do some event that night and after walking the event- and I realize my t, shirts, on what's wrong with you? Lose your song talking in these people there, twenty twenty three twenty four and unlike then, I put on my shirt on backwards and undermine baggage today that it has a crisscross and they were like, no, no. This is in no way a city, I have been a bit. Chinese is officially the nostalgia yeah the empty, as
show called Nineties house where the now that dress and act like they're in the nineties. That's how old, we're hey. I didn't notice a commercial with crisscross like now, man like it's like you Chris. What up? what are you doing what's? His name is like. What's it any hand, he s a pr idea can understand it Chris Drink. The crazy crazy twist of unexpected is that you can never miss a what's your name daddy, I may see, and what your drink sb I d were because its Eliza Rohingya there's quench like a kiss with alarm untwist now you know, that's kicking were to drink up, took up as I gotta do. Why? Because I like the sprite in class. I wish we were right. Yeah. I guess I would remember. October sky oh I'm thirty seconds Chris Cooper before you, Chris Cooper, Laura Dern.
Being sixteen years old. Having no idea what it's like to be in a movie star we and on, and you like your trail it's that yet another dream a door here, but I like expected a lot like that. Like you know, pomp and stuff like, I expected it to be kind of like You know a movie said and really where realise what I think, what what what what good hard work it is at sixteen I, like pulled out of my second missed her, my senior in high school, to do this and it was a huge honor, but I remember Chris Cooper, that's it I'll, say thirty seconds or less Chris Cooper. Jane a prayer wheel. Him saying to me in one fight, see me had nausea. So exciting is your fight. These reactors are always the most fun. You know- and he is I guess, got me and he will stop just listen to what I am saying to you and the whole entire scene changed. So
interesting. I've taken advice from Chris Cooper. Yes, yes, Annie Darker, though she Brigham Movie, two thousand one. It's funny family was like a flop. First came out, but then it became like that had this whole second, third, fourth and fifth and seventh life. I know what I remember. Twenty days shot in twenty two days and when it today twenty two daisies CM sisters in it Patrick Swayze. He who was the consummate gentlemen the great Patrick Swayze he Patrick's. Now he is actually he really credible, not yet any he was just the kind of man. You know just the kindest man by. The the version of you know, star that you would always hope people would be a great man, the good girl, that's all Jen France than yeah. We made out.
Yeah we celebrated sexy made out in that movie. That's all I remember his simulated is aid for cigarettes accede, yet it was kissing, but it wasn't real kissing, but it simulated sex, yes, like this hatch, the Dick patch, where the other thing giant that, circles that China has been giant circle should I gazed eyes that get, and I do remember a pillow between us that again it wasn't. I remember actually like it yeah, I remember being like man. I, like I don't know, I like Gatsby Naked, like this, is weird after made with Jennifer understand hours. I was really Brad Pitt going awesome in horrible. At the same time, it was like so in great yeah pit as Ike.
You know your site and then you are also like on my ass beat it was like, but didn't he was cool and aids slave back that Brad Pitt was great Moonlight mile, which is he's told to actually it's pretty die like six feet five, ten moonlight mile for the record and gave I often not tall. Yes, I've seen him yet a mile on cable. A lot lately really are nowhere on cable up That, though, is just about haircut as addressing accurate or no, I don't have that was little We all star group of actors. I I was twenty three. I have no idea how I got that part and it was Susan's Rand, Dustin, Hoffman, Daphne Common Holly Hunter. It was every single scene with another extraordinary legend and I learned more on that movie there near to a tree. Movies along the way I learned about acting from lay. So would you learn them away
I remember seeing with Holly Hunter what well dust in all the time I mean knowing particularly that acting in film, is very different, acting on stage and you can You can do a lot of camera and you can really help your fellow actor to and be engaged and make a new, and he does. He does a lot. I heard maybe he's changed by this point, but he had the reputation for me. It's super difficult toward with, though at some point if the Kramer versus Kramer to read that stuff. I didn't edit, I wrote a book about male Street and there's a search after about Kramer versus Kramer and how oh yeah you would like maker, really cry get the performance. You wanna he's one of those guys he s the out by two thousand and two. No. I know he did a little bit too, but I think you may I cry Wilder no he tried animal but now I'm in the thing about it, is designed in this sitting acting is we're all different animals right. I mean I think,
we're all different animals and whatever we do, and if your professional in particular, I think you have to be aware that not every He has the same animal and not something I've learned to I'm definitely similar in style, not similar encounter of talent but definite Zimmermann style to dust, and in that I believe you can You should undo what you believe are the rules. You know less doing get really in rules and ideas and preconceptions about a scene, and I think, he's the kind of person who undoes those things and breaks you opened into a new space am always for that cause? It's a sacred space. I believe it's a sacred space. I believe once again for that camera like anything, goes right and you better be prepared for anything, and like unlike easier if your down I'm down. If you go for us, my love, TAT, Thomas lobbying, that in stronger because she's like that There's a scene movie where she screamed and I face that doesn't scare me Jeff. That was her line cuz I was at her and the scene,
yeah and she scream back at me at doesn't scare me in the movie such beautiful work by her and you to know that was coming. No we're just going to seem together. And I'm goin out her and she was gone at me and cause these characters we have a lot going on there's so much love between them, but there's so much pain and so much guilt and so much stuff and she's gone not me in I went to her and I was yelling I when I yelled at her a yell at the chair.
Yes it her in the scene. He says you know arm. Why do you want me like Whitey? Want me like a piece of shit like? Why do you wear and she's like that? Doesn't scare him screaming and at her and she like that, doesn't scare me Jeff and it was like, but yeah thinking that seem you hear that line to you go and you feel her power. You feel her strength and he tries to. He tries to take her down and she goes know and that's the way their relationship is the home of you. So I think I love actors like that. I think preparation, discipline planning all of those things everything and are important to the process, but you have thrown away and then you come up with ideas and the moment cause. You know nothing.
You're gonna happen and doesn't was like that we do this back ass called the reward was where we break down movies that people cinema in times when I did sounds a lambs last week about Hamas ran here and in the research I found out that the first time Jody Foster had the scene with Hopkins when she goes down in the sour and she does the accent he ad Lib, something about how he can tell other accident like he basically makes fund over accident as Anthony Hopkins, but through lack there and rattled her and made her upset, which is what he wanted and then got whatever performance. He Hoping for as I love that shit, I love and the actors are like. Canada pushed nudging each other low, but I think it s a game. I mean that's the fun part. That's funny get to a place like that's why you come Prepared yet if you're not ready, like the truth, is, if you
have everything down your research, all of your lines and unconscious way, which is about preparation, like I have learned from working with the paving had the privilege to work with such incredible actors, like you know, like literally late off the field, NATO and- and so I come in, I M ready to go. You know and in truth, like not right ago, like I'm gonna like I'm gonna, do my family do my thing and- and I think that too I think, that's beautiful, you know that's a basketball yeah. They read the Catherine, ask about payments, giraffe court, I mean look what we're gonna do. It is an honour to be doing it. There are so many people who want to be doing it and their So people who who deserve to be there. Probably made me more than me or the other people who are doing it too. You know and the truth,
if you're there, like you better play hard, you know and like that's definitely how I that's definitely how I feel, but I think it's a different thing to, because you can't just go out, you have to be vulnerable to you have to be open. You have to be able to love, you have to be able to say I'm I'm a little broken too. You know it's not all. Just like push back push back. It's also saying who are you? This is me, you know and that's why I think you know actors our relationship with actors are are amazing. You there. I think they can be really cool people, so something you became kind of one of the it guy the young guys like it like a horror movie online. I, like you, probably a lot of options paper, like everyone loves to do that he's next here. He comes and you get to do that. However, publicity did the day after tomorrow, summer movie yeah yeah, but it seems it seems, like
You kind of already started to veer toward Nada makin, a b that guy diameter actually make some choices. Yeah I mean Keziah. Your next couple are all like awful choice. What happens in a career when your young and you start? Is you first don't have much choice, you just go an audition and hopefully get parts, and if you do get the parts and you just site to be working yet you know sides, I got lucky to be making some really you'll, get get castings really nice films. You know, and then you, Sir, going to appear a time where you're like cast and then also are auditioning. So whatever you get your kind of doing too and then eventually over time, sometimes, if you're lucky enough, then you get to meet those choices, so their people making choices for you really
So a lot of these choices, we're talking about, are not fully mine there. Other peoples and great filmmakers so about the day after to Morrow, is like when things are starting to come, but I thought I mean like right after Dave you have a nice ramrod after a year, and I think that run came from a mix of like things. I died. Argo and also the deaf remark- is off Senora movie that makes money and then then that guy ok with put him in a movie and all that stuff, and then I was like Jack Jack Jar head likes him and as in John Man and Grant which one was fires could o five. You made three movies. Yes, three good move is brought back. Proof and jar head yeah. It was a solid year. Yet in regulation. Thank you very much, twelve years later stake. You aren't for that for twelve years. For no reason no one's can gradually me about that year. There you so thank you. Yeah. I think three very different movies.
Crazy differ movie, did proof that did not have some Oscar nominations and staff vaguely remember how do you know? I'm not now think maybe animal shit should know Brokeback. Did you lost a crash that, yes, we lost a crash that that has not age well, that decision, which other decision an eternity ask your Travis these, whereas in harness all I'd, say hello crash, be brought back. I know it's kind of its board. Raising over time, that was, that was a movie and it's a it's. It's hard to watch as cuz he's letter like, especially since I see the air, the dark night or even tender. I hate about you like Gaza, great actor, you don't have allowed a great actors now. No, he knows that there are no. You became super custom when you did the phone, but
yeah I mean. Can you even watch em over a new course again with like to watch it now that another is not here. It's beautiful. I mean. You know for me and for all of us may that movie is it making a movie is very different. Spirits from watching that movie, you know but that movie was the process of it- was particularly specially yet ike You know what I remember from that is like little thing watching Angli do tied she in the morning in by a river, we're all living in our trailer, so right next door, each other. So like me and then Michael Hausman, is our first eighty and then angry had his trailer and then he had his trailer Heath. And Michel Whimsie. They found love on movie yeah yeah, so they were then in a trailer together he noted mean, and then it was like, and we had like six trailers
we would eat in the morning we have breakfast unleashing the middle nowhere little and Norway Army. We know we are now burdock Canada and we would cut back somewhat one of us who could breakfast we all made up. We have breakfast, coffee and then one by one in order of who is working first, we had walked asset set and for the first month that movie, I was there and we we, we weren't, necessarily newer, doing something special. Like were became we're no idea who want to see the movie so desires the Indy. Yeah sensing attempt. The theatres and that's it yeah that time. No one was really telling stories like that. You know so it was. It was Angli who had stored nerve filmmaker, but I think we just went yeah. It's a beautiful story, won't tell it I think any of us knew the phenomena would become as a phenomenon. It was crazy when it came out and so for me it's those times
I mean to me. I think relationships are made not in you know the successive like the outward success, but in the connection so We are all very deeply connected due to the process of that and then and then he's leave the movies Data Michel S. Interest cares guy yeah yeah. That movie now, twelve years later and there's been so much pride, crafts with so many different things. Other, maybe some of that progress is now being foot this, as this has been not a great year in the country, but yeah I don't know I don't. I don't think that's why I don't think that's gonna go away. I know that that is. Why were you not to me Yes, I know well that Prague vs Absalom, but for the moment, but part of the narrative of that movies, like its movie about these two, these two men who farm? like this is so radical. Now it doesn't seem radical Otto at the specific Western, where two guys farmer, but its there's been so much
tv movie, everything that it's you know and two thousand five. You could feel it like. Oh god in the ten ray I used to this year, Mass, like whatever you really know what it's more! Why don't you do it now? I love. I gave a deliberate give me to repeat his cage it. Another way of saying, oh Esther, now I think that's just what it is you I mean. I know it is, a still, I think, a very topical subject. I think it is still an issue like you said I think, it was at the time much more. I think there were a lot of movies that will be made like that, like I said you know like, I don't think we saw dwindling about Turkey, Jessica Stein was like tooth
and two- and I was like this radical movie there- these friends and they form of right and it just Wasn'T- was really apply here. It is very different in entertainment. Now and if so many things being made about, you know, be same sex relationships and transgender and in others lotta thing state characters like it's right: but man I gotta say like the response was so incredible from so many aspects, committee well yeah, but also response, was an incredible. Well, I mean those terrible. It was interesting, you have to blow Nano, it was I mean, look man, it's like that! Will made for twelve million dollars, which is a lot money money, two hundred and fifty dolls round the world? Would you make movies, for you know we're people to see them here? You know
and for people to be moved by them and to hopefully, because I do believe in the power of storytelling change them. Lives may be have some may see themselves in a different way, be moved in a walking walk in tight, walking, closed, come out, open, come out, look at the world a different way or common feeling, like all you know like I gotta made and then have some Scared, the shit out of you and you got you. You know they're, so many different feelings I can be can be brought by brought great story and to me like that, It I'm not being political. When I say was interesting because it is interesting, I think I study human behavior, that's what I do for a living yeah, I'm fast made the way behaviour behave. You know we are, and I speak for myself, I'm wonder of contradictions like I will say, and do something else, and I think we are all like that and if you'd this job in a way that can you know it's your life's work? You know you can look at the world in a different way,
can teach you, because it is an absurd job that I do it's. It can be stupid, but it can also doors and show you the world in a way that you never seen before, and I now we're thought I would meet Jeff Bowman. I saw that photograph of him yet I followed him and I was like I was devastated. I was angered I was hurt, but who knew I would mean Two years later, rare and he'd be one of my friends. I make a movie about it. I mean like that's, that's the Yahoo, There have been five months on street with cops doing this movie and watch I did and what changed my life. I have to my best friends in in the world now because them into watchers really get yet again movie. I don't I it should have a bigger, really yeah, but there is no, I and we made a fur. We made it for very little and it made I like that. Fifty million bucks is pretty good. Let's take a break to talk to them, and ass. You, football fans, listen up, it's not too late to join four hundred and fifty thousand people that have already downloaded draft this season
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in the next ten years is great yeah Doesn't every choice made? He was a totally different guy in each movie. Yes, I think you can feel that energy And even feel energy from that time, that I think- the saddest things about the whole thing is that we won't be able to see his work. You know but yeah you can see our extraordinary he. He was just figuring it out in a way you know and really expressing himself in a way that best actors you could take for movies that therein and their completely different nature one and they feel like different human beings in each one. You know him and dark. As no correlation to him in like his previous movies. We know why I think he had a chance to, especially as you got older. I think it would have been fastening. To watch things also may so he's like his net.
Of his energy went out to so many different people. You know like ends and since he died, I think you. I feel that a lot like all the people that he touched and interacted with who he was learning from yeah. That was cut short. You know, there's such eclectic mix of people here had no judgment and he was so open artistically. Two people yeah aims so he was an adventure. You know and I think that courage that kind of boldness don't you don't find in a lot of even really great actors, no like rats. He was very he was so ably was always interested. You know, as so you made Zodiac and oh seven and you got to work with Fincher yeah and Zodiac. As that's been ten years. I think everybody Greece is a really good movie. There are some people who are like all the way and like no. This is the best movies,
For centuries, so right you don't understand sooner stereo, let's go through each seen like their psychosomatic, even up on the Ringer staff yeah, it's Christmas, favourable, but Fincher, probably picket red, she's hidden the pick a his powers. Would you learn from him, but he like that year is really interesting for him, because he had made a movie furlough. While he had been through a pretty rough divorce and then I think he had stopped making movies because you want to be their first daughter, yeah and then use I gotta I want to get back in, and he's either make Zodiac be also decides make Benjamin button at the same time. So he made a deal to say I'll do Benjamin button. If you let me make Zodiac yeah, and so a kind of some Zodiac was tango, cash or physically. I was like that it was the movie that I think he is a movie that he had wanted to make that he knew you want to make in a particular way, and
the colors are amazing in it I mean area. Is he made? It seem like nineteen sixty nine and the first that's how they added a how people do shit like that. It is like somebody is not in the industry like almost like. That's just amazing. It wish I mean he's extraordinary venture but light he had one of the best cinematograph offers to have ever lived and hair civilians who shot that movie. So the big wide tvs have helped that movie oh yeah, the big hd like all that stuff, yet Zodiac gonna win long term as they equipment gets better than well. There's some scary really the jet scary moments them yeah, but also the people who are really love Cinema, like they watch that they go we're so used to their resolve like that, the brilliance of movies about you know he turns it right back on the viewer in the area. Where is it
deal with your own. She, your leg and that's mostly via like yours, truly and other people. Will God can we just have seven again. You know where these are based moment that, due to the annex, I gave this well yet some answers like now. Now you just can render the house it's no answers. We're gonna like bring you the own sickness, in your own mind, yeah, we're gonna. Just like confuse you and spitting out of the theatre, those that sort of Danny Juniors Moving. Oh yeah, I got a lot of damage. Junior ran ass. We did a lot of work together neither acting lesson. I learned we did an amazing scene where he we were Hearst He decided you wonder where red Sox and put his red Sox up on them, able and then I realized they went foreground of my close up and he was so he's east approach that almost like red Sox decipher as well. That's these are at your tricks, man. You know you gotta, be you know. If you're, you know you're caught slipping like you, that's it that's what I'm saying it's like people don't realize, so he
EAST approach that almost like a showdown with the oh yeah, it's like us, it's he so Brill it's like somebody like a psychological game. You realize in your in it needs like Checkmate Bitch and your life back we are analysing the I'm killing it with all knife of fact there looking at his feet, you know like that's, that's that's downy, you know daddy, do you think he goes, moving on winning the movie, I'm looking. Rough, allow taken these deeds down, probably I mean somewhere I mean no. He the most like loving, inclusive, everyone's roundly data Junior I keep hearing that. I think there is a risk that industry yeah there's an respect, their respective deep respect for our there's, a deep respect when Someone gets one over on you. You know what I mean. I it's like it's one of those things I like I watch that scene. You see it in a movie and your decides wash squash every like you idiot kid. So when, The way you played the character in movie, you do you have
you guys, have you, like I'm in a play him. This way a plan is kind of like this. A little nervous, some kind of which, on into himself suspicious. Do you study like what would the guy was Lakers address your interpretation of the eye ass. I either rubber grace Man threw up way, movies are real guy in now, based on true story, so he's he's in existence in size, behaviour in sea just pick some text from an basically kind of I mean you know lots of its written. So it's me Interpretation at the time- and I was like younger I'm a very different now than I was when I was created- characters and I was trying to figure it out. So yeah that time I watched him. I observed him. I it's been wholly time with grace Christmas. But yeah is at the movie people bring up to the master. What's zodiac movie? Yes like done
dark loathing died, ARCA their real hack, yeah, yeah dialogue. Definitely it's like some weird right. A passage for people like doesn't happen once told me that he has all the same fans Mary had since graduate pages, are blue air, no fear and light that I serve get that light. You know, but I feel I Donnie dark, like a rite of passage, so I can your college years, like you, don't like, take a hit from the Bong Cypress Hill style in like Watch Donnie Darko. You know and all the sudden people cornering you with their theories of the Zodiac her no Oh really! Well, if you wanna Corner Jake, he loves hearing your zodiac air. It is age fan of a prince of Persia too. As a ten year, one superhero movie, yeah it didn't go on than those it you're out. I mean just its relative. What you mean, while Adam I mean China, it was a really interesting adventure, you now say it an adventure that movie it's funny alot of people talk
me about that movie being some sort of turn in my career, where I decided. Okay, I'm going to like do something different. I've talked. That was my interpretation. Is it that's not true, I mean men I put just as much working to that one as I as a having everything I've buried, jacked right, played like not physically physical. At that time will take twenty five pounds of muscle. No, I don't know, maybe I don't know I was I was young man I mean I, you know I I was. I was really excited by that idea. I thought it was really cool idea in you know. I think? What I realized is it's hard to do the kind of after work that I like to do like, and it's movie a certain size, if you're going to do a very large movie like that, by which I would love to do, I want I'm not like south business for large movies. Absolute ok, I just be wanted. There is open for business. I just want to create it.
Want to be able to create a real character that you know people go Oh, he still doing what I like that, what he does in a tutor but I do, but so what franchising jealous of that like tv, I give in writing universe, language, voronezh boy. He's gonna sacred worn seems like the ultimate foreigners. The shit born is scattered. A mission impossible from Tom Cruise Ethan, dear brother, lab mission impossible just one like it, one of the spy leg. Just you need movies, where your spine you're running running as fast possible. You run a weird way down z this, but I said it is blocked by far away from his bodies like he's late, skiing or something so so people out there did to read you a spy franchise. Sure, ok, but the thing about born is not just that. It's that it is the best concept ever it's a guy who doesn't know who he is and it s you search for who he is, but he also has like the awesome mists.
Fuckin fightings here on earth and he's like how am I so awesome? I guess it's that its great is busy doesn't know who he is, but who uses awesome right dear, like oh wow and they get three movies about, like trying to figure out who you are you nuts? That's amazing s! Amazing! I like source good. Thank you. I like a like movies, like that that mess with your brain and if the keeper living things and always a gimmick that works for me, sounds like life, so yeah and watch Fatima. Not bad? I liked it at that. I love Ella cop who movies just in general yeah. I feel that must be a chain. Others not quite enough of them yet. But if you like stars, Zella cops like that. Beyond,
at least flick by relying on goods are there, but which one, but which one which will resonate immortal, think which one in source code verses anyway. I think there are similar in terms of being resonant, I would say and watch because you know I cannot tell you how many you know. Long Foresman, men and women have come up to me in said you know how he did it right nice. Yet those that you know I spent five months on a movie. I spent five months in Southeast L, a light with Sheriff Department in LOS Angeles, Inglewood and LAPD, and I learned so much about the world and what they do in and they can hold a lot back. You know like an, and that was incredible and What does that mean that in our lab back will overtime? You look you
have realised things I got initially like you see, journalists do those things in they do for like a couple nights or whatever and you putting those guys danger, Those women and men who are doing that job when they have to carry to more people are one more person in their car with them. It's like they have to look after you and they have to do their job, and I also think that there is usually like that they want the initially Wanna put out this idea of like perfection, you know as we all do and what we do and then over time. I think you start to learn the human beings behind the the badge, and I think that's what I mean, and it was really five months with five different sets of partners that we spent time with both me and my companion were in the movie and we'd learn about them as humans. Like you know, whenever you get to know anybody, you get to know they're all. They got their complications in there also pretty incredible prisoners. Is you wouldn't watch that one ten times that
That's Jenny was a good one watch. That's that's Dini and he's an incredible. You know he did arrival needed. He did Sir Car Yoni displayed. He coming out scarves two thousand forty nine crawler yeah yeah that movie? That movie was a movie I produced with the first one of the first movies. I mean I executive, produced end of watch, but I produced nightcrawler and I wasn't credible, credible group of people and just this amazing script that Danielle wrote and his first time director and he just killed it. I mean that was like talk about an experience that stays with you that character definitely stay with me. It's like yeah he's intense First time director used. I like Boeing around Thumb, hey man. Let me tell you,
this guy's yeah know cause. I was like not eating for that movie and I lost a ton away, and I was I basically out of my mind, so I wasn't doing much except The great bill Paxton is in that movie. End he's incredible now movie and I do believe that everything that man was in an area that he touched was successful because you than it even if he plays like a small part in different movies, we seen you look. It is work all the movies are successful and I think it's because in one more break talk about my bookie from a gambling standpoint. We can remember the two thousand tens as the decade when live bedding took off. You're bedding at is just as important as who your bedding So here's an idea gotta my book that agee they'd been in this business for years their reputation is rocks out that he one I represent cash bonuses, so off the bat you're making money for doing nothing and then the fastest Pats seriously just to business days, they ve in game lab bedding.
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you're here blonde in a movie oh There you go, I grew my beard really long. We ve done that movie a couple times, so my beard off movie now about like handlebar mustache yeah, that's actually that's. Deep in a toolbox, something that unless I have no fucking idea about their character? That's eighteen! Sixties, western yeah, sure Did you do that? I just did a movie with this incredible director, Jacques Courtyard, who do this movie a profit and he and with what bottlenecks agency ral! Yet it's coming out! Probably next year convenient Chauncey C Reilly Riz, like amazing cat yeah, and I have a bit of a handlebar in that so and it is eighteen, fifty organ or your gold rush circle. Oh yes, crosstown off my legs were running time, so get ascii by South got just talk faster box and movie.
You have your backs are moving, is presume, you love the craft and our great act had through a maximum is the rule who hasn't their backs, a movie whose than actors at a certain level we had to do it right, how much backs and training that six a box in training. I didn't write a box at all, so I did it twice a day like you? Can I did you hit that point that it seems most people here where there lay? I could do this now. And I think the Nera thinks he could have like one, the waterways title would ever work. That's what he's really good and Emily I mean I, I definitely felt like. I got really good and I feel like I learned so much and I didn't even know how to box and now I feel really confident you know if my skills and but yet there was. There was a moment when we were filming where you know we were fighting in housing, I'd I'd there. I didn't really and truly like ass. There is Mamma arouse like ok. I could probably little bit alike, amateur stuff, you know, but
So no, like you, know no yeah now, when you see now, and you see whatever they go through Hoosier way for them are viewed as who plays a landmark Adams. It's rough ban, eight! I have to say I knew was coming in it still only like TAT. Minutes in the movie. I well, she gonna die, wait a second because you think it's John Mc Adamson thinks she's gonna be in it, and I believe I like earth anyway, and I live here lies. Had I closed. My eyes. Are Hell Rachel, I know at least be last profile hours. He heard icy movie. I know I know we said the other day there are like hey was that move tracking? I loved? It saw my she's, where the one where your wife died and outside there were three movies in jail where I didn't like no joke where that happens. So I was like I don't know we are here to time and they are aware that this great stories in that happened, then I'm not sure why that my it's Like you, a make stand around common hair, just sphere insanity? Maybe you could have just been like
I mean an architect who he was a very turned round his eye. Yeah You know I mean I'd these things. Keep me saying now. You know like that. I'd like to get out you know, what's in here in my head and in in my heart, is in a very helpful as like what is so cool about my job. You can, you can be crazy and people amazing, however, its on its head sits the reservoir hurriedly and they paves outside what that's. Why we're all like total narcissists Everest? Yes, really good, big tv movie, now shouts of the mountain, not a happy ending It's good, though, when it's on its ban on its own, the cable rotation Magyar amend for forty minutes in Europe can get sucked in its gates. I don't know I like those movies when you have to put yourself in.
Situation of the characters in a bad situation. Yeah, that's defiling! Let us what would I do now? What would you do? I first sight: Of Clyde them yeah yet have been in there. I bear its do that Santa feel good movie. I guess it kind of is a victim of women who lose it, who made it clear that the alien whenever knows yeah, Lazarev and meadows charge us. Yes. Yes, I'm still here my nose, this guy nocturnal, animals, Tom Ford, yeah. Close Eli aware Jeff, Jeff Boy makes me in this thing we did what he was like he's. I was a movie where you fell in your gunning, you shot yourself and I'm like we did this. I ve we did together. Interviews me as a nocturnal animals is like what the fuck is it. You fell on your own garden. He shot yourselves like you're, an asshole but yeah I'm in town, for it is time for
incredible I mean I can't. I just don't believe how his mind works. You know, he wrote the screenplay. I was sent to me just amazing scribblers me I was like kept fight for me back like City Tom was written by Tom for decades incredible and then working with him, you know is the same way. He's like he's meticulous but he also really loves actors, and he gave us a lot of space in movie visually was really cool. Yeah picked up the colors where There was an answer, weird colors colours and people whenever and then stronger Yeah I mean there's eyes, there's a bunch others nausea over that give women alarm. You there's a lot more thoroughly aloud. He had. You may want to take idea. Women's I'd do a musical on Broadway this winter and the cast out came out on the ferry Friday, some ten or twenty second same day. Star came up.
So yeah that I'm very proud of two. Besides the movies I'm in and you know just being on stage to say anything access for the union is sports, lighthearted sports dude, I'm in em all and the girl, but I'm getting older Solana for Lever for love the game type of who are a yulka aging guy. China keep it together, The key is to be the basic major league like it used to be the last big still chatting era gather Tunbridge. Tell them. Berengaria major league is by the way. How classic senior citizens are shared by the way now yet, but I can tell you that I know she's incredible in it, because she is incredible and she's a great shout using it was in the first two up, That's one interview her her exact way now getting and I must say yes she's right- she I know when she nailed it nails it because she's I can feel that energy, it's like she's, very excited about it.
She's excited about the work she did in it and she loves the people working, of Simon and she loves polygon. She loves James Franco and women. This time he has worked in the same movies like stony darker yeah, see Nita, some sort, a sibling. Maybe there's some sort of some sort of thriller. Sibling, Thriller Zealand, our eyes. I heard your majesty sailor right now submit thriller, maybe you're dying. Turkey has the will exists give spiralling out of control. Really weird notes in each other's houses, the middle of the night in here here man, somebody's. She doesn't like the answer at good luck with the movie its. Excellent. I cannot recommend how enough I know as probably, the wheel audiences for it, but I thought it was fantastic that your great knows
she really women over thirty five, but you know his outer west apparently, but you fairy everybody amassed user arrival, Massachusetts Vericourt audiences, advised by its excellent thank you, dates for coordinated and honour, reticent on deck, to seek for twenty two hours before seeking purchase, and I felt tickets use promo code Bs Nfl, thanks to hotel tonight, we're the that helps you find amazing. Hotel deals up to seven days in advance, perfect for an unexpected trip or a spontaneous staycation play it by ear, knowing of the freedom to score a great place and a great price. All it takes is ten seconds free tops and a swipe grab killer last minute deals download tonight at now, thanks to Gillette De Janeiro, Gillette Razor blade edges thinner than a single brain. So that's the product of many brain cells, a work from the thousands of men.
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