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Jalen Rose, Judd Apatow, and the 2006 NBA Redraftables


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by sports analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose to discuss More Than a Vote, a nonprofit organization championing voting rights created by LeBron James, Skylar Diggins-Smith, Jalen, and other current and former pro basketball players (2:10). Then Bill, Chris Ryan, and Joe House revisit the 2006 NBA draft and discuss some of its subplots, comedy, and legends before redrafting the top 14 lottery picks (33:55). Finally, Bill talks to writer-director Judd Apatow to discuss family life in quarantine; directing his daughter in his new film, ‘The King of Staten Island’; working with Pete Davidson and Steve Buscemi; early-2000s comedies; casting movies; and more (1:56:20).

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Today's observable some is passed on. The ringer pack has now brought to you by super cruder. While we know covered nineteen, it might change the way we attend sporting events or whether we can attend them at all. Who you sit next to her again and drank whatever ass loud things may change, as our world starts open up again, but there's one thing: they won't change representing sponsorship. Critters mission, though, continue doing what they ve always done, helping growing companies higher for their teams in helping people find jobs. If we act The hearings, hypocritical and by candidates to apply to your most urgent roles making fast an easier to reach the people you need by bringing employers and job seekers together. Zapruder is working to help all of us good, Zapruder, Dotcom, slash. Together ass, a rat you by the ring, and I come, and the Ringer Podcast Network, where we just how season two of one of my favorite pack ass the wire way down the hall then later Jabez held at lodged sulphuretted here people
argue about whether zig is tobacco is a terrible character or what This is it was under rated. That's your part cast check it out. It's really did I Levick, as it makes me remember the wire, where my favorite shows more time, but also its funding. Her people arguing about things that have just arguing with my friends about legs. Isa backer, I didn't love zig is back, but I thought he was an essential character because of the drama he caused left and right, but yeah, oh, I would say, would have a poster of him by office, but anyway, that's the kind of stuff. They argue about check it out. Come up. I have an awesome pack ass for you. You probably can't listener one sitting. That's my friend Jane the rose is gonna command to talk about a couple things, including more than a vote. This really important thing that he's doing the branch aims and summer.
As we do in the two thousand six redrafted balls of being Chris Ryan and then old friend jet appetite is gonna. Stop us. This is actually pact, but First Project Bell friend jailer rose. What time he had a little black has greatly Pakistan, where the jailer rose report with a guy named Dave Jacobus, whose didn't even have a name in the title for like two years and now, four p m, yes, Pierre Jail, Energy Kobe was a long journey. Was a decade log journey to get their. Congratulations have been officially congrats
Do you on the past? We give the people a day, and I want to give you a big shout, the matter I'll look over my shoulder and a studio happy go grab something because this is lacking We family, we are cutting filter. While you give We sought out acknowledgement, you my brother- and I love you were how about this yeah the forward. So my best selling book right, Did I write that out remember this? Is half kangaroo, Jalen jailing? Oh yeah? It's all. I have to say a few things just content, yeah. What people call you father, you better the other one cause with that the record! Well,
what everyone should call Europe. Our father is like now seems normal. What people want to let their voice be heard to have a pack or radio show people? I went out. A barber shop feel that our hair down it, wouldn't, you know, get relaxed like you are so very far ahead of this movement in for the rolls were poor air jail in Niger, CALL Vienna Grant my studio, and then we had lab basketball, our young, the job interview. We were door while the grail by our now really did ten episodes as very proud of them, but I our big legacy dollars. We were the first people to put Stephen Jackson on a television show now he's working to have as well. Famous people, America, how about how about that, and I'm so happy and proud
he's doing an amazing job you know represent and how George Floyd was tragically killed and when I saw his picture and they called each other twin, I was like YO. They do just look just alike. And I'm odoured in him, so its repression to pour me to see people just grow into. Their man, bombs and things become passionate, sit down and things circumstances take place and you get a new calling. An I see in him now somebody that understands that he had he hasn't. He has a bigger opportunity to make a great influence by representative.
See like he has done so very well, and you- and I have talked about this- for a really monitor air. As some I was born in the seventies and I'm old enough to remember been taught about why. Happened with Emma to by all. He was with a white woman. Young women, people come you got across the street Or you gotta eat a differ. Restaurant light. Segregation in the laws were passed in the late sixties, but it didn't end the next day. So like there's a portion of my childhood, where I got exposed to this- and I know about Fred Hampton when he was tragically killed in Chicago two, a dot m
police ambush this house, because the government of president at the time didn't want another black Messiah. So, like data data was exposed to my childhood, yellow basketball, my father's Jimmy walk right. It Norman Stoplight, Devils. Mere Mohammed Ali. Didn't to the military, really louse dinner was there. How was he Jim Brow Bill Russell greatest ever? Do it so that early seventies here, was important to be socially and politically conscious, yeah it changed in the eighties because at least need to grow their games. You notice you best seller author, one of the greatest, people. You know really be an historic again Ryan,
love you, my brother. Everybody knows that the not hyperbole! That's thus does a flat out fat. Google bill, Simmons, Spotify, ok, so but there s a magic, were charged with growing the gay rights or people. I all the last day of empty was snatching. He was its nature that Anti said the league was drugget. Festers Tokyo came like a squirrel cases after another Everybody knows that year, where he didn't do a name people, he didn't say someone's me that does not allow the market they were like ruin a gamer magic, It is so very iconic that we know the accomplished the M J, silk. The marketing of a black man mainstream. Could I remember I was in college, I all J Nike, we re accounts without
oh sure, were hailed as what is partly the parties for Ratchik. That's what he's deals with what he's bull Jackson and weaken our places like tat, fire, monkeys and black choose a black eye. We parted incident here comes Allen. Iverson were a core roles stuff like that, and it really colored from a source. Politically conscious nature kind of pill, doll from that perspective, because Ashley start moving to the suburbs. Rapper start moving to the suburbs, so I get paid top dollar and all of a sudden start. Looking at the stats- and I wait a minute we're still getting killed by police, get treated like the sixties, only people, second dogs on us and us like we were three fifths of a man, and so
I'll deal that the giants that current athlete stand on their shoulders and last year, seeing your jailer brown about brought in and people want to stand for. What is righteous. I want The American Y gotta know America. When you were born and night, your fifty fifty five or order is different, your family, your niece, as your nephews using your kids, is forty another. They grew up listening to rap. They grew up where long shorts lacks use, black socks, love and sports. Haven't black idols? Haven't black people that What they want to wash your movies are due to our comedy and stuff like that, so we're we're family were a melting pot. Add to see so many different people, racist, colored, increased avi, now marching in protest it for a common good, its refresher anybody,
we back to you, because there was a time in this industry, were I freaked out too much so sad people, and I know you were getting corporate emails about the things I was saying a you just latin and ass cook in allowing that voice to grow, creates moment? Why I'm proud that I could be I'll get up and we're talking about Mary are we talking about now and I am able to articulate myself the way I was able to do so, and I wanted to thank you because the Rolls report in jail- and you call me- became that outlets talk about what it basketball
and that was the stereotyped that I wanted to overcome all young people, I basketball. What does it all talking about? Football would talk about based by at this the dumbest thing ever, and so I appreciate you in that's muscle bucks. I thought we had more problems with count down with it. You know the grid that stuff was easy. Academic, eight that, but you trying to find the balance of who you actually are to hang out with verses. Who you are on a studio if our show that's being shown to twenty million people and you try to navigate. That was really fun to figure out with you. We talked about it a lot. How far do you go? We, you would get feedback from people. They hey man, tone it down. You beg tone it down. This is my personality
and his life, don't say James Doll and through people out of the building, like ok, where you get Google these the hidden. I heard not only all the teeth in Harper are they make this thought and the most interested in it happened. The two years we were together was that Coopers where's game Is it people I dont know if I've ever told the whole story like you are actually involve behind the scenes talking to people in the locker room and at one point it did even see my day great, I'm doing anything in you just disappeared, you left the room and you were talking to people an hour and then are doing the warm up jacket thanks, but I look back at that moment. I said this in the pot a couple weeks ago that that's a moment that I think in twenty twenty is probably handled it I think they didn't totally know how far they could go and what they wanted to risk, but now I think it by two thirds twenty standards there, risking it at that point. There not plant and
again, I allow this comment is gonna probably made some people are accountable, but we know auto Molly the power comes from who has the money and we're Tommy Psmith Ajar? Carlos did their protests, the Olympics, they were asked asylum would never able to get jobs again it they were not may heroes. The the gentleman at the early summit my shoulder when they made political stance, as you know, they were not celebrated by the media. So now. What we do all that is who is the greatest of all time list? To be honest with you guys like it? If you guys, we lie all bill. Rustles only eighteen, a curry, was playing against. Why I'm unable talk basketball with you
Four realize you guys, don't understand the reason why they were celebrated they should have been celebrated, is because their political stance, it is not because curve, Michael Jordan, on a bronze aids achieve more than happy without time. My greatness and dominance you gotta start would also correct bright dazzle, you thought accommodate conversations or using a were wrong. Well, it all now, there's stuff they did beyond Basque about to its guy. You gotta include the whole package. You right, Emma Ali at all. We he's a young pop in this picture here he wouldn't even in the NBA, yet right. He was not in the NBA, it's all for four colleague capital to taken me and become symbolic to George Ploy kill him.
The visual is a mirror image. It now players that have been able to. Stand on the shoulders of the giants that I mentioned there make more money now bill, they have. Or power? Now it has been more awareness, so we call it took me a twenty sixteen. It was twelve or thirteen players, this year is gonna, be hundreds. What's the difference. They know they won't knows foster. Ships now remember, travel were now when the travel Martin thing happening in, and the brown in those guys they took what was at an end. And picture, and everywhere we were doing tv back then out there that year, yeah, never ragged, debate or giving a rigid member they're getting criticized correct
that's why they waiting into this, and so our strength clearly comes from our intestinal fortitude of what we do at five hundred years ago, country, that's where the initially comes from. Where inherently taught you got to work harder. You going to do, got to do ten jobs and get paid half as much like these. Are things ever come in here, but you like- that bad but dear what is happening is one in twenty. Twenty seven, Ready met NASCAR. Is it using a confederate flag? I can't celebrate their when you celebrated common sense. Right is that his life? When I asked you for reparations, we have equality. Well, I
what's playing on having you on next month, as we got closer to the basketball player, because you haven't been on in a while, we haven't shut the shit about stuff, but you did this thing with Lebron in a few others this week, that I thought was was really really cool, really important, really powerful and you mentioned you know Karim, Ali and rustling guys I that the bronze than some really great stuff I this might be the best thing that he's kind of spearheaded, because this is something that could actually influence real change and you are primarily evolved FR in jail arose. The hell were you doing in how it came together. So Leubronn decided, as you mentioned, that he wanted to create a coalition the square knowledge, while
they wanted to acknowledge why your opportunity to make a change was basically more than a book. So a lot of times people get. Discouraged deal because we look a bit the candidates we light. We don't either one of them to be frank with you, We don't necessarily know how they're gonna to the plight of the people. There look like us, but this is a new climate Rwanda? These gentlemen had clearly just gone way too far, and so it it's not even political. It's more knowing your worth being a taxpaying citizen and contributed to society in overcoming obstacles that are placed in front of you and your computer,
how in the inner city, the lines are longer. You get up to the pole and how does it work, yap, elderly people working in the city, but you have younger, stronger people who are more tech savvy. The suburbs. The lines are shorter. Alot of people don't have trust in the system. They don't feel that they send in there both the mail, this actually gonna get count it, and then there is the elephant in the room, the popular vote does it necessarily dictate who went the presidency? People don't like to say that out loud but there's a thing called the Electoral College and if you put all of their pictures up, they look a lot more similar than opposite red and that discourages a lot of people. I saw what the goal is: is to the east
to re motivate them the way it happens, two thousand eight, what Obama in two thousand and twelve, but above all we didn't have the same energy, two thousand and sixteen we need to have the same energy and two thousand and twenty especially when the person, a power, won't even say the phrase, black lives matter or won't even say the phrase. I can't breathe you that that that that tells you, you have an opportunity to make change prosecutors, I'm senators mares president. You have an opportunity to maintain that your voice be heard. So that's why I applaud the brown. Because, as the best player in the NBA and an iconic figure, you- and I both know when you're in his position when you start to have a political one, everybody is gonna, disagree with you
even if they're wrong or not knowledgeable about the topic. So that's why what are always appreciated about here and there he's been consistent, and I know you like that as well. Will you talks about raising the energy of for two thousand and twenty for a certain community? What about fixing some of the stuff that you mentioned a little bit earlier about. You know, there's chicanery with that was the voting places. The lines are to learn that things don't work the shut, the shut, the stuff down at eleven o clock at night. All those things. How can you fix that with this coalition that everybody put together here so others water painted a pitcher? What am I favour? Sars grown, always grandmaster, Flash and Melle milk the message being a low care and wrappers delight came out. I have had the heavy, I can't front,
When I first heard- and everybody was love- and I love it like that- and it was like the greatest wrathful efforts Every biologist I design within her broken glass everywhere people, physical stepped, you not just don't care like yeah. That's it right there and that's the petrovna paint with this, because there are so many people who are able and willing taxpayers citizens the actually want to book. But all of a sudden you go to your voting site All the lamb is so very long is flight. You it its design literally to equate you you any place. You go a ball game, a cancer, a supermarket the longer the line, the less encourage. You won't be the stand in it, especially once you get her a programme
It may not be worth eight so now you see These people come on I'll. Do it create chaos? What is going on what has happened is not created for level of mistrust that has gone on for decades. Those like ok, is my boys really go we her also the thing we hold in our hand: twenty four hours a day is caught a smart. Why can't we vote from it.
You're NBA border bill? You're, really notable see all of accompany. You do almost everything from your father, your computer, right, yeah, ok, provides. Eighteen, basically has a phone iraqi support bill every month for clear by the Wifi service is tracked. We should be able to vote on our phone or how about have the data we vote the holiday where people are off. If I may forty thousand dollars. Alas, I really want to make my voice be heard. What you know I can't do take up work today.
I take care of my kid, so you farm basically a nonprofit that will eventually be able to raise money. What are you going to spend the money on? Where does the money going to go? So basically, what you try to do who tried to eliminate any barriers. Emotionally psychologically or physically that's gonna. Make people feel that my boys, mob you cannot be heard. It would not be impaired we're in your are living room, hey bill. If you feel this out- and you can't go board on this day, Yes, you can, maybe you can track that it acts We arrived your voice in your boat will count, but people have not trusted the system for so very long there there people, who feel like the or in the mail sometimes is I all you get Fedex it you don't I go away? Love by now. You can actually be
the draft. You can flatter right, so I'm really enthusiastic, who is on a car schuyler and draw afraid young? Are you done as have long my grey. Ah Kendrick per guess, I'm Stag Jack Bigshot, stable Jackson, as I mentioned earlier, and it s going to attain a mushroom is going to tee to gain power and it just about boys. Is it just about the charity? Dick that makes it took her discourages empowering those voices they get left out is that is actually not political. It's not even political, mobilise the people about a political US sees normal order, or does it like at the bottom of it light came the cure for cancer. Valued ran normal well, that's all you able to be a non profit, Keziah
leaning, one where the other you just making it easier for all human beings to vote. A practical life affair knows that Maybe I'll buy all can be saved. God I realize, was such a big differ. So the brand said I'm inspired by the likes of Mohammed Ali, I'm inspired by the bill. Rustles in the cream of village bars the Asker Robertson. Those guys rooted when the times or even worse than they are today or railway. Hopefully soon. Way down the line someday down the line. People recognize me not only for the way I purchased game of basketball, but the way I approach life as an african american man. When on Orton what year did you think he really fully understood the gravity of sense of died that cause it seems like in the last I would say six seven years once he got a couple titles out of the way, as he was trying to put everything else together, then you start thinking, I big picture had allowed or be remembered fifty,
years from now. When do you think that was for him oh by the way you can appreciate this couple, a mob great is what is in modern era. Championship history, yes, M J had not retire yet has a shack and call me now Now, if the brine not left Miami UK DE didn't. Leave the warriors update the bride man bones when he left man when he went back to clever people, forget the letter today and Gilbert role. So that was basically a decision is almost like speedily being a next. Their young girls are still how
bad James. Dolly is innate. Draw me out of your readers, ten billion dollars on a pyramid. All my movies are fit for a Robin their number one mass got forever. Even he can't stop me from being a next me. That's all arrived about girl, I'm gonna bring a championship to clean and so to me, that's when he started to write to the philanthropists and the active is that we see these days. You know one of the greatest what ifs Evers, if the legend and play do a little more. Ninety eight, the last day for that the lead kept. His apologies they think about the last dance. They re there, ten parts they buy it at a time that our famous happy there we're gonna, be all right, go get lucky he data for two thousand and whose little too late that respond to that
fantasy you in their new edges, either ETA, we talked a billionth eyes, but their paces ball Series and how close closer was- for them to go down. It was interesting to hear the way he talked about it like it is I won't let you person, you pushed into the tail end of it and he spoke. He still got up. You're. Not a disappointed day is like he's, he's the go so when the rest of the world watches that they get a chance to celebrate. His greatness is like the hero in the movie, like he's, going to find a way to persevere like we know, rockies going to find a way to with everybody's watching the last dance and I'm seeing footage that I didn't know existed, I'm like he was carrying that only a smoker, cigars and allowed the roman army should have been here.
We lost an ill Pippins heard because about Jerry Cross the mean- and here I am I I can't believe we lost it up and then I thought about it. Bill Tony coup coat. He rang, Yeah. He got he gotcha people, sleep all hell, the waiter hair like he had at least twenty, yet they the way they were constructed for a game. I tat to get to basically over ninety points. They needed a wildcard guy, whereas you guys get always you don't get to whatever point. All of those are really good. Pacer state. I want to save suffer when you come back before the season starts. To do any tire weight. Have you talked Have you talked to your lovely wife about three and a half months in Orlando issue? Where thou fellows what's happening here. Heads were here is what we do. Like I gotta check the guest list, a yawning some of you
I'll be there to call me like six or seven people, Did you call me there's no way Jacobus gorgeous leave. You cooperate, abides crossover. How about this? If you go I'll, go I'll, say you're not going! Your basically tell him you're not going arena. I said if you go I'll, go otherwise I'll come to LA and do the show instead of going to Bristol. I'm saying that on way those are I I was studying round to which would be to straight weeks at least its eight eighteen, so immediately two games a day by day, legation you'll be like you know those last two rounds of the Olympics just keep up, for to that as a great I was thinking that would be pretty plus the ran to match up siguna being credible
And I don't I'm gonna, look at it that one, but if I have to let go and get quarantine for a week and other stuff, I don't know so what we'll talk about that when it gets closer I'd be site. If you came now either now that's the player will see it. They do on an announcement where the NBA schedule is likely how to be on ESPN and will do that in LA so I'll make sure we catch up, and if we do another part, we have to do the deep dive on. We never talked about the conversation we had with magic and will by that time of the right to traders, cargo bass and magic so thing about George Carbon, how he was the greatest pick, a basque about power of our time, and he just laid out the case for us for like four minutes, and we were Alec. Ok, good enough. We I imagine being a little kid. I say: Cecilia Jim, I'm a little skinny, clear eyes. It is to give me live far allies to go to
by the gate, arrayed or fagel stuff and I say: go grab Eisen JOR. Some ice to think about is also a youngster. Get the gradual eyes for the gate. Arrayed on day, I believe, will be an avian pay highlight noodle muh, muh, Muh, muh muh Muh kicks Cash, Eliza ICE Ice icy dislike. You say you were an email, I already in a row. We was come, the other little gate. Why? Right now we say whatever team George reside, that he just one you're out and buy once, and he could score anytime, you, the basque about. So, as I said, figured out early. So I need Georgia by time and then I'm just going to have to stay in the court for three hours, but all they don't know that that's a modern day, Kevin Terrain yeah. So
he got me half a year here join a seventy three where team, but you gotta be the leaves core whereby the BP, that's Dar Canada, random modern day version. You agree with that of their yeah. I mean with weak, almost a carbon with twenty four for range. Yes, and I just wanna bet you know he would have issued knows the thing with urban of his. Yes, he is getting the thirty two he's getting a points, a corner, and that was it and then there might be the sixteen corner and there the twenty point quarter, but he was getting aid. Every corner was just happen, you're prolific score in a group all time great legend, when you go into the final game of the sea and know that the guy that you're going into a store and title would have sixty seven and sixty eight and you need to get over set and you get it right that got everything yes grades to it. So you come back when we actually the plants whose good Senior said everybody gives Kobe cares for me. I thought you suggest
love. You brother theme song, alright, the two thousand and six redraft is coming up in one second Joe House and Chris Ryan are on it wanted to mention that house is fairway. Rolling podcast is back because golf is back. I actually went on there this week with Nathan Hubbard try to figure out who is gonna win the colonial, but we doing a free tournament, Fanduel dot. Ass, Ringer Gov every week that they have a Pga tournament You can try to beat me and ass any one cause houses the best at this stuff and always has really get. It sticks with outta peck who's. Gonna win yet Winds, bunny betting on golf, which is just dumbfounded to be, but if you, if you like offer, if you want to get into gulf more and try to figure out, what's going reflect check out a fair way role in our attitude that six redrafted was right.
The two thousand six redrafted, both Chris Riotous here, Joe houses. Here this is one of the dumbest opiates draft Other than two thousand thirteen, probably the dopey draft of this entire century, we had a fur. Our first pick was named Andrea we had six lottery whiffs, we, out of our top five pigs, one guy became in the steed later tyres, Thomas one guy. That kind of all time. Bus. At a more said, one guy became a internet punchy bag and a despised near neck, Andrea Burg, nanny, and then the number five pick was guy who's victim was the landlord that I totally forgotten Until until I did all the research for this Lamarck Sandridge was the only good top five pick out of this draft Chris,
and this was also the last blog post of your Chauncey Bill, Blog, which the new for our documentary about coming up. I can burns what what are you remember this draft? First, when you think about it. I it's inert and, with my experience on basketball, internet and like the first three or four years that through thousands where it was truly weird out, You know- and people were just blog about the personnel it is that there are attracted to infers much. Is this this two thousand six draft is honestly like it's a prior waste of this broadcasts. Time to re read forget it: what an island of misfit toys man and what what strange group of individuals to be in this lottery much less. This whole draft and I remember those that night and just like that was back when Lake basketball the ruling weird back then, when they went guys like this would get pictures Sheldon Williams would go in the top five or six picks overdraft
you're just like what am I doing with my life from just watching this guy named the landlord kids. I left resell and I we did the two thousand five redrafted bulls and discussed this isn't epic? Epic GM run of just terrible decisions across the board for five salad years, and you can feel a lot of them in this draft. Combined with one of the weirdest college seasons we ve ever had. Where was basically the height? J J Riddick becoming like a cobra kind. Eric as villain on Duke and then is bizarre, Adam Morrison thing going on and all of us while these are the best to poison college basketball. This is not a great side for the draft. What else do you remember from their college season? I don't remember a lot from it. I think the overriding overwhelming sentiment is what you guys have said.
Been saying which is just crazy, weird was so weird. I never thought that do team was very good. They they won right, they wandered yard of that year. I thought that children Williams was whether Wowzer kind of guy any got picked. Fifth and in the draft it was like it is that this draft, I think, is proof of how hard that the draft is like. How can you fall GM? How can you fought teams for you now taking a swing on a bunch of guys near the track record. Here are all over the place. How you possibly mine, a diamond like Paul Mill, sap it back in this era. This is that this is the kind of take away from me yeah they're. We don't really have the advance metrics component. Yet, even if you look at
spoil the redraft that we're doing later, but you have run, does the twenty first big corollaries, twenty fourth Palmdale saps, forty seventh Pga, Tucker is thirty fifth, and these are all guys that would become like top eight or nine Robin guys, and then you go to The way with the top five Worley one guy makes it. We knew it at the time and this is only happen a couple times with the draft. I think it definitely two thousand definitely two thousand thirteen and then this one where people are like holy shit, get hold a half to your seats. We don't know What's gonna happen, this draft has some suggest legendary, dumb ass trades. So Chicago ends up with the number to pack because of the Erika.
Trade that I say Atomic made the previous summer, where he gives up to unprotected first round picks the first one manifests itself as the number to pick and the entire draft Chicago gets us in insane. Dumb luck, oh my god. I can't believe this sort out for us now was too good to be true. They flit the pick two number four Portland fur: the rights to terrorist Thomas and Victor Crap House. You have a victor crap, a jerk. Yes, it's mister cropper, that's the joke, but that trade with Scrapper Portland wires. The seventh pick from the Celtics ran before Rifle France's contract, which ran for two more years are three more years and, and then they go in exchange, Sebastian tell fair fear. Rat lifts contract, which was
a year sooner than May for France, which is why boss the wanted it and had two thousand eight second round her. Gonna go until later, but this is about is angry. Is by dad's ever been on a draft week. He was just completely enrage walk later and then the other one, that's nuts phoenix as the twenty first pick, Marcus Williams is on the board. Controversial point guard who I was However, I think that you can still some laptops. Let's what she's Cobble Sousa Laptops dealer, and then rage on does on the board, who everybody was like freakish athleticism em? you chance. He was one of the original freak guys, but but Adsum sub chemistry issues. It Kentucky leave it at that Phoenix as the twenty first big they just trade it for a future Portland first rounder. Meanwhile, this is the height of Phoenix being great. They just could have had Rondeau
they pass that up. Eight Chris, why were the GM so bad? Is it like? The internet had properly Bowie GM yet for bad behavior? What was going on here so I'll? Tell you I'll, tell you what I think is. I remember city, in the back of a wonderful record store called Mondo Kim's on Saint Marks, place in New York City. And reading your column, Spectin Lake and TAT was the first time that I was like oh yeah, you know what somebody make these decisions like these guys, don't just appear in six years universe, herbs, and I remember that was a sort of like the that you you know you were among the first people produce these ideas of like these guys can actually screw teams up for years and yet it be paying more attention to how they spend the teams money. How do you put these teams together? When I look at this list of me, I ain't and ended. I actually like amnesty
logic for the era of dumb gems. I get a lot more fun when there are more David Cons and less Darrow worries. Nowadays, like it's pretty rare winsome screws up on a monumental level. It out this was, Here I wrote the atrocious GM summit for four months before I think one common theme with a lot of this stuff, there's more ex players running and this was still the last the era house you how sad enough you know this, but you ve had a couple. Exploiters run the bullets wizards too, to mix success. I think what's happened by the time we get to two thousand twenty: it's it's just a lot more smart people who did, it necessarily basketball, professionally. You know, and I think back then you think, like you lessons out or in a grand found as a time is it goes on and on Michael Jordan's, making picks for Charlotte and though wave is common.
The Darrow Maurice SAM Presty, guys that are looking at a completely different that are taking advanced metrics into account, account that are in bringing in export biases of don't no, this guy's talented. We can save him things like that. How would you rather have an player or a smart person run your team jested Adena. What's your pack, the one thing I will say in reviewing this draft in thinking about it that the dearth of talent- this is really a talent list. Draft Amelia there was one potential superstar in the draft and he had hurt and that's it like an orderly. Fifty. Yes, and his name is Adam Morrison at that was my favorite part, of course, Ryan's lashed blog post ever by the way it was What what is it? What you call this outfit? I think I
buried him to a guy greeting you at a best buy, but I have to go back and check. Like you, call them like their erector. Like you know, a guy like, oh yeah, rectory, that's right, we're late! We have already had a Morrison conversations. We had no six. This was still an arrow, and people really really cared about college basketball and he was credibly fun, college basque, but where both him and J J were I it's hard to think of it. This way now, J J turned into such a good rope where, but he was awesome to watching knowledge and the other schools really hated him and he's talked on. His part cast about you know, is tough thing. To deal with as it twenty and twenty one year old. When you get to hate him you like that with more sin, this is guns AG as real of yet
a break out as staging reality bigtime programme, and he was unlike any other college, where he would he was buckets, use put it up for it out the point. The conversation where I have to ask you guys: Adam Morrison, Could he have made it a fitting blow out as the UN, the Hornets Bobcat, whatever whatever Charlotte version. They were at that point I kind of like him fresh near a rookie year. Insurance I thought he had a couple decent moments that I think the knee injury just kill them yeah. I there's. A couple of guys in this draft were drafted a couple of years early there I mean thereby a couple guys bus, no matter what, by this draft this is a really interesting snapshot of a time before I think people started getting a little bit more creative, with how they how they developed talent in the NBA sleeves gives. See a couple of guys here and you're just like yeah. This is just someone just straight of drafting a power forward because they think they need some help.
Boards. You know you're a Morrison drafted in two thousand and twelve is just a much different player than he is in two thousand and six and the EU might have even succeeded in that era that he was drafted into if he hadn't gotten hurt. That was the worst possible situ. Action for him, based on what we now know was his seeing a particular kind of psychological make up like he just he in ours, as you say, bill. He didn't have the disposition, The demeanor, the psychological wear, to be alpha and they needed MJ needed alpha out of that draft pick, and the funny thing is here a ton of alpha as a college. Basketball player like yeah, is incredible. A I loved him and I thought he was gonna have at least a good careers as somebody like it's somebody horn, like you know, you know that felt to me, like me, is his basement. This is
the floor, but I think you have you know. The injury obviously was the career alter, but if he landed somewhere, where you didn't have that pressure and he began got picked, you know later in the lottery and the ten to fourteen range, I think it could have been successful, and that era there were some red flags that we did not know how to take into account in the middle. Thousands, because even with them- and I remember my com- it really taken off at this point out a lot of is the first time I was really getting inside information from different people and that, though the The word Morrison Gonzalvo was he was really fragile and they really protected him for the media, you know he was almost like bubble. They are because they were really. You know, worried about him. They were worried about what he could handle and they really sheltered him a lot of ways- and that was the word even before the draft, and I think now in two thousand two thousand and ten-
the science of studying leg, just the brain and mental, make up of aware in there somewhere. My sister mental health. They were real red flags of him, throw him in Charlotte with a ton. Expectations doesn't have a great rookie is he still average eleven again, but he sat a team with your wireless Raymond felt then a MAC Oak Afore an end age. He gets a danger, any just kind of craters. I think he would have been put in a better position to succeed, but ass. I don't think he would have gone three because I think I think teams would have been really concerned about some of the red flags of them coming out of college these values are doing a good with Morrison. Oh, it's also like that catch twenty two, where it the most values derived from him if he's a focal point of the offence, but the most Pressure gets put on him when he's made the focal point of an offence and also, if you are be a team and Adam Morrison is the focal point of your office where rail and write the at another.
Guy that tyres Thomas ends up, go in the top five, its future and by the way I will fully met. I was completely wrong. I thought he was going to be a good pro one of the reasons I thought was he was awesome in the tournament and it was a classic case of the guy lighting it up for two weeks in March badness and ever Betty going all this guy and it was just a is house we ve gotten sucked into those guys over and over again that was a classic barge bad. This almost like a contract Liquid Jerome James, had his contract year, make it thirty billion in the play off. So is the college quiver that I think people are more hip to that now getting getting seduced by two good march? this week's yeah I mean we ve acknowledged a bunch of times doing these redrafted goals that back in that area, and anyone really, especially in the late nineties, we used performance in the
see double lay as highly weighted indicator of a potential future success, because you know the logic, and I think it's not crazy logic was that, on the biggest stage in front of your with the sort of highest amount of pressure seeing these guys perform there should be a reliable, can indicate. Of how they're gonna withstand that same kind of pressure, once there in the NBA, maybe don't take somebody from Alice. You is a good draft strategy it was his name is sack the number and pick this draft Andrea, bark, daddy, all of us that excited about what had happened, and I when we do the redraft buzz. I want to go into his whole career, but here's here's how people felt when it happened jealous at the draft, says a solid prospect with a chance to be a solid player red
number one then he says later in the draft. This is before his. If but taken he does not Reba It is that poster is that fiscal he needs to work on his body. That's how bad the strap to us is that the number of pig how's- that our go nuts, because we love brander rank ouch We were just like here. Is the one guy in this draft other than J J, who, I think we both fell was a we know at least use could be available where one of his best, our brain or I was like we know it- is he's a guard who to be able to create a shot. He had a very bad debt. I have all kind of cross over hesitate. Moved out. Just like one, the NBA Gonna score, twenty a game. I wrote. In Minnesota, took him sex. I wrote in the diary with the six pack, Minnesota somehow ends up with the best will in the draft brain arrive funny how those works out that way with the new rules, that is hesitating. Move alone is good for sixteen eighteen points again next season and three or four asked our appearances down the road
That is exactly what happened. What we didn't know, we didn't have the intelligence that knees were like every every good medical staff that looked at home was right. That guy's got five years. And so there was a real shelf life and yet Chris and Iconic for five years, for Oh yeah, I mean some of the most like breathtaking moments of that of the ambient air. I associate with brain Arroyo, its Miss them miss actually really enjoyed how you dig his game. Some guy, you Know- and I think some of these guys. And, like I, miss these types of players, because you think, like all judges in this draft stove on strong desire, San Antonio, is going to be a fridge, and after this season, anything like we gotta had fish Here's a brain array. We basically got four and it was He did anything wrong and was just his body. There is a whole,
about. He was missing it ac owl in all these different things, but the Celtics had the seventh pick and that their team doctors basically I think they talked about this, but this is what I was told by my boss to people like the team doctors or just like you can't take this guy he's going to be out of the league by the time he's twenty six seven, the others anything to the idea of the way like we have a better understanding of like how to get guys healthy lake. Is there anything that could have saved for an Roy? I mean you're, not a doctor, but like the way that the Sixers put guys on ice. A year or two here and there is there anything that could have been done to prolong or save in a Royce career, I'm sure I'm sure I don't know if it would have. You know I never said saved his legs, but sure, there's a scenario where a Odin, the do our will do out and when we do our seven, but the Odin stuff was very, very basic things that could
saved him write his legs weren't the same size. Now they would know I'll just where these sneakers it'll, even out you know, then your body won't be off kilter and things like that. It's weird we were thick in this, way in two thousand six, but we weren't one other note. We should talk about right, logos twenty one and Larry goes twenty four I didn't like when the Celtic Tiger for here's what I wrote the list of it. It teams that what an idea tat over the point guarded couldn't shoot, looks like this and then the list was just are empty. But then I added, on the other hand by Celtics Balls, told me that Rondeau absolutely distress rainy foreign markets swims in their work out a few weeks ago. So who knows they win a title, Two years later I think you better draft airy performance is the great reverse jinx. There is an argument to be made, and I sure we can make it
We were going to do not ok, the entire career that this guy's out. But if we were going to say the best version of these players, how would you redraft them I think national tv is in the conversation for the unemployed back. Why, while tee this war, I want to say something around us that for when we gets in the but I'll tell you this his rookie year, which was a train wreck in there tanking for TIM Duncan. Basically two months in and Rondo was clearly good. And it was almost like inexplicable that they were playing him more, and I do think they sacrifice some of his rookie year because it was like when he was on the court good- What actually happened- and you know he just you- could you figure? see something. It was not surprising to me when they do the cagey trade, they d debate. It was the one peace they wouldn't put in. He's Minnesota's, I give us Jefferson Davis ran down the eunuch any Rhonda. We actually think we can win the title
peace in our seven men rotation, so that happen subcommittee from this draft. Here's what I wrote on the Thai Thomas pick quote in the draft airy. I love that pig for them because, if he's a freak, a shadowy with the seven for three weeks: bad you can go to war with tie. Tavis, I was lucky running of war. Whoop possess star wars. There was the floor at the fact that the Balkan I was Falcon outlets was the balkan crisis what was that they had to hold them. Aid about rude against potential cause. Rudy gay start sliding, which was actually dumb. I mean really was talented. We're are frustrated them. You Yukon, there's all wrapped daddy, that eating care enough Gregg Anthony argued that gay will be better than people think so. It is on this draft in his clear he had a watch, but Basque must even be countered. I haven't seen him play that much and that was the
give. It is one of the people on this draft. I haven't seen the way that much about route, a guy who is tat, they pick redefined everybody was really excited about, including, I think us, because we liked them a villain over at some point there talking about the pic he goes seventh and the name they Minnesota in Portland, flip, six and seven and Portland. Brain right. Dickie becomes ambiguous about this draft. Here it comes it egos, way way baby after doing away with just one the two thousand six title thing in these like he's doing so that was rough, tough, one stew, Scott was doing the interviews he interviewed Patrick Go Bryant, who at night any ed this. I restarted the interview before they say eternal nobody knew you were what's the best thing about your game, Bryant that people doubt no Scott, O Brien thousand rough moment,
members. Sire said yes, symphony. Wingspan Seattle jumped item number two. And there's a story that I had in the draft area that I researchers true, that they had taught him how to make a lay up off is correct foot twelve months before and then House he played in a belgian professional league the season for the job, the average three points a game where their red flag, in your opinion here. The amazing thing is that, after that kind of a resume, and with that kind of background, that some a number of years later using land got drafted. Yes, I want a later. He was the for was the first though, Then I will was set as I the way people Why? It's very there's a good what affair, because Seattle Red extolling the board at that point, I'll takes rhetoric. They had re Alan event,
it's coming and no seven they could. I just can't they could had just all three of those guys at the same table had like the first ridiculous. Three point: two orders dramatic me: good enough to that. They, MR it out good point while a day who did make them good enough CS today, so that we were already for the next to take Marcus lamps. Controversial pick pick out, I had a joke, after I'm still proud of fourteen years later, he's leading on beer rookies in steals right now, goodbye. Thank you, a beer awake damp Europe was the narrator this draft and had like a kind of some tension with stern and at one point Utah was on the clock. They made. The pic stern didn't come out and Patrick was doing where, where to go, jokes stern, emerged and said Dan. I was sitting in the back listening
pithy comets he's the word pithy too damned Patrick ever. Do another draft bow then there's the iconic moment of this trend. Then, when it really went to another level, was the next round the clock at twenty Marcus waves is on the board and again people thought Marcus waves was like a top ten pick before the laptop stealing thing wrong on the board. The next don't have a point guard: they have it site there in that Steve Francis Marbury, just like a itches headed off a cliff and why not taking on point guard and they take Ronaldo Bachman and I dont know, as the years passed if the humor has stayed in place. The way it did in the moment, but this was at a time of eyes as GM rain, where the.
Stuff was already go and he D made a whole bunch of terrible trades, and we have now reached a point where it's like anything was possible with the next draft pick and when they took Bachman it actually delivered. It was as good at from EAST airport as we ever would have wanted, and then they cut for some reason, of Stern said Rinaldo is that here the crowds grooming crowds go crazy and did Patrick goes, and it's probably a good thing, and then they cut right to spike Lee whose just like looks like he just lost his dog, and that was the dear dicks two thousand six. That is great That's really about it! Other than Marcus Way am sad day. They had fourteen percent body fat down for breakfast way. Which should have been read out of allowances wing it?
now, that's how like, after after a trip to mobile vagaries of forty percent, forty Zobeide Fats high yeah anyway, it was to the redraft so I am from a crapshoot ready. I had this draft as a night in half out of ten, it's just an incredible redraft, firmware guys were taken. Who wants the fur? I let's give Chris the first pick, because this was the the final Chauncey Philips blogger blog spots, after the Erika. First pic, I am a a little bit controversial and I'm gonna go Kyle. Our Well, yeah. I, like you, that is causing repeal died. Egg first of all, love him on that for Guard Nova team with yeah might now de Alan RE, ready boy I That, though, is like a real precursor to offences to come. I think he's got a ring. I think that he has really
been an example of what you can do in the second half half of your career. Would If you change your body a little bit. You know, and you can make the argument that there is a lot of success is due to quiet, but I thought he's had I overall feel like he has had a more memorable and impressive career than Le Marcus. Here's, the irony that pick Toronto had the first pick and the real draft yeah, and I should have done that sums up side, the Western here's how the actual draft went. Toronto bargaining Chicago took arteries, traded in Portland, Morrison, third Portland Pickin for trades it to Chicago. Hi Thomas at lay in a fifth showed wimps medicine. Six brain arrived flips in the Portland for number seven Randy Foy, Houston, eight Rudy, gay gold state, nine patch go bran. Seattle takes nay or lay, though eleven with rhetoric, and then it gets goofy after that. So
You have Toronto ending we call our anyway. How yeah you think of that pick. While the bird problem. Is it took Kyle a little while to get going like he didn't start every game, until two thousand and fourteen he didn't make an all star team until two thousand and fifteen- and this is were talking about the two thousand and six draft you need to be a team that has eight or nine years worth the patient, to pay out now use these validated that that selection over the last I've years, I mean you know incredible. It has laid down as we gotta redress the process. One hell of a process goes right, though, I couldn't do Kyle at that spot. So this is the a mere darrow more it takes over the Rockets, which will probably a dimension to the top he's running. The draft for the first time ends up making me
controversial. Rue de gave for shame bad aid, trade, which eventually became a giant Michael Louis feature and is really like the first money ball moment for the NBA were somebody's break it down. Shame daddy is all his glue guy stats and decides that's more viable for the team. We have then ruled against potential and its them for its answer. The first time like that of the thing I do Darrow and we ve talked about it on their own. These paths gone back when he was at the south. Eggs took the used and job talked home alive there in this time. And I remember he asked me for advice. We take the job. My advice was this: find the dumbest GM spots so he trades he trades, there's a lot of them That'll, be the easiest way to improve your team, so he trades he trade.
Fort Kyle Larry in February two thousand nine Kyle with somebody we are late. He was buried on that bit this team, we what they had had my Conley, my commonly was the top five pick a year later for them and it was my kindly steam enlarges just trying to fit in an hour. Gets Kyle Larry. He gives up ray for asked into Orlando MID This adds up trading calabrian that bit this it looks like they got a Donna foil MIKE works in a two thousand nine number and pick two men and he gets collar, and I remember talking down from like you, mother fucker, you figure shaded with Christmas lights, smart move where to go by Yo Cholera bit houses right. It took a while. Yet in it you know we did the two thousand five draft for a time. About how do Williams has basically to careers where he's like kind of like Jamal Crawford with less pr fur,
the first nine years of his career and then as the lead changes. He becomes this weapon. This free through three point, one and Larry is another good example of you know it. If you look at, I had them second in the reach out just to record, but you look at him from just two thousand and fourteen to two thousand and two set fifty year. Nine of his career on is one thousand eight hundred and seventy five is thirty, eight percent from three and a good defensive player to it's defensible. Six. All star teams made a thirty mile NBA but most important is a good example of somebody who wins the title and his whole career judge. Jury is just going to be looked at differently. Forever is data when that title you don't take him with the first back. No, although I believe it has it because you went to cardinal doctor too high scornful about as yet ever Phyllis stuff. He was attacked and it basically takes all the baggage away. Whatever bags, we have a cholera, its it
an incredible title. He was awesome in their final gave, put his then all serious he put his balls on the table, but especially that last game. He really one. My respect, ass, Lamarck, Assad just landed in your lap at the number to pick you wanna, be I'm good at it Am I mean a steady contributor. Forms that a high level, through throughout his career, a nice number of all star appearances Oh oh nba, teams in a kind of a throw player. He be might have been better in the like, the first part of the nineties, his face up ability, You know that the pace of play back then, but look he still playing here Fourteen years on and making contributions is still one of San Antonio best three player. So you know I, I feel pretty good about taken the markets of the spot. Funny at the time we were lukewarm autumn in this draft, because with it there'd been there.
History of these six eleven guys were quite centres. There were still some Charles Smith residue the next day. Next guy. This is a really soft, eighteen and seven, but you can count on when it mattered and we just had such a bad history. These guys I wasn't a huge fan. I never was impressed by of in Texas. He's. A good example like Priscilla was talking about into that in the two thousand five draft, some guy fill out in good ways and bad ways right like we're talking about the two thousand and five, thing about how Marvin Williams was this really athletic lanky six ft nine freshmen at you and see. But then he fell down age said this really heavy lower body in it she cannot change, changed was altered, filled out and good ways like he really became became. Kind of a modern low post guy, you know never let like get in the black, but from ten to twelve feet was really get one of my favorite games. Go: go through college teams and just play
Little bit of a what with what, if this guide stayed here and we did miss like a pretty incredible Texas, Longhorns team with markets, because that Katy comes a year later and if, if everything cut- breaks right. You might have a Texas Longhorns team, albeit one coach, by reforms that has Katy Pga Tucker, Daniel Gibson and markets and well yeah, so he's nineteen and a half in eight rebounds game for his career to second arm A three hundred and thirty Monde Ba he's only one four playoff series ever only one in Portland, two thousand and fourteen playoffs, which was the year before his free agency, was really his breakout, and I remember doing countdown that year doing segments about is the mark is on average. One of the best personally now show that in the play of Zeus, twenty six and eleven in this is to play off series. They be
Houston and then they lost to us San Antonio and sex. San Antonio up would in the title that when Dame was really come around to Dame Finish, the Houston Series, with the buzzer beater a year later he left to go to San Antonio, and there was all kinds of stuff about he. You didn't like that. Portland was becoming dames team. All that stuff billboards rate is a key date. They were replaced with Dame on the billboards and apparently he really want to go the Lakers and they fucked it up any adds up. He adds up in San Antonio. He goes to San Antonio. We don't know that Callias gonna become choir. Anything like that a couple decent teams, but that two thousand seven spurs team that was ready to go to toe the warriors that that year was probably his best chance to. I don't know if they would beat not worse. I did they were, but that would have been a slugfest that serious cooperates. Her the first game
never now I'm gonna give you the best forwards of two thousand of the two thousand tents. You tell me where the Marcus ranks Leubronn to wreck. Why is that better than any those? Three here here? The candidates for the fourth spot, Blake Griffin, Paul George Carmelo Anthony, Inter Ethnic Davis, Kevin Love, Le Marcus who job in the fourth spot Davis every two no brainer today is amply Davis agree. I would have Blake and the fifth spot. I agreements, Blake Blake and two thousand fifteen was the third best guy in the league yeah. So now it's Paul George Carmelo Kevin Lover, the markets for the six spot. I think I'll go George me too, I'm with Chris Rhyme Paul George, just because of the defence of offering that he represents
So now, it's Kevin Love whose really hey really peaks. Therefore, couple years then moves innocent rouse Carmelo, who peaks the first three four years in the decade than tales off and then ordered she's been pretty steady. The whole way I would give the edge to all George out of those guys. So I would say, is the seventh best forward a decade? That's pretty good, so bad bad for air traffic are among the clock with the third peck. My Scots really took this seriously. We are we A ladder regime, Rhonda Tape, looked at some stage. Erratic tape really really did some background work on route, gay.
Took Paul mill sap out for a nice long dinner talked to him for a while. I really like the brain Roy thought about him and were related was rage on Rhonda. Yes, here's the case. Two thousand. Ninety two thousand twelve play ass. Sixty six games, the south exotic and tender every one of those years they almost when in two thousand ten and he's the best bar in the team that you're in those plants game six expire, gave sixteen ten and seven forty six percent feel go to point. One steals output dare grows in two thousand, I e there goes Ricky but more importantly, outweighs the bride and two thousand ten, and this is the brine second year of a back to back and Bp La Broad up to one in the series in Rhonda takes it over
and when's the next three and he's the best player in that series. This is a bad thing for Lebrons goat campaign by the way, because you feel like it needs to go well that one year was Rajon Rondo play in the playoffs kind of hurts the case. Also, thirteen, and I think it's important remember he got you got hurt. He blew out is all right as he was really at its peak, and I feel that cost him a year and a half was never quite the same. So everything up and the fact that he really national tv Rondeau play off Rondeau. Somebody could really go to war with and apply series, and I think he's the third Peck House. I would have gone mills up, but I understand that the case for Rondeau I may I milt mills up his career was
and silly helped by landing in Utah at an established, you know a team that make play us every year with a culture and a support system. You know, institute no integrity is the way I like to call it. So you know mills up on a different team, and he blossom. That way I don't know but Randall. Turns out. We had this. We knew this about from college he's a motherfucker, and you know what that's a valuable thing it turns out. He is the diametric opposite of Adam Morrison. In terms of his competitor this and his basketball. Now I don't want to play basketball iq, but like his psychological competitiveness, his ability to jump in- and you know just basically say If all your I'm gonna do my thing, and now that trend.
I tend to him not being able to coexist in a lot of different circumstances. You know that that the Dallas situation will be a good go down as an all time abortion, but you know regime's is strong and I heard you three- I lost you backed off the Basque. Like you thing by I, there are few smarter players that I've seen on a basketball court like again, if you get a chance to ever sit close to a court while randalls playing you can hear you calling out sets. You can hear him calling our opposition defensive sets. They eat, he will like be playing D and just Buick. This is the play their running its uncanny. It's too bad cause. You know he has. The Asia thing ends up that weird thou situation goes to Sacramento that sucked, It's up and Chicago that was also awful and then I kind of gets rejuvenated for that one Really fun New Orleans year with David,
where Qaeda unlocked them again- and I do think he's a great example of had to be on the right kind of team, with the right kind of where's he's had very high expectations for everybody else, openly. Adele if he wasn't happy with where he was and the other day. The league started a shift against them a little bit, you know and his enemies, ready to shoot, which he thought little bit better at you know, starting in two thousand fifteen is at least like over thirty three percent, as three point: you all those are wide open. So he wasn't like a catastrophe, but you know, is a guy that really would have made more sense in the Eightys and Ninetys. I feel like you know, and when the game was just played much closer. The basket in that the stuff tat he was doing just the leak changed Adam. He was also the anything there at that happen. That was really too bad. Is he is the bad free, throw shooter, and now
I got better at it. I don't know whether it's because his hands are too big or what. But if you look at, you know in two thousand and nine slash, two thousand and ten he's at least averaging three and a half free throws a game not great, but at least he's trying to get to the line that dips to the point that, but I mean it's. The second half of his career he's basically DEC on the free throw line at all. He his in Dallas, he shot zero point. Nine free for us again he's he's doing everything you can not have contact, and I think the book was out. And by the second half of his career, that when he drove to the basket, he's dishing yeah he's not gonna try to bounce Guys he's not gonna. Try to finish gives you want fat and I think, to me he's wanna like the top five guys. I can remember Nick Anderson's, one Antoine Walkers, a good one, guys who just didn't want to get FAO than a change. How they played house was the opposite house, love searching for contact I bet with either way the paths tat. He was afraid.
Special chimeras? He wasn't afraid the lurch into guys like out allotted to go the line right now is the opposite. So I am. She ate a weird, feel like this was in the best version in his career. I think there's a different version. That's just better than what we ended up but it was still really good. Yeah he's, obviously a coach guy he's, obviously a guy really mattered. Hoo, who end up being the coach and edit wasn't necessarily always the better coach you been Carlyle. Is one of the best coaches. We ve had an mba a long time this guy's couldn't be each other. So yeah you the sort of environmental stuff with with Rondeau it's like if you have no idea who he would have thrived under all the observation I want to make is there could still be, another. Maybe it's not a full length chapter but half chapter four
though, in these play off coming up that we're gonna have in the twenty twenty season right he's healthy now, and that Lakers situation is absolutely perfect. For him to flourish and for him to make an impact, and Chris you say, a couple times its price. Time: Rondeau Tired, like he's gonna eat my really meaningful role in the Lakers end up in this twenty twenty point us lay eggs. Be better than the bronze. That's good I save for years that National TV, Quarantine Rondeau is the most dangerous fired. The idea of yes, I see how that plays out the if Rhonda God. Third in this draft, that means Charlotte would had taken him. Which means Michael Jordan regime Rondeau would have been in each other's lives it. So you could tell me that the actual would have fought to the death over a connect boardgame or you could tell me that it would have been,
it is they never happen to both of them were adored inside. This is by saw me this guy hates is keep its virtues. I did his super combated the guy. Just would have been like a nineteen time all star in Charlotte, and we would think of Europe as the great owner Maybe it is good I'd Charlotte could be like an italian soccer team were drawn, was just getting the coach fired every three months right, like scarlet letter night, give coach of the year this guy, who used to work in an Arby's. It is you but Rondeau seems like with like right goes biometric connect for attired met mine. I Chris you at the fourth picking the draft. This was the pick that was technically portal.
And then they trained up pretty up the amateur go mill sap here, even though on board even saying the two words Panos up. It's funny. I had him six in my redraft, but I think it is that appear boredom solid guy seventeen and eight from teeth as eleven teeth, ass, seventeen for all start teams. I think that was partially had to do it. The forwards were just loaded in the west and pretty pretty weak in the EU for the most part, for a forty seventh pick really couldn't it turned out better and I can't think of anything else to say yeah. I didn't cool kind of bridge player like as a member of that Bud hawks team, and did they move into he's in space and moving into enter the gone threes nba by I've? I feel bad it. I just can't muster a lot of lay poetry about upon those up house here on the clock at five.
I'm gonna, take Brandon Roy here. I think that five year of Brandon Roy is the functional equivalent of the longer careers of of some of the guys that came after him. I mean that that this, this five spy, The eligible candidates are like J J, which is I totally reject who already gay you now get Pga Tucker, I guess I'll, just Brandon Roy right here, he made he won rookie of the year any Miss twenty five games. That year, he was an all star by his second season. He made to all NBA teams in his five years, so your basically Lillian evaluating with all of the information we have now? What can I get in five year window that I have of of Brandon Roy is it is it enough
other pieces that I have around me and at that stage this was Lana pick right. Am I right if pick over all was Atlanta yet so they had just Smith in Joe Johnson at that point like what a dynamic scoring tee in the east. At that moment, I I just you know, go ahead and take a swing, as is my view with this draft pipe listeners kit tell this, but your house said all of that with a picture of John Wall behind him. So you know, It was really something about what is discussing at leg, injuries, yeah, I've read arrest first, four years: twenty five and five forty cents, I feel, got thirty five, some from three eighty percent for freight rail for he baited omby, a second team which is really
press. If that means, I am one of the ten best, whereas the whig during an era where there were some really good guards you now, so you give copying the league at that point of Chris Paul their lambs, traceable, Grady, etc, etc. You made it he made it thirty Mombi aim it three I'll start teams and you know this is this- is You know a little out there, but in their oh nine playoffs, he plays a six game. Syria's against Houston and they lose. He averages twenty seven a game in that serious forever. Twenty seven, a game in a play off series yearly jet- and you know the Portland. Just in so many heads over the years you think about like Gregg Odin same bogey. They walked into Bill Wharton Brain Roy, the the talented guys that just be it's almost like.
The Bermuda triangle and allied lot of what was real bummer about this was what a great guy he was, and you know I I I hate. Sometimes in the talking AIDS talk about a great eyes character. Guys would ever be This was a like a model citizen, awesome guy who kept having bad luck in his basket. Career, but really handed out with real dignity and when he had that When in the playoffs was a two thousand well, when he's hurt yeah when what series was that was in Denver yeah figure was Denmark, as I remember it, being kind of like it in, Inter divisions play off series any as I was I'm sorry was Dallas. The two thousand Levin Dallas series- and it's a really weirdly pivotal moment with that doubts. Thinkest thou goes to win on that when the title that year, but their favoured in this and Series Brandon rise on really his last legs at that point in Portland,
whence to in a row at home to tie it to us. Hi the series one of those games. Brain right has twenty four and in the crowd is, atta, thereby out of their MIKE. Is he has this throwback awesome out tools? There. Whiskey. We come out of that game for its two to everybody's, like fuckin Dirk what a choker typical Fuckin, Dallas fuck. This team skies are cowards and then they win the next and then they go into in the title- and it was really like the last time- Douze got sucker punch like that by somebody, but that's one of my favorite random games for this decade that organise brain array. Throwback awesome gain the crowd loved him, so anyway, I want is for it to draw. I just want to make one observation I was wanted, make sure I give credit where it was. Do you gotta hook up
Portland, forgetting arguably the two best players in this draft, and they were fifty loss team coming into this, in two years later, were fifty four wind team and I think it's some common cabin Pritchard was Really involved and see her out in time panties. Took over from John NASH. But you know that, in a draft that we started off this podcast talking about how weird it was in the first place, how talent, little tests it was and how all over the map the tower was for Portland GO, get the two best players Shap shot out to the trailblazers, Well it as we covered in the five five draft. They completely shit the in no five because they had the third pick with correspond. Their waves on the board and traded down. Response for Martell, Webster, Lioness, clean and a future number one that big Joe freelance. That was like this. As I can.
Jack Odin, had thing with the new administration. Other I know house was high and Freeland Thea. I think your frail and was high. Also the six pack, I'm on the clock coming to take our guy J J, so first low average thirteen game for his career of forty one percent. Career, three point shooter and somebody who, as the League of Olive over the course of the decade it evolved in all great ways for him, and he adds up, is a forty one point six career. Three point: shooter is somebody that if it's a good team he's a huge asset and fur basketball fans really frustrating first few years that were laid down for him, wait just in fact he was playing enough.
Didn't really make a lot of sense, and we cover this in a previous book, a basketball pilot that two thousand and finals just so we that they did space the floor them more doc. Rivers was the fur one that really got it was is like if we get this guy I'm. Basically, being what I had with Ray out and Boston. This guy who's is constantly running around screens, who is creating space for Blake Griffin, any just figure now engages ban and asset ever since, but I think one great thing with him is just the the longevity of just. He still go in yeah, he oh probably play for another six, seven years, so you get. J House took four and a half. There's a brain Roy. I totally get it I'm getting like tat. One years of J J, Riddick, plus an incredible podcast her
I get all is multi media right arms when I drive jam smart enough to also get all his media stuff. So it's a went all the way around. I think you re, like we haven't even got into the late period, Kyle Corver of J J Career, yet like deja vu, weaving his way. Through force screens per se like we haven't, got into the like Al Trail and just just drilled is open through after somebody gets benediction you earlier that he's gonna mortgages lay like rear eleven minutes, a game and just score nine points that might push you over the top yeah. That's it it's an awesome point. He still fast. That's that's! I think the point you are making as an end, in view of he's, also an avowed fruity loves loves to eat. Another very reliable thing about him like see that all the best places has had many great food people, honest podcast I admire that ends. That running engine.
That he has to feed with good fuel, great job, J, J T this he's a top three mba player going nuts during the quarantine because he's been knocked out of his routine. This is he's just Somebody who is whole day was structured and goes to the german and not being able to just do do norm. Staff those shooters our different breed, where it's just like at three thirty, I will seven hundred ninety threes in these seven and then I'll be done at five I'll see. You then, like you, just kind of have to be wired that way. Wow Chris I'll be interested to see what you do here at the cell. Pick you think. I'm gonna get bunkers one obvious pact. There's couple sleepers Rudy have Josh, No, no I'm already- and I think Rudy is an interesting person to pare with J J, both coming out of fell.
Wisdom engaging opposite a more storied college girl, but really was great Yukon he comes into the league and I feel it immediately or pretty soon after he gets into Lee, becomes a poster child for an outmoded, silent basketball and can I never really finds the place that really took advantage of his skills? I don't think he was ever gonna. Have that much Grady gear, but was clearly a school bill in that mould, and maybe just good enough to deserve all those touches and had a game that was really eighteen feet. Men. Time when the game kept moving out an out and out from oh eight to two thousand seventeen. First, basically ten years of his career. Turn out as regards nineteen in six thirty, four percent from three. No,
stars, no I'll mba teams- and I think you made the key point- he's involved in two trades that really frame the last fifty years of the week. The first one is the actual draft, a trade war Darrell trades. The rights to really for shame barrier, a trade that nobody type of trade, nobody ever there there's really only a couple: examples like in the late, haven't is fairly traded. Begin as for Bobby Jones and the real mba. People knew how good Bobby Jones was used, an incredible defensive forward and ABA Legend, all that stuff, but George it was like a quorum quote superstar only he wasn't when you re really picked it apart. You looked at me as, like a ball. Stop Eric and guard anybody scatter redundant, actor J, and they trade for Bobby Jones at its is awesome trade route gay on paper,
tiny sense with migrating yeah right, it's a great now, here's our third score. It Darrow is again at their frontiers. Shame body, a great corner. Three guy awesome defender, won't need the ball. I dont need to get him touches and just looked at a different ways that straight. The second one happened when I was on a countdown in two thirteen myth: fishes dump them to Toronto and basically got back the hose. They called her own taste on Prince contracts, Ed Davis and created some cap space, and we went on the show. And it was the biggest argument we had, the regular sees was like angry, but it was. We had magic and well bought on one side, Me on the other, in jail and kind of in the middle are arguing about this trade and they were killing Memphis for thrown away. This isn't, as Memphis was apply after him and a potential contender.
What are they doing? Why would they do this? And at that point we had enough advanced metric stuff God Grant land. We were really ahead. I feel like we were really ahead of the game was first couple years with the way we recover basketball. We had Zack low at our member via Goldsborough. At this point, and there was a ladder early data about Rudy Gay like this guy. Actually, really help your team its. I it's actually de calories, they might may be better off redistributing the shots that he was getting to. Other people We argued about this the show like really really really vociferously. And I got to say I ended up with him, because business made the consulates finals that year, partly this is a classic viewing theory, trade huh You are in our log. You never like, through to gather data about the Yukon that thing that made that trade work for Memphis with TAT John TAT on basketball, I q through the roof,
talk about a guy. You are, we I've been in the same places him before walked up the next term, he's ever weighed more than one hundred and seventy five lb in his life. I don't know when it when it was, but that guy is so smart and such a good chemistry guy, and he was a perfect complement to that. Memphis team and Memphis got a little better by subtraction by getting re balls, I mean. Ok, sorry, a ball supper out of the mix right past up where they got me. Minutes for Tony Alan Patient, I'm saying, as like Canada, the glue guy little body, I ask to really our trade and it's funny, because all the smart Basque, while people got it and all the old School Basque Bob Here- You can't give up route. A gay man he's got end the gay, that's you two guys in its like. Actually none of the stats back that up, we had crunch gibes. That's at that point, and he was tat yeah. I we, but we would like it was the
vision from having arguments about guys with albatross contracts to have arguments about guys with empty numbers, and I was really hard to get over where you're. Like look at nineteen points, a gaming NBA hard like that is not an easy. To do the special, even to average it for multiple years like that. But at the end of the day, if you think Rudy gaze one of your best players, your team has a hard ceiling. Well, it was also an old school way of thinking about things rags, our member magic magic. I We got a really good year at him in a lot of ways, but he was still had that old school thinking, sometimes of leg. You get a guy like rooted You can go to him in the last two minutes and I remember being on tv being like. How do I fight with him on this cuz? All the data says this is true. It's actually not a guy. You wanna go to it in the last two minutes of a game. He doesn't, he doesn't the liver, but I think you look at the stuff. That's happening there in this beginning part of the two thousand tens in the data
and get really good and the teams that had the data and real ass to it started to make smart decisions, and this was aids to the heart and trade. This is there, all in and hard and as a superstar, because he's looking at these numbers at me like well, what would happen if he played thirty eight minutes instead of twenty eight in What would happen if you started on the line morn? What about what happens if you, if I bought the rate team around him, so do I read a gay, just weirdly involved in these two pivotal mba moments that. Kind of personify when it way industry energy, you wind up on the team that we ve historically thought of as one of the more progressive teams and we are getting is now on hit him alone, We are now on the spurs kind. As these dinosaurs of a bygone era, so he's he's. Second, in this draft and scarred. He scored almost sixteen thousand points. It is a career seventeen, a game guy. He bowed
Around a little Betty goes, Toronto than Sacramento goes and get some. He average twenty a game and sacrifice for the first two years he was there. Then then, when Sir Antonio got em, that's what it that is a guy. What's going on here and say that tunnel Just try to zig whenever announces zagging, and I think that's how partly how they got into trouble is its. I dont really zig on this one yeah? Maybe this agony where we should be with with putting together roster. So they in trouble you're in the clock, with eight I am going to complete the trifecta here of taking guys at are still playing an dressing up a little bit or recently bias? I want Pga Tucker here and it is another guy who like Christmas, pick Kyle, Lowery gotta, be patient, has Peter Tucker
the league with within a year of of being drafted, and it took him six years. He visited places like Israel and end the Ukraine and Greece and ITALY and Germany, so he had, but you know very well travelled at a time perfect travel Reza may he was was signed by the sons in two thousand and twelve the dance only small ball era and he's made a whole curve you're out of that, and it's a damn good career for a guy that six, five, two hundred forty five pounds that Houston place its centre. I mean I, I love the two thousand twelve, the two thousand twenty Pga Tucker and I think, You of all the guys that around him in this draft I've I like this spot for him. I remember when you started a thrive in Phoenix, which I had
Antonia was gone at that point because he went the necks, but there were still kind of in that mode of you know the little the small Barlow Small, about leg, It was one of those guys who is really good kind of sea, really if he had big pass, but it wasn't which was never ass, but he would always jump out when you watch the sides. I meant the Pga Tucker, bad ass, like that guy yeah, to see him on a good team. He became one guys cause. He spends basically for four years in Phoenix Athens really going on, but then when he goes to Toronto, when they traded but the deadline in Toronto as a real container at that point, it was I got this. That's it that's a good one. That's a mix Did you see him on a good team and then finally happens with Houston? It's funny, though, there is really not a basketball reference page like this cause he's thirty five. Now
but to have the one rookie year and then five straight plays a seer Europe S house in Israel, Ukraine, backed is real. Greece, ITALY, Germany, it's it's analysing unprecedented fur basque, moreover page and the league moves in his way. He moves his way in a bunch of different ways in which again is it through these sums, the theme of the spot gas to delete, moves and Darrell's way, because there's another guy to pat pass through more able ball university here amazing I to be one year and out as a rookie. Oh he had some jelly I have two house. Oh seven, Lotta G league. Do you ever the trade, the Toronto trade? I do out February deadline.
The Phoenix gotta got a mother lode. I realize Jared Selinger a two thousand seventeen sector, rather two thousand eighteen sector under Yanks item nine o clock at night You don't fuck, everybody had taken Andrea Bargain yeah, you know it is not a bus I'd say about daddy is the best thing is bullshit. It's that accurate, accurate. Now it's not it's not accurate. I want to make the case diversify point. Ten years he average twenty one a game one year in two thousand eleven, his fifty and the Whig twenty one point, four again from two thousand and nine to two thousand twelve he's. Basically, nineteen again
these three points here every once in a while. I thought he was feisty, yet there is italian faced the edge to him, I'm not really sure what happened, because I remember when the Knicks the next traded forum. I remember cattle in the trade, be, like other, that's cool, that Somebody, you know you could spread the four four Carmelo to fight this, and now I think, because he failed with the next there's been this in its history that he wasn't a good pro. The reality was he. He wasn't a bad pro, even on the Knicks for two years, he's averaging thirteen and fourteen the game he's playing two thousand seven hundred and twenty nine minutes a game. He wasn't a bust as my point and if I can get him at the pick of her night back, I'm happy. I should draft a that. I think that the forty parties like it's hilarious,
You say that and then, when you looked beneath him, it's kind, oh right like who also really gonna pick right. There I say, nice about bargain irony is in two thousand and twelve. We were all in Orlando for the all star game and Andrea. Was there not to play. But I will say this: you stayed in the same hotel complexes us in his girlfriend went on believable. It was I I I I try and be a decent person and not be a stair with the mouth open person. I just it was us. It was a there, I didn't care I needed to consume all of it here. He had a lot of certain something. Therefore, couple years like he was italian, he did have level go. You are better that, if
Andrea, was a Corleone son. Who would he be we'll Sonny? You know. Radio sunny mix. Little sunny, though let alone now he needed funny. If he had thought he might have been the decent player, you might have been better than you know, tenth in this crappy draft, He also didn't live through his time in New York. I'm lookin, I was just looking my trade veil is to make sure I never put him on a trade value thing. I don't think I did. It was bad. I think if you average twenty one points a game as a pro you weren't a bust, I'm sorry, so it sort of my rules, Chris you're, on the clock with ten, and we just had a dream, buff. Yes, it's a it's pretty disk, I mean pardon me wants to be funny here, but there is actually no punch lines like there's. Nothing. Funny about say I'll, take a movie or outtakes. Novak your I'm gonna go with Babo.
Probably a little unfairly regarded now at this point. As one of the rules and why the thunder probably were now older. We have to go over the hope, although there are other reasons but like his inability to four lively knocked out, a jumpers is one of them up where that but a great defensive player, and think ultimately, like those years in Oklahoma, he was a real using an alpha defensive dirt defender House, the drafters dropped off you're at the the pic. I have nothing to add that our conversation, but nobody like disagrees with a vague ass. You go Ronnie Brewer, thereabout how's, your elbow, we're locked a new ringer pike ass next month. Cod, the best fifty swiss NBA pairs of all time, want to step on it at so save it for that house, Europe at eleven I'll take Jason. Korea, that too I had there is still a league. Another guy me this is it have just taken the guys you now.
This point when the earth choices are see, J, Watson and Ronnie, brewer and- Who else would mean? Are you know I wouldn't taken by nanny, Steve Novak. I guess I'll go I'm Vienna Beriah play, Eighty four minutes has been a terrific role player for Dallas and actually was made at nice contribution for but a time in Minnesota as well, it's clear that he hasn't team leader kind of command, city in, and that he's well liked that that coaches trust him and at this stage with this group, that's enough for me I thought he should go higher brain despite our yeah. Well, here's the thing in two thousand eleven. He placed twenty one playing games for a team that wins the title. Eighteen point: six minutes, a game, nine points, a game and famously
Factor the bronze head, when Dallas had him guarding the broad and it was the all time- Yet I mind trick fuck you, you you're that man enough to oppose this guy up. We dare you and it like broke Lebruns brain for four finals games is another another goat advertisement. Fat lemon are really like undermine the La Bronco case, but you know he was he eat, he didn't hurt them. In those files and if anything had a couple good moments, but he had a galvanizing effect. That is teammates that I think we can't sleep body there were when he succeeded it got the whole team, fired up, yeah he's a slow progress guy and if he bade a big play, crunch time, like the whole bench like went backers. But I know. He's a beloved teammate too, and I think he's one guys he still in the league. Obviously his eye Dallas he's one guys that will stay like you, dont assassin
where are you staying three years after its over just because he's so good to have on your team. So for the eleventh pic. I think that strong. Well, I'm up with the twelve peck here. It's pretty grim, I'm gonna go the reindeer Foy in here's my case, his peak was like a fairly interesting common off the bench. I remember the two thousand twelve clips. He was a third guard for them, eleven, a game, five threes game. Thirty, nine percent. Three point shooter, was a pretty good three point shooter and is at its peak and most important careers. Thirty six point: six three point: most important houses, dumb ass team trained. The number five I of the do thousand that nine draft for him and make Miller, so he actually did a value. Nor did I had now. He didn't he was he was
this terrible in washington- and I dont know if it was because he didn't want to be here- or whatever the situation was You know he is your look up journeymen, nigh play. What does he play? Seven her game. Seventeen fifty regular season games. But I I unfairly hold against him what the franchise, the position, the franchise put him in. Basically trading way the opportunity to have stuff curry and I'll. Never. Forgive me, you were there Rubio, our staff carry one of those guys. Yes, so
This brings me to a one it. I had been saving my dad for the right moment. My dad was so upset this draft when they this is from my draft area when they traded. The seventh pick for a package highlighted by Sebastian Tell Fair. My dad's quote: was he's a five four eleven point guard. You know it is gonna, be with more play in time of five foot. Eleven point guard. I saw him in the dock. Better by the way, not only would not want among my team, I wouldn't want him in my house. Fair, fair character says because he was multiple gun things after that. So that happen, my dad loved Randy Foy. When, Before I go to the south spot by daggers this sucks, I really like rain before as that ever now city. At the draft, this sucks my whole nights ruined. I might take tomorrow from work, I'm really bummed out. I can't believe this codes for my dad and that on Rondo he said after they got Rhonda, so we have to know
the guards one of those five eleven and the other one can't shoot, and I'm supposed to be happy about this. He was rage? It turns out. He was yeah, so the rainy for people deadline. And Dick you ve. When he came out it was a discussion between Wade. It was ludicrous, but it was so by somebody who had a basketball analyse job here, Anyway, I'm happy I'm happy to get a with. With my pick, all right, Christopher on the clock, with three picks left. This is going to be really brutal. We really have to do them yeah we got to get to fifteen you know, I'm gonna go no back. I was gonna, be mine. Yeah I like the belt. Better. That's about all I mean like Roddy Brood ever had anything is cause the belt, so I'm gonna go Steve, Novak, really good wing man during when sanity thy
The celebrations was really right. There, Brindisi, brown style was gettin, isn't sanity and I another one of those guys that probably born ten years to too soon right yeah as you all know, that percent forty three percent from three for his career, as is quite good. It's weird that this There's never took em, I was history, I say he seems like the car guys to rings. If he placed for the spurs, are they did Kimber outside my apologies? They did give a test drive and two thousand eleven did they so dear. So his two next seasons, Jesus.
There's a case. He might have gone too late here, his tunic seasons, nineteen, a game that upside nineteen point seven minutes again and he shoots forty four point: five percent for three or four point: seven threes again for two solid ears and was kind of dangerous yeah. Here, as it were, the garden favorite good value This begs house your last pick than before to I am taking this player just because I want to make this immensely juvenile and stupid and obvious joke, and I like booby, that's it I'm just taken Dana Gibson
air. Three hundred ninety seven career games. Sixteen when shares you know, played important moments with the Cavaliers and, as their name is booby, and that's all I have to say about him. Yes, so in the o seven play ass, he placed twenty minutes a game for a final stage and sheets. Forty percent from three o eight playoffs twenty five point: eight minutes a game for that team and shot forty five percent for three and basically spread the floor. Couldn't doing any US, that's it. By house for my last pic, I thought about say yours today, Maybe- poor years work it out the lamp on the right foot, I don't know, I guess TAT, Thomas your back in love, your guy,
let me look at whose limited I share a war with bill. Don't think twice their subject. Far more potential! Oh, I know I'm taking him that taken TAT, Thomas FUCK, that guy I'll take you Leon, PO, ok, sure Leon PO with the sun tax in the two thousand. Eight play ass, twelve minutes a game played every game and has an iconic finals game. I think it was game too one either game Watergate Game too, was the Leon Po Game. I think when he kind of comes in and lays the smack down on the Lakers. In does this thing, the guy like Norway. Seals- and I say this thing you you guys Aren'T- is excited
This is why I am looking at this and I am trying to see if, if it's wrong, I believe he has the highest when share per forty eight minutes of, anybody in the strand. I think I'm looking at this correctly. There there's gave game too. He plays fourteen and a half minutes. Twenty one points: thirteen free throw tabs, gave targets, Baker single him leave swings the game I feel it is an honour, announced the new rigour pike as feed the reward to oppose the hazy death only on both gave him this it we're still out of here three of the currency in the reactor pose is play a so as fifty greatest whisperers ever both of those ideas get ass, yeah at thickly covered up, Think what a bizarre draft. So we were. In order Lowry,
Urge Rondeau Mill Sab. Roy read a gay Tucker Baghdad, a Berea upside Bert Baghdad. Fellowship area for Novak Leah PO. If you just do those tops, six, where there are actually picked to twenty one for it, seven six, eleven, eight thirty five. This is aware, but what a variants, how somehow the wizards it we did make fun of them in this draft for we go is there, there's some sort of wizards mistake. We can gradually and I could bear the mistake- was at the eighties spot Rhonda. And Lowery and Palm Elsa like there's a bunch of Peter Tucker, there's a bunch of guys still out there that
good of immediately contributed. They drafted a guy. I think he's ukrainian Alexey pressure off whose best attribute the number one thing that he contributed to the franchise is being a dead, Ringer First story from family guy. That leave looks you every picture of the sky is, is a dead rare first stewing. I think that's really all I can say about him. Seven feet tall. He lasted three years and never played more than ten minutes again. The wizard didn't have a great track record with international drafting. Actually got various. That's exactly right fellows. I really enjoyed myself thanks for redrafted admitted that six obey drafted me. I just want to ask to be on a good draft sometime,
with you want to be a good one, can consider it you're never going to be out of your draft. I get uptown coming up right now, He was on the re watch was this week we did say anything: it was his request, really fun movie to break down. I'm glad we did it. So I wanted to remind you to check that one out and for the redraft about two thousand seven mean resell, Thou be Sunday night, so get ready for Thou and that is the open. Dorette draft hold on to your seats is jet after I get up Taos here. We're taking this on the same day, we just did the say anything we watch Abbas had second double had her set out now we did. The reaction was first now you're like a little groggy psyche drinks
It's the later night who'd God only does we're gonna say you have new. We come now to twelve King Staten Island. Where is your first movie in four years that you direct We are trying to argue about two thousand and fifteen, and I then on what you consider directive. Because I directed three documentaries, in the middle there they went about. So I could write down strawberry, the thirty four thirty and then go shelling of another one about the EVA brothers. That's directing all you do it's about midnight, booby movie directing so here s an ideal out about crashing and love and interact over girls, but working over there I was I was busy and I had a one movie fall apart and its a while to find something you wanna obsess over it so much work and for me I tried it. Never do it unless
completely obsessed with the idea. You know you don't want me walk in from the page. I got. That's not gonna result in anything SK ever gonna beyond the rewards. Both well think about. EVA brothers, dock in the shadowy doc. That was a good example right. Do you do like all the way and on those and unforeseen. For me, my way the Navy brothers as it's gonna taken over the last eighteen. My wife and partly blame you. Yes, your lot with them and I get it. I get a bull shit. She chief argument the Boston once and told me she was gonna, see her friend and I gotta catch up and then I'll send their Worcester referred ever brother shown? Unlike what that's it? That's why you were back. Why do I waves is highly things at Bay, yeah cause
they have a rabid fan base. That is super loyal. It's it's unusual in this. In these times, we I did their observance ass. If the movie is called May at last and made my friend Michael Bunch, quickly followed them around four couple years with no sense of what it was gonna be. Can we realize I wasn't a lot of conflict in their life and we thought well maybe this movie about good guys, who I really dies and make amazing music, and it's just positive- you don't usually when you make these documentaries enough. You're doing so, I didn't tell strawberry story. It's about dark NASA's. Often people travel he'll themselves in some way, but this is a fun to do because it was about creativity and brotherhood and innocent israeli happy movie. So if an item you have your attica
If your cue is empty sandy items were you had? Do we need the darkened Dara thing you had the unexpected wrinkle of thinking that both their land- you're pretty cleaned up and they were in goods good shape and then one of the two as in good shape, is maybe you thought the you have to figure out how to account for that as your filming it I certainly call you the same because it was you know. You know the initial. Idea that I had was. I had never seen them together. Talking about their journey I hardly ever seen an interview. They had similar journeys in terms of being very young people having a lot of success and fame and and great years old performing in baseball an end, this terrible crash- and I never saw them talk to each other about its I've gotta be interesting. I guess part
inspired by the thirty four thirty about Roberto Doran Yan, the number their end what, while we're. Maybe we fully realise the dragon was still having problems yet, and we didn't want to make that movie. The bun masking him is still struggling, who felt terrible for him, but he would not acknowledge that it was happening. So, as we are speaking the people, it becomes very clear that his struggle is no four and I called a lot of people at a lot of documentary and that they will. What do you do because I don't hurt his life? I can't lie at this point, we're pretty deep into this and after we made a move,
You know he's had troubles he got arrested a few months ago. I feel a little differently now talking about. It is more explicitly because now it's out so that movie, I think it's handled more artistically. You couldn't tell what were signaling mainly through this one thing: where he's giving a speech at a restaurant with a bunch of people who hired him to just tell war stories and You can tell by the way he is talking now. He looks and he's skinny in this giant food that he's having a hard time. It's pretty remarkable, how long he struggled for it must be so exhausting. I really like a passion for that, because I just think you're caught in that kind of addiction. It really is a nightmare that most people can't even fathom. I hope he is you're getting here. The help he needs and then why does he do
strawberry. I'm see me all the time. Is it added Donald Trump support since nobody confusing feelings? who does it say that way? When you make a documentary, you do need, you need some break sometimes that add that that was a bad break that cause it was it was that There idea was one of the original original third thirty ideas with that idea in O seven it I was like you make a less than like what ten hoagie there. Ten dogs What happened yet and that was always to me like that- has to be one among, and you know it. It's not that wasn't ingrate shape when you're actually are familiar, but hopefully I hope we will get better Did you watch the Georgia one?
ideal. I you. Let me say this: I had pizza last night, I I'm still here today. I still showed up even when my pizza was poisoned, Now, let's talk about this first, the documentary they doing incredible job. Let's talk about the one flaw of the documentary. We can present the pizza story like it's just true, because you have to raise the question why I do you need a lie and say you have the full. Why can't you just say I had a bad pizza like? Why do you an elaborate cover up for eating too many slices.
So I dont know what happened. I'm not even guess it, but I dont believe the pizza part of it because it is not just embarrassing, like twitch pizza, seems to be more to the story. I wish there was a voice of someone going really it was. Pizza well or its eye to me. It's realistic that you order pizza from the one pizza place. That's open and salt Lake City, You know one of the morning on Sunday and that the pizza turned out to be like these bad sausage or whatever you know it. You got the food poisoning from this crappy pizza place Incognita, like that's more believe Bob and guys showing up with a pizza and after having stick stinted upper whatever they did. What? Let's explore the first second yeah
When you order a pizza, first of all, the they're trying to say that those people know it's for Michael Jordan, when the Jordan orders a pizza he had arrived at a place. You see the guy did Michael Jordan. Did your finest pizza I'd like you to tell people it's by who joins us with another sittings? People know that that is a dangerous thing. Any five people showed up took like ogle at you. Were they deliver? The pizza tat would make you a little bit nervous and build. Let me say that I am saying this as the co author of the film Celtic pride right about fans, kidnapping statement were heads before the beginning,
What team did he play for that? You write, so I know a lot about this that you don't use these people before the war begins. So I thought I thought this through the only way I see it being conceivably possible. Is it the place that closed, but they answer the phone. This was the last place open there like hey. Now we need a pizza and their legs now man we're close closed. Sorry thy, hey! Now we really that peat sets its four Michael Jordan to try to see if they would reopen. Pizza place. That has never happened ever you know what have Obviously, only conceivable explanation other. Why? Why us? What he ever say his name to a pizza place? That's insane You know what happens. You're Michael Jordan, which you know that's like saying. Let sapling whoever right yeah and you call the front asking you go. I know room service is close by design.
Were you guys they make me a roasted chicken and they go? I'm gonna go get every right. I mean you wouldn't have to go through the local play. Somebody would be Rather there that's the hole in the story, the merry at where their staying at is just unwell. It deserves oh George, at his thing, a sweet with a piano, but kick as any food, where can plate, but you they give. It is true. The reason why he would say he had the flu is because the idea of having food poisoning is embarrassing. Yes, like it shows a weakness of some guy and also by the way you ve all had food poisoning. Does it affect you that far into the next day,. They say, flew like symptoms full over that's a year whatever. That means nobody on the team ever like snatched the pizza story now now yet it'll happen,
Can we talk about how daughters are twenty two in seventeen? Are they home quarantining with you. They are all of us here together on a roller coaster of emotions. So this legs kind of secretly. I went for you because there there was scenario where you are going to be with your daughter's again this much at the age. Thereat right. I get that what other scenario would have put them under your roof with nowhere to go in there. Just stuck with you know. Others an area where they would want to talk to me for more than five minutes range. Let's sit down and play ball games with me for three Believe me right now, and I think that is part of this. As you know, people beginning to talk about, I heard Jerry sign up about this this morning on the radio Youtube
develop more intimate relationship with with people your family, your kids, because you have a lot of time to fill and you know we had seventeen and twenty two year. Your kids rightfully are looking. Leave the house there not looking for marathon mom and death at NASA we'd. You have these whence where you're like. Well, this wouldn't happen. This dinner wouldn't have happened. I've cooking together for two and a half hours happens as watching the wailing on Itunes wouldn't have happened, whatever movie you're watching road. I was talking to a friend, and we said this is all like icing moments. Right. Well, your other daughter, she's been acting now for many years now, like at least five right Examined more, if I am sure they knocked out, but we shall then two thousand six, but when a year ago, but actually
like a real? This is what she does that the army Maud is on euphoria, and yet also is in the tv, show Hollywood on that flax and she plays be Davidson sister. Yet in the king of that island, which was really fine because I hadn't regulars it was two thousand and eleven last Sunday directed her in this is forty in shows great scenes where she would curse out, Leslie and Paul rod and end. She was fantastic back then, but now she's, very skilled actor soap Javert play PETE Sister in an older thinks. She's. The person who called peed on all is bullshit and is very aggressive with him. So there really funny electric scenes with what is the dynamic. I agree Imagine that cuz, my daughter, is just always going to eye roll me. If I screw up in it. I don't have a great daughter, but you know if I, if I say something that she takes personally like I
you just gotta know your own kid in a way that nobody else would understand if they're on the Roma do so. How do you now- that, from a directing standpoint, a most interested in how you do that. The sensitivity of their feelings. Yeah. Well, especially with you, where it's just you, You have the lighter- covered in gasoline at all times when it's all right, different that if you are just a normal director, one one well you're allowed to tell them what to do wish at twenty two to that listening so much at this point the tears. So, as I said, I do have the ability to forced her to do things like ghastly pick her clothes everything right like that. You would never allow a picture hey. I got right doubts and sometimes you have a short hand. You know we're. Like so say I was out and I get a lot
in all. Do it better and the latest Walker with legs out immediately try. It does, however, eulogise a new thing. I mean her instincts are so good. There was a scene where we first meter character and I promise major? Do it you know eight or nine times and gave rules for its direction? and I got into editing- and I watched all the tax- and the first thing before I had said. One word to her was so much better than after adjustments, because he's just solid and was already doing it pretty but it is definitely fun for like we get a kick out of doing it and feet, she cares so much so You know we have a glass and peat is really fun to work with these very present.
I'm alive. You know what he's acting. It's not like someone who's making notes in the script, trying to figure out how he's gonna do it he's a fool living the thing is there you're fix guaranteeing that moment, it's almost like you ve entered a reality. It it's not like actor boy whose decided here I'll be loud, and here I ll be quite Peters. Just worked very present. And- and that makes the scenes great. Why did you I'm sure this is a question? You're gonna get asked the most as you promote this movie, but you look at certain people these bought something, and then that makes you want to make a movie with them. You know advocated. This is, happen repeatedly over the last few years. What was like the one thing You saw him that made you think this guy should actually be the lead in a movie.
It's interesting because it always talk about like this. Like sports, you, you see these workings and you get excited about the I remember when I was a kid we knew the strawberry was the year before right, we talked about it. They had strawberries and April from Carvel. We, a promotion, nodes, arrow strawberries. Come and then you watched him and you are like I'm so excited even when he wasn't playing well like. I think it's gonna happen. I think this is this. Is the guy I had season tickets to the Lakers and copy bright. Sorry that I saw all those first gains. The danger was terribly and we would laugh at look at this guy. He doesn't care
he's missing, he's gonna keep trying. It is not slowing it down and all you gotta figure out how to get this done and there's been a zillion people who were in the same acquisition and never figured it out right. They just they never got better and that's how I looked allow these actors and actresses I'm transport them early moment, whereas a fan and like I think it's I think you're telling me sure I think that's the personal it's gonna be and then, as opposed to just watching it. I just try to help them figure out how to tell a store where your, how to execute who they would be as the star of movies, but it is very much like a fan who like when I was a kid. I remember seeing Andy Kaufman on Saturday Night live in the night.
But he was gonna, be on taxi. Arousing I got in carbon from tv series doubt and I would shrugged his career the way I think people follow athletes and that, I felt repeat, I saw you, stand up. He was nineteen and was tall unlike in way funnier than I was nineteen, thirdly funny and you could feel all the emotion in his eyes and his history in his joy and his pain, and he was instantly fascinating and every once in a while, it might happen every few years are once or twice a decade you gotta get anything. I think that's the one I think that's the one's gonna break out. It's funny. I remember doing that even dating back till I d eighties rise like that cause Letterman widow. Is he
especially early when he is in their eighty two eighty five range and he would just get all these people that Carson would never have. I got it. You just become attached to some other right like it would be like Michael Keaton who, in these people had their careers Kate was in nature, but you'd see my matrimony back, I'm with that guy man, it's gonna happen, scrap and the biggest way in Hell was like that and Seinfeld was like that and then there are bother ones that didn't totally make it, but you You're holding out the hope, fur way: beyond the pc and pop in a movie like there is but in a broader package people from better brother Lenin, wasn't someone that Johnny, Carson loved and Letterman, on all the time that was partially because Carson didn't on him on all the time. Richard Louis was somebody that you was on the tonight show, but Letterman was then I will love of seven really put him on all the time.
These have George mail or other time leader. He is to have his go to do Let us dire unable Anna Letterman thing was just that was his best guess. You're done. Bill Hicks on tonight show now now, so it is funny and with that's an you, can see that They ve never totally figured out how to use p, but good tell Lorn is super enamored with them, so they always like, will put em on update and always I tried a workman things because they know ye do is Sub David. Is that your typical leg, sketch performer, like a warfare or something like that, but is something going on his these at home- shows peat has really excelled, because I think you're getting a nod watered down version of what he'd fines
And I think a lot of ways he's just beginning to show people what he can do that show you the way I place a lot of friends, get that job and solely figure out how to navigate the process with how to get sketches approved and on the show, and it certainly the challenging play and but he man he is so funny p I mean to be around. I'm really is ridiculously funding, but I also think he's a great actor and when I was working with them as an actor, I thought this is really space he supposed to be he's. A great leading man he's very subtle when people try to I'd always got sweating like all my personal sweaty, but peace out like that is very presence and
he's at trying hard in the bad what he's just real and he's very willing to be vulnerable in a way most people are not. You yeah Bush in this movie, and it's like you just gotta is not the movie as much as you would normally expect from Steve Buscemi. You carry using him, he's off the bench to shoot some three separate. Grab rebounds guard bad scarred, devotees best guy for three minutes, and it's a really really like him- and I am always happy he's one of those guys right, you're, always happy when he's in the movie Our delegation is here. I need it They give it away, but is this the whole soul of the movie yet? And so you
Everybody does in the movie. I do want to give away, but it's it's very powerful, as somebody who is China, be there for p c becoming was a fireman before his acting grew took off for her about for years, and he stayed very close to that community and when we were right in the movie the whole time we were like. If we could have still be a part of this, it would be so great and also the dealers are a dozen firemen. Women in the in the movie, half of them were real. Current firefights had so we eat your biggest fear that it's not gonna, be accurate and they're gonna be able to call bullshit on it. So he said: if we just fill this set with all the real people, they will tell us If we're making any mistakes here who have you worked with just about everybody wanted to work with this point, as there is still an ample list of people you haven't got through yet
I warn you that was anybody, but I was hoping to work for the work that you made a lot of movies that you have been a grab. People can pick and choose who you want at this point, so he's left Well, using the issue is that I have only made six movies and serve this thirty people I dreamed of working with than that, It happened and allowed times, I'm I'm writing movies about by age group, whatever that happens to be. If I were you younger years, so it usually doesn't line up. So you know one of my disappointment and myself as I have not sat down in Craig doubt the perfect movie for one of my heroes, but that's ok, I mean Here I mean all of em all like the great as in our minds. If I turn people that I grew up with, I was never I don't have it good idea that would include them and I hope to have those opportunities. I definitely do the person I was able to work with
and it was a dream, was Albert, Brooks who isn't? This is forty, and I was everything that I hoped it would be, and you know when We were shooting every day. He would email me ideas for jokes. For the next day, see that was the best part by day was the email from Albert. You know that and famous here, and there was always great there's, always fantastic user. It was really fun. Do you ever cross passed with Super Dave? I never met Super Dave funny, but I dont think I ever like people. It seems like people, I've crossed paths with cross pass without were brookside. The I've crossed I've the six day side Nobody's ever has been able to do they compare contrast. I couldn't do it compare and contrast, Cosette the day was in all the Eba Kimmel circles, so we got to know a little bit and he was like a age is high.
I believe there are related. It's gotta be one of those days siblings, Cuba's dad We ve had what about Lebron James say that that he moved Tell ere you guys. Just you haven't, allows on tuesdays we're. How does it work? Somebody are you? How does a very intimate week where you spend all They everyday with Lebron James was, I also defined so by the idea. It's it's like having babe Ruth on your set, reverie them and he's also there to act, and he has really done this before is than commercials, but it doesn't really created a character. You know it's aversion himself, it so character that we ve made up, but none of it is actually the Brown James behaves and he's there.
Work in his eyes up so into it. So fund to deal with the EU is hilarious. You know when you watch all the signs of it is because I got it out of him. He showed up rockin from the first rehearsal, yeah yeah. I mean we told him what we thought. The joke was witches, your basically Bruno Kirby from one Harry Metallic some reason: the present a belated talks about his relationship problems. It is projects in Africa and for reasons which there is no reason for your cheap near the jug passes, Eddie, you couldn't care more about him you're. Just like your totally. There is a friend will you. I don't know why that's funny, but it has made us flower that he's and I was good with a laugh. So are we pushed the turbid lunch one day
we're gonna get to do the movie. Any is loud does as already got the job instantly and it was all nothing but for the whole tat you know, then we did all our present there's something together. It was always great, but I went to see a game a couple years. When he came the Lakers and for some reason I felt very uncomfortable. Looking like I felt weird, because my only Sperience Adam was telling him what to do or guiding had been some weight and in my head I thought I dont like eyes of them, because I feel, like I'm a distraction, Jerry the rape. Now, that's not true at all. This, chance, they would be distracted but for some reason, as an erotic, jewish man. I just thought I dont want to bother him right now and then we went to a game. True far before the pandemic, and I turned my wife is Jesus lit up like this.
The street smiling and waving. I turn left and the right James is blowing my wife, a kiss not me by the way right there The EU is actually there ain't excited to see me at all, but he seemed very excited the z lefroy, but then he was what. How long did the decision. To actually released this movie as an added demand thing like what was the process of that was quick. Was it easy visit the only recourse like how to that work, I understand that this might be something that would be discussed just because people don't know when. The theatres you're gonna be open in a real way because they can get there. Isn't a lotta people may not go eyebrow
These movies are gigantic investments, so movies have been sold in their legs or other streaming services, and the sooner we do need to make some money. They can't just hang on to all the movies and just sit out for the air. So, when universal, call me and said. While he lets kicker on the options for the movie, we talked about it very quickly. I realized. The moon is like leave it on the shelf for a year and the movie is about first responders, its dad in the movies a fireman, you know who lost his life in service and his mom is a nurse in real life. Peace man is a nurse and the city and the movie about. So
trauma grief, annealing and even though its a comedy it is about how we get through difficult things, and it is about heroes, and it just occurred to me on this was supposed to come out right now, but you will be we're. Do not share this with people, so I'm thrilled the bargaining get to see, and I mean you ve got to see it. I did any. I tell you leg. I don't mind the whole on the ban movie thing just in general, like I've, always kind of wanted a version of this where we people just have nicer stuff, the tvs are better and they can accommodate the white screen and all that stuff and adjust it never made as to me that we had, we were forced to go to the movies it as something like, I look alike, were quickly dead, were crib created this you know,
Youtube Computer, whatever their like. You have to watch it on your phones. It's like the one thing. I feel We ve learned over the last fifteen years is like people like to choose. They're gonna consume something in the end, the more you the more choice you give them the more. They must appreciate it. So a movie like movie which I would have seen the theater and am I guess my kids are older, but you my kids, her younger a train wreck My daughter at if my wife and I were going to go that we was like what we leave by daughter home alone with our son or we get a babysitter and it just would have been so much easier just to I demand it. So I like that, where at least testing this out and seeing what works doesn't work because I think this move is the. For example, by preparing- and I demand a snake, the Friday night- there's no sports. Their actions there's no! No any all you all! You have is a king sent an island Things are moving very emotional, and I think this is funny.
The other movies, but it's definitely very real and using them. And you just want to cry alone. You know one of you sit next to somebody goobers. Next to you, while you crying is funny, we were testing the movies and before the pandemic we showed the movie Togo crowds of four hundred. That's how we realise of its working or not. We can note some people feel our cards and it is actually very helpful, but at one of the screenings upsetting the back can notes, and the guy in front of me seven minutes before the end of the movie, where no one, there's really deep emotional able saint just pick up his popcorn, and he's a net so loud and I almost lost man ruin the sickening forbade ever the moving signal. How do you think that such a word that, like I don't even know what happened, I'm so angry according eater, so you know
I think what I'm gonna do with brain. Like brainwash myself in the day We owe the experience is perfect for this movie event the theatres opened up by well I'll shoot Vito D and go back its sympathy figures when I would he inspecting from Staten Island from this movie. How will they feel about the movie? I dig it embraces fillet where they take it personally, where what is gonna? Ask you to pay out nothing. We describe stand idle, accurately notes and interesting place, because there's no attraction they're, not yet six flags stat night there's nothing there. That would make you go there. If you don't have a friend or a relative ever live, I remove Christopher, gas knees at all. There used to be a great tar Shaw up used to go to to instead island in the seventies. Like that's the kind of place it is lovely will work here. Maybe they commute the city, but the people who live there. Most of em don't leave,
that often and the people that don't live there don't go there unless I knew of their friends or relatives it there. So it is. It is a strange bubble, But I'm right super cool when we shot the movie, this latter blue collar people. They are like the cops Firemen and nursing this is great people. Now it reminded me of long island where I, where I grew, I felt very at home there yeah, there's some Massachusetts downside there too, that are just far enough away from Boston TAT. You probably wouldn't commute yeah, but you also wouldn't go from Boston. You go hang out there and they just become these little bubbles. Tat are really close to this. Much bigger city but they dont interact and really anyway, we are absolutely impedes been really funny. Making fun is sad, but he loves. Many still lives it. So it's debt relief, now nearing dear to his heart, is p. I made pits
this issues over the years have been well chronicled trade back. How concerned, were you Building a movie around him when you were me now works what was gone out with a day to day Well, we'll just talk about it very openly, because he was a producer of the movie too, and I'm working all sorts of people I'd like when, when you're very respectful, very transparent- and you tell people what is required of them, you know for the most part, they rise to the gate, the occasion which is what he did. I do said deep producers movie, there's a couple hundred people who work for you and you're the boss, so you're, certainly example. They somehow you approach, but one part of peat, which is really great. She loves being responsible. He loves that people think he isn't. Responsible friend makes it
happier than shown up early age out on early, you didn't think I'd be early, but early so vehemently was really easy to work when, but part of that is now preparing someone, here's what is expected of you. Here's the job and people are making a big investment. Can you see anything could very seriously, and he did he couldn't have worked harder and the movie so personal that I felt like it's a real gift for him to share his life in the story and his pain and make a movie that, hopefully, is meaningful to people. I mean he did something that. Cabin crew? Because all of us, when we make movies, are first movies, are like heavy goods vehicle. Nobody makes the king is that an island right from the top of their career, then we'll make like eight goofy movies. Before we try to make the more substantial
for one, and I think he did a remarkable job, especially as a writer did you feel like at this. Fun. Your career, you needed to make a movie that was little more than a heavy. It's not so much that I wanted to make something that was more substantial. I just I wanted to do something different and I felt like ok, I told this story. I talk about relationships and coming of age stories, and I want to make a movie about aquifers, and that word is kept coming into my mind for years. Like sacrifice, what do you say- never write about sacrifice, know people who risk their lives for other people, and I wrote a cover other screenplays. And I never felt like- I understood it enough or cracked it, but I knew that was the space I wanted to be in a wooden
it started showing interest in coming up with a fictional eyes movie that was inspired by parts of his life. I realise that this is it. This is what I've been hearing for. Because a lot of the movie is about what happens after you. Very brave person gives his life. It help other people. How does it affect their family? How they process grief from that? that affect his ability to know what kind of job he wants and how to get off the couch and stop smoking part like how do you not just go into it? I shouldn T and have a really tough life and those are pretty good right,
that you rarely here about in in movies and inner, and it makes for a mood as both very funny, but it's it's directly addressing grief and how people climb out of that, while you dipping into thy peach experience, it's like when you made the forty or a virgin Steve carouse virginity in real life. I know the exact was really very that's on the remarkable schedule this, now that the fifteen year anniversary coming up fifteen years time, it did happen fast. What do you remember for that movie so get give us auto backstory so have material for the reactor was well The main thing I remember is: I was a producer and anchor man and I was on the set new watching every
at issue and they're all killers that they they couldn't be funnier. Let's see, corral was chess crash in it and okay with Adam Mckay would feed him lines and then sometimes you just go. Give me another. Give me another. Give me another and carols improvisation were just incredible. He was so funny that the whole cast who were also killing we're Canada than of what was happening with brick and ends in wonder this item. Did you ever about being the leader of a book? and I don't think he had really thought that that was possible at tat age in his life. I think he thought he was a funny supporting IRA sketch player I'd. I don't think he was chasing that at all, and I said I think, the greatest led to have any ideas and the companies later
What mania to ideas- and one of them he said- was based on a sketch that he had play around with, but never really developed about forty virgin and a poker game and you selling sex, lorries and slowly everyone realises that they're all bullshit rather line They pay me wasn't kept saying you know like we need such a woman's brass. It feels like a bag of sand can you put your hand underpants and does all that baby powder, and it was so stupid, but it made me laugh so hard and I hate to say I totally related to it. Just shame Is it really is about shame? Tat bears the embarrassing. You ve never connected with someone in that way When you start thinking, maybe there's something wrong with me and even though it's a movie, I did understand all the emotions.
Behind it and then see that I talked about and said what we really been a high comedy but really made this character Above all, it is a real person. This is what he would be feeling at this stage. Say with that movie and allow movies from that decade. You now have this generation of people are now. I don't have sixteen to twenty five. In those become their movies, the same way that either for us when we are grown up. It's like the animal house and cattle and all those things now it's out generation really from Oh three d, o nine, its system, around. He look back, it's kind of unbelievable than the amount of talent that was available to be in the movies. It was like this perfect storm of filmmakers and actors and ideas.
We really ranger someone put up a grid of all of those movies on twitter the other day and it That was why I lose you didn't Everybody's movies, like all wills movies, all events sellers will resolve events ponder these other Jim. Carry me is all sailors movies that it was just a grid of little boxes of Oliver and on some other, you too, proud of everybody, because we're we're old knuckle heads hoping to be allowed to do anything. I gather your now that were most of us are in our fifties and we looked at can go a lot of stuff and and in a moment I doesn't people are really happened. Time stuck at home, you really feel like I'm glad, there's something for them. There is going to give him a break them happy you. I really feel the value of the silliness
I know what I'm amateur rough time I might go watching you. Forget about Mary right now. The movie I loved for that period that I had nothing to do with that. I know like a man as two hours of my life looking at that, because something you to think Congress all just such areas What is the point of all this and Adele. You realize I really did makes people really happy Yandah to kind of panic make feelings by hazard comedies and We said on location. Psych bore a boar in Hawaii where you just get the like escaped somewhere here. You know that you can watch like I don't like forgets. Parcels again when it said who I get to go to Hawaii stay, I reserve if they currently behalf, is exactly where the others got. Those great movies is always so. Let's go make a movie and fun place You got it advent that.
I don't I invented they. Can you shoot the movie on your own block and sailor was, I can you shoot the movie at a place where you want to spend your some wherever so July? Twelve king stand It's very good luck. I remember you, so I don't like you did to budge panting, but I'm excited for peat is like him. I don't know about their better saying, cuz each juices. There's some celebrities out there that you just kind of signal reform. You don't really know, while I've always liked about like use. One of those guys, so there is a good guy, he deserves all the accolades and hopefully he'll get, and I am still concerned about this- for pizza cover up story feel I guess there's a lot more to be learned about it. Maybe he should invent line. Maybe he should, in Vienna Pizza cover up story to help promote the movie getting leads. I realise that you,
invite someone on this by gas to his on that team lights running along at the summit I salute and get a lot of planes. I mean to see if you could trick them into finding out the truth. Yes, I would that is my summer list, which are Ipad battery right now nine a m. I really noticed some credible I voted united when we started, I just thought you were gonna zipper jacket days for takes four given us all, because of course I feel I felt like I sold lot adds the attack later. I thanks to jail arose thanks to jet appetite thanks to Chris ran and Joe House. We will see you again. On Sunday night you might want to bone up on the two thousand and seven MBA Jack, because Ruby, diving, headfirst into a joy, the region stay safe.
Make their choices. Seer down the road.
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