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Jalen Rose on LeBron's Future, the Kardashians/Jenners As NBA Scouts, and 1998 vs. 2018 | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 374)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his old friend Jalen Rose to talk about what NBA players do in Cleveland, Kawhi Leonard's "Pre-Agency," some of Jalen's NBA seasons, the Kardashians/Jenners' impeccable NBA scouting, all-time greats, LeBron's next move, where Kevin Durant may end up in the next few years, Jalen's new morning show schedule, and more.

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grasshopper, let you send and receive calls and text. For me, new business phone number run your business from anywhere respond glanced quickly with grasshoppers mobile, apps gotta grasshopper dotcom such B S. To get twenty hours off your first month. That's grasshopper, dotcom, Slash B. Yes, don't get to check out the ringer dot com. We wrote an awesome peace yesterday about the fall of the: U S, M and t why the? U S is not in the World CUP at it. I still think they're gonna be in I think it's gonna start him to be looking around for America's in this zone, accents that an accident we laid out and in a great peace that went out by on Tuesday that laid out every single reason why they are not in their ringer package network as well as a good stuff, including the Dave Chang Show and on House Carbs. Today, Adam Perry lack the best. Barbecue
in America is on my house and I'm sure it's going to make you hungry, Ringer NBA shows coming everyday bass good during the finals. The draft is heating up and if you missed NBA desktop on Youtube and twitter. This week we investigated Kevin, O'Connor's, bizarre and and frankly controversial story how he escaped from or a Corina, but she say, let's you say, was picked the part and in an exclusive documentary only in the ring it outcome. Comrade male fringing rose, but first our friends from project
generous and ass his drinking chicken broth without though Father had happened, we can explain the chicken broth into me So this could you make another four in the morning, everyday, yes, sir, and were ended up happening initially, I realize I was eaten like two or three meals before noon o, because my body clock was turned around. I wake up three thirty in the morning tat really
me sad. You say you were going to bed and three thirty. In the morning I give up a father, English age range and even have a care of actually would short, largely responsible, showing up on TAT. Donald gotta means a student responding Emil's, but we on their way to show starts, I wouldn't say matured. I think it's just a phase think vacillating eventually you'll be back. I was at the time VON casino. Last night, you know cause I began, we probably have to pursue, but what's gonna casinos, it is smoke free used to pay for drinks, one and its super soup. Clean nigh and its sale. I stayed hundred hours in thirty two percent. What were you plan as plain black jack, but his sight? It was the wrong vibe. It's like too happy. Wolf like almost. How can you have a casino? Were a smoke free? You can't it's it's on American. Yes, totally!
what a clock sooner- None America, there weren't a vampire by thorny clocks. Insincere, Lena Fuckers says that had been violated. I see that a failure there it s actually what segment NBA. Ok, what we could talk but Cleveland after how many times, including for you, this is forestry finals, reinforced re finals. I actually was covering the calves when they guesswork bought asperse or each time they ve been to define those are actually beer. Puss, when you were here, is a poor plus one Algiers appear. I Ba prayers players in Cleveland. What are they do can of your new Yorker aware, even like open San Francisco or where we just where the players can can sneak around in an especially later correct? They know where to go, what you do in salaries? Oh here's, how our work. So when you're Miami LOS Angeles Dc Atlanta, New York and then your favorite alot of people favorite
Those are the cities where you get it in your right you out and about those are places you can take a nap before you go out and kick right you're out of like you leave it, the morning here in the hotel, at getting a can, no doubt about it and you're out to try to hang out with your tea maize or your friends to live in a city or you always that are on a roll with you or to meet new friends. He knew quite right. Now, you're places like clean, linen blue time. Milwaukee you either. Japan Arrest, yet you the catch up. Well, you're perfect No meetings in You know your manager, your age, nor the shoe company your business and then, if you have fun you import, we ve explained the concept of importing before yet What that means is that your flying in a friend, yes, then twenty four forty eight hours with the correct respectfully, and usually not a friend of the same sex, correct so
it s kind of how it works when you come to Cleveland and or you, but but this this is a regional pay. Now, you're, not in Cleveland Flying somebody from Miami to come see us you're thinking Midwest, that's not how this works. Sega, Detroit yeah you're flying somebody may be from Chicago of Chicago Scare Devil out of absence right that that's how it works. The proximity gadget flight shouldn't be over two hours long. You're not going to run a newspaper view movies do not last day I can't I don't have a phone or tested or see. I think NBA prayers read more internet than ever. I think are these guys read. Every single thing written about them. They know all the narratives. They see other website that great clip of J R and the brown on the bench after regulation again one that did you see that that I haven't been equip in there just sitting next to it
then the bronze mad and issues kind of two seats over, and then he asked how many time out, Sir Arthur have any time ass. They had in their entire lives again we had a time out, and the brain has like a seizure here. And then jaguars pretending that not watching, but he's definite, widening and he was almost I had that. Look like that's bad at me, correct and then Jeff Green. Standing up and he's kind of looking over man, and they were done. Leg of you'd show me that quip before the overtime started back rather in those by lose, would you do the sea, declivity a noise and went to overtime. Do you know just the strengthen numbers at a goes? They were gonna take oval abroad. Already half did you won't points out they? What gets lost in that attire scenario aid or we could talk about the block charge, Karla whether I think the officials to be able to go back and change or review they may cause. They should not agree
and but George you're gonna make the free drop yeah. So here's what happened as a hurried, whether yes, here's what have Not everybody wanted to give him confidence that he was gonna, make it so it's like after he makes sweet Raw, yet they're gonna call time out we're gonna get us and we're gonna get out of here would win. Nobody always gonna be coming here smack these dudes. I must go in and thereby walk out on the floor, and you gonna give Georgia little. How far you wanna hit his hand, His hair, you know sting in at all. You ve got his almost eighty percent. Fritos should he's gonna make so we Gaza, he misses. It became a thralls. Everybody
yeah it Flint Arena to Canada, miles out your cavy didn't box out. You know why, because Katy was already set up to be the scapegoat, yet ok, he had a bag from the floor. The brown was dominant. You didn't want no part of guarding him, so he stand on a free to allow my own know. What are we gonna do all we can have more time for another possession? Maybe I could be the hero, so he doesn't backs up their Psmith. Isn't offers a remark made by us ever play basketball promised a play. Forty is a high school. Three has caused thirteen years. An mba product never got a rebuttal office rebound for freedom. Never so there was actually a good hustle play by ear. It was so he gets the ball. He's array, handy player, Katie's out a position because it just reversed
plaited up on the right hand, side of the who sang it back out for the bra or kick it out to Lebron at the top for three. So I was thinking about the concept of when you blow a game. You should have one in a seven game series: Ebay, Skepta now in five of the seven in the series, is still going, but you've blown this. You have this win that you just don't have, but you felt like you have it Indiana New York, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. The LJ four point play games over that stupid play happens. One of the worst calls time. If we had the internet back, then at the internet actually would have over, it would amount to less and you guys have that in stone from you, but yet the serious still going
but deep down, you know like while we're we're screwed Katy. So did you had any files that are, of course, and this is why teens play better at home this, while role players perform better a home, it's really a game of emotion. The people tend to forget, of course, is a game of skill in aggressiveness and talent, not in those days come into play, but the emotional aspect of the game can carry a ballclub, and you ve seen this happen when team that are necessarily as good as the Tina Turner play against, but mostly have their draft aware. Yes, so when it works in reverse you get deflated, it actually happens. You to set think about. Is that the broad Jesus
huddle. He was exasperate he's like. I can't believe it yeah recently like he was he was. He was really upset, because if he knew that they were stealing game, one correct is only chance. He had in this serious current anything. He came out for game one leg and taken that no question. I know this team on that thing when any one I am when in this and they haven't seen me yeah, see that's what is happening when you say best team best player light they seeing C B. Three they seen James Heart about away would have beaten. Chris Paul had gotten, The aim of one Agri Houston would have beat the warriors over everybody tablet They are ruining basketball and things of that nature used to have the bullet. That being said, the bright came out. I am about to put the smack down. They have a see me. Fifty one put it up there, the vulgar o t lose, but they were deflated and gain to like in Indiana Series. You just talked about against the Knicks. That was one play, but that play was the series and I think we were unable to recover and they were
that they were a team that was explosive. Not people forget about this warrior alley used to this free will, like those guys, got buckets candy. They can EL day was still plan at a high level, so that that that level of emotion, thus care. You guys are better and that Syria, but we ve date. They beat us that year, but I think that play had a lot to do and what I did, what you really explain why they be there, because then I call that was called them league that says that they want and what we call a fire. As you know, we don't want is dispersed passers by incorrect and an that's why we felt, because how was it being dumped Hicks versus Nix right? That's how that series was being done. That was your best pacer sing. It works out. Team came way. We ve talked about the audio teen came way closer down in the tight on them. People real ass, I
the game for O t was a little bit like this to like a loss in two thousand. It was largely not your line and then it's like our man, we left alone in the tape. I got another one for you, too, that's the gay were Kobe had come in our party, yes, Shack filed out our regulation. They give it to call me make a couple of bulk. Is you look over real like chill out, I got this and another one was one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight people are there to make the fact that we doing these out of sequence, o98 we playing against Jordan, the bulls yeah. We were winning by fifteen in the second quarter,
we was when about fifty ok, we will stop in it, and I know I know you feel like they came out the way, but we didn't know that at the second half light they. Basically, I should think you push them further to the brink than anything that document on that can in the magic, as indeed was suddenly based. Bali was, I don't like using shape for that, but that serious you guys came down close an people. Remember like him, crossing over by Russell making a shot. We feel like that could have been us right so that ninety eight we lose the M J and Game said ninety now ill J, four point: blank does a robbery
two thousand as well. We actually broke through it, made it to define, and we ve talked about game six in two thousand, the subject: some chick cannery with the referees. I know you is light, wait a minute. You look, there's an event guarding them right, no question about it. My ok they're, not gonna call any files or shagging called me that that that's just the letters he d levels of bad cause against a team. The last level is when the guys in the bench or just jump, running off the court to happen. Like my seriously I saw I could relate to how to cows built one in a game too. That's why we're gonna lose by double digit. I asked they were gonna rally back and it will give, the game just cause. I know a good. I think it's just a huge deal. It is and what happened every in the team, missed everything except for the bronze Churchill pretty well, love is ok, but all the other dues who killed the Celtics in the last round just did not show
yeah how you feeling about yourself. I was asking everybody a trick question during the year and everybody feel for debate bait I know everybody goes but a headlines yet so I used the Ouse asking people have we do to Caesar? Whose future would you rather have the six as a result of subjects? Ninety five percent of people saying Philly. Eba people understand Basque about Croatia Samuel. I voted for the result of a deeper I'll write. You actually watches basketball, as so like. The reason is because you got in be big personality. Great game been semi is highly taught a prospect. These are anchored type players, but their sleep alone effect. It Larry them any age? Could teach the fleece genes around the leak lay on a more and that the union's Goodbye Ryan think about his bright college alone? Should not
been allowed to attain games and net series right when you ve traded, Tatum, yeah, get faults and one is going twenty points and one is getting de impeach aileth. I Nicholas Cage by the way. The faults thing was so bad that he does the full say was so bad that they didn't even shown on the jumble trying to try to get a message again: the boss games. They showed legged, Tatum, Montage and then just false sitting. Sadly, in the bed it actually would would mean it would have been out ass. The latter that have been ago when I lay at all together with the subjects too much, but I did ass. This is a topic conversation dinners at two nights ago, who is the next team after the warriors to win the title who's the best bet Celtics. That's that's what I thought I feel like a homer, but I think they're, the safest ban. Celtics, no question about it because you have a full run of Cairo. In hey we're coming back with all your spurts and mental
okey Contra and messengers and Tatum you might as well. He is my child and I loved Jane Brown to I love it well, you may say either Yale and is now more common name. The John in Sports- yes, there's more javelins than I think anyway, because because it Jake John, was in the Bible, jailers in urban dictionary yeah. But it does now as yes, that's my point exactly with that: that's cultural, I ve seen only take a chair spelling of a name and we have Libya like chicken people have ever like mutated Super positive visa, their master. I wanna bank there's some questions. Ok cool! Is this LE bronze? Lastly, when we get sooner. Are these his last to home games who plays a give Cleveland Kevlar. No, no, like now
I know it seems like the noble thing painful abroad. This point of his career would be to chase delights in Hollywood and go to allay they have to max contracts. He's got to has is there for forty four million dollars combined Broadway but who is he gonna play? What he's gonna be the first by personal since its OJ? The second I live, there was actually saw Jane was at the third. You grab me back over the Israel grandma correct if a great less but who is going to play with is the question I asked put what about Paul Georgian. Quite so here's my think about cocaine, but you know things with quite yet you have the same clouds coach. I was taking seriously when the Quest Subject Committee, so I went off first take and I talked about maybe a January, how I was unhappy in San Antonio
and this is gonna be a last season. Everybody freaked out yeah like what is this guy talking about, and so, unlike the calves. However, this is what you can't sleeper coordinate You you're this contract. Yes, I say the cash in the trade of carry with your left on this country. So therefore I would take. The spurs will behave like me. They will put cooperation of israeli quite just now for what they got. The she just kept them two February and figured it out that all carry Cairo correct. But but again you still have two more years, a curry one. I, when I have one But you had this year in one more: I'm gonna give you a phrase that you're gonna steal for the rest of you, how many does has been three. You gonna steal Oh god, it's great are still a lot of. You still owe me that you know how it is worse. You taught me there's we're in a rule, we are combining put our heads together, whoever LISA was set at first does there's. This is a great one, and I've got
from a reader and I'm sorry, I can't remember the readers name, but I'm just taking you stole from night. I can pretend and agent pre agent, ok, so quiet that a free aging is a privilege. I liked the he's using his pre agency as leverage Corrado basically, I'm under contract for another year, but you guys know anything about you'll get nothing who were there, the pre agents Jimmy Butler in Chicago, and I got two years left. I promise you and that's that Harry Irving and in Cleveland am unhappy. Please trade, me he'd, know leverage whatsoever two years left in his contract, somehow convince them to trade him for broken pack and as a time, a sweater, bad, hip and J crowded who want to be there and all this crap and its terrible trade pre agents alike. To thank you, still they're gonna steal tomorrow, ahead of it, but here's what I'll do initially I shall give it no question RAM, bail, Siberia and then
July, as you as that is more yeah. Revive, unite us, Turn that guy jailing came but what you're exactly right, but the difference between the calves in the spurs is how they run the organization, Well, I'm not going to panic if I'm San Antonio, they didn't panic last year with the markets or correct that's example. I was gonna. U you allow Hawaii to integrate himself back into our way and hopefully falls in love with the situation. Again they were a great team busier without they. You clarified you always but here's. What here? What happens in the west? We take disperse chagrin. They basically were fifty were alkali. They would. It was sixty days with color. They would have right way would be right and clever, hang games, Anything then in short, for the plan gives yet he yet I wasn't a girl. I took that person I wish we had the ringer equivalent of you know how much do you believe in
ringer and somebody didn't show up for our plan games who could have shown up and then there are the badger game a week later urban guy we attack, I agree, but that's how you exercise your prepared. See prepared, say: yes, yes, dear God, it doesn't give a high. They did they about this. Here's a guy that doesn't say anything, never talks, but he spoke really loud aims at the Dodgers gave didn't during the player weena you. I know this because I live in Ireland
gotten tickets from learn Rosen when they have gas at the Dodgers, they put them right near magic behind they dug out. He was in the special friends of the Dodgers. There you go where there are so many like you know how to haul of me more than ever, with a mobile that time when, when David Price was hideous, as I hate you, I mean I like her. I got his number on the law Yale thing out his cell farm, all that was legal, but huge fan David prices of Frazier near as it turns out that book David prices, but bad for the rights of how about being a hall of Fame basketball player near one of the top. Fifty one of the top handful to ever play this curve. An owner with the Dodgers in running the Lakers simultaneously was so so can't. Leubronn learn from that would not be a reason for the Brown, a good ally, liberality, be the first billionaire player he wants down an mba team. He wants
this whole media business and he goes to away, but you inside it do this from the Mobile Madge average. But you can learn all of that from the mobile, but affairs don't want to see the Lakers gain bounced in a first round, see you notice as Celtics there. He goes to the Lakers and chased out money their expected championship. Does it can bring it to the fine as early as the final forth, every team in a week now look at the team he's in the files with that's it. EAST thousand EAST, you don't think they could have been used in a serious whose guarding neuron on his dinner Pga Tucker You saw that now, however, is, I know, now who's gonna high. They were, I think, Lebruns actually underrated. There he's you ve gotten better. You guys think he's a final for appearance. His team, I now Jeff Green, who are rooted forms, then I'd Sixteenths, George Hell, you tat, gave away Jordan Carson, who
Had the worst six minutes, I've ever seen in my life and game on here they gonna lie like this team is one of the worst to through twelve teams. In the week joint Clarkson HU I want to see have a successful mba career is a classic example, and when I watch this is something as a player that you hopefully grow out of. He plays like they're, not keeping score light heat he's just plain, and because of that I would not be surprised because of the appeal to night. I would throw riderhood into the first two minutes: every second quarter, because I think he's one of the he's like a fishing guy, he's just throw him in the water and you bats, the real around for two minutes and lake. If he makes it three or goes to the bed once all the sun, he might get like twenty five in the game and if sexually stigma, but you're really voicing their whole team, is like that. If animal you bet raw data, but what you really
overriding who has taken the brow from being a power got stolen from you to to being the actual point guard. Yes, so no he'll know Clarkson, we're gonna pay all gas than six six it above. They could do a lot of switching. I can make staff work on DE, because that's what he's been doing he's been resting on their ended a floor at your plate. Calibre jays always be a final forward: contender, no, not necessarily in the west, where he can, if is putting up thirty five nine in an every game for two and a half months, which is actually what he's done this? Yes, if you have a player, is doing that and you surround him with average players. You can at least get through the first round of the glass eye. They ran tuna cited the warriors and though Houston Rockets, would it be two thousand funds either one on Chris Power, no crisper with Chris policy. So here's my.
Is my counter with Chris Paul thing: they had to go to a seven men rotation to beat the warriors up, two minutes for two games and within two games guy injure he got injure because I'll say it, as did the Santer package a few days ago, you almost had to put him on the John Stock to Jerusalem plan at this point right and just like you're playing thirty three minutes. You come out in these seven minutes stretches in each half. An hour goes to keep you healthy, first and foremost the moment day. The moment they actually like revved his engine here True, I don't think that's an accident is not an accident. He's thirteen years in the leg is a point out a short any time, never really a hundred percent Bennett awesome shape ever. But you know the one place himself into shape there in the season. Those acted but five eleven, but one of the things they Chris Paul does that most small guys don't do is he's tough is a was the toughest gave him a pitcher, Tucker
it's tough guy, that's right! You can put him or staff curry. You could put him more Kevin direct way. Also can get away with following year, thirty five different thousand game there at all any of her it because he small and each time the karate chart out about it. But but to your point, though, this look round and we ve Seen- has improved without being on a super t. Agri she's had elevate him blighting ease mentally tougher than is ever been. Yes, there's there's an or about him now that remains. What Jordan had the last couple years? Yes, he has that, but we still not gonna have those go kind as an afterthought here that in him he took it to another level. He got a signature shot now. The turnaround jumper, the ratio is its signature shadows like which what he's got like for the one laid about the one legged bank. She s, Goin, laugh.
Lay bays gotta. The Jordan turn round is gonna. When they Bank shall lay he's, got the step back three at the time of the Ark and what the left hand stepped back with the Levant. So I also think any caught now is more cuts in his Airbus year left handed person. So you could you could be the authority in this. I think he has the best left hand of any red hand person I've ever seen a basque, but court. With the exception of the legend, I gotta see him in the legend in the final, because these actually left handed get out here. The project, Lebanon is expensive and settle as Russia Westbrook, really their left, like they re left handed. They right left handed, there was get so so down that helps to so so you think why.
Doesn't go to the workers, because the spurs Allworthy borrowed aspires. Allow that to happen. What if they got Brandon Ingram Cushman, Luella Bang wisely in here that was the last- will lose thanks. Hancock adventure. No, now we're not rebuild what about false number. Ten search bar Vincent forts, near forces, nineteen- you couldn't false you'd make mistakes in uniting? Yes, but his juncture is broken, some broken here's. What I'll do a found this either his jump, shouts, broken death. He's nineteen, I don't understand it can't be fixed, but it's broken not been. Semi jumper is shop when you were ninety bents him principles as the average of correct. I don't know what they are and he's dating a dinner who, who has a better scouting department in the generals in the car dashings I'm. So so we're jumping ahead of time. We take a break for a long time, listers of this package.
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what the guns celtics do they see their early. I know quite carefully scout who can help elevate their brain, and this is the difference between being an athlete and entertainer. We had the media following us is different when paparazzi following you yet like that, that's a whole different world, And that's who they are: that's what makes them a multi billion dollar conglomerate as all four NBA players. Once you jump into that sank hall, that's no! There's no coming back from net, was so who was the one time? You add a celebrity, you had to say who was, but there must, at some point in their Michigan are? After what I'll send you liberty who like to it- and there is always that one person and when the early on or near celebrity rear like. I can't believe that person likes me
It is amazing, I've made it and, it seems like prevents, amends its, which generous is Kiley Schuyler Kendall, Kindle Kendall, Kendall, Kendall, filigree, gown department. That's the youngest didn't think about it. I didn't have them do the combine. Do they just scout variety? How about? If not they do more. Combine in videotaping actually doing annulled Josie says analytic Twitter, it did junior following just think about this. Instead flora, they probably sat in a room one day was like cow, Cosmo or been set What do you say of guys. They both had terrific rookie seasons. One. Is it a but ones and fairly maybe in the files in a year. Do you know
they'll be shown you in the stand, and here the other thing I learned about the whole scenario. If you can't get with the big names superstar like Lebron James cause, he's married, you get next all yeah, so that's kind of how it works so enter whoever's play with da the ins updating our bee superstar. They mothers Joe hours like I'm away. TAT this lavater. They say it's no different than when, like Tom Cruise Asthma becoming out and also starts daddy and actress, like kind of perfectly timed great fur like six months for the movie, sometimes she's, actually in the movie. Yeah this happens in Hollywood all the time the generous are the first one who have brought it to sports. You know that kind general never be like she felt for this bell. Her
round at the Crown Plaza in Cleveland Issues, their love or to anti kids, or this backup quarterback rare or this got it does get a lot of minutes and plays for. As in the lottery here, he's the second his Erika Ii Brown and the lie like fools. We started to say they been centres, is playing light. Magic Johnson as I have the genocide, subscribes to send the place it discards to go check it out. Amazing order. The analytical, let me check out a shoe, do let me check out his Jersey says I'm using on his contract. Is he a franchise type? A player so let's go backwards. Nineteen ninety three years, sophomore Ninety three will see website. Ninety two, ninety ninety three dozen drip. Let's take that whole. Let's take the card actions in the general brain to the early nineties? so you're mesh again, your software,
he's gone. Well, yes, I have a high profile and candles in your dams. There was a Jay. I'm gonna be in Michigan tonight, you're in that's it that's. I would have taken now got even at age. Nineteen, I'm good. I dont believe that its nineteen, twenty you're speaking examples like those level of examples, probably didn't. Happen of sea adjourned. I would advise you to geologists social media was at present. So u turn you? U? Euro is smart enough to stay where yes, yes, I've made a lot. Poor decisions in my life, but now, but I would with women too we all have, but one day. I never wanted to do was just date somewhere because of what they had. You did. I always tell me, and by the way MAGIC Johnson was another when I remember that up,
This whole conversation about dont data, celebrity. If your celebrity you competing with each other instantly, can't work. Can make it and now I think I want to point out now. I've come full circle and it actually worked out for me. What Molly give you five freak, as you felt for the re reasons, correct. That's true! You did break your celebrity row, You're hypocrite and you're still the preacher. They forget that it so the only way to bring us the Lakers is quite Hu, I somehow ends up there or part of the wider teams that could not for projects the Brown Paul, George Brandon Ingram One's own. That's not gonna make the world a final. Now! No, no! I agree now. So that using another beaten Orleans Houston North hyperbole, but you gotta me, let's be honest if he wanted actually, when the title New Orleans should be in the conversation, that's what I'm saying so I don't. I don't want to see Leubronn the mercenary.
Want to see him just jump up and go into filial, jumping the gun and wireless light, He means more to the game. They just nobody rings. At this point, I actually my money would be him staying. I do think there is a real issue with the owner, though this is how you fix it physically ready for this everything you said he should go to allay, for there should be a wink winged deal that he can make tat happen in Cleveland. I get him far ownership of the team or when he retires you act like the day last week, which entails a magic got a twenty five year. Twenty five million dollar deal. You don't think. That's wink link. Now you get me in trouble because you know I believe another study every five years is it did. Did you actually think that they fell? He will play twenty five years now. Would you get was twenty
Obviously that is the only way they get around the sailor cabra. That was the only way tat you can get it, he's gonna be a laker forever. Everyone. We asked magic, those Doktor Jerry Buses- that, dear lady, I get my boy, love him so much and we asked magic that time of Doktor Jerry and you have there were going after the same lady in the form nineteen eighty who gets her imagination, Doktor Bus Now, even that allows no hesitation, no hesitation eyes like it wouldn't be met a fight. I large is gets it. I love doktor boss when the pieces were playing against the Lakers and finals. The letter fight shacks final year with the tea. When I lost my hometown squat here our work, if the best damn sport shall yeah, do a pre game posts gang stories in the seventies. At this point here I watched every game in the sweet with them everywhere there was great the Doktor Avenue topic
Lebron figuring out a way to put a twenty four minute halves in playoff games, he's done at seven times in the playoffs tonight. We're taping this in the morning before Game three, I could see him playing forty eight tonight, there's been a cup, games where you would have played forty eight, but either the game is over and you could come out or they had lost and he could come out. He's figured out how to pay some self during these game in really really smart, innovative ways like his team sooner free thro, his only walked back to the other side of the basket, encounter hangs out there. So now he doesn't have to run back after we only blocks rosier dump. He stands on a base doing this right- and we think, is because he's half an impossibility just as one of your ragged, it's like that- it's, like you, know, cherry picking, but like whatever that the term is for its rest, picking he pixel
spots he's figured out a science to this. Have you ever seen this before I'm afraid I want to respecting our resident data, but but here, but here here. The true thing he actually does so he's able to guard the weakest office apply only other t read which he smartly needs stood by way. If the bronze guarding you in a play a game it should. I thought I might use garden the West whoever that they are the worst kind of my team, and I didn't realize rods. Garbage right, he does that the other thing that you have to learn to do and I wish I knew this in college. I truly believe when I look back your light, our collegiate days, I personally, because I'm really could speak for myself, felt like I explained it so much energy emotionally like high fighting in trash talking and yelling and scream in it. He doesn't do any of that
that's a lot of energy. I watched him. I was sitting near the bench in war in game one and I think they took a man at one point for like two minutes, and I was just watching what he did on the bench other guys cheer insane up. He said like this correct: he is almost like. He was like somebody paused him on a tv, yes and he just he didn't even like wipe his forehead He was just completely still like he was a meditative. Correct was really crazy. I I actually think he'd as again of credit, for how smart is the stuff. He doesn't get enough credit for being one of the greatest iconic players. There is one, oh he it's enough credit for that. I think with under thirty people now, have they ve latched onto the Brown over Jordan, but this has now become a. If you're under thirty were therefore Jura, you like Lebruns, better here, the stats he did this. He did that they have, as in music movies, all right. It's happened,
but where is the best in my generation is the greatest about right arm, but I think that ship assail, like India, is clearly to go. You think the ship sailed, it seems like Lebruns gained momentum, it isn't safe for me, what will here's? Where he's gay momentum a shed? A two year this year and I will ask european year he passed the Hall of Fame mogul. Oh my list that happen for me that two years ago they have an issue for me. He passed Bill Russell for me. This year sees any take fifteen straight years, no injuries just year after year, game after game month after month, just a certain level of accidents, but then the fact that he is actually gotten better in some ways. Last couple years and during a stage when he should be doing this so you're, a basketball, Historiae, yeah wrote a book about idea. I feel like Leubronn is now number three overall. What do you think? I haven't too
which ring I am overt room. You do do while I haven't gone, urges shit. I haven't gone at its fair cream. Is the most underrated, superstar River read the Our aim was also an alien, which I don't think so, people real. Yes, he wasn't human being correctly brown, my being again, and so the thing again lost about Karim because of his personality, and you know he was a warm fuzzy with the media and he came at a time where you know being socially and politically conscious was something tat he needed to do Yan because he was at the forefront with Bill Russell Jim Brown and those level athletes. He didn't get that level of law from the media
that I saw happen lateness career light with Ali. Yes, Ali was a lot more loved right before you pass, then he was when he was lying in his present when he was in the eighties- and you know even the nineties- that in change until he really lit a torch for the Olympics in a manner, but I dont think Leubronn is past terrain not yet. I think that happen for early sooner than that, don't you know I'm older than you cause without when I always by first favorite number ass, an athlete says about nineteen. Seventy four but he was already being human being babies. Most exciting person in my right would open minded and open heart, as relates to sports yeah you're, the minority. In that, at that time we hear, I realized, black people and loved aren't ready edge in daily reality are the same, showed no, we didn't. We did David Jacobus prey to a labourer holster before his Vasco Gaze ice laboratories,
It is my job, so I gotta get a shot him in there. Do you think basketball is harder to play than I was twenty years ago or easier? Was the same? easier any tears, judge erratic, said there's more running than there was ten years ago now parts are not as yet a jump out and freeze all that shit. Now, any time you can play longer is easier would mean a longer anytime. Players now are playing seventeen eighteen. Nineteen twenty years that are the top players is shows you how games gun easier, but do you think that could happen because of the dieting in the training and sleep, and type barbaric chain. That is easier, although that makes it easy blood transfusions.
Just take about them. So right. All that helps make make you more rock, lay at the right like that. That makes it easier yeah like if they haven't you to jointly thirteen. He I mean he really paid. You point, fifteen actual seasons to what the wizard, but he took the rest when you play baseball. This is to me this is the number one argument for Leubronn around J. Make it is that the brand never had to leave for twenty months year, but he stayed year after year, J M J got burned out after three p. Assuming that's why? Latvia, but also also for those of us all I remembered the story. It was a lot deeper than just basketball for M J has retire. You know how to deal with the death of his father, and so many other things other than that.
Took place on the court. You know people everything they dealt with is the same stuff. Leubronn has dealt with his attack re except for the death of his that, but I like this, attention and people pick them apart. That's been leubronn his whole career, Lebron James, when Sidney casinos. Two three four in the morning play off gains the next day. Three four in the morning The agenda was eight nine and road and correct they circled about update in sleep engine Iverson nobody's to know if they slept at night then the two guys rivalry yeah recently play will beat Aristotle a story about a J. He said if you watch one of the finest games in name three when they played the sun's that Jordan is actually she so dark in the game, because he's sunburn, because Thirty six years ago, I made a fine as it does not work it. I'm a sober side
scape, there was but there's one game when he's like just way darker inside nobody would be do that now, and also that the other thing to me anytime, you could do something for longer. That means is easier, and so were. J J is referred to as relates to running yet, more running because his less physical, well, that's so that's a counter would be like none of you. If the brown play down he'd have Charles ogling Anthony Mason. Are these dudes closer. That bill, I'm barrier that floors har yeah? It wants amazed. Knocker you constantly to the floors taking miles off of your legs. It literally does the branch, the first athlete I've ever watched, who, when he gets hurt, I assume his fine, these other energies, where, like all the brand spread, that guy any Connally shakes it off thy terminator to buy correct if the brand, my dear credible, hawk if the bran site, like
play when they through the long outlet, pastime and the two guys even armies and offer you yeah but like if, if somebody had hidden the railway and his leg, it actually come off his body. I collect gone twenty feet. It already would have put it back. Determinate as an artificial, like Rebecca thing about is thereby her. It's raising a big about it if you're Lebron James. The only thing that is perfect is here long red other than that. I agree with you and so he's going to be able to do he's going to play it to his son, makes the NBA. So that's on his radar, and I don't think enough. People have made an update enough
I thought of it, said it for companies added added, I think he figured out far more seasons yet as a key figure. This out there like eight years, the kid was probably three there probably made a nerve shadow bronze playing into is again yes further that kid's really get no China to get carried away with seventh grade a video but decade's get what word. This is what I do. This is how you can still have your phantom. I just don't like put it all social media like when I see like two clips of light the players and middle school yeah Zobeide, I just don't put in all social media, but I follow the sea was happening here and he's an amazing basket. Beckett's gaze can pass their no quality passes in a good court, says between a leg. Behind a back shoe threes say you don't think if you played now I play twenty years you, but you really should a year and the creation of a longer, but that you have
the members and the idea of time, but I love it. I want it, but I had a second career one wanted to pursue and it worked out for me. I couldn't wait a couple of more years, but I felt like it was a good opportunity for me to go for it the work it is. You are in the last few years that you weren't in the politest studio six in the morning current you and have an wet omelettes enough signing off like nothing as all that stuff. You, you lived here, life, correct, you're, ok with it absolutely, but maintain Tony still should play do in that sense. I know! you made a couple. Three no question, levitate a funny thing about their game, so robber or a hip checks. Stephen ass, the Amarian boards, the gets above the bench and, as a t, may you I think about what you could have done, but different saw my maybe I should jump up beheld those guys down whatever their adult happens, but after the game, my dear
yeah now, all of a sudden he's going to see it after that game. I was doing. Calisthenics went that way. We flew back to Phoenix. I went down to about my apartment. I was on the treadmill jump rope. Minister, MAR that's a legitimate site, as you really know, no real down I'll get some minutes. I'm about to make oppression in the boy asked deity come down with taking a break to talk about full sail universities, Dan Patrick Schools, sports casting yeah, the legendary sports, castor, damned Patrick from Sun, and, if, above the damn Patrick, show the big show and sports entered Keith on my way back when he's teamed up with full saving university to offer. Next,
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in Orlando Florida, one of my favorite random places to go to be honest, to learn more about full sail universities, damned patches school sports, casting go to full sail that EU sash bill seamen. Back to Jalen quickly, hear that you're the odds for Lebron Houston, one hundred and fifty next season, Philly, three hundred cleveland- you don't understand- why am I so just not Cleveland three hundred and fifty la four hundred San Antonio one thousand two hundred and twenty clippers, one thousand eight hundred and one the Rockets are the favourite right they should be, because that is lame. They share lame friendly, go to use them. So I dont like that. One would it be lame, go to use them but has not laying a gorilla Houston just feels like we already mating with city by winds legislative authority with
The three way Katy was day. Katy was in the second best part of our time, and how about this I predict you can ask him, because he was a failure with West Katie's, your new co host on this programme right place as they I see you upgraded. Carrying out about greater since different. If you like, a second wife, I guarantee you Katy won't play three or four more years with wars or more years MAX. I was by next question brief or more years maximum. I was gonna, ask you reform or yours. Katy on the warriors in November, two thousand twenty two two years in four months from now I say, K Daily, I say K D, whence through rings, what the warriors. And then he leaves for larger market. I know a lot of people think allay. I actually feel New York. I wouldn't that would in shock me especially like a fish.
Business partner, became the jam in annex or something because by the way, did Nick should do that. We had reached climate on the park ass thy sweet if they know, but no Frage. It's going to New York that that places damaged goods. The only way you can get one as you have to make a deal with somebody who's attached to one of the major guys. You taught me so much about this industry and have a great for my brother and one of the things you taught me is when you have information, people are taken in Rome when it like is theirs. I promise you send it to a microphone yesterday around one thousand and thirty. A m that I didn't feel like KD was going to be on the warriors in three or four years, and I've seen people run with it like it was gospel like they never heard me say it fascinates me, that's them. He doesn't eighteen, but I truly believe it's like when you still pre Agency for Myanmar and get up, but I remember what a great poet you brought your
I gave it to you no question, but here's the thing about Katy level every might appear to yet K De ain't that limelight type do have paid attention to what he's wearing two basketball games and how he goes to the podium, and cutting his hair and not shaving his beer. Like he's not the guide, it too, in my opinion, was to go to loudly he's. Gotta wants to be grimy, improve the I can build something and what better placed to do that the new Sid they ever want to championships is nineteen. Seventy three day. He signs to play with them if they happen. He's already a legend. When you go sign with play with the Lakers, you ain't, no legend yeah, you got to deliver the other movies OKC and you can dominate the east like Lebron did. I can see him going back to OKC to what you just
one play Russell. Well, maybe rustles that their anybody there at different stages there. Now you go about, ok, see you. People are too vague pace back in the two other pointed out, they katy theirs. From GM, different owner who knows, and and so we have when you do or we do for eleven when you're projecting things is not like anything militia. His light, we love the warriors. We love Katy. Katie's another host, for you only show it just me projecting What I see in what I believe in the information but I'm here, do you remember that when we did that two thousand fourteen plans together were on tv and it was the brown is gonna, be afraid and it felt like you and I were the only ones really giving it a chance for him to go back to Cleveland. We did it. We did at the bill in jail a preview in October, two thousand thirteen anew the Cleveland Section was all about: can they get Leubronn back and people are you guys are nets? Now I've been wrong.
In times of you, but that was in the air and you could feel it at the fine us and in I think, heading into game five in Miami. I think we theirs before the game. I have two whose courteous last we get a horrific kind of amazing. This could be his last game, people go mad at US people, their managers, So Lenny came out a member. We said we said in the past. Game. We said, that's crazy. The Miami fence leaving that might be the last time they see Lebron James, it's amazing they did. They didn't recognize the manoeuvres that Yasser on drugs bye and away he going to leave south Beach is so beautiful here to go back to Cleveland, and then he did. I wonder if it's it's these guys have they switched teams? Now I say it with the some of the people that work for the Ringer, unjust and general millennials, the under thirty people, where it just cause they have a choice for everything right there have cable, it's like we're all gonna watch I just go in there.
I'm hungry order? Postman's? I need a car, I get ragged left, hook up somebody. I go on twitter, swipe swipe swipe! Oh I like that when this is just as though this world. We live in now, and I wonder with NBA, if it's a little late that too like and that that happening or I'll go there. Oh my contracts up upper for Lakers, and maybe there's just where we are with basketball. Maybe people just float around in theirs. That can be people that stay for fifteen year correct air. What you're talking about is the microwave generation verses. We grew up in the oven, It's a swipe, regenerates yoke, no question, here's an athlete and Katy who's gonna, we're down as one of the greatest players to do it has a chance to, the NBA oughta lean score he'll abroad He didn't necessarily want to leave. Ok, see what happens. In that scenario is I have to eliminate the he doesn't, have a ring, but he's an empty p conversation
because what we ve done is fans and media. All we do is colourings, that's it is We talk about our time, re players, you never him talk about John Stockton and we'll talk about come along. So, There were two of the greatest players to do it. I don't know if I agree with you, are we caught his rings? I honestly think that that was a life move for him. I think he I didn't. I don't think he loved the style basketball player, because he talk about this in the pot of actually believed them. The key thought there was a higher level of basque bar there and I think he just wanted to be a different city and have opportunities that he just new housing and again ok, see correct and then winning a title was a bonus after he won that title I think he's.
Oh now taken him were shit and people are like a chase. The title they're the same now you dealer resume. One is cause, you join their team and I think that's what the reasons he's been kind of angry. The sheer correct you good active field in the two parts at it with them after the title is like was I just. I just outweigh the broad and the FAO. You guys are still giving me shit like the whole reason I went here was to prove that I was the best player in the league and I'll play the Brown a finals. What else do I have to do and if there's like, does little brooding anger in him this year that I didn't see last year. Think of a couple of things that have transpired since he won the championship, he's come out and talked about how I thought winning the championship was going to mean everything to me and it didn't it doesn't because, as you start to get older, the score of again in its game of, and you realize that, regardless of what you accomplice, people can still move the goalposts if they want to.
Ass it now. He understands that. So what does he do? He creates burner twitter account to fire backups for who try to slander his name. The net gets exposed, Betty comes Talks about how he really left to validate himself with his peers, yet that was about championships. So now, in my opinion, when he gets three championship. What the warriors I satisfied myself a validated myself with rings. I took care up It is worth going to state your I came away. We saw we conquered now amber to go somewhere where they have, I'd. Had that success were, I can be Lee! Don't you let me out where you left I went there did the business stuff is a big deal for them and that also caressing. I think these guys are measuring themselves as brands against each other and its author that Malta media companies there
hey we're making document or is it just about? Go here, ready the place, but some of them are actually doing a well. I do think it's become competitive with that, would you think he's a quick ones and then then anyone be anyhow, I feel as if he left the warriors and I've been the bronze biggest second round of Cleveland Mistake, All of these last four years when he left his mistake, was all this is easy, not figured out a way to make it work recovery. That's how I felt it easy, because that's a difference in the series. Here's the problem. He bless the Cairo trade when he thought Grandpa Georgian Carmelo in airports, a correct. Then I would allow me to sign off an attack in the Bahamas. I thought then it faster and carries a huge attitude? May corazza? No, I didn't.
Can I tell you, I know you got no, I know you'd. Let me tell you of the snake you to happen this year. I said it all. Gina Jacobus showed it you ve oversaw. He must practice the next day, people sleep on it. The bride love! What? When that raids, they'll through a hero, that he wasn't getting Bledsoe the promise practice. The next day allow people say on, and people were trying to wonder why, and I came out, spoke to a microphone because he was upset that they didn't get him, We put all understand that they have a kinship through which Paul and their representatives They work out together in the summer, so I've talked about for years. If somebody was gonna, get move will carry Airbus probably would be one of the guys. This is. This is one of the library,
kill israeli doesn't get injured, is a magnificent best, but where any second best ever that judge and talent, guess who was not great have in your team effort, but so He sat in the South series you you know and help the calves a shared aired, but so she's the me first offence appoint guarded as make anyone us better. I think he's lazy defense he would have fit in with the rest of these did when you look at our own, wanted him. Will you look at all Eric bless us physical attributes? You feel like he should be a consistent performer, but he's been inconsistent now, but do not appear to one thing: he does it do that you must do if you're gonna play with Brown a spot up and make trees that to me as why wouldn't work or Bledsoe because he's not gonna be a secondary bore him doesn't want not unkind to catch a shoe type, a player and how many times
has his name gone slandered is all season with the drew Bledsoe thing, Terry Rosier, that's bad! Don't viewed with the boss events next subject: Kindred Perkins settle down in our best bopper anymore, but I had a suit, but that's why they Santa they knew. He was on Play Bill They signed him to be a guy in the locker room to be a guy on the bus to be a guy who's angry and the on the bench. Yes, that's on. He went with for those that weren't teacher. He was not what their team last year or this year and he was with them in the play off. He should be bouncing at night clubs at this point. That's what he's doing he's not going to be my answer. Yes, that's exactly what is it a matter of those drag it all matter if it ever at his face is that these are now get out of your league repugnance They think I should be the boats, like the keys. His legs out. Now you watch a clip, encourage added through them pervades sitting back like this now,
question is lounge, but there, but the guy who's in bed in the ball is right. Here. Perkins just like this, which already is a competitive kind of a dick move and then curry's over there doesn't move his feet and just keep them in place and really did almost tripped curry. One things I like about crazy doesn't take shit. I think he has a stroke It is being soft like when the Brown pinned is back in the end game, one when the game is over and pray. I wish it was on the basket us at that very walked right over as a kid here they look, our budget regarded. There is because you gotta baby face and what people sleep on about curry, an clay their fathers were NBA lie: First, you I grew up in the game. Staff know how to work. He not taken crap of none of these do right, and so I regard the weather's per gets all around. Here I am to time in baby light air we buy the air, we bought a thump yard here as you always joke, there's no actual. Only if I now know it's a hold me back
egg hey man right. What are they gonna? Do I throw down you're interested tops and pointing to the eye? Was I was after the game we were. We were where were the prayers were gone in the press conference J managers to top so we're like four feet away when I would have liked gets a popular one by one, I'm gonna Gucci. First lies with the heel there are no down a short sea level aimed at by a year that breathing curry is a lot of things left faced here and what you said about the the Son of oppression athlete. So this is worldwide West last year,
I was calling for the draft to see who he likes, and last year his like everyone sleeping on Mitchell, he's a Mitchell's going to be great cuz. I got it why son of a baseball player he's been around locker rooms and sold a spin around the culture. He knows the game he'll come in as an adult will get his business done, won't be impressed by in this stuff. That guys great? What happens? Mitchell comes in he's better than it was in college works is ass off and it's like I do. Wonder when they scout these players. Why they don't look at stuff like that, like Steph, was around to the hornets and all these different dell curry teams his whole life. He saw everything been in the gym and The son of a former player that I never met Jimmy Walkers, no more picking the ninety six seven mba draft that the here what has changed for those players. Additionally, it was tougher for the son of a player to actually follow in their parents. Footstep right.
Because I remember our horses. I got Tito Orford son, yes correct now. It's like it seems that there is so many even so so here's was changed before me the son of a deadly worked, gets you because it was almost like you were still trying to separate yourself from the excellence of your parents, but then you become crabs, bear when everybody trotted Jackie with you, I'm just gonNA, Michael Jordan, so yeah, I don't give MAGIC Johnson, your father, but what has happened is the specialization. The game. Yet I have the level of finance or I could get the culture, the nutrition, the the ability to pay. Game, twenty four, seven and now their level of practice in exposure that the average play just doesn't get they grow up on the West side of Detroit. Like me, there
In the back yard plain does only one son who still is treated with the level by us in the NBA Hoover. You can't get this the sun is treated with a level of biased what is how many signs of former players last in rivers he got lucky. Makes a lot of shit. You got lucky. You got lucky because once you get traded through the Celtic, that was his town to be out of the lead So he won't you fortunately unwell jelly. Not only did he get traded, we get traded to a t worth father. Was the coach and GM and believed in his talent, and and also forgot to that it wasn't around from us and shouted but put as a turbulent our your contract, but about but too often credit. He put him in position, but he still had the ball and he did go on improve as game improved his handle improved a shot. He got tougher, any ashy earned his money, so you urine and
against the bad sir. Yet you you don't have a problem of his baby or not at all. We want is on this They they sat on the play out. He was working on it. Put three no name is doing for use. Do no, I ain't. She would play him output uniform on Jupiter. So what he wants. I get hockey's link in the last four minutes. If they, if it's a twenty point game you simper got, there its extent and the fourth line, no you're, not that doesn't exist in today's getting physical, a timid another reason was easier, Philip, determination does not exist in the NBA. That's why you more celebrations if its calves by eighteen with four minutes tonight. We're gonna send Perkins outward Arrowed flamsteed from a curry, you're out. What do you want? give out here, but soon about what what now, what the rascal do. No, why he's into legal call it so tight.
These will be right out again: staff curry, overrated, underrated, properly read properly rated, I feel like it. It's me generated peace properly, read it. I think the top five year, nine three game at him. No is the record until like four hours later, Zaga staff, it some three easy: Now he actually had nine three is nobody's ever done that their beef suppress. Why? Yes, I hit fifty injuries but I wouldn't be shocked. He's been Mvp twice one unanimous, but he needed this. Kick ass like assuming this place that we think we're is in five or is it five stuff Mvp right? He needed he probably should have won the Mvp in twenty fifteen. I get to Iggy sing, better Lebron. Or the brain. The only lead to serious and points rebounds assist ills and blocks. I dont loafer. I dont gopher losers for me My final survey you wanted off now I am so
they got seven. I just sat around. Does what I just said and curry averages last year. The envy appear the team that last year, the most I have a loser now now. This is the problem with society lit a problem with the voters, like you know very well, that is the only guy ever way. Every piece of John have a check. The announce Agnes great batteries outside of a people to understand what they are voting for, so that this is what I see now. You think Jerry wish and be the logo. So you're not gonna call clutched. Does he want to seventy finals I'll go further, that are they Jerry West? if I remember Ghana Millennium over Cobby. What I did a J was deep dive. Jerry West fourteen years were like incredible. I know I said today on Twitter. If you took him, he took him from a time machine and put him in today. I think he's the most.
Quick to actually do well in today's and barbaric, bury to a repair who had been a main awfully ribeiro? He a ball in today's game to wait forever. We just talk him up for that, talking about war- is whereas in fact have needed. If so, we think the calves went tonight, yes by double digit, we think they're, probably any at some costly. They will get caught. Why you explained to them through the fans how angry in a good way the calves feds are theirs in, ray atmosphere that you go on all these arenas everywhere. You go inside the fence. Thank you hate their team yeah. It's This is how you know your lead, their bit. Fires did you like? I love the branded. Think you'd be here. Did you write, but here's hiding lay so angry or the final body that wants to work in media? This is how you know you're good at your job or not is like being a referee,
When you say something half of the people going to be mad at you and half of the people going to like that, you talk about their favorite player or two that just how this works. I remember the twenty thirteen finals is my first real experience with this. We went to Miami fare Everyone's mad at me, I don't take. My aim is that that India and actions to be my pleasure beds beard and there we gotta San Antonio this in turn is disturbed. Spurs boring. I am like I keep reading it tears it's. What is this
Breast is Iraq that they had eighty set and NASA without reading. As anybody s all. That's why it would seem like friends in Boston are happier because you have had a lot of recent success in chappie shift to celebrate and likeable players as opposed to Cleveland, but a woman professional championship in fifty years with equipment fans that I take a personal when people talk down on their tea and their city. They hold a grudge I made for this specific reason after they won the lottery third start time. At fourth years we were on tv with Rr coach, dot com, our life, no question and Cleveland wins the lottery again and they and they come back to us and I caught a lasting whenever you like, we need to change, rose you, you can't just being a competent year after year in and we keep rewarding with the with the number and pay
This is idiotic. They just one the number of victory types of four years. We have to fix this and other cast Vance felt like I peed on them. Well that is, I am sorry for being honest. I thought this is America. Well how about this? They did it to themselves, because you remember who they took re. They took Wiggans, they took Anthony, been it no. That was the year before another before member part, Amerika was the year for they took the car is good blue. This peck they should take another deeper. We told them that while drought we did, then they suck again they get another peck, and it's a good so we just for went away, gap and incisive whereby yet earlier, but you see, If I am be, this is one of the great. What? If so, if an be, doesn't get her? The work of Ngos number one he goes number one in arguably, maybe she's gone anyway. He goes number one in eight at that point. Do even trade that for cabin love, maybe you keep a beautiful and then
gets, hurt the whole time analogous gotta gonna come back here. You just got to deal with the figured. What I fear he would number one. No doubt he was amazing. Yes, Kevin Love, Zinni, knitting, yes in order for a bronze stay. Love would go with them I'm a big one aspect: the dogma quit most of us are brushing your teeth wrong, not for long enough or we forget to change our breasts brush on time and that's because brands the sun selling flash gimmicks rather than better brushing. Well, that's, not quip. Quip is an electric toothbrush that costs a fraction of bulkier brushes impacts the right amount of vibrations to clean your teeth. Quips subscription built for you, They deliver new brush heads every three months for just five hours, including free shipping worldwide. Everyone loves
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Meeting and production mean it's like thirty minutes, fifteen minutes, five hundred and forty five and then five hundred and forty five to seven. I just do show prep do whatever and then you're on there for three hours cinema from seventeen June and copyright after dinner. Do Jane, Jane right after many nights are how many the money right and then you are also encounter. I don't do J J on today's our counter. That's probably a good idea views because then you'd be any especially in twenty four hours a day, but then you have with countdown. Sometimes these plans games are. At one in the morning. I take Napster after new, like a day when I was a player, is it right that I'm a little worried about the schedule? Not this? If I do
them, though staying up lay and then your waken abroad your morning shut out there trying to kill you, and let me tell you the truth. This is the easiest. My schedule has ever been come on. I'm about to tell you why you gotta remember when I first started work. If it s four year, I was doing, as I mba tonight that came one or two in the morning, I still turn around do make it might do next morning. Is the exact same thing with no all seas? now. I have an all seas, but now we have better hd that's what we now have in our seas. I've always looking for better too so like in just think about this. For me, though, there, when the final in, do you get you get it? I was five or six months. I've off work, twelve new at this never happened. This can be the first time, as happened for me, In your molly this is it we're good. She gets
It was a heavy wedding I get off, it will hold. I led to have to carve out how we lead helpful and MRS read now you can't miss Oliver even skip like my daughter, soccer turned me if I'm so very lucky you hopefully bunny right now in the package on I'm, not judging the though get up show for nine months now that anyone should either. But I think what you like. You try shit correct you not! I was gonna work. Is the amazing to me like how within mites everybody has to decide on something and its? I will. The ratings psych first law is Ben. Is Looking at the ratings every day, they want, they want they get whatever the show was ready for football season and then the run is from September all the way through June, so at least wait until I would
they'd November when for Bombast Marguerite Saint Time and if the show view, if everybody doesn't relays exactly what that shows. At that point, then you can start writing about rule. Here's the thing to happen, and I realized that being a part of the git up large was an eye opening media experience for me, in an almost reminded me, a lot of being a player. Yeah. Here's what I mean. When you're starting a popular morn about away. There was a lot of talk about The show is with the show. Isn't the raiders have actually been good, but that's not going to be something that people talk about because it's positive. But let me just tell you to the point I'm trying to make Pierre is considered like the worldwide leader. Everybody wants to find a way to chip at the armor of the most powerful conglomerate in sports. Yet so, when you
decide to start a new show in this climate, with the with the with the president that we have an office, it's easier is easier to blow your dog. So and draw a line in the sand. So now you have people. On one side there. Oh, what are you have these liberals on the shop yeah you mean free thinking. Individuals are actually care about human beings and get back to their community and want to see. You know us, you know come together as a the country, and so that's one of the dividing lines that people try to do get up the dividing line is the divide and conquer thing their people that are jealous of the ship whether people want to be on the show, weathers talent, weather working on the show is a competitive industry just like
for everyone and it's okay, and so that's when you see other things, get leaked like how much money people make and stuff like that, because what that does? It says, regardless of what we make in this industry to the average fan is going to be too much anyway, and so that's another line to divide. Oh they're, investing so much and then last week we got a new facility yeah. So now is: oh, you got a new facility,
you're, paying is always a free thinking, people they have the nerve to be walk. When somebody tells you is a problem being woke there really telling you something so underline that you should check yourself if you're following that line, the thinking being woke is a positive thing. Be catches is a great thing and so dolls were kind of like the three or four things that I saw happening with to show that that level of competitive ness plus jealousy and envy of starting the project or spilled out at once, but its sustained itself, a love working were greener. Love working with beetle, I think to show, is gonna, be terrific and uh. I'm excited to get up a go to work every day. I would say that will put the odds, maybe for the one that you and I are due in the bill in jail and be a preview in October.
I think I'm gonna make it work harder. I think I heard a well below You break a no, no I'm just a minute. This is one of my summer projects. Ok, oh they're gonna? How none that come on it's, but I think I can collaborate in Prague may be down the road that'd be great and political life. That number one on the list is: could we collaborate on a ringer, ESPN Bill Jane and be a preview, I'm pretty sure that we put either on Youtube or on the OECD up or something and wages which is due We did that that we do not always savers four years ago, a you know. What else do you have to get into your schedule? Cause you're you're on three issues. Already is let the here's the thing I'll, I it's a multitask industry to think about. Is yours here right now, worded with rigour and HBO. Yet that is how this works.
That is beyond their multiple people or multiple shows. Look a laboratory. Look! A wheelbarrow even a it's a multitask business, but everybody wants to get into this industry its actual work at the the still in the previous doors Bert call it a joint sailor doing studio? That does that's what this is the doors as the newly Brad What right? There were still that does but she's not it it's so people, people look at it a little bit different when it's for me when it's me, because I always found ways not to be on Monday to Friday. Show here. So now, I'm on a Monday to Friday show people think that I'm working more. This is actually easier for me. Actually working less. We did when we did the two thousand fourteen preview we from the First and I get suspend serious dialogue, river, finnish business Gmos.
Ago another browser lavoisier arrested. I thanked him a man jail and rose thanks to the ringer dot com. Thanks disappeared off. We had to go to security. Come slash, bs thanks to Grasshopper, entrepreneurs fond system. Grasshopper lets you send you receive cause and tax from your new business phone number run your business from any Where were you a small business owner, an entrepreneur whatever you are, respond glanced quickly with grasshoppers mobile? I've got a grasshopper dot com, such bs, to get twenty hours after first that is Grasshopper dotcom, Slash, bs, thanks to us. Remember: fathers they coming up on us and spot. If I have you covered, go to fathers day, that saw knows that calm get a code for fifteen percent. Often you create a custom Spotify playlist dad consented dad simply your favorite artists, artists born do the same for dad bam. Spotify would generate the perfect pilots bridge generation gap, gotta fathers Day,
that's! On of Stockholm get fifteen percent off when you create your playlists that playlist generator expires June. Seventeenth terms, conditions apply, So this is our second package of the week. I will have enough Comcast at some point this week. I promise you, unless I get killed tonight at the Cleveland Game, will see if it's any consolation put a small wager and the Cavaliers plus four and a half tonight. Maybe it wasn't even that small ass did the calves win and predicting a Cavaliers went tonight. Is that our verse Jenks I think they, when this one? This is the one for them to stay on if they can't win this one, not just for the says, but that is a bad sign in general. Anyway,
back in the b S back as a swede, basing its momentum.
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