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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by actor Jason Segel to discuss California prep school basketball, starting out in acting, ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ I Love You, Man,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ learning from Judd Apatow, early-2000s comedies, movie set stories, and more (3:24). Then Bill sits down with his old friend Adam Carolla to talk about the early days of podcasting, the Deontay Wilder–Tyson Fury boxing match, fatherhood, cars, fake movies, and much more (55:16).

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where that era Saturday, nay, that if you are like the brown with our late, the brow ads. You, though I like your black hair black. I wish we could trade get yourself a pie, the cove as cowboy boots today, covers that come such bs t see We ask that come sash, bs, awesome you bothering about common, aroused great websites. The ringer pad ass. They work where, if you like, this package, go check out the book, a Basque while we, the second. Alas, when this week, TIM Duncan Verses, Shack and CO became five, two thousand three, the great under a game of the two. Thousands that includes a shocking ending in Czech thou on our people forget how close the Lakers came to a four PETE, not a thing. People also forget dead Duncan Spurs says, were some great themes. We also have. The we watch was coming whence unaided vision, quest the greatest pressing movie about that. One of the only reason why it was about time but part of our flawed reliable series ran Marcello Ankara,
now one, oh, and if I wasn't on of park as this week, you could also catch me. A bachelor party, the smash his bachelor pass us by Julie limit. Me Juliet malware Reuben, we did a fantasy draft of awe. The contestants this season of the bachelor heading into bed Paradise, it's a loaded, draft class, others put it thou. There's a couple of Zaire in there and we broke off down. It is a box by cast an eye, and I think we're gonna have to fire ourselves afterwards, so check that, as were coming up Jason Siegel first time ever we're really fun. Packers Talkin Bethel Estonia is a comedy, and then can accommodate? The second, however, had Adam Corolla he's back at unawares but he's back, we talk back saying we talked movies that we made up, we probably had to edit some stuff out cause so is work and had we made fun of g became Actually we didn't. He is afraid that right
I wanted to make fun of is everyone's Jimmy's just a theatrical he's. Untouchable now has a veto Corleone, share to Jimmy your great guy, don't hurry! I that's all first, our friends from project. This is great Jason, seagulls filing arrogance, Highschool fast South restrain himself at it. You don't you backed up one accounts, brother Cs Jason, Jason, the mid nineties there, but there, but were people realized in the outside world. Is this? This l, a kind of prep school basketball scene, is really good, I'll, say. My daughters, I was telling my daughter's go: has seven foot centre
They're not even one of the best heaps and guys like athletic I had no context. I mean I was basically just trying to emulate my brother. My brother is my own still s growing up and he played a public school replaited, its high yeah and ears is really good and he ran pickup games every weekend and all that- and I just want to my brother's approval, so bad, but I went to Harvard Westlake, which is sort of Nancy. Perhaps cool valley by yet we had these identical twins, Jason and sharing Collins where they, both there is just one about you know they were both fair, our cheese, the area there about there and we are ranked like twentieth information or something like that. On their backs, but is it was fun and crazy? There was see register where guy who came in on one of them is avowed troubling you more than I played a little bit. I wasn't that good at the actual game, but as it did at the performance of aspects where I could jump really high size to windows contests,
Yeah hey they called me doctor Duncan High School, though, is that the newspaper communist minute stuck really yeah. I couldn't do much else like. I wasn't good shooter anything, but I guess I can jump anyhow. We you into the hearth like acting thing at that turn dune both path. Sir, you know so I was a kind of a secret actor yeah. I was shy kid and I was also kind of a weird kid to be just straightforward, and you're probably legs, six five in the neighbouring able to avert in those twelve year. And so I always felt a little bit like I've been invited by mistake, kind of feeling their prey typical, yeah and probably about it. But my parents and roll me in an acting class has really young Santa Monica play House an emphasis after school programme that was not for kids. You wanna be actor as it was
like kids who needed France yeah, like the smell of care in the dark here to get around this room together by really liked it. I really liked it. I had a sense that I was good at it too yeah, but then I think in a high school to two movies came out: what's eating Gilbert Grape, yet that crazy, Dicaprio perform oh yeah and primal fear that crazy, Edward Norton performance remember feeling really inspired for super inspired thinking. I really want to do that. We had a fancy school. I guess, and we had to steer a coach called. The TED Watch is still there fitter coach Yeah theatre director me aired of our men and we put amish, they would Permian shows that were really really high class. I used to be Paul Newman's theatre director back in the day, you're really good
school like has the best of everything. There's an electron microscope in the to parliament like reverie, want to do. They have the resources for you, but I was a good. You know. Was basketball guy said sneak in there and I would take place off of the bookshelf and read them and practice them alone. How's, like like shame, acting, let the mirror, and then one day I took this play off the shelf by Edward I'll, be called the zoo story here and it's it's a short play, but at one point twenty five minute monologue from this.
Uninterrupted, and I really thought it would be really cool to see. If I can even memorize this. Could I memorize it and- and I went and talked to ted- and he said yeah. If you want to put this on, we can put it on in a small theater for just a little group, I'll direct it. So we were Herstyler her sort of a secret from the basketball team, because I was shy for a few months and we do this performance and without telling me he invited head of casting paramount pictures to come watched the show really yeah, MRS real. So you don't freak out if you knew, and also sometimes that you know I like talk to kids and stuff. There were these kids books and they say how do you get started as an actor? And I don't have a good answer because I got like blessed. You know At her probably help to I mean it's just I had everything on my side yet
about. Like a week later, my parents sat me down and said we ve been talking a paramount pictures and if you wanna be an actor there there there are ready to help you out and said I was my junior and senior year, started. Iver Westlake is a really hard school yeah. I mean it's academically intense, so it's funny that you just went from there the active yeah, it's like rather highschool experience could be easier beer, they post the matriculate and for everyone to see like with names, yeah dispersants, going to this school. This person is going to the school, and I remember I decided what I thought was a pretty cool come and go do movies, not even try to be an actor. I was going to do in actual movie and on them regulation the head of the newspaper, put Jason Siegel School of hard knocks, just like your respect for anything academic rigour sets of theirs. I went to a probes, gotta dig.
Saint there. You were in sight the coat when they tried out the college's its yeah. It's like a big thing and then they put it in the magazine for the school has on the last page. And God bless him, like the kids turnout, amazing, really, foreign life I'll. I always felt a little again this. This theme of feeling, like invited by mistake, a sword run through my whole life and been very useful to me. Yeah Firstly, you know that's the does the tone of freaks and geeks and that's the town of other comedy I've written is a little like. I don't. I think I'm quite supposed to be here yeah. What was the movie? You got that you, the inner they're gonna, cost do you remember ideology or data get an eight year. There are three before I got freaks and geeks one was called dead man on campus, a junior areas about people's first year enough college, freshmen dorm I'm positive. I saw that, but I can't remember one thing from it best. About right, because the latter movies in a way that yeah yeah,
I remember my my characters. Big trade was that he masturbated a lot. There is as yet a man One was called, can't hardly wait yeah, which was a lotta so that when senatorial the little bit guess so yeah we we do. This pact has caught the relaunch business, been on the last for a while and now I'm watermelon guy near that that when you There is this whole highschool movie boom, yeah, basically from ninety seven oath, that was one of the Oji Highschool movies. You ve got a lot of people in a lot of the people and on a bee yeah. You know whoever yeah it was cool timers. That period and movies to movies are really change which can get made, but you know you could make these kind of mid level comedies and I made so much anymore leaned over the rail networks. Yeah no exotic here they ways. If he doesn't twenty, I'm amazed, they haven't just rebooted,
we're back their totally and then the third one, which was what I've using my first real acting professionally. Was God S see punk, and it was this movie about yeah, punk, music and salt Lake City. An end eighties, cool and I live on Maya Paper were does as pre digital age. I was seven, but I've got a fake idea and said I was eighteen cycle. Were canal fell really if, by their unity, you lied that you knew had a leg, skateboarding stuff, there. Now now I lied about my age and, like most people do that with sports movies. Other time yeah, I'm great a basketball and in their so up and they they can't drive we just have it on my tv show without in the shanty names or is a character, is very important that you be able to roller skate, and this guy said expert roller, Rather it should up, could not deaf Robbie good road escape how'd, you know,
then, or have you done a basketball movie that I didn't remember watching? Have you done it? I did one basketball movies, a mock documentary before marked argument. Trees were really a thing like a little pre, Christopher Guest called the New Jersey turn x and was about the ABA and I never got released hours. Gonna say I don't know how I beside where the ESA swallowed up New Jersey, Turnpike New Jersey, Turnpike there, so you could have. If ever brought back the way shadow of fully, you easily. Could it and can be used as yet fully Europe's area like the injury and the balls you're moving back onto will put that put that in the pile over there just think, see- I played a little bit like one scene in this movie called Jeffrey lives at home. I am playing a really long time and I will not go Well, that's, not good law. There is one where it happened in freaks and geek, see where I was just pushed ahead. A jumper was kind of an interim
part of the same like Nick and doubtless got it got his stuff together. How we let us we're almost always fuck you ok Megan, doubtless gotta, shit together and all I had to do in the scene is, as I had a jumper at the end and it s like four five hour. His threat the freaks and gave thing which has come mythology ized over the years and turned into its own every anniversary- and it's always like guy is IRAN was that for two years now, one year yams was eighty one and a half. Thirteen episodes are eighteen episodes that were there yeah we we knew that we were going downhill because there was a there's, a craft service area. You know where there's is food to eat during the day and when it started out and was so excited. There is like this: it was filled with meat and cheeses and yet others delicious food. Then by the Anatolia wit whittled down to like a box of corn pops in some Kremer. This isn't going well and
so they did something really smart on freaks and geeks. I don't know how many people know this, but we had the sense we're going to cancel all the signs are pointing towards it and sometimes on tv, though just pull the plug like you're, not coming back next week, and so we shot the finale halfway through the season and just held it so that when they cancelled us, there was an end to the show that's kind of morbid, but you yeah yeah grim by you, see the grim reaper coming enough, you actually for a smart enough to plan for a first, was most of our first real big and so we had the naivety of youth thinking like well. Even if this gets cancer will go on to the next breaking show. You know we had no idea that it then gets hard and how how special and unique that little capsule was so weird time than that,
Basically mid nineties, all the way through when frightened lights was on, where you could have these shows that were just super beloved, but you still had to hit this rating stretch and then once once we hit the last decade. Two thousand tens other mattered, resent you show, is love thy Paden measure at that same way anymore. But yeah like the freaks and geeks is right in the middle of that, where you had to deliver a certain audience as well, I think, instead with a year- and I think that also entertain- and for a long time was very much about wish fulfilment and feel good, feel good tv and all that and freezing geeks was was that of most people's high schoolers melancholy and uncomfortable here, and I just remember at one point: they told NBC told Judd that, like this doesn't feel like what ice. Feels like, and we realise that there is the disconnects gap between who
I was giving that no and the rest of us sit. I was basically my so called life five years before. That is one thing. This is, I think now this is actually what highschool egg is sound It is depressing and it's weird yeah. They told Judd that they needed more victories. Like next up said, we need more victories. Sir John wrote thing which I don't know if it's a if it's a fuck you are not or if it is like. Our version of a victory by Martin STAR is a terrible at baseball and his team and then at one point it catches. This fly ball. And its film than scored like super triumphant. He catches. It goes crazy and his friends go crazy, but then you find out it's just the first out of the thirty nine forever data as a catch of no consequence except to him. That's that's realism to me. Did you feel like the with everybody and that show that everybody has had
places or did you just feel like this is another job and I hope we all get to still work after this cuz when you look back at that, some of the town of that show- and you go- oh my god yeah. I think that the first thing is much easier to say in retrospect. I know if you can actually feel that way when you're doing it but I do think one of things I learned we all learn from Judd during that is that everything is in the casting with bated an international search for geeky, freaky, kids, yet so that nobody was fake. Yet everyone was some version of the character that they were playing and then I think the other thing about that show is. It was most of our apprenticeship, so it is the cause
Think of a lot of people going on to be great yeah. We I mean I learned so much just from working with judge for all those years. It seems like dazed and confuses little eight. That too, were they think later put so much time and effort energy into who is gonna, be who in the movie yeah- and it just happened- that he had great taste and a lot of the guys, the Mikado African before that, but yeah everybody's kind of perfect. I think on others hilarity between those two things and Judd's. Whole ethos is it's like how honest are you willing to beyond scream event amongst set comedy pieces? Are you know like absurdity? What's them the most honest version of it, and I push for that? I think that that is what sort of has made a lot of us endure is how honesty will be on screen. That seems to be that the big test yeah- I would say that said, diamond
famine, his movies ray, it's somebody who has faults, but you like them anyway, yeah or somebody who can and knows there fucked up but they're, trying to get through it as it is Yeah like what is it really look like if you're a forty year old virgin, It really look like if you get someone pregnant unintentionally here I wonder how many more have anywhere those seeking pull after, I guess, there's a lot of people at the Vienna Summit, I've noticed, as other p Davidson now that yeah loosely based on probably some a pizza Piccadilly us, I'm sure you- and I think that too, as the creator of stuff is always you're doing constant check ends, you shall keep finding stuff to explore. What did you think your big break was? Do you think it was that it was something later? I think it is frequently exert will frequently my big break and then I learned everything I was gonna, learn and then my later relationship of Judd is how I got any of those movies media at one point, so
personally, I think that our talk about this subject, but I think when freezing he's got cancer Early in a similar thing happened with undeclared. There is mentality of job like count of Monte Cristo, I am going to prove everyone wrong by making each one of these. We'll star systematically right. You know like watch this ray. I will prove to you that you are wrong. And so after knocked up job, and I went to a Laker game and in here he had instilled in us right right right
and we're at this late hour day. Many said, okay, I think it's, I think it's your turn now. Javascript and I said yeah, I have this thing: I've been working on a high pitched him really loosely add a Laker game for getting Sarah Marshall yeah. Two days later, he said all right, let's make it, it was again. It was not dissimilar to my high school situation, where I think there is a lot of working hard involved by also got really really lucky, and so I think that relationship was sort of my big break and then weirdly. Simultaneously, I got how I met your mother yeah at this parallel. I this thing on tv, which is very mainstream and and these movies, which were a little more subversive, but still mainstream going side by side as cool dad I'll air of comedy, which we have talked about a lot of different back ass here, but that basically, that oh four, through kind of Christ,
with a hang over, which was India that six years we can a redefined. I guess it may be started with old school, but then, maybe so, maybe it seven years, but these are rated comedies taken at the next level, and really good actors really well written everything now I looked back at that generation really finally yellowfin run comedy like drama, which is consistent, themes back to the beginning of time, yeah comedy ray, It goes in these cynical phases right and so right before. That era is the era of the like high concept character, like the ace of Inter us. Yes, you know, and a MAC gave way to this other era of comedy, which was people hanging out, beat that felt like your friends, oh that I see myself in that group and then I think that sort of gave way to people want.
The plot, but for a little while there was different interpretations, saying it out Well anyway, it was. The internet was around, but it was still fairly early internet and definite before Twitter, yeah and the thing I used to love about movies, I that is when the characters, when their hanging out may be talking about something that, like my friends and I talked about us- oh it wasn't just us Yes, he's got you see they did that movie. We're talking about that. There is a lot of like identifying that you would do through these stupid scenes. Are you than watch a hundred times? A blue rare? yeah. I guess it was a meat era. I looked back on a farm. He too was cool. It's there were so many good common is on legislative. This cause you're here, but bath.
I love you baby was really good thanks. Just like Canada, there's movies, I bet that just got lost because there were so many big, a man remember if it did well did media occur whenever it. I did well know enough here, but I think that will be coming out. You know at a different time when people you know come is every four or five mind. You need one tat, my my big wishes that road and I do a sequel to. I love you man when we're like seventy, I would just a guy like that movie. It is really good, but everything was at the tail end of year. They good comedies in the spanish seven years or whatever ever and someone just got lost a little. While there's only so many that's like you said. With so many those conversations can have before they ve been had yeah right. That's my thousandfold movie. Do those my guess was like there was like a lotta at the bank. Yeah, okay. I all those movies there's a script that is worked hard on. You know it's not it's not just like a loose blueprint.
We all worked really hard on them, but then, This idea that you can't write anything as funny as the actor if you cast right leg. Those themself them self and knows them better than anyone. And so then you can you let everyone do their thing basically appetite Adam Mackay. Those were big things for both guys. Could funding people in a situation where the script, but then also led them gonna do their thing and by they both talked about that on this pockets like yeah. This is the biggest advantage we have. If we have the right funny people and we trust them more funny stuff will come out that none of us could have ever thought. Oh yeah, the other cooling manner. It is right- and I did five movies together- something like that for years about the time you're getting towards. You know three four or five. You really know how to act like exports yeah, you know, I mean you really know each other's strength and consult each other up really well and all that was there. Movie turn that stretch rear like fuck man, I'm right here. How may not in this
Well, sure, although I was with the hang over thing. All of us were like a man, s, eight thousand especial one but I was super busy during that time, but caricatures CBS just doing the show, and so I also writing some of those movies and so during the here. I'd be doing, the tv show, writing a movie and then shooting at over the break. So I didn't have too much like, like regret about missing out on staff, has actually come opposite us feeling pretty tired, and I make said there so tat when I met your mother starts on average, comparing into friends right away. Yes, so are we, it was after friends, was just gone ray. We're like the next year will clearly just that eradication as friendly anybody out he's got yeah, but a good show, and I think it can. I held up at least people's expectations, for if there's gonna be another show. What is it?
yeah, I think generalised generationally. It is become its own thing. I hasn't it that weird Netflix Qana, Hulu bounced back. He said I think, has kept for lab for people like my daughter s arriving at will thou at some point a year. I think it went on Netflix for whole other generation of people who now call me, sir. Our watching it yeah that's been the way This thing about getting older people who, I am sure I look at them and I think they're my contemporaries say like have a good day. Sir Freedom, your eye, eighteen had their jerk, so you in that show has the legs now they have the assembly. No fear for this stuff. In this my daughter tells me she got into her, sir. I don't follow too much either, but I think it's like back on people in colleges are watching at its answer. Occasion everywhere like if you go to the Germans Amity right? That's why it's it's from it
Xterra of if you could have it, can have a comedy in it and it's on for five seasons, and then it just prints money from that point on ever tries to get to the hundred episode. Don't know how it works they get paid my right away, I think you're having we will. We just missed the area are talking about, but we really are they really while we're a little later. I remember recently somewhere Seinfeld was made of Emma I'll anniversary, but he called out to Larry David saying. Ok, we got the last through DEC two tickets. Disneyland before a closed. I write era was the bay, the Seinfeld friends. Are them how big I'd show that in its at its peak I met your mother dear thinkers really popular beings? there is a kind of the number was big bang bit through bigger and more yet much barrier are you still in the conversation seer? Like you're, like the rackets, you're a contender, but I think that's about
the great analogy absolutely no rings, but you weren't, you made the conference via the couple drives: yeah yeah and your Patrick Harrison. I James Hard Look at all those crazy moves where it was those the end for your character that I became a judge. Ok A camera vision Supreme Court judge, but I've savory courtyard, like appointed by truck driver, came like a big judgment. Congratulations thanks! So maybe that comes back. Nearly ten years from now yeah migration is George, Sir Church he's the only man we can trust and the Supreme Court yeah yeah judge, there's like hey companies around the world are solving their most important challenges with Google Cloud, like people who saw before millions of daily hopes, dreams and
Nigel Ambitions and Google Cloud is helping them achieve their mission to transform the prosperity and opportunity millions of businesses around the world with massive scale and processing power paper is connecting main street to every street Google cloud. Would he solving for visit Gee, that co slash cloud flash sobbing to find out more for you. Sarah Marceau- we didn't know that tomorrow by Judge Shirt, ages, pitcher, disability, or will we do the same? She aims he show now that we have the right to buy a judge. Sir, that's like your retirement. Do your retirement retired
Yes, after I love you man to yeah, there's time, everything I'll see did David faster, whilst movie and of the tour, and I would obviously like many writers super fascinated by him and blatantly unapologetically stole his footnotes. Gimmick were both my books then do it was he did have. It was so fascinated by him and he wrote, I think, a couple. The best nonfiction pieces of the last fifty years, just ass, he said you were a couple of things. I suppose we fund thing you'll, never do yeah. I say again, raising the footnotes thing to me: exert obviously had read infinite. Just for the movie, he is a complicated guys. Will now think the footnotes thing was. It was like a barrier to entry
for him. It was like a test. How hard are you willing to work to finish this book and there is a business experience when you read it with a physical book, which I think you have two of you know you'll be on page thirty of this thousand plus page book, so you're physically you're, like at the beginning of the book and then you'll reach it and n and you have the floor to the back, and then you read this punishing seventy page and note on tenants were hit. You get to the end of it and you'll feel some sense of accomplishment because now physically near the end of the book, but then you have to back to page thirty, and it it's demoralising in a way, and I I personally think that it was intentional. It was this really com. Hated guy, saying like how Are you willing to work to know me? That's definitely that book specifically. Yes, Well, it's like eight hundred in something pages. It's crazy! I think it's over.
Thousand once you have the footnote read. That was an expert, hence to where I was in full figure to make it mode. What would a real actor do? Yeah, and perhaps I am had no experience doing like that- I didn't know if I'd be good enough- I had this. I have this knowledge from doing comedy that if I get this wrong is no like a saturnine live sketch glasses on and a bandana on, and I'm trying to do his voice, like the the chance of this being hugely embarrassing, is a really high. But I thought to myself during that, like how I met your mother just ended. I was thirty four up trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and career, and I thought are you going to find out
If you can do this stuff or you gonna, be the guy who sets resentfully at a dinner party for the rest of his life and his like. Well, if I had done, the revenant ran it that the Euro, as the have too many examples of that guy and I said the entire internet cassettes yeah yeah, exactly and unlike you you, you say and believe that you're good at this and you devoted your life to it? Lets let's find out like go high degree of difficulty? What was the family and friends reaction from and as you do of incidents where they even happy there is a movie be made. I don't think so. I will speak for them, but I I don't think so. I think that there is a fairly some scepticism that I was gonna play. They foster Walk YAP is there is no there's no model for that. I could come anywhere close to being good enough here, and that was really healthy for me to feel, like you re
can't fuck this up? You know why you did it new dates. It turned out well for you I can read. It was a very well received movie younger. It's weird cause you! I think this happens. Sometimes writers. I really like you almost don't wanna know anything about them other than the stuffy reading and I think that's become impossible. The last thirty years, especially now that we have social media things you're always gonna have inside on the person to be. I think what was interesting about him. His stuff was so personal but ass. I don't really know that much about him in the only clues you could really find were in his actual work. Yes, so it was one of those things, especially after your dad, and you got in this deep dive in you read all these different things about him. If people knew him- and you still didn't really have a feel for me-
I think it's. Why the movie that particular movie is really interesting and that it is, it say real, three or four days that he spent with his rolling stone writer where it was all being recorded by Alan Stone, redder David Latchkey, so we had the full recordings. And it was the closest even get to seeing what someone like that is like at rest. The I took a good day for him to get there, because this is our guard for the first, you know period, but he says this He says this thing in there that really stuck with me that I think about a lot. He says to David Lipsky, it's not in the movie assist on these recordings. We all have this other voice, it's the voice, but either tells us we're doing fine, or that, where piece of shit yeah- and I realized tat, my job is to make friends with that voice. I think about it all the time I yeah yeah.
This this constant war, wherein in our heads, like that's, that's gonna, be though most intimate relationship. We have our whole lives in it, but he'd. Ultimately, you couldn't navigate. That war is one of the reasons he had so many issues, a bizarre he was so far in his own had annoyed and there's a great commencement speech. He gave clear. This is water and you watch it and I think that what makes it so accessible and profit, and is that it is someone talking to you on your level about some really important ideas, because you know that they are struggling with these same things. There not talking at you, it's not a it's, not an enlightened philosopher telling you this, that always feels unattainable to me Somebody who I know is right where I am at times of man that shit is more complicated than I thought I did all the things everyone Tomianus was to do.
And I still feel, really confused or scare. Or this impending sense of doom, so what I do now read you know cause. It seems like checking things off american list isn't gonna, isn't gonna get me there there. Data reaction was about forget his air Marcia last cool data by I did do we have this always or is there a whole bunch of research? I have signed, knew some of the yeah. How appetite is basically like imago go right this now, but I think wits what's really cool about them away. All these years later is have falconry watch borders, and that's why we did a part about it. You can kind of you. Dive in at any point in the movie If he's in Hawaii this part of sticking for fifteen minutes, then read comes in his red hair and then you can affect in for an hour yeah, there was a special one. For me, too big.
As I am. I was really uncertainty and I wasn't writing from any place a strategy, You know I was just riding what I thought was good and what I thought was funny. Answer the lavish Dracula Puppet Musical right. You it's interesting does when I talk about dispatches Matrona to, but there was a part of me when I started to write that, where I thought to myself man at thirty five June, I started to write the show. You don't have the balls to be the guy who wrote the dragon, musical right, like something along that decade became too Conscious of trains have stopped people, our are successful. Any of that- and it was really helpful for me to think about- The full frontal, nudity and forget, he's our marginally Emma Dracula Puppet Musical, where I was like just do you
is really interesting and funny and would make you laugh and like what you like. You know, yeah I want with my daughter, oh no, not our partner on all that. No two scenes. I'm way good with the car. I really want my kids to be funny and have sense of man, and I want to watch and then I want to watch like the watered down s version. So I'll know what seeing so, it's like! Oh here's, singers, you be naked, I'm just going too fast for the show. You know I'm like look away fast forward. Go next, and then there is seen where they're both having sex with different like I were fast forward over the years, but so it's I can t, you don't need to know what happens here, but there is some Saxony a great and then effort you got naked and again at the judges. Glancing at its we worked it out by a man but now it's I made for the most part, it's only a couple scenes, but when I learned is just do the comedy
draw Lady Ashton. Do the here yeah there much better it cut that out, Did you know what you had with me? Look at and them movie we a point she's just a tv actress. She hadn't, shown that she's. So You can lead a movie and then she they jumped off the screen, and I thank the air will we did. We did improv auditions with everybody. Ah, an and nobody was. Nobody was famous enough at that point to not do the additions, which was really helpful. Actually because we could see what the chemistry was here about tender somebody's already successfully there like offer only answered. That's when much more favours but we are we improve these scenes and she was just she just some, no bullshit yeah in a way that was perfect for that character. Kristen Bell was perfect,
her character and then the big surprise was Russell Brand, for he has. That part was written to be a like. An uptight. British author lay Hugh Grant type that I was really like, really straight waste and buttoned up just way better than me. You know and and support. Coming out in their duties, faked british accents and trying to be real passion. All this and Russell came. Am I ll, never forget and is full Russell, regalia and service. That sounds- and he said, blacks to forgive me- may have only had a chance to take a cursory glance of your little script. You should tell me what it is. You require, and I was like this guy. Yeah this changes as it has to be the guy yeah, and so this is goes back to the lessons of judge. Then you re right, yellow you don't try to choose Russell bran into something else. You right towards him, so we re the whole scrap next
an eye for four Russell and I honestly think that's why the movie successful that that characterise which makes the whole thing elevate and then the fake NBC Procedural Jeff there, the you gotta made like twenty. Yeah, I think we made a couple more, but will there's someone like the Blue AIR says my everything in the world Who is that idea? Then you d, you probably comes- are obsessed with their having area. I wrote a rough one. I think I rode crime scene scene of the crime and I think mixed stole her having mixed dollar road, Pat detective or whichever one that was where pet psychic away, but it was really fun to think about those. Those are easy. Procedural are really fun to make fun of. I decorative Antonia there. Next hours than a lot of stuff, so yeah yeah yeah he's catch him early with that we work together and under. Laird, yet he was right on undeclared. He read
so we all red each other's scraps backing out back in that time and give each other notes. The additive big table reads where all of the this little community we had with common give notes. So Nick, like the script and said have, I think I am not a direct this and so that was a match me in Heaven. I'd never start in a movie or written a movie making never directed so like we were yet true area. I was perfect away. You know we didn't know. We didn't know that it was hard pushed stumbled into the Adam Sandler formula of if you're gonna from a comedy go somewhere, also so smart. I thought we tracked everyone I really am Sandler every three movies younger somewhere about now. I don't know if I got a lot, I learned this party. Did they come out here the open about Aurelia, yeah To me I said then I interval to the plot, but listen they have to be in Hawaii and specifically Capitola
yeah I was able to do. Is a dream come true. Like you said, I mean I think, that air of movies a sort of gone- I don't know what you can do. Do I kind of stuff anymore, yeah people when TAT Philips, is making the Joker yeah movie that I think I think, we're in a weird place of cabinet here. What happened? when you're on a show like guy, I met your mother and its successful you making money and its great in everyone says I, like you, showed for succumb. It's actually a great gig whence it gets going. You there said hours you'll have to perform a time a week and at some point some other people either that or the drama they're just like I want to do this anymore and not try to get out like fifth season sixties and maybe like in the case of shares, Springfield any on should try to get after, says. If I don't do this anymore, the sacks beyond what happens to people mentally with that, were they just at the Is it like you don't get challenge by it
go ahead, Why? I had it right in front of me actually, like it wasn't hypothetical So I was doing these movies over the brake and doing the tv show during the year, and there is definitely a huge part of me that was thinking I could just be doing these movies. And it is more interesting or that our money are both the money. No, that's! Not the money, because the money on the show is really nice audio. I think it's more at the forum me at the time. My my perspective has really changed with some distance from it yeah at the time or twenty six. Twenty seven years. All your kid I felt like I was working with the cook in the movies guy and that the tv shows very mainstream and that there was something cooler about doing the movies It's only with some distance that I looked back as like a grown man and think, oh you, you hit the lottery both both
actually but then also like through the nicest people, an emerald it were like a really loving environment, we took care of each other, it felt thoroughly special at the time. I had a little bit of a hard time seeing it, because I thought like oh what what I could be if I, if, haven't total freedom because they had the like talk you integrating them into the last season. It yeah my job Nora. Well, I went to do a couple movies on the last season, and so my schedule became very difficult, but they accommodated me. They were very, very kind but yeah, I think by the time we get to nine years that is longer than I had spent with anybody right, except my family yeah, that's like twice the link that they get married, attended yeah has a really long time, they're like hey what if we make you a judge, yet where robe and you can decide a case-
didn't I never saw it Joe now, that's exactly what the he'll be a man of esteem like I want to be taken seriously as an actor problem judge judge. Sir Sidney a car, judging Amy special yeah. Now and yet another thing about ten years. At that point it ends up being around ten years, though twenty four when I started here thirty four, when I finished answer, I was, I got sick of suddenly a man re how different person and you know the premise of trying to find the girl dreams is really interesting at twenty four and I think that the time he reached thirty, four, oh oh, had some life experience and wanted to make art about, stuff in your family was in a way this entire dahlia see. Urges working in, alas, is super successful act there than you could Billingham Comin over tonight that
they're coming rejected. I I know I didn't do it enough, as I wish I had to do a lot more now, yeah air, and my brother was in Boston TAT. My brother, my whole families, Boston, we'll clothing store at. Therefore, MR sits in Newton really wow, so sat out, MR sets, that's like three generations of seagulls bears some huge number. My relatives, history, citizen taxi, Isn't that used to be tuxedo year? That fact I've rented, for MR said yes Muslim there? Ah, yes, there now expanded and of ongoing, where you are big in the tabloids back than what was true, a true. What was it like? about your staff. People saying this that data. David S, he's gone through whatever I never look at any of it did with people life got him what's going on here, not in relation to tabloids.
Just in relation to their being my friends sentiments about where we are I know I must have been through. That was the height of the US weekly era yeah. It was a really weird time. I feel like that. All calmed down, little bit when, when the Iphone was amended, because people were sharing their own pictures and their own instagram and are on twitter, and all that I think social media killed Robertson Boulevard. That sort of my weird theories oh yeah, rabbits and bovine was such a thing in the celebrities, would walk down inability, parasites the idea today Day picture now I got a parasol readjusting itself in there she is well. I would also just Beale living your life, like you, get photographed coming out of a grocery store right in the thing about being when someone jumps out and takes a picture of you, as you feel
like you been caught, yeah yeah, as others here an hour away or like is, is what just happened: ok yeah nuclear everything's, fine, I was athletic, was always holding a Starbucks coffee commander. Some palisade Starbucks here and it was as a bet ethic here, like us. He gets coffee like really is a kind of hard to believe that worked as a bottle as a beggar just like out years yet moment. I think he's getting is garbage, ok, my letter come now, and it is much more alike, Jason seagoing another plaid shirt You know it's not number sharply single. Getting a green t here is that Bug Mason where it is but yes, we're getting out of Hand Mason myself, but Mason shattered. Many desert age, thirty and see what's going on with the shell and how
how many episodes is. What are we supposed to look for, and I admit that the mania for less- I know it's. No, no! I haven't made a start March first right after what that they would put them put the first one on the man, but now God forbid, I think they do actually after airs airs, and then you can get it. I'm not sure give us the one minute explanation in the sure sure what happened to me in real life was I couldn't figure out what's right about now, spent a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to write about, and one day I was, I was walking down the street and I saw a flyer lamppost. That said a dolphin communications testing and I'm interested in stuff at a hunch that it led somewhere, but there's nothing. Pointy, Utah yeah so called the number, and it turned out to be part of this very weird social experiment that was happening in San Francisco at the time. Really, yes
and basically I went through this induction and by that and I was done doing this stuff experiments. I knew what I wanted to write about. So it's about four people missing Sally Field, Andre Benjamin unevenly, forty from people, yes enforced states of existential crisis who participate in this really unique game experiments and are trying to find the thing that is missing in their lives. Is this a show that could go on for nine seasons or is it like a short? This is ten opposites nets at there. Did you tell Sally field? How incredible she wasn't smoking? The bandit I told Sally field. How incredible she was. Cancer. She doesn't get because she's one Oscars and stuff here, so the smoking, the bandit type rules have slipped through the cry yeah, but Herbert all time, yeah you're the best
all time that movie is just him drive around or fuckin car, with a sharp behind him. There's no plan b and ITALY's I hate like five minutes scenes of him inside. I feel just flirting with each other's I. This is great movie never gets made their she's a bad ass, lady S very easy to think of Sally Field as like sweet Sally field. But she is. She is ass, bad ass, one like forests, gums, mom, yes, yes, executive still magnolias she's been an. I mean, she's, an amazing career yeah. So in addition to that persona, she's also just she's, really amazing. When I was growing up, it was her marrow Streep, maybe sissy space. I can't remember but there was a there, is only a couple of kind of monster actresses that years ago, like there isn't, if important part, really important part, it will be one of these people. He said
I took a big break but she's dead. He asked ass. He spoke. Second badlands is like we asked my favorite performance. Another kind of the three knights of the white shadow, figure that out later Joan, I would urge judge her. He had felt the still air, then your show starts March first starts March. First is to night primarily of a first episode on Sunday night after walking dead. Second, absurd, after a better call saw and then and then, as is once weekly after better better council. But the show itself is an adventure that mirrors where I went through the real experiment. So, sir, as much as you want to be involved in the show, we let you purchase all good, it sounds relation s comment. Funniest pursue were ever been on a sour, oh wow,. I think the Jonah A has the most encyclopaedic knowledge of like references, product references for any joke occasion.
He ain't your stay. I like as fast as fast as anyone. I've been around best actor. You ve ever worked with. I've worked with a bunch of really amazing. In summary I got lucky. If anybody that made you feel, incompetent or and secure about your own act, and because they are so ridiculous, I wasn't ah of Working Robber Redford. Oh yes, what was that? Where was I, I didn't movie called the discovery and Netflix movie of fear you're, a robber Radford played my dad and there are some in this house really cool. I've worked with a lot of great actors, but There were some moments when Robert Redford would go, but I can only describe as full Redford yeah, where he turns to you like. The turn is perfect The smile is perfect and the conflicted locust perfection. I might go Jesus right, yeah, it's like oh your phone. For right now, I've been watching a lot of movies cause I've I've just one, at the movies from the last thirty years, I just have nowhere to go with any them servants. Circling back, and I just watched him in the candidate which is a really
Relevant movie for right now, just cause we're in this whole election process and the themes really are that different of how you, basically China, Blob somebody's candidacy, and he is amazing in that yeah. Hey these release that movie right now. People will not be discipline he's also guys been doing it right for his entire here here, so talked about getting at the right time. He bought a mountain for that you're late. He owns a mountain next Sunday heads. You know you did well in your buying mountains. I think there I'll check out and take that matters here. Good luck with the show! This is for me to explain at a blast eye before we get to Corolla chances are further sales force. But if you like, a lot of people, you don't know exactly what sells forest as well. Here's what they do. They bring companies in customers, together different poise across different departments. Stephen salesmen marketing. Katy customer service, what
a single share, ginger, six review of each of your customers. That means two things. First, whenever your customers talk with any of the people, I just mentioned them feel like they're having a relationship when you need a company that a series of disconnect payments, which is important. Second, even more important. All those people mentioned have everything they need to make your customers happy notches, thorough, happy, happy like wow, I love this company. They really get me. You notice. I love where my oldest friends of the world's de Bishop, He worked for, therefore, wound still works there. And and shoot him in these reeds and people have come up them a bit like a are either Bush from from tells Pike. Ask, as I know he's matter. I wish he actually, I think, he's Kay with that nice, I think he liked the at the little positive notoriety beer that spanish and at some point, if, if we do more, these I'll tell the story about how biscuit a foreign as the AP by exam, because it's an awesome story. I should have him in until that
when your customers are that happy everyone's happy, that's ourselves for a spring companies and customers together, like it's a foreign AP by test, if that makes sense, to learn more visit sales, forest outcome, Slash, learn more and now that further do at girl. I added grows ever taken this on a Monday. He recently celebrated his fortieth anniversary of Masturbation Levin Flint, your hands, a lever, our guy. You really celebrated it now. Well. This is good good timing, crazily, eleventh anniversary of podcasting today, eleven years really- and I thank you because I don't know when I did your first podcast from your garage, at house what was that date, it was made two thousand seven. While so I start I didn't even have to microphones in my little guest house, my house in the back, and you had to call in from my landline and want
around stood out, I'd twenty feet away from me, and we did a pike ass early early technology, I couldn't stand in the room. You ran because it would feedback over the might say, you're just wandering, and I had I think people forget there was a thing between the phone was mounted on the wall in the kitchen and your mobile phone yet was a phone that was a cord, less found gap and that's what I was using right back in the day. Standing in the drive aye aye crazy. So now I'm eleven years in your thirteen years and are so some yeah. This is gonna, be in man be thirteen years. But when you use cries see you were down your radio show. I was doing my radio show. I would start by on my way home from the radio show Ray. I would go by your first house. The garage and then your second house in the DEN Bay I remove from the garage or you move from the girl.
Really the primitive equipment now that the equipment actually pretty nice, anybody can start apart cast them, it can sound pretty decent. Well, then, not the case. It was funny. I want to do this thing called rich man, poor man, which is something I came up with one eye. Was it Kimmel with YO? I think a million years ago and all a launch into it, or maybe just get into it now has to prevent our man. Yes count. Other outcast tenor reminds me of this doing your by so billion years ago, it's a game I play on my podcast and people tweet me them all day and they make me laugh. So when we were at Kimmel and we're sitting around the writers table, you know one thousand. Three hundred and fifteen- I don't know fifteen years ago, fifteen years ago, fifteen years ago I was sitting there and I thought an outdoor shower at if you're taking an outdoor shower you're, either super rich or super poor.
Between note. The middle class doesn't take an outdoor shower airy there by the pool. Cabana just had a tennis lessons in Europe offering your front yard just made a dirt near standing in a tub like a breasted hose. So this is rich man pour me and somebody tweeted me building own podcast studio is a rich man, poor man near their physical making a studio or you're in Europe apart, man you're gonna folding table near moms. As you know, I exaggerate yeah right aren't so you ready for rich ran poor man. That's really get rich man. Former people give you, clothing hope you wear them like the red carpet versus the good well oh year like one might be
What is at the Grammy's? You get free clothes and people hope you wear. When you donate free clothes to that family. You know you hope they put them on. When you go into a fancy department store. Somebody who works at that department store runs toward you screaming. May I help you? That's a rich man, poor man You have a refrigerator in your yard, could either me am still lights in the back. Next to the pool the tennis court orders coon screwing at it, and its this'll put it. Refrigerator in you're. Here's is you have to think about, but is very true with me: never eaten at an outback stake house. I was too poor to afford. And out back stay cows and now way too rich to eat and back stake out
we're going to Morton's or large zone whenever it is. I have it out back stake out, because I've been to poor anti wretch. I did agreed to it. Switching murders, Netflix show comes out in I think March. Sixth, and we went out back stay costs. That was our thing. It was about different ways to make I'd, never Ben ironically, without really glad, but you may have been rich man. Poor man to without outback stay costs. When you were twenty three, you can't afford out back nine minutes never been in my entire life, how you you're too you're too wealth. I thank you. I'm a car that no longer exists a car make that no longer omega, meaning or em. So now, like yeah, like now drives a dues and bird around and my step dad drives Seventy four m c matador, but both rich and poor, as head. Sacks,
near a fountain picture big found. This is really an eighty companion mirth. This may hear the middle class move, I'm saying it's either compound or the fountain of Specialists in grand bark and you're, just on the ground right, you know, items are possibly in the phone. I don't know, maybe against offend our I'd, get a couple more good, Lee affected by raising the minimum wage you either work go back. Are you own? A hundred twenty eight of them right, But I got one more lives next door to a wrapper. You're either with came and Kenya in calabash is,
or your and some miniature apartment and Van eyes. You got some white kid next used to super skinny in fourteen goes by the handled man Ays and he's like wrapping days. Man s, that's my white rap name. A man. S magazine neighbours is melatonin. All right, so those rich right like that you immediately launched into your act. I re expected that I I've been real. You know the thing that twenty about retrained Poorman I've been screwing around whether four million yea honing like a like a golf swing. Almost in like ten years ago, I was in a parking lot on CBS Radford and I go. I saw Jerry Seinfeld like us who their fury, Seinfeld and I know like I- don't really know him but a week. Maybe we know who we are, and he just walked right up to mania. Goes the rich man poor man bit. That's your bed
the thatcher- that's your signature bit and I like it is I just screw around with it sees what I started thinking you know we're gonna do not know if you can take notes from Seinfeld and stand up, so I just started he Bryce down right. I fell yet allowed a signature bets. That's for prompt a light means none When we found each other in the camel writers room, I've never had any one else. My life, who is willing to talk for forty five, stray minutes about terrible movies. Ok Oh man has really how we binding. I got one plan for you today. Man are you. Are you doing to fake movie later I got a fake movie later and I I love I dont want. Do you know you one o under promise and over dollar
her down, and I went to manage expectations when I think you're gonna locate, grant you're gonna love this. We have a lot of talk about we're going to watch this anyway, but I wanted to watch Wouter fury, the rematch and Saturday night. It was the most anticipated heavyweight fight in a long time. It was a fascinating event that loss me money. As always, I was trying to figure out a way lose money and sporting events, and now fury is looming. Now that he's got his shit together right as pretty much the most imposing heavy way champ we ve had probably since Lennox Louis one without Lennoxes really get six nine to seventy. Has it together in line four ways now has the ring. The ship has power yeah. He can clinch with the guy and then put the guide, bend them down and just kind aware him down and not totally sure how you beat him the way he looked on Saturday,
in other certain guys. I think I always said this about. Like John Jones in the EU have see, I said: nobody's gonna beat John Jones. John Jones can beat himself. He can get new drugs. Get into trouble. He can run around with the wrong people, but as long as he stays focus and trains and his healthy, no one's gonna be John Jones and turns out he did get in but they did yes of a still has again beaten by screwed em up a little bit. I feel like Thyssen furies like I feel say the same thing about him. If he trains, he doesn't drink thirty, seven diet coax day and states. Focus, I'm not sure who, in this modern eras, gonna beat a monolithic, Anthony Josh was gonna. Beat him now have certainly were Ruiz. Is that gonna be? If I may this couple guys out there, but I don't think so
has he has skills for a guy who's that long? So boxing is like gymnastics. You know like gymnastics like buncher, guys at five foot, seven, because guys it or six three can't tumble that way. You can't do all that, and boxing historically was that way, you see the middle way, guys lookin like real sharpshooters and stuff and Asia the heavy way to spend. When they got into the super heavyweights, they LE pen a clumsy and ganglia or whatever he's a guy's. Six nine is a wingspan like a candour and he has form which you never formally saw like in the past, MIKE Tyson in a five ten and a half could be the guy who is six five causes six five. I would like to ganglia yet
Lennox Louis was like an and then click goes we're like the first real tall, guys, who also had form he's now taken it to the next level. There is a knock down in that fight where he switched from an orthodox stands to like a South Boston sort of in the middle. Punch through a left, talk and then went right to deliver when I left with another laughed and you don't see long heavyweights like soup heavyweight doing that shot where they take their bad arm? The left arm, you're a good hope it ahead and then go right back to the body with that. That's middleweight activity. So if you're gonna have a guy like that who's that size, who was a kind of reach over everybody? Good luck, I watched it again,
to prepare for this, and I was so surprised by how easily he was able to get to punches in as Wilder's was loading up his right hand. Ryan Wouters plan was, I gotta, might take it some punches because eventually, I'm not new out my right hand and just every time fury was one to want to move forward, had em atom of em back images quicker each time for a six nine guy. That seems like impossible. The out also, when you're wilder an enemy we sought with Thyssen at some point when you're used to being the bully, and then you get bullied you just don't have another gear. You can shift into yeah you're the Bali. That's how it works once Buster Douglas starts, come out their firing, jabs and thrown the right behind it. You don't really have a plan for that. You have you have the Michael Spinks, I'm gonna go hide. Warner Plan, but you don't really have the guy come after you and while there are good the debt,
Things are good example that whole fight, he just beating Thyssen each time there about exchange, make thinks I'm get him this time. Those who want to boom he I'm Douglas, is a guy who's. Fighting Thyssen when everyone else scared. So fighting Thyssen back in the day, you used to be like being abducted by terrorists. If you're like a camera crew in Baghdad or some it's like you got one chance once you get the van that's It's over in know, and you go well. What are my chances outside of the van? It's like, not very good, but that's your you get up! There trade and throw haymakers if you're in there try not to get hurt. Thyssen war you down in destroying it, watch a lot of those Thyssen fight. A lot of guys made the decision to create that, given the Van they didn't want to just go out and throw haymakers inaccurate they're moving backwards there looking out for stuff and they get dropped every
I didn't want to move backwards by you know after he got nailed a few times all the southern was going backwards and he was going against the ropes and doing stuff that I had a really seen him. Also. I can tell you from being hit behind the head right he's. Never the by Mario Lopez sparred with Mario Lopez, once at a clock me behind the head, real good you get hid behind the head. You're not right for a week ran like you get blasted in the nose busted in the I busted in the mouth, it hurts hip by head is super your disoriented for a long period of awe, and that's why it's illegal? That's it's illegal and that about it. Is they do it and then the rest hey man, no more that, meanwhile, the guys on on on Mars over their backgrounds hit him when shot. You thought hit em in the year really hidden behind the head. Any Down you feel like a weird little electric shock go through your foot
you get hit that way. Agree literally, like your circuits get disrupted When you get up, I don't care how much yours I Sponge water, you get in the corner, you not right for four days you ve been, can cost. Well. I can be too hard for me to find the text I sent the south, but I was talking about the fight over the weekend. I was getting fears of fraud. I don't believe in him at all. I think this is ridiculous. I think, while there is get an absolute knock him out the out I bet as on while their minus one ten by knock out, the fury has no chance. This guy's gonna be the depth Debian six. I couldn't have been more romantic wilder knock out in the seventh, you think tanks and fury if he gets. If he keeps his shit together, he's thirty year for the longest. Thirty thirty one he's young, it very easy for heavyweight he's. Basically, same sizes, Lebron James, and I think the brown
it even be ten fifteen pounds ever in them, but his six nineteen seventeen years think like in the NBA this guy's a power forward right in the annex he's actually too big to be a tight end right here. So if he's going to have the ring and ship that he has, I don't really get any keeps his nose clean and all that stuff. I don't really see the game, to beat him. I do see trade punches in them and hope you knock em. Now, fires! That's about it. I think that if he stays clean and stays focus and also heavyweights, you can fight to your forty two that right and he sturdier thirty one I mean he could have a decade long reign, hee hee. He really he really cool and I don't know what you know you know. Maybe wilder could change up some of his trade and put on a little, not learn something. Come back, but it's also when you ve been beaten down like when you ve been. We need really be
disrupted emotionally, like while they're like. I don't know if he comes back emotionally from this in our help combat physically, but when you really get busted up it, it's tough em, it's tough, psychologically to come back. I want to talk about father. Had with you, your kids are thirteen. The up you ve twins, yeah, I've afore, tenure out in a twelve year old. So it's like we're, even there were pretty, were combined age at some point in its adorable have kids for years and years, and then at some point they just come people who are running a room in your house, yeah, innovate and occasionally across pass them. There instant, hang out this anymore. No, as a matter of fact. Sadly, when our striving in I've just listen to their their Kobe Memorial yeah and their talk about his daughter and as other daughters and as I have so much better than by kids, they loved
doing homework. They helped each other. They spoke Mandarin here they re Dakota. I felt the same way as we have a terrible relation with my kids, british kids. If Israel play a fortnight and when I walk eighty years, Yet the grub up guy and pass it in and then he else good talk Guardian in College, like what the help whose MIKE I get it like, maybe there's a little hyperbole there, but all I could think of his. These kids are so much better then my kids, do you think we would have been the same way without the devices when we were thirteen, I mean tougher for you I was probably look closer by parents and then you were glad I there's so many ways to just disappear. Now with all the technology, you don't even really need human interaction. I literally said to my son last night when I walked in and he was wearing his skin of time, life operator, headset and looking at his phone.
Battling someone targeted something lives in their current. He was smart report. The family targets and pedophile in Ukraine is thought he was thirteen enough gonna. I just looked emanated. He's got that he's got to shake check, burger containers like stacked up pyramid on top of his desk I'll spend it. I just looked emanated, look ambient serious when you're in there, Maybe later don't blame me. If told you to get away from me, I said: stop it outside and euro, kick a happy sack around or play. Some did your something so remember when you're like sitting with your therapists, don't pin it on me, don't do that they were thick, they should never. Let me don't. I tried a thousand times. This is your decision. Let me out of it was so funny in the fortieth anniversary olympic hockey. Team was obliged to last night in Amerika was on other stuff, and I
a really hard time explaining the people under thirty. What like a transformative moment, it was, and it must they through the fact that we didn't have a lot to do and eighteen eight
right. We like the ten channels we always on a Friday. You might walk down the local damp and look for play. Boys and baseball cards yards austrian. It's for this too far out of the sky. This amazing underdog story, wars and tape delay with the internet to get tat a ruined well in this amazing thing, and then we all got to share with each other. It was the greatest in that ever happened to me. You know it's interesting back then, when there's a three stations in that and have the internet all that kind of stuff. No video games, it took the stuff that were zero burgers, like the dukes of hazard and the love, bow all that kind of stuff and turned it into a forty share on tv radio like it took this stuff. That was a zero and made it into an eight and then the stuff that was actually something like the american hockey
that then just turned into an eleven. Rather that just was the biggest thing ever so took stuff. Like do you know this nation hockey today the mean cold war. I get a little traction into today's world, but my son wouldn't be moved by that that that event, I'm not really sure well, would have a collective impact like that from a sports standpoint. The closest thing we have at this point is the Superbowl, but you're never gonna have an underdog situation like that any right, and if we did both you and I would probably end up losing money on it. I was watching that, and I forgot the thirty four thirty on it and I forgot they pulled the gully. I mean it during the during the bright. They pull the gully and it was too to like aright. He gave up two goals: oh yeah. They take the greatest golly of our time, the Czech. Why does Her come out. I get that. There's
a message but send the message after you guys win the game that, during the game the America movie, which I was again soon, I heard about it- causes fuck you you don't. We don't need a movie about the greatest moment about time, I'm really of it. But now I like her rustlers her bricks and we did all Jabba together. We definitely that in ITALY, the worst we saw together was try. We saw that together I was almost singer. Grinder date, let's go, I thought it was the marine. Their marine was the worst movie. I care to join them
a trailer bad jos actively bad, I was sitting with the Chris Morgan, who writes all the fast and furious movies. Ps is all those things and he's a real nice guy he's a neighbour, and we just hang out sometimes for this, go to the local whatever and have some have some martinis on a Saturday just talk and member once I was saying dome a few months ago, I was like you know, I'm it's weird. Because I'm like I love fast and furious, and then I go. I love bad movies, but not that bad re, not your military orders. As yours I mean I like other. I go. I mean bill. Citizens want to see the marine. That's how much bad movies. I like that was my movie You gotta be careful because these guys, yes, her ears like they did things before they did their franchise mine. I didn't see twenty one bridges in the theater, but to me that's like perfect, we'll ass thing
had this night. It was Saturday night. My son, at asleep over my wife, had to go to some event and my daughter was on a date vows home for like three and a half hours on its time? Twenty one bridges right, Bozeman, bright and ah I just wish says: movies came out once a week there. It was everything I wanted. It where the asker there's. You know, there's more be some bad cops. Will J K, seven Sienna Miller with an axe, and you know that he's gone wrong there What a high goes wrong, I'm always there is good. It was solid. I just wish they made more of him. I wish Netflix their algorithm, which I think is just turning out true crime, horror, movies, rom coms, but yet when they do like triple threat and these they friend with the one, therefore,
guerrilla, wasn't and things that, as I just more those I'll area than to make them, I figure. I know the new algorithm fur Netflix and TB ass. Unlike all USA, too, I realize that, if you add a mother's nightmare behind the title. You'll just get everyone a watch it because all because we have a problem which is our wives, have real problems, yeah, so have to sit around and watch shows about kids being abducted, so they can actually create problems in their head and if you look at these things, every in the one on Miss tagged with a mother's nightmare and once you hear mothers nightmare, all the women are drawn is that this had explained the lifetime movie slate. Yet they literally changed one of the names of their titles to a mother's nightmare like that. That's that sucks in all the minds. Do you have now you go and lifetime runs cause I'd
we're gone runs where I'll just start watching them for two straight weeks, and it's always you know the nanny that comes in visa. They try to keep remaking hand that rock secreted arranged for his, but it's always the nanny, but the mother has it has back injury or she's coming off some medication thing or something scarlet. China loses control the steering wheel at home. The nanny starts common in on the data will a where they just we make that ninety seven different ways he ain't. It seems like every time and as an audience the nanny not coming on to the husband is a father's night. Here. I would like to start producing that we get like member tigers exe, I feel she moves and and does find me attractive. Fathers nightmare later, the cold nanny fathers nightmare river
situation in warlike, I'm in the kitchen and my bathrobe she's, making the kid eggs and she goes doing it's a low inappropriate like being in the bathroom and, unlike its my house and she's like you, could you change, and I just slink out of the room of fathers: man, let's start developing, over that chain in twitched Skinner, MAX movie yeah. She hooked up with everyone in the House the nanny with the fur it was. It was married couple: the Sun and at some point there in the movie, everyone became involved machine into it. It had already warned it's it's. You know what Do today, if you're, like a former play made or at nine by cheer thirty seven years old in the old days, yet cinema yeah, like this home, made Ground of pornography or may waggish may do yeah. You could do an arc on Baywatch, but there's all like my
Tudor my whatever like you're that person and if you're willing to show a little booby, you can get pay now, it's either nothing or you gotta, go. More or less all poor or leg sure media influence, or, I would say, would be the third path yeah, but I don't know who's who would be listening to channel tweed today was so like what is Denise Richards like this generations, Shannon Tweed RE, yeah, she's gonna get me you do reality. Maybe you end up on the real housewives, yeah the EU s policies they were from those I watch shows just for this moment. Just just for this moment. I lay on top of my bed. That's that's full leisure. By the way
when you're, on top of all your back, but not a man under any, should not under any thing, certainly not under any obligation to do anything. Just laying on tat tat, you get your wife next year. The only reason I watch those real housewife shows is when, at some point my wife will find the housewife sheet unlike in Chicago look at her. She lays around all day she's got a full time nanny. She doesn't even have a job, she hasn't even baker. Kids, Lego its interests. They may write this doubt by the way you're, not yelling, this down from the roof, because you're cleaning, the gutters we're just lay on time with a bad in the nannies in the other room, make it eggs. I find it ironic, you know, that's what that's what's in it for me. I like that moment
my wife is watching. Love is blind eye Netflix, it's a show. We heard two people, nobody can see each other, but they spend a lot of time talking and they form these connections and they decide their love and then they meet there. And then it's like you'd aggravate this, but it doesn't go as well after they had made its points out, but it's like twelve episode, still show that error that that I feel like my computer and my cable tv package wants me watch, but I just wanna watch. It is naked and afraid I've I've, consolatory duty and shy feeling is like I have shows on the internet called naked and humping for free. I can, I will watch that show and make it a raids like sings fire.
Ants on some guys junkie. I dont know I feel like it. It's a deal break out of amazed by how much they blow out on their shows, because member, like you, better lotta, editing base their dark yo is feel bad for the editor he's in there for twelve straight hours. There's like some fast food over on the re in the rise of psychic. He looks like he's doing toward the debate. Right but you add end just blurt going people's junk if arise. Six seven hours were like hey, kind of saw that guy sphincter and this one can you go back and fix us, frames I saw. Of a I could take that out like they do about peace. Yes, I e with the people they do the facebook when they are, as that, I think the editors who do naked and afraid down
being the same, I ran had already asked. If I wonder and PTSD I'm glad you brought it up, as is the theme of my made up movie that were teasing cried. I wonder if those guys have that PTSD and like I wonder if they have a syndrome like if you do terrestrial radio like I did treasure radio for like fourteen years right and then what will happen is you'll find yourself sitting at a bar with your buddies. Haven't a few beers watching a game and you go listen. I dont give an f or to ask is if that sea word wants to give it g d They go like. Why did you just say the word in your I'm so used to saying F, years list deleting your so editing in Dili. Like I'm a blur entitling myself out because of he's saying it during the week that
it shut it off, and I wonder if that editor, when he's suffering from his PTSD, it goes back to his home. And when his wife steps how the shower once become intimate, he sees her Chin italian style that jive alert girl blurred like no longer enjoys wife form any more maritime issues. Booby statistics like a cloud it could be Syndrome, you know what I wanted to talk to you about. I haven't talked to you blurred Sidra syndrome. I have some syndromes forbear to Ireland, Do you know that I suffer from my wife's suffers from
canine high duration disorder, which is she's obsessed with the dog in the water in any dog in any water o making sure there are mainly on down the street. Had middle age, women pull over and offer bottles a water. For my dog like what once a woman hits forty, she becomes obsessed with the duration of their dog and when my wife is it like what she'd Lee for to day she's, like gin, say anything she discos? You makes your fill got water he's gotta have water. Why doesn't he I warrant actual come back and go wise and about the kitchen could be on fire, she'd, Walker, grape? there's no water and feels so she has female canine migration disorder. That's a good one, and I am convinced this because everyone's getting me dude and everything I can get the edifice ready. I had an hour. She ass, I have Restless Cox Indra, which Think many men are afflicted with just
send a judgment. It's just I don't know. We had never never feels like it's in the right place, always what's attention. It acts zau like get a note from the actor drove. That's that we all have Restless Cox Indra. Anyone a lot of our side robbers, yet restless cocksucker point, eight billion men are afflicted with her has gradually this summer's again yeah. Above all, my boss, Talkum dare not with the Restless Napa Darcy S, views hey if you're this park asked- and I hope you are it's a pretty good package. You admit, check out the Bachelor party packing
did you love the bachelor host by Julia Lemon, I'm actually on their pack has to say good malware ruin. We did a fantasy draft by the possible bachelor contestants that could be in bachelor. Paradise, Paradise the horses completely insane if much that show you can listen to that. You can listen to music exists, our new podcast with Chuck Klosterman and Chris Ryan. That is exclusive to Spotify. You got supposed to know how to take, which is exclusive. On Spotify, where me and Corolla are popping up couple times because nobody had been his whole life is a hot to stake. We did a couple that you can hear on that feed as well only on Spotify check all those out of real, but book basque bout of good about we watch was don't forget about all the awesome pike ass. We have especially heading into the Basque while Plavsic as we get J J rhetoric on with offence cargo get the Ringer MBA show we have received us pay
all these different avenues: talkin about basketball check, all them out the rear pack ass, Thou Ricky can find us on Spotify. As well as an app on sticker, wherever you get your pipe cast iron text, Perla, two things that I've been diet attacked you in a podcast about. First, one the only person I know who hates the concept of dogs on aeroplanes more than me as you, I did a hottest take about unless its aid service dog right. The people that have now decided. I'm gonna get a note from my body whose doktor now get to bring my golden retriever on on the plane with our family, because we don't want to pay for the the dog to get boarded Fer a week sure, but we really need this dog and you just see these people with their golden retriever in their lap or there sit in first class,
with a seat for the second seat for the dog we ve lost our minds. I love animals. We both have dogs. We ve lost our minds with the dog thing. There's a guy been on a few flights. I was sitting in first class. There was another dog in first class right next to me just right across the aisle and another, God was walking the coach and they got do like a class warfare battle. They scrapped it out at my feet we're going area. The dog who was gone in a coach. Didn't like the the elite. Look on the first class. Dog and it's insane that there's a dogfight on a plane. I would say there's also when we have our next major commercial airline disaster. They're gonna have to do that thing. Words like two hundred and eighty six passengers, nine crew members in fifty one dots, you're gonna, give a dog body count.
Axed commercial fly right and I get a boat them, otherwise be more upset about the doll all women. I know what it is. We won't dogs like honestly, like Vigo, if you said three hundred people died on the plane and nine dogs who yeah that's part of that migration syndrome. Her talk about, but I had two things I had. I was trying to Seattle. You know when you sit in the very front of the Balkan just against union the very front of the plane, and he put your back back down and they go. Sir you can't have your backpack there. You have to stow it up above you cuz, there's no seat to slide it under cuz. There's no seat in front of you me and my cock is got yelled at for putting our backpacks in front of us mean while there's a medium sized labrador across the aisle laying against
all I'm saying is: if there is an emergency and we have to exit the plane what's more difficult, like stepping over chance board backpack or stepping over ninety pound dog who's. On the move, panicked running up and down the aisle. You would think that the goal of a plane would be. If there is chaos, you would want the people in the plane to be controlled as possible. I am positive that dogs can't be a grain and they also what about the? Not the whack doodle, not job middle age. Broad here trying to get off, the plane, but she's got a bad broad you could say that the holder whack doodle, although not job abroad, he lay Jackie glee. Cities are premature she's got a circle back and go for her dog she's gonna wanna hit the inflatable sly
turning to want to make sure she's got her dog. Whether I was just watching done asked why? But my dame needs to prepare from the airport. Is it missy? by seven hour, Watchin Amityville, horror with James Rural India, which I still feel like, is one of the great horror movies about time and thus a terrible, oh, but but at me, and he said He goes insane or in the movie from the house sure the House door. Nobody ever makes the larger connection. That of five people were shot to death in this ass a year ago. Maybe there's something wrong that about two thirds away through the movie. They figure out that the gateway to help in the basement They stole down, move right and he's unravelling, losing his mind and finally, almost sense of killing the family snap out of it blood starts. Com have the Stairs Goo's coming out of the toilet there like we got to get the fuck out of here, like they're gathering the kids they're just spinning out of this house for kills them there in the van there about to leave,
and they're like what about Larry Larry, the black lab and other or look around like dad gets the car Yugoslavia there goes into this house that is combustible, has the gateway to Hell. Has blood goo coming otherwise Larry goes finds. The falls in the basement. Wasn't gets. Larry brings a dog out and I love dogs at their area? I have never had dog of my life that I might be right that we should go back it's amazing dog, but if I was walking my dog in you pulled over. And you said all trade you this burrito for your dog wouldn't say yes, but I would say, what's in the birth rate, cause. You're always ass. Ever it was up burrito with fresh gwawl in ways from the office
Napoleon. It's up the street livestock Nobel. I need three. Baroness pitched, I would act, I'm not saying I trade! I just sounds ass. You got a good parole and story for it. Here's. Why will you you in jail, hush log out. This is a James but Emily Josh. If we ve got a cooperative hung out with Josh, is a fun guy bro her here's how I know were doomed when it comes to the whole climate change, dang, yeah. Ok, he lives in their malibu with baths, rhyme barbarous rice and is very much invested in the movement in a climate change and recycling and an old ozone and in the green new deal. If she's very much invested in that, I like when people are vessels that, but then they are so fly by private plan D and they also live in like six,
thousands of budgets, like probably part in a few kilowatts but she's into the moment, came to do my pod gas. He goes when you're done during the pod. Cassie goes your car guy right, anaemic, oh yeah, I'm a cargo showed him all the Newman re scars and everything and the other shot because will check out what I got shrapnel fully loaded, two thousand and sixteen Ford Raptor, the Ford rafters. Basically, a trophy truck like a like, like five hundred thousand miles a Baja Baja, five hundred trophy track, just street legal, and then he goes me. You know I got to two thousand and sixteen, and I said well, why didn't you get a new one and he goes o cause after two thousand Sixteen they switch to a turbo charge v six. This has to be aided and, unlike oh, it burns more fossil fuels like the guy who's varied bags. Couldn't
and drive and off road truck far up. Nobody needs that offer a truck in LOS Angeles her, but he still driving off. Truck is driving the one with the natural ass it created which get much worse mileage than the IE six with the term. I have energy question for you so you know those that what are those the land rovers from ninety that defender offenders, ninety four. Ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven there like impossible an online. They made a few of them jeeps that basically become convertibles, but their sturdy right and then the Jeep Wrangler has tried to make their version of this. But it's not like the MAC, Daddy version right. Why hasn't one of these companies made the MAC Daddy keep whether awesome version of those there's a lot aftermarket companies. You could wearing your stock cheap too. What I do. I have to do that. I can't. Why isn't cheap do it? Why can't they just make like an awesome one? Well, why?
Why does everyone have to suit these? This is my cardio. Should they ve, ok about twelve or fifteen years ago, I ve W came out with like the faith, tine or something I ve w, and it has on the. I think it was the phaeton and it was like a new Cacena. It was like a w twelve. Cylinder motor in it and it was like hundred thousand dollars and is probably two thousand in five or seven are some length energy. What scenario for her? Oh four, right in the sticker prizes like ninety seven thousand dollars and nobody paid. Ninety seven thousand dollar four feet up here.
So that was it that our answer, so they go who's, gonna, pay hundred and four thousand hours for cheap, because so many people are into the brand. You know to mean that the label so so Genesis Genesis, just became Genesis, though not handy genesis, anymore they're, just Genesis has realised a handy was holding a donkey bluff right. So your answers, probably cheap, doesn't think they can make their money back on a hundred and seven thousand dollar cheap, but cheap can sell a forty six thousand dollar product and then you can take it somewhere and pay them fifty five thousand bucks. That makes sense. I knew you'd be able to explain that to me how many cars you up to these days. I have twelve Paul Newman race cars now and I'm up to
don't know, maybe twenty five or somethin twenty twenty five. This is like you could have just but like baseball cards, and it would have just been so much easier it. Instead, you have these cars that you that are super expensive and you have to store in various places, but this is like this whole market that it's you, unlike nine other people, are at this whole their level. Car collecting a year? I well, I can't imagine anyone as more Paul Newman cars. Then you know, I don't think anyone has more. I don't think anyone has three Paul Gnomon cars, but I drive up my meaner racism too, so I get arriving Apple appointed to retire from racing cassettes like my reflexes, fifty. I feel like my eyesight and re each year, I'm one of the world's great drivers de widen. You son, on action. We drive home from Vegas, you made it
the our yes I'm one of the Great Ones Bay. I feel like I'm pass, my prime well Newman drove in tellers like eighty two, accused evident ironic that I have always Newman cars, but he drove to eighty two was on the side of his car. When ends up happening is what lose a little in re flax, and I say you paint a gain in experience, so you you you you it ll? I don't know anyone a weird way. It's like, I guess it's like being a quarterback when you're thirty six or something like a kind of loose
the legs a little bit, because forty three embrace cambrai case, but you know the game, batter yeah, there's an element. I myself an element of like knowing the game better speaking of brain in football were now couple years into this rams chargers. Experience who I knew your rams fan other you're, really a fan of whoever you gamble oh yeah, but I like the right- were building world out here, the jet remsen, but their building, this giant stadium. That looks like it's gonna, costing like six billion dollars. An athlete too, I think I heard Was like to point something billion now: that's what it is supposed to blow up in our outward five hour was way more expensive. They thought, but the weirdest part of this whole thing is that the charges are involved. It's like people, don't care about the clippers.
At least there relevant cause. They been her awhile and right. It's an mba team. Now they have quite the angel. Is there an Anaheim there's like angels fans are just different than dodgers fans? It made sense the delineation, those drawings, the kings and the mighty Doug same thing. In this case,. I don't know what the road map for successes for the chargers, in LOS Angeles, where you you barely have Evna fans for the rams, allow the people like the raiders most aren't transplants, which you invite your house every Sunday? A watch Bow and ride, rubies, ruining thirteen? That's no eighteen letter. What is the path that success? for the chargers if they they hired you and they are like. Please help us.
How do we win and allowed you tell them first thing: what you know that is dealt rivers are rivers is gonna. Go somewhere yeah man, the worst thing that could happen to your team is to get that quarterback, whose good, but not great any, just there for thirteen Languedoc Massey staff, yeah just wins enough to never bench ordeal M! Never winds! In a play. Golf games never goes to the show, but you can never really get rid of, because he, Up numbers like no wily Annie are yeah. He can't be the leader the show, but yeah with much better to flame out. You know right, leaning, flame out or go Clooney, but don't don't just hang out and put up decent decent staff. Do you think if they got Brady would change how people cared about the charges, Annette
Because action other people can now I've been around long enough to remember when name it came to the rams. Oh yeah and man Missy broken down, yet he was totally broken down at that. Way and it just like yeah. We know the name, but also in of the thing about sports. Is you don't get to coast?
very long and your reputation, it's like pushing a car with four flat tire suggests, like all Brady would have to do, is have two games in a row where he through three packs, and it's like its immediately over who cares I'd, be calling for whoever the next kid is the cap off the bench. I don't, I think they have did deal rivers will be doubt and then they'll get some great mobile quarterback from polish, like some highlight real than to some shade for two or something here are some young might yet we have to like something like at some exciting electric mobile new new breed, and I fell quarterback by the way. The greatest thing to happen, a Michael Vick as all these great running quarterbacks in the league. Now because we stood just
talk about him and dog fighting for, like the last five years have now it's not since Michael Vick, nonsense, Michael Vick, and now all of a sudden he's back on that the happy size of mandatory, rather than the other thing we have talked about so one of the first time she came home. I pack ass, you did a whole fig movie for pedophile we always year action movie where a playing carrying the president lands on this island. That is basically escaped from New York, where they have just decided to put all the worse people on the and the world, including allow. Petrified it was a cub scout troop. Originally, the Cubs Gaucho Ba ask that at this cub, Scotch tube Lancet Pedophile and then they have to kind of the re out. We did the upper verges. It was the most popular fake movie, though my back ass. Then I get to see me all the time. What are you talking to crow about this and other means to make light of it, but we have to at least talk about it. Jeffrey Epstein, there, the worse people,
we produced in the last fifty years, actually had an island there that it seems a terrible stuff was happening and it seem like the real life pedophile and it's almost so crazy. I can't read my head around it. You did the imo, oh nine! Maybe two thousand nine This is a running, bear it on a par cast. Yeah. You I'd like to talk about it by my turning I'm suing they stayed for ripping off. My dsl Adobe then get the idea from the pocket wow I have you no garroters has done. I shouldn't I that he has done some due diligence. He calls it and crazy or just the island two thousand, and who do we have initially Shiela Buff was believed. Your shackling, I think will above was in there. I think John him was the daddy gets taken dad yeah yeah they, the crash landed. They happened to survive on the island. I think one thing
I found interesting? Is the island had broken off into pockets? You tat sort of different? yeah like when I did us escape from New York, are warrior type movies. You know you run into you know the bare populate the otter popular out even know, what's going on as it were, but that the different populations, yet it's on Youtube. If anyone wants to listen to it really is your finest or single. I can't believe this whole remade culture and now, especially where they re make movies tv shows, I can't believe they haven't, read them escaped from New York while they lay out and make it like, the EU can do Brooklyn I am your leg. Just bank mega man near its fallen apart now were putting other criminals in Brooklyn. There's no way out and get us make that, like twelve episode, tv series is basically the purge. Better? Well, I mean obviously did escaped from formulae which man is dated boy. That's a tough whisper
shall effects or I'd really like that women in the time now, but escape New York, psychotic yeah? Why I got a movie, so let's do. Let's do it now, and then we can talk about uppity after ok, the movie that I did that wasn't, but it's called p tee ass drone, not PTSD. Padded d stands for drone gotTa Ptsd grown, so we go under the future. Now here's to move its two thousand, in twenty seven. I dont want to do that thing where its two years, forty forty cause, I'm already outward dad my cancer dad there, the planet and everybody knows dad. I want to pick a time where you go wait a minute. My son's gonna be twenty.
You know what I mean like we gotta live in this world. Are all these drones her now being used by the military now exclusively? I may work kind at the point now were we don't need boots on the ground? We get drones. You now and the drones have artificial intelligence and the drones when we're done with the conflict. Come back. And they have PTSD the drones, have PTSD drones or scarred the scar Amazon says you know why. No one knows they have the PTSD doesn't show. You know Amazon hires drones to do that. Deliveries now, there's a whole aid of domestic drones, the been hired by Amazon to drop off packages, but they start malfunctioning with the p.
Ass, the and shooting into the kitchen and going after people, and now we have this whole group of artificial intelligence. P S, a military drones and all gone wild in the United States. We can't control them. We got one kid and I think it's either Shasta too Maybe they all antipathy, Azure Lemme shower my area, him hip shallow may this guy was a championship. Fortnight player took everything until there is a big fortnight, scandalously was drummed out circuit right now, he's back at home. Eating cereal, his dad one we'll get a job, somebody's gotta fight these drones, yet not only draw We have the old school drones that don't have artificial intelligence, but someone's gotta fly those drowns. I mean from from from an
Rio from a bunker, but so and physically needs to fly those drone. Read it all fly themselves like the new ones. Do there Only one kid who can do it has shown right off the shot whose shall amaze dad whose bearing and keeps down, and we get a job does really shall may saving the World J cases Let's get Jane came close to whiplash yeah yeah. I am what we have here. Yeah, hey, hey, I'm really gray the sides of israeli laws on older. He comes in divorce. Dad got custody here, kid was, you know we see the room when we first see him, we pan to all the trophies on the wall from all these. Are The battle now to have all these. Yes, sports and everything it us all that all that and we pay and down to him just eating fruit loops. You know
sitting on a food time because it banned from the circuit gets tough. The abbot were now the millet. We have that thing where the military shows up another ass. You ve come Poland up who plays basis because I feel at some point. They have the basis and be like hey man. These drones thing we re gotta, the operation and see how we are doing it. Crashed into shave. His head then move. I, like you shaves his head right. We have prancing with a shaved head, he's pesos he's talking about how much money They could save using the military droughts in building the drones themselves in guinea for pennies on a dollar from from the military it surplus. We don't! I don't need any more and then someone has to do that thing works. While these are weapons of war here, but we'll just re chip. That's just put the new chip in they'll, be fine, I don't know You need the scene where they gotta Baisers and they tell em look everything has to stop and he goes nothing stops right. Right,
I'd like to have to have the risk of a better title for you, the droning droning we're good. I like it p s, drawing room, yes, Jura! Well, it's tough I'd have to masonic added value, a rule that they have to say the title them we in Iloveyou during the movie yeah so have the scene worthy blacked out, Chevy Suburban to all, A lot to the apartment, with ham answers to the door in a swedish boxer shores is like: what's your boy there sick what he do this type c and travel, so you have that thing right now: the military to coax him into this one lass inner. He he says He left the circuit. He never pick up. Another choice. Stick some point there the bunker you now and shy and mountain, yet all right inside the bunker and you can run as a whole fleet on his. I think we need a voice. I think the drone
framing needs of what I was sick and that thing bicycle Emma Jane Smith, like like we'll, go man. Ok, it's like a younger sassy urban kind of thing. Nato's amid the high social media prove yeah talkin back into that kind of thing. Horse. We got a clear this all through China. First is a human right. Now, there's Peter he s, drone well that's a working time. That's a working title, but I have to say that in the dialogue, the yeah, the Well, maybe we have it for the slug line like maybe maybe we, do the droned and then at the bottom we go post, traumatic, stress, drove or something out. That's at the bottom, the place is. Are you the most jealous of the purge of any movie that somebody actually made that we could have just thought of a pike S really like? I'm kind of mad. We spend so much time together of there's a mad. We didn't come up with that. The said
about all twenty four hours all crimes Our logo all stupid ideas, the problem with all the stupid ideas I was, when you sit around with the guy, who makes a fast and fears and Hobbs versus Shaw, and you go grand theft submarine. That's where the Furthermore, the Soviets sub pulls up to Pebble beach in theirs cars on that the laws are millions and billions of dollars in its former soviet sob, and it's been commandeered by like some in a black market guys and never got a load of all up in any just sits airing goes yet I would work they do. That under siege crossed with ten cup yeah That's right, Rasta toy soldiers, yeah! I thought of I didn't do that
the, but I did half baked ideas, Kevin wilds used to come on my old passed and- and we do these ideas that were like halfway there not her there there and I had no idea about leap here, which is every four years right: every leap, ear, there's no with the police disappears for day. Anything can happen all that he has set out of here as thirteen than rehearse chap and in two thousand and fifteen. I have no idea. Sleepier affected, the purge is basically the same idea, they have actually get the wow. I mean, obviously as part of a loss it you know,
and several miles prevailing over it ass. He listened super, I don't, I don't say, did it because of it, but it seems that there are two things that indicate a man. Can you talk about? You knew documentary, oh yeah, uppity, so Netflix as we speak, and we got three movie Sunday for trip uppity, we shall be american and we have the twenty four hour war, which is for the ferrari. So speaking movies we made that they then made we made. Document tree the twenty four hour war like four years ago and then at Ford veered right, yes, aim Saint Movie and also where Workin on Shelby there was Matt Damon character. Uppity Willy De Ribs store its first black driver at Indy and issues a crazy story. It's like a Jackie Robinson story that nobody knows about. It sits
It's that in our people, know about a lot of you know watched around the lad. I didn't I move haemorrhages psycho. Yet I was the one black eye that re scars right butter that were anything but yet mean he was definitely little more polarizing. Then I remembered I didn't know anything about that world. The thing there is is interesting about Willie Tee is it's it's the if you watch doc, you not it's like its unclear. Is it racism or is it because he was just a do that didn't play by the ruling in oh, he did his own thing and that world scale Barton down like they Jesse and nobody would jump on the roof or their car and celebrate, and do the Ali shuffle and stuff like that, could just we didn't do that. They didn't do that, so that some of this stuff is racism, and then some of this stuff is just that's not the way we do things, regardless of the colors
in and we don't you don't really know you have to watch it and kind. I see it's also, as I saw alive with jobs, is also live, which helps area of a big interview with a minute yeah he's in fine form and he's just a great story: teller and he's a powerful storyteller, and we met him when we're doing winning the racing life, appalled, Newman, sure doing the Newman Doc and when we're doing the Newman Doc, Willie was part of that story. Cause Newman help them get sponsorship to race and trans am sorry. I went out and interviewed Willie for the Newman Doc and then once we're done interviewing Willie for Newman Doc we're like this is our next doc. This guy Willy DE rip super interesting story with Netflix ideas, search uppity, it's up there,
and you can go to chassis c h, a s s why dot com and get all these things and Blu Ray with all the acts rose and all that shall be staff in we have mall there. So we have all bracing website. I now, if it the point in the park ass, that's just for us where we get to make fun of MIKE Augustine Jimmy. I don't know where you want, Mr Magog, you the have my travel even new way stand up and you MIKE guest who Is our law, tat friend who used the word fur with baby dog decks our agent, and then Mr Save stopped working for baby diabetics and we're not we're still not sure what happened right now, he's one of the guys that he's he's, like your right hand, guy he runs- allow pilots empire that stuff. You guys travel together, the US at dinner. Recently he told us he moved like an hour and a half away. There are bigger house, but then has an apartment here that he shares with
a couple roommates though he knew our growers stuff. Yes and then we spend must have dinner. Talking about that China get more information. I stood on, feel satisfied. He bought a house in your Belinda right. Europe has his family wanted like a yard, yet he has to go back and forth all the time from you know here the West side were our man, Glenn Dale everything else, your Belinda his former condo, was into Luke alike, so he rented it out, but he did it out to people who don't find him living there at the same time, so The guy is early fifties, successful who has roommates, but also a family in it. It's ok, it's ok tat movie with with no drama yeah, it's it's, a mother's nightmare, is and
you'd MIKE's greatest MIKE's greatest gift is eating almost everything, all the all the time. Just yes devouring food, because I travel with them and he discos. He goes ballistic. And also misunderstanding almost every conversation you you you have with him, that's another one of his. Let's get one, so you re therefore ready. We handle your business. He oh Annie drives like a maniac arrives like an insane person and I'll. Give you a great MIKE August. Driving like a maniac and misunderstanding. What you're saying conversation at all be under one: ok, one umbrella.
We were doing a show in God Minneapolis or something I can't murmured. The city we ve been all over the country and MIKE like gets the rental car and we're like stand out somewhere in this decks, and it's like a forty minute drive in the whole time. We'll talk and it's like show, starts at eight. We should role in a town like seven will eat dinner and then we'll do the shock after the show. Everything's gonna be closed and so MIKE's, like our We will leave at six hundred and thirty we'll get to the tent will get there at seven and then we'll eat dinner. Then the shows that I will do the show- and I said: okay, that's good to EL piolin- that that Suv and MIKE's driving like a maniac is as per usual MIKE. Has this thing where he doesn't think cops exist in their cities. That thing words like on a dry. That way now lay we got cops, but I've gotTA, Minneapolis, Baltimore, drive like
ass. Likely together have their own costs without, like the LAPD goes to Baltimore, just have their own path ahead of their own tickets over there he's drives like a maniac and theirs is, do that's driving in the left lane and he's just go and, like fifty nine miles an hour might fly Then the high beams Adam I get over get over get over and when you're in that left lane. What happened. Ass is the most satisfying thing that could ever happen MIKE eventual Swings out to the right gases, it blast suggest a hard talk right in front of this hard like sends a message slides in front of your heart and then higher value rather than I write. Two minutes later we get lit up by the cops we're getting pulled over by the cops
as the guy who's driving in the less left. Lane is going past us now laughing because which us slapped his face into as we're getting pulled over em like MIKE, you didn't have to drive like an asshole, is a God. Damn it we're gonna pull over and I too am in the passenger. She MIKE Mike, listen to me, listen to me. It's innoxious. Now it's like six, forty, seven or something I don't like my! U, with Adam Corolla, would go into town Show starts at seven. Ok, we're running late, show star it seven any goes show started eight track at the cop. I don't like. Of course I know that shows starts at eight. I try to get your ass out of a ticket you that's all. We talk about going there to eat five times, I've got another great. I got another, eating said. Are the values part about that stories by gets the three originated our speeding ticket, but it has,
staying at the red refrain for like twenty nine now we only he doesn't understand the math of that he will book a hope Hell. Unless it starts with the word airport sling, it has to have an airport in front, and then we can. We still consider booking, as that. Yeah, I don't know, I think you have to be. I dont think like I don't like Louis e K could travel the world with MIKE. I think he'd be too upset. I you guys you guys, like an old bear.
Upload this, why? I have a high tolerance for fur. I grew up with my bodies in a constant head lock in trying to pan smear Gimme, a wedge ear. You know eating eating stuff that at fur on it from the refrigerator from someone else's house of a seven days, all like yeah good, I can do MIKE. I don't like most people could handle it. We had to make fun of chemical. A badge is because you know is listening this entire thing. Well, listen! I don't wanna do any good! Well, because I had Huey Louis on my Ipod CAS last Oh my god course V that conversation turned to LA in praise of chemical, and so my stock is very high with Kimmel right now I want to mess with that. I dont want to undo it. I got a nice email saying say you know thanks for mine. He away. I think you're playing this rats, nice
but I'll go along with you and all of listening like Jimmy's listening, you have to understand and I suffer from our sea ass. I have Essex cock syndrome, idle, sometimes think straightly, I don't speak correct, there. Are things a comment that I'm really not responsible for because I've this syndrome death, the r c S, but. Had now arise, I figure I think, you're right. We should just get a nice tax rather nice words he's asleep friend and a good humour, big. I concur city. The Atom crowbar guest It is you, don't have four days five days a week, just gotta Arracuoba com or podcast, one or whatever NGO later something a pleasures good to see you all right, thanks to Jason Segel thanks to Corolla, thanks to Ziprecruiter, don't forget about Rewatchables book, basketball and bachelor party. If you want to hear more of me and this weekend, why wouldn't you having a great week this week,
and back on Thursday, with a whole bunch of stuff, will see them. Ways.
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