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John McEnroe on the Knicks, the Greatest Match Ever Played, and Improving Tennis (Ep. 235)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by John McEnroe to discuss the current state of the New York Knicks (5:00), the parallels between basketball and tennis (11:14), tennis at the collegiate level (24:44), McEnroe's first Wimbledon (27:03), the infamous tantrums (35:25), growing the game of tennis (49:40), and the 1980 Wimbledon men's singles final (1:05:05).
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lotta signings that a big picture, stuff at times all the way around. If you miss that I did able to pass this week. One with Monday with their more N Jimmy Ivan and then the other one on Wednesday, I did a little free agent through five days. Recap thing with Chris Ryan, where we talked about Gordy word: Paul George, all that stuff, so few miss that go check it out on my podcast comin coming up right now is a package that take two weeks ago, a John Mcenroe, who was what am I hear us grown up for sports, my favorite tennis by ever loving the death And never had a motorbike ass. We did something in October, two thousand fifteen, where the Vanity Fair summit together hung out in the green room for two hours shoot me. About tennis than hung out,
in the stage for an hour and then drove to the airport? For that we hung out for four hours like a four hour podcast that I didn't record talked about so much stuff, and fascinated by the guy they get. I think not only one of the one of the great athletes of ever watched. I thought it was a true genius on the court. The way is mine, works on a whole bunch of stuff fight will increase by. We take this before the serene Williams controversy that he found himself in a couple days. F, we take, the enemy is, unfortunately, did not get to cover that, but we got to cover a lot of other stuff. It's along one, if, if you love Janni MAC and if you ll tennis and if you ever hear some interesting idea, the baby, had to fix tennis. He came up with the one that I was so jealous of. I can't even tell you, but all that is coming up right now, but first are friends the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers
I voted for this summit in June, which you see, if anything happens in time, I don't think what what can happen submitted. My poems drink, someone we get. From an bell half some. That probably will happen. No one of the top ten contenders into man's or women's or both Bulgaria, hopefully not my hopefully, not John Mcnamara. You ve never been on this somehow known that we'd never done a pike, s gather. We did like a four hour passed that wasn't taped when, where the Vanity Fair summer well go, we just talk, thought
No, that was fun was unreal, was unrecorded version of a whole, but it was amazing, knew was made. That Europe has done for guidelines last year. By sports here is growing up. That's that's Kishar, but but it's true, I tell me I'm a lodging you. Yes, it was great and it was a delight to meet you and talk to you in we had some people rain, we good couple days and then it our values, our power had her own outwardly or a cure. You need. Be near. You know that the the failing Nixon And why are you re myself have been able to spend some time in Malibu, which I love and allay but I am a new Yorker at hard. Obviously, so I get that the pain that you mention is standing excruciating, but most of the teams that I'm into right now, but.
I can't explain it. I couldn't, in my wildest dreams, have thought that it would get to this. Allow this bad, but the next I mean I could do this better job. Let me state would have in front of you ran them for three years and are no affordable, much different about. Think better. He would have done better, but I mean I thought, but initially that made sense said tat. The Zen master would sort of Poland together by John F. I dont know for a guy who is obviously got allotted, interesting things to say over the years and in fired some people and done a great job. Cochin. I don't get what's happened, he sees lies, lost it RO. I wish I knew some of the name. Celebrities who got it aims are always word to criticise the necks cause, Don t. I was generally nice enough for these minutes earlier every now, and then you get my men. You sit there on the floor, urban and basketball game, it's one of the greatest
shall ever again I mean it's amazing. You see these athletes and the entire City and John in each other to me. I love it so see you gotta, be. I suppose, in this case has Jim was and criticise so many times in the past Eu Metal than the affairs Land welcomes air year or two and Larry Brad everybody it seem like and finally his I guess he listened to and our people Decide look, I am I feel Jackson take over now is criticising even get rid of them right and he's. As its and I'm sure to get rid of him because he is I look. I don't want to be the fall guy for their before once blame. Somebody so I mean it's a good problem to have I mean, meanwhile, the team is gone up and three times in vow. God knows what it's worth. It when twenty five thirty gains, which is amazing. So every team in the leg just keeps going up enough, so no matter how bad the next hour there still in New York and
I might arise, go up. I can't bear to watch. I can't bear this whole lot longer because said this seem some it's going to be of train wreck proportions, you're barely then after member seventy three right. Well, I am entitled to him. Are you kidding? Of course I remember in salmon. Out of that year I mean I mean I first started going through the Madison Square Garden, probate I'd say six the aid sixty seven sixty eight very rarely and wicked my parents afford to go to a neck, arrange a, but I thought that happen regularly. I did this, going to be normal cuz I mean when you had Clyde and then they got her all the pearl, and I mean it was an amazing team and just a type of team that look at what sort of two summits golden stay, but pass first type. A selfless guys had just play defensive. Red Holzmann was the greatest Everything visa seem so rosy will ask me
limping out everything about? It was amazing. So now added I mean I guess I stood the one party your bad about over the course of my neck come sit being a fan of the neck. Was when Patrick you in God drafted, and I saw it. I wasn't really like a big Ewing Lover in the beginning, but that was like to me a monumental mistake is not only see far different. Nobody appeared, which I should be able to relate to my own world. He seemed to be it. Menacing I mean, I don't know him well, but just a tremendously nice per person and is totally under appreciated that need they brought rally, brought relevance, and I mean I wish. Obviously he had won a couple, but that I was I personally. I think a lot of others at the time were sent a hard on him. What do you think was the Lois moment of the last forty years as the next phase,
Jacques Chirac, by some words right. Where was it one of the few be brown years? You can remember the natives. Eighty seven, I am, I think I did charity. And in Tahoe Once- and I believe I don't call me but Rory Sparrow was a centre feel there, and I was bad and he was so close. He was just side. You can't even handed over my head, and I thought this guy. I just gotta pull this off and I did I'm sure I can do now, but justice dissatisfaction of service and torture more respect. What exactly I sort of fell like around. I think he was around. That time was at the same time I mean they're just seem just surrenders time, and that would probably be just before Patrick I drafted. I would say that was probably the low point, although this is going to be He is so bad that I really feel bad for mellow.
I'm in Ireland and Mellow who's, not battle been under the highest. I mean I I ve always seems like a nice person and he's a heck of an offensive play but he wasn't necessarily like that, wouldn't have been the should I made her done. Some of those sayings even now he's a tremendous score, but then when their way that fails shot a sort of the ways been handled. You seem so bad that it I really I made your point a couple times just saying to him. Look, I'm! I feel that this is just totally unfair that one of the few I'm sure I was close and maybe before a game starts not like he's colony, hey John, going I suggest to be like look I'd. I'd just disagree with that. You don't know, and if you don't deserve this, I mean you can be criticised because you don't plain of defence or a real. You haven't made the guys around you good enough, but you shouldn't be criticized for certain he's been approaching. These, I think pretty much. What you saw before is what you are going to get an that's, what he's given them and its sparked some exciting.
For a while, but damn he's got too much of the blame. He'll have one last run on a good team. I feel I gotta know what that is. If he is willing to leave the narrative from any better. So I started thinking about it soon have seriously basketball, gonna basketball game, especially with good seats and going to let's say Wimbledon in your close, I fight those are the two most naked sports. You can the athletes right there. He read their expressions really feed at them. You really almost feel like you have a fee. For what there actually like, as a human being, which is unfair and natural right. How much is issue? How much is now? Well, that's Betsy unanswerable question because you can be that person for a brief period of time and I went out there and I was like a crazy guy yeah. I'm not that I regret
Maybe my kids would feel differently at times or my wife for Ex wife, but I don't feel like that that psycho of way that you ve gotta get yourself that you to focus your energies in everything that you're thinking and doing into sort of trying to figure out a way to beat a guy there, and so that Why is a lot of focus in council creation and things that every little thing I mean I was too much. I mean, there's no question as well basketball, so much it seems like they found that right mix, whether their extra there ain t where the EU can hear it talking, but there also Ivan some fine here, which is what I think the team sport. Sab over individuals, IRA hearted time, just by myself being able to really appreciate the moment in a feeling like, lose my edge a sort of the way I grew up de Catherine, One liner say something like you might hurt yourself, so that was probably for me purse
My biggest regret, while I play that I was Connor's was able to do that, which really infuriating me tell someone a blank themselves and the next thing you know he said to have his arm around the same guy need surrogate. I guess what you that's, what you want and they be laugh, and I could have a healthy do that we play the open any, be it somehow maybe he's the new Yorker. I go wait a second. He grew up. Any Saint Louis been Douglas in Queens and half who the hell are they put it in the in the near future? I'm sorry any of these papers he's like the real new Yorker. So that drove me crazy, but I respected him for I gotta say that that is able to do that, and I respect, may my guess with fairer, for example, the thing I look out with Roger is that he loves it so much. That's the part that truly. I know one thing: if I am be something I wish I was able to sort of flag loves being the centre of attention and imagine everything that goes
they are being analysed dislike that biologists, they everything about it. He loves to practise in, he loves the travel and he loves the press coverage the obviously love someone who doesn't want an icy women yet, but I may need shrug off losses a lot easier to me to me as I got older. They stuck with me long ride and learn from them. That was what really hurt me. I think in my career and I didn t guys got for kids and I'm thinkin icon juggled one You three I'm trying to figure out how to juggle the kids and be a good husband before good parent and failing like comes- doing a measurable job in a way, and then, on top of that, my tennis is going down suicide. Everything seemed to be going in exactly the opposite way that I wanted to go And yet here he is: where is now thirty five and he did one and most miraculous things that I've ever seen in sport or tennis at to be able to win
a strictly the way he did incumbent from behind in the fifth set against an adult. Who is, I can be a you know the craziest competitor than makes Connor's look like. Maybe he's tried harder than corners I thought was impossible so that that those parts of it, sort of wish. I had done made you, you know, I don't think I could have been me and been a little bit more smell the roses better the atom in almost like. I would encourage an that way. I wrote the book In a way is sorted cathartic in away but sort of a man are you waiting yourself as a person as you get older, their fifty reinvent whatever you want to call it to get like look coming, don't look at a meaning, the beginning. The book I talk about my match that I so Lando in the eighty four french which, still to this day, sort of haunts me in a way, and I do when I got a friend the French every year. I have these didn't like a nightmare, basically, where I really
It almost in just a minute drive me crazy and away, but I think that she has has gone by and I feel like handle it a little better people have those same things in their own lives to know it doesn't have to be the match per se, but it's what for example, my sending Danny wanting specially myself. If I'm thinking about should a done that instead of a I did, do a lot of things. So I feel in a way, almost like tennis, more, which is sort of sad. Now I like getting out there and I feel, like I was kind of real close. I think I can maybe do you have that in what are now come back? You myself, I can still play you know here not testifies hidden I get tired of going on. I get one said one said I'll play against this point, I'm playing guys like at times and erotic what he's thirty. Four and I'm fifty eight and he should still be a minute. He has chosen not to plan the circuit because you didn't like the travelling a lot of stuff that goes along with it that I was saying Roger did like yeah and that
Rob Andy in a way out of the game is to me so be top twenty in the world. Yet so what the hell is he playing me? So that me a bit crazy, but at the same time I a fortunate that at least some least remotely a couple times are not that far away from at least having a good camp competence. My hopefully putting on a good job, but I know my days, carbon lucky forty years since I pay Wimbledon yeah, my first one then, when I was eighteen years old, said the fact that I can even sit here and say that I'm walking out on a tennis court in a reasonably one peace when you think of football players, for example, whose average lifespans twenty years less than the average person around my age, and I note a fair amount football players that are like cripples these poor Gus I consider myself fortunate in a way when I take a look back, I'm member times were
I was thinking that tennis, on the one hand, was a bit of Sis II type thing a near. I was like the upper class, I mean everyone looks at it that way. Obviously golf and ten hours I got you can in their even running golf. I mean Jesus, the clan and it's not that it's not the tough escape way tougher than the address is crazy, Amazon Insane game, but that these guys and you get a football player like and I'm thinking to myself these I was a couple games back when my bodies were playing the bears way way back when in eighty six, when they play the giants in the players, and it was seventeen below zero on the field and I'm thinkin myself think automaton aspire. Thank the good Lord. This start to appreciate. More than a whining about it seems I could submit Nero upper class in which which I've always wanted to change. But it just hasn't changed its if anything is more difficult than awaits.
Expensive than that sort of our society in a microcosm similar to tennis, because the rich have gotten richer and more difficult to be able to afford. That's one of the things I've been wanting to trying to change in New York when my tennis Academy, because it's just the best athletes, are playing basketball, plain footballer, the size of attack, this court, their point, twenty kids taken soccer ball and they think that oh yeah they now to play soccer. They kick it while it Tennyson that simple, you know it. You can't bluff you can play in just kick it around. You need it's a lot harder to get over the initial hump. So this cut Like ninety nine percent of the people. That's a people is where's an Ex American. You no champion. Well, let's try to give some of these kids a chance to do it, and I think we could succeed theirs.
Another factor that it I don't hear mention lab, but I went through the thought process with my daughter is twelve now and she's soccer player, but she could have played a bunch of different sports. In tennis she was just naturally good and she's tall and you look at it is apparent in you go my kid loves being on teams. She loves having teammates and just being part of something bigger than just one person, a tennis and you're out there all the time, and it's like five six seven hours, erudite my wife. I talked about neither I felt like she had. The kind of personality is built on by myself, just banging balls. Does it? Does it take a certain type of personality to succeed near mean skews me. I think part of the issue with tennis is in addition to it you're out, thereby yourself in the loneliness of it in the difficulty of being able to handle a loss, for example, this again no other teammates, a sort of cry show you
now they're saying why they gotta focus on it exclusively. This is an all sports, but you However, I strongly disagree with it. As a matter of fact, I believe, the part of the reason why I ended up eventually becoming the best play in the world is that I had other experiences plain basketball. For example, I played played for years a soccer. All those movements help me intentness, but, more importantly, it helped me what sort of friendship help me with dealing with people, so I could maybe people in seat at first, but hopefully Are we not been trying to figure out alive that my my way of growing up might have been a little different, their most, but now there in it in? Dishing did that on top of this there, home schooling, kids, so they're not there are, isolated. Were there the tennis court then their further icily Did they go home school? So these people don't have to she's in society in a way and their just awkward and they're. Not
but the grow up and they can't handle the success. The one point one percent and have in any way so that makes no sense right now. My final thing that I sort of really hopefully will change. Also is the idea that this need honor. You gotta college is terrible terrible for your tennis there's no players it can play in this is to step down and that at sea point was true, and this also maybe it is somewhat true that the competition levels obviously far less than it would be. If you are trying to hit the certain minor leaks, yeah is arguable either way it's not like the minor, leads some unbelievable thing, but be players in tennis and even women, girls are used to be the peak would take it started sixteen and pick a twenty five. Now yours and men would be say. Eighteen and nineteen too late. One is now you're seeing that it's probably with even the girls, they may be sort of come into. Don't twenty twenty one
glassing, two hundred and thirty say, and the guys r22, two hundred and thirty two. So it's all the more reason to allow them to develop as human beings cuz, it's not going to change the world. Look out tough! It is for guys to try to win majors now at two thousand and one Wimbledon we ve learned one, the French, seventeen. This is in the eighties Michael Chang. Nineteen. Eighty nine wanted Medina was nineteen, I believe when he won the french joke event was nineteen when he won the Australian, but basically few and far between, for the most part, even Roger, I believe, was twenty two. Anyone is first major, it we're not sure, is human, though, with that that I agree with, I don't think he blade, there is. There is always rumours of. Is a? U S. Foot dragging him off like twenty eight zero of them in this dialogue as evil, but I'm in our member recently he was playing the semi. So this is not this pass open the one before us. I was found it difficult because year following the first man, so you know that
could be an hour and a half ago, therefore hours you're, trying to figure out why indeed inserted Rev up. So this mass is going very quickly joke of issues being challenged. Real badly and Roger. Doesn't piss you off that, like all of us in this one you out, there is like now. Defends, we'll get to see me sooner than you like as a way of saying something: that's pretty cocky like in your life, but it just sounds he's right on any also just says it in a way they can help it like the guy disease, like. How did you do that shot, they'll? Ask him on the it was pretty amazing. Was it in I do. I know he is right. It is amazing, I feel at ease, because an honorary american citizen, Sir athletes from other countries are so below tear that it's almost like. We have adopted them like him in the same boat. I feel like are the honorary Americans alone he's out with all around the world? Yeah I mean he's. I hit every point he everywhere he plays is a home like if he made a
the: U S open this year, the crowds would risk on the same way that they would have with you in corners or anybody from America and their problems are now there's no quarter. Especially since we know I'm Americans unified, special site that I, if we had likes it, say France's T offer whose end up in calmer who's got a shot at doing some pretty big. If he was playing somehow got to the semi systems. By fatter, I mean I'd, be trying to sell these people. Look the guy he's got eighteen is that enough implemented? Maybe these poor guy one awesome. They so by this amazing? How people don't they bait? We their Jonah about it, my Liza media, one worth Roger, Roger Jesus Let's get into get somebody else in here. I, like your college, denied, think it's smart because look at it this way, the last twenty years didn't work. That's we're doing something wrong. So if part of the rationale is none or go to college, it's unfair competition, while the other waiting work either. So maybe right, maybe we
Nita. Well, an isolated prepare somebody emotionally in that She was now get I'm ready. That's true! A lot like isn't went to four years: ecology, Ganem S. American Steve Johnson, was the greatest college player in history. He won the end. Then you are like seventy stray matrimony learner compete stage in some ways is limited, especially compared to what the top players, but yet is a hell of a competitor. So he's gone to twenty five in the world, some basketball, similar with us read like stuff, carries a college. Three years has a big stage. Marge Madness has a couple great moments and that confidence during my primary four year gap that other time, but there are some examples, did TIM Duncan again, example, right by fundamentalist I'll I'll, laugh possess exactly the type of person one and you know what happens when you do exactly and so that the fact that people don't think that makes sense in Europe its different then or have the college
and set up, apparently does not the opportunity or the excellence in the lot of the colleges, and maybe there more travelling! I don't know the folding some of its money to around. If you can turn prone your nineteen in year finish secondary forth faith and I'm wondering if you're, if, if your finishing and in the top that's one thing, I mean no insane. If your ten in the world I went, Twenty one in the world, when I entered college yeah so I'm an anomaly: are they wouldn't know? One in the ever would have done that through the highest ranked person- that's gone in since it's probably four hundred red, but that turned out to be one of decisions I ever made because it allow me sort of time to gather myself and to prepare for we went the rigours of the tour would be I'm in a lot of my grade. But you have to stir to prepare for the constant traveling in the urine, Joel different parts of the world and and also
because I had reached a pretty high ranking already- I was sort of the hunted in college, so that was good. Preparations are how it would be. When I was on the pros everyone yelling at me screaming euro spam yeah when we're first turn men when you made a splash when people like out this guide, tennis is new. Bad boy will visit there. A guy nineteen. Seventy seven, ok, I was going to I was gonna, get seventy eight percent of my first, my first Wimbledon I sort of came from nowhere in the big big fro in the framework that, when you fully allow, I just did it depended. I always wanted straight hair because I looked at its couple because I really looked up to it it is in the autumn, VS was a little wavy hair, but beyond had the strength one in my hair when it was wet and I was out of the shower and come to town- was like below my shoulders, but there was fraud out should have drove me crazy so that I decide have your couple years ago, like Bozo the clown or something
I better go with a shorter, looked at scattered, laid a natural way, so that worked a little better, the Dallas. Is everyone within, were they into you, were those who the hell is this guy. Then you know me so I was great first year with such a crazy time in London, with certain that whole punk scene was happy I'll yeah just was free creaky there I thought they for. I was like they think. I'm not weird. Here. They call me a punk. Am I gonna kings road and tell me what you do what you see there? So I found a humor actually had the time in my life, no one who I was I was peering winning beating guys it. I didn't think I'd be it. I was making my way through the term the guy that did you think you could be number one. At that point, I didn't think I had no idea how, while I had it when I was thirteen, I played an event in Chicago guy wrote an article. I didn't know the guy was, but it turns out. It was an ex tennis player and said I watch this national fourteen and under indoors and of all the people. I see I saw this one kid I lost fairly early and determine I predict and five to seven
he's going to be number one in the world, so that through me for a loop, a little bits, I did have a cup, Harry Hartman, who is an innovation or else from that article are now not even twenty wants you to Stamford used that looks at work. I thought that was going to realise and right now we re aid, and then I thought, oh, my god they don't care at all ass. I gotta get to lease top five, if somewhat higher. No wonder that start like us have known what surgeon I write about it and take too long. But by the end I turn I went to college four year. Term problem may have seventy eight by the end of seventy eight I had reached the top. I believe I was five or eggs in the world, and I am I won the masters year. We supplier urine top aid, finishes at Madison Square, guard, which means, I can remember TAT S amazing. So I'm for me as a kid gone and Nick Games and my first concert lads up in concert in the Rangers. I'm sitting a god. This is too good to be true. There's nineteen thousand when I go on play Borg at medicines were Carter's for some might be Connor's after losing tomb.
Four times in a row was at the garden he quit on me and I was saddened, three love up and I just was like that's too bad- you just quick as you're gonna lose answer, because Eu China take it away from me. I found Like the house. I just said made a point of put my arms up in I know how important our counters bashing on this package that was always team Janni MAC from day one that's good. We had to get the pic in my opinion, could now above and then, when you as when, when you're losing your career in the mid eighties, and you became the older guys, you found it out for both of us. Now I just gradually kind of exempting cod workers. That metals are lot all disease a lot older than me. So many out of tremendous career, and I respected honest, I didn't like him, but I respected I'm mad ass. He gave up leaving him. He was. I give you a thing and I thought payment peep him and PETE Rosary twins is somehow there, the exact in person, patterns, area, terrible ball. Erika just thought so intense, who is beyond belief, read just one PETE rose ran over
poor guy. In the last hour game and then how Connor's was hid, his relentless Wilfred mercenaries and cause you're like a genius, the ceiling of your best game as you and be better than corners. But he was always com, com and common counter aiming to him. But draw is authority you ve lost, yet why I mean he was a member of all the guys I played against. I don't think so ever been a guy. Maybe Chang was close enough. I've seen a couple. The Gaza bring that all out the needle as the Latin Yachting day. Early honours people don't realize is how extraordinarily difficult that is, and how that is. Your biggest single single quality. By far in sport, if you can bring it on every point like its alas, when you're gonna play, if you can do that, you could not know what the hell you're doing and you'll be top. Fifty in the world
easily. That's why finally essays our job, as at its peak, I still think, was pound for pan the Scares boxer disease. I Conor sieges, he's coming you, you can't breathe. He's is on you. You shouldn't thanks in that to his son when you before he went out of that was immediately. I've got this father, like only had also to surprise, is the opposite of what I did. Let's go back to seventy seven, their cause. That's my it's my favorite year for any city and they cause Minister As a Boston fan, but New York, seventy seven there's just so much going on and then you throw in London there you went there are the punk rack since gone crazy. Bending in you argue had said so, the music you would Saturday alive you the disco scene has taken my seeing the Yankees Reggie, Jackson that mean there's that you could go through for a month. All the things that are going on and then you're coming out of there too. You know the probably the last local news.
Well, that totally Tara, where we going to have to totally change my life I went there is a total nobody. I miss my high school graduation. I didn't go to the prom, but was sent to Europe to play the French and Wimbledon and for the juniors and the next day, and I come I can. People knew who I was, and I was like the Super Brad guy near which surprised me as I was amazed, people even knew that I was playing. I just did it and get that it would trans I mean out people listening. Probably what are you in about you can find out anything two seconds, but in those days it did it just how the other day, because I thought they were just these sorted writers in England, their research starting to get army that we wasn't. It was only the very end when I play them in the corridor files which my first or second biggest stadium and Wimbledon, and I got upset in the first time I ever question a call
People were actually watching and saw me get upset, and so I thought it was funny when they first or Boeing me. I thought there were Believe me, I'm gonna get it I'm the one. That's just lost a sad. I pissed it myself and I do not try to snap my racket and then I guess all this exploded from their Ike. It. Nothing was ever the same after that. For me, hey, let's take a quick break to talk about square space, oh yeah, one of our longest sponsors here in the B S pack, as you had these guys for ever whatever your next big idea might be countered. Square space Toby create an eye catching my platform. That brings it too late. Do you need a portfolio to showcase your work, a store to sell your product or service and services, or a block to share your ideas? Squarespace gives you everything you need to look like an expert from the start even get a unique domain which strengthen, strengthens your brand. I can't speak and easier for visitors to find you Joe House as one he has his website.
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back to the one, and only John Mcenroe was first aid for me, as as a dire Janni MAX Van eight bit, the dangerous became part like in the first sentence of people talked about using tennis player, as always like that should be like second third, fourth, paragraph four area people get mad there's couple things, but it was like. I just never seen you in play. Tennis, like you, you know- and I think there's a very small size blow out a I published a word, but I feel, like you got any free time, but it's like you know tat. The same thing I get such as that we lost tiger, and this is what's happening to him, because I have never seen anybody put off. I come near he now and it's like I did. I think all of us have been trying to replace it since he left all these guys are great on this next wave of dust and Johnson and you go through, but his eye
who knows when Tiger was playing off in his on? I was watching there's nothing else. I wanted to do in the plant other the watch and play golf you had there and then you had Borg who was his own like with their sambo. I can either there's pieces of, I guess by any mostly Borg is a unique prototype that has not been replicated affair. Harbingers verrier he's at this hour, and this is look that was just tremendous and style term n, net. He never really said anything in forty years are fifty I've been Watch Dennis. Only once it ever see this, I was watching Wimbledon once and there is bad three hundred screaming girls outside the lock room, and I thought to myself: I wanna be a tennis ball. I was probably fortunate
in fifteen years. All I've never been to London and Board was coming out and it was like to be. I mean the equivalent yet not comparing, but that type of Beatlemania was I totally girls crying. She never is that happened to anyone before it's. So there was something unbelief almost in one direction. I indirect eyes I care is now well, maybe it is, but it's something like that. Will you can't believe what how the people react? into him without a moving seemingly doing anything and maybe the less he did. The more crazy people went to I too am in the morning nineteen seventy eight him in it is their latest decide they like the same girl who gets her. There be more than one of em around. I would guess if they were barbicane Sarah ever was only one. I would say that they would be an easy, easy one board freely here.
Mozilla is, was alleging that this was a larger, but he didn't seem to care that much of the answer just stay here, Mrs Gebhardt, it's gonna happen anywhere in this way. A few more minutes, the I dont think that that was a problem. They had nodes. Of doing that they had all types of options. This was one of the thirty four thirty's, thirty slash thirty is when I was there when we are created serious above all, that stuff view This was always I thought one of the great sports stocks it could happen. Can I see my as it have? I hope it does happen because it's maybe someday It is too late, nothing! It's too! It's never too late. Right here so you had that whole class, a guy's rate which is never be recreated, aren't they assembly because those days it was an era combined with the guys, the era, and then the money wasn't as nearly as crazy, and so you didn't maybe correlate on blow
God knows how much money, if I d some stupid, Lorraine, stay out all night studio, fifty four, because we our goal was like, to me in a way was we wanted to be the greatest ten as far as we could be, but we also want it to be able to try to burn it and burden burn both ends of the canned yeah, but we wanted our cake and eat it to our attempt. It we're gonna, do a hell of a job, It was I to elaborate wade. Carmelo are those guys if you put them in nineteen. Seventy seven and there about my and disco had started in New York City and nobody knew what was bad for you and you just going think that's it. I mean I heard that Michael Jordan. I don't know this to be true, but I heard that uses like go down in the Hague. Bobby Gamble that is and I'm guessing that's not the healthy help using the Niger carried out didn't seem the matter when he beat up on the next hit our utmost everyone else in some how he did it, but I do- and I think that that would be a tougher
would even seen twenty years later, that that would be to offer to pull off too many people around or taken your pictures. They may like how dare like, when, what's his name back and did it, I write what with the giants it, it was like to Stew, it feels like stupid hissing ever gonna? U you go, ran abode in Miami, although that may be doesn't have one iota. What has to do with the game, but then you gotTa Green Bay, worth seven degrees and then, wonder why you drop three boss and you're thinking they're gonna blame it on the fact that you went there. If you call em, no one when you said a word, so if you do it, you better back at our chicken anything that was too bad, because I think I was like, oh god, he's gonna have a bad game and I just going to be on him and he could have shut him up, but he just had to do that thing. You do this in now. It's just going to continue he's like the Nick Kyrgios of football. Nick Kyrgios is probably of all the tennis players around could be the night he's the best and most talented of any of them unbelieve.
Talent, but this they forget. The mental part is dissolved destructive nesses. I know it's not like. I don't know something about this and try to tell these guys in a way. Look I mean this is. Is this you going down the wrong path here and are you trying to say it in a nice way or if you try to be truthful, I don't wanna be a commentator run like be asking: then you see, I'm throwing a match you in any technically. He may not be tank in it, but we know damn Everyone in China said he's not giving it the effort. If that's the one thing, I can't watch when I'd commentators people not giving a dive eyes caught up. I don't like that that I can understand having bad days, and I can understand you freeze in front of people. All types of things happen that you don't want to happen. You prepare
for money so long and then use lane. Egg is the worst feeling in the world, but if you don't give an effort, you start to walk away. That is a tremendously bad feeling for yourself, but just a total black eye. I had so late seventies who's, the class of guys, it's you and Borg. Connor's, but he's already we may younger than me young charge. You say I just try to stay around this. Are you kidding like their readers? I'm just saying the last to some degree only ass. This task easier fires are arguing in our hearings. Hungarian he's actually romanian Roma. The bad romanian yeah voices dictate the remain that, and I think that was certainly just nasty. He called me, macaroni his we're gonna, make me around Aloni. Then you go up to Girls Rachel, you know The dumbest thing ever too may be like eagerness sleep with them or not, and I got do you think maybe possibly get over it
were attacked and sit. I don't wanna go crazy here, but the thing maybe that's wrong thing to say you know none and its enemy slab em in the facing other temperately with them. They tend to one side, I don't know, but nor is it a good thing to have like that. Cluster of great guy cause you're on measuring each other they Deborah had to. How do we measure in each other although on the court on the core and maybe the court s events, that's what I thought you were saying: visas beyond were very good? There are probably the best friends I looked up to Venus is like that: the sky in the world. To me he really it was, I imagine what I always say, twelve than he was like that must guide the port, Washington, tennis again Magda. How does this guy just had everything
seem like him at the end of the long hair just said the charisma the girls played, he was the best, never seem to get tired unbelievably fit. While this is that I got a child. Is somehow get to the point where I'm somewhere like around him, get close to him. An eminent is credit. He didn't have to do this because we are from we're both from queens and then I made the first open. We ever played either one of us that we got to the finest we played each other And I beat and pretty handling a sort of. I was twenty. He was twenty four, so that was a tough one for him to take. I'm assuming God rest so yeah and later on, he says what are you doing? You want to call me basically to study of fifty four. Whatever was on my thinking, yeah myself
Yes, because I know whatever he's doing it's gonna be whole or has set up. It can be a whole lot better than when I had sent here, which was not very much so this, but here's where I just lost someone that he be he lost me in the fund is a: U S open so Most guys. I don't around a hang around each other, so he always felt like ie almost was more important that he be your friend, then Sir, to beat you even need beat me, never be bored, he barely be maybe greatest line ever when he laws, because, as you know, one beads Venus Carolinas seventeen times in what he said. What she's gotta be the greatest ever Madison Square Garden with me, he one he had a better record, but not a good record in aid grow. Copper winds, but it almost seemed like that with some months- and I know he was burning with ambition also been Didn'T- seem quite as much as some of the other guys, but that was, I felt lucky
I sort of walked into a tennis resort of exploding the lebanese and into the eighties, and now is a magical, I'm doing a lot of anxious where axing as those clusters were like I'll send. You have had learned Leonard in herds and all these guys and were in the house aids in the seventies volume Frazier, everybody is tat, is like boxing boxing right now, it's it's been, though, people barely talk about and when and how do we have the two greatest players than ever live plain right now, Nidal fatter and were not getting much exposure? and passing using thatS cousin longevity there, the greatest poorer, as ever, because they're playing at the highest level, however, both well both, but there are obviously have equipment that if we played without equipment, we would have played definitely also We look like we're in slow motion. I like what can I say here? We re all Diana Foul can Reda bullets.
If we were now warrant, I've been that healthcare actually know by me, but these Cushing on documents, the things that have cushion some we're, both where my converse, which his own by Nike, I believe, those the amorous. But they look like those to me as some of the greatest sneakers ever most comfortable network that was more or less the equivalent of what we used to playing just like. Haswell players, you supply and those- and sometimes I like their feeling of being a sort of loaded, the ground and feeling the ground it. You got in the air, you started a twist, my more often and guidance in trouble. Even all is your body starts to get creativity and older and, like all this is great, we got a little could But I'm not that's why he clay is great, but clay is good in in one in that I mean if it allows you to lodge an appeal and plenty of other. What you see here like you chance you can you? Can move on it. The way you can move like you can't
go out and stop and start like gonna bet. I look at these basketball, guys ethic gather so lucky. I do really sort of. And not resent it, but I wish we had. I will we had indoor majors and it would be seven degrees and perfect. Gub did those given girls are those alyosha. We are slipping. The first step you slip on the clay like they just picture where they don't play on clay. Yeah. It wouldn't be, quite so simply when looked like quite so bad how tough it is to do that. So we put ourselves in tennis in extremely difficult positions to showcase ourselves. The best we can. Unlike some of the other sports, I want more quick break to talk about Spotify degree. No, you listen the bill, Simmons Pack, ass and others from the Ringer family on Spotify, oh yeah, you you could be less and less one right now and Spotify streaming,
as you know, and love for music. It's also follow with Pike S finest in the pod cast section within the brass tab when using Spotify and Mobile, just by searching for the bill summits package, which is this one. Why are there click to follow us to have our new episodes livered right into your Spotify Library, had, despite if I'd outcome, such back as for more that Spotify that calm such pack ass? Since, where I want to talk but two of our newest pike, s hassock, jobs hosted by John Ass Food, a celebration of food eating the love of food? I think everything you want to know about. This passes in the first episode House, Talkin to Bonn, appetites, Adam RAP Report, who mentioned His ideas for how to make her praises out a little better and, as he says, capricious outhouse goes
oh and just lights, out this great ground and it's ah authentic. The guy loves eating. He loves food. He loves talking about food ass of the Pakistan. It goes in a bunch different directions. I highly recommend it in an end, its Anna's Archie Farsi. As some of these food podcast. He now you're gonna get a breakdown of whether it's ok do. Barbecue sauce on a cheeseburger and things like that. It is for the food lovers, the food connoisseurs and people who just like eating food in the first one aid they actually Juliet him talk about on this new Sonic Berger. That has a lot of mushrooms in it and they break that. Damn that's kind, every again this once that's get and then against all odds with cousin Sal. Even though the off season no football, they really stepped up their games and had a five minute breakdown of food. When a fight between MR me, Oggie and Jan Rambo, that is, among my favorite five minutes, we were had on a par cast. Amazingly three of them took me Oggie as an underdog and laid out reasons why
and she's a very seriously good stuff all the way around, but listen those two. If you love Gammy love food, I would recommend against all odds, and I would recommend House of carbs and you can listen those on Spotify to bring it full circle right back to the one. The only I didn't want to throw a bunch of tennis. I want to go back to the eighties in a second, but I just I don't want to forget this idea. I think there should be a doubles. Major doubles, Madge. I think part of the problem was words, just in general, is that we just get stuck on the way we did it. Forty years ago we never tried innovating guy did the NBA schedule is a good example that re wise it. Eighty two games Gazette aside and nineteen. Seventy was eighty two games that manage baited against Thou shrubbery, like seventy, but leg with with tennis. I really like doubles. I think it's fast thing. You are probably the best of all time at it.
You're just great at it, and it was fun watching play there was any, would be fun watching other people by doubles in the majors. It's an afterthought. And it's this thing you also do and should keep there. I am unemployed, doubles and serene adds like in their spare time. She's, right, Davos Data. I would like to see an actual doubles, major thou would almost be like our doing with this on the big three and three Basque. What thing which would be disaster the first year, but then by two thousand twenty eight? I think it is actually pretty cool once they act then the Olympics in the Olympics year but we re going to have the court. I could maybe he'll come back if they had two weeks and it was I hears the tennysons gonna, be apples were put in this autumn location. There's a ladder prize money had still not gonna happen. You don't need that works, never I'd God, I'm not saying I dont use the word never very often, because I think that once you say it is you know you proving that they then you
opening the door, while not only that it is very rarely is it I mean. Oh, my kids, never you never arise you always do they know neither one of those okay, so I I think doubles is on life. Support. I watch unknown. Unlike are you kidding was so let's talk about that? How do you improve? doubles and make it so that it something because I think, there's probably right? That's myself proclaiming right now, hey why bad apples the guy that love doubles in some Elam, that's it I can novels, but year there and why I am now. Can you up than this idea, because not only is doubled, knowledge of its done correctly, but the calmer area. That is what I like, and that's what tennis is missing. Tennis too. So individual universes me she liked the thought of, like I like when the wind sisters by dollars. I like it also. I just don't think that its visually at this point, the way they play it. It's just said aware: ban Thankee man swinging for the fences. People out there
I liked her on the singles cord. The strategy of its changed so what was it when you were doing? And what was the strategy? I mean there will be more of a sort of a building our ship to the guy had a low return. He builds up, maybe a guy poachers, maybe doesn't now they just swing as hard as a candidate. Everything ended on the server and did just go for winter on the return every rally is sorted guy standing in from the neck is generally that amount of Ali. So, in a way to counter that is stand very closely. The net and just start moving one way near the other. Guy stands back so chickens are their heads cut off. But I do not know ruined. I want, and I were now forget it what it would have wooden rackets, one rackets, I think the cats out of the bag- not one. Another I worry of devils is dead. Doubles is shit what they should do, which they let them. Since people like yourself like doubles, and I dont,
slight doubles. I note I delays I liked double. I find it to be distracting to what we need to do to take the game to another level. I would eliminate the like p, They don't know the sport, it's gonna say come on in these two people plain signals and they have the doubles allies which aren't used. Why the hell are they even there? Yet? Why not? Just have the court actually used for God's sakes and may be put people like vips or people around the cord closer which we used to do at the open like family and friends. But you know, Jack Nicholson would come and he had the seat. In that sense, I just liked was for the Lakers in the eighties or whoever it is this when these, you know guys come in this great idea, Senor saying here: the area of the empire, one side and the players in the bar boys umpires. I was, They were you, don't need to their intentness, which is the one sport that would be. If you really want to make the game exciting and really bring back track shocking. You eliminate the empire, the self call
you have placed collar on things even players car, but you have a challenge, so you could Charles em in people I cheated. You know Mcenroe, you did it again, no it bring. This whole elevate elements are, have re, he'll never happened so up ocean is said. Never so my my wife plays a ton of tennis and Do you know they call their own staff and, like once, every three wish Tasmania slated aid. I ain't gettin problem in a fight the known in this whole story in theirs bad blood. After in your right, it would be fantastic. The australian open fire near some better, not our coming to blow it be amazing. It would be a measure. The challenges right. You could have challenges that would allow you to go back and challenge what you thought. The guy was cheating you and you could convince yourself that the guy was cheating your neck. Even if it wasn't and then that would maven at an added element of interest to when they call for the challenging you wait for the the gazettes behind
people, children, tennis and we know there are some people just- can how these people are always off. I would throw myself into this category where you started. Take the rules when you look at they they use. Bathroom breaks is certain ways to break momentum. Now you know they don't have to go to the bathroom. They'll tell you they did and you can prove that they din right Diarrhoea terms there a lot of stuff going on Lotto injuries. Word not you, they make it up as they go along and you can get away with that. Inform us sort of the spectacle of it as a comment. Do I look at? I sort of sometimes I'm entertain them IKEA. This is taking this girl who isolating tennis, who one of the chinese girl she look like she was gonna, have a heart attack. It was so high She fell over. They put her back a big stop them after ten minutes, and it must be
was it. You can do that after ten minutes, she's getting looked at the doktor, she comes back on the court. She looks like you know: she's gonna drop dead and you think in what is going on here. Don't let her don't put back on the status quo or what, You do and she was out and played a lid on your thinking. What Emmy, but from the standpoint of this drama, real draw- I was sort of entering you see someone cramping. Usually you broken person down and at an end That's a matter unless what you try to do is break them down mentally or physically. That's all. Put in the NBA of the Brown got cramps. They want a big. We have stopped the game for ten minutes as Leubronn Disney grandest you just have to leave the gate or they'd have to figure something out. My put the air conditioning I like you, I was sent into wholesale, became clear eyed. How did the studio for a guy one day? It was eighty nine or whatever you say it is a sorry. Wasn't seventy, not bronze, not them
amazing athletes, but there it is lucky when you have that sort of set thing ass, pretty nicely to say. Let's go back to the though no empire thing regressive therein umpires players collar and thanks surround the around the corner lines. When you get rid of you keep an eye on port of call the score so that they do get this guy is guided legalised and all the others are your days. He stays where she, whoever it is players on the right or left. Maybe a couple court side seats down there, either way, maybe get like throwing car you're gonna. Do you don't look at the old birds? Singing arrangement at the open in the eighties and you'll see that its very cool other side. You could put people all down the line when you can t live suits. You know this and they floor seasons of the eighties I would only add my ex wife, Burma, with my first son, was being born and I think the Lakers or the first thing that I recalls eighty six. My son was born. It was unbelievable now, like
Showtime with Karim and MAGIC, and were they in these garment interest shown authority by thirty. Now this saying you I'm sitting here watching this. This is this. This is too good to be true that I had a chance to do that. So the triple t game, the Celtics and sons played like forty years ago, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six. If you watch that came, there's really no court sides and there's just nothing behind the basket, it s just like twenty eight feet. Dismay early and tears I wow over. They think it back there in writing on and they have no offense cause you're sort of a reporter, but that has while barely but but they put like these on it on the floor seats at the garden, they do that now, while men they get floor seats after they did. Ro Sesar out and they pretty much strategy. Very excited wonders now see that seed up on the top right. Now, that is, court sides
Why wouldn't new us open do this? They did do it mission. But either way is EU. Us open court is big. He authorised stadiums, a very big court, so there is looking for that either way. I think they should do it absolutely, and I think that should be a way, especially the big events where you could have it. Where I may be visually for tennis, it's better! If you don't have those lines. May not only we ve experiment enough. His appoint yeah angry measure would racket some. If you look at baseball these guys when their young, these graphite or whatever materials use, and then, when you make it when and if you ever make it to the denounce, the pros are not Napoleon the minor still use. Then you go to work. What bats and that's to me is what they should have done in tennis, but now it's too late game is so much faster and just in terms of economics outdated, just I don't think it happened, but it would be interesting to see Roger to see my frame was in seventy eights, where inches wide ragged. That he's using a ninety eight squaring strain. That's quite a bit,
but the bigger sweet spot. It allows you to swing harder, make contact easier. These guys have made you don't have a choice. Like us in the next, because your shoes failure, they're, like all their amazing athletes in those where total bombs I read you old farts can now move at all, but being a bee Borg was fast sky persona tennis go to this day, I've ever seen fastened in him. I think your generation would have been ok with advantages that aim, and I think you would have been interesting to the idea of its fun parties, thinking what what I ve done enough. It was also about getting someone's had it wasn't like Connor's was coming. The court with me in saying: hey how you doing he wasn't exactly real friendliness, and I was in real friendly lady by Linda Lind, I may with Borgen how we got along, but for the most are you certain battling and you trying to get up some sort of anger and sir hate not well born
on hatred and when was a robot relieving protagonists head. I gotta give Yemen really was like from rocky for something he was unbelievable, so that was that was quite a tall order, if I could get him pass, I knew at accomplish. Simply I do. I do a suspicious how these guys are able to play five and a half hour matches and stuff citizens While I suspicious of Baden not this is any only sport we should be suspect I'm just slow that as these guys, the suspicious of everywhere. It's amazing that certainly they know more than men are ever known and they certainly how better ways to sort of recover and what you put into I mean Milos around and shoe I work with last year and still China would want help him he's got these booklets the detail. But
Let's have depending on how long he plays what exactly the mealy should put in after resembling meekly hose it's not about that yeah. It's about. You got some fucking colonies. Man, hey. And he gets that in a way. But he's know he saw, and I dont know what to what level into what level that matters and you wonder like how they held these people do. This sometimes is beyond belief by monopolies. Six hour matches in my life I felt like I was needed to get a wheelchair. When I walked up, the court will probably view before the match, your programme and a cheeseburger and fry on, I was an ice Borg. This here is to hours before which isles already found difficult, but he never stake a big potato and vegetable every meal they dinner meal for every match you ever played, never wants it and get tired in a match He never was limit why he retired he had high cholesterol. He had a heart attack when
when I spend time with you in today's vote in the two things I remember my they thing one is that you brought out that eighty four french open lost the lender and you were going through a point by point. Like from thirty one years later, like here's, where iter the sand and like you it was It was on any, is paying classic in your narrating it only. It was not an easy. I ask you and tortured by your while. I actually start this book yeah, that's what I've that's our bureaucracy at early used are the bewildered, because it really is something that I have to deal with and at the crazy have to deal with. We would so that their bothers you you can the grand slam right. Why does it just? Why could have had? Because I would have gone to Australia then, but I also just feel like MID beanie myself piano stuff. When you beat yourself in itself the way it all happened, but is also to top, because Paris is arguably them
beautiful city in the world, and there is anyone, my wife, her bed, I'm sure any woman alive and most guys with gave us go to Paris is every building. You look at assists in January spectacle and ve been doing commentary for the past twenty five years. So I go. It's nice you get to the French I'm the majors basic, is what I do, which is great, but it's a sea the cramped exactly so I just can't help and then my good friends always seem to bring it up after a couple drinks: Hey Joe what happened? What are you kidding me? You can ask me about this now again you ever poor major at your ass time. Maybe there was the bizarre, when I see one they were all is probably a could not too that the two great now tat. Now I actually blew a couple more than I would say I was able to steal one moment I had a couple moments I didn't, I wasn't, we haven't even you'd borderline still store, where I think the idea that I'm in eighty, which is my bridegroom,
Bessie, I be land on the corridors in the open and the next aeroplanes. Five said doubles matching the fine laws, and then this is Friday, so that was should have been a day off and Saturday play corners in the semi than I beat him. Seven six in the fifth, where I was down who yeah I remember, thou that could it got either way, and I was down in the fourth after being down to as the one I came back and then the next day, theirs day off, I had a play Borg after I'd law suits into that eighty Wimbledon final, which is the most famous when I was every part of, and I was to set up- and I was then I must got to a fifth sat like rising. Oh my god, I'm in a blow it again. So that was probably my proudest moment. I pulled that those three off in a row and beat those guys and showed that I Like our guide. You know something you look better now than you did when you played. I know they're here, here's my track record, and maybe there is a lot of its metal and in its not even close physically, even I'd take programme ceilings
April. We ever, but this is not even comparable, I'm proud to say why The eighty one to match life get that allow two hundred thousand other people I now make It is a thirteen thousand see stadium you're, probably about I hope you are one of em, but one or two hundred thousand people have literally come to me and said I was there when later on when I was there, but our side stepped stuff back then now, but that was to me it was I fish comrade and the seventy five world series where we lost the World Series, but we had the first comrade a new. You lost them, but you are therefore set. It was basically the same year was. It was amazing dad that's. Obviously one of the few matches most obvious one where I knew something was I quit especial going while it was gone. I address this in intensity and energy. That was amazing that I didn't want to ask Barrack Aziz, private question: you get the most ass budded, we have
glass idea it is caused is certainly right. Minutes. Imagine most proud of the great Matrimonial. I didn't write about it. Much in the second book began suddenly written about in the first one, but it is not that I am not proud of it. I am it's not that I'm not You know it to say that your part of one of the best matches and sports histories is great. Most people, don't member I lost you know they think, like oh yeah, that was great That is why it's like the fiscal people, don't even remember that acts as a good, don't bother to town and dump the fears that, but at the same time, it's a long time ago. Yeah. So to me, it sides it's, it's got his own folk glass. I like I wanna, go right, watch it again and in say our cause euros. Other Tiber was made What's good cause, you have the document are now so it's it's kind of this. It's got this
shot jogging to live on a few years ago than I had this movie. This coming out that I've had nothing to do with the child. Above is always afraid. Asking about that. I'm afraid to talk about. Can I hope it's good I mean, I don't want no movie about me and beyond and I'm pretty sure it's about this match and nineteen eighty, I don't know why would they can handle the left handed thing? Apparently they did something were somehow they reverse the sort of the way they fail matter, I've been on now, how they had said. Well, they make him he plays because he's writing them get ways laughing. I don't know how they do that. That is beyond me, tennis, These have always been just doing. Some are more concerned about the size of let's see when I saw em like waiting when I did have some pretty strong legs and regional level spindly, but he supposed, I know, he's crazy, which may be good yes, particular role. Bodies. Also suppose you good actor. I've seen a lot of his work
I never actually have spoken to him yet and discuss here, and I am saying that it's getting I didn't see I kept saying this because they want me to get involved and promote, and unlike local first, I want to see it because I want to see if this is a disaster, that the other tennis movies have been a copper which I was yeah I'm so I dont want to answer you Wimbledon. I was come into ladder ladder, close tight shots of person danced over the wide China there should get exposure and then, and then they said, like you really got to express, it is like I know that is not. I think they really prefer what I sell yet, and that's good, no knowledge, only at their radipole. So I just like this. Oh my god, I'm so bad! I, like my worst
my worst roles feature Rosa containing one or the other tennis movies Army was learning break with Carling Bass. I miss that one name is, though playin when there was actually it was called players in nineteen. Seventy nine, it was deemed more Junior, yes Sally, Mcgraw, Maximilian, Shell, Steve Gutenberg, I'm a pretty good, cal copies of industry. That's a good thing that would be a mom, including my again. My cameo was pretty abysmal, even a mob Evans directed it Bob evidence, he was producer, the movie I'd that stays in the picture here probably spent some time above Evans's house and eighty two march. I was more man, I ever other lawyer by NATO by that time. Ryan was up on Firefox it. So I didn't see him too much. It's probably us. As we all know, I've noticed in the world. We good thing so then boy when the Borg leave after
Eighty open baby, one eighty one anyway, I hope and he just walked out and that was kind and kick his ass. I found it as one of the reasons I don't ask me now. That's going on you, you could say that things can change in a year. You never know like someone gets injured or things happen you people have life things. Kids, who knows you know get up like a things is no reason, What are you using? Twenty five now rethink federal, Zambia scandal. Now that happen Somebody has retires it. It was a scandal, then to me it was a shame. I mean it was my best rival, walked away. I was I look I'd rather Lucy Morris him because I think the game is getting so exciting. You ve been Yemeni talked about this before by Jesse. It was
If you had a loss after that happened, just you never rabbit fully replace. I think I did a couple years later. I had the best year, but for a couple years I sort of floundering unaware tat. Doing well and finish the your number one a couple times, but they weren't my best years. Those two and it was certainly it was disappointing- was hard to handle all the attention sort. It was placed on me and so that took a lot I just or I don't know I was prepare for that. I really didn't anticipate that he would do that. None of us did. We react completely shocked. I member any first told Venus and I that he was gonna quit we thought he was kidding. We just studies be asking us and then he said, I'm not playing more, including again right, certainly that and then we went to this press conference. This is in Austria when he first old us and they say how do you feel about next year.
Was one of the first class. If I'm very excited about next year, I can wait like what the hell, because he said to complete. I asked it to us so. Needless to say, we are confuse, but they are did some acid on things like our association and the american boy? You're yeah listen is with the details, but it got ugly where just them in a way he was. Or stout in these is like, if you forceful abroad, James out, because you know he he's too is he's got. Is his muscles are too so you know you're not allowed to play again until you lose some of their muscle mass piano cause. It's it's not fair. The other players, you know is almost as if they said Germany you do certain things in sign. Certain forms, you're gonna have to go pay. The qualifying which would be put. You know, since I put the guy a Reg S summer leg or something you. What yes is our greatest player out, you know ever biggest player we fad and you're going to treat him lie what Sir the tennis is really screwed up in now. What I think are the you describe
with the void not having board there made me wonder leg with Jordan after one the first three any justice have arrive already. Just looking for a rival look of arrival, magic leaves, he kills clay drexler he the next year he beats Barkley is really nobody on the horizon, and you know, there's a million. There is why he retired their first time when I was five that was part of it. Whereas you look at me like labelling, and from the moment he showed up in the league, these carrots being waved in front of them united to beat the pistons they he had to be cagey in the Celtic In the next summit in the Hague, representing they re lendings. Imagine you in here overcoat aspire is now he's got the warriors and interest. Are these care about Jordan yet well come on fire? but I think I'd better, more or less the greatest. You need that care, it kind of damage that was so great when you see Larry and magic. The exactly is the greatest ends.
Join came along and he was in a way I'm not compare myself to Michael Jordan, but I tried to I against it. I would sort it goes on to your being his fancy less authority, but not just in terms of following I can't work and then you, how to get in that mixing, get respected in Jordan. Eventually did that has become the greatest player you know ever him in, but who everyone to ask, but even then you still this thing about magic in then. Why are you in a way that elevates and now even to another thing, valleys and a great they got it too their aim, and I had this thing with be where I sort of may be bypassed what going on with him in corners and become like the equivalent of MAGIC and Larry and then lost that year, which was a bummer, We disagree with the Lando. No hands even though Lenin Lando is arguably been, could be better. Some people say was a better player now, but I wouldn't, but but but none the less. They was of avoiding a mad xvii. Liner was,
Jeremy, but he wasn't beyond bore cited what it's a thing. What are they, though, the board that people had the tennis boss against some backward. Is that what is called the backward the wall or allow whenever that was Lendal? That's that style, supposedly if I like it was just like me, and there is no personality- there is no charisma to it. They add inside. There is nothing to say anything to it. Still, this secular, extra coach has it. Is they that India though the fairer and die in the fact that that still going do you think they have that for each other Did they measure take as their fetters? nice guy wonderful measures, anybody against observed, I dont know what I think he'd in terms of giving wakes up. Gonna gotta be Nevada,
I want to be the champion of this. He knows that the dolls made him a better player and vice versa, which is important in his private grateful for grant. He is exactly that say. He appreciates the fact that people you say you do is back and so therefore his I can t get better yeah. How does he turn lemons in the lemonade that he doesn't incredible job that so that's the way Roger S Nidal you can see he charges himself, even always an amazing athlete, obviously, but he so OECD and he's touching everything and you gotta, move annual in Roger S are cruising around and he's got touching every part of his body of reported jive. Anyone, crazy, Gandia, almost Hobo, lose a little sea doesn't have to do this. You know important guy. I don't know what he's gonna do. Unease retired he'll be like at Evian dealer,
see we're gonna start back, so maybe it's not easy. Carving out there. I had my own things on that sit near tone that its he it's in certain ways is great by the federal he loves everything about it. I would more towards I hate. I wanted. You certainly measure yourself up at the people around you weathers Connor's Borg, Lando, whoever yeah. Then along came samples in backroom, like oh, my god. These guys are much bigger, their hidden, a lot harder. I've lost like a third half a step, and this is bad situation, because they're just come out and swing and for the new their servant, bigger than anyone had ever seen in my life, nothing had ever come close to what I saw it Becker and samples any server my play backward eighteen, an exhibition in land at the old army. I believe, as a great crowd and I'm thinking to myself discuss, get the biggest serve in the history of tennis and he's eighteen, I, and not only with the ever. You know him
diving and you know it's not like you know you got the ball back. You won the point. You still have to deal with him and he's got a great forehand and he's willing to die for Valley's all this other stuff when she was really exciting at the time I loved watching bars, I hated playing. Becker to me, as I almost like a penny, hardway type fur in Tennessee history, where way better. That opinion is tat. I've found Ba turn around. Did you. I'm challenges targeting of some bad about on one or two years. I saw how many years is Becker. Anger as a timely was number one very briefly, buddy one six majors, that's better than penny Hardway. I don't know, maybe these along the lines they would have to be. Someone like, I am not willing to say TIM Duncan
it's gonna be suspended when a tight on their on more than one title like numerous titles that power forward tied guy like algae, not inhabited Elgin, barely where that's too far back but not Scotty Pippin China think like you, because he never gets mentioned all anymore, I'm alone type guy by com. London, when I write I got my always talk about because I did a couple of things with Bob causes, I think be ended on your down the record or yeah. I think that's what it's called and said times, because I'd beyond the panel with him and Chris Collins Worth- and I take well these guys- obviously your graded, what they you know in their own way, the gray commentators but Davy Sittin there tell anyone what they want. You know how to do this or how what you need to do and I'm thinking today over women. As far as I know, everyone either one of whom one one, but that J, because they look, I heard some wimpy tennis player, whatever
but to me it was certainly have to be a little bit careful, even if you know with obviously my boy, you got a lot of other people and even in basketball. That's why I mean to me: Bartley got com by Georgian totally like that year. I want an eye out for you no body and then he fell forward, and he should no that's what that's his version of Paris for me to me. Yeah would be he's. Gotta live with that the rest of his life, because I think he could a wanted, but he just was too busy wanted. The bigger Michael's body. It says that I do not see how many of us also appeared. I dont know had stated that reactors Charles to me is obviously really good at what he does in his turn out to be a lovable guy and whose he was of great basketball player, but he got burned. The way I got burnt yeah is away. I
got it. So when have that Becker, just out of curiosity widening when in him by was England, the tap six players actors gonna, be one of the top fit ten or fifteen years bodied and hold up too long and he's a tremendous plant. You got two seven Wimbledon final see one three of them, so eighty seven It sounds like we're. Talkin about shack them. Manage Shack was like the twelve best forever on us through the night, the fifth year that could be about right here Suddenly it allows a very is very big. He was extremely, unusual for ten aspire. Did that builds on he looked like he'd, be sort of you know, stood up real straight nervously posture and intimidating six three, which, for tennis at that time would be the clever know about US having feeders everyone, but no six, eight in vast. Yes, he the greatest athlete who's ever banner, good tennis, by whose Becker he's gonna be up there
China is not the greatest athlete he is in the greatest athlete actually think it is. The greatest athletes who is ever good board to me was, it was, was the fastest and then joke of which is certainly the most sensitive dumb be like, and you know ability replace sort of like in crazy possess since he had been Rogers, the most beautiful player represent play in dollars and, like amazing, specimen yeah. Those are the guys I put like up there through the right top in London became a machine, but that's he's neither their level yeah, I dont think. But you know that's a pretty high level. So, even though you get this question time to just for medicines
seething. Cyprus is the greatest ever on grass yeah. I think, samper, sir. They would be these players now they scoffed at me and they say: are they they return to serve to ease? I I don't buy it in the grass is different than when he by its easier it it's a true about which I think all of us would prefer yeah. Why not? We were charged shorter backs wings and take the bony Khazars lotta bear bounces. Now, there's a lot better, so that people, can afford to stay back, although I think they stay back way too much but paid to me is the greatest fast court play a rod labors. My I'd also, I put him up there and then I put was two years ago before Nidal sort out melodic injuries. I thought and dolls overall record was better than right, yours, I, what is was gonna, give him a slight edge over Roger now. I've shifted back to consistency. Wise, overall record. Rogers- is better and he's recently beaten, Raffer three times in a row if he had
said, australian match. You could swung back at three one in the fifth, when Adele was gonna, pull that out three IRAN yet and when I think you would have said Aunt Cosette was fast court. I've ever seen showing open played on, which is not normally does best and he was handling be Milos in the quarters here. Five March Dimitrios he's trying to make a name for himself can get over the home. Then he's got three one against fatter, so those those are the other four guys. I put one too before that. I probably put you are the one who said I thank you. My dear surfaced, our right by surface like slower court. I put in a doll and then like a hard, could I put joke of it and overall I put Roger because you can plan all of em right. So four year round, you'd go Roger know what it feels like my basketball book. I did this whole thing about the wine bottles him by put together the greatest degree, a star team, but you had to use the actual year. You can't just back I've PIG Lebron James, a guy. What year Lebron James may two thousand
thirteen Lebron James her and said they MAGIC really get example, because it's like do you want eighty seven I score more magic, or do you want five, I'm just completely self, was on the point guard magic of itself Caso. Who would you what what wine bottle tennis borrowed? You pick if you had to go through. One sees an hour for tournaments joke averred shook when he was the last thieves holding all for once again. This pass french army one. The french luxury at all, for now is not so is like makeup, become somewhat of a shell at what he was a year ago, which is almost as surprising is as him winning for at the same time cause that has been done for thirty seven years and then he studied far off a cliff. Well, sardine awesome, I don't know exactly, but some of cord stuff, that's complicated things and then arriving Roger two thousand five, one three of the four enemies and finally, the French. The money lost cod seventy four one all three- that inland and play the french ass
now, I'm not giving contrast. I don't wanna hear same ransack, then we got down your one barrier. Mine would have been those eighty four when I wonder Wimbledon the: U S and I was in the national laws of the French there. I would have won all three and then going to play the Australian. That year I pulled, and I didn't play only in the beginning very much so that would have been you I won. I was like eighty two and three or something that year and I believe I should have been. You know eighty three and two and then I could even better and I would have gone to Australian, try to win the grand slam, but then it's die screw it up. I think that would be met for me and then I'm trying to think in the dolls and many swedish it's hard to say with him probably five six years ago, when they Wimbledon thread that here, the two thousand eight Wimbledon final was the best man should ever seen and
at year he won the French and I care remembering do the open. But I pick him that New York is. I was an amazing. I been fetters, nine seven in the fifth Serena is, though, the best tennis player about time, if you're measuring her versus wherever the second person she might. I ask right again between her number two is much bigger than any man. Ten aside or now, I'm not on clay and I think, like Steffy, on clay our hand in an injustice and in what would cause some serious problems, but anything like a quicker court. I think she's the best and she could could win on clay too and cheese is an amazing athlete in, but even more so cushy, obviously is an amazing athletes, but her will yeah. He's come back for more matches where she's match point down than any player. I've ever seen
to turn him into one that match, and that's not easy to do. I didn't do that that marching so and she's had a you know, added a lot. You know tat. Ten times are fifty times or, however, many times more difficult than someone like myself, being a black girl in a white man's game. Basically. So the fact that she is overcome mad and been able to be a successful is says a lot about her. I mean one is that she so much better than everyone, but also that she's been able to persevere. Sister was killed and yeah by ten fifteen years ago, so that and she had a life threatening ale she's out. A lot of stuff Who's the best under twenty seven tennis, pirate, noun, male or female under twenty seven months. Do we have a future a less during the legs ass? I get that the disease of Arab is this: twenty year old, german guys gonna be he's gonna, be big time. Ok,
he's, gonna win majors ice without limiting sleeper peck. Now I don't think he's ready yet, but I wouldn't put it pass and the rights that a situation seems like this. Maybe that's what always happens in one or two know somebody the year we don't think they're ready at that's the year. They break through right. They promise and then about you and when's the last time that someone, you know, maybe Lane Hugh it in two thousand to. But you know, if you think about the Gaza fetters. One avenue dolls, one to Joe Grids is one to Murray's. One too. I'm trying to think of who the other person is burthen me a cry check in ninety six. Came you know even he wasn't out of nowhere. You know he s like the third basketball Europe, where this very, very demanding new orange, and I worked with Milos besides I like him, you know he's a good kid and he's extremely serious and wants to make himself better is that he was one of the few guys. I thought that could win Wimbledon giant six, guys to mean that could win it. It's a small group, not this other guys, it could make a run in
cause problems, but there are going to win the sex. The six would be Roger Raffer Nidal. I may I say right, Nidal Joke events, Murray Milos, I will throw in curios out on that. I dont think mentally nice is gets me more. I mean he's it. Talent, they could do it. I would vote for him more. It has started international scenario about the dutch chilling winning limits. It is a shame because we really need a member. I am he see God he just, but you know, Del poet show is our ally. I'm alive, I'm hoping he's. Gonna have a good sort of couple years, because he's said aloud injury problems but, like I look involve rancor, whose three major same as Marie. I don't I don't even know he's like a tremendous player and turned out to be an all first Round Hall of Famer. I don't think he could win Wimbledon. I left some stuff on the bone for the next time you could pass through town.
Careful and I've there's some some scoring ideas. I have. I have some ideas, there's other stuff. I wanna talk about in the eighties, but will save it for next time, but really sear. Well, maybe the really seriously but comes but, yes, I've met. I seriously now, I think I'm the book, hopefully, will be something that will be looked at favourably and hopefully boy gets in interest out of it. It's more like my last fifteen years, because I did this other books on careful that people have some fun with it and hopefully see that Having some find myself that I've learned a little bit over the years, the Miller. Doesn't fifty eight, for God's sake, underline something right, they'll thanks for having jam Agora. Thank you. I that's it for this week for the yes, podcast! Thank you! So much do spot a fire. Remember you can listen! The bosom in Pakistan, others from the Ringer family on Spotify
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