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Judd Apatow on Binge-watching, Stand-up Culture, and 'The Big Sick' (Ep. 231)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Judd Apatow to discuss the state of American politics (5:00), his attempt to humanize Muslim Americans in 'The Big Sick' (19:00), his return to the stand-up comedy circuit (24:00), the 'Freaks and Geeks' experience in today's TV landscape (30:30), the binge-watching culture and lack of conversation around shows (38:00), Garry Shandling's greatest comedic moments (44:00), LeBron's comedy chops (53:00), the forgotten art of DVD extras (1:02:00), and Ray Romano's role in 'The Big Sick' (1:09:00).
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crazy right now, who knows? Who knows what can happen either of us? I say to my life all the time. The only good thing trump is that it would make sex better cause. Every time might be the last one you start out exactly where it is weird had stiffer definitely differ we're it's weird waking up every day. Now I'm gonna happen is to make sure nothing crazy happened. It's part of my Dana I've. I've just reached saturation, get where I was in terror and frustration, and and now the sun, no aid. Why can't everything be like the old days? Remember, when Obama user, seeing every once in a while business, that nicer, remember his kids and how we would like our kids in so cool and then they get old and were like while they still seen cool yeah. I guess reminisce about old Obama. This they were like, can ABC Sitka, actual airline.
That was in the air for years, and we are like this one thing about this: you have the present that everyone like that, Obama, using over eight years. I don't forget, two days that, whereas weird as every day of trap as though controversies really when we get down to it like he wore a tan jack, once I mean a thing it working smoking was a K. Is smoking is not smoking. That is a cultural heritage as our hard work at President trying to do a good job, trying to figure out how to help people- and this is just madness. I always laugh about all these meetings with Russia, because I think with which they also doing all these meetings with Spain like than ever come back ago. We did the same
thing with Peru. I mean I met with Peru eight times why nobody me with anybody here but one country, and when you think that starts trickling into the arts, dead, movies and tv. Basically because it's hard you because it takes so long yet for it to process. So you will there be a couple of will there be movies in the future that are based on all of our paranoia and a minister S? I guess I guess, but I also think the studios want superhero movies, so we, where will you see it that mean you might see it like? The President Show- and you see the talk shows, but in terms of storytelling I dunno what will see its it's so much weirder than anything that you could write it. It's just so insane. I mean the fact that every old picture of Thou jump in his life has
him, feeding her grapes or something it s too? Weird, it's like at psych when you see those pictures of Could Duffy's apartment how he lived her. It's like our whole life is Putin's shirt less on a horse like that's. Our country feels like now in some ways as one day, you'll never see, Trump Shirt Le Chancellor lies gaining wait. Rat he's, not he's not going shirt lesson. He will not be writing horses anytime soon and its I've been ideal. Here's a makes me sad as I feel sad, regardless of your republican Democrat. Millions of people are being taken advantage of and they don't seem to understand it again been hypnotized and they ve been hypnotized into believing something which is simple, which is, if you get rich people, even richer,
they'll hook you up, no, no work, you up, no, no lower our taxes in some out. Some cool happen. You at your word, but if you give me more, you might get somethin and people believe that their totally comfortable with that at least large portions people. Do you see the other side, though? I think the other side that than the world chain is changing quickly. Technologies is, is destroying a lot of jobs. You you go to the airport, the rhythm waitresses, narrative, ipads yeah, and so I I understand the first. Nation and why you think, has the government gonna help me a little? I went to sign up for a third decade Quincy, but our inward, forgetting as the part of it, the earlier Obama to invent the Ipad instead of the waitress. Yet in the
old is changing its hard for the what people do for a living to keep up with it with all of these seismic changes, but this the tramp idea, which Jesus, no regulations led the rich people go wild and things are getting better. I e I had eight employees. If I made a lot of money, but I could have wished employ instead of eight I would imply, these are always looking to have less employees. Yeah, that's how the world works. When you make them Richard, they don't go grade. I could have twenty thousand more people to worry about their their obsessed with getting rid of employees that just how the world works in its terrible. I understand why people are frustrated, but to have a guy that just one salute the country, beer Savior. I don't get it because I did a lot of those people are mad about so many things. Still I use a proxy for that stuff,
but he thought even one of them. That's what's everything that is the hidden step. Looking down jumbo sitting at home, obsessing about that women should have the right to choose. I've only gives any issue with gay people, I think he's just in it to win and looking for what what I say that that makes me when right in that that to me as even scary. That was my hope for the presidency, those that he is behaving in a certain way because it was gonna be what it took to win. What's he got in here, but if anything he he was crazier than I expected. I saw it their side. I understand why people in one above Raillery people staying in their party all that stuff, but a are the sole outside on. We ve never had a president who his first and only concern the entire time, as was good for him out doesn't care about anybody assets, I cow, is he being reflected in everything and I just such a
Tsar experienced had that person did president, and why doesn't that bother hardcore right wing people wouldn't bother alot of people with a? Why? Don't they look at that and go just as a new man being like I get it. I feel that this gap, radio, what does it take for them to go? I got a bad feeling to disguise and worried about me and I dont think that that he is either. I think that he and leg he lives in his own dimension, like Nixon who has some similarities to job, but always was vague at it. Publicly at least pretending. I was the president and he was trying to do the right thing and then behind the scenes. That's when I was dangers which also also transparent, that's would suit and crazy making when you say I don't want anyone from these countries to come in because they might be terrorists, but will let all the saudi Arabian Zone nothing. We should bar any country, but even with Boeing. Your logic
makes no sense, yes of which countries can come in and which can mainly with the Russians. What's that, but he's made any mainly with the russian side. What about that? But I would say they might be how but the fact that could be said that drug never once asked for information about russian Interference in the election, and what about the Jeff session said he never talked about that. With co me it's so you know, there's been a lot of the bubbles in La New York in the celebrity factor. In others that are you on the more vocal celebrities like what would you do over again if you could do over the last twenty four months, I give your representing others.
Is. Is there a move that I believe that anything wrong? I never believed in that part of it is an easy thing to say afterwards. Yes, I, although people are mad at that start, that tv show figs. Hillary Clinton should have one yeah. I dont think people vote based on that. I I conceive people saying you screw you. Rich people, but then why not screw you trump yet, whose original is? Are you gonna be mad at George Clooney for his opinion, but being psyched about the guy that hosted the apprentices opinion the dismal lodge at its. I never think much about it. I think that we have one did stand up and I think if you watch the, whose those debates were comfortable, Donald Trump being the president you're getting what you want it. I watched him and was horrified that the entire time I but I knew it was possible because I think it is to have a track record when you have zero track record.
Is it a point to millions and say you are right about this? You are wrong about this, but Donald. You ve been wrong about nothing because you ve done nothing for us seventy year right and so in it It's a guy without blemishes, and only years of fun, entertainment for most people and that that helped him. I think it's gonna start shortly in the arts with next year, because if you look at how the next thing point out, the movies that high would start to make starting like seventy four. Seventy five go her legs view yeah that stuff Redford risen a couple on what was it Redford one where the CIA, with China, with the three, nor a classic math man, all these ones, where the government was really up to staff in China, killer protagonists, and that was seventy here's movies are top that you had other Vietnam movies. These people come back from Vietnam. It wasn't you think these guys were actually the
whereas the problem is, we ve made all these movies already we made a face in the crowd and we ve seen being there so all of these. There's a good run. Entertainers acquiring power, movies or network have been made and made very well and another anybody learned. Anything I guess is that documentaries are gonna play a huge factor of next year, then make a more as one coming out, but I saw Hillary Clinton speak at the code conference, and she mentioned how I think it was on Netflix. She said that, like eight of the ten political documentaries were made by the Trump side or the right or the you know what his side of things like I'm, making Obama bad or Hilary whoever and she was how that was one of the faults of what happened last couple years is that it wasn't balance now if there were no,
It wasn't a fit pieces of the other side. I don't know if that's balanced, but I think that was her point was that one side was just really good at crafting a narrative, Will they sillier thou yet as a means of you have the President or Heller those there, their clear targets, and so Trump came into the game so late now he pulled didn't have time to gather this information and it's funny that people get mad in image. Mcconnell said, let us make sure o bomber, never winds, no matter what on anything. And for eight years they just said no to anything you want to do anything that would enrage people, they would say. That's our country is about people coming together to solve problems and people didn't I now was a strategy does get him hobble him cock blackened and then at the end there like. Will you didn't? Do anything? Well yeah? He didn't let him
do any radios about using it and do anything you know people you know I I have some of my best friends voted for travel and you people. I was shocks which would lay out. Why do they were doing it and I think for a lot of people, they don't have anything beyond just their taxes, potentially being lowered living of nothing else. They just go and get another eight percent, and that is important to people, but I think that that was Massive part of this, which is a very simple new tax cut. Guy, had that you know they came after Lena a bunch of times really for the last couple years here in really vicious ways
that somebody that you ve been all wrong. Women get hacked by these people. That's why, when you see them in a room and their signing a bill about Healthcare is never a woman in their it's. It's men trying to control women's bodies and the thing there most scared of the world is the confident brilliant, creative woman. I mean there, that's that their terrified and that's why I think they say such outrageous things. They want to destroy that so quickly out, even if they understand why that bothers them. So much because what what? What? What do? People like, Lena and and Amy Humor, really stand for equality for women may be seen gun laws so that zillion building it killed every day, not even that much gun control, just
How about registration, yeah and a women's ability to control our own body right to choose aim is another and they got you got in the air and the whirlpool. It's an old community budget. There is an old comedians joke, but even then get pregnant. You think that that there would be any issue with people being allowed to get a procedure, thereby ear it. Sir. Would we ever talk about? It did a million years. We would we wouldn't? When did your daughter start thinking about the stuff about the control of your body stuff, because I have a twelve year out and all the sudden she has inside and unlike where this come from you. I guess it is you know it. It's comes when you, I guess only learn to divert eighty years old and some explains it to you. As I get to a year ago, you were complaining pointing about MAX and Ruby plots, nay, usage yeah. I think
it is a new generation, hopefully a much stronger generation. I think the work that aim in lean have done certainly has probably inspired millions of young women to speak up about anything they believe in. But I was laugh about it. You know when people say super mean things I think, while half out Helen happier, you jump online say I gotta give these eggs. I feel pretty bad about yourself and his heart, You know for anybody that have to hear any of that, but it really says more about someone that Phillips out than about Lena or Amy or anybody else. Amy Stuff TAT One was even that won't even seemed kind of forced in which barred
it just seem like they did. The spotlight was just kind of it's almost like a outside of penitentiary. Were the spotlights roman around looking for somebody in this aid. There's somebody images and their based on common after leisurely in its others. This, because you know in six months we will you note its own troubles, president will certainly within two years, two or three years will all agree that that was a terrible, terrible mistake and all the things that people get in trouble for doing or saying in in trying to alert people that we're in a dangerous situation would tramp will all seem justified
Do you ever free speech? It is an ideal re tabled in all things that we have taken for granted over. Here I mean there's a lot of you be judged now that worry that their phones or bugged, and they don't trust him with the national Security the hours, and I think that freedom of speeches at risk when these mega vibrations, don't have anything to gain by giving you freedom of speech. So it happens, I think more insidious ways. Certain movies just aren't green lit because they might bother some people and I think
What will happen? It is something too far in one direction of the other, and you can get it made an that happens and no one knows it happened. Unicef and even make the movie the interview with a very simple premise, which is North Korea, is a bad country led by a bad man, and it reminds people in a very broad comedic way that there are millions of people suffering and starving right now in another country, and so then there's all this controversy about it. And then you think. Well, what movie are they not gonna green light? Now, because I don't want that controversy yeah and then what do we do not say? North Korea is bad said. Suddenly there is another way. We don't talk about it.
Or just in the way did they try to make everything equal. I just haven't Jeffrey Lord on CNN every night. I watch that and I think they're just trying to show both sides, but it really is in its just a propaganda. It's not. I mean I like, when there's a good republican organ senator congressmen who could stand up for a position, but the the paid surrogates who are just class and sometimes that is both sides. He go. Why is he there? He never has anything insightful to say you, never, new information, I know he's gonna agree with job on every single thing. I mean if a third of the time he was I I know what the fuck are you talking about in this one he might be worth having, but he never ever does and why did scene and keep him there because he's kind of amusing many he looks like guess you re at the bar and cheers, and that is why there is like a weird guph. Idiot telegenic guy who does not have an opinion of his own. It would be like if he is
and was showing the NBA play offs in just said to people one who hated. Brian young men who defended everything about him and just every episode of the studio, show they would just get an argument with the same beads and leubronn byplay bad one day, and then you would have the guy was his best friend explain why he played good right now. He wasn't Beth our shared by this. Does this is another we watch all day and its funding as we We have our movie coming out the big SEC right and yet, in its comments, Johnny Highly Hunter and Re Romano, it comes out in New York. I lay I guess it would be like this Friday and then a couple weeks later everywhere and when we started it either there was an element of a guy who's, an emigrant. You know falling in love and his moments in range, marriage and then the american woman. He falls in love with get sick and ass. We put into a coma- and it's like this weird movie about.
I waiting for his girlfriend to wake up from a coma, loving stuck with her parents, and yet very Sweden, hilarious and- and it wasn't meant to be medical and anyway, but in this new environments, let's put a bullet Why were you minimizing muslim people yeah in America and showing that there just like you and they just want the happiness and love and connection appetite problem muslim? the deadline zones, a weird: it's a beautiful, and I think it really remind people that all these people come this country to come here. Go they love it, and just because there's a few extreme people out there, doesn't mean that the millions of other people are an amazingly great people yet, and so this sweet movie suddenly is making a statement when we- and we made it before any of his hat ran. But it's a scam add reminder that there's a lot of people who will just saying out I'm all out, that's like if we I had to leave,
the time a white guy killed somebody. Well, we got it all why people should leave America, because some extremist than the other side did something. So is very sad. I seated up close. You know you, I never think about it. But when you talk to me like Commalena Aziz, they say yeah, no people they get hassle they. This is an every day thing people looking at you funny people, judging because of something that is incredibly rare and conservation. Extreme people, as I give you judge me because of the Jews who throw rocks at you. If you drive a car on Saturday quick, to talk about hotel tonight. If you'd like me- and you are not so great a planning ahead, I've got good news for you. There's an awesome, app called hotel tonight that helps you find amazing hotel deals at the
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Pop up. You find out that somebody has the pen ass sweet available at the last minute. You can impression girlfriend your way through boyfriend, your husband, whatever hotel tonight, check it out back to get up there. I do said which projects now Thank you just for me. Lord around I can eat, there's no strategy anymore. You just now. I like that person. I like this and you see the different projects. I just pseudo whatever's amusing me when I hear it I don't it is it is. It is like being a fan of sports, except I'm interested in creative people and I'll meet. Someone go, oh, my god. That person seems like they have amazing ideas and yeah. A new EU might meet someone and think I'd love to see a command on Janni movie and thereby incredible, and then you realize that you have to make it if you, if you want to see it, it's not out there and either
somebody gave me. I just heard it on the radio and thought this is a movie everything she's talking about. I could see it it's a movie and but I'm not like actively trying to watch anything or meet anybody. Just it just strikes you every once in awhile see you like tube we haven't got slick and channels and that exclude abroad for Justin Bieber. I felt I just you will meet someone and then usually I feel like the universe. Just keeps bring them in front of you. I mean you must hear at the point now are you people are probably China gayer attention. I'm sure why, through a friend of a friend or whatever, but with so much less than you would expect TAT, but you you would think that did that allowed people be China pitch things, but it's not that bad. Thank God, because I really don't want to do that. Much generally, I'm not trying to do that much, but everyone, some other sending it
You like it always seems like you're doing something. Yeah I mean, and so we always fills the tiny or failing that strategy which I and that constitute the hatch. Isn't he feels that make now I'm doing this a stand up, comedy chore, oh yeah and I'm attitude. Netflix special dates to rattle Althea by the end of July. We adjust for laughs if she get tickets. Now, because there's only ninety five percent of the tickets available in tat I wanna be aided macho the end of July and also met the Wilbur in Boston. Doing a couple shows and one of them. We can have all the money wait till after school arts programmes in Boston, and then I want to be eaten. Richfield Connecticut at the end of July also got washed in twenty twenty first July yeah and the twenty second, the ritual Connecticut, twenty Third Boston, twenty fourth providence, twenty fifth in Montreal, twenty eight twenty nine.
And so in that they have been enjoying the motives, is doing stand up and being made at the last time you did the pad when I brought the pod back in October, two thousand and thirteen you're like the fifth guest. Yes- and we are talking about you- dabbling back into stand up and I love it. It's really reignite It is also funding be around over the summer creative people around when you make movies, you want to be alone in your room all the time you, don't mean anybody, don't you know there's with one one sweaty editor and indeed, just as I was in chicken eggs and then you go, I need to be around people in and it's fun. You go the comedy seller knee organ
PAL walks and Louie an alien, and I think it really it makes you wanna be funny or cause you're. When you see funny book close, you thing work harder, look at the garden diseases work and on his act yeah I mean there's some killers out there and I think people don't notice. I made it. I guess they should these work. Their asses off on these sets ran three years. They grind so hard the scenes effortless, but there in their kill themselves, and it's really fun. I had as these are the pod last month, and he was talking about just how inspired he was to go to some his club Sunday, S Chapelle Ox Anna rocks Workin out something urges these guys have had hit every check point of success. You can have in their still Grannie away one in the morning ass, a club of trying to get the wording of one joke right. It's always I because you're always Abbe airy them a joke works yeah. It doesn't matter of his four people there. A lot of you
Oh, my god, I thought of his joke at a worked near so happy. Is that why you you wanna do crashing eyes seems like, citing the bare bones of that thing like he said, some points he's talking to three people Yeah I've impede homes told me this story about data. Is his wife cheated on him and he was too little stand up and any he had to do it full time gauzy she was comes supporting him. Yes, it should end, and so I thought that was a funny idea for a show and we did the first season. People like the issue in the second season yeah now, and yet it forces me to be in the clubs and to know what's going on a Peter so funny. So it's a thrill we were about to do
new ones bill birds do in wine and what do they comedians? Think of the shell can be like a degree of aid anything about com, I'm not going to say that we have made a touchy audience. Let me shows data comedy or a club. Green is like that's not what it is, but we try to make it as documentary feeling as you can, when we get near the clubs, yeah and just before in the car is only one night. We see a bunch of people hanging out, you know and to say, will make I just get those for people at night and little it'll feel like the comedy cell reign in the pig sector, guys a comedian too. He is he Asia and that's when they move any people, the Gaza communion TAT pretty chance. I was a baby, the only job I can write. I can ever re like a wizard or something I can ever. I have a really writing analyse yeah If I don't do it, life again can't do right. A doctor. I recently figured I'd with two kids could be an next movie
was because I could not achieve area that the limits of my imagination so time, show, which I was the first one of about. Seventy comedy yes, and it makes the actually tat it was a pretty cool show, but it makes the cardinal mistake of the actual comedies not funny it's the old studio, sixty conundrum, of its. This sketch out in these guys are genius, but then the sketches out their good and you it it's. You can't buy it, but yet many other genre would by what, when we do our show when the fun things about it is we will just you, don't need some comedy I'll just say: let's have damn admin, do his axe yeah and end and that its funding to showcase people go. You knows hilarious, Greer, Barnes, just so Greer Barnes here that I like the show exist just for that opportunity to just any one. You like
because we're gonna club you could check him into the show. Some can you believe. What's happened to comedy where net yet Netflix basically just say we're gonna, take this whole genre, except for fourteen ninety percent of the agenda, and if we had there's any big comic, we shall give a special here's. The biggest check you ve ever done. Get your life for, while the world have been all that has changed, because. There used to be no financial incentive for good television. Yes, all lowest common denominator. Is all China get everybody to? Why There is still that case on some networks now ruled out from the network said it It has only just commented aggravated the I guess.
Are you more in your streaming against cable world yet? And so now, when you pitch things, people one even deeper and weirder end, and if you know, if you go pick something Netflix reach Bio, if you're not groundbreaking and buzz worthy into their meetings like Buzz and awards, but thank God and also means do something, and it's never been done before them then really matters to you. So you don't get the same old stuff you wind up, getting whatever game of thrown stranger things. Her whatever movie came on five, whatever joke about five minutes ago, every eight as a new show its evidence and every six hours since two thousand. Two thousand era. Jed, would have enjoyed this air. I feel, like, I think, freaks geeks definition of a three year commitment would have been attacked by this last time. It at his age is funny. Like there's shows from last decade. Data would have been. Can
and completely differently and was not brought any lights, is a great example. Endeavours are freezing eggs in today's them, as it would have a mega had pace and how many people ere, I mean, I think seven million people were watching every episode of recent weeks and it was a disaster reign in those Friday night flights. As I did, it is like six million people. This is this. Is we can keep this? What are you like? The nineteenth I share. What are you watch? What germane been show it to me? and there's like the family, then shares agreed. We banned out Riverdale data Thirteen reasons why, which was probably five reasons too long away, watch idea, usually the bourgeois chose, are too long. Yes, they it's it's almost like that, that Objective GIS, editing and maybe China be around the right length. It does just as a man, so we do thirteen of these great. Do it do olive on, like that? I don't know that she could have been eight, but but some of them are not meant to be
so quickly now, but I think you can tell some are now design Cosette the little cliffhanger, but I just mean: do you really want to watch me? Hours of the same thing is, I was I was fun. Girls was on one week and you would think about and talk about it a little bit more where article that cause. I agree with you, I liked it digesting and they come back, but I think the binge watch its funding, my dad he's I never saw game a throne and I finally convincingly latch it and his watch three seasons in two weeks by sixty nine. So it's a lot of stuff like enough about that. An irish sex of the sister lost the sand and the lack of any there's. Nobody wants Dave, but you don't remember watching it. Maybe he'll remember it is like will watch like season two narcos yeah and will be like
so that more Geier of bad guy we rooting for him. Are we not rooting for. We were watching broad church season, two very good, Joe Bridge. We ought. I swear to God, eight episodes in, and I turned my wife and I went we watch this five months ago. We have now, and it is episode to realise we had already watch those eight out of how bad. We watch season when a bloodline, and I think we watch it like tonight's me right away And then went into came out, we didn't know who enter the characters or is it just kind of goes in when I got out a book is like trying to read worn bees and drop it ever weak Yeats. I know that has happened too much staff, it's too much higher and its origin. As someone who makes a content. You got a weird relationship with the audience, because the audience is moving through so much shit right that you don't feel like you, ve had that much of an impact in their lives and their providing a second
as there watching here, if shepherd on any new, as your Netflix show, has any anti, then their twitter thereon snapshot wherever as their latching. Your show that you slaved over for a year and a half, because what you would do, love for networks and we do design it with the belief that we were watch it into setting. Yet that's a. We always assume that we will watch not you for our food As for the other, probably peoples who were watching do three max, but you know you drop it and then for a few weeks we will talk about it and then it's like you're not have our conversation with the audience and the truth is. I think where people are watching it then other things and other areas, but especially in other countries too yeah, but you're, not having a conversation with anyone. That's the way you use interact with the audience has changed, and I don't think it's necessarily worse it just different. It throws you if you're used to feel like you impact the culture,
in some way. Yet there came a thrones. You could argue might be the last significant everyone enjoys it. At the same time on the same night and then thinks about four yes couple days and then gets ready to do it again and I had enough there's every been other show it there, and I don't know if it's bad. It's just. I think it dry, these ad I love the whole concept of finishing a show and then talking batter with people young and then reading stuff about it, and here you know people experiencing it as I experienced it But if you really mortars like that re, actually you asking for the five thousand. You go through it and it's alive, dad, I remember the sopranos on every every episode I would call Jake has then, and we would talk about it for an hour just like recap, but just one guy, I guess finds farther behind one guy to talk about a whole cease. That's what I mean is I don't know if it's good or bad
It's just that. I just meant it is like the adjustment of making movies for streaming services yeah. You know we made the pee Wee Herman Movie and with Netflix and people really liked it, but you just didn't feel it it in some way. When may be more people watch out than almost any movie I may probably, but where do I talked any figures about ray? It's uh, it's an arguing, as you lot filmmakers or adjusting to it, because as great things about it too, which is a lot of cool things, are going, it made an are getting made because of this need for content and in a lot of bad things to allow attic GM made ever we ve got a wide swings of MRS and then some swings in it, but I've got a shot. I would say this as someone who's hated network tv development, my whole life, derailed against the nightmare of the
notes process, another water opening them ruin everything. I think that the Netflix success rate is so high creatively. It is judged it such an argument against everything network DB does in the house. Develop without damage. They done one thing that is near and dare to both of our hearts. They pick people they want to work with and then just let him go yeah they're, like for that area, where Sir some money go? Do you think your eminence great did not failure? I get cancelled in the middle of your season or you're gonna get nuts. People who doesn't fuck, you are here or doesn't under They were you China there, but let me give you a character, then we're TB is making tv with guns because they do have this languages. I could stop you from shooting at any moment yeah. So if I say add three hot girls and you go word that doesn't make sense. They deserve a gun, your mouth, where wouldn't they give you a season, irrational, headed
the disease, and they let you know what to do another season, but you don't have that terror like oh, my god, we lost lamb. Because we were up against the Tony's and now you're worried you can get cancel nice not to live under that shadow of the made what one would have been better as an eight hour season, one of a Netflix ears Well, I don't think this is forty would be a great series and push you could have done, a tiered jirga version of it like this. Is us gone further? Twenty million people I organised on visa. This is one direction and say this is a very far polices go away solid from this in of that, but I think this is vital that soldier, like yeah some world where to document you're. Something is as this authority. This is radio Europe, or is there some other? So this his forty ten episode sowed been good. What else could turn when eighty five episodes of work hard
but shows whole life in real time which I would have enjoyed? I wanna make SIRI. That's that's! I movies are so I mean unprecedented tv series maker ever me, thy love is just a five hour movie. I felt I finally got the time because as well because in a movie, theater people do get annoyed at a certain length, and I am always shock that people will sit through severe movie. This almost three hours right, but you make another genre movie in it. It's like an hour and fifty eight and people are losing their minds. I think it's because ftp and it's all about p timings, because when your home
you could pause and people want to be able to pause, and so in a movie theater there's a moment or people like it's been doing since I peed and for the last twenty five minutes, your movie, their mainly thinking about that they have to pee, but at home they give us a tete, they watched the did. You know that the OJ documentary in one sitting, because there are p breaks so my camera. That would be if, if it's a kids movies superhero over whatever it's really nice to get out of there in two hours from nine to finish the eyes when legally Lucy would generic superhero movie de, and you look at it that run times two hours and nineteen men at us, and you know you have a five year old, any others can be fifteen minutes a preview and it's just like you start in the math Leggum fact dislike the five year old to the dark night. Would you do tat has shown that drivers in Sally last year. It was like a minute. Twenty nine our twenty nine and it was just like her. I
a really fast great sided. There is room for but you and I are, as I mean everything I've written- is probably been twenty five percent to lie. As I am, I everything that you long if I like them, yet Some time said: aid OJ dark. They found three more hours today. Those there's another three eyes they cut up. I literally would be running home to read if, if I like it, but I like resembling a document margare sailing for HBO I would right now ready to talk about that, and you know we're approaching it like the Eagle's documentary, or you know the grateful dead documentary. There's no great story to tell it when you don't feel the need to do it in ninety minutes. You don't like cut out of every moment in four seconds. You can actually show what what something felt like if you showing you the first time you did it tonight, show you usual one Jochen move on, you could actually show a minute of it and yeah give people real feel for thanks, hey quick,
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but then you you ran the memorial service, which I was grateful you invited me to, and it was one of the coolest nights. I can remember, I'm sure people still mention it to you. It was as good a celebration of anyone that I've ever seen, but it started out this great moment with their Jeffrey Timber and Beverly from Larry Show PET. What's penny. And they're doing this sketch in character is low, sinners characters, but then they bring character near the end and Geoffrey Timber, as Hank just gets upset about she shilling in it was It was super motion on the room. It really was and it was it was just perfect and then yet all these people come at giving speeches and the second security guards can give us AIDS is gonna, be turban, then he's great and it was awesome. I've never seen anything like it. It was really memorable and now
the document. Yeah idea of the document documented. Was it so there out of the memorial, because what we are putting the more moral together we said. Well, let's that's that's an added together, some little documentary pieces for the memorial and we we got everybody to give us all the footage of Garry yeah. All his tonight show Sats Letterman appearances and obscure things, and it is just such a treasure trove. You forget how much comedy these people right manner lives, yogurt, you have some appearance from Letterman from two thousand and eight that no one on earth remembers. But when you re watching ego that might be the funniest five minutes of panel, I ever seen in my life and I always feel bad just as a bit of a porter that people do not have access to see. Those things are don't know they should see them. So documentaries great way also just showed the work as you you might forget. Oh,
He did a bill mar appearance during the OJ trial, where I've never seen anybody more on fire and insightful and his dare call yet that we ve got a clever Donald Trump filling in four Regis interviewing Gary. What hundred does a galley Donald Trump fill them from readjust register says it's just the maiden Ezida looking Gary's eyes, not knowing what to do see images looking at. Unlike what what is happening in front of me here before is a politician doesn't even being just thrown by the strangeness
What do you think Gary would have thought of that memorial service? I think you will love that Gary was trying to figure out a way to talk a little bit more about spirituality. Here he was innocent Buddhism and and and in a really believed in all these ideas that he wrote about in Larry. Sanders about training drop your ego and non attachment, and yet- and it was a struggle for him, but he knew he was. He was seeking a quieter life and a quieter mind and Anne had been his entire life. And so I think the Memorial Express at any talks about it a little bit in committees in cars, ravages off his last great yes, thing that he did. Albania, I thank Ray. I think that he found a way to show who he was and he had stage of his life. It's really funny, but
very, very reaction to get from Seinfeld to just like peer, pure comedy, joy, armchair, Sandford. It seems that was the recurring thing with him- how much other comedians gotta kick Adam. He has to be like in the top five of being able to make other comedians just laugh. I d give me its know how ingeniously, but he was what a craftsman he was, the anyway reinvented tv to time frame with its, shall we shall analyse Anna shown, I mean he completely changed vision at HBO. When you talk to the heads of HBO, what they say they superintended irritating the Larry's into showed, told them what HBO should be yeah. That's how big an impact it was, and someone said that David Chaise wrote the sopranos after watching the lay Santa Show,
because he said oh were allowed to do this now, and I think that everything we do. Girls, flee bag, curbing enthusiasm the offers. All of these things there they're all influence by Garriga, really showed people, and I agree that it half as somebody I grew up with hbo- is movies in comedy specials boxing, yes for years, and then some shows that were very good you now Anne and then then Sanders Design and by
I mean you five. Ninety six was like. If you cared at all about comedy or being funnier anything, if you add to their get hp, our have a buddy who, at age, be out fury at twenty to thirty years, had had to get up, and it was like this. The show happening, not on the network that you had to see and then that lead to everything else. I was that it was the first really important, HBO show that had to be seen and then it then it goes the second city and sprang out and then ass an thereof, but It was weird at the time I was half on. Video is half on film right, volleys, celebrities, pussy parroting letter is this ham, the others an end people forget Gary was though the main guest hosted the tonight show yapping Johnny was near him and Leno would would alternator and Gary got busy doing its cash management, and I can't do it
and he gave up hosting the tomato synergy who they packed if he went for it. I don't know that to that I would say it's like a dead, even battle. I think I think shanty probably had more gravitas at that It's hard to know. Hague did get off at all of the twelve thirty slots yeah and which he wisely turned out he would he wanted. A sad arise right, the world of late night. More than just do it yet, but I think that he also didn't like any of working every day that it was the type of job you would take on, and it would mean you ve made a commitment to do a job for the rest of your life, and I think that also bothered him it's a tough on the bench cause. I've had some young people that work for me they watch later in. You know that,
season and have the two seasons of the show are so different, then, where the show got it and he had wives in the first two years it had ever. Was that logical- and I was glad that carry was trying work something out on the rest of the type of relationship I should be in and to try to write it, but it s a tough to test but it just jump in the seas in three its alley season ones is too are worth watch him better. The good stuff is starts with seasoned three. That's when I really becomes the show that it is and I don't know what I'd recommend a man. I recommend people go from start to finish, but if I think some people watch season one and that they didn't quite get it why it became what it was. I also think that the taboo show you really should be watching three or four in a row. Now, if I such a life? I dont want to watch another one. I would actually arrests three or four times in a row by its having just watch that over
yeah yeah. That's what I'm looking for the episode where they rose Larry they'd, the dailies. I have been able to find the dailies because I think they just roasted in four hours and hours now I'll see. You think, like add that, why did you rode long speeches and then when they cut them down, adds I'd love to see, see that the dailies? But I don't? Adam, so that could have been like a tuna Arusha. Oh yeah, I get is a funny, the on line which is rigid prior to sketch show, and they got cancelled so for the last episode they just did a roast of Richard prior and the rip the people rosing, where it was just the cast an eye. They messages wanted to do a cheap, shows, something yes and but the castle said. Bernard in March Warfield and Robin Williams, and it does have yeah and online. Someone put up the raw footage of it and it's just them roasting Richard, prior and energy price, taking notes the whole time, then he gets up again
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check at any time, without negatively impact in your credit and the best part hundreds of free area for everybody, with your Kapital customer, not step up your game download credit wise today and we are going back right now to get up there were you and I we both go on you too deep dives every once in a while in the seventies rose, whether when nothing was politically correct, is an unbelievable deep die if you ever really one of heavy job a couple times higher
Lately I've been more into searching for things on you, too. I go through periods where an intuitive nodded to opt out. Look up, authors speaking at colleges. Why that's a fun when you get to pick and author, so John Updike, and then this hundreds of lectures and q and ages with guys, like the current authors, all authors do of interviews on video. So if you like, Annie about, if you just, I had no idea about politics, you people right nonfiction books about anything. That's a fund, deep dive or fainting goats fainting go it are you gonna, do with a nice or emu attacks Emma. I, like any version Torres being attacked by large birds. It's amazing how much is on Youtube now that you get out,
Robin Williams, nineteen, seventy, six and just stuff comes up yeah, it's like is this thing you did here and here's a comedy censure was somebody filming with an eight billion meter camera. Now I I did notice that recently, where people were blue everything. Now it is all a summons I'll look like Without Brazil interview Jesse of some interview, I gave Porforio virgin Ten, The girls up that an egg air again there. They are all there and I love the the weird obscure rock document is that is more, I just looked up Neil Young and there was some BBC massive Documentary about Neil Young. I had never heard about before. The BBC there as quietly done, documentaries and everybody who, with ever get it music. It seems that yeah, what the hell is that noise, you gotta bird I've heard, is attacking this place. Maybe a woodpecker! Now did you guys all just get back from the fine
ass. I owe you we should talk about. That is your best friend the Brown lost. Again, I feel I thought if you do it, you guys. Aren't you guys are in the same the same friendships which did the movie. He's not meaning, I knew as much it's hard to give those friendships allow turned upside to stay in constant contact with them famous athlete and targeted abroad and Romany Malka about the same amount yea of thy word vacation Hawaiian, the Braun was there with his family and he could not have been nicer. Cooler. What came of great near movie? He actually was a good actor. My god he saw in the attic
back. Their scale is like it's. It's it's definitely on a curve, but he was there and that's not spoon, venturesome actually being funny and adding relieved that I don't need to do any work right Emma. He got that joke he is. I mean what do you make of the these guys who seem to reach out some higher level of existence Leubronn its uses in sending my like Springsteen, yet there like inflow she's, one name yet, and there so creative and so like like Federer something, but there also great people and in its initiatives are a group of them. You might get. Cheesy is one of these people.
Into a video shoot that guy knows directing and because all of your remit, GM like nobody's, comes, I use the name I sit down. There is no one in the room, so it's very its full. If I sit down and then the two that is delayed, so Sonny, I'm just sitting with J C for hours and maybe he's manager pops in there's, this artist was there, but it's never more than four people he's about to shoot a music video for Picasso Baby, which they then chuck me into the video. Oh I've never seen a guy, more relaxed he's getting calls from beyond, say, and I hate it. I've never seen someone with so little stress who was so amiable and smart and funny. How does this happen and you get that from other people
seems like that too, where I've only briefly, madam, but you feel a certain positive, just creative energy. Can I guess he wrote a book about depression, maybe they're all crying a factor. Think about it. I think the bronze really depressing because brings these book is all about. Eddie was depressed in the anxiety and that's what I like to stay on state dad was mean to him when he was grown up until now. Is that his first four years for albums, at least at one song, about something with that read that events, that is having the mental struggles as well. But do you see that you made all the athletes DC, something different in certain people that can perform at that level, I think most of them are really afraid to be candid, which, as I have them three pike ass now at the ranch who, for whatever
reason is just candid in them and it doesn't just kind of let fly and adjust honest, and I think that athletes that we have today are just very conditioned to not give a lot because they been burnt and made their just the repercussions of something rise and worth it so they're, just very careful Leubronn as somebody that, first of all The way his hand in the last fifteen years is extraordinary Sven from the moment he was. Seventeen was really famous. You know he was a high school where their showing his games on his Pierre and then he goes to the calves. Humans Ricky, the errand it just goes up and up and abuse is profile desired. Everyone's pick animal parties,
I'm back! It's pretty crazy. He's, never had never really had a scandal, the worse than ever happen. Whom was the decision which really will who cares if some reality tv show that people got mad about? But I think when you look at him compared to other celebrities, Nantucket athletes, but usually gonna, go wrong when somebody becomes that famous at eighteen, like people have trouble become famous under thirty five, you know so I think I think that I dont know if he gets enough for that injustice I mean just performing under and there I address. I fear that he's keeps getting better and visited the place tricks on Yahoo. I interviewed Jim carry for the cash ailing documented the other day. He said people don't really understand in a moment. Your whole changes from you watching the world to the world, watching you yeah and I'm fast amiable, handle well and have the mental foundation.
To do it over the long haul, but most people don't hear nowhere and Jim carries a good example. Somebody that almost flew to close the sun right he had in the same area, three monster hit movies and basically can get any movie he made in. I think now. He admits like he didn't like a lot of it, why they were needed that successful and you ve been given the abilities that creative that it just makes use our questioning everything. A Gary talk a lot about this to see how much do I need to do I go in and whom I doing it for rights of you. You know if you have succeeded in your dreams, come true and you have expressed herself youve design your life too, to be a certain person at some point. You think we'll. Who am I really beneath all this year beneath his reputation beneath the celebrity I, who am I an,
I think that people get very interested in and that journey, and these are common with creative people, because it. How much can you give us all? Not how like do you hit a point where something good happens, and then he goes that other assets at the famous Jerry S story, for you tried his whole career to win the championship and then finally, they get seventy two after thirteen years they
and he was just found out and he is. I wish we had beaten Celtics like he deceived somehow fixated. On the one hand that wasn't good about it is like out, we beat the we didn't, beat this ethics, so this doesn't totally cow and then started hating himself again, while you, what happens is when you have a good moment and say: life is going well in their families. Very well, then make a movie or something it goes. Well, you you discovered the limits of your ability to be happy yeah, because you think this is it everything's good and then that worked out. So this is how it feels I am maxed out right now and if you're still feeling anxious or depressed weird you're, really bummed out cuz, then you go. It's me. None of this has anything to do with me being happy or unhappy or fulfilled it's all something else great. Now I got to work on that and that's
I think that's a common Europe S demeanor in your book and a cup of the areas that we, both of us are kind of famous bar fascinated by the effects that fame has on in success, has on people yeah. I think that its that's why we both of the Eagles Documentary Yacu, they dont, understand what it did to them. There is a complete lack of understanding, where this idea- and it was what I love about legal documentary- is that they love it. They don't see. Any thing to be embarrassed about in it and there are comfortable being that truthful, but they also dont quite understand how people are reading it. Yet that's part of the complexity of the document Glenn FRY says at one point is whatever saw their fighting about that the Qatar Saudi get saying in Glenn Fries, like we had Dan Fuckin handling, that's who should the same, but then it then you find out like me
fr. I wanted to sing all the songs like yes, his case, for that Henley since in that song was also the thing that drove him crazy as he felt like he had lost control the bed while was kind. It's a great power struggle. But what's fascinated by that document airy is they seem to ignore that the maid struggle in the ban was between the two guns rind on handling, and so they had their blood the base player about that. That's his idea. That's why it's also passing how they decided to tell that story, because there's a whole. It's like waiting out and charm into it was they leaving out the arguments between linen and Macartney yeah, blaming George for everything which they do the Beatles under the ring.
Quit three was the first one, but by those kind of stories yeah, it's always interesting to see how people handle it, and that is a question that Gary was always pondering, which is Yahoo. My doing this for making things is it for me. Is it to be faced, Is it to have an ego is its prove? I can do it yet possess appear expression of who I am. Is it a beautiful thing? Is the needy thing in why? Why do we do this stuff? It seem like he to me who only taught them a couple times and but followed crow print intensely it seem like he never got over. The sender show he they felt like it. Just was everything he wanted to do and I agree on the fact that the telling side to me was when they did the dvd any went eighteen hours of erosion, its they interview
I loved all of them, but they were also like ten percent. Weird kiss it was clear that he added like on the show yet, while also that he in some way wasn't there fully when they made it that he was obsessive making it. He did there. He was learning stuff. He didn't really know what happened. There was almost everyone into a trance and did it yeah and and and new unaware that you almost go crazy when you're making something I got it becomes your pocket
now the air and certainly relationships are weird and you're doing everything to serve this creative idea. Is that bring out your best self some of the time you know Gary Gallon great with the actors, but the writing was always a struggle because he was so good. No one can keep up with them yeah and then you get frustrated, and so that's a tough dynamic when the best writer at the show is the star and he's busy, acting and near trying to figure out what he would like when he's not there and his genius and he's a genius- and you know your staff, isn't it all geniuses so then has the fix everything any exhausted. Yes, it's. So I think what he did, those dvd actions, which are so great and weird due heed bogs, illegally Alec, Baldwin and interviews and while their boxing and there really hit me John and and then he has breakfast with cheron- still that's the way it is Lastly, one episode and she's she's grill in him,
But why he's not married yeah, it's really worth going through. I think that I think at some point. The Larry Sanders was Gary searching for some kind of truth, and then he did the obsessed with the dvd extras because he wants to get even close. The truth. So wasn't even the Larry Sanders show it was the people who made it and what really happened right and I did I was his journey like he wondered things he had more and more honest. Tell your just. You know, sitting with your ex girlfriend who was on your show talking through your problems and your dvd extra out when I spend time with them. Usually we talk their slow idee. Yours have to be careful with celebrities because they get it a million times of others. Bad and people just wanna talk about it, don't realize that people keep coming up to and talking to you about the best things you ve done
and with him not only was he ready to talk about Sanders, he was more excited talk about it than I was We just when an hour and he would have gone six sure and you just don't know that made me think like he be obviously realized. He had achieved this ceiling for something I think he's just trying to get back. I think he knew that that was his sergeant pepper wherever and he was really proud of it and I think, on some level he didn't want to do it wouldn't be as good and never had an idea that he thought would be spread, and here there is a fine of disappointing people who, I think, a reply that he was just smart E. He knew. He also knew how much energy would it Martha Cosette
Are you him that doing stuff is smart while he was so smart? I think that it took a lot out of them and then he was now realise that regain the vision and the energy to go through it again, because it is a goal of war, make reality shows when you're someone I Gary. Some people are very craftsmen like and their brilliant PETE homes could not enjoy making crashing more yeah overdue and eight episodes visa to eighteen, the advice and should then he slowly reduced it to ten. But it was really hard, and I also think that since that show, which is twenty years ago, we figured out how to scheduled
adoption in the writing of a show where the head writer is the star in a human way that they didn't know how to do that. Censure sentencing. Ninety eight. It was a disaster, they gave his head and they were they. It didn't make sense. He was, he was doing a sit come week with a single camera show when we do pizza, we ve been all the episodes before we start shooting at LOS Andrew Show. We didn't have any episodes, so he was writing constantly because we hadn't scripts, that's how it was. It was like a second would read it. On Monday. We shoot at these Thursday and Friday. Seventeen pages a day like a movie is for so that's how tired Jerry was seventeen a day.
Nobody that side. It was a mistake of production, do you know, but he wanted to work on a sitcom type of schedule. If you read it on Monday, your Hurst Tuesday Wednesday, you shoot Thursday Friday, but that doesn't work. I'm pretty sure that I'm right on this cuz, I'm old and I forget stuff, but the end of sanders was what like Two thousand. Sixteen do ninety ninety eight June yea somewhere Aegean Rank, as I remember like right around the same time, Jordan was plain: Utah, China, in the third straight finals, in people, one if you can retire and I just remember having this moment, I don't have a lot going on at the time as frustrated writer like you know, but I remember taking like I'm losing Jordan. Sanders memory of this fact. Better places with, as I just found out now,
they're just wasn't a lot of great tv like that back there, oh yeah there was there was nothing there. Really. Just when we would. We now have twenty shall use mobile next month when we did freezing eggs. He only single camera comedy was the wonder years, though, is the essential aim. There was single camera and then we did undeclared the next year and then it was just the wonders and Bernie MAC, and that was it, though and with people tat we were crazy. They didn't know what what we were doing. What are you going to do for this? Is forty ass, a single area? This is forty, a has added. I do I do this. Did he jerked my turn vivid issues? This is fifty is oh well You turned fifty already it's coming end of the year, so this is fifty. So this is fifty
Does Amazon offer twenty five million? That's my it's my boyhood! It's my boyhood, I'm doing boyhood budgets in a series of films. We should wrap up how I was at of sixty six.
Do you wanna Sandy wanted is super bad on the potter. Just for you, I think we need to ask about super bag. Is we're doing a super better history? For so we need like three minutes on that. Do we had everything sure we had big sick again? Oh yeah, let's lets it then I had so big sex coming out when big sick, as coming out this- I guess I'll be Friday and in New York on eleven June July, fourteenth around the country. Nobody flies in. It does like an old movie where people just talk yeah, but it really is a you know: it's a jam. It is like one of those little Miss Sunshine movies. It deserves a massive audience Keziah. We test these movies when we're editing them and people like us, move you better than any movie ever may higher than bridesmaids either knocked out really hire people really love this movie in its strangely describe because it's bizarre immigrant loves
with disease yeah, but is it really works perfectly says? Hysterical and very Sweden. Re remodelled tears the house down just one of those movies where it just gets everything you want in a movie deserving thing you want in a movie that would make you go to the movies to watch a comedy with people, because we're also used a waiting for things to show up. You re about those movies working as people actually gone there It is to see them that we have had some see change yesterday. I it's tough, they get me to go the movie theater. I went to see wonder woman the other day, but I'm not fear that often- and I don't know, that's because his less movies- I wanted c in the theatre. Or am I just ain't? Can I just hate people texting? I don't like people breathe and on me before loud in their popcorn,
rise the most emotional moment. When someone like you know about to die. That's when the guy takes it the first bite a popular right. It's like I, like I wanna, kill people have two times. I do understand Why do you like being home alone, but when of windows? The opening of this is fifty. I thank you for people and will be updated, but when you see a great comedy would people is nothing better either even better than action movies? I remember Sangree something about Mary, the place going back and I was just going to say: that's that's the hardest. I've ever seen a theatre laugh at a scene when he gets his boss, cotton, the zipper yeah with almost arrive in the theater people with Stiller, we went to Santa Monica opening nine watched it from the back of the room and I just kept turning to what is going on. So the funniest thing I've ever seen an end. The big sick really is right up. There is it's a beautiful move so I hope you will go to that and then yeah some kommeni things you don't I'll be at the Wilbur July's
in it. We say earlier we told you the times you could find it even Google and enriches Connecticut Ethical Embassy and we're coming up on the twenty fifth anniversary when you did the Un Committee and special languages funny, because Re Romano and I were on the upcoming special together, ninety nine, to do with two other wasn't everybody Garofalo Candler Nick Dipaolo Bill Bellamy die in a car be hosted. So this is the big sick. As a bit of a reunions of the nineteen. Ninety two HBO young comedians special. I hate that I was on a young comedians special twenty five years ago. It does it. I remember watching that special and in some ways it doesn't feel twenty five years. The other ways it feels like is my jokes refresh: there's now exists
such a long time ago. I was a terrible performance by make, as is the first time as an age Rio. So is the first time I could curse. So I would just add fucks into clean jokes for no reason. Yeah so jokes had never had a curse. I got this fuckin guy and terrible awful. I thank you for it's good to be said it again. I thanks so much to credit wise from capital wanted to free up. Let's check the factors that make up the credit health using information from your trades union credit report. You can check at any time without negatively impact in your credit, download credit wise today. Forget to subscribe to Joe Haase's new food podcast. This is going to be the greatest food podcast of all time. I feel very confident saying this. It is called house of Carbs subscribe right now. Do it for me: do it for Joe House: do it for the
food, it's gonna, be fantastic. We ve had some luck lately, spinning off podcast against all odds with cousin, South South America by storm it is turning a nation into a nation of gambling, attics house is going to do the same for food Robin again, five pounds after we start listening, podcast check it out Joe Ass, his new food, Pat Guest that's it for me. We are going to be back much later in the week, but we will have another podcast this week, the BS podcast coming back to you and bad days. Thank you ways.
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