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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to sum up Round 2 of the NBA playoffs. They talk Raptors-76ers, Kawhi's awesome shot, Embiid's minutes, what the 76ers will look like next year, and more. They discuss Nuggets–Trail Blazers, CJ McCollum's big night, and players Denver might attract next season. They recap Rockets-Warriors, another tough break for Harden, the Warriors without KD, and more (2:25). Then they answer some mailbag questions (1:19:30) before revisiting Throne Game [SPOILERS] for 'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 5 (1:37:30).

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Tonight, special mother's day Holy Mother Edition the beer Pakistan, the Ringer back as that were brought to you by the zone where you can stream over a hundred finance here that the pain of paper view I just did this. I watch some belcour on Saturday night, whatcha people, a And his brothers loss, MR three or five and now is that other people different people came out to them. To the sounds of people's barking. I knew at that point I had I bet on it. But anyway I watched around the zone. Everything lie demand. Getting set up is easy. Download. That is app available by nearly any of your devices, including smart to these tables. Fonts tablets or tables is not available on tables phones and gaming cards. Go to the asian dot com, to sign up the Asia and also brought to buy bud light they're, keeping a real by put in gradients labour on their packaging brood with hops, barley, water and rice, no corn, say no preservatives nor a fish favours. You know us is keeping a real
God, so many people to choose from what a passes can be: let's go quite Leonard thirty, nine shots and I approved while them for it and be talking about him, and I too, look seven's in a second chairs. The bud by Romania do enjoy response when keep a real or us to buy the ring it. I can the world's greatest website, as was the rare passed at work where you can find binge bode our game. It runs our party can listen to the watch here and agreed one and Chris Rhyme breakdown thrones, where, you throwing game a little bit later, man, Ryen Russillo. You can listen to do it right with Ryan Russillo, which is off for a couple weeks, but he's going to be a mipod later. This Couldn't we did some lottery? Stuff is well, some live lottery. Stuff yeah can't wait, you excited Yeah, I feel like I'm way more excited for the latter than you, either
linkage way most in everything when it's time to turn it on a turn in the turnout at my life, like already also be talking to you not not best a red light over here, yeah data, I can't wait for this back ass. This is a good one. Happy birthday Joe has turned fifty today, I think he's been drunk Are we can shed at them he's on other paths? Icewave come. Brian Reseller. First reference from project. Where do we begin? I thought Friday night, I thought to myself. While I mean rackets workers, the matter what happened Sunday, I am sure that, with a little bit could be, but it isn't now. It is your. Why had greatest buzzer beater I've ever seen not as much
I got the stakes wait, a minute, you think is the best do need ever seen in just the actual shot. What happened? I've never see ya itself in the game where the Baltic two seconds to go it. Where it hit the fan. There are other Saigon. It then it best serve as I got. She'll be fine, then it's like way and then like three more parts of the room and went in and he's right further bench everybody jumps, item and bead starts crying the but then is concealing a bead? What an incredible two minutes well! Well, in a start, it looked like it was gonna, be the worst game granted game seventh night S. Stuff happens. Wasn't like six six, with four minutes to call on the Firs yeah games. I was actually ratified so latin ladder, nerves with it Why part of it? When we had heard Harland sees taken thirty shots, we both looked at each other went way. He's taken through
here we watch the whole game and you had the box car in front of you and needs. Thus realized he was at thirty shots after three quarters yeah, but it made sense. Has everyone and his team was afraid to shoot? Basically, and that's my favorite thing about today in general, just seeing guys Yahoo just don't want to do. And there's gotta put up numbers in these games, but you can still see that there are comfortable outcome was uncomfortable Lowry stinks. Scully. There is a swing, we're Lowery was opening through it. You know the thing is you can sell, will do so and so hit this shot or whatever I would just. I just know, I've watched in these games. There are guys that want nothing to do with it and then Philly ill. Of the half and then turn eyes at nice. Nine one carry over run into the second and then Philly goes on this run, but quite was there is doubled, triple teen him there's one play. He was trying to get a shot off for guys in the pain against him because co Cotonou. I think it's I think it is going to me. I think it is I'm going to take almost forty shots in this game, so he goes sixteen for thirty nine and they needed are sixteen. He had seen
I come who we are laughing in the third quarter. A lucky great season, it happens and I didn't have in Palermo Ere. He was hot potato owing to the level of burn the two thousand to play off psych. That bows got them. He was get rid of it, a debate within one point two seconds. We were Are you in there in the fourth quarter, should take em out for Dana Green? I guess it needed. Is the and so he was scared to shew Casal. Just They make a shot. There were imposed them up a backup, feeling a bargaining. Let them in a lot of very bark is kind of a secondary here. To this whole things have this came from a box there? There look that David, I mean they D. Thank God for a box of your wrappers fan is using here. One three. We look like Durant's yet left or right, that's rare following yet he it was it F Green game. Seven last year, type of you need a guy like that when everybody else in your team, you now during the first, I think of their very that's your guy,
Lowry. It's like he was scared, but he just he couldn't get a going offensively, but he was doing you know get rich man's Marcus smart impersonation that again, but the bottom line is cool. I was the only guy who created and their team- and this is you, mention the game. Seven, my favorite about the game. Seven, as you really find out who you are, you know you have somebody who have an off night like I am still at Jamal Murray Believer. I just think that's who he is he's going to have really good games and he's going to be and some other games. I dont think like the moment, overcame him he's done that our years but up and out there guys like, you start look around the bench and you might have five guys. You might have six hope. We have seven but you kind of know who you can't play importantly in the first game there looking around. There are the starts as like Evan Turner, looked at scared, feel fuelling running our efforts, you know, and with Philly they basically had five guys we regard indeed, was at thirty three minutes through three quarters and we were.
This is not sustainable and then a bench to never took about never too in sometimes you know I'll. Take my leave a made at the start. The fourth I'll take him out and then put it back in I didn't do that. If answered what I would also urge you to do. Well, here's the thing we Monroe is mighty started debates a site, that's fine, but you knew all season. You didn't have a backup centre for game. Seven of kind of serious and the road play Ben is it centre Lex are there many? Never one created amends, and indeed I do I'll. Never understand that, though the problem with that, and before and I'm the last guy to freak out about the minutes in the guise of never had more rest. You have plenty of time off during the playoffs, but indeed is Somebody who's always tired in you or season gay jam. We went through it. I mean he's average in thirty three thirty four minutes he had led to forty minute plus games, not that long
go, but we're still talk about somebody that have to do some maintenance with a knee injury and then all the other elements that he had gazed at alive. Injuries during there are elements, so when indeed, offensively isn't the posts which he never was Lagos game. There's a diminishing return on the minutes. Yes, I understand you can't put Gregg Monroe in there are what else resource do there has to be a minute within bead who never seems like he's in shape enough, and maybe that is being a guy his size that you have to know the minutes he's playing. Spite not wanting something else play. Those minutes are no longer good minutes for you here then It's getting paid, he can't box anybody out. There was multiple play since there were and be driving there is one specific one: we're a backup ended up, getting it and be didn't you jump for the rebate because you just was spent hours without a minute, laughed yeah. How many were amateur efforts, rebalancing the rafters having the fork or half likes this event, enchants points it was. It was a dramatic difference and your what indeed who normally like even when he's not shooting it. Well,
changing everything around the room. I love him be okay. This is not this, not you and I doing antenna this is bad is aimed plans is no plan or just hoping. Sudden what he's spry playing forty five minutes for forty five minutes, and that game is different than forty five minutes against nowadays, the The nets in in February was the Pedro thing, though. While we remind me a page, our near Post, Pedro APEX me. Oh three range when it was like. You don't wanna have a hundred forty pitches from pager, Theirs diminishing returns at some point. You want to be around a hundred hundred and five, I think, can be this way- My friend, the season is like thirty, two to thirty six minutes depending on how is playing to go into it. Come out at third quarter unease at thirty three years, it's going to happen. If you want to plant forty, two or whatever, but how could you have not? How could you unlike hey, let's figure out a way to get you this
this resolution, although that would have change anything because the game contemplate out for Philly the way thought it play out there. Possessions, work technically shock, clog violation. It was a lousy three minutes. So here you good with go in here right now. Yes, I know it is as though the bread prancing fell apart at what what's knock on Brett Every, like some music deserve the extension because of what he put up with with all those terrible teams, and I get that but late game situation. I dont understand this team in sixty fans. You know it. The truth, because you feel the same way to have three possessions in a row and they worked technically shock like violations. Only one was but the other two. Basically war. One was out of a time out. I would say that the three Try to get for Reddick was awesome. Rapids events I mean they are all good, raptors defence. It mean teams play good defensive, it'll, get three shots. Clock violations in a row in right possessions when its game, seven the play off. So I am a big it used to be. You have to have a point guard in these kind of game. That is when it says that now at sight, the way basque bows change. You need a play maker.
At the end of the game, who can create a shout for him or somebody else, and it's a good shot, so Emily Matter. If it's a point guard, it could be collide. Leonard, it could be Durant, the where's have the rent, they have curry, even Dray, my green. In certain situations. The rockets have hard nor Chris Paul what not from the Sixers. It was they like here Jimmy you're gonna have to run this, which is fine when its march when its early April, when it's a game to of the series, but when you're talkin my game seminar, the pressure that in their it it's I'm sorry, but it's not can it be bent sentiments and you tell us all the time. Benson disappoint, our disappoint guard, his basic, but it's This is why he's not appoint car because in game, seven, how many shots for five foot icy, like tell you played in this game that within the one worth party you can't really plan early on you're goin, where it is needed, is a risky Keziah, hosted, applicable. Tat game was a mess, but he would get switches. He got switched on events led one time and then passed out yet and you
do they're not sending a double and Lowry another time doing Larry, and then he had a nice Finnish over Lowery kind of like turn right shoulder and threw up off the glass and you're thinking. Ok, it looks like he's pressing elusive. I mean in a good way, like he's been pressing, he's got these play with some momentum. Some some Russian, and then you get up here. We go alright. We're doing this again. Brown had a comment. I text it to you after I don't know if it was game six probably allows private equities happy again death and in breadth round not have anything against again. I don't know if he's going to be there next year. I don't think anybody around the league thinks going to be there when you get out of the second round, but he had said we took been Simmons and we took up a format in college and terminal, namely a point card, and I listen to that go illegally. What what are you talking about? You he's literally the same guy yeah it in terminating. Now I am I with about eight minutes. I think I tweeted I thought Toronto is gonna win unless Butler just had one of those
you have got it in this game. You're you're Pennywell of like what you wanted to have happened. Yeah initially, I was rooting for an awesome game, and then I found myself rooting for Philly because it was weird stretch for either as we like a quarter ass, formerly fulfilling, because, as I fully more You just be more fine. Just having these weird this Philip team in our life for two more weeks be great and then they took the lead. It dawned on me- how annoying and insufferable fairly fans are gonna, be if they got out of the series yeah, we told you, servants of pork argue, and I was like you know, Adam refer to run and then fourth grade like I hope a film is the most ever in the film special Superbowl stuff start coming MIKE. I hope to have it. Stating loss and it turned out. It was worth of us there, basketball us we ve had him in watching I shot role around I actually she bad. I feel bad for this Sir, I hate the Sixers, we both love and beat
right. We love the critiques and in some stuff here and there I laid right. Obviously like J J rhetoric is Pakistan. The rigour I likewise to buy so you're gonna do is Adele Riddick. You need to do yeah know I like this. His prayers, and it is a matter that six years, Celtics rivalry, we ve had it for forty years and then they egos passing so anyway. There was a brutal us and there were tears after apparently from similar from a bead J has gained choked up and I get it because I felt they got over time. What is coadjutor Take forty seven shots like at some point it we would have. You think bitterly was gonna win that cause. I didn't love anything they did so to me. Five minutes is just extended crunch time and butler like this village. When the game? I could tell what can happen. I go but was gonna look around a billikin, beads exhausting sets up too far away from the hoop and he takes too long the end. It was often as great as he is Internet overtime right. So if you want to overtime symmetry the do anything to bicycle to take all the scraps of the ball rolled to him by accident. J J
Maybe you to get one call for him in Toronto again on that one where they use butlers the decoy and gotta to J J curl around the top two round, defended that extremely well done a better job, but Butler was When did aside their game offensively for Philadelphia and of those shots are going in or not. I mean it's not a great three point shooter. He wasn't good. Today he was wont to six five, fourteen overall, but I'm just sitting there with you go in, and I said it. I got this game Philly Winters can because Butler hits too ridiculous theories and they maiden going so here's why? I think it over time. They have a better chance because and beads not playing fifty men about whether he ever them beating at that point. Ebay is his a big and anyway it, but I think you're. So can we just run had he caught in terminal decline? Thing was that sustainable. You get over forty shots and also he was playing like crazy defence and the other, and I think it was more realistic that he gets tired and takes the rafters with
then whatever snare. You want to give me for the Sixers like I'd and beads, tired, great two other guys like Tobias Harris can release create its own shot. Who is doing in Toronto, Let no one point in that: organise could be corollary. It was either a box taking the possession after quite couldn't, do anything with it, but I mean we can say that the shock Hawaii hit How many times you worry, watch some stills that I've seen from it and be did a fantastic and testing tired. I made you got four seconds. It can only touched. I dont get Q, don't to some degree, hand off thing unless it would like your down three new try to get some from three, but for him to catch and go all the way to the right and Simmons, Adam Bede Simmons trailing the play an being got a great contest on that, and he said for three I mean Nick there's, who is pretty. Shaky in this game. Seven, but had sciatic. Allow me this. I'm not sure that I disagree yet, but I'm I'm what what was he so shaky about? I just having
ah come out. There are four seconds left. What is it do the it's the boss. On a anyway give him some space. I'm not guard ask us in the last four seconds of a game download the any green he remember, I don't know it any green, Diego thirty minutes and then, as I now we gotta get out of there. I don't know if we go back and watch containing Green has been more big games than anybody else that game absolutely would have him out. There Furthermore, they are more than ever lie. Basing is he really gonna take a shot at it? probably neither Nick their state there's some weird this going on. They need the time out and when it looked like they're going to put the game away and then I'll send Philly had that lay run and ages state, they kind of some stuff happen, that I wasn't crazy about but go, I was magnificent and the two big picture themes come out. I think we both agree. Brown is out. We ve only heard it all. Your law yeah. I think he had to make the final to save his job. Any did not so the two big picture themes are what happens to this vote in red
Butler and Harris, are all free agents and then, on the other side, Did this change the narrative for Calais? Can we start with Y yeah? I'm a throw you my theory. Ok,. On the outside media talk shows maybe other teams that art as connected to the player that world about we completely overrate. All of this. Oh shut up and down shit and the outcomes that somehow, quite HU? We ve all heard. This is not as first choice, Saint Ronald, that the shot goes down and son he's gone. You know what I like it here. These players, my bet, would be. These players are pretty much decided On what they want to do- and I don't think there's any outcome that makes quite stay in a place- that wasn't is number one option can have a counter. Yes, because you are the Counter that was easily easily greatest moment in the history of the rafters ranches. No doubt
their their number one moment, probably before that was Vince Carter, almost beating a ai in game. Seven. I think, was your number one raptors moment at that's why this is even nastier like there's a weird there's, a nasty too out there that I was going to do that. This is only gonna make it hurt that much more. When he's a clipper, could they be block either? Who do you think, like you, wanted to play I if I was Agardh rather Playfellow, I've always thought to run. It was the best team. Now I picture come out of the east, but also deserve credit for it cuz. I just want to do something different that every single state, Boston, ok, so I'm actually is a gracious. I am I'm not asking for credit death I picked him doing game seven, so I know I just thought that they were the better team, the game. Five scenarios for me to think Phil who's gonna wrote a marriage is sort of like a home teams and we'll get the general a bit later, but I think if Toronto. It played all their guys, would be the one seed emulating, really they they almost capping. Marcie Aussies along and one team went for three,
little season and the other one was like resting to try to recruit. Why black hey? You only have planes that if I were sure games, if you're here, by the way that this view It stated that all resting, they d load management. They were glad he. Huge load in the series what he did tonight. Forty three minutes: thirty than shots aid free through This was all over the place. I d load management. Really you do in that connection, I get whatever the load might allow again. I don't like it. I dont think it by I don't know. I don't see why they know that cyborg and I think, if they played Thirty eight games so. Why would would be asked because it has never had more rare last year, though, Thank you right, maybe in the horse rise in ending her, get him to the point where he could play the game he played today at that was pretty clever how they handle it. I did like it now that I'm not go in there with you, I don't I don't know the details and give Nick bears any credit. No, I don't think the result was
the blotted out of nowhere, just today, though he went away, seven game series- and he was pretty heavy, the sorceress men when he was doing everything and then you go back last Round Saint day I feel like he was doing or for his team in these plants, First, to rather than anybody asked it- and I think we had a lot of good performance is, but I think he had to be. Ok up there, but he had the biggest bird and cause he's also on defensively his their best offensive puerto right. Now. You now Annie's run in the office. Might my point would be that I dont think you'd see some different quite had he played more regular she's in games that that's fair, because I just looked there. Let's keep Argue America's there's no way to know. Back to back skies never had rest and abused reviews alone. It's like a three minute time out at the end of again, be funny of co, then goes observed, Milwaukee an We have some sort of governed state quite showdown and become.
I actually it's like iron frowned with game referred, they dared. Firms can sit there for quota theirs. Hence we leave this season, we, like you, know the best, but the biggest coerce letter- it's possible. Oh, it's definitely part did play, but this is always the plasmoid always remind me how little not the people who to listen this podcast, but there's just like this. This universe out there that trying to trick all of us, have been watching all year. Yeah you can. They haven't. Let me incredible and you go, you know he was awesome all year. Long merely was any, but you attack that kind of shot. I don't buy on each, so you think, but I mean do you really think I'm sure tunnel, rapid response we, this bay, that kind of shots can be tough to leave I'll take it gives a shit. I don't think it's a tough to leave. The connection with him in Toronto has now deepened, because you're here on their place. You weren't before here this hired gun superstars passing through four year. Now you just livered, this torture, family,
that is just gone there. Ass capable abroad for this whole decade, and before that the highlight of Their entire run was when Vince Carter was good for like a year and a half- that's it. That's I've had since mid nineties and this guy comes in and I met at the best poor in the league, and you got him for you, demarche in Yahkuk Purnell by learning? I do like you that Porto you hit you Jeff Green Randy. Would you enjoy so anyway, so that's one storyline to watch leg event they could swing co wise thing in Toronto. It would be this amazing player friend, where they actually, when the title working, but if they win the title you could also the same argument these, like I nobody's ever that you can't you take it to me. Nobody's ever won the tight on left yet, but you know I'd say that when I arrived in this year in two thousand ten, you know what the thing was. Nobody leaves nobody leaves less for less money and around it You know that we have still gonna lose money later on, but we had
Well, nobody leaves, but he left after. Alas, though he didn't live after. We know what I'm talking about the the bet back there. Was in the way the contracts restructure value aim when you talk to two thousand ten, you like, I think what you say we think we got well nobody's ever done. It nobody's been a fool in his prime MAC Guy. That said, you know what I'm just gonna go ahead and leave I'm talking. Modern era here are ya So that was one big picture. Neither big picture thing is just too Sixers really can't bring back this Ross. So go ahead, go on it cuz! That's that's as interesting as a quiet will they just they can't bring back those five guys together from a salary standpoint, cuz. Read a careless and bother. You can't afford our three within bead. Listen. In a year. You cannot fight back. Skies are close to MAX guys, so they probably have to pick two. Three of the rhetoric, Butler Harris in March we were too said Harris was the likeliest to stay a cancer Zat impressed by him in these plants he played.
The guy who had been allowed to play, games or gesture and missed it felt like every time during the course of this series. The boss swung to him in a big moment, whereas others why they got and as I clang, I also think it's a really tough spot for him, a great because but we ll, have you for the trade given the scraps? Well, that's why, after you, not watching it for a couple months in trying to figure out like what the best version of fully would be, I just gave up. I go hey, there's gonna be a night where they're gonna win games, you can win gained by Lothar, gonna, be good teams, and one guys it's going to be a total donut. It is leaving it to be his fault and when I think, wow. You know every team in that how you build like you always gonna, need one crazy guy, one God, it's not afraid anybody and, if its indeed Simmons and Harris as your one, two and three and say its rhetoric is for I don't think, there's an argument. You may that you need Jimmy, who has the fuck you in em right to to
in some of these who, by the way, a great play with him four seconds left the ad. Oh yeah is for Europe and then the strap and then but then it seemed like he may pull up for the here about three, but instead he dies. I really challenging like a really challenging lamp and noble into a box is impressive. Got him off and Bolivia is quite member earlier. Had that just her renders turnover so I look at this Sixers existing and to me this is a coaching and a front office failure first, because of all these assets and these possible ways, it can go the change you can make an you end up with only five guys that can really plan against seven right in that. Would you say anybody eyes and adventurous, and it was a mere eighty, five and a half mile Scott Gonna falls into my I dont, really true, a tonne by his manner twelve and eleven minutes, anemone janitors Simmons used to be the scorn and be a game sitting play t j at all which shocked me. But the point is
for all they gave up like they they finally give up on faults. And then I ll get any backfire anybody they can play in a plasters, for if you think about the ass, it like a false, becomes a zero as the number one you do harrassing, you also give of sham it, and then you all. Yes, miss your lottery guy and he doesn't play you do that trade? That's I mean I was partly bad luck. I, though, and always Van medical staff can be blamed for thou in but basic are the assets they had. It should have been easier for them to get at least like a six guy, and it was to me that T J employed odd and understand that either because eight you now certain teams and give you a spark, but to just the in a game. Seven I thought was weird I would rather take my jets with Ben Simmons at Centre in T J Appoint guy Greg Monroe for even two minutes so anyway, A really really count team, our senator in the game. I like it.
Ugly game Seven's. I would just. Rather the team that has more talent, even if they don't totally makes sense as a unit, and I thought the longer that game went on as it was close. I felt like it was good for them and ass. It turned out like that. Goes Maybe they when they lose, I'm a borderline miracle shot. If they win that we say hey this group's really good embryonic buddy jab other lad. I mean there's this to me as we can do this of the warriors tool. We will, but there there's just way too much of thee. Ok, we'll be this happens. So that means all these things happen in these things mattered, and these no one ever does Windsor loses Janni more like sometimes a hey man, he's lost doesn't mean that you're totally flawed and because a team one didn't mean that team is like beautifully constructed. So I feel like teams, if that's an absurd amount of money to lock into five guys that haven't got out of the second round. So As such Jimmy's. I think be thirty one next February, one already that number they pay
thirty million. Unless I changes at their number yak as if he's not, I think it's been harder and harder for him is he the only one that offers some really any consistent will help parish should offer more spacing, but I don't even blame Harris for the stuff, but I'm going to give you a male back question real quick though the GM's they want me. That's a prompt. You of your signing supply He might be signing a four or five year extension, knowing you're going to get traded. So do you want to do that or just want to give you the money you go in free agency somewhere else. You got to worry about that if you're too, or Jimmy, but re really. He but I gotta give me no trade cause, I'm happy to say yes, the first two years of idea, no trade. I don't think you could you can't can't do that. You want here Pierre suggestion, illiteracy. From first of all, I just I just said Pierre, and he said I would you consider trading Simmonds. The sun's if they get a non Zion top for Peck Simmons Fur, Mikhail bridges in their top for pick. Basically, so here
he would be the case for trading Simmons and keeping him ready. I wonder if we're gonna do trade, some really quick, Burger the cases you're gonna have to pay him the max to hear so. What's weird, is you I guess you you're in them a similar, situation where ok see wasn't two thousand twelve or it's like. It could assign hard, and it was gonna hurt them that year, but the next year was gonna start to get untenable and fillies case. They could sign these. Do a naked survive for this year. I don't think they can send Reddick, but as soon as that, Simmons Extension kicks in this now becomes impossible. So the question is, if you could flip into the sun's, prefer for a top four first and you get bridges, And now that stops the timeline of now at this other MAX guy, we have to pay now now have stalled that I can sign by their good sign heiress of many we get erratic. Take somebody built around or foot the pagan December? Whatever? Might that make sense? I don't
did you see enough from Simmons in this play, to make you think that long term him, and indeed our viable Kamba, nor in this world you have to do in the package: baby, but even today they listen AMOS Ellen Roger. I think your ideas were the best ideas. I've heard about this team in solving some of the problems savouring back. All those guys cease, screw up. We don't care will go over are granted it's time you resign Simmons. If you want to keep him around, forget guys, like you Riddick, I mean you can be lucky to have injured Bogot onto team two years with the salary crunch, the debt that have made the shame at trade so bad. Why throw him in nobody's ever been ever explained that Tibet, I don't know why was it expiring? Free agents were giving up the Miami pick. Why did you have? That's it done now? What we are saying? Yes, the arguments gonna be all you have to find a sour somewhere else for then we will go on. Bobo right will demand an even playing this game, bovines kind of like this skilled everybody funny in John Wick and kind over yes, that he can really not have great games but
Maybe the almost overridden learning MBA Thoughts, Canada, I think everyone expects them to fall apart there. Just like strangle himself by accident rebound and then, when he does You gonna has little soft touch from ten feet like this guy's amazing, quick break to tat. About the latter issue. We're doing on Tuesday Window low life show on Twitter Mean reseller come around probably seven. Thirty range, em, Now, one Judaism, You did some am on these cases where I did too to full days, I'd Priscilla car. What my dad was here and we turn the tv and it was you and even a max- and you are impatiently and then they finally through attitude you started making your point in your bed get to the money, shot and Molly said hold on hold on we're. Having issue with our audio, who is like the record screech, it was great. Was: I was a tough hit on Thursday S get. You read
advised. Why did he had me back? I go you guys. You guys want me back after the disaster yesterday near and it worked out soap on the combat kit. Nothing is higher than the ear plug audio hearing people in your head five seconds. After your yet I'm it at last neighbors? So yes, so we're doing a little later show at Ringer you can watch it on twitter and then move would also worried and take their down after the after after the latter were made that used in its path or at least part of it, for here, ok, yeah, that's out at me. I have I have allowed a ladder, thoughts, lottery, thoughts and produced it so oh, oh, and then I had to talk to throw the last one is on Sunday speaking twitters. Yes, sir, there go. Let's talk about, we had We are key moments. I Denver Portland speak in Iraq, fights Dame
team. This is a good test for how closely follow basketball. Because the knee jerk reaction is what the F is going out, Dame his terrible, actually kind of the game he played his shots didn't go in, but I think Denver after two weeks of playing Portland had kind of figure. All right. We got Harris. We are a little what's his or right make it difficult for a machine he still affect. Can you jump every screen a certain way? We kind know had at least make it difficult for him shoot. He still affected the game. I think here, like and assess, rebound, supply that and then Jack, the best his career? Certainly the most important and Denver just couldn't find that second guy- and that was a thing we talked about in this by cast over and over again, what's gonna happen, in a must win game. If YO catches the eye they can go to enjoy bombers.
Override. I had a winning playoffs, but just an avid tonight they can have the third guy. What was your biggest takeaway. I thought Denver was in trouble when it was only forty, eight thirty, nine at the half even earlier than that where a feller Portland should have and am thirty five- and it was like this like while we're going on seventeen year. One point unlike out this is what I thought it's funny. We both in Portland. I feel it stood at the series wrong. Sugar has just take. Denver isn't good on the road. We know that I think these teams are both good. I dont think they're great. I don't think that's really saying much there This is a really bad loss for Denver yeah, I loss poem, Willard Liver. Doesn't everything your home coms, not seventeen, twenty nine for thirty, seven and big credit Portland and everybody with the whole, whether its coach, weathers Lilith and those San hey man, sieges, got it tonight and Lillard didn't do the thing
and were cycle whatever it still. My team and the widespread turning its back on the black inciting that goal, because in Edinburgh Screen procedure on that very M, J Byron, Russell push off or hardens at home. He alighted where are you in a hard struggle? Tweeting like how come you guys who complain about this one, but just for Murray, who I felt like it finally come Right, the ship a bit. You know, As early as the rather than I ever did, I started to like carbine or a little bit more and the fact that Portland Portland, one game six, because their bench is much as an eminent Miller went off in the third quarter was seventeen but Ronnie Hood was sick. Seth curry was really don't forget my man, Collins, oh yeah,. I've been I've been in the I've been on Collins Island. I built one. From Canada,
I bet you guys are a lot of time wandering around going. Why don't they play him more and I'll? Get your like we're! Gonna put an outdoor ratio in the garage is going over there, so I like that they vanished place, are all I ran phrase he just too is to ease still gets, is asking too much fine. He tries yeah. I want guys who trying again seven. I learn about being idea and Jackson for that game, that they did a good job and I think Jack a one point just said: I just want competing in a game. Seven. I just want to look back down my bench and say what which, which one of these guys are going to compete for me and that's all I'm playing Collins was like that. I thought he rose the occasion. I love the call this game with great loved you job and it was. It was just two guys they have been in it and that's what you're always won over the broadcasts we need. Looking is not realistic, eat out of every single broadcasters. Most games don't care as much of the games. You saw to that gap of revenge, Gandhi saying, and I can tell
finally, what you say like everybody turns and who they are, but two here being Gandhi, said just more impressive than you, so she for aid Europe can see. Actually coached gives up at a wicked aerial like I'd like Rhine. I've been in the stands for some game. Seventh, as I once happened, it's bigots by, but just these little By that I mean ever because people like how Bout Denver going oratory like you get a guard. Fiji now be they from day you don't you don't usually see that. Could you be would nor black Hake Dame is hitting anything stay there. We're going and that's really good and you're like actually lives, which you and Gary up on that one Poland and the other end going right, in turn, are you gonna run everything for us? Now? It's a guy. Seven on the road you're one of belying contracts from the summer to those sixteen Kaplan upper. The series is in your hands category. But yet what an alien points he had nine free, throw attempt here. He was good. He was aggressive either. Thirty is pretty good defensively too, and the other thing, though,
monkey. Wrench in this game was heard, went down and end season. It got to the point where, like all my guide, the ride me hoods an eternal their trouble. I don't know I haven't got three weeks ago. It is one thing to have: a nice he's been a tear yeah. I can't I can't believe this. I turned it on. You turned his career around with that script. I do wonder how many there's Haider who's. Your next guy now, who I like, but hasn't proven it yet run ahead, vinegar, asian Roddy who's gonna be writing stories about. Do we think he can be back for game? One is MAC Sky, MAX Committee, Trade, Jimmy Butler, form, stand back and you give a butler first protected, almost exit. I mean I've cancer. I vc big victory tour for me been eight one of the few guys who just never gave up I was wondering when they're gonna bring back in case he was out for a stretch. Although the cameras fasting and talking we came a large one story line is approaching job, Psmith enjoyed our plans a team
Persia effort and before anybody that takes, it is rather ready blasted way, chalk around the same month, even ask if there's nothing in sensitive about this common on it. Just like we got it, you got it. Like he's been calling at aim, allows you on for help. We're like how long is that phone call back go to lease assaulters LISA tell us about Venuses Room service order at three in the morning, ass that well carriages protein bar headway, Some scrambled emulate without Orkut would suck not merely ethernet would suck now being a drink water, but we got it. We had a two very short. There is not short computer. I, I somehow talk myself from the Portland thing for a couple reasons for them winning cause. To imagine I what's the next series, what are the narratives gonna be? in my head and game, seven as a curry versus curry, we're just gonna get this ran down our throats and the thing they'll be like so some. Had the interview at the moment to be like
I mean who you gonna rid for, if I wasn't situation? I would be like My daughter, I, like her worth my son. What are you talking about them? It might where's my way more loyal them asylum, totally ready for her fire. She was. She would never permit nursing o. My son would kick me out off the curb the tenure see the care less, I'm ready for my daughter, I dont think curries parents will say that. Do you ever think about nursing home decision for you, I just because there's cable or maybe a play station for good. I always use. I when I haven't play. Aims in a while. Now, because I write your life think about how I will get back into him in a big way from it, a nursing home, I will say again find, back into a minute big way of him, nursing, home, obviously again find the fuckin guy. You have a seniors over what he rolling where's the fucking shield. I've been around that gave were so
the warriors, I thought I could see curry versus curry and then the other thing I was thinking. I should lodge a camera to number genetic data, Avatars Katy yeah, big crash big for the facebook thou ever watched our show the whole deal. Look at the other thing. Member Katy went on that Sea James Column package last year in there this moment where his egg? I was so mad when you got because ends Ink and Katy they genuinely curious- and I listened to her because I got to know at least a little bit from the six pack ass. Like a curious guy like why Italy was mean a deck use literally like why. Why Were you upset? We got buggy cousins in Emma COM, well, you know where you were trying to veto in the title and he's like what the agency any just like he completely annihilated. I a memo column got mad, but it was like watch the big brother the little brother like what he talking about. You can't beat me and pick up. Where are you crazy, neither you to play the western fighters and they will
plain that sound bite. So I think that encourage versus curry endemic column, the Rand podcast food. We got to get story, that dimension does Katy come back. That's not what I'm here on that matter, uniting then you're Nathan, even John off here. So I doubt my first continue up on that. No, I haven't heard anything on that. Have nothing like cousins. I want to talk the game? In a second thing, only what a matter I think against Denver. I dont think it matters against Portland and They get really matters to be isolated, but so Denver big. Sure I actually like the team there. I thought there were little short, but then did like that, one more like six aid, six hundred and nine type guy, but I dont think most comes back Cosette a team option for the thirty military million and debts he's now. What is it ten million dollar eleven. I don't really know anymore because their stretches or mill sap look terrific and Roger Hamley, fear Jim.
For one year is probably twenty one year if I'm only giving a one year I mean I won t you, nuts, he's not you go average annual salary, like thirty three thirty four the protein eyes, like I remember the years: thirty guy, remembering building that large tobacco rage? Ok, but if it's one year it's so much higher than what you think you would pay him That is like a j J. Today I will read, it got seventeen and then cut it was almost like. Let me give you seventeen and a one year last year and then judge what thirteen yeah this year, either somewhere between their sweet there come back for way less or whatever, but think that's really sneaky good free edge destination. For somebody like I'm trying to think I owe Jimmy bother, Zat Absurd, I dont know I dont think you want. Do you want an eye so ball guy with with Yoke, What do you like somebody knows, thereby Basque?
gimme that gymnast airplane vascular he's just a little icily, now, J, J, vows to short dozen travelling through the other Frazier answer. What about Tobias he would make way more sense for them, and then he be a big forward. Who can make some shots? I run out pay Mona, I think that's what they need is. It is a big forward who can make some shots and I'll know. That's a for every freaking out that we said Michael Poor Junior, yet Now, let's see what he looks like a minority format Select porters earner, yet even like a week had they C4 statements of it. I have a guy for them guided by the name of Cairo Irving, I think, would be perfect for them closer leader. Big game said the hit. The game when he shall the that sixteen finals. Let us Lebron James so
quality its utter anything. It's not into the main guys think any the main guys gonna go there one at the time. I thought there was the fibers themes. I did I like them. I was how far tough way for your season and, obviously when, when Portland Missis, nineteen of their first twenty threes lizard is for him really really off see. J has a crazy a body, experience and just running old school did you see the laboratory by their? I want to talk about this really quick. I did cause, there's this whole thing and it and it started on Friday when he's the moss and then you side against today were its little I'd. Take daddy analytics. It's gone. I would add its this weird analytics backlash. Eddie Johnson went Bananas, Yemen added our in that yeah. We know it's great to point chat to point to two points:
I'm kind of in both camps because I hate. I am actually glad that a team that took fifty three in a plan. Went down. But, on the other hand, like you know, fact that sea J was the only one making shots in a game. Seven. Does it say anything to me about the analytics moment? No, I'm not a hundred percent on the analytical thing, because more often than not I don't like the condescending nature was actually is. Both sides are so condescended to each other or its export. Thanks I'll lay in a little guys and like us to be really frustrated with people being like you're, acting as if, like the entire thing is pointless, and it is pointless, Darrell and the Rockets are a great example of like look we're doing this in way with lesser talent and we're really close. And it hasn't got away, but it doesn't mean you like billions where they had enough the third season were the characters kept saying when their talk about clots coming into acts capital, and they were saying. Basically, Billy being ever won a world series and then they say I believe you never won the world Series
gonna. They really gonna. Do that and then the hook at the end of it was Billy Bindon what oral series, but you have seen, did using this exact same principles. So just because the Darrell in Houston thing hasn't happened, the way want it's like it's so clearly. Obviously we but yeah sure. Is there. Some obsession with three point: shooting that annoys me. I see guys maybe four or five times a game give up wide open, layup. Stick it out to a guy at three like you were gifted. The two points were right in front of you to lay it up at the rim and you still My offensive rebounds we're guys don't even look back at the rim where you're guaranteed to get fouled. It's like. No, let me take it back out to a three point: guy, so yeah. There's things about analytics that have annoyed me about the game and some of the presentation of it. The defence of stuff, I believe in the extremes, the middle pact offensive stuff. I have a hard time buying into, but this two point revival- that's happened in the last few days is absurd. I asked I think first of it's about finding inefficiencies and exploiting them.
And a lot of these teams were like look: if we do this math swings in our favour and we don't have a good enough team to when otherwise that's one way to look at it, then he look at a time like the right Yes, sir, even the south takes in the box that they're, like we have this signature play, and if we surround them with these guys and we play the averages, it gives us a better chance to win. I think the flip side of this is Because we now is seen as a couple years in a row now and it's starting to think it's not a coincidence. These teams that you lad threes. When you get to know crunch timing, game seven not going in, you still need a plan b and that an that's the teams that now. The plan B were the ones our trouble lashers. The Celtic set out a plan b. There a game: seven, nobody can make a three it's cycle. What will now? What do we do
Jason Tatum your twenty. Can you hear every possession Houston same thing? It's like shit, we're not make it shots. Their color sing off the three point: shooters everybody's missing. What do we do now looks like you're? Not to do anything? That's U Seasons good end. So I think sharks, what a really good piece for the ringer about? What are the Rockets do now? I know it and talk about, though, in a second how hard it is to win when you jest perimeter. When that's all you are when you don't really, richest, there's no history. You can go back over sixty years a basketball reference pose seasons, need somebody who can let get some rebounds and make a play. That's why? I think Denver is so intriguing long term, because they have a guy yoke. It should the enemy Today they started posted and he was like unstoppable and it's like verbiage sustaining shots. They would one so that was the debts plan aimed at a turning point.
It. My point as you need a balance of both and, I think Houston just swung. Who far away from their bound. And I, and I really regret picking when the tide. Ochres I wish I realise that sooner I've, I've done a lot. Overlaps couple years are just kind of garlic. What are the things you believe in the east are questioning more, are worth Eve. Close your mind off too that you will not accept that. Maybe you have to re examine how many things do you think he might be wrong about now in basketball and in the beginning with the Rockets. I just don't ever forget your series to beginning of it, I'm goin, while this isn't gonna work in a play off game, yeah Gimme a break so I went out and then it started doing it. No. We touch on this in the last part cast, but which is funny as that, like the ten t, guys you're go twos and they hate me it's so much like Barkley, who I love, I mean everything I let my favorite you'd ever, but now he would
hated the warriors so how she kept pitting against constantly and then, when the latter, he ain't comes out with that off ants and then he's just dumping all over them cause. It's like feeling his hatred for analytics. So I went through it a little bit in started ok what and I know how much I love my lists by like when you the less yeah, but so I did some real research here today, because I was like what what's the drop off Ben Player to rig regular season a player for three point presented I'll just office of a defensive efficiency with some teams are paying attention to yea, so Golden stay in the regular season was number one office of efficiency at a hundred and thirteen points, proposition per hundred yeah right, thou be high per possession the right. What do you think it did in the class will It was pretty good offensive in the playoffs, I would say they were around one hundred and thirteen. It actually went up to one hundred and fifteen, and now you could say, are you kidding me? I mean that's twelve games give me a break whatever.
Season with. Second at a hundred and twelve per one hundred in the flat ass, they went to one of seven and they were kind. Your season was second at a hundred and twelve per one hundred in the class. They want to one of seven and they were kind of middle of pack. So does that mean everything changes? No, I mean it's. That's twelve games, it's one! I'd even look at last year's I mean it could have been if I was running a column. I would do this big thing on it: I'm still a little undecided cause. I respect what Houston was able to do because on paper, people who think that last year was gonna be a real challenge, especially after that first, and even this year I know you picked him. We started going through their games, their numbers, their net rating after the Mister Vrain S, just like wait a minute. Are they break way better than we even think of they done the impossible here, and yet he could argue game one or two could gone broadly more one could have on their way I just get back to, even though I couldn't stand watching him I got sick of the hardest thing. I really dislike the leaking of that audit of two thousand
even after game want to try to almost felicity was propaganda to try to get things in their favour. I dont know that I would just give up on the Houston approach was you're saying Who is it? Has it swung too far and that their going too far with it or is that sesame and honestly, if we look at this two year run, they did a lot better than any He thought they were going to do. I think that's our fair. I led the problem. Ultimately for them in this, the rafts was two things. One was that they got so hard to after that game one and it basically made them throw a game to cause. They got so obsessed with the rafts that issues you lose. First to it. So high beat the worse fortified. Does one thing The thing is, none of their big showed up. Maloney was way better than any big dad loony, actually a good player. Now, where the system, I know it sounds not only were so that their return, that don't say anything but he just completely paid their bags and even Georgia Balin Game Sex was.
No definitely make a power that rackets needed Capello to be better, and I couldn't really keep him on that or, in other, really had to do the pigeon Tucker small bothering. So I you know it's tough. You need your top for In a plan series, I would say if, regarding its worst, actually come through and they did it, but I still think we ve talked about this before the Rockets style, if you just plain them on a Thursday night and you're in the third night as some road trip, and you see that you're like what the fuck is going on hard as fifty, but when you're just playing it, you know seven times over the course of two weeks or six times. I just think it gets easier to figure out. I definitely agree with that. There is no question. They had hard and figured out by game six lot, it's easier figure out when you're still as good as golden status we know we are looking who they lost to in this whole thing, but I've I've. We felt that way. I always feel like there's less of a freak out about harden thing. I also think this different officiating crews that go into the game, and it's not in time and say: hey, let's not look like assholes and give him a ton of strength, and
it was gonna heiresses I'd, be he is I've, never seen a star, I'm talk, and even more so than Jordan. I've never seen STAR, be able to manipulate the entire league officials as well as hard, and that's why I just couldn't stand it and I freaked out about Houston after game. One of my podcast was like, like I'm admitting my boss, I'm not rooting for the steam anymore, even though I like they're, all I stuck up for Chris Paul for a decade and I actually do like D'Antoni, but it'll be in New York and doing get up and first taken, although shows Germany covered only very out all the media guys as soon as Durant went down in game. Five. We're like AVA, still look at Houston. If you can't get it done now, and I'm like okay, like I feel like this, is a next game result freakout collectively by everybody but then you had jail and go now not allow. This is the warriors almost waiting for this opportunity to prove it
can be without direct and legs or said. The exact same thing I started met all the Ex players, and then I was it's like. I couldn't wait for game. Five, like everything about Friday was became five for me and I went Ghana's ace game, six, some sort bizarre. Ah, who would you rather have courier heart? I just rather of car right? Who would you rather have players? heading into the playoffs would rather and hard hitting into the class right Ok, even sorry, we see on this package. I would rather harden it to me, was hardened in the round. Were the two signature guys in the blasts. I don't guess the plants went along. I just harder for him to do what he does so to Cuba, still by the way, had a it wasn't like he had this horrifying, just a horrible game. Six statistic game by the way, but there are some things that I didn't like their Thea. I so that's too for to dream on or Tucker Drama
Play Gordon was a good back and forth clavichord daddy and III, Gordon you could you could argue Gordon, that's fine! I mean you know, but it was huge them a game six than capella loony that lobby the gap isn't they're. So if you just presented that remain swedish Larry, I didn't swedish lavished your dream. She going to some shots up the swede, but my point here When you do it that way, you go. Why was everybody automatically like what we do? Is we look ring, always the best plan a world. Let's take away three points now: they're gonna lose arrests, the series and you go. I don't really think that's the way it works. The thing now I'm back to the planet team over and over again. Here is a good example and they did a really nice job in the broadcasting brigand this that they shut. Game. Six when day leather reviews in the PIC Yoke interests too low and he was picked him up twenty two feet A lil herb is twenty seven feet and you just shoot the three over and then there
now watch what he's doing this game his fore feet out. It's screwing a blizzard and here's what it's doing Bubba. That's the whole adjustment. We need answers talk about adjustments, but that's the definition of it and with used in you think the longer the series goes. We ve seen it now to stray years. It just becomes tougher for them to adjust off the two weeks of adjustment, from the other side, not to mention that offence apart and I you know mighty so he eat. I add somebody like this in game six and game seven for his career. He one is first for game. Six against seven he's lost his last seven game, six against seven I think, as a serious goes along and other guys are trying to figure out new shit.
He's just saying this is what we do, but that look on his face get back to one of the best things you said to this whole thing, though, is like trying to figure out if we really with the advancement of how teams are playing now using the Rockets as an example cuz. I still think when you get back to like we'll, do they lost to golden state back to back to your? So what does it really mean, and I bought an aside, I think, they're being back mostly group D rose bowl Something happened to Chris Paul, but they're going to go, especially if the rent, lease golden state, they're going to say, hey, look, let's just see what happens with the same thing at the Capella thing yeah, but I wouldn't write him off as bad as it looked in the series. Kids, there, there's that and you when you looked at them. Rebounding numbers in Houston. Look like they were. Writing the ship here, you're gonna wait a minute. Like the gods. They had a more rings going forward. You hasten today about Hulu
yeah. This is the only way to ever get a signature. Slipper deal. Hulu is paying out it's a lot of money to wear fluffy green Hulu has lab sport slippers. Can I wish I could have a pair the super when a much the plants lab on Hulu They also got Yolanda changes. Take them from the process to Joel. Hulu has live sports. Indeed, an Daimler get a tattoo that says: Hulu has lived sports, the most blatant form advertising, I've ever seen. Clearly they really want to know that Hulu as lives, words, you gonna, live sports news, your favorite teams, the biggest games and sixty plus top channels for just forty five dollars a month. That's right! Failure, teams, all season, no cable required live to be plain required. Restrictions apply, learn more dad come so the difference in poor than it used in. For me, Portland guys actually came through in that gave seven today I don't know what the car
cancer final numbers aren't. I know they gave up a lot of stuff to yoke age, but for the most part they at least were able to get some put backs. Some sir, Cup post up plays their defending the rim. Zach, I think, had four blacks. I can't believe them lens big men with their courage out were more effective than Houston's big man, but that's where we were and are in this back to the peace charts, wrote where when you're, just relying on perimeter, guys in that set fair, you play our friend when it gets to four rounds. With things saw down yawning itself, good team. That familiarity. I think it's really really hard so are we starting to see then This is what I might be open to now. Starting to see a bigger gap between irregularities and bass, values and play basketball. Absolutely I was about this yesterday. Leg is that's what I've when we were drawn up in a few days ago and wait a minute you
we're gonNa Blair Bird was the best where they ate it succeeds in then he became the best part of the plants and magic was the best part. Eighty seven and he became the best where and you'd have occasional, Michael Jordan, winning the envy p. But then in allusion to the pistons and seven. For the most part, the best poorer was the best poorer for eight months. And I think now it does feel violate, there's two seasons and ass. I think you regret your harden vote vote? Are you voted for voted? I ought to regret it. You know what I really don't regret is Yoke is, being my number three BP and well being for that's that's why we make the big during the BS back ass for those employed in being fifth, I didn't put him in the top five then plan of men ass. For me, I did, I think, put him first him better. That was your things. You had your courage. Thirty Adam Bede, first team I'd, say you're going she S. Fourth, you we should do quick yoga changes first, but secondary split second for them.
For the playoffs fourteen Plath games, which is a real sample size, any his twenty nine, thirteen and nine for the for the entire class. Like this guy, it's funny I was taught bill, wasn Walton Sabonis, these passing big men who could score both those guys got it. Whenever they see what the potential those guys were an yoke edge go back and watch the wanton highlights, go back! What's this about asylum, and they want was of much better defensive where war was like a plus less defensive, where bonus, you guys all about it. Bad and they didn't like David, has spared no efforts. A true story is that you, oh yeah, yeah go, go Egon, Who's vague and it may have been habits. Six. I've never asked build that when I've interviewed him, I should so those You're better to a players, but I think when you talk about the at the the legends the passing play, making big men, what he did and that plan says, even if those only fourteen game, that's a pretty big sample size.
Six hundred minutes put up basically a thirty forty two TED. I almost invariably forty nine percentages to yeah because it just a common, our party mail with real that don't think he's the most voice, these far from official, big man, but the way he was trying to close out this game, cuz Marie didn't have it going in a Torrey Craig, took that horrendous three at the chase down block was like the worst shot of the entire It felt like male sap credibility that more than stuff building up in have gone then Gary Hares and Emily Beazley has like one play a game or, unlike disguise, awesome, then I look up his numbers, ECHO case over one area, but there with the oak until, like usually young, guys, take a couple years to get where they were in the regular season. He actually was better in the plants and was the regular season. I think that's a substantial take, a further examined. Nuggets fan, I'm gone. We want the best five offered supports the league we're here now for next ten years, if he doesn't get her, I was going through some of the free ages,
I just don't know what you're gonna do with the cap number like. If they declined the thirty million dollar option a mill sap. They have to be able to have it. It's even realistic. I beg you, you go down. This stuff is bogged down of achieved unrestricted free agent. I shall think that, and we have the heart and admiration I thought we did. But I don't. I don't think it's even realistic. You you go down. The stuff is bogged down of it unrestricted free agent action. We have the heart and conversation. I thought did sort of all that I want to see a sigh Roquat abuse happy for Yoke is now like his it sucks. What happened in game? Seven but it wasn't on him. He don't have this moment where we're doing this thing with every superstar. That's like a top ten guy. We want to reclassify him every single time, but it's just a coming out party for him, even though it's disappointing and they had a great regular season. It just now. His stature rather league is entirely change because of what he did even with losing serious. So I'm on pump on that me too,
I absolutely loved every single thing I saw from him in the playoffs Duncan's, the guy. He grew up. Why wouldn't resent like? Who did he want and it was done he goes when I was a young kid. He actually want to go to practice. His father bring your practice. He cry about it, so he soft originally- and he said he said duncan- was this guy. He said that was the guy play like they're, very close to being able to, I mean you think about what the bucks did with the Addis. If they can, do their version of that. Just guy to make sense with Yoke it that's. The only thing that should be thinking about your sword wouldn't be referred was with his we like to Violet Ives, guys who can do pilgrim but irey so hard Do you feel like he choked? No, because I don't I think there's other games where you go. He chopped you now and then people It was tired. You seem to think he choked. I dont, you accept
I didn't like valley at his elbow really really. I bury a couple really horrible plays in the in the last two minutes, but for the most part just think the words are a historically great team, maybe The best five year run we ve seen in. I don't know fifty years since restless ethics hearsay, ironing, fluid and mild after three, both titles. This is the best five year run we ve had so you know I think that as factor- and I didn't think Chris Paul, he was getting game- seven offensively for the first three quarters, but was bad certain game. Six was not getting gave five gourd and was doing more than I think anybody expected, but then other that is, like General Greene taken shots job. Took nine shots and twelve minutes and game six eleven game against the Goldstone yeah. In a highly homage, aren't english shots the hard numbers, Limerick, twenty five six fifteen, but
Design, some really bad turnovers eternal. Was there at the end. You know that's kind of piss me off about humanity in his once seem just brain dead, yet it seems opera them collectively and let Currie get the ball that many times at the end of the game, to just just put up free through after free throughout a free throw it. What are you guys doing like images? like her. I had a couple reaches kind of lost them and lets you see. I just take out currying clay. Let us be clear. But I don't understand you know couriers doing anything clearly did a great job. With that part, the come back as Grace Leubronn inquiry were they were Osman, five, six and seven day consistently stuck with Implanted a sell out against those guys- and We have even done stuff things stand the harden things about just out of that. He was deaf at that you, careless and I'd EDA. This goes to a bigger thing about certain guy, but the people who dominate the bar in it as you as you,
deeper deeper in a series. It becomes whether things there doing everything there doing everything, and then it's like. Ok, now you make one and I just think it's real hard to Basque. By that way, you know Ryan I've played ask buys ever this is another drink. If you're, the same are Westbrook fishes, hardly just kindest yeah, it's like Westbrook, it's like eyebrows last for six months and just waited for you to give me the ball. When you have abandoned, you wanna do yeah simply with the calves like why George Hale playing much better and the bucks a share. Well, because he's little more empowered without the bucks use it and on the bronze team. Last year, it's like I you stand there, I'm a staff pass. You can make a three or fuckin pest like snap ask about- and I think all of it I had about will abroad like he never ever- should have had a traditional point out with them, but all those years
their say language did she get Chris Paul there they? Finally to do this, you that's that's the dumbest thing you can ever do Lebruns only gonna play his way. So I don't think it's really bad Nowhere ladder arguing the same point out right. It's saying like hills, bad for George shouted just be like. Ok, now, I'm just the guy over here. So last, seen that Rodney Hood, that George Georgiou they had learned ants, learn ants Clarkson, but just partisan was like a nominal get a couple up here. I just think it. I think the brides hard to play with, I think break his heart, a poet I think hardens hard to play with which made it so crazy that there have been so much success. So do you think that we should look at horns, regular season, then and look at it differently? So, instead of saying this is the greatest offensive season, we were seen you go. Ok, it's this system. It's this day, he's great, but it was like. There's almost like a twenty five percent correction that you have to put on this. Now. I think it goes to your point about regular seasoned verse blasts. I think He did everything here today in the regular sees ever going to see. I had to put the team on his back. I didn't love
in it, but I appreciate what he did meet. If that's that's, why. Always be, will hardon and that look, I argued with you about the envy Bethink, as I think when they had no fresh bodies and he did what he did, but I still think staff could do I think, there's other players in the league. If you just said hey what is we're going to do for about a month and a half, I think other guys would putting say numbers up This goes back to the worst thing that we just talked about and unit the same instinct, you you got talked into her by a couple. People raising the point. Then you gone. Ah, I felt this way. As soon as I started. Hearing like worried have three game. Seven's on Sunday, and unlike its or under the warriors has Katie's that Kashmir got some intel from couple places leg, however, they feel about eighty they're gonna really enjoy the chance to play without him on Friday night, when everybody thinks you're gonna lose like this is based, their two thousand fifteen nucleus, the best forgone rigid as fifteen team, are now in this game? They don't have
I believe you know it and whether, however, they feel about Katy in him, leaving all that stuff there was a little bit fuck, you edge the whole game, whereas I yeah we're still. A good we're not like the fucking sidekicks. I have to envy peace Quaid since one of the most tomorrow shooters about them gonna fame and dream and who has been awesome for the past three four weeks like those guys are really good. You just gave Iggy you think he's gonna, he probably product ask the Hall of Fame but men. That is a hundred percent going off him at seems really yeah in Time Jamesons going to hit the brig, you know Jamesons gone so they could. I tweet Howard's go, and I know I tweeted before the game. I rarely do this. I rarely tweet predictions because we now live in that area where they, if it goes wrong. People they throw back in your face. Would you probably Catholics?
So I tweeted on Friday night and I didn't want to give it away. I didn't want to come out and totally say, but I said: there's an unbelief nobody believes in as gambling up to night. It's almost there Dora Conway had so fantastic come afraid to saving us. This was the I was getting seven, I might have to believe it. I thought the line was gonna, be like rockets by two years. Seven, so that's it as with the workers, wages porn, turn them will. Hopefully they can get to a gate. The key games. Seven close, I could forget here, cable, guys were, I don't argue against myself here, but I mean I think, it's at least fair to say that whatever inversion, they had they, they had others, they had better bigs. They had a few more John Livingston we'd. Better still. They had a forebears guys from maintaining or best guy knows, as he was incredible baby was. I mean him making threes you point out. From things will how you get to the ending that you got into the coach yup
I think those guys really take a lot of pride in this five year run and whether the ring was back or not. I think it's really meaningful. Today, I wrote a book about the secret, Ask about all that stuff secret Basque were I think, curries one of the best examples historically ever of somebody that really just wants to win and doesn't care. I honestly He does not care about stats all that stuff, but a situation like Friday night when While I go yeah, this is go and seven, I think Hammond why a dream I look at each other like really suited You know the story that staff book the court to get shot up before the game distorted The athletic had to read their retraction that they said it was they before and then as I now ass, it was Sunday. Yeah. They split it up, but not that No, no! No. I think we should leave it ain't because it was the same story was yes, it was in the night before
earlier and if they re agreement, you kicked me off the courtyard outside that that is a real thing right. Ok, so I'm a step fan watching game five, not six, but watching game five. He took three shots in the first quarter in Rio, again like social media. Very weird was stuff yet and I have said- and I think I'm probably the best source for this, because when you host national, show and you're in it every day for three hours every day for years, You see what the temperature is about: a player, yeah and stuff. I've always felt like the most disrespected superstar his spore I've never seen like. I think other players don't take them seriously, I'm a romance being the green remedy, a spin and it was to former athletes and a a female silent report and there are, I'm turning them. I want to give away too much. I was. I was the only like- I was the least this authors, who was at least assaulters, and with a Teddy birthday,
I would never say anything about Teddy cause, I'm afraid of him, even though you really, I ended up being one of the first people Teddy Briski light. Is Israel chant God, I'm saying no, no, no, not at all, but we were talking It was like a bunch of stuff. I roll shit like two years ago and I'm gonna worry me. They got Katie's like yeah, but that you watch what they do in this stuff in. There is actually a lot, a numbers that tell you that steps to one the kind of makes it go because every Frances freaked out about yet Metallica watch him on curls diary killed right. And then they were all like jump in autumn as equipment with us. It was do this right now I go. Who would you take over curry and the inner Sousa Westbrook? I just went well, you guys are not only. I gotta think West books they like I'd rather go to Google five West Brooklyn Correct and I just looked at. Was there a very small sample three people, but I've seen it for years, and so when he has the game fire softer appetite with that.
I deserve it. I am, you know, grown up the family that is a poor and be a player. Rigid is at the forefront of six, so he must be solved. If he's a rich kid and years of like I'll. Look. It look at some of the stuff that denies game seven when they blew the three one lead he was taking. You know by his standards. It was a very good, but in that first quarter game five bill. He was playing everything perfectly. He wouldn't force it. He wasn't taking those thirty footers cuz he has the rent. Then he was actually just terrible in the second third her and then he figured it out again and played the way we remember what he looked like without Durrant the fourscore he's back again and that first half everybody's got other steps up way at the fashionable through a math and I think as vans. We forget the fat travel thing for We have. It is missing, lapse, LAN right, and so you can talk about the finger being injured, which I think it is with the same time like if you gonna get thirty in the second half your fingers, that, like it's not proven you from doing anything? So what is wrong with you he's also protest. His pleasure. Racine he's incredibly careless of the best.
He does I'm stupid foul decisions. He doesn't manages vows very well, but I would think at this stage of the game with curry, like what's the given any more like. Why are we still doing this thing? We want to drop him from like top five and not even top ten, because they have a shitty play a game poison. Made first. He might be our he's gonna make firstly mygale, but that I think it was the ongoing the other. I do not think any that stuff, like I'm dying there I'll exists. I think what you are saying is true. I also think so time, she gets too much credit because if you their frightened. I came here like staff. It's like you really, as clay save their fucking ass in the first half of that game cause no it- can make a shy, Mean Collins on the point in poor clay. Was it after thought? It was Steph up until Last three minutes with having an average game for him and then made a couple, the most ridiculous shots in his career, but clay? I thought you know, I really that those clay first half stuff second half was my take away
That's then there's no there's no argument against. I guess the debts, but nobody was aimed at the as somebody who thinks that staff in this is driving some people crazy, was new there's like finally, but I've said the stuff afore I do. Just seen enough I've as a nest. Talk, show host your sort of the funnel of everything and it all comes to Light year show an you here: all of these different voice and then you have a leg, come up at the best again and you go liniment. People really like are still doubting the sky, and I don't know I don't They get rooting against somebody like that who change this game and Now he is one of the top twenty to twenty three pairs of our time. The other thing also understand the drafting of riches. Hates these guys are tools. Do so. Let me not let me not the myth that the code is by going to find it out there and that the first person I make this point. You know we in particular. What is this team? Look? I give Katy lives at it. I think just cause
haven't seen a couple years. You know it's clear Marge Clay and curry sacrificed their guides. That's gonna. My point but I had actually kind of forgotten how they play was with the ball because always who is just see clay run a kind of a day in their running circles, and then she like these are my judge erratic. Basically- and it's like this guy's, actually like a play, make for greater creator, and we never see it ever cause is the fourth option. All the time on this. So I don't know, I think I think there The world Katy leaves, I'm giving already. I know he'll be kind of final refunds to have. He has his own team, the clay, a dream and dad like some weird shooter Swedish Larry, gets more time and these their number one option currently, including its max contract, but I just excited. I had that team back as I wrote for evidence tears it up. I really do further data. I like watching their team. I do and that's what I wanted to look like. I dont want me, raise, leave me,
Ok with it all go to the next that'd be great, go the Ex trade for Davis. Let's get another super team in her, I'm with you at the courier is where the fur as much fuss attention talk. Radio Father. He provides all that stuff. I still think he's weirdly undervalued and these underrated These are all right. I dont think people I never said I understand all the stuff you bring to the table on the video either. I think it's been about you can go back and read some of the pieces. Acts rain really good pieces about it, but I he can affect a game and have seventeen points. You know he can dramatically effect the results without having to shoot thirty nine times an ivy through some to be set for that. So
I'm not announced Abu exerted my thing unless angle, I got some repetitive anyway. Now before we come back from the rake, the impelled did offer up his version of a magic Johnson tweet. He wanted me to include a great I'll, take a big super, safe obscurity in other from Boston man. You talk to them. I lakes,
We say because its great security system awesome protection, very easy to use and their from Boston sippets. They ve got started after Harvard engineers. Friends got burglarized when they went getting scared system was a hassle too complicated, too expensive terrible contracts. So you build something better, comprehensive, easier protection, no contract, fair prices, keeps your family home, safe, twenty four, seven, only fourteen and at a month Beria engineered, keep working to impair ravages down wifi or even a burglar smashes. Your keypad thoughtfully, designed never in your way go with the only home scared, I shall simply say begun. The super safe that come such bs to day super safe with two eyes: sympathy that calm such bs for the home security I ass. Well, I have a couple more things. I'm asleep Barkley said today I make up. He was talking about our Baden Scimitar mad that he criticised Amherst.
That being said, something about it. Missis Reed anything where the pliers get bad. Barkley in the guise embargo said amateur criticise, guys they deserve it, and if they don't like it, they can kiss my ass. I said that fair play because he does praise them too. He actually was right. He gives takes away and, as you can focus on the criticism? That's it. Didn't you say that once about. I call alone, as it was Jack Sigma when you speak counter check sick. What disguises? if he has a problem of Minos Right lifts its ways of it: TAT, rivers, doc, rivers, neighbours What did he say about you yes, he said I tried to make waving quit on the south accede. Perhaps I could have the something's mantra he try to do that. He did a thing that was kind of clever he's like well. If he was only calling people names. If I did, I would call an idiot couple couple couple: mailbag questions you guys you're cool out all right, we're fine grandma
then from Indianapolis says. I recently realise that Tibet Harris has great shorten name, some, a rather jailer, let's com, toe hair, no not terror I didn't think about how hair till her tell her kind acquired. Tonight I don't think he's gonna like that occur Daniel everywhere, no clutching Adam from Texas, fan of all things that the ringer says. Am I the only one who thinks people using the term gentlemen sweep way too casually during these MBA plants in I have noticed that this year and I think us Media thing were just the race to keep being clever. Remember the separate podium game a few years back people try to get something going now it's a gentleman Swedish bag swayed by these different sweeps- and it's like yes get word first sweep sweep, to do anything for night. I think that's when
let the team when Game one and then they, when the other four. Ah learning skates came over that of France Gates you know. I M caters for off into a keen what yeah scares Machado came through play, do you hear he's not able to eat or drink? I did get to get room service today is getting room service like two hundred and forty five, Kay downloads curb refresh Marcus Gray, Westerners James hard in the Basque, while quiver of Queen Cor Russia. I don't hate it, I don't hate it. Just let it let it simmer for a second report on the girl hold on I'm a to flip around next bake. It her lad, forbear Annelida. Ok, I say it again said again: allowed is James harden the basketball equivalent of Clayton Cursor, so will be Back in the world changed after this now it would be Hey clinkers shots.
Not James, harden and I'll. Tell you why necktie USA Esker that up hate the clearing cursor thing I gotta be honest, so Kirsch are in the beginning, I'll go back a couple years whenever there is ever get implies. Never even blast like I went through the game. Logs again: listen I ever saw it was like women is actually really misleading. Yazzi overall numbers are bad, but rather too bad outings, and then it's not, and then I got again and then it got bad again and I was like I can't. I can't fight these people off anymore. I can't I can do it, so I would say: that's almost insulting to harden at this point. Daniel Evans wants to know is James hard. In the night King Game, a throne spent most of their show, gassing up the NOME king. Only he crumbled when it was the most important kind of like James harden. That's harsh, that's funny cause. I again, I don't
feel this was not. I have three or four other terrible harden performances on the way out to look to the house this morning, game six didn't leave me like. I wasn't back at the hotel go in this guy sucks again like I was in close. I gotta get a great aim, but it wasn't. I had other, though abuse of the night King had for worse scenarios than getting killed by area right Pay taxes, My grandkids come seem in the nursing home and its between games the average league for senior citizens think and ask me Grandpa, who are the most clutch piracy ever seen in basketball. Hardwood won't be welcome up Minsk, ITALY that their? What about coolby Now he won't be really mentioned either. Cobby pulls Kogi really has Well, some of those amazing its risks on the world, something that's that's his brilliance, it's not just the basque barbarity. He has fooled everyone. What was just his up
approach. Demeanor and the sticking the jail convinced people for twenty years. He was the most clutch got it ever. Do it since M J in its its control on their heart, and he just like took the shot more than other guys. Mercedes. Not awesome is incredible, but sometimes the narrative takes our choice. Develops as nickname is MR big shot. I dare the whole thing. My car my ten years ago, just completely debunking. This Not only are we not MR big shot, it actually was kind of rearing toward the other way where he wasn't me Big, I remember when I went through this may have been ten years ago is now. If you really want the breakdown. Like who is the great like less than twenty four seconds within two points, that kind of stuff, the air is a stretch from mellow, I think had like the best yellow. Laser lights out, guest of any of the superstars out that was a while ago. So I I don't know like I don't know you rightly call me narrative just took over and then everyone is like shouted down what Kellerman said about colliding more clutch on first take this week, then Kogi and then
we need to start acting crazy. Like I can't really the city, it would only look Kellerman said plenteous after I disagree with the draft thing for him. We just became a thing and he's gotten beaten overhead within a million times, but the copy things always, I think, amazing, whenever yeah for a little while little while now aren't like a week of age from when a peg wants to know, I did the Michelin STAR ratings in the regular season, like one start to start three stars for guys: you'd want to see in person country you have very little by little while now aren't like a week age from went to pay wants to know, I did the Michelin STAR ratings in the regular season, like one start to star three stars for guys. You'd want to see in person the play, our versions of that. The wine Katy. Obviously, three stars curries, always three star me says yeah. This is yoke. It's three stars, yea, three star, Plath Guy, Philip, yes, I know it's not his flashes, as other guys we're just there's a relentlessness about him. To get that I love.
Like I know, he's ready to go to fight. You know, there's no part with you sure I'm gonna wonder noticed some deeds still are always that comfortable near. Dame probably are one or two stars for them. We can give a one to hooker. And carries Eurostar sweet. We we took him out of the book. He has one of those failed to help in space, then he is wearing out as a t shirt. I have her, but what happened larvae we talked about I'm game. It turns. Last week we talked about this Oh burning bodies that a spoiler and please don't my name road in and said Maybe you're only listened with this experience. I feel it is my duty to educate you without going into too much detail. I have had the unfortunate experience of smile, dead bodies being burned, the spouse horrifying, but for reasons you might not expect, in fact it doesn't
how bad at smells like how shut your ears barbecue. It literally smells like a Texas, barbecue giant. I hope you sleep out tonight, wow. Well, I think there's more everybody simply Savior we're, so this guy knows I mean is the USA. We must work at a place. It does cremation right. I wouldn't Odessa or he's a murderer Texas for equal Texas barbecue, I don't. I thought I think, is an exemplar Mchugh about me. Then, despite his sweeter, bakers. We say I don't understand this at all over and over again with the bus family. I hope they stay in the week forever. Goodbye sir. I hate this one's really weird. I can't make people economy kiddo finger. I don't understand this matter
stood. I mean it's the Lakers, we say I don't understand this at all over and over again with the bus family. I hope they stay in the week forever. God bless her eye this one's really weird. I can't make people economy kiddo finger for little finger outline that was pretty funny pretty good, but is just somebody who has put a ladder shenanigans and, as proven, not the most trustworthy guy, not a great guy deftly as good relationship with the boy. We talked about this past thing away dreams in their very gallows. Now that's area, that's real so, but for some years they did she make in their head coach, and I love it cause. He had the domestic violence and his background over how. How would it be an issue now when he's already had to had coaching jobs? And I'm not saying it's- I don't I've heard some people bring this up again. Is it just the magnitude of like delay, and you could say, I broke into small market while it still the nets. Are you telling me like that's why you can get the job? I don't know. I don't know that just seems
when it was. If I told you a week ago, hey guess, what's gonna happen, the Lakers Frank Logos gain the hijab at his number. On assistance could be Jason kid. What would your reaction of men? DA like like you. I wouldn't believe, because I think the kid thing is to appease Leubronn, the tiles part of it. I kind of respect that they were like. We don't want to give you five years and then I think I like ty, even more so going now that The going rate is- and I have a ring- and I'm not matching this up with it just makes me fear they feel a kids gonna, be the head coach starting two thousand twenty, the Lakers, the rackets caught the Lakers in there They capellan Gordon for bran right now, straight up, give five minutes it aside. I dont need five minutes I'll say now. You say no, if you'd like yeah, so you think this labelling
Salvageable year, eighteen with the broad I dont, know the forty million here. You know, I don't think he's gonna help. Is Poland Capella known up crisp that crisp? Ah, oh era, Gordon, air, Gordon experience. This compels manganese working methods. For me, I need an asset that I'd like, but whose trading further Brad we ve returning from abroad as you, you have to be a team that already close you're, not gonna, get that's. Why does when trade him? Let me see if a second off season goes poorly form. That's that's. What I would do like is much as its fun making. Lakers not still gotta nor restarted. Can we get it year, other They're gonna go offer this summer to I'm just what is the best possible, get added YO free card that they could get with this move Portland Laws, provision column.
Getting killing a sad? No, I added a where it goes. They would have done that. I live. We ve thought about it. The December say. Would you do get gown Erin, some other. Given that Miami pick she faced I think the Lakers do what I think they like the idea, China savages similar Bron. Don't you What would you say yes to Gordon Capella now I would the Brown one more year, but I If I was another team, I would call to save their wavering and whether they keep him or not. It is domino trade class. I know what would make sense, but what makes sense what somewhere. He be ok going. What at the reason it was Houston was the reason it makes sense because his play with his friends, but I still think that would you be so we're gonna be like redundant my Writs scenario is carry gonna. The Lakers. You guys that our drive carried the airport at us, a pick him up for the airport would you like to Boston, drive him to the airport, make sure you got on the hop a flat
meet him and I lay eggs and then drive Antella Bronze, ass umbrella yeah. I think he should stay here. You guys with, I think, would be a good babysitter, Leubronn Tiree, ok Ray! diseases, talk about flatter of my son. You play video games, come home and he and better meditating and backed by the pool and then illegal do they banned like we carry made me volunteer, homeless people delicate hand city. I feel dirty Then carrying lay out to me that I had the last piece of pizza he made me feel bad about myself, but any apart as after so it's ok, he said was on him, carry said that was his p, and then he realized it really. Pisa belongs to no man and after that, the apology as to me when he wrote an ancient script that can't read. He says, then, please workin on his degree. Duke carrying. I got ice cream,
he ate my group in his what's asked: what's up get a huge fight on the busk as he made us, take the bus to just get involving and apologise me on the bus. Everything's gonna be better now. Curricula over to watch tv and still villain decided the centre will actually for six hours, He gave me they're about. I dont know what to do the job they have done and then carry so lottery on Tuesday, with the fund hast Thou come when it is to get on Tuesday, but I just want to get this out. What's the funniest Thou comments is that if the Lakers winning we're getting it than the bulls, worrying about roster overlap with Zack will be in. In Zaire and their Nora Lorry and Wendell Carter. Believe his
and the best fitters at John Whereat. The funniest is this: if the Lakers with them funniest. If Philly somehow wins with the south, expected the subjects get nothing from that Sacrament OPEC. A good one that we discussed on. We didn't get into it, This is really made more for you than were lake. Now I went on wages part on Friday and he how many credit him with the point, but I think, as we did on the path we can take as they exist, go up your alley right, even column, about this unity. That said, if the next win it would dorette Certainly Tiree go wait. Do I want to be the second star to some work like the risk and overshadowed again interesting. I thought you would like that
Maybe they had a great radio topic. I think if they went at day, Flipper Anthony Davis almost immediately, if the, if they know Durrant carrier coming and they can figure out how to fit all three. Yeah they could? I mean whatever I do. We do this hey. What do you think about this with like when the Denver cap situation look through it like? I always feel like nothing's really impossible in this league. Or it's easier now than ever and thick fourteen teams around sixty million or more in tat space, but I do love the Zion, if you, if he ends up with the next, does that change whatever their other piazza yeah, like I mean, think all the stuff. That's Meda, Durrant Unhappy, and here it's not like you play for the Vancouver grooves grizzlies here, Katy shadow to Michael Dickerson, also famine, next fan and I Windsor waving care about getting anybody us yet is used, need something else, but if you're Durrant you want to go in obtaining,
into this thing on I'm really on the damn thing, I'm seeing a famine. Next fan we gets ion. So if your Nick the indian dining, yet I'm like, oh, my god, I've Zion for next fifteen years, suddenly carried us happens. They may I point out. They thought they were getting Kite Korean Katy. This whole second have the season so well. I wish them luck, good luck seriously. I love desire topic. I don't feel like you're preceding enough. I we're gonna be doing it on Tuesday, we have. I would not want to see him go Gimme where you want to go. Where he's not gonna go, I think Cleveland. So the least Fun you hear that their respective good people Cleveland, I had some good times there now it is. I don't deserve another. Was it a decade guy this isn't? What do you mean? it's in a decade, guys era. Because this is this: just do it, but given the phoenix, James or whoever I don't like the basketball fit with Phoenix. The past can profit.
Funniest would be is if they got the pig and then there is rumblings how they wanted a trade data too, because jammer it was better fit. That kind of stuff is a time it strongly in time it feels like it is. I think it is too away its garvian pelts sent me a magic three tax tat because I do in the MAGIC tweet game. I said no what can you do it anyway and what I will do it for you, so you no magic at a tweet tonight. Did you see it? I did not see the tweet I state after to make this effort. Is it aware that this is a real one, go wild? who played like a superstar scoring forty one points in a game: seven victory over the Sixers deficits, the whole tweet. You know what is being screwed up with. We should just ran him instead of sport centre The pictures I'm not saying they pretty much like has a highlights is the future. It's really badge area. You just go: hey
You know, I'm Zuma anti think we join me in the next. Sixty minutes are gonna. Take you through a journey of all the latest scores and updates and sports through them. The odds and tweets alike. It worked. Lucky derby, bummer, horse racing with magic gentle size of impelled semi in one is go. I made a shot that won the serious for Toronto that Canada exclamation point there's a canadian flag There is, though, is out another thousand acres, there's no magic figure out the canadian flag. So, yes, that's and TAT was a seven in every way. I it so well we'll do next week. What do it? I think we need to weeks of magic tweets before we can, but Scott wants in his what I'm telling you away if the car? No, what we could, I guess, yeah. I think you were good. You don't go on no, I want to call him, but I I don't know. I don't know if he's The rules are anymore.
You heard him say, like I don't know like fairness capture, we could com, I'm sure not to be too upset about. Thrown game I've rude it now is not to be allowed to grow. Enthrone Game episode, five, the sex last episode ever you know it was, but there was deaf curries game six I was oh, you think you oh! Yes, you forget about it. We doubted me down to me a little bit. Yak involves mornin, Tooralloo, slow, you're the CD. I was little toughened third episode, some laws tat all issues we got into that episode. Fi was curry. Second having game six like: oh, you think you think we lost it. Nope awesome, I'm guessing that idea. The game insurance fanatics were upset about a variety of things about it can t or not thought it was an awesome. Eighty minutes, a tv I loved I thought I was on my favorite game utterance episodes ever as on the edge of my seat. It was likewise
the great action movie there is that of how the hell are they doing this moments? It was the state ever use e, I I could actually see was nice and light. And most important damage the dragon Stan stay the dragon. Finally, I knew he added in em. I knew just they're, just just let stand loose. Let him go didn't feel a little bit like Jason kids using the dragons, then buttonholes, or got the job for the right to decide. What if we have some spacing the tragic drag was yacht is lacking, The dragon usages, just out of ten of group, owes me pretty good away with all my got his empty p. It was honestly the hard and usage re think like the new, the new new advanced metric specialist came in. Said what, if the dragons usage rate is a hundred percent, I guess I bet would win the war or can't do both have been exaggerated and everybody on fire and everybody dies where you know any of this, my master remembering dies. We when we know how to play the pic unroll now at the harpoons right. So
you know I around the balance sheet is left every time, so be ready to go and the weak side you're great joy, futile Storylines with him, would say that you know if you're gonna start shootin D, in the air flying dragon. You got incredibly lucky taken down the second one by the way, okay and involve a seminal equipment. Dragons could just die from these spears. You gotta, do with its leader, rail yeah. You can't we just go and hey aim their aim. There em they're, like that's, that's like your dad. Why? do you play video games any left that coin back there? This this needs to be Forty forty shots at a time guys did she get a horn highlights where's the fucking horn? All these guys used to have horns that would like in unison. Let's I'll shoot it meantime exactly high volume Usage and they were like the one in the family trees and apply gaming. It's a team united, get it
we sit in that happens. I tell tee man look at that. Looking at that naval set up before the dragons torture should out of it. Why were great joys. Likewise, the eye orders the iron born. Why they taken over more shit than some brackish stone. Island like how could they have not let go there, Navy was incredible yeah, I mean the dragon, torturing it it seemed I don't understand their like tomorrow. In an attack, then their derived. I've just lost all sense of where the map is filling the thirteen hundred. You think why nowhere in the thirteen urges that offend dispute would, I understand, is how they're like tomorrow, we'll go in and then leave it there. Like when I drove my kids discord cigar them at school. Is it possible that closer than we thought close. Has to be like two blocks away on a map at another Kyle. You understand it topography. I have no idea understand it. They were discussed
Brush pass it, so I think we will have had some issues unless couple episodes on time movement things, but so they upset starts, bears the eunuch yet Tryste pauper but this is where you have to watch out for Jason. Kid tries to around the back on Daenerys Jon snow. Does the right thing and he's dead, can't trust you so the most important thing that happens here in the great in the Eunuch power rankings there now he's out gray worm. Now our number one unit, I feel a great gray worm was always the number one very Sadie could reza more juice put in a lot of EU citizens yeah. But if you ve closed the door, put him in a room we know is coming to fruition, gray errors were that yokel caught a younger, said Van he's been around my colleague Chris Paul now I slit now is our Chris Paul. That stays wherever
where's, where they only character, sues shady and somehow always Ellen Robber parachute like Holy shit, he still playing out repairs so He's he's out. Are you writing a letter, though he's writing a letter dated tell ruins Runnin Tyrian tell them as what was up and generis at this point is full blown psycho, and so, nearest. Isn't like hey. Thanks for their heads up, she's, like you, help spread this rumour because you in various have your wine parties right and on a boat. She's a guide of all Johnstone at the towers sister did anyway, he'd seat. I told him not to do that. So the generic foreshadowing in the previous efforts the wine bender after the night king there after the White WAR Man Queen right, were Lancaster. Jamie just again still had the weird, pursued later is like man, I want to run into a party gotta lotta same bars? You got all up
you're, not a letter in black inner aha, yeah, but generis was showing signs of being crazy, but simply we're. Ok, she just went through a lot like nope. No, no, no, this is the replaying of them King Storyline Mapping, the Magna gang they needed, I'd, say it's in fashion and talk about other rushing through this. I would have liked, when seen where she talked about how sad she is the to the dragons are gonna start out these three drag, said she loved. Now she's got one laughed and are now it maybe standing you're, a writer. You could read this standing about What kind of scene Talkin about I started: have these three dragons down down one there's, nothing more painful than losing the child has dragged through my child are. They are often of decadence and seen it's funny you out. Well, I don't did. Somebody tell you
I really my air time I wrote a four and a half episode, so techno we would have taken place in between episodes for alive. Yes, call the four point: five, like it. It's gonna exercise. Now she lingers move in everyday. She goes on vacation with the one. Remaining dragon reflects really hear her. Bringing the fire yet I was me. I was there when the blue, the wet alone and notes and her. Kind of a touchy moment fer to people where one of the two people had the other one basically set up to be killed. Yachts about is touching as it could get Thea. The dragging comes in to do the assassination averse? I would have covering the fire concentrated just on the one person, but like there's, no fire residue by dragons. Do you don't know anything
No, I don't get it sticking point. The fire. However, I would have you believe, He said he fire, but like he kind of I'm a little bit just wipes out three other people whoops. We are doing that. Didn't some shepherd lose some stuff yeah cause. He was, but here why, if there are causing complete it can feed the dragons. Yeah. I did just let I've thirty pounds a unit great here, WWW, medium, rare, high Keith. Appetizer affair so dinner, those giants, though the China check it out? Even though that's that's his art, it is an ideal breaker for a lot if a man s in the sharing of thirteen hundreds, though thirteen hundreds little little whacker she said
I dont have love here. I only have fear, that's how I felt the last few months it is spent. Ok, we're who were you John Snow, ordinarily, ISIS? I acted I could see a lot of her points is what I say at some point. You just want to climb and the dragon and start blown fire, but to be fair, Take John Snow side here like make it makes said what a crime stand there? Is I don't? What else is new? supposed to do to prove to her. And so that I can have sex with her. I thought he was going for it No, they cannot bombed out, but I would like to be its. Your dad Dragon make objects. You. Goodbye reading only at the beginning, but no end at the beginning for needed
I was his 50th, its fiftieth birthday. Maybe they made they give the house that was the greatest recovery ever cause. I just that's a second time. I've Madame, so we do the podcast unease complaining that there's no nudity in a tv show I'm going like you really that worked up about it like when you saw where the police academies back in the day Jubilee GO rewind the the beach seen those awesome, but then, when he said I we'll be surprised. It was the greatest recovery I liked the whole time and unlike what a weirdo like you really damned out, there's no new data tv show like Minded he does. I like to be surprised. I well. I got the subjects in I lost yeah, so she said to tee Next time you fail me will be the last time you fail me now to be fair. Who had the worst season, a Terrier Pratt programme I think tearing did, it really all his advice is just bad advice over and over and over again is the right thing, even like
go see, sir. She will go reason or their cheap. I can talk to her yeah guitar everything he says. It said it turns out badly to the point that you, set to wonder to see like a mall foresee, but obviously not cuz. Everybody in the sugar wiped out tonight. She wanted to attack immediately. I wrote down. This is a little sketchy cause her arms back to back. In that you set a battle. Yeah and can we don't even at the back to Baghdad on her army is tough and its knowledge? They went from Portland Now there are also other front. You know we saw Jamie Terry to save him. But Portland, Orlando Grey seen retiring Jamie, the brothers, last time we see them together, we rating we think good, saints and now into the Emmy Committee I was great. It was like good lives when he sit there and you know we're trying to
your outward deal is here and you write like is instincts, although I get where he was coming from. It all ends. Turning out wrong he's, putting himself and position were Daenerys has already said. Basically, the next time Fail me with the last time you fail me now gonna come to kill you do you know any like. Okay, we were totally batshit crazy. Now, so look out and it's building up this whole thing and feels like it happened, kind of quick, but you know she did lose the two dragons in the John thing. I couldn't sleep, my nephew and now he is actually the real heir of thrones. That's a tough weak but you have to stay inside a tyrian to go in and in did Jamie and like hey, here's a legitimate plan, sometimes the dialogue where you go. I know you're you're, building Europe, in your building, but there was just so much pay off dialogue in this. My thought where it's like look, I'm doing this you cause you the only wanted and treat me like a monster. I was this half man in the horrible times and you only one that treated me like you should have as your brother,
and whether was was a tyrant latest was the father a more Kyle double check prayer, when tyrant, Taiwan Killer taken a shit. I loved him loved him where my fair characters in history, the show some leeway anywhere, but Was it really? cool moment in very, like ok, yeah. This is awesome in it brought. You know some some closer to it. I guess but just I'm with you. I thought I thought it was really cool dialogue mouthing, so it redeem Jamie. Here too, the season which I just didn't understand, he's wearing Rick Berries, wig from the naked seventy six Plath style, I recently talked about a mixed shaded. This look for a summer once really yet was the weirdest J Agnew banks like yeah, but was even the banks he kind of like a shaggy grow it in the back, but wasn't a mullet, and we were just like in a bar guys are really really cool when a new friend, yes style he had written, say they are doing
what are you doing? He goes hey back off. You know the hairdresser told me just transom different, so they got attack Sir she's a city, the music we bought noticed the music and credible. Incredible: cello squeal, like kind move in tents, felt like the bank seen in heat color had that feel. Like shit, Scandia vaccine and heat top, I've seen evolved, I'm out of my life, it's unbelievable I've moment it's only if that had on. If you want to go see he- and it was just that twenty minutes and I came over I'm go, can I can I pay again? I remember getting a deal the player in the mid nineties, fro, scant and stare and stare surround sandwich, say finally that, whatever the ninety ninety six version of it was, I used to love. Hang it up beakers and run wire, put it in, and the heat They came out whenever and plain that, and the Fuckin bank scene
just echoing iraqi oversight, labour and insurance were sad. Investor sounded like there was issued out, they fatalities had come and attacked as supple offers little worse, they may happen to neighbours, yeah. Cause. You were like, while the guys who you want out of sub you gonna, put by new couch, C Mon Kilmer. In that same, don't you Kilmer that scene, which is, like the way he's like pack and he's got the two guns. At the same time, I remember everybody was biogas, we're bar tending in here right around the same time. Yom copier supplies more money, yes, so whatever or if you had cash, you had to buy, surround sound, and so all were buying them at the same time. Out do the other bartender, because we just a known as twitter right so then I had a friend a member. Everybody was day drinking. I'm sorry got you. I think I was like twenty two or twenty three so still town. It was at and one of these older guys that we all ran around with Andy Barr tended to he was like he was wasted, he's like he was so. Let's go to my house and watch watch red
among surround Santa drinks, socalled. That's amazing. I wish I'd better bided being caught I was like I that sounds fuckin tariffs, both you and I agree- it was still light out like an back, then the kid love the nightlife like there, you never newsgirl you run into, and so unlike why while other friends are making fun him like he just invited you to go to his house to drink southern comfort. Just to watch. And some on surround sounds great offer. What why would ransom be so good and surrounded by? We could be backed by son. So they attack the letter through lie with thirsty city kings, landing. They got bigger attack there they closed the gates, leave half the people out is always RAF. If you don't get it silenter, and then stand the dragon, just annihilated everybody for about twenty minutes, and there is, but death and devastation, and that their banging on the point like a game, a throne
fun and games, but you know it's that that fine is like war and death and set on fire and having shit for new you and things crumbling concrete, hitting you in there using area mostly is the proxy who are is a magician this all share and even she's terrified. It seems I she's getting trampled than I thought. I was really effective, I'm sure pepper and a picket apart tomorrow, but I like that. I thought it was incredible. The no, not that I'm some expert on it, but the way it's shot, the way the scenes and everybody's were like there was some shots for how long it would be from start to finish that were incredible. All that commotion and then the use of The explosions around them were innocent ash, like the adding the lion dazedly like the snowing, but bird bodies in Europe during every eye was that they really gonna. Let her killed. Sir say too, like that seems to be Debbie.
Quite hitting another game winter in the NBA finals. Between that the the night king, I like the her part of it What was their sources in the castle? She's convinced it's gonna be core? Yes, and read- keeps never been were good, just losing people hundreds at a time, and then only the guy's drop their swords and were good, and we think it's gonna be over, but the is like, nope, how hath no fury said, look at her a little like they, the Kobe, under face Laurette. I was in the car we, the three fish Papa, second, the chin up here and on the polls show not a dangerous and copy when he was here for hate, neutral, the Jersey, Gaza Am I right. Pack, shagging goes nuts gray worm I'm just privileged spare takes out like nine people, and then they'd, those Reggie Miller. Oh yeah. The slow motion. Where does
like the rainbow first blood part two or he's just kill it. So many people, yes to submit it with the Big Kennedy Those concerns I really like you, gotta pull back, you ve got to stop. Stop and then he just murdering guys, while he's telling anybody else to stop now you're. Like John, we just go with the flow foreseen like its Adela war and noble studied this second specks of data and had attacked chance. Now ridges runs right Adam. He me. So the laughed edges hit some with the Euro it is a little shorter- must have left hit somewhat sword moves and next guy Saint thing nor write him. Nobody ever ever like face Running at him, then cuts to the rang goes down goes at his lame wonder how you would do you realize legs, you gotta you know how hard it must have been to be like some sort of swordfish The legend. You know
I gotta see ever Ciller guys amazing case. Nineteen has been killed, yet like who was forty. How could you forty and survive that air for that long, I wanted. I. I would always wonder how I do when I watch brave heart, unlike which, which way, would you but does not really much. You can do your price you just have your head turned the wrong time. You gotta get an arrow on the head would have been like how I play fortnight is high, the boy like to get a sniper gun and just hide in the bushes and take people out from far? If it's you the head of my reflexes just start there. They were maybe my twenty second it then a couple more green great game Seven's. In this we are too in basketball. Jamie Verses year. I I felt that was a game. Seven right! Yes to drop the hall, I fucked your sister thing knock. Not realize it was also out of affect photo of your life and that there are the same
person, maybe did not know, I feel no eighty eight another, he knew he knew. He said something a little sassy less possessing those already dead. I remember that so big fight, You are Jamie's Vincent, had its point. That out looks like he's, gonna die gets done The couple tyres that it was done comes you scored at ten eight urine near you are done. Sent your carded ip. I just feel like you know that I thought the guys you're doing is like we're not giving you the happy endings everybody we're not like we're. Gonna start restart. Pickin these people off you're, not gonna, like it all the time, but that reality of it and J me bad as back gets the win. I've given, mobility, less like another hour, but the way they wrote to us Europeans like I killed the kings, lair ceiling, okay, well than Jesus. I got em. How many disguising it gets. That's ballsy, that's actually like d, waiters, delusional stuff, because he's sitting there he's dying, stab and he's taken that he's claiming the w.
I agree with the other guys again and walked away, but if I'm claiming a w are isn't my w, like I killed one of the dragons, everybody said the jackets. Could we take it down much bigger debt? you're on had a good run, their young, the dragon I mean he's justice, stinky guy these brackish waters and then all was son he's got is to his is ships were prestige, haven't sizes, sir leaves with the queen He caught a shoots him down. He takes out a dragon things. Look great, therefore, reason for him. You have him second team beer, despite dying yeah. Second, too, That is great yeah. He said the man who killed Jimmy Lancaster anyway, damn seven hound, verse Mountain been waiting, this Kyle. I know this has been a cause radar heading into this. Is ass, an anchor? It happens, edged Sweynheim Verses Mountain and we, at that. We all of us in the room, including my way, while getting mad, that mountain was dying and then we'll
that this is a showed, would dragons set fire, add and crazy shit that happens in woman that lives till she's Fgm. Fifty years old, and maybe it's conceivable mountain can't, I I don't know, Yeah, I mean he's Frankenstein, so that's gonna the whole point of them. So I thought: ok, how are they gonna do this? How can they do this with pay off and they absence now that there is no better way than what they did is not see his face. Darth Vader style. We got the helmet off whom we saw the gross body. We got the hound as he stabbing amid the shoulders as he's being choked out anymore died like die. You fuckin, by So whatever does an office are laughing in its great and how does my favor and then the mountains gone with the eye jam through your skull killed death? They re check and it's like it's hard to pull off, but I only use it twice. Foot then you, you think, are shit it is going to happen and then we think the hounds blind see that one writer I open up- and he looks the mountain and the death scene- is awesome
every time the mass comes off, it's always creepy, whether it's Friday, the thirteenth of theirs whatever move you want to know about, they never want to take the here's, never that they take the mask off from the guy, looks like rain run. They were much surprised that issue out of that man and man here's a blind he's got a kid, so they felt there. And then we another way to do that, but is really to the way the Jamie Sarcey rain and I've never been so It has seen a incestuous couple. Reunited was great emotional stuff and it looks like The entire building fell on them and they that, but we don't know, we didn't say for sure good boy assuming their dead, I feel it you did that positive and then area whose really seem scared for the first time ever was able to get out harrowing
running through things falling left and right emerges from it. A white horse comes out in our little corny. Yeah, but the way everything was around, it was kind of his cool. Should great blood streaks across the face I'm pro horse, but I can also see why people I that's fucking corny white horse- come on horse, just materializes added nowhere perfectly, some issues with other episodes. But even then I'm going. Ok, what do you really doing here like you? Kick it mad about tactical stuff, even though we did for an entire thrown game recap because it just it's not think of the dragon just wiped out everything like all great great use. The dragons data shows boring as hell for forty minutes like it's not the way the shows work. So I'm there's nothing. There's. Another evil we're all macro like everything about it get pursued. Five was is good.
It gets. I don't I don't over that of the bastards. I dont know if it was when they took out the sparrow crew. That was incredible them sick, we can actually use some of that music in this episode too. But this is one of my favorite episodes of I don't really have complaints utterly. I'm in a really Missis Shaw, so recap of people who died how white males Lot I am ass. Good point: Hound Mountain me probably sir you're on your own various Ferris, the. What is it the gold, the army? not an army guy got golden company I looked like a Jonas Brothers guy yeah yeah, one of the shooting ones, though the like them. Third guy they were married, prayer had show proud of her name is actually some, A recent was trying to tell me how great two of the three were so leave it at that.
So he serious Zoe claims their new song is fantastic. My daughter, I trust only yeah she's at the sides, really get the very awkward when you have the Jonas brothers on, or you have pointed out, which one do you sucks I the did. I get the one that such sir you, the cool one, the jovial Magee out of the three so yeah last episode. What we think. I think they were setting with just guess. We didn't Science is the sole episode regional for science at all, but. Have a hard time, believing that generis wins the throne with what you just did snobbery hates her. And it it fell a little bit like the other, the writers low four aria. Storyline. The which has never been one of my favorites in I know everybody disagrees me on his fine, but in a few
was sitting up a little of Oreo being disgusted with the nearest ass. She took in everything was happening, begins and landing, so she kills. The nurse have now had he killed them heiress. What does she, the lady of just now, a fire? Think if any other thing fire Mozilla Week, just a fan, unlike seven. A sea blasting for two hours, but what it's just the fin and Asia I think I think science ends up running the show at the end of this, though, be my guess, maybe my bet There has to be a happy stark and which would be funny because she is on Social it is pounding wine at all types, Ruby, hilarious of those who on the iron throne, that could be the, real harbinger there, how
she's been celebrating because she knows a lot about you just did their house. Nor do they there that she's gonna spoil gamma thrones in and Instagram like an early in the morning I went through all my god. I don't wanna garage follows bodies is the De Luca they probably like took her found for couple weeks, yeah machine? How could no one have done there? How could hackers How can one a vague done it, but building the fig worse tweet their essential I don't know she's on Twitter, she's alone Instagram. No, she was She was tweeting about pretty big secret to keep. She was twinning how an efficient and nuggets back or can be. Sometimes I feel like it has to be. The Starks went through everything, everything they gone through it? It feels in a way of they're, not gonna, like wrap up this happy ending. I liked it today was a bummer. I really
I buy predate the creators of the show doing that, but it feels like the stark, save. Add more skin in the game in anybody in that maybe right, maybe just ends up being some version of the stark thing where they all can be happy and together again, with all the sacrifices Gunther going through a little bit of a faint attraction the thing right yeah. Maybe they made her on likeable two's that when they take her out, no one cares. I mean if they cannot be violated the number one rule of whatever Rose dragging combat now and thirteen hundred cycling, gave up. He gave up now. That's a good point out the sword, that's over when the bell rings and alike in the eleven hundreds, maybe a little crazier. Let everyone can address ism, where civil order an empire up what there, they decided to do wired
they ve done is call you can help here. I've read anything on this: have they did a pre cool fought season like the mad king and like before? All the stuff happens, as that was the spin off that we often hear about them, be wrong about that's what happened. Didn't I think it's I heard a spin off of it was just gonna, be brain of ptarth. She's gonna run a kettle. She's gonna sell big goods which my kind of yeah yeah. I kind of like hey just life on the farm, but the way we ve at the talk about Kevin harlots carved the Croatia. Which is so good. It was, and then the other guy was screaming to regain three year is awesome. I really judge that other Basque were of game. Thrones miss both of them we're misgave thrones. Then
get another three weeks a Basque on the Basque goes. Are we on August? What have you been doing? Podcast riches, What's your life is I'm done once like the last free agent signs What's so many sorts getting like restricted matches on the fifth of God of death, we agree to build up. They will need to do say more, but there could be an August one just randomly like, which shows you knew I may move for a month. They Daniel Hannan but what are you doing play calm in Morocco was our will like thirty five minutes and whether Mark While there is, however, one of the best years has allowed I am really very red x. History was brazier, a flash in the pan. Bob stand Seventy eight verse mark as well answer Tuesday renew ladder, backing away yeah thanks to thanks the game with France thanks to the NBA. Thanks to this them for you to get a decision that calm thanks to voodoo elite.
Streaming after the library of over a hundred fifty thousand TED as well, but a rent or by over one hundred. That is much for free and their add. Sport undermine service, enjoy Hallo blockbusters favorite any films whatever we want. No subscriptions no comment acts. We were just on video recently guess why had towards job we're too, for the relaunch of all sides. Thereupon, up this week got the John Wick into double pass for nine. Then, and now I have it never known, you didn't want to watch John Wick, go to Vudu, I'm sorry, we watch was to set up and stir watch the you do you dare come. Psychoactive was then simply safe cities, protection, no contracts, fair prices, engineers keep working during Parada, Jews or dad Wifi made from gas from boss. And there's that could be a Boston same, but the Bruins are looking really good for the cup,
I have in mind about the happy. Has the happy people so psycho? You know how to talk, but acting this come about men and about the deadline pick ups for the bees, but to go through. Their care ladder golly I watched it gave to the Carolina goes loose shaky. They were like when they went to the third appear there like vigour bench him bill. I just got here given out of work and they loved him out gave up too bad once I watch the whole third pegs at that for show there could be a ton of fights and then I realized in two thousand and ten minute do there go the only home security, etc, simply safe, but going to supersede that comes. Ps3 supersaver to us and to save their come sash bs thanks to reseller, thanks to Nephew Kyle. Thanks to Osteria to Buca for book for subversive chicken farmers today that we post made it and be back on Tuesday.
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