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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to recap a roller coaster of a Game 5, KD’s injury, Kawhi’s impressive play, a depleted Warriors bench, a dangerous Raptors squad, Game 6 implications, how KD’s injury may affect free agency, Gym Corner, the Stanley Cup final, and more!

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boy says, do it, but I have, I was gonna, say boys, yadda yadda should for the big kids AIR Emma Sex Make a stray had available exclusively a J C penny visit, a story you or go to J C p d com or suppressed by the Ringer Pakistan work and the world's greatest website the ringer dot com. You can find dual threat with rain reseller on three or pack has now work with third party. Ready to go pearl jam man, you can feel the excitement. It is like eight hundred and forty five West Coast time, an incredible roller coaster, ride of the game, I'm going to I'm going to hold the Durant thing for a second, that's a whole segment, Let's just start with the raptors, almost one the title: they were up sex with less than three minutes left.
Moreover, warriors winner, moreover, amateurs showed where you going fifty five forty five warriors way and I never I've won radio show job. What are you I I we do that to me. One of you can you answer that now I thought it was a worse when I thought they span with three strayed threes from the greatest backward of our time with their backs to the wall. Down six crab go now. Small Menem Katy out the whole thing Jesse Michael, I had broken them and then boom. They come back with some threes in Toronto. As, like, oh shit, we accept to win this game there doing the APOLLO creed the Iraqi, the put in the hand on the robe congratulate themselves turn around rockies getting up and it looked like they just couldn't get the shit together. They didn't make one play in the final three minutes to win that game and had come does the double age it with it. With a goal painting one basket a goal: petty another basket and the first,
ever moving screen in a gigantic game, with under twenty seconds, left that I've ever seen in my entire life, I cannot believe they call them moving screen ever and cousins. I mean then you can sit here and in getting the whole, they just don't call it. They don't call it an like for the in Algiers really go yeah. He moved you like. If we ever that's, never ever called look at what is so it is doing to dream on green analyze, all right corner when Lowery clinics that one of the backward he's all may be Hyades Natalie's, removing screen when dream on gets to the corner. He pulls under him and pulls back and am not complaining about the. I just can't believe they may that calling cousins the most remarkable thing of the things that happened this game and I'm I'm white hot on fire right now we had to. All the doors. I guess TAT S, a bloody knowingly, we're gonna have existed up again heard it such that show me things. It just happened: okay, but when Kauai. When went on that twelve point execution where's like this is over
is why people compare me to Jordan, which again is that the resonate? It's it's the ability to just do it and do it in such an efficient way. Some of the quiet numbers from this final series and these play off- runs and is winning percentage of all time in the place better than anybody else like he is doing special things that make him arguably the best player in the world and all those things accurate, like none of this, is, I probably doesn't while play run, was his reserve the place the pantheon me read outweighs absolutely tabled. I want bakers sitting there and you're going. This is over the rafters are closing this thing out. We have a bunch of different angles, but this is over. He is doing this right in front of us and then and now there some debate, but it's one of three nights seven three minutes to go in the game and the rafters call a time out. The rapid desired I've forgotten, but that it is inexplicable and I'm I'm usually like, I think things happen and then, depending on the result, we play the results. We go all bad time out, good time, ouch into done this great play bad sub goods. There's no there's an
thing there, there's no zag where you could go! Oh, I get it that places ready to explode for a crowd that was dead. Most of the second half of the cat eyes. You know you're about to win a title. Look as areas roasted my whether it actually going we'll get the world turned against Giuliano tonight at the forefront in that it will get to that time. Now I don't get it doesn't make any sense. The warriors the whole thing of the words you point out, trying to figure out how to keep cousins on the floor because of his rebounding. Yet when and screen it was, it was basically a five minute stretch where they got him into switches and jacks. Is killing the warriors for these switches. Look they're, gonna switch loony now is out for the series they couldn't play. Bogot Jordan Bell came in for a stretch for cousins. He lost a box on a huge, often of rebounding, just by not paying attention, so they went back to cause and somehow somehow- and this is not the toughest team in sports mentally or the golden stay war. Again, that's
the demand. Thing is the big story and it's gonna dominate tomorrow. It cannot be lost. I'm too light is. This is a great great, great, true champion that back to the wall was, I forget, we're not going down three sides: one o three: ninety set over at one o Three- ninety Sagey Missus Lowder, pull up there now for quite comes down, makes a pull up. As you said, he'd scored twelve straight. Thank you for coming down, which is a three with three fifteen laughed throughout a rebound. Clara comes down inexplicable time out. My guess is. Somebody in Toronto must emotion to the bench or he must have thought. I was tired, or I don't know, comes out. You know just to cover our basis here. There are some people saying Lowery actually would call it. Oh really, I dont know I got that we all have in front and duration of you, gotta Kazanovitch momentum comes back and coercion. Airbus eleven footer clay makes a big boss, clay three and clashes
I was just never seen a shooting. I quite like him. We grab at the Reggie Miller, and Reggie Beller. Basically, the evening, finally in two thousand they lost and six games Why has done this on the biggest stages back to the war, against the best teams, over and over again this entire decades. So he makes the three Lowery MR three cousins. Has that offensive go. Sending and we're like oh shit, so the warriors are still down. It was the call, so it was going to stand two minutes left and it looks like one of those things they looked out. It was right after the two minute warning Toronto, then has the twenty four second turnover, which is a disaster. I lay as you're doing this right now. How many disasters place both way without saying like this is kind of a choked by Toronto. The runaway literary realise curry, open for three there's: two guys in the floor: can make a shot and it goes clay. Three curry. Three three and now, all of a sudden there up three with fifty seven seconds left GSM, This is a lap.
Then dream on, has the terrible backward turnover when they could While I was kind of on staff in as much as I do half year, he was ass. Much like step has way too many of these freaking moments. I call on the small dumb team. I've ever seen. They have some of these absolutely ridiculous careless moments in the bigger or whether the behind the bag pass in sixteen game. Seven, whether its look, one game to staff carnage Harold and in almost through the ball away when he passed the Livingston stuff. You know those of the times. Being smaller than the other guys pert staff, because you can just run, do datum, and yet you panics a little bit Even the dream. I went back court, which is inexplicable. You can't they got there bound and they keep fighting. I've found I money out of it. Then, on the replay, I really don't think I've fallen dream on just kind of get his foot caught up in the line, but that will enable curries that the greatest ball hinder their mean he's a guard. I don't feel like he's, throwing his aim like ain handle, I'm saying like And bringing the ball up with pressure, I think he's.
Happier than its I tied Archibald thirty years ago. Right, I may add sphere, but that that possession of the backward started screwed up off the defence rebound and car out, as I am, I left any use, it didn't use it and you have to have a bat court there. And then a moving scream. So then tyrannical too for wind YAP is Larry, get lies in the autumn, Kuznets gets torched and that in any other and cousin sets the moving screen. Cousins is a more for Toronto S. Three minutes. This gave Toronto. It's about back with us, Our cuban show might have it targets above fifteen seconds. I have no time out. They end up with Larry in the corner with Marcus are wholly clothing, James from behind, like it Eli Manning Helma Catch play where other offensive Lyman on the passage is getting health and life. So I can tell dreamer another minute touched it or reduce it. Sad about order that the ass need rushed it I'd rather.
My honestly blacked out for about thirty jackets, I'm out there for the raptors share all at that point, I think it was actually starting to like 13th and we just watching all these things and now they're going to lose again like I was convinced it was going to be because they were small in that spot. There was going to being an offensive, rebound collide, Tipp back and BP. All I'm put him in the Hall of Fame is. Are you happen anyway? The possessions are back or violation moving screen Uncas, and they win the game anywhere on the road That is one of the word it. That aim will be and TV for the next fifty years will be seeing an mba tv be remembered. As the Katy got her came, but age a severe member as the rafters coming a battle says you can come to win in the title. I still feel like the spurs in Miami two thousand. Thirteen is the closest whoever see up six at home. And go in the eighteen weeks as plan really heard his leg, looks just wiped out and cant find five guys to play its like
Oh, we make our friends defence with Cook it echoed dollar lay their grasp for straws, guys we're like age. Europe go, don't get Lou Future its draft because look. It is difficult for the signal. A bogus play two minutes Mckinney, who they ve gone to leave even like I was decay, in another bunch other things we recover your, but I was at Oracle for Game for gas. No in Mckinney actually got hooked up with was correct defensively and now he's a point: where he's a panic, so you know there's there's the rest of the series to talk about, but I really think at this point. We have to do the start and what the like right. I don't I don't. I always say that, whereas with no, let's do the game and will do what did the red second segment cause in the bees? Yeah yeah didn t I should produce your partner. I want to get to the I just feel like we got, appreciate the craziness. There came first, including cousins, whose benched right benched in
game. He is. They show him about two minutes before Durant's rents hurt on the bench. With that look on his face like a monopoly. Kill my age and he told me this is a good idea. I may get it. MP and a muslim game in Toronto, and am I not play their assessors sucks advice? Two cousins, this off season just go, find a team that stinks and put up huge numbers that's, how you gonna recapture better money? Ok, not not a ring getting bench and then them having to go to you, and then he came in Billy has seven points and, like Maybe I don't see, scored nine stray points it. We went nuts, so he finished what he paid. Twenty minutes. Fourteen point: six ribands he'd black the steel to gold, endings and a move? And what almost is the most famous moving screen of our time I've driving me- I still can't believe they call like that- makes me think. I'm not a fix guy, I'm not out. You can speak, I'm not conspiracy bill, I'm anti conspiracy, ride. Dont worry, you know, like
I walked out agenda the Arrow conspiracy girl, but just I just wanna presented, that's the kind shit where you go. How are you a rough looking to call a moving screen in that spot? That's weird! It's never been cod, I know there is a self standing once where it was. I think there was one called on Garnett. It was the same kind reaction. We like on an imbalance yeah as aid this site, that's reacts like now at this point in the game. Call those anytime you want I made it it's kind of understood it's a little bit of a free for all that you're gonna jump over somebody's back and a rebound or something that I am a bird in spirits. He built it Believe you want me to bring a man. Has you dangerous right now, I mean, maybe the weakness that interested in a game. Six with the key thing in the store landed the two days and so extra revenue in honor behave. Had I know that your eyes actually, no, I just I was that cause inexplicable. The way
car, which we have talked about yet five minutes left raptors threatening a comeback. The upon the break, the most obvious travel costs of the entire ass, an they don't call it and everybody stops because it such a travel, Dunk time out Toronto down to us Five minutes left yet at all, and I learned high other academic they're, not gonna go back for them. They had to table what's this camera, my god, they're not gonna, come back from that and they came back each step, hardship incredible one of the great winds, half a ring. As my Libra my giving you should get half a ring for o seven You know you go through the course of his Let me say they end of winning the title who the Warriors Watson when the corona they come back here they win game six national you go there. Yet, but I don't need a similar when I look around.
It's one of the legendary back to the walls, pull a series Adam our ass wines, we ve seen with the Rio and shout internet attend that was like a night in F. Katy goes down Anna goes down but looks like he blew out as Achilles grabs. His leg grabs the bottom of his foot. Stars go back in the locker room with them. They know it's bad. They are no guns, no bullet the holster laughed other than clans. Tat basically have to make twelve to fourteen threes between them and they still when it's pretty great basketball shattered the basketball yeah shot out. You were crestfallen now. I was in a real function. Can we go to the beginning of the game? Yeah? Let's do it. Let's do it what's going on and what we're dealing with it would take a quick breakin. Other quick right to talk about big little lived. That is, are twitter.
Post game show for big little eyes. Hbo every Sunday night, many times demanded Dobbins therewith IE. You can watch it on the at Ringer, twitter, feed or hashtag. Big little laugh check it. Russia do and the Ringer dish the new pact, s view that we have. You can listen to the big little eyes: social media breakdown of the core five, the five big characters, but we really like big blue eyes, were blown out of touch with different voices. Check it out on the rare are so first fifteen minutes is the best basketball, pretty crummy sears. Let's be honest, that address so far, however, realise though I've been entertained at like I know it's not the choir stuff is awesome, To watch Toronto and just to see it all work and have them beyond this role and parties is again seen an impact
where you go, you know when they play no matter who they play. Everybody can get a bucket in a different way. In a client person is a different kind of special elite athlete. It's not the high flying stroll mile swift tyres, Thomas stuff, The love, it's the eye, can drivel really hard to a spot and git up before you can even adjusted what I'm doing, I can, and I might as well as right ward, not, alas, I can ward you off a little bit. It's kind of like not a stiff armed, your face, but sick, a stiff, armed your waste, and I don't know what to do in to do equality does that The only really do is tell yourself a standard feed on that first up fake. Whenever he's in the pact as he does it every time, but everybody still goes for it, like so you're helpless against them, but a bach around the room has been great: the soul, insane staying tonight. Don't love Lauer, he was bad tonight, but he can make shots. Van fleet is made three after three Norman Power can driver who see outcome can create Danny Green, had a crazy game like there's. All of these guys at any point in Toronto has five guys out there. All five guys have to
respected its. The two thousand fourteen spurs blueprint everybody's a threat, it's very hard find seven, eight guys to do that in back, Cuba, with thirteen league, imagined my seventh toymakers he's fucking hard about your being a Gm Billy. We want to have like our four seventy guys, albeit will make a shot all have to be guarded Maria shot. Yeah luck and it happened in it. You know this is why this team has been able to do with it. Doing by you met. You mention the calliope now about how strong Asia IRAN his of when I play Basque House right out there with my kids, now it and you can do the thing when you're playing smaller kids, where they could try to steer the barn. You could just hold them off with your arm and they just bounce off your arm cause there. Half your size he's doing that in the NBA with guys were his eyes, were there there barrel in turn any just puts his arm out, and it's like it's like this fucking force field around body. I've never seen anything like it. It is a people of tar. Zack did a good job intolerable,
Does the other day about foreign Zack la la LA post got it people just bounce off quiet there, always the one that goes down its them requires down. So is the other guys rolling round and crisis can a standing looking at him. He had apply, in game. Think it's too, where he went to the hoop against Bogot dream. It was an an one, were like flipped it up and it's out on the front of the room and then went in and both Bogut and Draymond ended up on the floor and Kawhi like went to go to the free, throw line and then turned in and were every other player, were looked at them to kind of like you, ain't shit, Kawhi had actual astonishment. I go, we all collided, You guys are on the ground like oh yeah, oh wow Sally cool guy ass, it was almost like he was ready to apologize. I owe you hazard down there. So all of this has been been awesome beginning, but the beginning of this game, the Katy part of it still doesn't miss clay. Doesn't miss Katy have threes three three
RO. He doesn't misuse actually moving off the ball and you're starting to just your allowing yourself to think wait, a minute like what can happen in this series. Let's talk about. I think that was the first really well played quarter of the entire series. Thirty four to twenty eight golden state. They shoot eleven. Four hundred and nineteen, seven thousand four hundred and ten from three Toronto's fifty six point: three percent. They weren't is good from three, but it was just a really entertaining while played and did the rat variable, Bowen him guarding Kuwait, and we go in. Do it where the ranch going to space the floor switch on these, so we will really have the guardian buddy they're, not gonna, pushed pushed too much make up a phrase as they are ok they may everything they made everything you run out and are blowing up Toronto by war. I sewing M are doing ok de staff and when he got hurt, it was the first time they the teetering car that was on the highway. It's going to eighty and it's like hey what happens if you
try to get a hundred this thing out and try it and he gets hurt. I think, if beds to the Harrison Barnes. Two thousand sixteen philosophy of tissues, Katy to space the floor and sets and picks, don't don't Sure I don't know I I Clearly wasn't healthy. Ok is seventy five percent and eighty percent lion Week last week. This I said. I've heard that he's be back rename five so that hoping right. So that's what ends up happening. He placed flag five minutes. They take em out that guy that Smart back almost limb right of everyone to three minutes left and then kept them in, and they said no time like one at a time limit values. We actually think it was avoidable, though, because I don't believe that stuff like if he was gonna get her. I don't There was a way to baby hit baby him through twenty minutes. In first six minutes. And in backs excluded. They then more cautious with them in the first half the least feel now get get somewhere them. Don't ask,
too much farm. Don't have things where he's like China take a back off the durable shit like that. I was surprised Amnesia. That's not fair man, that's not because when you're basketball player redistributed, that good he's you, you don't go like. Oh, let me just make sure I just don't attack anybody That's just what I'm gonna happen to you know well, two days ago he couldn't play, and now here just storing a man like the last four weeks didn't happen. I thought that was a mistake. If a in the moment so urging to happen when he made the first three threes you weren't sit near gone. This is us, but they were just reporters where wasn't like crazy taxiing light came China do stuff, I think what happens if they get slow, the game you feel good, at adrenaline, Goin core start thinking about stuff, but his net. The Danes. When you have an injury like that. Like I just don't want that to happen and find the words. I don't want him to get super comfortable there, so that he's thinking like a man, I'm feelin it cause
obviously wasn't a hundred percent, as he wasn't even fifty percent three days ago that to play, as all like. I agree with that, but I think this is the part where I believe: ok, so what did you want them to do? He wanted to play? Obviously, if the team cleared him, did someone screw up there because once you're out there, you can't you can expect. A guy, especially who still like age prime to go. Awry going to be like a spot up. Shooter, I'm never could you just it doesn't matter what you played in the first twelve of the first fourteen one slash two minutes of the game. It seems crazy. I refused my ex always ready minutes. Brown? I got I didn't eyes a minute. I don't think there's a minute worked like a views that her think of this is Achilles, because that's what it looked like no by the time the sun comes out, probably more about it, because it looked like something absolutely ruptured and the muscle ripple deal it's a liar down- and I just don't understand the Achilles bright, but the two things that we ve seen, which has always been we're about this injury when in the future Simon Habit against Houston, he went down and pinched at is Achilles
re, never on the calf, or do you think they ve been honest. People I've time about. No, the done analyse people. I've talked to no one's done. I mean that you think they would just lie to everybody's think by Mars, with light awoke about it being a calf. When it's an Achilles, I don't know, I don't think you would The only thing that made me suspicious was when they showed that clip after one of the gains in his greeting as teammates in their eyes. Pack was super low and his foot. She seem no this, but I have a calf I've to actually, none, I their little those beasts out there a little higher may. Perhaps I can speak for his calf's, but where that is pack was seemed like web. Michael. These are my body out and obey your body. Might all. I don't know, but then again tonight that same thing, what anybody he grab when you went down when he fell down so he touched, he touched the Achilles again take is any thai high. Then many went back to their choice and many did like that. Weird move,
foot up and down thing, which is usually a bad sign for the Achilles, but people find here does Achilles the last time right so their own csi What are do we make this whole thing about? There's this narrative, Glasgow days, it was like people wanted to write. It was. Poor insinuated there is more to this, but nobody wanted to say what it was and it was a lot of the workers are frustrated, but it was more their frustrated. He wasn't healthy area, but who are they fresher? Really? They think he was dog in it. Do you think I was clear. Nobody has ever willing to come out right. There is a very yes to it, I remember. Reading I mind about summit the saying how look at how clay encouraging the quotes they gave. To the game about what one year champion you ve gotta, be out there, and it said What does that mean? Was there's something read between the lines there's a little bit of that online about
where the worry ascending smoke signals like where he did? Everything else is plain hurt. Now that was a thing and I didn't think it was fair because everybody is different especially when you talk about knees and lower legs and feet, though, if you look the history, the NBA Look alike bill, while in nineteen seventy eight satellite there's something wrong with my foot. Team doctors. I know now you're fine have. I will give you a shot I'll give you a shot in the fur and they end up like he breaks his foot, even where Sir, like Heaven, Mikhail and eighty seven the history of guys ignoring the sides of their body and continue to play its it's really bad. It's to a lot of bad things over the course of history. So obviously, this is another example whether you should playing or not if he was back in play in their clearing up. That's fine. I have a hard time believing in two thousand nineteen, especially with that organization that they would want him
they are knowing that like he's? Actually the Achilles is partially torn is, if it Achilles, is partially torn in there's no way should be out there play basketball so I dont what I've that, if that is true, there's no way that there's no way there's no way and honestly, if he had that kind of thing, it would is probably snap at some point anyway, and it just depends on whose two stuck with a bill: Which, I think was a year time with this, is the worst lack of our time daddy. Did you ever through different coincidental injuries that I related. Now, I'm saying it's really. Good luck, She was already hurt, but if he's the one that wants go out there, and I think this actually shows tremendous character. I think to ran for all the shit that guy takes. The key proved in should proved all the people at Hate Autumn, because their mad at you want to go. Can I get why people are mad that he went to golden state, but this dude went out there right in front of free agency stared at MAX money. And said you know what I want to go out there and help these dudes win. If you were mentally is sometimes we suggest because he doesn't weird stuff, but if you really soft, he could have easily
Look. I'm not going to come back, I'm not going to risk it and if I come back and then we lose every shift on the all over again and I'm worry about all this stuff like that stuff. That does bother him and instead he's acknowledgement. Can I go back out there and play in so of any. This stuff is real that, like there was animosity from other players, I think the frustration may mean more about like do that is to be back he's not back. He doesn't look good that I think the right and then Steph like let us use. This is further evidence that, maybe it wasn't is contentious. People made out to be step was damn near cry. Here in the Post game interview, his eyes were tearing up. There were welling up with for the first, the first answer yet Doris, he was kind of started rambling, and that is just like I'm sorry. My mind is just all over the place right now and it looks like he was going to start crying on tv and caught himself and then was This is really emotional, and I think you know this, has in the whirlwind out for what six six years expires five violence, but they six years where their Ben you know in the fire,
and they ve been a a big games and it's a team that weirdly their homes. The was what they originally known for right: the Baron this warriors in Oakland all that stuff but all their most famous games. I think I've been on the road you go through like the Cleveland Gay, last year, the creeping in the year before that ok see game into that. Sixteen even game and game for the jet. The game that eventually JAMA got the technical for those fucking Someone got lost his dream on got goaded, Interpol, brought in the balls right at the end of it, but that was a classic like where the fuck enchant scheme, and they ve got a lot of those, and this was another one tonight there too two against Houston, they last year and this year, where disdainful behind him game. Six used for me will be an all last year this year, which will end this one, especially We have our last year there downloads maintaining at this team.
Hey, they're, gonna hitting and when it when I say there, the toughest mental team and all the four major sports feel free to offer. Other suggestions like the permits have gone through. Stuff, but it's in your car that taken this paradigm there's an easier path to a cause. I was sad that no, but you know going back to Memphis when it was still new and we have a hard time it wouldn't. When people ask me what did you see come what's wrong and I'm like, I feel, like I've been a protocol. Was anybody nationally, but at the same time it's really hard to accept something is great before it actually happens. They were good after the fact be, like you knows greatest Toronto, and going in next year. If it were, the same can be like Terranova great team, yet it it's impossible, almost impossible and sports to be calling something great before it's actually reach that level, and so for me, look in a golden state and yeah. A little bit like they were the band I liked before all my friends did he give you sitting there. Listen in the raft, unlike dude you even game hedge We can't even get so. I think with with this worries team, it's always funny, because there
you know there are financed sir there there this through the outside shooting team, they ve always been one of the best offensive teams. The leaves of this whole run, except for this year, the regular season they should You show many times all things. You just said tonight, Houston game. Six, this year, Houston game. Six, last year, you're going to Cleveland Game the game three two thousand seventeen equivalent then came for last year, Deuce or the game three, the two game yeah, I could even doing around ones. What are you really are the windows game threes when the rapporteur to be stacked against any of his first home game for them. Finally back to like Memphis being up to one and all the old NBA dude spin, like ah you got. You know you guys thought this was pretty. You guys thought this was cute like you just have to rough. Right and then it was light. Jumped shooters came when one little click and then they ran him out of there, and so I just I approve
She ate them in a way, that's very odd for me, because I never like grew up rooting forum. I like Bob. Myers a lot. You know I like Travis who's there. I think Larry Harris a really good front office guy. We all realize how good of a coach Kerr is, and I'm doing some of the stuff too often and kind of like sticking up for him, but this is why I appreciate them, because I don't think I don't think there's any other teams, except for maybe like who would have gotten this win tonight. Who else would have gotten this win tonight missing? Argue either best player who's? You know one of the two or three best players in the world clay. Let him miss the game, cousin, Sue's, useless, no offense Looney, who that you can do now done for this like this is ridiculous and I know clients really good. I just like every other team loses tonight. I think any other really good team in the last five or six years loses this game in Toronto and a team that relies on jumped shots like that, I'd be approved by the way but whatever, but a team that
The item is relying on an three pointers and through the greatest it is about time coming up. Screens there When were you a basket, there's never been attain that over and over again has been able to deliver that verses. You know the brine puts his head down. Goes the basket cool eyes trying to get. Ten feet away. Do one has runners shy, they go to him, the low post, like it she's, been threes, over and over again we need most slits by the way make a gruesome. I wanna get that one thing in those. You just said is really important because it so many times you see, step able go around everybody here and you're like just drive, just drive just drive in any movement to drive on one does lay possessions, try to finish the less out of the room. Shit got light, dues were ready, does it was like he said it forum and two different guys, spite it and you're like that's. One of the disadvantages deaths has overall other guys your name, because even if you need a round everybody, it's going to be a problem. For me, the rim, let's take a break because there has been some stuff that came in the press conference and I think we should take a two minute break. Just read through Twitter, its nine fifty
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You were few, don't wait! The sooner you download the free, zip code, job search at the sooner it can help. You find a better job check it out. Zipcar, do the job, search, abject today we are back. Now is nine seventeen pacific time so lives? I Katy is an Achilles injury bombing says Achilles injury. Mri tomorrow, barely holding back tears as he was talking. He said quote the people that course and whether you want to go back and play were wrong. Is one must misunderstood. People he's a good teammates, lucky to know him Steve Car said it was asked to Vienna AIR it's. My brain Kevin drew back in the series of Cinema. Leave that to Bob. I don't know what that means. I guess he. Oh so car made a queer bob's gonna be talking about Katy so forget that scotch maybe later there is there is reading, had just called your like wow
But may I say yes, he he just put Burma is in charge of talking about Katy, so FUCK man Katy fee Pact, as Achilles coming back in this final game that some believe about arms. I guess I m speechless a mom. I literally to know what to say. There's gonna, be some really nasty anti warrior stuff because its turned India they know did they make him go out. I mean to me It wants to go out there. You want to go out there, but they never do anything. Nays a grown man, Ryanair and I really conference strong.
ITALY made who wanted to play, but did he go out there? Was he motivated, like all the different radio topics you can do, and I was gonna like labels that radio topic isn't, as am I gonna, really believe this, but would it be a radio topic to go would direct not play, because he knows there helpless down three one there's nothing I can do, but then he comes back and plays and like did he play because he wanted to show all the hatred and this may be- the guy just want a fuckin play, because that's what he does now and now to have this happen in front of free agency. I think it actually not that I still think like the Knicks would give him the four years and say a man will figure it out. This is this is out there, but do you this changes. What could happen with the warriors were the warriors could say we will give you whatever you want right now and we believe in you, and you know if, if the Escape doesn't go your way like say in just you and random, like Jimmy Butler stays and fairly.
He gets traded, Lakers quite stays in Toronto. Borri goesler clippers carry goes to the nets and then The recent doesn't want to go there and the next are only the without anything else. There could the warriors pitch him on your hurt, we're going to take care of you financially stay here for another year, maybe two, and if, if this isn't going to work, like you know, you don't mean Go to a new situation, her wondering what the rescue rosters gonna look like, I'm about to believe anything, this boy yeah. I gotta say I'm not, I'm not ready to think about the next time. You cause. You think, like this one, the fifty embezzlers ever he's thirty now is, could be thirty. One next season he's got twelve seasons on the odometer. At this point in a lot of playing games, and this is a really serious injury. I've never been fully satisfied without anyone's come back from this even cousins this year. Even with the right heating look right to me, I don't feel like we're. Two guys ever been the same. Kobe was in the
who told me was a lot of amateur opens was in the same like who has come back and looked at them from the century. Like I feel egg, regardless of where team is on next year, it's gonna, be almost a here before he plays so now we're we don't even Even if these switches teams we don't get the sensation of You know him on a new team doing staying on top of that. We have no idea fees they even be. Eighty percent is good, as he was an interesting credibly, unfair that this happens during the fucking files of all tat. This has to be the worst thing That's happened during the files that I can remember hearing about the Whig Willis Red fifty years ago. Where would at whatever he did to his thigh, like that use fucked up for like six months from now, but Don't like an injury this bad during a final. His must buddy ask him what about Karim MAGIC played centre game? Six was at his ankle body, just gaze Randy
years couldn't play? This is like other potential young. I am writing my injury rather bizarre he's trying other big injuries right. I mean that I mean do. I do feel like I was cold and already projecting all these developments, as I am that on that an adversary. I'm just my mind is just like holy shit like that may be it for the Katy run like he might be. Moving too If a phase of his career. Now you now end, so unfair that he obviously was still when he came back and tried to fight through it, and this is We live in a society where everybody's, like you got to fight through stuff man. You got to you got to be out there for your teammates in like this is kind of why you have to get workout now I have no idea hurry. He was they were varies. There are very quiet about what the injury was and I know we're going to talk now for next how many months.
Well the worried and russian back as far as this. This is what the next couple months be. Looking at tomorrow's gonna, be a full on both times comes out, nobody's listen on these coasts. It will be a full on a saw in some circles on the warriors. It just gonna be nasty and I don't think that's fair bullock, if Katy, if Katy didn't wanna play unified. So I don't feel like there's any blame to really begun around. You tell you what's gonna happen, I now I get some fair, though, because I wouldn't reading ambition on the words or take a while to create this, I would go. I think we need this call to a title. We ve seen people play through just about every an he. Obviously you saw in the pre game warm up sake. He could run around. He could have done with the pre him, what he added value but was opened. I wouldn't Item I say this play and twelve of the first fourteen five minutes was not a great idea. I dont think
I see your point and I don't know I don't know if there is a different minute pattern. There was always sending it to prevent in injury. They obviously is very tight You are actually automobile, twenty twenty four minute limit for the game. What are you gonna play? Forty minutes is going on is none of those guys missed a three and they were still only up like six, and I think they were scared. I think three wanting going where hitting everything, and yet there are still in this game- and somebody was free- throws early this. The war is, do really bad job and allowing second chance opportunities for Toronto. So you know- and I think they were really because it in star with them on quite defensively, but I think they were throw just to have another big body out their cause he's gone up against the arguments. Yok must try to finish, gets them. That's enough. So lay upon that again, I figure energy is gone, My energy was really weird, hasn't beginning with so much fun as it was really
happen and we would also jack for this aim that goes about. I tried a house. I brought ice cream yeah you grace Year, I was like, I almost had a drink, it was blind man and I would hope, here's another kid is so bad that it thinks an unfortunate outcome of this. He was this guy who got shit on basically from the moment. You decide to go to the warriors and could never win and was a lightning rod for the next three years, and now he has turned into the sympathetic figure that You know in this kind of pleasure, empowerment. Thinking about the pleasure, your organization kind of climate were now is now one of the most sympathetic figures. We have this guy, who tried to get it out, and now he jeopardized is Gyre fridge in contract, and now it's like Katie's is The victim in the underdog again issues bizarre right in a bizarre outcome to this it'll be in a sort of exists.
Probably Elena month or so ago. With the eighty trade, I said. I think the eighty market will be different, because two other teams are go, look almost city was able, do George. Look what happened with Toronto here, even if he doesn't stay it's gonna take teams is going teams in ownership, especially look at things differently, going our who cares or give up the assets will take a swing at this thing. I think this key the injury, will have a lasting impact on other guy they're kind of borderline healthy to go in big play off games. And you're gonna think I other shako I took last year when he didn't feel hundred percent ray. I still think some of that was fair to be ass. Much I love the player, you think aegis. Down with the tenth when somebody told me that it was plain to into a map Bonner Duncan inviting Sean Elliot while it worked out on the other end, unlike another hook, neither hoop and inspires people were pissed off about it. That was pretty measure allowing do you think this changes? The whole cuts of these guys betting on themselves with the one once
We have finally seeing this backfire on somebody. Now. That's another great point: your fire tonight. Thank you because it's the same thing that I'm talking about the influence, the ability to be influenced how quickly things can change like it happens in business all the time to agreement. We couldn't do that like. Why would he want tempts? Omit temper like they're not had counts in new blood. We don't worry about fight like you know, I'm saying like the things that and that everyone thinks you shouldn't, do and then a couple people do it and then everybody decisive do raw sheep and away. But it's like you did this trend, where you, you stated here, but also I the ringer an you read her right now, other guys. Other Ladys will try to try that model a job and getting a bad day for somebody who won the mountain on Thursdays. So just get busy. I heard it lives right. Ah,
yeah, but I don't think I wanna one young man that went to my motto is dangerous because of what we just saw, everybody's, a God, is a matter that nobody gets her anywhere from most marbles. You guys don't get her most. Like- no one really get debilitating injuries and even the guys are at the very top, like a Paul George, going to get MAX effort, leg cracks in a bunch of different places like I should be okay, I still think the rants probably going to get close to maxed out because they'll be a team that does the mass saying you know what it's worth whatever we get on the back and even of his diminished, but I still think some these achilles calm. She made a call, he was at the end. Cousins is bigger domini thirty years ago, I've ever if I did I'd for some reason. I feel like with the target is worries me more. But I think the one on one, the one one thing like it just funny that all of a sudden, no one cared about the extra years forget for years right when carried off I care about about for, like I just do legal Brown, Albion control I'll do one year to one year to one year and then everyone.
You started doing it. Leubronn did it and now you're like women. It is actually the right thing to do if your player, so I think it's really good point people worth wondering at that he's, gonna happen this year to Liquid Kyrie, do a potentially would cooperate on annual month. My husband I talked about we did. The pamphlet wet with his left leg is leasing an apartment I talk I talked on Saturday. I was saying I thought it was becoming increasingly realistic that Kawaii when do the one hundred and one and has a rhino with Toronto and House was like Debbie Crazy, like what, if he gets hurt, is risking like one hundred and ninety dollars and has a good point can't do that, but thinking that, like the rats been doing this the last two years, however, we mean condition now think like this, the new, nor because that's what it is and that's why you're inquiry. Your way. Why would I be doing anything short of the full year terms that you could get a you your way like in the old NBA carry would stay with Boston and still be miserable and take the five years, because that's what you would do when you ve had-
massive knee injury south a thirty year. So why, like put you know, we judge said the new NBA reality and it'll be interesting to see you impact. It has some these reagents because I do think it'll changed. The way guys will play a place. I can't believe we have got into yet what, because much as everybody who may be was Anti Katy around the About eighty year just found out about the Toronto fence Ronald became the most unpopular city and fan base in a span of seconds when the first reaction. Akkadian down does brutal was cheering. So, let's examine this: let's be fair, like what we were sitting there very. We notice that immediately were upset immediately by because one doubt they too We are hearing Nancy, this bar cheer and they had a fast break but also cheering cause. He was down and then winning shut up and he started limping day ensuring that at least a decent segment in the crowd.
Hard to say how many, but I would say at least maybe one third one one for one third point, that clay immediately got mad and started like waving at them, the fuck off and one of the airport, anything Georgia and then multiple Toronto, guys we're looking at waiting at their fans down them to shut the fuck up. I've never seen that before that's and that we were saying watching the game. Like Woof least, we have arguments karma. As I was like. I don't know, karma for Toronto there that site. That's never worked out for the crowd ever it always like backfires in your leg Karma guys deal that shitty is paying people talk, but then I believe in it. Who is right? We were like I can unlock and lost like arguing, karma you're, like I'm. A realist Who am I in that situation? Devlin John, I'm John? you weren't, you Jack, Annabelle even karma, is the good little etc, who last around again you're the good. My dear J, I was the bar creepy,
crazy guy who believe that we are drawing up. A jack was given up to Vienna, Yellow run their laws, use. We are Marshall, Jack yeah. He had that he had had a car wash it ESPN. I was red hot there for a minute. He D was meant to be anti tv shows the party five and last I was get get round. He kicked his coverage. Can you live off for that Yeah made a lot of money unless he's fine ok so anyway, you're antagonize programme, not I operate. I know what I look in the mirror. I know I'm good people I do. I was a jerk I was younger, but I wasn't like evil you know, There was this quit that wasn't me once when I eat either seats in the tunnel. My dad for the sought, the games, it Michael Coopers, getting carried off it is like I'm like fifteen unwary like a shirt and have a head on and, as is walking by a kind of Adam and said somebody. I think some sports by was like looking young Simmonds
hunting Mega coopers. You walk by, and I was like- I definitely was talking whom I was like a super awkward fifteen year old too, just some, unlike gave him like a wave. I I don't know prevent a big of oak. Oh good somebody got injured. I wouldn't like a ready for injuries. That's year cycle, so basically you're like the make Amerika great hat it depends depending on the angle. You could see in your way like a taunting. Guy. Like our another angle, it's kind of weird like one of those due to over their doing so yeah. That's not fair. You know what's gonna happen is like Toronto fan started freaking is by lawyer. Everybody turned on you yeah you. Was unanimous that the measure, I would argue that year, Drake TINY Dreamer, and yet every turn sat around. That website very rarely comes to some sort of consensus, Antoinette Icon and all with sudden it was like school. Toronto is it was weird and then even the announcers they can avoid
Weird natural great reactionary way were like wall, they, go and get an area might be made a point of coming back and he talking again about a salutary nailed the moment. So your watch then, of course like this will be you, and I know you like. Oh yeah, ok, whatever, whatever Boston Guys Boston, has a veto. Weird appreciation for things that it doesn't get credit for like if I can be in the stands at Fenway when it's the final Autonoe, maybe was the third. Alas, goodbye was Roger Clemens at a Yankee uniform here and they can cheer him. They gotta you I didn't either. There's a sentimental part of Boston that I dont think people understand. So when it's the blues, Bruins and after gave five, the kids given the blues player that you're a way out, and it's like our typical Boston and by for all this shit. Boston takes that's more typical, Massa right. The blues have just as many way hockey blurs the Bruins. Do so
then came a happy. It came six years like it even younger kids, given a guy. The finger at your like women, I thought, like Saint Louis, which is now admit. Saint Louis, is an illusion but people are their order, is how, after two drinks by observed, etc. Now, not all Midwest thing, they're they're always said that there had been in a crowd one time were we actually rooted for the harm of a human being to know it. That was about wrestling now it was one pairs, clock, Lambert, game, five, eighteen, eighty seven the game before he had cheap child labour that all fight right imperative today in the game to re I pair stamped out, I'm an one too. Beat the shit out of them. And Lambert went down and stayed down for like twenty seconds and the crowd fuckin Loveday in sheer and the rest were so scared. They just left a ready and then contact the gap, and we will again I gotta kill that guy deserves today. So I shouldn't, and blameless with the reading. But in this case in sight the dude did
thing against iranian Junior and do something in game for embarrassed. Possibly the anti Christ terminology is totally different situation. I don't have any evidence suggests. As you know, the wasn't anti Christ ideas in the running. I think for loudly does midst to being him in the thirty four thirty. So there you know he's from Boston members from I wasn't like from Belmont or whether they were so yeah Lexington at Sunday. I've been in crowds region, but that that their Anthony that was unfortunate. It was nasty because was immediate, like that was the first response is kind of a real one day. You want this so bad and I wonder how many other cities would have done it likes and not to turn this into total like Toronto. Is the evidence that you did it tonight now are left a theorize. How other cities would handle this thing? But it's like man. We want this sharing If so bad their best player goes down while this is gonna be way easier. I'm excited and here's the elation, but then there's clips of like guys, waving Durrant being on the ground and to see the
players. I don't think I've ever seen. The players turned the crowd. Unbolt teams yeah like what are you guys doing right now? You know your angle and they sheer, though I would say when they carried him out. It was like thing but is already too late. This is where, like a fan, base needs as spokesmen or like Ben after I had politician knowledge leg Nobody will you in that area when he had one of the greatest lines for he was usually who voted for him when he was dead the jailer Susie Agrafena, sick, odd, but everybody's reconciled? Your friends begins its fine, I'm not poison servers eggs. He was dated or a person fuller, where I think every fan should have like a spokesman. Who is that guy Trump had the first couple months the presidency, the guy who then tried to become like the Look at our own scattered rigid, wherever he followed, like a million people on to you No Sean Spacer, o spices yeah? He was. He was after after the other guy there was there.
Like a day. Every fan base should have like a Sean Spicer. Who has a press conference run and be like look. I talk to all the Toronto fans. We have a. Redress about last night we wish Kevin the Red nothing, but the best the competition got the best. That's dollar Suez, meaning loan jaguars White House. Did you see Trump tweeted after the Durrant Injury. I now when and where this summit to believe it now, because he was Let's build another fuckin wall north. Saw capsule, very real, so. If Toronto somehow loses a serious. This is gonna be worthy epic kind like we we've had in the NBA May I did I get three one blown ever and it in Rio. You lose you get. You knocked ran out of the game with three minutes to into the second quarter, and you can't finish him off your book because
I think he Hidell warriors when this year, because it said the psycho of terrible plays, you could do in the last two minutes of again double goal. Tending movie screened was everything God be redrawn every switch. I mean he was like a full fledged disaster. He did have a free vote any more than that. Let's pause it for one minute, just to check social media when it's nine hundred and thirty seven taking a break to talk about Simplisafe before you guys all star giving me crap saying I like Simplisafe, because they're from boston- that's not true. I like Simplisafe It's great security system, awesome protection, very easy to use and their from Boston, yeah. Well, got started after harboured engineers, friends got burglar as and when they went to get a new security system. It was a hassle too complicated, too expensive terrible contracts. So he built something better: a comprehensive, easier protection, no contracts, fair prices, keep your family,
safe. Twenty four seven from the fourteen and then a month better, yet engineered to heat to keep working there how ravages down why fire for burger smashes your keypad thoughtfully design, and never knew way protects against fires. Carbon monoxide, water, damage, freezing pipes, go the only homes carry. I shall simply say by going to simply say that come slash, be yesterday that it simply saved outcome. Such bs for Thou, obscured extra, simply safe with two eyes simply saved Jack. I'm sorry B S so my said, the initial Andrea was fishery. This is not a calf injury, I'm not a diet. I'm not sure if their related or not. This is a different injury. A minute got a limb and say that it was. It was related, clay and the Toronto fence cheering Katie's injury. It was bullshit that was freaking ridiculous. I can't put in a word, some mad. I was about that and the any of it is it might have pushed the word
is to another level. You Bob doesn't talk like that, no now Clay said that no valet said Curzio today, wow, that's right. They so little more sense again that so much about you think like such a devastating injury, and maybe they are They're just shall shocked after that, but it did seem like the crowd doing that and kept them in the game, because the where's actually expanded their lead in the second quarter in like did it away. Then roll over. One of the weirdest games, which I the weirdest names of this century. It's gotta be in that seven right. You think, like those spurs, pistons game in two thousand five that crazy game with the, but when big shot, picture everywhere. I just went nuts member that eight thousand and we're game, the south is coming back from twenty five again. They lay lasers. You thousand eight days
I remember that one better than the piss, the re our share. That was super weird games. Seventy thousand sixteen the last minutes are like I've, never seen a basketball game? Might that words? Basically Leubronn Institute Threes Leubronn as the one like other than that everybody is so frenetic and tight, like We can make a point that I regard the three: that's why that series is so weird because I still feel like you know. Certain things avenue in life and you go ten things had to go wrong in all ten things went wrong on golden states. I beg me. Ok It's that shot. Tooseemed, leave that another one game for two thousand lay I'm doing this up ahead. Lakers patients setter mental list. I now have a good man can remember what I did a week ago, and I remember this summer game for two thousand pacer Lakers Shack phase out young Kobe takes over and over time once again and that they go up. I think three one
that was the Vienna everyone's lie these member, but finally, himself and weird had one where people are like it is as possible, they said the stand over again and then you're like now as actual Jack's gonna score. Forty gave their ethnic whenever Somebody'Ll say Lego of game. To this. This you never know, but now we knew we knew like that's like last year with a jar. Psmith thing: where are you? if they did, they had done that and then you never. If you like now, I now go and state would just one the other games, especially last year. Seventeen, you know little different, I feel like everybody always screws up. When we talk about these games like to me, every play, a game is connected, they can all be different games, but their connected. The result of the previous game impacts the level the level of effort you have in the next game so like when a team goes: oh, we lost for want of food. One game too, would have been even in your like you're, just giving yourself. There for wind and pretending life right, the other team would have been up. They were up. Three when you one game for and you're acting like if it were to
one going into game for you would have an aside. I like it just not, totally unrealistic in his is just basically not what athletes do or sports plays out, but this is This is just weird on the level of without delay two maps heeds games. I arrived yet the twenty five free throw game nine index, thousands examine and add two thousand eleven, the bronze. Is a game when he just at the gate. Since I didn't, want to shoot and there were had Jaber regarding Omen- think Jason, Terrier, big three. That was one of the words interbedded throw the weirdest series. Geologist Are there certain series you go into it and you're like okay? This is how I feel is how I feel, and then you go out whatever that was game, one that got it whatever to then you go. Women like this is not they're, not gonna. Answer. And I ve been able to figure this out you die eleven is, is we should have taken us this long, even get that serious, yeah that'll anywhere gambling fun together. So now we have we're here
and to go and stay game six two days rest, which I think really helps them. They don't plague until on Thursday night. I think the two days rest really helped clients definite step that land. Legs. I think it's really hard for those guys, others. Means they run off and all the fish caught in the way they had shaped and, above all, that stuff did you do it again for it hours later debilitating, so they get the extra day and the crowds gonna be delirious. I mean delirious you'd think And I don't know if I'm Toronto morbid check as up sex less than three minutes left and Kate is on his way to the hospital, and I blew it boy put it that way to get some sleep tonight now coercion. We're not sure his blood in his body and that cherries, I'm not sure, quite like while my spirit has been shaken. I think the other guys, though our question them.
I'd love to know what could affect cool I mentally ill. Likewise that supervillain like when you were a kid. You really comic books and you dislike, how are they gonna beat this guy like they kiddo drugs out over like five or six issues. You like I just like our water, which state that can have thought of that kind comics ago. I haven't even I haven't even allowed post game. Five even think because, like my first instinct is the Toronto still gonna win the series because it gets back to how many scores they can put out there and that gold state is on the fly. Curse, trying to figure out what the hell is rotations going to be single night and now the looney part of it changes things again in a way they talk about that. That loses out. Now we mentioned it. I mean I mean just like that for the next two. That's he's done wrong
watching him, try to do what he was doing tonight in seething pain, yeah grimacing, like that freakin guy man, what a or a stud- but I Learning a buck has been really good. The soul was perfect, quite can kind of do it whenever he wants to. You have a really good quite rightly pointed out tonight, to which one him how he closes it didn't work tonight, though, because I was saying like I had you bury it, but at this stage at the last three minutes in the third quarter, he does basically like first three quarters for them and then fifteen minutes, a gamer mine and in the third world he just couldn't get a goin. Now, don't ever, he had one point the third quarter. Fourth coronary! Finally, did it the any started but the aggressiveness and his decision making was right what you said it was gonna, be were you started Marley sent in two guys make him give her the bar, which is happened on the last play. They sent a second guy Adam. He had to get rid of it.
It ends up with a lavish on the corner, their dream on slipped out. It looked like if, saw a broader the basket lap he would have, but he was trying to like set this you're back screen on dream on Gmos. Ring a sorry, I would say that he was in between enacting defensive, playback yeah that sending it to acquire thing, though it didn't working him for, and it was the start of what game too was like to kind of sell out pick him early, but it is what happens when you re worth and that further work on that play. But over the course of like hey this, is the strategy were unemployed like they're? Going to destroy, but I think really smart players in Toronto has a bunch of really smart players where you can trap where do the stuff you wanted you but you're right on that last play like they forced out of his hands when it felt like to me like the skies getting anything. He wants a point like Toronto. After these, too bad gold stay possessions, like they're gonna, find it
I like many. I like it in the last like twenty seconds of a game, because one or two I wanted to actions Then either he's gonna try to score with two guys item, which is great that those always the Kobe Bryant check right fur, where every few about Kobe, as a prayer, it goes without saying that in games, seventy thousand ten, the entire something strategy was double team. Em gonna shoot anyway, and he did for three quarters and before the his teammates intervened, so either the guy's gonna shoot you guys item or the I was gonna swing to somebody. Who is also taken the biggest out of his career, Barry with green closing career you're right, I mean this to me. Green came in any bothered it, but I'm fine. I would much rather have a wide open Lowery with Green. Closing on him. First
cool. I want I want do, unlike one it has weird Croatia, that's how would you feel the night like the night? You missed the three to win an mba title. That was a good job. Starks two thousand upside nineteen, eighty four kind of miss. It then Make it out a chance. I don't. I got tat than ever saw good angle on it, but did you think, he's going presiding, its cholera is going to make that even if those open, I would have been the biggest Lowry and so there was a moment we in your living room and I stood up for it and I went that's gonna go in and I'm just gonna get a million. Lowries awesome tweets s at my way with little canadian flags in the avatar USA. For sixteen tonight they got a huge Casal ended up with seven. Hello, not really, not really, nothing. At the end, when we had three threes and invalidity at about ten, only
other than that I was a box is ideally green. Had for filling a box is always good year back I was five free fifteen and six daily only played they played. Seven have guys power play twelve minutes For the warriors leg somehow loony when eighteen before they finally just yanked them Livingston did nothing. Sixteen minutes cook. Twelve minutes three points, MRS a real problem for them a game. Six. This is than to have our talk ever I don't do more games afford game theory. We're just doing the math game six. It was much hundred points just down for me five and encourage, let's give them seventy. Can they where they get another thirty? When are we going to be using game six? It was much as during going down a game. Five and encourage clauses are really strong, a game. Five. And you're like a cable late there. Now, beyond the now open the series,
When I check my watch is act as a more just monitoring. My heart rate, your story, Do you need? Let me know if this is if this is Akron I, but I feel like a kind of tricked us collectively in do oh yeah gone steak and beat them without Durant because look what they just did against Houston and Houston isn't good his trial Ok, there's there's no argument arise way more sophisticated offensively. They play harder. They can do different things, which is a really cool thing, concerted from line up, sat there right so I'd. If Israel would have smoked Houston if used and made it out, I really do and that result made us gonna go and then they sweet Portland. If their town huge and three those games port, they come back and be maritime like. Maybe they can do this and then it doesn't look great game one. They have that great third quarter and game to you like. This is even then game three game for you're like wait, a minute to run
better than him. They miss Clay for a game and select. This is real lack of Toronto at one this thing tonight and you go yeah. They want its awesome, but you get a different version born state, which then some Tao turns into this. This study on what two thousand fifteen men in your like will look if Cleveland fans like we get it if Le Brandon play instead of korean love, it doesn't count as much it just doesn't and the same thing happening with the rat except theirs Spider is a top five guy in curry. Soon, as we do all these different things like, what does it mean? I don't know, can I let tonight's result in as much as I respect them to respect their toughness and their edge in the emotion of curry after this thing, am I going to let that get in the way of just my basketball sense of watching it now for five games and seeing person for one and thinking they're gonna beat that Toronto team. With all of that scoring, I didn't think Mary and I am in three and four unless those guys went completely off, but I do think I think the rest helps those two guys and if they're gonna win it can be,
because those two guys and that's why they want in two thousand fifteen because of those two guys in their office. So but when people down there the league is better and I think Toronto better than anyone they pointed to desert fifteen. But I've done it is my point, but at least we know that this recipe has worked for a game by game. Now, there's headwind game six, then game. Seven anything can happen so just get through six, many get another two days rest for that Sunday game. Seven, and I have a whole country freaking out they might blow this game. Seven. You have a bunch of guys who have never play a game that big on the Toronto side and on the Golan stateside, but I don't know anything it happen now about I've heard a lot of this like well. This is the two thousand sixteen seventy three. When team it isn't and people need to stop saying that. Ok, because his grace deaf in clay are yes dream on is kind of acts that low, except you can't even really keep you honest with a shooting it good Allah is.
The same. Guy Livingston isn't even close to being the same thing as I got authority. The whole bogot was a number one pick like whenever these guys do the stuff in just some, you guys are bad at this. You want to make an argument so badly that you make sure. Points she doesn't you're like hey? Can I make two good ones or seven shitty ones? They make good ones Five. Should he wants to get the seven? Is that better than just the two good ones? Guess what as a guy's done it for a long time, leave out the five shitty once when you say They still have a number one overall, pickin Bogot, Fuckin guy was kayaking three mice at all. You know this should it so stupid and then it's completely forgetting I'm not telling you Harrison. Barnes is the end I'll, be all right. The least somebody you yeah to keep honest with four thirty seven minutes again because now granted in
the shot. The miles better in fifteen in the first round will extend the final he lost his confidence idols. You maybe he's teammates were texting, covered the red. Third, the faroes, accurate asking parliament come on the tape Festus Israeli was actually when healthy was a nice big. Who could move rather do much things? Do they? They would take two thousand sixteen Festus israeli in these last two games. They map automatic right. Now there are like your there's, a new rule. You can have renamed sixes every Avenue MAX contract lake. It would be like done so. Why you like George imbalance, even pliable, can now he apparently isn't when he done things in tonight's game. In ten minutes, the way he lost a box on that often a rebound your box in such a crucial moment like it doesn't you'll, have to be a great basketball player to know who the fuck your man is thrice, we're on that one but badly. Really bad, so my parents, the immediate angry time out with their they sat together. Now you never see the guy get that you're not allow even back they really did it take a seat. Somebody take zip up away from the train funded
that to me when I finally left- and it was very nasty they build me. Two hundred bucks for this Parker with a huge thor with a lightning at my paycheck was foreign twelve dollars every two weeks and it was half that final paycheck as they build me for a fuckin jacket on there. If we get that any stormy commission that that has to stop was only like people are talking about that. Sixteen warriors team, like it was an eighty five again like the in and by the way, yes, it's a little bit
when thirty million is tied up new, a guy who isn't playing, and now you don't have that depths. When people rip this year's gap, there say it's the sixteen team to seventy three. When team is positive and things it is it you're wrong when you say it over Dumont, bugging, Boogie cousins? I quote on the people who questions Katy S, heart bad fuck them if it fuck them to Dr Weir. Think back my favorite cousins moment ever would think about tat. Bad, seek the best app for buying and selling tickets to sporting events concerts and more for ten hours of your first Seagate purchase and any game or sporting event use promo code bs, and you can download this He gap or go right to seek dotcom, Hey Kyle, I'm gonna go and seek gray. Now, let's see what finals tickets are gone for, game six, wow, theirs
a green guesswork, premiums, car users to seize right? He means it's a really good deal. It means it likes the deal. I like the great call you can sick. Side railway for Seven thousand dollars. I wish you to tell me before I borrowed money. We can advance It would match your salary for next time. It's great yeah just go to Seagate. You know it's fun to just look at the map. She won't even have to buy tickets. Sometimes you just can't see what the mark I like see gig it's fun, for I am obey, especially can get awesome Some deals you're living nail era for Dodger Games. I would highly recommend seek for that. Again, I have to do, is go to seek and download the app or go right to seek Dhaka back there. Let's just do the Katy think quickly, as I hate to speculate in the future cuz. I feel bad for him, but I think the Knicks will give him the max and it's a broken with two and I did the warriors win
since it is getting them. Actually, the wham are more worried about him, just professional in, and you I got to know a little bit spent six nights in the basque region. About him like explained to us, the part to him that you get to see that none of us get to see. Really loves, basketball pretty soon, oh guy, in the respect that sees everything I can wait, approaches everything from the standpoint of He wants how he thinks things should be, which I think is what season two of the podcast cuz he's like he knew from me is like that's just the guy that likes to talk basketball. I like talking basketball, what if I just talked about it with them on the podcast, not full of shit and takes stuff personally about when people who don't play basketball question Let us hope we saw the last couple weeks. Isoude begun somebody's heart, he what's what somebody's
what are they made of? What are their intentions? I that's. You know. Ay any kind of wants it both ways, because he definite cares what people think I don't think, there's any question she likes to shrug off. Mikey doesn't but obviously, like you know, add burner account and he had his. In the board room and he's doing these things to try to influence how people think him, in his legacy, while at the same time telling us he just wants to play basketball, I think he's complicate it. That's a bad thing at a year get the gun complicated because complicated aisles. Cause, really how bad the Macao blocking complicated, but I think so as we want athletes to be perfect and I think he's a prick imperfect guiding knows it but really gives shit about leg, basketball, his teammates. What's the boy can wait right and wrong about things and the consistency of what he does.
The most interesting he ever said to mean in those parts ass was when I asked him what the most points you ever scored was and is. I got using. I scored like six something rockerbilt. I don't care who care about points as I will I not as I cause I care about the consistency of it rather score. Thirty five points for a month straight than score. Seventy points once I think that's how he thinks about his career in and how you purchase things. He wants to be good over a long period of time. Nonetheless, I in injury like this, you now is devastated for any great player, but I think he came in particular he really took a lot of pride in our healthy he'd stayed the last twelve years. He'd only we had one major injury until this year. Member was that two thousand thirteen year the play off right He got no, no, no, no, no! No! No! No, it isn't. Now. He had the major injury with gold without lousy. He had the golden state want to wear it. Looked like using them all season they begin. I am back that here again back here, but there is a time there were. He thought and ride heard actually like that
they think here. He told us about the pod heed our little hot items they attack, as some people thought. I got it wrong, but I actually I'm here too fat. I was too close to it that immediately that night people, like he's done, I think I think his durability has been one of the great things about his career for his size. You know and the fact that is the simple perimeter guy I feel the same way about Duncan play Duncan. It was specially, though, eyesight worse, seventy years he's playing on one leg, but have you had said after Duncan first started having the fee problems like Yahoo. You at the figures. And then we'll still be good, and in ten years from now you'll win another title and probably should want to second one. You would really what my guys like gonna happen. Seven of two dozen thirteen resign tv this weekend, and I just happen. It see it now, It's the last like five minutes there was one,
make us forget the pig he had his game, three photo overseen barrier that would attired. It would like forty seconds so anyway. I think I need the Reds o J basketball fan and I think he got a bad wrap in some ways, but I also think he really underestimated how matter would people that he went to go and state. I dont think completely miss read that just didn't. I think he thought once he won the final assembly P, everybody would shut the fuck up and demanding they didn't and it got worse and he seemed to be pretty confused about that. I could feel it on every park as they did. The first part I did with on their first year in state before they the plants and stuff was probably the happiest disseminating. The parts- so I don't know I was like the misery he was always. I was judges people by how they treat everybody around he's. Always like everybody. You know, I think, he's moody, it's probably not the easiest. Guy too
a play with day in and day out at these little up and down. But I think you just gets choir right is now Weaver yeah, I think he's a rethink its ever difficult. I think it's overstated cause. He can be alive. Combating the median certain moments and he had a couple, those a sheer and its when yet I were really you know on this while all these guys miserable. So it's not even really neat to him, and I think the simple bar to him is the part that I, like me take when he got busted for the burner account thing which is kind of insane. I love the way he described it, though he's like yeah man he's like I dm chicks I drink too much beer, sometimes like I have acne redness up like yeah. She it bothers me that maybe shouldn't and just you know, were very much like.
I don't know I don't have suckers is right. Work as it seems like it's a bit like what we do is people, at least in this country, like we're, ready to give you the death penalty, but then this second, you give us any like Human element that that feels more intimate, we're like ah oh yeah yeah! Now I get you a now. So I want to give you the social death penalty twenty four hours ago. Now. I, like I, like you again it's happening. Right now distort Achilles designed to have Werner its sir. It's come back room where from it I am your bombed about this bummed about it it's it was a very range game, a million things felt like it just happened tonight and like one of those. I don't know I mean you guys are generally one of those mba changing on its axis type, a night's which rarely happens where you have a team come so close.
Finally, doubt you have little many dynasty. That sea, like it's gonna, be over and suddenly it's not you have this Durant thing. That seems like he's, not gonna play at all. They need tries valiant leader play then he's really pretty good. What he's out there and then Amelia gets hurt and it's over and he had deal with that and then what his future is, how it affects all these teams are off the whole game and your kind of expecting to lose and they are like okay, now, they're going to lose and Kawhi is just I even climbing up the mountain, he's, kicking people away as are trying to take him off of the throne because it felt like, since the rant, hurt himself yo. He is claimed, as this has been his play offs You're, like all these things are gonna, be real, is I mean he's gonna stay and then all of a sudden there d six again and they missed the game winter, but on the bigger picture, yeah, I mean earlier in the pot as you're Talkin, about China to navigate through the bs
and what's real and what is it and who bought what, where, in July, being asked about real estate in all these different things this could have. This could be the night. We look back next summer for talking where you go, how different like this would be a classic grantline basketball. What if, but I dont know how to fill out the rest of it yet I go. Look back and say what, if he were healthy, what if they had won the title and six gave was eighty one. Why leaves does it mean Durant's days you know I'll take one thing I really high, as I was pretty convinced that a deal can we go the necks and was reported today about the next Lakers, where the two teams have Davis has said those two teams, arbitrated that there is any say, get your left. If for him to go the next I mean Katy, would also be going there and probably Kemba to Katie's going to miss the whole season now, which I think,
realistic, that's a year long injuries out next year. It's not he's not coming back in February, like he's, can be gone for the season. Then why would aid even wanna get traded next? I just signed there. You know side, nor must it crosses the Knicks offer a d it feels like rain yeah does it like one of the nets and he's gonna, throw away another season where he just not competing fur, even being a contender so maybe the nets are more realistic or maybe this ethics become more realistic. I gonna know it sets. I don't feel great talking about it, but I do think now, but there they aren't. I did I mean this tonight, but I do for the next. It's really this really cheap. Staff are aware where this summer's gone for them. There is no question, because, even if and up with Katy he's. Not by annexation let's just say whatever they want about Anti Davidson and been by the client. I don't know why they were glad awaited, sent him anywhere other than the Lakers
and from what I've heard whether it's me lawns over another lottery pick this year. What is I think, sometimes teams get like really excited, because it's your pick, you get to unwrap it, it's newness to it, I think I have shown that either there have longbill than the six or seven thicken the drop this year with ice assets, house on Saturday. Would you rather have few Phoenix who dreaded the six pack your lines? I rather have totally So if you're, the Lakers you'd me you'd die of foreign sex and you can give that you can send that than the pelicans with some other stuff in the park and can have one foreign sex which you how they. They can either then spend, who, I think, has real asset or keep him I'd. Love drew all of it on my team, I mean if their smart, they would keep him, but they could also flip wonderfully for whatever you if you need one like somebody's rebuilds, something that I feel really strongly about these rebuild these tear downs.
It's ok, everybody has to be on the same page, that you need a couple: adults in the room, yeah there's no like Philadelphia with the hanky stuff. Parliament more integrated. Didn't want those guys playing like not. Everybody can be a twenty one year old on the team or younger. If you like. Ok, we have our path set here. We have a rudy like on the same kind of basketball timeline, so I would hope the pelicans, even unless the found some awesome deal for Jrue Holiday would want to keep him around. But if you're Griffin, the Woods pieces, is very ambitious in there, Yo Gears going. I wanted all star. I want someone else who is the potential being all star? I want picks up the way he's not getting are that we are thinking he's not, and I'm not. Nobody was the issues like whoever's trading. Other, then does never Tina put at eight thirty David detainees. It the same situation he's in there. The situation now, the biggest mistake people make about talking about trades is assuming that you're supposed to given all star for another one in every teen, like Paul George, is being offered. The pace is offered him to ever
one. They offer the Portland and they said hey what about Willard know what about my column, no Hegel and say we do for clay no, they all from all over the league and guns didn't want to mess up their having, and obviously that's pretty obvious but like Portland argument would have been. A well trained for Paul George in a picnic young guy whatever, but Europe we're adding your third guide to our guys, they're, happy that, like being here not tree. So when you say to the team, we want an all star and a potential all star All you need. You want like a mellow who wasn't all start one poor, because we can do that, but if you're talking twenty nine year old all star and we're just switching guys around, that's just not the way these trades work and if your Griff, this Probably the answer any this is that you have do you have to think about the number one part of a very trade in saying,
so like yeah, for five Pixar disc out of that guy left a dinner plate. You need that. What's what's the answer again, Meatloaf for you getting a filet mignon you getting nice giant piece of rotisserie chicken. What are you getting you got to compare? It gives us Alexander's, actually an option which everyone is saying rather clippers. They aren't that might just be playing hard to so the old acres he more like a fettuccine Alfredo, but if your Griff rake these guys free ragged, eyes. Shea Knox Tatum Ingram Data because I think the Celtics, even though I don't know if I would do it for you-
client with one year left on his deal, Anthony Davis. I do think the Celtics would do some version of a Tatum package, but I don't think they're going to penalty going to go overboard. I think we're just going to stay here, stating here's a bunch of guys. Here's the Memphis pictures all this different stuff. If you were grip, how would you rank Tatum Shea Ingram Knox Knox? Last most would agree with you Ingram, probably second, last only cause. I have no idea. What is how statuses yup Tatum I had a share in lecture. I really like shit If, if you re getting gimme sharing gown, I in the Miami pick and hair and two other first round packs. You have my attention, I don't know who's gonna who's, gonna be
and I still think, even though Boston wasn't mentioned in the woods smiled ass to be in the Boston trade, which is a problem because that somebody, if, if I have Davis, I once more than the same physique got Davis in China when the title I have also lost smart, mean Irey, you lose inquiry, I'm losing smart and I'm losing Tatum, enabling it my dear Miss Davis, if you're the Celtic Future Eugene down and then Davis goes. This wasn't beards. Everything you just said is designed with the point that they need to be careful. I dont think they're going to be above. That really does. I think there are things there much more likely to do my colleague Chris positive thing. Let's I would take a break and then with some other stuff that a one hour break want or my people, the new observatory watch balls is coming later Tuesday night dead poets society brought out the a listers for this one, Mallory Reuben Chris Ryan, myself, Anna. We really went all add on this path. Ass, it was a superfund. One
and one more pack as fair way wrong, which has did a little. You are open preview and a lot of bets and possibilities actually part on that one. You with immigrants, Vernon and he's So do another one on Wednesday. If you liked gamble, if you like off, if you love the- U S open if care about Pebble Beach House has been pretty much on fire for two years, so I will listen that past as well on six and seven: at that. If you have an early and then I saw the Youtube China, we have you to back. Flash ringer, great videos, how subscribe as we have now heard, very five thousand yet more that it makes, such that very happy. If you subscribe their chance to get out of our assembly, as we are some good stuff common this summer, you can go back and watch old episodes of the funny videos we ve done or MBA, desktops or slow news days. Episodes of this package. We have a million things on their subscribe, go to Youtube back. I'm
ringer. You wanted me to bring up Chris Fogg and what it would it would this. What do you know? What are you hearing on the third year option? Why it's over forty million it's a player option has, I think you are the first to mention. Will he be willing to get out of there? I mention that I thought I thought it was potentially in play for Anti out there that last year he was happy the trade whether he would actually do a gun to his head. Ok here it is, I have to do, is opt out trade happens, whether he actually really do it when its forty, four billion, and it's also Texas, no taxes, all that stuff- I don't know, but I think it's you know he's made it he's going to have made about three hundred million dollars. At that point I got to no fucking way, really I'm that no fuckin way no s thought
because he lit hurry left money on the table by not taken the five year thing from the clippers. I hurry, you think he's is this: is it his career? And this way, I think he feels like he already gave up some of the money, and I wonder on that third year, if that was cuz, I'm not doubting your your information here. I'm just my information just reduces your information. I just was wondering if it was like a classic used in thing. It's like less. Let's kick tyres on his theory out and see if it opens the market up for our. I have no idea, I'm just telling you it was out there and I was passing along now, maybe horribly might be wishful thinking referred somebody's by either the Lakers or even Houston, via gotTa Houston's wishful thinking, but even keystones for Thou art thou to me would freak of Houston like what you say you want to get the third year player option
for forty million Lord said the way that I just said it yeah yeah, I know, but he might not, he might not want you know you want you trade forum and then once the deal's done, you ask him, for somebody should ask him like a reporter, like many who runs in em back hey. Would you ever wave that last year for trade and see what the reaction is venetian response? He less money on the table already subtle now, if you do it again body really money on the table that yeah, because they made it at home at the giant fucking contract, they gave him gap with the contracted. He could have opted out and signed in lay was still more money is act. I talk, it accounted acts free stuff in Texas. I really think it was like damage. We abbot then there's property taxes. Now wait. I have a couple of my laser: is tax experts out there that could sharpen their pencils?
Who's gonna have the worst around take tomorrow and what would that take be argued that two part answer to our question. During the first now Kellerman Kellerman wow Kellerman is been in my crosshairs, your blog in research, further the stuff because he was right about why the whole time all the stuff about Questrade I'll try to do this, like histrionic thing that he was absurd for suggesting clutch. Quite was in MAX is totally right. However, he has been antigay is just an eighth, I go and steak. I is a massive anti direct guys. It is not only top five, arguably not top ten, and then he started retweeting. His own cuts today of saying that to rent was putting his career in jeopardy. He did that after the injury after the injury retweeted so
I did retweet a Baltimore. Orioles record quote about something that's in the podcast, but I don't tell him and we'll find a way. I think the dig at the rent cuz. He just had this thing about the rent. He just all season long he's been dissing them, so we'll see what he has in store. Your guests coming up I'll, tell you what this was actually the best thing for Kev I don't feel like somebody will say that don't understand next on the wheel can show had marked Stevens Bennett attendance with this happened covered you. The world's best bark Stevenson gave five I think it's gonna swing a hundred percent operating for K de he's a victim. It's gonna tired of this. All the players are as the ones making the sacrifice, and you have sounds like marks the events to spend money on them, and it has gone that direct your mind, keeping out of it, and that is that I feel it. A job is gonna really hammer that camera. That's it
de presently exploiters or on the job. Some things that didn't happen tonight Co. Why could have joined the bride and cream is fine as every piece on two different teams, which is amazing only the other two people that ever did that finals every piece in two separate franchises. So that didn't happen So I could have stopped the warriors Dagestan, Leubronn, he'd dynasty, that didn't happen. That was, potentially Katie's final warriors game, this just bizarre three years. It's a documentary waiting to happen Sunday and ends with him at the fucking peak apex of his powers. And everybody agreeing he's the best player in the league, getting hurt, trying to come back and then really getting her and now, unless we have bad information on Twitter and when it's twitter ever wrong torn Achilles, unless maybe it's a strain who knows
I think it's probably worse. Yet a reaction in the world seems like it's worse yeah, but now like reaction from Bob Myers was so bad the reaction to the reaction they people kind of crushing Bob Myers now and Twitter. I didn't see it, I mean we ve been taken by have said he was from a minute after the game ended, but people said he was so upset that it was like really really dramatic, but I'm in this not be judging. I'm only You wouldn't even set up more points from tonight's game, you're that american manner are losing superheroes yeah, you don't like it action were gone here. Nobody wants is likely. I follow the Atlantic for the unintentional comedy like there is an article today. That said. The obsession I have with Ann Taylor that I didn't even know I had Real article, I mean it headline writers for the Atlantic tweets one of my favorite ever. You know that
the gender roles of bees in how it relates to us and why men are shit that may have been an article out with it, but american men. Are endangered species, so it Spiderman drivers ban right back. Do you had Batman right. We had bow, we had Clooney we lost him with bail there for a second There we got em bent back. I've been Afflux bill do what everyone's by my favorite actor ever, but now it's Robert Pattinson twilight. I think, fine, but it's just another roll away working men are allowed to be superheroes, and you know this whole thing we're doing with spider man. Now it's like okay Garfield, I kind of got it posed. Tobey Maguire put this Tom kid another making Spiderman iron man? So, even though, to do that anymore, you ve got all these.
Adrian Dude Shrine Reynolds Debt, Chris Evans's American, though right he's meshes mass for one three, ah Wolverine here Jack when he's from Australia, Australia. A Diana Rash, useless. The lad James Bond is Dana Craig that regulation that should always be mad. Likud words, a sky Maghreb, aims by everyone. Now, that's! Ok, that's there's! That's that's the environment with Batman, bazaars, faggot railway lines- it already is ours in if you keep running through it, the great gray corner for you, Charles Xavier, I wish I highlighted this is when we cut it out his twitter video then Trumpery through its it who had spoken. Eric and super movies. Great again, if you like
as parties apps good, by Ryan. However, they should put it's not like I M not trying to be like no the butcher here, but I love it's over here, as if you go through Cumber patch right he's got. It was me. I wasn't a huge tractor strange gather, re no captain, America. Yes, we ve got that one dead pool, no Where was Henry cavil Superman Superman. Leave him he's a mailman re, always not yeah he's not is South Africa. I think he's not from here so we lost Superman, we lost Batman, we don't have spider man We don't have overrun reddish. Both trade barriers are are two different brits. Ah I dont know: This has happened, and I dont know why more people are Jason. Mama
what's his name: Jason Momoa Momoa awesome love his stuff even bought one of his weird, like his first walking tall when they're trying to figure out the rock was going to star. Johnny Knoxville Ere. I love them movie and then they mama another one to I've watched ions much Mama stack. You have no idea and huge gray in hold onto because they think is terrific. However, I've watched parts of awkward man in the last I think month and a half of been in sixteen seventeen flights, I've seen argument over someone else's shoulders every flight. I still don't know what the hell's going to have his hit. I don't think Burma SK. I am I wrong. Next subject, you try your phone, your shirt, may a clip of Katy something happen. It is like whatever that weird replay was, and this thing pops up, you would reach your twitter time limit. It turns out. Rare or sell as a twitter time limit out himself. What does the same moment in our day.
In our day caused two hours and hours, Renault, sometimes ignored which your foreign hub limit You don't have over them all a systematic it it is doubtless a regional grandma. Kyle does now my my mother. She doesn't listen. This back ass I'll make about you, there's no way there were she's, no porn opus Dei Bob. I bet you probably guess this figure so little sleuthing yeah. I think there's just a moment. Off in your head. You go the other day. I was reading about dumb George wash his first term free cherry street. By the way we need to get that that need to be better monument needs, be built three cherry street. The first actually recognise white house. You know I moved out
Is that your later, because there was not enough, there is enough room to entertain and um I'm at the beach, and I came up with a limit, was up. I go hey you got an hour in it today you can be watching the bees in a couple hours, they put the phone away focus on the outdoors focus on you breathe, and I got back to my book. I've watched every minute of the Stanley CUP Finals, the car vinyl that flipped send the cup finals. These buses keep a singular. I like to say finally I'm a final sky: the car that foot game five was really really automobile. Yes, but I don't get as mad as I used to use twenty thirty years ago about the stuff, but it was like an old timer chirping play from behind it was a double minor. Was a tripping end like a kind of it a new leg with today, in that it was I to separate penalties of the same play and then the stops and just as ready mentally to starts
in the box and everybody else stops than the plague. You split guy, those awful but I've gotta get swung round, and I and now it's where it should be game, seven rascal, so goods. X. I, it was weird because I'm I will freely admit when it comes to Bruins thing, I'm completely fair weather I've got an older, you start going. This is way healthier and what was wrong with me in my twenty scare as you sit there and if they lose, they lose game. Five I went live, gave you still like hockey's different. You know how they can still win game six and in like that, wasn't some shock that they wanted to Saint Louis and one game sixty their different dazed by the very pretty equally matched. I'm not gonna, get in depth and because it will expose myself does not really what I do. I don't think I just enjoy wax. You play a fact. I dont tweet about it. We don't talk about the past and everything if an offer I just enjoy watching accurately the blows of its advantages were their little pass. Happy in your like, take some shots and then I think that they, they were more aggressive. That way. The four check for the blues
but I didn t what I didn't like tail end of our game game. Six blues, gettin intentionally chippy at the end, rupee bring it to a five on three cause: they're just taken liberties left and right now you played out tape for the boy I would have brought out the power play life for the last. Fifteen seconds, try to run it up on the five and through the tasks we gotta be in, like fuck, you moded airport, by the way our Czech Senate obeyed. You have even paying attention. I just dropped you by the way Zanu Pierre Blake Jerry lie there and hoary came out He came out a sharper skinny show Jamie where of territory? Is it Kid grey family, rare general store by Lake, is Wikipedia page. I can go past it You go back and study it. I say it's, it's really, epic. I think one of the funny thing was practice: Seti the practice in three. Freeze all the time had has done.
Have their hard core two million that are gonna, watch that the final right, as you say, or the finals is ESA, but they always try to mainstream it all these, really awkward ways where they had. Lay John him at a press conference before game three days that the game is blues, fan, there's a clip and there's forty reporters. There lay John how long you been a blues fan and he's just like giving an actual like a real press conference, but by buyers just did theirs. They were able to bring about the guru dolls. They bring him in the boots which fine, but then yesterday they brought in I am from the office and its and she's got a fucking. Make me worry interviewing heard it's like what are they this is gonna go well, I got one out of a million. How is this going to be a good segment? Bring in, like you know, guys like Melbury, ruining their all egg there not normal. People are interactive like fur PAM from the office,
bring like a host- I'm not His PAM guy is well documented, yea life and when you binge watch the office, you realize she's, a horrible human being. Did you ever think today? think at any actors on the show? I think I know you're at thy panel, Did everything in a plant they might say, made the made the right MEG Melbury Interview made slay me with her, he. Might he might get his fork and really digs have now get out of this made me think you add a couple of eggs. Wilt thou, not to worry His interview with her was about a smooth as minor view with Dwight dead get up. He was promoting the mag and we were there. Team and even over the BT might get up that day, because none of the others were there. There was later recently, when work done in August, yeah awesome and are. He knows I tell us about the MEG, like art, is moving the sharks enormous in we're on his bow, and it's the kids love it like. Oh, you love the sea ox yeah
man see Oxfam, a huge seahawks vanishes, you just sit there and I'm like This transition ever go. Hey! Do ok, cool thanks pans, the worst and I just started listing off all these aims and then Melbury did it to fishermen he's. Like a you know, how would I mean it's just sound like Pierre cuz, all the guys sound the same, no offense, not anti Candida, just Toronto right now and he was like how would how would PAM handle the Party Planning Commission and ever freak there like Angela was head of it, but there was another committee to plan parties that Karen PAM, when PAM was pretending that she like Karen and not trying to steal a boy from the whole time you re talking caused language. I know I know
did have a good point. Do you think dealing Melbury and Jan official ever talk again and rainy social circumstances or whether it be the one time in our lives? I would love if he followed her immediately on social media, and then it was like hey we're friends now, because I did that wants to somebody famous afterwards. Bent together the hey. I find that nobody has rebounded from forty years. Climbing into the stances AMOS J. For whatever reason was attacking our test may lack. Was it such a Maxwell, one of the Santa choked again Philly, adding at his head at the non us any didn't? But there's this weird thing pre, something it's always hilarious, yeah and then path Hezbollah. After that date, it's like a social common what's wrong with the world like Melbury killed, some with a shoe and we think it's the greatest thing ever advantages.
I don't know and like I don't know what I was nine or ten and when I loved the Bruins, I might add they like? They were way up there. For me, that was so. They is fighting every game. I just unslackened love those burn, stamps them going stands was like one of the most important moments of offence accepted as such in saying they went into the stands: knighthood two of them they have May I was a fucking brought in the stands. I feel like TAT would be the most important thing. That's happened in social media, for that God? Oh, my god. Can you believe this happened moment? It was what fifteen of them were in there? I don't know the count. What it was like. It was odd and puts like o went in there. No really was like e g that he would have thought everybody right anyway. When I was like when we're just gonna go. Even Jackson went in, there stands for the test ban, as they all know he's in there. They found a sweeping arrived.
The thing ruins, though? That's that's tough, even though you know I'm gonna known from being from the area, even though not anything like a native in Boston. Just lived there for a while, but you know, since I moved here here and in a befriending the other kings yeah like those install ed. Those are kind of my guys yet and in other fats Only guys like me, and you know we don't talk shop, we don't talk about her career as we don't talk about. You know the standings we just we like to get together and you know we just isn't that just as famous guys do we have like just a common with each other and I don't like to show how ended the bees I am is I'm sorry if you like, the kings or its guy have more personal relationships with those guys in their kind of my team. Now I'm getting text next fans in my life, saying that they feel like they. This was like one of the biggest next losses of the last twenty tonight we didn't do it anything. I kind of forgot about that. The devastated next part of this,
with K day by day it already like mentally, the team next year now he's not play their share kind of a bummer. Think about that. You went from a few weeks ago. I was gonna, be Zion, Cairo, IE and Doran, and now it's arduous bear it an Achilles, perhaps with the rat. And half carries gonna go to Brooklyn, but obviously the Cairo thing, whatever in over that with you- and I are not allowed to talk her anymore ITALY's for another week, I have a gym corner for your quickly. Jared wants to know. What's up with the did said, DAS themselves, the cologne before going to the gym, it's one of the only places where it's pretty understandable, smell like sweat. It words me out. Our problem from the clone pre workout yeah me near you, pheromones crank little differently.
Get the adrenaline gone. You may discover completely do combination of sense. They are not even aware of tat in mode in cars, Dachau, aware the cologne all the time. Is wearing arena, Marcus Edmonton wants to know. Do you take causeway work out is located. Take personal caused. The Jim I raised heard a man screaming into his cell clearly under arm of the significant the other yesterday I noticed the guy facetime his girlfriend, so she could watch him do squats. Should there be cell phone rules So what are they here? Or there are cellphone rules almost every Jim. It is a matter of how there first. I will if it's an MBA front office agent thing I take the call you take it. I take it. It's gruesome I work out, but it's the calls to important Millicent the guy who I'm really really cool. That's why I know I can be like am working out. If I call you later tonight or some like that, but then I'll take it. Leave. I cannot stand that there's a guy the day by the bank, who took it and sat on the bench into the phone call I'll go, find the politely studio, I'll go
It is some weird yoga room and if I really have to I'll go back out to the lobby in the front of the building and go on the phone, but I don't I wouldn't do it like. While I was on the treadmill or something like that, I don't do that. I think that's it. I think we're good now said they were not going to have a podcast on Thursday night Because- My daughter's graduating eighth grade from the school she's been out for the entire decade. It's actually a J back now yeah, she's, graduating on time and and of course, it's a daytime graduation at seven P M Pacific time, which will be at that
When did the second quarter, we talk about karma, we talked about earlier one thing: I've learned in life, don't mess with the caramel with family. I have to be at the graduation, it's just the way it's going to be, and I don't know how I'm going to see the game. It's a wrestler I have two choices. I can either watch it on my phone. Looked down. Do that own thing or done it but a wedding or do they turned the phone off. Goodbye regulation avoided completely you do it out of the problem. Is I'm gonna? Be it a graduation when the latter people who either know me or know what I do and the odds of somebody being like? Can you believe the raptors pulled that out tonight, or can you be the words one that matter? Can you believe staff at sixty, like whatever somebody's going to say something to me at some point? You think we can make you a shirt and just iron on some letter: they don't tell me about the game or that one day ass it was. I was gonna where, like the big headphones, I warn and there's something about Mary read edges
we would be able to hear and then, despite this the whole time and just I drown out everything, that's it, but I take laughter in the graduation and put the black guy like boy in the plastic bubbles of it side in order to do, but we are we probably so there Sunday night. That's fathers day. The view of my dad, your beard, their dad, sat in a hurry to do that. I was not able to be here but, as can be here, while I was far away Pie S yacht about dead for way dad derivative bikes, we can make it I think you're down my dear, I should get along pretty well. Your dad reminds me of my daddy times. I have my doubts on the European Parliament's was awesome. I remember
on the table and we have a good well, we Adam on from a show, but he and I did like at a full thirty minutes- forty minutes, Mohammed Ali- and it was really we look my dad's, my euro. I mean yes, it's it's. I thank you and I are similar in that way that, like I have in my guys the guy is easier ways. He's always been the tough do you know whatever I mean for a bunch of reasons, but yea coming out is coming to visit me, I'm up for whatever the regular schedule is. I'm up. I thought we should get a bill Percinet or for king six in I just sit here and somebody ass. Yet the back ass can anyone do a good arguments at persuasion Sadly, that already good web site is a good one. Me to come here and maybe with together some pasta, salad for graduation body and then do the Bob. I myself will one One thing we can do is we could do we get to a Friday, one potentially, but we'll figure it out Do a Friday, one
Then I'll then we'll see you will see how goes it despite the euphoric, weird Malays, like the positive, the highs and lows from all the stuff, I still can't believe what happened. He came five, but I don't know if I could be sitting there going all right: let's get ready for game seven if we are great and if we do, will delay because I'm going back to Connecticut do the Emir draft for european and not go beyond the draft. Always they'll be doing some Sportscenter stuff Vampa, but let's make it work like whatever, We wonder what is something so far away. We forget that fret asking you had a lot of people mentioning the two thousand and two thing to you. Evaluating aim, our yeah and the thing is I didn't really even go I mean I'm along with a guy. I get it. You did two and a half minutes on two thousand and two could do two and a half hours on two thousand and two, and it would be entertaining, and there's been some cause for you to host the new pact has called the ringer for the ringer
worst you're ever and it's just people call in, and they just tell you about the worst year ever and then you can visit with them produced by nephew Kyle one of those things where, like that's a non content, person idea we're like a suit may go ahead. I was really good. Let's do more that, let's get people and in the first time it's actually a really horrible year because of health reasons or a death in the family that sounded good pod guest. It's a terrible by ask what's also when you have a guest on in their worst ever was like. Really really off. My point, yeah I'd say goes back in time worse than you'd ever want to hear anybody tuck by their worst ever my worst year. Every funny because I didn't like I rebounded from it yeah and we'll peoples by the greatest thing was that I didn't get married at twenty. Six in some people have asked about it. No, I go. You showed her. I didn't deserve her. Ok, that girl was a freakin saying she was awesome. She was
a more mature knew exactly what she wanted and she was totally happy with me. Even when I was a loser- and I was such a loser- I wasn't happy with me, so I went out on this quest to become not a loser and she could have handled a couple things at the end differently. Admit, but I put all the wheels in motion for her to be like screw the sky. So I deserved everything I got let's say ninety nine percent of what I can. Then she became pan from the office yeah I've. Really to her. Actually, since then that about that, like I'm, not getting married done, like I'm the best I ever break up with, or done it's like. I just go, I'm not like I'm, not gonna. There's no facebook friend request comes from ten years. I right right. Ah, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna, be like ask you how you feel every week after that, so that adds up to whoever's, listen, but the two thousand to think it is
much longer version. I could I you know, but I've had people coming up to me every day now strangers, Go and hey man, two thousand eleven over here, terrible people just illicit coming up telling me the worst year they ever had people. I was on the floor for game for different people in media. Coming up loudly Willissimus back Ass bill seems like it Do not write, ran reserve pleasure as always Bizarre and I had a most gotta remember it. I asked one of the five or six crazy is best. By means of our time in a really craze again that our relax later today in China? we're chatter of ever the seventeen things we probably forgot as we talked about it, but I heartily champion the warriors really sad day for covering the red and an epic so close for the Toronto Raptors analyses it happens in six days for doing this,
I thank the designed ovary. It's gotta be easy and I come to sign up great baseball, show, put some good acts and collaborator later this summer and the rest of the year thanks to J C penny is your game with Emma S. Acts by Michael Strand, athletic, inspired, functional pieces designed for rose on the girl, veil books, goose away, J C penny from work it out playing, offer just relaxing Emma sex, but make a strand as you covered mss includes a mess, eggs, basics, pants short, heard sweatshirts out aware, big and and boy sizes to Emma's Ex by make Austrian available exclusively had J C penny visit a store new or go to Jesse, yeah and don't forget new rewatchables coming tomorrow night dead, poets society, oh yeah, we brought we brought the a this one Mally Reuben Chris Ryan, Very very animated pack asked that drops laid smart, ringer ambrosia, as you are governed and fair way, IRAN, which has actually Meda
I found that one today to talk about the: U S open with him increase Vernon, but if you want to get some golf tips on how they recommend as well, we'll be back later in the week before more Pakistan to them, ways.
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