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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to recap a wild Day 1 of NBA free agency, including the Brooklyn Nets acquiring Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan and swapping D'Angelo Russell for Kevin Durant, another miss for the Knicks, Al Horford to the 76ers, the Orlando Magic's new roster, Malcolm Brogdon to the Pacers, JJ Redick on the Pelicans, Jimmy Butler to Miami(?), the improved Utah Jazz, Kawhi Leonard's best landing spot, best available free agents, and much more!

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I have said that this was one of the crazier days in history, the NBA, but first our friends for project. It is late Sunday, here's what we did hasn't. I started taking at nine o h Lee and we went all the way through Toller before eleven eighty and then never cry was put in the part. Together we can have it up and then, of course, as the Sea MBA, three things happened. So a cup of things we talked in the five year about to here. One of them was the be Butler sign in
to Miami which we assumed was done and now seems like it's up at the air, because there is disagreement. Dallas was the thirteen we don't know. What's gonna happen with that, so as you hear all that part. Keep that in mind the Jimmy Butler thing I'm taking this right now to one thousand two hundred and eleven a dot m et, that's up in the air gonna work it out, even a butler S. Take less but tell you win two dollars the Jesuits Xenophilia. We talked about most of it, but the big thing golden state, retorted added nowhere. They ended up turning their Katy, leaving a broken thing into a sign in trade. They got. The angel Russia who, in my opinion, was the best out free agent in this entire ass twenty three years old and asked our you're in the east. But I think somebody with the absurd get even better. I was really impressed by am I actually. If I was Brooklyn, I would have kept him in not dealt with I read all the potential downfall with them. I just really
like his game, I think he still has room to get better. The free for all right isn't great, but for what the warriors do, I think they can maximize other stuff he does which is financed. Can a one on one perimeter. Dude he's he check. I, He is somebody that I think could eventually be a forty percent. Three point shooter. And somebody that could really work nicely with staff and with clay and can create his own offence and play off other guys it it. What it does. Is it buys golden state time for the cap? come back from the Asia if he can somehow come back mark arrange and they can stay lay in the play off like a seven or eight seed, assuming this another big guy and they're they're alive for the season before they weren't. I thought they were real trouble this season just to meet the playoffs if it was gonna, be hurrying dream on. We saw with able to do against curry
if they knew they were that he was the only person there to worry about. He get supervise, go with them. You can steer off and storm. He needs other guys to play off of to get open and create space all that stuff Russell. Now, I think, increases the ceiling of that team and could put them in the succeed. Seven seed range potentially in the war in the West, which, if clay, can come back and can be and eighty eighty five percent, suddenly they at least become, little bit interesting in the playoffs round, one ran to so long term. Russell Currie, Clay, I assume that going to try to bring caravan loony backer subsided. Big man like that. Instead, the foundation now too are to be really competitive in the long term. You know they're the warriors and they have the best suited backward about time too,
to sacrifice Andrea without the Chidden Memphis for a lightly protected pick that does it really jump in place until two thousand twenty four like tat for protected, then top one protected in twenty five and unprotected in twenty six pretty cold. The NBA is a cold place. It's been called both ways. Let's be honest site. This is that the poorer pyramid decade and what we ve seen these days is: there's no loyalty really on either side with some very rare exceptions. But you know, I think, will remember this debt once and for all. For you know it starts with the bran stabbing when in the back and going to Miami and the decade went on that, don't even see might the worst thing that happened. They, probably the worse than that happened, was the Celtics dumping as they Thomas and put him in the carriage trade when you're. Just like my loyalty, the way he anything he an unbelievable warrior. The acquisition of him started there,
little dynasty run finals, VP few. Your hall of Famer with such a big part of that team on and off the court. He just was on a bookstore and had some unflattering things to say about the warriors and was talking about how he is basically misdiagnosed and played with a fractured leg. And when I read that stuff I was thinkin who this this probably isn't. Gonna play out, I did not expect them to trade him within a week, but it's hard to its hard to a man in that. That was a related, but I think big picture. They combine Livingston. I think for two million and this team who looked old than the playoffs. They really did they living in an egg e when you stay, especially when he had to those last two rounds in your plan,
the other night in the conference finer than the final just every game is a war. You know those guys did seem all than I think Russell currying clay. It's a younger nucleus now now should know best, but it's a younger knew where they have a little more flexibility, and that team has been really good. Finding me George about Queen Cook in Clark come on loony like late first rounders fringe, guys and draft a guy sect round packs they ve paid for pigs in the thirties and they ve just been really get at being able to find guys. Fifth got fifty six, seventh, eighth night guy, so they're gonna be relevant and. Before we bring in house here really the free agent that left it is now one thousand two hundred and seventeen a dot m et it's Kauai in Kauai. I think I'd heard that he was going to stream this out. First
is the little while, but we'll see, everybody is just just jeopardize tubes, oh my god, as renewed Bobby Port has said the two year deal with the decks, for thirty one where you talk about with house of the second. I can't believe today, there's never been they like this in the history, the NBA, the fortunes of twelve times have changed: I'm not sure who the who the favourite is in less quite ends up with the Lakers. I think this is the first season we ve had I don't even know, two thousand, the two thousand for five seas and maybe the year after the pistons one when Shack are traded in Miami and we re They had no idea who is gonna win the title that year and for a while there to make it might be the passers and then and the artist may lay happened and win.
With a really strange pay: pistons spurs files, but for teams teams fella, they probably could have made the final Zat year. That was the urgency broke. His face. It was just a bizarre year and it feels like unless Hawaiians upon the Lakers and they really become the prohibitive favorite. We just don't have a favorite, we have nine or ten times that are going to linger. The buyer guys in February, could be more important than ever being able to flip expiring, Spheare one last piece: that's why they might the subjects that we talk about in this package with house there, not a final container right now, but there one trade away from being a final container, especially if they can get something back in this. In trade, retire azure with the hornets if they can get an expiring contract back. That's in sixteen seventy million ranch were either Bismarck Bianca. If they just got him back, that's him
crazy. While you is back the amber or he's and expiring contract is seventeen million bucks. You could put him with the myth pick that they have an egg, really get you know another and pack I you could put him with you could put Bianca with bark, is smart and the Memphis pick a knife get a guy who's bake it thirty million a year. You could potentially get Kevin Love, not enough. I would do that. I love Barker Smart, but my point is the sub. Are a move away from potentially being a final steamed, Renault is a quite away from being the favorites repeat. The Lakers away away from being the primitive favorite clippers quite away from being one of the twelve teams that have a chance to be competitive in the class. So this is a crazy day. Year about here, really the genesis of it with house started? Taping nine, o eight p m e t here
This were taken this. It is nine eighteen eastern time. So, if more stuff happens, would you just gonna have to earn the fiery before we started? Taping news broke that horror furred our effort former south, except With the Sixers for years hundred nine million, they also said Jimmy there to Miami who then signed a giant deal with them and got back Josh, Richardson let's start here house, it looks like Philly starting five next year will be bent Simmons, Tobias Harris, Josh Richardson. Ah horrified and Joe well. Bead. Does the road to the two thousand twenty files go through Philadelphia. I believe that here too, that depends on what kind of a car I letter does decides to do, but I feel like I should start with an apology, apology number one just get out of the way three hours.
The girl, you treated a picture of you and me, and the former president of the United States, Barack Obama and and David Jacobi and said that you would be joined by one of people in that picture. Yes, podcast alot of people were rooting for somebody other than me. So I'm sorry, I'm sorry for the consolation prize, but that's the theme tonight right. That's a lot of consolation prize it online around out there bills of is in what did
there's a lot teeth are just going to have the grid and bear it just take. Take take what you get now. I love the six weeks position right now and in fact I tried to go online two hours ago and look at the six resides cause. There was plenty of report out thereabout whore furred joining the six years, which I thought was terrific I'd. It is a loss for the six years to have parted ways with J J rhetoric, but you know at his age you can get something that kind of walked up to it. I didn't know that it was going to be Josh Richardson, but I like that. This line up. I may, when you think about how close they came to beating Toronto. I just the only knock I have on the six years and I know all the the six or stands all the bread Brown stands were come at us, but I am still not a brick brown face,
I'm not either bet it's a little easier when you had that starting five. The other thing is, I mean the ceiling of that starting five ethic is higher than with their last year. Richardson's a better to wear poorer than Jesu Word wasn't is at the forefront. Thing is important for a couple of years I do think he can play with them bid and he gives them some protection I may be a guy who is not exactly MR durability, so what you know if I'm be goes down for toys games in December January or Feed MRS Game three of around. Two series: you're, not completely scourge, unite in the same situation. Last year I gotta say like fill in Valea took pretty pretty huge gamble last year with bother and the Harris trades and especially what they gave up in the hairs trade. I thought they overpaid prayers. Three hundred eighty million for five years just seems like a lie:
for a borderline auster, but in terms of the big picture of what they are trying to do. I guess it's. Ok. I rather overpay somebody like that and pay fifty eight million dollars tear rosier right at least you're overpaying Sabellius Borderline Asta yeah. I mean he is going to be an important, important, important com in a machine that has finals aspirations you you can't, you know just walk out into the free agency market and grab all those rebounds. I like how hard he played he plays is his motor is Grady eke out of you know, this was for him this pet. Most recent play ass, though the most it Orton Games. He ever played in this entire basketball life, so he was young consistent, but he had a couple of incandescent moments. I mean he went off. We had a couple Toby Games out there. He just wants
able to sustain it, but with this on Iago and kind of yellowhead is the fourth action. That's always tough, but keep guess yeah, but that How about a lot of luxuries? I mean, I think, the horrid thing, especially maybe they can be deliberate with we ve just born. I think a pretty important lesson. With quite with the load management, maybe sixty five games for players who have certainly no injury proclivities who were injury risks. Maybe you just look at the schedule and map out sixty five games for them and minimize the risk diminished, diminish the risk. Our Orford is that luxury for the six years and end he and indeed can play off. Maybe both of em just play sixty five games, you know I mean they could swap which games they take off and the things I like the best about Orford is: it immediately should alleviate the thing that drove me absolutely bananas, which is joy and be sending out.
Three point line with sixteen seconds left on the shot clock holding the ball waiting for a wing to come, so that he could give a pass off in our hand off and then, if it didn't materialise, turning and then try either shooting, which is the worst case scenario or trying to get into the lane. That drove me bananas and if Horford should just be that guy he's he's superior at it in every respect, but the three point shooting and the passing. So I think that's a great opportunity for Joelle. A great teammate gotta have around really smart doesn't need the bar. I really enjoyed them. I've, nothing bad say about our effort. I think the one worry that you would have as the third and fourth years that contract, because you know spend in the legal long time now- and this is it did the other
if you make it air moves that you make when you're trying to win a tight over the next two years, but you need to be fair. They been pretty pretty pretty candid about that. They felt like their window last year was was starting and he had studied what had happened with some of the other teams of the league. Like the Durrant Westbrook. Ok, see now All these young teams in the past that thought they had these ten to twelve year, shall fives than they just didn't and sent. That happens. The two stars don't get along Somebody leave? Somebody gets her and then I'll send the windows over, and I do think that's what informed the motivation behind the trades and made last year. I still think they gave up too much for prayers, but whatever the team, they came within a couple plays a bead Toronto who, in the title and now I like this year's Timor. The last year seem it's funny. I have a lot of sixers fans of my life. They were like rock bottom about four hours ago because it see you know
It seemed like bother without going to Miami. Was they ve been clear if they were going to be above the sign in trade and it was I who, regarding as issues, were just getting Tobias Harris than J J left and it really, It seemed like the window was, was slamming closed, also denounce wide open again and even better for them, the South x or worse, I think about there are a little bit worse unless yadda says another another jumped to make Toronto? Who knows so, I think fillies, probably the reliable bet in the east, I would say: Brooklyn is the team that got the most radically better words about them as second but the ransom playing next year. So they can be considered a finals favour right now, I'm I looked I have, third in the east right now, pending Hawaii, they they might drop the fourth third year with no kidding, that's what you're I mean. That's the ceiling there ceiling,
third in east, oh yeah, hailing I got optics, ok, yeah yeah you're, the best they can hope for in the eastern conference. This coming years is third. That means they also have to get ahead get over Indiana I mean I love beheaded did like very quietly on the sly. They put three guards and put in place that it out pretty complimentary skill set. Really made the pain of losing boy on Bogdanov Ich, who I I still love, I mean we had yet at this season. Washington he's like a super, reliable score and his defense he tries it's not easy, is not a complete zero on defence. He is, he trust is, but you know they really ease the pain of that they got broad. Then they got Jeremy Lamb and whom I forgetting now. Is it and it well before they got a thing. I teach a warning
two weeks ago at either does not matter whether there is really good. The four five six Ridge Woolmer thing with the Sixers, so the big hole for them that line up they have is really fascinated defensively, where you have indeed hoffered Simmons, Richardson and Harris conceivably as the crunch time, five with Simmonds. As the point guard now Let's say their governing its curie and ran one I didn't which of those five guys guards carry. Game lowered. Basically Campbell Walker, any small, our guard it they say I have one more signing it feels. Like is my point because, while they don t. You know you don't hear, there's a name out there
there's a guy that I love especially for them, and I think attitude wise. It's a perfect match. Can they afford Patrick Beverly well after seeing some that some of the salaries we're going to go through some of sailors today I mean where we live in a world where terror regime is gonna, make nineteen million dollars a year saw no one will have to do it that way, the tragic Beverly! That's that's. My research world without is defensively, thou that six years team Orford has the ability to switch and guards are a guard, all kinds of guys Simmons when he wants to be, can be pretty good and then from a rebounding standpoint is just a fascinating team. We, haven't seen a team that allow the richer since gonna be there the sky in the crunch time, five potentially I like Richard Saint, I gotta say, haven't seen I say, as
You know obviously watch my manly pass and step, but haven't dont really have a feel for him yet seems like he has a lot of potential good three point: shooter not great is like thirty, five percent seems ice. Better use careers, though getting better, but he's he's the wild card in this whole thing was a game. I'm not getting anything for Jimmy bother had still pretty nice for them very nice, I'm in they lost J J and got kind of a twenty five year old. It is nine years younger. That's easy! Plugin play, let's see how he does. I was. If you find a Chris ride out dated eight that, though, the ringer inadvertently ruin the six years indeed seven's window with, though with the story last year that shook up the front office and let the whole budget mistakes, but now the successor back on track. I think his rank and sleep again at night. They got so many things happen. I haven't even really know where to begin. We have
This earlier six p m e t June Thirtieth free agency were stuff. Was start happening and then meanwhile, stuff started happening all month and by the time we get to today, We knew where Campbell locker was going and we knew where carry was going had a feeling. A couple other thing: We're gonna happen seem like Orford, was gone, etc, etc. House I gotta say I really like the new rules. Looking away from what the actual rules are, rules. The non rules, the looking away from
the actual rules are rules. I like what they did this year. I think it is more effective. Do you like it was? First of all, I mean it's not often that I can think of a specific instance where I was in your company and we are in the company of a high ranking, NBA official. It was summer league, two thousand and eighteen and he'd said guys. Tell me a couple of things that we could do better and it was just after you know same time of year we just went through the free agency period and one of the things that came out of your mouth was this midnight start to free agency. Is it s being murder,
it kills everybody, it kills. The east coast kills the West Coast. Can we move it up by six hours? Can't we just start a little bit earlier, and lo and behold, six o clock start tied to the free agency period on June thirtieth. So from from your lips to the NBA gods ears, I mean I can give you total credit, but that's it. That's a damn good suggestion, and on top of that, the whole process got going all day today, so the news was coming out in a very orderly manner. It wasn't complete pants down free for all, where I felt like I was. I was a little, have no search around by underwear for two hours? I just I just liked the car the pace of it. It was pretty good. What do you think? I going to brag about their biggest conversation, but I did suggest that I don't I think I was the only one I was looking at it from a night
anger that point it would from from a ringer content standpoint. You know the things twelve or one e t, which was nine o clock p. See, and we have their light, do pie, Cason, right staff and had just made it impossible like you, can maybe right a thing or due to couple short tweets or whatever, but you can't really get content that late at night in this you're trying to kill your people that word for you. This was. Lot more palatable. What was really cause? It really started and going, I would say, like three p m to four p m e t yeah so desire, we loved, we start again a feel for stuff. I like it. They basically say they basically, decided to look the other way and said to themselves and to everybody else, like lack once we get to define us, we now she's going down like just don't don't do anything illegal, but we get it. You D.
You're going to be dead, that you give seventy five roundabout ways of getting in touch with whoever you know that the funniest thing was Al Horford. Basically, I think the Celtics offered him three. Four hundred and eighty and it looked back, it was heading that way and then all of a sudden, his like em out and in turn the old system, like I what's going on here, somebody's temporary, that's a guy called they ve been while the subjects are targeted, Campbell, locker. That obviously happened way before so I I thought this is lot better. I thought it moved the a lot more fluid. They the big story, the Brooklyn Nets. They living at his glory, they landed Katy and they landed Tiree. I can imagine that the edge of Georgia part. I thought that was funny that people position, that is the big three Dandridge earns, will wash for like two years at it aware that were very was on that, but as we did surprise you if the nets were worse,
next year than they were the sheer? No, no, not not not a bit. It wouldn't surprise me. We know that these chemistry experiments can be challenged. We know that it can be difficult to integrate guys. We don't have a view as to how we don't have perfect insight into whether or not Kyra is going healthy, we just saw an example of Kyrie with a youngest set where he wanted to try and exert some influence in you no kind of shapes some some some youth. With his veteran perspective, it did go perfectly so you know the nets have an identity. They clearly as an institution had a perspective that bringing Kyrie and Katy in vacant handle it. They can manage both of those big personalities both of those
mega brands and it also good on the nuts for making it happen. But nothing is assured. All that's gonna happen is key Irving is going to be playing point guarded stead of Angel Russell for that team. That's an upgrade! How much Our great I dont know are. Then that's got to be able to be healthy Oh you're. I hope so because I want to see what cares the word could do I want to see what Alan can do, I to see what did what he can do with Curie, and you know the Andrea be out there for twenty two minutes runnin around and doing the Andre. Things granddaughter inquiries are good, pick unroll right. He had two thousand for did the nets. I read Dinwiddie Johannes Torreon Prince cares the word chair down so maybe spots for two guys I eat the rest of these got better they basis
We have just exchange wrestle for carry, I dont think its realistic for them to contend next season. This is allowed a term two years. From now thing I they more important was. This was the first time they truly stolen the earth from the next now I think this has been overblown blown to some degree is, I think the next fans aren't switching and we ve so scene. We saw for five years ago when they had their way em, so they got cagey and pierce, and all that stuff like they were relevant, the Joe Johnson, but the next sad Carmelo. During that stretch- and the next said had made a run in two thousand thirty: and it was more adorable that the nets are trying to compete with. Then they had the crazy Russian own in them and all that stuff. This was different because everyone thought Katy. Carry we're going to the next. Basically from January on including myself in, and you
sound, we may or may not have rejected this. It really did feel like a New York tat thing and then the nets stepped in and took them, and it there's something significant about That Katy and Wordplay New York had the choice between the two teams and shows the nets and shows Brooklyn. I feel like that? Actually really does matter. I dont know if it changes the equation of. Are there to be more nets, fans are there It's going to be the team in the future. New York has done, and ruin the next to the point that the nets could actually steal that corner. But if all that stuff does happen
will be the moment that we look back on. Do you agree? I do I am. I have a lot of questions. I have more questions than answers at this point in terms of the long term planning and the. U no dialogue that we imagined, Tiree and Katy were having. It has been reported that Katie's thinking change witty injured himself and I'm trying to connect the dots. There were Why, with his thinking, have changed as a result of his injury? What's your thoughts on that? I think there is a world two months it two months ago, Katy carrying Davis round the necks and or the worst case, there's just Kay. Inquiry. I think the injury changed everything and I think we, we're gonna, learn all these little tidbits you now they're gonna get sprinkled task.
The next few weeks and months and I'm sure there's gonna be some revisionist history, but I just don't think you spend your whole year planning on what you're going to do for the third party or career, and you just gravitating Brooklyn over the next. I dont believe it like. I know people have talked about what a win! This is for a great organization and they have good ownership and good young players. They build things the right way and eight they stole this opportunity from the next all that stuff. I think that somewhat true I really do think I'd. Think of my heart of hearts. If he doesn't get her I thank him and carry end up on the next. I really,
but I may be wrong issues of how I feel the point that you just made about the superior position of Brooklyn in terms of their development and their ability to compete. They made the play off this year in the Eastern conference, isn't that only relevant in the instance of Katie's injury like if Gabby was not injured, we expect that he inquiry would have landed on the Knicks Katie's injury changed everything. This is my quest do you yeah, I think it did in the end. I also think you don't want to get closer to actually making the decision and you're not play basketball anymore, and you really you really getting into it. You know it's ip, I would say it's like getting engage practically and at some point, when you're about to get engage. You talk to a couple, your friends. You know that,
Did you really trusting I've been thinking about doing this? What do you think You know- and I am in there Give you an honest answer. Cuz, your friends, I think, with at least go in the next. There hits a point here really starting to think about doing this, and he has this catastrophic injury. He's that could be able to play for a year. He's got also convince. You know somebody has to go with them and I point carries out right. Why would carry go to the next to play with a lottery team? What do you throw away? A year was clearly said the nets he has a chance to make the playoffs stuff like that. That's one part and then the other part is. I prom you. People are tired. Might the next hour should show don't go there dawn? stones? The worst you'd want to play for that guy, here's three James toward stores, and then there s a lot if a heads up- and I really think to me
This is more about where the next are further. Twenty years, then it is a key decision. Heat dawn is made that place so unappealing that ultimately Katy was. I give fuck it. I'm not gonna go there, because I say what made the most sense was him go there and then throwing away another year and you know, get larger, bear some wraps him. We have re having his leg and then next my them really trying to make a run for it over the next three years. I think that would be the most basketball business career sets. They want to do it now, he's doing it with this net steam. Instead, she swayed it's we're dead and all led to this to play for the broken nets. I don't know what the other weird thing is: the nets are better than nets were better off ease and long. Yo, though, that the question to be as like, at what point? Did it go from
Next to nets, because, in a way that the injury had to be the thing it had to be the accelerating force it had to be the thing that that with the pivot, because it we didn't here, I have to go back and see when the very first reports of Cairo interest in Brooklyn started trickling out, Cosette really to me, set it in motion. It had been all you. Do we always heard narrow with the rock nations. Guy knows the rock nation. Yes when he a way he does agent and sign with the new age and was over because he said with an age whose twin brother, you know ready, the nets, and he did this all resignation, think and that's that we knew that. I don't think anybody had any inkling until then that this is actually really gonna happen. So I took the brook obtained there's one more piece we didn't talk about,
And this is something that I think matter to Katy when he went to the warriors, there's outside basketball, stuff and outside basketball reasons, for both of these guys do that setting with Tiree. It's obvious he's gonna get more involved than, though with rock nation, and that whole thing. Like date, there. A world in which you could really make tell if those guys are in the room here, all the things we can do with you. You know we can. We can put you in that. So put you in that we have. We have access to these guys. We know these rich guys an ear. This kind of the red ropes are lifting for you lots, different ways. When you go to the next. None of that is happening from James DAWN, James Stones, like a once, you get here. I do this and he doesn't have connections like that, and I added I actually think, that's a detriment for them now, because Brooklyn
not only do they have like the rock nation in the Delete, Brooklyn businessmen, all these different directions, but they are still the Alibaba thing and just think they bring more to the table from a non basketball standpoint. I think that really matters to the ran into rich climate and problematic area too, but the ex answer, or am I ever think in this now? I think that makes a ton of sense because that that's for their stage of career that Katy s that that's the legacy opportunity that makes Europe can complete sense for him. It's gotta be in the same way. Let let LA bronze move was of a legacy yeah. You know not just careered defining but like what is the net. What are the next five chapters of my life? Look like kind of decision making that that he and Kite Katy, I think we're coming at at it from that same kind.
Perspective, Highrise Young, so carry it. It seems like less important to be, although it certainly doesn't hurt to be in that position. And write the detail winds of of what those opportunities are. Gonna look like out of Brooklyn, but I don't know I mean that the next or the Knicks, it's it's a is a worldwide. I conic, you know brand, they play in Madison Square Effing Garden an ice. I think there are still some chapters left to be written for the next. I mean that they swung and missed in this free agency and they needed. You know the good luck of Zion. If, if, if that had broken, his Zion had landed with
with number one prick. How different would this have look? Do you think that's a good segue way we're intake of quick break and I'm an answer that without a video, a leading streaming app and laboured over a hundred fifty thousand tat as well, but a rent or buy from the latest ILO by busters to your favorite, Andy films. They recently launched an ad supported our demand services over ten thousand. Tells you watch for freight, including classic moves in tv shows. That means movies. Like District nine, falling down poetic justice, little giants pride and glory national security. Oh yeah, the list keeps going to go and they are also the presenting sponsor of the reactor was pack ass were will be covered No country for old men this week you can watch a lot of the movies that would do in the reward was for free and voodoo before you turn it. The next episode or you can read them on and voted because everything
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come slash bill seamen, speaking of the reactor Buzz July Third bill, hater myself. Chris Ryan should just say what the movie is Kyle, please no country, furled, bed yeah the reactor was one of that one of the five best movies of this century thrown it out there. I really believe it is so there were break in that and and and its awesome, it's really fun so that Come in July, third, in time for your July fourth drive to wherever you go backups, so you asked me how much did as did the lottery. I actually think this is one of the most influential ladder is we ve had for how it shaped the next couple months of moves and things, because You know it allowed the Lakers to final
have enough to support the to pull their attitude. This trade are not just that they had another asset, but a kind of crippled, the necks. You know that This case there for the next was New Orleans. Getting the first pack And then the Lakers Booby than the top for so that finished up both of those things that desire part New Orleans being in a weird way, a competitor to the next, even though the next would have had to trade for Anthony Davis like that at that just complicated everything I think from a Durant standpoint, the combo Of how the lottery played out and then him getting hurt, we're pretty flew, though you think like first by the idea, the rank getting her when he is playing the highest level he'd ever play. Just randomly gets hurt like that, the ads that are one in two hundred and then the way the lottery played out. You know considering what the odds
the falcons, we're like over they. Eighth, the Lakers, we're, like eleventh for it to play out, one for it just makes you think, are the fates against Thea the next, but I will say this with the necks of thinking about it. You know the last couple years, they were actually in a better position to do with the nets. Did then the network because they had pausing, it you know and they write and they had to top ten lottery picks. You know that they had. They had the pick that there were, they couldn't take it out of a measure and they took Frankie nicotine. They they had the Knox back. Those are two top them picks the net. The net it: never even draft in the top ten plus posing as was away better acid than anybody, the net sad and they were taking anyway and the networks the opposite way. They weren't totally tanking. There are trying to build this. You know that it never reason to than ever have and they're trying to build this culture and taken
chance on deeds and they're the ones that are due let the damage or Russell trades were there taking salary with their cap space. The next are spending their caps. Besides him hard away and Cordelia people there. They just kind of got outmaneuvered it out thought by the nets for a couple years there and now. Next are in this situation, where they're trying to regulate the nets from a couple years ago, even they said Julius rattled today and that's a two year deal with a team option for a third, but now there in this vote where everything they do is gonna, be sure videos protect cab space build, and you now hope Yadda wants to go there to thousands we want it's the illusion of hope yet again Joe House, the necks of data for twenty years. It's always like this next guys come up and one year, two years now. Maybe we can get this guy and their fears. Offer every time and I fought for them. How about that, Katy was go in there, the aloof
let's hope so ass I mean they have had a couple of moment. For me, they had learned sanity. That was a pretty. A moment they can only about twenty five or thirty games out of
start a mile before her he turned into a pumpkin. Your boy, mellow was was good for them. He gave them an identity for like a couple years and I don't think that the tear down the way that they crafted it was that ill advised, like I'm, not sure that they ultimately are going to lose on the poisonous trade, because we don't yet know whether he is a guy that can play you know. Any basketball games he's he's a seven further with EC incredible stroke and so far an injury tendency. Now you know what one catastrophic injury, but who knows when he comes back? How he's going to be? I thought they did a good job of avoiding that problem all together and get
some decent decent assets and putting themselves at a decent position to swing for the fences, is free agency. The fact that they struck out this year isn't really the end of of of the story for the next item. That is, those created next year. Now, there's no Frage its extra, so they struck out for this year and better yeah, but both the thing that we found in the last I don't know I feel like a twenty four month phenomena. Eighteen month, you if you are in a position where somebody is grows disgruntled. We have this new era of disgruntled stars and if you're, a team that can suck up cap has the cap availability and it happens to be in New York, city and plague, bass and square garden, it's a pretty at attract
If a law like they could be in the ear like who knows, he's gonna, be there not the next disgruntled star it could in the nice, can go hand in hand. I I I I oughta I gotta have a dog in this fight. The subjects index aren't rivals the Celtics either next have been other than a couple stretches have just been terrible for seventy years. You know, I do think their name is pretty mind within the lake now I really do. I think, there's gonna have to be a ladder rehab and its one. Things where the moment, though, and sells the team, if he ever does you now, then it becomes the most. Killing situational a to be part of a new ownership and rebuild and a new era for the next? But right now he's still there here Goin anywhere. The eddies about what it. What about the press conference would be barred. The daily news reporters
This is where they like Donald IRAN, where get the fuck out of here. This is where the league these intervene. He doesn't have to sell the team. He just needs to not be the face of the franchise like what we have enough evidence. We don't any more evidence. We are now officially beyond reasonable doubt him as the face of the franchise is Epping disaster. It's an f triple minus, so they If you keep own, he could be the majority owner, they need some. You know bright and shiny new face to come in and be smile like its New York City. There are lots and lots and lots of of influential human beings that can arrive in that city and immediate. Lee rehabilitate the image of the franchise. You know one guy by the way who might have that impact whose express them interests in Serbia.
Ba ownership? It's it's, the guy, that's a lot of people which was on this podcast tonight, instead of me bill. Seventh. What about one or Rock H Obama, when I M with joining up with it, then the Knicks ownership group and become the face the franchise with that work, I mean it's a noble thought, but there's two issues one Dolan such a stubborn deck there's no way he would ever give up any ownership and he would bring at the notion that somebody else could come in and help. Sir his image like his whole than the fray. He would never do that and that, second, you think per once James DAWN in his life. Let honestly you think, he's like going home with Michelle, dinner, hey I've got this, For Tunisia, I can only small
Peace is an expert dive, JAG alone in my life, for the next ten years. A bug out here I mean about about Jack. I'm not taken this than the political direction, but a bead here they ears Joe Biden after which they We see a couple months, Joe Biden out there on his own now, without the cover a baby to do without a picnic. That's pretty get. Can I Can I walk you through the last twenty years of the next week quickly and of their new reset buttons. I made it feels gratuitous, but I know but our joy. Until now, you're gonna get you you're, gonna joy that says the audience except for an expense, so they make the night I'm fine. I right the reset button. First was the: U N Trade to Seattle, which was Naturally, again, there get a move on built around Houston, Kandian spray. The whole thing Nope Antonio Mc Dice, member that big trader dice
they traded the lottery, pick that ended up being a virus that aware that didn't work out so far, our bear we're going all in and define bring them home to them say the New York City point Nobody knows postcards like New York City at work. Eddie Currie made a big bad. Community curried Zachary enough, going back to Bully ball Holies get faster, redefined. People inside that didn't work. Two thousand eight in two thousand and those seasons heading in the summer. Two thousand ten member that it was two years of worrying attack. We're getting the broad his covered, the bronze cavities gallery bash to be great, bringing those words were doing a man. It's it's very throw away these two years. You be awesome that work He went to Miami. They settle a firmer stance by air that sea
in heading two February. I Carmelo wants to come here. We could have a Mary Ann Carmelo Richard everything for Carmelo bring him in Get Chauncey bill. Ups and this data bill of spring and tasted share their. Now we get the big three here. We go those next couple years. They think of fire. The ran to building chrome feel Jack. That's going to save it, man, seven, seventy three necks. He was there. He knows what it takes that lasted two years to a thousand fifteen and sixteen it's all leading to the summer to tat. Sixty save it man, seven. Seventy three Knicks is there. He knows what it takes that lasted two years, two thousand and fifteen. Sixteen it's all leading to the summer two thousand and sixteen we could have cap space bill Jackson's got it couldn't figure it out, now nobody wanted to come. Tim Hardway court delay foam now next year, As we rebuild around pausing guess we finally have our guy. We have a,
the court we just gotta built around and play the long game at didn't, really work out. Two thousand: eighteen trade, pausing s here we go Katy inquiry. It's gonna happen. We got all this cab spaces, eighty billion we cleared all this cap, not that didn't work out. What's new game point two thousand twenty word here yeah, he's gotta come. I, though we grew up and it has no idea what it was like when there should have been discovered. You know where I shall ever in its recent about in the space of three minutes, while you again after two to private knaves, really even talk about joking Noah or Derek rose, Ah forget those guys. Sorry, I had fifteen reset birds. I left out to buy better yeah. I got it. Jackie now what was that it as the sixteen.
But I was with their yearly yet I was Accord Delay yeah GAD can't even keep track. I'm scared dirt James, the back of the Suv. I can I be it. The I'd this is gonna be perceived as may be in a deck has carried on the subjects, credits bade them for one. Second, please do it's a whole victory prayed right, Brooklyn, Guy Katy and CARE I just want to point out just want to point this out. I'm going to try to do this in the non dickeus way possible. Kd can't walk. He has a ruptured achilles, can't play for a year and Kyrie. His season went so badly last year that we started doing internet Instagram videos of of my head and Johnny,
at best hundred Thompsons head inquiry and the other guy said of be driving into the airport to get away from the Celtics. If you did of, if you did a pole of south expands right now, how many of them are going to miss carry what's. The percentage would be like two percent. It was a disaster in every respect he is gonna, go to John is one of the most disliked Boston athletes. We've had how much of that was his fault compared to the rest of the team. We could let it get that forever, but I'm just saying everyone is happy. He left so no Brooklands excited they have em he's gonna be grave for them. The first couple months, but I'm just saying like just be careful, be careful. What you wish for with carrying just be careful is affair. Well, I have, I have one crucial difference to tackle the attention please, and if this were not aware,
I am not aware of the Brooklyn nets taking out a giant, Miss Seti size knife and stabbing any of their young up and coming players that overextended themselves that maybe they played injured. There were due for a giant payroll, may a giant giant pay day. They did not oppose the. I dont think Brooklyn Stead any five foot, eleven players in the back on their home of of their pay day. The curse of Isaiah Thomas is not to be trifled with Bill Simmonds when it comes to your boss and Celtics In- and I think you know the celtic sir, are are still feeling it. I mean who, what a funk here, we are starting in two thousand thirteen, that trade.
Between the Celtics and the nets and on balance like it's, it's kind of interesting. The way that that that all that's played out a lot assets have flowed to Boston yet, and we ve had a couple eastern conference. It oh or runs at these eastern conference finals, and you know, took cleveland- is two to seven games in in one year, pretty good, but ever really threatening to make big the NBA five ever gonna win the title. Now it must be the finance, but there were team, is never went in the title, so yeah, I'm with you, karma thing and believe me, I've thought about or let it was a great and you you can. Definitely
to that, as something that you know it with the whole eastern conference finals, run aside from a year ago, was in great but look there's a very good chance that it was just the worst possible situation for everybody in that is gonna, go the nets and be really good next year, Andrews be happy and me but he was with the rocky teammates and the wrong coach in the wrong city and improved and he's gonna be a little older, a little wiser, I'm that ruling it out and that this is this to me is not like. Getting somebody who's to say. Why would you guys? You know it's not like if somebody assigned Andrey Blanche, you know when who signed the Blue when Andrei Blanche left the wizard, who is that exceed that signed a mere just laughing. I think this incident ass, yeah you're just level. I, like that's hilarious, that you think out very black is redeemable I'm not like that. I'd I'd wait, there's
world in which carry is like just awesome next year, but I also saw the bad side carried it's hard to. Jake, because an you saw, you watches bucks ethics games he rolled over and that serious did he not. He did, but that the curious thing with the Celtics is they were you you're. A franchise was confronted with an identity, crisis
like, within the first five minutes of Gordon Heyward Inquiry, Irving spoke again be playing together right, like everything, changed five minutes into the first game of the first season of them playing together, and it turned out that it wasn't capable of of being salvaged. So that does not happen right like that, though, those who you were supposed to be in a very stable situation mean I hated to remind you of your forecast for how many games the tea might wind. Is this most recent season with those two guys back by, like everything can change quickly. It is very hard, I'm glad that you are being generous. I I think carry can be successful with the net t, learn lessons in Boston and I do think that nets in o, in terms of their of front office and in the composition of of there.
You that's a little different from the composition of what what Boston had and none other nets all the debts have under their belts. Those young guys is a first round losses in the play ass. You know in invoking rule that no more than ass, we're before you praise the debts of front office to effusively they ve come to terms with the Andrea Jordan. The can you do and guess what the country was. It is worrying that whenever I think that even today I think it is three years Fifty five billion dollars- oh my god, how many Pacific goes? Did you have? I told you five four years? Forty! Ok, that's fair! What's right that? What are you talking about
what's fair ten million two million dollars the azure during the review, why? What are you talking about its chump change is chump chart is not that's terrible. That's an IRA is doomed. It wasn't overpay that Katy insisted on their contract is, is borderline, represents but I'm sure Katy was egg luck. You just gotta. Do this absurd. Yet here my guy Leubronn branded for a lot of guys. Do you think there is an innocent bystanders? Do you think there's more to the Katy warrior stuff that is gonna trickle out over the next four to six weeks, because it seems like an air is Katy just wanted to play with his friends and his friends are apparently carrying the injured When you went to the warriors, it was all about how he was close with J. My green.
And knew the new curry, obviously, and he was gonna play those guys in new challenge, gone state. Now, it's like you, must put this friends. Do you think ever fully know what happened in gaol and stay with the ran in that team. I think a couple stories. What will come out? I think we'll get a sharper image of what was at the heart of the beef between dream on and Katy over the course of the season, but I dont think Dray, mine and Katy had a law, on friendship that preceded Katy coming over to the warriors. I think that dream on the warrior whisperer as kind of leader that team- and I think he was in Katie's ear? You know ever ported by words and that we were sceptical about it, but I think dream I was in Katie's year for a good portion of the second half of that last season with
K C before he jumped over and then he, in other circumstances, played out there with the way that oh Casey losses files and an dream on you know proved to be of a pretty good salesmen. I dont know if, if they were friends at any point over the course of of them played together, they got along fine, it seems so whatever happened. The season and the mutual interest in kicking everybody's ass has a galvanizing kind of effect and there will be a good at it. But I don't know I don't know anything about like the relationship component, somethin somethin's off shovel find out at some point or live by the way I was reported that Katy inquiry took less than the max to allow the angel Jordan get to ten million a year with Brooklyn sure why not
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now, the river was on a Thursday and Juliet are in love with Tyler C and going backers to the point that it's just hilarious. The stuff there come up with so bachelor party. This is better crazy season and it's a merciless, and so, if you like that, one check it out Jj, Redick Podcast by the way is going to New Orleans, but he had that glow on Thursday as well. That was a fun re, listen stuff there. I guess so. A lot of shit happens. Today we had a rip through a really quickly cause or put this up tonight. There are logical contract. Subject: gonna go through some of them. In the end, we can do our instant reactions, South Jack Campbell for four years hundred forty one million. I guess I can talk about this whole kinda thing in this ethics later in the summer, when the I could ve done too much something stock. I will say it's kind of
agreeing how bad his teammates, where for his entire time and Charlotte they like genuinely staggering. I dont think any good player has played with worse players. Is where, where our guy I'm excited to see what he's capable of in this situation, is it to me, is a poor man's Kyra he's a rich bans, Isay Thomas, I feel like he's a better fit for this integration of the cell, takes it? Is it's a it's a real shame that the subjects loss Orford, because I think we were to get the best version of camera with warfare with us out. So I have a move or too they have to get somebody over six feet: eight inches tall, other basketball team to help them try and collect rebate of the season. So I guess we'll see, but. I had my fingers crossed for Robin Lopez they made at the patch together. I think it's probably the easiest position, the late to patch together and try to find somebody out
about this little in the last package, but I in other upside there, not a title, can and anyway I don't they there, but there one move away from being entitled to tender, which I think is important because it There were no man's land before now their team. You now that they're kind of like a few wizards teams, you route for in the past right. Like the Jamieson Arenas with AIDS or like even the Warren Bustlers, where yeah words like You're ceiling is forty, seven fifty winds and you can get whiskey and maybe take somebody to game seven around two, but you're not going to actually do anything, but they have the chance now potentially to add one more piece of the pics that have so somebody sent me the all the players that Charlotte have paid more in a given season. Then they paid Campbell Walker in any here that they had among the team. Here's the complete list, Ban, Gordon Michael kid, girl, crest,
Jody Zeller, Marvin Williams, back Bianco out Jefferson, Dwight, Howard, Nick the tomb and now tear rosier all those guys made more than any then can by ever made for Charlotte. He picked the twelve million Just a really poor, they run theme I actually think just quickly and Charlotte. They have probably the saddest roster you and has put together a while. The tap the brakes brother Now you ve got Bradley Beer. You Bradley Bill in your team. They don't have anybody whose their Marcie Guy Melick Monk bridges, Zella regulator. They have it. Nobody Wigan Aaron yeah, they did not extend the qualifying is offered to Frank Kaminski. I'm I'm sorry report it shades of like Brooklyn in there in the mid two thousand. And when it was super dark. After the cagey Pierce trade, then the lottery picks, and it was just like you know- a bear,
Rick Lopez and nothing was bared. Wasteland at this team at might actually be. Where's but holy shit. I may we talk about dollar needs to sell. The next might be time. M J that I'm not sure I am not sure of ownership is, is the move for you bite my deeds methods bigots about. So anyway, so Camper happened to buy affairs when eighty four five malarkey brought Chris Middleton back one I just seventy eight billion Orlando lockdown Nik Vucevic for four four hundred and then Terence Ross for fifty four. Alpha recommended. They brought him for three for twenty nine Kevin Clark. The Ringer zone, the only really in a fit of her met was absolutely delighted that they ve almost hit the luxury tax with the seven seed, a pretty impressive house arrest of.
Ready for wine team yeah. Let's go visibility. Far less you forgot, Brute Brook Lopez reside with their walk you by the way I haven't gotten over. Yet I had him on a different level, Oh I'm sorry now I was doing all the other states are the as yet a giant numbers so bothers for forty two. Four, following an ideal Russell is the only all star superstar has assigned yet so then we go gonna little adder but Sacramento for four eighty six per Harrison Barnes, which I don't know what is that feel like twenty million too high, but you know how are they going to get any, but anyway they got to pay the tax to pay the Sacramento tax. Then they spend three four hundred and forty at Dewayne Dedmon and then
they weren't God Trevor Risa Fourtou for twenty five. Has you watch Trevor resolution? He pay for your beloved wizards that alot left in the tank it didn't feel like who knows what he had left tank will. What, instead of did he have to come here to Washington and editor, go go bust, his ass at all, at that with by the time he arrived. You know that Writing was so on the wall, though so on the John. While such it did such a dead terrible moment in. Why should enfranchise history? Who knows whether that traveller is he? I think that that's not a bad he's the EU still smart. He still knows where to pee the basketball court that counts Bulgaria, so you're, saying you're signing off on a hundred and fifty one million dollars for Harrison, Barnes Trevor Razor and Dwayne dead men physical lot, just like Philip had high heels
with we both like Balko Bragton. Did you like him enough? If you're in to trade a first and two seconds and pay him for years, eighty five billion they really did you know: Indiana God bless them. They had this ambition. They really think that they're gonna cracked that fifty five to sixty two when threshold and they I think you must have a perspective. Their view must be the Toronto It is not that it be capable, even if quite doesn't want in one the window for fur Toronto is, is closing, and so in the end it wants to be in that top three category with the Sixers in Milwaukee and they just pushed the trip to the middle. I don't really have a problem with it, so they basically flip bragged Infer bogged down, are but Baghdad image for Bragton
To day and where I live, I teach a worn was still and I mean That was the kind of trade like. If that happened in our fantasy, they agreed that would lead to a hundred emails and you'd get insulting, and at some point people would be challenge each other, a fight. It is terrible. I like they, built this weird team, where They have all perimeter guys who can create their own shot and then MILES Turner. It's a bonus. You know it's. It's. It's like a one or the other type team, but a kind of like it just a lot of guys who attack off the dribble a little bit like what Toronto had last year were all of their guards and forwards can create their own shot in some way and then Rabbani defence, so essentially out of the room in the title, but a calculated. The dead Lopez Timor, Turkey for fifty two Utah
it's about them by dynamism for years? Seventy three million. I really I too am. I actually thought I thought he let you down, and the boy ass in washed and especially in the book serious, but in Indiana that the last two years at that is terrific, really liked them too. They now have really feel like you. Let us down but go ahead. He was in great by day. You know you I was in a situation where there are good, regular season team and they would get to the playoffs, and it became clear pretty quickly that it was basically the dynamism Mitchell they had nobody else who could create a shot except for Joe Angles, but in the play our seas, Joe angles now they have kindly run in everything. Mitchell can play off the bar more. And Baghdad, which can create his own shot. Now that now there the potential they could play calmly, Mitchell Baghdad, a rich and angles with just go bear she's all he's doing is rebounding in defending the rim, a kind of like it ass, a
and I know they're gonna go out a sleeper buzz is the summer goes alarm, but I just as a team that makes more sense is applied in that it did. It's already started the sleep buzz, I mean there's already bite by twitter. Timeline is already filled with like get your Betsy in now on Utah, and I and I, what put what in in couldn't find the odds forum. I, while I dont know what this does in terms. Their ability to retain, favours, and it's not like avers is done. I think that here Say again to say the April now: ok, I could I we, I thought he was pretty good as a back up in that back up role evening. Air emails in a letter yeah sure sure so you tat right now begin a mine. Fifty one
I dont he's got I while I like them to win the western conference. I like that better. I don't want to bet on them to win the championship, but I do like the idea than winning the western carpets, wise Brooklyn, eighteen o one she's done that when in Jack Shit, maybe two years from now, and that next year, dinner at twenty five to lend seems done. That seems to have that thou so that no that's the most interesting one to me right now, because they have a move. They have assets. If there's any team in the NBA that I thought had our budget chance it getting Bradley Bill, I think it's the dead were not yet, and I think that that that's interesting team, if their aim the do and if they did something like Gary Harrison, and I dont know somebody help you want arisen that yet again, no you what I am saying a pic hair order area make a porter right right now, you're talking that's a deal like, I would really really
consider that if I was now that not enough- and rather I think, Portland the team, if you're gonna trade Bradley Bill, that's a team that has the right makes their assets and young gas. Where I did it. I wonder if Bill he's getting enough touches on that too. I don't know. I'm in Denver is about FED fridges for him. You right leg of the event to be Gary Harris and importer Junior who's, the guy they picked this year in the draft. But like that, I like now, all of it. Amber. They got him the second round, they get somebody else said alike, but Portland could do the Zat Collins and Anthony Simons in expiring contracts and impacts and really kind of shadow over pay form. But listen, I'm already on the record with you. I think you should keep Beale just waded out did so Five is really good. I wouldn't trader you just basically about the hurried it yeah
I would wait until its. It was a complete overpay, Joyce, Randal, three or sixty but really it's two year, dealers, the team option, rosier trade were signing was just a job for me. Three years, fifty eight million a hub, Right a chain with a next fan, our friends were and my dad and you and our next fan friend was pushing for rosier like just kind of or Intel hey. We got this guy's that a good thing and I had to bring my dad and to give his season ticket hold their scatter for the regime. Is really bad last year and is somebody that is basically like a thirty eight thirty nine percent Career shooter, and that two years he doesn't get to the freezer align he's again rebound her. I think he's pretty get the fender. I dont think After watching him,
see this year. I'm not sure he's a starting point guard on a platter team and I dont know how he's like the best guy and a bad thing. I think that I think they're gonna get that contract us that a Finn I dont mean it hardly matters like matters, is, I feel bad for them. Had Saigon man, Jesus Steve Scouts, Ricky Rubio goes to Phoenix for three four, fifty one in it on the other. We should talk about his rhetoric on a new Orleans for two for twenty six Riddick. Who was basically in this year by year And and somehow figured out a way to just keep getting paid a lot. You made seventy thinking, twenty nine million in two years and Philly and now and he made twenty six air for New Orleans. So he basically data of us. Fifty seven. Fifty six plus million for four years
Spain, J, J Erratic, pretty good, ass, the age AIDS, like thirty one to thirty five? yeah a million dollars. That's my g right there I mean that's a dude whose whose taken stock of a league looked at him love and said you know. I met a gamble on myself. He did it, he did it successfully. We knew that the pelicans needed some kind of old head some kind of stabilizing force. I honestly thought that that our warfare was headed to the pelicans, but J J is perfectly fine. By the way I mean we have to figure out how to maybe I'll just fly down there as a as a devoted and noted food lover, J, J, erratic think about
he's gonna be capable of down an oral its. I mean incredible. I say you you're saying what we they imagine huge moment for the Ringer pack: ass, thou ART, J, J, now New Orleans on a really fun team. We have Zion access. This is great. Huge went all the way around, but but you go down there. You engage idea little three day, food thing founded at anything. Yet those this just the opportunities are endless: subtle, I like that he's a future media guy who already sees the floor like a media guy. He realizes all right, I'm going to fill in. That's the new hot tea moment, immersed myself. In that whole world, the doubts and our aid Zion, that's new active. He keeps job, the new Hungarian yeah he's like a like it actor who keep trying to go to the best show with the with the hot young kids. Good luck, the J J Thou. That's a great team form. They need a warmer shooter. I still think that
good right away. I don't think they're gonna be a fifty five when team that I think they're gonna be a little bit above average, so how are you remember today? Look back. Oh, we we'd laughing with imagined before you answer the question: nothing with the Lakers, yet in the Lakers. It breaks my heart stopped. Is one or the other. It's gotta be one or the other would mean any. It's gotta, be dazzled, Russell or COIL Leonard. I mean look at is an neither inevitable. Did you it could be, neither that that would be my my optimal case. Neither would be optimal, but God it just feels like.
It's Coco. I said two years ago. I want to play for the Lakers and then he eats. He just delivered a title to a place that had no chance whatsoever to two content. For a title. He's made an a and an indelible mark on in the history of the National Basketball Association. He could go to the LOS Angeles Lakers and only have to play sixty five games and come out in the again God dammit- I don't like it. If I'm not rooting for it, but there's a lot of logic to it. I think I think there's a high possibility that they could get neither guy
His Russia could go to Minnesota and collect could go to the quick browser or just stand Toronto. Well, let me ask you this you. This is the first time we mention the clippers yeah. What would be the case for quite a gold clippers other than him wanting to be in LOS Angeles? That's it that's not a great case. I mean to Toronto. That situation was much better for him and then he it's not like he said to turn the spurs I wanna go to Toronto, but there are a lot sort of better team, better position in the east and conference. What is there now that he's in control of his own destiny? What is there despite our rippers, without always right, let's played out if you're him you kid. For years in Toronto, because you don't know who's on the team, those last three years, it's you and see outcome. Basically
but you don't wanna one. You could be like. What's defend yet idle, it's fucking do there. And now we're afraid a year from now, even if I get I'm just watched. Yet I once saw these injured stars get paid. Let's go What are you gonna? Be us any better than the other point like you get. That super duper MAX as a danger that, if it does the one in one other possibility goes the clippers he's the guy in the papers and they try to you. I I mean, of course they were promised that free agents slick Would you do that you power like the way we think we can get Gauvain Loony,
That is the first time are mentioned. The clippers doesn't feel that doesn't feel good, there's both in the bin. The mixed are supposed to be have a chance to giant free agents sightings and its did ten twenty three EAST Coast time and we're just now talking about the clippers. This there's a couple guys, I thought, aren't free agents, so we have to mention. One of them is named Kevin Love, oh yeah. Ok, now, you're talkin He's basically afraid you're right, you could trade firm from Cleveland Cleveland his way over the cap, and I think they actually might be a luxury tax team facts they have to. I will act when they get rid of Genesis, contracts, contract to be fun but their over the cap, you could tie you get cheap
trade for Kevin Love will give you a conditional first, her first or whatever, and maybe it's Kevin loving collide together with the rest of their team. I don't have. That makes a difference. I also say I was thinking Kevin love with the Lakers too, if they struck out, the best possible emigrants to me. Could he related to remember them? Choose the other guy for the clippers. What about Stephen atoms? What about ok see is is well over the lecture tax by like thirteen or What team million bucks and will be, I bit there'd, be repeater team this year, which is a lot worse so does feel like Stephen atoms could be had. The lad. Let me ask you this, though, what does that do for ok see? How does that help them?
no, I dont get slaughtered by luxury tax. The people that by season tickets, don't give a shit about the luxury tax they want to competitive basketball team has a chance to play in the NBA finals and they invest. Did five hundred and twenty five million dollars in Paul George. I know only wedding Iraq. Nobody has ever paid the repeater tax. At least that Acta remember Fer, a team that could work with that, didn't have any chance them in the title which they do so it will that that's so that's the determination they have to make it may have to sell that to their fan base, we're not going to make the final we're going to move. Items here is the rationale why it's just a tough pill to swallow after the mega extension for Westbrook that barely twenty four months, old and and and stealing you know Paul George, essentially in an and keeping him when he was it seen by all indications, he was prepared to walk that your team, its Paul George
Westbrook and Stephen Adams. What are you doing about it, but here's the thing Adams was now good last year, especially the last three Marie make a case, if your them like look, we either way we're not when in the title was Stephen Adam. So what are? We could turn him into the zoo back from the keepers and save twenty three hours payroll an hour, not a luxury tax team, and then we actually have the potential to be add some more money. First right now are absolutely crippled by our team for asking that the window is closing. The problem is Russell Westbrook playing the way that plays in Europe. We have already seen it it's a diminishing return position. That therein in and they have it.
One a round in the play off yet with what, since Katy has left, so they have an existential crisis, they d to two sorted out quickly. You know, I am not one to underestimate what SAM Press is capable of. You know another team. We have talked about speaking of a closing window where the Houston Rockets and all I am innate. They created a forty eight hour story last week that we open they made fun of on this package. The Jimmy about there's gotta rackets, as I guess he see how do we know Has anyone told Jimmy Butter or the Sixers? and then, and that didn't work out, yeah I've worked. We gotta put about the cooperation. Because these options are, I would say, one in one with Toronto: go to the clippers in just be the guy on at a clippers team. That's really
would not be a title content or even, if you put him on their or be the third will with the Lakers, and he would be the third will, would he care I don't know but were coming for plants where he was the best guy in the league- and I just don't feel like that- would be the vibe on that Laker team. I don't I will point about this. Was he was supposed to be the guy and he was like collided? being a big city and he needs a great shoe contract than he needs every better realise how great is and then you gonna be on the bronze team there, weird. I add on something that something doesn't feel realistic about it to be, but how thus the most confused the guy in the leg, so I'd believe anything. Speaking of that there's no scenario. I just want to go ahead and rule this out immediately because of what we're talking about some James who, Paul you know, giant rabbit out of their assholes. There's no scenario under which quite can go to Houston. Right
not just one of the confirmed that not enough is our aims artisans before, ah not unless it's for James Hearted Hooker, our. I just wanted to make it make sure that the case, because I cannot help help me with this wise Jimmy Butler, going to my What's in it for him, because he cares about winning. He must have a title for its title: the platinum pussy title because its that's the only thing I read the really distinguish Miami Jimmy, but they took a barrier to get caught. No word keep that in that is not getting cut. Jimmy took a big AL over the last year. He He clearly just wanted yeah. I think he did cause he put this latter Minnesota for reasons that remain unclear. He goes to Philly, he's added
He met. Really almost you know, came with a couple bats. Is there a beating the team that an up when the title any about our bow about winning, I'm all about championship, mentality. Other stuff, now he's in Miami play with his son Wait said he was beloved and freely that that's. This is why I'm I'm confounded by him going to Miami the only things take time to commend my Gimme the beach, the weather, arise days of all drugs. Para that path never urges bats poppy and put an end platinum, pussy parade? I mean it's a cheerful Peter button, but an oak sugar coated, but like that, can't be your legacy that can't be your career, Philly loved him. He was a fee Billy guy he fortnight up. I mean he really could have own that city so understand it. The other there's a couple things online today about how much
it meant to em how Miami treated Dwayne weighed the retirement stuff on his way out and the respect admiration in love and that whole farewell, Torque, Zeus, closer doing weighed and how he walks added how Wade was she did in that really went a long way with them. I guess my point would be a lot of organizations have done that for guys, who retired? Who is it? download the exact same, enabling that there be a pretty good job here so that that was weird. I think he just wanted to live in. South EAST should be the and I think Dwayne Wade was probably came. How great is to be the guides outrage, is there going to be ok, bye, ok, pride. I was. I mean I'm sure we'll find out is a pretty candy guy, but my guess is there were things he didn't like on the Phillies said. You know, but I and I, enjoy Brad's coaching ever am I imagined she beheld his own thoughts? We had already heard about them, similar,
is it immensely. Frustrating guide a play with I'm sure, and being present in shape. You know, and if I'm him and I'm looking at that big picture, maybe I'm like. I don't think I can, when a terrible anyway, I don't believe in these guys their everyday lives You don't believe me, those guys guys he fled for them or to buy a bit, so he did run away and were to a bunch of guys who have no track record of success whatsoever. But you know best of luck. Did I tell you this happen after we start the pad Dallas got drunk a chance. That strategy doubtless Josh. Richard said to fully and Butler to Miami and couple things are jackets and I haven't resources but I'm pretty confident right here. He him in him and that your type sherry paper,
and why are they not only? In fact, I'm in a Google Dragonettes and dodge up stuff comes up. Here, they played the Europe together. There's pictures them on the bench. There's some high five pictures yeah building a mentor mentor governs rackets there you go so yeah, so that's great for Dallas I wouldn't I loved ragged, Karami realistic member when he kicked the shit out of the two thousand transpires. I've always liked him after that, member that we too are in the third that that Phoenix team with him and chatting fry of all put a foul play. Lash had at once unstoppable Pickerell Dudley. That was a really fun team. I I this balance of weird teams over the last few years, specially Miami and, I think, tween Wade. It was weird to watch
and a whole Dwayne Wade. I had over those teams, especially crunch time when he was at the talent of his career, but Yeah I like it, I like them for doubt. So I guess the only other free agency thing we didn't mention is what happens with buggy cousins. It's it's an absolute shame that the wizards don't have the salary cap over pay him. I know devastated. It would have been the most with our desire to move about time, to give him why for your laundry and first in life or Terry Rosier. That would have been the most was artsy move, but bogey would have been. Second, I still look, I'm still a buggy believer. I dont I want him to take this summer to get himself in the shape that he was working,
Finished from Achilles injury and then followed up with a quiet injury, I am hopeful that that he's he's healthy. I wanna healthy buggy in my life. Well ass. We said we do this. A real time marks dangerous retweeted, the maverick so huge fans are going drag edge, but could not take him back in the Miami San unshaded silly because they feared losing flexibility to make additional moves the summer. So somehow that's out the window, that was our first red herring. Athens of the pack has I wanna, keep all the other stuff. Full that that he's he's healthy. I want a healthy buggy and my life well ass. We say we're doing this. A real time marks dangerous retreated. The members are here, funds are going dragging but could not taken back in the man s attitude with Philly cause. They feared losing flexibility to make additional moves the summer. So somehow that's out the window, that was our first Red Herring Athens.
Of the pack. Has I wanna keep all the other stuff we set about drag. Should, though, because I think it a kind of shows how how funny this is here's another programmes. The books are expressing strong interest in frigid centre, Robin Lopez, to join his brother broken lucky, I'm so happy! Now
ah glowing right. Now that would be cool. I wouldn't druggist to go to Philly honestly think that he knows how to run a picket role at anything. That's gonna have put Joel and be down the block, or you know ensue from sixteen feet inside that they they need. Appoint, guard that can play in crunch time in the playoffs Ben Citizens is not that guy and, unfortunately, neither T J Mcconnell. So I hope I want finally to go: get a credible accomplished. High basketball. I q point guard to really make that team compelling this coming year. Anyway. That's words for the coopers. Best of luck. Look see. Bomber, you know he all he did was it'll help build grow
one of the two biggest accompanies the in the history of the world, so that putting anything pass them. But it doesn't look great right. Now: here's the artillery ice voluntarily yeah gallon Lou Williams, Hara, Shea Judges, Alexander Jerome, rabbits in major sham it there is, though Unwell, Tyrone Wireless, Lord they deserve. Like seventy five million dollars left to spend. Well, it's always Sunday night, there's a lot that can have Would you do like a one year for twenty two for buggy fear them now, cod
I just don't have any. I would you really have to have some of advance thinking in terms of the stir the physical compare like what he's capable of physically. Can I give you a couple, my favorite free agents for rigour, that are left? Let's do it. I love Robin Lopez and I really don't want him to go to the monarchy. I wanna go to Boston, come to Boston Rabble up, as people have said, curry, yeah, South Korea be good for somebody just in holiday. I'm pretty sure here is a free agent. I like him here We shall homes. Sure regime on southern away said region, I, like Russia, homes, I think he's a sleeper rademacher, who is still in the papers
wrong to like sat a risky. You're not wrong. I think they're going to try and keep him here in Washington because they dont have another point guard really on the team. Ok,.
Am I wrong till I teach Mcconnell as a candidate man like a nice man made ten million better? Is a nightmare tat tell their tenth man? How do you feel that caused the crisis? Is he is still in a week s? That's why it's random play off. Rather, you should just take off the season and come back for the players. He could. Somebody just sign Randal attended, show up and prefers to please stay away from my team until April I mean he would do that deal with me even taken for the west,
no I'd know her aright house. I think I think we had everything. Do we had everything right here? We have everything, there's a light on it. This is an ongoing saga. Today is the first time you don't have to conquer law were at the bottom of the mountain, still Also why we don't know require letters gonna play next year for Christ, sakes, it seems like Whirlwinds is getting their favours. Who I know you ve enjoyed like another smart, better in. To go with that New Orleans team, David Griffin, a plus plus doesn't know your agreement Andreasen Langdon. Nobody seems to understand its that ten forward p m e t. Nobody seems to understand how Jimmy, but there is actually can go to the heat, so that might make up my fear, Prob. I can only wonder about workers. They came back to salaries, I'm looking at somebody just tweet
Kelly Olympic DARE Jones could have would have to go to the man There is still not enough for a trade imagine bubble blah, so it's very confusing render carry Olympics my home. I want him to land wherever somewhere good for him good, good, Eater Kelly Olympic. Before we go, I'm giving sixty seconds as the wizards fan, to tell the next bands to fuck off that the wizards fans actually have it were scope of early grandfather. I don't need sixty seconds learned Grown Felt was the GM for all for sixteen years here in Washington, we're we're gonna pay a penance. We missed the though
window for for the maximum opportunity free agent wise a sub. Apparently he didn't have a calendar in his office and was keeping track of win these contracts on these super duper stars. We're gonna come off because our money left next year, yon behind me, enjoy our off the books, an extra twenty two million dollars opening up for the Washington with in a year where there are no fucking free agents. Congratulations, and who can you get for twenty two fucking million dollars it's the goddamn NBA. You have to have at least forty Jesus Christ. Don't talk to me. The next at least have exciting young players, who is the best young player on the Washington wizards bill. You bill I'm accounting him because he is not going to be the team. Is it you have. You have John was contract for former years. I'm telling you that if we were gonna pay em this year go hidden kid our insurance money and if they don't stretches
at the beginning of the twenty twenty twenty twenty one season. I will restrict myself right on out as a wizard sphere, I'm already and on the DC, by the way, you know you, They say you're a soccer guy, this season, you have John, while for thirty eight point, two yeah him. These four for fifteen point: five Dwight Howard for five point: six and Jonathan summits for five point: seven, who apparently you'd traded foreign draft that to get a secular up, you added his salary to this mix. All I find out of Yugoslavia. That was a good pick that it was worthwhile. We gotta the agreement. We get away him only weighing them and you bear that right Paul go when he had to get rid of all his riffraff fer to temperature more MAX money. You got no back there. You got Isaac Bangor. And you got some guy named you merrier Jones,
Gaza and Mobile Jones. That's that's a hell! That's that's! A great Laufer Mobile Jones. Do you think that Dwight Howard Retirement or this year will will be more? most of the Dwyane Wade's retirement or like slightly less more emotional, feels like it's going to be kind of a pain in the ass. If I, if I have it's just going to be direct about it, We can visit you at the House of Carbs. When is the? When is the british open? It is in two weeks to the preview shows July, 15th and 16th, and then we'll have recap show on the twenty first. I believe I have no idea who's. Gonna win the open championship copy this year, Northern Ireland, at Royal port rush and was speaking a golf we have, we have caused, it sounded
general trifecta, gonna, Callaway, MID July. We do, though, fitting and sheets of videos and precisely that's more exciting the british open, but I don't know it's obvious, hoping aggregates arrested. That's my only hope for that Am I the last person who caused the british open? I know we're supposed to call the open championship now. Can I still called the british opener now you can you? Can it's America feel free to call? What are you up yet? It is America goddamn it and we have. We have. The semi fires were playing England same way, July forthright whenever and wherever they take their asses out of this country, we took this country for ourselves. I can't wait for that and then and then hope, where the final against sweet Netherlands. I know you're watching. I know she's, in other words Sweden. The Netherlands and a sporting event you just started watching eighty men carried the score was through your favorite countryside
happily married man. I feel, like I shouldn't make anywhere observations on that front. Joe ass. We could hear your has the carbs fair, where raw text for the time and this fantastic day fridge see it's all happened and bills. I text the house thanks to Ziprecruiter thanks to proper cloth order. A custom fit shirt has never been easier thanks to proper cloth, insert any two questions: to create custom shirt size choose from over twenty power: styles, ten cups to oz, five hundred fabric styles, from classic business casual, get to style. You want t shirts made completely custom for you star, the eighty bucks star, look in your best with accustomed fitted sure got a proper class that come slash Simmons and give code Simmons to save twenty two hours and first shirt. Do it today, we'll be back on Tuesday, with the lap more until then enjoy the recently
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