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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his dad to talk about the Rockets letting another playoff game slip through their fingers and the end of the Celtics' season (2:50). Then they are joined by longtime Celtics radio play-by-play announcer Sean Grande to reexamine Boston's season, where it went wrong, and why it couldn't be fixed (25:30). Finally Bill sits down with comedian Anthony Jeselnik to discuss edgy tweets, comedy roasts, gambling, sports, Jesilnik's new Netflix comedy special 'Fire in the Maternity Ward,' and more (1:00:50).

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Today's I've said business back ass than the ringer package that were brought in by the zone. He had access to over a hundred five nights that payment paper view Canelo and Jacob Stout just last week in some good ones coming up in June as well. Yes, the brand new Emma be lively, Broncho change up every day of the week. Everything live on demand. Getting set up is easy, download the zone app of Elba nearly any of your devices, including smart, to be tackled. Funds. A gaming councils go to Daisy in Dhaka to sign up that is D. A Z and Ross ready by the Ringer pack. Has that work for you, and find all kinds of awesome package, including binge mode, our game of transport cast the most popular game, thrones back ass, only a cup of them left
the new one went up, break it down season four sad to say only a couple left, sad to see game of Thrones God's been so much fun to get all kinds of content out of it, including our twitter, show Sunday night's talk the thrones Sunday night. Looking like in our time. Tbd dead could be three games, seven's game of France, Harry. I I didn't think the Sultan was stolen. Nother that I said three games answer here: financial data chicken also check out our Youtube Channel because we ve been doing a lot of fun stuff on there, As well, including the trailer for it You came out and we like to do little office, trailer premiers and we just take thou and increase rounds off, is actually the Ringer staff
and myself and the servants family, most importantly because my son has seen the original it from two years ago about twenty five times very excited for it to subject it out, Youtube. You did that. I'm slash ringer, you can also find thrown game there. The main reseller we about cut of those parts out of the park, and we have made them you two clips, so you can catch up on those he can watch them for the rest of your life. You tube is eternal relevant forever, when up Anthony, just an egg is coming up a little bit later. Second pack, so them out one of our favorites. He has a new Netflix special coming out or its actually out and say that we talk about, but we are stuck with comedy seen a whole bunch of some sports he's going to play that my dad is here now. Obviously, we have to have a eulogy for the Celtics, his rent, a car, Sean Grande as well, to give get his perspective of somebody has been forced to read the team playing with his guests,
France from project. I admit that is here. We thought we'd be watching game six of the buck series on Friday night, but that's been cancelled because the spanish serious. We are about the subjects and the second we the words racket this morning and drank goes out and it's on a platter for the rackets. This is the brake they finally needed. This is it. This is their chance, close game. They come back, it is there for them, then I'll get it done. Thought I get another last opportunity for them. The strangest. Fourth quarter, though we're Talkin where's harden where's hard.
Where's Arden Fair and he might have only square three points in Heaven, exact number, but he never had the ball he's came. He came back, would like a little over seven minutes left and only skirted the tail end of the game. It is effectively garbage, my mother did cut its three and they almost got upon his error that it had to fell at the end, and I watch is twitter thread where bread Somebody who covers the rackets broke down every possession. In the last. Five minutes, and it was interesting that, We made the right decisions, almost the time there is one place like a little under four laughed when Chris Paul just silent to take command, Looney off the dribble and didn't go. He got in getting a charge, but for the most part, he was pretty and selfish and I guess my question is the whole year. You haven't been unselfish. You've been it's been this offence. Where you have the Balfour diffusion, hoop every spreads out new. Do you think it was to understand why they weren't doing that last night ring. I was lucky a deferred Chris Paul every area,
they did see no way who hasn't point that, while the series knowing and who would you rather have very winnable game with the ran out. I don't want forty five year old Paul dribbling around, I want. I want hard with the ball. If I may use the fin. Yeah is weird it seems like they over thought. The match up solar bit cuz once really goes out. You know less ran protection for further yeah. For the where's that I guess loony ass, the late ramblers room bit, but it just sing. Might they felt like a cool? Now We can exploit Mooney with Chris Paul and it's like you have guy in your team had one of the best offensive seasons of the last forty years. Pretty shared the Chris Paul Loony match up, isn't like your mojo here, I don't wanna just remind me of when, harden had that awful games, seven, but he wasn't bad and this guy, like ten for sixteen, no but
like he almost didn't go. But he didn't want the bar on that we send the grove first take working inside a quick. I want hard with the book I am not a rocket fan I, although I'd rather, I would rather see the rockets when the serious but work as you bet. There are once more than once we gotta get. I got me a ticket in this one hey, you guys were the work is that for not nothing's, I won't harden with the ball. I dont want again this pause, my age, I don't wanna dribbling around the fourth quarter its with what are you as somebody who seen every point, I'd ever dating back to Bob coups in bad davies in the ninth. The fifth is where it is Christmas, frank for you all. The this- isn't the top fifty notch below his air. Yes, right, I say that the tragic, decade as air. The Detroit, as I am sure our shut.
Below. Is there what's your point guard? Lest I, if I I'm gonna give you magic Isaiah ask a rabbit, and while Frazier, who you really bullish on prince Ah NASH, Baku see the more written out, but my favorite points listed above my favorite blinkered of all time, was well Frazier. Make though our Frazier case well the seventy and seventy two net championship teams. He had charisma, he had style, he a game he played on me famous city at the time for basketball yeah, he had it all came a big big moment, any Can I say that, as opposed to what happened yesterday with hard last night, you Frazier wanted the ball and he made them the big. Ask it when you needed any, was surrounded by great teammates who wanted him to have the ball and that didn't you,
that happened. Last night I mean it was a strange fourth quarter. I remember when I was research. My book and I got a hold of its funding outcomes the latter, the steps- and you too, but I gotta- hold a game, seven of ninety seven three the series the South X or the best he may have a check, separates us, show there and then but it ends Games, seven in Boston anyway, and they had video of the game, no idea? It was just a video watch in the second half and Frazier, just over and over again his trip to the same spot top of the key like nineteen feet away with his back to the guy back in and dances body wanted and then little turnaround wait an hour it watch kind of eerie. Add the camp David you're also watching from the also watching from the prism of the way we play basketball now regard like. Why don't they sent a second item like Why are they just? Let me do this eminent. He was an assassin. There was a terrific, because
it was that Syria, as We remember after noon and we lost that service that prompted me to go down to the South Sea Ticket Office and gazing is that it gets here because we're just lost there were some tickets available and that led to work. Forty six years of watching the Celtics unfortunately, its probably good so into was one of the worst years. I can every member watching as a fan, the Sultan team It was. Yet the worst case scenario for a season where you have a ton of talent and the talent does a mesh and its and unlike bottom team and then We do, though we didn't know, would be an unlike about him last September God. I mean already that Emma I'm on record there's videos amaze, saying how they're gonna role through the eastern confreres, I thought the room and sixty seven game, the bronze gone,
it was all lined up. Yadda the x factor. I mean actually yadda Sancho. Why were the two eggs factors its egg before the air we picked, not you and me meat when miss out ass were doing our things without yeah. This was the best. I was like five to what it was like this their size. Point two him having like a break out and be Pierre and then the other one was I gotta go why? requires healthy. He was wild granted it, but it was the good version of the crises in his iron. If he's healthy in the pious, that's going to be a dangerous team, but who knows today the honest come through you ve gotta come through and then on the flip side, Boston creators and fully seems like their crumbling will. No one than that and that at the mistaken I. Marcie also did I nay, they obviously looked at what happened last year when they Lawson the seven game series against the south. Yet I thought they did a terrific job. Bringing in three
fires to surround yon us and one of them was year our time favorite, randomly Pask broke Lopez. While I was now just the three point you read they burn in guys. I wanted a peasant the many was available for cheap money. You you and I are by brick Lopez Khazars at one year where we had broken peck and we're watching the games. Rudy against him and Brick Lopez was just single handling, ailing only a key were less coherent scoring game by game, winning buzzer shots and forty five points and others, but they were like this vesper nicely burden were clubhouses, Jose eight foot tall three points: shooting centre there, they bring unmerited they bring in hill, who I, I had a career year off the bench from a walkie and looked like he was what dead last year at him. Get a list of people who you ve put them with a broad and they just become worse and ill. A silver faces. An incredibly you eve
three out of four with the names of grown up, a scenario which was the only winning era said one in four guys, all of whom shoot the three or you left our competent who killed that are already on your team? He just got better. I thought they signed him from Portland, important Lester, maybe right they ve got. They got him within the last year and a half so that we finally tens our pack audits and they looked at the tape they saw. The teams were triple teeming janius when it went when he was. Remember last year in the class we're just leaving Tony SNL, I'm leaving, I, whose The gun, Middleton Jabbar Parker out, had a good series, but it was all funny stage by Parker Fine make earlier years. Then all those guys, I'm good luck, good luck, so They were much better team, the sure when his youngest Frankfurt you ve got. You had ceased tickets. Seventy four of most incredible people, you ve, seen a person. Is he like in the top sixty it probably is gonna be right. I can certainly is for me. I can't think of another,
fleet who reminds me of now. It's like it's basically Doktor J in the late seventies of Doktor J was like seven inches tar sand longer, and now you you're not afraid if I'm a watermark Finn, I dont mind when you're honest takes this report shut I mean there he's not terrible. What's the difference in him in silence, I am fairly where He wasn't good at it, but he kept taking them. They kept telling them that take them and like you, you have to do it like even if you miss, maybe we'll get the rebound, but you can't not take a couple. A game and now he seems relevant. I mean. Is that like an assassin, but will you an honourable and I know all talk about carry but I'd love to have him on my team he's an ambassador for the sport, his timid seem to levy on us Is this cultural yeah he's a great team it we could add by the way
we took Kelly Olympic over, I remember was only six nine though he grew three inches athletes traded down for the thirteenth pick or traded up. I guess you Claude, took Kelly, we wanted the number took. We wanted the guy who went ahead, ETA Kelly, usually love in your team straight up yeah. I do If you are a GM, you just be trading up every the patriot sort of just traded up in every draft. We have no powers, what we need and traded at this year. We would have great players. Because we ve created a ready made the one you we'd shaded up for jailer Jonesy worth you're the most excited you bet like ten years. I was still accepted until he was naked in the physician effect. Certainly he wasn't observers. Who is the guy you wanted to trade for this year, the wide receiver. Now they are the tide end. No, now that you I want, have no offense ethics traded down from the false pick the couple years ago, you really upset
even though I may be mistaken that one why Would they fill? You made a big mistake here, it's funny with fairly thing where they had. Basically the number and pick tears and around, but then nobody is talking about. It indeed was the third Peck and adapted Oak offers forthright and they buy they have one and a half guys. Now they ve sent. Since it has been a really good, regular season plan and cannot be played in the biomass in until they fit I had to use them and they just can't know. I don't know if another coach could figure out any of them, but really kind of weird watchin there have court offered subsist like clogging the paint summonses taking lotta heat fur was shabby understand how you you don't know added, really shoot it. Ah. Well, when fresh dumbass. Now I'm not, but your job is to be Professional basketball player
You do not know whether we doing lets you carry with them Don't you spend the whole summer shooting jump shots I mean I was just assume like he would at least have a seventeen further by now. I feel like give my son, whose eleven, if I had about their three, hours a day, shooting a seventeen further. He would become decent at it by the end of the summer. Is eleven it's hard to figure, but at a very strange which which team would you rather be right, now Boston, Philly, that's five years, but that's a tough one, because I think we are born loans than fully does mean we have tremendous are nuns for this summer was specially for first runners but the, but none of them were top shelf forefront. We for first rather than a draft for everybody and their legs like five percent, and we have the knife taken down and we have the current situation. Where,
and then the Orford situation, the horse Hartford, can opt out. He can up that. I think he might. We have rosier whose restricted somebody's gonna from a lot of money. While I'm driving I read in the airport, I think you said you would take rosier well Eve if carries flying away. I don't know who are point out. Is that still? But could you do another year? Roger ITALY and physically could do it again, and I think I could, I think, I'm trying to think you're right. It's funny this ethics team. Hit. The sure programme for me is my least favoured things with Basque about twenty five footers lazy defence and finger. Pointing Your least favoured thing you hate other things, but your lease favorite thing is the twenty four hour with eighteen set after the shack. Where is the Albania existence and It's really rosier specially! That's one his books
that the only one who worked in the play outside your somehow for copyright, I think, were now Tatum when their practicing outside shooting, I think tat Smart rosier keep taken the same shot and instead, twenty two fuller with eighteen seconds left on the clock, there are, they advanced metric, say, don't take the shot ever and the line is wide open net and go in and maybe get found, or at least maybe look maybe make the shot. I dont know. Sometimes I worry that Tatum, just as the guy were watching as each is gonna be this guy. You know when you look at this season, all the disappointments Tatum well carry, has to be number one a man item, but certainly number two would be Tatum I agree at least Heyward had an excuse and they're gonna get PTSD from that and drew the Heyward stuff. I blame, and I wouldn't know
blood than blaming Stevens Year ago for anything, but I think they were made a huge mistake depending on him too quickly, yeah. They should have brought him in really slowly. We would we not a sad it when we went to the Orlando Gandia other seem rather weak arrived the game and their end downwards. Bridges, China, but we left the game where they glare Why are they rushing Heyward back your lives right? They rushed them. They started him right away. I think that created some bad feelings. The players who had been their re area on earned as spat Noah and they should have brought him off the bench. Ten minutes, a game in which it is said that, because I went the Games February March April Heyward. Slowly after our star break? You look like he got his mojo back and I dont know why happen. In this Milwaukee series he looked like a guy who escape that they go near the basket yeah, and Kyrie gonna take out the he any shit but
I got a sandwich shocked by how bad Heyward was cuz. He seems scared. He was this game that is the innate brought, this slashing kick in that he had was really starting to come back and he was really Ethel Attic and fearless, and he was changing people with a gun and the rim, and he was even do it at a little bit in the end in Indiana Signal both you and then is something happening: Maki Series and an inside being a slashing kick guy. He was just a kick I and II, when he was trying to go the rim of the yacht asylum site out or so I don't know what was going out with him But he was like a shelve himself again. Will you and I we were at the gangsters with the seats- are so close to the bench? I watch body language a lot here that you will hear the original body language. I like to call myself the bilingual doctor, but you were the original ever the Jonas Salk of by delay was consistent theme with her word every time he mister sharp. Or a shot one awry in terms of a pass, his each be shed
things head and hang dog, hang dog air and he's not the only one I'm in Irving, should get the asker for that yeah if a shot doesn't go in, he doesn't play difference. If it that's a problem, I think it kind of herds. One four guys a plane, Actually, I don't even have we had four guys play difference while ass the light couple games and this yesterday look at you can go back and listen to podcast that did on Tuesday night with her, so that house I was like this. I think they're done they're, making vacation put it in and the defense ass couple games that sixty seconds sequence When will at last they would work. It gets like six often ribands inquiry looks like. I don't know what he's doing, but it's almost iconic. It's excited defining minute of the season. He looks like a little kid, playground whose should be actually elite, does little kids on a leash. You don't really know where to go in there just kind of sir going around here.
Staggering around the balls bouncing over his head, his guys whereby the goose neither low it's unbelievable- have shown that he has been today it's unbelievable. I use you just put it yeah spotlight over me like what is this guy doing? I think he's waiting for the fast break that never happens because Walkie get sick shots. Then there is another great play as today when he had the he drove a note drove into the defence guys collapsed item four guys for the five guys in the court for marketing. Collapse, I'm cause, they know, is gonna bog it and then a tying them up. Comes out of this horror of four bucks and just Darjeeling yelling at what there. You just drop each afford as I can Imagine how much they must ahead playing with them by the end of the season. I think here specifically as Hartford Incredible play off where, like somebody, I think I better there when it mattered.
Last season and in general, has just been allowed begins and just as like, reliable as even he seemed like you wanted out of there by the last, the and his wife had a tweet about to tweet about it. You know went to the game. Friday night came three and away. He went to three and four Monday night game foreign. I mean we we were in the game, maybe even had believed involve games at half time or simply close third quarter, a defence just wasn't there and an end. You could see in the huddled up in its you like to study. The hut was one of my real concerns about what happened at the end of this year. It look like Stevens, ass the huddled. Yet it look like guys, I regret the video screen vs and and really not paying attention, and we, seen that before were teams? Were they check out we'll member the patina team
yeah, but Portieres Ezra they playing cards in the hotel that even the centre there just like, but would you have ever expected? Miss Stevens TIM, an end. The team is ready to go home and day once care He said the July First thing right three four months ago and she's comply we back track down, and I think that was it. It became the pretence that was, you know. I was at the season ticket there there s You went to that convention later season. Ticket holders and curry gets then, of course, at that time we were so excited that he was gonna come back and As you said, you want to drive him to the airplane, areas. Things have changed my concern, though, as you know, it gives its like other legs. Were Somebody leaves and you get a you get a compensatory draft perker. You know you were left with nothing
and now the Anthony Davis trade. I don't know how you can pull your ship, two, maybe one year, math any Davis and what they do. So, let's put those two together too. Two to reliable tb. Aids were valid point. We're in a car shine rainy, one second Shangri Andy is the radio voice of the subjects link the most underrated play by plague I out there, but more importantly, as abode with the latter south extends over this century and edges the I just want to get a sense from him over what he saw. This isn't but So it's a quick break. Let's talk about luminary. If you didn't the ringers new show. The we watch was ninety. Ninety nine is visible only on luminary. It dissects the most iconic and in nineteen. Ninety nine ash movies from one of the time, great movies, if I were dead, man compounded crow intentions, and this week, big daddy
mean Johannes, so you can check that same categories that we have in the re, was plus we added a couple to make it more nineteen and vanish He'll come next week by the way, I'm not on that one. Luminous, as gray pack has four Hannibal births, Trevor Noah and many others, they give you access bunch of other shows our original from enemies. Dynamic creators plus their app is free, download use a thousand. Pack ass, including this one gate. First, two months of access luminaries premium content for free when he said but luminary that links slash simmonds after that it is seven and nine per month luminary at length. Slash payments for two months of free access cancel anytime terms apply I he's in Massachusetts and he is he's doing up cash radiohead towards today shown Grannie gray. We book them we're, but a book, and for ten minutes here, twenty minutes. Whatever the says
First of all. How are you I am well, I'm always fascinated as to when you choose to make this call, because I think it about it. Now I dont get to watch game of thrones in real time I got some sort of disqualified there. I'd never directed Denzil Array on gallon in a senior have great story like that, and the only thing I know about the Philbrick season is that I'll never ever get on the rewatchables talking about it, because no one will ever want to see another minute let's get I like others like a ringer plug there both. Why is this? You ve been how many subjects is free. Like seventeen, eighteen out of life, long I'm starting to get that long time. Voice of the Celtic. Now people think that him like that. Like the way I am rather long time voice. That thing I told the daddy age about
the way they have been Goin longtime voice. We felt it can, I said Marilla and in our great literary reference in back to school, thorn. Melon says if you wanna, look, then use round yourself with fat people. I realize being around like and Tommy all these years gives you a sort of a false sense of security about your youth. You know that you think you could I'm still the young guy with MAX Atomic, feel my Gorman Tommy item to the uninitiated, and you realize you know at our age, were- were pretty close. An age euro I suggest we ran around. I think long time is better than veteran is out there, like veteran, did a veteran, announcer Shaggy any sense, insulting longtime jaded, like you, hang around. Yes, it's a long time season ticket older right, we're not a veteran cynical of, but I have forty six as I have a lot of years. I am I I'll call you during the season, because I been trying not to go until four, this whole time.
It only admitted barely happened once when I did that I flipped out and said I would drive Kyrie to the airport, but I really just team at so much talent, and the way the internet works now when stuff gets turn back in your face, left and right, I just really trying to reign myself then, and I would save of my barbs and sarcastic comments in anger, verges people there, for the ringer in my family. So now I can let it out. I aided the season did the way they played. I don't, understand what happened. I do understand what was happening as it was happening. I didn't understand waited. Nobody could fix it. I knew how this season is gonna end the moment they found art game three,
I could in any one stop this. What is your expert opinion on this? Having been there day in and day out for the last eight months? It really was the movie you had waited to see for so long right. I gotta see this movie. I guy can't wait until this the first day this movie and you go and see it, and it's just from the start. This isn't right. It'll get will get better, it'll get banned, it never gets better added ended up like last night was like those reaction to the left up a sort of lost walking. I just wasted all that time. What happened it clearly from the beginning just never fit together and there has to be desired at some point, not just to say: you're gonna fix it, but to actually do it and these pieces you can sit. There were the definition of family right
repeating the same paper over and over again, these were square pigs and round holes and it was seven months of getting headaches just trying to jam the pieces in place that never ever fit. Why do you think they didn't make a move in A boy when it was clear that It is clear to all of us. The pieces didn't fit in for sure leg at that you know I have no idea why then trade regime, because it was clear, headed into the season. He wasn't. Gonna have enough mayors, the fourth guard. After playing as starter in the eastern converts files, and then in February It seemed like one of the easiest moves would have trade Morris and throw bigger bird on the young guys and see what happens is expiring, contract or maybe even get experimental she carried just try to get out of it and shade him to a team that could travel asylum, the arrogance of of
the front office on this one, and I really respect Asians air and everything they did. This. This whole run but I thought I was little arrogant to think that this was just gonna get fixed with everybody being the same. Why do you think they stood pat well, there are a couple reaches the one thing I said over and over again and have a conversation like definite deadline. Approached work Philpotts were insufficient to add at the biggest edition of anybody in a league in that without the grenade and it's funny, because a kind of played out that way this his performance and last your games was puzzling because he had been his most consistent, close on the last two or three weeks, the favourite so and it really been the bellwether. If you think about the season that befell pics and they want forty nine games and they were sixteen. The Indians going
french, or is it funny how people are acting surprised by what just happened when what that varies with exactly the regular season for those two team here to a t it played out exactly the way was both play out and play off often do mimic the regular season for more than we like to admit. Even though, is that the regulation does not mean anything yet does it almost always does, and it did in this case the salvage wherein that stretch and ended in February. We can talk about in my view, what the one moment was. Were everything really started to turn? I think the bad start or the shaky start was predictable because of all the pieces drawn, a figment place yeah rough early and then I remember saying nineteen twenty game. Then they are about to go into one turn this round at what will forever be forgotten if they did, they were twenty five and nine in the following. Thirty four game play the best going to French in a league in that time, when they had done, they were
what you thought there would be. No all we remember your member, the wind, you just remember the Cairo press, conferences and jailer brown markets, more sparkle, each other on the bench, even though they were winning. So the deadline is coming up in February. The self, except that point up until then a week or two before that had really been playing well and Gordon Heyward have been trending upwards. So there was potential for the thing to actually He pulled out the fire and let my kid ourselves a week ago after that, when they, when I first came in Milwaukee, a lot of people were convinced that it magically had happened so their faith. It's easy now to say why did they make a move back then the potential for the thing straightening itself out. Seemed to be there. So what was the one moment? You said there is a moment when everything turned when you think of us, I believe strongly
It is not a coincidence of self expression that crazy run and be nothing relief. The bastard in surprise me them going on. The Rwandans rise meeting is good. They were, but the final thought of the season did and you can trace things back to. They went to gaming We want in early February, then those Laker and clipper ongoing happened and those with a game That really started the ugly downward spiral, even with the crazy bizarre night. They have any people today by thirty five after that, carry adversely or inadvertently delicious shop forward to the to the cut to the chase, as they think his by making declarations of timber, whether he method or not, and I think he did beat it thought it was brilliant and then took off the table. It was gone on today and so was not an issue with all season was going on and on February first, a man whose work on in the shooter room
deliberate statement because he knew the question was coming cuz. He within the Europe in an attempt, in my view, to go at the media. The way a lot of players have this year in those press. I'm situations like get off my back and do he caught every do he caught every think his fan and I think, is teammates to some degree in the friend primly fire by making this statement that they I'm going to do talk to me July first and the feeling around this team, particularly externally, was never the same at that point and it really has gotten three thousand miles away. You can feel it, but I can't tell you how ugly it is here right now in the relationship which the resale between relationship with always gonna, be one or two things: either he's gonna be a boy loved legend with his number grown up the rafters, or he has the potential? It has potential to be the greatest he'll turn in our ports. He'll want and biggest what it felt like yesterday. I think it's the biggest any
think about like the signature, guys they ve had, I mean dad since you ve read season tickets, have a check, counts bird, Mikhail Parish, Paupers Anton war. Briefly regulars. Reggie Louis ask him and then you got it cagey. Ray on almost almost. Rhino defiling peer, severe savagely rather doubtfully and there I say briefly The inquiry does have been the signatures ethics of the past, but I warn you arrive here. I think you just made a great statement. Carry had the opportunity to be a legend here and. That's it. I remember vividly I was at the season. Ticket hold a thing when you get up any everybody was cheering and he was gonna, be reassigning yeah and that February statement a man as a fan. I never TAT in the same way yeah, and you felt like both EU
Cause you about time a different funny in different tax threads leg. The crowd really doesn't like this team, They want to like it they're going through the motions of being like the good support, have sought the crowd, but the moment some goes bad in the game. It just dies, they were, and part of that had to do with this season was doomed in so many ways, but one of it was by the toxic combination of the expectation level, which was so ridiculously too I and the performance which was too low, but the fans I'd never seen- and this includes away yeah I've never seen phobic van anticipating a season more and in love with the pin more coming off last year and excited going into this year. One day in MID way through the to everybody sitting on a hamper. The start saying. I show me and when they did it, with a season of which the fans gave more through the team in the deep gave her the fence and went away.
How sad and raising bans are so upset? It's because For those who are deeply ingrained in the concept of celtic pride and when a measly, this team betrayed that feeling of being a Celtic and that's what I think globally by degraded, then until the day of Hondo dies. You have. Hence in who asked to leave, and then we have to worry about him, but then he is able to combat coups. He stole kick in bed he's ninety at this point- and you see Just the leg is any. They shall franchising, Jake that, but you talking about it, said decade legacy with this time and that it does feel I know people, outside there lay my garden. You talking brag about Bosnia, but it is I think that I think certain franchises had this. I think the Lakers have to think when you have he has seven decades of memories and generations of fans. There does come
a certain expectations with it, when you're the best prayer and weird they carry never recognise added. Maybe that's just what is generations like China and India? no way only caution here in this year plan, but twitter and social media reliving everything we say yeah, I we are speaking in the past and which, of course, is the logical thing to do now. While he would be the greatest he'll turn and sell the history, essential if he decided to go the other way and say you know what I know fell because no one here this today the people said to go the other way and say you know what I buy messes up Amr swamp before it, whatever I'm back in em, all in the potential, actually that forward Harold and allotted. If, where did it? That's a nice, that's a no for me, but I keep going to know for what right now today, as we're talking today. If we know from our lesson, I walk home, I walk through the garden. I looked about a mile away from the garden and on my walk home.
After game, for people are so angry. Carry their angry at me. A hand cream and had their people yelling at their cars, brought from their cars in the middle and lower circle there in the weather, cock cartels and stop because of the traffic and there, sir, set their yelling about get carry out here and one of the great isn't one of the great irony, thick irish statement to the season ticket older. If you go back, if you wanted to go super conspiracy, theory remember what he actually said. If you have me back in the sun. So if you want to get the broader film that and say you know what he knew this whole time, it is all a conspiracy good will. I think, one of the things today when everybody nationally was saying wealth is doesn't go well, Missy, doesn't go well, carries gonna, leave they had in their head the notion of the play
around him, not performing an season going down the drain and am looking for a better situation. Nobody had projected the idea that he would be a large part of the reason it didn't go well and that the fans who, for months ago, the notion they lived with the fear, the biggest fear among Celtic than four months ago six months ago, with a high rate, could leave and now, if you pull them today, you get some amazing numbers as to how many, if you want to see that happen, but that's why you don't make decisions the day after the seasonal? That's that's very wise words and examining heed them for about three seconds. He can't, I can't imagine it too much damage is. This is now a relationship where there has been too much damage and out of it, trust me. I can guess what we I threw it after the trade deadline with the hall. Hey figure this out in the plane ride carry fell, the sword made. It he's a deck he's
be more of a leader. Now word ban any walk the walk for three weeks and that its that begs another issue would dna and work and bread. And they want him back my going public answer at a private answer? I think we're all in agreement. There are, for the most part that the Celtic signing him is still. The four year gives you the most option. You know it still the best, secure united there, whether sign in trade, whatever it is him walking, still leaves but in a bit of a problem when others any question about it, said the sign in trade, so they do so conversations. One is that, can you still bearer inquiry ally there, like the sun and true. Well, that's the only thing is like he's still asset, even it's a sign in shaded the situation like A little similar to what the rackets replicated Chris Paul, the thing is, I think they changed the sign in trade rules, isn't it
to do a sign in trade. Now it is, it is harder, but it's still a better. I mean this for the self. It's too have control of his contract as we enter, and the self Ex just entered the party room last night of what we all know is going to be the wilder. Insane off season in India, history and I don't know what the penetrating using that every year and how to deal with what stories are gonna come out of initial training camps, but the NBA is going on the mother. I like it never has bought a rumour. The rumour mail is fantastic item. I passed in long various things, I've heard, including some he told me that tie Lou the Lakers head, back out of the Tyler thing, because Tyler and carry they couldn't be together again and carries gonna go there, that's why that fell through an act as a cardiac I've? No it that's true or not, but that's that's going to be the next two months of my life is a way to censure. Then I'm texting people try to figure out a way to Tyler and carrying out like each other, but you maybe there's a world in which we live
sign in trade carried the Lakers for Alonzo Bowers up? They evaluate sign me up. Well, try both ass to the airport. Wait until the state and the want your plane and finally and Cairo and quite Leonard or sitting next to each other more. There seem together across the street in L a lot or all of the other. We have not even begun to scratch, office: its identity and your white, but the stuff leading up to it is gonna, be better. Then look at Gilgad, good, Katy and diary a conversation on the Wall and Charlotte Riot oft are weakened and what that become young have just you know. The social media is a few of the absolute if you of this stuff it. This is what you love about you know we always talk about the Monday. I raw you'd be ruffling outside the interviews and the crazy stuff. Whenever natural people like like this stuff, you're gonna love the next him in it's gonna keep gonna go, and I mean the other thing with carry beyond the
personality standpoint is here twenty six years, maybe ten twenty seven at an age when, guards, I think, have you talk of maybe ten twelve years before they kind of morph into a different part of their courage or seen ran after Chris. Had a lot injuries already and they said some work done as as they say out here, and I would but I wanna give I'm a five year deal makes would make made me nervous anyway, regardless of the season turned out because he's a the guy who said the injuries in these surgeries and five years to twenty, we saw it's gone out and washed in jail warrant. Now, where If you miss on their contract, you screw. That's it you're, that's it! You don't you you and I'm completely tiree is this. Who is going to be? I brought up this example because, obviously we're just
Kyrie in the way, the way he is career, what teammates, what he made to set about it, what players around leak say about, and we all know what it is and chances are that doesn't change, and you are you are but in Boston. I use the example of paupers and who did not have a good reputation in ITALY in earlier and bad reputation, George Carl, throughout the world here jobs, and then you guys remember: celtic transfer a two. Two thousand five add legacy for doing that. The atmosphere. Yeah get kicked out a game six over the Jacob Marley bandage around his head, where the punchline that all pierce was older. That then, during that period inquiry is now Your career is there still, but the potential for it to be a different. He can still change the trajectory of that other part of game. He can do things on the floor that nobody else can do, but he has not figured out the other part. Yet he is swinging missing, at his notion of leadership. I believe is honest. I think he actually believe
what he was doing this year was leadership. He just like that Facebook, commercial, less, not how this works upon any of this work doing wrong, you think Tatum Brown and Reserve think that version of leadership. They paid that. However, I think they drive him to the airport and then pour out horrified was like the mom in nineteen fifties movie thanks where, where dad hither funny and they know how a file for proper player is like he can play with. Anybody can play in any situation and talking to do it Why am I to fascinate market smart? Who did not your favorite shelving? Maybe should big and in so many different ways, markets more loves gallery but love the editors funny how certain people get along with certain people in new markets, more than a very quick to shoot down all its ideological. He was the problem, but it was, it was seen, are offering gonna cowardice. I guess yes, he said it exactly right that you look at the players around carry this year. Did he make them better or did it?
them worse- and this was a year in which a lot of guys took a step back and on the one hand, it's completely unfair to throw a lot of this on, on the other What do you want? It gets on unfair because you asked for he demanded this. He wanted to go to a really good team and he fell he was a superstar and by the way I agreed with them. I thought this low grade trade I really items like everybody to run away. I they promise me that there is, nobody would know, would not have done this deal. Nobody can within the without not even knowing that. I wouldn't The aim is to interrupt those they must apply, which got a funny I guess I'm just gonna. You know I have weird weird karma stuff and I think I do think about Karma lad. I shouldn't mention that from the moment they made their autonomous trade, the key
my swung against this team and continue to swing at the end, and I do think about that- and I do wonder like is- is that just a coincidence? I think one of the things that underlined during this that poster during first and I strongly believe that moment changed everything it didn't get. Nobody like media here, the really talk about it. I just don't feel standpoint. Yeah is a million or any re. Many believe that moment was very significant at one of the things that came after it was the night that I came back, I only got. Is you don't got his video tribunal? Whatever innoxious tough time for him and all, but he that, with such a natural love affair and fans, tried France, for it to be the new elder daughter girl, right, the brilliant.
Gary what this whole thing was. Was the Celtics landed, the feel that the runway model and said? Oh, my gosh? We got we look at what we have here with. We did this and you heard the story right about stuff from previous relationships. Earthen behavior, but you know what we all say when that happens, that's not going to happen with me. It's not gonna happen here and obviously carry was, has been the same guy and unfair. I think, was unfair of us to expect him to change and expect him to be different areas is areas, so you think this is like when Springsteen marriages and Philips, but then realized. He should be paths Gaffer What are the first one that came to mind that events that probably worked remember when I was a kid I was in my high school J Ai School. I was growing up minute now looked out the window and I saw the boat going by the EAST River, that ideally joint Christie Brinkley on, and you thought oh, my gosh, its per
it's gonna laugh rang girl. Now. Will you the plane there in the famous cross country trip with carry were you. I know- and I count on that flight and I I do remember it. I've got stuck and everybody was on. It lighter find separately the next day that I think that stuff get really beyond the flight. I remembered the selfish. The only point on which I remember salvage history genuinely change with the flight after game. Seventy two thousand ten, where, when we got on that plane, that everything was breaking up, dockers even today. I would like that. Whole thing was done and I think in six hours back, everybody talk himself into one more one or two with dark and cagey came back, and then they had a check and its funding, as we talked after that following fees which
it out very similar kind of a bad, ending the first round weight and then get bounced beyond the second round by payment. Listen, if not, you didn't call me to talk about the Milwaukee Box, but forgotten in all of this diary. This car that fell picture disaster gone fishing Irene were all of it. It's all fair enough. The way things are, the Milwaukee bucks have been the best human. Mba all you and dad even close chrysanthemum, unbelievably goat and they ve got a real shot, though, when all I could not agree more and they have a great Blair and really good bench, guys in the workers the unemployed corner by the way court adders? I know it's one day, affiliates one game whatever, but the final fourteen in the EAST now final three, they all wonder. Came at article, the sheer easily, so in a more low cracks in the in the Scimitar the real, the real Andy story, or going forward is the did warriors have one more. Crying, oh, you know and be a history better than anybody may be in the world. These dynasty type pains when they get to that. Last,
yeah. Ninety eight balls, you know: can you cross the finish line, one more time against the USA Young Hungry, because this is no? We do not get and glass Joe and finals again now, you're gonna get a real pain, even Toronto find a way of July playing at another, this is going to be a real finals this year I agree. How would you compare Kyrie around the Celtics team to Eddie Andelman in the one thousand five hundred and ten offseason like two thousand and ten Compare. There is going to be a time already calling into question. The earth will be a time in history when we look back and let the people that were there, at that time. Actually, there's gonna be already, I think, an oral history on this ill. Fated second support radio station in Boston, to which I refer to you to be a part of it, gave a name. A Ryan were Scylla. Early well since then, some guy, we I'm gonna like Holly, stop national Emmy. We recruit a lot of a lot of people to the station and that with a
I'm when you had the add a you needed a name right at that time and so that, with the that was the tat, an urban that we made at the time. So you protection is is carrying the team next year. Now I don't listen today, everybody says no, I just They can make figures, denature Tiree, here's the thing: where are you going? Where are you going? If you? What is it you want out of your life? You want to win basketball game and if you don't about away been nets thing, What if the german Brown Terry Rosier Jason Paden thing did work as the Angelo Russell, careful, avert Spencer, Dinwiddie thing, gonna work in Brooklyn in New York, there's ten members of meat a few questions. You know you're to sour to answer for everyone. There was in Boston regularly or in a way the same thing they only clearly worked for him if he basketballs gonna be so all of a sudden look
Talk about a sullen, dowered double play of giving the rain curving has the face. Enfranchise is good at the basketballs gonna be so all of a sudden. Look at the self x ray now and say: should Jason taken be better next year. She gave him round me. Next year's Gordon. They would be better next year, it Harry Rosier, amateur or there if he comes back, which do not like it, but if he did, he got deafening, can have a better the best basketball situation and the best money situation is here. The question is: can he repair the damage with fans and whatever? And while the answer today is no, let me tell you something until I first if Cairo says my bad, let's do this thing. I'm Stayin felt the clans love this team
and want to win so much, I'm telling you I saw this year about many kinds of either you said yourself. How many times did you get sucked back in this year because they kept bringing you back in all the way through game, one against Milwaukee? If carry says my bad? Let's do this thing, I'm telling you everyone, give up Jeff dead, the worst case scenario as they sank. I reader one in one and then they trade, everybody, frequently Davis and they put all the eggs in the one year of Davison, carry basket, and then they both a year later, and we have nothing to show for the last decade why'd. I never do one year with Terry, but I hate the thought him leaving and thus not getting anything in return. I don't know the sign and trade. I guess you make more with the subjects if he signed and then we traded em evaluating about our hoffered living, I s economic powers contract. I hope it significant, pretty significant,
What did they? Where Thou Asia? I think it? I think it a little concerning. I think he his relationship with Boston and with this pain and with bread, Stevens and obviously is much better Thank you won't see. What's gonna be happening here, I think the biggest concern I now hope for us. It was many times the fascinating about active for my human standpoint from a port you'll, never find two people more different, then how Orford and Kevin Garnett, but on the four, although I offered is not one of the twenty five greatest players and be history and unfair comparison, alot away, he does so many of the things that govern Barnett did there when he was here, and you can do it without having to be the superstar and gladly taken that back role. So he's the perfect Celtic Be my all the only thing about our Orford. Is you ve gotta, put on your your Danny age,
harsh reality hat when it comes to his age and is miles and things like that. How many more years about war for playing at this elite level are their left. That's a legitimate but you need you need out or for extra Unita. There's two issues: one is it's an hour for player option that a team option bright second issue is: if the Alps in it opens the door for Davis Trade, He could have an end, then Kabila, Gal, COO, EE, oh yeah, did in great hey you're, going New Orleans. So they did. I say Thomas psyches ever going to trust Danny. Would you Danny nobody UK data can be trusted trade. As the saying goes, he will trade anybody and any day he does not carry. Trade is son. The UK is Santa like ok, see first or impact
So let me reiterate like talk which does not work and they both joy to adapt in train printed. So we built in question about in your damned is formulated. It's funny how people you could always trace back peoples the way they are something that they went through in something to happen and Danny watched as red. Let the Philpotts get old. Yet he would ask him about it because they are the kind of relationship with Inky was encouraging them to make trade trade Larry Trade Robert. You know I'm in his career, he was dead. It because he saw it coming, and you know he swore never again I'll, never forget when my dad and I found out that we could have done shrimps and Perkins. Mikhail for one Legged MC care for you, was in the camp of. We should adopt it and you might it is such a loyal person. Well I will you are like we can't do that to Mikhail. I know it's. How is very, you were against it. I was at the February eighty seven game when Mikhail got hurt, tat any kept plumbing
play to the idea that we can't he did so much for the data, but in retrospect would have been an unbelievable trade I'm glad we now enjoy day. That's why Danny than the job and we're not only ninety Celtics and the eighty York, Islanders, exact same deal, dynasty teams that The general manager could not pull the trigger on getting rid of the guys that loyal and a one all the titles and then decades of ugliness power well now we're. Never gonna have teams that again, because everybody just switches teams, every four to five years were never to have, it's gonna, be the last guy and every in every week there either taking pictures with guys on the attainment yeah, I do want again to get off my long, a u mentality, but is an interesting that the best player in the league now did not come from that yeah, a? U american basketball. On the same theme.
Big. Eventually I like that plan, when one is a deal that wonderful played a watch play basketball. I still grander easier. We can re establish this thing out. I got some pushed back on what I thought. I'd come up brilliantly with this idea of you. Do I give you credit no. I am sure that you did. I just didn't. I wasn't sure I was enough. I lost my mind when I came to bear. The seller. Is we got in a data during the tournament without commercially for wasn't no with wasn't Charles Barkley and female deck and by the way I do? I have asked questioner as an aside. Their old Barkley has offered to throw me a bachelor party
for my wedding. Coming up into endeavour is extraordinarily good idea that exceptionally bad idea, I think, exposes the deafening got the question who tyres and it now, because you do it, do it again, never causing us during the tournament watching the commercial right left, if not damage for Orangemen, though a coke, don't people ask me about the self interest here is that you know what orange is great, but it was great. Coke is great, but maybe all three of those great things together do not make a great drink, and that was what felt a pang turned out to be. Who is the best analogy? I saw a bright credited you every time, a mad at only one anteater there. I never know you never know anymore right now be so hard. You be a comedian. Now, White monologues lodge in because it seemed like every time you think of something funny whatever used it. Somebody must have already. That would spoil you, those I got you jack. I got
I gotta run, though I just those without a coat. The orange cook is actually better for the analogy, but is only really made me think of that was because of the many kept coming up with a new we wouldn't have been met. The new thing, Can you really don't so court was we carry orange resolve the young, guys and Vanessa was Brad Stevens and who preferred Roger just seem like it was gonna make sense, but it just in our wireless. You get some time off that parts fun. You have to work anymore, I what most people knocking. What I did was made on travel picture want another computer, you back your party, you give that better planning shall Grady a pleasure is always and thanks for coming I know you have seven more radio in Pakistan to do, but thanks for making time for action interviewed a hasty regeneration to some other way. It was my honour thought and I thank him.
I bet I will bring an Anthony chestnut prefers. This episode is brought to you by the all new, Bmw, three serious, don't be driven by technology, drive it the all new. They'll, be three series available stay there. Technology feature after feature, the the It Bmw, innovation, such as the intelligent personal assistant, handsfree, staring backup, assisted in Blackmore completely redesigned interfered with gesture control, your love, this technology, so simple, it so easy to Bmw, because Bmw is the best. I'm, a Bmw that fanatic, but his car. In a test, if ever seeming car there was a bid them now and everything you have no way of knowing I love yet you see me, you see me, get the I get the most area Debbie wishes. We did there. In your local being Debbie's centres that a test drive, the all new, Bmw, three serious for yourself
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in the sky. The argument I had even Agnew, who I was like I ran into our Kimmel a few weeks ago and he does quoted one of my tweets to me word for word now, as I do that I was shot like any music, all your billing. I yes, I like screen screenshot back and forth your tweets Without that that's that's a lie: me sound Jimmy and Daniel Callous amount producer there ever so, while you have a tweet in its where this text chain that, if events but ever hacks it we're out by sometimes your baby, I've man. I could just still doesn't give a shit it's the best. That's how I related gives a shit now you're like one like the five people at the Justice DEC on the last guy. I think you can do it, but I know I might be in trouble when someone texts me great tweet when you don't like retweeted or comment on Twitter. They just texted me I'm like! Oh, you can endorse this, but you think it's fun outside stealth, exact, elf, praise yeah yeah, I feel that way about oberstar you're through its pretty much alike.
Not retreat of this. But if I love that average before us in any tweet, I have my I like my I'm hovers over that send button. Am I- and I am it always. Ninety nine percent of the time had sent an insect. Let's say you don't really I don't know you really Can I used to be there in and around two thousand twelve? I just can duly more. Yes, though the fee the backlash and the proper. Is when you doing tweets I'd that and if you go back and read like mine, it's an online and two thousand ten? It's like you. Just fire in and some of them had some of debate on now and we ve move that? I don't know that adventure an adventurous nature of twitter rights. I I don't know, what's gonna happen here, nobody wants to find out anymore. It's become a press release I didn't I worry that can act with podcast. This could be a way you can search pod casts or terminology and start getting people that work is twitter. It's easy! He just search like this.
Key words on twitter. You can find everyone's yeah, everyone stop a pod cast. You can't people say some wild shit on vodka, ass that it could. I that could be the next frontier I always better every spicy longer ones about eighty minutes and I started groggy, the idea about that, and I would really like tries to where, It is just a guy posit loser, he can't win, and then, where did I say that I find myself I walked out of IDA, Joe Roads policy that in its ideology about that- and I do he liked tries to where you down. What do I know is, I think it is met if it allergy and that if from with me, because I'm a comic that he knows you know we tat almost every day the stores DM five than, if he's, trying to really get something out of some one and all really remember, saying anything, edgier controversial of controversial anything- and I see it like a blog. The next day been like Anthony just limit cause Jerry Seinfeld aggressively morning. I might yeah? I didn't. I remember saying man, but I guess I guess that's the thing and thing
is really worried me with black ass once my instead it and take off during the ground on days like people can pulse, there contacts and a conversation, and it doesn't count for tone it? Doesn't it four Can you here in my voice? I am joking as I'm saying at or any that's of what the what the context whole conversation was an egg just part of Tibet. Yeah and that becomes a I think people are wiser to that wits. Weird, as this is one of the few benefits of the Trump Presidency feel like where people are actually more suspicious of things like this now absent we're in a new era. People like wait a second. We sure that your ads doesn't passes. Task, not least kind of examined for second, its credit me where that's going with a deep fakes thing. You. Gonna make someone's face yours into a thing that every video is gonna, be suspect, Issues are already suspect now, but people
still believe in Jesus. You can't say Comedy Jesus carbon yeah yeah, that's it that's all this whole striving, was unlike wired one of those places about deep faith. We're inside this is the new frontier in these people spent days putting like Emma Watson's face on some porn accuracy and they put it out there like it in I like Scarlet Johannsen, and put my face over hers and then I use that I mean it's it's hot is how really go very pretty good the US to believe I haven't seen. One is not likely boom the well done. They can be that can be found. What does Have him killed them. Do the air, the interim stuff. I think he he's doing some sort of it's really a deep fake, but he's blending I dont think just a really good deep fake. He also does the impression less like a deep, vague done as well as it possibly can be. I think those
Superman Greece yea? It's really get it in some other kind of hunting once they were Jordan Peel did that so like wanting you against deep figs where he's doing Obama's voice- and it looks like it sounds exact- I can, because it is it's like four dimensional can do the voice to in the mannerisms. You can do a great deal. Favorite of is just slapping anxious face and appoint stars body you gonna tell so year I'm catching I'd like the tail end of year, pressed for a four year, Netflix Special, its answer. We underline the impressed her now with Netflix because you can see it forever. So it is aware that used to be like two weeks out, stop promoting now that's worthless zone, here's Netflix legs. They want to go, watch a right away yet so few in a day early, it's a waste of time right. So you had one hundred and fifteen for them to does fifteen year two dozen fifth in and now the new one did you learn from the two thousand and fifteen one that surprise you cause you think about, like the history
tv comedy especial so goes back to like you talking to HBO early yeah. I was one comics wanting to get out of their safe. They get my either on the young convening especially get maybe get an hour or whatever Then it became comedy central half hours, maybe possibly in our than it kind of back to age. Showtime analysis Netflix error, where pops out of nowhere, people- can see and like a hundred seventy five countries, seven areas everything. It's so weird that I've this. My fourth, our fire in the maternity word when I went on to, after thoughts and prayers. That's my noticed, you know you can say about Twitter, yeah you're, when economic to fifteen, and then I went on the road. All of two dozen, seventeen all two dozen eighteen need you so much audience. Not only that I would mention older work, Like if I mentioned Caligula or Shakespeare from my first two hours the one of central, no one knows what I'm talking about really like in thoughts
When I talk about my company central show. Most of the people who watch dont know what I am referring to its neighbours a comedy central, never say the name of the show they just netflix people and they really don't like people here this. My second special MIKE it's my fourth by its but two it may well be. My second is almost respect for their first about the other two and just put them I will never say when they search you, they all came up. The first one was an album. The second one flea give us a special, and I really wanted that to go to Netflix where Netflix blew up and comedy central Netflix are at each other's throats. Neither one wants to help the other and anyway, every comic once their stuff on Netflix, even though it's older and comedy central will not budge people. A Jimmy car was again should re record. Your first album Shakespeare as Especial for Netflix am I the material is ten years old. I got this nowhere when a revisit, then that's a big ten years. Yeah lay two thousands. For though I should soon present as a ten year, I came out with this. It would be a an old joke to me:
you'll still coming out of my mouth, but I do want to do that in less adjacent magic. I've got a kid how it I'm not listen. I love Seinfeld. I've never met the man, but his movie committee documentary changed my life to the point that I can see The day that movie was released to be the DAS started doing standard but I just I went to see us. Oh yeah yeah, I just told you can you had to know as someone stuff music, was scared to go. Don't open MIKE that movie. Showed Seinfeld having to go to an open mind having to go and deal with like having no material and building that it was a thick. Oh, you just do what he did and if he can go through it than I can in future, big. Then I love those basher nor Madame the wonder when we kind of goes back and revisits. No, I love that the committee Alchemy yet that movie, I watch it once you I feel like. I was before its time then came out now it would be.
Much bigger deal yak as you would be able to push about Africa. What channel had it was economy? Central now now move it was a movement in the couple theatres and then he rented it, and it was a in the rental paper view is one as would you couldn't was streaming for afghan you had divided dvd on Amazon or something now it's on Netflix bragging about it just debuted on Netflix today it would be huge, be huge. I think I'm insane, I say, Seinfeld twice in the eightys, the talking leg, is he was I going they regional Letterman, guys Isn T doing it for forty years. I think when, when you hate, like your sixties, and you ve been phenomenally successful. I dont understand par. A comedy comes from you know, either self loathing you're mad about something or there's some sort of conflict that it's coming out of New York. Folks been removed from your life on a highly comedy. That's a tough thing I have written the crystal and asked what he worked on. Standard was as ignore him like that
was on tourism for while using undo the special and an iota Netflix another one be this summer, Asta Workin on the new material. I see him the year later on. I would you would you been doing, is ignored and I'm too happy. Tat happen phenomena, yeah, really right now. I should be gonna Nuala right now, but I'm so satisfied with his last one that I make without where's your lap, exactly individual wears off to go out because I'm so proud of that are going up. Embalming with new material is so unappealing, but at a certain point, acknowledged, go. I need this here here, managers should have paid some writer seduce total hippy son than on the special I'll get your juices fund. I would have done it bowed beneficial. This piece of shit. How do we keep allowing this guy? You like what I keep waiting for something happened in particular to afraid you know you but usually still something makes me mad enough that I'm like I'm, going to go, prove everyone wrong and I haven't. I have an idea,
So this is a compliment and an insult. Maybe this forget your juices gone for the next special place you the greatest, Ross Battle, judge of our time. Thank you. Half a minute an answer I dont odds and ends up. Ok, I think we're gonna would have been in some lads. My favorite show so I mean that's so to you think that you should have better taste and television, but I that's my favorite thing in the world to do because it can prepare. Georgia waiting there for ten minutes, and I that is just one killer joke in see your brain ledges percolating fur, and then it gets here and you're just like ready, yeah, I'm so excited. And that the working work in a roast is is infinite, competitive work you put into doing roast battle most battle you to show up, but the roast is like months of bang in your head against the wall. Looking for the best possible joke in the roasting I it's we had too many of them. It became
professor wrestling where the guy kept going higher and higher to jump off whatever ladders, and then it was like a scaffolding, and then it's like at some point, the only you can really shockwaves to jump off like a fifty foot, you know five story building and do I find that somebody. They get some point, there's no more line to cross yeah. I really feel like they peaked with Trojan, like I did Trump machine it was great seems great and Roseanne was like a like. It didn't matter again we're doing a club the week after the resigned roast and it was like half filled those egg. I can't believe this at that for sure it would be back and people just didn't. We- that roast and I was just gotten very hard- the book them. You know Twitter, change things a lot, the aggregate Tom reactions and I agree. People have gotten meaner and mean only dont bomb either. What's up, Bobby mean about some day they ve never met and an eye you're the early days arose, spigot, be or history book, but, like I,
the ones that I fell in love with shock. You stay those common Europe here, a famous one was a bit. Psmith. What he had to add. The first one was wish. Shack was just on shack and Jeff Ross does when I found in love with Jeff Ross he's a completely crashed. It said gaudy sieges was car, comes comes out. I just firing here and who is great, but the one of the funny parts, like half the people to note as roast was she people that invited- and they thought it was like a tribute, yeah, yeah so then hear the other over them, its Smith and and Moose Johnson. The full back for the cowboys was up and euro. Now he did ever. He did a roast, but he didn't do roasters. Speech like thereat, like the air, about what it meant to be Cowboy said: Jeff Brass biodiversity as
ass I moved. Chattered did all my shit like he made rather jokes merchants. They were like you insulted me: Thou Rebecca donors will arrest is barely two thousand. There was still you could sneaker by people like Miss Johnson, yeah yeah, but starting we do private ones, people it's a bad idea, the power to make the like with you for charity or about my friend s birthday party and I rarely get invited. I always turned him down somebody. I really don't want me there, you, don't you don't want have you done this never employment about like two. They happen all the time, but I'm the last guy when I got one of the reasons I stopped doing them was because they did the Franco Roast and thereby day then away you and I was it. Why I kill him Yoda yeah, but right as right now we ve got Natalie Portman and the Kate Hudson, on a day ass? If we don't want you after dominoes, like I kind of see your point, you know these are like Hollywood princess.
And they ended up baling anyway, and they are a part of the roast, but once again, said that I was like you know what I'm not gonna to get nicer, I'm not going to turn the sun. I just had to be able to ramp it up. Like you said like how high can you go before it's just it's just data atrocity to satisfy us. Does the savagery when were you at ally? I wasn't. I went out. I'd only goes even doing comedy when I came out, but that is one of my favorite rusts states, total should show its it's an unbelievable Youtube, extended clever that where we have an eye on you too, but when I did my first roast, I was a comedy central, give me all of them, so I can watch them all and then we ve got everything except the cabbages roast meat. Would you mean you don't have it and then I look at you too, but we destroyed it gets so they destroyed our big cummings. They'd, never wanted to be run it. It was just a it was up to them. Was a fiasco, and I was the one where, like they took it from the friars
themselves and that's why I love it so much. This is like its Todd bury handy kindling, Stephen Colbert people who had never think would roast doing their version of it, but to a completely disinterested and hurt Chevy Chace, who from five minutes in his feelings were hurt He wasn't sign the jokes anymore and it was the worst three hours of his life. Now I mean being rose It is an art unto itself yeah, you know. If you had back and laugh every time someone makes a joke about you you're the starved, the roast they keep putting to you you just sit there. Would you sunglasses on looking ticked off than it ever was a disaster? I shall was so great way back when jackets I can create reactions like you. Want people react in the same way they would reactor in the dunkard test or something else rather arms out. Kick their head back. Yeah yeah, I mean imagine if, like the rumble, flavorful arrest golly, I imagine a flavor flavoured thought those jokes were racist and they were all races, but he didn't think so legacy
if he decided what why don't? You say that that rose to repent of a quick but If so, how did everyone that it was? It was great we when I was working for him. Oh he was the empty. I think it was corny. Love surpassed, No corner was on the day ass for the timely Anderson. Either PAMELA and as Michel Anderson it was a much longer day actually took houses in the other room it was. It was like three now for hours. Could you see edited version? But you don't say you see like the best parts of everybody's rose, but it's actually like twice as long as it drags on some points out for sure, and if you have somebody who's bad and its icon well early, it really feels like it's an hour, but that's what they used to do when they would show it on tv, a group before they went to commercial break ass. You like the guy who played big pussy on the of like saying a sentence as they went to break new like I guess it didn't go well. Are you just told a story that? But now it's a people in the theater tweeting, like the Big pussies Bob,
You know I gotta show it after that. Did you ever hear about the issue? for us that they did once they did one for me, making our tapes are destroyed. After I wonder how many times has happened, I think anytime time. They taped it like then they destroy the Tahiti, don't even think of a worse idea than he is paean. Who, in the midst of thousands, is pretty humorless, as I can tell you cause, I was working there you don't make it a rest and an alcohol. I can go wrong, I can believe even had alcohol, I mean still rosy after the nor Mcdonald S, peace in a monologue. Yet they were a shower of another great moment in your life, huge loved that I'm just not that's how these things got light out. What I'll amazing, I didn't think like norms. Britain what it was like. This is how this is, but one Jimmy can hosted a few years later I wrote some jokes for him: and he added I in his contract, he was like you can't I get to do what I want and then they cut my jokes either two or three jokes had they cut out of before went to air and camels furious and then print
the jokes, so my jokes got more tracks and they would have if you actually said them. But he was like I'm never doing this again. I can't trust you, but they get was as directly in the middle of that, because I was the one promising a mood go occasional usb. Yet is it like they cut his while I from like eight minutes to four as I was watching. Those like in the end People always say this, but this really was true like say he got like five, really huge laughs, like big, just jokes, edges crush adding all them came up just the calm of being added, but then also like what they They may be less funny, the EU is out of his mind, and this is what I had been complaining to him. The whole decade has again took three jokes my draft. I read so he would hear it. He had been hearing me for years, but his way, whereas what happen anchors, he knew in the room he had done. Well, we'll placing
Pierre NATO need humor, you know they like it Billy the idea of it, but I done some work for the innovation that work and their even worse, there alike. Don't you dare make a joke and if you do a better be about like clowns or something could re made fun of these athletes Sonia only has without and everyone you're making fun of his in the audience, not happy like these do these to hire a comedian to host the porn awards. The AV adult video words, and they Every year, the comic just completely banned because they're, making fun of porn and porn stars to an audience once does, and they have no sense of humour by themselves. First value: like I didn't watched at every mayor tire, but it was always the best ten minutes of the year from an architectural company point our eyes to fail. As about until it got to show TAT the sun shone time had good. Can this really be enough that have been on like do you gotta, like a bit that a buyer for ninety nine ninety nine on paper per view of Every year
Roger. Is it ass? The latter? There is great someone I Ma Star on Twitter got in touch with me and she was like hey. You want to come to the point on the words of the Saturday, and I got that a thing I guess it is now- is the first year, maybe second grounds, I'm gonna be out of town. She was like, oh as, if like why? Wouldn't you can So what you're doing to come to the point about the part of its myself did the port of words. I know hosted I'm no idea. It was as a cure who invited me, but but I do not know that was did my friend David chosen, podcast partner, a really yeah she's she's a pack asked her what she all everyone's about, castor this point. Yes, if you ever I guess I've about. I wanted to have passed here. I know I know we We were. It was hotly debated by you and I very patient now that What happened at the exact Debts Alabama like? Let's do you like? We do? Nepal cast a great number of an agent getting off. Some five different places, and then, by that
football season started. Gregg had a thing with on trade with the chinese embassy at an airing started. That was thing I was. I can we just wait till next year, so we can do the whole seizure and by that time, by that time and then I had to deal with comedy central. That was like a different things and the past year, but it was either here there in Craig had a thing. Where's works for the NFL network, Gregg rose and though there was a thing is contracts where he cannot compete clause. Yeah we're word. If we read the ringer, they might look, and people like any other times. I would believe it we don't. If we have room for that's ridiculous, you are to have a pocket yard the: U S, first, choice for longer long still. Here, though, so we know we other employed would definitely nature were said. Tat didn't come for me, that's that's what was I was taught and the latter me other times. I would believe it. We don't leave room for that's ridiculous. You are to have a pocket yard in Avenant. If a broadcast and we will do and we also about if we came here, we have. Let me, however, ask about. I guess like are- podcast it's a swiftly but sports, but we must never talk about sports,
rabby, one off the field issue thing, but then inside some kid brought coke to kindergarten. We like stuff, like that whether in this great rose, was your buddy from way way way back when rent the out, we met from our freshmen your college, so nineteen ninety seven workout to live here. Nearly four years was alike. Can amazing man, it was the best, the for years. My life hands down, I mean cannot be recaptured, cannot be. He did go back to New Orleans once a year just to eat the mean the things you could, your body, eighteen to twenty? Two I mean I just can't even a large for Marty grows every year with, like off classes, just not going to sleep for four days mean it was. It was amazing, everybody I've ever met, who wear the two lane. I am always leg- MECCA role, and everyone just laughs when the before they answer? How is to link is, it was now get grand describe. Tat New Orleans is my Achilles heel city.
It's got every single vice that I care about, including like food that you can't resist, but then you a terrible for like eighty hours. Yes, in your combining now with the hairs casino, that's right, downtown I've had a lot of great nights in any of the others his door on space table and I'd Canada above me, is not a great comedy town like I've gone back to two lane to perform and they don't care I I've to back to new couple times it just felt like Miami and in them, and not a comedy city in other they just have the music they have their entertainment. I just want to talk to each other and drank that's an interesting it's like allies that a bookstore city now now cause there's too much, to do here, would be like I'm going to go meet this person wrote a book. Like many of you gonna like Chicago yeah, the best deal poorer here. Would you they were. The best comic cities. God I mean the going
You have like your schedule. What are the ones that you like that place? Yes, Chicago's Gray, one Chicago the people are the best year. Chicago's, always amazing. Many apples, great one Lana Ray Comedy town Alina had Lana Misprized Nashville is a really good one that, unlike in the south there's two certain markets, I've never been to the gas, have their own comedians that you ve never heard of yours, I'm ok, said Minneapolis already. I love Pittsburgh. New York, of course, is great, has very few bad comedy towns, its brags eloquent cm punk used to go back to Chicago Laissez, Lana reaction. They dont non from Pittsburgh, Maria yeah. I got a gun tell them to wear the distinguished earthy. I've got it to tell them when I graduated high school and which high school, because they otherwise did you say you don't sound like you're from Pittsburgh, you don't look like you're from Pittsburgh and not Billy Adele wearing a jersey on my like the on album cover down talk about Pittsburgh, things that they're always throw a surprise
and like a banisters, a yeah yeah pre younger, they get a new jersey. I just had to are either through Antonio branches as it I just can't after you I kept a holding on, Antonio, I was you know what I'm still. I still love the guy I still love em only one after jewels man, I was a weird movie already one way there now that like jealousy to me like someone the leaves a tv show and then they replace them the new leader, the show yeah. They occur, Caruso had gone after Jimmy Smet said they were pretty blower. Sadly, the pages there's a meagre stuff going on there that had nothing to do. I don't like what you do. Is you say that Next guy, I gotta love my grenade at a job. It just made. No sense to seem like spoiled spilled, knock, He was here we didn't do. A pack has been came in a hung out for an hour, but in turn around before you get traded,
and I say he taught me into it about forty five minutes, but I am one of those people from in the room is somebody there is when me over sure by the end of it. As a gay, you do need a new team. I ask where those guys, I understood, levy on Bell everything that he did. I was now gotta, be understood. And turning around I yeah, it was like a second as your body for years just going run you into the ground, knowing your gone next year anyway, chairs that money. Why not wait to fight like he lost money, though I think you did too, but I understood his his point of view on it, your browser, you wanna another team great, but why are you drunk trade value into the toilet. Every chance you get for this team has done so much for you when they pay them a lot of money and he's got a lotta stats. He's gonna, be the hull. Fame priority did as stealer not as for what is we to do as a rider that I just started I wish you done it differently would opener for me.
Tonia Brown rest fuck, you fuck, are you kids? You look just like you somethin, like that. Do you think he would be a bend over laugh again? Do you think he would be a chevy chase, just sadly smaller and all time sunrise? Subject: sunglasses on why the fake smile, the entire time face one have you only laugh, he made from other people, but does not like is that in between? he's, got a big smile on your face, thereby unwanted last comic standing. Everyone's hated me, but he would just about knew of the cameras cut em like mad. He would look like a jerk, so it is having a huge. On his face? All the time that I knew? Why did he hey? If, because I was not dead, no unexpected me, they thought I was in command. And I was acknowledged, taken the show over here, I'm going to make it my own and make fun of the judges make fun of the contestants. I'm the best stand. A comic in square miles from here and I'm gonna, let everyone now here and they cut all of that out. I did I lose yeah. They tell me that
and we got everything the midget like an asshole, and I was like. Why do you think I did the Shell Look like an asshole amounts. Come extended, there have been so funny I thought honest I walked out of last comic thinking. I could get an Emmy for hosting a reality, show that's how crazy it was Jeff proves? As I know we are now deciding adding Ellen wanted for game of games, something now yeah wasn't we'll take a quick break start by voodoo, a leading streaming app with a library of over a hundred fifty thousand titles available to rent or buy from the latest blockbusters to your favorite indie films, the outside of an ad supported on demand service deliver a thousand times you can watch for free and clean Sk Movies, tv shows you'll be Sup. I saw many good ones around there from legally Blinds STAR Gate, all free. Thereafter the present sponsor the reactor, was pack ass, where we will soon be covering John wake. You favorite, oh my dad gesture to setup watch it for free.
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think would react the best who has the best material. I mean everyone. Talks about Shack, like you said, a shack as a comedy central was thinks about getting him, bring him on a roast or doing one of em how do you think Le Brown hand? I think brown b to controlling as to who he booked a company central, always think they class it up. They're gonna get George Clooney they're gonna, get Brad Pitt and think not these guys want to do that. They would do it. Selves and controllable gagged, Louise Roast way back in the day, one of the first Uncomely central, he had total control over what jokes were used and who was on the das. So downstairs. I know Billhook strokes exit, that's what that those are the only things they cut it is someone mentioned Tex Lily had a gun No, there is no reason to even do that now leads we're going to have a great sense of humor. I mean a person who be fund a like a fly, may weather beer would be fun to go ass. I think he'd beget like me, Thyssen is the only person. I've ever feel bad about roasting. I've wretch,
leave. I love the man and I felt bad making fun of men. He was a laugh and he was pretty high, yellow, drunk and like getting through but you decide I felt like this guy struggling. I don't love, love smacking around right now, tat I loved him. Drawing up cobia would be one of the most riveting rest. I figure would end halfway through oh yeah. It would just be like over yeah. Can't even think you'd be mad. The whole time. I do think none of these guys have a good sense of humour about themselves. You got like God like Jason witten on the desk. In I mean he would be furious within my five It is known tat, the latter stuff about go around this here, yeah or being the worst Monday night football announcer of all time not accuse all tat. I can't think of any one was. Thereby that was so many bad and answers right now, whether we like it. This is a bad and that's her heyday right now. I just can't believe it,
God bless him. He's alleging that you be brands doing the celtic series area this round and it's like. A visa. Eighty eight at this point I just I have somebody who's. Not just can read the back May point out some stuff with game, please, with basketball? I can't really tell her batten announcer is based. It's very onwards, I think there are fewer in baseball, fewer bad announces in baseball, but in football, if you're bad you ve got like three minutes to show how bad you are only every play that really shines. Barroso. You have Roma, which is blue, former teammate, whose so much violence killing it yeah from them from a get guy, just that enthusiasm, I think it's weird when the guy's lose it like, I am phallic seems, was a pretty good that great, but he was gaieties past, yeah and then the last couple years he was, Clearly, unless number and
I just want to know what happened it's funny. I think I was just too young that he was a grandfather from me that I was remember him. I remember more than announcer than his quarterback rail and growing up that when he started to lose it. I didn't it was a go. That's Phil, since I've been realised that he was a boy, I remember mad and in summer man never really a hundred percent last it, but he definitely was, at her in their early years, like at the outset, say anything: his our other ass. It was tough to tell a sub rather elastic. Is style was. You know very, very short, answers and stuff, but when he getting names around that using the sign with with announce when they would show them in the birth toward the as you like, a mad dog, I say: go they're gonna get him. They were those rough, so you, Big Leubronn would control the whole thing. Rosen were under the sun what about Tom Brady, I feel like he would be laughing the whole time in that were almost like. Getting the jokes I by air bubbles. A hundred percent the guide for
who wrote for Peyton Manning on the espies when he asked it and then at the times they had to explain. The joke to me would deliver perfectly, but he wouldn't get the job when he's considered to be one or like the super funny athletes is not, he can be. You think you have to tell him. I'm sure you by just takes direction really. Well, you know some people, don't I've talked about the sun pads before, but the whole concept the athlete funny areas. Enjoy when an athlete is suppose they hilarious, but it's only in the car. Some other athletes yeah. You have you actually put him with the whole area person. Now that Bulgaria's fatalities astern, I was that you know Oj Simpson in, of course, from my furtive on, The double murder was hilarious and then you go back and shot a wide naked gun. Now you like that is good. You know he picked. He did did they should deep vague. The Oj C, and put the very sanders, there's something I have to save it, because I was a legged iconic, mid eighties movie, oh yeah, and it's impossible to watch now without, though J
just over last books. It he's not in it that much and it's so funny- and he is like he said. Run in them everywhere is always getting been up in torture. They don't like you're laughing at him. You know getting Ike dragged by a bus. First I have I got across the country It's not as hard to watch as I would have thought. It's fun, watching these movies of my kids, the movies Robin and some of them, that is so appropriate methods that the role of anything but Chris beat the original vacation failure. They dragged the dog and there's just we left My daughter was so upset about that. Since you just want to stop the movie, I thought of sailors, but they put the grandma in the car and they drive a thousand miles of the ride I dont know if they would do that now, there's a lot like a mature. This would go now. Yeah, I didn't even know your vacation. I was wondering like what: how did they change this to less funny. I I got to imagine I
like when they reduce the air. The classics now I can still watch the old movie, don't touch it yeah, especially a comedy actually come com. It has no reason to remain the bad news banks. Have you had first to be like this in a commentary thing like I've got opportunity in something that's like super low budget and its never going it made never has been made, but Juliette sake. Ask me something I'm I'm onto a right now. If I wasn't, I would, I would be happy to take up this matter The head of a movie studio And is, would you ever want to be in a movie and I'm like yeah? If the head of a We studio caused me his favorite committing an says: here's a movie role for you, I'm happy to do it. To run through additions. Raina, I'm not, but you What do you know what I can do have proven it give me the part and I'm their and our shopping and into it to us. As I can, I'm surprised you don't have like one wrong com. In your background, we your leg, the lead guys.
As friend who doesn't like the new girlfriend and issues. Then in these p thirteen insults and then a year later you really regrouping in the movie any time they describe. It is like cute or I knew that they wanted some one. Just like a good looking young guy to be like that, the kind of a smart ass I rejected it and meet as I want. I wanted to play evil not like not that kind of the smart Alec you know I wanted to be, Like a village, he revealed the risky origin scream like that it turns out here the killer there. I want my taken everyone's virginity. First, the example I sample I always used was Zalm. I want to be correct no born in our thoughts. Go oh yeah, yeah yeah, I suspect, a cobra, also critical around here thousand. That's a pretty big, led them watching them, you, then who so funny, and he was just not funding ever since. Are you to think so? Now I actually enjoyed how ready as the casting was
it made me enjoy his. Since I mean I enjoyed them for the reason he thought he was in it so little they didn't like ruin the moon for me, but I was sick, others a missed opportunity like Cheramie Pevensey, that movie- they have any that I'm a good why's he I always planes but they should have given him what to do, but I stopped movie holds dear heavens, been in a lot of stuff daddy. Did you know. Is it major league? We still everyone, was a major league and their a major league. He was on the bench, the Indian, like bench, Jackie Guy, like who yelled insults out and they just cut his office scenes out really he's gotta get really interesting. I d be background. Ass, fond of his these tiny stuff. I had no idea what about aunt entourage. You could have done yet Can we France rush, but I would have definite, I'm not sure I saw episode that just like haywire.
I can't believe this is the real thing when Saddam movie Opening day and I couldn't believe the people on ironically laughing at you- will have a qualm bro anybody here is: this still gets you they make another they made another movie. I mean that that movie did so badly. It did that there's no initiatives moment. Asher is by two years too late. Yeah. I think so what happens now, there's Netflix special comes out? Would you were I meant to ask you? Would it what was different the special. What was your mindset going into it? It seemed like the pace of it. You slow down even more than usual with their style like you are really it. China create like an atmosphere, with the year party. That was just one of the jokes too big thoughts and prayers was like an angry specials gotta get this off my was I wanted this just to be like most Nicaragua, but just have fun, and every job just be great,
go into it that I really put a lot of thought into and for the first time I thought about how it would be as a special yet- and I was But that four years, instead of just I were doing this now, what do we want to do? then I went to work with somebody big like I got a twenty four to produce it and they were gone. I knew I wanted to open and I wished I kept thinking about. The first show you know every time, every comical tapes especial tapes to show at the back, and the first was used, ensure that, yes, I must have Occasionally someone will take just one and you can tell because they don't have things they can. They move around two something goes wrong. They have to leave it in. Usually they taped to that night. Innovator were wherever or the first ones bad yet has I'm off like I'm, my first taping, unlike, albeit little sweaty, you say you want to get it in the audience, is good but you're, just not yourself, and so this time I really was like the first one's gonna, be great. I'm in make sure it's great to the point that I went out and had meant prepared myself enough that it was like TAT was like I thought that was the better show between the two tailings
two point: why must I want to go out for second show, as it may be screw around or maybe I'll just like, maybe I'll leave like who cares and then we the second. Then they go on John Mulaney and Crawl are here to watch the second Joan I was like my friends I gotta go out and kill it. You know I can't. Let them see me to a badger so did that in an hour, with the director comes back me like that. That was great would definitely using the second show. Now. What do you mean in the first was amazing. These. We got better coverage in the second shot, satellite you do once we were able to like? I was like that. I'm glad I didn't just throw it out the window yes, the abbot. I was one of the things I thought of hard about and it ended up its benefits you because, when you need to go back to the first showed a cut something out, you look good looks the same, but that was that's what I've they prepared for this one. One of the things I like when you do common is when you get The audience you take you take therein should personally a new put them under the fats in foods is a really hard thing to pull off.
I mean. Usually I bet you will really wrong in the wrong hands. I've. Never how to govern. The eels gets, laugh for me. If you keep it short and you go back to being Norma get. If you lose your temper, it's always gonna, be yeah, but I use a yell at crowds were laughing. You know for not laughing hard enough and people love that rare that and if I know a joke is just like this: joke should be getting a bigger laughing. Like a joke- is too smart and that's it the reason they economic, a european tour. Where I was a guy, they can understand what I'm saying and they got jokes than american audiences didn't get really just yeah. They know they, they understand English, but they can speak it, and so they put it got all the new wants its own, some american audiences, just totally messed. I used to love Carson is my favorite Carson thing he would take it personally when he didn't get a laugh and something behind them, Letterman, learn to do his variation. That- and I remember the first couple years- a killer
does he really was really knew as a host and it took him probably two three years to almost style. When a joke. Didn't work. Is the initiative in Vienna? The experience the habit. Is to Russia next sunk. As the silence made you uncomfortable or light, the lack of reaction and itself, watching him now, like you, you fuckin loves it when the joke doesn't work, sometimes that's funny or there when the joke. Where are you the face will express the facial expression? A joke bombs is is better than anything else, cones great at it yeah. I don't get anybody the reps of doing a show, light that eventually you're gonna get good at knowing without a react. I think it's just that you just find a way to fill out the time. I'm sure that's when I first started in our ongoing fifteen minutes. I'm thinking about that fifteen minutes. I gotta wanna go short stumbling along and eventually just feel at home in the space than you can let everything breathe. But I borough that never never told a good Jochen its entire life his whole act was telling a joke. I didn't work and then he would
I gave it in a way that killed everybody, I'm completely, Legendary S, Adela hosting performance by he hadn t, Romilly featured in of the books about us about any bird just break out of every sketch and industry has to do, is mugging yea, and it was like everything they never one that show the way you feel like. I've asked the couple people there's that come through about comedy classes where it's almost like sports, where you guys in the ladys early nineties, they're kind of clustered and they all kind of came up doing the same clubs together in thereof friends, and then they can ahead at different points around the same time. Yeah you can have your own class. It seems like when you are coming up. When were you when you start call me like I've. Never away
during our disease and diseases. In my class, leaning out of Aziz Maloney I've been, I would say, almost seventeen years in October of undoing it ah Aziz Maloney they beat. No back, was just like one that will class ahead of me yeah, I know, but I would beach? I know back on premium bland. Now, it's ok, you know next year, I bet Dan Mince gets premium bland and the euro. That I'm gonna get premium bland and that's how would work there? nude those guys, unlike their progression and like a big oil and got the half hour next year. I'm gonna get the half hour and I would their people that I could follow that aspiration. Policy of like this guy got. That means I'm going to get it next, be at my class. I would say Mulaney Commissioner Johnny Depp he J, Miller, PETE Homes. Yet as the Gower Hannibal Birth put no class as well, but then we were, of course, from all over. I was one the only guys in class from allay a medal
this guy's. When I moved to New York for a couple years, they were all Chicago people in New York, was when the coming to their we coming citing sort of right after me, I should have been a class to yeah yeah. She started nullity vote there class now Lego late, two thousand tens grew that's emerging, or is it just so different out the internet? It feels like some people are making big leaps like I would put alley long in my class, but for a long time Ali Long was under a radar and now she's at one of the biggest things in common a year which she never went anyway. You didn't come from nowhere. I've been watching her grow as long as I've been doing stand up like Sebastian, Skulker who's gonna years older than me butts and has always been working now to suddenly blew up Ebay. Ok, I guess we're in a similar class, but that you people below me couldn't name one leg That's how little I know now: vining opener, I've gotta call people Billig whose whose young and good We watch people who I followed, the communists of comedy store by the comedy seller,
Otherwise, I'm now watching a lot of stand up with the best place to do it anyway. It is actually in I'd, say Largo if you're lucky enough to be. On that in that league, the ad- It takes a certain kind of comic. He ain't gonna, be what I saw the place out. You know thirty dollars tickets. It's a big place, Ah, the stores more. Are you going to see hundreds of people or like idea, dozens of comics and so that's a little takes the pressure off wound well Mr Shocks, people just as there are there not other to see me, but a Largo. Are there to see me and whoever I brought so there. The good them so I thought I'd, say loggers my favorite with a communist or being a close close. Second, you haven't, played chemist, place and vague, and they just open up raised open yeah. Everybody was going nuts about it. I can't Spend a lot of money in China make like the best possible commonplace as a recent reason, it was didn't really happened in Vegas foot. It's a comedy club comedy cloudy. I think that's a tough things at the somebody. Feeders did do it yet
The Mirage like that Terry Phaedr Theatre at the Mirage that they were Leno, plays in just one night and get the hell out did he of staying in Vegas for weekend and, having shows do at night, as my biggest nightmare, like my biggest, I met you gamble, let it out the Otter and the sports book, and if I'm rather like last play video is under never never bet honour against the Steelers. Ok, because I don't want alike, I don't want to I will lose in our like win. The battle is the game and you like your mixed up, that I just I'll call my friend, Red rose and omby, like what for games or plumage locks to India can go the absolute away. He's got Israel yeah I've had I do better my aunt em and it's been very proffer, because I don't have your patriots of when six supervisors really get. I didn't, I didn't know what the six there another who have embarrassing rate. Someone heckled me: Well, I got a yell.
They always stay or think there was somebody arose burger either way it. I was like the stupid still Isaak, and I got really. I feel it it's been forever since we lost Superbowl and was right after you guys it lost. Alas, Superbowl never forgets to give him a perfect yeah I want the Steelers patois Rita today it was there for a while, and then I felt like we re they had the apprehend. Therefore, ten twenty years we ve never been underneath you ever twenty twenty airs and China remember. Ninety six, I guess she had their brand hand so long time ago, get that Antsy championship game. We came out of nowhere and destroyed us all that the other special Mr Chance yeah yeah That's what I'm! Your registry tore down a parts as Cardoza anger, this area, where it is now that we are those for whom it was. It was done whose unrecoverable that game was was a disaster at every Pittsburgh, Steelers
and caused the the two Superbowl the giant sir, with John Speed, the Patriots, the greatest non steel. Insuperable airline seems like a lot of people. Fellow I enjoy like listen. I understand what a patriots keep winning. I don't. I don't want to be like a hatred against them. Whenever a story comes out about leg, abrading craft, each where Big Brady in the each other. I love it. Like I loved you, or that there are miserable crying their piles of money insuperable trophies Brady was at the commission. He derby, less. We get with the amateur here like this he stood desert like fifteen of his deeds. I can then go, and they said they just do the whole thing, but wasn't it like a fact One dollar was on Molly last time. He was then he like one and was given. Free money and you see me, Like me, I looks out of his mouth that I've heard variations. The stated that it was welcome, though your it was, welcome, you're right, you're right, but was it. I don't think I can
that we knew what he was I've that he knows. I'm just answer, but I have a theory. I wasn't. It was like you're too, even though you one you're too, happy anywhere sunglasses inside which is something that I made inside is tough yeah. Yeah they're. Looking a rock, if you slumbers inside your chill, it's like, maybe sensitive delight. Maybe doesn't want fans bothering him sunglasses and I'm handing out cash to ever once it did. That's your probably on some dried flag, yeah Duenna may fund for us, Virgo I'd, I'd love to I'd love to mince hard, in other guys, perfect in every way. I don't think it's cool that he's finally moved on from the roasting thing serving suicide. I'm going to get back into just pure stand up, and unless it led this roasting behind you know it's the funniest thing. Ever we wrote we refer Jimmy for the Andes one year later of sex and music, get out of roasting, I'm going to get pigeonholed. If ever I was kind of like why this is a great lane for you, like really
think I should exploit it in five years? He was a roast bastard general, but it was. I e was the last one. I realise this gray Real estate for you the only guy who could have stayed as long as he has stayed in. I was just at the right tone of love, but civic lamp Amelia had it like a short lifespan, yeah Gerardo how much longer he could have kept doing. It was tat I had seen Ray. I guess he was. Edge to angry of his kind of have a ten year lifespan, his last three or four rose here. Almost nothing like it was the letter was written form you didn't care, you describe hinges knew how to deliver. Yeah and knock it out of the park every time, but he didn't enjoy them like wondering, I walked away after three was just knowing her misery he was seeing a happy with was to walk away after three he had had seemed like the right number. Two do not rastus, he loves she'll, be there for idling. I think anyone Jeff
eventually passes. Now, that's forty years right here, sorority forty five days from now I think you and only Universal rose to go. I don't know how you do within it does. They might after attire yeah item anything with him is a better like an ode to get to know pretty well in those guys in you clearly see the course of his life for his, like he idolize wrinkles, in those guys in new leg, when that guy Seventy he's gonna be whatever that generations version recognises the bang it out still great lately, show guest of those beads and he's on his way. He's the one comedian, I know what currently working today, who could do it? didn't see in Vegas. I don't have it, the five and haven't not be embarrassing. Yeah, I'm you haven't not be like you would not the changes wouldn't change anything. He could beat we be himself and enjoy it. I think, whereas, for I mean I know a lot of people that would be a purer. Why is he just loves, making fun of people
and what have you got any room in Hell? Just see anybody know bill I'll, look at the sky and then his eyes and he's going to speed Rostov. Does live. Now is amazing. I've done like we did. A college together in his eye. Come on stage would mean to the speed roast and usually we in I've seen him. Do it in an audience with, in all their other of a very diverse audience, and you ve got all these different but in this college somewhere New Jersey, it's like a fuckin. Why did swell? my one girl and just going down the line and he could take. If I have a MAC, I've got a joke. Jeff would throw to me that when you got, but if I a number of Buddhism Colony, he wouldn't every time I was after How did you know not that? Never joke music scientists glance up a you, and I now, if you ve, got something Europe, I should just move on Why has moved so easily but had sides? I got the tickets six cents. I did the first, when I was writing for Jimmy Show he gets us did for a week, and we did so.
Rose than Hollywood Boulevard, and that was the idea. And it was like, sir, I'm gonna go out and he's just guineas speed rose peoples. They walked by and I'm thinking like how the fuck is he gonna do this like so he's just gonna see the people, have a roast the writer assigned to it and we weren't we had the camera crew and I make this can be a fucking disaster would be the worst. He did it for like an hour and images grabbing. Buddy than later. You know how weird Hollywood boulevard is. It was that he was like a kid in a candy store, weasel good luck! I could never do that. If I said are broken, one Hollywood boulevard. We get shot your legs, but Jack people want to be ready to take an honour and their delighted by the delayed be made fun of by him that only he can really pull that off. Like at the end of the rose when he he's just crush a body for twelve minutes in his leg.
Without that said, you're a great guy, you ve been a great spirit and spend an honour, and I ve been a huge for any has a way of diffuse again ten seconds before the hug Nobody asses is as good as, but everyone says. Those same words elects a pathetic almost make you, but is the only one who means it right the only area are either agri. Would it what is the good this rose, joke that ben the most jealous of that. Anyone ever told for sure calling Quinn talking about Artie Lange. I think so. ADI Lang did so much cocaine in the nineties. He wants got hand written. Thank you note from Pablo Escobar, use the idea father Escobar. Writing seminar handwritten vague in her brow the carpet it kill me. So I think the best job the whole roast. That's ignoring John, never forget that job. You don't.
Someone norms we can update stuff is out my now from the mid nineties. When he's telling jokes I tap at the audiences and laughing, and he just staring the camera, I would watch it. You better have. Three. We can update years that norm dead, where he just I didn't care. Oh yeah, you almost got their job right, can I add, I d sooner than ass were- and I thought I was I the word was like it's it's it's looking good, It got the puma, they will learn. Michael's asked for your phone number. Loan Michael's doesn't copy with bad news yeah, I'm in any like a day by- and I was like a mechanism, good thing or bad thing at the time. It was a bad thing and now good thing like I talked about this before, but like that It was so that was a dream. Those human job ever really wanted, but to go in and care the audition, where, like you're in the sea, Ty at the actual desk. The camera comes down, and they say, ladies and gentlemen, with will for weakened, updated Anthony, just like when I heard that it's the announcer
I just started laughing. I was so happy that I additionally, I just breeze through it. I had my own jokes that I got them they never laugh. Yeah and was the Congo's having the same jokes over and over again with just a different people. And I was like. Maybe I took it and I think it was sitting of timing of like Conway Manoeuvre, couple months remaining him another and sad it but I really have to watch the show sense, but I was just like it so hard to get that close the job, that that I need. I need this port on the special like this special was like me. Getting over there, oh, are you really traumatized area I mean not from but it was a disappointment. Yet I was just like gonna. Let I didn't want story of me to be like a Jew. Here would almost happened for him. You know like another guy, in a degree, Scott, the air. He was the bad you, Nazism pressure has been bunch of movies. He was at the bad guy, a mission impossible to a completely just name
at an actor and I'm drawing a blank. This is like the lowest moment of by two thousand and ten, and this may be, it is my mom. You might react digress got. Wasn't the bag admission possible to get the debris shoots, swayed to drop out of x men? He was gonna play Bovary. Given the huge Jackman and digress got, has never got no, not like I'm, not gonna, be that are not can be better about and about I get an audition didn't go well how bad they are wanted. It I'm just going to make them thing I do even better and independent things. Have happened to personnel over those years. I'm like I don't know if I could have signed I could have been there through the Trump episode, not because of jumping on the air, but like Trump telling me what jokes I'm gonna tell like. No doubt never going to happen that I don't know what I would have done where fight it. If I would have lasted of the ship, minded the show might be better now than it would have been. If I got a job Certainly we gonna different direction. I like him, Central Asia. Thank you. Thank you when it was found. There was a bizarre Romany regrets
because it was, it was meant to live forever in yourself like pushing the arm up in a network. At the same time, I am working on a new car. Central shall right now is designed the easy to do like I, don't I don't fight with a network I just want go shoot it. You guys have no it can do in the edit and when we're done, but it's not it'll, be adding I'll be as good, but it won't be. I won't be the same. Just you know, fighting over joke after joke after Ginea, unless they might be overnight, get right. The people they have the network no thing is, is heading toward rub, slow and meet. Even why do my podcast with comedy central I would you can have standards and practices, and I what do you mean it's a podcast, We sell our adds throughout the network, so yeah. I still can't do announcing that are not taken. This deal left to do that my contract. There not allowed to give me notes on the broadcast. Rarely yeah says I'm the who would sign up for this and they then have to in our podcast, isn't so offensive that you're, worried about what you're gonna say ran
but it's others rules are weird and yet you can circumvent them easily. Now What our next couple years ago, for you may not do the chauffeur Bitch, I assume I'm gonna wanna John back into stand up. I think I have at least one with special Letty Annie die United Chin forty a few months ago and I'm looking at like I used to think I would retire at forty from stand up like still work and do things which understandably, I think I got one more than me at least, if not to maybe fifty one, you're out there. How many people you planted a anywhere. People will usually I'm about fifty fifteen hundred two thousand people and I'm thinking about big it is or how is, if I do a factor, By that I mean it, could as many as like you know, stand alive in Phoenix seats. Six hundred, yes, all five of that. You know. Four thousand people were usually I'm it's about fifteen hundred, two thousand people, and I'm thing, and if our on the next tour, I probably in the three thousand range to start from the special,
You know it's a good thoughts and prayers built of goodwill, and now it's different time for Netflix It is that more people watch them just waiting, yet the ringer back ass, that seen in Vietnam, I gotta like my eyes and companies leverage, I'm a mean, listen to about how it would things could have been an higher at my contracts up and ten weeks Is it really I said I we have. We have the its anniversary of years ago. I'm just gonna take it. We have to pick up the tab. Thought walking on the US and our this man, you gotta lotta I'll, call you in one day yeah. Karla COM. You do at every week there that's the thing that they now that I want to pull back and we had with the idea of a forty in a year you housing, I dont, want like. If I have time on I don't want the only reason I'm stuck in a later be the podcast you mean I don't have to do it in a way. They say from anyone phone, but I do I like doing some with my best friend and when messing around. I want to do that over the phone at that's good, that's a contractual obligation. I don't have to do that, so I think we might
Try to do so to do some fewer episodes. So I'd like to let you go look live in Berlin for a month. You know that have money. Success and I can't really go somewhere and right: didn't alien wrote for year before I started taking this hour on the road at all elected able to go to another country and right sounds grin. The upper limits, fun, Germans or their dilemmas fun. I had a great time in Berlin, make re cars etc. That's true it less moors. I will, I will negotiate figured. I figure then a good job of that laughing too much utterly would under wraps ever ever go, find that use excited for this go out. I having a pleasure is always always man I could easily. I thanks for listened every it's gotta, daisy and dot com. If you want to sign up for the zone, don't forget about the report. It was ninety, ninety, nine, big, daddy and Africa.
But the reward was John Wick to coming next week as well as was not here and there we watch was maintained, and I feed don't forget about the game Hence our post game showed talk. The drones hashtag tat, the threads on twitter, as well as the benchmark cast of thrones card that we put up and thrown game with main resell. Ascended eight we're doing Kyle Getaway Food basketball and their little thrones well so we'll see you lately and send it to me. Ways.
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