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The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by two-time NBA champion and sports commentator Kenny "The Jet" Smith to discuss what makes 'Inside the NBA' so authentic, stories from the 1994 and 1995 Finals runs, Hakeem Olajuwon, ESPN's 'The Last Dance,' and more (3:10). Next, Bill talks with actor, producer, and writer Will Ferrell about quarantine family time; youth soccer; HBO's 'Succession'; LAFC; his new Netflix film, 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga'; and more (48:05)!

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the week. Please check it out. It is it's going to be really good. I think it's going to be a useful one, especially as we head into whatever we're going to head into here over the next eight months of Kenny Smith and where to talk to Will Ferrell and Will Ferrell and was taped like a month ago, but we were holding it until his new movie came out, but this is a really good podcast. I had that Kenny Smith on on this phone The bs pack ass. He doesn't really do pack has so much, but was really fun avenue. My now, I'm just gonna forcing the camorra from that. Come up in one second, quick programming note this can be the last package for the week were taken a few days affair at the ringer just cause July. Fourth, all that stuff there can be no reseller Pakistan Sunday. This package will not return until next Tuesday, there is gonna be a real was coming.
Tomorrow, night, Wednesday night, the perfect storm, that's happening, twenty anniversary. State to for that, and then there will be another podcast after that. I think we're so, and I we were probably not going to do this no part again until the second, alas the good July, because now with the NBA coming back assuming it does come back, I guess we'll find out a little more over the next star next few days here. Canyon. I talk about that and a second but assuming basketball does come back cross your fingers. If it does come back of it, makes sense for come back. We will see we're going to be back in the grind doing those Sunday nights after games and then when football comes back and cousins salary joins us, then we're going to have to figure out a different night for Beatrice Ill,
we'll figure out it's a good problem to have, because it means that sports will have come back and I really do hope it comes back. But anyway, that's the schedule for the for the next week, at least, and that's all you need to know. Here they are broadly have so few weeks ago, was doing Michael Jordan Deep. I stumbled across this game from ninety ninety five. Half time show same art, away, Cheryl, Miller, Ernie, Johnson and a, and they were at the time by the name of candy sped
who is doing have time analysis and it looked. I tat kid was going places that twenty five years. You're still gonna. Do you remember that I do it was funny because, when you you got to the point when you lose ten t used to bring in players when they lost. We still do I put down the time that yet, and so after after the show Michael Jackson attempt Kiley ALARM at the time you don't forget was producing and my pearl go, you'll be. If you want to do this, you could probably do this for living. And I thought they just said that as a parting gift. Yeah you want to do and literally years later, ousting about which I gotta call me like now. We were serious coming to do this. It that's all but I never treated seriously at the time I accept the termites why she was a cheese to do tv. She was
anchor in Arkansas so how I learned about tv was watching her and she used to say: ok critique what I'm saying when you have one, that's an old woman. I'd like allows your hands there. Why do you say that and then she started? and then I learned a lot about what when and why. So. I was good, her and disturbing her dollar tv or you could see leave it in this, it must have been ninety six cuz. You were out of the playoffs, but you can see it in the halftime show you kind of knew instinctively what to do like. You would put some thought into it and you know that was like. Outlawed western half time shows first, twenty five years date back to the seventies David. Anybody on those things they would put no thought into its purse, was gonna, be good or not. If there are comfortable What now to ask them- and there were just a lot of missis- a lot of about one thing that some colleagues as I began my produce a lot of credit.
One day was sitting in a production me and I dont know why am I here you like, because it's a production meeting, so you could know what's going to go on, you can give us the keys to the game, and I said, no what's gonna happen. Until I see right, there's nothing, happened in the basketball game. I haven't seen her at Dunham's a big heart. Oh so why am I sitting here like giving you the keys that I don't know he's like that? Make sense. She did. I I haven't been been over, doesn't mean in twenty four years. Twenty year, whatever happens, only when it to em and because of that question, and so it's all spontaneous and thought process of wood, habit and your life and then a second thing. I was like. I think when you do like you looking at this camera, I used that that thing, when you have a look camera dreams, your camp stared, the camera state.
Murmuring answer your question and I said to him and ass: it would at once a job, and I dont know if Ernie's laughing and how do I know, I don't know it's for Can I just told the early? ok, we're going to add another camera in the studio and we'll find just look you want, and that was it so Charles in early myself now and jumping Jack. We don't get the camera we get. The camera binds us because and it made us fear nothing. That's the thing given our Tracy goods and other people What makes us feel natural like we don't feel like we're. Looking at a camera telling a joke or selling, I you know why things are good and bad so I almost dead count down in two thousand and twelve, and I was a deal, haven't that I backed out cuz. I was doing grantline. I was doing a whole bunch of things and I just in I've, got a guy
too much gone. I didn't feel like. I was ready for it and that whole two thousand eleven twelve say it was two thirds live inside the two thousand and twelve season, the bronze first title. I want your show that whole year, China figure out different things, because I I was probably going to be doing it in a year and one of the things was like I'm never. Looking at the camera, I like how Katy is doing this Kenny's playing off the people that he with our? I want to do that. If I ever do this, I'm not staying at the camp and then the other thing I noticed was beyond, The corners, if you're in the middle, you ran a swivel yours. Will you got you gotta, look at this guy in this way and you're like this and you look fidgety and I would watch how you handled that, while your whole body stay calm, but you can't do this left right, and I was like not good enough to do that. I can't do that, but you're one of the few people have seen you could do. Jailing can now do it. Well, the one thing is:
I always when I'm when I'm honest, that might my processes. I'm in the locker room, I'm in a dream? A man said. So how would I ve got to it also now and I'll have to think about my reactions, yeah comments and is a normal. I have to feel normal because most of the things that I'm saying is reactions to what's happening again or to which also say so. The other point is listening. Like none of us was the biggest they built like because if jobs are face up like a sack white face when he got there, he was dying doing is over. So we have come in areas like I'm shed light on the most down. Remarkable about me, but that's all dredge with more than others walkin in I don't. Let's do not back when I want you up at the things it so he he said
Yes, I'll Thyssen tremor, you know disappear. You're gonna, try to jam is gonna, be Big money and normally you get your thirty seconds almost shows that you say your part, and so my us, as that because we listen my well. You ve got all the taste in supplying the night. You didn't hear and we embarrassed about Here- he's lying come in and I'm going to know my star Even now we do play and we just all night, so we were like soldiers come on. We like bill refused and have a real good game and I ever had and we could set joke running all by law around. The the game anymore She's right now and he started to his own- does it think as the first year he was that good will? In the end it really kind of screwed your show up a little bit ass. He tried to figure out how to fit in
and this is a thing that I just don't think people understand that tv takes years the carriage Europe's years, the comfort takes years, because I think Shack is really good. Now But he had an earnest tenure odyssey with that right. We had allowed him to about my. It wasn't just learning ass. We had the man his rhythm and what he was good. Yet I was we talk with all their might. Jack is good, it jumps like then. Maybe we evolved, the shackling fool, you know, and then one day we have a meeting It is shocking is not in the meeting we walk in and we have had this big me, which is really, and so we have jobs and just myself in the meeting, an intercollegiate produce and walks and unlike visit clear, yet it is early visit. Now I want to talk to you two guys. Why are you giving him a hard time? You're not letting them come in and you don't want him to be part of this. You don't want this show to be great Youtube,
for them, and I my job is already pissed, so yeah. Obviously, this quite so I go when did someone come on I'll show and we don't make fun of not knowing some re it sire. And he goes, I got a letter. I owe you do whatever you want to him. He's got to join it and that's it. That's the kind of conversations that we back, because its employment should be automatic, rang and that really read of online. And I let him slide and don't say anything. Then it's like it's not a thing. Well that the thing I was the most jealous when we are competing against you guys there for a couple years and it's the perfect you said it before,
Pregame show your face. Could talk it out of your ass. You don't know, what's going to happen, you know you can say whatever, but that's what you guys very smartly. You might go five, six minutes before the game and that's it. That's when we're done cat, then we need to do a half hour an hour the two years. I was there and you do these all segments of light What is their grows have to do against the next day, and I am like nobody's going to care about this. Why I wish to start by basketball, but then you guys would have this hour after the game right. We could react to what happened in would have nothing. They were just start the sports centres. Somebody will you bring. You have the woman in the backyard yeah we're running yeah, it's like the only poor people care. After with with a half time, showed a postchaise show, whatever is like what you think you're hey this happen,
I was that the best the best show I thought you guys ever had was after game, five, the brain in the Boston Series, two thousand ten, when he melted down now in the way that you guys talked about that as like a real man, and Barkley was so disappointed ball you were, but he was so disappointed that Lebron didn't have it and he was just kind of so surprised like what happened, and you guys it was like. Listen to a therapy session, you weren't, even in the game, That's what you get with those posts. Game shows you know, and I think that support people miss that's what we want you bill. I beg for us. Is you know my always call it bore the Boolooroo, moment raising they got it a mile in the movie. Durham the baseball movie and got every all pitcher. The catch of goats comes the now, and then he saw here what they say in his life
Did you wanted? You didn't like me thinking that they talking about every and sometimes they are, and so that we might. We have to be bolder and more. We have to let people into the map and rang again What what the only one who can really say what abroad is. Thinking is Charles, the only one who could say would you know Derek Fisher. Thinking is me when only one of its body, one could say with the culture saying is me. So we we kind everyone the role of what there did you hear what they were saying in the map and arm? That's what we This. Let me we're like this,
did you oughta chicken may well? Well, you know that's when Shack found his voice, I think, and it took a while, but he's one of the best fit employs about time. You is the best bearing the league for three straight years and especially with centres when it somebody. You know why. I think the Dwight Howard thing was who personal farm because the Superman peace like eight. He could never really talk about Dwight Howard objectively, but who is the guide? I sure, am bead. They win he's gone in on a bed and then Barclays coming into now, you have to the best twenty guys. In both of them are like came in were disappointed in this guy. We think he has a chance to be great. We see it. We were great players we know who the other great players are an he. As in getting yet and to hear that residents
it with Embiid, I thought was one of the most fascinating things that happen. Less he's, like, indeed, was like hurt, but I think it I think it resonated with them. I do feel like a mad. It changed destiny of his career potentially because he understood that How do you say? careful somebody, people, somebody would you care for us you could see through things by being in temperature, that you can't see if you're in a burden. So rather than enter. So now that doesn't matter Oh brother, might you know that, don't matter I get but that doesn't add up and so We heard it and he came as a big man. Charles is all too
great as a funny franchise guy. Then you as somebody who play at one place by its government. I came. I came in to me right Are you making me feel as a team at what might the plaza? If I was his teammate? What would I said he couldn't fool area. We came out of it all away like that's right, I'm not doing you right because by but your perspective as viable, because you played with somebody who was as gifted politically, as indeed is actually probably one of the four or five. Both gifted athletes league front then also had the work ethic and gave us it s Really really really put the time in an that's why it eventually pays off with the two straight titles- and I was Do you guys? I don't? I don't see here with him and maybe he'll get there may It will be something he figures out. What it is you think it's just that you can't be a consistent. If you won't be great, you just get.
You're. An inconsistency is right. That's what it is, not the fact that it I always again bringing was one of the top is Gaza played by he wasn't a best. It was just the most recent one of the most consistent every night. Seventy points, six rebound seven. Is it so you don't worry, I got it game when operating its garrulity gave me forty points right then I put why did twenty miles like Genesis that never happen but seventeen? NU look tomorrow night play against talking, the hall of Fame is the consistency that made him great. It wasn't the highs and the lows it was inconsistent. He doesn't get it yet. Do you think it's unfair of me? You were Barker now for twenty straight years. People he's not to generate removed from people knowing what especial basketball player he was. He certainly one of the most memorable guys, I've seen in person
he was a one. Man shall he's a one. Man reckon clearly played with some really bad Philippe Messages, Canada. I thought he was awesome that ninety three sons team, which is about as clear says you can come to winning a title in that winning at you guys had some good battles with them too, and he was a little physically at that point, when you beat them he has. He was past apex, yea, were banned because I always think about this. It's one of the reserve wrote my book were in the years passed people forget. I do feel like people forgotten with him. I think be always mock him as one of the earmarked basketball he's a room, and I say when you become after me, your rule change so Michael Jordan, their determinedly glasses. Yet why? Because you know you to be happy, The difference is back. Then you like. Ok, you had to be at least one hand.
Since the way I was gonna, legal deviates from the war It was like all you gotta, be what we're gonna put four guys up on a corner and have Michael play. One all one and you have to be closer to marry a school every time round we made it. A legal grey. No, they don't ruin him a world like is not dumping, cause basketball. The two great wildly We don't want you to have the ball for more than five seconds and back people that yet so. The mark of changing the gay, because he was so good at something that they want That leaves it we're we to make a rule. That. You can't even do it anyway. That's greatness, like how many I can say that they are rule changes because they were so great. Well, then, you played with the all time. It's it's. If you're going to all time, people forget how
This guy's her came in Moser in the files that are no who wins, but it goes seven games. There came thing: it's gone and is that somebody who's in the limelight alive and its now yeah we're gonna was slow. Twenty five and twenty six years ago, now, mother, he just easy. He told me, then sermons and the broad gonna rolled into one, but that but the defence of peace. I mean you talkin about somebody who had what was it like five hundred steals in blocks combined in a year. Five hundred and eight like that, like stuff that doesn't happen anymore only play I play with as a big or even anyone that in a pick and roll he would defend the pick and roll on the guy was going to pick you up
and get back to his guy to block the river. When I first happen I actually went back my first. She had learned what reason. Was like a star game of the year and it happened. The printed my guy out front. He thought exciting, went back any blotted out, back in a locker will rightly Thomas. Let me see that lady. Could I thought something else happened. I could be that he actually do. It's we want it. I'm like this, do gaudy MIKE and then back longer I remember when he went
tat against my beloved eighty six, our thanks and he was young. I mean he's. I got right babe in the woods and he had a couple moments in that series. It especially in game six in Boston, south explore them out, but he has, as one stretch in the second quarter, where he just completely abolish, is but one and there's at a level of bath lattices them his at and the crowds kind like wait. What's going on with her, what we gotta do something what's happening, It was different where he was. It was again. I've never done a never ran into the locker home after the sea. A defensive play supply that someone else did Almighty only turn them whole career. Am. I didn't think that it actually did. I say: maybe they swung it and then somebody else it emerges that seek about I got here. Three, so I don't know what happened, and I was like it's impossible when the beer into places- and he was and I remember well,
was one year when he was unhappy in Houston before you guys win the titles that you were there yet you were there at that point right and I remember driving around Boston and they're having a sports radio argument about whether you would trade you Louis, for a game. We love Reggie Louis. He was great and there There are literally argue about this and I am in the car. I have no column, nobody Adam just random dude. Unlike what are you guys talk but of course we should try to fit the bill, as it say, he's Deliverable wouldn't do they didn't know, God bless Ready, Louis, been lad. What does he so upset about? What happened? What was his deal? You didn't think that the organization wanted to one any any who's the happiest, because he- and I can't really close indeed out these conversations and then.
He heard his hamstring, and so he was taken his time getting back. He was already upset you ve taken his time and then they said he's not really hurt in the wars there did you do to a came, a larger ones but they were they use the most honourable man. I know the annual one in the world that I know today more honorable there, the request, his honor he wanted out right is like that and so when they said he's, not really hurt. The only said I don't believe he's really hurt and he could be playing. He said I want out just kidding, I'm not going to play or nah the question my other question and as well and he's not out like another week and there are not enough. I convinced of goodwill- and I would really like a piece of cake play just play. Is that ok, so I play the game and you can imagine
a key piece- is going through the motions. Yeah, an unlikely migrant women and then not going to so this is true story go. I call him and now in the locker room, we're talking like this was to fill. And it isn t so on some water. Watching the film. And I'm laughing at him during squirrel every time he gets going like killing. You knew that would give him go and housing, always give you any now rattlety the world look I p became like you got on, will produce when these job, all you gotta do is get lucky would normally when its industry and their fire to Scotland we will. We they weren't gonna, try remedy was not gonna play on because he was so upset. I would add that if I'd been
GM. He would have been on my team. I would have gotten them. I was going to have any pics you want or you want more okay, you want for That is ok. Now you re rabies that everyone always ask is built. I say: would you guys you know the document with joy, yeah, I'm believable big o? Would you got? You know how to use gonna go last autumn. Another. Yet again, like you, didn't have it when he was my number forty five, but anyway, would you have me and I said we would have definitely be the money is not my mama began to dig. That fact is that we would definitely be did Michael Jordan is the greatest possible player with everything that is not a doubt in my mind, about added, but during a shabby shipman regular season. It is that the player we were section one against
Three hundred and twenty one- and we didn't him out and could in order with just come again they were, they were getting late. So. First it and then the one championship. The year we came back, his number forty hours grant was an Lando. Everyone ever leaves this part out, they had no doubt Rodman was jealous Anatoly yet sword. Was playing, they would have been still too small for us. So came what it is. The double team we would have achieved three. What might be great, not what happened here? Details they wouldn't want a street they would have lost to us. One of those years become but you also talking a hundred games a year for five straight years in dead the odds of them stay healthy. I d, no way what we have got a good was upset,
maybe that's the year. He now goes out like all of those things could happen, but extra. And nor is grant no Rodman, not you not be not being the others would not be so we did a pad back there in the documentary making the same point, basically that that the ninety five has now and chalked up to Jordan coming back from baseball by it and have it he still average, like thirty a game in the play That wasn't why their laws they had will produce an basically a bunch of tenth and eleventh man. That was the one year. That day couldn't control the board's every withdraw it I agree with you. I think you would be them either. You guys we're lucky to get into the final that year, and I think you know what were you a sick see that you're? No I've got advantage in any round and pray, but the man you ve got me three point line that you're the normal
We have written. I thought that was the one that their daily when it was closer and nine. I would be regular, but no one's done. No one's not had how could a badge in any round and one and it be a championship put us because of that like it was a different Yale. We were just built for the players and not regular season. Whales came out. We just took off with I'd I'd ever told you there's none. That was what are my great gambling whence you guys were like five to wonder the dogs, and I couldn't believe it. I was like a cable eyes runs. The best per week is a five to one other dark what's happening. Well, it was a big bad and the thing is everyone remembers it down the sweep, and, oh my god, I was like first, my game. One is awesome. Orlando chokes the famous De Ganis again, but then game three is really good.
That was shown recently and that was Clyde's began. You cried a couple good play games, but there's a couple Clyde play games that run words like oh yeah. That's Clyde, Drexler he's one of the best. Fifty guys about time when he had one of them We are adding, where would I didn't know about lie? Was his demeanor his attitude, but it is passing ability, but Guy was a very different additionality. We were already, the key leaving a key matter. We each Roma, like yeah Let's go, let's go get, let's go we're all raw. Clad was light, so that's all different beast at all. You? Gonna com is to our locker room that there before you know we, very light emotional tee. We will everything on house make a bad call. The whole team get it like.
I'm gonna tell you re like check out What a com is to our team that allowed us to second Germany then in without him we would definitely one. Will you also had you trying to go back to back there once you get that first title the thing eyes who sacrificed in whatever way, TAT rather covered the disease more yet young guy and your team as I now it's my turn. I call it that Canada is yeah, you got back IDA. Is you got young guy like sandcastle like right now, Robert Horry's, like hey, that's, I turn in my turn in your juggernaut stuff, that would that team go like forty, seven and thirty five. The boy tat we have for surely walk on a bus. No gas will be like. We had a second more sunglasses on a bus. We gotta go back to work on and sang glasses when they
it was. Then you get over mad. I do what stage we are Alberto man on a team he was was I wanna play is like and I are in an out and out temporal yeah yeah, a local commercial. You know companies doing is commercial, is the thirteen God? Oh my god, gotta commercial in a local market. It is a big I saw the other night club. Is I gotta tell you albert it? Everybody had we all were in their bob, it's o clock. It was I wore and he did this like now when it again my he just was calm with it and it helped us out. It's a completely underrated player, Frank. As you said, you had no home court. The the Phoenix Series, the game seven is at a control, Kevin Jazz
it was. It was resigned and by the way we ve been in quarantine for formats. I I have a basque largesse. Kevin Janshah has like forty five in the game. Seven, you guys are seven feet off on his. I completely unstoppable. There's no way to even stay in front of any somehow pull that went out. Then you have the famous David Robinson Series, where it gets. Vp told that story billion times and a key aims iser narrowing this ceremony to seek it. Does he get enough credit for being a killer? Her came yeah cause I feel like you, doesn't cause you would get fights early in his career. Like I mean you, don't think of him that, whether we lead by example below by fears he led by our goal, What would change is when he really got deep into his muslim religion. What changed about it? He harnessed it. He was able to direct.
In the right moments, like before I was like. You see him on a plane it with this move with attitude which aid The car, I wonder, was it was light they became when he really became a devoted Muslim. Any really took his religion seriously. He was able the channel it at moments. And they get now will bring this up. I'm gonna bring this up now by here, but I'm a to it out. And so that was it that's. What I saw was the difference. And made him arguably, the bat said We never ever seen at that position at their size. I isn't. There's no one like it is like a dream. Was you know in a well was so huge size. His speed and automaticism. I don't think, there's any
was used it like that in the year for putting together all time, teams in your just like havin fun thrown five guys together. There is an all time team where you could take like her came Leubronn Pip in Jordan and like a wide and just create create this crazy athlete awesome killer team. Now I think we might probably beat all the other teams, if you, if you put it together like deadly Hookey, Pippen, Jordan and probably Kauai just take those for I don't know who v piece would, but just alright. These guys are just going to trap double they're, just going to lose their minds. Athletically! Good luck! good luck but when you watch said, George back, the stout jack were like what was walk me through your emotions.
As your reliving this era that you are a part of our surprised Europe lavishly plan might want to ignore, I was surprised that he was unveiling his thoughts Do you hear private? Even play with it makes agatho night, but not when eighteen nineteen twenty years. All though the formative years that you you'd, like guys, they say things to you and you not relationships that are different That's why most people saying my best friends from colleagues or from high school is just a different relationship because you more open sobered him like revealed, reveal that. That was the most surprising thinking. I got it wasn't nothing. I had heard a thought. It was that he was actually be dealing yeah, revealing that contracts losers. The Gary paint five no trouble.
That type of revealing that's strictly in a small circle. And that's what people were seeing and made the documentary so great is all career was so got it and we don't have social media wasn't we'd, never Instagram when he sees home we see is home like with like altogether Anyone could fine, really like Michael Jordan House him just running around his house like there's, no video, So when we no longer know what a bronze haslets life, No, you don't. You goes around in his eyes what his kids a dancer. We saw none of that when he was a mystery for most people, so tat. Permit him to do that and be so honest that it was that it was an honesty that was piercing was, this because it with its whatever compared with things, but we
I'll come back it up right you actually thought it back it up, and then he told me back up again well the other peace that may be nostalgic for that error, and I sound like the old guy now is just the whole concept of a tea stand together and the ups and downs you haven't! Even you talk about your rockets yeah. You know you take, Ninety two rackets and it keeps unhappy you put them in two thousand twenty he's getting out of their he's gone. That on another team or starting in nineteen do you want he's planning his exit and that's just the way basketball is now and it's a bummer, but at the same time I just like the old way. I like the ups and downs in the oven. Of a team and even look at their. Maybe he, though, the brine year In the moment their diversity was over and they all Canada's splintered, which way do you like? Do you like
everything going not sir. Do you like that, though the team stand together over longer? I may be personally, I'm I'm I'm a loyalist. You look at it places I've been in terms of when I had to choose Owing to their my high school is almost Malloy tradition occur in Hall of Fame high school. Go to college traditions? North Carolina. The distance when I am my choice, the I'm the one who's gonna, I'm arrived, I would you and some of them something bad about to? Even if I don't, if I know it's true, I'm still riding with you and then imma pull you aside later go yeah! That's who you need to check Never did it say it in public about and they asked me how much a desolate so seeing the movement of players
it easy for me, because I'm more a fan of a tea player. So now I have to be financial players. They might move them all. Events of a team and I've never been but that is where the old guys, I think, if you re, if you're under thirty or they now I lay I roof requires that teams Roma, the prayers to go, do what they want I know already put a mix yellow room They Walt Frazier, to happen to play the game when he left. I'm not rooting for you saw it. Wasn't it wasn't. I have a different metallic abortion
maybe so, but I understand, if I was gonna play, I would say, nominate play where I can get the opportunity to win the championship based on the current environment and waiting so quick question and then and then we'll go. Do you think we have a basis in this year? Does it come back? I think we will now by Monday next week, despite Senate, that cannot continue to go up and we got a flyer where's the biggest, spiking is happening, So I dont think that that I think by Monday and next week these next sixty sixty five or six days. You know, we'll get get an occasion if it goes up. I think people round is the most Kate contagious. You know it's impossible with people working people, our is the most gate contagious. You, no viruses
we ve seen in our lifetime. Why would be risk everyone? Did you hear that I feel as well- and I am with you- I think next, five to six days will now work dancer. Tells you gotta, get Academy, really quick Oh you mean XO, signal lagging behind the pandemic and all my son basket camps will cast. My dollar plays cancel. My camp is cancelled. What I want to do is create a streaming process where I can be personal trainer or these players could be a personal trainer but two hours a day. So like him, a water tray young, the deep water NBA all start, then I wasted as it I got. I wanted to make it where women is also w b I got Brianna Steward sobered ready, Reiner right now, and I just said: Firstly, make service where it's alive. It's like this is not right.
Right. What is allowed interaction? You did ask questions in two hours, We do not need any device anywhere as long as you have WI fi or you have a cell service, you can act, and you just you'll live with your favorite layer and buddy. I'm still come with the chemicals I would do it I love this idea, but it has a common you're. Gonna show us the boy. You know you know that they can show you kid not all no problem other now, would you gonna tell us when you use it and why You ve, all you want me to give all the gotta. Do we not upon these community? Like you, training, kids, you got it. All. The rules agreed I now do maybe with it. That is one glaring. Alas, they won't be he's gonna Evangel John, There is one thing I would say: let us not play with
So that's what it is. It is a burning Jimmy his Jan Academy, camp dot com, you sign up and you get virtual training live from the NBA Wmds breast some good luck with that, whether it wouldn't be a prayer reminds you of you by the way right now. It's funny. I was saying earlier in my career. I was less version much less. I was forty percent. I used to think I was the westward That was something granted goes fastened I can get the guy is here we follow you. Don't get to do go, get cleaned up, early, mockery, now my career, those alone I just became any any other guy on Iraq, is now to spend in college you. You would like that this sort of thing you could do better for another six years old I was, I was born in Rome. Scoring with the easiest thing. You know what ready before we got ready, milliner we happiest. We blew his thing where?
from the nineties. We take the draft, and we drafted, based on the way the game is plain today, oh yeah, so we would like in our draft we rely, Dame Robinson would still possibly go one. He's ready Miller would be the second tat. Instead of the thirteenth he's a dry sooner. Six would seven. I would be turning into because our fast and shot the three like you. She laughed and three. That's all you did you're gonna be out in a dumb contest in a tree. What counts is on the same night in India. Why so you know with somebody like you here, you gettin fourteen fifty years at EU and different ports, your career and then the last four years, you're just a shooter animal, What matters now exists, I was third in the NBA at one hundred and seventy five lb in league in minutes played when you owe my God, my body is not built for that.
What my life, Thirdly, it is on the way this document, which is no load management. Not I was gonna say you did the Torah duty in Sacramento, oh, my tapes have been destroyed. Me they got me is that were so where, one thing that you think about now what would have been? But we have a great job now and appreciate you bring me on and we having some fun reminiscent a little yeah I want you to please promise you'll come back when we actually a basketball, we can actually shoot the shit about things that are happening in real time versus tool. Years ago. You know why, and I appreciate that you know it and now I wonder what will be even without what I'm one thing I do like about your pockets knew. Nobody is your honesty could I gather a journalist and affair at the same time like that yeah, I can't help it.
I want to journalist, would you know? Did I would like to hear from internal audit all things that you been feeling in terms of the sort of pressure about all my my company and do you know diversity and my company? How do you feel how you handle it? I'd like to hear from you, because now you someone here yeah I mean you know this last month. I think the thing that's been most surprising for me is youth, you're doing good job, and then you really assess in your leg out. I could have I, oh. I should add that way better at this. This that I thought I did this, and maybe I could have done this instead, an it's one of those moments where you, you know it hurts. Aren't they were your leg forgotten. Do enough what what Should I have done better? Why did I say?
I was doing well enough. Why was I making excuses that certain things were happening and you know I think it's important when something that happens is to try to think I, Where am I going be six months from now? What about what I learned? How can I do better why am I further? I could do that's all. You do hardly might be better and appreciate the honesty on that. You know, I always say if you, if you thinking about. Every decision that you may you make you think, about houses set other people, especially in the community and the black community, housing affecting them then you can't be written. I say that bill because every decision I made in my life. I had to think how is it affecting the like every decision ray? although we have to do so with anything happen, so I may now was starting the zebra.
You know I'm making a cannibal was, he said you know, they set out on might easily watching his office. Do not have enough women. Can you believe that Bill John MAC? women like you, don't think that you're doing it and your part of because it sometimes under now you now, if you will get an undercurrent, that's great yeah, I'm excited fur where things are going. Anything is awakening in some ways, but I think it's been reawakening for a lot of people, especially people that if you have a platform there's a certain responsibility that goes with that platform that I think some people could take for granted sometimes and had a feel like I'm. Like I said yet running right, I've got back, its any carries may arise from the ringer until our times. Woke the NFL Star, CAM Newton and J, where is mass,
It was clear who had been a sharp camel begin now wish released by Carolina. Panthers Marge com is a complex figure. I'm not interested and goes far beyond its exuberant smile and transcend style play camera last ceiling in american athletics, a sentence will The sport, a few black quarterbacks reached, making his fall that much more dramatic Over the past year I have travelled a country, speaking coaches, the teammates praise, a family for borders and eve, briefly set a man himself. The trial gravity, indignant enigma that is Kamloops I'll cover, predictions at every turn. How can I work on sea be depicted as a bad leader. How a franchise icon with they'll envy p super bowl appears on his reason may be so abruptly. Cast aside
and fell show presents the camp chronicles. Series Vermeer's Monday to lock. Thirteen we'll Pharaoh s here, we're tape and this at the end of May, but we were holding it fur You get closer to your new movie, but we're in quarantine. I was excited for your quarantine, hairdo and it has not disappointed in its his bushy as ever, were seen it well, and you know what I'm gonna blow actually pull loaded a product in two demanded down it. This is nothing, it was a whole another level. Yet my goes up.
I think we have some more hair that the longer it gets it goes up and sideways instead of down, but you know so the people at the long hair that it just goes down by the budget goes up. But now you looks like you, you did a little grooming on the side. There you got to hide yeah. I bought. I bought like a really nice electric razor thingy on Amazon, my wife and my daughter cut my hair so that it was tighter cuz. My face just becomes like this round. Planet
whereas I forget it. It's my microphone Bela. Ah my face just becomes this round. Planet yeah and I- and I am obviously not ideal- saw her. I had to tone it down. We we just heard summer. My middle saw my thirteen year old, convinced my ten year old. Let him cut his hair that lead to tears. I bet well and bless his heart. The ten year old did not get get it in writing that he could then cut his older boss there. He just said you got to get that writing you got it yet. You know you gotta be Pinky swear. I don't know why you got you spit in each other's ponds and do you know about Tom Sawyer hands for something that He just said. Ok, I don't have to end my tears, but is it this is the third year of the younger guy and Egypt.
He just gave him the weirdest haircut, that was shave but alone a Moloch shaped smiley face in the back of his head and at first it was. Persons laughter actual go out that ended it. Then it led to tears of Yad ears. It always ends badly years that you stuck in your house with three sons, The probably haven't been together this much in their entire lives. What's up it like it's, it's actually been better than I thought it would be a factor, even commenting like do you see her good we're getting along yeah yeah, and I said I I am I'm really shocked now does, of course, massive flaps, but for the most part you're just there for staff to hang out and they have developed
game in the back yard. With one of the soccer nuts, we set up a call sexy TIM and they play sexy TIM now y. All it is is one kid plays Golly. An you defend until you ve, let a ball go by you and then the guy who source now rotates in is the Bali ah, but it's called sexy TIM We don't know who tabled. They decided. We don't know tears We don't know why it sexy, but so after dinner how to say: hey display sexy. Do you better make sure that a neighbour with the telescope that they were ended. Her such words, not some euphemism- that I dont know we're meeting proudly is: do you feel? Do you filled with these kids out? Do you feel like you're over previous generation is theirs? I have moments of my kids. Were I just feel like I'm the old guy, and I don't know really what happened is either
Is that it's happening until it's actually happened, yeah yeah for sure it I'm I'm. I'm on social media, one out of that loop, smart, yeah and you're, not missing anything other than I just tell you. I feel so confident that I'm not, and yet it is so tempting every now and then to like. I would be funny to comment on this, but yeah for the most part. I just know that that grass is not greener, yeah yeah yeah. I think its inevitable that you were even though one of the boys isthmus kingly when he when he feels like my wife and I are out of touch, he refers to us as boomers. You guys such mergers, yeah, which is incorrect. We're not we're too young to be
humor? I think, we're electors. Technically, I think the Burma's thing has taken a different meaning. The last six months figure kit. Have you been referred to that yeah? started and it started out social it, sir. I made your old it's a new way to insult people, fur for being offered the Burma there. A backlash did the Burma, because people are saying your old, shaming people there S. Otherwise the internet, the mess you stay, where you are right, but I I have during this quarantine. I have taken up one of the boys phones and purposely threw it out the window of the car as we are driving really which sent ripples through, the family is some. You always threatened to do. You know tat actually, but it was all
It was all premeditated new as going really slow, and I was on a street in our neighbourhood and I I spotted like a big cactus plant new, be easy to find. My camera phone hemi phone, I just through it and the shock effect only lasted a couple days of forty eight hours of good behaviour, those right back to It's like a coach screaming at his team for a fact, scary. Keep everyone of their toes for a couple days, but other friends of eyes were aware that they've been able. I think that store has been more useful for other friends of ours to tell their kids. You know we are kids, we have kids like a rat, same age and your kids play sports. So you go to these games and I've been at games that you've been at a couple times. It's it's a weird life for you that you can't really blend and cuz you're tall So the very obvious that your their end, I think it away for the most part, there's a little bit.
Code? And now I M not Yasser celebrities, but it so you know I always feel for you in those situations. Could you just wanna go watch it could play sports it. It's pretty good. In fact, I was just thinking this. Is you know right now you just missed more, they weaken here- we would have normally we're always down and sandy at this big anyway, so sovereign right, he top gun tournaments, and I thinking or while we would have been there. Yeah, usually where big you know, Shade son hat, which pray cause more attention to me when she talked YAP, but now I'm most most most families are pretty
Yeah yeah somebody, it's weird, it's weird having the weekends back right, but do you know the others saying anything that is, is fascinating do and that was part of you, no fruit for once again teams- and I don't know if you ve got to do any of the referee for soccer stayed away. I can't I can't handle here. You ve done that oh yeah, I've done I'm done the sinner rest, but I've done the sideline rough yeah and that a kind of love that because they recognize me so about the end of the first half And then she will come over to my style, undertake a thorough, and you just look at me with him.
Wait, a second, ok and then the other boys or start talking and pointing by half time. They're like you offer was up- and I love that's. That's such a fine reaction to watch them slowly as distract themselves in the middle, the game. They could go one or two ways right. You could ass a leg, negative, waited distracted or they can put up cause you're there there that bring something better out of them. Some sort of welcome on the game. In fact they should really bad me. I remember: Leubronn son was playing played a game before my daughter's basketball game in eighth grade and then stuck around watched, the first quarter and ours man, I don't know. I could see the kids completely freezing, or go the other way and they went the other way where it was. I cruisers everyone was big: shots were up fifteen in the first quarter. I'm sure hustle plays Dyad loose balls. Just did you.
Did you follow what I said? I was trying to do with the at home stuff and trying to keep the show going when basic land zoom You think that it was pretty ambitious, re totally ambitious. I think I think it was You know really inspired on one hand to be able to correct, create that stuff. While everyone is, you know, separate and not together. At the same time, I think it also shows that you know the the original format. How it's done is really the value the shop yeah you at the end of the day, whether of course there were funny things. You really mean
watching it? They were in the studio with the band with them. Is black with Europe needs an institution, and then you see why it is right. I mean I've. I think it is profound for them to turn these just get to do something and and and definite fund for an answer to finally having change. Your pays. Yeah there's some things that W W is where they like this to where they ve been trying to do this in a paper is in weekly shares with no audience, and you just realise how important the fans are too just every single day. Good rattling so have they were doing wrestling unlike an empty arena. Yes, yes, this that, but that they come out they do the agency but they're doing there all day but nobody's there. So there is the music, it's the pyrotechnics its end, but it's empty and empty stadium. Pretty much yeah yeah, though so that the word is part of the
guys walk out, and they have to have like that. Swagger that you have one hundred and twenty thousand people. Are there cheering or booing you, but there's nobody cheer your brewing and that swagger plays really well in front of twenty thousand people, and I looks probably a little ridiculous. When it's no one's out there we realise, like with us and now the weekend update, was probably the weirdest thing with no audience cause. You just realise how important the audiences for that specific segment right there if they don't laugh at a joke, that's almost funny in itself and that's that segment specifically is such a year such a rhythm, a rhythm segment too. You know, that's basically is telling jokes area if the rhythm and need you know, that's that's as close to her to come out of playing a piece of music as any other sketches are so yeah. I
I could see how that would be. You know I'm not the best at doing this. They now the whole cancel culture thing where they goes twenty years ago, fifteen years ago and find something somebody dead and then try to get them to apologize. If you stayed with Jimmy Fallon, do you think you had that sketch you did With dogs. Were you yelling at your dogs? They hit the information they think Rachel. Play, people are going to come at you that you were being to animals to MM, get their pouch as their Cocker Spaniel yeah, but it could happen that I am sorry what I said to Fred the dog. I didn't mean it. I did not mean to burst the eardrums of a cocker spaniel I would think of another fair commercial further with the one. The information where you belittling your dog, don't worry,
yeah. That's what I was thinking that my name in that commercial was way blazing game old picture for the asked rose, but that was a different. I was eight. I was a really bad enough. Your attorney yeah murmured, our stars on his face idea being attacked by a guard in two different sketches. But what should they are blended together this via.
Yeah. I can't remember I mean I can't remember entire years of my life, but other site with the actual knit pics of of different things would also be brought up during the quarantine and productive it just watch tv, any tv obsessions you know it's. You know that it's it's been unsure. Youth you found this for yourself is so quickly. The day is gonna, go by in a weird way and yeah there's been there's been tons of.
You go like everything else: Hollywood shut down there, still tar sands of things to read and look out- and now you know now when and where and how they will ever be executed is another question, but I'm so there is still a lot of other things and I've, but I've analyzer yeah trying to Canada exercise. That's been good, exercising I walked. The dogs now dies. Do that and then what are forcing the kids to watch weird things on tv like these can burn civil war documentary, we're just trap among the cash only and as I can watch tv, yes, good news and bad news. Yes, you can watch tv on a school night.
Yes chamber. What is that? What is is that its can burn civil war document, and that is those like what This is terrible. My ok will then we can just go to bed and then they end up kind of liking. It so yeah. You wear them downwards. Just it's this or nothing. They're gonna, like anything more than the normal, when the one shared experience it's been kind of great, maybe into it just as much as we have as so many worthy Michael Jordan thing last year and if they found it equally fascinating just enough to them. Michael Jordan is he's just a name. I never did that's the first time I've seen extensive footage of him actually playing basketball yeah. It's really interesting to watch that generation go wait this guy,
phenomenal and and yeah, and just still as as as a fan of that era, a growing up in that area. Just all that cut inside and has been, I could have watched that for the rest of the year. I wish they had a hundred up. Yeah generationally, I think I said the cut out twenty eight years old were yeah any under that Lebruns kind of the guy who's, the guy. They were there for journeys here, but it was. It was fun to see them. Go. Oh all right, this guy Le Brian Eno, bronze gray, but so is this guy You may you might have to your last chance parody. The add that to your creative, whatever I actually got, two astronomer,
it's funny, I may I saw Jordan play twice and there too kind of interesting places. One was as it as a eighth grade: basketball camper at You D Smith, with your line, a basketball game you went to that. I went. I was the only kid from California was extremely Basle players and allow all my family from North Carolina. So I was, I thought, only I'm in a trial for fresh in basketball going into my freshman ice. Will that be Will you go to a battle camps where no was immediately on? Second, I was like always always gets you. Everyone goes with their team, so there are always clicks of cheating around like this year, yet from Urban California, just like sitting in the cafeteria. What we got to watch this pickup-
between the current team and like North Carolina Legends, and there is this guy Michael Jordan, out there, and so I got to watch him at night. Old, Michael Jim, and then we are, we watched him on that Bobby Night Olympic team. In eighty or in a light yeah yeah, but you went to one of those we went to watch them play it up. I don't remember who was, but there was just funny watching Michael Jordan under Bobby Night Bobby Night, so funny to for all it is the Euro is, is mistaken, his anti eat. I don't think you said a word to that team. There was such a good team. He gigantic, ok, really, com granted, I think they are
You know Lithuania, by thirty points, but I don't know if there was anything to get off the team about that was so funny to watch him, be just super mom and not say a word that was, your time, because there were way less mba fans. Obviously, and Jordan. Does the famous data Sambo ever joint draft It was really weird at the time. Cuz Jordan was such an exciting college party, like people just couldn't wait for me to go to the pros, but like not everyone realize that and then he did the olympic team and it was kind of like everybody's, like oh, oh, so this is going to be how it goes, but it was weird that people didn't know that before the didn't know animals. Also weird you you'd have growing. LOS Angeles thinking, oh the Olympics, yeah, I don't know. If we'll go, you can go see anything and go to traffic would be horrible and credit to my mom. She she she drove up and she bought like four groups of tickets to
events in it literally was one of the great just a man no don't olympics. Even though rest there wasn't there and just it was. You know to sit in a full, Colosseum and watch a full day of tracking field. Oh yeah it incredibly, we saw soccer at the rose, warms up ass, the boy was it was. It was really go. I went two thousand twelve and I was in London. Tat night never gone, and I was really like fired up for it. It was even better than I exaggerate. It is absolutely incredible. It lives up tonight, no question when you growing up in Irvine. Did you realise that some day is can become the most prestigious youth soccer location for any tournament? because he had the urban spectrum for hers
You got a month ago to a varied if the games are for five hours apart, if you can actually go to an outdoor bots huge. I in fact. Yeah, no, I got no have no. I thought that was it was gonna, become the mecca this. If it's it's the end. G of youth after a California, but I actually took my boys to one of the old fields I used to play. Was this big sports complex of Harvard part which they were not that they are there that code that whenever we gotta but yeah? That's I just. I was like what, Where was this when I was coming, we were playing on dirt patches. I judge all my U sports locations by if, if we have three to four hours to kill, where are we going
and fight. The only option is a Buffalo wild wings in annex two, a greek pizza place they you're in trouble. She stood the middle of nowhere. Well, I can remember, because I had played a wise old couple years, an innate they started a soccer governor vinyl. I tried on made one of the first things and we had to play in Chino and out. Worker Norka died away, nor can still go and hardly any guy, they have like amazing, spells now out there. But I look remember having to hop a fence and run true and you gotta be careful not to step in a cow commoner to get the ball right. Andrews driving for
force and wondering what was it really worth it up by the way for still wondering that it as its, I think, maybe at our weekends. Back these last three months as they may maybe driving around every every weekend. Maybe that is in a great way to spend a Saturday yeah hey. Are you still involve succession? I am I'm a pretty eminem by name, but that's that's kind of. Has its own, your mother, no mechanism into the original piece about right, yeah yeah? We support eyes by how well received, and submit became, I mean it's probably, the signature show the last three years so crazy. Definitely only cuz! You just don't know. I mean you know Jesse, who was going to write the
he's superstar funny rightly a great writer said: that's gonna, be a surprise, but You just don't know with the end of this. Billionaire media family would be enough, but yeah. It is insane as to how many people from all different people, who I I wouldn't think, would even be into the show or, like that's a great show. It's really well cast to. I think, that's the other it's so many good actors and in a lotta cases, actors that it in have a real back and our baggage with you know the kind of fresh face actor left.
Only which is it just doesn't when that happens? It's it's! It's like you, you can. You can allow yourself to kind of follow the stories and the characters. Even you away when you don't, we don't recognize you watching, they become, they become real people and, at the same time, it has found a kind of give those opportunities to two new faces, that's probably about in terms of just a production company. Developing a shell
That's a bad as good of his success stories. You gonna have re. You find a good creator. It lands at HBO, yeah, asked well p alike. Get that that's it's unusual. It doesn't usually play out that way. No, it there are few and far between we're gonna having similar success. This other showed dead to me or Netflix yeah, which is obviously different. Different schoeffer, maybe use more towards towards a female. I it's, but still the same sort of thing like you know, recasting great show runner just a solid premise that once again, you like out o seems seams interesting. I don't have a work and then it it takes up at your gear. You eat your kind of For every one of those is, it leads nine others it for whatever reason, just gonna finish
There's some hiccup along the way and yet said yeah dead to me was a big show at the Ass Simmonds Ladys in my house. Ok season two came out and they just banged it out and like nine hours at an amateur upsets it is, but they watch of them RO first, that efforts have equity guys, do either go away. Leave us alone. It's funny how I mean I I guess, because I just because, as he as you brought up earlier were, were getting were old, I'm still so hard to I mean I can go to in a row, maybe three in a row. Then I got to shut it down and take a little break digest yet maybe come back the next day or couple days but I dont I cant. Do the nine hours in a row depends how What has been on the shell like yeah, like Ozark? I couldn't more than two in Iraq row its there's so much going on
in the end that such a dark show you don't wanna yeah yeah balance given aid, they fell in. What's up with, I, you know movie well? We are, this is a movie that is it's twenty years in the making, no joke in the making. I take that back. I've had the idea of wanting to do something on this cultural phenomenon for twenty years, which is the I don't know if you're familiar at all or if any of your list The a vision songwriters, witches textbooks in May every year at it. It was basically kind of this thing that they started in post war tooth biting fifties. Just a kind of.
Unify Europe it away, and yet it is basically if it means is essentially a singing contest between all the countries of Europe, including Australia, and Israel for what we owe you hunt in yeah. I don't know why, but it's gonna once it's gone on for sixty year, sixty five years, but about a kind of got discovered at you, vision- and you know, Celine the kind of got a break there, but we will have some there and insisting that it they get burden. Eighty two two hundred million viewers every year- and I first saw it with my wife and I went to Sweden for the first summer and we sat down her cousin was like. Should we
What shall we watch your vision and I said I'd, be I gather what does that say? Oh you dont know, that's what and it was the final night and the axe saying and they have this vote tabulating system minute. It's like a three hour show. Was literally, you know and its from the ridiculous to the sublime between the title of songs and get crazy staging in summer. The jet, like good, sound and some other were sounds you ever heard, but I just was always like this is this is a movie right at I, I'd. Never I decided to make it and no one ever didn't about. Four years ago I started talking to one of our producers and of a writer body miles. I let's fly over the Copenhagen that that was the videos hosting that year watch. This thing you guys got to see how crazy it is, because until
There's a movie him. So that was the year that this this contain versed, one for Austria, she's trans. And she one does the sucker one. Austria, in this kind of amazing spectacle thing and that's what we said and talked with the Eurovision. People learn the warlike. Would you like let us make a movie and day they like yeah, I think so for solar. Yes, I see myself in order to make atoms are our or participants from. Excellent and we are yeah we're we're we're not supposed to not when the ice
find a contest we can. I get in on a technicality and we go on to compete in the in the entire competition, see you had to get to do an icelandic accent. Do its little monotone right as their low like the ear I gotta leaned on my swedish, accept a loaded and knows it allows it yet it basically crasser wait. I get asked about the Swedes. Yes, we got. We got back by Spotify Swedish Company, oh yeah, and, as you know, after after your bar, you become a spar, fine point: you have to fly to Sweden, but obviously we can't find whereby they fight every person who becomes a Spotify and play it's been four days in Sweden, but I was going to have to go there bunch of times and I was like boning up on all the sweetest up and now he can't go anywhere.
Gimme some Sweden. Third, you gonna go to start all. I would think right. Yeah soccer are you well eventually get to go and a great city had some country handsome? Yes, like like pretty much your walk down, stop on men and women just beautiful people, yeah yeah, I notice I didn't event for them in September and it was half the swedish part. The copy in half the american power and there's just like well, can I kind of tell who served from Sweden to second hand some group Any Americans all refer. His dishevelled driver tat were broken beards. No. I saw some of the worst like well dressed people
they're, just out on their lunch break. You don't walk around in the perfectly coughed beautiful scandinavian features yeah you'll have to. I am there's a lot to do. You have to go to my favorite museum. There, probably in the world, the Vaska Vivacity Museum with that which is a young. It ate a ship from it sounds weird: it is a ship from sixteen hundreds, a big sailing ship that they dredged up from the bottom of the harbour well and is perfectly preserved perfectly preserved.
Because it just sat there for five hundred years, and you know- and everyone knew and it's the really fascinating story of of Sweden at the height of their colonial powers and the kind of hubris of King Gustav Vasa wanted the tallest warship in the world, and he wanted it built to be certain specifications and the shipbuilders kept saying we can do that, but it's going to tip over immediately. Just so, you know,
Do narrowed yeah like keep going and then they checked in within later there like just so, you know once again, we have another little chap as the ship bill is one great, but just so you know we it's gonna take over and then he's like. I don't care, he building and the ship builder dies and his son takes over and even he tries to sit down at the king and says I'm just about down with it. It's like great, but it's gonna take over and and it's not gonna work and sure enough. The day they decide that a big wind tales from maybe thirty seconds and the wind catches the sales all the animals lurch over to one side it throws
thanks in like five minutes and they're just rested, and because the conditions at the bottom of the Stockholm Harbour R, R, the it never ate, of the wood away and they knew was sitting there. And so here was Sweden in the nineteen. Fifty is just flushed. With cash after world war, two stages they were neutrals. We didn't have any damage in spite of everything we ve got money, let Sandridge up the ship s son. I did this huge engineering thing anyway It sits in this museum and it's this crazy thing that you wouldn't say looking at a ship would be that interesting. But it sir everyone we go home, we go every supper, we bring our friends like come on. We have to go driving
one go to foster and people are like bore away by so dense. I'd like something that's accepted trumpeted, then no building at people. They had no one, it sank. He just whereby divert us, I told them it was going to seek and that what a guy kind did it there were. There were like the hearings and eight they first they said up. Was it witchcraft Now, let's look into it. It was like very similar, like the commission, to try to figure out and the ship the ship building founded kept saying. We ve told you eighty times it yeah to top right. Listen then it is pointing fingers that everybody else yeah yeah I had so that comes out what they July twenty two June. I third June, that is you twenty second, six
g20 sex. I just gotta, keep shouting at data to throw it to twenty eight June twentieth. Beware from the twenty third of twenty six! Just because sooner than Netflix you ve got a good chance of seeing it. Oh it's networks, Netflix, yeah, we're out. Look at you. It's one of those movies where you know we were like, thank God, were with Netflix right now. Yes, everything it was good to see you. How do we feel about Lfc? Don't come back Emma less come back at some point soon, right, Well, aren't they do those tournament right yeah, an internal now try to were maybe play games over this tournament, Yeah for people don't know you're you're, a minority owner of the air tat was smart. That was smart to get it on that,
That was what that was. There was a smart I have two slightly pat myself on the back. Leverage you a little bit. You have that if the work on you at the game stay if the work on the video screen, when you get a chance to fight that, but now I just I had a good I've just remember they talk about this stadium. Who's gonna be next to the Colosseum yeah software. Only I've ever thinking this is gonna work out. It's it's one of the best executed start to finish launches of it. Aim that I've seen because they even figured out how to make it seem like the team had a tradition in the beginning?
the fans in the the eagle is an eagle- are falcon. It's a Vulcan falcon, I'm always up in all the others. Little twists- and it seems I d been around for thirty years and meanwhile was created by two years but does it feel that way there they had Tom Pad and the team of team President everything from your every moving it is is spent on two were yeah of cultivating. That family is also too were John Thornton, that the GM had never been a gm before too and even their great move, with players and I'm kind of like. I think everyone would have been happy. If you know just would have been five hundred or on top limit on top of everything that amazing answer, they turn out to be really good,
It's cool thing. The size of the stadium was really smart. You that's why I'm hoping when, when bomber makes the clippers arena, I think there's there's railway. Them in smaller arena, where it's more compact affairs, more special, be there. I think you should just do like two thousand seeds that's really tie the captured I'd says yeah Pepperdine yeah every see as five thousand a game, Well, good luck with the movie is good saying you are. I bet you do I'd like to carry the jet Smith thanks to Wolf Pharaoh. Thanks to you, zip recruiter again we're goin away now, until next Monday and Tuesday of next week, there is a reward. Was the perfect storm dont forget to subscribe to the Bikari sellers pack ass? If he added
subscribed already. We argued and adds a new package next week and the Ringer pack has network stay tuned for that and enjoy the rest of the week. Joy July, fourth stay safe sea. Where.
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