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Kevin Durant IV: Ask Kevin Anything Part 1 (Ep. 251)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by 2017 Finals MVP Kevin Durant for the first installment of a two-part series to discuss the shocking Kyrie Irving trade and to answer listeners' most pressing mailbag questions.

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Yes to save twenty dollars off your first shirt. We are brought to buy the re whatcha balls, one of our new as podcast. I have hosted the first three, that's gonna change. Next week we did few good man, we did the departed this week. We did a point break me. She's Sorrento, Jason, Concepcion Club trillion himself Mark Titus, we broke down point break it got there. We started talking about how we all commit a bank robbery together. I don't even think we were totally kidding either. I think this might happen. I make it arrested. Point break. Is an incredible movie? We broke it down in these style end and in the kudos that was given out, I think, was justified, it's a classic and might be the first modern action movie and it's unintentionally funny as hell too so check that out The reward was right down last but not least talk the thrones, our last episode of art,
It showed that has taken the nation by storm kind of talk, the thrown in Greenwood Valley, Reuben, Jason, subsumed Chris ran gamer. Thrones is gonna end on Sunday night on each bia. The episode will end go to Twitter, go, do at ringer or do hashtag talk the thrones and they will break it down. They will break it down hard, though break it down for a long time. Mallory my cry, who knows but check that out and if you miss Benjamin Gamma Thrones, which is our package that breaks down every week, Mallory Jason did the last upset too controversial. Lot of people are upset with the lasting, game, gamma thrones. They cover that talk the thrones this week very excited for that are coming up. On Wednesday night I went to Kevin Durant's place anyway, and we did a pie. Cast that was so long that we're going split it up into two parts. We talked about the career of trade for the first fifteen minutes of part one, and then we
and into a mail bag which was only possible because I sent out at a bad signal to the listeners, you guys, and asked for email questions, mailbag questions, respectful question, smart questions Questions that use Katy is a resource and the questions were awesome. And we just kept going and gone and we ended up making this a two part pod. So if you want to listen to this all once we're in a drop part too late Sunday night so, if you want Elsinore once just wait till then or listen apart, one right now Kevin there at this is the fourth time we have done this Katy verses, bs part for right now, but
first project tameness Anna wasted at undisposed location, dangerous. This is not the charges, the fourth one the Kevin therein for three months after a Trojan quadrille idjit need to know where they like fastened. Curious, Jesse S, mind you'd, say nobody knows, numbers anywhere at people asked for climate have a microphone this time, MIKE the cause everybody said they retired hearing you from fifteen feet away I'm so tired of hearing me so that we done this three times, we talked about every possible thing. We could ever talk about We have a wrinkle this time I asked the stairs to send mail bag questions for you why this is
a care ass, Kevin anything but before we get into it. There is There is like a minor NBA trade yesterday, very, minor, the does fixing cavaliers decided. This switch Sinclair's career is that Celtic as they Thomas's on the calves, those Jake crowded, There were rumours about this you can. You can pick that up in a guinea pig, their answer of people playing video games upstairs it's fine. Don't worry it's by noise everywhere people that somehow
there were rumours about carry in the brain and things had fallen upon, carry one be traded. Did you think I he was actually getting a chain it? Oh yeah yeah I figure was real once heard it once woes tweets at anything. It s, you believe, was every time. Oh yeah he's pretty act cat. How do I get to that level and wars level? I don't believe it was because it is like each other yeah. So what do you think of his rich jobs? Essays owner is really really interested in having come. It will be so light. Carry to me. What are you from his courageous appear, basketball player, who he like craft his skills as he was like a noise or you can just turn away play. Let nobody plays like him. Yes, he's appear basketball player. You probably play
Playground ball. He planted pots, for I took him to the roughest neighborhoods and doing out there on the basketball court. Just told me just go play so he built at the love for the game. So when you're around Lebron James is like it's so much so much that comes with that. It's like so much outside, like distractions and conversations and just noise that just comes around from being around Lebron James and Kyrie. At the point light all right, we lost the championship, this whole Caesars going to be about, is Lebron going to leave or not like I'm ready for a new challenge like all that stuff kind of met at the pinnacle of you know why he wanted to leave, and I just felt like he just won the situation. He just be free from all of that and just play a perfect system for him and in Boston
a perfect fit. You know Zack as he's a six three light as they are Thomas. Basically s edge is drowsiness system and day. He I Gordon Heyward in an hour for death will be able to make plays for him to be pretty pretty sweet. There was a great deal, but I just don't carry at that time. He does want to place the Hagen just focus on just plan Bassi born. I worry about other drama that comes with you can identify with that right, oh yeah, for sure he just like when you just love to play the game, like the NBA, you know, add so much baggage on top of it from the business side to the media. Just to like everything in like when you just want to play and not worry about that stuff, to try to find a place where you could do that and Kyrie, I'm sure you had to know that he was going to Boston. It was he wasn't blindsided at all, so I'm sure, He was ok, we're going to Boston and want to go to Boston, and I'm sure there was a couple times that waste
in IRAN and his agent and Control Gan Lacheneur resign their two years value that exactly here he had little better control, yeah, so alike, and thus a great organization when it or musician great coach, just a great culture lay I let me try to sell. He dailies both do a clue. It is all to the new chapter. I can really appreciate what he day stood out for himself. He showed a lot occurs. Mac, as you know, it's hard to take their type. Would like criticism ray you know say when you just want to play ball yeah, you know, so I felt when do you think there is a small part of it that he found out that they trying to China J or they shop. On the little bill ass, we were, I think, the source of Kosovo, They worry. I think so why? Here The day I got you you said so the last time we did this year.
We are talking about him, verses out, Iverson. We somehow you said so many so many more interesting things in that in the past year, and then people like things over this matter, that was given me a big bang, rich Eureka. There. Will you get that now you ever make now we can listen to you now that I thought it was a great debate. It was, but I wasn't comparing like stories and legacy Leyla people came to Twitter was like I was led this team. Nobody, no stars to the files on my right ascertain thing on talk about individual players like yeah, and if you look at down alone, I'm not talking about light, leadership and clutched and best off is now and talk about imo. Kenny Jumble Pass can issue, how we move fish in seeing efficiency lay whose better it s stuff. There was the other stuff. You figure stuff out us. What does a good debate on twitter, but it's about straight basketball skills as well.
And Kyrie has somehow where they become underrated, even though he was in three straight finals. I was making the case form before the Celtics trade. For him just cuz I was gonna those games and is one of the reasons is came up last time as eggs. Amazing, you and you see It in person you see his ability to adjust chain tat, it never gets as you pointed out, then a great difficulty, the shots he makes to see him a little bit more Mason. I really think it. But the man he what he wants. In charge of things. He doesn't want to be leubronn sidekick over. Oh, oh now you get to be about this way. I'm sure you identify with a little bit just a concept of may sometimes it's nice to know if you can run Europe. I would now and say that it is this. There is the fact that you want some structure.
You wanna see things about structure, not about Isabel. Like the cushion the firelight would what do you want me to do like DNA mere score dynamic, passed unanimously decent? I tell me which need to do and also to other guy which even do yeah de facto the next scan next gas or we can define arose so we can figure out. You know what position put this guy, because he's Besta, maybe shoe corner threes, been added dockers, buy or sell. Picker rose like when you no such no type of flow and dislike go create force, career Libra cover you, don't look, there's a small part of it. Thou words is now being made, of course, carries great place with the broad that's. Why I mean he's gotta hear that stuff on Ebay you here is: you may is hard. It is hard to quiet. Their noise word ended a day light
You still got to go play everyday, so yeah want to have a good environment where you want to play. As far as like you want some type of structure, you want to learn the game in the different level. You want to come challenge yourself to fit in with the team and usual oh said a different way like so they already reminds me of myself just outside Logan. I may be wrong when all these things were from now salad been around afford for a month, or so I q, amazing myself. As far as is love in a play games is one to learn it and try to get better at every day. I could feel Lackest, One thing I've learned from as they spend a little time at Basle, where's over the years. You since, when certain guys carrier level, respect with the airs verses like guys like me, who are not their plan, but their certain guys were the other guys like no back as legitimate they that guy there's something about that guy and it's.
They carry has had that for awhile, where in the community he carried away courier like a really a court following amongst monster, what's the placards the players and like the younger generation like they love career, to choose how? I think this is another, urges juices, game, tat game just like so fund a watch, the sole shift easily. What are you gonna do knows love, I'm part. At the same time, I loved ass, a timeless and. I mean there. I got a bunch of questions about this. I can just combine them into one question, but a lot of people are San asked de this is like took all the shit. When you left Oklahoma City went to go and say it's like you aren't you talk on the city that were analysis, what side of it. This is as a Thomas who became Franchise guy in Boston who played her, who played the
after his sister died or two days after comes in who that too plasters erode legos screwed up pip and the Great south it can people loved him and everyone has jerseys in English traded. So there is no more transport is the moral of the story about. We all knew that I don't think for they are not, but we knew there is perhaps for years gone again, try to sleep for years, Gaza been like guinea shitty ended estate for you. How may organizations has been some guys been fucking of organizations to you, no sir, is no loyalty in is business. Is money involved? Is money of also
there's no to China get is as loyal to the people is loyalty to lay at such a rate of twenty zero start. Those relationships that you have a light shore with trainers and teammates in any by an organization, as does loyalty you, knowing ass, fresh ass relationship as on ass, well, ass ever but when it comes to now, is on a paper name on a paper like at the end of the day that chumps everything you know I gotta does this do fit into our salary cap or to our, into our plans? Now, let's see we can get for, like that's just a part of the game, and you didn't know that when you came into the league in seven No, but I didn't think it was like. I don't know exactly that that it was really just the.
Fifty fifty, you know, yeah we're like emotion in like businesslike entrees garbage nano for now is rare in Zambia than at the end. There there's a now we need to spot or we need this money we move. He still is at any day more eager for he gonna get. It is a part of business so nowadays and players. It is part of innocent. I spent five years. I spent the whole there, though Russell and part of that things out. Estimate that we built this documentary did Random was the fact that he still not matter Austin, but does your connection Boston really and is a reasons for it. You know, did they really loved this ethics. When he played they treated black players terribly and they did sixties, he was naturally too great and he supply. Where he's just like my to So the guys I played with no lack room, I don't feel lurked in Boston, which is weird To hear anyone entitles in thirteen years in Boston that uses a leg unlimited.
Cruising I'd say now, all those guys, the city. City. I plan that was shocking to me. Now? That's that's an extreme example, but I think that relationships. I think what is what seems to endure the most. I have some exceptions like pop something really loves, Boston and added in connection with that city, if you wanna championship If you would know what a should you don't you felt the same connection, probably not the same. Ok and then we would allow them about his business. Yeah prevails in order. But we did. I miss outliers and love would play in our everyday lives. Organization has amazing, you know, so I love what
play I loved organization, I love the owners. Yeah breath ended a day. I know was important and there's not a spear selfishness like you get it. Do you gotta, do new players make decisions based on or solely on money? So I can you make a decision based solely or high Phil environment. You wanna be so is like one. I had it you're in a one. Dictate your future, they do it in the organization's. Do it try to do it? So I can't you do it. Somebody forwarded me a tweet that you liked on Twitter about about that was basically this world to question. It was interesting because what you realise, when you like something on twitter people, realize people know that you like it or not we there's big debate in the Ringer staff, whether you were the NBA social media and VP this summer. I should be you, really start like when you start like ten new cycles, are give room
I mean I used to think that in a man. Let me make sure I watch what I say about this one, that, at the end of the day, is all jokes to anybody Me everybody anyway, the jokes about this. Whatever goes on in his world anyways, I mean in his best board anyway, so I cannot just time in People there are some people, the maid runs at the title to be settled in summer. Here, not as rose Hassan Whiteside. Had his horsey aside parent thing: doesn't ass big? Does this moon fractured and put us? Up and take the other contenders Katie's, it is a big led. There's the three weeks have sounded out and what is it about using different pieces of social media that you seem like you have especially embrace this summer, as was deploys, communicate back on you too easy to see the comments just kind escrow do likewise,
yeah like Twitter. You like going at people towards you, like, I said, which would eventually figure this you can't juggle. He doesn't like us and so avoid side was the runner up No I'm just listing candidates Reggie dont like when he does other social minister. Or your weight, not along with it and was about are needed. Does he decided in like it? Because I didn't I used to question it aims to ask and why I ask him why about certain things he said and did? But you know he's gonna do and say what he wants anyway. So I just understood, whereas but I do want to stop. I love, I mean that's our baby, but on groundwater I realize like that's. That's him in. Seize him see, I'm hoping he becomes an example, because he is candid and people used to it now, seven years, they stuff, let the comparative like Semitic, Barkley, but Barkley reach opponent Teenty. Where
he just said his opinion and people like that's Barkley. He Jesse says stuff: that's what he does you and now gravitated through their point, which I think is a good one most as our afraid who also partly because you know that's why I was wrong, but I'm in my new moon. I like that seven, eighty six, which I knew I relate them, but you know what I mean: people like all that Bartley, who is not afraid to say things, but he's always wrong, and you in the old guys you just You did the old gas. Now I love calmer I really really mad James worthy yeah. We saw that the sergeant I think big Mercer That's where projects in James Worthy boy. It also became James Eyes. I began to see me about coming up a first. I want to talk about flee, Flickr being a fantasy football. Commissioner is a nightmare. They say copy, it can be a nightmare, it isn't a merit. Is that funding be offensive by commissioner possible corridor? Your draft,
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Our primary building deceive reality: go to go online to NFL Sunday, Ticket Dat, TB and stream. And if a Sunday tick again the season file, your favorite team, no matter where you live, or in the case of of fear chargers fan, maybe maybe follow your new favoured NFL team. Could you been in the charge of seafarer eligible by going online to end? It fell Sunday Ticket Dat, tv stream. Every thus on it, took a game this season to follow your favorite team, the matter where you live, use, promo code ringer at check out to say fifteen percent once again, and if a Sunday ticket that tv promo code ringer hold onto your hats here comes The mail bag with Kevin, Durrant, gotta lotta, mailbag questions here. This is some governments. Are you for this to do is get your love, this format, the lunar was there. Who bowed you up in your rookie year second year that you feel like you could really be now in its common measure
and took it to you in your rookie Rudy. You really get do you really gay? You get him back? Oh you, ok, Franco De Wonders. What do you think when you hear player evaluations, leg, Brandon Ingram is gonna, be the next Kevin Durrant, appreciate it or do you get annoyed that people think there's Another calendar appreciated as appreciate especially one is: when is accurate, some light burning one brain and bring in a room feels like it looks like he play you can play like me. Have similar views, but not some thousand lay its eye to compare gotta Myers limit or thereabouts Alison when when they come into the drivers, are those guys are really good player in a lot of money? So you'll have to compare the stars. Put you d expectations. Man dead. There can kill a player
you u. Caparisoned minded Lebron James when they come out a high school college and you ve oranges, big. You expect them to be Le Monde James when they not really can be the Mirage aim, so stark apparent, ease, gather some solid players must allow, I think, Jason Tatum. Export Pierce does if there is a new Kevin, rather talk about it, that haven't Kevin Knox. Kentucky kid! That's the same! MAX is the new calendar. It really Now. He's gonna leave the passing guys. You hey they're nice porters Do you consider this is from drew cows in Europe? Would you can see? the all time, what if moment in your career choices blazers draft you ever Odin Choice, b, it does not get traded choice. Clay does not go off and game six. Two thousand sixteen choice, the
Zaza falls into your leg and, instead of whatever injure you had its actually worsened? You mistresses is, or was the one that haunt you. Or what someone they you say. Thank God. Went the other way or Mahmoud Macro Urban like Fitted B B. Harden interest see. Finally come around to my side after five years, Madam, I also wonder there lies the hail, he's the brain. I know we know we know he's relax as we have for years later by the hard guy bill, aye aye large us, wherever they are shown a lot of old game, sign, NBA Tv God person, the hardwood classics and they share game to the two thousand to a finals. When, U S remit, Is we made the funds anyway? It's me, to watch the three. Is out there together against Leubronn, wait ambush
Every was saying this finals- oh my god. Much talent Norville just as much town and that, finally, this is you guys were young. You weren't the guys who come here, but we'll talk about it. You get fat on the basis of what they can you'd be a family. I could find for that. Still should a murder but if you do get found on the basis of the law tv show. You are obsessed with that's from the coal in Washington last he visa billions. Plans? Are you gonna be in billions? China, China, rich? Yes, yes, could I could you and acts invested something together resolution land and give the cloud away? Should It's our or something goes wrong. Yet a watch Ozark too I gotta watch over. If you tell me what are you be so billions are Ozark. No, I was billions
Tell me in billions watch Ozark, I'm present Coppermine one of the guys, lady leisure? They told us they re about you. He said basketball players, the billions says one when one thinks Evelyn, Nicole also wonders. I saw you in a Morrissey T, shirt, bans. Are you in that would surprise people into ok you, just when the teacher loved the teacher ass, no sign summer. Straightforward wants to know who the other four players from peachy county. The you'd, want to run with the heights of their game. That's a good one play the people at pg. Counties produces. Canada has therefore hoops, whereas I wasn t see the margins
Early pre accident emerge, as you know, by setting his eyes and they re out right, systematic, like first of use and lead to more Johnson, was delighted from that. Was it he was. He was nice in high school. I blow model, I wasn't, he would lose labour income went to. Life is right when he D have year. Yet college does what he came. Kill him can you he was good year. Take de whether my point, you see, I can't even get to forego asking it for us. You do ass, my point, Hooker and its human resources will be to yeah. I guess I'm through your view You put five and the I think we can move around three. And so may or missing this almost a signal, heard. Some is Vienna about together, no kind group or my Sweeney, nice Sweeney number nine pick my Sweeney stuff
and actually thought he was going to be a good proud. I don't know what happened there. He was in that area of physical, powerful use words like you, inhibitor unaware it would be a nice little browser for you. Do you send a tone up a little bit air, the nice bruising coy fee, but give a fifth and come back to the item? I Beazley and bees. That's a great team where thousands oftener, he is boy. Comes after that needs landowner. T he's China hesitate hey, I reminded the latter western to does they play out was the second best wherein the calves he's really nice he's whose get answers Tony, wants to know who's winning Macgregor verses may weather, and will you watch it?
may weathers will win pile up. I was it. You have the right to care about it, but it's not big fan of the unanimous Russell? No relation ass are Une westward friends again out. I would think we ever stop in France. We just stop talking, but I think we have still been friends so you're, talkin, not talkin. No, but I mean I don't think any is no problems, and I, like you, you know, but I don't think we ever stop being friends. Galbraith. Two thousand oak said I saw you sitting next to the Brown and Kevin Love Nike Skills Academy. Aside from the usual I see, respect Dep do stars actually enjoy being in the presence of the rivals. Question Yeah riches, almost two thirds engage, displays really enjoying this year.
I rather be aroused great basketball players in anybody has to be So the robbery thing you kind of put the side during the summer, I really believe robberies man. This is just a healthy, healthy for competition. I is aware we hangs on my this wretched you great use a dreary, death riches you for two. You sets of great picks when he saw the brown for the first time after the finest. What happened just that move past. From Minneapolis wants once after recently to India, what surprised you most
about your time there. Where did it make you want to travel necks? They made him, maybe when they go to Mumbai, GOA goers for sir we're one regards tellers may want to smuggle lobby more in that area. Delhi was apart. There was just felt like it was under in Oslo. Different in the bigger cities it was, a small city was yeah. I guess compact in one area fell. I was a lot of people in one area, but as far as you know, the other by the parts of the country, I would like to explore so much about it. I know what I say back and when I came back from narrows law.
Got some people upset, but I'm really, I really really do want to go back and explore a little bit more. I was only there for two days how many pairs of shoes do you go through during a season? we're game she's in practice to break them in. Indeed special and saw the this in obscure question that I was like. I can't wait to hear the answer for this. Not a really good question here thing I want to know them yet What are the answers are usually reply. I go to probably like five six per year. Five six a year you select one a month, you all. I switched off. How do you know that it's time for the shoe to go. Usually when, where my own exo eyewear? In sole of my shoe, when I broke my foot, I never used to wear them until I broke my foot and I had to wear them to relieve. To take the pressure off the outside of my foot. I broke it. So I scenario used to the end of the year: love perform
did you have always had them and once I finish, the college I'll never put them on again, and I was just out in the office playing for the last eight years. Is beer bad, but I usually change my shoes once my answer will start to wear today I usually wear my answer was down to like that to the to the plastic: that's how I am I wearing for a month straight It was this directive that sell my foot on those terms that the UK is really on fire on that matter. Chat roulette scenarios for malaria, which historical team do you think would have given Two thousand seventeen where's, the most fits you lost all want now. Program. Somebody from history of sixteen and one hundred and ten in the Laker team would have been tough cuz. That Shaq was just big
My first instinct was to say the ninety six bulls, because they could imagine that letter good, but that into the same rigour. That's like you need some sized together and put their bigger and core values and wherefore. But we got lay so dearly lot equipment perimeter. I think they couldn't stop that we could do a couple of as a global player the better. I think we have come down to office verses offence in you guys were made more threes. These were given shack all Europe's out, I'm so tired Agri, Figaro Allegro, would push back and a lot of pick a row make him to guard making Gore serve me. Clay come open, arose and we would we would doubling every time you got the ball and make them try to pass bank and be a pastor cuz. Nobody done with him. Sometime or souci connecting the rules were slightly different back then the right, then they tweak em. I think they treat them after the meditate them after this was a double souci. Kostas
yeah! Don't it there, there was in the same kind of doubling it would like some girls commonplace ass though he would guard you copy. Your remarks were approved. Fox, Rick, facts out, so called me. Some horribly will have the chaise clearer hoary would have or would it taken into its ory. The silent eight as Komori has just what I, I did a package of the Mccartney. I have like mental pronunciation, blacks with things I didn't. Ninety six balls would have been focus. Put rod minute centre. Yet it out Wade, Pippin, add power forward and tat against you. Then. Maybe you out of there had been a battle. Sue, wooed, pussy playing your coach soured been weird Yedo suitable will wither for him, Sir Pickerell every time was. I was texting them about that and because I was saying, would you been better? now or in the earlier you played and he said you was better off there.
Because now he's gone its Russell inquiry theirs. Nineteen guys in the week that would have been a neighbor. I don't do that as many back, then but but he was saying that first of all cool, it should have been amazing because he would They show angles like better Joe Angles, showing us good ethic, tenet of yard or shoot threes. Yes, he D been a match or brown and then he was saying that Jed boosts law remain good taboos with five or six seven. It is a kind either forwards by anymore, shot threes and he would have been a totally different way are right. Arbour was the great defender rapid. You would have left, run Arbour obligation yeah now. Can you really new, put something athletes declared and started the one? No raw harbour do It was a little Steve occur there.
Depend on the match at sometimes it. You said, Pippen powerful arguments as they will start Harpers or even got stuff, fuzzy bigger, longer and then put Jordan on clay and people me and proud and in broad middle drama, and when we go small they will bring in price They can bring a speaker Bush with it. They were November by when an owner landline goes than no longer must centre against us as the other. Look long? So this is what a condemned to when Redman Andrei Manga and got in the fight? How many times may games each guy got thrown off ashore. There will be a great robbery dumping it thereby would be better to come alone. In that. I did the o one Lakers. I thought that was the best Lakers doing the same. Entire team, Deckers Cobby was fully call me that point you jack so great as team that when you said it, sixteen one in one, whatever was developing, it.
Oh here's, another sneaker question Jeff from New Jersey. How much design input Do you have on a signature sneaker? What's the process like Do you actually botanist or no kind of give me a blueprint or what they want to do and how they wanted to come and go about telling my story to my shoes, so they kind of like hair. Just we got fur And then we can I'm gonna build offered. It saw nothing new uncommon, yeah, what we got are the ones that came out in finals. Those going to last is all the way up until next year, so yeah, another historical question from arcade in San Antonio View, could join any historical and be a team from before when you played which team- and you pick you get the slide on a team.
This is a good heart, Caribbean, Jackie question. Things are needed threes. I have my answer, for you owe you have an answer. I will take worthies worthy spy on those were mad for Jane He can't win in this park ass. A new area of you told me, I'm sorry, James befits a roaring get ramblers on the bench, Why are you could have done that? Were there before I poetry, secret and eighty five Lakers Karim my view, Basque, magic and where late hours, moving them to run and we'll get the glass and pushing a magic. I hadn't body also get off the glass push like me so that I can get.
I had the ninety three cents to consider further Super Berkeley. You up, First of all, it thereby stand around does he want to? I had Yahoo Digital yeah We are. We forget that Rich Ewing, ok, so you evidently Katy start stirred harbour a narrow them. Or this one, more Jackson, Joe Wilkins, Kevin Durrant, Charles Open, Patrick doing you need to you. Can they rather because they are unwilling Joel? whose odor their tunnel now within the next You talk about the early ninety. They cannot even young other patina teams of fun young Ewing. We're going to take a quick break to talk about Gillette. Did you know the Tipp of
Juliette Razor blade is measured at an atomic scale, meaning there blade edges are thinner than a single, branshaw, etc. That precision is the work of many brain cells. Hundreds of members of Gillette's research and development in they ve spent over forty seven hundred years, combined working to make your shave closer and more comfortable, that's honor. They need Some pyramids of better at a pair I have noted tat. I had no idea how on the Egyptians now, I know, while over thanks crass and women in Boston pay. Boston. I like that sea are busy making your blades. Another team is putting your blades through more than sixty extra.
We strict and precise quality checks fell just one of these tasks. It doesn't leave the factor, in other words, the hardworking people shall never stop working to make your blades better. And it's no coincidence that since they named the new stadium, joint state in the patriots have just been ripping off Superbowl and now that includes the price tag, others good stuff, you can get Gillette Wade's at their lowest prices in year, see for yourself at Gillette on demand that car once again Gillette on demand outcome. Gillette the best a man can get pressing applies to select products and is at the sole discretion of the retailer and now back to Kevin Durant from Dartmouth Best Skirvin Hotel, ghost story, you've heard from another NBA player about coming to OKC. I heard D rose when they came his second year in a lie. He made a rookie sleep on this floor cuz the year before he said he felt somebody
some were suddenly, there is less. He made a rookie sleep in the river. The nation lay a beggar James Joscelyn. My honest James Shots in Miami jobs. Johnson got a battle against men of civil law, those values. I got it I got the ghost came in my room. I never breathing goes but that have therefore move when I first got no, I was getting aping, I feel nothing. I think you have to be on the floor. That goes jumped out the window of not just the hotels, lady Gaga measurable, goes jump from the top floor, but the girls moves around here, George. I can't wait, for the answer? This question? By the way the whiskers were leg, there's right now are saying I well I didn't. This mailbag was gonna work barometer enjoying, and I can tell cabins the inroads heavens lacked any love. You are lost again, Oliver incredible. Let me
wants to know who is the last person to beat you? One ve won my guess I'll be Westbrook. Now, whenever play you never paid one awhile and westward merely at the practice. Lay I like them. I will play, will like the on asking every more I'll cook them. I don't remember, I don't remember, losing one hundred and one and a serious cuz, my own place just one game and we're done like it's usually like three or four games, Finally, taxing answers only ensues. Dj Augustine probably be easy to another and taxes. Don't even notice, Zachary Everett! This is good, so want to? The answer? Is how often and when exactly are NBA drug tested for terms you randomly
During any point there- and this is it has to be for or could it be lesson for sometimes is three, I think sometimes gave you three. Because I was heard- and what is more- as for test tubes for tests from training, training camps, start first game, maybe be or not to finals consist around his head was after the fourth tested sake, it's it's like you get out of jail, free, cart, it's interesting! I would ask that I don't know, I don't know what Zachary ever. It is doing. The India has a greater international influence as Adam Green. What's the matter, Tradition or food from another culture, you mean it experience thanks to an international teammate. You ve had a few international teammates. You never really. Never, though, when the food now nodded to myself
should they widen the court by foot on each side, ass, a manual crosbie well it would allow for more driving lanes large gaps for defenders the cover and also bring about this man. Let's at the mid range uses, less land lay thick ice, archaic, buyer. I don't know why. The hell that's his name must be in the empire: hey! What's your crew! this team USA Cruise ship story from real two thousand. Sixteen o my there had them in a car game. What we were on a boat. We can leave like we currently do they take twenty four hours a day already suffer penguins people come on. How do you like send me to our flares.
So, yes, you guys hanging at her lessons learned about women's team and realized. It was a man or people near to us. They are both who have breakfast possibilities. Will team USA be random people, but we would just drank play cars. Who won the most money lacks heartache, we're gonna talk day and they had these hot rocks floors and we make our own mistakes. We did that every NATO So far, this and lower wages drink beers in just play. Cars really just did that everyday coup. Who do you think if you, if there is a tally for cards, you did the best hello Malhomme had there so many mallows theirs. Big mouth there's: Hoodie mellow, there's card mellow.
He's gonna leasing ended as rich, be re, mellow goods, Maloney S, weekly, good, bye, bye, Erbakan did, I think, maybe a long trip. So like you get a winner and plus we'll never stops we see each other? You just go pick the gay backer, the game I ever in another clear: when did you guys hang The woman sleep it off Who is? It was like the course woman analyzing be due to the home, who still we still talk, a grander, yeah, she's, cool manner, later story, Brianna Stores, cool mere by autumn with Cuba had a talk to properly sobered him in detail on dance Rossi. I talked to them and be g by more than anybody that it. Ass, his cool, she she's been Azure Hooper. She comply she's she's by
Farther best woman's paramatta- I don't know if somebody from this next generation can pass or Betty talks a lot to shoot. Her dream, like you, should talk tat. Her about work so slow. Just talking, Bessie was jewish drivel. I do the deed was incapacity somebody else ever. They are best friend. Oh, my God, Tommy. That's my new dream Pike S dream on a diet, harassing gas, if you gotta there'll, be next. Let's replaced The embargo as bad as my dream. Biogas, oh sure, she's. The best. Ass, I sat courts. I'd first parts game wants to choose trash, talking, everybody issues and it was like some random regular, seizing games whose birth, Scotland, wants to know. If you were to rename the Redskins Laden lay, then what dollars. If you read the renamed the Redskins, where would you call them and why.
Would you rename the Redskins first about the statute dishes been ever so long, but I know the name of surface of the some people to death would take that it. Take a situation for familiar prior, be no Ok, like the bodies, Nazism where'd, you go back to the last, is it goes well, gorner lawlessness, Would you go back to the washed and bullets are now light? The bullets there's a native. I guess it was a nail connotation here. I still live at every stage of the bullet colonise fire, Which Scott also wants to know which NFL adopted would have the best shot at successfully playing five minutes of mba garbage time this year
round play college Jimmy gradually Julius Pebbles playing cards. Antonio Gates, Antonio gave a new terrorist Carol had from from Thailand the there they loved, doubtlessly Rico gathered He playing cards simply, you know, is fantastic branding Hernandez now in jail, but I did say it's a comedy pillar. There were, no I'm saying in college. She was they used to play the football team against the Basque about the loose rigour, The team on airs letters to Michael family was he will others six foot six tight ends? You would think that balance and speed in size. Live in Pennsylvania wants to know what is the most enjoyable basketball game you ve ever been apart, I don't think he means like winning the files. I think he thinks he means just
This game we're like wow. This is incredible. I was playing great or it could be the Rucker Park in. I don't know how we play Miami two thousand and fourteen in Miami with down like twenty two slash, four and me and Brian, had like this month. They like two minutes back and forth. He came down here, tough step back K903. He can't eat another step back in the corner. I came down another three we're going back and forth literally for like six possessions, and it was funny as it was so much fun. Cuz I've been wanting that you don't
He too he felt like he soon become an arrow he's. I know I'm a gear up, so we went even commonplace mega and diverse, less Andy. First, I was at a young age I grant above anonymous you and say what nor coins I now let me say it was finally does your empty Pierre and I was in a good groove at that point to accommodate groove ourselves is like I was his filament like I was in a ghost by mentally when I was planning for Nick wants. Now how'd. Your development is a pair of changed if you are in a situation as a rookie leg, Jason, Tatum, jail and brown right now. High draft pick immediately thrown onto a team is a contender versus put being used at the to guard like PJ's, heartless mother, with a single question offices, where the matter pray like twenty. I do you to play like lead.
You put you on last year's ethics team, your plan, twenty five minutes again, maybe not starting as a working. Yeah, maybe even more. Thirty hours, twenty a game as a Seattle, thirty, I could play turning elsewhere priorities. Remember I'm already I just China. I was tryin to ease you into the lineup yea our away our way? Much up I to start to start to season or via the first year. We you bet a defensive liability that first year zero? you're pretty so not only difference, but with it. If you don't tell me to do the play deeper than our focus on what I do best ran yes, so you gotta. Let me know this disarmament play grant focused on. There was we're home on individual scale. So was accosted. Me look, go play defence I, and not to do that and our score. But if you know tell me anything,
Suppose you want me to score. I take it back my work here. You would have played more than twenty five at the back and China think that lineup of the current year, you definitely Carson list what track best expresses your state of mind during the final system from Korea in Jersey City, not Take me now mob, deep, shook ones. Part two to pocket. Em up Nas shoot em up her hit em up really You are you that much going on owes you. Do you think it's a good They are bad, then, that I put him up. For most men have two son in the car. They are very great. I wanted to understand you. He has to use another kosher drives. World spend a lot of questions. Firstly, hoop okochee reasonable yeah you should play take over, for he had a lot of questions after
like what would happen between those guys I explained. Did you see the violence was affords us is a spur the part about our West Coast RAP was unbelievable. That ninety started out. As my Lord S heart. I didn't know at that time like when you start talking, geisha stuff or wreckers like that was shocking. Everybody like really actually physically Dawson somebody over music yeah, lay out and no doubt was a shock to lay down the first time actually filament like ocean, so my actually get pop by noting that was something that he never seen before. So when I watch the fire was ass, I am now allows obey. Their source of words was was easily them exciting words your moment about them and snoop defused. Yeah. I got that kid. A ban decker and the biggest right we had anything one more quick, wake to talk about racket mortgage from quick,
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And am, alas, consumer access that org number thirty thirty, let's keep the mailbag Roland with Kevin Threat done wants to know what this Kevin Think, who discovered think is the ass trash tracker in the league right now a time his head popped up. He like that reminds Lena while talking about food or talking as if, like lay heavy light, the cause I'm used to cagey paupers lady set the bar yeah you can, if target they like them. You must go now. You say now so dream on, as has the championship there. Are you are there any young up and comers that you have your eye. Like his yadda yadda greek people, giving them a burger,
a law, thereby allowed them, but he led again. He like a doll here, talk shit here, lay rough you're you'll get up to you like he by way of a boy, because he is nice, he makes the Tele Funniest Warrior David poster one. Funniest yeah, the worst they were really. How can I was not expecting any so serious and stores legislate off the wall. Lay there can't be true. And just like. I believe it though cuz it's, the Westmont High describes a man either and he a real g I wish for you was I can follow dealers around a camera and is get everything he says. Oh you, my! U to general, we can we can. What is the western ten years from now.
Something always there is definitely he's deftly, will have his hand in his youth basketball team by his eighty are they run F B. I think his day as he wanted. He wanted. He wanted to see the younger generation about real part, a basketball like MBA, you have it. A fair for yourself, but not be selfish in yeah, so he's ease when your top three teammates about. I owe you the year would but his knowledge so he's. The personal level Morrow Spare Global for whom sensing agreement, who is that
word card playing group on the where's David months. Now, those as other question me Sturbed, vous, Travail dream, but not clay, Clay Zaza they play poker or play poker. What number, when we first, our bobbin it was me to join my staff, were carefully would avail why that major I know you, climate friendly car game, like he really Chinaware like we are unaware Euro sandwich. Just like I can explain it Like you strategy all play ball railway, obviously overly nobody like Germany stuff. They know what time it is. His foot dream. Last of my he just Dona. Happily, The lesson me off Josh remain wants to now. When was:
first moment you really knew that you could be good enough, a basketball to play in the NBA. How old were you who rich likes? This question is staring intently a super cocky like learning ass, irrational the invaders, let rational now like I'm, going to leave a show, no by wrote about me and then I Massa might. I was better me any humble me: dinners laotian is mobility, harness thought so Pyrrha life sustain Us Leo. Are they think I'm just shut up and those lists yeah? I was looking into NBA Dragnet Deca. A major I've gotten it all that draftexpress? I was on that everyday if any young kids say they're not on that their lie. I was wondering every day I had to know who's on the who's who's up there, with Who are you where you as a senior? I was number two in the country, the unknown.
Just coin, wants to know once upon a time. You tweeted, that you wanted to drink scarlet johannsen bathwater? Have you met her since tweeting that If so, where she aware, and was it strange a whole, He was aware of it. Now cause. I look really maybe look crazy, but now Mengele real cool it was. I would actually love scarlet join us and I will do that. I can get them for you. Sooner she singled out back your forever Britain, all kinds and the beers placards. I was that I not even better the wedding Johns. I just want to know which require you most looking forward to facing this year. Questions, Ricky class specimens and sentence. I forgot that he's a rookie I mean the technically is
Nobody's Ricky carry out like a man and you play but you NBA live NBA life for you. You know you not is here as the you gotta leg up, my worthy, so so I'm looking for the planning is, I'm excited see you try to defend Jason, Tatum follower juncture. Oh you make em over me could well let s issued enough from twelve to that. Taken. Every time Jordan be wants those who de hoodie the best basketball poor in the world. In a way to get through the mountain he prayed. Heads of elliptical game is superpowers. Are they the best, but he damn good, So who's in their game in New York City, because there is there, spam and administering good players, it was me Brad Mellow in his cancer was killing Dante Jones That agency heard anybody who fled.
We need even call out there. It was to pressure from Kentucky. I forgot the the yalu and rich riches yeah. They were full bossy. Play hard to. So ever bother me some Wazir. Some money also had he spent the teams, that's a question I gotta. Let Berkeley did briskly. I'm sure you know Britain who, who can start the whole hoodie melody. Who posted videos- so he just says you're very rarely- has worked areas like new mellow such a says, Braun, J R N is, and we just wait till you go like not half speed but like tooth, speed with me when you're in those games one hundred percent four hundred percent each a bar that we play go by without it walkin around
children are attacking you, dog, shit, no night should talk. It is, but it's not like source baltic folk. You ran, I heard the plan. Some happened, something some pop off. We going we don't me, but we, but we going do play, where's person, a calm, vows anytime. Make a shadow. There's contact. Mellow was mellow, pretty bad You got a lot better like couple some years ago. He was really rough games does even he had to do. You know he be on his part? Is that's that's when it leads to the most I hear your car mother found. I believe, Madam Commissioner, but this time he was real cool because he probably was making Richie can't blame on caused. Did the next franchise. He just learn bad happens. Ritual more Europe's China get rich to stay away Ben Moody, wants to know what your favorite MBA Retro Jersey. So, for example,
take the early ninetys Hornets. I liked the Purple Milwaukee bucks joints with a book on the back on the on the front. Yes, it was made a rush of them to a couple years ago me his question just to wake rich up large gene sequences. So what was the motivation behind using Youtube as your pay online platform to express yourself Sandy Richard wake up for that. Well just want to control my account, and I want to just make content for one. We always talked about that. We always had ideas and wanted to kind of to try to gain the way we wanted to betrayal. You know kind of dry, my story. The way I wanted to and work with you to David gave us. You know good platform to do so. Man, we kind of, took I think it would be too big for me in a huge, both spend the biggest success in it. A just the movie
Tornado documentary. Still KD got a million and a half to use almost you know, so that's pretty cool. I got three hundred and eighty thousand subscribers I just got on you know, so who number less I written, rich from New York known local originally. Answer Lars from San Francisco to Mars is a bigger play, lorries will have to stay tonight lies if you want me. Max from St Louis wants to know, why is there a one on one tournament in the all star game and if there was, would you enter it? That's a good question, but that would bring the excitement back, but you can't get nobody to play. No one on one game in that goes. Why don't want to get hurt.
You just told me: you played hundred percent in some random pick up, came in New York City against Kentucky people you, but you know how to stuff is like our play: the pick of game or in summer, but I'm ok, risk even heard front of opposing the final of neglect. You just don't want to get hurt a front of a bunch of people. I think that on a Saturday night leg outlet things to fear, people says Dummy got her play along when also re lay desolate. Yoni does. Will people fear that guy's fear of shore? Are you in the final event that term it dear who replying in the files? So my muscles, Korea be tough to start New South carried out more excited under LAW Embayed Homeward What kind of citizens we withdrew? Dribbled carrier just take twenty nine for following foot
make them genuinely worthy of confidence in a whirl aerospace before and we should do that are at issue promise we are going to take this to a part too. It is gonna go up late on a Sunday night, a couple days after this one ran thanks to Kevin. Their aunt part to pursue, gets kits a little crazy stating for that thanks to proper cloth, stop wearing shuts fit start wearing custom shirts that fit perfectly because you created them by answering ten easy questions, bring pick a proper cloth into your life? Proper cloth guarantees a perfect fit remakes a free. They make the remakes super easy to do. Go to proper clodagh com such bs and give code bs to save twenty hours. On your fresh again, proper clodagh,
Such bs give could be ass, don't forget to subscribe to the new reality was pack ass, especially if you love point break, because we really took it to another level. Don't forget about talk. The throne Sunday night read after game thrones on age, be oh, he can go onto twitter at Ringer unless it then dont forget about the Ringer Falco because it's we're headed toward football season and we had the Ringer NFL show with Maze and Clark. We have jam street with Lombardy and take things eating up Enjoy the weekend we'll be back with part too late late Sunday with Kevin Durant thanks, One way.
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