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Kevin Durant Returns, Part One (Ep. 345)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by self-proclaimed "Basketball Guru" Kevin Durant to discuss the distance between players and fans (5:00), growing the game of basketball (11:00), Twitter's impact on the NBA (19:00), the desire to master basketball (25:00), the All-NBA team (30:00), the revamped NBA All-Star Game (34:00), the Rookie of the Year race (41:00), the LeBron partnership (48:00), and the start to another KD mailbag (53:00).

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An irrational confidence guide to show that is pretty funny check that out come up taken. I went to. San Francisco on Monday night and we take a vote very, very long podcast with one another, Having read this is since the fifth one or the Fifth one? I guess we'll couple them Wiesbaden a couple parts but yeah. This is via five. It goes a lot of time, we're running part one right here and then part two's, we run of the mill. Section in some other stuff, but has always lively, and I had not talk to him since last summer. So there is a lot to cover it got feisty at times of some really funny moments, his business partner partner, rich, climbing, the other voice you'll be hearing in that few. Remember the first time Did it we do not give rich MIKE Anna. Kept shining in from twenty feet away as we Catalina move closer now. Actually
as a make which hopefully he did and I didn't over at. I thought he is pretty good. Actually, it's a good one. It's coming up right now, but first are for it's from project, I would take place it saved Cisco Monday night. Given the razor The climate is here. This episode its episode, five by Five guys better, while than this one of them was a true porter. One of them is to pirate there were taken us right after market forces, dramatic return I was not expecting people tell me boy, It is our duty here for You coasted alot of.
Talking about a hard of was gonna. Be this is going to be so hard forestry files, people rise on this issue. This is a grind. Do you think would in retrospect Why was there so much talk about our hard work? It was gonna, be it almost seems, like you guess, had a built in excuse before the season on tuna causes. To win imply now. His horn Firstly, when teams load up to beat, you are so did you go into the season? Do you think, as a team? Looking back now like a man Much of this MA am, It is natural that you mean when you went to championship from me. I may I got for me, the team in. Like a guy like that I have been in files yeah and play. And the being only tee to tease plan that late in June, the high, is something that as a Basque,
four player, like you just dreamer, So when you come back in September, the training camp is life they had to go to this when we just came from re being time every night, the world is watching you ve nimbler season up. So I, like so we was battling right. There then went to Channel interpreter right when you gotta move. We went far days in the cap, so I want to say that twenty third twenty four March days, but we went far six days in the care who just like you just so high your emotions journal and everything is Pompey in finals every yet anxiety before you go to sleep at night before you just now this, you anxious and there you got it you gotta too.
The summer and these, like you, know you back at it would you do differently about the summer if you could do it over your mother? reach. Will you do differently than in can I do over the summer have any effect on any hang heritage. No he's not clamber chapters. So he knows that you don't have to say it and I did play a little ball in the back of my neck. I said a corner, you pay talked about it, how it posted of Danny Abrams at time here, but I got shot down quick, quick The biggest in this change you guys is that this whole Silicon Valley Investment, that's become like Father Senor in his businessman a nerve. It's an in fact, while both the narrative, sometimes our facts can like our life. I know,
What boy than five package together and whenever they talked about that stuff earlier there was there. You never told me, you never steered me the railway it's about cover and he was Irma Basque, more visible. Password is I didn't play born about he's, not lambaste? Well, we can't do that. Did you get more opportunities after the fires or whether there are further all alone we want? I came out here thousand people in Congo. And they can receive large, you said to me, though, what Europe, Suddenly, the lack of funding would be like the most Oh yeah, I dont want damage our now embarrassed at your nose in Attica either. You know. U way barrier now, where were you mean this year?
well different. Well, you started worse and I did what you asked me to do here. You do were mornin so in a locker room, right. Twenty minutes at like now, you got Debbie Yoshitomo forget, as I damn I'm just trying to relieve, were now was right to enjoy this most were fired at issue. Here s was about it's like this decade has become. I was just talking about this as someone who pack ass with the players, the distance between the players in the fan is Nazism, the Malaysian go right to the fair. Oh, you can you get married man. There's no middle manner, which we have discussed then also like this. It's a whole generation of the players, using whatever their sour in their prey form and other connections to now create these little many businesses, which I get started with Jordan. They went through with Kobe in the blue, and now it's like
your generation Housing army, deep into the weather. You gotta have your business first before you have really have you been here. You know like you can't you competently, expectant, expecting a grow? Your brandishing dishevelled ask awkward you're a hoop furs wrapped in a hotel. You spent like what before really started, and it is always very well you for the first seven years your career than us, alas, four together before the two that we focused on building this enterprise. Family off once we made it to the once. I've made it to the finals and we made it to the finals of the team is like and we want game three. I'm going back home. We lost game for going back home, I'm like all right now. This is kind of real. You know I'm saying like we can kind of leverage this to can a bill. We want a bill, but I had to first yeah nothin.
I come now to the leading and about my brand thinking about anything which is planned, bore how much of now it's always been two years gone, gone state was, because of this business stuff, you dear now, none of it every time he didn't see any common everyday surrounds, today evolves around the gay yeah nonsense? Obviously I got other dreams and goes, and I think about stuff other in basketball. But we talk about this all the time like It wouldn't happen? If I remember a basketball yeah, I know what I'm I know who I am and what I am you don't say. I'm true to this, I'm true to the game, because that's what just what I do I was for in a play, the game in answer, and I'm not gonna act like I'm just other guy and forget about me, the highest asian being or tv for peace.
My game, I'm not going to ignore that they say you know. Just you know, I'm always bore, be creative and be integrated and create the without the game noticed of what it's not like, if I bring him an opportunity, I'll bring him a deal, I want to have a conversation about a show that we saw the something- and he says to me not on focus on basketball. On the side like I can stop him. Now that we get a focus now when they went we're, not partners in that way. Right because everything starts a basketball than every opportunity from then on comes that there's a scene in feed the Black and Jaycees movie, where his manager, the time, comes, and he's got like a note book of all these things. You want to talk to him about and you see he's jays in the studio like in his own, like goes to the engineer, to turn amused doubts, don't wanna go through and J. Looking at me like woody noise, I turn a music now talk about work and he was like you can turn a music down. Turn a music down is not talk about, there's nothing without the music. That's our say.
Entirely soon is that I don't even bring thing up when I know he's in that, though I don't even engage him but I know when the time is right and we have a lot going on too. So it really is about juggling. When you know I can have the the the spots to bring it up and really focus on our business cuz. I want him in then everything. How do you decide which projects likely is there? A limit of of things you want to get involved is a family the past, like the danger, sometimes is when allows us and thrown at you. You must want to do everything you say shit do this exact soon they is now gonna, be unaware carpet. I wanted to commercials. I. I want to be popular. I don't want to be famous, you know, I'm saying we doing stuff, that's like include us new or tell you my invest intact, but does not really a commitment in Austria,
commitment, where gotta do five or six hours on its own, a video shoe or set or re stuff like that, which is becoming just a coup staff and I'm Tellin ya rich. I really want to do that we'll call lab and talk about it in Vince me that I should do it, you know I mean it's like stuff like we, we all. We both agree. You don't say week eleven a lot of stuff. It's not like he's telling me to do something while I'm telling him to do anything. We just come together on a lot of stuff and it's like He know my vision. He knows my vision is as a Basque. Applause as a man. What is your vision? I just want to grow the game, basketball one I wanted. This far more basketball blurs owner. Just grow the game. You know I mean I just love to play ball until basketball stories I want to, and I also make a lot of money from playing balls. Don't want to come to take care of that. You know side of it as well and you don't
those who start I technology in Austria like that I'd, MR, so did you ever did you think like five years ago, three years ago you ever care about technology, no William, therefore, always care to a certain degree. Amelia, always on my phone, always lay my phone always late with Xbox and always interested in no stuff they came out and how Van Sir humanity in damages. Canada was who came here. We gotta Ferguson, people in I just started more where'd you soon enough stuff in we started talking through higher How can you tell the difference between somebody that is legitimate business possibility versus somebody that just one and have a I remain exempt enemy giddy in one? Second, what's with the sign, I did it
from the email they write me. I can help from the phone call I can tell from meeting them. I really can't. I think that might be one of my best skills. I don't know. I have many other like it true on paper scales, but I can read. People really well and I can read situations while we we built something that to answer your question before about like when is it too much? It's probably there, but we're at the point now where I think we've lined up an incredible portfolio of of projects were developing on the content side of whether it's a tv show for Apple's new platform. Orbits is Youtube's net worth
that's a show for Fox, and then we have twenty five thirty companies in investment portfolio and though he doesn't act as a brand embezzler we serve as real in active investors, now serve its oppose mates or a coin. Based on a course. We want to make sure that we can do what we can do from a business them without move it and then I'll be see. His foundation is not just something that, like we check the box with like hears rich passport player, less donate money- I mean that's his number one passion. He told me that from day one, so I spent a good deal of my time on that were building a stand alone facility and indeed see we partner, would luring jobs and were housing. The college Shack Programme, which is her programme and her curriculum that puts kids on a course to college in a neighborhood that they normally wouldn't have that opportunity and thus the neighbour coming up, and so we really are building a silly.
Five minutes from where he grew up. So all of this can acts in all of this into twice and it still connects to Basque. While there is a focus on athletics in basketball within the centre, so Brad their point not now we have to execute and all these things superpower in them over the playoffs So I'm going to u shut down Will you said airborne us out, like before: Roundworm open and shut down or for a long time now, but you do like when we did the pack asked after the final. As you said, you had a point where you basically cleared everywhere. Now a ban on state off your phone as a ban on
since then, but, like I won't schedule another thing always I saw that. Oh no, yes at some point, you flip the switch in the title. Amid we have really been doin em. Don't I wish to see before he speaks a panels in Cairo Miserliness stuff, but like commercials and like the type of serve Leah, just I've been on that really the whole year. My whole thing is like now: I just want to get into the gym and get better and just really play the game. You know I'm saying in like I don't really enjoyed stuff anymore. You really Ok, but I know, as you know, is a part of it, but around his tireless like no is butter. We got to kick into real seasons, Would you add this year? I have my own personal answer for this, but I wanna suis Owen, who your personal aquifers, I think you see how I say whatever, however, phrase this really mad.
Because a magazine you trying harder and defence? I think I think you realize rim protection work One way that you could go up one little tiny level. This season we protect. Exactly what I had told you, you man, you gotta. Let me just say that I go well, as maybe a small boy, five slash, my generosity around the removal of a more defensively, Monseigneur used to be mother. Was while those who around Garden Dolen draw pass me and I made a mother You were leading the league blacks, like forty games into the season, which is not something you ve come close to doing before that I could be their statistical look or could be lying with changing it You play of milk.
I test you were. You were a little more actual reminded me of Texas little bit when you like they're, only read Protectorate and you just kind I had to do. It You know I was really excited about agro, Deepness, aware, satellite August or with the best of luck and scorn of our again we'll get a good shot at whenever our yeah but my thing was: I just wondered our locked down on differs Aversa weaken play house money on their yes and that's what my go was. So we get, therefore stops in a row we came and we up ten points, and we can cover, has a fine on offers of re use s arm like I'm contestant everything at the rabbi. I dont want three times in and game before cause I'm trying to test every tiger game by Clarkson.
Nance Nets and enhance a guide me back, and I was I was so close to block and I shot, but he is a king. Dunker, so I get that and Julius Randle, but I was I was excited because I tried to you know I'm saying, and that got me that made me more confident to try stir in next guy in order, so I like one- as try near the room possess. I think they use sash. Twitter air has made people actually less likely to challenge dogs because they don't want to end up on Twitter, knew about it. Wasn't a black as it is in a bad place because it ever should give it a twitter and I will enjoy it, you think you know don't get rid of it. Just says it's like you, change. Our people play a pivotal was Ganz because they like a loose on Twitter reputed shit tests is a term on the item. May you gotta watch games? If you really want to know the game is about
He also was evil, guys, not China, get embarrassed because they want to be on delays me more Coloma. What we know the basket was about in embarrassed. He knows we One too far with the advance metrics this austerity and the five men lineups like prevails. There come over Europe founded. It erodes the blue sky. On that I, like but I don't I don't like the five main line of than the postman is an absolutely set or its a lavish alive, filled officers difference. I feel, go percentage, lake turnover turnovers alike, rebounds ally in a loud stats. But the truth is It's true, shewn precision effective, feel, though the surgeon or less than a calmer, flawed here, p r is flawed. I, like opponent, three point percentage at the death row. That's the only look events as defence. It's funny
Coach told me over the trees, the three states said turnovers a few upsurge in rebounds it with us. Things he lets us off. When I look, ass, she and at times a logo opponents fill those prisoners rebound and assist. That's what I'll again, not further The funny thing is the basket was great but the best love Ass, Cor's fantastic, so you need it. It really? Would it really? You can learn a whole shitload from it. You can tell me I was like looking at free, throw attempts. You know they, as I was trying to figure out what was gone with Carmelo, whether he was just saying different phases crowd whenever and you go back to. Earlier seasons when he's gone to the rim But you know nine nine out of every three attendance judge or not so lucky man didn't eisele like rashly get universal is like, but that's you can learn pretty easily he's just shoot jump shots, but you got to watch the game to see that and then that I watch the game and it falls out
I think there's no statement nor Carmelo know what I'm saying look up numbers to see if they back up what I'm watching. You look numbers first and there were yeah. I think that's where we get in trouble is people to their lazy? They don't want awash gangs is too long. Too hard was gay or there ouch and games, but half the time when they're watching there looking at the internet. Is actually watcher is about because our voters and again when as is bears a bad place, where like a child is clump conniving appears a local, please do it. I saw your blog boys in fanboys, as one use everything I say and trade are cool, yet a basketball game. How would you right there as well? it was always guys write articles about and you re mad about what I say tonight. You're, probably now. They last may be they like this stuff, the bay. But they're gonna dig one put their money.
Goes into is not about you watch it we have enjoyed again. Does don't worry about me so much as one? I do think the stats don't factor in situations you now. Like if, if somebody has Because you're my flower, smaller, I may just pick a read about a railroad. So he has one till the blow boys out there. Fill us about everything. I say boys, Bob boy what I call him. Maybe you re the headline yet No, but I will towards we. Don't you see, we aim for our view to get you read this stuff why don't we hear one on you? It seems like it, personal cause you. Why would I want it in that happened last summer law not taken impersonal. You did, you did everything they just say the other Diana panel, which I thought was incredible with area with the that not anymore, you said it, that's
you didn't embodied in the rail again it s like every four years ago. Now I really I realise that the love and hate that sugar from media affairs, Why does who watches the game is not real? Yes, and I realize that now videogame characters is ears like W w e as late as like entered. Aim is entertainment business. I I was so naive to the fact that MBA Nba Game was entertainment business, People really really really Jane the game I did so on their side. People do majority down when it seems that Ok, soothing kind of our them. I learned a lot because you used of recover from there. We mean Thou Casey thing. I think that that was like before and after situation, how that and when they were zones, and not a Europe of you just began to gear
before that and then like before and after it s like you, know, youth you feel like Like I can do no wrong and whatever I say is golden when I play for ok, see now. Yes like what a decision by so many people flipped on my ok, I get it. I get it, but I really is still where to me that so maybe still feel awaited his day about the even twenty one months later. Yes, if you left, state this year, New recited, ok, see others, people love you get here. It would just for back. That's why I realized. I love and hate really isn't real. Nasa is like just focus on what I really want to do. Is the mass the game. A basketball ennasin know. Instead of wanting to get up, beloved above a certain people or not one now make anybody else mad or at risk one a gig, be great plan, again
but she was like him to go to stay Wanna championship me. You know you felt what that's like this like an offence play mat that you know I come to the games, we appreciate it, but when it comes to perfecting my craft, they really don't matter my family Is really no matter the house is really about perfect in Ukraine. I saw em like so focused on that it makes me look like you know, I've changed yields Hansel. Why takes too? Because we keep doing this Guess what I mean we have under the regulatory it. We have a good conversation, his ears. My defence. Whenever somebody tell me about it, you are one of the top three or four athletes sport, the many whatever the ranking is throughout these other team sports wicked, because as question here, if you should rank here, I'm not going to do that? You think so. You could have seen three or four. I want you to rephrase that and say
no nobody denies the way phrase. There was chasm amusing as an example. We think I love to safe. We taken TAT is to say the same regularly Goma, the amateur thing on how it is that one or two then say I think, you're the third or they give the fourth I'm happy to do that. One second infringement claim TAT five. That's an each sport right. You're, the only one who has done a purchasers like this, because I few leg, Intensity with athletes is one of the hardest things defiant, especially at the higher they go. Now I could do we feel I was were people to tell us where superstores We really are well better I think there is part of it- is not superstore, but at some point they think with some of these superstores strata, Yoke, Canada, yet aware tangley, you have as a request or a Mamie realise Alot may somewhere, but afterwards Havisham ahead, taco bill. Any ran through me just like you would enormous person and while shit
but I didn't go to ceramic they. I thought I was a new and is everything stomach? I thought I was immune. Everything were now Michael, Jordan, Lebanon. Never about is here because the way people who pursue this section of it all languages immortal Were normal fuck and people who are really good at what we do. But at the end of the day we go to sleep is like everybody else. We really put on our part, This is like everybody else. We take a shit like everybody else. So as my it made me realize that light, I am not anything because we want to championship, I just achieved what I want in my profession. Just like a doctor who threatens you know, I don't even know just like you ever do out on our patina another day, yeah Barack Obama, you achieve something that you didn't you, We thought it also We realise that, like that superstar were to me really isn't a thing you know sand is just
all of a sudden all fake You don't like it made me ill when I go to normal serve it made me realize I M just mere mortal, but I'm really I'm good at Basle. Let's take a quick break to talk about our friends at square space. They make it easy to build beautiful websites where they are starting. A business chat. Changing careers are launching a creative project, whatever to what are you up to? I don't know where they need a landing page, beautiful gallery, a professional, blogger and online store. It is all included in your square space website. Even get a unique domain which strengthens your brand, makes it easier for visitors to find you Adam, arrange our continent features with the click of a mouse. Nothing to install patch operate ever square spaces award. Winning twenty four seven customer support will help you, no matter how hard
or how easy your problem may be start a free trial today at square space. That common, when you're, ready to launch use Africa, be asked to get ten hours off your first purchase of a website or a domain again square space. Dotcom offer code. Bs, don't forget about the ringer, merge the Ringer dotcom, Slash Shap, two Kevin threat. I'm gonna give you my first seems to be a right. Now we have a games left you ready, Davison, Sir. I have a vote by the way, so this is not final, Dave's, etc. You in the bright forward hard in one of the guards other guard spot is wide open. More vociferously gave steps out stuff only play fifty games. I can vote for its side.
Bullshit it's actually put fifty games. We would want to do so, a buzz. You say what him for the games, what he could do eight lapses. I don't want a lot of shit to say. Thank you this third he's got a messenger anti again hasn't nobody's ever made the nobody's ever made. One of the three main themes amiss Emily against you ever history, Basque. First, the first World WAR is no mean a thing now cause you guys were you. Albanian rankings was gained. Nothing really. His pride started presented. Don't care about basketball, Russia, like s y'all, as you fuckin lazy. Solely on that debt, the NBA Vp in almost daily. I later I as important to but is not really important to me. I, like it
I guess, contacts at your end. Sixty eight! Suddenly she If you do when you feel when its anti, if you known as not guarantee you play the whole season, the mapping. They get oilers icebreaker? The reason for that, for that if you know who I was definitely gotta, pull wuerzburger. Ah, look at you. I just understand again, I'm a girl. It still. This one's uncut see rest. Firstly, if Europe wants. You sure you should build. This is the final podcast withdrew coroner have as yet. None of this I love. This is great. No, I'm building it as the oil Loyola. Now I love a man on the moon
Cuba Dost again so Everyone was try and this year, for whatever reason, I still think you guys made like some sort of giants. I bet that will never find out about whatever is I've ever his plan so hard we deserve, which is wonderfully you just want you seller ran. If, if you in are made that over commercial with it I deplore that Wireless Pemberley hard, though, which brought me back to the old days when the Astor game used manner. And there's a little hierarchy that develops and it's kind of a little snapshot of who the best pleasure For the most part, It seemed like the right guys were at their Davis, wasn't out there because the numbers were his team had too many forwards. I think so he end up sitting. He probably blunted up there, but like Embiid was that and I was a joint that I be kind of belongs in the way that was kind of a moment for him right here would be done by big.
Colleagues, I was at the game in the gaming. Anna was Russell, carry you the Brown and who is the lesson in Fiji PJ's who is on the other? mpg had to be out there and that's why Davis of setting a regime have yet there s? No now a clay was other clothes, other staff, James Guys, we in the more the hours. I write your own mother s funny CASE yeah I was like a year away from being ready to give what they needed in their game can see We have in the bar, the somebody had to pay off the bar, and he really totally know what to do and then. Just as its was staff had the ball is appoint. Are you? but actually will play him off the bar at somebody else run the thing had: staff a commoner screens, but Andrews when he saw not scream
both in those ass it understands go out. I was actually follow as watched a basketball game for the first time in forty years. I guarantee that wisely. They should do this in Athens, If, as I was hoping you'd think you'd be a coach and India now I dont good lady of colleagues night. They can't fucking Idiot my point was in stance. I felt like I was watching a real again. It was, Whenever I try and the benches raw standing like, MRS Gill, I think we start game off without energy. I think Doin case he was good. He came into the practice they forms like. We will run a couple says, but will actually play some difference on his staff was really good at motivate nurse and given his energy and came at the time our guard,
play defence, make the right play. It was fine. Man had a good time. I had a good time, so, as I and actual basketball worry you're, my pick up ended obviously no might have a few lay offs and dogs here because we all play together. So we know exactly how to play with each other, but you know we try. You know, maybe try play. We had a good chemistry, and so did you. Then motors atta be one of the only time to play with the brown. I arose, the liberals but Olympics yes, of course, outside your team. Why so did staff. Did he then mother Betty or did you just give you cash? Nobody had a sob. He was a second envelope nowadays, hundreds in error and though I wish apple pay. I wish steps. Will chase searches quickly, she's cool guy. That's always wins but maybe like a stock to earn a silicon valley. We will need to know
but I know I know we just me. It was all for it for the game we had. We had a good time, we did after the third quarter, that the Brown was gonna steal the envy peak, as nobody wanted it from my from suggesting that we can take. It was just sitting there for Brad the Brademagus sailor Brown, that's really good offence away. This is one of the best stretches I've seen from him he's I don't know what happens at the Astor Break, I went from writing off Cleveland completely too. I don't think anymore. That share the conference. I wish my team was out there, but it is not taken I'm so glad fallacy way just hands, get fill his ear away. Toronto had a chance to really gradually love or learn a lot from this play office. I agree I was saying, as somebody out there my enemy of you It has an eleven though Casey Team, the year before axis of body where he had three every piece:
I'm saying that year was like you learn. Everything you needed to do that year. That set you up for the next year sides. Two thousand ten, wherever three Mps uneasy enable we play a team to doesn't anyone who follows? I remember ass now the Lakers year. They want to share with you the second one rule you often far we want since those games ran a beer tv as watch on one of them was dark, appeared a measure on that, comparing the talent rule. Twenty one, that's my point here. Used when he twenty one years old. He is why bring it up everybody's identity and their tea out now. They're, not gonna, do anything this year than us and you are going to throw the Lakers that year and our values like? Oh, ok,. Maybe maybe this is gonna happen sooner than we thought we were going to send you gonna happen. Philly may feel is good.
Oh man, I gotta go veteran stood a guy J J is developing at a bench yet again covered is now an alley early release of soil. We were all young too near so different, I think, sometimes was in Georgia's closer and answered I think sometimes MBA, plan history. The team that is allegedly not ready. Sometimes except a year earlier, like Leubronn, and no seven is another example Ross and they beat the pistons. There was well Were they wear this team come from and I do take the scene is set in these fourteen to do that. It can be fully the share, but I don't know Gary events, images good. He is he's good Indeed, as I think what s on the Astor gave a game changer well, he can't he can change the leave. Nor does he like he's a big that nobody could go.
Sars has been away without awaiting play on view them, Are you watching the other themes you scout? are we in the modem or you can check it out different vets plague in summer enough for me to know where she lay with their system how to play for the world. The games, I'm really locked in the games. You know I'm saying I know exactly what I Philly plays it when the best passing teams in the league, Ben Simmons Ben Simmons nobody really Garza with a perimeter so he'd. That's. Why he's able to kind of be free out there cuz nobody really his jump shot, not there yet. So you know he's roaming around with them pass down to be for a dunk or Covington out for a three boom or Jj Reddick. You know often it is now a key cares himself. What is like a twenty seven year old. Never been. His dry, but he's he's got.
It doesn't seem like a young guy. I say that I agree with it very Arrow Agora. I think it's part of its partners giant. Do you think should be eligible for work in the area now hidden you, it didn't play, but he had to travel the team for you. I just think that whole express the plant of just being around an MBA fresh ass for you, you just got an advantage over other rookie. That's how I feel Mitya was in college and issues and cause. I was living the dorms. Only now I say when you try season yeah he's couches. He see the ito, they were done I will say beyond one last year that every day they were one, but he spent two years away. He play for two year that way there failing aims of three years satellite is addressed. No, you don't have to worry about going to class or study hall or practice in or plan against uv, or
Who are you planning you just traveling M M worryingly askew skill every single day. Some As MR, why is that my view is better the share than it was in college. Like this is my job there I do. Play basketball, any input to play basketball conditional play Basque. Well, of course, I should be better he's been out of the young guys. Feel I hate to say this, but he feels very young waiters of feels like well for their first wait here without em and Koran Butler miserly values outside like today, it's one of my warm thanks, he's a little waiters, girl who easy is we stop it? I, like your parent, where sometimes you just you, don't understand as you, you can pick a bare tenuous. Nor is not the viewer leg. I remember. I said he was a George German Cross, the t MAC cross
with somebody else when you're coming up further. I remember plastic me I'll. Take it the minister to work a person B. We are man Damien Daniel. Mutual easily is he said he was better because it's a job here is a lot of opening there. I am hopeful that operates. Go to Louisville he's than the other you read that women have college basque above five years? There will be no through yes, yoga lawyer. I would like to see a thirty team G League that the teams actually spend the money
You guys are two distracted by this tv. I think It would seem that just came out and we, the jelly being a thirty team league Let's say they had that when you went to Texas you'd about we loved about when you went to Texas, but if you could have played, a professional season against better prayers and play Longer seasoning on low, better coaching, without my better or worse Obviously it I mean I wouldn't enjoy plan against. You have some good competition and you would have gotten the coeds. We me the Texas CO, EDS cuz, you would have been like in Sioux falls. I d like I was right. I went there at a good time and you love taxes, love it Then you had Seattle, the next year- love love. It is an amazing I after
one question about the gold state had tired. You guys we're all season because we got off the topic before it add the following: it wasn't you guys didn't have like the most gruelling play off run ever less. Isn't it wasn't like? you, know the ninety eight balls I just like. Pointed out late. Is this not tat? Now down, drag out. You guys pretty much dominated then played a five game finals do no harm. I know explain it to me. That's why we heard a mention every night. Explain it to me the keys Is there a harder versions of their road? You guys travel lassoing play Portman. Gay one knew they were They comedy their Blake Seventeen, the noise of seventeen. Fifty it was somewhat
So far the boys were now fifty do you know about that. We did is. We are tired of. It was a close game. It was a bilingual close guy went about double visible, close game, for them is a damosel everything they They were all they wanted, they were hidden everything, but nobody really charge you and then the spurs common coadjutor game, one than that became an easier series than he expected here, we when you in the first three games? you know how hard it is to play against bronze explained it to make hurry. Urban area can love, we could be She wouldn't those men. We could not the too good, we too good to come in a game and trot aware
We can't come in the game and say I will play in the second quarter third quarter and when you couldn't do it against those three and the rest of the guys that has jumpers in there and Kyle Korver like we had to be on point I guess those dues, if we were, we will lose a game. Does item into a career. He may a believer Lasher like carry more. I say we plating S. Oh shit, this guy is a king Hooper, if you hadn't been them in five, they probably wouldn't trader. They if that had been a seven game series and they become like almost so close now know. By that point, you can create your own about them. Thank you. Guys were true. The way, but that's my opinion. You know what I would have said to him iron, the calves of. I feel that we carry chain camp starts in September. Nineteenth sees us, is one tell me he can we haven't, I would write it out. I shall make it.
I dont want to trade. One of the best Templars basketball is made all the Villona beater their maker, where he is he's, somewhere between five and ten tell me so mine eluder could do occur due he some orbit five and ten. Tell me please, play the history again, they can do what you can do. I thank him and his air Thomas have the best handle him. I say at times trade nuts ethics as it comes now, deafening You saw a salary that is don't disparity, Eighties Katy, that's fine commodities with no time for the south of non talkin to trade. As a lawyer, I understand that he cursed yeah did an alternative to the same. As of everything I say it's ours and associates. You don't really know I'm visas, we re talking about. You would never talk about, as I was told him, and we re all your arms and send me a bit too late.
Does he have to hear that can go anywhere? I wanna go in the court at all times gas curry not plan against them in the files may realise had them good. He is so we letting us them on new. We couldn't just come out. There is the corral we had to play the game. You know, I'm saying you got Lebron James two people called the best player ever to play your buddy. You know, I'm saying We talk about the uber commercial. Why explained to me Y Y, you hang out the enemy. Just explained, is guided by me enemy. How we there is the guy you have to go through in the title was a change. If we go with them. You say you want me to go to bed thinking about my fucking yeah that's what I. What are you still further generals legitimacy?
well, you don't you realize you need a park ass. I got the gas a ringer you that he has been here. Why? Why why why launch rose is only were trophy, I can't find out how much poorer than was by lab in Google. It deaf we have double digit, they gave them later. Lay there when we let go of fifteen to run your reports deal with their apply for far points out. My point was a tiger time he's gonna figured out so the Le Brad thing? There's gotta be some sort of mental games gonna because you guys are stand each other's way. Your hang out you shouldn't thing. There's nothing to stop trying to figure out this mental stuff,
You can t worth thank him. You know you're my resource, that's why I'm asking you not their human resources. When you blow boys boys, you not, that good feel. Do you think so you know it was gone on people's hairs. You down so you're hanging out with the brand shoot this over commercial. You do you talk about. Nothing! Your teams, my long about no seizure, Mccullough, twenty seven in the first half of this, isn't a game. Give it something I'm telling you guys are down like one thousand three hundred and fifty tonight to tell me I was in the game. What was it yeah I was gonna, make stone, spurs we see in it. Wild boys long boys hairstyles going to boys. I don't watch the game and watch games
Where is the most they were. There He was gonna. What is gay whenever I words I watch both those Monday's Milburgh questions. Somewhat mailbags rank your top five, those mba in order don't do the ringer. Why cause I'm gonna, put back I thought there was a good thing. We return before you said TAT. Therefore, Can I give you a group that has ascended having affair is covered located? we're on the calendar airport. I would say you and the Brown Davis and hard and encourage fuse healthy and Russell. I'd have Russell sex with him
this game. You know, I'm saying it that's a stern look. I got his rank is look at Us Enterprise fire, my best possible starting five stopped coming. All railway were all elite and we are factors at the game in different ways to coaches. We play for a poster you ll ask you were all effective in different parts of the gay now. Look at this as a whole is the best who's not whose land were all affair. This is a group of ass. A damn good that's all as France right, because we guy who's your respect for each other's skill. The Russell stuff carry Harden Jason TAN. Not yet you know tat, we all respect each other, because we got a certain set of skills and well get out his guards. Bury me no Jane, my shoes That by bury me, am I should determine J bidden him his car.
Got a hundred and everybody but gets my spot and should do you know we are a leak group, a guys and Lee like we're, not without looking by all countries better than me or James Bohemia abroad. But how did I answer the question when he asked understand? I said it was a group: does a group that that levitate a little bit higher and use that group is somewhere between five and nine players? The penny- and this is the right word psyche. Now these are kind of their guys for that year and that the only guy that we lost from their group is quite HU. I gladly nine games give their humming games you play by evening sitting play and so where no high place. I know how I played you think he was his game got worse I get worried when guys have an injury like that at all can come back our worries homeless.
Why you need a cobbler, mostly to worry, like I get worried about, I worried when you broke your foot. Don't worry about you shouldn't! standing idly, some guys handle injuries differently. I guess they had a little bit. Why is it getting bruises? Never the wiser King Hooper, I know. Who business here gas will play The whole lives male back who's, the most underrated, tough covering the League, Asbury client, siege, amicable, really. A guy you get switched on your leg, dammit, nobody of Alike August. Anyway, my might stop them, but I feel like I hear
three questions about whether there is a bet made between the austerity. Now that we display mark Learn, oh wonders: why haven't prayers? Fucked, the media more like a fake twitter before only you guys now, it's fake it just a mass of people. Think too soon I really believe Israel. So now we can do that as from Cleaver. What's the now I watch undefeated Excalibur video you did with the Black Sea area. Report uninterrupted, unanswered release it undefeated unfortunate. Had surprised that to the most recognise worthless in the country, talk about politics or being asked by scientists stick to sports. Why? Is it. We don't hear commentators asking teachers to stick to teach entered the heinous Madison fuel
a basque boys. A real thing is, is a child's gay. We plan to Charles Gangs of Bergamo. They respect our intellect ancillary. Do they just languages gum athletes who just players, and based off all our physical elements were really to gave us is more minted. In fish wants to know. Have you ever considered, not speaking out about a public issue because of the potential She's, because an because she is more slowly and already have enough knowledge on this situation, So when you speak out, you ve studied near They need to know and you're coming out from a position of strength otherness, what everybody should do. You know what you're talking about map even evaluations. Don't speak out on every issue. This We agree you. I guess you describing the perfect country where imperfect
Lemme was in these people in our country. Like this stuff with the marches weekend. Did you think about anything anything support know support? Would. People, wherever really are in it in really took time to be a part of it. But how much more guns around you grown up DC. Will you think I'm asking you there were similar first go out for a nice all eight years old, my grandma Heidegger, my oh, my dear sir, arrogant I wants to know: isn't it
for you to get a high profile relationship fur with somebody like scissor Zoe. It's a reactor was says so high profile? Get uncover us weekly illegally does exist the reason I brought this up as because of her, follow up question Also hey rich. Are you single? Asking we're friends, you know personal up so out of wanting to personal should not go on only partially in asking for a friend who may or may not live in New York, and maybe not, but you know what that means. Jacob formulae wants to know you deal with the latter, dumb basketball, criticism from Twitter. Tv, radio talking heads every day, as we discussed earlier, the laureates
the lorry Abraham criticism felt different, more vicious, more personal when you saw that clip. Was your reaction, any different, then, when you hear other stupid things about doesnt know me really take a person. She is. One of our close friends said that I took a personal but no mediating show no. I come from a wearable sieges, she user
since you are motions get away. I know so as our good she's, no unaware as very diplomatic, yet, but also when someone so ignorant and said something so so stupid so openly. She speeding up the process of hopefully one day things being fixed in this world because she's being honest, she's really be honest about it. How absolutely races she is yet had taken the mask off a lot of people and then its people that have been ignoring the fact that that exist every day everywhere, where people that you are right next year, the people that you think really love and that's how people thanks are, then you can start figure out some kind of solution. So in some ways I member tie cabin that morning of us are, we can and I was infuriated and then I was like he wasn't as mad and it was like what
Swat without these, like men? Of course she feels that way. I can, it was like the ages was. It was not that it was. It was less offensive. Danbury wasn't surprise whereas like for us, I think, because, where non racist white people there's like we just assume that people may be with think how we think to write and people think about that. But she was a second outward races I don't think you were really surprised, but I'm I going to get mad is a woman who doesn't know me who some type of system shit like that? I call she to she's in the area where she started the shut up, a dreadful thing inadvertently that became a thing came within that became. Legacy of gopher Prairie really only right now, I feel sorry for. I hope she gets some help one day TJ wants to know if he says much love by the way.
Any topics of limits when it comes to trash talking and the court in your personal untouchable, firmly key problem. He bent on the birth of according to talk about Have you told your man this? Yet he never told you all here and take it. Therefore, and he's done at once- that there's one story with won T my ears, don't believe, was added value at the game. I could hear it. Somebody systems was at the game at boiling water, fourteen are now that Turkey is also well known. Ass, the man we keep it up again often Birmingham says I've noticed it's a veteran superstars, giving dynamo Mitchell a tunnel are both on and off the court. Oh yeah, I want to see how to love feel when they start window. Missus Dunn threaten them. When was the threat from Birmingham out knows how she's MBA stars? Whoever does he has one down immature starred in
be the love anywhere now Helena Did you love her, no more way started. You know people start to say he's balance. Many NBA stars who it is that www awareness things as we do and you get mad when I compare prior to another poor stopped, you like, everybody to be like their own model of human, but that's a fine when people have pieces of poorer, as I was saying about others alone of all summer, then let me eyes upon each other to let it We who they are, Madam Commissioner, is unique in his own way. I still like my team at church gave him plastic man scenario. Is it when, when what is a rookie? Have that like Mitchell?
where the guys I got your lover or like what do you see in some way? Lay that, were you say that, like that guy, that's one about, What is our trade? You look for a second it is so like a fire like he comes, I you. What is it we just don't care down measure took successor the night, my wife. He really just tried to again rat in arms and legs. Here me too, in weight yeah. He doesn't really wait, wait there. You always well understand the compared now to do, but I guess we warned, but. I just like one a day: no, they done matches Marv NET thirty, six shaggy yeah nonsense is what will make him better he's not had a wrong too,
He has a room to take their. You shall emerge from it. You know his coat. You sit down as a Lugano light, I like your aggressiveness, but like thirty six shots is a lot and he's going to figure out that you know he can he can. He can have He had thirty five points at nine. You can have thirty five points. Should I get in thirty six shots a lot of rookies. Don't have that opportunity like that he has an opportunity. You don't like to hear more from his mistakes on That is, you in the game out by shooting lot of and been aggressive out there, instead of just like watching sitting on the sidelines like I like those type of guys cuz. I was that type of guy. I can relate to him. You know what that was taken a large asthma rookie year you mean repeat is plain you at the two year you know so I can. I can relate to him look more dinner. They contain more jobs. Jackson, nonsense now, like their bachelors,
every light different situation, but I can related dung and misuse situation more so than Jason Tale. Will you also you play Tatum twice in his dear their lights above games. I've watched him season and those who are like two of his forwards games was the season till more. I just because I think he's nineteen is playing against the warriors, the er, the nervous I think we are placing, I know is a baby. He pays you next year. I bet a better. Have little sea legs, has been good for him in a negative way yeah, there's games. Where he's down the guy, you can create a shout format. It says in the world go alone on Sunday you need, if you want to be, if you need that you need will down, the mission was getting, you need, was Jayson Tatum's getting right. If he has any better. Nor do they need here was just get thrown in the fire,
does it assess the inquiry missing is get is clearly good thing for her skilful. He's from broken. Let's no, if Scarlet agreed today you, but only if you retired after the seas and what would you do know, how old are you still think well outside our go use, who she was seen, maybe retire for six months? also retires. Why I had no other because retire and then come back like us. Important Who would get more technical Dave G wants to now coach dream Andor Pledge remained firm, dream off ashore. Take. A player j, mind? It's it's a good host GMO, you text for sure Who here like this, the tactic the way is William had she's trying to fire bear? The question from me.
Do you like players? They don T like where's, my still I like it turns out fuck with these blood boy, you better but the play by plane. Answers are bug where they are. I wanna hear I again that the powers that be. As I pretended to be broadcast yet again: ass, good ass, gay dump, child a melody, gay they held a game or his blood, both gas. I you know I was at the city. They gave me the best question, the one that's get you gonna hate them us from Jack, Maple Minnesota he's a border. A blog is Mega simple, similar to the early thunder days with: U S broken heart and great together, but you Nazi see, therefore potential until the by themselves It's a lot going on with this question, including No wonder is the biggest needs to break out really really you're able to answer your son uninstall grandmother. They broke down negroes in the
When my son loves me, my dear I love negroes were heavy burden now, he, u every right is top three favorite, but he goes. You gotta gave a real, elaborate answer here. Quaver must cause he's good its words. Always where can we really have a sick? I dont this. That is an obvious put up her now, so we talk so whose quaver I don't know you you're always eat you, listen amigos! Yes, who is likewise we you without this one is cleverly elsewhere nor his yeah. I guess he's uncle uncle who signal Do you want to see my son's video garden one season european citizens. Never down were vision.
Was gonna lose out. If you ask me who he lay, there arose a shallow yours on what authority larger now, who always wherever they are, he's use you say, I'm quaver whose it was taken off. It harms harms chaos, Tommy things, hearted take off and rustles offset the outside. It. Yeah, I was a lot of do you think they have to break up to reach their full potential. They bought an outbreak of environment now that now thyself cause. I would argue it would have been there's a fun alternate is where the three of you stay together and maybe reach higher potential anywhere beyond the same thing that had been her. Did you get him in her new?
because the Le Basque by somebody's got me thou if at some point for my explain, were offered me at some point, this format. Left would have offered to me, because I keep hearing Mr Well, whoever who created its guy, it's gone. Bastardize bright. He set out for dog me, will normally it's like after me off dog words like it's in a room, and you know like in there'll be bladder, something where, like Dana, they Louis's that we offer the eighty four subjects while bird with alpha exploring. For me, but here's. What remains is what I think I perceive. It is mainly for basketball, you're in Cleveland Europe to nothing. There's three minutes left equivalence got the crab behind them, thereby to win some point, everybody's got, look granted and some is gonna, be like I got this. That's I interpret article four basketball solution and I said it:
I think that in my dinner, as you did, I didn't say it now, but you didn't need to like the o, eight Olympics in Greece, when Spain's comrade there'll, be it in their rattled. The crowds into an cubic I got this gas makes couple place. You get was a butler here. Do you need or do you need you don't need to say You give me the boar, now give it up now. I think it is happens if the balance is right on the team who, Julian exact again a basketball shit happens and when teams don't know what that balances. You have situations like two thousand level. Eleven Miami First, you in their last in the files and waited the Brown were like equally good, things started gone wrong in the bow. It wasn't, there wasn't really there till the next year and weighed can't hurt his knee in the browser. I got this and he went up cause it's.
Basketball is, unlike any other sport. At some point, the energy, a basketball show, tells you who the best players- you don't have to say it. You don't have to go and tell everybody what to do. Who, like you don't have to you know, be the main guy in the whole. Wasn't talkin shiting on the game is going to show you when you I don't know is more show you hooligan about this at moments.
They knew the getaway double sometimes in either you brought a bull, they gave it to the game dictated then no Bert person could do the swallows best will gain so much energy. It again dictates whatever happens. All too I tax Kevin threat. We have part two coming up: we're gonna put it up at some point on Thursday that tellin you, when you're just going to have to keep refresh air website waiting for it to come up. It gets really crazy impart to it. It is the wheels come off in a lot of different ways and very fun way. So that's coming don't forget about the ringer March now available. I did go to the ringer dot com, slash shop, any he get our coveted green hat as well as we have a hoodie up their way about sex
he showed something to be adding a whole bunch more as as the year goes long so stating for that. Don't about the three capitals Atlantis Thursday read after land ads on effects than we have it, and then on Sunday, read after billions on Showtime Mean Mallory Ribbon doing it, and if you haven't subscribe- the ringer amount at Jack on? I might be on their this week gone back and forth about the Red Sox and then Jackass golf back ass, the Masters House, an area to be there next week, but the big masters previous Shack septic is Monday. I haven't been this excited for a masters all decade, plus I'm going with better than that anyway. Part two Kevin Durant coming up tomorrow. Until then, next day
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