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Kobe vs. Duncan, Lob City vs. Sterling, and the "We Believe" Warriors With Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. Plus: Best ‘Last Dance’ Lies!


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House and Jason Concepcion to run though Jason's list of the biggest lies told in the ESPN documentary series 'The Last Dance' (2:20). Then, Bill talks with NBA champions Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes about the inception of the 'All the Smoke' podcast, their thoughts on the NBA playoffs prior to the league shutdown, Matt's time at the Clippers during the Donald Sterling era, the complex chemistry of the "Lob City" Clippers, the "We Believe" Warriors, Tim Duncan vs. Kobe Bryant, the best teams they've ever played on, and much more (25:55)!

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Today's observable of Bill Simmons Podcast on the ringer by gas network, broadly I Zapruder hay was people and businesses are branching out during this time you see and such media athletes doing the Ben Ruthless. Get a haircut all kinds of words that, while there are places that are doing what they ve always done like our presented sponsorship critter throughout all this. There, MRS remained the same they're still helping people find jobs and helping companies higher for their teams by bringing other candidates who need employment and employers. Looking for great cannonade Zapruder committed to helping I work for a stay strong, let's worked together, Zapruder Dhaka, slash work together, were also brought to you by boom bust. The right as an far of age, cute trivia, our new narrative, podcast areas, those couple episodes already up. It's the latest diaphragm. Can. I you may be listened to the wire way down the hall.
Maybe listenin to flying coach with P Carroll and steep her. I sure hope you are. Because this is the best episode ever this week, Bill Murray. And if we get Bill Maria, my pack ass, the coaches, they get it cast within five years said Bell Murray's, comrade I'm jealous a member I feel spiteful I can't believe it and guess what you're? Not only this, but Burma was awesome. I don't even know if he's even better a pike ass before, but that's happening to so you can. That outcome it up on this package. Can I talk for like two minutes about the NBA at the top and then we're gonna do the boy lies of the M J, documented desktop to your house and then finally, people have wanted this for a while the others guys, Melbourne Stephen Jackson, Had Stephen Jackson on was stuff before, but never with map irons and never on this path cast its awesome. I love these guys
promise you you will enjoy this past or your money back. First, our friends the last debts is in the box. One last thing to discuss Joe has this year case perception is here: Jason went through the air tat. Besides noticed there. Current theme that M J might not of totally honest about some of these six house. I don't, but I don't know if you taken everything, I'm J was saying at face value. I wasn't I don't know if you I'd, believe laughter and I loved. Let me just say that I love the documentary I will spend
as many hours as they will give us with M J he'll wise. To my face. I loved three idle Think of them always lies. I just think of M J operating in the fourth dimension. He saw ahead of his time. Here, though, is that the time space contain? and his mental acuity in terms of running his world energy to our world. That's the way that I prefer to think about. World that M J occupied right, it's Steve jobs would like what they said about Steve Jobs heap. He bends reality to his reality, Israel is his reality woke. The question is, Is it a lie? If you believe what you're saying is true, probably not. Well, I don't know you. We should ask the presently united, safe AHA so? Jason to keep track of the biggest law-
eyes that he felt like just were hard to accept for M J side, he's gonna count them down and we're going to react. You wanna go. Surely you have I, as I have about six? Let's call you wanna go six to one or one, the six: let's go six to one, ok the number six have a gambling problem. I have a competition problem. Now I put this at six because, while I think he clearly is fiend for action, Michael Jordan, if he sought to an crawling cross the floor would immediately look for anyone to take his action on which aunt would win right, but it like is a fiend for that You know he's got enough money were You can argue that it actually is not a problem that said the, interview of him with the sunglasses on denying carefully is iconic got it
ass when somebody says they don't again. We problem, because if they did, they would have lost their wife in their house, is that it that is an expedition to accept. Well now is somebody that's been on the brink of losing my wife and my house, my own self, hey the M J rationale. I feel like he was speaking directly to me. I absolutely justifiable and fair description of of the dynamic. That he is dealing with their he just has occurred is motivated by competition. That's all right at me did see him the low later. From a competition standpoint was whatever game. He was playing with that security Guard who at the mall at whereas I don't even know what their game was. His throat see who can get the coin closest to the wall yeah was ever was if he hasn't quarters that the famous game is picnicking, honey, you're, picking Japan is the air
Famous game who and where we can do about it- you got on board the aborted. Do you have to be it? How limited dear resources have to be that? This is something I have said. I would together. We would all play Wall Bow and our dorm we're data racquetball against the wall and if their doubts twice, you lost. The point that was you're times by undertaking, then pitching quarters and that one, that's probably my single favorite moment from the dock just cause it's like, what a cool relationship to have with M J, where you just around in that much in like these security guards can bust. His balls like, as you know, I M J- was past yeah Here's the deal they shroud. Only why? Why did you go protect the United setter that case study for the bad guy hitting MIKE Mike with his own, shrug not once but twice because we needed to make sure that Gus saw underwrite iconic alter
that's Amber sex. I agree that well, but somber five number five. I didn't push off now. Let me just say this: I dont think that that's it. Bout at all bid. You don't call that enemy finals. It's not a foul! You that will go. This is like weight with Charles Smith, the famous Charles Smith play. Do I think he got felt yes do you call that no I've made my peace without you don't call. That said, people say that might in push off Bob Casas among them why is his hand on Brian Russell what's it doing now, people will say okay, but he his momentum, rinds momentum was taking in that way. Yeah like was moving in that direction to and then pushed off on Briar Russell so that Brian could, Ten you going in that way and then might could take the shot it didn't take much.
In pushing hard because even need to cause. They were both moving in that direction. Now again should they have called it no, but was it a push of low? I would I would have to me it's like makes you just we like you, push them fuck everyone. I did it. So I think there were. There were two other people on the planet who thought method and push off they're, both interviewed immediately after historian, the Dac Bob cost us and who is the other person was one of the members and came out. It was a year and push off it's like. Well, we found the only do people on the planet who thinks it in push up house. Do you think he pushed off? I think that on your definition of push. Now there is no question that, goals, hand makes contact with Byron we ship without me, plans exactly right, but is it incidental contact to the laws of physics,
If we did, we brought on a physicist and attempted to to us establish whether or not Michael generated oppositional force to propel himself in the other direction. I'm not sure that we would get there. So I just feel like you got to pee wee got. It was first established. The rules of the word push before we say push that Michael push them. Here's my counter. There, on the edge of a building and Brian rustles momentum, going towards the edge and Michael, That with the sand does he go to jail. I think yes, and Brian Russell fall off the building. Without the push I say now he's going back. Words, but he's that losing his balance because she like some leaves it has right off the building and the way I see it, what they wish
Talking about that J Brokers, ankles either way back for irish loses that, but all true agreed. I don't like that. He I like that he pushed off by way Reggie Miller and Game for the dancers. They show that only which are very two handed that another who ended pushed to make stressed and by the way that our money is worth that should not be called either. Now. That's really, we agree, smile number four biggest lie in the Michael Jordan Documentary the kind of casual reveal. Now this is out it is a lie, but the very casual reveal that the Lorraine Ford Smith, nice game MIKE Story- just never happened in that MIKE, had had gated this conspiracy theory. For a number of years. Before going at it didn't happen. I'd I said that just to get fired up. Accordingly. We should all these other stories, like the George Carl Dinner story, calls into question all these other things. Yeah
the George Carl Dinner story as the accompanying for like the four b right, alas, cause VON George Krona Margin that, unlike what you you Fired up enough for the net Nicky, ninety six mba findings of the journey and I gotta take mediated at that dinner. He was very relaxed about it until George calls snubbed amid dinner, there is there, yes, that is six finals, tough to get enough energy housework. Bigger bullshit, the George growled dinner story or m J. Just casually admitting all these years later, that poor Le Bradford Psmith your guy you're bullet at the time that he made the whole thing up So I'm glad of this number four, because this is exactly the fourth plain level of existence that Michael occupied, you know it's a different light Variants than all the rest of us I
obviously enjoyed it. I've enjoyed it so much now, it's come out sometime. It wasn't a lie all the way up until this documentary Michael conceded. It was a lie some time ago by it was great for the whole To see what it took, four Michael turned red himself up and to have the correct mindset. They beat they the the pants off the bullets in both those games, and bill had to come up with some kind of reason, the show up for the next game and end drop thirty six in the first half. That's not necessary. You didn't have to do that J. Now, I'm gonna win either way, but but I will this. It has led me. I have a perpetual search in in Ebay Game, worn well bred for Smith, Jersey, there's no price. I won't pay for it hasn't shown up. Yet more amazing, Jason, Tattler Bradford spent.
Cord thirty seven points in an mba game. They did you see his is. The hitching is job shot that had eyebrow can clock and broken shot is right twice a day. Apparently it unfortunately Bradford only got one game out of it, but it was what a game. It was it's that and Jane you putting up twenty six and ninety seven against M J, the two greatest bullets, red abodes performances, the number three biggest lie the dac number three. I did not keep Zeke from the dream team. But come first, What's up all so if we're litigating, this in a court of law has We have the good words is its literally true. He didn't have the authority to keep him from the dream team. He did not Wasn't it wasn't his decision. He might shared his views, but he it is literally and legally accurate. Its legal, accurate
I agree with that. According to the letter of the law, it is, it is accurate. Spirit of the law. I would argue, is quite something else MIKE, absolutely had the leverage to keep Zeke. Often team and had to know why. He mentioned that he didn't for I fear that this was on the table, for I had to know that here's what here's out actually put out the the hatred. In the two of them, was down enough at that point that no he's not playing. If I says on the tin, in a weird way. He's not lie because he's a wide. I never said, but I also know he's that could be on the team with Isaiah. So it's like a chicken and egg thing right This is a rather river bring it up. They know he would imply with as air. That's why it's number three
It's like that was true of more than just M J too. There are some other guys. It seem like the way they. They told that that aspect of the stories like some of the other guys we're not willing to play. If I say it was on the team or here so you have pit, and who also hates Isaiah from all the boys piston stuff you, a bird who, in eighty seven he does their fears. Black he'd be just another good guy. That thing in the bird Attica save his ass in a press conference and then you have magic. Can there always are these rumours and those guys had a real falling out the early ninetys? There is always rumours that spread rumours about magic, no, but nobody's ever really been able to figure out the truth, so dahlia for the best guys in the team. Her out item Barkley Hated, the pistons it's like is think if you're, going to be in cobra, I very jolly Lawrence, you
be amazed that Ralph MACHO do what you want a soccer team like it's. You can't have it both ways. Sorry Isaiah number, two, Number two, every boy set me was doing drugs and hanging out with women in a hotel room thereon, that same hotel, room, partying, exe. For me. I was not there very you know it convenient if one of your friends bill came and said. Are you never get? A man saw it. I was partying in others, it there's workers and I go into the back office there in everybody's in there just just going well, I did not put that wasn't. I was involved in that. Wasn't me, but I saw it come on. I just don't why even mention Everyone was in there except you I have to. I find the suspect house. Well
I did the sequencing matters right. The way they set it up is he was Rookie was at the very beginning of his relationship with the bulls. He's finding his way. He doesn't right rules of the road exactly Yeah drinking drinking, in his hotel room milking cookies at night, and these looking teammates tis to spend some quality social time. Lo and behold, the entire group is key. Being in one room, Michael apparently did not get the invitation as a rookie. Maybe this was part of the hazing and when he stumbled upon, on the same day, invite him, but I too to believe that he was so offended by not having received the original invitation that he said are no, no you if you wanted me and you would have had me in, and I think Michael went that three of his own girls and went back to his room
That's very so. I did a deep dive on their team and therefore and their team who, at some point in the eighties, add some sort of drug thing. So he there's at twelve Gaza t. Maybe like one entered this person, Story has evolved over the years and I think it's about in the same way where we tell stories you know like how can I watch didn't? We watched it the Thyssen fight together. There's a party of my house, there's probably, was probably thirty. Five people, forty people there, but now the years passed ass in there's two hundred people there and I had hundreds I guess he went in a room and there's like five or six balls, there's coke. There's some women and the years pass it becomes. The whole team was in their thoughts came obviously wasn't in there the better they had set exaggeration. More that I lie. Ok, I agree.
It's like one. My mom tell stories about. When I was three in there. I just know they're not sure psycho yeah, you could speak Spain. When you are three as they know I couldn't. Why are you saying that I have so? I think why is that he's making it seem like he was like this angel compared to everybody else when he clearly wanted famously MIKE did not like to hang out and carouse yeah. Let us say, that's not true the corral seeing be it out? the candle piece of it was their very most of their career for em number one Number one. During the NBA finals against future in Utah. I might Jordan ordered a piece under my own name. The peace. We then delivered pass the front desk
to my room by five guys who poison the and that is why I got sick and then played in the game that is now known as the flute it. I was poisoned by a pizza in you there's a lot to work both on this one. I just think you, five guys seems like a lot, I'm so glad number one. Imagining before high yeah, this is Michael Jordan, NBA, superstar, shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls, I'm playing the jazz. Finally, in your town, I'd like a pizza delivered to a room. Twelve, be that's my room, Michael Jordan. Don't worry about the front. Just bring it all up here, as their staying at the merry in SALT Lake City, everything's those except for this one. Mystery pizza place right that son as five guys working at it a lead Somehow they have to know this pizzas for Michael Jordan right
No I'd TIM Grover's there, like is, is trainer do they will about having TIM Grover order, the pizza, I don't know how they paid for it. Maybe they paid cash. So much of this doesn't add up about this. Maybe it was just a bad pizza if the others, just like bad pepperoni from subsidies, SALT Lake City Pizza place. Why do we have this whole complicated story? Right I mean did to me the Indonesian that when Grover says in these five guys in the hall way trying to look in and as like MIKE. I don't think you should eat this next scenery, sick, it's like if you I had a bad feeling. If you eat he's so late at night and then go to bed and wake up. Feeling. Well, that's not a conspiracy you know it even happen house. What is most realistic version. What actually happened that night while not- and we have the benefit of just today- as we are taking this a person hook,
We aim to have been the guy that prepared the pizza and delivered the pizza has gone on the record and what is his tail? What he says about the relevant facts now know he doesn't say that Michael on the phone and Michael identified himself. He simply says that was a late call from the Marriott and this guy by the way described himself as an enormous Paul span, and it's a it's. A pizza hut there not like said he, I think, that's the only places open late for a late night snack. He says a call came in from the merry out he said he's doing and his head it has to be for the bulls, so he makes the pity site to make the pizza for his own and he says it's him and one other guy that went to the whole. Tell room it wasn't five. You said they weren't even five people that worked all store, but they they made it through the security, rigmarole
They knew the room number another room number was given and they walked. They're in their peak and they were trying to see when they gave the peat in there. So I think you know Grover might have exaggerated a little bit, but of an export, for what's going on here, part of the story involves, all well meaning stench of cigar smoke, and a crucial element of this story relating to the pizza is that when a until the room Michael Jordan, spent on it? Nobody, how bout this Michael Jordan poisoned, himself, because if it had gone, oh in exactly right are known carcinogen tobacco from Slovakia, tobacco, Jews and his mouth, it puts at all for that pizza and then Geats that cigar pizza by himself and makes them
while sick you m J. I love. That's amazing. The self poisoning what have was throw yourself points of themselves, credible, wow? I bear in mind that it was a shitty pizza place. Salt Lake City that the pepperoni might have been out all night I won't for an hour, tolerate any pepperoni slander, Let me go. Let me ask you guys this, how how many times did like European League, have to go over TIM Grover's interview they are to make sure that he is not slandering this pizza place and the move a guy, because he doesn't say it, but he comes pretty close to saying they fucked with the pizza,
like these five guys, their pekin in and then I said, I m J. I don't know about this. I don't know if she should eat it. Work, Why wasn't there room service at the merrier, where the bulls we're staying? Eighteen, forty, two garden great crust greatly. Why these? What service ridiculous? I agree that list Jason pleasure how gear leisure- as always I like their theory, thirty dollars in Irene, bringing the other small guys and one second first vandals boards book there, just as accept as I am This Sundays champions for charity, golf match featuring Tiger woods and paint Manning and went home filmmaker Syn and Tom Brady, on the other check this out for new users, vandal running an incredible odds, booze down the match, sign up for vandals sports, but right now you can bet
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designated designated offer market tenor. Minimum first deposit required hundred our MAX bonus gamble how, when and how to gamble on India Car window. Goodnight with it or in Colorado car. When an hundred five, two to forty seven- hundred without further Ado, Stephen Jackson met parts, Eureka all right these guys that Barnes, Stephen Jackson, alot of people creating so Spock ass, most of them are bad, and these I have actually created a really good podcast that breaks news and pulls good performances, The gas and just walk me through how? How did you decide the two I'll start with Matt. How did it? How do we had to decide the two of you should even have a podcast and what were the goals of Dischley We were both working respect, looking for ESPN or Fox at the time really back and forth, and we just kept
positive feedback like we like a real you guys. Are we like this like that, and then they kind of started, together, like together, like you and jacket, this isn't that and I'm just like. Ok, suddenly, my house in the Bay one time taken back, you know till we do, namely that we should do something together, and you know I can speak for myself like I really did even over a package was at the time, but I just know it wasn't it You know what the European obviously Disney and Fox be a box begun at the walk straight line. Doing that you know son, dissection, ass in taxation, and where did what like? What is a package of insects? fast forward to me. Speaking on the markets, cousins, documentary that research- and I think, was when he was coming back- The producers, as I heard you were you got it, you want to go back ass. For my part, I think suddenly notified as there is no. We need to talk to shelter ships. Do you mean we shall time no sizzle
India is gonna catch in the Bible me and in a jack in and they took its. I don't think knew what we had at the time. You know it's what we were talking about this since we started we do know. We had a deal makes that I didn't know what a package was. They were starting Showtime, basketball, but it will know where it was headed. We struggle well, it's the biggest pigs, her grandam, the last three years. My career, I just can't believe this is at the ringer. This is the most ringer podcast. There is capped the jack. It's good too working with you again. We go way back to the great basque bar for about eight minutes. You jail, but that was really thought. That was the first time Europe TV right. Where are you Do you always say that you started areas? Bambridge really started me? tv and going into anything like tat period out my first time, arrogant beyond my power. Ass requests. Do anything like that. So he will. You are natural. You a good you'll, die right away. I know, as this guy has it, so I was thinking
You guys, and I want to go. The pot and all that stuff, but going backwards, it's a lot o basketball games, because, unlike you now withdraw. I need hoops its spread. You Adam used to watch him play games right now. The we believe team was on scupper. Those barriers Games from oh seven a crowd insane. My opinion, so Steve Curve who's been allowed a big games and has one championships and stuff but announced I think, game six and was eight the greatest cried ever benefit as for ever and alive, a game and I've seen what the crowd was doing for you guys. Those games is, if, to say, we will never have a basketball crowd like that. Ever again, that was like the last perfect basketball crowd. Because you at you, you had a lot of things that made their mom. You know the thirteen year by our drought. That arena. Corina was one of a kind that city alkaline is one
the guy Seeing we had was one of a guy. You had a whole bunch of castaways there, together and then when about found love, a basketball won't come and go to love a basketball I was able to, the family of a brotherhood, and we gave and have to have some success along with the coach, Hu, let his whole team be then been shouted transform any by. Let everybody be themselves, they're coming together made moment, so I don't think that no one will ever be duplicated because it was so many things I made a moment. Have you I think it was. It was The storm here like Jack said, and I think the fact that I always liked I'm ever longer run. I think one of the things we are proud of snub was, but not for the city, because that fan base was, Phasing in Vienna and I have been through some ups and downs in all major sports across black lumber, they'd always been consistent, fan base You know whether the writer suck, whether the way such aid giants niner. Never was there was
the very loyal fan base. So we can put our you know, got things go in the second half of the season. The mass stretch run. We continue to feel it. Did you around the city, a minute gains and environment, even in the first round the planet, during you know during should around all first, while the path archelaus field will bring into the game early. You know me wickedly, as part of these again briefer out before heartless. Feel barbecue smoke we love music, I'm like this is already we're not even the arena yet so we get to the arena during warmest and its filled up and people are standing, in moving around it. It was one most electric feelings in atmosphere, Dinah rebellion in the sunny meant to. As you said, it seems that this day was the loudest arena. Is rebellion and eat. You know he caused the dynasty, you know what does do you know tat same place, but it was a different time takes were more affordable prices, but he was so hungry first or a winner, better. Just all. I guess that it was a purpose. Storm court were to happen. You dad
in their game, six, it's basically tied at half time. And then in the second half you guys don't make it some shots, and it's like a racket and the maps are there. Almost like Michael Spinks in the Thyssen fight like they didn't get in everyone's there in the headlights, everyone's abolished, you guys Jack's bacon, Thirty footers Hitler Baron stuck at over sixteen guys like it's. Obviously it's like the whole team got supercharged and I don't know. I just think, as we had into this decade, especially with how expensive the seeds have gotten the type of a red, their building, just now. I don't know if we see that again. Why didn't that team you type in your opinion- is back in like me that it should have happened, what's the people don't know Gamestick before the game sex when we beat Dallas beauty came just before the game and told him that he was on one leg and he didn't have it. He can't told her that, before the game,
and we know we know we had finished finish the mob. We know we had already had a number, but I think at them. Be Dallas. We were so satisfied. We would beat again in drawing up a coach coming. Why? Because no cause attitudes which will mark you yeah debate, I didn't even got a person ganz. You look at the first gangs me personally, along with getting screwed by referees and missing red rose, we had to be. If you look at me, look at the Brighton gangs and look at the referees we had You guys you see what I'm talkin about beer and it's you make out we must re. Drivers will look at the rubber ways we have, but a person who gave their use. I did you tell me what you think. We're that was added done, hasten in their work. That was his last year Oh man now made out have research says after the pad shit epidemics, His words were in the midst of getting a week. They ve got married gather and myself.
Would bear another day, we're gonna just rehashing. We talked about this in a pointed out, something that I never really thought up in here. I felt like now. Let us put off the gas you mean it was so much built into kicking down last year and we did it I jack said we had set up, but we want a championship, nothing! You weren't focused for the next round. But if you look at the next round, the rotation was different than the first round. We were doing stuff that we had to get us there and then, on top of some very Western will cause the other stretching game, one against through a new top it. It just didn't work out for a scene of where we felt like the way we had as its ass. It gets you taught it Caesar. You know add up at a very good team? We had a chance to do some special, it just kind of died in the second round of fortune, Well, then you would add the spurs the next round, which should have been the captain Jack revenge series. You have been ready for that one hour
a good about this series for some reason, because I know that team a norm well- and I knew No, I understand what was no stopped him but they had no body on its aim. Baron days, if you look at this season, we beat them both times at all that season. You know how I was gone with. Greater value guys had a whole edge data. Is one of the ways to try to beat those spurs, dames cuz that was so polite. Such advice four guys it is The way to really go at them was the two be relaunched out above them and be assholes to them. Without knows our specialty yeah, you couldn't youtube rattled Samuel Johnson was one of the guys I was out the buggy, but the other guys on the team. That guy, The time is now really get oversized. Man is now really get no possess. This game, mainly those guys in his spurs organization, could create but himself. You know they won't gases bought up to dollar one of them. I got to be a bit great, so we have been in a grey situation. Matt
The best team you ve ever been on when he looked back as you you had a lot of teams and you were lot of moments. What was what was like the peak? I think you don't getting, although I've got her going into the playoffs, probably the golden state team, the second time around, you know what Katie step but you know how we believe team was very towns and I felt like we want peace away, and then you know you never have you a pike, ass, early, ass, this and all start are you really like? We were all after that? reason we were all into the thing that we're supposed to trade Jay Rich in and it kind of a trade to get Kevin Garnett when we probably could have got them. That would have been something special, but I'm dope, the Lob city teams, very, very talented, but too much ego between our stars and then get a chance to play with cold Phil Jackson's last year, where you
Did you get it you know, is diagnosed with cancer and ends up Stepan away. I got her. I taught me that season be weary, but they had just won two in a row going for a three peat and then kind of everything falls down at the end. So I would will we say what's gonna be seventeen has to be the best team you now you are Herbert idling debts and short list of best teams about time. Like yeah, I guess Twenty one points a game in the play off season was it was. It was and curry, she's very ugly. What to me I mean in the Taiwan I was there. The chemistry was incredible. You know you hear stories after and all this kind of stuff, but you know, and I'm really being I'm picking up on shit in there was no at the time it was all best boy was all about winning in an impasse, but maybe teams, especially there were so many individual stars on letting why I did three three four ass with the red that year,
which were he was great and it was alive. It was a lot like the package that you guys do where it is. Just like he's like ask me anything everything on the table. He was so happy that first year you see wealth Oklahoma City. I fancy that little tiny town through this big city and in all the sun? S rays play basketball and My theory was always after he won and with total toward the broad and was better than em in the files and was and heat he's gonna get the credit as like. He was the guy now it didn't happen, and I dont know if he was ever the same after that. You grew that Stephen Yummy to go there and when the championship, you know he expected out upraised with people they make a saying that he was a snare gay you supposed to win by going there. You are changed all about it, they just and what happens when you a top at the top of anything football I think you at the top people hate to see you at the tagging
Wait just a poor damage like eighty is no different, but I'm daddy, I'm glad he got up a stronger armor and to deal with more days now inhabit. A platform kids mining and encounter reply on things. Other people say about him and that's all you can do, but you got to have tough skin yeah. You know that you talked about the eagles with that clipper team. That too tat something worse, as you said, everything was perfect. By the time we got in the year. Three. It see it wasn't, when did you? When did you know things had changed? If you talk about year, one year to year three that workers Journey wended from afar, last year when we're like this, doesn't feel right anymore with that way or table with the collaborating with the warrior team. I wonder why the clippers later, I think it was after that first year you know it's. Eighty clearly came out it improved to the world that he was the best player in the world.
Anything about credit. You know we had a chance it out with dream on on the pike asked about it, and now I was absolutely retired after this season, and he just kind of felt like the energy was off. Ok, diesel, Cadiz or energy chain can also from the outside. Looking in you know, I couldn't really see it because I'm the outside. Now, though, still communicating with those guys. I added because I wasn't in the locker room, but slowly but there, but surely you know things started to unravel, know whether it was his Katie's unhappiness were not getting the credit or you know you. That there's frustration about guys doing taken so many shots. I give you a lot of stuff, but you know it's hard for me to speak out about. Was it in that situation,
but to me when you look back on the history of actually watching the last day. It's it's harder. The more you win, because here there's more opinions. There is more individuality after you finding one as a group I thought maybe I need to give more money, or maybe I deplore shots, or maybe just maybe that's so when you speak on timber, at the win championships and become a dynasty. You know when people would when might step away in the end, and you know what women Avian left it's hard to say, even though I tell it on paper, these teams still have a lot of talent, but for me the hardest thing have been able to stay mentally tough, immensely focused on the task at hand, because it only gives harder with winning. I mean you saw my was not merely driven retirement the first time because it was just so much media on his head and it's not even the type of media that there is today. So imagine that on steroids you know so I think the media plays a huge part and I think I played a huge part of the warriors. I think it real
you know they found a little chink, Emmy, armor and fair with and then ran with it. You know rather called that the disease, a more you when you, when you have a one, yet it's you to get nobody on the same page, but once you every bit, as I got time for me to get more gimme, more money, you mean more shots, I need our minutes and energies. I'm goin! I mean this is Captain Jack ended up in Atlanta after two thousand three you. The title cigar. I maker I wanna contract thou. How would you sign for leg was over twenty million right? Where are they offer. Me breeds any a three year to me out of here. And really gonna save automatic. Romano. It's on its own is left with a lot of four million that the main dollars and it Santa sign, the thirty, the main idea, when he got up two points in the right, which is you
already got your title was time to go. I this is why it so hard to keep teams today just a general ban on top of it. You know you have that day. Any of the ego stuff that my pop up and others I get the last stands dating really go into this as much as I thought they would, but in Jordan, stocks added the ninety three balls, you'd Horace Grant he's just tired adjourned. At that point he knows he has a big contract, common Pippins, that he's, underpaid dj she wants to play more Stacy came. Its whores grants job, and these are all things after you when a couple titles it just gets harder, but that address the difference with the spurs Stephen was dead when Duncan your best guy, it's really I have bad chemistry right minutes, it's pretty impossible, yea by example, and day when you got a guy like you anything around. You know. I think I am
one day when a championship David, ninety nine days there should be one or two thousand three that was the blueprint to pocket super anything rounds and Duncan and plan their system for four years, and he knows it Is it just want? No situation, you have a copy running over the boy, James you can, around eighty will no matter what you put around their gas will be down in it. I went to Gallatin no pop taught others through too you don't you got on to extra who I saw it back and get on Jim. You gotta, take it as well. So an and and as our power and reviewed in buying. You know you, you, don't you sensuality that the greatest waiting when win should championship just go in and buy it. I think about had benefited from when the gems, abandoned, as is the alpha. Look answer me, I looked at the spurs. Like the patriots, you know me up your belt checking Brady wrapped him ducking so you're able to plug pieces in another
because the system around is so solid, Maniatis I'll go and plug, lawyers in here and there, and then they know when they're coming here, like they said, I'm sure Bella check out on time. You know Papa's on TIM, so I can talk to TIM anyway. You damn sure going to listen to who let you know whatever is going on and realizing it's all about the team at all about you know as a boss? The van? I really appreciate that you brought the patriots in their sad thanks for that This is why I have Duncan ahead a cobra though, which an opinion that I dont think most people have, but I just feel egg Duncan at Bay legally any point of his career in the first ten years, definitely and then even the next four five he put some guys around him? You're making the playoffs if they're, like, even above average, now you're guaranteed fifty winds and if its be minus supporting CAS with one other guy. Now, I'm in the potential in the semi finals and so on, and I
I just don't think. Coolby was like that, as I think, if it was just call in a bunch of mediocre guys. We saw was gonna happen. The mid two thousand, your basically in light that forty one forty five when range and that's it Stephen, who do if you had to pick one of those guys. Who would you packed to build a chimera, the team around me personally, I would go with call me I wouldn't go. That contain. Ok, tell me why well because it always So in the end is out. I want somebody with copies attitude and is approaching to leave my tea attempt, TIM wasn't really to outspoken and have had to do a lot of it. I had to do a lot of that. When I was young, I had better protector gotta get gods base that we call the bran he's gonna get everything that you need in one in one body deleted to the championship pop had to put so different, personalities in different aspects. Arousing TIM Duncan.
But the organisation to be what it is meant to report on the second time from TAT brought me back, is like maybe not bring back to detain need some nasty we don't have mass. You know me, so When was in the right situation, you're, not saying Kobe Bryant that you can put Kobe Bryant any situation he's going to bring God's alone, giving her attitude and more wish him dead. Two has now begun and I felt the same way soon. I think that this is not a discredit. Anything the TIM Berners eat up, some of the greatest power be greatest are forever, but there was a consistency throughout his career that he had taken I'll be went to a lot of bullshit coaches outside of fear. You know I mean and and an ongoing big between him and check, whether out they had to choose between one. So I think like Jack setting in watching. I got shields watching the last dance with me.
I may show like India in practice an album ETA be wasn't how I got a people, s custom out and was about to item, because I was coming no matter what it took. He was gonna win Let me hear people like Channing Frye, coming out and crying like all that time. That shit is all win. It all cops got. I mean these guys wanted to win. It wasn't about making friends when you go into the NBA. Your goal is for when your goal is to what as much as you can and make as much money as you can, while you can, if you happen to develop some amazing friendship, such jack and I it'll last a life That's just a cherry. On top with your not going in looking to make friends are going into win so guys that win at all costs like I. Would you not want to play with guys it's going to do absolutely everything to win you're going to hurt feelings, but I bet that's what happened on the way to the top,
any business. You know to become a ceo or become a billionaire you're stepping on people daily. You know what I mean stuff to win championships and at the level, and as many of these guys, one that's what it took. So when I'm sitting back watching the last dance, I'm just like holy shit like this is Kobe all over again. You know that there's documented elbow in the shit out of Sasha and cussing people out, and then you see you know you see. Mj punches Steve in the face and cussing people That's what these guys were built different in the end to me. That's why those two one and two in my book in IRAN is a very close third and has the ability to pass cobia to it being a conversation with join one but the, but Emma Jane Copy were different. Like Jack said, we have the Abbe had it all in one one package like they had the dog, they had the intelligence. They always he had the skill levels, they had the mental capacity and they had a fire too
at all costs them to me. I love that by I feel, like I just lost the argument, because I'm out I voted to launder guys. Both you guys played against both guys, some kind of fact there This feels like it was what's that What's like the number one memory you have of copious atee may cause you caught him at the tail end of the of his prime there, when which can be dangerous, especially in basketball. When somebody is still carrying themselves like the best personally but they're not anymore. Just as mental approach is his approach, the game everyday changed. I got a chance to travel out Orange County work out with them or workin out before the sun comes up. Again shots of IRAN on the track we lived in weight is bent towards one quick store, we're flying to Spain once I'm, I'm freezing in, were ever was knocked out or even over time is, but the whole covers knocked out, but I see cobia over there was some headphones on it.
Obviously like our ship is things over your rapid even go talks and shit, and I know we can wrap slackened of going over there and I'm looking and he has his pieces craftspeople. Maybe like thirty basketball courts drawn on it in I'm slaves like. What's he doing any like I'm dry? set in the triangle to figure out where you guys are going to be open. I'm just okay play me like why I never look in the first offender, I'm always looking at the second defender and the helps So I'm trying to figure out where you were low RON. Everyone else is gonna, be open when and he had his self on all different angles of the court and how the defence, which shaded him in where he felt we're gonna be open it and when I saw that decide this is insane, but it's a beautiful mind because he was upset we're getting the most out, not only yourself, but us in October, was someone that accession, ass on the heartbeat, but mostly time you just look at you because he's leading by example, he's dying
The floor is due in actually with every can easily get pissed off, sometimes not see me around with a decent guys, but if someone would give up and put them on guard them move chill out broke. You like we got, but he was that I'm the guy into me. That's what puts him ahead of the brain is just that in this. The note in all respects the bronze greatness copy was gonna, be a killer in we're gonna think it was gonna, be because I move the Kobe made and that's what I want like like Jackson, I wanna a leader like that and you closest Lebron, came to tapping into that. Probably two thousand eighteen, his last Cleveland season, when I talked about this on this As but I went to game one when he had like fifty and that that was the famous chair, Psmith Game, I was there that was the most predict individual performance. I think I've seen on a basketball cork as its basically him against one of the great thieves of our time and he's.
Only controlling the game, but when he really wanted to use is getting lapse in Canada Matter. Who is there physically was honestly like watching we'll Chamberlain or somebody. I know what it was like a centred. Somebody thought all that, but he is, I am just back in my do down again lay up no matter what You feel that way that with him that year, that that was something here, happy into something a little different work. Better again, one whose numbers at the gangway was unbelievable. But in the lose their game it really trust me, because I really really did I really never seen oh my own eyes, performers like that in that lab in the past. I think I think that I was the best performers. The ever seen beat it badly. There were my own as in the past. It will just unbelievable man it, but their game in our make us you ever seen and tap into his big hit him
in the best play every not weigh it way planned a night. A Basque is anyone. Megan everywhere I play like he will. He was happening, different in their last kind of both We also had that, is what Mamma would cause I was. I was saying close as one moment when he got to do with Korea and actually thy is gonna punch, curry I've never seen that kind of level of anger with them. It was like he was, he is almost like. He knew he needed to get to that place. I d seen anything like that that nine about, but I loved it because me that was the old like you know too, maybe what it was. He has that MAGIC Johnson charisma about himself not me like. It was never in Jane Cobia, You know you don't what I'd do not been tallies, but the bronze greatness. You
ever seen, him really have to get them to do that. You know to me to be able to see that to be a sea in all even taken a step further after I would try to want to say this season. I got a chance to kind of step away from game. I was sick course that had a net game. When the Lakers player, in the way that the can completely controls the game from being back close, could have always been a competitive. I'm always Gardens Otto get a chance to enjoy the essence of What is going on to see the way he completely has his imprint on SK a ball game in the way he is able to control it for me to see that core side in person that watching through the tv I dislike- oh, I get it now, but I got guy got to steal it as a fan and it's incredible because I've got a chance. I never go to oversee the chance, suggested and watch copious a fan, but to be a fan of the broad odyssey competitive but a family.
Career, but to see the way he has his imprint on the game and obviously he's older he's not play the deacons used to play, but still he completely control the game from the Tipp. So the final buzzer and Us that as an athlete and somebody to compete against them, it was incredible to me: can you talk the physicality Cosette did too just seventy five lbs seek it salaries to fifty, but he's that two, fifty his six the half an hour, I would say he's at least two: seventy Ed the? U n it up they can see put on. If you look like the today sedate Celtic series, where he still basically he's probably- and I don't know twenty two, only three years old at that point and then after that. You are you really started on the way by by tat time he gets back to Cleveland he's. Looking get tied end quote was like when he actually was like putting his body in two and you're trying to just defend him on the low post of freight train.
I mean the hardest. You know someone do you have the right. You know you see so many times when guys have to like try to wrap him up and he goes through them. Like he's someone you later, with my football background like when I try to wrap them up. I almost had to tackle him two hundred and thirty. He would take me with him like I was a child, you mean, so you really have to wrap and put that extra up. But your shoulder on them and really make sure he doesn't get that ball up to be sixty nine thousand two hundred and seventy and moving like a guard in that body. It's crazy! I've made a challenge to sixty and what yeah you're sixteen wow. That's my second you're gonna segregation. I wonder about the summer. I blew up. And on as if it were most It was my calves, but I'm
and it was easy to guard in the next year. I got back in better shape and I got down like two hundred and thirty five, two hundred and forty, and he was just walking, so the basque em. You walk into the basket I. So if you ain't to safety to say many of you ain't, a powerful and ITALY, where you have a chance against the brow right here. Like even you see in the last decades, calm alone, and it's like the end of his prime com alone. At that point, ninety seven ninety eight baby, car Malone as this physically imposing power forward even wanted a charge from a member as basic as he put his name, your boss. But this big ass do. And other glow bronze bigger than him. I actually think There are literally the same. I radically bronze, probably fifteen pounds driver them. A car was like the strongest sky and the league in the nineties, so I think that piece of it, The physicality of his game is the thing always there sad to me. When I see him in person, wage is kind of like a shack was,
that too, especially younger shack, where'd, you all look like when you mentions wrong. Big like ours, does, will shack impose as well. The brain is always been so If they like to me, I wish you would only more you always is the strongest bigots pass this guy out. There he's got away beer, so agile and swift, but there's If you like, I will look at it just as a faint, even in the legal might be wise ages. I would like to see him just like everybody on this. Long as do doubt you, I'm gonna, bully you, but he was always so skill, but he never really took fully tactics. If you watch fairly Shack, Jackie's them fully people in take pride in it. You don't think about what he had promised. So skill bet you know to me his game was always scale in the nest, but he could have. If you one or two at any time, just bully the holy. It is unbelievable clamp of Shack young Shack that pops up on twitter sometimes were of just him is dumping on people, but like
dumping on their souls where they're just gone sprawling, and it's not like forty five seconds its like a seven minute clip of Hengist Doug Everybody and then knocking them backwards by ten feet is, is another guy who gets lost in time, but, oh, it's not! He was pulling down old battle, That is an evil re back or didn't. He was pulling down the pass. It allows no like Jesus what we we are talking about the bran there. That was why I thought the Lakers we're gonna win the title this year at that there were hitting, appoint, read before the pandemic, it where they were starting to feel like Libretto Davis, together physically nobody cared access. We we going to get to the line twenty five times in a play game and we're we're gonna, get offensive, ribands and wearing and baby get close to the rim. Haze Stephen, I did you feel right before the seasons. Jobs who is actually gonna, win the title. We think it makers or somebody else yeah.
Negative begin the season, as is have a say in the brain, The dynamic of a big man like any day was, I called out any day, was Tinbergen on steroids because it was an athletic and he didn't shoot berries, ride eight. Eighty does all those things that never seen the brown with a guy that with them was terror, so the way, the broadest, an avenue. Eighty item, one in its ambitious about a single body be known if anybody the chairs, who has been clippers languages startled by the club. It's dunwoodie, can beat in his back open and rather than the club as have the capability. Would you they met. The cleverest had the cleverest for the fact that the way rejected there ll be a bit
Facebook, the dogs and then adding the more spoon at the end. Kauai Impala going to do their thing, but to me they had so much more chemistry and five lottery is a team that I had bought it like you, you dropped, you think about. You dropped a y in the season before, but the clipper chain goes bad and golden state. The way clippers battle star and there's no telling what would have happened to me. Ed's of coaching and chemistry to the clippers and another reason is outside of Lebron. Who was really, I mean ideas township, but he needs a Lebron to kind of get him going. Who is going to get there who's going to get a shot off unit? To me, the clippers have three guys that all can close games for him. So I gave him the address the same time I would love to see. Lebron will still would still like to see the Browns won a championship with the Lakers and do it this year ball.
I hope you don't think. Are you don't think it's a bad sign that the Coopers Rousseau up and down there in the season that they never seem to go on one of those twelve thirteen game runs where they're just kick his ass, wherever they pay off for two games that often lose by thirty, and then this guy was a planet there. I never felt they were in the re rhythm. What would you think of that Jack? I was there. I tell you. I think that they needed have everybody plants and I got a bad, listen cameras gesture from radically and it was doing it before everything. Have a nice started, doing it at their stop, planning playing and Anika. Why the same time, China Accolade the Moors, twitter and basis by playing where you pass buried. There were so I think they will stand to do that as its data. They wasn't at the picture. They need to be going. The lad, and I think you know coming back in His- might hurt them if these again
playoffs would take a quick break just to tell you about a couple: ringer pods in case you weren't, aware of them flying coach with PETE Carroll and Steve Kerr Bill Murray is on this week boom bust. Rise and fall of age. Who are new narrative pack, horses. That's happening the wire way down the whole tv. Two years on Spotify, that's in his well behind the billions are billions recast Frank complemented David Levine yeah, and then I want you to just our thinking ahead. The next week when we launch our new podcast. With Rachel Linsey Anne Van Nathan. I will tell you the name: on Sunday night. We shot a pilot this week. This thing is gonna, be awesome, so excited for it so get ready for it. Get ready on Sundays POD with Marcello, okay, the name. I will tell you how to subscribe to it. That's all happening on the ringer package, network and while we are, I hope you check out the spot. A fire because, like a cup of our paths, music exists
God's years that is take our Spotify exclusive, but in general an awesome app that we are very proud to be affiliated with the special of being able to change speeds and for the library in and just common enemies. Age has gone right over the pots all day. Check it out on the spot. If I am where you can find the others spoke broadcast as well, let's get back those guys what was what was the best team I mean you wanna title so I'm sure that I'm sure that teams in the running- but are we sure that pacer steam pre may lay that season was in the best thing you ever better than that. Play, those spurs in the semi, a dot m service will be in Wheeler today hard that that, in that Indiana team was the best team. Up later all around we had. We had Jamal as they made it so yeah rights as the voyage, a man on earth at Amelia, Russia, the three tomato near the boy Jeff fast at the thought he had read the milk not the best was right. Reggie was heard, began season, it was shining
well. We had said stop we had. We had a. We had a crazy team, Madden and a grand experience. Can we have a young team that was Danny Granger's rookie year, so we are dealing with it. As a Dane. I just hate the brow haven't because one a bribe- and if you look at this does standing through the best eminently we're beat everybody already and language and that was the way was Detroit and we'd be deterred by fear. Again I mean that's the what, if the melee now and now our task like everybody knows that part, but though that was always the great whatever for me for that season, because even if you look at the finals Santa grateful then it was. I get a trait team that wasn't as good as they were the year before against us. Antonio team that were Duncan, pretty banged up by cave, covers. Coming off the Olympics he's plan one and a half legs dead, the man. No and tony aid mainly good in the final dynamic way, man waited there. But it's
I don't know I just feel like they were beat ball, and then you look at that. Indiana that malay game you is going to Detroit to kick their ass. It where there is a fight app and it was ass, making, where you guys are caring yourself at their core like the best team in the league, which I thought you were- and I thought that's what it season to me, but no sooner had been waters was cut. Was judges bared his brother? so he was coming back from NASA. We re found them at the again and it was getting thereby all that is triggered like so I got there will be a reality. The way did, but it had a mega that definite championships, these imports, Matt When we were at Grantline, we decided to Nora history and the melee, so we Jonathan Abrams, whose one of our best riders to to try to chase it down in one of the first people, we go out. There is Jack Edward inform after the game. The Abrams is waiting for him after the game
and where that guy he private. As one talk about there's Eric is you know There were no out oral histories back then, and it comes, it is like hey. I want to talk to you about the the test, fight and jack side. I believe that talk about this for years. If our and I still the email Abrams set we after his like you're, not gonna, believe, would just half ass David Jack's. It was so excited to get off his thoughts on this anyway, their bright, this great or a history about it. Did this Prs documentaries out about about two thousand, for it in and sterling and all that stuff and I was workin account than that year. We actually had that Sunday game, we were, we would do in the area. The shows you know before it was, I think, was the second game. The double had our goal and state and somewhere during the day it became clear something was going on and I'd never felt like
we had the intelligence that it was going to the point where you guys might not play but we knew something was gonna happen. Then it had being the warm up jacket thing. I looked back and I feel like that I bet a missed opportunity that you, you shouldn't have played. Is. There are a lot of forces at work, give a lot of players who were like their own little individual brands and companies, and theirs reasons. Not to do that, but it six years later d? sit down and go why the fuck didn't we play the game? Wouldn't people have been behind us not play that game? Don't get arrested by thirty, we sure will apply ral it was just a new legacy said we were traveling, and I've been talking about this- that the right to interviews for Kirby about this, but we embarking on a new territory with social media.
The new, but the fact of players using their platform in their voices and really started yet cycle. Yeah like that that situation kind, I opened the door a little bit, but not playing was definition. We thought about, and gonna state was gonna be down whatever we did, but I just want. If you like is players, there was too much a known for okay. If we don't play this game at this time, we got think we're playing at the young hungry ass, going to stay, seeing if it took us to seven games that we finally beat him. This could be an automatic laws have been set up. This long, do we sit out until sterling storm? You know how they're gonna be too is actually gone, so there were too many many a I think for us not to play, I agree- was probably a mist. Kennedy, but when you're in the moment and as players you dream of giving a chance to play for We felt we were one of the best teams in the league that you're think we won five thousand seven hundred and fifty eight games he felt like we were talented enough to win. So we didn't you know
and in being a clipper inn in him being in that organization. For me twice, it was never about sterling in the team. It always been shity cuz to me, wedding starts at the top and he was never. You know a winter when it came to sports we got there was always like. Would you would never? We ve never seen oh shit? I was when for Don, the Lisbon strategy and the now they might want a whimper bomber because he stopped and it's a whole another atmosphere, but it was never that So whenever we got there was always you know what kind of us against not against them, but it was, it was for us it was for us. It was forty months for a family for a fan. It was never so we just did know enough of the backlash. What would happen if we were to set up a game to check. I take a chance of sitting out because we felt like we had a timid when it you also so, if be fast forward, able to be
one state were beating were beating about on the city where we're having a better theories in there and then the whole story in Al Qaeda. We surfaces that starting is refusing to leave now something that whole drama its dog back up, and I would never blame us We know that because he lost those games. But to me, are you blew a blue that home game I went to their? There was so much just added input in distraction put on what you said didn't you know you should have stayed out last year, so there was so much should have went to finish it. That happened, and it was just like damn, but you know to me letting, like I said in the document, it was the worst in the best thing ever to happen. If equipment because believe was trying to get him out, the second they found out, we was multipet about the team started showing his hand, so you know, although he walked away with two billion and only bought the team so practical use, a wind for him. The league as a whole finally got him utterly where I was
in years, inadequacies tickets at that point. Instead was just like like owning a house in your next door, neighbours just the absolute worst on their than you just can't get used to it. Yeah go to these games. He said make court is dressed in. Our black is just cite the grim reaper. It is. This kind of there with a shitty look on his face and as I am and try to enjoy the game anyway, but he was you know, but knew all the stories. It wasn't like that when that it does, same thing happened. I was like, oh my god. I can't believe that it was like everybody knew and figure out how to get rid of them, because I like what you buy an MBA team, herein, that's it won't work that Stephen Jackson. Well, actually I got good before I came. I was, I was a big. I wasn't its aim? A couple with what had happened J were higher than J, we're alone agenda and I could but I entered understand about.
Without my last in that way, and I was like that man maybe rabies out either Donna song without a rapid scarface thought. America beautiful, basically sands, disaccord artists, his eyes again failure in our name. You know I would have in his guy and I had a lot of people. I do not only want but ill devastated immediacy and that's how matters in me, I thought, at the moment. The obligation to play, I think the warriors and establish the Navy showed up needed You showed up. You know, and by day they did. They David, because you know a lot of tat was going on a lot of people didn't know everybody is not shown up say lavender, no, I was gonna. Do they just want to be sure? I just wanted to some ascertained by me this is. I was just in its aim and I gotta by retaining on a right that I speak on it was. I was already to amuse why I remember, it's been a sad day. You know
The game was so dispiriting. You guys were just like shells of yourself, you know is almost a you remember: I've, not blank ride just in general, I got it felt like This moment I dont think I obviously there is that. To be backlash to that. But I think it's for you guys to know that at the moment, because you're thinking I was shit, this could fuck up I've series what people get mad, it ass. You think these variables banal. You look back at how the world works. I think everybody's on your side, like I don't know whose against you guys were being like we're, not planned for this guy. They have to fix this now, but you know when those things you you realize some stuff after the fact talked about egos and that team at this is something talking about a tv and everybody we get mad at me as like look I go to the guy I know a lot of people that work for the theme the Chris Blake thing is real thing. There is a steering wheel issue with this, and this
the biggest issue that this team has never like? Fucking huge stressed our trouble. There is our tip, talk ahead, a mega at the time, I'm going to the games like these guys, don't like playing with each other. At all, I ask that arose say: could you feel that hourly judge did you feel that as a team it? It was weird because it was crazy cuts off the call we also call like were barely checked it. Our girls kicked it. Our kids like may increase the gist of other states go. So it was always such a cool energy, but when it came to on the court, this MRS had a my
Way I look at it. I've never really spoke on it publicly. It was Blake's team, Blake kind of brought the juice back to the clippers and that's just up and then Chris comes and then it's Chris's team. So there's a little bit of natural animosity there, whose team is it I've done this I've done that my converse make sure Smith, but then, when they start playing together and put that ball in the court, they're amazing together, so there was still a little back and forth because whatever Chris will get hurt like we'll be superhuman when Blake wasn't playing Chris's, You know what I mean, so it's just, but then together they were still great and then what else I saw with with with a lot of people might not have seen, was Blake and beyond river best friends off the court. When DJ was just a rebounder
inclined to do what he was doing and indeed J starts to develop into a defence of master and a sharp locker and touching labs, just as beautiful place so been. There starts to be a little more city between those two, because the data is not the only no more delays. Personal defence needs financial payment dj getting actually sell, so it's just like so it's almost like I kind of like late- was almost competing against or other best players, so to speak, the Arab, but then it would be ties were we would clicking games. Are we were the best in the NBA? There was no question with our shooting with change more my defence, we're Bledsoe. We are there Listen, we had the more odom we had so much tell it to go with our three best players, but we could never get
at each other's way, never end. You have that in two thousand fifteen Blake is control for the first two rounds been his. If ye looks like he's one, the better they personally and then you You blow that where he is thin game and everything, What was your I lose. Your in terms, patient Jack, when you walked into that, though Chris publicly, Alex out? Every three weeks, but I think, see much of it knows I was there. I saw a bank. What idea recognise when I did there was J J Ready, wasn't like a patch of guy. You know, like J J saw nonsense like he was the patch of J J you ve, no idea there. Really! Greece is astray soon as well. You know any visible fashion? One thing I noticed when I got there thing everybody kind of light.
Got the right and wrong. So what was that right? Or did I do that right from the start time? I was there from Jj Riddick that you can. I have some conversation with him time. I was there about basketball, watches and stuff like that, but I don't get it s really see the respond, Blake steps unless it would sound. I was there anything like that. Everything was peace. A grand one thing that I forgot to mention was crisis, a throwback all school player. So sometimes he's gonna, Yale and say things, but one thing is right: I think, is delivery but rob late in detail the wrong way. Sometimes gammoned. I'd like to do the voice of reason was deftly dj. I was able to calibrate a breach of communication because we know that you know Chris, is a throwback, 80s, ninety type mentality leader, but then that new error of the younger players on Blake and DJ were coming in. These guys were kind of they never really had so much adversity.
But I mean like a you, was tampered and they got everything in the world and then college for a year or two, and then you know this, isn't that so the reality of coming to the NBA and then you know being with the amongst other talented players when you're really good, you see it a lot in this is not in that. Definitely you know Blake or DJ, but you see like young players. They don't react. Well to this. You know what I mean like you have to kind of pull him aside and pamprin and say some other stuff. That's what I was trying to do when Chris might bark something out. I've just be like
so what he's trying to say, but what I'm saying is not wrong. Just his delivery wasn't received- and I think you know when you hear Rondo bring up like some like everyone hated playing with friends cuz he just that wasn't true, but I just think the one flaw- and I would even call the floor because I was cool with it, but I was just I was old school was Chris was one of those guys that, with Kobe and Kobe and MIKE, when it all cost for the most fierce competitive ever play. So if he's going to cuss your ass out, it's probably because you deserve it. If he's yelling at his car, because he be something out there that you should have been doing in that that stuff they Chris wasn't perfect and you know we didn't cover for them on the defensive and sometimes that this is not. But Chris was our leader and I just think sometimes with his delivery in the misconception of him being a bad teammate is it is really a misconception. Was he was just one of those throwback tight leaders that if it you had to get cussed out, he will cut you out. If you had to yell at you, he would yell at you and it was that situation. Sometimes I feel like that kind of rub. Some of our younger
the way you could feel it at the games. Chris was recite the dad commonages yon it out That's the point on the counter that yours just like the way he cared of self and gave it you can see some they, as I write this guy, I'm You brought up J J, though he has a ringer pact. Sees what are easily true fashionable in the air in the Ringer offices. As allow someone I didn't like you know, you know this animal is an added. I got the lapse of a four I've new data might, but this guy he loved me. This is another man. I gotta justifiable seminar. Lando, we became close and then became very close when we played on the clippers then- and it was weird you know- because it was always such thing and I'm sure I have a similar reputation over them-
That is, if this Latin thereby become adamant. Yet, but you are cool you're done, aren't you got our backs up? It was interesting to farming get to play with Judge Africana having a notion, but I thought he was complete: opposite amazing, guy, blue guy ultimate professional on and off the coordination and one of them better people. I got a chance to play with. What's funny you talk about the young guys and how Dad I'll handle adversity the best. Sometimes, then I liked being Yoda and their there a little bit pampered and we sound like the old guys on the couch talk about these young guys and I'll get it. But I do think it's true to some degree as we ve seen it and how the league is change right. When people have adversity, they just switch teams. And they don't they don't want to be like I'll man. We lost this year, we're going to come back that's band together. Now it's like I will this amateur leave. I'm gonna this place jacket like where the league is going with this words. Just people switch in teams like there at a pickup venue,
why you got you got to get guys like Dame Limit Little China brags large within practice going to, but then what, once Shack are traded one shot guy traded? Yet they were watching. Training guys like that? That shows that these things they live in urban, so sometimes yes, I do best view once you get them you gotta opportunity was when I was in great, whereas went up a championships, strengthen your legacy, I make money, I mean God, gas can do that, but you don't want to benefit. Waste away. You wanna taming attaining that there were not sending you to today, Now you want a sorry tale but arrest you re, so it makes you know, I think, did the tender traded guys like saying they what they wanted with players. You know in Santa players took the Tibetans when it, I ve been a great seems, our grip on purpose. I love the beggar. And make him. Maybe a decision like this. Do you like? It is basketball fan with the continuity of the teams, the yoke. If you know let like, let me just add my God will raise like we had. We had aren't everything they approve everything we played on close with broken glass. Now data have today
they played in jail, they didn't play outside laddies. Gears now is different, so but to be comfortable in other areas like a lot of groups over the bronze ass, we may say everybody that barriers to be comparable and baby sure what I want to pay and I was I was in a situation where it is how to say I want to go play in Houston- want to go play at home and it actually happened. You know these days, you can stay, you wanna go play out if you're good. And actually happen. You know, I think it's a good thing. We know who started it. Matt Barnes. He was on like twelve teams, set some some credit you with like just change it, The moment you are new situation, opening the door, the pack ass. You guys have you people are coming on and, more importantly, their super comfortable and when people are super comfortable, they end up saying stuff and when they say stuff, TAT S, a big news in the twenty four seven battered by girl. How
these guys to come out and be this comfortable. You is it like what, if you had to rank the its power Previous relationships to you now have people that are voluntary, Nikobob, because I've heard some of the other part like wisest work in so far as the guy. That's too bad we give up. I mean you know they are the only the only become their capital, because one hey, you did they, they know as the avatar and how will we are? We already have a relation with the virus, nay back, but once they come to us, it'll be around us to see how we lay back it brings into S, ok, yeah! Well, you know an amendment. I was basing my boys now like come to a show and by the good, by that a lot of the people has been an hour. We their relationship or even called him to come on a shop. You know me and that's why it's like that? I think it really do is desolate the meal, Jack's chemistry, the enemy we were like brothers, so we'll talk shit about each other loved, each other jump at each other and never take ourselves to serious nothing. We thought about this show
When are you know when I was once he greeted do something? I am disciple cattle wanna typical, but a microphone someone's faced. I've interview I wanted to be take me to wear in the movie room or anywhere anywhere in the dungeon. Where we're in the fan cave, you know having a drink smoking, a joint in Argentine. Just having a conversation, you know a back and forth dialogue. So I think that the fact that you know reputation speak for themselves. We always been straight shooters and then also think that you know there's no angle with us. There is no. Ulterior motive with us in NM with some people in media. They want to get that one sound bite or that you know that that that piece that's going to go viral, that's going to cause disruption in these guys lives one way or another. Now with that said, some guys bought, you know some guys feel so comfortable. If they will, you possibly say something that can
have the same effect where it is not because were digging or prying agitator out. No it wasn't. It was never like. This is, is really just a genuine conversation and when people feel comfortable, like you, said there more susceptible, so this really speak like there was a really a microphone there to begin with. You know, tat. I can add that environment were geyser. Talking like we're not like what does talker, because if you come, you know if you ever come on the set or play music me jack or smoking, we're talking. Some guys are drinking generic, agile inheritance, haven't friends come up and hang up for the day, so is really just like so was come into the house and kick you know, I mean it's really bad energy and that by an end to me, that's what I credit to our ability to get the best at these people, because it is just such an authentic but it's really it's a hard place to get too, and I know I've out of Pakistan. So seven,
my only go as far as the person he get comfortable, not not because I want to burn them with our ban. I can't believe they said that it is we don't. We also don't do that, which I think is one of the reasons people get comfortable, but you know don't use doubts when I do a park ass. I want people to fill. It grab a conversation in Cancun, that so really hard thing to pull off. I've been really impressed that you guys have hated this world. It's only been I what thirty five episode, something that thirty thirty two People come in now and they know what they're getting into because now you're at the point people come on and if they don't know the game as its. Therefore, that you know come on man. I feel good talk about that. I am and want to go there and then it cycle why'd, you why you on this package? What were now where the boy now, as you know, we have at least region, does a car Do they want to come on the show, because it's stuff that they need to say they tired of hearing stuff said about them? That's not true.
There are in a situation that came up in the paper anymore, tell the rear, because they know they then again the real. So that's that's a good! That's a good if it from me, so that I love it, Gaza useless as there outlet, because we do the same: outdated, turned to control our narrative even taken a step further. Now, what's the point to me as urging a actor the musicians, I know you need to have a son, it's just you know not just Lastly, let us I'm gonna tell our stores no really feels good. Could we feel like that was our goal to hunt human as our guest give them a comfortable platform they feel like they were freely speak there, my, but that doesn't it Retain a sports, he not a me like media were a part of the media has been about media. Is our for a powerful roles in society in an ability to paint a negative perception or our positive procession about people. So that's not only in supporting us
so many misconceptions, n n n. I found a few like media that point now in this, not all media, but there are two point now being first anonymously being right. When they're not right, not really worrying about the repercussions that may cost, but the individual. It they're saying these negative things about. So that's why we can give these people an open forum, if we had remind re moment, maybe we'd so fuck him on to get some shit up my chest, like oh shit, ok, will let's go. Let me ass. I was just gonna like placing an expert on our part as income really just freely. Because they know that it is really. You know, you're in the circle of trust of sleep, well, your favour one so far, Jack the one you're the boss, please, with awe like the shocking up so out you can see the episode in my previous outfit. I M so glad tat. Man don't expect me talk to me because I guess I'm really and entreat on learning from and an ear. What they gotta say. A thing shocking was wanted all, but they got
are we bride in earnest, and I hold we rightly observed daily. Are you to see an hour the admiration and excitement, we're going to see him as Business Island and then everything happened, outwards how long close, but I the stand a shop. So does that's my guy, we have been wanna, get him on the show and eat they showed. Emotion that he's never show. You know me, Nobody is never the axe. Axemen requested that we act them, especially about his grandmother. This basic but his brother and his buzz his father latticed lot. These data show you never spoken before so, and we work with him. European targets on land may become a liking their brother to him at last. I didn't know you know so see that in most from him on that show, that meant a lot to me. I think, to best part, it is hard for me to pick one August have a safe cold. If I had to just choose one for the,
I would like just as we know these guys were still learning as we sit and talk to them. You know the meaning of what to do to be in a country environment where they really willing to share their lives and their upbringing, their history, and I got to look at it. As I mean I'd see when the best about it's me, as every episode is a handful of people say in Vienna we ve had a wide variety of people. Sites gonna go on a journey where I can feel lights. We ve all been graver. Stephen spit gonna put us on the map because I got him by calling him out on the cancer on the way to stop the news always kind of uneducated speaking about- and you know I was able get him to come on. The shall talk about that, obviously coolby amid the wanes, what doing Wade's portability really opening up to about the dynamic with his son. Who now is transitioning to be his daughter. I think that's what we kind of crossed over the main stream and the world, and we ve been able to build up
with shame and sharp was snoop with United States Kay day. You name on, we grab them, but I think there was a You kind of monumental interviews that kind of put us on the map and then made us like ok, these as a legitimate interviewers broadcasters, They really know their building and it was refresh and because you know Jack and I gotta be- they had no idea what the world was like. All we knew I was. The state should also stay true to each other and for us to be able to carry out the same mentality and played with now in the media space. I think that's why we get so much love or respect for not only basketball players but, it's a round the world period, soccer players in Europe for the enemy and it may be players and ineffective fire just making us for some the stuff we speak on, because you know that either they cast got it. I just haven't, really have the opportunity to speak on it. Why I'm going you launched it as like. Oh shit. I hope I hope that that many p
we'll see it, and then we can get it the ringer and then, he started having a couple good ones and then, when you cobia I know is that shit. The ship has left the port left, the port copies, Arap it'll help. So that was his death. When you had him, it was within two months right, but we in the end of December and we saw a month away what we say. For the new year, we were gonna drop everything we wanted the like some other new year with a bang, so we saved him for life. Beginning of January. The I may that's incredible is probably the last big energy that he did I'm guessing year. Aids is the last one We got a new of me. I was just especially such way. Are you not for me to get the chance to know him. Fighting almost wheels for a to become a t mate and we can't.
Became brothers after that off the court in order to get a chance to know. Call me that if the person we know not them, I told you the man, the Father husband, the business man. It was a blessing a minute even in know travel further to our post careers, where I was seeing called every other week because He was coaching Gigi and I'll get my twin, so we read it which other literally every two weeks- and I do what I tell you- We like their when the twins are playing either if two hours before the guy our after Jijiu them play. He would always take time become see the twins in their team. Wait and always in the new issue. The twins got sweat soon their whole team that shoes, but the great thing about it, was he revamped issue. They re released it and he sent it to the twins, the Tuesday, before the Sunday that he died, so he was just La Mike, had excited the bomb. I gather through the boys I think, actually Instagram like we got the call these innovative business and that women are better now. So I got a whole bunch eleven year old,
run around in their okay, so the Davy accidents happen. We actually up in my place in the bank, will be playing a barrier to were based. Nell airplane appear at bury a tournament. I was downstairs talk in some of the dancing and out the boys were upstairs the player and plain, and we found out and I go upstairs and obviously the twins no copy since they were like three years old. You know he took a man started, giving them she's like a four years old. I got there first bears so it was applicable to them, but then for this the rest of their team. Like I see the twins crying I see that everyone is just shut you not for me. I just did it seem real, like this not be like you know, it's not him he's not supposed to to go out. That way, you know so to be able to give us the point to be able to know so Jack, and I or and me in particular to get a chance to know the man, not the basketball player, because we all know how great he wants to play. But you get to know the person hold me dear to our hearts and in the end, are believed to have one of his last night
Views in knowing that we are planning on do and are too because he was short on time. You come back. What do it again? He gave me a jack, a bunch use that day and it's like he'll be waiting before we must The energy wind sat in his office was talking about the books. He was writing for kids, in the end, the end the end, all the other stuff he was doing. It was just so amazing to see, like I said, Jack, never be able to keep that same until we played with and brought it into a podcast. He had that stays the same fierce competitive nature about being you're, putting the first twenty years of basketball to bed and building this next twenty four years of Kobe, the man, the entrepreneurs. You know all that kind of stuff and airport to be cut short at forty one, it just still doesn't seem real. What's in saying, you know he passes away and in all the reporting and all the facts and the interviews that happened afterwards and it was clear that there is a lot of stuff that was
there stood about him as as a person and like the the relationships he add and I feel like I follow ask at the highest level, and he I never knew that he had a relation Michael Jordan. May I just never stuff came out that Michael during give that speech. I was like what we did real? I had no idea. Are there other guys like this jack, that you feel like people, don't people no, what they think they know, but they actually down out of some of these MBA stars. It are another guy like this that we just don't understand correctly yeah, I'm out here One of the main enemy a man is no reason why when they have all these NBA events. Now that he's not included on it on there are hidden faces, not involve. You know, I think it kind of shot. From him because of decided. Culture that brought it again You know where he is base and what he said.
To the game, is just as big as Joe Wes Pitcher on a basketball but he's done for gas from where we from you know me. He gave us a carbon is too. Let us not have we can make it an mba basis. Ass will be, I envy. Compromise. We're account my brought in the yard. You can you big, because when you ask in it- and I did it for a lot of guys and to this day gas, The railways had tattoos, gas look around. You know what you were wearing a hair like they want to You know either you even even with the dress called now that they have a lot to do when Arabs became suddenly, and I think he is Those guys they don't get crazy deserves absolutely he was also incredible in person. Is tat. She was always I wrote about this when I wrote about her my book when I get this season tickets and you just might
dancer engaged. I keep those deafening keeping those and you just like you just kept the Iverson tickets Khazars cats, He was so much more amazing person because he was so small. Here is that it is six worries. Five is five: nine five, ten, active waterway I'd I'd that year and was the tough guy in the court ever gave it a great boy built who, as you know, tat There was another reason why I want to do this because I think there was such a misunderstanding and genuine jack, and I were no mechanic this. What you know in the broad He was labeled a thug or I because the problem is there to help esteem it enough he missed out money in all appearances and got a horrible reputation because he was trying to come under the fence of his brother. Me you little everywhere. I go no one. I prefer to make so every time I got a job I was protecting watching needs now,
I'm a troublemaker. Illnesses are met in Vienna, luckily postscript both and I'm Jack, and I ve been able to kind of shed. The negative stereotypes was painted. Others through social media now to our show dubious, can in fact give us an opportunity to kind of speaking because intelligent. I have something to say, but I think there's a lot that you know a deftly when it comes to mind, but there's a lot of guys that there is that there is a misconception who people think the arbiter. They get a small piece of him. Obviously, busy social media helps develop our personalities. Now about back when I wasn't in know. If your painted a bad guy, you Rebecca you know now in that I had to embrace, because I know I wasn't a bad guy. What am I talking to a woman a beggar, I'm gonna, be a bag, I'm on a bracelet and make a real out of it. But there was time, whereas hard, because I'm not this person this or personally. What, but that's just me. The media's label me citing another driving force behind our show is just a kind of show
human side of us in our guest Gonna show the human eye side a cop bright. No one party was a robot just as in he, was one of the cruellest most down angel ever me, but you wouldn't ask you get a chance oh that it and it if it wasn't for the opportunity, no different platforms been up platforms. You know shed light on such waste. Like that, you know I think the reason I like both do you guys over a lot of the other issues, was the authenticity which it out especially with somebody like Jack said he added get it from you. You have to worry about you just gotta, you are who you are and that's it and you're, not gonna. Whatever situation here, you just could be you I feel, we're losing that a little bit, the NBA were everybody's a brand now and everybody can put out whatever they want to put out on social media to reflect whatever their tried to reflect verses,
who they actually. I think it's a lot harder to figure out who people actually are two thousand money. You don't is, How do people play is a lot of people living characters yeah, like that, the they leave the house beneath the painters there, where this costume somebody night, come on the exile, because, while it is, it is taking the toll on them. China, somebody that they not and then- and that's what I like. You know a lot, a lot of people. You know Tony nuts ideology, Hermia was told me. This is like look at the game about working with your page. I gotta tell ya: love began yeah, play the get your love the game with our work outside. I was else to do it. The game in trouble they basketball, Zadig, play basketball. You know we have too many choices these day. These guys care about the game you do for how many like get him last Grandmama. You know how, the videos and get him how many name job they give our rapid. That's the thing they about now and the game? Is there for some people say that that
getting to the NBA and and and and and the talent wasn't hard and better back then it is, is the town is better now, but is definitely harder to get it's amazing at harder to see the gas appreciate. The game led the game in the past, but a game has definite away, because it's easy for gas get in Gaza. I haven't happens. Firstly, the ground lay form were you and are less that now, so it is essential to have a situation where we had Amber this year. I say we like I'm on the Celtics. It's my favorite team, The camera this year from the first moment was just in credit such a great guy Gregg Guy off the court quickly changed the mood of the team behind the scenes in five seconds, all the gather, like I talk to Steve Car was tell me- the team you I say when they did that you're just like is unbelievable. I got an awesome teammate, but
one of those guys who, like I'm an approve on social media day, how awesome the t made- I am, he just said- some teammate and it's you could ask anybody. He does a lot of stuff that nobody knows about. It is the latter for charity, people know about, but he's to me so funny how we went from Cairo that, where this guy who carry that way. We can do that, another time camper, just the most authentic. Rick I who loves basketball and just what's bigots he made an issue is, but I think what they said. You know. I don't know. I really good his jacket, but I think I raise another one. Misunderstood you not, I mean a man we ve seen as it is, is the icy has mistakes play out in front of us in understanding how tough it is actually be a leader. When he gets from an unavoidable, Braun shadow. He thinks he is come the Boston and I'm has on the best way later doesn't work that way. It's a bad rap to four
growing in his growing pains happening in front of our own eyes. I can speak rationally about carry. I added, I need a couple more years, Edward this. It's him shaking off people in the buck series in China Guard Yadda subjects like were sad for they were. This happened as hey. We gotta run this is really great. It was good to care jack. It was good to see you again, man, I'm glad. We finally did this. I love you pack ass. I hope we get to work together. Support our lives, keep it up great job. It's poor and I'm really glad that United the J. My interview is a good example of, like I think some of these guys needed a place where they feel comfortable and could just did you hear about these they cared about. So you guys fill that void. I think it's really good. So congratulations thanks for coming up a diet
We definitely got to do some work together. I definitely see it in the picture. Man you, my guy, like I said, I appreciate you open the door for me, so anything you need from me going for it I'll be to do that. To save bags That's it that's it for the thanked, her zip recruiter. Thanks to your thanks to house and good sexy and we'll be back Sunday night, the Bs
and if you want more of me, you can listen to the rewatchables cuz. We did Armageddon this week and we also did back to the future. She can find those listen to them over the weekend, see on Sunday night for the weekend stay safe.
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