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Koosanity, Daniel Snyder, Best Bacon, and Gronk Panic w/ David Chang, Joe House + Bill's dad (Ep. 259)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by renowned restaurateur David Chang and fellow DMV native Joe House to discuss the struggles of the Washington professional football team (12:00), Dan Snyder's dysfunctional stadium setup (18:00), the best kinds of bacon (24:00), the best salads to pair with bacon (30:00), food at last weekend's U.S. Open (33:00), and hotdogs as the next food frontier (44:10). Then, Bill's dad calls in to address the state of Boston sports scene (53:30), the problems with the Pats (1:01:00), and belief in Brady and Belichick (1:12:00).

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I won't tell you what movie it is, but do you know, I'm a very dead cat is now rubric, frat person sat movie and hence in another via satellite, Does that mean that beer generation Catherine, was asked to Paris Santa Lamps, a class sick, and this was the longest we watch was weird. It's like almost an hour. Fifteen minutes, a lotta. Jane gum talk, alas, alas, and some makes you get some makes too, but it's a good one, may increase Ryan the rewatchables subscribe to that podcast! Listen to it, especially if you love that movie. I would highlight highly highly encouraging. Listen, this pike ass. It crosses a couple lines. I'm not gonna, lie some lines across. This is in and see seventeen podcast anyway check that out come at a price a programme and then we're talkin to day
Chang and Joe House about a whole bunch of stuff and then later later, on my dad, whose in a Boston, sports panic, but first the rock rack roll famers I found my body, Joe Ass renown, chef, David Chang to washed and professional football team fence. We have talked about that in a few seconds, but first Chang Young way coup big. Monday night, it was sitting there big come back all the sudden they're gone the game time feel go. He makes it he makes it.
Ties the game on Monday. Therefore, bar time out, come back out feel go, gets blacked game over workers through your emotions. I turned the tv off also observe I still haven't processed it, and we are now debating is: was it a poorly kicked kick or was it a great bloc? As it was a great black day, then deeds and through the line it seem like it was dead on the kick, the guy was three feet: and the latter scrimmage a blocked it. I just anyone process? What happened? I wanted him to have the best game. It didn't happen, but legit,
but does immensely scar him because the weight of the world of all create great american or on his shoulder. So I was I never like a demo broncos now now, they're mortal enemy has. Did you think he's good at the Cancun it again blacked they got blocked in any time. There's a block. I think ninety percent the time. That's on the line, meaning you know they. Unless the kicker kicks it four feet off the ground. You always blame the offensive line. Four for a block. I think that's how I felt. Let me up when we have this scenario: better than it was blocked, because what, if he, MR, like wide lacked doubts, have been terrible thing, TAT was dealt with president highly better. I grant. Yet this is a better outcome. You don't know if you would have made it. He me the first one. You split it right down the middle. I made all the extra points Chang. We, you explain what said stay care for the crane american men.
We just don't have that many like, like sports euros, that are in tune sports for that matter, right Korea, Indonesian, Americans, Asians Asian General, really good at the solo sports like golf and stuff like that, but as a whole what sort of korean football player that I can remember was Eugene Charm drafted by the patriots? Virginia attack Annie the first round- and I would like you to Know- I was solely static, but like tv sort of washed out, and We just don't have anyone like route for that too much of our culture. So, even though the kicker and you know like a first step so this autumn, the route for whatever get the roof or somewhere what about in a word that never what would happen their cause. I thought there was. There is a little better road embedded was in quite the same as currency MIKE. What everything I have heard. It
Heinz words because we have clear, but I locked up, good. My in my pack has last week very chill. Dude It actually made sense that he's a good kicker, because any in the way described it was. You know, house like like your beloved sport gov. He has that kind of Jordan Speed, Yes, they even keel, everything's cool, don't get to hide! get to low, which is also the same person that seems to word forgot. It makes sense that golfers, who succeed and fuel takers who succeed, what kind of be wired that way right, yeah, of course, because what you are, the wiring speaks to the failure component. Yearn. You know that you're gonna, Miss Garth is hard kicking a football is hard. You know you're gonna mess it's the resiliency after the miss that that kind of describes sets the bar in terms of.
Successful you're gonna be so you guys. I think the very best component is a chill bro. Who is there MIKE Vander Jack Fur, for anyone What is the only guy I can think of that maybe ran hot as a kicker, and, and he had a couple good moments. He also ran himself out of the league famed at out, areas Conaway you wanna is the ultimate he's, though, kicking he's my age and arrogance I never gets to always smiling. I was just in a good spirit, Chang offices, as this play out with coup, would say that was about his high profile game she's, probably going to be in this season that weird crazy went to that game with all the weird stuff that was going on and then on top of it come back all this stuff. But what does he have to do? Is it just gonna? Be one game waning feel go what what's on one thing that needs to happen to push this over the top in and create some Linsanity potential
Amy reached our levelling out Kicker Turner's on special risk, destroying people? down as a wedge breaker. That's what I want to see. I think I think that's what he wants. There. He said he paid for power. High school in a really like people and went to kicker, but I think he caught him enjoys that so the first time. He lay somebody out, that's gonna be bigger than the game when you feel go. You think what you have that right, All of that a lot of pressure, because you have to technology that she has to be a hollow family greatest time trigger better than the pike who said in the end, the pack has said he had not had real korean foods and Susan, the sixth grade when he or she lived in South Korea. What was your reaction when you're that I dont know if we are to be-
speaks with that southern twice now he's from Ridge word and I I want no like if you like what he eats write it up. If you like, even miscreant should all that much yes. Now had taken manoeuvring, your wing, it sounds like if he, if he had made the team for weeks before the season and everybody knew he was the kicker. What would have happened in your fantasy, like someone would have taken them in the six round? fix it. Make a statement differ. Make your statement like what you guys are drafted amply round, but Madame still gonna win. While I can Wait till next year arises out hired be honest, yeah. I was expecting to hear fourth round. Well, that's a thing: somebody says six round. That means it probably would have been to answer. I let's talk about the eyewash, professional football team, this is a rare and have to you know. We have two because part
a job as somebody you, you know, has been aid for many years to anticipate where things may be going in sports. It really seen The washed in football thing is going to a bad place early signs, are there the team? not good the cousins thing. They have not decided not to give him a good offensive line this year, almost as a strategic moved, had knocked down his value or just cause they're, incompetent and its heading toward what looks to be six and ten five and eleven foreign twelve. Yet another wasted year for the watched him freshening football team house. Do you have any optimism or hope at all? neither optimism nor hope, the one that observation I'll make. As you you said, they looks like it's headed towards what we ve been here. This has been going on common on twirled, nearly twenty five years now, the last moment
genuine excitement and hope was Archie three and his his rookie season. Now cousins did help the dead skin HU, a nine and seven division. Winning record YO couple years ago we made it to the playoffs, but that that was you know, measured exe men and we went in and played them their packers. In the first round and Gunnar S handed to us ten. I got my together wrong or a tenant, six or nine. Ninety seven, I remember now, but he any this season, every every single indication, every single off season development, pointed in in a very down direction, they. They hired a genuinely competent general manager and almost immediately ran that do it out of town and in the most Washington dead skin way possible. They heaped You know room. Anne and disparaging ass,
nations about his character? Yazzi? He went out the door, a mean they and then used his draft plan with, with the exception of one pick further for the draft I got rid of both of their free agent receiver, to one thousand yard receivers in the off season. Of whom had established wonderful, rapport with recur, cousins and guided column. Hurt by the way I'm to keep calm Kurt, because that's what the present the team calls in the air our gone, I'm sorry I could go through. The whole list anyway had very low expectations and they are right where they need date. They I expect them to be checked, Couldn't agree more, it's tragically sad, and I think that the smartest, that was made by Washin Redskin this year, was by the strong saved issue a craven, who retired at age. Twenty two
why would I want? Why? Would I want a push myself for, for nothing is not even a pyrrhic victory? Is just going to be a total loss? I'd rather be reclaimed rounds a million dollars he left on the table. While I still think long term, smart decision here I got a great joy. I look at you. God bless him. He he's like where s the money. I don't need the money. Why don't I go take the beating chain. Do you find yourself room for chargers more than the skins. At this point yeah. Absolutely I mean doesnt. However, I told the house if your true afghan fan right, then, let's not talk about the name. As for what it is, you should not route for the washing Ask the only way that day insider will ever saw the rescue vivid decreases in value read. So the best way is no by unease, washing refugee or and stop watching the games. So
that's. What I think are real real fan will do what three years ago, I wrote a piece for Greenland about where, where the football fans, where the road for this team and how the math was that in their favour, because- I think standards like a couple years older than I am, is probably early fifties and you just look at another thirty years. It's the same. At the next fans of donor James Doin, it's the same mad that the Cooper spans did with Donald Sterling for thirty years, use ugly you go, we're never gonna be guided. This guy cells. So what do we? Do? You had a radical plan to try to what was it basically like a go fund may try to raise money to try to buy a team from him which try to do kickstarter campaign. Director to buy the tomb and and ownership system very similar to what the Green Bay Packers have your own, by like single shares by the fans. So after I rode away
there s in it had a little momentum for a second did. Did anybody in your life Everett? that that was actually a realistic plan. Whenever told me of the realistic plan, but that that was that, with whatever happens, yeah. I can remember that all blend in one terrible ear, yet That was when I realized that only changed I can affect a fortune. The washing redskin does by getting rid of insider just can't happen anymore. I just dislike him intently. Will you close with that was with Stephen Rasta Dolphins, owner ray? We can say that keys. You ve done a lot of business. Can't you just convincing the switch franchises was Snyder still franchise Swat. Well, after nine. Now I refer the Miami Dolphins and the whole organization, so you know I enough my air see tee might say the charter, the second team that I can route for because of two but the washing Redskins. You know I I just feel, like you know,
we can have any kind of toner and they'll be better. You know. So I actually can you talk more and so worked up there ass. It seems like the experience of going to the games. As take It knows that since they built the new stadium and then over the last couple years got worse. Our friend Nathan Herbert had season tickets that he took over from his dad. He wrote about for the ringer like he could not get rid of the tickets, except for like two of the eight games, What people in D C say about actually going washed games. I can't say what other people say about it, because I go so infrequently because such a terrible experience it's a brutally bad ix, variants to go out there, Snyder and his henchmen, and what they ve done in terms of the political chicanery in principle,
County Maryland, they control all roads in all roads out and they make you a hostage. They patriots, a hostage situation. I feel it would be fair for somebody to go file. A criminal complaint. I've been taken hostage, I've been hijacked as you know now, if we are the problem with that criminal complaint as you do it voluntarily, but it's like you use no getting in and out of their for anything less than eight hours. In my experience, the because of the There will be another where its located the way the roads are the way the parking lot equation is, and actual experience of the game I mean this is it is. It is reflected in the numbers right. They call. Seventy seven thousand people a sell out it. Stadium, that was built in the first place to hold ninety thousand people and they put great big topped up over big sections in the upper decks, because you know they weren't sound the tickets. Are you it's? It's now we're way past the point where it used to be a weightless fur.
Dead, skin season tickets and you can go to any game. You want to with any see geek just that you might wanna make us just to tap spills events- and I bet I you know I have a check them. Get danced Nyborg at the Washington Post does a great job. Are used to at least that used to be like you know, you're probably go to a game day before twenty twenty five bucks that still accounts, but I'm sure gentle is touching delivery. Zero bucks! Now I am- but how like? No, I you're, not a Redskins fan eating crow up in the glory days of the 80s. I didn't like one thousand nine hundred and ninety one thousand nine hundred and ninety one and you didn't go to Rfk Stadium. Then you'll never go. Just how bad correct can stadium actually ask authority was just magic yeah yeah. It was incredible. We all we're and it is it's very funny. This man. That's going on in there lay with the small stadium, who which which team is playing in the small stadium. The chargers yeah,
gonna bring it up, because I think I think gotta be a really interesting litmus test, its only like twenty seven or twenty eight thousand people. I was at that stadium last month. Really intimated summer. It's almost like a triple a baseball park of the seats are close to the field, there's no real bad seat they get it now that it's not dominated by the Swedes and I'm gonna be faster that they play the dolphins this weekend. To probably be five thousand often Svensson, there there's some forty transplants here, but I need to cool atmosphere, and it's really makes me wonder we gonna see. Is this the end of the era of we had this? What ten year stretch of these people? Building these giant stadiums right giant, stated and Gillette Stadium in New England in this washed and stadium gone down the line, and I really wonder if maybe the move with washed and should have been built, a forty five thousand Seat football stadium in Dc- that's easy to get to that. As the man. It's almost like the David Chang rest.
Theory: leg you all! You want there to be a line for your restaurant. You ought to be hard to get it. You wanted to be hard to get a table. She put it at forty, five thousand, that's what the Red Sox Habit runway park. Then we part you it's really hard to get in its hard to get good seats and it makes people want to go. Don't you think out worker my nets with that chance point is exactly the point in terms of how those of us who grew up in the area. No, lovingly look back at the hour of K, experiences of fifty five thousand steady seat capacity, periods and that intimacy that you describe is exactly what it was like. You know They had one particular section down by the field that was on a metal. I remember a mess up the description, but it would bound up and down. Yeah and events could get it movie, so it felt like the stadium was literally moving, because that lower section was able to be
affected by the fans jumping up and down and where, at the point now Snyder is you know, trying to create competition among the three jurisdictions here Dc Mail and Virginia for the new stadium that he wants? One of those jurisdictions to build for him, the least cynical thing for him to do would be to go. Go back to old are of K. Renovate are f K make it a fifty five thousand. Sixty thousand see joint put that put the team back The city me. That's his only last and best hope at oak changing the perception of of him in this in this, so local sports environment changes. Is that ship sailed can stand or do anything to save himself in the DMZ. Now I'm in Do everything right? Am I still want to sell the key yeah
already. I think you should show bad so sad, considering the legacy of a washing. Let's get near or that I want to talk about bacon, but first quick break to talk about zip recruiter are our friends. Are you hiring denoted post your job? I get it, but was it precluded post your job to one hundred plus job sites with just one click? Their powerful technology efficiently matches the rape of your job there and then you and us Gee efficiently matches the rape of your job better than anyone else? That's why zip recruiters different? Unlike other jobs, I separated as independent candidates, finding you it finds them maybe Chang can use this to find more employees for first food empire. In fact over eighty percent of jobs posted answer, protruding inequality, can I just twenty four hours, no juggling emails or cost your office simply screen rate manage candidates on one place was zip recruiters ease
to use dashboard find out today was the procurator has been used by businesses of all sizes to find the most qualified job candidates with immediate results. Right now, my listeners compose jobs and dip creator for free go to sip, recruiter, Dhaka, Slash B S again, Zapruder Deca, Slash BS back to Joe House and David. Can we talk about bacon really quickly? I won't I went on, has a carbs last week with house and oh no, it was my part. There was basically honorary gas, we talk football and that I was talking about fish, and I was talking about big and we are the same as you Hawaii yet being some Mallory Reuben head all the setting added to this serious bacon conversation in the Deuce, Indonesia, Bacon, and what what qualifies for obey again- and I just like Crispy
old school, a tiny bit thicker than you will begin is my wheel house. I don't like a lot of fat on it, walk me through your dream scenario with Bacon Jack. What depend on the guy. I think Bacon can be delicious, even like the cheap stuff that you get it like. A like. I got on your honour on a poor bacon agencies like the one that is almost Michael able, but that really taking that. I like, like countries lab at like not super smokey, but enough to taste I smoke and you can actually get that by and you see that sort of dignified steakhouses yeah right where they just serve- you that Bacon are on a plate, which is to be one of the most beautiful things in a well well, but Oh, I'm just lugers. While items of the stay causes
Ludger's is an example of they do it right. Some of the steak houses are like here's, this big, a slab of bacon, but it's like almost all fat and it's hard to find the mean it's not cooked that. Well, why it? Why do they screw that? which the Libyan differently, because China there trying to make money. I guess you shouldn't do that. I'm intake layers of everything they can shoot at minimum about thirty percent of its body weight or other of the slice. In fact, right. One of the reasons why it tastes. Delicious is because there is fat, otherwise eating canadian baking, which is this the fillet yeah so bacon to me, the best kind of baking has some kind of shoes, so you bite down and you get that little bit of texture and crunch, and then you get some softness and Elizabeth, We have been authority and that smoking is just all around it altogether collapsed. That's that's to me, like the best kind of bacon is when you get off.
Kinds of extra contrast and and flavour contracts is not just a one dimensional fat has. Where do you stand and Canadian begging Digg is perfect we find on a Egmont muffin, and otherwise you could take it and you know turn it into a ultimate frisbee. Competition might You know if you haven't been Canada, so they re actually call it piecemeal bacon in Ontario way. What I'll bacon, one on one of those where Digital em out was keen C mere bacon and they make amazing sandwiches out of it behalf. I got your life like out. They were two inches of this stuff with mustard honour on a night push you all its protection. That's like that sounds to me a little bit like that. What role that you might get up in the fairly New Jersey area? Is it? Is it into that. In that vein different, I'm just trying to
palladium love here, because it from that, I think, is highly underrated. Another food I owe so. If we got it, if we had a version of it here, the states that was a more accurate representation. I wouldn't be so dismissive as I we're saying, correct and is there a way that is our place to get this penile bacon here in the penal code. Making the? U S, mail, bacon. I've never seen it right, but I wish you to try and also if we go for raptors here, mom I'll get a sandwich witty yeah. We week we had to go to Toronto because we are Diana, get up there and get some authentic protein Chang? What do you feel like? We have? too much bacon bits in our life, not nearly enough Further right amount, because my my might take is not nearly enough. I
plenty enough. Will. Yesterday I had a business meeting at random place because we just let me up at a place called bar bacon and everything is bacon. I thought I was gonna hate it, but, quite frankly, was delicious. I got a girl cheese sandwich, I didn't like a bread so much. I didn't think you'd like to break it raises. Sunflower seed in it, but the baking was perfect. It was delicious and they gave me a bit can sampler when I think about it. What's a vacancy, I want that. There's like a kind of bacon on slab of plate and it went from likely smoky too much smokey and in between was like salty and spicy. There was
it was actually figured I'd. They send it out. I want you to eat any and then, of course, the whole goddamn thing witty we do. You stand on the candied bacon when Donwell I like one of my favorite show that I make is: is it the candied bacon vinegar? and I would make it more if it wasn't such a period to clean up. So you fight of bacon into margins, which is basically like half an inch pieces, pretty thick and then what you render at all the fat you leave all that fat in there and then each throw in mustard, some shallots on sugar and sherry vinegar and then you take them but bacon out. That's been candied autumn backup we debated and the brown sugar, and then you take some of the big it out, and then you throw in the mustard and sherry and and and shout any puree that anymore,
well because they have enough the bacon fat and then he sort of serve a hot sort of a spanish salad. Like that one of my favorite salads is like a sort of wilted spinners showered with a hot taken, been a grant. Then I just add a little bit of candy taken so its tremendous. I can't believe house was in granting there and then hold thing I was, I was dying keeping in a little in my pants. I was trying to you now we never talked about ass. We never talked about what the perfect Blue cheese, wedge bacon, Its type a salad is cause. This is its on every state, ass menu and it's always a minus at worst. I always enjoy it. I just I love blue cheese. I like big in you, really care. Go wrong with whatever the lettuces other. Sometimes the lettuce is too hard. My dream sooner though, I think there's different types of blue cheese that people do sometimes not just crumble, the blue cheese sometimes thou just do it
the watery blue cheese, but it doesn't have the crumbles in it, but the good ones it as the wedge. It's that too. It's actually hard It's got. The blue cheese dress aim, but it's also got the little pungent blue cheese crumbles within the the liquid part of the dressing, and then on top of it it's got the bacon bits, but it's that really bacon bits actually cooked the bacon and cut it into little like kind of bigger than in bits and then on top of it, you put the cherry tomatoes at it and it just a winner. When does that not delicious? Who doesn't like that? Anyone I love it. Might my big challenges and I'll tell you what my default is when I go to a stake house, I there's, always a competition between the wedge, salad and Caesar, and the real for that is because a lot of some sake, these are known for their Caesar, and I love the combination of the garlic in this
addressing plus the the sauciness of he, and I Amis I'm a maniac for anchovy seminar. We sometimes, alas, for more anchovies less I know I know come again that the wedge is a special wedge. My default is always the seas are at stake house by win, win, win chef, Chang Talk. By Lord arms. Now I know that the wedge is going to have some to the list is delicious chewy sort of chunky bacon that goes along with that beautiful You know towering ice, Gladys within what you just described in terms that Baluchi that's gonna, be like that and I'll go wedge, but lots of times I mean and towards teaser channel. I think that a wall of all that electricians- you ever said, including sports, that's the best description you ever given about it. They will lose lucida websites with a big in bed with amazing how bout poetic Jane,
Well done bill service Chang! Why don't? The shafts cut out the iceberg wedge with the bacon bits and blue cheese, and men is one of they cut it up for me and make it like a leg. Not a chop salad, but do little. The works of the dressing came hit all the parts. Why do I have to do other work? That's why it's called a stake out. It's meant for you to do some work. New felt they'll, do it. I guess I was out to dinner. I won't drop any names, but with a with unknown food person and this food person asked at the restaurant, I was that take us. I was at Ashcombe Gamma shut up because I don't I don't mind, given the capital guerrilla shadow, the capital girl chopped up our word sallied forth well, but I like the wedge, I think twice: we're glad it is one of the most vilified, underrated, lattices anywhere it something people
more proud of serving? Could it's delicious? It also get hot and taught aid, but I like the way, because you can cut it sorted almost like a stake. Yeah I'm having MIDI bite is when he saying biggest issue is if there is also a French hung in soup on the menu, and I and my thing is: if the french onions is really done correctly. That's all, gonna be the winner for me, but you so often you rarely get like Perfect french onion, where they really burn the cheese and tat we talked about this before and I play battle over, I don't. I don't know which one to get in the wedges like a safer bet for french onions, the higher ups I'd. You know if it if it hid it. You hit. You hit the grand slam with the with the french onion. I I went to Ruth Chris of my daughter to weekends ago, China Ben too TAT. She had a soccer term in and she wanted
at steak and I have been there a while, and I forgot how much I enjoyed not only the burning the filet and the sizzling, whatever the hell they caught, but they had the at the sweet potatoes with the brown sugar pecan thing on the top whose delicious so it was like they just know how to do do a right. It stay causes these days, I think that's been, there's been a. The bad trends. This decade, I think that's been winner, one of the better trance degree. I don't think I've been recruited, ear Can you remember I had been in years either. I was excited, I love roots Chris. Will you all that all that butter, I admit I love I'll order at one temperature, less I'll get it Black and blue, and then they bring it on the sizzling platter with the butter, and then you can kind of cooking yourself. You know an almost korean barbecue style, so I get up to that. In rare temperature that that I, like it, ass a kind of size it right away. Just because I like that asked
of it, I'm not a black and blue. I'm not that I'm not a troop pair. More modern, that's brilliant! I've got you understand like we saw in temperature, that's like I'm so proud of you, that's unbelievably complex, but you know I have a food podcast bundle, We will ask why we gave our cars now I should like yours of on, like not many people, not even close, won't understand that chain, but it's fun Janeway. You stand philosophically on the surface, turf I'd like it. I think that's why I don't love it. I dont want. Laughter personally like that, I'd like it could in different ways, but you know I'd rather just focus on one thing done: well, I don't to re. That's how I feel at home. There is little gimmicky
a guy, just a marketing experience, religious upset, you basically, I want to ask our asking a question. Speaking of serpent turf, this is this doesn't fit, but Chang served to unbelievable food items at the. U S open tennis championship has just concluded. He did it's just the true facts. Chang tell people, because here's the thing bill this is this is the groundwork on line right now. I demand an all expense paid trip to the: U S open next year, so I can sample the entire food environment upturn in queens, but Chang tell the people die, that's what he said and done unbelievable. Tell the people but you had it flew. So this is our second year of having a stand, and last year we serve the Mcenroe, which was a or have a narrow, spice, fried chicken, three in which was taken in re unstrapping, very apropos for the conversations- and here? We got even a bigger sand and there was room
or a grill, so we decided to add a burger cause. I've been reluctant to ever doable. So we decided just to do. I want our pop up and we called it. Fifty three, I go to a job that we call it a veto, Carolinas Berger and we served a double stacked, powerful a burger with she's our own special sauce and the real differences was the bread with Sir on a chinese being bred made by the wonderful bakers, oh my god, I can remember and pointed out it was a chinese thing right so to Chinese bred in order, but sugar, we grill it and finally, the bread was necessary because what you have a double stack of burger patties, you need a bread to sort of soda the juices, otherwise it on a regular war, we ll just what a disintegrator yet and that was selling. Cockades, I'm assuming here
was it was. It was a lot, and might I add, if you have a friend of yours, open, convene an unbelievable and we talk about food. We talk about my tailgating. Can you imagine football obey ball and hot dogs, but I think the most underrated sport for eating and drinking Kenneth by far away because people eat and drink for six to eight hours during or two to three meals their end. I knew I was really shocked when we open up last year just how like how much these people eat by Kenneth. It just think I'd like to make have a founder, something known people are getting in there and I love those ten and transparent, unbelievably good eaters. I was born,
play better at being at Wimbledon. To have my how much food was part of the experience, and you really feel like you have to get the strawberries and cream like you feel like a lesser person, if you don't do it, but they had a whole bunch of other stuff too U S open, though it actually is severely underrated sport to to attend. I dont really like honour golf, which is be a subject for another another pike ass. I think I do. Never know what the right decision is with golf like these data hall whole one whole do follow golfer, but You're staying at one hole, the foods gotta be unbelief bone. Usually it's it's not up to par right house. Then it got there they have the great from now and has yet to come, and I won't work. Save this Euro euro. Have you on this? of all the talk about the proper strategy, for are consuming, live golf and and also consuming the very best food there d tournaments have taken note, though,
bringing in a lot of local purveyors. I wish there was a whole food truck situation here. In the day envy at the most recent tournament that was hosted here. So you know the golf game. Is this Gulf Stephan its game up in terms of the food department, but but we have to seventh next year me and you do? U s up, because you know change, gonna have another stand and the lines are unbelievable. Maybe Chang can help us cut line, but we know it outlines for very long with two lines were that's right, I was very true. Of our team. They won't work for two weeks like lunatics, and even the super team picture to them, but I will add bill. We did a stand at the northern trap, the PJ's we're dozen yards in one, so yeah hiding you know what we're trying to get through to observe and all sporting events we opened up in minded, often stadium too hard,
stadium early this year. So what we're gonna get. Therefore, all sports fans who I won my question, but first quick break to talk about blue host attack. Read website provider pairing over two million websites where they are bloggers, a small business owner bluehost, is everything you need to build: how to manage the personal or small business website you ve, always design, your website you're way without being limited by templates, simple enough for beginners powerful enough for even the most advanced users, fully customize templates Third Party ab support a ninety nine point. Eight percent up time guarantee maximum scared, including malware monitoring and protection in automatic secure. What word press installs? I hate malware at all times by not dimension,
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the best fish to order. He said it was using a combination of lake scallops and lobster, and nobody ever has it, but when they do halibut, cheeks is the move. Where would where you stand on halibut, cheeks, Chang, their delicious, but like a model of a move that I personally am from a person I live, and I personally I think it for it. More call, but you have to wonder like halibut depending on the size right, my: u can get like massively couple hundred pound hounded but we're garlic there's only enemy cheeks per fish itself at offering not as a special bike. I have lived in getting all these cheeks. That's what I would ask me there's a special you really only have one order of how the cheeks right
Well, if there's so, let's say, let's say you're at an unbelievable fish place in Hawaii, were you know their catch in the fish? Every single fish is on the menu EU. Based gave your choice any any type of fish you ve ever want to design their. What your order. Man. That is like the best question I've ever heard. Wow I like that lot fish I loved oversaw. I know people cinnabar, reeled, oversold, delicious turbo is published my favorite, I know immensity before how about a little cars that is just to me. Officially, you can you with your hands, it's it's! It's just that got. Everything is still got the cheeks, but their way smaller and I'm in
I mean we should get a turbo dinner one day, and always you just lie one in grill at an end and you'll see what I mean. Is it body one of the most exquisite grilling fish enough, the fish that I would eat you know put out a doubt: Blair has which your answer. My I would never say anything different from from chef Chang, Obviously the answers is Turbot idea to have the wonderful turbo you coward, you ve ever even had that. What are you talking about? You know the tastes like I've, I've, I'm sure I've heard turbot in my life, the I truly love sushi great tuna. I mean I know, I'm done that way. I know how they wanna get knows how I don't know cut down. I want to cut, don't you done so? Well can about ordering the what black and blue steak
this latter them and if you went down to say that you want to sugar tuna cooked mean, though, that jewish negate everything you ve done positively to night. I hesitated to volunteer that that would be my might go to fish order, because I know how would it pushing tuna is and how it overfished and everything that goes along with it. But still you know that it's the succulents of that when it's perfectly prepared and and the M there at the right temperature. Like do you know, it's got a little, the real chill too. It is just an believable to me Chang. I have a task for you for two thousand and thirteen because you you just continue to conquer the food world. You conquered fried chicken sandwiches, which people just didn't think it happened. I think hot dogs are the next frontier. My wife, and I wish we were flying from away with our kids were in the airport. There were hot dogs stand,
wife loves hot dogs more than anything and she's just died in the hot dog stand. So I pretended to the bathroom like to got two different hot dogs for us to try one of them was a hawaiian hot dog, and it had that whatever mustard it was like this yellow mustard, not to spicy, and then they covered it in pineapples and like a little almost like math, also bullets at dead, the stuff of the little kick to it that they put out every year with China with Pineapple, and it was like a ban on the bigger side the hot dog, was like a long thin when it hello little beef to it, and she was at a reminder that penal, if it works, if act up, who would have ever thought about pineapple on a hot dog, it was outrageous and it just made me think lake.
We're? Not. We haven't really put all of our smart shift, brain cells toward the hot dog. Yet well I I reserve judgment on a pineapple heart. I don't to aftertaste myself, but secondly I agree with you because I myself went to the land of hot dogs. Can I did a dinner budgets shifts in Austria, but, a month ago, and we do. Little Tor in the wider region of Austria and always worked sausages and hot dog is sending up in all the fascism, came from Germany in Vienna and I was blown away, I don't even put it in Bonn vaguely. These giant hot dog like sausages, and little bit. Thicker a hot dog and grown so there super charred and take a slice. I'm on a diagonal input. Toothpick cinema
and you drink beer and wine on a plate of of just caught up in old sausage, like hot dogs in I would like what what's going on here, where we were just above and below even needed to sausages, so delicious and great mustard, I was just blown away like this. Is this kind of eating needs to be more America Learchus sausage on a plate, hot dog, on a plate, but like a rat the exquisite lead on hot dog. If that makes any sense doesn't look like a normal dug, it looks like the best hop dogmas ever been made. So, like I like toothpicks, like your stabbing the pieces with you have bags yeah standing there like a table, standing, cable, no, no cherry and they didn't keep on job and played after played on wooden plates, like grilled beautifully, would grilled hotdog like sausages like we, How do you know that the austrian german name of it, but it was it was brilliant- has were added that resonate with you with your brain Rina?
starving. I didn't eat lunch today and either is chef lewd here it Nino, Danube, elude fame. Chef of of Daniel. The New York Ass, a little outpost here, Db Gb here in pc area, not that far away from any offers sausages on the menu I'm about to hang up. This call and walked down there in order all the sausages great idea. But before I do that when last last thing anything Chang, those the story. Do you know about David Stern and dogs Jane Oh, I don't so any. Any New York like I mean that any mba leg, commissioners party or anything like with the ambiguous throwing. Thank three Neuro had pigs in a blanket. As you know, the hand at the appetizers-
as I call pigs in a blanket and mentioned somebody works for the abandons again, that's David's thing. It's though its he loves pigs in a blanket here who's. He had any time. There's a party he Hasta pigs in a blanket and apparently who, at this person, Tommy, apparently they they had a part in. There is no pigs in the blanket any flipped out. What's ripping the people, it's like a staple the pigs in the blanket. So then after I was told this story like the next two or three I went to There was pigs in a blanket and it was like. I wasn't even light there were that many choice in areas like maybe little sliders, but picks up like that. Like the most common order at a party, you'll see it, but you won't see regularly and in it it was my favorite David Stern. Two bit the dude loves pigs in a blanket he can't be all that bad rate YO. I actually met him once
a new super cool. I found a powerful, but I'm pretty sure you told me that, He grew up and I, like a butcher's family, is that true, yet I'd like it is actually a year yeah. That is everything about food. Literally, he was telling me about all the karts I was. I was impressed with his food knowledge. Any just seem like a super swell smart guy, so I thoroughly enjoyed is digging a blanket store, mixed. Even like immune has. Maybe that's a has carbs guess for you, my guide, or do you think he's over his is genuine disdain for you, we got along grave for years. He's. Never forgive me for the Chris Paul Trade and when I wrote when that got vetoed, it was kind of a mistake. We, what you wrote was was accurate, retailing trade, not none,
a good look. He dead fish handshake me the last like three times I've seen em, maybe he's babies, nappies, retired movies, forgiven me, Yunus, Chang, anything plug. No I mean gearing up for this l, restaurants, restaurant, so we're doing we're renovating renovating she soon so we got a bunch of wages and we just announced today that we are opening up new toolbar Finally we need a born the timeliness and also a lotta plotter. Yes, excellent and also your house carbs appearance ass. When a plug that year rule we're going to have an outstanding show. Next week, chef Chang God bless him was thinking about, how to help the Houston community, so we had to ass to the most to the real pillars of the of the food community down in Houston, come on house of
arms- will run it next week to talk about their experiences with Harvey, whether due to get back on their feet ways the people can help, and you know that not to bury the lead. The best way to help get down to Houston. Houston is open, for business, the food and drink and sharing, and I are already planning to trip so that that's house carbon next week you guys are playing a chip, but on that evaded what I was about, where the trips gonna happen. If you're not about it, damn it wasn't me some pictures bags fell a sorry about the washed and professional football team. Maybe next year, I'm sorry FM thanks guys thanks guys we're to call my daddy does no economy, but first I want to talk about my bookie from a gaming standpoint, weird and remember the two thousand tonnes as the decade when live betting took off and where you're betting is just. Important issue, your betting on here's, an idea go to my Bucky Dat agee. They ve been in this business for years. Their reputations rock solid. They do one hundred percent cash bonuses, so often
you're making money for doing nothing. They had the fastest pad sausages to business days. They have in game, live bedding. They have the most rewarding poor pricks in the business and have in all new mobile site. That makes wagering on the go. A breeze in game lie betting, it's kind of the last frontier format. Don't ever dived into happening. It's gonna happen laid out. Some cash straightaway make today. Joy now in my bookie will match your deposit with to a one hundred percent bonus. I have to do is visit. My bookie Dat Agee used a promo code bills immense activate the offer and wide be o K. I e that agee, you play you when you get paid to recover com, hi. My dad's on the line were taken this on a Tuesday afternoon at didn't. Tell sky, Lotta, Boston, sports, stuff command, rank it do the most worried about,
carry Irving being superstar for the south, takes the patriots dynasty being over or the Red Sox, having no real chance in the playoffs how'd. You write those three. I drank the red Sox begin trouble for the play off. I drank second Thea Patriots being in trouble at least concern of the three you mention about career you I did it. I just think he is a twenty five year old superstar. Whose, whose best years, rather from your pro, carry trade, some people in Boston, where Anti can retrieve it I've we talked about it once before. In love, is a promise and I, having watched the games in person, nobody gave more to the South Boston,
the fans than he did. You know that we were there at the latest. Teeth got knocked out everything with his sister. Many just was tremendous, but I just don't know what his age, whether he's the cunning, whether he somebody give maximum contract to so I dont think this outfit we're going to an end Was afraid that he was gonna be a frigid new year and we would get nothing form so and then they have issue YAP shows up so that its very everything were reading its possible he's, not gonna, be back to January February. So putting all that prospect, and getting the opportunity to bring on somebody like curving? I am in favour. The trade I felt there was worried about therefore come pick, and then I look at the status of all these terrible teams.
Malik, Weather, Chicago or Indiana or Atlanta, or you go down the list and we saw it last year you get to the months of end of February March April. These teams are tanking and they have Brooklyn and the book and pick this now is owned by clever Brooklyn played great. The last twenty games last season no reason to thank this year. They don't on their own pick yeah, and I I just quest The value of that tech is gonna, be even a top five, so yeah putting all that together in favour. The trade like it when it happened, I was now I didn't like I don't know whether it was me looking at objectively that they come for the trade is more me feeling that these topics
and any age had been disloyal to somebody like, as they are Thomas who had given so much of himself to the team. It was my initial reaction, and now we ve had weeks to objective we kind of look at it. I feel different. It was. While there have been, they did a sound down the river ere it when it was the soil in its very you- and I talk about it to its this really strange time and professional sport were Both sides are disloyal, I mean look or another way to put. It is no loyalty there anymore, I may we seem players trade, throughout the years, but when you have when you have played like Aubrey leaving Cleveland and then leave Miami and then now and then now is you'll leave Craven again and Paul George,
El Indiana, and it's itself to look pastures and objective. We have the sports trading people like a layer, Thomas and I guess the reality, is in it so hard to look at it objectively, as a sports fan is that there is no loyalty, neither side it, sir, and maybe they shouldn't maybe you know we all want a championship. Then you know I go back to our seven away. I loved out Jefferson, when he was drafted by the celtic sir, didn't get to see him play that long, but would have loved to have seen him and here has all career wasn't sure about that trade and mislead certainly would take a championship as we got one, and I guess that's what it's all about for the players and the owners and the same. And want championships, yet another war number one, the rare and left, and there is
Some traders ever them actually defending them because they try to trade on three of its aims: including the one that was. I canceled read for the deadline. A boy year wasn't at that point it cycle I should he be louder. You guys. He knows that you try to trader, He knows that shot shall do so. It would be ass. Postage is bead. Oh I forgive you. I never understood their part well security. Today he gave it. An interview having the first one. I really heard him were here and it is your own employer, where your tickled is just what you are talking about it. On the other hand, I would, I would have been ok if he had signed with any of the other twenty eight teams again team that we're just gonna war with death. For me, that's all single thing that made that so difficult that he went with Miami
where we had just gonna walk Miami in it. It just seemed like maybe, in a way we go somewhere else. You don't go to their team leading care you. Having said that, the bankers in over, I bet it's fun, though it has changed as is set as the twenty first century is gone along. It seems like it's been one of the things that changed the most about sports and, I think, even gone back to when Janni Damon, went to the Yankees member writing about four page to happen and the Red Sox Fans in the Boston fans were so betrayed by Janni Damon Great just couldn't. That he laughed and they couldn't believe that he went to the on the heels of the two thousand four, oh yeah. You know. The great pleasure of stuff I now boatmen member, poor so upset- and I I want I want to get rid of those absurd to? But I went against the grain. I wrote a calm about a basically like there's, no loyalty and sports like that.
To change M tomorrow, if you sitting two twenty and they want to hear his contract, and I think, if something my dad happens. Now it is not as big a deal I think from. Decision with the broad all the way through de Katy gonna go and stay in leaving ok, see a year ago and now His fans are ready for everything they just assume these guys gonna jump around. They assume the teams are trade them, as soon Is there not that I said they want the asset to be an that's just the way sports. Is it really the strange time? It's definitely one of the weirder times. We felt that I could remember. It really is I will say, though, way back in the aid it do. You know had a conversation.
When there are rumours that doubtless the maverick were looking to trade, Perkins and shrimps from a trail, yeah, Mikhail and and unite debated. They do a trade like that. You know you ve had Mick and allow through its an ironic winkle that has a similarity. Toys is a problem. We, watch Mikhail play with a broken foot. He any eighty seven play off and he should have set out enough for his own personal future career, but he played and further damage Now we see say I'm walking around with a limp okay. So after all that the the at that time made a decision not not to trade, Mikhail or a bird and eventually parish left us
created. Should we have made that trade for shrimp and Perkins, probably probably remember what they did. They they use Danny Age instead They train richer planet, painting exactly an end change mention that when he gave his press conference after introducing Irving to the Boston community that any kind of reference trading, laissez faire and how hard it was yeah, and he talked about it was when he learned he had been traded from his beloved Celtic. So maybe that shaped his whole viewpoint on loyalty in trading players that the fans love because he got traded and I think you get traded a second time to come
the team way when you get changes, Sacramento, which is even worse, you away from being on you know, play with bird passion, Macao, they're, gonna, MBA Siberia, basically, but true, its interests they made in trade, Mikhail and then up. But if you show than I did anyone season than the following season before birds back when out, but that team was really good and it actually seem smart that they didn't trade, Mikhail they'd, Reggie Louisen, they kept the big three. It was a god. This is good. It was actually a good idea to do this. This way within the year we almost be clever, does deteriorate that lasted pistons in anywhere, but they had like war a second round with those but now looking back if they had been able to Macao owners, a young shrub young Perkins, like I'm sure, ain't, looks at that and says that we should have done that in a heartbeat. We should have made that
and maybe the shape that it as I suspected it in employment. We read somewhere very recently that both Mikhail, but that both on burden Mikhail had said they wanted to retire Celtics. Yet, but then I read that both pierce and Garnish had also said to aims that, like to retire or subjects you know nobody's nobody's size immaturity. May then, for those New Jersey picks up were complex yeah. Maybe it depends on the outcome of the trade which we don't know yet. So it is a long term view we have to take whether it was gate a trade people that have been loyal to the franchise. It's just a at a different time. May I dont know that we can equated to other times in
well, this is again. This is a good out about the patriots, though, because you could have made the case and I am I might actually have made the case in a mailbag last spring that they probably should achieve two Grand Caskey if, if there was a market farm with other surgeries, indifferent kind of injuries, he sat in the durability and the fact that he said in his late twenties I suspect it wasn't the kind of market there. Maybe there wasn t get back what you would have gotten back if he hadn't suffered the most recent couple of injuries yeah, don't you think they would have traded and now if they bow check again an awesome after form, the key word are traded and I think that would have you know it it it. It's the hot topic up here now, unfortunately, very unfortunately, after watching Brady's performance last Thursday night. Yet you know all of a sudden, that's sparking the discussions about
every is Brady turning the corner. We have seen the best Brady in should they moved them and just move grew up in our getting all that discussion appear what's happening really dead, Brady's should bring to get bench. The discussion in Boston, it's that benched now not bench, but she should have been created to openness or for grapple takeover tad commodity. Too long, I don't need them in the area? We regret that discussion makes it did it. Brings ratings that you get all the crazy callers in and of the people of added. You call your term two years ago, lobby
the only the miserable or something like that, and I was maybe that's why that was the fellowship and miserable. I think any ass Shaughnessy men of even a method that ok colleague, cotton, is in town, I remember when it has over there and then there is the flesh of the miserable, but you now here's the thing: This was always gonna end badly with brain if he's gonna keep playing nephew Kyle is produced, pack as by the way is that is it near tears now he's very upset, but Patsy in Africa. But if you look, yet how paint Manning's last year and a half went. If you look parliament does not say that can happen. Abrading may, thereby by look let's be realistic. This the Lakers and said this about Kobe once upon a time while he'd never he's never going end, he wouldn't go out that well guess what he did and soda remaining- and you know
Jordan with Washington all them any body. Sir. The Argo this way to even TIM Duncan, who went out that is great as he could go out, but that last year he could barely move you know, and as is he was done, and these again What are we really care for? Your did. Brady could be repay the this. What bad year I agree. Again. I am a little word. I have to say that when you use with theirs than I did It reminded us that this is going to end badly at some point season, it may be next season. It may be for years from now, but at some point he's gonna have a bad yarn, he's gonna retire and that's how this is gonna end it leaves before that bad year on its own terms, its how many people have done that not too many I mean paint Manning came back
set. He threw for almost what they scored. Almost six hundred points he won. The Mvp again would have been a perfect way to go out in the bad for next surgeries kept coming back. I feel I q and apply it again if anybody had sino. I think it's really hard for this to walk away and at the end another really, sitting. Test cases can be Lebron James when it gets their point. Commissioner, enter tickets is sixteenth year by the eight in my city, you. What are you talking about? I left. As I won. I won the super right, but they won the Superbowl. Despite him, you know that he's not gonna. I agree with you read, but he would come back the next year and you know I keep looking at this and wondering. Would this be the ultimate way? Having followed this Bell Jack rain from starting?
Finnish and knowing that the Brady era started, I was eleven Abbas in them at the time, but so gets her brain comes in and with it just be the ultimate irony of this comes full circle and like going into weak for Brady gets hurt. Or whatever something happens, grapple comes in the team pays better about checks, radio, you don't get to come back, that's it like. That would be crazy This is how this play that not saying a word, but it would be crazy. I hope I hope that's not the way. Poyser I hope we win the Superbowl, the sheer and Brady retires with six Superbowl rings at the top of his. And we get to them easily. He'll be forever hero he went out at on on top on his own terms, anger opera takes his place but can I make? Can I made the case for Brady why that is that
I'm not making a newer and took it defends exit I'd like to see a girl pop, don't get defensive. I'm I'm saying I think one. Happened. Last week was understandable in some ways, because Oh Adam, you look at the last fifteen. The Brady's career and he's almost ways. Had the reliable site receiver dating back to Troy Brown and there's really learned in two years, where he didn't have that guy o sacred and then also steer, they traded them ranch and then right now where its. Amygdala was his only reliable guy in there that one play when Amand or in the autumn route rout over them, to save the third down in gap walk by somebody and dropped the bar, but that was one of those over and over again,
go back and watch the super bowl is. It was over and over again to Edelman just figure out a way to get open on a big third down and making the play. Then, on top of it, you don't have Grock, which we've talked about in the pod before, but being the force of nature, at least the knack aim for whatever was gone out with them, but even just him drop in that touchdown like he never drop touchdowns like that before he read that. Would that was seven points every time and and then you go through brain and clerks who is barely played with these teams, don't practice together much anymore, so not to make excuses for him, but from watching football again, which is, I did the last two days. None of these quarterbacks look good, Alex Smith, some look better than any other quarterback firm for four days, so I am that that overreacting it, but it did make me think wow. They, it did make me see the finish line with Brady for the first time.
You just you just gotta. Well, how would this end when this ends houses gonna go what if this is just what a features place? Five, or games. I does now. What do we do? It did make me start thinking about that stuff and I hated it and I know you you were that's you- you were catatonic for twenty four hours after that the unfortunately too. We have ten days between game, so It's all anybody who the football fan and let us allow them of their New England. That's what people thinking about talking about. But the problem is that the defences, the problem, this defence- we have it That's what we should all be really worried about is what, when I was a defence and it does feel egg, the door is now just open for the NFL you now
People could have said that three years ago and they lost again city game but heading into the seas. Everybody was given the free control to the patriots already, and now it's completely different is one. It was basically ninety minutes of football. The second, in areas where the pages can be beaten, there's a vulnerability that I dont think any of us really saw coming with the air of a strange game. I like, as you said it, thank it for a forty, nothing, he simply catches the touchdown yet fish, they momentum, the games or different Kansas City has been a means that a tough match oppress, usually there, but obviously here as well, but I'll expect at the game of life use greatly. I don't think he's ever play better and that that team as speed that
we could not counter and much others too many teams that have that kind of speed. My fear is that you're gonna be complaining alot about Stephen Gilmore this year makings for somebody that you are just complain about they overpaid him? A little bet he's not totally the coroner he's already made. A gigantic mistake. Just feels like we're headed toward the seas and where you just tax to me about You know what However, is both check doesn't pay anything? I don't love. That was his mistake. They they ran three guys through. She was on the vertical wooed yeah. And because he made a decision with somebody else, so I suspect a more thought accorded with safety health and it wasn't there. So I mean
I watched the replay casually. Can I let them go buy them? It's not like. He even tried to steer put em, so we he must have thought that he was on his side and he was the safety up So in conclusion, you you still fully support Tom Brady in Bilbao Jack and you still believe, you're still believer yeah. I got it. That's that's a big headlines better than having cake I with you that decent really was worrisome an egg and terrible. Who has again your email, your text, any who's, this guy? That's not why not The other work I, who is the waiting room, there's a guy, have their chasing a running who to remain like you like. As for for speed,
you. Gotta do is any twenty yards behind and then, when it goes that guy I keep up at least play. It would be better if we had no name defence up there two fairly worrisome, sir, are you gonna fly to watch the Red Sox first for game laws with that. Your grandson, mayor, you're, just gonna stay there, but your plan What do you mean TAT I later during the planning losses with us, which your plan now not both likely Louis factually replay used if they win the division equivalent has the best record re than cleaving would play the play of tea in the air
the wild cry came and we then playing in starting in Houston media's them. Well it that we, alas, poor games of the earth and my part becomes Houston. But there is a possibility. We gonna play them in nine straight games, Did it matter that their bodies? Chris sale could not be the Yankees. It bother me. Given that day winding up sweet pension altruistic is against the answer. Is yes, but he had a really good gave against a shitty. May. I now, as he does I love her sale. I wish he had beaten the Yankees win just one time, just and throw the aiding in into just. Sitting up eating up. I was driving he's been unbelievable. The seas and began- I just hate you is our secret weapon
Hence the eggs just cigar right, you're, not gonna, give it had this guy in the basic ACT: seems like they can hit em and they have good at bats against them and they dragged the pitch counts out and- and Myanmar I'd start again. He leaves these. From the dead are decided on what happened there better. It should be a sad I don't really have incredibly hopes for this team is just feels like the whole thing. Isn't, is gonna to ride on some down to one game for eighteen. Bases loaded, one out and Zander Programme is gonna. Come up and figure had a hidden quadruple play in there d, be the it'll be too steadily and that any, but also some out to us for the next sitting, My worry is that September, ten twelve and now we only ever three game lean on the Yankees the Yankees again, as you said, we finally judge, but
Jos, setting up its sittings, Savareen, who has been unable as a picture if we ended up if we end up in that way her position than we have that one game play off? I mean at a really looking forward to that on that I'm in Chapman they made. It looks like he's going to be the closer going forward again, which I actually think, if, if he can handle it, it puts their bullpen in such a better spot. Cuz not betances, can just kind of drove around and come in and whatever in in the fire place for them. Well, I think if the game is it that way and Chapman comes in the different element, there, a monk I'm ok with him come again interim report. Having seen what the fence do too particularly when it comes in the game and he seemed to lose the boy
Doktor John, whilst for like an hour yesterday, there's there's, we may have to give you guys podcast, oh really, you we connected with commercial may have been yet but as thickened he could be it As for the blue played special, which people are still Emily about, they still on it. What job losses from my generation and believe me, I I know you think I'm just kidding, but when I walked a minding my own yeah. It's it's frequent that somebody will say what when's the booklet special starting somebody I dont know by the way, Listen if there's a spider I there to sponsor if they want to sponsor a touch her. That's the blue paid special, I ask, is available, but an adequate here, don't have defended, clumsy right. You can break out everything in this. He had the big washes it. It's we'd have to get you guys
producers at least over sixty eight, to really fit in with our group. It it'll be a fast dating Park as the wood Will there be a lot of work memory lay much richer in it. Actually my brain, is still intact? I mean, if you don't, do it so who knows what That's true, really really happy shuffling, I'm gonna good spirits. The the always chaotic Boston sports intact, he said the to sent back thanks to your house and David Chang. Good luck to young way coup, good luck to other Boston sports teams, thanks to Blue, with your blogger is Bob is the sound of blue house? Has everything you need to build a house to manage the personal or a small business website? You have always wanted simple enough for beginners powerful enough for even the most advanced users design your website you're way without being limited, but
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forget about all of our other podcast, don't forget to go to the ringer dot com. It is space week this week. If you love me tv shows Burke's anything about space. This is the way to go to the readers that ring it icon for that, and I will come back to you later in the week on the biggest past and tell them ways.
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