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Kurt Russell on His Career, Robin Williams's Humor, and Hanging with Val Kilmer (Ep. 200)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Kurt Russell to discuss the origin of Mr. Nobody in the 'Fast & Furious' franchise (5:00), the alternate universe where he (and not Kevin Costner) played Crash Davis (16:00), the big chance to play Elvis on ABC (23:00), Snake Plissken's motivations in 'Escape From New York' (29:00), shooting 'Silkwood' with Meryl Streep and Cher (36:00), meeting Goldie Hawn (41:00), experiencing tabloid culture as a celebrity couple (48:00), Robin Williams's incessant joke-telling (53:00), working with Sly Stallone (58:00), Val Kilmer's on-set antics (1:04:00), bringing Herb Brooks to life in 'Miracle' (1:10:00), and his love of wine (1:16:00).

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Brings in project per vessel waiting is probably elusive. Snake was confirmed by your fast aid. I thought you died and fast seven. Are you close the dire? What is whether out, I was you know when we cannot wrote it that way, which is there. There's a helicopter on the way and they decided to have the helicopter yet in time to save his life. He recovered severe injuries. Yet it yeah he's always sort of three steps ahead of the game is yet nobody character and You don't unawares. Money comes from. You know what societies on you don't know. What is
history is uniting about and they have them in. The Vince character takes over a leap of faith with him and seven because he he doesn't know who, is yet another people ever know his name here then, along exactly My husband is obviously connected to something else. So far so good so far, he seems to be a positive, positive influence, so They tell you you're playing this care there and there like, there's basically theirs background you just can't have triggered. I wasn't written that way here. To be honest with you, I was really impressed that when they talk to me about doing it and, however, that care about- and I dont really don't know what dumb I I said you know it- be fund a kind of get in here and have some fun, but if we want to do that, lets, let's make the guy interesting and up another gift. A first lieutenant of a special ops guy showing up is really let you know
red whatever. But I said, let's make him a MR character and let's put that on the shoulders of this character, so that the other characters in the franchise have to deal with. Who is this guy? What where does it come from it Turkey has Dominic threat, it doesn't really know, but it does take a bit of a leap of faith because he needs tunes. Some families duty. He has his own got feelings and stuff, but by making the character. I said literally. I think he should be called, MR nobody at not mister. I said he just nobody when he's introduced in the first one he just as who are you. He says, I'm nothing, I'm nobody and he has the sort of developed into this missed it here- is a MR quality jobs. I guess he becomes, MR nobody, rather than you dont know. And I think that you know that adds to interests. The interests of him and with him in and entertaining way
It's a movie that does really need to be promoted, cause. It's probably the most were lab of hands, as we have right now that in star wars through our years agenda for movies, is there a walk, a right way to promote a movie their magic formula? Question: it's a really good question: I'm I'm of me feelings about it. I've done both where you and promoted to the world promoted to death there were many times. I've done my past, probably to my own detriment to where I distant winning. Articles- and I had a conversation one time about that it was like he was talking about. He was talking about the fact that, if not the fresh momentum it what's, what was his the graduate gradual any said. You know there was nothing about that movie. There was Might Nicholls was not someone at the world knew or anybody new outside of New York, really LOS Angeles Dustin Hoffman was
unknown, etc, and he said there was actually no publicity about a new there's, a screening. I think a couple of nights before me. We can open an end came to the screening and they were lying around the block. How did they know that movie needed no was gonna literally low off the word of mouth, not granted a different different time, but always dealing with white noise and trying to rise above it there. Many different ways to do it. If you have a great great great movie that everybody just loves, somehow it comes out of that it comes, that projection room, and the word starts to get out there and then there are other movies. You can promote m until cows come home and, just like said nobody wants to see it. They do not want to see it. So, having done it both I think that what you do is you kind of hope that the one that there that the studio is choosing is is is, is the one that works and they have to do their best. I do think that that
changed a lot in the last thirty years and that I think it's very difficult now, because I think they're all gone all the guys who were artists at in the marketing World at knowing how to promote a good movie now they not to promote and that its very difficult for them to promote a good movie and get as much response to it as it deserves, and so they ve painted themselves into an interesting corner. Now I think. But that we always seem to find a way out some yeah that movies comic book movies, franchise movies, thus and be able to promote themselves and then, while they felt that they have millions and millions and millions of dollars promote these values and millions and millions of dollars into who I don't know moonlight. Would you have a movie that goes up? and as for five hundred million dollar, not as it's really good, I dont know I ate is like it's like again. It goes back to one Nicholas was saying,
they they gonna, go there and then, as a George Lucas theory of the binary theory of filmmaking, which I also happen to believe in which is the minute they here I'll understand what it's about and whose in it there either going to the eight I thought you follow it up and get out like two months ago that that was a really effective marketing strategy. Young well Antonov was a strategy for just what they had to do. Yeah, but the movie founded way now I've done, but it was a good movie that, after severally height and in others, the point I I've been involved with movies that were movie, That is eventually, because they heard about it. They wanted to see here only in my case, thank God for cities and and YO tape and all that that came in because if it didn't catch, when it first came out things like big trouble. Little China, the thing skate from New York fairly well, it was just a small really, so there is nowhere to go with a tombstone acting on overboard. I've done Prob
ten movies that had it not been for the afterlife yeah, they would they would have seen the light of day. I want. Talk but others worries. I wanna try something we'll different with your aunt They were done. This asylum package I wanted to go through. Your I d, be you said you never done this before I've never done this before I've got a lot of hot air. There does this? I've never done before alike, but go away way back because. I'm a child of the MID Seventys. When all we had. I was going down and braided bunch, and you a jungle, Angolans Alan yeah. Well, are you a jungle boy? I was thirteen, so you were year, one of the rare cases of the child actor who actually became the successful adult actor and legal grey. A lot of reasons for that, because I think a lot of them just
found another life that they preferred yeah they. I think that some of them were really good actors needs of studies on the Elles. Others were more effective and perhaps best effective as a child actor and then, as they grew and changed. That became something that didn't didn't work as well. I I just never looked at one where the other I despise looked at. It is playing a part in a system that was a guy point up I never felt like. I was a kid playing a part ray. I didn't. Do you honestly, do you understand some of the dangers of when somebody becomes famous are well known as a child actor, and then it seems like it, the rails them on a tax or understand it. Well, so are the biggest Angela railroad awaited. I've lived military, the big danger, I mean both the danger
I've been document involved that have happened to minimise any of those young actors. It just wasn't my future, which is wasn't where I was Doin wasn't, was interested in. I wasn't interested in that for all the reasons that I think perhaps made life difficult for some of those people Nanda, but it's not that I didn't experienced the same pressures, the same realisation of the same difficulties, I just can't dealt with differently read the waves. Would you remember how you don't have that in that they are, in my view they are met, a guy. What time is it there is a phrase one time which was go with the flow yeah at was just not me,
go with the flow guy, no matter whether was hip or not, and so I said sometimes to do my daddy man, but I just had to stop there. Just wasn't my look at life it I was doing other things to unite other interests and baseball was one of them, and there was a serious about that. So I took that to the professional level on was injured as a game after three years. What position we sang amazement and down? You know that was what I was spending them most in great part of my life part of my life working on because that's a season and that's a continuous sir. You must quickly and continuously improve to be able to rise up the ladder and that's a black and white game. How many runs? Did you not in that year? How many big runs? How many times did you pop up with a mountain first? Would mouth or basin nobody out or one out and not move the runner home? I'm airs. Did you make him a games? Did you cost us Hammett, but was your impact? Were you
pack player reed is one of the guys in the club. That kind of did you plan winning teams that help us all. That stuff is black and white. You can look at stats and say that guy's good. Yet this does not that business is what its subjective looked at your opinion of something in its entirely different one is agree in I: U can get in the weeds about. One is a creative business where you go to work every day and create something tangible out of thin air. The other one is tangible period. Red and the audience reaction is immediate strike. Three boo base hit, not the run it yea feels good feels bad. You learned a pace yourself, taking some of that knowledge into this business, which my dad did. Both my dad was professional, a ballplayer and he was an actor and we had conversations about then no just sort of asthmatically. I I think I receive a lot from my.
At another man round him in the world, a baseball and enacting and sort of my wife. What was the injury and baseball rhetoric of leading the Texas leave with that? We really. As I was gonna excess leagues in that zone. There gully. I was going to be going to salt lake in a week and at the time the second baseman for the angels was hitting, I think, one hundred and thirty eight or something so. I was headed there again, people ask me all tat, you think you could have played in the big League will, of course you can play their any, but you gotta play in the big. Yeah you got it whether now you could succeed, there is the question that can only be answered by playing fourteen fifteen and within again without injury, could you to you, you might have three for good years and then they begin to figure you out in and you dont begin figure them out and you're going downhill on your out of the game. You have to continue in that game to figure out how to get the
way. Yes, we want to know what kind of second based Marie we're like the power. I was bad everywhere, speed guy over you know I had I had a little better than average speed, but I was, I was good in fuel. Went to my left very well, went to my right. Ok, bye, turn adult lie with anybody. Yes, and I was career average in pro was to ninety three- and I was before that- I you know, I I'd always hit well a switch at her. I could do a lot of things. Move like a move runners- I was, I was good it does. The ball the opposite field. I was a real student of the game. My dad was of a real student again and I grew up with and I was also a student of em of a man and Hank Robinson, who was a great again and in an automatic way, great guy to emulate in terms of hitting and understand, hitting and feel like a hidden and begin to understand a things about yourself, whereas my dad was also someone who made me keep books on or taught me
keep books on pitchers and understand who they are and begin to find out who the man is in and what what he wants to go to and a certain situation and then, of course, he's the same thing on you: the real psychological, surreal site, psychological game, psychological or and in all the players for the most part, once you get to a higher level there, all pretty good. You know quip rates attack by land looking for a ride, share option that will get their safely with a smile interface with lift you can get a ride and minutes for less than the cost of a cab every live drivers fully that it through their ten points, safety standard, including criminal, India, the background checks and he could took them in a lift app which obviously leads to happier and better drivers. Now at a time of trades, get a perfect five star rating from their passenger every car, it has to pass a nineteen point vehicle inspection for your safety, comfort, New MP devices, color coded system to help you easily find the red car, no more saying your name to your driver through a cracked window. It's also the
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Written yeah, and he had one twenty said. You know we should we should do. The baseball movie has never really been written, the one that we would like the area, and so I think that is an earth saying it's always run from the fans. Point of view its eyes, written by a writer who was a fan of the games, not written by a guy who played the game in. That's probably why- and I said I think the point of view should literally and we both agree as well. At the same time should be from the point of view, a woman. You gotta understand that baseball, especially in those days. I think it's changed a little, but not hard baseball players is still the same. We would prefer to play in front of a full crowd of all women. We don't get. Anyone who thinks he's just sit. There was no of no interest if there were men understands. It was here that who's that drama third Rodya Albania's zero in the unacceptable, and it is this, are you if you and the guy in the hall or talking about important things in life, I, as the seat of parliament,
and it had to be told from the point of view of of that that person that that view and I thought Ronnie did a great job of locking into that. Finding this way way make a long story, fund story, short cannon costume, ended up doing that movie because you get a bit it would cost or the time than it could with me at different studios in one. Not so, so you could have been crash? Davis will allow that's my life story, run it wait. What do I do? I go make a movie untie me Rebecca. Had I say that, as we remain great friends and we got to do a movie that I really love doing with Ronnie called Dark Blue, One of my favorite experiences, because an actor and Braun is terrific nice to be crash Davis. There
Ah, yes, I think so I've I very very rarely have a great speech and unwillingly written that will owe you mean the cock I fastball. They fear I will know, there's another species which, as you know, the toughest thing a manager has a dual Bobby United. That was, I answered. My phone call Iranian when I was gonna have a conversation about what happened here here, but no ivory doesn't say, thereby, MS I'm a fan, and I think he said, has done some great stuff and tricks enough, and I'm just really glad we got the opportunity to work together. He's been a good friend of mine for a long time. What the others only a few as far as I'm concerned, baseball movies that the are really in any way shape or form connecting to the real thing in them. Got a little even that one's got a little bit of a slapshot aspect to it. It's a little more of a never seen. I don't think, there's ever been a movies,
As I am concerned that is centred around a ballplayer. That is a drama that you really get involved in. That's not just the fun boyish aspect of what's greater. The game of baseball and how it connects to America would you think of for the game, because I think try to do a lady. I, like I've, ever love the game. I dont remember seeing it a lot of normal I've seen it from the top was at the perfect cost, are perfect, arrogant thick at last and like this all wrong com sat down in Asia. Asked again and again, you know it's it best. You know that's good, I remember, reading, watching it and is good, but what does it say? I know of no sentiment said I've never written ventilators and but after and I was really you know, I was literally care if they did succeeded or not once I was gonna, do it because it her little because it was a lot of my life
yeah and I went to the watch. The movie the day came out and I wrote Costner end Ronnie shown the failure and said waited go. Guy said you did great. You really did great cause I'd. I was impressed with what telling was able to do it had I played it would have been different, yeah and so oh yes answered Peter PAN, who cares fear the dreams? Yes or no? It's it's late, like the natural I like it, I like it for its. I like it for what it's about. You know it's a dream. I love than Ashura. It's a thing and, and- and I get what's really touching about it-. As a ballplayer it, it's not touching on the things I'm bade them hesitated either resonate with me as I love the C Major League I love to see not just a clown shows its fun. It's fun. I guess it's fun, but you again it's there Britain family can generate the man you get through it. Well, that's
yeah, I mean there's that possibility, but the now long law from being neither that interested in the game in listening Redford, can play the natural at age. Fifty five or would have always, I argue, can at any of your lives a robber read for fan, but it don't give me a favor. They was forty six. Actually I looked into a nose like his forty saint Aubert. Swayed wondered wonder: boy was a cool. It's that's a cool. It's a sand! Lot approach! It's like! What's its what's dreaming about it, it's not it's not that the perils and the reality of the difficulty of the psychology of a human being. One way out, and that is baseball. That's with a bat, a glove and a ball. Can you get to a level of living a life that you want to through that through those instruments, that's it for me because I lived it, it was a camp at a compelling thing. It wasn't a clown show Pray for me? Wasn't it?
and for me it was interesting because, wherever I went as a young ballplayer to the two to the fans who didn't the exotic California renewed, and they all about there's no, each other casually. You can anything up. I probably you gonna go through sunk, Alfred, some point, so I know about all the bars and others know, maybe the fans. Then I went to the fleets of the year visiting ballpark. They only knew me we're going to be as an actor. The Disney actor was like what? What is this? What what is this some kind of always fun for me, and so my ballplayer friends, because he said well, we're gonna find out Skype ahead ran, and anyway. That's what about is what, if you're retired pitcher, who decides to get back in just takes a ton of HIV Aids to try to have one more season Beckett. Not the way to do now is our eternal. You better have China our debates. I won't very. I worked at one time fairly closely with the guy who did come back late and it's not each year's there's only one
its you're gonna do that with number that's it. It: Jimbo came back with enough, wouldn't even retired Knuckle Weller! Well, if you are Knuckle bar has never return there if they get if aid, if they, if they drove a good night alone as air. You ain't, gonna headed, but I mean this is the way it is but but bowed and came to the Portland Mavericks, which, with the club at my dad, I own There are therefore vital force equally at Yale. No, have you ever seen better bashers a baseball yeah that'll get so bottom was with that club and he was starting his combat and my dad gave his chance as it were a place to go. To get started again and again, and I caught him quite a bit when he was here I had a very good document myself, so weak we can apply, but he's not a ball really could move and when he, when he control of it and had. I think I think he when he made it back to the big Leah, believes with giants, and I think he went foreign too, and he How will you ensure that make our brothers or in their midst lordy? I need you can throw to Internet Wakefield, numbingly analysed so
Elvis was you big break? You think the tv movie I remember when I was led as he is he's been changed. Your big break is always your first job yeah. My case was a our man Higgins on again, What are you big change, but your big, your big, you break my big. Chance it Disney. You know when I got one over there to befall me boys, that was a motion picture break and working with with Elvis Presley in in it happen at the world's fair, when I was ten years old, that was, opportunity and then playing him. Will you still alive when you're fulminate are now it was? It was written when he was still alive had died, and so it added a degree of difficulty to it, because there was this sense of Jeez only been eighteen months since Elvis dine there already doing this. You know that the sort of way things were you didn't, you didn't jump on that it looked. It is bad form, but this was already in in the in them in motion, but
was it was stepping out so far. It is a really nice man actor and treat Williams, Farragut actor, he- and I were kind of one of some of the guys were one of the three or four to doubt as to the last who's gonna be Retreat citizen his visit, viewed if you get this, are you can actually do it? I said, put. What do you mean? Is that I support you username, and I said why what we mean he said come on. It's like ours, replant Elvis amiss. Yeah that was. I figured I'd. Never thought of that idea Mount system which is the job assisting, but I had evidence in Doing it might actually kind of fool around you know in my life I but play it Ah my life imitating thinking about it. I was doing it was on the on the bus with Bob, whereas in when you're gonna, do it seriously? It's a whole different thing,
did have my experience, working with him for a couple of weeks to drawn which had happened seventeen years earlier, but that was primarily what I got to draw from it. Then I had a lot of material given to me to be able to look after they didn't know much about Elvis Presley Didn no you lips anchored. You actually set lips sank and which made a more difficult, because I thought I was gonna say yes, I'm rehearsing these songs and getting ready and than about a week or two before we started shooting incomes. They never ever thought of me saying and doing it and I was a cause. I mean I was learning it from Elvis's songs yeah. So I was I was learning to listening to Elvis, as it were, but I was gonna, maybe do the voice. I didn't we didn't know and then decided to go with them. That's terrible! I can't not Ronnie yes terrible than another man's name he's such a good, He was such a really good singer and also have the ability to imitate always, but it was slightly different and
I realize then that I had to kind of cell Elvis a little more because it was Is it really does have the charisma and the city was different? Em, it's nothing! It's not. Reality is not that there is little do that. You can't do that, you, don't you don't This is now that's. Not the way to go we want to do that if it does not belong, tell nothing wrong approach. You tell me why do you understood and the human being ok, if in a play, you yeah, I'm gonna, find out things about you, I'm gonna, I'm I'm senior to I'm watching you're out, the way you set the way you that you're on the? U I'm saying they have to buy arising, that Europe kind of different people that what you're you're comfortable, but you know I didn't- I want this aid amounting to play you I'm not gonna play you baron outbreak yeah. What are you doing me? That's like me. But I just tell you how I would do it, which is you you get undressed and the human being, and I learned about elvis- was that Elvis in a way learned play Elvis Presley. He wasn't that.
You have to gain a ladder, wait for like the last no jail Vassili get really now that it was pulled Deniro. It was Did you have to gain a lot await for, like the last no jail? Was we didn't get really now that it was Deniro. It was before that of arts finished ants in sixty nine when he came back in Vegas and he was gonna go back on and he was very nervous about it and very. I'm sure what will happen, I remember loving it. I don't think it's been, and sometimes these things come back. I can't remember the last time it's been even on sometimes AEGIS disappearance of the data A thousand over here, let's take a break, stuck doubt airlines, it's no secret! That travelling can be stressful, aspire if you have- One or more small kids that it becomes really really stressed where you can peace here, my dear Papa had right now with the fly death app to find out that will make your travel experience, inform connected in seamless its with every step of the way Gimme the timely information you need fine, compare,
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where my item favorites jog carpenter, great, who also directed at the way in which is another one of my favorites are predisposed to let this movie in another. The premise although in retrospect it was sixteen years later, New York City has been turned into a maximum security prison and now it's like thirty, six years later did see it's. Maybe they should put them out of worthy. Laying aside, I thought I was a great idea to is unbelievable, that, as that is of any action where am- and I had I, It was enough, but the fact that John Carpenter structure guns and wanted to cast me at that time at that age, with what I had done in the past year. There was, though, that was another continuing wonderful operate. Break. For me, yeah and very few directors would have would have looked at me and said. I want him to play this part.
Because the part itself was quite different from any any character like that She wasn't a great guy. Well, that's the thing it all the movies with the let's say the forty year old stalwarts of of of the kinds of a movie where a guy's gonna get revenge or movies. But that was the point that I point to jump the gun there. All characters have social redeeming values. Are why had been raped and burned in a western, their family had been run over by a in out by the mafia had come whatever the situation was. The Lee guy had a reason that we knew of two go wreak havoc or to go? Do what he's gonna do yeah not be there. Happy about it or not? Whatever this one didn't have that this was This was a guy. Who was something had happened to him. He was a war hero. Something had happened, who lost his way now? It loses way found its way.
What I was saying, go back there like a man and you dont know it's have wonderful. They find your way and he just became a wonder and I don't give a shit wrecking crew who wasn't and what's interesting about the movies he's, not a wrecking crew. He's just he's very it's a very quiet movie people have it. Z to hear about risk escape from New York, then see I'm gonna go Oh wow, that's kind of really different than I imagine from whatever it's, not action movie. Now it's it's a movie about a guy who is. The very because he's got those things in his neck. Otherwise you wouldn't be there president or not they rely movies president. What happened, how he just doesn't care he ate. His doesn't carries the union budget. Deeper and deeper, into snake plus in which, as you know, there is talk about doing sequels and things like that? Yet another sums, there- are some things about Nicholas and I think that are very important. First of all, his American is reason that ring with a baseball bat with nails in it. Yet on planet
I'm pretty do that that my hand and use in America he's, not an international guy, he's not James Bond, he's the the negative James Bond, his American. That's that's a important thing and the other thing is- is that in ought to get further into him, and if you watch the movie, you see it he's an escape artist and the money can escape is himself. That's that's the thing that makes him the way is tat, so Anybody is going to do the invisible to do in the future. Should I think, look at that, and we can understand that about that character and- and you have to have a certain certain sense of humor, I think, to find a balance. Mixed him work for the audits, Netflix areas. If it comes back, I think it's like third I do not want any or not, and I like the snare and I like to make remakes because they are flawed either their flawed and casting or their flawed in the screenplay yeah. When it's
when you don't have that you face an appeal bow. And in doing anything that you're gonna do the giant carpenter did your face in a different battle, John Carbon, or has it look at life that is different from anybody else's? So it gives him, I think, great talent, my real on remixes. If can still watch it and I still enjoy the hell out of it, though we it well It's nothing sacred. You know John. I did, I think, bearskins lingered about sacred well, yeah, I know what you mean because people's if you just I wouldn't literally aid, unless people feel that radio or or at best or worse, I become shown contrary, who, with James Bond, I don't care, I mean you, can I know a lot of guys applies it other all, really good, but junk I wish on hygiene is bought. Yes, just the way it is. Leave it alone, but I'm kind of that way, but is like Why do the thing which is a remake, but John didn't do the thing that was aid as a movie, he did the
who goes there and then the title, the thing and a movie. The thing is a movie that's connected to locally. The future of potential of new. We're power. What's what's gonna fall on your head from above? What's gonna come to earth, the thing was removed carpenters. Things of that that, as he said to me, I said what is my about Johnny's had paranoia about. Oh great of ass, that's cool out at some for it maybe with school. In the fifties I dunno, but I that's it. That's a great Howard hawks integrate movie, it's a classic poor film. I like I like the sort of more thriller aspect or the psychological aspect of of paranoia, and if you put twelve people, twelve men In an macmurdo station in the arctic- and you give em Particular problem I'll I like watching the human being that there the decay another day.
Opposition of everything harangue through your. And finally to the point where you don't know for sure you don't know yourself. If you you, you know and what, if we were already all, but if we're out what it is that what is happening and we're already just imitations of of of our ancestry? I love that kind of what is stuff. The snake you had to be at wherein Eyepatch autumn snake, To me was a guy who had been injured. I also wanted to John was great. This way said, I think you should where an ipad- China Mediaeval nobody's want an Ipad since John Wayne and through today, we're gonna do why as I had only just something about. I think that he's got an injury that will he will carry, will physically visually carry with him. If you look at my snake he's always slightly, pain like did something like something happened to his eye that wasn't quite fixed and it's it's it's it's a con It is trying to constantly look past it or it has
abilities that we don't know about that's because it was a futuristic picture yeah. So maybe he's gonna lift that I patted sometime in the future hit. Who knows the biggest flow? that movie as much as I love down a pleasant, and he was the rock of following the. Can president with the foreign accent deal? That was the don't. That's intentional. What was intentional about. It is the future even the future. I think that even the future directive resident govern Combermere its that's a concern and erratic circulate with male street, they add, most successful actress of our time in the greatest yeah. I remember my down well what I remember was young meeting MIKE nickels and hate me.
When I met him, I was doing a play. I was do no making a career move but doing a play in LOS Angeles. I wasn't a stage actors, I'd never done ones. I gotta do now that came an interview with MIKE Nicholson. Do this movie? They was gonna becoming back after seven years of patent, not having made any movies and marrow street was gonna. Play were played a part in that thinks and share was cast. She was gonna marry pretty sure that was the case in their testing, this, the guy who's kind of with both of them as friends and lovers neck. I think, and up I went to meet MIKE and I knew who might Nicholls, was I'd. I'd, I'd love the graduate and I loved catch twenty two months to solve this being an entire bethesda, any societies of railways. And now what would I know you from now? I was. Thirty two years, all that start in a lotta movies I began for already had been around for what I start when I'd remember twenty two years.
But it struck me as very simple. If you haven't see me, you would know me writhings. I said nothing, but would you know me from nothing clear, let's clearly the answer, the everyday reality. As you wouldn't know me, you don't know me when. No, if you don't, you just said you don't know anyone UK Did you want to read- and I said well, I don't want to hate reading, as it is only when you called radius rid yourself, atta stuffs, I said, but if you want to read, em heralds betrayed me when an analogous none on and we talk for a few minutes, and so that is a great mass media. And very quickly, MIKE necklace want me to do the movie. So I was going to do the movie and I don't know, maybe a month and a half into it. Somebody says somebody ask him, because it wasn't me, you know why did you What? Why was tricked? You got your choice here, because at that time I was still the kind of actor that people were going. What why wasn't wise, Kurt muscle with wearing them like nickels and look at me
Share what I get moral straight, I get that by William, but it was mix that he was looking for they said I was really simple. I said when I first met I asked him one question: he answered it honestly, he said, and I am, and I needed some one who the audience knew was absolutely Harbison telling the truth always- and I said was the question is asked for from you said nothing. That's why I, a guy who's the whole day, the truth. Now that's what you're gonna get so that was He wanted to see in that character and also some one who would portray a guy who was honestly in love with Meryl Streep's character and could make you feel that she had. She had a man who loved her very much and found her sexy in the Evelyn and all that some re working with Merrill yeah
to answer her. I just we had a ball. We we all lived, close proximity and end. It was just a wonderful experience, a great time and always felt like we reduced on the set living together and off the set living together. It was a real communal feeling We were all young and and enjoying just enjoying chose company a lot here and there children. It was really I had really fun fun time with some of the children that that were in that were around at that time shares and morals and dance she killed children in Maryland. On end, I became my friend look friends on that movie and have we remaining remained somewhat in contact with each other for the rest of our lives and wonderful people, their great she's, great person, cells dawn
shares? A great a great interesting GAO, really just was, but my was denied the leader, the leader of the little family, that we hear that we were having, and it was just a really wonderful experience, and I thought really effective movie one more break to talk about so house, one of our old friends here in the B pack ass. If you want tv movies and music was music or muse ex music- they called sometimes after a few drinks with sound you and feel from us Your hardly notice well play base from so gives you just at its low profile. Design practically disappears beneath your tv, yet it filled entire viewing room with Epic home feeder audio. I'm glad and they figure in this sad event than a lotta years were have been satisfied with home theatre audio. And ass soon, ass, his hair from movies and sports, the tv shows and gaming. The slim oh profiles, play base as dynamic pulse pounding sound towards.
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about that was Goldie. Hawn was now going to do this movie. I was living in Colorado, so I was coming in going to come in to meet the director and I thought well, I'm going to come over and meet the director. That's great that you know being considered for the Mets. Even in this building harmony, but go as golden gonna. Be there now ass. You not fail to make, and I said well, what's the point of me coming to me, the director, if I'm gonna eventually have to me Goldie on because of its goal, a movie I'm sure she's gonna have to say. Yes, so they the girl who agree with that and came in and Kennedy met. But when I came at the reason I was really for me again, young act, young act or not youngish, but young actor. That time I just worked with the best and topical top of the line: dramatic actor on the world playing her paramour NEA end up and now that was the opportunity to immediately do something
different with the number one comedian who was golly hot, who had the title, for that was like year, ten of having their title to yell and Anne and she was producing the movie as well. Now she was museum. Gully was you know you are very different in their in and in how far ahead of the game she was. She was. She was doing things, no, no other women we're doing yes and up and getting that opportunity, I thought, was yeah regardless of what it is almost like. This go do this, but you want to work with moral strip. You won't work would go behind. You know this is this. Is this? Is a good thing do and met goby and for the first time really, I'm married season heavily off of meaning season when we did Elvis other, and I was I had always been a sees a huge fan. I'd seen her in some in some television show ya things I just thought she was adorable. She was great.
And there we divorced less than two and a half years later by three years on it and that was one of those things were as a young man I saw his head in the back of my head. Will okay that actresses and you are not a good idea? That's just not a good idea, you know. You, whatever your part, is in it you're responsible for that. Yet so take responsibility and stay away. Just realized something about yourself that you don't see it golly and for the first time ever I'd I'd, never asked. I care veracity magazine a date and a bit spent time with actresses. But remember, saying you now, let's go here whatever, but Amber shortly after me? At the first thing I said when I walk through the door to me golden, I was terribly hung over because I was with my dad I just received. I think my divorce papers or something I before I've been with my dad at the bark like foreign morning. Had this early nine o clock.
Doing so. I got up her early like to get down there and make I was there, I just on the couch and fall asleep, and I told a secretary, I'm here, gullies ready in his eye. She said we early ass, it yeah I just want to I'm here. Look just wake me up when now going, yeah I was really there was really rough and it had been drinkin. Having, therefore, with my dad, we were, we were, we were gonna go and over things, and I guess we were walking in the door recipient which opened the door and walked in here. Was this guy I know who go behind is, but I'm not a Goldie Han fanatic. I dont know everything she's diner. I seen once made my what am I a my cousins had actually worked as an assistant director, whither and. My best friend Geneva and why that was jack. Filtering must thus friend at the time. What am I best, friends, Larry Franklin Jimmy there. We're both in the business in those very closely connected to had worked with her and they loved her. They just thought she was grey in us great person and other
Anyway, I believe that was pretty much what I knew about Goldie and I'd seen laugh in. I was not a gigantic laughin watcher and but golden I had worked together in nineteen sixty six, The one and only genuine regional family band, with Walt Disney Studio her first movie. She was a dancer. Now I knew of that, but I didn't she had. Neither sheer I remember that specifically may we saw each other and we were. I was fifty six fifteen sixteen and she was like Nano. Eight laid teens twenty and does now meaning meeting her really for the first time in making a too and the door opened and she's than she had genes on and suspenders in a tank top now and I just I'd Lily came out of my mouth wow. You ve got a great figure
I never thought of gold Rihanna and in that way, in a like your built man here, you look good, literally caught my sea into, but instead of her going get the fuck. Do you think you are showing what world? Thank you? that's nice. Thank you and I said yeah. I just sorry, I beg you know she said well, let's talk about them as yet, and I watched her put one hat take. One had often put another had on and I was Does it immediately impressed and we talk about it, and I was I wasn't having a trouble like with my hang I was just I was having a great fun immediate conversation with this this this this beautifully fig can I get I just been that actor? I didn't you know, look what's gonna happens, gonna, in a girl, was calling the shots and I didn't know
nothing was with us and I get. I just been that actor. I didn't you know, look what's gonna happens, gonna happen. I didn't much care, I youtube you only you can wants thing whatever you go to your life, wanting this guy's yo. If it's meant happening your meant to do it and it's gonna happen or not- and I was my now is my point of view with it and dumb anyway. She she decided that this was the one she thought was right for the movie. We then met again later with Jonathan Demi, who was young in his career out, became it spectacular. You got some good ones. Early yeah, yeah and now in any way very quickly though I wanted, golly, I didn't the move was the movie. But I very quickly was like hey another thing: the badger head about actresses fact that, let's see what's the deal with issues like the first day, I went to work out how to do this whole number with a horn- and I learned for two weeks and all I could think about was you know we may
If the dance in this thing- and I really need it- and I want to look bad- I wanna look right. I know she's a dancer and she can probably help me, but I need we need to go like getting some of that muse and I said to her that day, think about that. As I you know, you need to do this and let's do it and I feel that we already know it was a Friday night was that will work our way of thinking and when they were unaware day we worked. We worked Wednesday and Thursday on the musical in this scene, and we worked Friday and Friday night. We went out to go, find a place. I had find the place. I am not a good date guys. I, how have you had a you? Can do that? Yes, oh I finally found there was a boy club and did the play boycott weather, by clubs do the dancing sat down, but a few hours later walked out, never never cut up once there was those dance. America had blown that, and I
care news, internet flowers later we were, we were as if we're on our way to thirty four years. What's so that was a prey! at the time, huge celebrity cup out there in the arrow unless an average couples thoroughly welcome it, and no it wasn't. Why do you always is huge celebrity? I was of a well known actor, who had been around. And I was not born baby not yet, but it is still million, nay what nobody they were, not that guy and that's the Hollywood's I gazed kind of once that to be there it wasn't an immediate acceptance. It was trusting and then quickly became oh wow and and at that point you know I began to my career began to be going in a different, different trajectory there, and then that said,
But yes, over the next: over the long period of time we became paparazzi immediately. You live changed. Well, I always had a good way of being able to move around. You can't do that would go behind yeah it is time that the UN and then those days special nineteen, eighty with media yeah and then it became then I be stuck b came are well known myself in and you know it became increasingly the situation and it was just always we just it was in the beginning. It was tough for me because it was. I wait a minute. I want to sign on for this, but it didn't matter because, if you're in love, you you're going to figure out a way to deal with you better When did you hit the stage we are reading stuff in magazines or whatever they just is completely natural? All! That's since I was ten
for ass, never tells the truth, and I trust that in the terms are innocent, what they want to say is awaited. Sometimes it give a good for you. Sometimes you be bad for you. Sometimes and what happens is sometimes you just look at in amazement course, my everything about that is, and I'm just he's gonna pick a name here when I get to it. It's not it's not it's I can look at an ever truer anyone but as my theory on that, because its I have looked at myself. We look in the mirror. I am going to the United States about yourself and you go. You ve got to be kidding me. Where did that come from, They even dream that one up. I mean why what you know? this, that's amazing. He and I became very well for just say: yeah yeah yeah I did that yeah yeah yeah is it. I was a yes to everything and then you guys partial, Agnes it's true, but doesn't make any difference to me or those close to
This is not that's just now. What happened last night we know that person or that didn't that situation. I was even in the country that whatever was. And so you know it's completely insane Have you nothing? It's kind of funny in it times. It's not this kind of aggravating we use go whatever and but I'm that person who goes to the grocery store local grocery store and then there's that whatever the national acquire the star of the globe or whatever it is near all right there and you're waiting in line, and you know because you got you know you, but you got three packs of cigarettes and an apple. So you're waiting in these line, where the only woman who's got the three babies and and and although you know, baby diaper she's getting through So you gonna, do you really? I open it up another I've. Read so many things about myself for people at another just completely insane I, but I'm Gaza open it up.
Slipping earlier crazy judge and Travolta as you know, one yet these tonker several immediately by you and we go gear whatever. If what the page in there and it doesn't know what about you and you're gonna talk, and he saw you ways about you. You know that you know that it's insane, but when it's about somebody else, you have this tendency to discover Have you know my family, my mom, sisters. I say guys guys just don't don't it's just what they Do and now in the age of the internet, its, I guess, even more so I dont really I think that was a better. So long now- and now it's that I must say that currently history, so we I did a bad job a pace and because we have more movies to go through government will. Do you tell me you got any at thirty seconds others. I would try to give you that best times that your first sports movie, but what
Robin waves really quickly, tremendous talent and finally had to go Robin Say Robin? I have to ask ourselves whether he said what I said every time you tell a joke, I'm telling you right now. I think it's incredibly funny and your credibly funny doing it, but I can't go through every day laughing all day at your jokes. I'm afraid, if I don't you're gonna keep working at it entered and which I know when you ever I have to do. I have to just do my part, but I want you to know. I think it's a sterical. I think you're hysterical it's terrible and I know that because sometimes I'm just gonna walk away and be thinking about something else, but you don't have to You know you don't have to think didn't think it was funny he was great funny. He was glad that, although timely there, at the same time allowed in the cure sunrise,
When you read the part that was was written for Pat rally here, what did you can? So I really what is as you probably, as Bob have heard, Bob talk about that town talk about it but that that another dryly was his is his impression his head yet in his head any- and I think he was interested in casting rightly that we never talked about that much. But I worked closely with Bob that, as you had the Riley hairstyle Nemo yeah, oh yeah, I mean I listen. I it's like yet with rabies where they yours. I hear and equip board that I had a mood at her Hoosier whose you're you know like to ask the director who's your perfect casting. So that I can understand, what's in your head, that you're going for so that I We cannot understand. You know and her my feelings, I just want to know where you, where you are going ahead and that It was a tremendous opportunity to work with maybe the best, rather we ve ever had. I don't always been referred to that many times. I think he's phenomenal. I think I learned from him how to read a stream play and work on a movie
and not only the desire for all actors to have not the plot move the story, but their characters the plot he so deeply into the character so quickly that the what what what the character doesn't say most apply. I learned that from him from watching that would have Miss Gibson and I became friends on that movie. I I just think the world email his wife and his people and now he's he's very interesting man. Yeah. I know he really as I'm. He really is he he's Nick. He cares. Take it. It's a bit like understand, because I come from a world, a baseball where the sense of humor is absolutely slicing and barbaric at times, and I think deeply funny because it gets the core of something about you. And or the situation MEL has some of that.
To me he has some of that culture from Australia, the australian male there's a culture there that's very different from the american or english spanish male, it's it's australian and it is unique and I think MEL carries that with him, what he would he somehow grew up with their and as an American. He hasn't it. Combination of it? He can turn of phrase with anybody. Am I just think sometimes what other people would find not funny? I would financially, I did find and do find it hysterical and I think, he's a spectacular director and all praises couple drinks and sat with now. I can think of no more fun wave spent They might a month on an island then with male and endless by,
of beer and taboos, and, let us say baby I wanna hear at because it now will it. Would get to the point we going now, thou, Malcolm on sure? That's that's I guess I'm a little loser in that region. They come from an area where we work quite so precious. I think people's feelings get. I just think we live in a time now where I can look at that and I've. I've learned to kind of walk away and be quiet. Because I realized that I Didn'T- I should say I learned, but I haven't succeeded, I still say things that to me are you know like Aliona is funny as hell, and somebody else might come on re, that's awful! What it's not you! It's a it's! I'm literally, not basing it on reality. Don't tell me it's not, but I'm just making a farce out of it. I dont you get that I'm and abide by this is that trillions of a second Does he had you to say Africa, long away, people very apt
in two thousand? Seventy? What's at the very tight you two thousand generation was allowed yeah. I do my mom, and I talk about this. Alas, my lousy- how these these people- oh god, I love it. Just generational, we get it. You know your generation was allowed mercy by the pants solidify tango cash silent on dislike about life and sways it decided not to do tangled cash. My brother in law was producing it and found out. Emilius guy was great for Kurt. He be great for this movie and slide me and my own wind oxide metzler before, and I received a timid as we gotta get along had glass and he was right software that, and you know very quickly, I was doing it, but I wanted to do it because I want. I wanted the mix, the opportunity and the guilt by association of being a movie star. I needed that
I needed to be in an elitist action for I just needed to be connected to the year. An sly was the perfect I to do that with does that we were good. We were good for spiritual and on its own, alas, fun was on alive. It did well it's it's. Our way out of here, theatre voice was submitted, put some movie for fifteen to seventeen year old boys. I mean that's your core audience and we knew that and sly was completely yeah he's completely locked into an understanding of that year. He was just deep. I was you know, treated amazingly well by sly. He was great I'd period, flat out bent aspect and I I love seeing and puts a smile on my face and a big feeling of fondness in my heart every time
same thing about amused. I just really like it. It might be the most sarcastic action movie of idea, its deadline, the top three yeah. It's a lot of sarcasm lies around YAP, reassessing sarcasm that Canada than ever the movie was you. It's what, if that was in border. That is. You said that that would in that, when somebody else could it taken tank on cash is their movie that you were like Man, I almost got thou honour. I could have done that, but as has been do because either it didn't fit into my aid into my life at that time or in tat. There was something about the movie turned Yahoo. What I wasn't gonna feel comfortable doing so So is the biggest I say regret. I wanna get as a question of time, and this too, like it ok, I dont like another actor learning that no rats gotta get feeling for that, might learn that
us named the cup low in the past. I have learned to just keep my mouth shut about that. It's not, I turn alone for a lot of reasons, and it doesn't matter what it again if answered, your pants. Who cares about me and I have no reason to keep tabs on the wind. I wasn't the first choice of the move that made me famous. I wasn't a lotta actors are offended by that. I am unhappy, but they are, and I can't I can't understand why yeah suffice it to say, there's been a lot of them. I have no regrets over not doing any am I have no regrets. My life is and my life you going live, your life is gonna, do it it's gonna? Do you gonna have whatever amount? control. You have over and you're gonna do things that are right. Things they're wrong in terms of what was best for your career and all that I just wanted a varied one. I wanted to do things.
Good people maybe wouldn't be interested in, but I was interested in and I continue to do that and it's the only way. I know how to stay interested in this field in oh and I've been fortunate in that I've been too many times, do it are there things you want to do that. You dont get of course sure absolute ass, the game with a thirty second check back draft Always wanted work with Ronnie Howard. Ever since we were young men, I mean going way back and yet in Russia and of rural areas, and yet the easiest any become this ring, strong director. We had gone to each other with a couple of projects over the years that we either hidden wanna. Do I didn't care to do long came this one, and I had the opportunity to work on it as a to work on the character in the end, in form of in the form of writing with, I believe his name is Greg widen for Ronnie and that Nnn
with all the players, Billy Baldwin standing out whose again sweetheart sweetheart, Greg All those guys were great a great by experience with all the actor and firemen in that movie, and I thought that we had a challenge which was to make firemen cool and we did, This gave formulae thirty seconds only real sequel. I ever only real sequel to a to a movie. Did the people just why and how they work and within our long time- and we did- there was a man. This things about that seventeen years later seventeen years after a while gave from New York. It was continues into the future yeah Seventeen years after that we did escape from. I was now getting older, and I wanted to look at it I didn't want. I would never want to do snake. If I didn't look right and I had, I had a cup by one or two years left where I could do it and
And John and I have again must adjust the terrific time working together. I love working with John Carpenter, and that was what that was teamster, snake again was pretty cool too tombstone was a very difficult experience. It was a grind. It was unfortunate that we are director run just was it was spectacular writer and he was as weak a director as he was good writer And we had, who is the director? What was men and Kevin jar who was a great writer and whose gettings opportunity acne just was? It was not working and ass though they had been, you know he had to be replaced and and and a lot of a fellow on my shoulders in terms of I had gone on, got the money for the movie yet within via another wonderful human being, and I gave us all the opportunity to do a western, which nobody really cared not much about end up. I thought that that cast those actors who
very few of them. Have any idea what was going on in some ways on that move, because it is good to be told- and I promised I would never tells him of it-. And I hold you to the promise, but the actors were great Billy packs and amongst them, with great human being. But SAM Elliot was fabulous to work with, all the I just got you go through a little. There will have to say. My relationship from minute, one with Val killer, was one that I'm glad I am so glad I had in my life, he's really smart, very talented and oh, what a joy to to be with any can also, DR completely crazy. It is, I think you got have in a great relationship. I couldn't wait. We went to Spain, we went all over Europe. Actually, promoting Goldie was with us who, finally of
It is time to raise a vow. I can't hear one more word: take you a goal to go out and you guys go out through the town. I cannot listen to us and he laughed. You call me something block anything. It was block it. While you block, add you're, not gonna ever come off of opposition. I love him. I just think the world, He is a. Fascinating guy, in that there's a lot of relationships with people that they would listen to this, and I don't know what he's talking about Val is a different person and he's unique and he's. I found him to be one of the most compelling actors to work with in terms of his vision of what these people were and who they were.
Each other, and why endlessly interesting and on a great hang, whose more funding for thirty in the morning after, like fifteen drinks, Miss Gibson, are welcome assets so fell veil might not be drinking. He placed between scooting out now, and I will we drink. Bell might be doing some mask. You know, you're getting into the higher watts, go world passively thou, you don't even know it's gonna its assets, that's a good night actual take that the bucket oblige good eyes dark, blue tooth as it a great opportunity to have a chance to work with Russia on a very different kind of a movie, one of my favorite characters that I ever had the opportunity to play. Let's do it.
Miracle was a mediocre screenplay that had no opposite side to one of its one of its You were watching too things you're, watching a coach, a man and you watching a group of of young men. The group of young men aspect of it was really pretty good, but we already knew their story. The group As opposed to the one man, we didn't ass the morning we didn't know the man I met her Brooks because with Gavin Oconnor, the director great talent, Also great knowledge because he played high level football. It was important in that movie to understand we're. Gonna have to teach you some things and you got understand some of the aspects of the psychology and the personalities that that how we deal with high level sports things that matter
I had the opportunity to meet her bricks because he was coming out to Vancouver where we were living, because our sun was playing Junior hockey and Canada, which is a religion up there and he was coming her was coming out to scout. One of these is to have scouting guilt enters. Why was one of them? so when we met we, we spent the first like our to have two hours talking about. Why There are all these different guys around. They found a scarlet being interpreted and I said yeah we get. We gotta get out of this business here as he and the same thing, ok. Well, I don't know if this is the most funnier your life, and he looked at me like the two hours we have just discussed was like what are you an idiot and I guess I didn't post or any news and discrepancies and what had watched, of course do you believe in miracles and all that- and he looked at me said, are you kidding me and I said no
I don't know he said- was loneliest year, my life and I remember looking Gavin O Connor and saying we have work to do and was able to get a lot from her his dilemma. He was a man who had three national championships, a future in Germany was putting it on the line for a concept that nobody else was buying into It was tremendous. He wasn't just Simon Lagree whipping we're going more more more more knowing how to be put in the context, and it was Nothing. There was, nothing in this greatly about what the coach was doing behind the bench so didn't matter. We had to work on that and I think that, I love em. It's also one of my favorite performances from Kurt Russell, because I got the greatest accolade of Aragon. Out of that which was when we went then had the premier herbs grandson, whose, like three years old at the time,
buff buff for five minutes into the movie? I was sitting not too far from them. I heard a subtle, waistcoat, papa or poppy. I forget what it was poppy or Papa is playing a man. Is it I'll. Do it I'll do it for me, you, you know what my review would have been of that movie. Viewed asked me: mediocre scraped, your grain, it it's! meteors groups not mean removing. Now things maybe as mediators, grey ass, usual media. I grew that I think the movie words we're going home by laying something on the writers. I mean I ain't, they wrote the basics of only gonna. There are some things that we needed to change, take out, put in if you do on all movies, there's nothing to worry about miracle. In terms of that enters the moment in terms of the working on a script, but in particular it needed you needed to know what heard had at stake. Every time you with her, but it isn't right back to the guys. I ok got at her beauty. Got it you don't you want to get it now? You gotta,
understand what somebody's putting on the table they may lit that they may lose for their entire life and, and that was fastening but a very weird thing happened. Pilot I was flying. On the day that her was killed in a car accident- and I was flying from, I believe- must go to Canada to LOS Angeles, and I looked back on the time I found out the timing. I was almost directly over him well ahead, decorously, as very bizarre, never told us start before, but ass. I looked at my slug book and I can I worked it back and I was within a within a four or five mile range of you know at that. What would I be? I would have been at twenty Eight thousand feet- and there was bizarre- that's amazing, I think the problem with a movie like without a scene. I wish you would have been set, if you firstly,
competing it's the memory. Everyone had from eighteen, eighty cents obstacle on that absolute to his system of wanted to hockey prayers in adjusting to our movie. It's tough keep everyone just keep a rule, which is why the coach? Yes, then, would it The points that are going to care the movie- you that's gonna Conor doing he made now who those people work by the end of a lighted by you know who is the coach has to be awesome, annoy you also knew by the end of the movie. You know enough about hockey to realise that the last four or five minutes Europe in defence you're trying to prevent the you're trying hold on directory, and you the audience understood, you know, our people that are gonna undressed and the intricacies of defensive hockey, Gavin Oconnor had the difficulty of trying to. Suddenly teach the audience through the personalities of the people and through the code wishes and desires and way and style
you learned enough that by the time you get, the you're you're elicited they're going guides and that's what that was going out? What was going on in that arena? in the end, when you're watching at home, it was the longest not unhappy about it. Wasn't there was I'm hours. There was tat, it was ten ten minutes he always nine minutes of of one in arctic ocean. Blacklist, he's gay and its I've never juggernaut. That team was ya. Think they'd one forty eight games. Something like that in a row yeah internationally, I may was that's like an eight, team beating the egg is the seventh game of world series it it just. It was that it was that crazy. It's just is take delayed sports moment of my life. I agree and I I. It was real simple, they worked them, it was at the end of the day, the complexities of the game all matter, but the work, those guys put in the Gabriel I something I a young legs.
I can build those young legs up and I can get him to believe in themselves and in terms of what I think will work. We can out skate them, and that was that was a genius concept. Is I what will you get out skin if its ice hockey, you have to stay? These guys are the greatest gaiters and in game terms in the world, and he ate the warm up. You took thank you for your break from oh seven, a tooth as eleven were you. Was it a retirement, our scowling at Edison wine, I'm sitting I'm doing death prove with when turning this. This is peace, my favorite God filmmaker I'd. I'd guides thickest either Giza Orson Welles of our time, he's Rick and he's a blast and he's brilliantly talented and I'm doing death proof. Having a ball plainness stunt men might character just to seven a ball.
But I've always wanted to make wine, and a friend of mine was talking to me about the time. Insatiate enough, you gonna, do she d Ye D get Goin. I said yeah I just wanna how to do it or what to do in it, and now I'm sitting there with Zoe Bell strapped the hood of the car were for three weeks and we're gonna be doing this. Seen and I'm driving and she's Sidney, we're talking and behind her and always look at where I was just on the side of the road, with a walkie talkie waiting for them to say come on up with shut down all road because we're gonna literally be no. Ninety two honoured go, this road, and hopefully in the union, are the camera car. And can in one lane you're in the other, and there is no room for anybody else come in the other way, so get Mozilla and dumb. But as I was waiting, I always be looking at this vineyard. Sort of daydreaming. Thinking ass. I love to own a vineyard love to make one. The next year I met the people who own vineyard
in Santa Maria Hills. California, because I wanted to make people more and I want, and I I I I wanted to make a Burgundians Anymore, I know I gipsy protect the. I just knew what I wanted to do, but it No idea how to do a go about through if a man and Gregg Gorman, who it was an old acquaintance with great photographer. He introduced me to Peter in Rebecca work who own Oslo sellers an ample Us Vineyard Oblast vineyard was the vineyard. I was looking at what I said on that corner. So now I had the opportunity to start making wine with that vineyard and those people and Peter in particular, come took me under his wings were became there's other up up up up up up a wine apprentice and they, let me make the candle they help, teach and continued to teach me and help me
Read some of the goals that I want to reach in terms of wine, making an eye goby wine GEO gee. I is my wine people always asked me. Where can I go? I gotta go good wines, dot, com and dog- I am I want is taken off, I mean I'm. I make a really good high and Pino I'm going to Morrow to Disney. One include festival for three days. They have my wine and the best restaurants around Disneyland, Disneyworld, Shanghai, Disney estimates also all or loss annual, some places in San Francisco at Wally's, and it's it's it's all around. I mean my wine is growing and I'm very proud of it and I have mine in a nowhere on it other than on the back is my name? It's not a. This is not a situation of a celebrity slapping, a horribly slapping in a name on a bottle of making a claim. I love the whole world of
learning being a part of making blending whatever erratic farming anything has to do with wine. I just I love it, and that was I. I preferred I find that I was having doing that to the screenplays. I was reading a fortunate I buy made enough in my lifetime I have my life I've stunned by this. I had no idea if you like penal government love, Pino Peters, by favorite how do you like it or peers? My favorite? Oh ok, my pain was made for penal drinkers. It's a complex, bow, legged winged if we have a whole selling a commercial and five seconds, but if you like Pino, let's the deal. My mom is a one gonna. Take your wife fans and one that it takes my mom's a when they think so. I've had it raised the last thirty govern, I'm an ally, my mom's than in Beverly Hills, I'll, kill you right
yeah, so she's, that's. Where was I eventually have been? I'm looking for. If you can remember Yogi, I've got the sand lookin for rustles. I think I journey, I do read my Maguire retired from one more more into sharp nature. I liked exile Burgundian White, so anyway, I did that from bicycle trips. I would Goldie started learning that I, though, still more tailors that from a shocking revelation of the pack ass, it really I had no idea caresses. I wrap it up fast, come out Friday, I think, as more parliamentary podcast yeah yeah, the forty at by the way are you can be alive for fast nine. Can we say I have no idea. I have no idea to sort of MR nobody by night, and I know I have no idea what this value Marino talk about next time round of all you care about you, time is that movie and I've seen it
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for the Bs Pack asked Go South x rays.
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