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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Robert Mays to discuss Kyler Murray, the Arizona Cardinals, and what could happen to Josh Rosen, as well as Le'Veon Bell's possible landing spots (12:45). Then Bill talks to Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall, author of 'The Sopranos Sessions,' about Luke Perry, 'Beverly Hills 90210,' revisiting the 'Sopranos' ending, and more (54:43).

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Cecily, so there never any awkward meet. You can find mercury and the the app stores check it it. Are carried out, come that's mercury, Emmy, R, C, a r I surrounded by the Ringer podcast network if you like, Trae Young, and if you enjoy watching the Atlanta hawks check out winging Vince Carter campaign more any fimbriam because They talked to Trae, Young and John Collins after Asta Wicked that's become the most. The second kings in Atlanta, oxen heated bad offer who's the most fondly passed in right now, I'm Joe both of those tapes. Check them out on the ringer pack. Ass network check out the where we have a bunch of great stuff right now, including Danny Kelly's it just epic and if our draft God it's like over twelve as and where it's it's really great. Riley Maggotty broke down the game of Thrones Trailer,
actively on our say yesterday and you decide to yourself, or how can you thought that? Well: here's how we talk Mallory and Jason from binge mode. They broke down. With a video is overrun, our love it sixty two minutes, Kyle fairly, sixty think it's it's she had secured trailer? They spent sixty two men its breaking down. Basically every image in the trailer. It may be them The same piece of content we ve ever published either at the ringer or a girl, and I was just in orbit, is- is there is deep dives and this is like the abyss, just incredible staff by them: we love game utterance check that are you to channel, which has over a hundred thousand subscribers. Like at one or Fredo you're, like a silver button, where's my so as you have set us button coming we're going talk to the ringers, remains, who have known for this entire decade,
I want to try to get emotional there in the patent on where unity about are the comings and goings that are about to happen in the NFL right now. And then Alan Sepinwall is going to come out and talk about Luke Perry who tragically passed away at age, fifty two and were in and talk about Mccain. What he meant to the 90s Luke Perry. Did he get his just do all that stuff and then we're also going to talk about the sopranos series finale because I finished it two weeks ago and he wrote the book what's piranhas, that's all coming up! First,.
Our friends from project I went out for one second. What is it the quicker meant to do it on my last back ass, but it seems makes more sense to do on this one so rich or poor, and ass. He was leaving HBO on Friday. Is the chief executive officer? Bitch really busy ran the place two thousand fifteen after I left he is p and think I ten or eleven is later had dinner with him and Michael embargoes also there at the time, and they are to convince me to come and the big selling by for them was this is a place for creative people
We help them realize their vision. We have creative people create and that's been the same point that they've had basically, for I don't know the last three decades, something like that really, since the Larry Sanders show That's one HBO really started become HBO and Richard was you know, especially the last couple years, the biggest piece of that he is so that creators love because he put them in mission, is succeed. He is very big on doll concept of Emily and he always says the word family and you're in the family in your part of our family like he eat, he cried a place. I didn't feel like a network and actually did feel like a family, and if you know, though, though, abandoned HBO, now for three and a half years in various ways and it's always strikes me how many people at age,
I bet it HBO for a long time. You know you need some. Is they ve been there twenty years? Eighteen years, twenty five years twenty seven years? And I think that's one of the things that makes the place special units for me. I went there to do by two things, one of which was to create this talk. Show that didn't work and you know it- we rushed it. We did, we made a million mistakes or that we rushed at the idea was re at its. It should have monthly. There's a million things out do over again. It happens. I learned a lot from it and sometimes it's three those when it when it ended. Just assume Thou is it for me Bio, and it was the opposite richard- was adamant about. You know what I think we had lunch shortly after and he was just like look. You know a commitment to you is cuz, we wanted to work with the only wanted to do stuff with you
It was a long term commitment. It wasn't just show like we. This is what we Do we want to work with creators? We went to work with the best people, only we you're one of the best people we want. We won't keep doing stuff with you and I I was rather was shocked because I just felt like I'd. Let them down the showed in work all that stuff and just really cool and- and I think it speaks to the kind of guy that he is in decline. Leader that he is dead. You know they make commitments to people, they put a lot of thought for them. They put a lot of fun into what they want HBO to be what it is a place that they want to work with the best they don't do a ton of stuff and richer Riyos talk about how the curate excellence and how they don't want
Viewers, slash HBO fans to have no idea whether, when they click on something, whether it's good or not, that if it's on but for the most part there understanding that they put a ton of time and thought and energy into why this is on HBO and how this fits into the other. Things are doing and that's the biggest reason HBO has been such an increase. Success machine these last three decades and beyond that. Obviously, but as say like really since Larry Sandra show on where issues like the place that people wanted to work. If you created tv shows, you were trying to do documentary whatever berating at it's a really hard thing to do. It's a mindset. It is, you have to have taste You have to have a real belief in trusting creative people and If you hire somebody. Your hiring
their vision, the way they think about things you China to tinker with it, so that the biggest reason they ve been successful in. If you talk to base anybody who has done anything. That's been super success. What age be other will always talk about the culture. What means to have somebody looking out for you what it means to be nudged in the right direction and then their age, because incredible ability to create awareness for something that's good, which is something that I experienced first hand: basher wounded. The giant we knew is good. HBO realized. It was really good. Pretty quickly and mobilise behind it and raised awareness for it in a way that I'd I'd just never seen before. I couldn't believe it. I can believe how many people knew document is coming and importantly because HBO is, King, a big deal that this was coming. Dat made people kind of trust
that they should spend an hour and a half watching it, and I think that's a really hard part of place to get to it. Now as part of the culture that that Richard created and sustain so well. The stories about how he was leaving. I wish they had had a feeling was probably headed. Thou, add enough who's gonna, be that soon, but You know I don't know, I don't know where HBO's going. This is such a crazy time with the media landscape, where your netflix is just completely blown up the model of how people think about tv. They had six hundred and fifty shows last year, something their spending, eight billion dollars a year on content and this streaming and all the staff and the fact that people watch television shows were there and even have time sites anymore fur. If you're under twenty five years watch at you press abandoned its playing, you don't think about. It comes on eight o clock, nine o clock, ten o clock friends is gonna, be the last show that people even think like that. So where
people fit in this landscape. How people consume content, our people watch TV. All that stuff is gonna, be really copycat over these next ten years at the gauge Bia's base advantage other than the culture that I think Richard and some others created was that they curated excellence and they won the trust of people that subscribe. HBO watched it, and that was you know. When stuff didn't work. I felt was surprising because it was I while HBO back this and it wasn't that get. I can't believe it that you'd must be shot by it. I'll be relations if they can keep that. I think Richard was a big part of wide stay that way and why HBO is regarded that way, and I don't think it's something that you just move people around inside. This isn't like an MBA team or Annetta Falconry, just change a coach and it's the same thing. I think that to me this is like you know. If pop eventually,
Esparza the spurs gonna be the same. Maybe but I don't know I look at all this stuff and and I read everything I am an optimist. Guy by nature. I think HBO still has some incredible people in Place Casey. Play cease running program as an icing on the smartest people. I've ever worked with in my entire life than I say that not in a squishy way, play smart. They have really smart people study HBO And I really hope that they maintain the culture that they have created over the last four years that it still me Something that when something is on each be out that its door is gonna, resonate and the decision to put something on it. We are still matters. I hope that's out stays and I think because if it was, if it was the case and that this was just the whip, I didn't Richard, you know, he's still young enough. Whatever his next job is gonna, be its can be awesome
I think he has at least one more great act in a wherever he goes, but he's gotta that men allowed me professionally in and you know it's issues where to read the stories, but I never really heard from Domini people who actually cross ass, it anywhere to them, and he really was that great he was he was just a great leader and well as guys, I've even said this to me. Almost felt like an actor, was playing him. The whole time like he really was one of a kind like always impeccably dressed she's felt like a boy and that's why wherever he goes, next will be the same thanks. Some people just have that extra something I feel a key. He has it and I'm work on them. So that's it say that I wouldn't call robber maize, Raina, Am I right now a man that I've known for this entire decade? I said beforehand I was going to try to make you cried or in the package I don't know it's like. I know it. I was actually go.
Through pictures Van some classics from two thousand and two thousand Levin this man for a lotta time, mates how I it's crazy. It's been a decade. I'm also terrified of what those pictures that, like our much slimmer man now than it, was in those days yeah. There's there's a couple goodwill and sets out right now we are at our stages. Nfl he now right now we are heading. This is it's weird, the NFL kind figured out how to own this little stretch, stretcher time right now, right before they March Madness, kicks in its after all, are weak and in all the sudden, for about two weeks it feels like everybody cares wherever gone. What do you think is the number one storyline right now. I think it's gotta worry advocates power marriages because it's happened so fast. The Antonio brown thing. I feel it
the new cycle of vat is already nearing its tail and the steward came out and said it was gonna, be settled by Friday, so physic we ve had a lot of time to process the idea that Antonio Brown was going to be on a different team. You may feel sick worldly indeed Five or six of the notion that Kyler Murray could be the number one pick in the draft, and a cardinals team that drafted a guy in the top ten last year might be willing to move on from him. I'm still in the process of kind of reconciling processing that do you agree with that? Yes, I feel like if you believe, Kyler worries the guy, then you should move on from Josh Rosen. Yet I don't know if it's going to happen for a bunch of different reasons, if you're Steve Kind, the GM of the cardinals, that's really tough thing to admit Eleven months later that you screwed up your top ten pick so badly that you're gonna have to deal that guy and spend another pick on that another quality, Peck and other high pick on a quarter back, that's really hard to say
and but if you can sell your own around that, if you can say with kings, bury with being able to get a too, four three four Rosen we feel like there's no reason to chase bad decisions with other bad decisions. So just to commemorate this at this GM or the cardinals who had one of the most amazing years, I think, and of any sports executive. He hired Steady then fired within O sixteen game season. He speed traded up they need trade up for Josh frozen to draft Josh, Rosen who then he is moving half a year after year, so he can spend the night picking the draft which they are. Because of all his terrible decisions and for the fact that they created one of the worst cultures in recent memory and gonna put Kyler Murray it with this culture. Losing recorded Texas Tech. It all sounds great if I've
Car does fell out, be going nuts of like hey here's, an idea. What do we trade you, GM moron who put us in these bad situations? Maybe you should be the one that leaves it all unravelled very quickly for them, because if you look back toward between fifteen season, Carson Palmer's borderline VP candidate that year, if Canada and in what about your Carson Palmer would have that team is a game away from the Superbowl and then to does sixteen season happens. Palmer gets, hurt, Arians retires, it all unravelled, very fast, and they didn't really have a plan in place because their try to win right now in twenty fifteen and twenty sixty and they mortgage their future in a pretty bad. Why they had no other data receivers, their office of Lyman, the off its violent, they did have got hurt so edges. Really it's hard to kind of comprehend how many things went as badly as possible for them in a very short period of time and the Wilkes thing I know it looks
bad to fire african american coach one year into his tenure and hire a guy. Who is some five hundred at Texas Tech? Yet I also understand how it happens in the end. I fell right now. The quickest way and the most consistent way to success is to have an office of minded head coach. That's also your play. Color me less needs combine last week, they were asking him. How are you going to deal with losing all of these assistants he's kind of like? What do you mean it doesn't matter? Sean Mcvay is the offensive coordinator, and I understand why you would go back on a decision to try to get the most you possibly can out of your quarterback. The problem now is, it seems like they're, about to jettison that core yeah and he's somebody that I changed my mind on eleven times last season, and I can't even remember where I landed. I can't remember if I think, he's going to be good or not. There were times when he seemed pretty poised and just a little bit in the Rogers, violent and by the end of the seas,
it just was unclear whether his confidence was gone. Their office of land was awful exit etc. I I would be pleased if you could get him for a second round pact, with the contract that he's under to me. That's a no brain. I, the idea had actually be shocked. If that was all it took, you really think it's just second or third for him and that's a curt were peterkin reported last week. If it's a third round pick, I'm not exaggerating here, I think every team in the NFL should consider doing us yeah, because you'd you'd spend a third round pick on your backup quarterback right. That's what you would use a third topic for your backup quarterback. So Europe, it that's what the price you have in mind for that position and you can make Josh Rosen nominally your backup quarter. On his contract. Think about that didn't pay, didn't they pay, some of it already like it's. It's actually lay silent online and it should be yes, yes, the sideboard all you're on the hook, for, I believe, are the best salaries in the rostrum bonuses so you're looking at. Like
most three million dollars in the final year of that deal, Chase Daniel make six million dollars for the bears right now. So it was that in mind. If you were the chargers, if you are the Steelers, if you were the patriots all of these teams that need a future at quarterback and don't really want to spend a ton of draft capital to find it. This is a really good move and for a team like Washington, that is so desperately in need, a both of a future answer quarterback and a cheap answer. It quarterback conciliates, paying Alex Smith twenty million dollars. I feel like they have to be the team, that's willing to give up, maybe a little bit more, at least the second round pick because they are more desperate than any other team quarterback right now. Let me check would never Ukiah who watch more than a couple cardinals games unseasoned season ticket with my used to be used to being the seat that he sat in May as before. He left us Kyle. What's the time market six minutes of forty six seconds, I? U Latin, is visits stupid move, I see
by standby thinking, wisdom number, fifty six pack for Josh Rosen. Would you sign up for their renato? Yes, we have twelve picks. Yes, definitely! Yes, I would. I think I would too I am, I mean he don't, he might actually be good. They are, we gonna get but better than him as a quarterback prospects, pick fifty six. I would do that right now. You would, I understand you look terrible last year, but I stand by the idea that it's impossible to evaluate him based on what they were. They had. They fired their office of coordinator like five games into the season. They had. No friends of why they had no neighbours. Yes, by far, it's not out of the question to say it's, the worst set of circumstances. A highly drafted Ricky quarterback has been dropped into in recent memory, and that includes Jerry. Which a Fisher and Literature biscuit which on Fox it sang a lot. That is true that there has been some bad situations.
Best part of it would be the ringer ringer ripples MM Bally Ribbon the Pats having a jewish quarterback. One of the funniest sub of audits, because it is not in her to root against Josh rose and she would just never be able to do it, but she hates the Patriots ate their Al Qaeda and Dat combo. It just be that combined game of thrones coming up. I really think we have to put her in like a mental hospital for like a week just to like on wind, hoody, unbelievable, I M just the loot, the looming, Lamar Jackson, existential crisis that she's gonna go through this. While I get the Ravens Daylight They're, like literally Parrots Kaliko, of it's all right after the marriage Jackson about what is really in the fourth quarter. He really here you got his legs is I gave you guys we're twenty like you would release another year, I said: Lamar it will see how As I say, I concerns the other team
talking about it from the jewish quarterback perspective. That absolutely should be it on this and won't because they never make it take us more decision anymore, is the giants if they were to dealing a secular I'll pick for Josh Rosen, it would almost rectify the terrible decision they may last year's just forego quarterback and ride with you. I again so they have that Thirty, seventh pick the patriots have thirty's thirty two, which is the. Big in the first round, because we won the super bug and may set of you realize three. There are you I didn't elaborate. I was there. I was again we won the soup, again. We that when you win the Superbowl, you remember this cause there's someone in your lifetime. When you win probably the last pick the draft as our works out. That's wonderful! So we have the thirty second pick. It does feel like the giants just giving thirty seven her Joshua's right now would have a one hundred percent approve rating with their base.
Since the trade. I absolutely do it because then you get to spend your top ten pick on a top ten player. That's why I believe that so many team should be considering this, because, if you're a team that needs a rookie quarterback, the only thing that you're not getting with, but if you trade for Josh Rosen is the first year of that contract. Yet I almost think that, because you don't have to pay out the siting borders, that makes it worse it so well, what's the difference and then I think of other sports. Is the single most important thing to rather dice with, because, if the guys actually pretty good, would he have three more this year in two more after on that contractors are five, is a dot. Forty five, it's a five year at five, if you're the fifth year option rate. So even if it's let's, let's say it's a it's a it's a coin flip! What's it's a fifty percent chance that he can become an above average starting quarterback and you're, paying him that contract, which is zero in
it's nothing of how, like you, have the patriots not rather day so that unless they just scattered and and decided that guy sacks there's no way it's happening, but I it possible. I just felt I keep too many people who watch college football said that he, too many moments that were positive for him to just be a complete bust. Nineveh It is plain these higher profile games, for you sail egg and I don't know why. I just I refuse to believe he's going to be a bust. I actually like the way he carried himself. The first part of the year before his mind, fell apart Am I thought he'd? There is a to America too late. There are two things I feel like. We have to take into consideration here. One is the Sunday dinner last. Pointed out on that. That was very smart. Beyond all the and over in Arizona last year he had a bunch of different office of coordinators in college. Yeah in
When he was it, you see allay he had to deal with all this inconsistency and too I feel, like you have to wonder. I have something I talked to the old Rams court.
Coach about this his first year when he got there with Mcveigh about Gough, and they said that they thought seven games was the perfect amount of starts for Gough as a rookie which a fisher because it got him, introduce the league, but it didn't develops scar tissue. They are still kind of make him the quarterback. They wanted to see your concern with Rosen is we know the circumstances were terrible, but where they so terrible that its left lasting damage that can be hard to get over. I think they're, so many things have taken due consideration with him, but if you're the giants right, you, the sixth pick it there's a good chance that the top two quarterbacks, whether its Maria Haskins or something, will be taken in the top three. That's how it seems to go every single year, so you'd have to trade up to get one of those top to quarterbacks. If you sit there at six, a new draft J Tray for Josh rose you you won't have to move up and give away future picks, and you can use your picket number six. I just think that a smart team is gonna realized
the chances of Josh rose in Sicily. Succeeding are ass, higher higher than they are for every quarter back outside the top zoo in this draft, and it's worth going after him with a much much lower back persevere. The giants he's the only Kubi out there, who has less muscle tone than Eli saved Oh, I don't know man. I'm there's a bear if you guys that can give use a run for your money there. Jerry Graff is one hundred percent that conversation hitchhiking calf. So better this burgers right. Their trust me that list is longer than you think. So would you better? I think that works out great for the giants, and now I hope it doesn't happen cuz. I hate the giants and I'll never forgive any of their fans for all the shit. They talked after Matthew Super Bowl losses do you think I furthermore is good enough to be the first back. Do you say I find that concept. Yes, Wilson to point out, think their different players or anything that car Mary has such a strong arm. Wasn't those two bit
The Murray gives you everything you want is accurate and his numbers are comparable to Baker Mayfields. When you just look at the completion percentage everything he did in college. This isn't very similar, obviously hiding bakers on a completely different level as a prospect, but I feel like you just look at the pure talent and production and results from there's, not a huge argument as to why he shouldn't be the first overall pick in the draft. Well, I was against it if it was five. Slash eight that those two extra inches really did it. For me, five ten is doable. I don't feel like. I made it to him: can you get over that bar? That's what the combine is from measurements perspective as long as you're clearing these kind of hurdles and checking the boxes? That's all you need to do it doesn't matter as long as he's not fifty eight thousand one hundred and sixty, then we're good to go right and is not so, and it would also be really fun- and you have your Arizona and you just had one of the biggest since the organizational shit chairs of the last twelve months of age, but he's had like at least he's except
get it. You know yet another pick for rose in Iceland can't believe he's down a word of worth a first round pick, I'm just stunned by that. Doesn't anybody Stan Football and like the fact that, if you you could put in rookie in the worst possible situation. They're gonna look bad light, that's just what football is. The patriot said: I've Jim punk. It was my. Favorite quarterback in the media in their early seven days, my first favorite page, it seems like seventy three. Seventy four, their edge embargo is the first over I'll pick can't miss, No way this guy wasn't gonna be great and they just put a bunch of the teams random and by like ninety seven Five use a shell of himself and they traded in the San Francisco and he was out of the week and then famously was resurrected by Al Davis and won a super bowl. But I think that's the all that you talked about scar
that they had more scar tissue them, probably any cubey ever just mental. So I think we always discount. If you put a bad offensive line and bad coaches around a young quarterback, it's going to go terribly. How does it not go terribly? It's impossible! That's what all about amid the list of quarterbacks that can transcend their surroundings and be good, no matter what I don't know,
How long that list is. It might be like one guy long and it was Aaron Rodgers like five years ago. That is not realistic. Everybody needs a little bit of help at the very least, and he had none. I understand he looks really bad, but I still be taken a chance on it that little round pick think that the acts, not my belief, I would give up more than that for him. That's think about how much it costs to get SAM Bradford for Minnesota up. We are from the Eagles a couple years ago. Right, that's also thanked, was something to consider with this the price for a quarter back on the trade market even forgot, it rose news, a top ten pick its going to shift depending on how desperate he's getting with a demand- is right. Now most teams are set at quarterback, but if we get the August and somebody goes down, the devastating injury like Teddy Bridgewater did that's how the market shifts for Your Arizona due to say, worked hanging onto both of em and working to wait to see. What's our trade market develops arose, and I dont know the answer to that, because you're also sacrificing leverage, because people know you need to treat him so there's a lot of different.
In parts here yeah and if you go through all the teams from like sir contain on in the first round its not really realistic except for the Steelers and if they traded their first round picked for a quarter back, I don't they grant. This burger would handle that well, on top of related affects our night have doubled by expert opinion and then go on down the line, its I don't know. Who else would you know maybe Oakland? They have those three packs and if they decided just going to move on from car, do whatever you know put ray, I don't really see them doing that and then all of sudden we're out of the first round of races, quarterback that the jagged at thirty eight, maybe. Tampa thirty projects at the JAG side falls them that's a done deal. I don't think they gave up more draft capital for a quarter back their short term schedule right now, You know it's a bad idea: spending twenty million Nick Force, I still remember that just like that, they just
companies quarterback. They don't need like a like an overwhelmingly good performance and pulls out. A cheap deal makes sense, but paying falls like market good, starting quarterback value and that in see it at rather case came for like three million a year, the privilege acts and bill is their timeline, because if you look at a lot of the contracts, they sign and use, consider financial realities of that team value, or is it not stay together for very long right or sign falls? They essentially have to cut movie Jackson and do some other capture masks. Even do it. That's over this kind of world beating defence that we use to Jackson Bill is already falling apart because of the financial concerns that they have to worry about with full. So I feel like it would then, yes, we could draft quarterback at seven. Yes, we can maybe trade out for one, but how long is that I take to develop
how much of our team is in place. Well, that's happening. I would agree with that line of thinking, but I'm assuming that's why they're motivated to fix it right now in like a tempers another one that I wonder what they're gonna do date. They can't possibly run a backward JANUS I don't understand that one either they had the seventh pack and they have the thirty nine pick. That's another team that should be thinking about, rose and sevens opposite to her by thirty. Nine is right. The range I don't know well that the teams, the way they miss, evaluate Q bees is really consistently humbly and ultimately Denver Denver signing go, is just incredible from at that. I thought it was like an onion earns utterly war as a hastily. Oh, my god. This really! This is your move. It's my favorite thing the one idea we can rely on and professional football is John away. Looking at six six quarterback and be like that's my get to do. This is so tall.
His raising. It is that we have these like these jokes kind of pop up around certainties, makers cycle so and so loves this kind of player, and it's a little bit exaggerated. You know that a parity of itself in a way Joe anyway. This is not a joke. He wanted to sign. Brok asked whether he drafted pacts, in which, both of whom are six seven and our way to tolerably quarterback of the ETA fell, and then what out of his way to go, get your lack of whom no one wants everything about it is amazing, I wish I had like I like a type that people, like fur, hiring for the ringer that people made fun of me for like a fire. If I really love six foot, six editors was like some. What's legislate some people after sixty six editor of airport, I'm Lego, let's get em, he sounds guiding our Czech. You break and tendencies he'll be certain intimidating at the computer genuine common genoa, can see over the line. Understand it s the most important thing
Let's go by levying backwoods, take a break reintegrate about Hulu plus here's thing by being a Boston sports fan the century ever titles and counting twelve. That is something we have twelve it just come. Lately ruins you as a sports, fed send the eggs the total area or my case every couple months. That's a funny thing about better. Once you ve expediency, you can't go back, that's! It Tibet who commercial I've been seeing ever it's all about. How who has tons of shows movies exclusive regions like the handmade stale puss live to be for sports and that which get Hulu can ruin tv for you, forever. So start your free Hulu trotted aid, Hulu back on Did you well you Hulu DEC on LIVE tv, plain required for live content restrictions apply I had so levy on Bell. Is
took a year off from playing football to create a situation where he was going to be a Marquis free agent in a league where nobody wants to spend more than ten bucks an hour and running back. Did you read this decision? Everything about it was wrong everything about whose Martin was misguided and especially when he sees the market and how it's going unfold right now, walking away from fourteen million dollars last year was now. Is one idea I just don't know we went over this a lot of combine rescinded dinners and just kind of going through every single team that we thought might be interested in signing him, and you just can't come up with very many. It's really hot. To find a list of five teams. That realistically would want him, I'm trying to think of anyone in my lifetime who, how thou and missed an entire year- and it worked out- because I remember when I was a kid I used to love gassway aims at Seattle and they want the title. I think in seventy nine, whose point guard who was just kind of this new school point guards athletic,
he's cannonball dang, he could donkey, could choose great, and, unlike nineteen, eighty two just held out wanted like nine hundred thousand a year- and they wanted this year on pay five hundred and went back and forth changes just missed the whole year and then ended up signing a day owning a trailer washed in it never made money back and I was a thirteen. Unlike what is this guy? Who did you gave this money? for no reason any idea. I've just never really seen at work missing the whole year. If there's some, ample that I'm missing. Please feel free to email us at the mill the mailbag at the Ringer com, but it is money you never getting back, it doesn't work in it
on top of it, he really doesn't seem to have any suitors ear. You guess would be the jet sir. Would you rule out the colts articles? Absolutely not a Chris power is way too smart to give levy on Bela Buncher money. It is a matter that they have all that space. So if a ruling out the correct the court's just because I don't like the German ever do it at the jets of said, they don't want to me that that report is gonna. Come out that they want some cheaper guys, that was the team I'd always pencil that they have so much space. They ve need at running back. They don't have a history of making the prudent decisions there. Gm is deaf. Backed up against the wall, but if they are not going to do it that, I think it gets really bad. Really fast diesel. You, leader, have a advocate darker candidate, the bucks or my dark horse candidate. Oh ok! that's it! You don't have that Arizona space, but they have some cuts to make if they want to use thing with a pretty much everyone.
The one of these teams can whatever players they want, and they almost anyone can come up with a space to get a player under the cap. Member couple years
when they say it's like two million dollars over the cabin and sign jurists. Bird. Take a fifteen million dollars. Safety cut safety contract, it doesn't matter. Moraines teams can figure out how to make this happen mean that you look at the box. They can cut Cameron Braid, taking cut William ghost in baking cut. So many guys just free up space Jason Peer Paul if they want to make in so many teams just converts. I base our money in assigning both bonus money nor to free up space mediately, it's all possible and with the box it's kind of the same sort of stuff right. One of the reasons I dont think there that they will be keen to spend draft capital on a new quarterback is because their GM is kind of up against the wall. They need to win right now and I think that's levy on Bellows, the type of move it splashing. You could argue that we're trying to win football games, some team- that's not smart- is going to do this. I just don't know which not smart,
it is it's funny. The biggest they nets are one of the biggest things that change fur following sports, as I as a stair down fifty in September, is the flashy move. Teams now, smart enough to realise that that stupid is there we're talking decades of somebody would I love you bow and the fans who actually anything would be like, while that stupid wide. We do that, but the team cared about the flashing this over and that was really like. That was the Red Sox, verve. Fifteen years of my life, I feel like teams, don't think that way anymore, their faith. Only at least wizened up enough to know that it's not to try to win this newspaper headline thing for twenty four hours or this egg is internet headline thing for twenty four hours. Ultimately, you know you really can
That way, and I don't think anybody is thinking now anywhere soya delivery about my hour. I don't know about that. Only when the Antonio Browed get straight to the Redskins tomorrow, I think you're gonna regret this snarled the red its kids raiders. Don't count that council regulation as it is today a ledge Hungary and Endanger sailor man sorry about norm off sports Ridge. As I that's over here, the red the Redskins I mean this is dab, retains, were signing right, hey, we got Albert Ainsworth yeah in there, its family layaway worthwhile. Is that a real but why do we do that? The Redskins have seventeen million dollars in cash space and their pay. They don't have a quarter back at all and I guarantee you there we the team that just comes aware that Tony around for twelve million dollars by the end of the week, it's gonna be incredible: amateur love every second of it without ads, for me in house, because we bet initially and their forty Niners at like plus four hundred and
We put in another bet on the raiders a couple days ago at blustery three. Fifty so you think you'd, like Israel, raiders doing it Redskins in the raiders that figure two teams that are most apt to do it, for the reasons that you just said, will the raiders have the combination of just a shitload of pigs and you know Jane need some sort of narrative that is ingest. They ve got at the end our team, and now here some new access yeah. It may make sense I at the moon funds and air for me was would be of San Francisco, somehow sign levy about or Rhebas contract, for, like one you're twenty million and then traded friend NEO Brown and basically just put together the Steelers in San Francisco thou be fun at both. The problem is the forty diners handed jerk Mckinnon Contra.
Last off season. That made absolutely no sense- and I owe him most of the money from that- it's hard to picture them in a levy on bail sweepstakes. They pay Jared Mckinnon for years. Thirty million, and six million of that is still dead money if they cut him right now, so I would assume it Jake Mckenna and we'll be back. The patriots did enfranchise tag, tray flowers and if we had when six Hooper Balls and I didn't trust bout a completely. I would have been bombed that about it shall be burned out any. That they enfranchise tag tray for hours, because it seems like that she's the easiest thing to do who is to see lack somebody for one year and in no more long term commitments. That's really big number to hand out to one position, and I know bout a case to do it, especially as Russia she'd, never values that spot when it comes to spending a ton of money on those guys think about how many players he's traded or just Lego, Channel Jones, Richard Seymour, they didn't franchise, tat flower.
We'll see if he's back, but if you're gonna pay that guy upwards of twenty million dollars for one season, IVO Belet check, would rather say I'll. Take the car pick next year and will move. I know he does all the time- and this is not that this is not an exception to that yeah. That's exactly what is going to do in its its logical, it's gonna be a bummer when we don't have a pass russian weak sex and everybody is talking about. I was Richard flowers and then will win the Superbowl gonna be fine, but think about what happened in the Superbowl. Nothing to do with trade flowers no can play is off the edge its causes. Adrian clay born and daddy Our interest do that are all built. The exact way there like six three to eighty and they can just all around the line. That's what the pass rush is for the patriots. That's why they're not prone to valuing guys at that spot because they feel like they can manufacture one when they
I want you to admit to everybody that that was actually fur football nerd like yourself in your way up there might in the football theirs, and I know that that was exe secretly enjoy. It was just a minute. I've said that it was interesting but not exciting. Bats described it greatest you're out. It was not exciting grey strategy, though a lot of stuff gonad going back and why sing? The game was fascinating, but being at the game was miserable. I think both of those things can be true. How about when the pats when they re, big line up in the fourth quarter, but then spread everybody out. They add fuckin full back in the wide receiver. Deep threat spot tight. I haven't you mess that you loved it. Yes, I do. I absolutely love that. I trust me that there are a lot of cool things to take from it. Game, it was very fun to analyze, but it was not fun to watch in the building
the middle, no energy in that place for four hours. You know it's one of the most fun things to take from their game, that really hasn't got enough momentum? In my opinion, just an epic epic epic should show from shall Mcveigh. It's amazing, weave and talk about him as a your boy anymore? That was one of the worst coaching formats as I've ever seen in a big game, certainly one of the worst ever against the patriots where they just did the same, the whole game. They re no kitchen sink stuff. They never ran their honey backs the hour. When we the whole year, which I could talk about the package, was we'll routes and wade, screens and screens and just running backs in space against our ally. Backers was the death of the patriots. They never did it, and I, I'm still in this, but I've watched you gave three times, I'm just in disbelief what their goodwill I dont know what their game plan, So is bizarre. Have no explanation for it would you
No for ever have an explanation for early and is the lack of usage not from a running perspective, purchased bring him into the slot and making got a tower cover him. I still will never understand how that didn't happen. Outside of that, though, there are guys open in their game and the problem was offices swimming. He was young, the entire game he was is treading water, belch economics actually how to can some early and downs and not allow him to go. The ball and the past rush got home. He just is not a quick decision maker when not everything is defined and because New England was doing so many different things on defence and mixing up coverages. He just didn't know what was coming. He never had a feel for what was about to happen and that's why you see and patting the ball. That's why he's a second?
late on that suppose it touched our throat, a brain and cooks that should have happened in so many moments in that game, or you can just see his lack of ability to anticipate and to process information quickly. Just doomed them about was the biggest problem. I thought Mcveigh was fine, it wasn't good their mistakes, but I feel like, though, just the shortcomings, the quarterback, ultimately going to doom you against the patriots. The same way we ve seen pretty much every single year, whether its ass, he cherished came portals the both Gough. If you are not good enough of that position, they're going to take advantage of you in the biggest moments period if type girly was actually healthy for that game? That's one of the most there's encroaching games, I've ever seen I've got is out, there doesn't work. To believe you wasn't. Why haven't they? the surgery, yet when they fixed his miniscule, sir we're came out this week. That is his its arthritic. He hasn't arthritic me. I was the report that came out this week, who said,
So that's true and help those ways. Banks I mean that's. It is Esther cause. They just gave the giant contract you. I don't know if that's true, but if it is true, then it's not a good thing: It points to why levy and I'll probably shouldn't get paid. Very much has giving money gimme a lot of money players. That position is a dangerous, dangerous thing, as you the young quarterback, completely self combats than the Superbowl and make decisions as second late in just kind of killers team did. Have a flash for a moment to mixture risky in one of the next three Superboss Roy, Spain has anything you have to you that you have to sit there and say if your quarterback isn't good enough. None of the rest of this matters and that's, why would I just think about the bearers, never everyone's, like yeah. You know what the defence and done all this in Europe
have any money to spend in free agency, and how can they get any better if it doesn't matter if the quarterback doesn't get better? The rest of this is totally irrelevant, and that is it's not a complicated thing, and it's not that interest. To say, but I really do feel like that's kind of where we are with the hair fell Nick falls. It was he a back up last year, yes, but that he just get lid on fire for two weeks. Also. Yes, he was very good. You need your quarterback to be good to win in those games, because, even if you get close, eventually, that guy is going to sabotage you how hard even a laugh when somebody give seventy million dollars. The tavern comment I see- I don't know if that's gonna happen, because it's the sun getting as we're seeing with levy on Belike. Why wouldn t
gives have in common a monster contract under the one. Is anybody anything I know I know, but I just think it running back. It's become harder and harder to justify, and we have in common is that, as if you're selling to your fan base, look we just got to have in common and made on that side of it is much easier to sell levy on Peltier ownership and it is to sell, have in common. I'm lookin. Dismay may have first hand picked this year. There are thirteen yes how thick and they could be a Josh Rosen? Oh, they actually should be. A giant. Is forty foot there. Forty eight too, I don't know they're going to do I mean I assume they're gonna Catana Hill, and then there are one of the teams that needs a quarter back very quickly as well that Washington and then that's really it right now, I have two more questions for you. Then you have to go to pass a corpse. First of all, who is your favorite free available free agent, the one
as it. As I said earlier, you're one of the biggest football in there is, I know, and you tend to gravitate towards certain players- they're, usually three hundred and sixty LB offensive lineman. Sometimes their nose tackle occasionally may be NED Russia, who is your favorite freely, who, who is hitting a ten out of ten on the maize scale Raina, I loved my flowers Am I wrote about him coming my mother told me: we shouldn't franchise tag now during four hours. I, if I would, another team. I would Patria flowers, but I know about check, isn't going to I'm the colts or a team like that. I am
really would give him the money, because I think, he's really good. It he's a type. A guy was a clear Campbell when he was a result of the way they used him. He was never gonna get fifteen sacks. He was lighted up inside a lot. He was asked to do a bunch of different things on the interior and then soon as he comes a defensive end projects until he's getting thirteen sexy year and the tray flowers might be that kind of player. I think, used in a slightly different way in a slightly different role. He could be a guy that warrants a sixteen. Seventeen we and our your contract. I just think he does every little thing right now. He's the perfect patriots defects, a player in a lot of ways he just doesn't play if he has a pet play, a position, they value
outside of that, I mean like if you can get real Thomas. That's pretty awesome. It's a weird free age, a classroom, tat many big names, but I do think a lot of these defence of players are gonna. Make teams better whether its land and Collins, Earl, Thomas Terror, Matthew and these deeds can play. Who decide. Question says: m three questions, the second: what free agent with the patriots? Could the patriot sign extremely set? You just be bundle. Golden tape, ah now she's jostled in his seat, I fucking love gonna, take you know to be better than to everybody. Who is our second receiver last year, all the other guys who were just blow get it by everybody else's cornerback yeah, I'm gonna stay at last question because I know you're watching near the you went to the combine.
I know you're at the stage where you watching you, two clips of random offence alignment- probably a little too much, it's weird it's it's almost have. Were lined fetish of you working Office of lemon juice, blowing people off. I watch all positions equal. I, like others, live animals maverick person who's that due to the core quit Nelson Leggy eaved every over a hundred hours watching quit Nelson tape. Who is your favorite I've? Everyone should who is your favorite, guide the in draft fur That's why I honestly. I have now watch that many guys, the one gather keeps jumping out because of its free agency happens. First, it's like the weird thing about the end calendar.
That. We go to combine and then to have free agency happens like five days later, but bread bury the Dead Sea States centre. Everyone seems to love him and I just think it he's one of those guys from everything. I've heard care Brad very that just gotta get drafted by a team to be a ten year, starting in the NFL I'd. I just love players like that. I think that do like Travis, Frederick players of that ilk are really good investments. I think that a team like the rams or the Panthers somebody like that is, can draft that guy in the first round would be very happy about it. It's funny how it's ok! like a centre or a safety I remember the year had read, got draft and I can't member he when the draft, but he everybody great that he was like one of the best two or three players in the draft, but he went like eight hundred and thirty tenth or whatever it was just immediately that I was gonna, be awesome for ten years and it's funny how people
never just kind of want to take that person in the top three, but we all know the guys going to be awesome. So you think the center is going to be that guy this year, she was really safe. Member linebacker, Semi Devon white from Alice You, everyone just thinks it's gonna, be somebody you can drop in Hell play forever. I dislike players like that. Will you just feel really good about who there can it be? And that's? Why was funny last year when quite Nelson went six than everyone else god, that's too high for a guard. Everything else and then you watch quite Nelson Play is like he's one of the best five guards and illegal ready he's for twelve years. We are, we all knew that going in near courts. Would that be a kind of tat, that's kind of the x factor tame. It feels Eddie and afraid, because they have like seven hundred million dollars to spend and a quarter back that nearly by you, tears enjoy a couple times. I share cause. You really missed him so much.
To have him back use of new layer he's, it seems like a good guy at the league is better with him in it me we're in seven million dollars and space. They have an extra top thirty five pick from the jets in my opinion there, the team that holds the cards in all this and then They have a competent gm which they did not have before. Through our literally like them of the best GM of the last year I mean what he's done is remarkable. The position that therein and how quickly he's turn that around its hard to overstate how impressive it is made. So we can listen to you on the ringer, an avowed show and we can review the Ringer Doc. And we might even let you honor. We watch was pack ass, a sham still sorting out my wiles of advocate. Look at that, I'm so excited about not being on one, leave us. I mean you literally left. You were here and ninety one. I hope people understand that I have watched every one of these movies like twenty times. This is my favorite idea for a pipe guest. Ever I it's what I was to every single one of them.
And my continued punishment for leaving LOS Angeles three and a half years ago is Lombardo on the reward it here, feelings, and it continues to hurt my feelings, robber mayors. Just why while people to know they have a vase dates for bigger thanks buddy. Let's take a bite stock about all birds, the dedicated to me, stylish, comfortable footwear, using premium natural materials designed for lives every day, adventures like the all birds wool runners, which accompany shoes made from well I've need in these things in their wake as its being cold sidestepped coffee, warm shoes when it's fifty degrees which like twenty. When you live in LOS Angeles, they look at that simply no unnecessary logos that come in a bunch, a classic cars was limit mission shades like Graphite, moon, stone and marble. You can wear them to work at a play. The office are out on the town better, yet
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you like it that was the whole goal, was to get people watching and talking about sopranos again, I want to talk about a second, but we had talked about. Luke first died at fifty two. Atta nowhere shocking and then obviously read all the pieces, including yours over the last couple days and was kind of choice The figure at at at at put this career in perspective that was weirdly, influential and just captured a time of television when the show like Beverly Hills that are, it know which absolute put in my coms a bunch of times and reference and talked about, but we had a cultural impact, and I wonder now like shows you know, like their thirteen reasons. Why and stranger things things I bet. I think they have the same impact, but it's more of a bingo
fast, one too weak type of thing. This show was they did it thirty two episodes wondering who just in your life- and it was this event on Monday nights of people getting together Ed he got me thinking how they just feels like it was a million using allows your reaction, I was really thrown by you know. I was in the faint graduating classes. They kept from West Beverly when the showed a beard, and so you know everyone I knew was watching it. I grew very unfortunate. A pair of fire burned that first year, like every other guy, I know yet so I mean that was it with a thing in the funding is high. School shows had been out a favor for a really long time and that your, I think there were five or six about by including, like the fairest Buehler, been off again a brand of them young and a couple of others, and everyone is completely dismissive of nine o to one oh, and that became the huge hit, and I would argue that you would
have the W B and now the p w and like pretty much the last twenty thirty years of team shows they would usually influential in that way. Yeah, you think about the the biggest in the nineties right, so you never go to ones Besides felled and friends, n e r, get me a pity. Blew the shows that just push boundaries took tv to maybe a place I hadn't totally gone to yet or reinvented some format that used to work, and nobody was doing anymore, and it's weird to think that I refer to what I was one of those shows, but I really feel like it, I think there is is void of you. No candidate teen drama, so Barbary Kind of show that it is gone away was a big thing. When we were grown up with dynasty, that's landing and all those types of issues,
no shows her about like a doll. Now with the funny thing there was this that, like teenagers, either watching tv or they didn't want to watch, shows about in, they wanted to see the grown up and then, came, this one came given decay and suddenly over the phenomenon, and but impolite bomb went off and he was also a you know. Is the perfect match of character and act there, and it was this that you know we had heard as kids and as many how'd. You know is hereby James Dean and people that is hard throbs in their these bad boys with the heart of gold. I had a really seen then tv that much orator too. The maximum kind of potential of it. And then he came in and now he's he's dating Brenda, Brenda's dad doesn't like arm, and but meanwhile he has his hold back store in his dad jail is rich buddy. Actually he is The guide there is
all these letters to it and they actually created. Somebody therefore, like this- I like this guy, just good guy which is also a really hard thing to do, and I think in the past twenty five is there have been a lot of tv shows that have tried to recreate dude Mackay in all these different way, it is eight. It is now kind of a go to character. And there's these variations of it, the diva. He was a prototype of it. He was in the red had so hard to duplicate ambient because in all the community character to your old are cool. Given what like a lot of guys, the shows in the actors try and really hard. You know, I don't you, you don't utterly wanna put Perry on a par with with James Dean or somebody, like God, budgets in terms of like genuinely cool feeling like that, guy seeming utterly believable, like everyone would be drawn to him that he was that magnetic tat was at seemed absolutely genuine and
You know that the hard thing to copy them, not everybody out- that any had degree, reveries, slash friendship with Brandon, Jason, Priestley and and for those guys a sand and become super famous, and we know they became super famous Natchez Cause ratings of the show both of them. It s a now within a year of each other during a really really really esteemed stretch of s an hour. He stood fell harm in there and you Myers, I think Dana Carvey was in one of the things when Jason priestly hosted, who any us before Lou Parry. In a car we dated Dylan impersonation that I still think is like one of the twenty best impersonations in the history. The shall I guess it's like Atta control, how good it is, but that they were just caught him in the pop culture Zeit guys than I think
That shows able to do at least four out of five years. Was it really fell relevant, like you felt, like somebody felt like left out, We're watching it, you know they d conversations were happening in you earn included that you almost had people were watching a just cause, they didn't want to be left out and that's another thing that I wonder if that exist anymore? tv, so niche oriented down there is little pockets and people love their shows, and they talk about you know, I don't know. What's going on with ninety percent of the shows right now they back in the nineties. That was not the case because you're doing on your schedule, it baby for, like you, don't we can have for everyone to talk with the same thing, but that eurobonds, something else- and you know when game a throne, then a couple upon that baby it for water quality, vague. Yeah sobering. They really might be. The last show that I feel, like everybody at least, has an opinion on, and everyone watching at roughly the same time
yeah. Now even you have from binge watch standpoint, there was so much time between last season in the season tat any last person who is ever going to watch the show is trying to catch up for four. That's funny, though, Binge watching game, Thrones verses been driving the surprises it totally different animal game of funds is so dance enrich. The sopranos is, and leave about a bench watch, even literally bang out for night and day Jesse Crews, Durham. Is great. I would have trouble bang at for game of thrones not to know you could bang of twenty a day you have it on the background where you do that other things, which is that they I used to do Dylan left that up to now I felt like TAT was was kind of a seminal moment too. I it was
something that happened. A lot in the annals of tv history like showy long live chairs, were Archie bonkers. If left on the family radar left mash, it was always my career suicide. To do it. And when he did, it New Perry, laughed. It I mean what are you gonna do, but his career that was interesting. He D did all these movies and he did he was on eyes and tried all these different things. Eventually they just learning back with a wider cash, but I was, I was thought like the way approached his career? Was it was pretty unique? What do you think I think he was sent for war about it? He understood that they have taken. As far as he could go in others by the time the other kids are often call
he's running around trying to like reclaim his fortune with the help of mercenary and deploying playing inwardly fiddle show anymore. He recognised that if there there is nowhere to go but down if he had stayed and he kept working be been, oh by all accounts with a really nice guy, very sensible never got a huge head, despite have ridiculous leaf aim if he was, and he worked really steadily. You know everybody else was about to be involved in this, like curb your enthusiasm, ass revival that their planning- but he wasn't doing it- did he had a day job on Riverdale here, the one who was still working and delicate Imagine how they're gonna do it without it seeming really sad and import poor yeah. I had them on a podcast two thousand. Thirteen in I had brought asked and green on a year before and very carefully kept staring in order to know what she was really happy to talk about. A new parry.
It was. It was much more Adele kid I dance trying to get em to kind of, whether staff in his attitude reside. Then that should happen news in my past like who cares and at the same time he was some fun nuggets, but the thing that was that about in the past. When I worked and Jimmy Kimmel show the first. Lou Perry was out and we I am in agreement with such you guys. Talk at home with Tony Barbier is one of the writers and I fanboys out for like two minutes here, So for use such a good sport about it and then he went on Monica Lewinsky was the guest us and we, this whole three, Monica Lewinsky, where she was the gas thirst, but we weren't guess cause but we were allowed to mention Bill Clinton and that point of the show we were so desperate for any certain deadlines, attention, whatever they actually agreed. That support you
can't do the show every night I couldn't mention Bill Clinton, not to mention like her bracelets, all the stuff and kind of dance around it. So the last dead. The last night we had was the night Lou Perry was on any comes out five minutes any sit next to mark Louis Ganny. At some point he turns it looks our years now is that I've. Always you really cute since that Bill Clinton and it was at the hour. It was like this bullet. Just popped in their Jimmy was so good So when you talk about both clear, it is just that it is a classic, but he was a really sport in a good guy about all that stuff. Doing drinking story arc. When you don't off the wagon after his family stole money from them. Still
me one of the gateway. When is it like soprano sees it three Dylan's drinking and those are the best guarantee stretches ever tv history? Would you would you is when a wider scale white, the famous years on that bill, but that that was a classic pressure? Ages. Wages went off the rails. There is good cause. You see that May Kyle watch episodes manner to endure and goes on, average may argue in the greatest ways that that's happened. Well, anyway, our I p Perry very bundle and I really felt like he was this important television character bit. Hadn't really thought about it. This happened, which is a bummer, but sometimes it's way words made the shower, like is welcome in, though the first couple of episode pilot and I think that one of the red never withdraw dismissive of it and then it through to keep turned up like magic. Now now I watch some of these shows thinking like the dad, instead of the younger character,
because now I'm a dad, obviously them and it's funny- I don't eat the great James Outcasts. I don't James outcasts come the great James like us who played Brenda's dad Dillon eating his daughter and then you know they go. Mexico. At one point I would have been if some thou my big becoming ape shit semitic, my daughter to Mexico so I mean after watches again, because a baby em, maybe I held Dylan Mackay too high esteem. You take somebody's sixteen year old, daughter to Mexico, Comma Kyle. What son went on his brow What's a good could break to talk about Robin Hood? It's in investing app,
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You build your portfolio. All you have to do a sign up at Simmons that Robin Hood Dhaka once again, Simmons that Robin Hood Deca so this is another. I kind of character that created a new archetype, shall we say the entire, which is not original point people made that point many times it struck me as I re watch. This entire show just how many horrible things he did in it and how I still- in the end, and it's like breaking bad is the classic as dissent in the somebody becoming a bad guy, but Tony So the episode with just do one horrible thing in each one and I keep coming back to the bouncer, but that the balance of the bartender about being a guy's name orgy over the course of eighty six episodes. Tony just attacks in like seventh handcuffs Sebastian,
phone against his headed This was not a great guy the end, and I really, I think that the reason we love him so much was how great gandolfini was, and I really wonder what that show is like with anybody else, and you know. The point I want to make is. I was staggered by how good gained ovine was in the chair, and I wonder what think it. I think its number one for me out there for performances. It's the best guy agree one. When I went back to relaunch the right. The book beyond. I had shorter felt like what you he's great, but your cramped and with great, am with railway market greater sort of, in a word, the golden age of. But now you use the basket bathing how many different moments where you put doing nothing, you don't even the car racing along the radio and its riveting does because the pimp right in
they say like when he shows up at the air. The russian cargo, every car apartment and in the air John heard. Is there then came a fairly just beat him up with his belt, takes his belt averages, where's I've got a film in Europe, yet a rigorous whips without painter eager saying just whips the guy. With with his bell and issues, it's fucking rural areas that there's nobody like that. I was also struck by how funny the show was- and I don't think that's rhinos gets enough. Credit for have fucking funny it was and how, like funny the Pine barons absurd is which is always a show that's mentioned. As the water said Joe. I actually disagree because it's got the whole supply of I think Carmelo Carmel, I am furious. There said there's like some really dead spots that aren't them in the Pine barons, the Pine barons parts, unbelievable ere. She thought
yeah the peak of the show was the last to episodes season five, tremendous when they kill Adriana Ebay inside I'm not doing spoilers causes show happened thirteen years ago back to combat the age beside and Africa how amazing she was jail. Matteo especially cease fire, which she one in every four she's control that's easy, but that episode- and Silvio just a switch turning in ages becomes evil. And then Bush Emmi, the next episode either to me. That's the peak of the show I'd either you kid You could maybe say that season three is probably has most going on. What did you What would you say was the eight. What was the apex mountain and the show
I mean I still really love the first Ethan just because Libya is one of my favorite characters in the idea of Tony's mom trying to kill him seemed like cut of a deposit distillation of the idea of the show family birth family. I love a lot of what happened to the final fees in two. Five is really great thou and that's the one that those two episode like a lot of people, just one of the problems to be the straightforward Bob Show accrues guinean whacked. What booth is Tony gonna get me gonna make and for the most part the show was an interested man would do in kind of occasionally, but an episode like long term parking would be addressed on a one. That's pretty much a straightforward mob stop and it's a bathing like. If they had just dumb bad, it would have been incredible. It just had a lot of other things on the mind to you know why she had only watch it when I watched it decades aid. So I didn't really remember LE and watch in season, for my wife was fine sleep there, half of them as I,
and the season forges really not that good, like it had a couple good episodes, but for the most part, fairly, disjointed and essential you'd. You did in your book, you did. You know The series of long form interviews with David Chase, the guy that there's sopranos and even he admits that season, or they can have lost the steering wheel, little bit, which I thought was really fascinating for him to renew that. We surprised by that under no. But if you could tell us watching it, you could see like toward the end, like every episode had five or six credited writers, which usually only a thing that happened if there is a real scramble there, and I was the first one. I went up covering a star ledger and I felt, like oh I'd, been handed the Flemish like here. I get that the proposed right when it's going off the cliff, then that freedom is one of the best banalities. I bet you comply. You know from there on. The show was great again the it as season for, as is now the episode with Doktor Murphy gets assaulted, courtesies three, so
and forehead pine barons and down, I've got a cow shit analyses I am a Carmelo flirting with be reopened the big apathetic Ralph it get to tat chopped off. Yes, he is in three. Was the day That was a really good one. Was at once. You are a tool that season three Gloria You it's hard to remember the seasons when you watch eighty six in four and a half weeks, it's hard to remember, which was what episode in which part I I was struck re watching how good the last season was and what are the best
clothing stretch of ever yeah, then I dont know wide and totally remember that, but I think part of it was just being generated by the complicated feelings, but the season finale but wholly fuckin shit is full of in every it's. Basically, splitting the two seasons, which you explain in your book, that they had to do for contractually pretend to his all one sees it, but it's really two seasons in those last. Is it six or seven to end at seven right over here Evan apathetic. If you can get me nine, if you can get past poor Robert Isler who's, the marker ravioli macaroni of this whole show and probably deserves zone pike. As this point lot of really high usage rate for Robert. I learn that last season, the lad, the last twenty episodes really just in it, it felt like chase was true to explore some sort of when a father gets disappointed by his son type of
but really really explored and didn't really have the red actor for it. But if best that I thought. Was incredible, and that leads me to the ending which now that had spent thirteen years, Now that I know what's gonna happen now that I know my cable than go out and now that I just experienced the whole show from start to finish again, the endings amazing, its I'm actually all in on the ending. I am. I am frightened folk cool a drink or of the ending I'm really good. It actually is exactly how it should be ended it's kind of perfect. I dont how many people feel this way. I definitely do and press for the book. I encountered a lot of people who have got when I d like you on the ending where they were mad at the time and now like it, not everybody. Some people are still up that, but more often than not people seem to like you know that ended. That way and you thought I can't you-
with bad oversights. One of you was convinced tat. He died, those you right now. That is more of a joke. I think like argument. Oh, that he died. Then I did back when it air quality thirteen years ago, but I think it's a meet them big you as we talk about that at length. I could get. The theme is about death, but you don't actually see him die and you can either you're not divide that you get Gilbert. I think he one hundred percent, that after walking the show and the clues that he sprinkled then, and especially, that the better the body back on the boat scene, when They d like what do you think happens when you get whack, the data gave in there? I think everything goes back. Any calls back to it in the second, alas, that beset by key clearly was tell us hey, get ready. This is gonna happen, that's
I've had enough I'm right, but that's my feeling now, I'm not an unreasonable hang in there, so many clues into somebody like, I think about Dep sprinkled throughout that episode. Threat that see them like. You definitely want to be watching it and field. He wants you to be watching it and feeling like oh Tony, could died any moment. Life is still fragile light. The suppression of get out ass. We walked through the World and you never know when it's going to happen, and maybe this is it for him- it's really well constructed him really well done, and it's fun action, though, that in a row you it starts affecting your behavior, Daphne value as a little more agro tourism. Sport like something the work it out at the ringer, and I just wanted to whack the person who does the funniest that egg I started doing my house was the day I think like when somebody's insulted, Joker Leg bill, you filing a tape. You
yesterday I like working age is the way those guys interacted with so unique, and you know my favorite scenes urges them at the bang or playing cards are disbursed in each other's bars or take. It said the personally the worst scenes. Yet you gonna be unhappy to hear this at their might have been some fast forward endured summoned the doktor mouthpieces. For me, I'm shocked to hear if ever go after all the time I've known, shock. It wasn't appear. Eighty six episode ran it. Probably I probably chap maybe four percent of image baby, unlike you know, I'm not really in the mood for another weird doktor mouthy seen that corrected in word, thirteen year, thirteen twenty years ago, now, you're year, higher and doktor mouth either
and I was hire this time than I was back in the day. I used to think that you luring Brok. I was kind of a weak link up the major gap members could she had? She would seem staple out of time and when I went back and watch it again for the book, it seemed more like no that's deliberate, like she'd uncomfortable being around this guy a lot, and there are moments when she's not and she was she's really great those. I guess the biggest flaw they show an evil, You know the Mount Rushmore for me, which has five shows on it. That was the mad the the floor for the show. Is the supporting actors, some of the acting issues not dead. It is not its there's. Some real they kind of sub contractors. So in some way, like Fushimi or apparently ANA Pinelli, Anna or Frank Vincent's, guys that come in that are like real actors who really know what the fuck they're doing it stands out in maybe, intended to be that way, but I look at some length Bobby.
Angola who actually got better by the last season was actually pretty good, but those first couple seasons, a huge is bad but there is over and over again there's people in these parts that are actually like half important parts in there, just not actors there ever people piano added. We're out of there lay more than they should have just because other p other characters got killed off and you know they got promoted in a further up on the bench than they probably should have done. Ain't even even coming like Stephen Van works, almost entirely justice, comic relief, and if you try to do more, yeah problematic, but they never seem like him with Adriana. It's terrifying, yeah, that's true yeah it was an amazing experience- we watch it. It's I think it's available advantage, but now I'm sorry, but I think it's also honour on Amazon, crime and now I'm thinking about the next page watch,
There's been murmurs of of the summit's family, maybe Panther madmen, just rumours right now. When we address Africa, Chernobyl wit there's been whispers that we might be ploughing through all those and I just gotta- decide if a little it's got a little That being said, I see you how many a night you can watch a madman says. I too would be the max when you think why am I mad, but then left pulpy than sopranos with the problem. There is always some kind of what's going to happen next we get killed element to add that can pull you along, even though the epithet think are really Benson Laden with meaning in the same way the madman, as you know, you could you'd certainly go back and we watch breaking bad faster than I expect you would madman yeah breaking bad densely by selling that was only like five six years ago, though I think I just did that I am I in the wire as well, because The power rankings re now
The wire was one heading into the Sopranos bench, but now I now think Sopranos might be back to the one spot again. For me. I think it right now you gotta catch it out. I think I think it's sopranos the wire breaking bed madmen and then thrones fifth for the five for the five show my Rushmore. That's it, that's how I go right now. What would you do for your five right? Those guys it would surprise of la wire breaking bad madman. Deadwood like Edward, bump out. I bought that gave a drunken man easily. I'd like game of thrones, but I don't think it's in the class of any of those I'm torn on it, because the best game of thrones Episodes
PETE Peak game. Thrones is just some of the greatest tv I've ever seen in my life bag. What was the episode when, when Terry Wynn Tyrian takes over the bad off from Jaffrey that Fuckin loser black water black liar. I tremble watching that for the first time, and in just being too staggered by Cynthia, a red wedding, lakeside somebody iconic shows a guy. I really did the best version that shows still as good as I've ever seen on television, but I think the totality of it. I don't know very uneven and its more sort of like it's a show better serve to like watch clips on Youtube and it is to go back and we watch full episodes are healthy. I think it's great involvement for sure anything asked his as kind of fallen out of this argument about water. There in the argument of white, get up top five of all time. I think in in our tv book demand I stated with somewhere
What are you not? I didn't mean the I didn't mean the the totality of the show, but just like the best possible episode of Russia. Man about law is pretty high up there, like the constant and a couple, the other one. Her are really a panic, but you know that a very uneven show for sure you love was like one of those basketball players that could have forty seven one night and then, like seven, the next night bathroom is there The is there any show right now, that's out there that you feel a given as a chance to be discussed as reverentially or no I mean, I think, Atlanta good in terms of things layering right now, but that at that the possibility, but again it sort of like how many people are watching Atlanta, how many people watching Bo Jack horsemen as opposed to you, know how many people were watching. The brand of backward without how many people watching thrones right now, can I say that the most important show for my kids ran out and you think I'm a bad parent.
I will never judge apparent for what the gets watch. My kids love big mouth and it's completely inappropriate and they should have been watching it, and I found out there she had after they had already watch like eighteen of them, and now it's I I'm in no man's land where they can be tell kids not to watch something there in it and it's gonna make them. Even more, and I want my kids have a sense of humor, but they they think that shows absolutely amazing and I'm a bed. Thankfully the mighty hundred I mean I had long conversations about it with new crawl, believe that, like they did intend for kids to watch, but they found a lot of them. Have a man it sort of its red prompted good conversations with their parents about it, though I get them that respect it though k my kids have now watch did not think if I tried to show it to my wife and kid me out of the house, but you know it's a really good an emphatic show so that you're not a bad,
Aaron for them. Having seen a bill, we had a soccer term at this weekend where we are to stay or read the subtle into Mexico, which is two hours really and all the parents are in the lobby. We're having eggs, and ten in the kids were my room and I went back to my room to get something and it was like a record scratch, followed by multiple kids going Zoe turn it off turn it, but she couldn't find little button here on the tv one of the tv one of fucking batch What are you guys they're watching big mouth and they were mortified there? Like don't tell anyone don't tell don't tell our parents don't like, I guess I got you, I'm not going to talk about this down. Gonna talk about my pack ass later for a million people but yeah. So big mouth is and a trade. The don't tell our parents were watching this, for it are you would
would you feeling before we go on these last six episodes again, thrones really get a major work. Every episode. You gotta be eighty or ninety minutes long, which usually not good, but I've got so much. The word to cover and so many carriage to deal with, and they work on it. But no other shall ever have, though I am hopeful. But I don't know yet I did you really love the last season so, but it also been gone for two years. I'm excited to be back in this world for little, but I cannot think why they're doing this movie treatment of these episodes and were what is unless there is some sort of contractual thing, then add until understand, but just one
just ten what our episodes very strangely for years, they insisted that they didn't wanna, do episodes longer than fifty minutes, even though they like thought much more material. If I'm remembering right, then they were using adds all within the beyond their kind of flipping they're gone, almost double that the answer is you both Dunlevy people egg it yet but too well it's been doing almost too well in that we became selling out the printing, but it's still in stock at Amazon right now and good can be a new big printing in about a week, and so, if you dont want order from Amazon and you wait, it should be available everywhere else again, you know within a week or so so you publishing its again. Is there shit together? Is when you time if the man has vastly acceded apply, I have written to books and both times had happened, and it was really frustrating the second time because we had this
actual real and real instant This happening where there is proof and like yours, what's gonna happen in his way, we have to print this many books and they still didn t. Let it happen again and I lost my money. I hope all those emails have been destroyed from two thousand angrily to everybody. We went through I think in Lashton, whom we had leg is like twelve hundred people there and they two hundred bucks after I had sent a hundred emails decay washed in there's a lot of fans there, like gotta gotta, make sure were prepared and with tuna boats, misgave I've got its more army and of the distributors like Foreign, a noble massively ordered at french girl I get stuck with under catch up in an old there. There I was gonna play it safe this was a really good idea for a buck. Do you have a next? I differ book, ardor, there's something that I'm I'm talkin about than man you're talkin about, but nothing then either about can announced quite yet
what about the need to allow sessions I do have one could not hear what I said not related to deal ended, but a few years back, I wound up like gets lecturing at it. You see I like why I've taught by Charles Robin who was being apparent as amazing, yeah Even though it is the David Jason's manner to now and when I agreed that they would on one condition which is and the like, coordinator to one o nursery air which, if they repeated their sophomore year or they repeated their junior year, whenever could bear their juniors in the first year yet and then it Ben ain't gonna go off to the summer to work at the beach club. They come back and there still
you nurse and then their senior, and I wanted to know what happened and rob and said. Are you coming to lecture my class? I will tell you when, at the very end of it you could write what it was. Was Jason priestly failed embarrassed to be playing a high school sophomore. We intended for the kids to be sophomores any like no, I'm not gonna do than others. The epithet were Brandon is dating the single mom. Yet for an episode and their suppose, we line without We are, and he erika I'm only a junior and he would not do it take week at a moment of more and so the kid all went up repeating their journey here. Because of that that's just ludicrous. I can't believe that now you know it s is ludicrous casting Gabriel Cartel says, a high school software when she was thirty days That was the era when, when we did stuff like this, and we had no internet check imbalances, you could just kind of do it everywhere. We know we who knows and running job there, The thing we should mention with with their with manner to ours. Opera internet, so you
we all have the same jokes and whatever but the show, but nobody knew that anybody else had the same joke so other stuff that you made fun of in your little groups. Everybody else here, a few, be you hadn't, really know, no idea that that was happening. Scathes gas in four times simply times out support. This is fine. Thank you as always for coming on and I M excited Phoenix Book O my pleasure, I met my zip cuter, don't forget to go to Zapruder Dotcom, Slash, bs. To rubber maize it out and simpler. Thanks to you mercury, the selling at the makes a fast and easy it s. Almost anything. Take the few picks out inscription boot, your items listed buyers and fifty states everything ships easily no awkward, been ups fight Regarding the app stores or on Mars carried, that calm m e r
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