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Kyler vs. Russ, Rookie QB Stars, Pittsburgh’s Ceiling, and the Putrid Pats With Cousin Sal


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss what's shaping up to be an exciting World Series, before recapping some NFL Week 7 games, including the Cardinals' overtime win against the Seahawks, Browns-Bengals, another painful Falcons loss, another Patriots flop, AFC/NFC power rankings, the sad state of the Cowboys, Titans-Steelers, Tom Brady hanging four TDs on the Raiders, and more (2:00). They finish by guessing the NFL lines for Week 8 (48:00).

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First, our friends from project costs. I was here it is past that fact Pacific rating debate tonight real enjoyed year was good times they re. there is often of wine. Did us a favour by getting culvert? We got the better game and areas owner had its aid to the thanks to a cliff kings buried for make it an exciting multiple times. Thanks to the Dodgers, raise world series for reigniting baseball lots on. How does that wait? I've you enjoy this base by how much would be watched. I have on watch all day. I got the bold screens. It feels like a worlds,
original that I think they finally have the crowd noise ride. I get that there's a crowd there, but there also piping in actual noise. I say bell you're going to argue with me here. I think game for world Series on par excitement wise with game five MBA finals. There are certainly memorable better. I think the dodgers winning tonight have enacted backwards right. They give it. They lost. I came in, I lost the mania other down three too many. The day off and I think people are like. Oh my god, daddy. I saw that stuff, but I like it here Should I was like after game for yesterday, and I gather was exciting windows like did the booth. Raise when the world seriously get people go you always go, go go back in her house old man, I'm mad, I'm fine with themselves. Burning but that Guy Philips Running basically sprinting to centre fields like I, you tied up the series of that's great, but now the well to every everything has been celebrated completely.
the top way? Yes, our baseball players, I kind of J, let's go, but will start last day in order to night. So last night the Dodgers blow it with The worst guy in the rays basically comes up because in the over managing classic there were having the world series. He pinch runs for his number three hitter. A couple unease before were to ask runner and second so then, of course, that spot comes back risk pointed out Jimmy lambs used to do this would move on all the time I blocked now, to my mind, is ever so sky did he ever met manager that used to do this I design is praised, but he used over manage like that to my God, so that so that spot comes back up. Of course, and this guy was, as you know, American they cast off basically gets is unbelievable to strike it centre. Fyodor screws up, cut off guy screws up and the ketchup was the tag you can argue for guy screwed up on one play the end they seem like if they lose their serious. That's gonna, be this iconic play
then I'll send they read the ship. Today they were favoured. Did there like minus one, sixty two intimate and they were all selling minus twenty two in the series of Vegas was not daunted by this Now there are not, I think they believe in Croatia. Every time it rose and by the way he's looking like genoa to wines is looking like envy pay and he's gotta Frank it doesn't go? Seven. Obviously you want to close it out anyway and sex, but if he has to have an ending or two and seven game it now has try ability right now is legacy. He could maybe like shed the monkey office back and everything but It goes seven games and he has the pitch it's a whole different. Or but yeah you're right on that one player arose. Arena was like fell down, they had a dead to rights by thirty feet and it was while this guy Philips was on the royal like forty days ago, Hydra Fit. You can argue glass how is the envy appear? The Dodgers FIFA guess I'll be able to start seas are terrified about starts work, I don't they
go away, I actually think game. Six will be another good run. It spend its fun. So then, simultaneously, you have this Kyler verses raw men see, West will be seeing this many times over the next decade battle and it looks Seattle. Has it in hand, Arizona gonna, kick feel go to go up to go down. Seven would like three minutes. I have salesman at the clock in this bizarre unsportsmanlike, conduct penalty, since Seattle Arizona do life. There are three c analysing closed the door. We get. The last second feel go and then it goes to o t end it with some of the most bizarre we ve had our year right. Maybe nobody number one. No one deserve to win. The game will first of all, you got like men, calf, chasing down Buddha Baker right now, re player the year, so you think, like the Adams Gonna win, we'll get to remember that game Aramis and then I came when met calf ran faster than Daniel Jones, but they made him like. This lower somehow
the game, but now is a huge difference. Almost death. We have fourteen points difference in a way you can look at it as a twenty one point difference, but I get it and then yeah, like The cardinals are down. Ten points in Tyngsboro is not even hustling till line until like three and one slash two minutes left it's like you're, going to get Wilson the ball back here they get lucky like you said, with the unsportsmanlike conduct they the three and then why I'm not even sure what happened there about but, alas, three hand off to Carlos hide like. Why is our aid and too wise and not run pass options are ROS? If anything that takes more time off the clock, and if there is nothing you're punting anyway, as it was appointed in the end and and marriage, down and they are and they tied. It is bizarre, and then or then you got a whole tee. So Seattle, these dead cars,
who is talking about my guy just ever seen this year, is tired. How to do it I'll get its own. Their deepens is that our two guys had their heads at our daisy proceeded, so its aid- this is great Murray, get stepped out its second and fifty. He got up down a little now thinking sprays like that's, it go for forty yards or down two and a half minutes left. Seattle is to time out left it's not a guarantee. It's on the left, Hash Mark a even if you just did to sneaks, where you just killed the clock. So you know somehow you missed at Seattle have less time than any. Of course he misses it seems like the dumbest thing ever and then rest kind of gaps, and I think respirator Mighta lost his empty peeling tonight, right through what three packs like one yeah who bag limits is gonna Rogers that last week in his eyes, went way up, but since then, but yeah
was very strange. Like everyone else like an off thy love Collins worth than Michael's, but in a christian cargoes out, abounds at the thirty eight, and At a time when they're trying to tighten is like they're, not there at a field or rage, he should have picked up three more yards and out, like that's right there at the thirty year. This makes it a fifty eight yard feel go make what why do they have to go back to what What are you doing so then they get some yards and they kick on. Second down like The reason I do not for them maybe take some time off and don't let Ross had the ball back if they lose or if they missed the feel, go. But then let you set rust, Rosa interception to their Clemson kid and their right back in business. I think math they took it out. You could make a case. It's bade sports, more fun with some of these crazy decisions, but math is almost in baseball and in football has led to some of the street.
These things we ve seen. Was it not the best says: kick it thou rather fifty back. It is greatly insight that actually this doesn't make sense either thieves defence can can't move any EU could run any running back in your team here to get seven yards so crane. I mean I was ready to come on. You're make a case that picture, although it sounds improbable, is the luckiest coach in football Having law, re crazy, Superbowl to you guys, ready that then, as I, he just the way. take. They rely on Wilson so much and they should but then take it out of his hands when they shouldn't it sits. Very strange way they operate, I feel like they could lose like in the first round, the playoffs early just cause. This defence is gonna yeah you can require Vienna Slugfest every game. I hate that, who's, the envy p conversation. As we talk about a reared, Jerry Tour. They can't do it it's a week. Fifteen with that said, Roger was the prohibitive favorite and we are now heading into was out. That was that weak seven,
that was seven writer sore heading into weak. Eight in we don't have an end VP favoured. In my opinion, do you think we have an enthusiastic and I do not. I always thought Rogers. If we must have a conversation is undervalued. Then he added should game against Tampa, but they brought it back today. I know. That's not Lamar Jackson, Patrick Holmes struggled to throw a touch out. His numbers are excellent if you look at it as their underrated, but Let's just go and Iron Donald One up that there are countries that I think more in the midst of dire. Yet here too we have I and then I gotta say top a bay mare if you're factory in the fact that when he went there made grog signed there now they get Antonio Brown like he brings other players with them. Then it should be. Out of an empty p case, what I do I think its wide open. I do you have the weight of Antonio Brown.
up the locker room there. Maybe I'd find taxi. Editor candidates is gonna, be model, citizens hope yet no way there is that brought it up, though, is ensured. The ads are gonna come out tomorrow. I think, there's gonna be good value on people in that, like five than enraged, like also Kyler Murray. If you told me like gun to your head, is there impossible, Kyler Murray would win the vip. The share of the exact impossible they could go like Levin in five, and you could you know for over four thousand yards and rush fur. nine hundred and have a combined forty two. I don't know, there is wide open there just wanted to one and the beginning of the year and then Yang went down a little, but yeah I mean. There's like should still five or six either we say we are talking about an- and here we are talking about side even half way through food to be it's more like who's, the seasons Alpha dog, I think the empty p gadget is the trophy bedded psyche. It's a weird
as I was doing, my power Paul is the first time I hadn't done it and I was doing it during the games today and I would say, the top two thirds of the week is pretty good. like a cause, even like. I have like my sixteen through twenty teams marred Cleveland Carolina Detroit the charges in LAS Vegas, all of whom can make the player sure but make the plants and be any good team on a given. They ran on my right leg: ass, big ass, Peter good seed. The share the chargers have been toto with two contenders, and and then just drops. Then you go twenty one to thirty. Two, Have you? No Denver is twenty one all the way down the jets we could talk about that later, but I do think it's it's a frisky league cause, if you, if you say le coeur, the favorites, I have Casey Pit temper in Baltimore in the tub for but the drop
from those four to where you go to like eleven through fourteen in the Arizona same Cisco. The rams is not that much more drop off. I don't know whether, if Cove it has to do with this. The fact that there has been less practice, sir, the latest more. Even what you think it is yeah. I don't know what it is, but yeah, I don't think it was this stack that this top heavy, like you, you wouldn't cannot like a seven seed, beating a one seed, but again really could happen if Arizona made it. You know I was on a beach, they could be any of those enough. She was it aims at home. There I mean I want. I wouldn't take the packers out of the top five there. Yet I think they're still as good as anybody but She is still better. I want to know now that it looks like it. I know if you re to talk about it, the patrons aren't gonna
the clouds who do that amateur by Rwanda, like one of those teams, the colts is gonna grab that seven seed right one model seems you just mentioned chargers. Maybe you let's do that now, sir, the top seventeen in the AIR Sea Pit, Casey, Tennessee, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland Indy, so too to kind of just that impressive teams, their clear when I hear they almost can't not make it now right. Am I went away. I think there is a case for Miami with two were I to be too. I wouldn't call them a sleeper, because sleeper insinuate said they can actually work Superbowl right, but I do think their sleep very as a five six, seven seed because Fitzpatrick you know here a couple Games CUP, a lousy once by up when you think about on the Ricky Q bees
good Barone Herbert abandoned Review is, if too is even close, eighty to ninety percent of what those guys have given their teams. I think my aim is got a lot of talent, though sure not not a ridiculously tough schedule either. I'm just looking at those five and through team. Second Tom I just dont need to ray more wins arrest of to make it well Cleveland photo. We fired at a guess tomorrow that look bad yeah. I mean I didn't get mad at play, one because their fantasy James, like when, when Baker throws the Higgins and people Jones in this guy Bryant, no extra, don't have any. Those guys are my fancy. They get mad, they automatically hate. Go even more. A bright yellow can really take over the great at I do. Yeah soon ass, Adele and out of the game, he was startled eyes and he also gave us the it the first time I better right side of a cover. I think all season at the right time to wait. A minute wait to budge. Actually, there was great
the grounds and the lions ending was probably about a minute and a half apart and you are either like Poland, your hair out or doing labs around the block. After that, I was gonna, save that, but we stuck but their dad. The browsers. I do feel like the Browns one it like day Ito if they have caught that that I'd drop the reception, rarer, birth or right to one of the Brown then backs and just dropped it, and if it meant that he goes on the sidelines, they went there as it turns out. They go back and forth couple times a baker, since it outages their defences awful. They just couldn't stop anything. The Detroit Atlanta Game is different story manner. The game's over, if girls, falls down. I later wines and he knew it, but it was. I keep his knees. Is these just couldn't stop hey revalue anymore, he's done it before, where he stopped short right in every fantasy owner. Like evaluating this legal ligament say at again, these just could pull it off as soon as they wrote in the picture. Did you think the same thing
that is another guy. The trades gonna wait, that's it. Of course. I am now there's no way to shreds that waited this now, this do devastating at it. So weird it there's. No other sport like this, where an opportunity presents itself where a touch down which is the high. Growl and football will hurt your now realise that like come, you know you ve, heard like rain delays, I hated start Lorraine and we're up five run so maybe strike out. So we get to that, make it official game. The eyes I kind of clause, but these guys or other plants. Bonuses and everything girly allowance is probably high. Just goes against your nature to stop at the one yard line, and we sort and Ben Sort and Penn State Indiana to happen his weight and worked out and staff are going all the way down, my God, the Falcons. How do they do it? How do they do it every week? Well, one guy held back there's two guys. I've changed tack on one guy was gone attack on just
all that which was actually smart, the other guy was trying to attack on, and I think that confuse girly bright and there really trying to break break with the guy any breaks away. Yeah, it's about tat, shut away that kid score and roused I bet you bring his ankle. You want to keep going right in one a tumble over to the half yard lights. Yet I was in Hola hilarious picture of the lions be like come on, come on, what looking at the ravages very weird, I haven't seen a team like this Augustine that I can remember a long time that one and say extend his last now. What is it for for the worse, this is my other ways to remember: there's a patriot steam when I was a kid segment date was the year we gonna get a number impact, but like we'll cost on a hail. Mary was like one of those seasons. Where was just like every way you could lose, you lost and that's what this Atlanta team is it weird to talk about? Crossout teams
I don't know whether we cross them offer just pronounced last rites and had the franchise they're in the braves and look at that like the Atlanta, it so bad, because they yeah they there. You know I'd ever cowboys ban. I think, like all my team suffers the worst losses, and today wasn't one about, thank God. It justa its per I'm much rather be today. The way it happened today but an chargers have a shitty kicker, that's been their story like not this year, but in years past, but Atlanta goes all different ways: those right and bet you can't just blame at Ryan, decanters blamed girly catches playing the coaching or the defence or kicker it's it's all twine. Everyone gets are shot. We're we're gonna talk about the end of and add the passing cowboys it took a breakfast. hey it is the perfect campaign into a knight errant, your favorite movie or show, and now you can get it
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the forty Niners lands and panthers, and then you had the eagles, who have to make someone in one day and ceased to do ass, a class. Just given you cardinals ram saints forty diners lions panthers. I guess only two of those teams. make it somebody give it to you two again Arizona ram saints nigh there's, lions Panthers. I think I did those added seems I think I like Arizona the most, and I think I like them rams the second most either? I think there's a world in which the saints don't make the playoffs. I really to be unimpressed by them. So for that to happen Temple once a division, Temple into division, nobody from the north, nobody from the east, obviously- and you think, all the teams from the West, so you would have tee. I think you would have that Packers
where's Albania, that yeah and they know dab, dab three and of Sea westons Ryo. Yet I could happen now was impressed with this I had money on them in all. This is why people like me, thus forbidding money line parlors, but it came became apparent. Very early that the saints and give a shit about covering six and a half or seven? They just want, when the game just dump off the camorra, somehow they're talking about Michael time as could be on the trade bloc. This will act as a huge goddamn Tuesday, huge mistake, Goddess Wretch, fulfilled take forever to score and they're gonna have games like they are. Every the home Failed is gonna matter and negative games like they did today against the Panthers. Like me, twenty seven, twenty four, if their lucky on the lucky end of it, Thomas thing was weird. They seemed like here. Once they get traded and it seems I there's way more bad blood, then maybe nobody's right there. We will type here's what actually going on here story yet, but I feel like somebody will this week, but it seems like it's not good.
yeah that deeds available that guy two hundred forty that catches last year, he said so different. One and there you don't have to worry about potentates some hill, a corner back on thirty seven liked it it just. Did you move the chains more easily and of commercial God bless him? They talk about. Envy pays I he gave moves a change like nobody else is business, but is door ability could be called question at some point where they remind me let member last year the path I was always comparing them like a soccer team where every was at the eleventh hour possession and try to get a share. All everything everything so they did their time a possession like they show. This does stat. No at one point like five minutes: I've is ignorance. Thirty, five minutes Carolina twenty and you just see, thereby they must become an end in itself, that really like. They give a big players, they get the ball back and it takes them forever to go down the fields rat that explosive command Camaro just go
Peter they bells them out on every thirty, seven and thirty nine whatever but another. I don't like the way you are intending to gloves take some right down the feel, like I know, you're less, because their dj more like what the hell's going on here. I think just gettin, though in another, player in a up in there that there go under first down for first downer I do think hours zone is found something nice couple weeks. I thought against your team, their team speed since Thou granted. You have one of the worst offensive lines in football. Various other by their team state. Their defensive kind of swagger came back a little bit down a game which at least like they're they're, not gonna, be the eighty five bears, but at least I can get a stop it once in a while and fine words from the right side. All that stuff. Much smaller level, little doing theory thing go in our Chandler Jones bail out. These other guys stepping up, but you know we're there, but bakers like screw theirs, Petersen Noughties other guys, and besides, I assume instead, I about yes now
these in their does DOM like kings birds like you just stupid. Sometimes right has coaches. I don't I don't trust anybody. Tyler's, magnificent and I've had em on both fantasy teams all year, vizier site, my guy. The share- and I just love- begets the third points every week, repulse three plays a game out of his ass. He as ignited Hopkins Diana incurred to and Fitzgerald a guy at either that teams get. I think that team is came the watch the next forty five we started seeing that needs to be chicken fail goals on second down from forty four yards right now all those names just imagine and an Edmunds is get real enough chunks, a yardage running downhill match. I couldn't even J catch him if he wanted to, and then they checked drumming nuts. reading. The really good. Today I gotta say I was tired earlier in the year in grain,
you know raiders were again at a team of the great pass rusher thing, but he first three quarters that was as good as he's looked all season and fourth quarter failing started missing, throws by eight some time, Cetera Scotty Miller was about, as goes without saying in the thirty years, that's like three years ago break out. He didn't look like that. Last year, I dont, like you, looked I like that earlier this year, then you know I who knows the Antonio Brad things gonna work or not, but if you're just putting Antonio Brown that Scotty Miller spot Scottie members open like six times again yeah, I don't know. What's going on with Evans issue, even if there is an that because he's officially a fantasy murder- I don't know, but he's not gonna- be aiming Kitty, get fewer targets, one Tony Browns, and the line up as you just being prepared for uncle the future. It doesn't open, but could it open the field up for me,
I don't understand it. I don't know, but that the big thing that big take away is they could be a forty point. Team most weeks now gone forward like finally figured out the orphans. I think it's scary, it's gotta make you upset the judgment, I do feel those by forbearing Bessie S as let's talk about our tissue teams, Now. What have crossed off teams are Archings Cross offset the weeks, and now we re very good subway your terrible team. First, Has anybody ever felt worse about their team heading into a week eight when their half game out. First class, a cowboy states here, fats gave out a first place, you're awful Ireton.
Three words do. I know you want to do TAT three, and I think you put aside we're talking about this. What house overtaxed? Did you put you dare to put us third worst, who the hell's worse than us, then the chinese toys, I think jets. A jack cigar. Worse Jackson has given up thirty plus points a game for six to eight weeks there there, the worst defence state their differences, worsted yours, I think they, but they can compete for a half. The jets can compete for a half hour, out of it before Europe, plus we ve, been noses quarterback. Now the new to Europe or Gilbert. I don't know what they're gonna do was definitely the guy from all the right moves. Listening today you are the guidance fund with the jail did urging the seventh rather James Madison marriages? James, like Eu Trade for Joe? Was it at that and is everything I read on it as they have to give up like a third round there like ok, you could women. Vision Ebby out at all with James. then the other names you got the wrong
so so is out there Keyser so's those avail, geyser choices about their shape, send the old Michigan quarterback. True Stanton drew Anderson. Do I not even remember him do is that was at a Carolina guy? What else you Anderson, there's still remember: thou and sat pay inside the brain out beyond the brown, the throne Anderson, but then say like a guy like true briski like you'd, have to give up at least a second round of fora like what you have to give a blast for Winston. They everything I read said the same thing about Dubinsky, not I gotta you gotta have did the Uppers Synod Arnold, oh yeah, fuel get off other James, I'm just second affair yeah. I don't it doesn't really matter, because the cowboys of nine players that in Vienna and ass. All right now said the offence of line is terrible. Like you said, the defence gives up way too much too many points, even a good. I just don't tackle anymore. It's really really sad. Watch your life,
backers. A year offensive line are the worst in the leg. At those positions, I agree we went in eighteen months. We went from having the best to having guys who were at a position on drafted players on our friends of mine but the thing it gives me crazy is Joe borrow puts up three touchdowns. You now Yes, he finds a way to make his team scorch retouched out and he gets frickin hammered every Oh, you know every other time it dropped back soon. he has been not having like money again said, did he's terrifying if he he finds his little ways to create two feet to the right to feed the way
the little scramble daylight just by himself like an extra second and then just as a perfect pass to somebody in stride, overt over again, maybe he'll just sail just ass scramble and scramble free Zack error rate is, and I think Herbert it's fantastic, so good he's so impressive, laid eyes on it. I'm trying to make that, like my second fairytale, like the team, I don't have money on. I try not to have any of fantasy players with the on going against them. I can't help it, but you know like earth. Lose lose Elizabeth, so fond of watching scramble on third, three, their defence plays. Well, you know, Junot Alan Catch passes. Thought of. Do you think my Amy regrets not stabbing Fitzpatrick function as long with the need to get to in six weeks sooner they charge really created. Something here yet but I think that had to be pre arranged right. The dolphins like tools and after our byways, no questions asked right. It's
like he was an eye that fits was bad in their jets game in the jet skis. Yeah even though they one he was bad and I can go back a wet yeah yeah, but I like, if you three and three we got a set of that's the agreement. A fear. Did I remembered Dac. Did this with Roma, when I was growing phrases like just waiting for the gonna lose and a wooden, and eventually I came here, Eight one Ramos got a sin section. I can't. I can't even really argue this camera we'll come back by the difficult. What's he waited in these days, I told em last week was the time get down from that both when it was called the game now need three months. Your team is really terrible Delaware. My team, I think, might be secretly terrible they're watching today It's like any teen, that's physical, like that. Nine are saying that can just run the ball, and just Put you on your here as we have no friends seven or are they just? They just completely demolished us
we only have one receiver that can get open and our quarterback in the throws it over his head or basses at SAM Kim, can't play the worst game by patriots. Quarterback that I can remember, since I was in college. read the Mark Wilson Tommy Hearts in your whatever you're. That was when, in fifteen Mark Wilson had a couple games like the one add. Today were eight that was here. I started gambling rising I just can't, spend the rest of my life rooting better. This shit team. I can better another tubes egg. Is there really for there? He was so bad. And I dont know whether to blame is easy. Heard hurt: is it the covert thing like what happened? What happened at the sky from the Seattle game? Where is he well, but I don't want to blame the quarterbacks all that much I know jam was bad. I know dog could move and the other easy fix us to say our gets all the money wants next year, but I am now saying this for a few weeks. This has to be the first time you ve seen your team get Boyd on both offensive. Have defensive,
I was the last time. It might be the same time, my college, but you can see all the stats and trends like this, the first time the paths of lost three and aroused, and whenever and it's gonna may I go God, that's such a long time ago. But when will you saw bullied that you, Oh man, I have to watch two and a half more hours of this right like doesn't that suck like did when you dont have a chance like that. That's what I felt like was the weird as part of this Bela checking yeah. I was twenty years ago. It was but says I sphere, but baby I think you're giving came a free pass. He couldn't even worse. Is that I'm way I'm waiting for them to tell us what's wrong the sudden rise shoulder, is the easy having covert after effects like what the hell was that watching that play by play. Watching me, their sale passes over somebody said. Throw grounds are just to write to the other team. Here. absolutely abominable eddied. They should apply I'm a quarter before they did, but it's weird because he looked like
remain in that Seattle Game and I would again no five deal years later, I'm like all my god when it. What do we do? You know I have I mean it is quick. I swear. I made this two minutes the red, the real problem with this Patsy drafts. He He just says that done where these are all of our first round pigs from teeth: ass, limited two dozen twenty nuclear, I say when Sony Michel, Malcolm Brown, Dominic, easy daughter, had tired chain. The Jones need solar. None of those guys are impact, whereas the share high towers than the one, but he's not plan. The share. Second round picks from eleven to twenty cowed, Duggar Josh huge Jawad way. Duke Dawson Cyrus Jones, George Richards Jimmy Parabola Jamie cards to ban was an errand Dobson, recite, darling and chambering. So this is now a decade of them. Just whipping
to most important rather than be addressed in the NFL draft there and we need This is happening. He was always patch it together and he begged trades barely loss. They lost the first rather for the fake ay, it showed a secular added from Hamlet seduce, who is no longer in the league of then text. Reads about this with the hand should Jaber couple my Pats friends, you Billy you know Mohamed Sanu's, not in the league. We trade, a second router for eight months ago. I don't want to come to Bella check in his draft dog, the fence, but the number one, your your first round picks are basically a second round pick for almost all those years right, you're so late in the first. your second round effects are almost a third round back and the other thing is it just never mattered. It never used the batter until a few years ago, right like he could swing and where fund these banks and you could put corner backs out, there is a wide receivers playing corner backs and all just kind of work, tat right. But now What's your record, you too, and that this is my point here. My point is this, and I know
trade back and video outage again or another Brad as in third. Fourth, France. They don't have impact deeds in the team, and when you watch a game I today and you see some Billy Debo Samia who s father could address the leisure they didn't. They just don't have impact guys. they didn't last year either- and this was you could feel this coming. I think therefore need their last twelve games, maybe back the last year. It feels right that feels, like the rate record, I look around. I like I'd secondary good other that what are the strength I don't know, I think I'm gonna get worse. I don't mean to sound like skies, find you, but I just don't know- where the town is, especially when you watch in some of these other teams, and then you think I care City Baltimore Pittsburgh, these teams outages reloaded with young talent every year and I am unable to do it, though ass their two thousand seventeen draft here, the four packs, Derek Rivers, Antonia, Garcia, teacher glass, junior kind of Dominica trades were basically those are the four new guys. They brought
there and those are the guys that should be like the best players of the team. Now you know that from three years ago there and just like they wished so I they would always what you would do in the third and fourth round as you'd bringin football players, you know, wasn't necessarily athletes, but there were frickin hard, nosed football players and they figured out how to play in his scheme in which was a no nonsense game. But those seems you just mentioned: Pittsburgh Baltimore, Kansas City. They lighted up at the skill position, the boy through the draft and Zadig, unlike yet Bela Jackson, Adieu and free agencies and throwing bomb because he hasn't do very well there. Just Canada made sense, but I still think say, you're, not out of it. You got a buffalo at jets. Inverse Baltimore then not awful after that at every Don't I know I'm not gonna. Do you not going around the table, but you could be?
I guess you could be like six and eight fighting for black spot, but the one bright spot has been Harris. The running back, who actually think is good, but they're, not gonna, do anything unless one of the quarterback shows up in the stadium doesn't have it. I just I don't see it. right, I don't see any glimpses, so its outcome, be him cam. I don't know what happened. Hopefully he could turn around. But man it's gotta be jets you, I won't Morgan, suggest one or two more guns jets enable Morgan's dolphins, then do everything ends badly. This is how sport, for example, the J Bug today and I was like we had the most humbly about twenty years ever like this to end this way without allowing annihilated by minors. This is too much clear thinking I like that, like when you're upset war, but a priest was trying to think like if you're the pats, you don't have enough talent D. Are you buyers and sellers right now?
For this week cause your light now, just in general, with the trade there like coming up your life of actors are so slow you're, not you! and indeed any sort of power team. If no chance tease out helping anyone out, I mean they're, not gonna, be sellers. These are selling off any peace. Anything she's gonna help anybody. I let's take one my brain there were a couple more quick things together listing, Bates Attack, but Hulu. Just what Hulu has lived sports, which means you can watch your favorite sports football basketball baseball whatever you want, they're gonna, have it baseball players right now go watch down there, there's some really good baseball.
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Be that he's at nine he's gonna help me get the thirty. Unless he gets hurt, you just have to pick the right rookie, because one thing, only one out of the forward quarterbacks last year went over their touchdown total and its and usually under but yeah, but because it might be like a special class harmonise at fifteen forty two yards of tedious three packs right. Yeah I mean, I don't know, look I've been making the get a draft Ivan, making the case that you don't have to pay a quarterback forty million hours, every draft, there's three or four guys a figure who they are but they're out there and most starting quarterbacks league are good with not seen this many good starting quarterbacks. Now the problem is you're, gonna get Andy Dog and you're gonna get case. Keener is gonna, show up. You gonna see the backup sell their, not fifty good quarterbacks, but there's thirty thirty, two thirty four Jamie's. Where did you learn from it?
statements, because that was the most important game today from a bath standpoint. I think the Steelers are the most bounds team. I really are you guys. I take ways were right, like change Claypole, a guy's course for touchdowns a couple weeks ago, like ok, will probably need him most in need that kind of produce like now. He did nothing this week Right Devon, Bush, the linchpin of that defence out like play collar everything I know I say did not them, but first three Corazza game, the Titans worm over the ball at all steward, yet rate and ban was thirteen of eighteen on on third down like that to me as a timid, long for the playoffs in long for January, neither might was the Baltimore this week, but that the their very good on both sides- bother enjoyable, a tightens up either the claw back in there. Thou also does this really good joint baltic at that time Yet there was a moment in their game were if the times had rather
I don't think either of us have been would have been surprised right as they're eighteen that doesn't necessarily want to be behind by twenty. Like sag, leads little late last year, but then Brown. Huge play, then the momentum a little dad big drive and then also need there, I mean they banned in it. if only they're gonna win it yeah that's. Why may and robbers burger there three interceptions and they still like there was still a powerful steelers went. So my fear, with the stairs. I I think, they're run a game is pretty pedestrian. Connor's. Ok, but I ween terms the light then being obtained, in the fourth quarter put in a game ladder. I trust I run a game. and at a hundred percent trust ban anymore rarely keys. I think he's a little sloppy at that that pick that he threw they were put in the game away. At that point, that was achieved through a lot in it. I again he threw a double coverages bad play in a couple of those today, but I think he's at the stage of his career. I think he's really get
but you know they do. They disagree the way, the any kind of fucks up and we you're about. I'm not making this up. We heard this all does a huge difference between thirty three and thirty seven. They seem to get to the third threes and then just something Littleton JUICE, Machu stir any figures up now what his fate and launches for the first time they do that so well, there really get that that that's the kind of thing as bad as Ben was with three picks. He kept the drives moments, Pittsburgh Tennessee, K C. Had you rank those three o and Baltimore Woods? does four one thousand two hundred and thirty four look stupid right when the ravens win this week, but I'm going to go I'm going to go Pittsburgh. I think Pittsburgh would be Kansas City, and then Baltimore third than Tennessee forth. We must in any one that has to be the far right near Jack.
I have already you heard I Pittsburgh one- is well Casey to able tomorrow, to be tendency for ok, so big Baltimore, pretty handle that salaries, and I do not necessarily in the EU I gotta be. I do so. We both agree. Pittsburgh, simple opposition that funding. Why watch Brady M M, removing I'm he was strong dimes there. He said put him in there anymore itself. Wanta you let attacks that wasn't supposed to go to me bleed to another chain and you I praised the ball while Gallagher that now you finally praising like I said, that was a man for you, guys, rivers presented by this week, breeze
Is that on his last legs, but you know when you went Michael Thomas and out there, he looks a little more order near wrath. The has his moments I'm gonna propelled check on air washed watch, Bilbil chaired LA, You can't do that. Like seven days, kids are his two kids at the coaching staff, maybe he felt like ie were aid. The Sierra at his victory lab is a room for MIKE Mccarthy. Are now there's no room for my group for no matter what there is no room for might regard well, room. If everyone moved over like a lot, could they make room for migrants? Aren't they hoop? Who could you have hired well, we could have interviewed Matt rule. We could have a guy like that road. We can't did all those guys are all out there I don't know how long can I go back and forth like it? I can't be that bad, a coach to we went to the Superbowl you got. You know. I know he couldn't take Aaron Rodgers back to the Superbowl, but
we're gonna take marine out of the super bowl and he's one of the greatest ever saw at. I just don't know what happened they just amazing exploded you literally don't ever of insulin Cross Ass, so we we ve already crossed the jets Jaguars Bengals. Let us do it just MAX got me now. Will you have came out? We're not a larger taught me Falcons their taxes. I have the Falcons Yale thing: it's unrecoverable, because the box we're gonna, pull away now right, but also the indices deep, weird, five to ten range, so they did at the bar to maintain. So I think we cross off the falcons if they become Are they our line of Thursday night? You sure you wanna, yes, fine fine crossing them off. Do not have the oasis speaking to cut me man
tomorrow night and the real watch was rocky for oh, you mean How Brandt we taped it on Friday is immense, the fun I'm right hundred bennets. What a movie about removing I'm so glad we did it in the matter of the Amazon yesterday that are watching two and a half war rockies yesterday with the cow man so good never gets out. I would you get the lines are integrated before it gets. The lads gotta say about vandals sports but same game parlay, so many different combinations? You compare these Parlez player props point told us money, Lance. The best part Vander will refund the first same game. Parlay lose on any NFL game each week up to ten hours. That means you can bet different parlay risk. Free money. Night bears at rams, I think the bears have a real chance to win this game. Did there cover, but I really do think they have a chance to win. You can bet on the beach there's money line which is plus two alpha.
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genuine. I looked at my powerful after week, seven last year, Totty teams, New England, seven no new Orleans, six in one cowboys- were twelve- that foreign three Zella yoga twelve, while guess the lines we gate. What's that? What's the record, I would say well- and I want to think about- is no you're doing one in New Orleans neurons made the conference championship and without a symbol The same goes outside a lamp Francisco three Green Bay for can't city, five, five, ok, then, three rather than making it there were five and to that point, in the homes and gotten hurry era was run around there. Yeah. I had already Annapolis, says the sleeper at foreign too. And then I sat at her that develops leave arrive. There is, I think,
Thursday night Carolina is home after a battle against the sets, this guy sound corny. I really am happy for Teddy Bridgewater Take that like twice you, don't you think, that's like that, and I had this is no way here. by bad for bargain right and he was really good today. I thought and he's been good General. That was a good signing in boys. Always perhaps I did too. There were the good good best losers. Today I think yeah yeah, I'm dead for people in sea Josiah try to sixty five yards or just missed. You hear that As close as you can miss that hid in the upper right yeah so straight on, there at an angle there were showing it seemed like it was good and then, when they did that knock additives, I what I thought it was easy, but I got no fans and adopt this. Guy's got a leg girl, let him try it and there would have been the record. So we got Panthers pockets Thursday night, I'm going with the Panthers by four and a half,
all right. You had me out here. I said five. Why is this three? So this is what I mean. God bless that we can cross them off tonight. Plans, but I don't know anything about this game. Someone or something. I think the Falcons get weird respect from gamblers in Vegas. Just takes advantage of it every year. Do you think they were favoured by two over to trade today, other? I guess they should want right right. Yet I do get respect. Sundays Marquis game is a really good. One is interesting. We're just talk about that. Add For I see bought more at home for the Steelers sportsmen them enough by weak stairs come enough, a really nice winning its tendency, and I think this is a classic ravens by three I said three also its five and a half
So maybe were wrong about our power ratings. At least Vegas thinks we are now. I think I think we have the right rating and it is to three point game here. Ok, I already baltimores assuage overrated person. You do while they re season, they had the bad James up there for sure I do a lab would love to see this on Sunday night instead of my crappy crappy crap, ass, cowboys and eagles as such a bad Sunday night game just moved Baltimore Pittsburgh Why can't I fucked up? Can they do? I think they would have the fine covered or something to Jerry? beg out of the prime time game it and see what he would do that, but nowadays we find some covered. It doesn't exist. Should ass, like one of the special teams, prayers to just fake some cope with Sis Ii Erratic moved again era that travel you're like areas. It is really bad, while ravens by five enough. Ok watch balls. I don't know whether the weakest just one or two,
run. Our virus just in a good mood, but I have six games in the watchful debts, go on the first one titans that, since the daddy have urgent, I really do I watch Joe burrow. Can apologize excited to see what they do in this game? I I think I don't love, I don't love their chances of stopping pains off but I don't really like tendencies. Defence are all I'd know that I think said static and throw them is, can be fun games. I have titans by five I went to heavy. I don't know why I thought The times were like an underdog than they were favoured against Pittsburgh. You talk about. Vegas, doesn't care about the Titans, a bond defeated. Last year. I thought it was seven. It's only for you, you in that it seems low a little bit
The brows were worth three and a half that at the same time, I think what the tightens the garbage time today is just such a threat with them tat. They really can't stop anybody next game, which I think may have his pride, and you know what I'm gonna take this up. This is an ongoing five. Instead of six I'll, tell you a game I took out when we get to the don't forget about it: the people gotta Abraham pudding and I'm copy pasting artists in the next one coastlines, a hundred fixed nets in their idea, then there, because the wines have a habit of being and really watchful, Gibbs up way. We just have to accept that when the lions around a tv bright, its watch about the courts, I think have also proven to be super watchword. And there is now included it in the watch. Was it the ads if this coming down to the last two minutes and some sort?
terrible play by somebody is out ninety percent debt you're. So I have caused by two and a half over the land. The! Why I'm an idiot and also I should be better at this, because I do this for living I had the lions favoured by one and a half but you're right. The call to favour by three you're going that they add another three and three right Detroit lawyer deformed and is foreign to common off by fire, the team. It gets no respect with the trade strained three, but they lost at last second bears game that they were a buyer like their seventeen. fourth quarter, so they might damn good bad thing potential. They can move the by Gazelle idea. Andrey Swift as goods. Again they have emerging players now seems like a gala day was hurtful while now explain playing like their often spent in Mostar,
next one, I'm generally excited for rams dolphins to these back dauphines. They ve had some success in its annex ii. West, I've, the rams by three, the answer I said it is three and a half currently two nights ago: one that's a fine one where the watch and yeah Rams go and eastern ashore week maybe take a stab Miami here or the too much to ask in the first game. I think this is a high ceiling, low basement game for to day. I could see
this scenario year die either. Mrs read next one for the watch was bare saints just because of the records yet bears a five or one say to point to the big game at the bears by three it's in Chicago. Oh, I had seen by two and it seems by two and a half yet nobody Thus the bears it seems like they say. It's get an extra three points every week for reasons that may occur in happening over the matter, stay at that that luncheon been three and a half. I was seven read the same. It's like a past performance in the sand say did that game should be a pick em. At best I told you the bears, while they both beat the Panthers in the last two weeks. Right bears beaten libyan by nine or the beaten by touchdown last week, and then the Saint Peter S.
again battle cleaner than a wire to bears defences, a jet for sure last one another good ones, Seahawks Board Niners. Yet we with we ve said six games that are way better than egos cowboys. Just for the record here, move it moved the hell out. Seahawks did I it's in Seattle, and I Seattle by three what a roller coaster read for the diners by the railroad him off to now. that. Reminds me high Whittier, I said have it is for right now site is down, there might be now based on a diet. I guessed look at half time now now, I'm thinking about this, now that the other they seem to have their own game and that got Wilson's outright Wilson, the third he had yet a great game.
They use them as excellent and got hurt rate as they were scoring like the most meaningless touchdown possible right bomber. But I'll tell you, I'm sit. I've seen I've watched. a couple times now the Ricky I yoke Random makes play sees yet another per guy is better than the killer. he's good and depots, good and cattle. They have three receivers. Who can make way so Jane, I am just it seems I keys. he's gonna run the bar Jimmy throws it's almost always play action, or does were allowed. Sir. Everything he does is to protect Jimmy Try to throw these shorter passes, where the receivers can run after the catch and smart real estate is taken advice, a job of whatever strings Jimmy as and we don't how healthy is either, but he's got these gap way. Makers are there for
I am well yet I mean: do you just let woodless alike, for games at be very surprised if there were more than a touchdown difference with six minutes left in the fourth Seattle. Just can't stop anybody says, have too often is gonna look go, maybe they're exhausted, you think they'll still be exhausted, probably the barely watch levels. This was the game pull that way. It was all done. Let me guess: lemme guess Vegas Clay, one year, that was any that's the raiders kind of played themselves off the West Coast, Asia, India Tampa Game, the railway did, although it was pretty bad after that they made them play on a Sunday when his whole offensive line was being covered, tested or whatever they get because I'm gonna move this Monday or Tuesdays. I could add next today. I guess
could have been worse. If you hear a whole events of line is out or tested are like you like all, while the other two minutes for sixty two points like this is what we borrowed about precision. Exactly what we said. We would have an entire unit champ play because there have been around each other, but they think about the bills. Tenants. Now I have the browns favoured. By ray over the raiders? Now you get it exactly. I thought it before. I thought maybe a little heavier, but it is three hunt was in that game. For the bakers Fund, a watch cars, we're on the watch is like ten good players than the one. Ever they cut the crude and upset it's good time so funny I may Baker did start that game over five. Then it looked like one a bad drive, you get the hook, the as I do. What you haven't. I haven't seen such good numbers after such a bad first quarter is over five of the pic Zealanders. First war was Peter Sugar Tax to me and said
you're got better soon as Odell left the game, that's interesting or if legacy Odell sake, I'm out did here. they make art thou happy. Did he throw that pick on offer? because, although got her Jason down the DE backroom intercepted the past, maybe bigger of the map. I loved him out. There threw down, get hurt him tat. Our man, oh yeah, have barely watch balls bills passes in Buffalo and backwards despicably watchful, who spoke before me, place, I mean. Are you getting joy when you're right? I just have to get to a worldly. We gave our how to get to this. I have the bills by six. I said six and a half, but it's only for that. Some matters will be when the Bell Jack propose out, as was agreed right figure. Something out do the only.
only thing that makes me think the paths are dead yet is if he knew the Niners were just the worst possible match up any knows, camps that healthy It is played of vanilla this week because he knows they have to win the Buffalo game right at next week's the kitchen. game and he knew their kind of drop dead this week against the Niners. That's it. I think I have been praying for Why do you like them had presented? I would pay. The bills number is doing in the vision I kind of like the dolphins and even see what they are. I can find it. I would like the bills. Are they probably minus two hundred re minus four hundred alright elected office. Your paths are plus three fifty elements he hadn't even look at the dolphins. I guess the dolphins are three and three: in two might actually be good, although I say they have ceased.
plus six fifty I might hit our there are other tasty sparingly we're when this week, maybe the rams can we bring Kyle nephew Kyle can commit fraud. Second, our real rethink can you ever remember the patriots being now getting six points in Buffalo now now than against their gettin for Bulgaria? For your guess it can you ever remember the patriots getting more than a field. Buffalo in your lifetime. Absolutely no! I didn't I didn't ever go in there thinking we work on a roll them, so I don't know I mean eighty own buffalo. That was, I think he might Alaska them. Four times tore open twenty where's child. However, each and every member, the pages plus three, fifty two when the division comments, as though
No way, alright, what was the worst? I guess when Brady was out that year, but even then times for car how you are right, the camping was really bad than I was really sad. Today were really really sad. I've been this hour that sounded. understand? How bad can was? I think he thought I was exaggerating. It became was really that bad. You know what it is. I think it's his motion, because he throws back memory. We used to play electric for all the worse game ever invented Macgyver, whereas around, and it knows it Odin pattern that you want to go with. No, you could fit the kind of change and on the back and whose both of you had a whip, the guy's arm back the throw that little orange ball at tiny right, that's what can looks like and I feel like he's rearing back even more now lately to do it and that's why I take everyone's like always showed, even when it wasn't with the patriots. We say that about a my sums up what this guy. Why word. What does it all goes by the heat? It didn't look tolerate the Seattle game. He just flawless like his mechanics Grady.
Superman again did not see my submit that what's up will finish again to take one more break. Let's take a bite stuck by more light. Not that long ago, going out with friends was a little too complicated used whereby we go where the great freedom right. Now that's complicated. These days, it actually feel more like a change is be yourself with your friends, so it should always be in is the original I bear no relate has always believed that this that's a million times out I've been a long time since I was in college. You ve heard this morning. I'm nor light my favorite beer gone back at, thirty years, whether your toasted impersonator choosing from afar. Nowhere light has always been about bringing you and your friends together Fur Miller time. Here's the thing with Miller, you put Miller lights in your fridge. People come over, it's gonna be one of the ones they grab justice It happens, Miller that great taste only ninety six collars three point: two carbs. Are you and your friends are enjoying more time. You can always have
the original my beard delivered by going to know or light dotcom forward. Such bs find the Doreen since near you, celebrate responsibly, Norbert Company market Wisconsin, ninety six galleries and three point two carbs per of answers right too, are barely watch balls packers our home for the vikings you could make a case. The packers are the good bad team. I have the packers favoured by seven and a half I'd be teased. I've won all in on the same, I said, nine you're right, it's a seven. So your closer and when the mother dragon, but you're gonna be seven, oh and one that what is going to last year, their bag and organise a perfect geezer team? Come up to put him? What's up, we don't even think about it. I didn't have a dual teaser this week, you didn't is, I think now I didn't because I think the those minus six, my those plastics
Point seven pussy range: those dogs seems to be heading at least like to a weekend now right there. But a fixed the over on there's a lot of the under the heading out and a fixed air. You write, the road seems are doing very well and another numbers. I should have a numbers and in front of me, but yeah I didn't, do a geezer either and I had the friggin saints minus six and a half, and what are they do? Of course it just one by failure. Some back two browsers and that chargers covered it is ripe. Thea there was, another one and that range that covers a explore rate while the bills, the building guy, they want their ratings is now and then the box it once I got that language like foreigner, five visa, their last one chargers at Denver, which, if drew lack, was like about twenty percent better, you could say this could be a watchful but he's like not quite there but Herbert's. There.
I have the chargers by the two in Denver. I get this when I said one half, it is only one Andrew Lock is weird because he roles right and then most immediately- runs out a room runs out a space to throw riots like you. yeah of any guy open here? There's no way you sprint, do you just sprinted to the sidelines, Doc just thrown out of bounds, but yeah he should be here. It should be a little better. They play on that same year. He loves taken big heads to further reason, if you, if you can pop Heaven, sent him find backwards, I think, if I think any lead has done enough to share that he probably knocked assigned down by two points. You later he we nervous, and I don't even have the chargers entities anything today, but I just like Herbert ran at what point Jacksonville was up. There were up twenty, two, sixteen, my god, they lose this garbage Jack somebody. I mean to this.
There were homes for Zaga. There were about to talk about him. I think, but a year ago that a pic sex and upon return for such down right. Yet he had like. Two hundred yards. They had nothing rushing additives. There was the least it ever had a doing when again yeah anyway, until this wage. Our next categories covered foreign rattlesnake anybody's in here this week, we do have the poop factor there. Yeah this is reader S, so I've tried to avoid this as much as I could. I know I'm sure there were stores- and I honestly don't know at the line. As I do think it's getting. Higher than twenty one. I don't think that's happened. I remember like you some something near twenty. Eight we've done this before I don't remember. Cincinnati Steve young years was like one thousand nine hundred and ninety and a half the Sunday night came at their given, but gonna pick. I pick twenty two chiefs by twenty two
at home against suggests a hired last week that it was twenty two I'll be honest. I did. And I like that. I don't think so. I think that that that's crazy another matters but I said twenty one and twenty and a half twenty anywhere that still feels high. Well, I mean it's not high enough what? If what? If it's a three team teaser now, because that's a freeway there went by two touchdowns right. So if you go minus ten, have you go packers, plus three and then we're gonna talk the Sunday night game, which is a give me a ball game is but one at which you teach the jets tat. Thirty and a half, or now, if you're, getting thirty two half witted ETA fell to three leave her she's us. I may have to do it just for fun, but they could score seven goodnight. All they have to do is go ten points in your guess. So
so twenty and a half I look in Chad had he scrambled for a touchstone for the chiefs today I haven't even though like if they take my homes out like damaged about Jack. I really thought I was below, I think you're gonna say was like twenty four really who's. Taking the jets in this game now and you can at least uncovered thou right there were only six they covered, and I came over gonna talk about is a full o and seven eighty ass. Well, you know us covered Joe. It covers I'll write a streak alive fibre is covered ever make sense here there was not not covered again. I got, the Brown scored, the when I don't care we're inside the number or guarantee should get rid of the w. So he seems more italian. He's Joe barrages be were out, that's a donkey. Tying quarterback recovers Sunday egos cowboys it's in Philly. It's just a train wreck of a game,
I think they should allow Collins Wirthin out a drink there in the game. I'm not saying I have to get sly. But our should at least be able to have by two drinks rat agri yeah. I think the players should be allowed to drink there. Coaches should therefore drink. I have the eagles by for what are you crazy, I'm running the way, I'm giving myself when for the way, given that you pay me by five year, I added cowboys underdog by eight it seven and a half hour. You can't give this team. Any lesson is probably tat. They don't score. All they do is get scorn on the night of and myself as should the ten they rest fulfilling yeah. Why? Why was this can be closed?. Did you see the eagles on Thursday? I did what are you talking about? I did they, so the giants whence had to pull like one of the great first he's ever made out of his ass theirs,
and the game they should last anyway, thereby giants. Quarterback fell down on red tape, I did so rights, the giant I'll play them evacuated, was blow know they do now play and the Eagles had time of possession. They were Cheltenham them. Now I don't want to die on them. They ran on him in the second half for sure by the mine. All then I can have to do much to win this game at whatever I maybe it's. Maybe it's Without going to store you listen to me, you know you're not allowed for the Eagles entities on either side of your mind. You guys know you're, not my own house right now, I'm listen. How can you wire me you now get when you cannot be entities whence and fill rivers are not allowed to purely raising their taken, a division. This we had said the Redskins? Oh they're, not the Redskins anymore. Don't wait that Kyle they're coming here today. I bleed I gotta bathroom humans. Make mistakes utilised, improve about him, I think, could win
my friend said the other day. I was what the monitors and I don't like you is again whether they let it go. I think they could waited today a day at least are good at something. They were good What I can do is good Mcclaren good. I gotTa Kyle Island came when this division. I know what you're saying that at its flint slimmest have Pickens for sure, but I think whence is the worst kind of quarterback to have like for me emotionally and spiritually. Brill would be the least kind of death I wouldn't be behind, because the highs and lows just during the game, I wouldn't be able to take it. I had them in a parlay on Thursday night I couldn't take it just bedding vicariously and then for three hours where it's like is this guy? First of all, he never gets for the ball ever It is just ever he's just like avenant I'll stay here for twenty seconds.
maybe for its along ass. Ever I don't care how many people are about there'd, be a model of never throw this away, and you now he makes ten them decisions, game and then all said no make like he'll put together like five minutes of like perfect quarterback play in Europe. What just happened? Complete dog shit for half the game manage Do that I know tsar, and if you look at the numbers there spectacular, I looked back as I'm looking. The prime like I'd need approval once graphic for a fox but alive and, like all my job, his numbers are excellent If you look over the last couple years and even like when he gets going, I do now right now, the Eagles, a minus one, fifty one division, that's a winner, tap a day is minus one. Fifty The vision, that's a winner and green bays minus two. Seventy five forcing us to check in on these division odds every now and then.
I can't remember anything: you ve lost more money on over the years. The division, breaths diverted fear, checkers, hardly Phoebe, Toby Leg, I found the sheep I kept track of every division bet. I made you knock it with this, but I lost eighty five percent of the year. The turn out that the paths are like the only one we are ruined could I now she's. There was Hilary right. Can we do that? parliament would ehler. Ah, I think that it goes on to hack Monday night books giants. It's in New York enforcing their plane, the bugs. I have the books by nine and a half a year. Why are you in nine sex? I think three, four, five, six, seven, nine, nine seven that sucks it's ten. I said eight and a half.
very well. If you wait till Monday, that's a good third leg of a teacher. I mean honestly tamper, baited just beat the giants case. Seated, beat the jets by ten and then add Philly. Please just do it. If I go under faded and gets the lines We gonna guessing, should I have done the sun and mercury more affair. The Porsche paid admire, what whatever their Asia it wouldn't be, thou be like Sheila, fairly a caramelize day, we're all who I am an almost all bad, not at all, and while I get there for a living, our by weight teams by the where the car does, whilst in the jaguars in the texts, and not a ton of fantasy interpretations are gonna say about your mother. Gonna miss the cargoes address for right, the theory. Those are pretty nice
but all the unwatched balls on the back. I was thinking about the Texans, how bout that I'd be. If I was a Texas fan about the Hopkins Trade, especially like the guy, gets fired for weeks in the season who makes it a carry. You add you recover from that You had Hopkins this dumb ass trade zone. The Nera this'll be great, you'll love. They have adjusted because we had a secular and pick and now Hopkins and Kyler barrier to watch them all season. There, probably a player in your way, to Charm Watson's best years right? This systems can recover for awhile tough on our right. It's time prepare corner bracky by car,
acts. America's number one used car retire with your buying or selling our friends. A car max are on your side. With these seven day, money back guarantee a car Maxie get a full weight to decide if it's the re car for you or simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked and of its time to sell stopped by car MAX today to get accustomed offering your car. You can leave with payment in hand or take a week to think it over its car by car selling the way it should be a car- ex check about their car Magda, aright, Sal Europe all right well, frightened. I we went out with a friends now door, yes, social distance. They I think we have like a date on the book two seconds, a double date somewhere somewhere dental. I can't wait. Wait, that's can be fun. lovely couple, but I couldn't wait to get home Watch Bora. Did you watch of Friday night? I watched it Thursday with my.
Third, then I hear a lot about nine o clock. Pacific. That's all they did that's right, yeah idiot I shouldn't than others. That said, a watch and jets Eagles giants eagles. get home, and I know by far too I know my fifteen year old is gonna wanna watch. It is about getting the other two to sleep. You now, the twelve year old as its I fill unaware deftly. The sick Europe should watch it, but not everyone's onboard. Everyone feels are excitement to watch it. So they're gonna watch it except the twelve year old is curious that we're allowing a six year old watching and screaming It is about our bad parents should let him watch it like. Listen, it's one thousand and fifteen he's just going to fall asleep. What's his for grad, so I don't fall asleep. Three minutes and it'll still be the Kazakhstan they wanted and get out of. There will be fine no way was so now. This makes a six year old, Wanna watch even more so I played this wrong. I completely played a wrong and now he's up.
and I'll find out. He shouted challenge the issue, the wrong challenges to the wrong people, and here I am stock watching this movie and the whole time the twelve year old, is jumping in front of the stream so that the six year old can't watch it because they hate each other and their scream at each other. All the time It was a good movie, but I have to now. We watch it because I was like so much dancing around the round the screen so that the younger kid wives and I'm not sure what I saw but but I don't really get. I thought it was good. Now goes the first right, but the inadequate. It is the first book super joy if you laugh like fifteen times too great movie right, so that for we are on the six year old. It's really there's that much to my oh yeah yeah, something clicked the twelve year. Always I now I'm not let this happen. My parents through balls and era it up maybe they'll, let it happen, but I'm not doing it put it put his body in front of it. Literally.
I had a I've got my kids to urge Bora two weeks. deliberately holding it and my son is that to call for school. You know his is going too far to be like this problem. Is it? get his dad, but then within ten minutes was all in and then spent the next two weeks. Walker, has gone you ever get there. You have it, we did the same thing with the boy our fire up. It was ass good, but I thought it was a noble effort there for sure but my only to have back there's a lot of laughter out the whole thing, but that the end is conclusion was our work. screwed as a society are aware, as I don't pay attention to daddy, I guess yeah homeless people, racist added, it goes on all over the country, but it's coming do the Jews in the nose. Oh, my god, she's We really are in trouble
How do we have to be like None Ossetia BAR code is jewish in real life there exactly. I make up one of its raw rough rough minor. You know I was my son. Now is mad cows every week he's the parent corner O years about it. I don't even allowing you eat claims it as a list of people. Other people mentioned it to answer now. His whole thing. When we get mad at each others. I you two years before COD Tat his as that answers leg. Like that's the reason we have around back We had him as a child, so he's emerge come up about Brazilian and I too good for now she's, just a nice kid said. The rest I could come up with is she's. Like this super honest. You know, respectful like just a nice kid. She doesn't my you always can lying. At least we think, but sheets
steals clothes for me and carry from you. At least I don't nearly a t, shirts and sweatshirts for me, and then she goes and care and always like emerges with these things. So bad an effort to claim that that he shouldn't be always been the pancreas where'd. You talk about We still closed. You guys did that whole thing, and I say this I got a five percent of the carriage You never shirt on all weekend within where served for forty eight hours or or shoes the well, being is being thoughtful and not stealing your clothes. He could have just right near draw What does that mean? She still lie, you see him he'll, see him in the wash or somethin right or issues just be wearing them like wait, that's that's my holy rather basque, but
sure why you re that your answer for that as you, where that, when I worked out that someone buys huh, he's gotta, seven hundred and fifty thousand vices there, his foot sealed so his ease now active again. So if you wanna put ads on unfair those sports book on his neck, injury how good! Maybe they could do that? The allies there that talking on the Basque by her threads? Can it is if the tramplings gonna come back since gonna, be there have you done. The virtual fan thing for smack down or anything know you that right within a dynamic identify. That's good! That's fine! We're like a fourth road saharan so they like someone comes on. You can't hurt metallic ass. Much alright, big energy, big energy, we're going crazy in the box, and you can. I will see us, but I think them would like it. Why he wanted to do it now he was like no do. Do it in their when it shows us all stand up
I have my underwear on em they now deficits are right. That was pair corner brought you by Car MAX America's none. When used car retailers, carbine car sign the way it should be. A car max chick about today, car max dot com, so yeah the plug extra points on the actual by just network Monday ones a Friday. It's me it's a wilder stave damage attack against all odds. You could soon, on Tuesday, but the degenerate Trifecta Fox but live. I won on the king, I get a free futures, bad simmonds. Do I go. Steelers won the Superbowl if Baltimore Kansas City and Green Bay, or taken already, who do you take to win the Superbowl I like to stay still ass. That's what I'm doing I'll check out nation and then on Fox per game show I will be on Thursday night. I hear you you your bed this week, you had the tick that guy Tik Tok, I add dreams guy. I gave him the energies trophy Jesus. Jesus deserving, as anybody else
and then come back for fleet would back a bit that everything is now let's go. It was real realise those areas like now. Seven on Spotify or something what about one of the top ten percent community, greater rights out job a good job in your body. That's him for the pod, thanks to cousins, forget. You can hear me and Sal again, twenty four hours round the rocky for rewatchables going up midnight ET eighty Monday night and then we're back here to more times this week and enjoy. We can also make
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