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Kyrie-Isaiah Emergency Trade Podcast (Ep. 250)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons assembles all of The Ringer's NBA experts to dissect the decision to trade Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics and discuss whether the Cavaliers became better heading into the 2017-18 NBA season.

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Today. Special emergency episode of the person Pakistan. The ringer pack has now brought you by seeking our presenting sponsor the easiest way to shop for the best ticket. It. Such an immersive bones are ringing out any age thanks to the revolutionary via thickets, and attacks on your phone, everything for guaranteed football fans for twenty two hours after your first see, GIG purchase out and about tickets use promo could be ass, NFL download the CD gap today or go right to seek e dot sobriety. Rosser brought relate to presenting sponsor of our new. They re launch website the ring and outcome, the official beard, the ringer. Now they can send the severe poise Russia whether we watch was. We have another come this week that we're gonna take right now, and it's been pushed back we're still taken today. It's gonna be point brain canneries very exciting don't forget about the last upset a talk. The France, which is coming Sunday night right after returns on twitter coming up,
everybody who works for the reference here on the NBA side, because we had our Jane. Six hour, MBA beating, which often talk about a second some dramatic NBA news, happened. Cairo Irving on the bus and such things as time is not on the Boston Celtics. I don't know what's the first topic, but we're gonna get music from project first in my office re now enough to cover kind of familiar Jonathan sharks from the winner I see them re writing. Sharks, charts yeah! I had been met. Back? I was saying sharks and then you corrected the accurate and only for like a year. Well, that's our common aim at arms Chris Ryan Executive editor, the Ringer
she surrender the executive OJ. The ringer Titus lurking in the background image happen at the top rope at some point, take the snake Frazier. With his back, to share right now, as the ringleaders NOS eight refuses to give shape our gas anyway last to discuss here and bill you ve, always loved careering well. I will say this. Guy said the first. I was excited that they traded former tape in this. It is eight nineteen, these coastal five nineteen whiskers time, but man sports is cruel. There is now working in sports. This is the only source of Katy as from Oklahoma City. To go and state is a traitor who sought out the fans.
Flip side. That is, sports is a business. That's why they have ass. That's. Why should the US is the example for way? Should there as a time ass, who becomes a full care on boss, then every kid under age fifteen has his jersey. He has his unbelievable season is in every piquant Lastra gets hurt. He plays hurt in the play. Ass has a tragic death. Sister, plays anyway goes through a. We went through emotional roller coaster, rabbit they finally shut down around three bled south agree Kevin. Oconnor now he's gone. We start they arrived. There was the biggest thing emotional standpoint. I mean it's sad in some ways. This guy really finally found a home of a city that accepted him, a team that really gave him the opportunity that he always seeks but for I say, autonomous his slow, growing up in during the week is always been stay. Paranoid he's always too chip on his shoulder, and this is just another one that, after having one must have, High volume scoring seasons of all time still gets dealt
It's really just a fascinating trade on the two conferences contenders made this with two of their franchise players. It's really unbelievable increase. Kay, I see- and I did this package was at ten days ago. We are not not maybe maybe just a. We did the eight realistic Irene I made sense, and we talked about this and I said the reason I don't think this shadow happen. Is that conference final sure, come competitor, in containers. Don't do this we do this, even though this tree makes the most sense on paper for what we know Cleveland? What's it won't happen? It's not gonna happen. It cannot. We're in this Ringer day meeting. I think it was like the five our mark. We did three and a half hour session finnish, you guys consular yeah charms. Again coming rare, real GM, don't work yeah! all somewhere like. Well, we don't know if this can happen, and now it's moving is. Is it Most surprising deal we ve this this decade. Since the
in trade at least the last five years right. I hear you so rarely like you're saying see. Two teams are basically rivals in. Oh you mean, like their their conference, rivals to these that you can have a guy like that again trade there among thereby players and I feel we are sad for idea, but it's all he's gettin treaties at the painters like he gets really with Lebron James for at least a year- and this casts team I think, has a lot more deaths than they did for the last finals. My it's a pretty good shape. Women, which is as of pure Basque, about trade. What do you think of as ITALY? I love Cleveland because you guys and J so there's not a big job, far from Cairo plus near back pocket. This extra pick you up well till next shooting at this picking, your back pocket like Bagley are dangerous. Who knows right is our friend, away, so my guess is, I think the south is evaluated this broken pack and they looked at the moves that they made this summer. Brooklands, not a disaster. I don't, I don't
it's a better roster than they ve had the last couple years talk about the broken roster, because Maybe look at this need anything like Indiana probably think island probably gonna, think Orlando's, probably gonna, think the next might stink possible, if they trade Carmelo of something weird happens or that it offered in our James have incentive to tank right in a year that could be top heavy, whereas the nets have zero incentive. The taxi rather on pay but I would ask you to bear this here. What's got three Angelo Russell? They aircraft grab a couple draft exercise, afraid encyclopedia the solid roster with a good coach. He had a good gm or care who, I think, could make changes during the year. Thirty, when tea, when we were, but live. We got a question, as I said, this deal might be more future focus proboscis when people think
in the response as well, then? Why would they give up the nets Peck and it's like woman? It's picked might not be that great. I mean it could end up the eighth, ninth and tenth pick draft that, in my opinion, this fairly top petty, at least from this point- and we named by the western conference team somebody's gotta: do we in the west it might be Phoenix tank in my time. Be New Orleans. Boogie gets hurt like who the hell knows that some mystery team that whim figured out some money. In time, we don't mention the Chicago bulls, there'll be terrible, other team that could take so, I think the south, except that this I can't take the protections off. We don't fight this committee zone pick Shea from a revenge standpoint. I love who is were revengeful here, carry or I say, oh just sat his heart broken. I say a one hundred percent more revengeful is that the correct the actual evidence for it.
This image, like Georgia, Loggerhead inertia, ambassadors in journalism by the way is more revengeful. Revengeful work closely with by he is always always in their mode. Carry as ever seem to me to be in that mood for most of his career, everyone's awhile jump into it I say exists, it is exists at is the. If you were born in the darkness, have a situation there. You know that Well, that's crazy, just a thought of them by first by he recruited Gordon Heyward Laughter here is critical in case they re Goldberg retreated a tweet that is at odds with the shamrock energy. Into a right. After all, is tat, that's cool man. That's that's really sad power, for I t I mean he felt tat. He was the first Ray boss in anglaise. Remember I mean it for past decades are ruining.
Boston themes. I can't remember a more popular gagging shaded when he was actually really super popular and people buying his jerseys, like I won't do onto something. Wizards game in May, with my son, we bottom and I say, amend its by far the most areas. Is you go in the store? That's where it was an looked round at the arena in and the as ages were there I'm looking at it, China. China be dispassionate about it because I loved her and for him here was a borderline all star until December last year, when he put together through the best months, I've ever seen a pope where have for you just western, Gary seven other levels. If you look at this season, he had historically it's one of the top ten most efficient seasons anyone's had. I think there is durability issues at the southeast were worried about. He takes a lot ahead, see small. He got hurt I never really got back here. They had thing their claim there
gonna be all right when you are left in his conscience six million in case a You They were really worried about a hundred and twenty million dollars. I mean when she be Twenty nine year old, Seifert, nine point Guard whose super super reliant on his apparatus is uncas like I think what would the misconception about our athletes and the NBA is that you assume their dunker, but for Isaiah to get to finish the room, the way he doesn't draw files. The way he does he needs is I've. Let us have some has burst to get. The remedy get by defenders and his elite. Mobility at the rim, and, if that degrades at all, then what does he becomes a player in year? Three, that contract veneer for never mind your five when he's thirty four years old. So if you're the Celtics again like that's, why can come back to this? Is a forward thinking deal granted Maybe it helps you now. Maybe it hurts you now, depending on your perspective, of what they gave up, but I do think that this, for them is kind of looking forward to a year to three veto. Were three Smell so they say to meet with Isaiah. Like so, let's say: leave and get some. They lose
Braun they reset he's got no more size, the Cleveland where she getting paid, he might have lost a lot of money at a stray like d bring shut. Not be, therefore, that, like many relegates, whereas the true he could lose a tonic Ashraf, not a gun in Barcelona, Schanz Wreck, emotional stuff, and I know what ever I think, there's there's a couple teams I think Chicago makes a lot of sense for him. That's a team that need somebody. It's funny talk to strangers happened, Where can I say that I mean I think autumn? the most likely action will be leubronn if he is abstaining, Cleveland as there is no ambit of feed leaves Chicago's Red demonstrated native faced the franchise they that money to spend. There's couple other terms I think he'll get paid, but losing their Boston. The emotional connection, never said, he had that. That is not what this is about. Four Cleveland, is it about reshuffling the deck in a way that maybe is more appealing to
Braun James. Is there a whole issued before they were shot so short term focus banality, Leubronn you're, looking at us, with a high point, gardeners air granted, he has some of them terms, he still an incredible player, we saw last season? now we also have a net spit come in so young player on a rookie contract that could potentially, contributors, rookie J crowd are locked up for cheap we are further you're, like you know what else to your deal, play mother two years on Wednesday or does the one you're delegate? You would do this if you would get one more year of the Brons James. I don't forget that, though it may be that some things one thing I was wondering what they tried: Kevin Can I just ask, as is like waters, is Kevin Love now kind of the number to finally unclear it may, even if, as it is, eighty five percent of what you was last year is still five foot nine point guard who yet to hide on defence, especially in the policies and he's
These were somehow somehow Cleveland got worse at point. Our defence industry like this now must have at last been backed up by dare grows so encountering replying encountering. So that might be the worst defensive point guard depth jar in the Lee, but this Kevin love is he now a trade peace or is he gonna be there as they look spin Tufts hard to share them it's hard to make a big three work, but you are now the guy you're at your mother's laskin. Ask you, isn't this than as possible. Put your feet in both put the water trade clear cut made like theirs. They still remained a contender. I say I can replace. The latter carries Jae J, another body that can they can throw them by small boat with them stuff that and they had the pig that they could potentially trade, if they get some sort of sign from the brain that stay. I don't think he's staying. You have now of the pick you up
as they will have to pay as a? U can rebuild and reboot ran salary cab space. I guess airports today about Wade coming on a buy out. You know their ice suppose there's still they now, talk about if there's a mellow trade that they could make, but they here's something that car buyers me about Cleveland like it's the that the recent Harold My next ends up about all this is that carry wanted out and Leubronn spent the entire summer, not refuting deafening. Where's that he's gotta go to allay so anybody wants, has been no refutation. I can't imagine the cavern love is enough with a situation either given the fact that his name has been in trade, rumours from most of the time that he's been there so that hit that they got from Boston becomes incredibly important them because they basically might not have the credibility with all these guys to keep any of them or they could foot that Pickin February who thou those
hey do you think Lebron James? Does this trade make him more likely to stay in Cleveland or less likely he's gone? It fails ideas. It fell easy on for a while, but I understand is: is there a situation where, where Leubronn leaving leads to Isaiah stand in Cleveland and being a guy. There can be in the garden embrace me. How can they not in that situation? He showed up here, you know, is in it play very, very hard. He's gonna go out in a play off heavy, it's impossible, not to fall in love with him in a situation. Cleaving can save a lot of face of IRAN is, I believe, an acre yo. They just go all in what I say is, as I is gonna win a chance Jim before all around us, we go through the whole scene. Again, you know that, don't you even like either these teams, who de Roo, for if these two teams are playing in debt. They play opening night who we reading for What storyline compels the EVA doesn't care about either team
I once for there to be an earth wait right. I write a ball and everybody with their ankle nigh is easy for me. I mean I'm a profound. What is easy to see this stuff and be interested and find a compelling. I've always been our on the Lebaron side of things whenever yet that trains movements or I'm gonna stick with with cleaving in this instance, It's easier for me to the gravel him there is to be an carries out, especially since Cairo shape the beer, and the only has a myself now even though he was my way, I ordered his baggage reg dancing quickly. So bad directive, be, I want to point out that, for over twenty years, Directv has been the exclusive home for NFL Sunday, The only way to get every live game every cent are actually trying to figure out how long I've had Directv and it was the first season that, when devising Q Richard Saint in that clippers team, some member watch
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I have said this on the package to say it again, because I am getting feedback from Boston people, maybe my dad, who is like we gave up too much. There are people who don't believe in the in the ceiling of care, the Irving. I think I have said this on the pod multiple times. I think, like you go into the fine us and it becomes too went to against curried the red and carries order, my You guys, I'm feeling great. If I say it was one of my two guys, so I felt really good would carry Feeling great I've watched him do it. I've watched him have huge games on the road sharks, I reverse ice edge ceiling which lets let's see let's say Isaiah, is and eight story building, what is the ceiling for a guy rebuild I'm inquiry ceiling is prior like thirteen fourteen floors, but like floor nine to eleven as empty right
We too subtle, like ok to onto the finals you gotta get the finals first stray I like that's the thing I carry when it gets. There is awesome base how to get there. First and now, the runner more, Why do you think I wanna get traded? Do you think it so dear the theories, one was that the third I believe over any. Those is that they actually did shouted shade him in June. He found out about it. It was three or four teeming with Feed Phoenix in airports are the number for panic. Paul George was involved I've heard various machinations of it. That included in one. Cream and got Pa George Carmelo AIR, but so, but I think I ve found out about it. And was already unhappy anyway and felt like La Brandon Tom about it, and that was it There are another reason you think he would have wanted get traded. I mean I wrote about
before, I something its speed, the really the main reason why he wanted to be the man. I know people have said. Well, then, why did he of the spurs on his us because they have quite leonard- and you could say: well- maybe I have had boss alone. Has led to why would he want to go there when they have Heyward and Orford, while the reason why, there's, no shadow like Lebron James yeah. Kyrie, no matter where he went, he would have been if not the guy it finishes games, but at least one of the two guys they're gonna lean on and so for him from a legacy. In point from a leaderships, in point off the court and the court, can be more now with a selfish or or had he been periods any other than other teams on his list, whereas with Cleveland talk about ceiling there. The ceiling, has already been reached with what he could be playing along LE brought aims and the people will settle the. Why? Wouldn't you want to stay for actual IRAN leaves while there before the brown cloth there that he wasn't exactly happy in Cleveland for him- maybe it was about basketball, legacy standpoint, but also to the fact that maybe
he doesn't like playing Cleveland and when they talk about the man, I think that part has been kind of screwed up or bit just in the public discourse. The man People are taken out to me like he wants his own team, like Stefan Marbury Wednesday marbles, and I want my aunt in its at about that to me. I think it's about. He wants to have the ball the time any wants to be the point. Guard in the decider and the guy, the straw that stirs the strength drink. So, to speak nothing, it's about being the man. I think it's about. I want to be the leader of the team, that doesn't stand on the side half the time, while a brand decides wherever Ngos, and, what's that you, I won't be the guy who tells Gordon Edward go over there, wanna tell I dump Jason I don't know you gave another was either the antics that either allowing about it. Is that, like you know, you just have really reconstructed this team on the fly you which is You read my the main thing that makes sense
it's not about the man it's about, he wants it, be the deciding the ashes. I think you did me the appointed different things and what they are fascinated to see is one of the two remorse enjoyable parts about carry the season is getting to see. Some of the more eccentric parts of his personality came to light this summer. Yeah this this path here, how they're fine Boston. That was exactly what I was gonna work May I say I had a hundred per cent of providing Boston a fair. If not a hundred is, did anybody valid native? It was above ninety percent. He might have had some. Blowhard on the radio, the hated him, but that's about it here? is definitely alone. Worse thing. I remember you now he's the type of guy that the Boston it they think. We know how the Boston mediums They love to create these false arguments. China sway soon things there look at a single word
Rita and why we know we had a there's a time as carry these sulphur. She wants to be the man and his it. Does it they're gonna point to staff in, I hate this narrative that his his selfish, the tin cans, she's not can be the same. This is a different self esteem. Now I think I'll ask what's gonna happen if our it happened, I mean even like before the trade during the season. People were thing as an autonomous is better than cure hearing. Rather so I think about censier still gonna have people that believe that people- and I believe this is a very bad deal for the salvage, and maybe it was a bad deal. Maybe it will. We then lose, namely my daily will look back and say that I don't think it was a bad deal. I think it was one of those rare blockbuster trades that was smart for both teams. Thing to say, I'm with blockbusters like us, but it just makes sense, are you are you need for carry to do is lies. Second day in Boston he's driving around he disposal runner plague.
And place one one with a lonely. Kid, like I say that I just I don't know if I drop my shoes around our bread manager and drop it working method, was able to seize and everything I earlier winter to ask your question: yeah you'd rather have carried then the following: you rather Tiree Temple. George Partridge wasn't happening. Day they couldn't they can lock down. Then I want to change them and in these two conference I think they would have tried to do this deal anyway. If even if they're gone Paul, Georgia They were, I think they would have upgraded carried. The way Danny thinks is get the blue blue, a blue blue shippers, are these sets and everything there trying to build was to try to get to a point where, eventually they Have carrier Ringo Neighbourhood, our effort in some bluechip resign only thirteen second. So that's that's a whole different topic because now you have a lot of new guys and the same team. Carry who's, never really shown that he can be. You know them
extra Gordon Heyward scenes unhappy? I get him some shots, we don't know if he can be. The thoughtful point guard that involves everybody and then only got Brad Stevens, the president. Would he had you see the towers laundry like? Why wouldn't hurt me that guy I wise you taken aback Carry MAX contract right, my ass. You want to do that income there couple years ago, Gordon Heyward, on a little bit more play making responsibility with ETA, and so until they kind of in a redistributive role. So maybe, with the South Ex Heyward, what kind of transition into more replay making raucous into one of the points I made facebook live and we talked about areas that what Meda, you're, so efficient was how good he was off bar yet and self excuse him off screens coming out of time out. He relocated off ball to get himself open when, like Marcus Monitors, air was handling the ball inquiries. Gonna have to learn how to do that, and so, if Heyward does become or a ball Heller, that's good. What Heyward, what Irving is gonna have to do? so in that sense I am curious to see how they do distribute that play, making ball handling our role. For that
Do you think there is any fair it out? The celtic stat against a really good defensive teams that just would win when there's is anything they have just send the guy flying out thirty feet in the basket. The try to blow up the high screen item- and it did seem like the better smart The offensive teams at least had a strategy knock em down. Bang I'm hit him every time he drove to the basket. I really do They were concerned about his durability, enforced raped by AIR France taken that being whereas careers, a magician like, is go slicing through ever gets a sharp lacked. He never gets it. He never falls down. I do think that was part of that in, like with eyes ere I mean the thing is like he's coming off a major hip injury that has ended the career for some players and oh by the way, how do we know this trades, even getting it approved and we may be they leave- carries apparently knoweth me, I'm saying what it? What about the physical present Amy waved the medical please
I believe I believe I believe you can. I mean less like it's really alarming, but anxious pay looking ass. If you say that the report was gonna be vetoed the trade, would it be stuck with an unhappy as a disaster? That would be something else by. I think the last report we have a can late MID July Lage lie with that idea, was doing well he's fine charts. What do we know about Tiree without Leubronn, because guys are talking about. Like oh Kyrie's, you know it's like he hates. You can't get him with a trap like a cup and a half quart like he's so good at breaking stuff down, but still What I ask, as you carry with his leg, is playing with, will broaden Braun disturbing. The all the bronze drawing attention drawing that gravity that he draws by having the ball in his hands. I would use it carries, go look like without that. I think I'm The biggest thing is not the changes can, but I think Molly's away from Ronnie has to pass the ball more. I can't hold them on shoe constantly do you think he's gonna wanna prove that that he,
and do that. So I hope you like. I want to be like whispering like thirty points, and I write the worst case scenario for both just the words wanna be like westward, because I kind of like a great score Amigo, somewhere. I can be a great score. Rather Braun here you know bothering me, I may get twenty I shot up. A nine is get buckets them at the moment. I was cemeteries, really good at Mercury is gonna, get bucket Zairean shopping, lash! That's what one of the points I made to me like when the room refers brokers that Yak Irey does want to take on more of a play, making responsibility, because he feels that he's capable of more and just the fact that the past three years, flannel with the broad this development, was stunned. In some ways where La Braun was going out of that team. I mean curse. We ve talked about this before we're like their prison What kind of inverted I Cairo is more of the deep Ford in a sense a he play. So much off ball in the Braun? Was the critical point guard so for now for now, maybe with the south who carry does become more of that.
Traditional point guard, like I say, atomism, I gotta be ass. I don't think he's ever been in a really well constructed, often never leave that cleave. The first We are sure that out is payment, might brown others did and then the boy icons and it became a very the bronze central office, because the brain is the third greatest basque welfare about time you can do that but when the brain was out of the game and their often just kind of became one on five read the bog at the shoe, like, I think, that's one of the reasons. The The on and off the court was. Was the numbers were so dangerous, I'd look see how Brad Stevens uses carry, I they're going use him very somewhere to how they use desire. I think you can run on my screen. You can figure to get him isolated on one side with spacing and think that is get better space and then I think he Cleveland right for right. For short,
I think, they'll be more more opportunities. A score efficient, open, baskets granted is applying alongside the bronze kind of weird thing to say, but just because of the the nature of Boston system, it will lead to more open opportunities for this the Boston system does lead to a lot of guard slashing to the hoop, which is curiously, stuff. Like a cynical Chris Ryan about the straight unsinkable hour, I will first wives relegate the bounds it out naked. I can't let you can prosper. Second of all this I don't don't feel honoured, sent great about. Does our debt that all? I think that that was a problem. Last ploughs and now it's just like a little bit worse, you don't mean less cause. Why don't I just raised Orford grew routinely seems to terror, pectoral muscle and remains that's new taken in the play off a sales ban. You like bathes rat Macedonia do. Rather, I forget about the Moors Twin, the Moors to India. I just feel like I'm trying to come up with like reasons to be set
the call about Boston. I think they said the number one reason would be the turnover that's dinner enough. Five new guys in the top eight. Basically, it's also the idea of this being the end point of this Danny and project. I know he still has some picks left, and I know that there are some moves to be made by the idea that this is the that this is the big three is this this is this is horrifying Heyward and carrying it as it, because they still have that Sixers kings pick. They still have their on page like for next five years- and they still have that Memphis pick, they still have when my chain, I think, piloting. If I plead for the subjects I would feel like I'm expendable, the moment, Danny gets a better trade law. May I add a third MBA player expendable. That's on this point. We are we feel that you have decided to excite me. Thou checks mastered this for fifty years he's made everybody feel like the moment. You are
for me, you're gone, but people have somehow bonnets and that any viruses in line with market smart that behave, Marcus, yeah player. All he's, like I'm afraid that share, may get my shots and my points go myself right. Yankee clearly distinguish between ITALY and showed him anyway stories. Like me, my stance you know it you that that whole comrade me a blue apron for some reason why Emma refreshing, greeting recipe, delivery service in the country for less than ten hours a meal it'll, never seasonal, recipes alone, with proportion agreements right. You got fellas no more overspending, restaurants, angry sisters, a blue apron, prepare memorable meals, forty seven and forty minutes. Some of them here double in August is to be found. As nobody said, the area you guys might be hungry some. The meals include basal pesto chicken with summer vegetable pans in our cited shrimp and green beans with gloved manner. Spinnin ores, pass that message: butter, salmon and low may notice of cucumber and charm tomatoes
the same as in Houston. Shea nuts, great only make that eleven other food you Sandra Nothin, like you're, making it Bob pizza with fresh mozzarella, cheese and charm tomatoes elite that I would, if I heard pizza song good, Has this so much better at groaning and grunting hungrily with Duenna develop another right, I get you History blew a premise for free with free shipping. She's got a blue happen that slash, Bs Blue apron, a better way to cook. Do you think one of the region, the sad made. This trade is because they thought for this year only the bronze last year in Cleveland. We think maybe it makes this too Worse. Is that one of the release everyone worse makes Cleveland? Worse, they went from hurry to Asia, J, crowded a seventh man for them the pic there they probably want?
have the balls to trade before the deadline, not knowing if Leubronn stay or not and going into round. Three hi Rees, probably is slightly say, forget them as air is that one of the reasons are made buncher under their diet is after I am. The one thing I have bought into in the church of Danny is this idea of having like stuff exist in multiple timelines, so that they do these doing so from the present, while also planning for the future. I, by that, I think the crane I've lies. I do agree with you that would you say my readers of life so Algerians item. You think that this is a very aggressive move towards harmony. Ended Brad's often does depend on on people. Sharing the ball and on guys buying into a certain system. Charges and men like it's just like this, this could really disrupt that. You get a break. I gunnar areas and got up he's gonna
Are we a hundred centuries Gunnar? Yes? Yes, my cases here You got reaction to sell things going from Isaiah Thomas to career interests, as somebody who likes watch a basketball. As someone who was watching basket I I enjoy this for the kids. I think this is good for the castle, also because I'm excited about with his pick my mean I'm buying into the idea that they're gonna get someone good because the calibre leaving, I think, like all while as an Ohio and yet have been prepared for the bronze believe, and I think. Knowing that carry one out of the lake will there goes the gas there there nonexistent now, that's like those who is anyone ever gonna care about the Kazakh again, and maybe they will now, maybe like as a stick around. Maybe you can get you look out at the pack? You look out the pigs in our lab, but site like I'm a ban, Celtics Verna because want one
because I'm sitting in front of you- and I worked for you- that that's vein as additives- southern uneasy, but also yeah, yeah, hey or known Stephen slaves. Your duty for micro credit for that, as you called it, was bad, you're, like Heyward loves, that's your boy. So is this is this, like is the size of the team for the Celtic, that always worried about like Brad Stevens Cuz. I I love him to death, and everyone says like he's this great coach and all that- and it's always like just give it time to give it time. Just give it time so as as NBA people is this the time now. Are we still given a more research? Is good or reassuring YAP it s like if ye say say they don't make the ease finals, because there's a chemistry issues with all these young guys inquiry in there just trying to figure it out Stephen, still good right, read so here's the team. You tell me if you like it because I think they're gonna start jailer breath at the two so either
a key area jail umbrella, Goin, Heyward, Marcus Mars. Our effort being starts over north maybe maybe once maybe more finishes games but being starts I just think Hoffered wants to be a afore. He doesn't need, as I can see that so you're just earlier is playing pretend behaviour. Europe power forward, Al Bandanna Games are putting a mess of irons, becomes this year's of mere Johnson the to answer for forming a wasted time, starting games of the traditional five, when really just corporate should be starting at five p m and ignore that point, let's Marcus Morris. I can't imagine being starting from a and b a final esteem and they're coming off the bench. Tatum mark a smart Rosier Baines, yet the sally maybe he's out there somewhere would be the tenth man get lucky with somebody or
yeah, maybe one of those guys, maybe some by our guy, whatever its devil. A better team. The last year I was Yes, I have an idea that more like realistically, they couldn't even come close to Mohammed Blankly, one real like realistic, They are now a Cairo. Being whip in his dick out bases the bran weapon, his dick out Dick measure match away from being equally well my browser fifteen, who the hell knows with that. But you talked about the subjects being a little uneasy. Crystalline, have a cannon leverages, get dragged through the mud all summer and shaded to every single team in the we examined times and then carry basically get me out here. You try to show Manchester anymore, but under the reset they can either reset that our freedom, but I hope you can let him dangle anymore, because you're just gonna actually hurt your team. The cast the calves do need him now,
will they have under contract that I know that, but I'm just committing to again. I think that if you, if they ve, got a new GM there, pretty soon. The most interesting thing that's going to happen in the next couple of months of the NBA is the first Lebron Press conference or the first Lebron public comment, because he is not going to be able to it's not going to be able to be business as usual everything I'll take care of itself. I am obviously home. I want to stay. The his departure has become the most important story, In the end we were, his silence has been probably the most important starlight. First time he's at ease connect to avail himself to the press. And there and say what do you think illustrate what trade would you think the way Cairo exited the team and what are you gonna do next year and if he says I don't know, that's just changes, entire dynamic of the team. I think of him. Love. If he said right now to be next.
These trade me now. I dont know equipment those under that's an air it would be really using power play ban you guys he changed. For me. Three years ago, first year I became the scapegoat. Basically SEC, because I was hurt, which was my fault. I guess scapegoats wrong word, but yet you know he's one of the you got her. He was out second years before the scapegoat for most of the year, but then they re then, when the tighter than last year's same thing, and now we gotta get better then they try to shop on. I would get tired of it after three years wreck ever get kindly devils out for a second, no Kevin love like him, and I say it. When a basketball together and been friends for a really long time so mean maybe maybe there's more synergy in that locker I'm having a van there made, maybe Maybe this improves team chemistry in that can't be overlooked from that. From that perspective, so, like may become a lot happier play
while I was at home, speculating airs happier every offence in the NBA the other twenty nine offences, because, if care eleven as air in a court may be there where's version and the carrying Titus yeah talk about the, you connection? This is something very passionate about just day you and general, just like airs, accept eleven as airplane. You degrade explained what that means. Like all the other friends you is where I'm interested experiences were guys build their like dogs, college teams you can do that too, but like in the case of Kevin Love, it was one and done- maybe not not as much. Maybe it's not as tight with Russell Westbrook and stuff, but most guys their aid. You team is like their pinnacle of basketball and met. Maybe So I ask you, because I was on a pretty good eating and united safer, the western say who's anyway. I love doing us on every minute com my colleague point Gird era, Gordon Shooting Guard day, Konkrook small for judgment, grassroots power forward, Gregg Odin Centre
Greg Odin when he was nearly growing. I realize prego young catching Williams Patagonia, and then you were lighted, the waiters of this team. Will you know we could say that really that's out of steam? Obviously, the zone buster like like graduate dunk, although very when they go to three zone and the czech man and like the other coaches, would would yelled the White guys is the shooter? How your point I've always liked the way going. I could shoot it. That would be my role. We, all the guys that I played with Ray you like does you know, like my conley? He still licked his best friend you guys are on it. If you do not do so, guys you what the high school with such a case cannot as an early the gangplank college, with its like all the guys from that EU team is still keeps in a circle, and I'm certainly that way like. I get excited, I think back on, like my high school court on core career- and I am more excited about my age teammates, together with ice with J Cracker Grey,
teammate the only time he cannot be a great team is, if he's feels like he's, been led down by the team are like fees. Name was in trade, rumours things I that motivated here for the year ominous shuddered at Boston, budget clatter is a good thing to have the one day, I believe in the lab in net negative about Celtics chemistry problems the first, time, Leubronn? Does it Instagram sub tweet Eyes, Andy's like stop coming up we're not gonna. Have that's not going to work as it is? Not a do. Mozilla will fight him and lose Yanhamu find lacking silently being a banana republic. Add he's gonna, be an oil, a guy, and I think you're gonna make his feelings, though it will be interesting test of la bronze ability to control that that team, especially if these, if he's basically a lame duck, you know it so funny. I'm in that brings us to our sponsored segment. Captain mortgage make believe river vote casino. I borrowed from cousins each week cousin.
Ass, passed against him in the degenerate trifecta set, sail and tackle make we again. We propositions related sports and pop culture events, while we grab it this week, and here is the make believe prop for this week inside even make believe because it's gonna happen, What is Leubronn going to do too area Irving, social media wise in the Passiveaggressive Leubronn way? What is move going to be is going to be either Passiveaggressive Twitter instrument, posts which I'm making a minus one. Fifty ads or He goes the other where he zigs, and does that the Cairo Irving, your great teammate love you brother, Tweet, I made a pleasant one: twenty five does the brandy of aggressive negative or does he go? positive. Looking forward. Thanks for everything, show your first, I'm gonna Passiveaggressive, we just have we
however, a history of Leubronn. Doing that exact thing so wet predict the postwar me. He will be sitting in a car shortlist, listening to a song of some sort, guy, I'm guessing see murder down. For my guys and she's gonna be perfect. He it that's but he's going to do again to you, that's what he will do. Ok see you got heavy eyed minus one. Fifty I've just move the line to minus one. Seventy aftershave Copernicus Chris right. I own passiveaggressive, ever or a friendly thankful greatly made thanks for everything, I'm your passiveaggressive shading aggressive life. A key aiding aggressor. I had any their eyes met his him off. Ok, people rarely reject Leubronn Leubronn rejects people. Right, so this is a new test. A vague idea, like you, took me to three straight files, and I want to do that anymore with you. That's that's pretty wild charts see, I think he goes plaza than he waits for the conference. Final
steady as Kyra another team, Australia on every single time, then he's like carefully Four brow. He waits pause of now negative later TAT S. What why I think he's gonna like ignore, maybe I'm just still offer contrary opinion, but maybe he just completely ignores, carry and focuses on Asea and he uses some sort of pon with letters. I d like we. Now we have it get a land ass, light ass, a good third! Now is it now We guy language, you're gonna southern oils. I saw my bags plus two hundred as my ass tat. He just completely, north carry budgets pumps out by Zaire, but it doesn't again, I see her that it is a secret and let you all this file say like I'm, excited to have as its gonna be like some sort of coded it always coated with the wrath of yeah like it to be nothing over the top like I know you know the earth is round or some sort of right away. I saltwater shot out to adjust and spears annexing. I name best. Yogi said it's.
Is how Kyra is goin to play in a city or their newspaper is called a glow our job. As a gay, I see what you think your positive, because labour although shaping narrative and he's gonna, try to make us look like the bigger man here in our hands to how do you do that? Come opossums, they beg you. Carry for everything you die knows joy, playing with some something just extremely poor, from abroad. I am, I am also doubling down and that I think he goes positive. Sire shed disagree. I think he gives us it's gonna be about four weeks from now. Rachel, Nicholls weight, he's about he's, really her any wish. They could talk that out those guys. And through wars together they wanna title, and then he drops the so Progressive Hammer and the conference finals. That's when that's what I think he bring a bridge they might even happened on opening night since its emergency pod. Does it? Ok? If I just throw another wrinkle of breaking news in there, can you hold? once I guess her.
That was another week of captain words, make blow ever both casino, no matter how you live. Like a captain, Captain Margaret remind you to please drink responsibly, captains orders. Thanks to sow and the crew, from against all odds for Lady S. Use that gimmick for this week with the breaking news. It's that Andrew Wiggans is cut ties Billy Duffy while having a max extension on the table? Well, I don't have. That means anything. Maybe you just want to different, giant. Maybe he's like you got me what I wanted, but that's a sprinkle with echo Tom come in Hong Kong is bring your wig it's just as it would act. We thought that we had this giant. Rigour me today when the topic so as wide as anybody is gonna get a bucks contract. We give four percent of it to an agent and forgetting in any way this is a lawyer and have them cafe. I don't understand.
Who is favoured to win these strainer Cleveland Cleveland, still clearly buncher Cleveland for sure TAT, Leubronn yeah, that's not sure, rise. I've, no pressure levelling the favorites underline here is another job who is going to be on this Cleveland team. In March that is not on this team. Now camera car probably had one of those back and peace is. I think the core remains intact. They like an eminent chaparral if a boring answer, but I wouldn't expect them to trade, Kevin Love when the hour, who would be on the table, one of our daddy weird for Sharia? Do it? I didn't do it. I understand. That's awesome, here's my question: why are the balls buying up like this at all to myself? It is a business right, you're doing way. Twenty five million hours- don't you just have a staring contest with them
when will you ask on our form in question, it turns into a steering contest. Suzanne, your wise bulls. Do anything that they do. I just don't understand like debate it into the second year and as a year has gone by me out, so go we're paying you to play well for us, so about just play. Basketball for passengers can state like Icy, put twin, weighed and esteem as an autonomous Dwayne Wade, Jake prouder Kevin Love, Lebron James Crunch time. That's a weird thing: you're interested out. There are a couple of other what's so Kevin lives. Now, on the bench, Cairo, Tristan Thompson, brown. James J crowd her too Mean Wade, Isaiah, Thomas, that's a possible finals. Christian team is weird.
Blown and yet they were here either abundantly clear. Congratulations to the golden Stay warriors others, whose better equipped to beat the Warriors Cleveland or barcelona- I mean: what's the difference in either Well, he had gone state had incredible held last year, so I guess it's pretty sad case, but the case a b. I really hope you guys, don't have incredible again and if they don't read there I feel like Cleveland was probably closer. Last year, the maybe people getting credit for like the were sad whose Venezia. She wrote about that further in June great revenge season for them. There were three one Miss Channing way from being too to the serious right there in the ready to write had that you had everywhere in the world is a super duper healthy. An agreement to judge
When the title neither a little more more aware- and I I I know the pic scraping- I just What'D- I wouldn't I would not on this- if I was good- see rather have tiree than I Sanjay like right now for Cleveland oh, if I knew I could turn their picking the something the season I would rather the trade they got, but the I'm as what we talked about earlier. If they don't have any sign from the brine either way, and now they had. This package is kind of dangling like a money in the bank match refugees, where the ring- and they don't know if they can get it or not. I think they're a little worse
from the warriors. I would rather go against as Thomas J crowded inquiry they can guard carried, they can garden for through stray files. I mean it's it's hard to know at there can be better worse. I think if you're cleave anyway, you're hoping as you get that J crowd of two years ago, if you give a J crowd or from last year for Boston when its defence really wasn't that good. Then you disappoint me. If you get the J crowded, who was first acquired by the Celtics, who is a terrific defender for them to close up tat season, they are better equipped to win a final series against the warriors and because you have a bunch of and her forward can switch defend. Not all positions and crowded really does fit that more for them at an ad in his village to spot up in space the floor, so that helps both the same time. There certainly more risk, but that's along the same lines, but Darrow Morey said before red elevate, your risk profile and maybe in some ways that's what's happening with Cleveland.
Making a huge change that maybe increases the chances of the Brons days and it may be gives them more potential and file series. If I say Atomic healthy at that point in the seas what he might be. My son point out. My dad is volunteered to draft a crowd of the airport authorities, I think here there is it gets out, He tried hard, but I think he had seen enough J Cracker contested threes with ten seconds after the shock is probably done at that point I feel just inclosing cause. Wrap it up. I feel I daresay things tough, it's it's a hard I shall be so much more excited about getting career me if it wasn't for the guy that we just went through this journey. With of you stole from perform in the legal ass year and then decide thanks. We got career. We now see. If the efforts at right becomes at all star than he becomes really atop, twelve thirteen fourteen performer in the league last year, and then it is only thanks. We got career. We now see that the efforts at harsh
sports is hard. Sometimes, if I really cool, never one that you got there were bought, wrap in the same year, write to them However, first to last a coldly, I also think we ve not talk about this year, but if Leubronn decide he then he's probably the best guy in the Lee address like gassing players up like you, getting a year and really made they traded you they gave up on you don't do that turn Matthew delivered over into like a legit, I must be here at Israel's everything and he was a company, and yet he really did trip on get him. But the reality is that IRAN, in Azalea crowded year, like that's a scare team, all of a sudden, if he's got them all plan to levels higher than this Why does this do others against O Brien or are that this Cairo
they didn't work out. Who do you blame automakers, ran. I think, there's this guy. We wanted to go off into his own thing. I ask you: a big lubricated manage a better I'd, be the dazzling another government to this. The fact that the government has been so positive about Tiree in the aftermath of this stuff additives schisms inside the franchise. The fact that will Braun has been so openly rumoured to go to allay and is like nobody has refuted edge Similarly, there is a lot of problems there silently below Anyone. I just think that first, much is like. We don't know about what carries go. Look like without Leubronn, I'm really excited to see as air with abroad relax, I do see J cry with brought em. I kind of like this gives the seas in itself a little butter extra tabasco. Now, because, unlike all now, The eastern conference is a little bit like he's, got you get revengeful. Do it was funny way we want some different players and media in college running back the same crowd have a kind of like midseason season meltdown that everybody gets back together we run through the east players, I'm glad.
It's gonna be a little bit of variances you. I can't believe how many maids, indifferent nuclear. Says, the brightness had over the course of a fifteen year career mean an almost fell A tv show he's no wily any are for fifteen years, and airline us she's out z, way better than no wily. But I can't remember a bigger trade between two containers. I said when we did the park ass. Couple weeks ago, I was Saint Paul West fond Dennis Johnson were jaded French, other NATO natives. I woe. These. Two teams are trying to be reached, other they just swap their guards. This is doesn't happen, jars Chris said this pool extra tabasco in the season didn't season. Have enough to Basque already filigree tabasco overload, we put free some, I don't, I said,
like us, warriors calves of health. Like this acts I feel like all noise as happened, I so so, where is the best team calves, the Basle Ii Selves number two in these followup chairs at among? I feel the same I think tat is you might resided for car reverses the brown and calves ethics gamers Westbrook, Durant's showers like would, ultimately what does his manner the wish to tell him anyway, avidity it matters because it, and indeed almond I'm excited what she's your conference finals, but if I'm gonna stay on brand They were for the rear. I want to say that the warriors otherwise walkers, let alone let things the celtic Senecas fight for the throne, because, though I walk or whether a straw, everybody knew no stay on your brain. What they'll be Debbie storyline did this all over again the shades of about
fifteen different somebody drop. Kick somebody s mental life, one like act of betrayal. The leg is still fresh. In my mind, was the shield breaking up, because I also happening Annapolis and I'll. Never forget that ass. This feels, like maybe the Cleveland Big Three was the shield and carry with Seth Rollins. The chair and cabin love is definitely dynamic. Arrest the carriages took the chair, the back and yours like wait. A second Why would we re inquiry did look? Do you think carry did that here too, the bronze bad things eyes as as great athlete myself who rose to prominence, play basket, I don't understand you get to the point where your plane with like are either is player of all time. Certainly, the greatest player, this generation you're going to finals every year. People know you in part because, like you would have You get a living Cleveland, allowing valuable support about a star anyway, Blake. Obviously his is you know before the branch of others.
Like MRS Guy on the calves and now is something. Game when, in he's, like a legend in Cleveland like Many guys! That's why you ve basque! I'll be in that position that rather spend your entire life trying to get in opposition, and then you get a guys and in like actually we want this. We then wait and I now he's not right away where this is not wrong to feel that way. I guess, but I guess I put it this way for Kevin, Mikhail and nineteen. Eighty seven was like done it already. I can't I'm sick of living under Larry Shadow. I would a gymnast house and say area is elegant, say what are you doing? You have like those thing already set up everyone's there and if you like a sort of one or two months when she's going to serve our mind. If that's an indictment on the Brenner, vets and diamond, I just where we sports into does obtained because, like in the mid eighties, everyone would have wanted to just play with labour magic Johnson during their team. You were staying in their team and now thirty years, I love the dynamics of the least Why is this?
the name on Barcelona. Wiser different yeah, well way, with a name are thing that's been so fascinating is that he active. We chose all agree to understand, like he's, choosing to play on like the amateur level of FIFO, not like in the game at solving the video game. They when you watch anymore play in France now like he does dominating The next would be like if Cairo was playing in me by in Spain. He was playing on the esteem and one of the best in the world against Real Madrid. I desire with a higher level of competition, and now it's a pretty much. Only games are going out of for PSG. This year are in the champions. Events like the shortest version of it that and so that would have been like if carry it went to the next and all of a sudden issues put you really less meaning. I would ask you a question: is we got you on the facebook thing and I think it's I keep thinking about it is that if you see any trade. I say after the season he's had like, and we can talk about this. The beginning. The park, ass, Blake,
Can you really blame another player has just like I want to go where I want to go, and I wanna go went that's how we started this package. I think there's no loyalty and sports and worker yeah I'll, be there. B but its it. Changes slightly like I'm just give you do this to a guy, like I say, after what you just did it? Remedial. I get to worked up about like the next time. Boston loses a guy and free agency is like well. We re which South Kevin. Danny, took so much heat this summer didn't mind. Anyone part they don't get Paul Georgia Jimmy Butler. What do you do with others eggs? Were you those assets? What the handed out a number one yea! I won't leave room back it's what you down! We're just keep treading water for the future. Make a move. Score narrower than he gets carrier being, and now people in Boston to love to the beat of people of starch it'll be leg. Angel trade, anybody? It's got, no loyalty backing, when is my point right, he can't win, especially in the boss.
Nor can I think, Danny Ange I mean I was being battery down drum for whoever one the lottery I mean about about at the time. I thought Celtics had a good case a tree down and they did obtain a more than most ass. I run, or rather have carried than faults and Isaiah full backing, as they offer false yeah I'd, rather just have to remember that Lakers programme than just faults by where do you get to swings? It is as simple as that pick that adding that pig might have made speculative it more expend ops expenditure from the celtic checkpoint. I note the games can when either way. Haven't you the way people are the angry about the deal's he makes it reveals that he doesn't make by think here of a summer leading up to now and now at this point, this is really the most risky decision whose main in recent years, any other trade or non trade. This could go down there. There's a pivotal moment for the Boston Celtics echoed go either way for them
I have Chris S a Millbank questions for us, but first, let's talk about a perfect matches that so directly to consumers, better, excessively engineer, managers at a shockingly fair price. Let's talk about support of memory forms the crane award winning sleep surface gesture. I think just read bounce: let's talk about Casper matches, try Casper for one hundred AIDS risk free in your own home. If you don't love the pick it up and we find you everything, Casper undressed, Hence the importance of truly sleeping on a mattress for comment, especially view spaniard third of your life on it. They offer We shipping and returns to U S in Canada, with over twenty thousand. He is an average of four point. Eight starts its quickly become the internet's favorite matches again deliver. Your majesty risk free travel hundred as if you now have the big back up.
Find out why so many people love Casper, get fifty dollars toward any mattress purchase by visiting Debbie Debbie Debbie Dat, Casper, dot com, such bs, use, Africa, BS terms and conditions apply again. That is Casper Dhaka. Sash bs and co would be ass. The first question we had was actually from Jerry Graff, and he wants to know what we can talk about, sold it, but what the closing line for the calves can be. I t They are crowded, leubronn love for the last few minutes. You put your center, I mean if you have love and as an J Ai there, you basically just we have doubts glory in that said, I think Tristram would have to be in their bright red. What's know what would be the best tray target now the Cleveland has at next fix. I basically, what would that put the quicker flipped out for seed at the Genie Fries expiring, seven half million about have jumped for
Many have he's unhappy around the trade deadline was not say the nets biggest around ten, not not one, I'm just thrown out there it would be like Channing, fry Shepard and that nets pick for buggy and generosity, perhaps it would about Thompson anymore. Unpick for that can make some sense it's alive I mean- I don't know. If I don't know, if would even deal better, if nor, if something were to happen there, that's it you it happened right now, does not another superstar available has anybody you any other targets it to me. I would want to go more with like let's grab more wings cigar the warriors, and I want you like Kevin Love, for, like a mean you and heartless, some like that, like less abroad and a bunch of wings you play defence, I think, is more realistic than the Braun and, like often more stars, that's pretty much it yeah you we had a lot of them. We allow museums want to get to Jerry for how to keep going.
Call from age. While India, I got a couple of bad contracts for Fiji. Thirteen this inquiry that much more valuable cause indian, is that that there needs to be investigated. Ventured Titus This could really hurt the papers in Indiana shape. Would you trade? Would you trade? The markets are judged for Kevin Love, trailer martyrs authors for Kevin. What's in there, the Seagate thanks to more light. That's too he's. Dude chaser IRA Chris ran Jonathan jerks, my Titus Kevin Connor, thanks to take Frazier, shaded attack you during the pack ass now, most not their size, Thomas because he was an awesome Celtics thanks to J credited with, especially at a time of sir Ass exotic last year of the staff man's. It's his brutal, sometimes but fast any trade. I do think the subjects are a little bit better than their citizens low, but her son away, we
the calendar and pack ass, we ve taken smile thanks I sent our Millbank questions got a ton of em. If you want to send some last minute ones. It's the mailbag at the Ringer dotcom so send were taken tomorrow night, and I wonder if this trade or come up, I wonder for come that there is a massive massive mba trade until that thanks some things have been.
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