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Kyrie-LeBron Fallout and Carmelo-to-OKC With Kevin O'Connor and Joe House (Ep. 241)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor and Joe House to discuss Carmelo Anthony potentially going to OKC (5:00), Kyrie Irving's decision to demand a trade (14:00), the importance of All-NBA honors (18:00), John Wall vs. Kyrie (25:00), LeBron's blindsided act (35:00), David Griffin's best moves (43:00), Dan Gilbert's dysfunction (50:00), potential trades for Kyrie (56:00), LeBron's media strategy (1:03:00), and the big-picture move for LeBron (1:12:00).

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So he's one three majors and he has like what three or four second place finishes in majors Tuesday to second places in the masters. I think one at the. U S open he's at least three second place finishes rate Yahoo. He finished outside of the play off for the british open couple years ago. He has a second a couple seconds This is at the masters yeah. He sees me as a very young fella, already look like an all time or he's already in the hall, a Gulf Hall of Fame meals like there's a very hot high bar there, but he's one three major: that meetings in who has a brighter future girded speaker, Kevin Oconnor,. I love Kevin Oconnor, ok, getting an unhappy, always speak camera fantasize Reed and also has a carbs houses, new food packaging that none other than my daughter, Zoe Simmons, said in the car. The other day I said, do you want were drive into.
Get lunch, and I want to put on a pass a pack ass. We heard the house Pakistan, she goes. I've heard our three it's fantastic. I love houses food passed, so we segments big fan, whether that's that's it. That's the best route endorse them. I've heard of fire its gave. We got Chris Bianco and copy chief from the Ringer Craig gains coming at this week on house of cards to discuss one of the great Ella places. Hopefully kragans his career doesn't blow up and he won't leave the ringer and then finally talk the thrones are twitter, came through so we just put up episode to we archive that they went unless they had all kinds of crazy stuff happened. I know enjoy the nudity, as he always does, and I and you could check that out on at Ringer on Twitter feed are Kevin, O'Connor Joe has come up, but first programme
I underline the ring is Captain Carter. Ringers jail has really trying to do a three may impact which has mixed success, but I think we can pull off this hamper before we talk but carry quickly. I tweeted right before we started tape in this package that mellow in Oklahoma. City are officially certainly each other and the next. There is trade river Weaver, who is think his title, his assistant Gm Free Oklahoma City, but he recruited Carmelo to Syracuse He knew Carmelo since way back in the day. Envy days, when Carmelo as a kid and now they're discuss
in that Kevin Oconnor. What is your instant reaction to a Carmelo envy? Ok, see, possibility wow, that's that's fascinating is back a place where they could potentially dump AMOS Canter, so answer to be York, he could be the salary. Filler maybe Yes, a fear, the necks and Carmel as I come out, similar the rackets and the racket. So I will do it began to take Ryanair, send for sixty million three years. Cancer, I think, is seventeen million for a year for two days, the that's all so much much better contract in a coma threes, better assets to give to write made me better assets, maybe maybe one to give more house. Paul George Russell Westbrook Carmelo Anthony Patrick Patterson, Stephen Adams, crunch time in the western finals against
stay you're, not gonna, bet against go and state, but you'd be a little more scared right. Why? I think this news certainly has me interested in checking the odds at the western conference champion prognostication I'd like very much to know what I can get Oklahoma City at right. Now, right as we speak, rises, pockets is being recorded what city is the potential western conference champ going into the NBA files? I bet it's a good number, so you came to the right place to address again. We problem of look at this Anna Oakum a city before this tweet was forty to want to win the title, a Celtics, thunder finals, seventy to one seventy two one, seventy two one stern out there. I is Bron Plan for the subjects, had helpful, let's talk, but that don't want that when that same
who knows it. They may just be certainly each other eight that thing that the catch shares that criminals contract goes beyond the Pall Georgia's and expire in the share Russell Westbrook has now and if I'm Carmelo, the fear would be you end up by this time, and then everybody leaves the other feared be ok, see amazingly considering that they once traded James hired him because they want to pay the luxury tax. Ok, see now Cassie Juno there. The third as payroll. This decision. Yes, I think they're gonna pay the keeper us. I mean you got you gotta, keep him happy. Bike at the Carmelo if they were to really add him that that is really intriguing. If you have three guys who can really really make place for you at the end of the shot clock in you, like you said they would be on par with golden state, but man that gets you pretty damn close I think that thing if, if somehow they did add Carmelo any talk about Paul George
because you've written is, is a terrific spot up three point shooter and just as going to help you space the floor and I have pirmella to, and I have Patrick Patterson in the corner. All that's doing is opening up the middle. For us who is one of the five most devastating going to the rim of if only one person's in front room, guys in history, the league, so the more they can do space it out for him the more dangerous there I still have. You know little bit concerned about and whether he is to really are scale back and not nappy their high usage rate boat that he was once in, but its it certainly a better situation there, anyway, I've Cavern Pritchett effect. I still haven't gotten over Cavern Pritchard, giving Paul George to the
Under for all the deeper I saw her. I still can't read my head around it. Is that house is that the worst traded decade or would you put harden ahead of it? I'm not sure you know. The thing that's interesting is the stories that are coming out now in the context of the Cairo deal is that the other sort of best compete being offer on the table involve Gary Harrison and the thirteen pick cabin. Is that true? I think it's true. I don't know it was. Actually. I think it's true that if that was your other best competing offer than all the depot and support, I think the bonus is kind of better than what you are likely to get for, that thirteen pick Rand all depot is is better
at the moment than Gear Harris Gary Harris has has potential and and your Harris has ambition of, of getting a mega contract, but you have you know all deep, o Connell locked in at a price. It looks better. In that context, it still seems crazy to me that I have assessed the patients could do. Has what about just taken Kevin love, I mean witches threaten us off the table. It would rather Kevin love from their copyright as a vector of deeper finance. Copyright anna- I don't think it's it it's even a discussion. Do you Kevin? What's the team? What are you trying to do with with the pay? The familiar fear, cabin Pritchard, your in his shoes? What are you trying to do with the team? What your plan for the next three years I at least I a better asset I mean out are you the old depot contract almost makes him a prohibitive asset? I don't, I don't really think he has. I don't know
barely any CHE way was a negative yeah he's a negative fewer than a salary dump. Does yeah I'll, throw me the solid player, but for that amount of money I mean that was way too much. They sign him for a last year, and I mean I thought I thought cheering George for Love straight up would have been like a poor move, because it would have put me on the play off. Treadmill like you just would have been like a seven six, seven seed further next couple years, but the same time of bats. Your goal, Kevin Love, makes more sense than Victrola Depot and surveillance, and I think he probably could have shaken a little bit more out. Then just Kevin love as well just at bath that deal still baffles me in house. You re me that, about the thirteenth pick. That's true, like you know, maybe suborners would be better about thirteen thousand. At the same time like this draft was so good and Diana Mitchell Wet Thirteen and he's looking like the steel of a draft, a couple other guys behind him back
Bio, I think, would be a better better prospect than suborners just impact and Dj Wilson there's a handful of guys that I would have taken their thirteen that I think about and civilians, but each time they are grace these guys individually, so maybe they're. Just super superheroes bonus, I think, that's an insane evaluation. If that's true, I would much rather have thirteenth pick and we knew- and we did so much good staff- the draft God down and on the ringer another MAX and all the content we add, we knew somebody good was gonna fall into that twelve thirteen fourteen range and it turned out to be Mitchell I don't know it just straight up. Mitchell fur. Paul George much better hall Old deeply for twenty one million dollars, even it even if you have got for years, just let him go. I'd rather have the thirteenth peck and also like you know, we we don't we Never heard exactly where Boston offered and I think the Celtics have a habit of
making a deal and then telling everybody that they offered, probably more than actually did, but at the very, at the very least, let's agree that they must the offered Bradley Crowd or in a couple first round packs that weren't the broken lottery Pecksy now and I mean I would argue, rather even have that, but I doubt over the old depot for twenty Moliere, but anyway, that's another starlit secular, carry out I've. Ten questions were going to answer these questions one at a time. The first question are furthest You Kevin AL: how long do you think Cairo Irving has actually been either kind of unhappy,
are legitimately unhappy with his eye Cleveland, Slash, leubronn relationship, I think, even before Libra got there, I mean there were reports going back to twenty thirteen back to twenty thirteen that he kind of wanted out ya. Think you know it's been quite a while, since LE brought for since before the Braungart there, and then since then I mean he has openly admitted like during their first season together that he wouldn't say it was a rocky start with that right. He is emitted these things publicly, so that no signs of all. Been there that, like these guys, have clashed a little bit, so I think over time they got better. I think they learn how to play with each other lately and Kyrie learned a lot from Lebron there's, no denying that. But the same time, I just think for Kyrie he's at the point now where it's like. I want my own team and some ways like you might call that selfish and other ways. You know a little bit more standable to
has. Will you surprised to hear that Cairo was unhappy? I'm not surprised by it, because the capacity for self delusion amongst these guys is we ve come to appreciate is unfettered. You can't put a ceiling on how much these guys we'll talk themselves. Between did themselves and their whatever there that the team around them in terms of their ability to to not be in touch with the reality of their. Situation in their skill set and so forth, but am disappointed because I think that clean wind as currently constituted, has every bit as much of a legit chance of taking on golden state in just the way that there are currently configured yeah and
and posing a real challenge to golden state. Just the way they were when, when game seven ended in a month ago, gave his game five. You know what I meant game. Five, why it's a pretty germanic different, soon came five against seven us here here gave. You think it gave seven seventy ago, and I'm with you I to me my fear. If inclusion Cleveland is, I don't want to overreact from, though the mild asked Can I got in the finals because you had, it was a big revenge finals forgone state is based around. I wrote about one of the best revenge finals that we had in the last thirty five years. Everything was going right for on state there completely healthy day. They survives really really great, offensive performances from the brown and carry which cannot be forgotten. They couldn't go the broader Cairo series- and you know, if I'm looking at,
says, a clever van neck. I know I have at least one more year. I gotta think like injuries have determined fish, it is sixty percent of of how these last may be thirty. Five to forty years of the finance have played out and the best chance they have is just to keep this team together, and then hope for some injury, luck or hope for something weird to happen, because that's the NBA we're shit happens all the time. I said in a package last week when when I went ahead, Jimmy Butler my podcast ass, I was saying when we went into last decade, we thought the decade was gonna belong to runs team assume is Miami or wherever us, Oklahoma, City and Chicago, and the Brown one to titles. Mammy. Ok, city, one one finals game in Chicago, never made the final, so you just never know- and I think that would be my hesitation with panicking with this Kyrie think I will say this, though, not that not to do a five minute monologue care
So can I see you don't have an alibi, a vote yet, but Can I get you on that? We're gonna get you in a words bout, the sham, making that my personal I was on a last year. Oh you got about last year I got one last year you there this is a tremendous now New personal impatiently, what you re a look at the what everybody else voted for that, I always get excited to see that list. I am just two of the princess: I can't see anybody, they release it and then little approve it. What is it like? Four five, four point: five but so I was figuring out, rightly others. Some reason figuring a mile mba teams in Ireland, Tiree, is, I don't know, he's he's defiling one of the five best offensive. Personally, I think how it standpoint is in the discussion from somewhere between number seventh, a number eleven he'd be once you get past, like the big, the big six big seven com.
In that next group he's gotta be discussed? I didn't really even said about here for him for even thirty Mombi. I just felt like air you know, he's got up and down his ease seems detached. Sometimes that team didn't play well. It seems I give you up Brian Inquiry and the same team. You should, when more than fifty games and edges, bumped them, and I really think that's at least part of what this about is, I think I rethinks I'm one of the best poison, the league- I can't even make the alarm him and he did it so asked it. Does that mean I know you're you're, worried about the ego part of those who carry, but that makes a little bit a sense right that this guy feels like he's topic
They can't even make their team all NBA, but the thing about that is he's playing with the very best player. I mean that the competing considerations there or he has the best stage, the biggest stage he's able to go out and you know, prove to everybody that he deserves that all NBA accolade he's been in league six years and he's only made one all NBA team in in his ten year, and it was a third team in in twenty fourteen slash two thousand and fifteen yet he has a combination of you know not being able to stay on the court for all. You know you know early in his career you know all eighty games, eighty two games and he doesn't plenty defence. So the sum that the people recognize
people say that the voters for all and the ace you know see that I dont think that he's not making all NBA teams because he's in the branch shadow. What do you think of it? I think it is because his lebaron shadow, I think that it is the fact that La Braun, the brine, is the point guard of the team, and so like one of the points like a source made to me like why Tiree kind of wants out is just the fact that he can do more as a play maker and he wants to do or I ve seen how guys, like John Wall have developed with the heavy opportunity that he's gotten away. Irving. Like he he's not the point guard. You he's really like to guard on that team. He's an off ball, primarily off ballplayer, who occasionally gets buckets of him the clock, but he doesn't he's gonna play maker for that team, and I think that's really, that kind of a whole its messing with him. I know like his defence, it's true house like that is rightfully not as defences.
Terrific, but at the same time, like I say, autonomous Thomas made all NBA plank horrific defence. I just think God Russell westward made, first of all and be a play, her effect defence James hard in his well curving, isn't the only point. The only guard who plays bad de here is just he doesn't get those play, making chances that other guys, do we already have an hour he had of chances early in his career I think he's gotten so much better. He's e g, I dont the eager judge, add he's coming off a ten game. Car attend game college career- and then was thrown into a rebuilding team he's super young. They had bad coaching, situations. I don't I don't blame Cairo anything that happened, pre Le Broncos, I'd think use Yahoo. I will say this: thou Ass, Sir David. Lord made second team I'll Ambien. Two thousand sixteen Kyler remit there
Last year I say amid second team on Ba John wound murderers. Amid the thirteen, I think I better than all those guys, including your boy, GMO and eight that has part of this and people think like all the rb, these guys they care about rings, but they care about arbed. They care about the acclaim, I'm sure he looks at leg. You know that act that his shoes or number two four Nike. I think they're that number to sign ran their he's huge young, kids and he's a phenomenal offensive Clare. I actually kind of agree with them. I do think he needs its own team. I think I think he's done it. I think he's been the wing man further Brown for three years here and you know ye theirs a lot less pressure in some respects, because if you, as I have it lubricant care the offered. So it's kind of like the Cairo he check happens like it didn't game for in the Boston. Sears US
watch out hears carry, but if it doesn't happen, it's like it's gonna murder, his team, so the pressure that I think you know, but maybe he wants it- maybe he's ready for it. Maybe he wants. You know as well as on empire. Oh, I see it. I really did like TAT, was an unhappy team last year which takes me to our second question the cliff and try to trade him in June, because I heard they did and then it came out and the ideas pan peace by winners in remote and those people that his name had pop up in those things I heard that I'd heard Phoenix debt that that was a lot more real than I think people realise that it was as reported pretty much, Bledsoe and the number for peck we're leaving Phoenix
Tiree was involved, I've heard different scenarios were, love was involve or love was involved, Indiana was involved and either, they must definitely thrown around their oconnor. Would you here? I think it did happen, I'm not sure if they knew at the time that he wanted out. That's that parts totally unclear to me, but I do think that happened so house. His name was on the streets BAR phrase for Marlowe Stanfield. He heard his name was on the streets. He like it he's carry Irving these there, The number and overall pack he's postal franchise. Guy and they're kind of quietly secretly if IRAN, what his value is in China figure out if there's a way to make parlay him into Eric Bledsoe and Paul George,
can you blame Tiree now we'll before we go any further? I'm not gonna countenance any more of this disrespect and I've sat quietly for a month now, while both view. Dicks have said bad things about John Wall and his relationship and the wizard inquiry, as is a superior player to John Matt staring for any more that B S. Job wall is DC for life, he's where he belongs and guess what he's better inquiry arming while never played with the best player and in the NBA and he's never been on the NBA final stage rebuild to to an eastern conference finals. But love carriers has Unable to ride La Bronze oh tales. All the way through here get on the biggest stage and has the has this. The second most power popular shoe for a guy that gets to play half the games. How about this? Cairo, If you are who you think you are, then why did
have a lears only when fifty whatever games failing opportunity, it was clear from Christmas time on that low Bron wanted to start getting some rest. He didn't need to play thirty five minutes a game. How about that time? I read a go to distinguish yourself and if you're, if NBA team is important. You carry you, have thirty five forty games to go down, the regular season go, get a dance on anyway cares you're about having said all of that Casey Ursela that it's pretty clause which we most here, but I just inquiry Irving at his peak when we haven't seen it yet, but that's think his potential and a little bit higher a lot higher than what we ve seen so far the past three years and clear when I just think he's capable of so much more as a play maker if he had really the keys to handle at all events, bring the ball up all the time. Like you, man,
Kyrie got a lot of a transition opportunities, Lebron got like the amount of assist you to pick up about an easy layup see what yet I mean Lebron does so much for that. Offense is bringing the ball out of coast to coast. I can't wait to the Irving, get a lot more points, and it says just from that statistically I'll, never mind kind of the it factor his cot performance is at the end of games. Has just tell you, having rooted against both of them in a officers last year at Cairo scared, the living feces enemy and I never we have a trade Avery every Bradley last year is probably the best onboard defender that position any. Just is doing what everyone against some, whose was him and debt today France. Tween them in my opinion, is carry is unbelievable and the half court is one of the best shot makers. I've ever seen in my life and the bigger the stage a better he gets John Wada, me is still. I don't wanna com, a gimmick prayer, but I think
It is much better in a chaotic up and down fast pace when the thing so down. He should not that good in the half court and the stats back but he had a lot of trouble when the guy pencils down and that's what happens in the playoffs things slow down, can't see what were the, what were the John Wall have courts that they weren't great right. I was in the process of pulling those up right now from synergy. Just to divert isn't right. You're lookin that up tell me how many times in those half court sets Lebron James was on the floor for the washing, whether that that that definitely, how what are you talking about, but by at the same time like it just individually, like Irving, has moments like he will. You agree at least that urban is a better shooter off the durable like just just that Basic Schuyler scale sure sure sure you know what that he's, not one tenth of the past of that that John Wallace, but when a little higher develop, Tiree earnings played with that's, got my contract because of catch and shoot from the corner. I can name three:
Washington wizard to have gotten humongous contracts because of John walls passing ability grape its grey Kanner speak, a language that gave us and involve learned from yeah he's had he said developmental years. Doing that, like brought from the start with Washington he's they will do that, whereas Irving had only three years alone in the last three years, he hasn't even been to point out that he's missed out on three years of developing a point guard. He, and he was stuck with that in its though seeker, waiters, island in and carried the knock it alone, but that that t me here was just a the latter one on one guys in it and with you thrown the bad coaches, who are the coaches, Brown was therefore a year running the clock toiler offence, but who is? Who is the one before my brow? I was even worse Byron, Scott, Byron, Mega, Byron, Scott make Brown, as is coaches us Minetta that's why I throw away everything that happened all for the brought you here. What made us to talk about it
any development of John while on a rainy women are fair points I can t is gave seven. I wanted John while to shoot as the South Fit the police were three would have lasted. We went through this year. I was an institutional failure. Was the Washington franchise against the boss enfranchise in the last eight minutes of that game and Boston was over the course of the seas and better designed and much better prepared for that. Minute moment then than Washington was and that all it all goes back to what happened the previous off season and the fact that while didn't have a credible backup point guard and a whole series of of things that lead to war being physically exhausted. It was obvious to everybody. So your point about me more concerned about Tiree as opposed to Wall, in that last year's play off? That's extreme, valid? Of course that's the case. Carry has the battle
of riding coattails, our seas and law, and it comes out fresh and just toy torch, dead, torch every browser. You're! Absolutely right about that. I have the synergy numbers, the half court Numbers for John One Irving, let's hear so ok, so so John, this year and a half court scored zero point. Eight points per possession we're tramp of two in the twenty nine percent. Title of all. Nba players has scored, want what one one point: zero to attract them. The eighty three percent time on a note account- argument, will be yes, why he had Lebron James on the floor. Well, let's look at earnings numbers before Lebron James as a rookie rank them. Seventy first percentage second year, seventy percent tile third year fifty eight percent tile, whereas wall now at the stage of his career, still rank in the twenty nine percent islands have court scoring and me right. John Wall, you know, he's really acoustical skype. At the same time, that's really the big separation right now, at this level, just earnings ability to create
the half court, the stats show it. I think our I show as well. They listen. I concede all of that. That's fine! I just want to hear what you guys name a player that carries made better in his career. I love that our that's one of my favorite arguments you write carry. Is that one person better that I can't that actor remember, but I'm not I'm not sure. That's why. God put him on the earth for the Basque, but I think he, I think his his job, as I think it. It's like a were Westbrook thing. He sees is a usage rate Force House, Europe, Sir, and I have sent the that's gonna cheer you up.
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way way earlier because I believe he was was pushing for it with Chicago and his buddy Jimmy Butler before the draft and it's kind of trickle that a tiny bit but hasn't really come out in full force. Yet what do you think so everything I've heard indicates the July seventh range, but logically it would make sense that had happened prior to that. Logically, it would make sense of it did happen before the draft, but everything I've heard has indicated in the July seventh range. So if they shot him before the draft in this is part of that wouldn't things I dont like about the structure of the embassies and right now is how fast the draft comes after the finals, is literally like maybe six days later, but
you know there is some chest pieces that could have been moved around. I, like, I wonder, would Chris Paul have wanted to go to Cleveland over Houston for a year if he knew that Tiree was potentially on his way out. Has your Christmas If you cross party rather go to clavering used in four year. Oh, it's gotta be Cleveland right, yeah chance to play with upon you. I want to make a very quick observation. The point you just made up how quickly the draft comes. That to me. Is that a number one argument for shortening the season? We need a seventy game season. Does it go too far into June. We need to have let the teams that the franchises have a breather between. And the finals, the draft, the commencement of free agency, so that their not making these crazy decisions on the fly, because
That's the reason. We're talking about Kyrie Irving right now under these circumstances is because of whatever crazy thing happened, between Dan Gilbert and and and David Griffin. That I'll never understand why I have a lot of inside in that foot. Will it let's shove that five minutes so that, if the, if the final centred on June twentieth, the draft was, the final zones on June tenth, the draft is June Twentieth, and then you have fridge, starts on June twenty six, something now. You don't have July. First first, you can keep it that way, but you can't, though, because they you're, having like the ass. Ninety six hours of the off season during a time and everybody is going away for July. Fourth weekend: you know we see it. I today in the the way it is now it's a great. Is it, though its tail Sacrae for the Ringer Zachary for people that may cause his people are away. I'm sorry
Sorry, everybody has to work there If, if carry had been able to push for a j that there had been enough patting, the number of teams that he could have gone to, you know goes up and she saw them more fun on the flip side may be the legal acts it this way, because, what's today's date, late July, twenty fourth, twenty fifth and now we're talking about- I reaffirm seventy two straight hours. Maybe a baby is better that way. I think he sniffed attitude earlier in that personally, question number four: why did Leubronn pretend. He, was blind cited by this trade. How many toward pretend? Because if I'm in L a three thousand miles away her twenty thousand five hundred miles referred is, and I know kind Irving- is unhappy after the finals. And everybody an mba circles knows that nobody in this team is happy. Is the brain
really that arrogant to pretend that he didn't have any income. The Cairo Irving was unhappy, would hear what he heard about this crazy or we know how awful abroad is and how much easier social media the kind of form that the narrative in some way. So I think that's really what leubronn dead and I honestly belike. I am so and tree by what Stephen Psmith reported last week and what not what he reported, but what he said he's heard: carry Irving Camp thanks and that's that LA bronze camp, as it was the leak for this initial thing last Friday, with our in demanding a trade so that that that factor, there's really intriguing. Just with everything that happened in these past couple days, if Le Braun was behind it for whatever reason, whatever his motive,
what might have been, but that that parts fascinate remember what that was question five, so it should get to it now. House did La Brands camp leaked the carry stories, solar brown? Would it be the bad guy? I think so, and I can recall Kayo see, did a masterful job of setting up how you know all blood, the brain is moving chest pieces right now, I've! I apologize, I'm not sure where the cosy made this point on the ringer and be a slack chat or whether actually right at the end of town. So I'm sorry, if I'm stealing some of your thunder KFC, but it was an awesome observation about putting the the chess pieces in place to create the narrative that the ASEAN and the organizational dysfunction, is responsible for all of us the momentum that is going to push LA away from Cleveland, from now on that this, this Cairo stuff is, is already part of it. The brow
claiming that he'd do, he was blindsided by the Griffin NEWS on claiming days of blindsided by Tiree, while one trade. These are all chest pieces that that start a narrative, that's very compelling about the French. As being the blame this time around, as opposed to Leubronn, making the decision yeah and idle big LE has taken nearly enough shit, virtually just the question. Sex will just merge these together, as this Lebruns far too short answers. Yes, when you win you have this much uncertainty about what your long term futures, where the franchise. When you have this many people talk. About the brand to allay really, since the final I mean that's why we ended up writing about in talking about on the ringer and we try to jump the gun a little bit of people, because this was the narrative at the finals, and I remember Kevin. I called you and I said you were going to hold that
Were you gonna hold that story? For a few days, I was like we had to run this now we go this now in through the park. Ask ourselves like this is every conversation and having at the files is about this. We gotta reflect this on the site. So these conversations are happening there happening there happening. They lose the files to calves like soup Happy and game five, especially Kevin love, eyelash of a bad for Kevin Love in the bed. She just look lost finals ends. This I will not go away all abroad has to do is say something publicly about look. I made a commitment to Cleveland. This is why I came back I want to finish my career here. I want to win more titles like I have more work to do. I'm not leaving this stores. But I'm on going to now, but just stop this. I don't want to hear this narrative anymore. He didn't do any that he hasn't say one thing: if anything, he goes to the summer Lee Game with Lonzo
right, is the height of is the broncho. The Lakers is gonna. Fucking goes to the to the to the lake. Your game, it, wants the soberly game. I would say so be like if, if, if my wife had heard Where's that is cheating on her with some teacher at some high school, and I might, now that we will be talking about and that you get in there. I just go to a basketball game at that high school it it's the same thing like it. I just think it's crazy that he as an tried to squash. This, which makes me think it's real and I'm sure Cairo thinks it's real and I'm sure the calves think it's real cat. So have you have you heard one thing since the files that made you think that look, onto the lakers- was not real. No, not a single thing, and even what came out yesterday for real spans writer Chris hands boarding met broad will not waive, has no trade clause under any circumstances this year, like the delay,
which, behind it was I who will fulfil, has contract obligations this season it buddy, no say on what will happen beyond the coming seas and it's like even that kind of just touches on act that sure he's in Cleveland this year, but maybe not next year as everything that's come out everything I've heard since then of our darling, his relationship within Gilbert. Just all this Cairo stuff everything has move. You know the needle in that direction at LA bronze out the merely. Let me put this question to you guys, though There is an enormous intervening event between the end of the finals game: five, not games, seven. My bed and you know the onset of all this free agency staff and the trade machinations and so forth, and that was the fall out between Gilbert and David Griffin, David Griffin, as the linchpin to this whole thing. So if I was trying to be an elaborate apologist. What I
are you, as he had no obligation right after the final to do anything other than get his ass onto the beach and chill out for two weeks and turn his brain off. After you know, another gruelling run through the players and into the finals and meantime. He was in a comfortable enough. Leaving the team to the guys that have done pretty good stewardship the last the three years now creating it at a team and yet he beat actually made his preferences known in terms of players, a target and so forth. But although bitten earned the right to just turn. His brain often go away and then was with potentially surprise, maybe not blindsided, but surprised that Griffin and Gilbert couldn't work it out, and that was the thing that really set all these forces in motion that are brought us to this point now stop there. So I talked about this on a a couple weeks ago about
Why is this narrative that David Griffin is such a great gm, a mad against it? I just want to know where it came from or what the evidences- and I actually did. Some research, David Griffin actually was not a good the emperor Cleveland, I think, he's variegated having great media relationships, and I think he gets credit, maybe for the Tyler David black thing would seem like it had to happen in the brown was unhappy and so on and so forth. But you know if you go back Where they were that summer, first of all, they hired David Black, who is basically never gonna work again. Is it a big outside was David? That was David Gryffons high rate, they trade the number and picked for love which ethnic everybody would die Now, your member later that
are they gave Anderson Bear Zhao was either that summer that Father gave the innocent bears out the three year. Thirty million dollar contract extension member that and we said to ourselves. Why are they given that? Guy that I can't stand the core? What are you doing in there? that was a sailor cap murder they traded to first ramp. Eggs for miles. Guff. Think about that. Lost a year later. That was a trade that, in the fire Those people are in the playoffs people gallo site about, but still to first round for Moscow. They overpaid Tristan Thompson. In mangled that thing you know they gave him. Eighty five million the gave Shumpert for years, forty they gave J R, fifty seven mill they traded, didn't they take Cassie. They trade a first round picked for training fry, yet first from pay for training, for I then a first round or for colic over protected that in two thousand
fourteen the year before the Brown got their set, curry and Joe Harris were on the calves and both got did not keeping are there they brought in a slew of free agents? I think the only ones that probably Richard Jefferson defiling worked their lamps would can be so I don't feel like that worked. Would we would you say that worked Talkin about minimum guys I've getting and many options read, but I'm saying the guys that didn't work. It's I dared lambs aims Jones make Miller, Shall Marian Kendrick Perkins Chris Anderson Larry's. Anders Bogot got her but still Dante Jones. Legal out, another man- I just wonder- what's the evidence a day, Griffin, did a great job in this team. Did the James Kyrie careering Kevin love? Interested Thompson was already there? Why do we think he was such a great gm?
as they want to know? I don't understand it. So they mainly MBA files. The last three years. Depriving courier. That's why it's made the files. I mean that's enough data. Thirteen has known about the president, Zat exercise that you call. A in agreement made the arguing both sides of the same the same coin. I really feel like I don't think you can tell a call a franchise that made the NBA final three straight years. You know any associated with it a failure at that say in its effects, here. I'm just saying the fact that David Griffin isn't there any more people are acting like EDA. This whole thing fell: parkers gryffons at their word. Who cares owners when what how much do we Just in case he's got always got his ear to the ground. I mean I know you do to bs, but Kayo see
a lot of these stories over the last. You know, five, six weeks talk about the role that Griffin played in in keeping guys happy keeping guys understanding what the rolls were hook outbreak brokering peace between various camps? To how much of that do? You do give credence to a lot? I think I think that's a big part of why David Girlfriend is a good idea, maybe not great, but good guy. I think, with Griffin. So three years ago, at the NBA combine, is where I met a date for the first time and did so at the time I had really didn't know all Calot about you know who he was besides. They worked a lot of years in Phoenix and like a lot of people, I raving, like he's gonna, be a really great GM. Its greater got an opportunity, so I think part of the region I hear that reputation of being a great general manager is yes, we get a lot of people like him. A lot of people have supported him over the years. When I first got the gig here is the other pilot? All those moves you mention bill, I'm I'm with you.
Since then, a lot of those with either poor decisions are short sighted decisions. It something I've written about before that from the start, I think Cleveland should have been building through the lens of lens of sustainability, Thinking Yang Term, with their decisions about sustaining success. However, you want to do that. You wanted to build through the lens of sustainability if you knew the bronze leaving, if you knew from the start you got four years of Lebron James and then that's it you're going to do all these short term moves. You're, gonna trade to pigs from OZ, Gulf you're, gonna train a top ten protected, perfect Corver, you're gonna. Do all those things of you know. The bronze probably gone, and for years he's probably going somewhere else and I'm just speculating here, but if I think I think David opens a smart guy, a smart general manager. I think he wouldn't have done those things unless there is some type of background knowledge that there is a chance that this this fling LE brought me back, is only going to be a short term of short term thing and that's what's happened
I mean that's what we're going toward. So maybe I'm too speculating again, maybe that that was really the reasoning behind a lot of these short sighted decisions because they knew there. They were running on short time it and maybe they knew like they had to do those things in order to win a title. Otherwise, the four years would have been an utter failure if they don't have that tremendous come back against gold state. These are our great points an end. Ngos to my point that we don't really know how good of a Gm Griffin was because he visas I listed all the other things that they did not that great, but but you left out one part: it wasn't just for your thing. The Brown was basically doing these one year player option deals over and over again there was in, is the hands of he might pull out, and it was always expand span span and more money spent. My don't care about the luxury tax, give away your future pigs. So you know maybe maybe Griffin is completely handcuffed ladder ways, but I I think
I don't know enough about the personality management he did behind the scenes and know the team one fifty games and with super unhappy for most of the season- and I know them they are, they did not. I'm happy by the end of the finals. I'm not sure how much he could have saved that, but you know I just that it bothers me when there is a little like the dac. Rivers was a great coach narrative that somehow unfolded and then we saw what happened. The copper these last four years were: deckers, isn't greatcoat she's, fine, he's, ok, but it was like. Doctors are greatcoats that people are saying that, because you know allow a meeting members, love back rivers and whose friends a lot of people in that gets pushed to push to push its assent. People that are wondering why March acts it as an eminent their job March axes, then another job, because his last year in gold state was one all tied behind the scenes disasters
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such BS give could be ass. This wasn't one of my ten questions, but I'm throwing this in just cause. It's topical concern the Griffin discussion. How much of this is that Damn Gilbert, who is perfectly well this, just spend money. So on that and that procedure There is a good owner, I guess, but how much of this is that if this function, that just seems to be there and these dango word organizations really, since the late to Thousands Casey. Have on that. I think that could be a lot of it with Gilbert. I think you know the relationship with the James is good still for one at what I heard is like when we publish the peace back in June about all potentially leaving like the next day, someone texted me and it front office, executive, saying but the main reasons he wants out is still the relationship of being Gilbert and that same week the video is released. Her is
The result would be no the the barbershop video where he talked about then Gilbert and Comic Sands letter. He rode, I saw think things. Things are great, their damning Gilbert, never extended, a general manager, maybe those Please also apply to carry over his well. I do think that could be part of it and it's kind of telling that shots it and take the job Could you take a GM out? There's thirty GM their hard to get if you want to become a gm and your offered the chance to be the GM of the second best him in the leg. You would think you'd want to take that he did not die. Lou says everything is yet Tyler's went to charge, is best friends stolen, take the job so either
The minutes, it's that the one of the reasons for this was that they do not from a lot of money and hopefully that ETA, the guy's made choices made a ton of money. I don't think he's making decision causing the offer was three hundred thousand our shorter than it should meant. I think it was one of two things that may be both one Tyler tying up. I think Lebruns out here after the share you shouldn't take this job. It's the disaster, we revenue packs and we're screwed or Dan Gilberts Kind of a nightmare. I would stay away. It had to be one of those two. So who knows I questioned seven. Can Cleveland trade Cairo and make their two thousand eighteen team better. So there's only one trade that I see out there that is passed by tweeted authority already, but involves clutch clan, cleaner, Bledsoe, who alot of people would? I
that, if he can, as long as he can stay on the court, which has he is had a chequered history with that. But if he's on the court and it's healthy might be better to wait for than Kyrie, certainly not the offensive player, but a much better defensive player if they could get him from Phoenix if Kyrie goes to Phoenix. Is that? Oh? No, I'm sorry Kyrie goes to. The trade add was Cairo, goes to the necks, they send Nicolinka, the French, the french kid of number, eight lottery pick two. The sun's Cleveland ends up getting Bledsoe and Carmelo, and they sent a couple contracts to make everything work. That was the most logical. Trade I've seen. I saw another one that I really liked, which was basically Tiree, Tristan Thomson and a contract to Memphis four Mark Assad. My kindly these are they change? The readers are just maylie me, crazy trade
We have actually been enjoying it, but is the case is their trade out there that you think could actually make Leland better yeah. I think there's gotta be something out there, but at the same time out, I don't think it's that Phoenix Deal, I'm just thinking like it. If it's true that day and Gilbert, you know made a clear of a front office if they want to get better, they went to retrofit their roster to better battledore state. If that's true, I think we gotta think really big hair, and I think you would be so simple as a deal like that were that deal makes too much sense on
paper. It's too easy, I feel like it would be. The type a deal is extremely complex, three or four way deal. Maybe we're your looping in other teams are get extra assets, Khazars teams that can offer them like those high level, long term prospects, but they might not have the short term like appoint guard to replace courier vain or something like that, and that's where I think you would Lupin that other team in the thing with Bledsoe and mellow bill, as that those two guys are really good players. I am on team mellow in the sense that, like I think you put him down other great players who he will be really good like it. We put him on Houston, he's gonna become teen. Usa Carmelo Anthony his efficiency will skyrocket. However, I do think with Cleveland Eric Bledsoe really is in a good spot up sugar and the ball. It primarily be abroad and Carmelo hands. Oh, isn't nearly near.
Shooter off the dribble, that Kyrie Irving is so while conventional wisdom, a safe mellow, would replace that aspect of that urban brings. It's not necessarily the case. Irving is a significantly better. Half court score significantly better isolation score, and I think that would need to be replaced in some way or another. Either either would have to be balanced by more defensive players or a high outside player that can really turn it on the season that that's that's. What I'll be looking for. Some type of mixture of younger guys with outside utterance, because that way you set yourself up, no matter what Leubronn does next summer. Maybe your team looks great, go informal, a bronze like you know what forget Ella abstain in Cleveland or it could be the type that they were if
leaves you're looking at your roster and you like we're good shape. We got a good haul for one of the best young point guards twenty five years old in the prime of his career and for Kyrie Irving. That's that's what I'm talking about! I'm thinking really big hair and it's hard to find, though, but I think we could expand what we're thinking about them has Tate wants to know. If you think Charlotte can get Kyrie four the locker and Nicholas, but to build the wishful thinking. I agree with everything. Kayo, see said, which is why I think what is going to happen is that inquiry Irving play basketball for the cuban Cavaliers is coming season, because I dont think that, with the guiding principles, all of those very sound principles that Kayo sieges laid out in terms of the return that Cleveland
to get Fer a pirate is incredible how young key areas and how much of his his primacy is yet to be. Had we ve seen so much of him because of these returning another that even in the file three straight you He feels like he's been around longer, so he's a tremendous offer somebody, which is why cleaving oughta just sit tight message gets the out of a boy park home run kind of deal with their with this assets that that care see outlined. I'm not sure that bitumen encumber quite fit the criteria. I dont think Cleveland ever change with Boston, but I think it's ironic that Boston probably has the best type of package that would hope. Cleveland short term and long term, right as air would have to be in it? You'd have to put J crowd, earn it made the contract work, and then you could pick whatever future pick you'd want to throw in there too. I don T doubt
the broken peck, especially now that Marvin Bagley may be in this draft, but you could argue, maybe the maybe that that allay Sixers pick down that Ella kings pick. Something like that. I say a crowd her in one of those pigs for carry which will never happen in a million years, but is a trade that you know could could keep Cleveland at least somewhere near where they need to be am I am crazy now I think I think that would make sense furred for both themes, but at the same time, if I found Cleveland, I'm still, I'm still seeking out a better makes us the players that can help immediately as well, and we agree totally pinpoint it's hard to pinpoint we. Gray Minnesota there's no way, because I I just don't see it well, if I'm Minnesota, Wiggans goes on the table for me in five second sight,
they had only been blank, I think either you and I agree Kevin that Wiggans is really overrated. The latter ways, like he's just atrocious defensively, but I think offensive. We have a lot of potential is young, any might maturing somethin. You know it's something really good, but the tea contract to me is prohibitive cause they will bear, but a trade Teague until MID December in Houston would ever trade Chris Paul for carry, especially after they read the press conferences. Third, so the jerseys, but it would be the all time there are more above two just flip Kirkpatrick for carry her step it here I want to take. I re thanks thanks. I have a bunch of book. My cat is eight years younger. This is better. This Memphis, I think, is asked to be considered at least peripherally as as, a long long long shall possibility- maybe not now, but maybe in February, if their seizing is term direction
yeah endeavoured in the other events like. Maybe they if they had the prior relationship. You know Talkum Trade with Kevin love around the draft, so maybe that's something you can revisit. I dont think member has that its she's got ye. I need I need a blue chip refer carry you can't. I can't remember: farewell like their assets. I, like Gary Harris, say I like one Herndon Gomes, I'm not superhighway, Jamal more, even though a lottery but love him, maybe maybe Cleveland does who knows, but I'm I'd like their assets. I love bullied bees. I mean I'm not talking about these guys for curbing this necessarily. But I, in a lot of lotta good talent on their team, we're with you, but that's the poop, if you're getting career bank leg yoke edge, I think yoke is the only blue chipper there. It's tough, you know like connects the next.
I dont really see anyway, they can get carry without pausing is being involved. They can take on a bunch of money with carry, but then you know now you handicapping your team until it becomes a free agent. It's tough, so Do we all agree. Kyrie is gonna stay put cassettes. If I had the bet my life on this house year, dangling from a helicopter as people are shooting barbecue, saucepan guns, EU and you That aside is carry, and trader, not in your life depends on it. What are you pick? First, I'm catching as many of US policy can importing them into my mouth and then I'm gambling on I'm betting on my life depends on Cairo staying in Cleveland. I just don't think that anybody can make a sizeable enough offer for it offer for sense for it, for For Cleveland, and also you have an organization, that's kind of a mass internally and we'll talk themselves into. Let's make this work,
will have as well the summit meeting with these guys. They'll say the right things is and even a mistake. I think that's the right play. Well, it's a mistake. If it's it's coming out in November that there quietly shop he again either if you're in on this. You have to be all in. You must have to promise carry. Can you put it no trade causing a contract? After the fact Evan, you can't leave so now, so so it basically be the Jerry Maguire with pushes dad met. My word is oak. Yeah we're not. You carry but then, if its February in there you know twenty seven and twenty three and the Brown I do, I do wonder if the broad inquiry this is about is public of a breach, as I can remember, which leads me to question number nine where does this rank among the all time, MBA cluster fucks with a good team, because I would say that the law
There is in our three no four with corbies trial in an co carbon hit and copies wife and just how the complete chaos did Shaq, that getting paid and shack and CO just having the all time autonomous public breach. I would say: that's it. And at a ten on the scale. I would say this is like an eight. Would you say, ass, eight out of ten, now give moral more of a six May I say everything here feels to me more kind of reactionary in the sense that that each camp is reacting to you know, leaks in and gestures and inclinations and insinuations that that the other camps are making in the camps. Here of La Bronze camp carries camp and the calves camp and everybody's. You know doing a little lean, little body shuffle doesn't feel like a full out breach. I dont think Kyrie
be rat wrapping at Leubronn and ask him how was ass tastes had situate house out of those camps, which is the one that employs. A famous and successful and well known, media strategist. Out of those three camps. Do you know the answer that from Camp yeah, Adam Medicine is his actual media strategists. That's his title so out be worried if I'm about going Haiti heading into NBA Internet Vietnam, two battling, the Brown is media strategists care, see. Where does this for you, the automobile class facts prepared highly. I gave it a seven seven out of ten for this on my finger thing, if we hear a little bit more, like you, we're only three days into this more more could leak out, give a firm, its traded right. I think we could wreck and a little bit higher if more develops over the coming weeks and months. You know there was a thing
and I think the guy deleted it, but I saw it on unread it about somebody inquiries camp when after The brown pretty hard at his instagram account and then people connected the dots and then it disappeared. I ate yet, by the way that is Cates, favorite AIDS Corner is people in somebody's camp? seeing the lion and sociability and then having a rejected or delete. The cat is all time. Favorite, MBA beef, Tate. Yet take that that will happen ominous at some point. Nominate, try to have a beef and have Tate defend me on his instagram, then delete it in two hours to say you can live by carefully through the experience of, but I do. I think this could get worse over the wheat, because everyone stocky Barrymore Portly, there's nothing else to talk about red others that they going on. What do you think the baseball trade deadline? There's nothing happening footballs, not starting at there's, no leppich. There's no World CUP
I mean people were excited about the gold cup this weekend. Do we even know what the gold cup was? Fifty years ago, Evers I got to go cup unbelievable Jozy Altidore go. I was into it. What's going on. So I just think this can keep going and going in going going last question: why isn't the bragging criticized? more beyond the obvious reason of that he has media strategists. Doesn't it feel, like everybody, should be kind of Calais, Regarding wow, this guy's really screwed up the situation. He had the second best team in the weak and all these assets and the uncertainty that he just seen. To bring with them wherever he goes has now put, surely submarine this team. Do you feel, like La Brown went from an era where he got criticized too much too? I'm not sure he's getting criticized What do you think, I'm that house,
I am going to sound like I work without a Mendelson Adam, is that his name yeah yeah? I don't know what there is to criticise the brought about all he's done. He had average a triple bubble and finals all he's done as deliver a finals too. Franchise? That he's played for the past seven years all mean all too franchises, but still they have have a wonderful team around him. He's he's made his you know, preferences known in terms of coaches and and the players that that he wants to play with, and they have had of chances to within the NBA final sidle. You know, I don't think he's responsible for instability. He is properly leverage the Turk, terrific advantage that he has which, as you know, the right
to self determine by well as one you know, your deals that denies it remunerative he's a kiss this close to home and I really way in an I dont think you fully understand in this part. Yet so, what's a Anthony boy, Dan decides. He wants to do apart, podcast and there rumours that the ringer is talking Anthony Bourdain, taking over house of cards from Joe House she's for its voting. The Pieper reporting it like it's a real like they were with an mba story- and I don't do anything- I say nothing to you. I we talk about You bring it up by played down or pretend my phone went dead and it she's kind, lingering for weeks and weeks as you wonder, if you're going to replace than has carbs, isn't this, how Kevin Love and career ring have felt for most the two thousand seventeen Irma Crazy will. First of all, I would say,
bring it wait till you see what I have Adam Report and Jack O put out. I'm on the House of cards. Read it wait till you see those those rights. I say I say bring it on daddy, but but secondly, I mean it. It's just a turn to mark your belly, and it's just I. I love a conspiracy theory. You know this about me, but does to sit and say that the king sitting up there playing game of thrones with the with the Cavaliers is just a turn too much he's focused mainly on making sure that he's healthy containing. Deploy a hundred ten games a season and YO being the the time, media mobile, that he and wants to be, and that takes up enough of his time. He doesn't need to be playing. You know. Basketball whisperer, behind the scenes also keep at it, but that's kind of what's going on now.
If, if this was the team, he wanted a role within the nucleus, he wanted a row with then he would just say that Ok, it's over, but obviously it's not so he is both. You know, is not stuck up for his dude said he just want a title with a year ago, but then also he's not really. Your programme is left out to dry, but why don't? You have to say anything what is an added to say anything, because this the whole reason this is all happening is cause. He hasn't said anything like it I used to do is say I'm staying in Cleveland, and these are my guys- and he has done it like eighty in old age, Maybe this is just the way the NBA is now. Maybe this is the decade of you just get a pick up and go every time. Things though, go right for you. You know me that's where we are in two thousand seventeen, but I don't know, is
part of adversity holding a theme there, but the Lakers lost and eighty four mag Korea must leg. Maybe we need new point guard. Maybe magic needs to go with her that's the way it used to work now that now the way it works is something bad habits now raise gotta leave we vigorously defended Katie's right to self determine just to a summer ago. We were having this conversation of you and I'm really defending come and IRAN's right to choose the team and the city and the franchise they wanted to be with railways is any different. Now for the brown, I think it's different in the sense that he's the third best about time and made a big fuss about I'm coming home the Cleveland and have unfinished business and other stuff and hand picked his team and he's the unequivocal leader you know. I just think he I think has more. I think he has more equity in Cleveland. Well, I mean, let's be honest off
it is about the fact that he's leaving in a year and that's why curricula cigarette Cassius that ultimately come full circle. That's what this is about is that everybody thinks laboriously including the broad James and that leads to carry China proactively control its own destiny. Yes, I think so You learn a lot from abroad. I think that sense that he knows where he can control possessing each year to. I think he ought to go to a place where he has a spotlight and he learned from Lebron James and, as for for you know that the point like each of you guys are making both you gotta be unfair in terms of yes Leubronn, like maybe it isn't getting and of criticism.
Same time, I'm with house and the fact that, like he's just doing what Katy did to suggest a greater extreme controlling his entire brand, I think he, his pr team is masterfully shape, shaped really that the picture we have of Lebron James in the public sphere. So I think, in that sense, Leubronn has kind of made himself into someone who set himself up for not just being the greatest, maybe the greatest brass welfare of all time, but he is big dreams after playing. I think that's really what it's about post playing career and setting himself up for that too abroad lebruns a big thinker. I think a lot of water and it goes beyond basketball. I think it's a fair point. Katy. Definitely that last year left data loaded been uncertain. I think that the differences- and maybe these Cleveland guys from the Katy thing and maybe they are tied together. Where Kyra looks at that Katy thing and says I don't wanna like Russia Westbrook that year after Katy theft
I know what data up this team of the bunch of bad contracts- and you know we're for five wins. I don't know if I trust my honour its like that, though, about the challenge on the way the rustle Westbrook De Retz Weapons Westbrook, just where man VP addressing League come on house about step up to the plate. How then step up to the challenge and either by the inquiry Miller, many other. Neither of us voted for Westbrook West, I dont know Why am I team Korea? This Philip Alston. Amid team period I may attain to may travel abroad and put in pro carry, I just feel like if they really try to trade Kyrie before the draft which it seems like they did. I don't blame Kyrie for being like fuck, you guys how about this here that here's my list of four teams trade me to one of these teams get me out of here. I don't, I think it's legit KFC or the tiebreaker.
Fur was Lebron. James get more blame now. For me, first SAS right now has houses team leubronn media strategy, sad. A medicine is address again. The house saw onward hive revive without address for share out the I'm team, I'm team abroad, but at the same time I understand what Irving staring. I understand, one, a patrol his brain it that's why I'm team abroad, because I get it we want the controls brand in Irving is capable of being much more off the court. Can we talk about how bad the list of carries teams were first Miami amendment he hated playing with the invaders hated it there's a euro. Here's By forty times I wanna be read out the waiters. Minnesota, who has no chance actually go do because they are to have their team set. The next, who have been the biggest clusterfuck in them, league for the last twenty years for any of any big budget team, and then what was the fourth
San Antonio, who has absolutely no way to trade for them consider their here's the Marcus algae. Four carry any area just what a terrible is come. I carry make a better list, put Phoenix As for God's sakes, you endeavouring bucker would be phenomenal. I don't know, I think Irene needs. Immediate strategists maybe needs us he can bring a says in until I work in Miami or totally defensible the other two or not. Antonio, is odd by ethical alot of people. The answer bat. Like wait a minute Cairo Irving once the spotlight, yet he wants to play against Squire Leonard, whose maybe better better than he
is an anomaly we better. I think I think that's a big difference, though I mean quite Leonard, is super quiet. I mean what it what is his brand, I mean Irving, would be the guy on that team. In terms of, I think, the the off court stuff everything else besides basketball, and he would still be in a really right next to quiet and most important score on that team up. So I think that that that will happen, because, obviously, for the reasons you was a bill, but the same time I get it carry still wants to win. I don't think this is just about him lying to get away in planning where just have a spotlight get points get buckets, but I do think for him. Those four teams were a little weird, none of them really work, but, except from annex I understand and extras that's home worth if it had been that pausing s inquiry than you just figure out the rest later that the unbelievable tale. I dont like the fact that I lost a team, carry overs team, Leubronn elections, I'm bring and take tat you get
it carries the fall guy. Le Brown is set em up we're a team carry a bright abroad can dictate everything right is that his leg is seeing the AIDS everyone's. Let's give carry a chance yeah. I really got set up by the Brown I like it. I should have thought of that earlier. This is set up. This is like a like the godfather to That's what's going on here: try to set him up our it we're don't care see! of tube eroded a piece on Saturday and you have another piece on Monday house. Your shack has gone past is up and you have another house of carbs coming with the best pizza chef in the world Chris Bianco than the best
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play sleep easier said than done, especially when you think your noise downstairs install Simplisafe home security system, armed your home with powerful sensors that actually tell you if a door opens our for no breaks. Please don't spend another night, so I can get senior home safety go to Simplisafe, PS, dot com get a special ten percent discount today. That is simply safe with two eyes and again to talk. The thrones show is on our twitter feed at Ringer. Thank you guys. That was fun. I think we pulled it off the three times yet only I don't like that. You guys teamed up, but that's fine. That's fine! I'll get my revenge at some point on like Leubronn, I'm just by adding my That is why I believe that I can finally forgive you guys for all the bad things you said about John Wanna wizards, Kate weapon. To congratulate once again you get you cite. You saw Germano Supermax. I was so worried. He wasn't taken the supermax. Why do you think he changed his mind? You you dirty sons of bitches, we're not talking about it, but bank, congratulations Back Haven, badger voice!
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