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Lakers/LeBron/Bubble Stories with Jared Dudley and Ryen Russillo. Plus a 2021 NBA Free Agency Primer


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo and 2020 NBA champion Jared Dudley to discuss the Lakers' title win, how it felt to leave the NBA bubble, LeBron stories, appreciating Rajon Rondo, the anticlimactic Battle for L.A., young NBA talent, and more. Then Bill and Ryen speculate about 2021 NBA free agency, what teams will have to do to combat the defending NBA champions, Finals media coverage, and more.

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did you buy the ringer dot com and the ringer package that word new re watches went up on Monday. The martian me then then show fantasy and Chris Ryan that is about one of the earliest, since it up and movies that we're done We ve all done legs for five movies from two thousand feet They are the Martian really good movie. We tackled that one come up shared deadly further. First there with me in research and research, and I just keep going go in and go in and tell nephew. Kyle finally said: hey guys, stop, please stop doing the pica. So we stop talking about first, our friends.
I take this on a Tuesday rival, sellers here chaired deadliest here and be a chap just back from the bubble. What's it like with like to be out of the bubble, bear out you guys in Africa, me Cosmo Rye Navy. We get off the plane, we walk there, gives you will be shocking. Redemption gives out of prison in his eyes set aside in order to get out the air felt a different will. We just like we were Sidney for like a minute, just sulky and ends
being outside man, I never been to prison, I'm not saying it was like Bridget, but it felt like you were isolated from the world to do to get it out and then it was in. There have to be a champion and have the trophy no better feeling at that. What is the point you over there three and a half months, Threed Afflux, nutty bodies. So what what they do. You start look around Goin. Oh my god. We have two months left. She got after rocky start because they were prepared to hotel was prepared. That many people when it came from the food like the food, was awful early offered Disney that have a food. They had our ships. Everything ownership they want allowed in the first couple weeks- and
the room service is only available from five p dot m on. So, if you like a meal, you literally had nothing to eat for guys with eating protein bars, broad eating, peanut butter and jelly. Like your. I can't do this and then the food got better. If I got better Steph got back in there just he picked it up and open up a restaurant that every and then by like weak, seven or eight is like me: have you more weeks we have near William Metal? That's why people say the hardship was chip. It was a metal brine that, like maybe there's much wine we drink at the team. Did I get through all this day improves the funny time ago really cause experimental brought. This was his car. Experience right here. Oh that's, interesting, yak ass, he never went. Did it within the only Non College guy there Psmith Non called guideline. Howard now cause guys are preserved. They did it a u turn in this, but this is a door and Your freshman dormer guys rob wanted girls right at other, but this was it all. Is all around the who's a little bit differently
Priscilla. You wanna just alternate question, so we don't step on each other, you go and then I'll take the next. I you brought up soon. Immediately that I really want to follow up on TAT made me: what were you guys drink a lot of wine when you had the restart, and you couldn't shoe like what was going on that first weakened the rainy season game started made the first started for me. My brings to light it, so we had wine first day what is produced for some in my birthday, we're quarantine You know a glass of wine outside my door, you know we're talking through the door is inside out first started, but to be what you were talking through the doors, because you guys interact it's a day. What you can interact you'd, be deplored? You forty eight hours, the books on my birthday was they will it? So I couldn't you know so the wide outside the door. Bobo China, you know, get our drinks in you known a happy birthday just turned thirty five. So that's what if sorry, but you know when you, when you came on the road when it was prepared to
you go all you have a drink. What you guys who saw Braun is, as you know, why can't you sure, so we would have it mostly after wins. After going through the next year, we have practised in Seoul. I took a pitcher in his room of all the different wines we had different deal. He had a wine cellar in there. So TAT was a big thing that we had. It was kind of r r dessert where after wins, we'd all get together. It was cigar outside. Hang it I'll drink, some wine that no there was one thing about the chemistry was, was crazy to see. Well, you know it's funny, because when I met you, we met at Sundance. the dinner a dash dash, got new into the no sugar die and you ask a dash what the order and I, wow NASH, really is a later jeered at least. Ask you what the order but you're this no sugar. They now you with the brine now he's turn you into a wider hock. You know what he deathly up to my wife and take. I would therefore say that he put me another stuff when it comes to this chamber that you sleep
we cover and tell us that we want more about chamber. I would say this: you know he would do on off days, where he's for recovery, where he did it take his Napster might be an hour out to have that no Braun is room. Methodical of his recovery process is a reason why he's and go down as even the greatest or the second or third, or indeed been on your opinion. Opium is because he's recovery process of him stretching every gable. when, after practice, when it comes to him recovering in this chamber, where men I felt like it, you ve seen demolition man when they get out, you know, did it frees up the ices recede, you hadn't bring you back twenty years and a future like he's in this chamber. Zips them all up recovers and it comes out, and I think Gilbert arenas had one in its recovery met. Me is very impressive of how he recovered his body. Okay. So when you get down there and in no way prevents the timeline of it'll happen, and I would obviously like watching the restart and it was, it was hard because it was so
bad. You guys just played below what any of us would expect from you was it that you are still trying to figure things out. Like did, did you know? Hey no problem will flip the switch There are ever any moment of concern that you don't wasn't the way you would because when you finish Bill- and I during the normal bar the rainy season, we're like man- I don't know if anybody wants a big against these guys and then it was this too weak stretch from like what is wrong with them. What for us, it was calculated since, as you know, play bad, but we were putting guys are minute restriction. We had will actually be based clippers game, one. We knew mathematically relating them one seat, so we don't want people for injuries, as you saw interest to be a part of it. So HALO brought low pay twenty five and twenty eight then thank you saw not basically taken it like applauding. We can play the broad, maybe thirty, seven forty minutes then, Randal. We lose Randal game. What about needing game one evening to play the clippers game, so we lose him,
Those under the planet or ball hinder. We don't have were the only teen didn't have a starting come. I think us import limit would trigger. Risa are starting shooting Gardena, come our best onboard defenders of religion, two guards and the now we adding we're trying to play deal. Waiters maternal play, J R, smite, more Keefe was in there and the beginning of our bubble, so it was basically we're? Not taking these games always serious enough to try to win them from a Cote, simply playing our main guys. Let's not get hurt was work on chemist, and that we know what a play come. You still gonna beat us for talks. Do you feel like chemistry is almost more important than town in the bulk, as it seems like the fourteen that made it to the end, including down Boston, we're teams that were tight, and I there has to be something, do that Iraq is, you guys are with each other? They have no distractions. You have your family there for the first half of the whole thing and if the teams either
getting law does not have? A great leader has some under surface she going on all that's that's gonna bubble up and above all, right. No pun intended for sure that that that was our voting at the beginning. even during a registration during the pen before the pandemic, our chemistry, granted the Halloween Party employed a birthday party us on the road Having you know at the ugly sweater Christmas everyone's showed up, it wasn't suddenly guys it was fifteen guys we hung out on the after gains win or lose will be to forging losing street. You didn't hear me tweets about the broad him doing something passiveaggressive. We had them. That's because He could tell you someone: could we had a conversation me wonder abroad in the locker room, and it was before I got willingly type of bronze and was Randall That again- and I didn't know your possible abroad- will take you out at the end of saying goodbye funny him and found that looks like I'm someone. This is going all out for each other's feasts. This is how the scene
Can it be he's our roles in it? You can't conformed to the wall, then you should be consequences of not playing and so at its Randal. A little second suggest that which he started doing in the White House. work took him. An adjustment of Hellas misses the war. We need you and, as you saw, is chemistry was number one, but what it is we have upon an eighty, it would seem Wanna go small ball. We had a decent s, Mobile five and the positive small force. You knock out small bodies t unless you have Katy staff and clay and remind you that last when I face netting it's all over the course of time this is gonna- be hardly be a second thoughts. What's the best way for all of us will never understand what it's like to be around Rondeau. We can hear the stories we can watch him but, as you just said, You almost had remind him of his role, which I'm sure he's not super inviting being question because of his personality, Billig. What's the best way to x
weighing the rondeau experience. Now that you ve gone through it, and basically, he turned into a completely different player again was a huge bar. I think, of a success. I felt vindicated circus I've, never! I never saw by Rondeau stock. Ever any point. I had a from two thousand and seven You know how it is. Rondo, Rondo Imma give you the good in the bad cuz. I love Rondeau when dressing bad use. The word stubborn stubborn, his weight in a sense of keeping so he'll eat for so long The point our supper, then you know it all you get. You lose some of that. His I q is the best I've ever played with an appalling that human grown on the same level where we broke down still so much ass. You gave five. I call him we breaking down failed or bringing that don't you
use a series we go in the bronze Rome we are. Can you give me an example, like the Houston SIRI, some Rondeau points out and fills me you're like all, while I like a way out for sure it's like what we are in our playing hearted, if somehow we're not aggressive enough and he'll, let it has made and make up his own stuff and that's the bad sometimes, because what he's really really good at it, he'll get deflection. Who do the bat tat he didn't? You know any. Does the bosses years we get out steals. Did he basely helpers when a series, but once I wonder which will let us know your freestyle? Would you like to know so that we can cover up for use or youth research? We don't know where he's going out of genes hard he's moved we hit when he got back. The fourth is usually third drivel. You must use that back, so he can soon he's he's critiquing it on that type. A level hate when he goes on to his Eurostat is sixty five percent going dissuaded. That way like he is us about when it comes to know people's tendencies in putting it up and that's what you saw the Jimmy butlers it it was him. Are you what pick it up
the butler forgot, I'm tired, this man till a comfortable bride. You gotta pick him up, so you saw. That is why not pick it up Rhonda, that's what he did James harder to get to steal the background. So he knew that this method is electronic data green. When the last game I was like, what are they doing, they cross matched here was now we're just whoever's neurons pick them up right now, that's one that was windows, idea, untidy and enhancing and felt his untiring. This man being comfortable were pig the mob we'll make. If you will be, the only he's only play macaroni was seen. It is the only guy complaining for anyone else. They'll have coins are not healthy, he's only I can make placed over been aware him all the way down that forty seven minutes he's gonna be a lot different this time, and I salute him for coming up with their game play in being so confident to instil confidence in all of us. Like you, Why random? You know on the flip side, teams didn't that too, you especially the brand, and if I had a critique of other teams, you played there's this difference with the boy
because a who he is that you know if he's gonna, bring the bower an impression I'm full core, I'm tryin, to exact everything a mile I can get a that due to fish driver the basket hard found every time led. Him complain get faggots whatever, but it seems like there's so much respect for that guy, but there was the first are you played in four ran sue just carried himself like all right. Let's go told it so and I wonder why don't you think more teams do that as he just so elevated above everybody, people are afraid to challenge them this now I usually those players that do the role guys like abuse of your memory. First games TAT, there was doing that they put their Vano. He was taken up for court and so are counter was to have either eighty every Bradley was right there, not as comfortable with it is, is star players. Dont want to do that. This issue, with the broader Wanna pickup Jimmy about their full court, noted your time in a play off just to confirm its energies of possible so
we, the Denver Jemmy Grant, would do it without our deepest of guys. We, your tongue out, you need the inward those of the world the jail in Brussels. That are a condition that dont need escort, wait. Twenty five points relating only to be able to do that and so teams and had personnel. I think the first thing. I think that the clippers would have done that and asked why we were playing deal. Waiters, basically prison game. When we add eating points we need another boy and that we had no rondeau. Maybe we'll start. I wonder what we d kaluza we might have had to adjust, and so our coaching profiteering of to be able to not play this guy Dwight. How would you start crusoe? You start is very rare note you saw her doing finals one time to put your dollar. Ok I'll, give you that before us is clear from the start all year, his first thought the NBA Finals Game six, a lot of balls to do that and that you got salute photo on another ain't, no MMS doing that. What was the real?
What are you guys say to each other when he saw the clippers blow that three one let your land lasted? We were laughing that just like. I can't believe. Like I picked it up, game, seven there's no way, I thought they were gonna lose our home, it was we gonna beat clippers. We want the clippers they wanted us. It was the trash talking that happened. Tat death check ball during the pandemic, play off, be talking about the best, even comply climbed the commercials. The clouds were seen always billboards up here, and so when we got a practice every day with a cold
the boy we feed is double were every single. Yes right there why there is like, as of now, if this were the world, wants it the world, picking the clippers we have it at the papers were happy. Every rallied in short to the public, as he was picketing, went with those thing about tat death. Every Bradley we'd be stuck on tat. They have written the game of the one who gave you were the one. Can we be assured that we set? The tone for my head is how you gonna guard you, and so we were looking for that matter, but no one like it was crazy he paused George, you decide backward. Why not have that, but those boys did want to being the bubble. They didn't want to be there and I don't blame him for certain times, but the world need to see the clipper some letters and it was unfortunate. We need to see that
You cross pass with those guys even before they got knocked out and a greater we're female tail, so how they worked was the top for teams on each conference were in the same hotel. So he had us clippers us what we saw Boston everyday. We saw my any. I remember, jimfred we'd be Denver and eighty has a shot, bolting a walk into the Both MRS came at the same time and then when we lose the Miami that what I'll do I'll make sure as personal showcasing tat ours, guys walking in and when my anyone's gangster their whole staff as parting. In Lahti we hear them, don't carry Oki like may use a weird by banning it really was I mean you didn't add thereby made so it's definitely was death. It was different, interesting Jimmy in in the series it I've been elevated. His stand what it whatever it was before you get out of the ground. We know the rules work with guys, but because he was taking on this, I'm gonna eat cut
this character to wait. It's like I'm the best, I'm not afraid to anybody, and I don't know if Lebron started with him saying they're in trouble, but after they get that first game and he starts screaming they're in trouble. What was the mindset like? What were you guys talking about with each other once it's definitely got a little like even get really chest about who they were in files. We knew they didn't have enough. Let us be honest: we knew that, but we knew that we could let our guard down their whole thing. Is your plane you know here. All lobbyists in coming off. The thousand are very similar to the warriors. Innocence of you know them there's Re Maud and they got you. True. Shooters were ass good, but still they come up these different pinned down. They do a split action when they drive they look for. It Europe is Jimmy. We knew Jimmy had to basically get Robinson. He said, he's only has one game, six, seven breeze and so for us was hey. This is locked into a. We can control, don't let go.
then said he'd these trees, that are we let your guard down. Heroes are working. We know the person is even now he was making every floater every tough shot. We know that he's a cut back to earth and average Emmi was we ass. A gauge amiable, too, must respect with. We wonder Forthem left in the post. We didn't double. We let him just go to the basket. Sohemus game easy to really took us to gain six wherever he listened tracking Should you two small guaranteed we're gonna pick you up for coach and ass because we respect their shooters. You wouldn't want to give them open looks, but we were so ticked off my game. Six waiting here anymore. drug each piece of very saying you knew they didn't have enough Post Roger even before the series of origin or force even before this year's countrymen draws youngsters. Even if I did it didn't happen. Doubtless you know you guys been covered by longer than I have been a lively since a bite
Come on we're not a hundred other child. It we ve, got to tell it to top five guys back in the days when it comes out to it. You gotta stop the body, you you have to double every time, doubt you can't be like the warriors and let's stay home, we want along the broad and then you better outsource does not their game plan so, for us is where we were missive. Adding one thing we must, when you read in three points like that's what you gotta live, would like as a college, you gotta to be scared and on office, We doubt that is so. We just new listened attentively to your role in nobody's gonna. Beat you for a second Yeah I mean that is. That was the case for a bedding Lakers in game. Sex is be looked at. The rightly pointers in your leg, man those shots were open and they're, not even that well them and Airbus in his by images like our right. That's what can it be? I still vague dragon. To her you guys fuse What the EU would unleash Bam a little back his eye. It was that
is losing him, but you know now bans that, the screen roused up, but that it would have been a hard or series by him had a reliable way, is to win even despite you have in the best to prayers. But I have a question about the brain. So if you had pie, chart for motivation for him last dance for five weeks in a row, and this all Michael Jordan orgasm for a month and a half days? by everybody the COIL Leonard, is now the best prepared, the league narrative and then I'll go
other, maybe there's zoning us and that they can ever Scylla. It seems like those were the two big it all the mode of eight heart of it, which is, I think, all connected. The kind of what you're saying I mean I just don't know now being told all these people were: writing you guys off, and I really felt like it was a clippers or Lakers. Either you a favor, I dont know I think you could first but us at the end of it. We ve got three for sure, and I think that I thought people thought D. It was such a bigger gap. People haven't quivers such a bigger gap in us, and I am really understood the Adobe Redeemer when his sins of omission. How it wise. I just thought that people didn't Dingley road, how good Casey P s. I know you my struggle early the year, but he had timely, big shots. I was getting more chief Morse heating enough privately. Did you know you ve got it? I think the air is a fair man. You know very well, but with
broadly load. You do think there you go back to that yeah! Ok, so crazy was even definitely after the game. There is definitely he's playing their respect card and I'm trying to think like who is that targeted to, as it did Michael Jordan model. I flung lapped answers at the collide thing. Is it both is there's something else I what was your interpretation and I think, that's a great what could develop into a low nugget? I I was. The last names were brought us a huge ordinary. He has all the respect we, although we will. We grew up watching in the document, and we watch that every Thursday Saturday, every Thursday Sunday we was wasn't that and so the respect level abroad has. The Jordan is unmatched steps forward I think when it comes to his respect level of taking these guys on the same level, the pie chart
ok, why included even having direct covered raised phenomena champion? All that like there is a gap in idea, understand because Leubronn in you know play off the broad and reckless seated he picks and choose his slight. Listen I got out, they want with me. You're gonna last is ok. Scope for us is how it is this. What we lost foreign arose, no panic in December that the sure I'm here goes, the reports we are seeing different stuff. Maybe a tweet passive regrets. How could you so called everyone, because we could talk it up, so it out it out. It was a Jordan thing, because Braun knows that different people, I just joined eyes, he went to more Jordan, we acted out, they're gonna go with that you're go with that, even old, brought long Jim. I'd go play to export trade and I had been able bodied scorns. I was also done he's. Gonna have thirteen finals, appearances, any bite with five or six rings, given those six and also his old thing was elusive. I'm dummy my ear, I'm gonna. Have that yes,
cream. I wanna coupled you, but when it comes to Croatia other guys put some respect. My name, is it there's a gap? Does he always been a gap that led me to solidify? With this, which is basing its public happened ship, Let's stay on this bill, cuz. I'm already have like a million follow ups here, because I do think the part that I've struggle with the past with Lebron is, if there's the regular season, where it's still ridiculous, but were judging him against its peak and, like my staff, had some of those like flawless regular seasons. You go away to stop in better than him and to be fair, I think they're times you go like is Lebaron behind it. A few guys. the end of the year you're like a kid. I was stupid and we should have done it and that's where he wins, but you're watching the last dance with him yeah does he want in go half an hour had a phrase this this Is he watching go, I'm still better than this guy Ccs? Did he see an episode worries like damn? Maybe maybe this dude was better than me. I mean I know it.
Happy you never gazetted Blake was there any part of that where it was almost a conflict for him? No, I know I know I was here since, unlike I never heard him say a common like tat, it was his soul. I meant might was a bad boy or the Robins serious she loved the wine and series we all did like broadly links. Manlike. Imagine social media can go into dangerous for three days like we were. We thought that, like we saw that We just trip that will. Let me ask me, I like it would at which would seem hard do that negative who arrived at in this area which, unlike you left, but I just think that, like some of this stuff that joy joy, I was therefore very social media actually got killed for that. Maybe the Braun had to go through. So it's not imagined. I was about this imaginative little Ragin tv shows. If the brow was like hams, America play four year a year and a half years it with the help of this. About coming to play tennis cabinet off it up forgotten in the final round of talks. We again
there aren't any age. I would not want or got guy you leave. What you dad go to go gamble by always represent like merely want, is for a lot of different stuff. I bet you bet you have you see, fighters everyone gains about politics, and always up more than about my bed, stop this man to go to them? There is crazy how he handles it. Their gdp ask of trying to everything the white way trying to be a role model in the day, is the man he's competing? What's a goal? Is a man that here what loving and analyzing insult you it's. It's a healthy respect, this all things in the day but you didn't. You have always award and indecent before us decided in either way. This was to be he's. Wasn't scene. I ok, but I figured If the only on a window is, though he could the career thing I think the peak thing will be up to the person, but, like you next, when you talk of before about him sleeping in the second chamber,
him have in a chef in all the different. Things that he has that enables inert recover and keep playing until his forty, an atheist that twenty years ago, even the stuff, when you were NASH, those that late two thousand ten my ring was like first guy who was even thinking this way about, like oh shit, I'll cut out sugar. I sleep better. Take naps that, but even thought of that stuff before him and Cobby. So I think it's like impossible to compare from longevity. In anything before two thousand and eight, but we all know endorsed by got kids- were dropped, beat up playfulness Macgyver towards joint, join Adam Lifestyle,
Have we seen what lately come away at the attitude of the soldiers like the brightest carers bilateral abroad? I mean maybe you're right the site. I agree with that. The sum of their distress run at night when he wakes up in the morning. Don't you differ lunges him doing different subject came in the weight will know. Jordan was a huge wigwam got around with you on that. The different sizes of debt, but even today, even with cheap players have set the he does is weaker than anybody, including s me Steve, Taiwanese all the time to stop the he does like like having direct Tiree. Nobody had they have. These guys has his own old trainer all strange coach. He has all the staff so what he does even now, had a players we have down, I've been on, superstar teams was shack and etc. He distinctly different level in knowing that you know you're, Jordan Guy. I think everybody even reluctantly is like a Jordan arrogant. I especially for Berlin Eyes, or is it weird that that here,
Braun don't have much relationship, even though he's chasing him, or is that the reason why the relationship problems of his goods, maybe we will think on the outside? That's one question in that. Second, I think that bribe from me looking for the outside, the aim is, I think, you're a simple girl, but she's dumpling. You know, rock a big black activity, odor, and then it could be on that side of the wall and talking in a language that I wonder why we will go from one time. During the day we were to go, watch doping in there's some he went he thinks about. Into so maybe get a copy with Jordan and a brothel Bobby S. Thoughts have relations, but right now he saw in the moment. Endured knows in a moment is kind of moment: it's a healthy, it's a healthy race to try to go get it, so it is always respect the music. like them. It is something we could be like wink when, when Braun anymore, going away, they want like Super Emmi, they were close, but that not nearly was he retired. Like Braun one thing he said about Cobby waking was, I mean I've never seen this any more happier more.
You're being fitted before ass. More have your coming through. The games smiling what his daughter like he does seem to like. He was at peace of his life, and I think that you'll see that with Jordan and the boy was he's done, You ve ban what what year was your first year? Oh seven or eight seven so You been in the league, basically the entire time of the brand new Miss basically his college years in their claim in Algiers yeah. There's there's an eye- and I say this as a compliment: there's a meanness to him now that he did not have those first ten years that I feel like grew in a good way, where even we look where he was in Miami that first DOW a series, some as the Dallas did turn? and I really noticed it sixty in that especially two thousand eighteen- is last Cleveland Year when there is just as agri side. That came out, and you could see it again in these play ass, where he could. His bully boy is his way to the rim. Basically,
whenever he wanted something he couldn't do. Ten years ago, we see stuff like that. When he's we're powering light that, first, Was it in there? The whole time did the internet. Come out did did just get beaten up. as on ten and eleven the competitiveness like. How do you develop that midway through your career. Where does it come from? I you're asking me in I think Laval would agree. With this note. I don't mind about it out of him. I think him going you're that culture is because they want to look like a military body. Fat every Monday has one allows. The morning he heard the stores of Pat Right walkin in everyone lining up like you're, a drill sergeant and embracing this new paths during shoot around take during shoot around it is it's a modular, listen, we're gonna
I'll tell you even when they lost she tough, and let me know how TAT rally had much earlier. It therefore merely step that was his college expenses Emma hate I had to go away. I had to learn. Stop d, we cheating of some things him learning from your did the different players and haven't guys like you want. How are you know, like the bronze always had to meet on their into the bends, to help him you want how James shops I was that guide issue, I'm in the womb breaking down till you, ve heard what the Bible and I'm say during the week during the games down he'll do now. I settle dont for Monday's rest. Bidding them give you two calls you're gonna make it up. You know how these rest only couple called torch, we're trying to even out where are your weight LE branded a cause of the play of Cyprus for their use? meeting at a final. You saw the weight that if we really do not want to call those caught, they don't want traded on both weights and are sometimes we have guys dating gets. You could see, they don't want you little what those genes hard in Euro flats,
given seals. The players look, look a woman in a second third round: the go down and Leisure Jimmy Butler initiating concepts. Jumping into you do not give new type of policy from the brain is leubronn flax in different ways. He flashed to act like he's, hurt different as my leader, but he's got a european flapper decimal political way. You ve done that he's more strength and he doesn't get some of them than I thought should, but it sets the tone present even a field, this freight train every time you know eight having get em, it's like the shack thing he so. Finally, on the Rev egos, but he's following him and he's that budget crises of freight train either I don't think I've found that meanwhile got hacked pressure. Insult for me is He learned to Miami in and now he conserves it because he knows from intercept what you can't would have again you. If you play that same way. He did. He would be left out solicit on autonomy,
Eighty eighty, I need I need you take over. I need your beliefs or something I need to have it. You know what that means still covers. Let me give the penny passes boy, you, you know what that we take an honest. I'm are taken for this game to let him know in the end, in a play off when it comes out to this, what you gonna happening between time, you guys might be thus we might be to which you gonna have any green garden, bona chips round the table, collider, I'm garden and networking visits the reckless use, a different players on the pledge that those times you go on, although kinda to runs what about the game, I kinda run seven against mass by MS, which end up. That's done last week on its winning times. You now that I have to beat me seem our time unless you have those waterside team is gonna, be tough. I have some eighty stuff, I wanna get too, but I have it. I have to share with both of you my favorite officiating moment of the season and want to be on time favorites, for which I was at the
Mr Denver series remarked Avis yelled at the other official after the broad and yelled at him, any change the call and David said: hey. You can't just change the call of the booms lit Elliot issues. It is that was hysterical that we actually here at official yelling at another official saying, stop giving indolent? Did you guys catch thy mommy you told me about it. I had a useless you're that was Larry's. If you look at it brought his intention, the guy calls are found if we are not debating the foul, I don't know what it's what happened with the word. It touched the gap. You're right, I'm terrifically, both the whistle and mergers. Are you can't do that? Comes over a warlike anymore, be signal. I know he is wrong with you. I need to call and so I feel you, don't you see that you don't hear. That's why I wanted to make for the rest. I wanted you gonna. Do this old buddy list? Let him here how players talking.
We do it last. Maybe the outer love that have let you can't have been: let's get the entertainment wings being love. What you're you're here, Westbrook spearheaded cuss worse, but you'll, hear how we talked a player in a like refugees. Back at us decided to be offered to the bottle. I thought your beside the rest in a good way like stop complaining, listen to me! More gave his knees, guys I thought about them one mistake in DNA, not having a rest microphone to be able to have for the people, however, do it they would never do that bad at two hundred and thirty to protect the hay when it comes to my great hires for your business. He may be up against of obstacles like lots of applicants, but difficulty finding the ravens for your job or find time to higher, while running a business plan trying to insure workplace safety. That's why need Zapruder entertain?
the industry healthcare mean. Fashioned business services, whatever zip recruiter, makes hiring faster and easier, and now you drive for free cypriot outcome. Such BS first imposed job insecurity, get set out. Several hundred top besides then zip code, powerful matching technology hustles for you to find people the right as principal job unless into a pie. In fact, she got the stat forty five employer supposed to unzip fruit aquatic, and it was in the first day so add zip code to roster to help you win There again try zip code for free superior decamp, such bs, Zip code, Dhaka such BS. smartest a higher zipcar before we get the Davis, as one question about the quality play, because they are so- make sure we know forget this I've couple friends outward for some of the games, who, in the last two rounds, they were talking about how fucking intense it was
and how locked in the prayers were- and I was talking with one of them about just like reasons for this, and we are lacking a less distractions like you, that is basically like being in a really nice out there prison but you're so focused. Nothing has really think about and then the same continuity of the shooting background, you're, not traveling, all that stuff, but one of my friend basically saying no idea how good the basque Bowers, like I'd like that Friday night game, which was just one of them, asked played finals games, I think I've seen. Could you feel that being building did it feel differently from equality a play for yes, the intensity and from the benches being so locked in and now you know each other's plays you're calling it out. Now you got me on the road and you got brought about side, and he can't really here so now. Everyone, the attention to detail, is up to a high standard. You have the cultures. Will the video for
and replace a clearly about ever play worked. They can give that they can show you wanna Didier within one minute because of a bit of the streaming of the game go much there. I tat. I shall at it think about it. Even think that that's eight, we had that still winded challenge when not to challenge. It was a lot of stuff supposed to go to. man from technology. You I like you felt like those guys. Could you actually could have a voice during these games, because you are being drowned out by the fancy, the music to all of you, I mean listen. We we helped on savings. Threes of players will react because it appears that even across the court, you can hear it may it is like an open, Jim and even the fans that way did it, but they were allowed to talk to you. You couldn't blue and make noise. Are you could hear lily everything? So I know what you guys are watching that crowd noise we'll here. That is its silence, so you could hear a drop people complaining and I just thought
the level play was high. I thought that people are engaged in your right. All you had to focus was basketball. People had tell me some didn't know. Distraction of females. People were going to clubs, no drink it all you are, and so that's why. I think that the shooting minded improved from us. Pre told me no fans, but I take the biggest thing for us he's just playing every other day and not have to travel in the building block in. I thought it was good for us. I thought the more these we had off the worst we looked at the detail is one: I favour players from day. One of the few let him all the time. I think the pelicans failures that almost nothing to do with him, and then he comes you guys, I feel like he was almost not reluctant, but sometimes I think he doesn't realise how special he
is and whether it was him being assigned a Jimmy Butler after gained three, where you could see no butler had a good stat life again for was a completely different approach. You wasn't attacking the way had been right, the previous games and then what I think we all want. It is why don't they just clothes they cause? If you close with him at the five I know it is like to play the five big eyes get weird about stuff and position. But then you come into game. Six is ok by the way we're gonna go small Caruso in David, the five no Dwight getting hunted the whole time. Give me that the best way to explain the cat evolution of Anthony Davis and it's not that he didn't think with special, but you being around for this long and seeing his growth in a year, I think of the firstly, my auntie Davis, that Y know him when he came in. Thank you, wanna be deepened to play view yourself, be empty p, he's a common challenge. The brain and the first part We had Jim called about. No, I called these people to coverage any given. You dont, be vocal guys offer him to set the tone. Ok, he notices his ruin, his team when it comes,
offensively of how to make an impact you. Why did he declared the year he's column abroad out early on different stopped? He made the boy pick up his intensity. for the duration of the regulation, and we all know rights pissing chooses spots. Will you couldn't do that when eighty one to be deepened to play the year, one to be the top deepens the team and now she's making sure we have every browser guarding the boy? Now the broad, if you have you met that we decide on top, and so does the first thing. I note for him now that the basque or wise he can handle it. He can shoot it. He composed up So we are trying to put guards on them and my hoping was amply eighty in the fourth quarter. I don't want you the corner I could be in accord with our job is about where we want to resolve the boy shoot it gonna pick a role, switching Gimme, some ducking force us to want to be with you in that you thought again, six NGO dollar duck in a delicate known like when he becomes aggressive and that mindset- and that was the best play with one- could plan blotted out of lots of your view
it's time to go- he's got you like. You could see like the weapon talked. He was waiting for anybody else. Eta should be, and so abruptly had evolution is. You saw that was kind of my job with him. I hate when their posting you, when you're posted up and are doubling their ticket again, you Anthony dates they can't figure out his by doubling or because you have a mere Wednesday. Picking all Wandel adapting helps you have the elbow he shot at it was to keep her shit from a range of shots. Is unheard of from a big TIM Duncan Big, as is all these guys? I had it, and so for me is once I saw him to be able to bow to the injuries that he did, because that was the knock on right he's in New Orleans. He gets hurt kept this decision. Your meat opposite way
stay in that we keep going. I just saw him the broad, pushing and getting them in that we were doing it is it. Is I deal in the twenty scheme for doing ass? It is always fully their individual brought. What he wants it s, the eighty. She just show an immensely I'll, be sick guy to you, and so it is their relation with special I'm gonna get to be a part of its the best powerful using yes, he is on a country that I didn't Duncan was more to set standard. Innocence of you knew exactly gonna give him Duncan. Did you go inside out? I think eighties way. More talented, better defensively could Deacon Guard and pushing this morning to switch on boss range I think eighty has ignored your level. I think we all agree on it, and the question is this: is my second gonna be like you? Listen, I'm gonna do even more aggressive, and you know my breast. It doesn't mean injury. It just means that my tat love was gonna, be that if you have to be Coolby asked what he can take it up and at a level that I expect it to be.
Next year at the champion it as it won't even increases even more because I remember I wrote a calm. When did he have his breaker after buggy went down where those two years ago read two thousand eighteen, yadda yadda Davis. What that terror- and I wrote a calm basically about he's Duncan to point out that the differences he has the ability. I don't know, eight nine times year did just come lately eviscerate somebody right to put up like forty in eighteen, steadier use an incredible team. A great play off guy, but Davis has this little extra. a dissertation factor to his game. When, and you know, when you see a right, you know then, like six minutes is our biggest timber. Did you start again when knife- and I like you, have gained your right and in forty seven first members? Is that thing about him ass, for how clever mirroring shooter? Yes,
It happened to me earlier my career. It takes you about a full year. You're gonna have to become a good three points, you're just because that two three feet that's his neck, develop waited three ball like he could open, looks he fear about low thirty's held once you get some thirty six. Thirty seven he's gonna go for twenty five, for the twenty eight just about twenty twenty two have liked, and then that will open up the perfect jump into how that works like this, this guy's a linear and sulphur him, it's like taking care your body not give her and being more aggressive, might listen. We, he knows Yes, you can be them better and you should be in repeating this legal Andy De La Braun parents of work. I mean when he was in Miami. It worked get what he was the same ages. Those guys carries younger, but Kyra is difficult and it still worked and then it Didn'T- and then it was over last year's awash is labelling for the first time gets her. How important do you think not just eighty probably looking up the Le Braun, the player has been at least so much longer, but that age difference where you have to of art like at work
two of the four best players in league- it that's right worst, it would be, but that they're not the same age kind of fighting over that same stuff, that what happens in this Lee were of guys the same age and on the same team. It's a cool, I kind of want to win, but I definitely my love and all the extra staff to maybe more so than winning where this doesn't seem to be the case at all. The important things are the right things he looked up to him. He wants his cap in high school, ranging baffled king Gos, namely that self eventually he was a big man that want to be able to dribble wanted to shoot, and so it was more like a melody. That's a big brother. So it's your right he's not fighting over it and Lebron like the one thing rosebud label is among the most and shop superstars ever came in ass, a great dogs, the boy he wants to give him the bottleneck, early in the year we were force feeding. Eighty listen! We want you to have the boss of their sovereignty to respect level, can be a big brother, the broad telling on how greatly is and how you are even tapped into it
and then I think, they're coming to allay. He listened too. We can do here, no lay its immense Emmy disfranchised, we noticed Celtics is the layers and if a mixed ever gets, you're it out at the end they could ever so that they can have it is. It is now that the figure it out myth and now is what we want in the first year and we put or roster with which within allied settle down that they don't start talking about five in a row combined ruined my we get the hell were you forever podcast Romena. You talk about a whole decade. You know my teacher g ever hit us. You see out the lines on the wall. For these guys, medical ethics is gonna, be a better way. to come back sure. Ok, I agree that it be an m next to the island, about eighty, nine, not to say the guy. If If the oddest Duco Lukas the shadow,
he's coming out an oh. If its next year, various bab he's looking. Is there? I listen, I'm I'm impressed by Looker IQ or brought me to highly of an ideal the possibility that he as our once history Ball, Britain is gets up there too. You should allow for how they should raise his not being let it was still use Eurostat, getting guy style in his his near you, Jim, the ferries that I get strong, he is the delay in he had to pick up defensibly. He can't just be a liability like a horrid ass before that's what he's Laszlo Development and that's a team to look out for you. Worked out that I totally agree crews. What years was a branch, he's probably already played in this, would LUCA take it. Take em. There's wing teach a man to take. Of his body, but as he's doing, it is planning all this lake stuff in there and and really like China mess with a little but mentally while making it seem like he's helping.
Thank you that could be happy in Dallas. What's gonna there you gotta get out of there. do you like little abroad staff as their drinkin? Why, and I could see him he's a chess master. So they beheld Europe, Europeans think differently. Americans, you gotta did against that. Is Europe euros different plus some? I look at you know how it works in this when you're restrictive phrase, if you're the only seven years you take that four year stood out in you, gonna get the Kyoto the three clear, often after four you gonna do that suffered death, so he slid a powerful at seven but lookers. There look at tat fine and next year, Proceedings can be healthier. They as some of my youngest who that's that's this between in Miami right, maybe maybe with warriors those three level one. Would you wait? That's it does your three: what about myself tax, not fish, I'm sorry about your yadda yadda, yadda, Vietnam, illicit Tatum, Love Tito, ah love their young core wedding.
you were going, what it can do, a gourd. He would that's the big factor tat. They need They have an exorcism form or something. I have never seen anybody with worse luck for three years. It is tat you know I was eager to Kindle was he shall write em, you listen now, the brass? He was coatings job when he doesn't those big the seal week we copy them. We try to get why Intervale to get the big, Tatum and and and and Campbell Embrowned. Eight to ten point is up picking role, the biggest
Conseil, we called the Boston, the Boston Roll out. Yet the way right you re, so they need here what they initially you're gonna have to. Anyone. Be like they like new ties, cancer is cancer, but I did there there won t quit what did you just for all cancers, cancer and also, as you said, that you may like when it comes to, let you know that you're gonna defect, you know in a play off we're gonna pick on you. They don't pick on Kimball manner. She how it isn't so workers party can go any body, listen sporty she's right support. You get our mobile pinpointing, that's where my unexploited Priscilla, the do you and ass the Dwayne Howard questioner. Why don't you take this? I don't trust. Myself the very beginning when they were talking about life, the boy, who enjoy ended up at the only party by himself, I thought that's the most right. Our thing however, and I didn't know if it was good or if it was bad, did what it all meant me with the full yeah
there is like the dj and and people can figure out how it was actually go in honour of just Dwight went by himself gimme. Your best white story is probably the safest way too. yeah good good way to ask how to me. I got two we're funny: Dwight how's type stories for one we're in allowing the hate invitingly covers crib. You said no, because you're an Atlantic goes temporarily. You like, I, was doing my snip snake collection, but forget you attach to extinction. Mistakes have twenty four snakes, Why? The hell? You have twenty four snakes. yeah there's one thing I wanted. I really don't take out because it takes you like three four hours to get us back in the Ets is cases it three for how it, how big it make your way out of this. Like thirty sixty at some point you it's not the zoo.
And so you don't you know the language. You look far out be cribs, so that was one thing about white, because the snakes was. It was different. Second story: I have written a total of eighty six glass wouldn't know what I was sick flags, and yet we played a sports tomorrow. He ain't gonna, jump out of office cliff that goes. Doubtless there we are going to come and are watching fatalities, hoping he owed he'd always wanted the thrill of jumping up and down a roller coaster. He jumps thirty feet in the air it around. It he's a little bit different. We love, we couldn't have won the dimness years without it. He's crucial, we need to bring back. What do I am you, listen for him, a sacrifice that- and I say, sacrificed allowed teams and went away how our noting, when it took a lot of dreams. Everything right. I wouldn't worry about it. How did you come back good? The became ready, hurry destroyed that work out. You came in and why our users are what we want the shepherds. Well,
funny, because you talked about how great the chemistry was on the team. You need it one oddball guy right, if that, if the team is really close, you also need somebody is gonna like talk about in by the unwanted on the job, but I should have the right yes or who are the guy's, not wonder what right, but we can't we run asserts the pot summons, there's a guy who questions everything who you know has always having to say that our land over sure? Why did we do it? The way I was at a hundred different since about disliked. Why do your job is? Are we ready to do the job once, but one of his iq so high, like I'm, a Youtube video Listen. You d is one of those who want us to apply and everyone else meant was used,
come on. J R is a little off the reservations ray. I came to the ears of the air with our youngest Bessie, Aber he does have you know he called me. Take it out week we play for force in Algeria with big on the social justice of us. Talking about us was doing bellicose, hit him and his daughters, the W Ba Hepburn Algerians owners. He was beat for that one behind the scenes that people need to know about it. he has stirred up now. Maybe if you did a whole year, he hitting it, they had it in into bill. Was that the court you like free spirited hit? You know how easy it was funny guy, but I mean Belgium. It is a perfect mixed met and if a frame vulgar wasn't comes out of, wood worked out that he gets enough credit, because no ego you're dealing with always start later. I've stars- and sometimes he he sits back in the six conversations and her with the competition is over the years that our now moving on monoculture has such an eagle eye. Listen up now.
Can't fight with this thing. This team was it like that in that shot out the Raab, Lincoln Seventh, on his accurate kimono. I know that the trade you didn't make it too much weight the Dwight Howard. No one wanted every Bradley threats, the different pieces, Marquis floors of the deadline. I think that he is just those two things to say. I want to follow a moron unbelievable before we forget here, just because I think coaches, Get all this scrap because they got a lost. This guy does know anything, they lose a play, a game, Haider and I'm just always pushed back at me like that. How quickly we assume guys out coach by the other one is, if the other one can figure out what the other is doing in the players and do it man what's different about voebel and compare
the two other coaches and not necessarily thing better or worse, but something that's different. Like the scattering report on voebel preparation, we had was phenomenon the best I've had it not been the leader of the great Kulturstaat rivers when we first guide downward breaking down Houston to Denver to mighty Emmy on each player of going out there. Everyone knows. Ok, they drive this many times right. When he goes to the lakes hammy drills, it takes to go to step back going through their place. That continent detail defensive because he's a difference of guy of how he wants to be played in the sea. It now transpires. Lots of people want to practice. We have had to suffer so the Phil sessions at an of the scouting department, him you think about it. You may heated pick a lot of his fancy. Dusting feel, hence it for him to Billy ingrained himself with them. He feel take overload, deepened your near Jake, you take some offers added, listen to them, build a critique it,
and with I just thought. The preparation was taught you to appoint. Is there was a couple film stuff I think was after the either the Portland through the Portland, It is a game and see how we gonna play the sky report. I'm a black clap ended up my ass, a hell of a scout, however job, because here too often have thoroughly works, and so you know the brass teams of the world. The car allows the you know you you you, the part of the note your pic of of former, like that you to get him over deepens of guy. Does he had an indian A lot of these, what you get the pieces you have, you know we don't have the Tatum's in the Jaylen Brown and Tyrese and Kimball. We were a team that had two superstars and roll players that were limited or some stuff that we could do. Oh, I do want to rehash other bubble boycott stuff goes. It's been doubts about a million but you're. Somebody who's like us right you're in hotel room, you're. Reading all this stuff. Here, probably on Twitter, you read that effort articles
as your reading. This stuff get covered the boycott the day after everybody in the ballroom divide. The voting eventually the Cooper. That not what I want to play. Maybe the Lakers thou Wanna play all this stuff, How aware are you of all the coverage? How aware is the team and had he drowned that stuff out when you try to both accomplish? Are the social justice Duff care about, but also like you have this title, that you start the worry about. I mean it was. It was difficult because we may listen every person or phone twenty forces. I don't care. What anyone tells you we re everyday, Braun knows you say some so crazy, because maybe there friend tells obscure Bailey Stephen. I always invite your spanish army, you, Mister sharp. We read everything in some people using motivation for this.
and just as one of what's going on me and no walking out laying we're going to that process. I know what is happening at people being fired up, but we still have a chip is, should we want to win you know. People back home and community state is bigger than basketball, but yet the NBA players, the past, sacrificed so much for us to make so much money. Are we going to go down the drain for the future NBA players? That means that we can get back to you, and I just think that once we took a gate. Attitude was even two days of sleeping on it, go to the pros and cons, and I think Obama's phone call to Chris Paul inward dollar in the brightest shielded. Of how the how he would handle it. Getting a leadership grouped together how we will attack the owners and it was we put at the bed. It was tat
was we after talking to Braun after you talking about, I was about to set it. What other better advised to we get the net than that leader of the President have highly respected, as it is known as it does nothing to talk about. We play is that, as we know nothing about and what we want in a room, and we also to play that we put this, which so fast Villa hey, listen. This is our time the wind scorbutic. How close was it I think on the outside in it, as you just said, like you're in it you're like men are, we are we really not going to play because of the counter, as always is bigger than bass by which it is it's hard to argue against that, but at them in that moment, you're gonna know we have a really good chance. It is winning. Was there was our words are not you went to bed the like, hey, we're, probably not playing after the first. I thought it Seventy thirty of us not playing, I don't care
and I was aiming there and when it was just like he was so much tension. It was bigger than bass. More that time, clippers are our selves of certain people being conflicted, Elysees be honest like like Braun Kuwait Yard is the damage from Walden just held their voice is different than our voices. We know that and so get there my son into their hearts and in that's why you need a day or two and then the next day, sixty body and after that, you flip the third day how it is just no talking your parent, you now it easily get its up their work. You talk to your wife. That's how we do things to our wife would affect the people We respect your agent, everyone has an opinion. Obama came in to wait and innovations are listening. This is bigger than just us. This is something we have to do and we can. We can help change in this. One is still take care horse or communities owners can get involved, and I think that the bubbling was perfect for almost never do it again.
Well in the bubble, probably had something new in the first place, right, cause ever show, is kind of on edge to begin with, and then free with that, I grew into its constant happens in either. You have this right, hitting of like wait, a second. Why the fuck are we here none of this is working. Well, it's just go on one hundred percent with a one hundred percent with you, and indeed beyond which you may like was built like at that time. You look back on George you. He won't even try he would not gonna play, and yet he look at em glad that we have got it decide not to play this because of what happened, but in retrospect Dicker Dealey play without I dont one game even have heard nothing else, I'm glad it happens, responded but people so that all the time is deceiving days it we will have to lie play in, and that is how it is, but
It is time for us to change the black. We had that look at where the bulk of the experiences of by debt, but when he fence we need this is not the same as doing its peoples is not to say not playing at the garden it. If that's what you that's, what is made for you, no one knows a different precious situation. Do you get your legacy by their everyday issues that gaming shot endeavour obstacles, I argued a day watching you guys celebrate, and I love J. Our goal for the trophy room, Anybody I'll meet you at all on the whole debts you and I'm going. This is even you know bill and Eyes Boston guys like I feel bad for you guys and again to feel bad for you. You know how it goes off your back, for these guys millionaires is when a championship have no bad for you. I feel bad for letters. Fancy could be people in the building and even if we know the re tail for aid air raid on the kind of stuff, so
I'm wondering with your contract being up. Do you have Leubronn ranked ahead? Jordan and then you'll revisit this argument. If you get another one year, deal out of the Lakers had them at the neck and neck, and for one I'm coming back Mister Oglethorpe link as front door, not gonna do I'm coming back so that they may be a net the backside of the banks in practices, but now I got a neck in it. I haven't neck and neck. If you want to give slight ass to its Jordan, right now is how it is. You have to get the past decided, because the funds that done applies fully that done, but said I think, replace place three former years Menem like the end, so just the longevity I I think, he's a passable, the all legitimate debate whose peaches the highest, like: ok, that that agreement the objective that become as an art on us in the guideline about best actor ever of the exact, because it because the two roles in the Endeavour movie but like Malay, I get a journalist signal, is different. Airs calendar were going to see the warriors join the deal with that now join at other stuff. I get to the top.
It is hardly went to breed a row, you saw the warriors and how they have to give up, and I was Brooklyn like you, so I just was all said and done this. Maybe five six rings the thirteen finally lost six about me to get the thirteen finals now the west. He doesn't know where the biggest dream the west I'll come on their like he's. Gonna have all the Appalachian bills him into the pot, apply cast him winning another one S, stables AEGIS, we're gonna, be. a memory of just over the last Sunday in arable area. The sounds like my neighbour. We call for before we go there. We have to talk about past the college graduates that winning an mba championship com, how many by in college basketball, players have won and obey championship, because I was thinking but this earlier and I literally couldn't come up with any I'm sure there s one is our one. I don't there, but there has to be one from like the sixties or seventeen it up now. Billows asking these questions. We lag behind him on itself
it's not a long list of Boston College and be a seat allegories. I'm with you. I maintain my mom. My mom went there in the late sixties and you know, like Karim, I think almost went there. I think it was in place. We say what they the way and then the same thing for Patrick. It was like George shatter Bc Wet but BC, It's legit for a long time now. I know I don't know what happened, but my plan is too low. Key. Do my NBA first GMO head coach. Do that and then eventually go back to be. She turned around so that the man that I may that all support that Eventually I wanna come in. I need the donors, we need a whole new facilities were changed our love and is in it I stopped before out before you go, causing the reason and brought it to you have to. moments in your career that are those classic fork in the road? Whatever moments? First year, two thousand TED talk gosh, you
you double came Kobe into the air by running it's actually the worst possible scenario because of creates a roomy get the rebound? Doesn't it through our test? comes out of nowhere with a jetpack on his back gets it lays it in you guys and I'm not making the finals. I really like that two thousand and ten suns team. I thought that thing was really good. Had we been, ours gets fourteen so K C up, ok, see it. Chris Paul falls apart Last thirty seconds, like the probably the best pure point, while time it just kind of self. drugs. Are there one game than you blow gave fire but which one worse and hope you think about either them after you actually won the title. Yes, the call one was worse because we felt we had all the parts
the two superstar Marie in that we get the wool players Goran Barbosa, everyone in a young for a young Flamsteed Richard since Grant he'll passes prime with good enough. They couldn't stop us, we can stop them, and I was a one game. You're still one Rogaine code, air balls and arts- that's how you lose lose, allow different ways, but that one, I think, the two thousand, the clippers one. It was but we were on the road in this Sis II melt down on that plane going home. I do you know it. Everyone was, it was over the foul Westbrook. Does the fake trying to read a turn over? It was just like I've. Never seen anything like it. I've never seen anything like it. It's that team and the opposition never come,
from it because any later they blow their game, relaunch the Houston, but because you know how we're still you win that serious you go watch you window series when you're up three one like it is. That is how it is. You know how to win. You not lead when you, when you go to every city it already down in an deposit, you that's less ass. The clippers look is unfortunate. You doc, why my change it, but as you and I both know, it's like yourself, yeah. That was never. That was never debate. For me, I didn't bomber was the only one who seemed to think he had a chance to turn this into a Laker thought. It was absurd. We result. I would talk ready to adopt your game. Would show anything clippers in the scoreboard. Everybody would be going there not considered a local vehemence nope their considered. I don't know how you fight that. If the papers you got me you're, leaving the likely effect of chargers understanding you gotta, let me let us our true Anaheim. Now you gotta be a little old man. Farmers are now instead of building
The red, illegal gal of innovators were good luck there. I don't think so. sailor. I don't have bigger layers tat for life. You have certainly now say it. You still feel that it is still searching for that basic caused by nobody but yeah. I can't find it it's not Chris Heron, it's not it's not a belgian else knows lives Charlotte my man, Craig Smith, who I love now Ernie nope, I'm incur Legal Adams never happened. Jerk jeered at I've mentioned once, but we were neighbours when is a basic within her, whether they joy Murphy ever land on a team lateness. You never had one either our he honestly wasn't in the leg is longer than urban. We thought the celtic draft at him and it was a trade with Memphis and I remember now- get rid of your job as Tibet. A tray Murphy move towards early BC, not again actually raises bill, you just assume: try Murphy went to busy heating
I don't know today with an earth like you should have gone to be said here now. Is a safety you before we go. Do you have any idea when the next season is gonna happen? Is it doesn't seem like anyone as an ideal whatsoever, but if any one idea bill abroad to data heard over the morrow, the keen date after like delivered were January? Kane, I'm hoping for, and I've heard it we rumblings up early early February, but to be honest, is really about. Is that the testing and and having it back inside even heard Marshall plan on that made me the January, to method worrying that in those four weeks I'd I would bet on March twenty two. May we need affairs when the revenue would I get this that rolling in the more time the better for us I got enough and ass. We can lead
the guy. In the end, I have any other, I'm good man is unbelievable. I mean, I know you re great, but it's even better than I thought it would be just as the Ringer get in on the deadly sweepstakes. Or do we have to do it? The batter polenka. Can we share you? You know be there soon it never let them enjoy want anything to get a ride. Any two staples right now, I've away way we're here for you, you can learn. How would you let me do that was so. Did I had seen him. You must give you up. Get your congratulations that let's take a break to talk about? Eric and family insurance, who knows you're working hard to pursue your dreams. That's why they're working so hard to protect you and your savings from unexpected bumps in the road. Now, though, your drive, you take more control of what you pay for car insurance, with ten percent off just firm rolling and up to twenty percent off when you practice yours. If driving skills, we have big dreams. My dream, as you know, is to go eleven
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be torture. For you, though, right like how are we doing bill as my friend building. The letter I made. Obviously I don't like. I don't love the Lakers irony. I thought the brown was amazing, though I really like, blown away by how good he was in the bubble. Eat out of date does make you think like God, I'm I'm more on that. I thought cool was now the best a guy in the league like. Why do we discount the leubronn piece of it? But I do think like it goes back this up and I remember right about a couple years ago. I know we talked about this package like the fucking. It's! When you wave and the carrots infer that dude, and he just has he ready to feel slighted and turn it into fuel fur. Whatever his quest is, and they had a couple huge care at this time. I really do think the last stand. Psych IDA dead, there's been diplomatic, but the soldier in coordination thing I that had there been fuel for him and then the quiet
severe and thank the clippers just getting not that even showing up for this prize fight where it's like Ali Frazier, let's go Madison Square guarded one seventy April, whatever their fight was and they're ready, and there lay set up at the coopers. I guess we're not gonna make it will see you guys next season. I just think he could smell it. The moment that happened, and he was some in the files made. You see his day. See almost shot like sixty percent, I, after game six I mean he was at the hoop at will first of all, any momentum whatsoever. There just was no wing. There is no size, I mean it would Allah has moments if you wait for him, but to think that the Jimmy Butler can handle and physically em in none of this stuff is breaking news. Hayleigh bronze awesome, but the thing that I kept getting
you and you could see, especially when they obliterated that zone you go. You have two of the most skilled guys ever like this. The best skill size combination we ve, probably ever seen in Leubronn it like what who's been his size, that has the feels no one? What are they made? The key point right: he was like we have undergone small by. We had the best small by five in the wake of the best small before in the leg. So good luck that's true, and so even I'll try to go whale abroad was good, but there were moments run like oh, my god, with the sky, and when you looked at his at the rim numbers he wasn't missing. He wasn't Missy, any shots, and I know people better answer about internet in illegal. Why did he passed DNA Green in the cycle of first about just shut the fuck up now that it was the aid the way he took off his boss? the angle. There was no way up their other, then I guess I can just do something. That's definitely gonna miss. Maintaining, Mr Weber, three none of that stuff, even matters anymore, but there was another I dont know if it's real
and your bill. I don't know what the right way as a phrasing at all, but there were moments where feel stupid after seventeen years to be surprised by Leubronn and maybe surprise the right word, but just another moment where you're, just at em sit at home by myself, just saying stuff out loud on my couch shaking my head and amazed it him once again for the playoffs. You is basically three thousand and twelve eight one slash two assist died preset feel go at forty two percent three point as statistically. The best is banned, but I test it felt like a guy over and over again when he really wanted to he could he could cry Whatever shot he wants, an overpowering thing I was thinking about I remember the sacred thing because I really do think this was because of those two guys like a pretty memorable theme. Ultimately, even if maybe my mission taken them the sex, whatever both
this guy's when they really wanted to be were overpowering. Anything about leg mean talk about greater, in the phrase overpowering, unlike the eighty six ethics, was my favorite thing a team. I really worrying air. My favorite ultimate when they wanted be overpowering and they were just around the ram and it was like you almost. It was like an onslaught you couldn't keep them away from the rim and lake. Had that carbo of when they are legal and of that fast break any time you fuck, that there were gone and when they saw down there go to Karim and it was just saying shit. What do we do, but really you know you think about what overpowering and it's like shack in those oh, oh, oh, oh one or two that that shit, the shack run that he had You kind of watches, play Afghans, you back. I stop this unless they allow the other team, the foul Heidi. I do you keep this guy from getting through. For the ran, turn around and dumping,
and they reminded me. A little of that like there is a helplessness. Sometimes in some of these games are like how to stop this and part of it was cause. the broad Davis, as you pointed out, that Dudley Podcast, they totally figured out that whatever the dog is, she might happen it just didn't exist there is. There is a comfort with them. To that was really rare fur first season, but just physically I was just thinking ahead of kerosene. Vernal talked about this little bit. If you put the other team next year- and you know you have to deal with these guys again, let good say Sayer the Celtics, You know you, you can't actually win the title with the team. You had this because you're not gonna, be big enough in a series with the Lakers you're, not gonna, out small by them. You need size, so weird they like size could be more important and we ve seen this cycle in the NBA before where Go, oh shit, that's what
We got a rally and sometimes outworks badly. I dont know if anybody could beat the steam without at least having the size option right is an overreaction. No, it isn't because isn't it crazies is we're just talking this out. The league fella like got small overnight, I felt like it gets small. Were you watching all these regular she's in games? You go all these teams are closing small. Now like this is kind of crazy and then I think as quickly as it gets small. I think it a big again even quicker yeah, but it was a different kind of big where It's not the traditional big were you're running any post stuff and we know even frozen opposed any more. I mean the numbers are. We had an mba posting like ten posts such as again, that led the league and that's that's less than half of what our Jefferson was doing ten years ago. So that's nuts, and then you fat During that my Emmi and again, I think my Emmi did boss the favourite cause, I don't think Boston, even if they had more wings supposedly the thrall abroad. It doesn't matter as you never matching his size, strength combination and it would have been too chasing Randy at any Davis and he couldn't do anything like they had a hard time with bam so than we are
after that bit that Miami Emmi, I we it about Myers letter. Therefore little while they tried it, they didn't. They didn't do that very long, because you still even with an forget healthy bam. You'd have a fully healthy bam and when you know you can go to that, and I even thought there were times too many times, probably a game I've run like. Why are you not ceiling more with eighty? Why are not doing some these things that we saw earlier early series where I think that's kind of what they lost game, finds budgetary reasons, but the I don't know who's gonna match up with their, but you you don't get you could they're gonna place, they can play smaller just getting bigger you know was I can pull it. That's over the last right, you're dallas He was by the way when the right right, so hopefully, pausing us, is out there somewhere However, my crutches recently that that scared me little, but you know they have heart. As in expiring toy pal. I think we'll be back. They have kleiber, but if I
just thinking like my we had we have to if we actually can compete for a tide of Lucca crises that good what's our line up when, when the Lakers go to this libretto Davis Lineup, where our combat in his whip, we could pay pausing s, but we, we'll need like that for who can handle Leubronn who's got the kind of size, so they have that the coopers cannot beat the Lakers with the team have that I think they're at a compass, is Mamma with hair all right dad this guy Hara who's gonna do fifty million a year, but you can't play him Denver. The Lakers do the things you need to be fair. If your Denver, you'll get rid of the mill sap contract, but you figure out like a right who is with who would joker for actually going toe toto against these. Did I just think all these teams have to think about how What is our crunch time? Five against this team, when they do this, because the Lakers are actually Dudley said it the Lakers, going to be a little bit better they're going to be able to get.
more guys we're gonna be ring hunting right, like they might with surge back an You know I like a stone at eight right, but a could be. Somebody like that is just like a fuckin I'll. Try day, I didn't like the contracts as being offered I'll go one year, five million and try to win a ring great. So I think they're gonna be better as long as their healthy cap space is bad. The sheer at a glance the nexus Detroit Amy at north of twenty million practice gap. Space beyond things can change. Have I began backwards. It could, but I think agree with me here instead of projection, one hundred and fifteen one hundred and sixteen it probably stay at one hundred and nine so that they don't have to cut back and got a figure that out with escrow anywhere riper, annoying and boring about this, which probably too late, but I think the real. They want to keep it flat as they don't want to drop it down and inhabit spike back up again, which is it I've heard, but you never know the could change all these things around. I could see a team like Atlanta proudly throwing money, a surge in stone, hey we're gonna, spend it on somebody, let's
in a veteran number now, while we figure out which underlies reaction, when I like saying, can it be that I'll fix surge was I'm it's funny cause I went from like liking, sir, You going the skies comically overrated too. Don't even talk to me about search to the last two years, loving sergeant, was Betty, real role of maize. Thank you, my lucky stars. They were playing a more that Toronto. Boss answers. I'm gonna, give you some free agents. Can we just stay with Dallas, though I just said, was you were going to every, as as I just there's a couple things I need to follow up on their the. If prisoners is healthy thing and I've stuck up is entire career. I keenest, the guy's ever gonna be healthy. I'm totally I have him, I'm afraid of him, although I do like when he is healthy, what Dallas do against the Lakers and make Davis Guard presented, so what you should be thinking is which big can you take Davis out of his comfort zone defence,
why not do we match up to be shut down if it gives Davis get thirty points it? If you want to get thirty points, that what you have to do is have a big that makes Davis respect him away from the hoop, which is a big ass, that guy doesn't exist right now on the clippers is not Montrose a certain that Zimbabwe we will. We like but I would push back a little bit if we have a normal for a disappointing is his clippers thing was and it's a disaster. I still don't believe it's the disaster that like it's. I don't think it's in a rubber voltage. stir, where maybe a year again together with everybody, a tweak, your tweet there were still when in a lotta games, and maybe a year later, we're Goin Amy, that's a team that could beat the Lakers yearly, I'm not. I don't wanna just play the results. The recently so much of the now we're trying to treat the clippers like a foresee that has no chance of ever being misled, then we did I audition for coopers, head coach, I listen to clippers. Have two fundamental problems
Hair in the Williams the I they have to come back with both of those guys, because I don't think you can play those guys in a big plan Sears against the teams they need to be either of those guys is getting worse got the court so if you're going to spend a loser dear in a contract, but I would shop him- and I am not the fifteen million here and hair I'm just now not ceremony. I neither I'm not talking myself into the look. The bubble is weird: he was gone through some stuff We can lead way whose ivory know this like is Detroit spending fifteen to twenty a monstrous harold? No, he's Miami. He really good energy guy. He can't make once you're paying Fifty million a year, you're you're paying basically a character actor to read your movie. you can't do it his character actor, but you know the big thing for me: is play against Amber Lakers. We know this. I'm gonna, throw name out there to do think. Utah, whatever get we're with, go bare and see
was out there. Oh, I never said if you, if you gave me a list of what names wouldn't super, as you who get trade over next year. He is a hundred thousand percent. What am I five g wondering if another team would go. Let's get weird here and bring him here, not as a solution, but an option outcome, because there's gonna be nights where the problem is: twenty is twenty seven million a year? So it's tough today This is an additional twenty seven million our yoga yeah yeah, Maybe he would have to be two years of of clippers exits that that body I have a couple Andrea Doria. Ok, you're gonna be really excited Andrea Pyramid,. He's areas near ready? Seti's pick it up is thirteen twenty nine and I are- I saw across him of her son white side. I thought you said I was gonna, get excited
Well, I'm just saying this is this is whose out there for tee for contenders that are like we need more says. The sunlight said: aging Markka saw a Barca dared favours biz back, be Amber. I wanted, is MAC Bianco just for America to get another contract you do like only in this country could be met. The amber gonna make you a hundred thirty million over the course of his great Tristan Thompson. He's a guess how old, Tristan Thompson's, better I'd so because you ve said that I know he's younger I'll, say too eight twenty nine. I would also like thirty five may I make sense he was the two that his name is around twenty three, so trysted, so that's That's a great guy right, Tristan Thomsen, great for for the purposes of this discussion, because
somebody that I actually feel like I could play in the last five minutes of a playoff gaming. It's the Lakers. If I had somebody else with them Does he can rebound? He knows where to go. He's tough he's been a big games. I think we have this contract against them. He's back in eighteen, eighty million here, but that did play the latter. Big games in was effective. Sometimes and I have been active in non play like unplayable, but he's is There are so many these guys that I always talk about where I can't guarantee a guys. lately and play on a serious because will see. Moments were likewise just in Thompson stuff to deal with right. Now, here's an awesome, tidbits interestin Thompson. You know that guy this ethics wanted at the deadline, but then he didn't get bought up.
yeah. I think they wanted to try to figure out a way to keep him in Cleveland, but I am ridiculous relate guys. I honestly think that was just information that makes it sound like the client is open to any option when they try to get paid again so Myers Leonard Why would I want him when his own coach wouldn't trust him when they had no big eyes to go against this huge team. I'm just give me the names I'm mad at you, just as you we spent Edison answers on Robin Lopez, Gmail Magee. My point is every is to be like. Like we just said, you got to have more size to beat the Lakers you're, not getting in free agency, because I just read you all the name the only guy that I kind of like is just in Thompson.
and the recycling of go bears because he's on the books one more year for twenty five plus and then you have to have a really tough conversation where you go. Who do you wanna be for you to do it? You want to figure out how to add another wing. Do we have to do something dramatic to keep down a bit Mitchell happy, and this is in place it just common sense of of looking at it. Would another team say, but I had almost feel like some of these teams the struggle one more year against Lakers before then. They start changing this whole thing around, and I know people think Anthony Davis, free agent too, for the hundredth time. I don't think he's gonna Balan Lakers, yet I will say, though, after watching that those last two rounds of family I'm a lot less excited said trade gaubert cause. That's I start to go through the Lakers Ultimate from trying to get a job in the. Why am I trading a guide? would actually help me in a serious when the other team as overbearing deeds down
is the team the watch out for, because out of, Anyone in the conference they had the guy who can actually go Toto with the in railway, completely unafraid can match and play for play and if they can but the right pieces around him which I say, wouldn't be that hard to be too moves. You know on top of a healthy poison gas, and I there are two moves, one more big guy. and I think they need a better wing and I'm not sure how they get that, but they need they need. This summer we're part away into a real three d guy, even if they have to you, the expiring in a packers simple at that it was hard ways an option right, like nineteen million, I think it's a player option well, gonna, then right unless in this is this is always one of the six remit surprised by this. You can hear things
and then you go wait that I opted out it's like well, you know what, even though the per he still pretty young for that, but he's only twenty eight, but I wonder with the bad free agent class, the worst. We we in three years ass. If there will be another team that goes a noise at these bases. The Florida in all these things I mean, maybe he'd, look worse, he was a lukewarm, but would he get some kind of law? the term deal out there. That makes sense to take advantage of a weak, free, aging class, and could he still be at nineteen per? We would look at a fifteen over far away before I used as one of the things in oak has there been times are guys have opted out. You believe what the hell is he doing that nobody thought that was going to happen so just at least worth reminding ourselves or Dallas the thing where they tear up his last year, but give him fifty million for four years. Something like that he gets a scarcity. The longer dare not knowing where the cap is going next couple years or you could wait,
your trade exception and then being a movie at the I'm excited the classes, ghastly like so bad, I'm a month our track just looking at their less than the top free agent jasper in terms of who made the most by last year's Heyward in people think Hey Why, then, for all buncher reasons, but do you think he's gonna opt out. I wouldn't have been completely stunned. If it happened before he got hurt again yeah. I still was: what is it? Be thirty two million dollar player option. Yet it it's a week for aging class and you have teams trying to spend money and somebody talks themselves into its thirty four million. Why they raised. I think it's a new point. Yet I was
coverage. Let's take a right to talk about many are so I'd, say: you're, looking for a car that can take anywhere from daily errand to new adventures, love every car drives, but not every car. As for the drive, many makes a different kind of car for a different kind of Dr. Let many inch due to the drive you deserve be honest. Your driver around many gala jealous of it looks like such a fund car to drive ray it's a little egg, I murmured the celtic sad, nay rabbits, and for a couple years he should put more than three minutes in the two thousand and five those games seven by the way, but we had they Robinson. It was fun to watch this great media athletes is going Toto with everybody on the court. You can have that You know if, if you let many issues in the drive that you deserve to learn more
Zuyder model had too many USA Dhaka Wanna talk about the media coverage there. I don't know if this is product of just at times around, but there's a lot of leg. Why are you insult intelligence sports coverage out there? and one of the things I noticed this week was this narrative. People were pushing. About how this Lakers this, figures ownership? It had its act together. After all, and allotted praising Genie, crazy, Jeanie for her steady hand, and things like that. You did that. he's further the ringer, the sports history piece about the last seven years of of the Lakers you just had. This function was, I dont know why everybody is so afraid to just say: This was the Lakers. An absolute dumpster fire. The way they are run really since them all
They did. Their Steve NASH tried our trades, in the Bron wanted to live in LOS Angeles and they were able to assigned him which lead to them being able to overpay anti date. Freya Anthony Davis. There is really nothing other than that. It was those two things I felt I feel like my fucking. I could have on the Lakers and pulled off one of those moves, because the bride was playing and away. He was moving here. It was good, makers are coopers, no acres had the calf space, but why, like Can we do this? Why? Why do we try to pretend the last eight years didn't happen? They were a dumpster five. We could go through other moves. It's like there's a dead. They had this document right here. These are like all the terrible moves they did. The latter warriors go for. Is it a video on the entire thing I we don't have. That would have to go through all that. I just like I David when one is what why because they want- and nobody ever wants to write something after seventy winds and goes well actually, but I agree with you, I mean it was really some.
and even as I did the video I go. My point was all these terrible things happened and they were accurately terrible and people deserve to criticise them. But I just feel like there's all these things we think matter and in it didn't really matter, because Leubronn one becomes the Lakers at some point and even though, when he came to the Lakers there was, an immediate negative reaction to who They brought in because we can believe like women, it'll Bonn and what Rondeau Land Stevenson Michael Beazley like what what's going on and in political magic or say like we need guys, it could win it into a fight in the parking lot with the warriors, you like but you are to make any shots so even then it and make any sense until clutched got where they have any Davis. It all worked out. I don't.
I agree that I dont know what's wrong with saying hey this actually isn't about ownership vision. This isn't about flank of being the greatest executive. Ever this isn't about all these things are guys. Wanna pretend that it is the bronze picked. You and fuckin worked so congrats, and I know people gonna sell you just you, but I don't give a shit. I don't give a shit. I care about the truth and the truth is this front office. Was it now Jesse boss, that's getting parliament never get any credit. I don't know why that is they ve never even get talked about, and if you look at their draft track record there actually pretty good and assets are able to move around and Sub Celine area, but as far as like the top things, I also think the media I just because, people, the media, that really love Genie Bus. I think like going out to dinner with her, I think, they're very friendly weather, and There are the rush to give her a tonic credit. When I get out think it mattered. Who regime I can't remember a ship in front office.
Doing less to help a team. When a title you, you could argue that they want the title. Despite the ownership of the front office, the last eight years, men they had without the second second and second pick in three different drafts, their Julius. Rather, they took seven even like when they got Leubronn they wish the pod. Yours thing will never know what happened with that, but they thought there again and the brown impostures are clearing other calves face for them as well think about this lake, where they better off, not getting it Maybe maybe that's why I don't want to hurt them, but you know, member the that summer after they got them, They renounce Julius Randalls rates for reasons that I actually google destiny forgot. There is a story. There really was a story like he wanted it to your deal, but he was a restricted freedom, and all they had to do is basically, you know keeper. Instead, they want
to use that money to Guy get Casey Peace, Davidson Beazley, buggy, they leper glow peasant which seems incredible Dedbroke up, as you have signed, with the bucks for four and million a year, and you think, like he was kind of the perfect, centre for what they are trying to do? They had no idea, Everyone in the NBA World told us know when he only get to three happening ideal at that time, the box to forget the new bigger deal the NBA maybe off of brick Lopez, you that I only that makes sense to you never made sense to me, I like them, he was killing the on the net. Was killing the south ex pick that one year, because he was a single handedly winning games. I don't know it's something got skewed off, thereby but he definitely get a recharge sort of reinvention in Milwaukee, though, to so Finally, as for drought, remember that hemorrhaging ale Maggie they dropped. Lazo over Jason Data, they
traded Russell after two years. After pick him. Second, with Moscow contract that that every citizen in the first place for mopeds and the twenty seventh pick you you talked in the video that two thousand sixty nine I'd dang in Moscow, four hundred thirty six billion for four years, but when you think backwards like today, Sixteen couldn't even get a meeting with Cameroon, the rat he's doing this freedom, Tor would meet with them. Two thousand fifteen Lamar wanted to come here. I know for a fact, the meeting. The meeting was so bad. He ended up. Choose between San Antonio Phoenix, they lost wait. Two thousand thirteen Frazier, wouldn't come there for years and years, they absolutely were born on third base aw thing, because the brine wanted to play here- and I don't know why we can't just say that why is it so hard to say that this team, really since doktor bus godsend
who is the greatest honour in the history of the of the League map in it best of ever had since, together, take their a train wreck until a branch showed up and then even after the broad shut up, they try to screw that up and then finally worked out. But why can't we just say that what's: workers wages, we just play the results. I mean this is in new, but it seems to be cranked up to a different level, because it's almost like calling somebody an asshole that died in. I think after, like a few hours of some sports figure dies and maybe he doesn't have the greatest rap. Nobody must treat like condolences. The fear but this guy was a dick ran. Just give it a couple. I don't even know that you know what you supposed to okay. Well, now that it's been three days, the sky was an asshole and here's my tweet, you know you don't even really feel like doing that and in a less serious version of this, when somebody wins we, to turn everything into a positive narrative of why it isn't just result like one of the things I said in the pot gases that not every every result is not necessarily a time line defining moment. Sometimes it's just the result and the result is the Lakers
beating everybody in the broad was incredible again, but its Leubronn deciding to go there it it's not the wisdom, past down from generation to generation it just isn't because, whereas that wisdom from two thousand thirteen, the Coolby contract, forty eight point five million a two year extension at thirty five, years old, often Achilles injury, which leads to mellow saying now which led to bash, no Leubronn saying now, because people lightweight Lebruns gotta go help, Kobe get more rings when these guys doing that out, I was six years ago. It can be that art forget or that we should be so easy to yet cauliflower even said no parasol sign with Chicago and as you mentioned, Marcus comes in and Kobe talk for three minutes was a and work offer me like. I resolved it and then we'd make movies. here you'll, be in movies like Lamarck soldiers, but fuckin movies. You gotta be it so he was too often by the way what I love about. My Lamarck is research. Going back that fifteen created time. I love you an old free agent pursuit, sorry death there on
What will we should actually brought up put together like the top ten funniest free agency pursuit stuff of the last decade has its agriculture. There was one guy that tweeted just spoke with source La Marcus, altered, absolutely floored by the Houston Rockets presentation. It was so strong and aggressive at its identity with xenophobia. So all these things are happening. we're not look the Jimbo stuff. I if you're telling gee, I was going to say, noted Dwight, POW, NASH, Coolby, and I know it didn't work, but every other g, given the option, you would have got it done it, so I don't defend him all the way to put them on that. But then the other stuff, we're Pelinka magic in and nobody really knows what to make of it, and they don't have any relationship. We thought they did and then I found that clipper magic. There will ok, we're gonna relationship, you have is like none, I didn't know and then magic telling people early day, one we can replace all of you and then he decides like a two thousand.
to the end of the regular season gone. I can't do it Shit anymore about, did you tell anybody, know, because I don't want to do it because want to fire Luke Walton, and then he wouldn't let him fire Luke Walton. Then they fire, Luke, Walton and they've, been on five coaches, two thousand and thirteen. My point was this was a disaster for seven years and they deal one. So there's no hurdle. That is too great in sports. It feels like to get over but Now another, if nobody ever wants you right, though nobody ever wants to write that story if you're hanging that on Genie it's unfair to hang all the Jimmy buy stuff on our could. She was not large, but wasn't your arm. same for me because I'm saying the last eight years word dumpster fire assuring I mean it's your sibling. You know like Imagine out of that, must have been, but she did take over, and you know you look at some of this stuff. They did which really starts with February. To that seventeen they put magic in charge and thought magic,
Look. I don't know whether he is the guy like from a hoops iq standpoint. I think he could do it. when you consider that he's also a ceo and running accompanying as Dodger stuff does all this speaking engagements in your ass this guy to battle. You know The g ebbs and people, people like Presty. And he's gonna do this kind of half time and go back and read, the courts will need to go over and he is making it seem. I know I told them this is by thing and then, when he was on his way out, the door is like I told you this was going to be a full time. Think for me, will that's done. I sold it to your fans, you put him with Polenka who never had the job before we come to find out. They have no relationship and magic feels like blank is backstabbing of them and you go back and you just read the stuff from last year. The bizarre press conference of magic leaves and then goes on first take and takes a fucking blowtorch to Palinka.
Chimeras talks about back stabbing version. There saying I didn't work hard. It's like yeah, you weren't working hard? We could see what you were doing you're. You know you there was one summer where he was away for like six weeks and on his european vacation wherever he goes, its other genes are working. I don't know what you're doing so in a way that and on gene watch, and I I think it's I'd say: look that was rocky eight years. I'm sure Genie learn some lessons, but this is like a fuckin triumph. This is like lobby. James wanted to play for the Lakers and you got were bad for so many years in a row. You had all these pigs to trade for Anthony Davis, because had brain and Ingram Alonzo BAR could yet the second pick two years in a row plus he gave up three more picks but now it's it's alleghany. This was intentional. They were spending a ship money in thirteen fourteen fifteen. Sixteen seventeen
There is a couple years where they're dead, like the fourth Eyes Payroll and the worst record shit like that is: it was just incompetence no, why everyone so afraid to just say that women, any theories. No, I just think I don't get it I don't know what happened to two to just calling it like it is. I think it also regularly right. Ok, look! Let's, let's be totally real about this, you have moments were if it's a gm. You like your softer now, I think, So my detriment I mean I had a good relationship with Jimmy Butler heed them. I pack has twice when it did. Are that Minnesota stuff, like I thought I had to rip off on the park ass, and I knew I probably wouldn't come on again after that. But then he hasn't. You guys talk now I haven't had a man said, but that's fine, whatever. I still feel like when you have something it's orkut
Does that Minnesota thing was, and you know we all know what was happening. It's hard for me to offend our like that stuff. I know, I know those guys that I like, but I don't think I've ever gone and defended something terrible Bob Myers Alison treated stiff curry for Dionne waiters. I wouldn't come on. I've got to go. Well. You know I really like Bob Meyer. So and see what here, we need time to move on from staff challenge in internal struggle in that kind of stuff. But I think that's what happens a genie. I think a lot of people a genie and you can tell the way certain stories are written that she's the source on it, she's she's, a good she's, great yeah. besides you like require. So I wonder, That's parked like I don't really ever talked to anybody. Actually I'll just say it like. I was talking to me with the Lakers I don't What are the articles I read was about? There is big big dinner with labelling rich Paul and Jean somebody
some may let two thousand Then there are like. Let's do this. It can take a lot of work and psych hour. I will you try to trade for Davis jade that not everybody knew you're getting him from the moment he signed with clutch, came down to how much you're gonna give up and then he got up and then there another thing I read about pits praising plank about his in skills learned to always have a back up plan miss like if we don't get quite a backup plants, so here's gonna be out and be was I got his savageness as as from using it? its gas, knowing he'd, have to have a plan b who the fuck does have a plan. It's free, I mean every you. Can you eat like three, If you can make your zayigo, we get quite rabbit. Your planet work play a bay, would mean literally team outlines plans a thing whatever I ever like J, they have their like ten ways: every sort of draft think ago, like nobody's wine cider bathing, so yeah you didn't get Hawaii.
and your plan B was Dana Greeny assigned congratulations, jirga, be eighty, that's how it works. I don't know, but the addictive, years, though, is that when it was going bad, that's what happened since the piling on mean the political part that I thought some things I thought were fear of criticisms of him were well. He couldn't the trigger on they at any Davis, the about it more to do with the pelicans and Gale Benson. Deciding like pull everything off the table and becoming a little bit more difficult to work with him Pelicans thing was falling apart so does we entirely worthy bad about the leaks thou at that in recital is at least a piece of it. They were mad about all of it. They were mad about all of it, and the jail Benson was very upset throughout the entire structure of that season, with the entity Davis. which I totally understand. What would you have traded em if your nor allowance cause, I feel like at least half a me, would bend like fuck you you're playing out your contract here. No way because I gotta get assets
If there's a good version of this trade, I mean branded Ingram, we did the free agent thing. I don't without showing a decade with unbelievable. That played a perfectly. I don't know. I don't know how much of it was intentional verses, stump, he'll, let ego in spite of that, should get in the way of a transaction that allows assets to come your way. So you can't it trades amaze. I mean I was like that. I forgot how much they got angry, mondo Jaws shark. Fourth pick in twenty eighteen, which whatever was it the blue chipper like it, would be in some years, but they're able to turn that in Jackson has and some more stuff top a protected pick, two thousand and twenty one, which is unprotected in twenty twenty two if it becomes protected, so basically no twenty slash twenty to pick unprotected, swap in twenty three and then their choice of unprotected in two thousand four hundred and twenty five, which is the really juicy one, because at that point who does sure no doubt? But, let's be fair that when the trade, when
and you thought it was time to give up. I thought it was I much I look at Anthony. Davis's oil prices on these guys is actually gone up, even when it's a difficult situation when you you're to get that much stuff for Paul George You should get that much for Anthony Davis, but if I'm on the other side of that call with the Lakers, I'm Goin Lazo stinks K, which he doesn't. but I'm saying it overall Ray a nagging out right right. Go and brain anagrams. What are we live where we talk about hermetically like what what what we turn when a blood problem here like? What's? What's the deal rattle I'm hammering those things and I think that's part of the negotiation, and you know, even though you feel at home, in negotiating with one team. It is a nice hall, but there's also, None of that trade, where you could have looked at a couple years later and God, man, none of this stuff ever worked out and I'm gonna try not to hold lawns o bubble long up to the standard, because regular Alonzo looked like a good player different but Could I just don't know whose unreverberating against was my question with that idea?
is a real desperation, the Lakers side, because if they don't get him, what are you tell abroad at that point, because the bronze, basically like I'll, come through the Lakers, then it gets hurt you like the coach, some other young guys were to deferential damage. go away, I don't think he realized how Weird Ambrady had this problem to the patriots as his career got older when you're playing with these guys who idolized you, I think here as I got, this is weird, and by postage is far better. But if they don't get Davis Data really didn't have a killer plan b, so they had to get Davidson Griffin newer and he played a perfect keep it. This is also one of those deals there, where the the voice outside of that transactions, Is there other GM's going on? I can't believe one team did this, or these guys are stupid. Always everything is okay, but you weren't in that chair, like you, weren't Palinka, going. I have to get this Anthony Davis Deal done and if it means a twenty five on
how did I get the enemy I'm lucky? I would like to get right anyway. If that doesn't work, that's why kind of love? resting away on that Paul, Giorgio Billy. What did use sit down with? Did you start asking by like for ten picks, they what was I wanna hear it I buried. I understand just as we know the you get four, but what We have actually done there, be it a great like if you could just do something. Twenty years remove regret all these GM so follow different transactions to say. Ok, this is what you got. What are you willing to do it for just get two guys in a room that have a good relationship in twenty years later they would get Griff and they get Polenka torn years later Blake. What would you have done? Griff? What would you have done Polenka, but if you're in share in your polenka in you're doin, ok, this is more than I want to give up, and yes this could go bad and in whatever, but I'm gonna get to introduce. It Davis a Lakers uniform here in a week like I, you know I, like I'm gonna get this done over what could be a pick and the twenties or the seventh tick?
six years. You know, like that's a tough thing to say no to okay, so we can pretend it's a ton of stuff to give up too, but I can't imagine I wouldn't call anxiety, but the juice of being on that phone call and going, if can say yes to this right now you get Anthony Davis, Ivy, all the people, think they know what they were doing that moment. Good luck, because most everybody, I think, would sigh whatever you done deal Griff, send em said in this colleagues- I forgot his earlier when they bomber had his moment with the collide trade. Where was I kiss waking up Vegas on a Sunday morning- and you just said no inside and your while it's gone in here like what happened? Did you think? Did he at what point that he had that Bob with all the stuff they gave? though, what happened today was after they got bouts data gathering
appealing land? Where can I see what our many picks we gave up at his red in the west? Is, I guess, I'd Let the latter fix I think it happened, though. I definitely think it happened at some point, but it was probably after blown three one led look. I it so praising the Lakers to be fair and on their moves they really body on the rondeau? Thank as they had the experience over the last year, and these I couldn't. the cord, but to their credit. We're back to it in rural and ran back. Is that the easiest did, but he humongous for them and in the plants and daring certain games or he, it was like a big three type situation without good. He was playing big. They deserve a ton of credit for the trade. Our thing granted as much as we made fun of. Might they really did need that one more body for some of these rights
their seizing games? As daddy pointed out, it is important in December and that in that, Amber Series and Dwight was sit there for everybody. Like I know the Celtics kick the tyres on amended than did the internal law in every bit as they are. We can't can't do it too risky. So your credit for that copper, Pope I think they overpaid both of those years. I don't know where our sues get that money, but he did come through in the playoffs and their little abroad transaction to? I think it was worth it. Carry your guy, you know, don't get us, I mean looking for It could have still not paid Pope that much splashing that first year and Leubronn at some, without its metal, EVA Clutch. That was my interpretation. That yeah that's an analogy. I bet you do and then they prosaic say you know, Caruso was about will play a guy and somebody that I would love to have out of the subjects. They found that dude last year at some point and we made jokes-
let us airline member Winnie that if we did a written your video and the Brown broke, thirty thousand points or whatever any hug Caruso. We did a thing about high about skirts introducing himself. leubronn. Then Caruso starts Six of the final said it was like a key adjustment, so you get credit for that and then I think you know I don't think clutches the easiest thing to navigate if you're a front ass, an irregular situation where you're dealing with an agency that represents the two best guys in your team and three or four there eyes and was probably trying to put in the coach that they wanted and all that stuff and did advocated. it's on that on that, Genie doesn't deserve some credit and blankets, but you just can't us over what a train wreck they were and what a chain I think they would have continued to be if Lebron had decided not to cut. That's probably best way put it, because no back to the point
get beat up on all the time and in remember the report about he didn't know the rules the trade rule which turned out to be a nightmare manner. We may all of them on the spot and rise, not true and it wasn't. Then it was like wait, but that also meant it felt like it sounded like somebody with the Lakers may have enough was somebody I don't know. What's backstory, that was. Was it somebody else that had to be sourced? Somebody had to have thrown that out there. For then the people to have people go hey. This is what people are saying linked with the date of the transaction. In the day straight, how it's gonna screw up the cap thing and then it was like actually know he knew the rule, but the Rondo point of it when he shoved forty percent from three on he took fifty three is in the playoffs made forty percent of them, and this was a guy. That was you didn't guard. You didn't guard and they still didn't really ever garden, because you go he's going to keep making all of these Joe odious thirty or thirty one he's thirty. Three but there is already so young. It still seems young for
with his body is gonna age. Great- and I always thought like this year when he came back- I go you know moving around really well, you stop playing very well. So when you say big three, I know you're kind of kidding, but he was that steady for them and provided shooting that kind of came out of nowhere. Fourteen that wasn't really your shooting wasn't exactly the first thing you thought of when he thought a Lakers thought, a defence and stars that close better than other stars. He was unbelievable. He brought out for what cause. You remember when I am. I think we did a pike ass. An I remember, Zack was sent on his back ass to the I just that people were totally underrate in the Rondeau Brad they'd, not being there in the regular season. Peace say. I thought it was really hard for me to assess their ceiling, was without those two guys guys out that they really are, Rhonda really brought something different that they needed. There is creativity to him. Tat took a lot of pressure awful abroad,
in a lot of different ways when the brand wasn't it a game and that also what you know when the Brown wasn't the game. The way he interacted with Davis, but it's a bummer cause I'd The nice tab on the south thinks instead want to make her. You know you think, like you scan sit there for anybody. I think he could have helped a bunch of play off teams. This view in IRAN, Darwin and the Lakers were smart enough to not give up on, but you did you play his heart, but the Leubronn, You know- and I do think you know factoring in all the important things a brown based on the table. This is very similar to join and write the ability to elevate certain people, because it's so cool to play with. Somebody who's that great an you just want to give them your best, and you see you know that and a out. The stuff is doing the bubble. Had he not get caught up in that, if you're one of wanted his teammates somebody's working, a hunt
times harder than you are and you're going to eventually get swept up in that, and I think to me: that's that's the biggest thing with LUCA talk about like his ceiling. What it's going to look like all that stuff it's it's like! Is he got to have that crazy, Lebron, Jordan, work on my body thing, because that's that's the last piece. You know those two guys, I think even bird toward the end of his prime released, embraced it probably too late. He was our pretty banged up at that point, but there were like to bird ears. at the end of his prime, when he was like yeah he's work it out. He's doing nautilus. His vertical labours. Forbid it see its go back. You read ass a warrior actually an article that said his vertical weep: oh yeah, his last you're you, but that's another. His last could was the eighty seven eighty eight year and he came in and the precision- and he was
you could say it. He was jumping higher. He looked awesome, but he had this like follow up duck and it was like a big deal in Boston sake. Bird. Is it follow up Dont contact allege, it was so long ago. Now you have Leubronn sleeping her bed chamber in Orlando bubble yet the chamber in Hampshire Leubronn can figure it out the parameters of gas in our later, but listen, This is our last of our basketball season. Pike ass, I remember marched, thousand nineteen. You may rich Paul Jeff Chow. We all went to dinner we looked at each other and we said we, what we got to do, there's a lot of work there to be done. We know it needs to happen and I eat. I think we delivered. I think we
good, but you have to remember that you must have an remember that you pretty jerk her better but we still my pop on each other's part at least one or two times. We have, though, be something drafting, were there and then more. We afraid she what December first. through the gray after Thanksgiving, allegedly TBD Y Y. You dismissive just I've. No, how much its change. So I mean, if we're locked into this ok We don't even own the start of the season. Is that mean it doesn't mean you can't do free? I think they're, locking in draft and free agency at those are going to be the dates in the fridge be fun, because I think it's like Thanksgiving and then what is December first December first is a tool
after Thanksgiving, so that'd be a really fun. We can cause, I'm sure stuff, all stuck at leaked out right. they already has been go in, and you know I always gotta check myself. If you look at the free agent class, you look at the cap, remunerative simulate means suck work were gives. Our lives can be better, always something that happens in this leak. Testily others be something that none of us are even thinking. Allah, Debo Indiana the net do somethin. I do not have time to do something. The paces everybody seems to be trying to circle. What's goin on their there's, theirs big yacht us has to be mentioned clippers? Will the tigris ties? What does he get them? answered the supermax. We gotta figure that out whom others and then I got my favorite support, which is that a huge support? But I m fascinated by because I really like him his buddy healed,
Because I have your determine buddy you're determined to get him out of it. right, so I'm run in the south. And I call them- and I say I'll, give you Heyward I'll, give you Romeo, give you our middle first round pact, twenty six, you get we're very year Romeo. Who really has a lot of potential? We really like him, it's hard for us to. Let him go but would do it and a middle first rather will take buddy. Now I am about the fifteenth Romeo and Gordon here now. Why do I want Romeo? I for one: am I wanna get rid of a guy that I know I've always Magna time lords on the table. I loved Homewards passing time. Lord now I do think somebody's gonna try to do that with the gangs where thou be like. We would take that contract off your hands because you don't
I want to pay twenty four million for six man my friend ass young ass, it could be, could be the nets for our bogdanov. Each thing, too, is worth factoring in. All of that because he's restore their cave, it seems like they're keeping yeah, but maybe that's that's. Go about this. I do wonder if we start to see restrictions on spending in ways that having happened before, because even if a team was cheap, Japan. Ninety percent of the salary cap and in whatever, and then you look at how many teams are in attacks. I think I saw ten teams already over the tax line for next year, because that really about the cap number it's about tax number and a b it became aware. Like you know, normally we just go hey this guy's. A free agent is getting. I mean even guys at are greater get fifteen million a year, Will you have an order that goes? I just don't want to go over the ninety percent of the cap. Forget the tax, don't even come to me of your front office, a talk about pain attacks, it all this stuff,
I, why didn't you say no, if coaches too, because I think there has been a certain price for coaches fairly had to do that to do they needed some sort of good news to happen before they went season and dark was available back if anybody's gotta figure out there The second thing it's gotta be a respected coach with some weight, but in general, like these somebody, like four Tita, isn't gonna be totally site about paying a coach like seven million a year. You now and I can't member this many coaching vacancies after the files can you we ve got. This has been so we're so that they hold shouted open. This has been done on this issue, any other time. I can remember not just sheer numbers, but the oddity of Lou getting the village in getting the village job? Always bombers actually firing dock with twenty two million left in the deal, but then doc what you wanted? do you want to go to tv. What's going on with Van Gundy is Van Gundy? What tv does he want to go to the clippers, but this Jerry West wanted to be Thai.
Lou like tie loo, and we should learn- Tyler turning out three years: eighteen million with the Lakers, because it was enough years. It was enough money than we should now. Ok, we'll his price is beyond that and if you're the pelicans are you pantaloon seven, eight million dollars a year. By the way that day, was one of the worst moves. The last year. Is what I like. I get stick up for yourself and wanting to go here lookin for below this. Like I want to title. This is why should make? But when you start going to come years without making the money leave turned down. Now you ve missed out, potentially on six to twelve billion that you would have made that no again, The coaching you be a little different, but you're right like that. That looks like the bad move. Does you d rather made six and want to title Also like the I wanna title thing and I think lose a good coach, but you had one of the two best parts of our time in your team. You know it's not like you were not
de on whose users figuring out there have been high it, someone You're Lebron James, with with trying to bring a tailor Cleveland I thought he made a huge mistake because, especially when you know Davis is coming, it's like your odds of LE brought Davis, potentially winning a title year, of the four themes that as a chance he let her know it. I got her situation. He was represented by clutch at the time to source, not like you need to know what was going on the weird thing to me. We sow and house- and I did the odds, what next Sunday is bad for amby ads and the nets I'd better I'd than the Celtics. There are thirteen when the Celts for fourteen one I was surprised now. I know their job is to create odds that China get action on and if they feel like, there's done that's money out there, they're gonna, lower the faint but I'll just be really surprised if the nets were good, like good at
like a making the fires, potentially one in the title kind away? I think that's gonna be a very strange team I'm not saying can happen, but you have a brand new coach. You have a guy coming off Achilles you have another guy who really and play at all last year and has been pretty injury burned in his head. Surgeries and all kinds of things carry. and I M just kind of yet Dinwiddie there who his the egg. What are they classic? I got this guy. We have two overpaid Yo Harris. Here's a diver trade, make, I dunno what you do to avert, but I was surprised that bad better as the Dallas they to me. It's like Lukas Lukas, gonna, be probably what three or four best part of the week next year and he's going to win a title at some point. I'd rather roll the dice on that happened two years too early, the betting on that weird, that's team! Am I crazy
I dont know what to do with the nets. I could see you go in any direction because it gets better. come back, Billy, hey, remember. We didn't mention him at all in this Lebaron genus. why thing over and over again in that's what happened? You get her. You know we start to move on from you, but I could see him come back We await remember what it was like: the best player in the world and but with the rear they know, but he's eat it. It could be too years for him. He got hurt. It was an April two. Nineteen. Now. How did he look? We learn that wasn't always in the second round. I was on an early second lacking. I thought he'd get came back and played he played for ten minutes. That's right, I'm saying like IE The awesome Durrant remember we haven't seen now for eighteen months passed that sees it might not start to March. That's a booming! Really there, it's a giant, laugh they let her eager.
Her and add a large looky, seven wanting can shoot like no one we ve ever seen, so I kind of expect Sandy's out for two years. That's that's good. What's so, let's double check this, So he was. I was like third game saccharine yeah, just sorry, so I just want to make sure was make as it was. It was. May he gets hurt Dame five so that on the beginning of May yet was it was made This may s so its army. Look, I don't I'm not worried about the re. I mean I'm worried that directly get hurt again. I'm a little worried and Adam that's fine, but I They are there. I don't like lay off site that I think that I think we need to your lay off from anything is dangerous. I thought- maybe you don't write in itself- may be drinking it has got through years of seasons are going to come back to March, really offering for two years and he trotted off their bodies. If you haven't rang for two years, that's worsen coming back from Achilles injury, but that's
It's that one guy who runs the Bachelor party. The guy had a with four kids has been out in a You guys out at the other we have. Body, that a couple kids flew cross country for the huge weekend where we all get together in Denver and he called from the airport and was I can somebody can get me and we're like to get a cab. The Denver Airport, as everybody knows, is actually in South Dakota yeah and the have to drive to Denver from there, and I all of us were our in order to get an after it we're at about his apartment. Downtime is a long time ago, but he was kind of the first to be the good turn up out of the group, and he was an unbelieving awesome. Guy still, an awesome got to stay, but he gets so drunk on the I like right out of Manhattan Friday undone. The tie. few manhattans is the rabbit ages
he's a rabbit in the race. We had to send him a car cuz. He couldn't figure out how to get a taxi. He clearly to get his luggage. She was that much of a mess we get him to the apartment any site, whereas the bed and just goes and passes out, and then that's how he that so we I carry where we got now. He did rally I'll given that, but there's this the guy that has been off the game for while, maybe that's your Durant theory, maybe he's he's domesticated given to rent I'm worried about it. I love watching the red and the bottom line, is it's gonna be almost two years before we see him playing a basque bugging. Let's take a bite stuck about Bacardi, spice rum. You love classic. Now you love the new Bacardi spies. Ram Sippel on with their friends, enjoy a delicious bacardi and collar really is delicious, used to be a drink of choice. For my way back when for game day this weekend it could be a drink. A truce for you criticise from your choice of color, maybe thrown alarm. What Could you ask for in a game they ritual tackle you're weekend,
GA, the weak. Maybe you want have have under baseball players any these football games of final scamps space it up with the new Bacardi spies room. You can't needed for baseball. I feel I feel, like ideas have one cocktail, a mighty baseball, no fence needs the help Bacardi do it moves you drink responsibly, Bacardi, USA girl gave us Florida rum with natural, flavouring and spices. Thirty five percent alcohol, by via before we go up talk about the benefits, but really quickly, just after earth part, and that will live. So you read this book. You were so excited about it. I bought on Amazon Scott. The big picture. and I read two thirds of last night. My wife was getting annoyed. I was just ignoring urges diving into this added that the movie industry and how much it changed and its basically, this guy I went through all the Sony, hack emails and crafted this narrative about how sit, how Sony kind of
in their movie business over the last twelve years or so shows how the movie business change and, as part of that was, they were really, and I well spent that Adam Sandler as these two stars that ages over and over again hit home runs for them started a lose, thereby Cyprus draw or a bit leading to after that I'll? Let you take it from there yet! so the movie star bizarre that the fight for the future movies, the big pictures, the book then Fritz, I'm so excited by almost Kaji mental and night between the after a stuff happened and the best way to explain the timeline of it is that we are. kind of grew up thinking. Your movies are built around stars and Sony was at the forefront of that and then, as you said like once, these Marvel and Disney did ends up looking like Disney, just knew what to do, cleaned up and always marvel cinematic universe. Franchise us franchises tent Poles all these and how its were like the traditional drama in that actually stars or not automatic, any more say them, The irony is, Sony had
spider man, a marvellous I care for a fifth extra. Fifty You could have everybody in the marble uber psych wet. Why would we want that fact that and I'll grab it, which is one of them, brutal mistakes anyone's made the last twenty years and all it right right. So the Do we have the emails from the hack is huge, but my favorite part in the part that I like was was freaking out wanting to talk about. Was that I'm off? I'm not ever envious, I'm impressed by the delusion of super super successful people like, I think, sometimes the people that are incredibly like the top of the world success. They must have to be delusional about them,
even get to that point. As most people be like. I don't know. If I can pull that off and Will Smith's like going to be the biggest movie star in the world and four time he ardently was and Sony had the sandwich stuff that will Smith stuff but Smith starts to flop. Sandler starts to have some flops, which kind of changes course and leave the Netflix think it's later in the book. But my favorite part of the book so far is that it wasn't just after earth. It was that he got together Will Smith with his production company. And he created this whole after earth world. Where it wasn't just going to be a movie. It was going to be a string of movies that then branched out because it's central, they basically sat in the room. They wrote a three hundred page Bible. this world. With I created a work began aided worldwide factories. Yes, so, instead of hey we're gonna just have a movie, none we're gonna, have a world that that branch. now we're like STAR Wars and STAR Trek. It becomes a part of people's lives and were also can have toys or could have a tell
and spin off and then there's gonna, be characters within the movie they're going to spin off. And meanwhile, though, I go, who's in the movie. Will like are you in the movie? I got my kids gonna, be in a movie I need you to be in a movie and really guide spaceship crash you'll be in the movie than your kids running around in a jumpsuit the whole time, and there are like and with the way social media works, which is my favorite thing about the industry in talk with people's people, just use words and say stuff and ago we control a daily social network based on the movie in this franchise will people will spend their days checking in on the after earth forums you don't like, I said, has got the new Facebook yak as there are like who knows what will happen with Facebook in five years? We don't. We won't happen. Is that have your earth will then become the thing you check? Every morning, and then there I M, we're gonna, have toys in Cologne Cologne is the That was what that was pushed over, that they caught it leg. I e one thousand we as universe innate, they had a back story.
Bible and creative like all these narratives for a lady this all. How is gonna play out, but they were so confident. Zack. So here's what happened. I sequels books over her a cloud working to replace Facebook and Cologne is a headache maybe the eighty one thousand cologne. workers. Imagine if you want to go out right now, I'm gonna check them Richie, one thousand miscarriage implausible, first round their later something about the universe, the academy at away one thousand with me up double are Our laws and then the other part, was how he wasn't. He don't want to be the movie. Is you want to make his son a star Susan but he's like basically like parliament Superman like just on satellite talking assign, but then there,
They realize the advertising the marketing campaign they have to make people think was Miss in the movie. is it that they don't want to sell it as a J Smith movie. So there they're all their ads there like a don't, don't let people know he's paralyzed cause he's paralyzed than a spaceship rate was that the Platte yeah you're stuck in it. You stuck in it almost there's somebody moments in this where you you find self siding with the studio which think anybody that's in to writing or creating ever wants to admit, but when they go, hey will. Is it ok? If you're in the movie their heads like a sort of our doubts. I dont have a problem with them line here as much as you are not in any of it back with a good with the cologne
but I could you be at the movie and it was, it was just a bunch of it sounds like Will Smith and some guys got together and just said, let's just shoot for the stars, on this one like what you? What do you want to do? Not, I remember bigger, Wrote about him the first year grant land about. I was so fascinated by the choices he made in his career because any talked about it in bed in cases where him in his guy Lassiter, they studied the list of the top twenty big movies of our time, and I think, like for them or some sort of alien out, I base science fiction, something so they would It was almost like he was. I advanced, Betcher sing movie industry and it was like we have Do these kind of movies and if you look at all the choices he made, it was all outer space. stuff science fiction, stuff stuff that had a chance. have a sequel he's really smart, like you,
I saw. Were Hollywood is going before almost anybody say this: what people want, because you he turned down Jangle and the Jamie Fox part, which Think really would have been an important far from it, but he just didn't. Do fight that he didn't wanna take chances as an actor. He just wanted to be in these giant. Franchises soda culminates it after earth where on earth Are there now created this Fuckin alternate universe set the future with a sigh battling- I don't even know who I never saw the movie- you ever see it. I thought about it now. You should check it out, but it is not good. It's not good, but there is a will. Smith article that he did after it, where it's the most I've ever like will smite where he was talk. about the failures about every one of these guys. If we treated movie stars the way we treat some of these NBA players, we beat about all of them sucking because everyone an have not just finals losses, they have sweeps in the first round me just the way, the business world
and I remember I not- that I've been on really many panels, I think you might wanna two panels. I've ever been on. It was the Greenwich Film Festival. It was run by somebody who's gonna lifeline and she asked me to come down and is I'd hosted a couple things there. they were like: hey will you do? It has been a backdrop, Egypt and the book emphasizes. This is something that I think I noticed is that people can see bearing mad about how it's all just superhero movies, or it's just sequels or just these franchises or why are there reboots, but a lot of times the art that we get is because that's really what we want- and I say this about politicians all the time. The reason politicians talk to us this way is because this is the way we apparently wanted to talk to, because they talk to us with real tone. Then we be more thrown off and so this is just how it's been conditioned. It's the same thing with what we watch. I don't mean you were I, but I'm just talking about hundreds of millions of people in the country like they act don't want to learn anything new for the most part they want established characters. That's my stars word for such a long time and that's why Sandler cleaned up
cleaned up internationally and why these stars had these massive runs and so on. This until they were like hey. Why do you think this happens, and I think I told you the story before, but I was a kid I don't Somebody Sandler movies. Now, unlike pixels, you know, but saddlers a lot My kids allowed he's gonna make money, I don't get it either and then the girl was a great job. She said, but is it Jack Giarraputo? I don't know how to pronounce Sanders. Buddies last name feel like Sandler's co, guys in the audience, and he saw you say that and she's like he's going to be at the after party, and I was like. Cool, and so I went up and as a gay man what's Goin eyes. Ok- you know as a copy, understood but crazy guy. Here use does I later
he's looking at meetings, Canada and I go I and ii- that you say a moon ally as a gag Charlie writer Zika go good luck and it was like sets a such ate. Like you'd, I can actually tried it big, like we have a connection out here, and I was not on I'm reading this perfectly, like your kind of telling me to go fuck myself, which I deserve, but I still think that it's it's not really anyone's fault that this is what people want. But I don't think it's wrong to point out. Like you know some of these movies, a people keep rebuilding over and over again their safer bets for the studio. That's why we had far more of those movies made and why the book will tell you that the path that is going on and while also Sony they our ties, those they caught him like mid budget, you don't move Furthermore, omelettes ride, like I don't know, made Gallagher or not the movies. I that girl social network does you're like the social networks, a perfectly ultimate kind of movies that aim Pascal awaiting array and solely wanted to make an
The reality is over the last fifteen years ago, of those ideas went the tv Adam became more I want to do on tv viewer, their creator and Also like I had no idea how much they made from breakin bad idea. They beat I almost half a billion dollars from taking break bad with the deed. these in everything else in the rights and selling the defer rights through the different streamers and things like that in the book made the point like it's. Actually a better business to be in tv and yet all the studios always kind of priority. The movie side and that gets bigger budgets and more attention and support that. Meanwhile, tv side issues banking. You know and I think now people kind of figured out that side too, but that the biggest thing is just Netflix in were seen thou Didst thou was talking to this, whose there is talk of a shot about this. Does
We have got a fantasy, as movement that is go by the wayside, they'd the Disney model. Where did these fine, though, just released stuff on this report? and I'll do at Flix is doing, and maybe they won't need movie theaters at all. All they subscription services now had the ability write to us and we're cool with it, because most people have wifi. Most people have the decent tv. In now article movie theater. So if you go to with their you want like a real experience. You know that who dharuma within an out that when it comes back, I look my limited experience in this and a couple of things that are written in the great feedback and then the guys I do tat like any is exerting party that wants to write like a high stir up a big action thing. I was like now, we gotta without never they go out with the stuff. You write like those who make us. Nobody makes us stuff like nobody seems
Why don't you do? What did she do? A superhero movie about about of supermarkets mass all end Just Walker everywhere, you look at it. I discuss head just ITALY The jokes wherever made about like this, the guy at one thirty in the morning at the big it oh pub he's just a superhero work This workshop, it sounds like you're, with great power, comes great responsibility, if any says fuck that you dumb Robin at egg through who wants bleacher tickets lion yeah. Now that doesn't really seem to be too might be, but did a crazy part. Two about dense book is looking at the business model of the studios. They go. Ok, this movies. a hundred and twenty million Nimeguen and like I will we only made forty five million. That's it. It's not worth it like, let me know in book, publishing site that you were there
I'm going in almost that they break in its a win back. Very rarely. Do you get like the Da Vinci Code, TAT bucks, but for the most part, when they're doing somebody's Burke and itself, thirty thousand copies or whatever, I call broke even on this line that somehow how much as an author, how many books you have to sell for another make money. I do it about depends on what the advances, because they do the advance. It's like one. Third one. Third, one third it went. There had been a sign and there we knew where the manuscript to get one third, when the books done and then once the book makes back. whatever the advance was, then you get the royalties from that point on. So when you do the book a basketball and began people know that it's gonna sell, so you're, not just the right, the guy, throwing a manuscript virgin didn't idea today. Do they change
projections with somebody like you were, or did you blow the projections out of the water with the basketball book Day they kind of blew it on the projections, a little which I didn't ever. I still doesn't make sense to me they did. ran enough in the first they print like a hundred thousand, but that How many were all over the place? More than that. But it was good. I'm not going to ask you exactly what you mean, but when I got got the number one on New York Times. They didn't print enough so, and I was so upset has gone through airports in the have like the top fifteen of the books, and it's like in the number one spot. I was in one airport and there is no book in the number one spot cuz. They don't have any copies of my book as a he got me fucking kidding me, I'm so mad.
Cuz, that was one like clearly. If I was going to book was going to do. Okay like we could have pretty but they're their attitude, is they they never want to be stuck with the books right, which I get. So their worst case there's they say I will print two hundred thousand bucks and then you sell forty five thousand and that's how you end up with, like the bargain basement books on Amazon and places like that, cuz they're double I dont, but this is all like ten eleven years ago to Lowood it's like now, because so much of its mine, I'm sure it's a good two, completely different parameters. There. Yeah, I'm sure outlines gotta be like two thirds of the purchases them. Yet I imagine the digital world, the two, but I get all I'm sure you do now. This is starting in your parents talking but yeah. it's gonna, will wrap it up anywhere it costs about, comes up reseller, you one, Pod for you this week, we will do at least would do a draft. We parliament do afraid stupid.
Down the road, and then I may play a million dollar picks every once in a while and ended up among fire. So last year, it's in it were more pack has come up on Thursday. including at least One celebrity guess sets can happen, plus million dollar packs. What are you from behind our backs, I'm all over the slate in summer. I'm just there below? Even I have some of the worst beats of my life. and I'm so you're not gonna break me, I fell. I'm still come Back on that scared, you have good feel for the seasons and bad luck so a covering all that and I'll see you then
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