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LeBron 4.0, Miami’s Herro Complex, Harden for Embiid (?) Plus Week 3 NFL Picks with Ryen Russillo


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Lakers win over the Nuggets in game 4 of the Western Conference Finals, officiating LeBron James, the Celtics struggling vs the Heat's zone defense, a defining moment for Tyler Herro, James Harden trade rumors and more (2:29). Finally Bill bounces his Million Dollar NFL Picks off of Ryen (1:26:00). 

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have to have a little regarded space dark and stormy to help me get through a Bacardi. Do what moves you drink responsibly? Bacardi was a coral gave us for the rum with natural favours and spices. Thirty, five percent out by I am rather better by the ring it outcome where we are covered. Banana foulon were still do David Fincher week. If you miss seven, we did that on the reward was this week I stopped by to Ringer Pack ass this week. I went on our to see too this week with ceases to bad ran, Rebecca, had a lot of fun talked about why Russia Worsen has then the people yet end Why a man at the Red Sox in all kinds of things, so you can listen to that- you can also listen to
in the second half of the Ryen Russillo podcast. He had Jeff Pearlman on who are really good, Lakers book about the ninety six to four Lakers, and we talked about Shaq and Kobe and a whole bunch of other things. So you can listen both of those coming up with Zillow Thursday nights. We're even doing this for the next few weeks tonight we're to be talkin about nuggets. Lakers got a little. Little football tonight afford a battle whether the subjects are dead or alive a whole lot more. That's all coming up. First, our friends from Jim. I take this a forty five Pacific time, Thursday covered up the big game, resell
can't believe it MA am eating Jacksonville, like that. I didn't just didn't, see, coming shocking, rounded, like everybody else, this guy outages every time now he sees incredible is he's like dead body that no one likes and then almost Sunnyside I've got court side seats to the south. And you're like you know what let's keep morphe around a little bit, but this is going to answer the adult age old question: will basketball ever be football on the ratings cuz? We had just a putrid football game going head to head against a pretty pivot the conference basketball game and what are the football whirl outright? The basque bob I like, where three times as much ghettos, those numbers always blowing away there. Always like a nice reminder. Yellow dot told get too carried away, but you know, like is only we don't have a ball the time, but wherever that, while we're not gonna talk, but that came words,
but the Lakers who are now one went away from the NBA fine, as this is a weird game, they set the tone almost unprecedented. I can't remember seeing this where a team openly complained about how their superstar, in this case the Brown was being treated by the referees. This whole thing goes out and it becomes apply and as soon as I saw it, I'd text here that guy what we know and for the night and then the game happens, they Yeah Denver and him and Davis shoot a combined. Twenty eight refers and I just feel bad for deeper because I really admire that team- and I no game. I terrain you're like while they're really gonna have to go out to win this game because they're not going to cause, they did ok, but did you think? First of all, I don't think it's the only we never heard. I think there's been plenty of play off series where the coach tries to plant that seed publicly by complaining feel Jesse's. Do it all the time so
I dont training that is there and the other part Volvo's quotes. The funniest bar is we're texting back and forth cause. I went on with Cowherd and I was like looking it up and I'm going. You know what this article there is an article written about this we're culture. Exactly the same thing: Regos yep, it's not getting Leubronn suck, it has many free throws it, I'm just answering your questions. So I'm not saying anything it was already like. I don't find me don't find, because the number show that usage rate the same drives the same same disregard the hoop the same in the bronze just about to he less per game that he was last year and I didn't feel like he wasn't getting a a tunnel calls- and I shall be honest- I don't know if I'm umpteen you up here, I don't feel like after game. The officials decided this by any means. It was rebounding because the rebounding was insanely going. The other way again. Three Denver, alright Item. What forty four to twenty five game three and barely held on their YA mean yoke instead in play. Well, that's why them, or I thought they had a couple chances the climate.
There's that huge car Murray had very, whose great tonight great that Dr Weir, had the broad on his hip, basically Leubronn found Collar and then it comes back down and that was basically yeah detail what occurred at the to it We went nuts right away and then to show you how you doing us, because not everyone everywhere reggie their showed the required Reggie birds. I can create defence by the brow. Much of thousand pounds yeah that was credited ass. It distracts feta. You know this is this. Is the respect you get when you are one of the three As far as everyone, you, the veteran superstar team, and guess what, if your Denver you gotta, you gotta count for that they just didn't Why are there they're not getting enough from your courage in the series- and I don't even fit emphatic always necessarily locking up down? I think he looks a little bit out of sorts at every thought. He looked out of sorts, the other night, too seen from him a I couldn't stand waiting game three even made a public statement about it here.
Terrific in the first of already value ass great early in this one, because I felt like his energy was kind of food energy and game three cycles. I quit you're running around in your your waving, your arms and you're talkin shit and the Batman thing definitely annoyed me because I'm like when you're doin level. Now it's yoke, it's like yours now to do that anymore. You just can't you can't do that. Vogel. I mean that was part of story like a game forward. There, like Vogel, said hey, why we tone it down a little bit and it worked because he played great defence and I think it just Another look and yoke catch you're. Right, though, the hard part is when he picks up that fourth foul and he's out at eight o six in the four poor and the Lakers or in the bonus he comes back in five. Forty six, he took one shot, one real game shot from five. Forty six to the close of the day before a heave. Three, that's the game. Well, he asked in the series is at least four thousand. His has five five games are probably more than that he's always kind a lingering around foul trouble. It's always kind of looming
and Anville over whatever Yoke edge, Plath game you watching, and I do think at least that might be part reason he was in his own head a little bed. He certainly not the guy from Messrs the guy from last year's were compared to the autumn plan grades and the reality is there going to be the Lakers unless he's on par with Davis and the bronze age has it been. Have you dropped him behind hero, then, for your guys, a sort of franchise with remember three to number four, I just now I just edged hair above Bill Russell last that every did my pay It is right- and then here, if those two now that it's it's a bummer cause, I do think this should be a good match for yoke edge. Like that, you know, Dwight spent super physical. I think I think the rafts have allowed people before you go the package and I think it's taken, I M out of his game. A little better actually always thought he kind of like that when, when teams and a bang amount, but this time like he missed that little bunny number that late again,
When he had a big Morris he took Morris daddy, miss that little Forfeit foot Jump book that he makes ninety nine times out of a hundred. He just wasn't good after you could. The counter argument could be Denver has it is right where they want about their down. Three one: this is kind of deep down what they wanted now now they can, they can do what they do. You not violent. Ah, you know you Tom was was not agree, basketball team. They play great basketball for three games. The clippers, I thought were arrogant all year, which was hard to understand and I'll give you this. The Lakers adjusted Oregon is the clippers are, and you could see in those Houston games where do you like? I do want to be these guys now: okay, fine and they would turn around the fourth quarter, one fourth quarter them, was passed away. Like a twenty point lead and it seemed infallible that you're like disuse and actually have a chance to steal this one- and I dont know if it's the bubble idle.
No, if it's not having that villain the season for the first time in a long time I mean it feels it the first time in a decade. You don't have that one team that everybody's gunning, for where its felt, like both l teams in clearly ones at home, watching if the raven watching, but I think the Lakers or I could totally see a mailing it in and gave five. I mean they basically did in game three right, and then they tried to catch up in the second half and tried to still lay Ba right, the other problem for them as their role players. You know I've been who jargon Denver, I'm Talkin Lakers Lake. You look at the guys who, out their crunch time in this game, they called where public taking shots with with through with its an rondeau who you know, sometimes won't really play that much. The other times is finishing entire fourth quarters in it. It's just been China.
Russian roulette with their role guys and it just as a matter of course that the tender they have is a historical, great tenants. But I do wonder if you can get through four rounds with this work, is night tonight, having no idea what you're getting from the three through twelve guys. We know if they don't win it now, a free one. I can take it to Denver. I know we're going to talk a lot of Miami, so don't get too far ahead of ourselves, but it Miami gets out of the east, which we expect there, a different opponent than a four thousand nine hundred and fifty one projected it is different whatever it is right now, I don't think there's any kind of pusher whatsoever there real challenge, so Lakers Reseda loosen the files and that's the thing that we point two country miser, we do the ineffective stuff were sick, weak, eight, weak, nine, we go man, all the contenders are flawed. You like you know that that's kind of the point, that's kind of the point and yes, there flaws their lack of depth. Is that these two let? But when you watch he had any Davis, to that kind of STAR Leubronn, probably underwhelming for the most part, but still those nine points in the fourth quarter any hit most of this resource, which is in something I expect to happen all the time and which is
They can't do anything when they think it is a key. Should own mill, sapping owned and early, they got him out of there. They switch their whole defensive rotation around and yeah, I'm with you like Crusoe's kind of fun, but you don't count on it. Pope, Mr Huge three again he had that three there tied it at one or three apiece and game three, and that was a huge spot. You know it's different when you're down twenty and taken those- and then I can't tell you like, I feel like the the Morris twins- want nothing to do with the basketball in a big spot Marquis through that horrible entry pass, that debt acted like screwed up eighty, then he gets the often so foul by just grabbing somebody and their up. I think we're on one or two that's a massive possessions under two minutes. You score a bucket there, the game's over he he gets a charger. Went off it's not charge but often found that screen and then a thousand immediately by sticking his leg out and his Murray with free throws in you're going. This came was
over with a bucket, and then it ends up another two minutes of going back and forth the possession. So I don't blame Frankie with his a different things, but he got to be with him. Fouling out was probably good yeah, it's a plan. Wasn't it Morris Pope and Rhonda, or the three hundred and forty five that were out there, let that was the real unit. Yeah cuz he's not putting kuzma out there. It's I'd be hard pressed to find a worse three hundred and forty five in crunch time. That run was pretty good tonight and I think Rondo's figured I'd had to pick his spots and Durag stuff and she's kind of embraces in a random it out, as of as a lifetime Rhonda FED I've been enjoyed it. It's been the one redeeming thing for me with this. With this whole Lakers situation is, see around Deronda things. It begins, and you know that rebound. Near the end. Rages comes flying in leg. He says it. For doing that stuff. It's fun you. I thought the best play me and others a budgetary impact.
Here, but when Leubronn made a really good defensive play, and then ran the length of the core and Rhonda waited a lesser point. Guard, doesn't even register that Rondeau, common or lebruns come in full steam and no sapped. Anyone bother contesting it and it was a lay up, because Leubronn ran the full length of the court. He was behind all other nine players and Rhonda kept him in the play, and that was pretty cool when they had noticed with the bran. These play ass, I think he's been so hard to officiate game to game and I can kind of get why you'd come out of a game. We only had a couple free throws be like what the fuck I'm forcing contact every time. He reminds me of the point Shaq got to like twenty twenty years ago, near the end when, when he wasn't like Mvp Shack, but maybe two years later, two where the rest kind of didn't know what to do and remember that Sacramento series we're going to watch and see web and Scott powered and
games, they, those guys we're just loud mall, shack and then led the famous game. Six, when Shack shot. A hundred, thirty three for throws, and it just kind of from game to came- seemed to change the thing with the bride he so freakin strong. Now he doesn't totally had the same. It has to be somebody out the job that he did when he is at my right he's at a different stage of his career, but he can still get a half step on them. And when he does over and over again is kind of barrels into the guy, as he has the half step, and then the ref over over again has to decide that. What is that? What do I do? Because there's contact the guy's moving, the bronze initiating all the contact
What's the call like they even had the review today and when it when I saw it, live as they got Lebron that was a charge, and then they show the replay from five Agnes. It's like I actually grants moving, but at the same time he should be allowed to defend what removes write. Your talk about that grant blocking for the Denver, Benchwright yeah yeah cuz. I was a huge spot at that time. I don't know what you're supposed to do with those calls anymore, because I don't like charges but then again it's away. I can't stand here and move my fee to try to defend you and then a few drivel into me. A gets. We ve done this before, but it's it's a mess its collect, I dont know very I don't know we ve had this conversation because maybe driving arises is so strong that any so smart he's just figured out leg, I'm just gonna. Do this you're not going to know how to call it and I'm going to get the I'm going to get the coin toss bus the time cuz, I'm Lebron James. I just don't know what you're supposed to do. If you're the defender, I mean you, could try, maybe guarding him with a smart player like that. The Toronto strategy, like the LAO revenge we just go
smaller and and have the guy get underneath ermine, maybe here Those are the yeah by that better really do I stop it and when we get to the next round my aim is: gonna, have crowded they're gonna, have a good dollar Jemmy button they're gonna have all these people, but it's gonna be the same thing. It's gonna, be this conundrum game after game of is this affair is a start drive to the basket. Okay, I think it's a great cop on shack. Absolutely because you know the thing was Shaq as well. You could just call it a foul every time, but It also be like war K. I mean a shack play today. I dont know how that efficient, because everybody just fall down the entire time and I waited they call it if you like. What you gonna do is given, given the charge. Will this guy's gonna have to retire? I have I ever thought as your question. We know the Lebron is peak theatrics when he's exaggerating kind of like a contact like the Marie Elbow and game three. He doesn't do it as much now, because it just takes up the time and energy to just flail all over the place, but I actually dont think he's a flop. Her
I don't need a driver now you I gave it do you think, because guys like dont, you are selling it. The whole dribble. First of all, the head thing that drives no pardon who doesn't fly as much as he's selling it all the time, and it is just a bunch of other guy just straight up flop. Do you think that that has to do with some of the problems were wrestler almost like, while he's still up right, so I can't give him every call. I think they thing is a really good comparison. For this reason, it's impossible to figure out what the contact was when he so strong. It's almost like this moving oak tree you know and when somebody bounces in term- and he just keeps going completely undaunted and then other guys almost making it seem like it was more profound than the rat feels like something happened, but Kennicott charge because the guy's moving, I think, to be more a testament to what is incredible physical specimen. He is like that. He can.
Go into people and really ricochet off them. You know, and in just continued to go and tell them always our. He gets a labourer whenever this is something that started with her I really feel like those last to Cleveland Years, where just see like he was stronger in November, that that that two thousand and eighteen gold stay finals in the end that amazing gamey add when he was just today. One like he was overpowering physically that I had never seen before with them, and I think he's been do that over and over again in your grant ethics than a pretty good job, at least trying to be active, stand in front of him stuff like that, but also at the same time, doesn't really have a chance of Leubronn to get through the red, like you, she's, getting he's getting near the remedies initiating contact and then it's up to the rest of the imo,
making no mistake a few times. I'd look at different series: black or will they have tomorrow, Carol may have on these bodies in it. None of it matters it doesnt matter because he's just the way quite uses his shoulders in the way we talk about him spacing is, is driven away from you and the fact that you combine his shoulders with his hands like the bronze, actually still bigger area. You know it's not that was different, yet his moves are still probably more dynamic in a much older age, because when it's right like I was eyes slowing down, I was looking at some of the stuff, and then I went Diego in a lot of these four quarters that kind of been decided. So if you just go and straightforward quarter number shrill abroad, they're not gonna, look great Fredo percentage always goes down. Is it is because he's tire is because he's older and then he had a baseline spin dunk on Torrey, Craig and Game three. That was just that. Look pretty good, and you know it's not just one and there are a couple moments like when he was short on a few jumpers. I can have the touch Night at all here that one play ricotta drove Yo Kitchen Yoke, just kind of sagged any illegal. Seventeen
voter clean, wide open. It was even close, so the stat line being triple double might be a little misleading because it really Davis was carrying them tonight. But if you're the score nine points in the fourth quarter, close playoff game to go up three one then set it to two. I mean those are still point so and you chopping up fast. You know in my book I wrote about the the four different jordans when I wrote the big chapter about him, how he hit these four different versions of himself and I think with Lebron. She had that kind of first version of himself, which I would say really lasted all the biscuits higher Cleveland experience right. Even he just seem insured physically, but I still, I would say his whole cleave and even though we ended up went into every piece, I still feel that was one point, o Lebrun and even First Miami season. Ten, then two thousand twelve.
Enforcing a Miami was probably to point out and then does first couple Cleveland Seasons when he came back. I would say is three point out now: what kind of movements of the four put our version of? Where he's basically car Malone? Who could drivel you now in any justice specimen, also the smartest guy in the league, who can dissect everything who always makes the right decision, but there's an overpowering peace to it? That is kind of made up for the loss of Atlantis as and where he catches fly by dude psyche used to eight years ago, but he's added the shack peace yeah, the cardinal on things good, but I beg you would agree to add beyond the dribbling that is set like come look, never set up your often around, like that. None rod- and I know you don't I gonna drive genre. How can I go into the basket cause at his father Carmelo Saint thing, especially that Utah version
he was so strong by the mid nineties that if he was just headed to the room where we gonna do. He's gotta there, you're vowing, values that it does with its terms for the two cups what brought. Obviously, as so many other things that it brings them. If he goes to elaborate on five point out, is that in the debate that is better than anyone, yeah. I don't know what fire I know would be. I guess by porno it just be. Him is just three point shooter he turns it Duncan Robinson ran away errors. I well with the brown less forty paths, that is fifty percent report should abroad. Five point out here, it is, if you are ever gonna say like when he gets draft, you go cases the chose one I'm ever watch that Sacramento game, and you know we had is like this guy that never wrote anything about him. When I was on a boss, we ordered a jersey, like I just couldn't, wait to watch him and then to say: okay, when you're going to be twenty twenty and be this close to another ring and it is. This difference is backed envied. Don't understand you to move around and you all these different stuff
Like he's gonna be on the Lakers knowledge! ring in Miami in Cleveland and he's gonna be still. Arguably the best player in a league and the other can be moments, was a little slower like it just seems impossible, and it seems impossible to also think the league without em in that were probably a couple years away from here. Tv shows go in this guy needs to retire, which I dont like when shows due to anybody like. If you want to keep plant sports as long as you possibly can keep doing it, but he's beheld do a weird standard, because it's gonna be weird to see a version of him. That's actually hurting a team which still seems like again impossible to say out loud, but it's gonna happen You mean like drew Brees right now. This free stuff is a little early. Can we wait till Michael Thomas is back? Can you complete a pass at work, the those numbers work rate down the field. I got it. I then our man, Greeny was saying like bench for James Winston I was really Greece
open. He had James replacing breeze, and I think he said his time to get jail and heard some snaps bind centre for Carson went south cheese. I dont think his coffee had kicked in yet would be by Rebecca S for the green anything. Yet the leubronn thing you know it's all shaping up for him and he certainly Ben you know. Even they say good the bran tower thing in and the verdict coming out, and Lebron comes out in a big way and he's not only the face of the week he's the most important voice he's still the best part in the bubble. You know- and it is it's amazing you know he was drafted in two thousand and three I just got their way into. Does it really? I don't. Even the guide dog had my first target that point how long ago you think about it. So I go it's just incredible. At a time like the two thousand three p
were born there now seniors in high school virtual learning, but the fact that he still able to do it at this level. So yes, a when he does stuff like complains about How is officiated you down, they call they re. Like pardon me, like man, you're bothered by this little eyes, you secured you wanted spurs I've ever seen like you too. I almost like you don't have to do this. You know like you, don't need this. You don't need to wine. After recalling, we're, always gotta, remember watching a world. We you have our eternal respect. You don't need to do like this petty, dumb share. I don't buy, it bothers me because I like on my leg, watch them the complaining thing. I don't know me: did you can like those will reward troubles, things were doing after last dance. I just yet, and I can't tell you how much I enjoy just watching every play, basketball now the new thing- and I don't know if it's brand new and Leubronn did it tonight. He drove left in so right to left on your tv screen is left side of the who gets the call
it is past the big Mighta here, the Rev. I that you got that roughly. Anyway, but geyser mad. The other thing it's happening market. Smart. Does this all time Marcus Smart will make the play in like get fouled on the entry or followed on the past or something and then the guy passes she gets the get he's got the assist and then he's mad you're, like you guys, got the two men with man. Let's get back Andy! Well, let's talk about her, the Lakers going. Where went? Secondly, take good break with take a bite to talk about Jaguar, which has won the race to end it
play with the twenty slash, twenty all electric I pace that is just as electrifying to drive is it is to watch the Ipass possess. The shockingly good looks and reaches zero to sixty on a four point. Five seconds. Please follow local speed limits. The I paid a zero emissions vehicle that provides an impressive performance with a powertrain that delivers three hundred and ninety four horsepower. In case you don't know a lot about cars through an enforceable at its elegant advance, was seamlessly integrated technologies and, unsurprisingly, the Jaguar I paced the most awarded electric, as you ve ever know why they haven't sent me one where's mine, check out Aguilar USA that calm and make this winning vehicle yours today Jaguar? They know what they're doing. Back to this, but are it so you don't, I said the other day, a podcast shape it up for the brine. The clippers got knocked out all that stuff, and this is that this is now in their hands. They have this too May in tandem.
That is just going to be better than anyone that play whether that's enough to win. The final stages have the biggest advantage anybody has left, but I thinking about it as think about that Paul George quote We heard about after you'd I finished our package last they were his. I know I don't feel like it is cheap it shipped buster at all is the first reason for this is taken. I mean what we're like a terrible thing to say, after that it was totally championship robust. She gets traded. A hundred draft Eggs they make. This isn't happening your favorite when the tide of what are you talking about, somebody would be even better to if we opted out next year, re state its to see this arrest but ass. They liked. I have this though narrative my had they been. There is so lucky to escape the coopers, but really the reality is the coopers were afraid of their weak. They fall. Did I think,
I think this way I think Davidson the brain would Beatenest Coopers team from what we know now about the clippers and all the stuff. That's been trickling out and it's obviously a team that was not on the same page that resented the star treatment for George, that quite a downward resented George seems specifically like kind of like what, if you one yr, where are you like to be a superstar here and it just seemed like that team had real problems and if anything, I think it would have been better for the Lakers to play them and beat the shit out of the clippers. It would have been like a nicer. You know thing for bronze mantle, then beating the stamp retain that everything thinks they should be. The you act as if the clippers Well, it's hard to go. Haters teams of fraud, if they didn't care, Denver, fives, five and then not blown, leads in the other games, and so always hesitate a little bit to be like oh well, they would have smashed the clippers because, but maybe the clippers would have taken the more seriously you know. Maybe the clippers would have
looked at outlay and played them differently because they knew what was Lakers like a fight words. I give you looking at pony and you're. Actually little scared of em. You just can be tuned up a little more. You be thinking about all these different things. Worse. They clearly didn't give any respect to the nuggets. After their up three one s answer argument. Is they had the fraud inside them that tied into be unleashed, it was in the page we think he dangling. The outside, just as I was saying, turnkey open door in the fraud was going to come out and they get deftly would come out against Lakers. It just happened Denver that did it, but did you see some really good clippers Lakers games during the regular season where they from a kept you Jesse in any times, even when the Lakers pulled out some those games, you when I depart we'll go on? You know what I still kind of like the feel of where the clippers yeah the great products, so we got to be. We got to be honest that we can't just sit here and draw the clippers last three in a row they suck in the Lakers are It may well be that really ideal ass. It was in the three
how they rolled over, of course immodest island. But but it was some of this stuff that got exposed as the stage got bigger to the fact that they really rely on the way. I'm said he's honestly one of the worst play of players of the last twenty five years. Like he's just completely abominable like that, if hair all you know, got attacked assert way, he became unplayable that I'll send you relying on Zaire. Bad say I keep. We were taught by the Brazil, I shouldn't about it up. I guess my point is like eight. I thought this was this bullet die and they re out is, I think, there's gonna be a lot tougher to put away the divers down three wine. I did that teams got a lot of pride. I love worry, I think, berries, what are the big winners? I wanted to talk about big winners of the of the bubble later, but that Danvers Ghent very well, not roll over and game. Five. Do you know by the way, if damper, Lou this game five and if by any Naxa Boston. This final starts on Wednesday.
Now I know that I am, I am wake up and look at the schedule type a guy. I am you're a big thinker planner if there is no if there's no game, seven, the finals will start on Wednesday is what I was told. Will you count? This is the seventeenth championship. Lakers time your boss and Celtics now you know the answer that, because they can't there five Minneapolis titles, which were not real Lakers status as a fucking bullshit, this Oklahoma City. Say we won one, be a title, although I was doing I know educated, we won the Seattle Supersize title Nathan, seventy nine, that's our one tight everybody Blake, get them gotta, hear even when that that doesn't count for you. So what are the Lakers get the count them by Minneapolis titles by protein whisper? before. So I just yet have wanted for very nobody has I answer. I just wanted by the way the wider like career assist leaders. Carry, though entitles don't because I always
that's a little weird, but it's a graphic and then all a sudden, you like the New Orleans pelicans in it, but it was the Charlotte Hornets and you are like weight was On my class, I dont, like my advice, is an all time: Pelican, I'm confused, suddenly tat either when you, when you switch cities and change your name you're different franchise. Just that's widening the browsers, actually, the coolest thing ever because they were like were keeping it all and everyone's. Like honestly, you think anybody wanted to be the grounds for regular stepped back, but I like it. I did that so by May gets by Boston which odds are they will other will break it down the second, not given up the area, well now, I'm not giving up and I'll go I'll, go into the reasons why I'm not here up, but if IME does advance, I dont they will roll over and I think they're going to be a hard time for the Lakers. Twelve still pick the Lakers in the series, but I think is their two thousand and four pistons upset special yeah. There is and would people be making a mistake
in that the Lakers we're just gonna walk the title yeah his name is really good. I think what's impress me about my aim in this series. There are plain our there really not like look at their stats state, their shooting from three either thirty two point: five, after the serious you know they given up a hundred and ten point, three points, a game you go through. Stats dragon. She played really where the whole there's so as out a bio and then hero had to really get games. Games three and four other that bothers been fine, crowd her and Robinson and Olympic are based. They now, like now, like Robinson, can't make anything anymore, the relevant playing olympic and crowded crash back there. If you became crowd, I think that's interesting and what's a good sign for the Celtics he's dead, This is not the deep nine man Miami team that you just don't know. Any given night who's gonna to catch it. This is now a sixpence in an equal dollar was way more
patenting game for that ever expected from somebody who said ankle, injury who sat back spasms and they really needed him in that game and they needed a performance from hero who had not scarred by the twenty two points in a plan game, whoever starting points of regular season, thirty seven and they still barely one. So I'm look at going. I actually think Miami can play better than this and am frustrated that its three one as the south pain. This has been about the fourth choruses, but about turnovers and yes, some of its the zone, but some of its just stupid, stupid, basketball, yeah and it was a carry from Toronto. And if you look at the turn over numbers in the fourth quarter. For this series, Miami has nine total turnovers across four. Fourth quarters Boston had seven turnovers and game for in the fourth quarter alone and a bunch of em right out of the gate that set the tone for sloppy basketball that five turnovers in the fourth quarter of game too,
boss. This defence is allowing in the fourth quarter in the series against my eighteen team that you're right isn't exactly shooting the lights out you're. Also right. The unit is not as deep as it supposed to be because you can get really messed up with death because you like that guy that guy had a good game like to me. If, on the celtic Gimme, all the Kendrick known you can give me like, take more shots. Yes, ring of aid for the crowded. Let's go crime. Now: you're shalt, thou, Wast Acres Duncan Robinson. Oh, I love aspects of his game, but there is another reason why you're like ok, he's getting attacked. He gets a couple early fallacy tickets, avenue in two games in this theories re like ok, now, that's messed him up. The problem is with Celtics game for Tyler. Hero turn turn into it. Your wider Kevin Durrant out of nowhere. He like ok, thirty seven for this guy, who's. Gonna go Jimmy Chin outward for him, he's just too quick and, as is his drip chip, wood was just straight up. Man, shit would would not where skinny genes, although maybe did back, did he just didn't know they were led by derivative idea, but this this number, the term
others are part of it, and I want to ask you kind of like a follow up after this, but this Celtics defence in the fourth quarter is allowing a hundred and thirty one point. Eight points per one hundred possessions. That is such that's an impossible number to be that bad and dick they ve tried a bunch, different things. We get add a little bit more, but I mean how much do you think it's the zone? And how much do you think it's just kind of these moments when you look at their eye so players who the fuck are you guys doing the turnovers? They have sixty three turn hours and for games. That's just a it's. Almost this warning owners, yeah and really dumb ones to eat out its water maker driving the basket and throwing the guy in the corner, but the ball hits the baseline, its water maker carrying it. It's Marcus marches, just throwing it right that somebody has its Heyward it
who's playing game for when they really need a basket of the provisional, lose laughing pass pasta, Tatum, a butler, just jumping up and grabbing it. Echo dollar tapping out of your hands because you're holding it up there waiting for him to tap and away from you, and so I give credit to the zone, and this is in inverted zone where they had their bigs up top. Like I love seeing guys, try difference. But the reason why team someplace zone all the times you actually supposed to figure it out right in Boston. I don't blame them for not like him by having a bad Toronto series when you're gonna box in one's somebody the right way It's going to screw you up, you don't even like you're, not going to go off and they were trying to do almost this. This kill the you know chop off the head to kill the snake thing with Kemba in the Toronto series, but this Boston Series, I'm with you, there's all these moments where you go that wasn't even speak, defence. That's you kind of not having a plan, and am I guess, I'm just surprised at this. Many talented players collectively who were all pretty good eye. So players? Will you just like Haven, Boston, right, it's like men. They can put it like that.
Guys, including Heyward now and get a bucket at the end of the shock clock in they just have so many sloppy turnovers that its leading to free points. The other way, if I said to you before, if I said to you before the series, all the shady numbers are going to be the same, but Boston Gonna turn the ball of, twenty one more times in the first four games. Where would you would you said you'd say they beat out three one. Yeah, I told you, my aim is gonna have beyond entirely numbers are basically awash are the points are the were awash, but maybe has forty two turnovers Boston is sixty three and sixty three turnovers for games. What happened did was Campbell playing
it's the fourth quarter stuff too, because you're just doing the other team, such a favor and Jimmy Butler's, their fourth leading scorer. I know again he's he said he has stretches. That's what you know is it's much as everybody's in a Jimmy Butler love, FEST, nut, and I say this to not knock him, although dude, when he shows up with Tyler Heroes, High school jersey and then see call him who he liked tweets out thought he was a bad teammate. You, like Casey J. You want ass, fucking, Karl Anthony towns and waited like it again. I was ranch Jimmy's side about thinking. Those guys were soft, but I mean to justice Go nuclear, see your way out of their during a practice. Knowing ESPN was there to cover the whole thing like Gimme, a break up just because you were here, Are you deaf? They were a good team, it yeah wasn't fun, but why do you look back on this series and think this? Is this massive wasted opportunity because I do it know I want. I want to talk about that because I thought I told you this two weeks ago. I am a big, never think your windows
ten years guy with the nba- and I really felt like this for this Boston team. This was an unbelievable chance for them to make the finals and we talked about this evening before my Milwaukee got knocked out. I don't know if it was going to look. Text Jer. I don't know what you're going back next year. I dont know if the east is gonna, be much there is this year, I'm guessing will because brooklands gonna be really get to, and God knows who ass. I knows this year, their chance to make the fires came running game too. They threw away. They should have least split those and my Emmi made every single play kudos to them their smarter teen, their mentally tougher, but they put out those first two and then yesterday you know the something's basically couldn't figure out how to shut down a twenty year old kid. I just four either he was bake, it really tough shots. I just find it hard to believe they couldn't
play. The strategy of the man got to hand it to him. Like that's crazy to me, and I don't understand, like Brad Stevens, does way more about basketball that I do it's so obvious to me that they should be going small and switching on everything sweet. I tried that everything that I would just do that. That would be my did you, though, especially when heroes feeling like that. I don't want to see. Rob problems again in the serious cause. He does not defend the three point. Nine comes in my images, hunts him right away that great it getting wider, betrays the thing that scared me Yesterday, is Miami didn't even shoot that way other than hero? I think they were like thirty percent free, but all the fries were wide open. I don't think Boston's play good defense in the series. I don't think they put smart, they haven't texted the ball. I don't know what happened to Tatum in the first half in the second half we turned into you know Lebron James in two thousand and seven against the pistons. It's it's just really weird, because I think they're going to look back at the
Aries and just be like what happened. How did how did? How did we do all that dumb shit for two solid weeks and then Miami's going to look at this like yeah, we're better and team were smart or tougher than that? We pulled this out. That's that's what the outcome is going to be. Unless Boston can flip it. I know they tried a bunch of different things with Butler you'd like to try to stop him because it had Momin didn't work, and then they, I would think you might see more of helping off. He would Allah, but then there is a perfect play of like what this team is. What it's like to have a guy like Bam and it totally look like the warriors, the beginning, which re my green with the lineup death, their death line of issues me that's teamed, but rap, trap, left side, Butler Butler, throws the ban banjos baseline. Eighty eighty kicks out, drag, it shows great and you just go. Ok, that's. Why like? Can you trap that? I, because, if you trap and then Bam gets to make the decision- foreign three, you probably screwed
this ban, can even put it on the floor finish the whole time. So, even though we went in your a I M, is deeper bosses want to force probably a little bit better when Tatum, who look, we all love but just took a first half off and I'm trying to figure out if he's hurt or not and you're like what's going on, is energy is sucked in look? He picked it up in the third quarter, but you just can't have you down to one. You can't play like that and canvas having moments to wear it, whether it's the way they trap him, and I think he just tries hard all the time but but that could be scary when it doesn't go right and you like, I don't really like criticizing Sparty more cuz. I know at least from a toughness and competitive standpoint and caring point he's going to care, but they're still going to be a bad three like he had worried, trail transition. Like twenty seconds up the shock, lock, you like that's out what we need right now so my aim, local feels it look. We Baltic Miami, I think, before the series dance. If my me to write, I have thought it was close. I thought it was close. I could see Boston when it came from,
May I make a little weird, I am wondering if like all hold that thought. The here's how they win gave five. The thing that change over the last two weeks is that this No longer eight nine man team from Miami, it's basically seven, seven b, seven sears now in Boston, can win that I've got. My aim is biggest advantage, was gonna, be this? then you know Olympic Command in the second quarter and scoring twelve points and in a Kendrick none forging want him at least want us right air, and then it s happening in robinsons, plain awful he's rabbits and is having the weirdest stats years. He's twelve for thirty two feel go he's twelve for thirty one from three he's taken one to play for games, which is not the player that he was there in the season. You're. The one of things I liked about him was he wasn't like cow Corver that key actually could aid. He would go to the basket and stuff. Like that and he's dab pigeonholed as this,
Pensive liability only shoot Street, so they're kind of taking him out, but it's basically been there. Six and one slash two hours: Boston, six and one slash two and they're six and a half has just been slightly faintly better and that at the end against their replay dragon here together and for whatever reason I I really am surprised can't shut down hero when he gets like that. I would have thought that would have been like a perfect guy for smart, the guard and chaser impacts and do smart stuff, but how has been able to solve it, and I don't really know what their answer is at the Inn crunch timing that sat up stick with hero, there's a little under estimating him, even though he's first assist in the series for the hehehe second and rebounds he's got the best assist to turnover ratio. So it's not like he's just done in threes, he's good on the catch he's good off the dribble he's good on the hard cock That was a thousand rewrite, a boy that those are incredible shots. What does what he had on small and the letter I were smarts like I don't have a close out on
boy that doesnt incredible shots. What does want to you once more and the lady at I were smarts like gonna, have to close out on you yet, and these are not just stick it right in here and I, my man so I'd. Imagine that's the easiest adjustment is it who ever gets him. They can be taken about him for the for two days ago, and I got him start treating them like he's good Dodge that Tyler her, like they're, really gonna, have to start thinking about him like when this guy's in when he starts feeling it. We have do thou change our entire off a further problem. Is they ve never saw the bad thing. There's been awesome in the series is adjusted grape ask those rules, they beat you just gotta. Each eddied beat them all the time with the two. He's destroyed, ties beg ices destroyed him, his title, the middle a little bit, though I think it's just a tough spot, but now it's time to such a tough spot ass, some here, a step
I won't take a breakfast aileth about simply safe here's thing, but I'm scared accompanies most trap. You high prices, tricky contracts, lousy customer support, so that maybe lad options at their. That's fine does only one no brainer, it simply say they ve got everything. You need to protect your home, none of the drawbacks of traditional homes, Carroty an arsenal of sensors and cameras like in every room window, indoor tailored specifically for your home freshness, monitoring, keeping watch daylight and sent police fire medical professionals that there's a mercy you can set it up in an hour. Sat easy, no technician required. There's no contract, no pushy sales, guys don't in fees, no fine print and all the sites of fifteen hours month. What are you doing on that? The only one who thinks it was safe is great. U S knees were report, namely the quote best over a home scarcity of twenty twenty. There have been a proud sponsor this package really, since we launched in October two thousand fifteen,
simply safe. We just get along. I trust these guys had the super safe that calm such bs. You get a free, hd camera. That's for my list has once again supersaver too. I simply say that calm slash be ass to make sure they know our show sinew, on the hero thing. I was thinking about this concept of every player. There's a young guy who has a moment- and it becomes this really important moment. So I was going to call him the Reggie Hammond Team for Eddie Murphy in forty eight hours, Reggie Hammond, where it's just kind of cheese in the torches bar that one scene- and you just come out of that cloud that got the fucking star as soon as that torture scenes over. It's like that, guy's going to be in my life for a while here I became that guy
a share in the plan which I think was really unexpected, because I made a list actually at the last fifteen years of the guys who about these moments in the playoffs in he's, probably the most unexpected one I think, for two thousand twenty hero, LUCA right. Look as the other onlookers, not a surprise, but you know what he's gonna, remember that clippers game and all that stuff and when you think back twenty twenty class, what happened that obesity remember? Two thousand eighteen was Yoke again Murray that combo, which I think after that play ass. We were leg. Ok, these guys. This is a team. Two thousand eighteen was Tatum, go into the files against Cleveland Eastern Files and Donovan Mitchell beaten Chris Paul
member that we're we're just like all those guys, okay, Donovan Mitchell, so he's gonna be a real guy. Two thousand seventeen Bradley Beale, I think, was big where I can find find two thousand sixteen, but then going down a geologist quickly, Butler Dame staff, current two thousand thirteen harden in two thousand and twelve. When he took out the spurs Paul Georgia you're too, to Durant Westbrook in eleven Rondeau in two thousand ten rose, thousand nine Chris Paul, two thousand eight dare wasted as seven the Brown O six and then a marine wait. No five and the reason Have all those guys listed, though that is all those guys we're like high pedigree. Are you guys where it would have been. You you wanted to have their basketball card when they came out. We expected something good to have them. It wasn't shocking right. It was shocking that look, it did with the Coopers cause, we watch Meyer, they hear thing shocking and I think he is here to stay. I don't think this is a fluke aggravating.
This guy's, like this guy's gonna, be like a multiple time. All star Guard is Canada Perfect, for how best bows played, I always loved him. I did not see this coming. Would you trade this year's number one pick form now know you Wooden, oh, my god, are you kidding. I read much rather here the number and taken this draft. Oh no, that's what I mean. Would you trade meaning if you had the pic, would you trade you're the Minnesota timber, wolves, animal rights the elderly are more picks up. Just double checking is sometimes people when I did it for Duncan Robinson nodded really liked it. So I found my scattered reports on hero that I wrote before the draft. Let's hear it: ok, decent frame, bad wingspan. Moves? Ok, I think he makes it. I think whether any makes the deal is. How's body develops and be quick enough to get open off the ball. Passable Andy he's just this. When I start
so I started with that and I can tell us I keep writing it's either like it goes in the direction we liking a player, not liking a player he's here just a smart player and was a sentence. The way comes, the balls cuts off the ball transition driver. As a defender of two on wondered. Why open lab his cuts is cuts is cuts, so our fall of him. He has all the tricks. Let's defender get annuity, pushes em off runs guidest screens, I love all of it. He puts on the floor more than you might think. He's he's the best off the ball player in the first and I love the way he repositioned behind the line reminds me of clay. He's a small guard. Ursula he's a shooting Garda, probably a guy off the bench early. They can hit shots and stick around because he's big enough dream and put in one of my favorite secret things about him is Eddie Rebates of that a rebate. I love that I love guards at rebound here must set a triple double one of the games last week, but yeah he's just work?
one of the things I love about him. He never disappears. There's, though, like Jeff Green quarter, to say where's that guy arduous out there you don't like the opposite of of like a Wiggans. Taper issues can disappear for fifteen minutes. He's always gonna be touched. The ball back Bob do somethin hated three. He does. He does get scared and you know he's twenty, but Tatum twenty two out of the the credit for how young he has either like the quality of some of these. These drama is twenty three, the the qualities of these deeds, but by senator rocks in the bird imagined that better than the bird was twenty three. When it came in the leg, you have that Patrick doing was like twenty two. These guys, these for your senior sooner, they come in as Duncan Safari or senior to come. It is finished products, and I I I think it's so incredible that, regardless of whether they, when the title the share
they're gonna be a contender for the next five years and it's gonna be more because of you road day about a buyer like in two thousand twenty four than Jimmy bother right, yeah, absolute Emmi. He noted to have that kind of game, and I try not to ever get to care is like eyes if you could be one of those guys. Let's keep seen an event. Gonna keeps us his mind being Gandhi and COD, who keeps get mad like? How is he second team housing? Second team, you like well over the course of season services available as our rights are yeah exactly our book between dams, development and Tyler's development and drug issue is now because of a hero and ban? Does it get enough credit? Is he still feel like their steadying? worse, like ok, we adds up here. We need Sutton. You want me to play off the ball. I mean that God I love our second get it on their own, but then are totally comfortably and playing off the ball. Always Diana get Plath guides it yeah
where do I see was available before the season and even the first month. This is anybody, could add retorted rockets, yes expire contracts, anybody could have gone after him and it is where do you think I can track? None was start over him for most of the year, and he was a little banged up and all that stuff, but there was no, it was going off in the beginning, was gone off right, but that the dragon resurgence is like a legit research and said it started a few months ago. But the EU playing areas like that two thousand ten spur serious when member that, when just destroyed disperse its Russian, for he looked like a steak and rebuild their heart between drugget hero, Yoke, Ich Caruso
come on get up, I'm so that company, ok, I dont use, which is this the best time in white basketball history. Since diplomacy, parents meant, did you see here is the Jersey was like number one and fanatics track? Yes, off there. Are you serious? draft did. I was like, oh my god I go. These should go on higher, just paste. The waves dress. By do you love Reggie my scouting import, knowing that, if it had said no fuckin way this guy sucks, I would have never read it. There's no way you it. It was kind of
brag. I was a good guy out at it, but you should have you should have, as you know, what's sometimes you gotta give yourself credit when no one else will now that was again. There was a good scanner. Port may not here to stay, and I think my aim is really good and if they get by Boston, which odds are they well enough? There certainly heavy favourites to advance. I think they're gonna be a hard team for the workers to play. I'm a guy them will make. My concern is that they're gonna become these sexy zag repay your back watch this now sexy zags ever terrible centuries, ass railways, fuckin, SEC yeah, but Tyler hero as its with this, whose guarding Heroin Drugget encroach type. Zone Rondeau Del Pope, Pope Rondeau Crusoe it beer defensive, match up there.
There's gonna be able bit at least make Davis sweat to get to thirty five points if I don't matter any he's, gonna be role all the time and trying to get these avowed trouble. If I am, I am, and that's the finals match up. I would tell the younger doesn't seem like Dm Kuchma all week and say he should ask for contract extension. Ivy asking I ve just try to get them them off centre the entire time you're right, because, as I have sat here in thought, a it's not crazy. It's that may not crazy. It's not crazy, but then is it. Is it crazy to actually go ahead and pick em, but I do think a lot of people and a picking them, because of the Laker flaws, which are you know not enough to get in the way of them coming out of the west at least the way feels tonight and what I said
four parallel to where you have you. You you'd dispatch Boston, the team that hot in him and stored the eighteen, eighty four title from him and all that stuff, and then you go to the Us Leubronn, the guy who ditched him two thousand fourteen the Lakers, the team he used to be the man for who thought they could replace it. With my Maybe after he left and I mean I guarantee he would love that he's playing, but did this he has to be paying himself he's gotta be circulated, that's pretty that's why you, when used to write our than a good article, one seriously, though the two just map it out that way, because the revenge against the broad, by way which was nasty he basically scolded. So get out there, and you can just be like there's. There's part of me that understands Riley's being.
Ok, if you're gonna, just bail on the franchise. Little heads up: it's like ok, but that's the world elaborate, but who it was better than the latter to know it was better than that: as when he knew he may be living. He gave that press conference. I did a little book, a Basque, nothing about it when he did. That call long speech, it is basically the that at the bra no yeah like he's basically like this, is hard you're done suppose the win. Every year, only one team can win every year. The whole point as you stay together and try to overcome adversity. The easy way out and apparently the brown was really passed after the disaster. What this guy, because I was reminded us it was it was his old man and his eyes behind a table who, like didn't open up all that often deciding to descale the guy because he bounced, but it was the same thing out of Cleveland, but then you just learned it that's the way it's going to like you're going to be the last to know going to tell many people to make this decision, I mean how, even when he ended up going to the Lakers there, look I'll, never forget, I gotta go now and I was getting
late night, calls from a couple guys me like there's this week rumour going around that he's gonna stay in Cleveland. I was like now it was the actual NBA players. They are calling me the calling other p and it was some there's just one of those things were, wasn't gonna get over it ass. He felt like hey once you're part of this in the HE culture which may be brought up a few times during the files coverage. If they end up in it and I will never say the words. Can I ask you a a big picture question about something near and dear yeah, ok, Brad, Stevens, president Stevens, its Bennett and more weeks, ok, go well, you just take it in a direction is then I have another thing to ask you about afterwards. The Toronto series took wait too long and I thought there's, really work them and that serious fer, a good job of it it was the biggest has Stevens had from another coaching sir said that nurse did a great job that Syria should have gone. Seven dead
and then in the series. I just find it hard to believe you could be this flummoxed by zone in that, even after for games, you can still lead to just go off.
On the basic get any shot they, while with a pick its education and be this easy- and I just don't think I think, he's a great coach who has had a not great last couple weeks. Amateur present you with a an arc here, because we both know how boss offence work, although I don't think is necessary in particular boss advance. But if the cells in the business series, we know what happens hey, I thought the sky was awesome, because I think Brad was doing things. Nobody expected. The Celtic should first be rebuilding their, not rebuilding, that of being a one seat, two thousand a teen. They end up a couple possessions away for maybe getting their their brains, be it against the worst, but actually like how the hell is that team can be finals. I know I said something about that. Finals run Easter, converse finals by the way that I said no, this is as impressive as any single season Papas ever had and we don't even know if he's gonna get to the empty finals, because
rosters, weren't. That good I mean if you look at some of the guys, are we getting major minutes like how is this happening? Chris Mannix, who we both like? Had this legendary tweet that I'm going to pull up, because I was thinking about this the other day this is from May of twenty eighteen at there on that run, and it says you're the GM of an expansion team. You have your choice of and be a player or Brad Stevens. Who do you choose toy one thousand votes, sixty six percent said the player. Thirty four percent for a coach is high. That kind of stuff now two years later, is absurd. The stuff- but I said maybe about disperse thing, I regret, but the general idea that Brad Stevens had come in a league and do that much more with that much less, I think was
leading and basically not even true, it's the east sucked we look at it now and you go out, is just really kind of sucked in the brain was taking off regular season stuff in not writing that was beating everybody in the plan again. So I I feel, like Brad, is almost a victim of his early success and smashing expectations too. Now people are gonna jump on him in a way that he's never really experienced has been hints of it in the past we'll take it, this is guided disguise so great, like what the hell is going on. My aim is not that much better than the Celtics what's the deal and I think it has less to do with Brad the coach and everything to do with those early years. That's fair. He hears have without saying defend the bread everybody who ends up on this theme, with the exception of Gordon Heyward, it became the best version of them in this dates back five six seven years, and you could talk about Evan Turner, every Bradley marches, criers edge ages,
everybody everybody whose, in his system, Geraghty homage out hi ray. I radically. You know that that I guess he was one that Brad didn't get the best out of, but with that, could anybody have put their foreigner? What is I think, I think from that aspect. He has a tendency to get guy Harvard she'd my question for him as I will: what happens if you have the more talented team cause? I would say if you put the Boston talent against them, me town, it's either. Even her Boston might even have a slight edge cousin. How great Tatum is are outdated, could be an Is it getting the most agitate em in the serious because in the series,
It is the one that has to be a marked paid him had. This is now a best player in the serious errors has taken gathers twenty six, ten and five pretty good numbers. Forty five percent shooting thirty two percent. Thirty one percent for three he's gettin the free through line by quiet, might might issue with him, as is the shots election with him. His cattle revert back to two thousand nineteen, especially at the end of the quarters, and I think this would Brad's single biggest accomplishment. If they came back when the series, because they figured out her unlock Tatum again said zone because it seems like that zone should be something Tatum should destroy and they can't figure it out if they can't figure it out, he's gonna think about her all summer. Are there is the summer you think about it? All what would be all winter yeah all winter will think about it. Without a lot of fucking nuts, you three zone.
Yes special when you have your smalls along the baseline, because I used to always love seeing teams because in ecology see is far more when you just watched a ton of college basketball back in the day when I cared about the Big EAST, you run a guy in the baseline. You just running back and forth, and back and then you people lose em and you get it. You get somebody in the middle. You can still says screen in the middle of his own and you just trouble with the purple that you're gonna get in there and then the help comes up and somebody cuts baseline, like you, can actually make a zone. Look terrible if, if you get get to the middle of. I think they do. I don't know what the number possessions are. I'm not a second spectrum off the top of my head here, but I feel like they get in trouble when they try to attack his own from the sides and they do it way too much. Cuz Jalen and take them? Are these big wings in Denmark is Aunt Hannah Lobby or replace and encumber baby? Maybe doesn't get to go
in the direction that you normally would in a regular season game, and if he made a good point to cuz, they were getting guys to the middle. They were actually getting guys in that bed Bob, which is where you want to attack it. But if it's a perfect point, you got at least look at the hoop when you catch the ball in the Middle C, events reacts, because if you never even look at the hoop, then there never gonna, really reactive, cognizant even close out, but there I can go to you the way they normally defender would, when you just ignore it, looking to move the basketball before trying to get them to commit to a decision. You may not even make so and challenge ban. Yeah, you please don't like take it to him, try to get two fouls on and that's it that's another thing that should me crazy. They made it easy on him to stay in the game. The Lakers are challenging you they want. They want him to get valuable and I kind of, That would be a strategy for the south. It I d Firstly, an mba teams that, because even numb when Dodge gotten so foul trouble in the clipper series, Nay asked Doc and Dockers, I wouldn't go hunting for fowls. You just go.
Yep Euro offence, I'm a gap, but you know- maybe maybe two looks at it as you probably gonna. Have somebody terek take a terrible three and one of the southern possession. So why what's wrong I'm with you, I wish I wish teams hunted out another extra foul on a guy every now and then by not right leg of a guy like Paul George, coming out of game, seven with his third foul that changed everything with five minutes to go from all Murray went bananas at the end of the second. Order and it might have been worth Doc, putting Paul George back in and here we are talking about the clippers again, so I apologise, come in at could James hard and have a look she's still stuck in his beard. That's next! let me take up more time about Bacardi spiced rum. You love the classic. I mean it really is a class. Now you love the new Bacardi spice Remy could simply, along with your friends, you can enjoy Delicious Bacardi and call for game there. This weekend or in MECCA,
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Here are not or not, it is limited back ass. Well, so I guess we're not always innocent of it, but yes for the most! Now we don't, we don't use a tailor. It either sports radio stout, but this one was too hard to resist It took out, find twitter today and who knows but though the rumor is that feel is going to China. I make the Antonia and try to get James Harden, It also heard a rumour that was separate from this in Europe I went, I don't go on twitter tomorrow. I went on twitter and just search for hard in Philly. All this stuff came up. I was like oh so this was a thing today. I've just heard rumblings about this and I dont know, what's real. What's that real and I'm trying to say how'd even work. But let's just start here fundamentally. Hasta, probably be indeed for hard and right if this happened, so if you're Philly, you could higher make the and Tony and you
flip Joel Embayed for James. I do not aggregate this we're not reported. This were not saying it's too late to learn his all hypothetical. This is all going to come out by the way. So just just adds up. Would you do that? Would you Joel I'm bead for James Harden, put him with Ben Siemens and Warfare Harrison. Whoever ass you have. Unleash. Make Antonia and the entire crew would start from the Philly side. Would you do it? You are probably would, I probably would add together too well. My hard positions will minute. That's quicks, aside! Imagine going from Ben Simmons being your point Garda Russell West. Prepare your point out of Europe, be no one deserves that it fits curl. Death is poor killer, probably retire. Excite, I'm done with this don't know what that Hulu campaign with Edward said Joe L, joyous laddies,
just bad about his name's. That could be the Dew Hulu campaign. Joyous bet he's still does the boycott Joe get good knows. We got bad news. Good NEWS, Hulu wants to reassign for another year. Bad news is your rocket and Westbrook his report, our good news, dusty tax, Bar that true ass, getting It will look, I ain't right is dunk. If you're Philly so invades five years younger, I think there has been no signs of drop off statistically from Arden. I was surprised, as I thought about this from the Phillies side, that I think I would say. Yes, I do. I think it solves every problem. I have it's. A change of scenery moves
ass. A move I sell mergers is the whole thing. Let's put to the Houston side. I don't do it for you to do so that that's where I landed mentally because a farm Houston, I'm I had some getting him. Bead didn't see my cue stolen shaped by sharing. No idea. If he's gonna be happy to come in Houston, huge injury history, I say I'm giving up a first, He might be a guy now pudding in bed with Westbrook Pga Tucker covering Thin AIR, Gordon. Where my heading I'm basically making this huge bad, that indeed, is pissed off from the trade and says fuck this I'm declaring revenge and everybody I'm getting the best shape of my life and I'm ripping through the weak, and I guess anything to every for Houston's, like I'm, never went inside of James Harden, we ve. We have a
long, long, long sample size of him as the best player on playoff team and every year it ends with the team getting eliminated. So why wouldn't I do this? That would be how I talked myself into it. Let me just go on the other side of this, which I totally understand that met Saint like oh, I do understand what you're doing as you're doing it. This is probably more. The position is with the ownership situation, which we don't know how our diet is? It is in considering forty two, the hotels and the tourism, of it are you I've read everything you ve read to that on paper. It could be really scary. So if that's true- and it could still be the decision if stock who is that at least as hard- and I know I'm probably wouldn't fifty games. I have a guy that used to fans. Trust me, I know, there's still love and back all the time he puts a big numbers, it's a star in the in a weird sense.
South Jersey's more relevant and yeah. We're not winning a title with them, but relevant and harden still brings it basically, every night, which is there is a ton of credit for so even though he's five years older, I I worry again. Beads health is probably gone far better than I would have thought it would have, even though we still had time raise missed, you know godlike as he gets off
Take the real answers that I know what I'm getting at Hardin. The speculative answer is what is indeed going to be, but here's the other part of this that we haven't mentioned when wide be a no. For me, I would be scared as hell of a centrally now in Westbrook steam, because without Harden Westbrook's like okay, now we're back to to my shit, where I get the ball every single time and is he gets older and has a forty dollars plus your guy. I mean it's already bad enough and we can say he was her in the playoffs or whatever, but I mean that wasn't any new stores. I was turn, but I saw the playoffs now that hardens, not there like harden, probably keeps rusting check just a little bit that wouldn't happen. Cuz. You just look at Embiid, saying I've done more than you have bad more more skin in the game, and you know now it's my team.
And bid is on the books for twenty nine point three next year. Thirty one point three, then thirty, three point six harden makes about ten million year more than that each year he is forty one, forty four forty seven severe would have to put it another contract to make that work does not be holding the baby. Second beaten, Josh Richardson for heard it said that he had a pretty little closer me to get there if they wanted to. I want to make the case for this trade just as far as a whole, make a case for the trade itself? It so much more fun here what we get we get we stress that our aid, it we split up and beat instruments which either you and I both agreed it's never gonna ever have the kind of upside people would think. I just have never liked the fat. I don't think it ever gets better. We see
Houston and hard, and we don't have to watch that anymore. We look at the way, the seed that is, that that's over no more, hard and Houston Games, though more people trying to talk themselves in them as a team, all that sub sweet, we get those two things as the two ends we get in bed now with his own team being like fact there, some at the possibility of him culminated been you know, with the ship on his shoulder wreaking havoc on the west, which would be really fun mini of hardened in Philly, which any way it goes is going to be phenomenally entertaining. If he's great that'll be awesome, if he's disappointing, the Sixers fans will turn out in five seconds. Cuz,
having been no matter what I'll come. It is it's incredible and it's incredible trade and I just think they should call it and then it should happen, but we we split up the clutch stuff by the way. Now we have then that Philly officially becomes the Simmons clutched him and then a bead than that package put. So what would the port I can't I can't tell what's item on. Is that it get away? I should be rooting for two ends speedily K. It never happened like all you got as all year, the media members down there, the caps and others sure geyser idiots cause you didn't buy into this being a chance when a title to be like, I guess what it didn't happen. You the harder, but part of me, wants to see Houston. Do it again. Fear, horns goin off again.
Looking to ride the west and look at it, the seedings and then people are tweeting out per one hundred stuff and they're. Like look at this, we haven't seen offensive efficiency since in there and then you know, look Daryl took a bunch of shots at me on Twitter, but I would say something- and I was even nice about it at times being like hey their defense, is better than people give him credit for its rebounding rate. I'm a truth. Teller you know that and then there would be like, but will it work in a play ass? You know a bundle of a body like ok right, I m sure you sick of hearing it, but guess what it doesn't work by air. No. I want to use and fancied one morning I want one more year of listening to them. Tell me it's actually get to be the year that it actually works, which is dangerous, which is dangerous, because you never know one injury here. When injury they are Chris Paul two years ago. Maybe they they have a ring, but the Philly part of it would be fascinating because I can't believe I'm actually saying yes by as much as I love him. Bead but I I think, they're like it's two tiered churned out by their strayed. You like this, I
This girl normally it'll, get triggered by fig trades, but this was really in your head. It's live in there. Yeah like either her at the celtic living inside you, I because you know what I think it is. Just about it is about a year ago. Can Imagine all of us collectively saying he had probably rather trade and be than Simmons. That's a pretty big from where we were a year ago ragweed yet because I I think physically, I just did like what s all I share. Neither did you now his ear other a year and a half older. I actually love a lot of. Indeed, I really do, but a few Tommy get in bed with a chip on his shoulder out of this trade that we by number one most appealing. Think before you being too dismissive of my Westbrook team point, though I think bye bye unless bricks doc, I think he's good mixture. What do I get it
I argue actually got me there. I thought your series well, you know his cap was bothered him No idea of the universe is Harvard to shake off the covered there's. No road map for was Russ more compromise than he led out in the bubble last year. Why rest is going to have another superstar says I can't believe you made thirty Meyerbeer. I was outraged. These absolutely average Chris Middleton for aid make it because of this weird forward centre. We think that I didn't even know existed to see that all thank you, for. I did not Well, I certainly believe that, but Westbrook was so good in those two months that that's all I really needed to do, and I I'd like to think that the whole year counts yearly to it apparently doesn't again, I don't go for it, so I don't. I don't put the amount of time like look if I voted for it, obviously
I would I would take it very seriously, but I saw that I went out while the voters, a bunch of voters, just have been hit with Westbrook because he was saying those last two months. This is kind of funny, though, because as you're talking about the, broke think as this. These articles already written there just coming out whenever sees it yet arts that it's like look, there's a lock on all around US brother made fun of them most. Emotionally! That's just you know the bubble. They were growl there that they were told Randolph other was not gonna make fun of them during live action. There they have said. Are the barber was supposed to be off limits? He wasn't he D. He took some liberties, it her and more international reporters, but when Braun was struggling tonight and game for it. It just the number. I just didn't look like Leubronn and game for that's! That's! Ok! If we ve learned anything that these plans is your your fair players, private gonna look like himself for the best version himself. A couple times
if you're teams going deep, I was wondering who was gonna jump at the chance to go away abroad has just says Tito. This bubble thing a stirrup where guys down it was with that of marble advance. If the series of gone to two, I was thirty, I wish I could that unfeigned or for that who will run Eight leubronn. Where have you seen the thing about how the that's closer the team is the better it is for them in the bubble, like that or a thing like this ethics had a poor part together day for fifty gave your game, I say this bubble things they vanished without actually like hang out, and then he read the Cooper stuff like our no wonder they get the hell out of their after read to you. I guess I are, we really live. I keep we live in then I went is to two thousand fifteen. If you wanna go to actual Russell we're Talkin three different coaches
when you feel you have that option, because somebody's asked me that day, like you think the Lakers are bad at the villa. Can players- and I went back to two- fifteen, if you wanna, go to actual Russell we're Talkin three different coaches yeah, the heat, the he'd have a system in place. The development of Bam hero Duncan it's incredible. So the easy answer is yes, but ultimately like who cares what you're developing, when you can t, offering entity, Davis, Sir, and I think Ingram getting out to allay was a just. They helped him igerne. So look I'm isn't. This is the reason why you talk about Marquis Morris right now is because you go are, I think, very meaning pray. I will name if we keep our depth or anti go, get that got pairs pairs you'd want for the next five years. Your choices are LUCA pausing s Yoke and bury Tatum Brown Simmonds and indeed rank them, one
for. I missed the third one in their saluting posing ass young ass, Mary Simmons. Indeed, Tatum Brown rank them one through, for God, that's actually way harder than you think, because I think he almost Similarly, beat I've seen enough of brown hands both of them forth with right. Browns, the worst player of the eight yeah come on. He's been awesome in this way messrs. I guess you re uprisings. Eighth, so you have LUCA one prisoners. Eighth, I bet you have the floor. Yes, we're on because for posing as just causes the injuries I carefully Mercedes, but I think it's, I think it's your courage. Murray, is the first choice and that its Luke, because a Lucan and care for the other guys I had LUCA pausing s Yoke edge, Mary Tatum Brown submits a bid if an eye LUCA, if it was LUCA Dwight Power, would you have taken LUCA, listen
I was doing. I gonna tell you, as if those Lucas F Currie, that still my neighbour a pic hey, we don't disrespects that colonel I would really. I would path marginalized, I'm getting up get I'm getting to, you could go watch, it looks set Currie would be by, but yet so yeah look at anybody is my newborn pic cause. We're were watching the bubble this year in the end, this round at sight. That's how you in that with the guy who does all that stuff, like maybe one game, three with game for Taylor, hero, doing a LUCA impression. Its that's, how you gonna win and were basque, was by now. You have to add that guy, it's so weird they I need that guy's so much more than need to send her because we grew up in a world rest. I can a guy get that center got hit, that big guy and now it's like you got to get LUCA. You have to have a guy like that. You can create a shot for himself or other people there's just no spacing, then you know the game
looks like a completely different sport? And sometimes I'm not say, like you know what I really, MRS Eighteen, second post possessions were. Were eight people watched, but there's other knights to where I see three, two percent shooters Jack ended up from thirty feet, where I go yes is way better. Can I give you one more? I just trying you're out who I could put with Lucas for you to take him not number one. What if it was Lucan Westbrook contract at still think look what, if it's Luke and John Wall, it still take her sister look attacks. What if it's LUCA and drag out either Can I give you one more Luke Rick Riley, now Zack Levine
In Wendell Carter, poor Margaret Bagley Buddy healed yeah, I'm gonna take anybody that I mean the sack of thing. Yours you using a loose I still have a lot of hope for Window Carter, though I do I did it. I add I'll I'll go body and in the unknown of bag hi ceiling, Bagley high ceiling had that exact Levine for Buddy trade. Didn't the King Strata Signs ACT Levine then they try to have our affair but then I remember of its up. My head was finally nobody buddy for Zack Vain on paper. They are there. Average exactly, but you and I both like Barrymore right, you're, my unavailing Zack now you know like Zack Levine lies Leubronn, they waited
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the darkness accredit eligible wager. One per person, sir bedding download the fender sports, but got be sure to sign up a promo code bs, said the now I say you in a net is fond of sports book from a could be ass. You must be twenty one plus present in nature, the Pennsylvania annoy West Virginia Indiana or Colorado for my real money, which are only site credit now withdraw books by seven days, restrictions apply, Ganley problem call wanted hundred gambler was Virginia. Eighth. Gambling that India, eight hundred and the Colorado eight hundred five to forty seven hundred. Let's do it. Let's make. Fix all right. I was right about sack of being they did the king sent off firmer if they are redoubling our pick, some one. Second, where can be used in the lines from fantail? I'm gonna give you three quick and if our topics before we do the picks topic number one is drew bruise washed up.
Too early you gotta, give me you gotta, give me more than two weeks, especially one of them without Michael Thomas and Saints Defense defensive I actually really like coming in. They get lit up by their car and the vaguest raiders. So now just we do. I know he wasn't or the four down the field. I get all I get all of the criticisms, I'm not telling you still awesome. I just need a little bit more time before I'm ready to say, hey, they're doomed, withdrew breeze. Would you least rather be the giants? Are the jets jets? Jets are missing all the school guys this week to? I just saw that the Donald thing is looking. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's like you think Donald is actually a worse option. Indiana Jones out this point, it's pretty much dead. Even
Darnel, maybe like a want minus one, fifteen favorite, but is played, lay closer yet way closer than then. I think I ever expect about you. Would you rather be I'd rather be the giants at the idea, at least couple scale, guys that I, like the jets, are not only a wasteland, but the coach really seems like he's by far the worst coach out of the thirty two Ricky Easy they dramatically terrible. You have you feel like with gaze. It's like somebody would say: hey you're, not good at this, but just relax on the whole presentation to the big Joe judge. It's gonna take us because he saw buttoned up and yet people do really like him. It appears
Europe and its early, but but judge is he's getting harder figure out if he doesn't Otis doing which analytic anybody's heard the noise ages doesn't have. The resonated, as other guys at citing case alone, makes it an easy answer. My last question does: did it keep you awake this week when you found out Russia worse and I never got an empty people? How did you reacts? Walk me through, like your first couple days, while was tough over here to receive you, and you know how I feel about him, but I loved the player because the story I hate it you. So much deserve atrocious interviews, but is really simple. If you go through it and you go through each year with somebody supposed to give Russia First place vote last year over Lamar Jackson, I ll answer, for you know with some two years ago supposed to get us a vote over Patrick amounts. Again, I answered no three years
I actually sit on my radio show all seas along. I think it's russet should be russet should be rush and then run it Brady closed. The way closes in your like you know what Brady was the right choice, so no Matt Ryan was Shanahan no cam new and in what he did, especially the cut backs in the second half the season and away he clothes were acquitted, been Brady that year, two and two thousand fifteen. So when you go and look at the years and you go well, it sounds weird is never had a first place vote, but. And your basically saying hey. Somebody should have voted for the wrong guy in the years that that happens in I'll put it this way back into in fifteen the radio liberty, espionage, greeny goal, a cow heard me van pelt. If you voted hottest, talk, show host, we know the cow herds winning, but does it mean that greedy smugly? We do this, as he would say, and without I right now.
We do this boat and without actually look the year by year, thy gauges. So if I told you call me one one, envy pay: oh my god, what the hell leg! let's have a heart attack right. How did Kobe only win, win, Mvp, the greatest player about time, that's crazy, and then you do the exercise. Ok, well, what was the other Mvp should one the only other one, that's even possible o six. So can you say the Laker fans or whoever is arguing this Coby thing. How many times did Kobe finish in the top three in Mvp, one thousand and eleven. That was actually five first place. Second place three slash three places. This is over the course of I don't know. Eighteen, nineteen years, we think of
when we talk about a word, you think of what you think should have happened, but the year by year is just as it is, what it is and that's it and it's like korean one hundred and sixty seven bp scream A6 Mvps a second place, two slash three places: fucking amazing, but guess what for me was amazing: he dominated a whole decade. This is the case against every. About Kobe historically leg, he was really really really good. He was a top five guy for a long time, but he was never like dominate the way cream, Leubronn Jordan Russell will bird one Restrict empty p are illegal and three Moses was the best part of the weak for four years you and on the line that Kobe Deborah had that stretch out, he ripped off. But now, if you look at it in twenty twenty people with their minds if they are that? What cobler, when one of the key five top three finishes, what it's like? Well, that's why we keep track of the stuff year by year? Sorry, are you drive me crazy?
It's not that hard you how long it took me to rattle off that VP thing. I just looked it up because I got rid of it. Let me go back and look at this and I can do the wearing of sea. Show your mass show your mass and yet they'll be talk, shows that they'll be eligible Russ. Never First Place Boat, that everybody is like a collective. I roll that they're all in on it and I go. I would be uncomfortable being out on set saying this stuff. I didn't go back and look at the whole time and that's not that hard to do. It took less than five minutes to go away. That's why Oh that's right! Shanahan in met right. Oh that's! Right! Brady! That year, oh that's right can ok, then link was anybody going? Who was doing the talk, show in two thousand eighteen? It said Russell Wilson is having a better year than Patrick Mahomes cuz. Nobody was doing it unless you were in Seattle in just a homer it with the whole thing. So it's not that hard to figure out why we had this rust thing, but I'll give it I'll give it up its turned into a thing now we're almost shamed into it. So.
Had I been time sees it and they win twelve games he's winning this thing. I think it's a loaded while a broad did what he did when he complained about only get in the sixty first place votes. You you're just put more pressure on everybody in making them rethink it in its oversight. Guilt trip, its echoed my dad makes me feel guilty that I have been a Boston and nine months a guy. I know you do and it's a little tiny dig, but I know the purpose behind it. If you take a private jet back I'll, go with you, but I look round its. We brought it up, but I think the bubble may have come The broad and envy p this year, if we have a normal, regular, seasonable momentum coming off that thing, we do not let her out and you ask her. I don't think the AIM Wilburn did it the key start to talk it up, and then
starts carried over and over. We have yet another night right weep. We called it going if this were to continue on some like nice clothes and they have the best record. I should out of the growing to catch Milwaukee, a better, remember the rigour of Tom I had now, but then it reset the known really cares. Lakers were really they actually play terrible in the bubble. Stuff was going to count towards voting anyway because he said- and I wanna make an unfair for any words, but I'm I e the Rockets at their setting it in the first place, votes be ok, but statistically, especially when you look at the whole picture, it was kind of hard to put you first, unless you are voting for the story which some people did, but the narratives, the narrative part of it, which I ve been I've been guilty of fallen. For that too, I am knock at him. I'm not gonna live English. I met with you, should vote for the envy p five years after the season happens, so that the asker sets ruined. If asked by a million dollar picks. Weakening on week one I lost that eight hundred forty thousand hours one last week I had ever
I one point: twenty four million dollars so now I'm I'm up three hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars for the season. I'm going to go through my pics with you. I haven't officially signed off on these, but I'm going to tell you what I'm thinking and I'm just gonna to bounce off. I have a general idea what a minute it there's three games that are like, but I'm staying away from. First one titans that vikings, tides are favoured by two and a half. It's one of those games where you look at New York Titans. You can't wait to bet on them. The vikings suck their having the year from now. This will be easy, I don't know why the lines, not three, it seems too easy, and I can't think of a single reason to take the Vikings so that actually scares me and I'm staying awake. Can you think of a reason to take the vikings only that they can't be this bad? I mean cousins. Who is not exactly my dude. This is like
rochas yeah yeah yeah. They just lost bar, I think there, but I think they lost like three other top five linebackers going into this weekend. So that number seems so small, but it has to be it's the second most public number. As far as public money on the tight Certainly, the buccaneers have more public money on them in their broncos match up So that alone, with my old Van pelt days of of feeding the public, that alone would scare me a little bit. But yet looks it looks sticking. The other thing that worries me about this. If you like, the tens, is they barely beat the jagged last week and you come out of that, go out the jagged frisky and then the Jackie skip House by Miami. That's not a good sign for urgency, so that games the stairway second game that I'm staying away from even I stared at him for a while. The washed and professional football team is getting seven and a half points against Cleveland. I love get in their extra have point:
the brands people feel good about them. After last week, little to two headed running attack, Baker didn't kill them their home. Again, I really like washed its defence, not assault on their offence. I really wanted to take Seven slash two is Washington, but here's what I'm not doing it. I actually think Cleveland might have found something with the with the two headed rushing monster with Chub and with Kareem Hunt over the course of four quarters. It's really tough for me, I'll see those two might be to the best like eight or nine running back in a week, and you got Chauvelin series and hunt comes in and I actually Think they ve found identity last week, and it scares me enough that I'm a minute stay away, even though I can't believe that the line is that I, but we might be coming back to them in a second for the law,
shot, parlay the weak, but for the seven have on this day, aware rather bet washed and straight up any thoughts on this I had washed, it might be terrible death yet in because the Eagles were so bad that game and Haskins had a couple plays, and I think people talk themselves in a young quarterbacks and who knows what Haskins, but I think the second week of Washington is more in line with, probably who they are right now, so I wouldn't want to feel it s a kind of game where you go. Why did I bet on Washington when they might be awful neighbours by twenty, which is
I was staying away, third, one so that taxes are getting for in Pittsburgh and I do like the owing to team in certain situations. Even I do not like this, you can t not much, but you know they played can sit in Baltimore the first two weeks. There's no way to know of this team is even good or not. Their schedule is never gonna approached us first to scare them with the Steelers like how they did the great against the giants than that Denver game. Jeff Driscoll comes it halfway through in their lingering in hanging around in the chamber as a chance to win. I have no idea of the Steelers are good and I look at this stuff like it my getting free points and in this I just think with TAT, with this being a must win for the
defense against the two hundred and ten steelers I feel like the last- should be three or three and a half minutes for so I feel like I'm getting at least a free point, and yet I'm still staying away cuz. I don't like this text steam. What do you think? I love the omen two theory, especially when you think about who they play, but it's been pretty ugly, but I'm that big of a fan of Deshawn that I take a shot of it, but the Now, for the sea was defence is something I still really like any kind of navigate through till I, by the end of the month. How may feel feel about some, these defence or groups have a chance, have a chance to be one of those groups, you shouldn't alike and the depth receiver again with unknown deeds. Unless your big into college football looks again, skip the beat in writing the receivers, but you think maybe the chaise Claypole, but the fact love she did it again. I hate to patriots? Can never do it the stairs just do it every I'd say you re stay away and the sun, he I think, there's other stuff. I like better look good,
all right. So here's what we're looking at I've done a tease both weeks, I like doing the teachers. So I love the cards. I've watched every play about cardinals games and I just like them the lines out of the delay secondary is very good. I like Kyler, I think, something's happening with that aim and I'm not sure totally realize it dorani favoured by five against the lions. So you have a chance, a team that with Tampa campers in Denver, I don't love Tampa. I do love their defence and I do think there at least pretty good Danvers, a team that it it has gone sideways and then some day, he decides Cortland son during the quarterback dealers are gone and there are some really good
Asian. You know where you're you with the chiefs the raiders or to know the charges like fuckin really frisky last week and their better too so they're kind of clearly the fourth place team that some bad luck it seems like that Boy, this is where it might actually go really sideways and b. You even start thinking, I fuck it. Maybe we should really really sick. So if I can t the cardinals two plus one and TAT Botsey Even- and I just need those to win. I'm gonna. Do that my question for you is: I could do a three tamer make it a ten point: tease bringing the court's minus eleven and a half at home against the jets who are missing all of tat receivers. They're running back guys, all over the place and Adam cases their head coach. Do I need to bring the call centre. Should I just do the cardinals and Temp Austria as the two.
It is here that the more dangerous you get with all this stuff, though, like the more likely you're gonna, get screwed on some outcome that nobody sees coming, which would be a jets, went against the court's right. Yet what seems impossible on pay? Phil Railways, yeah. I can make a brightly you're. Do you ve done this long enough? You don't need me to tell you the lesson of how stupid you feel when you first learn about all these different things you can do when you're. Like oh wait, are you serious the due date that let himself I had to give out one on my fans will pick and I gave out Detroit consume and at three and then went to six and now it's five or five and a half and it's the second most publicly bedside side on the cards, because everybody likes him now everybody kind of like some, I dont know. Its revenge for the Thai last year? I don't know that up to be you put that up in the air the whiteboard emulate last year we tied sucked, but I could see Detroit but sincere teasing it down in its basically to pick comes
like that combo. I do, I'm just glad say all the current that do that when I'm fully prepared, I think about it. At a too, I think I, like I, like you better two teams than three teams are its or lack in those in cards: minus five temperament, six. Next one, it looks a tiny bit too easy, but baby doesn't falcon minus three over the bears tomato falcons. Our one on Wednesday. In the answer kick thing was absolutely ludicrous: was a once in a lifetime fuck up they outlay Dallas, they deserve to it. They didn't when I love the fact that they can move the ball and score which they did over and over again in Dallas. My question with the bears I lay his defence is not forget. The island is also open, to which I love coming off a bad ass. This is a revenge for them where they just gotta turn for there's. No one believes in open. Two teams, like you do. I believe that it is not always undervalue the bears a two hour there.
You don't believe in them. Are the bears get first via the bears, giving a Threed out? That seems unrealistic. Second, if the falcons can get the thirty points can make be matching them in matching. The points also seems unrealistic. So I, like the falcons minus three, even though it seems a little obvious. What do you think you? I am prepared to be talked out of this. I can't get on the bears so a more on with you there and I mean I'm. I'm done enough to keep a leaving. That matter, I can turn this thing around. I think of it saying that since that Superbowl Laws, so my thing is when I, when I bet on teens, especially teams that are open to or underdogs whatever. I want to know that At least I can be able to move the ball and have drives and make plays and do stuff like that, which is going to lead us to our next team that I'm picking in a second.
The falcons are going to move the ball and score points are a star. It's gonna happen so Ryan. Through four have I have I shown you that Seattle number would Seattle. Past events is now greater than they ve gone up against two teams: it through the ball to replace, including can but you see I was giving a foreign twelve yards passing and there's only one of the team is giving up over three hundred and then every other team is less than three hundred. So it's like Seattle. So yes, the easy answer to that. Is that no matter what did landers problems? I still. Can you ever imagined a belgian coach team like No one jumping on a non sidekick before the ten yards, I ought to say he would kill himself. He bought a samurai sword and through them and jam a samurai into his heart, so we're going got, but I'm in a pencil in the Falcons decks when the same case bangles at the eagles dangles get four and a half. I watch that Ngos Brands game
I think the Bengals can move the ball and throw the ball in weather is. Is I like that says? Even if the eagles are up ten in the fourth quarter, I still feel like borough is going to be an unbelievable garbage time. Quarterback. I think, if you're down fourteen and you need to, the cover. The tease get down a survey carried out. Whatever he's gonna have some cheap tidies he's got decent receivers, he no side Adam Scrapper our make, plays and also Greater Edward great. I think they could win this game because I think the eagles stink. I really do. I think they stick so four and a half. I thought the line should have been egos by three. I'm gettin, you know a point. The half dv away through two weeks fully was last thirty. Second Philly might be bad. This is basically split,
actually just a little bit more. The public monies on sincerity. I want to ask you this: I'm not saying Boroughs Brady, but disbursed. Look like early early Brady to you, not alright, we're gonna air. This thing out a couple of years later news career, let us not the straw, arm, but it's at the gives way more way, bar a job and Brady was even young Brady. If you're gonna get out run borough operator can ever do these twenty three yards grandma's that allow now I must say that, but I'm just as it is not about a more accurate than Brady was first couple years of his career. Brady was an accurate like this. Diaries variability was all right so easily better. The british six round now did I say driving Brady in the o forces involved at a level he would see. First, two seasons was not like what we saw from birth. So you, like you, didn't this bangles foreign ass. We are another next autumn that positive about. I just wanted I could think of doing the holding word here now. I got
three more on that positive underside rams, plus two against the bills. I think I'm staying away I really like the ribs share. I bet on the new when the see the bills our two now and put up by these numbers, but they pay to shit teams and believing the rams. It worries me, though, that their plus two I fight this should be built by three. It means that people are on the ram speed I've noticed them and as something makes me nervous about it, some steinway, what do you think of two things? One? When you have the rams actually have an offensive line and Cooper cop? We realize they're just a different team and if we go most forgot what that looks like the offense of line. I was one of the worst, if not like the second worst in the league last year, and cup in both things. I love and we had no four on the first part and they did a really good job like how they the broadcast was. Think of that was the Sunday night a right, the rams, the first one yet,
the way they were already caught in sync, with selling the way they are blocking stuff. It was just really a great call and be seen and Yo Michael's in concert and our job in the game. I thought, and unlike man, these guys are very like really locked in That's what to make they specialities is a rather do what we do want to make it simple, but it's gonna be hard to deal with, because we're just gonna be that good at some of the stuff of sky, the old ship Kelly thing in Oregon were like we're just gonna execute or we execute better. Their teams do and with copying back in the align again. So I would I'm with you, but I look I thought Josh and was on the road to like fake hope. Colleagues, MR, like thing and he's been now it's what the jets in Miami but he's he's, destroy those
yeah. So I could be wrong about Alan and that's probably why that number, like you thought it should have been. They should've been favored by more la I expected the building. I expected the bills to be favored by three, their fear by two. I thought I'd just cuz the bills were to announce playoff game last year. You know so anyway, I'm going to mark that down by two more packers, plus since this is I'm probably staying away from this one because I went to actually love is this would be a pure go against drew breeze by. I, wouldn't I would know to do with this one. We'll get a little bit more about the true breeze answer, except for the fact that Rogers looks like he's matter Rogers my four years ago. I can help you.
It's it's a fair line. I don't think I'm getting any value. The three that line is what it is. The only question is without Michael Thomas: can the saints moved the ball? I just assume they're gonna, pull weird champagne, reverse shit in couple game, players and stuff like that, but to hold off on this from private last one would be cowboys plus five seahawks. You mention how the Seahawks our past events was. The reason I like this one is just cause. Five points is alot. I mean garbage I'm touchdown on territory that to the the Seahawks are obtained, I can still cover with the late touchdown. I dont understand why this is in is three unsteady cowboys, five New England covered. I mean if they get that you point conversion. They cover that game. I mean on top of almost winning, so I don't have any problem with wood. Taken that many points at the very least we can remove the plug in some. Just like a real says and another week with the
fevers in Dac and I think some of the no huddle stuff that they had a run just to get back to their game. It gets Atlanta and he starts put not show, I would say, they deal with more more aggressive interests. More that stuff. So stuff I would read, have all those points then than trying to get past them so yeah the fear. Swine as they have no land backers in Seattle, has the bar for like forty minutes. So one talk out that performance. It there's a version of this game where Seattle just completely dominance and doubts never asked about it, but we can see from deficit has been good now for few years I mean it's been ok but has very good against it is secondary. I didn't really even realize it cuz when I was looking to stuff after the Adams, trade was like wait, though their secondary is actually kind of suck now for a while no pass rush, it has had a came, could do it? Everyone elastic I at last. One is the shall parlay the week, I'm puttin since in there I did I sprinkle little I'm my lovelies on long shots to win and so is like tenuous out so senses plus one. Eighty four
that's gonna, be one of them other possibilities for the second spot raiders one hundred and ninety eight against the pass, I can't do that cuz. I love the Pats Washington two hundred and seventy five carolina. Two hundred and thirty against the chargers gnome every Dallas plus one. Eighty four in Seattle. Oh that's it you like any. Thus I dont like Panthers charges tell him you. May I think that charges defences awesome, I like earlier aims: yeah, I'm a fan, so you had one that I lay raiders path. You go raider. You gave us one idea: are you gonna be shocked if the raiders now you know you're it Had it down and I was like, but the thing is like this is allowed.
Stop barley and I care more about being accurate and obviously I'll be rooting for the pats. It's not going to be like I got this parlay, I got to figure out whatever. All right, so that is one I like you. I, like your loser, parley voice. Thank you sets, plus seven hundred and forty six for that raiders, one hundred and ninety eight with Scentsy, plus twenty four. I say here's what we're doing five hundred Canada teaser cards minus five tape, a minus six two hundred and fifty can the following four falcons might serve the bears, bangles plus four, if over the Eagles cowboys, plus five over the sea hawks and rams, plus two over the bills, The long, sharp parlay the week is raiders, plus one. Ninety eight and sixty plus one eighty four, I'm gonna put
I'm going to go, lay down that when I'm going to go 10k to win seven. Basically, seventy four thousand six hundred how's that sound to you. She like this was it more fun. I feel like the second wife. No, no, no, it was not any fun with him. Van pelt was an asshole about it, the whole time, and he knows it. So I don't I'm not like. He would just look meagre, because I can put it on a time new, I know shocker, I did used to love Tibet and then I just feel like China, When I wasn't, I don't have any money, it was kind of suck to not now be winning so but Scott loved it. He wanted. He wanted to be known as like the guy and he's pretty good, but the thing is still receives better in that use like Scott, we get super competitive about it and he basically we just look at me to be like get done with you.
Five stupid picks and let the show begin. So it was a very much like that was his thing he loved given out his picks. He be talking about the board all week. He'd have his card, you give out three tastes, but those were official picks he didn't like any exotics, but that was his thing, and I got that it was his thing, but it for my role on it. It was a lot of fun and then, if I had a good, You beat him. He would tell me that. I didn't deserve to beat him if you like. Well, that was just stupid. You should have won this year and I go yeah, but I did and he be like whatever or if I were ahead in the standings to do. If you're not going to win, you know and I'd like all right, relaxed guy. Well, get leaders this wedding, I started a marriage cancer. We only have four fights ever in six years, so I'm I'm. I love our track record, but he knows that that segment would-
The guy should have not even Danny. I should just gone looked yours. Your favorite thing I give out picks studio. Let it other yeah do is have a beer think Azure, including me, because there is always the stuff. If I were included in maybe I should had about a back anyway, but that was that was his time to shine And I just knew like after a while, after six years of it, I was like, I guess it would be like rapid up, rapid up, wrap it up. I gotta go and I think I got it. He never actually did the finger role in front of It's always about vigorously at its heart. Would you our house to pay wrap it up? That's you know you guys her head of her fight. I had so we'll be back next Thursday. I am assuming. The finals is gonna start Wednesday unless we have a game seven, but if we have added a we'd have to figure this out, because there might be a basketball game next Wednesday. So we have to figure out our schedule.
For not just do it, and I will see at some point next week. Armand sounds good. Are attacks to resell out thanks to spot a five thanks to simply say from Amber. They ve got everything needs to your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional obscurity, set it up or self. None are now no technician required. No contract no pushed sales, guys no hidden fees, though fine print, all of it starts, and fifteen dollars month had to simply save dotcom. Sash bs get a free, hd camera for my listeners once again, Supersaver back I'm Slash, bs, simply safe with two eyes back Sunday with the cause break it down weak three, hopefully breaking down, hopefully break down, hopefully breaking down instead of three
the dramatic Celtics come back and then five gave sex can't wait. See then.
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