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LeBron Murders Boston, World Cup Preview, and Teenage Girl Culture Watch With Kevin Hench, Rob Stone, and Zoe Simmons | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 371)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks with Celtics fan and TV producer Kevin Hench about Boston's loss to the Cavs in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals and LeBron's superhuman ability to single-handedly pull out a series win (with the help of a few Celtics players) (2:55). Then Bill talks with Fox Sports commentator Rob Stone about the Champions League final and World Cup soccer (41:53), before sitting down with his daughter, Zoe Simmons, to discuss 2018 teenage girl culture involving YouTube, Netflix, and Instagram (1:09:43).

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purchase on any gamer sporting event for Ambien a job baseball. Whatever you know. What to do. I have to do. Is use promo code B, s download the seeking gap or go right to seek Dachau fenian check out the ring it icon this weekend, actual com. I wrote a car about Jason Tatum before game, seven and now he was as player on the cell, takes a lead he was yelling, realize it impassive. You realize the yesterday during gave seven, but it was really at the whole season, now improbable was and use our improper wasn't game. Seven! Last ain't: when when all this and other threes that we're going in our seas and stop going in talk with my buddy hunch about this. A little bit later were asked to talk about the World CUP and the Champions League with rapt stone. My long time friend, who are
facts and at the end and unexpected mama, today we can treat my daughter is gonna command to talk about pop culture for the thirteen year old Range age bracket. This will actually cheer me up. My daughter has some heartaches anyway. If wanna check out the Ringer comrade now, Lebron James was written about by Jonathan Sharks, Danny Hype throw it about the biggest westwards wherever the season Katy begs for tobacco. Was God nights, There is a solo exit survey by the Ringer staff and a whole bunch more checked, I know it's a holiday, but we have some stuff for you come up by My buddy answer the first sad face project.
We're, not com. My dad today he is a city traumatized here, I'm worried about him from our standpoint. You can follow my twitter doktor Bell. Nineteen forty seven worthwhile we'll talk to him at some point before the end of the month a person whose traumatized my buddy had shoe has watched as many of these subjects games as I I've Kevin Hedges, a screenwriter in LOS Angeles, gonna Netflix, all right now he watches an inordinate amount of red Saxon subjects games. You may remember him from a bunch might be two columns popping in there and fear. This whole season was that other terrible threes. We took this
entire season. We're gonna come back to haunt us at the worst possible time and that's what happened? Hedge? That's! What happened? My god! The creator thing about the tree for twenty six from three point: land at root beer jailing embarking arch is like totally spill. Hoisting that, like there is never a minute doubt on any of those twenty six breeze like maybe I'm not feeling it tonight. Maybe I shouldn't issued this one and after that, Marcus MAR with like my thumb, is killing me. Ok, if you can't shoot anyway path and your thought Miss killing you, but never a moment of hesitation, which I guess is TAT, made the Stevens and how much confidence these those most guys, but it was, it was really really hard. Watch like it was ugly.
You know I was you, don't hurt the most. I think all of those trees were open. Now we we got crazy good looks I mean that the sequence that just found it all out from every bit that nightmare up would be crazy. Marcus, smart offensive rebound on the mystery, throw you know, all that deplorable only he can get you to eat he. So two and a half minutes to nine minutes. Life were down for MRS Second free through small gets a rebound with seven guys, random exit all wide open market Mars who, by the way freeze frame this play, he decides to shoot the three there's nobody within ten feet of them. He could have dribbled forward feet and scored. He couldn't just bowed to the basket nobody's even near him and by a year
We are happy with. The look is wide open and you know in the first half we definitely had been trees. They climbed halfway down and out here in the second half I mean they were not They would like more Smith, H, shot an arrow ball on an open three and this one with far right. Crotch clank, not close, so not closed, that the long rebound came out and worthy or was able to keep it, and we get another off into Bree, bad and dear God, I'm not a good look from the corner of the short corner, the easiest three in basketball and it's a horrendous clank like just not even close by the Vienna. I mean that it was just it was. I felt like gum, Malcolm Mc Gowan, Clockwork Orange with my eyes pinned open.
Watching it out as the shooter two year gives you can't. You know on the poor man's TIM legwork and I just could not believe that the all the wide open looks that weren't close it'd professional basketball players, they weren't close yeah. I do we lost his game three different time. The first time up thirty five. Twenty three nine minutes left in the second quarter, the crowds really into it, and this kind of what happening game five to accept Cleveland, never made shots and it didn't matter, and then this game same thing. Possession after bad position after bad possession and also I just back onto the basket when Craven tops. The only big they had lance was unplayable. He came in and was just stood a train wreck, They really had nobody else, the broad as the leading we better in the team. It's just. I could just go the basket, go there
basket and inside the railways exact moment? You know it, of course. Obviously I want this game, but a ridiculous knife headache. I can't believe I'm nervous. I still get like what is wrong with me. We have put a math everybody, but on a nap dashing we're up thirty five twenty three. It is exactly
your column bed, about Jason Tatum, he's gonna, be the last guy to know is our best player by far at least the last, what he went baseline, thirty, five, twenty three and he got his shoulder path as man as he did every time he dribbled ball, because no one on the team can guard him and he was an open open, but was one of those situations or like if you're the man you get greedy and you go up and you force the wrath to make a call, and instead he did this Red Brown Georgetown packed. The other aim like it was shocking to deepen the rim any through it to them. To start a fast break, the George filth finished were lay up and I was like looking out thirty five. Twenty five. It was about me. Fourteen the roof was gonna, come off the place and
we're ready to die, they were ready to and it was like. Ok they're not dead, and then you know J R. He the three and would like us. Ships can be game and the problem with it being a game is, if you make it a twenty forming a game or eighteen men, a game or even a figment game after Tatum, hit that three after he dumped on the broad in a short game. They have the best where the court like they can bear. There always can have the best Corinth and La Braun was not nervous. It's the brides deprives the bribe the guy who's been there a thousand times. Beth, and you know he made his theories. We know little bank shop, he met with diamonds and credible so get better ogres. They needed the lead up in the first half so that the math made it impossible for the calves come back, is basically in a green showed up, which we can. About in a second other that their role guys didn't play. Well, if look at the other, the other five guy,
they play they. They are related to anything and dig Nineteen from Jeff Green and he had thirty five, Ellie, scored, eighty eighty, eight or something eighty seven, but the Celtics their thirty five twenty three, and then they were forty points over the next thirty three minutes in the game which is kind of possible. Especially when you're going against a teen. That's only point, seven guys that has a best prayers, whose Forty eight minutes in China can serve as energy on one end and it was all the irrational confidence stuff that I wrote about the outcome of the weekend, but we watch for six months, where guys taking no, no, yes shots over and over again now. Do yes and then there is no yes in this game of just no no his own and already eight a weird way, because the looks for so good. It was yes, yes now yet,
it was a reverse yea right. Ok, that's a great look, absolutely jack that aren't you, Mr Rehn. Yeah can be collected the attic and, secondly, that we took Forty, six to thirty nine three nineteen breed rose. Only turn of Oliver by time yet and we scored seventy. Two thousand. That's filter. Think the great boys number I've been impossible, the remarkable growth, seventy nine point, but those numbers over? Seventy that point it was the second lowest chew, shooting percentage. They ve had no game. This entire season county regular season required for the second time the last game Tatum has that incredible dog which, by our accounts, in the in the arena, was like, given the entire crack cocaine in any heads a crazy three any does the little injects the three new his veins? They have the lead I should have injected.
Three and a half Maybe you should read over infinity. So at that point, your leg here we oh. This is amazing. Ten years later after the Pierce, the broader game, seven in two thousand eight now we have peace, to point out where it would be better than him. This twenty kid. You took up oh Brad, you know when he was eight now get about this guy in a game. Seven, and what happens he doesn't, Bog. It I don't think he had a bar Thank you took a shot for another three minutes, everyone else's Jacqueline threes and with you, and this is why I wrote that calm of the weekend, I still I'm not sure anyone on their team could stay in front of them even when he lost the Boughs B b, because he made a bad pass or he or he got called for an offensive father- probably wasn't a fabulous Ricky rookie, but it didn't see. Might they could stay in front of him and he was the only person you could say that about an entire celtic stamp and yet and get in the barn, and I just don't
their stand. I know whether since fathers Stevens far where we were where's his jacket, outwitted, whose fault is it? Well? I mean if the weird thing about good players is that he obviously got great in think played a year for chef DE, like he he's very comfortable home, just part of why you ve gotta, be so great, but so it's not in his dna should go run to the people garden? Go give me the ball get get up, I'm the best player on our team, you out of my way, cobia it for the last six minutes, which is absolutely what we needed. I mean even big out,
Ray look- and it was like- I mean no one- everyone was gripping it a little too tight, except for a twenty year old, who would just preternaturally poised he just flushed on the broad and emphatically we do have to talk about growth, ears, decision making good lad. What what? What did you think you have done from abroad? Like I just can't even imagine like I mean in a weird way it's a row which, like the habitats, but it was like talk about talk about giving them life. We know we ve got the ball. We're coming down the break in and we we fill them with life yea and he's been had the five replace ready made immediately Bowen Tatum Dogtown the brand my Jackson had to plead for replay like through programmes. The Cairo revive other of the twentieth ducking yeah Tatum didn't touch to bar really again, I might One thing I did not understand and game fibre names, seven
was. Why not do why not use Tatum the way the calves, the browser there had put him scheme the bar thirty five people basket on the circle and the jump off circle and spread over us out And just haven't be people were one on one. I really felt he could there, and I will never understand, maybe they felt like he justice. Mature enough as a pair of they send a double every was made three past, but I still, fundamentally he's going by everyone and their team, and I dont understand when nobody else can make a shot why that was an adoption. I don't care. I definitely those. Obviously we feel the same way about bread, David, improved everybody that he talk do yeah shocking, but I think in game coaching one of the hardest things to account forth like when your system is producing, opens
That's all you can ask of your system, though you don't really have a you know, go like ok, we're getting great look, but I have to change something. True has none of the guys getting great looks can make them something you're in case the paid me then be eight m like it was it was I mean over ten from three Harry Harry yeah, you know How do I make a big, thereby boarded up winning that viewed now, he's the words that its funding? The prime cause he's in cast was was breaking threes to add I did. They were like to first seventeen or two for nineteen one point: he clearly this is a veteran expands thing. We just giving out by J Smith and Jeff Green and that game and carried fighting them for open lurks in any clearly was tying them in the hurdles. You're. Making these I'm not gonna, stop passing too. You have to make these and he summit Jeff Green
is one of the five most frustrating prayers I've ever route, for I still blame him for the plan that we lost as he didn't show up and is better. Sixteen times and has led down every franchises ever bet on as somebody who know shows at the worst possible times, and there is nothing in entire career that point. The two him showing up for game six and game, seven that we're both must win with Lebron James and yet happened, and he was probably one of the best for poison the court. I'm still coming, groups of that hedge grubbing up. What a baby! You know played so well last night that you know I'm sure we are all thinking like we would cabinet LE. We Kevin love done that we can. In fact it was. He was very slow that mean he took it to the due to the whole. A couple times you, you know, you ve been a strong, those two threes and even a corner was only one for sick. The one he made was occurs like that was probably
the damp with it. It's just buried it straight away down stream nomads were I just like. Oh god, I can come back to haunt us, oh god that can come back to haunt us and one of the pathetic. I think, there's like eight and nine minutes left in the fourth they met Jail in one of the rebound got two hands on it and its court somehow squirted out about like and on the boy, grew out about the now they have an imbalance by they throw it right to market market marked bittorrent write to him. It hits him, but wash in the hand it doesn't have a broken thumb and it bounces off his hat and coat right deliberate on for a basket. I would like to know we had the bolt wised on their possession yeah? It's gonna be Euro area. There is so many moments like that. We, like, I, don't think it's gonna happen. I don't think it's gonna happen. Airlines hung up on the brain we had sunk by Gillette, though really quickly pause, your phone hunch went to jail at last week. When I was in Boston, went,
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Ok, whatever their reserves exceed my girlfriend or southern anyway, chick agile, Et Cetera. It was an incredible incredible, credible farmers by Leubronn, as everybody is gushed about the last. Eighteen hours. The thing that stones me is just too First vows every other night, those last five dams. He got forty eight, It's a game! Six and forty minutes and game seven and still had you know of energy to make some big shots. Made the one big black and I I've just never seen anything like it and I think. In our vision, argue about him versus Jordan, all that stuff, eight hundred the team that he just be that he just barely beaten used or viruses Providence. Steam, he's ever barely Baden during his entire pie of career. I dont think it can be overstayed, that the Celtics were missing there to best guys raise missing in one of his best guys, but we're missing both and
this their whoever he plays in this next ravages could be much much more targeted. What I would. I was amazed. In this whole with him was the endurance Dat, Just he just never seen tired. His shots were never short using. It was crazy. How many times I felt like cuz, obviously when he gets screwed up on, are in pain or really good. If I sewed on anybody, where is the year on the switches, you know the thing that's the last thing you want is for him to go strong. Oh and thought he settled. I felt like a lot in this theories and made a lot of shit. I'm totally happy with that shot. Oh my god. He made it that one footed thing that he seemed to master against Toronto, like that's, that's the shot where you be Leubronn, like only God, he shooting a one footed fade away. This is the best we can hope for.
The shop dutch good birth Abidjan, those bad you got Errand Baines isolated me shooting at twenty, put fade away this great flash block. What ya He was unreal and he didn't get tired. He almost like he realized. I can't bear to the room for four quarters, because if I do that, I'm gonna get worn out near the end, so when he settling for their shots. He, partly selling for them, because he knows it just better for his body matter. Whatever do that, he took some big heads in that. They always it's like it's like when shackles his prime it of course. Now nobody remembers that Jack was the most dominant guy in those three final steams. I was seen tweets last night about the guys the fires the last twenty years and it's like four oh for was our Kogi except for afraid like is the second best part of the states or restart and about the punishment that Jackie,
had taken those games. Are you guys jumping on his arms and guys just basically hitting whether to buy for its leubronn. Taking those at least five times a gaming, its self esteem and judges. Unfazed was incredible. Now that may be the market more. His horse collar have no effect on him like following his puts. It is only when my God, oh my god, did such a break. There was a moment in the first quarter, where you no margin
What kind of calling about a little bit, because you always links- maybe you won't know- was that you know he didn't in jail in LE branded even get screen. Drily jailing went bay, fine and went to the three and Leubronn just didn't chased him and it was pretty conspicuous. It looked a little James Harden ask in terms of effort on deep at, but I thought to myself. Unlike he knows, he's playing forty eight minute yeah. He knows he can't fight through every screen for forty eight minutes and make shots in the last two minutes. Like this guy, I mean obviously these Pushkin press conferences, where he basically walk you through every possession of the game he
the whole game. He knows everything with happening. Nothing surprises him, though you know he was like I'm I'm pitching nine innings or ten or eleven. I'm pitching every page of this aim, and I need to have my fastball. The other gave him he did. I mean it. Is it's crazy and look. I mean obviously acting Michael Jordan kind of perfected basketball. I get that that was just such an amazing experience to live through that time and and watch basketball, but you know that if it became always evolved a little bit- and you know if Michael Jordan was guarding the Bron they'd have to send a double for him to that nobody can Garth disk, is too big to strong, and you know when he's really become a good Judah. What would you do like he would back Michael down and don't got him I'm you know, I'm sorry. I know it's back religion, but there's no comparison is eighty parent heavier than like George.
Well. I did the one thing you have to say as if, if, if you put them these Jordan into whatever, wherein whatever error and now I you, think, he's a lad stronger. Had Stroud Agar everyone bigger spoke legs. I don't know you have been attacked yard The broad has some advantages with this era that even look at his body from two thousand eight to now and second different human being, and he's just massive now- and you can see here for the first time last year, by the way I saw my three year three or four years ago, one of the Astor weekends in and talked him and and kept him on the shoulder one when we say good bye and it was hitting like like a range rover.
With serious economic gap in this role years about guard, although both but I think, he's a stronger now yeah he's bigger than come alone. I think he's stronger now and you can see the last year when when they are about to lose game. Five any just started boy buying them in doing that they cleared out, and he just keep doing this Spin move ball the guy over there really ever going to call for an offensive found unless he just axiom Had somebody in the head there's no the guard it an ill. Like he learned from that last six minutes all. I can do this and its really like watching shack, or will you now I couldn't we hear about? Will Chamberlain going it's his six foot
white, guys in eighteen, sixty one and it was the caddy stopovers overpower them? That's a! I don't really know who the right player is too to stop that you know. If it s sort of the double come always find the right guy like if it does not. Everyone is I mean I love like I so much heat. You know it wasn't always that way for me help it down without, like it, and I just over the last twenty five years. I've just been like wow wow. I you know, I think you I think he give underrated an mba up anything like every year. They, but that's the thing is that some regular season a word and you catches projects Somebody's ceiling as like you have to actually take have to vote. For that. I always think Lebron you know daddy's he just play defences- share it's really hard for her to vote for that, but he's pacing himself for the six game stretch of ages had that really has to rank among the among the best exclaimed stretches ever the lad
six games in Boston, thirty, seven points! Nine at eight assess fifty five said, shooting forty six percent shooting from three black. It's like it's perhaps in twenty five shots again. Basically, ten free throws a game twenty five in ten just feel go. Attempts have free, throw attempts, are still in a black five and a half turnovers who cares, but that's games. Granted he's going. It's like the baby's ethics miss there to best players, it still like the game. Play. Yesterday was the hundredth game of his season. That's the others. He's played at six, that is three five hundred and fifty more minutes than anyone else in the NBA. The share Basically, that's an extra well games, but also these plants games almost count like a game and a half. I tat game, seven, yesterday's really she can the game and a half and its really incredible, but I also you know if they're gonna get going,
stayed next round. The key is when they're getting people into these switches. In this hall, I saw era that were in our it's all about just getting somebody stupid to get switched on you in the south x. It was over and over again terror regime, it ate with Warriors issues can be harder unless its staff numbers. If I am right wing it deal to me like you it if the move, every possession is defend, the guy that the weakest defender is guarding to go at a ball screen for James Hardener Lebron James, whatever you're just gonna get twitched you get a week as defender on their best, where right, the fact that there seems to be no defence related, no adjustment for less, like an almost feels like
you know like I'm traffic and I think that we would have known result in worse match up. Four legged seems like if you're getting it occurring, can't guardian Hard, the way worthier can't guard Lebron James Rank. That's what you're ending on, half of the profession, there's gotta be a better depends, the thing than just switching everything and giving them exact what they want. Why think you could make a case that is I had to do it over again with one move. I think that this is, Edison, crazy yeoman, don't play rosier at all, any you play semi, who is a heart attack but it must be like your goal is to just have all guys who have big Switch can guarding about it. Yet no that's dead, she's, you're starting point for the game. It's like the Brown will never have a mismatch in this game and whatever will score. Seventy nine points on our fence, which is how point out anyway,
I mean sure you lose rosier to fourteen and over sixty three guys, but they me that's what they should have done. If you gave semi. Are those minutes Lisa Bron asked to work a little bit harder navy, but she also paid I only let's run it badly, satanic our word, but yeah Karabakh go by the way, we officially put the rest the maybe they should trade, Cairo, I will definitely guilty of some piper boy. Never both IRAN We don't need diary yeah, that's it just what you do that you're process. I look like when Chapelle goes to the comedy clubs and tests out. That's on the line, and you can judge of that's how I feel your text stop during the year during the debate that the very greatest of your gay lose my mind every time the played right now you, and if you do, comrades,
crossing the street you'd, and there is nobody around. You would run him over. Well, we either multiple written for that. We're just added payment right proud of the intense: do we have a double? We have global issues just taken that they have just get another deal for sixty days, the app. Heather rosier thing I think people really forget how unbelievable careering, as in the whole reason you have. Cairo Irving is for yesterday's game. Specifically, That was the whole reason. A trade for him and that's all reason you have. Him is because in a game might that he is not be afraid I couldn't I poorly look he'll get. I guess chats when things dad. He will save the possession. He will either I with the brine. Now I think we learned yesterday with Tatum Young Tatum that and granted it was a home game and he couldn't really do this on the road, but we learned. I will we learn, from young Tatum that it's coming, it's going to happen and
it, barring injury. Is it can't miss and that's why I wrote the Pisa rope, but I loved, when he Danton LE pregnant kind of anatomy. Then it listen I believe in this stuff, after the game, Le Brown, with that Huggin, whatever he said, the Tatum when he was in the embrace, like TAT, said the other where's, no, the good come who the good coming players are they put in that I am a media latest. It's that sucking up Damage is kind of getting in early with those guys because they know down the road those guys are gonna, be special guys and they want to get in and Merlin. You know Leubronn- is trying to weaken him. A little bit Eighteen of the brown was so nice to me after we like gave a sad, and I like that, Guy Jimmy Carter than AIR Christine holy mother, great able man should involve yeah yeah,
no, your dear your column, about hate him with did I got courted terrified, make them like? Why are you Jeanne thing our die, but the fact that he was able to play through your jinx column yet and my dad states spike on the broad and then hit that three either lay derive any doubt about you know feeling is limitless. Feeling I will fit is like you know it's the silver lining kind of of
ever stating loss but like Leubronn, if it's just so classic like it's just fill crazy, how classy that guy is but yeah. You know at multiple opportunities to white guys out in the theories like he's, please to seventy all muscle and like he just doesn't he doesn't her guys. It's just he's got this understanding like I'm, not gonna. Let you know that you know even even the rosier dunk early in the theories. He could have gotten it, but he would have found him yeah, and I just think he just you know he respects players, respect the game. Obviously respect you know paid him. It was. I move that we get this right, but I think it was Jordan Crawford who don't on the Brown in like a rack, discord, Homeworld game and it was too and legal abroad didn't want to cape to get out
and that he could like well despite Ethiopians, best efforts, but you can't keep that tape from getting out where there was a little torch passing right there soon credible player in the end. If this is the last run for him with Cleveland, they can asked phronsie more nay. He them Sammy seven years came barricading yeah give another Billy were eleven years. Are these files? Appearances in at least one thing who knows the cabin come back. If, if I may, Few cleave in your best chance right now is that Houston, somehow Pulse game, seven out of their ass, an and now you're doin now going against used it with an injured Chris Paul. Really nobody on that team. That anyone- Anybody, but at least the where's Third, the rant and dream on Adam and even a little Gerda Houston does not have
It is obvious there about the fender, but he's dead, like you can't find him. Grab. Pga Tucker has had not great success against the Brown but yeah. If you tell me Chris Paul was healthy, that's different, but there's no way Chris southie I'd, be shocked. Me play tonight. I'd be shocked if the Rockets one I said this on Fridays were shocked if great harm think out overcome from behind the ark. Now I would actually, I was out of date did what they needed you gave. Sexy was actually said, the predict their my pack ass. They just fired up threes and I They know that without Chris Paul, the way to beat this where's team is to go two thousand four hundred and forty eight from three hundred and nineteen four hundred and forty seven or what Today it has to be a bath. They had the guys to make the trees, but now there are poor short now. I just state them it, what would our story
I assume he's gonna play rotate renounced ten o clock. Was custom. I see these Anna play. You don't have that man You ve been saying that alive with underrated. Part of their secret formula It is funny that you and I we played best while for a long time in our lives. There's always that Quinn. Three in any game, you're, the guy that are you. Wow you eat, just took the baby out of the game wage. Why? Probable that you couldn't you couldn't catch it casting a basketball, much easier, three boys there you fumble it. You know that on that shot harden had given up encourage wide open at the top of the key, but cook is still open. He eat, like. I can't Judicial and his good player, but that's the thing with these:
pivotal plan Ganz. I said this on Friday. I say it again because we just what yesterday like the higher the stakes, the debris. This pilot is things you're worried about with their team, this ethics team at seven guys and by the end. And was were lying in a supernatural away. I just these three from guys who are great three point shooters to just go in at the right time and it happened. I hire me left free to win the championship for the cabin from tat. You know I mean I may not asleep yet carrying the brown plain together and it took every it molecule to win that theory. But when carry made a three year like oh, he wants. The ball is unaffected by the bright lights he's just now, is the same guy. You know when you uncle drew or he just eat just his his nervous system is. It is just com, and then you know watching the cell thickly with, like. Oh, these gather tight, the type you don't you don't miss open. Look that badly. If you're, nervous,
some feel fine worth I mean it also may be just to wired. You know, I think I think sometimes people think like too tight means I gear choking something it's like you have so much adrenaline you. I know. I guess I can't channel at you now like when it, when a guy for nine iron, a hundred eighty on the veranda. What's happened right in sight you know I ate ass and think, like. When you gonads, o Brien, who is the best part of his era and is one of the two best players about time now and it's again seven everybody's watching a near? The crowd is so fired up that you know people react differently said the end. The thing I'll never understand about yesterday's game is why Jeff Green reacted in a positive effective way I'll, never understand that we fight we, we ve Jeffrey in our lives for ten years as adapted
I wanted to take every one of those shots. Please. Please take another three Jeffrey. You know I'm glad you recording of the north american failure, but Jack and made a good point well market down. You know when your plate, when you're on the team that has the best player on the team, but on the court, its relaxing, if like we ve, got that guy guy it's gonna do almost all the heavy lifting there is that feeling of like any shot I make as gravy anything I do me positive depend debris bound by did any loose ball. I pick up. It's gonna be a bonus of black eyes. Do everything, and then I think that is the Celtics, where your leg? Okay,
We don't like you gotta make they shall have. We got an ongoing good player, yeah, so yeah that that was unfortunate. That Jeffrey, the crazy thing is, is that none of our authority to bricks from three point land was bad. Not to hit the glass and go in even it's one of those yeah spin off by poor, more inches. Well, lovable! both sides. Sixteen, I don't think I really did feel buyers there's so many parallel to the one pats one parallel was was not that they kept going. They they finally fell, but are they really people really love this time. As I think people remember, Finally, I think the other terrible three books, seven, four, thirty, nine. Finally, from three good it, it does
and have the same kind of magnitude. As the John Starks Game, seven nineteen any form out that that was the reason of the title at stake. We are. We were trying to make yourself into believing that you think a wine tonight and we can beat them. Yeah. I know, however, that this can probably went further than it than it should have. I mean I don't feel that they should have been fairly failure in every town, Vegas didn't think they should be filling the air like, but a mediator, Philly and you just got you you locked in five games to attain that gonna. Add Gordon Heyward Inquiry Irving right. I can't feel great. Hopefully look advantage of ram a feast? That's fine, I'm ready to change everything ready make live hedge
come back. I come back to talk red Saxon, fantasy baseball on other crappy pictures we picked up. We can do that after vine. Us thanks for coming on sit, I wouldn't call robs down and talk about World CUP in that It means they got that stuff, but first it's wedding season. I wish the back said been around when I went to like twenty five weddings and my twenties with high quality, rather Susan Text, delivered to your doorstep, the back textile comics. Special events easier than its ever been there for free home trance. You can see the fit the quality of your suit months. Before your event, it's completely done online. No trips to the touch Shap required. And it is wedding Caesar not for me all references to the murdered forced at this point. After your suit will arrive forty days for your men. If anything is less than perfect, the back tax would say for your place, Moray away where it turn had sent back three days later. It's that easy shipping free both ways we ve had multiple ringer staffers, use it
and they loved the abuse the Africa haven't had arisen in Africa someday Maybe your wedding get started. Their visit, the black The sledge bs at twenty dollars, every purchase again, the black textile com, Slash bs the back tax premium, rentals, its and tuxedos delivered. Let's talk to rob, I had on the line right now from Fox my longtime friend, the stoner, stone. He is about to leave his wife, his for kids, And his dog or you bringing them to the World CUP what're you doing now they're coming later, but you gotta be regular, linen the chaos of Russia, the World CUP and I'm not that them have you been to Russia, I haven't I haven't. I waited for that. One of the main thing that your selfishly I'm looking for a particular guys like you and me Billy, we grew up with
I should like drug, oh, my war game, you're, that that's how we that's, how we know Russia and I'm really curious to know how Russia NO dusted Ronald Reagan. George Bush, you know you're how much of you tear down this walls is relevant. There so excited really meet the real Russian, although there some Russia's, but my guess is that, like the distance from young, but on get out there just kind of stupid but divided what they could be like you, how these people live everyday me great learning experience. Yeah. We grew up with cold war, Russia. Now it's Thea much more friendly Russia who just interferes with our political action. It's much better, now call if it's cold war light However, the World CUP in a second bed we're coming out Champions League and probably the the most polarizing social media moment of the began would have been wrong. In the end, the Dwayne Wade ARM Bar dad that basically
You could argue, a change of course in the game, but then the Gareth Bells. Sir, kick whenever this Their kick happens. I always compared to pay, lay and victory, which was the greatest moment of my fictional sports movie life. Probably I'm always Is anyone can do it in real life in you actually play soccer through college did any ever do a Caesar Cancun any game you ve ever been in. No, they ve tried it. I don't think they ve been successful. I think I did like a rebirth desert check. Where I was, I told, had burst And I kind of one my heel up behind me. It like connected something in harmlessly floated over the keeper for or a goal, but like feed a real bicycle. Kick it pretty often is amazingly difficult just to get up and then to connect
and once you connect you, you really have no control over where it's going yeah. I was just dumb lock, you know and and see them get struck the way they happen in with that force, and then, in the moment, no image shipping fleet final, where it's just flash player surrounding you and you're able to elevate off the bench and do something like that? Just pull yourself out of the sea, but I do think the Ramos now. The thing is this fascinating. You know it Ramos, another classic, he'll turn and you'll get no getting the boots on him and install it. Check it out and as this wounded them, the others wounded warrior that nobody wants to have the belt, but note that, but the man that's the guy. I will give him the belt classic. Rustling in soccer was at listen? I'm just parachuting an idea, I'm a casual sacrifice for the stuff
It just seemed a little intentional and added even really fully know about all this history and everyone like honour, ringer, soccer slack just went crazy, like oh, my god, he did it again. It was that kind of stuff. It Jesse I could cite the Belem Bare of soccer. Basically, and then whether build meant to do something or not. I didn't get blamed for yeah I've. I've looked at that bow and he'll. Think fifteen percent of the time I look at em, like your little little killed a little dark in another moment from like, but you're a broadly inured athlete playing at high speed, and if your body, yeah. Whatever your weight is one eighty gets thrown off its access. It taught me
you don't have a lot of time to adjust where your arm is place. Didn't yes, and how you this logic. Where things go, I mean it's not like. This happens all the time in pickup soccer games in Basque, but were body this kind of hit in it the position you when you start with gravity takes over the you kind of victim as though I totally corn on it by. I find myself more more leaning to being sympathetic to rob of just for that one instance, you obviously with had agreed that he has, but the edifice work is dollar was becoming this difficult type creature, this guy, that we would spend all the marketing millions thing. Your name or Rinaldo cover your way. This summer live on back right in the last month and change your guys. Like you hold elected, lawless myself with counterfeit and Mohammed Fella, you like there need to be a fourth name,
included in this my feet list, and it looks like fortunately, you'll, be all right. Your brain shoulder ligaments, but this thing right now my good friend Chris Building would tell me well doktor, feel good will take care somethin like that right that got broken bones and porn ligament. Your good luck saw Europe at below shoulder love for that to feel ghetto. Cleaning up, we'll be fine for ninety minute. Yes suck it up and show their soccer, you can use your show there get out an opt out pilot back it. So the first all that deliver pogo goalie gave up. My daughter has when you soccer, I think, since she was five and that was a worse off than any go I've ever seen in any of the game. She's Bennet it was out atrocity I kin
I believe he got his foot on Golly roller or whatever you call those little gully for rice when they wrote TAT, he would just trying to rule the ball out. A counter attack going. In writing even body. Your foot on that is like a we see that two times in my life and then for him to actually Amy the gall, and get a go out of it. Just never seen or worse gods, the single worse go I've ever seen in my life. Where does he rang fear funding? I feel so bad for the guy. You know in the third goal that carry a leaden with pale and public order, If not, why am I optional shortcomings with taste, but I'm pretty sure I could, if I could at this point figured out or how even hotter bromide based in front of them better than that and that he was he was under fire already. This for Liverpool. They are already got it. People around Europe to look for back up for next year and I think the way that ended your premature, firm physics
while he is, he can be a male motto: he'll be fine tat, the area them here. Did the irony of an english dude knocking out Liverpool on a bicycle. Kick I don't know that was sittin there too. That's it. That's a tough beat all the way around. If your Liverpool Liverpool Fan, which is really like, I was fight, they were the pre two thousand for four red Sox of England. I take away their, but you I feel like that. Very definitely this element that Liverpool should have just been happy to have been there. No one expected it from them. Anybody was gonna. Make it out of England is borrowed, can be Manchester steady, the ferryboat, Canna hedging their bat and then to have this wonderful rod and have this this triple headed attack that Liverpool had evidence being led by the difficult character from
Egypt, that doing so much in England after having been kind of picked out of the country before not getting a diet is it was an absolute feel, good boy thousand percent. Now. What is Liverpool? Do you? Where are they on the pecking order? Right now is that I still feel there. You know third, fourth death in England. You know not Europe, therefore dip in England and in these they ve got a bolster, but it's like every support, in every way. You'll. What have you done for the lately and how could argue the celtic skin eliminated? You know in the eastern Compost championship were brightly. Lotta people didn't think they would even make it their because of all the injury. They went through an
expectations, are or elevated they ve gotta go out and find a way to be better next year and now Liverpool gotta find a way to be better next year in the party that is reciting their stars didn't in training their bank account and treated by supplements to make them stronger, tricky out there in the sports will do no matter what profession is, I think, even more so in stock ability, you can India you're looking at a felt the essentially you can have a finite powerful, but if its socket you're going all over you're you're trying to find the Africans how it happened in Russia or Ukraine right now. Who could be that break out talent, you're, trying to find brazilian guys were Spillane Brazil? What are playing now in some more countries might be. That could be the next day more uneasy, scouting that half the one in Socrates just done me and then the gamble here,
Make sure the financial gambled flashing, millions and millions of dollars to hope that this power can live up to it in recouped those losses, major factors doing right now and you ve been paid attention, but they ve transitioned away from your finding these these older legend, these older Betsy, who are pretty much on their last late in coming here, to still receives in cell feet and interim up interest. But now a lot of other thing. You then their money and let's Navy stretch our budget like I'm house something that usually does in their house than to accuse by budget. And then you like, ok, that that doesn't work. My budget more, I need a stretch to really get into better school system
You need to stress the really get into a better talent, they're trying to find the young doubt american out you'll in their kids. Don't know that seventeen nineteen twenty year old window that they could barely afford right now right, like we're, not gonna, do organic eggs for the next year's just gotta be normal store body, guys guys we're were barely sneak in this guy in. But if he pays off boom in two three four years, organist tell em off the Morgan. Or triple that price. It it's just one big gamble. First of all, how dare you that I am now falling? What's going on the email ass, I told you, I got Lfc Season tickets see ticket I told you that you know I got there, you don't don't play down so proud of you, so fertilizer. That stated by the way, is Gloria. Anybody cover too great a laughing You find a way to get the delay of big is a really nice experience, yet a big success They actually did everything correctly from start to finish with that stadium and it was
skated proudly. I still somehow having gone but Nephew Kyle went in and had to be basically kicked out. He took my seats. He's produces back ass Raina. He took it see it's. He took his is lady friend and Dave get the vip place open for an hour after the game, and I think he basically there. Passed out on the way home like it was I really really fun. So I think we have captured the drunken part of what makes soccer greater American, yet they were coming to forget the upstairs area that, like doktor culture, you have a moment. They were real job here for pushing me right we'll feral, right, yeah, MAGIC Johnson. Who knows these wacky? I celebrities. I've got to ask you else Gore. What is the basketball equivalent of that? To do a bicycle? Kick in a chair? kinship game for the go ahead. Go with thirty minutes left what is Alec, making a seventy five for three and getting like a foreplay
live from seventy five zero and think it more dramatic than just the long range shot. You know it. It's either that that order fall away at the buzzer while you get bowed any crash is, do you do your venture, the opposition's benched? If you delete or it's one of those new labelling Michael down the way over a larger want. Our data deal like one of those emphatic moments of I'm stronger, bigger better and you are you're still work basket. I just showed you up ok World CUP so. I made you a list of other, the team that abbots cause you know by you know we don't have what you did was will cut them without involving that fact that well now you knows about their takes me because I don't have you noticed, but my country has never team in the World CUP this year. Some have to pick on embed on them and pretend that's my tea
which is really sad. It's a sad dare to be those who do you want to do? Do you want to be your team, not not like the eyes but their country out there? You, like that, I wanted you might seem. I want this to happen. I want I wouldn't like I want. I want to have, That's right! I'm looking right now I mean I love messy. That's that's a team. I've watched the most. That's the tee. My daughter and I watched her club tries to play the same offences as a minimum. Definitely attached to him. It's a bandwagon. Pic, I think, would be. Of Argentina, one I'd, probably top myself into that one there, ten one! I say you, the West. I told you to pick one of the favorites item I told you pick a mid range sleeper and I told you to pick a sleeper, an you. U texted me back only that
Sixteen can win the tab to sixteen on this. Yes, if you help me a list of the countries with the best I have been going through is to go into this for months and weeks and days and eventually the congregation does go to like wind, but you will shortly about maybe the cash on an eye to try to find a liar, but they just don't really good at the World CUP and look at the thirty two key and it's really good.
The Czech alot all, but no, no, no, no wait until you three days and then there's a periodic aren't they might be banned. But in the end I can only come up with six countries that are going to win the World CUP in Germany, Brazil, France, Belgium, paid in Argentina Indian. I really feel it's gonna be one of those young and of those in Germany, the favor I get it. I fully understand why and if it, if it robs, don't money and put it on Germany, but to make a lot of money. But if it's my my hand in In my opinion, quite I would hope you would put on Belgium, the Belgians in that kind of five or six raised there haven't a golden generation right now is a longer term good off the field there can be few have been on the field. I do like Belgium every time we work a bracket. I had I was so my final than that now like like a minimal
Now, in spite of myself into this, I think they might be all the taxpayer they might go. Take Germany in the gave the belgian kind, like my medium by media, long shot you if you want to get a little bit deeper again, I will tell you build at its gopher country from from South America or you're. Ok suggests crossed everybody else out story, I'm just being realistic. There. It's gonna come from one of those two areas and then I being torn you gotta game, breaker, and when you can change the game at any moment, and we got one and were now, though I know you ve been here before, but he help this country when the European Championship, two years ago when it was an expected in and they did it without him, essentially in the championship game in France versus France, so that would be kind of my, and I know that not a hard core longshot
but Portugal would be in there. I think a Croatia would be there as well. Your twenty two to one the ringers ran on hand, then loves Colombia at forty two one which features the maritime leaving some, but I like Colombia like Quarter Final Colombia and for them that that's kind of a window that patents on the back like were rising, but Colombia, Colombia like Colombia that my final getting it goes. It does go to my flock like the least to South America right. The busy are guys adversary constantly be what I love a competition deal with expectations, so it's not a horrible at all, but if you're looking at the time, South America here, I probably have Colombia as my fourth grade, a team with with Brazil and Argentina and even Uruguay, in there,
three thousand four hundred and twenty one Brazil, four hundred and fifty Spain, six hundred and twenty one France, six hundred and fifty Argentina and Belgium ten to one and Spain, bandwagon I mean, I know they're what picture officially Gerard what picked Finnish, third or fourth out, but there wasn't a ton of chatter about them, but they ve been able to the wind.
In the old generation inconsistent with its power and its work out well knows no frontiers, but doesn't go though wealth thickly in international soccer plus, I think your I always going back to the game. Breaker typed I've people who can change the face of the game and the best people in the world right now is David. The Hare Manchester United, my birthday, I give I give Spain a lot of benefit, not give them a deeper run because, like we're, seemed like a sea every year at the like the Stanley CUP, I feel like a keen right, the hot, deeper right and any that that keepers gonna get your faith in Abuja ACT. When an I feel the same in a big tournament like the World CUP and get a hot keeper somebody your back wine and build trust that taken they can go forward. They can take them
about it by use the gold. Could you know the guy behind you? Stop it that one of the reasons that they had a creeping up more more people's lives that they can do some real damage? It's funny to talk gambling with you, because you're one of the worst people again, who has probably I am I say it's you just terrible at it. You gotta cooler, cooler, you alright yell. It begin awakened able, but you don't know what. Likewise, we manage their own like losing money. You don't owe bay any of the rules of if everybody else to sit down you put hands on people's chairs. Is still a lot of things. I disagree there for the drink. Lady, like with your round an old up here, you, your arguing with the drink lady, because you're not playing and she's like only people who could play can have a drink in that now we have to listen that it's just hear disaster I've in that I think, two thousand and nine the last time I ever rode by going to Vegas nobody's cassettes. I was turning forty and I retired that gimmick, but I
your primarily feature there. Let's just say that You just kind of wander around and interfere with people. I'd appreciate it, but by the next morning, area it was steamer Osanna Area or are you going greater breakfast year, grey area your guys on the walk down the strip, your phone, sports work? It's yours but when bill I know my role. I am here the first. You re use, another other places that probably can't talk about and then around eleven p m you just now now that's a baby gambling with is that the Connecticut in you. Can anyone wants a very boring, Boris Data? True that your library, I feel about wrestling these days, I dont you know I'm kind of excited- I'm not allowed to be excited capital kind of excited the UK.
W w what might be happening with one of its brand with a company that I might be working with Currently we have reported thy smack down. It looks like smack. Variety has my hand lap like they adult tweet dumping, equitable inside by Biloxi, hypothetically, let's see hypothetically radically smack down goes to two facts. We have been joking fur really since the mid nineties about if this Hocker thing, didn't work out IRAN, as well as addressing answer why Europe, because it wasn't me right, I was joking. You were dead serious, unlike the you numbers, there's somebody car now this might happen. I feel it can have the weasel your way into the smack dancing. I don't think you're bosses really fully understand how invested you are actually actually frighteningly. They do bill.
Get them from TAT, they were covered negotiating for going on. I'm like, I can't believe, I'm telling you this I apologize stay. There lay the stone about, like you, may want to make sure you get somebody the debt of like, like you, always have expert benefit of the top cheers stars on the snack down part. Yet how do we get there a preview world by how much would it be that they have other whatever backlash fuck, you know. One of those are the things tat are aware of it, but there's other pull at boxes, love W W. What did I do and we have come to the conclusion that if death
just stay out of their way, the elder juggernaut. They know what they're doing with production and yet a talent and storyline, with the hope that they are that it is best to like the plug it by Gatwick to stay with the product will put it up here. You keep doing your thing, but I'm gonna build up would be gone for like two month this summer and working for two a little break from it yeah they need. I need to recharge. My battery is just a little bit. The story. Lines have been kind of, maybe they been dragging me a little bit. I'm still involved are still love it, but I need something new. I need something fresh you now. I need it. I know what it is, but I did Interim you that that buyers me up that make me want to watch. You know first, I've to two points: first, I think you should start of wrestling filled with coward. Has been horrible, arresting fans for his entire career that has been on the radio and call them bugger eaters and other stuff. I've gone in Russia over an hour
about it, but it would be he's being the heel I know, but but like about sex months ago I was sending went to a show. He was talking about how great it was. As I got, a fox is definitely getting wrestling cuz. They told coward like stop at the booger eater stuff. I know rarity fears. I know deep down how coward feels he thinks resting fans are burger eaters and I think you should feud with a second we should mention. I don't know if I've ever told the story and park ass, I did write about it and it's in my red Sox book of anyone. What go on Amazon and get my red Sox, but for two hours at your wedding and pit Pennsylvania the band that it was right there at the height of the stone called Steve, asked in the end. The degeneration acts and the socket that trip. Age, and I shall Michael's used to do with the acts with the crash chap.
We were really into it were an hour late, twenties. We love wrestling wrestlings back the rocks involve their software. Does you so many elements that we love and where doing wrestling staff. Are we get in when I say we debated this joke into the ground. I don't I can't even really fully capture the pact of that, but it got to the point at the church on Friday when we are doing the rehearsal, I think I will then in some as a bad, that's bill. Sippets. Is we we're like in a church like you're gonna, that level and and everything culminated at the hotel Saturday night after the wedding after the reception where drink in the hotel at a bar and he made. He gives the, degeneration ex second thing to one of the people in the hotel band. Who then show is my Haiti, and we therefore is nearly a hard core wrestling. Bra
the holiday and, in particular the robber eight jumped off the spade, like yours, cover up robes. Why then, with the stick, trying to finish off the italian stallion people Who is it might have been divided by the obstruction by the way, but lay open. Everybody should return with that's entourage with a bright whose camp in them a Haiti came in third man in and tackle the german Anna and in them had to explain to the bed Now he was in China and saw you we are still watch wrestling and that's what, actually going on here, Rio, we are still are doing wrestling even though were, and it was like the attorneys always aaa through with what was it, the Granite Street Ass, the years of the like that yeah yeah, that's exactly what about it was in crime, illegal yeah, so that's it second general almost led to a fight your wedding,
point as you should probably and be involved in this matter and thing somehow. Maybe post gameshow baby, like a pre gave maybe like a pre, gave her both aim fear an illegal practice, payload shoulder or shorter programming my mind if they could hear what so I dont have enough on my back or get all right now light with a bright rob it. If you could find more think that the ocean carry through that, you would well a billion great want to pay out of the memorial day week at the present day three hours, so you have called Papa Roquat than couch for bar and then but you did they take out that card backed by the Champions League is gonna. Let you go near will be replaced by my schedule by something else that has not yet about that. What does that mean
I'll tell you. One word president announced Silvio to figure it out, but I thought I had smack alright rape for it, but then you don't roughly think the roughly dynamic is interesting I'll, be very curious to see what backed up with it. If they get it, if they find it all, the talk was but Fridays right. I don't boxes not now bright eyes, Baden it I'm a raw guiding role guy, but I'm gonna turn other do he'll, counting on your right back now. I think forward foxes, reportedly gonna pay displays out. I don't have to beef up act out a little bit and really make it more of a comma rob. Behave in Russia, to stay married. I try to be a good dad, try to face time as much as you. And- and I- and I will talk to you, over the summer. I shall be interested to see. I gather reports, don't don't don't take drink, from strangers, or anything like that? Smart,
manner when it on here. I gotta have already been given a burger, both I'll give you that no one, you can call me at any time thank her eye. Thanks again, Peabody I will bring in my daughter in a second to get the low down on thirteen neurons, but first every bs Pakistan knows that I love frame bridge they make supervising, affordable accustomed frame, your favorite things from our prince and posters to the full those on your phone. I can't think of a better friend for fathers day. I really can't fathers. They is not far away go to frameworks, dotcom upload, your photo from your computer directly from your instagram feed. However, you want to do it, they will print it if it's in print it. It's a physical item like ticket stubs are prints and posters that provide secure prepaid packaging, meek mill in for free. The expertise frame, bridge custom frames. Your item in days delivered your finnish ready to hang peace directly. You're doin. Instead, an hundred you pay to frame restart their prices started. Thirty nine hours are shipping free. They ve thousands of five
are these- including one from this guy right here, they even offer her happiness. Scanty, if you're, not groups and satisfying the order, though, make it right or a custom gift. Any dad in your life re from your phone gotta framers, dot com use promo code be ass to save an additional fifty percent off your first order, framework, Stockholm promo could be ass. I last but not least, my daughter's heads were more audacious. She's there from school. There's a lot of tea age pop culture stuff happen. Right now, she's, officially a teenager, I'm not even sure where to begin. But let's start here the key. Sing booth and networks. What are your favorites in a while? This is like an old school high go. Rom com- and I grew up with you- this one. What did you love about this movie
mean, there's a lot to love for kids. My age, especially, is it fills in everything that anyone whose thirteen and under could possibly want for movie. I wonder if that is what there's a lot of trauma and there are what can give us the platte, really quick yeah. So the part of the movie is these two best friend You ve been best friend sense. They are born female and male yeah set a series of rules tight, stay friends for as long as they possibly can so is like here a bunch of rules and won. The rolls happened to be like you can't do any of them. Attempts of the best friend and the boy best friend has been elder brother, another who he's kind of like in the shadow of who you in my way for and love love that you raised like six. Four six four and some guys. So she starts developing feelings for him and
me, Canada, words gonna play out from their yes, I'm gonna go oh yeah so keep her from the younger brother here, and it ends up like shit let us now now don't spoil ok, but down with you loved our those on how many times we watch out over the next ten ten months, I mean it's on Netflix and it's free, so I can guarantee avow like twenty five great also in their flags, stranger things which in your brother loved and You just said season to you guys plaid through you Plath rather yeah within, like the first night. Ok winner, yeah thumbs up fresh closure grid. I'm in for a show, that's directed towards kids, my age, but it also like of older people can watch it. Kind of like a little pop culture, reverie ass for my era. In a tree it set it set
in your time for herself, the old days and it has that feel about it. So it's like directed towards gets my age and adults, but it contains like sigh fi. Events in its little spooky, which is young, you kids like here, you know me event, like scary movies, yeah so that was a wine so funny up on that the air, but then eighteen reasons why I came back, which is a very controversial, show of parents because it's about this girl who It's suicide. And then leaves this trail of clues for all these people in her life and people thought it dramatized suicide, which in a kind of make a case that it does, but then
near school like do people? Why, in a wax at my school, does not put an support us washing the shell, especially because, if, like recent incidents, yeah not throw my school, but throughout other schools and kids around my age, like it's a really sensitive topic that I like watching a show just because I feel like not only does it, I guess, focus on like real life, difficult situations and like topics that people have struggle. Some on dealing with, but it deals with suicide. It deals with sexual saw sexual assault. Everyone, let you watch us Why do I let you watch is down unless it I guess it deals with in an intelligent way. Yeah dies, I mean it doesn't show too much for that kind of gives you that thought of like this, you know what's happening, it's kind of like, I guess not a word.
Show where yeah you're, watching and everything's that's happening is kind of like happening in the real world. Right now, just within a high school, so it's ok for a kid who has, red head on their shoulders to watch what happens if somebody you who may be doesn't have the gate infrastructure on them? That's what by by this, I feel like they showed in exist if it were up to ear and there should be age restrictions. Will you shut up? Will you watch it unless you are with us yeah, I'm not allowed to? I share my own, even though I want to but death this type. Your brother problem now vote, but there's a lot of things. Tat can start, then that's all where we really sit well with one, but you thing season. Two is as good as he's the one. I think it's terrible. I think it's actually a terrible show, but that's my up in season. I think this show is kind of a showed just for one these than men in their blood. They brought it back, and I mean
There is really no point in having a second season except legged, showing all the court cases nor the things happening at the school after Hannah's death, it's a smooth or but issues like it. It wasn't worth all of the things that they had to put into it to make another season. That's not even then interesting. I mean I love it. I love her well things, but you you like. Basically everything you like architecture has side level too, and I love there and I hate all super hero that type of stuff they should have. Back there in revising somebody. Whether one we're watching over the can never Bancaire withdrew Barrymore. It's terrible. You learn Lloyd's. Now I live in an age where, because now, twenty years later, it's that
a great idea to have apply where's somebody goes back to high school and the teacher falls in love with them. Thinking he eyes Christine you're, not really like attacks on innocently. I guess you could say yeah, like you, don't think about. That's part of the movie that, like this high school teacher, is falling in love with when it so called student, which is naturally a student, so it's kind of like creepy, I guess, I back at everything. It is creepy creepy. Will you software Dodger, Barrymore, Jouberts, season, tickets, yeah Fisher should be wonder. Tat five people may have an actress. Your Barrymore the other one that you loved networks, are alike, Sankey relaxing Katy give us the plan for Thou ART, Cosette Dogmas, I've never seen you more upset. Data show wasn't cut because you you ve got.
You just get this shows on streaming. You just get to watch them from start to family watched the entire season one in one day I ploughed through it in one day because I like could not solve all. She was only turn up Assad's yeah, but there are pretty long like thirty minutes Long Asia did nothing, sir, he must apply for thou, ok, so the plot of election Katy, as this girl who is diagnosed with cancer, is going into her first year of high school, with her best friend and they'd done everything together and she doesn't really tell best friend that she has cancer and she or she has it again. I think like she's had it before I came back, she was cleared by the doktor to go back to tat, go to high school and it came back.
He started, losing her hair and heard her her best friend being super supportive. She like shaved her head with her, so they were both bald going into school and hats like deal with all the factors of having can there are in being looked at and being treated in a different way? Doesn't some anger comedy? No it's I mean it has, if I may move enlightened airy, I got one could say, but if you actually think about it, it's like a really kind of Sacho, but it combines everything you like as yeah. You love like mine. There's a problem happening in like leaves us unclear fingers it's good. I really like. And the man on the show is your favorite. First than ever yeah. This is if it hadn't worked out me a mob she's. My second choice for a wife, Tiffany, everything your horrible and I said my mama's first choice. She was my backup plan here, who can admit. I went ahead.
Hey you, Mamma is jerk. Mom was truly over their dude in there in the year. In the main, we that is less about how he was a horrible actor. Could you get very defensive jealous and starts like a child make mom? Think that he's a bad person, because she's wonderful, like care, He was kind of too tall user. I the jacket, water and so Kate. So let and Kate Katy election Katy One, so the girl was the cliffhanger for the share it well. She was also like not only going through struggles within hurt like having cancer and people treating her in a different way yeah, but at the end of this, show like the last episode and pressure either. One of the last or last is of her at the prom, with her brothers best friend here and there together
and then she shows up at the palm and she takes her wig off like she hasn't wanna be wearing the whig. She wants to just be herself and everyone shows up and I'm pretty she shows up with a you know like the sickness masks there who wear, because she like her doctored and wanted to go back to the prom. She showed up to the prom and everyone was wearing them. Ah allows like the end of the last upset the train. Your will ass. You have. Stuff, iridescent around tomatoes. Here, tomatoes really does the bachelor comes back to your favorites. We watch the first episode You know, like the first episodes that much I mean I just like theirs. Drama in its only like you're looking for the jerk who goes back a couple times- and I add my favorite guy is- that is the blonde guy. The kind of jerky stuck up monarch. I hear you like yours, like
because he's case covered Dave, yeah, he's comedy and he's really funny and he's on a fringe super mean and mom loves him, and I love him. Cause he's means everyone else, he's kind of like you, don't really have occurred in the season, like no one's extraordinarily good. Look in new bird would eighth grade bachelor. Billig I've loved this I'd love to do and I'd love to see that it is great that allow its color like what every bar mitzvah like to some degree. However, there are many barbecues if you gotta, like twenty fifteen You listen to me, I'm giving a speech. Finally, yet I couldn't give speech. I know you did a good job. I've done, but I told you I know, but I too, what did I tell you maybe like this guy you're beautiful, I love you of permits was almost over here. I have like a couple more left.
What else is going out for pop culture for thirteen neurons Laddie Instagram staff are insecure himself, but also there to show that came out. That's like a kind of a u to show revolved around you tubers my age, and they make different. Little shows its by this thing called brat and they may click a bunch of different little series and I've been like kind of obsessed with one of the shows, even those horrible like. I really like it because it's revolved around trauma where, within these, this, like group of kids, who are actual you too, was a real life and have relation, and then its limitations like they know like siblings. There are like dating in her life and then they and their there's like different plots and twists each show in there's like one that's called total eclipse net about, like
it's kind of revolved around space. What's a show called bull, it's like it's an entire thing called brat, and then they are a little shows that you there so you're going to get ashore. Brat has this right. Now Can you explain to add the audience? Would fortnight has done to your score? Oh my god. I he has even I can't even hear the word fortnight anymore. It's every boy, every single, mobilise, more labour and get makes some seem so cool to be playing fortnight Karl you don't like fortnight, mocha highly doesn't support fortnight, but child does support in star wars. The biggest videogame thing that happened since you ve got your game. I mean like during class. People will be passing notes about like their rankings in how high they ve gotten within fortnight slick is actually insane and can talk about
through it, and yet we can address this- could be arab, solar power corner. We don't have sounded elbow, you can take sailor Ben plays fortnight or use till. He would tell my parents that he was doing his homework or that he didn't have homework, that weaken, wasn't assigned homework and will be upstairs on face time with either his friends or as girlfriend or something and talking to them shirt less playing fortnight and all walk into his room. Nobby like Ben, did you do your homework and he'll be like? I don't have any homework this week, and you and mom gets a text from the teachers asking why he didn't do its homework here. So, let's just where we four nights gone. We explained to the audience said Ben is a liar. Woke me brother, a kind of sea level he's more than a liar he's like Yahoo. The conniving liar yeah he's horrible. It can be your job to bring
him from having parties? Every time I go somewhere? I might just like lock myself in my room, never go away. What can you explain to them? Why we had to take four nine away from him because he come becomes a complete jerk, and you came like a different human being. He he would be upstairs and he'd. All you hear from his room is screaming like that at last, That applies in all you. Earlier screaming from upstairs stock downstairs, crying Bob just He just came in a video games. What We had three instagram culture, So what are these self? Is that you and I we were friends, take of these. Like he's, picture I mean. How could I am I now and it's kind of art seed, and why is this happening? That's like what Instagram is. I guess it's like an extension of herself and people put it out there it s now. That's all
the explanation I don't know where you want from me What about? What are you? Why do you guys do? Instagram live Why is that interesting to anyone, because July you'd staring IRA Babbling, for what do you do? Well, you are faced Tyler s face time. All my friends use em like get bored. Sometimes they don't answer. There are gone, Instagram Life's Eve comes on and then I'll just talks them through there and then a hang up on a live, video and NGO faced them here. So it's kind of like I'm seeing where my friends are and what their doing so then I talk to win whenever you say you get bored it makes for want of one who had take. Found and set on fire. Do you have so many more entertainment options? I had as a kid issues if I might thirteen year so jealous of all you get to protect
do every day. To avoid being broad issues like I wanted to mention one more harm. Friends, if I want to be around my friends, I guess is a better things like. If I want to talk to my Ok, what are there any other summer culture excited about the summer music a little bit new, like your music him yeah. Well, I feel like a music shower something now like imagine. Dragons are going to be that work here and there my absolute favorite band ever like in the entire world, so excited to watch that on tv and see that stuff like listen their music cause. I really was port that band you wanna, give any shouts the M any celebrities out there, who idolized by thirteen roads whose gimme the top three rain our power rankings. Ok, would think. I mean
was the highest approve operating with a thirteen year old girls. Are there so many people, it's like insane. Let me think. Shall Mendous he's a big one, thou think he's? I have three: he he probably the kid. Stranger things: what say, Milly Bobby Brown is a huge, widely Barbie Brown occur thirteen year olds by Mr Soulier and ever really figure that she's issue she's on stranger thing, she's, the main ass. I don't know I don't know the name was fat she's dating Jacob Sartorius right now, so everyone's really pissed, because everyone hates Jacob Tourism he cheated on her and then how do you know all this. This is like what's going on right now, it's like, How do you know that news for us it's habitat and watching the news broadcasts? Did it's like through Instagram, looking at pictures, Emily rebounded Jacobs, a Dorias
How do you know he cheated, because there is a video we Jesus share, Jake on the Brenner and I go anywhere, I now in really big singers right now, like shine Mendez, in my opinion, shine Mendez American. Imagine dragons Adele Bruno Mars, Smith, Sapsworth, that's a tough one for the car. For me, I need you, just don't get it How do we resolve this war to cherish worse, he's not the worse supported thou. I love Adele she's, what it's like! Also people like music and like listening to this type of music, because the person in general and like Adele's attitude towards everything she's like an awesome person,
and be friends of the death. Of course, I want to be friends that everyone wants. We friends Adele you like them to the lady. American idol, you think, is talented. Where else who just one yeah she I like her a lot. I think she really cool look at your phone during your past that say or recognise, had even awoke cause you would you and somewhere now, you somewhere, no, I thought lifted just taking me If the sea notice the audience I've turned out, Neuber goobers out Where is our only was the biggest switches Buber to too many times for them I would thank you for this update. We need a name for this segment of cry. Comma, like every six month. We you say that you think there should be a thirteen year old girl, Packer search. You d want to host your own thirteen year old girl. I guess I'm a ringer packers, our leave comrades, who would you hasty with though you need a sidekick, can either side.
How do you know the sidekick Juliet routine. I know that she gets a unlike you wouldn't have. Unlike me, I just don't get these, you don't get salesman like one of the biggest singers right now and you dont get Instagram it'll get I do get Instagram what I don't. I had a mighty tv shows I get most the tv shows, I dont get their instagram. So feels like here's, a shot of the back of my here's a shot of my butt sticking out and I'm turning around, but I'm not looking at the camera equity as modeling arguments to? Graham? I may take your phone now we'll figure. If you can figure out a sidekick, we can try really. The huge elsie is absolutely here now I just had a seizure you'd be, I feel like. Why would be I producer cow or it of course, Kyle
viewed in a Pakistan. So what would the EP aware with the topic be this week? Stranger thanks, I mean if something magic happens, not dramatic towards, like anything real but dramatic throughout, like the community of kids, my age, things that we like the now agree: a segment yeah. I five people with us I always say, will suit the audience thinks so it thanks for coming on. Iraq is a pleasure, you know I am forced to climb because you're stuck Malthus, By doing so much the Zapruder don't forget to go to zip recruited outcome. Slash B s thanks today, Jack, has package presented by Callaway hope you since that heading into the? U S open, thanks to you. Juliette offers a variety of shaving products for every guy, regardless of his personal task and needs are budget where they went three books,
find the joy three enjoyed by razors have be covered under ten dollars or by your wife. The Venus vanilla, high performance at a low scheduler performance delivered through door. Fine, Gillette five! or whatever else at Gillette demand outcome subscribe to I am travelling for the files. We have announcement about something whereby then, with the ringer for the final tomorrow stay tuned. For that on Tuesday and we have some good stuff common over this couple weeks. Thanks to my daughter for coming up, thanks to rob. So thanks to cabin hedge, policies to my dad we'll talk. When you, the motion recover from this and will be, will check out later in the week the aspects
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