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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Lakers' trying times, next year's free agents, projected playoff matchups, Dirk Nowitzki's farewell tour, and more.

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little bit of it. That time right now, Oscars is over. Thrones is coming March. Madness is coming NBA playoffs around in the horizon. Nfl combine NFL draft lot of good tv stuff is happening right now in billings is coming back. We have it off, for you just come to the ringer read about all this. Go to the ringer dot com check out our Youtube Channel check out our instagram check out at Twitter, which past two weeks ago, at like four hundred and twenty mm and the ringer is not like four hundred and twenty five Youtube channels over a hundred instagrams headed toward one hundred and twenty five we're doing good thanks for spreading the word for us, at the rear package network we should mention is whether we capitals, if you want to catch up on all the true detectives. If you watch in it yeah go, did you go to the report we have on their we're going?
best around with billions next month and we're going to try a couple one off things that I said that I'm excited about seeking here. All that you can listen to the why she could still listen to the big picture. Sean Fennessey can listen to the rewatchables. We're on Wednesday we're putting up our latest episode. Reality bites. Twenty five years later me, Chris Ryan, Chuck Klosterman. His first appearance on the rewatchables, I'm not ass if he understood what it was even after we were done so that happen and then, and next week after that, forgetting Sarah Marshall, a cow favorite of a good choice. I prove this. Get to hear me saying the rustle brand song in that inside Have you ever yet I darted out it's terrible. So that's all happening. Come up
An reseller are weekly MBA chat, which does not have a name yet. I dont know if it needs a name on Twitter. I think they caused something to Boston, Assholes, talking earth, other Bob sure your toe, but so thought time and all your derogatory comments. Words hurt people, words hurt stop, but if you have an idea for what we should call, this weekly little I'd be a chat that we do send it to us on Twitter, send it to rank Zanna check. My replies be consented to ride, senator him or send it to the next. I keep an eye on what are you at times shady three thousand three hundred at time, shady three hundred yeah. If you have an idea for these weekly MBA Chatsworth insoluble abroad, we can talk about a whole bunch of stuff heading, hey just so weird time for the week where the playoffs are still a little far away, but they're actually not too far away. Now, like the Lakers, are in real trouble, Mvp race, we're about ten games away from that
really starting to become an argument, but there still some fund supports the most fund being LE brought us may be destroyed the Lakers and we're gonna talk about that come up, but First project is Tuesday morning here in southern California, ran the seller every week. We do this. We talk about best by reviewing our way through major, I usually wounded and sending AIDS Monday morning spread the asker script and separate fishers. I'm glad we waited a couple days, though Cuz Lakers thing has now got to the point where I am ready to deep divert for forty that's the Le Brown footage. Last night
he's just become that guy and pick up premier, like did Charles in the current year. We are you gonna guard anybody. What are you doing Do you think loser stay on by rules? Do this house of aggressive body language in the drugs in this in the staring for the extra second- and it is it's the end of godfather to this is so predictable, ok and the region. I say this is dead. I remember pointing this out last year. When is the Cleveland going? He is decided on by Keaton don't blame him for not defending the toughest guy yeah. I don't blame him for floating and picking a spot to look at his overall stat line last night. It's still incredible, but if you watch him just him nothing else for long stretch, you're gonna, surprise yourself, because the thing is. Is it turn in the spotlight guy, because a loser terrible Memphis team death and for what he was doing in Cleveland,
earlier when it was first with allay. You know, before the injury there are winning enough games it. Nobody cared a nobody. One pointed out, so this tide has turned on Lebaron as if this is some new thing that have actually been doing for two year. This is why in funny is one of the worst takes anybody has is when they do the whole thing about the bronchial. One. Eight every piece thing actually he won the right amount of envy peace. I care about the envy p M invested in it. I'd really try to make the right choice every year its. Geller Season award. The fact that he turns around for the playoffs doesn't mean anything, the empty p, you're picking the best player for eighty two gay last year what are you take seven weeks off from defence from the Ukraine will eat away through the trade deadline and I think the Cleveland. Innovation really felt. Like you know, Leubronn was putting a gun to their head, China get in the trade that broken pick. That became calm, Sexton that guy we need help, but also he wasn't
going all out in those games in it and that really cause the lad attention on both sides? And I don't who can say anything to him, because I think that trysting play were trysting. This kind of snapped item on the core cause: Christians, goin, hey dude, your you're in between on your decision and then whatever it is, if they score than at somebody else's fault, it s basically trysts, but I'm not the biggest trysting guy. But I didn't you, even seal abroad in their moment, go way. Ok, you know actually might be right, but I dont know that their certainly known as Lakers Russia. They can say that to him. If you watched Nazarite Languages, Norway my guide, their ledges. You could tell their traumatize now yeah and that's that one part of it like a veto. Wanna play locked in defence all along when you ve been doing what you're doing that's fine, if you want to take on what the easiest wing every night, that's fine, but the the bother me when it Since the teammates and you're like do that was
your guy. If there's a debate, there is no debate, yet they don't. You know it's funny, because sometimes I think about differ. Players like whether was Grayson Alan and you just go. You know he is he's just that spastic kidding your neighborhood, that just can't he can't not freak out, and he just happens to be a really good. Is it Duke Leubronn ETA? times. Is that guy and pick up who's been awesome? Has a cool car, girls, love, em and you know. If you, if you score on him, he's gay, isn't a fake, an injury cause you re looking back, then I there's times where I see it and I go ok, but this is all coming to a head now, despite the save their season twice in previous two weeks, when you lose that Memphis team, if you haven't washed grizzlies in websites and New Orleans without Davis, they think about. Does it the four worse teams in league with, though with the town they have and what their money.
Nations are for the seas, for whatever reason I watch Memphis to full games in the last week and when I first dawn at every bad, they I even rob is right there with composure, clothes and then no comes in who looks like he just got back from Light Marie oh yeah, he's see, looks great. He looks he looks like you should be holding a strawberry daiquiri at the side by his unbelievable, but he still get the bicep vain. So it's not like his fat, and Chandler GO and Motto Armada last I was really special. It was ass. Well, some Chandler into as eleven basically swung the files with his defence and Noah and, like thirteen, I think I voted unlike third or fourth firm VP. He will he hasn't one year, either themselves yeah yeah and then Noah we watched die front of our eyes. Wizards, Bull, Syria, where he just he His soul was still there, but I have had died and he was killed that day. It's where because he declared a fifth April
sixty eight minutes and one may retain harmonised area. They tips always gets blame for guys, but it was really no. I was the one that I feel like he had it meanwhile dangled eighty their dangling point like forty minutes again there were near the baby, Adela Brown stuff, it's weird because it's almost become politics, where there's no nuance in their leubronn debate anymore a week in both I think he's the second greatest wherever I thought we did in the past was amazing. I think his their abilities amazing. I thought the fact that he donated the school was amazing. There's all these things are really like about him and there's a couple things that I really dislike about, not just how we handle stuff, but the way it's covered, and the the behaviour that we excuse from him like the fact in two thousand fourteen I'm coming home. This is I'm back in Cleveland? This is where I am an end. My career go back and read the pieces about it, and then he just
this year to year deals and then after one the title is basically asking his exit plan? I think for two years we started about that summer today sixteen and he really would he tried to that claimants email? I think he really did a dizzy, brought them a title but then like to make them pay. And all that money when they knew was wrong. They knew they want to do it and in a basically how two gun to their head and had paying seventy million dollars year. The J our contract two million here whose pay J R thirty million a year, but he left that team in shambles that wasn't right just wasn't fair, you know, and I don't think he took another ship for that yeah, if as you, because you got him a title, because you got a recital in that city that that's different. Back to what you said is like what? How do you divvy up the path short of how you want to talk about Leubronn, leaving Cleveland because still asking to be overwhelmingly positive. That not all
to bring that city a title but to beat that goal and state team to beat them in the way they did for any inquiry to play like they did down the stretch him. It was. Those guys are incredible, but when member last year. There was a whole schism about you have to trade. This broken pic. I need more help and cable is basically like we. If you leave, we have thing laughed at, which I had that pick. We cannot the irony of this legal erotic right because we know he hates plainly young guys. You know he doesn't care about draft picks and then he ends up on a team were it's all rookies scale, guys and then one year, vets who were all dinged and that's why they're I was hoping that around now, though, I don't feel like this. Is the young guys fought the issue with this team as the guys they signed off I suck pull rundown dozy p Michael Baseless, already gone they Newark Land Stevenson scares I suck and remember their whole pitch was in you, you could
I was before they even said. I was a good you. What do you guys want to want a street fight and it was like you know: go instead soft we're gonna be able go Toto within a week and we can win it on the core: we can win in the alley as there were, you miss a tonic shots. You know. I, like coups. I would like just I like think Ingram has potential. I still nobody is but already there when she say their hearts are in the right place, at least like they play hard. I watch em Cosmo place her last year in recent months. Those guys were plain hard down the stretch, so we its Ike site. Lost causes. Oh, I wouldn't say that I Ingram is still. Confusing to me about what the best version him will be in it who he guards in the last five minutes? Ireland's game in here that like what what is ultimately, what is? He wears the court who were the right for gas to have with them from China when a title? Does it
things I don't know, and I think you can actually see the same thing about the at this point. You, so bright, now he's so big. I mean he's bigger than chrome alone. Was you now and it's my keys nearly a power forward, maybe even like a stretch, fight for memory, you would never ever tell us how much he weighed and then he dropped it. The two eighty last week I or the bread whose participation Casper Sack. Now, however, Let's get it has done in shape figures in it, Are you back there, but I think that today's LE robbing a small forward is over because talk about with Big Davis and then dream ugly, green signs with courage, and I thought I might some words like what are they the eighth Davis Dream on Green and the Bron Thick and light. That's a weird team on that share her yeah that share. You could play those three guys together those you basically have three power forts. I think
rod, has now become a hard guy to figure out. Who is the right time to put with him and the more I watched the Cairo tobacco in Boston to carry a kind of perfect for him areas like greatest. He check. I have our time right. He could be over there. It does need to be involved and then, if you need em, he can carry. You first extra minutes which is kind of the perfect gotta, be the bride. And that didn't work out. So I don't know you're absolutely right about Cairo absolutely and I think going back. The plan was before in all the stuff happen. Is that the broad would shift into this point forward and that Cairo should carry the scoring. I think Leubronn wanted to. Despite you know that the nurse The sum of any superstar in sports, the Brown probably deserves credit for, but he did she has to do. Is that I think he wanted to these this going back years ago in these conversations, but he wanted it
if, in the lead, Cairo be that guy every single night- and I still get my points and I'll play kind of this point forward thing around the office through me: that's how our transition transition is, as it become an older. Here and now it's The numbers are still so impressive, but because this is losing an we saw. Evidence of lukewarm with a young group last year, actually be competitive defensively, which I always bring up, because I think it's important to remember that these guys actually competed and we're ok and we thought down structural sure, like all lukewarm heed, this step, worrisome wasn't afloat. This guy knows what he's doing. Reality is a complete mark who asked to go coach college because he couldn't figure had a mesh leubronn and all these weird veterans rhinos the only one is defensible about those guys they signed, but even that that's a weird failed for the brain never played with appoint guard. That can't shoot like that. You can, I think, from especially the last few weeks of of him being back.
It's a lot like what it was in other stretches like that Pelican stretch, verandah was actually very unwounded like that he was so locked in every night. Any was consistently great, getting your like what is this, but that goes back to hold fit thing. I just really like that. Friend she had how day who could guard the other teams point garden, but player the bar, on the other hand he had Davis see was it was lab central who the lab guys in this Lakers team, whose firm loves to write of Intervale. Jabez, Revalue crews, my guess a little animal so who, in the two thousand sixteen fine us what was their crunch time? It was the brain. Carry jail. Ass in jail Mitchell Jefferson right so think about this. Is Seeing that Leubronn had the most success with over the last six years and its basically Thompson S kind of a room, runner rebound her helped.
Fender Centre, knives, traditional Thompson was like in, but then against. Golden state, like they didn't box amount for three or four years and he killed them. So him Banning Jefferson is just like good permitted offender, and then ass. Russia's is already in the honour to have an open J. J are just as a three point: shooter just fearless eleven already loved him again. He took a shirt off shots key areas, the second score slashed. Second creator. So my question is: if I'm, if I'm putting together so basically he's the power for now add up from putting together another light up with abroad? Are I'm screwed because coups. What is cosmic he's a form it. Is the he's not a three you can get away with it and get away. I exaggerate so I would say Kuchma's in the Jefferson Raw yeah We know there be the defender, but
Ingram is in the J, our Smith rule that out of your great about that the Cairo is like. We do know it's crazy, and this is really speak to his game. We left out ever love aware as terrible, but it's actually kind of weirdly sitting. So let me There are over fifty seven Kevin. He didn't like seven guys and game seven, so he was playing It was the brand Thomson. Yet Thirty, two minutes would you would think like that, that shifted where there are another man alive The brand love Thomson Jefferson carry such errors on the bench. I am will J R played three minutes in games. Seven and in Jefferson played twenty five minutes, so I mean a guy
I remember that deep how the hell did the gaunt state worry score. Thirteen points in the fourth quarter again, so they just word out from that: he commanded? The inquiry was happy and then you seriously because they went for seventy three games, then it kicked in game. Seven! That's when they actually get tired. Now I just think. I think that sees was agreed, and I thank them. And at a gas to some degree, but the real problem was Barnes died in the last two gives bar couldn't get a shot. Festus israeli, they did have a figure in the ball over curry, throws it around back out of bounds. It would all gets block. I'm your Niger tat occur, had to take out birds, Barnes was so bad that claim it had taken. I was six months at the very least Gmail yeah, but he felt his blue to lay ups now that Festus also got he gave up to three still abroad. Or one he found them than the other, and the Brown made it right. But I was not like tat. Was
your cousin game, like they just didn't? Have the FIFA they Josie? I just refused to believe, is aiming for. Seventy three wins. It all of a sudden it kicked in right then, and there I don't think it's a kick, and I think it's just, I think, they'd just paid a lot of high level play after basketball, and they just seem like. It was just too much thought you were going to do it score in the last five minutes. No, no! You Kipling, when it was over you at while Cleveland just one. This is you just. Never mingled in state still feels that way whenever there down in the fourth quarter, you're still sitting there gone whenever I go, it's a great whatever Khazars two different, whatever one was that ok sieges should have beaten em in game six and the rain was
record, both atrocious say, got that. Then you have the dream on punching Lebron like you, go back and watch game, four of golden State, Cleveland, Golden State and Cleveland they're. Up to one in this is like the game you figure Cleveland, going to rig. It is going to reggae with the wraps for Cleveland or whatever just trying to extend here's Ngos, they goes nay, the hay maker them and they win. They poured out than the stretch, and I was there and they re my gets and guinea suspended, but that serious it has been over a five. I think you should have been, but that's another point that I always bring up where so how are they like to seventy three? When pursuit, they weren't tired until after that, like that that did change everything- and I actually thought they were tired and there in the ok, see series They really had to reach deep. For that advocates really tough to do that to series in a row. You know what you were you like. Really reaching the deep recesses of resort to pull it out. They should not have been. Ok, see you at the end.
Ok, see series and granted you're down three one anyway, but they played with an urgency that had to be mentally, exhausting, but that's about it. If it were exhausting, then another figure would have gone up three one against Cleveland. I look at it like like D, eighty seven south, it's my favorite team ever that didn't wanna title and they they went to the depths of death with more shocking and ran to their down ten point: the six minutes? I play games? Seven. If pull that out, then the next year's Detroit, the famous bird, steals the ball games a game: seven! Is it just a bloodbath? They just pull it out. And by the time they get to the files. It's just hard. It's hard to keep doing that round. After what I just I even if that's all true, there's no way that I can That is the number one. The number one real and I on every number to reason is dream. Screw up number three red like there's no love for me, number one is dray. My number two is, I think curry is probably seventy five
said game, isn't what I have in the way you normally s body. Only three days is now jumpers and then the third reason Is that Harrison barges cratered like Bob couldn't play him in crunch time of the biggest game in their season, because he was so bad. Let's take a break, and then I want to talk about what we would do if we were Mitch CUP Jack and Rob Plank, now looking at what what what we are where we are and what would the summer's coming for talking just hornets trades here whenever you would someone with Mitch. What did I say, Mitch I a magic Johnson, beside magic riches, women do. I get to come back if we were magic, Johnson, Rad Polenka, having lunch today in Geneva said you guys got to figure this out. What would that conversation? Sunlike? That's coming up right after this would think about the duck
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maybe I'll see. I think I got up, maybe a data etc. So here the Lakers two thousand nineteen LE brought his on the books for thirty seven point: four million Lando eight point: seven, that's kind of brutal yeah those of another year. It's funny restating that next sepia people are like Man, they really miss lenses. Defence, its Alonzo, is the most open. Oh god, I love lines, oh, but he's the most up and down guy they had. This is not the reason that there are no tell spank as long as that. At that you lead lawns. I do love letter. I think if something amiss in their on another ever heard, you say to support above by an ever larger stack. I'm still by is you think I got a new team by himself a low rates him in the rate situation that guy's gonna be lights up anger of seven point three coups man are four point or combined, and then they have to my contacts with
man, Bunker three point: five, so that sixty one million total- and I think the cap is a little over hundreds. They got forty million to play with. It moves? Are they could you know as a glance at his vices, Ingram coups? May you could argue- two million years. One of the best deals in a week he's that an Oscar, but that's a pretty nice deal here. The free agents, Cairo horrified, Cumber, Doran Clay, Bledsoe, Middleton, Randal, Vous, submits Butler J J, read a choir, Ricky Rubia, those at the top. Once so MAGIC Johnson how'd, you said Lakers. What do we do when we did we'll Davis is still your number one thing here? Ok, because I let's map this How do you feel about Kyrie coming back to Boston now, based on all the different people that we talked to you and all that kind of stuff we can be less responsible than others right. Can we be less responsible?
someone can still take a call from this and then blame us want it doesn't go that way, but that's it that's a new segment. We have it. Then the passwords can be blown out of proportion right I would have carried to the airport at this point and make share his bags were packed the mixture he got on the plane to New York and that it was a one way ticket. But that's just make it took a lot longer you to the celtic stuff in this. One is not also. I do want to jump because win win win Austin without carry beat Chile in Philly. I still looked at the eastern when it's it's Toronto Milwaukee and I think the best first Philly, Iscariot Helen, maybe the best version of this and that's all I set- and I couldn't believe Boston Fan and when you look, I know how this works but boss events being like. Are you serious? Oh, you know let us in a year. Saying this: I think what team of you watched? What team have you watched in Boston? gives you any indication, is any evidence that you they're gonna be good, and and the lose some of the games
recent loss to lose the balls. Are you kidding it's not just the losses. How we talk about the subjects it's such as the losses? It's it's the spirit and intensity, Of these games or carries out there and essentially dean over, did this tweet cause people like well what kind is the most efficient guy they had. The numbers are so much better is out there, but then there, these numbers about the guy so who inquiries not playing verses eyes when carries just that in the game, but he is playing an ever these numbers were when Kyrie, when courageous going to play tonight. Everybody's numbers are so much better than in a situation where he did play, but he just resting and that's weird, I can't you running down his sack. What I'm watching the I test would lay play harder when he's that, when he's not suited
I don't know what it is, but the like the net rating with him verse without him was dramatically different, favor of them being better without Tiree, but there are people playing around a leader like up that now? Who cares like just watch, watch its inquiry thing like nobody, so the real reason to bring this up in my way, hordes of thirty million dollar player option. So yet- and I said ok, you think available. I just didn't know if you were saying he was straight up. I think there is a world in which he hops out. If you know with the way the tampering goes, if a team like the Lakers are like, if you opt out, will give you a hundred twenty million for four years. Definitely I don't seem high exactly that. You get that from that. You think all these teams have cap space, everybody, tempers and someday. Gonna cinema failure back up that will give you one tiny. Aren't you gotta be want we are one, would have oil entirely forefront iron. Ah so anyway, back of it, so yeah, ok, but A point on that is that you and I don't like
However, that shifted have carried all positivity. That's a done deal, it's fine! It's fine! It's fine, like nobody seemed to feel that aim. Bigger picture issue. Is your investing a five year? two hundred million plus contract in as somebody who it just doesn't seem like this situation is gonna get happier that's. That would be my fear. Now from a talent stamp when you're like this is one of the nine ten guys and leave the matter. We had to do this if we put better veterans around on whom we could save it, the others is that what you're just gonna, let him leave, he loosened asset for nothing and it's like well, he stays He could are other assets might depreciate. What happens that you maybe jail embrowned leads in two years and then yeah, then I'm doing a hail, married trade for Tatum now and built around Irene, Anthony Davis, two guys who can't seem to decide what they want. We too weak And there are now being held hostage by those guys in those are my two big money guys, whereas at me,
there's a path through the Boston thing, getting really ugly and it felt Jessica season, Ok, I understand why you might try. I understand why you did everything you did while none of its gonna be none was clever. I know it's alright What do you want to kill at the right? If you, the Lakers, though his his The biggest thing I'd be worried about now: it's not even Boston. Shading farm aside, even like the Katy carry Anthony Davis, New York, Knicks Hale marry that the next financing that is happening. It's more realistic to me, That Davis could just resign with the this summer that he could look at ourselves. Is that unless a toy nineteenth now it was, it was so who's the team that was left up. I think he left out Memphis wait a minute what so the maid We walk you through here? Please do if I may
Davis I'm going to the Lakers I'm playing with the brand James, who is now going to be in year. Eighteen. This is my side all these? Other teams that have that he's had that been unhappy? They'd have to get the team to trade. For me, said ashes mean him in some free age, and I hope we get. Am I in a better situation just because Yet the live in ally. Now I'm sacrificing million back, something that, in my better obvious reason with New Orleans and then pushing them to me The trade in like a year. That's my point. It is worth sacrificing. I think it's like sixty seventy million, something like that go to a situation that might be worse at some As you know earlier situation, you think, there's a real arguments made it a Laker situation, be worsened, pelicans situation what if they down from a front office standpoint over the last
six years. That makes you think that that's a carpenter organization a serious question, the zero credit forgetting leubronn like that seems ridiculous. To me, I go you unit of getting people, weren't sure what was going happen, or maybe you know, wanna give him any credit. Has he just wanted to come here, but you know whatever The results are, as we all know, are accredited as where more than like, some people want to give him Cyril credit rating lubricating, ten, twenty five percent credit He wanted to live in a way has this year its color in the letter that I was told, but events severe Anthony Davis yeah. Would you say by seventy million hours by the Lakers, not guy with the injury history that he has. But, as we know, there's a way he can do some year to year stuff, where you can kind of recoup close to what he be turning down for that designated player deal. Furiously Davis would you wanna go to Boston and play with Cairo Irving? Who has been one of the top there?
most erratic supply, rather very little lotta people than inquiry. I wouldn't be crazy about that plan. If you're Anthony Davis, would you want to play the necks and play with Katy Kimber and whatever Zion? Zion, whatever pick they get, the Knicks actually are becoming more more appealing which is basing to me. But if Katy coming out our story gets a Katie's gonna tax. I'd I'd be stunned. At this point it that's enough. So do they not realize it when they move the whole business operation in New York City that everybody is kind of like? Oh, so this is a done deal the like a like a red flag, is hit him repeatedly signing, though one a dime contracts, and I'm just say it like they give it these. These guys get annoyed about people talking about him. Albania, like yes, but you you do things that
the away home. Purchase thing is the least you can argue some of it just because somebody guys have houses out here that you're never gonna play your brain to has is worth forty three million bucks, it's probably assigned everybody. You do business with those living here. Yeah right does a red flag, ok I'll anyway alone, back your Anthony Davis, assigning with the pelicans thing, nor I just think it's it's more real they, then it was two weeks ago like what, if so, what say the Falcon sell, the team, the extremists bring some new hot shot owner and and he's like I'm spending money thing, I'm doing, I'm not trading it Davis. I wanna keep em. We have a huge Van enjoy. Now we can over pay him he's one of the best Power Ford's about time and build. A team around and where you spend money were knocked me small market to, if I may there is something I signed the contract
Gimme a year and then a push out? If I have to say we will just be this year, be nineteen twenty and then you'd have to revisit this again next summer. You, like December his ears, where I would say I don't think that's good happen, I dont know if a sale is done. If we had a life against it. I went well ears. Ears are, I would say about dates. Is that he's impressionable and I think his comments prove that he doesn't really No, what the hell's going on, or he wasn't as aware. I should put it that way. I don't think he truly understood how this works and it was ok. I Simon Clutch you know they. They can get me out of here, but I will have to look like the bad guy necessarily and in that get all screwed up. And then, when he goes to all star weekend and says, hey all twenty nine teams are on the list. Then you, like, Are you really? You really don't get that so that tells me that he's impressionable. He somewhat. It reacts, did how he's being a fire? Is twenty five no,
Fine, but I feel like we forget, like these guys, aren't finished products. You know he's a deal that was at Kentucky for a year, He was living in New Orleans planned for the politicians. Last seven was really not the spotlight doesn't seem to have that They people random switched as agents and Hannah, just figuring it out and is probably really I should warn rich Pasok green. Do this we're gonna, get you the Lakers we're gonna put in space Jane too, and he's a year that sounds cool, let's go, and then they don't get into the Lakers But why then, would he decides ok, you guys in Gimme the Lakers. So now I'm I'm call my own shot now her alone I would imagine he's already over the New Orleans thing and that he still because he's a line with those guys. He still feels like allies, the best spot for him, that's it I think your underlines that clippers- I don't want the covers. Gonna, do I mean everybody seems to think it.
Why? First and then I guess, I'm looking does more from these guys scene to change their mind. There's an ebb and flow to work, as think is. The best solution for them in this league. That is just super fast. We had the correct Months ago, your blog at this guy could be a subject for life now might discuss. Probably that could be in the team next year. Have you ever uniting? That's Cairo, replaying everybody! You kindly Katy side. Gone stay three years ago. This is where I'm going to be. This is best basketball situation and now halfway through his third year, is already moving operations to New York. I just think that stuff moves fast and I'm prepared for anything with it This is my point. People like we're gonna Lakers regard this, as I think we should also at least bliss,
the possibility that he just takes the money and stays in the world's now, I'm back to the magic blinkered thing, not Mitch, not Midge CUP check, as is they don't have allowed a hail marries here became when you do this last night, and I was like man I was doing over this morning, its quick, so yeah glad you're here, Mary Sue layers. Why didn't Paul George go there last summer? Let's start there, there's there's too boy. Explanation. One of your explanations- I is my favorite conspiracy theory ever got that so much tampering that Adam just said: descends there you're not going there. That's one class to follow up on that there is that just your theory. I've heard stuff. Ok, but who knows? I don't know I don't
when you first summer your theories, unlike what deficits could it how alone? Were you this over other theories? That George, one that judges go so went on that you can, I think it's under selling the fact that he legitimately seems like the lifestyle in Oklahoma City. Ok, you know that second, there, the third area, is over course in the air he decided. He just didn't, want to play the bride and maybe talk to some people and was just like now found him by Wagoner this guy. I think that's actually the most real. Think about it. There is especially when you have he's with sea, with the bronze with clutch in CS. There's a huge rivals. Rich leaves here too, the dark right. She should, even though he is poisoning him against clutching just being like
You want to go Lebron. All these guys aren't happy here's this story, that's the way the store! You love Westbrook. You should just stay here and go for the money and they talked him into it. I think that's a bad sign for Lebron with these free agent, and this is something that winners has talked about a bunch of times in a cup. Other people have to that. There is a fear of going there, because if the bronze team wines, everyone praises the broad and he gets all the credit, and if Lebron's team steam loses everyone else's the bland and he doesn't get any the boy. So I think other peoples- he then go away with that to do that special on that guarantee the title but that's what was so we're about to George thing is, I think those are concerns that other players do have, but I dont think it's all, players like now. This is turning into nobody ever wants to play with abroad look Anthony the wanted to go there and I still believe that he wants to go there. I thought Paul George one.
Oh they're, at some point, so either he really loves, Westbrook, really loves Oklahoma City or some of that stuff change his mind. But like the great thing about George Is it if you are that alpha like a Westbrook oral abroad, he's actually, okay with it ok, fitting ISA he's the opposite of Jimmy. But do you think this page or similar to happen if he was on the Lakers? What he's done this season I too am VP the way that the fact that he's basically been the best- in the lake countesses afford Williamson, I don't. Even he has. No procedures is alien, isn't a I dont think I don't think Lebron would have mind, look if it can it was Westbrook. Actually I do think it could happen without an icy if it's happening with Westbrook I would be the guy. You know these- are there, that's that's a catastrophe now, if you, if I should think its realistic, it could happen with abroad,
cause the just how good he is. I politically. It is a two way where and how he's gonna believe. What could happen then lack any Paul. George is a catastrophe because of the money they spent. You lay its Casey p and land statements and all those guys they just had Paul George, with coups running around it's a really interesting team, Josh Hart Lando, ok, you're, like those for you know, I mean it would who probably ruin Ingram his cousin, finds away like Christmas effort level. Say, probably trading roman January February, for something anyway. I I wonder of people inside there there's a lot of other appealing options, even the clippers first, the Lakers usually organization, Verse Organization, you not tying your destiny that somebody who's got three years left out his dear, whose could be near eighteen new, who knows. Maybe we saw with Toby's when it's over,
average just cut out. That's it you're going to die and the downtown it's over. Now, that's always gonna funny. Like if it's a certain guy, you think good just emits about that. Although we may talk about a reliable call, me he's Norwegian wanted as bad as he is, and you go it's over planning paint many play forever. We'll do Tom Brady now one of these years, it's just gonna, be over for Tom Baden. That's can be at peace, heroines, data, Stickley and then people go. Don't you can't go on in them and you just below it? Am I supposed to do its weak ten? Is he can't thrown out so that Campbell Walker would say They talk it into our two thousand. Sixteen we had that Leubronn had Read now here's comeback: Cambric can be the Cairo. Would you do that we spend thirty million a year for Campbell Walker making than making the number two Ah I like Campbell a lot, and I was watching again was at last.
Night, Mozilla really went off, so I was more locked in a cellar ladders. Our lot Zeller last night, but when I Campbell with the rules in the way its efficient. You can't touch him, so I think he's. We're gonna be able to get open, like he's just that quick, his dream side decided not to talk about a crossovers, but the way he finds that go? Watch it because I'm on paper, whenever I look at the bill, Stu Campbell, I beg you not. I would just do me, like hey your heck of a player, not paying you that I'm sorry but That's not really. What were asking for asking hey when you're desperate- and you can add anybody Else- is Campbell better than for players eunuch under an old guys. You knock and Clay Thompson out, I think, we're lady you're, not getting Kawhi cuz, because I think the kawhi push for that
so he did it so now, I'm already in the second tier free agents down, look at our Orford, hoping apps out, I'm looking for AIR Bledsoe Clutch client Christmas lights has been earlier this year, Chris Middleton Julius Randall. Nick Vukovich judge Erratic, like this. It I'd like to my point like the Lakers or fact if this demonstrate doesn't come through or staking comments, career Campbell locker to come. There is no road map for and even really be a contender? I don't think the fact that Cairo thing is even a real thing is incredible and speaks everything you're talkin about only when we think is going to happen in an office sends imagine if you had said before the season starts. Billy imagine round February this thing we're feels like it's a real opportunity, I read a good ally to play. Will abroad you'd be like what the able I'm not gonna be book you every week or so he ever did. Look once a month with you
don't be like I'm feeling a reseller job Dennis supplied cast the guy who shoot so. I I looked at timber is, is not a perfect thing at all: Oh, I wouldn't like that bill, but what you are doing here is this. What the teams are doing. Is you for these years. I'm sure half the genes it signs on these contrasts go Jesus and want to sign this guy for this, but you have to encompass better. In some of its adoption is, the same thing is: is Jimmy Butler? Like I don't know, who's gonna give Jimmy have agreed? to your deal right, I don't know that he's gonna get everything he wants, but can I ask you? Might Tobias Harris is another? Are you did say Tobias, so but she doesn't it feel like in. This is never that only not an item. Nobody. It feels like what Tobias IRAN is
the guy that big decisions have to sign one of those two guys at they decide to bypass right yeah. So you go through the teams. Now. You start talking to fear the Lakers I war, if we take a chance on somebody, we'll take a chance on an expensive superstar snow in the boy Griffin conversation. So let's the wants to get em in Detroit spun play well. Lately I thought they're going to miss the place. It seems like them. I made by us rigidly action, a monster He can be good for, like a my weary, like our rejection but say to try once again rather contract Lakers package, some stuff and they get Blake. I dont think that makes them a contender ethical branded Blake as a weird combination, that doesn't work I wanna keep going but see? I don't think any of this stuff. These are we're. Tammany live now.
Dame Lillard has been open about. I don't want to leave Portland. I love it here. So now, I'm Cj Mccollum does that change the game for LA no, the only guy who, I think would have been a really fast and anyone it's town And now towns has become a tradable because, basically, since Butler laughed he's been on a tear and in the potential that he showed, We, like maybe a first he might be a guy in a year to because now and tradable so he's not on the table. I just don't know what the options are. Well, I don't know I don't either of- and I think it's all all infer Davis and I'm still mean I was watching identity was a players only brought cassock. Nba tvs been doing some different things now, with these these broadcasts where they had like a studio watching a game that just talking over the game whole time, and yet I hate it. What's happening, is. Is that because it's this congress, national thing which it
being Andy and Jackson and brain do really good job with were, though, call the game. Yes and then, though, these moments, where they kind of a radio topic yet- and if you balance it right, it's great you'll need a play by by get right, but when you do it, the whole game and nothing's going out with the game, and you never let the game breathe and you talk the whole two and a half hours and it just now, stop that's what I have to be about its brutes, it's it's too much and that you right now the play my plague raining out of it, but there's all these guys still feel like that. Lakers offer. Like this, really great offer for Davis and always surprises me, I know I don't quite get why anybody wouldn't want to wait around to figure out what the better options are, but are we still stood in plank and magic. Is I have one more question for you.
Well what about what? If you said this is Bradley Beal. Now, let's be terrible, the rest of the year, it's throw it away, was trying to get like a top seven pick, because that will help us get Davis would get Lebron to shut down, come up with some fake injury. And the problem is to turn the young guys would actually could actually potentially play better there, not that their twenty nine thirty one right now, there's only four times worse than them. Their schedules brutal, Etienne, Deirdre schedulers. I fourteen source them in the west and foresight for them. Jesus there's, eight teams worsen them in the east. It's probably, I don't Henry the hell Mary for them is, I still would put faith in being able to convince Davis because he signed with the same agency.
To be able to get him here, but we advanced any. Is you can't even come up with? way and be, and I can either what's plan B if Davis doesn't come through. This is my whole point I dont know their plan B is like this has a chance to head the direction where a year from now his egg has got jade me so now, you're calling for here's. The thing will be will put us at the end of the progress that they may people Simon, says: Lakers will have to travel Labelling will ask for trade and the other bro out of now that the bladder portion is gonna, be missing. You have carried to the airport. At this point I am just angry, gray, about carrying on that even rationally. More, don't! Listen! Mercury! I know I agree with you about the plan d thing, because I mean this stuff is hard, its height hard, but it's always worked before. It's always work, though you go to my Emmi. Boom works. Ok, now go back to Cleveland and that's why, when this whole thing gather now. If he had missed eighteen games there in the playoffs, maybe
the scheme is dire. Maybe people are ignoring from the same stuff, those having beginning of the year, even though he had this nice defensive stretch. I think before you got an her but or and being is is too much money for Jimmy Butler or too much money for Canada. That shows that the helmet Jimmy Butler, The thing is, I don't think Jimmy was even like up a preferable guy, I'm in time for the Lakers I'm not sure liberality you think they actually need cuz. I think they need a scoring guard. They'll be my number one draft back my number two jap. It could be a rebound rim protector. I don't I dont think they need another wing. I think they, that good Day Miller Campbell Walker, I red, and I think they need like a miles turner type. Those be my two preferences cause date, pensively their atrocious, an offensive. We their mass there their way wet weigh up their day, was thinking Can anybody basketball wise, but you have to figure out a way
fit in around Leubronn, but the reason to get so excited about this team was that is the best of the best athletes is ever played with. They can be able to run it in other pace is up and it was. I don't know how much the basis changed since he's come back. Ah, I mean little would be the guiding lured somebody's want to play with for such a long time, but lower it's not exactly good defensively I mean lizards, always on the other guy when numb, when their match up against another good point guard I have one more Godfrey: is it taking on walls contracting Beale Carmelo? So this fact your tank thing, but wait a second taking on Gmos contract to get beer is, was, I think, make up beyond right over there.
Priscilla Special really would you I mean that it feels a bit like Otis Smith. You know where you see how that would wear it's brutal. I don't even know if I can get to that number. So that would be my hat. This is a gay, I'm kind of jealous of this one so you're saying they would they would have others there. Like forty million and cap space, they take Beale and they take John WAR is being good enough to take on which is like forty four million bucks and they just kind of absorb, while actually that goes up cause was extension kicks in next year. Sets probably like fifty five million. I'll have to earn a second see. I feel bad. I mean it's fifty seven seventies now not yet is it my car sixty four million for those two next year the you'd have to trade sixty ass. So you have to go.
In the name of organizing cap, I wouldn't do that. I think you could get there mean? I always feel that you can always find a way. If you want to see good enough to take on in view been awesome? Ok, electors things being some nights. I would you agree that, even if we both really like Beale, there are moments If you're, really one of those guys is more consistent and it seems like he's better, how funny would it be too? We ve seen him, for his without wall and the historic, I should be traded for both you guys, so you actually you're still gonna play with it, can redirect blossom somehow that does. It makes a impossible but all two years ago I mean incredible. So could you If you had no other options, could you take on both of those deals? the back end like December, so you'd have to trade. I don't even think it worth. Laws are conscious. I don't even think there's a way to make it work you'd have to base
trade, all your young guys for that, and they that wert forty four sixty four you gotta get. You gotta put Lazo an Englishman. The deal and then you get rid of every like. That's who you are? I don't have that words. So now the exit, the Davis Basket, beer dream near the biggest libretto fan ever which a pipe dream which a pipe dream move. Is it you? You made the Davis trade, but then you also get who Clay Thomson Kimber this? What you do Davis but see, then I don't know what's left over. It is what you do the Davis trade same. Like I don't know. What's left over to trade like the other, peace has to be a free agent, but I would do day and then I would talk to Kendrick Lamar and have him sign lily to his record label. Three album deal
for the bronze album with two chance coming out on March first? Is he really gonna? Do this year. Not he's embodies heavenly about the bran. How that eye lashes? break the new Microsoft surface. Pro six can help you get things and whether the Kyoto running a business, take bran, Iraq and Michael Griffin, two former Fatima to have opened a cupcake shop with the surface pro, they can do everything they need from setting schedules to creative promotions for social media and design. A new flavors plus, it's light. Super fast has great battery life. I Michael are proving you can tackle all your patience with the power in speed of the new surface prospects, so by the brown quick. The with the speech about had a young guys after just
basketball and they have to be about basketball and whatever, and meanwhile he's the host of the shop. His theory it out with teaching sees bring it back space Jim yields, multiple companies he's going to Duke for random reason. Sissies iron waves hit impersonator oft is one of the most critical moments in the history of recent history, the Basque by National S, question I really enjoyed it. I was thinking about something for the ringer yeah. You me Chris Ryan and whatever other two white guys we can find it. Also called the ship you here we do from a boat. We talk about different issues. The ship like out like a sailboat, rowboat refuge like like the gas it yet rack, yeah cardigans falconer because Rainest Buckingham
Every episode outdo a house pushed spill about how sports is a business Jenny. Business man, I'm just, play and that what is this? The business people forget that its business there, the ship, the ship I like it, lets workshop that I wouldn't Aguilera. I don't think he has any out said. Actually this could lead to him getting traded. Eventually, I don't know it's him getting traded. I just think it'll get to make everything we about here. Not in none of this is like the hill Mary PATH of like what could they actually do like that's why this is so hard right. You could see, there's a really easy narrow, like we could be the beginning of stages of how bad this could end up looking and I think that's the whole point. There were making air the point that year make, but that I agree with that they could with again the summer like this, can really be a disaster. This
The closest parallel I can think of is when the Kobe Dwight Howard Dash the saw was a guest saw, who is the fourth annex only Agatha in that kind of cratered fast, and then became clear at some point that there is no way out- and this was gonna- be really bad for a couple years, and it happened abruptly now it seems like we of course, have made sense. Nash was broken down. Wait, Howard is due at hard, but at the time as a holy shit, this might This may really go south on these guys and did will renew you guys covered quite a bit on countdown, and if a member state and a black every every every power.
Why should you really do people, but it was it just kept were likewise it gonna click ones are gonna click ones any just it just never did, but that team on paper at least felt like it, was supposed to be competitive. This team for the Lakers, even the broadband health, is all time. If everything else is right at an added think they'd be ahead of it can be a force. He may be a five seed a best. Would you trade, furlano viewers, did you know, I think the problem Alonzo is that we get a sampling of what love are still about yet and I here she had more respectful of our wages, didn't give a shit there and you allowed yourself to be muted, because LE brand in one here from you so actually even I don't like any of it. I respected him more when the gear, hey man, your big ball Abram, like an? U let somebody gonna just shut you up for a few months. Upon the little bit yeah so come on over the fact it
happened this year and I'm about to trade for his son, like his dad is gonna just the next stop. If he's on another team is gonna be brutal and its pointless it I mean some of this stupid like well, I can believe they, when put my son in the summer league, come on. Do you know every coach sucks, it has even Tugela yeah. They take him out after eight minutes, vows pre standard pattern, a substitute The NBA that you allowed people understand so I've. I like him with a certain team. I just feel like the fathers gonna go off again and if I have a weak coaching staff, for I have an unproven gm, I would dumb. I Wendy would be thrilled to sign on for that rough time. Sir liquors, let's talk about a dirty whisky, going pretty cool
that was really cool last night with Doc rivers. If your Dirk Nowitzki, would you want to be going through this this year or do you wish you were tired of white like do you like being trotted out as like this that guy you were really gray in there now, you're, not afraid anymore, but let's Roma ran of applause for the great there. No, would you feel good about that about that I would personally enjoy it, but I pardon me wonders if he enjoys it for if he's embarrassed by it, I think he's enjoy it I, u seems like he's enjoyed yeah I the kinds of things that yours truly hey, look if you're into it. That's fine. I wouldn't want to look like that running around four eleven minutes tonight. I would have rather retired the year before that how I feel, but I also it's up to each person. If he's only individual, he clearly has made peace with the fact that he can no longer really play basketball, it even a medium level, but he enjoys being added to him. He wanted you the tour one more time he likes Dodge.
And it is going through it. But I was, I was thinking about these guys cause. I remember bird and ninety two just didn't want to go through it. He was just like, like his last season, he averaged twenty a game and he's like yeah. I could be out there with a back brace for three more years getting checks, but I don't want to do that other guys, always kind of hang up for that extra year to usually the centres, it's rough, like parish, I like three more years that nobody remembers something Charlotte in Chicago Ewing demonstrates Moses, had some of those is balanced around her keen bounced around shack was on the fucking haves and sell takes like there's always come. What may Eddie was on the spurs, see web design, the Sixers Carmelo and when he had the last year that the put him in the class those guy not only ever had the right Weber had, we always forget, but I think once it gets to the level of like a Dirk it gets. It gets a little weird for me cause.
Think, he's one of the best like sixteen about time. It gets back. Like if he's havin fun with it there, I'm not gonna knock you, I'm not going to criticise and write a large amount, or rather it was so like a last year- is making some bucket symbolic eye, and then I remember like the first Dallas game Eyewash this year I went. Oh my god, oh my dear surely bat like Wade clearly needs this wade. Is enjoying their castille. Hiding they'll have to rely journeys out. They're closing any gets a couple pockets, but we'd like that they have the roast all star. We and for him like cheese as where it's almost like he's doing his own thing that he wants to feel like its separate from the achievements widdle abroad and school to I'm using exhausting player, and if that's what you want to do, you know. So I don't I don't blame
for wanting to be out there, like I'm, never one of those days ago. I don't like it when people tell right, so you should have done this. You should have a tribute. I rise. You re a timid just if it were me personally, I would hate to be out there. Knowing, like I can't run anymore, it's pretty rough. Does it is it's weird they because I thought at anybody. He would be able to. Until he is like forty eight because it wasn't like he was that coordinated fluid. To begin with, you know me, I felt but he went, he was always I caught a lumbering, but now it's ip his bottom half of his bodies that working anymore they had some tweet to today's goes to get a season, I fifteen points so tweet, I was like fit that caesar. The high spitting points can you the name's grab. This is, putting you and I love there too. Risky desires neighbouring this up can you name the last few teams that Moses MILAN was hotter.
Why member there is? There is Atlanta in the after nine two years right with Washington after the six traded, and there was He was a spur for like a year that so good was air. There is one more that I'm forgetting those two more too were so he was true, that was the year, is traded for Brad Dority? Eighty six draft, yet Can they soon run unwashed America? We choose me, excuse me priority. Traded. The number one pig reside in raw hints It was generally of rabbits and one hour's treads ever not uncle coffee, clear, Harbinson, former globetrotters, yeah right general and right then he was a Lana thing is soon he was traded, do when he was traded bullets. He was still only thirty one. Yet like a hundred thousand men. It is so you went to a Lana, then no walkie.
Furthermore, Aki that's a good one. Two years, then Philly again. Ninety three, ninety four- I remember- thou, five games, I didn't mean our forests- are that's after Berkeley, left yeah back to fully and then Moses thirty nine years old, with the spurs still averaged three and three in nine minutes as good, really good cause spurts I am a member who came was Toronto, but I think there was there another to another team for him after that, the terrain thing was over. It is when they got em, they felt like always. We have something here and then it was over. It was It was during the way back to the point where the brides, yet just that one year drawn up over doing had, I think, one or one Sierra Leone then ended up in Orlando. I think had like. I like at least Year in Ireland Adjective, but parish reside bouncing around through with through the bid. His parish has a ring from the balls
free agent tracker. He was like on my views on the bottom line, so by the way, a keen Last year with Houston. Thirty, eight still at a pr of twenty one, and I was getting the team that was the Barkley dread they'd. They were stuck out in the mix and then, as soon as he left it was. It was that it was bad that last year with Toronto, I had so it's Did you want Daniel Ewing's numbers? Are Patrick Daniel, you, dear New Ewing and thought about women awhile, so I wanted to play off maps. It is a we're going to do this every week and so the playoffs just Cosette tickets for the east. The east is rough. The right now, if it ended today, we have Milwaukee and Charlotte in round one Charlotte's. Two thousand eight hundred and thirty two Milwaukee is almost at a ten point differential and that is going to be a sweep and it's going to be ugly Toronto. Detroit
trades, eight too, in their last ten, and they have a guy who, I think, has gonna make the NBA by Griffin. I think he's gonna be a thirty mombi forward, still not excited about that serious, but at least it has a chance to be little more competitive, Indiana Brooklyn. Is your three sex? I know earlier now I like record as well. Philly Boston is your four five, that's the worst possible thing for the six years and for the league. That's a really bad. First, Roma rather see that in the second round would you picked six or nine our. Would you stay with Boston, considering how well they seem to do against them. This is nothing makes me want to pick the Celtics against anybody, but there be certain things: the play off last year watch their most recent game again or for just gets up firmby he's these figured out, invaded it in a slightly different. They lost the balls. I hate or react in a regular season losses.
Destroyed by the boss, the boys have a hundred and twenty six points marking it was like the best guy on the floor. I almost zero. Would you trade Tatum for market tweet, but my every ce markings- eyeglass Mise, unbelievable, like what I did We value again he's gonna have to be like the top twenty Hemingway cause. You have you taught me Martha. You know it's weird about marketed He has. He brings the ball up like offering bands and has a guy the of what to do and confine people and fast breaks or like take it to the hall and he's got he's not like a duck over people, but he's got. Weird Canna leaner, Dirk Game already, where again, traffic bouncing off deeds and hit little bang shots, and I really like that. Guy's game I was impressed. I'd seen him before that aid, but anyway Philly Boston would be or for five. My guess
Is that India Indiana's India is gonna drop? I dont think that sustainable the seltzer some about two and half games behind them rack and sixty yeah so, but I guess Chile passes Indiana and then its Indiana Boston for five ray I just is kept waiting for the patience to keep alive like array. This isn't gonna lasses inelastic start losing games its agonal ass. Did, they delete Odin, everybody stepped up thing after a deeper went out, but I dont think that sustainable for three months. They want to date, and I are aims- I don't get it- maybe maybe we're about missing something for the great eventually. Let me ask you this Philly Brooklyn set aside land done for fairly cause. I kind of like it's that I don't.
Believe this broken thing you watch every night. Every one of our aims is fun. Everything's competitive Russell, who is, as somebody who have never liked, is figured some things out. They have his heart, an ash without the free threats we really is, but I dont think I get that carried away. I be more likely to pick Brooklyn against Boston. Then I would be against Philly the our time ironic play off upset that ever happened. Boston pillages, their picks, the fact, the Brooklyn to succeed after having that many, like that's like going through a front office scandal and losing picks what they had to go through and you're supposed to be terrible after that and the factor competitive. Now I don't know what I'm sayin. Spress all in these four quarters is one of the revelations of policies, and I really think he can go to Toto, gets any star in the leg and thinking out and get three pointers and good shots its. Remember this is remember. This is MRS months ago going to bother looking it up.
Remember they they come back in Houston and over time they kept Dinwiddie on the floor and in right Russell backing And that's when I was still like: ok rustles, just the high usage and put the numbers but like this is accurate and sang. I you know I we made the run about him and when I mean and put it back on the floor, it ok. Despite the now spite people sentenced turned the corner. This is telling me everything. I need to know they're not putting back out here and Brooklyn did come back and when that game, and is he restricted around unrestricted? I didn't. I didn't put him in the later thing, because, obviously, that would not Having said that, an area, but I do feel, like you know, you're Talkin, about next guys in Katy, trying to put together the perfect team to play them, would you rather have for the next years career Russell. I can't believe it on this. I dont. Ok, I really did not an instant chaotic
Do you think I re right as you know it up with, carries bothers me too, like that's something I think is ever factored into the Cairo contract. I get you stood out your maximum. Are you ok? Well, you have to right. Now I get it. I cannot take the staples out of his kneecap he's fine near where you get hurt again, which even better than before. Why. So I M ready to go there wrestles five years younger. My expectation is, he would keep getting better right. You think he would just a day. I really feel like if you, if you're trying to figure out who, who has hard and potential of all these twenty three undergoes who has a chance to be like a potential impact. I offense away the point that there in an empty converse. Bother all these others perimeter deeds. Would he shown this year like if you figure he gets twenty to twenty five percent better of next four years. This may be
I am just thirty again please, I'm saying this when I am shocked as anybody you now normally. Would you like what what the fuck are? You talking pow can whether he should want to act that he's done this this year and it's not like a using ok knows this league, Can we really misleading? There are guys that put a big numbers on shitty teams and our loser. Losing player happens. All the time was always my Denmark is theory in Sacramento yet but Russell the fact that their winning in their competitive, you have I've had correct my whole Russell thing. But again I don't think I was wrong when he was a pig in they lost all these games like I was wrong when I was like. I know, no fat listen easily, bloomer this zone February Non Game since twenty six, a game eight assists again the shots are unkindled, ought to in threes a game and he's bake it. Thirty six percent, which is sound for divine, is up to four freezer as a game. For this month I mean the free threats to mere. There are the red flag with him
I like going guys go to the line. I when you're just jump shots and that's it, makes me a little nervous last month we normally slowly station freezers, you're? No such me nets with Tatum, then I'll ever really, hate him should have nine freezer as again, then he doesn't take in twenty four hours. I want to make about this. But see like our young by tray young is He was right last night at some really good games. I worry some of the shots stuff you only whenever I hear about Westbrook right, like Westbrook, totally changes game in Illinois. Somebody who I love, because he so good on the thunder of your watch and all eighty two like I can hang with you you're watching all eighty two, but I keep about like owner Westbrook, stiffening, defer! That's allow Paul, George, I'm sorry! Whenever I watch the thunder, I dont really don't doesn't look like it. Often Schroeder's in ok, like I'll know, is that what he still too, It is only really one last shot again. Then he was
He looks the same use deferring the last five minutes, referring more than you guys, but without was when he had absolutely nobody else them other than the bad version of Allah Depot, and maybe George do Next last year. So I know that, like the beat guy for the thunders going to win this cat, I'm willing to concede it, except when I It doesn't look all that different and when I look at Westbrook ago, why can't you just take those those five shots that suck in a horrible? How are you just don't. Those five and let else would be fine like tray young. He should be fined when it takes three. Where is this, I had it yeah if you're gonna make one out of every four threes, don't experts tray on I D brought him up because he was but every job this summer is. It was really balance. Really and it got so bad that I am. She started to feel bad form and on top of the fact that he's traded for this guy, that's gonna, be like be a franchise, generous, no superior, but he has been, some lately but still has a little. Like always worry, you know
Russia's built around a young guys at enabling roster enabling him to fill up through another. We knew that seconds left. We knew there for him. This year was to China, when the Ricky the year to let him take a tunnel Let's make eyes mistakes and men are, you, think and lose and actually gets worked in his favour, because I loved watch him in college and something here tell him in like that last month, or so where you could see like it was too much hype too much pressure too much media attention and it definitely seemed like it affected. Him goes to summer. League same thing didn't seem confident and I very much enjoyed watching their hearts because I, like cancer three I heard her collins and young herders the bird, the editor Nike MAX guy. My on this rustles does a tray on this. The stats back that is twenty two and nine, is taken. Seventy three? The game is making forty four percent among- and this is like. This is further for his- that six months is vital.
Best case dreams to their of how this trade access would play out views. Pointing to a nine over forty percent on three. Run in the team reasonably well, like that's a fucking win for them. This Dallas pick and become a good pick. That's that the worst as members know, he's so good to when they run. That, I think, is a really bad showed that now I do to die the ice age. My mind how bad that Europe is now in its day said he's gonna work Adam Bagley is gonna work out, and this is now the good darker situation or at be right. Right. There is economic he's gotta air bags, fuckin awesome. I love bag with. They still should take LUCA, but I look back their level action and that was fun. The battle against the Warriors- oh, my god, you we that now asked are you kidding I get who does Watch it kings warriors kings, a problem that brings us to our was recovered yeah. What a great transition which had even mean to do it was it was wonderful, so western conference, we have some problems because we need to get the clippers out of there
Nobody wants to them in the plants are the respect of the cliffs. Finished. Sopranos I want to start. A pack has got all due respect When will you just re watching all resale rights? Eighty six five weeks I just started madman again: oh maybe I'll, watch out with you laugh yeah, maybe started a contract is at the Jimmy, bear the comedian. So perfectly great. They cast that that might be the greatest cash shell litigate ever its everybody's as I only be created, some unbelievable n. I didn't The Jimmy Barrett Stuff Western Conference, on stage or you don't wanna do madman right now, not in favour of setting up what I just said. We need to come up with a top five raking of guy. If you met them, you might stand office too, because you hated their character on tv, so much and your while ass. Yet Syria,
you may bear its in their Jimmy, but any sees awesome use also lost to the guy. But like the the way President in one of the twenty fourth remember him I feel like I've. I ran into a cardiologist two thousand. I would just be like a nice nature. I would like my way about maritime safety and the wire, and then he became little finger and thrown said. I think, I'd actually like him, deciding anywhere Kurth areas. Allay right. Now setting carcase popularity, but now the second run riot become check to beg you dress, I she caught a like car Getty, though I think it was a bad guy honey. I felt like it I owe you anyway, so back to the standing gone stay, persistent Tony I want it that's what everybody wants. Is it is it whatever onwards I want goes they'd Sacramento. I want Sacramento together
I thought that's what you just said that our own state, San Antonio, I don't wanta Denver clippers, is to seven ok, see you too, is three six that'll be fine. I remember we arrive arena. Did you get schedule gave me? I was at Friday and I said the house on Sunday night- that is a product she felt like Georgia is gonna, win the game for ok, say, which is the first time I really thought I was like a palm George has this: they did it and he did it and then you see what's funny about like bad shots, though Mitchell forces it this kind of back whatever the version of that we are waiting for him to come back. I am not a mad dog and thought of the Mitchell Addle we know the way their bill. You know there are team in that it's kind of one guy. That's like I can save a possession in a very old have anybody out it's very Westbrook. He had they use him if it's like ten seconds left in the shock lack the spread out for Germany at least get a shot and he's good again to the
in kind of making something and then go back comes in with his long arms and now save whatever just happen. Oh, how sustainable that is in the plaza, and I think that it beat ok see last year, so I'm signing up for that, because I thought you know that anything that regular seizing games a preview. The awesome, I think, Portland Houston. Five at the talons really fun to outside. Enjoy that so really is where we need to get too. We need Denver San Antonio to be the two seven enjoy that little all school ok ball movement against this weird spurs thing there s nothing more spurs than when that series too. Will I get all we got to be got wanna dance around him everywhere where ears kings says my question MAX Rudy The kings are. Only one game in the last come out of the seven spot: vets kings nuggets to seven weeks.
You just blindly pencil Denver into round two or would you would you really think about it? Cuz? I really think the kings have some upside and I think they're going to be incredibly tough to beat in Sacramento and a playoff series. You can beat him, The crowds gonna bring it. They have so much energy. I love facts. I love a taxi. Is they got the three points? Shooters the barn thing. There's a com! You know he is better than a man. Shepherd size is another guy there and you get some back. I ran into seventy five big games in his career. You known and apply ass game he's gonna be comfortable, even if he wasn't three years ago. This thing to do is just right. Above hey, it's new would still knew their young and whatever they have played hard all year, long yeah faster and think I record could be better their debts? Is this is not. Some
why it's easy, if you haven't watch them where you would go out whatever this is. This is gonna fade out. There's gotta be a bridle. I don't think it is his agonies got better every month in that state, Bagley embargoes or two things they didn't have two months ago and they have been really Kali Stein, who, like a lot of guys, are only really got that guy. You know, he's a good plan guy that somebody has pointed out in our ass game it. So I wooden, Do the envious man who, as I am telling you that's like a toss up for me mentally, I think Ember- would when considering the game seven, but I just don't feel like those teams are that far off, but even no Denver kind of weird and that you look at the record and depending on the weak, they can still be look the one seat but other yogurt guys that are real hitter miss around him right. You watched him Sunday, You like me, I wouldn't trade, your memory for anybody and then there's other night three year. Our aim of these- these are the bad. There I may have, I got Lego Old School Brad Stephen South explained to him, but with yoga Jesse,
Like two years ago we had to use my leg the latter, these random dude, where it's like our business at their crunched, I'm ok, but then don't make it work better. I just take their trusting a lot of guys who have been there before, which is that no different than the kings. But that's my point of view. I give to young teams with We know play experience at all other than mere sap and barns, and at that point, her, I think, could be really. I think I'll, be fine, serious work. Came, the words would beat them, but the kings would have liked it when game three New be Superfund yet act that warriors kings Game was. Was awesome because it was it like their certain warriors nights. I beg you could put that sad and I gave this past week against the Rockets. Riga, ok, see you guys aren't into this in your loving. You can just winners and losers doktor is once more things occurs. Ever said he goes, I want the best place to be in the lineup on the opposing team. As soon as he's not in it, then I know I'm not getting here. May I remind you, has ensured and that's what's gonna happen. In other words, what happened there?
played Sacramento close, then you're watching on golden state like try there in this and this that's, the big difference I thought about Mars bad. I saw him at all star again and I. We're just argument had there's just no fear anymore with these teams in his again in they ve been playing us now, four five, six years, a bunch of the other teams in the lake where style now and it's not it's not like it- was in two thousand fifteen- were people? like what the fuck is this, oh, my god, what they're gonna play gerrymandered centre what's going on, and now it's like everybody place like them. Do you That at all the newness of that the freshness, the horrified Nature like if you hated all this day, then of course you don't miss it. I actually miss the Pretoria warriors. Where was just really currying clay where it was just like this? Is it
that's never wanted. This is the type of thing that has never went to shape a chip in history, the weak and they might actually when the championship by that, that was a really fun run. I wanted miss something here, cuz, I think cuz. We both like the rent that I know I probably wasn't as bummed out about the rent going there, because I thought it was pretty clear. You want to play with Westbrook anymore anymore, basketball, happy and I'm like good for him. But then, if I say that, then that means like fundamentally abroad and decided here want to take the mid level and go play there too. That I'd have to be ok with it and that what is it Yeah I'll invite you re like Irish, that's impossible. What's gonna happen, he blew Rahman ever, do that, I'm looking forward to Durrant leaving meet it, because I League needs a reset. I miss you know just like when Phoenix kind of fella get saved, basketball forward stretch, or maybe the talent depth wasn't there in a league and its legal, so
now a town, its awesome, but we need a reset like I love watching. Those horrifying warriors moments early on as it was new and you like this is sick and I began fan I became a fair and just because it was so much fun to watch. I remember, when Denver was the one see that year and its almost got banned that you had heard before any of your and I'm on the radio show picking them against Denver, and I bet they thought they should be San Antonio matter that and what I say I was I television predicted there'd be centred Tonia and they get their asses kicked now they could have one that serious now they lasted five. Yeah, but the Jew nobly like- and I thought they were the initial. What it's like to be a tv when you predict something, then everybody is a big dispersal being against the spurs, do and then having to go to China Tonia there I'll yelling at me that in the current does that there does suck. But I and I'm just saying it said- Was so much fun and now
and this is just how we are. It's not Durant's follows the warriors folded it just not as I find that I need envisages bus being Elfish fancied, I just need some new now and if he leaves the buggy have fun wrinkle there that at least feels a little more new now that they have this, these five guys that I'm not used to Washington, there and I'm a joy that and I still feel like, I think, they're gonna win the title still in Vegas agrees and they, but we don't know that second team is its consisting of the challenge, and I still think ok see is: is the team I'd be more? afraid of. If I'm gonna stay meter, I'm surprised that there are not many people, I think agree with us. I am I am in their camp passionately, but you would you You agree them with the general point. A leg of the rat does bout, sheer it's actually going.
May this thing more fun for next year, in the years after that, as its a resetting of of of this. Like I don't like to be a hate her, I don't wanna be the goddess like. I have gone stay fatigue, but I can hers if a million people, millions of people out there have gone, stay fatigue than ill timed approach. I some different. What's the worst possible eastern conference first ramp laugh match up to Charlotte. Ah Milwaukee Charlotte Indiana deteriorate. That's it! sucks initiated at your next. Anyone know the bargains against. Anybody is the worst Indiana Charlotte would be a disaster. I just I mean I know big bums pacers fan sheds what it's just yet Indiana Detroit lasting.
What's what your ideal outcome? I add with these last four weeks and the Duke season, both greater Nike stock, was able to recover. I now says by out down here one percent on the open and to feel for you when it went down. It was so embarrassing for you and social media when that's that job by one percent is by David Favour. Island, I might add, is usually known. My question, though, if you're in that world okay, and doing the Hall Nike stock up took ahead. And you argue because they went down one percent that it's a billion dollars, because it's a representation of their market cap, but then eight that could go up in an hour right. Does that mean that don't understand stocks, or you know that you, donors or you know, understand stocks,
give a shit and you're like whatever its good deeds goods? It's good content here I wish I were needed to hear from somebody is yes, because of this shoe thing was. I am. I truly believe that people will start buying Nike in their stock as a cell. Now, because nobody saying that, but with. All the same thing with a cabinet thing. Farmers a good example of two people really knowledge to stop at the three years ago, under Armor GIS bottomed out, and it is because the the kurdish issue is people just didn't like them. They went big on these three athletes that people were fired up about courage or speed came noon, but then you know George beats. He went down a little bit. Came noon, got heard all that stuff and then Kevin Plank said SAM. You know crazy stuff, and the stock when way down. That was not what happened with desired Nike thing you're talking about when you're going enable connection. You got your stuff going from eighty two, forty, that's that
My point is right: when Nike As from whatever like five to eighty four twenty, that is, that a new story: it's not immortal and Facebook dry dollars. You will have your facebook there's a tangible connection there. Yet, although it seems to always recover it cause they on integrating it, Facebook Hence a grandmother would be their stock would be like in the in the basement. So that's it. That's your scientific use, worried about Nike, hoping they come back there again of yours I wish I would I plague and fear hundreds and other Because my, u I would eventually this happened like it. I'm going to shut it down in the season and he's gonna. Try, the rest of the regular season like a bad bowl game in everybody's into get mad about it, but then known away when it alot of media members will applaud him. Former athletes will get mad at him. I am
always about whatever's of Zion, wants to go, compete for an icy title. Play North Carolina again see what you can maybe one national championship like why do people act like that, such an invaluable thing? Why do people think it so bad deal idea had talked about this and Sunday. This whole new philosophy now just like quit on your teammates, do its best for you some people. Just don't want to do that he's gonna know those athletes don't want that most people are competitive and love playing whatever sport. They love playing and especially when their young and they're not gonna, see, though either the wisdom of the benefit in just not playing sent in and protect their bodies. There it going to be like radishes, my friend, Rj J Berets, my friend, I love Jones. This is my last shared suppose these guys fuck you and playing with them. He added people do not understand is in its somehow, like. I think people hate the answer so much that they become a rational rooting against anything. That's good for the answer will be ready to blow up prices for them.
Quitting on the on his duty maids to look forward to the draft it's a year. Exact GAD. I was elected to the insane and say well action This is Diane's one chance to play with all these dudes like I saw I've sat back, so jail when we work together When an account down and leg, he still bonded with those fucking dates from from mission Unlike those are his guys, they went through all these things together and that was still the best experience of his life. A politically so ass. Somebody just walk away from that to protect their draft driver. You I don't know, just kind of goes against what I thought sports is about ass, a wooden resent him if he walked away. My point is it's his choice. If he wants to put those guys, it's that stupid yeah. That's what I'm doing. I end up: are you? in Zion to play, not because selfish want Zion play because I will two rude against the media members debtor telling him he shouldn't. What happened like some of these topics I started
which side of my argue ago, you know I'm actually doings, I'm just sort of arguing as the media members that are clamouring for him for two shudder at first, it is Lord said I being a competitor in having relationships with people that you ve just spent the last eight months where where you're like a window in the title, but here's the link, I envy neighbours savvy, blew out his acl. You still goes number one, no kidding, That is what I meant to ask his hundred beside, but and people in illicit is right. Now think we sound old and outdated, and others like no, not that. I don't think anybody that now, as I hope you know, I, because there's only it's his choice. If he wants to play that son a bad thing if he wants to use more than merely right to choose yeah I do now. If isn't it is that if his knee was not a hundred and healthy. That's fine! If you don't play, I don't think you should play a key had like Canada. They tested
like what had happened, though, in Annapolis. He knew his knee was right in kept playing and he was having issues with it and the fucking thing blew up and now he's out for nine months. Like that's a case of thy, maybe should play in Bolivia. Is it was thing how many times we're gonna hear about that and cycle dude. He wanted to play right. He wanted to play in the autumn the kind of misdiagnosed it well. C mon I they may be, it is impossible to diagnose correctly, but they thought it was one thing, but here's. The thing is like the support for the player port is great, but every single time like if I have to read another thing, that references that I say a Thomas lost a hundred million dollars. Unlike is that really what we think happened here
yeah? I don't think you think he was in a hundred million dollars now. So I do so within the next week. Yeah I'll be on the EAST coast somewhere me back in time. We can wait for you, take a back now, we'll have to do it, but their customary I'll ducas cost factor was. If I thank you, I think disappeared off, get get his appeared. The campsite be ass thanks to zoom, thanks to Microsoft, surface thing too bad light thanks to anyone is gonna. Send us a terrible idea for this weekly chat with me and resell about the NBA. Send all your ideas to act, Tom Shady three hundred on Twitter. He likes reading this stuff. You can't hurt, feelings, it's impossible. Nobody, Haiti Briar, keep dried. Fourteen China will never happen. You never hurt his feelings and I were with one more podcast later, the week I'll be in Boston. So until then
one way.
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