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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Lakers' first win over the Clippers this season, the revitalized MVP race, the Brooklyn Nets' firing of head coach Kenny Atkinson, the Rockets' slump, some new segments, Gym Corner, and much more!

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it's both light and powerful. You get more than on the go visit, surfers dot, com, slash laptop three to learn more. That has surfaced, outcome, slash laptop three pay, the book, a basketball season, one is done we have moved the reactor was into that Monday night spot starting this week. Other we posted this week's. We watch was pack ass. The earlier we'd have to this week we have Godfather three. Coming later in the week we posted we did. A pack asked about contagion. The Stevens Soda, Brigman, came out two thousand eleven, which is a disturbing rio, It is be a lot of people. Are we watch you right now, so he threw the categories and we just had a commerce. About the movie nine years later and how stir being an area is in so many different ways that I think a lot of people feel that way is having a two hour: the Apple store wherever it is in the top five rentals all over the place so check that out
That up already me shall fantasy and Chris ran. Come up, ran Marcello first. Our friends from I ran Marcello is on the line he joined every Sunday night here, ass, normal person. Doing this one found got some emails from people who are still I said that we have a nameless Badia Jeff Goldberg thinks it should be called. We both play basketball. Would you think of that reseller? I think that was mentioned last year. I still can't get past Albert. I think pod strictly
is the pod struggling. We bought by ratifying seem right and then just then said, hey guys. I listened to your latest part. I think you stumbled across the perfect name for the pod Sunday night he has doubled. Bf feel a little. Oh, my two and eightys movie send it. I hate that's another one, so I don't. I still don't feel like its jumped out the page I do like we both play basketball and I think that strong anyway, Lakers clippers today was the biggest regular season game of the year for a few differences, the clippers. If they had won the game, they would have. Basically three on the serious and we would have had this whole narrative of well bred? great labors, the abdicating coppers thousand play. We also had Leubronn within improbable and VP run, which will
two and a second better lakers. When really would have helped with that and then the third thing was just if this is gonna be a play off series, no team has been more decimated from a home court advantage standpoint. Then the clippers when they play the Lakers in a big game. I thought I was gonna, be fifty fifty wife and my son went. She said it was like. Seventy thirty may be even seventy five. Twenty five. I was your biggest lesson from today. I dont know what we do with the three games now in total, because I think you would agree talk anew just people to live in a city, it's that well, when it comes down to it as a blast series, there's nothing that the clippers can do. They have any Davis and the clippers when that first game granted us the first game. The season, so I don't want it means now. We ve seen so many different verses of this clip esteem, yet throw out that first game now has stayed the everybody barely knew each other. That point yet agreed. Nope Nepal, Georgian at one so came to the Christmas game clippers when that one. You know that
shooting across the board? Look at something I'm looking at, because it was a great shooting game today the Lakers are eleven free throws, and I actually, during that game kind of felt, like the Lakers were better right and then please get together in this last week. They smash Houston, and you start they can always, even if this is the version of this team, full go like maybe they're, even than we thought, even though I actually left the Christmas game thinking the Those were the better basketball team to the clippers. Have these first two? So yet no one can stop Davis's, Are they gonna win a game, and not only do the Lakers do this and Leubronn is putting the of is on relics even better. Now then, the beginning of the season and the fact that, like her salary, but in Paul George, looks like he's going nuts, unlike man. If he's gonna play like this, and then he has two points in the fourth quarter of cocaine areas, and I just appeal and then you can you add that in with the Milwaukee win just it is hard to say here today and I wanted to be a prisoner many this stuff, but I mean what's the argument against Lakers being
thus team, at least in the west, about the entire league. We called out the paupers two weeks ago- not a call out- I got I'm calling up coopers barriers, I look if they're gonna the title we'd like to see a really nice stretch from them during the season. We're not asking for too much play, while for three weeks in rail lay the smack down. They were doing it we're in the middle of it. It was for it. They had finally had a point where they were the running on our cylinders when they wanted to lock it down defensively, they could the two guys as Co. I Paul got a trading who is going to be super hot from quarter to quarter a game to game and it just stay started to get that look and yet going into this game. I really thought the Lakers were going to win and I felt that way about this Lakers team, and went to that Celtics game. When I thought the subjects played really well in L a couple weeks ago in their heads, his point were ages becomes, does play a game type of fear.
And you have a and you have the brain and the brain as this is one of the better runs. It he's had another statistics than This can go in there and they all know. Actually, this twenty game run. I think all this stuff is doing with this team and how he is basically imposed his for lack of a better word will and just ass the dog this if that, in the end of the two thousands we worried that he didn't have in him, and now he has it in him. You know galore and the there's. This will that this team, as in these, take AMS, where date they have a different kind of switch, there's a fitting howdy that comes into place, the really hard officiate bay. Just near the ram their protecting the ram they're getting through the rim, and you can feel it today and that could bring him coopers and employment.
But if you look at the later thing other than every bad Bradley includes my defensively, I didn't like the Lakers played great. Did you know I mean look at clippers rope at the half. This this wasn't some some o my gathered in other sectors. There's no comparison of these teams. I oh, I wouldn't feel that way like a Amerika per Spaniards upset. I'm worried. I'm scared, because I think these two teams mean look, I'm not this week where they smashed Euston, we'll get a useful a bit later. They smash Denver on that frightened. I gave a week ago, yeah you, you know, maybe maybe the can John of this whole thing bill was that these two teams how much better than everybody else, but it was much as I love Kauai in this is still a problem and I actually think he's the best isolation guy in the league. I'm sure there's points per possession stuff, it could argue against it. I'm sure there's some numbers that probably put hard in there is the productivity that you get from him. I sewing and Indian how much is Houston, I suppose, but I love Kauai with the ball, because they're just not really much that you can do with him because of his body. The way he plays angles his handle
plainly underrated. He so tight with that handle, but then Look at the other side. You get the smartest player, maybe we ve ever seen in LA, and that's that's what's always so funny like ever. It was want everybody to run these intricate plays. While these movements in decoys in and swinging the ball, weeks. I, when the action was on the other side and what the Lakers does just went, Lou Williams, hunting and I feel like that, might be the one take away from this cause. I feel like the names for the clippers in some of the depth I actually do like. Better than you do. You know they got some different guys exhort you wicked Montrose, as numbers liquid, Pat Beverly does look at Loo, William Scoring, but they were hunting every single elaborate on switch and everything you is dictating everything you want to do offer that soon, although spots or they needed to stop, they went right back to a very basic, slow thing. The bronze gonna find you in this bad switch, ruinous which will begin slew, who is not just a bad defensive player, but like sometimes he gets really lackadaisical with it. Like he's, not just always locked enemy he's been that weighs entire career, and that might be the biggest take away for a play off series where you go. Ok, that's something
dogs gonna, have to find a way to remedy and even tried some things are. They are trying to change some of the defensive alignments, but that they got back to Lou Williams, a couple different times there, so I'm just so impressively Braun I mean I know that sounds like it stating the obvious, but I just don't know that anybody supposed to be doing this. Forty eight thousand minutes and plus another like. I was doing the numbers he's it. Fifty eight thousand career minutes with the Plaza thirty five years old and I'm not saying he's as good as those peak Miami numbers, because some of those numbers were insane. But it's it's hard to bet against the sky like he should see. Everybody in. We expected him at some point. He has to slow down, but it's not happening this year yet member before this in adding all that up and thinking he added outside chance to get to sixty. This season is assuming they played like twenty three twenty four power games. Whatever sixty thousand which is just as Carmelo Cream in that set for a perimeter. Gotta be doing that. You know,
not only that he's still able to do it at this level, but the way he's played the last few weeks again, the stats aren't much different. The field goal percentage is a little bit up in the free, throw line, a tiny bit more, but there's a physicality to him that remain. We have the two thousand. Eighty final, that you know the eastern finals than their game. One of the finest when he'll must be the warriors by himself, where he markets more ass, a guy who MECCA say he had success against the brown, but didn't do the worst job in the world guarding them in the south x. I was kind of the reason they trade affirm, the birthplace. Was it the numbers when he garden the brine were about as good as anybody defending the brunt. Leubronn was just running over him in the fourth quarter. You see those when he was getting the rim anytime. You wanted against a guy that is supposed to be a good defender against him, so in one of these groups and again when you talk about the
the colony that team now are there to officiate. I feel like they are the prohibitive favorite, because he look at that. They play today ten for thirty five from three as a team. They went by nine. They play the box on Friday night six for thirty two from three: they don't even need to shoot that were to be really good teams and there the only thing that can say that Ray is there another team that could be like we're in a mess. Almost all of our three sense, though, be by nine: that's it they its them, and that's it not an awesome point. Because it is so me these teams will look billing out of that happening. Like overshot forty percent from three to night. They took a million of them, but hey I'll, combating law, so they shot twenty one percent from three too many times how, when you go through like if you even catch areas game and you go to look like what happened. The conclusions like what it everybody do, a three and how many you miss and for them to be able to do, in an age where, when you shoot that poorly usually lose- and they were like the prisoner
the half until they blew up in the third quarter. They were minus I should like mine is eleven months: twelve in the rebounding margin, satellite look. How big day are- and you doing these things are the combining supple little differently, the Marquis Morris Edition went small for the start of the fourth quarter, which being any pointed out words like that's kind of whites. Time and now here we are with these two teams for this good cause. I still unwarlike go just because the Lakers one that we don't respect, how good the clippers are. An institution B, because I think the Houston when matters and again the Denver thing was just barely a week ago, but they lost rebounding edge. They went will mark chief little bit smaller and none of it really matters, and instead of this obsession with the big three and who's at third guy going to be in, it still seems a little silly that we were like yeah Kuzma's, Arthur Guy, like they don't need to lose my every night, no DDD dream every night and Avery Bradley was the guy that stepped up for him
Vogel still seems to love. Rondo and Rondo have like a weird stretching their. We wasn't very effective, but Vogel gave him a ton of credit afterwards. So I don't know if that's just him talking about still or maybe he's doing stuff that we're not seeing. I don't know cuz, I don't see it but This comes out of this leubronn possession by possession thing where he's gonna be better than you are. I don't think it's that much more difficult than that, and it's funny you go through their guys. Really they have two guys. You would completely trust than that set when you talk about there and have the third I don't even they bear the third guy that you know you can be be able to count on in the game. Seven: do you think they do they have the guy like Bradley with already today. He he in the in the landscape, bucks game on Friday night, he was over five. Today he was six or twelve just for trees, but you know he's gonna be seized her famine, Danny Green. Is it all time faced family guy? I mean he's one of this century. I, if you made the feast of famine twenty first century.
He has to be on it, and I mean that as a compliment, because when he's good you can still make shots, and when will you a shot, he can at least be in the red spots and played defence and not be afraid, but I think the coups x factor with them is the sub part to watch as we head toward April May June, because and I thought the first time he really impressed me- was in that Boston game that they keep bringing up that one game, but Kayden was unstoppable. A good defence it I think, he's got Laker fans who, I think are a little bit irrationally intact, our little bit. Irrationally attached accuse me, though, One thing I don't think they expected from him is: what's been happening the last month Raffer. So, where he's just like our right on that hit the ball? That much I'm playing twenty two minutes a game? How can I affect the game and he's affecting it with rebounding and defense, and he doesn't seem scared, which is the other thing and we're headed point of these playoff games.
Vulgar gonna have to just look around a bit like I, who were my guys, aren't scared Marquis Morris, maybe Dwight Howard by seven minutes. Think we see him, I don't think busy Rondeau the card while Pope is another guy that I'm not sure we had about. Seeing today, I played Miguel Howard, ninety minutes combined, which was, There was a purposeful right because they know that to beat the coopers, their biggest advantage is Davis at the five. So if this is the only serious they play Davis at the five and the playoffs, I think that's a smile. Because I don't know what I don't know, how the clippers counteract that. Then you put that to the clippercide look at all the guys who didn't show up for them and today's game, and you think, like she may apply says you like him a little more than I do. I do not trust him. Beverly was a no show today you goddamn line, and you know, though, the Davis James, just as a com
is Just- can be more reliable than anyone else in a league including a lamp church. So why could still be awesome, but man, I I think the Lakers have at this season by the balls they can hope. Is that a fair thing to say now, because I feel it is: does it feel there still more to do on this Cooper side here, but offer that statement does it feel a little disrespectful, the Milwaukee to say that caused the bucks fans are very touching. Lesbians very touching, and Friday night was why we don't believe in the box. Yet sorry we just out because that turn into a game seven and you could feel it and it basically just felt like pianist- it's a damn abroad. Did you feel, though I did you feel like who was his second guy in the end. That final eight minutes say you felt fantastic about. Was anybody honesty, citizens and other guy that I can't telephone like hey, you need to be newbie.
Middle Middleton, and then I feel like I'm being nice to him. I'm like. Do you really trust him? He how so I'm I dont want to be dismissive of him, but I think it's totally fares. They like he's here the better handle these big? You know how will he shoots it he shot of their stretches. Seen him in without Yon us we're like this guy's Chillun right now, but were never go. You ate, like the Lowry stuff at the playoffs forever, like I don't care what Lowry Stats were in the regular season, get all these horrible playoff performance and Larry had more bad ones, and then Middleton certainly has, but that game I think, became really frustrating for the whole thing, because that whole system is based on spreading it out with shooting in Giannis having more freedom and once Davis going to foul trouble and Davis had a bad start to that game, and you know I do think that sometimes we get
really excited about defensive matchups that are as big as they really were. Like remembering Lebron's was not a Derrick rose and the heat bulls, playoff series yeah rose, couldn't shake them and then all the sudden it was like Lebron totally shut him down. You like well, not really, like you guard him a couple possession it's kind of like the Steph curry thing like all. He couldn't even shake Kevin Love, and I know I made a mistake after being liked. Is that what he did and he's like? No, I took a bad three like I went for the recent for the chill shot, yeah and then it turned into a Kevin loves date in front of a million. I think actually stuff could have got any wanted to be really was setting himself up to take a three but you're defending honest and elaborate a really good. Ah, but taken it on. I was text. Was somebody coastal Lakers, as it is anything different here after today's game was text with somebody like? Is there anything different? You do I ll abroad because its theirs
sure thing with them, where they ve done a really good job of protecting him, and I don't I'm not mad when he's defending somebody, that's the least, you know least, of the threat of sensibly and imposing teen like ice expected. This all is part of the maintenance yet, but what he did against genus and in what they did is a team against. China's, I think, is always the thing that you think about when you watch all of these games against Milwaukee, where you go, how different will it be in the place in which you kind of cut off that the yon is just driving through everybody at will like the Lakers did, and it isn't just one guy. It's everybody paying attention to what he's doing it makes them look. We're just does now. Still my rules to the east, but that game they stood so weakened. But you can't help you can't help it go on a Monday GO and man you know maybe you're right, I mean by the balls but aggressive, but I what know why? How do you How do you go in a Monday if your work talk with your buddy sand in or not
there's another just hot right now they ve only really had to bad stretches the lost foreign row. They had some weird stretches that was like a week and a half, and then you know, obviously with copies passing. You know you could you could point to that after the fact that had a couple losses before but I just trust the eighty leubronn thing and even a d like in the beginning are like. I was a little soft Elizabeth thirty tonight so and really at the events there. Yet he solves. He solves a lot of the problems that I I hate to be a broker record about the free press, but twenty sixth, between Davis and James on Friday twenty two today and that's that's the difference of them and all the other themes Janius can get to them Two, but he's by himself right he's in a big way that really starts to get that game five game, seven type of fear her even get to the freezer line between ten and sixteen times but Davis end. The brain can do that and It's the great equalizer when everyone here team are the same, can't make a three for a quarter. I think you could feel
on that fried in a game made one game granted there still on pace to win. Sixty eight sixty nine games but dagger as damaging, because you know if they lay this- down that night. Now it's like I shut up, we are the favorites. We don't hear anymore, did nap and then he always gets hurt at the end. On a really dopey play where he basically just lands who was lying down Caruso or I, who is. That you're lying down, but ends up. It almost think he blew out as the first second and then it MIKE is fine as his Yiannis and in Lebron. I think of the two guys that could take the hard as far as possible and you just assume they're gonna get up and be fine, but now it turns out that he's not fine which ETA might be loan. You no minor, tweak whatever, but it's not the cat
Madam, you want adding the plants now they're gonna in round when they're gonna play something that there should be favoured by eighteen points, a game against each each round. The Lakers and I can have that luxury, the Lakers or at least, can be playing you know of of of frisky grizzlies team that the sweet, but though, least, half the leg break, a sweat and other work. We have to break a sweat ran one, but you know I just think Lebruns. To be so fired up, because you think about it. The four key when years, he you know first years right down off everyone. So be his back guys get her whatever sixteen and seventeen those calves teams are really good. Eight and was leubronn as a one man show last year a throw away, now he has the kind of team where NATO Is it a championship container? But. Lack of motivation in it- and I think that's been. I wrote about this with the Brown a cup
Here's gather the recurring theme of bronze career is, there's, always a carrot being waved in front of them every time he could be. They satiated it something else right. He has. You know he goes the two thousands he had to get by that pesticides and then the Sultan. And then he got a many never can make. The fire was now a copious suppose that the best where betting To Miami everyone hates that there, the van and he's gotta get through that San Antonio been summoned fourteen hours, a key. Now it's like, bring Cleveland tied all he finally does that. But now Korea in the warriors Katie's and gone state. Now it's like I gotta, to be these guys and then finally, now I cant get it together, Hawaiians upon the coopers. Everyone Santiago is the best way it's a motivation over and over and over again, if you look at Jordan's career, he just never had that. He would vanquish is whoever competitor as in a year, and the guy had begun a black clad Drexler your MAC, oh
Amateur ruin your career you'll. Never be the same after I've done with United Entity, which is kind of true it over and over again through calm alone, was acoustics them on this guy over Leubronn? Just over and over again does a carrot. We noticed that is it. It doesn't no career like this. I also think in the age of today like as is we sit here and I'll go through every star right and I've always thought it was fascinating that the top six or seven guys in a league at one point of all had add campaign based on them. Going back at the haters shook her head It's unbelievable like Iraq and show you every guy, like you re, worried about me, like art, you know like Westbrook, eating. Sushi. Ok see you now is like yeah like units. Was this all do this, I will return to this like every single guy look, even Currie Harden sat at the bronze sat at the ranch had carried all of these guys about these campaigns built about being hated and Jordan
We could say here: you're, ok will hardon, you scored thirty, seven a game, here, the things like about him. Ok, fine, I respirable double or gave it now they can do it. May I really like Jem and in Hell hurry goes on this epoch run its galleries. Kind of soft and Kitty really do in the place. You like her but they have like you guys needed. We get forty every single night and then Janius. If they don't get out of the east, it's gonna happen. Words can do it not disguise was rescued, him get out of the east Did he Davis, who I love in my life, I love, I think I've been appropriately Davis's again. National guy going and we thought like his his introduction to the major audience- was that sweep of Portland a couple years ago we were like Weymouth. Maybe the skies like announcing right now, I'm the best player in the world and throughout all of it, like LA at eight thirty five, with all of those
feels like the safest bet he bright, and I I know I know how much we applaud him but like when people have a problem with him. I go like right now. If you got a problem with that guy like who do you like, and I'm going to ask a guy. Ask you this because, as I was going through those minutes things voice done a really good job with this historically, like eight, as is customary breakdown, and then I started looking like guys at the end of their careers and they hit somebody's minute plateaus and they still play but they're, just not the same guy yet, but for Leubronn thirty five years old, the Enters league at eighteen he's, eighth and minutes. I think I'll get to seven this year. Forty thousand regular season is minutes, as you mentioned. Fifty eight thousand with the plows Jordan who wonderfully get twenty one. He played eleven full season, so he had the injury in the second year than he had the short season when he came back so here, the eleven full seasons and then to extra ones when he came back the wizards after the second break, but he was at age. Thirty
for in the kind of the final real season. He was it only thirty, five, thirty six thousand regular says season minutes. Forty three thousand total minutes, including the plan that point LE, is fifteen thousand minutes ahead of him at this pace, while I should say pace but like at this stage of his career, his entrance to how many he's played his that many I had fifteen thousand minutes bill. Any looks this but I think the guy that compared to Abby Karl Malone, because physically they're, basically the same Malone Ms69. Two hundred and seventy- and I think Lebron is probably six eight and one slash two. Two hundred and seventy Butler Carmel Bay from comes in the leg and eighty four and all the way through really till two thousand one is in be guy, you Know- and I am not as good as the broad and thank God I wrote my book
you can read on Micro, MILAN opinions and there is weirdly the most overrated superstar. But now, if you look at his discourse, amaze weirdly underrated too, but I would say that's more than comparison. I think what happens in this happening we'll be too, which has think is another guy. We can throw their these guys that take care. Their bodies in a really really special, unique, relentless kind away, can keep going way further than we would ever think the problem. As if there's an injury, then they can't get it back and that's what happened Cromwell That's what I've been a cobra copies. Two thousand twelve thirteen season was as good offensive way as as really any of the other seasons he had played in the previous like three or four, but then he Torres Achilles. Last game, and then he could just never get back after that, because once you get hurt, then you can The everyday work out retain thing, so you don't knock em with the brown, but as long as he can avoid an injury that would destroy.
Whatever machine thing: he s going! Kazanovitch AIDS, when you agree, I mean ran down a layer Basque well per year, you're fitness, sufficient nada. It's three sixty five days a year for the broad he's. Now I I'm to take em, stop and get fat and go to ITALY like that. Dudes waking up that dude treats his body like it's a pristine painting and that's why he's able to get to six as many as seventy thousand minutes realistic, I don't know, do you think that's realistic, sat unrealistic. Why? Just I just wanna Ducas ill nutrition and all the stuff. It's always getting better right. It's always getting better. I think Duncans, one of the best examples ever of extending his career by changing his body type right leg. He got thinner and thinner, as he got older. Gabby had moments with with Duncan that we probably thought he was like done. What was it the feet? Problems that he had no
two thousand and seven they want it and after that I think, there's a stretcher like okay. What are you really going to get out of this guy? Then they have those back to back years or they could have won both, but I think they were motivated to win the second one, because the way they lost the first one and you're, like you know, if you're being honest with yourself like Duncan, was was doing stuff five years later than we thought he would. But I I know different, like. I think anybody that really understand spending. I don't, but I do believe that everybody's body is different in the way you react to stuff in some guys. It's like is: are you really better off just working out nonstop all the time on top of a ruling full NBA schedule and the finals runs this guy's been on like I'd, have to imagine at some point the body needs rest and maybe for him, rest is just going overseas for two weeks and that's all he needs. But that's just you know some guys don't need to be in great shape, some guys when they let themselves go a little bit another, never the same. Some guys work out too much and that's why they're hurt more often, I think, there's there's people talk about younger kids. You know when throwing up all this way to squat racks and stuff, then they show up
college campuses and are like their stiff is subordinate, can even move their hips resolute. I I just looked at him like the calm alone. What I think is good cause. He was really productive and he was forty in that last season with the Lakers enough for- I was looking at it and that's where it fell off, but he's got, everybody was gonna fall up. Yeah got hurt, minutes that whole thing, but he also the entire time is in Utah random, like one place on the floor and waited for the best assessment in history to set em up every single time and the pan. The pace was incredibly back. Then too. I think that's one of the things that's been amazing about the brand. This year's you know he's running the team in their place, the pace and he's playing a league where their possessions are the highest. They ve been really probably since the mid eighties. So you don't we about the durability, though something just don't get hurt is just the way goes. You know they are absolute. It's it's com I was like that to until finally got her when he was forty, but every three point. Eighty two games and some people can just do it like
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I've have time at the end. What you want augur well again, Vps like he's like now. That's done! That's that's rap! On like you're right, it's a rap! I looked at the ads, I think. Look I began ass. That day was proud. Like minus seven hundred twin, they VP, now I have started a shift because the bucks you started coming back to earth a tiny bit dad a chance to go like seventy two and ten seventy twelve, whatever and with the season, lionesses have not just offensively but defensively to the videos Arap. Now the Lakers are too games behind the box. I emailed has, since yesterday and I was like lebrons for two when they win the Mvp. I think if they beat the clippers tomorrow, I think he's going to win it and they were like you're right cuz. They had big jaw dispatch. And now o Brien as plus one eighty- and you know this goes Ryan you're a guy who's been media for a long time you now this goes people of narratives. You can fly
where this is going yadda one last year, nobody's gonna feel bad. He doesn't want again the bronze having a great season he's peeking at the right time. He's only one for envy peace, and, if you look at directly were Karim. Has six ef I create dodge about fucking awesome: go read that chapter my book, people out there if you want to understand cream cream one six envy peas in ten years in the seventies, he's one sex, Jordan, one five and then Russell one five leubronn as for it feels like the this makes sense him to win the fifth whether he deserves it or not. We can argue that when we get by the end of the season pods, but its back and play. Can you talk about your feelings, about when narratives, when narratives take hold in the twenty four seven sports media psycho, I'm telling you it's gonna have This week the Leubronn should win the envy p, followed by the
sky and on the show going well he's when they every every year. They should have fifty the bees ride and adjust. I know it and it happened this- we can't you feel it- he has already happening. Ok, it's absolutely already happening, so I've always had the bp becomes more about story in that year than it does. Just like who do you who do you think, is having a better season, and I know that I, like one hundred and twenty- NASH wanted. It was like ok what this whole things new and this is really exciting and they did even better so fella get to give it to him again. Steph changes the way the game is played in Okay he's he's going to win it and then it's like he's even better and the teams even better. We got to give it to him again and would Lebron like. I also think, there's times where you like
I dont, like, I think, hard even being in the race like their play off exits. A he's had right, o he'll, never win another envy Bertha because a what everybody can see right now and yet the fact that, even like flirting with its mission, we started the year, like thirty, eight thirty seven points again the first couple months, I'm like us: actually going to win one cuz. I don't think anybody would ever vote for him again after being anti him after the playoffs. I didn't think Steph would ever win another one. I still don't think stuff love one another one, but as Ian has been to this clear favorite, except for that very beginning, I would say the first six weeks with hardened Genesis number has been incredible. The teams wreckers gotta, be incredible on this record pace. I'm not gonna get two. Seventy three. Seventy four winds now we know that, but I
we could go. Tweeted like hate is, if you like, the bronze being talked enough about what they have to be, and I dont know that I ever loved. That is, I think it's always sillies. Ok, can you talk a little bit more about this? Guiding milk would mean the guy's gonna be forth. The accurate is that a good year is unity forth, like what topic has ever been presented. Really can only love. Is that the indian paces or talked about the perfect amounts that that's eight minutes never said about anything but like when MIKE Wilburn too, now on Bolton for the broad and whether it still abroad head to head thing with the Addis, which probably gets too much of an emphasis put on it for an empty p race is that doesn't seem fair to Yahoo. But then him to do this now and then back to a point which our transition to you here is the voting and how the vote. Becomes a story and then all of a sudden, a bunch of guys look around in the talk, shows, are saying it should be leubronn and then people It would be, nice is Leubronn, get one more Yes, you can be around forever he's gonna win a couple. More Yon also be fine, even one last year, what the bronze doing the one c. They just be
head to head in her Marcie match that everybody was watching. Let's give Leubronn one more and I do think voters it's a lot like politics, where I think people become followers more so than leaders when it comes to those kinds of votes, and this stuff can happen really quick, because that now becomes the better story that Leubronn it is thirty five year old season, the once we're. I didn't think look at that the leaders to be good. I didn't they wouldn't go after the regular sees in the way they had, and I could see this happening now like I really am. I still think it's a lie. Dismissive t harness and what this team has been able accomplished. Did you say today, hey I'd, vote Leubronn, but you have a vote so where you right now here's my answer. And I would I too am I like to say this to all the people out there who are too America who their voting already fuck off it's too early its game. Sixty four fuck off
you can't say who your voting for, because the story has not been written yet. What's happened over the last two weeks, Janius had the We now have eating more games to figure out who should be the I'm back into the race. That's all we know we have eighty more games to figure out who should be the BP, I would say: right now. I'll give Ian has a slight edge, but I think it's light, and I think if you know if, if Milwaukee and up six thousand eight hundred and fourteen or c- seven and fifteen or wherever in the Lakers, are sixty five and seventeen and one loss record is now removed from the equation and now we're just king about all the stuff that goes into place with B B, which, as I probably written, more dumb words about the M Vp than anybody at all system. I had hoped after my book, I probably care about it. The most of that I am ashamed. I wish I cared about less, but you know if you start with the premise of
I looked back at this season some day, who I remember first, I think it through if you get it The season ended today after sixty four games, you might say Leubronn, it's not a bit sent the wrong answer and if you also had the question, if I could pick one pair from this these and if the aliens dropped her that I I needed, somebody to trust to, because billions are gonna try to beat us a basketball, probably picking. Honor quite right, so you go through all these things and you know it's an M Vp campaign season. It is an They're gonna get the nerves are getting involved, is would what's going to happen next, because all of the metrics of Giannis are out of control per thirty. Six defence of numbers are way better than pretty much any, in the leg actually and their worded as offensive with the fact that there are second all star the that the detractors will point, the Anthony Davis, it's gonna go my vice everybody. Let a play out. What's enjoy the next four weeks,
can argue about it, but nobody should decide in so that fine a week. I think it's crazy it. I hate. When people do this, I hate when the asked of the year- comes out, unlike November twentieth, you know when they do that, like magazines remembering twenty twenty and its second November twentieth, there's a month and a half. How are we doing awards? We have limited the thanksgiving, so I would say it's a two men race. I think the odds are pretty fair yeah. This is like minus two hundred lives. In that plus one. Seventy one eighty range- and I think of the lake continued away this back down and the Brown continues to go. Twenty eight, eight, nay with you. No eight free throws a game and yeah he's going to leave the league in assist and carry this team. That's really a two man team with a bunch of weird role: players. I think he deserves to be in it. So that's! My answer is that a fair answer yes appear answer
That's not how it works. You I out nobody, I would have you Wanna tv show going go inherited, have bill Addis. Tell us did not say we run. Bp is in the block Tom I've heard that though I did it, I can't out we're. We did it and be people got caught the words I was like it's too early saying who may be is I need to see where Basque about, but I think it's I think, this race, I dont remember another time when the race was dead end. Became alive really was yon is hard and therefore about two months And then they just similar yadda was gonna win for another. What ten weeks there and now and yeah. We do that a lot we make them. By the way. What time was on sport center? We were doing Leubronn M J debate, which was just killer at his eye. I decided, I always thought it was Lerius. What was the games?
Oh you'll. Remember this where you could pass you could you say I forget what it was. It was like you had to guess a word and if the clue was just eat you feel in it and it wasn't like rapid fire, but it was like and you just go like a game to technical pass allies. Ard sharks are matched game. What others. Yeah good while yet I dont think it was car. I love that show, but it came around me in ivory. Billig legs had said his his peace in another and be a guy had said his thing. They're, like Ryan, I went, and I just looked at a gaunt. He and I went pass and nobody nobody really loved it. I was really proud myself for for doing that. But it's not it's not great television, let's nerd out for second cause. I did do all the numbers yeah between young
elaborate on just to do those ready. I know there's even more than I've looked at, but when shares hardens actually still first there, but you know if you want to start talking attempts in the every time it's a per thirty out of the guinea, but he does the proof per forty eight as it just doesn't really make any sense. But when ya displays many, Minutes as he does his lease low minutes, thirty thirty one can bear nobody else, but he's second when shares and he's almost even with the broadest third and by the way, the first three guys or almost double the fourth place. Guy when shares that Yoke Ich that's just cut, putting into perspective how far away those three guys are. The rest. The league, real plus minus its close, but Janius is almost a full point ahead of the Brons for their first and second defensive plus minus yon assist Third lebruns. Actually. Fourth, I would argue that Europe has been more of an impact
defence of player. The entire season no based on match ups than were broad, has were lebruns been better as a guide, it's kind of you. Wait. He plays a lesser opponent, but it also helps him freelance a little bit more, but I also the gazing at any Davis with them which changes a lot of things Davis's just insane the office of plus minus its second third again in the league yet genus. The p r is a pretty big gap, Lionesses First Leubronn, seventh the fences box scores. This is Rihanna actually doubles up on the broad and it's pretty impressive and in wind shares like tenant after nine, so the bronze right there, but not as the head of a man, every single one of them. So we talked about down this is know in the giant envy p com. I wrote about my book and I did the all time and BP travesty encounter them down, and you know the number one travesty about timeless was calm alone when in the ninety, ninety seven ftp- and here It happened. This is what I wrote it. It was the second bull season after joining came back, so there
seventy three, he wins. The unanimous M Bp, or almost close to unanimous. Whatever was there when the title next year was a really good, both in sixty nine and thirteen and everyone's just bored with the season I know, and so here's. Where is what I wrote see the this sounds familiar by MID March. Once everyone realise the bulls couldn't seventy three games were just plain board and awaiting the playoffs. Then s eyes, Jackie Macbeth. And wrote the following: peaceful March nineteenth column on sports illustrated headline the jazz Master Sub Head MILAN his playing like an mba p, not that any has noticed you get the idea. He can't blame jacket for the good work you Dango she spent about eight afterwards talk about our under appreciate him alone was over the years that guy. Ball rolling with their couple weeks. This became the cute story DE your I couldn't the bellman when the envy I haven't even start about women. But I remember thinking Can you when the VP, because embassies in the week about their reason so
He ended up winning a key one, the bp- and it was honestly the dumb stupid narrative thing, and so we ve seen that there's been years where I think Cobain, two thousand eight. I think that was classic narrative been BP, though he should have one and two thousand sex. Two thousand eight was, I thought, Kevin gardener correspond. The one but right around MID March, the narrative starts and I thank you and I both see where this is setting this is this is the the broad this is like opportune assent of a woman type of when he went for the asker. For that year, you know where it's like, if not just about this season. It's about you know at the brand as an avenue. Family peace this is even between these two guys Giannis one last year, Lebron's having an awesome season, let's give this to him we're going to give this a try. We're give him his fifth Mvp. He deserves it, and, if that in place out their way in the round of even I'm that against it, are you
if it points out that way, I M actually not against it. So what they are, Though, with I dont like the revisionist history, though, like all that I was the best Liberace to just one in ten years in a row. Now. Ok, that's that's not fair! and even with the M J stuff. Like look I'm a huge part before nobody knows that I do think Barkley winning it at first year. Phoenix was bad. No, It was incredible. You reliable that year and change the entire franchise and involve all the Jordan finals. Like that's the one I play back on my head, probably more than any of em. Right out that should have been the one they lost yet and they didn't. You know I look at. You did what he did: everybody just like image of war, Drexler MAGIC, Barkley than Malone a couple times there and then Gary Peyton. Even although shant Camp, If you like, you should really be in that conversation of of denying one of the games grated is much fun as it was the watch but you'll. Maybe it's it's that stupid thing. We do in college football time. You know its weak five. You, like seven interfere.
James? What else committee going to do it like up sometimes problem to lose their play? Some tips These are probably gonna lose, and then you know if you were to say somber. Maybe this is the perfect counterbalance at least for this year, where it's our genus and, if even suggested anybody else. Elderly people thought I was sarcastically Tweet a week ago. Where go you no physical, bronze being a little over in his bethink and people like obviously are getting worse look like I know I do the sarcasm thing, but when you actually trying to be sincere about it, nobody even believes you and then it brings out but he whose already lined up with their camps on on where they feel about abroad, but maybe the the pivot year is, is valid. Where, yes, the narrow thing is going to take off this week is going to be flooded,
opinion. People go on my votes for the broad, but I don't know again. I have to go and look at who is voting is most happy once you ve shows the vote anyway, but it starts to almost like a campaign. It starts to influence everybody, but maybe that's a good thing in this case, because Lebrun should have been written off as quickly as he was, but again wooden when the box. I never one point, had three losses and I looked back and I go. This team could actually be undefeated right now. And in its nobody's gonna wanna, hear it and nobody's gonna wanna, hear your leubronn every piece but good, but like that's, why it's eighty two games? Two and that's. If you were to win as of right now, I wouldn't be against it. But I again, I think, when you look at all the stats, I just ran through, like a for a week, removed from what the Lakers just did this weekend, what if they have a bad loss- and I think it should be every single night- this stuff, I dont- think it should be head to head in the NBA over the course of a season. But I can see we both know where this is. We both absolutely no, where this is going on if they keep playing this way. Leubronn has another had ahead and they have a April. What is April seventh match up so
let me underline that Lakers Clippers game. Who knows this too thanks terms? where, as you here are these people talk about it the sake first of all, Do you know how many envy pays the bronze should have at this point? Has for how many do you think he should have? I gave you the answer, for I was there the whole time I had my com, his entire career at above, at that time. She's one the right amount, envy peace, there's no revision. History where he should add seventy six eight. He should have four. It's the right number, the only case you could potentially make Derek rose, the dare grows year, but go back and read I was reading about the week back then Zach Lowe is writing about the wig. Nobody was making the you know. Who is the Mvp Lebron and we can go backwards and look at the stats and stuff. It just was not in the ether back. Then Other that you know if he ends up with the fifth one here, great, that's awesome! So that's one thing I remember he
He he should actually have formed a peace that the right number it does. It doesn't take away from the fact that he's the second best whereby tab and then the second thing is for anyone to say with eighteen games left that voted on. The envy p is one of them is things I've ever heard. My life, where we have a full quarter of the season, left and a lot of things and play. We just saw how things swung over the last ten days. You know Janius could come back and put up forty innate for three stay weeks and just take the empty back, so I would say settled down but let's play it out and we can do the whole abroad thing all the usual suspects, we'll be buttering it up and and porn on, and we know there are another break, lotto other stuff, the dogma. Eight companies around the world are sobbing their most important challenges with Google Cloud, for instance pay pal.
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actually upset that on better relationship with Kenny Atkinson, because every one of us but people reacted, I'm people reacted like now like a child, was trapped in a well. There were just shocked and horrified and they one forty two games, I stared didn't really seem like they have it showed them. The share. An can't say I was shocked. I was shocked at the timing to do with twenty games left, but I don't think anybody watched the Cairo part of that it says in the share and that this will work out gray with him. Can you acted Sid? you feel that way. When you watch carry this area, like mad he's finally found a finally found a coach or other states him. I did not feel that way. So I was shocked but not shocked. What was your reaction. Or first, while the NBA media, like skinny Atkinson more than the mainstream media, likes that climate change, teenager Loretta
and I would agree that I would agree that, like when I saw some of our really close friends rave about his higher and then freak out when you get fired. I like you is like shit. I've just called Nor could I bet I dress was game.
I've had like well, my net sources are telling me I could have been more of a net sky blue eyed. I didn't realize so outer say this like I. I had all sorts of thoughts on this, so it was a surprise, their competitive. Let me just get to my main one, because it is the one that provides robbing the most crazy about this whole thing that, when carrying Katy went there, this idea that it was that the nets built this culture that these two stars were like in such favor of its like. Ok, we like the way the nets do things bullshit, ok, and actually I don't blame, carry for saying all the right things here, like the culture, I like the staff and the way they do, things are really like any act as it I was ring. Durant's quotes this weekend after happen. Where he's going on Youtube and started looking at clips it they were doing, and I was like look at if she's applet stuff they run, and I was like man. This is the guy for me and
I don't blame those guys for saying that. Ok, I blame people for believing it rand. It's really simple, carrying Katy or close Harry was never staying in Boston, guy who's never staying, and I don't believe you even thought he was staying when he was like. If you guys will have me that was his way, getting really awesome them. Katy we, both, though he probably made up his mind very early on, and the sort of new just the whole time there was this last minute. Hope, there's even hope when you get hurt like I will give you the fifth year. If you want to stay here- and he wasn't and so those two guys get together like where do you want to go there? We're gonna go to Chicago Let me now like Anti Chicago in there's all these different cabotage wishing to cap from who didn't, and it was basically like what place. Can we go? Do our thing? That's a big market, and you know we don't want to go to the next as Adullam. So we're just gonna go to that's it. That's all it was in its ok. That's all it was enough, even care that they
we're trying to tell us it was anything other than that like I don't like, I know how the game is played before other people to buy it and act like you. The nets way is the way, and it's pretty simple. If those guys like Atkinson, he would still be the coach. Now I don't know what the rant had to do with it. I guess the rain has even talked to the next media September. Is that right? That's what I read, an inquiry like I'm not having to turn this into an Anti Cairo thing, a pleased. I wonder now I'll. Let you do that. I dont like I'd, say text, though I was like how are you, what are you hearing on this wind and the one constant thing that it was similar cuz? There were a lot of confused people about it where it's Joseph's. I right, yeah new owner yeah right. He went and talk to people airs, and I have this theory- I've written about it, but it has been published. Yet the
honor syndrome. That's why I twenty years, do you see now you're safe? Oh, I think was newer. Owner syndrome is much. My title was Now, let's hear it, why did you come up with a while ago? It's fine! I didn't. I didn't know that read everything you do, man, that's fine! It's fine, we'll get look at three level. Look we're on the same page that so the point is like if you are a new owner, is they hate? I do go down a locker room and ask the kids how they feel about their coach. Like known, none of them One likes anybody anymore, so I dont know of Atkinson was like a these guys. Me out. I'm ready to move on someone else's. I've heard that theory to that it was mutual that he wanted to do this. We get a jump on the next thing. That's how they sold. It doesn't make any sense, cashiers here's coaches like to do they like to coach coaches known. It's getting fired and even though they were gonna, be anybody the play house, I'm sure he wanted to keep the job, but I do
No. How much of this? I know that the real popular thing is the Cairo was pull the strings. On the whole thing I don't know, I mean Dinwiddie didn't get back into their game when they came back against the Celtics, which I thought was really interesting. You would have never got back and I can get yours Luberto's four hundred and fifty. So I'm I'll give you the floor here, because I don't have a definitive enough to blame like one player, but it sounds like the players in general. Just didn't like them in the owner, went with the players, While there is definitely did the Andrea Jordan slashed chair down thing was definitely where cause. If you asked a hundred people who watch by whose better shared out or Dandridge Jordan, and who would you who should you play in a season? you have no chance of winning the title Is there anybody with PIG Dandridge Jordan? Is there one person who I know. Actually you should probably play shared out and the young guy who keeps getting better. Kindly right. I did good Mama's yeah. Well, he's he's boys with. Carrying K D, I think his trouble, and then the other thing was like here that motion offence. You know everybody
its involved and everybody was super happy playing for last year. And you know when Tiree was out there- the share it was like a guy's, clear up. I got this and as I don't they, those kitty acts is off its. You made the key point with donor. We ve seen this, I think, China remember the first time this was on my rate, I because when Wick bought the Celtics and they did member, he like retired, hundred backdoors number. Then they did that Rafe Lafrance Trade and its use- when new owners command. They just kind of wanna do stuff. You know even Tillman for Tita like the West Birch. I didn't have to do the westward trade, but he just kind of wants to get a grip on the board Somerset at a casino and there sit down at a blackjack table in the cards. Aren't there and they start up in their bets? Does a man I get turned this around us and there are a whole, but I we see this all the time and I
you. I think you, I think the owner effigies super tight with awe with terrain Katy, just these guys were investments. Them and probably just wants to find a coach said they bless and obviously in a bus. Cardiac, it's a big in every New tweeted this week after a wrote that if those two guys want, him to stay with a steady, that's how the league works. Unfortunately, there's no conspiracy theory in that. If, if those two guys liked him, he would still be there deal with that. Of course, because now why would they do that? Why were they bring in these two guys and then you know there's no way, and we have all the series you want to believe or dont want to believe. There's no way that like carrying Katy or text in on marks go and what the hell do. Freight wow, what a cook, what about a heads up
yeah. There's the hope there there's no way to that happened. You you did say something in there, though they thought was I'm trying to actually pull up right now and I dont know if you're gonna be interested in this put but put out by one more point: ok, go ahead, I will say this: it seems like the other teams really respected. Has then that's kind of did their stuff there. There is surprised more in the in the coach kind of executive community about this one. I do think he's respected ends. You know. Sometimes that's a little off because we ve seen that cases like fifty on Memphis, when he when that thing fell through is the same kind of things I never know what's real and not real, but I do know that when the Celtics played them- and I always felt like the nets were like really well prepared- really smart, they were a little spread, Stevens II,
and I I don't know I I I respected him as a coach- and you know I think everybody has been talking about. Others can be ten twelve jobs potentially open the summer. I would say he's at the top of the line. And when people are saying you know, allow their saying it was mutual come on. There's, never a mutual thing. Actually, thisbite about mutual because I think he saw the writing on the wall the suit You get out the sooner at the front of the line for these other coaching jobs in there maybe some really good ones. I think he makes sense with the next ironically, actually really think I could. I think that's a great pr move for the next two. It's I beg you to find at coach than in him? So why can he be the next coaching Stanley work is often was there and
could be. You know, thou be one way of them get one upon the the nets, especially if he does a good job thoughts on our ah, I think it would be not only look, I'm not I'm not disputing it. All. I dont think I dont see Dolen doing that I really think again. This is like it feels like its could be only arose thing, so I don't know the relationship. Is there or not saying that I actually I dont know I thought my head with the next field. I like our getting the nets guy that was fired, even though, might be the right guy. I just don't think that the next would do that can we are just they feel. Like it can we all agree that this this since the Katy Cairo signing
as a guideline for the nets just leave it at that we're talking six seven eight spent a rough eight months for the nets really shown good last April. May it really turn things around good times to building a little somethin. Had some cap space and that's like Yanks and you know if Katy doesn't come a hundred per cent gets even get signal desert. What we look it up. I was looking up the new owner stuff, but I did think it was important to just mention with Atkinson that I never know what's fair or like who is actually responsible for the development, because sometimes the player in the coach stinks in the player gets better and then everybody says the coach awesome, developing m. That mistake has been made and then there's other times the player absolutely develops because of the coaching staff and other similar.
As that's happened with, I think, Brad Stevens. When you look at these young players have turned into like he has to get credit for that and when you look at the Angelo Russell, who is just a mess of a player, and even there aren't really love em, he turned into a really good player for them and obviously not good enough to get in the way of them. Bring Kyrie Katie's, that's like I matter so I'm out move on from in Dinwiddie. Like a movie that I told us get up, you know I was told, was gonna be bad, so I've always kind of liked in witty, but there's parts of his game that I dont always love. It's almost like Russell or should be Digital Russell light at times, but Atkinson Bench the angel Russell last year and is used in rockets. Back what was actually led by Dinwiddie and then he benches I mentioned before Dinwiddie in that sell this come back, and I wonder if that actually is, why guys don't bench their best players, even if the plan, the court tells you to keep them
bet you ve got nobody games. We watch where you'll see the come back happen with the other group has its match up to their more inspired your started just as early have it, but you just put your guy back in it. Maybe that's why you put your guy back in sea, don't get fired, and I really think it's a bigger topic on what today's player, want in a coach cuz. I really think what he wants more than any. I don't think guys want hard coaching. I don't think guys want to be benched when they don't deserve to be in the game. I think guys want things to be easy and I think the biggest thing is personality. And how are you gonna impact, my lifestyle and unfortunately, that's why I think that job is now. And it's really really hard to be somebody who's, newer, cuz Atkins is a new like pop can get away with anything can get away with anything Brad I think, is lucky that he's had really good guys that buy in like Horford and Gord brewing much of it a stoic watching a yellow MIKE S, you Recruitment, Denmark, is smart, combine the Anti Cairo
he's buying in jail in Jasonr are young enough on that team that they're probably go by in a little bit more as younger guys, but you start feeling yourself a little bit in this league, and I just I don't think most of these guys really want that. Coaching, like I I carry. Has that relationship with tie loosely Verde, her that name there, but this first year are you saying, hey is for Europe in a disaster it was cut, is supposed to be a disaster. So to me, this great is still incomplete, like as bad as the nets could go in the plans that are fair gray as bad as this is this whole thing like this was never about the sheer it's only about what they are, and probably the two following years are again. It's for your contracts will see how the instead to save TAT, allow to tie the blue wants to cut carry again. We dimension Kenny Atkinson, represented by sea A where Leon rose, rang. The bell scenario ran the Basque about division. So
yeah. What do you want me to one? That was good glad you you put cuz, I I was thinking of it. Allowed him like back in to a guy, then there's Julian rose connection, You want me to go over a few amazing new owner highlights in my manifesto that I rode up. I can't wait. Ok programme. Two thousand ten nets promised the championship in five years best agency chap space. They signed Travis, Outlaw Johan Petrol, Jordan Farmer, with a cap space, great picture of that great picture them on signing day hold in the net stirs up one of my favorite dumb and behave pictures I heard them holding their nature. It is they traded pick that was Damien Lily to take on a thirty year old, your Wallace in his thirty million remaining. Yet just for the record quick. That trade was a true pack orbs immediately when it happened. I have a calm somewhere going completely.
Crazy about executive top three protected thing in them are Billy king at the classic quote. We only lead for players or might lay only lady was required We only like three poisoned the draft. That's why they tap through protected it but be they re right, she's right, our boy, yeah great one, good job by then would have done it for probably a lottery protected, pick thou stuff keep on Cuban bought the team in two thousand and the first draft they like drafted guys, never played there and I'm not gonna board everybody to death, as I have it all outline of the whole thing. So after each drafted these guys, he couldn't get him out of their quick, and in February two thousand wants who's on the team a year. So he still in that new owner syndrome Window he trade of her Jawad, Howard, thirty, nine, million remaining on his contract, but it actually got better because then, a year later, the deadline he traded, John Howard money for rifling friend.
And then double down on raving gave a seven year. Seventy million dollar deal. I. Never ever forget, because this is me before me. Working in sports and bar tending driving, around Burlington Vermont might beat a pickup truck, and I would the to Patrick show real Lastly, and corn Heizer and little did- I know the seas are being planted in Cuban came on and I'm just a guy go and boy that seems stupid because the cuban guy, in Juba came on and talked about acquiring Rafe and then giving him seventy million, and it was just a a nod to how brilliant Cuban is as just person because he was so good in defending it in explaining how great it was that I was like. Oh yeah, ok now hit it and if it was just was so impressive by cuban and in the irony of that, as you mentioned, Wick and his ownership group take over two thousand.
It's us like one of the only things they ve done wrong, but it's that thing that you're talkin about you finally a team. I want to do something and then they ironic, ironically, traded for raves being me and the money remaining on the cuban deal that he had just give him. So was hoarsely. This thing words like oh, I just screwed up who just bought a team. I wanna give. These guys are being about Joe Lake up in two thousand ten. He bought the warriors in two thousand Eleven, they decided trade because they want to make a splash and gave David Lee Six years, eighty million I have millions more these spots, that does nothing more profitable, wait! Wait! You can't leave out the back. The requisite was a classic new owner syndrome, guy He tat he came in and he was like luck. I recognise the others, but my daughters eight year old girls, basketball team, I put in a press when every game I read it only be achieved now and did they started doing a flight from the moment he took over member there,
the thing I like that they did, that crazy trade, where they traded traded in future, pick two two Philly member, so so they could take some contracts that they could sign regime Rondeau, member, that that was- classic. I haven't all here, yeah, I'm. I have it all he bought it March, two thousand and thirteen his first deal. They did a deal because they don't pay Tyreke Evans and I have my notes and like okay, you don't pay Tyreke, that's fine, but they moved out Tyreke, Evans and Robin Lopez and ended up with Greivis, Vasquez and Jeff the into second rounders nice and then the rue de gauge Yoke is remember one perfected. This is like look, I'm bloated. You know what I do. I in value where there is no value nobody wants Rudy gay because his expensive and makes your team worse, I'm in and reiterated for him, and that is like
years later I'll be traded for Harrison. Bards too, don't count me out here they had Rudy gay. This is thirteen fourteen money, remember, ok, F, Rudy Gay was making eighteen and was due nineteen point three the following year, and then he blew out as Achilles game of forty million dollar extension. So there is a high and examine whether it can. I give you the psychology I already noted is because these guys have just been in charge. It made a lot of money and their use to getting what they want and they assume I'm gonna take over this basketball team. And we can to add than ever. They asked him a huge success. Secondly, any different Can it I'm gonna be may, and I am just gonna win like I've won over us and they go in and they try to
immediately do a lot of stuff which never works. They end up trusting either too few people are having to many people bombers. A good example right bomber who Adam podcast I think two years ago and he talked about the sea was like came in. I I gave Doc rivers way too much power I've been in my coach and my gm now is admittedly a couple years. I realised, as are two different jobs, and it's like yeah yeah. Those are two different paths. Nobody nobody's ever put those two jobs off successfully at the same time without up, but they do so. We'll see. I think I feel a Josiah has more stuff in in him. I think there's more come out. The tip of the iceberg for him. I yeah you know we're talking about after the lap pull down seen envision. Cuesta Matthew Modin, apparently still upset about it. Yet
twitting about, and we were saying you know you want to be the sports continuity guy sports adviser on movies. It's a role that I've always hoped. Haven't you see a movie about call moving. The guy runs from second base to first on the camera angle. You like, he probably could have done that better and I think I think, there's another business where the next new guy that buys a team you and I fly in- suits no tie Maybe one of us has a briefcase and we sit down and we go hey. You just bought the film by team and we have these like big grins on her face. Like luck, we know your excited, you know you just think we're too yet somehow just download it more successful than the other. But we know it and feel Billy Yoga Why would you like me, oh she's gonna call you can grow play you on buying a team and then he's gonna try to trade. You Carmelo Anthony for First rounder,
gonna wanna do it and what what we're telling you to do is don't do anything the first years. Tat, you anything said it as yours right now, you're you're, unbelievably stupid. You think you're smart, because you have been, but these Twenty four months on the job with your court side, seats, you're an idiot and everybody is gonna prey on you. It shredded dump their garbage on you and you're gonna wanna. Do it because it's a little different, then Tradin for Patrick HOMES and fantasy? Isn't it yeah like if, but you just a few went to a strip joint new owner guy wearing a suit, that's, all one hundred dollar bills that could be plucked off any sit down in a book and strippers dark. We got you now offering lap dances and flirting with you other stuff, guess what it back as you. Its cash, wherein that suit with a hundred dollar bills and same thing with you take over a ten year. Just like fresh meat, you didn't dude in when it when the fresh meat
in the beginning and their betting on who's gonna fold. First, your fresh meat every girls like oh, my got a new owner academic, a trade weapon and basically pillage him so here ears, would be made by us. I don't even think we need the briefcase in the meeting next guy who buys it I'm not sure that's gonna be we'll. Just will will free of service is me: Rousillon House will just be at a text read just the four of us. Just some here, your ideas and if all three of us make fun of the idea dont, do it right. It's that simple! Yet look! We we make mistakes, but I'm tellin you if you're gonna make really stupid once cause all anyone's. Evidently I think Wick and his ownership group. I really think, there's but is it? I really do like think how smart they ve been like they hired Ange what're. You have three, you know and like that guy, like the only coach to didn't, do it. Maybe there was a little love because he was part of the eight thousand and sixteen but Ange. You know what I know it's just
like people like hating on age, and it's not like. I even talked of the guys, so I don't wanna have some sort of bias here. I'm talking talking up, but the aged wins trades and he doesn't do the stupid thing. He doesn't do that signing that doesn't make any sense. You can make fun of the Gordon Heyward one, but he just hasn't been healthy in every other team. Been in line to give warning or that contract was agreeable. I point is like they're really good at what they do and that first year they made a mistake ages, you could argue the worst tree they ever made was like that first, one with Rafe, because you taken on Raven than they had really that flip Rafe in a first round her to take on the rat, live just to have somebody else take on the extra year race contracts they had their custom. You know that that Brain Roy Right, so on. So somebody buys how good you are right. Somebody buys the next, let's say Don T viruses, but this amount so next. It happy new owner guy with me, you and house, on a text breadwinner MID June Texas, hey
same presty says I could have Chris Paul what you guys think what do we say? Why was it? Yes, I love her I do I candidate to baby. That's a bad example scratch ever guy I vote for. Ok, I have a better who I have the best. Whenever I thought of it I hope the guy's name. What's new owners, name Billy Sparkman policemen Hey Mr Spock Ministerial Mauritius. Iraq is regulations on purchasing the team, Have you read the analytic she says it has had the covers. A phone wide is in now why'd hips,
our end and era Gordon's wider than archway bear it, and I think that would make sense for you guys. So if you could do a non protected, first, energy Barrack as his younger and airport, has more experience. It is wise, as I told offer that trip I'm still reserve. I want to do it so rock I back in five minutes of ETA Phelan Jeffrey you like wider think otherwise, now I'll get, I thought, You were gone, Westbrook, Hey Russell S virtually made, be a team. Again now is contract. If you look at production is pretty fair, you ve got a lot of calf space. You need a star Newark by the way you just have to follow up there, I'm not gonna common anymore and any was portrayed rumours. So I'm saying I want ok, aggregator! Beware: we're takin regularly!
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play. You thought the Rockets might have the encore virus. You went out by that. Yes, let's, let's revisit last week's part, because this is also something pretty fastening. Is that now you- and I were too pro rockets is yet with people are going with here's. What happened? The Rockets did a thing where everybody doubted them. I brought up once again that when the Rockets do things that people doubt it actually usually works out for the rockets despite player, failures or lack of success, because I don't think then going to gain setting its workers is a failure at all without those success. So I thought that was importer, bring up and guess what they kept. Beating everybody they unlock Westbrook in a new way
but we still left it with the. This has been really good, let's give them credit, but what does it mean? I wasn't pickin him to win a title. I mentioned the rebound rate and since that part ass, they lost to the Knicks, where they're out rebounded by thirty one they lost to the clippers throughout rebounded by only six, but that came was disgusting in the first half and into being a fifteen point. Differential, that's not with a game was rush out over time. From three harden was afraid they lost his Charlotte were actually won the rib the but started off the game down twenty to nothing and they lost Orlando tonight. We're there, our rebounded by eleven harden in his last five games, is twelve of fifty nine from three four twenty percent Westbrook missed the Charlotte game. Air corns missed the last few games and I will only present this there. They were due first stinker because they are being everybody. So that's not a problem. The clippers thing, I don't think was that much of a surprise
but then you go Orlando and Charlotte, like what the hell is going on. Is it possible that, despite the talk of how them being small they're, not really small in stature they're, big, they push people off of driving lanes there? Why they? They have these big hips like these, are all these things that people buy into in their wayne. You know Westbrook Drive Door, light post touches because everybody collapses. If he doesn't want to take a layup cut it off. Speed at this is exhausting and maybe they're not going to win an NBA championship with it. So that was my theory when this happened that there was no way they could one there's no way they could sustain it. That yeah, you could do this, but you can't actually do this for four months. She can't do As you know, the third round, the NBA plaster new playing a rather night, you can't physically do this when you're undersized, like this and then they put it so well. Last week we both apologized and admitted remiss read this. We were wrong and now they ve
please you fought apart. There were a lot of rumours about hard and at the Encore casino in Boston the night before, and I put it this way- I have some friends of the south acts as the EU. All of them had set have said. Said that this new casino being built downtown Boston, was one of the best advantages they ve had in a while just a general clause, the paper, They stay down town somewhere near there. It's like a ten minute cab, rider goober if they have a car whatever and you put black jack. Close to an MBA star ups of certain stature with a lot of disposable income. They know they can go somewhere, not be bothered during the high hi roller area and odds are they might go, and I think the heart of the next day was like what seven for twenty five something like that, and there is a lot of Boston Buzz that he had been in the awkward.
And they still one eye game. I looked. I remember watching the beginning that game. That's the first thing. I look like I look at certain defensive match, ups and in harden, which I think we ve been touch on Beforeblacker washed virtue, Faye close out says I oh, like he's he's not locked in an average game yeah, you know, I don't know that it's quite it Toronto day, game on the weekend home, courted him. If I like, I think you'd have to be able to retire. If you'd only bet Toronto at home during the data weekend is a swear Philip. It was one those games and probably look it up and say actually there before in presenting its but I do not always fully Wowzer age advantage for those guys. I wish we had stuck to our guns, but on the other hand, maybe we reverse jinx them and no losing straight so either way, I'm happy about it, workers. You knew what year did last week. You said that our shared a bad as you just try to reverse jig, says you fuckers fuck, you does rackets fit rockets. Twitter by presidential rockets
Can it can an entire? I just tried it people really light your rockets impersonation. I didn't think it was only a strong, this one's and then when I was like that really are Bernie Sanders. People were like thought. I was a jerk await you dismissive. They thought your Bernie Sanders was fantastic, but people didn't like. Is they thought that that meant that we were? I love when I get lumped in his eye. You too rich guys, like you, ok, with irony by Birdy yeah. It's a birdie like people can understand, like you, can't make a joke about a candidate's platform. Even if you liked his platform and it was applied to a basketball game, but that seems a little little absurd. So I did work on my burn but though, are you running all over the world? Yet another slowly a little late for you now these costs vomited. Do it out of the job
Gimme your Bernie that maybe get a gimme warmed up again. People don't understand, you have to read podcast, as is only a to z table? Nobody else has sit at the table. God you wanna, go find it here's. How could you have a swimmer who win seven votes and that many events? Why can't we have more swimmers if each of the events spread the goal South Michael Phelps will be lulls. Michael Phelps is the worst thing. Substantial while people want Lebron James to win his faith and bp? What about the people have a wet and every period what chemical no catch waiting to be paid and while you're at it. Why is the VP limited to just
National Basketball Association. What's wrong with a jelly player, get no vote or twelve bad Some are usually should be considered for the early pay, some usually has to tell his children that he could never get it. Every p vote- while a brought about to what its fifth that's up, a country that want to grow up and I, like you, think, there's a little friend Sesar, your Bernie Sanders there hey dog, I was better. It is better at home by myself, yeah travel too much. We suggests we should measure really quickly this. As you know, the crowd of Irish they'd just cancel eighteen miles today. The tennis turn meant. That is the first major sports same. That's happened, there's been allowed a buzz; I was going to put the NBA. Are they playing empty arenas and all that stuff? It feels weird to do it at a two hour, NBA Podcast, and not talk about this stuff.
I think you and I both have a rule if there's a segment where neither of us- experts have any information or have any idea what might happen? That's probably a bad segment, so I think we should steer clear of it. Do you agree. I just think it's gonna be really weird. If we see empty arenas and I'm not saying it's the wrong thing- I'm not anti it. I just they'd like em. Buddy, I'm not sure what to believe. I dont know what information I was oddly enough in a hospital is best weak. Not for me- and I talk to somebody about, and they gave me like really happen. Information, it was convincing and everything, but I don't I don't know you know I can't believe is like people like us. They should be surprised bill, but people that do what we do and it doesn't necessarily like just limit itself to sports people but different people in the opinion business. Maybe a news politics like giving out their takes on the krona virus for the re in her like
no anything in the same stuff we're all reading. So I really am with you. I don't have a ton to offer on it, but I want to ignore it, but I'm not going to sit and pretend I know what they don't talk about. Cuz. I don't ya this week is? Gonna? Go off the rails at the the markets can in in all time swoon and God knows how the virus was spread or what we're gonna learn about it. Just this weekend, Westchester County in New York on the sudden became one of the EP centres and there's no way to predict anything. So just want to make sure we at least mentioned that I don't think either of us like doing segments. Where were you get out of our ass trying to pretend we know something but there's visually,
no, unless ah one other thing that we should have to two short games based off last week when we talked about that segment, cod weight. So when did this happen, member that segment again I'll, give you this week's version it's from done Ziegler. He wants to know when did it start being a thing in basque Ball Games when a prayer gets knocked down or foster again, then just weights on the floor hands up like a toddler waiting for team is to pull up off the floor. Apparently deeds can't stand up on their own anymore ran reseller. So when did this happen, this been going on, I would say more than five less than ten, I'm not that no one's ever helped up other guys in previous generations, but its very clear,
that everybody decided that to show how locked in you were, the game and locked in as a team. Eight that you have to all four guys run over to pick up the guy too fell down and to the point, see a player sometimes like wave off the opponent. That goes to help him, because he has to wait for us. It it's like one of those things like the dumbest. They everybody throws the before the forefingers. Fourth quarter: football games like its original. Ok, we got its fourth quarter like the first. You teams did it like all: it's gonna cool. Fourth quarter mile, force up and now and everybody does it like. Who cares but its deadly? become more and more of a thing because it it just it speaks to like hey. We're gonna get away. I love what I love is when a team knows you're season is over and it's a guy that is always on the ground in his teammates in like I'm, not gonna fuck, I fucked you just get up I that's when that's when real lessons are being learned. What will happen if we now they're like? Ok, that's how much? No one
she wondered. How can I give you a very picking you up? Here's my theory for when they started. I think it was the cagey Celtics, the boon to Celtics and two thousand seven. Eight. That that was they made a real, a real effort to do stuff right that were, if somebody felt Three guys ran over and picked him up, and it was just like him. I dont really we are seeing it in full force until that season. If somebody else did it before, then I don't know, but that that was the first. He murmured, that don't it shocks me that the first, when they remembers Celtics how much I do quick. Thirty. Second aside, though, in defence of harden in defence of gambling folk, I I had heard that that two thousand eighteen, when they were playing the persistence in between pistons games, they found the closest casino might have Toronto at that point yet, and if you really do yes seriously, that desperate to be out that you guys have to go Hippicus
you know like a try to get to the NBA finals, so you guys have a chance for the championship and they were like what are you going to stay in and they want a title anyway while Michael Jordan. Ninety three was gone Atlantic city during those next series, then two and ninety three, do you really believe he never slept before some of those games. I've heard that yeah overslept. I do feel that that was a real thing with them for you just ass thirty, six to eight hours, A mad rush, I'd told me a great story once about he said: there's some play officers, a camera which one what year was worth, maybe was the Phoenix finals, and he says if you go and look at it there's one game were Jordan's like sunburnt, because they played thirty six hours, a golf. I think it was the sun's final any says of a his skins. Actually darker because they were in the sun just making, and then he went out and played, and he you go. Look. You go look back at the tape, so I think
and I think there's a million stories like that. You may I am. I had a hard time sleep now in Samara great sleeper, but I had a really bad stretches when I was younger and knowledge young young Bolivia's, be in years, and it never really affected me, though, like to know if I'd and fight- and I were just in sleep like I just- would get up- I go to work earlier layer nights but find whatever I'm similar work and it never affected me, I'm a show ever like I never felt like. I was like when you doing to show your how tired I've ever been like once the microbes on you just gotta get used to it in a prosperous and cow herd was an old in the hallway and those of some of my favorite times ever cow herd was like. What's going on as a common, summoned sleeping great he's asleep like now, you know I'm not a great super, but the negative FBI front, good friend, India, using the F B, I says to people, don't sleep mom serial killers,
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four need to see it in order to believe it are we talking conference finals, finals, winning the whole thing explain it thanks for the great content Peter from Toronto. I always said this, but I think it's really hard for us to accept new as great it. Just really is even that Boston team in two thousand and eight. I remember sit with Rick Carlisle. I hope I have these years right, not name dropping he's working at ESPN. You know what I want of my favorite things about. It was if you got to know a guy pretty well. You know. George Carlton spend some time with you tip Spence when we watch game to get a couple times, but when they sell stuff that insane start two thousand and eight I was like hey. What do you think rex like over it's new, its exciting, but it will see and remember this others, but that team together was like ok, they're gonna be good this year
like they're, really going to get in two thousand and nine with, are able to add a piece to this and it was like nope they're just going to just going to roll through teams, and it wasn't like they were both Fofo type of stuff, but it was. It was really impressive, but it's just it's hard for me like golden state before they want it. I was like this is special. I think you could be a newer team that battles in an eastern conference finals, western Conference finals I give the clippers go to seven games with the Lakers and don't win. I'm gonna go in next year. We light through the clippers, are really good, so Adding new is always hard. There isn't. Some baseline, like hey This many games have this kind of got it. My boy thing, is usually like who's, your second best player, and I really think that's what this league is about. Like who's, your who's, your second best guy, that's why I keep kind of falling back on the Lakers all the time. So I don't know that I can give you this to finish.
Like here's. What I was saying. The dictionary I have it, I have it for you, I'm going to define your own theory. I think Denver is Denver. Is the baseline of this Denver is a classic. They can win ten straight and I think both of us are but alright at the same time Sorry, you're gonna have to you. You have to show this to me when it really matters cause, I'm not by radio zombie, the best Debbie the measure you didn't write that question cause? You understood it way better than I did so. I love is your reading. Yours is more about yeah, but your answer was more about like who wouldn't qualify and that you're absolutely right, like that's a pervert, example of it. I think Toronto, I'm never going on tv during the six
serious right. Oh you know if you really look at what they do with their substitutions. In this whole thing, like other the best team in the east everybody looked at me like, I was an idiot. I was on first take as a k prospects team in the east, like I'm, not worried about this backing for success thing, and but it wasn't like I'm sit near gone. Oh I'm, Mr Rapture, because I still think they would give up at their work in a bid to rant and clay, but that wasn't really seeing it until you believe it gets another good example of it because, as I gotta get Toronto one, what Kyle airing right now, I've calories a good example calorie literally had to win the title and be awesome in the deciding game press today. Are you got us? I believe you know, so maybe that's what that there yeah yeah when you, the confetti, is falling and you have the trophy than unlike you know what I think you guys are pretty good. I sign up my inner out for
Brad Watchmaker Inner out. Ah, I am I'm so out I mean it's like if it. If I had a summer, that wasn't will arise and I had a live there in the winter. I would be like don't even done you putting insulation gonna wanna go in there, I'm out like when you're on your Iphone and there's some apple news story where they say husband, father missing for six days, no sign That's out, I am a breadwinner maker, out to the plenum actually missing. In the end, the cops have to be above wondering where that's all are gone. The Adam I might be in another country and so up, it's it's bad job. I them that day and I'm not a Reggie Jackson fan at all, but even
is an upgrade over breadwinner maker. So please pass on Ebay, but he seems like a great guy I think he's teammates really like him. I don't think he's meant to pay thirty five minutes in a big game, but unfortunately, with the injuries keep having then the Campbell Walker thing. I I just don't think he looks right. I don't think he hasn't. He left. There's a moment today, in the dead you know they ve had some terrible this week and its march enact react, but some bad losses, The concerning thing is, he doesn't Amity left and there is one play. An essay like two and a half minutes left. Drove down the lane and miss the lab. Which she caught a rash because he never left new ingenuity. Any left- and I just don't think he looks right now- rather see them not play verses, play him at a calf speed hate when somebody's knee is getting drain. There's a ladder red flags with this, and if you. And be like what could keep the Celtics from
doing anything. This share it starts with. That is how healthy Zack I gonna be. This things are not that healthy, so that everyone here to make her now wanna make her were a guy, though like in the mix cause I liked the wanna make restoring the beginning. He always in a story defensively match up some decent size. Give you some minutes wasn't. It was an approach that he would be the guy that was like. Oh hey, you know was fun the other night Dave and then he turned into like he was Dave There- that we and you like- oh, I don't remember, and yet last month of his place, like did Dave drunk Doll, your mom, that's been his s game laws, but carried a big debt in the back of it gave him my car Her argument from lending you his car to crashing yours, I led, save two hundred hours in Vegas. Any stores appeared me back away. That's house! That's that, if that's actually house
still? I me next next interact the two thousand twenty, a draft in or out this this this looks so outline. How did this come out. We can call we open our eyes like a potential number one pick re, Coy Anthony. I watched the: U N I don't know it's like a lottery pack. I out be shocked if he was a top five back. I don't see it. I don't understand it. I think it's just a historically larger outwardly names down now running fourteen names down to stop because I'll start looking at guys be like women working. He go top five, but right down. Fourteen aims, in its its pretext, do private sword, my drop it, the the earth's kids inner out cause. I'm all the way. And what do you take the lead on this one? I don't even know their catch. It
Anyone who remembers back when I use the right before my figure stopped working. I love the idea of good athletes buried having kids at that is really our way to combat the other countries in the stuff like that, you have Julie Ertz, who is a fantastic soccer per. Just had she had they winning gold. They played Spain and the we believe cup whatever's God she had this super athletic catarrh off across and she's just a bad, ass, she's, so much fun watch. I really really like watching her and she's married Zach Ertz who's. The third best tight end football and he's going to say like six for to two hundred and fifty something like that with speed, she's. A bad is good of a female athletes is you're, gonna get they're, gonna have children, and I'm really excited I'm all and on their kids I was saying like they might.
And of having both Jackson Lebron and unlike Christian Mccaffrey as their three kids. Basically athletically, it's going to be huge this'll. If they're, not our stance, I don't know what you mean by pressure on the faces of the earth's fairly, but I have high expectations. Yeah. This is a weird segment of cod in the Hague, say I remember the first. When it first came up, seen is a long long time ago, this dating rumour Laval arrangement, Serena williams- oh yeah- I was like. Oh my god, please make this work out is like whatever their kid was. Gonna be like Zine Williams, was gonna have posters of that kid yeah in his bedroom, yeah did work was serene of ended, a married, the rhetoric I, which I think, hurt my theory, the the earth's kids, the Amal and next in or out.
Sell things just saying we sign J R Psmith Inner up. I just don't think they need another guard that thinks his shot is the best option every job yeah. I think, I'm out too. I would just like another adult in a tight game, because I just eight thereof- I think their short I Some team should sound J Smith. I don't think he's done yet, at least if you Doubt they're happy to feel like it belongs out there. I would like to see the guys all play together before the season's over. I I think I looked at it cuz. I went to this jazz game on Friday in Boston. How about me back to back jazz Celtics games within ten days? Utah then Boston, who's, this guy, that you're an AI mouse guy right there.
Yes, but it thirteen times you ve, had Tatum Brown Heyward Kimber ties play Bedeck on singing and by the way are we really gonna do almost two hours and not mention out disastrous. That loss was upon the city after the nets lost this week. Are you just not doing it? have using to bring it up. It's the aid. They really. Both losses really hurt. My feelings and now began to be authorised. They're gonna hafta, when they're gonna lose the Sixers alive. I don't. The sixth catching the Sixers might not be a bad thing, but but yeah we're having a where this is, though, because I was looking at the standing Six is not having their guys back in falling to the succeed in Boston if the three seed and then, if the experts get everybody back like this could actually be the best and then the Sixers could end up playing Toronto in the second round. I think I just taught myself under the sixth. These are covered. Finally today voted nobody being healthy and hit. I dont think very recent summits
Our all words at all accounts seem to add. There's a legit concern about about him. I don't think we'll be seeing a mini Thompson be at another boss, civilisation. Maybe I made on that- will finish in or out with Budweiser and on a bus voices. Ok, one email from Jeff time. There were new, Jim Cornick them again. Jeffrey storm says: MBA teams were too jerseys all the time, but shouldn't there be first, Jersey retire, a team could ban as a jersey number from future use when it causes significant pain in turmoil to a franchise. Instead it can be reversed retired into the stadium basement hung above. Toilet. The funders number five Jersey has been warned by both countries, Perkins and cow, singular, whose mats of contracts and poor play indirectly cause a fire alas, the hard and trade July for two thousand. Sixteen in the decision one of the greatest embed non dynasties ever collected. I am accepting names for a reverse for tat
are the leading candidate is a Jersey de Tyre, a determined ceremony, Jeffrey Storm, fantastic email, kudos to you. I love the concept of the tyrant. I wish to sell this. Could the tyre Jeff Greens, Jersey? Ok? I looked. I think I like because cept. I dont, like the examples, singular signed for four years, and nineteen million so mean. The reason you didn't have hardened is because no one with the organization seem to understand how the tv contract bumpers work and really cheap and they traded harden a year before they had to yet agree with So there's this there's a lot of stuff and then perked income until later anyway. So ah. Now perk was before our heard his they trade, the purchase, Jeff Green Trade was two thirds Levin season and then yeah put that's that's money moving
money moving in versus like perk, perquisite inflate perked and get their until. Why One thousand eleven, but the owner, women, the I was there and eleven, but it ideal. Casey fans always fell a key part in Amnesty Perkins, and then we know The trick James hard? I have another email from Damon in Pittsburgh. He wants to me has subject, would care to make a public statement about wholly crosses men's basque by private? going three and twenty nine finishing dead last in the Patriot League in not even qualifying repeat that even qualifying for the patriot lay tournament the season. My silences deafening says Damon from Pittsburgh. Add a note to say minute, though: the Holy Cross, Basque, died last decade and you think I could enhance and are still alive and all across the king, three and twenty nine free
twenty nine is a cry for help and they lost a different team this year, it's a eight hundred and fifteen years ago, we're thinking they could be Gonzaga EAST, and now it's like with the nest cat take them. Can they get in there could squeeze into the NASDAQ. Well, I'll. Let me call because my guys Agnes get Colleen. Can you call, Love favours, I love. I love the crow You know that I grew up with I now I know that's why I brought it up as my first football thing, but I wanted to go there too. I can imagine you would probably hate me as if I've gone to Holy Cross, your love Dan graduated. No one. Now I love that you're lovely intramural basket. You really want it for me. I don't know how it would have been in Worcester, but you would love like this by Burlington, but I would have been calling you. I feel like bill cuz. If there's one thing:
You learn about bill is like bill, let you know when you're in the inner circle- and I would have just assume, like a dude or cross guys. When do I start, and so We ve been so turned off by my brash wholly cross twenty year old version of me that you be like this guy sucks. Yes, that that whole across guy daddy, big and Duncan from news violated Duncan from New Zealand says. Why She Marcus more issued everything and flatly out refused to pass the bars and credible. If somebody told me his career, Prague, average of one point: five assist was actually is total career, says be sixty percent sure they were like my question, for you is who's your current I'm not pass in the fucking balls starting five. That's pretty get Dinwiddie clerks and improve, probably backward. Yeah Clarks, it's definitely in there is cleared Lord had little derision. Here's a link klaxons actually been really good for them
they needed. That is the way they use him. It's like in person. It's just its Alec, the quickest sky. It's just lines away, just guys that no angles better than everybody else. Clarkson. Has this angle understanding where you're like up is free at the hoop again up. There's another lamp for Clarkson up. Could Clarkson got open again he's he's a really special sore, but he's never ever ever wanted a pass, but it's actually fine for Utah cuz they've had their own problems. Lately Dinwiddie it'll Westbrook in those guys, sometimes you don't people just always do the stingrays. Like I look at it. It's just you guys are idiots. There's difference, there's different Assis guys and if you have the ball every freaking time you trying to get some assist, so I think Ben. Would he be back there about Kendrick, Nunn yeah he's he's under for assisted game? I had him he's going to make a kids
for a year. I well he's the point out, though you down, and now I mean it's now. It's just interested Butler Yeats. Three point four assist that's probably more I thought you note. I should look up black outlining the island, astern rivers, that's a really good one, Robert Covington, his Jeanne, thirty minutes a game in one point to assess solid great job. I what's Levine situation Levine's if for assist a game, rarely top tenant usage yeah but you're funny. It's like now. The perimeter guys you're getting back at everybody else could remember the bigs member, like all the big that we grew up with this music at the postage adjustment, foregathered and watch yeah.
What came used to be like? So I guess the little guys you getting back at him. Is it just really? Okay, it. A lot of that sounds like a lot of college. Guys were big, their whole life and then maybe the team is Engrais in their sorted by default, best player as fishermen of doing my draft stuff like a cool every time, this guy gets a ball the possessions or so to be fair. Tyler suggested Booker's boxcar as a segment. Read Devin Booker's most recent box score completely deadpan and then move on to the next segment. Okay, today Booker was thirteen. Seventeen thirty six points. Eight assists five rebounds. They go on that get to one hundred and twenty three wants to know. Lebron started every game at point. Guard is listed as point guard. He initiates the offense. Has
most of the time he leisurely can assess. Why is he not listed at guard for NBA? This is category fraud, evidence it love it. I guess you're getting tired of it. Doesn't guard other teams boycotts, maybe. I tell him it's like I'm just like. If, if it's an opposing points are thus not, although every point out now scores so it just if, if the to prove you guys are pretty good and appoint guard isn't like sometimes I think he's mean he's gonna like those different against it. Uppers today, but I'm not going like I gone too far too. This whole thing. I love that idea because my all time least favoured ever was was Duncan upping centre in and it even even it is met Duncan about it, but spurs fence. But you started Why are you arguing? This doesn't mean is not as good. We put Tiago splitter corpse next to his daughter setter. Yeah, whatever rational servage look it up with. I have I looked up every sooner he play with
guess what none of them were on the floor at the end of games? This was black guess who was catching on the post and having cuts, and he will make the decision it was him like Jim dug it was a centre, Thomas Bench wants to know why sports analyse and pre game shows half time she has imposed. Game shows always hold pence were actually write, anything at it where they holding pants. What are we? these things in television is what to do with your hands yet UK and, You see a lot of guys do this now, if you're standing with no pen, you know nor put your hands, she came from your pocket. Look like an asshole with a view to setting Beata yak if you're sitting behind a desk- and you put your hands blow your desk, it looks like you ve. No arms shift from somewhere right, give them somewhere. I'm Tellin you right now the pen works, it works. It relaxes. You just do a mock segment at your desk right now from the mirror for listening, you gonna do
Oh, like you know, what's Goin on digger, felt sad, a weird thing with the high lighter and then I think, Digger Phelps was secretly toying with running for president, where he said the country needs a coach which was one of the weirdest Can things of all time that doesn't get enough attention they think Digger Phelps was only announcing that he may run for President Drink college basketball wraps. We have highlighted that much time I am, and that was weird server. The pen thing it makes you feel, like you know what you're doing with your hands. That's that's. Why guys do it and I actually think you you're on tv? You know my issue with the pain which I tried. When I was doing countdown was, I would start tapping the pen on the table like a drum Somebody tell me in the air sea. The pan am I closed. Faced with the left hand on the table never moved the curve in an earthquake. My fist would remove the just stayed started.
Some super glued to the table and then already is by right hand to car as I talk but then sometimes bring the left hand up that put the fish back down So there is a left, for I was in the left school but yeah when you're watching. This is a good. This a good see. This is where we have our best off. At the two hour, the pod when you're watching these shows any is painted s one. Just why the hand strategies because they're pretty great people do the clasp; they do that they put their I'd. Try Alan as well as that was another move, for me is the clasp in their heads together on the desk, just caught a not moving them. Unless you got animated was another move. I got a lot of feedback because of my entry point was: is ass already has been so anytime? I ever did
anything. I would get all these notes about how I I wasn't everything and I tried one hand in the pocket and then point with the other hand, and then I was problem, although I'll admit neck hair, probably wasn't the look, they were hoping. I was gonna go for why you started going out the beer and yeah. I was so early on the beer that I had a beer to the one of the combines. I did and I got an e mail being like. Are you serious? You have a beard on television and then you know bodily the generals got one little salt pepper deal five years later, naughty also, who is who is in the forefront of that but shade as a thing and have no other guys doing this now, if you're standing full screen, nothing in your hands where the left hand holds the middle or ring finger of the right hand, so it's not a class beside a fist. It looks like your loose
like your comfortable, but it's actually predetermine and I'm seeing more and more people do the hold the opposite hands single finger, and I say I like it. I like we have seen that scared or make turns MC shade at some get good full body word. I it SAM for Jim Corny always has Jim Corner, this is a really good wines from Dave and FUCK way. I don't know where that is. He says off when Ryan Way Themes have found their way into restaurants, clubs and bars western Music Future movie Entrap guard just a few of the dozens of fiend eater ease. Why haven't Jim's capitalized on this marketing idea? My friends and I thought James could increase membership by catering to a specific concept example, without will be amazing. The Jim had a zoo concept. Walk in european squat rack as a caged lion, maybe your finishing
of inclined, but the incline bench in Anaconda slivers past your foot. I knew I could certainly makes some serious gains with help of the animal kingdom. I'm curious of rain has any ideas for his own theme. Jim Vega. I can't wait for this answer. I do ok I think everybody loves Ladys Party yeah. I don't understand why there is an eighty steam Jim, and I wasn't working out the eighties mind you, but I think full Oakley blades, maybe some Bosworth haircuts, stringer tanks, leotard, had bands leg. Workers on the women and just everything is super. Outdated exercises with trainers were all on. Steroids
and you dress up everybody's got addressed it up. Now they go to the gym anyway. There and no one married is allowed to be there. You can't be married and joyous Jim back, so you say basically the judge, the Jamie, Lloyd, courtesy, Anti Classic Perfect, which is about the most eighties, movie that anyone made that great but also kind, fun. We watch and just one of those have affected anyone. Think this, and work as a movie movies everywhere, the way their dress than that movie, you would just one is a Jim that you could go to get that, unlike no smooth, these would be like carnation instant breakfasts chocolate with it's so, lastly, other maybe maybe action open up. Maybe that's bad idea, a parts back then
Churchill bar has like pizza, hot dogs, soda Pepsi machine that it would have to be something like yeah would have to be like healthy pepperoni pizza. It is a healthy, pepperoni pizza, but nobody can be merit. Is you know? I don't need a need, Mary guys that or try to pretend there still mix rain they're, not right. You know like get out of here. You know there's that dating app for celebrities setting his colleague Ria. You know: well, I'm gonna tell you, I know what it is and the people who think I'm on it and I'm not. It's called Riah Riah where you want it here, celebrity well. My initial instinct I've never been on one first,
So I guess I'm just going to keep that one going. Somebody asked me once why I wasn't on it during Sportscenter, I said best of them on tv and I looked into the camera. I also got to know on that or center parents being like hey, that was kind of a d bag thing to say I was like yeah. I know that was a joke. That was just a wall cuz she's like me to joke on Sportscenter. Why aren't you on a dating app now because I'm on tv and it supposed to sound like Celebratory real celebrities must be honest. I read about like real actresses yeah like you, that you ve heard about are actually on this thing and then a guy. Do you know I'm not going to name names was like I'll, give you an invite to it, and then I was like what this guy is on it. But then I just I don't know. I have way too much fun writing a profile. That was absolutely the dumbest thing I could ever write and I am not if I haven't done it by now. That really do so. I
I'm in a committee to to this for the playoffs. Where needed something tat. The We talk about that stuff, really, though, the reason that a dating apps was cause couldn't at work where it's a gym everybody has to be single and it's a combination dating ab. Jim is anyone thought of that that I just come up. Brilliant idea, The problem is, I would have idyllic his message in my work. I d give it Jonah different Jim right. You know my beams yeah. I got it right as I got it. Air finally met somebody she's moving in, but my arms look terrible good point. That's it that's. Why is it that a billion dollar there I reseller save travels come back, will do this in person next week?
way, and then you have to our Pakistan on your feet. The ran reseller show so repack has to show, as for yet. Ram solution has just arrived, so podcast re actually say show sometimes myself. So yet there were about the Russo package to my this week, and that was, again on Sunday. Looking forward to thank you. Thank you. I thanks to you zip code for thanks to Norton, secure, VPN, Norton, three hundred and sixty with Lifelock is in all in one membership for your cyber safety. If there's no identity theft problem specialist who worked fix it, no one can prevent cyber cyber crime, cybercrime, cybercrime and identity theft, or about it all transactions business, but not three hundred and sixty with Lifelock, is a powerful I fear. Cyber safety can leave this end, so people can now urge them ass. I M sign up today and save twenty five percent or more of your first year, gotta Norton COM, such summits, for twenty five percent off, don't forget,
either we watch buzz. We put up at threw away the categories, but we did contagion so check them out. I think it's only like forty five minutes godfather three coming to play on the way to more Pakistan. This feed stay safe out there. Seeing covenants.
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