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Luka Does Dallas, AD's Future, and the Fultz Fiasco with Marc Stein and Chris Ryan | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 451)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his first ever podcast guest, and NY Times sports reporter, Marc Stein to discuss Luka Doncic's red hot NBA start, Dirk Nowitzki in the Dallas sports pantheon, Anthony Davis, and contemporary sports journalism (3:33). Then Bill sits down with The Ringer's own Chris Ryan to discuss the recent Markelle Fultz news (1:22:55).

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Tonight's absolutely bosom is back ass on the Ringer pack, ass thou art brought to you, as well as by our friends from zip code. You notes that smart, not having marks died on your pack has for a long time. What the hell am, I thinking is one of our greatest guess: notices, smart job sites it over me attends the Rhine. Resume is likely there smart way. It's a good outcome. Such Bs Zipcar defiance people. The rights goes for your jack to invite them to apply right. Now, my westerners contrive Zapruder for free. It's a good outcome, such B S, zipper, is the smartest way to hire meanwhile, its most wonderful time of the year it's a inefficiencies in heading toward the play ass game. Their heating up there upon the Aarhus sports more web, you can watch him alive on your phone best, logo and Games and primetime NFL games for the at this season, the Aarhus it's my web. Wherever thou is take. One of them is the thing that is worse, celebrated, my friends
download the Aarhus Sports Mobile APP and make this an end. First season to remember where, brought to you, but Pakistan among the sweet classic cars or Joe House when we put our Roca ready for years, really tonight, not a positive has said. I talked about. The two great males I had in your city and then desserts, we talked about basically desserts korean food, an italian food and what makes for the perfect time restaurant listen ass, carbs or subscribe, and you hear all that and then we're we watch, was, I think, Thursday morning, the firm you know, I listen this one, even if you're not a huge firm fan, because there's a lot of Tom Cruise Wilfer Brimley, it just gets super crazy. Such
Those two out check at our new pack has two winging it Vince Carter, can't Bismarck anythin, Burke, breakdown life in the NBA, coming up, Mark Stein and then we're in thought to Chris Ryan about the Markov. Faults thing because that just broke so that's commit the tail end. After the mark style part which is over an hour and it's really get but first project before we get to box. I just wanna tell you next week December, eleventh you plug in this every time I have a pike ass from now. So then, Tuesday night HBO,
momentum generation. Documentary that I got above the pretty late, but it's fantastic It is directed, and can If, though, by the simplest brothers, who did the two Escobar said thirty thirty, which is when the best there, if there is, were dead, it is about Kelly Slater in the whole surfing generation and how they grew up in Hawaii, and I mention this because I really want you to watch this as well. The best documentaries I've ever been involved with an it's fantastic. Who sent you D, be ours, unjust and playing the seed. Every time you do a pack as from now. That is that I really way and watch this when you should trust my taste. This point, an estate watches momentum generation December eleventh HBO Eric. Let's break I stand online right now, my first podcast guest ever spring, two thousand seven. It wasn't even called the BS report, yet it was called I of the sports.
Which sounds like a Bravo series Mark Steyn was on that one. I had no idea what I was doing. I don't remember what we talked about. I have no idea how long it might. I think it was probably awkward a much more complex now, I'm at least semi Compass doing a smart guy now ready for the New York Times. Neither of us are at European House, for an internal market. I very good, I'm pretty sure I pulled back knows that in that I think I'd better. Even then, if I'm your first guess this thing, you do so I'm glad I was wrong. You're you're really wrong. It was not, and it's been very fine and Anna. I am now in year. Twelve Pakistan, when we started that first one and I think, You will see the Euro Chad Foreign Reserve, because I heard you or Chad Interview, Danny Ange is pain that calm and they said like podcast, that it was anxious this thirty minute interviews at yours at Chad. I think of him
to be chat. It wasn't me yeah saw her that there is a kind of get one of these and like a week later, they just sent me the equipment. I hoped it up and then I don't either email your text to the already remember texting back then, and as I get you just wanted it, you don't want to talk hoop yeah announced. Hey come on their some than I was the only guy who was available, but now that's right. Now you have a cod ray of people voice your theory, the poem near that is true. I do have Andrei yeah. That I was like, I think I said just come on, we'll talk hoops, I think that oh seven lottery was coming up in the player and of Canadair. Think so, you are in the heart of Lucca, led my beloved, Look at that age. My Maya croatian or Serbian. His croatian right, Albania, Slovenian, my slovenian Chirac and countries ray- I gotta- get to work on that, my slovenian send Luke advantage
I went all in on him this summer I went That's when two teams- ass, the name and then Atlanta shaded his rights and Sometimes I'm right. Sometimes I'm wrong. I'm really out of this one I was all in, he actually has a chance to make the OS thirteen. What has look a bed like in Dallas. It came ready man. That's what that's the crazy thing yeah! This is still Turks town and I've lived in Dallas for twenty one years. Basically, what, except for one year that I lived in beautiful Central Connecticut and I always say Dirk is bigger. He he he's arguably bigger than any cowboy, obviously cowboy the cowboys will always be king fear. Football will always rule, but I dont know the third any one cowboy that you can put ahead of dark that house anonymous. He is with Dallas Worth, but Turkey still playing he still active and the maverick
Luke adults should thing. I did not feel that coming before Christmas of his and he's nineteen years old, I I I not see it coming, but I also would have been surprised because I really thought people underrated how hard the yearly thing that he did last year. Was he end up playing like ninety games. He played against competitive league with really good angry crowds all over the place where you have to come. Your life so like it just a tad bitten danger, and he was like the crunch time guy for this team that the title at age, eighteen It seems crazy to me that that people became a part of the member state that I thought And he one euro basket too, I mean, can you might even be more impressed that the Key- and you know a team that at no they add other good players in brackets? Obviously maybe all started last year, but now he was the driving force of that theme and little Slovenia wind
Ro Basket, which you insane in international groups but I think you know about me, but for those that don't I don't watch college at all. Apart from my beloved calved, they poured in paying attention the big where I will not watch. One second of Duke Thy on Rowan. Bear it kid all you like, I did. I did my philosophy or we do. I will wait to be guided the NBA. A book is actually the guy that I knew in the draft lesser, because
I do follow european passports with degree. I've actually thin and play a yearly gangway family trip to the british people, you're gonna Africa, the employee for Real Madrid and yeah. I mean this guy. The euro is the highest level out by of the NBA it doesn't have. The letters is obviously but to environment, playing with huge steak and tat he would like for two year, though he I mean nothing. When you talk to her about LUCA Egypt, he was so much more ready for this, then Turk, whatever what the compare them but they all terrible past the torch and eat them into a bit like if you compare their lead up to coming into this leave I mean you know, Dirk, couldn't have been less ready and LUCA couldn't have been re. And you know that the yearly extensive going against adults
gone against physical play. He's gone against cheap, shower artisan people whereby these tracks playing on playing in stadiums with fancy who are really pissed off in an really fast. In China. Knock you at your game. There is really nothing less get you now and then, on top of it, the lead, the man games that they have to pay per year. I think that's the biggest the hardest thing I think college whereas when they come in is going from that in a thirty five game season to the aid to game season. Under percent right I mean bird again, the next four thirty days, If you even go back to the nineties, when you know all the great from Europe were coming over, you know the Euro League with much smaller back there. You know they were playing your twelve extra game, you're, not thirty in Forthinketh benefited from it and LUCA benefit
from it, they already went to another country and learned how to do that before they came to the state when they let you got here, even know how to write a check. You didn't know how to fill out a restaurant bill, but these guys went from small countries in Eastern Europe too. Big club in Spain, which no Spain is really become the to eat outside of the NBA until they already learned how to make that transition to adulthood before they got here. I think that kind of an underrated part of both of their success- While also being on teams with thirty five year old People- and twenty nine year old, teammates and people who are as good as ever gonna be in people are threatened by you and you you're dealing things that, if you're in college, like the situation, science and right now, the other two best airs and his team are both the same age is about freshman he's either
She's there for eight months, everybody's catering to every single thing here yet and by the way loves. I am not criticising I'm just saying he's inner. The kind of cushy situation there, some pressure, but for them smart. He knows it's, it's just as little pass and he's with people his own age Lukas experience with food. That was one reason I thought he was going to succeed and then He already had the step back jumper the aid through his watch the Youtube two clips last year. He had any. Lee NBA move that was gone, and to translate into the NBA. I don't care who he's playing it. That's that was in a but I'd be a move and then the vision was either thing. He already knew how to do these sophisticated driving he passes and you know, go into the lane and then find peace in corners that you don't know how we saw them he is so advanced that have you seen in Dallas a manoeuvre, therefore NASH, how would you compare,
the NASH, LUCA Kind of vision. What's funny. I remember vividly in June that I talked to a western conference. Exact and they were like. I said what you know: I'm I'm fro look on by you. Tell me more objec. What is this guy? That's a scenario and make bad fix what eight Eve match like man, that is, that is a lofty projection. You really think. I'm not a lot to advocate in the sky like best case scenario yet- and I gotta be honest- is good at the youth with everything we ve said in the priest. Even he looked shaky yeah I mean they played the Beijing duck and in that game I remember the pros three looked long for him and even just getting his steps right with you in the preceding he was taking one extra step, but I think he got away within Europe is getting calls were travelled. Now. Look and I you know
the way but even wave and about the way he looked in pick up or camp, I thought he was gonna look better than this, but the minute the Stevens Start, because if you go under, he hurt you. If you go over, he hurt you like the kitten, nothing bothersome yeah it just is so laughable unease. Ninety just with two thousand makes them and he's got a little bit of a nasty. A dry he's got into a couple times as with guys in the other team in exile. It's not like he's some soft you'd have stared took,
soft Euro type guy, like you, I feel like he has a little bit of an age. You met me more or less gallon air. No dirt pointed this out, and I think he is even exactly right. One another big benefit that that look ahead. If it differently winter came in twenty years ago, remember what prototyping fours work it was Carmelo yeah mean Duncan, was still playing next. The Robinson and Dark got thrown around like a rag doll with the way the game is called now, and you can't be his physical and you were even five years ago were ten years ago. That plays into his hand, do not because of any thought. Mister anything, but
the way the game is call it favours often suppliers than it just is just one more thing that helping him make this transition year poured there came in the late that is there in the NBA, hidden steroids era that nobody's ever. You may imagine at about four thou, as in every sport there, the interest go. Look look at the size of the dudes. We had back then and look at the size of the guys doubts its More Sleek athletic league. Now I think of you I saw I remember seeing Turkey's rookie year so that was but ninety seven then o thou endeavours, the lock out seas and re lock up air. I don't know if I saw him in person at first he was the first or second year n. He was clearly something, but it did my cue so tall and skinny, it was kind of hard to imagine where was going you now he clearly had a beautiful shot, but at that
at last a low post and it was like how does this guy? How? How would this work if he was the best part of tailored him and it was like how does this guy? How? How would this work if he was the Porn Taylor to him, and then I think by here three, all the it made a shitload of sense, but I remember the talents. Anything just just being sceptical skeptical. Look at that point. I am proud about being right about that one. But right is relative. I never could figure and say I thought you were gonna be an all time low. Tat. He was going to revolutionize the tradition score. Thirty thousand point than all that following there's, nobody predicted that twenty years ago, but I think he was going be an all star, because my my feeling was, I actually got to go to Germany and see him during the lockout. So I kind of saw him before he even got the doubt and when I watch them there, I just said what this guy has to cancel the shooting.
Ever been a step and put her. Who should like this. I he'll learn all the others, but why did you keep me and all of a sudden, a friend of mine, actually at last? When did you think he was Let me in all time great I I can't, even when they be and Antonio O within engaged seven, and I was fixed. I mean what Dirk has become as exceeded all ration. Expectation yet seem like at the May. I remember when he was coming to the draft and wheat. My dad now really room for this text again and we had no idea that paupers is going to follow us, but there is the latter bird buzz with a member and it was like this disease german bird describe. But at that point we did Have you tube?
You just had you carry out here if you even think about how like what we nine spring of ninety eight yeah and he played the hoops them again and went for your thirty two or whatever it. You know. I think it with bird who told jacket moment if you watch the state. You think this guy's gonna be the best play Europe, but even with that level of, but the draft with three months later and never still do not know what the nearly talked about like it. Would you imagine that now? Can you imagine a thumb? like that in the coop stumbled in March. That's all will pop about as I just liked it up as we're talking is. I interpret their incomes, Boston and lack a year. The game. I saw was his second season twenty six b to rebalance, but the EPA three minutes, but listen to the starting line up the sabinian dear dear Heart, Robert Pack and AIR Stricklin as the guards Steve NASH, coming off the bench
while sets abolish, also come after bench, knew its keep playing center. I guess Michael Findley, then you're fifth starter, who had sixteen ribands at nine point. Forty minutes Dennis Rodman Dennis how many times a day for them belong. If twelve games of might be. Writing why? Oh, my God minute the Dallas Mouth didn't even remember forty people, forty minutes it again for the barracks, no recollection of this. Used to shower before games, but not after what it was like a what weather, whose character what's hold that thought about dirt in the Dallas yeah cause. I want to come back to that gazettes, a grey conversation that done judge and gene in June, so that When's the tide onto those eleven dirt gets is belated recognition is one of the great now I think he's one of the biggest in the top sixteen. If I made my top twenty,
This is somewhere sixteen seventeen. I think you pass Malone. I think you pass Barkley think you might have even bestial reserving, but then the new five six years, frustrating trade, that you know back to Thyssen Chandler, leaving the next eight March, yeah. I guess next day they were never able to really properly defend the title a bit, in clear about four years ago that there is complete completely wasting their ex post prime. Gladys swings, Rondeau Come comes in and out through their mates, big sidings Wes bath. He is coming off an achilles that didn't work. They really paid for Harrison Barn Sue. I actually will management. They never some bards in your team. You just don't pay twenty four million they went through. The address Jordan, car wash and in came out covered in soap. Then finally get him. The share probably a couple years too late- it everything they did.
Just either didn't work or they had bad luck or poor vision or whatever you want to say, and then this interesting makes up for it. Did they know immediately that that was gonna be a transformative trader? Were they just hoping? I think they can't say that they knew for sure, but look Donnie Nelson, it you know, he's Donnie Nelson Player, you Donnie Nelson, is the one about Nelson will admit. Donnie Nelson is the one who found Dirk who pushed for NASH, and Yeah I mean this is no Cuban, I told them the other day you ve won. The lot be again like you know, now that the map finally have a poster future yeah and in India If one guy, if you look at it, you need three great players at these: two really can people,
I think we all know that in the end agree with that, though, there are still miles from that, but if this really, if Turkey last year, no matter what happens the matter who found that roster you got down judge you ve got a peace, that your fans are going to be excited about and keep the building for. Someone who Turkey actually hand the torch to I mean you're, making a lot for me when everybody wants to crush the heart that I know you ve been you ve been at the front of that line, but no, let's see what they get with this other pick. Dallas sent them uninstall it. Hot, but that there was no I'm not accepting that just that the horrible trade. My number one dollar. Five, a basketball team is to get somebody who can be the best plan entitled him, that's it
I don't care. Where were you can throw any other trade like our good there's somebody get these extra pigs like whatever that adoption. Was a trans, I felt like use a transformative prospect, the other people Where did the Ringer Kevin Oconnor charts the challenge we are What's going on how it disguise really that can go first, it seemed inexplicable. I didn't know he was gonna, be as accomplished as he is right away. I mean this is his averaging twenty points again, but Do you mean dodge it you're you're running the sun he picked up. I tell you that's at least a sensible to me, because eight and as a potential star centre and I personally would have taken dodge. I wouldn't have even blanked, because now I have Booker or an advantage in those guys can play together sector. The funny thing is I actually like Bagley, don't think in a million years, they should had taken him over damage and it's crazy to think of how much fun he would be.
On that Sacramento team, but It wasn't defensible and now is indefensible, but then ETA land at three with no identity whatsoever who who is never really had You know in all time, all time guy, I would say it- is probably eat the best They had maybe he's like this, it's the best part of our time they ve never had all we got out when the thought fifty I remember had em has in the fifties. Sixties. But they ve never had a transformative guy and to go online Entre on with this whole, we wanna, be God stayed in he's our current site guy. That's sees at a pretty from life than so next Donovan Mitchell. With a number twelve pick and the next rapid change went in the shade that picture the south for jailer Brown, but we can talk about that later. I think
interesting thing about: what's happened the maps right now, you don't have your pic. If you're the maps. Why not use the West Matthies expiring contract to try to make the play, like here in the middle of the road anyway, they I'll tell you that they are looking and they wanted. No question about that. You don't Donnie. Nelson is always acted and though you ve got ship, you know I don't. I don't think it's materialised clearly what out there yet we're, not even the December fifty, but there they are always on the lookout. Did you send them, but I would also say what is the rush, because ok, you make the play off in the west. Did you get your base, your brain,
kicked it in the first round, like there's, also some value to seeing what you have a barely play twenty game. Do they really know what they have you they gotta figure out, can Dennis with plain expedite judge, or is that no, no hope do we have to move Dennis Smith? I think Harrison BAR displayed great the season, and I do you know that no people going to that contract. I think he lived up to it in Dallas in tough circumvented working had to be the guy a lot of the time, and I know that some of them, I would not be in a rush to run away from him so I haven't, had are still figuring out how that, at the end of the storm base and settle down juice heresy, This makes it twenty five billion dollars a year. How that I have outlined today then began ass, a little outrageous. How that we had to break with sunburnt hotel tonight. Here's a little and sat or travel secret from our friends over there there.
Of empty hotel rooms wouldn't be backed, they ve partnered. With these ass test out themselves, those unsolved rooms, you get incredible, the US. That's why the car I'll tell tonight for thirteen inches? U s soul! list of incredible deals at court? Does the thank you level even give his short profiles of each I'll tell complete without the info. You need and pictures of what the rooms really look like either their name is hotel. Tonight there not just for last minute bookings book an advanced spontaneous. We can get a ways through day week, instigations road trips, business trips book you place or the poor what are we? What I thought I was doing that the second my daughter, as it has a soccer term in Irvine California. And I was ready to stay there. But she's got some birthday party Saturday night and I wanted to come back. So instead I get in there Dane Urbana go to the Red spectrum, one of my favorite outdoor mass, now drive and Back cuz, my daughter doesn't as one hang out anyway it's going amazing. Those incredible Taos, gotta hotel,
at that time or download the app right now. I love talked about this dancing. I so you say I don't know it the rushes, why? Why would they go for the paths to get their brains beaten it first them all. There is no great West team other than the warriors and who the hell knows where they're gonna be in April. I mean you can present any snared man me. I believe it that's one thing. Second, They actually have two different trades they can make. There is a way for them to upgrade their team in a really significant way, so that the West Matthies contract, that's an expiring in its efforts at the key makes like seventeen or eighteen. You go out and get somebody who's a legitimate asset for that they I mean they could go the next right now. And say take hard away back. Get him a few bucks for next year. You can spend as a shitload of money
heart away by the way is, is a legitimate score and I saw him impersonal answer I'm impressed by like eight ye somebody that could be in the eight hour day in crunched time on. Good teams are filling but they could say, will take back hard. Always contract will take that off. The books give us Frank: Middle, a canker minimal. I concur the iraqi smoke sitting that are needed. They knew a canker, neither canker nearly can't live beloved, wife, the love by the retail item, six eggs and he's a phenomenal dabbler, but you got that right, o body, I feel like I'm on too By the way, who is a better fate thanks to dodge because he can guardy, you know he can cover up by some defensive side. Weren't. You bet you ve been bugging my phone, it's pretty scary and when we say the exact same thing now, I'm work now. I'm officially worry so you pay You do hard away. We'll. Take archways contract. Fine. Give us he smokes.
And will give you the West Matthews expiring contract in our second round peck. Whatever and if the next you gotta think about that, because They care about his Katy this summer, I'm gonna run in him and they they feel like they have a real chance to get him, and I think the fans water in the media wants it and the warriors went again there's a cat. To be maybe one three straight now he's gotta go his own team got the big apple. The biggest challenge left in sports is to turn the next round. And you want to have that cap space, so the thing is Hardway makes them or too good for the I am sweepstakes and that's another. Then they have to think about. Is you have between fish there who coaches is ass off every game and seven is different. Deeds, like you, gotta figure out D, want the ninth pair, like if you put Zion an image. I think that would be my number one Non Boston sports wish for the night to get Zaire because I went to a game on Saturday night.
Your friends we're losing their shit over a manual Moody and Kevin acts and Mitchell Robinson they I acting like it was gave some of the fires put Zaire and there it's all over, so I really hope that happens, but anyway, so If that lets say they get hard away for that hardware ended and frankly smokes for just that expiring. They still the Danish Smith card to play in this is another philosophical discussion. Now the mouths fence this The number one topic right now can data Smith Play with dodge, or Dennis Psmith, a winning prayer and it's a tough one thing for work for the mass and just people, Father team, because he's a really good kid and people like him. I'm not sure, he's a winning player on that show. He makes sense in two thousand nineteen and beyond and I'm not sure he makes such with with dodge. I think he has allowed a trade value so much Question is is two to stab deal. Were you then turn him into
something else that can help you. Either a little more immediately or you. Good chance on somebody else's lottery, pick like jazz Jackson is getting buried in Phoenix or whoever is that to step move and with an eye tat, I'll talk to you into this here's the thing I think the matter. We all know that there is almost no one who has done worse than free agency over the last two decades than the map yeah every time they back apps faith they struck out somehow, but I think they do want to go.
In the summer, with tat space, if they can now they have Luke, maybe LUCA Allure is LUCA gonna, be the first European who actually attract other players because of the way he play. We don't I don't about. I don't have all the numbers in front of me: maybe they can do you're mythical heart away deal would not mess up. There can't be too much, but they're they're not gonna, take on long term money unless they really like that because I think they do want to take the space and see what they can do. I don't care about the spaces budget for this year, because out of date, they're gonna get anybody heartily contract, I think, expires after next season with the guy he'll, be thinking about a found them as Davis. Everyone Davis, either headed to the Lakers at the south. Ex nobody by the way knows anything major issues. And I want to talk about this with you in a little bit about this new era, where anywhere
Information is being led directly from the teams to reporters to get it out there that this is happening, and meanwhile nobody knows what to believe We have no idea where Davis's going. I thought, if I One point, I would say, he's gonna Lakers because he said with rich part, but I don't know that my point is if I die judge from what we ve seen in year, one and then a near to a goes up a level. I think they be I'm a legitimate Davis suitor fee. If he is going to free age, if the falcons don't trader, ok, you think you're gonna have to trade for David. Yet where the New Orleans New Orleans either point nor have got, is gonna offer him. The two hundred plus million extension baby doesn't take it. You're gonna have to trade, but don't you want to save your trade ships for the trip? For that great you have it. You know I keep seeing that people think
new Orleans is gonna trade Davis Ike in February Cassie believes that now it now rumble efficacy, if I'm them Basically, if I give up by Davis, I might is one that a basketball new worlds I some last night, so red tape decided Tuesday there last night. Their plants, somebody good daylight de la who they lose to last night. It was a close one or two Somebody last night now they lost, they lost to arm crap on blanket clippers yeah. I was watching now unless they. It's a Monday night in New Orleans and you can see the empty seats. It's a really good game. The cook reserve number one in the west, you know New Orleans, they have Davis Edit They bad about nine thousand people. There I mean who are actually the building as you ve trade em, you you'd, you eat you base.
They just move to Seattle. At that point, I if I were them, I would write it out because he is an all time guy, and it just never worked out for anyone whose trade in autumn guides never worked out. I can remember one example: What's so you you to read them in a year? What would you do maybe only way you can even put him to the pole, but New Orleans moved them even if Davis tries to force it, and yet we have a new agency, a very influential agent who can get the gun but fell back. Gotta come from Anthony David would you want to go now and he's not gonna. Do that's. Why are they come here and see a key to love Genuine, we love New Orleans can have a great relationship with that. Very few really wanna be the bad guy or through the way out in February
I'm not. I don't believe it and there's other moves for their tail. I beg you go free. But they are the Boston right now and say Roger anyone a red reigned, other starting TIM Frazier Ring Cosette and our Long Alfred pain is gonna, be out by the way when you're relying it out for paying that's a bad sign itself. Although he has played well, you up, they went out be even less healthy for a nine gives if they went to Bosnia like give us rosier and will give you a picks up our pig with your pack top ten protected. Whatever I do we'll take it add to pieces with the team there have. And still makes a noise cause. It goes back. The loathing I the west to me is not like out this year. I think there's a lot of good things, but there's no great teams and they have the best, prior, probably in the whole conference other than the ran, an endless play off the map. So I don't know I just I wouldn't trade him, but I think time
we're on the same page, because LUCA is going to be an attraction that guy's Fucking Fund a play then he's going to make you better and fighting your checks, because Davis thing more more like you did not play out on the public and making the offer Emma. I e we ve been guys that hate that do come back, maybe said about taken it, I'm ready to move on summer time, either from the do that and then come to sweepstakes bakers and clippers avi Lakers in stopping at the front of the line. Could they both have the most that that would mean that the same reason why people say maker should treat repeal right now, though they shouldn't trade would be all right. Now, the Lakers I'm not gonna win at all this. You don't start slipping into that cat of great young at that now it just too soon. If you're, the Lakers boy love,
We disagree. You mean you, ok for your your magic doubt. That's for sure. Ask you to be rational about the Lakers, but you can't trade too without young guy now for peel and then now and then gave us become the bail bonds align bought blot, half your cash eg. You can't do that. I couldn't fatal Bonn and rapidly feel what is that get you in the West Could I turn anger and some expiring into Bradley Bill? I can't do that. I've. I I personally would not want to do that and then come to find out in July that I would add that it probably getting at the gate, I'd like brain and anger, but his brain and Ingram that get a research that there's some little Laker Hype thrown into that. I watch him in a fan.
I think there is you, make an almighty in wrath each week rest this evening, because he stopped programme figuring out how to play with the broad which, as we speak in his problem, if not the easiest thing to do as they had happened. Love does not get enough credit for how well he survived abroad. Coaster all those years in Cleveland visiting me I get it. I just I saw Ingram person a few weeks ago and still not positive what he is because to me it looks like he's, is six four ten shooting out, and I'm not or what that is vague aid like forget the direct comparisons, it's that stop, but he, just he's got a really strange body for what his skill set is, which is think a shooting thirty he's not he's, not somebody who is everything. Anything other than a perimeter? Prayer Annie, a tall and I dont really know where that goes. I still like him. I still think he's a top thirty I've trade asset but
could turn him in a Bradley bill whose only twenty five, who I am it has been in a really after situation washed and playing with a point out just thinks he's better than he is. A variety of bad coaches of holiday bad GM ages. A bunch of really weird teams- bill, I don't know. I like the way he cares himself and I thought in the play out two years ago against Boston. I thought he was awesome. I really of them. I think I think Could be this if lebruns the best guy either kicking me. The second best guide finals them you'd have to I have. I don't want Bradley Bill, I'm not disputing that in any way, shape or form. I just think it would probably cost the lake two of their price for young guy. Get him. If I dont know that they could get him, I would do Airum unexpired listener.
Hold your taking yourself out of gave it. I dont know if you are, though, because the Brown is making like what thirty five bill makes Twenty five snub had sixty other than I had all bunch, young guys and expiring contracts. I still feel like I could financial aid, so I can have our three potential. Your ear guy Danny has such a war chest of tradable PETE, the jail empire. Davis is gonna, be traded. You're gonna have to come up with an amazing off the beat. What Boston can put on the table. The problem is they're gonna want Tatum it it's gonna, be staring contest, overtaken have all the good players. I hate you. I hate to break it. I our employers, that good, I don't know. I would let her alone we have three weeks ago. We are what what is it? What is termed the terminally? Users Bert not revenue sharing with star sharing aware get that, while in the by what it whatever that term, is the big whisper.
Superstar sharing or whatever the worse, and I happen to Boston this season from a Davis standpoint is the regression that jail and brands had where You finish last season, and I can we can talk about- ten thousand informatics, but jail and Brown was head of Whereupon George, was after two years, but in every respect, offense, defensively, thereabout, even and then the play effort said he got in those first, two seasons were almost unparalleled anybody to go like two, quite Leonard to first similar comparison of egg, the matter the games he was able to play in. Succeed in jest, like you, was an incredible asset and now he's regressed, and I think he would have been the linchpin of a Davis trade. But now I don't think he's
way he's your grasp that I don't think you know the earth off yet even in their different role. If it's a completely, I mean they went from the main to Tunisia. Hope like I know about my point: is he be the lead of it of Anti Davis package right now, the way his play you, I need a killer incredible asset as the lead of their past If I'm Channel David emailing Brown sacrificed bade him to get Anthony David that, when, with apologies to felt vaccination. I m is great, but I can't get their aim I can't get their mental. I can't get their mentally. I think he's I think, he's a future we began it to me I can their dodge class of I just I can't get there is
if they said horrified and Tatum for Davis right now. Let's go, I don't know, I don't be a tough one. Have you seen Anthony Davis like I have? I have seen him play? I think he is probably the most talented power forward. I've ever seen other than ducking. Would you say we might have to really start saying nice things, but the EAST Anthony David Bead and MR on the same conference in July, Oh my god, as I saw Giannis in person on Saturday, Let's take a break zone without whether a Carmelo Anthony Matthew, delved overdraft kings, TIM Fares, the ringer, nearly half moon entrepreneurs, businesses have in common, he's not in their to get customs Zan created for their brands, websites and books. That's right today show is brow to you by ninety, then decides the global Chris.
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with NBA stars. It's like a final lever, I'm not even positive. It happened with Turkey, it my but I'm not positive,. Yeah. This has reached a point that we need, he's in your town? You have to go. You have to you have to go see the dude in person and end. It is the final level of ebbene stardom, where not only that you have to go to know what you have no I'm a guy in a week. When was the last time we said that never seen a player like him I've never seen a pair of his skill set is an absolute one of a kind. We need the weird thing about him, as he is not even a finished product, yet I don't know think I think him be two years away from being as good as he's ever gonna, be he doesn't. He can't really shoot it set the ball. Almost six like a golf ball, his hands at filling his fingers are just too big and he's just figured out how to get lapse and dogs and runners in,
Follow is and offensive ribands and put back in the Alps, and he can get to thirty points without really having a kind of go to shot. I've never seen anything like it he's the first nonsense. I've ever seen in my life, whose a guaranteed thirty but is it really a score one points the night in the pink yeah n n N. And he plays really really hard. That's it's one of the things I love about him and I love about Zion he's dying your boss, he's balls out whole time. He never dogs. It he's Phenomenal shape is doing China Chase down box at every every fast break in the stuff that he does with with the steps with his ability to go from. The three point lied to the basket in two steps in the Euro steps and his footwork. He just incredible- and I can't say enough about what I say to you- can't put a precise enough to go, see him in person they don T just
only reason in Dallas now that five years later, people could finally start to pretend to come to grips with the fact that Donnie Nelson, with begging the map to draft this guy and they did Could they could about unified? Where draft that wasn't a slander by any means? Nobody there There are a lot of possible red flags without giving thank Grainy film from three just happens? Why just like How rough is background was in Greece in just a thought ledges getting him into America and putting him here and Put him in the NBA like what kind of a man must leave now. I hope with great I actually know walkie is actually I love going there at the visitor up would get better,
that I would move air, but I dont mind drop in even in the dead of winter to visit their at. I love how much loved the walk. I really hope. I don't think it's a great story that he fallen in love with, with no walking. I think he stays and and you know it addresses one of those things I got em I ran on a park ass one stock about why he loved the University of Texas as a year. Only there, eight months like who cares breakaway, reads, events small moment in your life. Like you know up until now. Point a grown up and like DC in absolute, from no money whatsoever, and it was the first time he has nice room with a bed in a place they eat every day and all these new people to hang out with it. You meant so much to you. That was you the first time you that's had all that, and I do There is part of that with the honors go in Milwaukee, where from
He came from two. He strode into this situation and from day one. It's like you have nice place? You have money, you of all these people love you. It's really hard thing to walk away from so I wonder why they were. What am I favour thirty one of my first story that got to do the pies, but they sent me a walk. He regarded, and I you know, I'm sure you pray heard it he wanted. You know he moved before last be removed from the first play. He was living in into a bigger house and he wanted to have a garage sale because you know He always says I'm a world class fellow, you know when you use the Katy had always good to make money in Greek and he did still wanted to have a garage, sale and fellow staff at the box were like. You can't use Juliana pathetic. But you can't abacha radio you can't see backing up there has got that. Great story who is it your top for this guy.
Town, I have to make sure that this game right now. Gaming is definitely one of em you know I m p. I just love like he doesn't play a beautiful game yeah, but I love the whole. I get bigger than entertainer. It is good it. We ve got right now gathered saying what he might day what he might do. You think indeed, Siemens Combo, as is kind of a must say at this point, and now you throw butler than it could I get hot looked at another stir. So I mean they ve got, but they ve got quite a quite a crew of irritant there. If they get a bench, they're gonna be a hand, and, I think Davis in person it's like a drop. Everything think go, see him, but it's like a tiny bit below. The next level it is
find the same words just cause that you'd just now prepared for this Green Riley herbs in person is doesn't seem right was gathered by I I I love camper. Am I loved yoke it I'll yoke is a good one, YO cages like he looks like he came out of, you know like a beer league we say it is uniform, doesn't fit he's my body and the guy who killing it well, what's happened, but look at that right now. How does he alone intergalactic? It takes a lot of grief for it here and certainly I think you'd conditioning is going to have to improve. Totally understand how it can even be an issue when your nineteen in plant hooks everyday. I mean- I don't know about you, but at one thousand eight hundred and nineteen I was still a stick, so I don't know why,
He's always played a little bit on the heavy sigh, but to me that, like he's got a figure that out yeah going you'll learn the diet, burn the NBA way and that you mean go to another yoga, probably go up a couple marches, because of that I mean he yeah. I don't see. That is any kind of real concern. I know people love the fixated on it, no way he's gonna go through some he's. Gonna have some sort of blood, or next even it'll, be thought more changed or whatever it is. You ve not just gonna. Have this freight line path, all guy get that period where they look like they taken up like that of in vitro going right now and looks like they ve taken a step back and they forget how to play, and I gotta do it, though there is no question you gonna have challenged the
the way but far ahead of the game? From from what we expected? Well, I think I said some opponents have you I said this last week- I think- would set some apart from A lot of these other great ruggleses, some, some even semitic, Mitchell last year, I can go for fur for four nine for thirteen point to be the best buy in the game, and that is the difference. When you can control a game offensively without taking lotta shots. That's not a long list, especially for not nine point guards. You we ve seen point guards do but not. Not that perimeter presages doesn't happen very often hate Let's talk about what suck my dick in them at their cause. You said this to me: and it's really interesting, because
the Dallas Cowboys first cowboy second cowboys third cowboys forth and then probably maps fifth, and then I don't know who else after me, the Rangers, the whatever hockey dated wealth and yet Dirk is the most famous I've heard. You say this about that he's the biggest ass. I think I'm trying to think like our. I will look for our aid weren't you and I are the benefits for our age. It landward it Roger STAR back but like
he now today you know my kids, don't don't know Roger STAR back like the cowboy divided we have multiple superbowl and great run. Yo Yo, Aikman Urban Smith, but like the duke, does any one cow white like new whisky part the Dallas, I would aren't. You know how I got twenty one. The same theme never been done or half coolby he's gonna finish the fixed all time leading score. Thirty thousand point revel changed his position. Tragedy took the loyalty to the city, never even thought about leaving you know what would we We start out talking about the seven eight years of misery since the championship has never looked at going elsewhere. You don't think that you know the warriors wouldn't have wanted him as a hired gun off the bench. At some point I could have gone somewhere, but he doesn't even
look anywhere else something he is. I call him the godfather of Dallas Sports when something happens in Dallas when the cowboys win or lose when the ranger it have a heartbreaking ending to with even when a people are sitting around Alice, wait what Turkey and its we, what method has taken a tweet too. You know to try to cheer up cowboys band after a bad law for thought. Let me in that it's kind of the war we have about, so you think once he won the title, that's all he cared about. I mean yes, Egypt.
Changed. It changed his pipe in his brain. Even PETE, I mean you, I don't know appeal ever admitted or put it like that. But if we didn't have the championship- and we would all look at him differently and I don't think he would be able to put up with the last year since the championship I mean yeah, you would have had to go somewhere else. If it didn't work out bombing, the championship did change. It change the time. Which would you haven't top twenty pleaded, never championship news, probably cause in thirty thousand points, but he would have been right in there with Malone Barkley in those guys end Ironically, he would have won one anyway, because just acting He ends up on the two thousand fifteen workers right that first worst aimed at point that team of smart enough to have pursued the ear there's this whole endorse history. That's where he goes any becomes basically like, oh away, better SAM Perkins fur.
Straight. Where's teams makes in threes now that I loved and looked at it, so it so hard to imagine that now he has, but yet, if it twenty fifteen- and he hasn't one one by that- I think it. They gotta talk again. Will you did NASH? he's better than this part a couple times and we ve talked a lot about Whether you know, if you do, when a title as it is you can still fully completed, fear superstar I think, he's come to grips with it over there. As for years, because he was out some great teams. And you see Hindu, there's you ve seen Barkley do this in some other people who were in a Jiffy Eight players who easily could have wanna title and a couple breaks, went against Salman, it didn't happen and they talked selves into. She's much lucky much lucky need you now and I think, a doctor NASH about like oh five or six or seven. They really could have one any those years if
an injury, doesn't happen or for bad break or whatever, and even. Two thousand trentine, though our test bacon that crazy put back Bagshot there yes made files that year and its are there. They eventually hit a level where they just at peace, with everything you now.
Another man asked me national park. We are wired. Just so uniquely, like NASH, really is one of a kind in terms of how much he put into the game during his career and now after life, around basketball. Upon he's, with the warriors a couple times a month to three days, even contact with current that people there, but it's not even keep these bees broadcasting all the soccer. Now yeah I got it, you know is movie pursuant to them. There are so many other things in life. It you just. Don't you guys wired like he is impartially. Is you don't love life lived his best life all the time I mean for the Mega star that he is. I can't mp in shock or both just remarkable, how comfortable they are around crowd and people.
Everybody out in a peep them like they're, just like I we do we really like John Stock. Will we ever know how it fits within the EU and waited all can be ever get to that answer? Probably not your arm alone. I would love to know how you really feel about it. I'm not sure will ever get that answer. After doing I dont know that it is easy for those guys as it is. National Barkley just live a different kind of life, most human or camel and prevent a tractor right now. So I think he's fine sprays privileges site going through some cornfield since and some giant fine by me, the little matter. I'm you need to go to the lake within tape. One of the most viable pay cuts an MBA if Rico monitoring yeah, I think there could have done it. I think he's too competitive. It's funny, how just kind of goes away.
What you know the maps out are the at that big sexual harassment that all scandal that job? dad alarm four six seven months and was really bad and really reflected badly on Cuba. How much of affected that have on the franchise and out how much as LUCA helped kind of help. Commanded, the haze and that now that the Theatin started, you really don't hear much discussion about it. The other it hit was it like February's when it came out last year and the investigation kind of consume the whole summer when people are really paying attention, though yeah because of Lucca, because the team is started pretty well it faded to the background for now but yeah, I even pay myself
I don't know if you remember this burden in night. Ninety eight I was built Dallas morning do and I wrote a story about the mouth investigated, to redeem Austrey for sexual harassment and at the time it still probably the hardest story. I've ever had the cover. You know that you're, that's real, not now Trevor reader getting traded. This is real world stuff. I was a young reporter
didn't really know what I was doing the best I could on it. But after that you know, I dropped the Balkan. I I you know I was no longer the beat writer, so I didn't know everyone in the organization like I get back then, but you know I'm so focused on prompt action than just championship than all the things that we get wrapped up in and I never followed up on an urgent when, when, when all when the depth of that came out, I mean I was shot. I would really disappointed him. I felt like I can't believe some of these stories and I've. I've never hurt them like it was bad. It was it was. It was really really sordid and I think that the sad reality
a lot more about it happening in the NBA Urban has come out in your will, probably here more stories like that unfortunate. Where was the reaction in Dallas and added effects, Cubans kind of legacy and standing there? I don't feel like because you know again because it all played out in the summer and You know he made a big donation, but there was no long standing penalty. I dont know that people are really even talking about it. I mean anymore. I don't think I haven't really ass. I haven't really taken a pole. Saw me- maybe I'm just speculating here, but I haven't really heard it raised that all this is done.
Damage his legacy of inflicting a we judge. We judge owners on championship- and you know he's been so committed to the man in the south, the nautilus with the bad. I made the great question I you know, I don't know, I don't know if it's you know to what we had quote Yad. It did seem like a faded away, but I, so agree with you that I think there's gonna be more stories in the NBA there's thirty days in all sport, but in a week it's terrible, I mean the it'll well, what just happened, the pollen door ceremony in thought. Where are you kidding me like it? unbelievable. It the way women get treated in in the sports realm adjust it blows your mind. How how is life been differences? You ended up at the New York Times.
Leaving cool like I'm still, I'm stuck in newspaper geek to this day there, like I just every time, I'm in the paper The New York Times debate is if they knew it organization. The paper is only one part of immediate, really pride itself on the whole digital experience that that the time has, and obviously the daily, this hugely successful news path, but you know, like I'm, I'm still an old school while I'm in the paper yeah. I love it when I'm in when I'm and when I'm in the Sunday or Monday paper on just one of many international, version of the fine. I'm you can't even talking about that. I'm giving you used to like the the actual crafting a story in the reporting and all that stuff, the lad the last four years, especially where, together to European it, was become. Something of an arms race, and you know who got who got the
refers to get the scoop whose, able to get on the CIA can't bottom. I think I remember we'll talk about it. That's all they cared about. If you knew I mean you know just fifty or even it LUCA dont, you explain that. I get me a paragraph. The fact that you can't be that that bake about I? Never we would argue back. Is I never understood thy coup? Frigging cares? Who got the scoop? Blankets, it's gonna come out anyway, already discussed airport. This, like everyone, themselves so crazy, trying to make sure they don't get beaten? These different things, but actually I was wrong. It became Natalie. Cottage industry, but it really became arms race that I just never, I think
the biggest things that change about the NBA. This decade is the fact that I think the audience have the tools to follow a minute by minute now better than they did Trenton years ago. Good, like I always might might periodic do like the audience, and I do it in the sports that I'm passionate about at the fan see all the game? So we think we can coach better than the coach. We think we can GM better than the GM. Why am I going to listen to the right if they don't want your opinion, but what what the audience? What the public doesn't have is the rumors that what might happen who might get traded who might get fired, like that's the key that people want? be armed with an it's a joke. If ever you can deliver that there is, there is value and that right
Do you like where this is going on, because I feel like I like it in some ways but ass feel like there's more favoured trading than ever again, We are now in a situation where, as Bessie, You make friends with somebody who's like a director, scouting or assisting code. Sure, like you, know three levels below and the GM and that person will feed That's an you by the way, I'm just saying in general it will again a regulation you make you make for The lower run people and then, as their sand. There's some food for trading, in that it leads to the hall job openings up, you know would be grave for this job and you recommend your friend basically and then people that are in power the GM or a coach, and you you know Joe Rapporteur: have some get there a little bit and now they get all the information from it, and I just one. If it's too cushy now idle,
I look it's like I tweeted yesterday about Kenny. I consider the broken guy when he got hired ever greater. Can he acts and greater? I watch its games. I think they're like in seventeen There are many in the last three minutes of every game there. It there really bad like they ve they ve blown more games, I think than anywhere I watch em they pass through sheer they run bad place, come at a time ass they give up play is like it sure, is good coach, but if you just far- and what do you think he's like you, the next read our back and I just might My thing is that I am more reluctant to believe stuff than I think I've ever been before with basketball coverage. That weird now like, I know what you're saying and is there some of what you described nope, because what everybody in this debate there is great, pressure to try to get information mean everybody does the thing to me about that, while journalism today,
so many good people doing it. Caitlin news piece out of it just waiting features which, as you know, now become my emphasis at the time like come up with a good idea in the NBA for a story but has never been written, that his heart is breaking five star is true. There are so many good writer right now who are covering the way every single day. There are two or three features that you just go muttering it I got. I got a famous I gotta, wait. I'm in the leg is just covered to such an insane degree that, yes, it is a challenge, but I can only speak for the way I try to do it in the matter.
I hear the matter. Who tell me something you know I will try to get it from two or three other people to make sure it's right, make sure I'm not being led astray. That's your responsibility to make sure we get like you every Bengal day in the fleet. There that's the way it is reporters get told stuff, but we also get life and its your job to try to figure out when you're being played in that if your responsibility to do that, I am pie, probably fathers too closely and know too much, but I bet I'd, buy my child. How much water is being cared for people these days just in general, and you can kind of sea you, the three or four. People. Everybody has that they're, just gonna write them most fire thing about it's. It's almost turned into its. Ask above version of light, the celebrity journalism firma from vanity
air places. Tat were, but now I think the reader see eye if I hope so that the public is stopped. The basketball public is so much smarter than What do you mean there are so many reader to know the cap better than I and it's my job? No, I mean, I know it's just different from when we were in Iceland. Colleges as huge family. I mean that the modern fan is so much more educated funny when those tweets go out. You'll look in the comet. You see plenty of responses. Like oh you're just here did you know how can a bit I could eat your daddy. Make people pay now. Will you know it's crazy has had the coverage of the coverage has become something where we have a situation, especially with that the internet message board things like that. But there is a crazy thing happened a couple weeks ago, the Chris Haines Reds for YO.
Was seen in the stands at a Laker game Brandon lambs the kings assistant GM for a while, and then clearly talking and then, Like seven days later, Christine's wrote a piece about have kings where it really was really dissatisfied with Davy Agri was a play badly enough and everybody how to connect the dots. And said he was the source of it, then he appeared for a week before some mysterious reason. This areas like family messrs something happen in any way back in the kicked him out of practice, This is a stuff that would never have happened ten years ago, where you're talking to a sore said a game and people actually
watching my nose the summer Lila give you. If you had so many LEO out about journalists, journalists that is but a violation. I cannot believe that stuff was written like so ok, so I'm talking, you see me at a game talking the lever and yes automatic. We noted that the fourth my story, you what we were talking about like right? You can't believe that happen like it's up. You know that so far out about for journalists to do it to another turn with any to put a dump? but now we have so many journalists at these games and Brand Curtis Road thing by the way bright, so explain the bankers. He wrote the thing about the sidling up, explain the origins of that story cause we do know when he wrote the story. Well, look. He talked to win or for it I you know. I don't know it Brian heard it from some other thing. I just know within the animal.
Ramona and I used to like, we would call it filing, and I I I thought from a fine Bob You know I'm a Yale fan and buried the whole idler episode. There's a guy in a lane. Bob is to tighten up the her when she thought looking and yet, though, just stop Ramona and I have always called it. Finally, we got a spider. We gotta find a way to know title How do we final abroad? How do we get him away from the pact in another following guy you're following I bought this become a net with a warrior, especially like the warrior it if a Larry? If the watch after a game the race, reporters to try to follow Patey out the door, routing downloads or forget that we would just we in a week jokingly, would call it so
so I got passed out of the window ass generous. You should be honoured here, the gotta, whether win or bad. When heart, then he heard it from some. I think Chris Carmathon is the one that he he had broken. I guess Chris Thomas by also so that we never whoever said that if the fight felt that it is a fine I'll bet so whoever it's an arms race now you're in lacquer and there's more people than ever everybody's just trying to get somebody to one on one, but as they doing it, three other people are watching them. Do it and wondering I just let's be so hard to get a name sources. The commission, where the easy way down the demon texting right, because we now
at an answer. If it to fit the twofold pick on the negative side, there is more people came than ever anyone. You know what I was when I was just a beat right or twenty years ago, even after the man got NASH and bid them out of nasty bit in Finland, cuban donor in Delhi, the coat fill a lotta practices with just the start telegram and me yeah. You were the only to write your maybe a couple of maybe there's five writers, maybe they're dead, but you'll, nothing compared to now
game. Try to have a conversation at the game. You gotta have a prior relationship with the prior to the private, get them alone or if it's not gonna happen up for the most part, reporters still respect. If now, if I walk in the lake or locker Room and Ip Christine is talking of a broad one on one adopted, a joint compromise based ragged, you reached back the one on one and you don't intrude on that, but you gotta have the relationship to get the one on one then there's the flip side, then there's twitter, where all the players follow writers and you can have twitter relationships with the guy. Now that's something I know you always talk about, Ryan, and yet we talk about the glory Dave and how it will never be a good at that. Intuit decree I'll agree with him. I don't want to. I don't wanna disagree too loudly with alleging. That is Bob Ryan, but Twitter has given us the ability to connect with players away from the court that obviously his generation didn't.
Yeah, it's funny his generation appetite, but this before one of my favorite basque bob, this caused the short season by powers he spent spinning the seventy eight bastards ethics, Big pirate you're reading it and he's just after games gonna the scotch and Sir Line in Heaven stake, dinners with Dave Collins, and you have just have a check. Why this has never happened before, but you know how to deal with the better. I know, but you know what is it I didn't cocktails Tommy heights in in the hotel barred. Three in the morning, as he's Tonia much any line, I went flying a flying with these guys, the next morning, after all, on the fair commercial flight but oh yeah, and their connecting I, when I regarded I, I started in the ninety three. Ninety four charter just become the norm pretty much? Everybody was chartering by the time I start, but I never got like when I started. I did at least get to stay at the team
how, on occasion, but I had ever had bad experiences of actually flying with you know. Larry Bird on my flight, and I mean that would have been at which it would have been incredible. Yeah I mean you have. Forty years ago, you're on a flight with the south eggs going to Detroit but you're, connecting through washed in its into our delay, you just in the airport, with six ethics, getting getting tidbits from them did the difference now. Forty years later is ah oil. Indeed follow me on Twitter, I think of them Oh now I have this relationship with them. Hey Bob. I now the said you have immediate access to these guys, and as you know, they spend I am looking at their votes and they
the headphones on the human interaction is. That could be the same. How much I was just I was just in California and my bet- threat from high school name. Dave out of the business is not a journalist without Egypt asked me: what do you guys really look at their phone number you should fit? You should see the warriors after you walk in a warrior locker after a game thereon their scrope, wet weather. It's I don't know, I don't know, there's Roy! waiter, Instagram or whatever it is, but you see them scrolling Oliver. Significant right now. I know he's actually listing is paying attention so her. Yet no it's it's it's funny. That air from forty years ago can define, but that arrow is thy great everything's human interaction. We didn't have any sort of internet anything. We have cable, really and everything was done, face to face and how you handled? U business and all that stuff? this carnero basque or important Carter. What life is like, you know: people,
It's much harder to get one on ones of people. It's much higher to have those interactions like that, but you also have twenty four seven access to. Basically anyone you on a year marks, Chris answered Zack or name anybody. It's it's never ending! Well of people. You can reach out to with little quick tax, Hey man, nice game tonight, well. What do you think? The butler trade like a year, Europe in somebody's life constantly, but you re the only around. I may have you without you even asked oh yeah beautiful. He added that's a monetary union baby. It's because I don't want to take this for granted. The other thing is: if the basketball public didn't have the appetite for this stuff, but I dont know that it would be best where mean bad,
This is my twenty six season and the lead has never been hotter and people can't get enough, and you know, as Egypt, youth, it seems like every day, there's something else Craig and yeah. You see it when, when Rachel Nicholls does her show in there every day the timing and the thumb Roma and you got worldwide while it is always did he oh capture than it like this every day and and you can't, you cannot feed the beast love right now, the only thing that hasn't changed at the next those suck. Maybe you're willing them via fixed it out in a fine Katy they're gonna buy on paper. Its desire to remain. I went so when two I went back to New York for women, goblins Memorial and Saturday and I with one speaker to go because
I want to get an Xbox game and I thought if anyone would have appreciated this, it would have been Goldman, who love the next by then, and why and went to fit. Straight years of games. Thinking leg. The last twenty years of this guy's life, the next four terrible. Basically. It's so long, my daughters thirteen now it feels like a she's, been in my life for a hundred years, like the maximum terrible for eighteen years, she's they ve been terrible for five more years, then been born other than these little tiny blips Anna I don't know it's it's the one fair base now that the workers have been taken care of Keziah degree Phoebus the sons, the sense of had at least fun teams over the years and good stars in great moments. You now, unlike. I had the kings of b, I guess the other remembered, but the kings don't have the generations of fans that I think the Knicks have, but you stuck on, the fair basis. The next year
Clearly the number and tries to Buffalo Braves. I know those fans are proud. Torture, darted on the brake, don't get me started. We would not now be looking now got a kid. My is still my favorite place. The goat brigades dont know not our media deep, I've gotten considerably worse over the years, so that children from because man for most of my time covered the leak that we would get those baseline feet energy and what I mean the unbelievable atmosphere. You really just felt like a heart it somebody then it's every time you went to that building. I would say, Boston Oakland in the next are the three best experiences, but I gotta say two thousand the fires in Dallas was pretty great. I don't know what tat crowd brings it to the table week after week I just found out fine. Always pretty gray arena have been pretty fall for your guide dogs. Then my do. Did you know
I won't they bought shot at my rank, as I discovered fouled people, the best arena, peep by normal, our gas, the arena there. But you know there have those giant foul of people like those are just epoch. I think food at arenas is gonna, be one of the big trans over the next ten years. These celebrity shafts because they could actually make money check my friend Chang or as a package with that like he s a thing at the: U S Open, and I think at the Mets Games and my guess- that more and more that's gonna be happening, but what we have to go. We that'll be a topic of fur, has Carbs Stani MAO, This is a pleasure twelve twelve years, since our first part cast almost got rare, but do this again, come back right. Any time you need my man, any thought is great, talking a
its origin brain Chris right to talk about this mark, how false thing which broke a little bit late for us, but we want to get it in their because it's such a strange story. First, the fantasy so fast approaching, and if your team is in the championship makes for your real fantasy. There's always deal fantasy. You know, plan every week, I want two weeks ago fear the last I got a I buy, chaired gaff. What the hell are you doing less. We Jared hurt my feelings over and do I get the excitement of researching and building a team each week, regardless of the outcome of several at several more from the play? He even if you not a fantasy expert ready for a fresh start away from your fancy Tina let you down in the playoffs, come over defender five five hour bonus when you make first posit picnic fantasy team every week, another fresh starts: you need get back to work good offended outcome. Slash bs compared me friend, Oda
slash BS new years is only bonus that available for withdraw state. Major restrictions apply for full Jill ability, rules and terms and conditions there Fonda backup I it is late. Tuesday afternoon West Coast time the market for the latest and the saga broke today, Chris Ryan your title editorial director unaware yeah retainer thanks man, let's just say what utter it is to be like opening act for sustainable scrape liked for fifteen years. Just been listening to you and marking the ultram. These ties with beauty like one of my favorite bycatch, converse this guy, I'm glad you're here as well. Didn't expect you to be here now I may I guess it's like I'm always unsuccess duty rate like they're. Just there never boring. I don't feel like we ve had the floor. False conversations been awkward for us, so whole years been awkward for us. You, Yes, we're the Eagles paddles, who have grave bombing
to fill a special tattoo Gonzalez's guns, what's that from our slacks coded the and I bought the brings a then the faults, Tatum Thing that super awkward and now side even awkward anymore. It's kind of city said he had not just said. I think that's the reason why you're not seeing like some of the same lake gawking there happens and we obviously la speculation in everybody's wondering what's going on, but there is empty stories where people are like Oh, my god, we gotta do is get into the bottomless in this one. It's a little bit more, like everybody's, like there's, there's a there's, a kid at the centre of this. It's just kind of sad, also exit For people in here the story, his agent and brothers announced that he has tee o ass his nerve damage in his shoulder that was diagnosed. After they met with ten different special as yet, not one of whom, in the eye So they drove merger ascii road, not one of the special this was attached by name to the story,
so we ve no idea. We have no idea, it was six of them said it was a three did they find is one where they shopping for the appeal. That they wanted now have a day A reason to back up why he wasn't playing well, why the hedge. All that stuff and I got to be honest like I don't know how true it is, and I not very of us down. I don't. I don't know a cover up because they feel like he's gone off the rails a little bit I buy only myself immensely. I just don't know I don't. I don't know here. You know, and I followed this team as closely as I possibly can from here, and I feel it This has been one of those really interesting mysteries, because if you like there's something at the centre of it. That is like nobody wants to talk about you. Don't you mean that So every all the other somebody stories out there in the NBA, where you like, I'm gonna, get you the real dirt on this or we get to the bottom of this and is just seems to be somewhere in this we're grey area between the head in the body and that no
we can really properly figure it out. People tiptoeing, because data one I e there in peace, the kid or make it seem there's something really wrong with them? On our collective credit, we ve all beyond the little regions, we will become all the more sensitive talking about emotional or mental health problems. Here I mean, and if that is something that he's battling, which I think has been Speculated about alive brothers address that today, but brothers dress that words treated that out. Their brother said that this was like. I've heard that people are just in this is a mental problem. It's not is no way a number one pick. Suddenly it raises. Arms above is above his head, and we we finally figured out what the physical problem is. Here so here here's web suspicious cousin September October. The talk was about how great he was doing when he was where he was going to start again soon. Also things are looking up, may make the other Fettes slick inaccurate,
And now it's I got this whole time. Something's been wrong. We so many different versions of war, Going on that, my heads efficiently, had scholar imbalance, we ve had for fluid the replacement of fluid. Then saying that they never happen in that The fluid actually was never problem yet. So Raymond Brothers here, Clients just going with the west, Randolph off Markov faults. Dj Augustine offer Camino. During Grant Mitchell Robinson. Daniel House travelled they were here is where I am sports, wouldn't com, a super. Yeah there's, but to be fair, there's a bunch of guys out there who have an agent Rebecca They are their agents main concern right, I'm just saying like he's so get this guy is live better supervision,
He has drew Handlin, who we don't know what the F has gone out with that guy is this. A whole new era. Now these shooting coaches, who are also like little many celebrities, and have this weird power over this and don't want any money from them, but there is also the whole story. Last year of this guy, Keith Williams, who is his shooting called culture, is true are in some way, but also a relationship to the family, and that was of where I mean there's just been honestly why, talk about more comforts. I just can remember what's missing, what's real, The only me like I was just about to see something. I'm like did we ever actually sugar that our position would like, because there is not enough in detail. School Angelo peace earlier this reference pieces information about false that we're, like unconfirmed well, you don't mean unless you were one of three people within the Sixers organization, but there are rumours out there there videos of folds shooting, while he's lying down. You know what I mean like these. Things that are like
become almost like a on urban legend something like that, and then you have his coachman I washed and ragged fired after left was what happened then they went he when they ever they really terrible yeah, I'm just going through all the gate I live near. So he's got that guy that now, their benes? Sixers Organisation, which has been a fucking shit show, and you know it We paid a small fire now at the collegial story, but they didn't really play some all summer. They Brett Brown. Doing double duty is basically GM and coach. I'm not even sure Brown is good. Coaching reassures, encourage, I'm sure, he's the kind, Could you give more kill every shot at being successfully thing is a good could show. We don't know yet I'll. Tell you after this plan, I like to have that there a new GM is weird. It's just. I can't a worse position, fer a young I'd, be put it on top of the whole Tatum trade. He goes to Philly he's the final piece of the puzzle.
Ass, let's take the imbued Simmons things, and if this did turn out to be more mental and physical. I feel bad form because it it does make sense. That I believe in both you don't even like a boy you can be true. I think that the physical stuff, if it was not diagnosed or if they are having a hard time diagnosing it, or if I mean that look you. If you look out Air how many stories you come across where it was like? There was something wrong with me and I could Figure it out. I thought I was going crazy until I finally met this doctor or that doctor I figured I was this. It was that as the other thing, so They completely unheard of that people can sometimes look for the diagnosis that explains what's going on with their body. But I, the thing for somebody like this he's, probably they get a pretty good, sensitive, vulnerable age. If he's got some things that are screwed up with his body that they did impact is mine and make him uncomfortable on debating awkward if they had always been used to being completely healthy right, and this is the first time
ever struggle really with anything right, and I think that, especially in today's NBA that lack outside shooting stuff. It's just like you're watching him in your watching how he just is. Never gonna take shop, be content, two feet, yearning means or is just if he's not threat beyond the foul following all you're, just gonna like focusing on that and your fascinated by like oh obviously making up with Benson, as we know even talk about it because it's just bench is not going to do it for we mark Others, like the promise of it and yours well there's just gotta- be something wrong with his head. If you do all these other stuff bridges. War pull out I saw me they're preseason started the season care member and there were moments when he really looked good. Yes, that's words. I think the mental. Of comes into re. That's another reason I am a little dubiousness because he would have these calls. This is where the athleticism M was kind of job and oh wow somebody. This quick cannot fail. This is that lake,
she has seemed to be tried around. Looking like a concrete, sneakers or Bennet being lower ban. Until we let go out like a six foot, six back, I basically, this isn't working dark go just always, looked like somebody who had been in the last boys. I was you that he had a bad attitude. Yeah. You watch him on the sidelines and I was just like that. Guy doesn't look like he's ever been a bit. Sorry looks like he was during the last four years, but this false thing he clearly does have talent he's not a buck. Now there was a lake I like waiting at anything because everybody like we did the Catholic. He was. The consensus. Number one the guy with a much higher ceiling than Tatum at the time. What am I had? takes that. Anthony Bennet was ten years too late, ten years too late. Now, oh,
like. If he had played in in the nineties. He makes a liar Johnson or something he makes more sense in two thousand three or ninety. Ninety eight is super. Go how forward, but outside it once the It started changing rare disease. Show that were working in a play. Will you just saw me going number one? Does that How pervaded is tough and we think about like the guys I Bennet, I mean we ve and do this to Wiggans now. Here I mean I mean more especially now because you signed as new deal, but it's just like you know, if Bennett, one of having Michael kid Gilchrist Career, I don't know if we would have necessarily airily talked about and that much you don't even isn't crazy. We think we would know more about basketball than ever and had a with top three guys right now the stand so the best they ve ever been the video the ability to I? U mega video of every single offensive, move Marco thoughts made when using college into space and watch it one after the other for five hours, and yet
we are still missing on top five pigs. More than ever the gloomy, the marker, false draft there may be even have false Josh Action and Lancer who I'm still our by all your lines, are stack I suggest that we did not even have three of the five main ever make it all star team. In two of the five maybe at the week by the time their twenty eight year are. We know you ve told me just Jackson Beata legally for it. I wouldn't bet my life against it like hate. His minutes have gone down. Jackson, a more careful pie will get another shot, one another team somewhere. Well, that's, and then you end up by the next bucks game. I went to this weekend where you watching a manual moody. I know of on line Buddha was pics seventh by those big meant diet than both my highly regarded wrong spots happens. My point is just amazed that people can still. Where find these high pigs GEO before there's whipping Bennett. Yeah
there's whiffing buccaneers has, I think votes is different, because I did. I know that this is an incredibly small sample size, but whatever people saw like I am. I shall I Washington, but I love you. I saw him I saw him in the in the one game that he was playing in Vegas Summer League, where just that first, we're before our first half of the world's ankle yeah, but he looked fine, you look a dynamic. You looked like he was capable of making plays in shooting at all that stuff. He roses ankle. They shot him Davers Summer League and then somewhere in there is the speculative mystery injury, or whenever he's aggravated this thing Neo now would, but we would but there's just no definitive timeline and because you can t that there is some tension, between brothers in the franchise you're never going to get the true story. Yeah. I wonder what I said which, by the way I met more leg, just depicted. Yeah, for whatever reason you think I give you in the top
They, especially with other tubes attack there. You think I tat for while these were guaranteed. Yet yet now and it's like you're, not yeah, yeah that's gonna happen. I think Zion is the our time can't miss in a while. Maybe since Davis etc. I mean like I in life back now, will be like. I just can't believe anybody over thought. This LUCA thing you, don't you mean that I just can't believe anybody was like me. Maybe Aden may betray instead of Lucca. It was again day for the Ringer staff. I will mention that, pretty much everyone. The ringer staff also love faults which goes like you yet ever you never, I've got a quick question, the usher. We we talk about when fault spent two days of Boston and then. Whenever they saw would have whatever happened, they may be laid shaded. The packard tried do whatever Ben and whether there is a famous infamous it'll these. In the rare picture of faults, it's like a black away
folds and like a concourse at tea garden, like looking at a picture of Bob crazy and this distributed out more essentially like the next generation as aggregating, editing, faults and war. Our choice of faulty and wherever and then years later they did the trade yeah. And I was there in Boston coupled ties are playing games How can the people I known never got the index? from anyone that it was anyone other than faults, and that even like smokescreen every bit, as I, of course taking faults in Vigo back and read the thing Danny wrote for us the day of the latter, the stuff care serious. It was like forces, the top yes and then act That is a debate, lawns, Tatum Jackson, whoever What are my goals in life is to find out what happened during those forty eight hours of faults. Christ, incredible MR, where- they did a one, eighty and the guy. You would think that in research would have been done prior to that right,
spend time with them. They have like secret there in the brain doktor, they have that's than that with the brain doctor. Said the new Robert Swift that year, but they ve always kind. Dabbled in that the psychoanalysis stuff. With the draft bags and heavy medical staff. They have like a great So my question is this: are there flag would say was the nerve damage thing. Well, let's say was something mentor something that held them off. Say it was the nerve damage thing and then they do the trade with Philly, that's technically legal learn their team. It's just the pick. It still feels like slightly unethical, though I don't think that He had nerve damage before the draft. That's my take personally I dont think that whatever his nerve is out altogether Vista I would hope so because I think that these agreements, as effigy I mean like they're, saying, there's somebody
flitting tweets. I liked reports our now but they're, saying that he could be back with the team in a matter of weeks and that really I will use the only right as YO, ass peacetime Bouwman, just sort of peace for the site about. Now are we having a similar injury now? Obviously, my armies using his arm in a completely different way, then more folders using his arms by this is like I do to fix surgery at least would be a pretty invasive, pretty difficult surgery. Yet if there is to say- and they ve got some doktor coming- who worked in with the Lakers and worked with Kobe and has worked without brain in the past, of whose parenting are working with more qualities. This is like another doctor. I I just don't always running work forces career, you don't mean, is it? Is it the Sixers or is? It is agent. Is he and the team in a year now? No, I don't I think I'm seventy five twenty five they never placed for six years ago. Seventy
percent chance that he doesn't really because it can just kick the scandal more more physical therapy. We decided Marcos, best interests, just work on his health for the rest of the season, new torch yourself with the whatever of the false draft, because that's what out there, because I love torturing going backwards and torture myself, a sports things, Is it just taking Tatum third, or is there out where you you even go back further to five and you take the air box and you get something else from the kings. Yeah a good draft guy, because my draft tastes are usually just like draft a guy, fair exotic there now they're, just drafted Kentucky Guy here here and Fox certainly seemed like I loved dear and Fox would have been the most fun person put on that team from their Jeff. I would say: Tatum. We did seem that they have now with Butler just like yeah I mean, I guess, yeah Evocative Fox Fox would have been.
Also everything everybody says about the way Fox plays in the way Fox is around the team and how he is like a culture change in how he's like bore leader and like wants to win, is like an absolute bulldog like I just would love TAT Fox funny, because the false thing is so devastating and such like a bad story be yet with Philly. The fact that it beat, is basically Orlando Shack and is playing Every game and I remember like a year ago- remember- I did that podcast with Dan and I'm like. Would you bet your life will play sixty five games and then it's like? Yes, I would have bet my life ever do it was so maybe that now plays every eighty that makes this pike has our digital, because maybe we should just be patient, because there are people who are just like and bees never gonna play more than like thirty. Five games season, always going to be asked about a foot or a back or whatever it's going to be so me, maybe like do indeed is now playing like thirty eight minutes, a game he's playing every game.
He planned through much my ears. He probably explains voyage, but he's playing with it like a particular veracity, yes and it's amazing I certainly had given up. Version- and I remember seeing him in the Jim that time and writing about it after four grantline use- be like the guy has to be the first beggar never thinking he would even go back to that ethically game after game, and he's So the reality is, he threw four seasons he ended up with, two guys for sure, Two guys, one is probably one of the best six assets in the league and the other ones, probably one of the best twelve assets of the weaker and Jimmy voted en Gb Butler. He's gonna, it's it's weird people keep talking about other contract, the next country. Could be nightmare, psyches, thirty! It's who cares well You gotta pay em, you gotta pay, but I think did I think everybody is looking around it. Light weapons what's happening with the wizards and how they can't get out from wall there. Looking at
his paw and how a key seems to be on the backside of his career. Now the downside is Chris Paul I mean he was fourteen seasons in it. That puncture thinks he's above. Do you think that Jimmy butlers eight seasons with tips or essentially fourteen real seasons You didn't play that many. He was only three years or you played like a crazy, Madame ass. I guess you're right you may not know about you mean Butler- is done quite a bit in the last few weeks, just make absolved of silly in legend. So it's how can you hear me crying about US size, really everything you wanted from your third guy silly right, huge boss, he'll, take big shots. Then a games yeah. He can guide anybody. He's got real swagger and he's the kind fairly fans witches lake. Yes, and I think they he brings an edge to that team that any. No you're, seeing Joe I'll be like an assassin recourse Alaska nearly through three four weeks,
he's got that income, but I think Jimmy brings that out of those guys. What's weird is the for that you have cause, I think even those statistics Riddick hasn't had his best year? Actually, the EU has at its best year, because also mentality rise, changes right there with those guys well yeah, but I mean there's other years where he shot better, but I, keys being used in rely than in a much more significant way. Then I can ever remember at any point. His career ladder know whether the EU should read stepped back them up, but you know it was easier in the because he's taking either come around screens and take it three is a wider batteries or cuts the basket thanks I need him for possessions this year be look at those for, even if that is the best possible version of false some that share that fits in with those for
Well, that's really any national aid idea. I know I know I mean we were having this conversation group at the other day about like whether or not we are starting to see a little bit of loan raveling of this big three mentality or having like a really top heavy team. If, because of warriors gonna screw that up from people, I think they're like what you just get this model of team together, it doesn't matter who use around them with, but there's like pretty much a once in a generation collection talent, if not more than that, we're like I'm watching Toronto this year and I'm just like you just call- I can say at the second native back to backs ever for the whole season, and they just got like such it like cheers from all over the the court from all over the draft from all over ways getting guys from sea outcome in family, and it just seems like that's the that's the money is there, no ten deep during the regular season. I really like trial bunch different things citizen. I think that was Stephenses mistake. The south extended really found a place until he said,
swine gentlemen got her and when jail got, hurt the minutes kind of fell in the way it wasn't. The Toronto, when they papas government of this but poor guy at the light up, and then these other guys at play more minutes, and then everybody is kind of weirdly happy yeah. You know single everybody's happy when you it emailing leisure, I think, did I think that the Jimmy early date are winning games. I Jimmy's happy Jimmy's. Making all Similarly things it's I give if you have a kid, soccer and that there's a lot of bench players in them. Three kids don't show up and everybody just ass. The bulgarian at the kids are super happy after the EP with all game, and I wonder if that's that's a new way to manage the regular season. Do you Did they try to treat folds season reserves like next like what they would have to attach something to false to get anything. At this point, I still feel I give them the balls. The sun Stay, a team that that guy and where our child, grandma and in others makes results with the pedigree it
stuff. But then you look at media and violence are ye out about on the pedigree. This guy was considered the number one trap draft prospect eighteen months ago. I would try for. And I think at some point he's gonna realise. Maybe you need some Savior people out of cause dead, this everything the way his lifespan handled the last six months has been really offer. Let can be readily He carried a bed. Summonses is awesome, bother trades been fainter Take for both sides are both teams out. Did you ask the rocket game? Did Roca is finally found his collar and erode calling rip the ball on his hands. There lies a man they really got. One here is a date between him and TAT gives ended. With the rose come back inside, effectiveness Ivan like watch every minute of Minnesota Basketball, but you can tell he makes like weakens, and towns is defensive. Liabilities like a little bit less glaring the Wigan sings danish. I wrote about wagons today for us.
I've, never seen anything like it in two years ago, put three thousand minutes in the average like twenty three game and whether you this game or not like these, seem like it was headed somewhere now he seems like a guy was on his way to the weak in its he's. Twenty three is astonishing, he was one of the best players on the court last night with a donut in a gaming and harden, though I now is that so up and down either That was the only time it's been gesture, but leg the kind of declining said forbade. Surely one age, twenty three, the four, but if you just going from a basketball efforts, they appointed sake, that's the if somebody who's gonna be in China and three years, but I've seen our on the negative for the area. I Chris right this budget, I had thanks to zip code. It I come Slash B s. Please go there too great
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