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Luka Legend, Sorry Sixers, Embiid Trades, and Denver’s Future With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss Luka Doncic and the Mavericks' win over the Clippers, tying the series at 2-2; the 76ers getting swept by the Celtics in another disappointing playoff exit; the Jazz working toward upsetting the Nuggets with another win; Round 2 speculations; teams that should be looking to trade in the offseason; Quarantine Corner; and more.

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Threats have served us back ass on the ringer pack. Has that word brought you buy Spotify, which has the best path catholic? They experience around. You can change your speeds. I may one point: two guy: you can check out charts biggest pack ass best trending podcast pack has separated by John Redwood. Every need. Spotify has listened to your pack ass on Spotify or us, read through by the reared outcome in the Ringer pack, hast thou work where hope released. To the Ringer NBA Show Monday's Raja Bell. Who's recently on this package on the latter's showed Thursday and Logan Murdoch breaking down, get the mismatch with Kevin O Connor and Chris Vernon twice, week as well as group chat, usually on Wednesday it might be a little more little more reaction paths that there is an awesome game, seven, who knows so at the Ringer, NBA Show and the re balls where we take out a and pump up the volume. Last week we have forty year old verging coming on Monday night. So that's all
then come up. We're still, and I are gonna break down every really, surprisingly memorable play off weekend of the bubble because of one man in his name, because by one name he lost his last name. He just one guy now he's LUCA that's. It is like the answer he does. Nevertheless, his last that he's too good for less them. That's all coming out we're gonna lack come for your first. Our friends from programme were taken we're Sunday, this Sunday to deck cyber our first class. Look a gas sir. I'm just getting started off
I dont want overreact, but overreact. I think if somebody is truly great, there's some checkpoints have to hit along the way in a form of stage, and I think this one of these. It makes the NBA great because you can go back. You can look at all these different eras. You can look at seventy five years, a basketball- and you can see all these different people that the prayers value came in early in kind of came through. When money was online early in their careers and then you could look back and go. Oh yeah, member that man, that was a good site- and I think LE was a good reason. Example right when he said that he does seven. Forty eight point, gaming, as the trade. That was his forthhere in the league. I don't wanna, I don't really. We can overstated half the stuff Lukas doing here and you're too the twenty one year old, where
he is already this fully formed offencive superstar, who goes toe to toe against his clippers team. Today that we thought was the best defensive team in the league that we thought was the best team. Go against him he's playing on one leg. He we didn't have is gonna play the game time. He has to change Kelly plays subtly, and all these different ways is a little slower, is little more deliver, it's a little harder for me to get to a spot. Does it anyways got no Porzingis and he comes. Over and over and over and over again- and you know we see this happen in sport- sometimes Tiger woods His career was out with my homes early in his career. It starts to transcend the normal stuff, an utter, a third when the citizen at Barcelona. This is the key I think we need to see if this is gonna be an all time player and I really think if he does get injured, he's going to be so. Allow me to start as you dont want away box or to start this week now. So I
I'm always a or a hold on. Let me see like adding early and everybody get really excited about. Him was a fun video clip, but he wasn't it fully form basketball player and maybe times I'm late, but I think also being cautious is prevented me at times from Canada freaking out about somebody in really Caveman whenever it is losing your mind about this guy in and it didn't really happen, and that's that has been kind of one of my rules and even though I like LUCA, come out, I don't know what we're still you wonder, despite the amazing resonate overseas us at a young age, because it really gonna transit that quickly, the fact that they one thirty three games last year on that maps team that one ready for the year before was almost assign like wait. What what's How are the maps winning even this many games, because you just like the rostrum you go what's what is there to be excited about? They make the prisoners trade, you stop some of these pieces around him, whether it's the hard way contractually outlets abysmal ashes, to throw any like. Oh, I kind of like him. I think Naxa Cleaver does a lot of really nice
things out there I mean it has been able in his shot really in the play off so far, but for LUCA too early, be this in control in his first playoffs ever and yes, it's game for in the first round I think I like you, and I will remember it forever. If the clippers end up winning the series, would they still feel like they will? Let you know when we will? It get lost all the stuff, but at least in the moment for there to be no other option and there some moments from my very serious you Nicky pulling up from thirty feet. Man like there's a couple possessions were almost fell. Ikey was trying to match why cause, but why why every shot was great? set for the one out of the time out the inner regulation like wake brutal. Why you're, the guy that I trust to always make the right play? I try. I trust you to marry a way of trying to play overtime. Yet what? Why are you, the guy that do so many stars? Regos guys gonna, take a bad shot? Quite never does. And yet here is it the inner regulation without and then yet he keeps it going and then Morris of all people hits in overtime three and you go. Can they really pull this off? So it's not
the insane stat line is not just that its fourth play off game. Its thirty closes it out without pausing is against a team with quite in Paul George and Morris at least physically. Who can kind of match Dodge released from us? I stand point three guys the throne and none of them can do anything with them and when they know he's not to do anything except towards the end, which is crazy, excited moments when, like do you plan to pass now in the corner and in not our agenda because he's gonna burn you, member that one word you being Gandhi was like that: three to the right side, the Iraqi goes and dying, legendary egos, there's a legendary kind of past, and that's probably the best way to describe LUCA a legend or readiness first play us, so you now who knows They win this areas, they lose wherever I think. If they win, the series will remember, this game as a real moment that will be talking about fifteen years later if they lose the series
You don't have that kind of impact, but it'll be kind of the coming out party in a play off stage. I think what impress me so much about this one, because we ve seen him do this before he's had games like this is the first time I've watched him have a ridiculous tat line and make they place then stretch the fact that he was compromise that he was clearly hurt, that he didn't have that same kind of explosive push off like he. You know. Sometimes he has that like that's eleven Derek rose kind of torque when he's gonna the basket so hard. He can do that anymore, any kind of action, I played a little slower little deliberate, but he was still get in the shots and creating the shots. You wanna freedom, a friend of the man, said to be today. He had seventy seven touches in that. Can think about that. Like most times when we, the nineties, like we're, we're doing those, I m sure we watch those games there were games were guys. You know they were. Teams took like sixty five shots in a game. Lucas
involved everywhere and, as you said, he's doing, Maxie Kleiber he's done reset. Who bounced around the league is now really turned into. I think especial rope where Trade Burke who's on the Sixers say the Sixers might have needed him. It just kind of this band aid team of role, players that we always made fun of the two thousand and seven Cavs. This is a two thousand and seven cab step supporting cast, but it suited to him. It makes sense for Everyone can shoot. The irony of pausing has gone out is all they do. Is they just loaded up on shooters even more? They start trademark and the coopers. You know whether they by the citizen at the thing that I would be concerned about, is how easy it is for teams to getting it to the rim against them. This was their Achilles heel right. You know no Beverly as part of this, but not that Beverly gonna slowdown dont. You If so, why has struggling one on one moments with dont? You certainly have been Beverly is with us.
As differential, no shadow after that, I guess is made that the narrow thing, as once you get by somebody, it's easy you're at the red. I just think it gets by everybody I know I don't look at this is why I can't believe the clippers can't stay in front of him. I don't know that I put it like a peak rose were rose with just go side, decided you so quickly. I just I see somebody that understands every angle. He understands right as he's about to start as Dr. Can I finish. Can I finish away from you enough to clear this, or do I keep having through and under the basket, knowing that I'm gonna throw this pass of a lot of other guys can throw and when they switched with Jackson on that on that last play and you're goin. What What's what's going on here, the I was such a fail. I don't hide and could only have time cause you have time. Yeah like you got it. You guys Adam Juba would Oklahoma
did it in a regulation when used in at the ball and they're ready inbound. They started harden after they basically put a wall. It was like a titan staying in with a left, tackle dossier in front a harden, and they You know, figure out with somebody else in Rangoon. Go ahead. You were there in hard. There are other and hardened just goes our whatever you blocked me. I'm done I don't like to be hindsight, double everybody guises of times lifetimes. You see the full double and you get burned by someone else, but in that point I then, when he shooting there's area, have second sight. You don't have time to get a. I think that the startling thing for me is how sophisticated offensive he is already a daily experience. I have just seeing a rookie com Like that was when bird showed up at the Celtics, I was living in Boston, we're going to the games. Where was like twenty three or twenty four, when you get right to the Celtics four years older than Luke already they came in, and he just had this higher advance understanding and billfish called him Kodak cause. He was like his brain. Just photographs images.
He knows what's happening at a time and he saw magic come into in the same season for the Lakers and he was Lucas age as last year and comes in and has the same kind of feel for everything, but I don't feel like either of those guys really turned into the peak versions of themselves and so the mid eighties. You know it part I'm looking to look my key he's already, making the right decisions all the time. So if you're gonna be like, what did he get better at? You really just say the three point: shooting cost. Everything else is already at I don't. I don't think he can get to a higher level of how he controls the game and creates for other guys stuff like that, it's the three point shot. It's. The fact that he is a dead shooter and in five years, if he is he's gimme to be unstoppable, I don't know what happens. Take so. Can I do that? The part which I think is a very Normal Timeline for basically area NBA Star he's only in a second ear, TAT were not expected to beat the clippers and weary are after
name for where is this tat line? Is gonna? Pull that up again, I go you gotta, be kidding me. Forty three point: eighteen thirty one for ten from three which is good for him. He only took five free throws, despite seventy seven touches, which seems insane seventeen boards. Thirteen assist. It said that better, I love the board's. I love that fuckin rebates either. I love my superstar is get dirty download just take care business by saying that I you're going to agree, but your yadda says chasing this right now not to get ahead the yacht as too much, but if Europe were to lose in the second round in what if he doesn't get out of the east with the region, season they had on paper, then it'll start to be. Little bit hey wait. Out in the world. What do we have here? I mean the allay fan base had Anthony Davis for one play off game and started going. You know those guys never really done in place, but when you look at stat lines during a sane,
we're better than anybody. Even they be Portland and out, because I went back and looked at him like wait, does he have any does like actually doesn't like there, that is to say numbers, so LUCA is too young in the comp to harden in I'd I'd seen some people do hey how come harden catches. Shit and there are so many similarities in your style of Plato. Caper harden has been around for a really long time, narratives ten years order that and hard and has the clippers come back. Where he's watching, he has a golden state loss where he was the end of the bench lying down and people like. What's the deal with this guy, he has that elimination, game against spurs. Were people thought he had a concussion because he was just. It totally in your like is having. I still think it did. Ok, he shot over a million when they were up three two against saint warriors and then he has the game at home. Curry go scurrilous in the first half, it comes back. What I think is the greatest F curry game. Ever and even though hardens final line is really good. You go. Where are you You'll. Never did you mentioned that is, as it were, finals are now. I dont think that that's fair, because if you look
The way plays order them he's order than LUCA that final, but he's not even close to being a mentioning it. I didn't want to beat up, but this isn't it I hardly know what I'm saying is. Is that harden has a resume of play off stuff? We're LUCA could be the exact same put LUCA will be a better version of what we ve just seen, just understanding and just different things. It doesn't mean numbers, the numbers are good in a surly get better, he will become a better player, but then we will find things if he doesn't play of success to beat up on in the same way when it was Leubronn needs to go to oblige one post up camp, which now seem stupid. Ten years later, before I want a ring? And then he comes back and he's doing posts, catches, unanimity, posts, moves and he had posts touches any would kick it out to other people, but Leubronn never became this like terrific post actual, like move Mikhail type stymie, nobody does itself anymore. So it's not in an anti LUCA thing.
It's just the reality of how we treat our stars, give it here's the thing you mentioned the bran. I don't feel like Lebrun. At the level, as in all our basket where, even though he had already one envy peace in Cleveland, where he reached another level, the second year in Miami, and I think those does third Miami years, something something changed and he just kind of figured out exactly who was on a basketball court had to take the best advantage of his teammates he get out efficiency stuff that he had a really you know and then it as the moment got bigger. She just could solve stuff over and over and over again- and I think that's the LUCA thing how young he is two eyes already things out, you ve already think he's figured all these are just two no to watch him. Have the right answers allotted time here at the age. Is that I don't think we can talk extensively
about how rare that is near comparing the hard and I think, statistically woody does for the teams yeah, but I I just think from a talent impact standpoint in his age. He has a chance to be one our time guys like all time, I'm talking the brown bird magic, Oscar Robertson Karim will all these guys, because this stuff he's doing has no pair, to anything we ve seen in the last twenty years and it is not hyperbole design overstatement. I felt this way the entire time this way when he was in Europe when he's been eighteen years old plan against a bunch of thirty year old due to smoke after games is dusting them. I just think he's really special It's weird that you know we do this with bombs in Vienna, valets, like everyone Khanate bombs at a point where everybody just kind of looked at each other and said well, this guy's really different disguised special, an end. I think Luke is there and if it took today's game for people to finally realise that great, but you know
he had a couple moments against. Quite equating guard him a lot in this game, but near the ankle, as I gotta guys, I got this and on that saying he dusted quite but quite was trying quite has been unbelievable and the bubble. This is like full fledged you know impact why everything you want LUCA was I kind of game the shots he wanted a cool I was, I gave a shit. I've never seen anybody do that to climb that's he destroyed on, but because life is a really trying in and look, I was still getting spots. There were there to place the playoffs that I've I've enjoyed more than any actually born was was indeed where it looked like? He didn't have Kimber liver, he lost came on the baseline and then he just turn and blocked him, and I thought you killed them. For second in right. It was a little reminder of when I big and you're really small. I can recover, but it was LUCA at the end of
Was a game one when they lost, but he was just trying to drive delay we have yet Presidio Cisterna. At the end of game. One LUCA just decided, you know what I don't think any of these guys actually can stay in front of me like none of them. I'm just going to keep going and he threw a shoulder into the center of Kauai Chest and Kawhi. Look recoil David Luka. You just met you now look. I did have a drive on July or Co. Why so? Good? Where he's upright is chest, is out any was still reaching at the ball in a completely controlled way, trying to flickered away from Dodge. While he's also show how hard it is to reach it. Try to football way yet still have really position and quite held up LUCA couldn't get him on that one and then LUCA took a step back and that's just the wind. He missed the shop. You could just tell it whatever the match up is: that's a win their, but I'm. I hope you understand, no one. I want to point out the hard and stuff that's not to bring up it's just the predictability of
how the rules work for any superstar, so I think there are similar right, but for all the love that we have for him and it's all a nest. None of this is oh overstating, I'm with the on that part of it, but there is very little negativity because this is First play off around this is theirs. There's jailing die ass, yet hardening we watch for a long time. Those days guys have their war. I get. These guys are going to have negative play off outcomes. Where the larger you're in this league. The map just works kind of against you, because very few guys at the end of it to be the chin I thought collide was the best part I watched over the past week, just his all around that the game, three that he played on Friday night was at just absolutely ridiculous. Eight was actually the first time I felt like he was a hundred percent healthy in a couple years. Eight there's! No
like the his legs that dragging at all he's got his full explosive. This is incomplete, command, he's doing. Every once he has a couple, wow plays every game, and I just I one of the topics I had written down before this game was: why do we keep forgetting that quite the best plan guy in the league, because there's two seasons, as we talked about a million times, there's regular seeds and plants? I Kauai is the guy. I would want first, if I'm trying to win the title right now of all these available guys. It was interesting to watch Luka just go toe to toe with him and it you know the biggest advantage they had today was, I don't know, what's happened to Paul George, and I don't know if this is a funk or if he's hurt He meant he asked to be is yet ice on his shoulder last, your games were were one of the possible spacious, he's hurt or he's just in a complete funk, but this guy was the number three candidate forever.
But this guy was the number three candidate for em VP last driving him. You finish in third place. If you watch his game, you without Marcus, Morris's, Paul George you're thy O Marcus Morris's. Does the big acquisition residents that actually Paul George, the guys to four fourteen takings were the worst shots of our time and completely disappearing and the other, and I dont witty things happening. Are you know you are getting it right? I don't know they wouldn't like that. How do you explain the last week I it's Paul George mean even This is bad. I mean he's, obviously go off for thirty at some point, because he's just do I thought it might happen in game fork. Is he was so bad in game? Three and I'll keep track of how many points he had zero. I think in one half of one of the games in the series and I'll look at half time it big. Ok, let's see what happens because he had nine points in the third quarter of the game. I believe that he had zero at the half, or maybe it was too doesn't matter, here's a problem
for Paul George is Marcus Morris thinks he's better than Paul JOR El. He has been for the lad. He has been right if mark. If Paul George had Marcus Morris's attitude, he be best learnedly bodies. Vargas virus was the second or third best per the coopers the past week. Guess who isn't that three We watch was really good today, too, by the way, Zoo Box and the way it really is. Is even mediocre. Today they went by ten years, he's so bad right. Now that you can tell is like our eye amity. It actually see his energy on specific possessions, whereas, like I haven't and shit like six, my address, I laid Blanca, I needed honest, I'm gonna get one and then he hit a lay up on a drive, worthy defender, kind of lost him, and then he went right back Adam and didn't make the lay up, and then it was done now. Dallas has done a bunch of things were defensively. They ve had a small guy and Morrison Morris's like look I'm at a trotted post up a scythe korean Switch Armitage dominant. If this is the actual defenceless
not even a switch I'm going to this guy up and as you and I both know when you watch Marcus worse over a long period of time. The almost wanted man issue. A little bit less, even though we realise is a pretty talented guy, but what is happening to Paul George, at least more Morris's awakening for Paul George. Morris's in thinking, I need to get it back to Paul. George Morris's, like I'm gonna get mine, and so that makes somebody who I just think George is a very apprehensive player. He just is when things really matter he's apprehensive. I've already mentioned the resume a million times, and it's kind of funny to see at least for me, because I've done the segments with you. I did this other thing about thirty and 13th of my podcast this week, where there's a group of really good players in league with they had thirty game. Be surprised be also and be surprised if the thirteen in Paul George Number one pick and now more more people, starting notices if its new- and it's not new. So I the quick answers. I dont think anything. Really happening on other than this is kind of who he is he's been due to go off. He has do at some point: cassettes, usually what it means of doing.
They should be ashamed. The cookers that they should be ashamed and embarrassed series is too to poison gas, got thrown out of a game right, LUCA sprained as Anko and miss What did it miss half of game three? He they brought about any last forty eight, which was young you what I'm close yet LUCA, no pausing yesterday, look on sprained ankle this year should be at least three why they should honestly be ashamed, not to mention they had the ball in regulation. Twenty five seconds left call. The time now came out of the time out with the strategy of quite kill as much of the clock is you can, even if they really terrible twenty three footer, and maybe the ball, maybe the boy The remainder will go, rotates equity doing quite can get whenever you would. Shari wants whatever he was just get a good quite Why are you playing scared,
doubling I'm at times. I don't know if that was part of the concern, but he did go. You went so late that he really give himself a chance like they have today. Other than look, I do think the Cooper said the next five best players in the game. You would you with South Korea versus Marcus, Boris is probably a wash Nikolai was so good down the street. When at last they were gonna, lose the game in it and what its it. It's like. The scores in front of me here, for I go about, no, they were down name, they were down survive on defence. Would like a minute and a half left and right was sixty nine rain or shine. It was one nineteen. It was one, nineteen one eleven when Jackson made that save where it was the perfect plastic. Why? Who catches it shoots of three that made it one? Nineteen fourteen, so that whole stretch you go, and I doubt silver when this game in Why is just so if I wanted to say that, because I've watched Alice blow leads, I that also as ever the other mass fancy guarantee there wasn't a mass finger and we got this. It's it's all good. I want to take a quick break them
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Where we were looking at, maybe not even a game. Six in any serious ran. One right cause, you think alike, are ok. See is basically what play away from being down three nothing and that serious Utah Denver that looks like you. Talk could win that news, going down the line you're like a man where, where would they do what they have to move on these up and now? we have a lot more stuff from play. But with this clips baths thing, is there anything you're seen from the clips that may have me as made you change your mind that there, the timid As for me, I guess the only thing going. They had noticed over the first for games, verses, Atee, might the maps the maps to may seem like a true team there, not very good, but their true team there, but there almost but like a high school team like Lukas, the Jimmy Chin would you know posing, as is the big center they gotta keep em evolved since I gotta get about another wired eyes, refusers regret that bunch geyser chips
their shoulders who, whether thieves had given up on it- and you can see from reaction when LUCA made the shot you know of your grading, like I'm, studying the team chemistry just from reactions like you can tell that that mass team is all in on each other. They they read that team is really close. They love each other. The clips to me still seem like a bunch of hired guns. They have a pickup basketball, a vibe to them, and I think some of it has to do it. They don't have a true kind of creator other than why it's a lotta one on one stuff. It's a lot of people, where their year ago, but when I watch them it still, feels to me a little like other. The eight celtics fell until they finally started it, those scars and the plan for the old Celtics all the guys renew and it just felt like a pickup teen the whole year you're doing well. It was just like these guys aren't used to each other and then add a couple: seven game series and they kind of starting at used to each other, and then they kind it took off. Do you feel that way?
clips error, my over analyzing it. I feel it. Could I make that shot you're just short of a team of three one and was still probably the better looking team of any two teams in the west Ok, that's why I'm I'm not, I think, Beverly, not being there is is a lot for them emotionally cause George. Is it a dud emotionally. Ok, go. Why is not going to class a robot he's, just a not stop programme that way. Zyobite, it's not gonna, be that Guy Morris is probably the most motioning player out that even lose a little laid back, so they need Beverly back there. They do You can tell dogged by how much we want this team to to be the team in the west, at least for those who was the pick them the guard situation eminent, it's crazy, you're in the playoffs- and this is the challenge of a shut down for four months and in figuring this out on the fly
and the fact that the clippers, this wasn't by design, remember going out the cow herd, because you know that you're really good job caressingly supervising go yeah, but you know what I think if they were being totally honesty, they would tell you that it would have been nice to have twenty straight games with a tightrope, knowing what you're gonna do for the most part and every change their guard rotation a couple times in this where they build on Reggie Jack. He had a game or they can pay twenty minutes the first eighteen minutes. The first have to have an assist and yell I have some moments and I think the hustle place for hammer the important ones now, because they hey man, if you got quite- and even this version APOLLO George and Moors end Lou Williams and Zoo Botch, cleaning up everything in Montreal coming back, which is another part of this rid of him a little bit today rejected need to drive and everybody to see if his layups are working okay and he sits in three so that helped, but they I'm at who we loved after those hit Tobias by Sarah, almost forgot. He was on the team.
So he got you get sick at others, though China bring back a hundred percent right, but he just the it doesn't. Look like the same. Guy saw it still infusing groups are not saying you rarely wrong, but I I think we're gonna made a really good regos their energies just off in a kind of goes back to that doc. Richard I brought it up. Right were doc, rivers, the first time he said it. When I was in boston- and I said you know but we're interviewing before game and the other two was missing where their big eyes he goes, you I'd rather be out there. I thought it was the ethics lying, but he's consistently always said. This is because, as soon as the other, team doesn't have one of their main guys, your team relaxes your team relaxes and whether that was Dodge coming back into the game He was a gets find if he's coming back or when dont you had some thousands are gonna care care d like to get distracted, chase, vows or presumed. It's not me there today. It wasn't the case. They were down twenty one point. So whatever was they were up for it, but they were and then they relax Van Gandhi.
We pointed out in that's. What's so great, about Van Gun is pointing out just up other people will pick up on. He goes right now that energy is a problem, and then you could see Doc went really small to switch defensively, but he also was due. We had five guys they could. You're out there, which I went away. I know they lost, but I like that he tried, I think, one of the things I ve noticed with them I don't really know how to describe hawaiian Paul George as a tandem and China. I dont, they found their identity as a twosome. Yet you think I'd like to sums over the years right. You could fill it in the M J Doc. The last dance when him in Pippin finally became a twosome in the year before they won the first title, but they all the Sunday just kind of took off. Collectively they were almost more powerful than these two separate entities, and you see, over the years. Sometimes you see when when stars, together. I remembered Davis and buggy cousins before bookie got hurt they just kind of had Anthony gathers out. This is this is cool I think
M M Brown have something together. You know and you down the line that glib Bron join way to Miami two thousand ten, the supporting CAS was bad. They they definitely had. They develop the chemistry the course that year and they would have the alley and stuff, and there is a connection with them, even though they do The title I use my question is: what's the connection with cohesion, Paul George, who if you are describing you're like what is quite clearly the off the dog. I think why is the best way of guy in the week? So does Paul George no like on paper I'm an fill in the blanks or does he think it's the two of us together, it's kind of like thereon court together, but they dont interact, and I think it's weird rostrum friends would be the alpha dog if you were teammates withal George, so I.
Going through my had trying to think of another talk to your player where Paul Georgia be the alpha in it. Just I don't believe that exist and that's part of the problem, Georgia with Israel in this team. Where did you learn from Paul George? If by George card you in his eye k Ryan? Did you have a figure this out? I'm struggling bogey talent. You know when they send traps Damien Willard and it just means now sieges- gonna, go for on three and make a really good decision, or rather nice, look that's what Paul George should be doing here, and there were moments where they were doubling- I don't know the total number. Maybe it wasn't that many, but I would look for what Paul George was doing. He watches he just watches and you go wait a minute man listening to acquire now it's on that you should be able to pass these guys, anyway, again MAX Kleiber stays upright. What do I mean your Paul church? Are you kidding? So it is the interest of men.
Thing with him that I don't. I don't know that this is really that hard in. I don't wanna, keep doing it over and over again, but he needs a least. If you can't get it gonna hit some open shots. Her you know just I would hope to get him go into transition a little bit really I would throw that was my biggest known. If I, if I'm the eclipse, I would play faster cuz, I think they have so many athletic advantages. You had a team out there, that's got Seth, curry and Trey Burke, and you know Maxi Kleber and have better athletes across the board. Why are you walking down? fun. Taoism like this is great. Go half Chorodyne assesses awesome cause just gonna shoot trees of the other in any way. Where does she worth reason? You in that So now we don't have to worry about fast break. Now we can play south korean Trade Burke together we could do. We can play bovine, please slow down and that that was. I was confused by that. I was also confirm, Is by over and over again as Dallas was born when the fourth quarter? Why Lou aims,
TIM Hardaway and Lucas, just like oh cool, I'm just going to keep getting a switch and I'm going to keep torturing the way in and Doc was just sitting there for three minutes doing nothing. There's I just don't feel like S town. As is Coopers theme, is sometimes they do things round like while you're the team, that's the favourite who, in the title, Djibouti? Why are you so that your work in progress you ever work as they didn't play? They really there's no again of this team that an end but in lieu being God and coming back Montrose being gone. Coming back Beverly being I Look, I'm just start a repeat myself, but you are right that they have an add on continuity that you would want them to have, but I also think looms. Isn't a game.
As is scoring permits. It was off the charts. I get a move, move him Nick Labour and at least make somebody I set the pic for Lucan event. If its Klaiber great then are right, then use the term Hardway thing it was just over anyway. I do want to mention. We were rod that that Lukashenko didn't happen this a first time. I really miss Vance LUCA, made there. Winner- that that didn't happen in Dallas in a game, for I almost feel it defends would charge a court. I feel bad for the France me down they win the lottery literally with this guy he falls in our lab. Three teams pass on them is still the dumbest thing. That's happened, this century fur mba purposes, and I know it's gotta be so happy, but to be,
than from it should not be able to actually see it and persons gotta be a bummer any. Would you like a rapid fire, LUCA questions? Would you twenty entire Celtics roster Forum right now now? Would you move back to Boston if he ended up on the Celtics next year, yeah yeah, maybe the one thing that can get me back. Somebody Jason gas me if you know LUCA and pausing s are Tatum. Brown Avis. I keep people take LUCA, posing as but Tatum Brown is a little closer to. My thought was, like I think, Lucan anybody against so low in the second person right, because at look as aid Really injury is only thing. That's gonna stop and you just get him for the next fifteen years and we know leg to me: like him in yadda? Specifically, we never have to worry about these guys competitively. There's, never gonna be an indeed situation like them. Indeed, situation we just watch over the last week. Rage is gone ban. He looks exhausted too.
Four minutes into this playoff game or man. I wish this guy would work on this like those are two guys will never have to worry about. I want to talk about Philly all right. Let's do it. Is this? Can you remember being more disappointed in the twenty first century in a basketball team de Noort, how it basketballs record my brain in a Basque about aim for what the ceiling was verse How it played out over a fifteen months, been maybe that Lakers team that loaded up with gas, all NASH Kogi but Wasn't it wasn't a four year soap, opera, five year, soap operas what this feels like so was a shorter disappointment than what we have here with the six years, but we basically than the same six or segment for Three years is what it feels well, we're gonna do another version of a red after this break Was sung by the home depot
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Zira bowed slightly select. I might only find exactly you look for more at Home Depot Dhaka, slash decorum, so so we're going to mix the six or segment up this year. I assume well bred Brad's, getting fired. I assume Elton bran will get reassigned to differ on role in the organization, the CALL Ryan, Ryan and they say: hey man, man, we're is a gene figure this out for us us, got a long- is my contract for a sale in five years, their payroll the next next three years. One hundred and forty seven point forty one, forty seven point, three one hundred and thirty eight so three years from now they're twenty million over the cap, at least they have Simmons five years left one hundred and sixty nine to by Sarahs. For years left, one hundred and forty seven point two
Indeed, left for years, one twenty point: two Orford three years: eighty one and Richardson two years, twenty two point: five Orford and Harris are a tradable, Richardson's proudly tradable, but without waiting to get, and then it becomes a if we blow this up, we probably have the blow it up with. By training. Seminars are indeed or you talk yourself into no now we're going to get a better code should be about a coach, oh baby, to figure this out. What would you do I'll? Be your first move. Why tell a staff? A guy? Probably I'm not in the position here of wanting to make ourselves worse to move off of Harrison Orford Mean Hartford is fighting that third year has really weird guarantees. D, probably aren't super likely sold, total number on that in the third year. Maybe is a little bit more palatable for team, but it just look pretty bad when they were moments were
I'm slowing down boss and although we appreciate what he was, but that's my boss was like. I go ahead when it became that number I do feel bad- that he's completely out of position on this team. I mean, I think, he's on the right kind of thing. Where he's a stretch, five, he could be useful. I think four hundred and twenty seven million, but I don't- I just think of the worst case scenario situation for him and then, from day one Harris might be. I know John Wall is up. There are some other. The Westbrook stuff right go at least of our trading Westbrook. I think I would know where I was getting even His forty seven million dollar number three years mouse pretty scary, but I think I'd rather have him. Forty seven million into buys Harris at thirty nine million for years from now I heresies is one it would you agree. That's why Harris Deal right now is one of the five least tradable contracts in the NBA. Oh, I think they have to the top five. I think, while so, while as forty one point three forty four point: three forty seven point: four he's number one I think Blake Griffin at thirty six point: eight thirty,
not knowing. If he's going to be able to play basketball at a high level. Anymore is in the top five, but I think you could make a case Harris's too, and I think Horford is probably three honest She wants a cabin love for thirty million here. Yet Kevin love is three years thirty is every argument? Have loves thirty one point: three: thirty one point: three, twenty eight point nine side think he's in the top five Wiggans contract. I like. I can't wait to see what it looks like now, though, with him, but there's a chance that it looks a little bit better but three Ninety four point: six million on paper right now looks terrible, yet forty seven million for Westbrook in three years or that the in two years, because he's got three years plus one thirty, two John walls, forty, haven't million into yours. You know what I was doing these because you and I were text each other about this. Just shut up to Chicago bulls. Yahoo gave Feliciano Christiana fellatio rats, Christian Felicia. Excuse me: I should rise yet
they gave him for years and thirty two million have turn after not even a hundred games. He played ten minutes per game is rookie year than fifteen minutes for game in his second year, their electors. Thirty two million guaranteed that's believable. So here your best chance, the arena Harris Eighteen, that's delusion. One thinks there one scoring forward away and looks at it as I was Harris. One of those years has gone. So it's basically like we're signing him as a free agent for four years, one hundred and forty seven it's a little high but like if your Chicago, I don't think they would do this, but Chicago could be like cool. Will trade you, Otto Porter's expiring. If we see atoms expiring, you basically get a reset with that Harris Money. With these huge expiring and we'll take on hair great, I'm not saying they would do that, but that's really their only option to get that contract. Watford is tougher cause the, from what is it like with the third year guarantee I think it's easier to digest. Now you
I was talking to some people about this right because we began the homework assignment was the first thing. I wouldn't as I wouldn't attach a million draft pictures to get rid of the guys. Don't I want to end up in traffic hell address because now, because those draft picks, if you trust yourself and if you actually are named GM, no GM goes. You know I suck at doing drafting I for I suck at it. So I shall just trade alleys fixed as I just I just don't get it whatever. It is about these college, Just don't see it. No one does that, so I wouldn't want to trade all of these potential at least a role. Guy, a rotation player. That's a lot. For them. He have to beg my seven choice to come off the bench and paying way too much a free agency anyway, even though I don't have any cap space so that it comes down to a similar and indeed thing even
I like em, bead, more as the player and the talent? I would probably looked a trade him cause, I'm so tired of watching and be exhausted in the second half of all of these games and look man. I think we both really like him, but the first three games of this series points for game in the first half nineteen in the second half eleven field percentage, fifty nine percent, the first half, second half twenty- percent from three over foreign. Second, after for making a couple, rebounds cut from nine in the first half to four in the second half He doesn't felony any eye, so he he jumped is that's and Garbage Simon Game, for he had ten points when the game that's right and carries at eleven again the second half, but it's really. It was really seven and then he made a couple shots when the exactly so here weakest thirty in ten I've ever watched. My life is not as good good for you leave it completely.
Bears for him. I am embarrassed for him. He was completely out of shape. He looked exhausted. He is some of this stuff. He did on defence and game. Three was astonishing. And for whatever reason I thought the announcers were way too favourable toward Philly. I was honestly embarrassed for and beat it's it's like they singly and the guy. Blocker going in that serious camboss. I utterly at my legs back and am I feel well, here's what I hope take take fifty wide open jumpers year. You, oh I'm back ay, I remembered undoing Are they cause and beaches under the basket hanging out, I was embarrassed for Emma. I he's the guy would trade. Come in. I beg we have to trade in bed. This is only going to get worse. I dont think he takes a seriously enough. When I wouldn't tell me where my staff, we have a trade and beat, I would say, a call, your second and third level guys and see what we can get for. Indeed, can but where's
happen. I ragged sit here and say: hey, you know what makes sense on paper, but what I wouldn't do is make my team, worse talent, wise justice. Put these guys up. This year's. What's gonna happen, the new coaches gonna come in and the new coach is going to say I can, fix these guys and there's a good chance. You're gonna give the new coach one year to figure this thing out. I wouldn't want anyone to ever think I have a trade either disguised, but I dont know, did you do the exercise of trying to a realistic conversation about what could happen with either these places. I do think you would obviously get something real for either one of em, but would you then be trading the best player for to lesser pieces and then really think you're, better basketball team? I would not trade since I think sentences borderline special and if he had been in the series- and indeed was the one who got hurt, there's no other subjects. We. They were one one of those games. I I
give anything we learned. People take Simmons as frustrating as he is in the holes. Are you know? It's a goes back to my old ninety slash ten theory that about Westbrook where somebody's ninety percent good and the ten percent is really glaring, with certain guys with Simmons. It's probably like thirteen. Fifteen percent, but it's so glaring that. You end up getting frustrated to holding against them. He was the only guy in the team who created shot who's. The best defender on that team by far he's the most competitive guy in that team, and I just think they would have put up a bigger I was embarrassed for them. I don't know whether their quit none their coach or what happened, but as a Celtics fans who loves the South Exley whose Heyward and game one never worried? I bet on the Celtics. Every game never worried. I always thought the six years going to roll over at that. There are terribly coach, and even you see priorities You know, I'm God, I don't care what the number say.
And bade her for together, I'm runnin it back. I want to see if I can get them to minus fifteen again together, like he just didn't get it in and to think like shake Milton, the team was shake MELT was gonna, be the answer. The fucking that cancer on entry pass so I partly bad for big. Is nobody could get him for the Bob and another and he was so fucking tired? it didn't matter anyway, because he you know I had to do- was run back and forth a few times by the third quarter. He was dead and I I just think it such when you think of where they were before the Harris Trade, and it all goes back to the hair straight the hairs should they gave up a bunch of assets for this guy. It's a weird piece: it doesn't help them get even pass round to then they panic and over PAM and given that one of the worst contracts of the last five
yours and it's like you, make the mistake, and then you compound the mistake by making the second mistake: that's when teens get fucked up for five years and this team is now fucked up. I don't think the process was a failure because a lot of the moves that they are not in a position where they were lad January, two thousand and eighteen where it's like, you have assets, you have Jimmy Butler and beaten Simmons. You have a chance, but now look back. It's like this is probably the worst way the process could point out. They want to round one serious. This is a seven here odyssey. Now they ve never made it out around odyssey. Just got swept I love it push back a little as ways of Philly. Go yeah you already angelic. Why are you being up a my team will mean you just said our special Simmons is now, and I think for those of us there are like what's his deal, a lot of those people have come around since we touched on even last week. So if he's not playing- and you dont like the coach,
people are losing it about, like everybody should be fired, get ownership out here. I what's gonna happen by outbreak at the job almost exactly three years ago. So I don't know if you like, you said You get reassigning rodya heavy reignite, bumped up like eight months later you. What they should do is unusual should say, hey where you go. Take the Sacramento job and in trade me Bagley, Andean, Fox, for Simmons or indeed, and then go let's. Let's get us there are, as I did, start trying to think of like what too, for what would you do indeed for Sabena, Sinhala Depot and then run it back with Simmons. She be silent too. I would do indeed for us about us and all the deeper before the other gm who cod may fit The po in all the depot here that Haiti hey, do you for our do sabonis for first in order to get there. Yes, yes, I would now, saying olden policies, would you then regret? Maybe I should wait for the end of this about yeah I was thinking like
I would even do Embiid for Wendell Carter and then and marketing and their pick Carter market in there pic for a bead? I would, I would call it into the league Now do it is. There is a part of me that if I'm from Philly- and I love the Sixers and I'm watching this version of the team out there with arguably the worst core of any team in the playoffs you're goin away. Why did you guys all said, sir? is really good in every country. On Simmons. Now we can back to the fundamental problems of what we think and beaten Simmons are we ve been over those numbers here. We don't need to investigate that again by not. We do have to mitigate this as we now agents can start controlling destinies if they decide they don't like a situation. Clutch is involved with MR summits. What is quite says this sounds more Caruso Here? What did they say this sucks you had trader? He wants his own team, you
to go to New Orleans, and why was I am? He wants to go to feed accepts them bucker. He watched by the broad. You must pay the bride and Davis well there. The trade we don't care, make it happen, we ve seen agents do this. Simmons is under this long contract is no leverage at all, but who knows so I'd? I personally think that, indeed, will be the move, whether they make it this this off season per year from now, but I think that has to be the move, because you can't run you to lose three years here with the with these five guys are forecasting s Ear are we on the same, but it's really good Jeanne Grenade, where it's like, oh eight year. Also, this is done you're breaking up with me, but I don't think I am it's great point. Its grandiose are. You know where we're done where you have to change as though the rules on how we only with a year laugh yeah, we change
breaking up with me, yeah, but I don't think it's great point. Its grandiose are. You know where we're done where you have to change us now the rules on how you only with a year laughed yeah. We change, we know he's doing do you get out of with Rachel because about how it happiness by God we got China. Why I like those in the building by David, Rich Deckers up here, Benson its she said she was doing a sit down with Raoul Nedda wanted such as up ringing. What's going to happen up across this, I'm here pensive, it's bad! It's been trying five years, for you, Why do you need a change of scenery so badly? Well, you know Rachel, I just one. I just wanna play basketball, be happy why This is. Why did he have it what's going on right? Now, you been summons, I'm be, am basically bill sentences bits of it. I just want to be happy Rachel. You know I just think
nobody needs a change of scenery, great run and Philly pause. Nobody mentions of a you, never get out. There wasn't really that great, but you know I think it's maybe time to move on now It's really do if he says that I just wanna do Rachel follow up. How how great of investment is LOS Angeles, real estate right now stop rather nowhere. Tibet of its part, he's probably unrest. And right now, look at a different neighborhoods trying to figure out. Where is gonna lives, our cow basis. What about big backyards lot of space could fill out a friends here. I think they should shop and beat. I dont think they will. I think they will talk themselves into weak, This art form of here's the case for indeed to shop, he's, had major injuries. He doesn't seem to fully value being an incredible shape doesn't seem to understand Yet the recent well
the rest. He figured it out and as this awesome year, where he just runs through the league like a like a knife going through butter and you're like oh, my god, we traded this guy he's the best during the week. I just you are who you are by mid twenties and is it has been twenties? I I just think this issue is: I really like, oh, I wish she wasn't like this. I really enjoy watching him play basketball, but I was never concerned by them and then they're gonna go you gotta feed him bead more in this box. That says I'm a great guess what s ass going to stand around as he takes ten seconds deciding what to do and probably end up like a fifteen footer when he sent for three- I just don't he gets it? I really has yes way too many possessions where he doesn't as crazy as a passing out of debt the time by the way, the market, smart, steel and game. Three I was watch out. Africa is
all the highlights that I saw there. Somebody said oh indeed, should want daddy can't make that pass. You do understand, will mark a smart janni. How amazing, how I made himself invisible behind a guy and then jumped out like a defensive back unlike a screen path, real, like what the hell's that guy doing. Ok, he looked text to find Gilmore did even make it hit sentence. It didn't look like a basketball player, doing a basketball, but your summary: despite how long this took is that I think it's the accurate one that you can talk yourself, de feeling bad and yet not wondering if a guy gets it all the same time. An that's! That's where you're out with well have you? You don't have the name the couple, but I'm sure you ve had a cup on your life. That was a volatile couple broke up. Alot broke up with each other, got back together,
other friends hated hated them when they are together and you just I then I wish they would break up and then they got here and there a k, good news, we're having a kid. This will make a better gonna, bring a kid into this. The KEDO Cato bond us that'd be great, and you and your thinking like that's gonna, make it worse. Don't do that to me The Sixers are at the point now, where is the hiring the new coach and the new GM and being like change? Instead, it is the equivalent of we're having a kid it's going to be great. Would you do Lou door and I just bought. I want to do more of these, but I know they're all stupid, because I really, if I had a bet,
money on it. I would go whoever the new coaches he's gonna say, has a completely figured out and, as we can see me, coaches, some stature out, imagine a little juice and poor Brett Brown looked like he had every every year, got worse, you would look at him any looked like your body who woke up the next day after the golf trip goin out one get away from me. Where were you? We had breakfast this morning, you weren't in your room, but how about when he called the time out there at seven with six and one slash two seconds left, was a real battered only with ours, a fuck, you four, but it was the possibilities where the referee joy was challenge was because Britain Brad challenge to play at the end. But I don't know he went one in eight against fraud in the plan that was to find a wreck
You may have also want to do kind of a Pj Fleck's thing where he just decides: hey everyone gave it our all when they play the speech for my felt bad to like Philadelphia, Boston, Andrew Toney oh cheeks. Yet I did hear in his hat, which neither back as that I wanted to where to pay back and indeed is, is on some websites have tried to figure out if they get back to dinner and time to get back to fill in time. Could he have dinner at like ten o clock indeed, was gone. You don't feel like that. I felt like he was gone after after the first half a game three when he got tired in Zaire and we're not one in this But the subjects for the quick and I'm really quick yeah. Imagine we would so Heyward goes down. Looks, looks a little like fuck. That's gonna be bad for the Toronto. Sarah!
The second matter for those choices, but at least some other guys will be a better get some minutes. The big thing that happened. The last sir Games was Cumber and Campbell looked like the come back from the first two months of the season. I didn't Think we're gonna see that version em again, I was really really really discouraged and pessimistic about his ceiling, and by the end of this series. I thought he looked outcome
again and now I am revising Maya myself EC ceiling at their. I do think that every chance against Toronto. I just think that every chance now- because I think, can blasts won't get out of the east. Where we talk about yet too, to win any series. I didn't think they could be Toronto of Cambodia's compromised or seventy five percent supplied that, but if he's, if he can go- and he complained that level every chance- I mean about that- I'm that he'd have creating a new formula for successor they, but I just I was pessimistic until these last four hours. I liked the celtic events against Russia with where they were. Because they could put all these bigger guys on their guards, or they at least had a big eyes to see outcome. They would put a bigger player on Lowry think they would put in the recent game they had Campbell on avian fleet, who is just as dangerous as got any. These guys is when you to look like some, the CRM numbers they ve decline, but they declare
as of shots like they were there absurd. Beginning of europe- and they had they got back shooting month which everybody has, but he still really tough once you get that deep catch. But when you look as actual shot attempts, they ve gone down because other guys are just as good nor impel might be the most surprising, six in point, a game guy for a season they give totalling over the entire points per game leaders and you go Norman POW gets sixteen a game, Then, when you watch him you go, you know what this makes sense. It lacks the nineteen aid Where you go through the old, the rosters and there's guys, I rather I ever seventeen again that year wet yeah, that's a is exactly something about eighty two lakers. He was writing a game. What I could do Maghreb barrister back that, but Giacomo me played in two the regular seizing games and it s all kind of unplayable against the cell. Fix, but no Heyward, and then I don't know how dated This'Ll be wants. It comes up at Lowry, left the game, the clinching aimed against Brooklyn with ankle injury, so we'll see
without them we Lowery not being around, although I don't know that, is that significant? They were a big and not a big deal. But my dad wanted us to talk about that. The Heyward losses actually more important than people realize because of. The budget's moves better when he's out there, regardless of whether he should in that well, he saw and selfish and to replace that with this hodgepodge of the semi, usually types Ike You feel it. There is a lot of one on one staff. The last three games it didn't matter is Philly was so atrocious, she's defensively that such bad schemes, but it's gonna- or against around the one I once that they'll be able to sort out. Things are going to go small. It's all look pretty bad in that matchup there it's a much better matchup for Tice, but you know it's crazy, watching Tice against Embiid. It's not ideal, obviously, and If the other teams sokolow exposed Kanner with high screen roles Gazeta like their guards, even though Philadelphia did try to do at twice the beginning, the fourth cores
Kate women. Doesn't everybody attack Kanner, but we can try that right and then they did it for two place ass. She got one decent shot. Miss NEO shot was a very good time, is a better defence uploading jewel and beat we set? try sorry you're, not all the way with me on that. I know the sly late. There's, there's really get stat defensive metrics, for indeed when is indeed judged I'd. I would say he well, and it was unengaged. Did this serious yet, but at least with ties but tasted better match up in the trial thing, but your Heyward point your dad's Haber point a spot on, because even with the version of Heyward that still probably generally disappointing him as your fourth option, yet that's an insane fourth option. Somebody arise out of play basketball and knows how to switch. It knows how to make extra passes and knows run a three on one and a little things that you know that out of all the guys from the last couple drafts which have not been grey, grant lambs was the only one that kind of look like you
where to go and what to do any made a couple good players and came to a game three, and at least seems like he's, play a ball and at the decorative need em for this next rabbit. I this is one Greece's I love them. It gets fairly member. You asked me if I was worried about failing as I now to run away for a variety of reasons, but one is that it's crazy to say this because he was a nobody two years ago, but, like vain fleet is an awful match up for the celtic steam he's the type of guy that they have a ton of trouble. Defending even Marcus, who, I think, is a therefore fed tacit defender. Even he has trouble against the Van weak eyes and they know it puts a lot of pressure and combat, and my big fair with this Campbell Boston thing is just I won't come by to be healthy. I wanna keep is explosive ness. You saw how much they needed em in those three games and if their put in a huge defensive workload on him against Lowry and vaguely I'm worried that
going to wear down the longer the series goes. Nut Boston got a huge rest here around us going to get rest too. I don't know if they're going to speed up the start of the series, but the camera thing is that's the sea that determines the floor. The ceiling for the celtic building- it's a tenth floor building or a seven for Billy, whatever it is like it all, comes down a camera and if Heyward can come back by the conference finals great, but I worry about the but peace and theirs by the wagon bilateral automaker. In this next series, which were squares, videographer writer is maybe Brett Brown called the time out because he couldn't believe the broad savers I shall not biplane Grant Williams. Romeo lengthy and Brad Wanna make her. At the same time. I can believe that group in their by the way the sixties didn't make up any ground whatsoever Van Fleet. Is someone who went from three points, a game and barely playing not even have the season
eight points a game. Eleven points, a game and now is seventeen points, a game and thirty nine percent from three other doesn't, should it great inside or overall, but rather the crowded it is he's. So like the camp point is a good one, because it did look like Campbell closing shots like those what he did a whore, for it is obviously it's against Orford, but he made some guys miss like it looked like you can come back again and audio when he comes back form a bubble, and I wait. He still not ready oh like what the hell, in so credit to the Celtics, because they actually look like they handle this. The right way, because it looks like it's can at least last for this year, but Van Fleet is. He is kind of shit face coup. Why should you
you have to have a man like tat shall face, quite because quite was o er. I you know who's this guy, not scoring these there's, there's just a bunch of players. Now that not like vandals some star star, but his production and for street years is, is off the charts and no more to pick. This is first year, but, let's say Boston beats Toronto turn us get sent packing. What happens? Let him, I think, that's a story line that I had a really thought about, and then I was thinking about. You know that Lowry they extended for one more year, but I think I saw in a back our free agents right extended So what do we got? We get Lowry Woolmer Yahoo they extended before the Salzburg at all. Costs up of in fleet is he's up, but it's it's not even restricted, as he noise is gonna get paid,
Right, so what do you do if you that? Because you could make a case, you won the title. You and I are unquiet worked. He defended the title. The share in a really good way. What's a boss Bates, and now it's like whoa. What are we gonna? Do we were trying to protect this round to team? Basically like you paying saw and back again, could you make a case that they could actually like try to rebuild after this? You know that could like see outcome paper that I think golden states can end up trade and that number to peck right. Maybe they move that picture to get a veteran guns. They cause you and says: hey what's happening, sculled state. Would you thoughts about wig is the number to pick and our Minnesota pick foresee outcome bring weaken this Canada guys from Canada is from caddies Hometown Kid
hang on data. They would hang up on you so fast, just because you don't wanna title dead who won the title doesn't mean you go? Are you guys going to take this year off, like I don't even want to scout the any to southern teams? Yeah me neither we won the title they hang up. They got too by the way. That's not even what the heck you think Toronto hangs up and goes you can't trade Siakam for the number to pick in this trap. You can't, I think, with nurse being this good Maybe they flip Lowry, with the one year and thirty remaining to somebody pay. Eventually, I wouldn't mind in a back again, I'm Gallina Barker, especially at the way he's I agree with you. I just want to talk about Gimme, your other trade, that I feel like you're, more embarrassed to share with me now for him. I thought you had another Toronto trade somebody else's gonna call now
That was really I was trying to figure out if they rebuilt like, because I do think my size, one of those jams where he could look at the sea outcome thing and be like I had this guy's really get. Is that backward, there's actually like we'd be trading this guy for full price could do I think He could be like the number one guy in a championship team. Now I stood on, have a number one guy. Maybe this away to rebuild than whatever, but I can also see what you described. They just bring everybody back. They keep a gallon and nature figure out how to work around the margins, but I think it gets toughen the LAO Rico act is really scary. I think there's nothin scarier, then I want to see now like thirty two Thirty five year believe he doesn't get her more often considering his is on the ground. The indeed thousand six era is thirty: four,
now we re, but I think next year would probably be the last year you wanna be Panem over twenty million a year and then vain we'd IDA mean two years from now. He may be the best part in the late for all. We know the wind, the rate that he improves each year he baby out Iverson two years. I also think that it's a. Product whatever their off season? Is it isn't a? We lost a Boston? Seven games? Are we be bosnian six game? So now, let's keep this group together, because I just don't think or offices make those decidedly mentioned it because I think had they not when the title last year. I think they probability blown this team up. You don't think so. I think part of their is they kept. This team together was because they smartly and respectfully believed in defence. Title keeping a nucleus together and they were smart and now they have a chance to win and other title, but all of us
so wrong on it, and I I was. I was incredibly when they the extension on Lowery. I thought it was to be able to make him more valuable in a trade before this year's deadline instead of a thing inviting him to as in free agency in, but I think that they did it. We don't expects the outcome to improve that much. He did oh gee, in an obi who think any of us that some healthy go. There maybe has a chance, but I really like em a box to me said this resurgence that showed up last year in the place and certain spots, especially in school day, then fleet, the level he's out that's another one and in every single rotation guy you, like, oh Terence Davis, innovative Spock, it's o, like Caruso skinny too or older brothers gonna get buckets too there's just all of these guys that you don't hate in nets, you mentioned again since that whole thing. So I was wrong about this team, but I also don't think you're going to make mistakes by losing the top player in the league stuff. You would have title it going. I don't expect as much from this.
And they filled in all those gaps, but will really know that they replace Kauai depending on who that whose their bucket getter in those huge Basque, as it is known that team Second, I saw you know sometimes when I hear that has been made from Jordan Maple Jordan next year, but even more chances from Canada. Are the broadcasters eight to reduce the most disrespected champion ever and you go ok, but it's it's very simple. Yet they like that the best kind. The league- that's it that's all it is it I ever did was acting a team that doesn't have its vast pirated were one of the three at worst and maybe, as you Ed Temple squared his answer. I thought there are some weird announcer stuff, the last week this sort of this whole reason margins praising Philly for trying hard. It's like it's the fucking play off you're supposed to try hard. Look it look at this theme. They read, there's no quickness team. It's a world! We see a lot acquit. Actually the last couple
less couple games and they were roll over at the first chance. I don't know. I thought I think the announcing spend strange Jackson had one where he goes. If I'm cool, why I'm Tellin coach- I got LUCA here on out, and I not a hundred percent sure because it certainly was in the building, because who was it off? It was Paul. Maguire, I think, was the biggest copper on Sunday night Football are Arava. He would he would see the rough that throws the flag and a football game goes the lead official and will be like hey off sides whatever and then it's the oldest, the stricken the announcing booth. Where you see what the rest
to tell the leaders going to announce it and even like. I think they got a hold on fifty seven here. I think there are some holding you. Don't you early know that it's a whole, because we can't see that power and the camera angle so mark when he goes Yvonne coalition. I tell my coach of Lucca the rest of the way he's mine and goodbye Jackson, I got it out event. Gandhi was like yeah, I think you can see I think it gave it away a little bit that he was basically saying, like LUCA was pointed to dock rivers, as Mark was like, if I'm cool island, And so I was right now they felt a little bit like that or maybe March acts and actually nailed it. Who knows I like what March acts and does the leg? People don't talk enough about how birthright resellers like windy, he makes it seem like
he's discovering something that everybody has already acknowledged years ago. People don't talk about what a crew eight or quite Leonard, is so now we with it I sat, one doesn't make it. He did it with mellow. You don't do it as an irish ones, where you like people over the years, knocking Melos commitment to defence challenge kept it like, even in atrocious defence and fire for years I dead. That's that's why we I said that I had a tweet cause. He had, he had one where it was. It was so obvious and I was gonna tweet. It, but I was gonna sign it by anybody and it would be like of all the great friends in the history of television Rachel Ross, Monica Phoebe, an Chandler being or at the top just the edges, vet people guess who, as I can't do it split up a luxury auditing, sorry anyway, but passed the Toronto can be asked
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which would probably be more fun if LUCA, somehow shocked the world made round to and then which has got to ride the idea, the LUCA train, but either way it that's, probably the weak series unless Lukas in their which which one of those three. Are you the most excited about bossed internal May, Milwaukee or Lakers instinct is I'd, feel like I'm gonna hate watched, a Laker ceased and series it, and it basically like a battle of of Basque of Basketball, saw Houston all due respect, you're doing it the right way. If you can win playing games with James hard in a bunch of caste, but I doubt is doing like year. You do something correctly, but now there be the Lakers. Would there be basically be saying I Davis we're gonna give you were in a spot. You forty two points a night in probably eighty
rebounds and Lebron. You probably have a three thousand five hundred and fifteen and twelve every day, but we're going to shoot sixty three good luck! That's how it's going to play out and if I'm the Lakers I'm terrified cuz, I have to the best three pointers. This his eye traded, the farm to get Davis. I'm on my way to this clipper series, but now had this weird Houston team. That's basically like if you're in a football feared the NFL play I've seen you gonna, send team, that's run, unlike the fuckin wishbone here, like what is this I know where better than this team, but Jesus Christ. What would we do so? I would say that serious has the highest deputy upside down ass. The Toronto is the best pure series, and they made me walk. Is the best transfer and upset. You're, the best series is probably Toronto Boston and without Heyward Unpicking drawn up, not absent.
Not not all the rim, like sixty I've already Toronto from I'm, trying to not put too much in the regular seasons image it again before Shaka missing the two to the fore games. So what you do with that as we ve The numerous times- and I feel like I'm doing everybody if ever like I'm admitting my buys here when Jeff Green, is raining threes and game. Three increase pause about to be alive aid, while Chris Paul really was on the bench and Denis Shrewder decided to go Atlantis Dennis Shrewder and was screwing up almost every single possession? was so frustrating, because you're watching I'm a city Etienne, I say frustrating not as a thunder fan, but we all know where I'm out what this. Ah, when Houston, is just cookin, it has two: it's really it's one of the most helpless feelings going against Houston when it's just working on even went like every single harden shot. You like that's gonna, go in, that's gonna, go in hearted. That aid is it just in works, okay, so
whole premise of it works and the small thing we ve been over. I've talked about all rebounding rate stuff, but if the Lakers get Houston- and I don't know of Oklahoma cities uncovered something there with getting Adams out, because the weird thing about game: three Gallo at center. We wait for it yeah and rebounding rate was actually Houston was up in the rebounding Energy in that game, and they will web Adams is going to turn up. Like am sometimes get a look at the bucket real closely kicks it back out to somebody else, and you got though this is that this is a serious rear supposed to make these pay a little bit. This is used to be like the running game. Were you you get some of these touches to try to wear them down in the side and it didn't matter, and then Oklahoma City completely fell apart with no secondary cuts. There was no action and now your tongue they shea in shrewder and Chris Paul can't make something happened and then it all sort of magically happened there. I thought I figured out. They figured out their identity as a game went along and
You think that's going to go seven that series door. This is enormous because now that the refs know that door is this, guy defensively he's not going to get called for ship that other guys get his arms there I mean that's it. And pick up like a fuck. I hope that did as a guard me get. I got yet only on me back You walk all the way away from door. Electorate in your there he's like the guy pick up, he's got bad be: oh, just all over your like back. He asked five dollars. I do a quick, LU, Lu Door, thing, because I mean he's one of the break out stars in the bubble. For me, I have acquired NBA theory, for he say: ratings saved and here's, the idea has some issues here.
New style league, just Lu Dort, no thirty teams and you can keep for players within the Reston or you can keep five all right. So, let's just put it that one hundred and fifty you can keep your five orders, but then the other three hundred players or NBA mercenaries means you like Jack Gram, pretty much tat, Jeff Green, except that means Lou doors, never assigned to a team. It just being somebody calls ago, hey it's the trailblazer we got harden this week when we did we get to pay one million dollars to shore up on Thursday? I like it, what we know, George is any like marauder, fish and John Wicker, something this is an actual text exchange made my dad Thursday to forty four Pierre may must be so upset about Lou. My dad tax me. I know it's Jeff Green, but we could have used them off our bread,
So I dont want worried about him. Tell him I'm actually worried about it. I texted and back stop at a text to be back. Everyone deserves a third chance. I texted him back. He was your these. Favorite Celtic, together last ten years, you're gonna to want Alaa Abdelnaby back next, and he said she forget, I brought it up like the way he used abuses in the poem if he sucks. He just made three threes. Jeff Green winning over my dad as a black guy is by new most shocking moment at twenty twenty, its replaced on the other, crazy things that happen, including a global pandemic, Jeff Green of the Rockets. Anyone on the Rockets have been macro moors now, a problem. We re social media terms if Ben Makko more can become a problem. Anyone that goes to the Rockets is like any dude twenties having a personal stylus that lives with him it just it just increases your whole of
equally you're there. You're output you're a different person in that system, and that's why I was sick, it's gonna funny like say they lose say the Rockets blow. The series did Tony's out. I think there be some really weird stuff they could possibly have with a team is, I think the Antonia could be a person of interest with a lot of others because I just like, like the neurons falcons, maybe the Sixers, like the passions of New Orleans. What are you trying to say? You know something like the neurons Falcons sounds like you trying to say. You know something all. Well luckily goes the where he goes to wear the the pace in the point. Artists he's learn that from his next experience he took the next job without having the type of team that Now he knows if I'm going to new team, I'm gonna team that has a guy that can do it. I liked to it. Does I don't over gonna do some of our trade stuff a little bit later on, which is all I wanted. No merit I put its. I would just be so interested to see what the Rockets would run. Cause would harden hard, doesn't want to not run this.
And what, if what, if they were like, hey we're gonna actually were to be posting up. Dwayne dead men, and then road ripping is, if you have somebody a hard and or especially LUCA. This is the style you have to play. You just have to go get you for then what it would even have post up guys forward. You want, as clogging in the you don't want it asked ages. Wasn't gonna stay to this as they have two guys. Maybe they will now. Things, you know, I think it's gonna stay keeps moving. That's the difference, that's what the sum of the stuff that drives me nuts on these, these five out offensive formations where age may. Yet I try to get action out of it while their plane. That's the idea that a shocking concepts like when you're, not the play the guy moves right too may be an option and Dallas I'll. Do it some cuts? I want you out, as it does does more than used to desert rush off. The ball will cut
I don't know, that's all I got to say or the numbers, but I liked when ok see, had Gallo at centre and they just basically did the LUCA hard and spread the fourth thing. But if I was Houston I might go fuck. They figure this out, because if I'm Houston of my great your play, it atoms os this is a disgrace for us. Please keep doing this, but now the gallo, Et Cetera Gallo, looks like he's, have confused that this area is kind of like what the fuck is going on, what sport, by playing, but at the same time like to be down to one When I mean they were like ten one underdogs after that, when they went down to nothing I keep hearing Westbrook not as close to come back as I think people seem to think
what one lonely hard on that? Well, it's Russell Westbrook who I would think would play with anything and if it was just a squad, he I expected it to be in this was an based on any information, but I got its Westbrook areas: I mean that guide. Cycling cagey got her, no nine that this AIDS, the same injury, but now the longer they cagey things. God, you're gone with this. Doesn't this doesn't feel right? This guy's, like the all time warrior. So the westward thing I don't know I've, I think, the longer he sets the more ok say is going to figure out what to do in your guy Chris Paul. I know you're route for him. There was a moment there were at psych. Are Chris This will be adding this two year resume of terrible playoff series that turned out badly for some reason and then he kind of started. Looking Chris Paul orbit is like shrewder inspired him shooters great.
Sure I'm telling you shooter and the internet third quarter it was, it was bad increase, was watching that part, but I was more frustrating Chris Paul and game too. Then I even was engaged ariseth gayer too. It was a wait, a minute like creature, Chris Paul you're, the guy. That's supposed to unlock this figure, something out like how could you guys have this many bad possessions in a row and then once Paul certain others threes as ok, there's a guy. There is a good thing, but see trades. So I start well. I I think I would you do if you Indiana is a good question, because I really do like their team now that's. A bonus was one of the best twenty personally this year, while not any wrong, but though the dollar, but twice or maybe twenty five, is that playing all asked or even though my lowest today, I thought he was problem- and you just built different Turner thing. I don't know who d rather have out there for forty minutes.
Games about another turn like they're. Not, though it s not a massive drop off, so I dont know if Indiana should be a panic team. At the same time,. Oh depots got a year left at twenty one million. I don't. I can't imagine, he's gonna stay there a year from now, especially as a kind of feel more like either the brown deeper thing: it I'm not sure you need both anyway, and it just seems like he's, unnatural trade, peace and I had a holiday a holiday, the kid they drafted. I like I like into I I gotta tell you I was: it's big on him, it usually in watching him more more their Sutton there. I don't know The ceiling is, but I went from sort of disinterest to work. I like that kid now, so I feel like he gets shaded. Is he on the passers next year? Yes or no Allah depot yeah, I'm gonna say no, because they pay broaden
And not even you can only paid surveys paints paid bonus, I know I don't have the here's, what I do and I'm pretty sure most people that it we're not reporters, but you talk to me. People and you go hey. You know. Who's rethink might be willing to shake some things up a gimme, names that you hear it could be available to get some of those names cuz you and I double check the list and all that kind of stuff. But the pacers thing feels like it go. It could go in a bunch of different directions. That's it! That's! That's! That's just comfortable, as I feel like talking about it right now at this point, but it it just seems to be all over the place where who'd you keep, because I like, I really like their team and I actually think my aim is just really good and as a bad match up for them. But that's a bonus is, I think, a bonus would have been
a real problem for me, because I think milestone, Turner, somebody that you like from afar and that if you have Mary night, you go you gonna ruin him for me. I gotta I like them more than you and then you we were canopy animal at all, and then now, when I watched my watch him through that tainted lens sorry, you should be thanking me. He takes. He takes him shot you like why you know that there are three everyone surrounding. I go well or make a run in the last Miami game. They ran a time out back like an hour. Time out. They ran a three form and I was like while- and I just I don't know that's one of those deals with the coach were doesn't seem to make its own a sense. Hopefully I get him going. I want him to know like these other things that we never really think of power from the outside, where we re, and that for you, because I trust you in no be energized in doing so, we gathered
can go in and all that kind of stuff. So that's one team, that's one of the well, but the reason I think oladipo is an important conversation cuz. I could get you something. I think he get you something and I think there's going to be some teams that are pretty aggressive like I guarantee both of us think Brooklyn is going to be doing stuff and Brooklyn's got tradeable contracts to have the joke then they gotta figure out, but you know they're going to try to figure out who that third fit is, I dont think either of us. You had to tell them your lives, over it generated thing. Ok, this happens in life all the time, but care sliver. When you watch him college, you like and so when they drafted him, I'm like you, don't I really like that pick. It makes sense, and then he comes along and you're like this is pretty incredible and then it gets. We're all kind of bummed out than is about being that bad of an injury and cares lovers become this really nice story, because he's draft, behind all these other stories,
and then the more you watch jurists liver. You go as towns, it as he is him taking a bad shot, not making its poor that final game of the bubble. That was like when the least surprising things I think he's This is unbelievable. That Brooklyn has had this run of high usage kind of I'm gonna. Go We do. My own thing here were Daniel Russell, actually got better with them, but was was piggish there. For a while, and then you never gonna give us go in and at the end and then Dinwiddie you, like you know I like, as this Dinwiddie guy a little bit he's got something and you can even see Atkinson, I think trusted. It would be more than Russell at some point and then you, the more he started watching Dinwiddie illegal Dinwiddie. Now another version of Russell and then carry comes in inquiry, puts up these massive number. But you're like this in the flow of anything and then once Cairo was out. Was I didn't what he's like, I'm back and now that Dinwiddie, what he's gone Laverne, like all of you guys, can fuck off, because now it's my team, and so yes he's talented. Yes, I like the story, but if you let Kara slumber, probably have the keys to your car? It's a little early, so I
Amber way back. When would I used to be a writer of views? I have already said I in a pitcher, writing idea, NBA mercenaries, I had to get you back in the scene. I did a whole river but David West. I had a message, in overrated under guy, where he Nazis were saying how underrated he was for like two years and you where they became overrated cuz, it's a guy at eight hundred and seventeen and eight settle down, but for two Well, you know as great as is David Weston and then there's always guys like and I do wonder of terrorists- the maybe is our next, every Larry Thumb ticket, but anyway, I think he's probably achieve candidate, in witty at ten million, whose kind of a loose cannon Jared Alan? Because the address hawaiian I've been Irene, kiddies buddy size one. If there was some sort of all the depot thingy in there and then download he's a player ops so remember he was doing the thing where he was. I am, if you guys Van MO me I'll go,
anywhere for the minimum. Rach immediately, like everybody was like that's a cap violation of the most You think I d me whose whose I think out there's buddy healed, whose contracts and next year twenty four point. Four, I just like buddy here. I think he was in a bad situation in Sacramento and- and I I think he's the type a guy that I can see in places like the ones or watch you may now. Would you do Bagley embody healed first. Indeed, I'd probably have to get their pick two and something else is in bag. Bagley hasn't been understand, the courts are not at all, but I know you like him. I did multiple first for I remembered bridges, shop and embitter have anywhere I'd. Have you thought about you from time to time, and I think if you get in bed and then you know
he's like I'm mad. I get traded. I'm getting had shaped this year, the whole day's going back I'll, fuck em in trust me, the league likes the way. It is right now say: Indiana Denver is another one where were taken this in order, so at seven o clock pity we don't have the stereotype game spent up. But if this damper series ends bad there or something happens, they have a lot of pieces, great, they have the Harris contracts that Lillian dad Porter there have I will Barnes at thirteen million they even have the job Murray Card to play. So it's, like view, really wanted to put a full, fledged second star next to Yoke Ajar and you're trying to do that without giving a Murray, so you trying to basically make Murray or third guy you bring in a second star next Marine Yoke edge. They had the salaries and they had the porter peace and I
Think Porter would have allowed a trade. I e a great idea of time. Are you kidding me? His look, we ve been over the defensive lapses, but every time you watch or Michael poorer Junior game his shop making ability it he would be the I as an olympic diver that would go. I'm gonna win, because I want to take the most difficult attempts at this I didn't think you gonna let pics today, sorry that I gave it to you, but there's shots. He pulls up the. There's just neighbours in illegally, don't take that shot and he keeps making these were these pull up contested threes and his, HU, the last announcer was cause you lose track, but it wasn't a horrible cop, not saying he's Durrant but Durant's impossible, because the shot release you just knock at doing with it Grenette was impossible because the shot release it's never gonna be contested on China to leave it at that. They have let us as a mirage. The rim in this stuff is able to do in his at weird angles. It's pretty
usual and I don't know who the air with a double gangsters. For that. You didn't you d rather have well. I think it's a I'm a Grady issue, but he doesn't have any majorities proclaiming ability and he's probably more physical them ready. As the thing is, if your Denver you had this guy yoke edge, who is it one of the I think, eight or nine best personally you don't really have the second piece of them. You don't know how long your window, as with any this stuff and with Porter, like the guys, come off a major injury, small sample size hive. I trade value and it's like. Maybe you cash in and try to get a legit Second star, ok, he's a lead. You have this salaries with porter to actually go and pursue a real guy. If Why did you? I don't know that real guy us, but you also run through the exercise, is when you texted this assignment to me for Denver and by the way yoke is getting destroyed.
And utilise playing at all. You know we're saying this before we know: what's gonna happen in game for ok, but so far in the series, the games that Utah played Games- two and three was perfect basketball there yet humiliating this team. The third quarter number on the big third quarter, guys everybody knows back in the NBA today's, but Denver is getting out, scored a hundred nine to sixty eight there are, of course, hundred ninety sixty eight while cod and furthermore, as it happened, and that some afraid to talk about it as democratic as a bad boy What say the serious goes bad for dimmer they lose in five or six, who I think at this point at least everybody is cool enough that yes, three games in GO bearer as they would go. Bear did yoke itching aimed three. I didn't really expect to see that in there and yoke is lost, and so, if you look at the Paris has played Barton hasn't play Bogdanov it isn't there economist the first year,
you can't really make that excuse if your Denver, so yes, you still have yoga to a little bit the Aaron Rodgers part where, when it looks good you like managers, goofy, but it all works and then, when it doesn't work you like disguised as plodding around the whole time like AIR Rogers and the team is doing great you're like look at him. Steely com, never act and when the weather packers aren't you will like look out pissed off. Rogers is right. Now you could just see it on his face. In the exact same got all time. Would you rather have Murray or all the I think, I'd rather Murray yeah probably got to the injury, although I do think o deep. Physically the ways moved around after the bubble is looked better agreed. Can it yeah Lisbon is here
not worried was two years ago. Even close that just doesn't seem like he's the same guy not doesn't mean you won't happen next year, but I think the combo of not knowing if he would stay as a free agent and things like that, the guy I was thinking for them is Chris Paul, because you know, I think, there's I think they. A different conversation Wooten along the lines of what we talked about some of these other teams. I can vote Kca losses and run one. What do you do if you're not going to pay one hundred and thirty five million for this expensive team? When you have all these draft picks the app? movies to rebuild around shea start over large pay. Tax Denver could put together a package that they don't have to, but porter in it. You know you could do Harris supporters starter. I think at this point like if your conversation I got, respond pouch yet, but you can do like Harris Barton and Bobo something that just bag,
we're we're. Gonna save you ate nine million this year we're getting the best burn. The trade were taking on this giant Chris Paul contracts and its basically a sour dump. If you're ok see I'm just any Denmark precision bet I would have with Denver if I'm the other team and I gotta pay forty million for Gary Harris Defensive match up the next two years now and here, we had moments where we thought Gary Harris might be something, and maybe it still it will surely give up autumn. But it's a forty million dollar bill guarantee the next two years as somebody who you'd like in your guard rotation, as he plays good defence. That's that I didn't like him in the past. I just that he was bad. This isn't it Mi Pueblo, so you're saying you think: Danvers is better off riding the porter thing planted by ear and they're they're, probably not a title team anyway for the next year, but try to do the slow game.
Try to build around Jokic. Maybe there's a way to pick Paul off. If some of this ownership stuff gets really weird- and maybe the thunder are one of those teams with whatever the cap is going to be, which is a whole nother discussion about some of these monster contracts, but I think it would all gets killed a little bit with the Cba anyway. Maybe that exists, maybe there's a pic package in there, where you feel like okay we get a couple picks out of this, but there is not really one player you're, not gonna, get Porter Junior bauble. I just have a hard time, believing like there's a tunnel. James after that really really excited about him, which may not be fair as a right now, but thirty. I learned that I say that yet thirty million in in in salaries in one you're coming back for Harrison, Jeremy they already had Jeremy Grant or Coma city rather Denver, who I've never quite understood. What would always be like hey. This is a technical that the championship by it is just not much there and even Murray's comments after game. Three worry said: call I think we just have to. Our back. Why did you give a target on your back
yeah there's, no damn your conversation arrived at by the way I should allow us came one except Murray got red hot, which he does like every four or five. Games, but it was really really you ve gotta, when the first three but yeah. I think, you're right. I because I think at least embers surpluses yeah. I think they just hold porters U turns into like a real thirty five minute, like kind of borderline star and stops having defensive lapses, that Preventive Malone from trusting him, which still is happening at times. So are we shared them, whereas there Ah, I
this is gonna, make you laugh, but the great Chris Wallis who I know has a bad trays and is resuming, but back when I first purse was breaking the business. No one was nice to me as far as being a foreign office guy. Never so many secrets. Betty would talk to me about theories right. You talk to me about the general thought of the disconnect between foreign office and coach and was brilliant stuff. Chris was really great gracious and he actually Tommy lot to stop. That still holds up now, maybe like there's just completely like different philosophies battle at each other, between the four ass being like, let's develop porter in the coach being like my job, is to win the game and adding Malone's done a good job with getting yoke edge in Murray to these points. But the the porter stuff is a guess, but that had to be incredibly frustrating, year for the front office to be like? Are you certain member those stretches we talk about it on this podcast, where they have all these injuries any still wouldn't play him any meaningful minutes,
And now you see what you have, one of those minutes were real. What have you been play more minutes before and then you now just trusted him more. If you have real player aspirations which going into a Denver always looks at the Sabre. See look at a record but Denver not getting any home games the plaza ethic. This is playing out, even if they be you, torture still certainly could again. I could be jamming myself up here, so I should stop talking about it. But look without me. You talk as if that Utah was gonna mess going into this, and now they ve looked at those look games two and three Utah's newcomers, plain perfect basketball. So we're gonna, do something we're in and try something on the Sunday we're gonna take a break, and when we come back it's going to an hour and a half later on Sunday night. Where did take a break when you come backward. Tell you what we thought about Denver, Utitsa second half game for and if we learned anything will continue. This damn conversation so there you go see the second everybody loves
game shows. Everybody has a podcast. I've got both everybody I'm Kyle Brands in my new show. Ten questions is a game. Show talk, show athletes movie stars, everybody will come on not just to talk. They come on. This show to compete, ten questions that whether they know what are not are somehow inspired by a moment in their life or their career time. Questions ten points so much fun at overdue. Spotify employees subscribe to ten questions with Kyle Brand we're back, we ve found
forwarded your life by an hour and forty minutes. We just watch the second half of Utah Denver, which I'm glad we saved this, because this was an awesome. I remember I was talking to sound house about been in this game today and I was like I just think. Utah has a serious wrapped. The only thing that Denver has going for it is the random Jamal Murray. Forty point game: it happened again, but Mitchell was a little bit better. This was one of the most entertaining games of the bubble. What it? What was your where you'd so frustrated. If your Denver, because you get an epoch game from Murray, which was gonna like we Sunday, murmurs, even bigger- and I think that the positives all of this is that you will get yoke it. You ve got Murray, but even in the two great man game with those two guys that I think it ties
More predictable and limit semi was on fire. The problem is it down at a Mitchell's on the other side in Utah. Has these moments where their plan unbelievable offensive, basketball they shot from three? They shut forty percent and that's what, and then you have your kitchen and Murray go off and how they lose label Keziah. The team is missing from three right now. This is three games and often results in Saint Mitchell, who got the got the mid two thousands Wade thing thrown around them a few times, including on this package by me. Is it looked very o six Swedish, this series, but I'd think partly because then buried as really have the apparatus to tick, contain him I'll be interested to see what happens in the next series, which I would assume would be the clippers unless LUCA has something to say about it, but next series the clippers, just have a million guys, the broader my they had to be a lot harder friend to do the things he was doing this
what was grant and as we were taping the podcast. So I don't know all the defensive assignments in the first half I'll go back and look, but they went was grant there more towards the end, and there was a stretch where was actually starting to work a little. But then you know like really great players with momentum in the ball they just kind of start. Their move, little bit further out and you just such a massive disadvantage. I mean there is even a time where is probably moving screen, but I really care because everybody sort of booze screens, but there is a play where Mitchell went laughed was bringing grant stayed with them and then go baronetcy. Staying with the screens is gonna, backed up in Mitchell Road Grant into the back go. Bear the f in a style of less side and grants freaking out to the wrapping like it's a moving screen, but it was, it was even a go. Air was doing one of those Daniel tie seals. It was just Mitchell there's somebody said about
driving players with the ball that understand how to work their defender into another one of their guys like it. It's not everybody's great at Israel. Just get the boy. Hey here's the screening to go Mitchell's great at it, and yet he was better than buddy, which is saying something as Murray was on fire here. Am I They have one of those running back. Sue can just be at full speed. All of a sudden, you know where those like I'll send his running of four to forty. You tie Lawson was a little bit like that during that the two years when Tie Lawson was was really effective. Cod moderated, but he would it you'd, send him a pick and then all of a sudden he was like two feet from the rim and you'd like what happened. I I'd think Mitchell. I think he's gone up a level from last year, two years ago, from a sophistication standpoint with how he's now
how to get in the team? Has, I think part of it is cuz? Don't nobody out of it has been rendered. Basically a sidekick and he's just over and over and over again has to figure it out. It's a little like the dutch art and stuff we're Talkin earlier, where it's the same guy over and over again making decisions, and it just feels like he's going up, half level, you don't agree, no, I'm I'm not saying that I as just tickets, it's kind of ironic that were finishing the pod with this kind of topic, and yet, if Mitchell were in it I can hear like LUCA: is we ve gone? Oh my god like what? What is this guy capable of? But what we do. Is we caught a turn, the page on some of these guys? Just because of the patients and what happens like this is a team. I had big expectations for this year and yet, even though the record was pretty good at just never felt like it was clicking the right way they lose Bogdanov. Ich. I feel like this is a huge problem because Mitchell in the past it fell. If you try to do everything, I gave way
I'm with you. I think the Mitchell had these wade moments and then it felt a little Westbrook. Is she where it? Yes, oh man, you're you're, really just trying to do all this on your own, and that has to always be the frustration for the most gifted score, where I figure out a way to keep everybody engaged in and not be gross, but yet no pain? I don't want us another Jordan, Clarkson Drive and it was weird because Quinn left Clarkson out there with the main guys and then Clark's it did have in the fourth quarter couple drives that were both bad they're, both turnovers and in your watch. Go on in this kind of back to the whole Harden Morey thing, we're more is private, like what do I want guys aren't as good as the best I have involved at any moment death and Would you break it down that way makes sense, and that's all they did. It was really two teams going there too man game and go bear continues to show and aggressiveness. That I don't know that we all banked on seeing I mean he had they had shocking and traffickers have other times that catch the baseline.
And then he went right at yoke is to really get it. I'm not even remotely afraid of you, I'm not even sure he always makes their catch, but his confidence is way up here too. It's too bad for damage, because I think, if no sap, I don't think he went off a cliff, but he deftly drove off the road career why's. He is not the same guy and I For what they're paying from that spot, a thirty million dollar guy- and it goes back to work, talk about earlier when you paint big money for these due to start hidden. Thirty, two thirty, three thirty four just becomes a complete crapshoot. You know Toronto. Spam big might have Kyle Lowry, whose, as good as ever youth, has been big money for me. Stop and kindly not as good as ever. You just kind of don't know, there's no way to gauge it, and there are guys short. I didn't porter's nice, but he's even saw tonight he's just he's just needs more rep soda go back to our Denver discussion from before. I think we both really like Barry, but I would love to see
needs a wing as a third did more than that. In the end they gave orally reliable, shooting weighing who just can do stuff Will Barton not having him is a huge problem, especially those kind of second group parts where you worry, where the office's consistently you're absolutely right and proper because it wasn't just offence they were seeking out, as the switch guy therefore add that that is thus did now uneasy ready for it and I really felt like there is possession on offence that showed porter still not understood, ending the NBA game where he drove in a traffic got here and then passed it and you can. You know if you put but the rim you'd probably gonna get the call their, although if your Denver failure lookin at the free through discrepancy, freaking out about it, and I know Murray. Look. He got hit Annette Go Birthing Movement Mugabe was up vertically, but he came down with his left arm. It did Valerie
the biggest play of the game, and I was surprised it in challenge. It may be because so much basketball happened after the play. Maybe you can challenge it, but I thought if you're ever going to challenge a call in a game that would have been the call down for pretty obvious Fallon the I don't know the rule of top my head. Similarly, there exists an attic just can't they can do that, doesn't have to be a foul called to be challenge. I dont ash, no trying to figure out in reply. I know, as we could have it to decide whether said there was a charge, our black and so it down and waste five minutes of our lives Fer, to decides of somebody leaned by half an inch but then Murray gets found in the biggest play the game. We can review that. So I would say there still in the workshop on Thou and are at what? I just want to look it up, yet they can't they can't challenge if it's not called well. I wish you could challenge place like that, like if we're gonna have challenges, I guess
I just don't understand the point of the conditional challenge rule this thing. That slows down games for four minutes and in certain cases like charge, verses black, that such a blink point call. I would much rather see stuff the Murray Stuff get challenge a k like I found on that play I want. I want to replay you missed it, and now they're dead, Two and Unita has to make a point then so anyway, I would rather the hostile act thing just go away because it's how hostile act like five percent of the time. So let us get the five percent wrong and keep it movement. They should really take a look at every review. They have done over the course of the air and almost like break it down the advance metrics. What was a good idea? What was worth there wasn't worth it cause I hated. I hate the break. I hate the break in the game. It got a little quicker and the currency in, but it still sucks speed of Corinth him for we go we'll start low quarantine corner on Sundays, where Riera we're heading toward
toward halfway through months. Six here is the early months people arrest people I just can't get used to have been whatever their version awareness. I've been for me, it's secondly, while you're ready for Ipod walk every day are underway for two and a half hours there did you think save your life, you be power walkin! I used to like tat Power, but only do for an hour now. I just like I schedule cause around it. Everyone it ever and I work with that rigour in spite of five form on the phone. They know I'm usually walkin around than Google hang out, where I'm just kind of holding the phone and pepper just looking at sky and trees it's you know. Otherwise it began. That's just be around it. You know my family, we better at each other, for five and of by sounds get low, gamey get low game with it with Ben
thirty yellow them now. What would we really? I would not like to see, want to go to school really badly. Now, at this point gay, he really, MRS France, we are the big thing for him. Is he just change rooms? from his room through the yesterday. It was just it just take the huge power both power generated. A task. Just like I'm doing this, I want my bathroom it's happening and and that was it- and it's just. I think many starting to get a little punchy six. My fine words have been like for you. I haven't love Manhattan Beach in six months. Allow that, for any reason, that's an unheard of stretch night. I ve got a mammoth for two nights ago. And I moved so. That was a big reason. I don't think I went anywhere and you and I talked pretty regularly and I kept. I actually had a bag packed not to go back, but I had a bag packed for almost a month where I kept going. I just get in the car and drive up to Montana due amount and stretch, but I just might
your was first of all, because I moved I had a million things I had to do to get the move done and, as I'm sitting here in August, the move still as an honour percent oncologist. Whatever takes time, I can imagine having a wife, because all sorts of accessories and a beginning wrong for the house, but I regret not sitting in the car and doing anything has now. I'm I'm just not used to never going anywhere. But then again I don't know if I can get on a plane. I can't get on a plane and visit my my parents at the stage of hate. If I ended up now something on the plane ride over and- and I was the reason somebody else get sick. So that's part of it and I was was afraid of. I wanted some road trip like what were the townspeople, but I don't know if you feel this way. We probably still feel it more in L, a county, the new normal, because it's not normal yet but I'll, see footage from US cities and go wait a minute. It totally normal in these other places, and I think it is at least some places have just decided, I'm not making like Florida jokes about the beach or in that, but I've. I've just noted different places where my friends live and they go yet
been pretty standard other than going to pack bar, which almost most of my friends at this stage, a sunny something there do except maybe you know that the boys we gander in some kind of golf It goes a little bit later, but I never been. I think in one place this long since I was in my twenties when I can afford to go anywhere near city- seems to be the one place. That's out of add of other places we have in America. That's been changed. The most alot of people fleeing from their rents are dropping. There's there's been more crime in certain areas and things like tat and a lot of people are just leaving european. You have read out a committed because I d get I've. I've already got friends, aborted friends. It are lucky enough to have an escape plan, but yeah. I know I don't multiple people that you said fuck it moved and move to meet New Jersey, Kinetic cared ever there just out so
I'll, be interested to see how long that take something to yours pretty resilient, but there have been stories recently about people wondering is: is New York going to bounce back from this with all the restaurants that have closed and the inability of you know a subway driven culture? Now who wants to be a subway? All the elevators are the big office buildings, and then you know people thinking like our Monday through fried eggs, driving into New York, city or community activity seeking,
Ben time in office when we're learning in real time that you can get a lot of your job done at home. What's the point in that way waving do that way? Maybe you could just where, if Mungo the office one day week, so it does feel like there there's patterns now that are shifting that will stay in place for in it to leave some degree after all, the stuff comes back the I know I Jamie prepare myself anybody seniors. Oh, I ve been able to go anywhere when I know it works. Fine, sir. I'm really want to make it some of them. It's a change, a magazine because I I do feel bad for the people that are wondering whether this gonna end, but I also ah I wonder how many the companies I feel, like some of the tech companies, looked at a little bit like Football were once one conferences like hey we're done his fall. It felt like there's a bunch of announcements from the biggest companies intact. It has just said no office work until June of next.
Here and it did made me wonder to that- is that because it actually makes a little bit more financial said sir? Is it a liability? I mean I don't know I mean I can read on it, but it doesn't mean. I trust what I'm reading, but I guess there's liabilities that they gets removed. Ok and then you know day, it is cheaper though you dont have, though you can cancel your parking induce, subtle things like that. You kid, you know, you have leases verve, let's say twenty four: in an office- maybe you just do at least four five of the forest, all that stuff I their skin. I just think People now realized something that I probably knew Little Earl earlier than some people just cause. I had been working from home, alot head. It is easier to do stuff at home, sometimes like sought. The office is great, that I miss some stuff with the ringer like just to spit boss, chance and just being able to be in the room and people you are meeting with salespeople, there's some real advantages to being in the room. But for the most part you can
she's together by like eighty ninety percent, at least for what I do for a living yeah would miss. It, though- and I do think you this way in its den enough to have the freedom of ok, maybe we'll have to be in the office five days a week, but it when people rely. Why do you like living in Connecticut and said? Well, I actually don't hate was Hartford. I just want to do something different, that's but I would, if I were still it is. I would really miss being studio. All the time and in like I game is energy, I would show up it didn't matter what the day was dead. Aging. There was going on in my life, at least for this profession and energy. No one: you're, not hot air. It's a little different but counting down I'll be in my office. I be writing out stuff. Make a couple phone calls. Collins, Rudy double check with something and then be like. Ok, we get to go in there, just in energy around it, where the worst day wasn't that bad, it was paid
Good and if I were doing five days a week and I know that they brought back some of the studio stuff but a lot of it still pretty remote and distant split screen stuff, I would I would miss that's much right look. I know I wasn't a the ringer all the time, but I still like going up once a week as he felt like. You are part of something right and I'm sure allowed even fill our yes, where like we did that lottery show on Thursday that actually, that was really fun at a it's. You know it's really hard to do for persons zoom red, doing something Roger for the first time. That we pulled it off. It would have been more fond of the four of us were together and I think it's it's easier to do, media it's easier to the stuff. We do if you can see each other and plan for each other in different energy, but I think from and just an office standpoint in meetings and things like that, like we got to spot defied, you know they bought us and it became officials like eight days for the pandemic, hit.
And you know we're trying to get all this stuff done it. Meanwhile, its we haven't really met. Any of these people in person is just when you think about it's really. I like a couple, my bosses, I admit already in cup other people, but for the most part, it's all people I've only Non zoom like I'm, looking at you now as a man. This is, on the one hand, weird. On the other hand, weird that this is pull possible. You know that you're integrating this horse side into what we're doing. I'm learning all these things and yet I'm never in an office with anybody. Sutter You have not shown by the future, yet we have not always, but it's actually like workable. There are so many things just in life. We go without can't happen. That would never work and you go will do you know that I mean it's easy to be dismissive of it and everything, but let us of this happening now like on a second work, any minute beaches kind of interesting cause Devilish supposed when a business, but now It's almost like a european town at night because they just said our were building all this outdoor seeding forget the parking spaces,
has become even more localised here than early was, but if you walk around, Friday or Saturday night, it feels like you're walking through some small european town because of all the ceilings part of it. You like, I was going to go, but you know, like everybody, have these moments? Were you you kind of miss the normalcy of everything what's the gym situation like free, I get a lot of questions, but that free, while their resolve the equinox, did open for a little stretch there, and I was a little on the fence about it, and I know you know what I want to go and see what it's like an it It was weird, isn't what I wasn't busy, but then you were required. Where a mask while you're working outside every girl they got done up that I saw was, was not wearing a mascot raw younger. So I was like while that really surprised me. I will ask time and then. I never thought I'd like workin out at home, but I just in the new place. I have a garage. It's it's predict out a put together as much stuff as I can
I have this new trainer was a buddy mind from ice college, nigh scope as go and its I mean a perfect routine by thy life. She liked Now I used to be big afternoon guy and now until a day starts with putting myself through something I'm not right. So pretty much I wake up. I look at a few things since and work emails, just like you do deal with in the show and all that kind of stuff and usually by eight or nine I'm ready to go, but I open the garage doors so that people can see me. I noticed that a lot Manhattan Beach were people, keep the garage door open, opened kind. I M in here, and I'm very far Although I do you think of him, I throw but my mass today that was disgusting. Oh, my bad yeah I had like one of those cayenne, pepper and lemon juice is to get the day going. Is that Europe is an idea. I was doing this new kind of high tempo thing and it was really messy me. But I threw up cayenne lemon water juice into my mask while I was wearing it so that set that sounds off.
I like that you're working on your garage like spacey in America, beauty, less creepy? like a less creepy spare. You are you the or anything I don't wanna be compared to spaces. Every you know is allowed. We run everyone, but there's nothing. Better than try to portray a character we're a tv show who thinks he's, get it back. A little bit worries. Aren't you Joe Weeder plastic plates with sand in M bench, Press and all the wage or stupid and like a pyramid at both ends in any ceases, do in a couple of rhapsodies like aren't I'm fuckin back, I am running out of movies to watch, let less than I watched the vanished stirring Thomas gain an hedge. And Jason pad out. How does that happened? Gimme the thought process of serving and then landing on it,
new movie. I was so fascinated by the three some of Thomas Jane and Hatching Jason, Patrick, all of whom you know it's like when, when the maps are trying to get you know abroad and two thousand fourteen individual, you just have to settle for the injured, you're dead in a couple others- and I have been very but about this many times, I'm always in on a kid that movie. Ok, give me back my son, I gotta somebody's taken, I'm at least give me a chance, so it was also directed by Peter fascinate. Jenny guards It has been so that was a major arriving if it's red directed by Peter fast. Now I, like our eye this from a comedy standpoint. This maybe get it
Who is exceedingly watchable and somebody got kidnapped, and that's just where I am with movies right now, because I don't know what they're doing like they keep showing the tenant that the tenant commercials, which is been coming out for three months now, and it seems like it's fine yeah. It's like the first real movie that feels like gets come out like three months words I got. This is actually a movie. They spent real money on with real actors and real director, I'm sort of think that's the movie, the crystal
No one has ever gonna like that. Was the next level that it all and went to were there at a movie, there's just clips and is going to go on for two years and you're gonna have to piece together. There can be some mail and kit, it's real high level stuff, at least that's a guess right now, while I think they're gonna stack at so that all the movies come out like December Fer to be eligible for oscars that their basically hoarding all these hoping that lives gonna be normal before December, but then its act and obey and they're, just all set in like thirty good movies are going to come out in Spain at two weeks is giving amazing. Can I ask you a kidnapping related story, yet if Ben were kidnapped, would you give it a few days? I think they would give him back here just where down Fouquet guises, how socks how this, though, video games
no pop tarts fucking Christ, this place sucks Jesus he's all excited cuz, you know mad. It's coming out Tuesday. That's right, I'm hoping to get some codes for some listeners to see in Lamar on the cover and Lamar already had to sit out two practices in a row, mysteriously for reasons that remain unclear. This weekend there was like some tired are murmurs. Nobody knows what's going on it was interesting. I started getting public aid. Is anybody think maybe it's Earl Thomas for four eight anyone? Well, it seems like the patriots, biological suitor for him, considering that arrive have Chung, we gotta get an atom other elapse face. We could a you know we should do. Is we should call he'll? Do it too We should just zoom cowherd in on one of the next ones and have you, go out about the past or tanking. That's that's his domestic of our time,
the positive your leg, eleven in five or twelve before again, they are all in that debate. Why would they ever it's just not Bela check if you guys really think that he's good, he Belgic would never want four and twelve in his resume the first year Post, Brady, never he's just by him being sidelined where aid may be carries on the team and then have cam. Who has the by all accounts, can give us like a beer b plus now it's eleven five word, I gotta say I. My guard is up with this for buses, and I still have not like I haven't, had any fantasy homer get I'm just there, get emails from my buddy Gus, who runs the Pixley again in the two commissioners, the fairness of Asia, man, certain assisted out, but no nobody wants to fully admit this is about to happen and we're talking it's like with today's date like that. Twenty only third, twenty third,
We were three weeks away right to EAST away, yet little listen to re, write and there's no precision. So it's odd aware, but this seems like it's gonna happen and I I just correct maharajah. I I always thought- and I fell- would at least try and I would think it's a little bit more contain oh yeah, we got Texas Chiefs September tenth got, it seems it seems three hundred head. That's twenty days from now. That's amazing. I saw a man ass, a defensive about amass listener, fantasy partner. We had that. So I think
so Canada, what's going on, I have the Chiefs Third Chiefs running back with the three names seems like the guy he's gonna, be the hacker. The sheer who I know you are only too high a way too high or for twenty hours more than he should everyone has. Damon Williams is sitting out in every socket. Rattle awesome is, but it seems, like he's, got the buzz already yeah. That's the thing about fantasy and fantasies. Awesome, I'm not being anti fantasy guy, but over the years whenever I would look at some of the draft averages on people there were just always be this running back, give any lacy didn't go. Second, you got you really want to take any lazy. Every other player, except for two, because you're projecting him to do something that he's never done before. I guess the part is, and I think it definitely was at the running backs because
you always have to find the running back. Now, it's not even worth it right. You're, probably is better off taken receivers and quarterbacks intranet, piecemeal, but yeah hi, clodagh, resilience gonna go to my strategy, as I always wondered, awesome quarterback, so he there I'll take like for them or are just takes. Thank them homes. Yes, and you like a written, I just I just hate I dont get quarterback and fantasy of his software yeah jealous you could always like patch gather the other pieces that Batman trailer. I didn't see it, you can watch it now, who's banner you're, your daughter's former fee, It twilight, actor memory, writing about an hour, Pat yeah. He D, Lamb in yeah, he's Batman and the trailer looks incredible. So we should see, but I just I want to know the answer all die before I get it. How many bad man's is too many bat nance his it's pretty,
unbelievable. How often I can be recreated and I'm gonna watch it. You know, I'm don't get me wrong. Watch it, but I dont know is it? Is there ever any in anything like that from a content standpoint were you could just keep coming up with the same go on a story line mean they re made this by. Man thing, but I guess I have a lot to do with the studious another much about it. Some backup attended. I do, but I looked at the trailer just just Donna. May I got it His unbelief, like the Nolan Bat man's the first two, especially but second one, the first. They were the second lines out of my favorites of censure, its reform. I favour all time movies and you know now you want to follow that. That's like following Sabin where does when I was growing up the old, Adam West Bat man's is the love thus causing this indicated where Burgess Meredith
the penguin and Julie knew my religion. I met at all either to ass cool and colorful, look different through those good fights and all that stuff. But then, then it became kind of IRAN. Play fun in the 80s to remember those shows, but then all the sudden they were making Batman with Nicholson as the Joker in eighty nine, and it was a huge deal that was step felt like one of the biggest movies of the decade that they were doing. That and Michael Keaton was going to be Batman all that stuff, and I was like nine Batman, Zika Hope- and I was in college when that happened it is a nice guy and sense. So they did. It gets like nine So they did the physiology Xanadu Thou tumors in one Clooney in one, ok, so intimate with dancing for Keaton key in vow. You just said: Clooney,
abandoned to now. I was one should we get. I t on this ice of three with bail that seven and then you're forgetting about Afflux Re Sunday, eight, but was Second, one that is part of yeah joyously, exhort the add the nine year. I was his locked in on those I'll admit. I hate to say that about Ben too, don't tell him. I said that I was fired at that he got the giant paycheck beer how's. He doing you guys talk a lot lately. Wise guy he's got we're not talking now he's got the new girlfriend is date in the girl from knives out. You know, I'm excited form, he looks great summaries. Paparazzi pics I've seen it looks, dyslexic shoulders are really coming again. Ah, I always think I was talking to somebody bad how, with his we have. Two of our kids are like almost exactly the same age, but to have the new girl friend, whose, like thirty, but you have a daughter whose fifteen- and I just like being in that city
of imagining how those interactions go in the fifty. How judgmental, though, a fifteen year old girl can be about stuff like that insensitive and just what how thou be harder navigate than being Batman? Take honestly, all of that is that had a brighter ingratiated new kind of stepmom figure into a, but she some hot third year old actress. I just can't imagine how that goes on private I've got to worry about that either. So that's not assign my list of things. What which celebrity has surprisingly goes to do during the quarantine and which celebrity won't leave you alone Quit celebrities ghost admit it, I don't know which one is set, which one of you sent to tax to that now you're like oh, so I'm not gonna checks, John him. A third time is that how it goes guy. Have I have a celebrity right now were, I think, he's gotten to text in a call, and I thought we were even pretty closer.
Time and now Howard. It now count shouted article. I would go on the show every down inside. I don't think I don't. I think the staff likes me come in on the show. Is I give him a given the business the what for every no, I haven't been invited. I lay there because every time I come on, it's like a tenant round for summits and I think after I'd think he loses confidence afterwards. I come in hot and make fun of em the joy towers, always on my side and I. I just thought that you like them. I like joy, she's, been not she everything it yeah yeah she was fond of. Summer went on August every cowardly like three different questions. They turn to note a therapy analogy, and then at the last one I go is. Are you? Are you all right? Are you hired what's quota and he's good great? I mean he was laughing it off.
I was like we get a lot of therapy. We are. We need to do that. We need a zoom. We should have zoom face offs now at the end of some of these is Sunday night nobody's during it as a crash. The outlets do that will allow all set up the cow herd one and discuss it back. You, my popular, get say new, so you got two pods this week and then I'll see you Sunday night. I have no idea what's in store for a Sunday night, if we could be like talking about game, two of six series or a couple of these series might have gone seven who the fuck does a regulated when they're starting South raptors any this? When we first started a quarantine pods it was. I one book review one, why television stop, recommend dahlia my way, and then we should do at least one kind of tv. It doesn't have to be three. A o should do as we should do a readable sk, as I finish the First S, an l book from
the long years before he handed over our yeah I've. I finish the book you, you said it was one of the best oral histories ever it's it's not like a straight oral history, but it's unbelievable. It's great. So it's actually not a total oral histories is light. Now it's like a book by the air like how great was that Chevy Chace Chapter. The charities deal where he all of these guys are fair the unknown yeah at the beginning and Lorn has this vision? If there's one thing, I too That whole book is that Lorn, who hadn't had any real success in the United States, is a canadian guy. He had married the daughter of a pretty famous television person in Toronto and he had done some kind of stand up sketch stuff and he shows up to NBC in it. I acted like he was. He was Christopher Nolan today walking around you like Lorn. I don't even know. If he's thirty, when the thing starts, maybe you just turn thirty. The confidence from there. Book, but he was a lesson in their region- show up going beyond the fuckin man like this is how we're doing it and I can't believe,
She got away with any would quickly, but every time there be a problem about budget or stage anything you want to do he be like I'm adequate and then they just quit and I had- idea, he had actually finally bounced after like five years but Chevy, as you said, and I'll, let you a better than I will, but from Chevy in that first year too, from our will see how this works out where he was going to be a writer. He wasn't. He. To be one of the actors- and they just loves energy and writers. Remedy was gonna, pitching sketches to be accepted to be on tv and then his they legitimately famous, where, like twenty million people, are watching them I don't know, I don't know that anybody could become that famous that quickly back then one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, I did a pot with Lauren in his office. I think it's two thousand and fourteen we talked a lot about that first year cuz I was so fascinated by
guys becoming from going from anonymous to really legitimately famous, where, like Twitter million people are watching their shows. And the revenue add by the way into the ratings we're even what they would hope they would ban, but it was working in those right, but even back then If you had any any show, you get watch by ten million, twelve million people, but I like it Twenty million for them in the beginning by the second year was thirty, which is what we get for the Superbowl now, but Chevy went from you. She riesling his way, not ways by like maneuvering his way onto beyond the show to within ten weeks seas. Is this the next Johnny Carson on the cover near? Where is it? and everywhere his go in your paper, pointing at home and say enrage average, you're, not nor that stuff- and I dont remember Irma Fame, just doesn't work that way anymore. No, no way was it was. You would have to be so established to achieve that kind of fame and of course it was entirely differ.
And Lorn hit that no perfectly that we're gonna do something on television has never really been accepted before, because it was on late at night on a Saturday. He got away with all this. That, actually, as it places on the book, you can't believe like all these fights, he would have the sensors and eat away again get his way because he had like one main NBC exec, that matter with the juice that it was kind of back him. Then Chevy leaves after one year at which I think I know you think thing to forget, and I love the bill? Murray politics, Bill Murray's is always been somebody for me where then, really matter. What he's doing, I just think he's funny and their stars like peak building, Where is going not send in their subtle bill, Murray but its? It was bombing and he wasn't funny in people didn't like it, and then they even did this weird break the fourth wall thing with him, where he does this monologue where he starts asking but alas, more is jokes and hey. I'm sorry, I'm Bill Murray. It really mean a lot if you would laugh and that, like totally bombed and
they're gonna have to get rid of the guy and then just this one skit that shower skit clicks and asserts doing a little bit more of his goofy sketch stuffy had done in Chicago. And it totally works, but like Chevy and bill almost get your fight, and then everybody thought that bill was kind of a tough kid because use from a place in Chicago. Use, fighting his whole life and then the baluchi stuff is the blues. You stuff is worth it just for the book bushy steps. Amazing, we did the Caddy Shack pad thy sweet Chet. We talk about Chevy in Burma in the same movie and they haven't seen each other, since they must. They got knowledge, it fight it s now and shabby came back to host the books. Great it's by Dunghill and Jeff Land grab a thing. It is, and I just there I think it's just called Saturday night. I think I did it and thereby apple books. As one of my favorites, too good red, Eddie Murphy steps get to Priscilla I'll, see you
I just I don't forget ree watch balls on Monday night, where do in forty year old virgin thanks to Spotify thanks to home. People were decorating, aromas, Thou isn't there before they offer free delivery on site dams. Forty five dollars more now for a limited time. Ten percent of the stars, you love when you use code bills, One zero at check out those seven's. Ten now add ons, like only a man, secondly lit for any more at home, deeper Dhaka, slash the court. Ways.
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