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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by SI and DAZN's Chris Mannix to discuss the start of the NBA season, including the Warriors' drop-off, Trae Young, Luka Doncic, Pascal Siakam, searching for depth in the Eastern Conference, Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, and more (2:15) before discussing the upcoming Canelo-Kovalev match for the WBO light heavyweight championship (52:15). Then Bill sits down with former Facebook executive and head of Instagram Adam Mosseri to discuss some of Facebook's criticism, how social media platforms are addressing bad actors, the upcoming 2020 election, innovating Instagram, athletes on social media, and more (1:03:22).

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Everywhere you take your phone. Just say: hey, Google, to get started Google tell my son that to act like an insane person tomorrow, I guess I'm in charge message. To programming notes before either the pad today, the real Archibald is back late whence and aid heading into hollow. In with the shining we recorded on Friday and it's almost two hours long and it's crazy, as is the movie, so keep it for that. Also announcing something on Thursday, maybe late Wednesday night about something I've been working on that I M excited tat you about so be ready for It is well we'll talk about that more on Thursdays, podcast come we have Chris. And talk in basketball and then Canelo Cobler, which I think is gonna, be a really good fight and then, and then they had Amsterdam. At most. Sorry, that's all come out. This is it Very good pack asked first, our friends.
Our programme, Chris Medics, Zan alive from sports, illustrated this zone, which has a big fight. This weekend can interpret down a bit. One tat will basque about first, I thought your Your China pieces are really get a few weeks ago about all. I wanted to mention that as well. I appreciate that this first This first NBA week is in the books. I think that people are the most surprised about is that the warriors have not looked like the team that has been. You know the dominant theme in the last
shares. I'm not sure why people were surprised that they look bad, those first against what we are expectations heading into the season for them I mean I, I thought they'd be a team in the play off mix. I no if I had any idea where they with land in that mix. Ah, you know that the thing in quite take into account that we ve seen early on is that the defence is terrible. I mean they have been giving up at least one hundred twenty a game yet in their first three games means while to watch them and b that bad. But then you can think about builds like. I will look at the guys lost, dimming clay Thompson is in our lead, shooter bodies. Also there your best offensive wing from last year, given Durrant, could defend Android could defend their plugging in rookies and Angelo Russell, and so the slats a deal a real concern for that. Might that defence isn't gonna get better with the town they have roster, throw in the yellow
that we know staff dream on negative, Miss games this year on how many but they're gonna miss some games this year, and I just have in this text of change with a player that that went up against them already Here he said now pretty simply back that teams not making the plants and the more I think about it. I think that's realistic and mean that the to get the west to me, we think forty eight wins fifty wins. Maybe it's a press conference. I think that there are you're serious, can't Father Plath mix. I try make this case when Rousillon House and I did the over under pads before the season. It was accused of being a hater of the words which I don't. I've been very complimentary over there, the words, but I just didn't understand why people didn't see that offence apart because of all the guys you just mentioned clay was their best perimeter defender the rack, a guard, five position an egg with dollar is historically one of the best offenders about time. He's a little older now, but just taken those three guys off
replacing them with the guys they replace them with to me they seem like a threat to give up like Devon Booker's. Next, seventy point game like that kind of stuff, and you think it was the second gave their someday job one, forty one on them I'll yeah one. Forty one is a crazy man appoints fer, a fourth quarter and big that major. His glee, forestry, thirty five point quarter. The really hard to do that. But given the worst themes, don't give up on forty one, so I think in a weird way getting their asses kicked. Those first two games reset the expectations, but also maybe a little fire little bit under the dream and curry combo that may be they came and we're not gone down like this Maybe maybe two may be a good thing, but I still have the dead, the town, but but how to a fire kid like under them. I mean it's not like that scoring mean every time out there there put up a good number of points it's just do not stop anybody, and now you can you you can
is much you want around staff he's not gonna morph into a great defender We ve seen a progressive regression from dream on the last couple of years that I don't think he can get back to being too It's a player the year dream on any more and in the guys that that the rookies they have. They are Russell like these guys are gonna, become plus defenders overnight. I added I don't even you get cook for a buck. Forty, The way they did in his new Orleans or even what the pelicans problem. One twenty three in losing the golden state and I think that's gonna get a little bit better, but that the days then being like a top half of the league differently, they are over. I dont know how they can scheme their way back into being a good defence words. Gonna be fun like on the their schedule, MID November, about four games in six days at New Orleans at Memphis and then at those at Utah they Friday. In that way, when you're not good defensively anyway, in your relying on two guys pretty heavily, which is what they do now. That's when you get
I get in a real trouble with the schedule where you have like the last two of em four and year at Dallas and then at Utah's a brutal way to end that, but a team, I Dallas paused guess in and dodge together- and I won't I put them now- you don't either. I just fill it that team will get any shot they want, but what just watch in the first week I try at overreact, but I do look at hullo is there a level higher than they were last year and die judge has really really jump out to me this first week, just this. Guy has hit every check point I wanted to hit. I feel like he can go by anybody whenever he wants in the poorest This thing is really fund a watch, I'd like watching the little high screens with staff and how he drowned the basket and then presented is doing these late cuts down the middle and his finding ermine. I think they have. Ass to be really special together. Have you been able to watch him? It yeah
watch the parts of two other games this week with ya. Think there I think they're gonna have like this. I kind of modern Day Stockton Malone thing going on where the you know it stopped him alone, did kind of one thing really well with that pickin role- and I guess the pic and pop too, but your dodge again, posing, as can do like five things: Ria, where were you your drive into the basket or your pop and beyond the three point line and dodging is just Yokota doing a lot of crazy Acrobat things that there's gonna be dangerous and I don't work together over the summer to kind of get started, sort of force, feed some of his chemistry? And you can t see it you can see it early on, but but about like you sit down should go to next level that the door to train young rivalry is gonna, be one of like the great river. Is this generation, because both these eyes are like out of their minds early on in ways that you can look at you like that's kind of sustainable like I can see dodgy playing like this all season. Long and trade
making like thirty footers now that he's making, as one coach told me last night, like the the crazy shots he wasn't making last year, so maybe that kind levels off, but the ISA the guy that is gonna put up like your twenty eight to thirty points, every night, almost effortlessly, so I mean those too just they're gonna be summoned a watch. The next ten years yeah. It's funny the Atlanta fans again low frisky cause. I was very critical of the LUCA Trade and I still am I still like LUCA, is gonna, be an MP in the next three to four years. I don't they tray on wherever Benin Bp May, Maybe I'm missing something still would rather have LUCA and for me in the moment, if I were you, to get somebody who might be an empty peace some day. I'm just always pick that. I don't care what somebody's offer me. I think what school but this situation I try and is also really really good, You know- and I do think glucose gonna come back to haunt Atlanta Little bed down the road in a way like our man, we traded the rights to this guy,
it is down to time envy pay, but what they ended up. That's a pretty great so it is one I think we have a chance may be to look at this down. The road is like one he's trades were both sides just feels really good about what they got as their sentence. A tray young in Atlanta that makes sense I can't figure it out because not since thou many because they had a guy, they just seems to fit with the city- that they ve had a lot of weird stars rate like dad. Mattel bow, you know and you just guys that weren't fine and didn't feel Atlanta. Didn't feel Atlanta ay and now he brings like an energy to those home games like that. What's the Sixers Hogskin was they? Their game was really fun. A watch. You Know- and I am I just think- that team as analogy to them- so I am glad it worked out for both- is TAT our offer to another look at
the EU type, a guy or liver, accurate was a star, but not now really star down their Steve's male went yeah. It's just not trays like the closest thing to do many that they had since Dominic. It's just the way plays and in the William it I think, you're right. That's dont you could be one of those two time and be peace and his ceiling is higher. Like Don, just ceiling is the two time empty peace. Tray young ceiling is like five times pouring champion hiring you do battle, Those two off is one much better than the other. Maybe can do more with dodge it because of its size, and I guess you can become better defender and and defend multiple positions. Worse, traffic is always going to be kind of an average too. You know Korea defender might be his type a ceiling, but man then you're being generous and thou, and I think defensively he's pretty bad. Abu resources, definitely on step was bad too. Like I mean I think
a ways he gets physically stronger at this appeal. Wait him being average I'll bet for which really all you need from happening. That's it that's good idea for of Atlanta Hawks Blog, the way to being average the Atlanta hotspot. Now, how did they waste have curry? At least he was six three you know like tat. Is Jussie sixty six one any just feels little out there, but again it doesn't really matter were matters is based to try to create this really fun team that can be used God save model which we all laughed at. I know I made a lotta jokes about it, but you talk about his ceiling is the ceiling is kind of like the best case. Best case scenario ceiling would be curry. I dont think he's gonna good as carry, but that be the whole bright that you could build a championship. Contender around
a shooting point guide, who has who, as the ball and doesn't necessarily need, comply and completely, but can also create shots further guys and is just an incredible score and may and can be the best guy. This is a model that When you- and I were growing up- did that inconceivable for a championship team. You couldn't have appoint guard who controlled most of your big shots. This could be the model that actually won the title. The two thousand fitting where's change that I don't know, do you think he could be the number one score on a championship team? Oh yeah, I mean you have to do you have to do it Odin state did in the other part of of trade that he's in other worldly passer like he is. He is a ridiculous play maker Winnie when it gets to that kind of mode. So that another part of his game that and you have to account for but you're, just like have. You got a surround him with the guys I mean you have to understand his defensive deficiencies and have like
sturdiest clay Thompson type around, maybe doesn't have to be the score. The clay is, there's be the defender that clay a dream on type, even like a bug it in the middle to backstop everything to clean up all those mistakes that let you know, gonna be there when winter. He's out there, but I am just a. I wasn't: I was down on him coming in the draft as an elite player and Europe First summer leg. I mean people we're just leapfrogging off the tray younger wagon like there was. It was just like you know, running for if boats Bob betray young bandwagon. So here you gotta behind the ape, especially as LUCA start to take off early in that year, but really second half of this last season. Automate he's he's just looked like everything you hoped he could possibly be sorry. I I think can be the number one guy and untitled him? I think the one thing they ve grab this year has been Thea. Sneaky league pass a word for their work. Plan, seven thirty, in its like their play in Miami or something
you're goin, I kind of want to watch the fourth quarter. Thou and I want to see what happens, and I think my aim is another one. I just That team I like watching them in Butler is missed a couple games cuz. He had a kid, but I think when he's back the other pieces. They added. I really Tyler Harrow. I just I think he's ready right now. I bet I was saying that before the season I thought of him as a rookie, the air twenty thousand five hundred and twenty one was not complete. Same cause. I thought he was gonna play something tab. Trade to make Ivan who ate them is there body else on your list that that you ve been surprised by how much you ve enjoyed watcher O Toronto easy mean I am. I don't off, under the driver of the Pascal CR, confirm VP bandwagon, how I'm families deleted bleeding it I'm one of the first people, and now I want to be one of the first people in that line watched all their games. I was out one of their games against Boston, and I mean it.
He's just like you hate to make the collide comparison with the, but like He just has the sort of simple mindset: words like ok, I'm weak at acts, ominous spend my four month, I'm getting a lot better at acts. So you know this first, here. He couldn't you law, then all this I gotta be corner three points you just like a. Why did in his early years, San Antonio, this passed off season like I could It's gone so I've gotta be kind of an above the brake three points shooter and am watch I am against Boston, just flip up five consecutive above the breakthrough pointers and and he's adding that to his game in the guys. What twenty four twenty five years old everything throw at him, it seems like he's, capable of taking it on he's already an elite defender he's already. In the open floor like it, I think, he's a progressive knock, an average like thirty, a game which is kind of around right now, but could hear twenty five to twenty seven and be the top five defence of players.
Your type a guy yeah? He can, if, if you have those type of credit, shows any, if your team is going to mean, we forget how That team wasn't the regular season without why there seventeen seventy five why the regular seas and if they wind up as like a three see the east, which I don't think, he's insane and shock and puts up These types of numbers are, telling you that he's in the conversation for and when we did the over under pads. This is one of our best arguments, because their over was forty six. It seem too low. We also did now. Are they gonna blow this up you know where they is. Can be just as much I just saw everything for parts of January. I never saw this he I thing coming homing, because what, these first cover games that I watch sets out. The game like you did It reminded me of when George this peered from the balls, and everybody is, I oughta, be terrible and then people just went up a level it was I in winning
then we'll get him when he was in the dream to me that I think this is a much more surprising jump, but I don't think anybody expected the balls to win fifty three games with Pippin, you know, but he just he was able to it at all these things to his game and be the focal point of what was going on. I was like a man he became an VP candidate and it's early with the outcome, and you know he's making three now he made submission and next week, but a did remind me that where Everyone's re them off as well know quite well, you who knows well, they might solve parts, our yet sciatica. My like a second team. Hollow can be a guy and they have to take it seriously, and I had the more I look at the he's versus the west. I think used as a lot closer to the west. The sheer then, then, I think I was prepared to accept before the year remember that bid, the big argument was whose Gimme the three seed is.
Boss, that as a convenient in Indiana Toronto Miami everybody had like their team, that the road I they buy, since good, I think get me. My aim is good, so that's five he's right there. We don't know what we're again from Indiana yet Brooklyn. How long can they hang around, but they at least have five it that I think are legit Plath teams and and then, when you go to the d, the West side, with the warriors falling off me, maybe the conferences are closer than we thought and my crazy, while not up. I don't think it's crazy to think closer. I do think that when you get past the in Philly, like it's, a pretty big drop by. I am in Boston to be score, but but man less Robber Williams develops into the Andre Jordan. This year I don't sit. I admit that he'd they're gonna be ok, Canada is what he is Emma huge grant. Williams guy I mean that it if I watched I've watched all their games this year and Great Williams
opener, I was in Philly for that and envy catches him on the switch and drops a shoulder into him and it was like running into a brick wall. Great waves doesn't move now, Marcus all do the same. To whom I would interrupt and he didn't move like this guy here minds me of like a man, athletic version of chalk haze. Like he's like six, six, six, seven friends well, rebounds well uses every inch of his size pretty well, I think he's that they got something there in great waves, but it is still not enough to have. Any kind of impact in the post is only two teams in east that make any impact, and in season, that's Philadelphian Toronto. I say that in the West Refer Philadelphia, more came in this will enable us our birthing Toronto. Potentially I think that I think they're ceiling has to be raised with the ways the outcomes by just from the I test
the first week. I feel like he's playing as well. Anybody in the league of if that's gonna continue. I think we have to raise a silly. My My point was more. I thought that I thought there is. It's gonna, be a huge disparity even with the records. You now, where we had potentially eleven teams that might be Plath teams in the west. And then in the east, it's a bank and we even get to who three see that has forty eight words, but now I think, I think to ride on Boston and my American or I'll I'll gonna be there, and I think my Emmi as a trade to make too, which is the other something about that, but you may Mammy always feel the idea doesn't have a trade to make sure that they have other. It's got us. They have contracts to avoid that I think, on the on the West side,. Yet again I underrated San Antonio they're just I've been a day the infrastructure, it's like the Pats ye keep either
year after year like maybe this is the year they far off and then the infrastructure, so to win out, but I think the the ago, maybe nine deep cause the red its damper San Antonio clippers outta use the Lakers Dallas with Minnesota, as though there in the playoffs. Now after three games, but I don't see that happening and then Portland, you know by Minnesota, yet the latter Wiggans right now. I just don't trust the beer. Do you trust? I know I don't trust. I get twenty five games of what he's doing. I too, that you know. When Ryan and endure kind Sancho got their teeth into this this sobs season, they clearly said you know, you know you're gonna get like electrical shock. If you shoot a mid range jump, shot like there that pushing him way out beyond report argues close to six threes, a game and in the first
the season and ease up making them right now, but I think they'll take those, MRS from rather than the Europe wide variety of MRS from too low dear, but but they're good. I mean towns is is great, obviously having been ok. I keep whenever I think, Do I buy the timber wolves like this? team. We thought was gonna, make a run at mid level, playoff spot last year before tubes and everything kind of fell apart, I mean why can't they get back to to sort of being something like that team organic improvements from the young guys. On the rostrum, it's obvious to me that no towns loves Ryan Saunders. He was the one to go too bad form from day. One when the off season, ended any. Why can't they it depends on Wiggans, I'm with you, but I think that what they have in what they're doing is is kind of sustainable. I can wait until we you come on the pike asked again and leg sixteen weeks and I can make fun of you for this. We brought in
in seduce you made a cover. Three, I dont think I dont think Bilbil, I don't think the lead Wiggans they're, not gonna. Let Wiggans shoot all those issues like the heat he might he's gonna jack those threes up that there's not going to. Let him go mid range anymore. Jack those trees up that there's not going to let him go mid range anymore. I will say the one thing that really has surprised me: Wiggans, whatever says what he's gonna do: it's like the Jeff Green Kind of model of the tantalizing tower that euros can be disappointed by teammates really seem a like him, I thought was telling after he made that last big shot in the come back a game against Miami which I watched thought it was telling everybody reacted to it. It was the right action of a group of guys that really genuinely liked and cared about somebody they're playing with Arab I don't know, maybe maybe take so much shit. Maybe they notice it. Maybe they think it's unfair here. He is,
pretty young. What does he like? Twenty four twenty, twenty, three, twenty four? So who knows they do the case for them is that we were talking about a trade to make. This is Another thing that has a trade to make, because there, you are going. Who is the most logical Chris Patten? This is most logical Chris parting, whether he'd, want to go there and are now, but they could just easily Pigs expiring, Conditional taught them protection first, whatever you want to do, and you put Chris Paul in there and who knows if towns is gonna play like his pipe his paw in there and who knows if towns is gonna play like he's playing that's at least a team that would be an new play in the first round of the black sea. Now, why do you think response days ago? I think he yoga just the way Oklahoma City operates the bill wait until they can get something for him and a little bit
all have like an auction and say we to send him out of there because they they know they can't bottom out this year? There there too good to completely bottom out mean, yeah, she's, really good gallows. There asked even items is fine, like they're, not up not play off team, but their team is like in competing for, like the tens, odd in in the west, so I think the weight, but I think I be surprise- was there before fibre they'll find somebody but Minnesota. I still think Minnesota is he's gotta on the angel Russell they may not like they were just there are left at the altar by this guy like he, they thought they had him like it was They were like printing, the Angelo Russell Jersey, Minnesota and turns around takes the deal gold's data- I don't know I've another- that Russell is long forgotten, stew, especially if, if clay five way back this year- and who knows it- that's gonna happen. But doesn't I still think play for the timber was Russell he's not coming back this year? I wish there was a widow age wager on this, but the warriors people
and I'm sure you ve heard it to have been so adamant behind the scenes that nowhere keep in Russia that it makes me suspicious. No, no, we got a new, we got to keep them and it's like okay, but we'll see. I don't believe that for Burrell see how that goes and the end. You know Indeed, the fact that Teague expiring is almost twenty million hours gives them a lot of flexibility. I think from an ok standpoint. There is actually a bet for the season will Chris Bobby. I'm ok see for the whole season and I think of as like minus one, forty or minus one. Fifty that he's gonna stand that in he knows season I, the Minnesota they made me realize. During the season. Somebody over achieves in a way that you didn't expect and becomes a candidate, and I think that's what our cases hoping for, and maybe it's Minnesota. You know what it's like didn't see these guys as a suitor, but now there are thirty Nineteen and Is that even play a noun and you can make a move.
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in more places. I might get nor secure VPN here connected to online privacy for as low as three thirty three a month with annual description, Norton, Dotcom, Slash, Vps, Simmons terms, doable. One thing I have liked about the southern some Grady mentioned gray waves cause. I both hated and loved the salt ex draft the Robia Langford PIC I hated when they did it. I continue to hate it. I hated that they traded out of viable spot. I really wanted them to take five or fifteen or twenty but then I really like the railways back again. I'd. Carson Edwards is fun. I thank you the rare, rational confidence guy who already acting like he's been in the leg, eight years, which is interesting. I've never really seen that for the rookie carrying himself again. He has circle, two thousand eight. I mostly like it, but at the same family guy did the obesity it has started getting thirty foot trees greatly aims has been improved
much as advertised, and I think woods fascinated me about this team. The first for games is in crushed. I'm there just play in their best five, which I always like. So their plan, Tatum together with Heyward was my heart and with camera for the most part, greatly aims can creep in there for some of the fourth quarters, but for the most part, they're like unless we're going against and beater Yoke age, we can go Small, take Brown have enough size that it's that ludicrous and then just go all slashing kick it for much more like a Brad Stevens Team did. I think last year's team did- and I don't think that's accident, so I like the identity they have. Would you think just about the kind of vibe the identity, the chemistry all that stuff you I mean, I think that it's definitely more of a Brad Stevens type of team up to backtrack a second I'm with you on landfill. I mean laggard remind me, the James Young pick like
kept saying like what he can do, but he didn't do that in college its leg. Well, he can be this guy, to be that guy good shooter, like all, I didn't exactly see it at a high level in college, so we will see does a comparison with any house in Carson Edwards. That's our remember that one is that's that they both go into the game and your Carson Edwards, checking early against Philly ME opener and all of a sudden. I see this guy that I saw you know probate three score. Leave on the preceding game, all the sudden first shot up and then thirty seconds he's yeah he's too heavily occur but in Gaza, shooter, overweight or than their labor it. They know the the the weird thing about that pig was. If you know cameras coming, which I think that a pretty good idea at the end of june- and yeah from everything I've read about lag, fired and watching the you two clips and all of it he just seems like somebody who needs about his hands and
I don't see how that situation ever happens on the south extent so That's why I really wanted than the focus on like role players. I guys, like Bible, M, p boy, that I really odyssey think they thought there are taken Tyler Harrow and then he got picked right before them. They didn't know what to do is make my working theory. I don't know if you agree that yeah I realise it is a perfect fit for what they do in an issue and I would I would again title as well, because, if you're the success, they had with mark as smart as this Maybe if he goes all the way to what you think he's gonna, be make a deal down the line mark a smart could be included in it might be good to have a tie. Type. Usually ass. Blocking Yo Defensive Garden CUP, into that role? So I I I didn't, I guess, like Footsore, looks like a guy that that may be. If he goes, all the way to what you think he's gonna be, he could be kind of your every day to go you could score and do a little but everything, but I did they needed that
examining camp is probably a big part of it as well, but I just I'm watching like sitting next game, for example, an watch a game and yeah, I'm seeing your jail and do some great things off answer then the other Andy's they got a stick em on Julius Randal and these other big eyes just gettin like ploughed over it, it's fine, right now is everybody's healthy and everybody feels good nor that stuff. But it can you do that for eighty two games and enter the playoffs me. Can you play that small because our they Duco Brown and and they sprinkling Williams and a sprinkling robber Williams and no counters been hurt he'll play a role, but I just internet aware down at some point that front lie without some kind of delight. The guy there sit Non really is clear. Labelling that's the guy. They love to you. Take a Daniel, Ice contract and why apple other small things and a draft pickin and go get a guy bad, not into the mix. Why would Houston trade him? Why? It's only if
things go completely south down there. If this whole west, regarding thing doesn't work, oh ass. A year in the camp Attica go completely south me, you don't, there there. I don't know why I'm so bullish, I'm sick, goes against an online. You things I believe in the meanwhile finally putting them in as a fifty five when team, but I don't know I do You take like like take that. Take the name. I mean take the names harden Westbrook away like a view, the two guys with usage rates in the forties like, would you he can coexist in a one, which is a non shooter like would you would you believe that. Watching them last night optimally there's five guys on the core for each side, there too geyser friggin, Ino spectacular as as many problems tat with west broken the defect and have him over the years since the fight that guess what? When, when there's three minutes, it's nice to have him on your team. You now
is the phenomenal athlete makes place and I think they needed. I felt this way ahead in the season I felt like they needed get a little weirder at that were almost so predictable kind of born a watch and I felt like their prayers, were almost board and to some degree I think he just kindness mixes up words like a tv show we bring in that part of that that actresses. Just you know, we just a wildcard and an eye that's gonna be a good vibe for the regular season. I'm with you, though, when it gets the play off some lot, more more sceptical would I think the NASA Marcel Matter to one oh yeah, yeah, exactly the wild guard, good cop, NATO, my language, have you are you more or less impressed with the Sixers as a possible finals team from what you ve seen the first month our first week?
more impressed. I there just gonna, be so good defensively, MRS be night. What once they figure out, they they gotta figure and work the bench, but I mean when they get more comfortable with each other. Their bench. You know how do they have bread groundwork work, the bench, but I mean when they get work, people with each other defensively. There's a ME nights where, like good offensive teams are being held like eighty five points, I mean, I'm, I'm watching your Josh Richardson Lockdown point guards small forwards alike, their figuring out. How to your kind of play, whore footing beat together, Simmonds they're, just a menace swimming I understand the whole shooting stuff and and and I get it you ve gotta- have Harrison! Maybe court miser couple other guys make shots semi regularly, but if you're, old and teams to like sub forty percent shooting every night and sub thirty percent? three points: shooting you're gonna.
Not a game or you look like crap offensively too, like that's that they're just that good, and the floor that, but I think they'll be of the lock teams down enough to to win big games. I just like having a weird team, their fuckin way, Is there anything in its work, seems even when they're waiting in the fourth quarter. You don't feel hundred percent Great America's offensively there. So this joint did the Chevalier D, just they just don't look any other team, I'm watching on league pass, and yet it works, but then defensively it. Ah, I spend most of my. I'm watching them offsets. Are we just going? Why don't they do this? What is an be pushed up but hi screen? What is it when it is there spacing better? It's just it's it's a fresh team in a good way. It's like a tv show where you like watching the tv show, even though they do them thanks enjoyed their games and I think they have the highest ceiling.
Anyone these including Malawi and the Milwaukee fans, including Ben Thompson, big bucks fan who gets mad cows. He thinks I under it OX every year, but I'm sorry like I just I think, from a town standpoint. It is not the same lately. I can't believe how much the bucks relying Chris Middleton Bledsoe still those are their second and third best players. The fact and I don't believe in those guys, so I'm always gonna gravitate towards toward the talent thing, and I, as I do think that Milwaukee Missis Brown, then a little bit from the games. I've seen eye I do like having about Lopez's, they seem they seem like they have more depth like they definitely have ten guys around the ape, whereas the share, but I just feel like the ceiling of it, feels like there relying on an yadda to do stuff at Vienna more than ever at night. I don't feel great about when you think of anything went up your eye.
I agree with you on Philly having a higher ceiling and and once they get their chemistry stuff together, lit. I think, naked, you start to really put some wins together in the second half I think, broadened to me. You know, get your money by all means he had brought with me. Had like the perfect role filling out enough in Milwaukee, like you'd do sensibly. He was asked to be a stopper on that end and offensively. He just He consistently had liked the fourth or fifth, the worst defender on him, every single my he was able to get off because of and now he's in Indiana and he's totally is cast in some kind of leading role there and I get. The pace of now got him, but he is the guide to carry your team in the same way that volume, but not a big, did when all the depot went down, This is not his his skill set so note everybody kind of lost and in a way that situation except for broadens bank account that Wesley, Matthews,
for the injury yeah. Maybe could have been that guy, I don't know I'll Corver, is that guy, except in kind of spot duty that they may someday the daring need somebody either to step up on that roster of the trade Packard, babies is. Is that guy? That's all I got to fill that role, because that someone that that's a good ring weakness for them right now yet I think this. That's a really important point about bragged, then, where. You know, Natalie Guard against the fourth, the the figure in the other team but year. So, on an with the honest swear, yadda becomes like urban Camara or tie retail in basketball where, when he's on the court, the deed deepened the editing, they're, just thinking about yacht and he's the man focus, and you can kind of side in this cracks and alive are happier view of the ball, and now is there was send them last night they blew, they blew a gain weight
yeah he's running their office now he's going it's best kind. There team has that's been pretty good, actually I'd, I wonder more about him physically. Can he hold up? Being This guy who's, you know that guy thirty, seven thirty eight minutes game. Not sure about that. Do you have words, Ferrara Jazz Vans and but who bed I knew tat her when the title about what guy can they officially panic about my kindly by gay, game, twelve. Game. We, you gotta, you gotta, get to the quarter way point! Ok, I mean it's he's been put like even when they made some of the coaching changes in Memphis like it, he was you're playing the same style and for so many years he's playing with the same guys I gotta give him a little bit of time to kind of figure out like all so I've never ply place, they would tony forever like. What's it mean to play, like would Donovan Mitchell Yes, rubies a reasonable facsimile to mark, but but that's different, I mean if if this was
my calmly you're coming off, that injury from a couple years ago and it This idea, like holy shit. You know that this is a terrible idea and my stomach came back last year. I do. He played really didn't look like that foot, injury costume anything earliest how much After last year, I just he's too good Billy to consistently is too good. I think you have after twenty twenty five games played like this before I have any kind of and a fear by him. He has a negative pr right now,. I've had enough out ever seen that before it's like mine is zero point six Pierre pretty Are you, are you worried about him? Are you worried about them? Reno. Now, but I'd it's on my radar. Now, because I mean he's, terrible which fine. He might be starting out so whatever, but I was really instead to see how the Mitchell kindly thing was. Gonna work out as Mitchell was guy, had the ball at last year and
these guys. You know he's used to these also point out here So I was I that power and at it I wasn't prepare four calmly to actually look bad, so I'm with you outwards, wait till twenty games, but it's it's now and the radar we attack, but these about this really quickly. They won't talk about our Canelo, so Jack Macao and who is pretty wired in the whole, carry universe plus the cell tax, as you as as I am to some degree, and we ve the Cairo stories from the last year's Boston. There's some Cleveland stories. I've, now he goes to Brooklyn and I'd pay. Did the honeymoon period we were in the middle of it. The great and couple gains in this, as I can do this for twenty five games and then stores will start coming out with a story. Coming out after the third game and their sprinkled it air and they became a big deal on the internet today about the mood swings other stuff that we heard about in a bar.
Than we you surprised that this came out when a dead end and clearly came out from the net side, I'm trying to figure out what the motivations were here, a May. I have red flags and should detectors going off all over. Place right now. What was your reaction surprised. It came out As early as you know, mood. Swings is just it's always be a part of Cairo DNA. I mean that's why when Cairo, said the stuff about last year in Boston, be said, you know when, when my grandfather passed away, changed everything the reaction I got from people within the Celtics was like. I will address explain the exact same behaviour. Hadn't Cleveland like he was right The same guy with the same type, a mood swings in the same disconnect from the team, so I was here prize, that it start this really. I thought it was gonna start like after
I ll avert had like four straight games like seven attempts or Sir Dinwiddie was like in like one, is worst rights of his career. He asked me start making like that. We started like well Laverne Dinwiddie. There? The new Tatum in Brown like this? This is kind of what what happened again the fact that were three for game. To the season and were already too about something that happened over and shine in. The mood swings that's that surprised but the honeymoon period would last If we look at our aware, Jackie got got the information from me. It does structure sound like it's coming from from. That side of things. I know what motivation, would weeks ago get we did like that out there, but you know I said to two Sean marks in a couple of weeks ago, when we did alive show in Brooklyn- and I said to a bunch of people like people say like Can they be better with carry this season sobbing? for the Angela rustlers their ceiling a little bit higher this season like who gives it about the season that their there
best case scenario, for this season is not go into next summer, like looking like basketball, Hindenburg, just not not being Boston again and having no carry looking like a jerk and We want to play with them and talking with them to trade, Dinwiddie, Earl or or Jarrett Alan just get through this season, with everybody kind of liking each other and then the red back and lead to read, be the alpha like Cairo, act just playing and not worry about him being we're, start to see your signs that maybe we everybody's focused on to like that to me should be the result. In an already we're start to see your site that maybe we could be in force problems there. Well. You know they made such a big deal last year about the nets, culture and you would think they one seventy games. I share the one forty two. They were last pretty quickly the playoffs feebly the romanticizing, the old, that's them, but what the that had great chemistry thereof, fence was
they call an offence. I Katy praised, everybody touched it and the even that even talk about the story for a second just watching them, those first three games very similar to the subjects of events last year carry is so brilliant so good, especially in the fourth quarter, that it would be stupid that have the barn would be stupid, not declare our fire, but He's killed your team thanks. Everybody stand around and it doesn't feel like. You know that basketball that I think succeeds, and I think we need but with the nets were like last year now how much they cared about sharing the ball. All that stuff. And it is now a terrible. I don't see how this works. I really doubt and in the fact that the story came out this early and the little tidbits in and thereabout. She nodded culture guy like what,
agree or disagree with where he stands on staff. The he's he's gonna do his thing any, not going to try to fit into the bigger overall culture. Like he's he's good she's beats tools, drum, which is fine, but when you're the superstar and you're, making three five million a year at every makes and they already have this culture and plays and you're not by into a totally which doesn't seem like from the story. I don't this place out and then wouldst IRAN's role in this whole thing he's not even playing the share, so Can you even be a leader when you're playing? I I just I believe this is already going. I thought this a became forty three, its game for it. Most like it's almost like when I I sit there and read that story, and you know Durant's out and he's not gonna be doing interviews all that. Often, though, does a lot of interviews. Means everywhere. At this point, you almost think that, like the best,
case scenario for for settling some of this down, is to have direct. Do they post game interviews. Every game, like just described Europe is not playing just happened. When is locker and talk like about his recovery and just keep all that that attention you know off Tiree in such waistcoat is never gonna go well. If he's in kind of leadership role and your people, you know you may the what about their record last year in this was like the argument for why it would go different for every because Cairo, re entering a situation like it wasn't Boston where they went to a car. Its finals in jail and Jason kind of broke out at the in time like TAT, Laverne had like one of the most catastrophic Ash great seasons you ve ever seen like where he had it in They look like he was gonna, be brutal, many comes back and average twenty in the Playoffs Dinwiddie size career start to take off Jarrett Alan saw his career start take off, so maybe they didn't advance. In the playoffs. These are young guys that coming
last season felt they accomplish something both individually and the team, so I dont think its get markedly better if its. If it's all the Cairo show all the time out there, these start, seeing their shot numbers go way down, you you're not going to since me that that everyone's gonna take that you know well because they have an accomplished what the south disguise accomplished I think the other I agree with everything he just said. I think the other thing is when when the mood is shifting from day to day the best plan. The team is going to determine the mood of everything they just the way it is that the way basque boys? That's why it's been for seventy years it changes, gained a game when he's not talking for a week and then on he's giving along press conference when he's talking after a game and all the sudden says something really point: data or start some sort of something dealing with a day after day. I think it's draining, I think it really drained the Celtic
last year, you could. There are specific points that season last year, when things would start when you in it just you can feel the effects on the court. The next game you now in it I just think when Europe superstar or our major star or your franchise guy, whatever the part of that possibilities is, I handle the stuff and he's done a bad job and handle yet and that that was way I think Eddie from Boston Ready watched him last year was for. Of a better word a little bit amused by this. On that thing, where were they seem to think There were no red flags it. Obviously there were the guy's, an amazing talent, he's amazing. I actually have watches that's Gibbs and have You know: where do I kind of mess, how incredible he is in the last four minutes of a game but in time ever sustaining around a lot of time it doesn't lead to the result. You thought I was gonna do anyway and theirs.
The drama, the stuff fight. I think this is a bad sign, but You know there is also another element of this. Is you read it lay down? You know what else is going on with this guy. You know, this way or about with the Antonio Brown stuff to earlier, where the behaviour was His behaviour is way more radical and now a damaging the inquiries is, but were you looking at you going well in it? Are we we should be talking about this, because maybe there's more going on with with him. And we should be staying away from this. I don't even know what our role as in a story like that she read some of the anecdotes now you're like wow. Is there more going on and is this fair game? Even you, Norman yeah? I I think it's fair to to wonder. I think when you when you do in kind autopsies of key areas season last year. One thing that comes up is that you know there are people in a play there's coaches staffers that would describe.
Like moments where Tiree was like, engage with them and talking to them and and and really seeming like he was wont to be friendly or a free with them, and then like twenty hours later. Is you can like ignoring them as these walking down the hallway yeah, just just itself to explain without a deeper exe nation? If that makes any sense like yeah, I've got you to learn a little bit more, if you're gonna truly understand some of these Gabriel things. He had gone on the last the last couple years: Let's talk about a sport with no behavioral issues whatsoever boxing I mention we're talking about Canelo and a second. This fall. You get a stacked lineup for the biggest fights featuring the biggest stars in boxing like Canelo Andy Ruiz Junior. Only on designed with the design subscription you world title Canelo, eloquence she had November. Second, Saturday he's booby up two way classes for the late heavyweight
world title, Kanken, eloquence, yet another title at the new one hundred and seventy five lb weight class. Chris Mannix is going to tell us what to think momentarily you also get the Ruiz Joshua Rematch December seventh turn unbelievable underdog when which culminated in a b S pocket appearance by injuries. Now he was still show everybody that it's not a fluke that he's here say that he is everywhere champ. Not only is this the best schedule in recent boxing history, but the best value to yet everything every fight, original content, olive and demand for one, though Yes, I have to do is download the zone apt to start watching. Let's get back, can you tell us fighting coverlet coverlet has scared the shit out of me since I was in high school, which I think is about as it lugs he's been fighting buddies. You know he's big Fuckin dead, with a lot of power, and this field too,
like a slightly more dangerous fight for Canelo, then maybe were given given credit, or would you take her? How excited EU and us go once again for this? excited? I'm probably like eight now, half wows point get even higher as we go forward. I think first, I'm were excited about this fight. As a boxing fan observer, then I would have been for Canelo go off in a third time. I just think Canelo can always come so it continues to ascend in his career Eddie, for what we saw. Galofta gonna go through with with Durban. Genco in his last fight, you knew he was descending minutes. Thirty, seven years old and you dont improves surely, if your guy that's been as many tough fights as Galofta then, and now call those bent fights to, but he's a hundred seventy five pound who could whack an that's something Canada was ever experienced in his life, and I read
having a couple of conversations in the last two months with with sugar, Ray lettered and people had no raise career. One thinks he D. That was a great accomplishment was moving up in two hundred sixty eight pounds to take on the light we champion. Donnell alone. Did I re one that fight, but one that fight by knock out, and it was a great performance, but You re told me that, like the second he took the first, the first job be took from MILAN He said. Oh man, this is gonna, be a long night like he could feel every single punch that MILAN threw out of now. You want Appian looking great, but I also said like the second that fight is over. I thought like he's like. I think was the night. The fight ended kid that light heavyweight title. I don't want anything to do with it with light heavyweight anymore. It was just suit to tough fight, so I think Connecticut, he had for somebody veto the way he wins is to get on the inside. Like is five point eight and cobler six feet you gotta get on the inside toward a fight like this
happens if global of met range, a little bit. What happens if that job? which is one of the best in all. Boxing is able to be effective in a fight like this happens that first right hand shakes Canelo in a fight like this. I just think put it this way I think there are more pass for coverlet to win that I thought there were passed Four galofta to win a third fight. Are you? Are you announcing this one for the zone? Are you and studio using a part of the year. The brought you doing your scorecard again, I am yeah I have an idea for this. I was thinking about this during the triple g fight. So You do the scorecard ride. I saw that I saw that round. Ten nine, you know whatever, but you know it around that easily could have been seen the other way too. But then There are times there's like a convincing ten nine ran relay that was atheling cobble, definitely one that that is a ten nine round for him or at any rate, thank you. Guys should do color shading.
I think you should be like that. I give that when a ten blue where it's like if it's a blue. That means your light that fungi one that round. I don't want to hear any like there's. No other interpretation. That was it for that round or its away. Words like. Ten nine cause I had to pick who won around, but I have no idea and it could be interpreted the other way I vote for codes. Give that give that did the zone producers. I that's a great idea. Thank you like that. Because, because we do that, like we get to like round nine and your brain and he looked over me I'll, be like you know, we're gonna, my scorecard like do you have any swing rounds there now kind of articulate that there are either name the rounds or I'll say they were we're three rounds I thought, could go either way. If you share not to do that and you can cut. Remember like I write this added it. No just a, but the the scenes there. I use like this. This is Ipad that sends the
we're car directly truck, but also write it down. On my no pattern. I have my question. Marks restricts next to each one of the rounds, I think are are questionable it's a great idea. I think that's something that that an odd would appreciate, knowing that there are three or four you thought could, go away Jerry, even if you did the Astor, as that would be the more primitive way to do it but yeah. I think I think, you indicating how strongly felt about around, I think is good ringle, because I watch their fight with you, and I was with you. I thought I had lg losing by point. But I I also see the case for triple bulgy winning by a point, and there is I think there was a couple of one hundred and fifteen one hundred and eleven cards for that house. I got right, that's stupid, there's no way. There's no way was one hundred and fifteen immortal Evan stop but It was either thought. It was either six six or seven five, the penny and I looked at it, but I think that codes would help, cause. I do feel like especially in the really close fights
there's six or seven, where you know and then five that our kind of left up to interpretation it is always dangerous boxing, but canal as a minus four fifty favorite for this, which ankle bless plus three twenty five, I gotta say I actually thought that would be a little lower. I feel I bear this risk I think of 11th have an eye. One thousand percent agree with the unmoving up away classes. I think I think that is so much harder and more debilitating. Then we gave it before people just like oh yeah, he just moved up away class as I once you go once you're going into like the one seventies, that's that's different. Going from like you know, from one thirty, forty one forty or whenever, like this is a whole other animal I'd, I'd think of Cabinda. I
I think he can beat him. I think there's there's an obvious way: does now going into deep waters and just pounding this guy with the type of shy, she's never had before. I think the are what they are, because most p Will you talk to see a pretty clear path? victory for Canelo, MEA Culpa live in few years has just been getting tattoo to the body. It began in the reward, Ward fight, the second one- and you can argue, certainly that the ward fight there were a couple oh blows at the end of that, but he took some body shot, didn't take em. All that well, he's ass fight against Anthony Yard. You almost got knocked out in that it's almost didn't happen. Eighth round, you know he's beat up and allow the shots to the body yard was more experience fighter. He might been more effective. Or the body might stop coverlet their Canelo is not only a great body. Puncher he's a cop. Did body puncher like glass in the biggest knock,
haven't galofta and as a tacticians is that doesn't go the body all that much yes M great knockouts to the body, but doesn't like make up an appeal. Emphasis every round to go there. Canelo does canal Hans, you that MID section a king get inside and most people expect TIM too, most people see I'm winning. That way, can your body shots that just put kennel a couple of to a and then the fight with the stoppage in the middle rounds. But wouldn't you say Canelo will take some links as per his style, where you can hit him- and I think that's that swear by kill held there, some out I'll, take some to dare somehow And I'm not sure if, if coverlet, if that powers there, that first from that this round and he's addition out. I don't know I'd I'd. You like this is more of a toss up for me.
I didn't I let it I get it. Why can Alice favour, but I just think it's really hard to go away class. Think you'll know early. If, if what everybody thinks he's gonna turn out right or if there is much its coverlet can turn the table, I was havin breakfast with with buddy. My girl lives trainer this morning and your boy got a lotta history and so are taking over older fighters informed fighters and and turn and helping them no sort of get their career back on track with gaudy towards the and of his career- yes, notably, but Tell him he's like always been saying. Oh sir gaze that every time Canelo gets me inside and if hurts you just fire off that job, just just keep road, because he hit him with the job forces them to reset? And if you can force him to reset and give you saw, like a second second, a half to recover. You can, troll the pace of the spider bodies in a most trainers, our bullish on their guys winning but buddies. Pretty cool that, of course, of fights his fight he's gonna this one and
in listening to him. Talk I can see I can see Coverlet wins this fight per. I look forward to color coded. Ask your cards from you and design on Saturday night. Is there a good under card that we should watch her urges gravitate through the main event its the co main there is Ryan Garcia who is like this super popular lightweight Gath, three million Instagram followers I like rang out the up against this guy's got, this kid name Romero do now and if you follow boxing like about a month and a half Two months ago, Garcia was exposed to fight somebody that his opponent fell out and do know the guy that golden boys promoter want to replace them with. And Garcia said no, he said no, because the money wasn't right, but the way spun was that Garcia was docking, do know and, like all of a sudden, do not turn into like this, the Ali Lee of Lightweight six point, because you know you're the guy their rank, Garcia ducked, but that's interesting. Its, though, is the biggest step up
o, Brien, Garcia Career and he's at an interesting way class where you got like Devon Hany was really good and tear feeble Lopez, really good and verse, teases around that way. Class to that, that's that's a pretty interest, fight, is the command awesome. I Chris MAX looking forward to watch and thanks for coming out as always hated our bringing in Adam in one second, first Woodstock about em ass. Acts by man strand of elbowed Sclusively J C penny ray the game with Emma S, acts by make austrian athletic expired, functional peace- is designed for guys were always on the go created, be versatile from working out playing off or just relaxing mss by Australia and, as you covered athletic, inspired functional pieces William S, eggs, basics, pants shorts, shirts a child's out aware available in tomboy sizes to Emma S, exports a strand. Also sports, high tech features, like no shaved, seems uv protection,
try, stretch technology and much more their performance, enhanced designs. Bill to go everywhere. You go, am ass, acts by MIKE Austrian is viable exclusively a J C penny Miss store near you or go to J C p d come and explore Michael's lifestyle content and make a stray hand doc. I am most areas here had of Instagram Merriwig Facebook you wanna come on. I do I use it or allow people who invite themselves are, but in this case actually want to talk to you. So while I appreciate that there is the age fight club of people. Come on, then I then it's like out what's going on here, but in this case Instagram is probably my favorite platform I think Facebook is by Lee split Favour platform where you came from Twitter is becoming my least favoured platform: okay, but renounced Facebook, but I love Instagram and I think watching my kids in the way they use it and interact with their feet.
And so I was Snapchat where their social life? Eighty, Percent of it is through face time in stature and an answer, but now it's not replacing human interaction because they have that to you. That's all stuff that we just never had. One were growing up and I'm not, percent jealous of it in ten percent, fearful about what's the right ratio o three spectacular You didn't love Tiktok and ninety percent, just ten percent, I think I mean I have to boys younger the three unwanted and on social media, but just think he met them to become untenable. And probably more like eighty percent Fidel's twenty percent fearful anything. That's new just presents challenges so like how people use it he's gonna change, how people it is going to change- and so I think a little bit of fear are a little bit of scepticism is actually healthy, but ninety ten is
even a little bit more ironically optimistic but I am overall seller below on ninety ten only because I think we're doing good job as parents limiting how often there on a dusky. I think if those its weren't there and they are the fear of it was near, and some just being on their phone, cancelling you're, being a dinner on their phone are being taken my daughter, the soccer game. Last week she took her father Does it put it away where they are at the soccer playoff game? You love soccer, like don't look your phone there's a reason for you being your phone. This is more than entertaining enough for the next two hours I think some parents almost see that, as like a baby sitter, the fund right. It's ago great now I can do my own thing for two hours, my kids on the phone we have for us so little, but the soon, as I got to screen times only about on flights, and if there are sick, but you can send, you can also understands Times, if you're busy here
day. You wanna have dinner with the family and the kids streaming that, like using the phone has waited to distract the kid could be appealing for me. I like what I gave the way they had. Your kids are, admittedly here, but we don't hand your kid an Ipad to the item. It is about four hours and working hard on repeating ass. Ours for us, try to have a rule which is, if they're going to be on at we're on it with them, so they can they're going to watch something we watch it with them. That way, we can make sure we're not over using, and we pretty much only use on flights in if they're sick I'm spend on Instagram like that. How how good
your data and stuff like that, like with age groups and screen time, all that stuff are good, sorry did on how much time people spend on his cigar is pretty good data on how that differs by age groups is not because we don't actually asked for people's age on Instagram, oh yeah. That makes us some people. We can note if they connect to a facebook account and Facebook we do as freight on Facebook than we can now, but for a lot of accounts we just don't know so. That's hot, that's harder. We can make educated guesses, so we saw that we are totally blind, but I would say the data on the age that is less much less good. They are just how much under people spend generally with. I think that the reason I like it so much- I have said this in the past before is it's the simplest social platform automates. I hears a picture here, and there could be other variations abed. There could be videos and whatever, but and I guess I'm just gone through pictures in little twelve seconds- fit twenty second audio curbs or video clips.
You look at what happened in some other things. You have Facebook, when the news face- news and others that have an election, this stuff right that where you I get where everybody is coming from your trying to create this platform that can accommodate everybody in can push news and push all these different things and you're trying not to control what happens with it, but then I think in retrospect I think everybody, a facebook, Simba shit we should have It may be looked at this harder and thought about a low more what it. What would your biggest regret? Look back to the mid two thousand tents Yes, so I've been a facebook for eleven years and I was in charge of news feed during the whole cycle. So deftly was very much in and I think the clear biggest regret for me is just how Oh I'll put it this way when we started, we were so
excited about all the good they can comes from connecting people that we were understandably focused on aid, but under focused on the bad that can come from connecting people at the scale that we do. That was for lack of a better word, just naive and how we relate to Creasy, all of the negative consequences that can also come from connecting people. I still believe that more good comes than bad, but we were years late and trying to embrace understanding that bad Because if you gonna design a product You use your so worried about is again even work or people gonna like it in the first place, but at scale, you need not only think about that. You need to think about. How might it be abused her? What how might some sort of nefarious about actors use it for harm and you have to design the product to try to a proactive it.
Ass, those issues and we are doing that now that, as a culture shift, it takes is taking years and quite frankly like if you're asking on my biggest regretted as is not advocating for that fifty years earlier. I had Jack Dorsey here like eight nine months ago talking about twitter and I was solicitor yes, a little bit of the same issue right where He say we had to be a better job didn't realize. This is going to happen like abuse here, that's bad! We get a fixture in, and I How can I ask him gently in the same way as they go? It's your perform. In charge of it. You can fix it, however, anyone if people feel safer. Save, for whatever reason it's out to my ear control of that and I think, reading some of those that their facebook has said over the last speech. As two years about like here, we gotta do better. We should have seen this. Are they actually fixing it? So I think just the start.
Good to hold us a cannibal. Not just to can we say that we have responsibility. Can we say that we made mistakes, but are what are we actually doing about it yet? And I think that the two had a conversation productively if the breakdown in talk about different pieces just regret abroad in there we can dive into whatever issue like. I think this is really the way I think about it. This two different types of things we can do this one is trying to identify key issue so take hate speech. For instance, you have to define it, you have to measure it. You have to build technology to identify, it's, u have to remove it from above, and whenever you see it, you might have to change our policies, etc. This is like identifying a cute problem and addressing it, but I think you need to pare that was rethinking the sum of the fundamentals about how the platforms work in the first place to change how people feel about what the platforms for sex differences, uninstall garment,
we're running an experiment and about seven countries where we just hide likes. You can actually no one can see how many likes you have, except for you. That is a small change in terms of the sort of actual visual that changes in the pot from a big change and happy I feel ya, and so that might work that might not. But you have to be willing to not only identify issues and address them but rethink some of the core constructs. Otherwise, I think your ghost going to be playing whack a mole and you're not going to make as much progress as I think you need to. But if you're asking are we fixing it? I think We are certainly doing much better areas and other areas so happy to dive in. But it's how to answer that in the of the big broad. Do you feel like you were late? Yes, omnibuses later in late on just every Well, no, I think we will mean later written from a reaction. Standpoint yeah. I think we were late. I think they're issues where we were doing. We were more other issues that we ve talked about, and you ve heard about less. I think we were pretty good
pretty early on issues like terrorism, sometimes terrorists, shudder, user platform to spread nuts propaganda about Recruit, etc. We ve always been very tied to summon the nasty gnarly our problem. Like child, exploitative imagery yeah, where we were clear late as areas like misinformation, and so that is that is just what it is now. What we can do is try and figure out what we could do, what we can do better and move as quickly as we go into. The twenty Twond is: what is what his facebook become? What is it because going the two thousand hands there was ouch out for these guys. I remember going there to those eleven and the campus was way bigger and more elaborate than expected in an the vision I went with IE people, and it was, I re, I think right when we were.
Creating Grantline their China commits us to promote grantline stuff on Facebook stuff, like that The vision that everybody had was kind of overwhelming fairly good and be the dominant place for everything there really is shaken. Do that. I guess this is where this is what our plan was everywhere. Now thousand twenties. You know they ve been done eyes to some degree Anna. I think in some cases further reasons, and it does might the audience is gonna older, so, what happens in the two thousand toys the facebook? contract to integrate more than I can talk to Facebook. I think broadly phase a Europe facebook. For alone I wouldn't have opinions. I do have opinions for sure yeah I want to get where we have and will be the second half of the pot. Ok grown a facebook first cause. You were therefore I'm happy to talk about, but I think Facebook
We talk to me about what they like about Facebook. They often say that they just feel that might be surprised and some sort of positive way when they come on the platform is faced. Does so many different things right there? The facebook has always been about rights and waterways. Instagram unconscious has been more about doing a few things in going to bed for in each of those things. So I think Facebook is going to expand the things that it does some of this Some of the projects will work some of them well, and I think we talked a lot about grooves cuz we're seeing a lot of momentum. People either about those groups. Workers open, the guy and a rigorous groups are super active, for instance, to summon times that these large interest groups so could be. The ringer could be. Cool dogs is actually a really heck, pretty crazy group right now. For that smaller than you know, you and your friends are. We could be a fancy for Bali. Agar could be your family,
eating is something that the Facebook is doing now and trying to connect people. That's were figure how many countries are an upwards of twenty now we do not have work and events, I think you'll, see us. Try and create value for people in products are areas where the fact that most everyone is on the platform is of value rights of if you try to create an event, it's great that most people are on Facebook, that you know. If that's the case, because then you can invite everybody, you know, but the other big thing looking towards. Next decade, is just do diseases huge trends about how people communicate and how that shifting more and more and more as moving messaging and away from public feeds and stories privacy privacy is here, People are becoming wise to the fact that when they say something in public I might come back later, and so you know, kids are growing up in their messaging way more than there on the phone and their message
Look at any group of poor people who came on line after the shift to mobile select teens everywhere about like most people in India, they message way more than they use any feed products, be it a stories product or like a traditional vertical food product. So I think you see lean into that video is. This? Has dizzily insatiable demand for more and more videos? I think he has his contained a lean into that and then try and good Chiron think through like where the fact that Facebook does so many things is of benefit and not a cost and lean into that is well in cigarette. I think it's probably taking different path, but we can talk about this yeah, the news feed part of Facebook, which you you were doing forever I was I was on. That was my thing. I was managing that for half a decade. So that the recent controversy which you somehow I ended up in a little bit was whether bright part should be of Facebook, news partner, Dan.
I'm not positive. How I feel about it, because I do wonder with freedom of speech, which is supposed to be where we ve had for the last three hundred plus years, and it's him Freedom of speech has now become conditional about nothing. I grew the hate speech, I agree hate, but it's we're in a weird time right now we're trying to figure out what kind of freedoms do we where people to say how they feel an. Should be moderating. That speed and where the lines are, and I don't think anybody like I know of my personal feelings are, but I dont know if those are necessarily the feelings. Should govern everything and I think there's an answer and I think it's really complicated thing is gonna get soft like it did Do you have any insight and does this gets off? I think
things get better. I hope that, actually for certain types of issues, governments and regulators to say what is ok and is not as opposed to companies, I worry about any one company making indecision about in a what is ok. Ok to say for us just what use you made that point ray you like years, social platform sure we should be the ones governing? What speeches and I don't think you're wrong, although I still feel egg this book should have responsibility that that's why it so complicated matter really have an answer for this. So what were is complicated? Sure what were trying to do right now is it. Basically, this is controversial. I understand reason people can disagree by when it's when its unclear we biased towards being allowing speech. Yet where we don't is. Where do we think there are safety issues? There are safety issues that come.
Hate speech or inciting violence, etc. So those are where we draw the line yeah, we take their content off the path from entirely, sometimes we're good at it. Sometimes we're not as good as we should be. I seem pretty confident will get pretty good at at that. The question is that of those lines drawn in the right place and how do you have enough people to decide what cross the line was that it's almost a supply and demand thing? You're, never gonna have enough people to cover its all the speech that, on the platform, yes, Sir, have to rely on a combination of people and technology soup. I remember I was in new york- and I am speaking at this conference type, a say in it. She basing your person, I shouted publication, huh, leave anonymous just that. I'm thrown a shade. His way asked me: how do you make a decision like those eight? There is a Heading video, we argue about it in the morning about with another, is worth being on. Our new side are not. How do you make that decision, and I said this: would you
Who was you get a group of people in a room probably achieve a one or two of your equivalent? Ninety M news meeting as and you have a debate, the debate, the merits, yeah about the specific video. What we do is we have to define a policy. Then we have to train tens of thousands of people to be able to implement that policy and force at policy accurately, and then you have to build a bunch of measures to make sure that their making the right decisions as ninety nine point nine percent of the time we have to build technology, China, five, that that is a violent video in the first place and then prioritize at in their queues. And then you have to try to make sure that those What does a classifies, but that technologies as accurate as possible to make the most of people's time, and then you have to make sure that the people were making these decisions all day. Long are in a reasonable mental state is looking at violent videos all day. Long is pre taxing emotionally
well, there's been a lot of features about that the last two years. Yet it's it's your burning people out and there is a fear so how to provide the right support for them. Whether its renewal does different types of giving the people to talk to that kind of stuff. It also can you wrote them in an out of areas so that there is some spread, the load a little bit? That has challenges, because you really want experts, cause he's, calls or nuanced, and so it's just a very different system. You get to decide. It is also care not to say on this podcast right now. For us, we just have to try and draw a bright lines around things that are safety issues and then, by this complicated up That is to try to make sure that those decisions are enforced as accurately as possible. So newly nudity. I guess it's easier because if it's like you have computers, it's ok, that's a deck! That's coming off and new can know how to recognize deck, private different sizes eternal.
It's. Is you reconcile all private, but I think what its each hour when people work are navigating around with the boundaries are yeah figured out like if I do it this way and as bessys others point stuff. Is you obviously incredibly disturbing to see these? You know they. They find you Zat a bigger problem of this, where these coded village, and then it goes to other stuff and play kids play actor but they're in danger, and then there, the other stuff, India and people. I just getting smarter, smarter and had to be scumbags. Basically absolute, the summer ideologically motivated summer, financially motivated some adjust. Scumbags heck of a better word there soon issues where it's easier to use technology to identify them so needed is easier. Seizure know you. Can you can try to classify to recognise a deck or to recognise an apple for something you can do
its harder zones, but sometimes you make mistakes right at the happens, but that is an easier technical problem than hate speech were like. I might something that I might say might be hate speech, but if you say that, but I should just be expression right that we can think of tons of language and words were those You need to understand that context that even just necessary who you are too much speed like. Are you making a joker, not, etc there? It is harder, so people always put technology and people said of the pit them against each other. Like wise people, better technology, berries, use people issues. I think that's missing the point. Young people are really good at certain things, particularly nuance text. It is really good at other things particularly scale see This is basically the same issue in sports with referees and challenges and other stuff right, while men reads getting pretty basically the same thing right here were edgy, more moratoria, challenges and technology, and our own, like it, has much work.
I think for what you're doing I like it. Probably more probably, there is, if we have a robots and stop doing this over, why the child It is for me to slow the pace of the games in a way that I think is a little bit off putting cured. Have somebody commercial breaks, the transport, that is to say it is yet, and I just can't imagine, as we can ask innocent get cold on the top yeah, but in general I think what you want when it would no matter what problem you're solving, as you want to take advantage of all the tools you have available and use them for what they're good at and surprised people get a new one. So for things like hate speech, people going to be more involved in marine rely lesson technology that we will try to help use, build technology to have that happen faster and, more accurately, four areas where we can use technology more directly and more confidently we're gonna leverage, those more still obviously have people involved as well p. I don't like you when people put those two things and opposition, I think those things need to be in collaboration and so and what the commission will take will depend.
The issue and that's ok, she'd Facebook cabin is, I think, so I think that the d, never salary. Think, sir, I believe so that it is our word in between the two here, the news feed. Is it like too much power? Almost its men's amount of responsibility. I think we have a responsibility to create value for people. We have responsibility, be proactive about identifying how it might be misused in addressing these issues. We have responsibility to be transparent about what we do and how we do it, and I think we have done better and worse each other three things over the years Broadly, though, I think we we bring a people today
that my brother lives here in la my sister lives in Berlin. I keep up to date with them. When I was with a post on Facebook and Twitter, I get to be a little closer to my siblings, who are, after my boys, in my wife, how about the most important people in my life, and I get to do that because of social media that such as Facebook and Instagram, but that happens to pretending it doesn't. I think, said. I think that good outweighs the bad, I think. In the beginning, we were naive about how much bad there was, and I think we're not playing catch up. Are you comfortable with facebooks? about ability to navigate this two thousand twenty election
I am nervous about two thousand and twenty Anton. I think that to be comfortable into being a job like I men would just be dangerous. I think we have to worry. I think the people that are trying to leverage our platform to it's usually just to like polarized, it's usually just to anger, just get everyone wrapped up in mad are really sophisticated and they are for their methodologies. Change
and they are like well funded, especially the state actors and dad is terrifying, and so one about my top priority, broadly friends, to Graham, is well being in the big thing deciding in TWAIN. Twenty its network inhalation cycle now is how do we make sure we do everything we can on elections, integrity and we're making progress? You seeing us announce that when we find these networks of an authentic accorded it accounts were telling people bottom as we take them down at much in a place where we're financing those things that were being told of her tat by the outside world. So there is progress there, but I'm worried about what we might not know about. Yet I No, we can't do this and I wish we could, but I wish going on. The internet was like having a driver's license. I really do I wish you so security number was tied to it, and I know I know there's no way to do this. I knowed go badly, but I just wish, You think about all the damage
but can do our mine you'll, be they could do way less damage in a car and were so air for workers rights The worst thing you can do in cars. I drive into outer no forty people, I don't you today, you can drive into millions of people and we don't care. We address it out it is amazing to me it's like our heroine are trying to do better, so there is something to that, though. We urge right now we're looking at who can we try not and have a driver's tests, but can we try and make sure that we have a higher bar for knowing who someone is if they have a lot of distribution? Maybe it's cool! You ve got a hundred feet
z of a hundred followers and Instagram. You know there's risk there, but that is a relatively contained, but if you're reaching millions of people, maybe we should have a higher bar for knowing who you are and verifying that you are who you say you are that seeks the actual act of exploring just that. That kind of thing, I think of you, if you think it through you, can probably apply some lessons from things like drivers licences to the specific areas within in cigarettes and Facebook, where you have the most risk, and I think that's told them a table and she's crazy to me that people are so desperate to protect in an empty there on the internet and that people would rebelled against the concept yeah if you go online where, but it act, what you do you know. We can't do that. That's big brother will hear the other alternative. We re going to have another election, get foot potentially here without any from his people.
Foot this. That is one of the biggest debates right now, though, is that between privacy and safety and look- I don't wanna, pretend they eggs. One sided that we don't requires actual real names on Instagram we webs suited Emily. Basically, you can decide Your handle should be sometimes you're in a part of the world were expressing something might not be safe to do that happens for journalists and lots of the world. Yeah teens, I shouted sooner. Muffin have multiple accounts. Khazar identities are complicated, you're going. To figure who you are. I am aware that my daughter's accounts all my daughter's to friends that have like four, usually have a main one. You have one for your real friend You might have spared the car a spam account here is the specific I'd always spam via this fence? Does in Japan Jeanne sometimes have these cut. These microphones does so it would be like three friends
the three of you have your own version of incident, just the three of you that I have heard mosey out of Japan. Sometimes you see it in our own interests accounts you maybe you're in the basketball used, far basketball accounts hoop station whatever, and then you talk about basket as your basketball per honor and so that's a value. The, but not knowing who you are creates risks how'd, you bouncers two things is one of the questions were wrestling with and we ve got. I can walk you term, some of our opinions, then I'm sure some arranged Miranda we're gonna learn adapt as we move forward. Looking to just make the verification thing much more complicated the minute. The issue with Africa Book Fritz Round would be we'd, have less users and then will we ever names. We can't say, instruments gone up nineteen million users is this? quarter whenever one issue certainly address to the business. Another issue is, there: are people who might not have drivers since or may not have access to those types of verification materials, and then you make it harder for them to come on
that will mean that such a bad thing, I think it's not made a big thing here in the states, but I think like in Africa, where you have a lot less drivers. Licences coverage like that's, not doesn't feel great, and then the flip side is also have. Yours have two way how. Effective. It's gonna be like. If you look at the state, sponsored actors, yeah drivers licences, they have bank accounts under fake name too, though very sophisticated, so you have, you have to
sanitizing sets use if we have to be real honest about what is the upside of, was the downside and then make the car, but I am very interested in introducing more friction where there is the most risk. I am less interested in addition, reducing a bunch of friction for you know. I ran a fifteen year old kid who wants a common line or a small podcast or be no journalist who wants to make a name for himself, because then you gonna be by creating that friction. You're gonna empower the established at the expense of the up and coming, and I don't love. That idea is a hope. Was the internet is to allow more new, interesting things to terrorize the base criticism about Facebook. This decade was being too to react and two thousand sixteen in there people wondering sealed the cover worse than the crime kind of thing resent. When did you dough and Why didn't you act sooner? Look
back four years later, what's been the most, Fair thing about that prison The thing I probably wholly gets Facebook the most, but is that unfair? I think I ve The accusation that we were behind is fair. I don't think we ve tried to cover things up, but honestly, I don't think I think we're still trying to figure out how to be better at engaging citizens when something happens like a pickup cycle its negative for luck. I confide to every day I have ever we could have. We could spend the rest of the hour on this route where we in doing this. People at the company, so we try to. Ok, why is this accurate or not is by the way we get things are inaccurate or the time then we won make sure that we know exactly what happened. Lebanon, we say what happened. We're accurate is the worst thing we could do is response. And then be wrong about something yet, and so then we get it.
This cycle of does verifying everything that takes too long. Now, it's true It is there that we come back out and we ve been silent and meanwhile pick a platform. The media, twitter, etc is thy. Well, these guys clearly are covering something up because they don't care and the treaties, member just trying to get it right. I personally, I I don't know say that is unfair them. Can I just think that's the world arena and by the way we helped create that world near so we need to- or how to engage and engage quickly? Which is why I am looked. My twitter is a dark place. I follow Oliver loudest critics. It is like the most emotionally taxing part of my job is probably spinning a bunch of time in this parliament have not shade towards Twitter. I visit my twitter. That way I go on there and I say things and I might make a mistake and I might get reamed out for it, but it's more important to engage the, not. I think we're trying to learn a lesson as accompany yeah.
Something happens. We should get out there and speak to immediately what we don't know. We should just be honest about the fact that we don't know that, even if that's embarrassing, that is a muscle that we had developed in the early years and is a matter that we are still, if I'm honest, trying to develop now neither. I think we do a lot to try to create transparency. Thy presence here talking about elections and twenty twenty are add archive is by far the most transparency, any platform or network. Does on political ads in the world. You can look up any adder on politics or even issue ads for years and see how much was spent on it, who is targeted as who ran it, etc. That, by the way creates a nice
stream of negative press cycles for us because now go and then they find stuff that they don't like and never be uncomfortable for us, but that is fundamentally a good health. You think is the scrutiny is healthy. So I think that my maybe they try to answer your question to recognize. You say what's unfair and I want to say this is unfair but being on the inside. The thing that is toughest is people assume the worst of intent. These sooner all were trying to do is make as much money as possible and we are business. I dont want to pretend that we're not a business. I should say it's a good thing: we're a business and allows us to make money hungry people and do better work, whether its on safety or just kidding value. But I I know a lot of people why work hard work hard with a network along with who are definitely trying to do the right thing and
The assumption of ill intent is maybe maybe not unfair, but the most difficult thing as a person I shall working on these issues will there's almost half lincoln, be a David venture. Adam came movie about Facebook and fifteen, and sixteen are really wanna play a hamper. You up I'll write you unaffected actor. Now. I regret that I myself, Korea and much more attractive. We see boys emigrate, PETE San Francisco, not sure I'm in that enough peak and at the end of the last place. Let us now like last question. I want to say about its grim Zuckerberg are you afraid of eleven and a half years give me one thing that people would never expect about Mark Zuckerberg cause. I think he's. Gonna know there persona that has been fed to us for the last hour, many years combined with Jesse iceberg somewhere combination of that, but we
like how normal as e, compared to what our abnormal I seem to think he is from watching from afar he's more. I mean I don't, as is normal, What guy he is he's. My more self aware than people think yeah What is good only knows what is not good at he works hard at getting it better. I, what is not good? I like he says he jokes around about not being a empathetic speaker for it But I think he's really self aware and all that he's very funny. The aim of a sense of humor is definitely the reticence of humor Lucky's, I'm a bit of a he's a bit of a nerd, Sir meaner. Maybe our sensitive issue first line up a little bit but it is, everybody is a fairly man. He's got two daughters. He's super private citizen. Talk about that. His wife is in just seems. Like he's been beaten up, I mean he has been able to cover their fire,
Personally, I feel, like he's, he's more self aware any definite funnier than you would think, but the issues that were trying to address the serious and some seems appropriate during some that stuff out, we seem in public downy just seems, like he's, been beaten up Armenia. Then be narrowed. Covered ef, I Hazlitt he looks like scarred amounts. Yet there was a wired there's a wired cover like two years ago now, where they basically photoshopped Butscha bruises, like he was in a boxing bra and put on the cover of wired, so look he's determine he. He thinks longer term than almost anyone had ever worked with. He is incredible. High standards any holds all of us. Those high standards he's very very and support he's always said as long as I'm in a facebook that
We're in the press cycles is never as good as it. Whenever is good, as they say we are, and then we're never as bad as they say. We are thought I think, shows the kind of perspective he tends to have, and I think he really wants some that he and his family and the people who were deep enough in the details to another details feel good about his legacy. Whenever it moves, Hon passes away. It has to be, but he's gonna go is only twenty four things allies girl out, but he thinks about that guy. You things really long term and I think that's good, because look, the pendulum swings back and forth and swings fasten hard, and I think he tries to keep his iron on the long term and destroyed over these principles are sometimes people give them centres, people dont? Sometimes I agree with them. Sometimes I don't, but he always me out. I do appreciate that. I think how people feel about two thousand. Sixteen will
determined a lot by what happens in two thousand and twenty and whether he learn any lessons from that date. Hear from him will, I think, shape alot of whatever his legs ends. Up being with this platform would depend who gets elected different. Major legislating on advertising is taking action, just the mechanics and ensure that it from his people going to try to influence it, how he handles and if we get caught behind in a significant way that is gonna massively affect how people think about him and how people think about our company in because by those who things are yeah like tune entwined However, the pull apart won't take a break things out: better Instagram. Let's talk about Luminary a package subscription service with some the best content around, including the ringers amazing new package sonic boom, how Seattle lasted steam host a barbarian. George american fear, faint sports, great investing. Get of journalism above this is definitely pack ass. She came ass. Lieutenant
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I were back during the brig Tommy realise that our Jake Ellen, how should play in the movie Simum recalls agents who sail goes as an upgrade. I'm under you, you should refer venture to direct the movie. Not out of a car, I think, would be more blistering without Amerika its figure him hit it's a grim I think it's a really satisfying platform right now I just like it and then I read stuff and and people go it's going to totally change we're blowing it up, and we can do this. We can do that and it's get nervous when people want to change things said, I'm happy with so you're not going to change it to my trade. Negative do they not fifty No, I mean that our core values it Instagram are, but one of our careers is simplicity either to people first and craft and basically, this means we try and do the simple thing. First, we try to do a few things into do them. Well, we try to do one thing: we're before we move on to the next thing:
so as a result, it just changes less quickly. I think it's good, but that also worries me, because the world changes for the quickly and the biggest risk fur platform as big as ours is not that a competitor necessarily comes in does what we do better than we do that. That can definitely happen, but what we do just becomes less relevant so that balance between keeping Instagram what it is, but also evolving as a world of wolves is a tricky one, but are strong bias. Cuz, we're small, not a lot of people who work there actually by considering our scale and are like there's like a measure three times and cut once type of culture just means that we're going to change slower than other performs, might get it. You wanna stay a step ahead, another step behind yeah, family tick tock.
Just watching the rise of that over the last year. That's kind on your corner. A little bit. Absolutely I mean to Bytedance, which does Tik Tok has been around for a long time. They've been competing us for long before tick. Tock was popular. They operate out of China and under complete. One set of rules, but even take out aside, is a company that cloned musically then made it a product more attentive than musically, bought the thing that they phone and rename the thing that they cloned them like that is serious. Yeah. That's a marker, for you have some serious shit like and so for us yes. Mention is strong in their culture. Elements is strong but think that you'd have to take a competitor that is doing that cannot work soon Firstly, I think competitions, good gray. I think one of the biggest issues Pierre had last decade and the first part state was not having competition and then eventually the competence.
Became streaming in everything and then all of a sudden, you have to start innovative. Bear. Having people have said this before in the pile, but when people have a lead delay to protect the lead there, and then if in the change does that an attack has nudged you into all the languages and not the only one that chatter and also work. Fundamentally, you talk about people's attention. This thing this now tried and tick. Tock whore Smart Jason, to what we do or direct that compete with what we do, but for not always is a social network. P, L, a lotta young teens, pay a lot of time on fortnight talking to each other, the job that were hard for connecting people. You really care about and like that at some level competes this video instagram, you ve got the explosion of all these streaming services. Not only what's happened, oh what's coming so and look, I think it's a good thing, I think
not just, because if you're in the lead, you might just try and protect your lead, but you just might become complacent and that's not good, because you have to be trying to think about how to create new types of value for people and pressure from competition is a really efficient. The way of getting to think about that. But you re getting money from adds, which is a little different. I think than Tik Tok is Tik. Tok have ass a lotta tiktok, I tik Tok you're you. If it isn't, your guys are making allow more and adds and take time talk is not trying to make a lot of money right now to talk is trying to go right now. Chick talk is spending their spending billions of dollars a year on content. This balance, spinning hundreds of millions of in the dossier acquiring users are trying to get. Two relevance it, scale, and then there is also a voice that they can make money, probably including ads We certainly make money on ads, but I should think revenue is a little bit of a lagging indicator of your relevance. Some glass-
make money to pay my paycheck imposed by employees paychecks, but that isn't the first thing, I look at you knowing when I come to the office in the morning. I look at how much are people sharing, how much people messaging? How much are people watching and consuming those things, I think, are the sort of during the coal mine and the whether, if you wanted to make more money, you should just make it more private who people follow. Instead, like that or you pay ten dollars a month, but nobody can sue your fine. Oh, I got yeah Premium Instagram Price Instagram privacy pay for privacy, yeah yeah and they need people like Tommy who had just a merely follow like five hundred dollars, a circuit.
You never even Villa nobody could judge me now fallen. Who is looking incredulous over years, a right that families they would drive by shooting, entirely joy? We and I do think I do things to our most may. I say this to Jack, thirsty to impose amazed that the platforms are doing Where this social model, seventy kind of yeah, where I get some Persia now nobody gets to see on following data. Yet to see how many, like my post gather. However, on a carved out, I M just be ten dollars: mirth yeah. Now I heard that I actually, the simplified gases into the jack went all the way through looky the the issue. There is just one make sure that I am everyone can have an awesome experience on Instagram either things that we could charge for then we would charge for they might be able to see who you follow, but that's it.
Idea. Then maybe we should just as you too MBA. Pirate is indeed essential to four hundred fifty four hours about a third of its gonna. Be then there's gonna be more. Their country lies in my eyes, and what you can do, five everywhere without fear of recourse, they were I don't know where more focused on how just so we do this, We try to understand what can make instagram better and then Try to build the thing in a way that anybody can accrue value from it, and we get to do that because we do not base business and there are pros and cons of being and add base peasants. But the big pro is, like you, get off her service for free to everyone, and so will we bias in that direction, but yet there definitely devotee. About ideas like there's, not that when specifically and I got off the Instagram dams combining with tender merger deems lad a sex common added. The Ariane condemns are, does allow deals in a lot of
dating thing, you know it is a daily. We tell its will, give those ugly tender words that you will give you an excuse to reach out to someone when you might feel we're just like called text at them, and I think that's like when I talk to her teens about this. There look I gotta go hush. I don't have anything to say she posted something cool. I get to say like cool frequent with kids like a citizen, it's an excuse to slide nerd dams and then maybe office. A conversation, its peoples, it away. Tell me how much DM citing debt. Tommy, like nine months ago, did assure listens to grandpas enemy, Rome and more comedic mileage out of it than that bear up. This is a different generation My daughter matter boy, my daughter's fourteen she's had a boyfriend for three months and I think eight
It started out: Instagram dams, really, yeah, bad mutual friends and then moved over to stab chess. More grammar moved over to stab chat, or I message we see that a law which is you'll start talking, Instagram, etc. Stay there, but sometimes you move over to snap or, I think more often I message I know I know, moved over because I have answered Amoco down. I find I go through our dance and she knows this surprises me as soon as the trail goes called. I do something have it as they are. They ve stopped communicating they're, going at a this. We as good of Abu Snapchat is like I mean.
Get over certain age. You just can't figure it out. A curse. Tat, I think, is the most secure thing in your life. I can't go in there. I can't find the stature yeah yeah, I'm in their work, in trying to make it a little easier to use that more people can use the good luck. The difference do I need to do and whether last numbers there were these were pretty positive. They are doing well, better Instagram, I mean then, with a homemaker. We did we need when did the stories that, whereas, like not directly on their corner and actually probably more fun and and more reliable for someone like me, yeah and stories is driving a lot of our growth right now, so I'm glad we did it. I think we got a lot of flak for copying them. We try Some credit words do, but you try to learn from competitors. Hopefully you I do understand why there being used in come up with a new Eddie be used for similar set of middle way forms of expression. Sometimes you just gotta disguised None Athens, pretty good, Sprague Irish. What we do
And so did athletes had a dramatic impact. Dear, I mean Oh you seeing the shift of power from organisations to individuals across most vertical butts in Athens. Empowerment is obviously one of the most point examples and you get the unfair spoke. They have bigger I mean they have more followers, probably just cause Facebook spinner on longer, but a visiting Instagram is probably more of a difference. Baker year are our sweet spot, I think, is with what we call creators who the people behind crafts athletes is a really good example, and you see people building up there. Own brand. You see people building at their own side. Business is united. She this, I don't know like in the NBA Jews got a big presence on Instagram Outer Steelers. Cyanide. Your past fan
I don't know you. Gentlemen element is crushing it on Instagram right now. Is he really get? Yes, some sigh business. I think he makes it like children's books or something they keep promotes a bunch of stuff and assign his instagram is really quite strong. Yeah we're home can see VD. I forgot about that. That's a good one! Oh my god! What an interesting who's the bay when the brow of american athletes, probably the broad uninjured double check There's some soccer one centre of the chair. I renate that gas does nuts but in the NBA is doing a bunch right now. What you think is good, too. I think but people want to see what it's like to be, in someone else's shoes and let you know Then it is really well like sincerely such Sakharov, warm ups Jessica. Someone live streaming. A warm up like that is just rag. Is you don't get to see that he considers the the match? Suckers about example, cause it's hard to watch matches to being what
so far, but getting a window in something you would know monsieur peak behind the curtain, cocoa after she beat sir, now when lives TAT is gold. People were so excited to see. Well what an amazing search the fifteen year old girl read, but just like to see that and get that raw seed straight into that amazing moment: I remember staff Currie, as that phenomenon was starting to happen around two thousand fourteen fifteen and bored doing his shooting drills yeah before games, but I think was on Facebook than those the first time as like. I can't breathe watch in this, but I am also enjoy the tunnel shouted people show up. I mean they moved to chase, but an Oracle people used to shop so early for the games to watch him. Do that whole thing decisions warmer. Nor can it out and chase orbit one day, I'm about to happen
getting on, and I can tell you, may I could tell him what you, Mr Eric, I didn't do it you look. It's not Lhasa meet irony here that I am a tech guy who, right of the page, you guys in five you're the reason are coherent and I, like you know, who killed, who benefit from its being closer to my house, in its full of a bunch of people who look inside a lot more like me, so I only not me, but Orkut has had some amazing energy. Yeah ended. Not I will organise a pain they get their at smelled kind of bad food was terrible, still need really used to chicken fingers but the energy in that area- and I was just like your hair- with extend up on your on your edge of Europe. Like you just got nuts, I'm a member since some I want you couple are, you sure, got a couple games and the regular using a couple games in the play off sky dismember, even the twentieth,
This is an they once every three games. I went to the seventy third year because they one that came against the spurs. They had no business winning an office and we could do exist without setting disperse were and if you do at home and like so maybe that's not example, there was a big game, but man I just I think I can go to sleep at night. Compromise calculator it. It was a dump there He really was just an all time dump and the crowds or awesome super diverse here, but I think it's cool. They have downtown arena and I think the team was really gay. People. Belated is awesome boom room as it seems that that good Sonata, like everything, feels therefore right. Does they had the six year run. That's kind of flipped. The end of life Well today they wouldn't last night. I'm here I see a man I was selling warrior. Stopover lilies alarm like buying was, however there like forty six forty eight ass, I was crazy out, has gone down, but
Would you do differently if you're, that's why they're gonna come to make a move? We d like to know how to read it out just another. This is what the legal sir here they incredible six year run it really bad luck. Katy screw them over clay, got her any just got around it out and say you can't win every year I mean I mean that look, I think, its health, because it, but I certifying there's no five or six. This is like the Monti Alice Ban Davis here, so not winning that many games with a lot of fun the watch and then obviously we got get over the last six years, but I think he's gonna be healthy for the fan base to go through some ups and downs. The Celtics went through it in the Ladys Burger, put six games area and they barely guarding the plastic I killed by the trade. The next year was also that happy, but those two years they rebuilt the team in that area, but have the second run with the old guy. But with these new guys they got that. I think
that's where the words will end up with this privy, probably a better version of it is curries. We mourn his prime than those guys or you can use, is gonna come back, you can use as window add a couple. Younger people never get a better dropping out of the athlete. They find out you're the Instagram guy and they go that's what happens? I actually have a method, many and so focus and other areas. One of the more athletes have. I haven't, met them You meet them than the usual egg, quickly feedback, you get feedback. You questions about how they could get more followers of DM two de entered dating service. My dams and not updating mediums like fuller, dislike Gimme, a blue check mark this thing's broke in Sis fuller lies. Not data is not nearly as positive. That can you run the data to see if out of a fifty year
an older wake eyes. If I'm in the top ten with rigid four thousand square followers reality. That is how it went he. I can't really, I voted my riding over fifty. Wait I over fifty who's up there, I've gotta be in the top three were either you're after a time a man, the top fifteen, Why eyes fifteen over inscribed followers? whom competing gets. Politicians, Kevin, CASTOR, nothing, politicians provided there Oh yeah, I know, but I think that's gonna be a stiff- is vertical. Petitions and then maybe some big. I cannot answer broadly to head. The additive wiser for expressing their white hair highlights the nicest alone. I get it Joe Biden. One point: three million followers he's kind of a big deal.
I think it's either not a barrier that set of her. What are you getting for Joe Biden? Let's see, you're getting he's on the campaign. Trail talkative. By the very fact one. So he's, had a material. I may not be in the top. Fifty you better, but I fear that I gotta pump it. I'm gonna really are pushing a dance you couldn't have requested two things at once again. Did it I really liked than the last year one as that. You can run the minute long, video cuz, you ve, never wavered on yelling at a minute in the post it at the ends which actually, like but now you can move it over the whole video is available, click on to it and they are opens up a new screen with the Lockerbie Thou, smart, yes and then cutting up. The Instagram stories autumn. Ethically, instead of having the people cut up, I never understood, thou and then finally fix that we so much easier. I was just does not do that wisdom,
matters. We have to cut our nets, agree immediately in second video, sometimes sometimes you fast enemies of things, and that was what that was amiss dancing. I back that was ledges. You just fix. One thing said that no works it did. It do number suggested it did to arouse get past the coffee back. So what's that give us one thing: that's common in two thousand and twenty. The thing I'm really excited about seeing if we can make like ants private. I knock you talkin about down, but I wanted like the longer it takes to do the more resistance, Can we get a bunch of seething from a self esteem standpoint? Thou be really helpful for tv for young people, yet I will agree less like a pressurize environment. I want people spend a little bit less time worry Mohammed likes to have a little more time connecting with their friends or just being inspired by us and people. That is, I think, if we can pull it off. I think that this is a particular personally proud of
I spent a lot of time with a team. Can you put something in there that cows girlfriend candy Sapien surrender picture purse about it even say that affect were well? As I say she did Wonka. I can't even tell you I couldn't even tat. What does your bed regard your cousin cars that are met? You got me out. I was likely to cause it's out of you. Guys guys are younger. Look older on average. One hears anything you need to fix is fourteen zero girls, posting a self picture themselves and then the comments from their friends going gorgeous. I add a third europhile refers la people. Thirsty people think about people think about I think, of an instagram it. Actually, a ton of time is spent and stories at any time to spend in messaging. Like we talked about, the time has been an explorer and in some of those other places particular stores in messaging. It's a little bit ly.
I'm going to get my good angle and post and seeing my likes, I can get, and it's a little bit more like what size you haven't like today. I came over here. You like you, said I wanted to be on this cuz I've been a fan of you for a long time. Coffee destroyed done my shirt on their car right over here a dislike and I was like, as they will that's not good, so that, it's gonna killer as to think I was a podcast city as like that nobody can say incidentally, I gotta find like I. Finally, when the tide sticks, and yet I took my shirt off economic damage, things as bills: him is going to see me looks great motor, Hashtag Brenda content. I guess we're gonna see a little bit right here, but I posted the whole thing on storage. Is why not that would never go and feel that it is with debts that that would. I would nevertheless a permanent and livid done anyway, but our definite I've done a thousand I keep with tat dance it as a hundred thousand more and is very far higher passer more, I shorter
The second is an old work out. How I feel it is what is his own species? Obesity, determinate, itineraries? Actually, nineteen million you gotta pose more people so it s like to be people who, with his room, looks like ever since listen to you. I was assumed you were let your living on which this actually kind of yours. I should do a whole instagram story of words in my office right now. That is a good idea. You gets us, you got under the giant appear yeah, oh man. I do a lot. I e bay shopping still yet even amateur are these years also so that a b by doing Instagram story about the studied my one exonerate us. Three parties have a story: don't that yeah they They mostly do actually like a lot of these, were hard to find the posters I share out the this I'll do do. I'll, do it and scream story every day I do on protein. You gotta you gotta life, size, bird and magics, yeah hunters, your weapon juicy, that's really hard won. Far too. We have everything I think we did. I think we did. I think we do.
This is fine, Adam pleasure put bill? Such affairs recognise our little coffin, usually further. You can only kind of I thank Chris and Adam thanks to zip code of get good. Is it true that bs, thanks to Norton, secure VP end made by nor A brand backed by one of the world's largest civilians. Cyber intelligent networks, with over thirty years of experience, no complicated, set up login once a particular connection. Right now, get nor scurvy piano nor backslash Vps Simmons staring at three thirty, Montenegro a subscription, be private, more places on mine nor calm, Slash, Vps, Simmons terms do apply back Thursday. More pack ass. We also the new we watch balls with the shining going up late Wednesday night and an announcement. About something that I am doing. Get a mention on Thursday, so be ready for that as well.
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