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Malcolm Gladwell on the NBA Carousel, Billionaire Owners, and Multipurpose Golf Courses (Ep. 228)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Malcolm Gladwell to discuss the ridiculous rate of offseason story lines in the NBA (5:00), LeBron James's right to act in his own self-interest (13:00), dealing with juggernauts in the NBA (23:00), billionaire owners' spending habits (33:00), Tiger Woods's painkiller problem (36:00), trimming the NBA schedule (44:00), Tom Brady's concussions (53:00), solving the public-use problem for golf courses (1:02:00), and the Bill Maher controversy (1:06:00).
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Must gain an mba trades tonight, because that's how fast is trades, your guy spontaneous trades, get it on these killer. Last minute. Deals download the hotel tonight up right now and we are broadly by the ringer dot com or we having good bad movies today, Shea Serena Road Peace declaring Nick Cage the king of good bad movies. I want to disagree with that, but I think he might be right. I think there is a case to be made for canneries, but I think he anew the fact that he is actually made movies over the last fifteen years might disqualify. But I read that check that out: good bad movies. We it's really fun. Also, obviously the NBA draft, our NBA draft got a spectacular. We have mba content constantly it's like a psycho broken waterfall such a shooting, MBA content out this podcast. I
Britain do for this week, the people on it. We did one. Yesterday with that we broke down the Boston, Philly Trade with Kevin Oconnor and Chris Ryan and Mark Titus and my dad came in about his hat, as he's ever come in on the Pike S spent. Ninety minutes break in that dad. I get my verdict at the end. If you miss that check that out today we're going to Madame Gladwell, I think we're gonna. Do it tomorrow tune in Friday, so for pads this week? For your listing pleasure and oh and their us, I'm also cause. It sounds against. All odds is breaking down and draft odds cuz, you can bet on the NBA draft, which is incredible, but if you haven't subscribed to that one, it's against all odds with cousin Sal were putting that one up tonight. So I'm with you all week here I am five five six hours of
pod cast content for you still not even half as much as with Adam crows. Doing I found out yet at this week in the attic craw now is adding another practices like fourteen pack s, I think, he's doing like seventeen. Eighteen, twenty hours, a radio a week, podcast thou. So I feel even doing six, I felt completely inferior and pray, probably better to spend six hours of more than twenty hours with Corolla. I've given from Vegas with Corolla in that took four hours, and that was a long drive and he talked the whole time but anyway, for Bs Park ass this week and then against all odds of cousin so and we will have every possible mba draft. Take you ve ever wanted. There were ass on Thursday, we're doing a bunch of videos as well. Katy didn't eat up this week Friday.
Tate and Titus Adieu and teat up on the ringer you podcast on Friday, so few wanna hear them Titus Titus approaches it from the fence perspective. Doesn't care about the the fortunes of the team in its mouth Gladwell coming up right now. First, Roger I had not glad we're on the line he just launched season. Two of his revision ancestry pie cast, which will accidents restock better. Now you did ten again. I did ten first one air every Thursday for the next ten weeks,
yeah absurd to errors on Thursday absurd when I took on calf yeah as Rex, ahead of her wits wept hold back as I want to talk about that, as I have a lot of thoughts on why which Ridgeway people plague off Let's talk about basque buffers, because this is every year we say this is crazy, so we Can the NBA off season with ever had? But this is particularly crazy because since last Friday, just shits been happening constantly and it just never ends a great were taken. This rain at ten o clock M Pacific time Tuesday morning and five minutes before I want to call you? Are this poison gas Nick stuff broke? Why does my trade yeah, that's just happened. This is how fast its move in these days, the south takes our in South Ex are interested. They're, making a run. I have never.
Anything like this and basque bar has finally mastered. Would it took gradually oh and particularly burn all those guys so longed to do is its turned itself into an eleven months. Sport yeah, it's All the seeds were planted, starting with that that decision into them in ten. Then each year got more more fun and now it's like I people work headed for the offices and then the files that minors are fine, but people, people of this stuff more. You guys I've been looking at the ringer, you run as many basketball stories now in the off season. You were diseases yeah, it's crazy in We don't know for running enough. I mean we're probably light. We should probably have more people on a radio people. I mean I'm doing for park ass, a sweet people, love this stuff and so. I have some theories amidst in in your thoughts on this. One of my theories is that I just think
care about NBA prayers, so you have leg yet based Balikh make tracks her right now and he's the best play baseball and he may be the best wherever who the hell knows his way up there I had. I turn out Fox foxier. Then he is being interviewed in the dugout cause. He's hurt and it took me like three seconds to realise those. My trout and I'm thinking like. You know whether its day me lowered Jimmy Butler, all these guys, their self, famous and everybody has strong opinions on there and now it's legally have leg almost like forty, two forty five guys that you're a casual fan. Hardware fan whatever you just knowing you care about. Do you ever remember anything like this now added to this. Special year, because the draft does insanely deep and was when the draft is deep. If draft has twice as many potentially by players as normal
it doubles the amount of studying and doubling its exponential increasing the number of scenarios and draft a media drafty. Yes, The conversation is now lucky. You need to have like up so you need to know you Watson to keep track of all the possibilities for this week, it's crazy. Yet it is probably the best top ten of a draft which had since the late nineties, where you know we're Toby. Yesterday in the past, where you you, you might end up getting the best wherein the draft with the aid package is done now like like there's athlete top for, but nobody would also rule out the other things. But then you have, you know. The player empowerment, which really started and that in the seventies I think it's the decision, the impact, the decisions been a little overblown because I careened decided he wanted to pay for the Lakers and they can seventy five and they had to treat him there like this has been going on, will change
twice. He decided he wanted to leave and go somewhere else and it happened. So it's that La Brandon create this, but I think what would what's different about now, is how fast we can get information yet the game of it. Now the fact that I have this look at my twitter feed- at eleven o clock at night to make sure nothing happened, that I didn't miss anything that's what's different, and so the decision coincided with that, but I dont think it changed it. What do you think he was addressing the parallel with what's going on in politics what you see with their Trump administration is because everything leaks, you're getting a tone. Different perspective on how politics works and how the White House works yet so we see it, we know the decision making a real time and what we see now is you know, I think, I'm in there's? No, not him into this. Now. That's bad idea contact this prison.
Nation go you you didn't you never saw that run. All you saw was the final decision, so you had an appearance of of of coherence and dementia banned you everything, I'm very deliberate is just because you and on all the confusion that leads up to the decision now anyway, you haven't you the equivalent of leaking right everything's, let if any age has a thought public seven in the morning shaving we know about it by seven. Thirty minutes incredible, so you do you once you're once you're going to expose all of the steps it led up to a decision. Then you multiplied the convicts Simon Fur Fur in the political around you multiplied. The amount of time spent about politics and in basketball. The you ve multiplied the ticking of the fund for the fan. That's I'd! Never
I never saw the parallel. Buy you a hundred percent rate, though the way people follow politics. These days is no different. This mba fence this week, where they're just checking to make sure nothing happened now this case, the future of the country and possibly the world, is at stake all the time and as like our note trumps about North Korea. Oh my god, I gotta keep checking to make sure you know this didn't happen, but because he adds the same beast and I wonder, do you worry about? this constant flux of information and half tidbits in half. It's in rumours- and this might be happening in here this now this, and is it going to make others dumber. Is it too much information makes his down because you'll tuna will to now mean we're experiencing this for the first time. It may well be, will get tired of it and the next time is a deed draft and
William Taft scenarios and what have you? What have you we're just not going to consume it in the same way same thing with, I think we're going to get trump fatigue, and maybe the next president comes along, which is gonna, want someone, who's really boring and people will try and make stuff on the press, one even jump out of electric cars. But now you know we ve. Never we ve never been in a situation where we know A tv shows that the present is watching at night and Macao is responding and what he's tv, owing patently Tebow's soccer tat people like the pretty little Tebow's, It is my mom doesn't table justice. Who am I by eighty six year. Old mom is not even she has moved on from that particular our homes where, but I remember, bind the tv lifetime subscription and I think I had to cancel the credit card to stop paying for it
my family, but not that I am, I just don't know where they were going to do this. It is not for now. I think I don't. I think this sport thing is gonna stay as passionate and maybe even gains damage year, but that the Trump fatigue, you already seeing it shots by sir gave press briefing where he didn't live video or audio yeah. You know that that's like that's insane, Nixon would have done that and people are just as certain bounce off people there. You know if you have a press briefing, that noble the lad to record it in any way. What is that makes it would have rejected that but how do you stop someone from recording either
with her hand. I mean the whole thing. This is like a million ways to record these days said Anne. I don't know, I don't understand. The sites are Lebron James eat. I dont I've never seen so many different opinions of the same point fur refer, ranging from how smart he actually is wet weather, he has a master plan. Whether there was real thought put into this in a really substantial way or if he kind of flies by the sea to his pants. I dont know what to make of it, but starting in two thousand and ten
he switches teams. He goes to Miami at the time. Everybody was appalled and horrified, and just people in do that and play their enemy. Now. I think we have almost been softened too to the whole concept, but goes back to Cleveland and two thousand fourteen, and it's all about I'm coming home. Back to finish what I started there, I mean so much to the people of a higher amount to do all these great things for everybody here now, there's momentum that he might be leaving again. Be gone allay. He wants to be a business man, let's be billionaires, wants to own a team? Would you make about us ways? Not it's a good deal, a gimmick, let's put it. In a broader perspective, the exact same thing has been happening within, climate patterns in the general economy over the last generation. You know there are parents, have one job with one company for their entire lives. There.
You know, millennials do not. They move around right that Serbia, that kind of labour force are Inter organization. Mobility is the is one of the signatories just the modern economy. Why would we expect basketball players to be any different? I mean the broad he's doing. No one else is doing and in acting in his own self interest, as he should and going back to cleaner, an absolutely brilliant. It was on so many different respects it It is our understanding, an appreciation of them, but I don't think What does anyone expect him to finish his career there? Why would he knows you should go in, I can't have. I can't I have expected it to be. Honest- may never dawned on me that he might jump ship again until recently cause I felt like It seemed like he was so consumed with his legacy. In what things met that maybe that legacy
like he went to Miami for four years was almost going to college she graduated. Then he came back to Cleveland. We lay through the Lakers into it and now its justice. It's that a nomadic career, but instead a career that has different stages right where it's like he was there than he went there than they're elucidated ass for its for moves. Here's the thing that I'm sure, even he is surprised by, and that is. Under the normal expectation, you'd have expected his career to ending Cleveland because he's a huge number minutes in an he's innocently he's he's gonna, the sunset but he's keys Lebron, and he's not refugees at the sunset he just here. As good a play off series is any player in the history of the game. Its clear and you may be, can play for another five years right. So, in his career is probably a third longer than we would have expected when he started playing means at all these expectations we have about. Where he's supposed to end his queer dont work
even he may have thought. I'm done live and cause I'm gonna, I'm retired, thirty, four, retiring thirty four right. He could still be rain You can still be made with the best firing, a game to citizens from now. Is there any reasonable? I must Our generation is lighted, the guys were loyal, you played the whole. You played your whole time with the team, as you said like. I grew up with the as on the red Sox for twenty three years by the end is just the sky, the old grizzled guys pissed off, you never won. The world series is smoking at his lacquer after games, and you now runs runs the lap Round Fenway Park and that's that's what we grub with, but I think I wonderful o Brien in two thousand, and how Cleveland turned on him and burned as jerseys, and they ripped as the big sign in the building down and all the heat he took it?
look at all these other guys that have moved since, including the rat and o k C and how the fans were so mad at him and all that stuff. I wonder if the two guys after that, the younger guys watching this It's almost site, they ve got their Dara Mass. There's degree and loyalty and sports yeah and I realize, like the mark them you're. Not an all these people love you? They were you jerseys all that stuff the moment at turn, stare out. They hate you and it's like why Why are you devoting your whole life to playing for this one team? When the moon, the relationship webs they're gonna turn. I knew so screw it I'm in it for myself, and I wonder if that's been a pivotal change this decade. I don't know what you think I would say I'd sizzling solely from which is it second understanding of the EU always the case at every fan, had two ways of appreciating basketball. You have your that you refer and then you a generalised appreciation of the game. So you know
maybe your you're in Indiana Fan, but you watched the the warriors last season and you'd like? How can you know? how can I love watching right Ceuta, that could have double, and I think, what's happened historically, to basketball they appreciation you had for your own team was paramount. That was the big deal. Then you had a kind of an the love, a basketball thing with secondary. I think that maybe is flipping, and so what would we? bronze if the brine moves to allay and puts together a team, that's cool but of challenging worry the warriors. Maybe that's. Ok, in an era where our desire to see great basketball is greater than our desire that our kind of loyalties to our own team yeah As I told you I certainly neck again, I would rather see Do I want to see la put together a super team to challenge the warriors, absolutely I'm united and if he managed
let off my estimation of him would grow. I would dumb I mean. I just think that everything testing. Well you're, smarter than may see. You know at the best analogy for this, as I do feel like, though, that the workers, that everything that happened this season and how invincible they looked as thrown the NBA in flux, yeah and I dont know what what a parallel would be to this in business or politics or whatever, but gate they were oh good in their files and here's look: here's the brain and the calves, the brand stolen. His prime carries the best offensive guard, not just in the league right now, but baby time for his ability to get any shoddy Watts, Kevin Love is still a top twenty five guy Thompson's a good rebound her. They have bench who have played well and begins. They have a good coach and and the warriors wax them and
it literally through the iberian foxy of the Celtic to have this lottery pack and all cap space All these different ways to immediately become a final contender and their kind straddling the line and they don't know what to do in their legs. Should we go out in our should we wait until somebody gets heard on the warriors basically, and then you have LE brine, who has this off? roster knees already looking ahead to the next roster and his ease a with career, being Kevin Love and Thompson. So every that is happening right now just seems like it's almost like somebody took the NBA like it was a snow globe and shook it yeah yeah, and now it's just chaos. So what what would be wet, whereas that happen and other Well, you know, Amazon just is just too is just about that to the grocery business out of that, particular use alternative. You re emphasised, as do that services you're right, I mean when Amazon by all foods, the stocks of every
other major supermarket chains disk decline. Catastrophically right, I mean yeah. There like went The same thing as I know we suddenly were innocent credibly complicated business where there was a reasonable parity. And all of a sudden, a very, very, very, very big players come in, and this is no, if your Kroger, why What what what she has the aim of competing against again m is out of Amazon eggs and aggressive edge. Move into this arises is what they do in making Gaza moving in this market. We have similar. I mean it's very, I may I'm agnor, if, if another, if someone else like Leubronn or or the Celts, does not put together a credible challenge to the warriors in an couple of years, it's gonna have really serious consequences for their game short term consequences. But you already had: aren't you something you? You know? Infinite Mamma asked modern labour law. Beginning to a scenario
sure, where This really only only a small number of games on any given night during the season, a consequential even the beginning of the season. By yet this just the easier it is there any reason to watch a magic pelicans game in November unless you die hard fan of the magical pelicans, so also the basque about junkies would watch all that stuff you, the ratings, are really good for the final They have been. The red herring of this whole thing is that people like dominant teams, J. Ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight, even though the product was not good at the time and it was too low scoring and though the the pause as shallow as it has been in a long time, his paws jazz. Those files were huge ratings, cuz people of dominance
The problem for the NBA, the finals is fine. You know five games, but You really love the NBA. I don't know how you don't watch those games in Orange is blown away by the town on the floor. I tweeted. No, it was like watching star game where the guy's tried. You know, and I really think I said this to grant when we did the park S last week, I really felt like the two teams brought the best out of each other, like the calves brought the best added Durrant. That's the best is ever play, That was, I thought, the best I've ever seen curry play, and that was probably the best care in the brain have played offensively you now and that that those are all good things. The problem for the NBA as those first three rounds will you have gone stages, sweeping teams and winning by twenty a game gnats. I think where it hurts them all of it. Yeah do during my during your signature, the whole scene, This building up to this site nature window and sprang where you're getting a delegation.
Shared your revenues. Will you generating fan interest and basically one so the dries joke was so manner. Somebody balmy fate. They counted it in this. I'm sorry, I can't remember the reader, but he said there I think we're seventy nine Flash games a share in sixteen of them were really fun. Watch all at seventy nine says like twenty percent. That was little point, but here's what I take solace in and out urge everyone remember this We, the NBA, has been at this point so many times over the years where we ve looked at a team and we're like all my god nobody's gonna beat them. How would we do? You know? That's happened. It happened multiple times in the eighties. I think with the eighty six ethics, when they you know they they
ass, the Lamb buys pick. So there is a little more than a little bad luck within that scenario. But after the eighty six finals, people were like what are we gonna do? How do we beat this team there bigger than everybody they have lay buried there? The number to pick coming. This is impossible and we ve seen this happen year after year, Ino Nine year after year, but to three times a decade. Yeah sure in penny, looked invincible, Shack and Kobe in the two thousands when they one in two thousand, when they went fifteen one, the class of us were like the decade screwed it's over now. Do we do so either Forces of the NBA that make it so compelling include injury, luck, which hits everybody egos the salary cap guys just not get along like there's a lot of things I could happen, and this is I would urge everybody not to write the decade off yet do the other thing that still different, in this environment is when you
billionaires owning teams, the the The luxury tax ceases to matter is much so there's reason see bomber. Who is worse, what does he with thirty five billion? Whenever I don't know twenty billion, Yes, there is really no reason if he wanted to make a run. At assemble, an extremely good team and pay They re just luxury tax. He told the good reason not to night I meet evenly and MR cash So that's what are you so you effectively, then actually taxes in certain for certain teams. Is really meaningless. This point, which means it you do have a there is. There is a mechanism in place for other people to create very expensive super teams. I'm actually surprised bomber, what any bomber, what
Why what's he hang anonymous cash for he's really in the basketball he really wants to win, even if he went over the luxury tax by a factor of ten, he could still not Even dead his fortune could easily be noticed the cash he if he's got forty Billy. He's generating. You know, conservatively two billion easier, just by sitting at home here, one one that spend a couple, you know a tiny, tiny slice of that on assembling the greatest team you possibly can and schooling and stood luxury tax. As of that's in this hour, could break let's talk about our long time, but is it simply safe? Getting a good night's? Sleep is easier said than done, especially when you think he, just heard a noise downstairs with do in that situation, turn on all the lights and keep watch check. Your kids beds every hour sleep with one eye open now,
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for ten percent of your order back to Malcolm Gladwin I or back so. This is interesting. This is a fun topic, because the Daily NEWS just wrote a really good piece about the broken nets: trade in two thousand, thirteen with the South ex that basically shape this next decade, for the Celtic saw these latter picks. I got an its is trade that because certain narratives take hold and then they go and they kind of spiral until one direction either and a new narrative takes place and that, at the time when they made that trade it the this was the absolute apocalyptic worst case scenario for how's gonna turn out right, so they make this trade in the summer, two thousand thirteen there their lambs, who at that time was still considered one of the best point they had Johnson, who is in overpaid but very effective, all start to guard the Brook Lopez, who is a very low post centre and their adding Kevin Garnett.
Our peers, dumping Joe. Whilst his contract has added been a bad move and they gave up three first round picks and then, on top of that, this little pick swap that nobody noticed that was thrown at the last second. So when they did this first of all, the going rate to get rid of a terrible contract was to first round pigs, because I think old stated just done that with that when they got rid of richer Jefferson and Andrews be agents. So you know people looked at it and said now the south fixtures basically blew up their team, the best to prayers. They had the team in the last twenty years paupers. Do you know that the best long time so I think they had had really since labored and they just said fuck it and got and got rid of it and press the reset button, and they did it with a team that was already can under the nets, and that was spending a shitload of money. And so,
What's on tv, when it happened at the time we only had if the information that there were three first round picks to pick swap thing wasn't in the mix. Yet we didn't know if the pics were unprotected and I just felt like why they just gave away piercing guard at four and they took jail rosters contract and they got these three pics. That was going to happen within the next program spending a hundred fifty million years team, what's did this is ridiculous. Now what they didn't cannot and what this daily news pasted as such a great thing about breaking out, was that the nets the next year they made the playoffs didn't go as was planned. Airlines is terrible in programme. Just changed his mind. Yeah any said we spend too much money screw there, So the nets do this one. Eighty, neither tryin to knock over the luxury tax and eat and that leads to wear the subjects are now they're. Just cherry picked, these picks because paragraph doesn't care anymore. It s care about the tea me justice
what then the pay the luxury tax. So my point is, when you have rich, rich, rich, rich ridge leaders who, by an mba team and then changed her mind and a moment's notice on why they, there one of the team or with their spending, are that that adds even more flax, yeah the nets in two thousand thirteen we're gonna, be this crazy, crazy, spender, not a lot different, then Paul out and ninety ninety nine, through two thousand through the Trailblazers member yeah that was most expensive, roster and then, like all rich people whose like screw this, want to spend this money, more change were changing our strategy, like that's great, but you ve already given way your first round Jackson done other stuff. So I wonder like the more rich people that we have in there, for going to see. Wild swings one where the other, like your right bomber, might look at this and go. Went into an arena in five years. We have a chance to steal some Lakers real estate. I want to spend more money, yeah already look at it go. I can compete with the Lakers. Let scale back like who knows. These guys are billionaires that shit,
about every two to which all areas, those billionaire decides disguises. You know what I can't pay that extra thirty million or whenever on their luxury tax? so hers, because of course they know. What's it the word about thirty million is is ludicrous. It's like he is like a second a normal person being worried about a hundred hours. You know tell us not nothing, but I mean you wouldn't change your life, four hundred hours does daylight hours. Even I owe you know whatever these Pretend the bitter did this matter. It always cracks me out. The owes its arms. If they wake up one morning and they forget, they got thirty billion in the bank. And there's? There still lie eighteen in college. Here's how this was explained to me five years ago during the NBA lacquer earth. Five and a half years ago, whenever that was by somebody who is very close to the proceedings, I was leg white is: why do these owners care
You remember the time it was a big thing about the rapture split. Fifty fifty the owners are really China screw the prayers and they had to hammer because they all have money in the players at once. They start missive paychecks, it's a disaster, so I ass like why do they donors care if they lose two million in a season? They they own this asset that they bought, that it did the NBA franchise values, don't go down if anything, they're gonna go out now we're moving towards this error with internet stream? who, the hell knows, like he's a great investments, why would they care for I lost a million bucks, a share last two million. Why are they so desperate to swing it? so. They don't have any losses, and the person explained to me because these are rich people who are super competitive and it bothers them if they invest in anything her own anything and they get this sheet of paper at the end of the year, and it says you ve lost
one point. Four million dollars, yes bothers them, that's the reason their rich, because they can accept that piece of paper. They want to flip it. You know, and it made so it makes that's right. They bomber looks at this and goes on worth thirty billion. It bothers me that the clippers last twelve lashed airy got out got rat. You I'd have to fix this, make money and beat, but even that even you know a lot of these guys. If they, a purely rational, I'm sure from attacks respective could use the losses on their teams in the losses of re use it so thick he's, not even economic, irrational. It's just theory goes sang. I I ask your hundred said, but that's it, but we ve talked about this. For you there's you on an mba team. Cossiga like somebody was Tommy,
I know they are like whether what the warriors lake up he made. He bought that team for four fifty with his group. That's probably were three billion and I and I said sexy with worth five, because there's no way he sells this team. If the number has never five in front of it, and even then he probably doesn't so because you know these words games, especially in the plan and especially in the fine us, it's a huge dick swinging contest. And if you, the owner of the warriors in years, surrounded by all these other billionaires, nay, there's the gathered on don't force, nay, there's a cue from app on. You have other Are these rich deeds and powerful deeds in this court, but you on the team Did you on the arena? You the biggest taken there in the arena, so he's that selling what we can do I saw that area has money. If money you can offer nothing? You do with it. If I gave you five billion after taxes right now, would you turn around and offered and go to Joe say about it?
Is that your revisionist history sees the two very I'll? Take it yet no eye with that, I would love what am I, what made them? and be a rich guy dreams would be if some rich guy just openly and publicly said I just one on the worse. I know I'm completely overpaying. I know it's ridiculous, but today offer Joe a billion dollars for the worse. I would love to see our Joe Lake of reacted to this, because I dont think you so I really down he loves it. He loves sitting courts out around the warriors and are the real price on it here. That would love others. I had so. We have some other stuff on our agenda. I'm looking at the list Brady too weak to even want to talk about the fact that Tiger Woods is basically.
As Ben addicted to painkillers. From some time. It seems like that the bottom line is clearly his back he's in a lot worse shaped. Then then we realised and he's in a lot of pain. I like a lot of people who are in a lot of pain. It sue. You know, supervision to get hooked, unease bankers. I thought TAT the young, was really important for him when he got in traffic stop differently. This was an alcohol is really really hard. He's not he's his life is. Right now, but it's not hard because you know he has. Addiction, he some the problem that he hasn't have is no he's going to sending a lot a lot of people in his country go through the intersection of chronic pain and the drugs we used to treat them, which is enough. That is up, there's a whole. That is one complicated difficult. Indeed, he deserves our sympathy.
He I one hundred percent agree. This is nine years that it seems like he's. And in pain? And I wonder like that's a long road I wonder how this place out for him. I don't know a slight tendency. You cornea Kirk also had a back operation, and that was so painful, but he couldn't even coach his team and Why did you not imagine all the things that have to happen to keep Steve Car from being honest, line during the NBA playoffs. We one of the greatest teams in history, the NBA that's how much pain he was in any and distance? When did he have a surgery some time ago, wasn listen raw yeah. He added to almost two years ago there back he his thing. It's like they can even figure out how to stop. The pain was Steve. Her yeah, it's like it
their note there no drugs and make him feel better. It's it's it's this, this constant spinal fluidly that they can't figure out how to stop any. They said the sweet that he's gonna in the summer, travelling around just tried to figure out. If there's some sort, a miracle cure to make him feel, but I think he felt better enough to coach does last couple games, but he still not happy and I believe it does seem like the recent outbreak of tigers, it seems, like his body, has been just a fiscal train wreck since two thousand eight and- and I dont remember more high profile case of pain, killer addiction with an athlete like member bread. Five had it for a year and it was a big I'll, say: Aubrey fireflies take their pinkos, I'm sure this is happening. Way more than we realise right now. Will you know this? We do this Really. I went relevant with Henry Abbot
you're, all european colleagues from way back How we make is really serious about how he thinks they theirs and you made the same argument, but he was a more radical. He was like they play way too many aims in the NBA and for yes, because the physical tall we're not getting if we don't have a proper understanding of the physical tall. It's taking on these People's bodies there they are starting to play earlier, you're playing competitive best. Ball for many more hours, much only in their lives, and they when they make the pros play at a higher level for longer and that's not sustainable, and you can't- and this is not just basketball- across the realm of elite sports, Have we set our expectation of how many times someone should play in a season? time when the gains of the sports, which is not as demanding and would be worked starting. We five years old. You can't use you can't play
Many basketball gains in two thousand and seventeen as you played in nineteen. Seventy amused preposterous. Kip, you shouldn't, be adding games to the policies and you should be subtracting games and from the football season. This is just and what do you? What we see with car and and and Tiger is just that it is a function of that these guys played very difficult sports at a high level for a long time and they hit a wall right, that's and yet is such as that it's it's, the the conditioning, slash work out, say you have to do to state that level. That's what some tiger. Like his knees, started going because he put too much muslin his body and that led to his back now and then it just your bodies like a building just starts to break down. You know: there's been some exceptions to to this, but for the most part
you now. It does seem like you look at somebody like Dwight Howard, whose just built differently than some of the guys that we grub watching and he started back problems in the prime of his career and kept going, and you know like this ethics Lakers. Thirty thirty was on the kept running over the weekend in you. When you watch it, you just struck by the bodies the buy it now, the by just skinny guys. Around congresses. You know how it's like everybody's, but like a wide receiver tightened and there were imperfect equipment in their plan as hard as possible on both ends, I'm with you like, I thought it was fascinating when, when the brain in the playoffs, when he had rest, how great was I was a member of my friend her she bad it and we're both like rested. Leubronn is the scariest. Prayer of all time is like Le Browed with five days. Rest is the most terrifying foreseeable. A rat
And what would happen if they went to a Premier league schedule where they just pay twice a week and we always got rested? The brown and every game matter, they would never do it costs too much money, but but either. Not only does this is so Henry was about this and he convinced me it's not too much money because Now we ve moved from a situation where units we're getting a majority of the revenue from the gate. To a situation where is now tv money, that's being driven by a small number of competitive games. That's where their money lies now they could cut their knocking him it it'll make a Marshall difference, no bottom line that you can cut twenty games out. Season and is not economically the end of the world, because all that caused it. The cable would really hurt them that one of the reasons that the values has bumped up is cuz of the local cable deals. A lot of these teams have, especially if they own a piece of network
These networks could live. Sports is one of the only things where the rating Sazen really job that much they all want content. That's why baseball sport that everybody has been retry to write off for years and years is booming economically because of all the local deals right, I dont think you cut the other big had twelve games. Are they gotta, seventy Anna thinking are lower than that. Well I mean you can go as long as you want right you. The question is: how much do you value the health of your players and the kind of integrity of the sport For us is how much money do you wanna make ass the calculation I dont see We see a team on the road on the second day of back to back. Why? How can you in good conscience, charge money for that you're, not seeing that's normal basketball right and that those in situations where one gets her you know, Derek roses destroyed is is incredibly thrilling player. We basically rob this. What for
Bobby five seasons of peak Derek rose. Why? Because He was an used Those are really interesting. Arguing about prison goes to season of the Knicks saying the next. For a young player that kind of height, you cannot blame as many minutes as they were playing them and that's a really really important. You know pressing is that those seven photos are vulnerable right? We know that time and time again and when they get replayed, you know it would think about what you know. We lost how many years of peace bill Walton. How many years, if you could just good analysed, we never saw Gregg Odin, meaning I could go on it's I don't know I'm. I am not convinced the kind of cost benefit ratio is worked out properly when it comes to basketball, while the other thing is more practice, time would be would be fun to you. Mention like the foreign five nights in the three and four
I am afraid that I am amazed that they still allow that to happen. You know in the Lee they caught a schedule ass. Yet so it's like you just look at this. Junior like we are on the road for seven games in ten days in the seventh game is the fourth game and five nights I crossed off were probably not winning. They know. They know three weeks ahead of them So if you could get rid of those, but then you could also give everybody more tender practice cassettes. Another thing you read like in the store is about you have in the south are plain. While I go, what are the reasons are Brad seems I. While we hello break there really is a couple practices it so get seems important that immunity should practise suppose they won't practice for a month.
I have time because there are their travelling or their own and that in the coach to trying China take it easy and my dream scenario I mean I think seventy is as realistic as we could get. Maybe seventy two, my dream scenario would be sixty and and for the playoffs I would go best five. The first ran in the second round, yeah yeah. I would make it so that I make it so that the whole court advantage so did too take away some of the randomness, the homeward advantage: the top two seats for the five games or at home so dear to beat them in round one or two you you you're gonna, have to win on their court. You're gonna have to win at least twice in their court problem. This is the other problem. You yogurt full whole milky over his tastes. Amazing.
But what people rather than eat a small amount of amazing younger people, take take all the fat out of it, so it tastes like crap and a lot more than what we want what do these nets nudity says to me? Why I actually even hard to find automobile over this market, everyone's the zero percent fat yoga, which tastes like shit, so they need a lot today, but we just bananas. I ever when am I put my pike S wanted by Pakistan. Episodes is about fries, but when Mcdonald's shall I'm downs change the recipe for french rise in the night This is the same problem: they would they really good and we used small amount of them and then they made him take a cardboard and they gave us supersize fries sick by women who thought that was a good idea to the craziest thinking? It says that the volume is all that matters in the appreciation of something and We should be under wraps it yeah jump a SEC Jabba set seas,
in the NBA right ours is giving us the Jumbo MBA schedule job moment. Which I dont was. I want the full fat small amount but tastes fantastic. I you know, I think I did get a thing you're thinking about they're. Not missing is, margins to think I'm a good example of a marginal basketball fan. So I a very limited number of games, I'm I'm not I don't have a team that I follow. What should be hung gay rights of a good. Symphony amaze. How do I get map and watch my name's? more much more games? If games are occasions and equality play improves I, but when I actually, turn into a game. And second, the second night of me. No one iota the row, whatever it schedule loss it just makes you think. Why would watch basque boiler? Why would it? But when I do this my evening, but yet Why, though, dislike so, they changed the fine us a little bit used to be two three two in the
three games were always Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday right. That is those too. Was usually like, on Tuesday, Thursday, to day break fly to the other team Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and then it would end game six Sunday, game, seven Tuesday, some point that so they foot and they made two to one one one and they put more arrest in it, and I think it was one of the reasons that, though the finals were so yeah we're at such a high level. It has. They almost always had three days. Ah, I gate of the, though, between game foreign game. Five was three days and between game doing game. Three, I think, was three days and you know Just that really helps those guys cause they're gone so hard in those games in it so hard to play Basque. By now you get it, you can't. You have to run, and everybody everybody's wide open from twenty five three feet about to make a three: you get your sprinting constantly you didn t shirts
it's gotta be people. Miss advanced exercised, are no fat, basque, bumpers people on one aspect of this people who fan sometimes misunderstand the nature of elite performance. So, if you use trackers is an example hum elite track, runners will run a hard, maybe twice a week. Probably twenty percent of work out are add something close to max most of the work you do as ITALY. Runner is year effectively jogging eighty percent of it the app. If you hurt kenyan train with canyons five days a week, their running at a pace it
you know, recreational runners could join them two days a week there blonde adores off and in that's, because the huge human body can only perform at EU level for a very limited amount of time and in any case have given window and ass. We have we just thrown that inside out the door in the current in contemporary sports and similar he's crazy, my way, my wife is obsessed with this new running up that it's called like three two one in it. It tells you what to do for every second, so it's like you, you jog! Then you walk! Then you run hard. Then you are and it you just do it that way. So your body is never used to. What's going on. She thinks it's going to revolutionize the world Interval training essentia what they used to call Fartlek interval training, but with an app playing music the whole time and just you just kind of following the app like a layer, its invasion, the body snatchers in your heads bend your way. As always, has a cutting edge. She always
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That is so. No Stockholm S, o n o S. Dhaka back to my ma am outcome. Gladwell I were backed by the way I may just through. As a passing topic low Jones was on. My favorite show the challenge where that they have The reality stars who do all these like high demand challenge events against each other. It's on MTV, so low joneses on it and she's. Just demolishing everybody in low Johns was, I couldn't even cheese hit the ninth hurdle in the Olympics at one time. But you know, we ve seen a lot of good track and fear athletes and she's, like lobby James in this thing, and it made me think, like imagine, being Lobo Jones, and you didn't even when a gold medal and you're still like one of the best female athletes that America's probably produced and not in the last fifteen years right. The cup
how many Lollo genes are out there who are just gonna themselves. Man, like one thing this could happen and that that can't be that many right, I don't know, there's a third There is a bottomless well of athletic ability hours. Feel like we're. Only ever scraping the surface like you did, you know, like you did the minute. You encourage any any spoke as any kind of attraction. Young people. You see a town to see a completely unexpected town search. Sad icy act as I suspect, as a whole, lot of low joneses. I wonder of exports, will have that cost I've been fascinated by EU sports and how the shell flags of the grey Prayers is its everything's compressed like they. They pick from like aged eighteen to twenty two
two hundred and twenty three there like on the tail and they're like Lebron five years from now, a couple more quick things for us to hit. You are obsessed with this. Brady AIR and Jews out this revelation that Jesus said in passing CBS anyway that that Brady had gotten a concussion insuperable, not built concussion? She, it was a sham. With the ass, I went back to tape, concussions guy she made a sound like he has them time and at this point the offers, on my term surprise not particularly, but why, I don't understand, first of all why that was just what I was an bigger news story for sport, because if he had text message season. It was never listed on the injury report. Secondly, if he had a concur analyses in Eden take a week off duty. He played the next week which,
serves utilizing, but, third, why wisely you're, a stronger drumbeat for him to retire. He do people say? Well, you know his play still as good as it was or is. Overall conditioning is not about the condition of his body below the neck. The question retiring is all about the condition of his brain and, if he's getting concussions at the age of forty concussions not and playing last week that is so. There are so many danger signs. I want to see Tom Brady at fifty five drilling into a cup, but that is a real need, then, is a real possibility if he continues to do this and the very thing that makes him such a great player is the the thing that makes it makes him. It makes it a surrender, stop right. He can be the one. It's not going to say. I'm done that the patriots are gonna, sit
I met him and say this is bananas right? You ve used his head to one of the greatest seasons. Ever you should stop. We have our placement for you go out, and I know I'm editing all this out of the park ass. I had, dare you say Tom Brandish retire. We need Tom Brady. Now I am. Who knows how many concussions he's had cause? You gotta go back to her wings, plain high school right, Ami Sky back, you go you're talking you talking twenty five years of football and he's playing quarterback and he's been ripped the bunch of times and so from. I've talked to people about this. Most people, none of them. Nobody who play sports or her close to people play sports wanna, go on the record in any way, shape or form on this, because it so controversial such a hot topic right now, but-
The consensus seems to be that these guys will just not say anything if it's a big game. The competitiveness just overrides everything ass here, gotta concussion, the Superbowl. He goes out. There's a screening thing. He knows he knows how to kind of fake the sides yeah he's tells them is, tells them he's. Fine- and he goes back in and he's making that choice, you know when you have a situation which we ve had a couple times in the asked where the quarterback gets up and while balls and almost falls overrun looks like a drunk person, he decision be allowed back in the game, but we ve seen you may take. What was a game of the quarterback last year was that the Miami quarterback Tenno were met more Matt more back in and there was a cam new sewing, two member where you, Knox silly yeah earlier in these guys want to stay in. They don't want to come out and So we were entering this weird
where the athletes now, the information. So we we can't say this is like pre, two thousand ten, where site the NFL lying about the effects of concussion and long term damage all that stuff in there, this cat, their intentionally, discounting studies about it and all the stuff that they did now. We know we concussions aren't great for you? We know it's not good to have repeated concussions. We know every time yet a concussion. It takes longer to recover. We have stories all the time now, like the story. Sports illustrated state about the seventy two dolphins Nick Buoniconti and some of the guys in that team and the fact that you know they take some ten minutes to get dressed. All these things are now in the in in the public embrace. Has this information and if he gets buzzed and he decides to play and we
and none of the doctors and spotters can really spot the science at that point. What do you do? What do you do? Do no way you? do so here the central hum neurological fact that drives a lot of this is. Is this? is risk of city? Is aid? Linear function of the number of hits you take to the head, so there the longer you play the greater your risk, it's as simple as that. Mrs, why there is such a strong push to get rid of attack of Opel before the age of before your kind of teenagers because you have your adding hits and you just increasing your lunch and risk of injury. Why do that? does know. When the stakes are zero. Would you know if you're playing popular Warner football, but so with Brady when you're playing until your?
forty you every year you play, you are just demonstrably increasing your risk of of traumatic. Chronic brain injury in the in your fortys and fifty's. So I think Generally she d say people shouldn't play football pass the age of thirty five. I mean I mean that that just like plus two superboss as you did, you did even that is too generous This is not a game. This is again. We played safely out, can ever be played safely, but you can be played He's gonna be safely only for a limited number of years. Until by the way you may be applied Will we get a better handle on why it is some players develop city, another stone and that may allow us to say that this player can play safely for longer
until we have that understanding. I just think we're we're we're messing with people's lives and assists it's not. I don't know I I I I feel complicit when I watch a patriots But I see Brady get hit in thinking. Am I I'm enjoying this game, and this guy could well be. You know impaired in ten years, right how we you feel when that happens in. Because we all in which hearing him on with this decision to play past well into his late thirties, assists not write. It actually is not right. You asked me why the Brady thing was in a bigger story. I think there's is concussion story. Fatigue is always that sounds like you mentioned Trump fatigue earlier. I think this is a big story for a couple years now people are used to it.
It is the last time it felt like a really really genuinely big deals with came Newton last September, when he got and clearly got can cost and they didn't do anything about it and and then it just went into the twenty four seven cycle and that that was almost more about is CAM Newton being officiated differently that their voice like a sub story, The story- and I just kept going guy but yeah, I thought was say you know, like you did. Would you do the panel last month are frank risk. Lewinsky, yes, in about concussions and staff- and he is pivoted a little bit, and I want to have him on this summer. Is. This is obvious, is such an important topic, but he's not pivoted too. I promise. Can commence Tom Brady to hang it up, but I can at least convince every better that you, football should be gone
Yeah he's he's I paused at the very least that is attainable air. We could all band together and figure out how to not. Let anybody put tackle bob before they turn fifteen. I think he's right. I think it's attainable. Don't you I think that? Well, that's oh yeah! That's that is much too it's more at home, because that way, I you to have a lot of resistance in places like Texas to getting rid of popular for public and the the end and are also talking about Junior. Go for all right. What we basically saying as papaya type of approach, should begin icicle, India that were Saint tenth, great tenth grade. Basically, I know it would happen. I think I've always Spotlight Texas, made the seed from the United States, because there already halfway there there that there on the bottom neither unflagging day it feels like its own country anyway, so very close to be me like Canada of the south. Think if we had youthful bar restrictions, that would be the straw that broke the king.
Back where the earlier there Jaguar out we're start your own country? walking Vanessa happy the Ferber yeah we're dead, crucial, whether they are unfair. To box at everybody above us and around us. I'd I'd got. Wasn't say you I see you're either way it I'm right here, you there, pads fan this is your team shooting I shouldn't like where I think he got a concussion Denver Plath came the earlier before that. One too, I think he said two years in her, I think, he's out concussions that we know about has the Denver. He got slammed on one play in which is not the same afterwards and in it took a lot of punishment. The whole gang
but miss some throws. That normally makes like even in the on the two point. Conversion just didn't see rock. I think at some point I don't know the exact point, but I think he got hit. The Superbowl is much easier to figure out when he got hit. He's got knocked backwards and slammed his head on the air on the term for new just knew right away, but now I I think he should retired. To be honest, I don't think it's our right to tell people when they should go, because obviously, everybody's got to come to their own conclusions. With the urn ass later, a writer, I think musicians. They're, probably should be after eight sixty users that allowed a plane from anyone anywhere, but Jack should lead the way here. Mick Jagger should would tat man let's get together this both retire for the sake of our ears and his big there's, this big cats are the Dodgers stated right now and the that headliners, the Eagles, who do not have Glenn fry anymore and Fleetwood MAC, who don't have Christine
v and everybody's, like in their seventies, and this is a two day concert dodgy stadium apparently, but with Brady, though I think. If you talk about long term, have brain house all the things that go into it it would it with that would have been the perfect way to go. Their replacements right there. He leaves the team in good hands. But how do you tell somebody it's time? How does he walked away from the money out, as you walk away from the limelight the attention that competitiveness all that stuff? If bell check it, sat down with him and said I think you're done, you can still play with your risking your house. That's it be. I dont think Belgic either conversation with them. I think, if you did, dare craft embellish accept our them said for your own sake. You need to quit. That's a different story. No, Ray player has ever walked away from their from one of their best games ever nobody's ever like the way he played in that Superbowl was about his
was his ever played and it was one of the great performances ever by four pop, where I it will be just sell unorthodox for somebody to say like I'll get like Georgia did it kind of the ninety eight he wasn't, that was in the height of Powers- but it was a great last moment to walk out on and then lock out happens and he caught his finger bowls or breaking up ahead this and he couldn't walkway came back. Ali came back. All these guys come back. They they, and know that they suck before or that not that they suck, but that day, to take just not at the same level and then that's when they pack it in they almost have to get knocked out. So just because of boxing thing, but I did, I just feel like Brady's got to get knocked out, not here they like that with caution, but he's got to see that it is going to laugh game. Yet there has He has to have. Is his pate Manning last
he's in paid man's last season fantasies and almost because I think pate many would apply for ever. He wanted to come back here. Every is trying to go the rams and a couple of fancy they wanna leave. Just let's talk about way people and why they love Gulf. Night without stepping I now you knew pack has too much Well, I was there my purchases, It starts out with that, but it ultimately, what I was interested in is, resolving this puzzle of when I come to allay- and I in I drive to allay- and I see all of these massive gorgeous private golf courses- and I can ever figure at higher exist. How do you have three or dacres in Beverly Hills as a private golf course at the taxes on that unbelievable, sir? that sounds are prompted the podcast, but it led to a broader thing about how coffees crazy game Did sanity is a game that you need
at least two hundred acres, and you can have more than like. Seventy people play any one time. Spend millions of dollars, keeping it totally pristine and sick. If it's a sport, you'd have dreamt up, in medieval times when you add like slaves, excellent work. The course right, if it doesn't make any sense grit and it doesnt, and the only reason golf continues to exist in its private form, is its is massively subsidized by all of us. I after all one subsidy on my pocket. This up I will go into is insanely complicated, but the tax. The tax games that are available to golf course developers are so outrageous than we are, all basically subsidizing these things. I'd, like you know, I'm a runner. Runner has always had to squat a love hate relationship with God, because we see a golf course and we think it looks like a great thing to run a hunt I, like the very least they should do is. Is opening causes up fur
people to run and walk and play face beyond them. Like forty is weak. That's there. That's interesting What does it all mean that my pocket? That was my solution for the l problem, and that is the problem with redwood country club. Rarely country global. Whenever isn't just at their massively subsidized by the taxpayers of LOS Angeles. Is it got a barbed wire fence around it by why? park, you wanna take a subsidy from the public. You should let the public take a walk in your park. You know play golf. During the day and weekends and evenings are for the the taxpaying public. That strikes me as a very good as a nice compromise by its Is it me, though, the people in a lay a place with no parks people put up with this when I was in I was similar to Atlanta,
I was there is a big park at last, get a huge golf course and then a tiny little park for anyone else attached to it ass a quota people put up with this. There are hundreds of people. Cramp you know this little cramp space, trying to get some exercise, and then is this massive gorgeous golf course we'd, like twenty five people on it. That's fine turned his eyes she's insanity. Well, this gulf. Gone to the head of the american public know why we put up with it and it's even crazy if they give you live here. And the lack of space for anything. So you know my daughter play soccer and she's been on this team for a long time in the coach, we're on this club and even the boys clubs. The boys teams always get the preferential treatment, but there's no fields right. So there's fields. If you have a fairly, we have access to a the
boys always get the better yeah. You know the better times the better days, all that stuff. So we ended up. We started our own club, that's like a girls only club, and we got access to feel that was great. But it was, it was so complicated and that the thing that all of us were staggered by was that there is no place for any for kids to run around yeah, and then she took it and, as you said, there's fit. There's like what fifteen golf courses here, but we have. Maybe I don't know ten places that a team- play play soccer unless you use and they all fields or somethin within walking distance of your house bill. There is aid Hundred and fifty acre golf course, which has I began three hundred members receives as tax subsidy from the from the taxpayers of LOS Angeles That's probably worth fifty million dollars here.
This outrageous, so you think city think rich people, because rich people like playing off that's what those people push this through in taking care of the grass roots, as that The package is all about his aunt. I tell the story of how it happened, tat which people hijacked the system in LOS Angeles, but it's not just LOS Angeles and like, but I totally right likes everywhere, where, and you think about it, you have you know. Size for young people is, if you want to make a list of things that would make this country better. That's got to be in the top ten It is crucially important to have its say. Tat three tops here and you have it system you have to drive funny how I mean for you to drive halfway across town to get to the half the games at your daughter place. It's ridiculous is like, while you so you also have so and when he had at this pace got PAN Pacific Park, which has re
the middle. It's near the grove, it's in the heart of leg, allay Hollywood, this big park, it's his big gray park and somehow that park houses all these different little League baseball games, ranging from like age, five all the way through age, twelve, all these soccer games, You got there on a Saturday and there's fifteen soccer hymns going out at once. Everybody jammed and these fields next to each other, almost like a bowling alley and its because they there. Barks anywhere, and we are other parents here, no or other parts, others only a couple them, but yet crazy and meanwhile, as you said, there's a golf course: that's you dry by it and its two already much completely empty. Two hundred and fifty acres in Anders Acres setting eight private golf courses in nine private golf courses in L a county anyway. That's all and there's more innovations, history revision
history, you did it. You did season to see. Gave you for not doing it for the ringer, but you just had he had better friendship with with Jacob. I just second trumpet you, through better friends we never talked about it, a big tent. We never talked about Bill Marr, You can't do that quickly and there will be no relief. Yes, yes, outside on the bill MAR Edward Controversy, as I was equally as fascinated with it as you are, I am- and I said I am sick of inward controversies. Its if you want to talk about what the racial problem in this country is. The major problem is he has to do with structural inequality and ways in which the system is rigged against people of color. That's the problem. It's about power right The problem is not that look rules in west outlay Finally, misuse the inward like no one-
it's a bit more is some crazy. Racist punctually like bill morbid. You know The last thing he is is a racist, so I use that word inappropriately like get over it. That is not what there are a hundred more serious problems to do with raising this country and when we will be made this mistake of going nuts over these little slip of the tongue. What we ve done is, we have trivialize the entire race raise conversation. We all the more difficult it targets set that really matters I'll tell you what matters is black teenage kids getting shot by cops that strikes me as something we should get outraged about. You know. Some guy, you lose in Brentwood, so who has the word, the inward inadvertently, the anxiety you know As someone who is is is part black, I was, personally injured. By that I have recovery, from the bill, more n word right and so,
black people in this country like issue, so there decisions we have of arrests are so surreal and so completely beside the point, that's Maya yeah. I mean that the one good thing came out of it. I thought I thought ice cube in a very short amount of time described: why that word should be used in the best way had ever heard it, and I have I have it here- a minute just read it quickly. He said ah, is basically like white people, Ladys outward and viruses thesis in areas like it's a word that has been used against us. It's like a knife.
You can use it as a weapon. I can use it as a tour. It's when you use it as a weapon against us by way people and we're not going to let that happen again, because it's not cool, that's our word and you can't have it back as Ike there. You know, that's that's whose succinctly described where that word should not be used in passing you know somebody on their HBO shows, wait. Yeah tell it totally agrees. I entirely agree with every agree with every point. You said, though, like they did. At a time and energy spent for it, China it's like then yeah, it's a conversation that is, is the appetizer for what the actual conversations though my legs too, we will go in this country to distract ourselves from confronting released
use around race never ceases to amaze me that's the tomato lesson of that whole little tempest anti per mile at at. I think it's a conversation, that's gonna keep happening, and I don't know where it goes and know how plays out, but I think with everything that's going on politically in these countries. Anyway now bombed out- I was there. I was in great mood this whole package now now now too lengthy uneasy about euro that were there are you, are you working times a book by the way was gone out with you, I have just started a new book. We'll do until after due season, three of my part cast, but I yet I'm back in backing but mode for a couple months. Wow Pecksy reactivated it. I have reacted
you just you back here back in the basement, without food, the butler she put on your batsy write. Another book showed me to sport, star hot Cason, bucks. That's that's what I've heard it shall be both Jackson here, back. Oh God will as always a pleasure. Hopefully by the time people was invested, pausing so beyond the south x and now be taking another practised. Thank you. Ok, that's it the show thanks so much the hotel tonight. That's the app that helps you find amazing. Hotel deals at the last minute up to seven days in advance, perfect for a spontaneous getaway or indulging in a little staycation booking on hotel tonight gives you the freedom and flexibility to play things by ear, while knowing you score a great price and great place to stay, get it on those co2. Last minute deals and download the hotel tonight APP
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