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Marc Maron on Pioneering Podcasting, Performing Comedy in Boston, and Interviewing Celebrities (Ep. 269)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by fellow podcaster Marc Maron to discuss his origins in the podcasting industry (5:00), the great generation of comedians (15:00), comedy clubs in Boston (21:00), his role in 'Almost Famous' (28:00), the generation of cord cutters (33:00), the process of interviewing famous people (38:00), Kurt Russell's podcasting chops (45:00), Bruce Springsteen's persona (51:00), David Letterman in the mid-eighties (56:00), Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase skits (1:02:00), and the work behind writing a book (1:13:00).

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dot com. My football calm every Friday on the ringer. It's up right now or it's going to be up. If you're listen to this on a Friday, it's either up or it's about to go up the ringer dot com coming up MARC Maron. First time we have ever done a podcast on either his pot or mine, where it talk about that in a whole bunch more, but first, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers new documentary and the way we can talk about the next week programme. And then, where are you got my man? My office? We ve been certainly each other. The year out, we were like through the pioneers right. Neither one of us would ever gone each other's by cast
think it wasn't there. Nobody ever turned down. It was more like nobody nearby, no didn't amateur Lorraine into him up. Always, impaired in like brought up the same articles, but there never came up different worlds that it is. It is odd that was we would like to seventies rock band set at his. We would toward the same safety. Is the siege other like baby and passing on a bus not really had a competition with each other, but now the other without their? They did their thing with. We did then you ll, remember so my mind started made thousand seven in your yeah, two years after right. You're definitely ahead of the game, but it was because of yours, like my my producer Brendan was a fanny and he always having to yours like a year before we started so well had the opportunity when it became an idea to do one yeah you're in his head, the town. He who are you anyway. We know that the ideal I resent brought up the dates was it took me like two years they figure out what they do with causing a shout come on just talk NBA with,
Marston and then I Caroline a couple times then after, a year and a half hours they, this is cool ass. Two thousand. I was really when I started tapping the potential of having weird. Liberty, gas and right and the J F K S ass. They saw the stuff you came on all came on and then all of a sudden, all of us started getting great guess within Where can I got competitive low, but oh yeah single, rolling out shit? How Marin got back? I did it. I guess I did that to hear and then went in any sort of except it and then you realize, like we'll work it out on the same gas and then he said well how to go with him. Wait thing is approaches were so different. I know exactly, and I even listen to me: did you riding with new now I'd I'd this couple I listened and maybe two or three Alison, the famous seek out one, oh yeah, So our interview Lui a couple times, and it was it was great, but my areas come Whaley different, near zero, coming out from the U R appear in history. I guess I'm a comedy
Gee I find out the iraqi Army, drop with a lot of these rights. I knew I'd, have people But now I do more interviews like that. Yeah, where I have you know like I get pitch people without be interesting, or else I think I I would love to talk, Randy Newman a Yankee Newman, like a ban, and I don't know how I think I'm older than you only forty and forty eight, the I'm fifty four are they say only forty eight rivalries only find, like somebody say, music and oh yeah so like when I get an opportunity to resolve these guys, my gal its do that those other like the ones. I then that sometimes of Basque, about to a nerd. I have some old school Basque about data's. Just at tat. But the seventies lavish anyone cares, but maybe you'd cream of jewels. Your bar in our know, nothing about that. So I was jealous of that. When you see doesn't like me, he doesn't now. He seems I kind of a bit of Emma South expand a day. I may be a guide of shots at me. I met a man who made some jokes what's funny
I was about to ask about all minorities. Also guy he's one of the smartest athletes. Whoever had yes, when you had a man, I saw that. But they never again sounds like you did brought that on yourself, I know is by far we u problematic, People want common areas. Is there nothing nothing, no of because of personal reasons. When do you know I didn't get, there people that will come on mine because they want they want to do while thereafter the Louis episode who were before I do. I have to cry, and I want to have He cried, I M that was never the cat writing some people began to be afraid, come on, get any want to get that personal in our role as the punch is also needed to be that person what all by religious there were people ordinary. This about the hour. Long personal interview was sometimes you I'm sorry You ve tried to do those and the guests was ready to go there
we haven't. You can write that like me, I'm I'm sort of I'm always gonna, be curious about certain thinks right. So if it gets gets there like it there's a moment. Where am I gonna get follow that up and see if that gets us somewhere at that is that a plant in my head, but you could just feel like well. That seems like there's some eat. There are some I'm not looking sandbag anybody, but sometimes we will just they don't know they wanna talk any surprise themselves when they do not have we must have rap report on her right. Oh my god, I mean rapport. It's like a dupe. So just a SEC off he's gonna doesn't scare me would always goggles start eyes. I wanna why saying this year, It's always get a fan. You know took away a lot of region. I was doing a lot of them on the phone, which is a totally different. Vibe, never did it yeah and then, when we built the Grantline studio like two thousand twelve, they started coming in here and I just felt like the whole format was different. You can
meta people you not worried about you rat in them. He can read the eye contact the barrier language, yet that I fear we never did anything, never did a long form phone. I won't do him anywhere. They will get offered people on a site they gotta. They have to come here. They language or value, sometimes share their friends who need a plug occasion May I get on the phone for that, but now never never the big ones. How long did it take you to figure out? what the actual format of the pod was monsieur le background background. I don't know who doesn't know the story this by, but the AIR America Roach was good idea that maybe twelve years before its time served made them a reality that seventeen at the aromatic as it could have good work. Maybe we thought would work during Bush, though you know you're, a writer who knows where I mean is definitely a lot more Let's now in people and people doing yup both sides of the political back from fairly effectively with the someone
were you in radio, because your comedy career wasn't going the way thought it would Gower uses fascinated by the media. I've never done and I was I just moved to allay. I just had been in a deal with Fox TV to write a show. It didn't get picked up, for the signal here new House with a woman. I was with at the time and I got asked- do this thing, you know I was angry enough, though not really that educated about politics, but enough angry guy and in so doing, to the left of things to want to be involved in something and I they were put others, radio network and I dont, know they at that time- was money there. More money that I'd ever made in town. Or any other place, and there was opportunity? Do something new. I remember when Corolla get fired Then I worked with growing Jimmy Show in friends our time and you know, was he was coming on my pie, gas and I could see his wheels turning with it.
Our. So all we do is talk for an hour and then it goes around the world and people here and the moment he got fired whose, like I think I can do this by casting. I I get paid for it and it could be my career. I'm sure. When did you hear that point? Well, we, I was because he had the radio behind him all those years. Radio rack I was coming off of I d. Bitter radio them. By the time when I was when we start It was like the last version of AIR America. They they weren't had they have very few shows beyond the There was a kind of a ragtag bunch of people involved, and we were doing streaming. Video show their me and saddle cedar while yet it was we pitched it. And I need money. I was in the middle of a divorce and I was not a good place, so they they stepped up money they give me enough money up front and shut the divorce down.
It lasted about a year, nobody watch. We can get people the watches onto dreaming lead. That idea is five years to earth, yet a little early, even if it five years earlier right now yet and enable we're just we are fired and they didn't pick us out. The building and I somalis park- has an across doing one and Kevin Smith's doing one I know guys. I know a I get me door and Canadian cited in ETA and Jim Pardo, and I didn't know what they were anything, but am I like, and we do there did you envision a world where you're gonna get paid? No, no Brandon and I had been working with him. He's right like twenty for the original AIR America, he came back in the fold. Everybody Series for years, a real radio production ways when the east these really there the brightest guy. No and in him- and I wait- I said: can you figure out put this stuff up and the only thing we knew is we're going to put them up Monday and Thursday consistently cuz. We need. We knew we needed to be consistent to be.
So when did the add things started happening, freer? Well, we carried over these pain. I was gone crazy about them that another link up in a moment has the party. I know no one knew how to do it in. There was only a couple options. You can either However, I closed off like what put pay wallet yeah, but then you can build radiance you do you have? Any idea is gone backwards here, because you can do nothing and then what we really have any concept in for the first year or so the shows were different few we did in the hijacked studio air America after hours yet and there are bagman state there is that the general idea, w e F was that that would be a theme of the show you're more segments back there sure there there were there is like some sorts segments? Where evolving there are multiple guests. There are some We would hang out with me in the studio the first twelve or fifteen debtors mean this guy Matthew by he was like radio will closer to radio and then what got to allay the
you started happening and we had a third segment. We have There is a last gas that was usually Improv actor, pretending to be some days. I got Kaufman ask com is it real? Is it not say we did a lot of those and then a kind of just became this. Single display my interview here and there, but the monitors nation we carried over this coffee company, that dead sponsored are streaming, video show for free coffee and they were the first but here we had, and they would send me coffee and like a few hundred bucks a month, but then when when I started using them, I blew their business up like you know, it became clear to us. Mean Brendan that we can make money? He had advertising if somebody could yet we can figure out how to do it here, because I started plug in this the company with the power just ship, my pants, I made up the slogan yeah, they didn't like it, but a change. Your entire business law, like they're there, their online business just blew up
The coffee governing just coffee dot cooperates Madison, their roasters kind of organic air or free trade roasters. And we did it on our America when we do the screaming. So we did it for coffee. We need to do it for money. They send this coffee and we're like great, I remember so. I signed a new. Do the has been being seven and I started doing the partly for months later here and there gets cords gone well, but I didn't know if it is going well, and I had no idea was monetize born anyway and then I remember about a year and a half in maybe even a year and beer they saw the park at this. ESPN Channel Channel. They done on serious to my my as castles par that chain on their promoting and in the press release and unlike on serious So this is way we're talking to her own idea and unlike wait, a second you guys know promoted, This package, you so says, Ionia, paid for this. So then we started there and then eventually evolved a member at presenting sponsor, but the whole middle way
you're, doing mirrors pre rules that were really was until twelve thirteen. That's when you started doing right, where we stand they do and what we want. We had sponsors that we would get. We were using some in a brandy knows better than me, but we were using some terrestrial agencies. Yeah and we were getting like Adam and Eve. I have ever curl had a couple sure crowd a couple shaky once yet we tried to vat. Is we're getting too much trouble. We got in just we got out just under the wire of that drafting, saying that you know and also very who is that a week. We did our last add four aaa right, rightly forth. Did you ever get what the tag language like food without qualms? yeah that's it. I think there's ways we have sat there, but we budgets, coincidentally, on both of those we were done with the wrong. We haven't, got in my chair Indiana, Trouble with with bad advertisers, you ve been a couple. There been ties can the day where I'd. They want
they wanted to the men, the man great member. That thing now, I think was carved man, great some guy, like you deal with this piece you put on a grill. They on the top tat, make better stakes, ok, your corolla had any gives them the dude shows had in there. I could you gotta. Do it now my told Brenner my degree in Cells- sounding as it might my people by myself growers necessarily in Hampshire View. Finally, we can move it in the guy was consistent, you know I just do as the money and we re like one at the guy freaked out thanks. So anything we're like to take the money back, we'll know it. You know with mid wrong with, but we were using, like, I said some of the people that we're still The only terrestrial now that I think the whole business must have shifted yeah. No s good advice lead role. Now we are from the beginning that that was the way to go. There
but when people start biting themselves on the past- about a year in people like what I mean gas or you get pr people again. So it's got a new movie coming up the welcome on it was still pretty much you people pay to us and to me directly a added Pierre started coming around. I guess I don't what year that was, but it felt like it was still friends of friends for a good few years, and then we started working with Booker's, so that generate is here. He had just because and we can reach out easier and then we can push people easier, because I sort of tat our motto I don't know everybody the idea of a friend of when three way three friends away its hearted again, people? Are you had ever I'm from your generation riots right in the older generation after generation was a great generation? It were comedians honey. I was really all types of yeah, because I didn't make it with all those guys
new the younger generation yeah yeah, I still try to cut my teeth with with them. Behind us. Try new all those guys whatsoever, about those generations. Air sea, The generation you're like me, how many Ladys at Heroin is Silverman Stewards and their store? but yeah he was ready to earlier. Maybe not not much earlier, but he was very successful, pretty quickly regulars anti refugee area, but then he was always on tv, whether with MTV and then he went to you know he had his own show on what was it. Where is it where was the arsenius, we took that's what were they tried him and that's why I e at the MTV show. Then he had the network show on Fox. I guess it was maybe the idea and then in any one to the daily show Conklin. That generation bewilder little other Common Quinn's like add the Dennis weary COM, Quinn, R,
bill yarn. He might be a little over them. It gets a little foggy with the sign fell, a family tree that just explains ideas. It bring all an in built, thereby be in the tail end of the Seinfeld error of those guys and weary to preserve their folly about six years older than me Louis, a little younger than me so how's around my age. Your air is basically do stand up for four or five years you gonna head. There cannot be a second will you in that their than ever to early is never for five years. You'd get deals, can the day like I thought, he'd do and stand up and eighty eight and then professionally reddit about year before that kicking around that I started doing one Niners in eighty eight yeah. You know just running around doing you when I gigs in New England cuz. That's why I started in Boston really that's why I started working. That's where I'm from yeah iced lawyers, quite a lot of people that was like where they were. They
their bones. Yeah banana today I was yeah, was went to College Boston and went to allay. Got screwed up on drugs came back to Boston. Was in the W B C comedy riot in nineteen. Eighty eight came and Second who baby assume again and now and then asked our work in the buried cats had a book and Agency Boston, Kommeni Company here, and there are three three or four companies it had one nighters all for New England. So that was the deal you taking on. Get it. If you had a half hour, you could open yet forty five minutes a close, but he's. Usually you in another guy drive in any. From a half hour to five hours to do a two man show ya, had a bar or a bowling alley or out tell Indeed, Massachusetts, our domestic juices for my new Hampshire, the aim, the road I lay in a masters, its forgive the ear, their opinion Massachusetts that the price Vill offer it. Oh yeah, you're kidding
you saw it what you saw the fact that I me about people this neurotic aggravated. Jewish kid was run it around New England opening yeah going up cold. My god gives you an idea, a bowling alley get we did a place. I remember my murmured the gigs or is there was ITALY's all the Knicks. By you know, member next, oh yeah extends. How could be that we need big disco and narrowly. It is by the way, laid seventies early right, inaccurate, diving, as it might be a disco again and again. That no is next comedy, stop downtown. They got one inside I guess what was the one thing you ha that's a comedy, next time you that later than over original connection, was right down the street from next year. Then there is the one on one side, Yes, it does so the tower of comment, the Tower pizza gig. Comedy club together my clock, Lenny rather MIKE, has got goes on route sagas had a tower pizza Lenny,
The marathon movie and has leg- ten scenes and like thirty one yeah he's is good wake up now, Place like a father in law, while the real uncle legacies in the family- or you know, he's good here. If we need you guys, sacrilegious from Boston, yeah, yeah, it's easy to go to! Guy he's good actors: brothers, nice guy, it's a finding! My clack, you wanna do the reeds with you were, do them, after which? What are you gonna get Casper you ve, probably the entire browner day, the other guy renew a bigger new mattress, yeah obsessively engineered bachelor set a shockingly fair price support of memory foams. By the winning sleeps urgently plugging the new one year kind. I don't know if I have the new kind now that it's a hundred nights risk free in your own home, and if you don't love it they'll pick it up and refund you everything I have. They're good. Now I rang when you go into. I know they understand the importance of truly
we had for you commit especially has been you. Third, your life on the right there for free shipping returns, the? U S and Canada over twenty thousand views an average of four pointed stars, they may be matches. Having two and a half years ago, it's been great and usenet start sleep better. Maybe fist, You bet I didn't care about my mattress sooner now. You can get. Did hours off any mattress purchase by visiting Casper that come such Bs Use, Africa, BS terms, and conditions are depending on how you like better there's a dead Africa, Devotee f as well. Oh you do about Fatima we offer. Yes, if everything is remember, where do you live when you have the Boston? I was a lot of places. What Babby wrangle downtown? I went down I lived on Carlton Street in broken, just over the Boston border right like right past part, DR yet off a beacon
and I went for a couple years in some avail. Davis square in an attic they rely on the up before was anything pretty filthy, I was living in Boston. The nineties, when David squares turn become a thing. There when they open red bones, but that was all red balance, a visit by a barbecue. Well, really where Karen I knew at errand and but was her husband, earth boyfriends in there I remember when they open that place, but that was it still. I just Duncan doughnuts and weird cafeteria. And that's strange restaurant that opened two in the morning they get Denny KIT was Danny and ships, or some weird by weight. You must have been backed by us unless copy is totally different. There's a million plays a connection between the Wilbur yeah, there's all kinds of good stuff there. When did you, So when you do and stand up your desk, for a while. Then you'll start doing again like what's your schedule not always do stand o s ear, I gates it's what I am really started act in the last four years. You at your own show the rights that showed was
signed by the way only like while you IKEA, and I don't really get at it. You know what wrestling fans like it, which is the best we can hope for if it passes there, tests were good and lead is fantastic EU allies, and yet I don't get it That's a really hard parts really hard. Do you almost half the strip yourself of as somebody who Norma think. Well, I got a good lookin. She just doesn't. Care should be taken to be ambitious. Earnest in desperate and still be charming right. Hard do did must be like Bulgaria, there now again very close yeah and and she is and its great. I love work and whether I like working with, someone's coming back right. Yeah, we start shooting in a couple weeks on the sixteenth I the guy you played in that and bay. Start a real guy down, because right, they told me, you ve got hard. It was sir. I was surprised I wasn't really. I was
I have asked the audition by didn't think it right with the adding care one where the other you I knew. I could play that guy I sent in it. I could we did video on my phone. I got cast off a video, we did on my phone, but I was the that my character didn't know anything about wrestling. So I did not watch the I commend her on the original glow and I didn't any real research arm wrestling, I just the child. What I wore her eyes can it you know I gotta get up knew how white, where I want to smoke, I want to smoke. I want to do coke, you know, there's a guy got caught, promenade tolerance! Finally, as I told the show runners- We mention was for Hive flay hive. Her name is. Why is it so difficult, but I went up to them Look I know how this guy does. Kogi doesn't use vials he's he does it strictly out of a bend.
He's made out of the corner of a magazine. I got it does with a key or a pen top there's no artifice man. This guy is just a user, is part of his wife. It's like food, just that's how I want to do. Budget said there. They worked me for a second. They won't be so glad you're here, because I knew I did go guy MIKE. I know how this guy does it she's, I didn't know, I didn't I no, it wasn't based on a guy. I did recently watch the glow documentary, so there. There is a guide, it sort of amalgamation, of a couple of guys back just made a my own and people always say. Like he's doing this guy. You do not mind do anyway and when I study anybody was it did you other than that late that safety we thinking this is a type of carrot. I've never before. I want to create this type of person you just can't meander did. I knew he was unarmed, no genius actors. I knew he was somebody within my wheel house of of experience successor,
A scumbag, though he's a scumbag, but like you, I knew that, but he's also a loser yeah so if somebody's a loser there there the intention, if they're scumbag Harry is, is sort of undermine the bed. Like you, maybe a scumbag. But the thing is his own worst enemy. Yeah. You know he and he's got problems. You know he's not. You know he's not really a hater right, so so You saw him a sort of this kind of this. This want this guide it there, was had something just it's always right out of his reach and he's a little he's, that's necessary bit. Because he's not that self aware he thinks he's just Clarice. On the cusp of doing the next genius thing, but is unbelievably blood. We rush action most of the time is not in their aim, but for some reason with this particular guy it actually makes some kind of a daring just like his what I think,
I would add women get here and I think that, because of the time I e, I would not say he's not sexist how his Betty S, nineteen. Eighty is right, of course, I'm gonna be there were, but but like, I think he he tends to instinctively show up for the women What's it like it is causing like it is, and is a little mean yeah off his nose. Of awareness by, I would say let me maybe my bra screwed up here, I gazed do joke about that that my life, I don't know, which governor wife? It was about yelling yeah, and I I would say, like I don't yell, I think she has tonal issue for huge. Yet here primarily say that's a byword for re use have small years he has its aid might yell and that mumbling sway so you do in that show the, but in a bid, stand up to add is that in the future.
Is it. Just I didn't know where else we could go. You know it was like. We had a lot of creative freedom there, but because no one really watches the network and there's not a of ratings or add dollars. You know in the balance that they were more than willing to keep making the show, but if you can't even get a nice bump even for production rather than talk about me, he I get by the forts listen we don't know if we can get a song, we want, because without the money read it sort of it becomes like well, but it you know that idea viewed waited thy two years and then hold Netflix Amazon era had come there s a different show that if from budget oh yeah. Definitely, but I don't really think about it like that. I think we did like a great foresees, an area, not least or yeah we're all set an ideal. I dad that's what everybody there was an urgent. We about enough, they would have bought it in. I don't know where I would have been near these things all hinge on the timing. Show you know it's like either. That thing was
not an easy. Shall we took due out a different places, my life at that time, in your network and I've. She was like a great. This sounds great and I I said they got out of the way, but once we made it at your very reasonable budget there there Business models like ok, we'll keep doing now. It's like you Bob, we have to respect because we can't go to blacks, you're too much money we got. You know we wonder you seen at a bus station outside K due in the front yard. I guess you know like we can reworked it. I just bought At the very least, you should be awarded enough money to increase your production by an end that can seem like I was gonna happen, your favorite credit of mine. Almost famous energy notice. When you are, then I have this fake. Album yeah. You also have Do something really made things we share life by our swag bucks. You play
people who don't know. I did you play the angry, promoted the anchor you're angry promoter together they ran the unjust agri, prevent other stretch stretch, the who has to buy a gate seen after Russell him. It gets electrocuted a try. Outlining AIDS, I say that's, like you know what Five. We have a package, it actually that I'm one of those have caught the remarkable that we spend four, which is kind of movies that are on all the time just kind of dive. Who'd like speed there, the movie, I was worried, aim but then the almost Mister Gibson and fantasy just like those in which everything a jump in at the twenty minute market. Our mark sure, if you were very many yet I swear it's relieving, you know you should I guys can be nice. I already know what happened. Is this where this part, yet good fellows, is another one. Good fellows is one of the items for that, but that's what I saw you that's. Why and before we got on the MIKE's, was like that's. Why don't? I still flip around cable. For that reason, additive
you swim Pickens, but sometimes you like I watch. Where is it have, I have every move Aegina here. I love scrolling through the movie channel the Abbey and leg Ah the silent rage or Chuck Norris yeah. Ok here did you like a merry dj yeah you just like you in a mixed. I, like the add on this new generation, like my my kids ever tougher than road, and there you know, don't even have a concept of channels. Yeah they're, just on Amazon Youtube and a lot of people by you and your age are doing that their there. What he called cut unexplored cutters, yeah yeah killing way. The eventual gonna kill. These plans are lower than anything so yeah. They stayed Y gotta how to change your model we make it will have. Where do they get the sportsmen? at the cord, so lab was so. He is being pays leg do idea, There are your pants seven hours for anyone. Could you have cable right, that's
that's how they have billions and billions of dollars, because people are paying for his pain, even if they don't watch it at an end, and now he had other your fine, but their this awesome business motto urges everybody patriots pan where they paid further. That are you? Well, watch your now and now this new motto is: like men, never Kyle over here he's. Just Craig had pay for networks right and I pay for each beyond. Get that in ages, pixies three things he does not get. One computer computer virus. I would I don't ever feed the apple tv apple, tv, rogue, who that's their maximize. You Eddie expects of the play station right then you can just watch but, like I watch MSNBC for news. So that's the question is: where does this go and is our generation holding onto this model? That will we really legs? But this his generation gets older they're just get a move. That model out. I still like I've this week comforting in my brain that, like if I'd go home- and I turn on my tv and the thing
you're on like there's. Some part of it things while somebody's operating something apprehended has blown up right is yet I yell maker Decision in both yeah gave put this Thanks for running this film pow we my family went away in August and they had an apple to be in the hotel, and I hope that, like my, be packaged as watching the Red Sox games. Was able to watch like To be honest, we ve already Raymond throw. It was basically like my shut the May. Whether fight there is a Showtime app is able to get that and it was like. I didn't really change, and I was in Hawaii way. Legged behind everybody s edge is made me think, God Damn unaware of this has gone. My wife can listen to not only my back.
But yours in the car and I've gone, and she has a Tesla and have gone and there in your pack ass his brown like what the far at she's ago either he just you should get better guidance. He has good guess entire, and it tells you that you get in the car is better there for then like what the main where's my bike ass, soon ass. She here you enough. Well, that's that was part of her argument and I stepped up with the gas the last six months and I've kind of one one her back on your own about really now you know might at third reading my move. I gave you some. I ve got a bunch of big guess of it. I'd Jake Jonah to expose like the most impressed, I think, she's ever bad. I made one. However, how is he I gotta say out out its funding. I recommend guess I would. I would recommend Jake Jonah because it was great use red ago love. Talk about, I like the ones where they they just go, all in all night here they here's? What made this choice? Shoes? Here's? What I learned from this movie as you know, the imo is fascinating. Back as I was approached leg,
his persons, a resource right, what I learned from this person while their harry, I thought we had embarked and then it went away or near. But now I ask that you demand em out with, It is evident artist. You did, Sir, You did the jailer over the number of budget line we just with space amount liking. I wouldn't be you know he is a mere do one or the other rapid. It was like when he got him. First and we'd have space it out his every thirty seconds. Bags, but not really has like. I don't know how many listeners we share ultimately became it right in the What did we do share what they like hearing in the above of our experience with them with do different interview, have you been rattled bag, ass ever sure young rattled in the sense that the like I don't know how it's gonna go or might not be going well to begin with. Her like I did you make assumptions about how something's gonna go in a year. Try there they their trust
here? They don't you for trust that they know either there, but a lot of time unequal flowing conversation red. It's almost like improv yet I never did and proud, but I can imagine if you'd just getting there, your script won't like Neil. Comes in and I knew from when he came into the house, and he likes me told me: he brought his seventy point: zero posse yeah. They look around my house in his eye like this guy. Am I right goodbye didn't know he was. Torricelli hard on it viewers- and I didn't do that kind of research. I thought we're gonna talk about absent staff and I got an app that, like like, he uses them, I bring I don't you, but I that amp is nothing. So am I harry. I, like you, know, like a usb mean you just sort again make me work for it. Whatever was gonna happen there and how do we got? when you got him laughing and gum talking about bullshit It was fine. Who is great, I don't know
like a lot of my interviews. You're, not really interviews, I don't my column interviews, rest, sometimes thereby conversations yeah. It's all right. I don't know what you loved. We ended up talking about stuff but so was talking, I how he's doing pilates and united whatever and you now like give the guest isn't given much. Then you can't go enter com, Modal, a bit more something we're yeah, yeah, yeah, and has overcompensate yet they become an audience. Is that they're not giving my because, you're being the occasion something that some people just don't talk that much. I got it They are there not used to doing an hour. You that's not it that common thing. I've told you feel like Guess have a better sense now that they know it. Therefore they do you. I felt the last two years. I had that. That's change for me sure, but like two dozen nine through twelve other out loud, went on for more than fifteen minutes. I will again and now like they do they come like. I know what people may not listen to my regularly, but I know that some policies
I guess you listen you're couples, so they'll come anyway. I listen, I was yeah, they know like. I would enable detailing the men in two- and I know that, like that's, the only do that they wore they listen alike to just a scout. You sure must I could see to make sure they require a sense of well a lot of them right now within the Obama farming earth? Perfect. The ironic that definitely was its. That's that's got me if you guess, I think, if Obama did it the egg, Do it yeah caught him at a nice time? Do I still president? I had him in a any european blocked. It will almost caused me to quit This right away, yet because it was, I passed the point of equal time now that stuff- and I didn't you now- I took a really personally, because I don't have it As for your backpack ass registers, nothing form for years and had no real equity at all, and then it was like this guy may be present. He wants to come back here, so
getting him in two thousand and twelve for like tat, the minutes, and we take that right, and that is the one you did with them. You Adam for, like an hour talk about basque monster. Forget he cause. I was thing he just wanna talk sports because I come in arms. Words guy and he gets to Russia because he loves me at the end, its side of him be worse in heavy. I any decision he makes within interview his gaze gonna, be for reason. Re he comes on. Yours is like emanate, go deep, the evil deep and now he said he didn t get people involved Ray. I just in politics in general, right that was like TAT was his dry it was he gave his entire should have started making that move a couple years earlier. Why? think, there's only so much you can do to hide out. I mean I think that ultimately, this administration is going to activate more people share. And I don't know whether the blame him or not for that that the future the Democratic Party is something he probably should have cared more in this respect you now, I think
he had known the possibilities may be around fourteen MIA. He probably would have started grooming people and pushing p bone fear may only a very limited than that different if its, if it's his job to do that is it is a standard bearer, but I mean rather know that it's his job to me, I gotta get a bench going, I mean that's the deal the job and somebody should yet you can also this revenue is. It is those is jobs to worry about the future, the country right future, the country? If you the party sure but, like I think, he's in winter. Indeed the presidency right, you don't think that up the machine in place was supposed to sort of find you have the floor. Killed in Iraq. I don't know what the field you must have known, that the sea was a disaster, must have done damagon our man, Yeah I got out over there. I think that that there does seem to be a disconnect. Sometimes between the other president ended the apparatus. Who is the most rattle
You ve, been by a guess, fame. I have a story for this, but I am interested to your story was over. It's all personal. You know right. My heroes unite Keith church ass, pretty rattled allow you know and I we can and I did in new york- and I will do it- was a road one and at Yummy huge fan and I was completely beside myself and how coherent here was very coherent his little Lupi look was excellent I'll do it. Really smart. Yet, when I read that book of my colleague we ve all been fool, the air is guys like you in tat Elgin, deep, thoughtful, intellectual guy. Yet I am. I got him. It was funny because we're at the and Pr Studios in New York City and we're just pick up we're guinea. I was Where is my only window to do it yeah and he was doing morning edition than they were gonna? Let me piggy back in the studio on the after that. So go to MP are in. There is funding,
wait and were in the room, the waiting room and I mean keeps people and they show me like you heap. He has a green room. Were Cresty revert data you're really going to Rio, where it just right. It just already soda like crash, and vodka we'll evocative blood. Maybe they can rise of bloody at any mother died at every level, but it was just I sold an end in bucket and so I knew that's that's what he's going as what is up to you and he had to be called the Keith Richard Adobe there. I'm certain market ships caught the guarantees. Will you write he savagery and after eight definitely yeah, but so Sorry, there awaiting day do he's done there and some woman's running around the office going he smoking is, he slept, Is it going to? What do we do guide nothing? You can lose, let's get Richard yet, but whose com cause you got went in there, and here he is had adduced and he was it was it was. It was funny it was funny. I had him laughing and I smoke
first figure and ten years of them You came at her smoky we're tired yak. He threw a figure it out because I was playing with one. I told him we have under way with. I was started gangs. I was doing the last hinges, so I didn't feel like I was gonna start talking about thirty funding to smoke a cigarette. It should be a kid how many sick. I wondered what was your cigarette stretch aged fifteen year? Fourteen fifteen to when. Two like with intermittent periods of quitting. I think I really quick for good I, like ninety nine sixty three, graduate degree. Nine thousand. Ninety three year, thirty six and then I was our languages for like a decade. I never have. I ever stumble like a wedding after a drinks. Now I had one want: my divorce was finalized again, like my second divorce one, then But but now, when I was doing those nicotine lozenges for years- and I love them just gave them up, but six
because I got nothing. I was about healing my feelings, terrible. I have a story about a make me nervous, but speaking of divorce, both of us have been for a while to stance that come with them a lot of earth. You wanna that, where his further manages convene an easy, reliable, flexible do right here and there in the in the bungalow I mean Can you remember? I separated my life before and after before and our present outgoing in the post office, because where would you go the post after no reason, there is no reason you stamps that com, it's the deal's, a deal you can get at the beginning and hand your packages, the right or the mad. The? U S, postal services ready your fingertips, any letter package class mail stamped outcome will even send you out enough. You know, there's a large scale yeah, oh yeah, you? That of any other single judge automatically calculates exact postage, helps him said the best class mail predict your labels
We have a variety of codes you can use for the special after you used to be ass. It visited deputy Asher there. You have God's gift for weak trial, plus postage plus a digital scale without long term commitments. I threw gotta stamps that come when you do in Europe. After the homepage to remember you click on them. Microphone Yang aid sets an idea in Iraq or go to tape and be ass. You can type and deputy everyone everywhere that stamps that can enter bs or deputy. Have they don't care villages? Have you their statements that never go the budget items again? So I Charlie's thereon. Oh my god, here. Two months ago, city read there and it was only I've ever been nervous had started back. Ask issues! So she's, so cool and she added so stunning, like we had a cup of people in the office of us are just like zombies and start the podcast and she just sits, crosses legs since back and she's kind of sizing everyone up my soul and age
had nervous energy had them like eight years, they was dumpsters, I daresay she saw used to seeing men just at her gooey in front of her every day, never nervous man trying to talk to me, but if you guys, but she was awesome, I would recommend him sharp. I reckon I guess you don't move ahead lately that be nervous. I always get nervous to be honest with you, man, unless I know the dude, you know or the woman. I do like you generally, like I'm way. I don't know, do you do in our Asia like an hour, Dna rightly says the best. The pot is usually the last the right. Any accusation reason it hastened up their regular breaks out, yet it is the will to live where they forget that there are MIKE yeah yeah. That's where you are, it's the least I say now: I've gotta be who s third idea but yeah. I always get a world. The nervous can sometimes like dispersing even talk. Read you dont know. Now,
going to talk for an hour and a half. Who knows how that's gonna go I've, I'm pretty careful. With you we back now it's more, like I gotta say like a good feeling, the guy I remember there for this couple fast and furious eight people. Oh yeah, I sent us a less who are those people was like is the every body. In the end I was like actors, it can be tricky, Weizsaecker, Russell announce, I guess it sure absolutely history, there Kurt Russell or semi great, so we take to them. It is a ten, a m. Comes in his car Russell Fares Movie STAR smothered. He just had a smoke sold the coffee everything. I wanted the effort recently again this year. It comes in big, hang Tibet is clear. We went to resign D, Winters movies and you just fattened caresses great out, I'm sure he was thrilled, yet he loved it.
We talk about escaped from your eye and I are these are not granted the Amazon. I of course I love them of yeah. He loved it is great, but ah, but they sometimes just kind know was of course per How can we get her back ass? We hear it, We view if their willing- and you know, there's the theirs whole generation of art is set, don't get the respect that they use or that it out. So I give you give it to them there like the air. Yet, like you know, and then there's other people like I've. Had musicians are primarily were like. I had Roger Waters right yeah, but he comes in he anyway. I won't talk about the past ok, I didn't want to do what is right and I didn't think you're doing their best work now and it's for that's great. By do you want to talk about pink, Floyd, guy, pink, Floyd, end You gotta figure out how to get in there so that that becomes sort of this challenge were you can I
Cain talk a bit like, but that sounds were below and other recording, like he trotted snake and so you go down the rabbit, all you know and they don't they're down there. It's good the only one year ago, dealing with then that I was genuine. They jealous and enraged about Springsteen. Cause. I hope Miss Browning generation, yeah yeah I am too does the second cause. I've ever went there to spend with no time at all You caught him at a really cool point of his career when he's starting to talk about sire the honest about stuff in revealing things that yeah I'm very did. How do you know about I'm very large. You go without the tight, our so because I can admit: ok, a few make Bruce you play for three and a half hours. You can't go right We now have the good thing about him. That thing was like. I was check the guy, but I'm not a lunatic. Do you know what I mean like I'm a lunatic for Keith Richards, and you can hear it in that pot. The emphasis is language but would prove it.
I respect the guy. Like you know, I'm not yeah, I don't go here. He didn't fine, my adolescence yet So I read most of the book before I got there, which was helpful, and I didn't like the thing about Bruce's at his public persona is pretty cool It seems real keys, managed it incredibly over the said why you re my own represent genuine right. He's! Your hey man, you know everything's Gooden, and so he was whose job again helms pretty good guy, but underneath factors is teeming darkness and anger everything else which I relate to so I didn't know who I was going. At their, but we got there and it was. It was great and I'm the only thing I'm happy about what have I would I looked back. That is a great experience and it would have been different if I was a big fan in this sense
being fanatic night light for family, not a mania exactly but like I've talked to several old timey bridge. Springsteen vans are right there. Best in view of all that, so that help that Euro detached definitely. Tell me I would have gone to deep out of it. I gotta- get hung up in the music obedient the music and also the stories that he is the town the seventies about you, I got a motorcycle examine right. My my dad. You know that in here the same searching he would when they really the other, three city live out my eighty five year and they kept the cup. The stories in any way where this is like a guy. This is, is damage guy. Who is dad had really fucked him up? You know I dream of his guitar and hated his long hair and beard was disappointed that eating go to
it died of any kind is happy that eating God of Innovative, a drunk yeah and I just might have been a lot of bitter but John Guido. Now boys, the bookkeeper, you definitely sauciness, yeah yeah This kind of I can. Then they left him in his sister, yes move to California, and then he said play music in a like his whole life on the place. We shall hard on himself as a one regret I have, but that, in our view, is that I really didn't identify that yeah yeah appreciates. You know he's got this chip on his shoulder. You any feels most counter one stage and is able in all the other stuff, but he's like ip insanely hard on himself. Like he's a real perfectionists, you just like, isn't it I just in putting together that that's part of that? That's part of that. You know dad dad shit right, but you know it now there really wow as the defiant ones document. I definitely diving part about you realize what did you repressive book? Yet? Yes, the one from year to year, the new year but their eyes,
empire in the thing about how he would just make them pay the same thing over and over and over again gives mega gets me again and I don't know cook is out of the Bruce, gets enough respect for being just a maniac with how he put it. Me too much baby. Now, almost ass air. Do you know his name like if you think about it, the way their born to run comes together? Is that obsessive this yet and it paid off but like at some point he just It just became him in his guitar run a few years there desires again. Do folk music, Agnes Nebraska was, he must have exhausted himself. Of his eyes were serial killers right, but like there's no layers of sound tat. You know you managing these mixes with all those deeds. You may must need a little bit of breaking bay. He kept a dark, a gifted world dance, but maybe just now a break from the board, you haven't
into the hall like hip hop world with the enemy is how much I was in her pocket I've tried have reached out, I think kind of half reach, or try to get Kendrick I'd go in there people that I lie inject some realistic basis, inner vehement together? Now can't you give listing. What do we re interesting? Thank you are three very man to white guys, arguing as next question can be awesome, a great honor. He turned this dark hijack the will put a baby. I do like eyes clamouring to ask you a question: will catch exciting? Is such a unique I he probably would be. I am I like a cat afloat so at every school. My current grove rather is very hip hop oriented, and I do guys that I've listened to and I, like you know, kind, J C but they're, pretty mainstream cats, YO and and I definitely listened to other records. Third, Let there be, I went to my life. Have you listen more jazz now and I
cable, the interview, a Commodity Washington which is who works with Kendrick a bit he's a big jazz guy. Sacks guy and I got our were to get into that lately. I talk about jazz yeah come on GMO area one time ago. I went to it in interviewed him, I'm doing his show next week. I think ok idea he's, had an unexpected career kind of has gone in this direction and the genuine would have expected why. I think it's because it's coming from his gut it's not a man of his career decision. I think, listen, it's a hundred percent that I think it's he had this thing happened. Kid yeah and areas is filled as yet. We have this personal stuff in that, oh just kind of eight he's trying to be a common sense Guy ran in applying that to people's needs and what politics is supposed to do. The cool thing about it is this. Was this was
why Letterman was indispensable even after he had lost interest a vision and in its day to day shall be. Ass, really was the last twenty years of the shell divided everyone's, why you needed a beer and am Abbott Jimmy for the boy I'm Letterman's iguana. My out, I did only to man, but he just now he checked out once Leno past and now is it. I guess so. I thought after the heart surgery, he kind of diamonds. Guy Agri, like he became so after a glass give a shit like that there is a fine line between yet there is. It backing out. But then there is this a little later. There was a now give a fuck anymore yeah. That was good, yes you know said there was a sort of renaissance of Letterman, not giving a shit read. You know J, which is better than Jack. Yeah, I know them as I that show in the eighties me when you are not becoming comic. Them has been your dream right Letterman I did it. Yeah did five four five times a day without that
if it had been ten years earlier when Carson, but I think it shifted the Letterman, probably by mid eighties. Oh yeah nigh was it you know I wasn't gonna get Carson and on an I watch wider and from the beginning and out in one hour college I loved him and there yet. Was the grail. I know if it was going to happen for me by my first Letterman that was very exciting day me and my shiny suit, but an issue that I look. It had made some bad clothing decisions over the years islands, the aid is man it was. It was a Calvin kind. Super shiny. And my hair was all short, and I was I play time travelling. I myself was so tight that, first, that you watch it. It's like a great set You don't get a sense of who I am, and I do everything perfectly I'm like. I don't need a mic cuz, you don't you look at old old day, you'd. Only MIKE's in a tv studio was holding a mighty doing because it makes him comfortable fears. You might stand on. One, though, shows its like that, just cause that guy is used to it. You just go out your hand, spread
that was so great you waiting would biff behind the curtain go out there. Everyone does appearances. I think I did three stand up some one panel Hannah was like in I got in the panel under the wire before he retired In any case, it was a disgrace. During my life, is a comic Keziah user. You do the idea special China, no his eyes, another one that became a thing in the lithuanian comedians, gazing, alchemy, I'm not out before my time. I really start. I started doing tv, he soon after I started like a couple years and by it was as basic. Cable shows evening the Improv Carolines Commie, our MTV, did a few tv, a half. Our committee or Somethin idea reach. We have special ninety five, but there is always a lot of those. I love those I've day, but cranking Africa they were. There arose a half hour. He remembered tat was my favorite. In in graphic, however, hide shot with yeah. That's you. That was the best half hour, the ivory dead, yet Graham
did the same week was where was Diana gold graph allow men seer dated already said data go Bobcat, and the sort of his arrival. Your short hair bobcat not too weird. I've had got not too weird, whereas they stand comedy guy scrape right now. We're always go, I don't know it's one of those things that its extent accompanying rose largest cruise ships sailing through the ocean that another willing at affected there's a what does? There's a big sort of there's a lot of people claiming to be comics. Now, there's a lot of outlets there is a lot of comic produce, shows is a lot of alternative venues, but yet, but ultimately, the other people that put in the working in putting the time and pay their dues there's a lot of great comics out there and either sometimes there's something that never changes, but there's something that always changes about stand up. You know they're there. There is certain archives, the kind of fall into place every generation, but yet in there
the others are not bows, but to do the job and do a well. It's it's a rare thing and there's a lot of good fuckin comics out there. So sportswear is talk about who is to go who is the best? Ever oh yeah, compare this guy sport in sport behalf I like football, quarterbacks Basque, Bob where's, just in general, you running back. Is that quantifiably determinable though, but is it as in causing you can bet your comparing like Michael Jordan, to Bill Russell till the brand James. There are three different areas: the brine, the science. At that our genetic and paid twenty years. Jordan played basically thirteen Russell is gone and thirteen so The next item is the council thousand his eyes why people who invented thing true analogy? abysses three pointers back in like bill rustles. There was very centre Germans over there who do? You think, is there Do you think there's a goat of stand up like that?
the impact of areas- that's the Michael Jordan Stana because it doesn't seem right there is. I would think that you could probably get. Consensus around Richard prior? Well? Ok, I really in that year, most comics would put it there, but I would think in there, but you know is still like. You can go further back like that. And I love the watch when I was a kid were guys, Buddy hacking, Don Rachel's yeah yeah yeah. I like watching those old rose yet and then you know when I was in high school, I went to see the first Richard prior movie. Live in concert and was like what your, so much humanity to it. There is so much real hard in it. You know that was like that with some that you're. Not only that you know the voices, the jokes in the stories, but the EU is hard on the line and you can feel it when there is a new thing I think it is a rare thing.
I liked Woody Allen to I like that. All the car when records Cheech Records, teaching Sean Records, Steve Martin records, but I think that people would probably really pulled them, not a certain generation that it would perhaps be Carla it seems a prior. They give there's championship being passed. The most people have held that bell. Widow is point the price, beer either influence in that had already influence the purse? Ireland yeah yeah? I think I assure you, is that when I prior resign us and on which I think was like the tenth episode mirrors. The fourth and now is the tenth and he goes on in that show, is becoming a phenomenon and he's alma they. Network. Does anyone have alarm Noah then his eye there does the head scheduled, Chevy, Chace, Ionian racial, say, reservoirs
and they had to be one of those that yea the same right as the exercise area. I was that that has to be considered whether most exciting hour and a half that history Tavis catches prior literally the perfect point of his career in life. Here on the show that is about to become this, the AIDS, to shame but has not yet light they cross Bass, lay as there were on again we a thin reviewed mourn, you're in view of the ladder for them? I was because you are more, you gotta get some stuff to reside, Lik arrogant from closure for the first fifteen minutes. How did you get it? I did he indulge me completely. Can you give the fifteen seconds verbs people who don't know that's right, eye dish and for us an owl. God what you're? At the same time, Tracy Morgan did yeah yeah I was. I was put through the that whatever what is that saying put through the further the ringer now a juncture
hoops? I addition I extend a club than I Additionally, studio and the rumour is. There are looking for someone to replace norm. You know is now five manner and that maybe I get there of data Update gas or whatever, and then I got the meeting with Lorn right and I was aware, buys frail little buzzed and I waited for a couple hours. It was me and Tracy Morgan where members hair was very shiny. His hair was perfect, fro Tracy's. What yeah so clean and am I go in and you know there's this weird kind of like Laurens working at me. I'm a little cocky. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing there and you ve Higgins's air tat. They had writer and there's a bullock, Andy there that I remembered to be jolly ranchers and- and I you know, born there- sing, reside gum, look me in the eyes. You can tell a lot from someone's eyes. You know I just where'd, you guys, I guess
goes off on this thing like people, the zoo, You know the lions scary, the bears are intense, but the the monkeys, earth mediums, everyone likes the monkeys, cause they're funny, and I like yeah, guess, is there not throwing their show you something? time be clever. Whenever you like that, I member really, but I taken a candy and then He shot a look at Higgins. I thought I'd failed, the candy test. No doubt in my mind, if I hadn't taken the candy like the eight, I put a lot of of paranoia so. You ve thought about that. Guy rancher me everything right so that in and then like when I'm met long. He said it would never have been a jolly rancher. You know the said. Tutsi roles, always Tutsi role, ok and then like he said he had nothing to do with the candy. He said going out a certain number of spots you didn't fit. What you think is good We all the closure egg. Why and then we talk.
At him for a while- and he was very- it was nice. I I of inviting me back, like I to him for an hour. He engaged me said Featherstone Town Comic Marvin go you need, so I went back and did more with him. So as pre thorough, and I got the feeling that you know there's a guy he's a he produced The television show he's been in their building for almost forty years. And he does it every week and he loved it. That's a job like them how powerful riches he stood, guy wandered around those walls engaged in their job to television producer and, if God read at an incredible judge, a talent which I think the supplier, but then also seems to have this uncanny ability to placing all these persons gonna go this way beyond. Attach myself now be all that stuff here and you know I told my still available if the job open could you for a tv show like that. I don't want it. I won't ever than they not ever
to be a writer. You forget that it has like trading get the door and then eventually China be. I know how it worked. I did I would be on television the annexing Elsa now, you know why I thought I would maybe have a shouted update, or at least one of those sidekicks. I didn't know how work ever worked. Adding anything worked, though, could you have date at that time, Ninety six, ninety five, ninety six, I dont know if I would have had it together. I probably could oppose it to put it will apply would have done it? What can I do you in the written, my best self, what kind of demons refitting internet so much demons? It was like just this constant sense of insecurity, like you know, and my funny enough my good enough to my hair lacryma, whereas right pants, you know what, it wasn't. I wasn't have control drug eyes or buoy alive by was you know, angry in defensive, and you know I had thought that that was made That like this is how I am, I think it was all defense mechanism is all makes people
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space outcome, use Africa, BS or deputy f you now to get and preset after first purchase plus a free domain. Again that is squares based outcome, Africa, BS or very yeah yeah yeah, either, or going to write that up What's your biggest career regret, biggest career react rattling. Yet one do have I'm giving you one do over Edna Press reset binding go back and something over which dip. That's a good question. Thank you. I think I've gotten so much into the brain of not thinking about that stuff. You know to me because you going forward afterwards what there's nothing you can do about that. You know to me and I like in retrospect, I dont know that I was like I was, driven by a certain amount of righteous spy. Because I was watching my peers succeed and I never understood the business.
You know I never understood you know like making friends yeah, you know, being diplomatic a politician in the business world. I just know I want stand up. I knew that guy just got something. Why didn't I get it yet? I fought for a lot of stuff and I got a lot opportunities by don't think I was really ready for any of it reaches, spite would have been a good name for the past debates here. I don't think that's a vulgar registrar with urgent appeal. That's not appealing anybody righteous by bitterness is raising. The internet is full register by right. Now We're ready made its, not it doesn't feel get there doesn't feel Ghana does. If you're going to be Abby at the year despite end of it, and ultimately and feel good tend to be that guy, I'm trying to what. What did I really blow? I can We blame the Essen thing on myself. Now if there's some greatly screwed up other, oh
I am giving you do over anything adieu. Run anything you have to take it. It's a big question. I don't know I thought of it. I just came out of the squares, basing my guide like a really while I really wonder like what cause. I don't feel like in my heart, your things away. I just kind of like Blue sea you, you seem like a much more at peace guy than I expected. Oh yeah yeah took awhile yeah The lack of clarity in the lack of coffee is helping me in this era. Coffee. I did because they went together. They always go together. I've been drinking tea, black tease. I have some caffeine in me, but not I'm not jammed interesting. The edges run a joke about, like I had a good drinking coffee because it made my girlfriend cry. Physical, we have seen between exacerbate my emotions
Would you ready jokes? Were digger comedy store, you don't gotta, go we're coffee place, her life had every right like that? like the usually I tat came up on stage only the idea do almost all my writing in the moment, like I write ideas down monopolies in the car it, but you know what Folds on stage is very rarely you know, like structured jokes just keep chipping away at an idea, and then I kind of home it, and then I figure out where the timing is like. I just did that special for network again, and I must be good at this. You know cause with my doing pack has a lot of people got to know me from that year and they didn't know my stand up so now they in a way I've been to a stand up a long time and its pre salad. Right now, like that that thing I differ, Netflix a new one to real severely the best thing I've ever done. Jan applies, but hidden into that you, the week of taping They want seventy minutes. They think that the best amount of time- and I'm still like an hour and a half
some still it ninety minutes. Ninety five minutes and light, who shows before I take it. I just got it and I figured out where things connected where the callbacks work how I wanted the end it kinda guy does the thing about that. Is that, like I used to give real loose to protect myself from failing making I dislike here, he has just keep it loose Yonah in that way, just give me a lot. You know demand, but these last respects has been very tight. I was just amazed that I could trimmed down in two days. I had them all right, then I do this to trim a half hour out of ninety minutes, said yeah and then I to get it in your head and not you know and get it as a conversation That's how I do my writing. I didn't know how I was going to add that special to the day of I change the ending the day of that makes it exciting. So I don't write a coffee shop. I generally write on stage and I write him.
Thirdly, do you think there's a right age first stand up to kind of peak with how they understand the towards a better is a different matter. I know some people have a gimmick. Some people, like you, know, get get off the hang of it. Quickly early on, and then it evolves. You know and he wants, you learn how to make people laugh. However, you do it you kind of got that out of the way, then you can go back and make him not laugh again. Fear- and you know you can make em where you can grow. However, in a girl, I'm hiding We come into myself. It took twenty years for the really work out. I don't think I really let go of the fear and toy five or six years ago jeez. I totally trusted the process, trust the process, not afraid feel at home on stage you re writing raining coms as that for the same thing where at some point you to play, we go, this is. Do I haven't read a yeah, I'm good at this
Just the process even go to my place, and I look at the black Microsoft word were using inches, it's gonna come right, ass, brutal, but takes forever in some reason, people sometimes You know it's know I can get on stage and even if I've got nothing to say and I did dick off, I can be pretty entertain. You can t just the area I have. Is that it's a guy. Like writing, I'm sure didn't standard to it's almost like playing off when he had to keep going out there you can have, you can't. I can't let you disappear from stand over a year and a half hour has come back and turn. I can barely do two weeks yeah together throughout the most. I do I gotta go out tonight. I go on the weekend. You six, it's gonna, Jim, go the comedy store and now that I've got just finish at hour and a half
I've been doing about our year. Our policy airfoil ass. You forever have five four five cds, three hour, specials one half hours, but I mean here then is but how anyone pressure myself anymore. I, like I, don't know how I got that I never know where they from, but they come. I was always amazed when, when Sir was dated Jimmy near any beer, Jimmy's ass, Savage is get up and she leave like night there's a guy she's gonna do attend I'd say when she be back an hour later, vague sweated entertained, a hope. Two peoples. Your idea was that it was like I'll be right back ass if she's gonna again I won't let you guys on that were doubtless she did. You buy the improv wordy no yeah. He lived with. This is when he was living like dinner. And a Hollywood hills I brought you re, so is like ten minutes, Diego Garcia just happen. The Congo fool. The drive for me, but I'd go just part of the job. Do you think is if,
say all stand up. Comics have to be slightly day. Which in I know that you sitting down after talking in almost all of them they're, like necessarily damaged anymore than other people. I do think they have the sensitivity or something there is I gotta know what compel somebody did two David never thought I had a choice. I want to be a comic and that's why I was going to do, and then I was a comic I didn't I didn't have plan B, be don't think of anything else is was going to do yeah like what causes that stupidity by don't know if they have to be damaged. I don't think that's nice. True one of the most famous positivism Robin Lambs yeah, because he had this whole aside that people people who knew him as Goin Ladder Man and he just as ball of energy the whole time, and then you actually went deeper them here and people of woe.
Wasn't there like there's another now yet now it should around his yeah, oh, but some of the movie choices emails. Clearly in other garb Yeah, I think, like you makes our movies, where he'd scale rather way back yeah show yeah, I the interesting that last bit of that. In our view, the more he had had some straw oh a boom in drugs, yet it relapsed in any. Yeah in any of the other problem. You know with the he had some sort of dejection. Of illness yeah. He was looking down the barrel at the yeah I that that conversation it seems to be one of the only ones with him of that ilk. Re has got a lot of people, I think it might be the only one yeah if there's another or not, that I haven't seen yeah yeah and it was a very odd day. It was interesting. A key arm and you confront the Roma joke statements, have me ass, I hear owned up everything and it was. It was just
I think the only reason it happened. The way it was I was in his home. There was no one there, like I mean, like he's like if I was wrong Williams, me you, but you saw that guy sittin there he would need to make back. I laugh was his name in Africa. My nephew guy, like Robin talking to you that he be thinking about making nephew. Guy left no doubt consume him. It would just be what he be doing. Yeah you know and in so because there was no one else there. He didn't need to do that I'm an easy audience, but he wasn't gonna just the out the jump up and down for me for an hour it's when we build the growl and stayed in two thousand and twelve, which is basically a converter electrical closet, and I just had the people at the closed door like even if they brought people they gonna go in there. Just was enough for him. There was just the two of us outside as a huge advantage where issues its mean new pages Canada. Let the guard down and go I've done real radio. Now I don't think so.
What I know and I mean just a real read what you know like. I thought your mother, you ve, created some new station like when, usually if you guys, like you, do in the morning of the glass easy I at last you're gonna go for yeah, you haven't you. I've got you get in, that's it you gotta, get real ass can be really Glasgow. You can't hear and see them buckle rat with laughter When I did Morgan Radio, that was, I was always what can be. I know glass give you need a day like if he could hear the as you go out, start laugh and tell me about your back there. You have it now. He looked over there. Nobody mandatory night is that at the time of water Three or four. The book is a pretty amazing really and we had no idea. De so amazing. So really slight idea was jealous of it. I found your seizure, it's gotta be jealous of either of you. Rightly. I guess I was told you say. Keep telling him you're jealous may feel regret. Not are you to couple great ideas
a gardener visa Josie Mae then qualifies the cup wedding, ring that anyway, here the piracy now I love that I've been appetite. Did a book. Rageous went randomly just interviewed all these people. I thought it was fantastic, so I'm sorry adheres to the way. The bouquet together is just the ear, the ideas we have this resource of these new eight nine hundred interviews. It evolved into? We created a bunch of theme set. We talk about a lot on the show. Yeah, like you know, our relationship, success, failure, addiction, spirituality. Sexuality is like a dozen or so we broken into. And Brenda Mcdonald who's. Your wizard, who is like you know I get- is more than half of Why? The shows great by the book is certainly gray. Is that he's got it? still trap of the mind and he was able to kind of remember much better than me, any those conversation amazing. I wish
Brennan Madonna viewed needed address again yeah. You should be jealous of that one ivy nets grade you ve had your guy since day one and when he saw it was so funny because ear he for the first four five years of the past, He was doing it on the side here he is, the EU is producing hell of was a producer adamant we see like and then like, even when we started the video thing. I always requests Brendan on. My knee Brennan can't do happen the one who brought back their America. He was yet a big job at serious. You move up the chain and I brought him back in town to produces video show, and then we when they hit the war, my daddy's enough, but he had to work and we got family and stuff like a few years ago, he said to me, said a nigger full time with deputy over my dear. You don't have to do that. I don't want to what. If it doesn't work, you can do
but he knew he was doing they need in dead. No is gonna. Work are certainly worked out, but anyways, so he organise these twelve themes, Jim rather different pieces of different interview. That's basically, you know is that they are. There are piece of indifferent. Their views by a hundred. Fifty hundred sixty people in there and I wrote short chapters. You know from the head of each theme. John Oliver wrote the forward that the. The book and I read it Now- is like I can't believe these conversations like I, when you're in one? What are you really remember if you are engaged in my kingdom hyper engage? gotta know where you are right now pleased him. We have to engage with your age. I loved you and they are here, but but I don't remember, do you remember? You can also go further because the added to your stretch when our three has been read at five job as work so hard that there's like this nine years, nine months
a pike, ass examples. I have had this problem going through there's some Wikipedia and unlike remember. Doing that. I dont remember that stretch of my life. Almost the archives I was so embedded. It s almost like PTSD yeah, it's like o o I did how to remember talking. I can hear the exit yesterday by guy who's talking to rob fuel, and I will bring up even like I'd. Go talk to that amateur I talked in. I talk to judge them by, but yes so, but what really interesting about it. Is I think that people talk differently. Obviously, then they write. So when you re transcriptions that are the milder cleaned up from us and owes and whatever's gear is at the intense you to have it Intense you to have, it is immediate, so you He things that people say as opposed to your writing, which knew you form. It goes indifferently. I think, if he has a very visceral, I actually wheeling
for years and years. I resisted dune transcripts of the pods, because I was felt to just grab a snippet away. You lose like whether somebody was joking. You re at a time when you write a context. There were no is made me nervous, but then we started during the last two years. It's fine! Oh! Yes! It does! Definitely then it sounds the attitude report, the wrong peace, but right for the most part, it's cool, and I think it is emotional immediacy to a year, and I just really together as a book, and it's a nice big book in its is allotted things disgusting. People represented in. I think, there's gonna be like for this. I think it would be like I am for restoring the balance. One worthy aims designer me he had so many people like tat without any clear regarding o sodomy. I was not in the first book I think. That has really is, about an hour each one. So let us not desert lameter. We
I wish I truly transcribe everything now wee. We we usually would tell somebody after work? The great given our express like hey, grab this one section and right that part out I'm going on. I cannot go anywhere. I get in respect one. The things I regret: you're, not the big one, not the at the biggest but it's like so many things are talked about nine if a veto, if, if I was able to be create, create a bigger operation, all the things to make. It would be nice uniting Brendan sort of on top the, but one tat people like what was I put you talked about because, like all other books movies and would have been so easy, just have an index of shit for each show you what was covered with their Amazon Africa. Not yet, but we never did that yeah that that was the other. You do that now we are doing it it's like free money? Wasn't it yeah seems like a car, has been doing everything we wanted. Does it work as it would crawl? Do anything really really well
We always do something like thirty delivering cashier crocky the robot. Now we never did It seemed like a was an easy thing to do, but not just for the ammo nothing just so as a resource yeah like you know, give em. If you want, you listen things as an index woodyard to that guy about gladly, the width, revisionist history? He as each page for the pod, has a bunch of realism. But there is not going to go back and do it would be an insane job. You'd have to hire, someone to listen and eight hundred and fifty whatever list do not underestimate the young millennial workforce out there. The miners get a bad rapid, gale dealers couple minors Abbe, like I want to work with my baron I'll go to highlight. I live millennials Worryingly dollars, you like your hundred twenty, a piece to pay them it envisages that their mark.
Where this was a lot of fun. I'm glad we did this. It was getting out yet the narrative home at home. I have to combine ears at some point. Ok, having entered, and also I have two I'd now. I gotta think about like what would that pass b is only a you can You could finish an animated. I have no idea Where did you get deputy? I did you expect that it would become also, his acronym that is constantly being texted back and forth with Ella well on a couple of everything it must have been raised in the in the world. Then year was out there, but not like. We have rightly out there me like. I certainly didn't invent that. No on that same media that it's the ubiquitous I believe, got you got in early and it's a great name. Will my my concept was that, like it's usually the most important question that that the philosophical I send you know, that's that's it. You Norman I had the wait. What is that
as I was that was really go into that from his biogas. Now he when he did the air at the Kyoto is that in general, but then he, when he had his sport, John Comedy censure that whole section called wait. What in the way, he's gonna know has been registered. It got Joker my special, where I think there I want my. If I'm gonna die how to be quick and painless kind of like my last words to be like wait were that it's over there. I think I with my bed. Thank you like you thanks so much to Callaway Gough Callaway Gulf that calm, slash, dioxins, don't forget, you could build slew. Fantastic of staff are stuff proceeds, go no great charity. Cod golf fights cancer. He can bid on custom made sandblasted handed limited edition wedges for the ringer, the bosom his pack asked Anne Shack, ass, good, a colleague off that come slash, auctions right now and next Wednesday. Thanks to stamps that combine print official yours posted for any litter any package, any class of me,
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I'm back Monday, guess the lines with cousin, Sal and then a whole bunch of other good stuff next week. Until then,.
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