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Matt Damon on 'Good Will Hunting,' 'Rounders' and Breaking Into '90s Hollywood | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 423)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Matt Damon to discuss his journey through Hollywood with Ben Affleck, 'Rounders,' 'Goodwill Hunting,' the 1990s class of actors, baseball, and more.

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the ringer dot com or we had an awesome oral. History about rounders two weeks ago or you're mistaken, with Matt Damon about runners in orbit. The reaction boss check out that past days, confused one at this rate, the twenty fifth anniversary- that's happening us on there Pakistan work, our new pack, acid rain, Mozilla dual threat, that's happening, the Ringer Falco Channel, thirty. Three. We can find a whole bunch of pop culture. Smart talk about the media, politics, all kinds of things check that out check out everything we have at the Rear Pike S network come up a pie cast, hate with Matt Damon a couple weeks ago, actually we're doing the or history foreigners. I did the interview for that. That was the empty went over to his house and decided to make it a deep dive about what was I to be an actor in the nineties as Matt Damon
people that you know where in basically is class which we're going to talk about and all the things that happen to them all the jobs that they're going for in the night yes, and eventually how his career exploded with goodwill hunting right before renders came out. So we thought about that whole bunch, other things we did this before He went on set our lives to talk about to do the bit about Judge Cavanaugh, so that was before this. That's. Why wouldn't talk about this? But this is, Edwin, Anna and thanks to mapper all the time? This is a but I was really psyched about this when it's coming up right now, first project, I worry about damage ass. We ve taken is for the rounders twentieth anniversary, history ringers, but now
pages open up a little bit until I got nineties Movie Pike ass. I think the way your career was gone. Leading surrounders ethic is interesting. But I noticed you, Jim Rice, Jersey. I feel very comfortable here. Yes, you anywhere near your safe yeah friends I was afraid, Lynn Guy, but I like all who was a threatening guy to them as well: outfielder, MIA Evans, linen Rice and then use timescale. Of course that was those were my guys I did when in ninety nine, at the the asked argument, depleted Fenway, I didn't celebrity, hitting challenge and was, on a home, run the celebrity team with Jim Rice, some really was he nicety of his great yes gray, I mean he was known, is gonna, be an ordinary yeah? That was always is reputation, but he was super nice and and and was still belting home runs right, I mean in ninety nine, so he was probably got what he would have been five thousand seven hundred and forty late night. I get it like late for his early forties early fifties. I guess so I'm forty seven, so I guess it's
That's how you want to try paranoid. I did you know in fact back then we got that in the night before the star game, the than the old Greenspan there used to do it. Twenty years ago, in Joe Moody was his name in the air in he. He let us on the field, and I got to go on the field with my dad and with my brother and with a few like a four friends and we had batting practice from midnight till one in the morning and it was able to put the lights out for you. They put their way had the lights on cause, they were, they were literally. They were literally draw putting the lines down for the game, and an I hit the wall, my dad was a pitcher in college and an I hit the wall, you know, would bat off. My dad- and that was it- it was like with the joke that night we were driving out
and we were like, I said, never gonna need therapy, those like that has happened and what we were saying. We should just jump off the Peru like through better. I think that here too, we ve all peak like this. It was it was the most awesome, Sean Mcdonough was theirs. I asked one of the people with us and there was like a hand here, but I was just this Unbelievable moment what happened on the upper showing you gotTA, Pater Jersey yeah. I went on the show, and that was at that was, after that ninety nine season, when he had they just have the greatest. You know yet one of the greatest seasons ever for a pitcher and and at a nowhere I mean Oprah being Oprah. You know, I mean people get cars on that. Shall sometimes you know. I'm in she and she's I haven't, give free and of the gold cool. You know I didn't and sheep I opened this. And it was pages one of you yet forgers, easier to home into away
It was one of his further how he heiresses for that year. Oh my god, so that it had the little tag on it, got it's the existing and hear anything any signed it to me, and so that was you know. In terms of like my life being becoming totally surreal twenty years ago on the time of Rounders Oscars, you had a double off the wall. Fenway Pedro gave you Jersey, I'm again tell your spare yes yeah yeah yeah, maybe you're still here and then area, and I realize then that I lived inside the May. Well, let's go back, because we're gonna get to the random stuff, but you for years and years. You had it sixteen. We talked There's really watch was back ass mariners that we have run yet, but we talk about how you are part of this era of nineties actors When we are grown up, we was heard about the guys from the godfather and other itemised Brando. But then this whole new class came out and it was those guys and then Deniro.
On your era. Never is considered to be an error, but it really kind of was an error, and I remember you tie me there was this austrian, are you guys we're all going for the same movies and there are people that became pretty faintness? I mean out here. In the early nineties there was a handful of You know in terms of leading man that you know that I would go up against. You when it was. It was a lot of guys in school ties in other movie, Libya. We did in the guys in days staff and legs, where I live, how you pretend I'm not aware of it now, but I mean you know: it's not did its. They both in a big issue, is now a days and confused which, although wasn't it shit. It was it's really at the Hague, ensemble young cas yeah, I saw I have you looked around all those actors who were kind of in that in those in those movies that were around then we're pretty much the people that that would you'd see. You know you you'd go and you get called back. You get called back again, it would get whittled down and you'd, see like you know, Ben or,
Mckenna, hair or you know, you'd here at was LEO in this whole world. Now Leah was already a star. Yeah has already like. You know, cause he's kind of blew up with this boy's life when he was probably thirteen or fourteen, and then they needed we're grape Jellia wasn't auditioning for now, He was just step, it is in no way like I, like I audition, for the basketball diaries. It was like LEO's doing the best, Bob diaries. There's another part time work, it remains so that's so he wasn't. He was already any little younger than us here. So you think he's probably, for I want to say, is probably five years younger than then are there no Juliet banning Mean Machination Brad Pitt in their Brad's older than Brad was also massively famous, I mean Thelma and Louise is what ninety
Ninety told that's right, yes, I was so darted up it. I remember working with him. There was something that on oceans, the George wanted us to day. I forget what it was. It was some appearance or something and Brad said no and George. Let me as well look. He goes cause. You can't really blame the guy. I mean he's Brad Pitt, he's been Brad Pitt a lot longer than we ve been us even the like. Even then I mean George gonna. Subsequently jeez become this kind of international law, I can, but you know around oceans, we were he was. He was transitioning off
your. He was an pit was just I mean I remember the first time we went to Europe on that movie tried to promote, and Georgia's tells the story of people like stepping over our faces in order to get the brat like that, you know we were completely invisible. We used to send him out like before us cause. There would be like a thousand people outside the hotel me to say just Brad just walk out to the left and they would go complete. Bananas in Georgian over his walk out to the right just go to Japan gives no problem, but my choices in their class rate. That is now he is now but but but he was you know, he's toiling way do in his own thing, China getting yet it was doing you know he was. He was still and it is your contract yeah so
How can I earn lead? I did so. He was their like tv. Pilots are that organise yards like ninety four three and enforcing area, so you know he was. He was then met him at a barbecue. I remember he came back and let us really cool guys said he's he's done. Ten pilot that have gotten picked up and none of them away and they all got care they all got made, and then they are either you know like did they were on, for two episodes are eighty nine eleven just got cancer. Did you have one of those? Are you just were movies movies from the hours always movies? Why was that? Well, tv was different, then you know tvs. You know tv was and he was a sit com which I wasn't interested in doing TAT for it was a procedural. Usually you know like an hour long. You know which, which Diana young lawyer with danger streak. Yes, exactly an end.
I can't settled the hands Ex wife Jennifer Garner okay, so she was on one area. You know it starts out. Events in this is really cool and she she's they make me laugh. Did she go by the seven seas in her whatever it's like there's aliens coming down. If you another, just it just gets progressively more absurd, you know and and you're pregnant with the aliens baby and its give me back my baby, I say no We won kind and knows it's like we're just running it into the ground. You know there are still people watching and- and I hope I can any pleaded the bay where think out of anyone, but he already earned it got out as fast as possible when he, which is five years, and and they were beg him to renegotiate, and I think you know he was making like thirty twenty five or thirty grand a week, which is obviously a lot of money. But to put perspective on that, the show was so successful. I mean people were making hundreds of many like that of the people created that GM free
it was just this juggernaut, it was, it was everybody in Amerika there were four channels and everybody was watching e r and Georgia. Last episode in I think, Anthony Edwards was making a million dollars a week, and they had their last seen together and they started out together. But Anthony was that you know I'm going to see how I'm doing and they paid him what he was worth right and- and they would say, George just renegotiate you're, going to make so much money go. No. I want I wanna be. I wanna make movies and if that's what it was worth to him, so he never complained about it. It is their job and red played out his contract in an did. What he wanted to do was your first big break. Its tat depends: Venza, hey, define Khazars there, so many of them that you know I mean is as good I'll. Put you on the map of is for me. My cool guy made us evil. Yeah yeah, namely those treaty, Brenner Frazier, just called for I know, is a horrible character
he's really scared ruin the worse than ever got to play. I didn't I Semite Astor. No, but not in all star like antitrust. Are they like? I was down it s got no nice guy It is getting baedekers good turn out. Well for him now he knew. At the end of the deck, was totally states gallantly with an environment of like, like pure white privilege, tat in a way that she's a really good movie that holds up for Kyle's ivory wanted, but that was a huge break for me and it was a big big because Stanley, Jack who was originally directing it and sherry lancing were producing they had done. They had done Kramer versus Kramer, they ass they also quite famously. Tabs, and so they another one of those young and, above is said, they were known as people who really Had the I too, and so too kind of be cast by the Stanley was originally the director of the movie was a cat. Is a signal effect
We want all these are young AG. These are serious young actors, I guess I'm in bed and I both got put in that movie. So it was a useful that was a big that was a big break, but then I went back to college and the fund in ring and end, and you know I mean I'd subsequently learn a lot about marketing and had a market and they marketed at the way they should have which was around Brandon because he was the star and he went off and it and see no man I after it was like ok, this guy's got another movie he's the star, the movie. We got a blow him up and then Chris O Donnell got scent of a woman, you audition for thou and everyone audition yeah yeah everyone. I disagree, part it's a good was it was the it was one of those parts. It was like, oh, my god, opposite output, GINO, and Chris went in and wanted an end, so everyone knew that movie was gonna, be big, and so it was like the marketing kind of emphasis went to.
Those guys, and I remember being really hurt by that yeah like personally feeling like war, but I'm, but I am you know, I'm not Like this person and I'm playing in this movie, I'm really good in this movie. Likewise, and you know- and I just lost anything- They actually that they held that role against your tiny bit. Possible. No, no! No! I don't think the whole row got hurt against me. I think I think it was just I wasn't talk. I wasn't talked about like those guys were talked about. Like I remember my boy they're gonna. Do I saw this thing and it was like they were talking about the two actors who are really gonna popping come off this movie and they said it's Brandon Chris. It was because they had work lined up and yet, as back in school, I didn't have any other job, but I remember feeling like war and then that, at any rate that you know so, but it was still a huge break- the idea that I've been cast in the future-
some say it's the best naked shower facing ever up their dude. It's up! There's film enough. Five that yeah yeah yeah, my god, my god there is, I think, is probably a lot that was cut out about tat, Just so you know, I thought you knew effort before them Oh yeah, yeah, let's be, we grew up. You know, I mean these up. The street now he's still alive away than he was thirty years ago. The air, like two tiny blocks away, see get that movie How are you auditioning against each other for parts? Is it like competitive? How does it work? I mean? Technically I guess, but but it was you know we were roommates. It was like. I hope one of his guests wrap it, because you know there was in others it.
I got Geronimo that movie with Walter Hill, that I mean that paid our rent for a long time. He got this show against the grain, which was actually based on Friday, night lights, Yes, it is the first adoration. I think that I say I too, so it's it was. It was a Friday night like on one of the major networks, which is their kind of family night yeah ramming right cause, that's whose home wanting tv and so it's real family was real. Our shock slag, you know little day, As you know, it was thick with one of those real kind of family shows it lasted like eight episodes, but but but it paid our rent where you live in we're Eagle Rock at that point has been the right way ahead of the curve we yeah a little too far ahead of the curve Even if you have an audition in Santa Monica on a Friday and you live in eager act and black man it was an hour after all, it's more than that. I mean it's every to ours like each way you in Africa is it,
what's the apartment, how big is it you got? There are so many of our eagle Rock. Was they won bedroom. With the first one year. He was in college. He was at accident also, yet the first one was was pretty shitty and and then I too, geronimo, and then we got that exist. So we had a little money and this place we called it the castle. It was just kind of weird dilapidated the kind of architectural mistake, and it was me and ban in case he had just graduated high school and he and his other and a friend of his moved out to do a gap here and an case. He was gonna addition, and so they live they use. It was four of us living in this in this. In this kind of weird place, in Iraq and then Bennett appointed already dropped out of schools. It was like wirelessly Fanny, Iraq yeah, but anyway, and then you better,
and you're in the circuit. Then we They have no. Then we were there. Then we went then we would the next instead of reshaping our least their weak. I got a place with another high school, and in West Hollywood Ben got engaged to this girl and moved in with her and so is that Mama were like. Do we're gonna sign his lease like an easy? Now, I'm gettin married him. Really you don't seem to expect it back really in his again now getting we're. Has every great we're happy, I'm like ok, he was like twenty two. You take an intervention. Well now I mean it's not your play. You know I mean the equity is only what are you saying but the problem they are you sure, like that's. Why are you sure cause because Susie were signing Elisa like we need? place to live and we gotta get it we're getting a to better, more three bedroom, so you tell us, are we getting into better? Mirth remains a get it to better. Like ok
so my and our friend sore and who we grew up with the sword, and I got the steed bedroom on curse on offer. Rose and and about two months later Ben showed hath with always shit, and we had the only you know this little. You know places on at ST another great if two people given their cause, you know you gotta a little front room. A little in the area and in the kitchen and then bedroom bedroom right. So then showed up there in a bender bigeye like there's. No there's no way to put him right here, any out all his stuff so now is stuff took up our living room and he was trying to sleep on this council. We had this couch this one of those black leather couches from my gear that, like that, you know that if that If you, if you're one degree warm like you, just stick to it in the light,
Ben ended up on the couch which, which Ben six for the couch was proudly five. Now so we go in the morning in his legs began and off the end was. I think, one of the reasons we We were already writing goodwill hunting, but we we finished it in that bungalow kind of apartment in in West Hollywood, because we were like this untenable here. So we're gonna work like we have nothing to do. We not have jobs. We have enough money that where a rent is covered but we're not gonna make it through the lease by that's. So we probably were writing you know twelve hours sixteen hours a day, em We had nothing else going and goodwill hunting. The original movie had this horse second act where he becomes a guy within see I
is there anyway. I learn what one of our favorite movies all time was midnight run yeah. So if it had it was, it was very much written by two, but, like you know, I was twenty. Two and ban was twenty. When we started that we saw, we saw that version of it and I was twenty four and ban was twenty two, so it was like a movie in homage to midnight run written by these guys from Boston, and it was kind of a hot mass yeah, but there were some scenes in it that we really good and it was castle rock who bought at an end. And Rob Reiner I'll. Never forget Rob Reiner in a meeting. You now basically gave us permission to remove all of that high concept stuff, and it was the high concepts stuff that kind of sold it cause. People were like, oh, I can see, This move? You make money, yeah and Rob was like. We don't believe that here, like I've been there,
something else here. If you guys just want to explore these relationships, you know right the movie that you want to write and be like. Okay. Well, this then? And then you guys rose, ok with you be in the lead and had been the psychic yeah, I'm in started it in college in play writing class, and so it was all established by the time. You know that was my fight. Might final paper, was this. I was forced to write a one act play there and it was it it will. Instead, I handed in the first act of a movie, and I said to the professor: I think I failed your class, because this is not what you asked for, but this is what came out of it and I really like it and he gave me an egg in class and he laughed air was really cool because I didn't get a lot of stray days at Harvard you now and then he went. You know no, these at whatever, wherever this goes, because I dont know where it's going but stay with it there and he was it was really great cause. I didn't think solve as a writer, I was an actor and neither did Ben for that matter, and so
that was in late January and then in March I came out here for four spring break the audition for stuff and stayed on Ben. Couch and showed it to him, was like hey. I wrote this thing. I don't know what the fuck do, that an end been read it and go I don't know what to do with it either, but we should do it together and I was like sold, amen, so that was really did I I trusted, no one in my life more than him. Yet you know- and we were just you know- as users- closer friend is I've ever had in my life or ever could imagine having having an and I respect him- and I expected his taste- I mean we our tastes kind of form together, you know what I mean is that those kind of teenage years, where you're kind of spreading your wings and gaining your own independence in and you know we did, that together, right, end and so
I know he would read a situation the same way. I will let you know what I mean. We would be at very compatible in that way and will the movie then goes and developmental hell? four legs by main, almost two years yeah, but to be fair it it it. It gotta, out of that process. There was appointed the inward stagnated with castle rock yeah, but leading up to that point the movie vastly improved because they allow us to do you know to make to make the movie that we wanted to make to make it smaller and and then yeah I'm in it. We wouldn't have existed the way it I've looked at. What point was it like? We're only doing this movie for any, where you had that from the beginning, gaming chicken was there when the new studio came in, didn't they tell you like, I will buy a butt
everyone. Everyone said goodbye by without us: everyone said you will get how much more money, if you just let us tunas with bread and LEO yeah, you know- and we were we were like now and. And they would all say, there's no precedent for that, and then we would always say Sylvester alone. I was going to those of the only two examples I can think of them. I think Chad, Chaz Voluntary, did it with the Bronx tale to a certainty that's about one year he had Deniro, I mean Deniro had seen him do the one act play in so I'm sure I was running interference for just saying, like love, he's playing that part here you know what I mean and and but still founded did it on his own Stallone just refused and he beat he was flat. But with like a kid on the way and yeah there Ryan, O Neill to do it. I guess and gathered he'd fear they offered him like an extra thirty grand or somebody said now. But you got a couple other movies, even before this movie guy gone right when you yeah before he started Feldman you, you lost either way for courage under fire. Yeah, that's kind of crazy,
retrospect how many I may pass. Did you get that I got down? No one! Thirty nine! which was like legitimately and helping the hour for me. Yeah I mean I'm one, I'm in shape now at one. Eighty three point thirty died is ambiguous. We are in the day, for they didn't tell you to do that right. You know, I just did it cause. I you, the guy was was view recovering heroin attic in or not recovering, actually was a bureaucratic and and any was supposed to end and- and there was this whole thing in that movie, where there was flashbacks, and I wanted to just make a strong physical delineation between what he looked like now and what he looked like in the flashbacks that that something had happened. Right there's this incident that the whole movies about like really happening, it's kind of got disinfection good move at that thinks. I haven't seen you in the October, but whose footsteps Russia on quality, where you have different characters, telling the same story, and you see it versions of this story in your like, while what really happened, but when it
to me. I wanted people to go like something is really fucked up somewhere fuck this guy up in an there should, and so I had the idea to lose a bunch away, there. Now they were just ceo guy, while they would have to cause. I wouldn't What do you think? I feel it was just it was so existentialist. You know it seems like every last actor has to do that once were they just either lose a tunnel waiter gained a tunnel it Maybe IRA makes a year. I saw myself it's like a red, a passage yeah. I mean I do this e g. I now so that happen, but I was living in Charlestown. When you guys actually got greenlit to make good, will hunting- and I remember the improper Bostonian that had you guys in the cover- and it was in this coffee shop that I was wanted to, and it was like. Look at these young Young Boston, kids make they're, making their own move it. I remember slipping through the leg, the guy from school ties
worked- I mean you, you have bad, that's a pretty deep knowledge than most people like when good wanting a map. You were like oh you're, an overnight success now and we are like. May you better bunch I was in the union when I was sixteen like that. You know the amazing confused African abandoned substantial, but they think of years ago banner was like a real that will take us tat evening from that India, and then he and then Kevin Smith by acid and Cabin Smith, was a huge part of getting us tomorrow. Can she was chasing Amy without was, but I work of authorize before so ban was the answer movie yeah, yeah and Ban was like the the kind of India, Darling, yeah and then flipped from the India darling too good wanting came out, and then he was in Armageddon and rains I go he's a man is a big popcorn movie star. Yeah, I remember, reading a read, it forget, read that thing in for some reason: it just stuck a mailing. How that looks interesting, but never thinking you would be, would it be?
Kate, and then you had like this whole. It was in the height of the whole people like leaking stop trying to undermine the Asker campaigns of other bs. Instead, you to deal with this whole thing about. You didn't really right the movie dad. I wish this ridiculous without was a thing we're like the way you have like the hard drive like we have. We give rise a movie, we wrote a thousand fashions crass. There is a thing you know I mean like that everybody's read, but it wasn't That was a kind of a kind of interesting wake up to the crown of the politics of award campaigns which have only gotten more insane, but but that that somebody would put that out there, and it wasn't meant to be a story that anybody believed it was meant to be a story that came out timed perfectly so at the moment somebody was writing in a name on their ballot did go ha. Maybe I should. That may be all right there and that's all it's just. I just want you to just change what don't write goodwill hunting right there,
movie. Instead, that's all it was in and I actually TED Tally was a great writer. He wrote. Silence of the lambs and TED Tally was one of the people who said they said wrote. Somebody said wrote the movie in I subsequently worked with him on all the pretty horses years later, but I did never met him and he did an interview. He called for eighty and said you know it's being reported that that I actually wrote this movie and gave it to these guys because I just want to say for the record that I wish I wrote this movie and he just did wily that you know just he didn't have to do that. You know it was very just I remember feeling like wow. That's he's a big heavy hit her in this business and he just really did us a solid and kind of put that one too but then you have you got the rain maker before good words in rats, we're gonna Greenland yeah. So I was so
So we ve been mere max and development for a year and an Gus had fallen out of negotiations because He wanted final cod and Harvey, wouldn't given final cut, and then I got the grim trinity. The deal fell apart and then they were Harvey is trying to find other directors and there is a great city limits story because since the matter think with seventy two at the time, allow read the script one of the great yeah yeah, and if so, when, when the, when the Gus thing was ended, they set about city lament and said. Are you kidding me like we'd? The verdict, of course, and we'd red is we'd, read his book, obviously making movies and and Sydney though the the word that came back was once he found out. He couldn't have final cut. He said I love this movie and I'd like to direct it, and he said the Harvey Wines Dini said without
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A primal fear was a movie that came around and was this unbelievable role where lives like scent of a woman where the at this is gonna blow up. An actor I've I remember. I hired a dialect coach that I couldn't even afford to get to prep. For that audition I mean it was a big one. It was like this is a this. Is you know it's you're done if you get this and and it was actually one of the things that help me understand and ban, and I had a real come to Jesus meeting about it. I remember because when we both got close and didn't get it, and and this guy named Edward Norton, got it and and and
That was when we realized. What are the odds right, that a movie with a roll, that's great for one of us, is going to make it all the way through the ranks of the established actors who are all going to have to pass on it, and then it's going to get thrown out into the kind of end of the end of the open here with end of this jungle with and the thousand of us are going to go for it like what are the odds? Your actually gonna get one of these parts. It's gonna change your life and we're like fuck this. We got a right. This thing we have to write it. You know, because it's never gonna happen never gonna happen. If you wait for it and the other the Blue do in am, but it's like, if that's your strategy in its now You know, I mean it's such a hail, monsieur they school tat, Brain Frazier said a woman, Cressida Paramo Filler Edward S, three parts in six years, that transform subway. I mean there was that there are other ones. It came along like powder people that work is gonna, be having me remember that you know I got close on that one night I care about
a bunch of movies. I was you know, the second group of people around a lot of them and and so, at any rate, so when the rain maker came along, the rain maker was interest because I got a phone call. I've been tracking and tracking because I knew Cobler was doing it, and that was obviously my the godfather, and you know it's like all of these actors and he was legendary for how we worked with actors and Patrick called me, and he said: okay cuz it. We couldn't get an answer from them. We couldn't get an answer. At about where I should go and when and Patrick finally called and said, listen he's screen testing people in Memphis you're not going to get it. He said, I said I said I put your chances at five percent Edward Norton's, going down there and unlike fuck, any an email, caretakers Edward, not only Edwards, not only done primal, fear, death he's done: Milos Foremans movie, right, yeah people, verses, Larry,
when, in everyone saying he's fucking amazing at it right? So he goes, but there are three actresses that their that their reading and they only have two actors, Edward being one of them, Patrick stay. It's a helmet and I'm his I will you go get it? Will you gotTa Logan Airport right now, not sick here, and so I flew to Memphis and that next day screen tested fur cobler, and that night Edward and I went out and and hung out you know we had like a night on bail street together yeah and and cause I just You know I mean he was a game, isn't my age, incredible act, like this guy, that I just really admired and. And I remember that night dishonor like well, I mean it's really fun CALL meeting you, man like like, I have fun, may
the movie like I've really thought there. You know it's done and then over the neck it took like too like agonizing weeks, where they went back and forth between us like it. Looking good, it's not looking good, it's looking good in it, but just and then I got the I got the call that I got it and then that was the most. How much money was that one How much money do you remember TAT I make six, four thousand hours, which was I would bet I bet if we went through. I d, be you, remember the price of most of them, though early ones that yeah yeah like like That would cause the most of it ass, the law if our for diabetes is Fourchan but but but I was, I was the lead of the movie. Yes, it was like it. It was like a hundred and someday shoe, I mean it was a long long long movie in members in Memphis Yarn and and then San Francisco. At the end, we did the stage stuff up in, but the the
the most I've ever been paid. For I mean I've been paid a hundred grand fur courage under fire and goodwill hunting had not been made but ban, and I sold the script for six hundred grand, which we split and then I had a deal for good wanting. If it went that I get three hundred fifty grand guys get points with that movie. Now now No, you made it for a later yeah. It is completely about Robin is actually who did you know Robin made this incredible deal where he, where he, if the movie made over sixty million dollars, he started to get some kind of escalating participation and it was He read it in his eye. He just got at the end and everyone's like. Oh, this is cool again Robin Williams, cheap as he is. He was the biggest movie star in the world. He got twenty million dollars movie and I think they paid him like five right, and so they were like we're great wealth
we're we're winning here and then it has turned out Rabanus. He had the latter have been crossed, and so we we're begrudged him that cause it was that that also get a movie made, are you finished rain maker, and then you knew you doing good by hunting right after that. Yes, because when I got the part I sent a fax to me was ducks- and I said I I I think I said I am- the rain make yeah Harvey call him. The fact is that He was gonna get sued than he had some court leg, wait a second things make yeah. She load of minors, the boiling I dont know. He'd know his quote was the grecian movie and I said the corporal a movie. Then he goes to all those Gresham movies make a hundred million dollars here, and so he instantly calculated that the faster he could get goodwill hunting into this scandalous screen. He could piggy back off of what was potentially a really big movie it and might be a bit. I don't remember what the rain maker made, but it didn't make a hundred million dollars, but it was good
member. What's funny low is over every in Hollywood chest to go for these proven whatever faces, and the ones that take off so often are the ones like what happened you in bed and good one thing that people love discovering new stars every once in awhile, but Hollywood never seems to realize that, like it's, okay, to give somebody their biggest break sure I mean yes, certainly worked out, for you guys began. Guys became the marketing campaign for the movie. Yes, these guys. They tore away. Yes, such a guy Cinderella story, it became part of the reason for that movie was also very good, but there is a great crowd of one of the marketing people. We had a meeting at mere max before the movie came out and guy came an egg us. This story is so unbelievable about the back story of this movie is like the most believe will thing and theirs is positive, goes and it's all true. Thinking like oh ok so normally
You don't normally have the benefit of wrong rashly over there s. Another two so enjoy that did you know, is gonna hurt like a dead? No, no. I mean I am I always said we were making a. We say if it's just videotape on our mental, like we want alike it we want, we want to like it, and that was the only kind of yardstick by which we measure success or failure, because we assume that note that it wouldn't be a big hit. You know we were enough. Was if it was a bottle rocket or if it was. You know what I mean if it was a movie that we loved but leg didn't a hundred million dollars I'll be fine with us whose pray tell that to happen with raw rat waves being in it was an angel everything that change everything in that part had been. You know we called that our Harvey Cartel Part B gas because of reservoir dogs, and we have heard that residents got made because Harvey Cartel said yes and again that got the funding. So we
We need a Harvey Keitel part, so we wrote specifically a role that was really it could have gone anywhere from. We know from a Harvey Kai, Tallard Deniro earn at Harris, Sir, yet you know, or or or huge massive starlight and Tom Hanks, for somebody like that it could have gone Marrow Streep. You know what I mean we could do with some rewrites, and then it becomes more of a man of a son mother relationship TAT. It could have gone Morgan Freeman you make more from Roxbury and he's from Sir and then you and then you bring in kind of elements of racial tension around Boston. You know that both of them would have been with a little bit hard to pull. It would have had the character right break guy from South Korea time right. So so it was made to be apart wheats. It took to be kind of as flexible as possible because we were just trying to get it made so that that was the kind of a bit of Calculation, I guess Bowman's Robin, took it Robin Robin, you know
you like to be in the set on home cause you so frequent famous in the MID daddy's yeah. That was our first big exposure. I mean I had. Maybe two days are working Denzil courage under fire, and but we were on like a military base at thinking, and so it was pretty contained in shot with MEG Ryan out in the desert, but we're away out now pass Owen, and that was so. There wasn't a lot of that craziness, but with Robin and boss the net was nuts I mean it was. It was people hanging out the windows and a lot of people scream mark when he walked by a mayor. Meda is only fifteen. Sixteen years earlier I get so ass. It seemed like so longer in his body of work in between had been so vast and of leaving the movies the deck I had done. Yeah from you know the Fisher King to good morning, Vietnam,
the dead poets, judges on and on and on, and then all the MRS doubt fire. I mean you know all of those massive Jumanji. All that stuff, so siberian more exciting, is capable of that's classic bicycle our Bosnia, I own. I know you, I know you like, and market trading sent me or not. You better than us more. I think about me, come on. Let's stop, and that was the best thing but there were heard the character for me. Every spent so Massachusetts, eight, the perfect, you think, you're better than me, Canada edge they're, just had a bad character like that. Our chair. Or any those idea was the call hazards character bill bill bill they? good engine, like our, I knew those guys what call did this incredible thing we're making a movie like
He gave away almost all of his lines to Casey there. He goes look guys. I see that cause we'd written it for him and he goes ice and we'd written the other part for Casey. Obviously so because I see that you guys like are trying to pass the part out to make me want to do it, but I want to do it because I want to do your movie with your guy and it goes in each every one of these groups is always one guy who's, quiet and yet and who lose weight a yeah and he's right into serious. Like there's shots, he look at a meagre like one of what that guy at all like easily quiet guy, who is also the first guy you want. If anything goes there exactly the guy and and and so he did so, he wrote him his own lines, egotism, Game Casey Cause, there's always allowed mouth, and the group too rare disease add living. I d done this stuff so much at that point. There is no Casey, those chairs you know cause. He had lived like
baseball Gov, seen in some other stuff, they baseball Gov was just in the house where we went out the glass next laughing and that's not. It is first the men like you know. I just couldn't help it was so funny any also like the first day shooting, shooting the scene where he was asking for this line was gonna get my. I will Berger and an there was sold show remember where kids, it was called the aims that game show Big Box no one MRS Ojala browser like here s, your luck, so we always watch press your luck like your own secular. They watch press. Your luck and Ben and I've really early on started talking about acting as you know, you'd do they say you make choices right to make a choice. You, too, you know, that's a bold choice or whatever.
We talk about it in terms of going into the whammy business less. If you were. You know that the point of press, your luck is yeah you're, you're, trying to press the boy. And you don't want whammy me if you get a whammy than the thing takes all your money yet, but if not, you can make a few thousand bucks or whatever and but we always talk in terms of How much are you risking like? What are you you now? Are you ran straight down the middle. You gonna go into the whammy business a little bit and, and and you know I don't drop a bunch of forgive our! Do you know what I mean. You know what any any little kind of moves. We'd made career was chasing Amy, chasing Amy. We had gone into the whammy, both their rights. We talked about that and in the first take on case I sit in the back, see anything goes Can I get my job Berger and better turn around once like what the fuck is. He, like spirit
the thing we wrote like an anti dyslexia doesn't go sorry guys, I'm going to do into the whammy, is if it, and there's nothing you can do you like. I am on and he's brilliant, the movie and and- and it really works like that, he d bring. Something that no other character is doing, and it's like. The right color for that the movie takes off. Now you get rounders yeah, rounders is your next movie. You ve already decided to do rounders before a goodwill, hunting even came out and erratic about law. It hadn't come out. It was. We started, shooting rounders in December of nineteen, ninety seven and so round of good wanting came out. I think it was December eleventh.
Ninety seven and it open and allay in New York and then and then it open, nationwide and January. So, the first month of that movie, good hunting was kind of coming out to really good reviews, and I was doing like talk, shows and and interviews. While I was starting to shoot rounders like to promote it. You know and ass the men ago and that guy. Why? What why rounders? What was it about the script to jump daddy? Well so, when Harvey bought good wanting from castle rock, he got ban, and I both in these option deals that you know he had allowed a leverage on us. He could ask for ten options. I think he asked for three each which basically man I preach
set your price for three movies yea, and I remember Santa Patrick in and ban at the time I fuck. If, if meat, because mere MAX was making the best stuff back, then it was that it was like Ya'Ll acquaintance, stuff and Anthony Mean Gala, and I was like they wanna preset my price to what have they? take it. You know I mean it's like you know. We wanted to work there and then wanting blew up and it looks like it was gonna blow up. It was like: well you it's like a rookie contract. You just try to be get through it and so that you can go out under the you know and and and and- and you know, get get more money to do the same thing here, like Jason Tatum on the subjects right now, you know the big. Now I figured Jack's coming down the road exactly strata winsome gave not to compare myself to the great Jason TAT I didn't mean to. If I didn't mean to besmirch is a day of this, but it felt that it was, there
oh, my God were you know like we're, taking off and and and the three movies. I was just thinking about this before you got here, because the three movies that I did, to fulfil that those obligations were rounders dogma and the town to Mr Ripley so our Bs Harvey had three good spirits. I just die line right up and I did em and knocked him out, and and then I never work from your max again, which is weird because one of the people who really connected to that time- and I mean I guess I work for them him a lot in that time, but the he dragged into the Harvey stuff and it was it's weird I was. I gave you work for the guides. I don't even know what your role is spurred like I'm back and ask you bet it, and it's not like I M worsen out
again, I know I just don't know what you're supposed to do in that situation. I don't know. I think a lot of people said you know what you knew where everyone knew and I always to sleep at knew. What like I don't. I've worked for. I don't know how many studio heads at the down. I have no idea what any of them do when they I don't hang out. Why would you know I wouldn't like? If they were my friends, I was like rolling around with them and like you, then, then that you gonna Vegas for them on the weekends, Sri Lanka. I never have with any of these people like they're they're, my bosses, rightly, I give they say yes or no to movies that I want to do, and I am we and so were connected for that six months, and then we take a picture at the premier You know they go off and make other movies, and I go off and make other movies so, but I just feel like like that. You know when all that stuff, coming out. I think there was so much that was systemic about it. Then I think that's what people want
oh fuck, everybody around him- must unknown everything here and that's just not true. That's not what happened, and then I started to think about lay how connected. I was to him, and then I was a minute. I haven't worked for him since ninety nine I didn't realize you. I did the three and then you right out either way you that's a fantastic quartet, its grave. No, he get due to his great inasmuch as option deals, people normally it could. They can get stuff. You get started again. You can get forced to do something right. Yeah. I got for you now to come out of there. With goodwill, hunting and rounders and dogma Ripley, it was great in the end and in all the pretty horses was a co production with Sony, but it wasn't part of my deal and I think, and then an o three. I shot the brothers grim for dimension, who was with which is Bob Harbours brother. Let's take a break to talk about quip
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weird and and and disorienting and settling Anthony was really really locked in and really knew what he wanted to do. I remember loving it when it came out and- and it didn't really get the do that it deserves nominated. Does it actually now it's ok, I think I related they got it. I think I hope so because it was really well done and but, like I remember thing If I wait ten years Could you see the movies right when you make them, but it's kind of impossible to judge him, and I remember seeing if I wait ten years, then I can walk and then ten years past I was like at maybe twenty years and now it's like twenty years has passed on all these things and I still have to sit down and watch him cuz. I feel like I could be more objective. It's just it's hard to myself young. Actually, then it is to me no watch ruff cuts of shit, I'm working on now
dead cells on the path towards go, and he just doesn't go backwards it. Ah, he discussed the next job. He doesn't. I understand that I hear I mean I know and that's that might be where I end up, because I haven't been able to go backwards yet either in and you know we did it They had one of these. You know twenty year things, but it was in the New York Times as these readings of screenplays, but they cast them with with different yeah and so crazy Linsky was due to dinner with M last year. When it goes, I'm directing the goodwill hunting one and he goes, which you ever do it. Would do the reading and I go when is it Actually, I might be in New York than yeah I'd. Do it, and then I called ban in Ben was gonna, be in New York and so as a surprise, we came out and we read our script and neither of us had read it. You know literally, since we so that production draft was the last I'm gonna go back and Unita revise it again. It was like that was it that was, and we read from
and it was a really emotional faint, like and had I realize it was way more special, then, like the academy, ward. Anything like had, I known it was gonna. It was just this thing. Brzezinski was like when you come to us and I was like sure and it for Ben. I both. I think it was a really like when we got in there, and we heard the energy of the crowd and people knew it was like they knew These law. It was a holy fuck. You know, twenty years later there really was special and and that movie deaf as long legs cause. I do. We do this through achelous package that, where we basically deep died, this differ movies. We did Mitt. I ran ironically, visual. My pheromones ever like one of the lowest, listen to Pakistan, a bother Rivera. Oh my google hunting, I think, was the number one higher than with them like I may, with them. Probably sixty movies this point, but I think that should become one of those. It's like the definition of a reward about, which is why we wanted this renders thing because
Renders was another one that there is no sign at all that this was going to happen with rounders, not at all. In fact, it lost money, delighted we hold from the theatre in three weeks we lost it was and I mean I remember my whole life was changing right in a real as filming round yeah an in this really profound way to wear like it's like it's just your code gets rewritten for the matrix right. So just your subjective experience changes yeah the world is exactly the same but it's totally different for you and it's such a mind, fuck, and I see why people go crazy. They divine on people without a solid support, really get fucked up and because it it's a it's a head trip, because
It's you doing the same thing you do in every day, but everybody around you is acting differently right right exactly and it's a very it's just an odd and unrelenting experience. But I remember that the the positive part of that was, while your life is imploding. My career was exploding and I was getting to do this thing that I've always wanted to do, which was work all the time yet, and so, when John Doll showed up, I was Cole Hauser was away do in a movie, and I was house sitting Forum and I remember, with John, came and met me roving Griffith Park at coals house and- and I was cause harm was that you want this movie. I was again he was well for directors. I was thinking you know, John doll- and I was like you- mean red Rock western- the last seduction like yeah really. Will he do it in areas like Yahoo, in so suddenly we got it and on its like, oh my god, I love this guy and then, meet him in his like well. For this part of worm in our second- maybe you know Edward
Orton Numbing, Edward Norman, think you'll do it feels like, and it was. Kept. Naming these issues like John to Thorough and I was like, are you fucking kidding me? Would you know, and I could believe that all these people wanted to Malkovich and then Malkovich of is just Like did you know anything about poker now now I mean I played in kind of the classic home game, like with my dad, where everyone you bring chips and dip in you play ass, fuckin, stupid games, you know like baseball and, like you know, it's like that, you know there's an eighteen wild cards in some guy wins a hundred dollars. Somebody loses a hundred ain't, nobody, nobody really gets hurt you drink beer and the like that was poker and so part of the getting to know
Brian and David and know who end up being lifelong friends of mine and who yeah but Brian, was in the David, were both very dialed into what was then this really cool underground scene. You know it was you had to go like you got to go, look up into the camera and get buzzed through a steel, and you know it felt like fight, this is cool. I guess this is a world. This is our world the, as this subculture that I didn't know existed in your kind of the poker profile, smart, competitive guy. Yeah don't now is likely to dangerous for us, but the game became is now like. So far its evolve, like I don't know how many you will you get started playing that right? We do we started We ain't got into it. It yeah. I mean we got Do it like, but not to the extent that summit
Toby Maguire, is a fucking ass. Yet pleasure, like he's really good Ben One, the state title out here in California fourteen years ago, some he got really into it. But even since then the game is really evolved. Minutes all deep, deep game. Theory now and these kids come up on the internet are watching their plan. Ten hands at once all day, like I've seen you know they ve seen every variation in every variation of everything in a lot of times their playing because they don't want to get their their play. You know it's like it's like that, great, that it is a great plan football last year were Tony Romo. Where would the patriots let it let us, score at the end and Roma discuss. Oh, my god that so gross he's just doing that to mess with the analytics, because, like is a meeting with score and he never puts five people here in about he's like he would never do that, and I guess he's just doing that so that it looks like sometimes he does this, and sometimes he does that
when it matters. He does this and this and it didn't matter, and so he's just fucking with the other cultures right now and that's what these people playing poker now are just our plan, game within a game with a game with a game, and it's just so far beyond them, like the math. Saying o Brien about a recently with the math. You just have to be just lead pipes on the math. It's like that's a note, no brainer, but the game. Theory beyond that is just it's. It's it's beyond my comprehension where the games gone, they told a story there we have in new era history about thereat, plain poker with some guy. Who is a friend of yours and was they talk about movies and they were like we're doing this? movie and there's no way needs of kind you in Africa can you guys, showed up and play poker and that's kind of the first time you are hung out there was that they may allow yeah yeah friend of ours, is at the bike any called up, and he goes through these deeds down. Here said they wrote your next movie in that
before I mean that was really early on in the whole thing, like idea, I dont think I met doll at that point. I think I'd. I think it was like we're. Gonna get John Darlin, oh, and if so, when the guys who wrote rounders I'll, be right there. If we win when hung out, I watch Brian Blake, as I didn't play hold him. I didn't you know he gave me- I mean I remember he gave me like the super system, and he gave me about Canada, though all the books that were that were kind of relevant at that time, but that you mean to promote that movie. We we They bought Edward, I into the world Series, and that's why yeah I remember knowing about, when it was happening that people ready news stories about rata right, and it was, and it was twenty grand they were gonna lose and they got all those stories out of it cuz, but it was three hundred and fifty people and they announce that you remember. I said I believe it was three hundred and fifty or three hundred and fifty or seven
but whatever it was, it had doubled, whatever the last year's energy had been, there were like him in and there is a big cheer that went up in the opinions because it sure you lost the Doyle Brunson the inactive out yeah. I had kings yet aces because that's a true story as that will then the internet, I never know yeah. I know that's true that you lost the Doyle Brunson who had, I famous. He has a hand in after the ass. The tenderness he knocked you out to us see did end it, which was great cause. I've been sitting there. I mean plan like a donkey. I was just sitting there, just just yeah, not doing anything cuz. All I was thinking was I got to last as long as I can't go out in the first session, I got up to go to get to the piss break, and then I got enough. You know, I wonder if I just dunk off all my shit like. Can I make it to the second day yeah right cuz? That would be a good story.
And you know, and then I got kings and and there was a raising a a raise razor mean in retrospect. I could have got away from him, but I also I was at sixty five hundred dollars and ships at that point and I'm like if Doyle Bronson this is gonna be but either way I think that's a good. I think it played out pretty well did and I remember: gonna gets like Bela check or severe you're, just like what nobody expanded away. I'm just gonna, it's like Piedmont. Nearly yeah get his tastes like I'm not going to sit in the corner. I wanna commanders throw haymakers and confused, but I think this is the problem with these guys. Twenty years later in this work, because there are so many people in the world series Poker and people want have their story of going ahead head against. Pros. I think it's hard for them to window cause. They don't know what nobody has they don't know what anybody has in, and people are playing with any discipline cause they're they're behaving differently because they want to say that they played with Bill summons radio got involved in a hand with him, so yeah it's become really hard for, for them.
Do you think rounders was gonna do well. I never know if anything's going to do well, I mean I I I liked it You think about this one, the resume under your history? It? One of these slow burn movies that tonight he's had that doesn't really happen as much anymore? You still see it sometimes like John Work, I think, the example that you came out. Canna came aware and then became a thing battle. This happened over over again tonight is happening, swingers, dazed and confused. Renders is another and it came, and when it was the first Matt Damon, Postcode, weren't movie and was gone and three weeks. And then it started Jonah by cable, yeah and then and then what then poker, then poker started gun. I really helped. I think you know when when the world Poker tour, and you know you started to see people's whole cards and watch how they played and it just people it just caught on it and the game exploded after came out were poker. People
How can you- and they did- they figure- was their movie? What was tat, I mean you know: poolside l still is like every time I see him is that our God man is back. You killed me like showing the worse moment of my life. You know it's like Italian, we did at the reactor buzzword talk about our he's, the big loser, if that whole movie beyond, had they gotta ten career, always a g easily in areas where we are, you guys were at an end is anyone any say any is incredibly nice guy, like is you know, he's a guy. You really route for so Now he was like you yeah, through no fault of his own became yet was the big loser in that and that whole thing make tee, yeah. What do which might say would make big day, because basically, this guy, just as again my problem and is for shit and he's got this a friend that he loves big day. You gotta take that and turn it into something I mean I don't know. I thought a lady man,
school. Lady man, you gotta care. This year, I have the route from egg make the right. I think you have to believe that what was probably more the case that, as you are just saying like that, he was a top ten player and that that it's not gambling. Ass. He actually back then write like there was a lot are soft. Money around like people know how to play the games like Jiu Jitsu. Now, like everybody right guard right, but like twenty years ago, they didn't in twenty years ago. Player of that skill level would, you know, actually could probably live. Pretty well read, you know what do you remember from the Coppola Levine script like? Do you remember thinking? This is rich in different and feet: his leg, I haven't read anything quite like this yeah yeah. I just remember believing all relationships. I love the way it is
the relations with with the worm character? It's just everyone has that friend in Hungarian and you're, just like fuck, you just nothing but trot you're, just nothing but trouble. You can't you know it, but you can't a cat in your life yeah and you just see it with every decision. They're gonna make they're gonna make the broken decision. Just like you're gonna get fucked you're gonna get but your nose is gonna get broken like you know, but things going could do that cause warm was such a scumbag. He adamantly put him away like that. I think I can do anything tat men, he you know at that point it he done primal fear, but today the people for the very first was in the end he was. He was working on american history acts. He had shot it and he was in the editing room and he gave me a rough cut it out to watch like while we were making round it and also call if wedding you, talk about other to hand, reverse stuck in the pick up game whelp I mean there.
Certain point than your only to Agnes somebody's eager he's been in its now. Did that collapse, just figure one hand further setting out the ring on the curve is unforgettable, the to hand donkeys unforgettable for the wrong reasons, We takes us but belatedly, it's like this. It success. It's like you get back from the last year, one around one. But then, five years later, you find out that you actually like one some aware that didn't realize you want Sacramento kings, yea, this, like the more we, I hope you re
Emily, while its also the business is so different, like there was a dvd market area and this just evaporated was gone, so that was, I asked the studio had recently were from the Martian. I asked him to novelists like what what was the real effect of that, and he said fifty percent. Fifty per cent of business has been cannibalized by whilst this technology right and yet these different ways to deliver this stuff, but but in very real terms for us. That's why the movies of change? That's, why they won't make rounders anymore. They won't make. It were hunting they can, they would make it if he was a superhero yeah, but I mean so if he, but they wouldn't even make rounders became from ours to play poker. We'll see what it's me,
how to replace with Z, International Box office right and said what you want or movies that are big and really understandable to people all around the world across language and culture. Yet at means talk less make things more simple: white hat black hat superheroes like it makes total sense right. Everybody knows who the good guys their owners, the bag is in and you know, and they spend foreigner man dollars and blue eyes shut up and, like you get your monies Wirthin and, conversely, you can't put rounders or a good wanting into the endure movie. Theater up against that's CMU I have Netflix is gonna fix that, to some degree everybody's wondering I was wondering, what's and, if you think about with just what they ve done, would like rom, coms and leg teen common, like the stuff, my daughter legs, Nobody is making those movies for eight nine years and that Netflix Curly had some algorithm, yeah real. I like that
your daughter, my daughter, it's like their underserved. Let's make movies for that, for these people. I hope so I mean I look. There's like the movie. That's really gone is like the twenty two: seventy million dollar fifteen, the seventy million dollar drama. There's just you know a lot about migrated tv yeah right. So we'll rounders is the type of movie that she's gone. Yeah I remember seeing I saw we took behind the candelabra to the can film Festival, because it was an international release in it in theatres, the outcome of these, but here it was on each year and I saw Harvey wines dean at at at work. And- and I haven't seen him in the end- and I haven't seen him since he had passed on, the. So I so I asked him what why did you fuckin pass man? This is like classic Mirror MAX we and he remembered it- was a year
later and he or a year and a half later, and he was like it's a twenty three million dollar movie. I gotta police that into peony that's it fifty split it with the exhibitors, and I gotta make a hundred million dollars. Now I, like you, Michael and I like Stephen, but about do. I believe that movies going a hundred million dollars. Definitely and once it does, then I started C c prophet he goes egos. That's a tough Betty is now that I've seen it. I should have done it probably, but he goes its just really does that's the business, and so, if you don't have a deal he behind that right. There are these other ancillary monies that are gonna that are gonna backstop. You did it. When one ends up happening right, so I produced this movie Manchester by the Sea Yassir two year two ago. That's a classic movie, Had we made a twenty years ago? We would have made it for twenty million bucks. We made it for eight point, eight and- and we only got eight point- eight because Kimberly Steward who runs K period came in to came in and like independent
financed it. The best other offer we got was four million bucks from Amazon and we were really. We can't make it before. Barely make for eight and what sad is that movie was exactly the type of movie you and I grew up the kind of grammar lasses Kramer the eyes of the movie that God made the verdict, others movies guy made over and over again my entire job. Yes- and that was a kind of we asked why I wanted to be an actor. Were those movies, radio kitchen sink dramas in an and we'll problem? these? You can still make some bright. Nobody gets. Paid any money you, the crew gets paid, and you know when I have to hope it's. Second, your basically Can it to try to win an award right and the only reason we want some awards with. That was I mean I'm not. The only reason is very proud of movie, but Amazon pick us up after and kind of were using us to prove themselves as the content for prestige content providers, so, as I can
by a bus yet- and I talked to marketing people from other students- were like they ve, probably spent four forty or north of forty million dollars on the campaign for the movie right. Was suddenly everywhere. That was because we had this big engine behind us, but when I was a legitimize their own business right after we were really what we were just in the right place at the right time, but going back to the production side of it, like We had more money to make that movie. They know. I love man, Esther, I'm incredibly proud of it, but Kenny headed. An ending, there was this scene where they were all on the on these boats. They were, they were on the boat at the home movies kind of about again it was a flash back to when, before cases, kids a died, before his brother had died when he was still married, the michel- and it was this thing on this on this boat, and they were well watching right and it's just credible moment of joy- and you see this family all, together and then these whale start breaching out of the water, and it's just an you needed fuckin drone cam enough.
I mean it- was one day a shooting right and you gotta get lost with the whales, but either way like we could have figured that out, but it was that it was this epoch and so with it is as the camera poles. But back as this families experiences incredible joy and you know it's about to go horribly wrong for them right the cameras pulling up up up and it reveals all of these other boats all around it, and it's all these other families that are watching these whales right and it's like this is one little story Yes, Eve stories right and it was epoch in it was beautiful and like tied. The whole thing in- and it was and we re not a money, they mean- and it's like like if, in retrospect like we could have done that, but you don't know that it's Manchester until it comes out and everybody goes holy shit. It's great. You know I mean more often than not it so hard to make those movies work they're just used to be in the nineties. So much or the margins were so much greater than you had more money to swing in mess with and as a result, you got,
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for me, starts growing amazing deals: incredible hotels, gotta hotel tonight that com or download the app now to what's. What's the most surprised, you ve ever been that a movie you made didn't work their benefit. Quite a few men that I really wish to work better downsizing. I was really found out about you say thought I was gonna hit now I just thought where I thought the critical response would be better because- because I believe we made what Alexander told me, we're gonna make which was a how Ashby movie, with special effects no, it's so fucking. Weird, that's a good soldier job it is. Is it was perfect? me. I was all I needed a hearing in it, but it's this. It takes this such a bizarre left turn. Right. That's so insane like that. They're going down the fjords in Norway any falls in love with this one legged, vietnamese political dissidents who ends up. You know I mean I've been yet it's all this life affirming com.
So his offer, but wonder, the bizarre that I thought I thought film critics would go. This is the fucking car, Thing that people need to be making more up like I'm, so glad somebody put money into it. Instead, it was like the opposite. It was like what Kristen Wiig doesn't get small and they don't have. It is not a screwball comedy like what's go and I just I was shocked by not shocked and then shocked, but, but I was I would bet that one wrong. I bet. Obviously I mean it is about. I mean they're, all bat studies to a certain degree, like you know where I stand based on whether I said yes or not,. Excited I'll, be the martian ray. You knew that was gonna be potentially get buried. It knows could be that no one there was a lot more risk in the Martian, as it was just me and it was gonna be perceived as just me, and I remember having that long conversation and going like our eye to eye to this. This is if this one, MRS, It would be bad right, cause it's alliance, it's it's a hundred and ten million dollar movie. I mean really, did it four hundred and eight in years
further by yourself Breschia. And it it's it's a it's a bit would be a bit would be a kind of a personal rebuke if people just for like fuck that I see it. You know I mean like it would be hard to whenever These things doesnt work, you're, always plain that shall game right, your agents out there going like abbot hears, have and here's what really happened. Yeah an end to a large extent. That's true! You know what I mean it's it's. I always tell people, you don't see the movie before you make it you. Now you get the you get the the ingredients, whatever you're cooking and you get to see what the ingredients are and you go. I with all these people around, we should be able to do some pretty good and or hopefully, grey. Like ideally you're starting out. Everyone thinks hoping that its great and eventually you end up with something you no good and and some of them just don't work, and I think it's like baseball. He can't go for four regret.
Yeah. I know why do go to forty four thousand three hundred and forty four with a dinger right occasionally might go for four slash four and sometimes you go for for, but I mean you'd now. This is like twenty five years, you're cranking them out going to be a couple of downsizing. The man what half a year and yet looking back on it like I don't. I would take that movie again. I mean Alexander Pain. I mean that's the first movie. He had that wasn't a critical and box office hit, you know. Maybe kill them the only one I would have stopped you from was the Gulf movie. You couldn't swayed golf club. One. When I now I had less than a month to learn, I taught my speed rushed like a game that you cannot fight, but I know it was an and also just richest. Look don't get me started to its over twenty years, and it still painful But I look. I really really wanted to work with rubber Redford yeah
and an ordinary people was kind of a touchstone for us in and yet another movie that wouldn't get made the right right and and I got a lot out of it. I got a lotta working with will I loved will remember what a joy That guy is in and really does it right so seems like you were tried to have experiences with different types of direct. The stars, whoever lay behind a gleam certain things from whoever yeah. I'm making which aspire not with us. Not making great the enemy of good like that night. Just working like the other thing was this horse. Upheaval in my life was happening and I'd get more uncomfortable when I wasn't working by gas. So I I really put my head down for like five years and just aid on the road and worked and Anne felt very protected in
you know my movie crews. Among you know there was none of that same shit and none of that stuff kind of infecting those dynamics, Did you see what was happening from the outside with you in Africa, where people were kind of pigeon hole you, as is too like Afflux, somehow became the air from the movie Free, I ever heard tat you were like the smart guy was making. Credit choices and use the dumb ass is just make a big budget movies here, and that was really hurtful. To be honest, I remember the first time Saturday lives seeing Saturday alive live and they ve portrayed ban is like some broken neanderthal yeah. You know who literally couldn't talk. And it was so offensive- and so not true in so far as like you now in also so we'd shock and were hunting. I remember Ben
and after seeing like a rough cut of the movie or somewhere with at Mirror MAX and Ben asked Harvey to, please call Michael Bay Cause. He was up for this movie, this movie armageddon- and I remember thinking or that's really. Mark is. Maybe maybe Michael bail, listen, listened Harvey or maybe that'll Tipp, the scales for you like. I would have done arm again here. Just we had no idea where things we're gonna go for us. We needed jobs right and I had I had locked out and been cast in saving private Ryan. Right. So so those movies came out the following summer: Armageddon and saving private Ryan came out with the same summer, and then it was like oh match the serious guy and bends the big popcorn movie guy, and it was just that No, I mean we wouldn't you, we would have done the other job. You know what I mean if there was no so I saw it was just perfectly unfair and then and then it took a lot.
Time for bend a kind of right that ship quickly privately, everyone who knows bend knows banned, but but it wasn't until I think you know he started directing in and started directing some really good movies and then one best picture that people like I'll fuck he's really smart, his career said a lot of incarnations, but it's been alive I think that we have seen before with other peoples careers. You know the colleague who loves you come back, yeah yeah I, when it is gone, baby gone, it was like o, F he's back, it's like will. We
bearing my kids yeah yeah? He was there the whole diarrhea and- and I think he he, whether he internalized acrid criticism- I don't know, but certainly it seemed he how the way better than I can't I'm one way more thin skinned, and maybe that's why he takes bigger swings, maybe he's like fuck it up like that man. You know I never, but when they got one you know the downside, if I don't do that, I actually did. I did a mail bag, whereas Grantline Somebody asked me why been affected Batman cause. He was you know, he's on this great ran and I was like this is kind of like his. A key role here. Everyone, Canada now made this huge, come back. And this is like there are seven Pat strode, deep Randy, Mass of arab forty, eight to ten wreck.
They spoke here until I ought to be badly. I think that's true, and I think there is also the very real aspect of his son was three and trying to said yeah and people realise that our values, one dress their kids. I remember being advance birthday party years ago in and Toby was there and Ban and Toby had a conversation about. Toby was just talking about what his son, the Englishman, Otis. Let me guess you know this is the real thing may at fucking cool my kid even for a couple years thing. Some spider manner You know in, and so I think that was definitely a very real component to him doing. And so when you may, and also because the bend classically thinks he can fix everything he is. He is the most optimistic I've said is about him. For you know, we used to go to the movies and we'd come out. And our whole group of friends when you think that suck that's like many, yeah, but you know it would have made a better this this in this in the end.
With literally just do you just script doctorate in the PA and suddenly he'd make a movie that everyone wanted to see so early on in his career. I think he got put in these situations where he knew how to script. Through it and they weren't letting him, and so then, so what directing allowed him to do was be the person making the decisions in that's why the movies that he directs a really good cause you you never wanted to you now, we're really wouldn't go. Then the directive road. I do. I really someone act and I almost directed Manchester I almost directed promised land, which is little movie about four. That's right! You! U Manchester fell through Ray. You were supposed to direct, I was gonna directed aroused and then I decided and then I was like me I'll play the role because canny hit lawn again. It had had a really-
bad experience with his previous movie in, and it was so when I read the script as I can, a man you gotta direct us. This is you know this is not a writing assignment like you, you got in there, and this is this. Is your story to tell and maybe you can direct the father. The bride, remake Dagon, due to pressure daughters, If you ever present everywhere name is wireless good. There are movies like that. We could bring back random sure that when the down on him I mean there's, Do you know this there's some certain dad daughter movies that are out there and that's like one of the icons. But if you in there the extra money I've, as I do before we go rounders to yeah, it was gonna happen.
They were everything I'm I saw you. I asked you about it and another one. It happened, tat happened in two thousand and thirteen I well. I mean you know we have a common and Levine had a coal pitch, they pitched it to Harvey Harvey said yes in the room and then never call back, and so I'm pretty sure you guys could get round to made. I don't know I mean I'd be interesting like in in this. You know, I mean I want. What would it cost? I mean appreciate their face. Just green limitless saint somebody had them referenda. While we do not want to do away with it. I mean it's a great like what happened to these you know happened in these catches and an ever told you the pitch. It's really good I mean I'd really good and it's all in his everybody. In I mean it's like. We want all the come back and Direct Edward job and John everybody. All of us like what happened to the whole group was the best part,
other like the fact that make me d at the end of them of Ngos to Vegas right any psych workers poker. Could this be made every night? ninety eight I'm watching. I barely know anything about programme really know the world's hers. Poker was on tv or for was what I'm watching it. But then moneymaker happens no three, this moving. It said I was again. Moneymaker was again and now make me D. Try. And to win the world Series Poker Legate actually made the ending seems so much more realistic snuff catch up with them. They too thousands. I don't Why didn't you? You think he's region a chance. I guess he that good like is he one of those guys, and I always saw him, is one of those guys, but the question would be right. The new these new kids come, on the online and he's like one of the old by any one of the old lions Ray, and so it's like there's these different generations. There's the Doyle generation right, there's the MIKE Mickey.
Generation rights. I admire you, innovation which require caught in between like and then there's the new Fuckin cyborgs Pakistan Ray, and these kids are, kids were young men and women are amazing card players, and so can you be king, you. Can he can this check in the analogue generation? The kind of cross regeneration compete with that and and how to all of these characters, who are all a part of that generation, Edward and to and malkovich- and you know, all those players are in that generation. So how would they it's a u and then on the ground who and fill Helmuth Railway with an eye fell. Ivy rightly these. I he's gonna call hoard in that room. Yes, sire Thinking you know I now say dire.
Supply. Side now needs a win and renders decide on these. If we don't website, also just beat the shit out of me in rounders deleted. I I owe him. I definitely arabas to side debates and I, like day in their workers, a poker exacting cries. Exactly yeah was taken with with them If rounders do never happens, I beat the natural thing. Is billion season eight make me He is now billionaire and gets broad and gets by love it? As his he's running hedge fund, he's been in a poker game with acts from billions, it gets a little, he did and now he decides to destroyed acts forever. Our takedown acts capital. I thank you do I just think it keep it on your right out of four out of every daughters and we're gonna shows awesome too. That shows really find something. You're gonna have to go out. I would love yeah I mean I wouldn't. I would like a lot of my friends are on I've. Read
ask you went back of it and they sat russian acts and what was your reaction in the room? Oh good, this is one of my favorite story gets really so the though the build up to mark of it's getting there was extraordinary. I mean it was like you know. We had one of those deals where he was there for a week yet, and we know we start shooting in December, you no matter which is coming like February first and so for the whole run of the show. It was Mcafee just come back. Take it kid. You ready he's coming, you know, is coming right: Medea S, mouth scum, whose, like this any Israel gravitas than the midnight, is so fuck yeah yeah yeah is one of the most elusive talented reactors enigmatic that we had yes and he also happens,
be one of my closest friends. Terry canny started, Stepan Wolf with him and then so I actually had a connection to him that that the kind of took him a little out of the icon status, which was nice, which is helpful for yes, because it was the build up, was like come come. You know where you gonna beat. You gonna, be able hold your usin across the table from him yeah. So shows up and the first time we row he goes. If you doubt my money, then you and they go Kurt and everybody just spontaneously eruption applause there just ain't right away like fuck amazing thing: it's just me and him yeah, I'm looking at him across table and then they go to. Two, if you don't mind
Me name. You. And again they retinue accrues, like Turkey's year? Malkovich is here, and I just was looking at him and he sees me I guess, I'm not giving them the one. I don't even mean to any like leans over the table. He kind of beckons for me and I leaned across poker table and he whispers in my ear, and it goes I'm a terrible actor there was. In greatest, there was like it was. There was so much in that you know what I mean that I still to this day like treasure, because it's like you have to keep fucking. I think like sometimes people I can
which is not to say that I didn't like is performance in the movie. I love that any was, in the end, the accent he was walking around with the tape require the actors from burnt by the Sun Russian Movie that we ask her. She had. She had recorded olive lines form, so is it wasn't it he was. He was grinding, but that, but you know I actually think it hurt the first viewing of the movie like when you're in the theater for it, but then it game steam each time I remember in the theater being like what the fuck is going on who's going to talk. That way. The whole time twenty years later siren. I so glad he did it to me to it so much better any just. Absolutely was like eleven for everything for the whole thing owners, yes, brilliant. We agree that make my day after he wins a sixty granted the end. Any kind of taunts Teddy KGB a bad and says I could go on, but we all know that the Russians just immediately kill him Yeah, it's amazing that there are no way out of their way
the thing I never you know he's got. The farm could focus character. You know from condensing who is she saying to him. One come back and play cards and why I like, why didn't they get me like she clearly, if you like she kissed at one point, she's said she wants to be in a relationship with them like MIKE. What's your problem like she seems to get you? Thank you guys really like to do the same stuff like this is so I've known compliment in the vain. Since I wrote about rounders when, as is paying a million years ago, is my number one question. I asked them and bring it up like every two years. I she comes back in his girlfriends moved out, his weblog, your girl duchess didn't really like him and approve Poker Gretchen, the great Gretchen. More, we re shouter out pleaser, while she she didn't like me, innovation and support them? While she was like she she therein,
school together, she was like you didn't get it, she didn't get it and she was like. You have shouted a career. The lawyer like get your shit together. You know she was Morton Way more traditional and he was I can't do that, but we do need her in the movie. What we needed was family comes in No furniture left you're watching Ladys any chance, some old poker thing becomes enemies. I owe the one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine world Series of Poker watch the discipline and then she wants to have sex with them and he turns her down. It's it's one of the biggest mistakes in movie, history yeah, Know- and I admit I do now and I didn't get that at all. It's us, it's not even just even like to I mean it's just I mean she totally guess the guy. You know what I mean like the most important thing in his life is the most important thing in her life like what how could they have
that relationship go off the rails, new patient, whereas it's like they they can if they think they suggest that there was a relationship before for them rights, equal web mail, as part around as to why declared a salary should be married, It may even now the Russians are by the Russians Indeed, the Russians, those like postcode, were not quite dangerous, no rise, they weren't eighties right, I've and drag aware and that's back their dangerous again, right. I wanted to a Teddy KGB. Is he's dead? I think he, They killed them after losing track. We gotta bring back Markovic, make this happen. Powerful man dude. I believe there is a limited movies that I can't get made its incur talk about. I'm Tellin, you do its debates, five born movies. Those are the easier wants to get made nowadays, those that those bigger ones are they enough for actually easier to get
if the grandmother time than I couldn't stop fever. Pitcher now come on. We love, I love beaten Bobby. I never saw fever pitched share, but now we need the Red Sox fan, the right Red Sox, movie, That happened, what they also had their hope that they had to rewrite. I remember the ending has we won t know, for it did kill the wizard. It didn't kill ass, they killed the roommate, certainly didn't, kill ass. I was saying, as somebody recently the fact that, though the Red Sox Kin soon with the Yankees coming at nipping at their heels, are the sudden used to be the worst thing that could happen to me, would ruin my summer. Bats is often on that scared. It on its the biggest thing that changed my life that actually fear people who aren't from Boston Joe, I dont think, could appreciate the level to which that is true and that in that and that something so deeply and cycle
Lee, our kind kind of existential e important changed for us in two thousand for like it in a deep, deep, deep way everything changed like it was like living in a house in a terrible neighbourhood and being afraid, your you'd be robbed every night. And then all the sudden you got the best security system ever knew had like form guards outside, and second let us now are you just walked out the next day in the neighborhood shrilly. My face lit up at this place is fine. God yeah, really the it doesn't get me the way used to adjust was it was. It was like was responsible for like an underlying kind of baseline of anger. I think in like everybody from the greater Boston area,
we're going to the walking up on an onto Boyleston Street and watching the duck boats go by and just by myself, just crying. Really. You know as well as if any lady, four years old and good bye thing it. A mortal eyes is the first calmer, which was kind of like how we won the world series as red Sox fans, even though we actually did it when the diaries but people. Like we won the world Series cause we when their game, because we have this causes, we're gonna, come yeah got an errand. Boon was a year before it just ass, ever Madame de Bangkok, enough about rounders. I feel I feel I did didn't. I didn't ask about the climatic poker confrontation seen in rounders, gazette selecting in it yeah, because in the beginning, in the movie you you, when he gets cleaned out, then I called out when I wrote about them of their caught at the make my deface, which is that kind of
Money is gone, which is the same face. The reason I think you able to pull it off. It's a really good memorable face, but it's the bug. Maturity face hurry. We just like the world seriously. Thirteen pitches enabling compliments, like I met series, is able to tap into their that line about Bognor walking back into Shea. I remember in the voice over which I ended up doing, but it was a highly contested. Line I was just like. I don't want to say it out loud. I dont want to say that out loud and an Brion said, but it's the perfect metaphor yeah. Really is an egg, and I said I understand why its fifth, I understand why you wrote a guys it's very hard. Me to say what did you try to change it to? I didn't. I didn't even suggest, and all I just said I fucking just give me a minute yeah, it's like AIDS,
it's like a punch in the stomach is how an enhanced and how and how they referred to a Brian and David, because behind it been felt that a couple times, because it's its think of it that way cause that's that's what it is. It's like a physical is like someone just just out a due to the stomach is actually the perfect analogy and I dont know even other movies twenty years old, I still think it's the red sports analogy I don't know what else. No, I don't either. I and other things really happened since there was probably worse than that where you have like, but there shall know exactly what the address and exactly how much pain a me ray the works. So then you have the game. Are you do you feel like you're, good at faking being a poker player at this point? Are you actually figure poker per now? I definitely if you like, a poker player. I felt, like you know, unlike the golf
the air about thirty days, learn how to play poker dear, but Luckily there wasn't a physical manifestation like a swing with which you could see it. I mean it's, it's got to watch a lot of people play, and so I got to observe them play and see how little they do you now, because you I wish you don't wanna know you don't want it to your hand right, so you so the total attitude smack talk too, which is there was any way back then yeah now guys or just now sunglasses. Yet the Erika eyes, I you know their hats over their faces and it's like you might as well be playing online, but but back then it there were. There were a lot. There was a lot more talking
and and so and Brian got me into those games like you know, we had a technical advisor named MIKE, sells or who ran one of those clubs, I thinking and or for new people or whoever it was. But he got us in and I got to sweat some of these players, you know and that's when they allow you to sit behind them and look at their Cole cards, and you know and and watch how they're playing the hand and- and so I sew it was just tat- was all just based on I'm kind of what I saw in those in those situations, but also the dynamic look. I'm a writer also sign others. Yet you know, there's gotta be some drama can't be you know the hat down in the sunglasses. It's it's the showdown with you know your antagonist and it's the tube to its the dual at the end right in them in the middle of the mainstream, the Orioles right and the or house right, which is I mean a little bit of Adele yeah. But the thing is when I saw that move it. I didn't know that much about poker. I missed it. I didn't totally get it
a moment, united, so big, right and insurance, so close up, so such close up is it as I remember I can see no, my family, it's it's almost kind of dished. Did it it almost hides behind how big we we made it the essence because it becomes about milk. Which, in its just this kind of juicy close up and then later your eyes, always unscrewing hurry, next to his ear, what are the where the biggest housing the words tell about before the way, doll shot and, I think, was really cinematic and beautiful. In Ghana we got away with it surrounders tea ready. First a dude I've been you can ask compliment man, I've been we ve been talking about. It We just don't. I don't know if I dont know if, if if the Winston company has the right to it, I don't even know why they were the ones in company exist anymore.
I mean I wasn't like so I don't even know what then, what happens at on what happens to other stuff there. The rights too, yeah they probably own all this ip, that their they'll probably try to sell off. So so, by saying I wanna do it. You know we're fucking us because then they're they're gonna try to rob a bank when they saw it and where they are never gambling Megan get what's that it they're grab and what they can get when they find they sell stuff off, maybe right, the I don't know I don't I gonna get african. This worries real guard blackberries, lays out the tired out he's peace is genuinely good. I mean I mean you have to play so often to be genuinely. He was he was. I mean he was good enough to win me. He beat three hundred. Fifty I mean it was I t J Claudia like there are like legit people that he beat in there I met tournaments. I think he wants, I think, was like three hundred and fifty grand or sent me. One is no Toby there now now more like afraid,
tell them. Guy yeah I've only play with Toby once in events said they don't ever ever ever, get involved in a hand with them. Like He is. He is not always like the best in a celebrity car plays like it's not even close his eyes. He is he's just legit by I mean I think he you know, I think that's his major source of income. I think, as the other thing is like it, if I'd be a parasite, he spoke forgets yeah hundred percent, I mean they're there. You know there were like any do who used to treat train ban. She used to their friends and she gave him lessons right and taught him really how to play and- and she used to get back at a lot when she was in Montana with you, because she was a woman right and these guys right. She knew that at some base level. They couldn't believe that she was that fucking much better than they were yeah. She was just
just little Annie. I just don't know what am I doing right and she just smoked autumn, because she was a world class player and and so what she was really get out with ban was teaching him. How to use his kind of celebrity the same way in those games. Right you get in those games and people. It's fucking path, lack. What does he know? Yeah right, spoken actor right. Meanwhile, he's a fucking assassin yeah and you just lost twenty grand. To write like a Wall Street person right and then and then there's the well sure you there are people just think about care on others want to be in a hand within Africa, but to those games, those cash games. I think I'm crazy and I think Toby Bruno Toby's Ike by all accounts, I mean you know by all accounts. He is like, like a world class book, Maybe that supply for renders too that just might think he's in a flood feeder tolling wire, but he's a real chauvelin gratitude for actual it up. We were glad I value your disk suggest. Toby plays MIKE Magee, which should now be good, do
its main job aggravates thing where you actually in the movie. I originally rabbits is in oceans, twelve as yourself right. They can begin. I think we came up with it. Madame in this is fine. Thank you. Thank you guys species. I thanks again the Matt Damon thanks to a period of get good, as appeared I'm sorry, bs, thanks to the ringer dot com check out over awesome, MBA Preview, stuff that we have gone season, starts in check at the rear, podcast network Checkout Casper matches, asleep bran that continues to revolutionize sign of products to create an especially comfortable sleep experience. When that, at a time I've read your door in spite of the do that size box, free shipping returns the? U S and Canada one hundred I risk free sleep on a trial remembers one third of your life sleeping? You should be comfortable, chick outcast check out other mattress models that three in particular that great fifty dollars towards like matches by visiting Casper
calm, Slash bs, using BS at check out terms and conditions, apply, and if you love dazed and confused, don't worry at the check out the reward of us. We did it mean, Firstly, Chris right, it is up right now on the Ringer podcast network, back on probably Friday morning, with the third bs package of the weak. Until then, Ways.
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