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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN's Mina Kimes to discuss Super Bowl LIII, the 2019 NFL season, Baker Mayfield, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Jimmy G, Tom Brady, joining the booth for Rams preseason games, next-gen analytics, and more!

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Tonight's observe the bill. Simmonds, Pakistan, the Ringer pack, has now brought you buy zipper critter the best team start with great talent, the the patriots am. I say that, mean: archives is coming out of a bit later and she's gonna be China as by Super forty nine. When I bring it up, I can't wait. No one knows report talent, more than zipper cruder, so effective. Eighty per cent of employers who post answer pretty aquatic, can it through the site in just one day, my listeners contrived for free, zip, Gerda com such B S superior, despite its way to hire. Meanwhile Eminence Hayes That area take your game. They treats the next level with the new eminence hazelnuts spread. Shout the candies governance, smooth, eminence milk, chocolate, delirium, mouth watering, plan of chalk and hazel nut. Every bite size, peace enjoy them on their own or use into spruce up. Your favorite desserts, like one
the movies the other day, and I brought a pack and I threw them popcorn cassettes move go Hazel Maddy chatting Eminem Hazelnut spread chalk candies today, also brassy by the Ringer Pakistan work we can find. Today we put new pack, ass from David Chang and Larry Wilmore to my favorites, as was the Ringer NFL shows, is still die, now be their fantasy. I know you probably have a draft or an auction this week. Maybe next week listen to the danish C4 bog as and you can hear all their tips as we get closer and closer to weak one which were and talk about, Mina comes in a second. She wears free as pm. Is a pack has called the Munich show with many they should subscribe to. Have you haven't ready and I were Integra Papa. I haven't talked about for bond of my apologies, America. I should do doing better job. I can still get better I'm turning fifty next month
I still feel like I can get better, I'm on the way we're going to get better if you weren't up football for next hundred minutes with Mina, Kimes, first or friends, Are you can't come up and one second, why wretched some rings and fired up about Molly rhythm is new editor in chief of the rare starting on October. First. This is something that has been in the works for us for for a while she fantasy. We had promoted him to chief content officer a couple months ago, with the plan being. We would spend the next couple months, giant yet mare. Do this website and it's complicated, because, unfortunately, and fortunately for us she's here,
somewhere, where best talents ed she as big, bowed and she pops on a couple there from Pakistan. We have. She was on the reward was this week and we, This had to figure out about everything we honestly did look into cloning cause. I know people of cloned. I know people of corn dogs so where they could. We take marries DNA. We looked into it and, unfortunately, and you can somebody they still have to start out as a baby and on the steps of the time and then add up but social. Taken over in October. First, Sean will now get the concept and be my right hand person for all the content we do at the Ringer, which includes the website in the past, that work and ringer films and other things that that we care about as we keep drawing as additional multimedia company, but a brain this up, because I've worked with now. I think, since two thousand and twelve,
two thousand and thirteen. Something like that and came to grandma and she didn't say anything for like three months to me and started hearing rumours that she had this whole personality and decide Kynaston. In the office out over here, arguing with people and then as we got to know each other better really starting to feel, and she was just incredible in the office she's one of the best added Cuz I've ever worked with her writers, lever and just kind of growing first I will we're trying to figure out what the rain was gonna, be We didn't even planner account for the whole podcast. For that she said Cuz she just hadn't done them, but it's like anything else. You got wraps yet thrown into the fire. She got turn into the fire when we did the binge mode game of Thrones Project.
And got just incredible manner wraps and became awesome and she is ass. One of the most the people were worked with and were excited to see what she does with the web and in general we started the ringer. It was me and it was Sean fantasy and now I ribbon and Juliet Litman and Chris Ryan for people that I've worked with grandma and that I'd really grown so just love, working with and just love being with, and that was the genesis of everything restarted. Who else to do with what kind of Satan company did we want to create, and you know I am not surprised that man has has now ascended to the point that she could run this website for us it will not affect
their stuff. She does. I'm excited to see where this goes with our inferred, our company in general. So why the mention that really excited from our congratulations one of my favorites and that's it- spam in Munich hives is there. We ve never done a pike S, that's true. I've done almost every other people you got of joy. Is it a record for me how many of you better, ok, rear NFL via the watch? No bachelor party bachelet, yes, James Session, no! Ah they can show that we are all. So this is your fortune. That's pretty impressive! Any better budget is pan progress. Yes, your America, broadcast, guess yeah, my start. An audio areas. Fiann was doing the bill. Barnwell shoulda, once a week, then friend of both of our sir, it was through Pugwash. Yes, like it earlier like what the hell's going on little boy.
I shall just doing apartheid asking in general now I liked a lot. I mean Aetius Vienna, then a transition to doing more radio, but it's not always easy to break into radio as a writer. So Paca setting gives us writers the opportunity to talk, that we women your background. Aroun eyes asked me like: how do you do how do I? How do we get into and it's the people that Kate usually have really weird back stories that have no correlation to what they are actually doing now near a good example. Yes, I feel like I should be an advertisement for twitter people who, like how social media helps you get jobs, because I was a business journalists for a long time a financial journalists investigative reporter, but also, exclusively tweeted dumb should, above all yeah, so people knew I was interested in football because of that. And how many years we're doing what was a Bloomberg so my first about a cause was a fortune small business magazine. Then I worked for
and for a while writing about Wall Street finance doing investigations. Then I went to Bloomberg Unrove for business week and then he s been hired me. It was right after we lawns who bolsa point forty two. I remember taking that higher really personally, because I felt like we were just meaning so much talent, grassland and and- and I was really scouting all the time and knew everybody and then they hired you and I was like, but his eye realized, they just said miss that I you came in as it will hopefully she's not dead and then, as I am sure goddammit thank you. I don't in one thing about sports at the time it was just on my tumblr about football and how it had brought my dash, thus, according to describe your writing, but it was about how I brought my dad and I close it. There s some editors media spends Aldonza, hey. You seem to be interested in schools and may be more interested in this than writing about finance, which was true
that's how they got the idea. Why are we ready to finance? Oh, I just got into it. I didn't even study econ in college. I just I didn't timing. Your programme when I was in college and they placed me out of business magazine, so I just had to learn how to do it really quickly. Did I enjoyed it. I dont really miss it, except for watching shows like billions is succession makes me, but other than that I dont miss it at all. What college I went here. Oh so, then you end up doing business, but you really love about yeah. I even back when I was a business jealous. I every hour of the day as essential almost that's how I know Danny be Kelly. Our mutual friend, the most wonderful person, for the Seahawks Message Board community is intense. It's a little dark, but ultimately up a place that everybody
joined together in a really intense work, see actual or as a very unique characteristics. Kevin Clark- and I talk about this all the time- the different fan bases in their different internet personalities. Here she s twitter is definitely one of the weirder ones. I think it has kind of a cohesive, nerdy approach. It's a lot. The more analytic striven the ones fresher and you also have the Sonic sleeve yeah. There's one less team and p or pouring outfit. Cassandra should be a fourteen city, but they lead to teams for a while. I guess this Andrews cannot but be was intense and I don't really think about their history that much cause. They rose in the everything the NFL, basically, the entire time I found for power they commonly maintain seventy six. Yes, bananas by that team expansion. Jim Zoran enlargement. There were none I never on the EAST coast really ever for any reason.
It is only when they see last year, so you you'd get like the football. The tops cards with the football leaders like Steve, larger was leading the league or similar. He seems Corbett. Other than just seeing random highlights that sport centre had no history with them, and then I don't know just went through the night is they became the bow Jackson and threw them team and yeah ever really had like their moment until their shot. Alexander super will see large. It would have been a great patriot in retrospect are about check, probably try to bring about our time. Everything is the greatest white White, wider Seaver in the history of the info, so I've a broken this down. I think I even did away Receiver championship belt he's. Therefore, the best one because he was arguably other than re he's. Probably second best receiver, oh yeah she's he belongs in the game, is cut unfair. To put him in there, you know I'd diminished category because he was truly truly a great but go back and look at those cards the gym Zorn.
I want to say there's a card from that when I was a young girl like I love J T T love Devon, Sawa, but man, nineteen, eighties, gems, Orne you gotta go look. It was beautiful. A beautiful man Do you are you one of those seahawks fans that thinks there's still or Superbowl is rigged, even the worst officiate again Yes, that was the desire for our my dad when he texts me, I think we have similar relationship today. I'm listening to the kind of keeps me to my biased roots like when I get to analytical and neutral my dad will pull me back in when you tell me about the Steelers, his phone. Still, Otto Correct it s, T a l e r s because he's typed it that way so many time, that's hilarious, my very first day at ease in my dad I went a rookie gap which he knows I gave her stay. You have to learn novelist, stuff
corporate stuff. I was walking around lost in that it really is like a college campus and nearly empty, which is weird thing, is voting during the day and a guy comes up behind me. I excuse this. Are you lost turned around and it was Jerome Badness and I almost screw, and because I had spent so much time cursing, whose name with my dad and saying how the NFL just wanted the bus to win one and that's why it was so biased and he was the nicest sky and it was a real like welcome to the global fund change. How you feel about your embarrassed. These are really guys. Don't let him with a lovely view in the shortest time. Have made people that you hate and sports and then they're nice and its discussion, I thought they were magically spend a year magic buddy, before that. When we did it, we did a pack ask as he did thirty four thirty. And I was just so die hard bird like I didn't wanna, like some kind of I was kind of hoping as in midair, but is that the worst is the opposite, though right when it something
loves a hero, and I want to tell those stories, but then you meet them and they don't live up to that. I think those are the ones I really hate me, Sal has a bad run with that were Emmett Smith was his favorite cowboy and they did it you make him alive bit with him and it is what really badly at it like, really traumatized them. And then you had backwards with. You know your history with this person, but now it's coloured by yeah There is an error I look at them in the same way, so do feel like nobody cared that the Superbowl guts from you or no just kind of come and go, but if that had been like the bears, that's the point or the or the packers or someone you know, I think in most people agree that it is
really affiliated still worse. What kind of a consensus yell at this point, even the rough right, so I think to triplet. So I think no eye is so funny because he was asked me if forty nine was like the worse night of my life, the Superbowl that the pets one over the sea acts where forty nine and I say no because Seattle just one year before, if Seattle hadn't wine beer, for I think after forty nine, a private, again diver nation for like a month and just Vienna social media hype. But once you win- and I think it's a new England fan, you probably know this- it kind of everything's a little bit different once you have that victory like if you had lost. I feel I genuinely believe that patients have had one this last one. They wouldn't really cared honestly like. Maybe what a hurt? day of suit something happen, the pats the last four years, and especially the White Gate, and how much people hate the pats that is
turned into this US against everybody thing in a way that It doesn't go away. I gotta day I see For me, it really is a visceral thing. Now changed everything they really has, but when the red Sox they wanted. Four anywhere. I I still love them. My watch them. I've cared every time. But it was never never quite the same. We we got it now. I live in a coma for a month and a half we lose. If we had if the Atlanta Superbowl had gone just been a shall lacking. I would have been really I shall add on for a while. Cuz, it would have felt like it was just the end of the whole thing right. It would have been what to do with Brady Jimmy g. Now it's time for him to take over and spell checking to stay I said that for some of it has to do with the team, like the feeling that witnesses were approaching the end for Brady in so we have to in this house before we knew he was a yes,
Edward in twilight he's just gonna be around forever. I do I feel, like his eternal how many more years, I don't know what to expect anywhere do feel like he was worth last year. Yes, yeah its weight to me that people really recognize a noble oh, who falling off all recognize it right now but his weird, I was it's funny. I think, as by worst, it's really like top ten. He was a top ten. He was a good quarterback, not a great quarterback, last which is, I don't think I think. After the Manning thing, we fell off a cliff. Everyone thought that's how I was gonna, be right: ok, these old, this generation of elite order quarterbacks. When it comes it's gonna come. And it's gonna hit really hard and now we're learning. Actually that wasn't the case at all and breeze was playing it. The appeal level until the last few weeks, the seas and bring this kind of weird.
You got rivers and breeze falling off any year. That's not really how it's been with him. It's like the little things you know like it. Just doesn't. Stephanus throws the same way or make some bad decisions that probably stems from aging and mechanics not wanting to get hit, but he still it incredible. Quarterboat, it's a complicated. This and because I think part of it is, he just cares by January February. Right so he's not taking he's not staying here. For that split second extra to really get you know, he's always just gonna play it safe. The receivers adviser me wasn't going miserable until that last night, but that's the thing with Brady. Is he still the ability to put the switch and he was able to do that, especially in the Chiefs game ran. They really needed em, all the sudden he can kind of lacking. So he can still do that, but is the data they gain a game quoted a quarter stuff. That is just the same, but ass I feel like there.
Their receivers are potentially just so much better than Russia. The presidium was the second receiver, she couldn't get open right. He was wasn't it the whole season? Yes, now they have multiple guy, Who can get open and catch in traffic rock with somebody last year that you can take out of the garage a couple times again, maybe but You can rely on fur, hunger and quarter out, and now it's like at least they have guys now make it open. I mean the combination of or in another they haven't had thus and walk or moss. You got the guy, you can win in the middle, you open in space and then you ve got the guy can win wanna one on the outside. You have mentioned the best receiving their failure. Trophy Maya I hope these animals choice bestir us, I'm a dynasty wait for the first time, I think you could we buy organic. No, I did would then be Kelly and Danny was so mad that I got to cause he's been open every practices. Everyone? Everyone? I wonder. Every precision game he's just open the type and Brady love
and from the gecko, which makes me angrier though there around. I don't although college football enough to understand our big of a steel that was but it seemed like a steel in the morning because everybody got mad about it. Yeah. I now I don't know how to keep having now my hottest patriots are really. I don't know how but the picture so minor. We can be done in a second really joined this. My name, I won't patriots. Take that I never gets era. Is that high towers, the most important patriot generation- and I don't know why we don't talk about it- he's they dont windy soup. The last few suitable without high tech every single game. He is the guy who makes the keep a huge stack. Lamar should have been the Superbowl you shop, a martian strip. Sack second the Falcons handing the Falcons game and then you should happen, then VP in this last game I see I gave it to settlement but high towers, the guide to me yeah it's funny airmen. He a lot of those stats boat, will add three points through the first night and have quarters you now
the attack on Martian as a good. What? If we don't because first, How does he tackled with one arm yeah, it's Marcia restraint here, then. Second, if he doesn't tack on their, there was maybe time for them to at least do somethin right, I mean the reason they think there is a forty five fifty seconds up to that point. Maybe fifty seven out about this lie at I've. Figured you have and the reason you throw it on that down is to preserve your options on remaining to grants because view you wonder stand. Thank you. You understand. I just liked anyway, exactly roll out your Russell yeah Roulette Avis. It made sense to throw it just not that throw because you want. If you run it, then you have to throw it on the next hour. Knowingly knows what you're doing, if you throw it, you can run or throw on the next down and they knew that, but they just call them pass he's inside you, six would six right!
you're, throwing it just into a mass of bodies like nineteen things in your I get. Tear ticket hit. Somebody's helmet, who knows, I may is an amazing defensive play if we want to see the greatest. And lastly, I am actually written about this. I truly believe that checked in cotton now now I really now. I really think you Jeddah mind should Carol. I do think he did I mind tricks. I think he look. You can see him staring across the field it's like. He just see something and we're watching the game lived on caught him out. I'm out, but he saw something and he was just skylight. I'm good said the beds gonna happen here. He makes coaches do things that they wouldn't normally do. At the time. I think I mean I went back and watched the Superbowl going into this ram season, yeah and areas.
On pants Mcveigh, it's a masterpiece here, it's this super bowl. I don't wanna try be football have, since I was a good game because it was awful and boring to watch. How dare you boy is? Truly, I think this is probably his coaching masterpieces last one I agree so. I feel I felt like the football community dimension come around at it we're going. Was sexy awesome entertaining game? It was an old school, Ball game. It was like the kind of game I grew up with. It was one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine vikings since whoever seventy six inches was They took away everything the rams like to do and Mcveigh what to do any. He just headed. Attitude all year of this issue. We are we do this. Yes, nobody can stop right. This is our thing. And then I'm checks to take summit to take that away now, would you have and they configured out? I think what drives me crazy, though, is this supposition going to the season that ok, look, the Patriots did this: they solve the rams off.
Hence the passing explosion is over. We ve gotta differences can do it. No Bilbil check did that with a defence that completely changed everything they did throughout the regular season. You can't most teams can't do that can't make those kinds of weak too. We amend two week period, but we too weak adjustments and the fine it's real. The difficult or gave you got this patriot secondary, that's been playing man all year to do what they did in the Superbowl to use align backers. The way he did. You have to have eyes, who are not only accustomed to playing together and are really smart players, which we know. Oh my god, it's been like thirty mins, I'm so tired. As I said, we want to see. You I warn you know that we always euro, page Bilbil took like smart eyes, yes, but they also our guys. I know how to respond to coaching while anything, that's what you We also saw the rams not realising that we cannot cover running back out of the bag filled the whole year yeah, and I really think if they paid the saints, I think the password or last by like twenty you they. So I do. I think I didn't come,
I would have gone just absolutely. Aid should honestly around after we'll radishes. We were. I never saw the whole year, but it was. I can't we just luck. With the rams were girlies having knee issues right as well, bad to play them. There are no real backup for him and they just couldn't take advantage of this fatal flaw. We had a sleeve out back his last game, so they now in these rams precision games yeah, they haven't played any other starters, which is a trend that taking root across the NFL. It, I think, will lead to some massive changes and how the league approaches, priests in which there are even here, about, but they drafted Darrell Henderson at Memphis and sleep there I think think arises Lieber, but he had a twenty seven year will rule that just would have destroyed New England the suit one ass. I was watching unless game. I was thinking about that It's funny. They should have known. They're gonna play the pats and they just even if you had your third string running back. That was all he could do. We have that pads team is really flood. I feel that we should have
We should have won the Eagles game and we should have lost their whoever we played in this last Superbowl goes with thirteen points. You win the Superbowl. Thirteen point sets craze also under recognise equity masterpiece from Wait, Philips that'll be forgotten, the rams events it allowed the same things. The patriot, C4, we're in terms of discovery guys in coverages in tricking, Brady Arable Land, but this is like football, so outcome baseline no one will remember any of that. Shall limited, often cause. Even there is article I'm I'm in the when that Sony actually was naked last year, because I think people are weighed, Sony and one of the reasons is you couldn't throw in the bow ever in there. Yeah they're trying to fix there. These, that's, ok, where was like when he was in the game. They ran seven six percent of the time is right and the next highest guy was like sixty three like in the entirely So when he was in the child, I each Batman we'd be waxed
it aims at Sony was anywhere they got run, play or James White pass by every re yeah. So they were predictable that I was like. I can't believe nobody can figure this out right with Chris all gonna. Kick it open ground whose, on its last legs, so uneasy we're running how're. We our people, that stopping this and yes and now they want him to be able to catch pass. As you been hearing that out and that's really with the modern and officials about rights like Frida Kahlo well. No, I was just going to say: how can we just be absolutely unpredictable on every snap route is why their ranks were so good during the regular she's in a yes, they tried it out three white receivers. Like ninety percent of the time. But they would do crazy shit areas like you. Don't you never knew who is blocking? You never knew who was running across you just never knew and was really hard to defend. The cup thing was fain to that that technically yeah that that flame take on a like that, guy, could enter the pantheon of great wide receivers white way right receivers. We I was too
can t you I'm mad. The very last week about could Mccaffrey be the first wake. I ever drafted, one in a fantasy draft. We'd gone back we figured that in this in the nineties, when people know what they're doing, there's probably like a tv spread, far Steve Young AIR, where they went first but since- and I don't think it's happened in a couple this. There said there is some Peyton Hillis possibilities one year, but at our ever that around eighty, that our member had been good. The first, is to be before it before we got the rams. What do you think's wrong with girls cause. You ve been doing these preceding game so obviously around the team in it than other research, but Cosette
appearing here. As I Garth reticence, then, once you have that it's over leg journeys, there were the same. Why think there's two ways of looking at it. What does it mean in the long term, and I think that speaks to the medical issues and in the short term he looks fine in the short term, he's been practicing every other days. I've been out to camp a couple times to press for these games. He looks fine. I think they will use them differently. Yes here, but I dont know certainly think that's the reflection of his health. Having asked you with what we ve been talking about, which is the sort of challenges really really smart and while I dont think the Superbowl was a great outing for him, I don't think he's going to trot out the same office next year. There are showing it in the precision, but you know that if you can look to draft, you can look to things like we were just talking about how so uneasy used in practice the fact that they took Joe Henderson. I don't think the Rams office gonna, look the same this year than it did previous year rose, probably thy opening of form because I think as well.
Are they re now as well It has shown over and over again the wrinkles. Were better when you get when you certainly at two weeks. Eighteen, nineteen, twenty twenty one and you can't just do the same thing over and over again, so I think They can going to those bout Jack and you are and I'm sure I'm sure. This whole thing was a learning experience. I think you could even seen the handshake before the game. He went into it You know like the same way if I met David Letterman like here that look on his face. I our good work in order to be playing you area. He was dear that you can even see it in the inside the NFL of the super bowl. I think that was what I watch picked up. One of their shares and golf fucks up would like five minutes left, on the sidelines of evasion, is idea and that those where me ok, it's. Finally, Ok, that's right! You're! Not! Ok! Live you! Just listen! Superbowl, it's over
We immediately came out. I remember I was there covering this last super bowl and I feel scoring you to say praising for taking responsibility for everything. That's what coaches Suppose you do for he really they really do away. He said it was like. Oh, he actually believes he fought the you he's too, really really really putting this on his own shoulders. And they love that man I mean I want a sound like a stand because I'm doing this ram stuff, but she really is a brilliant manager for a thirty three year old guy, like his coaches, love him. The fact that he picked Philips use you now. Seventy something and when they brought him in and use cushion Deef Asthma values to sit down and just let him do it you know. I don't know this, I'm thirty three, I'm an office of mastermind ways got this year. He let shame Waldron S. Quarterbacks coach he's been calling the games in the priest
and when we asked them about it in the pre game call he almost sounded. He wasn't upset that we knew, but you don't want to talk about it because they hadn't had great games, and I wanted to protect him and he didn't want it to be known because you don't want him to get accountability for that. He does all those little punishment, things that we are really think about he's. Also of I hung out the Matter party wants for like a forty minutes. Ok, just a great guy! It's it's the recurring theme of anybody. I know whose hung out with them, where light back as a fucking great guy here and I think the specially in football you you have to have some sort of angle. Is the coach you there have to be like an awesome care. Not a guy. You have to be an Enigma like Bela check I have to have some sort of gimmick and his gimmick as definite like he's charismatic. Yes, you know
that can go a long way when you have a quarterback, that's a charismatic most quarterbacks. I can I I my fear about quarterbacks having written about some of them, and is you either have to believe in God or think you are and there's no space in between, but that's interesting when you re the audience, I would say I know his religious beliefs, but he has only tat, I would say, he's gonna start his own religion. This, to be going down that? How do you feel that world? Because people always asked me as a Seahawks fan whenever Russell Wilson does something dorky? They immediately send it to? like I know, he's a nerd she's deeply embarrassing. But if I was on African Safari with him in a cheetah came darting out. I was throw myself in front of his body and the less because either by quarterback do feel and we about Brady, where, if he does something a barrister, you just taken on a family member he's. I killed me where it's like you know you
if your family member does something goofy you're, just like unicycle yeah, that's that's my uncle! That's my mother! Whatever, in brief really got weird after the Falcon supply needs to be that is decided Jerry, the Falcon Superbowl something happened and he paid some sort of invisible, weird airline and it's fine I think I support I support any weirdo stuff he wants to do but he's having a little weirder yeah, the Tom versus Time thing is something never would have done even re three four years he just sort of- and I now that'll be distraction, yeah and now he is embraced there. Any really seems I've tried to put this forward. There is like a tiny bit of a time cruise this to anyone Why am I look at a piggy? Remember that I felt like where he he's like he stumbled on some sort of higher being yes into
Chinese any really wants to tell us about it like I just wish you guys could know what I've would have seen. I think where it gets interesting to me, as if analysed, I guess is, I think it's impacting how long is playing football, because so much of his life now is invested in what you're dismiss religion that is creating around himself. And he is the ultimate advertisement for everything he's espousing Ngos on the field anymore. That disappears, but he knows the right yeah concerning its he's really committed the crazy thing. Those like he is faster, They give you I, if you watch clips of scrambling and two thousand versus verses, two thousand five like he's, master. He's he retrained out a leg run his there we're all these things. Tom cruise fish were tankers, is fifty eight jumping off buildings, admission impossible died. I left Hungary's, although eighty brick, take a break talk, Yahoo fantasy. We ve made some bad choices in them,
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what was it like? Rudy get some brain Superbowl, steady, curiously, where my reading for him in this. So I've there's the Seattle ones, which is you're, not even thinking about the other person you're, so dialed and right. I asked the Philadelphia one stands out to me because I was there writing off the game. Dear aunt saws, washing the press box, and when I was in the same, be on where the Philly Special happen, and I it happens. I see it. A sea falls leaking out in public, oh, no, no, no, no he's gonna do it has got to do it. I would he did it. I went I stood up and screamed which are not oh yeah. I didn't realize up entire row in front of me. Was all patriots reporters on provisional and it wasn't. I wasn't streaming because I wanted. To happen, although I very much so did, but because it was pretty cool
doesn't mean. I admit I was right and it was so in Russia. Be boys asked me about that. And sort of being a homer and writer and employ say Well Bill Simmons did it so he made it so that you Do it, I guess who could greatly pleased and proud that China imagine the reaction of the Patriots reporters with the right that fact and lady from He s been guys tainting the provision but he was awesome. I am as even the patriots ducal stuff in the ice. I can't help myself. I can't be dispassionate. I can't watch, and I have a reaction is something called happens- is Well, it's there! It's that something that has changed a century when, now is coming in a red and the columns were page too and stuff, and the reaction you know, especially when they became popular paper leg, he's not in the locker rooms ray bozo you can't do it this way. You have to be neutral and my whole thing was a y yeah earners
and wiser. One way to do this and I was always leg. I try to stay authentic part of when I try to do, is dessert teams and alike, but I would still rip my own teams, like I said, The meanest should ever row is about doc. Rivers in the south, ex o er, wasn't a harder on our own team yeah, I'm sure I'm sure you have like a really really harsh Russell Wilson. Think peace in you at some point, because you ve been picking apart mentally via eight year, complain about the Seahawks offence. Literally, ready, the after the cowboys loss in the walk around when they ran it four hundred times, despite having only quarterback facing where the best run defences in the NFL yeah. I think I ran
about that on air. Even if it was like a basketball, positive lies away, Brian shine Eimer, I mean I can be a span in two thousand fifteen. I had a super bowl tat you. I can't hide it. I can't undo it. I can't pretend it's just like a number. You know forty eight so, and I am I mean you know be report which everybody is biased in some ways, and it is only a problem if it affects the way, if you'd, not critical at all. I think we ve seen it go the wrong way more with people who are pretending right that they are biased when they actually are. When its I'd be. Reporters are trying to protect relationships. This happened alive in the NBA. I've waited there just there, just poor in the company Kool aid for whatever angle the company wants. So at another time, should that G Q story and Baker Mayfield they came out the sweet busy. There was a quote that went viral about him and he was criticising the Jones Pick and I saw some people saying well
a beat reporter when somebody's around in this is a magazine report are coming in case he doesn't care about the relationship, and I was again that's good right now. All we will, I it's good to have writer writing about athletes and teams who aren't going to write another story about him. I never go back to the same well when I read about these guys. Not at I'm burning them too brown part. You got earlier. Baker yeah here in Europe and outside the first one yeah, Could you knew there is gonna, be like two months of them, but you got the one who gets their first as those the one the people remember. I've known you always think he had been on the other side of that to you, d want to be like third, I've been I've been actually that last summer I did a story on german Ramsay and I was the first. I definitely are usually right, like one and if our story every summer Before I became a has been that doesn't anymore. The thing I
Lover that were the angles and trying to get to the angle of whatever before somebody asked it whether as a day or a month or whatever and now is what I enjoyed the most like. Oh this might go here and then we are grandma and started China, so those in we do this thing here. Words constantly thinking about what could be something that Let's go there before other people, the air, which, I think is. The final way to think about the stuff. It's a different towns. Now more than ever, because animals hamper wasn t. Also, access is worse than its ever been with athletes read so Baker you put in the river. Last month, the idea and the brown people they have a meeting their getting all the beggar requests at it in there a guy. I will do this one g q who get through for us you mean all right, a really good piece.
And their organizing air, and the goal is to be one of the people that they were like yeah. Do this one, so my requests don't usually go through the teams. She went to the baker I'm usually going to the athletes, because I do my stories in the summer when their available and I should have- that's how the NBA works. Now I realize football, I thought the teams were more protect him upon the NBA. You have to go to the guy who's behind the Blair because there are regular season, but with the weight of football counter works in the summer there like I'll, know where he is, and it depends on it. You know like, maybe might usually allay, probably right training somewhere with like Johnny Manzella on here I mean, sometimes independently athlete now famous airily cobblers, the greatest or an Aaron, Rodgers and fervour that so and dinosaurs long time that wasn't through the team at all? That was through, like twenty levels of it's, like you know, playing a video game and trying to get to the final boss, whose like is real agent and you're like ok, I got you,
level- and I think that one I she's gonna, more god- that's gonna, formatted discharges. Badgered were more. I work he has done and for those who are not really Mars is the gatekeeper, keeps him gets out. One till I kinda magazines for a long time. I think at the end I had to write. I wrote like six hundred word like years. Why? I think he's too this with me in particular, and got it too in front of him. By usually that's not the case. A really interesting guy yeah is he's. Therefore, I haven't felt there talking he's completely where of everything, you're gonna, try he's very aware, is here in it and he's amused by it and is the fault, is gonna, be you're, probably in it ask her go toward the same angles. Everyone else does which for me, the most from people area.
Really, as you have just match, Canada I know I'm gonna be able to do so. Rise them at work or go down some road with them the damning gone, so I want them to be that way. That's great here I can I can win with those people is very smart. He's irishman, you can ease calculating everything at all times. You use the first person I had interviewed, who tape the interview I remember where you put down a road into the peace is intimidating forgot due to someone I write about We get to my house so that was already, which I also robot, is peace, was kind of a power. Play in some ways right because it was like really. I felt really vulnerable. I've always struggle with our vulnerable vulnerable This is a judging Europe should not mind you what you are looking to my shit out like well Aaron Rodgers, looking up my regulation, Seahawks helmet on my mantle and I like it dipshit
you can your twenty four by the recess to absorb. Why do you have any way you know yeah? is a really surreal moment, so it was a rental we just move for LOS Angeles, so is like smart yeah I've already, and there is this really surreal moment where he was like standing next to the tv and talking and how is like shit. I was pushing him on that tv in Asia is weird Deacon textual. I, like you know when you got on athletes house, which is by far how often because usually diner like a restaurant or some corny set up you're looking at their stuff and you're thinking about them. But I felt like I was on the defensive because we might. He was like. What's that book? Have you read that, like all my guide, stably dive and then the worst bar? Was he so? This was an absolute meaningless feelers?
the time. So I met him at CAFE visa the coffee shop, which was grey like half of you, because he was sitting in there and no one in their new who he was and he was loving. It is like a hipster economy spot and he's like to qualify park on this street like area no problem. So afterwards I walk about ninety dollar ticket selling where's person the world now so shameful. That's why these celebrities like outlay, though because they can go, sends a cafe and nobody knows Why are they vapours calmer? How the round is weird code here yeah? I wonder like how fame I mean for look. Football players are really famous for the most part. I think Baker has a chance. They these beer. Quarterback he's got a recognisable face. Some of these guys don't have liked the recognisable. When I don't know my home in on faces, were he he's, especially with, like the fischler suffers, distinct, looking Brady, others change, Brady's gas so come on
but please not changing in ITALY, Hungary, environment is a patriot and creams. I'm DR any so have you Unlike dragon creams for Miss seventeen hundreds, I gotta get stuff from South Korea that I should know about. Look I mean I saw a patient, wouldn't I think it was a really look like a different person. How are you enjoying the Jimmy grapple come down. Are you enjoying a forum for our? We wanted to thrive? No, we Jimmy. Do you love them here? We bed on him when he got J, the Niners every single week- and I was all in- I think he got hurt and I think he lost his confidence. I am, that would write em off, but I do feel like we forget, sometimes of athletes that is, They never had a real injury that it fuck sum up, sometimes use eyelashes last game the rims awful the brown. While he to me he looks like Brady coming off ACL into that nine years and throws Hearin footsteps doesn't help there.
Playing mine, a backup, offensive line against Bradley job who decided to make his life miserable, but it is concerning cause. You don't look good last season to me I mean I, I so I'd be a little bit rous about him. I like him. This was a rouleaux early corner of like right. Sure he's scared CS. I mean I find I like him. You seems just like a dude right leg. I found the porn starting really charming word like girl. I hope that your only interjection like I've been did you have the same? Reactionary Farley was kind of it was how nobody told them. It was a girl I grant you does. It know, he's so intense it also a truly charming human being, but yeah I was like all like he's. Not he hasn't figured this stuff
Oh yeah he's is doing because he wants do with a businesslike. Some ended the NBA roster shit. He read lot like he's a quarter, I can nobody's telling him not to do like to be out in public what happen would lower your feelings on big urges from her hanging out with them. Charisma standpoint, ugly, charismatic anyhow cause he's like what twenty two twenty four twenty four yeah so pretty, so young and anxious got married. I am all in an all things: Beggar are you I really. I just I like every he's hit every checkpoint. For me. I've completely believe in the most important thing for him the Patriots really did try to trade up for him. Yes, that was a thing that happened and it kept it stuff, and it was gonna happen. You wish they had hell. Yeah yeah. There was Super Lester. Imagine Brady! In that scenario, this sort of laughed and then, by the way that Rebecca
checks. Dream scenario: oh yeah, thanks to answer both by got your red for the airport, Baker is very, active like when you around him will run through a wall for him really make skies believe in him. We'll see like when that you know what that plays out, because I haven't been around a young we're back who's that has that much bravado farmers. There is very said, he's the com for him in just about every way. You think I'm he's got a clue, so misconduct clue in whose dislike very well known, and if our executive who's been a front office sky with Seahawks use responsible for the great Seahawks grat drag us of the sort of two dozen eleven twelve thirteen. He was advising the grounds to take Baker. He was far guy, so he saw them has been,
very similar, and I think they really been personalities or similar. I didn't look like I. I wish he had opened the Jones thing personally right cause. We all felt I you can as a quarter back. I read I like this new era. We have were people, say something and then out of context, yeah, it's just that you you're, basically shitting on the person who reported in road it and it was Griffin did that with that Jake Fisher s- I it's like I like David Referenda- you just don't you said it, he didn't he wasn't. Adjourning end. It was off the record and it's something you ve said to twenty people. Privately soldiers just admit they said it It's only makes it worse the lie about it, but we will buy it really. I was interesting watching this last cycle play out over the Jones thing in seeing people say, while out of context, media, fake news and we're doing this really that's it started four years ago.
Were. You can just deny everything the johnsing wearily, I'm beggar. I cannot say hey media you, Literally, all had the exact same reactor were really gonna. Shame me for having the exact same action is ninety nine percent of the people on earth. I was, I was incredulous if he had called me for advice, and I know where he would hours the day just say, look no disrespect Dania Jones, but I leave as quarterbacks. Like when you win you in at every level and its I give if he can define that and I'm wrong, right I'm running forum, we refrain each other, but I just think performance. Banners, I'm old school doesn't even have to give a tape. Say yeah. I was blown away like all like everyone- I don't know anyways, but he's a super he's very tribal and and that's kind of what I wrote like you are either in or out, and that's how you yeah I've heard that
his eye fence of line is gonna, be the death of the season if they, if there's a death for them. This is, and I want them to trade fir tree limbs cause they are not great. They they turn out at first. I pick from the path I read today really yeah. They wanted more Washington he's thirty. One That's wins been looking at the home, I know, but I think they were just worried in general about depth. I think they really feel they can win again this year, because I didn't they out the receivers and in the Irish Sea its Icu who s her response to be worried about not the anymore, not the charges, anymore, chiefs, I put that data to murder beat them. We own enter it didn't Dantes gonna gear is one of the four most important patriots or paid at coaches are players of those of the entire history. Let him so
This has become a take. The last couple years, even really know, is an aim, a mere aided, though the ultimate goat thing, which is your shower rohingya, go by leaving for a little bit, and then you see everyone sees house graver how good they had taken a good one. Would have been a good right or move like four years: stamina, committees in theatre in Brooklyn. He was feeling like that's producer lotta people who write Do the annoying radio thing where and we do in something during gay where if we say something- and I assume people now you're worried. When are you? I owe you come in his aim for those who don't know at home. That's you know we are referring to this metric and here's. What I mean is it such a corny, but we don't talk about football games. I did I announced. I think three mba gives an. I just love that
the third man in the booth and the nba- is so different in football, because football like nothing's happening that something happens within nothing's happening at four thirty forty seconds and you get to break down the required gone. Some tangent, Basque Lodge is moving unless there's free throws that if there's freely Then you could be they now, but for the most part there is actually need and want to step over the play by play in my room, election time. As far as the fourth quarter already I'm just settle their unrelenting myself, but fathers alot more breathing. So, what's outlay I've. Never done if a bug in I love it to them. Prison adrenaline rush that you don't get doing anything else. Podcast tv certainly not studio work. It's live right, yeah, I'm in daily life, Fania skin. I do at first take a few times. That's life push it. I guess you get at it. Ellen rush allowing that by being shouted at well.
I've, never been on with SAS view, add on sturdy lad? I love when he comes on the pie, because it's like acoustics dna is a tough act for me. If now why yeah nobody's Lena game. It's like the clauses we dork have to being like feeling like were soon up, so you you get that high boy, it's a different, the mechanic searches and we're doing a free man booth. I can't even tell you how many times I've talked up over or like up right until the very moment when the rest are talking which, as you can't do I've, I blood makes so many blunders, I'm not good at it, but I love it. I've really enjoying it. It's a different animal too in the precision it other stuff. It's just reps. Yes, unfortunately, my reps are happening in front of its prison That's true! That's true! I especially this process, and I think this is the year put the priest dad it really.
I wouldn't know what to make of Kobe wires cause. It's like he's going and state aid in a strange quarterbacks on the other team like water. What does this mean? Why say with a wide receiver, at least you're? U can see. Ok, you win in space He's got to speak. Ok, I gotta have a contract yeah, it's a lot harder. To evaluate like a quarterback who's, not being pressured by once. You know here too, there are certain positions are indeed a little bit of a better future for any other direction to live. There are hundreds and we were talking about- and the rams he's gettin staff bees plain behind the backup offensive line at times against the ones, and you have to consider that's decreasing the ones who really sound like a full answer. Person, united with the two Is there a couple times that is with the force the forest. The forests are real outward narrow area before I'm the force bringing me an early. The floors and doing was Anderson Giuliano, whose delightful and neighbor lesson is also delightful and they are not the forest, but I am. There was a
smart idea by them, because I dont know announcing any precision game ever and this one I was, I mean a neighbor ass, well, yeah became a thing and mine a little bit, which makes me think that was a good idea. Rooms? Are so like I'm really standing there really team there. I now we should talk about the irony. I know she's on the sea hawks. No, really I! This is like an affair. I'm like Dominic West, Elisa to quite a fool You watch these into the affair and I watched every season first basic. Really I just the two hour we watch it was back ass. The fatal attraction allow there come back and I've never seen fail attraction, but I've read the Wikipedia page for it and I feel like I should see it as ever. Federal Jackson Day, their highs to move in nineteen o several many classic movies that I haven't seen I'll. Send you a list,
if you like fire guide site, will make its because my dad Lake hates old things so growing up. I never saw the classics and my mom was worn. North Korea, Yes, I like really creates a hole in your american pop culture, knowledge. I just you know I just watch for the first. This is, I just watch perfection the first time, while guys it's really good at it, is an excellent film. The rams, I got into it, there see ousted covered them off and you ever manner so that moderated these four final Linux panels its loan a couple years he's been on them. We got talking a little bit about the rams drafts and it was his idea is a great guy in, and so I think, they're just cut open to try new stuff. They a military leaders on the equivalent of a male cheerleader broadcasts. When you go to Sloan, do need to just be Sir bye bye regarded as one of the three women out of the two thousand people. There
It's a big Bowen n. I think That is a view of ethnic origin that women. I know it's really all you that is like me out. I've sausage stress that anyone ever created kind from was and then writing about the ETA terrorist. As the elixir great fur women and women in the NFL, because you just gives like a way to get in through the on the rams. Actually, the analysts press I've been around is young woman and it just gives you away and neck. You know you don't normally gainful. Never thought of that. There is a good point. I mean they're, just taking nerdy a project. I didn't start time of upon Toolbar Barnwell started having me on why you know I adore forever. For that reason, and it really is hey- maybe we're listening to different voices, we not afore player, maybe someone who cares a lot about expected points added per play. I really got into it for
Saturday is based their sovereign shots on the early days of the EIS you'd come on, and I just love the numbers, but for selfish reasons, just cause. I thought there were like real gambling admitted SK, as most people had no idea about everything and the dvd way, which they had gone down pretty earlier, and it was a really get indicator peepers again the standing and especially the stuff. For the last six weeks in the dispute. Ones that waited stuff was was like a legit advantage and in people got caught onto it as a sub text have flown by the way. Most people are gambling people, but it's like it yeah conference, but yeah usually if you're in sports, you care about analytics half the time you come from the gambling world right because it has given people an advantage for so long. I mean see Oxfam's love, DV away because it showed for years that the sea hawk
were really really good, but even at the beginning of the Russia Wilson ERA, when in two thousand twelve they moved finished number one. I thought we might look out, but the team had fish number one. So fancies ahead metric. It shows what other people are saying. You know by the way seem out on the way here you used to like love, Russell Wilson. I raise listener, how can you do that? Weird impersonation and I loved it with us? but you have. You went out on him at some point. You had a turn I feel like. I don't wanna call the column iconic when I predicted this unites ran, but I think I kind of is a fair word of it. It was before the season and I read Office Russell Wilson stuff, and I was a little like we're talking about the charisma thing Nato has been a team that needed hustle bustle our aim. Is it leeway when had said in the superbly? I really, I think he got to good, and you started getting worse things on my honour little bit, I I
so is confused with the Wilson thing. Actually, let's take a break as I went up others, What celebrate tugboats, CBS Sports H, Q, as I've talked about multiple times in this package, savage and changing not always for the better lots, yelling being taxed in the ground ha takes. That United would show. The house believe Will CBS Sports H. Q is looking to change that the coverage is always focused on the game Are the highlights news? That's game previous game reactions, financing by his game respects, I throw you general gamblers out there. I know you're listening, it's all the yelling and the fake, the bass, no more sun happening just sports for real sports fans live twenty four slash. Seven, you just turn on the best of all completely free not free for a week, Irma Theory of the sign up or now seriously it's free for everyone, you only need a log and open the CBS Sports APP watch any time from anywhere on your phone.
At home on your apple, tv, Roku or fire tv couldn't be there download the CBS Sports APP to sports h q today, since we we're here, forget the the rewatchables, would it fatal traction? This week me was a Morris and the new editor in chief of the ring, malware ribbon scenario. I had so Russell Wilson. The relationship with his teammates, I'm not was, like, I say, like a top, for most fascinating NFL story of this decade, where this chasm between two sides of the Seahawks and P Karras inhabited manage it, not really caring for awhile and it just became what it was. It was like every cliche you'd have better for parting rain words like the core bags got his side here in the defence at his side there side here and they cause oh exists, but it's gonna be a ticking time bomb and then that's what happened. Sort of yeah
it's funny I mean, I think it's all real, like my colleague says, measures aimed at Eight story, yeah he's in a bunch of really awesome stories on NFL teams and some you might be familiar with, but it's a really drives me. Not some people say while the sea oc struggle, because people hey the quarterback or they paid their quarterback, it's like now. They ve struggled because guys got hurt and they had a few years about dress like things in football. We re retroactively Grafton narrative onto in some injuries and yet the There will be got better It was an amazing for your run, which is what you have usually isn't NFL to him. You have a four year: zero New England. You know you ve got your ways working around it put. I've been wondering. What is it's been a series of four year reds that have had this. Quarterback us out of the five April stays in the game, and Julian Elman goes out with his concussion we're talking about a very different outcome, but that's neither here nor there, but yet so funny, right, Sub, sending a small is that completely change the way we should lessen the ravens without season.
Vacancies in the gun, I was, I am a forty nine yea and our government in April. When I say I got my suit, but I was mixed up my bad though time we never should have won that game was the Ravens game in his day, were better than us and there they were upon the kitchen sink out having at omen for passes and all that shit. They just should have beaten us forty nine, so I dont bound football pilot. I had looked at the odds right before and I thought Michael Ban. It should be I came up with the odds were, but I have severely BP and first half. I was like that. This is the greatest call ball time and I told a bunch of people cause. He was just destroying Brady, Bulgaria. Michael, but it is on the patriots what the hell I just remembered that so annoying, but it's such a patriot move a case on yeah. This is back to your question about Russell and the sea oxen stuff here.
Nerd man, like you just is a really dorky guy and came into a team that was extremely cool Marshall, ninjas pipe one. Of course, human beings to ever walk the earth and he didn't fit in anything. Now, it's like younger guys and they respect him and it's kind of a different dynamic, but he was just never like. A cool analysis is like every other workplace like sometimes comes down to really normal stuff. Like guys fitting in with each other. I, like your answer, I think you're right, I think it it was had everything. Do it bad draftsman, just why they before air, whatever his team, but I'm just the dynamics of a football team. They did. They resented him. I thought was pretty air casually quarterback, even like Rogers, who just seems like he's, probably a dick and it's so many teammates leave. Situation in light they lab grenades and am which never happens with our Lord Savior Tom Brady, if like to buy,
for it, and now it's like it's like fifteen and Hank, would you say That's true on the rock its do guys you continuously on their images or relocate how Howard's ass we become good pleasure. The third grenadier Rogers your career. That way like being the former guy who like what, how has not a former patriot and like you, I'm gonna, be the antivirus a guy like you could build a entire career ass, the other guy. Just fine we'd, wrathful mobility, stable bit, fear the worst. I feel like I've watched a lot of his career because being allay there's two three: they Games yeah right and it's always like to see hawks against some terrible undersea, Westerham or whatever, and I just think, Wilson's. It's terrifying. He so good to bet against a near like you're up
Europe. Ten there's four minutes laughed the Seahawks. It then Jack shit and then ass and his run around doing we're, share and I'll send nearly a mega lose this. Yet I have I guess that way in that in that room yeah, I think who frustrating about the whole run, the ball sort of which is the great debate tearing and affect the NFL Yan there. I guess, and if on twitter over the last year or so, and as one of the great areas to go back to see Oxfam base being sorted. Analytically driven is that we are cursed with a team that seems committed to being the anti analytic steam or has been writer, but then people at the counter arguments will actually the office was still successful. Despite their commitment to critical, establishing the run yeah, they were set
because Frickin Russell Wilson was saving their asses on third down over and over and over and ink mounting his fourth quarter. Comebacks, he is incredible, is honestly, like I said, cheetah my leg shore. Take it anything for him. I love him. I did that. I did a mailbag thing about this after Brady got her about. Would I have given up my for him. I feel fine Achilles thirteenth ass I had been made. I haven't turned forty eight, but my sports. Is pretty much behind me. This violence egg, I probably would then that is, I think we could one that's. When are you on your feet? Yeah yeah sitting, Jim City. Now I mean yeah totally Achilles is really pay
foreign hard to combat terrorism. I would you give up and kill yes, but you see I have one of no question Portela, you can have it Patel. Well, it's tough to come back for rotate or cut fine. Take could take one of my life to these days with science. In Cooper cop out there. You looks great. What would you say there is this whole thing this week about how his faster, I don't really get in practice. What do you think is the next advance metrics football thing that that is gonna be interesting, are core: anything like the next thing, we're looking at the next thing that should rise even during last year or the trend that we don't know about. Why thank everyone this year now wants to see what defences will do right kind of got, ripping off of Superbowl the okay well so offences, finally realize hey passing his way. More fish were hunting and we should pass on first down and there's some little tweaks to its, not just rolling on eleven like the rams, but teams are realised passing out of twelve really works because of what do you mean
they have done to counter eleven and yadda yadda yadda. But I think for the last three years, the story the NFL has been brought. Finally, recognising oh right, we ve got these cause quarterbacks coming in and there are trained to do want an offensive lyman. They can do one thing: let spread the boil, let's cater to their skill sets now it's gonna say: ok, let's look at called defenses See what they're doing it s your in the big, twelve and others were saying? What are these coaches doing? The problem is its really complex to execute. Has I believe a lot of it is similar to what we were time with, what the patriots to the Superbowl its mental? It's not just hey, let's draft, like forty years after your browser, see hucks were really good. It was like a sure. Let's just draft like cornerback long arm settle, saw that we're saying and run cover three now, it's like hey. Let's pattern match: let's get defence secondaries, you can do at noon than in the soup role in disguise, coverages, pre, snap and rotating trick chaired that its heart
Kyoto. The patriots, a new trend, is gonna, be cocaine, Agatha sharpens, a mine, charm was grey and the superior man stood. Contraband oasis does so annoying. I could Chung autumn gradation for proper Wanta politics. Just can't you you're that home Miami M E world, the yeah I've known laboratory forever. How long since I started writing for page too, and he called me is like why you're com, so long, you're, gonna, die you're, gonna, kill yourself do you need an editor using called me out of the blue. I'd, never tactile before assisting you and we were time Russia Wilson, is come. Ask as laboratories thing is how Philip virus is always about did come back down to me, left in the fourth year now. He admits that's kind of their Russell Wilson thing it is with better outcomes, but
that's why they establish to rub because Russia Wilson's telling them to establish that's like visible conspiracy, theory, Thou Wilson, wouldn't let them go The ball is now I love that were fairly setting computer nope in its time. No one blames Wilson. Everyone blames p carol because wine one in his goal, the boy quarterback to get it. That's like a frightened lights, but it's not like a real live thing. So the whole my everything yeah you started doing their shows that you got your tv reps yeah a couple years. Yes even highly questionable. Over and over again, you uncomfortable in the radio show here, which is, radio wraps, but was I mean Dan is then a great meant her demeanour? Yes, Vienne was kind of working with him. I guess made me feel more comfortable being myself and all these formats, which is not yet something especially when your women coming to tv radio. They are really necessary. Comfortable doing
preserving. Ah you know they have certain expectations, cashmere women, that you should not bay, but I think the viewers Amene historically most of fee will in sports tv and radio and not only are in host roles, which is very different right, but our really polished not very published an first. I was really really nervous about that, because I wasn't looking in saying you know people who are screwing up like me, or just kind of been weird and Dan, who is also, I think, not very polish, and really embraces that with some one is a net noakes, stop stop stop trying to be good. I'm trying to disappear self and so corny, but you have to have some of these cars sweaty he's so soon and foggy he's got
They prior never sugar, that studios there s really cool in their not to release a sweater guy. It's a small space. I think people who don't understand now, but highly questionable and loved her ceo is, I crammed into a tiny floor and the Cleveland cleave under the hotel. Until you ve got like six or some people just bouncing around in this tiny, tiny room, and it's part of why I think it so great grocers is unique energy there, but it's really sweaty. As a result, the rap saying right on- was trying to get me to PTI for a couple years, and I just wouldn't do it cuz. I was going to be bad and he's like you just got to do it. You just got to so. What I did I think for four days two thousand and nine, and they were like you're doing great you're doing great. I knew I wasn't doing great now. If I watch those old shows, I probably want to like hang myself, but were really how may was due in the past and has gained the reps from there, and then
as their do little more than a little more n will really help me around if it was dad! I still don't know what I was doing even with that, but the raft of doing by the time we get to the play. I say, as I actually now to do this now and remember I went back, I did PTI with Tony in, like February or March, two thousand and fifteen. It was right before I left and I did like two days and I was like and as time ran home egg. It ties can be surprised that I know what I'm doing now and the first kind of I was kind of getting him yeah and the second day he came in, like he had just been lacking in the gulag. Training for just like went atta, and it was great. He was so much fun, but it took me friend six years to feel like I could do that, cause it's just different Neue. In yourself to stay still yet train yourself to get rid of every take. You have
to talk concisely and to sell the other person and nurses. Ninety things going on. I was watching my second preceding game on our dead. Dvr did yet- and I turned to my husband I said look. I know we despite this television and it's really it's from best by you get its biggest nice television. We ever had prominent, throw it out the window writer. I hope you go with that, because I cannot fucking listen to my self, go anymore, before their guide and it's nice to see you hate you're. My pays homage error. It you see yourself an age to you that I hate myself sweated, They are you pick up all these things. Any really becomes this self Steam challenge, yes, now. Imagine you'll have to rebuild it now. Imagine a woman and on top of that year, the year we will know it easy? I didn't, I almost didn't say yes to this one. Actually, so
I have long history of not almost not saying yes to things, and then someone talking me into it sounds like while Denmark, the ranch a super flattering that even tab ass. I can't do it now. I ll ages, you got to do what you got to do this and let you know I'm going to be so bad and it's going to humiliate myself, but you kind of have to humiliate yourself for you get better, that's the thing. A good move is not to look at Twitter replies so I didn't go, my twitter applies the entire time at it. Can't you can't do alone. If a special year, I believe, come out of an hour. If I were to somebody who look at them like we would come out of that we'd be it will be income show on the sat down and there were look I'm right, that's crazy press! Why would you do that? I just said MC caully, Sarah, Spain, about this. The first time I did first steak. I was bound with Dominic Fox, whereas he's my pal so was very easygoing yeah.
I feel myself from my. I got these mba tags. Their gray said some. You not made some jokes. I made the mistake of checking twitter during commercial break. Coming back, one of my eyelashes started like fire off my face because that was crying. Oh uh, Bavaria, you know a gender hazard, the moisture and I got caterpillar had like hook to cross. It was so dumb and end, so I really try not to check in If you know you can always tell yourself well, I don't take criticism from any one, oh and take advice from, and this is just some idiot it still like plants herself in a tiny party or brain. I think even summers accomplished and successful as you like. I never goes away. Now, even and by the way, you're never gonna, be that great at it. You know, I'm not saying you,
anybody there is always can be three four five things you can do better get you now, but I think the key is to just think of like you're unfinished product. Now you bid been just anybody where, at I I'm still going to get better at this. I'm not we're not going to hit a grand slam every time I do this, but can I be get the biggest thing when I was doing count on their first year. You know, we needed somebody to kind of drive the show and initially was Wilbur but as the show went along, I had to take a piece of that and learn how to do like throws. The commercials and she'll that I would write the little interact your things and that actual really help make as when I wrote them. It made it stick in my brain and I got like semi comfortable, but I dont really feel like totally comfortable. Two thousand fifteen deal forever No over prepare idea bidders it's bad over, prepare it's better to do right down the peace of the tape, or at least for me
piece of what I wanna, sadly, is an added that right when I first hour doing around the horn, fears ego Easter right down almost everything I would say, and vineyards, reciting yeah we're. Not only resigning you're, not gonna, recited correctly so you're going to be like will not actually is yards forgetful of some and the priest to get two areas which are I gotta do, is you know You're gonna say be? U can also add Lib completely if it goes in a different direction or if you think of something on the fly cause, then, when you listen to the other person, the key is the listening to the other people right. Would you can't deal if you ever pairing? I gave you the first couple years I was doing. I got to say this, and I say this and not the other person is like you getting thinking. I for this Ramsgate egg have a hundred and fifty pages of notes and that I'd take and unlike the practice guide, I read a book about the friction Rams which, by the way, was absolutely useless because
There are not running any of it, nor is it so am I gave you a rival the differently why zone amid zone? I know that I shall never get to tell anyone on earth, but I have to admit I do like having at all like tucked into some part of my brain and then forgetting it. When I nitric that's the approach, I try to take now hum not always successful. The three person football booth, yeah, etc complicated history. It has worked a couple times, though so we know can work, but for the most part a juicy they do it because they are not totally sold and whoever the two p m that about the rain, With just in general, why Nathan demagogues arose was the best? The last couple years- and it's like I did just wouldn't need a third person man, some rally. They need a third person Do you think there's a way to make it work? I think it's really helped like being Gandhi and
acts in the early years. The way they paid off each other depends anything skill set safe. You want do you. People are competing So for someone like me, you or corn iser. I think it useful to Paris with the former player, because I found with Berlin. Then he any sees a wide receiver. You know Messapus router, whatever I'm not gonna talk about that. He is much better commenting on the end game action than me. I've. It drives me nuts to Washington. We watched, as I see everything on their we watch or if I'm watching, like dollar twenty two, if it in the game not catch like analysing what the guy the guards pulling any successful. I don't see that in a football game, so neat says something and then all way and more, unlike the macro, where the trend or the roster, and it feels a little bit more synergistic, we're your destiny leg for people like us, as the third person is ultimately the you have to be the cures person. Yes, why do that happen would sat? Did ledges, constant
we stand in for the viewer each year, you're tryin touches on peel information and angles from like somebody like may really anyway. Why do that way? I play out that way. Ways like you, love reality to you, ass, the bachelor and suffer. I ve known, watch couple those I always think about like well what I d like. If I was on a show- and I think you probably let's be honest- I wouldn't be hooking up or fighting with anyone. I would be the person whose just commenting like the narrator right this and for the audience I kind of feel that way when a minute I am not no one's watching me and saying like whether I'm in drama, but I d like to have a quick every now and then so what do you want it? What do you want me to five years from now? You don't think about it. I m kind of like the task in front of me occupies my attention. I have a lot of tasks and for whom he had he has been so I just tried and black still in the process of trying to get better at all them chasms
pretty new to the problem of that place is down there. She, when you six, acknowledges they want you to do everything in your had learning how to say now as the most important rescue you can have their Yeah I'd say you know, I M actually not doing that. I don't care if your mad at me, like learning say no and yes right because for the first part of my career lot of has been learning how to do that, and now it's like being a little bit more judicious about thanks three, and we want put in a closet with Barnwell and it's going to be a second screen watch ship in the dark. I don't do that with violence, just give them it s, papers, idea him and Danny man. Those are my guys you're. My advice would be Duncan. To attach to ride on, because I think in three months that dude cabbages, walk in the Himalayas and chances like save sheep. He is really do. Centrist. He really rising up the browser. I use very and we'd we're both really crosswords in everyday sent. Each other are competitive. Crossword result
oh, my god and when I met the beginning of it, so I do only Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Nobody'Ll and at the game. I was just shredding him. You know someone like fifteen minutes Saturday's, but you're, so smart that he started to surpass me every now and then in its really upsetting to me. It's like he could pick anything and become awesome. I hate that I like that he thinks he's the annual atoms events to be any limits. Yeah he's ideas that he has the phone the most fun instead I am of anyone, I policies like living this bridge. He makes it were closely like a child walking alone in Mexico and take a picture of a child. Is that I'm not taking a picture? and am child, but it looks good. I'm doing pity I next month year with Tony amazing and I'm so excited to I'm still Monday, but am I'm so excited to be with those guys examine those guys date, then a big influence on what we want to do with Grantline and here to where yeah
I would go there. I was just so impressed by everybody worked together in our kind of collaborative it was and how he was the boss, but he didn't seem like the bus and he was. He would hear a suggestion from anybody and concern. And he just kind of wanting to put people on the place to succeed, but not tell them what to do and as outside that's how they should probably work and weird and third thirty at the same time- and Conor is allowed like that too, and just watching those two things together, as I that's probably had this- should go all of air chosen like that yeah highly questionable around the horn high noon, which are going to do it times now is competitive. Eating talk show that's coming to know about that. Now it's called stuff it in its two people. They competitive eat as they do that takes a debt they haven't found the cash it so
there's an ear tags, definite your package with Kevin wilds. You tie my ideas and he brought up slow right that uber the area this is a sham. Idea. I've had forever for, like vice or something duper. Do by etc? That drives around allay an add on off. I can describe this in full detail why? What This is its legal and allay yeah. So it's like I it's a bit like how ones, but instead of people doing interviews eating chicken wing Thirdly, can hide her. That's like slowly amassing with secular escort like a escalate duper duper. I worked backwards from the name. Do dear I think that's a really. I don't even think that's a half baked idea, ethically, that guy's revolts outside device of bison based everything that could She probably happen about the stoned Olympics where it was
these events, but you had to be stoned to have to try to do them, but there are a lot of complicated. It's a soft things and things averages just be a little harder if you were under the influence here, I'm I'm offer It is really tat. There was one show a couple years ago where they would go, super high and do like a video podcast, but I feel, like you, ve, probably illegal ain't, drunk history, right yeah, like that's what I'm workin offer, I mean only works. If you get people who would be funny twice, I Charlie's certain would be great undue, but I feel like so you don't like stuff in it You have the like fifteen hartogs, as you give the takes a day: Aaron Rodgers, mustache news, shoving churches that did you. FEAR, Rogers mustache by I did he doesn't every year that would seem links areas. German Johnson, inertia yeah with the Canadian take causing press, but our he can grow on. I think my prediction, Fair Rogers.
It's gonna start to get really weird like vibrating, I wear two years ago. I think Aaron Rodgers is version a weird as he starts to drift towards his late thirties with the pact, That's the Athens Gonna happen. I just I'm goin off the weirdo rails. I think actually pretty get this here. Why may the case the defence is significantly better. I like all of the additions they made, adding the smiths as their pass raptures. There isn't Preston hatred. Amos was a great signing. I think my cousins or illegal coach too, and I think in the second here: they're gonna be a lot better and I am actually like higher on metal serve their offensive coins, one of them they babies, yeah, then most recently, because they make available for the letter he's a cop Mcveigh bees. I think he's stupid I think, he's yeah. I think by the way I know we joke about the Mcveigh proxies
he say or whatever, but my proximity to him, like that's gotta, help me out down the road user failure the ten percent better, should I know just people like us. She spent some time IRAN Sonic Bay. I should say that I was thinking. Watching the pole like you're saying that, as like a cell for yourself from for me now, that's a good idea, but then there's nothing better than being a rams third backup, quarterback. Now, of course, teams gonna pick up that guy. You know they got their forces. Do John Watford, who was a finance guy, got picked up by the f? You know historic. What teams not gonna take him he's keeping Ex bynum if a system for months now it by that sounds like a belgic I now and then, when you anymore, I don't get upset about it now before we go your favorite reality to be sure enough, I watch every episode national I've watched every bachelor like episode, everything in the french route. Paradise is my favorite, but I wash it all. The bachelor
turning into a feeder system for bedroom paradise, thou much like the real world was the feeder system for the challenge of assets like ultimately, the better show it's it's. You see Zeiner due for night for another for four months, but automates gonna later Zambia career. That's what bachelor prejudices that I call it. I like rats or an outgoing other can be great yeah. What do you got better read zone? Oh, it's all just hiding in hooking up, and you don't have to watch the boring, long dates and getting to know each other stuff. It's just action. I had a whole argument last night about with my wife, not an argument, but a discussion. This guy who's lever, Demi but then the army had a girlfriend from back home Christian, then the girlfriend showed up. Yeah didn't like that, That was aggressive and the guy handle they really well, and I was like if that was a dude. I feel that guy be much manner hundred ass. She was like my life was like why. I don't understand. It would just be anybody. She like those Ike, like
I don't know it's like you- could talk yourself into. I never had a chance anyway, but if it's another guy, it's like she lay a guy more than more than me. This is the longer overseas, perhaps about unjustified attitude, stored sexuality. I would talk myself into ah well, It wasn't me, there's a guy famous episode, Sexton City about this were carried dating a by Guy Urban and she finds out he's both erratic weird about it at all. Like I said this is a much bigger but you re, oh by the way like how that guy to his is mere tolerance of it. The bar is so low for that franchise. He was treated like an american hero on Twitter, but like Derek for President, what is apparent
Paragon of tyres. So well. He did his area is just another thing I think about it, like I think about being they lay quickie narrator. I also think about how good I would handle like provocative situations in the things I would say, and that something right I'd be so good in that scenario as well Listen, there's no excuse for a man to cry Reality show, in my opinion, unless somebody died. The army- I cried during first take when I saw you know forty three to four writing. She's though I think I'm one day it's her drag its its back in Paradise? Yeah come on it Anyhow, I get it's like. It's are all year, all like in them thousand wearisome swimming around ready. Other shard ceiling Clean Hannah G, whom has been called rat stock, as you think she looks like a bright star after, like three days, arise anyone cries on the show. It's like were says
it like professional wrestling. You desert actually tat to reach other. What's going on in their defence. I think there's, no I'm an amount one. I think the reason they act and, if said the second former contestant say this the reason they act so naughty is they are in a you know like a test to for three days with no access to internet and so they're just sitting around thinking. All like me- endeavours being military step, yeah like you're, so dialed in and focused on literally nothing else. That is like thing at summer camp right where you would follow. Someone really quickly or get upset about things, and everything is the end of the world you're, not thinking about anything else. That's how I think that it is literally is like being at summer camp and they're. Starting again I just want to know how some of these people feel when they see themselves crying on camera at bachelor Paradise. I have. You ever drag him now,
We cannot allow ear media bad episode. I wanna be wartime yeah, I don't think that throughout I guess I have lower standards for the show. The do I need. I listen. I No, you can't really enjoy it if you think of them as actors, even though that's what a lot of them are. You have to kind of suspend near disbelief, and I don't like thirty actors, I dont know if we ve come up with the right word, for whatever their profession is, I think was first of all right. I think the word believers dumb, like I think, just mostly night, while a lot of them it awards, like whatever national, rather whatever Where would be for I just want my fifteen minutes time you're there trying to do that their instagram famous now
a feller wanna, be in full and salaries and watching the show for a long time. Oh yeah, ok, so like if you go back and look at earlier seasons, I recently went back and I dont know why I care- or nothing was we're here- my tv, so I'll Amazon had like majorities as I wash the perception of like desert season that's the one where the guy she really liked quit early brother tainted than this glamour of. I don't know why, like we always limping Amazon disperses nail had real jobs such a different era. Raise characters and their motivations were different. There is in some ways it's more entertaining because I think they were all true. We just there to find love by it. I don't know of your Derek. Are you gonna say on tv after Demi dumps you for her How are you going to say this always happens to me
somebody always choose as someone else over me, I'm just not giving that italian camera Derek, I'm sorry, I'm their voting that out there in the world you're looking for end game right, maybe- and I know I just use or down which has come a necessarily mean if you're on their early years, not only are you in that testing twenty four hours a day, thinking about one person or whatever you're thinking about how you're being portrayed on television I guarantee you dare was as soon as I was happening, was sinking? Ok, how can I come out of this looking good? What is the best end game for me for this, and he's been executed, sobbing on camera and sing. Everyone picture ass, I made out of our air. Oh no. I thought the fight. The semi fight? Whatever was that do body slammed
oh runway top row if he had hit. I lay like when a broken his shoulder instead of sand. He would there was it would be like Assyria he gonna, gonna concussion is, I would add that escalated fast. Those anchor memorable. Have you never cried. Brick kill the leg. I know Derek Crown Camera, but the city She and I don't know a black eye of cried out while thou it made sense but night I just to go back to the deeds kind The chosen I haven't you cried like, because I just I guess I can't character ass, the bachelor impaired as part of just just that kind of emotion worked up in three days. Just show you fire yeah, ok, so we're doing a big little lies chair, but I felt like the whole towns is cheating on. It was euphoria,
as is there. I just can't wait for the show to outline what euphoria every night, and I think the reason I liked it. So much was the emotion it really captured that, like heightened emotion because, like you know, as I squalor dismay comes a shocker, but I was not participating in rampant drugs. Insects use an addiction guess setting aside fancy baseball the time, but I did feel like everything was the end of the world, and I thought that showed is such a good job of capturing like the heightened stakes of every single encounter every single thing that happens to you in your that age is like the most important thing that ever happened to you in a really got that right and then they put that on steroids. Brain made it a drunk crazy, like crazy, I'm adders incredible show. Wasn't I just liked very astute area. I thought of the show there it's so good. Well at this decision is succession is so good to so that's I think would was surprised me about. Euphoria was just how affected I was by the characters.
Really attached to some of them. The pipeline is really hard to do. Was big little as was it was gimmicky. I love that I watched everything at my age- is kind of came and went yeah anyway. It just seemed like an elaborate waited just have ministry punished tv show for seven weeks right and that was ultimately the legacy of that season. I think I don't really know You know I've I've, just that sees in one was just trying to do so. Much more see someone else. It has had an incredible plot, and that a start metaphysical telling it forward this one didn't and if you don't have an incredible plot, mouthing euphoria like an incredible plot, you have to be invested in the characters and like the feelings and didn't really have that either I still watch euphoria going on over. This is going yeah. I mean there's about you. Have your kids are teens now dumplings, like maybe it's my kids my fourteen eleven. I would never let the much, but is it
now that my kids watch anything my kids like big mouth in good boys all that stuff, but that that is is good. Boys part. I will add to I'm really excited I gotta screener, because son, was badgering me. If you can get things just get me their assistance, and I honestly watched at eight times in seven days. His favorite movie ever that's really fun. I really want to see it. It's really. They rightly made me laugh to good day movie. Also, I just think little children cursing is whenever sapping funny man like little to learn. Do the adult shed by you're gonna, get it in this whole boy. He adds really get a move on turn ass, you say I've had friends with kids who were they can't why she for you, because it makes him think about their own kids in those scenarios. Do not feel that way now were among good shape. So far with these kids, the pre under year with a fourteen year old girls around the world,
the my son as the one he's, not a baby. Nay, my son is the way it will be crying out of the window and when is in the ninth grade taking member somewhere and will never know he laughed like he's. One of those cuts have been at the deeper than the Duma. Thanks for doing this. This is fine, I'm glad we did it who's who's in the super bowl. So I bet you go pass again and super bowl eagles, bugs lie low too much- and I was really early on that now- I I don't want to be like when I read the wave. People raving about both sides of the line whereas random forbad raised, I would say, they're gonna win in the trenches again really really good on both sides alone. I think I'll give you the eagles abide. I think that the end, if she's much
stacked this so much better. Yet like an mba style thing, I'm doing overlanders with sound next week and I'm really every hour try to find this began backed us inside my calm in the nineties, like the team that that come out of nowhere, nobody expected them to him. There's a whole recipe for it and now people are pretty good at just looking at the first eight weeks of the schedule and all these little things. So now it's like its flipped even have to open another layer cuz be the obvious. Oh, that's a team, it's gotta almost be and I'm looking the steelers- and I can't stop looking a great egg totally on that- making yet, but I keep sir clean them as like everyone's re them off Antonio Brown and credible you and their potential. Obviously, he's completely insane, just the infrastructure. I dont think they're divisions very good. Everyone just has the brown pencil then and its ideas.
Nothing. I have no idea afraid kitchens is gonna, be gay like some I'm looking at their mom, I'm certain I'm not ready to commit to it. I think there are great pic, I think the offense to be fine. I was worried about the events. I don't think a secondary is good, but apparently Devin Bush is the second coming of Wagner so they always seem to find their day some random receiver out in their where those I must clarify the Anti Thompson I mean. Yes, they could turn. You know you're Kyle into them, scrape and wait until a lot of lot of shit with abs staff elaborate on that They deserve it now, but I think that section now is like he's on the other side of the mountain feelers fans. An icy let's see was be reporters are luxuriating in America, like clinical waking up to a b, and I know that it is a bad luck. I know about that
is anybody or less airing. In like April, you really are yeah. Well, I we talked earlier to bring it about players. I've met you, I didn't have the greatest. Experience I out, you know, I don't want to ruin, Tonia, no discipline. Maybe a few years ago and I remember walking away thinking. That's that's a part like it's gonna be allowed. His wildcard do want the weirdest thing I've ever had happened to me at a dinner, we were at a roofs. Chris pulled out a thing, a floss offered it to me and I felt peer pressure. Do it so he bushes floss, at the table after eating other? Why am I telling us at the time I got it? I know those guys are budget, it's weird. It's really weird gather
this they were famous. I dont have to deal with them like you do, because the patriots she's beat them all the time so that there are many comments. The patents Seahawks fans because they be in a super bowl, I'm sure you take or they were the worst fan base, I would say at all, but they did they are very much in joining this. Antonia around thing, which, as you know, I think there can. We find it extremely good. So how are you one of those bad when there was no better it's getting rid of him their pain and play the artisan God raise. It is actually, The damage is for them to just be like yeah. We rather not have this guy and that's how they operate there. You know this is actually better for us, or he was just. He wasn't gonna play sales and who knows if that was true, there's a lot of fun. Take standards is going around now that are just in one of them is people get James Carter's, really good. It's like now. Nobody from AIDS
on just about everybody. There fantasy Western became Novo jibs gunners people forget, would be a great people for decades. Yeah. Various segment right. I'm just create another people. People forget our thirty years, be into after duper mean that this is a pleasure. Thank you. Thank you. I thanks so much the Zapruder dump you gotta Zapruder, dot com, slash bs, don't forget about mean his pack asked with Lenny don't forget to watch Mina on the Rams games this week and don't forget about the re. Was fatal. Attraction is up right now back next week with multiple new pie cast, including there turn Romany, many seasons room. We ve done this over under strand a founding, so double package, half a mile and a half on his son, That's how come unless we can further weaken it.
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