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McCarthy's Gone and Goodell Won't Leave, Plus Super Bowl Sleepers and Week 14 Lines with Cousin Sal | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 450)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks with Cousin Sal about Mike McCarthy's firing after the Packers' loss to the Cardinals, a puzzlingly close game between the Chiefs and the Raiders, the Kareem Hunt story, NFL Playoffs, and Roger Goodell's lackluster performance as NFL commissioner (2:19 ), before they guess the NFL week 14 lines (51:48).

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Seatgeek, dot com. Russell breath you by the rewatchables. I think we're going to have a new one. This week we banked one, I'm excited about it. I won't spoil the movie for you, but, let's just say it's the firm with Tom Cruise. How crap I spoiled it that's happening. We also are launching a new package. This week you can subscribe now cod wing in it. It's with anything Burg, Vince Carter can't basement. Talking about Hawks basque bar life and the you name it so happens that is coming this week week, gauge erratic speak in a Basque. He is a Pakistan, the ringer passed as well or network as well. He has one come a Jimmy Butler this week. I know this because he promoted it during his post came every today after they beat Memphis thanks J J
get out and the Ringer Pakistan were to get the ringer dot com is the best website on the planet. From an upward took the cousin sow about a traumatic week we thirteen Our friends from project is a right around the corner. It has not been a holiday, Firefox, doesnt South there's a gambling pummeling this weekend. You take it even worse. And I did you had the packers I don't know how many parlours and teachers every had their fourteen point, favorites against the cardinals at a loss to the card. And fired the coach immediately after the game. Hayfield gazelle, I feel good.
The firing. That's for sure I like to think that I had something there without having done. This is one those which were you just gonna hate a lotta teams right to be happy with my my euphoric there from Thursday cowboy when should be holding over, but the cold get shut out, the packers lose at home, and so my bird had no. What happened that still game? I love the Steelers Baden covered that in Europe in the second half like what what's the like about this league right now and then, of course, the horrible stuff that went on Friday after by the way when the biggest ratings third than I ratings of all time than a few hours later, the league- Don't the big well with the chief news, but yeah gambling wise, not good, not got it all! Now, let's talk about cream and a little bit. I think people probably the little fatigued with their story, but I do have some thoughts united with this, but I see that you left at the bears losing giants the giants every week, the jail
play really well then desperately trying to give the game away at the end would say they did. It went into over time and then somehow the giants, One and Chase Daniel on the I learned the hard way not are really reliable, bet Chase Daniel on the road he started at the game, with an eight yard, interception pits pick six and I, One of those weeks. We are worried about the let's be careful out their weak, the Micro Conrad Memorial, the big favorites, except for the packers, which I thought that line was absurd. I didn t there should be favoured by fortune over everybody. I was shocked that you get sucked in on that one by just to be on the right side of one they made the smack down on a team at home and Lambeau inferior team who pretty much gave up lapse. We do
and then at home all they have to do I mean all they have to do that they have to win, they have to start winning at home and then just becomes apparent like I don't know. If they wanted to save this coach's job like you could see it now. Aaron Rodgers eyes their stacking eight in the box water daring him the throw long and still problem, like four yard out roused to up to today everybody. So you know an anathema: they Adams, you gotta guy. You got a deep threat there, who even get a flag thrown. If you try something new and they I didn't do anything up at the boy S gothic, sad Aaron, we talked about, and last week looked especially sad during game may not have been said after the game, it was anything I don't. Many of us were surprised that make Mccarthy got fired. I think, maybe that it didn't happen on Monday. Getting fired right after the game is pretty severe. I dont really remember that happening very often by the reactions.
We were, we were on the ringer fell slack we're were laughing because they had that o t show the facts show. And they were like add living trying to make sense of the Mccarthy firing you Brad Shod, how each other's guys it was rough day day They did not have a lotta inside they seem confused air. Every Bradshaw just didn't seem he knew what was going on, I'm not even sure he knew microcredit. There was and then everything ended with with Tony It's always telling us that you know talk about who has more pressure on them, go forward AIR Rogers, Embankment Carthage, I think it's Aaron Rodgers says I guess I actually agree Few tourniquets errands play football, make Mccarthy's coaching variety of out and out of a job, more private. I felt we got the job by an ever more pressure. There was abominable discussion and then on the embassy side. Dodgy goes on
like furious, that they fired Mccarthy, and he does this whole thing of look. You can't do that to a coach on a super bowl. You can't fire in the season. He deserved my time. It's like how much but how do we did this? Was we ve talked about this for four years? If anything, you know he had the benefit. The damage is seem like. Like a man, that had God sour fat years in the Us Supreme Court, just like a cat, you wanna Superbowl, but that did I want everyone thought Tom top. One should be on his way out when he was right, maybe two three years late, yellow
I don't know I mean to me like that. There are many signs that the team gave up on him like me, like third, in twenty three against their results at home, and you give up a first found like Bobby Life. It's Gerald like he should go, I'm sorry! This is our policy. We have the fire coach on thirteen twenty three against terrorism. If they they converge you and might patent to give the defensive goats. You could add just just find another job y know you dear, but I know it cost you money, I'm gonna make you feel better with following comment: I doubt that the interim coaches, Joe Feldman, let's forget Joe, fill this. We may run out and I'm right here we made a lotta jokes about Joe Feldman, his his team quit the dolphins quit on him, for weeks on end before they fired a member that and we we're making jokes about the dolphins quitting on him. Like probably eight weeks before the actual fired on the, I thought you thrown the hard docks and the Duff
Stephen. I thought he was one: a memorable bag coach, one of the memory, big bad coaches of this decade and that's a they turn to free to take over MIKE Mccarthy, Roger Sherman put this matter of retweeted it, but he put in our slack the two assistance at thirteen years of make Mccarthy the two assistants that came from the make Mccarthy Coachee jury were Joe Feldman. An ad Ben Mackadoo to the great I'll work Jeffrey. That is, I think you just Tipp of her I think I just hit the coach and check the last question three in brown, sorting next Christmas tree right there can you believe that Mcadoo and Joe Philbin? It's like what your legacy of the coach let these are my two guys. I hand pick that I had them all the way in well, I think Roger tweeted this- that the Texas TAT Code should be the next Packard
that into that people are that yeah Thoud Buffon right give Rogers it offensive genius toward with maybe. Sure anything. I'm is forever, but they say might be going to you. I see what's going on with that, but it does seem like a lot of coaches can go no there's a couple torches by Jason Guard and the bill Brian, who Tomales put together nine straight win through that they get a reprieve for what at least a year right here now. I am a bit well then we dimension mention Carolina loss to the lowly bucks today and camp was good. We went from wondering why he was be mentioned. Them be discussion to wondering what those around them and about four weeks, but he could advance expects that I have been here for buddy, I like Round Robert, I don't feel like. I don't like his job, is endangered, etc, necessarily Marvin Louis we weren't we,
that his job is endanger rear. We worry because we enjoy gambling against them sometimes, but will you not funny imagine if I get bored they had odds for huge, actually replacing Martin Louis week, one twenty I don the know is only minus two. Twenty really. This is a consideration. Huge action is taken. But put come away the rise and before you jack again, mainly through again take a coach. Kind must look at work like Mccarthy, wait, a minute a hundred and twenty five, when I had to early fired me, give it couldn't get rid of me. If we did a crab funny thing to get the bangles, higher Hugh Jackson, envy and hard knocks, I feel like we could get up to about six million at least can find the fur whatever is the first year of his salaries, It was a weird, the other weird thing happened was in this was kind of predictable.
Of the wheat dad, and maybe this a good segouin to cream out, but the right. This kind of just hung around and that she came to the point where it actually seem like they're. My word a couple times and they are losing by seven, but they were super frisky. Their whole sideline was into it and the chiefs actually had to work to win. That game, which you know is was was caught up in saying to watch cause their terrible because at that time I think that the two now Corsair distraction than everything say figure. Maybe they their way, and I beg offensively but to put up forty ah but defensively they they can't let what happened to them. The raiders happen in the play. There are one or two or three hundred yeah three touchdown bent over a hundred seventy on there on the ground. You don't know anything they receive reserve, yet just anonymous receivers and Jerry Quota and just in their thing, but it clear. The cream, odd thing, especially written the stories about our motion, was to tat. You know him fighting for them.
To release him are all that stuff creed. Story. I I guess my first thought it was just the it really did, feel I deja vu at the right thing like down to here's. This tansy video clicking added nervously, no it was going to be bad, not having no idea what was on it, and then it was bad and you know it. Just like tv gets the video again I've heard the case within it felt like well. How are they gonna? Get it it's illegal for them to be I've been employ like all that stuff, but you know it is ironic that, the over and over get these videos. It became clear that He was either getting suspended for the season that there are releasing em right. Just a lot of holes in the story of how we we knew something happened. We didn't know it was this bad. And meanwhile, if you go back and read, the news stories about is pretty clear what he
and then it comes out. They didn't interview crema. They couldn't find the the person who was assaulted to find out what happened from her ended. We we just went through this four years ago is like there are no lessons learned and yet this leak that try to justify? Why we like it, I love fairness. I love gamma like watching the path I like the Sundays in just over and over again, it just makes you now want to like football. They just come up with new ways to just go man bad for you and I, like I mentioned, like the earth, is ours that the Thursday night game, which record numbers were obviously I like that for several reasons, cowboys one, but here I just think, there's too many factions and there is still no protocol in place because you have believed you have the team and you have the law enforcement agency and its just like
You know, I don't know J, do there's a whole thing. Like ok he's, not a rested. You can't do anything other than that such rules, because the teams again Barbara, then the Chiefs talker Karim on, but the lead in talk to him. But the league did try to talk to a girl, but she didn t even want to talk and the we claim they try to get the tape, but they didn't like out on all. I got to know what to do anyway. No good, though, handled everything wrong, but I just feel the whig like if they, if they knew about the taboos, bad, they didn't know about the taper with bad at all, which way to go here. I know there are certain things I can't say about it, but it just fox all round one and on top of it it seemed like a big Where was I while he lied to the team? Well, that's! Let's face it, not as part of this, I'm sorry, he lied to you by the ethic There were some parts of this story than that and even I don T said, then the brig gameshow Day, while you know he did, lie to them at that point. Psych are well, that's it's bad there right
really that, but it's just that I'm gonna die retail who gets up because there's no video editing. So weird is right. The strange time we were then right now yeah. We knew about the Tyrol, Kehl things, so that's, ok do he can keep play because we ve already judge them, but the cream her. This is a fresh, fresh story, so he's gotta go, but I recall stays and it does feel like. FR. I get to the very out. I think I may say that no question you could do something worse and there's no video proof of it and then you'll get arming. That may be the case here, but if there's a video your time- and I think what the video shows is like. Ok, not only did this happen, but it might be a history of this, like war, catching this on tape, once maybe the stuff on that that the implication I think right, yeah we're gonna get rose here, but the first time I was caught by my parents,
in my own room, Portugal, myself, I'm sure they didn't think. I was the only time everything right, so you copy your parents What does this? Is your parents are alive? I hope there are listening Did I say that I do yeah it's hard to imagine it it's weird how a story this is bad same way. It is hard to imagine them rebounding from this and its, I don't feel like. I think, bombs as more important than I am tired, because marble them in causes more for them is their fourth, most important offensive prayers and we saw the need in there in the chargers game they bring in this running back whose their third should run back. Just the Jackson becomes the hero game. He looked, I guess there's is unbelievable and it seems like every team as five running back there come in at least be competent. It shouldn't be a deal breaker for them and
yeah. I really think this is. This could be a deal breaker for them. I advise just the mojo from this. And the way they handle dad and I'm sure more stuff. Gonna come out. I D. I guarantee historian However, when I learned a lot more- and I just can't- it puts a pall over your season- not to me- in my bow really Santa was emotional him fighting to not be released, and that so I want to One thing about the data which I feel like I I can say this time, because I can't suspend myself Kurds who is in charge of the rear. You can't do it everywhere. He he's been basically in hiding for about two years, he's not a public face. The league at all. He shows up at the draft. You know he hugs the players. He does his whole thing like he pretends. He cares about the players. He does he'll show up a game, so sit in the suites He'll, give some very carefully orchestrated interview with somebody. You know that
no real, hard questions, but I guess my question is the commissioner is supposed to be the person that kind of sets the tone for the league is the ambassador he's. The connection between the fans and the players in the owners he's the one person who tries to have everybody's interests at heart. You look at some of the other commissioners. Adams, rather, it is the best example of this is done. A really good job at the Abbe, as has been covered a million times had they robbed Manfred, is has done her a pretty nice job with baseball, heavy Gary Betterments had a head injury, but the boy Adele is just like not only is he not doing his job he's either like China had to keep a low profile, would is even weirder like at that point. You don't have the job. Why do you have this job? You you'd you offer nothing. Would you bring to the table? Where was this weekend?
Really, I wonder if this is the case that pay so in the owners or the important owners pockets, and literally I mean how much is it make yet forty million miles forty four learning it. I wouldn't think forty yet shall I wonder if they tell him like a just just keep your nose queen and re, thus money or for some written leagues make money while you're an office, though we're gonna, keep moving to keep renewing you just don't do anything stupid, but what he thinks you're stupid, at least so I wonder Can it might be like you think, with all of our ball and and where they paid him? The guy yeah? they pay regard ago a year. I regret the it system, I don't know how you gonna carry himself there today with any sense of professional David. He so bad this day over and over again they have these issues, these scandals and these problems, and you know that
I'll change, the rules of the being in the season. You can't hit the quarterback anymore and then three weeks, and then I screwed that up all right. Let's go back to the old girls, concussion, the CT stuff, the blue tat, a it just a ring so hollow, and it's just my question is: could you do worse could still worse job? Probably not. Probably I question is currently trying to impress you He doesn't care about Jerry Johnson and Robert Craft right. He cares about those guys seekers. Data cares about protecting TV contract. I mean even the way his vanity is pm. They ve nudity is piano over the last year. European do that just doesn't cover the weakened. The same sort of vigour and intensity innate? clearly a partner in ESPN and Jimmy Peter.
Runs yes now and I think, by the way, this is pretty smart. He's made a concerted effort to make the NFL partner again and to suck up to them and not get adversarial, make it more like you, you were in this together. They just did that deal the NFL draft where their unity why's that it's like accordingly, I found a lot of different ways and I think I'm gonna be really listen to what happens areas piano those couple years with opinion with criticism, and you look at what happened with GMO Home people that just where that goes? Where way, if, if I'm working as planned they provide. A comedy is pain right now and I wanted to turn in a column on Monday edges hammering Adele, would they run it No idea, I don't know what am I would run it might like. You wrote it, you never know. You know like what's added a pact
I swear I ripped good down like in two thousand and ten with they suspend me awaited they did for years. What a terrible could. Therefore, I just I just don't get the good birthday. It are. Maybe I'm over thinking. What a commissioner should do with their responsibilities should be buddy mean our the same positional about with what the countries like back people expect. The president, the leader whether you worthier publication, Democrat, whatever you're in and the Tsar as an American might not agree with a lot of the president's policies, but it at the bottom as you wanted somebody who can be a leader who, when you know Sir California, mad cow basses, is on fire. You want a leader in the country who at least makes you feel good. As as your worries, the California is gonna burn down, not a guy who's. Gonna blame people for not muttering forest fires.
Bees are bad at the gate and between the true, he doesn't give a shit about what most people think now he doesn't not as brazen about is that tweeting about it every day, but the bottom line- and you know that added buttered, please I gotta trump. Both it's gotta be I'd, a leader should be able to lead even people who disagree with them. Get out there trying to lead anybody anywhere. I mean he's trying to lead the owners and that's it, but you know he should have been this weekend and been like. I can't believe this happen again. This is on us. We are always passed us for a long time. Let Lebed hanging like this. It's really. They really big you hurry. Yours, do an interview before Roderick about right now, there's another thing: do you you think he s picture, run that I don't know I mean I didn't. Do him any favours, that's for sure and obey now now can have made it like. It doesn't really understand. What's goin on.
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I meant by doktor it's all prescribed Online Dover Straight straight. Your door, discreet, unmarked packaging talked doctor. Please erected dysfunctional problem, guys don't tackled, but it is really important of now with Roman. It is really easy to take care of it for a free online vis. Repeat: free gotta, get roman dotcom, Slash bill. I before we get to guess the lines wanna talk about Dallas saw her. I flew to New York this weekend. And I had mastered there's a Thursday night flights were. You can basically watch the third. Then a football game and the Turner Basketball gives so I had the basically took off in the cowboys game. Isn't it was great? in the guy next to me, was watching the cowboys game. So I was able to put on the basketball game, and I
scared to TVS going at an airplane. It was great I really felt like, as am I right in your defence, was we knew This is what we are about last week on the pod, when I thought that line was too high, and I was like I really like you for your friend seven. I think you could get pressure. That was what you d, state. In that game, not only was the best houses, but I do no other than a couple bears games. I was basically the best offensive performance we ve seen all year at what point did you need to be closed down don't don't really believe what I saw and there you call that I mean you said the wine should have been smaller. Helping anyone thought about thirteen ten game but yeah that defence among the best line back and crew in the in the game, show me that even in their lane Vander ashes like the defensive rookie year, the year for sure yeah, jail and Smith in other markets Lawrence like twenty four Saxon two years, Brandy Gregory without keep made some atrocious errors, the real
a really good I'll, lock them again, but they are something Albert Irving didn't even play. The other day like I can't believe I hope it keeps up here, sometimes esteemed peak or defences like get tired or something, but it seems They seem to be doing all right. They that ignited seven. When that provision outbreak topic of being on you know, I don't think, I'm being overly confident when I say the seventy five team is gonna win the division right. What's funny, you know we did a lot of talking about Joneses cop. See all that stuff. We mentioned this a few weeks ago. They ve always drafted well, have dated, have higher. By I mean really, if you just made a whole list of whose, whose pulled off the best kind of draft pigs for the spot, and things like that.
They ve over and over again been able to find guys, like you said they have the defensive rookie year this year. This is the first time that they have had that kind of success. They. They are really good at finding talent, and I think the coaching part was always the part, We wondered about maybe the clapper made he just needed three hundred games to figure it out. Maybe the clamorous coming into his own could be it for her would you I still think he stopped, and you know that you have asked whether, with friends all but who don't do for the cowboy Bulgaria congratulations now back is extended and now Jason Garrett's expanded, and I almost feel worse about that being extended to approach you get extra. Adding Jeff Fisher was fired by three weeks after extended it. Didn't it didn't matter as much, but right that they have to give him nine figures right and it's it's only because really their stock. You can't think he's what'd you do.
They give closer the timetable and rough a wealthy, but you know it's. His defence is gonna, be like we're gonna. Whenever game, twenty two seventeen then and there No one better out there. I think they have been given the deal right I don't think it's ever worked out when two to overpower quarterback, that's basically an opera. I don't I don't agree the thinking. I don't think it's a good idea. What are you gonna do? What do you do that? When is it this? This sprang? You have to do it I will do it by the way it doesn't matter what I think you're gonna, do it. You're gonna give him like a hundred and ten million dollars. I mean a star. In coopering big to where did that? Second receiver come from that's another guy. They found our whose lives like human catches in traffic. That's it, then. I get me that overthrow that should have been a game at Geneva been cloth, but that we need a portable,
I can make that role. Will re now rams eleven one saints tended to bears, get the last down ain't for you. Actually, as amazing is the sands. Has it have a chance to get the three seed because Chicago has the rams next week hackers, I'd, say friend dinner, then there in many to end it yours, as for you and be favoured, and all of them well, may not be favoured and weak. Fifty beer, home Philly, add Indianapolis camp yeah home tab. I add the giant to be favoured and three of the foreign right you may you be I feel go underdog in the other when it feel
like a tendency in Athens. We kind of thought about this that you don't want to foresee right now, because I think the sea hawks are as Hata team as there is in the annex ii. Not I wanna over billet now another beat up on the night, but they ve had they put together nice during air, yet enough awoke and looks all their deepened. What's good, I don't think you want the foreseen, could be a little nervous found the rams that the one seat of the sea off beat the cowboys and ordered the fourth did. Then you go into the rams already play them close that she ought to not became you wanna play Dallas, probably the genuine apply, either good defensively. Can make your stupid, but there came I want to avoid Seattle. I wouldn't play Jason care in the class, but it wouldn't mind seen him across here That will be aware, as I am aware, so we got it out through its come today, Epic, that that's that's all. That's like lightning menorah you now I got that turning it on
we'll pick care therefore has a vibe now of tat. Are they guys on defence basically did did a semi mutiny against my quarterback. We pick the quarterback and were better off screwed is true. Let's get us They got me around them, and I know my guy, so we have out of the air wildcard tipsy out of seventy five Minnesota, six, five in one Carolina, six and six in the end and drop and like a stone with two saints games laughed at their almost us off. Why skyline, at the actual way like camp is- and I said if this week, on unlocking another ample, did they just a shitty game? We are too low screw you up. I have them under six when looking great there. They just want to screw everything up there when they want to be placed boiler in the play off, did not very good but don't screw up like my under six, though, threw up teamwork, the Panthers play of chances and oh remains.
I could pick up that's what they do. Well, you tell us about that. Out of the black picture there there again behind the Carolina, lasting Philly beats washed in with both of those teams will be six and six if Billy Windsor Alan and then papers on the outside just caught a lingering bet. There's gonna diamond seven desert realistic, for less than a go to the air sea. I think we'll put before the end of the decade the. Why might prefer they got fired at the girl. Again, look at all the bikers lost realized was the bears. Don't look great, all the sudden change them. The movie elucidate protein cardinal then I'll get a divorce niceties. Most indefensible asses today were green ban. Indianapolis. They need help us get shut up.
I don't know what happened in October, but so they're, six and six, instead of seven and five and now they're, just for six and sixteen Baltimore, seven and five, with some tough games up there at the chiefs and out there. Charges and the charges are nine and three. They basically look like therein, I'm anymore. Looking for one spot, I beg the charters and our locks for five seats unless the chargers catch the chief but I'll. Take that possible real out that bottle. I'm gonna happen. Yeah you're, looking for one more time in the ass and that's a much worse for five match I mean I'm with you see dangerous, but charges are another very dangerous, and you have re now Pittsburgh Satan, for we could see the game we saw tonight. We may be seen that again. What are we? game. I have the aforesaid now right here in Houston, yet I thought I mean we had money on pet for celebrating some stupid fantasy,
when that then mean anything when China now announcing an enemy, but the miracle touchdown after the defence of cohesion at first to touch her between that and that, in the end, that frickin right tackle was got up out of the stance here than the back field. They I for making Yannick Single Play and the reps call it, but especially on that first such down that road requires it, but I don't know how this Had he ball game like that twenty seven at home and have to get the ball third theme running back keen and now and they threw domain. In times of car fourteen integrate fancy debit every. The time they need to play. He made it. The third, running back, was awesome, but the thing that shocked me was it twenty three six half time or twenty three nine or whatever was seven point three seven. I just that Pittsburgh who's gonna score. Fifty points
gauge semantic had moved the bow whenever they wanted, and then they came out in the second half and just three straight crap drives chargers had the moment then. We found it hard to believe that Antonio Brown, legislatures to just disappeared like their forcing ball. The Heyward Bay was double copper like I know what goes on with that thing, he had been in a fictitious forfeit. The ever gave me have been missed. A couple throws the whole the whole game just had it had a vibe that the charges were going away and even before they had the lead. You just said that Canada field to it, and we have seen that specific MIKE, I'm era game a lot of times, especially a national tv where, when it gets late like that, it just feels like weird stuffs gonna happen. I still thought, even though their chargers kicker had three different shades.
To make it its Nova chargers. He could have been on the it could have been. An eighteen yard fell gone. I stole out of expected in a mess it until I was open other get over just keep going outside. Eventually, maybe they will call it, and maybe this guy, don't you get your choice, chicken muscle extra point at this point but yeah you're right, the charge is just that my garden on and then I M getting madam, I am so bad for my family could figure out that I have one The steel is yet another rose, you're standing and everyone will be blocked it for some reason, the only one who could tell that Egypt outside for their gone crazy, announced and get mad at them from the terrible. So you is it fair to say it was a shoe lacking for you today, really bad. I really that's the one thing I had was still over twenty six and a half point
get that even when it read up on, but the everything else was bad and I put in a man an amendment about the waiter, but I had very well said when it at a distance. Let's document enough, in fact, as you watch it yeah, this is every time for us, take our groundwater break crown, are. There said the pretty cool this for buses, nay, lies to responsible drinking campaign, called the wider break. It saw about encouraging people to hydrate between transfer, better experience with at the game watch. You know we're in a bar have great time enjoy some crown. Don't be that person that roads, if Reverend bossing that guy, who drank too much watching the game, make three car take a water break. Who made the right causes. We greens, you do or not. Of the nor not there's a judge that scored this file, one. Fifty to one eleven for whether there I love box- I feel the same way about about boxing attitude, the NFL.
Most like a traumatized fan at this point there she spent so much dysfunction, and so many bad things in so many bad people added hit that point time ago, where you go. Why do I watch this? Where do I do this? There is another one day. The judges there's always one judge that just you don't know what they're watching they may be getting paid off. Who the hell knows. I am giving them my: you did not make the right call this week, because if you watch that fight- and you thought, while they're one one hundred and fifteen to one hundred and eleven- I don't know what the hell to tell you. I mean SIRI, one hundred and ten rounds made nine nine. Maybe tat are now, but this goes tonight my thing that I've said forever. Why did we only set on three judges for boxing matches? you're doing as vital fight for a title fire refer.
Shape it should fire? We should have at least five, because you view of small sample size. You have three judges in one of those three screws up. You almost can't recover with the decision if its close review have five and you have the one person who just goes off the reservation. You can still have a chance to have the right decision. But this is a classic case of Wegg one guy scalded draw which is fine. That's that the worst thing in the world one guy its IRAN and now it have a rematch in its drawn. Meanwhile, aid that fight was not a draw. What was your final score for now? I thought, actually I got the right of withdrawal of the closest. I know it's unsatisfying, but I thought I thought with both the donors
to turn around here and I'm in the other guy got knocked down twice a year could be dry, bigger right. You can't up to one fourteen want and one on one way, one go the other way, but ah, but element caution. You you wanna, get five judges, America, what I've done nothing for packing, Alvarez's, Joe hormones in Jeff Foreign, those terrible alcohol, three judges a foreign wedding. So even that's not even those that maybe the answer me. What have I have to do something? What about twenty one judges, the toilet? what if we like the Lebanese die so tat, even if they Charles Barkley, gets to the two celebrity judges, Be like american AIR, a manner against someone watching from home, be the judge either. I sometimes think being there may be a cloud judgment and in some cases the judges sheets were wondered claims she Bosnia
the fate where she was in itself. You know I've thought about that, because I've had really good seeds for boxing couple times and you still can't see like half the fight, so maybe it's maybe it should be. Twelve ass. Well, what am I promise was with the rough I mean I am obviously as with the biased, because I had the under add that it wouldn't go the distance, and you know that this is one of the things were to six foot, eight guys really almost not each other out and Prescott the Jew. I got this isn't going to distant someone's gonna land, much like the most like what was your furies pushed back and hold the whole fight, but that would Mackay there will come a motive bombs of whose good yeah ensure you down. The ninety gets up he'll down in the twelve.
And maybe it was compared to the undertaker and adaptability of each daring at the life at the six cow use. There did you make use dead from four seconds yeah and he just write it up and gets to its feet and still wobbly. Now the problem is the rapid. That thing worry the count and he didn't catch the count from this. Possibly some official will. You is counting, while the rap pushes everyone to their corners like while the those born- but I dont know if he ever picked up that man or woman or didn't they started on chap jury was down for good three Mississippi camp before he started and then, even so breaking the count and looking at wilder and he got up. I thought he got up there like thirteen or fourteen here that this is not legal. You should do it. That was pretty crazy in a couple people. Imagine this, sir! I'm not saying I bet it, but it did. It was the first
I thought of two watching it wilder thought he why they were. It really was the ended. The fourteenth ran and Rocky one where Craig celebrating It turns around in the shoulder sag right. The rocks, waved him back in that's my favorite part of any rocky movie and it did happen field where, where he thought he wanted the throat cut gesture? elevated, then a kind of tears they wait. Think I got up so TAT was pretty cool. I wouldn't sorry, but we should a God. I was in New York and I don't know shit about it. Evidently much plot. Like didn't happen, they don't have to stick to this. For the beer, rematch and outdated. I felt the same thing would: dump the first, what he called Canelo and an triple g match, the judges. Don't have to will emerge anyway, just how did you see it when I, would you rather have run and then a further three judges, Roger Gerda? If you had to pick maybe cases here,
When was that, I have my yes dear right, but what would go the crowd were a water break? This is the. Do you see? Why did you know he is getting like a six minutes read for their crimes outbreak the step he always gets his way, but I have to give it to Philip Wendy YA out and fifty seven yard. Broncos running back each five, eight one, ninety which is like me. If I lost twenty five pound button, Let me know undrafted offensive player, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy has made the pro bowl as a rookie has gotten. The pro bowl invitation is a rookie offensive plays this guy is going to do it. The average of six and one slash two yards every time he touches the ball days, got like nine hundred and forty yards rushing or something that only Berkeley has more and basement and cholera were set himself to Wendy good job. I you I like they started to fill the spell Phil Lindsey
So you're gonna go rivers. We got a mournful Lindsey Finnish, fourteenth, Sagres yeah. I, that is the crowd. Whirl water break. Grandma reminds everyone this for policies and to take a water break and hydrate responsibly. Broncos had a tough break their last Chris AIR ass. He broke his leg, They really see my guy. You know that a major round the table potential at San Francisco home Cleveland at open the next three, their sixty six and you know Potentially now we're talking about. Oh, my god. They have the chargers weak, seventeen, that that would be great. That game might mean nothing through the chargers they might have reversed. The five said Philip Rivers might have another kid there there in the weeks and the kid number nine. So Nine care how many mainly thereof such girl, two boys, are expecting another girl. What it? What are you looking for? What I'm looking for a site is is hard.
Acts with just the rivers family that no no out of chargers I'd, say it's a big to get photographers Unparried Warner. Do you think you do it that we have chargers, connections matter, We need seven hundred and fifty stories and we bought bar you for a minute but if they did a hard acts of veal rivers, this ass, it is likely have sharpers voice. It is like, after Katy threw up on, fills wife there. Their fill knew she was going to be the best. Oh, I get. It can be great side on the need to guarantee all days. Like I can't live by came up my hands anymore, drawn from I have at some point after nine kids is it. You said eleven twelve. Does it matter that once you get past like forward as a matter, you may like to ever gone? It's it's! It's just complete chaos. Anyway,
want to know so much more about what their asses like, I'm so fast, thereby it has any friend I've had whose head three kids they do said that glazed overwhelmed look, and you know because you have three kids, but then, when you get to for its cod, like they almost seem liberated. He can't do at four You're just kind of a prisoner to the family. At that point, you He have no real control of everything. It's it is complete chaos at all time, just give it to it, but neither nine is just gonna, be I just. I don't know how to go anywhere, they fly, they get all take it out. I nobody that an issue by privileges, getting everybody in and out any airport or anything like. It must therefore, private, who would have only just getting them to like soccer games in Corrado you in the inner ballet practice side of they do all that right. You know that once that's about their practices cancel, but this one's moved to another. So much
I don't even think about Philip Rivers, yearning VP candidate, give a great had a hair. You obviously have very strong seed. We love to have you appear corner to discuss how this that with very fair corridor. Talk about other things and a lot more to be awesome. Let's, let's get to the weak fourteen lines, starting at Santa really earlier. That thing not that I've been out of it for a long time, but that now fantasy play off starts and all the other stuff and the dead. Yet I did I get set we you you do fish one in twelve and our leg, a dead right about that I think it arose in twelve, has really magnificent one for the ages, like fifteen points behind the two teams in the playoffs daily fantasy, you act by Faint, oh TAT S, the way before
And your check in my ass in this, I guess the lines that gonna have by now. People ask me to read your warning eight weeks to four weeks and though he tied one week so proud of our whole way before we do guess the lines we gotta talk about college really quick, Thea Alabama. George a game was officially like like a moment. It definitely was like one of the five games of the year I feel like I don't know. If it'll end up getting nominated. Her and ass base as being ass game or our ever to put you out and brought it I was. I was at a dinner where people were Tommy what was happening in their fun. That's how close up I really like, The kid Jalen hurts, so I was saying that he didn't transfer and that he finally had his mom and me a little bit yeah I to bring everything back through the paths and Boston Games where, when the future good Brady, took over no one ever the outputs. I was gonna, get his job back and he did it. But then we are.
She needed Bledsoe in the FC title Game in Pittsburgh, rose Brady, got hurt, but so came in through touchdown Canada. Any kind I had his moment. There was nice there, the jailer it's got to have his next aid. Pretended that patriots at all? It's weird, you didn't think, then that so fun out of the month, Nick save him ended, he had human emotion after I thought that was fun, but he pretended tears. He bade they eject. Tears in his eyes boss, and they can give me an opportunity to ban them either about our czech idea, these the balladur committed but say no one's heard before, but when you're thirteen it is fast and strong, and everything else on his birthday, you ve done everything right, difficult will committee, I do have we really tongue Bogucharovo, but the fake pint was one for the ages and where'd. You stand on the fake planet
it failed and forth, and eleven when the first about bringing the quarterback as your corridor. Blocker is like. Why don't you put like a balls? I am, of course, very the discipline yeah, that's simply absurd and early in the fourth Georgia and momentum in fourth enforcement field and Jake brought together. He had the hot hand they took them all out of an answer to the problem, but about their by you run a play their on four than for when yeah everything go away for than eleven against upon safety fence like everybody's, faster than you I've anyway on defence yeah, they doing just give it away there you hurry, you should do, is bringing your guy, who has a number one on his jersey today, the guy who blacks for them, They're they're gonna noticed that guy I girl and read what it God. What's the movie the one girl, only war read for guinea was like Others?
somewhere about it or will we would be shot with a black and white. I knew nothing, about college for bar, I stopped watching a carefully years ago. Enough to know that the University of Georgia fans are especially tortured, I want to give them all a shout out if any of them are listening, because that there, in that pre, two thousand and four red Sox kind of Whatever can go wrong will go wrong and that that had to be of their worst losses, I'm guessing in fact a matter of Bessie S, sure and attacked, because they are, they are, if you go by who, in the top for like bad bad things there may be second back, so whom so? How did you get the for the forehead? I tweeted ahead of time out like a warm gonna before it's fine. I think they want, like you, know our Marie Anne and to replace those of those are the one to rise, and that's a nice semifinalist
job, so they did a good job, but no format for you, gonna be breaking down and against all odds this week. Yeah, of course, do you have I know what you're gonna do. I saw the odds for the games. If I know you find my pass out NBA parlay knows those favorites together and then sent the going to to want. To do that. I am all for the best part of it is yes, you're right, I, like I like Alabama double digit, favoured on the moneyline line. I, like the climate, has doubled to favoured over Notre. Dame in that way, can we could add a wild card game o and I'm making you do it the boy, but don't even take on that one of those one of them. The blow it probably not Alabama Bethia Clemson yeah becomes display Notre Dame right TAT. I made there stay out of my download, Speed Africa and stay with.
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I have them favoured by three at home over the jacks all right. I had six and a half cuz. I ain't got to like the Jaguars team on the road at all, but it is four and a half. So you are. Sir. I am. I lies another route. Moving back and I'll kill you. I keep track. I loved, and we went over this again thought Coty Kessler over a half, an interception today was minus one sixty. I gotta put everything on that and I know you're like sixteen for what we want. Well, no back, no facts right, yeah! Now, nothing, no Leonard Fernand either classic right Sunday Marquis, congratulations cause, people thought the Chiefs Raven should got in there. Now I put the cowboys eagles. Just for you, Sunday might only body because I was thinking- maybe you don't make it a marquis, but
Could the eagle there so every that's our carbon, and I am now in the thumb, cowboys didn t I love. This is great by now confident cowboys, fancy how's my favorite. So well, I'm good until apply outside. They don't make the playoffs, but you could commit move any they once I that I have the cowboys by four and a half over the eagles. And when I said sex, it's for sale, get that boy. You know at the signals team tomorrow were now in December, and none of us have liked to have seen from the Eagles yet who thou this. I am at all. If you wait, you're gonna be out there just where the feather worked out. This trade with alliance that all with golden date back in four fantasy buffer anybody- it's a nice by freezing, That's not an! I know right, that's I'm surprised they reflect that.
I ain't Rams bears on what they had before then Rams bears is pretty get the aggregate eyed the LATCH Abbas Chiefs. Ravens, don't know what to make of this Ravens team. Three! No, since flak Owen, Lamar Jackson when their the concussion protocol. It look a little for them for a second. They fought the fought their of it now they're going to the chiefs, wouldn't weird game. This is gonna, be because the ravens are basically running this old school. He held vigorously the frigate wishbone and I.
And the chief suggests airing it out every play and don't really have a starting back anymore, and I the it's the contrast, the styles it can either be a disaster could be really fun. I have the chiefs by eight and a half over the ravens. This might be the best answer chiefs of faith in a while. I back yeah my at eight one slash two also, and it's seven and I'm not giving them more than seven here, but you're right. This is this. Is this is a weird match up I would know which way to go with it. What am I going at? Seventy five? Rushing threats, it's pretty effective! It's weird! It's. I'm sure the NFL, I'm sure people will get enough tape on it and then figure out how to shut it down and force him to throw a lot more and all that stuff. But it's that they're controlling the clock and kind of fit it feels I didn t for a revision of the euro. A good chiefs was attained, the shut down, and, unlike anything I saw that defence today, and I think this is the Marquis match upon addicted to play off the internet.
I don't want to make this the Marquis match. I because there is a chance that chiefs six forty two hundred five, the next one saints bucks. I think this is a watch balls say it's ten day rest Camerafi a shellacking, the Brees Mvp odds we should talk about. That is probably a hippie. He was up to like four hundred in a free fall down to something like one hundred and fifty mahomes was plus one hundred and thirty. Today I thought about hitting you trying to figure out? You know whether that was worth bedding and it's funny. I noticed rivers was twenty two one maybe really that's gotta. I bet that I'll go down because France, they can somehow catch the chiefs and taken Charlie FC, West
Yeah well arise for homes that we could have a home this time last week at Fort want the out all that's going on like if you could get them the thirteen in three you now with the dog distractions, addicted to get a lot of sympathy, but it's gonna be that doubts came or be a tough one. Four brief to shake off. He was good day were not good and it was a pretty high profile game. That they both their spirit with that go lines that the cowboys is good. Breezes had games where he said. I may against attack that when the rip Red Sox won, the World Series Breeze was home against the Vikings. There was something I came at the game now like a hundred forty nine yards, but three touchdowns dinner. They could be clunker in the yard department, but Thou o them. Yet I was got to resemble a yard which, which time the Red Sox won the world series which stop it. We shall do some ask him. Oh for us,
thirteen or eighteen, which are already has brought up a good point. Whether what does this ongoing? Never never, never ending, back and forth on email about this, questionable trade that was made yesterday and hence splintered tee and splinter league apart and now it's like sixty pages in and then someone said, I think John answered, oh now. While this is something else, I wonder why people hate, but such a Boston, fans guts This was confirmed on every side of it became a bad traders and re read the guy merely with the guy blue Matter, both of everyone's about. What are you talking about Meanwhile, he has a fantasy John him, as a famous city may now that had until this weekend career. James Whence than an agent Petersen, so they recover jokes,
about that? I'm gonna characters that he likes on his fancy to exact bad times at the area for jams versus the table. Her how did you ever tab debate will jump? I had by nine yeah, I got it exactly as today. Say I had an arm ass. They walked this game already. This is their weak one birthright, boxer in the hilarious position of James just playing well enough to have them kind of have to be forced to pick up his giant option for next year, This mortal lack he'll have like fortune, thirty yards and the last week of the season. They'll have to talk themselves who have built their. Why would a coach do at about light colored that direction? I'd like to get one six or seven game, but I'll be back the next one watch above, I think the giants are goddamn. Watchful who does to them marriage, little giants. Is it all every? therein sake, Lombardo, is one of the most exciting guys?
exciting, ready bags. By the way I mean who d If we're doing a redraft, who'd you want, would you? Baker may felt a second Berkeley. Well what you would dream of my Maya anything might jets, or am I, the giant, sir? I just feel like I've been saying this for weeks. People think I'm crazy. Just think sake, ones. Once in a generation. Saint Arnold is definitely not once in a generation, Baker out or no enough bribery. You to start out with agreement thing. I we could pick pick me up a third trade for the charges that work every day. I know part with the cyclone and say Gladdening: they needed the quarterback everyone, contrariwise head, because not even the best Becum throws better ball than either this boy, but to draw back for next year, is not on the roster. This Did you get every every he get like case Keenum there
I know I know you're that we had the bears added there's money line with the rams. Moneyline just need the bears to win the bears just pooped the bed, the whole game. They are down, ten, get it down inside the ten, somehow settle for a field goal with two minutes left, which seemed awful get the onside kick go down score and the last way, unlike some double averse, to recall and play that was magnificent. And we're going over time and the giants when the COIN Tass and I'm goin back like Barclays gonna be now I know he's gonna do something, and then he talks like like forty yarder ardor, set up the feel go. But my point is like I'd have are going into an over time and you bet against it, that's not even good How many Rennie bags would make you go, lags far come screwed
the key is on the all time short list for me. I'm so scared that, guy, I think, he's unbelievable. Do I love Barkley? I Baker I like Baker, a hell of a lot more than Donald. You gonna do about it in my own money wine rookie year when they pay thing, that's interest. Who s a competition for wrecking the water. Who else is the competition for offensive record? there there were he's, not start a load, a breeze and now Barclays gotta be the regular he's phenomenon there. They pay regard Philip wonder though he could be an area I get the Redskins favoured by four
Giants Adam where you I do. I do I do. I said three at one and a half in Washington and washed and I think, maybe Vegas losing money people by the giant. Lately they took some of my money. Well suppress bad about wanted it that way, watchful, pay, any time back and dropped back. That e lies just fine anytime Berkeley as bad super exciting. Any time they thought a backroom at super exciting anytime. You like goes back to pass a super excited the bomb I go to his team maker, the other team we may get sagged, he made fun all enjoy trip. Is it funny one back and throws the touchdown bath and in you I did a job. The the Czech found TAT yeah like what are you doing? Why everyone, in the stadiums making the same, combat right now
The should be accorded back, I'm town it down. It wouldn't be worse, I was at dinner the die hard her giants, then I will name on Saturday in his leg in dead dead there's. This goes. I mean, there's no, no great quarter This draft. I'm fine with one more year of Eli, is therefore absolutely right. There, I'm fine One more year view I get back Inexplicably, lingering in the play of picture, even today, Josh our last game for their think they're. Unlike the twenty five days, Often it's a game. They either win thirty eight to thirteen or they somehow lose twenty four to fourteen and that's been the case for the entire Brady. Are you never know which one? The dolphins, like just. Inexplicably lingering in the play of picture, even today,
Josh, our last play the game for TAT. Think they're. Only the twenty five does this incredible power crew, longest yard scramble. Somehow breaks free, has a guy whips down, but leaves it like a yard she and the guy was wide open and it would have been if God they're touchdown, I like his whole career might have been different than I would have liked. The launching pad for the Josh out era Betty We already had a hundred odious, simply Debra Rushing day for the bills, only ever gotten on thirty five or something he's pretty he's pretty electric as already heard back, but I think you're right. The dolphin. Don't go away, didn't go away in games and they don't go away in the play. Our picture statistics in search of the fact that those sixty six is incredible indeed, even the start of the year that the first game they one member, the Iccat suspended for like five hours They love ass electricity, everybody for
The game was on as the dolphins have scored was aided night. Maybe we should be rooting for them more because we still have a team that we're gonna. We were excited the better get from the player. We need one, these sixty two to mix things up or but I'd love tat. I M going to use them Gonna Pittsburger, something I would enjoy watching her Philly kidnapped, succeeded before at the facts. It's weird is we're not we're. Not gonna have a week for seed for once rises. Be the first play off that the top for seeds are actually Allah pretty confident I don't have like unless some somebody make at her. It was several months ago but fear like. What's the shake you get the shake, it is always the first Saturday wildly game down. We re going to shake his for a bank when its usual should get. You do like bangles taxes, which are not good Bengal, packed and match up
I don't know what it is, an issue that can advance. Will they put you, make it charges tax under? What do you do? I think you're sleeping on how can a mediocre about my history game would be now Baltimore used up pretty bad, but that I guess that's a game! It's an agreement! Bf Chicago's in there that's fun taluses. If they're the three c that one's fond of the fourth year, I thought I may we need someone a ruling wherever you get excited about again the Patsy, I have the pats minus form in the doves For years I had three and a half. I was way off, you're not as off, and it's a couple really damn it with their history, set with this game. Although time nothing is officially leg, You know that you have old relatives, gas, blankets,
see outside your uncle said three drink. Now is leaving the rest, but is a watch on careful He's gonna lose lose whose work it out Joey, that's growth. Every time, because over the middle now I just want em to just get up and not here, one day, and it was a bad said that was the last of his courage, never play again. It took on a matter. Kind of how old is the body language before the EU play for it on my one in twelve Yeah he's playing wise, leading up a real one in twelve did not apply Pentagon. Probably ably championship he's taken, I mean, if he keeps playing for five more years at all and are being like any Antonio Gates type thing where we were called our rights and the charges today in the gates was wide open, crossed the fear, was right and just lumbering down fifty years of it, but I think that's that's where Iraq is. The unfortunate headed
So it's funny you won by two touchdowns today did not I sure you in by forty, I thought you gonna Robin at that you can have good arrow pass them within a score. Three touchdowns, your gear member, who is your check? return yeah real third receiver. It is hard to retreat. Agendas are running back, it didn't happen late for a while we we granted the game at it? I didn't feel comfortable, really the whole game. Ten tat it. Really felt like it was headed for thirteen ten. With that sad I've been time, a lot of trash on that and the Ringer sack is the meaning That seems, I even really decade data past freshly printing. It today They throw the bilateral Brady's, pretty can't say
the most accurate anymore. It doesn't seem like he has the arm strength to really throw it downfield like he used to. He doesn't move in the pocket at all anymore. He just throws the ball away. If he thinks he's going to get hit, I still, I still think it just lining up for them to make this But again so my new thing is even We suck. You can't beat us today that we're not even that good and were still making it you can't make it real These are words who we're trying to give you guys a chance to win the Superbowl. You can't take it works, fine, we'll take it again will make it will but will bring forty one euro quarterback and are broke. Dad tied and in our hodgepodge defence and quarter or Patterson enjoy scored in his ear. God knows where we have when that's gonna end when the classical restricted that we'll take. I then come off these surgery, Chris Hoagie.
Come coming out a witness protection we'll take. I will take this hodgepodge team and I'll be back in February, child basic We suffer, restore gonna, make it yeah. That's me, My t shirt, I wanna do I'm really run through the dolphins. I realise that the desert there. They turn it on and then do you realize December, the oil from the shelf and is alive and kicking in the air, from the patriot, like they're after nine and one in December, game, Le Pen and nine, and one against the spread of the last ten December games, and now it's Bach Watson, Rogers MA homes and cousins of all gonna Fox and come up at the end and pretty impressive. The pats at the very least there are had been able to take care of business at home, and that's been the case for most of this. Again in a railway, no matter what Kennedy now have done, the fans arose in other debates really stepped up,
the last few years on the road. I have no idea what to make of this team, but we might not see it. They might be like to see it again. Maybe I figure maybe the once said at my Emmy add Pittsburgh Home for the greatest ass of our time, Josh out and then home for the jets and weak seventeen yet again I ain't gonna, go thirteen and realise that wasn't impressed with the chief defence, and I dont know what I saw from those doors tonight that that was a stupid. Tell Diego agents making them over. Yet will you know I like this stuff? I did notice. The post game interviews that the charges were doing the hall. We win We could win this game in the locker and everybody believe that did that seem like they have some good, some good chemistry right now that charges to my radar
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for someone on your list or for yourself I would highly recommend the war runners. All new available in a variety of limited edition. Colors I have to do, is go to all birds. Data what's rip through these: the barely whatcha boss, Caroline actually one of the Panthers by three in Cleveland. What we have here, make sense. Three or four. I had four plus one and is by one really near. I can like the brands and thereby and how you do it it thereby three but like a bribe, the Knicks Semi job than a future, but next semi can charge home for the bangles Wu Wu? ass, they Jeff Driscoll worrier Jeff, which adrift Driscoll scattered reports today. I wonder if I don't want to talk to that game, but now look like they can move the ball rolling
J, green injury downright he went out to tell right yeah. I think they have given up bright like the one that seems to have the bet against us. The way we live in seventeen method like this doubts ass, yet my drift charger that chargers by thirteen over Cincinnati when are you a mega daddy, they I'd twelve fourteen and a half dynamic uneasy market anyway, steelers at the raiders waiters, a tiny bit frisky wee bit frisky today there still is just not risk, not defence and risky. Deaf risky. Add the ass dealers by eleven in Oakland telling me again. I had thirteen, and I figured cheerful fourteen have still can be thirteen, but it's better than eleven and a half I shall marked as one down to
I don't know what that they still less to straighten out the galleys three straight. There now listen, three state they they don't have to. I don't have a numbers in front of me, but they ought to be appointed that thought a party. Have, I told you about nephew, Kyle and Josh burden. Now later he loves Josh, Gordon The part of it is because in another in another world, their deftly hang out and let you know I'll be ok. You, then the offices and yet no matter what could we can all be? Ok, Joshua, I come to the darkroom and hang out or two in the morning on Morocco with Africa, any time they thirty Josh guarded because, like let's go Like you just say it loses its hilarious. Siberia would start Gordon Catch, it was, but I thought that's what I felt the patriot or when it again it wasn't that found he made even over the middle. Actually seems like he's in shape now. So I think it's about the great thing
Fraid maintain that the person who produces is passed his for Barcelona is just gonna. I think they're bullfight Mistaris shots and invite. I got a job anyway, and looked like a job or funding our yandah damage hanging out, I beg the poop fact. They were gone for deep. We get the bills at home, playin the jets, This feels like a minus three if I've ever seen one of my life, so I did three also may give an adult three and have no suggestion some Jack, Gordon Fence at there. I don't want. I had this camp next, one packers. With new coach, the late Joe fell when he died in two thousand fourteen, but he can recover their hosting Atlanta whose office died. I.
What a weird I made about the Tony done anything like this ban, one guy could go soon to write again said: what's the Superbowl a negative win, the Superbowl they were not going anywhere merchant rather apple, by what we try to give that went to them and they will take it. So we just super packers. I have them favoured by five at home, again Selina four and a half you're going to ask me out here at six. It would be funny if Rodgers was like amazing Sunday. It was clear that he was just then he was like either taking it. Just a merciless check there there he was your grandmother around is just second complete maniac and escape fast, my pay when by three Dost thou, then I'm starting flashbacks Lothar, because that war that nothing will be more evident. A tank than that. I, like your other idea,
So we are other idea was when you're mad at Aaron Rodgers containing cover they, your parlor, where you want and have his brother and against all odds for peace, de jure measure. Jordan Phyllis it sounds they have you wanna get out. I want to hear your side, we see you get if you get this mist. Has he a crazy brother but yeah? I would love to talk to you about things. Because I'm your brother's money, let's excellence of football insight, yeah like you lost the money anyway, you Venice will repay a journey Rogers to be in your pride. Is that money that you lost than the Packers goes to the generation of Georgia it has now brought. Those are at the forty nine. I can't imagine and is there were the branches, this game which mean don't let them in all probability the game of the Broncos by six in San Francisco. Nay. I had five and I have to get. It is exactly six member that, like one we
couldn't. Everyone was excited about net balance and their stuff. Like date, they expose them the practice Squad had been the year they were, they were like just they couldn't excellently. Clear that they got to keep up with those other staff for their eyes. You know it is: is there to call back his dick while they really is there? I was in a moment, investigation is included in this paper, everyone's piggy back of him back. That's our staff, congratulating ourselves, ethnic violence, ledge, Reuben faster that another. Well, we learned our lesson. You know we're gonna to take chances that talent John. Jake Lasers out. My pack has two years ago telling a story I had thirty seven. Might I suggest ledge solution matters jams life. Why at Arizona. Arizona eighty Mr Game Bilbil do this one, but I think you must one air
How do I get this crap out away that the aid which is not technically I have read: I had three: what are you up? I'd line by line by three yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah did Sir I advise you bet called actions. Did we do that with a guess? We pull their taxes and then the salad that's a wasteland oh yeah, I must add that was in the watch about somehow I missed my bed had the taxes by seven who I alibi for and its four and a half mile actually get the wind water you in the week by this, the two more games there that that'll be fine one minute I gotta vision now but fun. So the Texans are basically a pass rush to shine
and doing stuff, and Hopkins makes three great catches per game and that's enough to win by fifteen and twenty points, arrogant attitude. That was an impressive when they went much between two division games. They wanted emotional Monday. I came again Tennessee and, Why? Because looking ahead the called next week, I agree that they could have easily on a short week like I could, but I feel go game. They came out and beat him up early life. I thought the to trap. Games this week were that in it the brass made them one of my millionaire bedside urban half a million I bet or any other TRAP game was the courts which I didn't. Bet on the jagged or make that would have a bad Caskoden Castle was love than for neck out suspended right. Clearly trapped aims in used in hand of there's really wound the customer Sunday night Rams at Chicago.
We're getting your biscuit in this game. Right away, may start any doubts about the start. Right I like Chase Day new, I think, as your backup quarterback, he can kind of hold the fort, and maybe they know a couple. Babies Odette dropped. For the most part, Unita their lives he's fine, but as love Disappoint, but he was a little bit better. Well, I think we got. We underestimate how bad the lines were on thanksgiving. Laugh lines were driving to go ahead with it. Another do achieve tangle staff or do a picture and then came down to another factor, felt by the rams like terrible. Then I don't know what to make of that guy was way off and that game did. You see girly stop again with two and a half minutes Oh, he did more than step. He ran along the ends online. There is, does the move you do when you try to start a fight in college and you're playing a video game was submitted on this score, and China taught the judge of that.
That will go, but it wasn't even the right move to their time out ever to mean a warning I now holding anyway, but the way he some out and three more heads in a completely. Escape ages regained vanity honours. Yea really does either rams. I for in Chicago? Why is it s not six? You got that want to murder me this week I said sex, it's three and a half, maybe could be a market in instead, you at the outset sure everybody who is the king last week. Well, I was, there was bad. All drivers deployed by the atmosphere was covered. I would have been king, but it was evident when thou my lose. Twenty hide. Avenant. Ass allies come on, we can ahead and half time just for the record. Also the drafting of the town and the fury fight I went, but ever without was task, is it really did seem like you won there for six
Hence before the India Harass ran right now and we always look at three came visas. But what is wrong with the things Broncos money lying pilot, saints. Since it rotates probably paddling half the went back. I don't like those when the saints go in the Tampa makes me nervous. Just a hit that, for some reason they lost their lives are too awful. I, like I want to put the chargers in the bangles in something angle charges charges are losing the bangles mean that, though dry further money line in their steelers won't lose the raiders come on you're, not gonna, lose to the readers. We need a third sweated out, but you don't work here when you return entirely Falcon packer them untouchable. I think we have to bear on the post, Mccarthy Rogers. I well Nada
would be so rider if he threw for four hundred yards and Sunday as Joe forbids corrupt cut corpse was propped on the sidelines like they had to move his hands a clap baby girl. I dont know what I don't know, what I'd be more upset about if I had the packer than they one next week or if they walk, I'd, be so bad that they were Vienna ass. They are, that would be incredible. Rogers Rogers ends the year. He he just went everybody there Fantasy League, who rogers cause he's thirst for like fourteen hundred yards in three games genuinely excited for we bears, I really enjoy watching the bears, even when they're not play while they finally least my man, three Cohen, who are traded for a couple weeks ago, The t why foreign than to you, I went nuts and I felt like a schmuck, and then you know when they go when they can be speeded up and two weeks in the back for you. Run unlike screens and we'll rats Ratsey, he's kind of unstoppable
No, they don't do that more by quickly quicken the pace up. And then just put him all over the field and just slants and cuts in air. I thought he was incredible in MECCA. Betty had our demand that animal Monday night Seahawks Vikings. This is a fun one. I have the Seahawks by three and a half over the makings. This could do the Viking allotted I lot of, and I have three and one slash two three. So that's the graduation during the week, but can I only have one having settled back. Had they been considerably better. Can I give you my cousins? That's really quick down here, he's a five hundred quarterback yeah he's gonna when he's going against your team. I can only judge by my scared of this guy. I thought the moment got too big, for he was
checking down throne for yards when India, third, no eleven and stuff like that, it's him his eye line is Lombardi was talks about the island. His island was where the defensive line was, an hour's receivers were, and it just like. The guys, like thirty years old, How are you are at this point right? I just don't see it with them. I know I'll, never understand why they thought he was an upgrade from Keener. I just don't see it. I would much rather have seen him for less. I carry out. What are you afraid of imo is irrational, afraid of him. I've always wanted to do up rail, but here just go in, and so I shall now, let's just go and you got about will die every second. I told him saying: Lock: Watson, Rogers and my own cousin dissonant, there's gotta They all know anyone know what's in as a whole, the time scare than cousins Watson's good. What and you really has. You came back from Asia, but then he also had that that whole
something that's half collapse long and his right around on buses. Banana really seems, like he's, got his mojo back gonna be in a back to Earth Minnesota. We'll put what will your fellow jack do? You think you think dollar jack and they went to the east. That was like a few. You should be playing for all kind of thing and you will be five rosin two year he was courting miss corny about that. Does it it's. He sees away receiver, another team. If he can have them it's it's fourth grade when somebody as a crush on somebody made their mirror them, but you know that meted out to get these means of a girl. You know what happened, feeling was mad because he thought the path were faking an injury to give them enough time to see it wanted to challenge that spot or not performing dad, so he was like doing as a cover man, that's bullshit a come on environmental thing and then, We re always deftly writer and then analogy
think, item and feeling kind of one third of the ballot check in the shut. The fuck up, which I just loved, I forgot about check of course been exposed. The best part, is when he reached for the challenge. Five now he's digging in his he's, dig it in a sack. It's like watching, like your grandfather at the friggin slot machine in Vegas, like looking infer corridors, that uses deepened pockets playing package boy, but in their sound sat, did we do other breaks Kyle the good there. You have it. I let's do pair corner. Would you gotta Let's do it Nowhere near catastrophe, today's kids, today we watch the football corollas in his warehouse in Glenville. And I'm at my little one. I don't usually have my little one, my four year old Harrison, but he came today and he's been dressing like the hall. He has this whole costume,
How did he wore on our way to men and he wore we got it? I think I told her third he's wanted every single day from October third to what is this December? Second, now my getting like the sometimes a where other things but eventually end up in this caution, so we think she's, a hall if he gets mad at you. We make reflected the makes the noise whatever it's funny. Thirty were in the whole cost your butt, but another story is that I've been thrown and passes and run the length of the couch and jump at the end of the couch in our time had not throw it to him and I'll catch it an arm and how like now we do. I dive in catches. You know it years, all really great. Unlike I'll tell him, he didn't catch it when he caught it and my other stumble recorded in slow motion. Anna I'll show a mining catch it and another guy, I'm an ass. My Pereira allows do enough. Shell for facts. I brought it to parade, and it really want anything to do with it, but that's it anyway. I have this thing: why don't smell will bring it to propose and there the couch there?
am I come on earth and show by now. I want to show off and I let him with a pass any dives between the two cushions on the couch and each of like it gave catches it but vulgar limp like oh shit on the web and I'd run up to him and between the couch cushioned, unlike my couch there like a star, For some reason, like makes it don't furniture, some Ireland re for four hours, the mega couch they ate it. On the stud, any wasn't cry my holy shit. This is great. I'm trying to show off with this kid- and this is what happened: Dominic and trouble with the old lady I'll, be there This is not an aim in cry, but he had it. I've never had a kid, let alone a four year old have concussion. Look to him and he did, but it took him like I'm a good. You know. Twenty Mississippi count me find a like shook off and said: hey can I go play with my ipod now get out of it.
If you want to do it, but a scary moment for a minute. You didn't put immune taken into the blue tint I was worried about out. I was built to keep them away from any tat, whereas I feel you yeah some are between nine and thirteen of those who deal with each cared right. The other That's some sort of injury is somethin ere. They far are they? The aid sent a thousand. Therefore, what do they like three a year and those earlier while with boys terrifying there I read a member in a twelve month span. Ben almost had his finger chopped off on the shower door, then dropped a huge rock on the beach on his foot, split is torn out half thousand like eleven months of each other. Are you an urgent care? I remember you and then you gotta go Yes, where he never broke anything, but had a lot of you know those where the they start look inside out at the parents,
but there are your Acta, there I mean drought, the rock on his foot sidewinder here early that fathers. What is it my fault? I was a little nervous, I'm surprised Taylor story: my wife was cleaning out stuff on your computer and found a whole bunch of videos that my that, kids dead on her computer, not realising that they thought they had. The did it, but they had it and there and profane language cowardice
the profane language, a couple birds couple: birds in them acting out like that, not realising that things get saved them clouds and stuff. It was interesting, lifeless and butter. She is one of the videos. This isn't that bad, but this is the kind of video in a play it that's my son, doing hip hop Disney ear, but seeing it to do max for some reason, just dozens of dozens of videos that data there deleted, but they had it in there. Realize, like. This is what you're doing all the time when you disappear angel the hours and hours and hours and hours and dozens and dozens of ours. He probably did twenty takes of that
I really really reevaluate my parenting. So if you like, I did neither my kids can barely do math at all, but my son, and do their backs as ear for the Paper Disney Saturn, is that a winner last for me, because I can't remember algebra any that stuff that data, when we your kids. Can you solve even basic bath at this point look it up on the computer now and I got through calculus more into Galileo through, and I still don't know a thing about this new matter: editing, really dear this core that they have now where they have to learn. Apparently the really is you cannot it's like hey, we ve new mass you're not going to be about kids do. Math is based. This is our heads and you can help them anywhere. You just have to feel more market, because when I can be able to help you on how well they can go fuck them selves kiss my kid can do everything
if they're back said he had had Daphne has you're so whose I love it, and now they can make videos you could find obey their project without apparent, even if you find a busy around anything to plug. Yeah. I like it in Monday through Friday. I'm on that show four hundred and thirty to five hundred and thirty eastern Jimmy Kimmel live. Every weeknight ABC thirty five and against all odds this Wednesday night may degenerate trifecta think we went Ryan. Yes, that's what shall we do a lot and I beg has Harry doing Mary had been so much going on this conference championship games, there's Bobby and it fell. Everything is basketball. He thought Ricky Fowler to being a top five of the heroes tournament and he did come enough step back.
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