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Miami vs. LeBron, Trubisky’s Farewell, a Pissed-Off Rodgers and Lots of Falcon Poop with Cousin Sal


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Celtics getting bounced out of the playoffs, a Heat-Lakers NBA Finals, finals gambling odds, and more (2:03). Then they discuss Sunday's NFL slate, including the Saints' loss to the Packers, the Patriots pulling out a win over the Raiders, the 3-0 Chicago Bears, Bills-Rams, Cowboys-Seahawks, the disappointing Eagles-Bengals tie, Lions-Cardinals, and more (14:08). They then guess the NFL lines for Week 4 (57:05) and share another edition of Parent Corner (1:26:54).

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Pepsi Lot of sports. This way you can read about them on the ringer dot com. You can also try add the Ringer NBA show, which will be going to awake rings, Falco govern all week, some gaming advice, all kinds of things there and then the Ringer Fantasy Football show naked, even check out baseball barbecue if you want to get ready for the playoffs. So where were this? Is this is our time, even though it was basically sports was in hibernation four months there. Now it's all happen at once for trying to cover as much as we possibly can come up cousin sound. I will talk about Celtics heat in the above five of them
do we three nfl? Guess the whites and probably start drinking project coming now. I taped it s a little for a forty five specific time. Sunday night bizarre, weaken the south. It's my last game on my birthday and now the celtic season is ended right as were about through guess the lights because now I dont I've just completely disk I believe it- I'm rattled you at the caravan this once I like this two weeks in a row to Sunday nights in a row, your your bombed beyond an you actually do, look bond there but they did when on your birthday and they're, not even the better James, so that was nice of them that their, I know at least a maiden
clear that that my me was the better team with how they rolled over the last five minutes. It have. It goes back to those first two games. They lose both of whom they should split, Then you are in a situation where you basically had to beat Miami five times to win the series, the ouch, rarely and my me. You know that then that's great about them. They can just get it from somebody different court. Quarter have to have a heads. Five threes he's back finals. Hadn't beware: Ban was the best prepared. The series of an outbreak in the cell never had an answer for him. And I don't really know what happened the last five minutes. There are ninety six, ninety and then Sickly got annihilated from that point out, and this is like guinea with six minutes left, Amazon, more them down. I love the zone, keeps Miami fresher.
So that they have more energy at the end of these games are what's goin on you, don't you could care less about either these teams? What did you say about it does seem. I don't know what keeps them fresher, but they do seem exactly that fresh right. They got. They just have guys who go out it nonstop and it seem like you pay the little your guys at the end even will like a three or four or five point led started: shooting threes, came out your game a little bit, but I, like you, said that the better someone bought a nice storylines year. I think for my people bomb that its at Boston and Lakers, but Miami Lakers, fun store lines. Ripe, Riley, seemed super bombed, almost the zoo, that's Miami they show them. What the mask, though they live in a false cheapest. Like I don't I don't want to play. The Lakers this mean we're going to lose in five, but actually think it's going to be competitive. I think to be really competitive, we're going to do gas lines in a second. It was weird something came unglued and they were, you know,
Staywell. They were young playoff game, but Miami had a lot of young guys too. I think the difference was it just you look at like fourth quarter. Game won a game to those last like three minutes and then the last five minutes of this game. That's the entire series cuz they the two games. They won. They played way better hero, ones, game for he has like this out of body experience in you throw thou now, but then my anyone, the one, the true play off, games that the nitty gritty ones and made all these different. Hustle plays worn down south got this combined belatedly, start looking around footballs like this to where he s just start crossing off on your less guys. You don't trust anyone who arrive Heyward by the second half outside this guy's a carcass like either as good as he was the first game when he came back when he I don't know whether he re injured his neck or what, but he Stevens is what his biggest blind spot is a coach is, he doesn't seem to
you guys when Heyward clearly use I so he's done. Campbell gets the fowls early and in the fourth quarter, just completely unravels and as a whole, but takes dumb shots. He had them thousands of game and then Smart took twenty two shots to Mohammed or the game. Smarts gonna take twenty two shots out or are they well we're not gonna win now the chair. I hope what what was different, though I mean you said, did the heat figure out. Heyward was arab tape on them, for he was a week ago that Heyward, was in the line up, and that was the most momentum. I think you guys had right. We have one that game. His first came back and you all or different team. I you had one nine out of ten. First half's, you had the lead in the four. Tat. It was just a matter of like I thought, maybe energy or something, but you were blown down the stretched. The last three games like that at all. You know you did I believe that a fight for it, losing it half a couple those games and
didn't, have enough in the gas tat, then you have the dirty secret of the first five games is by me. Didn't shoot well, and there are three too Saying this after frightened that my dad and I were looking at the stats, because my dad was here this weekend and you look at the statue like how we lose in this- Is it not only? Are we outscore in them? Obviously, but my name is that even shooting? Well, you don't lie that site none of their guys are really playing right, at a higher level than their normal play their. If anything, there, what about lower, but that's what makes them great they could still quarters and they could still stretches they could really ratchet up the defence. I think there are really good team feel any shame you know lose its then their say I'll. Kick myself over game, one and game too for the rest of the summer, but the summer's over. So I guess I've kept myself, but I think they're gonna, be a really tough match up for further work I do it anyway lines and then I'll get out about it. I've got well
I guess what do I put it out there? I thought the Lakers would be ass, really impressive, mammoth! The Lakers would be minus two, seventy two! When the series: what did you think so I'd Jack, that up to minus three twenty for two reasons the Lakers are about is public the team as you can get especially coming off of Leubronn was. I was one of the best games he's ever played and gave five. He I hears is locked in there has been times. I people like TAT, said Percy now, he's over the years has had stretches or games. Where he's like this good, as it did in that case, but rose so lacking at both ends. I really love the defense he was playing is getting gave five like he wishes. I you get this feeling like you can see some pump, and my guess up on that. I said: Lakers minus three: twenty, that smart and fanned all our friends at vandal habitat all away at minus three: seventy four, the Lakers. Every day. So the heater,
was to ninety game, one, which is what Wednesday is Lakers minus five to seventeen, the half It might be. One of those things were leubronn imposes as well, but you and I like to do and house, and it doesn't seem to matter realized, but we like to do ok. Lakers have the top two players from three to six. Many Lakers are there for the match. Ups. What would you say for this? One other did they get did they get anyone and that three to six match up now bans the third best burn the series butlers forth- and I mean I say the heat- might have three through seven right: cause: output, drugget ahead at that. Their best Laker? I probably put hero headed and third best Laker after that, it's all rope where's. You know about the best thing they have gone for them in the series is this zone they figured out and it's not just that it is combined with AIDS deems it certainly ruin.
Jeff ways better less than the hide their worst offenders it out. They can stick here on raw. Here, on Robinson, every in a normal defend situations, subjects what had just hunted Robinson costly, but when you say there the heater hiding their put him in the quarters, and it's gonna be the same thing with the Lakers. I give you actual at low Brown was due in last night, there just cut like Pickerell, who, whom I putting the torture chamber once I get my stew switch, I want you, I really do in the zone, so I think that the zones gonna help them be able to defend Davis and the Bramblewood it's gonna hurt them with. Is the the rebounding Aaron, also the bronze, the smartest person who could ever pick a part, that's on near Prato? They have. Think the key guy for this final series is Davis. Yeah that that ankle gets worse. Thousands gonna say add. I dont know that La Braun. I don't now. Has he taken less
teams, then than it seem like the Lakers would without Anthony Davis to championship at the, as awaited the big when you have that Davis card. As long as you like, and you were sent out. They these ever had a teammate like that other than weighed in two thousand and eleven, I think maybe has all these deeds to throw them and they can further zone at him to write. So they could throw crowd item. They can throw butler, dig it through a good hour. They can even throw bam. Atom of Davis is out of the game to escape. This is the first series the bronze actually had real defence suppliers. Some Cosette that you know it adds bubble basketball, whatever I'm not making excuses, but they played a Portland team that especially ones lower got her, but that team was terrible defensively before they. The boy ass he used in they solved in two games and then Denver
Not only was it a very good defensive team, especially against them, but was so deferential to them. I was I. If I was might be alone. I would have just cut a u to clip of the ten minutes of Howard rough Yo gauge and Leubronn just do what everyone's and staring at the ban should they do. You guys give shit. That b further new and let's do in your lunch. That's not gonna happening. It's Miami he's! I could give you any that stuff, they're not gonna, be different. They're going they're gonna go Adam they're gonna compete with them, they're gonna, hard, foulon, they're, going talk, shit to him and it's all stuff that he has now to deal with. Yet not that going to not solve it. But now these this will be a complete If Syria is right, I think so, and I D give Miami winds or the there all the son of two Windsor three wins: will the boy here the comparisons of the pistons against that Lakers free agent, patchy
team of one hundred percent that yeah that'll be. I was that a month ago I know the difference. Is their task to geyser play much better than those o four shack and Kobe were plainly cobras, just domination and then move for a fine us in Shack was like the tale under his prime near Malone idea. The wailing Ryan is plain right. Now, he's he's playing way better than either those guys or plant but ass. I think they're supporting cast this problem just as bad that you know what they will buy. Emmi you can be like the south were up six on him today, a couple times rate in Europe. Ninety six, at a time out, feeling great and then Miami you know they can it three freezing around you're down three nor like what the fuck just happened right I was. I was up sick. A minute ago may now now I have no momentum anymore. So I you know, I just think there are better team than then anyone and if any
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Or have any questions with Roman. No commitments, cancel anytime, go to get roman dot com bill and you can try out a three month supply of nightly defense for just five dollars. That's free to chat with the doctor. Your first order is just five dollars. Again, Roma COM, Slash bill eligibility requirements and additional terms apply. I come back so One game. I didn't see a ton of, because I was watching my basketball season Subway, it was saints packers. I did watch the last quarter and a half You see from this game from the entirety of the guy. Did you learn anything? I learned at my fantasy team as are gonna lose as I'll? Kick your ass down. Fifty three points had men with tomorrow in an air Rogers, and I beach it. But what else could I learned? We will then take a kick. I ask as little strong a hundred forty two points at their us not lose in ITALY and others.
I think Aaron Rodgers and is is more special. Then he ever was in that these neutral site games. Are a huge advantage. I mean living like a one and a half point advantage, at least on this bread. I mean his hard counts. It Everybody off size because there's no crowd noise. We imagine right now, when you're in the Superdome, whatever I throw travel aside, if they're not exhausted from travelling free basis, the better team rod runs the better offense. Maybe he doesn't have the receivers, but he's like I've Aaron Jones. Now that's the best running back and played with I'll make the receivers. Me better I'll. Do that I'll Tom Brady, those guys and I'll be fine, and then we have a defensive players. A dairy Smith was like right up. There is a better than can kalulu MAC all beside my gun out. He has like sixteen sacks since the beginning season. It caused a fumble and that takes the saint just forever to get down field because Brie S throat,
five yard, flares to Morrow the whole game, Packers a damn good. If you viewed the lot of packer haters out, It's coming along season for them of your betting against the packers all year, because there I put them right up boy that with the Ravens and chiefs and our teams are now become when, like thirteen games really good, they spent TAT first round pick on the quarterback yeah in everybody's equity as doing much get Roger some help. They actually spent the pic further to buy a chip, Frere Roger Shoulder, you're right. It's like I now have a back up. We have a future hair but heir apparent at some point. But the short term Rogers is just like Bracky iraqi Fork. After absolutely Paulo dies- and I don't know if it was essentially that was intentional That was an unintended consequence now. I think they are
We thought he only at a couple years left the furious laughed and we're gonna. Do it differently. This guy will learn from Rogers for three years, and yet it pisses me off it all worked out. Advantage, because he's going to play great as a pissed off player, and then they got the running back in the second round for him, but that doesn't that doesn't seem to matter when you have like Aaron Jones on the field so the saints are one and two now please put up stats today that they were definitely stats that you could pick a part to. If you would like I supposed to that long Camaro place to put that, but. I don't know, I don't see it with them and they were a team that a lot of people are thrown in through the Superbowl, but breezes hit that noodle armed point where It just seems. I teams, Canada had a added, do what they did to do against the twenty seventh today, but that fella a lot for them. I remembered the hormones, be Tampa Bay and now tab as a game lead with
Ireland's and they're, probably gonna beat him when they play again in an Tampa. I just don't. We like to do that thing. Where I'd are there ten quarterbacks burden? This guy, I think breezes, like bottom half, now think he's like eighteen there. Now Teens right now we're not the gold drawl but they're, not not a ton of quota backside. I pick em over. We had that game on one of the small to visas as watching the subjects in every time I looked over, breeze was like checking deafened prefer five or six yard. I just think that he is my balloon. No shame in getting old, you know it. I let us get ask you about who seems more secretly wash Brady Breeze, Brees Brady.
It's been hidden in these last two games. They have. I because lasted thereby Carolina Mccaffrey goes out and I hated the great back deafening in the great in the first game again today, even though they put up once against this, damn retain that all is second own. Sixteen candidate reviews he missed. I thought a tunnel furrows. There was one DR, where he missed three it's down passes before they actually finally got the touchdown, but under through Scotty Miller, really badly overthrew rock and cracks wide open for like a twenty five year, touchdown rovers head says: Godwin come over in front of the apprise for a short touchdown right. He misses throws. He he still seems uncomfortable remain the pack I like it as one get hit, so I would say both of those guys just or at a different point of their career. I really feel that way. The apple break, If- and I am doing it- my head right Now- think Brady still three or four or five quarterbacks ahead of bravely tears boy agri, but
All those things you said are correct. He has trouble in the court in the pocket he's getting caught from behind scrambling a little bed at an eye, is weird: you look at these lines, MIKE Evans to catches to touchdowns like that is, the guy. I guess he found grant a little more today, a little more than nothing, but yet let let's I want to see them plague a team again. I know you do too. Where am I had us take about time. Is that JANUS could potentially be it out with the team they have if there are others that they did this year, their defences good, I think their defence makes plays you now can get. They can get pressure there feisty it's one of those times when their defence and play happens ever on the sidelines, go nuts there and they play makers. It actually think awful good. Today, let me I thought that I find the best he's look. This is for sure James could potentially be three and all the saints taper heads, let that that's that could happen soon. Also-
Yeah, I don't know, I thought one of those dreams would guy now I died frantically texted you in house this morning, I'm like and all always guys like that. Just gonna be, bill in time. I want to vote against them all year, but Dammit a good money line. Parlay Bela checks are going to lose Brady's lose those damn routine. They can't material is like any offence at off so and then I woke up this morning. I might all these money line, favorites one last week at an epiphany, this can be jobs all over the place can be insane. I texted you guys all my text and I think I went one six in one in those early games? Pretty grisly Cincinnati disgusting Minnesota disgusting, who else Lhasa, We are all aware the rams was the rather rams. Is there we're gonna get some of those in a second at the one thing, how does this package warrant sharpen worshippers make informed about having the anchor his house? Meat has through the same thing where we have the one team and, like eight bats right, has got screwed with it.
Some weak wine and sharp site. That's the worst thing. Do you want to diversify? So this week I had the cards initially tied with ice. I'm a million dollar picks my eyes, but outside them in a couple picks his head, but for the first time sounds like you know what I'm going to diversify and I diversify with the bucks as the other thing, so I did it at a Bucs raiders keys. I left the cardinals out of that. So I ended up. I it was. It was half as bad as the cards collateral damage would have been because of the diversified thinks about what Why is this? The anchor system is actually really die. Then one of the main reasons are bad. A gambling rye were bad. I'm in no doubt about that. That's a lot of secret. Also, while box raiders cheese or high you're going against go How about now? that's my thoughts. Patriots It seemed easy in that's probably the only thing we we should have done what the hell we do that, but that was a typical biological
If you want to talk about that game, but that was just a classic smack down Pelagia Game Right, raiders short, we come across country celebrating a big Monday night when angry Bela Jack off laws and then just dump down to all any running. You can lay your hand on Burke had scored three times little cheating along the way to fumble by Jacobs, not real, just download it. I saw it had all the elements of our ability and get the right back in kill the raiders on any kind of Jesus. They had a three had a running I think, going out with this on drafted Ricky tailor their little guy, who my dad love to my dad, and I put a couple: the videos on its ran before the game. My dad was I, The gotta give Taylor chance of Marilla talking about Taylor, but the little guy who's that I'm telling you and he really game a spark and then all of sudden Sony, I think realized he was gonna get.
If you didn't pick it up yet at a barricade was awesome and an itches, though it's it's a classic belch. Acting now they're there AIDS, one guy made appointed Adena who was- and I feel like- I followed my team as well as probably it over. The top Arab set out there somewhere receiver that came in- and I was just saying- I went away with a greater medical data- is a practice grandma. All right did set it to practice squad rarely disagree with Romo, because it's state, if you do you, don't know what you're talking about the way you usually goes, but when they're up two thousand three hundred and ten and the raiders at eleven minutes left, and I think they were at, like I think, was like forth and four from the seventeen. And almost got a the feel go here of the seven minutes left its different. But eleven minutes left. So kick the field goal, go down, two thousand three hundred and thirteen, and they did take the feel. Don't like damn you just this is still the patriots. I know it's not Tom he's pay drivers, but they're not done scoring they're, not moved on
when a ball, yet there are eleven minutes lap. That's. Why exactly why you have to go forward there because they're gonna score at least once more or not. If the defence doesn't score, you know so that, and I think. When you look at that? I wonder if people or war, what more word about Brady's offence, holding a lead, then cans, and I don't see much of a difference. Right now. Kim was pretty bad for the first hour and then all the sudden is fine. It was the first like kind of rocky stretch weave. Where he made a couple dumb passes the fight that I got a sad I'd. I'd never see, I never wavered. I was it. I was. I killed was, I might add- and I will come back from them- he's gotta, it's fine scale. Wanna! Cannot. He sees looking good luck. Has the ball was come out. He was just like a little and accurate suffered that by its also their car design, Eliab for food production Fourth borders. Romo is given that thing where he clearly Jason witness.
Given him a lot over a lot of equivalent raiders love a great. The culture was in staff forever. As parody Jason, everybody S. Events like barely play. We had said that significant happen. Today we did yeah. It was on future biscuit true thirst. They are, they were living in a warehouse, Delaware that was the main, had called at the edges cleared out. There's nothing left I soon. With them almost every week the teenagers I was one of em, it's over, so fine a record for Mitch. He was twenty five and eighteen as the starter with games. He actually finished his own one in the playoffs, and it to minor to my knowledge became the first quarterback ever to get benched for a team that became Fredo The problem here that could not have ever happened before.
And it's weird- the you're gonna kill me for this as a result shows that they did the right thing, but I thought it was a little premature I note with twenty six ten war, numbers. Will they that bad? They were? I still have em here. He had a bad hit. Bad pick, that's vaccine aright! So is thirteen for toys. Two hundred and twenty eight yards with a touch Dounia take a run in of forty five yard run, and more than that, I would be like a coach Jimmy Chin. This is where the Falcons blow it all the time just signed how that in any body could win from here. I'm just make an interesting, and I sure now, Nick falls one and there are sixty four twenty nine one. Eighty eight three touchdowns began oh my god, those falcons, dank when I know what you're doing tomorrow, but do they have yeah anymore I'm leisure hours ago, and outer figure and he'll be undertaker says I tomorrow yeah those two losses. Together, the odds were like the better that the entire team got hit by law.
They are sent them a blog about those games can buy. I here's what I think the bears coach either. Here's. What I think is that process He knew I land. It was probably in a blow the game, no matter the quarterback was in whose, like you want to starfleet. Yet if Mitch, if Mitch comes back from this on their reality, get rid of him this. My second come from behind when in three weeks, and now, I'm stuck with them at least until tax giving sobbed emit, but it falls can get this against this crap at Lana Team ride out now now, that's it! There's no look back Mitch go out at the satellite, but falls good, I mean even he wouldn't have three touchdowns, but then there was that other touch on their own rabbits and caught, and then it got challenged and overturned and it turned out to be an interception, but really he threw forethought shouts. Yet now there are not bad
I really don't think like. There are full of shit teams that you're just you're just like we look at them at three an hour or two and one like right. That's going to that's going to be six at eight after one thousand two hundred and fourteen weeks, but some of these teams can propel their bullshit to a nice little record and you don't need to be super good to make the playoffs right Wednesday in the playoffs bears already at the third of the way there they could be the team. Do you know how many three and outs teams are allowed without looking three in six. You like that fact nightmare that wasn't? I looked yeah Bill stores, Titans bears Packers Seahawks,
and then one of chiefs Ravens unless there's a tie, so I would say out of those six thousand three hundred and ninety team's. The bears are the flimsiest titans, probably a close second titans, R390 and Owen three against the spread, which I think would be about back and continue somehow right, the Africa has anyone ever gone like six, no and own six. It gets to spread out Like what the record, we should look at that. Another gets been that far. When they are, but also about them as age, a brown hasn't been in the lineup satanic will probably be better eating. Do anything really today, twenty four draped with thirty seven, over three hundred yards and pack combat couple bad plays by him in that now he were either the Miami Dan L a couple times the average you're but Minnesota is. Is it Lana light at this point?
I mean die, that's that's gonna be wait. Do they play each other will get to it. They play each other. Now, where do they play? and now the only way they play used and that one of those team of other off rather Steve's at the end of the year. That's right! That's the same kind of thing I can think aren't you must be as a patriots very kind of sick of, although the bills praise in America's team, this deems grade and Josh Alan's empty pay. Also. Can we forget about the BP for just a minute. I have friends that every ten minutes Jane your mind about the envy base its Josh Outline its Russell Wilson is Lamar. It's my homes, its Aaron Rodgers. I get a different one like let us wait a little bit like whoever wins a game them all night is probably be the front runner and then you gotta stay healthy, but we have talked about this every four minutes. It was relevant last week, cousin, the rustle Wilson conversation there
and worse and BP vote story. All that right. That's right this week is that, rather than it's fucking we three we have forty We said we to take a break out. Let's just try to that figure out who the people yeah. I know the login about Georgia. If you know that ticky tack pass interference, call at the end doesn't get called I'm not going to complain about any chat, pass interference against the Rams, cuz they're old, about fifty of them for making the super bowl one butter and James role and everything, but that that It's one ones. I hate words and untouchable ball, withdraw the ball away a little contact and they call it nay keeper go in the bills once it was awful was way I mean so it's in it was a terrible car and I think if they had had the pass interference or view thing, I would venture to say if it was overturned, but they lost their game on third down because Allen had that weird play when he faced pass. The dude, which I think I've ever seen,
He was about to get sacked, got out of the sack with a face Basque they're, all that never call them off, and then it was like the wizard when he second surf than it was like. Third and twenty five. He had one slash three and twenty two and one slash three and nineteen in converted. Both so is the third and two thousand two hundred and twenty two at the end zone. So there's only thirty two years territory right right and somehow they get big thicket thirteen yards on the third down and now they're like forcing forth and go from the nine basically when Irish, how they got through the middle. The food was wide open and that by would who, in their blood at their like nine defensive backs they blow at the rams. About these guys? I don't know I'm Joe and Ramsay, like a just dismiss guys. Just take games off just very strange to me, the high priced out free agents, but yet I was so that that was a twenty Eightth three lead that they blew shades of falcons right. Twenty three
and if they blow that gave Airbus, I bills frauds. Josh out for exactly yeah. They peter bigger, kept alive by this ridiculous, pass, interfered spelling out their bills. Three now debt ratios Joe, there at the raiders at the titans and add cases are maybe maybe they come down a lot about? Maybe there's a chance I will say in defence of the bills they they do see more explosive. The shark is here single terrorist hurt, boss, last year I had him on my fancy team play and heard all its up. He look great today. The end and the next thing you know the real guy sure yeah. I think it's, I think, they're, probably one of the themes that no unfair advantage or some when you think he's evacuate a good team for eight Buffalo Hunger
I think I think they would be pretty unstoppable their dad. I don't they can hear the echoes of their fans, smashing our heads against the tables in the parking lot like its. It must feel foreign to them to not do not have to deal with that, but I think, rams are good. I dont like them their game, but I think that team is really town said about tens in their pass rush on that strive raising. They were all over him and I can't believe the bills really been able to move down the field on it. And then I play makers on the other, and I layers though their random acts are good to theirs, does not bigger lock for individual ward right now, bar injury than Errand Donald for defensive player. There is so much better and everybody. So much on every play, he has an impact and makes the quarterback changes by now. It says it's quarterbacks able to adjust which island was today. Then then they going to put up points but phenomenal every dry. I don't think this week that will be the super bowl, but I wouldn't be shocked if that was the soup
Well, I'm just savage bills. I'm just saying I wouldn't you wouldn't like four. I wouldn't like me smelling salts to wake up at that was our Superbowl, thereby I do fight those are planned themes. I could win around or tube no it'll be some stupid measure. The queen, you mentioned. Finally, we do not really talk about while it was almost worth losing wide eyed mental by my team, and I have them after the break. We're gonna do fairly thing to do the break now showing their drew it. Now I got it the other nearer. Would you rather be Owen? Three
or you one where you lost the you game, because you were like fucking we're gonna, try, the sixty four yard feel go. We don't worry the end, then you don't get it and then they supper makes a and then I'll send you lose. Or would you rather just point incompletely roll over Billig were again were taken this time with the beggars I feel like that was worse, how about this, how much confidence are placing in words or any body just go for Your hail Mary against ours. Fourteen seconds left we're gonna, throw up. And then you throw up and left right is fun you now and it will probably on the Thai anyway. But let's see what happened yet, I was a worse bag move. I thought for sure The new, or did you watch out last DR? How do I I had the bangles that I had all these money line. Underdogs like you, gotta, be kidding me without the eagles. I think added, unlike the thirty nine first down, would like two minutes left or maybe a minute have supplied that, maybe a lot
Babies like a minute fifteen, I remember, but they started playing for the field like they were on Cincinnati Stain yard by Marianne there like set the bar on the hash barks. It's like what are you guys doing, the right that it ends up being third down? They ve got time out subsidies to throw they don't get it, and then the kicker comes out. It's a coup, I guess I'll have to make this fifty to hide. Girder dear eyes, could not be any closer away a game. That's a sixty four. They are about I care than that of our age, an ipod. It was we have, as it were, the worst sequences I've ever seen. I get this the eagles, it be happy being oh two and fourteen I get. They could die every game, the rest of the way let everyone else figure out of that, gets them a division or not. But I say general coaches are really are conserved. If I don't know why I want to see I wanna see like I was opening dry forth and to exact tower The forty seven yard lie like make a statement here against Eagles Bengal you're, not gonna happen
Levin game, so let let Jabbar afraid, but now they planted it. Then the Eagles come down kick feel, go like the hate shit like that you know these are having Taylor. Was worried because they couldn't black Diego's at all? I haven't which respect for Burma. For some reason I watched them. Bangles eyed, the bankers money lighted, a in a better there both very worried for his safety very very concerned: I was one another we gotta, Absolutely annihilated on that one head where he released it. He knows tat on the eagles like Jellia Show, thereby adding legos like four broken ribs hidden, come out for very long, but yet again, like seven seven or eight tie it hadn't even count as one of them. He is at all unless it is often more press rigorous. You know be funny, though, if the Eagles finnish, like nine six in one or a seventy one in your stupid teams, eight NATO it up when in the end
It is because they are like bad member. We took that tie raw. I don't hear that that would backfire on the cowboys, but as it is now, do you see teams, winning seven games and the end of the EAST Dc, and if anyone other than the cowboys. I guess that's why I took this loss. It wasn't. That was as heartbreaking for me. So I had, I add, a small one on the bankers and washed it s like a longshot part. Jason got hurt pray early in that aim within eight the first hour and I their defences the same after you went out. If he hadn't gotten heard, I think they could have beaten Cleveland. I think Cleveland was dying to figure out how to give back a boy yeah- I mean Haskins than the other and restoring the bomb that share about him. Well, that's the thing I think Washington to win a games if Alex Smith was in there. I really do I don't. I don't have confidence in Athens right now. Smith was inactive today at
back of his actually the who the other on the one for Caroline High, allowing a pledge Carolina as an old, that's better, but may we see Alex Smith and that in turn around but Anthea tunnel winds and additives is that's another said other J, Mistaen Urim and there's like five teams, I need James, say a jealous. I still believe it you had kids. I have that better impressed with shining JANUS on the sidelines and not shown him enough under the airlines, I want to see a much aggravated, we'll take a break in little more to cover yet the lines which take a break. The cycle of pizza, specifically Pizza hut, specifically their legendary regional, PAN Pizza, no matter what you been watching pizza, as you know, is the perfect companion to your favorite movie. Option get a large with up to three topics for just ten. Ninety, nine, with a credible crest, that's crispy on the
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man. I am going to need. I'm going to need a Bacardi, spiced, rum and cola just to get through the week of sports are mostly after the gut wrenching celtics. Last Bacardi. Do what moves you drink responsibly, Bacardi, USA, Coral gables, Florida, rum with natural flavors and spice, five percent alcohol by via forgets about your talk about Josh out every bit. I'd so he's down he's got a bit he's gotta scored touched on this score and he's gotta go against us. Friends defence did you believe in him the entire DR did you believe in him certain moments. Gets him if he had the rams, we scared of him. I I've pride myself and having opinions on things are forming. Opinions may not formed an opinion on Josh Alan. I still don't know if I think he's good if these terrible again, as I I think, that's
again ever wanted. Converted likely said he had three Andrea to turn longs right, thirteen twenty two and he needed the fort downplay to convert both of these, but even after converted. Third in twenty two, I still felt good with the rams with lesson. Seconds left outside the twenty hardline around the twenty Arline, but I'm with you, I'm up. The the It's definitely talented, but I don't try to home at all, and I certainly thought it was just as likely he was gonna lose. The game is over. Without ever, however, now a kind man are you alright, you're stupid thing she's? So not only did he not win, but somehow you manage not to cover which I'm still trying to fit. That happened here. Then the arrows down one gone for the game when he failed on their doubts as egg hey. What, if you just great points here and you in any
sounds like a lot of very young. With our conversation went on. I think they'd think telepath waited real. Do you like your team? I don't know again- it's it's- the black Jack dealers holding a sex and I have a force not the worry about the rest of the annex Ii East right now. Now what I like this team, I like that you know, play Cleveland Next We could kaluza game easily Dac puts up numbers that are very mislead at foreign or seventy yards, though I liked about that last driver. May we could talk about all game, but that last drive they had plenty of time. It's almost impossible that date, basically ran out of time. I know it through a pick and the ends on, but they basically ran at a time with three time out. I think they're, like fourteen points average, like four yards of play Elliot had fourteen targets. He had twelve cat like like twenty four yards receiving it
terrible. There was bad field awareness, there were just going for yard, crossing rules and for Dac Prescott, and the crazy thing is like four receivers advocate stretch the field. No one knows Cedric Wilson was before today obviously have Cooper. You have gallop who finally put a good game too. And you have CD land, but that are only for your crossing roused the sultan and z in it just killing. Second time away, many take a sack and in no do you let the rights like I was so happy MIKE Mccarthyism. Ok, finally, something good about this guy. We have three time out. We didn't call a dumb time out with one minute into the third quarter on a bit, because to avoid a false start, you now at mid field nothin like that had all these time out and still ran at a time and in a lot of ways to say it just the same thing. It really is the same team year after year. What was that play in the fourth quarter went back yet the tide and eighty six was flared out and Dac instead of light, kidnap just sail drivers.
Add an Aikman was egg winning audibly grown. There was a big moment at they get upon. After that idea, Boyd Series it was but Jack, I'm just never going to be a hundred percent. It he's never like locked in, like Roger is just never be at that. Rogers was the level that they didn't you you say Rogers and when I look at him unlike, why can't he run like old man Rogers? Why can't you just take right like that that should but more times you know, there's somebody wants to buy design or not yet done so Magala. These guys want to and that's fine but don't draw three are crossing roots when we need to score touchdown. You receivers are so good. Nick raising the Gue uses all Eve for receivers, sewer way better than any one of the patriots I way better Cedric worser would be our number and receive very be like a hero. Doing good would be so set to have them yeah. I don't know what to tire. Your defence stinks. Really bad
yer Wilson. I didn't even really feel played that, while the first half of the year and then ended up with five tedious and would have had sex if it was. If that's stupid, back at play, you don't expect such that passes decorated. That was not and what does he have? Fourteen as I am uneasy, have through five fourteen or fifteen through through three games, So we are not acting. I don't wanna. Take Kevin Clark, wrote something interesting. He worked ringer bilateral. You know as much whenever wherever sooner yet here- and doesn't take anything away from Russia. Well, somebody said something to the effect I'm not going to articulated like he did but see at all, has to be the rest of the sea hawks have to be the way they are for Russell Wilson to be great. You know, like it's very strange, that they put him in these positions to have to make big throws them stretch and almost always does, but it's you kind of have to get lucky to be. That kind of thing.
It's like like Marianna Rivera like you might have the best. You might not have the best relief pitcher, but because team is only leading by one or two runs every night in the night thinning he's gonna go out there and get like forty five say. You weren't around. I have that right. Yes, so they go that's kind of big. What's going on so he's he's flaxen. Is What is our guide thanks for this I'll? Just enough, I have to throw every fourth when a shoot out I'll. Do it now he's gettin he's along the way you didn't hear, pass rash and a pretty poor secondary.
Then Germany items being out at an hour. Long he's out, is limping on the sidelines and then play that that just makes a lot worse. Yeah, it's a shoot out. Seahawks team, the Sri Lankan your team, I figure teams gonna, be fine. You ve to give too much too many weapons on office through our to play as decision goes along its eight. When de back stark, I heard my name's whatever he has the Red new outfit that we were This seems you dont many. We asked a magna, look I'll, say five, so we have six, and actually we have eight, because the eagles in bangles are technically windless. Interesting. Jeddah giants, Texans Broncos Vikings Falcons most likely to make the plan set of those six. I guess would be the falcon.
Other taxes I haven't. I can allow the other three no team in a two in one team and they actually south right falcons like they fly, the queen and the large go on a run. You have to do in one teams in first place there Actually, I would vote for none of those teams mega before probably not of em in the Vikings dont get a lot better for that. Neither right now. I'll get it. I don't get it with a lot of those dreams. Cousin sat a weird look on his face at the the game that in like, earlier. You didn't like it. I like to look at his face with your colleague right about three, you back her back to my own personal bubble. You like that we got that Jefferson. Guy now, like nine catches were but a hundred and seventy
the arts, that's that's! That's! On their eggs again in our he cancer, not around Erna ships. I prefer it really go again to they. Just there did there so banged up defensively. They can't stop me out. I played went to to backup corner backs, wasn't good summit to redo these eighteens again jets giants, Texans Broncos, Vikings, Falcons Eagles bangles, which fan base of those items which is the most bum out fan base at a man. I think at least we went over last week, we went to war everything attached to Atlanta everything bad, but this is. This is a special kind of misery therein, right where I, you can't take your eyes off the screen. If there are sixteen points Anna and they still have played the good teams that they're just gonna get slaughtered
I so I don't know I do anything to get rid of that code that this house can be here. So I was gonna say my answers. The jets I think hears MACE Whiteside Atlanta because at least have a move. They can fire the code, right and then they can, they could do the whole. You know we probably should than that sooner just seen among us, I'd lines? It's this memory of the miraculous collapse of football history. Now I have a fresh start now now it's like. Said the bad happening, followed by Matt Ryan Semi Bundle than the cut the dank. When we're out of that vicious cycle, we could start a new veer jets fan you're, just like the covert could end the season right now, right, Take the covert outbreak is the only way you in the seas and otherwise it's a complete should show. I guess you can look forward to your terrible coach getting fired, but you have this
Donald thing, REACT actually hope and he's regressed. You ve no weapons you should be taking for Trevor Lawrence, but who the hell would trust. The ownership slash front office, the even Do that correctly there and I can't think of one good thing about being a jet spend a fantasy text, debated EVA Franc or at seventeen, carries sick, thirty, seven, while work. Is it there's no young guy. They could just trot out at least give a world belie. Let's try. This are drafted guy single, what is Frank Gordo for the jets at this point, amazing The only way I could views yeah I mean they had a guy that they traded Jamal items. Obviously dj mostly opted out I believe now everything everyone saying that Jason Donald can coexist. That's not all they have to get divorced, nor Sousa, get divorced which was thirty pounds and I'll get a tan and ever they'll start that everyday work out enough. But for now they just can't coexistence, and so I think
its value might be right and that the ones that are holding out hope for Darnel need to see him with another coach, and that's gonna happen anytime soon. The levy on Bell stuff is a disaster, but the giants are much better immediate. When we're going to see a healthy Barclays, these the cornerstone their line up. I mean I don't know whose wars between two of them right now they got here they got their asses checked. The ones tat is to say one thing is so depressing to add another. For some reason, the jets feel at least the giants won soup both the censuring. I asked the forty Hunrad forty percent of their salary cap on the field today, forty percent and that that was never close. I asked my friend, Jim Grady, if cases, worse jets, coach ever, which is really really high, praise, Cosette and a bad jets coaches. I await the difference with him. He doesn't have a single positive quality big
coat. I was terrible, but he was kind of funny. He had there's unintentional comedy with every good relations in we're Talkin about Joe Walton Jawad is to pick his nose as a german? They got to the sidelines, he'd be too knuckles d their everyone out, buddy their gas dunno, Gaston Oclock, our team did the Blu Ray additive a little bit for a minute. Yeah Yes, you got an down. The line. Parcels obviously was really get. The Rex Reign was fun. For two years, my father had season tickets for the jobs for like fifteen years and we'd go. We sit at the very top and I can only go by people, but what will people hated the bone screamed at the most? I think Coated was number one right there there was a really bad outgrow year- dollar area, member that how's your mother yeah. Yet I was tough but gaze. Just there's the aegis is, the terrible coach. It doesn't make any relax I'll be attacked rises. Players is press conferences. Are bad attitude embraced the table
I guess one other thing I had two it was. I had. Wrote down and my notebook around and or into the lake aims Kyler, as my Sunday ticket envy P so much fun. The watch then for fifteen I wrote Kyler blew my biggest t occurs: Bob Kyler suck today that game. He had three. Their well? Will that's all. That's in everyone's be shut out. I've or sat around they did drop one. I was impressed with Stafford that was like, I think he felt like it was a must game having gal day and there is a big difference but Now I may I got there. They got there. First run drop it back to the cornerback arrived from Ohio State, good, oh yeah, but yeah you're right there
but I can I was right- was one of those games. I had the cards in a tease nowadays playing on like a fuck and at its edge it occurred. Is there any make it a player away like Al Jesus? The lines are pretty good. I actually think there I thought they were good the first week. They should be the bears their banged up last week, but I regretted teasing them teasing get sample. Quickly in Staffordshire Right can move the ball. They had the ball game and they put together an awesome, drive down the field and like a lot of easy. Eight nine ten yard plays we really have a run, a game and I'm not sure matters for them, and I can say that I think, is a real problem. Then the red someone I hear him near the people would believe me how fuckin good the packers. Are you just cross off that Lions backers game? Just like I allow teams, are gonna lose the backers by a lot, which means
come by and mixed the lions, a competitive force at the lions are possible passed him. I think we have. We have one team in the annexes? Are we have, I think too, in the end, have seen north and I think the trade as a better chance of cargo, yet another together behind Tampa in the end, if south and maybe New Orleans and then Seattle add on and the rams, probably to unless Arizona. That was a fluke today and colleges. But it's fixable. I always like three for the west. We didn't like three at that. We like three may before here's away may better Arizona their defence. It doesn't seem like their defence can get stops and I dont know of deeds were who heard out there.
Was gone, but through the mergers way is way too easy for a trade that came in. I tried to get there not backward offence aware it is too easy for them to go up and down the field, yeah, I heard they gonna talk about chip on their shoulders. They like nor the Sunday six point, five, there at home. Maybe they caught it took a few things for granted against Hungary, a lion stain bubble, no better and actually, where you take a break. Guess sides. I wouldn't you guess- That's a one! Second, coming up this Monday, Baltimore in Kansas City, the game in the year Vandal sports book for a little gasoline, and this bar burner were they tend our risk free same game parlay for all customers. Caution on these two high find teams that can really run up the score offender down the place with same game, parlay weakened by multiple bets from one match up her team and to assume parlay and when all the legs, your parlay heads,
even more than if you bet separately and if you don't mind, will refund your bed up to ten hours and say credits ago beg for tomorrow, Monday night, I, like the ravens minus three in the first half par lead with the under for the game. At fifty foreign ass, I think this is actually not going to be the highest going back and forth of fair that Cuba thing it's gonna, be it's gonna be little bit slower. I think it's gonna be choppy, especially in the first, F, and that would be my recommendation. But if sports betting is legal in your state download the fender sports but gap to make your same game, Are they for today considered Baltimore? If that way, single game contest would find a fantasy, renewed offenders sports but be sure to I'm a code bs of now I say to you that is from a good bs must be twenty one plus and present in Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois Indiana.
West Virginia or Colorado Seefeld terms at Sportsbook, Fanduel, dot, com, ganley, problem, one eight hundred gambler West Virginia one thousand, eight hundred camper Dinette Indiana, eight hundred and nine, with a Colorado, eight hundred and five, two hundred and twenty four imagine our eight hundred bets off Sunday S, science? Thursday night. This isn't just an awful gave. It might be item cases last game. It's two teams that both fan bases would could say with a straight face. Why are we trying to win anything? We should be trying to go and sixteen and thank him for Lawrence Broncos at the jets. This is rough. Driscoll now cabinet. Have you read not that bad you had the Broncos over you know now I know now we got the thin air teams. Have they got you now? I wrote it off. That's all I have. The Brok has favoured by two nap over the jets. She talk about cheaters I said
three and it is two and a half exactly and this is the last bad Thursday Night Game Fox, picks up coverage weak five, even though buck all these games. I don't understand, but it's not technically a fox game, but yeah garbage. I don't know, I'm not sure how you bet this. This is our first loser leaves town match your eye because we start cross. I've spur, I think we said after week, for we would cross off a team, since only fourteen teams across the sheer! Rather maybe we know what we should probably start this week. Has it stupid across teams off after week, seventeen the seasons already over some older sister process. There's two or three match ups to own threes against each other. We could start this week.
Available webpages. We could start maybe Broncos jets, who's, the other own Threeg and sound three, its Minnesota and used it. So maybe those are Laser loser lived there s a dollar that officer to lose their lives. Town matches are yet so whoever loses those were crossing those teams offline, surprise, He could argue the jet also whoever wins those is crossed off. If there's a tie product up Sundays Barkie Batch of Chiefs patriots, I don't know why they did this to the Chiefs Cheese plain the Ravens their Monday night and then six days later hosting the northern pages, add the chiefs by foreign ass. I, when I said six and seven full touchdown to pages, What does that happen? That makes no sense
that happened. I haven't seen numbers on that. That's that doesn't ever have couple thanks now, the way their charges look today should make us all a suspicious of the Chiefs little bit, and I think this Ravens game that the lines three and a half and you could gotta go wow. It's basically neutral failed to get an extra have point with the chiefs. This is great, teams are equal. I dont think very glad that maybe they'll be called eight weeks from now, but I didn't they blocked word all ass speaking. It's a chargers. They made the charges of obesity fibres, and anyone who are this week and Bridgewater was handed. Do stuff, though, wherever he wanted and more Melvin Irons out, Melvin Abrams on they are and that's a big cargan. They just getting you get hurt. Last week, though, they keep but he made a good blood. They made a bit player last week there that there are they gonna, keep losing guys on on defence for sure,
but I mean this is one those games where you can have the route. You personally should refer the chiefs tomorrow, because you don't want a pissed off Kansas City team. Their fans right, don't get a call. I'm waiting for the ravens minus three in the first half is what I'm ready for that Xavier pay here, because the chief start out I'd start out slow rarer. I think it's, nobody thinks this game is going to be a shootout. I I just don't think it's going to be a shootout. I think it's going to be a lot more methodical. I think, I think the ravens hold the ball from them. They came from Cairo like they try to do what the chargers did. And they get out other day the chief troubled defending the run again. This is what this is. What happened beginning, alas,
and if a three headed monster for Baltimore and they're going to be able to do some damage? I just think the ravens at this point in the season are better tame and better equipped to win this game. It has nothing to do with. What's going to happen in January, I would say, as of September team, I like the raven so anyway, sevens too much, and then next week work at the Chiefs workout we're kind of a perfect upset pick in that game we made in the patriot. Good secondary, although it's under achieved so far fur with the potential is and then the ability just kind of run, the ball and kill some clock, keep them off the field. That's kind of the blueprint, that's what the ravens are going to try to do. I can't on your patriots either. I may know their smart. There are smart team for sure, but they definitely stretched to feel like date. When you're, duenna or new doing
Meatballs from from camp to Edelman against Seattle, it maybe a Seattle. Maybe it's a defense, that's that's bad, but you might have the same kind of success with Kansas City. The field goal kicker is going to be a problem at some point. One of these games he's not real. We had yet, but I think you can you get your Caskey back after a soul, starred six for ass the day after he read everybody in the wreck them and weak one who had by industry after I finished finnish from Finnish taken, the wrecked comes out of the sudden, his fantastic against him. I forgave in the watch impulse. I have your cowboys facing the Browns and Baker Mayfield. Who did they go? Seventeen set this pump Cosu so excited TAT day polished off the washed up fresh of football team right, combat the baker, Man felt and maybe don't be. It has been.
Rachel's wire. What why did they do with such a bad job? Picking the people who are in the commercials issue, I think he thinks he's junior commercial after every touchdown or failed or something they shone like the other. The reactions are outrageous, but It's like they show here. Then it's a coup, a joyful abated, secure because at the play of six producing a prayer completely Bell, they read: where did they get the effort of the bubble right and I want your commercially The dean Immense Elena, John Stables and that's it does the same. Seven words like Bell Bandit now, but this about Y know what they say. It's that Microsoft home Some words. I owe you a railroad up later. Go there. I hear era. I hate that saw that commercial that data may Adele she could go away like five of that. It's been so much sport sign in there. Just being fly
In addition, as was telling me just telling me you get it, it's not a taxidermy right as a tax return, I've seen that commercial. So many times. I now study the other lady in the commercial who right who cause she's good in it. There's got they cut them and she's kind. I bet is learn more about that are going wrong yeah a little more alarmed. If someone was in your house it you didn't invite in that using and carry out EU budget handle it well. I just that it's too magazine Amazon should apologise for ruining sports steamer still I stay most knitting in the sweat arrived at- has doing right at the cowboys favoured by five over the grants certain? a cheap, not achieved right there. I said sex, it's exactly five. I get in the way so how's that game, not in Vegas. It is right and the beggar so yeah. This is this. Your vote
Toby, This'Ll, anger me more than a game. If they lose, we can't lose the baker. There's some personalities, edges gallows. That is why we yet be tough guy. That's how I felt like with the south staring at a possible lost the low acres in the final solution like this should be so terrible to lose to the branding them occurs there. It was hanging over my head like an invalid. Therefore you I'll make evoldo makes the one hand a judge against us, and you know then slams and honest runs out slams on the star inoculate from me for what I really scented today, because they kept talking about watching the pats. Ganda vague, ass, big, huge Roma, kept saying huge play for Vegas Vegas, kind of just means other things to like this podcast to have a pair of football with the Vegas OWN, the writing of the hate that in Vegas all the stuff. I don't like that. The raiders kind of glommed onto that. Now around of involve the vaguest out, like it yeah take too much. Bang variable maybe I'd rather call them the Henderson Raiders.
You know the Nevada Arabians down another vat arrangements. That operators makes more sense The undersigned Vegas they shut, the window Super Bartleby, the very much better. Maybe it's because it does it the threat of getting cancelled, but I'm so much better at seeing the washed and football team that I am saying: Vegas Verses, Oakland right, a guy. I say around all the time now, but I got the washing thank God that damn baby, I don't think, there's a real fear of being cancelled. If you The statement forget to say they voted in by their new name right, who you challenging right now you saying like I called my daughter, they always of it. I call my daughter's, though a ban and vice versa. Accidentally, like twice a week now, it's like, I am about exactly that. No better every week with they're gonna cancel you too, but the upon her. They gonna fuck off. That's a Paragon Titans home for the steward
I have is that our second watch- a boss- this is like this- could be a shake his game is. Around one possible Saturday early at our yeah. This is two or three hours there right yeah. I had the titans favoured by one and a half come on: there's no way you get! That exactly is no forget way. I said three, it's exactly one half! That's like that at all. Why don't I get that exactly have been good I'll, get exactly who gets to pick one and a half or align? Have you like that? You seen from the stairs You are aware team. They are they at the gay, eventually domino yeah. I know they came from behind and it looks like the Texan should work I had every underdogs dogs. Why are they way, but it made sense when the numbers they just dumb- they just dominated him and they got the John Watson they're not ever,
We're gonna protect them. What did they have? Therefore more sacks? The against the Tec? and now they're running the ball? They got this Macfarlane and Connor, and he's got four five receivers. You can that fifty yards each all the Sunday as a nice game that nice numbers out of mind them. Eroto, I'm hoping edgy Brown comes back, so we can get a real feel. Fur did for there to be a very good or not yet. Let's see them actually go and submit a good. Next one is bucks chargers. I put the bucks in air because I find the bucks just strangely watchful, at her they're playing against the Brady thing he's just all over the map, depending on the player, the drive its right to see God when it happens in Iraq and the same team, the Ronald Jones Foreign debt. Fine, I just like watching their efforts. Sure I had the bucks by four over the charge. Now. You went LAO Eyes had seven and half its seven absolute too much respect for the air with bucks. Well, I beg people again at its Brady,
Herbert needs good. He drove them from the one you are went all the way down there and then they fumbled, but it takes a while to get some off and scope. By the way in tat the phantom contest the mega contest that were both India, Today I had the Bengals six and one slash two Tampa five and one slash two Green Bay. Four one slash two, your fucking cowboys, four and one slash two I could have been for now. I had ten points ten at twelve heading into Etienne today, and I could have gone for now in your team, decides to give up a touchdown up
then in decided lying before the game, it decided that there were any about that touchdown. You should additionally reached out to me: I told you: I was a stairway a best and I've I've ravens via soon have tomorrow. I'd knows by doubled them good. I think they want the Packers double them Herbert. He was ok, there's a couple bad place. I don't know about giving him a sign of approval. Or as a sign of the stink anything need to see more he's. Adobe data me seems where that the better game was the one that he was thrust into ten seconds before kick off right, for which his third quarterback get stabbed. The exact Yet it was as if you're gonna go where you didn't see anything going. I by users,
China to breed right now. There is a mistake with the NATO everyone got on at any land before they knew about this doctor thing when he's like a tyrant arrives. Art are starter. When he's help, they were gone. I know like not we'll get sued. You have more resilient, thou we're getting suit anywhere right, he's gonna come in Berlin is one that was so bad that gave inversely blues, didn't think back. They're trying to make ways to make the coach evil h Bud Kilmer whenever they was, they didn't think I like puncturing, the in the lung of somebody, threw last watchables game, this one's a good raiders our home in Vegas for the bill but I also gave the one and a half to this one to raiders one and a half over the bus. You said: raiders were ok, that's what I said and what both wrong and away wrong bills. Two and a half I like the raiders. I voted against it,
better to amend this is gonna start annoying you of the bills when this kind of game right, I think the raiders are pretty good. They had a couple injuries defence during that Pats game that C mon. Let's at the back, they did. They would like a bad luck game for them. I like them, we're integrate them. Do the rest would break the talk about gator aid. I need some gator I'm drain from that terrible south class last cheese from fifty years, Gatorade has fuelled the best athletes to rise to the occasion during their biggest moments was famously Michael, Jordan. Serena Williams was way up there in the famous Gator Department, J. Tatum, this great little playoff run the ad, which basically average, is two thousand five hundred and ten and five hundred and forty six weeks very proud of that young guy known he needed Gatorade
Yeah, I'm sure that help these point allow two minutes is put over forty minutes. A game from young athletes just turn a turn heads to some of the best at these two ever play their games gator. It shows there the proven fuel of the best, the best are fuelled by the best then now forever. Nothing beats. Gatorade are barely watchful. So I guess this technically should have been a watch rebels. It's it's the bears hosting the courts, but there's something. Barely above that that gave at her aware the courts they, this super slow, pays synergies in just most boring tuna watch, thereby the jets that I try to watch his little. That game is possible, yet I learned the fairly the bears that. He's got added. I got an economist him. I have the bears favoured by two over the courts are the bears very. By three and a half the courts are favoured by two and a half in Chicago does make any sense in Chicago game
called. The bare ba are barely watch balls because that that's canal how it's going to be even though two two in one team, one thing's going to be three and one how many sad sideline shots of trubisky. Are we going to get traded to turn in that game yeah I'll, say over I'll, say three and a half your brother, that's fair! Oh, I was going to say like oh really that Madagascar yeah guess he hasn't naturally sad face. When I saw him in the background one or two times today when it does just something caught a tragic about his right eye. The backup cam is an interesting one. I think failure on to some. Now imagine James. They don't show enough. I am sire, I know, he's chocolate the bet, but I think the trip
you ve got away. I think it has the will show once but then the rest have to be prompted by something like it falls. Daunted interception or somethin dinner through mammals, it was seaweeds, would big Dick Nick has in store for us. You know seeds lines, I promise it put the watch a bus, but since neither them ever Winnie record, I'm there were relegated everywhere, in the way that I have the same favoured by two and a half in Detroit, and actually like the trade, game at their video. Like him. Even more you went like I said for and its five thought: that's a big zone right there I'd say, that's a deadline, so Michael Thomas would probably be backed our idea. Yes, he will be so soon. Like three points now, not that many, but to one light one and one slash two by thank you and I that they're banking on people like us thinking the lions, are back and then they're going to
I do not. I can remind everybody that the alliance they'll give it here's the thing if they're getting five points there and garbage time, touchdown range, even if they're down gonna have two minutes left yeah, that's a lot! That's the wrong like that. Say that line should be no less than three are no longer daddy. I love any one of you get wrong asked bitter wrong. Why I have decided to take their seats. Are five points better in the lines from what you ve seen for the first three weeks. I don't think that I say again you're everyone's begging to base it offers packers game, but I think they're, their defence is about the way this game when they get their asses kick last week, those sixty ages Vegas as a team I say Nevada at raiders. Call them than the vat, or am I going to do that, Marilla, going to try new matters that the washed in professional team, Chancellor stupid
Would I happen it? Would you are you're a nice run by the dumbest thing ever flashed a picnic, the real nickname now really they date. This is really what then there will be the last to professional to him so fucking stupid Could I have? But it's a nice, it's enough. You from the inside of you all such a Dick Seahawks are in Miami by the dolphins. I had to see hawks favoured by five I'll, see you're gonna low. On these I said eight and a half and is seven. Ah they're, not screwing around Russia. Well say more. They I'm gonna touchdown against, is garbage teams that that is a game You think I blow that. I think my Emmy that's another garbage time tv potential right, Seattle, no past Russia does secondary fits
thirteen, the half now I saw em I'm just way off with some of these. Why are they doing this? They just don't wanna seizing anymore. I just think they're like The sun does an actor. I had ten thirteen, the half, so I'm I'm just way off with some of these. Why are they doing this? They just don't want to seizing anymore. I just think they're like but there's just certain teams, everybody's betting on me all these moneyline favorites are just keep winning, so they can't have to make it somewhat difficult right, but everyone's been ball. Tomorrow has been Kansas City everyone's been in Seattle. That's why there is there a touchdown or to touch
Baltimore case, thirty, nine who's, winning right now between you and me, two hundred and thirty, four. I think I have the weed now. Fifty three thousand six hundred and twenty five me. I like this, I'm going to win this one cardinals at Carolina. I have the cardinals by three. You did when that when I said to it is for which I think is a little bit high to gloves, is all right he's all right: I've, enlargement, Davis in the bath ill gotten guys you throw to follow fifty yards each. What's your now. I know you rata. I know you're at a big zoom at that, your biscuit. True authors decided to add this ban. The club I was on a zoom, for the EU in theory, trying to figure out of Christian Mccaffrey was eligible. The answer is yes, Why? Wouldn't I? Everyone, but does it work ethic couple fantasy, Lady Isabel
everyone arming hammers out what are the painters as I guess what they want: their fine brow, their lack of a boy Christian, the calf. The answer is over the years there. What did know it. You fear that you were their valuable yeah. Don't worry version Kyle Maria runs all over your team will you'll, be MR get, you know I'll get round the unitary Falco when did the seizure and make track its injured, how glorious that's gonna, be when the angels go like yeah. Ninety ninety and sixty two, those in the other games wherever I can't wait for that about this. This is having can repeat my trap. Thirty three teams may the play out and trout, sudden and bright arbours added before the Red Sox, are never dare to adjourn Fernand at our peril, The rams are home, Playin the giants ass. She did go have for this. When I went rams twelve
I said TAT, it was eleven and a half o six. Seven too, Now I believe how that apple, seven thanks. Anyway, every possible way the giants. When this now can, I say said it: right now Giants Ravens yeah, I dont know only recommend. The three to ten point is one that I look at the court's jets game was sit near for everybody to justify their through ever and I might have done it rams giants. I don't see any conceivable way. The giants come to allay into that fancy, awesome stadium and beat the ribs it's happened. Can now it's happening, so we have ten free points with the rams to apply to other get be wonderful. The poop factor to games to
get poop backed against first one. Four weeks ago. You would expect to see in the poop deck the Texans home, for the Vikings that I had this exactly so try to match me. I texted three and a half should have said four hundred and thirty man. Maybe take me the Sahara here I don't know What do I, like the vikings I'm staying away from our yeah? Maybe that's my be bad to let his mare image came. There really is so figure alone, for it is the Houston earner say what the fuck we traded off. Our first run packs and what are we doing in Hopkinson Bill a brain? Can you just pack up your stuff? Well, this this game doesn't count, but no one.
Schedule is loaded like like Houston's right. I've got it by their play. I think that's raining. Ravens Asperger bangles home for the Jaguars Jaguars Menchu. Who a lot about Madame after the first two weeks, then last week he lost shark in just the thing, a complete. It's completely fell apart. I know what happened to observe what to expect from this week and then the bangles, I just love. Jabber I'd have died if you can make it through the season, but at least we know they can further by the bangles by three over the jaguars
are you deserve this one, because I thought about it for a minute night through my hands in the air like a they really gonna make borrow the favourite jack's, merely says a wind Menchu, more experience of, albeit falling apart. You headed exactly it's three. Did the Ngos are not frisky, but you know they dont suck right. He accurately. Move, the body that can make some place they ran round. The Buddha coach turn out like a disaster is similar to Jacksonville. Miami, though like we're, Jacksonville gave three and not theirs, and I never got genome inhumane, it's fun in the night and they don't deserve to be favoured and another might be the same thing. Would these neutral feel games? Maybe it just makes sense there till always take the underdog with two shady teams went and take the points Sunday
Forty doubters egos this game looked the lap better a month ago, can even come back. Oh yeah guess way. One two three, four five, six seven to three: eighty, seven: ok, but that a terrible! bad pick. Your mother, you have forty nine hours by three in F, o r retie it six sex, they don't care, was quarterback. Jimmy G by come back, might not the eagles or now bottom of the barrel club. Well, what a far too late, two years after their grace period, for the title just like that two years are one year. Well, I don't know what you give him five year five years, how many years ago they win the Superbowl Why sure remember remember I don't I by financial measure, the lines to high wire, the forded otters favoured. By that many points over anybody. I don't want to see Showed me. Somethin today, but you I mean, do you you couldn't this,
old dame worse than they did the giants today, a gas but is like a nine giants, jets team I don't know the eagles. The vehicles are bad. They gathered ass rush and allow whence can make plays a case. I would see their bad team. Would you? Now I hear he's another one I just crumbling in the pocket. They don't seem to be able to protect them. Lane Johnson zombies her, whenever there, how are they do it? This is this might happen. Perfect game from allans, I don't even know. If he's gonna began, but over three hundred yards he got China if it doesn't really matter where they put back there, that running back, there's just so much pre snap motion and everything screw you up Monday night Packers Falcons will I need this to talk. I need need to win this to tie right. Yes, I'm going to do it.
Packers, her home, the Falcons may or may not have new coach packers a great tonight and I'm gonna say the packers by seven points dammit. I said seven also. So that means I can pass you it six. A half. I think they wait till after this game, the fire or that Is that hard to hot fire? Someone after Monday night to bring a new coach- and I don't have that not enough. He do that. I don't think you can come back from those two games. Oh no, you know, I know I just know. I mean I like day you can't you have to go it's it's a handshake. It's a thank. You keep in touch No, it's not you! It's us you re all over, but you have to go
the answer to the worst losses in a while the last like for five years, and they happen and back to back, we Jessica, then it's not even the teams, worse loss, which he also was around each other, that he sits there. Guys market went again. Dammit did you every week or two, we Taiwan, Whenever we therefore now here's the thing I beat me and fantasy there all right, that's more board. There was a minute we have, but I would say to best Thebes, I'm not losing that leg they might. Take my bongo homelike. They got that's it. You did if you took your ball, but the Anna jobs. What happened? I wanted to start a new year's, firstly excited about it. I did all the work and then on the deck. Site about whose day no on the deck hedge and I are the decks for joining, apparently etc,
oh yeah real Azure yoga, mad Rogers Jacobs, Camera becum, Locket Claypole did nothing there. Alley Coxey picked up today, Europe, the mermaid, the difference. Guns hours in the Eagles and I had Kyler both browns Runny backs God when Hopkins, misused or Hopkinson Coup and the bucks defects- and I put up a hundred One point five points in last who killed you too? I know, MR feel, nobody did right. Otherwise, right I had a good week. Everybody was get. Kyler could have been a tiny bit better. I guess it three backs in an early interceptions exe tat. Our minus two. I think I didn't even know untold halfway through the game that I was playing you as I got whose swedish meatballs like we really are,
my team, Greece, too, because our second third sank thinking of anything and someone burn. Drouet, Greece, when my house, my guy, that's it that's! Why they're my team, but why give me one of your favorite. I guess the rearguard bought by a company based in Sweden. I am at your service switch. What does that mean? that really does that burn up deliverables for him by naming owed us, which I I think triggered a bonus. I did time corner brought you by car MAX experienced car shopping. Your way climax thanks. The chromosomes more ways than ever shot test driving by a great use, Carbine line a car max that come? Have your dream card delivered or start on mine and pick it up with car max curbside, oh yeah, and if you in person can a person, the friendly folks say or local car max, I read it out, be shot test tribe and by the perfect car for you, it is car shopping. Your way, a car max by a mine or at a car
fax near you today. I saw your on the clock. I don't have anything great this week, because if you have something great every week that you're just making stuff up right, but this is two things my my fifteen year old, asked me today and you know how it is with the screens in the morning bill there's a chance. I thought there was ten today, but there's this in the early morning, so I have to do the eight channel, seven, oh to indirect tv. I got there, eight games up on a bigger screen and that that's all we do and my fifteen rose, I hate I'm an old van In the finals of my fantasy baseball league, I have a pitcher. I think his name is singer for Kansas City is going and the tigers. Can we get a singing yeah he's? I can we get that strange? We put that up like fucking wayward What that up, I rather give you the keys to my car and say a drive to San Francisco. Then you get a skirt the one of us. Strange you now precious those
Diamonds legitimately matters like watching your Ipad days, like I'm down three points, I just want to sound like I'm, not watching a meaningless baseball game. I think the tigers, one like twenty two games is year can't fitted in their I'm sorry, I just I can't I'm a doctor, that's not taking any more patients. I just can't do it so he was bombed the maid. And he lost his vanity died on day and he should have rescued me that the other thing is my twelve year old routes for the Pittsburgh. Steelers for no reason for you're gonna be a real right, a joint assembly to be a dead right and they act, but Surely he's also man he saw where he also is obsessed with Heinz catch up and when he made the connection between Heinz catch up, and I feel that cuts out all these paper. Things were Heinz ketchup and we have a hind ketchup like factory it gonna hold thing in his room, so now is big. James Washington and he knows all these players and you now.
Screaming at the television, but just the and as like, and then up again well. Why Why is this love her hind Chacha any different than what the way I became a cowboys bankers, my father balmy a jacket when he was on it. That's right our! So I'm just gonna! Let it go now, but the age has been there. I keep leave your son first scream. I know right. That's how violating yeah she's I've put the game on an Ipad. It's a fucking baseball game refer Whether he should have to go through my assistant to ask that when I don't have an assistant, but that seems like something I shouldn't have to deal with faced race reserve but we re getting assistant, tigers, royals from most Anna commanded last day of the baseball season. About that. Do you know, there's a Wednesday play: Hooker hymns, I heard an no game, one of the finals
Violence is right and the debates are two debates. Tuesday. We didn't, they don't tell what's the line for trumpet right now by one thirty five that was before the older tax stuff, but you did that step made. It mean item more of a favor. I don't think so. Accurate idle. They bore fodder for the debate, but not the stuff over matters right is their money. Lightfoot trumpets leave. Now I haven't seen it. We should look they'll be anything, but what does that mean the lead like eventually yesterday right initially won't leave. Does he Bilbil lard as it allows about our trump? I know that it's kind of, like our I owe you wouldn t just like about leaving out I believe the way ass it is, I know, not go. I want them to be wrong about that, but he's had like so many people tell em like now. If he loses the they'll bring the? U S, marshals in another, be a big deal. I do now that they have to take him out, but again
There also aren't any rules or that really matters by pan corner. My son, whose he is he sneaky. Sometimes lady, I n we ve been trying to get in the stock. Has now is gonna, be thirteen and citizens rights on the time. Maybe don't do that is through last night my wife went downstairs, guess she forgot her charger and it was like fifty minutes after we are a guy. Can I go? he's playing video games downstairs and using a video game curfew. So she goes vanishes. I put that smell smells. There was little food smell. So what's that smell, it smells like me pause because we have gotten a time for thy sight goes over and he's playing video game he's got a blanket he's got a blanket over. It is like what's my work,
she's. Like I smell me pause, you have any persons that have no such goes over pulls up the blanket knocked over there diet, Coke, that is having daylight, goes everywhere, and the meatballs with the sauce that he had hardly under the bike. It gets all over the blank and he was having a diet, coke and spaghetti me pause and playing MBA to carry this headset on with some guy who lives in San Francisco. I always had go and lasting one eliza, my wife and I just heard screaming Burma. You're done your dad. You're died. I think we eat up when they get paid their voice had said, sure black Dave I so that aim fell apart. Getting me bars, the blanket had be washed and there's. Are they stick eating thing, but he's doing this new thing? Where he's like? Why?
first about stuff. Is that a new thing I feel like? I was fourteen paragraph, but it's more brazen now, because we have found out like in his class, like he d, he was in this art class that he claimed he thought was. I was like you know his choice, whether to be in the class or not, but it actually turned out. It was a real class. About us like a ban as abandon the art zoom in a week in half an hour, I go. I didn't. I realize I thought it was by. Where is whether I wanted to be in there or not, and it's like a real class, so it's that he's turning into time before they get. What was that job character the air I forget, I gather class was optional, so he's just a bad buyer, but now he's all that its it. Now now it's like I, it is this. Just. How do we shake you out of this? Well, I don't know if there's an internal could check, but I think he's been he's been the subject of eighteen parent corners in a row. I feel like I try to speak
now, but maybe there's a radio for that very little. How you don't have a beer and have a daughter, I dont think I'd area here I need it. You'd have leader, a day. If you today is you saying now she sang to use your just afraid of her pace. Ben has a care. Zero showed at Geneva. The ban to my dad, my dad retired use a ban But your dad, I'm pare core or make a funnier hygiene care repair. You say what he was. I that's good. Well, that's good at least but I feel bad for him. You're making fun of his smell always smells, and then you go once I smell me balls. I he can't win with any of the smell he's. Trying to mask is body spells out loader and ate his mother's meatballs and he's getting shit for putting,
black it over the meatballs turns out to be embedded hooligan. Magician area has just it turns out. The plan could actually touches the size of my boss. In that way? It's what are the guy in San Francisco thing of all this screen, I humbly beg allegedly this guy's thirteen, but he baby food. Or are we to abandon the other day As a farmer, I mean that game to Kay. To carry around C4 at sight of a kind of film record the announcing this week. How many hours is that it's like a three hour session? That's it that's brilliant! I was like a very bad, don't come back or I don't come back their casino tents and then he would say I could just see method the door. Looking ants. I waved the man and he can any lessons may do like these fake. It adds in for Democrats, has never been more impressed with me ever relay the single most impressed his I ever been by they. I've done is me and now
thing to gag name. I worry that by artists and their me like a rambling, about whatever Not unless you couldn't, you can let him do like a far noise. For like a mystery, throwers up and think of me, I didn't. I tried to work Amanda at least one am. I ran desperate, yeah sight of it. I finally impress themselves great nice. I thought was pair corner brought you back. Max experience car shopping your way by online or in a car max near you today. I it's already at the book. The points podcast extra points, Monday ones they Friday we have, against all odds, is on the extra points. Pod gas network Download Subscribe raid. All that stuff Fox Bat live five pm eastern time. I'm f as one and I have a book drought for bra pre orders. You can't lose em all Why are you gonna write a blurb for it? Can I get that from it? I get a blood from a good.
Why should I get right? A blur Knoxville Romo Atrophy. That's what I'm thinking, Is it the ship there you write one goddamn thing about me outside that should be done about the aid they understand empire. Now some idea tat basket further. I didn't understand idea these stories. I loved it Are you really there is? That is like a beggar start out, maybe you're, right and other before next big goodbye era, Think about what you going to say now say it now and then I'll just record it and then that'll be that when I send an email
so is always good to have a good job. I hear about it.
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