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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons calls up his buddy Joe House to talk struggling NBA teams, NBA rookies, the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson pay-per-view event, and NFL picks (3:20). Then Bill sits down with actor Michael B. Jordan to talk 'Black Panther,' his new film 'Creed II,' upcoming projects, and more (1:02:35).

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Today's episode of the bill, Simmons Podcast and the Ringer pack has now brought you So is bizarre procurator, he knows smart. Over eating on Thanksgiving dont, get sleepy for that third football game gotta get sleepy on US tomorrow, already happened were very happy. You know very everybody had them even over it, notices. Smart jobs It's that overwhelm you tonnes the wrong raspberries. Luckily, there's my way, fear had separated the campsite bs to find the right people Reds goes for your jobs right now. My lesters contributed for free, add Zapruder Dotcom, Slash, be as Super Gruner, honest way to hire meanwhile hotel it, shows you typewriter hotels and then sold rooms. They make it easy to put your stated amazing rate, even though their names hotel snake book advanced perfect for spontaneous. We can get away three day week. Instigations road trips, business trips, but can't play some porn more to starts growing maize entails an incredible does gonna hotel tonight,
or download the app right now or us abroad through by the Ringer DEC on the world's greatest website, as well as the Ringer packets network. We launch villains Shea Toronto episode too, Is our right. Now it's about Regina George from main girls and data. But I do think it with ran resell. Another new pack ass, we launch couple months, go that's up this week. I against all odds with cousin Sal, that Pakistan gamely package we do. Every week we talked about the incredible Chiefs Rams Monday night Football game as well as the really important question who which person from the nineteen. Eighty should Rocky have fought during one of the first five iraqi movies and did it I had. I had we out the different answers. I was excited about mine, so we have that
and then and then what's here, the new package of the big picture shall fantasies movie past, which has an interview with director Steed Mccoy This week, fantasy was on my back ass the other day. We did a very large tribute to my friend the dearly William Goldman. We had make loop good brand coppermine and shall fantasy as are, and we also ran a couple of areas that I did with with Golden in two thousand lemon. It doesn't fourteen. So that is up there. I would dive into that. If you like him, move is the next a whole bunch of things Of course the next lost his for their first home game. After after dad, her mate was the first to get member everyday reality. Did you see that about it? Didn't you hours in the sea and maybe they put a jersey over his seat and flowers, common areas? Now that's so the next finally do something right come up with
in its cargo house and do some thanksgiving, picks and talk about tiger verses, fail and a couple others things, and then Kobe Jordan. Four, I think the third time is been on this podcast every time he comes on the podcast he's like three times more famous than he was the last time so he's coming up later. Our friends from Roger, is Joe ass. When you make some thanksgiving, we topics recycle Tiger versus Phil. May I will give you like. Ninety I could send the with the west. Season. Flames, it's terrible. What happened? It's erect edge. Third, there there
closing down would happen what's going on, I think we might have another glimmer of a possibility of a chance that a little bit of both we came back last night down twenty four against the clippers and Wall and Beal made a bunch of shots in the fourth quarter and and one here's the thing, though big picture this is what's put it in terms of thanksgiving Tell him about all that Turkey's coming home to roost here again, institutional problems that were confronted with here, you tell me built them and how many all star game do you think auto porter going to plan and it can be a career? there are recounting China open maybe there are now many say: zero for that
John, while will never be in another, asked our game Bradley be on my way, play never say never with John Wall. If he ends up, you don't want it on a different team in a different situation. He still has has talent. He has all star without a doubt that why the real problem with it wall is never being in a position to ease that throw born leader. I think we can agree upon that. Yet what he needed was them. Fostering the nurturing from institution, stability and what he had in bed. While a rotating cast of coaches and players that did not put him in the innocent, to develop any any kind of leadership and end, and now we're at the moment where he wants to be the but had no idea of how to do it effectively and, though, a rudderless ship. You left out. His contract makes
eighteen point two million this year, there's a trade kicker next dear and extension kicks in thirty seven point: eight forty point, eight forty three point, eight and then two thousand twenty to slash twenty three season has a player option for forty six point: nine million dollars this Tells me that, John, why gonna be your point guard for the next five years because nobody's training for their contract. Nobody that one person it's that happening, the when we team that I could see conceivably, we throw this one. I ass the trick the tray cause you and says will give you Reggie Jackson and Luke Connor's for John Moi. We're give you twenty cents on the dollar screwed anyway, as we have this Blake Griffin Contract, that's gonna, crowbar salary. For the next four years we may Is well liked really cripple weren t get a couple more vertebrae from the sailor cap and just completely cripple.
And have John, why and Blake Griffin together, but if you're the pit answer here, a ballroom I asked him anyway in ages, upgrading for Reggie Jackson, John Wall and hoping that John, why Blake Griffin, Andre German, can figure it out fear the wizards you getting out of the John Wall Contract, now you can send out a porter to Dallas Fur Wesley the thieves and another expiring he can trade bad Bradley, Biller keeper. Blowing appertaining opt for the latter, for why? Wouldn't you do that at all you moved wall it. I don't think you really need to do much. L and at this point that contract is the single biggest up. The goal: do you know any any kind of progress, whether it a restructuring on the fly? or whether it is indeed taking the whole thing down. That contract is the single most important hurdle and so
anything on anything that you get back, you take anything an exchange rate birds. I wanted my from my perspective text requires it doesn't matter anything that represent relief from that huge Valerie feeling that everyone's gonna bump your head into. Well, I don't know if you have a deal. Porter. I think Bobby extol last year for ten games, that everybody idea where the ball is good. Bob Bootblue been importers getting enough, but you feel include. Was trembling, employing order on beef and veal in other. Did the thing? Is you need one more like decent rope? Why you don't let the fairly me another like superstar, to be competitive in the east, and at this point all all road before is to be competitive, that by ethical I am making a big, well you're, not gonna, to title with what you have any
improve what you have. So I did the one thing we ve learned by Basque, while the last twenty five years is at that point just keep however many employers, you could actually when a title with and then press the reset button. And you can't do anything cap until two thousand twenty anyway Physiology for them in the contract come off Bradley Beale he's our Megan like twenty five million. So if you can do and even turn John Warner Reggie Jackson for this year and then he's an expire contract next year I would also get rid of our rapporteur just cause? I just, as you said, he'll, never being all star any if you ass, the bite on him, because they don't have a first round pick this year anyway and get an expert. Back from them die of Here's the completely blow up here, your team by the summer, twenty twenty and just children are barely other move that sitting there their has no this Bradley Beer,
see James column who says now that. I think that's. The best quality can be either. He came back, I proposed had barely be operated, younger. You bet overtime hours, he Jamaica. Already data I think they're the same age there then Basically, the same age and they make the same money. So if you had the benefit of playing with day to day twenty famine. Umbrella, Brad Libya's twenty five build younger Nothing is if you can't get rid of and you have to keep on. Then I, I almost forgot to trade deal. I don't wanna trade beyond feel good about it from China, b. I wanna get somebody who's as good as in back and now
Portland Plain really well, and they figured out how to stagger the minutes they actually take. Lowered and MC com. At the same time they turn the bench I ever internets, but really spar. Would they did I don't if they want to mess with what they have, but I still think there. The same problem that they're gonna have that then the plants, stay where you have to undress eyes guards it she's gonna back to haunt you at some point over the course of foreplay play. France so the size of Beale might actually begin for them ass having Bradley because really get him in it's been trade. Rumours about you know, Charlotte's gone after him, even even map, loved Celtics, who knows maybe stiffened. Why we thought- maybe Gordon Heyward. Terry rose. You abruptly beer I would do. I would drive them both to the airport. That's not happening the one I was Thinkin was Gordon Heyward enjoy
I'm brown for breath? the bill and Marquis Morris's expiring contract Who then give us the craziest bench in the history of the whig we'd have both more as brothers and Marcus Smart, and terror regime. There bring. Those four has asked that now: you're talkin back back alley. Bed yeah, but I just don't they they're Trade Heyward. I think he's like a son to bread, Stevens and and he's he's kind of separating the sees it as we speak, because he's playing way too many minutes doesn't get to the free throw line, doesn't can't shoot threes officially in any way shape or form and unjust supersensitive, and they keep throw him out there. Might It has the too many eyes problem that we have always talked about over the years on this back ass. When you have, no nine or ten guys who I think they should be playing nobody's ever really happy that's the bombs either problem as they can't figure out who their best
man been is which is a little bit of the same problem the wizards have where like, I don't know who your best five is at some point. You have to know the best five as you look around at some of these. Their teams that are playing well in your gun I don't understand how the clippers playing well, then you watch him, nor are they have lineups that actually make sense, a complement each other. It's our rapid sides ray. Except for that it is and and all sort of kidding and snarky. Stuff aside, I think we have to be cognizant of the fact of the kind of two things one is schedule is different. Now they started so much earlier, and I don't think that the team's is victor. The players themselves and their franchises have have yet gotten the rhythm of starting a season in MID October, and so I think what we seem, especially with some good teams, are some early experimentation where they're developing that I
like this topic. Dont have to have the answer for what their best rotation is right. Now it doesn't really matter until Christmas until honestly, Valentine day being alone wrought up, I've tried it isn't it best for the topic. Bring Heyward back in a mare, that's going to make him comfortable. He they made to big an investment in em they're, not play him. They PETE, they can't do the thing that did their rational Beth basketball interest, which is just play the young kid who kicked out from the pile Last year there has been a great guy rate and they have to integrate Heyward and, by extension, in some respects, big is going on and watched them. You look it up the line up in his day. What is the field in together for a couple of years. Why isn't it the case that there Did they hit the ground running and are wired they playing hard already well in advance?
into whatever conditioning things might be going on groundwater. The look I given shape once again, but who knows he wants to get bigger and he's had Easter, and I'm going to is due, among other things, the glad he arrived bigger because he had Goodbye Council of of his own video train. Medical support, advising them to proceed. That way with this Can you believe it I are now you don't believe that you don't believe that by Jean Valjean Ball, but here's. The thing did their best light up there still fighting it. It's it's probably Omar, better Energy playing field It probably will carry you re starting date that the integration of Dwight Howard haven't yet happened. Jeff Green either for a million jack range of doubt there, but you know what they win when he
Well, that's that's. One ingredient were bar that respect when the day I would Jeffrey wave well, they win when I go there, and that means it's over. I gave you stay, but what should we be? A little more patient? It possible tat. This wasn t this best Washington. On the same pay team two years ago that one forty nine again they started that didn't pick them well you remember that you and I we were doing you're doing change. I walked up two years ago I figured it out? They got the right rotation, they were operatic you're, either these rights, I mean it's fun to make up fake trades are then you know I can do it and I love to do it, but oh yeah I want to trade you a trades out of position of a complete weakness and Then people see what's happening with the wizards in whoa shams allow these deeds canvasback there there there too,
in passing on information about John Wild saying a few to his codes of practice and Marquis Morris's. Just Dropping bombs imposed, came lack rooms after winds and other stuff. That's happening That's when the buzzard start, circling the trade buzzards and their choice Brad Libya fur Coat Zeller, Molly Marken MILES bridges over there either you Sonny three and one offers digest Send you write to the bottom five. If you take it, I dont think they can shed I wouldn't trade him unless it was for somebody as good. While I would, I would think of If I could get rid of contract and get a panic team like You know like Miami. My aim is season maybe as one of the most depressing rosters in the way that they were just like we got it wrong, I was somebody and all of a sudden. You, you get Goran Dragon Dragon, something as for while you would do it, but I think the point you make haste
I always get excited when you make a great point that I haven't thought of it as we still have in India. Thank you worry I think the early season day, it does kind of screw it up or a bit if it does feel egg theirs. And that's what makes a weird when it seemed like the clippers gel so quickly you don't really wow? This is cool. Well, this guy's roleplaying great together. I look at this. Sixteen there mba dot com has a the gate Advance Stats Org five per lineups offensive. Radio, all that stuff in you can separate damn by all these different felt. There is and why you know a really good filter is you like? Who is that asked five man lineups. That's actually getting a lot of minutes. You now see How do you put in a filter That says our every line up over a hundred and ten minutes or something and those are really like the heart, those I might have to pay the most that you're the most used to so, like
Now, one of the reasons Orlando is winning is be as this lineup of Dj Augustine Vukovich in Fournier Erin Garden and a window. Is really good, their plus fourteen point, seven with their debt rating. I gotta make sense, because when I watch Orlando it Sir, site they ve someone in a couple lineups that really works. He gone and I like the warriors and that have one the best lamps, the Celtics sign up. Is the second worst lineup of any light up. That's played a hundred minutes or more here Third Heyward Tiree jail in Tatum, That confirms what I'm watching, because I watch that in the end they start the game with their light up and there behind by ten point six minutes then, and there, like no energy, it's just like mine. In your turn, his turn people stand around watching each other and it just doesn't all right, so whether weather
continuity and other stuff that happens at the stir, the season, whether that blossoms and something better, I hope it does, but but really concern that those five guys together for ever reason don't seem to play words. Very low energy- and it makes me think like All five of those guys individually kind of low energy, not like fish pump, Mark Smart kind of guys, if you prefer, Those guys together has- and there are low energy. Does that mean what the weather going to have low energy or my crazy. I like this, this concept of energy, because I think it is exactly the right way for us to be thinking about
this moment of the season and where various themes are. The same thing is true of of Washington passed into the single biggest complaint that folks, maybe it about this. Why should give more enthusiasm, low energy, low, competitive period, but again, what I would point to is this guy applying to schedule that they're not accustomed to now is not the time for raw energy a lad, and this is the I'm glad you mentioned to the few that you mention. You are a franchise like Orlando you're, a franchise like the airline coopers you're a franchise like the sacrament, ok, you're, afraid I'd like the New Jersey that now the Brooklyn that I'll call by the proper day. Those teams all saw the opportunity to arrive this even trying to kicker and build an identity for them
oh and lo and behold it has worked right, a difference between those teams and and your team. In my view, those things came in galvanise they wanted to go, try and establish dumping. There franchises without a long track record of the bed and make good autumn went out and seize that opportunity? And if you look at this early stage of the thieves inspecting game, then put the narrative a little bit. It is. What is the point especially for my team. You know we had the opportunity with a broad leaving the EU to assert ourselves and say: look we belong The debris one and its depressing cannot be met full of enthusiasm? But I'm going to be patient. Your team in chemistry experiment around not the time to be getting any back button. Best lineups that they had of always had Heyward out of it and either more smart or both of them in there
It makes sense to me because those guys are low, more fire, but its work and pride. I think you know that that the other problem was that jail abroad has played well, which was pretty predictable and was the one thing. I was really worried about the season cuz of all the lovefest of Jayson Tatum and how he was going to be the next guy and Kobe's working out with them and Jaylen Brown was kind of the middle child ship to the side and is minutes have been up and down. He doesn't seem that Happy rosier seems positively unhappy and even though the cameras will turn out ass, everything's great, I think internally, that does not the feeling. So it does. There's gonna be some sort of a move, but I guess that the bummer me as I dont think. They're gonna be the once it and I think you need, though, seed in the east with unity. They Toronto Milwaukee out there and potentially fully to the butler trade. Yet in any case, we want to pay
I just yet consider the pace is either. I just know how important Where was last year for them and literally almost got them into the files cause they couldn't lose at home and to give that at that, the clocks kind of on that, because I think it's gonna need we're. Gonna need something in the high fiftys, the west, the plant picture. Is is all over the map and him in this probably twelve team. That I could see making the play ass, but there's only eight spots Memphis. We talked about when we did our runner before the season. We just didn't see a world in which some good Kindly could stay healthy Friday, two games, but there they ve been really good and decline. Seven will impede the fact that the over prevented I'm going to call me and I'll I'll I'll bet you took the under. I took the urban. That's a forty five wouldn t with those guys are healthy, well, I dont think either of us thought they were going to be the one seat in the west. Now you're right about that, I mean a thing.
I think that was a little bit of it. I won't be unaware yeah tat. The under Thirty four you took the over. I had the over for the clippers at thirty seven new, add the under, and thereby that, like till I get to buy affair if their backfire. What really said for the quivers credit? they have adopted the personality of the other two dogs, their coach and an impact Beverly. You don't have a real symbiosis. Got a real dog mentality there that that identity and then go play that hard, they freed up by William, you got a million things in the fourth quarter and I know all credit to the papers, but I still think that they're, like they're gonna, probably have more with thirty, seven and thirty eight when but dollar. For stealing a bike the war with forty five without I actually think its higher than that, because there so compare.
Night night after night after an age has caused the guys they have on the team as talk about low energy as the subjects they have like a whole team of bark, is smart, Marcus, Boris though guys and Iraq, and judges Alexander, who went to and we know this happens. We know that at some point, the spots in the tub alive twelve don't matter as much as we were in the matter. I'm getting one of the best guys in the draft. At ten an you compare, into to what we're seemeth common Sexton in Cleveland, who just seems like miles away from being a successful mba player that on that radium off, but so raw. Sga. Just kind cannon knows where to go. What through I've been blown away by by the Rockies in all over the map this year they share Jackson Window Carter, eight national a potential. I think, even though indeed was sticking to the other day that LUCA Luca,
second, first email and be a guy some day that there he is offensively so advanced I dont even fully note. The ceiling is firm. Tray young, I think, is going to be an unbelievable fantasy guy a positive I yeah. Positive adds going to translate to third round in the NBA playoffs. What he's doing, but I ease, definitely way we further long re now than I thought he was going to be and there's bend and miles bridges. I really liked and Charlotte too, that it's a really really really gave class of Rick is Ivan, like the guy, the Celtic Scott, who they can't wake as they say. These have too many guys, but that Rabelais aims, I think, is- has the chance to be really interesting, Mitchell Robinsons been really get in the next. I like We have seen from that. So far, no is limited minutes, but I just like his body, but I think it has a chance to be in
timer who's been your favorite Ricky. I loved one quarter where we thought him in fairly, but now the border so bad. I can't really distinguished He added level play. I am happy to be daunted. Deliver like you used. The word advantage is just a mature basketball player, he's absolutely arrived at the professional is the only one of the rocky Club the play perpetual about about its clear. They do the professional and playing professional back about dollar and doubted interesting. The watch when their wooden gains are closed in sport. What're, you gotta be in another play maker. I gotta dig that I'm on dig in it, but I'm shocked by how how he is in the last, like three minutes of a game with the kind of shots he's getting in the shots is creating. You know and the further Lana Jade. It's the The bomb paper cause
a tray young and they got a future pick from DAS, my issue where there was always that I thought Luke. I had a chance to be a chance and employer potentially- and I guess I can't trade- that at all you can't give me enough assets to make me want to give that up so weird way like Atlanta, probably they really lecture young any fits in with the city in. He's fun to why she's padding stats, like we predicted in the preseason pads, but on the flip side, they gave up somebody that could actually be the number one office apparent title team someday. I really think Lukas again. I think he could be it. The decision, I think LUCA, can be the decision maker and finest him. I really do wholly agree with that. The only thing that I would say is- and this is a great you know- what a great unknown you put him in at least And the mode barbarian right now, how does it help em with with where he is with it in advance that while I q on Orphan
How is he arriving at a man situation which are the losers situation? helping and that's that the doubts that the question for me, The irony is the two teams that past him and ate and was defensible because its hard to get a centre and we in person and we're like shit that there is a big f and did you get back on the flip side, After watching for twenty games, like man, you put the gun and Booker too. Other, and I really think that would have been something special down the road you could have fallen. Pieces from their, especially some the swing guys that got, but the big big, big Yes- and we knew this at the time and its The more glaring now Sacramento not taken because he's not appoint guard You could have had him in Firefox, he's almost like this is. Is this swing main creator and its he's almost position this? It's like
get too carried away, but it's like it when you watch soccer and you watch messy and it's like what is easy mid feel there is a further you don't know. Doncic is thy deaf. Me leggy. Each is out there. These could be two three or four beer wanted does matter, but if you put Fox Buddy healed Dodge, Bjelica would have heard have further says they meet I've pronunciation, Dyslexia, the guy Four Minnesota you'll regret missing out on him. Yeah you missed at him and then Kali Stein leg. I actually think that could have play up to. I really like that too. In Sacramento. You know my men and being in the mid third is anyway, but God is just taking Bagley over him as an all timer, so bad, it's really good at what they got known. A big thing that could happen for damage with twitch whipping for thought. I'd put the money last year on factors rookie of the year
the odds were good. It was like twenty two one or something like that. Wasn't in the conversation. So I was like what I saw. This guy dropped forty in the in the biggest national televised games against the best competition. I thought we were unable to enable transition year. Yeah he's gonna come out firing at an immediately put the spotlight on on Bagley and the family I can't figure out a way to integrate amidst the most king story ever and what a myth it was not about midnight. We knew that night that NATO is amiss, but that's all right. Surprise that foxes much better this year. Wet with surprise me is how good he's bed like just like the ceiling of him now really climbing. Like eight, you talk about like the best trade assets in the league and and he's this point are now in a league, that's full of point guards and it's hard to really measure, thereby Khazars. So many of them and he
this guy, that he's a little bit everything you want from appoint card with the thing that jumps out to me. The most is the competitiveness and the leaders from him already in the justice. You're it that he plays with it. So infectious, I think ass is a little bit like that on the clippers to his outgoing is foxes but just the kind of guy you want, as your leave guy, compared to what you have and washed and where you have this kind of surly me. First, I don't know what has gone out of a job while by that those guys are both different than him personality standpoint, but to put Dodge a chance with that. Anyway, what I was was, I wasn't that support by fax buddy healed Turning into what he turned to his surprise me, because he's like a genuine anyone. I said that we were body bag, fellow. He I think we were. We were hoping you gotta have a career. I read it with so much on the watch a bit better year. Figure
paid out for years right, yeah. We like we're he sucked in their turn him a game but ways we we now, her wavered our belief and then when they got him in the buggy trade. I kind of like that, the trade, but at least site that they got him but he's not. Then too, in part of Asia's matured into a better score, but also in other ways. Some of these rules with people coming off screens and that offenders the ability to and a hold somebody is they're coming off a screen and and think it's really unleashed it like. It just seems like human rights. Jesse. Might there always open season? You know, red is having like the best the best year. His career, seems like he's open. Every possession that's a whole other tat. May we have so much Basque must have to talk about I want to filling up its It's been a really really especially riveting season with a tiny storylines it more talent. Then The league does how to do it. They know how to do. It
failure to extend a very effective way yeah. We, failure feel any to watch more times. The Lakers Leubronn was on autopilot for three weeks now feels like he's, embrace thought situation is unleashing himself and that's all. Their thing, we have em. Maybe Y gotta figure out point guide it that one injury of bad for them. Well, putting a spotlight on whether Lazos, ready or not, and what would it take the answer it The answer has been no, which I would have been surprised by. I had with you, they took him over. Even you like that five, now false one God what's going out with him or whether he even than the league in a year ago tomorrow, our prayers up, start looking good Alonzo to in the past. Fix a right now not playing well Tatum? Three,
Ash Jackson, for whose I I've been working on my trade violinist he's not even the tap sixty right now. Is it third string, small forward on a four went in and then Fox at five. What a bizarre top five that it you read the draft, the one two and four packs would probably not be in the top five, so Will I talk here at TED, I talk about, say, could break for season and is well underway? Fantasy season is almost done, but not daily. This decision, that's why I'm so said be plain. I fender all season, yet there I've been researching building a team each week, regardless of the outcome, has never been more fun or more easy to play. You can play in their gridiron Peckham contest every week. Free contest I need to do is pick. Winners now spreads ten case split. Amongst the top pickers at some point, I'm gonna win. The super Flex league
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with up to thirteen. As far as a better life and the new eighth Jen Intel CORE processor, its everything love about the surface, proud now even more powerful? It is the new surface pro six check it out. We have some gaming staff to get into house. What's hardware tiger and fell first, a paper view. Near and dare to your heart. You know you're going to blindly back all golfing stuff and I'm not going to put you in a position of saying. Do we need this? Why is this happening? Why does anyone want to watch too rich guys, try to just one more money against one another other stuff? What is the most appealing thing for you, as somebody who loves gaff fir wood, This is on Friday. I think the the first thing is to icon the two most important players in a game overlap. Five years. Finally, and I had the head,
we're gonna hear them talk to each other and end. You know at this day they at the game so long about it, I mean you know we're gonna open about that for the public, it's gonna feel funny, but he kicked back exciting about it. If it is clear at this stage of the game that feel Mickelson have bought, this guy is absolutely out of his mind yeah, he looks crazy. He knew he was gonna, be all fell on the other twenty four seven HBO special Billina put a match, and yet he still let himself be found on the blame within air all crazy, his eyes, all crazy. I may that anything is possible with fulfilment reject the level of uncertainty. Could he give we're at point of his career very clearly in the euro. We have you asked zero zero have fell.
He's starting to look. I got a Vegas lounge singer from like the MID seventies, like he's beyond Merv Griffin, singing with some twenty two year old, withered cleavage out do in some like either happy whatever they he really starting to look like that is out of the seventies. I don't know what's going on with the work that can mean that it must be a big, my single biggest regret, but I figured it made for me. Obviously I've a golf ball me: I love the old school skimmed games that tradition, of the four guys playing in California. The Friday Saturday of Thanksgiving, we turn that old, traditional always way gave way tribunal at their, though those those batches were great rates are part you, my youth, oh having this arrive at this moment in this way is terrific. The thing I regret is, I just feel like a paper view thing changed that idea, but give it was just a bell: a bull
regular, cable or even network television, then you can get get folks bidding around in their house on on a Friday afternoon, one small break from football, the quick over it just watch it and the taper view. That's. All I know is a missed opportunity, but I am also very excited defeated guys in vague. It had a golf course which a lot of both haven't been by it ended the cooled off worth I played it. Did you know that it is ridiculous but I think the guys are going to enjoy that the wedding thing in it? It's it's really, the first time it in golfing golf. The put the appeal is as a parent from my own podcast that you have been gracious enough to let me list on with our good credit: Callaway got the daring, both go hand in hand. The whole point of the game is over the glory of competition with your power there
food on the line, and what about you in terms of the other part in green and bank, the distress of the shot and so forth? The money, These guys are rolling. I hope whoever wins the immediately takes. It turns around and donated all the charity. I have a feeling this won't do that, but I've heard it can. I bet I bet I feel not doing that of their lands. On that I shall keeping all the money for himself Will you be my them would have been better, but we don't know about that When I'm making the HBO documentary about the matter, some gambling scandal with filmmaker Mickelson lets. You say this is there's a world in which this document has been made seven years from now hypothetical. What part? What part
of this golf special. Where would that come in the documentary as in the first, the middle third of the last? Third, I feel like it's the first, because it's arriving coincident with the CHI Jim in an ever married, no law yeah, the american public, embracing betting. Our good tell the curtain fell about albanian five. The way tat I hereby both in the area that is true boy gambling moment. Will you I got it. I get a day I even compliment you talked me into buying it, because I want to spend four hours was with I give zero fucks filmmaker said: is cable, Ebay, Ebay Tiger like I'll bet you one hundred thousand hours that I won't pull my balls. Our right now. Tiger breakdown and then fell just pause. Basel whose though he might have been key, might have a top was caddy unprepared for anything. I may get it
I'm an amateur, and I know I'm getting better. We don't want to know what have you got a tablet yeah day? Let's get it don't do that alright, so who's your protection. I've gotta go the underdog here you this day more by year, deal. Between fell. Entire is not a one time only situation. So I'd like the idea of creating a drama, Phil will all the better to go out, it really try bar you part of what we saw in the run up to this isn't flying. His home and daddy, I go to Vegas that short life. If you go out there and start planning to do with prodigy and tiger. As far as we know, you know he's not coming from four to them that the beggar I thought I'd be I like bill. I, like the other dog I like me, are you getting and I think, for the purposes of the overall measured, it's better fulfil the width of the Mai Do you think, fills gonna and the first hole around the TB like a tiger
congratulations and the nine year anniversary of of the escalate incident, and then just his drive she'll get his head. He admitted that would make it real at that. That's what I would do. That's the kind of big! That's what you know come back: bread booty. Color tat, would make it off at the moment responsibility. But what was in it? The diner their tiger has the waitress at the diner fellow who could wear sharing its ever? Now it was. I was like some Florida diner but could wear the shirt from the diner like just for all eighteen holes. Surely a tiger society we could have a giant ethical, I logo on his bag of either all tried pick it up. Fire hydrant had covered big. Do you by something bury yeah re now, googling tag diner waitress, o purse Yeah, well, perks,
diner better go be I worship and a book in, well, where can I get like a hundred to one odds on fell, pulling a Bobby Ray? and going to like twenty different casinos embedding at some self, because he can make more money that way there are those I dunno, but we can do- is to call the West gate. Here is a lot of work. This is first proxies the better gets himself Headedness Alexandra have so far had streak ass. Ever since we brought the pigs back three weeks ago with three no last week, I'm up for when eight million dollars so happy. I was lapping packet. The way to put an o Brien view with terrific. I think I know that people want to be our time when I come on and in giving compliment like didn't have enjoyed it more accountability at it, but
about a week with Japan, Germany, one more this week here, my pigs get a thanksgiving game on there I think everything is broken right for the cowboys that for First is made that point, but this Redskins thing losing their Kubi Familiar with calm occurs, work on that. Fan. I, like it's in Dallas I like the way Zeke Elliot's running he's just kind of when together gather, I think, tat This is a week or two away from I said, their fans up for something horrible by day, you know you win this week- the eat, the giant, beat the eagle somehow ended the Redskins, they lost their Kubi. Everything's, So here we go the cowboys going make the playoffs, and then just lose some terrible game a week later and just kick out bearing the boss so that this set up weak for that everything
rob roses. I think it so hard to lose to be on a Sunday and then have to play a Thursday gain the guy's, barely Guenever apps an hour and put them in a tease. I did not of the teaser candidates, so I'm gonna to have to do a rarity of seven point tease, which is my there's a cable extra pale extra low minus one. Thirty said: I'm risking one point: three million dollars to win a million dollars teasing me cowboys, seven and with the patriots. Minus nine and a half against the jets of New York. All they have to do is win by feel go all the cowboys have through his win. And I went in and on another million dollars house who who's whose me I like that one whose crews me out only. What that will you? Will you allow me a million dollars? I didn't go up four point: eight billion dollars. I died down happen alone, you some character, our smoothing out. No one is, I don't want to
Miguel of somebody who had one of the worst broken leg football injuries in a while. But you you weren't, that happy with how you're one of the ox myths season was going. You didn't have a lotta high hopes for the Redskins season, even before that happened right away. Why not put it that way? He will go to Washington as a game manager, and I had watched him in Kansas City with superior period powers, especially last see them You will be able to get the ball down, would feel must be the day I wear a keener with in every game that they play they were about to ever ever in a risk being borne out. He arrived here. Not, although what happened, it must be. The water appear if the Redskins were ever but high in a second half, there was Europe and that they would come back.
And when the game now that there is a crazy tat, Brunei game, there were no be changes in any game involving the watchman pursed up above, if that's when, which happened, you know whatever, but part of it has to do with the inferior power of and all gay marriage or idea. He ran out of bounds against Dallas at all when again, game driver rebel, professional football in the professional football team in the ball and has what you need to win and he ran out of bounds and games. Dallas like an extra forty five seconds, and God bless Dallas date based of combusted and missed a field goal for my yard, anyways- I couldn't believe it I felt like I was- I was back watching Rex Grosbeak gaiters calendar, somebody from iron gate and care will any area the old. Why shouldn't bad quarterback
I'm sorry has subsided. This whole thing happened there. Your excited the Good NEWS, this Kurt, I think missed out on that country. Either way you screwed cuz. It's not like her cousin's is taken anywhere near where the move would abandon just get case. Kingdom for our price are at my second pick: so there is some games. I like that. Just wanted a rib through them really quickly. You know, the giants are getting six and Philly. Yet on that taken them, because I d in my life of having money and the giants and watching Eli, throw packs and just single only during the money from my wallet I'm just done That way, you know your people. Who used to have like a drinking brow or came problem or whatever and they're, just like I'm than that time and my life's over. That's all by betting on LAO. I will never ever be in that situation again.
I will never have money on him ever. As long as he is in any, but that policy she's pretty enticing I'm staying away. I I really like how the courts are playing This line against Miami has been super mysterious hour week, it was it there were favoured by nine for the last couple days but but Miami was only plus three thirty to win the game, and I thought tat suspicious, because the courts or play a much better than Miami they been date. They move the bar fence wing, its everybody can help. Coming back this week. I don't think he's very good and I just think they're better, but it It seems like there's some some feeling out there that my Amy can win this game and I'd there's something about it. There's a lot of people courts bandwagon right now, there's something about this game. I just don't trust an ominous stay away
that's too! I'm at the idea staring. I just can't pull the trigger The third one is that I think used in is a house of cards. I dont get it. I don't understand how they won this many games in a row. I dont think there that good. I think they ve got super lucky in a couple of these games. And if it, if it's just one of those seasons where they go eleven in five and make the playoffs, and we can't wait to bet against them, so be it they're playing tennis. This week tat you look great against the past two weeks ago. They got their asses kicked by the colts last week, partly because their quarterback got hurt there in the game, but that's been stopped, quotes If there, if I knew I was getting a healthy Marietta for four quarters- be all over Tennessee in this game. Cuz. Actually, there better than Houston and I can allow me to bet on Gabert right now You dare do our entered my ass Mary. I recommend you yeah I mean won't? You will have the opportunity to know come Sunday,
kind of shape merrier, then five and a half is crazy where it were, it agree, about that, if that wine is get get you know, I would only take you that there were favored by by two and one slash two or something if they became I'll. Take him kind of situation. I think Tennessee is a better team. I'm with you Houston's winning streak is. Is you no right to be ended by this divisional foe of theirs and Tennessee is play? for their part of wine, and if you know what they say, they have Mary Oda, though we could live, I'm glad you're, staying away from the cold game to things going on their first of all, coming off a boy blow out when an end Miami coming in offered by you had a bad historical truth that combination by your right back into any by more than us down too many points
on a low value, based in the way that I'll put it as some guy you're staying away from that, and- and I think it right that did it never for the rest of your life at bet on anything having to do with you, I Manning doing right back. Thank you. Last but not least, ere long and hard at this bears landscape. Tibiscus hurt doubtful by the me listen this park, asteroids are both the game would have been about to start. We know for sure that line move from three after two and a half second, she's, Daniel and the bears defence again his crappy lions team in mad, Patricia the I am as they played Sunday night and I God. I wanna take them cuz. I think the defence can win it by itself from staying away. I don't like the whole Roderick Adele I mean just class a great thing, but they fly the game the Sunday date. Now they have to play it
one thousand two hundred and thirty a dot m in the trades. The whole things ludacris. I talked about this last week, but they can. I give a shit about the prayers and it's embarrassing and they can go f themselves. So here's the other game, I girl, your indignation, was bought by thanking it should be an opportunity for the union to file agreement over that. Hell, yeah, here's! My second pick. I think the arrows better than Carolina their incur liner there lay in three and a half it seems. The classic I'll Carolina should be seven and three. If they get the two point therein, all that stuff. It's actually a must win game for Seattle. If they lose their six losses, that may be too many. They ve had some time to think about it. I like the match up of
came in Riverboro, ran verses, Russen p. Caroline, that whole infrastructure just say they ve feels like a special teams like the pie again involve making some big plays and Russell Wilson doing stuff, and it feels like a game. That's gonna be close with eight minutes ago. With Russia was when the chance to win did they can either win the game or it's a three point game. I love get the extra half point and I think they need the game. I they have basically when they came to make the class Caroline needs the game, but they don't really need the game and they're probably feel good about it. But I just wasn't impressed by them last week because I dont think the traits are good, I think,
Detroit's want to like the eight or nine worse teams in the League and Carolina just couldn't beat them. They they had. Thirteen points for like fifty five minutes of the game seems like there's some some some issues with them and I like the three and a half, so that's gonna be going to pick out some pick out. Seattle plus Seattle, three one slash two: what do you think point make over there? I think you are absolutely right that these two teams are very, very even in Seattle, especially, has been honoured on an impressive run had every chance in the world to beat the rams they went out. They came right back and bounce back and and really handled Green Bay made. It was an impressive showing. I thought I think that they're coming together at at the right time and Carolina the debate. They had to win that guy about idle. They had to win at Detroit. Do it does affect their pay off their debts?
I think I mean it Carolina the Viking and in the all, going to all duking it be doing it out for that right Carolina six and for all these games or must win at this point. But it's I really must win. Sierra loses. There age trouble, it's instinct. Debbie away. I dont like deviate first few weeks, but I think rather are now week eleven twelve and thirteen. You can actually learn some stuff from DV. Oh, I see Nato is ranked twelve Carolinas, Reg, fifteenth if I am not surprised by either because that confirms what watch with eyes and actually, if you look at that at the top ten now in DV away see Rams bears saints chargers, Steelers, Broncos Packers, Ravens patriots. Courts are eleven Seattle, twelve, I'm not surprise.
By any those except for Denver death. Denver sheriff is is. Is a little strange, their eleventh and offense their fourth in defence, twenty, sixth and special, team, but then you think about it like yet embers dad awful game where they got killed by the jets, and other than that they ve been pretty get like it. You know they played the chiefs. There must be them, they ve had some. That's him good games. I had a good when last week and I You know that was either gave us looking at us than versus the Steelers. If you, if you want to talk me into that, make UK stare timbers home still or second straight game pulled one out of their ass last week and their length three in I was at Threerd that language, their length three in Denver Pittsburgh. Is there one six dream? I can't do it
near, I thought about the attitude the does that history road games, they ve panic. Staff. It seems they had their overdue tad that she came on the road, but I couldn't do it I can do it either. I don't like going to get the Pittsburgh. I want you to lose first, so those are my thanks. You had a date that went against Jackman Bill it gets bought like could bring had had to track down to them in the fourth quarter. I just I just can't go Pittsburgh anymore, and I don't love the patriots, but they're dead, they're, not gonna, lose the jets, so I got one point three million to win a million on the path Estes. At nine and a half teased with the cowboys manner. Seven and then I have one point until to win a million on the Seahawks Pastrana from up four point: eight million any anyone's you want to throw in there. I had these four envy p last week, plus one seventy five. I told everybody if they were
in case he loses he's. Gonna be the favourite I was re. He is minus three. Fifty right now to the Mvp You listen to me, you re more money and that that every single I listen to that. I was on the train. Coming back from New York, I sat with my phone that I'd need to send in a text right now. I get that action Andrew Bree. Saturday morning and I didn't do it and I'm just telling you I'm going to regret it all the way up until they walk out and give him that Drake Great Big Mvp we gonna win the bp, but here they d, the only thing that can happen as if their third in play, favorites gets Atlanta this week and if, somehow blow that when they there a chance. This is after we, There's a lot of high lines, there's a lot of suspicious lines, either Evans double digit favorites at home against the raiders. And meanwhile Lamar Jackson, a either chargers favor
by twelve and a half over Arizona Madame ensure the charges are good eve. The falcons getting thirteen backs to the wall there seasons over if they lose going against the division River, even the jets, but the path shouldn't- we'd be favoured by now have already who's the latter red, I accept such that I just want to flag this entire week and say be ready for, we are set to happen, so why am I don't wanna, be single handedly responsible for protecting the football fortune that again in public out there taking the every underdog announcing our right. Now, all the lines are over and waded overreaction and I think all the valley in the dark and taken all dog all we it may be, but where the dogs me I am happy days give it thanks for coming to light, but he always pleasure ate up. All the Turkey has done me a picture. Wait a second before we got one dimension we made. My my air genes, sweet potato,
Castro, the pecans on TAT which I think is my number one thanksgiving anything. It's my son, The failed he's got the brown sugar and the tap at the peak hands in the sea. Potential so it's just like its outrage. I'm making like seven pounds is weak ass. You gotta bellies doors that it will take a picture put it under the grab, we'll put it up on behalf of carved, let the hungry all. We then, on that one yeah. I guess so. I think I want to come on I'm inviting myself and has a carbs of next month to do two thousand. Eighteen, hungry homey food treads save some thoughts on this. I love it I have some I've Summah some takes some hot takes. You are always welcome. Eric had thanks giving us everyday Gary Bilbil, I went to get to Michael B, Jordan. One second first are remote controls taking over your living room, I know they're taking over mine. Do you waste time searching for your show about take control your tv with
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But see a veto dotcom, as well as best buy hurry. This forty percent off ends at midnight on November twenty six I come from a to B Jordan. I haven't in this day and while I had a lot of stock new early, this she did What argues that stock is like? What's donor, wanna Netflix Egg is Netflix, went down, whatever is gonna play. They had that sack I'm the last time I say black Panther is about to come out and we all thought that it was going to be a really big movie, and then it became one of the biggest movies ever and now you're famous wherever you go yeah the things definitely changed after a Marvel film, special of that size and that magnitude it just catapulted me into the space that that I'm still adjusting to you know I've been working since our
what we saw the whole thing you know get off a little things. Are you look familiar? Did we go to school together? Man? I was that guy. He looked familiar. We get a lot of wireless to a lotta. Well, ass, all the time organise you're alive. I'm here breathing and then What's that, whilst outgrown urban, you know anyway embrace it. I go now it's in a people, however, they take ownership of me. In our say, it's a grant of love them was that only successful work, people second loved it. Really became one of those movies. I mean its impact. Will you know yet? it's on all levels. You know it's supersedes a superhero, I'm doing airports, superhero film, you know aid. Whenever you do a movie would rank or were you know, he's gonna kill, writing directing its gonna, be an essay something's. Gonna mean something it's gonna is gonna, be grounded, could be about character and story, and it just so happens to be in the marble universe.
Black women ladder representation that movie of of people that were not in super movies. One thousand really stood out, and I was so uniquely done. It was so cool. I am actually really interested to see how plays out the Oscars. As I know, you are too because you know came it feels like a came out seventeen years ago, its ban on each be oh, it's maybe I was nine billion IRAN, one I had suddenly enabling on every or Netflix what area our lives. It's on the budget, like a came out a while ago, and I wonder whether that is a good thing or a bad thing for the answers. I am not an expert in that department whatsoever, but you know it's one of those things where it does for like he's been out for in a really long time because of the impact because of its of the net we ve been talking about. Since you know it came out since we actually started making it the film and the impact that its main on so many people around the world, not just blacks, not just women. Just you know from all
the little kids, kids for sure methods multiple times. My son is like seven eight times in, I think really here. Like us, Halloween when supernatural yet is. If I wanted every summer is on. You, wanna sit down my watch, it yoyo pick up something different in it. But when I saw you, we had dinner like a year ago and which is finished? Fill me in your kind of messed up from it because they were there? You played you went to a place for you, I'm in trouble comin out of it. You ve talked about that nod. Not really. I haven't talked much about it. Been pick an interview in case. You are too far into it and you couldn't caterpillars out back here. It was one of the things that I didn't know. What was going on is the ever and everyone and was in a character that for that long of a period of time in, and was that I guess that dark that lonely, that painful sir coming out of it, not that only a bizarre joys go back home I'll cut my hair.
A failure back arena back to normal, but I found myself color in the routine of being isolated and went out of my way to make sure by myself say too much more than the usual you're like that on the set, no afterwards. On the central sure on the said. When I was working, It was deadly like my little that I have with me a barber assistant. You know an end, and that was really it and But once I got finnish wrap in the movie you not. It took me some time to talk through MA. Am you know how I was feeling and whilst filling so sad and like living in undertaking, as they see somebody thought with every year, She tells you, how long did it take to get out of it, but a month by month, I'm just gonna like getting back to just doing regular things being around my friends and family, like really being around been being present that has been
RO, Madam President, engaging, and I just talking things out that I've never really gonna talk to her. So you re is healthy. Did you? Was there any other way to play that character without getting lost in this stuff? I didn't, I didn't know yeah, there's no blueprint. I was just doing what I felt was right. You know, like whatever got me emotionally to the place. I needed to be that's what I did and I should have talked to like twenty actors who Wade, villains, to try to get TAT, says you're gonna be out of unlike haven and dense sorry to bother you. What do we need to train a day? How are you getting at you step out of that? I guess a certain part of he wanted to find out what my own process was. I kind of, want to see what I was made. Have you known a sense of late? What it will you know how far I can go when it would take to to do my version of yet in
yeah founder in retrospect, what had just been easier to play their part? Now, not they. I think are a matter now about, was easier not out of any easier career move for you re to play like another guy who's there in the movie yeah. I guess. Maybe it's not interesting. Neither yeah laughing have, I think, I'll, have opportunities to play that guy. You know hero. You know, I'm saying, like you know the protagonist from me. This one was a challenge. I want to challenge myself and take a risk and play somebody I haven't played before and see if I can pull it off like. I know, performances that I really connect with that are billons. You know, or if you know, where were the bad guy or antagonist of film and I'm like man, those those things that I really connect with, how can I have my version of that?
I cannot two girls that common challenge the mob returning to do. It may mean don't make another move worth fighting for. Why your test in it you get hurt. Seen one of these, the Beijing is gonna terror data for set. That is crazy. I had a lot of flu money film agreed to this area during our you ask about query see if some Well, you know you have a Basque about moving to make out here I mean, as is now dominates now: ask low movie hobby. I haven't play ball hello? How are you know? Like thirty one and thirty one You got ear and elaborate on high school class. Uganda you made to undermine hours by you, not happy in you just plain it out. There's some sports movie. You can make spores movie ports, movie, slash, you meet a girl on it
I don't think I'm pass that opening up link and mother has a military. My dear you am, I cannot just be like the brother that day and that a used to be the good you know ballplayer now he's just like you need something crazy aroma. Do they re scenes? This three come Do my cameo and be the the emotional support, through our put somebody else. I guess my opportunities, my young in Hungary that super athletic that could like that can go had that that that that at role, yet there really show he can known showed he can do I'm I'm down for producing. After that actor and I'll just take a bags anyway. Three scenes will re either one three page scene big mandala monologue, my name, our rural had ended my horror they had allowed in their turn method. Nobody, not even you for my poor, nobody, Lebanon for all of you,
did. I have easy release it. Without much is membership bought it read out there called their land ass right there. I think, though, so the first time you came, and it was right after prevail came out, and then The second time was Creed thousand my house, Europe and then time is post posed by rather by upon their increase too. But we always, I think, I'm one of those parts. I was just a joke about the movies that you had to make the text is, I am one of em yeah just occurred. The I d be career path
it was to allow the suicide attack of two things. You send a thing, one of whom I said lawyer, said lawyer, so you do. You did alarm of it, yet Brian Stevenson's called just mercy as a story about Brian Stevenson, implanted defence attorney down who set up that is or innovation call the equal justice initiative fry em, pretty much who gets wrongly convicted prisoners off of death row that are sentenced to life and in the movie is based around in two or three of his clients that he got off of death. Row set the Ladys early, Ninetys and Jamie Fox plays a water Macmillan whose of Jamie fact Asian like this, and I realise it is
also a partner brain Stevenson's who who helped established the e g. I in his his legacy down down the salary Larsson like a sexual attention colleague, but it's never consummated. What's what separatist, just a colleague the way for sexual attention, I think there's like no with there's. No isn't like no with this way. It's like literally honest leg. If, if you once people understand Brian Stevenson is kind of like you know what always represent what he stands for in his life. Here, it's hard to say a perfect person, but he a really good person round, not saying that he can having yeah. You know physicality really like that, but the movie is really based around his work in this and in his life, and he dedicated a lot of his life's it. His work and his passion. Do you ever seen where you walk over right through the jury here like two feet away from Jerry, any real and you really get it.
Ask her jerry, saying that the interesting about this thing about this movie is it the case takes place after the trial. So it's it's more or less Brian trying to fight for a retrial, rather than the What room a thing antics of like that? You know cross examined witness azure and you know, like you, know the whole before such a lot of that is not in this movie, but it's a different. It's a different version of that, which is interests is interesting, twist gives alike, to answer this sounds get things, don't be a man as watching a time to kill and cable like two in the morning. We scared and that as a couple great courtroom scenes in it. Yes and its alone when they put same jacks,
on the stand as a citizen dad, I better they burn and that I miss coral movies. I wish there were more of a fight. They should make one every year. There should be like a good one. Every year that comes up- and I could just being a court in this deal does now is a shortage of cases. That's gone had actually gonna, like you know, Tion Soussio, yet another so you cross our the other. When you say I was with you said an alien movie, that happening. None are about to say it is actually a land where it was like a superhero. So maybe this black Panther kind of fit in us. I, I really boxes that kind of the box I never saw a comic book. You you got me and now I guess, a comic books the nail a movie it, but you still can do the alien was deadly level.
Do you like Armageddon remake ye? Do men in black remake? You can do your own version of one of those. I think my own version, I think the remake thing is, is cool if the project is if it makes sense to record on call reboot, but I'm really interested in like original ip and stories, Decanter YO to dislike, setting out how to be compared to you know an original, don't don't lose Cougar now closing on where we got each other for life is yeah, don't let them do stuff without you, I mean. I know he has to go to one more to stray projects here, he can't go like five years later Now we we, your Scorsese, you got hold out for thou and we got a plan were definitely working together for a long I was like the one that all time three four threes anyone's ever put up a crazy right.
Really crazy. Like rather delay progressed there, the budget get bigger, he'll get more reach in also improve found black panther those eyes like four years. Apart from those who doesn't wealth eighteen, twelve yea rails, autonomous of five years of hires, warrior cat such a hard movie to make, I was website, Those are my: how does anybody directive this yeah yeah? I know it's tough, but They had have a support system of marble. You know- and I think you know if you're you're I filmmaker Make- has no vision, you know in you know what kind of movie you want to make the biggest asset you know Oh yeah Evelyn dizzy to really help you execute you know and in its just being next the Rhine every step of the way of that when just to see the collaboration process between the studio and and and and and and Rhiannon and the actors was
with special. It was special. So do you worry about him? An arc has sometimes when somebody as that much success three times or are they get a little Lupi in Hollywood they stayed in crazy projects. I think you do anything that seems pretty grounded, though so one man, I'm not worried about your gear in, and we always have each other Connally If we ever get to a point where we're stressed out or or just you know, you want to talk and vent on some on some real shit, not just industry stuff, you don't see my family talk about personal things, just things that you know things that really really really mad not in the day, some another word about whom he surrounded by so many strong in our people in and grounded people that you know they always hold each other accountable and that something that if you know rang cooler, you know your price the NOME king is unapologetically who years yet any environment, and it's like it, so you gotta respect it is here. I will teams leaving opened eyes. Has the warriors. I give a shit about that other time. My Father in the San Francisco
found wherever in the Bay area. For sure I was he's not to have because they're leaving like ogling glencore, but he still like our worries me. We're test for open because they're losing other sports scenes. But yet the rents are like quadrupling. I mean Falada understand, what's going on, aim antagonist remainder, buying up everything up, they're, probably volumes going through the roof we did so over. The other words we talked about you have to do a cop movies in common with or without the cartoon, any actually the oil there, the boys had wronged com or maybe dad some one of the other doubly do around com at some point, but I want to do under my terms. I want my sense of humour to be envied. The movie be reflection of my dark sarcastic city. Yes, your boomerang,
he's getting don't announcing a movie boomerang known BT anomaly word, but that the passive unacknowledged Saturn, but his lean on how easy you gotta, give him. Yeah Goma, shadowy I'll get is so talented, Holly's highly, so you gotta see their hearts and replace deftly in the right place and then, in a think, BT when a benefit from because you got it, you know a filmmaker. You ever saw an artist there and lean awakened, and you also have a you know. I can't actress in you knows. I ve been therefore from the ground up from the floor from the ground level of warm rang, the first I'm arousal, yet those guys together, Levin Credible, cast. I think that they got for the show. Then we look afford see what they do honest and the last time we did a pack ass. We talked about other roles and stuff for back actors, blame for makers and stuff, like that, that's private, biggest thing that changed since the last time we had microphones choices. So just allowed successes with minority projects and now you know, studios? These networks of kind of weight only gone away,
We can make money here of hay. Shall we start funding more stuff, like yeah yeah yeah, between eighty and aims. I'm sure you have a lot more opportunities. A baby did three years ago. You I'm happy The timing of everything is like this everything's coming to you now to turn to a head and a lot of ways, and yet the opportunities for myself is definitely grown over the years have my career has and being in a position to take advantage of those opportunities of being like ok, I'll, take this situation in turn that into our production company I gotta Get- is opportunity in turn that into marketing companies active in that and turn into wild and look up, and I gotta accumulate these pieces, but the across the board. Films, like excellent, backed by Panther, really break the glass ceiling in release across the board to allow other studios and then comes the marble for Dublin down and being you know, backing that
sitting in putting their money where their mouth is. Really, you know being first money ends and everybody has a memorable doin, ok, goals ray. We could do that too, in our does work and all that a man, a black, filmmaker black Ass, a wow, that's incredible, but now revise them for their culture. Bicycle for that was the what's their black Panther was their project that they can get, and I think that's gonna encourage future screenwriters future directors in future producers who maybe didn't think I was an option. Yeah customs designers, sound editing, you know you know nephew Kyle right there, who be anybody else, but that's what people I think
the real change is gonna happen when the kids that are coming up through high school right now. This can really make that their major in college is and go to film school whence they can get their confidence in their footing, inexperience and what they want to do. Then they gonna lacking a graduate so that you know said to the pros and then they'll be able to really make an impact and in and and and and connect those dots maximize, offer the the work that that we ve done that. Not our forefathers have done that in all the great that they are able to fund is in the city, porches, Ganz Elles and all that generation, Quincy, Joneses, etc, etc, and openness. Now were this class that now I'm ushering behind that I'm gonna like an answer from the behind and then everybody else. So it's a time thing. With a kind of needed there, Cougar right, they didn't have that that visible guy who'd, who had laid out this robot, basically for minority filmmaker
I think it wasn't a guy, I think I think I think the world in a temperature, especially racially at that time. You know as far as they breaking into a gene or that those that was there were you still very clearly the minority it wasn't time. I think everyone ran their race. Indeed, the Yahoo, whose their fighting on the ground level did it to above and beyond expectation and a blue those doors open. You know, and now is the time for the EU for their children to take. That, what they ve done and take it to the next level and then we're done run and now raised in the next is: is it's it's as bad as you wanted to have been like what happens happening now. If you wanted that to happen forty years ago, but that just would never happen. I know so in hindsight you wish it would have, but in reality it's like everything's kind of right on time. I thought creed was like really underrated important with that, because it revived one. The most
movie franchises. Everybody felt completely different and I don't know I'd say It's been a cable allowed, its color, You know I like that when it came sure you, but it's over there's gonna go up like I don't know where ranks of the against Iraq is there with you can't not just yet The idea that China years you have two because we do more creed- do more for sure definitely As recently as hard to compare you know. What's lies created. You know I m D created over the course of forty years. Attending to be like me, five years in the game be like wolves compared me know, isn't it steady? That's not that's! You can't compare the two. I got at least do at least four or five creed's. You know it knock on wood if we ever get there to be able to compare against another franchise, that's gone. Multiple so the way you did it? Where wasn't a reboot? It was kind of a continuation spin off.
The rebels yes, but it was too ETA characters that already lagged. But now this is different, yet I think for years and years, people which is re making movies he shuddered ever there actually just re making them, and I was like my generation. I dare say I don't want to see this clarity like the old one. In my kid doesn't care so who's this four, but then It comes out and it's like for me. It's cork is absurd. Test iraqi air even liking, do you know it's uh, a picture duke my aim. I do love that guy in Yugoslavia No doubt London, how my god! Well I mean that was I wasn't. I deliberately read nothing We may, as far as like what the main thing I knew drilgoes in it, I knew I saw the trailer can avoid it. But can you tell me who is you thought there is? Russia was gonna be evolve as a great? I don't know they as there's a lot of four hundred and this movie is back here.
The lion seated in a lot of scenes I wasn't prepared. He was so excited views, oh my god, you and the latter a year when we how'd you get em. Ben now he had to have been. I guess, I'm ready to be dragged Gandia inward redemption. I thing was. It was really big for home in this in this movie and the dragon name, somehow this movie can book in Rocky for yeah. You know in an end and still it hits it hits the beads iraqi to Iraqi for cause. Rakkeed too is the engagement in pregnancy, beats and then rocky for other restless bits near. So it's it's a nice natural continuation. Boot, like you, said it its own thing. You know, and I think clearly, at the end of this one you you realize moving forward. You're you're gonna be in a ruling foreign and following a dinosaur
his journey with his family in alarm, which is pretty cool, the guy who played drag our vicar Florian for a martini. How many more pants was he the new in real life, or there were days encounter guys here like on the shooting down of the different scale, yellow inviting as one ninety seven, he used to thirty it is a nice job or make it seem like he was way way way bigger than here. You'll, learn and doing wrong he's way way way way. Really he's six five got some weight on me boy You got a color of taken unilaterally. As I said, if you re a rosy me whenever I must see overseas now, Florian he's he's a beast of a guy man. He is massive, so we wanted that feeling like a down as you shouldn't be in the ring with him, but we do want a David Goliath and rare as we want to make it makes sense in Jamaica
no punches in this one partook of iraqi. When we told the story about hey, took on the housing, I challenge your man. Had you up in front of everybody is nowhere could not dead. You not take the place at that point, but now I realize it that's expected it. I look forward to it now as Light ILO taken Ro punches. You know, because it seems I again in watching movies seem like a definite took one. We read that you ain't gonna, tell what ass he took now it with positive, like the ones clearly like decent work undertaken in the end. Intentional real pledges. Maybe three of them, maybe three the slip up Sheena. I can't I can't count cuz, like you know, we we hate each other, a lot yeah, it just happens. You get tired mentally you know, and physically you can just left the re run straight into fear to one ninety seven hours we oh, my g,
Bathsheba Mueller Jack Debate further, I ain't gonna give away in a movie plaza good. I work at one point: the movie looked like: where are you from that date? The desert yeah we're in Mexico. Ah Mexico then? A melon nowhere so when I saw you last year, you weren't positive who's. Gonna happen yeah, it was a lot of things that you know you're making a movie is so many things happen, go perfectly in happened just right in the almost we realise that rain was coming back and doing the mood, because you finish in black Panther scheduling, wise ere. I need I wanted to make this time slot in a lot of times back it into dates in our making these movies and then try to find a rifle. If you notion of story he no and in that took some time in at one point it was. It was was up in the air, but then everything.
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HU. We blame on your Pierre team. What we need to address our gotta haven't me: edges linen holding that he's been holding down like the systems. Sixty four wise got the the pepper, sound beard. I got a beard, maize get! autonomy, maize. Should the accident. Do you think that's what it is? The accident as bullshit just you know just giant. I don't. I think you gotta look within a little bit campaigner. What's gonna, you like your promoting all these movies, so you know you're single guy Amazon gear in all these different cities. I am all these differences in country yeah. So, what's out like, what's going on change is going from hotel room in hotel room. I'm going to find him meet know I have a stuff because, like you know, you go from you, no pressure on the press room in our UK, our yet foreigners
and then, when you deal with the time difference so its prime time somewhere, where yadda yadda do got something Do you ever get a chance to go out and explore the town you unimpressed orally personally, going to travel a vacation places our spend a lot more time out about with for this one. It's it's tough. You don't do the NBA Player move where use land in a sitting ago. What's up Copenhagen did I feel it is the way we have been analyzed in there that the move, the air he say, large watchman, MBA, where's land in cities, though shut out the city silly, while preserving the so he ran, and we see like in a post about Brazil or embryos are Rio. What we do and what we do, and I gotta get it they do. Procedure as a jail. Those Oji to the edge of this he assumed the masters. What about the since? read in their black panther. The other famous people with you has that changed cause. You know
I don't know you caught in their royalty circles there, like Are you run another brought in a club? Maybe five years ago. He may not have seen through very minor, remembered you afraid and airlines, but now it's a and b J. I guess it's definitely Jordan's? Do you, lady, like doing a company like one leg, o Thou, Meta mine and we all Blake was guy. You know Senor has now by like glamorized Denzil like that that they there plus listers, like you're, not gonna, cruel taxes, gas, architectural What about Michael Jordan, the other? You haven't really having met him. I have Madame tending legs. I remember, but I doubt you ever remember that what we have been officially met like now, article no business stuff from her and it was you come. I will again Michael be Joe air during collapse. Why wouldn't he do that without them? a joint letter to join Sugg, Maggie gone or some Jordan,
the EU is Lady like do in a company like were like Lebaron has in some ways it from people like a content, company yeah thing. I think what man in Yellow Spring Helen Region in everybody, Andean pr in everybody's got over there and the squire come on what they set up and in in their own way. You know it's it's it's a different thing: Lebron is the best basketball player in the world, and I'm striving to be. You know one of the best actors in the world as well, so that the kind of build a ecosystem around me that takes care of the Amaya industry. You know mine and take me to my feel things that I can count on. You don't have my hands on hand at my hands into yeah. I want to create that. I want to build that with people that you know I know and care about him. I've been around and no mean the best and be able to give them opportunities to to fill those landfill. So he famously started all that stuff with his eyes. Go by this exact any took a ton of shit for it.
Exactly people that you knew their high school varies as can be terrible now, exactly who's your inner circle that you do that with were stolen brooms. I was in another room and I am I the guy. That people know me they know, but I don T care a K. I have agreed with the earlier you I gotta I gotta I gotta I got through three of the usual suspects up there, but no obviously want to surround myself by people that you don't know much more than I send you don't know what they're doing as well. I love collaborating I'm working with people like I like building things with people, so I'm think that tv show we're going to do we ve been talking about for years. It has any idea, is about take it now. You can't better here, that's one two year, I won't come in Europe
we are good or direct one episode who, just as a favour, not an arm, could have come from his colleagues in our man chain how just helicopter animal sheets of scenes and leave I'm calling in all favours when it comes to light that show. Unlike anything else, I can't we just our working with all the people that I like loving care about, and I respect their work and to do so talented over the years, and I, finally we could do this together. It's like in the acting rule when you got a party in you run into an actor or yet a precedent the yes, Malta, for wind and together we should do something together in an yeah happens. Let's have much less avalanche, never happens again. We work together on that yeah. I would love to never happens what life. For me, I think I'm organically made so many relationships and have connections would people another talent, I really believe them, and I believe that it will happen eventually have a notice. I know what's gonna happen is that with the Wright Brothers,
you're one of the great shout actors successors. Don't how, to my mind, doesn't go a lot, always let a great ways which out actors hearing about that Child act is depressing know: you're, Chad, actor, I'm sorry You were a child neuron, the wire, that's where the various shows about our bureau shout actor to say, but I guess what I didn't get too much, who fastened it wasn't like? I was a rapporteur. Y know superstar child like those that areas the kid it looks familiar in the leg Ray you and I'm like full house exactly it wasn't like that show was weird. If you have full house that woman, like season ten year, that a guy across Finally, when back door sodomy solve cover Oh man you around, Awkward, but are you
something like the fact that I just wanna learned with my crap, like I'm assured, might like my talent in leg, just being able to act along with my age light. It was the right. I don't know the right pace. What's the best tat story, you have of somebody coming up to you with some sort of I just saw black panther or ears. Were black Panther meant to me or anything like that. Does it seem like that movie really resonated with people in an unusual way. Nor did they all kind of stand out this night. Doesn't the love that out that I've been getting fur chelonians, the movie as a whole has been touching people in such an emotional, personal, deep level that they're all alike
So emotional, and then you have somehow just now the kids I just excited and happy to see you know, kill minor by Panther. It would have case may be, but I think the funniest thing has been like the things I don't like the means. You know that I ask all of you know at the things that are you know, there's like this one was thrown around at one time. I really laughed at another, a picture of me. You know em, I see on a plane level out like taxing wherever and I remember the flight in exile, like takes an ethics super tired at four o clock Bob Clock memorials really really early in the catch him his leg. I yelled out what kind of forever and he D.
And say anything: that's why I'm glad you die essentially very suddenly bet I gotta catch it, but it was so five because they laugh hysterically go a nobody about what kind of where I didn't hear anything else like my phone, and the fact is that this kind of went viral is pretty funny to me, like you people don't yo that out to the kind of rubber offshore, oh, they stood, actually do thou yea halfway through their like they kind of like taking back. They realise that wasn't really work. What kind of right I like it is a kind of forever. Yes cool. It's like you go south extra, like as a top of the earth is not at all, but I understand the feelings of the China give truly. Yes, we did that about Chadwick Career took off the man for show. Me he's been he's good at NASA now by the way who saw funny ass now so
so good now, Chow has been like consistent he's my consistently banging our projects and doing great working, and this one is just you know. The new bar Lisbon he's been crack and ass on them. On the side of her home maize. Global job? Did you interacted Angelo Bassett idea? No, I'm no name for a long time in Ireland has been closed. Current events she's one of the great natural wonders we have isn't she like sixty and she looks twenty its Believe she is incredible, understand it, now to use an added she's in that Tina Turner Movie, like thirty years ago, blackness crag and It's unbelievable sees incredible now she's she's awesome and to be able to work with her and have those kind of like. Yellow scenes were gonna like no other tension in and I am animosity toward each other other's pretty fun phonoplex. Where are you, where you based out, do you even have a home
I'm kind of a no man living out of suitcase and at a hotel having three suitcases and five people were even that your life, that's, to my eyes I dwell house live my parents, they let me were West Custer ease. Kosovo's case was closed. Got him out of the snow. Give your room I do ok come most reasonable, roommate cool cars gonna give why fires wise counsel about a year. It works it serviceable couple: cars, cars, I'm Can't you get to use your cars, I don't, but when I get back home when a roman town, I make a bad thing to drive as much as I can see by other bodies. That would do sailors from these movies, but then you just traveling all the time and you can use anything. That's where I don't La dumper around Europe currently undergoing get to drive it exactly, but my heart and I have it Where was I seriously shipyard.
Maybe, like a month ago, someone's gonna, say mother, you travelling travel! You have this, this new law movie coming out that lingered and then what happens. How do you know that's car cattle rearing? You pack ass, in my view, in maverick was still calling for a clever man. We're not the wedding. Been done is really good men ass for me on stop raising them so much right here. Besides we will you really grades. Therefore, Mary Awesome, as will microphones. I love what you do. The praise thanks where under the giant is looking at you ready to do some multimedia stuff for right here for you yeah yeah. I gotcha what everyone adieu- Pakistan, interesting Have you got a busy about to say even over. Have this the stamina, her reply, we
stop doing these movies, where you also have to gain like insane shape pray. I only wonder for thirty in the morning in Eden, leg, egg weights and then workin out for three hours sand. It is easier to do my like my my shot out. When I go to these countries. What happened to say, makes it makes it easier. RO these places. Having out and shouted out in her Bob signs and stuff what site would spend the best example. How does that does another that doesn't check mark on the up and didn't you take time it and Jason Tatum get on recently that's ways in a slump meals. He added tat, was bad for him My love for a month knows
for him, because I think I went to his head. He sees neck asking my settling for twenty four hours gather basket. J J I made that called we can't these peace fund has bought me is forward, is incredible, is really courtesied employer. I did not like that. He spent time with Cobby. Why? Because copies the enemy Laker Tresco, bateato yours, either he's lay sabotaging, is what work. Ladies someone like that, you know why I was so excited. Jason Data has Eiger it's ridiculous. There is no way that genuine Jason Tatum Committee. I want to show some stuff now: Jason Tape busy go the basket of our solar cell, which itself is meant to be why she was gonna go nuts. I know you ll go and that were taken this on a Tuesday afternoon. We have too many guys nobody's happy. It's like you in this. But again that time and had the jug EU with
revealed away eleven people where the Victoria secret about you have. Your fear appears that's ten year right now. Tell yo in that aim. Is terrorism policies it? Yes, they have too many guys they brought Heyward back any Now these, like a shower of himself Gazelle, that terrible injury, nobody, you think he's late. You know our seas is first, you back. There ve been playing our humming games been played our lives. It like a mid way through all star break. You start to see say: ok, he's he is now either tat. He was like fearless, you ve got em, he is but allows you again. He was also the guy You know I'm saying now you saying that he's a role player now he's coming off the bench Iverson Cuz Administration's in my health and stuff like that, but like like going from the man on your team to a role player on our way, along with a more talented teams that, like completely like changing game and also its staff,
he's definitely feel in his way and then the other thing is. You know that who their best five is in Basque, Really easy can you can have any team and it's like if I have five guys that play well together, I'm going to do okay, that's like that's what happened them in the playoffs last year. They figured out these five guys I'd want together and they did well, they can't figure out the five. It's really fresh, it's driving me crazy says he was ready to play with them on to kick your leave. No, you don't even know who shoot with sometimes our This version is a menu and oblige the stonewalling and keeps the AU, Marcus, Boris, happy. All man is the first word to Kay will have you have impersonal grudges with real players for no reason, why aren't you know this man, I can't stand and want to care about you. Do you hear me my my guess? Commentary
Yes said the gauge, as you are talking about without a word, a dream job now, as a way of shoe asked where I was available like two seconds as there is really weird obey season, because all these teams are town but given the bad things that you are so bad teams- and I like that guy or that as good and is just like the least and a loaded, so late, nobody's and then the warriors thing? I mean that that is like the nets I went to the Emma Jane Mining Katy had the beef dizzy. I was videotaping myself on Burma, as accepted just happened. I don't know what's going on, Those guys a day really does feeling
it's gonna, be the end. I mean you know, there's a dead man, it's it's like you not even allowed to pick them on to coregos, cheating, rare, but it's a league is create amethyst brittle. All the games scores are through the roof. Is today's sitting is just because of the inability of the forty second reset but now it's the pace and it's the fact that half the teams are just turn away centres there and shooting the better Thirty, basically like them best pick up game. You ve ever seen, rather than a centre got and as has happened in teams are pay like Michael, could go. Crested centre has actually been part of the south experiments. I wish that they were just go small and just Travis outscore, the other two members have said as a part of it, but also from a town. Standpoint is a really nice time we have a healthy Davison. Yon, Essen Willard and all these dudes you're in there you know aged twenty three, twenty, eight or just like him there
X, the same time the bucks are going to be nice Saturday night. That's why I play with on 2K before they got all night. I got to play with the bucks, but like okay, so who's Lebron need to get a ring. So. People think he's waiting. I need three Davis which because he just signed with bridge par. Who, as you know, is the bribes did that the rain clutches suspicious but I don't know, I think, they're the second best team in the West re now I really do as they still have Leubronn ever younger, so they may make a move. He needs a shit February was so people there. Some Thompson Buzz baby for enabling a thousand for next summer, his dad's, the announcer. Really oh yeah Michael Thompson, Hooker the air so he's got the Laker ties us off went out without delay game the first game. The leg is one the season. And are then answer. I think a good deal more excited
like you know, even your nose in new layers of doubling the brown on. If I want to feel a little more, but there is a really weird legs, bad enough. Fifteen seventeen days fetch, when the bran when the season starts, when AEGIS, dancing like a Laker and I events or China feel it out. I don't think he knew what was going on and he looked Riordan Uniform Annex He was kind of like too big for the Lakers. The Lakers arose, the brand, the Butler Bronze Brain was kind of bigger than the liquor brand, but now it seems like the calibration now is having these fifty point games and kick ass, but it seems like everybody's gonna figured out by stuff at the liquor fence. They love copies. March and that still all without a better vice stove, then I'll have graduated under the goby Some beers comparisons, who's your favorite team. I can remember Munich there as I was. What is it I desire. You know stuff. We need ownership, though oh you think none
this is like. Until that happens, I feel I we're gonna be like plagued with just bad decisions. Yeah that's what they were in the first four puss decades of by sports. Feldman ship is a really It's amazing. It comes down to the owner. Seventy to eighty percent of what your sports fan. Happiness is viewed, bad outrageous screw you made humble until a brand name, Gilbert stumbled and celebration because they won the lottery but for the most part, You just screwed concerning the wrong thing in the next. Do the right thing outside their the wrong people? There were aware and analyses those super do people. Why doesn't my Jackson have jobs? March acts a year after the warriors thing, after the words why this is beyond is I mean I could have caused my god, I couldn't goes beyond what is it? What are you talking about that teaching them?
put together. This should be the tv show as the year sports radio host with crazy opinion. Liveliest foot is that crazy the added March acts and mean there's a reason he has again iron, and for years I mean with it. It seems to me an hour, looking out his lot in internal. You know: basketball, MBA politics that I'm not has not a disclaimer He is seems to me, like he put together their Tina whatever front others class thanks man gone on, so you know, thanks to the orphans, wasn't as fluid as it was once car game in cars whatever, but I feel like for the Knicks Mart was the perfect fit. You know plain the garden. You know these coasts come in. I just thought could handle the media yeah and by the way you not the only next ban that I have. Say there is like a feeling like he's like a new Yorker, he gets. Eighty gets the city I listed
Only doing the right thing in taking this year network like totally committed to it now that share the league, big, The league is so talented and they're, not an illusion. Finally, like they did what airless tribe is well. Imagine she gets iron. Have you seen him heavy? you'll be all over nuclear. As all I saw, was dug highlights of Zion through high school sounds like art, read what I ve handled, the yea. I would ask any do I've seen em in US ass, seen one of his college games and on my man is guys like a friggin. Eighty reminds me of like Shaw Camp right, crossword, Charles Bagua, like bark of berry bigger having cared about college by I cared when and some answers, and I wish you only because he was a semblance of my son is named ban and I was like out disguise goods of category four that the last time I really cared was that the Rand Odin season, Where I was actually just watching college in December and january- and I really like dukes gonna- make me do that issue because the three
cause. I lay bare tuna really like reddish and they all three of those guys are great. I think they're, like I mean so early to say he knows it s about. You, know gear, compare them to advise. You know like this big deal. You know, like you know who you know, best Kallas Bass voting with their there. Impressive man. This impressive, you know we have that somebody at the Ringer Juliet who has a huge crash. I knew who had to go back to New York for Thou. There's some wasn't here the interview that moved care, I just wanted to give her show that this is not the moment she was gonna sit in that chair, but then he was taking notes so she's really like one of the highest inertia. Like an inner circle person, but she's gonna, pretentious like appear: ok, they can down. It she's, not here socially methods, yet Eurasia. Juliet Juliet Juliet I'm looking at where you were gonna be sitting. He adds to bed and, on the shame.
Things could have been laugh and should remain so in your job at the foot of her lover out how much money you know when it, along with this pressed Orford creative to in MID January, you were doing last week, and I can already tell I saw one of these as they always I retired. I would say to get some coffee how many chosen, I realise that the item is alot, just doing everything, not everything, We know that that has never been reminded day's pay car wash. That's fine. I've never been in a car every tunnel. That's what they call on you to use paying you do like yesterday. I didn't know that was called the correlation. What are the various branches in the early days I had to do in southern reunited tv. Jacques Chirac Ernie raided the shot at it, for I was Alan's great
my barker, still farm basketball cause. I can't tell none I used to found us into action. Please don't say that you can win, the title would jump shots but as a queer, eight, the warriors like three penalised for years, where youth argument is listening, shag into legal beggar. Fourthly, do in other words Stephen, I love him, Breathing is all those guys know, MRS Outswelling eighteen nineteen, I would say That is the where the way you have been opened oh yeah, yeah yeah. So it's like to be you know, but everybody else is like another see me kind of like grow up and then the always kind of been supported in champions of mine is like pretty cool. Is it it's? This this press run has been pretty surreal, cuz all the people that have been following me and supporting me, and in kind of watch me kind of go through the processes they're here. For this moment too, and that's pretty
your including that's it. It's gee thanks as other refugees love. You know, I've been invents from frightened, I lights, who doesn't get enough credit anywhere now, but his style. I really feel like in two thousand eighteen for Basel Roma Homesick, normal decided This kind of your coronel about events as energizing drivers hours will be good. When you watch my home, just feel like bang it through those firelight seasons, just right stuff, somebody might have. How does he like what before these in the frightened their lights will as twenty three, whether he by grub watching it may be that man has Vince S. I should still that The scramble and roll out the eastern alone across my body weapon it down the wildcat air. Did you see that gave us anywhere? You dare washed now is doing on the, but I washed, alas, for minutes which is equally exciting. It was. It was incredible that high school and gay men, those two offices-
incredible it fake, as if there were a lot of mistakes to is the news. It wasn't the greatest football game ever paper. It was deafening one of the most dramatic in very entertaining yeah. Turn on the labour we entertaining usually anybody who has even give a crap about Russia. I we have together the so listen You didn't get that sexes, man there's always next year. There is always an issue. Have the Oscars to worry about. Are there just as the campaign for that are now. How do you feel like she's gonna step up along at the December? All stalls had been turned over so as much again so near yeah. No control over that of it is do the work that you can do it and just let it ride man
that too much pressure. Could you get the hotel rooms or I'm gonna start abundant zone is yeah. You lay. Where am? I look around. I believe that I see every day when I leave here as an exact world. Where am I in there we gotta get in their creative? We we have come up with him. The earlier one idea have you met Olano Male had among development Oh yeah! Do that she's hold down for a while. I'm honest Croatia's progress would do that. Congratulations that if they go see create too create to Yemen is to create two years? How many we do in five. Until we get one bad one that between now and then he got a pretty forget arise and that in the fair Clarence I am- and I wish I needed the money if I ever there. Then the commission is that an unspoken me out and be J thank equality procedure.
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giving thanks. So much for listening for spread the word and and thanks to everybody at the Ringer, the Ringer Podcast Network, the ringer dot com and nephew Kyle I'll, be feeding you tomorrow. My thanks to you. A video game, nascent jerk behind these are, but it will be back next week One way.
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