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Michael Rapaport on NBA Awards, the Knicks, 'True Romance,' and Being Banned From ESPN (Ep. 209)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Michael Rapaport to discuss the uninspiring NBA playoffs (5:00), the upcoming 'NBA Awards' show (11:00), Kelly Olynyk's man bun (17:00), Phil Jackson's problems in New York (26:00), overhyping 'Hamilton' (33:30), Chris Paul's overrated status (38:00), Ty Lue complaining (41:00), reporter questions for Popovich and Belichick (44:00), LeBron's ability to avoid injury (49:00), A-Rod's stickman status (52:00), beefing with Dan Le Batard (1:02:00), and shooting 'True Romance' scenes with Christian Slater (1:13:00).

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Yes, that calm today to protect Germany at ten percent off and we are finally brought to you by against all odds of cousin, so that, as our new gambling pike cast launch this week, I, like it gambler staff on the world's called this gambling streak right now. So it hopefully things will turn out that he has a pike s but subscribe to that, and I think it is at least once a week. Let's hear from Project in the back rap importance, but awhile, while feuding with people feuding, you ve said some things I can agree with now. We hear that. Well, whatever their later, I filling after you are you
hot for a while now now always kind medium again now with you you're medium well done now: you're, not you're, not rare wife. The pace myself with you, because I know where it's gonna go. So why I kick start like I jumped off a building. You look, you look like you're in shape. Give them workin out and there is some sort of basketball. Something going on with you know: Gagarin Basketball, shapes, that's good looks can be deceiving. Ok. I look like I'm embarrassed mostly from the neck up, so from the but I feel too, you have it in the neck up. I looked like an impasse bullshit, but I'm gonna take this second yeah to promote something. You're gonna lie you voting that started the parties are. Why? Because I registered the reason why bills, because if it did, did the chips of of of your audience being over the stick around with what I want to bring to this show our I want to get it out now want everyone's issing. What I'm doing live podcast in San Francisco may knife yeah.
May eleventh in Seattle there with shown Camp Sean sure kept the really mad in Seattle. How'd, you get him. That's my guy jealous I. Died, I knew you'd be jealous and I knew you'd appreciated so he's in Seattle, which shocking may eleventh live where and they may thirteenth in Vancouver. So that's why I took it to tell you that in the tickets are available- and I am rapporteur that come and that's the only reason why boarded up earlier because I feel like I will eliminate and end breach everything that you do on this pocket. So too. I am rapporteur that come may nice San friend, even with the rain man in Seattle lie in the thirteenth event of illnesses. That first good thing. That's happened to Seattle, Basque above answered ten years. This is a big deal so he's up therein- and you know I mean you, you people forget about how credible here, and his whole story, and you know everything some hype to have: we got
through the aisle, MBA teams and he's in there for a couple years, and I, like you, know, first team, second team. I think he made a couple second teams. He was taught them where for three years and ninety six finals, few access games, arguably the most unstoppable guy in that fight, ridiculous. You now is everything. Ok with him an end, and I remember the counselor now you look like you should have but I think shawnees, maybe he we might be the exact same aid, but I remember look nothing. A year to older than me, but I remember looking over to me at a full goatee and I was so no way I'm gonna be doing anything with basketball. My lawyer, like he, was at this. Is it the five star basket camp, which is like the elite of the elite at the time here, and it was like a day at the beach for him. He was so much better than everybody at the camp. There was all stars, all Americans or it was like he was like playing around kit children. Young people are asking for his burst of all UK them. I'm only I'm set up here. I'm gonna work MIKE,
now to give my my worked in wearing a gene or stick man. Sure yes, retirement, Jersey, yea retirement. Jersey now he's going to the Marlene sees going the moral and he's glaring, Marlins good good. I think that's good for me. Stand busy he's not denying the fact that he he wants to be a part of baseball. Cobby is doing what we are doing that covers doing doktor suits and basic it's for you. I know. Have you seen those I've seen him or what is it? You must think I'm telling you this is. Sandy love story to tell a story to call these my do, but I feel like he's Goethe visiting something's gonna have to come back with basket, but like it, if you love story, turned colonies, are dude Coolby had not fucking you'll love copy. No, you don't. You have a big fan of Hake obey, but you you're respect. We, of course I don't know what you're trying to do like currently.
Let us start you're selling these doctors Zeus things. If we want to be a producer. Call me if you wanna be producing high yourself, some dope writers. Everybody will come to a meeting with you. You got spent alone. Money yet and produce moving in the opposite anyway, yeah but Emmy I'd I'd ethic. If you really want to be a producer in Hollywood, he can do it, but you don't do would like animated things like get talk, directors top actors anything, seized him Burton these make like Edward Scissors here, like a basketball, verses yeah. I think the key was inspired by some Burton movies. Are you sure you're guy have you talked about how upset or you that Larry Legend might be leaving basketball? It seems like it's over these currently basketball, yeah thanks, that's gone out at that time. I think he got out alone. Are they think they're probably selling it? Ah, that's your a word on the street ass there somewhere down the street when you say word on the shoe you like what you phone call
tat. You get I'd information in Cyprus reading he made off shit like we talk of the owners old and there's a feeling within the league in it's really hard to buy into the NBA Irena Ripe and the two teams that everybody just keep circling are. Actually, there three Indiana New Orleans Minnesota all them of aging owners, and you know so. I think that the bird leaving when he did made me think that he'd the teams problem can be solved the problem in a blow it up. Who knows what's gonna come in, let's the so ran to it's been a really uninspiring, ran to vary and inspiring. You know best buy on the on the internet as theirs is raised to GIS exclamation. And it's like. If you really look at these play ass, they haven't been there good. No, like that Boston, lasting game too, in Boston, the overtime game which was spectacular, we seven had a lot of those- will only see Houston
well, ok, see Houston with super disappointing clippers. You tat game, seven was dead. Yup these every golden stake aim. The EU must feel you're gonna have to watch it they're gonna, win by fifteen. May I just cross them off the map. Within a total game? For that was found out, you there's a game in Cleveland, just killing team killing Leubronn. So the thing with the brass, what we always right, em off as as as then VP candidate down, his stats or better. Thereby us is that, even though the dignity that involve animal for Universal Iver YO, you involve ran VP year You say who you don't really think I'm like a busboy. I don't know, I don't know how it works, who the people that vote from VP it's like a hundred and five people. That's it sage! Steel is about wait! A second! You have you. Have you publicly said we voted for yeah who'd, you thanks for read me like that voice. Worried me it's in there.
You're, not a cop? You see it and voted for our James. Are you voted for James Horny? I add my big thing the bp Bill- and I want to ask you this near why, is the NBA. You all your basketball, nerds everybody all seas, long whose we see who's the enemy Piazza BP, whose GDP the sea hence our Wednesday yeah Kay the play off, starts on a Friday. Yet we have to wait until June. Twenty fuckin six different. I know who the envy of the regular season is, and it's gonna be Rasa Westbrook he's gonna have gone to central pay. Gonna- go shopping right, he's gonna, he's gonna, start thinking about the next ease up, Romania's with tough, I didn't like lands and sleepless blazers I met a month two and a half months after the fact, they're gonna give him the award friendly, you the regular season, as if it give because if you mean shit, two and a half,
once after we never up like we grew up with you know, rabbits and get in the end, the appeal during their series in its a keen and came taking a personal and then taking out around that's what I love, don't you think you would have to add fuel to the fire for the non basketball centric fan, hearted Westbrook West purchased the end VP last night, there going out it in the first rank, I mean. Obviously I agree. I think it's insane they're doing this, the they're making this mba worship the share, which is whether It was what statue months nobody's watch energy, even the most basketball, basketball, centric family, you after the finals you you're, like you're, done You have done in the union and all its Monday night, I'm gonna watch drink, hostess, fuckin basketball. So where they're giving out and then BP from the regular, two and a half months ago, or when I can't wait to find out who wins most fast people in the NBA is adding the word debts fuckin a war and I'm not really it and now he's in a war. This is going to encourage these motherfuckers to taking
new level next year anyway, what level is their weight was where young incident is. The Westbrook was wearing jeans and add you note one for holes in them and then they got they did they did the sleep with the sleeveless blazer and the fact Drake is hosting of two and a half months after the fact. I just think it's a big it's I don't know who they like. Do you think this is like the Oscars like, but people going to watch us like the Oscars defined. That will be over they're gonna have already given the NBA finals, envy p going to go back and be like all you remember two months ago, Russell Westbrook, whose already been eliminated and James hardens already been eliminated, we're going to give them an award. Its dumbest fuckin thing do that of silver. Your phone. I can't find the final words here He'll. Giving out in a war for most fashionable representative is the skinny Jean. If of the NBA,
is the autonomy of the skinny unification of the NBA, so Dunker the air best style, black, air assisted the year game. When are the errand tat performed their way? this yours there, the list of the year, the assisted in the most stylish of the year, so that maybe like out next year, people who are young women that fuckin war they should be likewise, is Jill and, as is to have a job about guy, you We taken a dark alley with India, like those should be the words. Yes, it should be that guy wouldn't fuck with yes saddle If, though, the d all goonies Kind word yet like dear waiter, should win in a word and use the reference value or to the ear, what's like fifty one, fifty means, like you know when you went when they paramedics, it called the regatta crazy person, it's fifty one, fifty like so it will be like the fifty one. Fifty order, the downward. We could quite Kay the run our test award, I'm with you, I I don't understand it
get why they're doing it, but if you're gonna have to get it for what what's gonna happen like there was someone tell you to China. Eternity the rosy espies yeah? Ok, ok, I am yours. Biggest basketball friend. I would now ask such who's gonna watch that shit I wouldn't watch. I would watch it if the if the categories or funnier like if so, if best social media presence was, now get emerged. It like I obviously joy bead, should win after the he compared himself to do. You see the horse to yes The horses and I were we have in common my they face yeah, yeah, Jonah video, what's going on, but I think I think that I think that if once you're doing the most stylish ward ye all bets are off, you can do that goon squad. You could do the fifty one, fifty guy, because it's like you, VE, decided NBA you do most stylish. One of these basketball player is going to come up they're, probably in a fuckin too, to end they're going to get an award, like its orbit like Moses, belong, is kicking and screaming. In his grave roses,
most of all is what does wouldn't have done. What we have I know you would have been somewhere like South Carolina play ass. The up the Knicks did you think West, because everything? Yes, would you want to play with westward? You wanna be at his team prayed to get my I play yes, my style, a game on how shoot first, gonna guy for me, you'd with great Iraqi, do other my rebalancing. My pay very poor lad three percent, my pay ready. If we did, we have here yeah, like my italian basketball, yes dear, but but I mean it's hard to say I mean I'm curious, why you picked you Praetorian, but one living for me. I came down to his team. Did better gardener offence was much better lay dead, whether one of the top ten greatest offences in the history of the weak, whereas Westbrook software tools, like seventeenth and I didn't think he made his teammates better and by the time they get laughs old depots like a section, eight music, private, pile, Stephen items. They there
ran, plays for many more canter, they can apply for a new one for Stephen Adam, I he's a really good screen, unroll Guy Robin when that over and over again Kanner like you can't keep on the court, none of the young guys really stepped up and in those last couple games you guys wide open. That AEGIS was the impasse to grant was make threes government was make it Sammy's ignoring a year I know you mean it's attempting within because you so it such an incredible salami of energy, nor myself salami scenario there was a whole do not soon army. I, like son, Sometimes an army sounds like the way I got a lunch today to get Susan. I hope you will not have an army What'll, I say salami Durazzo Wurzburg. Is this now. Can you give me your biased, that's about as an autonomous which one next ban and we have to some extent it again. We have a franchise against everyone of one of the better off
So you're gonna love this guy thirty years, so you like on. How could you not revise the term sweating? I don't know your next, then I've. I told you this I've softened ever since the big three, even ever since the guard net and Doc rivers in the pool pierce, that's him. I like that team and and and and so it's not I know I don't like when you get a guy like Kelly. Kelly Olenin was aim, was a minute. All ethnic yeah see that racism is now getting bootblack. Berlin bears the pleasing grievously amounting to around with that a man on the work they are doing in the NBA Kelly Olympic or Jeremy. Lin he's got a man, one in Boston. Nato blew him on your fans, I don't, I don't think they're happy about the member, so you like Isaiah did you nice I'm up. I've always liked him using an impressive he's. Great you make. Finally, the USA Atomic not not this year, not you are making a pass coeval. My friend Eddie aspirations are hopes, are couldn't what is
your boy or any arithmetic. You're gonna, one in your head, did you you might possibly be Cleveland, build them and you guys are being killed. Can you be lucky to make it out of their six games? That's where we, when I brought up la browner, there's gonna, say the thing with Leubronn when he when he's rested, as as one does not rest it, as a friend of mine, said this week to me, who name when I could drop needs is involved in the NBA. Ok LA brought in a full tag is still the scariest, wherever the last twenty five years period, even this year near fourteen. When he's rested and he's going and you knew and night when it was eight to three and he's calling for the alley. Oop and Duncan left the off the backboard. It's like cuz. He had rest, you know and if they,
through these serious with for foreign, ran one four five around two they blow through the Celtics four or five anything it to the files with with real rest that at that would make me think they have a chance, even though their bad defensively do you think EL tax can push them to seven zune. The Celtic get because a celtic drag washing related. It takes three came out that has as a fracture jar. I did. Look I'm sorry. I wouldn't be surprised. So he's got a fracture John knocked out three teeth: he's not a stop playing rebel family. Tragedies like I worry he's gonna take out just understand We were down a little bit is this goes on and they rely on him so much you saw it first of all the day really had no business. When again,
to end game one real. I was the best game he's had our seas in the Middle EAST. We ve seen him do that fifteen times a share, but can fifty three point? Yes, you knows it took thirty. Three shots yardstick that many and really that came game tattoo Bradley Bill had eleven footer for the game. And get it he's sure it was a short arm. They might not get past Washington, they they very well. My concern one of things. One of the things I don't love in a plan series is, when you keep falling behind by double figures: rallied that's horrible side, not not good habits, starting their better, because I don't I don't they washed in his poised enough. I think I think me when those areas that we're gonna look back and go while action.
Should a one but bad defensively. They lose their poison. How many times did they lost their poison? Three game, Marcie Morse or whatever Morris's plan there and there, and while I think that one of those times when there are twenty, they looked devastating but at the south can just get them. These games, where its close in the last five minutes was gone back to the wall like keep totally renowned energy and gay other yup, so at an I could see six or seven. I was felt that way, even when this ultra to nothing I felt like I was getting six or seven. The question I am asking you is: who would give Cleveland a tougher match up, just slow them down Boston, Boston? I wash since thou ready it. Ok, I don't big boss, he's gonna beat them, I don't think so either, but you know Boston biggest pics, topers injury
yes, but you saw with partner the up. Partridges goes down. You know when you, when you had these guys that are in year, fourteen fifteen. Sixteen seventeen thrilling hard play hundred game and it's out what a shame. Tony Parker, it's like decades in seventeen ceiling. He should be getting her less just because these three buddy who play basketball after like aged thirty, eight Leon stuck in Fuckin, her yeah, he's been playing, says, he's like twelve year startled and oh here it is leg out and not protecting. Riah he's been in the leaks. It's two thousand one idea it s relying on him in that fuckin happens. What did you think of the yellow, pomp and fight last night, with a picture the Israelis who read junior it was it was that it was the battle of bad hair, so he can't hit the ref that should have been a bigger but it was a lucky radium. He crashed into the Rev, yes as a crashing Olympic, which feels like that's a suspension. Now you again suspended because your boy, you boy flopped, you boy all in it.
I actually don't think you flat and open it's a tariff for complaints. Now I can evaluate face he's not there. Yes, you fuck! You need because now reevaluated littler says there that little twisted. He didn't Kevin love in this high pics on Obray and is and is in his bed goatee and they. What does a Canadian is canadian? These can. Who is a dirty canadian he's dirty lamp on the planet. He's like a nice people. There's a big political state means like he's a fog healers in all areas like big, big Kelly, and when I think about the kids who Hilary and those tat look it up easy like mysteries. Like MR outspoken, you have a pic he's, not a good idea and a dirty or differs Hurry then cut that fucking me but in short, did a game like Jaded Smith did at the medical it in his hand. I don't like consolidate its with J, came to the met. Go the other day with his his cut off red locked in his here. Like I look like a man purse is holding him in his hand, is the brain is the broad and
Croatia view them J it absolutely? How could he nappy I'm stone at their view? Oh, you figure whoo hoo hoo, whose conversation so it's empty and then who are you some days in his own conversation, his at a table for one? I agree, but Russell gets to stop everyone's around they target see their year. That's where that boss, who want to eleven title, Thirdly, we need to go down this road it arrives. Can you went to title everyone from that areas like Belarus? Is the best air. His amazing I wish for us was my team any on aid to do it. Do I need to break down the overriding disappear? Rossland one more thing. I am pleased that the uninjured did NBA with one may fit this watching the way basque laws played. Now, for the first time that I was, I was everyone I did my book and like oh nine, I was always like comparing the Arusha really fella gaiety six Celtics could hang with these teams in the two thousand and like maybe, there are little more third act, but the aid is now I watch Basque. One on like all of these teams would destroy,
the other teams, because we figured out the spacing better the spacing in the strategy and the way they The shooting them lennoxes am, I think, would be just I don't care who you're playing any unstoppable the evolution of man that rifle bill. Russia should be considered pass. Nineteen seventy three year, but you still have that year. Your rank in the greatest by what their career in the impact. When they played. You can't just say like if you're gonna say the guy's now or better than a rustle like you're, probably right like yeah, my him, they may be We have over us away at a politically. Well, yes, if you put him in nineteen, sixty two you'd could be gone crazy. I mean what, what was the other. He beat the Syracusans Nets Bill Russell. He is key. Where he was going, it's dollar chaise tat. We have That was a centre he was competing, gets dashes like a hundred and ninety five. Is he owned, yea great that some, the fuckin brag about that, some that you feel good jobs? And let me ask you this: would you give it back bill rustles, champion verse?
dollar Schayes in the Syracuse Nets, to disassociate yourself from Kurt Schilling think about so you say, because I never had anything to do with Boston or the Boston, Red Socrates and I'll give back one a bill, Russell championed by so work that he has paid me with digitally, remove curtailing from the documentary, the thirty four thirty we made the four hydropower. Yet you know our just out put that thing at his face like they used when when somebody doesn't give their consent to be found, the block off the air. Like than survivor when somebody's Dick Father, I burka, that's what shilling the whole document showing space we burden. Would you give up a world series championships it and never had anything to do with Kurt Shilling as a red Sox, I would give up. Oh seven you'd give it up if you can, I didn't want to hurt shellings or Social racing for my head, you'll just affecting didn't happen like a guy. I'd keep the championships, even though
with Kurt Curt Schilling. Even though he's so he's such a crackpot or I would have been a few told, any red Sox vain enough for you to come back three from the Yankees win the world Series, but the tax gonna be correction, is gonna lose his mind right out had taken that you take TAT, are ok, because you know you develop
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for so doing? You lost the coin. Foot through the timber loves for six May in the seventh ping pong spot that always works out for us. Hayfield huh able at this point bill. I have to blame. You know I have to blame Phil Jackson because fill my man. Phil is now doing his job and James. Don't I believe, said here: you're the boss, you run everything I do. A basketball I drove alligator and fills like doesn't give a fuck. The fact that for me, when when when the Charles Ugly Incident happened, which we didn't talk about, will know the charter that when we were not didn't happen and Dolen MIKE Mike, I believe, to sort of clear the air with the press and talk about it. If I was stolen, I was it,
We need to hear from you why you wanna talk. They need to hear from you feel: please go talk the pressure, five minutes, I'm not doing it! Then you fuckin, fired. I fight turn on the spot on paying you money. I'm the owner, you work for me, I'm giving you a. However many amount of a didn't want to hear from they want to hear from you not going to talk to the first you're fired. It would have taken everything James Dolan and that's your job defends wanna, hear from Phil Jackson. We don't get his falling asleep again. You seem like he's a nodding in the crowd and everybody went to such would such optimism the five. Never seen in any sport, what does the GM the present the basque cooperation? What does fills fuck title president Bascombe operation someplace? publicly, try to shame and humiliate whether he's holds the ball, whether he's not as good as DE way. We know he's not as great as Leubronn owes to publicly for for him to come out here inspector, press all seasonal and then is closed
thing is to try to publicly shame Carmelo Anti Worker as what you think of of Carmelo earthy? It's not cool Are you isn't gonna game and no trade? You did it you want. Fire yourself. Why don't you say this is my fault I fucked up. I should go somewhere else and play he's damning. Who does that? Who will the cooking? He hold a Dick it's not fair. We all have our problems with criminal, but for him to do that and not speak when the only thing happen and that speak when your point guard mysteriously disappeared, and ended, but it he's last statement of the season is too is the ship. Of course, I am proud that pausing is the latter being gangbanger fuck it he figured out in two years. It takes most people five years to figure these things. He was. I thought this I'm going back to Latvia. He guy that other guy, beggars sing. I'm here I'm out of here. I don't need this shit, I'm glad you he'd like it before twenty one twenty two year old kid to figure it out so young. I was like this kid's got his head on his shoulders. Unlike what? What do we need to meet and talk about it?
The closing conversation- wood s guy or should I say somebody who through is is best plan of the bus through, is best plan the bus. I'm going to sex gonna, get fired at some we're, never gonna coach basketball. Ever again. Why do do you think there has been enough attention paid to the whole court? Rambler says a narc kind of thing have failed, some puts Kurt ramble in there is always there. The whole thing is a joke. Bizarre rate, the whole thing is a joke. It doesn't matter who they put in their if they're, just a puppet and a mouthpiece fulfil Jackson. None of those cultures are getting respect. What is potentially could have been a good culture in the NBA right. He's done, he's never gonna go you can for some reason. They got fifty kilograms who refuses to shave his hair disk, shade the fucking nuts I'll go, get just shaving, ok, You look crazy. This way we know even were crazy with the ball of it, but we shall have like us. They look like sort of like crazy,
the issue with a kind of intimidating white guy with a whore room classes got the whole thing is bad. Endless shave the head and do those old school leg, psycho glass. Lately thick plastic rice gave some respect from the players because, right now they don't listen to you didn't listen, although it is not, he probably has like easily wired when their talkative. I'm shocked that they don't speak, explained to me this Dolin, who fired the head of them as G like every eighteen months who fires people left in raft in right, but then, with with the next job he's I end the Rangers. So as I look when I make it, I make it their rank might meet made. My word is: ok, yeah yeah. I don't understand how wise at his word oak with his other businesses, listen man. I am so over this team and it was or out of shape this year. Joking no, are you whom I see in the beginning. It was me, but when Looking went down with this the injury and thinking deftly. I saves joking yeah, I will he came a little better shape, but towards the industry, you like March after he came back from that weird suspension thing.
I was I I gave you over under nights. Joe came was up. For thirty in Manhattan, twenty two there in the seas and would you over yes overlook? However, rather forty two now. I say it's somewhere between twenty two, which of our great stick. Man under the radar he's put in now. I don't even think it's under the reader. Will they, when it came to you, now it's sort of out and about but like me, that's a cocksucker right there. He puts in that work in his father didn't lineage you how there was a fantastic stick: man, it's one of the best is a gown thick and Robin Yet one of the great Father Sarajevo's river has yes and they are there still going at it now because job the Father, Yannick, fantastic phantom world, now, because tennis player who's, gonna get, who can guess the joking, no assigning, wouldn't work out, I mean it seems easier. I was thinking so bad. I didn't knows me this path. I thought I was gonna be bed. I really
I didn't when his eyes could be terrible. I thought his energy and his rebounding- and I didn't know he was gonna, be so her, but I thought is energy is rebounding would be a good thing. I didn't know that I didn't realize the seventy million was actually seventy million until like he got hurt. I just assume there again to Duet Howard, and I still think you end up with him. This is where this all heads is. The Joe came Noah and Courtney Lee for Howard and that's that may not be ETA. Has days were great. Did you get those two contracts great and I, unless some you bring was back for a year and reduce contracts it's a rose Carmelo Dwight. The trio you boys were waiting for the big three from two thousand ten. Only now to be two thousand it's it's a disaster, daisies and marathon couple weeks you have what data smell
Yes, yes, but uses only those guys are funny. I was saying to them that are the next celebrity fans should get together. We every I'm? U jiggle the Starbucks CUP! Everyone here knows like where let you make a date or make them work tailor made to work. I say to them, but just those people of your hearing, this noise invest. Arbours might argue that it is our main daiquiri, so I say to them all the next celebrity fence he get together and do one of those music, video like people used to do in the eighty we oughta raised money yeah too, to ban together against James DAWN in the next just phobia. You were not taken this anymore, yet all the people spikes in there in the front row. Where is like the Quincy Georgie's, like the organ orchestrated without outside Europe. What is in the variety you must solo Matthew, both the ins really into he s like he's a really is really bout nonetheless, is yet of days marrow. They just go all the way through we get like forty expanse and its
use your lan without precise, and then you get that out. I dont know why people distant if you want to go see a piece of shit, just wasting money go see, Hamilton, stop, go schemes, yes, you do If you want to see a deserted, ordered system, let me tell you some bill: that's one of the big is fraud? That's one of the biggest jobs. It's a hip, hop experience, wouldn't dream, through any hood. Report are United States, nay, nobody. Rock in the hands of the soundtrack outside the Bodega Bay Babyhood. This fucking things like it's a doctor suits rapid like that hip hop back to life. No disrespect to limit its great achievement. Logic, but, like people wants, like here, put its Hamilton and his palm that fucking pop debts
fuck in here, but don't fool yourself people, always your money taken. That's your pop. If you think that that's about drive around good good, high school could any club you think the Rock and Hamilton Soundtrack in the club. Did you like a remixes Hamilton, sat by a girl? You heard that New Hamilton shit do on a fuckin. Stick not here pop. I don't care, request, love! That's my guy and all the guys who hope to make an tons and tons of money. It's a fantastic way to tell a story, but that is not hip hop period. So if you want to go see someone you want a waste of money, and so I urge offences stop going to the Nicky. They were out dear cheering. What's his name would for run Baker renovate essential and run a bigger through their cheering forearm, big guy, we're sure money and something else. So the ten year anniversary of my podcast is made. Oh, I thought you can talk about the seven the anniversary that the next celebrated the ninety nine now the ninety nine team that went to the final step.
Bed the Knicks ourselves on the eighteenth university that we want to have either not then a twentieth met the twenty fifth? Firstly, a team that went to the finals and lost and got killed the celebration of ten years. If I ve ever had this part of that I've had this package as your Hamilton take his the single hottest take over it and the progress it. Is it so hard that I got burned by data Europe? Did you get burned by the flames? I appreciate that will increasingly ain't, you got me the she arrived. He brought up lot of decided save era. One of I want to stay in NBA for a second ok August cloud. Over did under proper Loretta. I always go back Do you ever made round three? I always go back to your book. I would think about your book as you really open my eyes in your book to two to Chris Paul,
oh, no man. Where is he rated right now? So what not that I wrote a calm about, and you know me the ringer seaward. Nobody reloaded irony. That, though, pointed idle times so I had we have to react in Uruguay reweighed what I had a stack them at the time now known like literally two weeks ago now, I regret it acts, you think he's this generation stacked and if I had to do redo that part again, Stockton, Add that the pyramid of my Basque, yes, five levels, level, five as the pantheon level for was red, underneath it and had laid the guys like Isaiah Algae mailer embark Liam alone and then level three was the guys who want. They were just missing one tiny thing that couldn't get them through that low. Who are some of the guys that Frazier Willis gained vocabulary yeah they may offers the great great pleasure awesome
employable weighing less than what you mean just like. They just weren't like there. There was like a friend size year to year, these guys were just carrying staff. May I want a title: there is one tiny element missing and stack. Them was my last level three guy The reason was great pleasure. Unbelievable stats are great humbly will resume, but if he was your best guy and he didn't really have any one else, maybe there. He also had his policies in like a year after year and his prime he got out played by people that probably he should have been out played by, and I wonder if Chris Paul is now this generation Stockton, where it's like you through game, seven is going. It's George Hill at home and Chris Pause, worn down is tired, like rise Chris Paul Tire, theirs is run one. I just thinking he's put thirty eight minutes gave me tired. I think that the style of play when he came into league such quickness, You know he's had injuries, I think he's
long down and when you're the guy I'm he could still be a very good point, our by like member, when he first came like he was just like he had. You want skates right, he's that defensively he's not the saying that he was in also like an offence and don't think you can do what he used to do. I don't think he has that lucid nests right, and I wonder if I This is hard when you're a little guy too, to go into now season. Thirteen, in fifty six. The Eu Canada held out your impact here. There's no he's under six feet. You so you're not gonna, be like to be opposed to Pleroma to be a spot up. Guy he's, appoint guard, read his appoint, argues. Quickness is the number one thing and it's like you know, azaleas just he started Lucy was out. He is. I am not even going to have made last three years where I'm play in twenty seven minutes gave em tat brought me to go. Things right, but they all seem to lose it around somewhere between sea eleven in season. Thirteen point guard floor point forty lose like that kind of in their prime just awesome, because I think it's a really demanding position
where's endow. I agree a little guys and go. He used to mean when he first came in, he was like fucking, you know everybody with the handles and curie in staff and whoever you love with the handles. Chris Paul was one of those guys who brought that Wowzer. Wows allows a factor, to handling the boy was distributor and he was but he's five eleven five to eight. So it's gonna. If you kicked like to shake people off you, the way used to be that's. The first thing that was like is ultimately weapon is his quickness, like a guy, like I say, a Thomas on this Celtics like it's not like he's gonna planters forties where that and that's a thing as a scam. If region and leggy announcing a no brainer, I visited you in the max, but you look at me this thirty four year old, five, seven I make an forty million dollars a year, my absolute frightening, a he's de la for you guys, so he really has no don't want that white you'll get it. How do you know that way? And on this point let me ask you this time: Lou yeah care,
Who could use a new tailor? The suits us so big Tyler. He said this, we can. They said they tonight. What are you doing Tyler without it I mean it's like I'm, not one of these people, let's into the skinny ship I've. Even you know, tightening up a little Billy crazy. He said that seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers- is the hardest job in sports. How dare you how fuckin? Dare you what about culture leaving cobblers Cavaliers without La Brian, two thousand thirteen? What did you call the New York jets see if that's unfortunately come down in New York coach any Jean besides, cavaliers and see if it's a high income waning already? Did you hear about this I will say is simpler, Brown was by best proud. I dont would not complaint. There's nothing to comply. About time, you were handed the utilization of the chess Board yeah, you know the blood of David Billet was spilled for you, you have to jump over it to avoid any dna evidence and now you're complaining. I half a yearly a year later. Shame on you,
like all of you out, Cold Steve Kurds, you know really would be fun when the warriors and then the Cavaliers to get their Steve Curs not going to be. There sit tight, who the fuck down and let them just play without the coach them that neither one of them or that creative, a coach like title like Yahoo, coach, Steve her that the workers are gonna, make the final vows you ve, let them just do it on their. Only at this point, I don't need your title. That's a hardest job and sports. How dare you he didn't say that he did say he did say In that sense, I am I breaking news to Europeans and today's who is I didn't. I have been here that we said we may thy column of genocide and radio rigour. You re really caught Tyler. Goodness has already said it ain t tell em my god. He said there that's got, but what is even worse, things of Edward, I will say like spinsters job. The first two years of Miami that was top down was a tough job. Your ear, you figure
it is in the best part of the last twenty years with the guy who's owns that city- and you probably was a little more after doggie I'd really of crisp ass to whose lake in the corners and his thumb wondering why he signed there and he made out you know they flame out. The final seems able around them back. That's a tough there's plenty of other, but he said the toughest job in sports, lukashka, fuckin, big, suits and jets all. Yet its coach yeah, I'm with the jets, get he said, eating it, you're, asking by the pathways ear right we're common again by the way. I know you do you follow up there with the Patriots room for both for you, sure bill. I can I wouldn't blame you if they were not eddying ruining anyone else's again. I was taxing you it wasn't. I texting you. Oh I did. I said member during the You probably can't remember because they view what did you think I was texting you. I said emergency podcast after the after the game at half time
Do you remember this? I was please emergency podcast. Please can agree. We do something come on come on, there's no way. I would have done that with you. I know you enough. I would rather you back for in our second. His mother fucker in furs, have always like you. I please podcast some right writing afterwards, and then I disappeared idle talk you in months from that. I don't even remember the text AIDS. They don't their trust me like. If we Monica Lewinsky it it's there, it's there. You there was a handful about Boston friends and I was sexy, but were the first I was like: where are you at a Brady? It was gonna, be it was gonna, be you know like at a rating said again you Data Tom Brady. I don't give up, and you know what I'd do in Athens quit now
any change, saving positions about the room with the people, as with pick the different chair and waited for Tom Brady leave it. Actually, it was incredible. It was incredible. I love that craft is still behind Donald Trump. You feel good about that What would you do? I get him to shut the fuck up solely you train away. Would you train away a bill Russell a livid metal to have Tom Graph TAT Roger credit. Roger Cravat, Robert Craft, stop saying that you know always fantastic thing. I mean it's gotta, shame you guys like, as I know, probably a lot of time, people billings. Don't you want to just stop saying that? Would you give away bill rustles Olympic Medal for craft? Stop? Saying how great shop is chump was a great Fred them. Yeah tromp was a great friend, of course. What of course he was near you want, would you give away to have him stop acknowledging tat doubt? Europe has been a great friend in a great leader, he's a great friend in a greatly, and you know
in writing than a great friend she might have Great freedom shows a great friend, but do what did you think about Brady coming back? It was incredible. Listen I can't take. I love him, he's incredible: he's sick, grumpy, Bilbil check who doesn't talk to the press because we re he would shoot on you. If you ask him a question, I loved him. The shame you in front of all the other press people have you ever thought about what it would be like to ask those questions, I'm only stunned by like pop of edge the way they tiptoe. I would have so much more fun with it if I was stuck there. Thank you. I will make my side then reporter question of Papa, which every single time would be I've told you agree with your like what war general do wish. You could talk. You re thinking. I am thinking with where'd crisis holder. We agree with you.
I agree with you like we're. Like a ninety eight barreaux low- and that told I agree with your like what war general do wish, you could talk, you re thinking right, I'm thinking with Weird Christ. It wholly agree with Bilbil objectives and there's no way, and he doesn't give a fuck. What what would you do with Belgic wearing a press conference out checks like one of those? were you in decent? You did what's question. You have your Papa virgin. What would you do with Belgic? Nothing? He would a public give even humiliate the face of Boston. Sporty. Doesn't care had been is building that the way of its relative? He loves talking about football, so bored you settle. If you ask any questions that are like legit football questions, I can you tell sports doesn't care that is built in the way of israeli check. He loves talking about football, so, would you say if you ask any questions that are like legit football questions, I gotta Kenya, talk about how Linden Roberts, what is their land and sea? birds. How is he grown as somebody who can come up and stop the run, but then go and pass protect
you think you re Indians water answered ass. What to think all he wants to do. You can't be leg bill is time like this. I'm right, he doesn't want to give you any information whatsoever but ill who loved talking about by, Have you studied what bump Philip stayed in the eighteen eighty championship game? Did you think there are any? like that's a shitty one son that otherwise he's out real guy, but here enough I think the way him as it is brilliant because he gives nobody anything, but I used to It's me, I think it's mean an obnoxious to treat every question by every were reporter dislike, as if they're like they have no business, even speaking, em like he truly makes Chris pop, which would take the friendliest guy in the world like every reporter. Every question no Papa Majestic day during the game. There are two days ago they decide that report I was like what he acted in the James higher than his God. Do better job right. You gotta go, get things like he hates it so well yeah, but I think the way,
in question in the generals would be a good good goodwill and the only way to go. I like that, do you feel more comfortable and coach with a beard? right you gotta get super weird with a variety of Rome off what a tin Duncan say. If you saw that first quarter, right, I like that you just got, you may have to make him think first set Yak is running off guard, don't think it's really. I think they put them in a really bad spot with China answer those questions because, like imagine, leg up in a pilot is leading a playing right and somebody comes anybody Bob how's it feel like with, like the other, he's trying to lay in the plain that great snap out of their singularity. Then let us stand in exile result. I agree, I feel bad for them. The warriors, I just hope, take a really wants a title good, any european withdrawn. Ok, I don't like the decision when it first happen. What is there? I love the goals they warriors. I love the team. I love that stuff courier sort of been reduced to like it. Like he's like us, these, like an after thought now
my love, the resentment from the unanimous and BP last year. I think it's suspicious that stuff curdken grow beard. He can't he did. He has a beard now, This would be whole business about anything more years ago. He had like four here see five finnish. Do you really want to appear here? I think he went to late stage, Cuba. I think it good does not suspicious about that. If we can talk about suspicious hair and growth in growing things, we can go back to a broad, let's move forward. If we don't want to go back to, You know the fact that you not interesting about the brain amongst all the Michael Jordan thing is the reason why you care really comparative Michael Jordan and in the other aspect, because Michael Jordan got injured. You know well, Scott injured, bury bonds, Lance Armstrong, Guy, injured. German Roger Clemens got injured who's. The guy Carlos in the race and vengeance and then Johnson he even got injured, but the only person Never got injured in fourteen years of professional sports Lebron James, that's he is interesting, work Maguire, he got injured see we're going here. What
You naming a lot of people who had now they're just athletes, great athletes, Michael Jordan, started Michael Jordan, Valley, Johnson, Lance Armstrong, injured, Sammy Sosa, got injured? I will say that LE brand for fourteen years never get injured, never even landing on somebody's ankle, never riband in twisting like Marquis, more state. Never I'll do anything. I can do remember happening with them, was the two thousand twelve fires. When you get the cramp say ignoble. I remember when you what was the year when he was at two thousand and twelve when you went back he after he left Cleveland after he left we came to Miami after we left Miami came to Cleveland. What season was that twenty forty the beginning of the season he wasn't looking Leubronn like and what they had the camp I'm coming home coming home and then into somebody's it. I need to take a break. Any went back to Miami You said you wanted to come. So why, on your break, did you go to Miami and why couldn't we find you during those tuna and some are and are here? But but why do you
if you needed or an or why don't you state? You will you wanted? You were so it was so important to go home. Yet you went back to Miami for your break. What You know who else courses Miami on their breaks, Alex Rodriguez debts are coincidental thing. That's just it coincidental thing on that, I have to say growing names out there. Well, I won T read a right to argue people, so you wanted to talk about whether they read his stick manner at this question and get from but people are bringing come now you become when I was with the book of basketball year this year, the author of the book of Stick man, yes, you're the ear. Your verdict is the final verdict on the gatekeeper ear, the gatekeeper for the sick man industries. Now a ride a rat is impressive. Ben with a lot of women seems to have two types has like that female bodybuilder irish muscular type, but then
So has the hats liberty type in a kind of vacillates between those two words? Yes, sheer numbers who's. The female bodybuilder type. Was that one girlfriend that with that was that was how many muzzled, laying yeah right right so that when he was intellect the body, but things, is a definite like bodybuilder. Fitness kind of fate kind of like taking care you'd like supplements, Lubin, intimidating, right supplements and shit like that, probably, you supplements maybe like any comments. Yes, she she experiment. Yes, exactly Ms De Roger Clams, also player, who got hurt during her unlikely brought the thing IRAN is this great numbers- Cameron, DS, Kate, Hudson, you know model that model couple. A weird choices like like the inventor of Yahoo, like looks like Brian! It like a bad school in Ohio. For me. Ultimate now he's with jail, which is like a crest. That's like I'd like a crowning jewel. So our basic you gotta, put him in the stick. Man thing- and I say this
I treat the Stick Man Hall of Fame. The same way. I would treat the baseball whole thing. You'll get in there with any aspects, his greatest work, a rods greatest work. He was under the influence of Phd Phds. So to answer that, GDP invades the species and treaties, so did so for me what bless me is a realistic. May I say unfortunately, no just like I want Sammy, so Sosa Barry Bonds into the baseball of being a rod. Unfortunately, you not getting into the stick. Hall of Fame, because some of your greatest work you are under the influence of peat, is, I think, a couple, this couple indicators that would help has on that's it. This is your thing. That's it I'm, not telling you nobody whistler with me, I'm with you. I am I'm on the board when the board meeting earlier I have yeah. I think one of that one of the factors should be if my wife or girlfriend was overdue, served by one drink.
And I had to leave the party, the dinner. Whatever? Would I let this person drive them home? and then explain why this is the true stick. Man eucharistic man is just they can't they're gonna steppin, no Bill Clinton up Bill Clinton, bookends Dr Veneer driving year you're drunk girlfriend home. There could be any drastic man he's gonna step it, but you know it's not gonna steppin, who cheater FIFA to better things to do what the That's why the camel you step in no decapitation activist, step in Egypt, mobility is not going to stick me step in there's two too near Europe Maybe I'm wrong. You know why, because others again there's two types: music: when is a gentleman this general uranium sombre ever since that is over casting see that right, they are going what it's all about? That's what we talk about in the board meetings. That's exactly what I like it. You can go left or right people. There seem like they should be on the list right. That's so I inadvertently stumbled into the right discussion. So if you
so Junior would drive the G2 drab drive my drunk girlfriend yup. Not do anything no, but that would also plant the seed for down the road job. She believed TAT guy S, class yup, it would work in his favour worse in his favour that he treated this situation with class. Now, if you are sending a ride home with you jump girlfriend, he may take a crack. That's why I'm sick man period near period there? It is right that we ever talk about J F, K, Junior with this decision consummated me one of the stealth staff cuts. War as you'd ever do what he was up to fantastic cocksucker The men and women were sad at his passing because the war tat. He did in New York City pre self. Pre social media. Incredible, stick! man Graham Watson, that he would that he would run in central park with their shared, lousy lay. It seem like kind of aggressive. I know. Ok, I didn't feel like I felt like he was just
Like five, I might have been a tinge aggressive, but I just felt like it was just like it was what it eyes like it is what it is. Would you put Drake on this list? Yes, open, coming young? Stick man fantastic! It's a lot of potential back babies are ahead of us from from Canadian I half black half jewish guesses very unique, yes put in a lot of work, great work, The rate are sometimes, let's is feelers, get the better of him which works again. She went Sabena is his music to kind of work out some of his stick. My feelings. Yes, yes, see that that to me as an asterisk against him, I agree cause. He is almost to transport. About his feelings about have certain things have gone down. Romantically give suddenly. They think either would play that not cheater moves on mood you to move this. Like Nassau, I agree so so we have to see up
he's still young you still getting used to the fame. You know are using these feelings getting the best from some. Some people call that a sucker for love ass trick. I dont use that term frame. I a great stick me an apparently reactor J low. Ah, monsieur really Williams, we're talking about like that's like Mount Rash, my regiment, those are just some of the three we know about. So I had this question too, and I think it's it's a good one, and I think you know you should think about this. As you build the stigma Pham are their female stick man and if there are isn't Madonna like d the gold standard here she's she would be the gold standard, but it's a messy gold standard she's a mess. She was a messenger primes, it's a mess now, so you don't we want a representing dad, but if there are Madonna, would be that person. Yes,
in her prime. She would drive around the EAST village and pick up. You know hot. You know dude off the street. But again that is that's. It took no that's right, C drive around a be like. Oh you know she was getting in but the fact that she's not menu in there just like just like the Thai whew thing happened, making this thing out. Tyler who said that an artist Have you think up does like I've, always that creative Billy think I've been doing this? Should I be like fuckin likely writing star wars and decided that this kind of creativity- so yes Madonna, would be the sort of person, but it's like Kate, Hudson's taken down a lotta lead singer. She second yet she's Lyra position she would be more musicians and actors see she seems to have a sort of grace about it. She she seems,
comfortable within it doesn't be like you not like you, don't judge her premier, Hiphop, Stick man, Raina Drake gotta be Drake, he's got, Drake is Drake. Yo Drake is got impressive stats. He just needs to get his feelings under wraps I've seen Jake and action. Life at though I've seen this Jake as a stick man an action. What how it was a work like it was. It was where'd you see a man like an award, so what is? It was postponed Post party as at once he puts it in it. It's it's tough man. It was deafening. Let us things rousing my I'm keeping my wife by my side while yeah, why it's happened. That did you know Jake now he's no joke. Yeah he's no joke. I mean you know really out now that leaders when the asker. I wonder how this place out for ages
he's going just keeps go, hopefully does an end to end the war baby, like thousands, did the downfall of a great stick man, like his whole life like the generation of people that will only know em for the eighth the authors of I was very Can we not socially those how dear you criticise as you know the ground here that this man Indeed do you know what is this this guy, like he set the tone before June before army, he was out their power deeply. He set the numbers are key, raise the fuckin bore Radford
be shamed like that at the Oscars. Wasn't a good look for truly Hollywood's consummate took me, you know, and the bummer was it was very similar. I said this before in a part of his very similar to just the timber lake engender Jackson. Faded away was JANET was just, and timber like in this scenario, were a baby. Was Jana. Jackson became his fault that, while I wound was red, he held the envelope could barely see couldn't understand was confused, gave it to fade Dunaway, who just signed and blurted out yeah, no different than timberline grip and they nipple cover. I agree. I agree an errand just point the finger at him, but then he came back. Two minutes later even tried to apologize end. It was still like he was stepping in his own vomit step, and it is these that his dogs on shit and it terrible way,
I need represented books, people forget about the blue eyes and a hair, and just that Joe line in the chain in everything like down and everything they did in the fifty sixty seventies and eighties. I had. I was gonna, have something supplies gonna radio but weren't baby struck him out somebody's on the saddle, on Ishtar. Ah, they weren't baby one baby had stepped in with somebody who didn't seem like the typical person he would step in with awe and the person ask them. Why why you know why that one? What's your which modus operandi and from the book, it said why he was thinking he was searching for the right words her, because you never know that's it right. There were maize is even now.
Everybody was fair game here, because you just never. Now you never know who is gonna, who yet there, how dearly disrespect and have was what he did the way. This is like a great great great coxswain. Feeding with these Pierre, not ESPN. Ok, damn laboratory you not anti european anymore, it's natural overtones. Over most, The community has been tv about two months ago. I mean I don't know what I'm goin you're gonna make me like. Who you gonna to make me like really be not only ESPN, I'm not going to do anything laboratory, my friend why I've been friends of them for ten years. What I know so, I saw the whole thing s offer right now. Why try to do it? The way that holding the whole. Avatar thing happened. Was he had set out a tweet about MAGIC Johnson not being what's the word? He used
not being didn't, have basically have the credentials to run a basketball team. I saw that didn't deserve. All the word to use, didn't didn't wasn't worthy didn't deserve to run a basketball team, and it was so at first started out we're in I was like I was so I am going to say. I was surprised that he made that point. Now it was like. I did not agree that stand, but am it's fucking opinion I had been in his opinion, so it first fruits so first so then I had tweet. I never met laboratory. So then I had to now get been. Ok, I think he's gonna like some race issues too. So so then I said I said what if he's not worthy to run a basque team. Your father, maybe be worthy to be on a television show. I just want to point out that on Wednesday I had my father, a podcast to has just as many credentials as as level your father's on a package not on a tv show? every single day and comparison with just like the way
it was just like it's. I get your saying like what? How can you question magic credentials like look where you your father's, owing to show in this state like how many times you gonna have a misquote. Rap lyrics, like nobody's like laughing because he's doing it in broken English. So, basically, if you're going, that he doesn't have the courage to an Lakers. I say your father doesn't have the courage to be to be sure, but it was, I was, May wasn't its crass. Is that one These producers started talking sheets are women, back up with exude. He was said something about or your career this. I remember what he said and then it was I was going? Well, I don't know who the fuck you are, but if I met you you're the guy who gets me coffee so now I kept calling him a coffee maker, so you're, the guy who, when you when I show up to do Lebatard, show you shake my hand, and you say hello, Mr Rapport, can I get you something to drink? That's all I'm saying is it so don't say a word. I don't know who this guy is.
So tat it was going into so somebody posted a picture. I think I had this thing it. There was a? U have Herpes because this, like sore on my chin, that you have Herpes Latona. I don't have Herpes mother fucker, and then it was going into all this other than your career. This career, that blah blah blah and it was over Oscar weekend. And I had actually reach out to people. It was getting. It was getting like a lot of twitter like year this year that here this afternoon, then there are basically taking potshots from the grassy no cause. I don't know produces. I know that they would get me coffee. If I met them and they wouldn't they, wouldn't they would probably make long lasting eye contact if I met them also,. So then I had reached out to the dispute over the weekend, because I was a kid this is this is I saw where was going. I said yeah, I never met laboratory, but if you want to talk about this offer, we can
Talk about and welfare or I could call into the show Monday morning and we could banter though it'll go away, but if they talk shit on the radio Monday morning. There's going to be a problem so The morning laboratory John Wiener goes by the name of all. You got soon I love you got may or may not heed Italians mocking times within that you just gotta get you still got so the guy coming to defend our these guys. Ok, Well, when you view her what they were saying about me, you and defended The zoo to say, he's saying this? He thinks he's black his career these his career that he's races. He he loves black people so much. He made a trifle Quest documentary law. Allow do sing me on national radio. Please seeing me inappropriate pop and shit and the end coffee getters And then the next, so so I went on Twitter,
did a little video and I are on him and then the next day I invented the podcast track. Forty two minutes of flames shit and all over the cupcake kid a the Benghazi and John Wiener, the law, island, Jus, I'm jewish, hates Italians. You said you said you and he hated him. That's what they got any. This won't go squash now, yo. I tried to they wanted to keep I reached out, and I said to the producers I said yes, I will call it or I will speak to laboratory affair. Data any so he's begging to get on the shop begging. Again, you fuckin show we run seventeen years pinches at that point, but I was like oversight, you had your age every time I look down it was I Stephen Jackson like looking to chew lady, if maybe, if maybe, if I had my own show, they wouldn't be. You know like fire amid Edward or and all I should maybe like mad word- gets fired. He was out there in Bologna, degree whether I'm in Philadelphia. There was
blizzards shit and they get rid of this, so that was indeed they did. Did they think but I haven't been on the use and just because he said a laboratory Well, you know you gotta, look at how much steak or how much you know value somebody has you naughty is p keep basically told them yo this. Person should be on a and- and I think you like a Raynham suspended or not I don't even know what I am now you ve been uninvited. I've been invited, but not officially uninvited? So I don't think it's good anyway Matthew Modena the jump last night really needed now. I do your own little corner, you're veered, an actor who can on sport shows and if you know who else jumps takes that corner for me, no one else, so corner from you mean there's other people that could talk about sports, but in regard to the laboratory thing, I just think tat. Any so that's that's how it I'd this whole thing is just perplexing and ask him
Ask, but the dope thing about the current shit laboratory. Hates, though, ask that fat, Motherfucker, we don't know bill please, but he does it pass that fat forward ass, tat, mother fucker. What are these because I reached out to them- and I was like asko- asked I'm an asked Franz eurobonds. Rarely do we allow entire get that fat fuck get John Wiener get those motherfuckers get their producers and ass the you're really bad about. I was mad because because because when they're saying things, my wife was mad because, like you say things that you have Herpes, I'm an actor, I don't have. Fuckers If Europe is like saying, I have Herpes and I'm saying no, I don't ever peace. Basically, you fucking with my livelihood. Like that's like defamation, like an ominous kissing kids I ever show I have I have you don t I have to.
I have children play my my my children. My kid I've actors are play. My kids on the shop kissed them high son, high daughter. I have my wife Jennifer decently. If I'm kidding I'm like filling in forms that say that and menacing on raising it thing is, is I'm just saying that deal ever talk is aware? to be how we always weeklies takes a wee. My once a week and and the hole in the ground, racists and all take? What do we do? I keep it in Kigali. You can keep it bill. Why you take it out? He went on his radio show on net radio and talk to you? If you take this out does not fear. I said this all to their fate I say this on the regional and its move on. You made your point, but I still feel awkward cause. I, like others, Gus, I'm trying to say is the richest. Would work out reach out to reach out to Cosette seems like theirs by too much damage em in two minutes ago. You call him a fat
Van Falk town, and you know that thing about it is over thirty, but let me just explain you all this, the best part about it, but keep this in their the best part about. It is because work for European in their like. You know, there's bodies being thrown into the dumped as left or right. The european they haven't said shit since then, because I don't like the whole thing, would be gone in these pain. I love doing it and my whole thing we're goin on sport as I live do, but it's like going to ceramics class going like four times like I love doing it, but it's like it's not my living. They haven't been this issue, because I think probably the people, it is PAMELA, don't say anything back. So that's the beauty of it like I don't like this these toy, like he thinks he's so rogue and he thinks he's so like you know out there. But then he as I said shit about it, because I know they said you know, don't respond as basic as I e a pin employ weren't talking shit about these pan employ, but you ended adsense. No, damn laboratory
goodbye poppy, he's really good on poppy. Do you do you think Do you see as pan with this whole direction of? Can it takes the day, takes every method? At least two people looking at each other thrown takes at each other, not much different than what we do now, but it seems with it seems like a more there's something I don't like about it. My thing would sports stars soulless that the day to day grind of it that I am not a huge and it's not disease, because I, like you, spent my whole thing like I fuck with east panel of all the people of beetle. I love Rachel because carry champions mother. All like I love than they ve all been great. My thing with is peanuts just laboratory, so please keep at it. But did the thing about sports takes in sports? You know
so the commentary is it when you're sitting at home, watching a game or here in your car and traffic listening to a game, you got your finger up your nose. You got to Starbucks, you might have a cheeseburger smoking, smoking that and you're sitting there in a pair basketball shorts. If that you might be bolster the balls naked and a t shirt, but yet everybody's fully dressed fully made up and in suits and I think it's not the Wall Street Journal. He has not CNN, if not Fox news not MSNBC, it's it's sports and even like the basketball nerds. The analytics of at all, it's how many frederick it's like so many these guys are treated like out stat each other. I hate it back. I don't like that. It's like enough with the status of women Sidney play a boy you play in three and everyone's on historic pace: Europe. By the way, our historic pays for f bombs in this pike S? How do we not give the preacher
it's not afterwards, what do the precursor Leah you'll do like please? If I were you, I haven't we finish this year, yet ain't data we gotta do. Let me tell you something about one of the things that in in them in the like a year and a half your people come up to me. They reckon as you will say our consistently, so New York, all the time, you'll just straight up, say to me: when are you gonna be on Siemens? Again? I love you once in ice. When are you gonna be one Simmons again and as if this is a performance? Unlike duchess me, I would like the like. I love your performance on Bill Simmonds, unlike platform, the that's that's just twenty percent. But some people, people come up to me all the time and say that to me like an, unlike put, I'm also an active like now. I love you want Simmons. So can before we go, can you give us one story the having given us before we go through your? I am to be acting thing, yes and something from
this is the big three thing. I had a great story down there. Oh yeah you're gonna be we're going beyond the roving reporter of the big three. The big three is the tournament that I ask you put together. Professional basketball league view senior. I am to be further now living. I got a murder people, that's a pitcher. That's good picture is a good picture. Dear you look like you're film in the Jeffrey. Dahmer sounds good, it's good. You know our people, people on the toast, but on the roving reporter the by the way, you're hypocrite cause you're in a tv series, cut Boston public for four years in Haiti. So well this? U disbursed and paid so what it does Boston we shot at him and had beach need, like your breath, he'll getting fucking twisted it paid so well, there was a local job was my first. I just had my first kid. I like to show good time David Kelly Boston, I end up, we shot at him. I hear that here the choices you can give us a story about Turkey.
I want a new age or Caruso in kiss of death. You can give us a story about anyone from the cast of deep blue sea, including same Jackson, or you can give us a story about Brenner, Frazier and the scout, stories on for anyone answer romance. Ah, would you would you working with Christians later? Was Christian Slater, I'm off the wagon their Jerome? It that's a good question. I think there. Christian Slater was if he was on wagon. You couldn't tell he didn't like me. You didn't like acting with me because he had a right to not not like, because I didn't know sort of the technicalities of film acting at the time. Yes, and like when we were. We were doing scenes together and and trying to I didn't understand. I was trying to be helpful off camera kind. I was improving with him off camera hit him. But nobody would want it. He was right,
frustrated at the time was a fuck you. What the fuck me dickie, so fucking coup fucker Fucker was a Babel heart movie. Paddling aren't inter for guaranteeing the theatre yells. If you know you fucking phenomenon today, yeah. Would you why or noticeably outdated, like sign ass and we were laughing with We were laughing there in the ending and we get scolded Warner by them are because he dies of the idea so so, but in my head I was like what was the movie pump developments, fuckin faker geographical scenario debate, but am I happy the volume pre that that predicted the entire package industry could point yet it that elated Allah but but we were at the amusement park. Seeing here- and I was off camera- which means it here having is closer up and I'm on the side of the camera, throwing money ladies and gentlemen, what the lines or- and he was a god damn it just gimme the fuckin lie, and in my head I was excellent. You may try to fuck dismay. You know like I was to preach mother Fucker fuckin from New York.
I'll play. There should be no fuckin, Acta fuck you up law and because I wasn't doing it correct, because you're not supposed to do that, because if I'm throwing all these improv lines off camera and have already shot my side of it throws up the throws off the dm yeah. Can you can't do it and he was a god damn it just gimme the fuck. Am I but I was embarrassed and they also didn't know what I was doing wrong, because I was only my third or fourth movie right, Tony Scott loved it so we did the roller coaster setting and, as you know, the road like where we are actually on the roller coaster. I confronted and not like. I wanted to but I was a girl, many fuckin, what the fuck, like you got a problem with me like what You know like let me Know- and he he explained to me- and I was I didn't understand. Its they're like we would like to announce it. I'm sorry I didn't understand, and he was I call but like I was ready to fight Christian Slater.
And the senator in my head. I was using we like five inches taller than em right. I guess you're like a minus four hundred. Failing yes, but I was total wrong in terms of like he had a right to do it. I just felt like him screaming at me. I like it, embarrassing me so that like, but he was totally causing you SAM. It's good logic, five! The package of legumes grey was good and he was I was wrong, but at the time I just didn't under in the technicalities of film acting, and I just didn't like the way he did it he probably assumed I was doing it. I don't know what he is but I was I was I was I was incorrectly. He was right for being frustrated. Brad Pitt. I don't like it worries is. What is ex wife is trying to do that? and by the same Brad Pitt back then coolly shit today with glee at we laid back com at all, like the whole. I'm honey bear bond thing with James Ghana. Fini all Brad Pitt Download that characterise seven lines. Maybe
literally seventy nine. Rifted all showed up to set you in Our job dirty dingy was dating Julia, Louis they're, just and California. She had just a net, won't kill as they would like the it cool sort of alternative? You know gonna blow up couple: coolest shit, nice you'd friendly to everybody, and you knew this is like right after Thelma Louise and before the robber read from You just knew he was like you knew he was he's like you know, sort of Giannis. Now, like you know this guy's special. Did you know that in ninety three, that's like one of the Future Hall of Fame Then we have you get you ve already put in work up here I mean you're, the guy when you're up on its Brad Pitt. Like does no question about like those blue eyes and that jawbone the hair long for sort of bread, the long hair on what was it a golden, not a golden pon. What was the date? What was the robber read for movie that he did the fishing
the fishing movies. We had that look going, but we have never. He had that weird grow like sort of Fabio Blonde hair right, like people are dropping like flight. They walked by men like you, did, need to be reassessed. Take great, keep the government of effort. But cool way, shit, I'm going to ask a party with Brad Pitt with him when he was single. I swear to God I saw hey room shift as he went from one place to the ultimate like Lee, like like a of women. I swear. I saw my own eyes out at the bar with whom we walk from the board to the front of the club. The whole fuckin place like took the whole to host the holding shifted, It was literally like a whole section of people followed him all girls all times all skirts, and he just like oblivious to it, doesn't easy pickings for him. With the rapid at bakery pig throne is at stake.
Starts the twenty six on efforts. One on the rover reporter I got to meet Doktor Jane. I asked when it's a start: twenty six June, twenty sexual twicet scooby Dope Competitive Physical, Charles Oakley, at the break up of fight during the practice games this weekend at the draft combine, I saw with my own eyes the draft combine. The draft of YO not mood, I drove finally grew slackened in love in there was one of our thirty four thirty ideas we never did. I think I'm going to try to get tat going body which Christianity, annex no a k, Christianity, K, Chrysanthemums, get at it. Got to me doctor J, I was M seeing the draft. I mean that's body. Maybe right now, Rushmore. Stick me. I've got to put my hand up to his end, though they did the hands of
I tried to buy, tried to squeeze it Adam. I tried to catch him off. Gonna asked him what what was Larry Bird, the most famous white person with no lips saying to you that day. Please just tell us all. He wouldn't tell me. He would not tell me what what what prompted forty two to six as well rapid our barely forty three Dac had sex. You talkin shit, packed and like it has shown in old. I was gonna fucking neck job, don't told Moses in Berkeley to grab him. So you just punching defenses for ten seconds rocky wasn't worth slow. You can come back on before that starts ominous glasses. Laboratory thing. I don't like it I don't know, don't saving us we're moving to squash or to squash from the pockets nominal squash, I'm not going to allow the city words over I'm squashing squash, it basically magic giants. Again we kicked off, he has been defending their Johnson cause. This whole thing thanks to simply safe. It's never been easier to protect your home and family
thanks to our friends at simply safe order. Your online get you set up your system under an hour. You can start a joint twenty four seven professional, protect immediately offer just fifteen dollars a month, no long term contracts, no heavy snow hassle, go to simply safe with two. I simply save BS dotcom today protect your home and get ten percent, don't forget, I was on the ringer. Obey shall talk and Celtics wizards. If you miss that, don't forget to subscribe to cousin, says new passed against all odds, you may have to make an appearance of that when any time you love gambling any time as Ex My report, you're Netflix, show premiers if this summer, a typical keep an eye on that. I and my poor towards outcome shown kept me
rain me. Seattle show for rap can be fun. Thank you. They anytime.
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