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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Mallory Rubin to talk Ravens football and Bill's Week 13 gambling picks (02:45), then Bill sits down with comic legends Dave Attell and Jeff Ross to discuss their new Netflix series 'Bumping Mics,' their favorite roasts, the evolution of comedy in a changing America, and more (33:45). Finally, Bill checks in with his daughter Zoe on teen culture by way of Netflix, TV, movies, books, and more (01:29:30).

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Today's observable servants, Pakistan, there really are packed now brought to you, as always by procurator. You know it's smart, passing on Luke Dodge God, that's done, you know it s, isn't smart job Et Cetera, Romeo tons of the Rhine resonates likely a smart way exists, a deep rooted outcomes, Ashby ass. They find people there. Go for your job, actively invite them to apply get qualified. Can it's fast my listers comprise a progressive for free, Zapruder, Deca, sash, bs, Zip code, is the smartest where higher meanwhile seeking the best after buying and selling tickets. This party immense concerts and more lad a good sport Latvia concerts coming up, I'm goin to both I'm gonna games. I'm concerts this month that tell you what for ten hours seeking purchase and any gamer sporting event Use promo code B, stammered the city gap or go right to see
keep the camera so about by the world's best website. The ringer that come, I gotta, say the site is always get, but Wednesday was in our time day for us so much good stuff. All we really great stuff. Basketball, soccer pop culture. Tech some great features they just go check it out and get if you like reading you might not like reading Gimme that guy using your brain. I don't know I can't edgy it's a great site check it out, check out? The ringer pack has now don't forget to subscribe to winging it with Vince Carter and can't bays more in the Anythin bird new pack ass. For us, it's gonna be I have high hopes for the J J once turned our great unison, J, J Rhetoric Pack ass right. Will you listen that you like thou when you like little inside and be a staff? it was a. I think, you're like this one as well. This is a little more senator basketball. I've, but
they'll get around. We also Shea surround us park as villains. Third episode went up this week. Hope you check that out and permanent we are going to do and if our picks it tat, we didn't talk to my old friend Jeff, for us who brought is best. David tell the Avenue Netflix years coming out, Edwards Robots. In a comedy and all kinds of stuff and make money for us, basically, the my daughter's come in at the tail end, we were overdue for a new episode of for real zis. She's got a lot of thoughts on a lot of things and pop culture. Anna so hours
That is happening, but first our friends from project I released for pigs, I'm ready for a small round. The valley ribbon is here now she knows about. Had she loves the dragons. I gave a trans actor like I'm one of the dragons right now Hi and our pigs. Drive in the last two weeks. I'm up six, a million dollars. Since we brought this back how you love this, How did I just love your dragon? Em up six point: eight million dollars globally that I'm cures which dragging you think you are and what says about your future in your password so and that still alive learn learn to right. Now you think you're drove on your favorite.
Favorite boy of feeling general guidelines now, who is that both of them, while he was resurrected, night king spoiler, dear sweet boy Further down the wall. Remember her! You gonna bring down the wall it's a money logic, as you know, in these shows, go away for a year. I can remember what happened three weeks ago: yeah I've greatness free. I have a pike ass. I like to recommend. What's a button came thither hosts counterpart in order to get it through, you guys do game throws individual. I had no idea, you're like out episode a hundred and fifty eight Harry Potter. I forgot you did game it's only when that great thirty one and everybody. Fifty four, fifty or ass. A lotta harry were nearing the end himself. Engineer in the end. Oh undoubtedly, we're you take a mandatory break from about after this. Just for my cheers group, where you're ready for game it throws sure sure It's almost like a creed too, and he had to go in the desert to train for for the fight. There's a new book
iron blood came out last week and Jason. I ve been talking about it a lot this week, shifting back into the wet, Western souci had space start thinking about game with rose again, it's almost times is needed. We gotta go fighting shape. There's no way you guys can be happy without ends the vacation seem to be so. Hires can be led down. Somehow you may right, but I think I'll happened now. You just want like I'm going in as I ways do in all aspects of life, as you now famous for this positivity an open mind. What are you talking about that at all set for the marriage. Ass in this is a good subway flak us back a practice today. I now so year year. Ravens fan the margin comes in lighted on fire, but at least with you know the running game, little game each man caught, it changes the personnel, the team, you don't have to worry about an interception. Every time you quarterback goes back bass, I'm all around you, never at all from the gecko yeah. You turn your
I go I'll go even though re usable since twenty or worse to well. That's what happened. It's gonna take didn't turn as I'm sure you did turn out. I didn't turn out I'm turning on. You use the first supervising you dumped him. No, I won't be eternally grateful for that Superbowl, which many players on the team contributed to does not mean the Joe flak o should still in the year of our Lord two thousand eighteen with large acted on the roster pipeline quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. I heard a coward. I was driving on the radio the other day and he was an old thing about Lamar Jackson have this is fine? She Panny be careful. He's they basically like the same stuff fitted seven years go deeper. He is what don't get seduced by this. There's not directions. This can go teams, figure this out. There can be no plan b when they figure out. Who can do all that stuff, don't worry. I don T just
I don't know how I feel about it. I think there is a world where they take might be true because, as allies from passing standpoint he's been amazing and he's to injure nine pounds right, here's the way it can be true. That's an indictment of the coaching around him and the approach to having him a supplier to him as a player himself any hour. I actually door understand how anyone whose watch any of his college tape can think that he can't thorough way. Is an incredible arm. Sure are they're gonna be. Servants and learning curve with accuracy and with decision making, of course, with a true for every young Corbett so right when you add in his athletic ability in his ability as runner, a new factor in the arm. Strength like this You see a lot of lack for, though the little side arm whips, yeah. I've also, I mean you are all of us all with a fucked up. Throwing motion. Has anyone Watch SAM Donald released a football from his ankle right,
just I don't know it's all. All of this is so bizarre to me like running the ball too often and game one suddenly became and game one meeting his first start. Most predictable and yet absurd over correction of all time where in the first half of his second start, he basically looked afraid to run even if there was clearly a path ahead of him? Re should have taken again. That's that Ok, let's give the king the confidence Eve turns out a mill harms. I too he s a browser, but I have not yet can return. I re Louis. I have not done never tonight I'll. Never tonight, that's all cancer. That's other matters to me. I'm I have not heard I mean I'm Lamar Jackson. I've been in since again go you know, one of the past. Taken, yes, He does seem small. Does worry me when he scrambled, because by the he's not alone. Muharram scares me
Grandma Homestake sets you want any these guys taking them now they, but certain guys. It's like they take the head in your like our right he's big enough. He can withstand that. This, it just seems like Omar Jackson get broken on the wrong here. I think that, again That awareness- and I think that he actually has shown decent instincts for went to slide regularly, went to try to get out of bounds. But he knows he antique twelve heads to his legs every game. Obviously nobody can sustain that kind of damage. But again it's just on what the strategy, as I dont understand, have a dominant narrative has become. Can this work supposed to wow. Isn't this exciting a team that for the better part of its distance in the NFL, since the first Superbowl has had a dominant or at least good defence decent. Hang you just know. Energy and excitement are often finally has a spark in its just a list of problems and questions and said
euphoria, joy, guess what I'm leaning into the euphoria joy. I think people, Mister Joseph lack or pass interference, offensive The way I will learn those cornerback sentences bumping the receiver at the wrong time is really special. Well, I Ray whenever slag apply those my video idea, we never did. I was so excited for nobody remembers, bagged appear, Even now, the reason up the ravens there, so many of our I'm right here. Right now, the ravens are dead, one and a half in Atlanta cat Atlanta season is basically over yes, foreign, seven, It seems like a winnable game. Vegas obviously feels like your better because he had three points for being on the falcons. Condemning get that from a dvd away standpoint. The ravens are, Davy array. Now I like this is the time here when actually like dvr work, as we have in a football and sample size, their fifteenth, offensively fifth offensive with six special teams
at least as we know. Rare combination of the shaky defence and shaky coaching, their thirty second, indeed be away, not to mention all the others that they can I would be in Atlanta and on the other hand you look at their games that they have played and they ve lost to some good teams. So. We're we're. Having a point now. You must have to look at the last year at the last to New Orleans and overtime pay less to fill in opening night. They lie since last minute when Cynthia was healthy before their last, I saw after they got killed by Pittsburgh, lost a clue when Dallas in New Orleans, the last three kind of like the browns as has been while the US by three, and then they got killed by the saints a match. Bad is my point. They are not like a bottom. Eighty in their probably the next level up paper. It's unwinnable game for you, ve just been killed by injuries semi, particularly on the defensive right I'd. So when I think about this game from the Ravens perspective, its it
it's an appealing, mash up for a large action against that defends the year I was stab less the balance, the hybrid Here's the running, but also I can challenge those corners. I can go deep if we ever find Willis need again. You know when we throw I'm so Michael Crabtree, maybe I'll catch a couple of them and suddenly Gus Edwards being a part of this, often last couple weeks, the running back rockers Brazil like swing a famous for a little bit of a bruising style there in tobacco. I think that is appealing. The question is: can the defence which rapidly swung from is this the best events in football and the first month and a half the season two inevitably way. We have some some problem, Syria, I dont know if they can, they can stop we're and rightly so. The question is well, it looks like attempting mash up for the morrow
offence can may get in and hang in a shoot out. I dont know what came out. Ravens often put up thirty eight points right now, because that's with falcons are gonna put up the meter, one more scenario: the falcons of foreign. Seven. If you look at their schedule there's some run the slate potential I dont know if they're good enough, but half Baltimore at Green, neither resting green days, ass, Home Arizona at Carolina at Tampa. I do not think they will go five, another last five, but I to figure out. There's gonna be something that's under five hundred right now that runs the slate and his kind of lingering in the plan. Some may be Denver ran Denver Minority Day. We already met a selector that thing, but,
whenever reason I'm hesitant to to move Atlanta just out because they can move the ball. This is the game. They need to keep any hope alive now, which is a little scary. It's weird cause. They there still not out of the poorer picture. Nine seven could make the perhaps in the end, then I say we I mean the sailors limit, apparently going down a bit. Barely any one is out of it that Carolina gamely, it looks task as Carolina will be fighting for a plough spot at that point, but you're writing green bears on a Tampa. Those are women, so they need the ravens. When you know what I love in this game for the ravens, there were just in Tucker yeah in a dome, unstoppable. Let him could get from seventy I've yards yeah. Why not about Lamar Odom things can be great we're to hold this when I make my picks and then decide where, at the end weather, when did have one million one million. I bet this week, the LOS Angeles Rams, are playing in Detroit near favoured by ten. The money line is minus four, eighty, I'm!
two parlay the money line of the Rams is win the game. Ok with the bearers of Chicago Ok, who are minus two hundred and minus four in New York and patch armor and the giants of juvenile, a giant said they did not really rejuvenated giants. I'm not a believer they rolled over last week in the second half their a mess. I am that or they can black, and I think It's been hid in the last couple weeks by who they ve played. They have not paid defence like the bears, in a while, and I just think the bear. Taken when this game by itself, but I don't trust the minus four see you're. Not you not worry at all that its outrage, Rosinante, is still out. I'm ok with Chase Daniel chased animals in carriages Daniel taken Chase Daniel over Eli Manning that russian gas aerial I manning no Brigham, these are. You can watch wild
come sit down were finishing a pad. What's up, I have thought it. You don't have a clue I feel like I've already so I know chased I kind of like Chase Daniel. I thought it took him a half. To counter my radically quarterback Islamic he's getting wraps practice robes, I don't think he's bad you, oh famously as a college. Football enthusiasm always loved. You always literary tape. You talkin about it all the time he's mine and ex he's the neck. Case came in my opinion for years, rescue mimicking twenty million dollars year. First, seventeen nineteen obiang what's happening interesting, quietly made like a lot of money in his career. Yeah he's fine is how many pigs, as you like, in a thorough against the barest, that's so there, and how many sacks of seeking to use what things I really like about this game, the giants of play three pretty good offensive games in a row, any Lisbon,
pretty good three games in a and now is buzz about while they might bring back now. You know he lies reanimated corpses, pretty good, you know What I really love. Eli at home against a good defence just second it up and be a bad enthrone pay and the fans getting bogged down and people living in the fourth quarter. I am putting its The odds are minus one. Twenty three for this money: parlay, I'm putting one point, you, three million dollars to one million. Really that's rare bears they have to do with another. That's my first one now a minute, I'm a little MAX shrimp sack colleague over realise right. There, basically guy a of it by the way, to recover and cannot do kind of do his hurt my feelings fantasy, wise, a couple times, a shared even of their all their often weirdly other than biscuit terrorist risks. Like after on
Those years on ballot. Jack is just like. I hate fantasy, I'm just splitting up carries and nobody can have any mega sent Tom Brady can never score touchdown this year can do something unusual. You ve, no matter how street great now a minute, I'm gonna pick reentered odds and try to go to, and where you told me about this, I got three and five, but I am perfectly fine thrown away thing. It's like a three, no fine Three great, the two in one, the first I may set it to me now then a moment to learn and I'm not putting a million dollars in areas I'm doing I'm doing half a million. I wasn't Hadrian Olympics when admirable Austria. I like these three. The first one you're gonna laugh, even Browns at Houston. Getting six points. I love this I dont think Houston's good. I'm still not a believer. We don't know my ass. We did, you watch again, did Tennessee ten, nothing kick off fumble,
boss bouncing around their guy, somehow doesn't get it they gotta give up. Then they come down. It's like, I think, it's like ten, ten or fourteen tanner, whatever for Financial don't give it to their country, don't give it to their catering. They live of everybody. They give it to some some weight. Fifth string. Thailand have never heard a very tough Tipp tops before he goes in very tough, lose a body. I just finally, I knew that game and I do not think Houston's get I'm not buying them, I like the way, the Browns New Coaching, Stadler Offensive, Landsmen, good they'll, ask of weeks, bakers, starting to feel obey, bakers, my man in a job Nick job. You love an actual fancy teams, I haven't daily fantasy every week. I love Nick job. I just think they keep a closer think they can. When, suddenly, I say, as the Texans winning nine games in a row is inconceivable, urges defies comprehension, anywhere spammers dying to give away their game so now is. Is there with the text? Also, we need the colts Andrew
Och narratives to maintain and regain in them a maintain momentum down the stretch. So we need the texts, lose a game so difficult consort start. For years now, and so did I It certainly just set up you're. Now your next day, I don't feel good about what I'm about to do alone, but no boy, so are you taking Codex learn the Jack's shoes, everything with use them outside and you are now Susie, either in the Houston Tennessee last Monday, night away, great man, that's a big part. We're doing great now have two more home games around home for clean and Humphrey Indy? Thirty thinking India a little bit raw would be the brands or get indeed next week, there again game at they do. The guy's they have like their girlfriend and the one apartment than the other girl from other farming there really like settled in the home life that is Focused on this brands gave out will be the brands I it feels. Trapped Hamish
rounds, making IRAN putting five hundred and fifty thousand when five hundred guide brands plus six sets one next one, We ve been doing this boy, the Vikings. Getting five points in New England. Ok, the lines do I. These two teams are even in the land, should be three its adder respect, time. Superbowl Champ Bilbao Tom Brady and their success. Gillette stadium and just the information so that's, been in place. This is wonderful franchise that has brought me another football fans. They were joys. What are the odds and true here? What are you going off answer it It's been wonderful, I can do this when the lines are off and I'm getting free points with the team
could win on the road you mean have today wrap your arms has points. I can't you know my my teams are like my children. I would against my son, and the return on my side was going through many points, as I did at again this week, like game is gambling the pattern. Ninth and Debbie away the Vikings are fourteenth Everson Gryffons back They lost roads, it doesn't look again, Rodya idea, you never pass rash radiation mapping get what's going on with that, he's not hazmat good mail, and I raised my three fantasy legs. Here's one good, spinet debacle, aka Casement. That has been good. Oh, I think it's too things it's grasses and grant anymore adamant, good last week, but you know, but they had. They ran about a lot more last week in their jets game was Harrier than I think any expected. You think the jets are good. I do not like the jet,
Kyle Hath jets currently beaten us with the false romantically quarter that for the first two we're gonna lose his game, so the Chris Organ Did you just like I'm at higher go play lacrosse again and when I had better than the current visa thinking about the new purler crossly, so device can win anything with Patsy they'll, give up the cheap garbage untouched out at the end, even if there are ten to give up by adding Minnesota come in this game. You worry about seeding for the Patriots yeah. What about the patriots? Just everything? I think that from a spill mission standpoint. This is the scariest receiver. Korea had no fear. I like to get the stuff on tape from you. You are doing. This allowed with the Red Sox helps us I didn't realize oil is less. I'm Benny gonna hit occur sales,
Guy already as bodies not build to withstand bloody diarrhoea, I never realised that America's America's hero Nathan of. With our true here, as do you think of me, the time of the year, I I think he'll be lucky if his arm is attached to his body was my next year. You want us a world series. Everything else is grave. You with me nobody's I'm I'm betting, five hundred fifty thousand hours to five hundred. Things are continuing and you put out of a half a mill on Kirk, Kirk Cousins, got it Zagreb trail. I think the three point game. Some people think integrity matters. It's fine! I think it's a three point. Eight having somebody when by three point. So that's my second one hears my last one. I'm excited for this. Where will you go with this? This is one of the weird lines in the year. This line is three points higher than expected it, the wash, in Redskins, oh my God in Philadelphia on a Monday night
getting six and have points there's, no evidence zero. None, zilch tat filled up his in any way the question I would say their proper daddy, even as to mediocre teams in a mediocre division. I checked that Dvr m Thou, maybe DV away, will tell me something definite. Washed and seventeenth, individually, Philadelphia, twenty fourth, the twenty fourth and dv away. They cannot move the by their bad running. Backs have not been impressive Carson whence their injured all over the place. They ve had trouble blocking these. Squeezed out a win last week against the terrible giants. Basically, judges gave it to them barely any new when there came a something they're good and I get a Monday night with the potential pissed off fans who camp that cop Mccoy has come to their house and is ending their season? And I'm taking the points but six and eight five hundred thousand. When five hundred I'm out on this,
you're out on this are now tell me taught me out of it. I haven't called it in yet one even moved money from my caribbean accounts. Yet to make this happen, I don't think you can look at Davy away or really anything with Washington right now because those are Alex with numbers and he's not there quarterback, but this is the Joe houseplant is called coy better worse now, Psmith I've Smith was was like a solid, see minus ashamed. I'm I've always been famously out on Alex Smith, but come on he's a to Z. Any worse is comparable. Amy or had only always yet you might be like ten percent worse. One of my favorite alternate histories to think about is, of course, Mccoy had not got hurt in the title game against Alabama. What could have been best for another pack, ass? Here's everything Yeah karma grass gives are not winning a game this week with everything happening without franchise right now, with Reuben Foster, situate, commonly warming out the lukewarm coming out.
That or I'm really really rarely surprised by anything that NFL team say or do no matter how disgraceful, but the comments coming out of that organization. This week are shameful. I cannot believe You ve taught me out of this completely right there the karma police are in radio had Time York. His play is plain accused guitar dynamic egg there now in this game. Car rescind the bet conduits, a researcher ah the mafia and tell them of I've taken this one off got it So should I replaced this where the Ravens in Atlanta, I thought you were gonna, go to cutting slow here cause you don't like the courts so that, like the courts I watched the JAG Courts game because I had money in the courts and I watched it carefully and those teams, or Eddie close, there's a thing now Jack oh got her the sounds stupid. This is like
now, like maize territory, were I'm just a minute. Points for like twenty people who have started time at the back up right guard yet, and so we are not yet in Ireland and Maghreb regarded carry on who won the things I really liked by the courts was they would do like this weird three tightened offence. The one running back or or the to the double tight in, and it was just really. It was almost like how the Patsy's to use grand, Caskey and double murder. Our earners. Doyle and IRAN? I really that combine Doyle's out. You got hit. The kidneys is done now so that our worries me. I asked that the courts have used the next week. Rat sets out, Corny Kessler and then next week the game and a lot of people what's bandwagon and the jobs are getting foreign have half points at home, I'm not positive. Answer that bad from that. The kind of line were like Josh rose in the cardinals would be getting foreign up points, and I am all Joshua,
you, love Josh, generating fourteen against packers is weak. That's a little Steve I don't know the debacle right now. I'm sorry, I'm betting in them, but is, I did think about it for awhile As long as the called stop trying to render Andrew Luck shoulder by making him go full extension diving for catches as a receiver, the courts will be. Ok. Might gonna call So should I do the ravens is the third peck beat it Lana. I think so. I believe in the more I can't lose. Pig because if I went all the other packs, but you but the Redskins cover in the ravens don't cover. I can just blame you next without you are proud. Now five Six year, tradition of me giving you terrible gambling with a higher than in Europe, I guess what I wanted to give adequate picks up. You taught me how to book a great karma pick. You serve your prayer is wonderfully there. I don't
you're right. I would have been watching their game going. Oh my god. I think the rain guided Josiah harasser. I only have ever given you good gambling advice just for what that's worth you'd be surprised if the Ravens one in Atlanta, I would not be surprised if the raven would be surprised if they lost. Now. I too feel ass. I would be less surprised if they lost, but I would not be right, what your worst case scenario for this game. Just like our starting a quarter back ass, you that's why I can't that's why? I can't worst case scenario is like us, three touchdown game from Calvin Ridley, just something that they they cannot stop. That's the worst case scenario and are now again. I just think just Hocker in the dome, Lamar Gettin. The momentum go in. Gus Edwards. Train unstoppable. I like the game, they have a chance again with the bangles com
ITALY falling out of it there in the six wildcard right now. We do think that John Brown River the United Europe and they went into Lana, though I think most we will go on land and now this they cannot support so that, where the really think comes into play, can they separately? I'm not sure. I know that this is enough. One Let's do it it'll be fun. You can send me angry those who say that I'm on a hot streak catches just as much a sterling picks around to have fun with them. I always think my teams are gonna lose. So the fact that I am slightly optimistic here, I think, is that time is a bad, yet if I'm being honest with myself, I think I've lost my bearings a little bit here. I'm too closely involved in the MAR, and I cannot quite see it clearly anymore within halfway, staying away
but then you can now. You can blame me, no matter what no one that cause. I because I want to do. The Redskins is thirteen, but you rightly talked me out of it. I don't do that. That was really weird. There is one of the weather busters unaware target setting with football now's. The wooden franchises act irresponsibly terribly. Everybody's Zanger, yeah, that's papa whatever! yeah, the railways. Can you play this week. You know where we are now there's that such a saturation of horrifying is necessarily know how to respond at any given case. But that's part of what's been so deeply distressing about this particular story. Has I think people are responding to visas, it so shockingly appalling even in today's landscape, I'm doing for the I'm putting five hundred and fifty two I'm sorry. This will be the surprise B, one hundred and twenty five, so I'm going to put, seven twenty five to one five hundred per month
It is the Broncos in Cincinnati, like the Broncos, with that Seattle, home again San Francisco others teams have to do is when I don't care about that. The Baltimore I need the branches keep me out alone, but on the whole, a mile and on the breakers. I think the Broncos really have a chance to blast our sound. I thought about the package sunset we want to tell me when I took the Broncos Seahawks in the principal and winds pool and. Those banks. That is by the way. A problem, of course, is that my first it was the backers, the hookah that's less good, that's: ok, you ve sat Aaron Rodgers, understood whence binge burden, you know as soon as the things it s the thing we love our programme, benchmark, something we love ever really done. If you think about it that way. When are the ones I suppose, a mid December a corner. Last few weeks, my three pick a million dollars Rams bears one point: twenty three million to win a million and then three half
that's Bronco, Seahawks, mainland, tease, seven, fifty two and five hundred and then five hundred fifty thousand, when five hundred on De Browns plus six and then what was the other one on the Vikings plus five they're, gonna dig America. Gave me some more winners, credible, expertly ribbon. Thank you, William. Let's talk about fanned the fantasy playoffs fast approaching. At this point you probably know whether team is in the championship mix or not. Probably not ads are against you fancy. If, if it's fain to watch. You know, there's no shame walk away from a losing came just by Fernando. I did this I believe that all you have had bad luck with fender. Not last week was in. I was in Africa, a fifty dollars sunday- and I felt small, let's finished tat
one two hundred and fifty bucks Phil. Every is job, asked an actor Antonio branding, really help me that much too I Hilton Boyd Tyler Boyd camera Joe Mixon in the Patriots D. What a winner! How great is that so yeah, I'm on a hot streak and fender you can be a hot streaked with me. I've tried other day. If I said before, if not a fantasy expert fanduel is clearly the place to play. You have to believe me. Come on over to Fanduel get a five dollars bonus when you make the first deposit come play with me. Godaddy COM, Slash, BS, new users only bonus that available for withdraw state an age restrictions apply for, For eligibility rules and terms and conditions go to find Oda. And since we're here, let's talk about Microsoft, surface if needed, device that helps you get stuff dumb, but is also perfect when you want to catch up on some fun. Extremely lab sports are checking on your daily fantasy team check out the
this member, the magazine, surface family, the new surface, pro six just take the keyboard off use tablet or stamp it back on a user like laptop with up to thirteen enough. Hours of battery life and the new eighth Jan Intel CORE processor, its everything you love, but the surface pro now, even more powerful check it out the new service prospects from the Microsoft surface, family aright, you're, taking this mid weak, the masters here. Jeff for us. High bell, I remember, upon a time we re and Jimmy the roasting blew up retie. May I gotta get away from these rose this gotta pigeon holes and then you will do the rest, blew up, and now you do like ninety things, I'm glad you getting away from the rose it was. It was slow, methodical movement.
It was like a roast, was a pot roast and rosy arose. You know it's just evolved and you know I talked about this with the time- and I also talked about shipping faint stand your late and not just that. Make it I've lane highway. Tat was The first really great package that every dead, I don't think you had better one. It was for I was right before the airway. Every comedian had a park ass. He had to go on each other's biogas Are you came, I needed all stay or laid thing Then he told the whole story about our betrayed you and we just like this. We have I like an hour and a half livestock and then like is that our people gotta listen, I'm a year. People like it, I won't rose fans all over. The world to know the Bell summons was the first person of. To call roast a sport.
So now rose battle at each year, the first one to really understand the strategic, thought, behind good roasting. So I want all the offence, now that, and I am grateful for that, because I helped me understand what I do better. You know, except, unlike most boards, like I can kind of. Do it forever for hate. You know: do you like it offer who know the senior tour. I wish there was a way to gamble. I that maybe that's the next step for the roasting fantasy, roasting, the because or even just like people, people who are Rosa units this guy's a too to a favorite? You can bet one or the other and on my mind I guess the judges could get bribe, maybe a score, or maybe it's like you have thirty jokes and how many are gonna hit. How many are funny, how many original? Why me that, though the season you just said just Neck was at all that he is here. I
He is my single favorite toward her father at of any that's what it is ruthless and I just I have no fear he has no fear he doesn't care, he doesn't care if he crossed the line. He is vital person America's I fuck it, in deciding on a man here, because you just did a sheltered chair and on what terms, and I didn't I'm dying to hear the whole story. That's kind of like ear corner that we needed a one off just for fun, he said there is one of the judges and he has this crazy, maniacal smile on his face. He so happy. It's like he's a good environment is loves it it's all built around. His skill set is hurting. People and rose to an end evil people here, of course he's a nice guy at heart. Yeah, what was the highlight of the roses and other than the lake Griffin? You know well Blake Griffin was shockingly good. I learned so much by roast battling Blake, because I didn't realize how much I would love the battle,
I usually judge, produce everything else book it home it with Brian Moses, but suddenly I was in the air in the ring yeah you're in the re. I really liked it. It may be not one or judge as much as I really want to battle. I really liked the competition, relevant reminded me of karate tournament. When I was a kid where one misstep, you are you're done right, an hour and then, when you, when you landed, you know, like a knockout, racism jerks he work hard on it he wrote a lot of his own stuff. I was that you Rodas, jokes farm and now knew at the jokes or apps. Will we not, I thought, across my mind, with certain people like to do a stunt roast, but with Blake the competitive person and this in that way need to roast each other. He immediately like within minutes was: writing down trying stuff out. Colleagues have NEO Brenner radius. Jerk now are we sure
It therefore was a mere Brennan, but you know it's a tv show. I definitely pushed him what's funny people their run stuff by, but honestly he really worked on it. I like a guitar, me too. I was impressed that really could have been terrible in the wrong hands. There's a lot about Bob where's, that, if it decided. I can do this. It could have been just awful. I might have been unreasonable. I think you're right and I think it worked for Blake Griffin is because he's not saying a minute. He doesn't smack talking of bullying way like he has in ten he's a thoughtful guy I killed him right, you the next day and say how much funny had yeah he's follow through a class act and to know I'm by roasting and besought, researching somebody, you kind of get to know him. Then you talked him. You see how they take a joke and you really get to somebody saw the remit. To me. That's how you really, I don't know a champion. I Dave
so David. Tell us here. The answer just punching a postscript for a scandal I was just doing away with murder Do the tv shows you have to rise, Dave just land from New York. There has only been in Hollywood a few hours and I just lines it DR coming out of the airport. We told Tommy, you could add a cigarette outside the ideas and Larry. Have action, pull the second choice area we is talking about the rose. This last season of the rose awaited remote bumping makes no it out. We get into it. I and build I back down. Gun use you Eve get into the rose with Jeff right now. Really. I think I did like one of only one ever see. Here's the thing of other us he's a genius added. It is thing his brand. He totally revitalized arose. He entered,
the rose and ass. It is it's a lot of work to come up with rose jokes. Yes, I would feel like every time you writing arose joke you could be writing one, for you know your act so when its spirit two hours he rather keep the material. I absolutely I mean, but when it's the rose, jokes, you know the comics. They really go all in on it. You know like four weeks, maybe even months will be like saying around there I need I, you know. I need a line on Paul Abdul. I want to know what's going on his steward, what is our hair? Look like it, so it's tough, so Allenby hasn't each other decades now I guess, beginning of our careers. They was already that the day was already hosting me. The best MIKE's, where I was starting to be the Obermeyer day was already the hosts early nineties early. Ninety seven, I started in the Ladys, so I've been there. I'm older and I've been doing a longer than Jeff. Will you on one of the danger, video communion just now,
not at all that's the idea, that's a really good benchmark of like common, because I think that's like generational shift rang from damn I rarely hacks and would at the same Kennison Boomer. Burma was more. It go more, of course, and those which arrived a thousand there, I was sure legends, those guys who which reduce, store low pay. I tell you this next. Guy is about a hundred million hits on Instagram. We got this guy's via the gaze of killer via my wife Laverne. Please look a lot of followers. Eu integration was the half hour. Comedies central show was acted. He had a half our common sense or shows the thing you want it yet I was I got. That was the thing where you know what you got. Echo, and then you get an hour for sure. He knows I like almost given that you would do in our like a year or two later and they, looking like the EU itself
it's everywhere, but nowhere do hours or in many places you could dylan our you gotta get HBO, Showtime or you're out of luck. When has grown up and eightys. It will see their somebody's on Letterman or the danger. Feared special me. Carson Carson really would have liked what other lately neither is up against Letterman in the early, namely at the improv, was a big show now and was now. I was born comedy our was early, I'm keeping airlines comedy. Oh, I love one. Bill places stand up, comedy fantasy life with comics like almost fascinated by? I always feel I get your head you're like what would I have one if I was on evening at the Abram way, is generous leather jacket and active when I didn't even at the improbable war addendum Jack and aim by ones, we hey thanks for dressing up earlier comic, so who's in your class
with Accoucheur grew blackens more. It's you have. I would. I can be a draft that has the I'm going away, I'm a little bed. I think you who are you who did you up? yeah. No, I learned a lot of the guys I did stand up with who really started. When I started, almost all of em fell off yeah, almost all of em. How to catch up to like Dave's days leave. Here the idea of out of my way years, army and Sarah Sollermun Todd bury them. Boston, comedy club, seen greener, editor alive. They do like cabin Brandon, so many some other ones that you know like when I too, even the younger ones, like our will exact and all those guys they were away. But after me, Zack and whose another go on so many euro, is it
is it harder easier to stand up and two thousand eighteen? That's a good question. People try to get an hour, a cell phone video and his heart. That's a good question. Go. I think it's really hard. I think The process is hard from from the airport to the hotel to the promotion. To that today, through the show and then to the to the web, where Willie everything on the web. Now as like, has its own life, the virtual The virtual life of of a show is way bigger than the actual. We talk about life performance of it for you, up in the eighties each other like because he show animal Good, I was awesome if it wasn't like ok I'll go see another show now you know people ruminate over. You know a shower, align or in a way we work, the crowd. You know like ass, our thing and like to this day
out in the hay, remember me call me a pizza boy, I remember I was with my wife. You didn't like your shirt. I have only got ways. I always remember you, because you logo beats a boy with a powerful. Remember I was taken twitter last. They neared tweeting. That bumpy makes his on yet our those finally apps Ike, oh shit, I'm on Pacific time it might be up, and I wanna Netflix into his leading off network. I really was a year which ass I, why that's a lot of people wait a minute whole year on the front page of the front page enough bans. So it really is interesting because a lot of some very good for Jeff sum of Yanks, some people have Netflix yeah yeah. The big show weight Europe needs because we didn t always are going to be on the front page. It was
Whether there was any more. I think you bumped alpha horror movie where something was wrong. With the who did yam smile somebody, somebody told us: This is the edges. They merit thing, never seen comedy wise while as well how much is I watch the first one? How much is ad Lib that's a good, I would say like percent of it is definitely like stuff that ripping with the crowd than this. Material, because we felt we had to give material, but did Wild card is all those people that you see coming up there like. That was her like on the floor episode is Amy Amy, humor, Nicky, Glaser, Rachel Feinstein and your and my aunt my eyes of Bruce well, so we may ass well ass. I was weary hours, it's called Friday Saturday, Sunday. Those are the episodes. Basically, we took over the village underground in Greenwich Village, in New York in for a week and in June, let this year
a tour. We just done like twenty towards AIDS, a big theatres and we, about it like to finish it up. We just go home and invite everyone from my daughter to my on stage and just have a party basically onstage had a k Gary night we did dancing, we went out for full. Ah false Emmy shot it and I don't love you. You know directly who directed the Yanks, so he directed us and its staff. It's three night series stand up specials, Does this other sort of documentary about stand up in our friendship that goes sort of thrill it but the by all those people like I said, besides all stuff We have no idea what they're going to say or how they can react. So they did is total solid to come on stage and then all the ripping with them is definitely all on scripted a lot of, stuff changes from night to tonight? So these definitely
though the spontaneity factor of this one is really high. You know what seems the fire, the thrill right you like, walk a tightrope, basically casino words gonna, go to get to that level where you could be like I'm gone I have no say, but we'll figure. I'm going to, we're on your we're on your back Steve, Morton and more ensure it the big they had, I our great, like our special, where they both come out as a team. I too legend, so I looked at that like I was have you got to look at this united? Let it I haven't! I like they do sketches they do we saying they also do like you know like banjo in Toulouse. Its numbers sound We have none of those skills, so making fun of each other's looks. What's funny like award shows it started to happen our really we ve, seen it like a maintain overdoing. It arrives and then millennium, they crawl warehouse and the independent spirit that did not start on got started
the broad were now. I know budgets that I've seen like the whole Tina concept. Seems like a came back this decade. Can, I think- and I had learned as gather brothers- were the right. I always think if two headliner get together, it's one plus one is threatened. Trip what you have to have a relationship that right one say they hate it when I too ran employing cast together, you have that it has to be our Ganem cause. There's somebody ways you can undermine each other. If our wise here that you need the friendship, it seems like psych out. That's your exactly right, that the fun I have and it is trying to like you know, like but together move it forward and like come up with the suffering. Spot like. I no tags and, like you know, whatever he's he's, is introducing drawing like throw two cents in order and that stuff is like we, I say it had its fifty bucks, the time. You never know right you just now
now so positive, whereas the same thing every single shows on Olaf from it a refund. That's right. It looks like the guy who puts the animals to sleep, Would you say in the first episode you had a good one. I care rubber better was he buys, is closing autos yet has like that. It's kind of a good thing for every year for Christmas I give David exacts. I could keep making them better. I think you know that we have something different every night, so the endless irregularities, aerial war, so the audiences there they know. There's What time should you guys are going to make fun of them? I don't know every audience now like it was really hot weekend and it was really like any tv taping, of course, this month, tons of equipment the enemy, the lines like physically, we were like TAT. But it really was. It was, is difficult shoot but still like you know, the audience really bet it's more than halfway, and you know that's all you can ask for on these things end. You know we did
taped to shows an eye, and we take the best of us of all that stuff and put it together, until I would sum interstitial stuff, so When you look at the show you have. The kind of girl like you know this is like we'll comedy and others is like you know, take no prince, There's gonna like shoot from they have kind of stuff. And a lot of it in all of you could say like there's some small stuff, there's some silly stuff, there's some cheesy stuff there, some corny stuff, but day it's flowing so quickly. It's not like long form. I guess you could say almost like storytelling stuff you see now, which is really unheard of back in the eighties, like that kind of form would have been a theatre. Bees would not have been called comedy. Stand up all that would have been something W Spalding Grey, at the beginning of one man shows you know your bill Caspian and couple ones about. You were just marriage, sit down the store. You tell him external retail store for a lot of the show by then wages have friends that we don't even know this
Israel Del Toro shot out. Yazzi has again. If we listen to this right now, he's severely wounded soldier, but that's not even Sutton. You think about When you talk to him- and he came on stage- is I would challenge us to roasted so either their power so he's up there for two minutes and then two minutes later eared can Jong is like pretending that Get me out of a yoga position as a doctor and you know, so does it never gets a chance to be any one thing is what I'm fatty you feel like. The audiences is willing to laugh at itself when you jackson them, as they were. Twenty years ago now, I've seen as ever and sensitive unhappy- I say absolutely, not everybody. Everybody is not only sensitive, but it's also theirs the sense of humour factor, I think, is so low. Now in I just think he's but seriously going on. We ve been told whose I have to say why, whose now to say what it is: not fun, you know it's does Devlin As far as it used to be a rethink. Everything he's
four Yosemite runs out the stuff. I am always like. Ok, We see another way to say at not like another, but at the end, The day like the audience come on. Our side ran on all of it I think they really do and when you bring up Israel, who is now a year, a great man war hero, but a Super Bay calmly fan, and you know when you when you look at him. You know you're immediately life, what what this poor man. Why will why they talking to him like that? But at the end of day he gives back as good as he gets and that's the fun of it, and that was Jeff's thing I mean I was like bring up these people. That people I'll, see that either. I think that, That's really call you know it really is He has Jeff's there. Now, this new Jeff look to. It looks more like he's like a life,
Maybe it's the cow current accounts is doubly reads lifeboats. It's my re comfortable life, my rain buggy, how much time you had your here three summer, the girl now Lombard, Sir. You know- and I know where they had for the borders. I, where you know just to hide but harmonise had a hare once you're make up that you have that kind of half the time. Oh yeah, free life. Look at em, you ran away, I share from eleventh grade. It has no worry the only doing over there. He dresses, like he's, coming right out of detention. Let's take to talk about ninety nine designs, what a Carmel Anthony methods of it overdraft kings TIM fares, the ringer, nearly half a million out of producers and businesses having come. Businesses can speak They are used. Ninety nine desire to get customs design created for their brands, websites and books is a global, create a platform that makes it easy fertile seiners and clients
we're together from logos, an apt to product packaging in books at your go to design resource for any budget. We use these guys and ladys design, some customers for the ringer. The quality was amazing. You can check it out at ninety nine designs, tat come forward such bill rain I can receive a we ninety nine dollar, upgrade on your first design contest night nine designs, Stockholm forward such bill. It's where creativity meets, possibility, check out the programme should we did says, but first per Emma found finger at school. Would you think of the Chapelle specials great? I know his boy. I thought there are great level more cross the mines he just didn't give you said it was. You doesn't really refreshing and oddly he does give a shit. You know He cares about everything he says in his very thoughtful guy, so it's fun cm tape. Swings and daring ideas. When a lotta, gonna, yeah, yeah, yeah reason
to write on travel of all. Who was the last story. You did last big shy. Do day was probably a last new year I did radio city with a last year, but mostly my adventures with Damer at thirty in the morning at a comedy club or we just glad he eater. Sometimes he could easily We re all he. He never sleeps reads. He thought super girl an hour. You never really see that Baby dollars was traveller them when he was with Stuart and do that thing rising. It is asleep he's like five there in the morning is ordering and he's always looks good and he's never like cranky he's amazing. They chapels, amazing and up Chris Rock, when he was soon the warmer for his special I Jeff was Jeff, was all over the world with him yeah. I want a toward and maybe a Europe Israel becoming countries every Ventnor. That's the thing,
a comedy now miss Bydel dozens, the thing about calmly now, a comedy central go in international Netflix being worldwide, and you too, and Youtube and Podcast people really understand like I was gonna, be in Oslo, hubby in TEL Aviv I'll be in Copenhagen and they Stan every word I say, but then the culprit dutch comedian goes on. I can It can understand one thing, they're saying not that I don't get it. I don't even know what they're saying that accents. So difficult because comedy such a big exe. We're out of America and in the rest of the world I feel all these people in Scandinavia learned how to learn English from this watching friends and listening to Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock specials deed he didn't just as much travelling David on domestic here I used to do that. Then I will
to go on and worlds teamwork release visa doesn't allow him, maybe flew in our day to day I feel bad. I dragged them all over Europe and I was going to say that you know If you wondering like what's the next thing for company, it is international like Netflix, is definitely a big part of that, but in the EU You run into comics from India and its values. Scandinavia Disease, norwegian guy who's super funny. I love what Damn it seems like. Like the rest of the world got comedy and we kind of gave it up to now. It's time for us like jazz, like sovereign, The american people too, like Canada like step up again, come out, see their own comics. You know but It's big overseas. That's for sure you know and the path, as I think, like the news gifts, judging whether than the news is too Jack ever
compromised it's too tainted by big business. I comedy from somehow manages to stay reasonably pure and you know no one tells us there's one thing: we have some Frank jokes and a special that I am here: Those who say that they remember a time were they would I get those recall a matter of fact. And put him towards a fraught episode, one. We know Netflix MIA, I thought I was alone is mostly live netflix. You said that, rather than about how to live on them, gentler linked to send to be said about you know, would come not getting watered down as everything else the life is getting watered down, like I feel like stand up, is a potent as ever, and it is medicine you wouldn't want to. You wouldn't want to water down
since the visionary optimistic about coming on very negative OJ. It ran companies had to go out to sea going you. To be honest. I think it's like I'm not gonna, be on the relevant to today's comedy, but the cool thing about his optimistic view of comedy? Is that, like you know, I think a lot of people would like it to be. That way would like it to be like this is pure form of you know Just like I'll wait, I'll wait for people to like and I'll let go and let and whatever. But I I don't see much of that now anymore. I see that like three or four. The ones you know what we do and kind of get what we do and what we were trying to do. This really for them. You know, and if the other people find this and then agree with that, and I'm totally for, but I tell you, People get upset and all that kind of stuff, but it's not in I'm kind of like towards the end of it and set it towards the beginning of comedy. I mean another. What that's how I look at it all she? Well listen! I just bought an algorithm work.
We are united in our garden into these talks like he's element, but guess what it does is always that these crashing areas and new brand New Shaw Netflix. He just bought a giant brand new apartment giant no parliament. Yesterday, madam, we now have is visiting merchandise unit wait homeowners again when I want to ask about politics- and I don't know he has the politics he's a big the last thirty years. The US is really the first time politics became like people, just get up malay, go fuck! You I'm out here in the leave right about that, but I will say one thing and I think my great great grandfather road maps for general during the civil war, yet some similar issues, Mexico success, allow I'm she would go into his slave material and the confederate log out, you know I must say that For me there was three political comics, the album.
And nobody if anything, the Mari language learning watches slight mark TWAIN. Sir John looking now those three three people who did it and then Now everybody goes it now. Everyone's political You know satirist. Whenever it is, funny how you know: the audience is doubly it there's an over saturation of that, but just from from light without was always almost like a novelty. A niche to now is Everybody has a past that way and oddities is pretty amazing surprising. I was watching there's this move, Bulgaria, cod, the front runner yeah. I heard about that. There's this scene when, after this scandal, breaks Gara watching the tonight shown Carson comes on and does a couple jokes about any carry somewhere. That's when he realizes the significance of what had happened, ass, try and think like there's. No, central like that anymore, with common exceedingly
Are you guys doing your fancy come to it in your idea, but upon some other people, but for the most part you have your her former here. Other people have their term rattled comparisons, turf right, there's no two Cronkite and there's no Johnny color. But now the waiter, Iceland is a new thing, gets twitter and stop gets retweeted. I guess that's what that is absolutely right, like Johnny Carson would be like the final voice, the night away and on its weight in was a big deal. It's NGO shit. China Carson's think here, but he also, he also had his like line in the sand, like he wouldn't talk about the Vietnam WAR one way or the other, and I remember he also have like a poet. Thing raise, had also people want one. Go to bed, they wanna whatever they want to be entertained. You want to go to bed say it only take it so far. He wouldn't get like deep into his own politics. Rights like you know, really knew his policy. Letterman did a nice job, at least in the first fifteen years or so of shore. You ve, been in kind of obscured. I've been surprised with our friend Kimmel Leg, the last
these three years actually really waited in aided, did not say a common. It's a mission for yeah very good at it. I think there's some guys who were very good at it, some people who were just pretty much preaching to the choir. Jimmy's really good at it has become obvious. Out there now? Who doubling It is, as always, I got a calling where they they have. Stepping up you gonna give people a credit to who turn it, who turn there always our way, but people who go that way. That's really a statesman did you ever go Dave's Borgia? I never did. Why? How many many years that you have the shell two years to seasonal oil in television? It was one of the most incredible flipping channel experiences, probably ever in history, cable, where a bee leg, I'll send you there, you break it down a porn and then the act as forty years later and yeah I love the from the movie is suddenly sitting next to you and it's like
what the fuck is happening. That's my best work so far, like twelve seasons had Finally, actresses show also could have been called bumping. Mike's lies with a K. They now My favorite thing I've ever did because it was like so cool where we gotta get the full age and then I and the stars- and it was a great research- all the way around how'd you find the stars. I, how do you go about finding a porn star? How did you do it craigslist now at either you you. Basically matters is gone there out of the lion I know, but I'm telling you they gotta. They got some, they gotta what is called like COMECON supporting the aliens and also so they have wraps, and I and soften websites. So as a lot easier now will be very difficult to was the seventies you know we'd have to like call around at all that, but they great and every one of them was so interesting and the footage
so fine, because it's more dramatic than it is sexy and I so different in today's world of erotica as they call it, and I love doing- and I also like bring it in the comics and it was. We need to get in life. I very a very cool Amy humour was one of my favorites and what Chelsea Hammer and Margaret Show and just like all these Ladys and also already Lange, and you know why Dilber and all these people that would come in and like riff on the on the things in it, something that you would do anyhow at home when we see the catch easy born, but it had like a relevance to because it was. I that's a different time, the seventies different. Now it's kind of been we ve all been retro outwards like all year. They cordless gourd phones, all of this?
plenty shows like it, but thanks for now, and that because that really is like to show like that, it always is the show like when I go through airport security. The guy goes. I love that Dave's open. Who is the most amazing? I guess that of other points to seek a favorite. I find her fascinating now shown over a ringer. Pakistan was a should we give her a ringer pack ass, for they gonna get us nowhere. We could she's so interesting and she also is like straight up just knows what she wants and knows how to do it and has done a million different things, different jobs by like what I watch your stuff today and I didn't want it today, but I've watched airplane it holds away. You really says why so beautiful I'd like to me. That's like what like the seventies, like she's she's, just a knock out, but as people this thing don't know that as a k, a she was the yet. She was basically charisma.
Bar in the NBA Seiko Important, the ass she was. She was the star share. The arrest, ask your dad what talk about now. Cuz, like she definitely is, is so cool and There's a million other one fella godlike, potentially asking your out after no she's married actually now and you have it still, what going to say is that it the thing about it? doing a tribute to older people in general, knows there is like get him while they're alive yeah like we call up, I got who's that film and that we do the research like. Maybe we can get her and this I just lost her to go. They put her in the ground and dammit you now, I'm like a lot of would come down like from Debbie. Does the pussy failure these are real people and they have real lives and Georgina Spelvin. It was like a legendary porn actress. She was in behind the green door and all that won't let different stuff the devil in Miss Jones, the Devil Michelle's. I'm sorry, I don't think, but she was like she was.
Before milk was was a term like she re older than the rest of them, and she had millions into job. I do you go about, but thank you for not watching you go off. I porn actually excited you ve, seen him in a. Why doesn't he doesn't do any of that? Something is not a point. I why was fast days of recent food guy that I remember watching line, and it was. It was a guy. I can't remember the actors, but he was like an old guy now anyway, arching himself, forty years earlier, yes, and even the sermon I remember who, as you know, that Canada chiropractors like watching old home movies, a great big, aroused again it's like a day's glued, as I feel that the EU needs to come back. I think I'm waiting for that check, but I was trying to get in Germany and other countries. What german, maybe german embezzling by had no Netflix stallion employees doesn't do they had it action now. It's a relevant for today's times, something I got there always on the cusp of that
Producer jam has transcended enjoyed there James. What am I gonna ring, and I regard it as a documentary now I'm moving on to the next project, but I I did in joy doing it. I always one broke. Do analysis through a lot of my own money at it over a couple hundred grand? We, because I didn't give us enough money to say the first person ever to lose money on board and arrogant worst produce. I am, unlike the Heavens Gate aboard only what sex what happens is bumping makes it just keeps your other project to oh yeah. Let's talk about those storm arose, yeah, there's an historical role for meddling now and probably know how to say who it is. But I will say that I will get a lot of pictures on your wallet phone. Fine reminiscent. No,
But how did you go about this? How much you lead to tell us its historical rose when we roast dry rules for maybe rust people. I always wanted to meet a roast and their comedians. My pals play the roles and I got The work on my favorite writers and it's so much fun that'll come out in a few months, so the person has to be dead. Yes,. They can't be, like Kobe Bryant now. You know me I'm a martyring expert. This is it you take dead, people entering I'm alive, and then you rose to where they wish they were dead democratic. I think it's have busy customs taking an arrow in his own language alone. How many people are rusting the person who is dead and that there is usually three and then
I don't get him away and then be couple interruption from other sort. Aside guests in the audience and when I left This is that now, was at the end of all variations of roasting, yet we did arose, battles awesome raided slavery, rose, it's it's icon and now here start over us. One ready animals roasting yourself? A chip mom you that's all I can think of PLUTO you're, not even a plant in kids are going to be easy. Bailey gross would be the most successful about this right have nearly out earlier dogs, right, Babbitt's, documentaries, about people. It's called dogs, my way flashed through dogs. It's like hey ears
the dog changes. Families live my website. What says watch three, so you put down rose to each other at a big. It's yours, roasting currents teaming up on the two hour What would you think it's been fifteen years what was the best rose? What was the best question? Well, you have now, For me, it was the most fun I ever had was a flavor flames roast Because he liked it so much like his birthday, he was just a little delighted. Man jumping up and down with a crown on so and sheer dog came over me like it was just a really fun time and it was a year where the world really needed it and like we did. We went and it was provocative, but it was good hearted will you know my favorite? Never was it wasn't one of the ones you produced, which one it was that it was Shakira source you're, an expert.
Now that is the best one day, I'd love with their visa. Like the fight club rose said, I don't even know about Jack decided to pay for his own rose, exactly it's on exactly what was it corporate did they rested Emmett Smith, The first one year, I met him in the second, when I did the image Smith thrust in her father. He followed, Moose Johnson, the Dallas Cowboys, who voted no it arose, was and went up and jests, and I say it like a beach now he gave up like a nice speech by Adam Smith and then have carried out under the nice speech a twenty minute reading everywhere, the best man's weddings, so they don't ESA. Seventy Gaza, because sire have anything moose Jackson stole out by sheer cut. They have and he's just mad immediately. Everyone is bad and then, and then Jamie Fox Clowns, pretty hard and then move Johnson like pushed his chair
Originally, it was worrying. It certainly very aggressive one when they're kind of tricked into it, like when don't get it. You know that I feel bad for them too, like when they don't get internet his own. Like sit down. Watch this here's a ears like the rose, it's all good fun and like if we want to be part of a that's cool, but instead of going like you know, a rose, these airlines could go oh yeah slowly when they really don't you know, did we you involved in the east paean rest that damages destroying the tapes? I saw greening not too long ago and he were involved in their yeah. I was remaining, I drank who isn't it? Everybody was one person and worked for the network. And I remember like she got it color. You know the suspension or something some reprimand so just to save face they just the didn't ere. It I remember, being a wonderful night in Atlantic City sold out those two guys. It was a huge night in their lives like everybody came out their friends and family. So
You know. I think that was a long time ago. What I have noticed that you appreciate this and part of it is, you know, people like you, talk about it in their sports world, but everywhere. You don't really get bad sports anymore. Everyone's down. If you come in, I know you can't say what I was getting into any more. So It's been kind of fun in and it gives me a licence to kill. Because it between you two have in common is such that I actually love the process of this last colony. Central prove Willis, roast yeah, because Bruce kept. Calling me in saying make fun of this make fun of that don't hold back. I don't want to see my guy held back, bring bring. Am I a game? I won't tell him you want to bring their a game you wanted to promos himself like big movie star like when it's like shack up Shack when I first when I first heard that Emmett Smith, I rehearsal, if I ever told you this,
I was nervous because I was like sort of unknown roast warrant that popular you, the only way personae person in a room with thousand people, and beforehand? I said the shack. I said I have some pretty like hard hitting materially think it'll be. Ok, are you gonna, be ok, shack and he said my hand? He said no one never told me to hold back on a basket. Corn, I'm never going to ask you to hold back up at arose. The thing is learning new. My rap, I was really given athletes, that's what they do their like. That he's like that, yeah he's I think a lot of them now and you could doubt tell us better than theirs. They know but there are they there's a worried about branding and promotion, and they have all these deals that are not allowed to say. Things are not allowed to like laugh at certain things. They want to be seen in certain places because of the business. All you know what I'm saying that I totally to them outside day day
have the watch it, otherwise they can lose whenever there is a contractor. Whenever we ended at sports person arose right now alive, the best sports a man yet moodily, I'd love to do me. Rob Grand Caskey would be pretty great. I would be great awaiting adversaries of them, though. Like as a series of sport, and I think now we really cool. I he is pain. Was they asked me, opinion I know, what's about whether they should do sports rose, and I was like I can't even your taking our jokes out of my column Syrian arose to cry, but you can't even handle one liners a good fire online call. They would have to go through such a filter home. Had it there's no look cornea when looking hysteria, Bradshaw, Woods and Anna posted Boomer like I've done p, d, rows of athletes and certain situations I hosted. Golden glove awards. Who is who?
love saw, who killed the mouse near yourself accepted at one of us. Hey what you like! Nine minutes, ten minutes, everybody's different united answer that question. What do you mean I met a determined snow about once a major goes up, and just absolutely always it who's who time slang, was rooted or at any rate it was really get here. He was really Geraldo. I mean he raised his eyes financially better every rose like he knew he had to step up for while there was like this almost like an arms race of insults between him and LISA, like whom here, through a harder against you again to thing about Geraldo people overlooking after remember when they would watch among those comedy central rose, does not warm up there. He would people would eat drink and then the show and start a Gregg would be the first roaster out the house would would do away. You know we, whatever the hostess and set the tone,
but you and watch Greg the pitting homers before there is even yet Stands earning okay, so so the crowd is literally leg you could hear like for exceeding the dish people just like leaning in going. What do you say to any kind of? He just slapped him awake so that this sucks that the word bombings not right, though these is more like he was usually shooting you slapping people before they could even laugh gonna Monday, that by the end of it he was like her. I shooting Just a different approach: he didn't have time the patients There is a new it he's amazing that way like fearless, just like your own, just pushing pushing them. The door I knew jeff- took rose seriously when he started the rose battle and Ralphie Mega voted out. This is definitely not rigged if his visitor
those traumatic for you. You know for a while. I was there was Jimmy camel- and I were the judges- and that was tough, but you know I do Take it seriously and Rifle Ralphie lost that battle, and sometimes it takes a little while, but he figured out that he lost whenever Rafi died. Last year, is it? I feel ass a couple friends here and there are many: I'm training who asked rather died, grow, Gerardo Ralphie, Patrice on a computer is, I know we send Sean rouse. Was a good friend dames passed away, Riesling comedian? taxes in Asia being a comic, but let's now Why? But I think you had Ricky J everybody, oh my god, great magician Irene.
That New Yorker piece about him for the only five years ago that, like one of the best ones egg over the available, is like dive feature on how crazy Grady was. He is like the magicians magician this guy, and here he also like was like where he like, you know, ran away come a magician. I like that. You know who what younger person is doing the most inventive stuff right now that a magic or income Jim Kommeni, but spoke about over a magic, coveney, ventriloquism, this minority form Is there anybody out there that pushing the emblem ranch? because in the gateway to law school. My favorite comic right now, but one of the museum and eager his grey yonder. She has a new Netflix special accorded deplorable. She really kills me she really really killed. She's great she's, like him out on the robot Damon I'd turn some of the bump, MIKE's tore dates and you don't like she,
She comes out right away and just weeks the audience up, she's completely, so she self deprecating liquor she so funny. I like her alot, I return and aims. I can I love the joke. People like people, like you know like fanatical Joe, writers. Like our Louis has my very own Norman then SAM Morale just awesome greater it might Fiona. Guys are really good. They're all like super hard core comics and, like you will see them. You know a lot. I have that they will. They will similar and then there's like you know the guys that you still owe me who are now super great, like jail, Carson and J and sand, and I'm sorry Dan showed dance odor. That's that fun ride and those they're. Both really great comic sounds like somebody is seventy good people out there now it, but I'm really kind of like in their own bubble of what they think they like or what they should. While you know, we love you out and go We're calmly club lifestyle
unseen, unlike just check it out and even of its oxygen okay, you know what I I checked it out. I did something that people used to do all the time right on scene. I went to a common show. The worst things have is: have a drink and leave. You know I mean honestly like having to have. You walked out of a movie your life? I can maybe twice. Okay, so do a twice. That's not going to say. No it wasn't it what's. I try support bag comedy funny, Joe Mackey, whose on our show is awesome and events and well solvents delay on our side and bring them up. Then does the top club chef there is it just everybody's got their little corner of what just the best comical Brenda, Oh I don't know, I would say out here that you know I'm a huge fan of both the improv and the comedy store, because not only do I have work there, but I know that got the people that run it and I really do like now that they used to start as waiters and waitresses at another comedy club, where I was headlines and its and its people.
How do you get it having become like when you the comedy world like from from. Like almost like. I guess you could say it like Squire tonight a king do whatever is ice, a lot of you both started at the at though I used the word, the door to common club and like have just like work, their way through the whole system, whereas I love that, but that their great clubs, all of em actually out here, I think, are really cool like the Improvin laugh factory in it, but the calm, there's no such thing as your one Raina income. Story, his eye out here in New York. It still like the seller paralyzing, oh yeah, I filling them what kind of having a moment every We club an ally in New York and a lot of the clubs on the road there, it's etc. It's like a mission right now the world is uncertain politics, no one ever will be reviewed. The cup commit com, they allow comedy never once at a blue moon. You heard about someone coming around with it, but now it's permeates all. Comedy that it's like the wave sports,
like NASCAR politics, Emily a team in a slogan. So I comedy clubs support different ideas, free speech. Comics who think one way or another. They didn't book that way they book on popularity and and and being able to kill, and I think that how many clubs should get alot of credit. For that you know the com. Pillar, for example, bull. What will be the most liberal and the most conservative comics an end. They book just the funniest people. You have a mix of everything and but you and roast, to give the comedy, store credit and ran This battle is where you'll see disabled Ex transgender comics. Asian comics than you would normally see on a line up and, of course, black. White and irish in Italian and comedy is more diverse and mixed. I'm not seeing woke the wool comics, but me to sleep practically just general, like funniest people, common around, and maybe because I don't know
does high no comic, just as terrible Superbowl incorrect. Trying, China, I don't know psychosocial justice warrior. Sometimes people are funny make an appointment. You know someone would say: George Carlin was awoke comic, but When was the last time we is Jeffrey say dating people that is twice as old as energy as he laughed it is like. Lapping model has gone on in my teams. We never let it out of the small circle. Allison I will say is that I have just one way says all these are my reserves there watching you in watching me calmly. Central guy. You know it's kind of its kind I like creepy a goal that, like an hour you that you ve been doing this long and night now, there's all generation coming up behind it, and I think that's the it's cool to see. I dont really see myself are going
ass, tat, but it for for the urgent region. Yet they are like coming up now and Leah what they're going to do what they can to have to face. I can only imagine I really feel for them. It's really a tougher game it. ITALY has more states to it. I really feel for them in terms of comedy would you like? If you do to really get bennets, I could end up being an especial rather over. Then somebody, video tapes here and now it's on Youtube. While the United States has come down the all idea of lights, going to economic lobbies the in the bay. When there's like Youtube sensation, that these people in our life, They they basically are raising our children they're the ones that these kids watch. You know every day putting up a new tutorial or whatever it is, and then they then they go to the clubs and they saw how big time. So, if you want a comedy club, you know you got a balance. The two of like you know. I need to pay the bills, and I also want I like support comedy so ray you might somebody's gotta followers are absolutely to cover everything.
I think, with a man, it's great media bumping, funding, MIKE's Bobby MIKE three episodes, but then it said season, one which makes me think another's always does sets had season when I did know that and realise that you write Dave wow, we got another check coming, sounds like you know, but we're not signed up for that could make the money back from the Porsche Thou would be great now. We get past it back in the black another framework guaranteeing anyway, coins have areas donated thinking. I'm not saying we would do another season, but if we did, I think it would be fun a girl on the road or like to Europe or something like a house. I do another season, you'd take everything and one weekend without going to hang out together? Do thing? Surely, but we were material. I won't do it unless firepower, like it the long time delay and that they have some reason. Other than that I have one more question, one more question:
I have a question: when was the last time you guys were really bad at each other. I was there. The driver, grievous I'm afraid to tell the story because we finally not fighting about it anymore. He's gonna, easy, we'll have a cigarette. Your long time to tell a story, we now standing up for the breakfast club in here. I just got talent. I haven't hung a yet wow too great when you're one poster away from a hot topic. In the only time I get loosely would even drugs. The only time David's we get mad out is when I'm not allowed to visibly do it in front of people we'll be on stage. Copying professional will be stage privilege to be like promoter in the room and he'll start yelling at me about some nonsense from the night before, rather like David, don't fight in front of the people but will be stage and Arthur for the same joke three nights in a then will finally be like shooting
big shower wherever and I'll be like Dave how's our tripped Oregon like to set them up for the vague and Strip a better whatever, and just look at me like I'm speaking Portuguese, and let me just be given these were the was set up so inside I'll be steaming where my blood pressure is like rage squandered year assessed. Biometric passport, lay it's like. I gave a game and value Benita battened down else had the same problem, the Eagles, I'll put us on that level of I may make a check it out and ethics, push me Jeff great to see, was always realise, thereby like this lobby, but I would agenda for realises that my daughter, America's favorite team pop culture segment, but first all birds is dedicated me stylish, comfortable footwear using print. Natural materials designed for lives, everyday ventures, birds
oh runners, are comfy she's made from William press them. Saying Albert. Where's will hardly were set together. Design If we know unnecessary logos, they come in a budget a second limited edition causing were to work or to play in the office. Ratan tat feel good about them out New Zealand Marina will require six percent, less energy produced and typical synthetic materials used in shoes. It's easy to certify, which means its grown out sustainable farms where they treat the sheep nice, they treated meanness of semi a whole bunch of these and super comfortable wearing them today in the rain. It's him. To feel good in the rain. I don't know what to do. I should really now. I had a mixer without a right around the corner, it's time to consider all birds as a gift for someone analysed or for yourself. The new or wool runners are available in a variety of limited edition, colors at Aubert's DEC. I had my daughter's always here.
For another instalment of America's favorite teen culture segment, four reels is a Can you are I'm You consuming alot of a lot to me, lately, especially cuz. You had Thanksgiving break off cloud through the hunting of Perhaps as ever got there
Why was this your favorite tv show about them so to give a little back story of the plot of the show, if you haven't want shit which, if you haven't concern for your health, because its eventual I've ever watched, it is about this family who I've kind of they lived in a house called the hull house which had been around for thousands of years and ruin to be haunted throughout the town and the family. Weird things begin to happen and they kind of start falling apart, but a flash back from one, the kids in the family, our kids and showing their lives living with. Like these ghosts in house to house, affected them being adults and like how it still affecting them and adjust its insight in that sells the person it's, but it's like it's not depressing its.
Really scary and like if you're one of those kids are people who ever you are that are really into being scared? Yeah and emotionally tat attached to a tv show. This is your show it's. Why do you lay? Why do you, like movies and tv, show so much where something's wrong with those few really secretly wants of the new round with our house? Or do you want to move to us that something's wrong? I think I like watching those types of shows that have issues with past, because that's like my worst view, living in a house that has something wrong with it, like the basements filled with some thing her, Every time you turn on the shower blood comes out like I'm, who I think most people would be afraid of blood was clear. The share yea you will go nowhere. Attic nomadic, never know how much would it to pay you to go into the attic for five minutes. I mean Lattimer yell automatic I'd say you love that one! You
since the last time I hereby some around the euro predicting that two other boys I love before was gonna, be a massive hick, as you read those books and then it became ahead. We talked about that, but now you read the other book that she did was epoch. Am I read this summer? I turn pretty, and I'm finished with the second that guy onto this third book in the series- and I also read her book called chug, which are both are all great bugs- that I feel I would make a fantastic movies like twelve. The boys ever before was so successful. Not only because of like the pie, the movie, but the cast the like no assent, like is a big here right now, everyone's obsessed with them
yeah this year we talked about this last semira, but the share this is social media combining with teen movies yeah. So his instagram was like under a million and now yeah sixteen million yeah. He has gained more followers in like a shorter amount of time than like anybody else. Had he embrasure as more followers and the President so I hope that's true here heard president by yeah, You follow him on his yeah. What's going out with his life, why are people so interested in them? He, I feel, like everyone, so interesting him, because he was like a very quirky character. That was like adorable
more so than like, he was lovable adorable, but lovely awkward. Exactly and his instagram is like he's doing this modeling campaign with some company and pretty sure, but all this post are like him with his dog him eating breakfast like it's always someone else he's in no way narcissistic like he'll always be posting. Pictures of other people are, as fans are, like he's very three has been selfless tainted here by fame. Now we knew has a lot of it. You dear back and forth
your friends or you get attached to certain celebrities. Salaries and pictures were those celebrities, Knowest Albania, the dawn twins, like my favorite Youtube, is right now an answer like there's a bunch of conspiracy theories between, like the dawn twins, the one of the twins IE, then this other Youtube Emma Chamberlain who just moved to ally like a year or two ago that there like dating secretly but she's, contain and he's almost twenty, so their knowledge like announced them dating, and we thus illegal. I know you're, not a lousy, led somebody. I another thing. You know you know that any business sickened spirit like you know, actually know that it's happening, but it's like a lot of people are like he s the wait till she turns eighteen and then they're gonna at it. I don't know that.
Their fears illegal, it's like it just a conspiracy there. I think we should run on jail till every day that have already been Doin felt like we send a videos back and forth which are like at its that other people make who also like the dawn twins, and they like create added with pictures from like all their bit. Puzzling, songs, narrowly funny Craig did you know any of this now I really feel separated from. I think this is what I would do for roses and Craigs that, even though much older than you, I know it's crazy. Thank God, you're not allowed to date. I don't have to worry about you having somebody waiting until you turn. They feel today how much have many ages it, because it s kind of science, ass friends, and it's like everyone, just you know how, when people are best friends, they have to make it awkward and they have to like throwing their old they're, probably dating so, It sends a Europe
deftly that carry that. Yet as funny about your friend, ok, exist. Netflix announced some movie that there are casting for that. When I told you the platte you you just not knowing anything about it. They haven't even made the movie at her cast the lead in Euro. Like that's, gonna, be a big hit. The tall girl. Member. I sing that thing. It was there. Thing for somebody who's like in high school, whose, like five foot and five four eleven and cant find ah boyfriend became so tall. Interrelate outlines that one The massive hit maggie I wish we could buy stock in this, the honestly, but the one thing that I will make it a massive here as if they have like an attractive male care it was so it has to be she's she's, like five ten, five, eleven and he's like fire, mate, but he's super handsome
for you. She find somebody who's taller. How does it go what would you say? That's like that's a tough cargoes. That's a movie that I've, never but that's the movie that you want yeah, that's a movie that want for sure, because it has like a weird twist. I mean and you can't Dade somebody will you now added anyway, but you can't you you'd have trouble deigning. Somebody was shorter than you know. They were, I think that would have to be taller rain NEA. The complex, our friends to the giant, oh yeah. I do why this movie woodwork deserve any has at least one friend is a beautiful but six guitar tall I've Tanner, whatever its harder for them to find people there, so you Second, this were yeah yeah. I saw tonight you should be in it. Maybe they could cast. You can have a package of the target, what are you so a stars born aside If we talked about that one on the pad, I think we have. We did last
how many times have you seen it? We got the screener chasm in their passers get well. I haven't watched his screener yet because I didn't it then ass you, but the most definitely will be watching that like another. When I wrap say we have not talked about all bohemian give us your view, thou. Ok, so I did not want to see the movie. I thought that it was going to be like I don't know. I just didn't want to see it. I wasn't really interested and but Ben Timmins. Your brain obsessive queen fan, seeing bohemian RAF City has had First, we negotiated movie with him and I feel transformed after seeing it was so good there, which is basically the concert stuff made a great yeah, but like there was much of a movie, though, is it showed? No, it showed is like how his road defame went and like everything that happened, to get him to the point where he was there was like
I don't know is one of those movies that you really felt connected to because it was like so emotionally hard to watch because he was going through so many things in a vast amount of time, which, like thing, can do to you but cannot happen you after four reasons when you get a fourth, my gosh again fancy had their fifth like as loving music. I love music so much so. The movie is like even better to me because all the songs were great and then also coming home and then bends on you to bridging the princess trust cancer from eighteen? Eighty three Frazier gave singing Frederick Freddy Mercury in his weird out faithfully this kind of Mercury Ben
Your brother goes through these obsessive stages. This one has been their bad buddy at Michael Jackson. I know Tom wrangling. Michael Jackson has come back at least three times and were kind of expecting a fourth. It started off when he was like want sex, Right when eyes at the aids to get invited to the Neverland Ranch and Yahoo Jackson was still around, he was God he's not here, hopefully not, but he he went through Michael Jackson than back the wrestling Animals Hamilton couple Hamilton, Rosea, thin, Michael Jackson, then Hamilton Ruddy, spa baseball. No, it was hockey for Hardly a ban on Friday and again for the baseball and girls. Yeah. That's true. He could tell you this week and here he is he does so concerned with his appearance. Now he made me: do his hair, like five different times in the bathroom, to go to school seriously,
Not nazi concern with iter, as there's somebody who's trying to impress- I don't know, I think, about nuclear some years ago, the glance, a cool kidneys. Your aid, like he's, he's like the funny clown of the class, but he's like the cool kid, so I think are the serves, no, that he's a clan yeah, yeah yeah. He had heard the stories and he asked if he could be the present over frat someday. So I know we're in trouble there way what other pop culture we soon became a rhapsody love. So you think The family movie, the whole family forgot our yeah. You love this. Hours, Burma, we talked about that already the good place. The good places watching the yeah I'll come in here. So you know That's why you're my is seven or eight in the first
so. The guy you create a good place. His son is on bends baseball team, see ever these eyes. I asked him about an awesome, can ask, and quite right I am- I started watching it because all my friends were obsessing over it ends. I was hanging out of my friend Ella, whose, like our family friend, I've known since forever, and she just put the episode on a knife like literally blown through it since then, and I've only how, like maybe a day or two, and then I got back into school. But it's such a good show like I really like it think is understandable that some people might not like it. But I really am overjoyed large military popular showed the rare here really out of the rare great Mohammed.
And the hate you give the hate. Yes, I so many things to say about it for one, if you're going to see the movie, please read the book first. I know that sounds like cliche unlike stupid, but you really should read the book first. This is one though scenarios were like the book is so good and includes more than the movie. I loved the movie. This same amount as I love the book, but you really read the book first, I thought the man who is so good in it like exceeded every expectation I had four it sends reading the book, but it's like it's very heart. Throbbing, like I never cry, and you know that I did at her side during let him I said yeah unlike don't cry out everything the alarm criteria, Michael Jordan, Commercial, it's the only We have ever chitinous marlene me for like they re movie. I cried the entire time and it was just it's so emotionally impacting like you definitely should stay.
Read the book you going through your pint icicles next year you ve had to applications in I'd better self and take test cycle for three Everson. Yes, so excited so so excited she's like not have distress of it and you like be waiting to know at source, and I dont know that it's one of the few things I miss about being a kid one of us is about being a kid is enough to pay for it. Anything in there. You don't have a job verily. I realize I didn't appreciate my kindergarten homework, which was like Try learn homer, drawing a smiley face on a piece of paper and turning it in I really just did not appreciate that enough. Do we need to go back and watch some of the old high school Is that your dad's gonna score yeah, we're bang out like breakfast? the singing ass, a billion ever gonna run about woman back, never and kissed the Canada has come on
Ok, so my school's doing elective in only I do like those on Friday and my one of my favorite teachers are my school well she's running in elective. That's called a teenage movies empowerment for girls and their like, based on a female like main character, and it's just a bunch of rubies working me watching movies and eating siphoned. Her Someone get to watch Us Highschool movies. I like you're, becoming more, moreover feminist, says you're getting older age. Thirteen and stern happen, I'm not like an insane verse and no new reproachfully. What books are you reading other than the one you mentioned any other ones, because you ve been planned for books. Nea exam burg, recommendations. What about those tools at the publisher saying? Ok, I had one of those guys started the first one. I've been so I got the sand two bucks from a publisher and
I was in the middle of a real- is becoming a brain yeah. I wish or semi uber, whose in the middle of reading three other bucks, but I'd just started the first book that she sent, which I believe it had a traumatic start like those under the low turnout. Me ass, an honest, well anything like thing happens within the family and then at lake brings real sooner spoiling. I can't remember what it's called by israeli gun so far go over Christmas. You have to read its honourable yes and I've been reading a book a week about, like maybe a buck a week in a half, and I have a couple book recommendations. Every Jenny, Hon Book, the I have read, has been so
were successful and I've completely loved and felt torn apart. When I finished what was the book you read when we had the soccer chirping, you read the book and when there are those at the first on the summer, I turn pretty year those of your cloud through the fuss without one. I love that fuck. That territory is really good. Sugar is really good. I finish that in like two hours at the short reads: it's really really good and then right now, I'm finishing, there's a there's three books, this year's to all the boys I've ever loved before and then I'm on the second book of that and yeah. So all the Jenny Han books are really really good. Do you care about our arena grandes? Thank you. Next thing oh yeah region, I've, red shared demo cassettes, become a big social media thing tat. I was in that song a bluff hands. I don't I'll fuck. I like this.
I had it hasn't. What's a thing you're going to Friday, that has shown man. I was jingle of all so excited I literally and allow and shown Mender Scylla Mendez. Who else is in it? and is very high and the power I very I love him, he's amazing and then there's its Sean Mendez, I felt there is somebody else really good hearted be yak. I think hearty b is doing it she's always doing those hopes. Have I save her she's, a great performer who also think there was like doing I really like her she's autumn who's, your favorite new artist to those data that stuff about. I mean. I don't think there's been a new rounding off their like an artist that I'm just really obsessed with. I, like a couple of different song from different artists. Fellow like haven't, found an artist that really.
Thing, they do the biggest thing that's happening. You that you like does that Logan Paw, J Power Color and that's our pressure, love that their Nicole anymore. Now the cool group right now is James, Charles, by the way he just released his first palette, a car which is really cool nets, created a lot of controversy on the internet about his Pollux he's like the most successful. You two were right now negotiable, but he is very a well known and like no matter who you are when you're my age, you know who he is James, Charles James, is went for, have big one who knew Craig yeah. He everyone knows about James, Charles and he just releases palette, Gnats Ben, like a crazy, China's or Congrats James Swimming Brat. What's gonna breath? Oh ok! So I a short my computer, shorter
Who did so? I haven't, I haven't been able to watch couple their upsides, so I caught up- unlike at least four, I think of my favorite one of their shows totally clips here with mad easier learn. Johnny Earl earn droning early likewise ago. Yeah are not easy, were its Mackenzie or you it's my. Z and Johnny Orlando and like a bunch of other people, but I really really would open to let her foot show you liked or the girl had cancer, and then everybody shape aids, that's coming back soon, right, yeah, oh sank. Eighty year, I love that No, I literally watched over the summer, and I've been waiting for. You would have ended you're traumatized after I was ignores the marshlands stay and devoid of one season I use like ice. Sometimes get emotional attached to leg tv shows I wash your books that I read and there's been a couple like the hill House
legs and Katy literally missing that so much alike. Thank eighty, a stranger thing. Which isn't coming out until summer, two thousand and nineteen and that's all it came out almost a year ago. Now so that's kind of depressing say, really love that show. But the add that and my fuck shag, I'd, say: you're gonna Union have Christmas break soon have to watch a lot of stuff. You give us an update, yeah If you have any recommendations, any of you listeners, please send them comment, Demo, my instagram or whatever witches. FR. I realize, because I really you need more tv shows and books that people like. So I can talk about them. This is a great book. Instagram. There was a great five. It's it's the number four, and then it is it's a number four r l s e, easy man and to a whopping
we're thousand followers fresh you're supposed to give more recommendations, inability or are currently in force. This was happening right now. I only a far posts because I've been going through like the applications processing Geronimo, I'm about to go to an interview today, but you want it's all over. I will be more. Active on that account, Craigs been disappointing he commands always him yeah. You I'd thanks to uprooted outcome of the vote as uprooted outcome, Slash, bs, thanks to all birds, they believe comfort, design and sustainability. Dont have to be mutually exclusive. They're all birds- wool, runners, comfy she's made from well so soft feels like walking around adds with how they re around the corner. Stamina, consent ah birds as gift for someone on your list or for yourself buy yourself a gift you deserve it. The all knew all runners are available in a variety of limited edition, colors at all birds that can take.
The fender fanatic, fantasy expert, fenders the place to play at family, get the excitement of researching and building a team each week, regardless of the outcome case last week at the excitement of an intuitive fifty dollars. Tat. I was so smart last week what a great liner bobtails go too fast. That comes. I should be as good a five hour bonus. Make first posit needs. There's only bonus that available for withdrawal state, an age restrictions apply for full eligibility rules in terms and conditions. Could offender doc we are done for this week. We have three good come next. Sunday was sound. Energy watch was that we actually taped yesterday refinancing Chris Ryan. That's how come sit back. A snap
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