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Minnesota's Miracle and BortlesMania With Cousin Sal (Ep. 314)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss Stefon Diggs's miracle catch in Minnesota (5:00), the Vikings' destiny potential (15:00), the Falcons' poor play-calling (24:00), Mike Tomlin's miscues (30:00), the league's lack of big-name quarterbacks (40:00), Tom Brady defying age limitations (48:00), Jaguars-Pats (52:00), Vikings-Eagles (58:00), and another edition of "Parent Corner" (1:04:00).

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right now, don't forget about bachelor party. Are new badger Picassos by Julia Lemon goes up new episodes right after the bachelor ants on Monday night, We also did a little lab little subtle change. We ringer you college for policies and ended in college basketball that Pakistan is the one shining pack s hosted by Tee Frazier Mark Titus that has its own feed turn. The ringing you feed into a feed cut through the ringer as where we are posting, are best of pack ass for sports and culture every week and will be testing at some other paths there as well. So Guinean subscribed to that check it out, at least through the ringer, his name, their pack has come, not cousin sow it's not often that we do this and start text each other and go in
men. We actually have to do a pike s right now. I think this is one of those times but first project, I cousin South, on the line and the emergency package tat. Ninety Frazier yesterday as well. He just occurred in his pack ass Gm Street with Michael body. Sweaty he's tired buddy, I'm tired, I just had to have a coffee, keep going south greatest come back, you ve ever seen or biggest choking ever since I can tell you that the aim of like maybe we should do this tonight and now that we're doing it out, like I'm exhausted, I think I've ever thing. I've ever been like more tired watch.
Game it and involve my own team. I know and in it we had already lost. I had already lost on my bed because of the Steelers again for actually driving over thinking. There's probably the. Seven hours of football put together from an entertainment. What the hell is happening standpoint that we ve I'm sure there's been other Sundays. Saturday's whatever, but I can't imagine anything was crazier than those two teen games combined right right, making it very underrated weekend sports weekend in general, this third divisional Plaza came and speak anymore, but the absolute and while I did some great, we had our big thing. Was we the patriots, but we had Patriot and Steelers money line, like right with a couple more or less yeah a couple things and then so, once I add a bail out of that, and I had to pay a big price to get the Jacksonville in Minnesota Bonnet on parlay and then add Minnesota and the Patriots next week.
Pilots of fire, like the all the sudden riding on that's doing again. Oh no, he added, I don't wanna say But you have all my what's what my hair out, yet it was really bad at ten seconds left Helen was the wind touched Anti Sixty one Europe Thirdly, we are so they're on their own. Thirty, nine after I couldn't believe there was nobody behind him ass. The play was happening. It almost seemed like like there was a mistake and then you realize there's nobody left. Never, even if you do that in a video game it would be like. I don't feel like Ben would do that. My ten year old son, I'm feeling he would be able to have like some last line of defence. There is nobody I actually got? A sad think it was actually a bigger joke and are now and it showed just like a mistake. I guess would be the right word right. I mean that I can't think of a bigger mistaken apply afghan than that in the Unifil. I'm shot. They'd have to tell these guys look. This is what goes on.
Why you keep him in bounds and you known at the fear of two things right and don't don't go for the pig I'm gonna knock down mother, that's all that matters is about the game is over. No time out and poor markets Williams like he came over the early and then blow it on that play is still but I want to give all seems at one a little credit. I know it crap on the losing teams- sometimes there better, but in a case came here too scoring derives under two minutes. Two minute under two minutes lap. Yet they forget that that task to turn the EU into feel arranged the first time, even though they were too much time on that drive that respect you're a man just to get em in range, the second time, mad thought the cave gain. My upset, it's a fourth. That I definitely want to watch again just to re experience it because it felt like when they screwed up on that Willie's need have bag option.
I've been out the accuracy wraps impasse cause before that the crew I was making the same sound that the Chiefs crowd Maiden round one when the when the titan started come back, those that torture fan base crowds window. Something goes wrong like tat, everybody Sphincters Dayton and I know that sound, because that was the red Sox for the first thirty four years of my life. So there you just watch anything out. This is gonna, be bad, then they miss that need ass an outward and one for out away. I don't, even though, is wide open out like, while that I can't believe in this situation. That's what I do want to know in that upon right, don't run, then I dont think you run that in the last ten minutes of again that's a ladder. Ass from Willis need, but they must. Soda comes back and then inquired I wish him off saying come all the way back down, even even like when they got within late. You know when they were heading toward gettin, the touchdown. Possibly I'm sorry
now get confused hitting they square. That's why we're here? Take a data bank again now this girl touchdown the vikings, come back down and it fell they were just a little too happy to get their field. Only by that time on the clock, so they're saints come down, and then there was a one played the latter's deem pick up on to get a first down. They still need to get a couple more yards for, let's Vigo and they throw little out on Willis need any went out of bounds, now more than a little out of the fourth, and can be no doubt that this is a huge convergence that that was amazing had Willie Stena Fantasy Teen this year, and I think three catches, augur that way, I'm probably after we gave no after that after they got the first day. The ruling out any went out abandoned the monkeys. Didn't have to use a time out, and I remember thinking that's interesting now the vikings don't have to use other time out had that one laughed they were actually able
Is it when they got around the forty, but I just think you know what can hurt you at that point when you're the saints, but you know big for bath, can probably kick like a sixty yard er right, so they have to get to the forty three to get twenty yards. You know how I got worse board body language out of any kicker out we had had for bad. That was there was, covered in em out for sure he was going to miss the one before right. Without they ran the little Vikings terrible feel go man Now, that's ever guys are there and they did that. Other thing word Aden earlier ice them and I with a dumb challenge, because it was built after, like case came through, and I would try to make it like you, act and add range, but clearly was in fact I'm like this is while there I think that kicker for a good six minutes now because it is dumb challenge any ended up making at any rate. So with that little time left, you know they can come in the middle. The field.
What I don't understand is why don't you just have like for defensive backs on each sideline any basically make it so that you have like two or three people that are basically on the sidelines within where you'd have to get to feel well. But then you have a couple more people back and you just rationally two or three who cares the Arab? What are they gonna do value that fat and throw it to the sidelines. He has like this little radius on each sidelined to throw it either. You just stack people there and people behind them, which would be impossible to do anything and they should get. P. I believe that we should be a deep guy back there I mean I just broke down it's bad for markets Williams. Everyone flying up there in the coverage, but. Let me know when you want to talk about this extra point, because this is spectacular gambling well with that was trying to think of what was a bigger screw up. Then Williams gone for the attack oversees just China would keep him in dancer, do whatever they like than when I could think of. Was there
Ravens Broncos game from like fire, which I could hear who car in the ravens. I thought it was Tory Smith, but it was Jacobus Jones. I don't know, more was more than DE back yesterday by somebody can't win for the interception and just blew and within the sidelines. There was more time in the clock. I think so is bigger fur variety reasons, but that was the the other one. I could remember from the last ten fifteen uses, as of anybody could think of other ones, our just like indefensible gaps. At that I mean earnest, Viner fumbled. Obviously it's hard to blame somebody because they fumbled like that, can happen. This was like crazy. I feel terrible farm because you know here the only thing that maybe could make you feel better about it. As someone who had Vikings money, why did I offer them by giving three and a half on the other I got an early in the week, my like foreign, I, with my pictures, wake up the ringer,
allows grandma ain't living Rover. I mean the vague extreme half was a little suspicious, but were given because he had only whether they desire they get. There stood a video grew by two million deaths that have to be six five and at the end of the island I'll say about markets. Williams is, if digs catches that and as someone with like some money line, I almost wanted digs to catch it and go out abound. Could that make a feel go and let the horrific ending for the saints if he makes like a fool- through your period at twenty five guidelines that we spend that abound up, he gets pushed out abounds. They still have a chance to win. But not undermine the cut in the tool open made a mumbling to the twenty five and I start screaming, screamed undergo out about well. Add. It was weird I so Maybe I was sitting with my way for good care less and knows nothing about football and she's.
Watching and she was actually enjoy in the dream of the game and just kind of my kids. Were there the my kids rats, I play basketball She was gonna, go out and put my son, and I was again go out this game's over and she's a gets how's it over and out. It's all. I think the only way they would they would win as if it's a miracle Stan, maybe that America there, like your case, Then she stayed inhabitants she's, like I told you. This is why she she's doing the item Do you think is, as they exist ready, but out of US airlines by called I arrived here, every right always nice to witness America when women, but wives, husband, they'll, want to stay in the miracle would have any extra point. Yet, let's talk about a lot of psychic backer. Yes, they have Israel, that they always have to kick the extra point now it's weird about this is when you score the radio. Yet with no time and the clock, all rules go The window, like p, digs sterling his helmet every by the vocation. In observing his helmet everyone's through their helmets. Everyone's on the field
None of this is apparently somehow play forgetting mic'd. Getting might Myers is running around it's in the two hundred people get off the field its way down. RO. We have to do the extra point, as a rule by Rule Stephan Day is to find things. He scored the touch them. Then he threw tell me the answer by rule: that's fifty yards equity type. So then they, and I knew they're gonna nail, but it was still goddamn exciting. It really were so let what lay about set it up, because a lot of biting backers had minus five and a half, because that line when that shot up there, We can add that can kick off. They went the five. An app fell, the book the school. Without the extra points It is twenty nine twenty four yet day, I'm watching with a guy who has minus five and a half is like no, they have to kick. The extra point of like they have to line up for but I'm tellin you right now that they're not gonna, wanna, rub it in you, you knew you thought they were robbing railing, yet the only chance they had as if that is what happened
twenty years ago. A p care on the Patriots was one right, whether nights we rise peak era was kind of a bozo, although he did rise, Clara Belle when they left failed, and then we ran in the two point and saw Beethoven too for the cover dry. Then, but then so now there saying all this age, my not even come out for those like I will now they have to nail. This is ridiculous, and then they showed a saint coming out, miss the poor, miserable saints or walking. With their helmets opted for the twilight and case kingdoms, when I think again, the crowd going it doing that shark thing, whatever you like, clapping over his head in the sand, doing it in unison, like oh, my god, you gonna run apply here what's going on, but they didn't do it then click it and twenty nine.
For final phenomenal gambling end and just write your, and so when it went to five on Thursday, it stated five, basically until when, when did it go five and a half this morning there was this morning in our timer, I'm trying to think what I put that came up against furthermore, shocking ending it's. The only thing you would think is the music city miracle right within that had lower states, because in this thing it's like the winner goes to play Nick Falls and Philly and is probably get him. The Superbowl always be favoured to make the Superbowl brat we're gonna save for titans bills, does the catch Niners and in cowboys, but there is still time off the cowboys actually had a possession there. They just this is the idea that the only play off came to end on a touch downright that guy stand still the slaughter. Agenda on a touchdown today to tell you
not tat, Bats Falcons Edna Touchdown, but that was falcons, I'm sorry, but would all blocked at out of it. When we draw up in the seventies, the legendary play was was the the hail Mary was stopped by comparison right, but peers pushed off and then in college and another by heeded pusher. And I will end by There- was no real go because the goat was the fact that the reception and all that mega research in which they reside there was really go for that either the ball back, you know, got bad backwards, there's no votes and Franco Harris is running down the fairly scores. What was Weber's is running a camera who can give us a shot of the ground ever the years later. We still don't know right and then, through the eighties, like earnest, Viner was definitely the biggest goat. I can remember from the eighties, and now it was awful and I was like it looked like he was running into the Enzo laws and they found
was right. I mean there's nor were the bad came running area innocent in the nineties right Brett far, Touchdowns got all that was now. Something else that really matter been the number one in. And dramatic, dramatic Plath implications, not just at the final for change, but you know, as the Red Sox faint, I'm concerned now because the Red Sox are not going to get anywhere in the sand and bring this home eminently in this place, but just get ready for this Bulgaria. I and I've written this, and I really do believe it that when you, when you had the stink on you as a franchise in the fans, have the stink and people get that mode of adjusting. Worse thing, is going to happen at all times and you can view the Vikings Canada, fair their fans kind of feel that energy in the stadium you'd need like that Robert Steel, improbable beating
Yankees twice in twenty four hours and Fenway gone back, the Yankee Stadium Raw Senor, probably confident you need, like some but a crazy thing. Tat to flip it sought in that's, most supernatural, and it feels like that happen. For the Vikings they now. I'm scared out. I want to see them the Superbowl. I need they forced to beat them that I want them to be the team, a destiny now that their whole fortune changed Anna Freakin sixty one yard miracle. That's a team I don't wanna buy. I wasn't scared of any of these teams until that play Watch Minnesota their great defence. Oh, my their defence and breeze shredded their defence and the Jaguar, and things that the? Although watch, to give up forty two points there so yeah I will add- and I am talking about that game too, but offers one million talk out of it. You should be scare the themes, good, disliking, steamers good. They create some bad match up and I think like I wouldn't
when you can't even look at the quarterback anymore. Luxuriant want to favour Brady over anyone, but these guys don't have to. At a time when the game and violated caning did alive. He did, but twenty five forty three eighteen like. If you don't you get it, to throw one interception I had a proper water. They give me my own prompting falls borders a merry Oda over four and a half interception this week, zero. They adhere all those three land, Why? Two of those three are advancing to the final fours? It's it's a weird game plan that these guys put in place and it's working for some of them. I thought the saints. I pick the saints plus five and I really kind of felt like they were the best Messi team and I didn't know if that meant they were going to win the Minnesota game. I thought it was going to be a three pointer back and forth, but as the game unfolded, especially in the second half.
Once they got their kind of their sea legs and figured out the speed of the vikings suggesting what adjusting, but they were better. I saw. The Viking did seem like every driver, defensive player was going off them day, o who all been Allen. Had Dame interception and earth like United, creating better than that, and then Newman one roads went out within the concussion. Tat came right out like roads, your goods, You know that positive, it's for you gonna, take a shower cocktail. I want to see what goes on in that can talk again. I will do a lot, but he came back again, but there I mean you know they're gonna score points that seven points or the minute by minute. Thirteen left in the third right the same day day shredded making the second ass an the jaguars get shredded, but in the eagles. That on that to say my team, as Impressive defensive performance has once again
get out of hand in the titans were kind of pigeonholed haven't a throw you knew there were done. The eagles defense was was excellent, abhor and you know we haven't done the lines or unity the lands in a little bit, but I kind of like the eagles again. That no, I think, there's nobody believes in that zone again. What we ve got that game for. Second by it, but I believe that this is a weird thing because they bore played into each other's handling like, I would have told you, J J would have fifty we are, rushing blog would have nineteen yards. Rushing the Eagles would have fifteen point. How many were what would you have anything less? Would you have mortgage anything? That's Atlantis Game right. What about the four fumbles yeah and the formal and the falcons just keep keep benefiting offer returned fumble which at a nowhere, but I was China to snap on twitter because we had a bed tat, I loved them.
I was really proud of that. Of course, the steward screwed up, but it was basically the eagles in the under with this man, I'm the pathway line which are easily. Just could have gone against today by taking JAG plus seven Applin. As anyone who says in his now, I'm an idiot and the the eagles. Like that, first half I was gonna snap. I got it. What am I renew resolutions was done snap on twitter daring, that's not going away after they got their third kick return. Fumble inside the other teams. Thirty in three halves has lost as a fucking kidding me, this team farmers are they gonna get their legs seven and nothing on fumbles interceptions after three ads, We have mainly flipped when Eagles win from plus three plus two and a half two by we were were thing and you I got. What do you think I like? I think this is going to?
really really embarrassing. If the next fall shows up that I'm worried bullshit, alas, the wonted couldn't score against the raiders on at the Christmas night and the one that wasn't even close to scoring info our boys, in a meaningless game that this is bad that we're not gonna, lay the two and a half and win, but I thought falls. We have like a one interception caution with him yet, and luckily he didn't Baden, give it up, because we have been trying to transport what we're atrocious, yeah, really almost sentiment. He threw interception of somebody's, neither bad straight to his receiver and who is the biggest pollyanna half ramp, though their defense was Ed Atlanta was that we thought they were, which was a team that, at the worst possible time, was gonna, get sloppy and poorly coached and make them decision. That was the team. I thought I was gambling its last week. They forever after sent, and then they stuck to everybody and fully- and they did all this yet we watch them do I'll year, culminating in forth into the eagles
calling out that they're gonna run the roll out play on defence and then bring with it after the Avery like we do the role that was coming roller arms, they have a covered perfectly. It's a complete disaster. Anna and the falcon should be ashamed of well sarkisian procure ought to be ashamed of himself had taken this often dumping in the toilet. The hand was I I don't know. I know you're gonna hate this, but then I was on a text with appalling kid. Fuck em, that will allow play also because it kept up two thirds of the field. I think of Jones doesn't fall that has made it a pile on and either catches it or that the p I call somewhere there and that that worry coming he's gotta get to call two. The last foreplay is right. Yeah? I didn't I'm really mind too much. I I Could it be able to be my couch and predict? What's gonna happen with Europe? and that was why we went to bed then last week in the
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and ass for more out of a right, yeah. I've read some stuff over the weekend. That made me feel that made me out of my sight made me feel better about Machnik falls, but at least made sense that when you have basically three weeks to practice with the first string against either transfer string, and its three sowed weeks, a wraps ivy say he's gonna, be better than he was that we sixteen Doeskin, It made sense. So I went into that game thinking at the positive thoughts for nickels and run by the second quarter. I they were not as positive well, I'm speaking of the second corner. Nestled Dovetail entered Doug tightens up damn. I was more courageous, one second lamp on the clock before have his or knowing what we know with data may play. Said on Twitter. I think that they use out of town people for those. I heard that that is not containers. They do for the regular season that class, but it really so here,
out of town people running that clock in the state. I love worldwide, first of America bathed manner. Your patriot hate we injected into our veins. We don't care, I loved and people, including people texted me that I'm friends with we're text to me in the first half a man you get there. Because we're gonna win by twenty eight points. Its target about getting every car ok, boys all talk about it. You have forty real time minutes to beat the patriot and I'm not talking nothing after the first quarter of the beat them we have to be the raft you have to be Bela Jack. You have to the crowd and really do it and seven. Nothing is good enough. Go on home, you're gonna get slaughtered and that's what happened, but I did think like day darted, think big, I call it the second, because I think that the idiot that the defender for the tidings Why tackle a man who called that's all right? I remember it was it was amygdala nation have gone round. The clock would run out there,
thought you might actually adoption, but the Eagles one, which is interesting for gambling application Philly was plus one. Half half and then they kicked out field goal, for that was that was really begged hours. Tat was a close want that, maybe they can electronic run off. I thought we saw so much damn shit this week. In the end, we did and then ass played the last game trumped up a leg, the Steelers one of those four for the one cause Yes, they tried to run up the middle and the guy just got stuff, the other. And was horrible therein, the sweep which balanced beg us all fourteen, nothing when we ve gone forth and why are they not have a back? Today you got an two hundred: seventy pounds, action figure as the quarterback. You have those play an arrogant. Six inches worry I'll, be remember this when they had the sweep was one that was terrible than the other one was the play action to the tight Andrei and got broken up. That was the other by any day now
the play action that they went deep, a deeper than that for three rounds there. There you hide and round that should be sick charges entered the media around which they threw too, which is incomplete and then there's the One element that you bother with the second one I did get short or hit there. They were first wrap. This partner was kind of amazing in that aim. There were no Belgium, I dont think he played that great, but he also had like. For the most amazing throes of his career that game in the play when he threw the bar backwards after it was over the land scrimmage yet I'm pretty sure. I've never seen that before. Have you ever seen that before now aspect or even doing, is knowing where things when he runs the boy you always what they literally had a most backward twenties run rainbow. That did it strange to touch and throws. The brown were outrageous. The threat During a blessing on the bell. The bell was this
but let me know your great great catches that could be dropped under any sort and then and then other times. You know he's totally casual with the boughs five people random he's all over the place and there and then batching, ass many of the game with the matter. And video games scenario is unforgivable, airs unforgivable. Yet once you get the intention ground, during runner. Their play kick feel, go you forty seconds failed all of your line. Answer! Do it. What are you doing? Why, why China Ramadan from the fifteen kicked sailboats over and then and then they throughout the brownie does it get out abandoned? It was like they wanted to get out of there. I I jumped on Twitter that well China, fine odds for my time and to join the money they football should replace grid, and next year there was kind of a half joke
I would like to give a good job and I could have Halley join them to build a guy's sit up. It is shorter no coming back from gettin, be by Blake bottles twice than than your own stadium really is, and you don't want to see they say they were looking ahead to the patriot, but my guy. That first try for Jack and again I'm gonna give them credit, give them more courage than you are going for forefinger from the board? I love the great a great call and format dives, I think like I always they always looks at. You died like three yards to early yeah, but he got in and that that what a but a message that they went up, seven, nothing and I think you're only going to deepened got torch. Tat was all and it was all garbage time from two minutes. What members corn, It will all garbage time when they dig event. Like fifty eight times they gave up over five hundred yards if their defence, Was there any time I know, but if their defense was that good, the game should have been thirty five seven, they were getting from points and
I think I am a bit plays on ad. They did when you got you gotta that carbon spent at sixteen tackles the that's insane Baldos on data. I did have a good difference. I want him, get shredded by the manners and make sixteen and the right of forty four points on some of those borders far, and they gave up forty two points today and then there are two forthem I too, like the Steelers legitimately could have had over fifty points to back him. Without the thing I feel good about a fear. The jagged is how good your office was and how confident border seemed was he come because there was no password, the entire game and it just got super comfortable or easy, getting more confident what you think I don't think he's scared, that's that's the weird thing: bout the end and I'm scared. That's they're scared, Guiana. Pittsburgh! You in here
Exactly needed to do is like fourteen for toys, like I know at a stretch where, like he's bad for me- and I had thirteen attempts are like thirty yards, something before tee for twenty six to forty, eight for fourteen Third down one for one on for them that that's pretty fast He had. It was granted that first drive. He had a couple big thing. Down like swing pass. Green past play is that he did the attitude and the perfect spot, which you know. Last week, I think he would assailed one of those over the guests had last week you on this past joking about out there were five or six years that he may, where you would have wondered if he was left and right, in that area. That happened in the throw the long past two Marquise Lee on first down. That was great. He hinted hit the tide and a couple times I don't know, I thought I'd, give em a b minus four that ain't, maybe even a b,
you gotta, give monetarily growing in their turn it over that that you can get less than a baby. You don't turn a ball overnight situation with that said, I was shocked by just how horrendous Pittsburgh defense was in. Have few difference made as they were in how slow they seemed and how they didn't account for borders in the that he could scramble really until like mid with the second quarter, any killed on a couple scrambles and when it was like, that's all he did last week, but do we? we're talking on the Ringer Slack, about trying to figure out how many above average guys their defence add a was basically between three or four wishes year out, whether you think if Joe Joe, it is an above average number one corner back or not, and I don't know enough about that. They just had a lotta latticed stiffs out there and it's hard for me to believe they can use James Harrison. Who played a lot on Saturday for the bats there. That's true
I'll, get that out there, the impulse of that an even bigger thanks, proceeds airs and ethnic minorities. Our third biggest guy. We didn't mention for everyone. Another super game. Twenty eight hundred nine yards get yeah great. I found him in he had a hundred nine plus four on it. Five hundred nine yards of you count the distant they made him walk in a locker room on a bump, that actually have to walk back to. Why are you getting me? They're gonna get wind it doing less, but today, about who, I think everybody in the world is a dj other than there and their fantasy team for two weeks data view. Everyone's Adam he's never been dead, and now he actually seems like he's pretty competent there, brains. Three of those were the first thou marker. As it may sound. However, I have more jagged praise for you. I think their quota is really get there. I either
there. You don't have a lot of head scratchy moments and jagged games and for the most part there guys the right place. Doing the right things goddamn it. I was Co. Chairing a good meal, visible ass game. The tide was couch and You can be excited all you want about that chiefs when, but you just got your college and I think you just did time extension tonight. Oh, I met the vague up to three years or whatever it is with him up. It was worth it yeah. They were on a map this past him. You know play pass into some degree. We only threatened I only have their. They only do that spread the fee. Brady cause other plays it the Lana scrimmage when they have their and whenever they knew that there, the unstoppable, but there in the regular season. They really do it that much that in that, if they needed tools of the regular
and I think, was a lot of just try to get through the year and when they do that, in Brady's lacked in and Louis, is plain like that, and they have other receivers. It's pretty unstoppable and I think they can be subdued the Jackson. I really do you're nervous admit it seven, nothing Mary odors running is you know, as I was the quarterback termagant mobile, quarterback sooner nervous, love now advanced. The hand was nervous. You show me the tax side for today I thought His brightness of seven straight final for love of Yorkshire. You needed a whole news that a me on these according to that technically enjoy these miserable three hours and all that were hedge, listen part of part of the magic with the passes hunches reversed. Thanks tax, which he kind of half of the leaves, but is first eggs with is, after the paths got knocked out of their first
actually too bad passes a third down for the dead arm. The first text that they gave dead are better. This is going to be a log said three hours back There are made one play in his career and then I'll send a flip, but that's what he does in that's. That's our little guides our little dance that we do and an entire aim is to edge hedge Vance. Hence, like the skies falling guy but he'd deep down knows that we work with my clear guys and your dad theory. You guys are okay, the Brandenburg and played I was worried about your years. Various bolder another inconsequential player that stepped up, listen it's a machine man, it's like God, it's like! What's that, I urge to say about ass, an ally. The Lord Michael's infrastructure, like you, sketch of the infrastructure, dear seven, Saturday night. I think I don't think we ve ever and we lost Saturday night plaque in its work and then you get
actual day or I could lay more rest now I'll do you offer, and I gave a now now that three quarter backslapping case Canaan Blake Burrows in their false yeah. That makes me feel good sort things out. You don't want to wanna takin him in the final I don't want to see the Vikings team now I need that Europe has to take care. The vikings thanks, It was interesting. I note for some reason I know a lot of eagles fans none of them really new Hutu route for in that game has at some point when your leg, I the same way about Jack's Pittsburgh Pittsburgh defences so bad that I was watching that game and I need the pass can be neither of those teams, but I'm watching the game gone. I don't even really know who I want to play it like they're passing the score. Forty points,
defence, so I think it through the Eagles algerian Eagle, fan you're looking at the Viking Saint Game and say: ok where's our weakness it that stuff, What a really as yet then, who is more likely, Exposed that weakness, it's gotta, be the Viking threat, gotta be just the style they black. I guess, but if they, if they're gonna, win and Philly, it has to another one of those games, those twelve. Yet, though, I can't kill him euralia thirteen tat, I games and I think when you play the saints you know, they're getting twenty points right I do no right Minnesota. It's weird, which Minnesota lie and had never really totally bought in in their fans, get upset. It's like it's nothing personal! the part I ve never been able to get past. Is it it? It's always kind of surprising when something great happens for them offensively you now, but I think I've just. I think I just under eight there, too wide receivers.
You can't anymore I'm entail anyway. I have it all problems like a right. The ends digs is the one that I think I need to just come to grips with the fact that his excellent work, burner. They have an air like speeds, there's like dad who could create havoc in all down the fail, but only the game. I can't believe I know it's now. Seven three West costs time when they came in two and a half hours ago, the I like tat. I don't wanna step on the GM street. Podcast was that the crew, these four ballgame ending using, I don't know, I thought about Jacobi Jones was crazier in the moment. That is not the ravens that no chance, but it was pretty wild That was a damper was probably what were they seminary points apron that game that we came around was at the thousand is unbalanced SEC. We watch that. I agree with that.
Lying around under at abide right, yeah in the Pats, the pats than lost to Baltimore the next week, yet in the balls rises born harbour. That was your five year, yet I was basically that's why football so, easy, and we say this every year, but every year there is between five and seven teams that can win the Superbowl and it really does some years come down in these stupid freak and play like that, but I would have found you are a bad that said: Rogers CAM but if forget people Ryan Rob was burger like that, like seven big bird he's like seven big name, correct. None of them would be in the Superbowl. You would never take it right right ever within a million years, Gus Buddy gas brackets vain was making fun of me. Two days ago, I wrote to the Superbowl. It's gonna be merry Yoda borders and
for us. This is You shouldn't even raise a banner for this, and, unlike like we're, add within the same day like today, even give them a trophy this year they don't get metrology right. They get not, but I had this many if the patriots who will be raising the better this widow asters other banner and will be holding a trophy proudly, but wouldn't it Wouldn't it be fine if good AL, how to give the trophy, though a muslim owner I just take thou bigger, who hates tramp there before the other. The other form part with this jack's thing is a friend of the biggest pack has Michael sure his. No at good place has made the jagged like a running kind of guy, the whole year. We read about the Ringer today in an he's, a huge pats Van and now saying it's actually good for his show for the jaguars keep going because is becoming like a national storyline right I dont know where he's dance, I don't know what,
farmers, my tv show that I created from scratch. The team every for my whole life. I don't know what the answers that I know it you'd, be black outlets aviation now you'd room for that Boys over Jimmy came a life that if the at gunpoint, now you weren't you we been out for fifteen years here again, I can do it. Are you a bad mouthing Roma yesterday? Won't you put your problem aroma. What, you'd enlightened something didn't like Roma. What really screwed up a call? What someone said Babo How do I tweeted Erna? How dare I don't know what he would say such a thing. I was I to restrain myself tweeting today as Tray Aikman went through three, hours of his voice. Never raising in making points a big, DR here, guys is a big third and twelve here for them. I have to fight off the urge to tweet about just getting Romo and on Skype
Maybe it was because at the end of the game, was saying, advance ass. The men like, I think there was one bite to eat it, more like taking the jaguars set out. People laugh, but the Jaguar create a lot of bad match up the phantom play for New England that at that, but you are all of report, but now listen. I have news for Tony Roma as as much I respect is in game observations yeah, whatever he says again in the game. It's usually get. I did a bet, the opposite. You could pay satellite to two Roma, like he's got this time gave out what a tough match up Jim. How are you going to be ok, It's like! Ok, ok, can you wake me up when it thirty five to seven, and can we replay these comments? Do you understand he's gotta keep eyeballs known people can't change channels on the third quarter, that that's what that it? That's all that it quick rates. I imagine that I've been Since college telling you been shaving, sir, just just that
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mine at Gillette on demand, Dotcom Gillette with two else and entreaties Gillette demand backup. Yeah Romo. He shifted into praise Brady Motor and the second quarter, and I thought even though Brady looked, you know a little shaky. Getting and I was super where it gets cold, weather old, guys, cold weather. You know you have others thoughts in that I may I admitted and on twitter I was on a couple tax threads. My dad was very concerned and then look fine in anyone's flinging the Bonn he had a couple really great throws as that game when Eliza Fellow better about that. But yes, he just didn't you don't since that he's playing Indira Degree, whether when you, but you really take that for granted. But I guess your dear probably happy that you have the early game this way, Gregg gathered that helps us it's fun now he's been in so many these games at you watch em. In the way we operate
on the sidelines when, like the camera shows him and stuff you know he's just even the little stuff, like he's got he's sitting on the bench with that super warm jacket that looks awesome nowhere. I want to wear one of those jackets for it. That's gonna be like a fire hardened suit and go to commercial in any other. Quarterback gets up and start throwing he just It's there is. I am tv commercials, probably about tuna or monitoring, just sits there and zones out it's like he's. I heard him talk about the Superbowl, how he he knows, he's been in their game so many times now that you always have to it. The pace of it is it's almost like two different games. You can't get to hyped before the game for the first half cause, there's so much dead time at half time you can crash and that's the Anna stuff like when you get to this point. Verses like border falls in Cuba.
Where I think that's a pretty big advantage, so you think he'll go at this point. Could you Emily Superbowl you're gonna when, as is go at this point, is to beat Jimmy Garage, allow in the ten superboss tagging along it? Jimmy Jimmy get there the next two and a half year, two three years, the lender Moby. Here I don't, I think, he's one of those did said just thinks about the next day. The avenue of an ado there's some of your little thirty blue, echoed through our good to be true of a meat advocate he's like I'm like a machine. I don't even their links ahead. I think he's just like it. Ellie Blazer Machine, Mattel, pajamas. Let's do let's see some lines, but though let us get again said three games less But here I you know, I was thinking about you during the probable add that there by the Pro Bonner landowners think it about hell. Is you're. The only person who gambles and the Proba are you, after and ass they get about how sad this is when
sandy you gonna, let assume, but at least Jimmy Sawston, the Oscars issues he can shift to focus at Sir yeah. I just feel like you know what I did for joy Tibet more. When there's three games laughed or having gained laughed right that doesn't usually worked out, but mostly wide eyed. They two things Sailors for ruining on my bed this week and allowed the lesson so don't worry about it, don't throw a teams and in play off because the if you never know what a bumpkin could sink all your bets. What was it too many people wanted Llewelyn at work that it did happened just like to make people have honoured, Brady and Breeze, and fine offered an apple will want to my mail. What am I manifesto rules is: don't overreacted approved two? How good some basic the previous week actually think. I should tweet that too, don't don't arachtu how bad somebody look the last week either they advance Andrew Jackson was so bad. Last week I daresay Pittsburgh Gonna score thirty points
and there's no way to jaguars, we would imagine you know they did, and I also think we might have Pittsburgh played wound weak fifteen. It's the pats other that they really didn't play. I don't think they played a top ten team for them three months, but one thing I thought I his like what they days by weak, always at least won t, always her. My aim that they're gonna come out flat offensively and I was for sure this there was a sweet, so when suddenly the fact that they beat them did I do think that matters when you ve had success, because I think that was the same thing for the tens in the cheese has attains and when their last and that that is something we should monitor when it waiting I believe that our advantage they bade him there's like other, not gonna, do it again and again tomlins like then look ahead now they beat him there that they're not afraid to be Neither do I discounted accuses the first. It was the first five weeks of the season, but it does give you a little edges. You didn't lacquer em,
Nobody thinks wish beer we already won in this place. He do that or a threat ram First, Jack Jacksonville, New England, We re all five Easter Sunday. We both said nine for this vote. Nine, its opened at nine, a half. Opening of the half hour. I thought we're gonna nail that one year some some books. A lot of mine have who did bortles anymore. I've incorrectly picked his game for two straight weeks, after saying all year that I was given way to go against borders in the playoffs and now now thwarting, although we did when money on him last week somehow, but he's been fortieth, picks and bets left and right if Tom caught up one at all, when you are your column on Friday, as he is vague and even be mentioned other than everyone thing Tom Cause, I'm going to make a different to that
open. Your had him in a tough front for Nay as it again with Jack. About I mean I mean he's gonna have abandoned. Impact than the game is my dad is. Like a city in the media, backs What does he do? What is it? What is he doing for them? Exactly? It just seems like he gives of speeches is it over there and the European Conference Championship Game was known as the president, but what does that mean? good players. I think he was in the box. Today, China, Kamel Jack's people down. They said they were all celebrating. After the first quarter and Tom Coffin was summoned to sit down, the game was an over status. Basically, they re think out is there. Yeah I mean I'm sure they're gonna show there's a recipe for baby in the past, We know what it is. You Brad cut the game Dan and you Ash Brady, with four at the middle, make him get out packet and limit the possessions in that we saw Sanchez in the jets. Did it. The ravens did it that year and the jobs that it twice, we know how to beat back so forget it
cop, when you're, more you're, more afraid of format or the defects crushing Brady? I is no cave not afraid of the jagged, I'm not saying we can get to him, but were Dinah, have point favorites if we lose their its catastrophic, was seven ass. The good its pages they don't take shit from everyone pages are better than Pittsburgh that come on now they are they. Different gonna, fuck, browsed. Everything on anything did you Brown was how healthy did Brown was neck in one one? started over as I am. I don't Now you know like in the: U S, I thought he was like sixty five percent. Would you they really made these employees. It was perhaps he didn't have separation. She knows that. I thought
you got it out and I think we're gonna find out. He had like a torn quieter something after after this was one of the top three aims. A share of world seemed like that, but I was but he it was because he made leg to incredible catches with guys draped doll over media. I didn't have the explosive this and I wonder like if he had been a hundred per cent for that game. Maybe that swings one of those ones. I don't know good corner on the whole gamut of we have. We have grass, I think the healthiest he's ever been for a title game does. It seems like he's issues I ran out of the ground to scorn the the wind will be. Even so you bet that was when your big bad this week, Rob was alive when fifty four, the tv and then and then the Pats, what you pay, Lead them together. Now it's a problem
so you could find a prompt, a grant to score and that's the way I am thirty. Seven, it went, went a minus one. Fifty congratulates the eleven. Thank you. Thank you. There's. There are a lot lot of winning things out there. I am not a part of a laudable, but that's point Tina Canada TOAD Can a pilot had money land with Romo, giving a big speech at the beginning, the game, that how dangerous the Jaguar for the New England, you did. You did bad mouth, I knew you were no. You did that. Made fun of them? Trying China make a case that make malarkey marks barrier to beat patriots forgot, hear you talking about.
Well, maybe maybe he thought when I was fourteen seven and a patriot or about the pot and never the false start, but there s got together like while this is way too calls for this late in the game. Let's make it outside. Instead of all start, maybe not like that, like now an app and or maybe don't like the push on decker, which have never seen that gall before these bad about how does the baron second let the page, the league ran a hold the flake Athos, then all the physics to was proven incorrect. Ah, The wheeler we lost the first round pack in a corner. Maggots is better for dams and other, exerted over the false start. They nodded. I'm telling you what happened. Yes, leagues on our side with officiating fatty here. What are people too? The parents count railroaded railroaded. In jail, somebody should be in jail. You know what do you think? I do you
by acting a deflating like type of controversy. After yesterday's game cause of so called the trains can apply that card right. I guess what they are doing is happy to go home, but some I said you can't you have you have very little time to beat up on the patriot. Otherwise I make you pay it. This is Friends get it ends in everybody's gonna everybody's, going to miss the Pats when, when there's no bully left Now I know now it's amazing. It is available kiss your ass now, but I didn't Anything I can do for the seven final for they talk about. Like is I'll, take gettin designated, which can stay coach making the final for you go. You go seven in a row that just insane just insane numbers for the first thirty one years, my life they made to find a force? and now maybe the dolphins bills and jets decisions.
Aid from the whig as a result, but I gotta see I've heard this argument to end ever get to play. The merrier mounted the reason they got to pay murder Matthews cause they d Pittsburgh exacerbate fifteen and came back and look at them in Pittsburgh to care business. They would have gotten to play Marcus merited, but they did so the Pats one, the biggest game in the air and they get to keep going. Maybe Pittsburgh that so hard that Jesse James May or may not have cradle the ball, the endless because his ass well, so I don't matter anymore, I just remember the win in our member states and some masses were kept. Watch. There was yet I mean the dad catch can t The asian thing. This do as they would have. How much time is that I can remember nothing right over there. The other week we Can you come back here so that now, rather than home for ten
Today, we would, by the Jackson, ran to that data. Now the began. My big Minnesota at Philly well, we're done dogma, failure to Jeff issue. Yet that's one all right. I had had the vikings by three using picnic. Now. I did I said I had to I don't know, I think it's going to be hard for them to go in there with its three and a half slash really, but that goes down that goes down just like the Atlanta line went downright. I need that should ended. Three do. I gotta be, I well well the weather is gonna, be huge re Thea. If it's another like twenty degree or fifteen degree. One of those things that's great for Philly pillars.
Mash map. I write. You know when you think about that Falcons game, even though they barely one the amount of fumbles and just the amount of luck. The falcons had their game. Yeah and then the way the eagle started to play the game when alone, I don't an I'd, be encouraged, Faz Negroes, fair, and why can't you a super Nick falls. Men has been one of the weirdest years in the history of the weak at dad, but would make perfect sense of pitfalls, won the super bowl and beat Blake borderless like I'm prepared for anything, What do you now? Where are you on the Petersen, because I think you call it pretty All this game and l needs to screw along the way parties lombardy might might have to admit the feed on this one said: would you think tat every close he did he did
I'm not really worried now breaking news. He said if you, if you want to play off game, you know you get his respect any coated in Dili, but then he went to Sarkozy in which we all know Sarkozy was predictable the worst Pearson did eat adsum he's kind of all over the map. It'll do so a couple really strange things on both sides of the ball, but you know you win at home, playoff game with your backup quarterback as an underdog, and that's that's legit I got to I got to give him props. Deanna say champions does big precisely one week. You want all three play off weeks against me. Listen! This is what the what we and by we I mean the patriots and me we are. What's a tease, seven pointer is passed a two and a half, and then the the you could bring the Vikings two plus four. Therefore, now you knew
YO, Philly, plus ten or eleven. I don't know that's one of those. If your Benny fill you gonna bet you gonna parlay the puzzle. Now, with the under again they're, not gonna, win their twenty six to twenty game matters is that they are still open They point to coordinate came from me. That's what they want. What brought magic? One were big talk about hotel tonight. If you like me, not so great a planning ahead, there's an awesome, app cod tell tonight that helps you find amazing hotel deals at the last minute, what a great app for the winter, unlike waits, hotel rates,
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I have I have David Shoemaker ART, director and host of the Mass Manchu is making a special parent. The graphic using the photo love us from two thousand five in LAS Vegas in front of it at strip. Joint with our pushing our baby strollers and we're gonna, make a fun Africa that, and it's gonna, be great. That's great! You have I remember the picture, but I'd love to say I love the data they gonna get away from us than Yahoo member that's, when we learn like Vegas, was really kid accessible. We had no idea, they had all these special little walkways and things were. People have kids rat until the requirement that we saw a lion and with all the while, but he felt like a scumbag like throwing the strollers through the casino right yet places my biggest Sergei was
gambling till three in the morning with you and our two kids in the stores probably was wrong, I better than a hit Europe price for paragraph I offered minded thy great, but it's funny like how we compare kids like we said this before. All this are a couple months apart and our middle kids or a couple roundabout, maybe even less re DNA Did you hear that they are all this like three weeks apart anyway but our nine year old couldn't be tenure of olds couldn't be more different. Your guy you're gonna be an Mme fighter, yet predatory, lucky rare or inclines very Corky we haven't figured it out. Yet cork is very generous. I take it this boy for him. So now as this thing, where he I showed him you can go on Google MAPS and locate like where you live, and then you go to street view and you could go like up the street. You could see your neighbors and he could see everybody else's house and it's cool. Could you can maybe
maybe see your card and the driveway Google map the net. It then that that's it was it gets ok So why then did my son last night after I left them in nine thirty to watch one million we created. I need to do for the Oscars. He comes back at twelve thirty at night. Of what it, what did you do? We came back upstairs like at ease, you gotta come down here a printed out all every house we ve known in America. Anyone we ever live in anything and it's all over the house at all over my office. It looks like we're word we're on the wire season: three investigating prize, they call it.
Yeah my homeland. Never look I'm like what are we gonna? Do it again? Isn't this great like now: it's not re. Why can you be like burdensome and another girl breadth and automotive instagram? What are you doing? What does not that's, really it I just wanna know, maybe maybe you could help? How do I get him a girlfriend and also Google maps its answer? We should they come with him and Brad where they live in the same house and he has left out for Brad and then Brad, this? Is the information and tries to solve crimes or something else? That's not bad. At all, The mass man work on a rapid. For that I have. I have I action going down Parent corner this week I have to I have a short one. My my son bed, the though the liar he got troubles because he was smuggling candy and Pringles into school.
And then try and sell them to the other kids trade them for things and had this whole kid, we rig and became the guy at the head. The kid If you really, I beg. Can I get a kick out? It's like it's junior level of being the kid in high school kids who s part for everybody, he had the candy in. He was that kid and he got in trouble I myself again in the next step, is pushing Polly tickets and those in the far he's randomly guy he's very close to being too to being a but biting gambler. Like us, What is the problem is not a girlfriend and that by cheap, even in that, even the report raised about AIDS day coming up here today to present for the thing I thought you don't even many allowance right now you're allowance, and I think you stole many for me whenever feel is a liar five too high, but well so, but that's not
a story that was the does a warm up. That is there matinee. My? U nodes its bar mitzvah season, dire and fur for my seventh grade daughter and she's been five now. And some of them have you have. You been knew a barn. That's this is about mitzvah she went to, but have you been to these guys yeah. I grew up on long island. We now have been eighth grade, add one every week, so when you were gone them did they make? Did the kids ass their friends to give speeches. I don't remember that biotechnology is truly a ringer me so, A lot of these are some great girls who seven great girls can be both super astute and thoughtful and really intelligent when they're not around other seventh grade girls.
Soon, as there is at least two of them there. I q drops by about twenty points in its per kids of you, have three like let's say so, is that, like one ten I I don't know, but if you have for other three other seventh grade girls were there that jobs to fifty right. It's like politically sling lead and I and they're just idiots and they laugh in there just completed its together. So the only way this could ever be worse if they're giving speeches in front of a hundred people right right. So all week I day so we had a friend asked to give a speech, and in there is like a couple of years ago, speeches in all week. I was just hammering her not to give the speech that every girl gets it. These things and here's what happens let's pretended states bar mitzvah, say. I now hear states friend Bill TAT,
You said you ass, a friend you're the best friend I have ever your server. I justly bed such ass, a breadth of me. I just want to say you gradually shit, you're such a great friend and it's just didn't, raise Therefore, forty seconds so I I was adamant that she couldn't give a speech like that. Actually had to put some thought into the speech, What are you gonna be? I go about jacket. Postal operators chosen Billingham leg. You know make it makes them. Or to personal connection for the speech, so she did and I was really- and I was really proud- that she gave maybe twenty twenty five second speech that was actually coherent and do that am I I know for pan corner. If you need gonna Barnett's was in their given. The speeches spend the extra seven minutes workin the speech through with them and don't make it so that they just go up, and they just talk about how great the kid
Maybe it's it's a chance to get emotional and have a little connection like where make little Bigelow pool loving care into it. That's good advice and you got grandma all honour, Nay years, all across from me, watching you get grant, grant grandmother a blueprint dished out like twenty five grand for this money, as you can appreciate the effort here at the end, gotta know we will add to praise our kids in this and another that changes everything well I mean that's why I didn't want Just do a nice once I talked about myself in the liar and that if who operated the candy ring, that changes. Nothing for me. I'm not gonna, be operating that good willing to plug cell What are our Jimmy come alive this week, Gerard Butler Kristen Bell Bill MAR Adam Levine marooned five performing this week this Wednesday, against all odds
the parlay kid again that bad groundwater down a bats when good prob, then I'm trying to get the Power board winter on the interview him? Doesn't anyone out there can get that guy twenty years old from Florida? One like foreign, fifty million thou some some crazy number, I'm not going to borrow my can be one of the church at our effort. And maybe I just made by thirty grand to cover this weekend but tat the doktor. He did. The lump sum rate be aided a lump sum The lump sum is the move right get it all once and then you could do stuff with it. That's what they say A properly investigated work had to be a lot more and if you had taken in instalments, but you can have a great by that's where no matter what they have been a good name for your pack ass, the lump sum. I think it is a good thing that you know that thanks to zip recruiter the smartest way to hire my listers contrived for free. It's good outcome, such bs thanks to Gillette Edgeler performance, delivered.
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I really regret Mr Ansel now good debate. Don't worry about it.
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