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The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss episodes 5 and 6 of ESPN's docuseries 'The Last Dance' (2:40), getting restless in quarantine, all-time NBA teams, the "time-traveling athletes" argument, and more (40:55). Finally they revisit Game 6 of the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals between the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic (1:29:28).

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it after it ends around ten o clock range that podcast goes up and it's like a directors commentary for the episode, so you can check that out where every eight part sets available everywhere and I think they're gone. Do all seven billions episodes of seven weeks and then go backwards and do season by season, so probably twelve, Pakistan, I checked it out on the recall, Recappables feeds it is called behind the bill come now. Priscilla and I are gonna talk about a bunch of NBA stuff, first
it's your project, I send it. I ran resell. Analogies flagships of five and six of the last day had sat mostly centred on the United to play off the ninety three seasons. Dream team staff and little flash forward. Some fun asked our game footage. I loved all the behind the scenes. Step was the biggest thing they jumped at the building towards. Why Michael decides to leave in the ninety three ninety four seas in it and ultimately coming back late night
five and then, whether or not you believe, it'll ask you later conspiracy, thoughts that David Stern said, walk away from the game, but even if that's true, there's a there's, a bigger thing here about the public and the public and really fucking suck, sometimes okay and Do this. I know it's true man like you and evident that now I'm pissed, like I watch this NGO. Ok, so we're doing this And we did it to him and I renew that we ve done it. We ve done it to everybody. We do it to all these people. We do this thing or it's like man when you're new, we love you, we love We build you up into something that doesn't even exist right and you benefit from that. That's fine, that's part of the deal, but that its Ok, you! We really liked you along time. Let's see if there's something wrong with you when there's always going to be something wrong with every single person that walks on this planet. And then it's like. Oh m J gambles alot now, maybe it's a massive problem. Maybe it isn't a prob
as you can pay for you know whatever it. Maybe it's about that's and even the debate, but what is the most sickly? Coal Byron ever with fame, is that we build you into something that doesn't exist and until we find out what your flies once we find it. We rip you to shreds and feel better about ourselves in its. Why reality tv works because most people in reality tv shows, are fucking up all the time and weird huh in our lives, feeling better about ourselves and that's what it is. They wait a minute. This person that I turned into a god. I expect to be a guide which is foolish anyways, isn't really a god. So now I feel better about myself. It start with the Jordan rose with SAM Smith, and I remember I was in college when there came out and at that point it was
seven and a half salad years of just everybody loved, Michael the posters to choose the same down contest other plants games. He had a unanimous approval rating, even fans from other teams liked him, which is a really rare place to get too. He was kind of everyone pocket second favorite player and then that book came out there in the ninety one ninety two season actual at the sequencing about the handle in the doc. I would have brought it up sooner because it was such a important moment to the whole Jordan Odyssey where it was like the guys kind of a dick to his teammates. He punched will Perdue on its there is like behind the scenes, lacked Ramstein, firmer, there's that one part about him and pepper betting each other and which, which have their young kids, had a bigger deck. It was just this behind the curtain, stuff that we every thought of in that way, and it was, I got the guys really over competitive and it was
unflattering and it That moment on, I thought there was a little thing that went up with him. A little little guard and carried overthrew the plants there is an edge said he got any just kind of got worse and worse and that ninety three Thea the there's a pit it did. You see the Peter Vessel corporate surface a few days ago from the night. Three eastern finals was a half time, show him imbibe cost us, and it was after they had done. They'd aired an interview with the guy who's relayed a complete. The general the guy did the Ganley book about army, I write from say the golf guy Richard Skinnes, an embassy. Did anyone in this house was on the next day and a half times show it. Laser NBC and was like it was completely inappropriate wherein that that guy's, though credibility, I think it's totally unfair.
Michael, didn't do anything out of the ordinary he's that breaking league rules. I dont know why this is a story that should be in the additive paper. That's it really lead in time. He was the only be Remember our member at the time who was saying what are we doing? Why are we doing it this way? But I think if you look at the big picture, where things were in their early nineties This is when it really started that tabloid journalism. This is when inside edition, in those kind of shows that This is the OJ trial. This is the dawning of the real world. This is celebrity, is just, art and the change in a ladder add ways and Jordan was the first guy. We had, I think, the big superstar athlete who got caught up that the nepalese Joe Montana, it didn't have think about Lawrence Taylor.
That good in the Darrow Strawberry. Those guys would problems in the eighties bird gets into the bar fight nineteen. Eighty five there in the playoffs doesn't blow up the way could of, but by the nineties. Jordan just got the brunt of it. I lived out of your bad form, but it just kind of such as I do think it's. The biggest recently left yeah granted it a lot of this comes out of the big game, hunting part of it, but it's the I'm not even defending Jordan. The gambler I'm just pointing out the cyclical nature, of human behaviour, with celebrity in that we can't help it fall in love. We pretended something that it is in because all of us are flawed and then, when that person's flaws or expose wheels,
the corner and point, and then we somehow feel better about ourselves. If you, you bought a Buick, because you thought Tiger Woods didn't cheat and his wife that you're fuckin problem you know like Tiger like Tiger, was cheaters wife, not great, ok, not great, not the first guy either, and certainly not the most obscure unique thing for a guy who's, really rich powerful, where the most recognizable faces in the planet to have a problem. Being monogamous and then was like, while you know, is really bad and it turns out he needs to answer this needs a talk. It is built up, not no. You built up this image and I don't know why I dont build up anyone. I dont build up any the only people that I can say. Oh, I know this guy's a good guy. I know this guy's a bag, is somebody absolutely no amount of give anybody the benefit of the doubt, and yet people do it and they act like their surprise and then the whole cycle of well do have a press conference for what. Why did Tiger woods need to get up in front of everybody and firm his mom in a room of people now granted when he said he was gonna start dedicating himself back to us,
it's a Buddhism here. That was weird but like he had to do this whole orchestrated thing and who was that, for that was for us to then be able. Move on from it like that. Just all of that stuff is always bothered me before I even you know whatever. That is that I do get in the sports talk yeah, you think, like Mohammed Ali MID seventies right he has that one fight where he fights it's either free is your form and I think it's, I think it's the phrase you're one in Manila, but it might have been the farmer, one of the other where he starts falling in love with the person who's going to be his future wife Veronica. And his other way finds out and flies halfway across the world to confront him in the media there knew about it, but nobody wrote about it and it was You still are in this situation, where they felt like they wanted to protect these guys or at least a little bit the superstars, and that starts to shift in the eighties and then by the Chinese who it was just completely different, like though
The way the game like stuff was covered and it's funny because, on the one hand, its overblown. On the other hand, you hear the way talks about it and it's exactly who somebody would talk about it if they had a real problem for its like it's fine, it's not like I'm broke. It's not like my wife left me think they keep the excuses. He's a fur that have a gallery up just really competitive and it out, He envied I did have a gaily prom is he's playing with some of the biggest scumbags at the early ninetys it's like and he became a mark and by the way this still happens and eight we could talk. We could tell stories about current famous people or people in the last fifteen years that you'd about, though, who became marks in these high class poker game that they have in Vegas and LA things were. These guys are literally losing millions of dollars and poker and always think about this,
the one I'm gonna win and they don't realize their the one being invited to the game because everybody she's gonna INA take his money. So it's he. He was the only one over the course of the last thirty years? I don't think he was gambling like this, but you know I. I just think everybody's expectations were so high for him. He was, he was too exhausted to and it was a u into to Atlantic City, between playoff games, with your dad. And you came back really like the people's disappointment in this stuff- was real. It was of a figure there only that is, I can't explain it. I feel like this was two thousand twenty. Don't you think they would be much more sympathetic to the boy we'll everybody's, more sympathy whose place right. The quick answer is yes on that, but the playing the result, as is
happen. I remember when the o eight Celtics team, when their plan to Troy and they had a bunch of the guys after a game. I don't over the night before game overs after game or something but they're like they cross the border to go to one of those casinos, and so the guys like serious, like there's a title on the line here in one eye, when that happened, I go universes classic as if they were, they were gonna lose at a toy team, but if they lost the Lakers, you go out and you guys weren't, you weren't is locked in this is just how these guys operate there rock stars. They go into different cities, they don't sleep like we do. They don't need sleep like we do. We can talk about sleep benefits and patterns, First of all the stuff and a lot of these younger guys. I gave up ever thinking that any of this mattered and basically, what happens as this is. If you win just enjoy, the machine and if you lose its ocean again the casino when it's likely that none of that was ever gonna impact. And now, if you're, a mass in your out seven nights a week- and you know that kind of stuff- that's it that's a whole other category of guy. But if.
If anything, if we ve learned anything about reading about Jordan for what now decade for is it he just was a little different. He was wire differently that he could play thirty six holes in the sun and then drop fifty on you in a play off game. Go out that night. Do it again and it just didn't matter so Ah I don't I don't know I mean I remember. I remember the very thing I remember going back and I remember thinking like at the time as a kid I know what I'm going to hang economic issues now, like I'm, not gonna. Do that his his shoes, your sick and its MJ. You know the dock heads this. I wish it it had it for three more minutes in the first six parts at some point about how important it was when he showed up that rookie season and other little checkpoints he hit as that generations. Oh, my god! This is our guy every
single decision made in the Nike thing played into thy little because those converse converse was the shoe. There was eight, they mention how there is a deep. And like Karim or indeed any other people by spot built you spot those in the Puma was in there, but Converse was the coup, and now magic and bird and a cup other guys, and as soon as he did the Nike thing I mean I remember every piece of that. I remember the first posters you had to get those the third, the first Jordan's, oh my god, What are those, though it was the first cool shoe anybody ever put out and then all the little things that happened, That's his armor bony when I'm Letterman. It was like a huge deal to me personally. Is my favorite show an Jordan's on any talking about Nike? and I was like. Oh all, my worlds are collated. This is the greatest thing and eat, I really think magic and bird. It was like everybody pit
sides. You re their magic ire bird guy, thank God depending on where you live, their countrymen and whether you like to something more acres more whatever Jordan, pretty unanimous there through the ages. I and I don't I dont really ever remember another athlete like that, the only the only one I been involved, I've time, the other one is really tiger where everybody was all in like that, but in Basque about so much harder there. So many competing interests, and yet everybody you can even see with the Barkley thing were Barker Barkie loses the fine as his leg. Format or lose a little ass to that guy. Nobody talks about basketball players late there that that's, those are so things that jumped out of today was just how unique the experience was. Those first ten years yeah, probably little hot off the top here too, because the second part just ended minutes ago at me watching the sun's lose again and I figured I would figure like three games, seven socks, although
The little knew, eighty six, certainly I'm ever being. I don't. I was were devastated when the socks Lawson. Eighty eight ninety, because it was just that Estonia, like whatever whether that their game six was tough cause. They're up for with the bar and they miss a little jumper yet that would emitted by the insurmountable six point the Barkley won that game six. I remember exactly where I was, and the whole thing, and just just graduated high school or I'm about to our high school is weird then cuz they used to let us out four. We actually graduated. So I think I was already out like like waiting and I'm back then such a barquey guy. That kind of talk myself into thinking. They actually had a real chance and when they one game three like they got this, they can do this, and I was that's. That's probably one of the five most Disappointed times are probably been, maybe Mullen in that Saint Johns run where they were unbelievable. They just can be Georgetown that year, that's another
So I know you are asked me to be the finally do Thou times ever, but that was it Did you did you think horse grant worst out of that lay up there? It's a very popular idea as ballplayer. It's right, you know by associating thought that he wanted no part of it like even in the moment and afterwards I ha Horace no to Sally, ran from that lap and did it was the most high percentage play to throw out the pact's in, but at the same time are worked out, so you can't fault it. No, I think, tat. I was dead. People like what the fuck you at last right. What are you doing at the time? That's what I thought it was and, as I watched them more and more recently, I feel like that's kind of who the bulls were, though, I was gonna sneaky great thing about the extra pass that day. Really when you have people engage
doc. Rivers telling me where I be like: why do you have Kendrick Perkins hold the ball at the top of the key when you have Garnett, when you have re pierce like in Rondo like? Why would you what's the point of ever having park? Have the ball in his hands and he was like because perk doesn't want to play thirty five It's a bit, never gets a touch. The ball man- and I was like oh no, it ass, is awakening of like oh wait, a minute you're right, because I can't ask perk to never be in the play in part of coaching. Making sure that everybody feels appreciated, even though its your verdict, nor millionaires, neural problematic and stop. That's one of the things watching all these reward troubles with you where there are so many moments where I feel like you're. Not these guys really were pretty selfless, despite the rap of Jordan. Being this incredibly selfish player, which he wasn't it wasn't just- was better than anybody else who was in the past has it numbers are usually pretty great. So as I'm as I've,
and I watched that in ain't gonna doubles down to drop on him in ages, get shit on twitter for not closing on impacts in, but here you didn't really play it. That way, didn't play to chase people off the trees in say glued to three point line as they say back then that way, so I'm not gonna be ours. Grant for that yeah. Well, I answer in two thousand and twenty that's a terrible by age in again and three people taking for three is a guy. Like you know the people this weren't, you were thinking that way, so I can't blame angel now and I could buy must fall for some of the choices we, U Prowler, Antipater. As far as coach, I've always liked the first time I didn't like you, as I thought, our interview, you wants, as they do you think, all thirty NBA coaches suck. We improve programme that I always. I always think that you can find things in there that will love, will rip them power. I just watching him now. I think they're less talented than I thought they were then so I'm not as an end was false.
Probably was you dont want they. We should mention with that earlier that thing they did, that Blazers thing and correctly make the point that you know the tracks are thing. He took a personally kick his ass. The funny thing is directed not bad, and that serious. I need to go. Look at his stats. He's like twenty five, eight seven, either did exactly did there the year but Jordan's like thirty five, eight and eighty seven scores tend more points, a game that, but he you don't you it's not like ie ruin the guy's career, but I did the combo of that and the dream team and when I did that when I wrote about Drexler in my book, the pyramid section, you can actually see it and Drexler stats the following year. He is like an off year. The next turn is in his prime. Is it like the eighth or ninth year of his career and the combo of
of Jordan. Just smashing him in the files, even though played well, then they go to the dream team and Jordan and people are wiping the weapon of thy Pippins. The best guard other than George in the dream team and there's this famous story about there's this I'm game when scrimmage tracks are goes to practise any acts only by two left shoes, so he had to laughs no Rachel. But didn't want to go back did want anybody know, so he played with the two left shoes ensured and found out. Jordan was like, oh my god like you, it was just like every he's such a killer, say. Oh, my god. I've completely out this guy he's wearing two left. She is there a game, but and if you go to his stats next year, he's somebody who should have been like as top six or seven guy in the league- and I don't even think he made the- albeit in the next year, figure. Weird. It was back then, though, to because drugstores almost like this ghost does no league pass
yeah Portland, even other good. They haven't, I still run there were not as aware of them. So you keep hearing about your Clyde, the glide, Houston and the whole deal, and you look at these numbers, and this is incredible and then what Jordan says the dock is a lie, though I get just not close people are now. Do this like hey, there's this, this Pacific Northwest Jordan, who doesn't get enough pub because Portland its biggest Chicago you're, like hey nice, dunks in everything, man, but Gimme, a break and Clyde's always been kind of weird about the Jordan thing. Is we had him in a couple? Car washes and I was like we know. What are you? What do you think about? You know you and Jordan any basically, I mean he's kind of an insane answer for everybody else to process where he
they look at each one, all those rings, but it wasn't like. I was in his good ad and we're like so no ninety eight, he was an eye deferring ere it. Ninety two averages twenty five, a game and shoots. Forty seven percent in ninety three tips to nineteen point nine points again and he shoots forty three percent It doesn't make a lot of sense. It was only how old is he is fair. One thirty, two peas, thirty in the ninety three pieces, so a definite shook his confidence a little bit. Really. You asked me about how much of the conspiracy stuff, I believe, need I love conspiracies wise illiterate and
lets, you set it up right, right, yeah. Why do you live because you know episode, Seven's, gonna David? To that end, the case against the case for their being some sort of conspiracy is we're watching this ten episode documentary about this person, who is the most insanely competitive power of our time his play. Second, some throw a coin game against subdued, but they hired in his dad with a guy. In other. We know you strapped Tiger King senior eddies. He's very Jordan, doing the shocking Jordan's like pissed, less twenty hours. This Fuckin security guard is furious, so the case against other eat out there had to events of the Koran ears like the most competitive guy errors. I can't get private ground get three titles is enough that part never sat re with me the flip side of this- and this is something that I wrote About-
years ago about the Bronx at that does the best thing that ever happened all brought continually having these new challenges, these new carrots been dangled in front of you know all the way through you go back to the two thousand, and ten is the bad boy pistons that arsons the cagey Celtics, and that its day he goes to the heat and at sight they put all this pressure. They become America's villain. They only one. Titles the third year than the tenets ago. They lose their your item, cleave an amateur, bring them a title. Now the warriors come in now he's got this. Villainy that deal with it's always something he had the Chase Jordan, my kind of conquered by ninety three. He had beaten Everybody you could have lined up in front of him and he knew there was no superstar coming that we were, you know a few years away from. If it was going to be Shack, it was still going to be a couple years. Nobody else in his position was close to him and I think
tough thing I did. I wish he'd had arrival. I wish that you know it's a shame that twenty two euro cold wasn't in the wagon. Ninety three has at least somebody that's coming were corbies. I guide that make us a guy that guy I that guy I gotta watch out for him. He didn't I gotta watch out for him. Guy and that really hurt him after the ninety three season. In a side here before we get back to the conspiracy, the early footage of episode, five of the masses were garden. All start game isn't credible and when its M J in its hard away and by the way, in the footage you see, the other superstars look, I m J in a way that you're not supposed to look at another basketball player and they start talking Kogi in M J he's gonna turn this whole game at a one on one another who like a Laker kit and
It's not that I learned that worry. It's so good, and it's you see that has led the game come to him. He tat he takes the game this causes excited forward, though yeah he's pro he's totally pro him, but he's he's also like this is them. This is all these duties legends the east lack room talking about this code. We do in the other locker room and ninety ninety eight and in the best line, M J gone mad Gazette guys like you just because you can go, and everybody goes shit here, miss for straight enabling the ball is he's like you, you, my t, mate knew you miss for straight. You want the ball. You better fuckin, Reba Grey, It's just I'm tellin you where I know that everybody in maybe it's common, but six episodes in I've, never liked M J, the personality more because
all they got my they who he is and the case for him, as the goat has always been that it went beyond the stats in the red men, the titles and other stuff. It was the command of the room. It was the crazy respect that everybody had who either played for him against him, and you could seem that ninety eight footage he's by far the king, that lacquer of theirs where's that locker room right he's got greenhouse their penny hard, a WAN Eta here, young talker I am also reiterate: they were almost like a number eight we're gonna. Take just gonna move you out of this one and then what have I wanna see? Larry and magic. Larry's line is unbelievable. He's the coach he walks in and it's like Oh here lies, will win. If you re hands you back at the height of any kind of serious about it, a magic comes over energy starts, given him shit and then its those three guys and as I was watching a part of it, I go. How could you ever expect these guys to be normal, like? How could you
were expand. Magic, Johnson, Michael Jordan, in Leary Bird to be just stuck in the hallway little closet, section, bullshit given each other a hard time in psych ill. How? How is even possible those guys, Gimme normal and going out of that we hold them to tat- was what I thought was the most appealing thing when we saw the VD twelve years ago was that light tat scenes I die scene of him in the hotel sweet when he's lying on a side and he's got like orange juice in front of him and smoking a cigar and is easy to say. But I feel like I can't go anywhere else is just four years like you know, he's basically going from hotel practice, centre, hotel, hotel game hotel and every time he's going anywhere he's being shepherded through you. Don't like he's a boxer being brought to the ring with I can entourage and ITALY
they put that security guard. The coin thing I don't even know what that game laws, but there's a there is way more footage of him hanging out this care to Guard Zealand, people, young outlet, he was already contains a railway line. Four guys is shot. If I may, I will see right and I think one of the parts you could look at two symbolic. Ok, we he was being dick towards the in episode six when they get done with practice and then when the reporters is like hey Scotty, can you talk and Scotty's like art, I'll talk and in Michael's like no way Norway. We have another thirty tea time, tea time it through. Third, like shut up and then they get outside and then M. J just goes right to the mosque. Scotty actually stops and Therefore we probably like the guy or whatever and Scotty, becomes a but really likeable, guy thinking these episodes to exist. You, could hang with normal, and
it goes into the driver's seat, search just Blair on the horrendous group, the interview, but at the hall after watching all the build up, unlike I get it, and if you ve ever been with somebody who's like an neurotic person about their tea times, begin with. That's not even that unique, but I was gonna. Take an m j side with the whole thing. Because, yes, I know the deal, is you get to sell a hundred million dollars or the shoes worth a billion dollars? You build this fortune and that sometimes I think what the public does too, where they go, will you get all those things you have to deal with? All this bullshit, that's just the equation. Sorry, that's what you signed up for, but I think any person should is great, as it would be and feel like I would have loved to have walked around the planet. Has the greatest the baddest man in basketball. If anyone's ever play, basketball. Just imagine cuz it's impossible to
What that would be like I can see where he just turned into this guy. That people would say now he's kind of stock. He was kind of a jerk, it's kind of those things it's like yeah, but that's all of a product of of what he was dealing with it that time well he's also a six foot, six famously bald handsome. Guy who's gonna stand out anywhere. He goes so it can wait knight of the mustache longer than anyone, but he really Dales Stone ever you know about it. I dont has anyone ever been committed to that kind of official here for forty years the height is Campi Andrea, the one time I went out with Brady in the the Miami Superbowl and that the court's bear Superbowl. Oh Diana debated in he was I I don't he was buried yet, but he was definitely which is our, but it was like a Friday night and I was with his crew They're like were gone gone out time and it was the whole backdoor ropes, lifting the whole thing and then he would find a back. The back of the bar basically-
and his friends would build this little like Armada in front of him, so people can get on energy. Many it's why six five so impossible fur we're not to know who he is: saving a drink, half the places just staring like a zoo animals. Three in the morning you have like you know the sullen Merv type. A tab, ay ay bad. Can I can I get a picture you know, and this just like he finally stuck out again did she did seem like that much fun. You know, and this was a random Friday. The superpower there's a nine celebrities. I don't even know what Jordan could have done other than play or go to a casino Without he's, gonna nightclub, we're gonna go see the other movies. Would he do dated thirty? Three? Four have nothing Theirs is born bicycle the place actually Barton their ruler, but when I was when I was scared
there. He started yeah. Ok, you! First of all, I went to the place the pre opening like the week before when it was just like restaurant service people, so How dare you what, if he would? What? What are you talking about a place where my brain some bad is their bad blood. Here you better demanded seem I gotta know at the place where I know I'm doing this for the listeners, the millions of list. Now I am not doing it for you right now. So are our crossover. Boston was like barely was. It was honestly Mont split, that guy the guy that ran at this guy S. J E billing, Armand Brady's, coming by you know in Brady, had been in a couple times when he was younger. You know when he was the back up that year, which I guess apparently the story whether he had asked out like one of them, the bud, light bathtub girls and she said- oh then she would brag about it. My guys like What are you bragging about? What you said? No and the guy
it. I said no to term George, I'm Brady that you're not my type to be shared and it is time Emily's, electrician, forty nine Sundays do Tal soap? I was away he's coming he's coming in and they were like you ain't Agus yeah, but it's now it sucks, like he's, sits in the kitchen yet, and we have to have guy stand in front of the kitchen. Is a kitchen was like real accessible to like worthy in the bar was and It wasn't and I get why he would want to go out. He still a young guys famous, it's still cool, but it's like all right. I have to go out and to go out in public. I have to stand in the kitchen and not even be able to be in the main area of a place. You know it'll be like to be the ass. It would be like if we had a pandemic right now and everyone was quarantined- you couldn't go anywhere now would still better nets found. It is still better than didn't. Want quick and spare sitting there.
Take a break? Ok, so we ve gotta danced around it. Like we talk a little bit about it. I know you love the conspiracies. I know what I've heard from a lot of people that are convinced of it. But what do you believe as of today, where that Jordan was actually suspended from the lake? The answers now, as you die, love conspiracies I've also but fortune after to a lot of people who know things over the last. However many years- and I have always asked have always been in tree, but I do think it adds up that he walked away for real reasons. One is the carrot thing we mention didn't, have the care dangling front room, now that one challenger was completely worn down physically from the the deck has gone back to eighty nine. Does a hundred I'm seasons, five years
Never really was injured. Like he's plan, thirty, eight hundred four thousand minutes a year, the press and his antipathy for how she was handled with him in the playoffs, I think, was a the thing for him and I think he was really fed up and he was telling people that season. I got it. Its finance I might walk away after the season. I don't don't be surprised if I leave and then the thing is that you know unquestionably fucked him up by all accounts, because when he retires its closer to the season, then I think people remember, though, go into that an absolute seven, but it's like almost September the only time doing in that made me think there is smoke too. It was that store. I told about sitting in front of pack Croce that time at assault the game when
as I just you know, a guy with five thousand readers. I did you silly Boston, it was a six or south exclaimed knows re went out, adversary had released his rap album and it had the lyrics in it and pack road. She was telling me I next term how Iverson went to see stern and and was reeling him, but the thing in his leg next time said that this happens or suspend you for a year. You see what I did to me I don't think you wouldn't be next now I did hear package. You say that not making it up. So a higher, so it happened. I wrote about him a book, but Stern manages said that scare Iverson about might have just use the leverage of it. I believe that, more than that, spare citys. The recent I've always had a hard time, believing it is that it will be impossible for stern. To sit in a room with M J and be like this never leaves the room. We take it to our graves
because you would be able executed that way you you have your MJ you'd have to lie to everybody for the rest, your life, if you had earned you'd have to everybody there s your life, more believe you. If you're still, far more but I M J, but if you're stern, who everybody to believe the gambling suspension. Conspiracy also believes a conspiracy of the frozen envelope to get Patrick you into the next election. You believe that you do anything you get the Knicks franchise relevant again. Why would he want the NBA meal ticket out of the league? at any point and then why were they think? Why was it for a year in like sixty games and now you can come back for the place it doesn't I'd. Somebody would have leaked story. The stories to juicy it's been twenty five years. Some one would have given us more details because there wouldn't be any possum way to keep this kind of decision between just two parties where we start on article J F K, so I
Syria, he read any more books, the epithet at sea. I love you tat. The only there's a hybrid theory that I think is quite interesting. That was told me once dead. Stirred did why punish him, even though it during the plan c exonerate them wherever that Stern did want to punish him at least a little bed for some of the gangway stuff that it that you know who was a little and appropriate and that was another piece of ymj was like fuck that ass now I'm going to get suspended for the who knows, if that's true or not true, but maybe he was going to go there said next season. It may be that added to the carnage out or now, I'm spam speculated by the way. Don't aggregate me, nobody, we're too how people have used. This quote as evidence that he was suspended when I M J says maybe I'll come back. External. Have me back now. Allow any says that, but now,
going MJ. That's him throwing shade stern right and did NBA investigating MJ, which they should have done because M J S name was shown up on checks for drug traffickers. Another another guy was dead like empty there's, two checks checks there, I'm not not defending MJ gambling, I'm not defending it in the sense that, like I know again back to the beginning of the part, it wasn't like me saying: ham pro MJ gambling problem, I'm just anti terror down of of people in this signal way, but MJ was doing some stuff is like the number one athlete in the world. Why would you be hanging out with all these shady guys? It's like we like to lose money to him and gambling, but when you go back and look at some stuff to SAM Smith wrote about at the time who wrote the Jordan Rules book, he was like the NBA instigation was a joke. I have no real investigation. The NBA kind of set it to appease the masses, Then there was it really any investigation, because Smith said that he looked into it as an investigate reports before he soon a sports reporter saying there was no like path to follow
What the NBA was gonna. We were even talk to any of these people, so that felt like a pr things, so the investigation that the NBA had that would lead to this disposes husband. And nobody ever known about other than speculation at the core of it. Currently this investigation ever even took place or not much of one. And ask why there were worse gambled things that happen with the NBA over the last thirty years. Georgia does a cracked the top three Failing that care, elaborate I'll leave it at that, did you have, I'll takes over the first bettino season? I want you could go, go some stuff and things come up just I'll. Just say that we need to take a break and then now we're talking about quarantine, we're due MJ. We watch balls were to talk about some The goat talk is out of control. Read after this, let's take a right to talk about a beer. That's very near and dear to my heart Miller, Light Miller Time a moment for peace.
Come together real life to connect over a few beers. It's tough when you can't be with your people, but merely can still be enjoyed with their people, just not a bars or a gatherings. You could do it, you could say ten feet away from each other. Have marilla you can do it answer. You can have a little toast yesterday when when my daughter, we had a little birthday party for had a whole bunch of people on the front line. They had six seven feet away from each other there. You know I had some good talks, it's possible to stay connected with it People that you still care about Miller Lite is the bear that makes noise time possible, its original light beer that tastes great, less filling, which means it won't get in the way of enjoying time with your people the reason I've loved spare over anything else over the years. Nor, let you a couple and not feel like I use b or your staff toward ever discuss down Scots down
is an easy Miller light. The original lay bare why your home enjoy a classic available for delivery. Today, celebrate response, be more Bruin Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ninety six collars and three point two: carbs per twelve answers I had so what's. Audible, took up other things. Them will do. I'm jays, we watch a balls which I'm really excited about, because this is it. This is a good, deep dive of a game, but had a social distancing party this week, Priscilla Wait a minute what age group we taught him my daughter, it was an impromptu birthday party, arranged by her best friend, who got like ten eleven other friends of hers, too, just stopped by my house at a specific time, it afternoon on Saturday, and we had the front my daughter came down, should that were welcomed. The dogs looks out and sees a whole bunch of her friends. Holding signs
comes out, everybody stays six seven feet from each other, then the girls were like screw it about a half hour in certain hugging. In doing the whole thing like they could take away. My the adults talking to people like soccer dad's, for my team affirm. My daughter's team there wearing face bass were were just talking about like best take out. We ve gotten oh Xerxes, three, where our mass were standing in the fuckin line. Things are getting weird it I feel like they're they're, just get weirder and weird. I have you become resigned to the fact that this just may be where we are for, like the next three years. No three here's. You really think it could be standing in your front yard. A year from now the mask on Saint ten feet away from the ever thought about high school sports come on. I hope that I dont, like Caliphate different right like I was looking at. Every single stay in trying to figure out who is opening up and who wasn't maybe go visit somewhere and California is, is
walk down like we were gonna beetle in the last place as far as when things start back up again so I'm willing to believe anything. As far as that, but yeah I have, I have a small birthday party tomorrow. I've done this sixty days. I've personally interacted with hitting three people in sixty days and I'm going to a party tomorrow. Yeah, you can shame me all you want, but I I don't care cuz, it's going to be like six people and we're going to jump in the pool chlorine. I think that's how this is starting shake out where people are now expanding, whatever their little quarantine circle was, whereas they save either by yourself. You stayed by herself severe with your family. You stayed nuclear family, but now I think it's it's almost become tender for hang out where you're you're thinking about the purse. An end or family that you want to hang out with an unkind of judging like who they might have had in their things like. Oh, they seem safe. We can we. Hang out with them, supposedly there
had no other people in their house other than their grand and just start Ito. Judging people good and bad because then you have another family ray. I heard I heard their daughters been writing bikes with whole bunch of kids like those they're off the rails. Life is like that you're scouting report courted scouting reports that different families, because I who is big where I I try to assume the other person is hypersensitive about it right. So I keep my mask on. I stand as far away as possible and, like I said, I'm not I'm not mister, anti any of it? There's a part of me that thinks like so women in ten days a bunch of politicians are gonna, say: ok, you're cool now go to the beach go to the park. You guys can go to your neighbors. They are things fine and even when you look at them the California stuff, it says any gathering under ten is fine and I'm not like out their other than going to grow strong once a week recent like that, so I don't feel like I'm a huge high risk person going to somebody else's pool for a cup
ours- is I'm just gonna. Do I make invited I've been invited recover? There were things I just haven't gone, but I was walking around today. I just got the car it was like. I got to get out of the house for a little bit cuz. I was watching the games this morning and I saw a bunch of younger kids skateboarders that are ten or eleven and what it's like to Manhattan Beach age kids are aggressive, no one's as old as a twelve year old, New York City, kid by at Manhattan. Chaz kind of that, a little bit too, where they just look at me like look at this old loser and I'm looking at them is like look at these get bored shit, heads too low the right light like no masks on the other day, a kid smashed into a car parked on our street, and I heard it was so bad that I heard it and then I went like looked and then the kids took off and then, like later on, when I want to go check out, get my car near that they scratched up the whole side of the street. I just
I should do it laughed and like I are out here, and I just I always going to think about how, when you're at the office in your twenties and you think of how you about yourself and how people perceive you, and I always tell it that twenty five year old, all the guys it or forty. Thank you suck for the most part. And it was the same way as when these skateboards or looking at me, and I was looking at them, so I dont like when you have kids in you, want your kids to get out. There's especially, is safe. In a town like where you live. Where I live in that kind of thing, I can quite understand parents telling their kids like a look. If you want to go for a bike ride, I mean it's great. If you were mask everything but there's a park near me, I've used noticing people started to give up a little bit and there's a park, that's kind of open that people are really enforcing anymore, so they had saint. I'm right not saying what is wrong as essentially but you're right, human nature, your eventually with nice, whether it just talk to keep saying to people you're gonna, have to stay inside closed doors except for the grocery store. Yet people are gonna pussy envelope, just in general. I think this feed them its fifth
five people don't drive fifty five. If I may Hagar rumour, how am I to go? Ninety at sought Legal ere. I think people are just fire. They want it's just that. It's that normal for human beings to just steer clear about that. And being site this for months on end the here's. The problem, though- and this is why worry- that this can be long term thing it does feel I give if people come back too soon and we get this second wave then were basically back to square one, and the last nine weeks is just sort out the window, and that's the part I can't reconcile, because we know there's no vaccine. We know we. We have a general sense now who this thing targets and what kind of demo it goes after who, who are the lottery pigs for the covert where there lay out dab in there. Just certain people,
They say: oh, my God, a nursing home there just gonna clean through that. But you know for younger people or people who are in good health. It does seem like you're, better off the more more that statistics are gonna come in. I think going to feel safer and they're going to go out more and then that second way of it, it's just so up in the air. I don't know how I don't know how it's going to play out yeah, I don't know if the fear of the second wave should should keep everybody until we know. But what do we really know like and what version of science would anyone say? Previous to this? After The days of information like yeah, ok, I know it. I got it like, like that's insane to me, there's no version of science. We be sitting there. Thirty days taken. You knew this thing perfectly and I'm not saying that it is in bad I'm saying it's the worst thing ever, but I guess I'm just always a little surprised in some media circles, where any hope is perceived as being an asshole by an that's.
That second wave is is a real fear, you're, totally right the gets going to suck if it goes hey look eyes like the line crawled back up late August, dinner, whatever you know, if it's a weather, related thing and again, this you and I, after reading a bunch of stuff trying to sift through it all. But I've never been I don't. I almost feel like. Sometimes I'm I'm worried about trying to be positive about it because intimated get dragged which rare aim, while you think about when this think shows up here, it's its second week of March Red is whether starting to turn a little bit and now our main and the weather All around the United States is at least ok in some places and really another places now and go through the summer. But you know it: hasn't gone away by like November one when we had flew season,
but now we have flew season combined with this thing out there I I've tried to read a keep waiting to read the peace. That makes me go. Oh I get it now at now it now. I can envision how this my play. I still haven't that peace. It's like every single day, there's new information or information. We thought we knew set the window to say yeah that thing you thought that's out, that they throw that away. Take take that out of your ass know, about like the rafts in in Hollywood, that the call Rock and roll Ralphs cuz it's on sunset. They just an ancestry, a huge outbreak with, like nineteen employees, there. In MID April and had to shut I didn't really read our G20, the grocer story here, which he read that you're like holy shit. Yeah. That, like this, is one of the only places we know we have to go to in this place had an outbreak. So what so? Why? So? You know we spent a lot of time on this pod. The last couple weeks talking about. When is sports going to come back when's the NBA going to come back,
Volvo systems. What about the NFL trigger- and I talked about that on Thursday, the NFL or four months away, they have to start precision. They'd have to start mini camps The July many can probably like MID July. That's two and a half months away. None of that seems realistic to me. I basketball progress seems the most realistic, but you don't buy wife asked me a question that Is she phrased it made me rethink everything she is I? Why is it so important? A basketball comes back and I was a good man. Then she was like what is it ultimately good for? Is it actually good? the economy, or is it just because the players shoes Icu? She asked me who who would make money from this and as it were, the prayers obvious we get their salaries, the owners would be able to recoup some of their money. And then and then It works and she's. I guess How does that help like restaurants come back? How does that help travel like date? Does it doesn't
We hope the economy right is just helping a bunch of people in a smaller circle, make money and, unlike yeah, you're you're caught arrayed. I guess it helps the Spirit of Americans, the fact that we'd have shit to talk to and fans- and you know it- you take our mind off there is excetera, but economically there's no real advantage for the Basque, but a comeback other than the people that are directly involved better that way: you're like okay, so why are maybe, but this this morning when I get along really well, so I don't wanna, I don't wanna zag her on her husband's pod. You kids agur height, but it isn't. The owners and the players and then a selfishly having something? It's everybody, knowing the people it s beyond, that could be losing jobs or followed. They be safer, same thing, Teenty
a b c and then every single podcast or any blog that has any revenue generated a covering basketball. So I think it does. But yes, it's not waitress in waitresses in waiters and bartenders in that kind of thing, but we're still talking, I would imagine hundreds of people being more secure if we have a product to cover, probably thousands year far from a media standpoint actually helps, but it's a ten weak kind of Savior right it doesn't ultimately solve the standpoint of how are they actually have a regular season? I start to understand our football regular season would work. Even after fragrant, and I laid out all the possibilities, different bubble cities, and then I got some feedback from people in sports to about those interesting stuff, you guys brought up it still every it comes back to the question. What happens if somebody test That is what you do. Did you shut down the playoffs at that point? Does that team get eliminated? You know
let's say of the Lakers and it's like whoever the backup centre in the Lakers comes out the covert, so that came out of the playoffs. Do we postpone all those games from fourteen games? I think this is the stuff there talking about at the different leagues. All the worst case scenario. What happens if somebody gets it as we're in motion with awe with with our plan system or whatever you? No more things? I like? The? U ensure your talked about in a canoe fits into that category of one of the NBA does a star back up or even if it does, then they can delay the star and then have an entire season. A kind of test. The Christmas through the end of the summer model, which everybody We on board with now, but if the interviewer comeback instead of work, you're back as they can just go to like an NFL or a football facilities? Have ten games going on at the same location like that's something that the NBA as the envelope and elsewhere, we would really like man. We can't even do that if we get out of here
four days in the week, thou with a debate of the safe, but that's always something I would think deeply. Those guys it always want to do. The NFL goes out of their way to try to own the media calendar like they drop news all terminate these sit there and get out think any this done. I think it's all over rated a little bit like while we're really in the new cycle today is a cool, but the new cycle is not here. We have any fell games, five nights a week like why? Wouldn't they just do it and then see what happens actually might be insanely successful. Now some of these numbers are gonna, be tough Everybody's gonna play the game of like hey. Look at our ratings like look what our ratings or the draft ratings are insane. The M J Doc ratings are insane any. It comes back on those ratings are gonna, be knots and it'll be kind of funny how people play with a number maybe try to argue something that is even real, but for football I would think a lot like the basketball shifting of the schedule by a few months to seeing what the results are, I would think football with love the idea of trying to do it on a bus.
Tonight's, instead of just Saturday Sunday in Monday, I'm sure they thought frightened, I read there sure and tight there's no high cycle, trusting yeah that they would have to actually so somebody may be about this this weekend after her in the sugar thing, they would at actually get congresses permission, to play on Friday, Knights and on saturdays beyond what is already They have like what I am this Saturday game, so they had during the legacy. There's always a couple in December. He had for they would actually Congress would have to agree to do that. I think you'll be great fur. The psyche of Americans, the more sport sack income just for people to have more. To do more. To talk about is for life feel more normal, but it keeps coming back to that work. Worst case scenario stuff and not knowing what the sluices
that not to mention all the tests that they would need any in the fact that we don't sonic word. We have tat right now, like they're, just fallen out of trees so to the bad attested even need to do a nine. We play a thing. That's going to be a tough sell to say why are you? Why do you get all the tests for what reason? So so you guys can finish your playoffs. Meanwhile, like we need these tests are here so. I don't know where it will see how plays out I go. I every week on either more optimistic, her more pessimistic than the week before this week of I fit the more pessimistic, sad bright. I think part of that has to do with. This is what a top for week end of the year, use Sports was, and it was just another week, unlike at its taste, Sunday could be like whence they had and what the fact. If I love the derby, I always run out of I as bought to go somewhere, I threw the sick, the only party, I've ever really throne. Then I put a lot of effort into it. Really yeah we d, like a big ESPN staff crew
who came over my house, I get catering. I did a full bar with a bow. Tender weaving West Hartford yeah was For then I do not know all that. What's it called a step and repeat for the Ladys, so we set up that we rented a pony. We did a red carpet velvet ropes on the way in which DA, I even dj too late said it was like a secondary there's two parties within the party and it went over pretty well. Cleaning Lady. That was our second week at my house, is the only time ever higher cleaning lady. So I did it normal I my gosh disguised lives unlike one floor does even go in the other ones and then She called me, wives, ESPN. That Monday she goes. Oh, my god is. This is this week as we had roses roses reduced smashed in flooring everywhere. You know we're stuck to get those rose petals out the lovers out their normal talk about Ba you're, pessimistic, build this week. That's ok! I try to you, know, feed off my co host. All ties. Wegatta bring people up.
To bring them up. But I just I like when you optimistic Ryan yeah. I am I get way too much of a bad rep be a negative about. I guess I just I don't understand where. When somebody just goes to show that the world's going to be different from wherever and maybe maybe it will be, but I just think some people are so definitive about it. And, yes, I might my history of paying attention to big Sur This has been that usually we were sold a worse version of it all the time. It's almost like a green eighties, where the tea isn't hey. What could he couldn't happen? It'll be the key, next year's masters and it's not Tiger woods, and you know it isn't that the packaging of every story. It's very important like hey, that's the biggest storm, perhaps this weekend since it's all these it, I'm not trying to call Corona virus Wide UK, its serious, it's horrible than terrible. We did a bad job on the beginning, but I guess I'm getting a little repetitive in that Times at all here somebody say: well, here's the worst
hey Snaring, always things like ok over it, maybe maybe that's with what happens, but I guess I'm just until then and it look it's not like I'm out doing anything in its eye like if I were living with my father, who seventy four back and maybe we live with me- I'd- be probably way more uptight about it. Even though I, like I said I ve, talked, I think three people in person. We're Talkin yesterday my daughter's thing about some of the sacred adds just about. While we might not see a soccer again this year we get back It's my that we pay. We want our last gay and, like the seconds Sunday. In March we saw it was supposed to have three month run I went out and then we're all like. While we are tee, my be together in talk. You know spring of two thousand
Twenty one or God only knows cuz. I think you sports will be slower to come back. Then professional sports, cuz there's not the same financial incentive. You know with it with the pro sports, with the money, that's at stake and all the different people that are affected by it they're going to look for every way to come back. When you talk about kids and there's no stakes other than you just why your kids to run around and be on a team and other great said that comes with these sports, I'm way more pessimistic on that cause. There's you be allowed a passer. They fuck that my my kids that playing no not happening that risk in it. And I don't know that's gonna player and that something like we ve talked so much about pro sports, but there's way more people in Eu Sports, there's, Waymore teams, coaches, institutions at all that stuff son hold you in a lot of that stuff is gonna crater soon. You know, because have team dues and you got to find Ivar the whole ref pool and coaches
oh and all those people they're making zero hours or no sir, ball mega come back. Very positive ball. I remember reading about that. You know what I do want to pick up cause you treated about it, though, is this story. The picked up, there's a bunch of stuff the happened this week, the yeah confirmation of things. Are we about on Sunday. Specifically, the Orlando thing where this can be executed makes the most sense, but then you'll every time some comes up. There's ten raises a tear down in, like I said from the beginning, I'm I'm. Not going to do it. There's nothing is every idea of every proposal. That's brought up, there's going to be some risk and is going to be some problems and the new one. I think it was somebody staff was okay. Our staff is really all that you like out. That's a good point. Well, maybe I need your not going to travel with a full staff back in the day used to be one coach. Maybe two, maybe that's a new version of this thing and I know it sucks, but it is The only way to get things go on again, that's part of it. The Orlando thing always made sense like we talk about on Sunday, but something that you treated about was the agent
executives are saying it's not going to happen and I'm like wait a minute and that's the other thing that I've learned through the process is that this is a lot like Kawhi Leonard Free Agency. Is it anybody that thinks they know something definitive today, probably doesn't have very good sources, because. All I can tell you, it is everything that you and I ve talked about from sourced conversations. Is that it's a movie target in open, mindedness and constantly changing of proposals never mind executing in existing plant, but the agent part of it was like what, when the who ass the agents yeah it's, this is owners and Superman.
Where's end to a lesser degree. The networks I did. The networks will be fine with it. But ultimately this is gonna come down to whoever they ate owners with the most use re now, silver, probably by Bagger Jimmy Paterreros, whoever's, Runnin Turner. Now and in a handful of superstar players, Chris Paul Leubronn, all those guys are going to have a seat at the table to motivate allowed Tatum her. There are gonna have a seat at the table, because if one of them is like fuck this, then it becomes like a house of cards and it gets bored. I want to talk about superstars oak as we had this on our list of things talk about and it just cause now, our nine nine weeks and in its just everyone's disgusting off the all time, evergreen topics write: Em Jays, we ve been doing a ton m J, stabbed M J. Leubronn is really heated up who's, the greatest team
rarely met it up. If you did cool off my now, though I had very yeah. It's always looked it's it's now higher shows in the entire morning, sorry is paid or ever talk about it. I think, by the end of this empty Serious the camp is gonna, be in some trouble with their case, but I think we ve had some of the wildest takes. I've ever heard my life, thank like the one you text to be today, the tweet. Where will bonds I get up, but that in the course of that they're saying how David Fox just thinks, Michael Jordan would have for fifty two sixty a game. If you played now, how do you say that hoo hoo, a case is aware, If it was high school high school. I could see him if he was high school league. I league, I could see fifty to sixty night. I dont even in college you could score fifty at so many points. So if I give you the time line of that holds we and then me texting it to you. I actually think it's funny
because the tag on the git up tweets is Wilburn, says guys like Leubronn Durrant. Not dominate in the eightys and Ninetys? So when you that you do a massive I roll and you like, I, bonds to step up for his boy, M, J and he's doing in Chicago and then I go hey you know it before. I fire off a reaction which I rarely do anyway. You know I'm going to do I'm going to click on the video and then I'm going to watch. We actually says I know it's a shocking, shocking idea and when will want explains it because you guys think like Durrant and Leubronn a time machine and David fifty again back then because of the avenue should have man in superior athletes and stretching the floor more alike
ok well, but I actually agree with him there, but then I guess planted in there was David Falk images agent saying he get fifty or sixty okay, so again a gate year. I don't think anybody tat your diary about sees it. Do you know how hard? Even if we just go with fifty, that means the night you get thirty, you gotta get seventy and if you want to take it to sixty, look if you're getting forty, if you haven't off. Ninety four: do you have to make up every forty point game with at eighty point game you have no haga monody you that the hog the ball, like James Harden, you know you have to have a usage rate like his butt, even higher, and you would have to make. I don't know you have to somehow also scored ten more points again. It's ridiculous. Case ever fur moving somebody into another era? How they would destroy is based
removing any dominant anybody into the sixties, because they only had like two black guys on a team except for the Celtics. It was just a different league that there was maybe twenty to twenty five good guys in the week total and Wilson they're just cleaning up against e68 set her, and if you put put mid nineties Shaq and one thousand nine hundred and sixty two, he would have Four thousand two hundred and forty five points a game. You would have been unstoppable. Nobody would be able to get near him, but other than that. It's not an acceptable argument, know and if we do that, That was a good. What would M J get today and then Jane said, look I'll, give him forty if hardening get thirty, five or thirty seven August forty. That's it. That's! That's you don't think Jordan getting for many almost either seven there in the eighties. So I don't think of Jordan, decided, hey, I'm gonna get forty points a game in today's game, idle anybody
nor does it you think he would figured out. He would shoot threes. You would make things be here's a couple of important things to factor it. As you mentioned, those runs in the sixtys. When you look at those bill, Russell rebounding totals it's not only the bill rustles, one of the greatest pleasures, all time greatest rebound or defensive player. They avc at the peak in sixty sixty one hundred and nine shots per game. Protein. Ok, yeah, a hundred and nine today they average. If I go by year- and I have always done so- I won't be worried to death. It's about ninety shots per team for game. Now it s there, making more they're making a higher percentage of those shots, because in the early sixties they were shit like thirty, seven thirty, eight percent so way more rebounds available some of the shooting numbers for guys that we think are the all time great you like. How can these guys have so many years or it's like the high thirty's, like what the hell is going on? Now, if you look at Em Jays run through the years he won titles sorghum
like you started in eighty eighty, nine. Ninety, even though yes, I know was ninety one and indeed it through. Ninety eight, if you go attempts per game for team, it's eighty seven and then in the low and towards the end of his career, the second into his Kurds like eighty again, if you look at the last ten, years or so on, on shot attempts, it's not that far off. It isn't so there's more points, because three pointers but you're kind of looking at this range of you know from two thousand and eleven to die, twenty, it's it's eighty one shots a game to like eighty eight picked up quite a bit in the last couple years. So if you take a ten year, the last ten years stretch of MJ the last ten years of the NBA, the possession numbers actually aren't that crazy or based on shot attempts. What is crazy is something that was brought up.
I eyes today, take so many more free throws and that MJ we get all these calls. Now. I do believe that M J, if you said o MJ, you can learn all these stupid tricks that everybody false for now reconstruct the refugee. Getting all these free throws a set of trying to execute the play like MJ that make it even more ridiculous. How many you would be, but I dont know that it relates to anything worth fifty or sixty game which again I could just shoot down. But if you look at the last nine years in free throw attempts per game, those or the nine lowest totals in NBA history of it being tracked and the guy, that has more to do with threes. So I hate a lot of the calls that happen now, especially going back and watch these games. The ninetys were no one. Try to trick anybody, because if you did, they just didn't give you the call now, for whatever reason, all the younger rest. They give these players. These calls for the players keep going for it, but the free throw attempt numbers are down from one m J. Did it so it's not some massive jump and shot attempts between now and then so that was actually, I thought to math reasons against MJ. I think the easiest things I finish here is we make it too complex.
Aid with the great ones, and I'm talking the truly great once if you want to go from nineteen eighty on the truly great once you plug them, any situation they're going to figure it out in they're, going to get their numbers, and we make this way more complicated to put up. Thirty a game in the Eightys and Ninetys, because he's fucking insane Leubronn would go nuts back then too, but there wouldn't be. Superhero version of him that has so far far beyond the ever. That we have of like twenty years. These guys play. The broad and nineteen sixty two there would be the superhero version that look. That's my Eddie House theory. I think there be. Any house I use it all thirty and be a citizen who played a nineteen. Sixty two leg you look at algae
revered. He was in the early sixties and out didn't like he average thirty five, a game wednesdays and all that stuff, and it's like man. He he was the guy brought basketball and you know he made a vertical and then you look at the clips of em and it's not my keys, jumping over deeds and Duncan and stuff like that. He was just the first guy who incorporated jumping jump, shot drives in traffic, bouncing off people. You don't very early prototype of where we're going but if I mean, if you'd time, machine the Brian and just through human in eighteen, sixty two people would not, it would be like Armageddon, they wouldn't know what's happening. There would think like an alien species had landed. Where what is this guy? He would the biggest fired, the league other than well. Would you agree that call bicycles, thing that we ve had MJ just on he's style and approach. Yeah, I think copies. I think Wayne weighed in two thousand nine is underrated version of it, if you go back and look at his, I still think I've said this in the later fans get me
cause people to get mad at everything. Now I think his two thousand nights and is in the running for of Wade's. Two thousand nine is in the running. Better than any copies, and I, like Kobe, so six season, I thought his oh to season was really good, but Wade weight was like thirty, eight six and he was fifty percent shooting and he was just awesome and it was just Harry Jordan s that whole years team was terrible. I think he reminds me of M J as much as co. Toby mimic the latter his moves and stuff in it. I thought earlier to thousands, be reminded me more of them J just cause he could get to the ram spend with either hand. He had that little that little foulon lean back jumper and things like that. But Wade reminded me more of him athletics cause you. You always made the case with Jordan. Nobody had better body control ever. I think you look at summer some of that Vintage Wade stuff.
The late 2000s and it's just unbelievable, some of stuff he's going he's going against triple teams and he's just getting the red like he's he's, taking it to a really good Celtics team. You know that made finals in eight and two thousand and ten is just like shredding them, so I he I always feel like he gets left out and now I radically the second half of his career became over celebrated and then he retired for three years, and that also became ridiculous, but here that its people you mentioned our is it I breathe and bring that up, though, is just like yes, corbies, not m J. But people of turn this into that engine I would just dribble through everybody, will all the spacing and have fifty a game, and you do not everybody, but that pro argument you go out on a way we have got to have. The spacing thing is: is newer? It's not ten years of spacing it's a very short amount of time that we see in this game is gonna change feels like overnight.
Are all a kind of stuff like Jordan would still dominate, and he would be a little different if he were coach to shoot threes and worked on that as he would not like. Mj was going to work on it but the hand checking thing so overrated, the heartfelt thing silver rated are: they derive its action. The rim protection things, not overrated. The I just think, there's less guys protecting the rim dead. There were when he played You know, matches that use more bodies in the paint is just a fact like what are not disputing that out of that area. They are just say like that: that's the biggest thing that's different, as is less traffic in the pain, but what I'd ask the pursue things like MJ would get so many more points because the spacing you go well here. We have guys it are still good at driving to the hoop. Now in this leak you give your say: injuries are best fine, but if the gap between M J S ability to drive and who Lickety
He wasn't actually flying over people came, he was like over a body like spider man. He still had to get around people, and then people would help, and I saw the help was- was more condensed. Yes, because the paint was more condensed, but just because it opens up to just add all this thing like theirs: I just feel like. We have guys in the league right now that are really good at driving the basketball they're not going to get fifty again. I actually think he would have made I think he would have really loved, like this it is that he would have in the corners and stuff because he was such a sneaky good pass. Are you never gotten of credit for that, but he always made good passes and the thing I was liked about like TAT game, we did a couple weeks ago. The fifty five point came again see the necks than we did not want to get the sons
they were all flow, the game. It was never one of those, I'm just going as many points, but he usually made the right basketball play that I still feel like. He would do that now, but you mentioned that will bond thing about people just seen the tweet and then reacting. We had that happen to us with the dentists, the thing last week I thought it was hilarious. Where do you live? Trending I didn't know that part will people really, bad. No, I didn't I ass it. Didn't I The people were mad that in front for it was funny cuz. It was your thing you're, the one that brought up at the pod you yeah, but because renewed tweeted it then it became your thing in then I'd like that's just the way it works, but it was funny how nobody? into what we actually turn out. The initial premise was that No men always gets played up and all these things like he was the unanimous fascinating human being over walk the earth and the reality
people are actually there watching it. They wore off pretty fast. As you know, and it always follicles headed for a sad and any Augusta Lakers in ninety nine, and by that time it was just played out his liquor. Stent was really sad, like he had real problems and they end up kicking him off the team. I think, after what eighteen twenty games- and it always felt like it- was headed that way, it always felt like he was hanging out by the seat of his pants and that third bull season that he had, and I think, there's really fun ways to glorify that now make it seem It was so interesting and he was standing for all these different thinks. I'm really not sure that he was there. I saw never totally understood it, but ass a run, understand Kim Kardashian Hannah and Chloe and that I've never really. I never understood parasites than Nicole Richie, the simple I like that the concept of reality, people seemingly
interesting when they're really just interesting, because they know how to provoke people, they know how to get attention and they know how to push people's buttons to stay in the news I never personally had interested in that I'd. Imagine the lot of the prospectus to be from younger people. There either learning about him, the first time or girl s gray. I get this guy died his hair and he did all these things and you certainly did he dialed ere. I went back and watch an episode of the rotten world. Tour show that MTV was all fired up about its painfully boring yeah. It's I mean it's painful and tv was like we're out, and I almost I almost tweeted. It is evidence, but I don't I don't really care in the other thing that happens is no. This is always something that's that's. That's weird is like a white male is that of somebody's hate, something I say they will say. Oh, I don't like that. You said this: ok and anybody. That's not in that category. The boy
shit part of having an opinion that if a woman in sport says something that it's like, oh you're, just a woman like it look, you can not like my point but dont. Start. We already doubt me because I'm a woman and it oh if your enemy That's that's! That's a minority, it's a lot of times in its just shitty stuff. It's it's so brutal if you really dip utopian and read some of the south, like I remember one Michael Gmail had the six and people like to show I, but the reasons they said. Like to show we're just so fucked up and if you're, that person going, ok well! This is why everybody- and this is the first time ever as like a white male, where you go all cause, I'm older people think mice. It lay somebody who disagrees with me. It's it's because of a specific thing about me. Now, at once. I have a four in front of my age. It's like oh you're, fuckin idiot, like I'm a a person. She also media. So it's not because of a white male. It's not because you did justly issues.
Oh you're, a dumb old guy now who doesn't understand Rodman in the funniest part of that, as I felt this way when I was nineteen method, when he was at the start of our doubt when he left Detroit and went to the San Antonio thing. It was completely unhinge was doing it for attention. I mean he's an intention seeking person, that's what he needs and that's ok lot of us like attention, but it was so calculated that even at nineteen I could figure how and as I was looking some of this stuff, being like oh you're, just order your boring you're jealous you got. Ok, that's that's what you think, because you ve just decide I'm an old guy like you're, going to disagree with me and it's not because of what I said it's, because I'm just old and dumb. Now I am just washed and I'm I don't have anything interesting to say. Ok yeah bright. If, if I had had a show- and I was nineteen, I would have done the segment the exact same way. People were tired of it. In them. When in ninety seven, an idea a
it out. Like others hurdles fan is now you just you know it's it's a fun memory, you one. You won all that shit. What have been real funny if they get bounce the Plaza cabin, a series it, but it's funny there's other people who had cases that get looked at. You know with a lot of this day, even now think spree, while as a guy like that, her spray was like choked is coach and then you have. The next fan said: have you know like real love for him because of the landing I'd season and because that they had that little impact the run, but some of the guys from that error really took a lot of shit. Fifty percent deserves in some cases seventy percent. You know Iverson visit. The one that just got powder, but now irises core, but is in not Iverson. It was not the case
late night is people. He was a really polarizing guy and that's just what that's who our job is to tell people at least when we talk about the stuff at least world and have to be like here's what it was like when this actually happen. The ninety six poses a good example people. Now the ninety six posts are the great he would have been it's like just go. Do do a modicum of homework, go back and read any the pieces written at the time or most of the pieces. There's a sports illustrated peace. I think of January that season, where they're like this team as a chance to in seventy wins it all courts in the peace, are it's not even better than their three? The three balls teams that one and ninety one ninety two, ninety three, the leaks so diluted, they're saying over and over? and the theme is the league is diluted. That's why this team as a chance to win seven games Nobody in the moment felt like that was the best team of all time. They just had a chance to make history, but the people are very aware of what was wrong with the league. Now the years passed or is like what.
Balls. They had Jordan Pippen, they went eighty seven and thirteen. They have to be the best him ever it's like bats. How we felt in the moment just wasn't I don't even know how you could like when you go for who, who your third and fourth guy or talent wise on these boats seems verses, were golden state had in this five year run it's not really comparable and when you through a play: ass in blues like one game it just it's different than somebody's. These George thing. I think, honestly, all of this builds up Jordan more to me as I go back and watch all this stuff, because this is third and fourth guy was was not somebody you would even put in a top thirty list you just wouldn't like they were. Nice players really constructed,
we'll get to some of that stuff in the magic thing boy it so that that warriors him- and I haven't really done the full deep dive on this, but I think you can make a case that that's pretty much hands down the best him of our time, the teeth as empty words like if you're talking statistical resume a number of good players and the team style ability to do all kinds. Different, looks Stepanian who they're playing and then what the outcome was. They they went sixty seven and fifteen and they went twelve in one and the finals. They they finished. Eighty two sixteen they had the rare who is one of the fifteen vespers. Ever there he's on the best twenty five dollars ever? They claim dream on data without whose can make our fame Matt Barnes Zaza, because show them. What was their play off record is sixteen in one right, I'm sorry, sixteen!
not to have not yet ripe for a sixty anyone. So they were. They finished eighty three and sixteen that year, which you know they they paid less than a hundred games. The ball set the tide. The bulls were eighty seven and thirteen, I think that's That'S- can be a tough one to be the warriors ironically in sixteen, probably had the best chance to beat it, but me, and you look at the playoff stats for the steam in the per game, Durant and curry, both two thousand and eighty game plays at fifty and a game. Just Durant, Curry and Klay. Just those three guys are tents made threes again. Mather has again so you think about like all right, they're playing the ninety six bulls. What happens you just have to give them an extra ten points in the matchup? If you just pull in the balls out of it
machine and you're saying I what would happen if these two teams played the ninety six balls don't have time to assimilate, the way we live ass. Well now you have to take the to the two thousand budget. This to me are the one seed in any turn amended the greatest teams ever because they would score between twelve and eighteen points, a game on three issues here, but a hang it s in every other capacity, with whoever you're throwing them against it's too big of an advantage plus? dimension this scoring part of it that the fact that the two curried the rant whatever play they wanted to run in any close situation there. Getting a great shout peer people kind of like cringe on this one, but if you are just doing the time machine thing and the bowl showed lay up line the wars shoot around a pittance. And be looking each other Lapland be like. Are you you watching what is like
yeah what's happening, guerrillas goes down over there in the first quarter, they call time out and they gotta Philby look what the fuck is, that an people could sit and sallied sick M, J and Pippen on clay and in staff. But when I saw point is that the region, a ball than I am thirty feet away from the gates, forty eight minutes with the rare as your outlet or dream on green in the middle making the red ticket was that it would be weird, again. There would be no unfair version of them not being assimilated at all to that style of basketball. That's that's that's support of its totally unfair, but I don't think it's like a crazy basketball discussion ago. That would freak people had if they had never seen anything like that before it was such a good team at their just off answer. We, I think the best the best
we ve never had from inefficiency in that. But the reason I bring it up is, I think, when you get older, you talk about the old guy thing you get accused of being more protective of the stuff. You know that, like the bird magic, those are my guys and I'm always gonna fight that I'm a who who's this thing. I don't care what year was you don't care for those? Three years ago? At thirty I can just judges from was I there had. I feel what is the research say? What is the mass say? What were people say in the moment, which is why I think it so important if you like really argue about this stuff. Go back and read the S, I've all you could go back and read any sports us Astoria where you can be a lot of newspaper stories online, go back and read what people were saying about the people. You know that you want to talk about this golden state team. They only put three ago, and I think they're weirdly underrated, because that game for where they could clinched it against Cleveland and its
the autumn officiating should shows that the goods they literally gets no cause for the entire game. Cleaving shoots the lights out: they get red hot and its of it's just a fluke. Again, I think golden state was just significantly better than Cleveland. That year activity was really get clear that, where better they like that Cleveland Team, it wasn't some bad well how the hell doubtless guys get to the finals five or ten years later there were loaded now that the warriors are always going to suffer from everybody hating what that team was abbess because of Durrant and more years removed from it? I probably agree with the mass is more like I'm not saying you should hate D
how much it sucks like I get, how much it sucked when you add it all up, but I in the moment was always kind of like yeah. I just don't want to play with Westbrook anymore man, and why would you like? Why would you so he wants to go to basketball Heaven, but I'm not going to tell a bunch of fans that live and die with this stuff that they're upset for the wrong reasons. Cuz, I not that that wouldn't be fair, but the three one laws that hangs on the sixteen team and then the Durrant roles in it just as much as I loved watching them play, and I love story and I biggest step. Defender is probably anybody in the national media because I think he's treated poorly by his own basketball. I think they don't respect him enough yeah. I would every single number tells you that Steph is the thing that that makes the engine go like when you look at the plus minus is over this five year stretches where it's like. Well, what about Stephen Clay
Well, what about staff without clay? Allow so pretty good? What about seven out dream on? Oh I'll, be ok! But what about step without Durrant? You go! Oh wow! It's still really good at college, The other day without were seem, so they ever a hundred and nineteen a game in the playoffs. When nineteen point three they give up one o five point: eight. So they're, like thirteen, appoints a game for the playoffs. Which is unheard of basically and there's defensively this whole time, the always rights an ice right. It's like bit! This wasn't some flashy thing. There are always one of the three best offensive teams throughout all the exceptional last year, the run,
that season. In the seventeen play games, opponent shot forty two point: nine percent against them. They know nobody else is under forty five, who is irrelevant tee. My that team was ridiculous. Everyone was bad about the Durrant thing. They played beautiful, basketball and offensively. It was ludicrous to watch them, but that's one of the series that I think we're about where it take a break and then we're in a talk about this. I m J we watch was that's one of the series. That's been remembered wrong, we're going to talk about a whole bunch of other ones that we had in one. Second, I have a team for you, though, before we go to that his asked. You made me think about the sprit, well Puget guerrilla movement, yeah. Well, I'm just trying to figure like how that would play today and the hours take graphic bar. Where would just be like the tease might even be like a three things: Pga did wrong next,
one could say about a new limited edition: Ringer Pack Ass, it's called behind the billions it's on our capitals feed, but if you search for an apple Spotify wherever you ll find it rang compliment, Levine the co creators and show runners billions after every episode. On Showtime, which ends probably around ten o clock range, will put those pods at their like directors, commentaries further yeah episode, just watch what we do in it for the next seven weeks, then after that billions have been stopped. Consistent production and then they're gonna go backwards and go over. I how they made billions they're gonna, do an entire episode, unseasoned one that another one season to season reason for so I think it'll be twelve episodes in are but compliment is extended. Grantline, ringer, family, obviously so very excited to have those guys back Levine, you know his is the pip into two: compliments. Jordan, relied away from
ass standpoint. You'll you'll see him shine with some trouble, double stern. The state so go find go out billions on Showtime on Sunday night, and then you can get this right after the old directors commentary all right back to this podcast, okay, so MJ's Rewatchables volume for bulls, magic, one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five game six. Where did that into this? The series has been remembered completely incorrectly including by myself, I'm a throwback to our I right, I watched I watched a lot of the series on Youtube this weekend. Cuz I got nothing else to do. Did a lot of deep dive research on it. There has been this feeling that we kind of throw this one away. It's like MJ was six six in the nineties and then it's a word about ninety five. Now we don't count that when he had just come back from baseball, it's it's a throw away and then
and then the other thing people remembered in game one? He gets trip by Nick Anderson up one with seventeen second safety there pressing for some reason their own have Pippen brain the Bob. I guess, because he was in a great free, throw shooter M J Beats, think Anderson starch should they have just kind of losing track. Loam began ass, it comes from man, Knox it away, they get a fast break dunk and then at the end of game. One m J drives, throws it to people. Pippin had started. A cut goes fly biogas out about it. It was a wow, a rare leg. Just shitty ended game for mega journeys where number forty five he comes back. The next game he's got twenty three on the reality: He was really good the series statistically and now you think idea, game on a game six which were about to talk about, he doesn't look. I M J in the last few minutes of the game again sex,
but he averages thirty one. A game in the series he's three thousand one hundred and seventy four. He is three three games of thirty eight points or more. Here's here's what really happened this year. The bulls were good can. I give you your level not only a minute just gimme ten seconds everything you're saying I've written down, because I too was like way the pool Five hundred Delbert is M J like joined. Is she what happens? Is they want fifty plus Games year before they lose that Nick Series? So we think like another, a really good, though they were thirteen in full. When he came back so M Jake was a record their their thirty four and thirty one when he comes back exactly so, there are five hundred in that. There is some nineteen that he join up with it, because people muddy the two years, I've done it to u muddy the two years together, like there are fifty percent. There were nine teams, it had a better record than in the regular season once a plaster there. A fifth seed
and we remembered is, like Jordan, didn't have it and I'm just so glad that your pointing all this out said the go back, go back to what you were doing, what just one other peace. This is the only time, basically from eighty seven and ninety eight, when they don't have Charles Oakley Horace Grant or Dennis Rodman. I think you can make a case. You could put any version of Jordan in serious, you could give me ninety one, Jordan. You give me ninety two Jordan, knowing what need we know now, watching this series, seeing what a bad match up it was for them, considering that produce Luke Lonely bill when it coach and judge boaster where their bigger and they're, going against shack and Horse Grant and it was a mismatch. They couldn't keep those guys they get Jack was getting any shoddy wanted. They had the double team, I'm so their double team in he's pass into every. What's it was the bad match,
How does Lee rebounds of the series were picketing coup, coach and the fact that Robin wasn't here, and then they come back the next year? So here's the second piece of this reseller they sweep the balls they sweep the magic the next year so now years pass and people go yeah. Well, they lost that magic. Tat Magic series was down, but they swept them the next year. Well, yet Horace Grant gets, hurt you and praise one guy We get certain game on Nick Anderson gets hurt and game three and shack and petty had big numbers that says resist the balls were better Rodman did a great job rather than average. Sixteen ribands a game in that Sears. Which brings me to my point, I think, it probably lose in ninety five with the team. They had no matter where version of George you put it there. I think this would have been the one serious he gets beaten cause Orlando at home or to their game several. Would have been an hour later. That's another piece of this, so
I don't know. I just think the serious has been remembered incorrectly. Okay, so that some that's always crazy about winning team is winning team. Canna gets lost in the shuffle a little bit there because he said, a prominent part of it before, but Luke Lonely, and by the way, when you watch long, we match begin shack. You go k, you know what Luke Longley was massive: yes said the boy is, and he wasn't a stiff it all. He ready. He was perfect hereby what this was, but I just I'm just so happy that you brought it up because It sounds a little bit like you wanted the count more of a ding on M J Reza. Maybe we just know how it all works. We just how it works unless the finals, the record, doesn't really count. You know, and anybody that wants to use the first MJ loss against the eighty six celtics, like that when I any like I've, seen a ton of its logic, politics again, the periphery stuff, on the edges, the polar Bron Pro M J stuff like you- could just have it now.
Kind of sword through the middle and still come to the same conclusion that embryos better. So that's. Why, though, is that world will bronze ever get swept in the first rank, has stuff and just like? Who cares that can spare me that think, has little coasts teeth to Jordan teams that were bad, we're just bad teams, but when it comes to this, this is remembered as this version of M J that was so bad and it really is the Nick Anderson Steel, because the bad play like M J D, just he gets he did Nick aliases behind him, and you know that spot. I don't think you can rely on a t make it is not in transition really he's cross. Half court worry about somebody yellin behind and then how do you get away? Yet I want game one and then passed. The paper was uncharacteristic. I mean I watched the latter this serious this that that's onions he's deftly, not a hundred percent on his game. Like he's he's way, retired. I think then he normally would would get in in the early nineties,
eight there. Always talking about his hunched over is on its knees, he's that totally in basketball shape and the other pieces. You know around the ran like some of his finnish tat. He just didn't totally have like he is rhythm- was a tiny bit off but I'm telling you that's not why they lost a serious, because all if you scored thirty five a game instead of thirty one, it still goes seven and I just don't think there were big enough. I really doubt I think Horace in the first five games of is twenty in twelve, this. Ok, it's a finger and game. Six shack was a twenty four. Thirteen, Orlando and six game shot two hundred ten free third Chicago shot, one sixty four produce. Only when you think combined were fifty nine and most important no rim protection at all you, you had guys gone now. Here's the other fluke with this year's. This was there. They moved in the three point line, so you had that she be three point line that the bulls just wanna go outside
team other than Steve Kerr. Orlando penny could make em, but then they had Dennis gotten again or send Brian shock and come out the ban say at twelve threes and in game six, and it was in vain it in the bulls like discarded and see that pieces everything coming either. I I just think it was an ill equipped team fur, we're basketball as an aid to ninety five. So the sort of Game Orlando can't miss they have twenty five point: six minutes it again: yeah you're goin, like I what what is going on here and in my way for the broadcast that we have the feet of its a local broadcast crew, because a however the play off thing worked in divide is dead. I thought I had the wrong link Weiss, because I go way is this cause? I did that on a different one, we're trying to get a better version of the video and I go you're
a regular seizing game, dickie symptoms, starting like what are you I thought I switched to add ten t. I found a t anti with bad now and the Collins. I shed a senator, ok. Well, I watched the local one and it does its local. We understand, I was gonna, go I'm in the entire time. It's just a local broadcast, so up every cities the same when it comes to that, but the M J part of it you're right the fur, tat and I keep writing it down. Like he's, got a bunch of turnovers his his shot is anybody that comes back and has played in a while you just touch around the room. That kind of stuff is right and then it sort of comes back to you, a couple reed He was short and he was just out of the players. Pippen was going off and coach has gone off, especially in the first quarter, and it was weird, but then you- right. Then I go. All women go go back and he played the seventeen regular season. Games in his numbers were terrific and by the way, looking at Pippins numbers the year without Jordan and the most of the year without Yourn. His numbers didn't really changed dramatically. He went from like sixteen and have shots again to eighteen
George S gone, he went from like eighteen. Nineteen points again delay, twenty one or twenty so wasn't like eternal with completely different guys, was actually not as hard to get him back and in those two guys working with each other, but M J just looks also of Did this thing where you go up? You know em Jade missed all this time. At this point, I think he's twenty six games in including the regular season in the plants and then when you go back and look at the came Haug for the ninety five plows, which is why I am so glad you brought it up because both things are true. Yes, he doesn't look like the Jordan that we ve been used to watching and there's your watch apples, but he had forty eight in the first game around one gets a charlatan that was the higher seed. Forty eight nine and eight was his came one. The raspy Michael Jordan, number four. Five goes for forty eight. Ninety eight a game to we had thirty eight against world oh game. Three. He had forty. So, even if little things were half, he was still putting up insane numbers which again exactly leads into your point that its remembered and use Clemens line misrule
bird as the washed Jordan version when in reality like the production, was still knots and my way, the unveiling of the greatest Jordan ever the eleventh. Oh I'm glad you I'm glad you through that in their whatever version of Jordan is in this series it doesn't sobbed the shack, Horace Grand problem, and I look at this ninety four. Ninety five, both team as really bad planning, it costs them this title, but actually in the long run, might have been good for them because summer. Ninety four they're supposed to resign Horace Grant comes really close. He has some, sort of mixed up with Jerry Ryan Store for a arise, therefore, for office a deal but his agents that their Horace accepts his agent flips out. He thinks it's bad faith. They back out of what horse great too and then riser site fuck that guy I'm out- and this is nine
for we had some. It was almost a lock out, but it wasn't but free age. She starts a little bit later there trying to figure out some cap stuff In my way on my broadcast, the local Announcers Allegro Horace Struggle and again they were doing like a Marv Jordan thing, the indian horses get boot read as I made earlier valued in Ireland, yeah yeah, twenty more really mad. So he goes. He goes to Orlando, which was probably their biggest rival other than the next verges too could be in their way for a title. I went and actually deep dove because then of spending money on run, Harper, who, if you notice, you access game is not really about. The game is like the eighth man for the balls play in twenty minutes ago. Is this? Is it make any sense? Because this is pre him being set like? I was such a huge run, Harper Guy when yet at him, I was like what how did they get him in also so they signed him from the clippers he won on the cookers.
I paid a lot. They pick three million a year from like they had the cap space that they finally had cuz. Jordan wasn't coming back, so I went and looked at all the free agents that you're Sean Elliott Wilkins Danny Manning Debt left Shrimp, Purvis House Entire on health. Every Mcdaniel Ac Green Marrow, Ellie Weymouth his they'll Bradshaw, Michael Cage, learn its Anton car. The recent harper was a bad signing was this was here. The three point line move then- and he was basically he was a slash, a slashing guy. He was like a very poor maids version of Michael offensively. Once Michael came back, they couldn't play him piping. Coup, coach and Michael at the same time said. Put they pick coup coach over because Harper was such a liabilities issue is but it's interesting if they had just sign shot Elliot instead of Harper and you added shot Elliot, shooting to them over the next few years or if they just brought back Horace Grant they. They probably make the final to share your. But don't you think
Harper eventually pays off in such a big way that you have simply to have these incredible often of skills that never even we were talking about, may be a third fourth optional those later not get in the ninety six Eileen visit last year, but you look at his stats. They believe is a little good eyelash with his office of output is basically ten a game. I think for the Matter why they spend on it's probably amiss, but then you the guys I just listed on earlier and shrimp, for probably the two best fridges can pack but just losing Horace. That's why they Youtube How people get the ninety four ninety five team confused that eighty four team is so much better cause horse and cart right, impacts, IRAN that team packs and car re retire horse leaves and its honestly a bunch of tenth men with Pippin and run Harper and cocoa choose like eighty six man on the right to security goes back to that I just that Ireland was borne out in penny, was First Timor Ba that year, Shack is at twenty five twelve every game, Horace was still
and asked our power forward their data sky, Nick Anderson shooters that this is a good team and I love the badge when you're watching them at the started. Anthony buoy thinks he's better than everybody right, which was always my favorite thing about him. Wherever he comes in, it's like I so time in buoys mad about not getting a call against MJ any bitches- and I know this is like to get this is a two thousand twist goes built for the toothache. Twenty two can complain about every single call. What I said they beat it's true, he maybe he came from a travesty. They are, they beat the pace of the next round. Good pace sustained the ninety five, an aim at her wretches APEX, awesome Sears gives there they go to the fine us, and this leads me to I want to do before we kind of broke down this game. The series that get remembered incorrectly- and I think one of them is both badges series
Is everybody just remembers now? It's all MJ doesn't count when it should and then Rockets magic that finals, which they are rockets, swept them that match it in that magic team, self, combust, the next April. First There are fifty seven when team and ninety five the next year they when sixty game, one famously Nick Andersson. Mrs the forestry resources that game's over like that game that wrote the wind percentages, fur or later, but when probability when probabilities weigh up there and then game three was
one where they had. This must win game three and that's an awesome game like go. Watch out when a new to that's Clyde Drexler is best, gave the serious, but that's it toto and they can blow that went to that series was way closer than is sweep and just in general. I think this magic team has just kind of gonna kick to the curb. I think that it was really good and I don't think it's a bad thing that M J lost TAT, magic team. You guess what you do like that. The Celtics lost an eighty five cause bird broke. Broke his thumb in a bar firewood ever Spain, the thumb in a bar fight and never came out draft, which bar was it now Ariane Tab, the guy easier is another. It was another one. I can't remsen wire now wasn't one of their oji once, but you know We don't go out, they would have won if bird burden break his thumb. It just kind happens the ebb and flow
the playoffs you're gonna have a year as I got it. I was here this happened well. This was the year for the ninety five Jordan that came. From baseball and add a shity team and that's why they lost this should count on his resume. Philip, yes, I'm with the on all except the conclusion I dont understand. We don't just don't do that we don't really. We don't really count of non finals against skies and I'm not saying it's a surly right. But if anything I left this series going is. This is another thing: that's a positive for Georgia. Like this is remembered as this negative for Jordan, and I agree that went when you watch the starting five come out in the rotation for Lando, I'm goin. Oh my god, that's right back! Then one of the things that we constantly talk about. Look at the second and third player. Look at the fourth player compared to the great teams of today. It's not Close, it's not close, and yet Orlando can, in this mid nineties stretch were a lot of times had two guys. You can depend on a good job
yet when they bring and be Shaw, it's like five guys in that saving counting horse grant is a twenty point guy in this series, where he started taking on more often of responsibility, Shack watching it peak young shack, not peak, shack the player, but just he's actually the best King three hundred to some pound. Guy you ever going to see is the way he moves you kind of camp the announcers, our freaking out and screaming every five minutes. I look at the sky and also the check is screaming every teammate because I can't believe are consistently bad. They were and she passes, got act when Shack is set up with his foot on the block you can't pass. It were a guy. This big has to catch the ball, redesigned repositioning himself further away of way from a seal and the the entry passes were bad part of it
because Hardaway had had Pippin Jordan, Jordan around round the whole time and then heart away has moments in his scoring bout. Imbalance in this game is crazy. At nineteen, in the first half a dozen score second half points and to throw away free throws at the very end the games. We basically doesn't scorn second half, but he has nineteen cause he's hitting for straight threes, but you see the things of penny where you go. This is why we get so excited about the sky, the smoothness, the way that he could durable through all these guys, the passing and all this different stuff. But if the question is, is this Orlando? roster underrated. Historically, it's an emphatic yes, because this is a really good thing and the thing with M J, where its eye glass, feeding on paper in play: baseball Euro and eight Neuro. It's just not true! I'm sorry. I agree with that. I always agreed with you when you say that I think the wear and tear of just trying to do this for forced rate years would have gotten M one of the earth
five strangers. Whatever you talk to anybody who spent in this grind of doing the nine month hundred game season year after year after year, it's got a shelf life of four to five seasons, and you go back and look at the Lakers in the 80s in the Celtics. Have these years were they would just fall off, but the Lakers eighty six against the Rockets, which was another completely misunderstood series, the Rockettes kick their ass and that's his native six. They could not handle. The knowledge and they they were cut it. This tween, Lakers Steamer, was dead, added, more is Lucas and they ran bass and it was like What would bring out our big eyes and it's. The rockets were great. We're gonna, destroy your big eyes and then Next year there were like fuck, it will get sleeker and faster, and that's how the second half of the eighties goes for them. But you need to till everyone's it's really hard to year after year be good and you look at the moves that the bulls made
season, where you just lose Horace Grant he's just gone. Your place was RON. Harper is playing twenty minutes again, you're, worse, that's it! That's the reason you lost you replaced. Horace Grant was RON Harper playing twenty minutes, a game, but other series that I feel like I've just been remembering correctly another spurs Lakers, two thousand to which we did on the Rwanda Bosnia. We covered this angle budgets quickly in other Laker sat a three PETE. This game is this series is too to after for games. They have this also game horrid. Mrs three and now I kind of feel like people guy yeah, they won three and then Shack and CO be turned out. Each other is so much more impressive. That disperse took them down then I think Dr Aragon ever gotten credit for it. I'm sorry, two thousand three not thousand two show what amidst all three series
there is yet I wrote down or two. I met three words Duncan by himself again: Shack and Kobe Whore. Both you know throne. He and they beat him. They beat him in a serious and Duncan should get more credit than this. For this he Shack and Kobe when they were both really good and healthy in a playoff series, and then went on in the titles to me the greatest thing on his residence at three season: pissed, Lakers. No four is another one: the pissing just kill them and that serious, and they showed one of the games today. That series is demolition. You could you argue that they should have one five games to zero Cassim the wounded figures when they barely when I bought by the way when you go back and look at that one and no work with Chauncey, I would go what happened. He goes man near Chauncey due to a man I'll tell you what we knew from the job. They couldn't guard us right
and in its true like they lit them up when you look at all the numbers, if you go back and big ok, but what was like the rebounding finish was insane: they found the shit Outta Detroit. They lived at the free or line, and then the shooting for the Lakers I copy currency aired on that he average twenty three a game. Serious. He shot. Thirty, eight percent overall and seventeen percent from three at any time a hundred and twenty five hundred thirty shots, and it says what was a hundred and thirteen. He was for twenty three from three again like a delusion leprosy. Here's what we're here he play! Tuner thirty minutes the average three rebound again and then nobody else shot the ball Derek Fisher, shot. Thirty one percent Overall Devon, George below forty percent Gary Pay, it is bad percent diet. Holding has a moment. Com alone played a hundred twenty five minutes. He shot thirty three percent, so every shack was incredible. Everybody else was way below it
expect another series that such remembered in practice, the o seven series, which we covered with NASH about each other, Robert Horrid shove serious, dispersing the spurs were great Diana seven day they one in six, I think in five of the six games they were obtained in the fourth quarter. God bus, that's unseen, but I still think the spurs when the serious, even if that horse shabby even if their guys play, I think they could a stolen the series and at their that's what sucks about the horrors shove NASH feels like there are better. I think that's bursting you have Duncan is like his last piece of his of his real prime and you have Parker and should obey rounding into the, though all stars they became at that point. That thing which is really get: oh, nine, magic calves. This is a Kevin Clark, staple everyone's eye on the magic
fire. They shot the lights out and shut the cats at the series. Clark always points out: that's not actually what happened. They shot threes all year, nothing that happened for them in that series was different than what the recipe was all year was Dwight Howard and guys guys. Shooting Lebron was awesome in that series They want libretto, so good in that Syria again in at one that should really be held against him. That series Israel SIMPLE for me the second, and it was one of those things that I couldn't see until I could see it and it's the perimeter guys were enormous and the Primmer guys for Cleveland were small yet, and it can do anything with those guys and you go away like this is gonna work out. Two thousand ten sounds calves and teeth ass, Levin maps. He I'm lump in these together, because these are if you're gonna do the goat argument with the bride. These are you really have to explain these two sectors? It is: do Jordan never had to serious and regulate their site? That calves thing was so
where the last two games and you can look at it? that's very worried game. Sixty every! God, twenty nine? It's like I'm sorry. I had to watch the games and I'll never forget inside the NBA, coming on after game, five and all those guys they are so disappointed with the brine of pages, fell. He kind of disappeared from the moment when they, when the team needed in the most in the end, I think there's a lot of stuff go out. The free age they come in. There is a lot of pressure. The team was very good, but that year and then the year after that Dallas areas where they should have gone up to nothing. They completely choking game too, and they go to Dallas Dallas, just figures at how to beat them an eye. It that's a weird one to remember nine ten years later, because it's really just Dirk and a bunch of awesome role wares and you look at that moment in the game is on today. It's like Wade, Peak Wade, Wade's last great season by
the brine coming off to straighten GPS and the maverick she knew how to beat him, and I don't think that's hers was a flute, but I eat those two together. I think just elaborate narrative there that I think has slipped through the cracks spurs heat, two thousand fourteen. I just did that spurs. My so underrated and so many different ways, and it is to me they're great team of the of the 2010s that doesn't get enough attention and then the last one I had was Cavs warriors two thousand, and sixteen just you know game for must win for Cleveland Golden State beat some. You have drama with the death punch at the end, leads to the suspension and game five, but I left game foregoing other words are gonna win in five. The series is over there better. We ve solved this. This is the greatest team ever and that no punches
Why are there any other serious you have for the last twenty five years we are like this is now being missed, remembered, maybe the the tea wolves and rockets with Garnett and Marbury or check out. When he blasted team in the first round in a short series in your life, you guys are next, because that was like that bullets, that bullets Weber, team, that loss to the bulls. Remember that one where it was well like they. They competed somethin's here, yeah we dislike next ten years. You resent how many rings what's your run rings three, the nets had one of those member Kenny Anderson, their common that when here were they aren t, they threw some punches at you know they exchanged punches with the ball state, their Aqaba, our ideas
Guys peddled ideas, then that would be. Of this thing goes on were six months without sports. We should rank first round exit teams, people away too much that never did any well of the marble stardom. Our sons was up there for me member. They had that great gaming. It says the spurs like oh three is included the as the New Malone and Stockton. Look every night, Marbury there's a stretch there were. You would look at his numbers and go holy shit like thirty five twelve assist couple boards shoots the lights out like what they win like now. They lost again. He was like Westbrook, where it just seemed like when you want to get to the really get to their period, he's getting the and that's it and that's what he was like four seven eight year, I when he's young when you're young in your watch it at first and you don't care about the winds you like this guy is going to be one of the three best pleasantly.
I think that about early Marbury wasn't really crazy cause. He was that special because he's also little thick or two like he wasn't Iverson in that in power pound for pound as tough as anybody, but Marbury had a little bit more tool. You get traded straight up, Jason kid, when Jason kid was one of the best six personally, but mainly sided, get him out of here about Albania to get him out of there, but that's that's at least how talented at the people that speak of big point guards. I was watching game six of Dallas Gold State, which was on my dvr Et Cetera David, said desperandum that we believe in God, and it's a steep car, said that the latest arena has ever been at any point of his career that game sex. It's basically tie game at half time, The warriors go, unlike us: seven data to run in the third quarter that Russia's Cathy Jack's naked threes, Baron Davis. I really miss that version.
Davis. That out of the room, I like that guide that versatile, bearer David suggest so filled because you're such an edge to the game to it's almost like he had already. You know he ran, full court like in his crude and lose for five games, and then he showed up to the NBA game. They had a plan like that's it, I think of when I think of like Prime Baron Davis and bright. Dare Baron Davis is like one of those dude it's kind of like, he's he's the Son of ROD, Strickland railways say Roger, Quincy God at other players, have this kind of all about in your leg ho, while that's a real rod, Stricklin and there's this kind of again man that guy can fuck, you guys merit Baron Davis's. Is that guy for whatever his era? Is it so funny? You said that as national me, I think even set out I guess we did. That was the guy he hated play in the most out of any one. For that attire was Bare Davis, he's fucking hated play. Him said it was like playing of and if all running back
Who could tell me, are you here you just your beaten up after the game can see, which is when he went into aegis your it went through your home body, is it ever since I was just miserable playing him every time. I write back to this back to this rewatchables both go up. Three thousand six hundred and thirty one magic. Take a two point lead at halftime. Then two point lead heading into the fourth quarter. We finally got herself an awesome, Scottie Pippen game. This game he's doing everything defensively. I think he has like a twenty six. Twelve and nine, I think one of things I love about him. They go into it with the last dance. Is that whole point forward thing where it's like? He was a point guard and then he just grow seven inches but kept
its cuts. I, when I watched his balls team in a great and it turned out grave for them with the six titles. I wonder why he just didn't. Have the bar of the time I would have to. I would have used him like the whole point forward thing. I really would have point forward at him because I love The decision to bed, I think the other team hated when he had the ball, the other guy, that the other guy there was. This was cockroach because cooperage had that nice little low post came and they never went to. Pretend they went to it. He would get a good shot, but I just watching it. I've felt like that Inga was almost a wrong off, adds further those bid, Daddy's teams- I just wanna- let Pippen cook, moreover, think it it. Nor you know that's not one of those things. I'd like to do the the play calling think as yours. So many different things have his game like it's amazing, the bulls or even in it, and then up in the first quarter, consider what Orlando did. They started eight at it and then I think they finished to attain or something like that. I think it was it was.
Ten of eleven we just everyday made every single shot for six minutes is game in Europe. How Chicago in it but Pippen was amazing and coach was amazing, who coach in this game reminds you of why he comes over a twenty five year old rookie in a team like the bull, shocked, Kraus, even seeing this because, he so big, but he has all these little skills in between is a great place to his game and he would pass make the right path, but he also make the right cut off the pass and all the stuff I felt like Chicago right and more stuff, then the other games it we're watching they could just felt like there is more but it wasn't always setting up the triangle and getting the weak side got a flash of the free throw line for wide open shot because he had a lot of options like even longingly was somebody was respectable, at least in this game, but M J so not involved in the first half and when you go to the third quarter, its eighty five, eighty three magic and J at that point, five of fifteen was seventeen points, is having a bad gay. Marv would have been so excited.
This one, there's nine thirty two go Marfa Love and that's finally, at the nine thirty minute Mark M J like art enough for this shit is a turn around where he had to turn round jumper like wave. That's a first time activate the whole game he looks like em jam spoke to see here the next next possession Judd Bushel mix. That takes a jumper that MJ sets happy. Mrs Mj tips it in, and then he goes out as I and yet I must look like he had a great gator aid for like five minutes are exactly three straight possessions. It was all MJ. So that would be not my counter to your Pippin thing. It was just that having Pippins set everything
was working, but it was clear that M J, especially knowing he just put together these monster, as is a few games earlier, and is this bad to this boy that he was, he had just had it and he has this incredible stretches of steel and then he dunks it puts up ninety five, ninety two and not to get ahead of ourselves but Orlando's falling apart and you're watching it go away. I nor Linda wins. How did they win this gain? Well, you know that the key thing for this there down eight with three, not one o thou. Ninety four in when they go up one or two, ninety four, the local enough is that I have like that's the nail right, that's the deal Where did you get it the nail? You expect it be Jane, it's a three year time out or then comes at a time out. They miss comes back down. They forget about beaches in the corner exact same three at the
We met him back, MRS it, MRS Edit, I will when I get the game's over. The key thing, though, is horse, gets hurt, yards his finger and adds up really that plane in the fourth quarter, which means they have to play branshaw, and I think that was probably their best lineup. I know who was awesome in the series, but when they had branshaw at point guard, then pending could play off the ball. They just had shack and for shooters and their stumbling into this small ball futuristic line up, know where it's it's like this is actually were but twenty years now. This is the line up that every basketball team would be playing Horace Grant when you be playing right. It just Billig Shaw, petty Nick Anderson, Dennis, got shack
come stop us go. Please double check. We weave shooters everywhere, we'd love it. If you double them- and this is and they basically go on this run, I had it written down. I'm trying MRS Three Shack jump hook. Kukoc loses it. Penny hits a three: both fans get super quiet, Pippen gets posted up, MRS order for fodder and then has little tip and it doesn't go and now you wash it had gone out. This is one of those years or it is not meant to be horrible block. Fallon Pippin felt like I was a child, Aunt Shaw, shot up things, a jar of the nineties, yet not great call gray, call you hey charges M J, Ai Guide. I got this guy's airborne, no legs, just like their head and they sucking out for a minute to of game time. They sell them out for a bit of the game time and he looks just toast even for him cuz they were. He was spending too much time. I think
defend penny and the other end. Now here's a mistake. I thought so. Coaches out there and he's on Nick Anderson, I probably would add, run harbour out there because they were going to cook ouch anyway, at this point, but Aigner cinches torches coup coach So now now, as in the browser down one time out, set up a play to M J M J drives, double team comes at him at the paint perfect pass the lonely and we have the bizarre version of the Charles Smith game. Lonely goes up his seven to it gets Tipp the tiny bit as is going up, but he still has its hands rate rate. Even with the rim, laying it ain't and just kind of shucks it sideways. Does it go in they stupidly FAO Scott makes wanted to free thrust, so they have another chance to tie the only down to the balls. Mj takes it
Does this weird spin move following thing and Shaq comes over to help he's got three guys on him and he ends up throwing it away, and I think that's why people remember this. I gotTa Mj, that's you wasn't MJ that year it's like well, maybe maybe somebody just played good defense. I'm going to playoff game law of averages is he's not going to win every playoff game for the entire 90s there's gonna be moments when you now you don't have it, but I thought the magic legitimately when the series- and I don't think it's fair to them- that it has an asterisk purse While they should take it up, is it just to watch it and to see the town they have out there? It's a great point about Brian Shaw, because what happens with pennies nineteen in the first an how easy the nineteen work as he is, hitting the shots, but its clear that M J Pippen decide
Whoever is on him, just eat em up and he doesn't score and the stuff that they allow, especially that first quarter where no one's early contesting they don't run guys off. The three point line the way were used to today, but they also even in a play, a game kind of let you set up your post offence and then they were doing so different stuff without It double shack and Shack was really good and some of the predetermine reads like and he would deliver the pass like he knew. Ok, I'm gettin doubled here. Amerika, Somebody else I e so impressive in there in the series is incredible too in the defence now, but jack thing like howdy do showing, but it doesn't matter because he's always in position on drives, like he's really good on some of that stuff and there's a few moments how about when he gets them in a switch and pip Pip and brings them back out where he's perimeter against center. It is a job. In a dry past you shacks strip some goes length of the court for Dunk on his own. It's it's nuts in it actually I've gotta go ahead, I'll get caught from behind. No, we didn't get caught They were trying to challenge them at the rim and even at acts
like I'm gonna make it sixty feet, dribbling aright without lot out ass yeah, and he does it, and there is also another play where Orlando has. Amidst the Balkans is loose in the air towards the free, throw line, shack grabs it in doesn't know, look behind his back bouts pass to horse, grant who then gets foul and then tipping its detective so they get the free throws out as they asked YAP later. We go. We dimension the United Centre at this clause in ninety three they'll. Ask it the last time we did. We watch eyeballs, it was the old Stadium, Chicago stadium. Amazing then he leaves, and then the United Centre gets belt and now he's in this in the ten t broadcast in the second half. When he's that he misses couple shots and collins goes. The during the game is like I dont think Jordan legs descended the stadium bob. We ve seen this over and over again something about this stadium. He Jesse
this site- or I don't know what it is. I just feel like everything was uncomfortable for him. Coming back, he had the seventeen warmer games for the plants and was just getting used to like these new teammates there's just different guys in the team he's got his baseball body. I get all the excuses. I still think you paid really well. I was oppressed, like oh, sorry, he wasn't the best part of all time, but he's still you know he was still the best garden elite that the all NBA cards that year penny hard away and I think spree well. I think where the two Firstly, my big eyes: Jordan comes back, has played a year now he's the best. The league right away? So do I? I just think that the concept of him- being a show of himself is wrong and we should stop it he s m J again for those five minutes in the fourth quarter and then every strip somebody goes and dogs In Orlando is falling apart, like they have three straight journal,
in a row and comes back in five and a half They're up ninety nine. Ninety two bj hits hits that three, it's one or two, ninety four, three, twenty four left in I'm telling you not gonna believe that they lose the game. Cuz you're like look at this Orlando team and their pissing away these turnovers, their badger there, one were hardway just after an impound roubles out of bounds. He just for no real, like dribbled, Elect pennies kind of a mess in the second half, and then Nick Anderson, who was really quiet, offensively, hits that three. It's that step back on coup coach. And then they make the free throws and it just all of a sudden you're going with me like. If I were in that crowd as a bulls fan, I would be leaving that arena going. What the hell just happened, the seas like how did that you're thinking, no way this isn't going to game seven, and these new guys are going to be rattled because MJ's back- and I think that's the takeaway of this just being there. Twenty five years ago, there was this assumption. Michael was going to figure it out, because
of our history with him and even to end even like they're in that game, and I don't remember where I watched it or anything like that, but I guarantee when they were update, timeout three minutes I have to sign. I can't believe they're gonna lose its Fuckin Michael Jordan. What will we do They're going to go to Orlando they're going to win a game. Seven like this is Michael, of course. This is how it's going to play out and it's really hard to overstate how shocking it was when they fell apart and all and it's over and people. I think I've had a building is shocking, even Orlando, when you look at the magic bench once they know, o we're up for a free, throw thing here at the end, in their looking at each other kind of high five unlike and they still have the pace, is there in the final year and it's like we actually did it. I'm Tellin you right now watching Nicky Anderson and game. One strip, Michael from behind, was like finding out my dad's, not my dad. I just I I We just and then an unfair thing to do to Leubronn, but no one
ever had that like MJ, were you didn't think it was even possible that it wasn't gonna show up in that moment? Yes, he's Miss game when he shots and that kind of stuff he has that air ball at the end of the game in this game, you're like what the hell was that, but that game one thing with Nick Anderson, because it isn't just a good defensive play. It's just you lost track of a guy. You get strip by pre. I cannot forty m J, you get from behind and nineteen ninety five lately I wasn't give Osama it was that you know it's. The hospitable. This is, is worse, pass, clap moment ever eight. This ears, and he put thirty one a game. Any Eddie was awesome like for the six games and had a couple: fuck ups near the end died is right. Leubronn had two thousand ten, those last who sought the games here, the entirety as Levin finals, the two thousand fourteen that supersede series where they
just kind of disappear, as as they always along everybody else. When I will hold that against the rock everybody that was what that was one lebruns sitting the bench going. You know what this whole ominous day. My Emmi one more year deal she's going I'm out of here now, because everybody around him. I thought I I hope, I hold it against him. Ten percent, because I No, I just like to say what a jerk about it now I just thought that ships there they defended chance that I thought they rolled over that game. I thought is going on here. Is that letter was my letter, this member? How many three scented Tonia made in that series rear GO and all my colleagues are they not gonna miss and it was kind of new forest still, whereas I Samuel acts, it.
I watched it not that long ago, actually does Isaac number. I didn't like I didn't like their second half and by the way, the Celtics events to fight this too, like I really don't like this Celtics game, six, eighty eight and their banged up- I get it, but I just feel like they. They kind of rolled over in Detroit with the trade took it for them. Say it out. They, like Jordan, at least in this thing. He's fighting to the bitter end is a plan that well, but even when they lost its a holy shit, I lost I lost, you know you could see it, so he is called after. He said he had miscalculated is planned to quote steal a title after attorney for the last seventy gives the posted this Dj Armstrongs very adamant about this. That Jordan's looked at them.
He looked how kind of like deluded? It was a mistake. I can come back and still a title, the share, so he said I'm looking forward to having a training camps at these guys. I think, over the course of an aid to game season. We could do something special I've got the hunger back, but is this guy was so good? He despaired for twenty months is like I think I could still do. It's gonna come back, I'm pretty sure already ready for yeah was twenty nine. Thirty, no he's gonna be thirty. His eye. Thirty one at this, my fair, I won't- I mean that's the thing: is he kept retiring in your go and will wait a minute? How old is this guy? He was thirty one, year, he retired again when he was thirty four, and so, when he came back to the wizards as much as everybody's guy disguise
that many still was only thirty eight when he came back the wizards at first year. Another little small side note about the Nick Anderson Part, this net game, one after game one he had said. I could do that to number forty five, a conduit to number twenty three and then that's when I M J, as you point out, came back aim to number twenty three on team got five. Twenty five grand Russ granted has the all time power play quotes and we can't just have guys wearing whatever number they want every single night. He sets it about M J M Jake, it's fine five grand and the George Evans are released and Nick Anderson was actually picked by Jordan to wear the Jordan, that is guy, and yet he says that about Emma Jane MJ was so pissed. He put on a disk man headphones and didn't talk to the media after dinner,
The media, the restless, run one other thing about this game and then we're gonna go so in the ten t broadcast. Theirs is pivotal elimination, game for your sons, their plane. The rockets at school six, it she's going on another channel, their goin. Over over Anti Bs Charles Barkley, twenty seven in the first half the sun's looking to stave off elimination of like what are we doing back there. Well, we have these two games out at the exact same time miscarriage of justice. When I was watching what are the other games, they were at the beginning of the Youtube video for
pulls magic game- is a keen being interviewed by hand a storm and they join. The broadcasting, haven't miss much ten, twelve God. Why so? Fuck by the bedside is we should a figure this stuff out at sight of one restaurants or bragging about real chicken now and you go. That should be something your body about. That's it for M J. We watch was by far we're gonna step these up we're gonna do more because this is really the last sports we have what's the last day it's over. It's gonna get dark. Now you like when it gets dark you like, when it gets weird you're ready to get your fucking weird on. I'm not afraid the recruiting stories did great we're due in part to this so. I have like five guys on. I go. Give me your best story about recruiting Matt Leinart talks about being up in Michigan, and he said he got so drunk the whole the whole time. He was there that then, when he had to throw his like, I felt like crap because they offered me, though they don't know how
where I was like wow, because then I really want to go to Michigan has p care. Wasn't the coach yet like the guy he committed to it? Sc was hold the whole different staff and he's like this peak, Karel Guy, like I won't play for him, and then he decided to play for him and the restless history. So those are great. We have I ve you guys come out for that. I know we're doing a little renewables as well, but yeah. I am always ready to go. We should do the eighty six World Series man. Why would you do that to me game Sanderson? because now, because now you have four rings, why you know I was watching the air Boon Game and he has been a sound came. Seventy three and Mc Carver talks about how he had mentioned. How Clemens had said. I didn't ask out of gay of game six of the World Series. That's not true and eat, but carver tells this whole story during the game is like you know.
John Mcnamara called me, the Red Sox manager and Joe I'll just tell you. He was adamant that Roger Clemens Ass tat of that game. He said it was said. Ten years ago, but our member like it was yesterday. He did not want to continue so just in fairness. That was John Mcnamara side of the story this Red America, murdering Clemens covetous pitching by acts of bees and the thing is, is when you watch game seven with Pedro can see why they leave a in, though on the left right stuff. Like I'm, not saying it's the right call, but you can. You can see the pattern now. It's that greater ages, looking gray little in the dugout being like our you. Take me out of the game like we normally know of the plan. Is the whole time, but there's in our view, be made that once he had one battery news going, get like two or three more. That's all not do let's not do oh three games. Seven cause now was that's.
Luckily, emotionally things had worn off a little bit is at work for the mightily team in oh two and Trenton, when they are still the Red Sox and then I was doing it every single day in Boston, no three. If that had happened, and ninety nine I made just now be getting purled. You know it's great there, their show elected member the last time, these two pitched and they just show the grip of the dogs zebra brow, which has a real thing. That happened. Were you there for that. I think I was no. I wasn't. I was then the NATO out at the time when I was at EL as ordered for came up. The zealous and all those games. I was at all those games and it just the tension that nastiness I mean it's nothing Jack Odin under part Thursday. He said it was like a Roman Colosseum. It was everything much hatred and in the feds it doesnt work hatred. It though I'll never be like that ever again, but I feel, like I reseller. Listen to pod this week or we're gonna. Do you mean
Secondly, do an episode of the reactor is as part of Europe when you're pots later in the week, wanna to do the bullets Bob hurdles that place in perfectly, land, and will we be? I we're doing the first rounders its eighty. I thanks to Priscilla thanks to nephew Kyar we're going to three podcast start in this week. Alleys further next, probably to three months. Hopeful have allowed us to talk about misstep it up guess where their me lad over. Let us level surprises over the course of the next few weeks the reward Shabazz Monday. We're glad that's happening there you go talk to you later in the week.
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