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MJ’s Doc, Tua’s Draft Stock, L.T. vs. Rice, and the ’93 Knicks-Bulls Battle with Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the first two episodes of the ESPN documentary 'The Last Dance' (2:50) before getting into the upcoming NFL draft, top QB draft prospects, Bill's and Ryen’s all-time top-five NFL players, and more (37:50). Finally they revisit Game 4 of the 1993 Eastern Conference finals between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks (1:40:20).

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Today's observe the BS pack asked. The ringer pack has now brought you by state farm. Scottie Microbial Jack Leubronn away, just a few NBA do those that are undeniably the real deal of your watch Anna the last year, switch, were silent, agony talk by a second scotty. Michael, I think, or by second fair retained, never behind Bird Mikhail Bird Mikhail, though the low posts came a Mikhail bird space in it the way They played off each other, unbelievable at their peak and eighty six, some of the best I've ever seen her best, of course, about high ranking draft, a farm agents. Your team and get help combining the ultimate do at home and ATO insurance. When you want to know what the real deal like a good neighbour state farm is, there were also brought by world central kitchen, their release.
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our new package by the wire, the wire weigh down on the whole, including flank coach, the new package with P Carroll and Steve Kerr. You can subscribe to both of those on Spotify or an app or wherever get you pack ass and come up. We are going to tackle the M J Dac, we're gonna talk, but the ineffective and what you do. Another episode of the watch, a balls with ran reseller, speak in a basketball and book basque by pack as Chad Fortnight redrafted. The two has it. Three draft were running that on Tuesday and we're running the fares Bueller. We watch balls on Monday, so really on we care plus. The latter rumours of the cause cousin sow come on Thursday night after ran one in the NFL draft. So I do now we'll see, will see if we can get him. That's our coming! Right now, reseller, first, our friends from programme.
It is in fact said it. I just lacks the first efforts, the baggage, your document, I've seen it, but I really enjoyed watching second time round Priscilla you haven't seen here what you think I am oddly hadn't didn't. I was gonna feel this, but when he started talking about in episode to when he just like, I want to win all these dudes talk about winning now, and I dont know that I believe them all. And I don't know that I've ever believed in athlete. As much as I believed your Is that where you guys doing like we're supposed to win these games- and I know we're get into this little greater too- I'm so motivated right now- I got one
do something I want to go outside. I want to compete like I'm, I'm not bullshitting you. I am like incredibly inspired where I going into this everybody was worried about people be like our Jordan is really not gonna. Like Jordan. I renew that stuff I'm. I just believe this guy so much I want to go. Do something, and I know I'm not gonna have the opportunity to do that. Concern our even rims, I'm I'm like brave heart. The first time I saw a brave heart kind of inspired right now, oh, yes, I want mine in the second episode word he's talking about. We can't let up you ve gotta, keep asserting your dominance You can't let other people now that he has an old dominates alpha dog thing but genuinely believes it. It's it's not like uniting Cobby. Kind of grew to believe a lot of the suffering the same, but a lot of it was like Mama mentality, hashtag whatever it is. It is your to Jordan, impersonation microbial yeah, no glass so by
George hundred, I really let yeah like. He really believe that step on somebody's neck, you can't let them up. You have to of a people, you have to drive them and if they can't take it, you don't want to be in the war with them anyway. Get the fuck out get me somebody ups, like any other Maybe act right episode to that. You know, after the injury where I imagine a lot of the rest warriors out. There were so happy to learn about a restriction in nineteen eighty five, but that team is thirty and fifty two and the eight see the ends up the Celtics and Jordan towards the end of the year is playing in these games because he was Dat back at you and see he wasn't supposed to be playing at all and he's players that its absurdity, even think of maybe there but in league in the eighties. Still things are so disconnected and organised on organised, he's at you and see support.
They re habit and being in the pool, taken classes and he's running full court with the team, and nobody knows rival. Jordan comes back and tells Kraus and their freaking out, and there like will let you play, but it's only seven minute burst each have and they have this game hence the painters and their thinking about the lottery pick, which is obviously very familiar now and everybody's likely in Jordan's like what are you talking about these? At the minutes restriction, the game is tied. There's thirty seconds left time is called Kraus comes down to the benches. I get him out of there Jordan's Freaking out in time out, because these not gonna go back into the game, packs and hit game winner. The first thing I looked at her footage was a real winner, so excited. His team won be out there celebrating with them, as opposed to the selfishness that we ve seen with other athletes. Words like I want you guys think I want to win, but I really only want to win on my terms in Georgia. Their high five and everybody, and I'm goin. That's exactly it. That's the point he may be.
I thought it was teammates, but like its way, but like you could be an asshole abortive, you win will justify all this stuff. He really truly cared like. It was driving him insane to not be out there. Even though that team was thirty and fifty two, while the other thing is, it was actually terrible that they made the playoffs it led to the forty, nine and sixty that three point games gets here. Six out the expert. That's like now that that was a no win situation. They did the eighty six out where the best team of our time, the lottery that year only seven, things wherein there that was back in the day I was the envelope era that was like every the same odd. So if you view it up, you know one of the south. And it even if you're the seventeen year, the same odds as the worst team in the league, so wasn't waited at all. Yet I was looking it up before. We know it was you I eighty five and eighty six and the change in eighty seven days the youngest royal find it, the south extended up, get a number two. They got the limb by us back
Rio, Seattle right, so it's actually kind of indefensible. If you just running an that you would have let your and play at all- and I wonder, like I was thinking about Jordan's own, the Charlotte team, now for them a decade or so view is in that situation. As an owner, he'd, probably pinching. Michael Jordan are the United Kingdom for the minutes. Direction right migration by road, you mean yeah, wherever they are that could about a huge pick for them cause Brad Dorothy was the first pay like even run Harper, I think, was a seventh pick that year, if biased goes to them, who knows maybe The parties are that there that I it's a good. What if now that's the only time nominative bend the balls organization, this whole pack, as ever written about this couple years ago, their decision to basically break up that team. After that, ninety seven, ninety eight thing is The boast indefensible decision, slash strategy from anyone
a team we ve seen it it does, it doesn't make sense. Now it didn't make sense, and I think there has been some revisions history about why he retired he retired, because, as I laid out the peace, two years ago. He never to go. They ate urine right into a lack our right after that fill Jackson's out. He will only once both village of his days, which cargo this is the late It is the era when you know teams were carving out caps basin, he be an extra twenty million to try to sign M J. The only thing that really had cab space was Houston, then abstaining Pippen, so he could a light gleamed on somebody else's situation played for cheap, tried to win more titles. He just get to do that. He had made like thirty six million in the ninety is that he was in a play for four million to try to a title with Ewing. Are you know any dirt his finger and he was like I forget. I guess I won't play it when you think about it. How did that I'll handle it that way,
Jordan was saying about. We deserve to keep defending this title until we lose it's amazing. The bulls organism it didn't feel that way and by the way they had the rebuilding thing and it was a disaster. We believe that the redraft double standard of up rebuilding three different types. There are so many things that happen, and not just in sports but things Happen wherein the moment it's the worst, like all my gosh, is everything and anything ever been this bad because those of us to talk for a living, those of us there asked our opinions. We want to sound profound. We want to have that lasting moment like if you get interview for this you're, hoping to kind of that thing, that really really resonates like Billy Packer has a spot where he's like mad Jordan was amazing. Is amazing: we're like our Billy thanks for coming like pad and bring it down in his got. You want to have that caught words like this is amazing. I guess I just did a Billy Packer looking back now, twenty years removed,
This hasn't been talked about enough. It has, as I remember how I felt in the moment finish school start a really get back into sports. Jordan had that contract, where he was just sort of paid B. And everybody else, it was worth it but you're right. How could you is rinds dwarf? How could you let Jerry Kraus who, just by looking at crowds? You know who he is? You know everything about I'm just by looking at that little man who was good enough to put this team to get did want to trade open for Cartwright who, as you know, a big that you needed back then to identify and trade of her Pippen to draft it'll. Be J Armstrong later on YO be J Armstrong later on Coup coach Horace Grant drop that kind of gaming. Yea had some wisp, nobody has whiffs. How could you let a man's ego because he's not getting enough credit as this Napoleon complex figures, the GM because he doesn't like feel Jackson. How could you is?
I do have let that get in the way of hate, its Jordan, who still wants to play this team just one. There straight title and by the way where women Sixty plus Games championships or hard. Let's run this back or we can have the greatest, learn the history, the game retire and then everybody just goes their separate ways about giving ourselves at least another really good shot at another title: while they are either raising member and ninety seven after they when the second title, they almost trade pip into the subjects, and it was going to be in retrospect, a catastrophe of a trade for the Celtics. It was the third pick, the six pick, and I think it was their one thousand. Nine hundred and ninety eight first rounder to for Pippin which would have ended up being Chauncey Bill RON, Mercer and the popular spick and at the last second, it doesn't happen. But almost got traded a couple times during the night
When was the Shawn Kemp trade that it that almost happened and then, as we find out the inner part to eat a man to trade? At that point, he's going to be a free agent? What's the point who they going to get to come You try to win the title, and you know the rest they're going to they're going to figure it out. We find out some stuff in the last two parts spoiler alert more about. Could Jordan have actually come back? Did they audible the part? I never understood his. What, if Jordan had across the and Soda Pepin. Why didn't they exercise their lead? slash, sway and be like hey. It's humor me, Do that earlier? Do that what is coming out of baseball like I'll come back, for you got to get rid of Jerry Krause I got. Some point rides are Ford's a good value, Krauss more than this joy dynasty, this money machine that he had wonder why Jordan didn't just do a hammer meeting. Because now today I think it allies. Somebody word right or the ivy
and the thing is this like, even though we get away back in that's not how work we're talking about Michael Jordan, we're talking about Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, can't stand Kraus Pippen com, I hate Strauss to another level where Phil at the end episode two at say: look we had to tell Scotty, you know you need to need to calm down if you get on the team bus, is railing on Jerry Grouse and by the way like this is what part of my answer. Pippin thing for back in the day, I've just I've always had a hard time. A really interesting words like fill in one of the episodes that air tonight he says you know Scotty's completely underpaid. He cited seven year deal for eighteen million dollars in nineteen. Ninety one and ninety one, the highest paid player to league, was Patrick Ewing at like four and one slash two I mean he'll, Jordan still had like ten guys, to him on annual salary, so Pippen size seven years: eighteen million in a debate about the contract the entire time, There is one other peace of that. That was actually I think he signed that early before you up.
He had a rookie contract where his Asian fucked him on the Ricky contracts are then the catch up. They gave him this longer deal early here in the rookie contract says that will pay little more give us a little more in the back. I thought it was disingenuous for rights derived to say: oh yeah, I told Scotty he should inside it like that's bullshit here today. That was it reliable contract. I've got an. He was one of the best fifteen impersonal league. By the time he signed a contract that for nothing right but Phil Feel calls him the second best player in the world. After Emma Jane, you got ok, wait a minute wait like look in is, is great moments where he doesn't have to stand out and be great like there's, all these little things go back and watch these redrafted. Balls excuse me watch bulls that we owe in there just momentary, ok up. This is this is why the special- but I remember just again, being younger and just being an mba fee, likewise sky constantly costly, complaining and then he gets her. As the surgery later Jordan mentions that pissed off
time line of that surgery, and then here we still due to the start of this year, that this is based on eighty seven. Eighty eight there Lou in games, therefore, for they have won on the road double over time with a bad clipper steam. Jordan goes crazy in it and at this point, like Pippins, Manning a trade but then at the same time to like Kraus, is up there and instead of doing the thing that we're all just a custom to, but as part of the job like. Yes, we wish people were more I did, but when your GM's being asked to Prescott Potatoes, you guys almost straight Scotty and cross cuz, you have another really good offers, but you know decided to something else. So quickly loses his mind, so poor I gotta go. You know what I'm siding with Pippen here. It's always tough when you sign a bad contractor than you, then the whole time, but going into that Otto Year, just so much more turmoil than we expected, but yours like I don't know they could to renegotiate the contractor. Now they could have today only there's only one year left output, but then back to the original point. On this whole thing in no,
version of any NBA argument does a Jerry Cross figure win this thing in twenty twenty, except for the fact that Ryan starts track record has been what it mean. Paxton, the Garpax thing is fine The over Ok Kenny Williams won to World Series the White sucks fifteen years ago and people smaller. Always I mean this is a kind of what rinds dwarf is done with both of the teams that when you- for him he's increase. Loyal when the entire city is ready to turn on you, so I dont know obviously plays some sort of factor into the whole thing and the fact that cross did a really good job. I mean he help kind of filling the pieces around it. But when, when your number, when when Michael Jordan is like, I will of crowds, he's gonna get his way, I'm never playing again and you go. Ok well, take their possible beyond the titles think about how much honey that cost them. Let's get it figured it out and he played for two more years and that's another eight months and tickets, its
even if you're, not winning, it's fifty guess winds and insight worst case scenarios, you lose the Blair House, my God, you're, still rake in it in your eyes, on that building out and instead for what they what about anti and if you haven't the redraft above, which would be new non book, a basketball. You know they d luck and I did, I'm the three and a half months season date their terrible and they would get the number them they get on get couple years later. They football brand they get to the top for they take tastes, shall learn at a curry that doesn't work out and six years in their finally have the foundation of something but rebuild. Is a lot harder than it sounds. You know it's woods also really is having the best part about all. I just would have at some point like. I think the prayers have way too.
Power, it's weird, how little power they had in ninety eight that he couldn't convince him to be like look, rehire Phil give Scotty a contract extension I'll stay for as long as you keep those two guys if you're right there for, like rate good let's keep guy, but this right or how to get on a plane to Montana, go to fill and go alright. Let's work this out because Phil was up after ninety seven and clearly I think rise dwarf kind of going back at least this thing out Jerry his daughter was getting married and Jerry invites the entire bull staff. In Jerry invites the entire bull staff except fulfil Jackson, but then also invites Floyd, who hung out with a rushing trip actually it's a becoming the head coach. As we all know, in flames out in that revealed an rainstorm at least
the plane goes to Montana gives Phil. Jackson is six million for the year. Phil was underpaid in comparison to other coaches, and all these other guys it it had. Really, you know not the Reza may feel Jackson has, and ah I just I just I just it's like look. The only thing. That's weeder about the stories that Michael Jordan decide play baseball for two but rise is low. The other thing is the rules were a little more favourable a mess around in the ninety seven. Ninety eight range like Joe Then they were just able to give him whatever salary he wanted for summaries. That didn't count against the cap. You re but renegotiate somebody's contract. As far as Acta with the year laughed, you know you could you could tackle onto after that last year things I, that the coach thing Jackson in six million in ninety eight was a lot of money. I think he was the highest paid coach back then, except for Riley, so its re, it's where this
for people who don't know the background of this story, this dvd has been around since the late night is the Abbe entertain a day ass, the phone for the document, yeah right. Yet ass, the film, though only deal they made was, will never do anything with the footage. Unless you say it's, ok and let them behind the scene, and you got a little taste of it in the first two parts. But you get you get much more of a taste in the next eight parts, because this was more of a background set up. You know still: ok gimme your role, the origin of this, because this goes way back of a new and caught her shell put together for thirty. This kind of falls under that. So give me kind of the first inside look It is these conversations when you guys are trying to figure out how to put some like this together. Well, so we we would thirty. Four thirty we had to go and it was in motion- and I don't remember that the timeline- oh, I do remember this. I might actually
spring two thousand that it was when, when the Brown played Orlando, because we had a meeting with the director during that serious in this was thirty. If there is a motion We are making them and then we're, like others, Jordan thing could we get somethin and we'd heard about this mystery? day, but they heard about it. You'd heard at the dvd it legit. DVD, where they had followed him around as like. What's that, will you can't see it? Nobody gets to see it as well. We know some people have seen it they added a mailing ass, the dvd. I still have it and it was there cut of this to our doc. And be entertainment had done it was dated you would have to take some stuff and changed some things do some areas, but it though was the real Jordan and we, like how do we by the way I take no credit. This is just this is a quick moment in time and oh nine, where was I Could we turn this into a documentary? We thought we brought in at least one really good director that we had sent him. DVD to see if they could do it
and it just came down to the NBA didn't want to do it and Jordan did Jordan. We had no chance whom did anyone that you knew sit down with Jordan and approach him out about about this. It, though the the feedback we got over and over again was that it was gonna, be incredibly expensive and for the NBA the man a time that they had spent dad cease fire in the time energy. Who also had to allow this footage where you know, as you see in the next day part- who also had to allow this footage. Where you know, as you see in the next day, parts doesn't come off great in some of this stuff, but this is the real Jordan. He had no interest in a kind of died. We you didn't pay. If you know ten million dollars for documentaries and two million to the UK and ten million to NBA entertainment, you paint ten million Jordan. I dont need never got in ever got that far the way they did this deal. You know this is a Netflix ESPN combining he is paying gets the live rights. Netflix gets the oversight.
He's right. Then they eventually get the dac after like three months or whatever, and they put it, money. I bet I don't know what the exact prices, but I guarantee was over twenty million. Something like that and then said the production company get some. Ba gets alive and then Jordan, I'm sure, gets the most cause. You can't do this without Jordan. Getting any interviews fees that involved? You know that it's a it becomes a dominoes. They once it's like Jordan's in he's, producing it with us. That opens the door for these things, but the documentary climate change to last for five years was inconceivable, for anyone to pay a more than five million bucks for a document every five years ago, and now you look at what happened and even in the music industry that Billy I wish is music doc went for like thirty twenty five, thirty billion singer beyond saves. Netflix thing was twenty five billion that the price for this stuff. Because of what we sought
because you can own conversation if he looked a twitter today was hashtag last dance across the board. Now we must sports, but a documentary visibility, ability to capture attention, get Mozilla guys for two days a week, whatever that's where something, in two thousand that it wasn't what's bingo on the build up for this and I went home and look at it. It twitter and I don't want to be on twitter for this though, and I would tell you right Now- Leubronn stance, you're all right right now, you're! Ok, you know for the battle for supremacy whatever it is. There's a few arrow volleys your way in EU back a camp draken grog going that wasn't so bad. It gets worse you're gonna get worse guy, say, you're number you like you guys like ready for battle tomorrow. If you haven't you hurry deserters, yet I've
Is there anyone else? Maybe it's Mohammed Ali? Is there anyone else that there would be this kind of anticipation for twenty years after they played to go okay, we like this ten partner and it feels like anyone connected to sports. It not only excited about it, but is also talking about it. Is that in itself is a thing like I don't know what else could reach this file? It s, eggs, a timid allay. That's it! That's right, that's all point of his hand. I lay in the brain- is that in that level the conversation is that, but you does it so. The timing of this is bizarre, but when we were kings was on today, which is my favorite sport sacramental, maybe document are ever so that the best sport sack manner about time, though it I saw it, I say that as somebody who is pretty status for sectors, I the reason I say it's. The best is its one part. If you're gonna say the best Malta part document her. That's like a different conversation
the best documentary about time is when we're kings, because it's it's like an hour and fifty minutes and it's incredible and every the footage and Amy Rowdy aims round concert added on to hearing my god right, I'm in Unifil Rubbia uninspired that when we were kings, James Brown scene, I lose it. So I get. I try not to get frustrated by younger people too much Cosette and I'm sure I did this. What I was amazed twenties and never wait. What are we just like ie. You tend to think everything that happened in your recent lifetime is always the best thing. It worries me that people have even seen when Eric Eggs is its own set of max right now and I'm sure it's I might be HBO go say and if you care about sports documentaries and he loved the thirty four thirty series and you love the OJ series in your join this Michael Jordan Series and you ought to have
conversations with other people, but sports documentaries. It starts with one we're kings that thing eight first, while hoop dreams, which was the other, like you know, really impact for sports Doc it's that nearly as good as one workings when workings could be released now and it be fucking awesome in that thing is at least twenty years old right. I remember when I get out now- it's ninety snowy somewhere, it's it's impeccable, it's so good and the stories and everything about it. So I would highly recommend thou one, but he the journey I commend her. Is you go back to hoop? Dreams was in grad school, and that was the first time a sports that comes out and there go in. While this thing has a chance to get dominate furnace like tat and then all the way through when we're kings was another big land point that I think the legend night series that HBO Dead was really important. Hbo, he has been both had some good ones. Black magic was important. Thirty,
thirty was important. Obviously you go through, I think, what school about this in the end- and I and hat. Why will remember at long term, regardless of it? If people feel egg is an aim on ass a day in a post? Whatever is just what it meant for the quarantine? How we didn't have sports fur five and if wigs and this is being treated as a sporting event. People are doing live after shows. After documentary its inconceivable, two thousand five right, you know, but the black magic one. I remember watching it in my hotel room when I used to live in a hotel there for a while, but the Bob love stuff is like one of the heaviest things I've I've ever seen in a day memory and it was cool the kind of sea, the Bob love part. It I mean
I'm too young for Bob Love, but just this odd amount of light, just emotional sympathy. You had four bob love hearing him till his story. That was like that black magic is really good and it doesn't arrogant mention now it s. My friend Diane Court did that who did the regiment were thirty thirty for us and also did Basque by love story and black magic was really poor. Various began cause. It was the first really high quality. Nonfiction thing he has been did cause you go through the eighties Ninetys there not doing anything other than sport century sport century was important. It was what it It was a formula every single one of almost exactly the same, you know is the same kind of behind the music type thing, whereas egg but were Ryan. Didn't realize was that danish Canal, Would it be around for much longer and then what commercial and I didn't know But you know
was good for what it was, but it was very you watch us down, it's very primitive utterly. They. They would rerun those ideas paean well, language. It was the first one that pushy envelope and that's a real pivot from some stuff there doing Keziah early, thousands they got really excited into the scripted stuff in play. Backers was working and then play me there was an nfl thing in the NFL cause the shots, and then you know how I think the Monday night lineup still my beginning, punished because a play makers, but then don't forget, tell Tale Mackenzie and now I just didn't you tell us a good show. Ok tell us a good show, but Vampa Hope has has such a great story. You gotta get him on to tell this. They used to have like the inbox rate or the promos. They would do for the new scripted stuff on tv, and I do think that there were like some old school on air guys that would kind of like what are we doing like a he family here tonight, Sylvia Impel would have some fun with the promo raids
they tossed her whatever maybe go, to break and Scott. We go like in don't forget EL the absolute Any started like make it up. Maybe you'd, like I can remember you know, of the apple Magic fire hand will be until following seared and then seventy like for the princess lavishly gave ample fuckin cool it. I know that others till rough. It was just here, a bunch of them made a dealer in our movie movies or two. I think, Annetta Bunch, a dealer in our movie. They did a whole Brock's is burning many series, which was like secretly one of the most expensive, the ISP and projects. Ever it was three times as much as the budget was so by the time we started innovating thirty, four thirty. It was just a mass their day. All the different projects were all over the place. We were just one of the many projects people are working on, but to watch it now. It's like this well rounded machine where you have these spots
These sponsored segments of their nets like the vault presented by whatever, and then it's all go. At their stuff on placid their stuff on the website and there's after shows, and when we did the first thirty four thirty. We do? They really were promoted and we put it up and then it was over and we can help people watch. You remember going on twitter bailing out couple people reading about it is a different era. So let me is one of the first times. I'd heard you know, look, I know. Conor shells really closer you, but The first time is good or on the radar. When I would notice they gather on air people shaken him down parties and stuff as a guy's becoming a bigger deal are. As you know, the story goes. Is that As rose tat, it was doing the directing Africa as rattle The aim is redolent when that couple times really nice guy does the OJ doc and he goes Cotter encounters overseeing its legal case, or do we have here and cigar two partners in society like six?
and I heard the Carter what the skipper was like: it's gotta be six and now I call this go for it is that remotely utter rubbish now Emily I saw the pitch now is always, but it was supposed to be for parts or maybe it was passed, We three parts five hours had been Conor went, got it in a big five parts, but the pitch we always wanted to do like a multiparty, whatever I'm ever, which we the one with the one I was the most excited about that fell through as Thyssen weak. I wanted to do Tyson week, quick shark weak as before that how did they fall through kiss it? It was. We were working on the second series, so is the second thirty, but then I knew the we knew the next iteration had to be needs to be a multi part, something this is like the next step for three hundred and thirty cuz we're doing shorts. At that point- then the name for nine it was at the next one is we need a multi partner and we had a whole at a really good game. Planet weed
on this whole M, Nemo thing for the five knights and all that stuff. But then your member member, like right around that time Thyssen started. He did like you wrote a book he did with Belarus Lohmann one. He Dolly re Hedy D, like it a biography and he was doing the Broadway deal. You did the Broadway to hang and he was like available it. Avis, coming off the hang over in a just and feel special so we ended up. Just cannot pursue. Are they even asked? The girl had finished thought, but I do have one follow up and then all you All of you for the five parts. The best part was the robbing get like. Laying it out was wet, though robbing givens leading to Buster Douglas. That would have been like that would have been one of the best hours ever because he needs the of Thyssen were smarter about this. He would kind of like it.
In his book, the Sloman Biography, which is an incredible reed, and he talks about all this stuff is facing Pre Douglas and he should just go out and like all. This is what I was doing now sleeping with every made I had, I had asshole lest he Stds and I went in there and fought Douglas and I was doing the tunnel blow yeah. I just kind of way How do you lose the bus recklessly irc, as you did the worst possible stuff leading up to this whole fight? I did that. The reason I'm asking, though, is that how much of the Oj Multi episode platform influences the ok You think, even though I know you're not a part of this one like you would have been back in the day, but that they do tat parts or is it this kind of thing where it's like a maybe if its six parts with make a ten, because we can sell more revenue, I mean imagine, all of these things are factored in Iowa. Making a murder was a bigger impact. Can this while yeah? Because that way
started a documentary trend in general. Were people started looking at Malta, part documentaries? Could you get more money, it's as it. So that's why you see even Tiger came now is probably what to upsets too long fresh. If you count the last one of these are always padded, because the more you do in the more you getting paid for for this one, the way I really do this correctly was the way they data and actually I dont think this was too long. This is one of the ones that it's only forty add minutes per episode and if it was on Netflix, it would probably be an hour of pop. So maybe we'll be eight episodes instead of ten. Something like that, I think it's the right length. I actually feel like stuff like the Bowie to SAM Bowie, Jordan Draft. They could not another five. Six minutes on that. You know at the you see some other stuff like the ninety one finals, that's coming up in a little bit, they could have gone way deeper and does when the result wanted the package last week, but I just think it's cool:
I'm glad I'm really glad. That he that Jordan decided do this, I'm glad that they found an awesome director for because that's another way, this could have gone wrong and I'm glad they got everybody in that everybody was still alive to talk about, except, ironically, Jerry Crass cause. He died. I think ear. But other than other principles or are in this so yeah. Stuff would have been fast, nay, but I mean just looking at every caught, knowing everything we do about him, I don't. I doubt that guy would have say like tat. I was wrong. He wasn't say was wrong and he was wrong. It was its well, it was really in his corner now recital is that was an interesting one. Was voters a huge Kraus guy. And I remember thinking- had him on a pike like fairly close to whinnied even died, but I really like respected and there were there Jerry Cross fans out there that thought he was like a brilliant guy. I think he'd be
What he did, I'm I'm not not out of things it just keeps. It's just saw probable at the end of it yeah. Well we'll talk about the M J Dac way. A dandelion a little bit later in this part, we're going to do via to the relaunch of bulls about game for the next bulls series in ninety. Ninety three, which is just a classic, bore about and talk about the NFL draft. Hey at home. Fitness is on everybody's mind right now, with your tuning into a friend's Instagram, live fitness class or looking up yoga. Tutorials people are finding really creative ways to stay active. Sometimes it's hard went to rest or went to push forward the whoop fitness tracker How much is it to program? Your workouts, based on your body's recovery group, tells you how much stress your body can handle how much energy you're really using with its highly personalized performance. Metrics whoop is the best fitness and sleep monitor tracker out there,
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The age, o p d come and her servants. I check out, say fifty said sleep better cover, faster train, smarter optimize, your performance- with whoop Aileth thought about the NFL draft, which I think people are more excited about than any other draft ever, because we have nothing to do with a definite do this. My son is excited whatcha draft with me. My son, never de Villiers would have said hey, let's watch the draft dad, but now he is like we're gonna watch. The draft right where you think too is gonna. Go I'm like who are you what? What is the the ear the most excited about this draft? It really is about to because in our view, healthy. I dont think visually any debate. Number one. I that's especially ideas in and now I still think borough his incredible and I was
I was at the big game in Burma and even though no Alice you put it on Burma, I kind of like man, they're still more things I like about two and another all stacked with there's, like twelve nfl, guys out their catching passes between those two teams. But the ankle injuries before the hip injury, which miraculously there's nothing better than pre draft medical reviews- words like as it is even better than before you like women, so his hip was crushed in a game and now it's better that's weird and that's what they're saying And I think a team just gonna go out and taken because hell half these guys it a flaming out anyway. So why not take somebody, came so I'd imagine he goes really high. Maybe there's a trader form because you seen that happened so much historically, where you left Is he fucked up his wrist to ease guy? He had three things. Oh yeah yeah, just goin yeah, but so that would be the reason that they are barely Father college football. But I love the draft and I think one things I love about. The two a whole sub part is,
See going one of two ways: an easy way would make total sense right. He goes to the NFL. He just keeps getting hurt and issues they add to his bread, I mean the guy was talented, but we should unknown and college she kept getting hurt. They got the ETA found. Any got her more the end. Of course I was, I was gonna play out or I could see the whereby an member when weren't shore of two as the top five pick as he had a couple. Injury phases the quarantine and then he You know the raiders traded up and got him, and it really does feel that cater miss. I don't feel like there's gonna, middle ground. I feel like it is a little bit like the Odin thing about not as many may be obvious red flags as Odin had but same thing, whereas it's a man if this comes through. This would be amazing, pick I do. I do think there is a world in which, if he goes by ice, pick sex. I wonder if, like panic time sets in it,
team start looked at each other and it becomes like a Paul than to ninety eight situation. You think there's any way Father objects. I don't I really don't guy, and even if we think all now you know easy slipping hears us mean that everybody is kind of like got him behind their number one option in the normal one option is their right to paying another board shakes out, but no, this eminent habits, the NBA all the time in how much Haiti is there on Medical's, with guys like Eyed, her about the rat, we're like gear that big his fee and he's had a couple problem series. Never gonna, be the same. You know steps ankles up, you know what this is twice a quarterbacks having their quarterbacks Matthew staff at the beginning of his career. Think, ok, this guy can't stay healthy number and it's not great timing for this common after the beginning was careers. Are okay? This guy can't stay healthy now brain. It's not great timing for this comment now, because the back injury, but then he displayed for a bunch of years same thing.
Breeze, like always not healthy. Can you really binding that guy? Okay now is one of the best statistical quarterbacks we ve ever seen play the game, so I think quarterbacks or law, like NBA lottery, picks where I know when a tea goes yeah. You know this guy's a safer bad at seven or eight, but this game about adding a star in. Take the higher ceiling younger guy, more of a question mark at seven rate than the guy we know is gonna, be in the rotation for ten years, because we know we can get that other guy and free agency in somebody turns into something. Then we'll have hit on that. Setting g in the NBA held to this kind of standards, like you have to understand what they're doing where their collectively like agreeing yeah. This is dangerous little riskier. But let's go for because sword at talent, villikins the exact same thing with relax, I'm in Hell. If you can don't know about Josh Alan. Yet right we don't know, but if you can talk yourself into him as a top ten pick when the stats don't back it up and Two years a film is still can all over the place in the NFL. Did I think you can talk you.
For the two who does some things and I tabled dull for this week has come out this week. Were. You were, and we d like twenty minutes on tour and there's just up the two: does that, I think, is like NFL, ready, NFL calibre with away looks up, safety's stuffy does of his eyes and in the way he read second and third options and now I wouldn't blame a team. Go on our YAP widow lovers, medical spot. Where we had taken office of Lyman Right, the flip side would be when you are able to really study what he's like physically right now this moment, and you GM in you if your GM. What's your gall you're going keep your Jackie pajama here, you go if it's like you know you're, the owner, fear Steve Ross. Your team here like while, if this doesn't work out, asked alone the Dolphins,
the Dolphins, GM, whoever the how that is now? It's echoed this. Isn't we're gonna getting fired beyond European too, with frigate Marcus spears? That's that's! My destiny. Shy! I do wonder when it gets really close. It's like the night of. And each other, the trade is saying to the raiders. I came in twelve nineteen, that's our price. We don't mean why your second just twelve and eighteen will move back. You can have three and if you're Mayock and you're just going all right now, I'm all in on to it here. If they, maybe they want the third round or two ingredients like what do you think we should do? And now may I thinking. I'm in a really good spot here will have been here a year. Things get multiple first round packs. I can take like a left guard in a corner by those guys take forever you now and even if they don't work out its de backs, be brokers much. But if I'd like to
our guy we're all in, and it's just a catastrophe I'm out, can the NFL network so that it there's going to come a nut crunch time and I'll be interested to see which team it is so much. My pic, and I studied it just like looking at the order and what people need the team that has the most urgency and that just didn't need just for all things considered to be the charger me where it's like they are now? I nobody knows there and away nor played the playing it. Somebody else's new stadium. They have the ties that any fan here there's barely any football fans who let go I teams here anyway, and if there are there like the rams there, they have no ends. That's the the move! say you gotta get Tom Brady, will they get him? You gotta get to
you're, like yeah, we're the team that as too that's something that's something to put in a stadium and if it's at the six pack, I feel like that's the upside. The questions you don't think even falls to six No, you brought up a good point because it what's going on now the lack of a really being able to kind of hands on. No exactly we're getting into your were too oh, but I think people always gonna talk themselves in a decision to when you have these positions you're right. Number one priorities keep your job. That's why so many NBA gonna resenting hanky cause they're like women. I'm worried about getting fire every year in the skies openly advertising I want to suck at this and say: well done, it's a longer picture thing, but it's why the guys are genuinely forty, forty five games that could be like I'm actually trying to improve idea in and get better, and there is a lot of resentment about hanky on that. So You look at it yet from the football standpoint. It is like ok who secure enough, whose I mass just gotten a gig. Its clear car isn't necessarily a guy the chargers,
I don't even know if a tour pick does anything. I reject yeah, you sell a few extra jerseys seller, fewer tickets- I just you you kid. I understand how off the radar they are unless you live out here. It's that identity right now, they're they're serum here, like the there, the other team there that they're, basically the clippers, without even any of the clippers history and none of the fun stuff for everything there. Just kind of the other thing that's going to play in that stadium have no, I why they want to be it way. So that's why They were going to go out and I'm trying to get Brady Cause, at least that's an identity. For two years I visit they thought that was stupid, but you know I go back to like with what would you buy that you couldn't see you just by your buying a blind? Basically like how far would you go well? What's I would cite the line, but the library cross, here's a case where people are basically buying into a French
qb that their doctors can't look at, I think that's crazy. I would be afraid to take them. I really would if I was the dolphins- and I have those three first round picks. I have a really good She had loved by coach emitted, a vision that He just left I wouldn't take to her. I wouldn't I would just keep trying to add good prayers and bill. I worry about a quarter back next year. Let's, let's keep building, what we have overrun the dice but it so hard to do that in football. Harder to have that longer term view, it just is in don't believe me whenever I would talk to guys that came mine would hang out with his studio, their native althesa. We would talk about their activities. Football players are like appalling and look what? What are these NBA teams who think? Well, you know they They are hoping to win twenty games, and then you know three years a straight: the lottery maybe package to those who, like what the mean C of the NFL season is just different. So, even if you are saying
the right way, even if your approach to be the right way specifically for the dolphins it is hard to go Haiti, we, like there's gotta, be like everything that was seen on film yeah, how we called enough people that we feel comfortable that we're getting good information, even though, were limited down in a way that we never would have expected before yeah. Ok, what? If? What? If we think this is the guy like the film is telling us this is the guy. So let us go. And take the guide citizen, oceans, roll it out right now, because we did some really good things last year and if we have the right guy, I understand how anyone can talk themselves into that kind of situation and when the most over blown cut quotes of all time and people, love or cells is parcels, a great quote is: is unbelievable job but like people have bought into parcels caused so much they just kept repeating them the whole. If you take a guy at the top of the draft in its you back ten years, that's the big. Lie in NFL war. I just not true, especially now, with the way the contracts work. If you screw it up team
a guard, I'm ready to move out like Arizona took rose and it took Murray the next year rat and they may have something. So, even if your go like you can't you can make a mistake, you could argue against it, but what you can't use the not drafting two or a top quarterback, you can't say, Oh, that really set your franchise back now it will mean like, if he's not healthy, your play, someone else and figure it out. Wouldn't you argue that this goes more. And then right when you're taking quarterbacks aside, I don't know it. The percentages is but even look at the famous Saint Arnold and how many of those guys when the top forty four top for five already five gb. What in the first round and think idea I've references before, but I've done this thing where I went through the twenty years of first rounders. Is it's a fifty fifty is it for Sixty reality, fifty fifty and I was being nice about how I grated hey good career mare, middle group.
You know steadily didn't startled time now what you wanted to have a first round her and then straight boss, like can't be debated in the strait bust, were fifty percent, so I could even have bumped it up here, If I want to be mean- or in the way I graded it, and make it really complicated, always differ different metrics, but it's pretty clearly go through every first wrongly that was taken and that's why Arnold Year, you sit there and you're talking yourself in a darnel, a cabinet like Baker little Bit, but look at Josh, Alan and eight. You know two or three, these guys gonna sock right like its fictitious. The map will tell you there's no way all five guys you're gonna be awesome. That's why, as process one that year, the best friend back of ever seen in my life Take. I hear your early on that I thy love by the way. They were nothing with about it. I've thought was right, but you know here's a is a deep cut and give you a deep correct here, the two thing reminds me, and this is unfair to, but I thought it might be erased. The Greenhill thing in the inn when great, how became a fridge in that year, but he heard his ankle on the playoffs member and the MAGIC
they were so far up to get two stars dead, dead built this cap space and they were the first team that was really think about you know, following the model of Jerry Western Shack in ninety six, where there was a couple years out, John Gabriel, and it was I owe you remember, reading about why this guy's genius, yet where we could get three stars right at documented, saying so thin and getting Grant Helen T Mac. If you go back and read the the Grand House the fact that there were major red flags like he had a really bad ankle injury and the physical we'd? There were some concerns, but they were so far to do it that they just ploughed ahead. I think there are concerns with the two a thing I just don't think you can give somebody of fiscal examination through zoo its ludicrous that my question is: what about House Party were even ass part of every tiktok? My question is: do we think
at least two of these teams have figured out a super. Clandestine will never tell anybody. Let's keep this between eight people total. We were actually doing the physical with with to a during the quarantine thing. Would you put it past two NFL teams to be like hey man, we're going to take you at three where to send to people they're there to be wearing hazmat, suits and they're going to we're going to put you through. Go and will never tell anybody is conceivable honestly build a shocking number would be zero teams doing it right right. You think you think at least two teams of data, because I feel like at least two teams have done it. How could Not how could so right? How could you not when you're going ok? This is this. I have a pyramid, despite everything we just said and said. I know. Let's go out and take you be and what I love, The grand health thing is it yet if I were running a team and in the doctors that he might die the first,
we get EM guy right now, it's enough now Now I now, I think it's, but then, when you don't think about India calf space ago, ok, what am I supposed to do like turned out Grand hill? even planning this whole thing, this whole time and take a note three Keith Bogans. I don't want to do that. No no offense to keep Logan's, but I think I don't really blame we're doing that kind of stuff because it so hard so yeah, like back to the two thing I would imagine your own is like look. I don't? U social, distancing, whatever the top ten pick legs could get somebody on a bus or not a boss, but. Oh, let's drive down their amicable guys drive down their figure. This thing out, so I did I really you had you read that or you just arriving at home in your spare unfair sterilizing it because I think our people are becoming more brazen that they wanted met anybody. You know they even been, and I went to see my mom yesterday and we drove and she came out. There's you spill, I quote was see you know we'll talk from fifteen feet away. My mom just comes right up to the car and leads in school.
Mass guy we're like mom you're, too close as I come on, I've got a mask on. I do feel like some people, making a little bit and fear and ineffective, but I will just send to doctors and it just be the two doctors and to adopt the they'll be wearing things that the mask its gates totally safe. But it will take you. If you do the physical, I don't think it can be ruled out, I can't be ruled out. It can't be ruled out and it be amazing story to hear either prior to it cuz. It sounds like the kind of Schefter story that you'll hear, but it may not be, as I be protected, one team, one team: tray
with sure I'm hearing location right right. They examined him. He now, whenever I was gonna hear, is dumb jokes and stop myself here is here, is so quarterback roulette? I'm gonna give my pigs for how I hope this place out, where we are two weeks from now DOM, including the cam J, Miss Thornton, all the Rockies I think this is the most fun scenario I like the idea of greeted in May act, not trading up for two. Marcus Mary out as guy as a football fans from a common standpoint. Of that I hope that's their move where they're like like this guy second pick in the draft, he just need a change of scenery by the way he doesn't need to change of scenery he's not he's not going to people finding starting quarterback that happening, but I like the idea of them, trying to make him happy
I guess I like to go into the chargers actually like their weapons. I think he has a chance to be awesome if he could stay in the fields with weapons they have, and that would be exciting if, if right they backdoor became the more fun my team is the rams are in their sailor? Kappa I like the idea of came in Washington and reunited with Provera. I did that fine! I love the idea. J must go to the path for like one year, three million prove it do you. Do you really believe that you want the hermit who's gonna be bettered James System, I mean come on. Anyone who says state, he's gonna be better than Jamie's next year. They said there. Zammit out of the hat, I'm not today, that's good. Now, sometimes a complete unknown at this point. Let me know when you like, I'm not even sure, starter right. Maybe people, like our paths, fancy to talk themselves into it so I just think JANUS like when you think of pre
Brady Brady. What was the greatest part of it is Eden screw up a J miss if areas figure mountain areas wandered about their out of their excuse me. And whenever anybody's like all. But you have a look at all as yardage and you go. How can you turn the ball over this mini time? Anything he fumbled twelve times on top of the thirty pick, so that just doesn't seem to be a Bela check, fit, but times. Bela check is more excited about how little something costs verse. Yet what you know I mean like allow, but then ok great, so you spent three million on a quarterback, Five million are one year flyer, quarterback lobbies and fake numbers in their whatever, but free anxiety over so we were as all that savings that you just restructuring other things to have more cats based down the road. Is you went from thinking you're spending, twenty five, maybe on Brady, who, we realized, was never coming back before the season even started to James in single digits, but now where's that savings going, but they spend. A lot of the savings are on franchising guys.
I know you're back because it things like that. I don't think they have the Manila. You made the key point. Ballot check loves nothing more than getting. Somebody added discount, like that year that they sign rivers for one year, fourteen million like bowed, checked, probably had behoves down after after he agreed without saying. Oh my car we're paying, though there were three best quarterbacks leagues, fourteen million for one year he had to ever been so out of his mind, delighted about that. So if it could you steal one of these guys, which is conceivable because yeah. I don't know how many first round, quarterbacks you think they're gonna, be four five seems like theirs. At least the war. Would you out for your love yeah. It seems like he's gone in the first round,. Maybe I mean really depends on how the board plays out, where one of the things they would Aaron Rodgers, dropping that we just
you could see on the board. We go wait a minute. I cares the quarterback story for these next ten picks. So now this is a little weirder and any Green Bay with far more like a right, but then that guy probably scares you gotta go right. They like the sky, so much it can in believing tat, em they're gonna go and take him anyway. The way the board play you like you'll see hey if they just rapid somebody, they just sign. Some they brought about some again and run the tyrant like these guys, it's unknown. I like the two In allay because God has gone from bust alert to woe to wait a minute like his things, he's already having a fifteen year career variant, the out he is right and which is incredible, do in such a short amount of time, and if you re where you been, are you like man? I really like skylight were a year ago and for that shift to avail? I give to a turns out to be like the best version of two
and he's with discharge, seem not to know really what it would do dent wise for the franchise, but at least the national storylines would be just think like they ended up with the guy. That's the stud rookie! versus garbage assuming a lot while an end. This situation, the rams or in which the cooks trade. I think how the mad at least the lunar back is that looked like. I still can't believe they unloaded that guy got a secular and pack is in fact concussions. I that is completely and tradable, but their stolen in absolute hell with their caps situation, but the rams or one of those weird situations where had they won the Superbowl against the pats? Everyone would set out. While you know they did it the right way they get a mortgage, they went on and they didn't have to do the stuff they did. It would have been a Superbowl win where I would have gone yet still really screwed up a ton of this stuff. The girly contract the moment was signed was indefensible. Ok and if you don't believe me, other people like we're, like hey teams, Gaza, I dont teams covered, but you have to understand how terrible this contract
not only because the position now, because girls banged up with the timing of it to go ahead and do it a year before they had to they pay golf all is well underway and wait a second on that one. Also just the history of giving runny backs a contract like tat is the quickest way to just commit for bus said over and over again, teams of them and its work that horrendously right. One position: you should never do that to the Gulf thing. I can leave understand it. Oh hey it's gonna be up. He was your franchise guy. They talked about how, like, after the loss, this guy owned it and it's like men, be awesome to just be paid upon like how well you take leadership in something like he killed it at the podium? Here's thirty four million a year but that was gonna be the going rate, especially when you thought like he was gonna, be really special and then, as they said, which I agree with They go low. We had all this cap space, but they were just front in the one year with him. We didn't want to sign in vat, so you know we paid him all that money. They trade for brain and cooks when the saints end pats don't want to pay him.
Not one he's not. What now is on its fourth team already and they're the ones to pay them, so what they did do is they ripped the band aid off, which I would give him, credit for, but the whole reason the wound existed was self inflicted. And why would you left out the dreams you first for realising right the crazy thing about the Ramsay trade? They do that Peterkin com, after which I happily made fun of when it happened, where they did the whole thing like you know it was like the ultimate we'd joke about the Zig EDA Zaire that the way they did the zag, where there are like you'd. All these teams of Saint First Round picks matter. We're go the other way. They don't matter, as this is crazy. How can you say first are the first to picture the best thing you could have you could trade back? You could turn them into more picks, you're, getting class locked in
blue shepherds at a chief salary like what are you talking about it save theory, and on top of that, it's like we have a massive salary cap dilemma yeah? Let's also not have any resources in the draft, because we're gonna pay Ramsay because he's MS miserable anyway jail, and so when, when I read that I've, I almost one of them to call Peter came back and Peterkin tweet, say the rams you're talking about late NBA, first Rounders night, a velvet, whereas it of an MBA tb. Like you know, we ve studied this lottery, picks faced a matter matter: gonna we're trade, our sovereignty. Chapter, five pics of mid level start our year that too much pressure on the guys like this, and we ve seen this over and over again and sports. But when it, when a franchise starts tried to build their team based on we ve gotta win the fans over its never work than any sport, and you could go back at me, one of them
famous examples. This was when New Orleans move to arm the jazz they moved to New Orleans and they traded to really juicy first round pigs for gale, good, rich, Who is this? Lakers guard right he's a legacy I'm a column type any was now. The tail end of his career, they went all in on him than they traded. More pigs for marriage is completely gutted their team. There, like we ve, got marriage and gale Goodridge too to two score: first guards, but the feds are gonna, love it. It's a guess what the fans don't love going! Thirty and fifty two like she's just haven't. That wins. That's that's! What's gonna matter, I don't know why they were so concerned with trying to have stars for the stadium and have stars and allay like nobody cares see that it's my son's gonna, where tat early. It is the gave him forty million dollars a year whenever they gave him like it's just the dumbest full
ass, if they are also the other members to the other arguments you were like. You know. This proves that this franchise takes care of their own home, grown and all stuff. You go yet so great So what does it mean when I have to cut up? What is it? yeah and then he doesn't get the money that you all make believe years anywhere in the back back into these deals. Whenever you have the marketing people, the salespeople, the promotion. People, stadium people, you have any of those people influencing the transactions. You know you're gonna, getting fire. You just are every year, some NBA guys and certainly nfl guys, I would say even more info guys- can conditions, else from it. But we see that so many times then Ba. Were you just go what what are you doing here, then you hear the explanation. Forty, I you know I just needed some buzz ticket sales or die. We didn't have anything, they really set allies and you just go cool. You got. You got fuzz, we always joke about it. Where it was window and so the S introduces a new head coach and he's out there. These kissing,
babies and waving the palm palms any shit now the rival like yeah, but These guys like on the way out like this guy's, been done for five years. He's not gonna recruit the way you do he's back into his offences, outdated, so you won? You won the press conference. You won the luncheon and I wasn't asean like it look, I can understand what teams do it because it just like this sucks, but it doesn't usually like you said it doesn't, usually go hey. You know a great we gave in to everybody else, influencing a basketball decision is set for the actual basketball people or for poor people. In this case, the now had been the most guilty of this over the last forty five fifty years, a minute they in this, days. They try to sign what Chamberlain they gave Spencer what a ton of money they try to Saint George begin ass. They thought about traded for Doktor James a year after year after year they traded first ravaged for Bob Mackadoo. An that's, been the mindset really ever since over and over again the member that the
rejects and trade they made me. I was registered it for the spot. As has been mentioned earlier, yeah is like his contract. That think was too years. Eighty four billion or set the backers site that an end there cool he'll get the fans talk and meanwhile, like his back was already has to have a good job of work. But what about the rumblings of like LA bronze? Final destiny, and you'll, read some thing or hear something where it goes. You know you to play with the sun one day, which is true. I mean it's been doubt there for years that he would hope his son is good enough to play in illegal abroad. Would love to be his team ay and say you know that could be like the Knicks cool cool necks. You you know, I mean this is the making fun of something that hasn't even happened before, but it's definitely been in the the rumblings of all the nonsense scenarios. It could be out there so we're about page on this one. If he wants to play this sense some day he might have to go to Russia. I have I have a couple a I have a couple more. I was harsh.
Oh he's he's a twitter like he's, gotta grow of uneasy thirty breaking down. He didn't do it as state title Let me finally game. He did even play so anyhow freshmen or saw think he's a freshman. I just think it's crazy to talk about nature, That is where our when LA brand Junior treads the Abuja, the kids has deemed finnish growing. Yet we have what they might would the next draft, and now you locked up of rainforests because he might he's an incredible athlete, but right now, he's short, so we'd have to grow to like six thousand four hundred and sixty five he's a he's. Not a point guard is a shooting guard or psychotic kind of like a combo guard, but I just think I think it's nuts to put pressure like that on fourteen year old, who have that even growth in their bodies there, like well in the broad junior, makes him here. This is a thing that people just say: and tv shows thou. Well, you know he wants to stay around long enough to play with the sun. Eight there's only hundred NBA players at only forty new
come in every year like to just soon that the broad son is gonna, be an mba poor, I think, is crazy. Nobody right right, gun talk shows. Will each is area exact, Aforehand Ryan, by every a foregone conclusion if he was like labelling and was in high school, where Leubronn as a night greater was the best guy in Ohio and the best pirated, though, when the title like, though those are used, the guys that make the NBA a during this time as social distancing, connect with friends over bearded, looks pretty different, the original, lay bare Miller lead is always been there to bring people together in real life through maritime its moment for people to come together to connect, but guess what? Right? Now we Campi with our people Yes, we can be with them. We do assume at them. We do. Google hang out with them whatever
I am now in the mode where I'm having zoom drinks with my friends so always fun to break out an ice cold one. You know special grants me the Otis back when it was by better choice back in college, better light the beer that makes maritime possible have Miller time reconnect with a friend Miller, Lite the original light beer that tastes, great, less filling, won't get in the way of enjoying time with their people. It's one of those beers that you can have a couple. You don't feel like it, you sleep after this kind goes down nice and easy. The original I bear wire home a joy classic available for delivery today repeat available for delivery today. So ray responsibly. Norbert company Mukoki was cuts in ninety six galleries and three point: two carbs per twelve hours. Yes, one more thing that would make be happy with quarterbacks,
pretending he's not unhappy Andy dog being stuck in Cincinnati, but then, as we get insulate, that are September range with an injury or something there's a whole week of Andy Dartin where's. He go in content it's like a sea block, yet every dog eat dog sweepstakes he's that happy. I can't believe its April this This is a quarantine dog right now, this ain't, your early excited about August dont rumour bill bears that happy with falls orchard risky? Could that be the we're doesn't go next and first take? just go right into it? I have one too in addition to what you are. I like him in Pittsburgh.
Suddenly, with able place, it's it's a great organization Ben you wanna bet on bends health. At this point- and I probably like a defensive talent more now than their office, a town but always just like Pittsburger K. Guess what we're going to find two stud receivers. Every time we do this, I would. I would like him to not have to be the focus of the fur. Ouch eyes like he wasn't Carolina, and maybe these are all ancillary things. It don't really matter like a scam at all I'm are now is the envy p, O Connor Flunkey in again the rest of his ears, yes, but he doesn't have to be the guy, which would be like the first time in forever for care. Go and all the way back to Auburn, and maybe would, like I don't know, but I just feel like hey can. This is the way you would save Charlemont come here. I know it. I know you want to start a weak one on one of these franchises Benson Voice heard and Maybe a kind of goes right this year and in
Mazato. Maybe this your team and you're in a stable, structured thing here, where it's not all on you and let's get you healthy too, so I So do you add if you I don't want him structure some structure with can hold the camp thought if you had to bet on Roth Asperger Rivers being washed up first, who pick a man is idle river. I think rivers is washed already about what I said Last year, there's no cause some of the ring. Four guys they were taxed in our say an hour. If, when you lose, the mobility and you start, your impacts as a qb. It's over. It's like when the dogs starts gonna bath, the bathroom in the house, the darkness I fuck em. And take a shit the carpet again, your lawyer. I could you do that outside the doors, just get it in here again: you're, like a man, we wanted to take this dog to the vat when that,
rivers. You can't move side anymore you're, just getting crushed and your friend it up for grabs with three minutes left that doesn't change that you'd! That's who you are from that point on, and there is no going back, so I think he's wash, but I think I wouldn't be surprised if we never saw it like a meaningful Roethlisberger moment again cuz I felt like he was on the fringe and you ain't just cuz you taking so many hits your enemy of like that when Ben Coates on the pats when he hit this weird point, he just hid drag three defenders down too many times over the course of five years and thus any just wasn't could move any more using man. Banknotes is done, so I could see rather's burger just being shot. This burgers could be thirty, eight in Syria rather's borders, two thousand a teen season was most under a miser yeah many through, for he didn't throw at twelve thirty. Four touchdowns is increasing.
Nobody is the league leader in yards. Is completion percentage was sixty seven percent three twenty a game I know it's out o yardage, but I feel like I still like rivers, health, better than bands, and I'm not just saying that, because Ben just missed your most the season, What I like bends gonna stay in their get clobbered he's gonna tell you after two, but. Really I don't get away rivers needed to get away from that. Sundown come in, I squint in screaming at everybody out. You, like you, said before, with with two of their the charges, receivers are totally underrated. Like you, enter an adequate or to right so near an airline letting arm. But I guess I can give upon, rivers and it's not because I'm anti Ben the player I just maybe it's the end for both these guys. It would be shocking in their drafted a decade and a half ago it happens.
I would say and Manning had that last jerry was ninety days and seventeen packs, and you just look at his profile reference page in they won the Superbowl that year- and I think people remembered the hold many performance a little more fun They then what actually happened? You throw! Ninety days and seventeen picks and season- and in a Brok, Ass Weiler, quarterback controversy, which did happen. Member asked why there came in and look good I am sure they just put Manning ice like this. Should this should be over quarterback it has to happen to and it, and it has even five when he had that rejuvenation with the banks that extra, whose territory lectures tall asset and that's what you I've let them first year, Minnesota was insane coming off the jets year. Where you go. Ok, maybe he's done and then he's like em bp level with it and
look them thing. I'll, never forget, because I lost my mind about halfway through the season cause. Denver was on somebody, those primetime games and everywhere the announcers that had done a production meeting we pay in any. So like a body. Such a personal guide has been around forever. All those guys liked him, so you ve withdraw fifteen your pop up that somebody caught because that's what he had to start doing. You said it surrounding pop ups and so the corners, the safety, Oh just somebody's throws the balls in the air lock, as he couldn't couldn't zip on it anymore and Collins worth abuse They say that man I tell you a lot of people say in payment- can't make that right. That's a throw right there and you're just like no. What is it he seven for twelve what I already fucking yards like. What are you doing is there a way to upset about it and then that, while I was bad, it led you could happening every single national broadcast Manning where the he'd make one or two nice and the announcer would totally have his back. They like them, and I get it look. They wondered what a superpower in saying how great the defence wasn't there
do, but that also lead to the awesome Post Espies party at Connor's party, where patents wife was it. You gotta meet him and as a whole. These include IRAN this bill. She's like he should on you all year and like hey cool, this is gonna, be awesome. Well yes, we do want. Some games are able to pull it out He should. I knew I hear the wives get more bad that anybody she was so nice to me than she's like here how you all year and then the only thing that saved me was it. She goes daddy Canal was way worst though, and I was like I could say anything I want to say no. I had you back all year: you should have done a pause and you spend like every needed throw ninety days and seventeen packs like to be fair. To be fair, the can thing I feel like it when I just feel I like it for Pittsburgh Guide the moment he signs with Patsy forever happened outside
myself into it. In one point four seconds I feel like he's been hurt for two years. I couldn't hear about that shoulder forever I feel like when he's healthy. I do feel like he's right there with with Wilson, with these I swear when you're going against them and he came in. He want a couple games in New England where you're just like fuck this guy, know how to beat this guy, we need, when he's really feel in it. I would like to see him on a different team healthy due to sing it. And I still believe, is young he's that way, is he seated thirty eight I know you got thirty this past season, so ok not Russell Wilson. Can we put that went to bed has wrought Russell to me is like Now I regularly ladder behind Rota beta Buzz. Solidly in that top five for me forever healthy, like a healthy, so will ever there. No I'm not saying all time, but I'm saying currently like in his prime years. I
and start a list of five and leave Russia Wilson. I just can't- and there Those little plays in between the broken play. The third and seven flushed out rules right spins. It back left turn his body that baseball throw than he loves it up over two guys and it just falls into some do its hands in you know it's a first out like he's just I love those Russell Wilson Place and with Canada there in the there's almost like these moving cam arguments like there are a lot of these guys right. So what is ok see this franchise, guys EOS amuses winner do? Does it feel you're. One of those arguments you like will like this is insane: how could this guy's becoming like? Is this an extended version of lack of play off, run yeah kind? It is and then act you, like gaiters, good games or some bad games and then its it argued about his weapons, but the health thing, even though I agree we eat when you're that boy He knows how to play the game one way and he takes a beating the way they would run in short yard, should wait situations, but when he,
good, I never hear about the shoulder and then the programme people as soon as you like. What is he doing right now and then the pro can people be like always. No you about when he was good before he was still her thin and I'll. Never forget. Hosting Willie Cologne played a long time and just awesome guy by the way and Willie I was like what's up a cam and set it on the air, he goes he's he's not the smartest I've played against because we Had this situation were or no, I think you sport, suitable, where he was like this to play in its very remedial blitz protection stuff where they gotta twice for the same thing, it is like most quarterbacks would never ever allow that to happen, because it just stuff with cam that he doesn't fit out other guys figure out. So I dont know if that's a fit for Bela check. I dont know if that's really, you know overstating it that thing I play right. The thing that, though the reason I brought up him and well thinkers. I do feel that their guys, those are two guys that they could. We
These games against really good teams, and you kind of be watching going. We can't stop this guy and I really figure out. Why, especially like Caroline, we have those years where calves that boat receive was like David Function, bullshit Mohammed Kurdish area or any anchor is just like moving down the fear that the same thing with Wilson, where your leg who's that guy where's this guy. How is he getting this? But shouted decay MAC have worried they could just take? some of the parts and do shit like it was often this year and Baldwin, I think, is always begun. Underrated yeah when, when he was when well and you had Gregg Olsen ever can't you don't. I think this is you don't think, I'm an explain to you what you're thinking. You're mellow theory, unlike mellow prime mellow, expecting too
It will be, the other players are all in a two year. Ahead. Aim was a great observation. I brought this up before we set. It is like. Sometimes you need a guide, it looks it ll abroad and looks at the other guys and looks at weighed and says I'm just as good as you guys are like. Yet, I think can, thinks that camp doesn't think any those guys, the top of the quarter backlash in a silly better than him- and I don't know if that's something that holds him back in a new role or a team. That I need a little juice its little down on itself. That's exactly what and that's the real wildcard would be his approach, his personality from being the man to not having to be it and disappear. Some off does, does he shut down or is a team? Ok, we we love this guy. We like that he has as much confidence himself because we haven't had disposition and, while he's once and play games games which I like, and it there's a fearless this within that, if his shoulder as healthy, I feel like, should come back and sought the keys
Seven added, I think, is a good gamble for somebody. So how does that mean? You won't care more than Jamieson Pats. Now I cause, I don't think, there's pads theme is a contender. Their share I just don't think they ve ballot check is screwed up too many traps recently. I think from a value stamp I think one of those guys or both of those guys is going to be a steel. If camphor even one year, nine million or something and just bill, I guess we'll try to read tat, you see how this works, and if this is awesome, we'll take care you the much bigger deal. I think that's a great, you know a great move for somebody lasting onto us. If the raiders did, the raiders are like twelve to one trade affirm. If they did trade up, they do have the pieces if they want and then they're gonna vague as to enjoy good and the whole thing, and then to actually turn out to be good. That's probably our most fun scenario right, the Vegas Raiders. Oh two is good
and that old thing there there now is in the ABC West he's gonna get my home twice a year I would enjoy that. I hope is gay that we need more good quarterbacks. We don't need that kind of her Gregg owed in situ can I ask you something? No other writers thing again. Ah,. I totally agree in the markets Mario to deal like I go back he's the kind of guy, like you touchdown international broadcast. Even the announcer would have our time cell in it, but they would his issues with the Gatt. Like all you know, he makes the patrols in there that you really like hell, I think we're the dumber things never happens is when people do this weird connection thing like of a guy, went to the same school like J J, Riddick, somehow mentoring, Zion Williamson, because I was a duke for months yet and as I, Galileo J J B, o Barmecide JD, maybe Obama zags people legit erratic but that Marianna Billy hey, that's really good, like mentor to our Hawaiian. I just.
To hear that I want to see that story written where it's like. If he ends up with the raiders, but I went to her Mario to be there did you know the two, a message bored story from Alabama. Do you know ass? You didn't know about this. This is like a famous college football thing so when two shows up in everybody- was gonna like this guy sick but jail and purchase one if, as you see, often spur the years a freshman and the other defend stop away from Clemson him winning a title at night temper and You start here and more and more about two and spending on message boards, but this became a thing it was. It was out there. Some Alabama fan was like look, I don't know. What's going on to hearing things, babies pick up the office little slow, but he is a foreign player and the school doing anything you maybe get him a translator. Is there like a language barrier to people like a dude, is in fact why Croquettes God threads later, they were afraid there are rumours that he wasn't picking up the office quick enough in practice.
Is it bam offend again? I am not saying this represents all Alabama fans of just saying this. One thing became this really infamous thread where the poster was worried that there was a language barrier because he was a foreigner. That's a guy is probably not successfully practicing social distancing right now. I guess I have one more question. Free of since you love, God forbid. That did you see the flights to Jacksonville are cheap. There. J J Galen hurts there's some You may go in the first round kind of buzz. The patriots you know about check who, I am convinced, doesn't really watch God forbid. But does have liked in coaches that he realized? I know he does. He does like can go through this college. You like this girl she likes to save it, save and has the love I give you can save in his eye
Should I take Jalen HURD said I'm not going to date with twenty three, but I could trade back the 28th take them there. Do you think this guy could be like a really good starting quarterback and say learn about yeah? I fucking love guy, I had a what a once in a generation prospect than to her and that was the only reason I had to play to like he's. The best quarterback of ever coach jail and hearts is giving us approach should take on. Could you see Belgic taken jail? Nor does anything, save and would say that an sage, aliens and amazing guy he's incredible. Athletes are going strongest players on the team. It's not a matter of arm strength, but he never. I thought, got better at the progressions and heard street pointed it out on broadcast in the herbs freeway Incredibly nice, but I've been around her sweet long enough to know when he's being critical and yes, you get and fur insane Talent into a, but there were, I thought, consists
limitations I wanna hear about. I was numbers in Oak Lama about often opens at all for all those guys still tbd on on all the oak Loma guys, and I think a team is gonna talk there cells into jail and because he handled himself like an absolute pro in a really disappointing situation for a young kid I think Sabre were rave about the kid. I would be shocked if he's telling Bela check whether it is more than just the NFL guy. I just I think a team to take shape in the first round is make a mistake. There you go. That's my take on it who's your favorite quarterback other than the top to favour. I would want to give you my favorite players: seedy Lamb, Oklahoma by just Bawler. I know it's tough to argue against your duty and more people are dying of Judy LCD Lamb. I just think there's some about He d Lamb, and I also think there brown the kid from from Auburn the De Tackle in another world. He should be the first pick in this draft. He just shit I'm here.
This was one of those that, even if you didn't watch all buried in watch college football, it's time you bill equipment who the hell's this enormous single, digit guy in the daylight like Y, see and every single play, like nothing, will ever be endemic and sue for me at Nebraska that final year. Where would you indeed we could see you like this. What what the fuck is this this is insane and I still think, is good and if a career sues had it's gonna disappointing compared to what I wanted to be, but Derek Brown is is at that level. I forgot to tell you my son: sounds really enough about now yeah. You do in Alice you game, he goes stages right so Hogan like he really got a wrestling, but he was like taxi, really gonna Michael Jackson for a couple months, he egos from like obsession obsession and is now obsessed with the Anna found and started with the video game, and then we started play mad and care and that these leginn cards, so he got through the legends and now the last couple
Please you spend on Youtube watching like condensed my games, America's game, so doubts progress to the point where we download the NFL app. Does football? I've shows he's been watching those and he's always asked my coups who's. Your best three, who were the best for guys who, who do you think, are the three greatest, and I was always My answer is always like Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice and then probably Brady, but, like I just feel like Taylor and rice have to be the first to so. We watched a football life with Taylor, they have they had the North Carolina footage of him when they kind of you're that what was his junior year ahead, some of the worst unbelievable footage, you're right you- talk about Sewer Sue Arabia. This, where he's just like demolishing Threeg, Eyes on the same point, lackeys is blowing over the blacker and they threw in the running back into the quarterback for the sack issue that its Lawrence Stay or north
why there has to be like the neighbourhood defensive highlight guy, but I I They'll have him one he's the greatest pop up. I've ever seen his domain to have him one day and I in Algeria, as one b. That's gotta. Talk to you. I think MOSS is a sort of plants from the MOSS highlights again there were making the rounds this week and it just so funny that he could. He could, admittedly not even try its is hard, as you would want him to it didn't matter he could double coverage and it weren't even like it wasn't, even go, rots and gag. Imagine being Don T call pepper, like we ve Culpepper Agro at a moment where he's like. Oh my god, I can't believe. Oh good people think I am you choose the gorse he didn't. Wrangling, we're gonna, hear jeers. He had a couple years, you're like a cop over this guy's incredible and then you take
oh wait, a minute nevermind. I have it so, my top four. If I had to do a Mount Rushmore, just two guys, I've seen cuz, then, if you're going backwards to the Jim Brown ERA, who knows but Taylor rice. I think Brady has to be on there and then my forest spot is either Dionne. Why? I don't know you don't have your dna even like I'm not said he has to be three, but I think he has to be brought up here at some point. Yea has to be brought up, but I think money it has to be for because I left the Montana experience telling myself like just just remember thirty without that was the best quarterback. If ever you ve ever seen, there's been guys that have passed him and had they Brady say the longevity. But when you go back and watch this but from the eighties yours joke about how the bad by peer stands of his play everytime every time you jerk you, lady, just get EDA closely into the basket, wasn't totally like that.
I really was incredibly dangerous. Nuclear quarterback Montana gets knocked out of the giants. Niners game yard. I D. What are the hit that if it happened now, I think I feel like sports would stop for a month. So we saw three group yeah but like oh, my god. What but that happen all the time these guys took crazy hits and David at thirty's for all that shit he was able to do and how great was there must when there was one back to back to back mean if the giants you have Roger Craig, doesn't fumble now they're playing the bills and supervise they probably beat the bills a coup in three straight super balls in the air he's like it's so anyway, you'd be my for it, and then I am in the mass the on range after that. But I too, out in rice are unassailable. They have to be the first to it for any he at my age group of those aren't your first. Do I don't know what you're watching yeah? I guess the only other one I mean if you and I'm not sure
like football nerdy on this, but I really do think Larry Alan with the cowboys He's, alas, yet because it just anybody that you ve ever talk to that played with him against him and then just every every lyrically glaring Alan sounded like the guy from the offenders. It was too busy, but I'm just gonna play football. Like sorry campaigner, superhero group, who do you have our best offensive endeavour for you soon. I gather that you could be so it's it's third in in you need it. ACT, so we are not using Lawrence in this cause. He's not augur. I'm say like lineman had so like the Reggie Wade, stray hand like that. Those kind of us knows that. Well, you could this be it's probably Reggie. What will soon be mine for the NFL Reggie White is probably the guy Derek Thomas is probably worth bring it up.
It's funny? It's because they have all these and mad and care they have all the legend cards. And there aren't any like as many legendary defensive live it as I thought there would be. You know that, like me Joe Green and to Tom Jones people like that, but in the you go back to the fearsome force, among those guys are before our time. Yeah to young, I'm too young for the Minnesota stuff and in Pittsburgh administers Bruce Smith was another one respect their Al Qaeda around the same but tell tee in rice or just so clearly You know at the end of the artistic belch axis I keep the greatest for Bob. I have ever seen that use in Belgium doesn't say things like that. You know bout textile occurs by use by hot, take on best pours ever and here s goes by ever sent no he's almost offended if it's in its the best way ever how complimentary is of it, whereas a while, you know I gotta know which time is quoted it, but I'm just basically combining the number of times
and remember Bela check, saying like yeah, ok, well, you Lawrence and Lawrence, and this guy Lawrence, How much of the NFL hundreds of you watched because we take the others. So in the end red one which made me want to. I saw series they're talking about this play at red, make sound manner and they were set it up previously added at the end he runs to steps and then just veers to where he does the boughs and they go in and cause we're sets it up. Any finnish is an end. It seems like the moments gonna be over empower check, just kind of comes and goes TAT is the greatest play. I've ever see the safety make any get so excited. It's like fucking porn verbally check. Is honesty and he's going over and he's like. No, it's go route that Collins Worth had a like. A little detail, rob out checks correcting going through.
Who and how upset manning was and how they studied it on tape, and they just couldn't believe had read put that often so every every it is for this safe. These you know, there's been some great ones, but he's gotta be in that conversation to bear ebbed. Think a lot about my all time. Just guys I've watched I've. This is all a package for us. But I've ever aid at reads like another level. Guy, too, you know because it that the big thing is always the reverence you're, the guy, the way other guys will talk about, some of these dues, but could you seeing their their Woodson and you asked AIR Watson who is an awesome safety borderline all of em over the cowboys and a guy that No, you spend a lot of day out. Is I mean you weren't? You were lucky enough to not be in Bristol every day, but when you're there in your round the suits all the time and you'll be like hey what I never was the first times I realize Mc Dab wasn't great as men really carry that Eagles team, like you know, is exerting underrated and like a dude, was like what
where is it, what did you like about what you and I go over here? If you go, the percentage of often city was for the Eagles us first few years is again you like, when the ball, during all the time and second have his career. Did you like, and I was like? Oh no like I realize I struck a chord and since I'm not even close to level in the NBA stuff, where I probably more national, but it would always gonna make me think, but ill at Reed is definitely not group away guys talk about stuff in in MOSS here it's moss is kind of in that group of like he was too good for the NFL and night. I think he's the sex best receiver. Ever by any argument. Just firm talent, the year he had no seven, which really push over the top tat. He had like three or four signature like really, pantheon years, combined with thy test, for I think
many times. Do we have a guy that shows up and you go all of the hope that we have for the next day thing that's, why we all of the draft in both of these sport. So much is you're hoping you are actually going to see some version of something you ve never seen an almost ninety nine percent in time we are let down, but there's always that one guy that Oh, like he's, really going to be this thing and moss from the jump with Minnesota watching those gay, Oh my god. What is like, somebody like this exists: like somebody, can just sharply fella dominate these men like this. They kick it ray. The keys going to do this, and what happens? enough? Maybe once every ten years, if that, where we consulate this open, mind, hoping there's gonna happen more often and it doesn't when he showed up in the Patsy and those first couple games when they're just wreaking havoc and that
gets game when he had the three guys I remedy ran the fifty five yard button hook pretty here at TED seconds to throw you said some mosses running across the field, fifty yards from LA discourage and add, there's anything like it, but I still rice the guy that I dont understand why he has in carried over from a legacy standpoint. He should. Of course I was one of those where we left the generous experience. I oh yeah, it's done. He was so far ahead of any other receiver leg. You go back and look at the numbers compared to the other guys in the stuff he did and big games. It was like total package. And then sue blew out. Is that sue? I sat broke out. It blew out his d that time and that face mask is never totally the same after that, but ok, but remember too, and- and I am Are you MOSS over Jerry, but you know ah mosses and Dominic Wilkins Cause, that's that's. It might be a knocking of MOSS,
the Dominic Wilkins stuff that you see now you got ok. This holds up, mosses peak stuff holds up in a way that Peak Jerry Rice is appreciated. Like a perfect route running. Take out the break. Every time setting you up Bree hands up late so that you can adjust to his hands is, as you try to balance for ball in the air. You know every single day if it were mosses like yeah go about fifty percent. It is his highlights you just better but to thinking passing happy generation and that jury rice. Left sixteen years ago still has like a hundred and fifty more catches than anybody else. Touchdowns like it just eat no one's catching him he's a two hundred and eight receiving touchdowns from eighty five o for an achievement. Total touchdowns tone Such sounds easy to await radio, an era where seven right when they were withdrawn, the football replace a bit three,
drew down here. Maybe the rice as numbers are a lot like when you look at Gretzky numbers, Gretzky fifty goals and thirty nine Games He had two hundred twenty points are in every added. As you says, crazy at your rent. All right, we, we went out of huge tangent. Let's take a break at your life today. Unlikely looks different than it did last week, new challenges to think through as you're working from home. At the same time, you help your kids to, on top of their school work with school clothes. It's gonna, mind more for school work than a temporary. Now it's important to help keep them safe when their connected I've been talking about nor three sixty would live up for a while. Now its companies dedicated, who you are cyber safety. They want to do their part to help. That's why they give it away, while six months of Norton family for free six months with your family. You can help mater kids online activities black and suitable sites, while your kids are surfing the internet. I may need this from a sunset.
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one. We did Lakers Balls game three. Ninety ninety one files which I feel like was Michael Jordan, supposed to pour a game of the first two years of his career. This one is cool and we talked we did a few weeks ago. We broke down sons. Signing on aims live ninety three, which was with this this Just one of my favorite play I've ever this. Let us at chair, where you have game for this incredible Jordan game you also have the this Means battling, were they the spurs or that it was decided to surround yet said, Zadok Stats Game, five that we did and then did Charles Psmith get. Unbelievable stretching herbs. The background of this is Jordan is starting to starting a break a lot about from all the gambling sector. He goes to Atlantic City when they have a next game that game water game to one of those and people find out
in Atlantic City and people are asking. Is our Bobo buys away? You lost the second game. Exhilarated two games right of, but I did between game on a game to Ngos gambling the game. Three sacks is three preteen, but somehow almost as a triple double goes the line seventeen times and they were pretty ITALY game for us, Sunday and you know that it Jordan's that talker the press anymore. I want to talk about this next aimed first, because I really red, watching it again having to cut the type, a team that just nobody would ever put together anywhere. There played Oakley basin and you- together trawl seemeth in the roads Indeed, Charles Psmith is out there that has huge. Did he get bigger watching it on Youtube? No word ex eleven a norm is going to add watching these gave them a man. I I don't spend a ton of time around wondering how big Charles Smith was twenty five years ago, but it just was one of the first things I jumped up. While he was like a top three lines: repacked using thereby stoutly idea they really.
Two guards Rowena back when was hurt. Somebody I got her Gregg Anthony, was the backup use I barely pliable and the bull start doing something gave for he, which I is just barkers to watch their trapping full court with Jordan and Pippin to the most frightening people over there. Trapping starts and Dac rivers. Whose hurt splitting anyway- and there is basically trying to get steals cut off the court force you Oakley, and in Mason and Charles Smith, in these guys to actually have to handle the ball in the open court and edges gives this game. This kind chaotic vibe, but the next sir, Nix, a kind of hanging in enjoyed and just gets heart but where'd, you stand on Starks, I feel he's at under appreciated night guy yeah. This whole rosters really really cool I went through like every single transaction on it right, so you go well how the hell they put the seem together get
it was like a street free agent who is actually from queens and they bring it in like a pretty good passer for big guy Gregg Anthony was a twelfth pick two years prior to this so he's plan. He was badness game. Just straight up was bad. I thought it was a bad press. Is this? Where I stand on Gregg Anthony boy was, it is bad. I think his career was better than like. If you go and just watch this game and you never seen again, game, you're gonna think you were able to ban this game. He's young adopt rivers had a bad game here, but he was part of this. This three team deal where the year before they brought in Doktor Burnham, Charles Smith, they sent a march action. They set up a couple picks, and it's going to back to Oakley was the Cartwright trade. Were they switch first rounders in this whole deal. So here you have in a very short span of a couple years, leading up to this ninety three team. Team is reinventing itself with these big tough guys and it just felt like Nix basketball like every time to act. Rivers to me, even though using land add more whatever, like. Even though is from
cargo like he feels to me like a New York City, guy, who's, tough, Mason, Oakley same deal, I mean Ewing was a physical player. Even though you can start to see some of the EP. Let us have some stuff declining here with him and frustrating possessions, but then you get to Starks, who was a street free agent who was it? The sea, Ba the W B L and in three years later he's guarding Michael Jordan, the Easter Conference finals any kind ago and toto them in a way that area like that's right and yes starts, would have games where it would just fine, apart and he was an extremely fragile. He was like a non volatile drain Teresa non confrontational dream on green, whereas Starks competition, but it was more about and beating himself up any. Would he heads pockets in this game? There's a a for possession stretch where he throws it out, abounds Oakley throws out about the him doc thinks he's supposed to make a cut. They have four or five plays in a very short amount of time are like I, the Knicks are like going down there leg here again cause it's damn grown up against M J. I will talk about them
fatal flaw later on, but this way or at home that I'd Starks he would self destructive bad times a member. You had better Reggie barrier that time. Even in this game, they It's a charge. Any threats is, tantrum, authorities can could kicked out. The rap on him was like you can get in his head. And how do I used? It really start talking himself all time yeah and in it was a guy that if your next fan you loved have among your team. But you knew you couldn't win a title affairs, your second best guy, which was the situation there in ninety four, where there are many railway is right. He had thirteen per hour each hour. Ninety foregoing one god I'm going to your head just like there are three two: they just need to win one game in Houston and they needed anybody to come through. That was Ewing, any edges, he couldn't do it and Orlando Blackmon, ironically, was supposed to be the guy in the stretch, causes trade for him and he was just too old. I think
hope any add what two dollars left in the gas tank and it was just empty when he got there now, Billy play seven guys. The bulls only play seven guys. Eight. If you count Stacey King, it is funny to see how good stacey king still thinks he is in certain moments. We are like owl and he's just like he's just out of shape and yeah. That was kind of thing with Stacey King as if it just didn't really happen for him is as a higher pitched not like. He was number one overall. But Starks Rat is. I guess I should say non conversation put villikins. These spent more time fighting with himself mentally then he would yea. Would what other guys every now and then, but you could see him Qana melt and he was a player who you I respect the hell out of because of where he came from all the stuff. He went through to then be like dude you're, going out, Jordan here and you back to Hell out of it, but if he had zero point, twenty five and a second half of the play a game, neither outcome would surprise me end. I think there is something to be said of the fatal flaw for this next team. Is they wouldn't double? I was text with some
who's in this game. Last night and I go what was going on here defensively, it's like Knicks wooden, double like they. Don't they don't double it's like two and one slash two minutes left on. Jordan is Jordan's, absolutely torturing them and George sing some stupid flat, footed threes, that don't even make any sense that you would take, but it's Jordan and, I think go abroad. If you want to do the screen grab bullshit you go away. Jordan puts a fifty four, but Starks is chasing him around the whole time. Without real any doubling like what the hell is that and then they finally put doc enemy. Then I went watch game five and there's more doc on him. With that. That's a major problem, because this back court, you have all these bigs and the next are still in this game. Ok- and we can draw game five whenever you want, but you keep thinking the bulls are killing them in and they aren't then you're like women. Next will have a chance to this thing, and yet they don't have the bat court depth and they really don't have a wing to choose Jordan around in this game. You start right, sir.
Is autumn. So much and then you know Charles Smith ends up with them at times, and you just go and look. Starks has a great story, but he's not going to be one of my pics to get up and can test Jordan shots in the playoff game. I got to say I was impressed by Jordan, made some really really crazy shots in this game. I thought I thought Starks was in the right that's almost all the time. There's a couple moments in the second half, when George I'm really got going when they would spread the four form and it starts to look like a basketball looks like now and if we're Talkin about oh, what would it be like, watch Michael Jordan, the two dozen twenty look at any possession when they just keep em thirty five feet in the basket at the top, and they put two and two on each side. Try to give as much space is possible. Well guess what happens. He goes to the rim every single time or he gets a wide open uncontested like twelve further because you couldn't Garda, you can stay in front of us
but I I thought this next team- I it's really impressive- gave Jordan's having one of the five best scoring play games that he we had in his career and there like within three with three minutes left. I don't even know playing well for them starts starts made some shots, but I didn't feel like the next we're like playing particularly great, their turn the ball over the viewing. Was that great in this game, but they were so big and so physical and they Canada hung around on around and knew what to do it very good defensively. The trap thing that you bring in the adjustment in the series and in what they do. I got I don't know. Could a coach today ask his superstars go out. Trap is that's a difference in what we're too, about what could imagine doing that in the year two thousand sees it is a Jordan's. This is So I guess it would be so it about my short legs, o Brien and like the night too,
and so get out here right, two thousand thirteen he will Wait I like, like, would really be who say: hey Leubronn Wade like let's get out there and trapper with those guys be like Oh? I don't want to do that because it's free you see how good it they are out of inaction. New York did a good job. Here's New York Pace wise or Chicago's the sick, the slowest pace team. I think that Europe, way, but you think of the next slow it down these low scoring. They were trying to be the trap in transition are actually doing a good job with it, but the entire time. It was like this high wire act where you go. Oh my god, like they're, gonna screw up, they're gonna turn it over again and they just have picketed Jordan out their running traps issue and it wasn't always spoke or, but there are times when the inbound was in question like the inbound after a make in Chicago defending it, like it's the last second possession and it's the second quarter, the Interior
in this game is so awesome to watch in the building at everything go at last. He said the press have Psych Jordan Pippen a couple times. It looks like a high school team where they just tell the two senior captains to go, get a couple: steel, and they're, like ok cool, we got a couch, he had their just like, and these are hug jobs, dogs, doc, rivers who were, I think, both guys fade all star teams and their almost incompetent. Trying to get the ball up stack riverside can't wait to get rid of it. Now he is hurt. I go. I want to keep mention that cuz. I think he had like three different injuries, but you see the effects for on Jordan. The fourth quarter like dead it at then, a third Korea as this whole scoring run. It makes his first seven and and then they Sharm he's doing the hands on his things in the denounces, Reg Jordan's wiped out he's really tired. How to get a breather form as ya out hope. So his he has forty five points in hand was pressing,
I would hope, is while the pressing thing like you, Do you like to have your listen to this? I gotta have time you have time right now. Go watch in NBA team with the best player in the world running these traps and denying the impound pass in the second quarter, You know, that's the kind of thing I'm sorry about like do you want to win, or do you want to do Instagram. To think you want to win- and I dont know if that say: generational I don't know what that deal is, but if Jordan could go out there and chased the in all night long you can't in. Because the Jordan is hitting some three easy hits. A three that gives them Eighty sixty eight and you're the guy. This games gotta be overrun. It wasn't like send you still hanging around and it didn't really ever make any sense. He hit this one completely flat, footed and in the next place starts Rosetta bounds, the first three that Jordan hits in the fourth quarter. He asked
it sets a back screen on Ewing like curious, like charging into Ewing's back try to get somebody else, free, there's, zero ball movement chasm she's been so amazing that Everybody Qana else like shuts down a little. It won't go away, go backwards to go backwards of the star the game. They do this whole thing about how hurt is he what's wrong with this rest? Twenty three thousand four hundred and eighteen is going to be okay and then he comes out and MRS Fur Shots and they re living by Michael still feeling the effects and letting us he drops twenty seven in the first half its now. His wrist is fine. Ok, I've noticed this now in three more of game in the last week, if Marvel around a day when criticising early that is virus like his ear. I love this Y know the whig. Yet if there's one I just try. Think of we should do like in another month itself, scouting reports, because I did it about me as a roommate. I just want a full blown strengths and weaknesses of each
and we keep you need to add in a few of beetle observations we have about each other. I think we're close enough now and I'm awful at noticing wigs I've just been it's historically, something that's a real real blind spot for me, bad, recognising the average it's one of my like five, but I found it's ok, bailed wigs! I know I know every time so come about. The two shot. He infertility, Tsar and Marv. Has this like full body Possum goin on where its light Marv showed up to this I've been goes. I want something, but I want a little more body. I want a little more volume. Is that I'm around? So what can you do this? As you know, this is the easy opera is. Finally I don't wanna finals wig. Ok, I don't want get married, but I want a flirt a bit and I just need something with the law. All I want to go sideways couple side, doors, Susan
door little Dorothy him right, whatever you notice America sweetheart over here? What do you have for me? Aren't so back to Mark Joe by catches, waste way too much shit. I also think side. No, I think Joe Buxton sort of a night, she'll pivot. Now we're everybody's just collective out over on air. There everybody is air and it has come back. I bought it was after years of everything in the job, ok, they're too, which is stupid. If Europe pull sphere do you notice and I'm not. I don't care, I didn't wasn't rude pride of these teams. Do you notice he's constantly kind of bringing up the Jordan struggling thing all the time and you had with thought save your from Chicago. You must I hated Marv on these games. Like all New York, I, the Knicks guy Marv, doesn't let it go like it. Hey Missus, Nickleby up, tiring up shy, the shot. When is good? Oh, you know. The second have look at the numbers are easier tired in the number show these core, like nine and nine points in the first or should be nigh points, the second have fifteen in the first half it just always seem to be the
I would find a way to be negative about Jordan. Ninety one, I was good it. Ninety three, I dont what they had that graphic in the fourth quarter. It says points by quarter and it's like nine. First quarter, eighteen sank in the quarter. Eighteen third quarter. Five forthcoming. His legs are Michael Jordan, slow, down in the fourth quarter? Is fifty everything I think he's doing? Ok, if the third quarter he makes his first seven shots, and this is coming out of the first half, for he had Twenty he seven and like all of them are contested. Basically, I don't like they were easy, easy there's! No like fast bread, I got a steel. Here's by easy, fast break lab. It's like somebody's hand, is near him at all times. Third quarter, he goes other level, and here I am rhythm bill. That's the thing s stand to catch the possessions over nobody's looking at you being like. I will just go ahead and take the shot in your flat. Footed, no dribble pull up three, and it looks like it's a guy like that
bad shot and resist. I mean in this game. He he Knox all of those down every one of those shots you like that's, not gonna, go and yet is did you? it s a Dick Bavaria roughing! Ok, I did did you notice? Is it Jack, niece yeah, efficient, number, thirty, five, the cause get super shaking the set in the second half. It becomes pretty clear stern. It said it sent a pretty breast instruction site. This is going back to New York to two becomes one of those there's some there's some second half cause relay: oh, ok: roof! I'm not conspiracy bill, but It was really tight very early. They got to on Charles Smith for nothing and in Dhaka, one grabbing
and I miss you a lot. How many fouls does Dick's have this game? It's going to be over thirty right. Thirty one starts ends up with a three, but you ain't had five Oakwood five Doc rivers edge five hundred and fifty Maisonette so it was. There was a couple things tight where you go hey. What are what is this like little tone setting here? What are we doing, and there is a couple cause late that I would like this doesn't make any sense, but there's a call. I think it's in the second quarter, but I have everything else right. Where oak We started in Riga, Java their bags where they were they were trying to run every post as much as they possibly could and yet led to lotta contested and she passes in euro some good stuff. There guys working hard, like nobody, wants a front all night long as it sucks tarred and those guys work, and we feel that these guys at work their asses off me and it cannot be emphasised enough and openly loses the ball.
It's off of him at Oakley goes to Jack knees. Who's at the baseline official Jackson embody getting ready Chicago get in their possession in Oakley's, not going to let it go and nice yells at Charles Oakley cuz. You can hear it on the Youtube broadcast. You goes you get out of my face to Oakley still won't let it go and then he sees them up yelled at ugly. You get out of my face. Now, look only was let him have it a little bit. I still can't tell you how much I enjoy the quick confrontation with the rather than a really gets back to playing, but I he had imagined the social pieces today, if a rough told a player you get out of my face one speaker that the reply thing Grant and starts get into it in the fourth quarter and grant hip check some stuff subs riding in their amateurs. I darn of sight hop die Aki, Hipped him earlier right, so ass to be broken up,
This was after a moment the game where the game as a really nice flower Jordan's play well. If that happens now the game staff for ten minutes and its, I got a cigar say with: oh, we have another shouted, have check, witty way, think double fowls will and it would just go on and on and on, and we lose all the men of the game watching these old games in the pace. They have make me hate in play more and more by the day I watched the old games. Spain, classic and and and hardwood classics. Gonna tv. The at the pace is just better it just is. We don't need all this shit there's moments in this game where it's like. I was abounds on somebody. It's like the Red Bulls bar think: it's fine. We surrounded the next one yeah it I'd. Look, if people, if we're watching these, replace ruining all momentum and excitement, that's going to write from the jump, seventeen thousand Chicago stadium displaces going off in it
sustained level of excitement, we're your me ITALY in it. Go on all right this matters, and I don't know that we have that sustained kind of atmosphere, Goin on Some buildings, yeah women go and state was rolling, throttles atmosphere that was sick too, and there definitely other places but Kind of stood out a little bit but you're right. They give if we were set you're watching all these horrible, replace in every stupid, elbow and sensitivity any kind of hit. It's like we gotta stop everything in the counters like wolves or player safety, Blake, ok, cool you're, actually ruining your price, by doing this, and we don't need a replay all this if we don't get. You know what you're actually not getting it right, you're, not getting it right enough to level to actually justice. How much are screwing up the enjoyment of an entertainment product, and I well, I hate it now, its size it as much as you do. The other day you mentioned the fan experience one of the great things about watching this game is its. I stayed in the crowd is just totally attuned to make all in the crowd and adjusted the thing at this,
ended up a bird in the south eggs in the end, the garden, the same thing in a definite step of magic and the Lakers, and there is something about a great guy who belong to their franchise. I think will be added to some degree and allay the staple centre probably denied the same atmosphere, but the guy who belongs to the city in the team in the arena and its where, because you think like the warriors. You would think they would have had in the same way, but I was fat like the warriors. There was especially those games. It didn't have energy of a game. Might this. It was either thereof by twenty or the crowd was tight. It was it wasn't it this kind you for that you could fear for the bull Spencer, like my god. Archives got up this the fuckin greatest that the games, the last couple years have like it
Jane and would get quiet and it didn't have the crowd noise kind of din that this game. You like we're yours and there was a din for two hours and it didn't go away the whole game. You know the whole time and I don't know whether it say economic, they may be that maybe those fans got priced out to some degree here, I'm sure there's nine different variables we come up with, but It's really special, especially to watch. I do the warriors there's a fatigue of when you're just that good, maybe more so now when you're that good and it's your fifth version of it where it feels a little flatter because Dennis it's not the enjoyment of their pursue it, the anxiety of of hoping to not be disappear, hoping you'll get banned there, that's why they would have theirs theirs, and I feel like going to watch those golden state games where it felt like his is great a crowd. Is there was a great I was there for two games this year and it was, it was terrific, except they lost both so have arisen,
I'm the guy, I'm the only got big, it's probably ever granted to warriors games and never seen him win in the last four. Last five years. This group way back to that. Ninety three balls thing for a second, so they're trying to get their third straight, its it's a team. That's in a little bit of transition, like heart rate, is hit in the tail end here as a very useful started. This is probably the last time he yet some run and ninety four, but he's at a different point of his career path. Since smartness slow down guy that I really like to is even better. The a year later was be J Armstrong because he he just gave them a different dimension. He was he could give them the pacts and stuff, but could also like create its own shot. A little fire. Fear defensively and any rate, is in the next year have the worst fit of anyone, that's worth an MBA Jersey,
it was a new urban erratic. It made him look like skinny fat kid and then, on top of it, the Armstrong thing was like bigger than the Saint Louis Arch. Well, so Cartwright goes over four in this game pacts in Gaza. For two and you know they get, they got Trent Tuckers off the benches plan. Then you gotta, like the guy. Five, which is one of the all timers. We don't really need a break down, as everybody knows the Charles with game, but even That aim like was so Cartwright five hundred six in that game there batch basically goes to fur eleven Dat team was really Jordan, Pippen Gray and adding Armstrong was. Fourth best guy in the team and was a guy that I was was fascinated by the Jordan. He comes up later in the documentary sky, who is really cerebral and fascinated by Jordan and new understood pretty early. He was never gonna, be around another human being like this and there's all
about how he would read up on books about genius. Try to like unlocked, Unlock Jordan and figure out is his Mikey and all that stuff, but I was always I was always ensure by his relationship to these teams, casino, you always think of think of like packs and then Steve Kerr J was the most them and God they had ninety three. He gets lost industry in here. Grant the other horses greatness game horse, was the roadmap for the first three titles in pain, shove to the side now outside Jordan, Pippin and then Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and horse gets along shut the side and even shoved the sadness documentary. I like what is more now watch and three these games in a week than I did in the moment. We get older, more expense, he's watching basketball, but there are so many plays in between but the rebound alive getting an officer.
Bout immediately, getting it back out to somebody in the perimeter, so they can attack before the defences set up. He can run all day. Ok, you can run all day with you and Horace Age is better then maybe we even appreciative eight other than both strength like he was. Your guy was funny as far as first three, but he was a really important player for this team because he accepted all the stuff. Where even the rebounding numbers is. Unlike man, this guy's awesome in their legitimate rebounding numbers. The serious he wasn't that great, but he just is a perfect compliment to these incredible wing. Where's. They haven't be J and game five. He hits the three that puts him up in the corner where George drives and the top left and they send a double and its reminiscent of hill, some bullshit Braun dealt with the beginning of his career, thrown out Daniel Marshall, and it's I you know. We would like the great players actually do pass the ball and make rate reads in Jordan: did it a million times to end
He throws the Bj Armstrong in game. Five of Bj hits at three in the quarry, MRS a lit one little bit later, and that's a big issue the game. It's over, be J to be a guy. Operating late, teens and in step in and be able to count This kind of team, with that kind of pressure on you pretty short shortly African drafted, is, is what did there's a lot of like watching this often scorn. Ok, when Jordan sits in gas oil like this. It bad Pippin Game Game force. I very good Pippen game. He just sort of flow. But you brought up something. No, I want to stay on whenever the Knicks we're stuck offensively and I'm telling you you watch is again, you gotta keep thinking there down much more than they are and they aren't. They get Alec twelve at one point in cigarettes things over: they fight back to get it. Like four five. What was their thing that you're like if they run this we're in trouble cause? I don't think there is anything I don't
I don't think they had another. I think that's why they never won a title and where they can get over the hope of the bulls they would dump at doing. They would really needed was it's funny. The thing that made the two. So special memorable was their abilities just play like two powerful. Doing at the same time, and this weird supervise go. You are basically the bad boy pistons on HIV Age and it was grey and got them really far and got them through the precipice, but also my not Having like that kind of flexible the ability to play the small ball theme, the ability had that one awesome wing that you could just didn't rabbit yeah it were they looked, they look they looked and they looked than ever found it, and none of us should make no mistake, like all if they had had this like wing, and we all want these wings, they can can do a bunch of different things, but join still gonna get forty. If you plastic, if forty whenever I would watch him you'd like ok, where they gonna run and they ran pinned down
with their big eyes. That would try to date. They have the tooth too to be whoever they wanted to do away with Ewing and then one of the other two power forge. Is it really was true like it wasn't like that? A power for that was little bit smaller, stretch the floor, and that's maybe why they did the Lira Johnson Deal later on, but mean mace was an enormous, real for and then there's Oakley and Charles Smith is bigger than those guys and they winds. What sixty two games you're the one see they have home, coordinate series. They win the first two games and your watch a game for in parts a game: five as they are your bigs go down the block. They screen, you send your gourds out on a catch it if they're, not open, then you reset you get it to Ewing reviewing has it that make these ridiculous turnarounds already started. Doing that thing, we're Ewing was like good enough still at his size, too hard drivel into the pay. But did you know tat if you like kick it out to somebody in that's the one thing, we're cart rights minutes, because every offensive touch you see you are like. What's the point, because,
right did a really good job, with Ewing, cheap and in parallel to the hoop, and Let them get deeper there. You know like he would just ride him straight across and then you would just sort of kick out and you're goin this one. Sixty two games are probably beat anybody else. If it's not for m j- and I don't really know if there's one often of set from them other than Starks bailing out it over fifteen foot baseline turnaround A lock you that's the thing when, when people do the Georgia Wednesday I don't, but he never when it gets a great centre and he lost a shack that year and came back for baseball. That's not fair its offer, but never went against the he came rockets, which you know by fluke adjusted but to me this series solves that argument for me, because this The team that had a lead centre. Who is a twenty five point, a game? You could go to him, you could dump the barn. He was Lord Navigator
He wore a voting this this year and you know it's prototypical, bigger team that you would have thought the lad. Trouble with then you would see it again with that idea. Paces was the other team that, whereas you say man, this team is big, Smith's is a problem they got. The Davis is a lover Davis's, but what made both of those what made the idea of a special and then this ninety, this early nineties thing they were so athletic, they could flip it with their athleticism. You know It's like a unit play these big as we're just gonna press. You re able to do this because we have people in Jordan. HU, I say: if we did a draft right now, what five guys would you want to try to press the ninety three next with you would say, if in Jordan I think Calot Callias, that conversation right quite cool, Bruce Baldwin. Now I
I think it's just Hawaii. I think Georgia peppered inquired the three of you. I have two guys Bruce Poet- a have two guys ever to just try to press the bandit three legs. Maybe leubronn. If it was like hundred farmers in two thousand and twelve by Amy Leubronn when he was like peak athletic still had or not, but there are always able to forbid it did the centre thing did matter against them. They were always able to kind of adjust the only time it really came back to hurt them. Ninety five. That is because they have always grant that ever admin. So this text, even though the year before they had Mcdaniel and they are Gerald Wilkins and just like your old invalidity, where I live, I did users, so they moved on from him. Mcdaniel was a lot of the same problem with Mason and Smith. They were never able to find that wing that whoever was even like a Kevin Gamble. Just anybody who, like a six six guy criminal
make it outside shot. Anyone they just confined. It was one of the reserve as well. What would you take watching? Ewing aired. Ninety three version. I went back eluded. Numbers nets or I find found the VP voting, I mean it was a solid across the board. Twenty five twelve. We can make some passes but user. To me, this is the start of seeing him becoming it's weird to because they're so used to watching these bigs now run around like crazy. So I'm not trying to do the unfair twenty slash twenty athletic expectation of a center that now look at it, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. Slowing down he slowing Now what their great on is on drives their second defender. Is there a lot to cut off any kind of DR? But it's also because of the evolution of aim: did you have to worry about coming off the shooter? So all these bigs, what they did you well lot defensively. Is there always seem to be like two guys challenging the rim there and
They're just wasn't a lot of room because it the guys, are enormous, but I was not. I did not leave game for and we're not game five when they missed fifteen free throws in Ewing, MRS a huge one, Charles Psmith, MRS a huge one, and then the Charles myths stuff. At the end, I was I'm not an ETA Ewing Guy, but I went like hey this. Is the kind of game were you're, not David? I've seen in your certainly not a keen I was the issue. He was always the third best centre of whatever you're. There. You can always find two or three guys encourages better than he was, but if he comes along ten years later it is in the two. Thousands would all the southern lightweight Howard bar status are put out a position like he would have been a would have been so it's easier, I think for our Mary. He just came in during a loaded time. Yeah behold a guy like he was so athletic Georgetown. Now nobody there for four years it nowadays he comes out after year rate in those
Three jurists end users. First, three next year's is John, I'm still coaching. His John would be like you're, not ready, like everybody else, gets to leave coach you're, not ready, gave at ready. Please stay clear fifty year, one I've. I've I've do our jurist our gradual programme. Yes, so you have the next day they goodnight Rally shows up they when fifty one and ninety two figures. Seventy gets the boss. I never felt like the boss, I'll, lose that says this series, especially when they went to nothing any new that they had game? Seven enigmas g? Emily still at a time of mistake at that point and Jordan, it just I was so hard to do. Three p, we haven't seen it was less than we had a three people for them. It was my Celtics drivers, Russell right that the mid sickening Celtics, because what did Lakers
eighty seven eighty eight and lost in eighty nine so that eighty five, eighty seven Russia Russell manages at some point. There are ninety three it felt like this is this is the next year It's all coming up. Next, you write it out, as I wanted the next to win this now that I think about it. When I said I d rerouting, rather when these dreams, I wanted the next to win, Bartley had a better chance against them. Although I don't know far, we would have a better chance against out front line. He would just pulled it out and probably attack, but you always afraid MJ, so I don't know of Iron Ore Phoenix. Would it be in the next. I thought the censor the third, dna ere, I did the Nigger Reinhard, yeah, I'm not going to IRAN, that was it for the review watch a ball. I appeal to my thanks again, very quick watching how hard. These guys ran into each other off screens was com, a God. Ok, it's just
the legs. Now it seemed like a fight ready to happen. Two hundred times fell, to do this thing. Every go soft ass, tat guy, but in any pick, game I ever within once I started putting a little size acts. I was scrawny for the good of my life. If you are the strain on me. I would I would- put my shoulder right, you're fuckin chess plate is hard as I could, and it's really stupid of me and it's not call me to do it, but I would do it to be like I, the next time that guy's gonna think twice about setting a screen and these guys killing each other off the streets. I still think all of this. The defense of physical at all the stuff guys are getting hand check the way they talk about it. People are getting decapitated at you know, I'm a broken record, I'm annoying about it, but I'm trying to change the World WAR, one podcast of the time, but the physical stuff going away for the ball on the screens, how hard they hit each other and it's yours It look like you is a fight that happened reject, but they all accepted it like you, screen the shit out of Jordan Edge
like I like I'll get you on the one. There wasn't this: let's stop and talk about it for five minutes stuff. It just was accepted why you find out is marked barf Arafat. The thing where he's like it's starting to get a little chippy Those I'll pay, you think so somebody just went flying into the second growth is created, you're right, it's get lured shipping but yeah right there, a very rarely deteriorated into like a fight cause, it was just the way they played yet in this, It's this series specifically, because if you go back and watch Lakers. Ninety one, but that's not what was going on that it's out- and this is a dick harder- is the defensive coach for the Knicks. His philosophy was always they can't call them all J. That's really did he was which M o Brien with Celtics his whole thing was they can't call him up. I just can't so just hack to shit out of people. I'm. The last thing is the tv promo coming up to hate after the game rush, the fresh prince
blossom and the NBC original movie don't touch my daughter, star, starring policy, Vienna, I Alyssa my daughter to added, through the first vote, that I heard you don't need to see the first I had first, which sets out the sequel, does really great there I gotta say I watch the entire half time showed too you're on eighty act were by God. I love. I love Queen butter bill was Peter Bessie and Bob cost us and they not even behind a desk. There are facing each other like their this weird living room so. There is a vast he's talking. You could see cast his entire back in the back of his head. So who thought this was a good idea to you Think Bessie just came along like twenty years too soon, because I could have seen Seagoing head to head was Skip and Stephen. I I
I see Pheasy vessels inferential. He was he had some the best while minors, he was the one who had the one minor about which where they got arrested with the two prostitutes at one matter as egg James always has enjoyed working, gets doubled theme that you put the idiot all the stuff. We used to write me a whole another level, but I just thinking like a guy, that's informed, put then his deal like you go on those NBC half time shows any, would just tear people down some talk. Yeah like he was vicious and it was kind of like what people want. On tv from opinion people, but he was also on the NBA be, and I just feel like of Peter Bessie, then de Nineties Bessie that we grew up with was Well, as a free agent for debate show now he be looking at beach houses, Oh, he would be feuding with well shouted out much
he right he would not like the way he would not like the whole world's bomb thing. He would be go head to head with worse but it was running out. I mean what you gonna do be world. Is nobody beats watch now, I think their fight to the death if he peeped, maybe passages disappears where there were days, everything the guy, if its words is punches, becoming like thirty seconds afterwards. They have The other was they had a mad rush and had a storm? Is the cyber reporters? I like that too. To decide that reporters fur basketball game, ok, the mud stuff, so should do like a full blown. Our long just rip of all the mud cuts, it's kind of like a like the whole time. There's never been more confident sidelined,
order whose entire, like hey, I got some tidbits, but I think you're just here to see me Africa, while he was, is one of his best friends was the best part of the game. Right without let's go to a mad, he whispered back ensured that our goal Has it move as hell? I don't get me wrong smooth as hell, but it was always kind of like a moderate billet. You want me to give you this injury up there Does he want to hang out a bit ethic, her eye? That was it further. The rewards balls so next week we're gonna do ninety three finals game. Figure out, which one year Guy Barkley, let's do they weren't able over time we can either although they sons win, that one yeah was threw down I got a researcher you, we went to turn and have to Twitter Paul. Will I get to pick one our aid, bigger. You ought to do that. You're, Barbara TAT. I want to say that I am savings we gotta do. We have to do that our game.
Indeed, our way we're doing, we have to do the Phoenix you in here, though it is you're, doing a really thought. The ninety one call was like a ass game so for do Phoenix next week. I thought we should do one of the Orlando Chicago ninety five games. Gaza is a fascinating watch. I, like it doing here, though, it is you're, doing a really thought, the ninety one. Was like a real vintage wine that you knew about in your friends after the dinner Party were like Yale Bill. I wouldn't have gone with the news you and back, but it was still yes, you do you really know, and they were the better said This is your pod. I just. I actually think I like presenting things have you got a good idea and now we're just do this one. Instead of now alleged backwards. Ninety three finals, because we I wanted dive into their fine us, so we ve done ninety our escape ninety two I just gave in Portland the hours
but more than ever knows that the problem of Portland is theirs. Those that M J game because I went through it cause I want. I know you did. I wanna do game six clue monk has ever. I really love that Cleveland Team has excited talk about it, but the game was that good and then the Portland and everyone knows about the six three, the first half in theirs that that the other most interesting Is that weird game? Six, when the bench Canna wins, the title was actually. This is the only been here like a year and a half market, but my feet upon the table. You Lead the way on this cause you you're you're, not just picking. He had a million points in this game, you're picking them storylines and it's been fun to go back and read some of the beat stuff about these games going into it. I want to pick the one, the sun's one after they lost the first two at home and just an epic ridiculous game that they were But they lose the series, so I don't know I mean that's may be in a bit of a homer, so I Well, you at their love of the signs ideologists ever knew barrio murkily, it's just born. I now I got it right. I will
do one of the ninety three finals games neighbour with our rapporteur for the re Watch Abbas via three coming next week. Hello. You're doing I pods you have with the draft common Thursday, can. I listened, ran, resell, podcast awaiting anything. The area Guilford coming on and we're starting up. A new thing is going to be a two part. Podcast reach out to all my famous pro athlete friends going to tell their best recruiting stories. Many like twelve guys break it up its two parts: rapid fire, five or ten minutes. Each guy tell me his favorite recruiting story and don't worry about it as he sees I'm trying to get anybody to trouble. Awesome thanks to Priscilla. Thanks to state farm thanks to Norton Life lacked the company, that's dedicated to your site or safety. They want to do their part out. That's where they give noise six months of Norton family for free. You cannot help monitor kids online activities. Buck unsuitable sites help your kids avoid acts only giving out sensitive information. That's personal.
Get Norton family for six months. Free, no payment information is required. Sign up today. Adorned outcomes family once again nor dotcom, slash family for six months, free, hope you stay and say hope you not gone crazy, hope you listen to doctors in the scientists, hope you're staying out mystic his. Why not we're stuck here where the two weeks of the court They try to stay optimistic and listen to other experts. Through this scene. You in in the basement.
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